Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1855 Page 2
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Wenre of R< presentatlvt* rim the adoption of the fcdera' ( v. lxlt Utioh '.? Washington's administration. Vrowi Maich 4th, 1789 to March 4th, 1790. first Oottfjrttt Gen. KrsUenok A. Muhlenburg, of Venn., knit federal int. Second Contrreu?Cot. Jonathan Trumbull, of Conn., ?derallst, liom 1791 to 1'98. Third CotujrrM Hon. Muhlauburg agrin elected, 1793 to 1796. fhurth 'rmgrett.--lira Jonathan Peyton, of New Jer" key, federalist, 1794 to 1797. J. ADAMS' ADMINISTRATION. thftk Coogreee.?t-en. Peyton re ircted, 1707 to 1799. tiuth Coih/i v.?Theodore Sedgewleh?of Mass., federal ist, 1799 to 1801. jeffkrson's administration. Seventh Congrtee.?Nathaniel Macon, of N. C., democrat, 1 HOI to 1803. Higklk limffrttt Mr. Macon re e'eoted, 1903 to 1804. ArwtA VtHyrtit.? Mr. Uacou aft n re-elected, 1803 to 1807 JVnlh f\>ngtetl ?Gen. Joseph B. Varnuin, democrat, of Maes., ltOT to 1809. UK. MADISON'8 ADMINISTRATION. Kiermlh Vonf/rees.?Goreraer Varnnm wan re-elected; 1809 to 1811. SVt(/tk ConyreM.?Henry Clay, of Kentucky, democrat; 1811 to 1813. 'Ihirtnnth Cnngreet.?Mr. Clny wan ref lected; 1813 to 1816; but - ring rent ax peace Commissioner to Ghent, was succeeded by langdon Cherex, of South Carol nu. fourteenth Vonares*.?Mr. Clay wa? again elected; 1810 to 1817. MR. monbor's administration. fifteenth Vvngrr.t.?Mr. Clay wax again elected; 1817 to 1819. Sixteenth Crnyrert.?Mr. (lay wax aguin elected; 1810to ISkl. He restgnco and John W. Taylor, of New York, federalist, wax elected. Srvente-nth Conyree*.?Philip P. Barb, r, of Virginia, rarlrul democrat; 1821 to 1823. Jtif hteenth lXiu,rettn?Mr. Clay wax again elected; 1 23 to 1826. J. q ADAMS' ADMINISTRATION. Niiutenth v ngreu ? J hn W. Taylor of New York, nathnal lepuWi ai), elected on xecond ballot. Volet Taylor. 99; 18'.b to 1827. Twentieth CvngPtte?Andrew Stevenson, of Virginia, loco foeo or tari.a Crawford dem, elected on ttrxt hatk-t. Vote:?N'e>en son. 104; J. W. Taylor, of New 1 ok, 64; tcattetii g. 7; 1827 to 1829. GENERAL JACKSON'S ADMINISTRATION. Tvmty ftrU Oogreee Mr. Sierenson re-elected. Vote for Sim ira< n, 161; 1829 to 1831. Tumty-mund Conytenf.? Vr. cittvetrron re-elected; 1831 to 18.' 3 Twenty-third Vinyiett.?Mr. Bteveueon was re-electel, but i.i ii g appointed Minister to Fnglaird, wax hi creeled Jot u lb li by Jot u lid li ot l< ni e--ec, whig on tenth ballot. Vote:? foil, 1)4; J. K. I obi. 78, scattering and blankx, 28; 1833 to is: 6. Tuinty-fourtk Conyrut.?Ja*. K. Polk, of Tennessee, den adat. Vote}?folk 132: Hell 84; scattering, 9;1836 to 18.7. MR. VAN ECUKN'B ADMINISTRATION. Turn ; fj,li > cuyn.?Mr. polk *ax re-eleotel; vote for Po k 116; . Pell, 103, scattering, 5; 1837 t> 1810. Tventy-eurthV, vgrr.'i.?H. M.T. Hun'cr, of Virulnla, nul lifir-., electee; vote lie for Hunter: 113 for others, 11th bailor- lb; 9 to 1841. UARRISON AND TYLER ADMINISTRATION. TVrnfy-rrrcelk . ?Ji hu Vbite of Kentucky, Whig, Vot??121 f r Wi'in-; 84 fib" John Wiuatou Jonex, of Viigrnia dm., 10 Mat*eilug; I8tl to 1848. 7uiwfi--tt<A'A VTmyrtrt ?John Winston Jones, of Vlr gir is, r em ; vo'C for J nux, 128: John White, of Kon Vbuky, S'J; 1648 to 1(?46. POLR'S ADMINISTRATION. Hun'y-vinth ?John W. Paris, of Indiura, dem. vole 'or l'nis. 120; Srrml. F. Venler, of Ohio, 72; Mattel ittg, 19; 1M6 to 1847. Thirtieth Ctnyrtu ?Robert f Wlnthrnp, of Mass., whig; vote, Id bslljt, ltd; IJnh Boyd, dem , 04; xcattering, 41; 1847 to 1849. taylor's administration. Tkirty-fint Vi.vgeesi.?Howell Cobb, of Georgia, dem., steeled by plurality of 3 on 84th ballot; 1819 to 1851. N I.LMORE'h ADMINISTRATION. Thirtv-.etxnd Vtngtttt.?Linn Boyn, of Kentucky, dem. 7 1861 to 1863. pikrce's ADMINISTRATION. Thirty-third Vmyrcts?Liuu P-tyd, of Kentucky; 1863 to 1866. lhe I Ion re tf Commons may sit without a Speaker, but our House must elect one, ax be is expressly muntionol la the constitution, and it is held that n:> business can be done until be is elms. n. TLere is no pry vi Ion as to ho* bb shall be ebosm, WHO WILL BE SPEAKER 1 HTATE OK PARTIES IN TIIK DOU8K?SOMEBODY MUST FUSE?CANDIDATES IN TIIK KIELD-CAU CUSES AND PLATFORM??POSITION 01 TIIK KNOW NOTHINGS, ETC., ETC. It bAS been the general opinion throughout the Coun try thet the contest for [maker would ho protracted, am that the disgraceful socnes of 1830 and '49 would be refolded by the j,reseut House. If our readers will eaiefully con.pare the state of purlins In tbU House with those in wcich the contests were held, they will lot ire ar sntiie'y different position of affairs, and they will see that there is realty no lung to prevent no al mo.-1 immediate in gar iaaiion. first, theie are eigbtyouo a linhilstration democrats who have already held their caucus and taken up their posh ion on tl e lolloaiug platform: ? Resolved, That the democratic members of the House wiurpre.euta though in a rr.inorlty in the body, iron this a lit occasion to 'ender to their fellow citizens cf hs whole L'niou their heartfelt cocgratuUtions on the| h, In the eluitions in several of the Mo* t hern, li-stem and Western Ntatee, of the principle* of tee Kunss-.NebTu-ka hill and their devotion to civil and re igloos liberty, which h ive been so violently assail.'d by a s<c>el j?>ltti:?l t'rih r, known as the Know Nothing Cs"y; and, though in a loinoiity. eiei hold to hi our igh. st i n y lo pte-erva our organization, and oontiune our r&uts in the rr.nfutenan je slid defence of these prln r p i ?, and thr constUntloual rights ol every sec'i >u and e.ei> c'.iss of ci'tzens, against .heir opponents of every deacilptlon whatever, either so called republicanism Know Nothing cm, or fusionlsm, and to 'his end we iookwitheonliden-eDithesuppoit itud approbttiou of all g oi' and true m;n friends of 'lie constitution and the ''oi. n th'uiigh mt the Union. Thl> is the platform for the f'in-iuoatl tdonvoutinn. The democrats non lna nl the suhjulnel ticket lbrofflsemof the House, which they must Vide for first and lait. 1. the'r pri sent cunditton there is no fusion for them 1? Hr kj taker?William A. Richards n, of Illinois. ftr Clerk?A. f'. Hanks, of Virginia Ik or Mr. XleKtin. Nti,.i''? i-at-Aim - Mr. Uloahrener, of Pennsylvania. I'wrmiuf'i ? llr. Jihr.s in. i'rinb i?Cornelius Wendell, of New York. Mr. Kiobardson la 'he father of the Kansas bill in the H<>iiee Mr. Ranks is editor of a couutiy newspaper In Ytrgml:. Mr. Hen tell Is the Union newspaper. It will be seen that Mr. Forney no.- not endorsed i v by a w mpllmen "a'y The dewuwrata may get nine y votes fur th- Speaker, tiking In nine Ni if hem whig , who have now hete to go. There are, then, one hundred and forty-three votes b - taeen'he Kni w Nothings, the Ssward republicans, and tl. atioHft-n Know Nothings. Tt.e Know Nothings ought to stand on the Cdlowing platfoim?the twelfth sectlm, itapM at I'btUdelphii last June XII. The Amer ion pat ty having arisi n upon the ruins and in spite ot tbe opposl'iou. o the whig and democratic 1 aiues, cannot la- h> I' in suy manner r<sponsiblefor He s oi oxious acts or rl. la-e.l pledges ol eiitior. And the ayatin.allr ngitat on f ihc slavery question by tno*9 j'su.irs ht vii g titrated h'wtiiity into e posi tive eleno'iit ol pniiti. al pow-r, and brouvht our lnsfttu tious into peill, it his tnerefoi. become the Imperative duiy ut the America i party to Interfere, fir the purp-su et givleg peace to ine country and perpetuity to the I i Ion Ano as experience has -linen it i nposuole to re eoneUecpiuions eo rxtten.e as those wblcu sopsra e the disputants and as there can hs no dishonor in submit tli g to the laws ;hc Vail nal Cnuoetl ha- de?m'd it tha Iw-t guarantee r.f n nim n Justl -e and of future penc? to abii ? by and maln'oii the exist! rg taws uoou the su'rject sit sUve y, a* a tlual auu conclusive set.le:n"nt of lira' Mil jett in spl it unl In sub tsnco Auu regar.'li g It the li ghost, duty to nvow their oplnii n-upon u ehhji-ct so Important, in distinct an I rintqutvi ral trim-. tt ii h' -ehy .leclar'- I as fho re i?# of Him National Oouu d that (Vugretw possesses uo p iwer. nLd> r the c ns'itution, to 'ejris.ate upon tha suojeel of la?*ry in the n'atsa where it does or may exist, o" to xelnde ary -tats trum vlmlsaion In o tlie I'alrn Meuise ta eor.stl'u Ion fl. ei or dot* not rec.guise the InsUiution of slavery as apart of Its aeclal sy S etn; and expressly prefemo'ling a'.y . xpt. ?i n of opfni n upon the po r?r i f C? ngresa to ra abltui or prohibit si ivery In any Tsrr tr.ry it Is the eetise ol \ho Nail oal Co. ntil tliat Congress ought not to legislate up n .h? u'Jsct of slavery within ite lerrl'orles i f ihe I nliel dtatea, and tha' any ln'?r terence hy rnngreas with slavery n It exist- in the Ids t He t of Columbia, rnuldfua viniatinn of the spirit au I intention r.f the ei mp ict by whi b the up,., ,f \f-ryla 11 seded tie dstiict to the Cnitei Rates, and a breach of the national faith. lint there was a split ufs-.n this platform, and a N'orlh ern Convention w?a hi-Vl on tbe ktst ult., at Cincinnati, where the following pUtferm was adopted:? The se'eet cumuli'tee to , l.l :h were referred varl .us resel'ithms and proposl'ions, mtin'y on the subject o. the differences existing he ween the North and Hie i >nth en tbe suhj?ct of slavery, his had th" sums under con eidera'lon. and has apornvef tha f ill..wing resolutions, wed recommend their adoption at the p-opose I -onion of wen rec. nnn-n I tneir a?l 'prion nl rue p-opo.el session of the National Council to hs hel I at Phltal.dpMa . n the l?th ot February next, In lieu of the twelfth seetion of Her platform: ? That the irpml of the MisaouH eom womise Wis au in f-acti n of ibe ptlghteil faith of the nttlm, es t that It aoowld be restoreil, and Ifeff.rts tothsteed sh >uld fail. Co' It e*" sh' uld reltise to a Imil Into the t'?| ,n anr -state Dderating sUvwry which shall be form ? I 0.4 of anr por tion of the ten it.>ry from sliicb Ibat iostttntu.n was ex elded bv that co iiproirU*. That this cenvendon pi"t?,t against i>'w1eastn|, w|,^ ?nv party whi h demands the posiponeoismt or at!J1<j,)n. ti cnt of American pilu-iples, or the dfsorganiaatiau ni B' e A'ler nan perty, Thet fhia ocrrpr.tiop re o-nman 11 ? ?h" d l?/,.- tn misting of the same fte beidrat fhiladalphla on the lull <'?y of February next. The repnblteake, eo c?lkd, ware elected on the antl Nebraska platform. The, are ganerally whir, would lute with the Know Nothings oil tha C noinn*U rlstfoim. ''he twelfth tectlou having been repudiated by tb?Or*o? no me of lie Nouthero Know Nothings may out; but the majority party could ?lT?id toJoee thiity of iheni and then elect. One hundred and'^toen would be uqulied to elect In a full House-117 In thU Booee; but the Horn. I. rever full, and any one who can get 112 vote* will be Speaker, probably. The nioci.y i? drat In the fled. They hare only to put up a good inion ticket to pleaae the part, through the cu...r? which the, have done. The, will go Into tl e lloute aud calmly vote for theae ean-lidatea for three dart thi< e week*, 01 three months, If It he neeeeeary. iho majority? for luch we oount the 148 opponeut* ol the ui'nlia-tret ton?are perplexed, and they have wisely cercludid to hold no caucus. The meeting of natlona Know Notbloge called by Meaere. Whitney and Clark, ol ihia Mate, was a dead failnre-only abont ten members being pie- ent. Thin look* ominoue, aud seems to fore -bad. w a coalition to elect a Northern antl Nebraska, uuti-fclavery Speaker, as Campbell, otObl", ?r Fuller, oflenr eylsanla; and a Southern <?-kCullou. o Ten ?ea?e, who voted .gainst the Nebraska bill, but who l n voto ' j"fT per?nn?*liy very would got tome uthein vote g y frt/rWk popular. It la Haul there wall ho no except Eh nka of Vl.glnh. andCullom. Mr. Haven., of New Yu.k and Mr B?'ka, of MasiachusetU, hevo alto beeu Turned for Speaker. Tbetr ccancea are not brilliant hut thinge niuy take a turn that way. We hear that Mr. Mblmey, of thU State, has some hopes that he way come .n on a compromise between the Northern aud Southern Know Nothing.. Mr. Whitney used to be a .Uvcr grey whig. Mr. Broome, of Pennsylvania, one . f the oiiginal Know Nothings, will be ationg with the twelfth sod ion men. This section of the party has snf feie.l deeply, however, by defections in the North -nice the election of '61, and thing- look very much like an immediate coalition for the purpose ot organisation be t??eii the republican!* ami the Know Noih?ng*. Mr. Washburn, of Maine, and Mr. Pennington, of New Jorscy, aiealro mentioned for the Speakership; aud if the con testis protracted we should not bo surprised if a new uihii should he ttlen up. leal the unlii nal wing of the Know NotUlu? party is af.alilof the republtcan dragoona, Is <|ullo apparont by the following, whioh we fiu.1 in the Washington Organ iK. N.) offatuiday i? We rheerfully give place to tha followlng comman ca llon 11>111 a meuibe of t'oogress, nod we odd that be it n l,ue Au.ericaii, Hue to the coiutttutlon and laws or the 1 ~T0 THF. AMERICAN RKVUBMNTATIVKS. WASUINliTOit, NoV. 30, lo*5. the AmcHcsn party, If true to thorn-elves and the in iucii lis ihi-v hsve so n<bl, gastatnwl In the ate e e. ih lis * i 1, tt Is to be presumed, go Into the House on Monday folly p.spared and determined to pay a Jus, tri bute to tbslr country's honor, and to yinrttcate them fdv, s sml their nnli nal conservatism by presenting a Ann si >1 hold fr> id to 11 y am" all opporlug Influences. Itta nOl robe supposed tor a moment mat to enotunle mg the hi.silii'y >1 the political element- then and the-o so' vory likely to be una against them, thev wU1 .T, 'rs??t a corti st, | e> hsps su abs.ili.te gtr.igg o wri'h discordant and die lg oiling plans, to el-ot a .-peoker. At temp's nisv he aid iiababy will bo made to ten 8. their g icigih powerless aud Inefficient, by efforts to create a divi-nn ot Opinion or sentiment uoon me'e questions ot expediency or policy; therefore does it become the mire nc. essary and indls; eurahle that a calm and nnbnkeo front ?e p alutafoed, and that the, present to thci one mie- awsllofs eel, tirminid imps nctrahle to every as " Mncna est reriteu etprevoW/U. You are right, my fellow cmnirymen, and the people are rapl.lly c imlug to your mi poll, arii fusta'niug you in your p-vtriotlceffortato AnuiIcanite our iiietilu ions, and to briug them bock into the pa hs ol jos'ice and bonor. Boar aloll your ban ner of i? vineibilluy and inscribe upon its amp ei foIdsi the werd "Union." GALTION. There will lw a strong outside pressure on the Southern Know Nothing members to make them vote tho demo cratic ticket. On the clear slavery issue we presume the House is very nearly balanced. The democratic organs all over the country a:o unanimous in advising the ad mit is'rntion members to he firm In their position. We do not consider that there U any prospect of a set. ticket tor the opposition. Mr. Cullom has said in so maty words, that hR. would not run as the candidate o, env party, while there does uot appear to be a man mcn tloneo f,r Quaker who could get v>te? enough on the first ballot. Things look now as If the lirst day would be ? skirmish only. One correspondent says, that Tl nc aie tending losaidg an ultimate union, for the rurp' ie^ uf nrganiJn'.h'U, among the democrat,, whig* w,Lr ?n l rouihern Know Nothings. It I-computed ti nt the alliance can command the exact nuniher of votes reountd to elect I' a full house?that is, 118. U, < lily way to elect a Speaker to-da, would bo to adopt the plurality rule snd in omit calling the names of tie dehgales from the Tenltorlcs, as that would brtng up a terrille fight on 'he Kansas question; and to leave sUconU.'ed be decided alter organisation. We notice that the following very .ennble platform hag been put foiward hy the national Kno# No liings: PLtN 10R 0R0ANIZ1N0 TDK H01T8K OP REPRESENT A* TtVEfi?TBlRTV"kOORTH COR<IRE88< To call h uxe'irg ?*t ?li iDt-mbvraof tue Aoierican Or wl^su . nrTlhe'ea lutions a-loptcd by tho National fYuuri) st IhlludrlphU 12"h Jun?, lbek. I ibi- tme ing shad pre-silbe ouedi-nce to tao?e tii ns as the t-st of eilgihitity to ?oy office or aJp mt ni?nt .i-hin tie pow r of the House nJ hepre eniativct. B a -ntudoot. numha. ot .a'hmal Amwiean- ennoot to us cnih oc in elfe 1 su o')iani?iti >n up-m ttie above bi lie. k <?> n'enni-' sh?U be Invited wi*U all uisuiuers fevorahie t? nn m gauixatioo up n the basis of maintaining the ox !; i, g 1 ,w s upon the sul.joot of slavery us a final and con d?,"'iUr!irr';>?? >;? rK'Vz ''?f'sVut'o sf/urssis. -V" ? ?. .1... all I.? .?.????> >'?? I'-1"*'I jWjS'SJSVJt ii.cuts, as ps,amount to any otucr authority wltoia t I7^;\%%nVnrahirh^nffin'Xt^ ?ton the j'c" - f slavory a- ? final and conclusive net ,, .ui.loct ill and in suheUnce. 3 That he will ab-taln from and discouregu the agita "i "rlbsb; he*wdI''"on er""no .ubor appointment upon any ? no who will no. make and subscribe tho ture r nBNhiuhXanlnttion thus efTecte.1 shall h, reeled as a pat.iolls truce f.. .he purp .se of pr-ventlng leglsli tei>i>nee ot ttie public ;>eace and dignity against seed >n *'lll* 1h?t eve y member win unUcS in this p'an of or gen nation rhull t- f'O.' to resune h s f :;;dB^^r?^eCc.?^tt '^a A>\r' *Xn In r> nfi innty wi'h 'lie prlu'lples ot tbl-p an of orgtuixv Ho. joe.entiog ti e names of sultabls noininpe- fir the vii i lens offices withtu the appointment of Ure 11 .uso of Rcprfrei.ta'lvfg. M-C hope that the H'uses will l? organised lo-day, but tl.ii gs no not look 'hat way at present. TAKING THE OATH. 1b?i Speaker having been elee'ed, the olJent mstnbnr adtrin'.a'er* the oath (t > support the constitution) to him, and the Hf eaker to the member*. Htey come up bj Plate*. and Sake ibe o%th In platoons. The Southtru and dVeetetn member* geneial'y kin the bool.; those < f Ibe Eastern nuil Northern -tales bold up the right band ee he old '. Oiltans thought klsiug the book a Stun in Cathode Hbominaiion. CONTESTED SEATS. The neat thing after the II >u*e b erg mired It th" qtieeilon on conte-leil seat* It may coop np on the Hiatal dih gules. when Mr. Korney calls the roll; bit' ** they hnve no rote, we ehonld n--t ?uppnu> I' would be forced on tb# lloute. The *e*t of M . Thomas J. D. Kill lor, who lepre ent? the Plilh district of Maine Isein terlerl. Mr. ftdlir l? an ndmlnietra'lon democrat, an I ran not c>o nt op n mnrli sup.wrt from the tu >J >-tty I > the Home. Nothing emit b' rav? insolent thin th conduct of tt e a lu.laietniti n men las yen; ml tin* they can find ou af'er three Cong e?see of triumph how pleasant !? Is to be bnl led. Mr Marshall, from the Bilrltt nf 'I'lnoii, ats > a democrat, lias a conte-iaa*. In the Kfhth ulstrtetot the same Hfwte there Is a meaney, caused by 'he eWi >n of I.jman Truoibnll to the United s a'e -en it in pli -e nf Central i hlelda. Mr. Trumbull was fin eh >?ei In thla illstric'. by tbc peojdu, and then sent to t u Vns e by the 1 egi-la'nre. Mr Trnmhnil is n > * inWi-Magoi without the (iorernor'a cerilllei'e: hut ho ha n-llonen of hi* election to the -Vnate, In the -hspe f a ee ttd m'e signed by the oflieors of both kisn^hsi of thel-egids tore, and th? rrrallrat of the Joint r U'Cntl m, coriiih't with the Mate seal, by the Secretary of state. Beveroor Matte..m refused Mr. riuotball'e certlftea'e, on the *tr< pgth of a slegoU ly brlll'ant clause la the Htnte Constitution of Illinois, providing Hint no no w'.i > bald a State Judgeship should be eligible to h- e|e to I t i any office whalevor, until a staled period af'er *hs to * mm'S n of his J idlrlil ter.n of mil p. In this esse, th Ci rernor Is said to ha*e re use I t.i certify to Mr. Train hall's original election to t'ic II ?a e of R?o-> titn* tlwa, be botne a State Judge when ?t Mt?d. fa fie ctu of hta etneUon to ||?0tlN srato* 'On?.s..,o ward*. His 'ha', in adih'lvi'u tv> r ?? ? a ? i tinned a' e th- vrn r 'mm! .? I>. ' ? sit o-/ '?! ?? ? necessary certificate, on the ground that h- had no*, du cHimd hp i-'i'oii jn to tlit* IIoaM, It I *. qalte unuece* sory to ?ey that this Is *11 ii 'iinnM. The Sena'e jud/e of the nuaUflea'kiaK of it* aieaabere, and ana and ha* ad mitted them without certifinate*. The constitution only provides that * representative shall be twenty-lire ye*** old, at least; thai lie shall be an inhabitant o* the S>ate from whence chosen, mad chad hare been aoitieeu Keren year*. Senators most be thirty-five, and have been citiren* nine year*. It appears, however, that this matter will be brought before the fcene'e, and the Unitm ha* the following view of the matter:? It 1* underetood that Mr. Trumbrill has no eomrulsaioii fr< m the Governor of Illinois, and, therefore, that lio claims a teat as Senator by virtue of an eleuti n by the Legleltture. but which theGuvsrn >r dtellnes to reoogolre as legal under the constitution of the Sw.e. We beieie the following statement present* the caee *i it will be broupbt before the Senate:? The constitution otihcrtste of lUinois provides that Juigc* of the Supreme Court shall be ebcted fir the term cf nine years and that the person* so elected shil not l? appointed or elected t ?, or hold, any other otfioo of honor or profit, ei her undei the authority of the Sta e or of the Culled State*, during the ierm fir which e wok so eleclid .'?? ge. or fur one year thereafter, and all vote* that mat be given, el'her by the voter* of the State of Illinois, or hy lie Legli-latuie theieof, tor any person so elected Judge during said term for any office ufures lid, tball l<e null and v->id. In If 52 Mr. Trumbull wa* elected Judge of the Supreme Court f r one of the Judicial divi inns of rbe State of Illi nois, and wa* d'.ly c mmNninned as sich ?cc irding to law took the oei e-.-aiy oath and entered up in the duties oi Mild office of Judge He exercise I t-ie dmle* o' *aid of. lice Iwn out ot the nine yearn f ir which he w s elected and 'hru rerigr eil line became a cm did ate for Congress in the cis'rtc in which he -ei-ide , and wa* e acted. The Oovmnor of the sia'c o' Illinois rof is"d to glv i to Mr. Irumhull a eertilioate ef hise'ecd n to the Mouse, uorn tt e gioui d that the niueyears fer which he was elcotid Judge had not expired, and, con*ei|ueuily, the voles oust lor him for Congress under the constitution of the State we e void. The Gevernrr if the stale refuses to give Mr. Trumbull a eerllli ate cf hi.* elect >u a* Senator upon the same pmtiuc that he're'used to eertify that he -a* elected to the Home ol Kspiesenlativns, reterriug again t<i the Sta'o ei ns'ituiion. which dcclates all tt use votes cast hy tue 1 fgishiluie for Mr. Trumbull for the Senate were Void. Mr. Mall, of li w?, and Mr. Harris, of lta*yl*nl, sit id contested seals in the House. Mr. Ifall U a dem .era', nud Mr. Han in n Know Notiing. KlidH Chapman claim to have been elected frt m Nebraska, but his seat 1* c Hi tested hy General H. P. Bennett, a Can* democrat, M ? Chs( is the gentleman who on the stump always ?poke of the Piesideut as 1 my liiend Frank Pierce." The Ntbrurka t'ily .Vcurn says of Mr. Ben ictt wh>, I claims, is elected delegate frum Nebr**<a. tb*t "he *111 support Iis Cass, o' Mlj'uigaii tor tho next Freddeu" . if that great and good democrat 1* alive and on t-io traei, wi'bsll his might and main In short, Judge B sanett is, in the truest *cn*e of the term, a c mserva ivo democrat." Mr. Mike Wul-h at ooe time announced th it he inton I ed to contest, 'he seat held by M*. John Kelly, from the Fourth r 1st i let of this State. Mr. Kelly had 88 vo'es over Mr. Wahh, hut it was said that there was a frauduleu retuin. As Mr. Wulsh i* in Kurope, we presumo lie doei not in end to c ritest tho seat. Tlie seat of Mr. T. H Florence, ofl'enn. 1* alsi contested, and tnnsn of the two California numbers. Forney, the iJerk, will undoubto Hy recognive theadmlListration men who contest (hem seats, and therefore it is proposed to out hi a o3f bjrcho islug a e'etk, or having a chairman to act till the eloction of the speaker. It Is wciil that an attempt will bo made to oust Messrs. Denver and Hetbort, th* California members bec.iu*e they were elected on a general ticket. The Uw of the ease eoems to ho in lavor of the hol ler* of the soots. Congress did pass an act iu 1842, requiring district elec tions, but California was admitted in 1850. and tho now apportionment act, passed that year, 6'ies not require that the States shall bo districted. Congress hisalwiyx recognised the Calilornia members, elected on general ticket, and the attempt to ran out Denver aad Herbert is absaid. In the first Louisiana district, Mr. Albert Fnbre, demo crat, will contest the seat claimed by Goorge Hustle, Jr. Thtfio con'est* will not pribably amount to much?th*? are genei ally- settled by giving the seat to the member having the largest number of political friend* la the House; but the contest between Reader and Whitfield, both of whom claim to represent Kansas, will make ttoulde; an) in order that it uiay be understood, we give a brief retvme of the points. THE BUSINESS BEFORE CONGRESS. THE PRE81DENT'B MESSAGE AND ACCOMPANTING DOCUMENTS?OCR FOREIGN BUI. ATlo.N-i?KANSAS ? THE THREE MILLION DRAFTS?THE SECRETA RIES' REPORTS, ETO , ETC. <y ogress having been mgauized, a message In sent tu ?he President of the Ui ited States ioforniiog .him of the fact, and that tho member* are readj to hear any com? mrnication he may have to make to them in aocsrdance with the provisions of the constitution, wi tch nay* that he nhall, from time to time, iofnrm them of the atate of the country. The menage has been, wo aie told, already finis! ed, but not p'inied. VI en the President leceivea official notification of the fact that Congreea ta organized, he wi'l send hit private secretary down to the House with the message, wnl di wil1 he read in boih liou-ea, and a great many copies or d< red to bo printed. We are told by some of the initiate! that the message will be a spicy, spirited,War lik- d cuuierit, Inteuded to tell on VonDg America. It it raid iha*. Marry thought It too strong, but the Provident refused to alio* it to be al'ero It will enlarge on our foreign policy, and more parti:, larly our relations with England on the old Central Atueiicun question, where England made a troity ir. which the pie ged herself never to ret up any cilo ny lo the territory and then broke the pledge; the President will show that Lord Clarendon has never at tempted to answer Mr. Buchauan's last argument on the Central American question, but when, iu September, he pressed him to answer. lord Clarendon declared th" correspond! uce closed, declined lo reopen it., and in '', rated the duUrmlnatiou of Giea' Britain to construe the treaty as not applying to her Rua'an colony. The e a little doubt that Croat Brit..ln would yield the Mo* ]nlt prutrctbTate if we would admit her claim in Kua-au. He willal-o probably lufurm us that the security of tin prestnt government cf the Sandwich Island* his be" i made firm by an sgieement between England, France an he I nited States, that they abill not lie molested by any t ower. Recent extraoidinary ali'alr* In Nicaragua wil| demand the attention of Congress. Something must m said about Kinney and Walker. Our g <vernineut mu.i tmorso the Walker dynviy, although it miy not be pit aied with martial law in the shoolug of Corral who peace bad been tnaoe. The President will reaffirn tl.e old doctiinc of the Taylor and Fillmore administrations, that the entiie tignt of sovereignty over the Mosquito teriltory beljngs to the republic of Nicaragua. A new system of Indian mvnag"uent will be suggest ed. The p an heretofore pursued lias been to remove the Indians as fast as the white settlers be,'a ne covetous o' tlieli laud*. The tide of emigration is now flowing in upon these unfortunate-! from Both the Cast anl West. l'iobed to the Rocky Mountains by the movement from the Missis ippi side, they have been there met by the Ci lifori.ia column, composed of aim >st every raie under licavt ii but their own The rresideat will, it U un lor strod, sketch a |dan of treatment for these wild man. which dees not look to ibclr eventual submersion in the waves ot the Pacific, or their extermination. He will probably advise the appropriation to the u-o of the Northwest tribes, of the western pert of Neb.-n :va and the country tt terveoir g between (be w-tern b .ntr dniy cf Minnesota and the Kwky Mount ii i j, up m soldi it ins mn.ewhet siaiilir to these on which Hie Ruth western lu Uus bold their lands. I'hew districts m-ty e< divided ivto convenient iudian trrrlto !?*, ?. u if, at any future tin.e .'ivy manifest suitable a ti ed-- f,,r go** sen merit, they mey b' admitted as I .dian Mae. as it ka? tw-r n for some years imposed to a-nuii the Chcrokee-i au i tic 'C'sWS. As the Pi# iden1. csnnot sat. Ij dila'c a pen (abj*-.ts o' Ih'rrral p lii y, th" administration of our fore gn a fairs will te, it ir reported, 'rta'el of at length iu I he me < ssge. It will cover the corrv*cODdene* betw-wn Mr. i arcy and Mr. Buebauan on the side of tin - government, snd i < io Claieodou on the part of kre?t Rri'aiu relative t. Itnlral Anc it. a. fhe wtll kn wn ability of oar negu pollster', and the ImiM taire f the aubjojt, will impir h'gh Interest to thi* portion > f Vho merge. foe sctle mei t r f the 1 l?ck ffsni-r aflsir and o'her e'al n< of our rt Hereupon Brain; the p-oemdmge of our ag?nt* In 1 i mini" a, the r ego'iationa wl h Rnsrd*. I'ru?-I?. England and F-atiee illative t < the r*s/*"lf? right* nf neutrals ? ml ' in war; tl e c rrespnnd. nee r>ri the lUtri?h Found duer ; and the pp'gre.s of owv diplomacy I n tlWTi cr leru, Buenos Ayr?? aid Paraguay, hsv < fiirniihe l em Is scope for the amll ie? of "ur Mho-tern, an I mas' t .(i --a>ily occu'.y a large space In th* annus! exyoaidoa i four puh'fc atfatrs. Titr fnulinii enlistment DiFFtetarr. The real fate of cat ie!atb.ns aith England has been very ri- aily hid before the public In Ut c damns o' the Hrs.mi. lh" Pf rld-ni's tncs-sg" will review the whole matter, nrnl It may be 'hit an itu mpt wl 1 be m? le to maVr uv r" eart ?! on' ot it. We h.v* 4l"?* iy shown how ? nr gnver-mett' c r ilaii ed wf fie sallduNt nf , ft on '.r > ;? toy h .w !.<w' Clu> n>to n en'a full

and ample apolrgy snd bow, af'er that, the le tar* of A tomey Ct,:.erir Cushlng In relation to ? h- Horn trial, i mlng after the up- logy, off-a ert the hoglidr g Verm irent, caused the semilog out ol the Wf$', Iuola fleet and the fleroe wtr at tide# in the Tin in. Iheie can he no doubt that tbfs w*t the pos tion of af iik, end that pacific ani corcilHtrry dc>jatr.h*a hare elnce btrn received fiom tngUud. Ihe sdrulnlstratl >n organs are I eeplng up the quarrel then theie la n thing to noun el about, and ineieting upon the recall of Mr. rmmpion, wh?n he ie not lo blame. He merely followed the bkstrue lent be received. I'how- woo gave him the instructions have apologised. The message may be a I t tie defiant on there point*, but it would be absurd. bhoeld our government < emend the recall of Mr. Oramp ton, and pcrsi-t in ruch demand, the Brill -h government declining to comply, ttii- government would be c impelled either to dtcllne all diplomatic intercourse with that gen tleman, or to dirmiae him. In either case the result won d be the mine, for it car scarcely be dmrb'ed that If the first alterna ive wax adopted", the whole British lign'i n would be withdrawn from Washington, an) no O'lier rent in I'm place. A* a mat er ef course, the with drawal of the I'ni -it States legwti n from the Ciart of Ft, James woulu follow in fatalisti >n. War would not mcessaiily result from these step* Neither the ceasing to told inlerconrre with a Minister, n ?r l-ix wl'hd a val in c nfe<|uenre of -ucu a retu-al, would be a eo.?ut belli whatever Ita efforts upon the temper of the rexpeeidve go vernments. But what world result? Why. that the two na< lone more intimately connected by co nmeroe than any other two Powrs of the wond?wboae interees are intricately and iurepxrably Inierwoven?multitudes of whose clti7eoN are constantly touching on bn-inoxx in each of the two countries, and are temporarily reaiden' In both? would he without intercourse or representation at the renrectife scats of gnverctnent. TI1E DANISH SOUND DUES. The President will give ns some light upon the ques tion of the Hound dues, our government having reopened the negotiations commenced by President Tyler. The report is that Russia has accepted the "fil e of medUtir, and hvl proposed that lb nmark sh iuld cede tire is and ol Ft. Thomas to the {toiled states government In couxi deration of the payment cf *5,000,001, the oourt of Co penhagen moreover agreeing that American v-sset* paex it g into the Baltic -hall thenceforth be exa opted fr.on ell dues and tollx whatsoever. The same authori'lex ad r thai [>rn nark bad refuser I its oonscnt to ibis plan, on tin ground flat it would prob i-dy prove offensive to the West en Powers. The United Starrs f rmxrly offered ah >,r ?0 0( 0 to rentnark it it would ahaud n it.x unju?t clai.n u|in our vesrelx. the s.tne Hum w>u'd fa1! to our share for payment, but would not now be acquiesce.I in, it the rai ilalizatton scheme were realized; anil it 1 not probable that the Washington government would fee. Inclined to pay twenty times hit amount tor I be sur n nder of ptetenri.ros it di es not recognise, even though it were pur in t os-c-biou of au rxla d wliijh it would not know what to do with when it had got it. According to present spjea anccs, the agitation which commence" here upon the subject of the dues, will be continued un 1 it Aci-otni li.-bes a< me definite result elsewhere. Ou treaty with I enmsrk expires lo April, 1869. Congress will undoubtenly call for all the papers relt tne to both of these subjects. The President will probably insist on Cramp ton'a recall, lie will torch lig'itly ou home topics and let the Kansas matter go to tire House. The message w ill be accompanied by the reports of the several bet,da of departments, giving a complete exhibit of our affairs. The President has assured our corre pondents that the message will not be printed until after it has been read iu the House. A copy of the last message was stolen from the I i,im office. It speaks well for a great government that it cannot And person' who are honest enough to do their duty. Mr. 1 ierce's subordinate* must be a bad snt of fellows. But the public will have the message as early as ever, we have no doubt. THE TREASURY REPORT. GrrniUK's hkfokt all Kitady?modiucationh in TUB TARIFF?WOOL TO COME IN FKEE?DEFICIT IN TUB APPROPRIATIONS?STATISTICS OF TUAOE, ETC. Mr. Guthrie's report on the I'ntd of our flimuc** in nit ready for the members. He will emphatically reo ira mend wool, as a raw ma'erial, to be admitted free, wi U chemicals and dye stuffs. No dlstinc in'erfe.enx.- with ir. n is proposed. Ihc document c num. an olahora ?? argument supporting tUid pohcy, which Is app.uTed by Eastern mat ufeetuiers. (m the tatiff Mr. Guthrie will onlurge wl'lt formidable smpli'ude of statistical detail U<s tables will show Ten the elaborateness of Mr. Walker's rep-)-* of 1815 on the n oostrone estimates of which the benoAcent protec t.) system of 18a2 was done to death. T'oder the law of Congress, the mm appropriated f >? the anuua'collection of the revenue is 82,250,000. fhi sum will be excee< ed by $-100,000, and the appropriation will not then hold out 1L1 the close of the Steal year. Trie will he dwelt on in Seore'ary Guthrie's teport. ft will also give the statistics of foreign trade up t. June 10, 1855, as fellows:? The foreign imports at uil the oorts of the I'al e I rln e? (Uiclticlog of course California and Oregon) be lle lis 1)1 \ on I eiiilihg Juoe '? 0 1856, were Oil 882,000 sgsilisl 83(6.780.26.) for the pretediog year showing : recline of $14."67,208. the ic ul txpo t" from th l'nt1ed t-intrs'o foreign p r's for iho tiscsl year ending .1)11-L0, 1 HtSt. were $.76 Ifti' 84b, H.cnlnst $2 8 211 0-4 for ll.e pier filing yeer, sh .wing a dec'lt.u of only $3,084.4l' It will be si t n tiom this, that, while f >r the year 1851 'be nn pops excluded the exjiortd *27,539.189, fir h IssT year the experts cxCtC'Hd the lmpcrts $13,773,88 1 With these geuerbl eompattsons. we uuw proceed with t-ur wgular tables :? Imposts i.NTti thk United Ntatks from I-'ohkuin Ports. 1'tar muib/t ftp*' tr ani lbM June 10. DvtiiiUt. flw ft?A. JhiUioH. Imports. 1F46. .$66.11-6 *24 $18 077,6"8 $1,070,242 $117,264,60 1840.. PC,?V4,068 20,! no 007 8,777 732 121 091,79) 1847.. 104,773,002 17. <51 847 24 171,289 140,616,8)8 1848., 132.282.826 10,860.879 0,800,224 154 398,928 18.9. .116,479 774 16 720,426 0.061,210 147,867.4.9 1H 0..168,427,0.16 18 081 690 4 028.792 178 138,31? 166].. 191.118.846 10 062,995 5,463 692 218,224,93. 166?.. 188.962 60S 14,187 8:0 6.605,044 212,916.447 1668..286 6f6 113 27,183,162 4,201 :82 207.978,6'C 18.i4 .272 *40 481 lb,817.6(0 6,906 102 305.780 263 1866.. 221.292,624 30,430.624 3,060,812 261,382,660 T)u uboTf shn - s nn increase, during the la?t year, of $10 102.804 In the imports of fee goals, b it a tailing nlf . f $51 253,807 in dutiable merchandise ami $ 1,440,2.".') in sjeeie. Ihe course of the import trade fir tLe nast three tear>, is worthy of e?pe-isl notice. The year en. ling Jar 30 1853, shows an Increase oter the prevr us year n 858 0: 3 : 06; and 'he year 1864 showed un In lease ore 1663 uf $37,8i l,t 0b; making a gain of $'.'2.8 14.911 in two yms. for the last tear the detline. as already stated is $41,397,263. which brings the imports helne the tots' for the years 1863-4. We annex also a comparative tab!, of exp 'tis:? i XFORTH FROM TH* UNTO) STATIW TO FOREIGN POBTB. l>or tndivfi Drmrstic fbrotgn Sprrui and lotal Jkhr'.O. J'ruluct. Product HuMim. Export*. 1845..$' 8,456 3C0 $7,684,781 $8 l06,4 ? 9111 640,606 1640.. 101.718 042 7 8'6 208 3,906*18 113 488.610 1847.. 150 574,84 4 P.l'0 7?4 1.917 074 168,'<48,022 1848..IfO 203,709 7."86.806 16,841,616 154 052,131 1849.. 131,710 081 8 041091 5,454.048 146,765 8-II "StO..134.910 288 9,476,416) 7,52f.!?0? 161,898 $20 1861.. 178 010,168 10,296,121 20,47.'76 2 218.388,011 1861.. 164,981,147 12.037,043 4',071,135 209,568,109 18:41..18" 8'0,102 13,096,218 '27,48d 875 280,976,167 1864.. 115,157 604 21 '61 1)7 41,422 423 278,'241,064 I860.. 192,761 136 '.6,168 308 6fl,'.'47,3?3 275.160.8 W hi e ihe import* for the li-t ttar have fcllen bel tw their total fi r 1862-3, the exports are i.-arly forty-Ave n iliioi ? greater than tlta- year ()f the total *x,.or's l.f?Mrh for the last jut, 063 9 iT 418 Wee of domesu-. pris uctlon, ?ud 9*2 2ft'.9.6 of tmcign. I be s'jipm-'O'a at dititesile p o- n.-e exru-ivaof were 822,406.3^9 less 'ban l?? the preceding ttsr, while there is an In ? .31 in t~ ?* ' " " rrests of 94 497. 51 in the exports ot to.etgn produce, an I 014 824,9.0 lo the cxpor's ol sis-cie. ti e mil ex ? cntrip". .ttv* tad showing the V*lu? of h >*. s'stTs ami pi) vision* eud lit* ?nantl'j ant VslUS Of soil, n ixjo'ted. wtth tr>? aveuge value ot the latter per ism nd:? J'.nr Jhrnd+tvfl* Cntlnn. JiptiO flttMRit. JP'n n Is. FiHk. Ar.Pf't 1846 $lt .74.', Ill 87 2.006,900 8'1 7.19,64.1 6.9' '" 87,701,1.1 617.668 "66 42,707 J4I 7.?4 >f,l' r$ 701 921 627,219,958 63,416,848 10 31 114$.... 87 472.751 814 274,431 64,098,2-H 7.61 1M9.... .'8 168 607 1.0.1(0 ,269 60,896,987 ?.ot IfO 16,061573 6;6 801,i04 71,984 016 lib 1061"" VI 9-:$ 061 9.7 at.."09 11: .116 317 12.11 If 5-2 26 667,0.7 1/90'-SO,030 8i 006.732 8 0ft 186$ 89,1 $6,822 1,111 570 370 1-9, ltd 451 OS.', |$i' ... t6 (01,940 i'87 833,106 90,69 .220 9.47 ]$I6.... 58 6<0 0u0 1,008.424,601 88 143 814 8 74 li e ?xj-er aofcottnn for above iu pounds, ?>re sonutnsd in 2 b03 4<3 !>? ea. lbsMlnwhg Mitrsls relatlos to the redemption of I ni ed -tales stock has hern lr?ned: TRXASt HT PSTaRTMBNT, Pre 1. 18.75. No'lre fs Irreby given 1" h'lifers m ? .r -to-as of the I el-.d S-ts e- ttiwv tbta lie| *r m-nl will pur-base to II e sim uiit of $1 f 0*1 000 ot shin st.was at any lim* when he rswie m>y hv-lfeied prior to the 1st day of J .tie ,. zt. .no will P?7 therefor ihe billowing 'plot*! 4' $o? lisrkrfth* oaa t.f 18P2, s premium af 10 psr cent, For st'fk *f ll-e oansof!847 and IR18. a ureini toinf 10 ? er rent. !'?> rt#icS issued nn er the artnfl85i. com men'] e?11"l l? x?R io enin'ti srt rk, a piemium of 0 per eu . At d * c'' r f trel an '?( 16(6 r- lermahlr o bi ICt' Vi ven der 1:60, If rs., (r,.-l ?t the I rsaanry ,,n.r o "he 1r' sy of ^snuRtrj p> xt, a premium "f run ret t. I' iticstTtd hetwrer 1 t nf .lanna y so 1 the 81?. r'at <f Vsieh t '?$ ? prend m -.f 2 )W>r ?nl ir r" .. iv.rl o' er : 1st harsh, >.nj ..rt r Pi sal) t.i i .fur.e next, a i - .n-lti- ? ?*" Itic f t *i in* 1 ??'.?*? *n h*ii ? *?'? tit. thn rtt*** M.atbtd 'a '! < or*'11 ^ la 1-t iul? l* . If ?? - . ftx the ...cipal if iht; cer'lfl ates 'eimvel p.<i '0 lit J rusrv 1?U. Afer tbatdn'etne in i# ? e.Jlheslio cj m a* .i.ion >o the premium .r 1st.I jMMiy10 I-? date, r.toir [,, both cams. .ne.ay's iotere.' .ill be alb wed ii addition for the no i ey to leech the seller. ( ei >'ee tieni n.l' ed to this depart.n-ot under the pe.eut n'th e should to duty e signed to .he Unl-d Ha e- (wl'h .he runent h-l* ,??>? lute.e-., if,ent prior to .by 1st j?,u?y ne>.) by the party eul'lrt to receive the punh*se as. ev. f?i n.cnt for tber* stuck* will he msde hy drafu. ,D B the Awls'an Tressi, er* at Bnetou, Nee York or Phil*, del,.He, as the paries emltl-to receive the ^ dl.ert, JAYtKN t.UIHKIs, sec. ?f t ,e TrJao,r?' The Treasury report will give us the following a* our <imount of "rash on band":? treasurer'h STATE*PVT. f-bowiig ibeeim.u. t lit biacie it in the Treasury, with A>ri tan''Iieasuiem and de-lgca'ed op.,-Parte* and in the Hit t and, by returns received to'Won Per, N? veil.hi r ".6, 1666; the atroun' for whlci d-%f>* bete hem issued. hut were then unpaid and the anii.LUt remaining *oh|?ei to dr?n. Kb .wing aho, tbeauourt offutoie 'lanebri io ard from dejo aiuiiea, as oide.ed by the Fecieury of the Treasury f =?? r?o-9 a'la II lA!I h ?| a i J-g a r .a Pine. % Ei?f Tre'y r. ?. Washington. $080,796 941,<E? 9639,770 A-sistsnt Tieaeuter? 8 641 366 173.08.1 3 368,272 KewW 8,16\102 606/66 6,646 446 Thlladelphia 76 117 70 480 4 6W1 Charleston 1 8 030 9.006 118 1.6 N< W thleana 170,487 263 940 ' ? ^ 'r.ul" 1261,708 144 147 1,119,661 Hen J- am.pco 663,661 742,042 _ I e. oeliaiy at? "offeip. 2.228 1,206 926 I rn'-lnjoiw <0 021 ? 14,8"R 31,716 ( hlcVmond e,3W 208 8;,M n,'ir , *; 121/89 79,663 42.0:17 I 886 ? jigs 111,766 7.604 101,010 w i i. 60.123 2478 1 36 319. Nashville - 26,747 6.378 23.368 f|e.cta>i?a'l 12 478 6,619 6.029 llttshnrg 10,338 61 10,277 tJn.lnnstt 2Q 2^ J?bu(>*' 832.234 62,660 811.681 Iltl.ehr.CK 94,036 76,767 17 269 latl'e Bi Ck 7'P61 ,a;s,a 17 ? (bicepn 82/41 8,319 74.721 i H.4.V08 3 800 160 312 osilsliHssee 48.406 461 48 04l letrr ir. (la'f) 6,006 _ 6*006 Assay iffi. e, New Y->rk. 3,744 600 __ 8 744 600 Hr. mint Hsn F airisco. 9(8.783 ? '9e8*78i * lid. 1 l-llorie |.hia 2/63,364 _ 2,061*364 IOench, Charlotte 82/00 32*000 Hrai ch, I *hlon?"ga 27,060 ? 27 950 Biantb, New Cubans... 3 240.448 30.00) 3,210/48 , Total# $24,287 271 $2,230,407 $22,313/62 J tduct uieidratts, Ac 267 088 . J?'*"0* , $22,066 864 Add diueitn o in tu.nsler* 1.018.001 Not amount subject to draft $23,074 868 THE WAR DEPARTMENT. INCREASE OF T1IE ARMT?THE SCOTT CORRESPON DENCE ETC. Congress will have to 1.ok in at the War Department. Mr. J-ecre'ary EbvI* will protiahly recominer.d an lnereaae of the ai my in vie w of the Indian war which I as already b nkcn out in Washington Terrl'ory a> d will extend to the south. Congress will also call lor all the Scott cor respondence, relative to his pay as Ueutenant General, end relative to the affair of Brigadier General Hitchcook| and all the administiallnn machinations to kill ..ff the rid ben. will to exposed. Wo bear that the Bec etary will i ec< n.mend an audition to the tavalry arm, which la much needed. THE NAVY REPORT. RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE SECRETARY?THE NAVAL HOARD, ETC. Mr. Dobbin la laboriously engaged every evening In prepailrg liia report, hie office hours being occupied with tbe cunent routine of business. The report will to more lengthy than usual, owing to the uousual number of lo ll lesting topics to be e libraced?a monir whlob will be tound a lecon.mcndaiiun for the construction of a number ifsn.all war veaseb, suited to the waters of our thousand diffeient ports. Hnce tbc last Corgress met, the slate of the Navy has toen pmu.lnt ntly hi ought before the people and earner'.ly < bcusaed. 7 because of the excitement was the "Aciti increase Ibe efluiency of tbediavy," paKsed by the last C'icgiess. Indsr this act an cxno.ii.ii.g board, consisting ? t he folloa ing named officers, cunv utd ut Wasbiugtou n June last -? (nytoir ?-bubriclc, f-'outh Carolina; I'crry Rh'slr slund ; M. taohy, 11 nnsy Ivania ; Htribliog, Houtli (?tu> n a ; higrlr w, Massachusetts. (r nmumhr. ? I cm, Krn'ucky; B.icbaean Ma yianc; 1 opout, lo aware, liuiron, Vi giu'a ; i age. Vir gin!" LiivUvnntt?Godon, l onnsylvanU; Missroon, Sou h Ca r> Ins ; loo.e, ( onnsciicut ; Diddle, Pennsylvania ; Mau ?y. \ irginia. H s as tie duty of tb'g Urard to pass In review nearly >nn i Dicers, ascertain If they were ojipeteut r. | r if,.in. nil their unties, alioat anil ashore, and report he nanus to the department of those incompetent. A ?sie'ul colcutatiin slows that this Board gave ah mt t irtieD n.'nutrs to be Rase of each officer I The result of their sessii n was that over two bundled officers w-re dropped letlied or foiiotgntsl. These officers are Very tor ignsn', aud they ahl inake a strong outside pressure . u Ceugre. s. Alth' ogh renr.vol f.-otn ac'ive purllclpi iion in politics, the officers < f the Navy have a greatoes1 .,f influence and peti.ions remrm* ranees. &c , without ?.tin I e*, will (low in upon the House and Sena'e. It li i r.t I 'thio tl.e nower of Cs n. "ess to reiustata t em, but i' cso i l.cve th>m fr< ni the . i.-g-u. c under which thuy .l ink they labor. THE GENERAL l'OST OFFICE. ABC.^EB IN THE MCFAKTMENT?OCEAN MAIL HKll VICB, ETC. No < ep arlm'it in *o imperial t a* thin, and none no liadh d Dunged. the rie paying fyktetn, which ban n >ar tM?n in fmce oight month*, work* well, but there thmiH i e a unifiiin rate oT postage. letter* ti* California n iw jay ten cent* which i* unjust to all parties coneeru"d, ard induce* nmuj fraud* on'h?- de artraent'* rev-nu?. Alt the cxpre-ies carry !ct'? anil can make m iney ?t fix rent*. The only way government can atop It i* t j putting ith piicc down to three e nti, Ihe want of |xwtal accommodation in New York city will abo he pier-ed upon Corgrera. We have only one ?.?free for ufarly a million of people, whil" ad the con'i ? eutal eitie* have an average o' one poet station to every 'en thousand of population. We need aUo a ayilem of city delivery nnd nev. building*. The otiice In Nassau -t. e? t ia quite inadequate to the barii.eaa which ia d >ne in it. The octan mail aervice matter will be brought up ??pain by an application from Mr. Vanderbllt, who pro I m to carry the foreign nulla to Europe fur tl4,000 per tii|?the (am which I* paid to the Cunard steamer*. 11 e law relative to the registering of vaiutbio letter* alar. need* lookirg at. It U a nullity at present, because, ? libough government drmnnd* extra pay fir legtstering, i' l> not reepcitaible for the delivery ot the letter*. Ra rint cecum n-e* at I'bilaoelphla aliow that ieglsterc.1 'etter* aic no mure fiee fr> in lis*?ter* than tho e which take their ordinary cooree by all. THE COURT OF CLAIMS, Which ha* now got fairly at work, will relieve Congress frrm much trouble. Formerly disputed accounts with goveiini*ut were brought belt re Congrea*. and re'errc 1 to c? n mitteea, when the 1 .bby men made a tremendous ? utcii!e pieesuie on the committees, and a great dual of time* a* wa*tcd and money thrown away. Now these n alter* a>e 'aken into 1he Foutt of Claim* and there ?r Kind end nctt'ed. But there will be enough for Cong res* ? o do lor pi iT'individual* In matter* connected with the I atentCtt ? fhc . ilen*i"nof ' oil '* patent mil that II Wis dwoitb'* phmirg machine. troth jiouopotliM worth it illis n* s.t s olisr*, will con.e b.'fure Crurgt>es again an I >*?1}thing that money andlobayit g oau do to get taaaa h>< I gb wLl te done. THE MEXICAN THREE MILLION INDEMNITY. The ('niter Mats* owes Mexico three millions of dollar ? n a> count of the land* pnrct aaed in the We-llla Valley. iu>t beloie Santa Anna ran away from Mexico be drew Ctal'a to till* am un; on the United States, and these . ief'? are n< w held by Meeer*. Aaplnwall, Hargon* ana " , cltben* of the l otted State*, who demanl that hey fl ail be i?ld It ha* been l.sid that our govern out wa* iiat le ineftnuch a* Kanta Anna was the govern o i nt ot Msxic-at the time the draft* w*re d-awn; but hi* Is Mil it.ed by the condition in the treaty of eesei.m, > wt.irh it waa agreed that the money ahonld not be 11 id i ntil the boundary line wa* run. and the report of le eonmittee accepted. Considerable excitement wa* rea'ed the tuhcr day by the announreoieot that the At'orney General bad given an opinion in fever of paying here rial's to the Amiilcan holders, hut it appear* ttuit orb i* tot the tact. The f?et* In which the incorrect rumor arr>*e are elm ply these: Tbeie were referred to the Attorney General ;wr (|iie-tl"n* hearing upon the indemnity by the Ntate rep?r1nrent, and ona by the [Secretary of the rroa?ary e-l ectlrg the draft. That efficer has net touched the lot* referied to htm by the Trea*ury Depanmen', hut n l a* given in opinion upon other*, to the eftec1 tha1 ? a aiar. the Vexlcau Comnit**ioaer, roD'lr.ued iauAs* r.flsr the fall ot ?anta Ar na, and theref ? e tad ant Trolly torlgn Mi J-r Kurrry'* rep rl upon fie K.unUryiloa a t.ich he ha* dm *; at d e oi els ! ahtn 'S# norp'r n rr'al nice of Unuta. Mlchler anal ll-manna ilnllbt ? ecalvd. oil * ceruin portion of line, of whl-.bthe uatu- Lad U"' been recited by the Onaudh,itinera ?mo ibey ny#*d the rhpnrt., u> d wbioh ante- are now on the way in Waabiigtmi 'bo liue w'',tbav? boon marked andea tablhhed a' c nton pie'.,.:! tti'l pr( vldod by the treaty. to <'or 'bb cp'errn, Ibort fi ro it will not bo ueceiaary to wait*, lor tbo oa mplp'lnD of ti e map and ree>-d* ol the aiurvej^ ba fo<e |>toeoedta|( to rxocn'e tbai atip'i'.ationc(thetreaty loqailnna the ] ?ym-nl of the deterred iwatialineul The offa- t ot tbia opinion, It will be aaoen, ia, that aa aoon an evr'ain paper* now anj the toad from a be IVtwaa frontier ol all tearh Wath'Dgton, ttae money will beoome payable, but to wb'm the money ahal) be |aa d la a point aa yet ?ntiiely uudeeia'ed. So well informed peraon, however, bebevea -bet tlie draafm obtained from Santa Anna wiU1 ?ve 1? reoafDihed lay tbl- gnvnr uuaeot or that of llexl-to. 1 j tbo latter indeed, tba<y have ha*en already repudiated! If tl e m?et aaila mn fnim; and alnce the m<>ney 1* payable, rait o m aoiilntoah tor taa prraoa at ra?orl'e? of tbeexee'i tlwe in ft'exic at *> y giv-u Man- bat ta> ita government, it ia plain 'bat tie g <vti > roa-ut of tbe L'ni ed State# will e con je-red to arnogntfe that repudiation. The quea ion nil! probably be aeferreat *n the Senate, which body will rait be Ukely to help along any of Santa Anna'a cbemea. THE KANSAS QUESTION. r.m'ME OF THE POINT*?110W IT COKES BBFORM CONGHLSf:?RKFEEK AND WHITFIELD?VOTE ON THE BILL, ETC.. ETC. W (? h?>e alluded si-weal times in tbc c mrM of this article to the Khd-ii question, which wilt come again hi fore Cnngreta, and in order that it nay he undentood, we ill re-Mate briefly tl e point* at issne: By the act. of IS'.'t), when Missouri woe admitted Into the Union aa a slave S'at- all the territory north or 88 (leg. 5.0 niin. North latitude ??? made tree forewir. At 11 at lime Kansas and Nebraska were wildernesses, inhabited orly by a few Inciao*. Thla liae continued n lull tflect until 1863, when Mr. Dougloa iatro dured a bill In the Senate, providing for torri to ial government for Ktii.n and Nebraska. The act was similar to those always estab'ished for In ril trial g> veiiments, with the exception that the line shove sp->k?t of was repealed, leaving Kansas, through which it | asses. open to slavery or not, as the| It: might tlect. lheprt clp'e lnvol-ed was that of "iqiatter sovereignty," so called, and Congress declined lo li g islate < n the subject. Ibi hist cieati-d a great excitement all over the coun try, ami was in rr > die'ely reined upon by tho abvlitionlite ss mailiial f?r poll'1'si capital. Notbiog could be more aVsu'd, as ma:y p'O-,1 very Southern in mbers were op I ne> din 1', and the measure was not imposed by the Moth, beli.g pressed Ir> bitli branch is by Northern men, who sprung it upon the cooiitn rather too early. It was utl"pted by the anininhi'.rati m?'hen large'y in the ii,i jorlty In both Hou?ea?and was passed. We give an unalysis of the rule, contrasting 1'. wiih the vote on the d m itive Have act of 1860:? NEBKAFKA KANSAS BILL, 1863. EES ATE Nnyt. fnxi. Northern wlitg-....,.,. 4 Northern deuioerat# 14 Bouthern wbigs 2 Southern dem >crava 10 Northern Oem oiats 4 Foil hem whlgs 0 lieesi ilers 51 Northern whlgs 00 Total 13 ?? 18 Majoilty 80 HOI SB (|K RBPRVIKNTA TITOS. Northern derooorate <0 Northern democrats 44 Northern whig" tl sou'bern democrats 6*1 Southern democrats 2 Noutoern wnigs 13 Southern wbigs 7 Northern whlgs 00 Total 100 113 100 Majority 13 FUGITIVE PL AVE ACT, 1860. Br..V ATE. Nay I. Teat. llemocrats 8 Hemocrats 18 Wbigs 8 Wnlgs 0 Fretkoller 1 ~ Total 12 M Majority 1& HotBB OP USl'KKtF.NTAnvtH. Northern wbigs '>7 Northern democrats... 2* Noriui in ilem icrats... 16 Southern " ... 8? lie*soilers . 4 Soutbe.n whlgs 24 Northern " 3 Total 78 104 Majority 33 An immense outcry was made all over the eonntry. At Bo?l? d, Worcester and other Eastern cities, emigrant *io companies were f irmed to eac lurage abolitionists to settle in Kansas. The ajoll'i n> presses rni'i use of very ?xciUng larguuge? tsiked ab>ut powder, hat) am) guns, as If the editors bad been Hectors preparing for the siege <f Troy. I-sige numbers of emigrants wore sent out frtm the l ast tokcep the Territory "racred to freedom ." When the e accounts reached the South, the excite ment was to less I* ttnse, nod the people of States near Kama* resolved to rt-?ck the New Kng'and abolitionists. I,ame numbe s of persons cros ed over from Miss >uri, ? taked not claims, at d pnrtirlpved in the first election for a legislature. Theie ?c? wong on both sides. The Territory sliou d have l>een left to itself; but the trouble was commenced by the Garrison aboltib ntsts la New 1 nglsnd, belied bj the Scwardlte* in New York. The President app' inted Andrew H. Keeder, of Penn ryl'ki is, Governor ot Ivunsas. Mr. Heeler, to say the least, was vny injudicious, and did a great deal to fometttbe troubles in the Territory. There wore some ii regularities in the electl >u ot delegates to the iAgisla tnie. and a'ter it had met it removed to another place, agviust the Governor's wishes. The majority was in favor of the principles or the Kansas act. Strong pro slavery laws weie pa<??d, some of '.he abolitionist# claim Ire to he de'ega'es wei erefuse 1 their seats, and Mr. Reeder sent a message to the I ^Mature saying that he did not iec< gnise them in their ulBcial capacity. If he did not, why did he tend tbeoi a message? 1 i.tuibances were daily takiog plvoe; blood was shod st vrial times but the g ncral government dil not later lere., however, Header was rumored for alleged speculation* lu I ndian bods, and Mr. Shannon, of Oulo, appointed to mjeceed htm. Ike teg's alure had appointed an election for a dele rate to Congress. The lt-seder men refnseJ to acknow* ledge the authority ot the legislature, end stayed away from the polls. General J. W. Whitfield, the p-o-.Uvery candidate, was elected. X. # free state men, a> called, nominated Herder, and e'"cted him without opposition, lbs- pro-slavery men vrcatlagthe affair with contempt. lb it h of 'heae men?Whitfield and Keednr?will appear lx the Honse tr-day. ami claim tha seat as delegate from Ksu-a*. It b held that both elec't n? wers illegal? WtiitOeld's. U.ausc the legli'atuio disregarded th# or ganic lew of 'ho Territory, wblch says that th-Govarnor shallspp-'iut the place where the I-egMntsre shall meet. Any one can ate that Rrcder has no- tlie kliatlowof legali ty 11 support bin. ll.e contest o' these men must renew the wh da que? tioo, sml will rnsik. a greet deal of unnecessary cx. lte n cut all over tne country. Brth cjgiaant* may be sen. back. ______ MAKIKO A PIIE8IDENT. We have thus brtelly glnnced at the most Important questions which r nghi to come before Congress daring this re si.n. 1>t lisps we have left tuat which will take np the moat tln.c till the la-t. On ilic Tuecday svf er th- first. M'-ndty In November text, the people of these United Mates will choose a President in placo ot tha present In cum's-nt. The signs of the times at present indicate that the elrmgle will be between the American or Know No lbti g party, and the cmstns of the d.mvcrocy, held to gvtbsr by the "adheaiwe )io?er of public plunder." All I St tire in this Congress will fell'hemaelva* bonnd to a.stot theperple a? 'inch as po?etbte in tie rhoice of their rulers All the qnestious wa haws tonshed npon will be ut?d twisted, sjooldel and shaped to the alwantogs of a. n e | arty ra'her tlisu for the good of the eooat'y. If anything good U done, it wUl be done ignoractly and nn ietentlrinally. We can sv'?ly ac iult a majority of the members of the preaeat C.?gre*s, ahmld any one charge thrm wl'ii a design to do any diaiatcraated act forth# l?cd of their country. TV democracy, so called, ate already In tha field, and the lullowlng call hoc bien Issued: ? THE I'KMOCllATtC NATI08AL COWMITTRB. The gentlemen composing mis C.immltfoe are requested to mvet #? tbe NaJoaol Hotel, tu Washingt >n, on T?>"? nay, t)ie fi'h day of January nrx', at 12 <i'ct.?ck M. The t on irl'tee, ss rons'i.uted by the last liemocratie Na il' I'il Con wan'ton, cimdsts oi tbe following genUemaa: ? lias iigs.Su Iskland, Me. H. R. Adams Vll^. Vsranrv, N. II. A G. I'rnn, Iwrolstana. 1 avid A. Sinai ley, Vt.' Alfred P. kwlgertnn tthio. r. P. Ilslleti. Ma?s. K.ancla P. SUme, Ky. Wvlron.e B. Fajlra, R. 1. Geirge W. Jones, Tenn. James T. l ratt fflin. Alex F Mwrtrea. iailaas. s. bn I'. Frekasn. N. Y. Isaac Oimk, IlliaoU. j'.ipbr lott", n. j. l, mes Psmi hell, ?'< nn. N. R. Borrow , i r. .r- ?; bid' Is. Iwl T. T. Br.slhaad Miehigau. ! ' Ian M. Mriane Md. Tnc. oaa liiltac'l, ronda. hn H < 'ark Va Jvmes W Seotl, Pstas. Wa11en B ioslww N <\ Wl. - I I'm!lev G'orsia Dsnl. L. Ilsonlng, Wis. r.'w.rdC. lie Its, Alaaams. Willlarn M. Gwln, Oal Ibe st'i ve end ba been uvde at the reqaes. of Haa. i e g* Peed I d te ot I el.iws'e. Ibis 'Os.n iue- 'a apioin ed t ' "bb w n born," as John \ -i ti ivn ,str?tl a*to fix IV tr" and p'ace for the