Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1855 Page 6
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FAANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* IOXB1 litKIT. ttrimar, 'tee. 2?OP. M. At the elM) of the ?took market yesterday a very dull, <*? ujid>i t t??-J ng prevailed. There was a pretty general ?'i?;.r?lt(i n t<> .< I, hut tliere were n> buyer*. Irl? and leading a pi-ear to be the principal stoc't* operate 1 In, t, ,.i both show a strong dowuwani tendency. The latter ?a witthi thirty day* of a teu per ceot dividend, and Is ru'litigat 12 A13 percent tlaaount. This N equal to about 77 per cent for a atoek w rich has earned net, during the It*t fiscal year, twenty per cent on ita capital. When we -ee such things aw there, s/jo 'hen look at the current quotation* for other railroad s'coks, it appears to ua that Wall rtreet la the heat market for poor stocks; that the teat real value a recur I y poasr -sea the more it will bring. New York Central ia now reliiog lor about, two per cent above Feeding. The former earns barely all pec ceat on ita capital, while the la for earn* twenty. Tee former la in a air way of beiog ruined by competition, white the latter haw a peifeot monopoly of its business. Erie la not a hit worre off to-day than the Cen rat We are !ta poaed to think that, U the two companies, five years hence Erie will be the beat, and selling fir the moat. The Erie c.mpany saves Its dividends. If it does not earn any, it pays none, and so it is not rnnning up Its capital in that way. The New York Central is adding to it* capital overy year by ita dividends, and thereby lose) what the Erie saves. Af?w years ago, when Erie was selling at DO a 93 per cent, we wore alone in the opposi tion. It was as difficult to m*\e any one believe then that It waa not wor ;h half what it waa selling at, or that its dividends were rot earned, as it is now to make peo ple believe that N?*w York Central is not worth over 70 per cent, or that it does not earn five per coat on its present capita'. A year oi two hence we shall receive as much credit for our exp ose of New York Central as we have for our escjmu of Erie. The European news received yesterday spread conster nation among holders of fancy stocks. With all the notes of warntDg that have been sounded in their ears, the balls have been caught wi'h loads of fancies at high prices. It in moat astonishing tliat men will be so bllud to their real interest as to cany iu these times sue a stack* of fancy stocks, that they will load themselves down with such trash, when the mutterings of the approaching storm are so dUtindJy heard in the distance ?hen even the blaeinesg of the cl >ud can be distinctly wen. Tbeie ia no safety in tbo-e times hut in a complete wi'hirawal from active operations. We weald arrest, If possible, eve-y species of speoulatl in, sad so for as fancy stocks go, the fewer a tuau has the better, at any time. The u most caution should be prae. tieed white the Old World is convulsed with wars, the expenses of which are upon a scale never before realized. It It the height of lolly for a man to launch out Into any * peculation beyond big capital, when public credit Is likely to be so overstrained and private credit so reitriot ed. Contraction should be the order of the dar, while it can be done without violence or derangement. If left too long it will be forced upon the commuui'y, aad then be attended sith disasters. The on vs by the Atlantic is not, of itself, so bad at genoially aut cipaled, but the ac count# foreshadow something which has file J the public mind Wi h all sort* of app< uhension-. There are strong indications in the financial horizon of the Old World, of the apprcach of another revulsion or convulsion, of gvater severity and longer duration than the last. It moat eome a* ture as the rising of the son, if hostilides are not immediately suspetded and the war expenditures at once cease. As tie latter is utteoy out of the ques tion, we must prepare ourselves for the former. The exports of specie from this port last week, amount ed to $9*,076, making, for the year, 920,538 205. The Cleveland and Toledo Railroad Company will pay the interest on the Junction Railroad bonds, due on the 1st inat., at the Company's office, 18 William street. The Atlantic Bank has declared a dividend of four per cent. The Morris Canal Company received for tola, to Nov. 25, this y*ar, 8272,718, against $230,010 to the same date last year, showing an increase of 8-39,708. The amount received f t tolls en all tha New York State Canals, during the third week ia November, it.$124,024 30 Same period in 1854 96,100 17 Increase iu 1856 827,024 22 The aggregate amount received fair tolls from tho com mencement of navigation to the 22d of November, Inclu sive, is 82,768,700 90 Same petiod in 1854 2.707,530 23 Increase in 1856 840, lOt 67 Statement cf business at the United States Assay Office at New York, for the month ending Nov. 80, 1866:? Deposits of gold? Eoieign coin* 84 000 jr otvigo bullion 12,000 ll. 0, bullion, (irritating California branch mini, bars (5104,000)... 2,334,000 2,360,000 Deposit* cf silver? >oreign coins 88,500 Foreign bullion 18,000 U. 8. bullion, (contained in gold,) 16 600 41,000 Total depo-ite? payable in bars 222.000 " " " coins 2,100,000 Total $2,301,000 Gold bars stumped 2.433,743 90 Albert H. Mci laj'h regular semi- veekly suction salo of stock* tad bend* will take place < n Monoav next, tbe 3d Inst., at VI \ o'clock, at tbe Merchants' F.xchnngo. Tbe mon'h'y return* of the Bank of France hare been made up to the 8th of November, and by comparing them eltbtbe preriou* one of the Uta October they pre.ent the following result*:? Bask or Fiusr*. Creditor Sitlt. Oct 11. Aro?. 8. Idscouot* 19,189,660 18,234,210 ?9.'>5,44J Dec. Advance* on public securities 2,320,020 1,978,030 341,390 Dec. l>o. on rail say ae curltits... 4.183,160 3,181,640 1,004,010 Dec. Advance*upon bu' Uon 231,080 237,274 Ik #,290 tnc IHJor Siil. . Nr.teetn circulate. 26,990,000 24,672,790 1,418,000 Dec. Treaanry account ourrent 4,009,070 2,814,860 1,224,820 Dee. Private deposit* .. 6 993,200 0,306,020 087,040 Dec. Theee return* exhibit a farther decline in the specie of the Bank, end unner the item* discount and advances upon public and railiray secuiltles, the result of an in crease la the ra'e of interest and the limitation of dli oonnta to bill* having only seventy day* to run 1* very evident, and If continued will tell seriously upon the In dustry of France. The treasury aoc >uut current, which Stood at ?6,26 J,7C0 on the 13th September, has now fallen to a little n ore than a million ate/ling; so that not withstanding the laigc purcha*?a of specie said to hare been made by tbe Bank, no improvement hat appeared in tbe returns. The anthracite coal trade the past week is about the same as tbe previous week, a-id is pretty fair lor thj Res eon. fee LeMgh Navigation nhfpped for the week ending on Saturday last, 29,227 tons; an ! for the season to that date, 1 268,048. The PeadiDg Railroad brought down for the week ending on Thursday, 37,220 ton*; and for the year, 2,206,281 tons, against 1,987 864 tons to the same time last year. Tbe Sehuj Iktll Navigation shipped for the week ending on Thursday. 28,208 tone, and for the ?eaaoo to that date, 1,073,301 ton*, against 890,978 to corresponding time last year. There U little or no change In the coal market of this cliy. The business 1* Known to be considerably depressed, and prices are quite as low as operator* can afford. The Philadelphia Wi/rr of the 1st Inst., say*: The vote- in Council *h iw that authority will 1*' given the city to Imirow one million of dollars, to pay Hosting lia bilities, and to Issue o wdt to ihe Hunbnry and Erie Kail mad, of one million and ttf'y hou and dol ars, an t to the Northeast Itailroad 0re hundred nod tweniy-0ve thou eaad dollars. Here 1- an addition to the funded debt or the city of two million* five hundred snl ssveo'y live the usand dollar*! Tids is piling it up strong Bat a day Of reckoning is coming round. It is an eny matter to make deMs, and people are slow to c unplain or tua whi h hurte ih?m not in pereon or pocket Credit rs a*e n >*, however, twcoirtng Importunate. The in'ersst on the debt* thus reckiosslv created by the mi lion mist he paid, and ?"??* ah ,w in addition made to the liquidation ??! the principal Ihe oebt of the city, wl h th* proposed addition*, we a*t d ?n at twenty-two milli sn d dlars. Th* annexed statement exhibit* the quantity and value of certain articles exported from this port dur ing th* week ending and including Friday, Nov. 30, 1866, dlsttrgni-hing the destination and extent of ship meats t* each piece: ? C'Moaaum or tux rout ov Nrw Yew?Tares or Rxroma ?naratL. Plyr. Pky. Vat** .1,231 ?M,A'A let doth. ca. I $632 Flour, bbU 8.094 87 944 V; (>l.<s, bbls.. 863 3,63.1 Chra, bus . 31,300 31 873 itostu 1291 4,429 84beat 17,0-20 ;*,6M> Handspikes. .1,200 344 OU cake, ton.. 47 2 fso Veliow metal. 12 2.660 HN^tea. .... 004 10.6J0 fegnrs, e*..., 2 290 I. !4T 12,837 Oocka, bx.... 34 681 fn itioiery..,. 2 7f>0 huocn Ihr. .26,18$ 2,897 Total ..$257,2tW c \hl*. | ? " '-t?0. 11 fl''T t''ln? )?!?! jj;; 4 hi, cl*.. . 100 190 Boards, ft....7,819 IM V. - - '--d 2000 ?Z is sbls... #? ill lutal $4,312 lonw. Hour, bbls. 3,216 28,944 pavb . ft ttt u, ba ..I,-.43 160,0 4 Beeswax, b-.4,0c I $1, ?>o Horn bbls. 17,(97 161,070 Ltaeu.ra 1 20 Wlint, ous.60,412 110,-M Itap.i, b* -5 6(0 (?.ill IPO 240 ( '.tr. 600 l,4td llur/' Iim,,.4 024 (00 'e ? 1I'e a?be?. 49 P,,l80 IVhini t ous.-iO 9 (I 28, "58 Log .oud, m*. 106 6,d?0 fbMsJlfl 8 3 8 ttavrs 6,000 4,"6: Viip o?... .728 1 20o - Liltiig, la... 1 1(6 Toiul 6386,080 ?4MtflTP Cotton ba... OCT 618,(8? bice tea 287 88,711 Kjt bus 618 760 I. M gmd ??. 61 1 f.84 Tobacco, e*.. 5*7 10 Lie Lea cloth 83 S,8?4 msts.S COO 7,428 Tubaeo ? I'M.3,1 tl 4(1 timet to, bgf. 2(0 1,960 Isigwood, tui. 66 1,034 [lope, ba... . 44 830 Sponge, ba... 13 (4 ( Potashes bbls to 1,060 Ex logw'd, bx. 700 8,010 Oil clo'.rt, cs.. 8 890 .. Total 668,063 AM WHIP. Cotton, 1.8... 668 $ 6,980 Fx Pgw'd bx* 100 $581 Hour, lihi*.. 1,040 6.4(0 Shoe*. e< 5 3.4 w beat, bos. 10 *65 21,060 C oa, bg*... 181 1IH? ?Soger, bx?... 967 21.*70 Wh'tmne. los 1,979 1,0.0 1 aid, lbs....7,076 700 hire, to*.... 2 18 8,996 Soda bags, .. (00 4 649 Po(a<h<-s, bits 116 4.526 Cassia 2(40 1,400 Pliiieuto bgs. 415 4, (8! li-gwotd Lols 160 2.726 (>iicb>th, (l... 1 '()?"> Sp oil, gale .413 801 Oolfre. ba<s..2 662 31731 Rosin, bbs.. 1.000 l,f00 1'. bncco, bhd* 90 7,200 Eye, bus ...37,977 46,7-8 Staves .4,000 846 Sgtrs, cc.... 1 * 418 __ Haidsare.... 41 20 000 Total $211,210 CORK. Hour, bbU. 16,481 $189,174 Staves 4.000 8800 W beat, busl62,894 287,767 Total $4.7,2(1 PALMOCTB. Wheat, bus .24,964 $52,000 staves 4,800 $380 Total $62,380 Constantinople. Flour, bbls.. 1,683 $16,960 Kuw, bbls... 630 $9 681 I. R goods. CS 124 8,646 ??? Pepper, bgs .. 150 1,890 Total $81,070 lieu. Rosin, bbls... 400 $682 Turp'Une, bbl?3,700 $16,284 Total $16,766 BRITISH WEST INDUS. Flour, bbls... 364 $8,482 Rum, Dots.... 10 $309 Com, bush... 374 415 Tea. c i 62 1(0 l>o. meal, bbl. 241 1,137 Soap, ox 79 768 Pork 108 2,076 Drug*, cs 6 2(2 Butter, lbs... 973 286 H?y, bales... 10 187 Sugar, bbls... 10 166 Caudles, bx.. 6j0 1.025 Potatoes,bbU2,687 6,006 Saddlery, cs.. 4 250 Hiead, bbls... 30 108 Matrhes, cs.. 86 410 sheep 40 180 Hats, cs 6 218 (?xeu 64 6,0o0 Peas bags.... 10) 280 Beef, bids.... COO 6,076 Whali.ul, g.l 812 28 I Laid, lbs....1,377 196 Lumber, ft..8,OjO 3;U Hams. lbs.... 967 186 ?? Rice, bbls.... 16 160 Total $30,481 BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES. Hour, bbls..3,622 $.5,107 Ti bacco, lbs.7,124 $995 Corn, bush... 2(4) 200 Drugs 7 187 l)a meal,bbls. 661 2,846 Kye Hour, bbL 150 942 Hemp, bales.. 68 l,lbO Is ether, sides 260 1,243 Tea, ch 36 666 TotaL $48,291 CUBA. Cheese, lbs.. 2, R"8 $823 Plaster Paris.. 60 $100 Us ma 7,048 8.(6 Potatoes, bols 170 348 l'oik, bbls... 42 1,322 Hhds 2U0 260 Butter, lbs..6,188 1,108 bhuoka & b..8,493 11,230 laid 42,412 6,287 Oubimo 29 471 Tallow 4,969 870 Hardware, bx 70 1,027 Wicking, ba.. 8 807 lkuiieftics, ba 64 1,7 >8 Paper, rs... .3,6(1 1,139 Tobacco, lbs.2,219 304 Woodware, cs 60 126 Drugs cs 37 1,739 Bice, trs 127 4,13* Furniture, bx 88 310 Hp. ttirp. bbls. 20 566 Ma ches 6 126 lard oil, galsr.,821 1,768 Boards, ft.. 10,104 800 Hoops 21,992 3,667 Cassia mats.. 20) 212 Salt 260 860 Stationery, bx 1 260 Codfleh,Ib?.. 1,412 6(16 Rope, coils... 9 306 Candies, bxs.. 100 329 - Soap 100 112 Total $41,319 PORTO RICO. Beef, bbls.... 15 $197 1 iano 1 $866 Pork 60 1,262 Machinery, cs 6 879 laid. lbs....9 807 1,001 Bread, kgs . 19) 432 Butter 1,248 223 I'otat. es, bols 120 242 Hams 2,090 271 Wine, ba*.... 40 330 Cendes, bx.. 341 1,228 Ha dware.pgi 60 200 Glassware.... 1 187 Cheese, lbs.. 1,878 214 Dings bt 47 1,266 Total... $7,786 hatti . Hour, bbls... 335 $3,760 Cidtieh, lbs..77,000 $3110 Lit 6 262 6,040 Sugir, bixes. 60 1,930 ) oik 600 10,763 Furniture 10 151 Cheese,lbs...1,034 112 Soap 200 250 lard 7 880 #96 Tobacco, ba... 20 260 llama 9.978 1,012 Dry girds.... 14 2,274 Butter. 1,280 262 Bugging.. . 4 4:10 Bice, bbls.... 58 900 Lumber, ft..43,000 641 Fish 340 1,841 Total $33,621 AVBTRAUA Flour, bbls..2,981 $36,776 Stava 2,642 $209 lists bus .... 600 368 Drug', cs.... 200 1,009 Beef, btls .... 60 1,311 Machinery... 64 6.700 Turpentine... 58 822 Pick Meat, cs. 306 2 103 Sp. do. gals,. 420 270 Furniture.... 421 4,150 Clock s.bx.... 18 180 (tars 3.COO 3,30) Butler, lbs.. 8.700 1,640 Hops, ba.... 31 550 (bfecC 8,700 1,102 Potashes,bbls 10 310 Peas, bbls .... 26 262 Bread 19 200 Rosin 205 616 Dried apples. 60 748 Tobacco,lbs. 70,438 16,101 leas 20 160 Pal ley b|I" .. 130 750 Clocks, cs.... 12 156 Hardware, cs 262 7,771 Lumber, tc .68.200 2,165 Biicks 21,860 100 ? Total $88,869 BRAZIL. Flour, bbls 1,469 $16,067 AVRtrA, Tobacco, bbls. 24 $1,721 Domestics, cs. 10 $706 Total $5,426 mocico. Hum. V>bla ... 2 $lv5 Ale, hbla 50 $137 Cocoa, bags.. 50 006 Ntla 114 1,802, bxa. 2 320 Me-1 bxa.... 24 252 3ut.ter, lb?.. "00 140 Drugs, bbta.. 11 430 Cin, punch... 2 189 Matches, ca.. 20 375 Paper icani".1,411 796 load pig*.... 34 333 Tin. bxa 75 041 I/-w>klng glsaa 6 172 China 1 121 Hardware,bxt 81 1,635 Canolc. 50 539 Furniture.... 7 540 Cti>n?nien, bis 20 940 Hat* 6 342 ]>on>cMlca.... 27 1,421 ? Total $12,715 Value n( merchant ire exported during the wn-k $1,755,687 Do. apt-die do. 4o 21,676 To'al exportation $1,779,74' Total imports ion 2,321,049 Fxceta of Imports over export t $542,353 The following la a comparative atatement of the value of exports fjnm the commencement of the year to Nov. 20:? 1854. 1865. Inert-ame* thrr. nr. Cottor $1*.96.3,447 $11,331,011 ? $1,021,836 Flour 6,762,423 6.037,304 184,971 ? Corn meal.. 292,716 275.4.8 ? 17,287 Wheat 3,774,766 4,f8?,814 915,048 ? Corn 3,627 883 3,361 371 ? 266,512 Hot f 918 000 ],08!t,468 160,478 ? l'oik 1,386,205 2,323.830 087.44 ? Total... $29,716,610 80 008,925 2,197,041 1.901,635 Net lnc*e??e to Nov 29, 1866 $292,303 Rreadrtuffa continue to form the bulk of our exporta To nearly every port with which we trado, flour, wheat, and corn form important itema in ahipmeota. Nearly three ft-mtha of the total value of exporta from thia port latt week war in bread'tuffs, and the largest shipment to any one port waa to Cork. The importationa las', woeV wore limited in value, both ofgti eral merchandise and dry goods. Of general mer chandise, minerals and groceries form the bulk. CoMum-u or tiie Port or N'xw Yon*?'Vsin or Ircr tRW. /'Cos. VtxI. J'Aaa. Vol. Harytea 64 $476 Hair 2 $1,979 Hn-nara 2 648 Ho. cl>th.. 1 1.397 HlUtles 7 932 H-rta, foods.. 63 28,337 Ilckr 73 11 472 In<U? mbber. ? 33,474 Until 29 9 293 Imtruman'a? l'a*ke<a 18 1,124 Musical 22 6.674 lirushea...,.. 12 2,820 Mat l-raallcal 1 300 Chalk $7.5 9 40 Optical...... 6 1,366 ? hi e.e 16 f67 Jewelry 42 23.185 Coffee, Ig... 12,285 162.669 <01 paintiigs. 36 6,381 China. 101 11.984 liquors? Coca 120 940 Ale 140 1,365 Coal, torn .... 040 2,778 nasty. 92 4.167 dock 7 873 Cord'ala 60 637 Corks 207 2 8(9 Porter 238 1,222 Cigar ? 66,573 leather.... 12 t,4".' leg. go. ds... 8 2,271 Patent do..., 1 923 K ~ Boots h shoes 2 .844 Drugs? Areola" .... $ Dres-ied skins 1$ la 84 iimi.nd iill .. 2 622 t'ndreeaed do. ? 96,582 iUrac. ponder 260 ?.1?1 Metal goo. a.. 40 4 887 ..... 216 0 641 Copper ? 20,AK) Cohens"'!!.. 42 2,618 Perc'n eap*.. 1 .At cirinUrtar. 174 43,764 Culle.y 26 11,783 Cochineal.... 24 3,7sO Hardware.... 97 14 935 Utm arable.. 176 1017$ duns . IS 3.481 C.umdamar.. 60 971 Jr.? tons... 1,008 47 183 has. oils 15 1,747 UWds 10 2 288 Fa-mcee 12 1,429 Chains 60 3,763 Hydr. potash. 4 1,200 Hoop i-8 $81 Iodine . ..4 $60 Pi* 8.863 70,181 Nit aide 511 21,100 KalDoad 4,818 3J.JJI Oxalic ncl'1.. 7 1,030 Sheet 16$ 1.6'6 Petnv bark. 1.446 36,384 Fabrics 02 616 yolnine 2 2,972 Wt>a 34 3,9.'6 Reg antimony 67 4,613 Dead ?.?M "1660 Rape nil 2 217 Needle. ? 2>$ Suda a ah ?66 8.624 "addlcry 3 1M .-sal ride 214 1.04$ ft eel 1.496 29,867 Saltpetre... .1,188 24,211 bo 680 3?l Tartaric acid. 6 782 Nickel 2 I,W7 Dyeac-ndr, Painta, he- Mill stonet... ? 741 lolnni 80 3,590 Marti ? 1716 tern.lllloo... 2 713 410 11,481 la,wood - 6.738 Paper 8$ 3,367 Tnrlfo 16 1,718 Do haogtugs. 7 4?J lain* 4 681 Perfumery... 38 2,896 Ma-birr 3?2 71 80? Pipe' ? 1 ?01 ' V CfQ oil . . T!S -? ' " I 0.9 ji^ (??? do....?,MO ?? v.uits? up ?gee.,,,,, t> ??' Car rants 476 4,367 Salt - 8,866 1 tmoiio _ 400 hu * _ 17, 81 inanfte _ 2, 51 l-nii" tinge... 6 413 1 onj 127 1 417 1 H-ilitbttate.. 193 4,941 t-an. v good*.. 90 16.098 1 uiUtuie. 9 1,907 lute 03 10,? 70 lob ?. 7,163 Kal irg 2 8 6 Hex 00 4,037 flee bstuiea.. 4 1. 98 Clara........ 1 305 Io wa-e. 162 2 <09 1 a plate. 119 5,718 S'itror do.... 69 6,668 bet da 7,175 hh 'a.2.211 10 >,221 41,893 t*>. bxekngirlO 811 Muttoue y . .. 2d 6,98-1 T"i?oc i,... 1,989 40,611 Toy* .. 19 2 o IVn tehee.... .. 37 68 '??8 1 .. ..2.748 60 81 ''harnpag- e ..1 6 5 3,289 \r ,..d_ klab< tfany.. >. ? 2,215 Nlcu <gua . .. 163 2,00 7 Wo I 81,467 Klerk* 662 Bulb. .. 2 10,000 Other atltclea ? 3 I'00 Value < f g* ct al merch'ulre put on the market 61 ,6 *0,900 l,o. dry good# ao, ,,,, 601,110 Ti t?l Importation. $5,422,090 It will b* seou ojr the a-* .re tahle tl-at c.lTee au.l aug ir amount to Marl; one-quarter of ht tO'al of general im ports while u. lunula form about nue eighth of the trliole. The balance ia made up of the u-ual variety uud quantity. Hack itsciiaua?> Doc. 1. 1866. $.'000 Ind 8?ate 6'?.. 81% 60 th- '.'hi A rt lei jlK 90 OicO do. 611k WW Ml h?'?u Kit . 96* 1010 Harl'm letM bd 81 100 Mich S 4 S I RblO 91 16110 ill C oR bee. o 77% 160 do b3 91 KCCO do (.10 77% 160 do. ?0O 93% 6COO do. . ..WO 78 100 do 94 1W8 0 do (.60 77% 860 Hatlero KR 17% 1 COO d? b20 771k 260 do 17% 61(0 do bl6 77% 1 ORrieUt *30 4; lfcCGO do blO 77% 200 do c 47% 6000 re 77% 100 do a80 47% 1010 N Y Con 7V .. 10:-% 300 do al:0 47% ft .ha lletro'n Bk.. 10C% 300 do ad 47X 6 d < 110 800 do ... 47% 6 Continents' tk., 106% 8.5 do l>3 47% '.00 Canton Co....(.3 '.0% 100 do. bJ 48 HO do c 50% 70 do 48 100 do 51 100 do h?0 47% 210 do... .1)00 51 % 100 do b!S0 48% 5*50 Nlc Train* Co..?3 16% 100 do b30 48% 100 do c80 16% 4t0 do ad 4"% 16 Venn Ccal Co. .yd 98 f60 do c 47% K0Hudat.nRitH. B3 81% 480 do 47% 878 df- 31 100 do ?30 47% 100 do 1.00 SI 700 di 47% 100CumbCt.alCo. s3 22% 190 do blO 48% 160 di 25% 100 do niO 48% 190 do ?? 25% 200 do blO 48% 100 do . .e'O 55% 160 do 030 48 600 do bSO 2l% 60 do *:i0 47% 260 d. c 21% 600 do s3 47% 4C0 do ?60 2". % 360 do 47% 210 do (.90 22% 600 Reading RR 88 100 do n(0 22% 100 do c 87% 60 Ward f 1 Co.. bl6 50% 250 do a30 87% 6 1 anamo 1<R 104% 600 eo c 87% 7' 0 CI 4t tol RR 72 1900 do 8/% 100 do.. ..100 72% 100 do b3 87% 100 do h(0 71 100 do ... .blO 87% 290 do bfiO 72% 100 do c 87% 100 Gal & Chic'go HH 118% MOONS BOIRD. $10000 Louis 'a 6* blO 98 60 Erie Railroad. aGO 47%' 60t0 111 C KR bda.c 77% 60 do 47% 10o (hs C'aaton Co.,. 21 60 do 47% 1> 0 Mc Tran Co 16 60 do a3 47% 1C0 do 990 lf% 60 do ?1 47% 85 1'enn Coal Co..s3 98 10oCh k R I RR...b3 91 100Cum Coal Co..r3 52% 390 headiug RK..b60 88% 100 do bfO 2*4, 900 do. btiO 88% 400 do *10 25% 60 do 87% 190 * 60 Erie Railroad. .(3 47" 300 do. 87% 60 do b3 47% " * " 60 do 47% 200 do ?15 47% 100 Hud River RR... 3l" 100 do aSO 47 200 (ller 4 Tol RR.*8 75 3(0 do *8 47% lOUalftCbi RR.... 118% 100 do alO 47% 60 do. *30 118% 100 do b3 47% * 300 do. .. 60 do... 110 do... 100 do... 300 d i..., lo0 do... 100 do... ...eOO CITY TRADE REPORT. Satirday, Dec. 1? 6 P. M. Akhbi were unchanged, with auiall Hales of puts ami Kails. The stock embraced about 477 bbls. pota aad 71 In. pearls?total 648 BxxsMrrm.?Fiour?The market was without change of moment, acd under tha influence ot a good import de mand sales we'e to erably active, and embraced about 16,010 bbls. included in which were comm in to extia State, at $0 87 a 89 60; mixed and low graces of extra Michigan, $9 87 a $9 6-K good common to good ixt'a Indiana, Ohio, k, sold at 89 50 a 810 25. Canadian was in lair amnand, ?1th sales of aoout 1 300 bbls , at 89 43\, with other small lots extra at 810 25 a 810 50. South ern was in fair demand, wl*h sales of abiut 1,500 bbls., 4h? ices ihiiglug (fur ail grades I from 89 60 a 811. Bye flour was quiet. Meal?lliO bbls. Jersey sold at 81 28. Wheal?The maiket was Inactlre and prices somewhat una.tiled. In the absence of an export dement, the trsnsacilons were limited. The sales embraced about 16 MiO a 20 000 bushels, Included la which, wore 8,000 bushels or Canadian white at 82 25. A cargo of Southern white ai 82 20; and common to prime Tennessee red 82 10 n 82 16. Western red wss quiet and nominal. Corn? Toe n.aiket was i-?ady, but not active. The siuei em braced 26,000 a 80 000 bushels VVe?lern mixed, at >1 05 a >1 (6,14 a 81 06. chiefly at the inside figures, and 90c. a 97he. for lr.frilor and new Southern. Kye was inactive; sslesof 4,000 a 4,600 bushels were reported at 81 20 for d.magtd. and 81 80 s 81 33>4 for common to good quail ties. Sales of State and Western were made at 65c a 00c. Omi?The market continued firm. wl>h sales of ats nt 1.600 bags of Rio, In i ts. including inferiar at f>Xc.,fairto good quality at 10\c a ll*ic ; 1 009 do. St. Domingo, part at 10c. for export, and tha remainder ai private terms; 400 do Marwcoibo and 150 !>ag< triage Irguyaia a*. 8%r. and 2 800 bags Rahia at rates not stateo, and 600 mats Java at 14>,o. Cotton ?'Ibe maiket was unsettled and sales limited. The few transactions reported indicated a falling off in puces ot alout Sc. a sc. per lb. iBEicirre.? To IJverpool about 30,000 a 40,000 bushelr of grain were engaged nt 9c. a fl.'ic.. 500 hhdi. tallow at private terms, 600 boxes cheese at 85s., 6<j0 bbls. at 3s., 180 birds, sngar at HOe., 840 tierce l>eef at Is., 100 boxes bacon at 28s., and 60 tons fit cake at 28a.; cotton was at 3-lfd. to Sd. asked. To London, rates were quiet. To Havre, flour was at 02H'c., grain at 22c., cotton at Jfl., ilce 812, ashes 810 a 812. A vessel was chartered for Ham to load with flour at 90c, There ??i nothing new to I'all oriiia. I }'k i it was unchanged. Hay was steady nt 80c. for shipiing. Naval> ?Sales of 100 a 200 bbls. spirits turpen tine wcie mndc at 45c. l'llte ieiov-?I'oik?The market continued to be irregu lar, aales of about 300 a 400 bbls. were mode at 821 for mess and 820 for prime, and small lots me,* were reported at 821 60. The stock of pork In the yards ot Brooklyn and New York to-riaj amounted t> 17 432 bhls.,against 27,662 same time tbe past month, and 46,40) same time last jrar. The stock of beef In the packing yards of Bro-ik 1) n and New Yoik'o-day amounted to 47.902 packages sgulnsi 3,182 packages on the 1st November las*-, an 1 ln,f 54 do. samo time last year. The sales of beef cm braced ab"ut 2r0 bbls. at 89 26 a 810 for country prime and 811 a 812 ?0 for country mess. Beef hams and prime n ess beef were unchanged l.ard?Males 401 a 800 b">U. were made on the spot at 12:. a 12,^'o.; 1,000 bnis. we e sold, cfliveiahle in January, at ll?ic; and 1,000do. do. in February, at 11 \e. Kicr was quiet at 4>fo a 6c. Suae ? C over was dim at lO l^c. a 14c. Small se'es of timothy weie msklig at 82 87&a 83 per bushel. Flax eed wca unchanged. FrtUR ?Saies i f between 600 and 600 boxes were mvlc at nbeut 7c a 7 >?c ; hhds. were unsettled, and sales c in fined to 200 a 300. at prices not fully state 1. Tbe stock embraced 8 6kl hhds., boxes 19 437 bags 37,000, against 3,874 hhds., 9 099 boxes on the 1st of December in 1854. Tai low?Th( msrkit was very aetive and higher. The .ales embraced 260,< 00 a 300 000 lbs., at 13c. Wnif-KEtr.?Sales of 400 bbls. priton were male at 40c. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. FUASCtAJi. Anon nnn10 loan-in ?cms to butt afwj Px7t7x/.UUU cants, ot from 86 to JIO.IHIO. on dia monds. walches, tawslry. dry goods, gegars, horses wagons, Ac. Ac. All klods of personal propel It hooch' for cosh. I' vote rooms for l.diea- Husoes. prompt and conAdsndai. Bv 'iaYLOB A I'O.. 38 Chambers elrrof next door to Bur loo's theatre. Office hours from 9 A. M. ull 8 f. M. &QIIO (Ulrt ?TO LOAN Off WATCHER, JEWELRY, ?fl'Ut'.Ul'l/. ptsnna personal property wdmnrshan (lite '.f ail kinds, no'es, stocks, luorgeipw, Ac . in sums of ir im one dollar to fAOOU. or the aunc purchased for c?sh at Mr prcew. Cash always ready Loon oBice, 304 Broad wav, room No. 10. linn -*<>*** TO 'OAN ON DIAMOND* SOUU.UUU . watches, Jewelry, dry gosle, eegirn, It If bought Ibr eash, storks, nniea, mortgages. Ac., nego laied during** confidential and prompt. dT IHDMi'BON A 'VI., trokera and awnmls-ion merchants, 10J Nassau street, earner A Arm. room No. 1 mound (lmw. i\A(l uiam-un watch rs, diamonm*. ptltJl.v""' Jewelry, **?*ra. *.rt ererr deeorlpiww, d ahiahl* propertf. or bought for eesk, by Ji? It. lAAAO s.i ansa I ntfloe, ll Chamberi street, from t Ull A. Bnelnes. uronpx aed ennfldenWal Old gold sod skver bought. M. B - We htiMneas traasseXed on Raturdar. Cf I K I Ilk A TO LOAN Off BOND AND MORTflAOK of flivt class city property. Kor Mia. lute no ?l.dl. "owe. Harlem and Ford am. cheap. Aim a boantL'u cm.: ir< at lrvti>|Vm. on Uto uuason river. FKKUXItli K A. UOODA'J. 3u.' Paltoa sires'.. 1 4(t flAft TO LOAM ON DIAMONDS, WkTOllBS, MV.vvlf jewetry, fw"allure, dry pools, sepsis aud everv deerrlpilon of property, or bou?hi out for rash; Kn tirrfy ilUTerrnt to oiber odlroa. Ilu, Ine.s ounfldrntAl. Appl at 668 Houston street, between Meroer end tlncm. *? RYrRH. Agent. Amy amount or monky to loan, or purchased at raeh prises, oo d amonds, vetches, plots riehjewrelri ? stuable .eiwoal prnpertv, and merehandlwi gennrallt. ft MOOD, f# Pal oneireet, second floor, fWmc room, V s. M. to t P. M. A fbw vwlnable oU painitngs to tie sold a bargain MABTBVIIJ.F CITT HON DA-COC PONS FOB 1NTP rest fallit'g due January 1st Isflft, ?o Msrysvllle l ily Ponds, win be paid oo pre entailer: at American Kxchaage Hank New Yo. k on end a ler thai date MARK BR DM AO KM A CO, backers, Marysvll'e, CaL rrit?* or thr e?w tork and m*w haybb Hai'.-oad tVwnpany. Kol flaoover sliest. ?Nopaate bond wuSW, rtokBws of Hsvew osr root bosd? of U s r e.t isi.y are heret v nonflsd that in pursuaiws of as sei ,g .ho Ii isr*. Isscme ' of ibe Ktats of < VwoaoUcst, pa-.ed si lu u.i May owsloti Obs Titmawrsr Is onihorioed and prepared nvbonge Ihr ibe n'lislSDdlr (Iwinds waorlng wws pei cent interest, aad o<* secured by esnrtgagehoeee auiborlxsd by the before men tbnwd set resrtnf six p< r root teterest, aad secured 8v an ool) mortkogeoo lbs company', road, franch sas *e ; alt wtTl bs made at Ibis o?ro unu: fnxnsr nnioa By order of the fMreetora Wit. HKMKNT. Trsawuar. New York. OeA It. '?? IIrAVTFT>-|3no TO 8868. FOB T*RW OP *1* Vt irioniha fair I" taresi allowed, or s share In profile The & mosey vo be Wivewsd In a Nrokroare ba-.ajw H?s ret a tube al'en- Pleeee wddrsm W M. H-, Herald (Roe. llAJUm AT 4UVTIUS. AlfaiChT fa MCol.aV. aIU.I'IUMSKK. WILL HUM. ifi- dm, l'*i-?i> t?r a, ti o'ctoek. altho Merchant*' rx-baoge lor a ?aoM ol whom II m?t- concern: ? to KO ? and Chicago rallrow) 1st mortgage 7 par cent bone* 91,400 each JfJ.CtM l,lca?oaud railroad lb perceift bmidsSI UUO f.n.UU I h-tvl-md ? ?*! T.ieoo lathoad 7 par oecit oniiverti de Income bonds 91,0 m a mh.

til' CPU I "?.* ori?, W?'?*h m it cu Louis r lat mortgage par rent roriverthde I nod*. 91,000 ?n h. 16 000 I ake trie, ? uta?h anil at. t uvi railroad U rao'tgug* I ? to; do 91 UUO eacu. tJOOltl ttlr?so uol Siissl stpid rallroar Ul morgage 7 par crnt couvenlMeledid' <1,000 eooh. ?410 l it eti i.a I, Lo*ai>o|.t'tl andObirsgn ratlr?ntf lat mn-trsi^e 0 pro rout convertible sterling b ?n.i" ?J Ant fB WO t Ivvvland. Pali i-svlll.- ai d Avhtabu a raltioad spncUl mortgage } i er ceo bonds >SA 0141 ? ertiUcses nl tbe bieckaurtdge Ommel Coal 0 im parl 97.000 ondi *0 tharea h rchaMrs'Fire insurance Co US 2D share* l> er * neper Insniaire < o .SJU A ?ba e* k> chauicr'Hank of Williamsburg 4(i? hairs n et man Mr# in.urauce Go #JA flxi do. ML Nicholas Ftre insurance Go fia .950 1141 do. ArnliO Kl?e Inaursnoe Co. 1X0 do. Gmdunr Cold Mining 96 1(4) do. 8 ate Par k of itllnoic $101 <2A do, Wyefc- If (Rid Mining Co 930 lt4l d'. Itfgevinrih < o 'I cro a of i a'e?1 on por oonl thla day. and tbe balance boforo two o'clock'o mer: nw The nnernod In'oieat on all the homls wlit re charged to tbe purchaser. Most regular aale on Thura oay. l'tc t. UOTU N NuTtOH.- GREAT 8?tB OP MaONIFHENT I diamonds jewelry, waiibes to eloae a concern ?r.u WaRl< et IIMNCK will rep ui nac tou on iue>dty, at l'i% li'rlfiffk lat hkfl kg lph murn ItS U.' all At A mi .mill mitla JJ .af Iiant A o'clock, nt in* rail s room. IS Wall ai , a in ignlll lentast d-l nont oi c an one jewer), oonri ding in part of bra volets, t ioool.e*. pin*, tsrnnas ttnger rtnwa. In ousters and single rim ed, all elegantly mourned la eighteen and twenty carat gold, among the wsu-bes will lie found ludepanonnt aecoid double tin ore, patent aad dr'ac >ed lerera, enra lomemrt. 4c. 4e., I.y I rcUna ?rore* C wper, Joa Jobnanii, Cent, ? -n(j feyjH ? "? - * - " bteelea, and n hor dl?'lnti inshed maters. Alto, a *u >erb In voice of caun-o, t o embia and Untntu in ?atc bracelets pirn end earring*, gold pin* Tt <rrlng*. rrace eta, raw guard an I foh chain*. 4c.. Ac., all t<n?U|c*l< to be told without reeervr, to c of ihe burin*** of an Importing bouse ? LOTIi 8 NOTICE.?ChOCKhRY ULAM8 ANU CHINA. l\ ?By J 8. HaHTi Bll', auctioneer.?Tueade , line 4, at 111 o'clock, ai 281 Pearl sn-eel, |ier*utpinry anle of al> kin Is best W (J. bin* aid rnmuron wa. e, one hundred packages glaaa ame cuilery. HiUtnnla?are, ublna vgaoa and lea nets, flvu ca ka toya, lot of doming. In lou to ault city und oouulry doal ert. At'CTIOJf 'OTICJ 'MPOftTBRS' 8aLE OF FINK OI.O brandle*. cliampague, wines, acoura, <ttc Ac. KO Va tti) (It H Km K ? HI sella' auction, on this day. at lOfi o'clock, a'. hs palest coin, Hi Walt a'reef, a invoice oi'lmportol honor* and eegars, being the balance ot our pravutiM aa.ea, wnloli b?ve given universal railntucUon, con* Is ting In part or Utsrd. com nr. < hanr >agi.e, Maried. l.ondon dockland other biandles; llo**rd, Marsb A Co., Illackhnrii, old Sou'h Sldo, in d oUi r Mioetraa, sherrtea, ports, Ac ; also Hcotuh and Irish nhlakeys gin, Jamaica, Ac Ac ; also a eery choice in voice of selected genuine Havana sogers. Male poaltlvo. Terms cash. A VCTION NOTICE.- TII08. BELL AtTCTlONERB. ?BY WLL 4 1>1 Bit.- '1 his da>, al II o'clock. In the italeirooma 12 Aoith Wllhsni street, ? i 1 he sold a floe mock of liquor* an I gn*erics; leu case* olo brandy, fivo do. claret, ten do. Jockey Club champaii e teaa, r*l?lns, one hundred boxes prime se gais, Ac. At II o'rkok we will aell the remainder ut the supe rior oral dies, wines >nd liquors of Iho prleste stock of a gen tli.n an deceased li oludltg twenty seven cases Ilueai Lnulou dork -randy, port ai d other wines, Ao.; also nine demljohna vat ions alzea not calcd for last sale. Auction no-i icb.?thos. bell, auctioneer.-Br Bhl.LA III (ill - Tuesdav, at 10% o'clock, In our aaleg rooma 12 North Wllbam street. Die moat extensive aad vnluable sal* of aupertor second hand and other furniture, flue phtuo, Ac., sold for some tme- Psrncularaday of aae. Wednosdiy, valuable sale ol goods from the Crystal Palace?twelve splen did show cases, paintings, brunies, Ae. Catalogues In time. Auction Norica-M. oonoHTY, auctioneer - New and fecondhaod fu'nlture.?This day, at 10% o'clock, at the store 27 Centre erect, sofas ma'ogany and maple chairs bureaus, tables, three-ply and ingrain carpets 'e ither beds, hair mat treats, china, croikery, Ac ?worthy attention. AUCTIOVNOT CB-^I. BOOART, AUCTION EES?BY 8. BOOAKT. This lay, (Monday,) at 11 o'clock, at 174 For ay ihe street, mortgage sole by virtue of achaule mortgage, the conUnta of a buichei's shop; also, horse, cart and harness. LKWIs PFKlFFEti, Att'y for Mortgagee. AVCTION NOTICE.?J BOUaRT, AUCVIONEEB.-BY 8. BOO ART. This day, (Monday, )at 12 o'clock. HherllTa sale, at Ihe loot of Fifteenth street, fa-si river; all Iho right, title ar,d mierrst el 'll onws Mouagheu of wbloh be had on Die 21th day ol October, 1866, or at any time thereafter, In and to the slolj) Marsh Hosier, of New York. JOll N (J11HKK, Hliurlll. Tin ma* UAkLM, l)epuiy bhcrlfl'. Auction notice? j. booart, auotio.veer.-by (-. BOOaRT. Tuesday. Deccm'ier 1, at 10% o'clock, at the auction rooms, corner of Frankfurt and Wijham strtoia, ebrrlll > aa e ol'household of lumPure, comptisll g muhogunr solas, lounges, mirrors book raeks, stands, bedstead*, beds and heddlng. woollen blankets, carpets. ol'< loth, mahoganv bureaus, oU painting*, and a general assortment of kltclion furniture, crockery, Ac ; also, 1 cart and harness. T. COLTON, AlICTIORBF,B.?AUCTION BALE OF new and second csnd cabinet furniture, Brussels, three ply and other carpets, large lot of retv o'-lclotna, mlrrrora, nuinUngs, Ac Ae ?F. Culton will sell on Tuesday, Dec. 4 at ll % o'clock, at tbe sue Ion rooms AO Bookman atroct, on iho second floor, a very large and varied assoiimcnt of new aud second hand luinl are oi every kind and deecriotloa. Among ihe assortment may be found two or Dnee *n t* of rosewood furniture, hi brocaial end haircloth; mahogany bo- km (M and srctelailes, marble top turnlture for parlors, o-d'ago do., ta pextrvrthree ply and o,her carpets, fifty or sixty full piece., of oiicloibs, latge and small: mirrors, oil painting*, dinner and ex lenslon tables, lull Prancu mahogany, rosewood and black tval nut bedalesds. Ac., Ao ; also, a very largo lot of second hind fuiiiilure Irom a family breaking up housekeeping; also, seven it cohage bedsteads. Male peremptory. On Wranesday, Nov. A, at 10% o'clock, all tbe furniture In house In Kayraond street, Brooklyn, flrst house from Fulion svenue It will comprise every description of good parlor, d'Dtng roc An, bedroom and kitchen lurnlture, china and glass ware, table cutitry, Ac., Ac. (? HiJNA ANI) GLASS, SUITABLE FOB TUB HOL1 OATS J ?J. J. W eLOKON, ancloneer.-H. O. KVAN-t, No. 92 J'lurl sir ret, will i-ell tin Tuesday, Dec. 4. at 10 o'clock, In ad dhton to the uhurI assortment 01 vi. g. and common .Tare, a In r go anivrtirierit of decot a ted French china taa seta, vasea, co lor ops, mono coders, toys and glass, In lots to suit pur chasers. CANAL IIOAT JOHNSON?THIS DAY, AT 12 O'OLO'H on hoard, foot of Dry street; the host Is completely housed In and admirablysuited "lor selling oats, potatoes or marital truck from during the winter. Perfectly tight aud read* for use W A. CaBTKR, Auctioneer, JJ Oey street, corner of Greenwich. D WILLING HOUSE AT AUCTION?THURSDAY, DEC 6, at 12 o'clock, Hi the Merebinta' Kx%dtange ?l'hirty tonrth stieetr? The four story InglUh iiasetuont brown stone front house and lot No, ISO West Thirty fourth street, fur I b-bed with all the modern Improvements and Incomplete or' der. pas furnace, water c'ose's, Ac., to he o wltive v sold to the bl( best bidder; house I# feet 8 Inches front by 51 deep; lot '. ot 9 Inches deep. kb.&UO ra remain on mortgage. By - . ttlAN H MILLER, oflloo No. .'fit Wall street, baacweat of Met chants' Banking Association. | \ D. NASH, AUCTIONEER?STORE 310 HROAD ' '? way.?Sheriff's talc of a large and ?ul)8lantl?l ntcaniar.? on Monday, Dee 3. at lllJb o'clock In the forenoon, at ibe toot i f hlghth street, Fast river, the clogsnt ?teamer St. Laurenc?, bet engines, boilers, machinery, tackle, apparel and futui liue, Ac., Ac. I vUTfll BULBOOB ROOTS AT AUCTION.-.1. L. VAN I " I >E W AT KB will sol , this dav, at lli'k o'clock, at tha stlei room, 12 Maiden laue, (if ecu ca-o* of Van Waveten A Son's roots. The cases comprise a general assortment, suitable tor private parties, to be to d by the esse. IU 3 I.I AS COMBS, ACTION KKR, M NASSAU STREET. J New Voi-k.?Mortgage sale. Ccntriiucal pumping c vines, with pipes all con,|>le'e?will be sold. without reserve, to satisfy a mortgage, on Vt erne?d ?y, lie t S, at II o'clock, by order ot C. K. headrtak, attorney, at the Erie Works, of .ties-rs. (1 wynnc A t o . couth Iltookly n, below Atlantic street, two ccnlr.fugal pumping englnos, II No 2. with copper pipe< complete; two centrifugal pumping engines, half size, writa II pper pipe* r-tuple's, N"?. 1> 1; two coutrifogal numping eu h eg. la-gn diameters. ? uh copper pipes complete. No. 7: one jt-all pumping engine, f o 3. I he above were all made by Messrs. Owy nne t Co . n! the Er ic Work.', and are all ne A and in perfect order. Bale peiemptory. EXECUTION BALK OF FURNITURE. AC?JOHN W. Pi fcUMERlMiYKK, auctioneer, will sell this day, at I'l'j o'rlock. at stoie 2U North Wlldum stroot, by virtue ot an ex- -u tion, l ousehnid I'urnltu s. Ac , conslsung of mar de top centra sod side tables, woolir'niila and bVW*, mahogany Mt stands, 10 black Walnut but cans, table Irames, tnurel stand , i-rtkraeka, 3 dozen armchairs, aane seal rasirs, Ac.; mahogany ! at > orals, counter* with drawers and sho.i log. crockery, glasswsre, Ac, Wit. A. Ju.vK-t, t,instable. EXECUTION BALE OF BTOVBB?JfHIN W. BOMKRIN 1-YKE, nnctlone. r, will sell tomorrow. Tttcs'lay, Dec 4 at 11 'j o'clock at the za esroom 20 North Willi tin tercel, by vtrtne or on evccuUori, <R parlor barroom and co iking stuvrv, enUrely new. FK1ER V. BitliAt'lI, Coasts ilc. C1KOROE OOOK, AUCTIONEER?LARGE BALK OP X furniture, mirrors, olilna vases, Ac.. on Monday, te day, at lot, o'clock at the sales room. So. 117 Nassau slreet, near Leekman ? ibis stack embracer parlor suits of rtzewood and mahogany, lour enamelled chamber suits, 12 extension i tiling tallies or rosesrsol, mahogany. oak nod black wsluut; rovawooc aua mahogany bureaus, bedsieada, wasn miMlr, hull stands, libraries aud secretaries, bookcases side eards, etege es. r tokcrs, citairs, sofa*. wardrobes; centre. ? I.e and sofe usn'fs, 2U pairs rich china vat es of colognes, 12 oval n.brot-a. suit gilt rramcs. office desks an l, mat ?ri'Sns, palliasses, nam send planulorte Ac. Bale poaitive, aud worthy the allcuuou of purchasers. Catalogue* at sale. GM O. Ul'BTOW, AUCTIONEER?B.tLK-tROOM, NO. 84 ? Otlar Street, t. til sell at salesroun this day, December ,d, at It o'eioek a large and iplrnoul aasortmsnt ofgtas. oal sitter * sie, nil psti.tiegs, mirrors, c ock*, rosewood anil tn? hogsnv scerojorlaa and eoohMMa, extension tables, rne aecoud titti.d rlauo Ac.; at 12 oMock. in tr<mt of salesroom, two ra?t i sesdlsn ponies, wagon and harness. Gi 0. HONTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL BELL THIS DAY, Is at 12 o'clock, tn front of the store h4 t'edar st , ne.r llrrl?ll way. rne last trotttcg horse, with wagon nad harness, wldiout reserve. HBIKNRY H. LFKDB A CO.. ACCTIONFKRS.?f)FFlrr, IP Nassau street-Beautiful aaie of rich fancy goo-i works of art In marble and bronze, superb clocks, and o'her velnable geoda. Henry H. r-eed* A Co. will aril, by auction Kt their suee, 19 meet, on Friday, 4th and Wednea tbiy, Mb 1 eeeni'.er. at 10', o'rlock each day. a larg" ami valu able aseo tmeul of vary chutce furey goods, loci tiding litre ease* Of marble goods. I be reseat importation of G. II. I'ando* Hni, lium Hall, looslsibig of "Operb broojrs and clocks, one ret ons'tig ffisi; reel ormolu*, black marble -lurks. nne wrtk?; do ?l. runxe. superb nmrrle roeoe four and live feet btgb, also Ettt'setui, Bedtcl, and Mun rases, alabaster aU'u ,uy representing various antiques, with glass shades; the Grace*. dan dug glri*. one aups.rb fount with carved loaret uanitelplcocs, t a-u i f Adrten, Hereiilauimm, and Poapd! rates. Also a lit fit aaeortment of 4'reoch chins vases, richly painted some ot which wrrw In the flrystajFolace; rich ul?'ed warefrt.m Farts, Uhristophe silver pla'e warmsra, cavers salt spoons, gl't Spoons, sorkvoxrs fancy bon bon botes of new styles, jus' nceirel fhrtn Paris, end other very boe'iuftil goodo. tale without reserve. Henry t. lkepb a co, aiciioveerb?morr gsgr sale Of a Brge mocniMit ol elegaat and noailr Is useuoM mrtilture. large 4 plat* mirrors, roorw sii psrlor subs roseW,too ptaxroforie valaabie ?u paintings, Ac., at the residence W Wes? Tweet J slath strrso. near Btxth avc rue. 14. T. LnEIW A CO wilt sell ay auction,ae Tuesday Dvermhcr 4. at Ito'clock the oauro superior tnnU'nrw, ac ! el the a bote hotuet, without raaee<s. the -tmes lo he cervod etegrrr. with mlrtor flow eed berk; marble top cen tre. aide srd ror* rehire; tplentil* n<#*wood aerretarv, bnnk ,-ss?. rfc-b l*ee window rortalns, gobl Ixtrdered slmdes larg* kn neh phtte oeal mirrors, fine oil paintings, mantel cloaca ?nd ornament*, decorated chine va?*e, tpleod.d rosewood a-id n abo*ax? I edsteed*. do do hutetu*. w lb marble tups; rose w -od nnd rrabogany washatands nn* commodes, rnrewood and matogsi y spring re*''hairs, do rnrkors, lounges best hatr irctire.'rs jatBssse*. fea'htr l>eIs anl t-eddies. eh'*ili('st mss, difintg toosa twiiu us, ... u. ??ou Use. u*kouatrs sruea Ae , gild rand chin# dinner set of 1*4 nieces, do do tee end eofNsp seta, rut gleat ware, stir or planed wmrr, ivory aud pearl cutlery, Ae. '?'*? A* AMWHia. HH ?. . l ?ft* MK?'WPM llWIt ^1. ,w>11 h} ?MRow.ea Tuesday, De rToiter4 iimt W oduesdsyDeoember Aai ;j< e'oook oaeh tiding, hi the gal err 54? Brad-a.. (ihi?lr ccoupiel by me lxwtOdorf entMott-o) a splendid not lea Una or oil painting*, (oelcg iho opening eoie o the mm aituu gallery) .he pro petty <tf . geuuemaii of this city. elected by biui during hU ]*'G It to Kurnxie. lbo> have never bono exhume llu till* JL u4 will ho found, oa examined -n equal If not *u perh>r lomu collection tor nolo la tbia city toe mauy vear i. 1 ue 0'll.M-Uou comprise* SflO of the highest class of picture,, to rich gill f hue* hud conlalus work* of the f .Rowing auolent sod modern mailer*, viz :?AlOhno, t'ark) irolri, A oel Sar'o (?Ohio, Bergkeg), Via card, Carrie, Stork, Scfalksn, Vhmlnr ve de, I ovv, Mdr-and, (h ??eaut'ful picture of .hi* hrllat, from 'be collecll n i< Mr kckibrd. of Lood mj I'yrtaker, Ae ; alto by Uoddliig'an, Wright ot Derby, ttaiith in (Thlahe-rter, Wilson. Barrett, ^ sldcn, Mauflc 4. Fhaytr, and many other oeleoraieJ aruats Wc pariten!aily lnvtie our Mead* end toe pttbllo to ciarutuc ibis truly elegant oolleo loo. I bey are to tie erhlM ird during the week previous to the sale tiom Monday 26lii li *t, as above. I.adieu are particular y tutiled to etindue tbt m, oud to a'lend the aale on the evenings hoove uameJ. Hw iibon, auctu>m?kk.-wb would call at flilenllon 10 ibe annual toll aale of hoots. rboea an l rub ht IK (61 lO COM'*) on Tueaday, December 4 at 10o'clock A. M., at 'he store 04 beet man afreet. Ureal Inducements grill ue otlered at mis aale to clone up fa l invoices A. D., 04 Beektnin street. ig t.NRY B. HFKT8, JR., AUCTCONKKR-A88ltJNIl.Eft' M~m. sale of cloths, caseltnere*. vestiogs, linluts, furs, ao , ou kiouduy, Drornitier Ixl it lii^ o'clock, at store Mo ftv? I'lue strew, HL.NuY B. BhilTM. JR., will aell, aa aliove, a luge nock comprising ling I h French and Herman broadclotho, carsmierea and vesuims, satin*, alika, serge*. satinets. overalls, drawers, sblrla resjy uiadn clothum, ovaro. hU, *a>k<- rests, Ao.. also, a large kit of fur capes, vicurrlnes. cuffs, 111uTt lip. pet* a eigb, Ac., i tillable for the prjsem "cusou, sod well a urlby the attention of the trade. Catalogue* ready on morning ot aerie. Henry t. leaps. adiitionebr -slkioh robes, mulli, vlctorinea. cuir*. Ac., at ancuon ih,r day, at the saicsns m?6 Week nan street, at II o'clock precisely, lleury T. Leeds AIX) '? regular trace *ale of fur*, Mood*r. Dec It, cr.rsh.ting of real Russia cable atone marten, eliloebtlls, I 'aoa da mink, inouataln marten capes, vtoWrUtea, tniiire, Ac.; Us i, Bock, uioun'aln wo f, genet roz, and bmlalo lap and sleigh robes, nobly lined aud trimmed. ladles will tnd li to lUcir advaniagc to ahead. Bale peremptory. J? J. WALDBON, AUCTIOMHKR.-H. O. EVA MB WILL ? ? om.ttnuo the sale of furs, sttbe More 62 William airuoi, ?o uer ol cedar, at lujg o'clock,on Monday, Ue?. 3. and every day during the week, onld die whole ot tbla maguihoent stock la sold out conaUbog ol capes, victor inee cuilh, muffs, boas, geiiilemen's gloves and ouliara, and a variety of sleigh robes. JLANUDON SMITH. AUCTIONEER.?PEREMPTORY ? solo of genleel household lurnlture, pianoforte, ,vc To morrow. Monday, ot 10)4 o'oloek, at hou*e tig Broome sircet, serotd block west of Broadway, BTuVK.t A Cti.,wUI sell aa above the euilre lnruhure of a family 1 chn qui*hlng hoiisckreolng. I be whole to be sold wiioout reserve. A lash deposit will be requlrid of every purchaser, add the artlc ca to be removed on ih? day of aale?i ousliUng la p ar ot' a superior rotenuod planofore, in perfect oider, haying been used hut a short time; two aula of solid rosewood parlor fur niture,Ju French brocotol, beauUl'u ly carved; rosewood ens geres, do.; cscreiMrea, marble lop centre, ske aud sofa table*, corfier whatnots, music s'snds. quartette ana other fancy t* bins, Biussela, thrc ? ply and Ingrain carpels; stal- and hall do; French plate pier g'aaai s, oil painting i, mantel o'otk. rich ile coiated cbma vases, lace and damask window curtatna, French shades, Ac. Dining room furniture? malum mode on iciislon dining 'able, sofa, < balm, arm do., rockers; a large a* icnment of silver plaied wore, lable cutlery, cut glass china and crockery ware, tea traie, tea and cilTee service, Ac. chamber fumlture?Bote wood and mahogany nedstead*, mar ble top bureaus and waabs'anda, hair mmtiresse', pal liases, beds, bidding, spring seat and cottage chulrs,arm do , rockers, lounges, window shades, china toLet sets gilt frame mirrors, Ac. Also the usual aaaottmeut of klicben l'urmture, Cata logues at the bouse on the morning of sale. Mortgage sai,k?this day, dec. s, at <01 broad way. basement, at II A. M., consisting of two solid silver poohers, one English beer pump, stiver moulted; ihroe oval ndirora, bar and counter, gst fixiurss, steam table and bolter, Ac. JOHN T. MTaWART, Att'y lor Mortgagee. A. I.Wdlow, Auctioneer. RHUHHRLI. W. WEBTOOTT, AUOTIONKKR ?PERRMP lory sale of elegant and costly bousobokl fnrnUuro, splea old Parisian minors velvel carpels, rosewood parlor su'ts, rosewood pianoforte, elegant chan letters, oil paintings, works ol art. Ao., at the residence 162 West Twenty first street R. W. Wealcott wld sell, on 1 uesday, December 4, at 101,' o'clock, the enure msgnlUcent furniture, Ae., of ibe above ffrst claaa bouse, which has bean recently furnished with the most oo?My and elegant furniture, moat of which was Imported or made te order by our seat mskere. Catalogues will be issued on Moo day, aDd can baobtained at T. B. Conover's, 126 WlUiam street, or ol tbe auctioneer. Parlors?Elegant pearl inlstd 7 octave plat o one, embroidered stool and cover; 3 magnificent French mirrors, hn foot loi?; rich Axminsler, velvet and tVtlton car pels, velvet rugs, Ac.: mostly solid rosewood stub two sofas, six Emarlor chairs, large Voltaire and gothic chairs, covered In sallo ?rtcade, with slipcovers; one do. In embroidered tapeurv, ImtHirted. very rich, with slip covers; elegantly covered tcliza bcih an eiegcre. plate fhont and back, mounted In ormolu; solid rosewcud renpt'.on chslrt, In tapestry; magulfioent eecrctuuo inlaid abb pearl, rosewood music oabtnat, ml'ror hack,carv?d losev otid icbtre and pier tables with m'walc and Kgyntiau tops; elegant aud oostly Sevres vases, with a vaiu?nle and ele gant collection of parmr ornaments, bronze a< d marine clocks, mounted In ormoln; rich brocade and lace curtains, gold bor cered shades, splendid eollecilon of oil paintings, on csnvas and glass, historical, fruit and flower places, marina and rural view s, by eminent (foreign and uativo artlsla. Dlnlngrooin fe.lcgtu.1 i-X'enrion tables magnlficeiit dinner set of 174 pieces, ruby anc crystal cut glassware in sots to matoh throughout, rich silverware. Ivory and peari cutlery. Ae., with an elegant ivarlely ol rosewood chamber 'urnliure, osrved rosewood and mahegsny bedstead*. 16 pure hair nut tresses, beds. Arc., splen *""" ~ " " ~ 'jrorateil; did marb e top chamber suits, richly <lu< orated: ruse wood wash siands, Fevies china tol et ?et^ rosewood secretary oookeaec, library do., French plate oval mirrors, rosewood and inabo 6ai, y Fretch sofas, spring seat and French cb*lr*, Turkish and lvalid chairs, Ae , with a very large assortment of enamelled, copper and other kitchen uteuslla Also. 2UU yards Kogltshoil cloth, ad in fine order; coot prising a'togemer the moat desirable and elegant collection otlered at auction this season. There will be in postponement ou any account. Stages aid cut pass within a few doort of the bouse. RWALTKR8, AUCTIONEER.?TMH DAY, AT 10>; . o'clock, Mcf'AFFRAY A WALTERS will aell, at auc tion warcroomh, SO tlathcrluo street. house, bold furniture, W; BsrLle lop tablet, bureaus ?u<l wash stems solan, chairs and mtki-rs. feather I tde. hair mattresses. bolsters, pillows an 1 comforters, Ac. Also, to pay advances, ono rosewood seven octave plat oforte, one carpet, one plum cloth, gold chains, waichca, pl-tols, harness, chairs aad stiver ware. Sales punc tual. 1JIUH FANCY OOODH AT ACCTrON.?JOHN L VAX H DKWaTKK will sell, on Tuesday. Doc 4, and Wednes day, Dec. 9 at l(Hj o'clock each day. at the salesroom, 13 Malum lane, rich fancy good*, jiut received from Paris, con slsitng of a large and valuable Invoice of bronzes from the Par s Ar<l*itc bronze Con-puny, who received the hlgheal medais at ihe World's Fair In London, 1-51, and Dublin; consisting of eu perb vmes, groups, candlebras amulets, Italian dancers, .nk stands, hunters, card receivers, Indian warriors, Amazons, horre*. stag hunt hanging tlower vases Ac, Also just rocavad by steamer, butts of Clay. Washington. Webster, .taAsou, Franklin, lue size and very rich. Also Ure tlreclao Ba :chu?, on pedestal, being the richest good* of tho kind ever imported. To bo sold without reserve, and well worthy the attention ot con nose leura Rich decor sted china vasez cf all nzes, ornanmented with blst|uet figures, tve richest Import cd- de-??rated cbtna tea eels, 44 pieces, of various patterns and designs; rich dinner tele, cotVen cups, card baskets, bisiuct liguics, cake and ft till ba kota, jewel stands, colognes, suit loops, scgar stands, Ac. Silver plaed ware rrom the oeiebra u d manufactory of Jas. IMxon A hons, nhefflctd, conel-ilng of cake baskets of the choicest pattern w rier urns and kctiles wl b beaters Pasters, plain end revolving, the newest stvic, web ru' glees bottles. Toa end coffee se's of venous elegant designs; llu'tor with cut bottles, huttrr dishes, spoons tumbler* goblets, mugs, Ac. Clocks?magnificent, 21 day, itue gilt and bronze clock, with shade stand, black marble cio k. with bronze figures, s day bronze a id zl't clocks, alar n el ck* The above Una or clocks Is well worthy iho attention of thoaa in w ant. its Uin mot eruents arc warranted to be of the first class. CTtFPKI) BIRDS.?J. L. VANDRWATKR WILL SELL 0 In conmction with fsncv toods, on Wednesday, De-em n#r A, at 10 Jj o'clock, at the sales rcom. 12 M.ilUen lane, glutted b'rda, single or In groups, wlih ulass shades, consisting of blue berou dU'-ki if difiercnt descriptions; also eiusll fancy titrdit. SHERIFF'S HALK.-W. C Af.BURTUB. AUCTIONEER, wl): eell, on Tuesday, December 4, at ten o'cl r-k, at .'15 f'ourt street, Hrookiyn, a lot ot clocks an l Jewelry; also a s general assortment ol household furniture; Ute store to let; also on Wednesday. Dec. 5, at 19 court rfreot. a lo'of rctdy msde clc thing, 10 coats, 120 pair of pants, .00 vesta. Sato positive. 11 111 MS MORRKLL, ?CABI VET MAKERS. 1 slock of Furniture, Ac., ibis (Monday! morolng, ?? tb o'clock, at 81 Nassau stieat. Dealt re and private parties wl't attend, as clrcutns'ances require that no reserve or pos'pone mvnt shouid occur, thla stock being of a fancy caoloet milter 'UPlortunaie); idler which very excellent par or and cli imiwr turniture, oi rosewood, black walnui mahogany and enamel Jed Also, French plate mirrors, sliver nlated goods, oil paint logs, mattresses, cluna, Ac. N. B. ? invoices received *ms .in1 ly, upon wblrlt advances are made. Pianos, Ac., which wli consignee satisfaction. Bales scaled Immediately. Th m. connauhhton, au tionker, will sell ? on Tuc?dey, Deo. 4, at 101j o'clock, at Ins storo, 145 Horn g Week, ,?about reserve, a NbMlN of household furniture, conflating oi one sul ot rosewood parlor turoPure. coverod m plush; rosewood, black welnu' and mahogany tadee; roe wood. Mack walnut and mahogany bacoa'ta, washs'in ts and vtsrdrnbrs bedsteads, bending Ac, Ac., alt ot wnlcb win be - old on a< count of whom U may concern. (VllLIAM T. BOYD A CO, *U HONKERS-STORK "v iff? Will am street- wortli ol palming* and nr ktavlrgs, tor holiday presents w. T. B. A Co , wtli sell, on Monday evening. Dec 11, a' 7 o'clock, at 99 Chatham s'reet, a ?pleidldlot ol oil paintings and engravings, besutifuUy framed (VILLI AN T. BOYD A CO, AUCTIONEERS.-ON THIS Tv day at the auction room, 197 William street, at MV o'cbs;k, sale ot furniture, carpeting, Ac.; sitae, chair*, clibh ? loo dining tables, tea do., side do., corner stands, Freocn and co' age bi dsn-ode. beds, mattresses. couches, do beds, bu t<-aii? paintings. crockery, pock*. e splendid a*?oriiii?nt of '?arpe lng; also brandy In demijohns, green and black teas; also an a?r ortmeut of useful articles and the bal-uice of tiie re reiver's goods, jeweiry, Ac., watches, Ac. HOUSES, CARRIAGES, JkC. \T BAZAAR. SI CROSBY STREET, WILL HE HOLD eyery Monday and Wednesday a> 12 o'clock a variety of horses nil'ahle lor all purposes. Also, wagons, tingle and double harness, saddle*, Ac, Ac. JOHN ft HATFIELD, piopnemr. A. C. Tlfll.K, Auctioneer. AMXY PF.RHON POSSKHMNM a FAST, STYLISH. HOOD and young horse, neat wagon. Ac., wor h about frAm, aaj willing to trade for real estate, the subscriber vnull make a very liberal oiler of good !->u la a choir ? and fas; Improving neighbtr hood, nay five miles from Ike I'll/ llal'. A ldrr*a J. An re, box 2 S2B row offlee. pARRIAOK FOR H ALE.?A~TWO_ SEaT~ EVTKXRfOX V.' top.necoril hsud carriage, two leather top light wagons, all In first rate order she two light wagons wfibout tops. ,tn1 a cheap roach, at nv Kldrdgc street, he:ween Broome and tJrand. CI.KItlllH. HT.KIiiHS.-A I.'iT 0V ORIiWAY A ELMER'S O celebrated make of sleighs, of the best materials. ?i?ci tl osa, and rqoal lo ant for rttle, workmaoslUp or durahili.y. For sale at manulacUirert' prices, at 112 W?r< en street. URDWAY A Kl,41.11. WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ml. JEWRLRT.?FOR WALK, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, at msnnfv nrli g prtoew?A large assortment of fine jewel B, suitable In ladlca. Apply at 5ft Houston suw, between oad way and Wot-ley place. AJao, a lot of oorai namena, tin mounted. LF,((AI. NOTICES. OTATK OF XKW TORE?AUPREME COURT, COLCW D bla county -Henry W. Uvtagwoo, against Oac-line de Pau Livingston, Hllvle M. Uvlogston. wife id Johnston Living ? Iim, and Johnston UvlngsUm; Walter L Llrtngmnu, b ephanle Foa. l egraaee Livlogsteo, Ztol ert L Uvlngatoq. rkepsanle Plnot. wife < f sdolpbe FlnoL and Adolphe Finot, and Ludls P. de Montehello Llrlogssoo. To ebow# usmed defbadanu?you and each of you are hereby summoned aud required to an swer the complaint m this anion, which was film In the n? -e ot the clerk In and fbr the said count? of ''olumbla, in me Htate of New York, on the Iwzlfih day of CV-olwtr la.16, ao I serve a ropy of jour answer on me at m? office m the tTj ?< llu.'-sui. In ?ald county of Coluiubta, within 'wen'y .lays abez ?be crrtcehcret.f, evc'nslteot tbe dsv ofs'-c?| "?.rrice; ant if you fast ?- woawer lue ts.?, <??<. mm awswo, tt?- puoiud em a. ply to the t onrt 'or the relief demanded la the complaint. Rt'l-T Mr CIJUJU.H, Attorney for rlatinUC. Dated bepembar 7, 1555, 56; _ MiAUUIti Mil ItOUWMMto 71 Q W?rJTr ~WAAITTn7tON PLVOE. single or taauPs? furnished p,rtor, awl iwdrootn! P.99 ?*??, ?t broadway. rrinfxvr hourton \)&? aid Bleacher streeta-A 1 arlor und bedroom. ami tiro not arete bedrooms, to let, wph board. m HUDSON MREET. FRONTINO HT JOHN'S park?1 urnlebod room, to lei, with board, to limits gentlemen. or gentlemen and their wires, a I rant room and bedroom: *l>o a buck parlor and .Ingle room; house newly furnished with all the modern Improvements. IOC EIGHTH 8TRBBT.-FIB8T CLA81 AOCOMmoda -1 uU Hons, "tnglo room., with or without board, mar be obtained In the newly fnrnUied Lcttae, 135 Eighth street, op porfe the Meroan'Ue Library. m CLINTON PLACE, EIGHTH BTRKKT, BHTWHKN FH b and 8u'h at enuea, a large runes 00 aeoenJ floor, newlv furnished. suitable br a gentleman and wits, aim a ?mall room with fire plane ran He bad with roll or partial board. Ihe heuas hsa all the modern Improremanta. Staged pad. lbs door. 10A BAPT TWENTY FIRST STREET, GRAMRROr 1 UU park; roama. with board: a handsomely furnished front 100m, on the first floor, with all the mooe n lm.rore in ants; also a few pleasant room, tor ring to geutlemen. OA EAST BROADNVAY?A GENTLEMAN At'D WIFE. OU or a few single gentlemen, can no aceotntnoda nd with pleas ant rooms with board. Uaa, bath, Ac , In the bo oar. 7A franklin street, first House west of I U Broadway.?A suit nf neatly fhrul.iiod rooms, Irout, on Ihe second flo< r. lo a geo'laman and wife, or single gW-Uemau; bre?kia?t served If required Abo, single ana large dan as rooms, for lodgings, 'rom two to seven dollars per week, in quires, above. BLEECKRR STREET.- FURNISHED ROOMS TO let, with full or partial Iward. The house oonedna al the modern Improvements. Second block from Broadway. 00 A MITT PLACE, ONE DOOR FROM HLRgOKKR Z>U street, a Utile west of Broadway?a tisrlnr on the flrrt 1 nor, haod-omely furnished, .ad n soparale bedr oom, to let, wlib full nr partial hoard. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RK8IDINO IN A GENTEEL nclgbbr i hood, eg naocommods Ul a gentleman and wde with a well furni.-bed room on mowuI story, with good plain boar J. Hnuso ho. all modern improvements. Apply at ]IU> Wert Thirty flr.t street. Also, nse of piano. A WIDOW LADY RK^IOINO IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN twominules' walk 01 the South erry,-would se :onunod vie a uentlemaa sod his wife with board. Would prefer a lady. '1 here are no other boarders. No. 40 State street. AO KM EK.L PRIVATE FAMILY, IN A QUIET NKIGH horhoud. convenient to car. and stages, having two lar.-o ?or one small bedroom, wish to let them, luruleh-U, to ge ide men, whh or wlihou' partial board Inquire e hu. 9 ,t<4 hlevenih street, near Fouiih avenue, one block frotu drool way. A GENTLEMAN DKHTRINO THE COMFORTS OF borne In a private famdy, first class lion.a, near Stuvve sant square, may address O M , Broadway Post rdloe. Terms moderate. References exchanged. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING MORE ROOM Iban they require would let a f aorl-ooue suit of moms on ib? second floor, 10 one or two gentlemen, with brsakfe-t aud lea, or U tJUHgMlMl family woo could have also a hsiemeit if required. Uaa, baih, Ac, Apply at 173 West Twenty third street. A WIDOW LADY WISHES TO MEET WITH A OEf 1 cniin who would adranee her a tonal' turn for -it monlbs, snd receive In return partial board, lurnlsha I room, fuel for Ihe season, do A noe addressed A. B. 0., Harold of Ilce, will receive Immediate attention. A SINGLE ROOM, HANDSOMELY FURNISHRfr. wlih grain and goa In U, to let n> single gonteuuio. la a private house with all the modern Imuruvem-uls. Breakfad and lea If required. Apply at 9d Prlnoe sircet, a few doors west of Broadway. Board-in west fourteenth strest, iippusitk Annunciation Church; near Sixth avonue ?Two geutl-t nu-n and tbelr wlvea ean obtain suits ol aparlmei la uruHbed, aitb board, by Immediate application at no. Idfi West four teenth stree', house having modern Improvement.; is very oou venlenl iocs a and stages. Reference required. Board.?a gentleman and wife, or a few single geutlemen, ean be aecommodeled with board Aim, a back par'o/ and bedroom handsomely furnished. Apply at No. 9 fit. George's pace, East Thirteenth street, between First snd Second avunutA BOARD-AT .'<2 EAST TWELFTH STREET, CORNER <f University piece, r ne block from Broadway. A choice of rooms at dlilbrnnt pries. Fifth avenue stages pass the dcor. 1 inner at one o'oio<.k. Board.- families or single gentlemen wish tng >0 engage board lor the winter, can be aocnmmnd-tlad with desirable looms at No .17 Irvlug place, or tasivos-th at, n very handsome suite on ihe first floor, v> nh private table If required. Board.?a large parlor on second floor, wl h pantries,hsmloomily luruLhed, suiubie toe a gen tlciusu and wife. Also, two single rooms, for gonUeaou. References ex charged. Apply at 65 East Broad vay. Board.?a large sized light room, on third floor, com ortaoly furnished, suitable for two or lb ee sen Uemen. Reepectable mechanics wisuing c Oau comforts no winter quarters, with gord substantial hoard, will do well to rslL A store lit on third floor every evening ror general com tort. Apply at No. 55 Poraythe suect, nearWa.kar Board.-two handsome parlors and bed rooms attached, on second floor, to let, fm nlshed or uo l'urutahed, and two rooms on third floor, to genlleme ? and their wives 1 r s nglo gentlemen, with board, I11 * st-k ly privale fa mily. For |articular* call nt 119 West 1 weuty sec nd street. Board in rrooklyn.-one or two biwgln gentlemon can be acoonimodu ed wl'h 1 arvlal 'ward la a small family, where unly alow hour era are taken, by ap plying at 114 High street, heleieoces exchanged Board in rrdoklyn.-rooms en suite, and single t<<qn? for families, and shale room* 'or gentlemen. In s flrsi rises (warding house near Wall stree ferrr. I quire at house in MoniAgue street, second door east of Glint ?n sttee', south side. Board in Brooklyn.?a private family ocuu pong a flrat eldm homo, convex lent o .be cere end ferric*, can aconmmo late one- er mo setUeruen hef-mucna ex changed. Address <J. A. M , box A d9< i'oat office, S. t. Board in brooklyn.-handsomk whims com munlcatlt g, lurni?hed or uufurulfched for gentle.urn end "Hr wlvee, with board. In a drat house w.ih ell the mo drin Improvements In a desirable lore <Or, wllblo a fear ride utcs' wak of Snu b fet r t; also room- for slng'e enet. Inquire at 214 henry street, between Amity and Congress. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Board in Williamsburg.- a gentleman and bis wife or two single gentlemen oan oeac.tonnmltied with pleatmut room*, with full board for the ladr. tn iraul pilvato tamlly; house tn I -ivl Ion avenua, Are minute*' walk tr< m (be terrlra. Address B., WUlUmsnurg Poat offloe. Ke lercncex required. Board wanted-by a gentleman and hd wife; down town preferred, any where between Broom" aid Iranllln streets. Would a private family. Ad dree* Davis, IIem d ( Dice. Board wanted-for a okntlrman and m? wife. Aim. partial beard for a single gentleman. Ad dree*. elating term*, ? hich mnet be strictly moderate, r.oono my, Herald office. BOARDINfl.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS Win, AND two or three single geiiUrtneu, cau be accommodated wl h pleasant rocma, furnished or unfurnished, at a moderate price, by applying at 2<i.1 blxtb avenue. BOAKDINO.-A PRIVATE FAMILY OOCIfFTISO A ftiat nl.vnw lioune. location un*urpas*ed. will rent wl'h board, two plousant rooma, fnrotabed or unlurnuael. Call at new >o. 170 West Twruty aecoud at, near seventh avenue. BOARDINO.?A HINOLK GENTLEMAN CAN BH AC rciiin-odata l with a peasant roam with I ktwet end tea n a private Oerntan fondly. Apply a'. No. MO Hud ran at BOARDINO MOHAN IK, NO. 4 ASTt)R PLACE.?Dlf ?livable room* and board in various porta of till* city and Utnokl II may be obtained by applying born. No oh ante for Infmnia'lnn au<l direction. Private aradlca and botrdlng bouses may be supplied with boarders from tula nillce. DKMAltKbr A tt.ASMCT. BHOOKI.YN.-W 1 NTKR ARRANUKMHNT8?TWO OR thiee single gentlemen1 an havenlc i??nt rooms and gtssl partial board, within live mUttres* walk of the Fulton or wall street 'erne*. Terms IB to IS 60. Apply alftS Henry street. Brooklyn. IjH-RMBHEO APARTMENTS TO LKT, TO RIN'ILK genlli-rr en In the first ' lass b' use. No. 6 flroat Jouct st., ddoor fr. m Drnsiiwa. ; replete tilth every modern rouvem cure Ihe who e or pat t of the secoud tluor, newly ami hand rnti ly fun ishrd. Iteferrnres en-hanged. GUIlNISITbD ROOMS-TIIBKE OR FOUR OKVTLRMKN C ran be accommodated with elegantly furnished rootii'.ln a ''reach family, at RIB Broadway, between Twentieth and I wen<j-brit streets. Break'am if required. Hhjrnishkd nnrsK to let, and rent taken in board, by tbn gentleman a m lady oernp ing be ssm -. A house and ?p eodtdly furnished in view of W ? 'lann square, will be let to a roia.l private tamlly without <hi droit rreott "ten immediately. Apply at thu More. No. ;fcU liroedwar RBIIHED BOOMS TO LKT, WITH OR WTnTOl'T uartl. at No, 12b Frank'la s'reet, L'CRNISHLD AND UNFURNISHED ROOM a to LKT, TO r cebtlemen and their wlyes; fit I board for the ladies only. I h* house ha* all modern Improvements aurli as ga?. bs-.lia, and hot aater tirougboiit 'be building Enquire at ."Borneo street, one block from n. Ntrholas Hotel. Furnished rooms-some handsovr rooms. suitable for a Urge family, or lor single gentlemen. sro now to let. In the elegantly situated hou-e No 1 Ureal .loom orcet, comer ot Broad way. Board, with prlratu ublc, can be turn Ishrd If dtalrrd. F HOPOKKN.?FURNIsnED ROOMS TO LKT, TO A OKN Uetnau andwl'e.or tn tyro or hreevtagl" gentlemen. Ap pfj at the southwest corner oj Hudson and r nth sty, llobofcen I ClIOtNO R'BtMS AND PARTIAL BOARD IF DR Ji siri d.-A so.all private fa ally have in let a fron' room, nea"v furi Ubed to one 't two young men, with paroalo r full I' lrd. If desired, tn Houston ?'rect, two M<>-ka e?a. of the Bowery. Term* very moderate. Address I,. I, I,, box LIS llera d office stating where en Interview may be had ONE Oh TWO OENTLKMFN CAN IIAVK A NICE BED room on ibt -econd loor with partial board, to the family < I a widow sdy where there are no oerdets or children, not taether up titan Tenth -tret t. Address lady, Broadway rust office. rRIVAl K BOARDINfl.?ONE OK TWO ROOMS EITHER turntfhcQ or unfurnished can ba ha I wI>ia ouarJ tn a pri vate iaixliy r- siding at No. 2"tl avenue (oppcsl -a vary chtiicb). Ihe bouse Is pl?- taau'ly located, has'ha, dr., gc. Keteiccces eietuDg'd. ^ OOMH, WITH PARTIAL BOARD, FOR ONR OR TWO aentjetri-n, on the wot,d is. t, at lid Ninth strwvl near lUuedway. Tlebml.v la small and take but four geotlemen. rl.RT, WITH BOARD?A OOOD SIZED HALL BED room, seconds-* r, iront. Term* tor full board, taclud lug fuel and (a*. Su per week Refctenrev raqn'red. Apply at 07 bleerker ?tract, a faw doors aaat of Broadway. TO LET WITH BOAKD?THE FRONT AND BACK ROOM unlU'Dbhrd, ou 'he ae. ond floor <sl a house ot t.> ?ler v Iw prove" en'a situated In luth at , near Avenoe a; ac-e*dale l> ary part of the ctt? by cars or stages. Tama very moderate If t pplted lor Immediately, ?* t!t I" b at. YL"ANTED?A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM, YT In bs vl-rtnlty ot MadUm. a,uarc. foe a ladv and gaaua man. No board raqal ad. or board fbc Ihe lady only, ad dirsa Mr. t"barIra A. adama, it.. Union Pom oflUa. Wr ANTED- A WILL FURPlnfl^D RfNIM I Irt A OKN' TV t'srvian a-d 'adv. w ;t full and annd |. VM 'nr the lv<r i vtauct r. ...tsivwas -? Ira <u . .wt a ? ?uCable keatlrw Is *snut. wCl be parvaeaevit Has prra'errwl ta rtwaa. Addreaa R. f. Jamas, Broadway fust qffioe, p^M paw, ke twp days. R