Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1855 Page 3
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ARRIVAL OF TJE GEORGE LAW. Hews from California, South Pacific, Hew Granada, and Coeta Bioa. TWO MILLION OF SPECIE ON FREIGHT. JCC1DEIT ON THE PANill RAILWAY. AFFAIRS ON THE ISTHMUS. to., to., to. The Cnlted Stale# mail steamship George Law, Com mander Lewi* Hernoon, (J S. N., left Aspiuwall at 10 O'clock on tbe eveaiDg ot toe 20th ioat., and arrived at Quarantine at 10 o'clock on the evening of the 29th, hav ing experienced heavy northerly gale* *luo* passing Cuba. She bring* the California mail* of the 6th ln*t., 92,174,4-12 in treasure on ft eight, and 676 passenger*. She con nected with the PaciBc Mail Steamship Cimpany's stetm ahip Sonora, which 'eft San Fraucisco on the 6th last., at 8 P. M., and arrLed at Panama at 6 P. M., oa the 19th. Not. 9, tbe Sonora spoke iteamibip John L. Stephen*, from Panama to Han Francisco, all well. The Sonora brought down 690 passengers and 82 186,441 in treasure on freight, 81184,840 of which was ou Koglish account. The Geerge law went ashore on the Spit at 8 o'clock OB Tbnrrds; evening, and remained bard and fast during the nlgbt. She was In charge of a pilot at the timo. The passengers nod mails were br ught on to tbe city by the steamer Satellite. The steamer Leviathan was at hand and would take off the sperle. The following is a report of the TREAHUBE LIST OP THE CPOROE LAV. Reaeastock 84.000 P. H. Lewi* Bros... 8232 Wm. Hugo k Co....117,000 Well., Farg. k Co..817.61,4 H. EUeindorn 4,280 liauk < t Anterior... 60,u0<) H. Strybing 1,110 ProbstAMInertzhagn .'1,070 E. A J. Rosenl'eld.. 2,600 J. B. Weir 24,28d Mechaaica' Bank. . (1,600 HchoUoA Hrts 10.000 K. T. Bush 4,.09 HowUn i&Asplnwall 16,181 Flush k Wildes 12,197 J. K. Dickenson 9,832 Freeman k C j 12,000 A. Uerwin 6,200 Metropolitan Bank. 118,000 K. Kelly & Co 64,980 D. Oguen 6 064 W. F Weld ACo.... 20,600 Chamber* A Hi her.. 4 625 W. T. Coleman A Co. 60,518 "Wei ington A Abbott 11.000 Ounein ""'erm'uACo 26,480 James l'atrlck 44,000 John Pin lun Jr.... 61,875 Goldsmith, May A A E. h C. K. l'tlton 6,000 Jacobs 68.760 K. L. Taylor 12 000 W. A F. 11. Whitte- L. Negbaur 2,600 more A Co 6 624 Grinnull.Mint'rnACo 112,000 F.. A. Stern 8,613 Hudson A Bro .. 15.600 Carey A Co 3,500 A. Jacobs A Co 26,800 Ross, Falconer A Co. 27,637 Uluter AFelgen'jaura 32,000 Wm. Heligman A Co. 30 000 J. SrauM, Bro A Co. 18.302 <3. W. SeosDckourg. 6.700 Wolf, Bro. A Una... 9,200 W. Heller 8,700 Morgan,H'thaayACo 24,936 Adi. Exchange Bank 10 000 Booth & Edgar 2 500 Order .,, .108,276 Tread well A Co 10,"00 C. Tajtor .. Mp. 600 H. Harris A Co .... 4,000 A. Carney NBo.'JOO Heed A Wale 12,600 <3. W. Hirnmons.... R.700 J. E Sureetrdr 13,617 Crowell Brooks A Co 7,000 W. H. Hansell A Hons 4,100 H. Hastings 4,581 Drexal A Co 344 030 John Stewart 3,000 Newhousc A HpaU,. 35 GOo C. H. Cumminns.^- 6,169 T. J. Hand A Co... 8,000 S. Mayer AilJ?flP 6,000 Total $1,939,592 -On English account.... 234 840 Total 82,174,132 Wl are indebted to Mr. E. II. Mitchell, purser of the Ceorye Law, and the expresses of Wells, Fargo & Co., Freeatan and Co. and the l'aciflc F.xpress Company, for the prompt delivery of our flies and letters. Onr San Francisco Correspondence. a** Fran.'isoo, Nor. 6, 1865. Fhinert of a Jft a\y Honking in thr Human Trade. It la announced this morning that a la-ge Arm has fail td^Thla banking ami mercantile honae was cooipoard of a totraer officer under the Ml mo e administration and an ?*-oBeer of the city. Tliej were largely interested in the trait to Sit a An-o ?r River. 1'etropaulowski, Ac. fhUhaa been a alee place for bankers lately. L. San Foamcbcp, Nov. 5, 1856. Faihrr of a Banking Hmte?Raman Speculation! Con rUHim for Perjury?Naeal Xcut?lke Emigration Hckcmrtrench tXagtn be. Saluted?Senatorial Can ram~Potitinn of the Know Nothing,. Tta detention of the mail steamer till this afternoon glveame an opportunity to eend yon a low Items or In tore* whioh do not appear in any of the journals of thh moidng. Thr most important ia that of the failure of a banking home, which occurred this morning. The house had bieueuibarrasacd for some time back, owing, it Is aatd to IUoonnecti .ii wi h some Russian speculations on this coast One of the Arm you will remember as having been appointed agent to the Cur. The amount of its liabili ties k variously estimated at from 1160,000 to $250,000 Attachments wl" r> on by this steamer oovering what ever property may stand in the name of the principals in Hahasore and New Orleans. *$or Hammond, late Collector of the port, who was racst'ly relieved of his office by Secretary Guthrie, >n tenkd to have left in the steamer to day, but is prevent ed b this failure, rumor having it that be is deeply ln volwdwithit. JAius Levy, the segar importer, who was arraigned befoe the United States Uistrict Conrt a few weeks since for mufghng, was to-day convicted on a separate charge o pe.>ry, and sentenced te a Ane of $6,000, and m prison m?? for one yea-. 'lh? losses sustained by his hi use ^t. kwky, Levy k Co., in seizures, lawsuits and Ones ate upwards of $M>,00o. Hi, sen euce Is looked upon as wel.morited, and but au act of Justice to the commu uily Tlclnited States frigate Iudipeufenro Is now being riig.1 ?nd put in order lor sea service; she hes not been ?t> lie dock, the Commodore veiy properly refusing to dis arm his vessel, in view of too revolutionary state -of Ncarsgna. ni.U In consequence of the unsafe sondiUon of jBsscngi-rs and Atrericao citizens in transit through tha coun.iy, the Commodore proposes to leave f?r .-nib Just in his l ag .hip, as soon as ?he can be got li riwdi ue?t which It is thought would be In about ten day,. T.e steamer John Hancock, of the la'o surveying expdition, has been laid up at our navy yard, and her otters ordered home. Us emigration meeting held a few evening, proud, as was expected, a decided failure. The scheme ZSVZTlrr' m'"e nnj car, fed outoy the .-'ate ?? a public wotk and a nubile boneflt bntos it w? h.T,?g originated In the Hie b-X o( ani nctviduel who nad work to be done, aided t.y a sctrming lawyer ah . had land to me a sudden If working people, without r** gaid to the advice of land snec.u5r.aSd tj i lawrer. W?uld erne to Califoruui wite, qele-, every d.v feeis, willing to settle down throughout the oouufry a' A.av-is ?r miner. Work with pa-o nes u.e g^t qua-tz lottery, sentential benefits would be .. K, n e r.s.tred by the 8 aW, and in a vecv few vm , n? aiL in sr." :h*rlT^ laborer, the farmer and the miner to quit the thi klv pr-iulated ht.tes of Kurope and Ameriia, 1 would ? T 10 WU*t the - s-cl .u. rea sonfeg* and exiicgcra-ed sute-uent, whi.-ti m.v emar^te fr?m the leader, of this d-f.nct " phiu/ arlL\,-aT"' 'rami*r? >'"> ?<>cl*uoe, eome.awi of two who have n > affiliation with or sympathy for Ui? milroed follow, a, a natural eooscuoeuc* the wn.e nag of ( orntul Ihllon Is to be sainted h, Commodore ? upon the arrival of use fl?t Freieh g war in our bftrbor. Whii? er*rr ritfhi.ftlii.7kiLJ ? approve, of this Very fcdnt shoe of s, o^Uie ol our government they eannot help , duty of saluttn, the Consul', flag woSl, ."??? MttcKy^n.^0^ ?' wS*e Instance The neat topic of Interest alter th# approaching ralnr season, U the character of cur n?*l ienaiers^r wh' . successful individ ,,1, * fhs-o are the read ng features ef ets-y ,)?y c ov?rw'lnn and are ol the uiaoet importance to the welf, e of ihe State I p<? the matter of rain no appic -n-.- n, ?re felt?th?t nln' end faTm tb" "i-Hfer brio te. n ^ ^1^.11^*'* u "" b"1 the qoe?. i?a 1 ^i ,?U.r "?* <" Senator, a t ,-p n^. r ! t '"a-*04 *Bll,,ty '? manifested. .r^? 'V , Nof,>"'ir' 'O their attempt to If 1 "f rwpno?lotion j0 ^ will XTu7 ",'1 fTVT h*';k"lMU*4 nt <"?? a, was I. It is well known that sgvinri the ^ '? J ?lsh? of the entire th. v wlil bring$-r??rd I n ua?r FooU- as the candidate to fill the vacant?rat n: Aj. <>win. and in order to e-tab i<b a p.ea lor th? elect, >u ?( auoiher lu i lae,i of Mr We lee ?h~?e term res on Wednesday next, s bill nuking the session, of tl e Isgfelature IdennUl will be uas?<d a begnning of the January term, rhlscnrse will vff.ctuallv demolish the Uwiu and Bode lsk rule ter at hast six to rome. so tsras SUt- ,.,U,lc are con. ceraed. Ilut th-greet question In thisevwot |, whether we ere te have a higher standard of rrpcownUteoa 7 Washington under the lelgning party, or a lower oue 4 queetiou which, ia .lew of the preeent aspect ,f tbrng, is annoonceo almost unanimously in Havoc of tbe latter' That such men es (teresrn <t Koote, H. A Crabb .? Heille Peyton can or will add anything to the dignity' or credit of our poet 'ion as a Htate, is another question np m whl. h there Is scarcely a diswn'ing voice. Yet, strsog" as It ?Jf ?ppe?r, one at isast of these men. and perhep, two wtU re present taiilornla ia tbe "coat- u?U )"?r in de' Aeaee of the enmbinrd will of the people. Now tha- Mr Brodeviek. Mr. ?win, Mr. ". Hu'>r King, and Col. Fro moat have all been in their turn oetracie-d by ih? rre*t mSS^s 'S4 shaving -hop of this city, it U noi vory ollBeuJt to discover, at the*# pre<u<ats, wh> I, to bs tbe next customer The grsat machine I, not over serubi Aoue W pofUeulou ?# so police 4. matter touch as to the method of sec or log a pleaUful noppiy of tho oil by which it U kept to ?%?y and O'huIwi m tlon. Know Nothing dot may be bettor for it* purpose st ti is particular juncture than any other?-and though prettT high to the market, the success of the machine in ibtainitg what cut it requires, leave* no room lor a doubt as to the final remit of the pendl-g negotiation*. Accident on the Panama Railroad. An the (nrenoon train of cant which toft Aapluwall on Monday, 21*f Inat., were within twelve mite* of Panama, the logt motive Ha'arhin and tender were precipitated into the river by the foundation of the bridge giving way aa the loeomotiTO roadbed the opposite aide, running back, but breaking the connecting link, ao that tho other cara wore lett on the rack. NiJ ttree wore lout, but A ' do'ire wood passer h"d hie thigh fra*Ill?ed. the engineer escaping wilh slight braise*. The passenger* by the So nera were carried to the placo of accident and a tempora ry foot biidge constructed, and than placed on board of tho care on thia aide. NEWS PROM GRANADA. GENERAL MKLO UN ROUTE KOK GRBYTOWM?THE NICABACUAN M'EAMEBH?KIRH AT TABOOA?EX PORTS?A STATE LOAN. Prom New Oranada we hare paper* dated at Panama and Aspinwall on 20th November. The Aaplnwali Courier of November 10, nays :?The leader, or rather the moat prominent aotor in the recent revolution in thia republic, General Meio, ia on board the steamer Pee, now lying in our harbor, en route tor Grey town. It has been stated that he was banished to Vene auela?but we presume tbia sjs?iBc ition ot the locality arose lr< m the uct of bia family being reiddent there?aud that be ha* preferred to go to Nicaragua. We levrn that he waa acquitted of the charge of muider upon wulch an attempt to ornvlct biin was mails?and hi* banishment, of which wo have oefore made mention, wa* for the poli tical crime of lusuirection. The Doe leave* thin murnlng for Sen Juan del Norte. Tne 1'ansma Star of 17th o' November ha* the follow ing:?We have heard it reported on pretty good autho rity, and we have every reason to believe it, that the Nicaragua steamer* will come to this port next trip, owing to the difficulties at present existing in Nicara gun. There are now on the stocks In England several largo steamers iutond-d to he placed on the Une between Pana ma and Australia. On Thursday morning, N >vember 15th, a native hut wa* accldeoiaJly burnt at Jtaitlngua Point, in 1'oboga. Fortunately the wind blew in a dfreiti >n that drove the away from the other houses, otheiwise the whole village would have been consumed in a lew moment*. AT Alm-Ura?a?ino of B.g .l*. informs it* reader* that the exportation* from New Granada, of the product* of the country, amount annually to (11,1)25,000. and that there are twenty-nine newHpapers published in the re public. The government of the State of Panama advertise* for a loan of (10,000 to pay off the mortgage on the Govern ment House. [From the Aspinwall Courier, Nov. 15.] Hut lug the past tori night considerable excitement has existed upon the Isthmus respecting the shipping tax ?lueelion. It. has now, however, been definitely settled, by a resolution of tho Executive Power at Bogota, that no such tax ran be levied. . Among the cASaltle* which the fortnight ha* furnish ed, were the di owning of one of the men belonging to toe steamer ti Poiado, white she lay at the U. ri. M. S. 8. Company's whait. The Aspte wall authorities are again endeavoring to se cure some arialignment for sneli assessment ot miiniclptl taxes a* will enable tbein to get their bread and butter tor thcie 1* no pros|>ect of their being paid by the citato. So far 'hey meei with but little countenance. The building knonn as Vancourt's Exchange is being fi'tod up by Mr. Isaac*, the present proprietor, as a court house. Wo presume he will have a good time c dlecting rent from such use. We have had several days of the swelling sea-ion, when the sea set into our harbor with much force. No damage was done, al'.h< ugh'here whs a considerable amount of shipping in port at the time. Feveial vessel' were clus tered about the wharf of the U. 8. M. AtSamslilp Company, ocusigned to their agent?but neither they nor the par tialy areeted new whaif suffered: but active and Judi cious management was necessary to prevent accident. A oore'derflble portion of tceent. Ailing of the R. R. Co. ali og B. snort, was washed away, but no material damage was d'ute. The sea ia now quiet, and the laying of the foundation for the new R. R. Co., 80 X 400 feet, which was somewhat retarded for a day or two I* now progressing. The train* are now running every other day. and ibe road is said to he in good or<b.r on this side ol the sunimi'; on the Pacific side, it is considerably af fected by the tains. No accident* of much moment have occurred during the foitulght. The only item w rrtliy of especial noiiee daring the fortnight up>n the R. R., has b?en the fact that tne cara are suffer ng very much from constant exposure to the e.ementa In this trying season. Business is very dull on the Iatnmn*; rents keep down, and Asp nwall I*, as the physicians say, alarmingly healthy. The telegraph upon the Panama RVlmud line has held its own much better than was anticipated. Barring the breaking down of the wire by trees, once or twice, and an occasional indisposition of an epe-ator, the direct communication between the two termini lias been kept up almost con Man ly since the tirst two or three week* alter the line wa* put In orcer. Out of the funds collected for the last Fourth of July celebration in I'aDama, there now remains on hand a ba lance of (11)2 23, which is on deposit at the United State* Consulate. This sunt, we learn, it waa arranged to invest in a stone for the Washington Monument Among the recent arrivals from the United Stales at Panama, were a number of Bister* of Charity from Mont real, Canada, <n their way to Peru, where they are about to establish an institution for the relief of the sick and destitute. SEWS fHOfl THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Tho steamer Valdlvle arrived from the Sooth Pacific at rename on November 6, bringing 27 pas-enger*, about $.',00,000 in aptcie and the usual semi m mthly mail. The dates are Valparaiso, Oct. 13; Callao, Oct. 23; l'aita, 28th; Guayaquil, 2fth. CHILI. BTATK OF TOVD1?FLOUR MARKETS?CITY AND HAR BOR IMPROVEMENTS?THE SANTIAGO RAILROAD? HTHJR WORKS 1 NAVY YARD AT VALPARAISO? ROBUfHIKd AMD A WCKDKR?THE SHIFPINO?MINT OPK RATIONS. El Mtrrurio of Valparaiso, on 13th of October, contains the following review of affairs during a fortnight ending on that day :? The hoi days having passed, all have return*} to the ordinary occupation* of life. Huslne-s has been ratbor dull. Assortment* are poor, and purchasers are wailing tor the arrival of ve*?el* which have left ffumpe for our ,port Flour and grain have fallen. The only transac tions are for the supply of the domestic dt-uttud. Hour (e selling at eleven and a half to twelve d iliars the lug of two quintals. Hence tears of greater scarcity are vaniahitg. As jot Congress l.aa not been conv.kwi to the extra ?easi. n. We intimated that this would lie ??ailed, in order to the new project cd a civil code, to ask authority to expend t?Mi0,t 00 on a mole for Valparaiso, and to sub mit o'hir utea-uie-. ot importance. It is a till asserted that li e Executive it deter mined to exact from the (*hain ter? the decision of the above named measures, during the present year. It now appear* the convocation will be published on the 16th inat. Tire whole country will apt laud the me* u'e. The directors of the railroad projected fr m -anilago to have invited M. l-vans, who Is n->w engaged on the Arlc* and Tama road, to lay out th* Hue from Nanliago to Tales. Certain ilifTiculrie* on the part of the engineer hinder this plan at present. Hence the government has Yen requested to allow M. Bliss, who is employed under it. to commence the preliminary work. New lite baa lie?u infused into the scheme of a railroad lietween <lon< cprlou at d falcahnan >. Various ludividusls have subscribed for shares to tba smouol ot DltM.OOu. The work is not drliicuit. Tlie lmpurwu-e of the road, and the rertain'y of pell'able results for the aharehoM ers, wuriant lh? hope that it will go no. Wo hope, there f we. In a short time, to have in ? Tub three railroatls n the course of coui tru- tion Another tew work is projected by the government In this port. Alrrniy the latsir has been r ;iiitn?'u red of preparing ground for the erect leu of rapacious and soita idt arsenal *ud nave yard. This will lie a new advan tage or vessels vial nig this coast, in making their re pairs. There are also other improvements, though not of a niaiei ral kiud. Tlie g rertru- nl and pabdc spirited cttt rt-ns are engsgr-d in prom..: ng primary edu aiion. fh" society of Nr. \ Ineent de reus has organized a school of trades, in order to ieatract orphans and all other chil dr-n exposed to Idleness and vice. The e--ayt> on public instruction have been examined, and Iha premium of a thou-sod dollars awarded. There ware seven essays. That of the rrothors Am on uiegoi, two ( idllan young urcu was adjudged t.h ? best. r*he r uirteo spprored the essay of Mr. Hamriento as se ? . Uf that or Mr. Jardel third, and four'h an --say by n unknown author. These bare daaerVsd the Ironrr of I indication, but ss yet no one of them has lawn Issued. Two new publication* have appeerml i.f Ure. 'me is f-oin tb? pen ol Doctor B. (is'tia Fernande*, exhibiting ? d deluding th.. hemeopotic system of tne-b.-sl prac I fee. The other 1* published by Nr Ro-alss on the mode* cf tgricuhnre In Earope and thetr .vlai ability to < hill. Hie former has waked op some cofitr./versy sn.i ng the advoratea of the varirus schools of medii-ina. The second ha* been received with general accept tnce, and will ir doubt lend to effect dtsirsble I o or ore n-nts saioDg our agri- ultmliU It will prove a rsluable anxl I urn to the modal tarin), and the aeh ids of arta and trades esUh i-he.1 by the government In rarlotrs parts of the repnb id. Tb# prorpss'ts for the next crop are good, al'boufh |r Is net set. posalMe to speak with any degree of tertainty ?' r thi-rn. More rains are aet-dea. Iaj .-an'iago a case of suicide has < <vnrrel which has awakened no small inters-1. The pere-ui was a youog w< man of unusual talent and educatl- u?. Toe can-a ap I ears to hare been a distracted and aw pUcel state of mind. Four French ship- ef war have wrne In from the North. Tba steam?r r rouy, from Callao in nievsn day* and tha ci rve.te Finbu-cade In twenty one days, on 'rctober I; the frigate Fort, H?g rbipof Rear Admiral Fournichon, in Ally nine das*, fr>>ro -en Francisco, on frctober 3; lb# brig Obligado. from th'-same port, in sixty seven day?, on October 9. The last two were part of the allied squadron in the ? osnl expedition against I'etropaulowikl. Two more ve??*-i? nf the same flag are expected from the Atlanta- to relieve some now on the station. During the night of the u'.ta Inst, the ship -handler*, lortnerly of lafrenti A F'nente. now of "stitaua h I'eierseu. was entered by thi*v?. A -tut $100 In -*?h were stolen. It la supposed th# robbers were not native-, from the skill shown in their operations. Twrforeign-r* bare t*m taken up on suspicion. tm the 30th ult. an affray occurred In the carpenter shop ol Mr. Jamae Gray, whleh resulted fatally for one of the parties. An American named Twentaman. a car pen tcr, wo# at work at Ma bench when an Englishman b% birth, though a naturalised Aniertran rttireti also named lewis, came In and Invited him M ride to t ina dei Ma-. Teentainan declined going. Is wis wen* osi' but re- i*n?-q sges ?ss, IIMIsuug tut In ttOussJ go. Wuitis -Ms*). UvrU fUack Twvniansaa oa the bach <A Use u*ad, uysao wbih Teeniainau tu-i/i-d a piec* of wood anil xtrutk him a blow Wbieb felled bill! lo the ground, and which aereit (lain hilar, rwulted in hl? death.'a'nai i? >u pri Hon II* ileole- any'hing lit* maline, ?n l declaim thai no ill Irellng exinted between bun aod the dniaa-aj. Lewi* wti* in lh|Uor a . the lliue. A'aw dcyi afnee an ilia Argi ntina, Mr. C. l.aii'arca. who liaa t?un in Santiago for anui* limn uaal, negotiating a treaty with the gDrernmeot 01 Chili, w * about la .ving tha U- ti I I *aa ill >o>eerel thai bin truu* bad been opened and ri bbed or a one-atp* confining a hundred condor*. Sneddon baa on a servant of Ilia hou**, ?bo bad ruaajruy a law bout* bafore ihedin coyery of lha theft. lor the Bii'ih 'hip telegraph thirty IW* tbonanl duller* ?ra a?ked on bottnary U? innf* repair*. aha hay . Jci' stiuik cowing out of port Aile at lo, fi U le j lly. le^hfi* 6? M !?? Ship ITfgila rOI l'-A aVa, tiwl for, ? all a> three thuiituuid dollar* ?*' od on botlianry. Bilt iab brig laabaila at Arcud, Cbiii.e, mx-da f>ur mom-ami dollar* for repair*. * 1h* Meniuer l'eyttna make* rag Jar trio* from thlx port to I'alnara. .-he leateti Va'pn-aien Ih* 4?h. 14th ?nd 74th of tyery niun'h, and learn* Vdor* lb" 8tb, lmh and IHtli raaaage at ' reduce I tare- " freight *U dollar* a ion. bullion atone eigh'h par cent. 1 he operation* of tk? Mlut In September were a* fol low* Gold ooined In tbe month ,,.980,390 Slloer do do. '201,120 llull on in prnen*< 460 010 Do on hand .. 80,000 Adrance* on bnliion 60,000 I)o returned 70,406 Bill* cancelled 7,OIK) Old coin gat bet?*l for coinage 10,964 Mi** Mary St. Clare, the female magic! m. in perform log at tbe tnealre. She ha* performed iu the (Jniteu State* and California. PERU. OPB CALL AO t OKKKMroy DUNCE. ! Cvllao, Oct. 37, 1854. n' Tbtrratv/n Vnatvn?AU Men ikouUbe /re* to W.rrehip Oi they I'*~Thry <to miH the UmiLtd .Stole, ?Many Inrull to mtr fnjple in I'eru?Ameruan SJtipt ontl their IPtarettt?\ew* of the. Day. I have to report the usual number of accident*. There I* onr charac'eristic of the ollicial. of Pern which cannot tail to inteiast onr countrymen at boje. You will o course, remember that Peru la . republic, whose people are supposed to enjoy thoee privileges, both clrtl anil re ligious, which the coostitutloo of our own belovoi oonn try (taute and guarantee* to ua, and not oidy to our own people, but to the stranger within our gate*; but a sh irt residence here would teach thoee who think thus, that while Peru assume, the ueme of a republlo, her g ,'rern meut la, In tact, despotic in the extreme. The only reli gion tolerated ia the religion of the State (Catholic). To It the rulers and the ruled are forced to bend, and a gnv cnimont oBcial, be he high or low, nor the gorernuieut Ifaclf, dare, by any act of his or theirs, come in contact with the church. In the lulled Stales man may, under his own Tine and lig tree, worship the (iod of hi* father at hi. conscience dictates; but hrre, if he desires to return thanks and t offer praise to the l.nrer of all hie blessings, he must b?w at the altar erected by the Church of Home, whose power Is acknowledged by the government. Ia this not free dom7 Wbeie is the faulty we aak. Will not the Anicii can people cry out, with their countrymen here, with one united Toide, tho fault ia not ours? Why should we not be aa favored here as tho Peruvian is in the United States r It ia only ntcessary for our govornmeut to say so, and a clause gt anting toleration might be Inserted In their treaty with every foreign Power. Ihe uuestton was agitated, 1 l-elieve by Mr. Cass, during the late session of ? ate erected PrjdeatantJ!*' Uie'powerTt'haV'bll' u"*? ""71 . w" hj?TB in Peru. But thin at>M?nce of toleration in not nil of whi.'h wi> hareto complain. American dtlxcns nere are insulted ? f <h'?wn Into prison with people of all colors and kinds, and far what? Wo know no reason except that they ara Americans, , he readers of the Hmuld are all fan filar with tb, ia'e affair oi the American abtp John Cummfpga, Cnptsln Adams, lie wus thrown Into prison tiled, and sentenced to be shot, and for what? Por vlo' fating I eruviun laws? No. lla Oommauled an American ship manned by a crew shipped before and by th -Aiuerl. can Consul, upon American shipping article,. The men bad American laws to govern and protect the n. The laptain in thi* respect was similarly situated. Captain ACbiua killed his boatswain wblls bis crew were In a slate of mutiny, aa ail who were knowing to the circumstances testified. In this he was justified by the law. of hi. country by which lew* he was governed. At any rate, to .how ltw?, and those only was he subject, aa is every American ship master in the government of his ship Yet this govern ment Interim edclaimed Jurisdiction in the muter, and detained bis ship at heavy expense, biuel' at timet iu r.m'?r* i * dungeon, with uegroe, ?nd shsnd n~d vtllaira tor companions. By the interference of thel 'nlted States frlgwte Independence ho was released and hts ship a lowed to proceed on her voyage. But are not Chptain ^l|a,n>?n knn^hLTVh"trj '* course all who know the facts will ear yes. And will they re! cover the louses whieh they have sustained ? lYour government pursue a course similar to tha courre thev have taken in previous similar rasea. we fear that many such insults to the American Hag must be tamely submitted to !?* ?ur 'ormTMmt, al ,*"** are fully roused, ihe name o> Aasr-ljan Is almost a by-word and reprijacb. Their rights are Irsmpled njion dally and thev hate no redress. The ( ?nsul and Minister hens *r(. r. i'^: o 'ln'P.U' th"t ??*?? no means ol hacking up demands made of thi. government for da mages justly due American eiU/?ris. An American man of ear occasionally vi-ita our port, ramalns from one to *" J""1. ?*?*"? us. There is no port on the I'uelfic coast in which American interests so loudly ca I for pro At all times (a, you wilf-ee by exam fading the Mygnngltut) a large fleet of American vessels, both here and at the fWh* lafaods Mutinies are oc curring daily; crews deserting : and as no assistance can bo trained from th? local authorities w*? fact much Uad or a Mhi jp of- war. Ihe pres.-nce of such a vessel here would Insure to o" J c."'u" t,ieir rights, "id force tlist miserable jwlty despot to reaped the representatives of the model i''public of the w irld. We hope the Hpiaui will not for. getour wvnts. Jthaa alway, born* the reputation of taking a decided stsnd in favor ot onr dtixens abroad, li- tLe only American jierinotcal known in I'eru; and if through iU o-dumna it speaJu fane ly, our government m H1P" ,tUul "llt,ur "n h"r gwenents, and grant to hor citi/eris abroml the protiKrtinu slford'?i l>y other io.e'gi. I owets to their htihj.c'.s, acd which we 1*0 much flBHWl. There I. r.? political news or Importanoe. Congress is now in session The oii'-stjon of toleratirm was agitate<l Was I^Mstlv nl* th.r.e tmu r^'aS^r' A" " lh" P"-? ",,h "or rent men ?1 Washington, fhey -|Sn i much time In uaeleas discus. -ion, and accompll-h hut little for tho good of the uati on. KfXIQlOC? P?-TOI?KB tTinjt A CKNSIJ8TO HE TAKEN BHKAD ANtl ItAKhli.; ? MIirPINO *T XKt C'ltlN ? II AH. viius The liim fiefetrs are, as usuni. filled with personal n alters, and C'oitain knit littls ot a-iiera) interest. The law relative to religious in-bd?ration ha- been |is-'cd, and religious liberty is no longer jiermittci in A census of the population w?- to he Uken, and In struction* to that effect luol l*.,n Usacl to the p.ctom, ?f the various ih parlment*. * Many c mi faints were made of the Inferior oualitr of ^t<l bjr th. hakurs in lime and Callao lie number ,f vees.U at the n.incha falands wa, r than it has been for *r.y time during the y. ?r. -VEWS FROM COSTA RICA. (M PUHT ANT DKCLtKATION OFTIIK Pltf SIOIt.VT? A.NTI FILfBCHTKK ?'K< ftKg. -Iiiau B? sel Mora, FredAsnt of t),e republic of Co fa lora, b'-lng inmrni.d lbs* cert-iiii i^isons pretsunl wi h out any authority or light, ?o Uk- ,s.swed m of too ter ritory of the republic on the A'fantic cr?ast tn. Ttnm That the repubhe. never having grant.d ?,?. env pert of Urrttory on tl.c Atlant.c coast, eons-ler, a?y ?te, taken to po-'.s* r.,ofs.rty on >be right aide of tbo r v. -.n .loan or on th? unevpkore.1 csnast 11 the no-th tt< m the mouth of lta?- said rtver to Ure national ll.iii * wi'h the lepublic of New firakada. without tire, conemtt and legal sanction of the government, at alit,?,e. null and of no valno; ? <*?.* Rica Uing alw.y. -e?d/ to ivchsim sr.d (IISlain her rights against every usurper who n ay treapa upon he, fiontler, fllven in th>'Nati bal I slice lo-?i. J.-e the Jltli of October, J| AN KAFASI. MORA. I ? MARgFTH. ? VA.rtaAtwo Oe*. IT-Ilttfa he. Wn 4<me d iX? .. 1n'g t dosing to <i*y. we have then hard y .0 I'em of interest to cbr- ni.le Die merclumis from i'aru and u.e lower coast have c'?.-*.l tb-ir ofwra'l .us, and those f.oOl the novh and sou'b of this ren.,i,|ic a-ri*w1 recextlv lor a-?or m.nt. prei?r to awall tf.e n-w arri v, i V* ' ?vpec-wl, la order t teffe" Ih ir P'ir? n*.e?. In One, the gen. ral condition ol the basin-.. th*1 "nr "'?7 and with propriety to he In n prostrate pogtura. No trans actios ha?e transi ired of the least lutporUnce. and imports have .'rop,| ed |n bnt on a small acaie. O rroae'l n, in thi, line have idem vevv In ? igntleant only ? lew ouyer. Iron '..i?ya,.U|j and B .'iv.s he V fag I feernl tbemmi>*s on the in uric t ib. m.r fa ? le m-iet i.nwqnally aborted in c jttona, o'eome artl C?? eat ram .lii.ary sVsiks being on hand, whilst ia otmws a r. arrliy pievalla. , ?IwJm, and worth IT AO ol. in *mA. n???5l-h ^U?)^A]?houfh ?rurrw, bo an)rnvl'>n i? |4-ir?iT#d ftcrmuit ot iu ?.rn?.l rfinnnnipiion. NtiU? Meek, have -ufTersd n . rH^f. but our qaototAdu a * eas "? T\. cpowr U at piwmt of ?. w sain sn I wtih yrifaw rne?al the market fa provld-d. Mining ham r'.M %t Ib* rat* "f *7 '? fatvd. in mail par-el. iZlL./t* "tiwe.t-ai. .Id wi,h !? . - - ^ ' le'**?saa'ket ?uppl(cf and dull. ,?. ?* nnderstan 1 far Jso hronght by h, Margaret change.1 h,n.t? at ? u. Bl in fa.n l. Wl .nc unc are very abumfaat and we km-, .4 nt .*1* hsvlrg fa.etl pUr,. <1 u 1 tag ihe fortnight 1 Bice?Carolina end lainbayc. ,-e . n!r In eacmtd fanwfa, bwt rufflcknt ?.u ?? a?' ?mb l? at f.r? nt ? ' ll" J**f hate he-n ?I mil llth Aogn.t arrs., 1 (Ku AdA Moce then un it this <ta'?:_ I rem Fernaaahneo Il.oia I sited 'a*e? faisofI-ex.ce m. H* to. nr. 1 ?1 lie KV I.daj import of sugar Mil w,->*r j~ -g) w? 1 ?Akunlaat, aa4 ut Uauitad Mi*.' Hi n liae.1 Mo, I* Hbut dmit, ana of UUlc .ale. U-U?B ith la tin* ?at. leR". '? abundant, end ?.f ,?ry IlinU-d ??!? V Wl K ?There ore jet stock, in the pr .vin??. of Con cepciuu and Au< 1?, |.u-? already -old bet i,?tkand for tne most part to"e?lo,e her,. Bl d|>wr^ p j ^ the period t>.? sairs'uok place in cm ?? piea'lf it |e i'li |h kltb ? to Iletei mine ?h? actual pi icon I ulin? ?> present there. Here we l>??e vint .mall . ?ck? (n dliferea*. Lands; tlie ealea taking |.l? e a eunlj <m a .Trail ?c?lc and puiirlpclij forborne oon.iiniplimi, piioe la nettled at fill 60 tor xinthern, and ?U for San>tn|p? brand. ?!? ioootbe credit. At present, exmirtati .no for Aii?t<-*lia liave en'lieif ceased, whnh acoouutn for the ntroinflv hit paraljzation thin article actually suffer*. THE LATEST NEWS. [By the Panama Railroad Company's Telegraphacroae the Isthmus of PanaoM.] Panama, No*. 2ft?? P. M The Pacific Hteats Navigation Company' i etaaraahip Linrs,Capl. Blocmiield, arrived here from South American port* at ten o'clock thin morning, bringing twaaty-four paaaeDgere and t-80 000 in treaaure. Theie in no newa of imporlanee from 1 .Ima. From Peru we have a rumor of a revolutionary more Kent In Areqttipa, and other nouthsrn town., la favor of decent Vivanoo, but It wanted continuation. Iu Bolivia all waa quint. Buelneaa had revives! in VaiparaiHO. A revolution tied broken out in Montevideo, and the In diana were giving considerable treu vie in Baenoa Ay res Our Toronto CorreajMMj (fence. Toronto, Nov. 22,1H5A. Meeting of the Legutatioe Council?Parliamentary Reform Franchise* an f Free Trade?K mi. graitlt from Ike United State??A Balance to the Know Nuthinge?The Catholic Clergy and their Flockt. The Governor and the Executive Council were in seraion to-day and yesierday in the legislative Council chamber. Of course tbe proceedings of thin augunt body arc generally a profound hoc ret to the uninitiated, ho wo must depend for information regarding it on unmentionable sourcen. Tbe prOHpectn of sustaining tbeir position la tbe Houtie wan tbe first and chief subject brought under considcrntiou. It wus resolved to introduce several new and important measure> in order to gain popu larity in the country. First, the Legislative Council trill, which hart been twice proponed and twice de. feated in the Legislature? it wuh resolved ao to mo dify it that it will strongly resemble your United States Senate. Second, the extensl n of the fran. chiec?it waa determined to hold it in ahcyunoe.and to btlng it forward only in case it Hhould be demand, ed by the House. The new meaaure will extend the power to vote to all householders paying a certain fixed rental, the amount of which I h tve iieen un able to ascertain. The third aud Lt the emi giation st henic, und on this a little explanation is necessary. You know that for the hud four years, T. D. Mi Gee?struck with a fear ol the American party ? baa been moving heaven and earth in order to con centru'e the Irish Roman Catholics in some countios in the Wait or in < uimdu. Tbe priests in the United States arc opposed to the a -heme, for they don't want to lose their congregations, while those here are in favor of it, he* anse it will increase their flocks. McUco hus lectured in most of the cities ui.d towns in Canada; he hai spoken to und giiued the support of nmny of the le.idiug men, and the government imagine tliat by giving over a large tract of land to some of his colouration societies it will gain fur tbem consider tbie popul irity amongst the followers of the triple crown. The French party, i. e., Cuucbon, Curtier, Ac., and the liberals, Spruce and Hoes, are entirely in favor of it, while the torles, McNab and Cayley, are strongly opposed to it; for, they argue it will arouse the l'rote-txnt feeling of the country. In this they are right; nevertheless, I believe the French will carry the point, and I would not mm li wonder if we do not sec some such orga nization here before long as your American party. Money here is very scarce, though there are vast sums scattered throughout the country iu the hands of tin- tam ers. The market* are going up, owing to the fact that little wheat is oonung iu. The far n-.ers are holding back their produce, being under the impression that prices in the winter will be enor mous. Any speculator who wishes to purchase wheat or tlonr in the Toronto market for delivery before January, should purchase it at once, for ft will go on rising until about that time. After Jbmu iiry there will lie a glut in the market, and Hour may be bad for from $11 to 14 per barrel less than now. It has risen during the lust two weeks one dollar per hart el. Bread rose to-day Id. per loaf. It is now selling at lid. Another meeting of the executive takes place to morrow, when the question of an extension of free trade will be discussed. There will lie nothing de cided, however. The Cabinet will then adjourn for a week. I will wab h its proceedings, and <ommtiui tate to yen ail I can leurn. The question as to tiie state of the fortifications will alio MM M tomorrow. X. Gun Metal aud fmn (Jam. TO TUB BP (TUB OK TI1K NK W YOKK HKKA I. P. In a letter In thn London Ttmri of Nov. 1, from their " own corieepondent," dated Berlin, Oct 29, I Owl the following etateuient:? Aa rognrdH gun metal aud Iron fun-', which form the main -object of Inquiry ,or the roinnl<?lon that h?? been M;t hero by our government. I hero u-. erbitned that the- I'ruit-um* oLtolu by far th? grovter pari, if not all, of tbrii lion gun* frttu Hwrden. f urther I barn been Inf irmul, a- a mutter li*j ond doubt. tb*t tlM iron requisite for the purprwe of ordnance i? e#rt?lnly rh,?r on. lint TbU comer to ma (rout on* of the hlgtie t authoritif* in plty-lcul acinic*, and al?o ftnne it man of cobftldemhle practical flptrinncr, Thl* auhject, our own governmen t ha* ?nwl to lie i xaminrd In the mo?t thorough marine-, at .1 the f* Information re peeling Whlih it m tun 'y at tie preurnt moment in thel. pow-e-eloo. It ?p|?v>r< that the Brill h government U only now about to Inveatigato tb n.?tt*r at a moment when they have their Into in more than folly occupied with ? -tupendou* wnr. We b*licv* that we are not r?-*rting too much when in*y thai the Ordnance l>epartm?ut of the t'nitoil .""ate* hae aicornpll-hid more in their In relitigation* re -peeling til* important nubjoet t' an every other kervlco 'n the world lunddev. When the Hon. Joel It r.iln?"tt waa at the head of the War f)*pnitm*nt, he inatitutad In qulrtee Iwto the cautee af our inability to manufacture iron lli Id pteaea whlab could tie relli-J up< n lor ?e tn with any degree of certainty. Ity hi* dlractior. the Onl nance Bnatd \l-lt*0 ywidrn, whet a It waa rejif*?*W*il tbar no-h grin we c mada It vr?v, h'-wev >i I owl that even I bee wire qui'* a* habit to buret it* mtf i en. from that tlaw to He i e.ent day though fit idea j1 mating tbla rl i* of gm a of thia particular on fat b*a I" i n abandoned, great at'eati n ha* been given to the auijwct oi iron ordn?oc* generaly l#fll for tli* laat ten or (waive year* dilfervwt offlaere, an nng ?l<cn may he mwntloied M?j W,d? Hagaer and ftaniaay, and Captain* Walbach and ftid-nao, la V" given the enilr* fl? d the rno?t thorough and narohlrg < XdBlnatlOB. Thl* hat lieen parti ? ilariy ihe rvae with Mejnr Wade and the lata Cap' dfalbach, bill of tbem ger.tiemen of the hljtv -i iu ellu ? ihd ? aergy, wlio devotad ainw-t tb-ir entire Urn* V ? it fir warn, until the ev./*rlment? wire core 1 -t? Oapt WalUeh vi-ltrd the varkm* fort* and a?-eiu I'trtui/h out Ihe country. and from the muarle ol aacti g m with u.arhli ny for the purpose, he to k a rpaeiinea of t ie on I'ach i f ihe-e ?jevlnn na wa? prr perly numbered and inttme ill* whole were r dlaftad ?at' er, and ewti una rul j't'itd to a rerlea ' f eafierirnentel l*>t< A por tion >f the plan puraued waa in each ra e to find the ?p? ?IHc g?a?t*y of the metal It- tenaile atrength, It* aur fa dfraetare. with ttaaolor, atru'turw, and any pvcull anv, In addition V tbla, certain of th? -anuon wi" 'ulmitt?"l tn an ettroma proof by g .np .w.iir aod by hycr-vtatfc fgeaewrw. The rraolta of t . -a rip-tlo.rnt*, which wee of tbe n oat valuable and i-termungcharartcr will tie embodied in a rarge quarto Volume, to be illuatrat*-' *r fife ? xplrnati ry p'aiee, now printing In 0)U el'y >y ar 'er f >he Cobnel of Ordnance. Tl?ta volume whiru will t? iariird In January negt wtll aff rd m- -e jo ttlve li f ? m*< Ion on avary brarie'i of thia aohM than can be gain ed by any rotnu lcelon of lblthb ofltcer* iu l'ru?a la li oae - t ar, in 6v? year#. H M I i 'Molina, Nov. M, 1AW. Later froau ft waa tea Vr. Ibr i-enta I * mail arrived at ? depandooa t n til* '?M btlpg tg nr bnt li"W newt of t??erc?t. TT? er<It#" cut oeaaelonvd by tb* ? >? 'l-m had no! Mb ?tdrd, and aaodh dlaaatteCrctlnn agalnel thd'mib-g - par ty war hit, Iwreawae of tb* tnanne- ta wbicb the poll U< k? were returned?tboae of \ aletioU couaty leiug kept back, While tl e r,|.{ iei,* pwr.y, id rounfeeact 'hi'. ? ? yd tBw poll book of Tae>a ee uiity !*ap '* of all tealu g'W crte*. Mr litem baa *tart*>! tn tha "la'ei toa't-mp' to aoeat thedrlagat* elaet. He la aanptaami by *e B-nebav* and Br. I elbam, -nrveyuv 'ivwrrai aat will com* a by tb* N wthera r? ?ri*. '?*U*v"a cam* ta by tlkla efaw* en tb* nert> ?-n mice Tb* ItiClana bar* nwinewced Ukaur d*p'*datl MM again, draptt* of tb* trawtlm t4 paaee. and. *a Ium teen learn*d fully by mall W? a*? what etleet tb*aa tnw in bar* S|wa th?m ft la*vpact*d th* Metl"?ra are abac n fault fi r the Ifeiiana Lav* rmme la and -oaapUirv i to the *| caldea and they *f Mam keep m>nt m the ? *t'?-r lb* "*11 lake mad bed aid yet arrived, but w*a I owed fnr dally, a* tb* waatbwr bv ant teen unit* all/ ad Ptgaly larrvtary af Mat*. TO TUB K?mrB OK TBB niktlli A* twe Or tbrw* of ytmt ceirr*?|e n lent* have *?: ? tef tb* rwwvor that my n?w* bad twwa MMM ?? a -? ?di late fir tb* *?-? ig I *Mfy rwret*-y ? f *Ut* I ti nt . ??/ I yoa will aOow me thana* of y-mr c r*?,'.e t *a? u .t tl.ere t. not on* word of truth in ? h * < t h-v. aev*r a* ' r that t!*ew >*1 no fiewf . rcagi-ed ih. V I wednr anv ri'-tm ?? - ? - ? any arueU. ai**I tllha lha gut ?t tn* vwl w -ut* tftoarv. WUiALNU.tir.i4li A4dltl*ail Hr*i flung Ovbt. Ik* followed latereating Item* of pwnl now* are taketi from ik* Havana rile' dated to tbe CUh of N ?v. The IHariu dr UI Marino, In la iiunimr o< the 'Jlth ult, traa.iatae in roll that nd hot article published by the i ondon MorjHhp I 'rut, in regard hj tbe war eftcltawaat created by tbe iuciea*? of the llm.ah rivet iu the Wont Indie*, and makea a great tune of It. Ti e Qiui o' Uionk* .Si U>,, ??l Si J ago, It'uba,) bare un* " * " " ' "" * " at #J o flfr?i.ben tbe building of a railroad at 'ioantaiiormo, whl.b, it te raped eO. nlll prrv* Lo a* 1 very prog table ? tie both to the aliarenolitar* and tba people of that vici nity. WUAT THK 9PAMIAH1H THINE OK l/NITEH STATES rourraa IV Tom tbe t'reiiaa, "I Havana, Nov. TJ.) If we u.r.lltate upon the gene at c neli'i.m of tu iral* it ' tbe prewut time, we ahaTl be, umloub only, per?uaded Ihnt oo lepobhcan gover oiueul can now act within the lawful or Ml t>f li? l-pal inrrtituHoua. olieytng at 'ha ?aine lime the p loolpie i.l all Jiorlty which la 111* ralv one that can ol'play iu all lie extent tin. power of nation*. To proc ale, "U "lie hand, the |i .polar aovoioigii'y, aod to allow tlienuelvea tn be prevailed ti|U>n by an toev'l.ble tl.irat ol comounri; tu eatabl.ab aa a tfatem lb# pre-do ininlon ol the uiaj.'liy in ina'.iera of huo aod lo ihu r* tar. hi t i n? of all public powre a and. on ihr othe. hind to Invent themaelvwe with the nmatabaoiute war.loalvet.m and the m< *t itp gtianl inioleiooc-. Ibe*e are, iudead, tu eiplicahlr contradiction*, wrlii h ? Ivu birth to Ibat ao ial s |a>boa which every day Huow* Into an innreaaiug <? mtu toon the pieeaiiott* and alttic otl condition of t'lt'li re i>| active gi verrmeota. it la ft nr. ally believed thai lua I'.a o-llancy, tha Captain (.cncreT, will pay a vl It to the rtty of T. tuilid, and -.eve ral other pi c* * of the Central Ib p iintmti "arty In Jtttt ay, af.ei the holi ay*. Great p.ejaraUona a" of cotirae made by the < a alana and otnar faithful iubjec:* to revolve bl* fexrollency with due hoteita. All ti e Havana n*w aiin|t?r? pu*li?h tho by law* of a new awocia'i n e-tahli.bel there ondei the auapice* of Geo (ODoliaund lady, to be c?li?d the lavdiea' IteueVo hot lb me rwclety 'in irler lug t? It, toe II? van* firwan teniaikr that u"'wtlh-??anrting ti e dv?rling hnury which la every where ,il-played in that tdty, and which give* a fa *fl I en of h" c imlltlou of public prwape Ity, ihnetxl-t in Havana a grunt irany fanllie* who mourn Iu orphanage a. d u.l-ey A curve of the Captain fieneral, dated the tS>b nil., deflate* that all ?e*M<U from any port in fie ??land of Culia lea nl with a full and avlu-ive cargo of imdawea, will he free from t*je rnnh n rt'iil.i* 'lhe itnal ane.unt received at the lira of the Central Treaeuiy at Havana, during i|ie month of d-pleinber lant, aim unterl to $941,SIM tel. wbiuh, onitparel with tbe it-rel te at the waive ofrire in Sepiemhw, HUM, a mom ting to $978,Ut;; 40 ?h' w* a decreaae rf $'?t,0ld Bfl. I'rripoeale are to l>e ruiiuiited at the olllce uf the II tar I of lirectora i f I u alio W >rke In Havana for 'ha r.,untrue Hon of a tnatblne lor tbe cleaning >f the harb.i? of ?1? tartriH It r which project lhe incel.en1* ol that city hive Huberribtd the mini of $'J),000 at ail per cent a year. The <-r* at Know IliuUiliig Ciatheiln| at luiuln vllle. [V'rom the I/inhvllle Journal, Nov. 191] lhe ?a- organised a It o'clock yrrterJay mmiiiiiK I elegwll.tna wore piu.eot from every county in Ken'ueky al o from Indiana Ohio, New York, klarracl ucetie llllo .1*. Ac. The c iunlie* al.rug to* line* of railroad and the nbh. river weie verv numeruudy ra picaentvd. tin account of the dinirully uf acceea tha r*cl< gn ion* from tho intcr'or of the Ptale were not ao full. (treat enthu*la?m ptevalled. A*'lalfga inn afUr dele ga'loi. li eri Into the Court [I.rune they were rec. Ivel With dexlenug applauae A national aahne war fired by the cui lion cuuad, under the direction uf UapLuia Albert. The frrlioelng U the oignnl/nti n of the roee lug:? J'mil h n/?h II. lJartlelt, of Covington, l<y. I'irr J*rrrii/i-nt ? I'. W. I'rr -cot', of Murracliil"? t'a , Hon. Mia* Steven*, o' Indiana; J. H Heard rtf Ohio; t.lrnh Itnrke ?.f Ir uM'ta; K. i* I'ant. of \ll?-l??(ppt, (?'en. John W il ian *on, of i'ennitylvanla; ?V. II. liruwn, of llluit.l*. tVhlle the Cotno ltlee on IleHOlutlon* wore out, Mtjor W T. W*M> arhlreawrl the me Hog with gieat el e|uruce anil force. Major I'AKTirrr. In taking the chair, artdrwaaerl the nire'lng In a neat and elegant rpee. h After Major Ward had crncludcd. the Committee on Rr aotolir n* rr ported the following, wulcb were unaui n 'illy ad..pied :? 1. 1yie union ot the elite*, founded originally on politi cal at d eomn erclal nrcerv"!"-. afford* tlie lie?r aaauraiew, if not the only guarantee, lor the lutu.e pia-ervatlon of the liberty ai d promotion of the prp*|erlty of the Ameri can people. It muat and *ha'l Ira malntn eel. 'I. lhe general goverun ent ahoulrt bt a liiffolatered ttnda n Mrict ob-ervauce nl the litiiitaUun- up n |ta po?er* lieproed by the eonatltu'lou and yet by a ?'iBMer,t u?a of he i ow oi * gianter) li ahouhl achieve aorl pr iruote the r.Mteta fer whir tl I wa* inatlruted. II. I Leiiabing our own right of private Judgment in right In ot matter* of religion, wr re-pect the aama right in ot-iera A* An r-uran*. we are oppoaer! to the mil o of church and rtate. W* are i.j.pi*w| tit ecc|e*iahtical corntona ihu,a, of whatever rstct or denomination, to pr.x.ure po litical effect in our e .tintry. Advt.ealea of civil liO'tty we ate ataunch advocate* alao ot a free clouc.h Auy by a foitlgn power to aaautne p.ilil I al gov*, u nrt-nt whbln tie liml * ot Hicae Slaiei. u nde. the pre teoce of fceleriaxlcu) jurlta.icUun, ranno' tm r*c gn In any other llgut than aw an a<*?.iit op .u the lua itu I h n* r.f Amei Ira eud we wid not ?aat*in any on# who advocate*, arwu t- in, or willingly vuinnlt* to *ucb inter lerenoe 4. I.eery go?Mntn< nt [kiiihhM the right to p'wrl >? the turn- upon tebi h n furtgnar m?r he n liiilttwl to the prltflegi* <?' eitla'-tialiip within lt? JurUHoti n Such pi it i "ge th# luiaifHr li a t>?- a ontbrrad, and la Dot a itgbt ibht ient In tbl? r .jMii 'j vkruUil *OT'reign |*ower depend* for knllli/ i upon llM riitiip and iiili'llljfi-rici' rf I In* voter and hi. ?c<|u aintanoe ?itb .tmnian lu tlu'loiu, tbe privilege if ctutau*)up abouUl <? gtunl'd only upon aueb l? u a* '?<U.tily la *u i e qualifications lu the person equal hi ;b" proper dU charge nf thr citIj re-ponelhlh lee u> b< *-?uuu?l Kip* ii< rn <? bn? proved lh? < *l-iitig I *?? tour).lug riatur.* i/a liou to lie uh-n'ifiu.ti"y an I un**fe. To iMriHM the guard* arouud tM "f aulTiage and tu inaure fidelity to the c? lu UtUti'iU, founded ? u * lli'iiraigti k i> 4 I" ><i u( aid attachment to American liialitutioii ??bli . >u?l b filiation la n*ce?' ury ny Cong's** ft. No "tat# ot til * I Hi' ii ought tooonAtr tl ? right if auffiago U|?>n aiy but c'llrew* of the Inl'* I ? la ?? *. 0. Thepewtlwo Kentucky l.*?iug IB pi uirv am bile* and at tli? poila la'illwl ami approieo h" platform "1 tin* Aii.en iu [?rtf a loptod In rlitladriphU la J una la?t, thi> meeting if ' n il.. prim I *n 1 oalla upon ? veiy Ion r 11 tin ou'ry ai d tl ? I nlun Kant in maintaining thriu ai tin .an ? < f f iltl *1 arttiO. 7. The American jai r l/u - all! , wbll* they do plura the rT?nta of tliaivlio A *< 'to noi taat In tho ? liahti *i dig ? ? r |I'lii-i.. ' i ' . lir.iio? tin j an w aod make tin* public ?Uclaratl n "i tha ta t tnat in -'fcxiua of viol*u' ? hid boeu ronoortad. n i w?t anjr meditated by tin in They know and IWrlart tha', tin rioting 'Tipinii *d irum the w*n'"n imad'n mule liy fnrilgi.era upoa iim fl tvhiig cl lira* w.oo in* In: med dling wl<b 'be eleuil'i. Jh*y are rot t<- la rrifl laW fi rtb< r r'B'roeer?y up* n thl* *vitij"rl tha" In riwi.i pimrall} 'li?t uheutvir a lik ?? *il"n li? rtnllilt almliar feck lea# it aa and wickedm * i (. a the par of thi lr a*im inter t ? Amerliah* nf l/ouiarUh *111 firiuiy usinlalii 'heir tiph'a at ? eary bar art Alb r tba adoption of ihe re??>>? tot Ilumn'nry Maiahall wa* loudly tor, b t ptoiul?ed t-i addr* thi- meeting thl* - rer . n and a-' <?! t - be in rd t > li eli way for <llktingvl*h*d atiarigo-a Wtto aera pr? en' tba dieting ?aa ailtl mad '?y t?eu Wltlii n m, of reMaylynnla; Mr. fbaete, of Indluiia ?ml Wr IV ii < ' MaaaacbwaoMa and at ?> ? ' " !*?? I n*t ? onttl 4 I' M Ttl44 due it rim K MKCrlNO. An org tie- .,u>-u >nr?trii nl II* Ame.I *n mWlug la*t nlgl.t r. > r? wa? Hi'aiiwl 'o wl' ti morw t>r .f-xiiid *i ten'ir n than liufl II tlaie iA'n I uallihr ai W ? h.r te ? n n.B'e e ilb bia g'- ? rai ? nt 'n U, waB/?ll*l n d to l ihi aa the k pn*? ntailra of Uil CuagVa tonal ? i lllrl. Con ct l Via'-ha I t* a o?ti*e In 'be ioa-i ? ti ri and la *o ib< i tugbly Mati'lliad wl n o ir Irtetl h o and *i lr i ailitei. mat ar guluo " i'iai*tl* be may ? w n e< t ? l b a brwily raapr u.e fi m Id? anhf i 'ei. ?) and | at' tie eoo*?ttuei?e.f. I're'?/ i (f hi* reoiarka w 'h ?? nw- grne %l adu-n n* to hi* pr el oiayp* r.t*?s duing ?b< lat* *| I I 'd unit bat log I r h'< I pn -'.ent oil* nl tba ino?t glf sod ch.ealin ?? f Ran <? ky'i oa ? * Mai*b?l! |nore*?'ed tu *ay tbat ha e-Wt?.u? an .'? ' '< em.tdenre In the reotltuds and Jti-'ne of tha nhja ? um lb- Ai. a lie *n ( ar y. inelallu gall i h ? o'pr > ?e|iptlon, attb wbleh 'h- p*''y ..n?rg '. by thair i aaente, tba <b a "urate <>? k tlioy to* a * m >ra ap | m pi lately raiiad, tba hag hieli *, i.a weuid wa'uof t> O'.r rountry all tawould make II lb' r a?y . "i flooi '.a tyrswnlr* of the oM wr 4 But ha w*uld i -' 'hero to tt.rila' -a of tie uilng i-ourwr, Wl laaat ? nlil they nad dl? raidyotheir *ym|ath,e f r tha Ik Ita'lo* f d'afuth f' tintilt and bmttM fnlly lixbe r !ri*'e.' in tl- U-a *1 | 'IPctpa * of our own ?? ?? 'aimat I * I t?a| Vla rti*) t* m, n ??.* a lu*h u to the ,r at< .n ' {a*"'"*, a- b. j at 'A arrate* agalnrt eaeb nth' ? In tha e*io|i?e < fa '(reili ? to U'* floti'k f bepre*ai ta i*wa >n tie approaching t f < th? I i.ited hta'aa, ai i ?at ) ir. alu ' Ha to that iBiprrtant tnasanra, U.? * igaul/a'lon of the llwi r Hi i utheen d* um '-iat? wi*tu*l ? a fiuie' fui-ag wt.b II a f'xai "'#? ?' New Tor', to | ? ? In Um r; ?t r a Ban In IB tha otiU' at" Ou'lel ?ldi. ?uh tha No D> ? rn a * ao?! ty ?' I'.i i <*a t < trniu latia-l o Tbla w?* 111* ; ra I"? At.d In ra'eieo . to ta* rktee y n- '-tu.n Coi. M aa-d that ?>'? hla a m ? da t* be 1 . < wi d, no ?> b* ' nun a nirl be 4r? rn t r ?'tia\'(W lata ti r dl-raeti n Thwy w-wtd Ita'oo to II ? ti'ade* of tl f abntiUor tala and net tbowi Willi tneir e ti* tie w. n(A pot r .nr.u -.n'O th* diaCuaat' :i, aa I he w i.W n- ' aft' ? > tl b e. intauaiadB "i.dwi any el" m ar t I' lt't.'- a?u.d'* a j* aef t>< arrwet ve* tisM ten"* tie* .lu" . ht lu aureate IWiatltw OW tba ? t<i igie of N iu *0 i r il* wleta with e atk' -o daaao r a ' 1 * ri C ? N... u, Itp|e? a*1 IB date *n.?a i n t ? ti' Id th* do* i ne? and (* n * Iplee o' tl ? Awl oa I'll) ? ot, rh bo bail a<>' , U'l MB*t?'t lafU'la a eel I- * ?d ti ' I" ?* to tha duRtiliera tad ?aw'"0^hla af tba f i.t'4t*e' 1b?' ?|ubt t. ? ? mi ' * ra'aid V, yea 'he lasg ago -fit* oteectafil get * aw it f ? * rolda* tfaa rl.aer an' intba laaia alttl a I bta ?' d e * oa* i*'? *W1 wa bad re 'ippaetwr.l'y tn I, ?' ? I- ?* * n-h? J?!t tpdua . ty n" t? ?*! to ?a?V?h ? i .u ? ?? *f t'e* (..(,???? ad '* I It *">a*l o?w ? Kid h i t taf a<l bp '.?" atlwg h?* ?o*'l* '.ual |.*e krrfrr Or r an dot n/.ohed f -? float a* tha rwudt <!? ? f * AmOlUlWB j ty at ?'? rait ?*.<>nU?l * *' ?" * h > a*-*" ak ratawt a aa -uitwl with ewlhu'1 ae't* applawM Ml. tiaftrt ' l*a*" !'* wa* tk't ibel up n tba ?t.r Bnd trad* a n *-*t a t. ?% < idd ta la tha r..jiaa af aba b 1^ t "k '**a4u ?*>??? tha' I'adlan* w%. in wr*lt ' a !?, tt* r< a* .'u*.?e but Irua to tba rtghf of I a* ?'r*ar ? ta'au all 'hal |iha?*a Mr. a a a* 1* ad y *)'?**? i* *?* V tt* ?*it f. 1 Tn> * I. < *-m?i *? war than raMe*l tat a*ad a-*t w 'brt .?*d *i ?' litrnuj .4 >h? b*>nr mad* a t rlef tad ?11 I'd *j*"li ahl b <? aan'rAaty rai*ti a".?d I i' audima** | i V * ' "t? ' gt- t?U . *i 'if tha An* an Ibf'y a?tw a o *? *? iftattsa t wdth patrV,-ai lor, ated fuil >f l o 4 and ; at rhai ayg'u.wwt. I .*? * .away a.aeaa fmaa 'he h#4ft ?--?*>> ?<d if ft a/W ? t?>wi Va w*ia pwinaor'. and tuVakia a the ?i* >.it. af ' ? f i ? wa' mm he I w thaip* i t a * ? la*' f'Wt af the tew we# sera Mad ate4 *>"Vd to Wa*lk ?t t**> "** a'y yaii TV? f'th una J ? ;ad reef Uk rthbaha **??! I Oar OlMoiuf CwrwiwiXtww. Br. i*.<??, No* rr, tMA fr<-m Santa Fr?Thr I'taitu?MUtouri Ugulatiim litm tun and />'iiip/iJn fur (At JjmnU*, dr. I hav* ju*t received nova from Santa ft, bat It l? of na giesl Importance. There la great excitement growing nut of tha lata eldiiton of a deleg.t* to Congress. The party af Belief i, the tueni -or said to be alec tad, kapt back, daring tha i oun'ing of the Vote, tha poll i?>ok of Valnda ll n lalia'lon, tha othor party *ei*ed upon tha poll bddfc of lane, uil would not auIfcr it to be muolad. Judge Brooku* anil Mr. I'rlbaoi, tha Surveyor Oaatft^ are 011 their way to tha State*. They txrk the Svuthani route, through Texas. (relief r oaua by the NortbdTO route, and ha* arrived at ludtpendeoee. The Indiana, regardless of treatiaa, bare renewed their depredation* and outrage*. 1 expect detail* la a hw day*, rto Mexican* are probably a* inuoh In fault ae the Indiana l.eneial llamay ha* taken up hie winter qurrterant k'ori Iter re tie he? succeeded ui <|iuLU( nearly all tha band* I. r the pjnaent ailea l kv*n th* variola naoda ot the Worn profeaa a dean# f.<r peace. The Mieeeorgun ate tin 01 ly >?nd of toeni avowing o|>ea hostility now. AM r\|?dition ?l I lie awni agatn.t i am *? *<??? aa the *prtug opeae- But It doe* n *t l?ll> w that t>e <aa*e, under the fori e of military role they prole. < peaceful In'IIn*'lean, 'h'y aie likely to rulaln theui on tfi? wrhliawal of the troupe. I appiehviu it wid be lo in 1 ueoeaaary la he?p h mill ary loin. in the .-loui enquiry. 'I'hv kh*.' u I legislature aeero. to be getting on eery <|til*tly. Their le t ilk of a coalition 'f toe I ten ton men nnd free a? ll wliga and an election of ti. nlon ami 4 t< the .-mat*. 11,at the HenUn men are auxlou* *?? to trade, 'heir la ll'tle doi|ht, but I aiu vey aura thev will hud (l inipiacilralde there ha* liern alma rum >? of en alllao. e le t ween the Soiittiein dem icrala an I wbigk. for the rente purpoee. bu* tbia runioi I* pruhaoly -laiad t cover the ho Die ote if uuaunooeaful Certainly ther* le no joe-lmil y of ?urh * r ui'dnallon -q I be bill 'or the rednf of rallroal* will pae*. It lead* tlie credit of the State lotlie load*, to the auio.mtol intra n illtona more in addit'on to the non e al.eady Issued wr p <<wl ed to ; enld bono* to h? WstieM" at any time far double the ainounl which the roed* nay here rataed end ?i[*rded In subscription* ol e'oek. In other wjnle, it laiinict* Ilia old ayaum of-'la'* credit, bu* glrea double tie amount h*ta'<dure provided?'hat l< fur e*> ry #1 (On < >p*ti<l'-d by llu< companies Al.nuO of S'.a'a hnrioi?until the fall nitmuni of f",(NM,HPO In bond" l? I* eurd. A inoi gage I- retained by the stnU upon *11 Ibe road* and will tie held nu ll ilut cm-anles die ha <" IM h. nd llahlltili *. I iovI I in t* made 'or tn* pay unit of In'i-rc t out ol ihe S'a'e treasury, If me -ooijunle. fail to pay it I ha>r no this *<?' will ex rdi >h thn cr<n I or llie H'a'e on a firm l>*?la i ? rtalolv ti.ere l< on Hale In the t'nlon liem r able to meet IW ??i,>ip'.<n?l?) ni d mine uiore willing. I llutik theie will la- no a'tempt ined* to 11 ? I a Sena tor 11 eerine lo he rmicnlcl by ell aide* I hi' w? had lifer go i>i #,en led one ?*?-. >o, and **e what iha |ro|la *111 Indicate dt the btatr election- In August, list. Ik e have no 1<< ?1 new* n- Inh rea' The Ml?* uiri rtver la ve<y low. The l*m Ifln rallr e I tn Jo if.- .on h.a n ?? yet lorn lepaiied . wr hope It will t* during fia c ui'Og month ihir mrtrhen'* liavr 'lewrtnl.ol upoo th? ere-i 'ion or a magi literal hall for the me ting. of lh? I'kau* lei of Commerce I' will he ereci?st between Metn end Cotimerelal and Market and Walnut alreeta, and wQ rower a half eqiinre. H. Tire City Oiniillitia I>?l?era?Iloiv Tiny Trvat laidy Pairrngm. TO TUX KlilTUH OP TilR UXKALI'. .Vuvmiber VIH&du I look upon yi.ii a? a man of reform, and your p*j>*rM the Ineirunirut to effect If. > >w, air, t think It la high time fhat somebody abould hreaat end drive baek tha gieat tide of vulparity aid rowdyiam that II >wi Vtllt inch volume down our afreet*, end all over tha city. I fhal rioi on thla occa>t< o r numerate ihe vaHoua fonwn in which vulganty aliowa iiaalf. I wrlla now to makd n c mplainl. It la agalnal oinnlbu* driver*. Tula an doubt u* (ui claw* of {wraon* eaonut he ei|?etal Id be. all of than, * boater ll? ld*. hot they all ought lo IM decent. If Ihry aiil no' be, ihen their employer* ought to dhtni*a i hem, and arcuia tbe ear rice* of other* not dd far loat to a *> nae of propriety and decency a* many of Iheae men appear to be. V y complaint la *|(aln*t Ilia prartioe of ao many af theee ? mnibua driver* of einoklng and aplMlng. I rudd 'loan town to-day In en omnibu* the dilver *f whiak anioked inreaaen'ly, the amok* out of hie to rutb kaX Itlilng tbe otnrlbu*. Itwl and lieaa'ly aa thia wne, I r< uld I eve horn* it, did be not keep up a continual eptk lli.g oV<-i hi* tight arm, In llie face ol the wind, wWok dime It U|?n lie inaaeigeia' elrrthda, alaluln* and ete hgurlig <hem. My dmra la rnine*l. In cap tne alleaal el ibh lilt by practice wheu t roubl bear It no longw* t pulle- the bother to pay and get out. I gave him a <|ilor Itrwfa d .lar ha im' In my liaod a paicel of araaM pbcea ?bich he took fri ui hi* mouth, all d*l With bid apt'tle anc tlila *potl< d my glove. fugbt thl* lo be. Mi Bennett f A word from via le the owner* of the otriinbuaaa mlgli'. If not rut up alt Ihia flllhinea* by tha r'arta, at leaat abate It ll I* time It wa* atruck at Ly *? mehody. A l.ADT. Affaire In Kansas. j'f rrre*| ouileoce of lb* St. Inula I'emocrat J I JU? (awourrt K T. So* I?, IMA Snow fell for the me Unia this aeaaoo. last night. TVs river I* rising lb* ooudlibm of tha m'y ai'eit* le dm nloiable. Balking la s trial ? f e<|uflibriaJ akld. Mai Id lug hurb ? mudify rlt/ ?.-? tinvm *i?rtb U n??w, 'yam eti'l tir?nflo?, mr m uf WbtMMV tIji* fif in?' utr^U to th? f?rt f)?tn?Ar y * IJ til#* d?' Ui ihf I *w Afi! "niff C**n9#ntUm Y*rr *i<? u*A tx? knut, ftrut tfitriform will not voifiuid io I m!i?tiw!mi thU I wtll l*n\?i 10 th? Vt t 'kAff* amy Afunn cut* iffn ri bttfiwi t cm. <#( v. Mtftiiiif ?'? p'/p'tvet b?? r tetlff) th# tw %\ gamut MpM ootf'dH < f rirfilrtupi MMtt'korfPd^ from Oiai e..n*mr **(!?? portico of our k'-r %u o^kmr iff f i?t rink jrU'r hii?4?*if at U?#? of ? po'Hiemi I %ryy htiA kVM U'r frrkftlljr wS ll ro< n wh*i Hffvr hitb ft ti# vlo A'fff} ffll Iff v Af! ' A*t . |or?t oUffff t tATffdff ill# Ptf ritof), ??a m li'lif n|du 'fu| aa #toffirM ?od li rt#v?4 ?kltli a*tot l?h<f*t>t aff I mr-fr+r. A J-* t it if tfi hm bf?*ii *1(awii of-r kivI i* r' m in at ffifDaturA, U# l#l' fx tic trami&mus ?#( thu ('riiM Kt*upff( jf??y trig 't/r l?i? i(?>o*ff 1 i??*? I) ? of ?.y tr#? n'fff*t''?A |0 rp??i< wiMi hu4|*i ri'l a) ).?kA?. Tit-/la ?t i' ?Ai'l, o r Ou Md* ? Iftf t?- U? ffAVf* (M?/ At4*ttJ a u it ?) i lff ally, I#oy rli*ofkoria ? by Ao?rchi?iAv Mmy Ur* %ti?ff ##ff Aflirit tn AfdAr, A ihny a>f iiDttfpf) ifft'ii c.oriM?rvsUff?ii ! ih* r???fft ?rHojrjM f.e-nU ' f Mr binfi'Hi iff ' if? l#r??k a " 'rf ** uhmoiitntl r?' lef^cfbor u .or?o?j, it i? | tttM, Una ff*. 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