Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1855 Page 7
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IUVKKTi&EflKMS RKMWiJO EViKV in I. M?H naLh, A A ftllfl A';KBh o? *?**? land for sale. or XVsVM'V ei' li.u ige for etiy property or oie ukandie.; ala ?, '.wogen'eel bonee- tu "ruoklvu for sale; price oni. |l,0ny cash reuot'ed, rent km SdtO Also. a co'taae hi Melr-Me kw $1 JUG; east. reuulre.1, $ (gl. Appl. ail# Vati street No" Turk, to "ILVBsTKil /(aY. Commissioner 'or all the .Stale* f 9 AAf I ~ruR SALE vkry obkap?a lot cr ?FS"?vJVW. g nund, ou Thirty terrain street, between broad**? undceveoih avenue. Is a wj diwtra'.te lot- Wi-I t>r euid for ill. above sura, sMhe wlvrrtbni-la much lo want of mousy. Coat six mou'ha agoRtOOi). (1300 .>au remain for a (eintof yeai*. Address 0 K. U , Heraldofllce. <tl frtflfl -A HaKOAIN -ONLY $1 800 FOR A TV.) Cj.OuUi sloiy frame bouae au.) two Iota, *)0 lee "root Fill on avenue; Ose, two Que three story ba-e uent Iww la rxrhki go lor g. od lots. House to !?' g~K?t location. #'.? U'l May. i iite tsaoUul t. r Implored properly. Apply at No. S , 'I i joe row, room 13. Hi lil ?1ro obockiul?1hie stock, Fixrui?jt-< I I .l/\)iIraae aud gi**l will of an eeUollsbed s"yrrv doing a week'v usU.ees .4 SftbO to ftWO, a* can be abnwn' Nock a< appieiMil. Hai'.-fa.-iory reason tor -elling. v)Ott parU i u.sis a;.pry to M. U. btfllll A CO., Ueneral Agergg, 84 Sm tau meet. <tl TO $1,400 WILL PORCUA/R A MAVUFAO ?V I ?(/(/(/ luring buslines, paying frigm$100 to $A)0 per n un h ne! ant] can 1?. extended I" any atno .nl. file businrx. In done for wh..)e.a'? rte.ster* only, Katleia "orv reasons I'd seihag iro.j lo (} II. oMU'll.? Co., 84 Nassau street. Retponslblc agentt minted. Jfcf-RA -A CAHH MANUFACTURING BOSINKSri KOR Plli/Vi aaln?.be ante m manufactured pay a large protit, /.rd can be extei ded through die Dat ed Siale*. A store ta Vg^tdown io?n tr>r .he a lr of .be artlc.lea manufactured, and Lucy goods are sold at wboieea e aud retail. Apply at the vture, 90 Murray el reel. ll'l (U I -A (icon PAYING BU8INR88,STOCK, LEASE, ?v XV/V/. and Ax ures; store can be takno alone: te gnoa for aty buen < sk rn.t cheap. Apply to RuBB A .WlNU, real aetata agents, 48 r.lgbth areuue. J OOOI) 01) ANCIC FOB A BUTCHER.- AN OT.D EST AH Dshnd bed, pork and provision store tor sa'e. A rare rbance for a oerman. Apply to 1>. i>., 212 Broome s reel BhR.IRN H*IOHTR?FOfTl LOTS, BEAUTIFULLY SI mated ? Mitn s pleasant walk of the larrv. and with omul psiolng hy eccrv few minutes, for sste low, separately or legellier. A ply ?t 107 Wattr street. COCKTKRS AND 8'IKLVINO F.iR SALE? A LABOR lot of die at ove. In pr me c uidlllo., sitlta'ile for faauv goods, to be Mild a: a bargain, for further particulars apply to tsatiKUE Ml AT I, 43 Broadway. EXlBAbOK.- ANY ONH aisiitNa TO EXCtlANQE fumliure lor a valua'de gold watch, will address care of boi (A Brooklyn, K t), Pom oAoa. m( KI.n AMERICAN VINDOW.-TO SASHMAKERS, " builder.. As?i ou'ly rights of Ibbt valuable Invertlon for sal. i n tavnrahie teruis. lbms sasb-s both slide ai. i sw Ing, i r. enl a hHiid.nmi sppsai anee and are suiroi, wind ai d dusl i|. hi; nri o1 tlimi b rei.vh oaseiuenU. Parti-! l lets given m sppllrailoit to the paten ce and mai.ula dursr, VtM. 8. FORI), 181 Me t weuty ttfdi stivet, or JaS. H. llBMVY, Agent, 13 < lit! sijeet. /VOR 8ALE-8TR iMf.ilIP TRNNESSRE. OF 1,180 TOMB o register, sulll In bnblinnre tn 1844 of inebest Marvlari'l itk. ui .lie Siri ngesl mauoer, .lhagoniLily slrapimd with iron. Rnrtne < 1 fun horse power. Tins snip has p ored haiaolf an ac.<smiiu'"tO One sen verv fasi.aiid her coiisuiinnlon ol soa! VII ne so'd WW. Aoplv 'O MORi'IMKH UYlkhHTOK. 58 Broadway. jiTc.R f aI.K?TdlHTV UJl8 IN BROOKLYN, LAVS WUr u Usui burg, ou (Into!, a cue, W .nsolf - Utgg 8ol.ols, and dra'h'h stre. A t hese lob. ore on a good grade, streem eeve.1 nnd fli.iMtea, and aie ..Herod low to eWse ?u estate Ap or it) II H Hi 111'LPS Hodlbrd svenue. oornnr of Hons sL PtiH PALE.?A hKSPBHTaBLE 0UT810K HUSINK8S, bsving a large, perumtieot and lur.reaslng omioouuni, w'lbetatd*. u rensonalile prue. and iuolude a Ivv.ira ili! Ira e of preialhes; satlsbcio. y reaeons given for selling. Ap ply t itKDb KICK A. OOO0ALL. Mi Figton st. Fob hale-two fine threk story and base mrnt brisk houses slid lot- In .tauten street; prioe $3,AOO sod $4.1 Co. A tins' elss. lo irstory buck bouse And lotjit I h r tv-secend street, ni-sroixth avenue; pdoe f/,B0U, and a three siorv and liasemeut brli k'leius.- in fsltily seventh afreet, near Ktx h avenue price J8.W8) Also, inanv otber nrat olaat hmises Air sale In every m-oiuiii of the ctly, py A. HKKtlEANT, 14 Wall alreet. \ IiMiK BAiE-ANOLD E8TABLISPED DINTNO SALOON and #>rtv lour lodgleg 'uoms. oppo-lte a public marke, and In ear of the greatest Ihoroinghfares In the v.ltv, pow ibdng a Hue buslnevs. 1 he present owuer hi obliged to leave the oil/. The st/ck Qxinres ornPnre An., aa it Hands, wI I be sold tow. Apply to K. B KI88IIIMKU. 31$ Fourth svenue. la>OR BALE?A TWO STORY Fit A WE OOTTAOK HOIWB f and three ota on the south side of Aid st, betweon 4th sod Bit) s venues; price $4 4UI, #1! 3fttl dollars can rein tin on mu gs ge Aoplv to 1IKNKY II I KPc.N I Kit, No. '44 Essex market, or ot Fountain A Kmhb, No. B6 East Zith st. F OK BALE?OR KXCHANOE FOB A COUNTRY PLACE near New Yo k, a cii'ierw- four s'orv boose ou courth street. All lon plaoe. lot 25 ny !V> feet. bouse tn Hue order, m<e dern litiprovenienls, Ac. Also, several very cheap bouses up town for sale K. B. KIN8H1MKK, 319 Fourth aveuun. For sale?a beautiful hotel, well located near this tity, doing a good hiub.esa. Attaehad la a large, splendid billiard room The hotel and bar furniture au la unDiple'U ' rde. Value $10,is)0 Will exchange fur oi'y pro pcr.y or a tarm In b" nuiulry. Address O. I'. II., llervld olDne, s b k'li a ni be attended to. Agents wl.l please not uotlce SAOR RALK-1 :*() TP.* a NT HOUSES OH OMR LOT. SO fl Ami dnrp each; lot 14# toot daep, and full front; In i "berry drool. between Catherine ?>rd market; term* eaay Inquire at AM Ne'e York Eur Company, 421 Bi Midway, from 9 lo 10 A. *., and S to 6 P. M. ______ F4?R SALE?TUB STOCK AND FIXTURES OF TUB my fruif and im.fcctlonerv store, No. NO Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. A gimdetand to moke money through the holiday*, lo be a id on account ol the owner* going to leava the city. IioK BALK?STOCK AND PIXTCKBS OP A P4.V0Y ?lore. In a good miuatUiu. Por particular* Inquire of U. COBS, LO Jubu *Li'Ot. >OR SALK-OOUhTlR AND BACK FIXTURES, 8RV enieeri fert In leiutb. A|>iily at 43 Vency urewt. fO* SALE-TUB FhONT AND KE 414 HOI SK 224 3; roa'h Fourth aireet, Kaat HrO"k'yn; the front bou*e I* totaled to eotri -tile, h? Barbie maDtifei .range, irat and bot air tintan, 'Ihey rent lor 9B7Q. Prtco Si.ftfki ?gl.MM ruh Apply to J. 0. SMITH. 13 Mn't ri-ett, F'OK sat e THE I,KAMI, FIXTURES AND GOOD WILL ol nn old entabltehed Ui|iior More, t:i one of the boat loca ttan* In the city. Apply lnunedlaiely at LOT Kant Eleventh an, vainer of Dry Dock. ICOE BaLK OR EXCHANGE?POR A, HOUBB IN THE ? city, ?n ettcellont farm of lai *. re?, on ? luet of raHroal, hi a pr.'oibeot natron; a lino, prodnetlve farm and ciuntry re*ICrr>ce alro, o'bur country pl?w* for hale. Apply to f?. B. WlhhltlMKK. LIU Fourth avenue. POR MALE OK TO REST? A FIRST R4TE SEVEN DO lave piano and a doable action barp. Can to woo at 104 Prince Greet. LK/8K t)P THREE FUIX BI7.K BUILDING LOTS aot'tkted nn Fifty aeotn d afreet, near Eighth avenue, will be *oid at a bargain by applylug to J AS, A. ItltKVEH, 3d Naa aau Ktrvet, tenement. TkfOTJCK TO BnlFHli 1LDBKS ?POR 8 A LB, A PINF. J. 1 lot ?t rrn cedar timbiT, rate mllo from Port Hamilton, on the rnnd lending from the fort to He bath botuo. Inquire or PLSMaN on the pretulae*. Long It-land TVF1 A*l> PRINTING PKEBSE8POR SALB CHRAP l re ootible cylinder preoa, bod 30x31, line'* make. t?o medluni p?e?*e*. Ku*t'? mage, one *up?r ratal, lioo'a make, ore Imperial Ho J. Taylor"* make; one imperial No. 4 with eel inker, Hoe'* n eke Abo, faiule of neapirlel. minimi a id bot.ryenter; f?e(? ?i?nda, loteoatug stone*, compo tug aucka. Iron aide and loot etleki, rue*, Ac , c?. all eeond haul. JaMehCoNnoh a MinB. 29 Bookman auroot, fTO PRINIER8.-KOR BALE, A BIN CLE CYLINDER I Hoe .a*pier prow, in dxeeilenl eondttton, on Hie nvat reaannsl le t oma. Apply at ine Saturday Evening fla/NMe otbre, hoatnti Ma**. _ rfx> exciianof. for improved city or Brooklyn X prny vrty?2, line lot* in Morrl <ania: *?vl lot* ar" beans fully elttid O(l oe,er ibe itepOA, and are uMecunibcred; a small d'fferenre alii be panl lu cu*h If required; Cor particttlva app.y to A. M BURR, 13J Brxadway, roouigl, MMam^aiow. 5nnn CHINAmb pota ro? nioftcoRRA FATATAs for wile PfRed nuUUogtl** of our umival'el OOl Irei.oo ol Her* anU r Inn ? %*i I t.e -mil hi applicant*. | AM. H. FHINCK A CO. t lUjdng, N, V. gh*|/||| WIILHK PAID IP OK TOIlAH'H VENETIAN ^iHt" I idiueri dte-e nut care dteenutr' cri'ip,nolle head actv.ueithai 1 e i b ?uioatl*ni coti :'e com Bai o*. e<eoi, Inge, aad pailtaof ail kind* onatter tbnn an* otheir retnoly;lt ha* la ei. I ef re it pun lie elgnt yearn and never (ai ed, toe in-ai oeirt t a ted pbyelMau* tn the Unltod riato* revuatnend It. Sold h) ll.e druaglet* evi rv ? uere. Depi* No fel < o Uitid' ?treei l nee 2b at o SO cei ta nr. Tobjt*'* relehratad Horao Unl toei't l* atao lor hale In plot boti.'e* a. 30 oeot*. wblib cannot bo beat. Roman EYE BALsaM?FOR WE\K F.iES AND IN tianieo eteiid* ? I til* ,iai?*m lathe vary i>e?i nren*ra tna tt*i v*n Ire ?-i d i r lull noma ?i y uieeaer* of the eye* or ?? e Id* 44 hen u,* dhwiifrc i* < "tidned to the external coat of 'he ?ye. 1*11, and Internal tlitur ofthectoild i art* alut"*! lilt ? aglr In allaying all irritation anil bill .mmnion. 1'riee 21 ren.a per yai Por an.e by A. B. A l>. druggwta, bit * alum nrr* l OTUYBB fTOVr eT f-VES.- |S3 I" AN 4 L HTRKKT. N K 4 R I , Varvk, W A H. V ? N Nilflta' ?fove mora, tan na** I a>y> * vine en' uf the fate at iia'tem* or *hire? m a tn*i grata* and k rchon range*; fie we on **aer ate i*r ta Hnwe pat Hp ai d pl,,e fur i -bed fnr aarnn, grata* ?*l ?uie-e a?d tangaa un>-tlhud repaired, noapatn ,e gibbtaaa,? m -aa > and aatwL 1"Hr CPKAT l> r BEYER 4(JE HP THE 4HK -W. GIL 1.11 b ,t BRf ?T II r.RH" celebrated Daatlellltn t'offee If ?#.. fel n? ledvnl ny *1, lo lo not noly equal to th? flnoai i>d Mntha eef?e but the niiei rflfertnal remedy for dy*i>*;taia, oilt i i* ?eae drratrtetwat of die Beer, nrr .4e W HI, 1.1k- A UNOiH'M No* id ami .37 WimWligtorl *frnrti Net* \ork, m l eru r* of ibr rtand'iion root, and *oln mvi't) lacurr** of 'he pure and nnadul" rated daidelt n colfen trhteh la t e*Uv put up m un ran* With a lac Motile of our ?lg nature upon cat h wrapper aa a protaetlon agabuit Itnpoature. flNl THE PIBUU-I HAVK A PKW BOTTLES OP X >merman oil yet to dlanoee it. Thoar In J?e habito tietng It can bo aupplted by calling at 113 Norfolk *tr-*i_ J Mrut Hal LET. TRBTBIP Bf OOMS-T,Af)IWI,~DO TOtf WISH TO have a ?ktn I ?e wbfe aaun.aeboek Ilk* a jieardi, and Xan'W banda f I *e ll.e Ve*tr4a bloom* l.nlri, three Co* B,etlr* are rte tvarer p!?t>iaii Comomluona; thev have an eaor men* mpetatmo In Europe where thoy are n?ed by the artwo. tratic aaaurrt of ration* eonrta. It la ImpoWhle to detent their ore; Ihey ?re nature'* *olf Tour lieautv will he belghtrr nd by oelng the nerpe. tal vooth giving bloom. F ir dark indi't. No. 1. fair, No. S; blonde. No. X sold only at 691 Broad war. K?TKlk PAI. T7 H navy naILcks and DTUtKS.-RXTRA pat aJ . pretrptli paid, hourly I*ret warranta obtained. Uriah! and 'aut: iien?ior ortwurod, balanr* due helrt of ieenaanl C. B neecreu collected, and ah klndanf claim* agalnei ihe U.S. BDWABD DIMlUa Agent,and late Punter t . S Matt.or Wall*! n^RxriTi'iuc. KTOTTAOB AND TANCV PUJtNrriRR WARF.ROOMN J *1 814 t'.rieid#**, pik?Il the 14. Ntcnrla* lime. Ml IKWn 4 HT A CRY nttbr.fni- tale OiO (Wtwi etUn.?iv eawt p ?t-' of fency cottage etuni* lad * id l uirIt Nl" 'U ' *i f I*i tf'd glair*, at j flu' ed "r ?? > w-r*?*'ie y i " ?> . t'neen* pallia* a ?. p.uaw ?, bo e'er-. A- , at itiAue a it-*.*' nvicr* ISAIftJTWs* 1 *<? ..n.i?v.--'." ,.*A w"353!!S33l Wf f HT Je! IHHillM, *r <w It ^nynn pUui. H*tb room. 713 ^vi'/uuJ2' '*? N MR WASHINGTON PLACE, o>?r we-iw 8 Mi turai?biMl p*rlorH ui<] btniruom*. fb4B H??*-1"?*''?TWOSUITStsF VK11V PLEASANT ill y,,? I I'" ??*? ootid; slao I wo single room* Dinner at fi'o cl <c^L*k" gentlemen; bouse but nu, baiha, Ac. 97Qn'>imi?nT.-ii elsoantly furnish ? * 'A parlor and bedroom, art b all Hid modern luprove Hi' lip". ,0 m *> a gentlemau, o' genii- mail ami wile. Ainu, ?eve'?ta slug la rooms lo lot, Willi or wnbout board. "V HUDSON STREET?NEATLY rURNMHKD ROOMS, llU on fieri and second Hour*, hi lot, wlib ooaul. to parties of geti'letneii or i?itilciuai. ami; houae ileal ran I y lnoa'wl, t'H' bt. John'* park; replete wtUi modern conveuleuoe. K# fa rence eicbunged. Call and ace. I AK TWELFTH STPi.KT, HEAR SECOND AVtCIUK. IT') Kuoui* ?id. hoard, furulabml or uufurnlshd ?riiiiglo liet lien-en, or goo lemttu aa.l thou- wive-, cat. llud ileaira 11' eeceuuna dat on, on ibe in oml lloor. Family private; modem to proveurent*. ltjr Kiuurn street.?first clahi accowmooa i Oti Hons, single rooms, with or without hoard, may he .'tila.i.ed In ibe newly run,I. bed tcuae, 134 Ktgbdr -root, op poi-he Uie Meroanbe i.ihrary. "I lift KAbT TWENI Y-FIRST STREET, ORaMKRCY jLWU pail; room* w|ih board: a handsomely furnished t'.ii.i loom, on the firel boor, with all the tuuoeru tin.rove li to h ; also a few pleat ant room* lor suigle gen: lumen. ft;; macdocoal htreft. three doors above IJt) tn uslou.?A small Au.e-lcen Umlly will an-ouun sie'e one or a party o* gentlemen with par'or and largo site bad l ot in closet and bathroom connected, at fit Ml per week; abut one I all bedroom at SI Ah. ParUai board will he given IT m ?jutted. Term* luodcrate, wuh a comfortable borne In a deal i al le locality. OA NINTH STREET.?A SUITE OK ROOMS OS THE t)T second floor; *l?o. 'wo *ingln mnma, ran ho oh'a'iidR ?nh hoard, In a private family. Bouse baa modern hit irove mania. A FEW GENTLEMEN. WINNING SINGLE BOOMS, OR Al gnu'leineo and 'mile* wbn want a good >ioiir ling p are. Wi tt a do well lo nail at 1M Slgtb avenue, netr Kmi eentfc ?t. mi. (laa, hot and cold water, hatlia, Ae. Term* moderate One or two cleik* for dey hoard alao APAKTMKNTH KOR GENTLEMEN, NKaTLY AND elegantly furnished at N9 Prince alreel. The loci on i? central, and near the Metropolitan Hotel. Hruakfus il re quired. , FURNIhHKD rkdroom WITH KIRK.'L\' It) A let, on the tccond story of the house 121 White ?tr mu ALARY WOULD RE IIAI'I'I TO AOOOMMOD tTK A set'ih man and lady with furnished or uiilnrnbthi-1 room', e i b hoard for the lady only or wunhl let die entire >iutur I hbed i.o ir to a aniall qu el family. Houae ha* iun lurit lui pmveuiebM, I elnw I weniy eigb'h atreei, uear Madlm i ? (a. -e. Hi u aiery mo<<erHle Krirr? escliangtd. A.Idm.? W. W ., I uloo equate i'uat ofi ce, fur lao caya. Board?to let, with hoard, at ? st. mark'B plure, (Eighth atree',) two or three -Ingle rtsmu to gentle n en. the home mnteltia all Ibe mnduru luipruvemculk kMMMI richanged. Board.-wanted, by a lady and oentlrsan, a nli it room, * ith hoard lor the iad v. A prtve e 'am ty tn eliowlady wlib emuli r*, ran learn id a de ahahie party by acdresiiug P. W , Herald odke. Bc Hoard?a oestlrman and ihs wife, or two -Ingle gentlemen, ran l>? aeuimmtidaled witb hoard hi u ? rlvele family, ronvrDlent to rare and ?luge*, 'lerin* male :a e. Apply at No b Warren piace, oha/le* atreet. Board-in west fourrRRNTti btrkut opposite Annul.rlahon Olnirrh. rlitn avenue?Two genii" n i n and heir wive* r*n obtain aull* of apartiuer hi. (iirulahed wl'hhoerd, hi Immediate applleattnu at to. I OA Went Pour tee li b atree', (inure having uiedern Improvement*; I* very coo vMitent to ca a and atagea. Reference reqahed. Board?a private family will accommodate a geulh man and w ife or two single genllrm in wuhmlbor f ,.rti?l I oard on reaaunnMe terms, at US W'e*'. Tnirte-mtli s eel, between Futh and HUth aveuues. Referou ten re quirt d. [OARD.?A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON T1IR 8K roiid lloor siniahle for a family, al*n. single rooma tor penllt men, ilmhou e 1* llrst class, and replete with all the tno dern Improvement-; Kreneb and epanl-h apiAnn; dinner at .' )j o'clock; relet tncea cxebanxed. Apply at 111 lentil aircct. near Hroadwat. Board.?handsomely furniriikd rkims in liou-e <ti Went W a-lnnglon place, lolet. either o f.iml'lea or elng.'egeniieii.ep, with full or partial hoard Ilouae oouiaidh Um modern Improveuirnla hefuicnees eicuanaral. OARD NEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK.-Kl/RNHHRD rooma, wllh hoard, for genOeuien, or gentlemen and their wlrea, anlmiit tbldrrn, In Mai clans hnuae No. IS Varfck street. Jiatii and ga*. with priPflcg* of park. Reference* nx a banged. Board in a private family -two ob three single gunileiren can he anotn modal ml witb p.-trtbil heard; iheen lra second lloor, M) Ootiage place, belweeu Houa b n and Jllcctker alreel*. oard AT A PRIVATE HOUSE?A FURNISHED room V> I* ton the *rcund floor tu a gentleman and hi* wife, to iao or Hirer single gentlemen. Also one runm lo '?t "ti i he third Ins r hi one or itau alogle geoilcnieo, a ilh or wlJioot hoard. Hot. cold and, nliowar hath* In Uia houae. Iuqulra at fid W alker at, five door* went of Broadway. Board in fifty avknik?a small select fa milj, or two or thrae gaaMemen. can he accorurmrdtte-d -lib a neatly furnished sun ofiooin*. wnb board. In oiur of the nue eiegsni I rnwn slone bouse* In Fillh aven ue. an I at even lower rale- thru, ran be ban in recond rate planes, ttefer enre* required Addra** iremadlalely A. W. A , Uulouaquare I ost oOlre. B B IIOARD AMI ROOMS?BOARD, WITH PLEASANT J > ro<Hi ? ran be bail by married or Mingle p.raoiia, at I.15 \\ rat i army fourth xlreec 1 he room* ban- marble maniclx, ,hh, I ol amJ ruid water, and will l>e furuiebed or unfurnWihed. It ,quire on the premiaea. Hoard in Brooklyn. near thb south and WallaUeetlerrea?P rarant rooma, with hoard, In a gerc lie1 locati n ran benbialnrd on eery moderate terma by ap plying a: 91 Male atreel Kren.h and K.n. it li *pt>g<-a. Board in Brooklyn.- rooms kn huitr, and altigie mom* trr lenube*, and abrgle room* for gentlemen, ltv a tirai elans hr-aidlng bonae near Wall atrem ferry, It quire at I nure in Montague atreel, eeeond dooreau of L'ltnun atreet, m uih bide. Board wantkd -a okxtlkman, wipe and child two and a half year* old, would like one iiulurniati id room, in a modern 'mill unuae, a lore rourieeutb aired, be taren Fourthand eighth aveouea; term*mil to eaoeed RW per month. Addreaa J. h. P., herald ollire. Hoard wanted?by a orntlkman. room to br ? aioiel from fnrnara Oaa and water, lie usual only required, a dm r-? boi 4 tiHti "oat o (lire. I "MRD WaNTED-HYA YOUN'l MAN, IN A PR1\ A r . I > loudly where there are no o>ber bountem. A idea, j iea aai roosn la derlred. Well fmnlihed, with gar anil bath. u are addreaa Young Man, Herald office. BOARDIRO?A GENTLEMAN and his wipe. and three Mingle gen'letnen, can lie aecotamodatad with plea ?at i rm.ii a and good lr,ard, at a modei ate prioe, by apt) ylug at f<2 11leg* etreet, Brooklyn, between the Mouth and Wall it-asi ferries. HOARDING ?A HINQ1.K GENTLEMAN CAN HK AC roiniuodaied with a plearaut room, breakfart and lea. In a private German tan.lly. Apply at No. 510 Uudaon atreti. -A OKNTLKMAN AND WIPK MAT OR. oarlnr and bedroom, oo aeom I floor, for iibhed or uuturnlrbed. Oaa, hot and eold water, and bain ad yomlLg. Al?o a large and una I tnnra on thl-d door, o twu alngie gentian-en. Ilefrrvn<-?a egebanged. (Mil or ad lrom'llti W tai '1? entieth atreel, between Eighth and Ninth arenuaa. TIOARDINO -A OK I > tain a pleasant na ntahed or uuturnlrbed. jyOARDINO, IN BROOKLYN.-A PRIVATE KAMI li ly would accommodate a fatnPy, or atugla gentle oaa w Mil a rbolce ?>? rooma. on aeoon l or Unrd ileum, ma house la liral class, and convenient Or Wall atreel and Sooth farrier apply at 240 Hrory atreet, between Congress and Amity *ta. HOARDING WaNTKD-IN A PETYATK FAMILY, BY I) a young gentleman Hreiakfaat and tea with dim er n , MU day. Not lar from the buauieaa part o Hie olty, where lie might conatdrr himself at home Terms tuti*t be moderate, i'lr are addreaa K It., llerahl office. HOY IN EXCHANGE.? * TRACER (rF A HOARDING n hool wama a houie In a privet" taoii! y fur hla a m; would b. aid at d edura e a lad, ripeuaev l.e ng eqnal, near ilwi >-ity. Addieta Cbailrv, Herald office. lAf.MlRABIH ROOM* FOR FOPR GENTLEMEN, OR A I ' gentleman and hia wife, mat be,1 In a prlraie fa ml y, hv ratling at I'D Kant i wenty flr-t atreel. Hou?e b?i all the modern In pun omenta. Charges tow. y A M l LI Eh TAN BR ACCOMMODATED WITH HOOD F I oanl and pieaaant rnotnr on -be mw r?e?ooaul? term* m a hrrt clan lu iire, with every convenience, by applying a. '..VI hi. at Tenth street. FlfRNISI'tn ROOMS To LET TO OKNTLKli N, wtihuii' board, at ItM Chambers reel. PARTIAL BOARD ?A LARC1E. FRONT R'HIM MA* BR had with er wi'bout brrahfaa au'l lea at I'M vtreev brgt hlork west at Broadway, iernui moderate, an ! looa'.ou ilr-irable. pRIYvTK FRENCH H0AHD1N0 HOl'HK, WITH Rt'R 1 rtlahrd rauiito let wltn or without bowed; kept on uw h -irt.j r an atjle, wl.h all tie modern of the trr ai d l? t.nw ready to receive tanillira and -Ingle genUein- u aim No. V.5 11 ou-ion atreet, near II road ray. pBIVATK BOARD IN BROOKLYN.-A ORNTIJIMaN 1 and wile or two rli.gta genllemeo oan be a ? .ano. rUted V ith b'aid ai d pleaaaut n. tn. tn * privue lamlly by a|i|i|.,nt a ..2 llarrl" t> uree mar t Union, fire od,uu-?' walk fr..u, tKe houlh and Wall aireet Icirlea, aud Oft' block from thv care. IlOfiME TO LET ?A PRIVATE F 4MILT NO. 19 LCD V lo?p?eg, llonaton atreet, corner of aacdo'igal. would let io ? ngle g- Tt'lrm- u a null of rurut-iuvl r-nmi on Pie a ri-i.d tt<-or. ?ommuulaaiinc wl b the ba'b ruorn. The kou.r bar gaa ibiong hunt aial all the modern Irnprot eiuruta. Ite ftrancr* required. ito let. with hoakd-a oood siekd hall i?bd I room, aeevuidtl or. iriml. Trrma for lull lata d, Im-lud log furl and gaa, fti per week. Kefe.rencev required Apply at ?7 fiber lei aireet. a few doora eaat of Broadway. FI RNIHIRD BEDROOMS TO I.KT TO BfNOLK ?men for edging rcoma.- Ilent from 75 ren'a to at per week Beard over hurelay If required. Cab a-. W Hroa I war M vtalr*. ANTF.D?A rt-R.NIHIIKD I'ARIAiR AND BEDROOM v? In the Tl*tDl'y ol Madtaon aquare, for a lady and gautte man. No I oard reqnbed.or hoard ror >ba lalyoaly. ad dma Mr. Cbarlea A. Adaroa, Jr., I'nkm a<|iur? Poet office. TT-ANTED-BY A MARRIED LADY, WITH ONE. TV rlrild -.w yearanld a hire t-edrrmm wi'h go>] rwiard in any retpenable peub' orhmd op town Term* mac he uiitu m-derate, and payment In advauce If require 1. Addreaa waitng toeeal lertr.a M. T W , tnlo i >t(uare Po I office. Ut.tT.iHT* AND At'UIHT*. nR. KU.IOTT'H PRIVATE OPHTUALMI0 INNTITt'TR No I.S Clinton nlnor Dr S M. KlhoR loforisa b-a He a and fn-nd. it ml be ban rammed from K urot,e after erltf milp egamming all the modern tmproeamen'a in rrph'hvitrr. me.lielna and ?nnevv an I be wdl r?? una hta pra" . e i bday , Ire - ?d llv lut alar.aiei hlliaii wtiii jl-a HlltTi ? Br |jt,.ai aLIl?thebenwr ati eml< ent i bra nan of |,,, , , In a i ra.l' ate eg-be Up ?--? r, pf tila.< ow a> f a i , ihenelelwa-ed PioHaew Me<?ln/ie: -he |?o ra , >? ? V< i? Wetl-e-l t'nfte?e and foe -h- , .,.1> ra?He.lw In. glliet'a pp. ? rgv.. i .. . , . tfoLf CkSt*. F10R LlVWKPOOU-l Nl IBD dTA.Ho MAIL dlTtaN* vhlp .tTUM 10, Capf. Jaa We L?I hi* ?n cm-hlp Mill depart withthe Untie! States nisi lx fur Kuropd, posit),e y on Mi dims ay December 12, ut ti "'clock M , t \?n her berth at Ho foot of Canal wreei. ror ftB:nb. or p?asH.:e having u.i equalled aooumma be a foi alrgepoe ai d oanft< apply to Miff AMD K. COLLINS, M <o-u.ll mmet. ranri.gera are icqursud to ne on noud by II o'clock A. M. Fhtppera p rate take notice that the rli p u| 'hi. Hue c* jint rarrv aty gi? d- contraband of war All letters must |WM through tlie i osl office, At y others wSJI ha r> turned I ho meant kblp 1 a I tic will KCICO ed the vl.enUc ami c.vll Dec 'Ah hl/TUk.-The n?)??l departure of till* line, from New York wilt be ratnrdey oommeuutng January 6, a td every ulteruiw iaiurdaj; m il from Uterpool on wadi Ceday, oeuiiucucluu Jamiet j 23, and every alternate Wednesday. THK NRW ViiRK AND LIVERPOOL IJNITBI) HTAT KB Dial) staamera ?The ablpa computing die line are the fui Wiw tng ;? a i i. antic, oapt. went. pacific, capt. Kidridge. BALTIC, Capt. Coniainrk. ADRIATIC, Cap'. ? llirse ship* bate been buUt by nonlraet, expressly for gov eri.roroi eervtce. hvery care hue been taken In 'hc|r rani alritetltiD. a" atMi In ibi ir englnce, to ensure stie-.gUian lapeed, andtbi tr nrcoiuoiodaUunc tor pmiMiiigers are uneqn ilieu tie enganrr, and raimfVir'. 1'riee of p uw-agr from Now York to Liverpool In flmclaim cabin, >l3u, in suaind do., | ), n elusive tne of extra *lxr mate romta. $.123; irora IJverpool u> New Ynlk, 10 and '2U guineas Ao experienced -Urgoon el laebed to each shin Mn berth ?erurnd unib Paid for. I'KuPOKK.D DATES UK HsIl.lNH. mow mkw vott*. runs ui-KarnOL Wednesday, Nov. 2? 1 t-68 Saturday, i ec. I 1886 Wednesday, lleo. 12 lh.S6 Saturday, Deo. 13 lahi Wednesday, Dec. X 1-36 Maturity, Dec 29 IS06 Saturday, Jan. 12 Itifl mo* *r.w york. tko* uvguroon. Saturday, Jan. 8.. ISM Wedne-tlay, Jan 21 l&V Saturday. Jen. Ill lhM Wt-dueedar, Pe n fi 1HM Na unlay, UA f JKM W.iduenday, Feb. 31 l*3b Miturday, n^TB I.-Jff Wednesday, Mar. 3 iiUti Beturoay. War. 1 Irwin Wt due-day, N u- 19 '8Vi Butnrday. Mar. >6 IH.V) We Inenday, Ap'l ? WWt Faiurday, Mar. if.i IhM Wedurndav, Ap'l M 1Mb Saturday, Ap'l 12. Icftti We?,n.wd*v Ap'l 3.) ll?. hft'urtiav, A|>'| If. IS66 Wndnnwlav. M vy II I AM Saturday, Mav 111 IN8A Wedite d*y, Mai 2s ISiO Baturday, M.; u 1861) Wndneaday, June 11 Ib&n Mvr treble or paa>ftg? apply to BDW'D K CUUJNtLM W ill elraet S Y. hKCWN, PIllPl.kY A CO., IJverpool. hTt l'ilS.N KSNNaKD A CO..W auiUn Friar*. Ixjndnn. B fi W ilNWKlOHT k CO., Pari* The ow r< r? ol there -hlpr will not be aeeonntable fnr gnbl, "liver. I nlllnn, "pecle, jewelry, preetciui eiotteeormotale, tin kw btllf ol uuting are elgxed there or, and din value thereof then in ? tprrrred. chlppei r pb-are take notice, that the ablpn of ihi? lino cannot earn kni pond" i otitralniml ol war. all leners mom parr through die poet "Alee any other will he returned. Ntrtjca. Hie day o4 departure oflhlallne IWnn New York f r Irhd will he Saturday, ootnoieneiiig .lanmry 5, and everv apernaie saluiday; and Lheiponl, Wedneriay, cou aienclng Jan. 21, and every alteniale Wtdnend >y. F60R LONDUN.-SAILA ON MONDAY, DR?h S, TDK WKllkuuwn paekei rhlp YOKklii . N, 2.000 Urn* Cai kecoiuniodate a lew more lu eecond cabin and iteerage. A|i p.y In 'I HUB. 0> KOt.'tlh, A,3 Hou h ?treet. L'CK LIYERrOOU?Til* BI-aCK It a 1,1, PAOKKY SHIP C MaNH aTT A N. f. Out) lona, Capt lllxon, will p ? Itlrey ?a 1 en i?te lrt nl llei ember. Kn.' lerni- ot c ttitn re bond eahtn end "leerage paernge, apply on imard foot of lieekti.ati v rest kart river, ar to JACOB W ll.wu V, Inn Snu b au-eet. L^OR 1*1 YKUPOOL?RKtiI F,aK U3K.?THK SPI,KNIIIl> r o'nper ahlp JOHN KIJOT Tli iVKK, t'apt. s m?*n h ill rail on Weduerday. Dei; 6. havlug aiip. rlur aonrm'mrU bone lor cabui cud r- eond cabin paa-engerr, vino will be lake i a' moderate relet, Ker-nnr about uriioeadlug <o murooe would do Well to ev,imine Un- noble vearclbelora engcglng elae whore, lor pawage apply uu boa'd, a' pier 20, ban river, mot of liar ling klip, or to Tal'fiOtJ IT k Co., ho rbinth rtrcei. FMIR UVKRPOOL.?HAIlrS TIIIH DAY-TUK OBLK brk'ed cbpper ?hlp JulIN KCIT.Ru'lN can aceom u i date a few uioie necond cabin aodxtoerago paaaengera. Apply to TrtUN. i). RUt/Uhl, hJ rtoudi atreet. " VTOTK7F -FOR LIVERPOOL*?TUB PACKKT BIIII' i v It illN HI 1 I.I DDK will rail thl* day, and exu acconi im d' eatew nu r? PAcaengerA In oibln, "eeoid cabin and "leer are. Appiy ou board, at James allp, Kam river, or to lllOMAh U, O'nltlr.N. 131 Soitih street. YTIOR SOCTriAMPTON AND I1AVRK.-THR D.N'ITRD r hia'e" Mall hleniner ST. LOU Id, will leave for llavfe, bmching at houibampinn to laud the mall* and panertgerH, o < Hklurdav, Dee. 16, at 12 o'clock, In m pier A] Norih river A>il of lleacb aneel. P'tee ol ptfcuge, luu eahlu, B1JU; ?enod rnbln. 878. Luggage nnt wvuied during the vovayc -ho i'd be Kent ou b< Hrd ti c day I efore aalliug, marked "below " No li eight will i e taken oiler Tburadav, IStb Iuhi. For freight or p;mage apply to M. LIVINUrtl'ON, 83 Uroadway. yio* BKKMKN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON.?TUB UNlTMll X fctatek mall aiaamahlp WAhdllNOTUN. K, Cavendy, eoui Btamder. will ull fur Bremen, touching at SouthampUia to laud the made and patke-ngera tor angland end Kranoe, no Aaiur Bay, December 1, at 12 o'clock M., from pier No. 37 Norte rlvcr. l'mixor PmwAUB rao* Naw You* to KoiiTUAunoit oa Baa* aur ic Brat rahin, main aaloeu |1Y> In flret cabin, lower aaloou. IIP In >irw d oibiu 80 An nxpaitenoed -urgeou la aitaehed lu each etaatner. tipeele delivered lu tiavre or lui ilou. All letterr inuu pact through the Poet office. For paaaage or freight apply Ui U. II. NaNd, Agent. 11 duuth Willi un street. I30R HAVRE, VIA HOUTIIAMPTON?FIRsT8TKAMKU. ?The "picndtd and lavurlte double euglnc neamahlp I NInN. Richard Adam-, oun.mauder, will pnsttlve y leave fur Havre (slopping at Southampton to land mails and pa-cut gerv) ou Satnrilay, liccetnber S, at 12 o'clock nuou, prcuaely, irotn puw .17, N. U. Der accoinin idailons lor pame ugera are unaitrt a"aed Hpwcle taken at the uunti ra'e*. M dl? will clow at be office of the undersigned a' 11 o'clock A M., on day of aaliltig. laillere pie pawl, 20 route rich half eUD'A). itatx" or runtill, First clan* $110 r rises 76 For frrlgln or passage apply bi HPOFFUKH, TII.fhi'ON k CO., 29 Broadway, corner of Noma street. T11K LIVERPOOL AND PiIU.ADKI.PtlU NTKAMH1JIP Company t< tend falling their favorite ate*aiahl|>e ? OllY OK MALTIMOKK, 2,.Vu ton*, > apt UolMtrt Latteh. <11* OK WASHINGTON, S..VO IOM, CapA Wot. WjrlM 01TT or NaNi IIKhTKK, RHNtnoa, Cap* p. O. Peine, saloon, (Mi. SoA rod t&A aeeorllii* ? ??? mm.. A limited nuii.liw ul third claae n tawugera will be taken Iron. Philadelphia Aud Live. pool, and Pund in provudona. fun. Philadelphia W" I Kp.mii IJ very, wl feu Partle* wMiing to hrlnK 'ait ib'P friend". n-.n o'.ialu nflruil cater of |ia.?age ar.d riralV on Ll. .-rjMiol in .urn. "I ?1 marling mid upward*. Apply to Ji.HNtl Ageut, IT Walnut atreet, Pl.iladaJpldB. STEAM HETWKKN NNW YORK AND GLASGOW. BlUNHlKG ilWti una, ?'n. tturning onturaandar. NKW Y'.KK, J I An 'one. Roliert < r?lg do. ULasCdW 1,1*2 one, John Duncan do. IV* G ml Now York Hteameblp Company'* aplendl l and powerful new etranwr Kdin: urg la appointed to nail fr no haw York for Giant"'* dtraot, on K* arday, Mb January "art, at 2 o'clock, tuM.Q, pr.elaui;. Bateeuf paauagu In future ad var'jaemant. Apply to J. McflTMON, S3 Broadway. BAILING DAY*. aTH AND JOTH Of BACH MONTH - NT kour hotim front .wean to oaaan. hw Panama Kallr-tad? ?tb is. t.aKKA*. fine? Through for California rut Panama Ka tread - The l.ul'ed Hialoe Mall HtraiiMhlp Gompany Itixn.d to uerpaub for Aaptawail. <tfi Friday. liac. 7. ai 2 o'clock P. B. oraetaaJ), (mm pier loot nl Warren .treat. North river, the aaU k-ivwit arid (arorlte Meemdilp tirouos l.tW ''apt Win L Hernden. li.S Navy. reaaangeri and mall* will ne tor* aided b\ Panama raltroad, and otinar' at Panama with die I telle Mat -tletutiahlp Cntnpao ?cnagnlAreiil HeatiMhip JOHN L. NTk.Pbk.NIH, K. II Ptrraoa commander, wbtr.o ?1.1 lie in rmdlnen*. nntl ware ludtiedtatal) Nir .-an K'MimBmo. Ibe publlv are n Pinned dial <ha Pacific Ball Bteittuktti i'i n peny a.way < have one or more. eitraaieamolitng at Panama read) I or tea, ? i avoid an; pt^atiilo detent on nfli taaetuteri or nut ? Kor paa?age apply to I. W. HA* MONO, ai die .ml; of the mmpanlas. No. 177 W oat air art, aoraer of Warren. .TOB NEW OBAN ADA AND N1CAR AU0 A.-TIIE NEW F patch ibrlr bralateao.ablp, OHf'KLY on 'ha IJth ?l Dwoeinber at 2 o'clock I* M , for Han Joan del Norta, t lamhagena and Hi. Mar ha, uO bar return till aaB a' klngatoo, Jamaica The O* ptey la a flr?t clan* aMamcr or DUO tone Burthen, lb parfbet or der and condition, Ineuree a> the loweet'rataa, baa eaoacti; tor > 0 iMtaeengrrn aod tut) toue freight. Freight a|U ba taken to Han J nan, at 51*? per Coat, and Carthagona and NC Martha at if,. p. i foot. Pa wage to Nan Juan del Nana, Nicaragua ? Ki.Gral.ln, S.I); w nod cabin, tt*i. ui f'artbagena and HI, Martha KewOrenada -HrntcahiP |H0. eaoond ea mi, |60. No Iwnba wnirtd >U. i.a..l ?w. Kor pa wage apply to WM. P.. KolJ.t) A tXn. X Willutm 'treat; iur freight apply to Mod cjI'KHa A Ct>? itroadway. Fibpt CUPPEB fob BAM PRASOIHCO. Gi t ran tr.-l lo a*i: on or I rfore Saturday, H'OaatbOr H. -Tb# baiona aid raiftira .d ullpper ahlp |grt)RT(K, M.ue. Hop r*a. tnaaler, la r oelrlng ner ran"l at pier 9. Kialrlrdr.and Mill poalilvely .all aa aoora llua et-eantdloarv Uat ci:i.|.er baa r. tnainlng; iHwndaged l.ut tor a few ona of freight ehlel. aliouldtn- aetil'dta >li a. meat. Id, a. Irom the ptw) U'y ol freight <m l/oar.l and *<*ng in. .he It erpectcl... dntah l.wduig Saiurda; nett. I eodrriltcr I 'hlppdrddtM rioglhc r?rj beat ...real Alice no? oflerlrut w II tdea^ eiamlne tbc It-1 MM er, and udge ij bar ahl'ttT to Unti Uielr eargoea in Han Fren ch. o at tiie f-.r heat p.*alb|e da; and (aa ah t tiaa mora Mian or dtnflr; taoUlauoaj ui parlect order si: I ids aim, No 4N south at real, eomer of Wad. N. B.?No freight take* after the da; ad'ertned. FOB CALIFORNIA?DAYB or HACLING GHAMGRD p>Pih aod attii of aech month. New York and . lall' .rnta Heaatablp Una. Acreaeor; Traaai 0 .tripany, at Niearaagut. prtit p-uwa ?Tbningli Mi adrau.-aot the mall- ItW ndlet er thau an; other route. Mi ll"? hagtiaae free rbe apleaJ I dout )?? engine Meam.hlJ sfAK DK THE W'r.Sf, 2>?l f.ut bur' en, t apt will leave pier No S, North rlrer, at o'clwk P. M . lor Puti'a Arena, un Morula;. Daeatn >er Id, lr?A, r.mnerting ?l h tbo w.-amahit. "larra Ner.ula, ?.!??) ton. 1 .nil an, nrer iTie bicniegua tranalt rune hut twelve roliva of tand traimpamuoa >y Bret rio^. r^r, logee. The pvopriaowa oan now aae.l'e u>. pn iIm< ttia the leh-Tl ii la en'pel; free Irotr dl-< a*e, aod that 'Se p .IIM.-ai tyuublae Uu Ntear?gua hav aaaaad pear. Iiaa eaer male icim^u in., jrmtepou.r pari tea, and not be ?lU'b e.t ln'?rrti|. em in tb* !ran?t be weep the nreana neatl ta apo- eh.tidad yw lnh.fn?auo;i or pa?.age applv out. to CT1ABLM M'lR OAN aaent. No 2BnwlugOroeu. statupe-l ettcta tikrnfjr Bta centa each. Lr B. mail steamship cumpiNT-K'iR Havana It ar d N. w i>e|?a?,a?<<n ?"t day, IHv .V at 2 I*. M lr m pier feat of Warren c.eet, N .rh rtv?r tu? well known an) favorite ateao.ehip t'HK. o NT t ITV Capt. A t| <?ra; '*< Ing loeti th .rotten!; overlie .led an<l out In 'Inu .???> .iliu ?, ? ill r. aotne ker pjaoe In the tine end aa 1 aa a >ve I'.wave eat. he aeeneed at 'he company,? >4U"*. Krehrhl t" Na* 1 >r leana. ,Si ren'a (>?. rente not, rreelvad no with tl tnbar ship per. w H he a.tppiled wvb b'ank l.dla </ 'adtoe eg tka f.nn ....j ed h; the cm pan;, on app'lcatind at 'ieir .hi. -a Nottier hntta,. an I wibi'M of lading w'll .Malt -lafe- tr.e fnnr of aalllng. For fneabt or pa apply at the odlcw of the rompan;, 177 Wee' atreel. of War-.-n M 0. BOHRRTN. AtHTBALIA fiosur* LINT, CARBTTNG TDK CNI 'ad Hta>e> Ha i?The faw >a. ">r .btp if* I'M I A fur N tmurue, havtng half hev cat go [.wluie!. ??ngaged, !? prAtiared to take freptht on moderate icwna ai pier U Kaal river, I. ap Piled ft* early. Appi to KW CaMKBON. No. ? BoW'ng Green. TT NIT KD HTATYH MAIL LINK THK MORTLR nTKAM. U ?Mp Onkipdd*, having uerabaaed 'he 'in. new aod l?.t aide wheel a'eau ahtr> til CiTY, I.Sal laeai bur het, (f-rtn.rt; of Philadelphia) loldmd r hae ne ineen .he porn af Mobile. Ila a.-. and Sew Yo-k t 'ir ' l.atain and Moiitle- ilia U. B. MMmaMp <J iKRR ? 11 V. H W -bul'Hi, roi.inanlet, la noer?m glregnt, ?i tl wti leave pier So If! North Ittver. '..r 'if II -aeti a'.eet on 1A .fltooiKV, | vce.'uher b at I o'rlo I P. M ft an. ??< in lending la go Houtb all d-> n ell ui nail r.n hoard aod et?mtne I.'a Cue ft'rarna - before engaging t -.eatr e ae. ' e/e. Kreigb ?aker tor New Urirana K.a trmgb' .. t paaaa ? epply to BMIill A PAT.tlt'K, AI *a.Ittr~it F't'B "ATANA AND MORIr.K?TlfB NEW KAkf AND Bt.* aleaanaMp tjL'AKKK CITY. R. W. -nafe P mmMM ? lev la row reeeim g freight, an I wt I ;eaee for'bea--ore en W.'lnaedav, |.v ' tnl e- &, at I a" ? ic k P N . tmm |> er TI >?wthrl??r /..J m Heaeb ?trerl Kre go' b?- 5'* I .an. For fretgh'or p.a.a?w apply to .vciril A PAIR! <, I v.entA, f | Wei. etraat. up*. F't'B HAVANA AND .YRW OBLKAWd -TRR C h ?e.!' ??ean.-h p BLACK WAnKi <d f n it, . > ard .? t tnr %# at - ve <,r j , | re , r'r *. Mar v-? > *, " a t . .? "... ,, 1 ? e* I.I I .*'?'< I f, I. I ' ft v a . t f .! . . RKimVG. OU MVKKI'OOI?KM FIRM UMt-THK KAVoR'TK ^ kel "I'ly KVll'il. M *TB will poet'lve!' aatlon Moo day, St JO o'clock. A tew more oa*. eager, oui be taken by applying ou bo-ud pier S? 8 Nur'h river, or to UuAHIEh A JONES. <0 Souih elreet and 3d Old allp.

Fob savannah and Florida-united states mall Hue - The nn* and elegant *te?mer Hl.t>iill)k, ? HUialu M. c. Woodta'iU, wt I leave on Sipiir lay. lUw I, front met So. 4 North rher, m 3 o'clock I' M Bit ? <il lad ig itarerl on board For freight apply .in iionrd. or for paavag* loS L HITCH ILL, 13 Kroedwa.. I'an In pa*??g.i m Sera i nab ?26 lor Florida, through ticket. from New York to Jack a nvllle *11 lo Flla'ta, KU Large and mum *tl.>u. ?ueam-ra leave Savannah for Florida tbrm time* aw.xg, aonna ting alth the ateamere from hew York on Tueadate and Saturday*. T710B OHABLBbTOM AND KUIRIUA?"UKI WEEKLY P L. h. wall Line ?'I he new, tnaguUReut avrtfeet going vteamer NAbHVlM.K M. Berry,.wenmamler. will leave pier So. 4 North river, on Sa>Iirday,'ter 12 a t J o ik* k, I* M ' precisely- J-'nr freight apply oo hoard, whore all nil a oftadtaS abTb. rlgned, and a.c?nim<-ialir?iM, at U.e othce of WOJFoHD. HLfcel ?N A ?Hi., ? Broadway. t nbtii paaaage, IX The BOUrUKKN KK a ill fucceed. ai.d learn oo Wednesday. lle^n'tarS- TUa tkvorlfr?trainer I'AK''UNA, having return-d ber trii * u, hr va.'ou" landing* on tbe m. John a rlrer, Fio Li, win connect with the *te*iner? from New York, UharMMOO eeerv Tn<?da? at 2 o'clock, V. M. Through tickets to Jacksonville. Kit ; to Tllatka, KB. C40K NORFOLK, POBTBIIOUTII ANI? BDJHMONO-* |t Ihrl .S utall rU-aiurhlp JaMRHTuWN, wilt leave lor the above p'aeea on Ba urday next. line. I a'3 <reto*, from plrr IS North river No freight will be taken for *eWi^>iirg. but nae? ngera will be for*-rded there by rail road from 'lit v Fntnt a* mual Freight for Norfolk and Petersburg ash be rhipped by tbe Kuauoke every WwN uaday. Passage Iv e, tUtc nwow included, to $8; to !'e?<8l>urK and Elch ?Bond, B1U, ^-^t:-A4"r.'..KrAVNUrd. hi Broadway. 1NLAND ROUTE TO 4'H ARI.KHTON, AITOUSTA, BAV AN I nab. New Or'eatu Ac from Norfolk. Time to .Sort ilk 24 hour* Through ucketa to Weldon, N 4). Far engei* going : Mouth from New York by taking the large ?e.utito'llonur lie wheel iieanjalilpa, JaBKHH.WN .* Hi)'uNOKB. on Wednen dav or Fa'urday afieruoon.lrnm pier IS North river nav ortie dara reet, arrive In Nerfnli neiiatternooii, where 'h-y will Hod a iHintlnuoua lbie <d rabroala rite tiding Iirough tbe ritelen ot North and Bo irk t'arolina Uaorgla. ac., ?tt rling a aprwly, uafn ami rooifnrlabl# coiumuuieallou aa far .aouilt m Mu die, b> Ike Great Foiiihern Ball l.lne. I'aaea te larc, atateroom la rliidt'd to Norfolk, fe Mlrer**r.S4 Aon V in * LI'DLaM A ^LKABANf, Si Hmadway. BAHK HBIQ OB Ht'lHMtNKK WANTKD ?ANY I'BB miu having a bark, brig or rclioimer, wmblog Ui u ade lor rml rr'aie rand 'n a lln<- iirtfhlMirh'?id. and which ta pwlug a llret >a e renial, -an be furnlrhrd by the Mdvortlaer * l h goo I real ertaif. Ailarem.. nlih lull partlculitra, nanto of vaaact, price, Ae , Ac., box 4IMI I'nat oOlce. FASIIIUNABIiR FALL miulalMCItV, AuC. AK JAKV1H A CO., , "t Canal atrnet. Ha flew* , tamere, I laiuolu Ac. t ruer* taken ai d fu fllteo at Ihe ^horieat notloe. v 11 ? a giHid aat-oriiiicni of fcftlbaraaod bonnet trtl* A. r. JAKVIH A CO., ? 72 I anal * tree I, W LABAK A ?tON HAVB OFBNKD TBB 8FAOIOUI , .doie No h2? Hrottd way, attb a general owort neut ol | ladlee' and other lure nt their own matiuf *?' re Ihcvalan ,.111 occupy the all I ?iand a; Na. HI John mreet. uiiUI die l-l of Kelivt aru, when Uiej ad1 remove lo fi* new ?iore I yt i.AMAK 'i Hub, ftAI Broadway, oppo-uUi the Ht. Nh bolae lie o i, and IV John abeeL f al-Bg at I.KHK TllANl'OHT, AM WK Altrt HOtSO OCT P ,u ihe uade?We are now aelltiig ci npietH art* at Ho, atan cable mink eouipriulog a large mantle, mulfaod enTi for |i( ,|,n all <iihi i Mini* ol t i?r?, at half ihelr value, at * ADAM K. DAKHlb A bON'.e. 671 Hroailway. TjIBKNCH KI.OWKKB?AT Hi WABRKN HTKKRT. r III 1?.I,KA? MB A KI Its have relieved per N irdi K ur tbe luteal re uveiUte of Farte flowrra, for bonneta, e in* ami - haai'drewe*. but a III cnlv di>pcao ol them ?trlcUy wlmlcale "1 itmet, . , !?*??? opcried l ti?w ?rul ?*Uo?c? t*eldrf1oii of fall wm frjnU?r owrfd, ofxn^rblitK * rii'h v?u-icty of br^<1*1 wrn!^th4, F ? h*ip dr?fc?e?, but will only dwpnae Alan, a lew choice lead.era. R IOH PABX8 FRATHKH8, , PitBMCB fLOWHK*, CUUIILU. KlBHOMy kC.% In every variety, iimv l?e wand at very low prt***for cava, i,64 and 6d Job,, atrnel, con.ryd DRV ihrmm, at OROliK'd IViihy" POLIHUKD, NRW fATBNT OLAOR I) thread, eouiblnea the liuura af ailk with due atrengdi of ?Inen. and la auperlor to any ihrvwt ever offered lo U?e trad 1? white black and all no-ore. Foraaleby win e, niaca ai WHKKI |CB k sg] Broadway. g SUIAKTfcLOAKH l-MOLYNKUX RKl.L, 68 <;4N\L V ' ?'rret la now reary to eihllilt hu latca' wlnier ?tyi?? of eli aka, cnplee of die Farla laehioo* for HWW'u u?r. til hta curlier fall ?iylea will uow lie acid at roomier*i,iy reiiiiatd prkM in clear ibrm. Our ??inok of rich pi tin v?lv??f ckMjk-4 to ih? teric?t and DHMt ooiupicta In vartetf ?n trtwlu aUi <h httovy valvat baavcr Ultnaa, trimmed wlih Lyona v?lvet, tu a? andtoM variety Wo. 6* < anal tfiat /IHKAI'BAXONT At.L "VOfiL PLAlI>d.-JCHT OFBHED, \J flbU pUtMfa ??rlMbt wlxKlii, at 4a. aar yard J. Hfci K k CO., 'M, S&7, 7l?and iW HriMdaray. INDIA Rl HBkR OLOTKH Wlf.l. RF WORN) CURE I the worut i a*e* of ckapped hand*, ?atr am, Ac., lf]?J di'dely. ) or mule al al' run er aUwe*, and by M ll.rrfi K J art RI AH, 3d Jehu fir net, up ?talre. MRHINO AND HAXONY WOOL PLAID3, Ihe l eal .(uallly In (he city. Only four alnl'lne* a yard. 8 A M C TOWVB A .81,, Oolumlitan Hall, 281 Orand ?irrei. NKW OOOD8 - WINiiLF. A OO. HAVK URCBIVRD BY fie*ntehlpa Baltic, AllauUc, Pacl'lc. *ud ah fia Dav d llrown. urieiit Havre amlM. ^eula, addiuoua ui their large ?lock ol boiwekeeplng ardclce Silver plaied wa e, Brooxe nandleetirka, Fine tall e cut ?ry, D?or ">?'?, FUtrilalied Un ware, 8been*kina, Iirtiaiuiia ware, Fire I roue, in red platter., Travelling r um, lea bell*, Covered e.rlfien nlieherv, Jetiy and Here mange mould.,Kitchen r.nne ui vital ?, Velvet l.rii?be?, Feytber Ouatera, With many other de.lrahle aruclee. whloli Uiey otter In any re quired quABililea ou liberal term* WlNi'l.R A (A)., |ii.|Kjrt?ra, No. 5fS Maiden lane and ?n* 26 *nd C Ubcrty et/v,* Illuflraled raialoguee U> be bad al die au?re. FAI. NAXONT WOOL PLAlI'N For ladle* and children', dreuaea. FLROaNT KALI. 8TYI.B8. lenraaet morejuati?|>ene.l, ? At i tva dtiiixifiua A Y**d. t,i ill D ? TaYIaJB. 266 267 26V and ?1 Orand Miwei, and nr,w nuRiotn 47 iu<1 4^ i4'h*rine *vr*?L 4jF.LI.1NO OFF ?BK t.1.1 NO OFF. To R It MO VII ON TIIK O tinb ol ihi, month, the enure wo-k of rob dry gj?u hc;i by the auircrtber. Mit?t be m> d off Uu a few d?ya Niwlatne ?m? for bergalna a COLBY, 37 1 bird avenue. R IIOIKKK, ROOM* cU., WAJVTRD. AHOUNR WARTfcI>.~4 TWO OR Til KM STORY IwtiiM- want# (I, for ? re emit Jut offW ?* f#r the < nJied iluiat ?imy, eolith nfi'?D?l *>re*t near the Hu4*oa river. Apple ?' or aUdreMi to ?*) lludfcofi ttieet APARTMK1V70 WARTKO.-A KlTTIKO ROOM, V ft FUR n>?f?d ti.d ?>?4room. furtiieb*!, withmit i?oart. with piivl l**re *1 kitchen, im * la<ly at* I Mtrvant, M?tw*.m r?>nr?t? *?*1 7ei>lh ?tree!*, two or hkffca *%?i ??r *tw o( Hwndtiy ltrlerenre* eicb*ng*<l. A44f>?? V. K. **., txil 1,148 Pwt S1 BllMNrbH W A NTP.I) ?ANY ONB HAVIMlAOOill WkM ?> di>(>' ?? ?( may find * f!u?h rtinouiar, by ad drafting J. M. H., 216 t niton mart, lu tbr a'orn. Hot hit wantko - wanted to pcrouahr, a drtrlllr* Intiaa, north about ?l8m?i in um rlelul y ot with or "r truth arrnuaa, And nrtwrwi I ? and Itn-O fourth ?Ura*r A|i|>ltr?ik'i> by -bat oanrr may bo xddretaad, port paid, m W,, 611 Wall rlrrrd, No. t, baar-nt/nt room. Koomh u'aatkii.-w?ntkij. nr a nindi.k Oil Urn,an It- a atrial r prtr.ii* Iwtiao, a n *?ly f'irn at?...| pa. l,.r ar.d baali. tar. adjoin a*. wI tout b.iard, in tlta vlrtul y of t iimnanuM*. ?o prcrant Uoutln, aiata utrtn* and ottlar p?? il. ulaia ?<> a. Z , tataof Ororratarn A Ir-ialoir No ?>*< rtural r *r MONO HAM) 11N WANTtP?A ldlT, lORilU tor abrdt. A lidraaa B. O., HamM ? ?? \17AMlt?'-A PROS* ROOM ON f I RAT KI/fiR "K r? y?od iliniaaatuna. for an offiar and i r If -u U . < ->? i? Ij tun.tai.rd, wlifcoul board Knot n> to ??#?? t H . auk". To b* III a ?ooa| n?i*hooftinod In Ui? a >r 1 - - r part of ibr rl'y Oaa f|iilrrd Adtlroaa, # ?r.: a J-a, r. fcayuood, Uroadrrar foal otBca. llr$11 OWRKAI. MTATK ttN T\l? * A ? Hl> o tifiii~n tititat TTinf MI'i Blnalii rmdpr"' l ? ? bla (?r prltatr rr rid, IK it, tr, r?']..n,r f-r i ? ba hi til oar M l fin <?ry property. Addrta*. I'-r Ibfr. daya, Ba an lit raid offlc?. U'/mW-A PI7RNM11R1) HOl'BR, IN IHIOABVtT, rr or al nin one bloikU Hroadaay or PifvAarrxia, ?o t ? lamBilAllifMlld I L, >n rqWa AUim M l? , i ?, i ??,i.?ra Paul uArr. *1 'IWONM.V PARMIN'l I,AND WANTKD?**V Pr f? urn hat H>* farm o? and In ill* virur y of dailtaoo W "tdlti ni>) bra' or a purrbtn-r r ar idlior an ?r.??ar. r m taltoOK Ibalr addrr ?a at. i d a pr i a, bmattMl a*d d-?:rlp ?a?'d il ?? land, addtaaaed u> farraar, Ixir L3A ll-ra,l odira W ANIRD?f ITTIBO AXD BBDBOO* r NPCrfM- IIBli. *' a - b Ir", or bach baaa-n ?nl, tlioa ? ' A i Joo t. i rn ' ? O 01 Ivy Hall, ,,u Mroadraay pf. rrrd. Addraaa .1 I roan, Hi-raid TIIK R Ala la BIEAMMr. IbPfKHbtiV AfHOt JA1ION - OR A NI> OPBNfX I UM, al a ttr I I r 4,1'bd rr t at i j a aaamibly K ".-I, ? Wat r 4. I'V, Hrlata a lr? ? r-ka fit' III Wa adrtaa ba linm .tar "I <" t* apply rally ?I** HAl.l, A MtN'lt tnua >' aloir M $m4?bi sH.r'TM tKPR - * It K fid. IA NI W-IBJCrg NAN OlfR.r > at II* w ,a,virr hirm |lo,,ar HI V aHor ra1. a, Ibt'lba r t H rrrtibi,- bt krt. K by prop flat*or, a " brtad oy tl tan. I I] '? a-1 Hard of IA? Aata.f II ,jar ^ . m i >?< 1?, < In ll? ?'ip| rr ntprrti, ihr rompaity -riara. tfca dan-tn, a.? IriMAtl aid ifi? a Ma rr.-rr-ai m-nt -to- n-ial r* b?rr-at ?* ibr aaa-oo Mta.'Ku , ao-1 Mr Mania, abo-iid, by an m aa , ta jaet tk> rn-rr alotaam. CU1TIUKU, 4M . A!. A HOB (ft'ANTITT fiP f'AtlT Off OtaOTBIN'* aan ad ? I to ma? It. laanroy, ,f *,aad to on, -od b rd ro bit.* al arary iMaa^pOam. -,r- lan.-n natrnfl ,?? ?, r -rr.all 'rAr ail rrraltr -lor trrr hiylr, at ^a*',r ,b# u by ca n* at ttr atcra, or addrrodoa tllOMaa II. lajta-rT, 4 I rat I atyaat. NATRtMOXIAL , Tormi winoir i.Ai>r, wnn wtiiTm a*d A d% i b kalr Of I'-raalaf adlraaa artabra la, mal* lit* a a t ai.,r ,4 a camlnaian (n 4 -mdar brr-j a' t> a '?*?? w nanaaat. f,i ?ar add, a., * J4. a , Mr aadaay PoaA-jtlbaa. ? ra. ?. I. Nf ATfIb' NfAla-TltOfQH Till w il1 P*4 Bb?l fa* (A? f af 1. ? ,b ? AtfV4>?S.m?? IS. pP<)Al>WAj THKA'HK.-K A. MARSHALL, MOI.B A>, W. K it .k?, hUjf. Manager -llnor. open kldV, to OMiiDiriH i M i o'clock. Helurday areata*, l><.>eiuuer 1. unlay areata*, Pociuotr I, ?111 beac'ed? KAZIO; f)R, TUB ITALIAN WICK. Blaueii....... Mr. Julia Oaau Uarna fllr.ldi ) trio Mr 0 Pbihar link# Mr. n. Ktjnifc | Ooanmaa ... Mr. line* land VklaatU Mr. <;ro?Trt,or | Clara M... l>i* ,worth winch Mr. i.Titptnan >rul .in? n<a waiirtat "Taa-U tkl Sou*." nightly -?rnived wl'h a iixlil. tim.). i'Ll LAiH Of TIIK Lark Fur Jane. Mr. A W. Fauna Kmlrrtrk llbu Mr Fwber I> r.llan . Mlu liar : lug BOWERY TIIK A TUB. ? P'tOHKl KT< III *NN MANk'IKR, I. Y Waluron, ..uu* Manager, Mr. W. M. *ar.| Ir.x-a ??!<?? al IP,. eonjnii.n. ? at 7 o'oloct. haltirday eirulii*, i co. I. Will be ptrtcnle.1 live orl?lu? drunk tn Ihree ecu, ofthd rt'iAui. uamm.kk Dr kluvlllr. .Mr K. J'riintlfia i llrwiurflti Mr. W Ward Maaaiue dr Foulangra Mr? W r-liTNAM Oeu. I'utiikin Mr. OtUkn. I ih.eacikh Mr. W.Ward B lUTON'H. CH 4MHEK8 STREET. Puiurd.y?A rrprll'lnn iiflillgfMlbillprawer -Inn Thank* glili ii Mjlil. m?lM wlilt Uta hi.Mi i.oaiuvr deinnunLrauoaaof tkugliK i anil appl.iue. , ?P' 11 itr r?| II*1 pie.-,??. Mr Hurt.m In thr.-c pari.. I>rl.|t aik tlhoi M>, wuh Mr. II, Jordan ant Mis. K. Tborne. BM'K DRVIfA with Mr. and Mr?. Ibirton, Mr. II. Jordan aid M' Rti?.ell WaNTUt?OHK TIIOVriANt) Mil.l,l*RRR, wi ll Mr Bar ton ka Jon Hag* awl Madame Sander pent* and Mr*. Ilu,(l>-a k> ibe Apprri.i rr. Tbk plica i/VlMKINR AM) III* DIVaII, with Mr. I..-f fluyWi'll Mr. H. Jordan, Ml*. Kal? Ueigni.lda and Mr. i' 1 horn* On Mondar?The new comedy of FAIXE FH1TI1CIM. f 1 KO. 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