Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Aralık 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Aralık 1855 Page 5
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M 8 Cu*r4 anil steamship Canada, Qapt. Hume, will i B?m oa Wadnaaday, at noon, tor Liverpool. ? European mails will close in this dt; at a quarter Io'clock to-morrow afternoon, fka Bump (printed la English and Freitoh) will bo febUahed at tea o'olook la Ik* morning. Bingte copies, h wrapp***, aixponoo. BebseripBona and advortiaomoato tor any odittoa of the Knr York Hnuia will be received at the following place* fti Run pot? Litutool .. John Hunter, Wo. 11 Wiahanga street, Beat. Loaaoa.... Band ford A Co., No. IT CfcsrnhUT. fill. Livingston, Wall* k Co., 8 Place da la Bourne. Ska ooateata of the European odittoa of the Hmuii) will ante aoi the aawe received by mail and telegraph at Who oBee during the previous weak, and to the hoar of Co art Calendar?This Day. I Ooirrr?Ctrouit.?Not. 27J, 21, 876, 360, 408 10 411 180. amnion Cor'kT.?No*. 497, 880, 648. 16, 16, 23, 81. 1TI, 788, 780, 730, 187 , 886. 680, 806, 814, 824, 828, 826, ?M, 881, 886, 836, 687 , 8:58, 842, 706, 708, 710, 711, 712, 881, '82, 843, 844, 846, 846, 647, 816, 848, 268, 670, 781, die. 306, 88, 607, 317, 481. Common Puua-l'art 1.?Voa. 846. 868, 802, 883, 086, 1016, 1080. 1046, 1008, 1080, 1070, 1070, 1088, 1140, 1176. Fart 2.?Noe. 107, 4?2, 674, 066, 74?, 1060, 1002, U08, Utt, 1144, 1160,1170,1108,1188, 1200. Kmox?Pesaesslnp Unrivalled Reaomreea at gnaaufature and the boat workmen in the trade, Knox fur nfiboa to the public thn largest assortment of element beta or nay batter In Now York. Tboy comprise no lea* than forty different kin da. varying la color, ihcpe, material and purpose. Baalfo keep* eonttenuy on hand at hi* elegant atom. No. 212 Broadway, eo nor of Fnllon areet, o handaome aaaortment of hdles'fun, comprising the mnat recherabe atvles, composed afiha mat v slant, le fur* la the market, u well aa those lass nan and mora mod*rate In price; aud alio glove*, travelling bag*, ear**, umbrella*, and n hundred other thing* no Ion uoful than ornamental. All at 212 Broadway, corner Fulton eade Brwtliern,?Pbotagraplu, Dagurrreoe brae*. and ambrotypea taken dally, in every itylo, In the mag mlliiiiil inilillilimrint 283 Broadway, flood* at wholesale and ratadf. OnJkarioo, four door* above the Aster Houae, free to thopubO*. Duwuldarf Galleryt?Have Ton Been the * Blond* and Brunatte." and the ether new painting* Ju?t re Mired at the Dnaaeldorf Oalleryf They are perfect getn<. Be and aee them, for they are unsurpassed. Machine Portrait*, One Shilling to |28? Baguerreotypee, pbolegrnph*, lamnratypea, ambroiype, mere Mcepea, Ac , by Holme*' patentdonDle acting oamerae: and ^noui Instructed and dtted out in the bent style. O&llery 289 Knappb Peg no * aeoty pee, Large Bine, In cluding flee ease, reduced to SO rente?On hand, One gold {warranted) lockets, breaitplns and ring*, Including a perfect Bkeueaa, twenty per cent lent than jeweller's prior,. Gallery ?emend entire to 477 Broadway, between Broome and (Brand Important to Poeta?I will Pay |26 for th? beat witty and uroullo poetical production, making from twenty to twenty five verse*. For particulars, address J. v. $., Herald ofllee. Albert H. Wleolay will Hold hie Regular eemt-weekly auction sale of Hook* and bond* this day. ( Mon day.) at 12 o'clock, at the Merchants' Kijhaoge. For further ?articular* sen hi* advertisement In another oolumu. Cata logues may be obtained at tbe office, No. 4 Brood street. Plane* to Rent?Pfaitoe by the Beet Maker* te rent, m86,86 and 87 per month, at THOMAS BAKKR'ri ?Nano rooms, 327 Broadway, opposite the Broedtvay theatre. Beat allowed on purchasing. Millinery.?A Large and Buperh Aaaortment of ladle*' and mlaae*' bonnet*, ribbons, feather*, flowers and dram trimmings; nine, e large stock of clneka and ta'mas, at WM. 8. IKVINB'8.112 Oanal sheet. French Mllllneiy Ahead of All?A Pine velvet bonnet, 80: flrat rate, 86; dp top, $0 so, maoe in the ta teet style; tine satin, At; extra, W. at the Union. cheap mUU e*ry aud pattern store of 0. Ut-T.f, 4 CO., No. 3 C,nli. Hue ?treat. h. B.?Barque wala> and cloak patterns cut a la inodo M Farie, CloaksI Cloaksl ladles' Cloak*!?A Large mnortmcnt. and very cheap, to the Men Hive 327 Grand street, B. Y. Also selling off. at great world' .., the large stock of ?sateen, flowers, ribbon Uimmiug*. do. Tall and aee. 8. 1>. HaWKINH, proprietor. *? Poet tot Naufragia Porto*," at the Greet Bepubhe dicing saloon, 113 Fulton and 48 Anu street. Oa sad ffur Bonds., liie 3d Inst, the price* at this establishment will be reduced In the main saloon to 6d. per plate; In the rooms up Claire they will oouiinne as usual, la Bero venlenilbus eme. A. A. CRAWFOB11, Proprietor. If Bblrtat, Abaelutely Perfect,are Desirable, B would be well for gentlemen who have been disappointed ehewhere in call on OKKKN. No. 1 Aster Hou*e, whose plan ef measurement Is such that It would be about as difficult to get aa ill fitting shirt of him as a natisfiautory one from au In competent manufacturer. All the Principal Jeweller* In thb* City aed throughout the Dulled Slates have the new pen and pencil ease ("1 bands' patent,") fur sale. It meet* with a more retdy ache than the other styies.ou account 01 It* superior finish, aeaapactrra*. durability and convenience. Manufactured by VTA. WILBARTH, 44Balden lane. Olfta and Pnaents?fuit RtMlved, nnti for sole at reduced prices, the choicest reliction of ladle*' reticule*, aeeklsces, toilet cases, jet bracelets, iravefllng baskets, feus, ?erfi.n ery and soap*; aim every variety or toy*, dolls and f- at ROOKRb'faucy bazaar, 419 Broadway. -The Beat Aaaortment of Fine Teae I be found at the (teuton Tea Oouipeny'* newly erected and alagaat store, ho. 126 Chatham street, between Pearl end Beosevelt, the oldest tea establishment In the city. We assure r reader* they can do better bare the- elsewhere, either at or retell. Bn Uqesr Dealers?A Frrah Supply of Green aed yellow grape and cognac oil-., one ounce or which I* ?ufU Beet fur IOO gallons rptrfis, most natural Imilatton* of Jamaica ??4 fit. Croft rum; Bohongshela and Irish whUtey;gln. port, ebony aad elertt wines; Bbewtae, adoring for all those It, inra. and explicit direction* for <ue N. B. ?Chemical*, metals, and ?etent medicine* ou most tuvomuUHlstlng terras, for sale by IbTl. FBUCUTWANORB, 98 Baidan lane. Dtflwire l?l?aMUKl<Tgaft> ?Hobett M. Pst UCR la Ihe aole manufacturer in the United males of the I celebrated .afea and uaU-.nt powder proof detlaeee loelu i ban. Depot UK rearl atreet, one door below Haitian _ ere' Retting Mac 111 nee ?Tew Ma ief the nunt improved etyle trill he etohar.ged on llbe aal terms for old machines of every kind. Oreet nnmherw of machine* ef the Avery, Wilson, (.rover A Maker, and oilier ?Meals have been mild, wnich -mi", he used 'o any advantage, Keen machines we Oder to relieve die nubile fro n. Old aniin ?roved machines of our own make ei-liange I In (he name way. PM machine* no received by ue wtil a' once be destroyed. for Jmrf exchange apply peraooally, or by letter, Id f. H. HIN elor'r Hair Djre, Win and Teeprri? Me bent in the world. Tbl* unrivtoled and arigina! dye la ap (Med la U private rootna. Ba'ehalor'a wtaa and 'oupeee have fcl|H n nan iin over ah others, btrti g alief O'cnvree of elogaooe. Me and durability peculiar to Una wstshliebment. BaTCHKI/iR'H. aa Broadway. Wklakrrr ?r Moortaehrr Forrrd le Brow to Ha week*, by ray ooguenl, which will not ataln or injur# ka Ola. $1 a botue; aent to any pert of the country. R. tl. ?HA HAM, 6*6 Broadway; Hrlgg*, 37 rtiate street. Albany; Biker, 43 touUi Third /treat, Philadelphia. A Beaetlfnl Complexion end n Perfttnted Breath nay both be eeqnlrad by netng the "Balm of Thousand Viewers." Aaadenmiiee it baa no parallel. Prloe only Qflh ?aid For itle by *1J dmicmti. PKTBIDOS A CO., Boston. Wins 1 Win* f! Wlga 111?Anotlter Ureal Ti I wnpli (Another allver medal awarded to MEDHURRT k ('<>., 9 Balden lane, at the great Pair of the American In/tame, for St beat wlgaand toupees, being i lie lourin ni-'-isl laaooceaUoo swarded to them I he; are without dispute, the very lemi Bur elegance, III and natural Appearance, mole of ihe l,e?t na torture, warraoled nm to shrink or change eoier, Uie nmupeat batheworl'l. eBolleway 'i Ointment.?The Pi ret Raigeniu St this great eouniry arc generously and nobly re-o.nrne/ Bh celebrated moment to their patient* and die puotic gene as%, aa an eCie.aclous cure ?>r wounds, tores and til ere AWWmfflSIB>T8 RENEW EDEYKRY DAT# PERRONRL. _ EADY WINHKKTO ADOPT A PIKE H1ALTHY MALI child, rno-l be light corn p-ex ton, and about el-vat, months use wbo la fnendiaw preferred. Addrem Hre. Plalier, "way Post office. 1BPOBHAVION WANTP.B?BY THE UNDKBRfflNRf), el the plrae of rssldanne ef I'atfeerino Moaouive Iwl. wi matoco nana waa Uatherme Afih-trman.) wl-'ow of lienjanua Ri. Henianye lata of the etty of It* Yora, journey .nan braes Bwwlar. deeeaead. Any person possessing atich information, W1| oblige ihe und?r*,ign*d Ur nomn unleAtlagH to htm, op by requesting her 10 rail opon htm. In relaiSon <n bar husine a, in Bk eherr.o profesehmallv, or othjo iffi-.r.ea Veitah, U- >v- n?i-.t, 117 Washington street, cny of New York. EDW. fl BE KEY, AMnrory IK (Ireenw et-eev K. Y. November 24, Into it.t. *r ot?i. w- PL1A-* *PEr hh miKvn k. P.. thta evening or to mo-row (Tuesday), at ihe t laren 0m (louse, corner Pourm avenue v i Bight* nib Street. PORT OFKICB ROTICER CT fiPPIUI BOTH !R,?(111 A N ? IP Of nor X.?OK tut alar Monday, the .Id day ef lie-ember the great ti mall, by rallruen. will rln-sai (MsoM -j dai y a 2 P. M. Id A At; V. rOWLMR, Pnaimawrr. w lATHINOniL ?BKATKlHOblAI.?OWI.SO To *.Y I 'MA VOIDABLE UK 01 toadi n from din ctty die Rngll-h young holy In Wpoei l>e MV her Mrnda advnrtlaed la 'he Ili n ,ir> of Z ih Woven,her. eat Ihe unable lo aaawer he numareaa ? ?n> With whack ah* bar keen b/nored, until tho lo-ii of December, whvn eaahoaewtil raceire at lean a retpeetfiil a-ki.owl.dgnw-ut. Mason hi.a her oorr*?%j aidenu may rent assured of the eoure stacerriy iglhe advent* -r*. anil me ircghfnincse of tl,c j>) tor* drawn of ihe beaauialaad eeUmablc pawn i f or whom It was .?tended ) 1- L. k fg ATR1MONIM,- 4 TOI'ltO ftK.NTI.Kll Alt, OP UKEY Ml espitoMme a lianovter ami posbtan. Ui m a tr-ii o; a wtfa; ?he stusi i.o.?e?e *o a complhhed mind, and an attrac Mvepei.-ai bni I er gre-uisi-I ,.r?nv mind be grae/i and g.svl ?WW el bear' at IB Mm>dm| may MaMMAfi to beeeme ? wife, ooesa 'orreaposdeetie. by a.ldree?(nK vlpba, t'ooo a'ltiate Fowl .diee. - ~ CVa^METUf.?I?? AH h?iN rt RtCEIPTH KWVBf.Kt.1 J 41 a and *ee wgwii Is prefaralhe toHowtng ro>mc i, at m atoh'li il-e n? a -ioal -1, <]"*! hair dye, Ryraniibe hair dye, TaurW f?tog?l llj " HrirMonbalr reamrsflve bl., -r. of mem. aa.' u'*o-o>*-< >a belie wl I efreralr P.tmn, i?iw ler eubt'e dannfr rr, prnva-lc, Ac. l'rie- 2H cenia. f.r aaP> al ifu BMiaadway irif aad V-, Urns- 'v Mi. ill 4AI an-l ?S4 Oraa I; AS and 03 St i???iat? and I ?' wli avenne, Kew Perk : \"t> A Use lie M-n *)-i n . BranAlva , or tor Warden fy rr vi- on fee. |Kdf ? * Addrf ? H. D amtr c, bee :i, Pief (A*" Brock.) r?. SPECIAL VOTICBS. LADIES DESIROUS Of JOINING A I-ITKRART A8 sostatton. tie object ol whiefa la tie dlarnsalon of relglous, eoelal end political topic*, with ? view u> develop a talent for public ipeaklng. are tooted i? send their address to Mlaa J. O.. box 111 Herald office, when they will be oalled upon by one of their own mi. MASONIC.-A QUARTERLY COMMUNICATION OF Ike M. W. Grand l.ulce ol foe Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Matone of the Stale of New York (under the uld oonsliiuUoDsi will be beld at Frenmeaoua' hall, ho. MKgHroadwav, on Tuesday er-nli g. the 4th lutt , at 7 o'tonrk. Masters, Part Haute re, and Wardens arc requeue 1 to J AMKM UKRKINU, Grand Secretory. attend. MB. Goron AT THE ACADEMY OF MUSIC-MR. J. A Gougb, the elequent temperance orator, wtil apeak at the Academy, corner of Fourteenth atroet and Irving plane, to ntni row (Tuesday) evening, It' ore opeu at 6, oomineoce at 7)4 o'clock Rev. l)r. Tyug will preside on the occasion. 1 tcketa 26 cents taeh. MASONIC POTIOR ?MYSTIC TIB LODGE NO. 272. P. and A. M's. Tie members of lite soove lodge are re quested to attend their next regular communication, to morrow (Tuesday) evening, the 4th tnat, at 7>4 0*0 oi k. Hv or lor of Cuttut A. KahTtsa,*Hec'y. K. D. HOLMES, W. M. VTOTICB TO HACK DBIVKR8.-YOU ARK RBQURRT la ed, in leaving company at the opening ball of the J e fnr ton Association. at the City Assembly KmnEe, to-morrow even ing, to set them down with your boraea' heads toward* Howard street, and take them up in the reverse order. Hy re<|Ueat of the Committee of Amngementa. QFFICE RECEIVER OF TAXES. NOVKMHHR S, 1868 v-r Taxes. 1886.?Notice to hereby given that one per cent win be added, on the lat day ol December, on all taxea ra ting unpaid, and that a further addtttoo of one per cent will tad# < " " * be made on lie 16th day of Dae em bar Notice Is also hereby given thst on the lat day of January next Interest will be added on all taxes then remaining unpaid, at the rata of U tier cent per annum, calculated front the 3d day of September, 1866. HaKVEY hart, reeeivar of taxea. Tammany bocibty ob Columbian order ?uro thers, a regular meeilog ol toe Institution will be held In the Council chamber of the Great Wigwam, on Monday even ing, 1 ho .Id Inst., at half an hour alter the sotting of die aun. General and punctual aUendauce to requested, liy ardor, LORENZO H. hHKJ'uKD. Grand Sachetn. Srarnix C. Donvns, beoretary. Manhattan, season of snows, ljth moon, year of discovery 364, of Independence 80, and of the institution the 6i lb. rrHKMKMBI BR OF THE 8WIR8 BENEVOLENT SOCIETY J are respectfully Invited to sttend the annual general meet ing, which will take place at the hotel of Messrs. Delmnnlcoa. corner of Beaver ana WUIlsm? i streets, on Saturday, Dee. 8, al 7 o'clock, 1*. M. As was customary heretofore, snd In pur suance of a resolution passed st a former meeting, a social sub scription dinner, at B2 per head, which will oommence at 6)4 o'clock precisely, will precede, at the same place, the above cODvoeated annual general meeting. Ihe members are re spectfully Invited to atteud, and to give notice of their IntenUon a few days previously to the President, at No. 6 Pine (treat, or to subscribe at Messrs. Delmonlooa', to William street, liy order of the President. JOHN riYR, Tresanrer and Beoretary. TUB IsBCTUHtt SBAHOB. ILLUSTRATED SCIENTIFIC LECTURER.?THE FIRST of aeoursa of sight lectures will be delivered in Hope ctajjel^on ^ueeday evening, Dec. 4, at 7 oelook, by JOHN ?. wiwri. on " Geology, or the Natural History of the Earth." Single UtkeU,26 cento; tickets for the course, 81 2.6. SPIRITUALISM.?JOEL TIFFANY. THE DISTINGUISH ed spiritual philosopher, of Ohio, begins a series of twelve lectures In Btuyvaaant Institute. Tuesday evening, Dec. 4, st 7)4 o'cloc k, continuing each subsequent Friday and Tueeday evenings Single tickets. 10c. The course, Including a view ot al) the agitating phases ol spiritualism aud a dissection of tree love doctrines, SI, LOST AND FOUND. LOST?CERTIFICATE NO. !h>2, THIRD AVENUE RAIT, road Co. to O. T~ 1866. Naw certificate JU road Co. to o. W. Jones, for 74 shares, dated July 27 ? - applied for. LORT-A LADY'S PLAID BHAWL, (HBPP08KD TO have been taken by mistake,) from the. steamer Atlantic on Iter arrival on Friduy evening. A gentleman's shawl re mains unclaimed to the bands of the steward. .Any i>or?on having the above, please make the exchange with the steward, on board. LOST?WEDNESDAY EVENING LAST, IN FOURTH (Ireet, hruueeu the Bowery and Rroadway. probably by Ihe rbarch, a gold ring, oval crystal stone, set In silver The t ing Is gold wire, storting from ihe stone in three pads and Joining in odd at the back. Thd finder will be suitably re warded. and receive Ihe tbanke of the <p?ner, A. K. Drown, 42 Third avenue, southwest oorceruf '1 enth street. Lost?on Saturday laht, between tenth ht., in Ilitb .avenue and 261 Hudson street, a porlemunuic, coutobilng two fi6 bills, tai*82 bills and afil bill and some-li ver; on the outside were the words "rail way ticket" In told letter 1. The Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving tlio same with Wm. Thompson, 268 Hudson street, fourth boor, front room. Lost or stolen.?a small black andtanter, rler don was lost on Saturday ev- nltig, In Grand strneti near Essex. Bad on white and it-d leather collar. A libera reward will begtvea by returning htm lo No. 70 Foray the street. THE TDRr. CENTKk V1LLB COll RHE. T ROTTIN ? i TC KhDAY, December 'be ?lh, at 3o'clock P. H., mauh for MOO, mile heats, In bttrors*. Warren Pewbody nameH t. g. Morgun Rat Uer: II. Wocdruff earner* a. g. JOBLOONKLIN, Proprietor. RID BOUBK, HAJBLKM.-THIH FAVOBITK PLACE OP reeort Is now In eomulete order, and ready *o accommo date (he eportlng and riding public, lb* Gothic and Baitio Baae Ball Cluha play on the iienutUul green attached 10 the hnuie, nod aflbrd mo eh ?port to the vbdter* of thie hennUful place. The heat of refreshment* alwaye on band. WILLIAM A. BltOWR, Proprietor. EDUCATION. 346 BBO/ I)WA Y-BOOR KRKPINO, AO.-OENTLB meiiareking mrreantlle employment, may attain, at FOHTER A DIXON'K establishment, a superior and maaterly knowledge of bookkeeping, writing, he.. In a few week*. Prue peettirrs and full particular* on application. Term* mod< rata. Bin ?book keeping, writing, arithmetic. ?JLU? Mr. 1*A lNE'H arsdetrles, aa Grand ?'r*et,New York, lw) Palien strsel, Brooklyn?open the entire day and even eg; lesson* taken at phastue. Ladle*' prtvite writing ciaest* fi. twelve lesson*. I ommu'atton by ihe month or i|<i*rt?r OoL Palnr.'* method o' instruction It systematic and expedition* ? Lowell Reformer, HO - BOOKKEBTINO, WRITINO, ARITHMETIC. <PJU. taught scientifically sod practically ai UOLHKaK'S academy,609 Broadway, BtudenU may commote by the qnar ter, this day, nt very low terms, n U.?A few more gentle tinmen may n nre private desks, without extra charge, and btcome good bookkeepers by January 1. $2 ONLY FOR PKNMANFHIP ?B'lOKKKlTPlNQ. artibmetlc. rtsrulVm or reading. English graiiuuar and romptialtloo, tncluduig ?polling, (A rarli. Unit apply imme diate y, aber three o'clock, at *73 Broadway, lietwnrn M.nth and Tenth streets. Term-* reduced Una week. l<cs?or,<. In French, hpauiab an<l German langnsges. OTROBbINB KLLKNWOOI). arithmetic, writing, ac.-mr. ItKN V1LI.K, 2ri? Broadway, wnrre he Its* taught darb g tbe past eight jttri, la receiving new a' idente i n much lower term* (ban any other tearber. The tns'rucnou I s as pa ratal y Imparted, Iborongb, and readily available in practice. Open day and evening. IMPUTATION.?A LADY, WHO HAH HAD MITCH EX J parlance In 'nlUon, piopo*e? receivlog six or elrbt young lsdte* for Inslrni iiao In any or all of the (allowing iPGire it?r lunwt|t;iMHi 111 kUJ Wr (All ill UIR lOHOWHl' ?i 'WW d; ? rrigbab. French, Urban. music and drnwing. Reference given. Terma m?y be known on application personal I y, (or by latter, addressed A. B.,) at bar reaidenoe. Mi lirmy -tverl Brooklyn. French language -prof. d. laoroix, no. z* Broadway, rontlnuva to rerelte new nupl's on fhvtiral.l* Mints for thorough Instruction In the French languagr nnpart Ing to Uiom the ability to -peak |i with fiveoey and correct*.***, t iacms arr now betng formed, hi whlek the number of ache era will be Umurd to aim. C1BENCH AND GERMAN LANGCAtlKH?TRANELAT lug. ihe undersigned p???rd the examination* pr scribed 1 log. ine iindereigneo pa?ed tne eiamin.itlona pr- scribed by government, In Kurope and e?tAbl*eh*d blm?eir at his pre sent pin e, iltl Broadway, near Brooine street. ro- m In IMS. K. TkLlKHING. PR1YATK INHTItUtTION IN PKNMANNHIP AND liooklveplng ladle, or grnUemen ran r wwlre private lesions krAg above branrhs" at either of the auhwrtner'a aaa drmlm|^Ero >>2 Broadway, N. Y , and 27? Pulten street. BreeWn OLIVER H GtH.liHMITU. Young gentlemen who learn book keeping and writing at HOI.BEAR'S academy. tsf.i Hroedwav, nadlly obtain vHnatinra. ard rotnmai.d gnat aaiarW. A tew may ?ecvire private tasks th.? day, at hoII pro and heroine good bookkeepers by January I. open day and evening. COPAKTNKRNIIIP NGTICK1. ' (ifin -A PARTNER wanted, with THE tftMHI". above capful. In a wlmleaa e liquor and segar business, a business n an with u g gal *.* plain an wll bear of a g'Mid opportunity of gaurng in a uonl sad sate ea'ablbbed bvudnr-a. Address Washington, i.< ra.d ufhee. $5 ()()() *?r,'r> ** INVKsTrI> AS <<> PARTNER respectable profitable bu.lueee ?Tbe a t frrtUer 1- laminar sltb the fancy gods, In the .irv gtg?i* line, but would be willing to Inwat tie above ant >unt in tnj tLug that la good and sale m?r<-antl.e pr< feretl At.plv ui C. H. BiiWKh A tAk . H >? ?? ?tre?'. ? *1 Rflfl TO tfi-tttO.?THE ADVERTISER WM L IN. tP T,vlv/v" ve* 'hi* amount .n *ume res;? * t htisioeee rafat lin.inent and vi.l lake ail a-U ve pan in tlu umi. I'.'r ue ?ddrrvs J. H., BeroMeElce, at* uig ibe nature the, nuvmem, and wlerean interview can ' ? bad. A I will lie <?n:.UenUal. -A PARTNER WANTED, IN A CASH MANI fHjlf'y. fartiiriog hi tiuat pays a haadanoia profit of 4U0 fMtto' en vale and I* done tor rush, ami ran b* ?? ended throughout the I fi'u d Hiate* withdal ruruer rap. al. A Wore I, lent down loan lor the sale ol' the arudev munnlw turrd, and rar y good", at wholesale and retail, app'y at the store' (0 huttay street {ffl/l-/ PARTNER WANTED. I* A LIU Jtvlvlvr. pleesaal btulneu yielding a bst.d, ne rm.r. the bnstiK ?* has bee* rv'ablMhed Mkeral yMre, d rntfrely forra.b, and n.ay beIncrea-od to atiy ev ent. ) parueulars o.. sj plira'ton o t;. B. HOWE* A < <)., M Na?au strer |Q(|il TO,fi<A.?ANY Gk NTLEM* > WITH Till* 0( M tTel'l" who I, dr-ir-us of m, ark big m a I ighty ri-pe a hie and very prof! at le bnMncss, which t, w th ,ut romueiuton r?n have an opportuntky. tiy railing in. .ed itr.v <nO II : MfTH g r ?..Xf V.... til street, room No, 2 ' ~L "RKAT chance t Make money ?Phil'/. Wanted, a partner to attend th# d aw and ?hare s.|ttal tn a first *-!*?* rgbP IUon from whirh fiv.nnu e'll tie made ?bta winter. The bualnosa '? plrasant sl 1 ulrr. many Inrfu W rneiita For |?r ievtlvra, eallnt VAN KYI'EK A Co rH ? #4A Braadtsay, toon in. 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TBI* OAt rCatlaHXO A TRIP TO NBWKOUMUfcAND; m HIIIIII amd rMpAn. With an account of UuTSviug of TUB SUBMARINE TBLKURaPU cable. ?T JOHN bull* i.v. Illustrated with thirty engraving*, tu ib? highest style of art. ?T D. 0 BITUBOOUS. Sold by T. W. HTRONO, Publisher, 98 Nassau ?tr And to be bad of all Uin booksellers. Prion SI. Thla Is one nt tbe mow Interesting l**isa of travel Uist baa been teased recently fr >m (bn New York pre**. tn nddtt on tu tbe raiolble Uilonnalinn which It gives of Newfoundland, IU people, trhrriea, Ac, It oonlalna a ouninlsts narrnllre of tbe attempt to lav Ibe submarine te egrauh cable belweru Oape Kay and I ape Breiou, and la Interspersed vena humorous and racy lucideuta aod aneocote* ot tbe trip. PROY BBVOR BKDPOKb"1 NEW WOBK.?THK DIS ? ease* of Women and Children; It.* O. H. Betlford, A. M. M. V.. Prolewor ut Ohateirie*. Ibe Oiieeaea of Women and I blldrcn. and Clinical Midwifery, to tbe University of New \oit Kecond edition. I Ida eminently practical work, which baa only been reoeotly laauid frcm tbe preaa, t? meeting with a rapid and eitnndnd ctrculatton, a ?ec?ud edition being caiteo for wtlbta threw BM utba irom Ua Brat publication it la a aUM cbou.e ef jMjgfe ledge for the student end uiaod'iouer of madiclne. Ad tffBB Ileal preccpla and bedside InfnrniaUno, and la rsflMta wtUi value-tie Instruction to the nntt pmfeaebiunl reader W c ball ibe a-licut ot aucb a work abounding In nracdeal niHtfcr of the orepral latere*!. and tllio-tre'ed hr prioeiple* and lawa ordained be naiuie. Nor can we retrain from exprvuetng our aurprbe and gratification at boding Uie hook w> romarkabiy Irom the euperticlai view a thai abound In tbe great thoroughfare of medicine.?hew York or Modiolus and tbe t oflaieial Sciences. A workofgr-at practlaal Interest?one well calculated to Interest and Inrruet the btuy praoliuou. r.?Vlrgiula Medical and Surgical Journal. Ibe book before ua we rcganl as an Importanteontrihution to medical science; aod we led It our ilu.y 10 nay dim, bi our opinion, the au'hor haa rendered, hv ibe publication of thla roltime, an acceptable rervLu to ibe promt-clou Tbe woiklafull of practical precepts, pie-eivted hi language at ouce Intelllgl ble and obaale. Knr ibe practioucr <g medicine It la lnraluable. Tbe atuden' will Und It a rade mecum, lull of Instructive leaaous.?Cbarlralun Medical Journul and Be view. A ti examination ot the pagae of lb!* book baa aatlatled u? that It la one full of Interval and Inairuftnn. not alone for the prac titioner of medicine, but for the community at large; for. mde peudenilr of the valuable Intorioatlou it contain* with respect to aJnn at every dl*eaae Incident to women and cblidron, It bi replete with couid practical precept* for parent* to regard to tbe present system of female education. There U, here and there, a aevere bnt ju*l bit at ibe faablom and follioa of die day; and all In a style and manaer not ?nl 3 captivating and oou vlnrlnc. but ucoaalm ally truly eloipient.?N. Y. Observer. The author rf thl* work la well known it* the Professor of Obaieirloatn ilia University of hew York, and a medical iiroc UUoner of great experience und eminent ability. The volume reproduce*, in a very attractive form, a vast amount of oh iervatlon and experience, and muat prove highly acceptable to the medical profea*lon. and abounds In paaitugea w?U worthy tbe auenlloo 01 tbe general reader.?N. Y. Courier and En quirer. The work dtcplaya a great deal of research and embodies a largo amount ot practical knowledge upon the aublecla to whicb It refers.?N. V. Journal of Commerce. Published by S. li. i W. WOOD, HI I'earl utrcet, N. Y. Pages. 670. Price <2 78 by mall, fre c of postage. REYNOLDB' OBKAT NOVEL ON TUB 8K00ND cdltlou now ready of OMAR PASHA; OM, Tllg v'I/KB'h DADUHTXlt. ar a. w. m. ervMOLue. Author of "Life In I<ond<m," " Kllen Munroe," Ac. Price 80 cent*. [From the N. Y Commercial Advertiser.] It would have been well for hta in utaltou had die author atwaj* written booka ro nncxceptl triable and at tin- aame drun *0 Interesting aa Ibe one under notice. 1 hta U u romance of the war betwern Kiirsla and Turkey, and the hen la the veritable, whore geucraleblr brat the* back from the Psnnbe. In the conr?c of the story, granitic deacrlp'tuna are {Ivrn of moat of the brilliant action* of the war, down to ihe aide of Inkermanti. Nr. Reynold* waa lormcrly, wo are tn'd. an officer tn the llrtdrh army, and bt* knowledge of mill lary arlenre ha* enabled blm In depict military Hcenoa wllh rare spirit sod ildelltv. Published by 8TKINOKR A TOWNKKND, 222 Hroedwuv, S Y. TilK POETRY OF UUMOR AMI) TUB HUMOR OF poetry I Mo Look for year* bnr created tuch a Herniation In Ibe laughing world aa the WIDOW BkDolT PAPERS. Throughout the humoront page* aro Interi permed touie of the inii-l original " pirolry " extant The Widow In tpcaking of lier laid roliet, Deacon Uoxeklah ill doll, aaya " Ha never jawed In all hla Hie, Ho navi r au otrkltut? Ard ('ho' I >ay It, that waa hit wife,) Knob ui n ton a"'dntu Owl. I nevei ehangtd my tingle iol; I t'ough 'twould be a aln; For I <h> right ?o much o' Uo.acoo BedoU, 1 never got married agin. ? ?#?????*? Ann alnt-e It wa* my lot to he Tea who ot ?u l> a loan. I tell 'h1 uicu thui'a alter me, To hen h nit If they can. Whl. key and rum he 'atird not. He thought It wax a aln: The IBcmie" labia Widow o' Ileaeon Itwloti, Don't tnteiid 10 marry agtn." fhoitly aher the htrolaolable widow falla In lore wlih the preaching ol K d?r Pnilllee, who la " laid up" with a oold, and receitc* the tuHowing Kpiatle ? 01 Revarend Hlr. I tlodoeiarn It driver uteI'M tofoatti/, To think <?' you, a lyln' thera, Down atca widi mllueoty. A body'd a though' it waa annttgh To mourn yar wlfu'a dap.irter. Without aoeh trouble ax Uita 'fx To come a follerln' arter. Bui alaknetn and alltlctlou la irlala ?ent lly the ? UI o' a wian Creation, And altvaya ought to he underwent V\ Kit foriytnde and r<w Iguailoo, Than mourn r.oi for yar pardaer'a death. But loanlnut andevver, For 'apoaan rhe laden' a illod *o toon, Hbe coo.dent a lived turner. Oh. T rould 10 yer hadalde tty. And wlpa jar waapln' ataa. And try my Vent inrurn joo up, It 'twonldent create aurprVe ? * * ? a Hath rick and welt, you may depend, Toole never he lorgot By tour lanblul aud alfaeilonale Viand, FHIW 11.1.A ntini.K HKtrtrTT. The terdt r ?? n mant ot Uifa pot to riwoi! ihr Flicr'a heart, at arkcowir d, e 1 .n ah cling reapoaaa ntn i tlr aPer, in Widow raUrex to a grove In 'ha rear of Kkler Mwme a Ironic, al'a down on a log. an aiiiga a? toUovra : Bad traded mv tnaia to Sow I waa ut.rotiinn.ti ehnrful. Bui row atinb mirery 1 dew know, I I ant alwaya xyul m.d.eitui, Whai pi arelui honra I onoe crjoyod. All' on a Pumiw r d*t! Bui i>. my romiorta were dV.royad, When M adrack crowd tr.y way I I heard h'm preach I heard him pray? I heard hirn awectly x'ng? Dear huit how I tlul teal Uurt day! Ii w# ,\ dradtul 'hi- g' Full tori) dollara wouid I give If wen ( "o'lnnerad tpart, For tho' he'- made my apemtllve, lla'a xnialy hut: my heart! The Elder vvxrl. art He rung, hut do-, not y laid until ha hear, he following Hera ilevp* Prt"ctlly F. Ilrdott, I.aie ii fir "I I'i ?? How nalarrholly wax her lot How ? ion tl.a did eipirel Eire d:d'nt aomnril x? f tolclde, 'TWat irinnwion k Med or. 0? wlit a pny iha I win" a died Afore the aaw the r Idet. AfTvrthe whnw'a wantage o a Idea fU.adrae'a Hnllla* xha rt Mril una i|.a itillow og <o'La * p. rahh.e lull I.mutuary " Frlicllly the i?!r ai d ehadrack the wlte. Have untie,r inatr fnriiiorain die 'eodrraat ot Ilea: And I air* mnti ally joined In Ilia mi'i irnonul connei Con, Have bio ailioo io iheir pravmiia nllf i.ooa? Mo more will ihey uutrm ihelr wtdiWeo xlUtwaUon, And c< mlnnar to agile win,mo mhdgadou, B"l pardi art for Ufa, In ha per1 rd no ri, re. Heir mrrara It ri d? f. ili?lr trouh at It e'er. I), hhadrark! my Madia k !' Trhrid uid xpeak, 1* hi la lie rowy n 4 hlu'hra "umeri lad h?i ctaek. A Bd ibe laara tf affection baoor aled tier eve, 'O Miadrark I my Mailrackl I'm vnw'n Ml I die. Tie lean 'bat wr- t> ornlul and reid t? a xti n. Hat aurreiderail ai !*?' io ibe lortlr Ii one . larewell lo the n Itrrita and ftL .> 1 liav# ha! I'll neierdriert ilee, l> rhadra, k, an tlaol 2 " The fuiura for" naa of the kktrret.d Mra. ri ifflea, ami h?r abler Ann: Manure, are they ool recorded In lha hook, with pletera lo toaira? 1 >1 h WIDOW BEDOTT PAPERS fan be had on tta raw, rie.anr.uaia, and .?t vh"'maVorwa. Frl e 41 JA. J. 0.1. KKIIV. puhllahor, yew York. FKWUPAPKIU. AKV.W ftrMIf FA "i.R?Ttil'MI AM) RICA ?A <ATI rba. I, alrw'ed weakly paper, adlh Ilia above utle. trl i a pub Idled aally in fietr.obar ii', eanu oer uaniiorr. r If C rnbtarlp'.ioua ar.d r.? In k aid i.'w d ur T. W. aTUtiM'i, "ul Ilater. ?? ? aaaau atraat. Maw York. AU.~AT BM'liIFTIOFB TO Till II.U MTRalvD IiOMDOM MKWd rdiaull be paid I" Wild.MRU A BOOKRd 42 Mattau 't, nonier ot t,iimr?y. The only amhcrtmd agent* u the l ived h a'ea. WORM IK A WII.MK' HOMl: jovnmh FOR lhtd?THK follow in- me >la indutvneuie to vnliteyttre:?A i>"? novel by > l* Wihlt,a terlaaofBkerehee by OenaraJ M"rr,?, and a noieialia I y J *. Field. Taimt, $i a Ofll a lo." FuKon atraal. -plIK CHEAT AMtFifAM IU UMRATr D NRWRPAPRR I wul ha f id i lad tl.p rno-D eg at 10 oVlr?jk. Prank lx>. Ita'i lilur'ralae "tavpayer, cno' h'r'y ei. lit aplan-rid ciitMt Mr IdU'TallD* 'b? pri'.'ipal eveo'a of day, amongai whi<I wld a cund irauy >aw ? it K '? a p? <oa advaniure in 'ha A.eCc regroet. Ir *:#f barer; Court u i <*tiaI t eor'B'loo; Kmaaaa Ten"' rv; Pxnio'U M ,r a, Oraaaixipper; fcatrow' Pon* liar'"; Per'* alt of llwr.rr < ^n Bell. 1.Vacua''ot, I'i, ; Rcvle ? to Uie 1'.'It, Four . c, x * n a 01 ta" rat'ni rplrlmaium, I a'.i rgrnv of " e ' rr ? "otJcoi Pa mbckallaay; I'm rap a rf' mv, ?'eli l.'o) A R tliajr, Ovovfa II Permit, r ene fro n dialAt'i.i I ig* 'a a Wailark'a I laalre; . > rn ? i.a a'. . aodirex'f fnrt? *xil ,n. ?l oew? ma'ier, rnidali.lng leading arv'i ,i on d.a lead nr 'opia" af iha day; Syroptix of Neat 'x? vi and Otu rml. i;p 1 irrt, hehrlonx taiwlflgrr,. e lav lor ' -ei -a t"a?i ??/ ar./ I' e arbtlat po.tTi Maw-; 'la mark 'a *n 'be Ala ?t hour of going lo pr?>? aubwiofhew Bo.*, ind the la>a? fo ret?r, r.ewt Till la a' orad to be the n,w tmau'tf il p-p* *>? Itauae 'n 'h.t n untry For tale i,j a I nx? a*anu I I n mi niea'tnca aiiou d la mtdre aid Frank Italic, 12 ea . 14 Apirte rli rev ? TIIK HI".A M>S. 1 irrtHPOK AMOflATIOJI.-flRAMI' OPK* I'M HAI.f, rf i' in in- t .' Rootn*. Tnexday er> - nig, le-rn ar4. JO5. Wi hare a >? w ifoae ? x u to > ?r heoda Tor Uv above bad. Wa ?<ivl?a iha lovira ?d a * I ' ail w aop.'i ear I at H M. I1A I.L A cOfo x mil- - oro 2 >i Headway. OTH ' ' !.h| A Nil \|. It A 1.1, OF 1II - hT. MIOIH laa tin Hi ^ n. at ihr gee r iii a ? eo.oljMU way, on ihnrofav evar In*, I'e, mTi r 4 lev, M ,a >.y I ,?1 a i rVt OM. IV k* 't may Pa had at ir.un' art a* d at Mr It

H I 'dworih'a a r ? o?r I'dt If ?cvr?? I A Mana I realdrn' .'. W ' omwtl'. Vice Praatil-nt W. ty. f,aron, liaaiar-r. J J. Moore -e-*re*acjr, vmill. Mint IH~r~ K'" iVl Ha b f l'TI I i "da eil) giia'heir ie< , ., .... ?a a' - - . ? n 11 ni iley xr xning, I'e . II I f'I'M T lekw *2 ?aeb ad willing a gentlrwiaa at 4 wo ladl". foe aale nj A ?ao tiaa* )??., 4?* M<ixe,c nrael, Kenev I'ao fo !.?) .Ml frixu atraefj l.aae i < ban, gaip, M?s Bowery |??ae kwMV.i. ? orirg of Ubx<iy ?| 4 Na.aaii ,'in . awtqi'tra nodx-tigaxd. LlOh EH dAOOfia, Prxrideni, Wo BrnaBa ,y. A . '?I' Tit a a, ea-txxary 11 powery. ii nr. pt MHtioi.aa Afui ikTVtt r. t tBi.iw irn I 'eg liai etnfet.t cb.r a bv 'he Xing OKM t 'be x "lav. 'a. dx-x t-. wi I give t. x)-rx ,.f,4 ai r ual ha >m IEe *> -a og V Ha 14 b fat War (I'd Uti.) at iba ?e,a lnuJ v Eta .a 11a n aragvr" r?*ra: hatli* n. ; -da 'anl p'. ? "d ibx r in t of 'ha H". hlabo' ,a Aag a'a'l-o for a faoay 4rex tad'obaglvaa rn ilia IO. Mateyper a ihe i .(, a. an' '-'tr.x aidiofa'a ib?: P. baa ro r- awe Ml ? I. u.aao or ? hi ?)? de.'gr# , r |a? iba ber.y "t i ihty aexorwl|(a.^^^^^_ W. T. <fan Ffreuary. <l*f). 1'IIEHlA, Pre arrcATiom wattkb. _ * rOMPBTFNT AND TBl'WTWORTII Y TOP MO WO t\ man daalree a altna ton I a the my or unuotry tor genera) honaework, la a g> od nook and eioaile n waahcr tod Iron**, ta willing and obliging. t au ba wall reenmuutuaed. ITeaec ap ply at 271 Bowery AUDV-Y( I'K?I, TALERTED AND OK FLIC Art! N'I #<1drr??. doiire.. an ageucy of eoy kind that m prod ahl ? and Wiil permit tcr to travel. powee????ii pernor <|uaiimaa>brM ior ttoo boalfiCM, from an ei''ii ?lY? afqiintuiancn In d'tt rf n> larunf <br tutor, or w.mld |w* ei>? ? iiijum ni-nt that w?ill ?.III elect 1 it Mcial p"*.Uoii. Adtlreaa < amitim urine, Herald i III cm. OKhMA.N t.'IKL WIBHRA A HlH'AlliiV TO IX!"(,?> era I louaework. Ian gee good rvioniruaodeilune In ?|Utf r at 2*V llotikton elreet, ut Mm. I Wiow, A YOU MO WOMAN WTHHF.H A KITL'aTIoN TO AC lend a I akrry roi rOriUrn cryi wonhl oata noohjeoUon to aueidaii, rraperiahln bnatneiui Kenoiomendid hrr un-' place. fteaae call at 12V Weal 2Mb el., la the rear. A COMPETENT TO DUO KMOI.'fiH GIRO WANTH A ? lli.udoi nn norm, . an out ami id c) lldrene' dre???a, or na waller and to eaatet in ?hamhrr work; oan do Indira' tlinry In lite nralrrt il?io t.caid cll? rclcrnr nacno'?M| ivcii I ? mire call at No. 1,6 hart 221 at Oan he aero for tarn .la> a eocond ' in or, mi ml. ASITUAIIl N IB WANTED BY A YOONU WOMAN TO do general homework; la n irooil wuahnrand Ir nn r, ami would makehrraell generaLy ne'diil; hat lived over an year In her tart place For a puKif < I lute willing!!"*' ami audition to 1 ci bu tliicm call or adtlreaa 73 Oramlal, W Uliuitw, org. A LADY WHO ll.tH HAD OVER TEN YIIAKH KXt'K rtenre In drtMBniklng would like to ?t igage with a lew ffcinlliea by the ila? at tin ir own real tenon. Ito'nrenoo given h nqulre at .*90 Third ati I'ne. letwncn 2IKh and .'Wlh ate. Ait i a uun.brr ol long brei d t'anartca fur aale. A RESPECTABLE OI 111. WI8HFH A BITDATION AH ieamatrcta and ninae, arid undnr?i.w,d?'irn?*iiehtpg, in a prlva'e irmly. vincd telrreuee. I'leaat oa.l at 63 tirmiue at 2d t'.oor, rntuu No. 7. t au>.? art-r for twocaya ARLrPEt TAHI.K YOlT.Vd WOMAN WliUllW A MTUA Don aa cook. ta an rtralvnt bi rad nLd hlaeuil boko:; will (MM la (fed araabtaf aod troaiog it tai|iiliad kadd ottf re fer, nor gtt en. a pply at :i4o 6ih avenue, between Mat and 22d rta., ml door Id the renr, lor In o day a. Actuation ih w anted by a yoono <hrl to do general bouaewnrk In a atrutll private finally, or oa el.amberuiaid and waller Ileal nlly reference can tie given fan t r teen lor two day a at 7 b Warren at , atcond Ituu:, front roi m, Brooklyn. A LADY OF GK.NTFRI. MANNRKB A?T> KXPBBI enre * unlit like to g?' a altuation aa companion or b?w keeper, or would uike eharge of nliUdrttn and do dint Jwahhig no nl jicilnr.e to Irayit iln i'tty. Hint of rohtrettaee. I'loar addrtm ftr three daya Anna, Herald office. dkkhmiakkh, who works by tub hay in private faurdiea. wanta a few more (tneitnnera; thorough )y umtcrMaiida tlttlng li.nte.' dre-soa and baaquaa. Beat <>l eUy rclerencca. Addteaa ,.'J nth ayettua. A LADY IH OKHntOUH of a HITUATToN JX braflrlaa waiter or ctaauherma d, m m do n?*e.Mitg hhe aim underalanda taking rant of young Infitnla fall u 32Weat23dat. t an te aeuu lor twodaja. AKKBPKPTAHLK KRKNi II WOMAN WHllRM A RITl.' a lion aa giital Branch and v.ngltah Ctaik, In a prWnle fatally i peak a KtigHrb, good relerenrn given. 1'lcaec itaU or two da< e at No. 174 bib areuur, eecond lloor. ARRBPEt V!ABLR YOCNO WOMAN WIHICKH AHITIJA lion an rook, la a Ural rate covk and babar, an t perfamly niuler .tanda I rr buatneaa; lata no objection ui aaalat with tic* wiublng Beat rby r< lerencc alven. Apply at 3d K?n Ibui at, betnetu brumtnay and4thavenue. A COMPETENT DKKrtH AND fTglAKMAKKR-WIHIIEg work by the day. In a few rerpeetntilr tamtllea. i an ghe good referencn. Ploam Unputo lor ?i?* K No 4 at ei.uc D, near 2d at A1.ADY. I EaVINO THE CITY, WIHtir.H A Hiri'k tloit tor a re portable woman; alia la a maid cook. Waaler and Irot rr. Can oe i.nn lor two daya at 112 Dean aired', Brooklyn. Rl HPEfT A BLR OlRf. WIHHRH A BITi: VTION TO A A do gi tiernl bonaenork, or at rlmmoernut.d nnd nailer tor all la? " a ifeall lamlty; no obji otlon lo tlin r.uui rr. Ileal of reterenc t an be iren lor two day a at Ut Eaat 3, that AI'ROIKKTANT YOUNO OIRD, LATELY ARKIYED from fat nda, wlabca a nltuailai aa oouk. and to ianalbt the waaUIng and Ironing i? a itou uvkcr uf tre el and lit?' ti't fan he aeru till ruga, ? d, at .412 Fulton al., til Lie oimniaoi Brooklyn. A Preabyieriait Intj.Uy pretr./red. ARstpKf TABLE I'KOTKBTANr UIHt, W A > M A ?"? to ' ?11- un ? ' v ? i uw... n to ifrbt liouifHork or tie nr* oi cUil-lropi, -rta i*oin?* <? uiixjrnOtMl. iltkn bo M;on for fi iir lUys .?t ;?o. 2 osuao r? 1 * l',|. Ayk I J t\ . Abbcpi ? ri nj m brxkd woman wr - v .. uut.i ii um va ??? r.urnr .n .'i ;o?ptiCiAhlo family. \p(?U bn ii.k.ltai?!y ut W. 41 v, ?c, tictw?:4m8th*it<0."lt ui ? ?tr". ALiDY. KFVICIKNT, AND WU.C.IN^I TO M IKK ?'KK k<m or.'illj u ? fti'. Wiint? cnplovrn< nt. I.m i? ,t iiiniii' iaiid r i rk, ttr M f?ndn 'Mr 1n !>' o: Ji mj IM'. ai d gmUti \ oisnYiirHimti ??? hi ?? vhnni ^'h wa^. . n Jtiti.L* * Klvctt. Adur-f Wllh*'liul?a, ih riA d *>*??? m Any family RgqciKiNO tiik hkhvick* or a daily 4r< "Uialu ?* ? of n c%> ?.) ><ttem t>y apolv \t g ?il < h( >i< tiber Hi , n?w fllh a* ??>???; ?b?? oo lnruai rllllin ( lidi*"' Htid children'* <lr*-i Mm Hud titft'l ie* - moil lioMtrtablr *ly!e. Miy r? fereoctp a- to c*| ability Ami n<i (iiai. v hiiiiH a hiti;a rrour, \* in km mi <1 w-.iUjml* capable oftftkH# cam of children: Jfc u ROf.d *ewer; would i|u ?? m rul hiniewotk In * pr)v?<?* fetidly ha* good j ltoto L?r pUni Fie***- < all, tor tw o day*. hi 144' Luwrcfux! ?|.% li?tw< on Prince iinl Hon# ton, ?n the kLih Mnro. AYtil NO UKRMAN WOMAN WA TH K ' ? K I iN a? rt ok, weehnr rrd doner. i'leer* <*JI ?t 4<i K. 14th h? A LADY WANTfl \N UNOAOKMKMT AH 1IOI-KNKFF ? r: i? fully ei'ent to take the <*i,tti i vo wi a mini l> , la well etlum/ed uri'l .-,'VH?tomo I (ci flood >?! y. A i*o'< ?odrcvvr d to A. V. R will Enocr with pi - m;.c a' ' i' oo. ARKwpF.tJTABLK YUCNO MAICkfKD W?H<AN HaV mp l?fM4 t?**r fitbaby. a mouth old, wl*h?t o take ?*? hiM to wet nurse to her own bouwtt, whore li "ill r?ceiye a mother's rare. Kef* -our** given aod rc<|ttlro4. t all for two day# al m'1 Kawi 10th it , tilro tk>:T, back rtxiu. AYOUKfl WOMAN WJfiffRfl A F/Tf'ATION \H I'HO tffftu cook. In a private family, uno-r***ijdM n'l kind' til ai/Upa. hadry and 4e?w?'|\* 'and 1* aU<< an rice .eu' .? er con give il i* 1 ret i f cur /?? .'? rencc ('iui I e men a L'irv# r ?it r place, between I'ti. and l.ih *..?? , for two day*. A ?01 NO MAN, WHO !H BOTH AfH.K AND Wff.Li V<? to wot k de( tree a 'filiation ?r m'r\ rick, l/? wlD-di ipa city 1 e Fa?? h*'i c*a?aW? raMe eypwrteo'? or a* lliflaf jwiner .t? ?< me wboe/a'e b<riuee; ?? a practical f.*'ki*r Heferco i* can be elvrn t l l.? h./b* > hare* i? r, nt.o k!h? from hit lu . em plnji r. l'lt a?e addrmutil? ra'tl oflW ??. Dt'RINFFf WAN1 CITA FOR J XJ |"T?oii Haylnir .* hii*in?in <SI?ikw ot,* ttUi ?!c ..r k tad to attend, * bat <Joe*? hoi icd SLim) *o cmr'ta*-. and that i-u ps>tDR r?.m ern, ran meet tvl h ? each rnr^mrr by addt c?dn*f a Iirr? tj < aUiaru.e Her ild < lllr * attntf loc^lwrn and 4 rh;i No aten'a nt? d atewrt ti?t? /100K tlVTID I WOMAN 10 ' I IN ' * > taurcni; ?benno | crt" iy i ita.jd cooking to ? le, Ii.'iulrc attnV tviKiiHCM, ^ITDATfON WANTLD?BY AN ?? NOV-VHII MDV, 1 upr A : 5, a? fa U'rk* r''? r, or to u*Ve toe ebar^e of ?. . t?mlt),oran UtVatiiS, hn? been uard to ehtldrr-fi tlrfeo * If rrtiotred. Addrcaa Mr*. W>au, 1 .> Newark ?f , Jr ?> City. __ ^?ITVATIHN WANfUl UY A BKFPI ? TAHLK Y"l N? 17 iirl, *?? crii.r?i??eio *wi and waive; n ? o'? ? on <?' * t are f f < l.'ldii t. r to do tn ?ai ; iIh* Im t i,l - ? o ? ? 1. ? can 1? y.ven. t an he ?ern for two <U) . *1 t ??ut at , U? ill k aid llrhrjr #. Hroukt|nv SITUATION W A NTND?NON A VO?r HKHI'Kt r \H!.K P 1'rot' 'taut )i unr w? man, a* cf.ok,wa?Urr ?tkI lron?t* .? pr.v?l? fhfi.iiy, r 10 ?!o ><<?? A?ilr. 1 .?#? fl.e the no- reapectabia eltjr ri'farero <? fM t#? irif# arMe *jd o 1 aolll'y. W|il he found 10 t v r t n nlWttf nut obi ? ojf tli^KMU*on an be hrrn untilet k at No. 6Cotirt at., Iti <"iki>n, tia^crw-m QfTr tTION W Af*TBI>~BY A RF IV TlHf.K YOi NO k7 wnun; la a a ore! nlain cook. wa*ber an-1 it on u ?1i r atat" * Vakiua ana la w.lUfik b< n ake t ei ett i<cri? r Uly to fa;, kinnI ?ll| reference. Apply ai lie , %v , 1 *r two lwy? rrn IJirtVl KTPWl -A FHFNrit r<?<)|( W \ NTR A I ?uatl?n where I? ? ,n take en'lre r'..? rf e /* ?>kif.< depart! ent, ffc ucder?taml? hi* >/W r - ? - ru ?< h? - and can aive -a'."-*' t?>ry r? fereucea. Af<i > a' i??td ai/ec1, hell' > inttlilfccnco oihee. YA AMI P?A FIT CAT ION, lt\ \ l" l'h TIK^ Y? Pio'evfant gki, a? f?anrd??*rn I Ire .j?- ##r waiter. # an jriv po?N) eBy ftrrri ?- f'an f>* for *.wn da>*?aiffi Mynfca av., hrooklin. ^?r AMt Vi;?A Nil I' A Tf< BY ? I : J \ Ml.#. #r unit! woiiiN.ii, a * r. . o v? ?. I r o do rnamtet wo?k , or d' fan, ir. 1 n acen for two da>?? at her prc*ei ? en.plover '??, A4. Henry rtreei, Liotkijd. ft* ANTrn^RY A Rf.NPRi ft eft nation; ?h# ?a p'nod pun <o?>k, wa^ .<r aoC Iror * l?- no o? rt|of a to tin ihe bofle ' >rk -?o tl! t ? ? ly ox^d cMy fflcnwee >ri*en 1 re.(<nf?,u. fltao* all at 115 lA? -1 j p ?t . i ween * m? arid Mb a venue" ? <> toor Uf A NTf ???A NITff ATfON, UY A ^WTTim. yo'injf Pr> ant woman a* daitn e -4 of ? ? ? <?0"4 ' it* reletei.*e ffcrn her hi ' pU e. ? a i be for o day* at IM faa< at., fif at fxx-r fr?w.t. V\ AMKIV-A MTIATION AK kh ,h'/ui Jfkrr r.u.ltr . I '? * b 'li. . * blfi* ItIf! ti ' i??nfi>r l?o rt?j? I 'nwtii t I 1 J 4 ?\rt,y-i?? UiT '?) 1!* ?. <>?, I ii'Astin a r< ?Tioy, rr \ " rr, " jnut.g * OU. M Cr?l r^? ?r> > w?h?r 1 ? <if rj, r,l*f 1 c? ,l?m J* ? ul y. Wcit ir h t u '*ii wi'i cti, * ' \\ AHrn>_hy av ?*oi.i*u rt rt ^axt a V* .t? ?o.l,'. .. ?>.?*,?..r1i , 1 <?.'<?? ? A , ? ??A?r ?n4 I on.', f v f." ?V ..?? .. go ? ?Je' 4 . ar? a Hh IM ??!,.? if Vau .miM , to 'Jto hi, ? ? U'AI"r?r> A M'l IT'f.v rv A R> 'KKiTAHt.R jr i,i , ?, nrat. In ? i n?? r hm if, it .-?(??.* .al ,n ? > ?I'.M Mto (M r,r?r ronto < -n S? era. fip to r'm r'xa * n?re ,h, , .4 ' * 1 j 1 at * py a r?h ??., 1 ' ??*. A*T? >?A ?nn*T?OX HV A R r AH! r I' ?l I'1W ?,rt. arm >Ki nr-?? ? )W',r 1 -? til ft n A (tl, *} A A Mi'i V A l.f?( *A ? W.n . ? w : Mrr-A llU'AtlO.X HI A Hr.-fA' fAI!!.? rwo t' ?'?? a* ?*??* n?? ? ?ti, ? al !? , A tiirr X ifral ni,!, ?4ara,'.l,li.,?.q > M* ? t? , I. a*,,,. ? - ?, p'atl r i / faiafar. r ,.n. Mm r ?(, (a nti, to)>, to M IV'.aiA Aimi .?rvr to Mau, n la* mi la. (I AMU'-i ((ID ATIO. HV l?' -IT.'T ? M.H P||fi (' aa'ai.- >,?Mi.!i.iia .1" , ?? ? ? 'ta'taa.v, .. w > n Wi(to|M fl?? !'a Mflh mi 4 m ttm .a a aa ? > 4, ft, ( a, a, vtor < ?#,' liaa g a?t a ly mtoKOM I I. ? ntnrinfl .a,aat.'n. !j vnnn ,a, Sx.aMi J"', aral - ? , 'n lie 0' it A! AHlKI>-hT A H M ,T t, ?" H Mr'< it ? faaat,'* ?*>1. IK A * W M AHTTTt-ir* A rmiTRat ,X I V/OK ? X A *IT> (Tl ?< v\ A PlTC ATfOR. RT I RhH7/YAM,l ? ??eft |t?t a? aod *w'r'arl%# a wfy'?ow? te 4e *1 ? ? - * rto nTTATIOil WANTKDi TXrANYlCI>-^A SITUATION AH linrCEKRKPRR. BT k Yv y??u?f An?. Wan widow lady, from th* ooooUy. ?ha will be treated aa una of the family. >o OQjMtkMi to lev' the dVT. Addrfw Mm. M , I num tquara Peat ofllee YVANTBD-BY A ftKHPHOTAHl.K YOVNO WOMAM. f ? lataiy arrived Cr< ui Kurofm, a att.iaUou <ut m>?ia*'r?4n aid children'* anr?a f* wed aoronto-nad U? iravell'njf. the l.?*i i f my rcfei?u<e Pleiur rail ai J4f* >.ih at., cumer of 1Kb llrANT^D? A HTL'ATlOft, BY A KR PK'TAHI.K WO V1 mau a* Bret rate cook. Ihe beat ut rily rrforeio. ap |>T at *3 Bowery, e^ruer of 4 h ai. Can tm wn for wu day a. UT A NTKI)?A HITU ATTON. BY A youi k v%< man. to do i.eneral houaework. Oood fitly teterriu-e Tau bo *?an (or two daya, at 32 idth at, bet *er-u Alb a i>d <i(b ava. UrAN'iriU-A FITUATIOJf, BY A J4K>PK TABLE " yO'HU' woman, aw waiter or aeanni'if* *. arid In ??-. In WH?hU<K mi Cood referent, Ila* n?> ??i?ji?. i o #> ft ?bort dlaianua tn the country. Can bo wetn (or two days, a? \ > If * U *l., between oi b ami ,ih ava., in die roar. ir'AHIII .NO AND IKON I Nil ATTPVlKO TO?BY A J bmi r?ta hand. at ),00rt Iin?<td\v.t,, lint wooii 2?i>h and 2 tin a'rvetK. I adlen' Una tbimt* imatlv ?l?m? up with du, by applying at <Ua nV,ove number, personally or by no<<\ wbtrh will le i normally ului.ded to. A\J ANTHD?A HITU AT ION, ItY V YOt'NO WOMAN AH f? rood rook, waahor and Irvner; mi W?tai) |< i??? #ainn in all Ha brain lira. ? an be we.I re* oumieiid***! atid baa '1v?*i 1 eieven \ear?. tn oae aVnaoiiii. Can be mux* ror i %o <Utn m 1 No. V Pi luteal., ilronktyn. WAXTIB MY A WILL BROOM* KIWI t? AMI 11 *A Protectant w oman, a atiuaiton aa brat e:.*?g .vH>w in a no'** er hoarding boute, tci th?t ally or eamitry. 4 'an give lb? t>i*i o city tefrirm e. Can be sea a fur two diy%*t lib flowery. U ANTKC-MY A BS8PBOTABLI PROfl fAlTI WO man. a attua'ion u* Rood cook, wather and Iroorr. Can he Men lui two day*, at 117 Weal -b'b at. WAJtTXD a BUUATION, BY A WtCLHIl 01 It L, AS e?fkor lauu tit **x undoestatuta both w.dl. rnre itIvcd Can bo aeen or iwt* day n at J'l firoauie at., room No. 7. \IrANlKP-A HtTOATTOff, BY A RKHPMOTABLK AVI? TT trurtwoftby atrvanl, to cook, waab and iron, or to do Itenrral boaiework. lla* i^ikk! ctty referoinoi from )?et 1ml finployer. Can be aeen at No. IU3 Wrm */hU? al., fourth tUan back room. TlTANTKn-HY A MICHPFCTaHLE scoictl WOMAN, r? rumiiUitA1 or flmtleroen'a w -.nhmK > take i?? bn own home, t r would no out by il.e day to rea-nv'able tamt'o; % Ap ply ai li27thavenue belwaen iM'ii and IF(? a*a. ,4op tt'??r. TIT ANTBfl?BY A R Wif KCTABLE PROTEHTANT WO f r nntu. a Ml nation In a tonal * family, bo nnd.- "'.?udH <*>k iiiK. waeluof and Ironluu, and wouid iweke heraelf ?t morally u?ffn) Wakea noHiertt'o. Apply at 2U6 l-.wat A)>UhIm between \-\ mi M ?? M Ilk YXTAKTKD-AN AC11VK HTMAJIY Willi A V, AS * *11A ? fr berioM'.d and to waan and Iron. Hhe imwt be wlllua; i . make b*r ?dt uwrint an-t brtntk K<hm1 rtleicwea. Apply at 12 t ttfuJ? t| p Mrw. UT ANTKI>?BY A BVhl'HCr ABBE A HI IT'A Vf m-it aa firM ?ate r#H>k, and irtHnl waalie.r aud lrtHi?*r. I- a ipodbnker. Can give the beat of ally rob-renee Apply a 12th al.t between 1*1 and 2daveiiuoa, lor two day*. \Y \M BROATIOB B1 \ KMPWrAMLi ? ? youPK women, todo tbe KOiierai i?r?uanwork ??f a ?onalt refpeetable family, llua two *ear? referenro fr on too la??t plat ??. I lfft>e Citl) ai 1353d avenue, In the n or*-. Can be -etm iwo day . YlTANTlcn?A HITI ATION liY A PROTe.HT A NT WO If man, n* rieetleiit cook, w-inher uud trmv .. ot . % relereuo.e titven. Pteaao can at 'tot* Vaiftiii* M., in. u- Hud ion, In the rear. Ihe country pieferred, 117 KT NVBBK.?ABlTt1 ATJON WANTEIt 1 tH Wot M?; 11 widow, with an abuudati ?? # f mi k < ait !>?? ?m? b? f ire I o'clrek, at birr pie^eiil ?n?pkiy.r'?. No. .lit nl rurally |dar? near li th mi. \\f HITUATlO.V COOK Wil li OOOf) ff city reference*. Apply at'2*? Brevoort |ibn*?', Iptli nt. YV ANThL? BY S PBOHXI ANT WOMaN, WITH THE f f beMOt retvienre?. a? to on uutHy , .k , a ,tu?J.<?u .. ? - arn Mti? ??i; m 'unifieieut Iti nif ; t k'r.dx oI i m u- ? dleAo'k, ?*iul m>|<| ery ai d rrafciiig t?nd UUnn dreaaea b ** ladies i.i.d oMMreti. Apply ?t !e'2 At end - * , * n ? kUli, ai twr y ??$, . Jip'?>e.r' % a bete the will r?ti -tin i.ll (bo o h of In em' ??r. W/AS KD?A HITIATION. BY A )U tOVM MX li Kti)'<<di gb 1, U>d?? tbambei work .n d w . iv , i U< ? weik Pl? a*e raU tor i wo duya AI 0*5 IV? ? , >?tM bcttveen (Hb and 10'b a roue N t ED?.1 FIT! ATfON. AH OOOP ! ? IfY OOK i: d o. 'r iNtrevM ny u bit by ier?n< eh d kit a? ii m ; H fully r 'IH| In lb" !i?* - . *r (I i;rl tip One Mn ?> lu ?tiperbtr ?? ?hv will ?? -it t? ?wt d ladtiiul in everyfl-lnff. Can i.e. n ?? i. w ?>a? . ??? ? lit utu'er d?e rlo tilik#- ?l> le W HV-MM-A Hm M|0\, ?1V a Tin v. W.j'J V n rrAi-r,' ri \H1 K. mill. A ?? ft I'l.tN ff u h ' i Mini ?.vnn-1'* *. Ill ?!? -ri?! i V i:j I facftiir m-wtut, I* ft n'ft' elm auk r ? rn r ???? f u-pood el y tf? 1< ore. , no ?ojw*km *o t* * ?ot ry. Cbior a w?te ?o I 0., 1U Ki?i lilt* U'AMKri Tift: WAHhl;.0 <>? AKRWbftlff VMM tf mmi. >'V a '"* nii "t lam.' !' ? .? m UT <!u n>n<' s the t* t*i fttl U* l>t u.? - u I ? '?I |.r V the hem of rlty refer? r,? r an ft? caufthiliy m, I Ai.? rr. I ,<-u? 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