Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1855 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OUT HIBKBT. Friday. Not. 80?(J P. It 11. tM arrival of the -'outuship Atltn le ha. a de preamng iafluenoe upon the stock This m trning the eparatuws were only to a moderate eitent. aud gene ?aJIy at lower prices. Mia-* url 6'a declined >4 per cent; Heine Hirer Railroad, \ ; Michigan So tthern \; tie re load aad To cdo, *f. Har em advanced S P*r CAat?> '-'hi cago aad Boca inland, At the second board thaie wee a very United bu-ine-H, but at higher prices. The strong wee tat; ga e ma; keep the steamer out a da; or twe longer, In wnieh ev?nt we may look for a dull time. The antral of the steamer George law, with the Califor nia mail and treasure, bud no effect up >n the market. Her gold has arrired too late to affeot this week's bank statement. The Michigan Central Rsllroad Coropanr earned $08, C31 60 in the third ?e<k in Norouiber this year, again <t Ml,83# 68 tor the sane week l&.t, showing an increase of 810,181 91. A telegraphic despatch from Boston states that an in j unction has been setred upon 'he Grocers' Bank of that City. Ihis is fata*. We understand hat the New York Central Railroad Com pant haw lease i the Oswego and t-yracu-e road for a term of yeurs. This is ?no<her million or so added to the Imbili'irs of the Cential Coiupwuy; tor the payment of Interest on tba' amount must be made, whether the lateral road earns it or not. In this way the Centra Company is gradually absorbing he small Unes ot unpro ductire railroao in ihe no'them aud weste-n parts of the State. This leasing the liswegn and Syracuse road has completely about bei the political power of Oswego. It wlB hereaf'er be for ihe in erost of the loading politi cian! cf that place to sustain the Ceotral Company, and the power of that corporation in the Legislature has, therefore, been increase !. The construction of the Bing hamton end Albany road, and the 0?wego and Troy, is strongly op paw d by the Central Company, aud we have ne doubt the arraugeuien' just made with the Oswego and Syracuse road is parisHy with a view to stop, if pos sible, further movement in the Troy line. The ine ease in nceipis 'rum customs in November, 1868, over the same month ia-t year, is equal to an in crease in the lm|si. atlon of dullable goods in tne same time of one and thr-e q arter million of dollars. The warrants enie ed at the Treasury Department, Washington, oo the '.8 h lust., were as follows:? For the redemption of stocks .. 180,048 41 For the Treasury Lepartment 2 078 48 For the Cust-uos 81,087 40 War trairants iec-ived and entered 611,648 10 Cnviied in tr m mi--ellaneous sources 6,468 66 On neoeunt of the navy 44,713 00 The receipts of the Busque anna and Tidewater canal, from the openli g of navigation to November 26, 1865, are $2C4>,316 18; the receipts for the corresponding period last year were 8171,087 48, shewing an excess this rear of $29,217 76. The annexed statement exhibits the operations of the Assistant Treasurer's office dui ing the month of Novem" her, 1866:? OvmcK or tbz AsrisrsxT Trkasurrr If. S., Nrw York. Hecriytt and i/wbaitcmenlt. By balance. N< vember 1, 1866 87,019,731 82 Receipts duriig the inon'h:? On account ot Cusoum 82,293,660 96 Patent Free 6,114 64 i'oatOffice Department 34,690 08 Transfers 460,000 00 Miscellaneous 1.828 77 2,784,000 34 Total 810,404,831 68 Payments i? Treasury Drafts 86,843,695 78 Peat Office do 216,703 24 0,059,299 02 Balance, November 80,1866 84,346,032 64 BaL. O., Disbursing Accounts.$1,015 244 09 Receipts duiing the month.... 1,313,480 81 2.938,724 91 Tope?"1*1^* 1,496,882 79 $1,442,802 12 By helanre. Cr., Interest Accounts 23,676 88 To pnyneu a 20,082 00 Balance $3,694 88 Receipts far custom, in November, 1866... .$2 293,600 96 Do. do. do. 1864.... 1 916 0.19 41 Increase la Vnvembar, 1866 8878,621 64 Balance (V., bullion aud exptnee account for Assay Ofiice. 2,042,161 82 Own reoi'd duiing the month. .82 601.332 68 line bars do 2,476,970 38 4,977.303 00 $7,019,404 88 1 < raj menfs in ccin $1,633,486 00 Do. Unt bars 966,631 63 2 499,048 23 Half nee $4,620,416 66 By coin in hand, in Assistant Ikesatiier's office $6 801 489 04 By coin in Assay office 2,407,462 05 8,208 951 69 line bare do 2 112,954 60 t niarted bullion and line silver 1 731 828 60 3.844,783 20 Total SI'-,053,734 80 In U>* circular issued or the Uric Railroad Company, dated Oct. 21, 1854, (the time propoxate wee put torlb for the la at loan,) we find the following paragraph:? 'he director* of the New York and Krie Railroad Com I any. in offering 'he present loan to the public, beg lesre to state <hat it will be amply sufficient to par 'he fnc >me la nds, reiecmnb'c on 'lie 1 x* of February next, and t te reiinv present lowing debt of 'be cumpuoy, as well a* to ? aaplote all iho unflnisbcl work now under way. Now let tui see how far these anticipations hare been realised. At that time?Oct. 1854?the outstanding in omne hoods amounted to ? 2,04,1,000, and the heating debt to $2,525,009, making a total of $5,171,809. The loan pro posed for at that time yielded $ 1, -00 0)0. Tail, with the bonds of 1803, on hand, made tbo aggregate available resources about $4,000 000. The direct >rs knew very well ia October, 1864, when the circular alluded to above was put forth, that the four million loaa would uot net more than 80 per cent or $3,200,COO, and they also knew very well ihat the pr >ceed* of tb>- loan and the balance <>f 1883 bonds would not pay o/f the In ncme band* and floating debt. At that Umo we "howe ' ti>al a floating debt of at least $1,0)0 000 must remain after naing all the company's available means. The di rectors of the Rrie Railroad Comptay are all highly re ?psotabie men, and it may be perfectly honorable for them te put forth statements watch they knew at the time to be false, but if so, they hare a code of morals ol a very convenient character, and one only In operation in the affairs <4 incorporated companies. Instead of the last loan and remaining bonds of 1883 on ?.a?wt paring off '.he ''income bonis and the entire present floating deb' of tbe company, a* well as to c >mplete all the unfinished work now under way," we flnd that even after using all the new and oil loans, an 1 the eo'lre re ported net earnings ol the read, a floating debt ol 81,211, 70$. Tbe company liars, during the fiscal year ending Oct 1,18(5, recvlred and expended money as follows. io dependrnt of tbe operating expenses of the road, Inte ract, he. >? Nrw Yowt ami rati Honda issuer' for I an ol 1875 made Feb , 1856.$1,000 000 R inns of IH8T.?lustt on heed tDNt.OOO Total receipt* ?4,jOO,(KW Taiii Income bonds, Feb. 1, 1856,., .$4,049 0,i0 Tal 1 floating debt 1,311,901 I'aid Into Musirg Fund 288,63684 '451.52ft Increase in indebtedness in year ending Oe 1'berl 18; 6 $518,474 Reported net earnings ot road do. do... 813.419 Total expenditure* do. dx do.,. .$1,481,894 It tppcer* by the shore statement that nearly one nnd a hslf milll ??. of dollars hare bsen ex pen led by th l'.rle Railroad Company the past year. Uf tha HDi"uet $848,474 has l>een added to the actual debt, and the lalance taken f ?m tbe receipts of the road. In th facs of tfcr-e fsC-U how muck like a fa? ce appears the ?in'ement* and eruraa'ss of the hoard of man gement! It ettber slioas that they are completely ignorant of the ?rat principle of ratter ad operation or that they wllfu ly misrepresent for the purpose of sustaining the c m party's credit. The arnexed statement exhibits the quantity and value of forrigt dry goods entered at this port for consumption, fur warehon -e. end also the sithdrawalr from warehouse, dunngtbe week ending and Including Thursday, Nor. 29, 1868 tfovtxitvl* rr Fmuarow [>ar (ioona Unttrr<i for fbtwiHH/svm. ffvtn. Vol nr. Manufacture* of wool..., 4i8 8154,"474 do. of cotton.. 478 112,172 do of silk 272 220,939 do. of fl.s 400 75,'415 MUeetlaaeous 187 5),Si>9 Total 1,716 8524,909 W'iMratm frrm R'arrAoum. liaaufhrtares Of wool 44 816 588 tin. of co< ton 57 18 646 do. of -lit 11 8,814 do of flax 24 6.412 1'. ?h*_eoue ?3? 25.881 1 7* I do. ol cotto: do. ol silk. do. of flax. Miecellaneous 203 (63 488 366 77,049 99 99 8 9 161 39,372 8 1,888 616 (271.834 62 do . .,,.b3 7 2 "4 100 do 72 *? 100 Chi & RlsRR.,0 91 BOARD. 100 *h, Mich CRR.bW) 97'a 100 Erie KK... .. s20 no 100 do,.. to 100 do blO 60 10 do 50 200 do . .blO 40)4 190 do.,. 49)4 50 do,, 40)4 lftO do .. ...b30 50 Total value put on the market during the week.(691,139 Stock KlekaiigOi f kioat, Not. 30, I860. (8000Missouri 6'a... 8.1 100 slutItcad'gKRbOO 00 Go(0 do ,.t>3 80 450 do *3 89 L4 44)00 !ndHtate5V.eJ 81)4 400 do 0 89)4 10(0 Virginia b'i... 00 220 do ?? 89), ItiVlIti Utuit 'Mia. 81 ;w do b)0 89)4 (000 lllCeuRK bda.i 78V? 700 do -.1 80^ .'OtO do aPU 78 1(8) do bJO 80V 10(8 0 do o 78'4 400 do b(J0 90 500 N V Out 103)4 loo do....bowk 89V lOttfl 111 lilt Imp '47. 103 100 do *3 89V 76shs.11uDhattauUk. 127)4 200 d> bl 89V 23 do 128 100 do b7 89X ?.0 (8*an Dank 8ft 300 Harlem RR....?3 17>5 42 Am Fxchei ge Hk 114 100 do bOO 18 17 Metropolitan Ilk. 103)4 f>0 do bOO VJi 8 llauk State N V. 102)4 100 do ?S 17 ti 40 (om Fx liat<k.?3 101 150 Hudson K KK..0 31X lOOMcTsuna Co..>8 18)4 ftO do.......a 31)4 700 do 18 60 do bJ 3144 2(0 do bftO 18)4 20 Mloh Cbnt KB..0 98>4 100 Cumb Coal Co.a30 23 100 do ....*00 98 .00 do *60 23 600 do h90 98 200 du e 23)4 50 Mich S & N laRK.c 9474 100 do bOO 83*4 100 do 9?)4 160 do blO 23)4 100 do 94?4 160 do b3 28)4 100 do 94 300 do 23)4 100 do t>30 95 60 ('anion Co.... b( 0 21)4 200 do bdO 96 60 lule RR a3 49)4 100 do b30 66 460 do s3 41.J4 101 do C 94)4 300 -lo *3 4974 26 Clevo C & Cin.... 101 100 do b60 50?4 86 (islandChi IIR.. 119 160 do bOO tO 60 Cloy and i'ol RR.o 72 V 450 do btO 60 160 do c 72 V 100 .lo 4944 100 blO 49)4 200 do h3 401, 100 do b3 49)4 8SOOMO 100 sb*NicTrO..?10 16)4 100 Cumb Coal Co.I>6 23)4 100 do 23)4 100 do baO 63), 100 do btO 20*a 10 Penn Coal Co.... 99 190 Reaoiug KK 89)4 200 do b80 90 100 Mich Cen KK.bCO 97>4 hales and quotations western securities. Wnk fiuiin'j hrviay, AMember 30, 1856, by Itavi* <(! M Un. Little Miami l'.aihoud 6 per cent mortgage bonds.. 80 c. Cln.. Ham. and l ay ton k K. Co., 2d mort. 7 p. c. b. 86)4 Ohio and Mi?s. R. K. Co , 2d ruort., 7 p. c. b 48 It>d. and Cin. It. R. Co., 2d mort., 7 p. c. b 78 Marietta and Cln. 1st mort. b 76 City oi Wheeling 8 p. c. b 71 Covington and 1a*x. R. It Co., 2d mort., 7 p. c. b., 65 Cleveland, Columbus and Cin. Railroad stock 104)4 Northern Rank of Kentucky Ill Farmers' Bunk of Kentucky 107 Ohio and Misab-aippi KaUroad 5'4 Mailetta and tluclnnail Kailrcud 18)4 Little Misuii Kailioad 90)4 Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad 6?j' Indiana Cen lal Railroad 47 Fort Wayne and Southern Railroad 11 Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad 9 Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad 70 CUT TRADE REPORT. Friday, Not 30?8 P. V. Ayirsf.?The market cent nued drm, with saies oi about 60 bbls., including pots, at 7)4 c. a 7Vc., and poaris at 8)4c. a 8)40. bKKAPert'FYS.?Flour?The market war firmer, with con siderable lois taken for ezi>ort and in the settlement of contracts. It was also stated that the caual had closed at stveial important poiut*. The transactions einoraced about 16,t(J0 a 20,090 obis., included in which were com mon and medium to extra grades of Staie brands, at (0 87)4 a (9 60. sod tor mixed fancy and extra Western grades at (9 31)4 a 62),; extra Genesee at (10 a (11 60, Canadian was without change ia prices; the sales em braced about 390a 400 bbls., at (9 60 a (10 60: .Southern was in fair iieuisnd, with sales of 1.300 a 1,600 bbls., at prices ; anging from (9 62)4 a (9 87)4 for mixed a>choice, and (9 94 u (11 (or fancy and extra. Rye Dour wot at (8 26 a (7 62)4. "nd meal was (4 31)4 u (4 39 lor Jersey, and at (4 76 tor Braudywlne, with limited transactions. Wheat?The msikot was heavy, anil without change of moment 'n prices. Prime and ciioice white (auadlan aud Southern were held at (2 25 a *'30, while acaigo of about 2,0o0 bushels Southern white, a little cut, was sold at (2 22)4. Tuunosaee red s<Jd at (2 15, while amber colored brought (2 20. West, cp red was null, and prices somewhat unsettled. The >sIoa for the day footed up about 16,000 a 20,900 bushels, closing without animation. Corn?The market tor old was tinner, with salsa of 30,000 a 40,000 bushel* at (106, (1 06)4 a (108 atioat and delivered, and 2,000 do. old Sjultiein whl e were sold at (110. Rye was firm, and tor pi ime loin (1 3b a (1 40 was asked, while sales >1 ati ut ".ton a 8 090 bushels were made at (1 31 a (1 36. Oats neie heavy, with sales of State and Western at 67c. a t'Oc. Cos ike.?The market advanced about )4e., with sales oi 1.(90 bags Kio ut 19)4c, all),o.; and 126 do. Mara caibo st 11c. llie mamet closed firm. The stork of Rio in Ibis market was estimated at about 62,000 lugs. Coal ?200 eauidrona of Sidney were sold at (8 c ash, Willi four months' lnteiest oIT. ConoM.?The sal-s ieach 1,200 a 1,500 bales, the mar ket closing steady. Frdciits ?Rates for Uverpool opened easier, but at tlie (lose tinner prices were demanded. About 11,000 busheis were engaged at 8)4d. in bulk, and 10,000 do. were engaged at 90. in hugs. Afterwards Oil. a lOd. was demanded. 30 tons weight woie taken at 30s. About 690 bales cot'nn at 8 led. Att?rw.irds )4il. was asked. About 400 bbl<. flour at 2s. 9d. Afterwards 3s. was ari.ed. To Hnvie?Hour was at 95c.. cotton at )4c., and grain at 22c. A small vemsel was chsrtereii to loa 1 with 11 mr tor Havre, at 90c. To Glasgow?10 tons of spemi oil were engaged at 40s. To Bremen?300 boxes of sugar were taken at p. t. To London?itates were Arm, atthou' engagements of importance. To tetUfornia they ' from 36c. a 46c. Ihi'its.?About 1,600 boxes bunch raisins wnro sold, including whole boxes ai (3 50: halves at (1 76. and l.iA/9 quarters do. at 90c. and 200 boxes layers at (4. Hay ?Tu? maiket was firm, with sains within two or three days of 2.000 a 3.000 bales at 80c. of 420 bales of American dew rotted were solo at pi irate terms. 1 lao ?ales of about 100 ton- of English, (-oft) at 6)4c. Huh.?Kngh li linseed was dull, and the last sales in whole h> s wcieinade at 87,'4c., and from store at 88c. a 82c. Crude wh?lo was film at Hue. Ripened continue i flim at homer 11 ices, iaril wus firm, with moderate sales. I romhiovs.?Pork?Salei of 300 a 400 bbls. new mess wi re made at (21 76 and old do. was held at (22 60, with small sales reported st (22 25. i'riino was a: (20, and prime tress at (21. Beef was steady, witfi sales of 260 bets, at (9 2ft a $10 for country prime and at (11 a (12 ftO. Vet tn;>ut mess was at (14 a (16, anil repacked Western at (16 60 ? (16. Cut meats worn firm aud scarce. Creased hogs were soiling at 8*40. a 8),o. laid?Sales ot bOO a (,00 bbLs. were ma Jo at 12c. a 12>,c. Green liarn 1 sell at lo)4c. a lie. Butter andclieono wore ijui'O steady, aud prices unchanged. Hkai isTATK.?House and 1.x. on Broadway; near Thir teenth sueet, 26x96 leet, (26,200. do Sixth street, near sixth avenue, (22x07 feet, (11,000; pnqierty known as Ceitar Cubage at 01 if? on, dtatcn Island, (2,500. Hi' K.?ARrut 190 casks were sold at 4)4e. a 5',e. si i.aiih ? I he market continued firm. The sales of hints, were light, st steady prires; while sales of boxes coBiprheit about 900, duty paid, at 714c a 7>4o., in cite log 100 boves at p. t. The return of stock for the 1st of December was not quite completed. The rough es'.l mate puts down the nuuilier of hhda. at about 9.000; boxes at 19,090, and baga at 37,000. KAMII.Y HaRKRriNU* wr.T aii. nton op pro duck in Washington mmv m.T?NOMKTUINO ABOUT PISH AND WHKHB TBKT COMB FROM. Butchers complain tliat moat la (lull and sales unusual ly light, owing, cf coutho, to the hollt lays nn,l the great dm and for poultry and game. Prices, however, are firm, uor do tliey seem to hare receded in nught sare beef, which has come down in price from one to two cents. Veal is very sraice and dear. Poultry and game has fluctuated not n little in price during last week in consequence o, thanksgiving occurring. At one time on Wednesday six Uen mid ereu eigh'een centa per pound was paid for tur keys. Poulterers state that the sales were nerer so large iia on this year. Venison i- beginning to come in, an i soils by the saddle for eighteen pence per pound, and by retail lor twenty cents. A fee weeks more, and it will hi In ia large (|ia'itliies. There are some squirrels in market, which command a much higher price than formerly, there is no accounting for taste, but to our mind they look too much like overgrown rata to be palatable eating. Butter has advanced in price, nor is there any prosper t of a dec ine. Taia ia a <ery busy season with butter merchants, as large shipments ate made Immnliatcly be. tore the rlosingfof navigation. Kgga are still outrage ig,. ly dear, there la no noticeable change jn fruit or vege tabled. FIRH AND FIHH STORIES. One of onr reporter* had a conversation on piscatorial subjects with Mr. .l.ihn^, Hlscn* a wellknown Bah dealer In Washirgion ^iai wo*., and as a number of internet;ng fkcta were elicited. perhaps it would be interesting to re pioduce the substance of the Interview here :? ItarokTXB?klr. iliscox, you know a good deal about fish, and pethapa would have no objection to letting the facta in your poi sesi ion be made public. What Ash are sold n? at in New York " Mr. H ? CooBsh. It I* the cheapest and most abnudant fish we have. It rona from five to six cents per pound tl e year round, has not much bone, and ia, withal. rather a pleasantly flavored fish. It ia always in market?great quantities are ceught off Sandy Hook. R.?Where ia meat fish told! Mr il.?In Fallon market. All the wholesale dealers keep there. We sell more oysters at retail here, though tlia boat* generally lay at Panel street dock. R.?T?U u- about perch fish. Mr. II. Perch 1* a fine fish, and to my miu 1 superior to either striped or see be*#. It ta in season in Call, and g.quantities of it cvcic .'rum IlLovia iu? trade must be a valuable one to the fishermen of that tftete. A good deal of striped bees comes from thstdteU ?to, but U |to Mifbt in lb* bays and inlets ?long the c?Mt of I nag Island. The Urge ia much more paUtabls then the small perch. P.?How about halibut f Mr. U.?A good hah fcr hotel* and housekeeper*. It baa ao bono worth mentioning, ia cheap aud palatable. It come* from Down Seat and ia out of aeaaon only about four month* in the year. K.?Ia there much trout aoid to this market r Mr. fl.?Not much. Ihere is a great deal of inferior trout aold. the fact la, that which cornea from Lake iris and the Wes'ern Ukea lan't worth eating. The ouly really fine trout cornea from lake Ontario; and trom its yellowish color it lx>ka as though it amalgamated with the aalmon, and from that circumstance no doubt derive# its name. R.?I see a good many smelts iu market. Mr. H.?Vos. They have juat come in, and though bony, are very sweet eating. We sell a good many of th in. Those now la market come from Mystic and Stou ington Point, whore they are caught iu vast quantities. Tliey averagt from ten to twelve cents per pound, it is something to know how to cook fish properly. Now, to my taste, sturgeon is good eating; but the difficulty is, people do not know how to prepare it. I parboil it; that is, soak it in soaking water; a process that serves to take out the fatty mntter, the taste of which U gene rally offensive. After the parboiling I cut It into steaks and fry it, and a person not acquainted with sturgeon In that loi ni would mistake it for veal cutlets. It Is a cheap summer flfh, and very plentiful in the North river. lt._What kind of eels make the best eating * Mr. II.?The largo silver or tall esl; it is a very fine fleb, and can be caught in great quantities in the mud along Sheepshead bay, Coney Island, and on the shores ol'Stateu Island. They are known by their white bellies. They average 11 and 12 cents per pound. I don't think much of other eels. R.?What would be a good place for an amateur to catch crabs f Mr. II.?tlowanus bay, generally, oontains a good many; and all along the .iersey Hats there is good crabbing. Those who fancy being out on the river this weather may ca oh a hundred crabs in two hours at either of those places. Pome people prefer crabbing to Ashing. You know they are caught by means of a piece of meat tied to a string, ahlcb the crab attaches itself to, and on being drawn to the surface is fished up with a l.and net. It requires some dexterity, and the excitement of catching &Dd seeming them before they can escape makes the sport interesting. I prefer waiting until tire dead of winter, when the crabs are frozen in the mud. They can then be raked out, and at that time of the year they are in excellent condition; indeed, to my mind, crabs partake somewhat of the nature oi oysters, and are not fit to eat in summer time, but when eaten in winter cannot be deemed unhealthy. It is no ticeable that negioes are very partial t? them, and indeed to all shell fish. Perhaps half the crabs that come to the city ate nought by colored people. Here the conversation was closed. THE RETAIL PRICKS. The following list has beeu carefully corrected:? KEATS. Beef?Sirloin, roast, per lb 0 14 Rib, roast, prime, 12 Rib, chuck ? Sit loin steaks 14 Porterhouse steaks 0 15 Rump steaks 0 11 Plates and navels, corned ? Muttton. per lb 0 08 per carcase, per lb 0 07Jf Lamb? 44 " ? per lb ? Veal? " 0 12 Veal, fore quarters, per lb 0 10 Illnd quarters 44 ............ ? Veal cutlets " 0 18 Yowng pig, each 1 26 " per lb 0 08X Pork, fiesh, per lb 0 10 Hams, smoked, per lk ? Shoulders " 44 ? hides " " ? Sides, pickled " .......... ? Jowls " ? Smoked beet " ? Betf toDguee, " ? Sausages 44 ? bologna sausages " ? Tripe " 0 07 lard " ? POULTRY AMD OAKS. Turkeys, per lb 0 12 tloese, 44 0 12 bucks, tame, per pair 1 26 Widgeon. per pair 0 82 Chickens, per pair 0 82 Fowls, " 0 76 Guinea do., " 0 76 Robins, per dns..... ? Woodcock, 44 ? Wild pigeon, per dor 1 26 1 igeons, stall led, per Oct ? Quail, " 0 00 lartiidges, pair 1 25 Rabbits, " 0 <>-!t black duck, " ? leal, per dor.. ? Hates, " ? ltroad bill duck 0 02 Venison, (saddle) per lb ? Squab per dos ? ( anvass back duck, per pair ? Squirrels, per pair pair ? FISH. Kalmon trout, per lb................ 0 13 Smalts, " ? Whlteflsh, " 0 12 I Ike, 44 0 12 I'irkerell, " 0 12 Em. ' 0b hlaekfish, 11 08 Weak hsli, " ? Codfish, " ? Eels, " 10 Blueflsh, " ? Hounvlers, " ? Rull heads " ? I'oigies. " ? rail mackerel, " 0 12 bait shad, " 0 12)% Smoked halibut, " 0 10 Do. mackerel, " 0 12 | Sounds and tongues, per lb 0 OH hmnked shad " 0 12 Soused salmon, pcrenn 2 50 nook i d salmon, per lb 0 lit Dry codfish, 44 0 04 SHKI.I.KIHU. Oysters?Princes bay, per 100 0 fl2X Virginia '* 0 b2>? (7,i m?Shrewsbury, per 100 0 25 Little Neck, 44 ? f,obeters. per lb 0 05 i'ml"-, per dozen ? 44 soft shell, pet dozen ? FRUITS. Apples, Newtown pippins, per bbl 3 00 " fall pippins, 41 2 50 44 greenings, 44 1 50 " lie: g, 44 2 00 44 common, 44 1 25 44 all sorts, half peck 0 15 Dears, per bbl 4 00 " half peck 0 20 Cranbertles, per bbl ...11 00 44 per quart,., ? Quinces, per 100 1 00 BUTTER, CDEIiSE, ETC. Batter?State, per lb. ? Orange, 14 ? Delaware >4 0 lk) fleese, per lb 0 10 English, per lb ? Pineapple, each ? Sapsago, per lb ? Eggs, five ? VEGETABLES. Potatoes, Jersey, per bbl 2 00 44 per half-pock 41 44 half peck Squashes, per dot Onions, per half peck .... feels, per dot,, Carrots hunch. Garliek, per bunch. Radishes, per bunch Tomatoes, half pack Inks bunch Egg plants per dot Turnips, white, per half neck., lima beans, soaaad, halt peck. tweet potatoes, par do* Parsley, bunch... Celery, bunch 14 2 50 2 75 ? 0 18 ? 2 00 ? 0 18 0 05 0 08 0 08 _ 0 30 ? 0 06 o at 0 00 18 0 37 ? 0 12 ?, 0 00 0 18 0 00 _ ? 0 02 ? ? 0 12* 0 75 ? 0 37* ? 0 04 10 0 19 Boas W limns vs. tfce Harlem Rallrow | Coma finny. jiDOK mason's chakok. Hatpbdat, Not. 21 10 o'clock k. X. The Court snld?Gentlemen ot Uie Jury, the find queeiloa in ihi* (Mr In, what Is ibe thing?the machine or Instrument which the |)lslni!T clsltus to have invented 1 It Is essential to comprehend this In order to ssosrtsin whether tt Is new?never I of ore known, or 10 public too; sod Also It Is essential, to ana lila you to determine whether the cn nsoc by the defendants are a violation of the patent. It will be nsressary. Ihoro'ore, In the Are* Instance, to turn your minds to the patent and (ha do srrln*ion of the Improvementclaimed, and which Is there to be tourd, The description. 1 think I may say. Is one of nnnstial t learness and precision for instrument, of this character Wo have theietore had no dtfflcnl t onrself In ascertaining from It the Improvement ae < lalmrd hv >h< pa"n'ee, at It drdnev not i nly the srrannetnei.i ard rnne'riirilon of the car?ilia running ges'r and ihe body?but hIm tbc principles governing ih"???, srel upon which il <? hnpmvomeol Is founded. Tbapvten'ea rrfeit in tl.e beginning ta the numerous ewrvsinrr* in the rail roads of this casmtrv, the reditu of which tn msnr Ul ?titnee Is but a lew hundred fee?, and to the frt.itoa arising be wion the Pauses of tha wl-eels and the rsils, a lo?? ot power and destrartfcm of bofh wheels ,,nd re'U. He then reTrr* to Uie hl.h Velocities on ralroads by Uie modern Int orov' case A in lumenotlre engines. and iha demand of public ? rpinion-ol the business It. no - ol I v - for ''us | aerlptem of .peed, and *1-" t- u.e cot-nderstmu that certain things In tha construed, in of both roads aid enr? bemrn' important which were no' and *vonid not have been, at tae usl rates of speeo He oa asrvet that (he treat momentum ot the can and Intensity of tha shocks end oon< nsshwis are aaonng Ihe things to he noted and | rvvidad lor. Ihs paiaaiaa than friers to *? feat that passenger and other ears, In general uae opon rnltmads. hare but lour wheels, tbe ailesuf which are plwedftv n H n?4ii>et ?pa;t; I he d s auce beuig governed by the nature ol Um road i pon wbtco thev are run and other oooa deration*. He tn? observes Dial -nee tie c*r?(meautng the tour w.ieel oir-) ure coesirueted eo that the aiiea letatn heir paral et..ui .tud are at a cuneideiahlf rtlnanee apart, there l< of nseesalti a lendaitey tu the llai.gre of the wheel* to oome In contact with be , nt \ rspetdsll) una curvature 'd a eltoti radio*, aa the axle* th-n vttiy it tire IroBi the uiieetior of the rad ii and that irom tbt* conatdaratua , wbrtt tahen atone. 11 wou'd appear to he beat to place the axles a* near each other a* poaalole. 'taut cauait -f ihtia to apt ioaeh utorr nearly to the dheo.but of Ute eadil m Hie runt-*, and the planer cf the wheala to l>e more lu the line ol the ran*. Itin thare are other consideration*. he ??)*. that tiitiet not let tcr',<>*e.i In Ibe conatruotlou of the car, namely U-e 11 i rrtml trrre ot the thnchit from obsrtirtlous a- hiijh at ? 10 ? aad Be t,:,ser,cH 'hat Ute greater tbe distance between tl> ax'o write the Iciigui ot 'he body remain* tbe eutue. the err ?',!# m t.eii. e of there shock* and couruarhma. In cou m t.i Tit thla. he auyr, a .-oropromise It mot generally nol le brtaeen itcrvil* rrruiilng from a coniitderable septraioa a'. * tor apprtartt aa by the mode* of txinairuoiioii now ,tx 1 at it ? H i n) lii uae lu respect to the tour wtoel car* one ot it? .d.ati age* which he ha* reterred to muat be aarrilted u> UiM*lira 1 lie peteinee then relnaioihe tan that 1I10 late vat rurvaltuee of the toada. loge her with their trre rtil ni.e*. create there ilifllculUea?<tre at the 'ouode iion 01 there dlflloulilea. II beixtm-.* Terr important, tl.irelote, I c obrenes, both 1* regard! comfort, rata t) end eesnomy, to dtvlro a mode coinliining Ute adv.irt tagea derived trom placing tbe axle* a considerable dts'auce ?l art, will) 1 bore ot a letting 'brut to he situate near to eaoh ether, how gentlemen thl* I* a resmt lo which the pateutee arrives at er Lis dhcu.-slon of the vurtoiis dlllleublea to been oounlered in die ooBeiroeMoe <X Ibe oar: and it mat be sai l to be .he ,ceding idea- the general pro ttlple tbe fundamental principle, It you pleaae?embodied lu the eight wheel car. and which be hue subsequently described 1 will call your atten tion to |t again. brcutlae it hrtuga out tbe principle upon which 11 e right wheel car baa beeu conatrac ed by the pa'eante. I. lends, therefore. Tory much to developo the leading fealute* ? ike ootdrtillhg feaiurta of that ee-rtrueton. Qo nays t bet en c* verv in.|iortaiit, both aa regar is coiniort, safety and ccemitny.'u tievlaa a mode o combining the advantage* dart red trout placing the axle* at a coti?*lerab(e dtatauce apart w ih there of allowing litem to be altua'e nee' to each other. Ue then relt rr lo U e arcuipt to oyeroome there dlllictilUea by tbe ure ol coned taheeU, and to the partial remedy thereby, hut point* out Ibe tailere ol the uae of tbop aloue, under high velocity, to go' lid of the dutbarrassmaal. The patentee then exploit 8 I ho objvrt of hi. invention, which, among u< her thing*, la to make Mich ait adjustment or arrangement 01 the whoela ana *xh ? uh eusll nntae tbe body of the ear or carriage to pur sue a mi re even, direct and sale course (iota It tort as cars are orulnstily roust'ucted, both over tbe cursed and straight pat la ot ibe rind, by Ibe dieidnialutu of oomiilnhig Ute advan mges of the 111 ar and distant coupling of the axle*, and other uieai.s which be baa desortbed lie Uian deacrl'te-i the ar langement and construcUon of bis car, wbtcn I will not lake up your tunc In reading. It baa been read ao often, and *0 Ire oUMitly lllnatiated and exrmplitlril In the progreat of thi* trial, that I neve no doubt nut that you are familiar with It. It will be found upon ibe oopy 01" the patent which I have, between loltos 21 and iH. ana then comes the claim. The patentee sey s, after descrlhlng the corau ue'lon of his car: - >1 do not claim aa my Invention the runulug of oara or car riage* upon elgi.1 wheals, this lutvlug beeu previously doue; not, bo * ever, 10 the manner or far the ourpo*es herein de Bribed, but mereiy with a view 1 f dlstrlbt ling tbe weight, carried 111O' e evenly upon a rail or other road, aad for objects distinct In character ft out those which I have bad In view, as hereinbefore set lor b. Nor have tbe whee a when thus In creased In number been so arranged, and ooonocfdd with each inner, either by design or accident, its .0 accomplish this pur rwe. What 1 claim, iherefore. as my Inveottou, and fur which nslt a patent, Is ihebefote described rastuer of arranging snd connecting the rtgkt wheels, which constitute the twoboar lug carriages with a ra bead car. so as 10 accomplish the eud pinpored Ky Ute means set forih. or by sny oibers which are analogous and t'epeurent u; on Ute same principle* " 'I be claim Iterli explains tbe Improvement s-t up br tlie pa leMre. lit* tbe arret gement and construction and sdj-i-l men' o( the clitlit wheel car aa described In hie apecltlcaUon - tbe r?r ae a whole. I he pa'euu e claims no right a* InrenUtr U> arv of tbe ronalituent parte of the car?the wheels. Uie ax lex, the peculiar construc'lon or Armmlng of the runuitif gear of tbe hearing carriages; thu coutriva-ces bjr which they are con nected togi .her, tLe springs, the bolxtere, lite turning of Ibetn upon the centre, or Ibc swelling of the trunks?no hl?g of 'hit Is claimed a? new on the part of the peautee. IhU la plain from the terms of the claim, whloh la the construction and ar rar,L?meut aid adjustment of these various pe-u into a car as a vt bole, enml.lidng the advantages which he has set forth as be c alms. Nat, It 1< proper to ol>se-ve that thia Improvement, as dented by (be patentee, Is made upon the existing tour wheel car, then in general use, and which, aa It has ap peered In the pmgrens of tbl* trial, 1* elUJ In use In Kngl m l end probably upon tbe continent, unless tliev have adopted our eight wheel cars, some spedmeus of which. 1 have uuder - stood, have been sent to tbe Continent. It will, tberelore, be proper and useful for vou to cxam'ue this four wheel car, as then In general use, and the evidence in respect lo It. Model! hsve bet n Introduced and exemplified, and no douot you un derstand It hut jou should Inquire into this fsoc, In order 11 ascertain whether or not tbe difficulties described by the pa leniee existed upon curved toads at great re'ocUy?I mean as respected thia lour wheel car then In use upon roads with high velocity arid with short curve-; and whether or not the eight wheel car. a? at ranged and constructed by the patmtco, Is an improvement Upon it. Ibis Is one of the questions In the caxo for jour consideration, mid aa to this you will probably not have much dlflloulty. From the time tliey were Ural brought out In Baltimore?1 mean the eight wneel car?It Is admitted on all sides that 'hey have generally taken the place of the pre vioua four wheel car, and their use soon spread throughout the railroads of the United hta'ex, and for aught thst appears be fore us In th<x trial the first construction and arrangement and adaptation of these eight wheel cara to the railroads of this country was in Baltimore, and were constructed and ar ranged for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, and the to Obhlngton bruicb ot li It was ottered. It Is true, to lie Khowu, on the part ol the defendants, that one?that Is, an eight wheel car?was brought out lu MassarhuseUi in 18.18, but that fact, at that bite day, afforded no exonpUon tu the truh nt tlie remark I have made, for thu eight wheel car was In what la claimed by (he patentee to he tne pirfrcted car?the car completed?and upon which the patent w aa founded was made as warty as the beginning of ,hu winder?some time In December, 1814?the Washington cars sumo four i ears betare Oil* eight wheel cur in Mesaachuse Is, Now, gentlemen, If 1 have succeeded in explaining to yon the improvement described In the platntltfs patent, and claimed bv blm upon these four wheel cars by the construction of an eight wheel car, as 1 hope I have, the next i|ue?Ucn to which tour attention must be called Is Ih a, whether or not title eight wheel car?this Improvement, as thus dercrpied In the pateut, nd as tlrst brought out In Baltimore?whether this was tbe Improvement of ibe plaintiff'. This la nne of the tna'crial quos 1 lutix in Uie case, which as you have already dlscore ed, has been moat seriously contested he-ween tbe parties. Alter call ing to your minds the construction given bv tlie Oourt to the patent, and to what comlltuios the improvement which Is claimed to have been reduoed to practical use, alter you h tie ascertained and ?tm|ireltendcd tills Improvement claimed by the pialtiill) and described In bis patent, alter this, which It a ? luestton of law (I mean so far as the construction ' f the patent Is cbbreractl), alter you have ascertained what led timed by the plstntlfl as hts Improvement, the question whyiher or not bewtisffe Uisl Inventor ol It I* a question of fact which be longs to jou to determine. The burthen ol' the evidence-for tt.c greater panion of tie time?tbe lung lime whs-It has been ? un-umed In this tnal-has been dlrccb-d on both -Ides to thu solution of litis question. 'Ibe patent of the plaintiff, given In ? vklence, and the extension of it for seven years, wltloS has *1 >OD?enylven In evidence, togedtcr with the lestlinony ol tint experts Introducud on the part of the plaintiff in ihe opening '< the case, l'umtsh p/ mui itirii evidence that the plaintiff waa the first original Inventor of the improvement claimed, and of lu utility ; and therefore tbi hnrUieii of showing that he was not the llrst and nriotnal Inventor, aid id 'he Inutility of the patent rests upon Ihe delen-lanis. ?-cr are obliged lo assume this position In that siege or tbe trial. Accordingly, they have gone Into evidence at large for the purpose of satisfying you upon those points, ami von have before you. ffrer, the evidence from Baltimore for the purpooi at showing this:?l bat assuming the car described tn the plaln Mff's pateut to be the improvement upon the tour wbeele t car, that It wss new sua useful, lye. the defendants inst-t upon evidence that the plaintiff w.ui not tin Irst inventor, hut it somebody else was. They rclor to the tltnlier, the wood, I the true-?I car, auu much evidence has been given in re ?ci to the so cars. Tlie p'atnUli on the ootitrary. insists thst Phot-of them emliodiod his Improvement, or that U any of Item dlil. it was aoosirtiriod alter his bivcinlon. which, it is aluicd, Is carried hack upon the ev tden -e tu the 'all or begin - 'ting nt the winter, ot 18.0 Now, gcntlomen, I am not going "Ver tills evidence on either ride. It has been an amply and ably discussed bv the learned counsel upon both -Ides, that I c lunot doubt hut that you ore tamlliar with every material por tion of It. It wl I he for you to ssy, titstn the ovtilence, Whether or not the defendant* have furnished evidence to satisfy >ou dial the plaintiff was not Ute first and origins 1 Inventor, but thai ?0'ncbcdy cl-o was. Tbey hsve that bur heu unou thorn. It will be lor you to determine, upon the whole of the evidence, wiieiber they have overcome uie patent, and ihe evidence hi nt-hed tn support of iL 1 lieu another ground 1* lakes, vl/: - That there is nothlig new In tic arrangemecl or onn-inicu< . of Uie car aa described Ut the patent, but that it was oil, an.l betore In public its-, anil thc.v say that It Is to ho found In t'ltap rn.iu's pamiit and drawings, and also hi Tiedgold A l-'alrlani i, al bough an tithe two la tor iticy aro not much roiled upon; lo ihr (juincy car, In the Alien lo. oinotlve, and in the Jarvu loco motive. All these have been brought out in the progress of tie . ml. anil amnly ova mined and dlmts-ed, and 1 am p-trsuadei Ut.l you are cuftrely familiar with all tno evidence bearing upon this branch of the case. 1 lie question upon It will lie, whether or not you And the Improvement of the plaintiff - ihe unprovt merit existing In Uie arrangement and consfruc.ion of his elgni wheel car upon the tour wheel car -whether i mi finl ihat improvement In auy one or all o those paten's or m i ch ues?not wheiLer they have i-lght wheat, and tw i tru-ks tf.e to swivel or rock, but tho question Is whether the peculiar ?r sngemeni, ndju-troen' and construction of ute car?tin vv i els and trtnks hi relation to the read claimed In the pau-, , end which I have endeavored to explain to you on the prim ' plrs which thu patentee ba- developed?whether that embodl m nt thus found tn the eight wheel car Is to no found In ?U ter of these strucltu cs to whirli yon have been referred, fhst u Urn que. uon. Another grounu of deteuce set up on ths pari of th? dcfenilanls is thst Mr Im ey Is die Inventor. Vou recollect his testimony, t l.avc no doubt. It Is claimed dial he carrier back the construe,ion. or the I be.*. If noi the construction, X Ut t eight wheel tar to IrCAI. It it. b iweyer, proper lo say tn re peel Ut uiis whitest, iba* he spoke dnuhilngly a* to'.tmn He would not s]ieak positively, it was a mauer of mem try with but. I noted his evidence part cularly. lie was aaeertelu as ut time. But, whatever that time wag, (sud I refer lo alt In terview with the Committee of Ute Kienchuiwu KsUrosd.) he ssts he nuviic a rough sketch of his idea of an "Ight wheel car nt this cms. whatever time ilutt may he, sud tiiat he m ,<le a contract with tho rosd lo build a car, as he thinks, out wbthh tell through tn consequence of his partners nut con curring with hlin, and ibuit wo hear no more of nls connec don with an eight wheel car unttt he removes irom Bald uoni to I'hftaib-lphia, In USSS, and brings on , I think, tho Victory tn IS1I oi 1 s.Vj, | am not certain wbich. I rtder more particularly lo Urn evidence of this witness for the pur po-c ol stating to you a principle of law. Now the etc cum.-'ancn that a person has had an Idea of an tin pruvcinent In his head or has sketched It upon paper - tas drawn It and Urn give* It up, neglects It?does not'o jndgm?iit of law ooraUlu e, or have the effect to o institute biti a first and original inventor. It Is not the person who hvt only produced the Idea that Is en'illei to tho prot-cUon as *n inventor, but to the person who has embodied the idea b ironical machine ami reduced it to practical use. tie V . ,s first done that Is the inventor, who fa eoU'led t > prole v tlun. A k nJred prine.ple also |t may bo proper to stile hero, will, h is, that where a person engaged in prvluring vims n? a r.tid usetul mstruni-nt or ounirltance, and who ha* eno-xHad It Into a machine, and od-avomd to reduce It to practice by ?apartments?it tltnse trials fail?tf be fall In succewi, and abandon t, or giro If up -that consideration affords no linpc : mcnltn anntiirr perron, who has taken dp the same Idea, u ? Han- at ideas. sitJ wno has gone on persevrringly In bis studies, trials and cxpei tmems, imbl he lies perfected the new Idea, and brought if Into prnc s al and useful opcra'fon. Ho is the psrsoi?tie mortonou- Inventor? who Is entitled to thu prove. Uon ot'he law. Anchor ground uf defenco s-t up u tbal tbe pa. cn'ee allowed ibe pun lie use ot hie Improv.-'ient of hts o.glit wheel car, upon 'he tisllimore and Ohio Railroad, be ore he matte his application tor a patent, how, It tv un doubtedtv ti tie, sa Ih- law stn.?l at file Uuie of this patent iu ? h-tobe'. laSs, that tbr puult, use of ihe Invention, wits ths I'tts nt ot the patent' e, or sale ol It, prior to the time uf bit ap pllcsilon lor a p.aien', operated as a forfeiture?v a Mifaffoa tothe public. This howerer, means the use of the perfected It, ven'an ?He Inrrniloti compleie. It the use be experimental to an-naln the value or the utility, or the success of (ae Uting Invented, by pitting If into practice, by Plat, such u i will -tot deprive ibe patentee of his right to the prolu-j of h.v getiitis. The plaintiff, ffteiolorn. In this ra.-e hod a rl ,'ht to n-e his csrs on the Baltimore and uhlo tta.i road, by way of trial and experiment, and to enter Into ?tlp'il?tli?is with the illrecbtrs of Uie rosd for'hi* r nrp? se, without any forfeiture of his rights. lie eoul.l not, probably obtain the onpur. unity of trial which wss csseoiiai to the pe;lection of his Improvement without obtaining their consent: and s? I have already said. It la the use of the im provement, atVr II has been completed and reduoed te pracd i-sl sneer-*, wr.t< It operate* as a lorf' I'.nre?as a dedleatloo to 'he public?aa s giving U up to the public. Now, geo-lemeo. It tits n conslderatbsi of these qncsuona which I have submit ted to vou,you sboutd enme tothe coocluirtnn thatdils Improve menl tea nseful "ne. sud that the plaintiff Is the first a-xl irigi rtal Itiv ntor ot It. the next quec'sin for your eonald' ration la the ques'sst ot IntilngemenL If you are again,t the platoUtf upon eldier ut the two t.rtt uue-tluns of utility and orlglasHty, 'hen o crutr-e, Lhts other quest r?t will not ?e reached. Then, as to tie Irft ingemcnt b> the defendeat's cars?the question Is ?lu >bey embody tlie arrangrn.rnt and oane'rucUon of thst plain tiff'- car- In other wonts, the improrenmnt In the plaintiff's ?fte.-lficat.iXi? Improvement, as you hare seen during the oro gr.-?s of this IIW-I be- burn made ut on the eight vv heel nar -tree It was hsovioM nsif and put tn opera'too The s?tngtng l-Sputr is aa mestsa. a?t isssaro a>su o-l?s Ui*.have lose* mrnUoord to the course ol the trial. New Iba Improvements tails mars upee the sight wheel ear do ant give one right to the thing Improved. Ike plataliff, la ihtsoses, wooidtera had no right to usea tour wheel ear, If there bed been a patent for tt, bereuee lie had Improved u ny the eight wheel oar. to an Improvement upne 'he eight wheel c*r does nnt absorb or give a right to 'he lavtaiof of ih?t Improv* meat to me tlie 'hlag uuumrol l bare lore, the question >1111 le ?bother or not voo flwl in u.e delrmlsiit*' urpiinlxanno and arrangement the oreviltntnn erd at the pMoiltr'* improved car If rod do. 'be sddMi oil improvement* fir on male upon n iuant disprovo .he irilh'i t ? mem. It is a xura'in or fa *t for voo to determine Dniliip ascertained Mini oiiipr. bended win the tmpr iveiae it nf <he pla'etli: la. oe rlaimed in his paumt, and which f hero O. doavered n> explain 10 yon In ibe hegtrminx of ttllvoharge you will aupiy that to the dnletidanV car*, anil eoo whehes it is emhodied ilero If It In not, itieo thert U no iufrlagenihul: If It K there I* an tomngr-uieiit 'I lien ae u die que*M'>n of dene pea. Itleednt'tfd tiy the counsel fur the plain'!!] that the amount so-ted in tba ilt 'laralloo til AtO.ulgl rbiasult wax I rough* on the If'th January, IMP. a* sated. Ther oUlm d magi * fcr the yettrn ltd7 und 1Mb It le in erVteane 'tent twenty four eight wheel pmnenper ours, thirty two frotgh cert end eight I aggnge cere were n?ed la 1M7 hv the defa'iian'-* upon their toad: and in 1Mb, t wentv live eight wheel pvteemrnr cere, ihirtv-flve freight cars and eleven baggage care. It I.also It evidence, end It ones n it aeem to he contradletod that the fieleiit Ire ler the right to uae en eight wheel p asengtv oar a worth $'.00 a ear pt r annum ft r license, and that the freight car* and b ggnge car* wnmd be worth t'tn per nonu'n. Taking Ibla evidence?mid tliere aetata to b* no contradiction eoout it? Ibe dmuagea claimed, upon the principle which 1 hare aisled would exeeed oenalderahlv SIO.IIUU. Itrere la do doubt about that; hut y.aj are limited, aid >ou cannot gn harnad that sum. Iheee, gentlemen a'e all tb? observation* 1 think tt nooeasar* to make to yon. I have pravera for Inatrticilon* here, by the d. f. m'ai to' counsel, mi mix-ring, I believe, eighty, but the counael muat evotiee rue from going over iheut. I hare given all tbf Inmrecilona, and all 'he prlncpla* of l*w. that I deem nece-aarv or useful In the au'.mleaton of Utl* ca?e to von an 1 whatever maj be found In thorn numerous pre vers are beyond what 1 deem proper tt trouble you with, for I regard them at not pertinent, not relevant and not material to comment upon. advertisements renewed etert m SAJL&M at auction. AUCTION NOTICH.?OBKAT SAl.B Of RICH f ANOY 1'urs.?KDWaKD 8* I1K.10K will sell at auetlon Thia day, l ee 1, at hi* sales room, 16 Wa 1 elreet, a*. 2 o'clock r M . a large Invoice of elegant fur*, emulating rt Hue mink, store marten, bauui marten, ohiicbbla, French aabla, ro-k martin cape*, vloiorlne. and louMa Alan, a magolfloent red Iliulaon hay aat In mull; and alao it superb sleigh robe wh eh use made for esbibluon at the fair of the Atnorlaao laatltu'e, together with a Urge assortment of other robes, coats, giores, Ac., Ac. Sale positive. AUCTION NOTICE ?BY EDWARD SOB KICK.?ON M mdav, Dec. 3 at 10% o'clock, at 16 Wall street p temptorv sale of Ibe balance of those Sue wipes and orsndics, Ac., (from an Importing house.) 'utnaiatng itnaod Irotnour last catalogue, togetlicr with M8i csa-a and I ;1M6 gallon", In de mijol.r.Hsrd casks, vlx :-l ondtH. dock brandies. iia'o and dtrg Cog! ao champagne, Cogt ac Vlores (In bond), Madeiras, (torts, AmonUUndo sherries, hootch, Irish und Mouotgabnla whiskeys, old Jamaica rum, Ao. No other liquors admitted. ALv large Invoice ot IJavaua scgars. Auction Ntyriois.?g rkat balk Of ii AOMifnRNc diamonds jewetry, watches, lo clone a concern ? al> WaBIi nCHKNOK will sell at auction this dav, at o'clock, at lus sales room. No. 16 Wall street, a maguilijoat ass <rt nous ol diamond Jewe ry, uonaDttog to part of UracolnU, brooches, pins, earrings, linger rings, to c uvtors and simile atoned, all elegantly mounted to eighteen and twenty carat gold. Among the watches will be found Independent secu-id double timers,, patent and de'ao'ied levers, cbrooume'ers, Ac.. Ac., by Kretlng. freres C wper, Jos Johnson, Dent, Iteealev, and other distinguished makers. Also, a hu >erb In voice of camco, Florentine and Bomm music bracelets pins and earrings, gold pins earrings, -irace'el*. vest guard and fob chains, Ac.. Ac., alt poelttvMv to be sold without reserve, to c one the business of an importing house. Auction notiob.-m. dodohty, auctioneer - Closing aale of cabinet fu-olture ?This day, at 10 o'clock, at the store 27 Centre street, three pianoforte stools, pier and oval gilt and mahogany mirrors, sof ts. tote a te'ea, twenty dozen of round and square post curled maple and oak cbalr>; l> n dozen mahogany psrior chairs; Kreoch and cottage bed pleads, mahogany bureaus, library and sen etary bookcases, writing oeska and table", bait- math eases and beds; card, cen tre, dining and extension tables; hat aland* engraving*, oil palming*. Ac.; also, a collec Ion of secondhand furniture, car pets, cvockery and glassware; one large counter, sloven, Ac. Dealers will nod 'l is sale worthy iheir attention. Bale peremp tory to the highest bidder, by order of the assignees. Hale punctual at 10 o'ekek. Auction notice -eurs and sleigh robes. - Thlamorning, (Saturday ) at 10 o'olock.JUHN f. BUS MvLI..auctioneer, will sell by auction, at the store Ot DaY, RlShltLL A CO.. Ki Nassau, two do >rs from Fulton street, su pet lor manufactured turs and sleigh rohra; among the fur* are several valuable mink, sab e capes and desks; the sleigh rubes nre Rocky mountain wolf, coon, sliver badger, geoat, Ac.; the whole to perleot preserve! on. Auction notice.?w. a. carter, auctioneer, will sell, this (Saturday) morning, at It) o'clock, at No hi Greenwich street, a stock ot assorted groceries, tea*, wine*, brandies, Ac., at d immediately follow ng the entire stook of the retail grocery, 14 Washington street, with fixtures and fur niture. An TTON NOTICE.?TTIOR. HELL, AUCTIONEER.? Bj Ml A BvbTtoi day. st 10^ o'clock, a tba sale, monm 1" North W Ilium sireet, variety sale of furniture, h?au Uful invoice of fancy stallnne-y good* and fane* articles, Kieucb mertnuaa. alpa^aa oroche ?&***'*? gentlemen's undershirts and drawcrs pledged BOod^ waWhcs tewelry clothing, cutlery, engraving* Ac., do. ,'l^ oV.UK-k aa abnvn, extensive .ale of wines, brandies, liquors, sogers, teas, raisius, 4c., Ac., Ac. Auction not'.cr.?J. bogart, auctioneer?by s MOO ART. Tlila lay at 10,li o'clock, at the auction room* a variety sale of household furniture, dry goods, fancy good*, aid lounges; mahogany chairs, bureau., carpels b?d*.e*d?. beils and bedding, kit-.hen furniture and stores, also a lot of > loth caps, overcoat'. blanket* buUoiiS, trimmings, ladles shawls, ami a variety of other articles; birdcages, Ac. iTocnrioN pale or homes, carbiaobs. light A wagons, harness, sleigh rcbea, balls, Ac -^MUKL,i* GtiOll, iiucUoueer, ohicr 8ft Nassau street, will sell on Ma ur tlsy l?ec. 1, ?< 12 o'clock. all the stock and fixtures of the sti I.lea I7U and 118 Mercer street, occupied fbr many Te?? by Bajd a Tmordillt the w absolute, by ord*r of Heury Jlertholf, receiver, ftp|K>lnln?l oy the Supreme Court. lerms cash. A deposit re<|Utrod frout all purchasers. _ BAR AND HOUSEHOLD BUBNITURE.?THI* DAT, al 111 o'rlo l:, ui 101 Cedar street, French bedstosds, tw entv live superior leather beds, bedding, cot., hwklogglasse-i, Indies' mahogany work table, oilcloths, chairs, cooking and mcler stoves Clock*, fegars, kitchen turnliure, Ac DepodtS required. W- A. 0*R1 UK, auctioneer, 67 Dey street, corner i f Greenwich. D P. NAS11, AUCTION* KR, STORE S10 BROADWAY. ?Miei til's ssle ot machinery, Ac, this day. batun.av, ltec 1 st II A. M , al.19, 41, 411 and 46 Bothune street, eon*wt Icg ot 'a lct of machinery and bclttug, steam engine andIboUnr, O.MS and iixtnres. one horse, one set harncss. two wagon. m ? WoKAnv black walnut and other newtla. lot of ana iron, Xrnit Ac Ac Also, all the right, till., and Interest 0 me LpmhIupk Ac Monday. JWC 3, nboritPs wvle of a fiost st li k o'clock In the forenoon, at the foot of Eightht street, tost rtver-lbc Sesntooet ?. 1.twre. ee, ber engines, boilers, machinery, tackle, apparel and furniture, Ac., Ac. TfrflFSK B FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER?B1 BRAN y K j,ix a NICHOLS. at their salesroom. 7? Nassau ? tree., newr John.?Mils day. Saturday, at lti>4 o lo".k' ''J uLTEstial salcol genteel furniture l-tcoud hand) onoalsUuI of ""J"| variety rcunlred by a family; also, two canary birds Omger-). ? .1 I,,nt p hcw'tssl pailor suite, ooverwd in brooatel and hsir cloth msbo* anj^Hiicl .>ak sideboards ,.nd -teseres, corner and bt ok snvodaT roMwmd end mahogany bookcase*. acneta rtes wardrobes Breneh bedsteads, dressing bureaus, wa,h ttends, hair maitreasca, paillasses, Ac , Ac. V AARON, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL Tff S !i. day, al hall past len o'clock, at d7 Nassau street a I splendid assortment of line gold watelie., jewelry and sllv r w'sic Persons In want of cheap artlc as for theirownuse w. 1 ' do well to attend. Hale without reserve. 1 /YEOBGE COOK. AUCri(>NKRIU-LAR< 1 ? ?' 11 furniture, miirorM, china vaaea, A"., on plWPiUf, | i ohlndso), at 10*# o'clock at the aalea room, ?o.117 Nawou 1 street, hear Meekman -This Hock embraces parlor suits of rn^ewocd and mahogany, lour enamelled chamber nulls 12 extension r toll* tables of rosewX walnut; vosewooc alio mahogany bureaus, b?Ulf~" stands tiall sigpds, libraries and secretaries, bookcase, side ..oards etegeies. rockers, chairs, aofaa. wardrobes; centre, M.'e and seta tables, 31 pairs rich chtn* va?es of ' ovs.1 n.lrrors, srlth gilt frames, office desks and tables, man I tresses, radlasees, rosewood pianoforte, *?? Hale positive, aod i worthy theuttentlon of purchasers. Catalogues at **lc. I f~O. IIORTON, Al CTIONEKR-8ALKHR00M NO. M (t . Cedar street?wUl sell at his salesroom, on Moutlay,at i It ' . o'clock, a large ai d splendid aeeoruncnt of glass and slit er ware, oil paintings mirrors. I'lockr. rosewotsl and ^h'lg^nr Hfcreiark?H ai d bocArueii, exUjnulon ta^HM. ate. At 12 o lock, I infrotttcllhe salesroom, two fast Canadian ponies, wagon i and harneta l / Treat palf. ob horhep, carri ages, wagons. (t liamess, Ac., at auction-bale peremptory to close a con rern.?Supreme lottrl?Wtllard 8. Megaln^mWlTrumb ; dole Mid Jolm Ksrids--lhe pa-tuerahlp "f R<?d A Truesdale ! having been dissolved, the undersigned, appointed receiver if authority ot th'S rourt, will sell at public auction on *Ma day n#vt l)fAc?mb?r 1. 12 o'clock noon, on iho premioea, Now. 172 and 174 Mnrocr mreei, in thls cUy, ihe trade ot the laws tirm of need A Trueadale, oomprtala* a rnoal 1 vn'uahle and coiiwiletc aavortnaeat ot hor*^H carriak?*a, wran I Cr -JoT,,^'. SX. belli robe-. Ac , together plrcd term of the l.-a-e ot the premises No lik. The property can be seen asa jove, al any time prevtotit to um sale. i^W'^i^'llfiioLP, rwlvcr. Dab-d New York, November 28. 186ft. / V V EAT SALE OB DIAMOND JEWKLB Y AMI R'aTCIIKS IT ? RDWaHI) BCthfcfiCK will ?oU h/SoeUou, iMe d*y? I "his snl' s^ rn. No. 1? Wall, the 0 lUte stock oi an Importing hoti.a to close the concern. Henry b. lkkiw a oo. auctioneers.^"Icr w Nassau Street; househo.d furniture, removed from the oottt - ti V lor corvenieo. e of >ale; has been in use only two month . iU a vVlnsbVe Invoice ofiosty clocks, brtrnte-. rase. Ac., 6 r sccouutof Wrlom It may concern. Henry H. Ljed. A j o - I M-ll at th^ir nore 10 FU**i? atroet. on Hat irda>, Ite-. I ( n s ? ta\) ai It \j o'chiok, a ftna a*M?nnieni of T^ry KODioel bold furnlturt of fashionable style and only ? , oniirtslnc nsrlor suits in rosewisrd, bedroom furniture, cat ? 1>C|. and Other artlc'ca. Also, for acconntof * ,-ein, a large tnvoK,. of fine roar Jle and bronre clocks, bron e itgures sntl groups, ilch plated vases, fancy boxes, Ac , all o be sold without reserve. YTKNRT II LEEDS A CO., AUCTIONEERS ?IIENRV li *11. LKKDNACG will sell by vuetlon, on Tuesdsv, De K'inbert and Wadncsday, December ft. at 7.S oc,K.'t', evening at 'he gal.erv, 64S Hroiadwav, (lutelt nooupied liv the I uuuekinrf collecHon ) a splendid eoilec'lon of oil palritlngs, (W^oSStogillof the .c.^ rwrtv ot s gentleman of this city, ielected by him during n s Ce ^but lo KurrV They havo nev.r boen eihibliel In thto eoBBtry and will be i.uind, on amatnatlun. equal. If nrt su Mih.r io nni crdleclloo tor sale In this citv for mvov years. ^T.e o- lie. Iton comprises 21H) of iti highest class ot picture*. In richglh frames and ouiitatns work* ot V l"'h.i*ulrto aud m.slerti masters, vlr Alberto, Carlo DolpC *. del is? exen,Ins this truly eloganl colls, nen. They sr Monday ^ ted ,1 itrln*'he *'^1" p^.^isr y Invited u. ex*.nine IfKNBY H. HkRTH,_JR..,ArSnON^ff4a??;; street,llKNHY B ^ ''ermas bnstdclotb. slock, comprising *??'???, """JjJ. ^rgr*. satinets, overalls, casslmeres and ve^Ms. ov,rrnau, sa"k* Vests. rajS?SS*5dl? ?s cClsa..~l,,. morning oi sale. ... ? ? _.aT*r, aucthinekb. will sb,ll fOHN U )'? ^ |)ir rtpirtrm Ha if Maklsn lane, a J al 12 ?''J^Jin. old. kind la ail harness, and rsa irot ? marrs . of tnounud han , a m> a road irlla to TW; * j,uni by PuiM-nbtirv a VaoduWr; atoo, bulll^ llM whole being the p-opcrl> ofa prlvaln Jturops, and wUl hs -Id wlPmut rrwrtf. ??- ioRIABTV. AUITIONEER. WIU. HRU? Tiffs I i \ L 10 o'ci < k s' ITS Chn'ham s;tisri, a l.r.e "iord if *. ^'funkvire. from famtllea-tablea. chairs, bnreaua, mte. ^T?rr!ul feather beds. Ac. Ac. ftia* shim aud fancy dry goods, cuUary, 4c., 4a, saubs at tvvnuh JOHN L. VaNDh'AATtvR WILL ttBLLT-iUi DAY, 8A turd ay. December 1, at ?()% o' lock, at Hn ale*ruoia 11 Msiden Une.?Attractive sal* of rich a*d valuable f-nny fur* i<o*pri>dug IlutHon Bay sable mam lea. (a,ra*i , tippet*, vtcluvliiee. Diuti* wiid cullr uianeu h l?. ivuiu o?ru? oilut ??ble, mine uar'.n J rcwb *?hlc Oleh marten, nxi ma leu, In.petitl ermine, Dnx M)O iNt, to Tbe above gondii warn got un expressly (or Hrosdway trate. being ir*-b made and werihy ibe aPt-nlton of lad'** aud gentlemen, a ho will bad It to ileir advantage to aneud ihU *?'*. Alu an iw-ortmeui of ilelgli >ul-ea, yiutra fur ooiiara carnage inuir? gc At 11 o'cmck at ibe aalssita?). 12 Maiden lane, boussiiixtii furnl lure- l.aige ?tid pe'etnpuvy ask ol hn'i-etm.d furniture, .to . In be mill witlonl ieorve io psy a D unces and close Ml tbe balance of otudgumMlA to make rmt turn.he- good*, constating In part of rosewood, mahogany and black wall ut Pailor aulta bureau*. *a*k"i*iid' cbtlra, wardiooe*. bonfc carea, lounges, mirror*, win low i-bsde*. raele a, tela a leb-i, carpeta, oh palming*, enamelled ibam er aulta, bring and aiandUig criba, silver plated ware, perfumery, do. J J. WALDBON. AlIOTloNKhK.?H. O. HVaNS WILL ? continue ibe tale ol iii?. at dm more 62 William a1 real, CO. uer Of Ci (l,,r, ?i loji o'clock ou Monday, Dec. S. and every day during ibe week. Until iba a bole ol .bta inagulfleenl auiek la roid out ooiialrting ol oapea, vhitorlus* cuffs, mil Ok, bona, gentlemen'* gl?vea and c.liara. and a variety of aletgb rubee. J L. SMITH. AUCTIONhEB.?BLK(< ANT lllXIrtKiI ?U? ? ran Iture, costly ntaewfaal pianoforte, 7 octave; rim *ow pirlor fumUuro mi tun*, lo niik nota chin* Taaee, Ac , the poperty ol a airing up boa ekeeplng ? "1 lib day, (raturday,) I ec. 1 at loH o'clock, at K3M i?nh<re utte.n ar thliu aeveoth *ir?et, ton 1 ilntl iu par of one roam wood 1 octave pianoforte, made lo order by J itui Abbott, and coat >NMI; roeewood parlor furniture, In ailk damask en ruling do centre lahte Oarred mabngatii tale-a U.te sots> do nbatrv, card tables, otiooiana, divans, carved inaliogaay bed steels, do bureau*, wash-lands Id oottage oedtetdi. waihatauds, all AW I alltaaaea, bslr maiire?M)-, mils, uomf rlen riuUiauaa try and Iny rain carpel* ? uy*. mata, *c ; bioeatel and lane our* 1'lP,tea XW'll engravings, In rlcb frame*?Trial r r.ffln naaa, 4c ; 12 foot eiteialoo dining ubie, naple and 'lack wi.uiit tar e acat ch?m, mahogany uuariett lab e, a'de uolea, oval uudo'te looking glasses pearl Inlaid clocks, lualmgaay dining end rriklao tub e,. china ai d gia-t- ware torka, moo. a. .to. ann other bnu?eiurnbb ng allele*, together with kitchen tnrol lure, wbh which ihe fair will co nmence The *a:e lapneture; rain or ahlne, and lite good* muatbe letnoved (he tl.y of sale. PhThB PAI1K8, AUtTIONEBR.-CONTINUATlOlf ?ah' of wlcea, argara hrandlee. champagnes, An. S vV A Oh A PAKKMwltl cell HlH o'clock, at their a*lr? looms, M14 bromtway, an Invoice to OiohC Ibe conflgnmeol uf an importer, comprising every variety of wines, brand!**, <*u , ol known brai d* also an Invoice of cut glass decaliters, gut and cbampagne glasae*. Ae. Term* cash, eltyr funds. PJ, KELLY, AliCTlONEHR.?I Wll.L SaLL, THIN ? <lu , at Id o'clock *i 1.1 Catherit * sfieet, the new an I wosl aelected s ock of dry gtgtda contained in said More, oo nprlalag a full aanortment of black and > otored al.k*, b reuoU aid rlttg ialt merltuies. long aud sotiare shawla, b.ankota, i>dlu, fa RtlSShLL W. WhnlOOTT, AU01IONEKB.?PKUiltfi' lory aale of elegant at d co*tl> luituwhold lurultura, spleu uid Parisian minora velvet carpeta. r> we wood p trior ainu, rofpwood platiidone, elegaut ohau client, idl paintiuga. work* ol ait. Ac., at Ibe residence 162 Wol Twenty drat street. B. W. Weeicott ?i t sell, on I ueaday, Ifeoeiuber A, at I0!{o'o ock, the enure maabltlcent tutnliore, Ac , of ibe above a at alius house, which baa been recently furntHhed with the most entity aud elsgani furniture, most of wb.clt wue Imported oe made Us order by our est m.kera. Catalogues wl 1 be ia*tiedou Una day, slit can be obtained at T. ? t onovers, 126 tVIIUatn atr-ud, or ol tbe auttiom er. Parlors? Klegani pearl inlaid 7 oo'ai a p at o orte, eml roldered stool and cover, 2 magolUoenl Freti' h nitrtors, t>n feet lot g, rtnh akuiltuder, velvet aud WttUm Oar pets, velvet i uga, Ac.; . oatly m ltd rosewood suit two aofae, sik parlor chairs, large toualreuud go h.o o alrs, covered in satin Lr..cade. with sliu covers, one do. in emurotdored taps?r', Impi ried. very rich with slip covers; elegantly covered ed it heiit an e1 eg ere. plate trout and back, mouaieulnormulu; ?<!td recrpUon chslre, to Uspestr>; uiagaidcent esuretotre In.aid With pearl, rceewood mu>lo cabinet, idtror back,carved roaevood <ei>tre and pier tattle# with newale and ttgfettau tobs; eiegani and rosily aevre* vase*, with a vatusole and sir esui collrciton of par or oruamcnta, hionsA a d mar? e clocks, mounted in ormolu; rich brocade and lace curt sins, gold oor oeied t-hsules, splendid uoUec-ltHi of oil panning*, on canvas and glass, historical, fruliauo llower pieces, marine and rural view*, by eminent jfort-lgn and native artists. Utnlngroom? hlegslit ex'eiiHton lablea magulflcent dinner ret of 174 nieces, rutty auo crystal cut glaaawstre to aeia to match tbrougbout, rich S'h crware, ivory and peart cutlery Co.. with an elesant vat letv ol rvwewood chamber urnuuro. carved ruaewo vd and mahogany bedrt ads. 16 pure hair so* treseea, beds, Ae., aplen dld Utarb e top chamber sulta, richly deoural?d;ru*ewnod wash stai da, httvrvs china bd et aet, rosewood secretary onokoaae, lihrmy da, Krenah plaie oval mirror*, rosewood and mabo tiau y Frepcb sofas, spring seat and Krenoh chairs, TurklAaud nvahd chairs, Ac . w uh a very large tswirtiuent of enamelled, copper and other kitchen uleuslls Also, 2du yard* Kngiishoil cioth, ail ui (H.e oider;ouu prising a together Uiemosl desirable and elegant collection uileicd ataaniou ibis nmm There will he i o postponement on any account, btage* aid Oars pass within a lew doon of (ho bouse. Tunis mohbell, aU'TIonebr?supbriob bosk wood pluttidorte, (second hi ndd rod one ?esr ano, S3U0; will he told by auct'oo, ai noon, 12 o'ol'ck this day, at No Ml Nassau street, a celebrated well known maser, a Wirrautee of 1 self; no uudprbidiiltig. The! trade as well as private pnrtbs will abend, as sacrifice la expected xter which wbl oe ?old two hreoch plate pier mbrnrs. Mil by 26; roiewood tilUrt of potior furniture, carried wth hair cldd (extra qua Uy J abo, sulta of green enamelled urnluirn, wltb mar tin tow. two suitev ctpiuiber furniture (greeu and bloe> inab -gauy and I luck walnut fUrubure of an excellent ((tullly, adver p'ated ware oil palntlegs, curled hair ma'ircsae*. omna t?a seta and vases. Iron safes, tewing machines, Ernie-h de-ks aud hexes with a large atoek of fan vy furniture all arraogsd to lie examined and a ore In give satisfaction. Alto, Invoice of paiat log*, and tnvoloe of aegar*. The canal boat johnhon at auction Monday, id December, at 12 o'clock. *t to* pier f-iot af Day at eat, as she now lies st aaU pier; Is perfectly or' and light, housed In for winter use ana aotnlrabiy suited for aslllug po'a oes, oats and market truck. W a. CaRI'bk, Aucbo..eer, 57 1'?) street, . oruer Omenwloh. 07M. WITTERM. AUCTIONEKR, WILL SELL ON 8A "V turdsy. nt Klk >' .lock, at 18,' Cane1 st , tue furniture of a family breaking up housekeep rig, o > *ta Ing tthe u<u vl sssi rtn.ent of genteel parlor, n is . 'it sou kbohe . urelt . also porterhuuaelarnlltire, wines, liquors and sugars. WILLIAM WITTERM, ACCT'riWRR, WILT, UET,\ ibis day. at 10*{ o'clock, *1 IH7 Canal ? ret, admlnlakr v ?oi's sn e cf hi usehosl turnnrre of a droeas ?' lady, oonals to r of so as, conctrs, u>abogan> and cane chairs, centre and as u nsbin table*, handsome carpeta, oilcloths, large quantify of Ivab rr beda, uaitrrree , coosnis and o her stoves, Ac , wo. - by the aUcnilon ot dealers and inhere. TVII.LIAM IRVING, AUCTIONKKR.?OIL PAINTINGS, vv sliver wsre. household furniture Ac.?WILLIaM IK VINO A CO. w;l, sdi ni auction n ba'uidAy, Dec. i at lotj o'nock, BttlieHalCHiiximfq No. M l'lno street, one hundral ant Otty at riant aud modern oil paintings, in giH t'ramea, mi atrrlcberr and panels; mariaes lsinisrHtiet, heads, rait e Pieces river ai d la' bor views nattlc pieces, mythological sub JCCis. hlsioilcal copies and origlualaut tbeanrlentano modon I hools; also win k holes, drnrslng ciaca. paoalerla*. Ao ; also i.iiuaehb d furni ore mirrori, carpel* parlor ft) r nit lire, centre ni d plcr tahlea nahogsev and black walnut bedroom inr nllure, malUrsee* hlarktds, Ac, china, croelusy andgiasa * lire, rooking Movea, kitchen furniture, Ar ; also, 'or ac ronntofwhom It may concern, about 150 oiuco Toiling ml. ver table, breakfast, tea ami dessert sptsn.s, fork* Ac. tkr IILIAM T. BOYD A CO.. Af( TIONrEBS WORK vv Pj7 WllMam street.?Eiirntture, carpctlnr ,Vr.?un Mon day. December S at the auction room, at Id1; o'clock, sofa*, rl airs, bureaus, con Jjes and -oil 1} bed*, corner stands, tsh'oe dining nnd tea do , atdeiln, extension do; IW Parian piirhera, plated carter*. Kreucta and flack walnut ?ds'ead*. rota do , beds and h<-dling; a'-o ten trayr, kulveaaad forks; a'so. 10 dem'jobua of g rsl brandy, s tars, greeu aud black teas, and other arliclea. f)ir*"o. ALBURTrsrArniOVEER, WILL SELL ON f v , Saturday, Dee I, at Kit,o'rlu-k. No sf Columbia street, between Congress and Warren aireeia, rloii'h Itrooklyn, a gene ral araortment of huurehc.d furniture. carjieU, beds and bed ding. TX7IIXIAMMBURG.?AUCTION ~ NOTICE.?MONDAY v ' Dec. .1, ai In1, o'cloek, at S5 Seventh atreet, oeu* south Sixth, a nice arsoriment of housclio d furniture, taposiry and ingrain rarrve a. freorh pla'e ra nor, slab and brocktts; also every requisite for kitchen nnd t an'riea. rings stoves, Ac Thj cord* to t e, removed immedta e y after *?!,? JOHN I?AMP ItSI.T,, Auctioneer, other* 115Grand street, Williamsburg, aad 177 Pearl street. Ntw Yurk. FUIAJHC1AL. fcOOO l \(\i\ TO i-OaN-ik sums to si it apfi.i Pi'i'Ui"lul' cant , of from #."> to ftO.lHlll. on dia monds. watches. lewolry, dry goods, secant, homes www, *e.. Ac. Atl kinds of pet*"- ?l propel l> hooch. fnr esah. Private rvonn for ladies. Business prompt and oonBdentU:. bylAYl.UK A ?'<> yj (,'luunbeisi strwt, ncii door to 11m tun's theatre. <mice boars Iron si A. M. all ? M. AlifWl IsfWl -*ONBY TO l-OAN ON DIAMOND,, Ju''IM" . watches, jewelry. dry good*, Mgirs, *C , r bonpbt for eseb; Korku, notes. mortgagee, Ac., nrjo Ulod. ?"Wdnese cnafideotul and prompt, tj" i KlMioON A OO., rokrrs sod e.mmls?tin merchants 102 Naseau street <yu nrr ?f AMI. room No. 2, srxswid floor. fc/l/WU?nTo to AN ON BOND AND MORTOAUR tffi'xi.I.l"IfIf ot first elites city propcrtgi. For aaie. losen Hflhavriue. Har'em snd Kurd mo. ibetp Al'o ? beeiitlfuJ ronntry reeldopceat trrn.gton ou the nudsoa ri?<*r. FKrlDKKII.K A. UUUDAuL 2t"J Kultoa street 4' 111 iliW) TO t? AN ON DIAMONDS, WirUJKH ?J>T"\f.' 'sMf Jewe'ry, furniture, drvgoolt ssfer* end every desrrlpikm of properts. or nought ml for r??h, ICn or? ly dlllrrri.t io Mher ofllr-i. Dunnese coiifldriitial. Apply ?l SO' Houston utreef, between Merocr snd fberiie S. MYKRS. Agent. fWlit TO ON h( Ml AN I' MonlUAtlr., PI MM "I in i*r?T? t urn* , f 1,100 will i.e loaned on ??eo d ii nr?K?gr It *?' sis. lory, or one hnugbt , >1 I OOP worth it moltf sges ? "n rd s' n discount Appiv lo B. h aLTON.-TAl.Ii, 0,1 John st. roruer of Will.em, fron 12 to 2 dsilj. dhQ/1 linTt -A WRMTKHN MKIH'HA NT. IIOI.DINO tjpra" f?'J"l'. s Slit (s?i first morgans on Boston otLy pro perij. w rh double tfie smodnt, w II pnrrheee #Al,iy>> wur'li it dr< goods, clothing, or stasis ?u is' le lor n Wemern marks', si i. will pay ft '"11 rs>h snd balance lu sakl mortgage. Ad dn-sP. *A , lieiaidofllce. |C fw in-rnco i2u?o."and" oNRliuM'or ?t.w Jfi.UUv In loan on lomd ?nd m irtgege oe Improved city pirperty. Apply toH.d KlKKK, 180 Nassau streei. ?FHliCLD TBI8~MI.FT"THR F.YF. OF ANT ? young tan of good address, snd having Ibis snni si bis disposal. iw urit- enll he given tbr tbe same, and a septrel aHuanou o lAoO per year. Address Mortoner, bos ..tHfi 1'oat nflce. Ant amount on monpv to doan. or roRuHAHKO at rath pideee. oe d amends, welches, plate rteh jesrelrv. isoiaHle if anwJ property, and merchandise get erally R. V. 1.1 ID, Fit on street, second floor front room, 0 a. M to 5 P M. A few valnabte oil paining, to be eo',d a bargain ABOUT (Ml 000 TO LOAN?ON IWPROTRD FROPKRTT. lb tbecitj ot New Vork, at seven per cent. Apply to w. W TtiWNnKMJ No. I booth *<met. C'AHH I.IBKKA'.LT * DVANC D ON aOORRtfOCD j forrliure. planoto-tee, watches jewelre. hnrtes, wafaas. harness, dry it?md?, hard wars, snd sll o'her desertodnaa of prranal propariy: or ssme beidfht out lor higher < Apply at WiMF.ff'e fiiraUnre aareroniu, t&i Hroo oorner of Mrreer Storage to lei. K1CABAOUA SHABK-t-TIIR DBST rNDKHSTAWD big pvevalto between Cn' Walker end K ? mr. I weatr shares to be enld at Meeere. WALKRR c 7'l Fine street Vfc* OBHRANF CorPuNS -flTlZFNH'BANK Of U>C ll MMaa. Saw Orl?a--s, Nov. Ill, l.n.Vt?Notloe? lloldere a t' mmt n bonds laeurd by marlNpalltt No. 2 of the city o Nrw OfVsns ?<> ?Hy bank, snd hy toe roiuolldaf id ohytoW A. Uerdri , tbairmsn due si d naya'ile In New Tort on geat Leceailier neit are hereby no'ifted that the funds ere depotot rd auh the bank of Amerlra New York, where they wjl he paid on demand on and after the first or 1 teeemner aext K. ROUAckaC, 5l>0 AITCT "fjl!'? fit TORI AMD N2W BtTff U Rallnad (-owpsny. No 1 Hanover streei-Noooe to bead hoMer*. Hoklere of seven per oent boads of tbe oompaar are hereby mHtflec 'hat hi nnreuaore of aa act of tbe Assembly of the Slate of Oonnnedrut, passed at Ua last Bay iwisinn, the Tr -astirer Is snthoriied and prepared to eanfcaere tm the outsienoi, r oohds bearbig seven per eeat Interest and not aeenred by n nrigage bonds anfborliad by lha befbre men bon d net, learbigsii percent Interest, and secured hr an on.t mortgagr on the tympany's mad. fran h'aes Ac, aa c ?srhanga will be made at this o?ce nnb) further botioe Hv order nt tbe IHrecmra W?. URMRNT, Treaeurer New York. Oct. 1*. IMA ' /AFrifTOrTHK NKWDRt VAOA OANAI, AND ATM AW A f Nevlrafiob Unmpaav, No 4 Wsli street ?New Torfc Noe itesin Navigefinn (V,mpany's bonds doe on the^ir ot'dT * her, atU be paid ea lhai day at the >9?e -f the emapaav J AMU A. HAmUA, ttdMww

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