Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1855 Page 5
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VIM Rtw York Weekly HenM. ?wt BOM KUHOPK, CALIFORNIA, NICARAGUA, XIV OK AN A I) A, 80UTH PACIFIC, KTO. Me Weekly Hekxlo ?Ul be published at (en o'clock this ?wrekig. Its content* will embrace new* from Burope, OaUl fcrnle. Nicaragua, New Graiiada.Houlh PaclHe. Mexico, Gobi, Am; inlcralki eorrenpundeaae from Washington, editorials, eeuMterclal, rtuanelal, religious, political, theatrical end ?Vertkg Intelligence; ibe latest news by telegraph, an<l a variety el miscellaneous and local news, hlngle copies, In Wrappers, ready lor mailing, OJUI be had at the counter. Prion ?Hpanee. Knox?A Writer la Known by Hla Style? a man of (a?te hy hi* hut, To select a good one requires a a met ne, hnt to make It requires ibe apt hand or watchful eeparti'teiidence. 1 hose are KNOX'S qualities, consequently hla hale, as well as Ids fur gloves, and other necessary and use Hi articles of toilet, are of the nv ?t superior character. Ills huuoua store Is No. ^2 Broadway. White's Kan for the Holidays, are Now ?sady for inspection.?1 hay somprlce Ui# most extensive as eertment to be found In Ibe c ty. WH1TK, hatter, !>21 llroud way, opposite Broadway theatre. Youth's and Children'* Hat and Cap Bstatv Hslunent, 746 Broadway-Mr* llONBYWKLL, late of learv A l.'o.'s fancy departuient. No. 6 Aitor Home, hw opened rooms at the above number lor the sale of children's hala an<l saps, her Iriends, and the customers la general, both in New York and Brooklyn, are Invited to oaU. Amoh'i Large Mae Daguerreotypes, for ?M esuls, aelorad and la a nice ease, twice aa large as other* taken for fifty cents, and equal ta those nude elsewhere for S2. AMBON'S, belt Broadway, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Daguerreotype*, In Cases, 35 Cent*.?Poor Bp]*, and the public generally, served at the above prloe, at original and only factory us New York, ever known as BKLfl A t.'O.'S, Pictures In every style. Factory 386 Broiol way. Magnificent Ambrotype*.?The best place In He oily to have them taken with all the Isle Improvements, 1* at K. A. LBWIh'B, 141 Chatham street. Instruction given to papUs. One ShUUng, and Twentyflve eent Dagner xe-ppae, by Ihe original patent mactoe^roeesa. ^ VI*M* and JMn?hc?Horace Waters, Agent be Ue sale at the best Boston and dew York pianos, is now sailM, at 383 Broadway, an entirely new stock of 1 superior pl anes, naiads una, music and ell kinds of musical merchandise, ad greatly reduced prloe*. No better opportunity to secure jm^synttos was ever offered. Musto at half prloe during Pianos, Priori eons and Vloloneellos IbrBal*. Vhree second hand Pianos for 9146. Planes made by Light, Mew ton It Bradbury, the best in town. Come and see them before purchasing. Private lessons In staging to gentlemen, in Ha evening. Terms, 91 per lessen COL1HJBN A NASIT, No. 423 Broadway. J. F. Warner Would be Happy to See Hla knaer friends aad customers at bis new pianoforte wareroom, S96 Broadway, near Bleecker street. A variety of eioallent pianos on baud, either for hire or aale. Prince & Co.'a Improved Patent BKclndron? 11 la new eight years since we cummenced Ibe manufacture of ?his now celebrated mtulcal lustrument, during wh'ch time we have fin Is bed and sold nearly elvhteen thousand. Voluntary Uw Umonlals oi the ex cell en oe nj our Instruments, froin the maul sBeUnanlshed professors of muslo In different parts of the batted Ma es, nave, from due t> time, been received. Thus Hr we have said but little, end nur edvertisemen's were sel dom isen, for the reason thai we could not supply tlie demand, fte have lately rrcclod one of the largeit and most perfect manufacturing esiHiilishments In the United H'e'es, and wn now think ihut we can fill orders promptly We therefore give tho latest testlmi nlal wehave received, and If the public are its well aadsged with It as we ere, we know Lhat we shall either be under the necessity of again enlarging our factory, or slop advertising New Yoke, Oct. 16,1866. O. A. Prince A Go.:?Gentlemen -The double reed melodnun has arrived and a most charming Instrument It is. It has been played on by Mallaos Loot. Hodges, tVm. Mason, and a bed ef others and 'hey all pronounced It oue of the most beautiful tened reed Instruments they have ever touched. Very respect HlV, JAMKB F. HALL. We ere not aware that the above mentioned melodeon is in nay particular superior to those we are dally finishing, and We can assure those w ho are Inclined to favor us with their orders, tlux they will he furnished with an instrument equally earned Our Instrument* am all ttnlahed In rosewoodcues, and Ike workmanship is of the very best quality. The styles amd arises are? IE AORTARLE CiHit. Your eetsve melodeon, extending from OtoC,.... 946 Your and a hslf octave, " QUP,? (10 Ylveoeuivr melodeon. . FtoF 76 Ylveeotave, double reed, " FtoF 130 is nxEO rxsie. Ylvueetove melodeon, ex'endiug from F loF..,. 9100 fUa eefevn melodeon, " FtoF 110 Five ?wave,double reed, " FtoF.. LA) Organ melodeon (for chnrehas,) five octaves. 8 stops, one end a half octave pedals, four sets of reeds 369 Agents for Hie sale of our roelndcons may be found In all the principal Cities and towns In Ihe United hiatus (4BO. A. PRINOF. A CO., corner Niagara end MsrvlAnd streets, Buffalo, and 87 Fulton street, New York. ?nilr at Haiffrlir, for (ihrUtmu Preaenta, heaotffudy bound, for tl Ml. [luring ibc present month. tbe at and popo'ar Horace Wslcis' catalogue of music will l>o at Mo 535 Brondvrity at hulf prior. A large extra dlsoount Will be made to the trade. A .arm1 and beautiful aaaortrueot of ke beat Boston and New York pianos will hp anil at l*?t prices than over before offered to the public. All other articles of ?aaelc mei rhandlse at the same reduced price*. Catalogues forwarded to any address. se.ut by utall, postage paid. Cenb Factory.?A Rich Aaeorunent ofTor khl shell dress combs, of tbe newest French pattern* , cao be ?earn at A. A J. ?.t UNDKUS', Stfj it roadway. Pertablr Pronlng Cawa of an entirely new ?wd oumpar.t form, furnished wttharticles. >be size of wblchdo as* RaWact from their luefnlnes*. at A. A J. bAl/NDe Kh', Ma 7 Aster House and 8t>7 Broadway. Fancy Cutlery, Etabrsrlii| a larpe Vertrty ^pr rtasnen's pen sivd pocket knives, of the vnuiC rare ai d ottfiO patterns; also, an aieoruncnt of toilet cutlery, at A. M t.MAVMIiKIlriV Ne. 7 AsVir House and 587 Broadway Ctnln, 814 Broadwty, Will Introduce HI* .y hat en Wednesday, 2tMb Instant. 4JKMN 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's church. A Me ad of nil 1* Banfn I HI* Enterprise and ?gardens well desi nr. the popularity he enjoys, as often as tbe season changes, nt w good* fill up tti" shelves of his .narb'e Here on the comer n. t and iVoosier stree's. Jam now It b crowded with an assortment of ture, which, on ac ount of their ba?uly, vrrteiy and quail y, prove powerful at racilons la the led e?, white crowds of girls and boys are dally fitted wtth such rich and booming head dresses, as never before were In our streets HUHnery.?A lisrgcsnd Itipcrli Assortment af lafibs'1 and misses' bounds, ribbons, leathers, (towers end dram trimmings; also, a large stock of n aks and talmas, at WM. 8. IBVINh 8,112 Oaoal street. ntduns Barfdna In (Clothing?f i.'i fhr B8.-*A large lot of fine black die** goals, fashionably out, aeaaufnllv made, and lined with an ;m, w ir'b 826, selling at ?YAN'H clothing warehouse, 06 and Co Pulmn street, at 68. A Heavy Overcoat for MO? A Fine One for tit, first rale for f 16, tip top for $20, at the f on."is cheap store af il.AKKE, U<> WH lam street, who scorns u> brag. All gern.ens made to order in kaatooablR style. Verb urn ssp. A Winter Hint from llogrrs & Co.?Our winter slock of men's and boy'< elothlng Imlng now rowdy, we Invite attention to it* sty e an.I variety scdauove ?II to its ritraordinary cheapness. We <? latin to have alUxed prices te oar winier clothing lower than have ever before boon ask id ui tbM city. No deviation Is made from tbe i, gores at tsebed lo the srtP les Our assortment of boys' clobmg pre sents a gicst vnrie.ty suitable for hot s and ynu'tts of all agns. BOG flat-' A t 'O., corner of Fulion and Nassau agreets. Paahlonahlc Ready Made i.IoflxfiiK stOsk Hall, 84and 86 Fulton alreet.?Over ran* $A fji. business, firuek and dress , o#is, $4 'o$l5: vest*. 82 o $*: psnta, $2 u> SO- Boy's clothing ard furnishing good* In e.erv variety. emeu.her Oak Hal |ts Hi and 60 I ullon street. latprovrd Rliakertndrr fihlrts and Draw ?ra, extra heavy, all sizes, made of tbe Bleat Wax, warranted not to shrink. Voter garment* of all kinds fur ?MB and women at McLACOHLI N'8 one price liirnUhing store, corner of Greenwich and chambers streets. Attention of Oeatlesnen of Fashion and Mete, is Invited to the extensive and varied assortment of ele gant furnishing good*, superb London and I'sris manufactured shirt aturi* and sleeve btiUoos, at 'JRKF.VS well known shirt esaabllehment, No. 1 Attnr House Parle Boots?Cork and Double Boles, Water Sand dress boots, shoes, gaiter* and s'ipp. rs, stibsble for nt season, ju?" received per " ? orth Htar." bv K"GKNK ItlH * BON, Boot makers, 62 Nasaaa street, ' Kuqiorfain ef easy boots." paper Ran||ln|a at Reduced Prleea^?400 Mile fine gold. 4s. lo 0? , worth 8*., I ik)0 do do. satin. Is. wi. ?d7> fie., worth 4s 2,t*IO do. do. stock, (id. to la, worib la fid., ?t the old i laud, 261 Greenwich street. Otlrlotii Cbeap?At tbe Old Hand, MB Greenwich street. Window shades st half price, at tbe established stand, 261 dteciw tab street. (arpetil Carpefalt Cicrpefs 111 Buperto !Ne* Balhou velvet mrpe s. from the Parte Kihlbtnon; suiendtd ta Rry Brussels, from the celebrated manufactory of t'ross'ey ?as. Halifax, England, ju-t receive I, at lllttAM ANPi.KHON'B, W Bowery. A Birr Prrwnt fbr the Holidays?On* of Base teautitul mosaic fire sorees* ..r run, else a hendanmn Eat, <>r on* (8 tbiMt heavy hi gil-h Maoketa, which ale sei at 14 60 per pair, at AKlflUt BOMNRALl'8, No. 88 try TWtlc s Fsnry Hsiasr?If you wish to be pleased and astonished at rare end heaotiful specimen* of wcrkwrshlp, tae'oand skill, visit Tuuln's great fancy sows, 246 Htnadwey. His store I* a perier worldr fair wriiln ' If, and is decrdciii. the iarge-i, n?-t beau tfui ar. I eurfi us laeiion of ri< h fsnr v g(s?le ever i ?e',)e. In mi* spr'sirg avert artl-le id this kiud <8 giasda ever man .?? tared tn any part of the world. It is impo sible to cote u haw eowifart. f ivtirj "r a rettnesj taste, can demand anything aot lo be found at Tuuie a. Teem, Ingars. Wines, Ar?Dsrld Half roKpee'fnlly ktorma bis fHeod* and ihe pubbc that fie na* nrtur red io b s old stand fwhtrn has been rohnlp j and Is now etkrtrg s large and isrefnily ?eler?*d snick of teas rotter, eegsr-, wines, 4?- , at eery low nTee* |f? aul', Its for his ne * eaWMlabsseti a oonUi uan' e he llbci*1 pairunage he has re edved for tbe paat live > m. he old store. llATlD MAFF, kaeUid Gacal (late VS elker.i and fitvt-un straeta. third .lour east ef Lsullow Street. Tiai ***?' Heat Issortmenf ef Flue Teas wtli be fcund at the l aawn Tea Company's newly ere"nd ae-1 alroaat store. Ho. IB Vhaihsm street. ? etween Fear: end Rooms'It. the o sleet ten eesa-iisbmetu In lbs eilv. We ..-,ui? osw reader* tbey <?n do better here than alaesrherv. either at i A I o i i t,r? rBlAil. or retail. Uqwor IN i.ler*?A Krt finpply ofOrscn Ml yellow gr?| r and "ign-c'41'. on onnce oi srh1 b ?? sufll ??ent fbr lflfi gallon* *r>frt s ui uvoiraf ifnlaBaa* of Jeioelua oedFL Troll i urn. Mobot s ?b?.A and Irl-h whtskev. gui, pov:, Burn and eleiet * lose. I sewl- .n-ifono* for all t.'ioa. !,(liors, aadetpllcp ,llr ? "tons ier we N. It. -47 laniiiakt me'ais, and patent rn -"-'? * " wst sc-cmnr Is'lng lerin*. For saas by F*7l? r*l ('in W ASUk.R f Mease II Inrie. Osunel Catarrh BunfT baa Beorrhlntr. g ?i hea tog .oalit.s. ??* ?w?: rvatlsr llArual fr cw all ekvreltarrh snuff. Bay he bv) ?<. :t* tnllowtrg rnuniiMhie drug siorrs ui Broadway, vlx Ne* Ififi, 271, 487,611, "16, v4B ? Hid 771 at wholesale. ?, ?TfTHBN "411 ktO. Its a hers ?rset. Me' (f Mr ' ?' "Otijjn ar; ??Ufcil?*? Hair Df?, Win ud Tuf un. Tfce bM in the world. Thla unrivalled and original dye la ep elled la It priyaie room*. BatebeJor's wigs and Ian? bar* bnpravemrnia over all otkere, being chef dosuvrea of Siegmnee, aaaa and darebUUy peculiar to thin establishment BATCHKLOK'd. IBS Bruedwey. A Beautiful Complexion and a Prrfonvd breath way both be acquired by uning the "Babn ot Thousand Flower*." Ah a deiiirriice It lie* no parallel. l*rloe only fifth cents. For aale by all druggtsia. KKl'BIDOR * <*)., Boston. Wblihrri or MuatUchr* Karrcd to draw la Ma week*, by my oogucut, which will out Main or Injure the ?atn. 11 u bodle; sent n> any part of ib- country, it. O. .JKaHAM, bM Hroadway; Brlggs, .'17 Male street, Albany; ttteber, id bomb i bird street, Philadelphia. Chafe, Chafra, Bench and Tender PiMh eurid by (iOI'K tUIi'N matehl ** Italian Medicated "hasp It 1>. ubo a sovereign reoiedv for eruptions, letter. salt rise urn, and alj thin delbnnnle* Poudre -u"U.r nprno's hair from low tor> head* or any part of the body, warranted Rouge, lUty white, hair dye and rertoraiive - at the old 'lepot, 67 Walker street. ur?t More from Broadway. Mr*. Hayes, Brooklyn. Hernia.?Only Prise Medal Awarded to MAkbll A CO., Iiy the industrial Exhibition of all Nation*, tor their new peter I rsdlral cure truss. Reference* as to it* ?u perlorlty?Prop s?or* Valentine Molt, WUlard Parker, and John M. Panne han. An exten-lve liet of name* of tnerrau'ile aiiil other gentlemen eured by Uda Iruaa may be seen at Marsh A Co '*, No. tk Maiden laoe. New York; and Marsh, Corlie* A Co., No. 6 Went Fourth street, Cinutueati, Ohio. Open truu 7 A. M. until I P. M. Hollowaf'e Pllla and Otntuient aiul the King el hardline. - Petinbiaiou wee given, by royal letter* pa tent, tor the uia of the** valuable remedies throughout dardl rile, to consequence of his Majesty hi tug cured oy their nvta-is of au ulcer tu Hie lev. Any wound or uloer will readily) laid to thtlr mighty Influence. Ilyntt'u Lift Balaam,?Rhcuraatlgra In Its most painful form, alio scrofula,old uluar*, and the wor?t caves ol diseases of the blond, great debility, ttrnr complaint, ktri nej*, incipientconsumption, Ar., uremont certaluly cured by thir greet purifler. Principal dej>o'. 'M tlraud street, beveuty live cent* per boUle. A Word off Caution.?We are .Satisfied that In a majority of oases where cough* terminate In consumption, a resort lo some potent yet simple remedy like WlsTAK'd Isl-um of wild cherry, would have saved'tbc lile and health of the sufferer. At No. 116 Went Thirty-tirst street, on Wednesday, Not. 20, by the Rev. Jnon Brush, Ja' M Warn to Auvm* l.imikiOMM, daughter of J*uio< I it tii-John, all of this eity. On Thursday, Nov. ''0, by the Itev. K Magnon, at the residence of tin* bride's lather, No. 67 Monroe struct, Ricuamj Hish* Padpom, of Vt lllhimsburg, to Hanamahaii Ukanviub, of Oil* tity. On Monday evening, Not. V6, by the Rev. James Mills't, at his residence, Mr.* F. TATbon, of Norwich, Ct., to Mis* Anna Maria Rrwnrv. of thin city. On Thursday, Not. 20, at the re-ddsiice of Mr- Samuel I yen, by Rev. C. Shelling, Mr. J.iitit* Wkkk* to Mini Itu USLLA Mphrhl. both > f Kye Westchester county, N. Y. On Wrdn^day, Nov. 28, by the Rev. Or. James W Al exander, R. Graham lie* to KxttAWTn, daughter of Ueo. iJoiiglaae, Keq. On Wednesday, Nor. 28. in Baihesda Church, Saratoga Spring*, by <be Rot. John Stelnfort Kidney, J. Mokhih T tiowvoj*, Esq., of I'tilladelphia. to Mirs F an.vt l? t;ut Mlt*T, <11 lighter of J .el Clement, K*q., of Saratoga Mprings. At Newark, N. J., on Thursday evening, Nov 20, by Rev. Hauty C. Fiah, Mr liiiMtv V. Uakkk of this uity, to Ml-* Scram NAB, daughter of Julio Medcraft, Flsq., of Newark. lu Springfield, Ma**., on Thursday, Nor. 30. by the Rev. I>r. Barton, Ch* H. FtWlig, formerly of Mobile, Ala., to Mb* Camilla, daughter of Capt. Augustus Welch, of New Orleau*. New Orlean* and Mobile paper* pleaae copy. At Warren, N. H., on Monday, Nov. 2?i, by the Rev I. S. Ravi*, of Wentworth Co. lege, J.tiiv F. CmtxiNOHAM, geologist and inireialist, flirmorly of Norfolk. Va., to Min. Joanna P., daughter of Mr*. N. C. Oilman, of North lit Id, N. H. Now Hampshire, New York and Virginia paper* ph'tiee copy. Died. On TliuiHday, Nov. 29, Capt. Pami-ki item, aged 62 year*. ilia friend* nod acquaintance*, and tbn members of Ironside Lodge, O. U. A., are respectfully invited to at tend the fttner jl, from No. 404 Tenth street, tni* morn ing, at. ten o'clock. tin Thursday, Nov. 20, of consumption, Bunjamin CnrkCB. The relative* and friend* of the family are re*pectfully invited to attend the funeral, from iho residence if in broiber in law, No. 639*,' Hudson strno-, thi* afternoon, at one o'clock. Ilia rem nan will be taken to Greenwood for interment. tin Thursday, Not. 29, the widow Dotumnr, aged 06 year*. The friends of the family are invited to attend the fttnr ral, thi. afternoon, at two o'clock, from her late resi dence, No. 102 Bayard a'rtsrt. On Wednesday. Nor. 28, at half past two o'clock, of con sumption, JliitAM B. F'omak, aged 42 yean-, 3 month* and 10 cay*. The tela tire* and friend* of the family are respectfully invitee to attend the funeral, to-mot row morning. at eleven o'clock, from hi* late residence, No. 160 fast Thir ty-Mx I h slreet, between Second and Third avenue*. Uu Friday, Nov. 30, after a protracted and painful ill ti. -a, MAttOAKBTTA, wife of H Franklin Us born, aged 36 jest* and 7 months. The i datives are invited to attenl the funeral, to mor row. at twelve o'clock M , from her late residence, Seven ty -ft'th street and Fast river, ltor remain* will be taken ti Cypress Uills Cemetery. on Friday, Nct. 30, Kci.krt Thjut Smith, aged 22 years and 16 day* The relatives and friend* are respectfully Invited to at tend hi* tunera), from the residence of It. lie Graff. No. 100 Albn street, to-morrow afternoon, at two o'c'ock. tin Friday, Nov. 30, Atr.r J*sk. wife of Oliver H. tiuok er, aged ; 2 y.ers, 3 months and 26 day*. The relative* and friend* of the family are respe-tfully invited to attend the funeral, on Monday after noon, at one o'clock, from her late residence. No. 12J Walker street. On Friday Nov. 20, of consumption, Wiluam liuux sr km, igeii 18 years. Ills it mains will l>e taken to Greenwood Cemetery for interment, t<> morrow afternoon, at on* o'clock, from the residence of his uncle. No. 28 '.reenolrh street Iho fiiondaof the family are re-jiectiully iuviied to attend the funeral. On F'rid. y moruing, Nov. 30, THhononc W., only eon of Thcislore and Uijm Ann L'dell, aged 3 years and two month*. The relative* and Vtcnd* of (he family are racpectfully invited to a ".end the funeral, from the residence of hot parents. No. 119 White street, ti morrow altern<s>n at two o'clock. Gn F icay. Nov. 20, 8. VAUPrnvM, eon ol Horner an l Boaan 0. lelton, eg. d 3 years, 8 month* and 13 day*. The friends of the larofly are re'i>ie*t?d to attend the funeral, without fu-tber Invitation, to morrow afternoon, at c ite o'clock, from the residence of hi* part ula, No, 11J le Roy street. On Friday, Nov. 30, Jam Fbancr., yonngeit daught-r of John K. and Sarah if. Boas, aged 1 year, 4 mon'U* and 16 days. Ti e relative" and friend* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from tin- residete-e of to r puirn's. No. 226 Thompson street today, at twelve o'clock M. iter remains will be taken to Trinity Cemete ry for tbterment. Poughkeepeie Telegraph please copy. fin Friday evening, Nor. 30, Tinmen A. Mamas, in the 26ili year of hi* age. The friend* of the family are invited tcwitend h(> fune ral, to-morrow afternoon. at two o'cl" ik, from hi* late residence, No 33fi ihoome "'reel. At Yorkville, on Thursday, Nov. 29, Jaxm F2 lliiutr, *g<d 10 year* and 2 month*. His friend*, and tiro** of tin famiiv. are invite-! to at tend hir funeral, Irorn the residence of his tkthec. lu-i.nnn Batry, Flghty-tuurth street, betwi-en Third and Fourth, to roortow afternoon, at one o'clock. tmTuerday, Nov. 20, in CL.-on avcune, Brooklyn, Mart A. MMmomh, aged 3 years. The rtn aits - ere interred In the Cemetery of the Ever greens. In Rochester, on Thursday, Nov. 20. MiUUlti.O'liuw nenbe-? of tlie firm of MeFvoy ft Hi other*. Ill" friends, and tr.e frtenda aid acquaintances of the family, upectfutly invited to attend 1.1* funet at, this afternoon at < ns o'c'ock, from his late residence, Mo. 3si Grand slroet. His remain* will be taken tj Calvary O - met* ij. In Newark, N. J., on Tburs lay. No*. 29, of malignant ?eailcl fever, Raijjk Fl.vk* A."I>?MW>, y ung?st cnlhl of Jno. A. and Enoioe 1-oviacin lavnip rt, rg.,1 6 year*, I month aivl 22 day a. Tlie friends of lite family are Invited to attend the fnr>->. ral, this afternoon at two o'clock. Irom be." father'* resi dence. No. 14 ten i? street, Newarl In I-on don on Saturday. Oct, 27. ofdl**aseof th'-hear", WlIUiM P. ItjrnrK, In the 12 J year of tils as*. ITili f n!l?m*n long beld a responsible nil nation as seers', di f lcmaGc gent to our government. and hi* death will be deeply deplored by all who had th> nonor of hi* acq lairti IBVERTUEIE.ITS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PKB60N.iL. ABOPTTON.-ANV LAflV W(KHfVU~TO .'O iPT Omaic Infant bui a f*w day* old. ran tear'- wr'i ? by addretong a line u> Mr*. Frank*, flowery Boat nfflaa INFORMATION WANTK.D?BY Tffg UNDKRMtONBO, ot the puce -.1 reside,? ? tt Oatberfne Moatanya, (wtioee ? name wa? iJaihenmi kckarmaitj Widow-if Ber.jsmin M Moninnye. late of the ally of f*. ? V? *. yi. ,rnrv,nai. line diunder. deceased. Any pMB poeee. ?nia< a i. h la.'?rm*Uo* , wilt oblige Uie ur. tenuj.-ned b| BOmuiui It m him, or by raqnesttng her in sail np *i hirn. In relation her b iaIimmb, in hie elmrpr umbwaiuiiAlfv, or sp<n Veiieh, liiiiamwli 177 Waalui.g i n street rKy New tor*. ICUW. M. MEKLY, attorney, lr, (treenv tcbstreet. N. Y. November >4, lMd. ?f SFOBM A TfON WA NTRt) OF WILLIAM VRNOTT. Ait I drra* * hue whe e be n..y be found or call at No. Al Gan non -treri, New York. [NFf'BMATIOJt WANTF.D?OF JOHN <*mrii?AN, WHO I llvt-d In fort Byron, t ayuga n nar. New York, hi me rth of JulM ia*t, and who Laa not beer ? n' " Iwur-t of key inf rmi km ol hi* whereanouu will be teanki ilv rsssuved by his n ishtr. Ga herlnr Itrwre o-i. ilireeud Incatnnf !ue Com n.ltsloorr* of En.lgratton. -I Woch -'ree', New York. 1 F.FT IHH 1I0M* ON THK 24YTI1NHTAMT, Ot MTAYt 4 la Art lw-m. aged JO year*, a Gerruiri. and ?-vaks s.,nl . a ? tty well, tie bad In n:w p nees-o'm won* fynfi worh gars, a gold W?U h arrft A*? lu money; ho I* <4 light e mpieiioo, iu i etc. b'gh forehead, and ?!.ia??r> on chin, tuul o* when he lett a t.'a k fris k -oat, black ?*Mn vest with a white Pr wrr In It, biei.k p?ul*!w.i a. ami i? eftoiit .*, f?e< *" in-be* 6 ?k any tr fnrme'ian reeperimg hun wtil be Uianai illy r* .euedby tna wife, at No. HIQfttil atfwet. or at liw ofh " u. tkefhiarof Toltee Kewr York. IfANNAU akmikik. ft rt man and Geliloriiet p <per* p'r+traopf. > -t-FBit TO THK OFFICF. MiR A LETTER ad ? drtmed ** twfere. Anna I'. Ilihv THK HHfMKt. ffllF. VLMftKRb or ? GOt.VJMHIAN" HOOK ANOLAD 1 4er I, rt mpacy No. 14. return th-ls thank* U> Mr. I.** hern*, of ian, Mr. Wm K*i?e. of I.U, on I Mr* ttewr, of |*j Iwrny ? raet, lor he bonmlftil ewp'dv tif re'r*?limwr* far nwbed ky ibem. white at ih tire n l.eroy .'reet, ot, the mnerj try <8 he .VCh ti.L Aim, to MaiteW lie-* ,;,m.b?nv 1* ior o K'tflf. M. DIXON, T rftua V. D. T SO* o*I, Be -.rater y. NKW PVBUCATIOIH. A lllhTOKY UF IBS UNITM) BTATR4 ? HA KPKK A UUOl ilKKW, 327 to 330 l'ewlirmakUa ttlUAfC.) POb'iftll 'iltt dS) i A'a IIIaXiKY UF TUB UNITKD BTATE-t. By John Bonner. Uniform w'th Dlekene' ? Child's t. Unary of Knglaod," 2 vols., 18 mo , muslin 81. 1 bo Woo of tbli work ess suggested by Dickens' "Chlld'a History oi k^isod," and wl'bout Indulging lu suparllou* eonp pernors, wi may sav, that die American author boa perfuvmui bWt lark wlih a .eauiy, not unworthy ot die unguiii model. 1 h? urogress of American history, from the dis severs oT tbe ootmiry io ihe pre-etit time. I? Ufo?tr? ed in a clear, flowing, oi>d lanthai iiwira'ivo, which. to fel cRy ol an uige'tienl eud trairfulnrs* ui di-uou. lata ?? dom been surpa s?d iiytae inoal amnnipllshrd wrl eti lor the young. Nor M ihe lotortulot the work lourtnol tojuvaulle rowdor a. Abounding Ui bbtorlfial anecdote, in lively descriptive ske'clie-, and la graphic por trull urea of chaiacier, It presents. u fagrrinsUun u> porao'iaul every age. sud nil! man' wl>n as warm a welcome In the bun lly circle aim 'be arbooi mom. OOMPULMiRY MARRI AfJB?ITrt UNFORTDNATIC Results. Now ready I HKARlhrrTA ROBINSON I ar u. wiumom. Wnh steel portrait. One vol , .130 pagan. Prior 73 cents. Iter larly year* were lull oi pnnul m. Beauty Was lier?, and Intellect, .iud all die aid* Which fortune, family and friends uould giro. ? a a a a a a Hut aha ??< crossed in love, aad thence bar life Tu be.'dl ng ruin lended. The publishers will only add. that Una work lu written in the aau.e clear, forcible and attractive rtyle wbleh JUUtig untie* tbe other productions ot I's author, is'reo from unv improprieties of language, and eminent y calculated to eullal the roader'a a i mpathlea In beball ot Itu unfortunate subject. Ki r sale by all booksellers and news agents, hlngle copies aent by uiaI, post |>nld, on receipt of price. Addi era eruera to Mll.l.KK ORTON A MP 1,1,It)A N, PiiMlaheru, 2ft Park Haw, New York, or Id! ileuesoa street, Auburn. C3ARTK. CAbTK :-AKT"RY OF RKl'l HLltTkN KtJUAl.I J TV,?ibis brilliant and powerful book ta meeting with a hearty roMplinn lu all paria ut tin; country. Ha doctrinal pur lloua are ao eourteoualy wrluenas lu gain iherswpeotaiid alien Uon 01 all. Hui it la aa'a Internal lug atory tliat It will ohlntty be rtad. Allfclsssee and agee will he charmed with h. J be Hoaion Poet of the ztd (a paper not generally disponed to luvorantl slavery literature ) uaya "Obliged aa we ?ie to wade through the quantities of mere trash, thai under the. names of tale, romance, atory and novel,' are continually laauiug from tlie American press, wo cordially welcome u really tntereailni. carttesi, clever, and original '.American'book. huidi an one la Oaste.'" lis one volume, lllnio., 640 pp. Price 81 2ft. I'UII.I.Oit, SAMPSON A OO , lion loo. J. 0. DKltUY, Now York. Huborouh amkkujan WORKH, WITU OHIlilSAI II I.I MIt A1 ll'Sa UT BSIllXt USD OTUEM, And Bcaulilutly Illumiiuited t'overs. T. H PF.TkKHtlN', .No. Hi2 tin stnut aireci, Philadelphia, Is happy to annoHDce to die irsde, and public generally, that ne baa iBec'ed an arrangumenl with the owners of tbe copyrights aid Stereotype plans of U>? fnl owing library "f bun?or"tia American worka, originally published hy Carey A tiart, A. Hart, II. C. Ilalrd. and (let/. Aliin-k, where *rhe shall In ruUire publish heiii and have he eyluslve aupplyiugoi the works, and rhall be moat happy to receive orders lioiu the trade for nny quantity thM inav wish. Ttiey will be pu dished in much belter siyle than they liave ever before been lasued, full of 111 us Ohitonr, descriptive ui' all ihe best scenes in os? h wtirk, with II utnlnaied oovcra. with new design a on each. The following are the names of the works:? _ Oenta. MAJOR JORKfl't 111 UKT8I IIP i detailed, wlih tidier scenos, liicldeu'a and adveuntrvs, in a series of le' ters by him sell. With thirteen lilu.iratnius from dealgnu hy Uarley. Price 80 MA.IOH JUNKS' sKKTt.UKri OF lltWKl,, coniprtabig the scenes, Incidents and advoii'.ures In his lonr friim tirnrghuuid Cariada. Wlih eight Illustrations from designs by Parley. Price no MaJiiK JUNKh' ( IlltONI. I.KH UK PINKViLI.K; em bracing sketches ol tieorgia scenes, inaldents and uliar acers; by ihe author of ' Major Junes' Ooorishlp," Ac., Ac. With Ulnsi rat Ions by Parley. Price 60 J'OI.f.Y I'KAlll.l'NHiM'is WKOI'INO, and uUier iale<, by the author of "Msjor Jones' Pourtshlp," "n'reaks of kiiuaitrr Llfr," Ac. Prior 80 Till. ADVl-NU KKS OK CAPTAIN HIRON HIJOIIH, iHieof the Tallapoosa Volua'eera, logeiher with "Taking the Census," iu d other Alabama skciches, bv ? Cottmry bdltor Hirt a portrilt Iroin Hie, and nine other Hluatra iloas by parley TilK WJpt.W hUOHY'H llf .sHANU, a Mght at the Ugly Man's, snd other ta.cs of Alabama Hy Joiituon J. li'<o,i cr, amisa- of "Himon ,-ttggs." With IllusiraUnna from ortglcaidesigns by kIIIoii, Price.... AO TIIK Hit) MKaR OP AIIKANSaH. and other sketches Illustrative of ehniueujrs and It otdeuts In the 8-iuth and Pouth weet. bdlttd by WlllWm T. Potter, w 1th lllus tisUitithv Ihirlet . Price 80 HTKhAKN OK Hiji Al l kit I,IKK.and far West ecenes. A seriws of hLj,oruiis sketches, lieacrlpUve of lucideule si d character In the wild West. Ity "KoltialfC," (Join H. Ilobb, of M. lsiuis. Mu) Autiior "I "nwa.lowing uys lerv Alive." W'hh illustrations lioui designs by parley. fried M) PICKINOB FROM TUB Pt'ill FOLIO f>K TUB KK. I'l R i Kit OF HP. NKW ORHRaNH l'ltlAjUNKI Coiiiprlslug sKei'he of Ihe Kiniei n Yankee, the Wdater n llwsier. and sue/i niln is as make up ?asdet* hi 'he great metropoUaoIUiu . "Utii. Wi'U lUusirailoua by Oarley. price * v? BTKaY HUHJI i TH ARBknTKD aNii liilUNU ov'f.H; being tie fugitive olisuiliig 'if Ihe ' Old l/h" and the ' Young Un" i ai have hern "laying an ,u.d loose," and arenow "i.ed up," for fast k? p'ng. Wlhi IlluetraUons hj pmley. Price M OPT) LKaVKB FROM inf, Nin) lAOuh OF A IA)I!1 bl v N A bWAMI' Pt't TUR. Hy Madison Teusaa. M 1?. Fa. V. P. M. H. U. Ky. Aiuhor ts "t upning ?a the Hier num " With Uluslraiions iroin designs hy Tlarley. Price SO CllAHI'OALhk h'H llK.-; or t-eeiiee iu the Melru|>oltv. Ky Jisenh Beet, author ol "Pe'er I'l.sldy," 'Mhldrtuneg ol Peter Falmr," Ac. wnh liliis'railins. Price M Tlik MleFUKI INKS OF PRTKR FaBKK and othur skeifhvs. 11) Hie an'hor of "t liaronai hketcbes." With kmstistloos by Parley and others. Price 60 1-irKU I'l.oDPY, and tuber tsldllle#. lly the unlive of "< karoosl bkf'chea," "t'eb r Fai:e?," Ac. Wlih liinsiru lions iroin original design* tiv Parley. Price fit) TPK YANK Kh IUR M KR.M AI PH. and otb'-r Yvnggeries and Vagaries, lly W. Hnrtiwi, i <>m?dlan. iio illustrations from designs by Par,ey. I'rlea 30 TPK NKW i iiPKaNH Hpt'K By 'HUvhl," auilsiroi ihe ' Por'Tollo <4 a houtieru Medical Sindent." Wuh IliuatraUimalri mdswivs by Parley. Prate TPK lilt tMA IN rt>h"?RVll,I.K; 'lie llench and Itai nf Jury town, and other stories. Hy ?'Kvorpolnt " (J M. Field ol ihe Ft. I amis Reveille.) With Uliiatrn lions rrotn designs 01 Par ey. I'rlee .... AI hi PATTY'S rCHAP H id; or, I he Itrmberv, s Tsle ot Love sod Jealousy My Mrs Kamllne l ea llen'r, author ol "Miui us IVnrland." 1 Rena. ' "Linda," ' b>? line " "M< l> Cap. ' "Ugl) Kllle." 'Wild .Liok." "Vh- Im of Kiciirmeni, "lle.eii and Arthur," "The I'lanier's Northern lirhle," *c l'itr? THk Ol OKMiON IIOUNPS; or A Virginian a' Mehon Mowbray. By 11. W. Herbert, Ksq. Wuh Illustrations. Price ? - .??? MV hHOOTINP MPX. lly author rf The Mooriabm II mnds." "Ike lieer Hialkers," Ac With UlnstrsUuoa be Parley. Price TIIK or.ktt ST Ai,hi Kb A tale of Kireumstaonai Rvl dencd. He tbe auUior of "Mr BhiaiOng Ho? 1 ' fhe cum niton Pounds," A? Wnh Hln?tra'U?is Price Mi T 11F, WM.Wi'K WUODLANi S; or. 'Honrs as they were T* en' v Y< ai ? ago Itv the iiuhorof The tjiio'i. con Hounds'" Mr hlifaglnr Hot." "T he h:alksrs," Ae W i ll llliHtrstloioi. h"iminai?l Price ,10 APVKNTi Hks UF kaPTAIN FARRAflo. Ity Hon. g, |l. Hr.ii kenrblge. lor sir lean nines one of the JiuUev ol tbe supreme t'mri ol Pennsylvanls. With II lusliatint sfioni oesigus hy I'srley. Uonquotn in one vninme Price ' ilAJUK O'llktiA ? AllVKNTI KkS |ly llrsi. II II. Hracketrtdge. W i llln 'raiioiu by Parky. <b-m r leie In ohe volume Prl- e I MiL bMIlH: T UF. \TRlt'il. UTKK.N i It'KblllP t Mi AM.IT t'TAL KH Ol.l.k' I P'NS t)F stll, HMII/I, my , < nmrdiso. Lawyer A. Wnh eight original ?e signs and lllii??*tions hy Parley, t iailaining K*rty bcenrv. Wuiirterlugai Ui the Vest, Clurtnuatl lu hasrly I Ur t'omplete In nne vnlunia. Pried W'L KM IT II, Second Series, The Thealrloai Journey work und sne<'dotal Be?v.|icriwtris id hid. Hinlth, ksy , with a por rmfti.f sol. biuHh. It emnprit ea a frkew h oi the se cond seteti vears ol hi- proti sakmal IKe, toce.tier wl'h snme sketcties ot oriieutures In s'er years, t Pie volume, wub an ti n trailve cover. Piled A tgP ART kit bAl'K IN kkNlUl'KY, AND UIIPK Stories. Mr W. T . Porier, Ksq . of 'he New York Sfiirtl ol 'he Times; wl'b nigh' Hlus'.rauoris and designs by Par Icy. Complete In one volume. Price..... TPK RIVAL UK!.Lk* By J. II. Jonee audi ir of "Wild Western hrenes," Ac. Tl,fs Is a very numerous arid en ter'alnli s' wtsk.and min that win he recommended by all ajfer rearllog It. Price UKK AND aPVB.NIT RI.H UK t ul. VAlflVr.KHuMB. AND T I'K f XPMtlTS ?IF HIS PRIVAlK MKCRhT* HY. It J. If .lores, aii'tsir of "The Rival Holes," "Wild Western b, erie.," Ar I rrrnp em la one rolutne. Price. 8? TIIK I.IFF. AND APVh.MI HF> Pi PKIP iVaLMV HF.HHY W rlvieii hy lllraseli It will tntcrwtand pleaen everyhr.d) Il is a delightful ls? k. Complete In or e v re time. All who enjoyag.ssl laurth. should get It at once Prlc. Mi YANK Kb YARN'S AND YaNKKK I ITTTKKb. lly born biwk. alias Judge llsliTurien. Full nf thedrnlli s- huvmr ? has ever etmu.atdd fr- in the pen of any au'i-or. F.very page will set ynu In a rosr. < nniplete in one vnl trtre r nee .... ft* Copies ut rillnranvof the afeive "orks will he sent loony person, lo mi) ruiri of die I nl'ed Sl*" s free ,g postage, isi heir ren.ltllug tlie prire of ibe ?m a hey may Mi, Ui ilw p ih ,'iherjlna in ler poatpald. They ate all pnbtlehed at fifty rents eoeb. Publlel?d and lor sale by T. B. Pktl.RMiN, l?2 'Tiesmut street IT (I ,.l?i h'ji f'rders from doksellers, r.ews agonis, dealers, isrlfuiri.. r? and all others wl l be HisnkfuUr receives! sod they will pler?e aeno in ihelr I.i-ilers at once, aou Uiey will ire lined with prompt lies* and despatch. All tnr a'mv ? are now In prinL ?pFKPlK'H V.nlTION OF CUOPKR'S XOTRLH-NOW r,Wl)r' THR RKI) ROVFK. llelrg Vol'.me Twrn ; live of iho new slid Improved edidon of the rnUie works of J. FRTflMORR COOP BR, WHl si' his Isle eorrei li'S.s and rev blow, eiil'M the People's Fil'iP -. A loiuirie will be puhl shed on die ]?i ^ri I l.'-th ig i very month, undl the series is eumpleuvd; etcganily iirund in superior |S0?r, manufaeiured lor this e I 'II. sir! 'hiuiiT Hi emt.i ssed r cbh. In a taste:ul and uiimrm style. I'rlee eg earb volume. Ui.e Lobar. Tbe voiulitc, a,ready Issued Arc Tfio ITlov?Tbo ilrsV"' Tl..' 1'ny'-V log and YVb g ??iah Ton Wish?WyarehSie Hums ss f ound? Water WIn h?Lionel Lincoln? Wearer-Jack 1 !cr-The llearl?m.,n?All an and As'osh?Mile- Wal.lugforl itcd'kins?The Hetdaapisuer?Muniklna?had Myarw?Horn wsrd lb and?Merredec of ( utUle? Traveli ng iLihelnr?Plv Best - and Last r f He! Mohicans hTRIM,Kit A Ti)WNuV.M), No It: Ilroi Iway. esivaied by all liia pr te Ipa' h'-rAw wrs. CLAVmOUTINO NOT TL.-AN AR .CMTNT HP yr few 'be Ueoeiat bynrel * ft' "trmed Pr?ric -ant P 'ch t hnrcb I. v barn us I B Ho. f' r. For isles' FkllfCK' H HtiFF'f, No. 103 kulusi s: , an d M. W. Pass', B ki 'Tiurch ehspcl. __ THJC LEiTlHK KRAWII. \f HRrARTN.RUBRlRY AKHOClATION. -TIIHlWIARll ill of Inrarptra haTh I va?Of <1 U. kill .mi**! Uu?t Mr. ?M M. 7*11 A' KKKAV a(R dalltar a lactam on ft iil>. nranlni. Itantntmr I, at lit. MMrnooli AO 'Idalra. (t r <h? Lanaflt .A iha L-lwrnanln f>u>d? ol \bn " hi. (Jaorra'a Rorlaty," and tha '? .Virfoih Rrptin< " Kulijaca?" 'TiatIi/ and Humor " To norn manna at a n/i ??*. . ThAaia, flflmnla n.ay la had ai lhn I.ihrary, A?.or piv*. ?< tha down loan n#r? X" 2 B??au ?lm- ll'dnn '.fiim 16 I'arkpata. H. f. Ma?.l<''ra, Tm??urnr, .JI Hruadway, fan hnrr a A nine, 4/> Watl -In rl VA'm. Ifa'l A Mmta. AW ilrnad way, iNmakin a AycMf) M Mt, Xwimiaa Ilutai aww? , OatirRn I'. I da*r, Hi Wa'ar adaa*. K U. lIMaU.f. J J.VO. M'.KaKKK. [Lr'iinCoiualilM. W. M W Ji'iiilAM, S pmr HOWtRT U ' V.y'tt ORKAT I.K< T< Kf. " IY I ilia lah'-rnAnic. rait" I by Minor" an) publHtad /

failr14(a A Bruiaii 742 llmad way, f> r a ?? l?r It" ? ri Maro'? rra a' bnok AamsnatraUIIR Irnm-ra ly and 111 Ian nr?a ba'waan hblrll* and Moral. Jaai pu'lUpad fey riKTRH 'IK A Ilk IT I AN, Broadway, martin* lh? T ba roar la. TrhW ?! lb, poa aft* 30 ran**. ikkM.RMATioN axiT ahac i ?iiiRrVrioAd nr J\. I'op?ra.-Dr i.T AllAM" will datnar a la. ira i All HI. ".1 *> amrfWW rwaniaa, a* * ^ oh-Pa I in 'ha *1 ?nt Mtaatrai < Anrrhi I "fMtha wraai Rraai-Mr.s moi ..?a i-ilafa'wn t> iba pa?Utr, KHar Oat, ?l?. Tbo frtwnd* of idiiWi uvi (Aa ritual ? id U,? warn ar* mai'ad Oi no 4 p.* . ?prw. "u'^a ? f. r af rrturm, on (ha raannd I ovrnani ltKHTit vm IWTR. HmrmilOJrR DIRIMO XAti???l IS ROW OfRV. ? 1.1 (ha I rot aan 1 Ian u?l pr. pan 1 u? ?rr ?? **? aarrao wlik 'Ha b?a? 'ha Birp i air<*4a, ra dm uai raavmar m u cw. 40 flJIfiB rural iirooKlyn. tcwwapir*. ?/!"Hr"P>Uo"- "*0 ial^.ffisj^^Trea^d bT.W.WEOMO.ftbii^. (J8 N^Vl^ N.w vJJT^ A^.uSml**,rZA**"? Awn PE,lIoniOAM ja. are HUppiitu to the trade, on tho mmt rea*oa*hta laruii ^w. WlLi.MKIliKOtlKKH, ' -, .1 ****** cor iH?r of Uwy, A bSKAU.?-?"*D UIK "HIulNAJ' an? , , TDK IIROTHKK CLERKS In the Sunday t.'uurler of lieccailier d H' ?U ikr ? Hunter Hunted; or, ib? Course of he L.liaU -at Don or In Jarkw.nvltie. Klortda." "" He. <11he history of lie "Mercantile Agencies " ID ?.i the description of Kulion Market ut Nuur.?e Read the hdhorlak; read Urn Paragraphs, nu.1 Hi- The art ral l rolrltme, trad the Review* of Vow llook?; read uv?- L-at ?Oil Letter '!"? I-1*"*! Now*; read <*? P*rel*n IniiUkeooe, read * Poetry. Ai,ecaoie?, Criminal Hems, I- Ac. Price j-eota? told every where. CIONTKNTN OK T1IE > NKW YORK MKKflTRY, ? PouNusuay.Drr.2i'. ? v. I1" rroelitlrtjon to seeare appoint inen'a Mr tin. hands la i '"J "?,1"er"<"V/k-'lar oI Ilia men employed m Uutl per *" under Provide']! Tyler* silumilaU'aiitm. A fruceily an a Mi>el?i|i|>l hleamer. The Married Hake's ltu?e? Hle.-irl.'Hy and I'KUi-siia The ho.Urn I npulii: a su y of ihe Olden Tluio. * niiiliiua'lon <>' the ctiannn* mory of "La-nora." yneipcclrU Mnieontre between M.OI and Wile, dob h"..? Advice lo Your,* Men henl oil MiUrlinony. A lain ol I Ircutn-'antlal e rktenra of Mortality-II,.athot Dudley Seidell, Km,. IJcw in (jet Ou: of n r?i|ic>. A Win Ding t*? Yotifitf tMven. Kvaciiftlien l)a>~MMi*ry Mnutm. tbe Wwk InterfUln^ Ram ?No'** ol Brook lj n (Vtrrtv<por><]ei)<y\ Mire Department Mattrra-Peatb ?f Wall* .? T VMWI,?, lia iviVlti 0,1 * Intcrnallng an,| important topics of tlie week Prlre Three lent* per . ?py far sale hv ?f> newsboys and no*m ?i^fuu, and at the olltoe, U2 rtpruco street LONUON ILtlftTKATKIl TIMK8 Klre dollar* per year. Ten oente per copy. WII.UkE A KOiiKKH, 42 ffuneau ali-eot, corner of Liborty, _ only author lied ayeu'w in the United Htelea, \I Mi i '">MK JOURNAL FUR IHM.-TIIK i lollnwlju; are the inducements to subscribe;?A new novel by N. I . Wlllk, a eerteeo< aknO'liee by ti.nerai MnrriH S^ion ItraJu* T*r,",'> ** tt ?'"*? omoa.ldf VTKW YORK PICAYUNE? T"k raon.r'H mair riren. . hartealurea on the Naimloon of die orcheatra, lo whleh kiaj Mareu?k In <11*11% bandied. Two lellm* earlealurci on wad"! ?uhjecui. ailuh^'k .'d"'' Wlir lllii.lraiiont. Pan nn PtnkSv? <,|,mr Hnnnlbnl'a Lectnro(on Umbrella I'rlro three een'a. Hold by aU new* anaim. rrilK II.UlHi It.vil l) UIMIO.N NKWfl Irt NOW A Nine dollar* por y?*r. .. ? WII.LIIICR A RUOKKA, *. Na-an ktraet, corner ol Uoeriy elreel, are the only anlhorlred ageule In the Lulled riwe*. TliK LONDON WEEKLY TIMKM, K1VK TxiLLARH PER I iliirim it? )""" a LHH, ,2 Naeaao it reel, corner ?i enj, the. only anthorlred a*rr.te In die I nline Htalee. The obeat ami iii<:an illuhtratko newhpaprr ? I will he pablkhad ibk nnuniDf at 10 ob look. Prank Inm lie'l. liluniraicd beaepaper, etmialnlnR ihtrty elvbl eitlendU eiima*lu?e. illutlralln* die j riunpal eionie ol Uie day ? inobvo wbh-h will I e found many vlewnoflir Kane's peril i ua adveiunre In die AroUc re*lone; Trial or llaker, Conatlm l.onal i:?*i?mlloii; Kane** territory; MarnmoUi Mortmai Ur*i?h<.pprr; builorn' Hnuff llnrhoi ; Portrait of llenr? tlrtn h?ll, h vacua: on Day; Review In the Park; four .-nirrav I luefratiua' spirliualleni; Panorama of the i.r?nl Moniheru l',i vilh'Hallway; Portrait* of Llriilctiaot llarktelu, t'<?? y ii ,i H7 "? Barren; Nrene 'rom the Little Treaenro a Matlark i, i neat re; romleerrne, ele , ami n.-ariy toil v coluiiiun ?'I I?W< mailer, onniatnln* lea-Hbi; article* nn the leulno Ulplo. Ol the day I Rytiop.m of N ewe. Local and'lni r.l (My liim*; Heli?l<.(U ltnelli|.nee; laiiv latrUlxenee; Mu.lrv.l an J llrklnalle arllcle?,hporl.t,it Newa; the market* in ibe late .t hour Of polog to | re.< Heyiiwe of hew Hook* end the la'cat fo reign new*. 'Ibl* In allowed lo he the moat beautiful paoe.r ever i.nirc in tills country. Por ?*h hy a'i urwn "i -mIh Pp{^"e"tTwL11' be aildre.jed frank L-.ulo, 12 and u K UKLKIKKIK KOTICEK. fcv. SIDNEY A L'OHEY WILL PKKtfll IS TilK leeiure KN.UI ?,f (be h Ir'Ut avenue IUoUni obnrefa edltl. w hib>K enrnpleieo. nn the eorner of ll.lrn t ith . met, ?. yon, Lecetuber 2, at lo>g u'o oek A. M., end a' , n'? :<a L rrilK MAD1H1IS HTKEET M K. fHlIRCH, KAVIVO ?1 dtotioeedof their place ol wonthlp, corner ut t iibrrlmi ai d ??lll m??o! hcif.tfU'r Ii. th?* Ho?riif* i'f Lbatt I, i leiry < i??t, aUite < din ton. Thta p, .re, hev uj| I lately /. paired and '.etuUtled, wt I he op,-io I .n halilmlli, (to tnott.iw ) for wnr?hl|i. Mey. itbdiop Miepwin wll pre.-h in the fcoroipjr, at lPl-4 o'cloek, and Hev. Jevie T. Pock tor uirrly PretUtn' of lib klnaoti College, *t ; o'elo a P. M. ' U)KT AND POI!?n, DO'I I (1ST. ?3 KKWAKI.-LOHT, NEAR Iff HOLTlI ferry on runday, Nov. ib, a hltark dog ahont lite inoj) *ne ni a ?'iiiir. and -ou ethlii* n: ih?t hrrel, |? m old do bar .'.Nine d tit lite tre.b and U h oa rileh to roar about ill" lee neai rvo tie nam. of .lack. Whosier will hiitui blm to fed PrankUn ,ueet shall receive the abo.e reward. ],tOI Nil?IN fOl.'RTKf.NTII rtTRRBT, I1ETW KEN 17.Ml veially place an I Ilroatl way, a smad gold locket, wult two Cagnerrtotypei. A, ply lo Wb. W. Mice, 217 llroa way, hMllNli-i'M Tin R-DAY MDIMT It-' ".'li t kWar irid a gold (lng-r ring (engravedon -be u?h|e) at Mhgi < (,ardr t. lh? wmn can he ha; hv is .'in, on it K At LA SDN at the oflici' of the (Titer of I'olln. and l roving the property. IOMT I felRTIf It ATE NO 1*12, THIRD A VTCML'K RAIL J road 1M Ui II. H donee, (nr abare-, daieul .. ulv IMMI. New oertiilcalr applied for. IOWT?Olf WIllkUIMl iPTRRVOON N"\>y?iil!H 2N, 2 a black rorered mona." u tneiuoraadum Ixgik. ? <>* a.rtlutt two acrlpa t haih.n. ilaok Dock, olJi/KI i..h aiw. .. tier tan. an|e naprre, of rot it-.- loanv peivnn hot tie* owner. The nnd.-r will be liheifcljy reward-d by leaving the nuw iu Vo. 2k? Water street T OHT?IrN WKDNRHliAY. TDK 2rTII INAT IV HltOWl la *it or In no omulbue. Tenth ?nl tVaii aire. ? a daik purple nvornet sp-.. feett ir.k 7 h- tinder wilm- n erv ' Iv tev.nrd?I hy delivering It, witli Ha rooO in*. at I'll llrovd way, rnout No A, ibljd story. I i Iimhar of l)?* na'rh wa> ami xi?m\r y I 4 ?? * *llt wclva fl . (?y IflftvtctK ?b * o\fi a' J> Third ptreef. I'awnbrokrra will bo on ihHr I OHT IN HOI TH BROOKLYN.RBWARD WILL J J paid for tin rrror. ry ?.r a la-lirn' ^md hunUii^ #? *-? waU'h and rbaUi; on th* r$u? * a- #??. ra.otj, Klh u fr ? a hrr brother:*' *>???#? far**, han in broko* is* ,n from (,<?urt a(r*>a( ihrfiwh I 'nton, i M?i*or an<1 D?/r.i* *trrH? titHinwn plana itaj-v ? rhur? i?. on W^JiKdujAv rvti'iuij Jhlh llw ahovi' r#?'A rii wll! b ' pu'il t/fi rtitiiriiini/ !**? arn? lo J. K. SOf 'TIIWOK I II U Mr* ? m->n.(l <luor w?w of Court, or al ht? u'o - | inn! ^ IVun ?irr? w liKNfmo MM} !'LNr?TKKHHT(?f,K'?.~A"< inlDft *1 , i^rty-n arr l? a auU p'^ir man 4 phuu^ra, in bo* , MNiyt to i' i* miU rifit r. and klntaiay'D wzprrwi ? maim ofl " ? ii ? ? vn . ,r lay afiartM f uU , i V Maul ti lat * \ atiiubin r** af?l In otl**r?''l :>v UK. U r&l ("Hi W % NO Kh, 'J? M..utan lu^. OkT?IN M'HITKS MlNMRKf, H4I/K)N', ON DiCRR J fiay r%r| r\h !.???', i i;oJd hur tuic wair-h wn 2 ciiairt. *fi?# nmh#r of Di O ?*' HK WAIION. tor UPWARD -LOHT, tjiursday kvknin i, hf. t- cei ? Mid II oh lodk, ? I'rM b"i ? iron band* blah, H'tihumrj i*. mtitil A ?pjxr. mM borac bar i .rum-ahanle ntarka <?' |ire? ,n i> injury on ata irft I. n 11 r Inquire ot 0 Hoi.I.I T, No. It) lltlucji a'reci or it. M *K I.IK Ho. 27 lower ? no aioJre. *?)<) hf WAKII ? WO IXlrl ON HI NO AY, NOV. II $^1* ax the r.ipb'h trniMM. near I ?*?i; eerntd aireert, a li,all rrt.'.-h dye trrrirr do*. jrol owi/i I Ml "? v?h," ? brnaar Mini (bet, b*lr re>r <*r rone, end w-lnhlnr ?'?v ' t' ?>??? I ov.tnU. M* -era Ml d Intl had OOt beeO Crovi'*d, efltl bO on it Herman I'vrr collar mlb arnatl rraea i? n and un?"" to Jit namn if Jack By tofbemlac I>. DRAMA, ntod iy rimee Oflrre id- Nit an Mr mil, nh?rel.i? may '* bmnd, tna '? ??? trwaiil a ll begum. (Jrl <t HKW*m).-l/()HT, IN TUP. FATTER PART " tJJUr peptt arbor, a rnetjtpt book, prta-tnl beadrnp, br m? mr '<? bo New J*re?y Kiprma Oornprecy A.,, perton rriof? In* the aeron lo l?t> Broadway, will rww? ibc ?? ore r?t?i-1 ?1(1 REWARD ?UiflT, ON MONDAY La,-I J" tJ,J"* Inat aiadv'a I' nai'k, aomtwhrre In lit* it. partol the rite, 1 l.e Under will , a" lee u.? a , ve r*-a a> r< rtrtwrtilng H to A II kMHLkft, No. lb Wnat hi jia b a ie?" Oral Lota* wniol Pink aiwM. (r. kovtm -i/.hi omtiie MYknino iir tup. mtii Jl'f U.I ? lliar I-mHIi.k da. J a little I, ok te.rcier, wltn h> liaefc o| Ibe eora mliad wlib yellow e?4 klatk. and tbe ,???? a.I irlioat an ? fi n * in ihtt r an c of ? army. I he i>ar ton a a wl f rat' 'n H lo II Bond at., will reoaHd ttia a v. re re* * 4, add "bilge ilie owner. $h RKWARD-I.ORT, ON THR 3011 Ia?T~ A I.AR'IR ') blank Nrwf iiMil.nd do* bad on a .,e- fancy teat ? f iler, n i b :he n? ryer'e I em" en I addr*** 'hco n No iw>-t in*aid wlO odrred, and 'he priem r?ian u* ?a n dot( ? be | toner tried atxitrdlng ut law. J. O. HKID, M Tl r I dn-t r/klW'RIi-OMTril PTFTF.KNTU HTilVif Mr". Iw i ?n bacowd and Third eewmten ,n I ? ? ? ? jour re [et-be?e. ">r,ia nlng a valret cap*-. 'riB.tued with (or Whtcttr will return lie naartl lo ib> imMMIr' <1 ?o r- >? the al o.e reward T. W LMAf I M)k, til hradll*) (fr'J KKWaRII FONT. ON TMt/'RHOAY M ?' Nn.KP| ',rr ft I-.* (Hon Wt.i |';.,id*-. and < ar. INkkMld littti,n,n a roid br?aal;>i', nntainlnc >)whilr oi a dec cm 1 parent 1m wb>rtareward w-1! b' pail ' ) r?,iu* in* u to 116' anal at $5 HOHNKft, ( AnitMi.KA. at*'. Amy rruNiM prpMUMaiMii a paiit. htyU ' ?? >i? and tt.tu.a ixwt wa?oo. A- w* r h a u ,jad a it,'radoinr real aatota, 'be. a-1 been bar WWW Id ,naa? a ?rry ibecalof-rof *t? i Ma in a eh,not ac.d -a imp* i/.? b?iah' Cihtaal, t,. ? bee n. Ma ,,.tt? tna 1 l'-r Hon. Ad?*?wa J A it.ea IMl IP, I'im t^baw. AVkRT PINK rut OP KAY CAHMUOK U'lK-cr, lor aale WfMlfyteara, idlUMB bai. laMd' ?crrtirar?. ?!? -out d and kind Ut ail baroe-e Mt.a.i yc.-t t , l*r. f-tt, bold I-* ? .o* of >iM. Fan be *?,. a Mr. W r>'yir4 c able. 16 \ ctdrr atrwer jf7o??HaI.K X~NTY1.flfH MI.A' K~ 11 "I:?K 11 , litnim I l,ifh, trqwd and klndataraia wHbmrt ty ? ? ?? - ??*?? buret t*r a abtaetati tie peltate '??: jr ' ?' n? "-tu. br a.1 I ijlr r at I.T7 < WWrt atraet aawr Intta, MfWOkiyn I,h rai.K?A HKijW s M a HK. 16 7lTAim 'JT'JT ' fll I? feoUy bind. *on l/ot fate, talnanle I ir trwel??d r t'liee WUt bo Mild ewrf low: aiao, a 'woaaalad r?e?aar?j, witb efei" ltd fbewt and a ilehl I it re > wad'tn, ta. aawt btp A|tc,y a* 1b< n law '? ?ial le, IM b>n ttrmai'li Mcmi (tM>K~ * M.kc?A1 KKDUIKD piTtT H?T (TpW" PA KM. r tlact-t'ton attd rwllr-ta-l cwrie cetet.l Iwoartd Aw >r? wajp b?, ?'ib b*n t .. ... ibtk a- me Ar.-- 'acvei o m t )|A? I. Ml I.IAiNK Warr-I> atreol, i'tmy ? *y. N./. Y |tiNac *?sfKir.|i Vn i)c .P rr ? t VN?? (rl II attablo rewr wat b-ew Dp '?rrr at ad* a# ? - old krdWaw. ?w>'? ai mewaew *M !?*?/? ?r?er uai Kcl . , IV AMflN-A MrMroMTAHI.K, IJtfHT fW,c IUcK ?; If rt.rnaco.Mfol red boa,) too ?, ?t?! new <v, May tcco de?-rctr ! ap waeb. nan aro y at Nt Warren airaet, TMR i mi t j{ <j i katIIII, 10 HP.ANI.IbAc <rl?kt1 III . fBi T, R?*? Wace-t A r e , Uwba 4,,, . y ?,f ? . He ra da, ,a ra?oa tc ttao o >?-. ar 1 y '** ? , wind nut ' I* We . fe lt IP i Kb P It M EN SITU ATI OWN W1TTBD. AKERrVCTAlLX TOl'lTO WOW A V, AOTFTOMFH .?? h"ii?r*or| and the "t?r# of children wUhe* to * ih * My ?r family to tiaJtforat* h*iwfaru>ry krnum*menu e-tn |>? Di?k In^utrr At 14 Abu.* ton *|tiare AFAMII.T DKRIER TO FROfTKK a SITUATION IN a reapectabfo private fautllj, for a dmervmg young wo man, who til capable of ?>rvtng A? plain e?a and our*. or chambermaid and water. A hoe tiMrw-H to Vf H., ai.i left at /I Broadway, will ifoeltr imutraluuv at enu?? i. AH K#Pk< 'T \ Itl K AMI INTKI.MM \T Wit) iW n yearn ot age, l? de*lrnt>* of obtaining a en l.ouPefcftr|??r, In no me ><'? (am II v; ware* i??x no mot) ail object a> a borne. Addreioi A. U 0., Near kor* Punt u.bco A WHAT, TIDYOIliJ, WIKIIKH A HlTUATION IS A prlVAt* family, tin iauiidio?a and u??iai In chamber wort; oar. do up IftM curtain* and the r.l -.*4 flueric*. Ile?l of epy rplwfliw Irow her ta*t pl*c?, Where wha lived tb'ee yew* Pleaea call at hft 22d *?., between ?'W ami l*cx.ugum av., liilnl boor, iron1 room. AMTI ItlQS aH i KMT It aTi 4 OOW BY a HIGHLY roprriahle American woman. In a nnmU family; would a??l*t In riher work. Apply at 171 4'h at., In the retr, between 1st Miid 'id avenues. A MIDDLE AOKD WIDOW WIT Ho I i I NOT M BE A EON, Sm wwhra a idiuaUon *? housekeeper or norm*, oi to aaaial In d<?D.**tlc dutim gai.eraliy, m* o V* to leave tha cify. Uii((iitMtlonaole reform, ? yt\.*n a? to character a note addrvMed ?> Mm. Brown, Herald ..flu-e, fur one week, will be atn tided to. AIOOVO AWK KIOABClISLIi Dl rEOI7HOF OBTAIN IDA a alt tut Ion in a lrrlvaut family . an 4 imalr?*ei, an l n> make nerval/ uaelui. Add rev* Amy , No. 1 d? >t, A g BOU0KKSBFBB.- a LADY Of k;?.aimn an.) j\ eiprrlenrr i* dcalrcu* of miking an engagement a* ho.wtkt?pcr ai d conn anion, either ?i? a family "r school, being fully ermpeteikt to take the entire <mr?, management ano education <>t rlP.dren, lea I'nXe umiI; imvr* e? client refer men, and will not c*pc< ( a high nalary, Addict* Mr*. II No. o 4Hi nL AHITUATION WANTKD?HY K YOuvu WOMAN, AH cook and lanndreee or ejimobei-rnabt and UuiidrwM lla* the beet of lerouitntuwlaUonN. hhe ran be ne?m for two da* a at bar present employer'*, where the baa lived m ve d tu uiflm ? K) i Ant Aid fL AS KXPKRIKNDKD KRENAII WOM AN WASTE A SIT uaUon aa profe???<r c?M>k. rait *lve uxwt ea't*fa'tury city rrftrenrr. Ploaee rail at T2ttli avenue. A PKBEClfMAE, LATELY AEE1YED FEOM fAMfl w)>-be? a attuati tn. he '.h a liood rmtk, atnl tut toraiait l? t aNtry t rry well. llaa^o'Ml rv mtiijru'latum- Apply at (Ah MAvtBitf Bkloidk) and MtnAy, A MAN WKDL AOgilMXTKO WITH imiVIMO IV THE <lty, w i-bcM a *?|tiiatt?m to drive oart, waK'>nt Ae ; ??r x* norter In a store down town. Apply at 5101 44th at., between 8(h and 9th ova VJ1TDATION WANTKD- MY A YotJNU CKRM \N Wf) i? man, of very KOod edumtlof), na rhnniliertnt)'!. ?earn Mmx, or to take core of ehildren. No ol?jerU<?? b? kOlnu into the rotiolry. lie?t refer?ur< Apply at lu?N and luft lleekmaii Mireet, necoiid floor. QITO 4 M< N WANT MI> BT A s EXPEEIENf ED > MEET k? ran Hrnteatan womati av <<iok; uvider^tamtN h* r bud t e?a tn all U? brain hew; ual-tna superior laittidre^*. In ail lin^f urxl obllglny; ban yearn of bmtoify re'? tine I'taa-e call at ;i45 Mb av In Ute b oirnient under the ebything More. OHI ATION WANTKD?MY AS KVOLTHII LkDY 0 agt-d "fl, aw housekeeper, or to U?k*? tlw oharge ot a ttmab funtlj.oran Invalid; baa been naad toehUdren. Reform e If retyulred* Addrcaa Mr?. Wyau, 16 NewaiK uv % Jer ry Dgh QITDAYIOM WANTED?BY I TBI I\sO I AND 1 t runipetent woman, ai> iw k. nr ? ??k. wu- Um And Iwr. or wtitild ?'? housework, would take uuMfoi auelraicea. no ohj* ? Uouh lo ine country. Please call at 24 ;td av?n te, between Ad? aLtl IHb eta. N. It.- -ItftH the t<eaint rdleiettoea Q2TDATK N WANTKD?BY A OEBMAN MAN, AS carpenter, painter and icla/jer. or In any dhilriff ?ai *Kin The beat of reltrcncca i;lvco. I'litA^o oddrtv^ or call at T\ Marilrtori ?(. fro DUBLINHKES. INVENTORS AND M4N? K\i!H 1 rem?The advertlaer, a rcap? ? Mbb* tniMIe Ant- I can, of buiti?.ce?? hablifl, la de.airouw ?d travel>lntf, .tnd wl-d.e* u< enynye with M?mr re?tponalhl?t pArtlc an ajftmt In m, logiti mate btud&c**. Addr,-?a I. ?!., Herald office, until Tue.<?day X\TANTKD WORK.?WASH 1 NO AND IMOVTVO DdVK vt iu Uio nea rai manner at 27 Madhaui M?e?( d .emake a ?fore. U A NTKD?A RITIA1ION, MY A IKt'Tb. T *.n f.IRL TV )aui i. -1 ? ot ? bai crm?H or in and Ironinr; no o>je? ?l ?n u? leave (lie ? by, 0re*:n)oi' two tluje, VI suit engayad, nt !Y7^ |lh as , tbli d fb;? UJ ANTKD-BY A RK/trKDT A MLE M i R I! IK ?? WOMAN with ft f'redi brriMf of milk, x hi uhi hi % v i nurse n u reapeoVablc lamlfy, PJ. .iho call at 1-??tri*li ? t>( , tn ilia If a r. TIT A NTKD?MY A YOI Nfl WOMAV. / > KM VD'K v v plaea in cu rhantbeswotv; nr to tat tr? n nd do plain *?v. to a; would be ?<> *k for i? \( r? ii< ;t private famliy; i? ;? ren.'-s Klven ?jt *aj? y an ! truefv/i r Uifriena Apply hi iilh Madtaou at. fir ANT KD?60MK U.Hll> IAMI.K flultsoN lo TAKh Tv a Utllogl'I, nine yuarr oM, or ? H; e boy even ymri old, f*? bring up a* their < wn. Hit* P?;h rrtrrcii* " <tvei.. Ad drees Mrs. r. 6., HbrnM ? b. o*. It AMI D? A SITUATION. BV \ Tf vmii [* ifjrl, w euok end |a?'i * ?? ? . ?:?*? wb /onn v ?Ar.da l cr ) uaii:**-*. and I* it go Hi wash am. o >????'. >-.??'? jectiott U? (ha c luntrf. t.nnd reb r?nee irom Her Uei i l*v ? ? mi be re* n tor 'wo?U>x,at No. 471 fourth - -i, f.? we. r Flint and Heroud antid?ahituation, hy a bmi*k< unu. wo t' of trn.k, ' ? we nurs* ? !??' y. Apply ? 1? I>* " ???*>, i W Ur ANTKD-A RI7UATIO.V, BY A KKHI'K IT t f.Ij; WO no u. ** *r?ok In a mine family: one wh ? r'0?jr nndor vImuJm her bn*inea? 1?? all il? !.e?. i *11 give the heoof city reference#, l'i?y?o>e apulv at to Waat l^tii #f. II AMID?A HITUA1ION, MY \ FIRNT K Tl ?VMiK Tl one wb t* very pnr'wu'ar In l?e> dfp,-,s ttrtT.U ' sb- u mu vc In a vrnftl* foioi'v,? ?? act a* I ou eke. ->*r. Oooj < It* re fe?ei re. 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