Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 3, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 3, 1855 Page 7
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ilffiimmpfis l>> ETKBl Dif. M(U *AiaB. 4ft ftllft A<j1*1 LAKD TOR SALrf, OK i "1 \J.\n 1\) exrlnute for rtiv property or in* ??hAn.liie.ale-i, rwa .teo'eel bouse in nna.klvn for gale; price ?>,UU0; on" ?1.M4I 1Mb reqU'itd; |C0I lor $ll>l Also, a C'.lUKl In MMruae fe*|l *Bi Mbirequhfol, RoR Appl' *>.14 Wall i mii Nee ytrk.lolllLVfioTilU I.aT. Coaunhsslo.iar 'or all tha States <H9 ?1)0 ~F0H 8AL*> VERY CflKAP, A LOT OF yAit/UUi grourd in Thli it sevw i?h g reet. 219 fa" ?iui of iiio-dwiiv; la * ell loea'ed la e ui?t rlw ncblhc.irtmd. Thb OX coat, in perl Kancpa-t ca?h, alx months ego, MUM; b"t the ttdviiln." I* m.iob In w* t t>f money, end will sed tor *' "ke; food Miintd d wn, W.fttgl can rn oaln for u Win ot jeer^_AMrea-, tmniti'taialy.C. K. t! , Herald eCBua. <R; O I |/W| -FOR BALK AT A B.VRO AIR -TWO <T ttilil/U? third* ren remain on bond and tuorigaie, a nice >wo story hi u?c, onoMlitl it about Bight mom*; lot .VI by Ifu feet. i.u Forest gvcnue baa eu hour's ride nv sUgo fr r i the Mbltstnsburg lerrler. Holdonivoti ucHitintof''he dsuho/ ?to owner, B. W. K10H A llli, ,')il/ Hr.uiiwsy. 4>i a /in ? rkitaurant os UROADw.vv^wrrii yl* looi lessr atoek and fixture*, for aalt! at * saorlfloe lor p ate w ? rtl hue*it and genteelly patrunlMd, having been It ng establish' tl and now doing a go d bus'iio-a. for In J pur ttrularg, eppiy tide day to B. W RIUHABD3, 3T7 Broadway. itl Qliii ?rob haui, a well known and lx vI.aiv'n lenaive bskciv, ?nh l? iso navrca! years unci plrad. Lor ae. wagoo and flxure* compile, now baking ?'wr Iweiuv arret,. e ?f?k and nia> I a'loan i d. sffli pi.ipermt iiagemepl. located Id ore nl the beat business avenues. \p Hjy l?_ C. 11. hOWKH ,t LU,, ra Nassau street. 41 / t/Uk TO SlfdO WfLL PURCHASE A M tNUFAC Vla'TTyvr to>y pajt'g fioo in ROW per week, a* e*n he fhoyn lh'? la a raie opportunity. Batirfarfory reamus lor rel'log. liUMinn dona Willi lie trade oaly. Knr p irticiiUra apply toII. H. SMITH A Oil., (VI Nan,w arreet, ruom ho. It. 451 ftlll) _T,> OROCKR8.?TMR RTOOK, FIXTURE*, tp'?""ill, Uaaa end graid will oi an aatanUahed grnnery, doing e weekly burlneaa of ifiWt lo K?hi, aa nan be s'town. ntoek ei apprairaj. daiiafkriory reaeea tor aelling. For peril ruort. appiy to U. H. SMITH i 1K>., Uewal AgeoU, 8* Naa aau aueet. AfPLFRIlin FARM OK SRVENTT IUKKB AURKS. ntder a high a'e'e ol eulM?atloii, with doe bull llnga, on the FhmbIc iOver, near the l'aa>ale fella lu din oi y nf Patera in, til ren inljealrnui St W Vorfc per railroad. prl"?l kbl.OIK). Alvi, a llrn i lea* firm of seventy ae-ea, at Morrlatown. > J ; price dfiintt Vt amid lor raih, a farm ol twenty lo thirtyaorea, lo M ettcheater, near thin riiv. W. J IIKUMDREU A CO., "8 Maaeau atreoU T3AKKRY AND OONFEOTIONKRY ?FOR SALE, OX If one ot the pr ortpnl atreeia of Soutli linaiklyn a bakery a d n.niecilui ery, now dull g a good cash bualnroi en I can l.o greiily iDnrrimed a lib a'tniitlon. The rr??on for relliog. Hi; proprietor baa other bualtieni to at'rnd to. Apply to C. 1). Ho WKS A CO., HI N.i aan aL DRI O STORE up TOWN, FOR 8AUK OHdAP I" applied for iiumrdiit'e'y, with a : oral a irnk ol drug* and eiircnioa'S, ilntng a good ri rail and itreacrlpiioo dnalneaa. Kea ?oi a lor ii illi g ibe oriiprloior ?lahea m retire frion tlio burl ne?v Add'eru D> ui'alai.lflbatbajD aqaarj Poat oill.e. N. II? Agrllla heed uo appiy. !%BUO S'OIIB FOR SaUB.?A Fine and uvrok I ' di og a ore lor rale oheiip, aim tied lu New Fork, in a good thorough are (? eiiiieia d a i Mi and populous ward Inquire at !!>?? French ?irug Bine 354 third avenue, oau door below Twei) liittareei, VORli'S AMERICAN WINDOW.?TO 8ASHMAKKRH, bullderr, i i ? < om ty rigid< of tbia rabi tale loynnllou for salt on favnrab'e terma. I'heae ?aah<*a oo'h albir aiid swing, prrrenl ehandromc appearance and are atorm, wind and (loaf light; ar> c'ssiirr than French caaerimnU. FnrtlPo forggivmon arrpiinaiitin io the patentee itinl m*onf.?i'ur?r, EH b FtiRll, IHl ?M ?r? i (lfdi a.r<ot, oi JaH. U. HKK V Y. Agi ii', i2 l.'bir- reel, or Jamea II. Ileroy. fivOR 8AL14? NTEaMbfllP TKN.NB88KR. OF l,%.V> TtlNH regbaer, bulk In Baldeiore. In IHV( of toe beat Maryland enh in ibe aft r.grst manner, diagonally sloap iod with Irwi Khglweil Wal horse power. Thla s ilp b:? p oved herself an <ai.ouniiiinl ? e,.e nee uoai ,b very faat,ai d her co laumntlon of yawl Uirnbrute. W II be mold lew. Auply to '-m* ' Sir STUN, AH Broadway. foNOR HAI.E?THIRTY I.OT8 In BROOKLYN. UATE WU, n-m-hurg, on Union a-reuue, Wyelrolf. : lagg ncbols, and ?lour) Fourth street* These fotn are on u good grade, atreeta p wed utid fliiggrd ai.d am od'ered l >w to eloae an saute. Ap ply to H. B H THn,A8. Bedford avenue corner of Koee at. Fob fa i.e.-a m:8pkotahle outride buainkhm. having a large, permanent and Increasing nnnunviien, wld be told at a reusonahle pre e. and Include a t.vvjrablc lea a of premlai a. saUafnciory reaeona given fur selling. Ap ply lo FhlCDkiklOR A. UOODaLL, WS Fulton SU t/K'B BALE? V TWO STORY FRAME OOTTAOK HOUdK " and three olr on tlie soqib aide of A3d at. betwoeo 4th and atb avasuna; pi ice (t 400, C12A0 dollararaa rein tin on muri gage A'rplv io IIKNKY tJAUPc N I Kn.Afo.l4 Essex Market, or ot Fountain A Rn.llh, No. AA Kaal 2Jth at. ylOti SALE?'iWO TENANT HOUSES ON ONE LOT, SO P 'eet deep each; lot 140 feed deep, and till (Font; In Charry atroat, btlw- en r.aiherina and market; terms eaay Inquire el foe Ne ? Ynrk Fur tfompany, 421 Broadway, from S to I# A. If., and 3 to A1*. X. Tj>OR bale?stock and fixturbh of a fancy Jr store, In a good sltuailoo. For partletuara In tulre of tl. (XiLN, LO John an eet. I'oR RAi.K-AT A SACRIFICE. A FIRST CLASH bmwn -lone house In Thirty third street. The house Is new, hnsatlthe tnodcin ImprovnmAni'. and is lu an tuencep Ri nal le locality v ill be mid very low> Apply io FOOfE A Rti ill! No. 5Trinity Bulla)ig. FCR PAIS?ONE OF THE OLDEST AND BEjT KAY lug dimi'g salto s In ihia city, fur pudbmUr* enquire on Ike preio.aea. Nog. J, H and 'J Kullon market, or at Use Bay Bute t-otel. No. 143 and 143 Fulton afreet ot A. 8. Wt HITMAN. ?COB PA1.R?A BEAUTIFUL HOTEL, WELL IAFCaTKD JT near ilda i iiy. doing a grsid kuaioraa. Attached Is a large, ?plendgl billiard rooni The hotel and bar furniture a i In erunple r order. V due till,lag) Will exchange for ci'y pro pony or a larm In 'be country. Addreea u. p. H., llertid .Mine, wUcb will be attended to. Agents wl I please not notice FOR BALK-TIIF, stock and fixtures of a well titled up oy tier and drinking r i Irs in, rlouw a goslctah hoslncaa; rent inar M ill In* ,.rld cheap tor cash as the pro pileior la going "nl '4 U e hnrPn-as. apply on ihe prem aes, sfb Mghth avenue, corner of 1 blrty drat?treat. TjTOR SALK-?\aOO.?OKNTLI MEN'S FCRNOWIM! J? afore wlih entire new and lieaii'lful winter etnek and Bl tnres Lease expires May 1, with he privilege of rcjewiei It. Lcio low. Loca'too Is ihc bc?i in the el's; arorc d dng a rtrst raie I ininei-e Will be sold for lbs above ainoun1. cash, or ex ehel.geo li.ra propcrtt, us ihe proprietor has o-h r eugsqn B cni*. and cannot auaud It properly. No o'Jior reason. Ad dirrr A , box lV'i llcraid oOlce, wltli real Dame and plaoeof hinrvlew. lafOK RAT.K-A HLAt KhMlTII'H HIIOP AND TOOLS, C with the go?d wl'l w tin- ltti?lne*a, well ?-,t?tit|..hed In light jobbing ui'i'* work. Apply m.lAtlKs ilLA'li VuOPh, corner Ih-neunth *u**t and r.ighhavenue. For kai.k a kkwivo machine nkarly new. ?ltd In p*i fret ord'r, n very auperior one for One wvrk Wilt be told at a great reduction from It* original coal. Any Ci M.n wi.n wl*he? a rwd utwlug ma -bine will plraga ad Ire 1* II., Lruitdww, Poet olti'c. hale-tdk bkpt oyhtfk hoi?hk is new Yt rk; recr.lpla of winch from 1&I to *0) dollar* tier d ty, with a cheap Icaite Pe'tilar reason* for parting with the **-ae. Price ffl,UU> ea?h or it* m|Ul?alent will ne required. Tula It Oka heal in*e*tni*ui In UiU city. Profit* guaranteed Wlptr cent. Apply to K II Pi.PMK, 3f Oraml afreet. For baik vhkap?tub ,vrw two story "OTratk buuar and lot, No VfiH Wwal ,1|?t a tract near Ninth avenue, wlh a Itr.a flower ga'den and gran- ai-Sir in from Prtca tl.WAJ, | art on bond and mortgage. Powmkmod i mn diatety. IjioR F tl.K OK KXCll ANOW?FOR A BOJJ8R 111 T1IK P oily, an excellent tartn of 1X> acre*, on a llm: ol ra'trn vt. at a nrunilnrnl a'ation; a floe, pruluctlr* tarru and c m-trv fe?kJer<? Alao, oibcrceurtry placoa foraaln. apply to if B. KlhlsH, 31V Fourth avenue. ypo PR1STKRH-KOR BALK, A SINtJLK CYLINDER 1 Una hauler pre**, In etcadetii condl'loo, on llae um reaxoiial le larm* Apply at tn? Saturday Krculng Uaa< te ?Are, i.onion Mai*. fTO LIUUTERMKN-WIIX RK BOLD FOR HALF JTS 1 Tallin, a canal boat, too of Seventh alreal, K-iet river. In A aba on bwuiL TO liRl tlGISfS ?R VKB CHANCR.-llltl '1 ftTOBI for .ale, O't ne' term*. For parteulara, luTiira ol WHFEI.kR A HART, 2> Utahmtintitrt. Tub btotr and fixtures of a i ontbi.tiovrrt, lea cream and njater >.tu.iin for ?*'? cheap So lata -lory raaaoo gtreit lor tailing out. Kmpilre a' .'Ulrftlli ave.iu.'. hi. f, farms and timbkrkd land for rale? t UV# acre* I o.lwr for aale m> farm, koown a* Oakland lying in the county nt Horret, VlralnU, four mile* frcm tie beautiful tillage of Cabin Point, and Ore miina from dame* Klver, and Ij lug tut %c iFwana Point and a'.tge ro?d IraiHi a fmui P?trr?t org to bud'hileld. Va. tlpa ftrn oon tin*craa; U" acrvd la cleared, and In a high atale of lot pitieertierl, the and la well adapted to the growth of wheat, ootn. cot*. 1o*n?*co, and ha* proved ut ha a* 6? vtthy aa to* Cat to in k astern Virginia. there I* on tnie far m a laraadwol lh>a nearly new roi.'atnlng ?e?cii room* and a paaaaee aid all t.tcaraary oot hoo*> a for the avwnirooda'ion ?n 1 ooove ntaioeot tin lann Ibere Will i.e ooinpialed to seeing. I>* hi data l2Miii*f*l? w boa!, on good land whlob will go with ?te ptp ihaee of ilelarnt Tbe-c I* a good ytore bin** amtll 4w* Una at d t*??k boor* about a qnaner of ? mil ? from the laBOi das vt ry ptthi c rttad, ai d wlthio tit rl? atep* of the ta.wapt butd bv Me-era. Allen llopkln* A Seldon?a t evecl lent nand lor a .country goerry. lota railroad I* coirptoal ta tW? atore, and la iraoarM.r'lag wood and blather dally a dla laoee of all n Pea, to Jamea Rlvee, alter* wood |a readily aelili.g treat f.1 in f."'.: per ford, with an npward tendency. TM" r??road cwra Otcoitgh the w.*>led lane a meh will ylnld (ki-ir H tf it u> *.tag) rted? of good pine wootl. a iltant* f1>r Lh* jt.i'lerr j arkct, there t? a two a deal of tat mill Um'wr oa U.l? trvafc. 7d MP acre# ol word and. heavt'y timbered, whVn one ir.i r of die afcoye term and Itne natnral land for airl. nltural Cur I* rate, all eb will he flrom a que ler to a ttalf mlla p trehai . the ratified which 1* heart!* *el In put* ami oak, atuiahl* for ?aalin purprne and ?t?l rolling ;-d | wllalwtatlt air oyeaenl re?ldetc?, conla'nlrtg 1000 arrca, the I <d d*o?a a < atiiaw. a* that were comnlevad ltd yew }t$ it I *?* Inin 'he rikrr lar da a'! die a'ore lau te I will pell low, ?* I r" re oared 'heat ?hen laid we# eery tow in thle amrit. Ry t*'ma wis lie a. ..imnv?Uun*, In ihla nalshbor knod art ?areral gentlemen wf?i came from 'he Stale >f N?? tork and i nreha.ed farm*, and enyoy g"*l ht alth ci-ntner giid wtn er 1 bear laadr tacaeae an*iiy adran'agee, which I deem nred'era in aame a* thoae w tab trig >o porehtae ad | a rte ard eiamlre Petann* landing at flart?r'a aaarf or Alb n > wbarf, t learoiottni ear* reach my re*td?aceIn an ho ir a ad a half Thoae WbWng to porehac* mu I n?k* early appll aaun. k A. NAHPkRa P N . Spring I Intra, Hurray County, Virginia. __ DAWtmo AC A OK XI1CN. A PODWORTR'R FBIVaTB OANCTVO ACADBIfTM A. H? hnwiway, New fork, and 1*1 Hon ago* p aaa BrwAi/w, ore anw npao flrw'ha ?*??. 'Vcalan axpkUntM tee and 'arm* a aa be hod nt dm acodaoitaa. DAN' IFO?ANOTTIF.R FIIW CT. AM-BROOKK ? academy, Sf.l Bromn* atreat, a nawnwa for bagioar a Will imwtaoaad on Toaeday. All the faalitona la dan a la until 'It one ennraa of laaaona. 1 bar* or* elaaaaa apao I r ?hear more ad ran red. DA.Nt lNtl Af'ADKNT. All MRDADW AT -CONPMtlR f art hall, lor the benefit ot <1 Fradartek Ma-t al nt will 'ak* place on Dec 4, DA6, pairontaad Oy the lad e* of t?. Free I era A mortal ion the mat rleg?n' and rwolwaSa affile ut the -1? Ticket* to tc ued ol tbe halt, All if road *ty. FINE A HTM. F~n?R Tin, paiftinos.-tiif. unoii iiONko in form* hi* friend* ate! 10* amatenre of wo'ka 'f art, th if be bar opened room* al *2A B'Ond rar. op atalra. rioin Ho i, NnPat ' ulbtu r, r.nd ho# now on new an I nr?tl'<rryc ?wet# rn k ufnp. an u* tb* btaberi arr1*ttc marl *i I ratoe. i m.;,?.i* ? r* col.r*-ttog r it t'tia* atf towei'toaa anitrig brat llbff lietrtg ft'* ?eygra] he.f o'i> ivr* hr a | ttar'k | III I? Pi Sl'FA.e. fKmAfiS" net, ?i/i years' leah* or hie ru nobtheaht III o .nu-r ut i ra le and Hud on tiroes, opp Hlle Oirani Ltiu>* end-he Hudaou Utver Railroad ue.uit, etc- il-at for a Unci, (Irrma ? or d mervan o ? lor any jobbing l> u lnen; real lew uud term* ? ary. Inquire of J. M rirARK, 49 Wall nirml Afurmbheo fousk to lkt-mvkhytuino for boun kyi-plng. wee oi Rroadwa, In Eighth street oou uuning i,Pont 't rooms, will bath* fa- ch >n teller*, no'and fold T.mar, ninfi; ,%c. yearly rot II.OuO with lmnadUi# pnteeevtiii. Kir ruil particular* apply a B. W. KuiIaIUJ.-i, ?07 Broadway. AK APT or A FUhNHHBD UOI'SK TO I,Br?WtVll IK itu'dlatv po*M)-ki in, wo*t nl and Dear Hm ulway, beliw Houston etc ft. vn.: the llnl Itnor fruu' and nave panira, pan trie*. Ac., unb basement; fluid raiife aud Oroton water. WOO. Applv to 11. W. RICHARD*, 307 Broadway. a l'ARIMKH-H, HANDSOJIPLY rURNHtnED-THRi -? A or four roon*. wl'h klu-hen autcbei, also parlor and * edrnom lor a single gen'lcuun. at jvo. 2 a id Ity street, mroer brnadway. I'HJRNKR STORK TO LET?T.iK LARGE OOBNAli v i core on tnr vou'heast corue- of Itou ton s'r-et and bowery Mutable for *D] kind ol uslne*-, a larir# frnat have nu pi foe* ?-< h ibe store heut low also, ibe lower partnl a bouse nn Forty nflb sheet, near Third avenue, Kent flia month. E. U. Kl.NblJiM elR 319 Fourth a-euiie ELEGANT TtOOMH.?A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, cHciipy re an elegant re ldenoo fmmlug Wua'ilngi >n qua e near me New Viuk Hnlal. Would let to a geuleuian of h >h lerpea'sbtlky a richly turn'ei.ed par.or, l.rdrnnm, Pa d r . in waiercbset*. Ac , with partial board U dcalred. Ad drees bo? 1,131 Pod -illlce. (j^lHNIellBn IIOI'KB TO LET-IN TWENTY HE0> IN D r kin ei. between Fourth n>d Lexington avenue*. Thru* Merles, is room*, heeblea >-a'li and pantile*. la a desirable re *itear* foraemai uenicellatntly WPluoth* let for.4 board Itig luiuee Ken' 9126 per inonlb. Apply at 12 o'clock to H i:. jtKdli, f.21- otnli Or ret. FtRNlbllFD HOUSE TO LF.7-A HlND-'OME BR >IVN stone huune, np town, brood->?** w< h modern tin proven elite, anil oewlv and h?n.l*om*ly ftiroldieil all through. Pent fCPtHo 1st of Mav nest. Also a number of iinfurnWtac I hornet to let. hi. U. KI NblllUfcK, 319 Fourth avenue FitRNIBBED HOllSB.?A FAMILY R&UDINQ IN 11 rent .'or,? i street are duelfOU* of lel'lng llie bnu?e, bin I WBt'ly tiiri.wtied, for neicral Rime lis. Please address II. U.. lit re d office. LM RNIHIBD ROOMS TO LET-TO .HfJiILK G K N PLW A men in ihe tire'c|a?* bonne So. 772 Broadway. comer o. Mi ill iireei, wpli liaib. gae, Ao, on name Hour. Apply 9 o'clock A. M. 10 2 K. M. Ion TO I.KT-ON BROADWAY. THU MOST DKAI J rable Mtiiatloo and beat plana of the kind i . u Ira' ly rui-iet nr ? ImliMne mil bitirv ?tr*?*. or e.n oiher (fht bu'linea Ainu, a large r.ioniy a.ore In Kraaklu iin el ?i out lluriy yard* from ori edwav, 40 feet by 64 Ao pl> toOlO. liUDi IB.Stil llroiuleai. PART OF A TI1RKB STORY IIO"BR TO LET To A m all ree|iecb,hie lamtiy, or lo n p-lv.ite genHeeita ftti t-ikhrd or untuinlebed apar intent*. Id a Ortctlv prlvaie Kroinib I onie with all n odTlt (inpraveinetit*. and In * pleasant I e* non l?e bli-rkw from i.roadway, bo 14.1 ti'eeue utreet, tic w lloniior, .be beat of lafsrencea will be required and flvea I rent lev' aid tea, If required, ui one or two gentlemen Booms?hooMB-BfOMB-sutTAbi.K ron hk.,iar maker*, leiliir*, td.onnnik'r*, and bgbi maaufaeta In* pitrpera* leneralty. Apply to L. L CtlK.SF. Y, 0d OortUml. rtteet i.p iialr*. J^OOMS WITH 8TBAW POWKR, OR ONB DETACHED _ . huikllng sIrv ann well ven'I'a'eil, wlih leiating and dry Ina eppa * I ue lo 'c or leave. Inquite on tbe premlw*. 13 and I t Fill *t . near liraitd. * CTOKE 288 FUI.T0N HTREEt, BROOKl.YN, TO LET i ' rnd llintrt ii for -ale - One of ibe nest ?i wdi lor ury go il In I rieiklyn. Inquire on tbe pre mice*, beiweeit '1 l!Ury au! J i bnron aueel*. I O l.FT?D A OU KB It El* E OAU.EKY. S1I >W ROOM I buaines* and lodging rooma lteut low. Call at iM Hioedaay. ItO I.KT TWO PLOOhS IN A NRW1MUSB BETWEEN F< urfli avenue utid Irving place In Fifteenth ?trew. eal I'Ulated f r two reparate icbuo ?. or two club room*, or a r'aud for a i# eon land hmkrr nr trUrt It will hold live blid-iM i* hie*. Alrn three houree In nobineon itreet?Mi.i. 40, 41 aud 4-t. Apply at i6 Karl 14Ui street. rpO LET?A LARUE. WELL LIGHTED ROOM, 8PITA 1 hie lor a daguei eotrpo gallery, or anv light maiufac luring bmlna?g. A| ily at 1?U Uiwarv, four door* above Ilrmnie creel aI*o. i Urge basement for a restaurant. Ap ply a* above. 'fO LET-THREE VERY .AROR AND COMFORTABLE I room*, pan trie* and chert*, with Pont bosoment, use of Imlhro HI and cellar, lo the three itory bou4* 24A Nni n creel beta cm ltd and 2d avenue*. Oa* In *11 the room*. Powae ?toii imuiedia ely. Inquire ou tLe premises. Rent low. r LIT?GENfEEL APARTMENTS, AT 368 THIRD avenue, peer iwentv eighth street; Ave room* on a floor, with water, plenlv of clonal ro mi and In lino ordor, at fix Also, room* at 68 Dowuin* street, at ?A and *3 per month a. U. KlNbtilMKR, 319 Four J) avenue. IiO LET-TO A VERY KMALL FAMILY, AT 91 GROVE street, three ronnu- on 'he setviud floor, consiallog of froni I *rl<-r buck n*im and bedronn. I'ussrM on Immediately, i-iui 912 per niouib. fpO LET?IN BROOKLYN THE SMALL COMFORTABLE L houre No. 6i Picenpp'e street. Tbe advertiser breaking up bunseaerplng. would like to sell to any per* u wanting Hie furniture, or hem.) blue dupoaed to rent it furnirbed until May 1. lO LET. AT WILLIAMSBCRQ ?A HANDSOME TWO I story Core at.d dwelling b'mae, and two lot* of ground; Cure long estalillnhed aa a mea' and flab mark*'; 1,'oid cluaue.e for a tmaineen mat,; Graliaut avenue ai.d Power* creel. Apply to JOc. W. Rl'hDaN. 4fd> tiraiid street, WUllamaburg. FIJBKB NICK FERMHHF.D ROOMS TO LBr?ON TUB J llnrp enry, lo one or two single genllemen, without board. Appl) at Ao. 7 Rrevuort place (128 I colli et), near H. oadwsy. MUSICAL). PIANOFORTES aT OURT?TO ('LORK A ROUTHKR> tiuui* All new nuperior tuxu-oaieiiUi, full) warranter I)} the bvxt New \ urk end Bo-Ion maker*. ?pl- did Hvm u* lave rneewood, lor 9.ID; Inlaid Willi pearl, 12-11), leolLaux, f'k. f'txn<*il7 j l?? than r?n u trough! an;win re rlxc, a< 00 Wk) ker (treei, lor one *eek. W uSBOitN A OO. 8 S>r? ?BANJO TAUGHT IN HII EASY I.KWiNi J O. Termr, SA lu advance. U-tnj-x xmd In relal' a' erbo'e >a'c prieec. It? m; meii-os of tee-bin*, pupil* learn arid) jrcm fecl-lt;, ei-d coon make K"Od p'a-em. ilanjiM, $| All to I,A l'rmr--?r Fi'ANK elkAH.HI M admin xre--l n-anul-o mi-r nt banjo*, lambofinaa, aceordcouj, baxa, xuare aixl to; cruine, Ac. A SPLENDID ROBK'NOOn PIANOFORTE, (0AI.R'. /? Oiake ) (or $1*0, coet Slf-6; h*x been In ua nut -Hie ;wu Alio, one ortxn harmonium, with an or ave of pvdah, unal tMm. will be no d ate -amide*. olco flfeeu eaooad nunc pletoc xt prnve I om 12b up Ui$l90. at l"2Tee t. euth xUvel i.tar Mx'h avenue. I'lauua tuued or taken In ex- u-i i*e. K. UU L iLRZ. fjktiR.SAl.l-A THEODOLITE, A FINK 1 NSrRlJM''.S r I in firm ran-order. A|>|>I; at Dr. GERHARD'S office, 134 Nu?>.au xiieel. fourth floor. TtOR BALK. VERY CHEAP-TWO HELEN DID 7 OC P ia?e roxeeeod planoe, l.eautllul lone, made by beet cry uiakere. wild lu perfeal tnler ?ini. oo? very flue tuned 6 octave mahogany piano. Apply at SU4 Broxd ?ay, rooui id. GU)R HALF. OB TO RKNT?A FIRST RATE SEVEN OC V tave piano and a double action harp. Can be xceu at 111* Prime xireeL IMPORTANT, MUSICAL.?THE PRIMA DONNA, COM 1 torero* miunr. elga ELIZA V AI.K vTIlvI, inecbea Engine and lie piano at diflV-ieat prleee at 3H3 Broadway, xecood flour, ?here xbe oan be .ten tverj da; from li u 13 o'clock. En tiatce b> tbe murde etnrn. " i m-vet nan be thine," halmri inuMj b; t.lixa Vaiantini, will be puolilbed lu a few dayx b| Mr Waten-. J A C. FIBI IIKh PIAAOFOK1K M iNUFaCTOSY Alffi . wxreroom. 241, ii-3. US, M7 24# and ?l Weat Teroui; e-a' tk meet ne -r Mnth avenue Punua erldt the bet -to pioveoitr-t*. and wrrrxr led. reomid hand plao-ai from Mtlk ?i?). Plxuoa in le', tuned and rv paired I A EloNOR* ELIZA VaLkNTINI, PRIMA DONNA J piofer-cor i.f ringing, ha* re-uroM lo New York at let i in cewefui rie-cen lour ni eigbimn niunibe in Imod/in. Pari* it el e lexrlicx ai 'he rnriden -ee of be 1-td-c. and can b- eeea *i the Manel-n Doom, 97 Chamber*atreri, e'er; da;, from I o'clock till 0 P M. ? MVpICAL-A Lady, FROM hUROPE HPBAKINO Fttglieb ai-d Futiob flucnilv Odculrou* id giving leteo H on 'be pleie-, Hid pi IIII/I. g. liar in -meal clura'lou, l>; Hu bert b-ar ere at well ae tier pracil -i wp-rie'-ne, enab e her to u.cruet pup la, both In the rj* and modern .tvle. tfier li e ne-xt api-ravod ne-h-d* Term* uiodera'e Apply at bo. 'AI i.ioume meet, bctwe. n lu A. A and J P. M. \AUF1C-A TOENO LADY KXPKrtlK* KD IN HIV ill big in.'niri ior. -o plan ?? wRi local to m -re ptio I*. it2pcreer. il ei'h pn,i c*e id prxctee Pax J? abe.. i? I ai ' Sill per t)aarU-r. a ppl; a' 1A . .Ii{h b a veou bateoeu Iwenl; tetono aad iweol; 'bird x-reee. Muhicai.-a lady, kxpebtf.ncf.*? aratkich er. ?- rl-ee to oMain ate* more pnpt't f.c 'b* pi - to. . I e U'n o.i pa-n? ? HI le tak-e'o adtai-r. paplia in me * .. n?en-. up-,n uxi" e-JUie app .c?l>on oMu-ir le* Uer, No Vi tutene xLree', near rpru*. lermaaode.e e. IJIANOR, MILODkONS A"J? MUSI- FOB THE ll'it.l 1 da>? ?IK B -< K We I Eh-, bit Uxe x*v of tip l.cxi Ixe'. t, aid New Y"ik t'Ui/.ox l? now e'l nit at wt iinrx-i ? xy.tnu'lir ) i ew ?*?* k oi mpernr oMrie ail ? II xlu-ir ol Ii.n.irai meret.*n< |.e at pre ill; r-iiip e.l prteAr Mi I* w .1 toriiinltv u-x-rurefreei wa-mine w*aavwrrefer ? d 31.? p-pularaid rxieip.,ie llocx-c. Weierx I ?l?'.i*.i. -i i ...p n.r .alt. xt half price until Jwuua/v I, l-Ki. by mai I, poet paid. IJIANO FOE N *I.F ? A HOI ED CORNER MORKWOOD I p.ebolore d 2 3 (--tave, iooIiau, irno frame. *ol n.vr,. i' UlMP 4 ta inakeix l*e <>?? xepetxt bud ... ? . r B nix; b- u cd by x icefl- iieii.l# oer-oe b; aJvwocotf llit ax the owner bar bo uxe lor li a< prceen'. Piano nw a.el one Scot). Alidie x Puu Q. boi llfi DaraPl. fTW CSV IN N\W FIANDH TO LIT fti xND7 OCi AVRfl 0 ?er> fine, I. ur mei.eke.aie'o el, ee-.-nd bind p-.rpia o rele-ne for #.*i lei.irSJu, STft $-u>, SID, flii IU-); xom ter; fin* new ptaiaix rbetp, i. H. BKituV, til rtroaiwa;. HOtSKS, KIHIIWS StC., MR tITTKD, ft Wants * kcs-m wiirrs hf. can prvctise mu \J. Xir, die-urt |n? 'fe h ? .-e, etual l-e On be eix tide of the r It;. Ad I. ew r , i rnA'e Hotei, room l--t. /3f>I'NTER Rcsm WaNTRD-IM A TUbOMfO OR \J r irh'bi ee.xli .ehu er.t, to he ti.ed In H.e -h-n and ( one itei. i lurnixh nt baeiaeax. It ix heitcved 'nai a-- arrahgem ui n oM U ira-c ?hi-*b aould be mutually id -Q-jagnnTH m 1 xr*. if w hp b tnlebi ta P xi die e-tre- uepr arm 11 art in me nap* e v of ele> k, *1'-old x-i-h o. d.-e rwble. The edvctieer U fu ri upe'et I to ml up xll l o-ie m nhirte la I'm e-ri he?? -niiri-r b?? -nx ec cd in 'hxi ixi>ecit? lot one of the btr-ev bo-twci .e lie e|i;, loe a nun-) er -- ;-er? ai?; one widun* to make .. arrerieo av-t of llde kind will pleaae xd-lrctex Ailain* f>-,? I v. li- raPl office. T athf. wa ntf.p?with rack and Rcsrit hear, I. ibrow a1 o-.t Ift l"rkc? io take-n abo i' A fe?t vpiiri ?i c rrfioecr ai Die marble ini-l, i?l xt , between let enlll i? ANTKD-A HMAI.L FFRNI?niD IIOf-E, I* NEW *' Yncl or H i-klii. till frx' of Mx; ncji rent t?o- u> ? e.d |.m per monib Ail tree* Mia. i tut ee A. J-or-, Jr 11 cm xqaexr Paxi office. |A ANTED TO FUR'HASR?A FlRbT CLaNM KOCfl* ?id P*. heiween Twrlllh eel lair-v eerta'k x rw* a *lk'V xi d lex iiec n evcDxrx. xpptybi FooTe. < W .RT i No A3 rnlo kmdlel /A*3?n?A I.IXMI1T DP Htf % A Nil f It I ' xi e ?oe Ueelra' I- I ? ,n b II fi-Jr-?* l. -ipt ? Jk-r?p.i l, I ? rt lc*l-*i1d>. COR LIVERPOOL.?ON I TBI) HTaTRH M.lIL ATSAM* r .nip A (LaI" 110, Ctapt J*a Won? iti.. uia-io-hi.. ?Ui <tn|.*i i with the Unt'?ut Stains uiuh. fur .'.ur w auro,.a. pualti.e ? on Mrdueacay Ibuioml.ur 12at 11 i.'o net tl , l.o.u Bur D.-rdi at Ibe Hh* of 1' mraol. rur fraigh'. or iwma, bar In 4 'to nqualiad acoomuia'In. ? ft) e.rgauc* a. d uuuiful apply to HOWARD K., 4ii *alt * l*aaari.g?r>. are icq wni.d u> ?? ou-oa-d by li <>Vo'k \ M. fehippar* piuMn ?*>? u.atce 'hot the *li i>'< ' f bi? una <?? .n a r?rr> >!?? gm<l? auntraoaud ot war. aii le uiro iumg pnaa tfcrungh On - I o*i? fllce, ar y oiLern ?r?JI he r? turu?*d | be M-evn hint* baitic will vticcted ?be aim nail ueo 16. Kutice -Tie oav.uI bttgMrv .rn o'" una liu" iron New York will he ealurUav coinwencluir Jeauej^ A, m ui ever* *IUU*q%i* ba?urday: "id from Liverpool on W-d. e*day, eemunnielftg January ii, au?1 every elieruote WedneMdny. fllHB NBW fOHK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED HTafKS I mail nteemere.~Thc Miipe omnfKmlug the liue ere the fol lowing AH AM1C, Oept. We*. PAOiriO, Owpi. MMridf*. BALI 10, Capt <oajHiurk. Alidi t.ept. IhcHf ship* have been oullt by cutiiraei, ettpreehy for gov ernment hervlv?i. kvvrv care u%* taken h? their ?Irueilou, h* aimo In tin tr eiigtiioe, 10 eion re ?tr* .gib and mmed end their aocouiiiMjdmioujb for p.'(Monger* ere mietju ?l e?i (o* eiyganoe, end oouiiur Price of front n*vv fork to Lue/pool In ttreicUm# onbis, $130, in iieco ? i do.. 4/6; et clUKlve n?dol ox ra Niete roiine, iroui Live-ponl to eew Y'?ix ho moU U) guinea* tu vxper.euceu urgeou at tached lo eieh ?bip N't t??r u xtrmvl ni l u ?irt for. PKt VtmiCD n.\Twrt OK HelUNO rKOM HEW YORE. CKOM U?TtHt*"OL WedneMiay, Nov. 26 8<ttur<Uy, .ec, I idM Wednepdmy Uw U...,..K^6 Hatuolev, U?-c 15 idft.. Wrdneedny, Der.. Itfifi H^urdiy, !>?? 29 u$6 Hut ur I by, Juu. 12 1656 rnoM prw yore. kkue uvr.u.ooi^ ^nturdey, Jan. A Ihfid Wudue^dey, J?n& 18*. Hdurdey. JuQ. 19 ^edncMlev, Ph ? 6 Ih6> fa* D.-j Wed i lender. K?h I *.V itutdey, fB. Id ...I.WM WiMincbdi), \.'%r A..?.,.ldoi? rsetoraey, Aier. 1 V\# .li^sUey, to ir. 19 R5*? Heturduy Bur. A ltwl W? Incndey Ap'l ? Ittui remrdu), Her. V3? 1656 \n?| m t.-fk) ReioriJey, ip'l 12 1\,<J W?ijcieiid*y. Ap'l 30 WD .?h ur<lE%, np'l A IhAA W?.n.cM'hiv, VI . r I I I.HAA heturOev. Ma> lo lh.ei We?luHday, Mv- *JH IH^i Nuurdey, ?*> 2? 1666 Weduewley, June 11 16A6 Hor Irelglii or pen*ego Apply to ftCiitt'D k t'ni.LlNH, AG Vvell wreet N. f. BKt kN, hHlf'LEY k CO., U^erpool HYl.Pdhh KkNNARD A Oil., IB anniin Frlere, laondon. b. G Wel.N WHiGllT A Oil, PetIm 1 he o" ticrn ol thr^c "lilpn will mm be ao'winfebie for goM. ei'ver, bnUHin. mi?ocU' jewelry, prt*?e?>aH nimien or on lr>i? hill# ol uuhog ere nigi rd U?er?? or, end 'ha veiae tnereol therein riprerMd. htipperc p(?>e>e take notice, Uuit .he nblp# of hie line cannot cam unv gofMia toni'aiiMitU ol war. nil Imiioi* muat pem< through the poatoiilce any ntbar will he re? ui bi d. four* llirday ol departure ot ibla line irooi ?vhvv York t'? r PAo will he eaturdny, n??n4u?*?n?!,.nK lanuiry A, at il everv ul'eii>hi?i miIiiiOmv; and tr ui Liverpool. vVedoe^day, con toeneiitg Jan. 25. and every aiteruafe w i dur??d iy. /Oil l.i?NDON ? S.i!L?? OK MuM>aY DBth X THK "el* known pm-kn. -hip lolikln N, JMh) >jum Geo ?c<ou.uio4 aui a U*w untie iu Mer'on/l oa<*Ui and iteor tga. <vp pt> lo i Itua. iy. Kirt uK, r3 aou tfk-t-et. ^Oli 1.1 VKKI'i M >1,?H I; LA it LI Nk. -TUlfi HPLIlNUlD r c ip; er Mm p JOiiN iu Vr.U, G*p'.. a ? in ton will 'utl ot. WkIihj da> Leo A. having ? ip. r or a*?.<i iarU i-oiim lor cut.In and *. <Mnid <-ai?ln pHMro >gnr?t arm vvi I oe un . at iiiitdeiiilr rn'e^. I'ei >i.iir a* ? ? nI prra^tnliiig mi ivirop* w?i Hd 0?i to emimtue iln- mH?to veeaolbeuHaacigAguig ? I or p******* Hoply on hmird, a> ptar Jo nm#i riv jr. 'not of ?< ir T a PeiAJ I i A 0*J., 60 .*k>'iib nirnul :li g *hp, or to S' Tl AN Uki WkK/? M5W VOKK AND UL VSUOW. l j I b hU i ?J ion., U ui *'uijiui.i y couituuiier. b V.tV Vtii.K, Z,'MI on., Kw*n . mi, >iu * , .I hu ImucAn lli.. ijlu.guw ?^w \urli Ir?ui lup I'otup iny'4 ! tiii p?)w?rluliifW tueAfi-.v b,UIU'iur. I. i.|>|UMni?il io,,UIVo.,i Ni h V i.ik l<?r .l.ris.., uii .^.lur.Uy, 2> u Unliryjuili, ui li i. rin k i, prvrUely Hiw ul ...i?-.?in ?b'lMt rl.n? ,,A. Ib.rd i;In.h fcu. tut rrnlgut >r piWU. ?upi? Ut J .).'i VAiOft, .'?? Droadu.y, >?? York ait) ui l? or gold only taluk IjK'R H'H'TIIAMPTON ANIJ HAVRB.-TH8 DNIT8H " MU'ikNkII hui?nu-r hi. LDUln, WUI l**ve fur ll?rr?, I..uHiiug ?thotnlu.iupu,n o mini *bu iuaiih uid u*j,**iag?ir., ou hmuroAT, l.eo, U, At It oVkxili ir<iupi?r3i North ti tar. ft. n ui Hem: li ?lr?e'. V Ik* ul i iimt e.iiilu, gl.Hl; ci.I.lit, Mfi. l uggM? no1 w ii ed din uig .bu v.i. a... .no lul iw .. i.i i.ii li..?rd >|.r duj i tinrr Mti.u., muiked " " N. height will >.o lakau uflrr I l.unul*', IJib iu.i. Pur iroight ur pat.Hga lo M Li I'iNiAA TON, 63 iJrowdw*^. FOH IIAVHP, VIa HOUrilAMPVilV FIR THrBAWUR. ?'II... ruirudui uud lovurlui di.u'ola uuginu >Uu>n. .Iv 1. Mi'h. ..I.i.-, unit luwudur, will poutlvo y l<-*ve 'or liovri' iH,ui.|.ii'g .u ui i?nd and pam.ui g. ir)i ii h?lu/d>>, l.F.eau.l.?r h, hi li o'.'l>Mik no ui, prunutuly. 11 OB. i i?r ft. P. K lie. ACOOU1IU ulwilou* Mr pur*, tiger. wr? ui.Kiiri WM'.I. Npn. lu lakon .. urn u u .1 ra ??. Num. wlilrlon ?tibr ..Birr of thn ui.drr.ignnl ?' 11 o'elouk A M., on .Uy >N -uiHitg. LuUcr. pre-paid, jioaota a.uih ball otto*). UATBM ur rtMillC. Hr.t tta> *110 hBCt.l.d Clara 74 For trrlgb' or p.iviagc apply lo bl'Ob lultll, lll.i-.hluN A C>.. 29 ttrwidway, corner ut MorrU atraot. TUB LIVTthPOOL ANI? Pnil.AUKU'HU ATKAMSaiP (Jooipanjr I' >aud nailing ihalr favorua .iea>na|d|ui C11V Ob HAl-'l INuKii, 2.;ov,, >Apl ItadMiri Lelich. t.lTV or WAbUIMJlOb, 2.3.-U lona, Uapt War Wyba Ol'l Y OK If aNOIIKhl r.R, 2.IUP uiua, ilapt P. 0.1'otrla *M), $06 rod *uft arc,.rding to .ibla rtgiiuu. A Un.lird uf ildrd olaaa p uuauaar* will ba lAkao run. 1'blladcipbU and Ldearp.ail, and inu id u. | I. I Mil I t rual Llvarp a.i *4(1 Partlaa , lo bring out ih?ir ir.ciuh. . .in uuiaiu ue nd ca'r. ol pMraga ai d draft, on Llverpiun u) smu- ?l ?1 aiarihig ajal upward*. Apply to* it. Oal.K,, 17 Walnut atraet, I'tatladaiplila SAIUNO DAfft, STB AMI! WfU Of KAOII MONTH - tour boura Iron. ou?an to ooeau. U? Panama Railroad? 25 lt>a. bkgiitil* f"w?Yhrengh Cor tlomornia, ?n? Piua'ua .railroad ? Iba UnCetl rtiaiee Marl Htea.iiiUii|. O'inpuBf Intend ? deapatrb Cor aapiawall on ?nJ?}. vet 7, ul n'a ook P. II. ..rtcirely, but pier root oC Warren aireat, ioeUi rt??r, lie well k inwu ltd faeorua aMaiv-dbp tJatlitlk! I. A X. liept. Will I. lierndau, l/.H Navy. Paaaangeta and .unite ?UI Sirwaidtd lit Pau*ma railroad, end .woonot at Panama wub D Mai nleaunhip I oinpanv'a aiagudkm.-l .leamvup JiillN I>. Ki K.Pbk.Stt, K.ll I'lrmoi. ou-a nao ler, wui.n 'I I Hie I te flo l>e la rendu *a?, and leaee i?lv w Nan F annOMu lh< public are inlnrined dial 'lie PacMe Mali ritetmahlp iWg puay biwhj ? bate one or more illra t earner* l?in(j a! raid) lor tea, to grind Mi) iiimalnwi lentn an of p >ei.'rigor* or n ? a 1 in | arrape. appl) '? I. W. MAYMO'IJ. a< Inn nnty ?fl or of Uie nou. panic* No 177 Want alreet. oorattr of Afar ran GMiB AtW tiRANADA ANU NlllARAUOA.-TIIK HKW r flrariada I aiial and rt eair Navigation Ootnpany will die patch ibrlr I'ral atea i ililp u.nPkfcY no 'be ]J >. .1 lioce a bar ai 2 o'clock P. 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Ibe nrw red r..raot -tciaiT a ff AI" W P a, I af fakr Tboa Lpai, till btr. a> 'A die- .|a*. S*n lir.e . a., torn p.rr So 4 ?..r b riirr, ?l ?? bc i ' M. ill ? rp ball g lanru tm board Fur hf, gb'. pp|/ on >oard, er for pa<>urc 0 P I, Milt lull., I. t.'.r.ilwar tHbib paaaagata da. aa orb 4>ft; Sir Tin (Pa. bioogD 'M-kc't from Sew York to lack onvllic ; io PI cua I l.argr a>*l onmmm)no? kr m ra 'arc Kara.o ah 'or rliclda I 'rr tinea a wa-k c mow .ng al b lb' an an rr? fn m New Vorkon f u> elaya and It.'ciifa liHiB i |M M.K.kTti* AMI rUIMBA. HBMIWiMMiiT r I' ft >'?l, I bli. ? "Or. . aim. I ?ca rolng al" liner d fll bMR I Rea? rawn.n da'. "H lra?a p rr o t, H k nV'ork P. M prr.M rlv on calm.lag I'C", A r"or frrl<'', vl t on loa"l, a'mall. I? ..I ,adrr ti 11? rgnrj, ?n-i Ibf ? l? a' the ..ITrr of in. T fl. 1.- .i* ? < . 'I ? ?. ua* 1 Kr tar... na >i?i? 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Wa ?? a now xtllluif oiiayiOtoaei. ,,1 rtn Ulan MibJ" in Hit ontuprirln, ? lows m ml a, mud .ill oihf ir (te-.alto all other Uiid* of I ura, al half Ihalr value, at BAH A H A. tiAhKJH A MiN'n, ATI Brua Iw.y. ?I'UV?AT MS HMuaDWaT AMU SI MatOKN I. INK.? An rricau, Uunalitn, and 'lu Im?i Haf ONuptuv fur. Mi a* r A lii'i-'ei eat. now oiler 10 iho utiblla, for oMjr arvloo ui'ry of Ui " trade an oi'e<|iia.letl ampst ineui of Uia above, .?'iec ?h1 ov Mil lani ?!?.?<*, durtnf vial' to Kurope, a ,d in ?uuf?'' ? lth ureal rare r.tarv daaertpllou of furac.i tieiuuii'l hereof ruoli vmlriy Ibal cannot fall 10 auraci aiiafi'lon, and every anl lew?u? ncd kit tala uitalr or look MusKit A flUHl'KK, ltuportcraof Fare. IADIBb' H UH - J ibe largtHt, rlubcat, baat and cheapest Mock In Uia city al RCLFIN'3, Ml Broadway. N. B.? A full aitaorinicnl ol btrife mluk e.|,e*. CABI.K *UK8 I>HH IIIAN uORT.-THR HUUS HIHKK l' bet ii a puiabatad al an aaalgooa a mir an ntiv't t< a rm.iiii III IIiiiImoi Hay >atile fnre al a cMixl leran'.a radne (Inn ? ii ibr nriRinal 001 at abla* bun In all rd the <adica a very at. liable luxury al an etiraordinary auntl' rxuen a Jtiilit N UhMN, i>u 51 v Headway, Hi. .th nolaa Hotel. IIHI UUUlfh, AMI. . NKW I.OT OF HKai. 7aLP.H()1KNNKH LAljyi-t.FRUM A lr. per yard to ISO, aim Valencleunea flat collar* and aleevea, coiirelv new Juai raoalved hy PbThtt KubKttlH A tlo , 975 Hroadway. BROoK'H IVflH? POLIHHItn, NKW I'ATKNT ULvOk. thread, coiu'unea tfea lu.ire of MIX with 'he elrciwb of, ami te ?tiparmr m any thread evai offered lo the trad ?? while, black and all on ore. For aaiu by WilKMAIt .k W1LHON. 949 Hrnad eat BAKU AINH I RaROaINB '-A. JaKOIU A Co WILL ronU ne in m I oil ibeend e Mock of foreign and dome< to ir giaata at U etr ataie, ho 767 ttiMAdway, regard eve ni <?>vt, In It ruie i|0lck i-ale I" rk?e ibe nuallieaii. A. J AK'1111 A Oct., ',67 I.rnaeway, near Ktuih aueet. BBI hSKLH POINT CtiLLtRH. VKRT HUPKIlll, KilOM >11 utiearde. alao |i dot de applti|ue from >1 51 Utvlni! been l.i-null' I nun aii In.por er kIMiik up biulnn^a, at a crett ?errllire, will be oi-ennl on Monday, hv Pa I hit III I'M A OO ,975 Broadway, jDROVBI LONO >.,AW,.S (t,.L WOOL), >11 .70, Willi I II hirb plaid ai'ka, fa per yard, worth Ha. silk velvets, 1 le' Vet> and tlaiindla, very low, OLlVi'H MiiiVBoaV 2HI Or iu.i e Tier ol F irvylhe, A nd 141 > l*b h atenee, between thirty Uilrd an I I'lilny tourih virei to. B LX K M??IRK ANTI^JB, ONLY $2 WOBTU f i. Llgiit *H??f r ilr* ? Klcb I.lofMflf wMkn only in t?d * * ** ?y. ae (/l.iVr.ll MUWHIUY. Hd8Ur?iidill of Furiiv^h ?, t4< kt|(hlU avenue, be.iwetn iluriy Umd and ibuty futiitli vu-teta C lib a l? XONY ALL WOOL PL \IDL -JUST OPKNKD, plcofn )?rfKlit n litf n, ut 4h. lynr )arl J. Ilki K A Co., J&5,'JftL 7?imi*a7?HBrowlvray. "LOAKH AWi> TALMAH. BF.LLINO AT LOW PRICiSd, J U> clear < u< ti c laU m?<l wili er atock. AlCaSOi.iy, LONnI ALLK a < 'O. 62 ('dual al/out. (1LO*Kfl-REDUCTION IN P11I0KS. ?OUR LVRUK, J rich ?'(i rnvnplete alnek af ''Inak*. em ThcIiw everv ar??l i e Jaieni i.oveliie*el llie ?**Mm in all m %t?rul<4. will o.feral a. rtdmefl prtcva antnnM ?cl??K ?he M ind ui' Lh uiet d< b)r ii k rl'Wki a III no < l e euauU)<l to ne|#*c< Ir ?qi "n in iipua'h If-MiitUuf MMor'ineni. al nu h below |>r4vioue rata.-* J HM K 4 CO., aH.A, 147, 'to and .HH Broadway. tl AM)IR) A LAOt OOLLARrt.-TRN RVIOITH A NO, IN VA J r ety of pattern*, al f I each; ju>t received a*. I'KTTK RiiHaHTB A Oil, .'i7& Uroidwar. C1I.OAKH! OLOAKHt! ('U)AKHIII J nr.aimri'L hi.\< k rw?tm < loakk, at t ?elv? dollar*. UKT PMKTTir HRAVV UltAT CLllAKN, ki ten dnllam KAUNirtC'KftT m.ACtV VKI.VRT CLOAK*, at thirty dni a a. Five bnndrtd new and >te?u'ifui ktrmentt will be opened tla? we? k?all flrat clae* and at low prtrea URO. RuLPI.V Ml Broadway. (1AMHRIO KHHROfDKRRI) H A NOKKR' HIKPH JI/MT J received from anetam, ver* rich (a'ao etikldrao'a do), will be mild al a very ? mall advance ab??ve Cam,, very deniraUle lor bfiliday preaenta. U^o'iemcn'a plain au't coo ll itortlveddo. at PfclKll RuiiKUr.* A l\) . Srft Broadway. ttLOAKH!CLOAKF! / MOLYNKUX BKLL, No f* Can ai. at , la now rea l? to eiiduit bla latent winter fdyleeof cloak* CooU ? (d 1 It#! Pan* f lahtoo* for I eomnbe'- All hi"* earlcr I %i) ?tv|?# will low be Mold at roti*nl?r**bly r? i ioed prl r^a, lo rievr the m. ? urAtOikof rich plain velvet eVo^ka t? )?? arjjb 11 d nrwl con.plcte In variety t i die U *(!?*. a in.t of heavy beaver ta'in 14 lined atib Ljotm velvet, In an errdte-w raru iy. No DM ? 'anal ?.'reeL D V. LA1IVRH AND MKRfNuM?eilCLLINO Ml JH Lulow Uie coal td tinpoi latUuv. AHAtiLJi, ( c VMI aBLI A CO., 62 <'anal atrcr*. pBIAT HA BOA INH IS RICH LACBH?<2'K)I>H KX \ J hii .tt d in ?h<.* aaMM, wNfc prlcea iiiM. al AeBnro prar inaiiiDactui er > de^>< *>t lure*, a id a l*? Ke lid of firm ?eiA point lac* liaridkerrh #f*. fr??#ii fa.n.flo Jt'LK.S JlKl# < ;i*? I roedwat. i.ear Mrtropo lotn Hotel. IACM* -Jt>1 RH KlYHt. AS IVVOICB OF M H _i Jure* ???? p int d'A.e?ir?ni n?m p?dnr aop'lct .on m i <1 c<tl ar* art1 * *u?. a \art?*<y id ? ew de?Uu l? point d aieore . m 1 >, .*'*?.**?oi? ? f?ij?r* wl Ii lace-* niiuaich. 1l??" above will be fiamd r??par 00 the aa?t ?ooe'b iu he 11??* above alii be nan.'l *>M?ec on ui.i u*nt ?hop ii 14 fly. bl. Si As llA/mrnr.&ll Hroniw a*. at. NiCjoI ?a Hotel. (> S MOMlAY. DKl' I?. DM, A * I) FOLI/HYINO DAY*, Ibe car| ef a orfc m Ir,| Lower*, four tlor?r? ah??ve Hr.a>iii? t alll t*r fdteira a a very *? *%? ?ern'U*r to cUnie oil uw rk Alio, a ffiatd aa#oririkV-rit of hleiiketa, n?ib'e, a..i oorn table . p. Cf>LK, n:? PROA M Wa Y, TWO DOORS AROVK J Ur?UI a**or'rnent of eomff?r ahl??i biar kef*-, tot ether wi'h a tuli a?av men' of i-ek?w> t 1,4 %?i l taocy dry n? oil* l4idie?' a<d g*h tie men auperWfr ail ^ia>ve? riinta, delamta, inerinoa, Ac Ladi**' akirta, of varbm* -t fie*. (JI1.K8 AND FILK KORES.?ARNOLD, CONSTABLE k r> CO. w ill 1 fler the r ?llk? *nd alik robe* at redocai prV at the rem* Oder ,1 the aeanvMi. 62 Carml The aitf.ntm?n or the public ih called to tub carpet ?tock ol rtore 101 B'?n# ry lour d?a?ra Above Hr-?o n.* atreet, ahtch mii*t tie cpiaed out wt'bo it reaerve. Male con D.rntea Monda>, Dec b, it lb from b A, M U? 6 V M llHKiL PLAIDH AT FIVE HDfLLfNOri PER YARD YY ktveraae* p#r *'earner WaeliittKion, warranted tlaa b*v utiality at.d new paUettia Alan three ca*e* auper raw ?1 kt a 6*. per > a rd ARNOLD, OONFTABLE A < O ,62 t%na? rreeL IIf INTER OOftPS I'liKA PER THAN KVKK. YY Lb Hot 1 E( LI Lib BROt ? tr.Krt have KreatO r?t.i . I the price* of their alJk?, mertttoea, de ;? na* and rl'?v?n*. Thev have aiao an Ifiimenae a'oek ot em * older tea, winter rflovea, ? v Ac. 60 f-anel at/eei, four door* from Broadway. CMTIUKC, AC. a-i) n/?n worth or cabt orr oi.othivo r*n ad In bo. o( wr >la Ihn *i? awl* (vaa o ui,. 'hnuaepd iiiiitfR.n haetn* *ni?iJbiierflir. ihiui n dl?p< mi at obtain o? full retoa h> (XTiin* on, or aendlai or J?Mh? MtllUiMY, II Hotter eireet. 0 or 1 luitani. A ay a*"VHt or rkw and Huron* hahdi;i/>th lot w?r|lrd ?TLotnM II Utitiroy, llrei. .ed to bay ?em , I bat,d e utbliilt of every dmarrtpttoa Ueniloiiirn Ixnn. I?r< ? or imrll kiln *l'l rreelvr the ?or? Idahi-M prion !m too n ?? roliit r 01 I he (tore or ('IdrrMtiM TBI Id. 1>. I'ONKOY, i'I , 'LoTHlBO.?LtlilUOK OdSTI.KJIK* HAVlffU AMY V> enibli,| to dl*|"i*r of one rer.are a fair prVe b* ?rndlr f to if, dorr 51 W?* llronrarry, or by ? IrUar lirinl* tl.r 1*0*1 ofli-o, Laoier' oitmded by Mr*, 'biben. 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