Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1855 Page 3
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National Convention. It will probsblj be at Cincinnati, i? June, and the programme ot the campaign wtll be 8xad up at tbU Washington mtetlrg. Re Know Nuhings are g'.ilt farther ahead, vitle the folio wing call:? National Akkrican Corwcn ) Fxeco'lve Office, OvtugUm Ky , Nov -8, !So5. / A* Ibe annual m?ttiog of the National Council It June, 1866, I he foil, wing resolution ern* adopted:? 'hat a con veotion lor the pur,MM? of nominating rao.iut it?< fur the Presidency and Vice-I'reel lency be ueld at Philadelphia, February 22, 1866, eomp-uei of detegt'es el? ie-1 h? ?a > oidlnate counefla ot.e from eaeh (Vipgresd ma I dietrict. wnd two 'rom each State tlie Council, fa c u>ma |uetice of tbl* reaolatinn. hereby proclaim that the councils in each -Congreeatrnal district In eaib *tate do e'ec d*egit?* ?a aforesaid; aleo, two alternatee for etch C mgre-Honel an I btate delegate. E. B. BARThETT, President National Coanc'l Another notice to the rente Order la leaned, atetlng that there will be a special meeting of the National Cuaatll at Philadelphia, on Monday, Feb. 18, for the t.ansae Ion of an oh bnrinean oa may be brought oefore it The laat meniiomd meeting i? caled at the request of the convention recently he d at Cincinnati, the platform ?of which we give c aewbere. it is evident that the m >*t atrenaoua efforts will be made to unite the Know No things, North aud South. Mr. Bartlett recogolzed th? boltrrs' conventh n at rtnolnna i by vialting tt, and hat clinched hU recognition by ea'ling a tree ing to make some arracgemvnta by which the abolition boite-s may get bock to the Philadelphia organisation without serious danger to their confidences. All theee tblt ge will be fiercely debated at the Capitol this winter. When the Hours goes into Committee of the Whole on the slate of the Tnion, it will be really the opening of a race course, upon which the Presidential nags may be trotted out. PERSONALITIES AND CHITCHAT. Bad aoeonnta have been rec iveil lately of Mr. Sent tor Douglas, hnt Mr. Allen, of llliuoia, informs tho Union that he paid a visit to Judge Duuglas, a*. Tare Haute, on Tuesday morning laat. He found the Jurig* weak anil reduced in fleeh from bis lve severe attack of illness, bat was slowly and surely recovering. Judge Douglas woe of the opinion thai bis atrengtn would not penult him to start for Washington before the last of this month. Mr. Bayly, of Virgtuia, the iseitor of the House, lasartived, in grod health, there a e ab >ut one hundred applicants fir the petty offices in the gift of the Speaker andCletk. 6win, Ex-Senator from Calif unW, will goh me on the steamer of ibe 7th, (detainc 1 two days, so aa to take out the Message.) Gwin ?1U undnubt ?edly try to split tip matters in the Iwgli-l itura, so as to prevent aneeetion; but he i* pretty well u-ed up, aud his place will be filled by appointment. N. P. Banks,, Jr., of Massachusetts, is said to be " laying l >w " for the Speakership. He la an anti-Nebraska, republican, Know Nothing democrat, and certainly belongs to a sufficient number of partlee. He U a gentleman of pleasing ad ?dress, and an experienced partlamentariin. the Ameri can Organ hoe cut out the twelfth section of the Philadelphia platform, much to the indlgaatioa of Barwell, of Virginia,|aud other pro-slavery Know Nv things. Ellis labors uuder the pleasing delusion that he will be elected printer to the House, and cuts the twelfth plank to please the Northern members. Whl ney, of New York, thinks he may have s dash at the Speaker's ?chair; but bo won't. It is believed that Forte will come to the Senate from California to fill the vacancy. If so, he can have soother trial of lungs with his friend Ha e, of New Hampshire, who is a thorn in the side of Pierce. Frank thought he had annihilated Jack ten years ago. aad it is a great blow to have him back again in tho Senate. It la thought tbat Cull.un, of Tennessee, will be elected Clerk of the H iu*e. It is understood that Major Ktnory. the Mexican Boun dary Commissioner, will be able to preseot his report by the 10th of December. He is now a'. Wa-bington. The offices at the Capitol are cnnslde-ed choi to morsels for those fortunate enough to ?ecure them. No regular hours are required to be on duty. Most of the rlorss end messengers are abi-ent during the recesses, and the pay is much hlgheribr the same grade of terrlce than In any other departmrat of the government. The number of offices in the gift of the House of Re presentatives does not vary much from a hundred. Of 'these, one reedier s salary of 88,600 per anaitm ; five, 88,160; twelve 81 800; aad the ranging down to 8488 tor Uburers. The clerk, doorkeeper, postmaster, mnd sergeant-at-arma. are elected by the House, and tho others appointed by the aforesaid officers. AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Cur LimIm, Park, Vienna, Bedrid and Constantinople Correspondences Ac., Ac., Ac. Our London Correapondenee. Uix wi.i, Nor. 0, 1855. Relation! of England and the United Statu -The Central American Quation?Palmertton't Anti- American Fitlinj - Important Movement A m <n<itt the Manufwiuring Inter ft to Venotmr- Hit Policy?1h$ Timet ami Me. Hwhamin? The War?lht<nyani:a itm in the Brituh Army?The American Legation ?? -emdon?Theatrical Me we, Ac. Only ? work ago nothing ana talked of but the choose* of war with the United Slotee, hut ao atroog tr*< the ex preuiun of public feeling against the policy of Lord Pal me raton in prun-king auch a disaster, that be ha* re treated aa hurriedly aa he adraoeed, and with a* little reaaoo. lie haa gtren tba cue to tha Timet and to the Morning Poet to change their t >nn; ant l/>rd CUrendon In reply to Mr. Buchanan'* demtnd for explanation touching the fleet sent to the Went Inoiea, eudearored to laugh the matter off aa a trlrial act meuniug J oat nothing in the wot Id at all. There U no doubt of lord I'a meraton'i lata Intention to piovoke a (tare-up with the Unitei Btates government Air hi* own secret purpose*, and it la eijually clear '.hat atcing hi* mistake, be U anxious ti get oht of the ictape, but be nay tut effect that *0 eaally a* he thluka. There U no doubt 'he people of the Unite I State* will indignantly resent the unne.<0**ary tnen.ioa Loid Pa metatoh ha* preaumed to venture to; but that matter settled, *hete s it. remain* a Tory **t ious difficulty on the Central Atm-rlceo question. The time U opp< tune to r* lid if that bundling "Clayton and liulwer treaty," which will be the lirnt etep towards some final arrangt ment. It U generally thought by American* liere that our government aiU hardly let this occasi in go by without a detcimlned effort to pat oar reL* I in* with Cieat Britain 1 n a safe and perm ?ncnt b*s a. At loDg a* thia constant wrangling goes on there Is always a danger of being precipitated Into *?', without any ado 40 tte cause, and to escape *0 feuifui 1 contingency fir bi'h nations the pre-ent moment shi uld be seised upon fJieat Britain hiring nn easontl ly bogau the quarrel to oblige her to "defltie hor position " What d-ies * ie roe in by her bcetile p licy again,t us in e<ery part of the globe, thwarting our lutein t*, interfering witu oar par sults. and traducing >ur lu-lituli n* and eli ?r* it ?rf .''he haa persisted in lb< e pi ad Ires for leng years. and the time 1* coming when she muat abandon them or take too eonrtqtiencea. I tepeat the pres-ni I* an aduiiraitl* op (.ortunl y fir b.lrging th?*e daugerous di-aeu-ion* With the Ilii'lab government to a bead, not betan-e of the tin sian war in which she i? engaged hut be suae tie ac'ual Prime Kiniator, I/ird I'ehnemtoii, it the re.y incsruatlui of ttat jealous animosity against ua whi'.h la a* sen-clew aa p. is cisgraceful. lord r'almerston waa Secretary <>f War whau onr ci, i Ul * aa burned at Washington, and theory of beauty and booty" was oaed to *1110111014 the eipe <i don agui .<t New Orleea* that ao miserably failed From that time to this he I aw Intrigued and tuaiuruvred against ua ami if left to Lis own ho*U!e inapialiou* he would certainly plnnge two nation* *0 closely knit I get her n' 1 a rulhon* war. Out he ha* diacore'e'. 11 ready *h < > tber power exiave in ling land be-ide* himse f a . 1 .a -oligarchy ' e represent*, and that l? the super! >r power of the milid'e alassea, the manufa itnring and trading claw**, who, rather than be brought into at unnecessary coo (Bet with the United dta'ea, wool I rise *ad ore th-ie the oligarchy that aonght It. In proof if thn atrlkin fact 1 am iahtrmed that the manor.-. mln< lucre.' o the North of lag land intend shortly to convene two grea national mte ings at U*erp...,l and Maocha W, to da nrupce the iieliig* rent p dicy f U?d t'alm ?> stun. and t ? express for th* ' tl'ed state* tho'0 *en im-nt* of respse aid reward which fsclinw and intere-t alii* die ate 1) 1 - administrate n bare, therefore a rare oosssioo In settle eg. ctuall* all further dlspaU*. b* firciog the B-iti.h oii garuliy. with Lord Palmeret n at their head hi abandon that open and evert oppcelti* to our Interest* la all part* of Ibe war Id. which has been g.,lng <* fir ye?rs and which the peiyle of the Unl'M b'tate* tittle drstm of TWa also, U the tuna or never, to give shape and rn?in Ing to the Monro* doetilae The ? are mea in war vl nJotstra Ion, to\ exceedingly well adaptel to the woik. Governor Marr y ha? va?t ex wfteac* singular nca'aaaa*. and perfect self control. land raiment*, with all hit dexterity will find him aa awkward cu-tower. !? proof Of the bad feeling 'or the Uni'ed -tote* wilrh Inspire* the rnlmerati* Cabinet, I may mend* a fact kiown to all the American* here, nod which ha* exrltrl equal surprise and anger. It Is perfeeily tnie *?? d here that the Timet newspaper Is rl .say c moec ed wi'h *he govsrrwneii'. ?nd may be asl l t" be In t-? mr ? t? has *ii ?* a l*l uUtcs ui one of 1* tearing ooataien'tra, huuart Lowe aa I Infirmed yon la my last. fh# la-a Meuitaiiee attack of the /teas* aa Mr. Bueaanaa mat regarded, therefor*, as emmetl if from the government; bu little wee It tho ghi hat tb - outrage w old be <3 ^ n?o to the length of refusing to repair it wneu o i!M uj 011 courteously to c<> so. ,<ueU ia the (aot to wins i i a luritd above, which 1> deoe vn g the at tuiIou eepsiial I; if our press, the very d ?jr the ft diet deottrel that Mr Buchanan had promoed the al ia-'oe of hi* govt n ti.ent to fnglin against R\i*-U, Mr 'tuhauau wrote btlelly, bnt poiu'ed y. to the e'ltor, to deoy I . H > s-ip po?ec, of course, to coramoa fair nets, his di?ct?l<uer would b* lin-ened; out uo the eon ra'jr the Tim:< de clined to lureit It. t'oo fliers constantly boasts it t * eqi tty in giving a 11.sides a bearing, and It publishes eveiy da; hoe's of letter* from high and low to prove it. What most be thought, then, ot lis gioaa attaca on Mr. Buchanan, and Us Insolent ref-u-al to motif; i'T *tuo>i en act of Injustice and "I curtesy to a foreign Minister wae never heard of berere in England, and It la the in ?t c- uclu'lve te?t o' tue bitter autumn of the g agaluat evei;' blng Mr Bu ihanau is unani mously suetsined ny all ht? countrymen, in p ill'-dy de ma no log a oorieetion of the false atatetn?Q' in the hen, and in his be had the exauiul* of other foreign Ml ii-ier i and ihe highest (eers ot the leaitt, wliu find tt impossi ble now a-dsys, to Ignore the press ( shout ! and, that Nap- icon III has no , art in the hbih-haude<i ait of Irir 1 l almersinn in sending la Meet to aoour our ooas'4, ant be ia qui e at n loss, 1 uuterstand, ti comprehend his mi-|v?r. Louis Napoleon has no disposition ti quasrel with the United States, and he will leave Lord Fanner eton t<> gai < ut of i be ?era|>o aa well as ><a can. I nay state, ton, that the cooaerva'lva party, with Is rd I ei by as l?? leade- is ->ppo.-e I to the be lie --e eon duct of I ulincrt'on; ami ttielr jou: os's go *o far as o eey. that Cuba must '? drop In'o our Up.'' and th?y d> not caro if it does. Now is tbe time, therefore, I say 'nee more, to se >lo up all >ur difficulties wl.h fireit Biltain, and f ?r ? ne, I bnpa thnt the IIeuimi vl I back up the administration in this wise, necessary ant pt tiloiic task. The ceroid jeai 'a campaign of 'be allies against R is si.i is tmat. ami. irifu, they have little to b'ftg "Trr The hull of abas "uul is thei'i, but they fear to oee .py it, as they are d-lly cannonaded from the other naif across tbe ba bor, which remains la the bonis of Its owuM's I< *M declared by the govermaont orgtus here ihtt grand operations to drive the It s-ians out of the C'l n-a we eto re undertaken bsfoie the cam i*ig i closed; bit Hi' lug tl.l- 'Oo ugh a job. they got up an espedi ion against Mcdai-iT, and utter tatiog a p? tryfort, g?r rUoued by 1 bOO men, hlnburn, with the iritll-ig olds of 88 vessels of wa , they have decide 1 ii wowll tie risk! ig their baid earned success to venture further, am) they are reding down In winter quarte * in the small por tion of tbe Crimea they nave secured. It ap,ewrs, from tbs English journals that the British arn y is entiiely ul-o-gsnired suit given up o excessive drunkenneis. No fomi of discipline or punishment tan curtail or p'event It. What a spec acts of d-gralation f r the French aim; to cotreoiplaie whose sobriety and high disci line m at a'aod out In dignified coutrao to tbe bes'lal es<as en of their EugUrh comrades in arms. Kvciy day the pnoiisc >f Knglaud is staking (a the eyes of the touch, whoae former res|?ct is fast changing into snrpiire auo contempt A'dieady tliey look upon tbem as everv way their lnleti -rs and hereafter they will net full, when tbe occasion conies, to make them teeli . alliance will bring more ulsastar to the ollga chy of Knglaiid than any amount of success agiln-t Russia, if they obtaiu U, will ever compensate. Ainn i en on*. It la stated that Mr. Buchanan ia packing up bis port fir the Cnle.l dates muntesu. and vi'l leave here f ir the C nl ed ri atcs uooutthu middle of liecember. It is regretted b> thn Ame Iran wo-ld here that a s'a'esman of his ability and expellei'Ce sbouiil leave Knglrnd at a moment when such grave in tiests are at stake; but he requested and ob tained his iccall before this unexpected difficulty oc curud, and Le could hara'y prolong tls stay hero, un ices urgently desired to do so ny the administration. Mr. Aiq leton, t-ec e ary of legw iaa, will remain as Charge d'Aflaiies until relli'vol bp the now Minister. It is sat is actoiy that our affairs art left In the hand* of a gen tleman so eminently flt-ec to discharge them as Mr. Ap pleton. Ills former service* in Cougross and in the Ite pn-tmeot of S'ii'i, qualify him admirably for tbe present oids. aul he will carry out. douotlesa tbe instructions of Mr. Marcy with the requisite reel and due mo deration. The autumnal theatrical campaign has opened in Lon don; but, ?o far, no gieat novelty has appeatM. The only at'einpt at it turned nit an expensive failure, -n itb, of l'l u'y Lane, produced an FgyntUn spectacle ut a cost of X3 000 and anticipated a run of months. It broke down the first night, and the poor mauager was so overci me that he took to his bed. and declared himself a ruined men. Tbia la tho first disaster be has met *lth, anil lie will doubtless try it again. A TRAVELLER. Oar Pari* Correspondence. l'AUif, No* 1% 1865. A Chapter on Coal?American HmrmenU in Greece?Bro ther Jonathan takes King Otho tig the Hand?Ovation to O.ncrat Bavin* an Hit Retnrn to franc?b>uit So po teen the Imentor rf the Hooting Batteries?the War ami tit Jnndints. Yi hut?tit doubtful circumstances of a political charac ter their ninj be pr.Jurieial to America in the opinion of the worthy citlrehs of tba mo.t charming metropolis in the world, there la one circumstance of a social character which a* all events renders Ameilca at the present sea son he most popular and admired of all existing nations. The witd blows from the north, and as Its chill blasts whistle through the stage, a domestic fl?t,which, with the antechamber and rooms cnnnee'iog* one tslth another by ionumetab'e doors,eons'Itutes the regular Parisian dwell (tig, he stintel wood Ore? (well ottered down with white sehts, that no jecreant flame may wantonly con some the pttclous fuel whose cost, is something fabulous) ? fret tea the rtij blood to behold; and tbeir most Inve ? teiate prejudices against onol-cetle ab onina'Ae odour da charUn? ere rapidly melt log away In the face of the lux ury aud economy of a stove bricked up after the '? Amerl can fashion." Utile Iron grate., basket shaped, are seized upon with convulsive rapidity, a fumiste learned lo American dodges is st'nt for, and, if luckily <11 (engaged lmm< dlatoly commences bricking up the deep recess which the French call a, behind and at the sidetill I that w bleb yawned like a gruve and was only awful lor swallowing up aU thoheut which should radiate and cheer I the apace before It.becoraeaa narrow concstre surface b >nt 1 in towards the top of the chimney, aoaatoleava the thin uc-t Imaginable aperture for the smoke to ascend. A 1 rideav, or hluwsr, ia let down before the flro when lir?t Ugh'ed, the smoka tears up the crevice assigned as Its c'janml 1 ko mad, the brirks become suddenly red hot tba (Ire la tlron unmasked, and the roam that looked up I on Its shiver lug inhabitants, possessed of ?'ear eyas, blm nosea, kneas, aid loins tremoUDg as wl'h ague, beholds nothing but smiling faces, cherry cheeks end all tbo iocIsI comfort of a winter fireside. American stores, Americanfumirtet, Amerloan dodges for diffusing b at and saving the pocket, are therefore hruseb ll words, and such la the dllliculty of procuring the nece< sary artiste, that ladles whose hands have never been soiled with anythiog less daioty than the colors of worste<l aork, or the rich silk* whose fashion* And daily cmpl <J meet for their delicate lingers are seen themselves handling the tro.el, kneeding 'he morUr, and b.tily pencil urtrg Into the physical, If not the m'ral, scare's of masonry, a* taught them by the ingenious denies o! the New World. The severe winters we have experienced durlig the two last seasons, the enorm .ua price or the ceces-ariea ot Hie which seem to bo diily augmenting the value of house rent, which, so f?r fr mi .bowing Igns ?r olmuDltlon jearly increases, are preying teachers In tha school of economy, and the olfactory nerve, which 'onm rly could nod Wera'e anything more pun i ?ent than the aroma o'the well dried log as its mounted upwarua, Is every day more liberal in I it. tendencies towards the dark mineral whose character ^ is so wa m. genial and forgiving considering the many hard knock* and poke* we me-cllesdy subject it to. Hut to -.oililes: The Pays publishes th- f llowlng bi ts r from Athens, which, In the opinion of lU alitor, Is .vidcmly indicative of haat of another sol less social character than that to which we have J,.at been *1 Inding " Ihc event." say* the tetter, " which chi- y pre occupied public opinion In Athens, was the arrtv., and tha attitude of the A me-lean ambassador. It is known thai the Cabinet of Washington had seer* li'ed to tl r court of Kin* tttho a new plenipotentiary. His n.W . ..u was thla time accompanied with a solemnity which . ntreated wl'h the habits of slmoliclty elnpted by the American republic In IU diplomitle e trnmunlratlons. The I'nl'ed States vnv .y was arc .mpanled ty a nu-ne rone suite Ills arrival had been arm mnced before hand Wl'h a visible ostentation. The government of the ('idled State# had evidently wUhel to (tidnw lie representative with aneaeeptl -nal importenee, , oobtlers in harmony Wtlh the aim la view. The oojeot In view la. we are assured, to obtato the ceaaion or one ?f the prinoipil lalsads of tha Ore Ian Are'dpelag and tbti'i obtain footing in Europe. It will be Imaftoed tiat this ia not sought to be obtained gratuitously. Th# sum wH h the Watre propose to pay to the 0reek govern t wv-urd be precisely the amount of that owed by I .reive to the Western Utetee tor ioens, of which rbe has tievvr bern able to pay either capital or In'srest. Tha American envoy la charged to show tha political bearing of that tor, In ar-epilog tha proposCl-.n rlreece would be cabled to fiao herself fr >ra the uvs attentive and npprsaslve putrcruige ixerclssd by the goeernmants of I ranee and England. The acceptance by '.rears ot the above oil*r U vrry prob-eme'leal, not alone from the (act of U e treaties which bind her to the We* era Power# and form bsr existence, but aiao from the fair of eo.nn.itHn* an imurndno re In allowing such en enterprl .In* g re.I to obtain n footing In bar neighborhood. The attltu V of gined and France would not he donb'ful, ami tb?-e foie this prttty prrject Is likely to remain in theory. In the meanwhile, the embassador of the 1 - n has nt play el much seal In tlseing himself la co-nniinl-vlos wi b the Mlalsiar of Russia to whom be pn' t a visit ?? bis arrival, which was distinguished by c nmderaeie ''""he gsndsrtretle of the !mp?vtal Ottvrd which lial I formed part of the rnus-dliion to 'h? r.ttn-a arrival yes i tevdsv fn I'erls, dene-el B-rai(uet, who your resde s *' I ,1 r, (rri ret- rip I 1rr>m th.' te-'U'ille wnnn',s.) sol I n berwn.e unaiei "? s il?Us(siiss. -luHse. n? [ m ne 'O sojourn on a visit to U> mother, rewlvsd a mag | nifloaot oration. A grunt >unt? af persona on toot, on . .. . . . , . o?' to meet him, .od to carriages, weu* K ?,u an.ongkt whom to the gi rater port of ? , .Ty Hotat. deuta. Iu poaeiog through t Itm ?<? ttu hjDJ kit He *10 ?n?i lin-iit* were pirwirel fti ' jM trie# of " Fine U tlmrral luiu/i?<*." ?ri? rotodf' , rc. g.iden of the lintel no* f leil with pernio, nk ,(j ce.ved 'be gruei-sl with ac'tarnation*. Ue pre-eav. biu.netf on the bale ny. accompanied by hie mu her, whom be euoraced, t< If to iu'iua'e t at he gare to her the ixiniuge ?o prose to) to himself. 1 he 1'hilbmmoiiir society gnvu nun * awrenailo-?mtuy of the betlHNt ?? K Ilia 1 tl O'hll, II Ud ttlO toWQ Ik t I prBeellt hint with a sword. It wld be remeiube el that B isyuet *i" a eteru n cub lean, au>l n me herniation w.n at llrnt felt aboui ei/!|l ying him; but bin rbnracter as a thctuughly active ami dastilug sol Her t liiuipned over evety uo-ewie an t be I" uuw a chief m?a iu trance. 1 be Jfit)iiur ye-tertay coutaini-d au article la whith creo't U el a I mod f the Emperor on the inventor of 'he floating let mite which ware uf nuob rerai-xao e Mo vice in the L.M'uie of hlntiuin It nta re Hi.' It ?a? hit Ma jesty who. a'ter met tog many luceessful i'xoorln?*on ot VlueeDnen o? to the resUt anoe which Wood covered with iron el a certeiu tbiclmueH could pre?eiit to (ieoer.t I kixliaii's sbolls, opened out bit pUu to '.ho Kugll tb goiciuuieiit, vbirh, uf*er eo? iTnl oxperiaieoU euthu niiieiii kill adopted i , oed the twi KoverninoDtn then c ia jelo'ly t.utlt thorn th-eling tiatii-rle* which have just nude urn tiiklklK iiburu 'iu?pioJi'ctil<M,"itktAtee, ? wal'.'h mu ck theui. i otwiioitkiulli g their slra, c.mld n-liner i-oas tbiougb nor damage ihet' spies, and they oooa ope Ml i-rootl ar-le hi em h." Iu toe atone wall* ruin ant ouly b?ve the II alittg be.t .ilea a* the Kmperor wished, ot-u-ralusd the I uiuda-ile pr merlins of the '*lxo?n ?hot who b pr oucmI ouch dikuk'.rotik effects at .-in ipu. hut tli. ripi ilruMjl war, lire the exp'rlcneats at Vm remit n batej^f<P that Ibet ran reai-t r. uod shot. Ibe kmperer nod lief .re fu Franco "I'h a descrip tion or artll'e-y whi h i?i formed a very mute rial part In the victories of ibe Alma, f Ihkerinaan, and of fruitier; he has new fertilehed the mivy with an .r<n tvh'-h has on'y jurt ii ode its appeniuoce, and of which the future will mow tl e p ltlawei h) of obeei Tkii'.n how la thlk, at in inoume. ruble o h' i nia'tera Itoio the c-mtneocotnt-iii ol this war, the ex< luhire honor of every'hiug h given to tho Freu ih. It perchkiioi there i. any rtepartuie uoio the ruin, it Ik en in the p.aire siren to the Kuglub troop* at the Itedan, wnete It hi uotoriouk th-y uiinltrhaved then mIto ?< nly to damu them ail the ui iro ui'h uartee-iTtd prkike. IWfo e the Agu.tng vegan, it to the Fteucb wbo eeixMi o| on the be t i^uarUirk, m-co rwt the reet | ii v eh ue, end pok>ee?ed tin ui-elve-of tbe ll id'k tHirilou of rvery thing The furx im^hu to V ok upon tuo inglirb a* ?u votdliaiu to tbe Kir orb At Alota the i'.ng lixh fought biavely, it 1b tiue, but '.hoy *ere I'.iole for ibelr I mink to uikich up in the midkt of lire aad e laughter iu inch unbroken file-, at Inkennaria tbey were oaly ieec. ed fiem dee'rue 1 n hy the g.llan'ry of (ieaoral 1'owjuet, at iialkklaia, they uia'e theai-elrea . laughiag ktetrk lo Ibe eueuiy by their ali-urd cba-gc, enUlliug the conipletd dekiruuu.'it ol ih- ir cavalry; .ad a' tbo haul capture of ?enu-uipol, tli.y weie mwhere?the French e.'uiog oil tl o honor, .ml,* what 1* oei er at 111, ..1 the kkrk Now, the hog l-h araiy, to a in.n, Ik eo drunk that all jmlivo Vre>.chm>n d et.l*.- it, au in th i lua'anco we havequolid a'wive we-ee ih.' but fir tlm Kinoeror of the Fieucb, tbe boa*ted Fnglikb navy wuuld have done uothh g. y It ii the fact which the many onportunlUv* I enj >y glvvk Die the right to knew?the-e things are beginning gia-ually to psuetrate iu'o tlie nihid uf the more e In rat ed cl.-te-i in Ki gUud. and will ulilmahdy have th' effect ofgre?tly inert a log the unmoor uf Mr. Cobdeu'* adbe rt uls In Nvur of peace, all parties seem to agree In n it utteiiug the wntiuent. but I learn from yrry goul au th'tiliy that If it were given khape an l form tuo esprei slen would bo " that we aie being uinilo foolk of ojr the Fteucb." In the meantime?leav ng aoch reflection*?it la evldnnt that tbe present position ol tbe Rumuns sndalllelar tnlte cot,not vtolo'e m'ich longer, which would Ihi only to it-new the painful life uf the treuche- ar d those san guinary kurj.ii*e? which each party have generally in turn Infinite cause to lugret. It [s thought therefore, that i.etilot Mar l.el I tlU-ler nor I'rtnce (jorUcUakon will accept the situation; that, la fact the fate of arm< rust >nie mi re decide he'.we-n tho two armlet. The Itusslau army will prooably begin. II not, It is .aid IV lickb r will ktek the tnmuy. It apjioara that the wind, and all other lne'etUla la HoUano K>l ltki)y to be of uee to tbe army are Mag roinwed, and the town is to be c. tup'etely eraeiikted. l'he Russians, a lew dsyk Hg<?no a letter date 1 tho DOIa of Octo'ior slutek ? kep . up a eevere lire on the town from the nor linrri foitu, aud one of tilth' ?b?llsket Hie to n chapel f illed the Ttmi Iu of Theseus, on a hill above the UiU' tiy f >rt U Is kkld that Maitihai Fed-slur wa? on the spot at 'ho time. Il.e huksien- by oue of their shells tore the veil of an FJigllsli lady who was oa horse buck, and as a proof of their excellent piacllce sent a khttll between tho teg- of a snliilsr wbo was atooping to draw water from t well do ing him. however, no otl er damtga ban th it or carrying away a por'ion o' lit* trousers nearest tihls eeutre of giavity (In the wn-de, tbe general upluh n so'-ms to b<>. wba'ever be the ullintate fa'e of ilie Crimea, that vtal-a to Sebaatoprl are attendrsl with very considerable -dsks. DK'triK. I'iltlri, Nur 14. IMS. I by <J France Jovnnlt Autlrin?TJie Fmperor h'ntncii J'*n '? n Warm /ionajxirUct?General I 'nnroU rt'i Mil lion In Marten a Peace Minion?freth Xcjnifi'iint About lobe OjHtial in Pari*? /telatiemt of J.'orjlnnt atut the UniUd State*?O/iihnmt if Frrn< U Politician* on Lord Pnlmnitfm'i Omit net. In the midst of warlike preparations the tolce of reason and peace In again hard In tho Cabinet and at the Tuile tire. The feet that the war cannot be earned on withou new loan* In Fiance, England, PardinU and Turkey, and that these loaoa cannot be created without tlm moat nerltu* t erargement* to comnietce and all other business transactions, not only in France and England, but throughout Europe, ha* had it* influence on the mind o the Emperor Napoleon, who le more of a statesman than any ofthore professional polltirian* who a-e Indebted Ur their reputation to the number of year* they bam been ? iiITi red to remain undisturbed in Important position*. I.oul* Napoleon la tlie idol of the army; but he ha* the fa'e of hi* uncle a* a warning example before hluj, ami km w? -hut a mili ary power can only fo*t during a pe riod of ndlltary success. Ho therefore wishes to b**e hie power on sometblrg more solid?on tlie well are of the Indusftloua cla**o*. lie insists that the war ha* leer, forced upon him?that lie only carrle* it on to curb the dangerous ambition of Ru?*ia, and that io tarrying on thl? war be 1* merely the champion of the coriserva tii m of Kuropa. While three declaratlona undoubtedly have tlielr weight with the different government* of Europe, all of which have <1 late entered into a more Intimate relation ship with France, they have undoubtedly had their weight on Rnssia herself, who, a* I* well known, la far more kindly deposed toward France than toward Eng land. Napoleon, by Ihl* conr*e, ha* placed himself lo a (?nwit ten to make peace at any time, w th or without the content of England, *o that hi* adhesion to the alliance with Great Bilialn continues to be a matter of rejoicing across the channel, sod a boon con-tantly courted by both the Rritl-h people and the tirltiali con it. It hat been the p< Ucg of tho Emperor of tlie French by ?vary possible means to disarm the old grudge of Austria, to prdillt by the aoutenir of the old alliance with the Buonaparte family, to cairn the family faara a* regard* Italy, and to detach bar eatire'y fretn the Holy A'llance, a fombloailon < f strength which wits fatal to the exia lence of Fiance a* a European 1'ower. In all th?"? thing* le h?a enflrsly aucees-di-1. I he new government of Aus tria and theyeurg Emperor Francis Joeeph, are thorough Itur u?| artists, and srlth them all the State* and I'rinces < f Germany with whom Austrian Influence prevails. In Ike same happy manner has the I mperor Napoleon sneereded in conquering the fear* and apprehension* of Belgium, whi h, as a frontier Plate between I'maaia and France was particularly liable to be drawn Into a disa greeable ditetr ma. K>en HolUr.d and PruMla, who-* royal families are persona ly related fo the imperial famiiy of the C /*r, haee diminished tii 4r liostl llfy to Frai re. and are now using their be*t in fluences to stimulate the peace party in Ku*?U to come lac o ita o'd doe'.rlne of increase of po?er tbr nigh the deveuq cment of the Infernal resources of Knssia. The n i'sim of General Oanr ibert to Sweden, you may re y upon It, was diet*teal rather by a desire of pe- -a thru for war. It was intended rather to operate upon Russian ditlomscy than against her army and navy, In

the sstte manner that the negotiations with Ppein, bar ing Ir.r tb*lr ol j- ct the equipment of an auxiliary force ? i .'0 tOO Epanlerd*, were Intended to produce amoral rather than a physical effect up ? Kuaxis. Fran e la pitting forth all ber strength, and the Emperor I* out pitying ail tie resource* of hi- fertile mind, to place him.elf In an attitude to command peace, with the Sole hope and expectation that Ku-sfa will :?t bast yield to the petsusslve council af her own friend*, at well ae to the ft-cee actna ly brougct against her In the field. vow that both am Ins are almnt to m< re Into winter ?iitBifers that the Kus?l*ns continue In tbe poa#e?4ioo of a ; *tlrn ' ftheCiimea, wl lie French ?*lrr and Intre (!? lty hi v- itoiio d the Malik >IT. and destroyed the Rin nan l.'t f In thi Black -e?, every effort 1* making to lm prove th< netMat dteme.1 particularly an spljioua for the citeiu-l'b of f aee?for ariangiog preliminaries whi-b si sll sate i u -la th# naval ar-en*l* and stores at Ni ?? lab IT, and ti.< allies new loar.* and text ? to prow- ote the war with rigor. Austria and 1 rti?-ia are each la their own way t-mpbyed in moderating tlie demand* of R>i?*U, while F ieneh t nttaseilr* ererywhere < ?tol th'- magna nimity and dl inf ere*te4vea* of the F r* ru h Emperor, It.e f iplotratlst* ate again on duty, while the Soldier* aie folding their arms, vr warmlug th i in?if ? quiet y at their eantp fin*. There ?l I be no pass e>r>f? ren ~es at Vlwnt bit a very aeMtre exchange ot aMvt between tart*. VI* etna, IVilln, <'?.??*.rntiaeple and P*. F?'e??',nrg. onttl the different eeorta thatl " mr fetnm< re?pe.'?b'e ?. vie-, atsndiag *a to what is likely to be ad en ed by all 'be leWgei < nt? a* a tsle and honorable bestS -gn* oilt'i-ei and the tssls ashfiars agreed apn^ eegv.s f<te ?l I le '< w u'fed in ? ail- In a >er?l o" ctel manner till t-r-ry ?b r? I* ? -eve ?d re peer. -el eft. lefty to h? i . - As* t t eve |> M#?r ie my pee pctumy tw assure yon that hope- ef lease are en'? rrnirwd I a the high*?t circle* h> r# in I'atU, and that peraen* biga ut euailence with ?U kmpeior. ?l ure tb. bop* that p-aoe will U **>??* ihU Wfr, hud tiuie not ftaotuor |,| ,w #jj| be struck or ?l'In r .We till me pr?H?)itiari*? of peace ?r? ilrflnney slcied Wbother tb* ., .,.0 c included .imUr Vtil.lttlA ulln lit |L ? . . a 1 vuotUM. to 08)1111; but tbr lo 111,010, u .IH tor b*u?t?<t and too seriously d? 1 ?n. of repairing the dnmegte the war ha. mad. Iu th-ir poctuS *0 Wmmnt tii? tu?t |*/ua ??j wmikui uju intiaCf Umt |**tt till .?,J> V*, f j folk. *1 ?-w ,,.epor?tt?Ug l?r W*r. i, tbr |wniii arity ?. "easing* "f tl??t tney g,l??u ?|i** n|io srt 'JUMD, BVwi the tiurclifcw <j?u ??? ?*, ???-? wHiHi iue tiurc(ia?? *n.? sife.ed a ?l'? Intf'n.lng T ,c ... },er??r N9p#fJ#oife . * know* the wmitft of Fiance t??? wtU, to sacriflte tW* >f tb* couutr, the rn.W l.-n u? tb* ?* ^ the love 01 glory wltlcb pervades all claim. ll'i French lonriiDrai, (I'M, i" desirous of Mace, an t lopes to see In wish won r*8h*ed' hut wha* will Knylmt do In the pientUm? tbo ana we t In ttfco t ? KugUn I end do wl.a lever France 'Oeolvee shall b* don*; tn Englaud is not able to continue tbe war on her own ectouni, and least of all, In oppO'iiion to tb* beat iuleies's of her cotnuiercial aid mauuta tuiintt classes. Koglmd will time follow Fiance, whichever way aba !? going. Sbe will adhere to tbo French polity, became ebe canuot Itelp ber-elt Napoleon used Knglatn' Jo?t to dortroy tbo Hussion influence 01 ilia Continent au<l now be W not unwilling to ma.e to perpotiia'n Ida diplomatic couque.1. Iu itead ol, Ki gland will lie tbo oouutry In l.uropn n>o?% i-olati d in hei policy, 01 be ciupeUod to follow In the wake u' Fiance. From tbia point of view (wbb h yon may rely upon it ia tbo cornc'mm 1.4 tie sequel will presently *h >w,| yon n uat ronteio late 'hupositin of tbe United Stair, in their irc-nt uuaiiel wltn toe pietcusl ina of Kagland In (Antral America. You cannot suppo* me to be s<> good J nanited an Pi believe that the leeiuitlrig business la I'hl ladtilpbia can be accmpani' d by any dieag read# ciw ?tuiDeta, nnce FngUud baa folly backed out o' lliat que. t Ion apologising fin what a be ha* ilm e. and proud dog to do litdlai in the future. Hut tbe Central American Ion la <1! seme moment, nut only In IU elfe-it on the politic* ef the uni'eit Siatea, but from the fictitious lnqor'nnse wlib-b Lord I'alinerston at taches to lie rldlculoua protondona of Great Url tota. in thnt quarter < t tba world. Now, It tuay lie thit tioveioor Uaicy and l/ rtl 1'alnieratnn have ouch yield *] to tbe popiilai feeling in their rnajieetlre coiuinunltiea, aa ifgaida tbelr ie*pective clulin* and lu'erere tatlona of the Itulwer Cl.y'on treaty; but you may i*al naaured that lord Paimeratnn baa ne ed anno an a p iilt.1 clan tb>n aa a atateauian, expressing tbo vitwi ol' the IXtrdPi Influential clicoes of bi gland 1/ird ('aimerston trill not bo eustatced la bia hostile d?inonstrs'l n? agilnat tbe United Mutea bjt rarllament; and nuat la rnoru ilnu all, bia preteioioni ate not siirtib wl or tneintaged by tue 1 mperi r of ti e I'reunb. France has not the sawn In tvteata In A iterica that Mtigltnd baa, and will use every no ana in her powt r to pieserve amicable relations be tweru the two couutriea. ls>uia Nuis.leon who has Juat ofTett*! hla me li?t| n to Austria and cardii.w, may even otfec hit medialI m to the 1'iiitetl Sta es atoi I ngliod, giving ig tliioeby Pi lbs world * proof of hit c t aei vatism, nod protecting at the some time, in the most lUMtanthil manner, the Iron Itileieals ol France. I bit la In tbo lino of poll :y wnlcti be baa adopted fur Fiittqie, and be hiut no Idea ol adopt!.tg a tlilTeient one Iu rtgard to America. Ft unco and KngUml are both tins] of the war, and sola Huaala Tbe present position of Ibe I'mted States, tbare lot a, will be Implored by all parties to hasten the c oi'lii abm of peace. Ku~ala will make moat t f ihu l'-esl lent'a n.essaca 10 C'ctigiesa, if it should be waillke, and France will act aa miiderator on Fogiand. lxinl ralmorsloa'a threats may thua coat bin the I'remiershin. wbi c Gov. Farcy'a di-pa'cn may huttrn tbo conrlnlon 01 peace. Ue will 'heieby have tendon-d a very groat se vico to IC i rope, and 10 will tbo President, if be lollowa up ilorernor Worry. Mesnwhile, 1 can moat positively inform yon U>?t aofar aa Iiord 111 tuit;rston has g ne, hi* conduct is not aji >r ived bore. It Is deemed bluster, and denounced etnry where Iu diplomatic circles. Franco at this in union 1 I' undonld ly tbe true and faithful ally of Koglaod; but it Is more In the ustuie of a liaium than ol mam tge, a ol uo equal ie sjionslbllity Is (evolved in tbo oflspi tng. K in- e does not feejbersell hound to esnoii'O Bi Itl h Inun e-ts la every qtinrttr of the globe, as fsird (Ta'eiilon wished the worl I to la iicve. .-be holcoda WithKngltnd only those Intere-1* which ate at tbe same time empiu'lcaily her own, and none 01 bar. Tbe war in the Crimea h?? come to a detd stand atill, uhitb is 11I "gather tin* most (hvorahls otnna of p- sco. Nothing of importance nan una I* undertaken li next spring, anJ It doe* not appear that anything scrinus It contemplated. The allied Herts have returned from tbe Baltic, and winter bus alieady act. in iu good ea nr.' in France Knglsnd and Uertpauy. The important now* fir tbr ncx . ibrre mouths, ai least will he irom France an] Italy. Tbe Kngli.-h quarrel with America is lomed upoo i s ai" femj 1 le nmu un rtrre iVniu. F. J. t>. _ j lliw, Nor. IS, IBM. <f Ike KrhiM,rm~<;rani <?rk? Iritl thflay?pri-n [Hftribuhtl if Theclowofth, Unitnrr*) Exhibition, .< compare) with Mop.oing, hiH happily mlM th,- ol.l .<:?*. of ? i,?i Wgtonlag. and ,?<u.? Th. |u?lf b(1?t r?rtll h7."? ul "f, N;T,"oW'10 hni?w" *>* 'pieuior ?t "'?h fctivsl of induatry an.) art. At noon a cairn of artlllorr announced the depart,,,, of the unjcri.l cortege ror th? I'alac. ?f fadartrr Two Kiuadront of (Juldoe p,c<*dnd the, whi-h wm oompor.d of nino carriage*. |n th. eighth carrlag.. woo rinc Jerome, I'rlnccA M.thild., ,n.t th. Hub. o| Cam b''''8" ,hen e,m? ?*>? i'"!" I?l carriage, follow.1 bp th. th.hund..,! guard., ??.i two . ron? ofrnHawtlrr* of the guard. | Th. eo,teg. p.?MNl dirwetly from th.- Polu. ,,f th. To) I ?0H?. to th. Palac of Uduwtry. through th. g,,d.a I th. Tutl.i it* and It. ...duo of th. t'hampa Uviw. , I Th. ir m.jeetie. w.r. r.,-.l,<d on b-a, iog th.i, rani ,g? hj Ptlncc Nap.,I.on. tb. Imperial f< mmlwalon, and th.! | foreign ( omtnl.Aloncr., and I th. nav. to the aound j of rarnlc, B,,d airddat tb. appUuH. of th. a*,en)l>lrj mul I tiludt. | The throne w?, pi,cM at th. end of th. tranaept O0 "a* * '* Q*e On the right and th. of - ho thron. were Prlnc Jerome, th. Duke of Fatobi j ig,. I line Napoleon and Ihinc, Wa'hile. Invlt-d gu.-t. the diplomatic corp., .ad th. great Stata bmllow ?.cu pled th. pi,..a aligned to th-un, and th. rant Interh, *a, crowded with a- many language.] an a-wooih.'y a. ha. <T?r m.t ?lnc? the dlapertlon at the Tower .,1 Hah!.. The decoration w., ndid. Tb. trophic of industry ?.?d with thom of ,rf. On the right of th. thron ? ,ng picture* of Ingrea, ?f lander, ?f |^ <ktrutllut <t M.l.aool.r, and an engraving 0f tho r?m ,u, worn ot De u loch., which adornt tho I'alao. of Fin. Arte- ,h, i,.ft. h,in(( pl,tur#< Fngen. Dn,cr,)U[ of l-eeamp*, of Horace V.rnct, (U -mala.) and of Architectural .Ictlgru of Dttban end engraving, <f Henriqull IHipont were on the right art I on th. left. Statu., of Rod., Dur.t, Rich0,1 and Tumor?t etood on th. pedAMUla in front of tho ...irate "a two of th. -It'f..le,tal, on elth.r aid. b~f,n th. thron., were placed the two ti?. cr/?,, enr,d..|?kra, of Dacca/at, which figured at th. Kahibfthw; on th. f.ur .th.r, four herrw rate*. From the glaaa r,ult .bo., were .unpen.I.d the dag, ,|| th. nation. rcpi....,?d | at the Inhibition, and loig atr?.??r, bearing t;.? n turn a of great in Jo atrial town, n- gigantic, w?, phm. J on ,h. upper g^-ry aloee th? throne, In the compartment, of lleg,., ,, lb? ln,t.dSta?etw, ki.giao.nd Kngl.nd. Ih. choir wa. -on, I owdol more than fdJO ,log.-r ; 210 nun, Im-u.., h* f. ? and tenor,; ?&) c ?>ralto, and ?pran... end -0 ? horna hoy,. Th? orcbaetra con.l.ted ? wi wind In.trnmen'e, lio rlolina, f.0 alt.. W rlolo.,, itlcrnti.bmmew wnd of, harp.; jo ?f th.-.e harp. . I t. t. Iirprnit'; cantata made .??pr^..|y f.,r t Hon wore, by t.? ,Mr?M murlc J |fc( * .. A cboitia o I Jo la. Mar! a Or., be IUnd?| *<1 1 he tlnalot th. triumphal aym, h ny ..f la-,-!,,. ... Mcymtacr U"' ,,"lrU, *Jt hy 6th 71 . I'ray.r of Moeaw, b, |p,?hu ? j ? ' *h. At* %>iitnt ot\to7*r* P' ratlona ... < ni motaJa of honor'.','.','' ,V* 4!' ? ale ol hor or '*' Meoal. of tho Brtt oia? " "",i ', Ma.iala ?( th. *.-ond cbtaa. * II'mr/raM. no-ntlon. " * Tb. line AtM obtained? ' rMor?U<ne, M? 'at, of horw.r *' ? * M<da? id the On t cUm.'.V,'.'.".' r Mr oala of th. .eeood ruo, Mr.tala of tb. tb rd rUa?.. H'?t orable uirtiiwma,. ' lh. '^.ration, lor ,h,rH a."fcw' ,w- - It VfluA rT^'. 1 > set leer laor j ?!?? 1. I Mfta??it. I; < ?**(* 1. ? r*'"" ">? "-P'l-uaJ p^.oU-y j V'^'?n ? fo Jyman at l.jrme 10 000 franca ?o laptaln Iwlngrw, f,r In.p-oT. . >rPl.' * .^l BOOfrwor. anualiy to M W nr' "- Mr -^t,^"t^.T ' printer., 10 0>>t 'r.-.-w to Mr. . udi? t?r Invention of t. Wpb--nr. lha ewtMe of m-Atala of honor (^gtn, hy ninn r.y. J oaiy ? > d*l?: two to Fran-., Mlnietry of W?r .ml Wan? thie# to kngiaa-t Paat India f'-.m-anr M al-irv of (?/??" r.'u 1^.-,^,?j" ^ ^'?WwbT h^r^ rrTn,"*;4?1""*' TrodneM ?e to Ta^nwy Irnf-u al aid Boyal inefi,.,, Holiavt N- h lar-d- < - tr.roerel.1 ( Tt.. u r, r the ,0.0,1?*!alt of h- m,r U! gtr-wta the h-tT. a!" !? ">? fr.r. old.1 4 7"^:^ "* -rrmir-k of (hi,. miiMta lap*.J*Mte. ^ dnmrtaa -fa T,ra .. k ,'j "of th? r??pi?^r . ^?L. ?! e ,,;al an,, - WUW' ?" ,k* '"k" lewf hare ,-eTa r,t . 'h.l Ua.e o.' rhaowrvi fogtw y-w, .A f,r ,j j h,?. -Mala them tb. naruae nf Avlor, p-le- me , ? I n.verml } ,Ml.Kl-n ly U., a<,' m, I wlii a-md. r-w.pb?. b-t r4,baw, _ ' "*"? *v! * A-' f-t H >tl 4 H ?t f k-It \/fi / - iw,e ? 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'1K? mi kit ib-ap-d'-i I'uwera ut Indeed In r tiki who -ii imMU kith Amritmn yn.jfrli( |,n U.ey -laud -?ne mid kit il' Whol*M.ntO dtcad lit the bty Welch uu*t km.ll er orla'er arfeo, whew tlu? pi iwet.dea of freedom. ?? ?ni bodied In the luited State*, *rtll he (nought into direct antagoahm wit* the m luli-m >>f Kuro|.e. Such ? o> loctrople tb*y no Teeirnua to avert, kml though itioin villi rt.aplclon kn>l Joaloua anxiety the tnovem-nta of AitiO lc*'? ti|ttk' rou In Kurope, .bey wl**ly Luc,. Uia in*t tit to thcm-elve*, V>t America ahould allr up th? rep ib Ui'kn etubera wheh are everywhere amountc lug la It i? grnerally believed that Ami-link'i aim In In aecure ibt|M r-rceion til a pint in i.'w/i-pe, aiullt it a >t Ui be doubt ed But ouch mi ariiul-llloii would bo inont odven legeutta to bar coBinierrlal iutormt Hut the I'uf <r* of Kurope have little ilralie to hm American liberty la Jul lepotliu-u with their own tyrannical govern men U, and will exert thrm-elvoe a* far a< tbi-y dare to keep iXe I oiled Malm at a dietaDie. An eioeptiun iiukI be nmdn in the ca. e of Kogand, 'or nntwithot-inding the Im i feeling which bae lately been depleted In the column* of the leading Joaimn Journal, the niM-lle cla*-ea of Kng land vre moat friend y dlapo-od toward* tboir (ran atlan lie brethren, and would Im- willing to make en-.rfu >u? racilAoc* rattier than eland army nl in aria* agairut the I tilled Ma e*. W? hntre revived revere! letter* during the pad week, which draw but a very niMtnch ily plc'ure ol at fulre In the Ilsnuhian I'riDclpahtlca. lb* prloe of r mi nt ill con lit.tier to ria<-, and eo nmch anxiety i* felt reaped" ing the provfclordrig of tbe pnpulatl in if II,i-h ired, tliat It h get.e'ally raid lliat the i XpO. t of com In any ln|.e whatever, will lie eventually |ir> hlniteii. "he p-iou-i of llu Ign r in have their Muket- full of uiocey, bit hive Iktted whh all their cattle, ?o that In tbli pr -vlnre, whl n wiie once no ,leh in tarda ol oaeu and lu it-ekn ot ? t-ep, iiotlitng in the eliape of n-eat i? to tie obtained race ?t at an inoruiotiii p-lee. It-', when ?ol i by t .e Ivlng anlui il, binge trvtu 4 to 0 plaetre* the pound, and a? f?u? clb-ed In retail by the private oonaumar, It fe-iber at IW.iel ihree ttiuea that ?? tee. if Turkey hi??Vtr, i? ?iiDeiiiig hatdnblpa, Kunla la aleo ny n i meina free tn m the iina'drunK eHee n ut the war whicb a e in.iklog tbemeeWee hit in a acnnlbln way l>) the d><|.rectal) < her pnper curieucy, which haa ahe? ty fallen coml-la iatdy, and fhita-eii* a etlll tur-her decline. A union baa taken place, durlrf tbo I tat fe ? diya, bo tWfcu thvtifun Kao)t-ch? and haultaeba Warb irg It ill way coin pa tile-. I he ainalifamated c-uipauy tieara the ooine of tlio lifbn and Waiburg Hallway lAnupaay. Tna pii.Jnciod lino, which will nhr-r ly lw c lUimeu Ii lo )oe* to the mouth of the I I itU'ti M>e hy Wiy id K-utiii h i and Weiaienbuig. through liio cotiuliea of -yulader au-t Voejipitmer. 'Ibe I'a-lgiaii comj-any, which will utdertake the eork ing id tho ?iatern illrlil-U of linnitary. hi- Itl-uhl, the Intention of extonning tic operatloua to II -he ntaaleu. An a "eh out of k vcty neiioiia iliarm-cr hipponed ut Irlerte. a few daya alnce, to 'he Aiehdiiko Mix t ie eld eat brother uf the n tgtdog l-Jiif-er -r who le'orned, only a lew week, ego, fium hi- voteg.- with the Auatilia l.t larimeutal Spiadrou. lit* laii-erloi llig'ine-a wan drivtrg In a gig. arc-inptuted by nl< ald-dr camp, wlien nod Ii lily ilia apliited aliluial to k flight, and Martial od at. a brittle par*. The Atciidukeandravorrd to pull bltu up, hut tbe rrlm knap, ped In two, and tho Imr-o ta-l-.g left 11 hla n*u e nit-ol, rtiBtiliuul topuratte hia iuipetii m* career, unul at h-ng'h tho vehicle w?* overtnroo . lit a Irnp-ri il lligbneai wi< Ihii-wu th-leblly to tin- ground, hia beo>i e niiiiig in -no >a t with the coiner < f a houae. On -e-ing picket up tut ?o ipilte in-enalblc, and It wna leartd iiml tie ho<i a na tal f.ed a coneunkl' n ol the louln of a Very ilangeroua chit ranlar He wo* however, removal to ? houae in the luighbothood, when Ico woa a.ipliac to hi-l-eel, and a itUii ta-r <if ktugcOtia hat tog h oo ruinuu ue 1 lo the *1- t, It woa aft*rwarita deiided that lb" lm(a-rlal aolf-rer hoiild be bled Ilia hUi|a>ror having been a| prired ol tlie u-etfincholy oecuiiwaow t?y tt-e iWtilk wue, left the ?ity of Vienna tniuirniav ly. In company *iih Hr. Wkttriian a ptiyatciau <-f much colebrlty an-l atirge- n to the Kni|a tor. Itn arriving at the hed?l-|c of hla Imperial bi other, hi. Majeely ?aa great y ih-l-gh'r-l to tiud tbaf tin- (aitienl waa again oeoklbie. The A'rli I uke'i heal h haa greatly iuiproved ?lnee that pert at, and no fekra ate now enteitallied a* to hit ai-e-ly re covery. fir llaii.flton Styinonr, wlin ha? liecn afi|ai(i)te.| ffrltiali .iui'iet-ador in the piace of laird Weatinoirtaod it ex jertid hete very nhoitlr. We learn hy lelearaph from Od-a>a. that bit In-i-eiial Uajeaty lite hmperor of ltu>*l?, onfvic at fhktjelty from Mcleielf <-n the .'Id, and that ho baa klere left lale??a again t r Nleoletelf, wl-ere, it la tal-l .he wil' remain the greater portion ol the winter Our Marl rid C'orrrarpondeiire. Ma nam, Nor. A, 1 Thi Oirtri /it'Tnl r arul Ikt Ckol/ra Dtcrnntt?.Sfj'iniariU nrt fnif r Pnrf fjwiftfon trw? Hlo/ii Ikiiujhl tff ti in (h - Mail rid A'euij Of era? A w r ? < u? Minittrri ro.V/mfn Stiiiidrrt, fl'inin'KT, SmU?Thr Pfirt uf h' I fttfiv Paily- Thr Curlitlt?#""<f Prutfiech?HjrrcKiif tk' I'nti ilmi In Smur <nte? K'Af tsmlant' it U t?Silt mf Chunk Londt. Tlie i-alone of tha Cortaa continue without llUmt, both lierau-n of the abeenea of buinie." end tha rti 'Ojrr of the niemhera who bars not gat returned to Madrid. The oiiljr thing doing la tha (ftting reedr bill" ana mea ?urea In committee to bo presented aa aoon aa tha roat of tha nrmbara ma; ph-aee to arrlra. M? eriUme tha cbohra l.aa notably doer? a??d during the w<*k [mat. an I aa tha rh' lara faer ea'*a tha Cortae alll n i doubt lnirt.i.e. Tha greet rati ran hop'-d for Atom tha rarolutb.n ara b?|?d f< r at III. (Mir rbara'-tor l? eofarehet Ind il'nt, and no doubt that fact la mora oi a ? !< g o|>ori oar j.f-gr-?. U an tha alb rl- of tha parti"* oppoeed to tha got rnrnen' The talk about a mlalitailal rrUl* hut t til * <'oe* not Happen although throe ah . wl?h f r th. (all ef Iba tnlofit'ra, In order to tin- r plem*, keep p ib llthing tba programme. II a ooncpr o b no i b> man Mr. Miry jrour "?nrlnr cfMtte, and Mr 1'errg tha rmtnt t'.iarg" d'Affalra of tlie totf- lara lion at 'bl Chart, b?r ugh' to mi r kn 'f|n|ge i.y tha iltniLn f (ha Itrth "eptetnbef, ha. torn'ai am! publiatu d in tha j rlnci-ml nevapap ra of Uia dpi al. Ih>' comment" "nd artbdee ehleh liav ap peaieilini n?e |it*-n<-.'air not parti ninety roiuplh 'u'a g to lha Ian Minl-" r -nub-, not to the foern n 1.1 whir ? ?en! blm, though th"'a agt-rne to '? . wid- '.latlac lion made letween tin ?? par Ilea and the American pan pie, ahoa eaore of )ua tea and na'i nal hnnor ta lauded, Wtillat th" hllbii taring prop"o.lllag of tha 1 aldnetend a tea idiMUm) IdbMaeh H" bitterly in *t'. l eiij 1? r*? jr tar beta alth all jar i that aba " ' i? ?, aid ban the adroit ra I be' ? hat ha ea> ta M'tmi We i f tha Hie 'at p> III in ?, aln alar.g* bare lee-: dr-nui irgald't tho I nlt'd ugji, . %n) tbi? Ir i n 'In "'U? .."1 el", ete.lgo?rp?r.pla c rawUilM a tide bet #? ?:id higher In ll" "a.' f liUf/larit till in/1 .0 tCu r"i?. Ihe arente fa trW gmr- peat Mrl ?-pr le If tha it a kiel'Mial ii-i.eton if ktr. h.ale t.? it o i ourt, baa e? ii o i I ?? and ?- t oa* no* ?h it 'o tlnnk 11.'- 'art (- that aluee tha mleal a ?f jinre? leb??i?d b! to.lan 'i.t author, W.iah igt n I.ring (bg repraann lallrr ? *t I t J''i bar* "?n' V? hpaln ba*a ufld 'i . lha ?'??alb 4 rainier* del nil i[i??i t. '?? the rajt" r-nutli r of a O atr; wi wl?e and ? r?' .atair i ?fgl!-al ? Mr Iternng' i ana a m all and tin ndhri al aba ? oh t" onl f* hi' at'a lo g. t a t a fi<rea an ?>! our i in*.) h i at ? o' a i mke oi a Main I ?< ui. ??'' II the ram ; ?' a Je I ?' a t'." pe?n lit" ?l ba< "g 0" auoja ??, !;.???? .in*.?. a'*-" to tlMiil In or'lag t?. attract altaMlan If n? hed mi?n bne to teptaaeat tta gnnrl < "ti?-r. i o of It rwpierta aid lilttn ?'? lolgbt h?t-U"'???( .-! Mlm [?r m|e l.qt i* ai< ah"t a?'i of a <le?r.o--at ae iri; (? a liao ti.?i *ho h> ugkt Chartr* the K"W>ib and terdiaaad tba *. *rn*h ? a*e raatfg o'at.te* id '.<el >m ,h It# apati Mr?i [artT, aa It ta ml'" 1, ana g-M-ng aai i?oa ahoul tie torn thing ?r Ui">g ta He r. it aa penra the) are it-atd tbaT lie |a'' ro- n; "f I'rle- la amal to I* rei' I e.| te 'he nig i0 l.? am', a a gnoen? nalma. Irni'"', ti.e fgpe arm lie n apxar . rt ?kuaM go to iai?'aief tr enja' -re el?tha' I" "a; ha *n' in# ig.telirtla >? li? !?? ogtae tha' la ua ateaMa Itr ah . i ligtai ' and I rtr. ? itml Ihemm ite. an h U>a ha.'etn <ar tha; r a; rata# ? I lualr la utmt la "r?tar u> Hi,.! e>4' kri? Ior ?/???.'?i.?a ?i t ag.Mat boada, la ahlrh i?. a the arltna.. .mum. gfe- o- t mti hare . maifh a lib ib* aaorie V> ear "tbnr refrnn. dgme le f?tl nf run -re t' a' ha el tan aiag-e v H . anahdafp tbr lot in 'f Itaban leliM ? ard (bla ' *? ipu' ? *"? nrn-n lie pij> b I'M M **U it ti ? .? ?"? ura Tien f at lot Mm!* ta la'aJoe aia aJoer" eaa'lelr ag'tnot, itf 'be a<ilr? laiaiao* ?f He a*.tbantlM ?t l art Warn ct ? aanaeMlg eaa dig. h-re The p.; i f h?*a I ami aa'???>? ohi' au?a to tnrrenaa and 'he tioiHafaf fiaai a*e amtlaf hiate to lag to aV ka for a athl caat n >lae. Keeollia* tkapMb ? 'rain ate dleeip"' ag. and ear h t? bra -,? ng m aa-tbt'da again U t t! a raaag't? ?<?eei Ai'it'iaagh ra?r lair In fte gear 'be Iea?i ef U?? braaera that theg VngM art Mi' o . ? ' ' 'he nei- 14 gr%/ art [aoaa, and a Wr argi nhi at '/at gd.i l* ? nn Th* .[ecrj, if ft??!-tea' I'teren, In r*p(r *n ear aa' 1 fki- at Wa.! .tf-n, la get r-n-alg hte! hi M tltu' al *>.?.?**??, I> g 't r-n-alg Mkad Ml Am II 'te paragraph af ll a kerb haa earptkaad aa. ? Iu'''r t 1 lerea Mean h; tailing al lha grea< jail ??r ??t' nieetaiali e eaa H?ga4 ta tba fcta 'egg ' i '? ' Itg and ik fenaratl' ? p .1 ba plead la |ta 0 im r ea" t ! ?? I -etai.'e l a- t>eanai? hi-' "Iral It pnaad l.ata te 11 1 ' e * " ge at to !?? a Vai * m 'to l-eatafi atau .'ai' d "rvai Ma iM I# ami ik- t -aitr?e ?V. i*rte-d at It ? ? t iraf't e * la* 'aar kend "t tr- ?? ?!-? <* ? ?-? . ?aU-ila - r tl ?- M?. a.eed 1 , I a-a ?: 1 ? . '??(,*,* t , I. ? lie * III ... ?? a? *' ?? 1# eaa in eeaapd bed fa "?* a?l af t*e ? ? - kte ailb tan 4 .oba-e?1 ?paiWro a tab. Ik. he pa tkanl *aa We ana Iul?it?llii( fiuM AIM V A L of MM. I'hIIJM *M?Tnr aMtallAN H4JIMD ?o>? *m?TiON'- to tmk mror- thmrom tisn't caw a l x. rwuiri MALtrrixu ru mn?UN Ibl'i. A'hrlia ('*?? HI) r?T*?t.?ti'|t nra if IjtnAom PoaCj i<m ? III ?(????? j ' or h<-*"i < L.* * an Am?rt ?n Karop >itra<i<li nary. Mr. Pfji (.?? tnliol '<? iln-H vtlfc ? in ?l n Item <ha I t>ltr4 Mt'i? Ui itbaln ? ?'iUm?wt "I It Kimt'? i lalni Im lif'tiiia!' j f.c 'attain Ito4a abl/h h" liat rati arMt'arily <|r|.rir? i . f bj I'm Him! g ? -?-n i ant Yhih.]?j, iv- ra'atala >?' III# Ana?a| tn ?|ntir??, <? ti n b| I uiuwiiUft Itrrara. lirrw, t i.*) art >.? ff ifivin l ibt in Tl.a ? ?mm' ?Wi a haa !?? '? ?'il 1 -n ??it ?( to a Ul aaljak | to lb* arrtim'ti* .nil !????' I j tl.tir rafraaatalt**. It ?111 l? i?ta. u thai In. K 't?j an Aovl I ran ii.laal- nary at A ? S? t.? aaa a..iia* yatra af? ; | *"?!?' ? aal f ln,|fl. i."l in tha mlnloal )all, altb f. a-it mtlti'aa tint (< I kiatlrf j. i : <li ? -?,? ully 1" it> ? an h?aa r.f t> ir.r if tt,? it<tnnnf(1^ ml t>if*r*^tj iM itt Iba w ! rtIM wit kit r)i urch rtn<? tlm taoaa>>r thr ta'Jaa I aia lurDti). a/.<J tbr \m i on> I. n- ? ?? f?f fcr?ilj ra.ultaM tij In* K-. -Uii partr ?? It ?m thru <?< j pi.?<l au< l'? "Ut' i ' unta ?.*m(^rt parata-uiaa) a'. I II ' IimM Tliia b< .Of lb* < aaa II 1. n< t I 'at a< talaraj ft! ' ibil ?nl ~t Jw litii >n? .? I< (ivl miir la I rri*r<) al tla l.rtak tam (, fitoJ tif (I, a (iiiJin Wu.i.taia, ? ?<t ft ? ? IrrH I r hl? "K'hiih ta rrraf <af ww m t-?t >>4 to Ibfiuiltrl wr?IM Ijfllali |?rl; II 111 ?? at alt 1 iaa a* MH?' ft?1 'I. at .nth f ? : ???rbl aai tba I ?|tt .b b<?t ait, frt atallj th* Mri[ it). (at ?,( our A mar >?r. ro ri tljft.alaia | in ba olfctr twla ?!.? A'. ? < ? 1 ^ l>a tt Ja.l ?'], ?? 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