Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1855 Page 1
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w WHOLE NO. 7037. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1855. PRICE TW'.O CENTS. ADVERTlSKflJSNTS KJSNEWKI) IJYKEf Dif. A HSW FVBUCATIOM. OOMPULHORY MARRIAGE-ITS UNFORTUNATE Heiulli. Mow read; I HENRIETTA ROBINSON t ?T D. wileob. With steel portrait. One vol, 380pane. Prtoe 76 eeuia. Her early year* were full of promt ie. Beauty Wu here, and intellect, and all the aide Whtoh^fortune, family and flrtaeda^oould jive. Bnt abe waa oroaaed In lore, and thence her Ufa To headlong ruin tended. . . The publtahers will only add. that thia work U written In the name clear, forcible and attractive ityle which distinguishes the xotber produotionaot Ita a alitor, le free fToat any tmproprtoUea -of language, and eminently calculated to enliat the reader a aympethlea In behalf ol Ita unfortunate subject. For aele by all bookaellera and newa agents. Single copies aent by mail, poat-pald, on reoelpt of price. Addrepp orucri to MIU.BR, OBTON k MULLIGAN, PnbBahera, 25 Park Row, New York, or 107 Ueneaae atreet. Auburn. JUVENILES FOB TUH HOLIDAYS.?DICKENS' UTILE FOLKS?A Berlca of beautiful Juveniles. aalected from Dickens' wotks, In bla own language, with illustrations by Dariey. 18mo. Oloth. l^rloe SJo^euh. Tn? Child Wtrn. From the "DavidCopperfleld" of Oharlea DlLkL?rrLn Nitx. From "The Old Ourioalty Shop" or Oharlea Dicksnn II. Smike, From the "Nlcholaa Nlckleby" of Charles Dickens. ? _ _ . On Tneaday, Dee. 4: Ourn ako the Jew Faoih. From the 'O irer Twlat of Oharlea Dickens. On Thursday, Dec. 6: ,, , Florence Doebet. From the ' Douibey and Son of Oharlee I>ickC'Dfi, On Saturday, Deo. 8: Little Paul. From iho "Itnmbey and Son" of Oharlea Dickeua. J. S. KKDFlKLD, 54 Beekinan street. PROFESSOR BKDFORD'8 NEW WORK.?THE DI9 cares ol* Women and Children;!by ft. 8. Bedford, A. M. M. D., Protestor of Obstetric*, the Diseases of Women and -Children, and Clinical Midwifery, in tiio University uf New York Second edition. ... Ibis eminently practical wotk, which has only been recently issued from the press. Is meeting with u raplu aud extended circulation, a second edition being called for wltlila three months item Its first publication. It is a sUirehouie of know, ledge lor the student aud pi actttloner of medicine, fuli of prac tical precepts and bedside Information, aud is replete with value Me Instruction to the nonprofessional reader. We hail the advent ot such a work abounding In practical mailer oi the deepest interest, and Illustrated by principles and laws ordained by nature. Mor can we refrain from expressing our surprise and gratification at finding Iho book so remarkably exempt imm the superficial views that abound In the great thomugbfhre of medicine.?Mew York Journal of Modlcina and the colln'rial Sciences. . A work of great practical interact?one well calculated to interest ami tnauuel the busy practitioner.?Virginia Medical aud Surgical Journal. . . . . . .. The book before ua we regai d as an important contribution to medical scleoce; and we feel It our duty to say that, in our opinion, Ibe author haa rendered, by the publication of this volume, an acceptable service to the prote?slon. The work la full of practical precepts, presented in language at once Intelligible and chaste. For the practloner oi modloine It la Invaluable. The student will find it a vade mecum, hilt of Instructive lemons.?Charleston Medical Journal and Ha An examination of the pages of this book haa satisfied us that II laooe frill of Interest and Instruction, not slone for die prno tfiloner ol medicine, bnt for the community at large j for. tade ?eendentlv of the valuable Intormalion it contains with respect to slnrst every disease incident to women and children, it Is replete with sound practical precepts for parents In regard to the present system oif female education. 1here is, hare and there, e severe but Just hit at the fasbioui aud follies of the day; mod all in a style and manner not out j captivating and oon -vlnrlng, but occasionally truly eloquent.?M. Y. Observer. 1 he author of this work Is well known m the Profewr of Obstetrics In the University or New York, and a medical t>rao Sfftueer of great experience and eminaut a-Illty. The volume reproduces, in a very attractive form, a vast amount of ob servatiou and experience, end must prove highly acceptable to the medical profession, aid abounds ta passage j well worthy the attention of the general reader.?M. Y. Courier aud Ku ^TfoVwork displays a great deal of research and embodies a large amount of practical knowledge upon the subiectu to Whieb It refers.?N. Y. Journal of Commerce. Published by 8. 0. A W. WOCl>. 2111 rearl street, M. Y. Pages. 570. Price $2 75 by mail, free of poetage. rrtHB NATIONAL MAGAZINE. JL DSCBWBKIt NUMBER. The National Bagtne Is unlvorsaUy aohnowtodged lo be one of ibe cheapest as well as ono ot < he beat mouthitoe in the Uni ted States. It Is printed on superfine while paper, and beau tifully illustrated. The December number contains:? 1?Valentin. J?Christmas Customs. 8?Winter Hcenery. 4?A Turkish Colfea House. 5?Military b Ira lag ems. 6?The shipwreck. 7?To My I eparted Infant. 8? Methodist Church Architecture. 9 A Horse haoe on Sunday. 10?Hasty Words, and Ihelr Apology. 11?A Log Cabin Btabop. 12?H'ngspore. IS-The California Oyster. 14?The Hleeeednem of Giving. .15?The Child Beer .15- Hope. Faith and Love. ? J7?The Deluge?He gjneat aud its Memorials. 18?East Indian Poetry?Female Poets. 10?Impret Moos ol Travel lnPranee. YO?R IbHomanla ? 21?Medical BuperstlUona. 22?kditorlal Correspondence?Letter to Bishop Simpson. 25? Kdiiorlai Notes and Cleanings. 24?Re k Notices. 25?IJtetary Record. 28? Arts and Sciences. ? _ . ? ..., Order* for the Magazine muy be directed to Carlton A Pbl Itns 3W) Mulberry street, New York; Bwormvtedl k Foe, t.ln clonal 1; W M Doughty, Chit ago; J. L. Bead, Pittsburg; o ^ Th* nex' semi annual volume will commence with the Janu wry nuir.ber. . . , Subscriptions may commence with the January or July sum b'l'trms, i2a year, in advance, Single numbers, 18?> cent*. CAwLTON A 1 HiLLlrS. HRW SPAPMM.~ A new ocmic paper-youno amkrk;a.-a sati rlca' Illustrated weekly paper, w ith the above UUe, will be pub lsbed early In December, li'* cents |>er numbor, or 82 50 per amn'o. Subscriptions and contributions to be addressed to V. W. BTROMO, Publisher, ttt Nassau street, New York. "C-RANK LESLIE'S ^ J ILLUSTRATED NFWHP.IPRB. . ^ . No 1 of this sp'endld paper *? issued on Baluiday. Dec. 1, con lain Ids nearly forty splend'd Illustrations, and alt tbu oewe of the wet k. The following Is from the New York Tribuae of Saturday U*t:? Fsans Leslie's IiAtniTKATsn Nxwsr Arr.s.?The first num ber of a new Illustrated journsl with'be above title has Just been issued In this city, gtvli.g exc-llent promise of a superior publication. In form and execution it bears a dose renem blanee to the London Illustrated News, as well a* in the varie ty. reasonableness, and popular character of Its oonten'a. The engraving* are finished with great spirit, and represent scenes and chai i.cU r? that are Jtist now llie toplce of current talk. The reading matter lias evidently been prepared with great oave, and for the moet part, in creditable to the ability. tact, and prac tical esperleoce of the editors. While it Is lively and vigorous In Its tone. It Is free from slsng end perstnaiity and contains nothing which the most fasttdb ua family might not veloome to It i fireside. Those is smple room for a new Journsl of Utls eh*, racier, and we cordially wish complete success to the eutor ptlse. Morris a willih' home journal fob Mae.?the following are the inducements to subscribe:?A new -novel by N. P. Willis, a sories of sketches by General Morrto, and a nnveleue by J. M. Field. Terms, $2 a year. Oflloa, 107 Fulton street ! the ball ska son. JEFFBRBONIANH.-TWO TIOKBTS FOB THE GRAND opening ball, to be given by the above, thia evening, at the New Ateviubly Rooms, in Broadway, can be bad at 0. 8. DOTT'H exchange, northwest corner of Broadaray end Broome nueet. XtOTIOE.-FIB8T ANNUAL BALI. OF THE ST. NIOHO _LN las Astoclatkn. at Ihe New Oily Assembly Room*. Broad way, on Thursday evening, December 6, lhdS Mnslc by Dod worth's band. Tickets may be had of mem her*.and at Mr. ii. B. Dodworth'a music store, tttt Brtdtdway. J. A. S'lirrs, President. J. W. Cornwall, Vice President, W. O. U'aeon, Treasurer. J. J. Moore, Secretary, SFitlAl. KOTICE.?THE TOUBO LITERARY INRTI lute will give their second *" nual b?u bj? " 1 on Tburtdsy evening. December d. 1RM. ThAnts fd each.aa mltting s gentleman and two ladtes, for tale oyA. VJ" Esq., ?8 Broome street; Henry Beortmo, Esq.. 206 Front street; Due t oken. Esq., 515)4 If**6 corner of Liberty snd Nassau streets and of Ota undersigned. LIONEL JACOBS, President, 407 Broadway. A. CnmaiAE, Faeretary, 11 Bowery. THE 0T. NICHOLAS ABBOCIATION??itablirhbd tor beoevoleot otijec'i by th* emptoveee of the HL Nt?*?; lea Hotel?will give utefr aeooad annual bail, on the evening of llie 14tb Iter-mber (FrVlay,) at the Obmses Aaumbly Itoovna. the usnagers regret having noticed e earfr, pub fished under the name of Ui> h. Klchoiu AemetaUew. or a fhney drwes *f, "rtSSSuC^T." " G*0. PlhTSlB, PrastdettL WAKIilNOTON UC8BAR8. COMPANY F. C A FT. JOHN t. Ko'btnaa ?The aevenh annual ball ??! the Washing ten Itneva wll tske p'ace on Thursday nlrht. the gth tasl, at Wssblngrrm Hall. IUS Kll/sbeth sTant. TfckfO 51 , m? be <ih .,-ned et 'he door. By order of the t'ommtues of Arrange menla TH* UniJTAHY. ITIBbT WARD MAQNETiZERH ON DECK.-THE ABOVE J cnipant "I horse guard' will parade on t fortstm '?l>?' A mee'.u x ? it .he ?? wi.l I"- bel I at E. No 1 fttste street, on nert Hsiurday svenl-i?. at eight n eloek hemtwrs are re?ine*ted to hire their bor?e? and dreswts at IZa. pos-hie. By erder of M. tnotice wrrn bkorft i* a oommunioamon I frrtn ibe Now a Dav tluar.1. In yesterdat's HersM, that un Charged with havmg dts ppotnle-l them by not performing sir enaaxevnciw Though I know Ibe mem urns comprising ihfi 00. D# to ue seudemea end men o< versedy .having performed for Luem on a t rcvloos or*.i?ton. sUll I m'ta' deny t?et f am in aoy , bVins In this aifalr. With whom >ha olnme rams I !*L However, I do n-s thtnk It I ? ywst that I shonld be made " hear the odlnm atuchtd to a neglects t duly or .dhera Tiifect. are simply these:-Preview* to the a.ix.urxv meni of lb nkssivtng dav tbe committee cs the aboyamtrpa cat.ed up 1. L d ohtoLad the refnaal of tUt day. ani when :he dav was a oo nted t.y the Oovernor 'l>ev wmtld call to raufy the a, - , since than I have beard no?h-n>c frvm them uaUl RfSSiifog^oTStSTlfOT'Tmber. and upon Inqntrteg I cent** fiCt to^th*: ever called 'o ratify the coxaxemenl Owr books. SBJ " | rr. !o Inspr-ctioo, M^^mTtU'7-A OFNTI.F.MAN WHO H A8BEBVBD POR LZrJl years In the BrlUdi arm' and as adjutant of hla re m...drmnma ofangagtiig ua drill master to any * Uta mil. K^m.?teTto NewfoA or ItrwAlrn. Applita-ioo. by VtfeTSiSjSSSd Biles, box 222 Hrr*ld office, will fore imme 4tale at ?ntfoo. \T(jTirKTO IIAOK figlTKlU.?TOU ARE BR'it B4FED Jn in leaving com;1 sor at the opswtoE hall thiaerenj?f. at \r>w%rA* tiphriw^ order hj rrqnem tho Oomoltt'l of Armrt^rm ?. _ NATIONAL AFFAIRS. OPENING OF THE TH1KTT F0DETH CONGRESS. STRUGGLE FOR THE SPEAKERSHIP OF THE HOUSE, THE CAUCUSES HXL? LAST IlflR. CoElltioB of the Opponents of the Ad ministration* EXPECTED TRIUMPH OF THE ANTUNEBRASKAITES. Combination of Ike Democrats and Twelfth Section Ion. The Peciaion of the CaMMot on the Sound Piles Question. Tone of Mr. Buchanan's Despatches from England, Ac., Ac., Ac. THIRTY-KOUftTH CONORHBS. FIRST 8E8810N. Wahiiinuton, Den. 3, 186.*. We were farorcd with beautiful weather to-day, mod our xtreat* presented quite a holiday appearance At an early hour crowds wended their way to the Capitol, aud the galleries, particularly thu*. of the Houae, were crowd ed to excess; many were not ahlo to And accommodation. Senate. Wahiiinoton, Doe. 3, 1866. The Senate wo* called to order at noon, the new m?u? - tiers were twnrn In; and, after Axing upon 12 o'clock aa the regular hour of meetiag, an adjournment km made and carried. Hotue of Iteprraeiitntlwee. Washington, Dec. 3, 1866. Mr. Fobmkt, the Clerk, called the House of Repreoenta tives to order at noon. The confnalon which existed up to this time abruptly terminated. Two Hundred and twenty-Bee member., answered to their name*. On motion of Mr. Jonw, (dem.) of Teon., the House pro ceeded to the election of a Speaker. Fira noce nomina tion* were made, with tbe following rexult FOR WIUJAX A. RICHARDSON, (IiRM.) OF ILLINOIS. Messrs. Aiken, Allen of Illinois, Ilarclay, liarkadale, Kiijley, Bell, Bocock, Bowie, Uoyce, Branch, lirooka, Burnett, Cadwslder, Caiuther*, Cexkle. Olugman Cobb of Gfnrgta, Cobb of Alabama, Craig*, Cia srford, l>enf?r, Dowdell, Edmundoon. Kl'iott, English. Fran*, Faulkner, Florence, Fuller of Maine, Goode, Greenwood, Hall of Iowa, Harris of lllinobi, Ilerbert, Hickman, Houston, ?lewctt. Jone* of T*nn*e?ee, Jones of Pennsylvania. Koltt, Kelly, KM well, Letcher, I.umpkin, Marshall of Illinois, Maxwell, MrMullen, McQueen, Miller of Indiana, Mill*on, Oliver or Missouri, Orr, Darker, Peck, Phelps, Quitman, l'.uflin. Rust, Fonaridge. Savage, Shorter, Smith of Ten nessee, Smith of Virginia. Stephen*, Stewart, Talbot. Taylor, Vail, Warner, Watklna, Wollx, Winalow, Wright of FOR LkWIS n. CAMFI'XLL, (FKM ROIL K. N.) OF OHIO. Meiir*. Aibr'ght, Barbour, Bennett, Benton. Bingham, Rrenton, Clark of Conn., Colfax, Cutnback, Day. Dean, l kkmn, Dunn, Durfee. Uallway, Gilbert, Granger, Har lan, lialloway, Hortoo, Howard, Hugheton, Kel-ey, King, Lester, Mace, Mattiion, MrCarty, Miller of New York, Mcoie, Morgan, Morrill, Murray, Norton, Porker, i'elton, Pennington, Petit, Rabin, Sapu, Scott, Sherman, Sim mon*, Stanton, Wallbiidge, Woldron, Wathbuine of Ul., Wexbburne of Maine, Watson, Welch, Woodruff, Wood worth. for hvniuxxt maimiai-l, (Dsn. k. m.) of ksvttckt. Meexr*. Compbtll of Kentucky, CarlUe, Clark of Now York, Cox, CuIIfD, Davis of Maryland, Etberidge, KuetU, Foster, Harris of Maryland. Hoffman, Kennett, Lake, Undx'ey, Alex. K. Marshall, Paine, Porter, Puny ear, Reade, needy, Ricand, Rlrora, Smith of Alabama, Hwope, Tnppe, Underwood, Valk, Walker, Whitney, ZoUtooflbr. >UR S. F. BASKS. JO., (USM, X. B.) OF MAJWArHI MrnB. Merer*. HufHngton, Bartlngame, Chaffee, Comlna, Cregtn, Donnell, Dari* of Massachusetts, tie Witt, DoM, Fmue, Hall ot Massachusetts, Knapp, Know!'on Moti, Peiry, like, Sage, Tappan, Thorirgton, Trafton, Wood, yon h. n. fcllhr (wino), or pxnnsti.vania. Merer*. Biadxhaw, Broom, Campbell, of Pennsylvania, t'oiade, Idck Kdic, Knight, Kunkel, Millard, Pearce, Purviance, Ritcbey, Roberts, lto>ison, Snood, Todd. Ty*-n. FOR A. C. M. FKHSINOTON fWHto), OF NKW JKRNFY . Messrs. Bishop, (laxxon. Fuller or Pennsylvania, Meach am, Robins, Stranabsn and Wnkeman. FOR AARON HARLAN (WHIG), OF OBIO. Messrs. Bell Rlixx and Wade. FOR JOB* WIIFXIFK (DKM.), OF .NKW YORK. Mexxrx. Hanks, O.iver of New York, and Thurston, l or B. B. Thurston (whig K. N.) of Rhode island? Messrs Spinner, Whet ler, Williams For Win. A. Howard (whig) of Michigan?Messrs. Bel llighaikti WfUbburn cf Wis. For J. Washburn, Jr. (whig) of Maine?Messrs. Allison and Flsgler. For Daniel Mace (dem.) of Illinois?Campbell of Ohio. For Henry Bennett (whig) of Ohio?Edwards. For J. William* (dem. K. N.) of New York?Nichols. For Km. A. lake (dem. K. N.) ot Miss.?Humphrey Marshall. For 8. G. Haven (whig) of New York?Kn-ix. For 8. Galloway (dem K. N) of Ohio?Giddings. For M. H. Nichols (dem. K. N.) of Obi;?Grow. ForK. Miller (whig) of New York?Haven. For R. Sage (whig) of New York?Cringle. For W. O. Good (dem.) of Virginia?It. Richardson. Throe additions! trials were then made. On Mi* list. Mr. Richardson received 72,; Mr. Campbell, 67; Mr. Banks, 22; Mr. Pennington, 8; Mr. Marshal), SO, Mr. Fuller, 18. FcateiiDg 16. Ray ley and Harris of Illinois, who had voted for Richards n were absent; Bennett and Gilbert, who had voted for Campbell, were also absent, Rllse changed from Harlan, Dodd from Banks, Knox from Haven, Meacham from Pennington. Wade from Harlan, and voted for Campbell. RW AFtrctATlOW. Urti er/fc. Aburth note. W. A. Richardson, of Illinois 74 72 I.. D. Campbell of Ohio 62 67 H. Mm shall of Kentucky 30 30 N. P. Ranks, Jr., of Massachusetts. 21 22 H. M. Fuller, of Pennsylvania 17 17 A. C. M. Pennington, of New Jersey, 7 8 A. Harlan, of Ohio 3 ? John Wheeler, of New York 3 ? P. P. Thurston, of Rhode Island.,.. 3 ? Wm. A. Howard, ot Michigan ^2 ? I mk< 1 V aiht urn, Jr., of Maine 2 ? D Mace, of Indiana 1 ? H. Pennett, of Ohio 1 ? J. Williams, of New Yoik 1 ? Wm. A. I ake, of Mississippi 1 ? 8. O. Haven, of New Yor* 1 ? 8. Galloway, of Ohio I ? M H Nichols, of Ohio 1 ? K. Miller, of New York 1 ? K. Sege, of New York 1 ? Win. O. Goods, of Virginia 1 ? No election?113 being necessary to a choice Th* House, upon the declarstion of tbe reeult of the fourth vote, adjourned. Our Special Despatches. nt'KiRKRH OP THIS ORGANIZATION OP TH* BOOR? PBOCkRIrlKOB IN DOOM AND OUT Or DOOM?THK ROUND DUK8 QUESTION, ?TC. Washington, Iree. 8, 1866. I <og t*lore the hour of meeting tbe hall of tba House of Representatives was filled to reriletion by members, V bbj numbers, ami eagvr expectants forth* ?|*>lts Al twelve M. the Clerk rapped the House to order. Ts hun dred and twenty-five members answered to their names, (abesatee* only nine,) demonstrating clearly thi itnpor tance attached to an organisation at this particular juncture of affair*. The first ballot 6>r 8peak?r resulted as follow. .?Rfc-h trdeon, 74 Campbaii, 66, Ranks, 22, Peanington, 7. Mar shall, 80; Fuller, 18. Kcatterlng, 13. Af'er four ballots with a similar result, on motion the Hooae adjumed till to-morrow at 12 o cloak. Thus weare just as much in th* dtrk with refere"**to who will be .-peakcr as we were yesterday. There are vari ous minor* end eoojertare* ad oat a* to tbe ultimatum of all this. Caucusing will now commence In go >d earnest, and by teelvw o'clock to morrow wo shall be able to Judge wbe her en organisation ean be effmjtad before O.rtetmas. It Is believed that Cempheil cann t be elected, llejwlll run up to eighty vote*, and that I* the extent of his streog h. Bank* seems to be the favorite. although his rote I* meagre. There ate quite a number ready, 1 am iiif-.frued, to east their %e.?a for bim whenever It is 4*?m*d expedient to do so. To elect a whig i* oat of the que* Hon. Pome man ?bo?* antecedents are democrat!-: ? some man. perhaps, not now to th* ift.g? will ?rent' ally be elected. Marshall, with his thirty adherents, rather than see republicanism triumphao', will throw their vote *?r Orr. which, t- (ether wRH the adw-trtrlrall o men, who nam her s*-v*aty (b-ir, w*U - ? he **~ff'-t-w* ?o e'er* a ' -I'ltGn >?> qdrnt -w- - ? ^ yulJer'n ntlcettooU are not of thtr stripe to secure him the Twelfth Motion men of the Houth. Hit reoord, the/ in time te, ie not clenr. Therefore, to harmonize these discordant elements, it trill require a Hercules in potiti cal manoeuvres. and he tloiihtleee might fall. Ihe Senate mot at 12 o'clock, end after the newl/ elected member* were severally 'worn in adjourned notil 12 o'clock to morrow. The/ do not, I am Informed, in tend to make an/ change* in the nffioerw of the Hwovte, the old one. holding orer. The coote.t it wary spirited with reference to the Chaplain zy to the Senate, and it it extremely doubtful which of the orthodox churches will ?ecure the prize. I am ju?t informed by a gentleman who wan in attend anceatthe republican caucui, which wa? largely at tended?upwar da of sixty member* present, lire ton, of Indiana, preaiiling?that a proposition was made to in vite members of other parties who are desirous of effect ing an organization in opposition to the present adminU- : tration, and it in thought something may be nccnmpUsh ed provided both paitles are willing to make proper oon ci ssion*. The twelfth saction men are also la cauoiu for some purpose. Despatches brought by the Atlantic were considered by the Cabinet this morning, wbl-.h enabled the President to complete his Menage. They are of th? most pacific nv ture. The questlou of Hound duer still rentalus unset tled, our government rofusiog to concede to the capltali ration proposed by Denmark 0 CAUCUS OF THE REPUBLICAN*?COMBINATION TO ELECT N. P. IIANK8 TO TBE SPEAKERSHIP?MEETING OK TDK ADAMANTINES, ETC. W ahiinoto.v, Dee. a, iaf>0. Frcm tlie Congressional proceedings to-day, it will be seen that <g)y> Greeley may somettmea count without bis host, lie ptophucled an organization to day by the election of a republican Hpeaker. Greeley Is a false pro. phot. The black republicans not only CaDed to eloct, but their favr.rite cnn<lldate_Mr. Campbell? is a used up ?uan. lie considers himself dead. The fri? nds of Campbell and Hanks held a caucus to. night, aid determined to continue balloting to morrow wit bout a change of progsmuie, and ou Wo.lno.idsy to concentrate on Hank*. The issue is, then, to be strictly sectional. Hanks is a member of the republican party, aud can carry that rote. He stands prominent with the Know Nothings North, aud can unite them; aud being a democrat, he is sure of the Northern anti-Nebraska de mncratic rote. These three interests combine I can poll one hundred and twtnty votttf, without the aid of a Southern man. On Wednesday you may expect an organisation on this sectional basis, with Mr. Hanks as Speaker. fcuch is thr calculation of the party leaders to night. Another caucus composed of bard shells and national Americans, has just adjourned, and reports the impossi bility of electing either Campbell or Banks. Both arc considered as prostrate, altbougl they n ay be voted for yet, for acme days. Hon. John Wheeler, of New Vork, will poll a good vote, and is looked to by many as the man for final success. p; TONE OK MR. BL'(_ IIANAN'H l>K.1PATt'HKfi?ACTION OK tiie cabinet on the bound iiukh question CAUCUSES?MEETING OK THE MUPREMN COURT, ETC., Dec. 3, 1855. Despatches by the Atlantic repieieut our affair* with 1 Dgland as wholly unchanged since the departure of tb? Canada. Mr. Rurhsoan says that Lord CUreudon and the British Cabinet are endeavoring to patch up a reply to our gorernment's communication in reference to the violation of our neutrality laws by British agents, in order, if possible, not to wound our seusiliveliest., sj>l at the rame time to shield Mr Crampton. Our government baa formally acted on the memorial of Denmark, proposing a capitalisation or a tax according to the valae of the cargo In lieu oi the prc-ent tfe und dues, and rejected the proposition. Caucuses are being held to night. It is generally understood tlut the black republicans and the free aolW* will concentrate to-morrow on Hants, and, numbering one hundred acd twenty-three, thay will be sufbeisnt to elect htm. A caucus of Poutharn Know No'JAps and national de moerats and wliigs numbering e^Pfty three, resolved to reject ail fusion with the free soil factions, but have no b'ye if defeating them. Messrs. Greeley, fk< e i and reward have been working all day to fuse the factious, and are untsrsto si to hire succeeded. We msy look fo* the orgaaUatloB of the ilo ue t.v. m< rtow, end the I'ltrldcnl'r u eesage ou SVe inesds/. Ihe national Americana will to-morrow vote for Mr. luller, and mutator to draw the entl e democratic vote ou him by conceding them to the Clerk and printer, thu* forming ? liion party agaln-t tha free soil factions Tliey deny that the republicans can, by fusion poll rao.e than one hundrid and five voles, whilst one hundred and thlttern art nere*?*ry to elect. Tic President persists in refusing toprfnt the message Th? I nited Mates Supreme Court me t this morning, all the n ember* but the Chief Justice being present. CtH Wnalilngton Corn spoi.rlenre. Wamhisgtom. 1>?c. 2, 1855. fftrrinry GothrvU Rsjwri? lh' Crmtnt for ,r?/Vt timl Airei.'emen/ on llnnd?Stair >f forii'r? Wirroorkrrt in a /I pi?PoiiHeal ijucuiritU?Con/rrjivnai J'/in'i uj? Anrcdotr? HiPrrritirnl Ullmnrr, <t;., <fx. 1'. 11 Ileal rtesrn continues rising, auJ If It were not for the near apprrachof tomorrows noon a "terrific ex plosion*1 mlfht be feared As on opposing wind raises the kite, so dree opposition am. r.g the \ariuns clique# and Isms cf the Cay tend to inc ea?e hourly tha aire el/ intense political excitement which now pervades t % capital of U t nation. The precise state and comiiUon .,f the several pardea and factions ha* been promptly con ? n.unicated ovet the "wiree," and given to the renders of the Hrrri p. 1 say the precise state, but this can hardly l>e, as at ettry move of tha poll Ileal aalsldeacope an entln !y new combination is presented .nd one had a* well try to describe the particular color of the ?.hameleun as to state the precise condition of any one p dtticisn here, much less a party, P. me of the black republicans pretend a confidence |0 tl.eir stiength, and Greeley ts an organization t<> morrow without difficulty. Vat several Southern Know Nothing, have hluted to day that the administration ran e?'? y secure tJ.e organization by pursuing a prop, r course. This may mean be ?? purchasing their waror." Hoe much do tbey ask / Thi? tray be an imp .Man' in "lOlry Just at this juncture. The truth of the matter I, that < very thing f* in a fig, sod will '..ntisus s . uoti; aftar a few ballots to morrow, when went |*irti n of the c ast msy be aleer. Dor tfce peel twenty foxr hears there he* been per. formed in our rlty a grand political quadrtrle. with ' ail hands around" Klr?t, we eee the " forward" move ment i f all the various division* and sub llvlston* clique* and delegation* next corns the ' r ghl hand* serosa" between the fusloni'tn, wbeti the Southern elngi " ??lng corners" snd all promenade Thu* they go, h ,i vheie to I em not ptepaied to say?only I hope to the devil. Wendeu'a cbencea f.r tbe public printing seem to he Tery |rsd Wlilie be carries the ade.iolstratr- u party, t?e meets with no violent * pteeitUsn fr -m any quarter Conciliation is hie policy. The . enate priutrng will be given to the Union el though the nhnf will en desvoi to hnld r.ver. " Rev." is * prod fellow and (bis is about the amount ot hU . apiul Ju ge Dougla?, on one ocraelr n lean*) familiarly oa !??? *h uider m l re marked, " Bev , when I *m f'resident wiiat ahaij I do (or you? 1 u Peso on my shoulder, just *? you are now Ji tng, and aak the lame u newt ion," we* Tu.tker's qnewtir*," til Tutker's wttty ?nd prtrnpt reply. it Is wblsperec bera that the Kb- w Nothings bar* e? I'lBsident Dilln . re stake.) out f r tbe Presidency. a..d w ilJ n< t permit hG return ualii sprng teet be I* -si I i n to answer qusstloas. The ablet | ern In Neeretary'i t.u'hrle' re|ort w*,i he a tec. mn endatb w that raw materials t? *dm ne-t ; ? Tb". ?? ? progreseiea step In faeor at tree trade ?t!l >* strr ngly urged in both bouae* by tbe f'lenl# U.e ?' ministration A* legatde the Npeaker it is thiught ?h?' tf Cemphe! fk.-s Ihe vote of the republican* and Know Nothings wU b* divided between HaRk* snd li*r?0 A Ittla excttemeat txist* here iu i nees,u>nae of a large er.etiact fuv jsper whtrb hs* lateif been ?.<nerLrnent wanti twrofy thousand rearr.s of prialiag par*., fine and superfine , ai d sixteen thousand r?ao<- of otter reper* rf a1? kin As?the whole amount of the con tract befr.g a-out half a ruilHon r.f dnl'ars All Ire prtn cfjai per sr irakeis in the I'nloo are at the eapt-ai p-esa log f r Job, which Includes atKx.t one tbl-d of the j eywr ac'uelly used here, th u: 10,1)00 in miendnr ? d I lintirg p*;*r 45 lbs. tu r?am It 500 re?m. eaWer ed148 in 50 It*.; and about si user, thousand raa.ns of Writing end leger paper. l',of?).al* win be opened no 'ne fth iTueeday). snd there it an nam* excitement in I he trade. Intf ruction* and puhlic notice boating date lost. I eve been Gsned an ter an or ler r f -he fmtl ten* far tl nbeet.wn of <hs I and isfjie, ,,f ,he ? tm,,,., {H.wicf. ?' ' ? mei.a ? Ity ' on tha Mieeouri rieer, the a*?t nf gov err r. ?? t?f Net>ms*n Terr Its ry. and ef the ??IB * <? r the re District" and the fu*vwy .'s rDtflce (at vt WyaadeU) at ?'(*. Gent ? .n n 1k- Inui it est o* g ?cvrr.m n* t r th % , fv,,? t Tiumi in. Hoc. 3, JtfSi. TKt SirakTihip?mi/ort in Wn> kington rfv., f'ol. Richttrd-on iaya be haw no exoertntmn if U uia elected fi oaker, and doe* not dealre to tw. Ho tldnko K would not bo for ih* intereat of bin port) to elect a Speaker when they have no* ftitilciwtit wlrpngtb to uun talu bun. Humphrey M*r .i,all' friend* bare a till eome hope anu expectation of more iiimnin ua Mippoit tban U conceded to him by the general opinion. lib" chance U very wmall Indeed, tin)*.* be come* out wofllcituUy irtrr-gg antl Nebrx-ka to kill bint dead keieafler in Old Kentuok. 11,at lie iii not likely to do, tor lie in too much a politi cian to have a particular fancy for dying Panik and Cauipbel' wfll probably dart the twv

atr:Ogi a" id ILe opp -altlon < JUJidate* -one of lliern may ultimately oavlectel. Ilut it would not lie Htiang." ft puller -boo id grow at>*r with the *u,'C**..iv>> ballot*, and ttnilty win the field. The pre a i- pretty freely ro,irc**iited In Wagh'ngton. llvddo* the oni rv pondcutk of (be iiutALU?rlmao name i? legion?I notice Thuilow Wood, tb..< Cberalmr Ire.dey, the Chevalier Webb, ol ibe (' v, an'/ i'nquiirr, vanoa ble iti year,-, bt t a'll) buoyant and vlvacl.'u* aa Hie 'noat you I btul ard the young ( lievallei Thayer, of i ho Kite nun; 7'wl, Ja"e i f tin Kinney Kx,edition whom I am iito.ti worry to obeei in In ebneking bud heal11"? uu.Terliig from the tilocf, and tbe r< luaina of a Central American Tover. Tbeie I agrratiteal of cu llmmit here itli >ot the Speakerrh'p. and tbe anti-Nnbra ka mtrx are full of o m ildencc. The boteia are pretty generally Mind up; but a man, el'li fitrly tNou-and < cllar. Iii lib pocket, t"i -pure, can atiil gut a chance to epocl two di.ya in the garret at Wit laid'*, ar d 1 tiger than that ou a 'owe: lloor at (iuy'ii. H. ? COItHEPI'ONDENUB OP OTttElt JOL'ltNAL't. [Cmeapondrnoe < f t r* S H. "Vrnocrat, edited by A. 1> Ilaukr, tba dt-i ;< cratlc < audidate for Cb-rk of the ll<ua?.] WkglPMiTi.v, Nov '/ti, IgJlJ. i/filieiaf Hi mhert 1f ''ortj,rri.s o in I 1 .<>?y M m' ,rsl nl ;i tlir Thiro llmu "?/rrofe-nj. Oy ff ? l-nitrr?Pintj"*:! qf Trii ?/*?"?? th-- IV,-. I /"?!?? i rv if. Waatifugtou ia not lull jet although it iw probable that by Miturday nlgbt tlier- trill >e nfoiy bo ;-et tu toe metropr Iii. au aniount of popiilatiou rre.u'ly doubling ita viMial ci neu-i Ai picem the cuiloaitv re <?: ere out numb" r ib?- member. A Coiigri'.," leu to one anil there are note repieeeni Aire-. I Hie lhiid llouae tban both the legitimate ehamlrerw will ieil oil on a clow* roto. Uio TV'oirual piulirlnaiy unnvaaa for Speaker ami Cck ia prog erring with remarkable vigor, anil .ill aorta of bargaining, brining, and bullying even, aio retorted to among tbe odda and end-. Ihe national ileioncruoy aeem to lx> tho only oiiea wh i lake mattera coollv and pleaaantiy. Tbey will await the ai-Hen " f their Saturday rrenliig'a cautaa, and if a'ter Hiat event?let tbe , am be wlia" it may?if they only retrain true to their principle*, true to the lime bom ted uxigea of tbe fatty, true to tbcmi.lri'a, a gio rieua leaoll may tie anticipated. Tb-old line wbtga oven predict tbia, anil tboie wno cannot Join trill ayinpalliiae The pr< a|ivcta of tho vni|?u* ran i ia ea have u >1 i'"iang fd niateilally f-lnce my latter of yeatenlay, altli oigti thero ia no ta> k of runu ra, which being eagerly caught up oy the coi r< "-pond" nta of il utant papera, aro thrown to the winda h.oadcaat, ovur telegraph wirea, ami through the malla. Hut ete.jr hour makne it more appa it-nt that betce tbe icaron ia half through there wtll lie but one parly ol any atrength In lajug.-eaa?the old faabloned n-itional democr& ie party. |Can leaja.ndrnee of tbe I bil idelpbia North American. J \\ aaiii.tW"!*, la>c. 1 1A6S. ' l.r Fltlatu n ut/f mJ?It An c tv fVtfr-' N \ot'? Hl/t Air. Vu?iijliii Or KrrcUird ?/Ac Souivl /tier HW /Vea. If the ii,ail" by the Atlantic reach here to night, It ia ijuit" protui'ile the tin- ? Vterininauon of the ItrttUh Miniatry In regard t"> Mr. Craniptun will be ae erlalio-d No i ll'.uial couiuiuiucat' a <vae nueivel from l.-ird t'l.iren doll by the jrerio ia a'aaiuer, t>ut private leMer? were written, announcing the pieparali m of aderpatch cover ing the whole aubji"ct, wmcu Would be aen'eatby tlie next?that la, the pi went?mail. The publj Imprea aion, that a direct aud demand for Ar. t'raia? ton'a recall waa made by the adminiatration, may be aa rUineo U) be err "D"-ou?. Aa I uniieraland It, tb-" whole or Iieapi udtnre ban turned ujion tue fact of liiaa'leged O Diplictty tn Mutating out neutrality la?v. That p'dnt once eatabltahed hia retirement would follow a. a mit ter of couiee, am. without any li.te venticn on our part. Wb<e tfih ial attinil n he>e waa ftrat cillel to ihta aul jeut, the clacloauier ou the triaU at Phdad"-! pbla had n it then taken place, and the "lla-uaalon which eub*o<;u?ully en-oed nemaaartly incraeatal la In teie-t and en jnation proportionate to tte extent anil character of tl.oaa "Ivvelopemantx. ivor t Ctarvndon pu in a general CtD'al of the charge, ami, dioibtieoa, m>ou the | oaeuiancca' I Mr Cr?nipt<>n, but the corrwharatiga tea'I ni ny wl.irb hae teen Moral"', to light luce then, fixing tbe connection ta-taien the latter and the wttno*??a, who t>r?<luc<d bia lettera if. f'onrt, have rather impai-a-d 'h? lot re if ibat bread dlaclaimer, and tauat compd laird t'lnundon to take utw and more tenable poalilnn. three it ia ttat tflfei |>atch before referrrd to It now expected with urn" into cat. II It eh" uld waive the peraotial laaue iuv ived, anl pro ceed woh a tortt.ei dtacuaalon of the facta In order hi re ? li v e Mi. t rertip'on. It will liecome nreea-ary for a full and partirn'a' anawer to be piepore l, which nut it'iulta aou.e lime and Irveat'ga'e i In teat event, ale old tb< *ti uae oig. niio Brotnptly, the c rie-jHindenee on tble aubject bti?k imperfect, will nece? nrlly b? wi'h belo ftetn I'mgre.- uetlt tho ogotlattona are er,mpl"t 'd. I nit ol eourae th ? I'rweident will lofirin the roun'iy of tbe general 0Ofldi"lon of the wl.ii b, by tic way, ba been already foi. lubwedl thla cot icapondgfice. All ll-tng-cou-id.. el it l? a lit*! aurptl-ii.g how the lln l-h lllni- ry hat e y meed the cauee cd Mi (' amptou mi warmly, and th.a ta rt baa I" I l"?t"-<l very e'ea 'y to mi mind thai the I" retgr. Itffle hi.' wtthataiwiog all the p. teniatlui.e that hive b en n ade. ia aa deeply comnd>t?<l oa the Miuiat -r ne e it l? quill' well unnerttO"at in diploiuatir qucrier t that ti e recent eommotinna tn iwgard to the " In d. n" and tl ? Maura ulfnli In New i ork, we'e eontrtvi-d with the tjieial iu .n'i' U ".{ mtuli g lalae i??\iov and .f c,ov? tog a letreai fur Mr ' lamt '. u. They hav- aigtiallf falb ' ol ft i ir purp., e A- ' p< rhapa p' 'be rcm.dary |.art which Knp aud baa p'aV"""! In the ? er baa "hue ao much to C">ntlrm tha cunt.'f n ot her h'l inilatu b aod fall from great una, aa iv utter contempt .?no ridlcult with which ibla war tlu.dgr w.a treated tl i 01 gb" tit lije t'nite<t at' a. !>? n ?oi vi.lage p- pw ?h< -e lb; ? ha been "Hrlt eh agg.eaal m,''- uted the bravado aa tLe fecbln effort of cutn-' ivOa Impute'i' liow ti e n.igl.ty bavekilcu! "b?/el- ufl.clent re. n frr Ijelleving that the ? m of a til real eunl c Ilieioo, gtowiug <"Ut ol a i?fi\ al to | the Sound duea, were utiauilioriied. and the Carta g eatiy exafge-abd Airioug thowa who have ex ..uina l thtaaub Jeet ihe>e 1? hardly a dilference of opinion aa io lh< rigli', which U now i tanned cd traa all along been ar a<.i ted, Iu the vailoua nigotiailoik" that bave taken p am A - iiomark tea *eak powar ami tha Unite I Statea a atiorg one, there ia a?t and h?a aieaya been a dlajeval tl< r. t?. adjuat thla qu<-tion up?.n a ba?I? of II ,eral and enlightiMd policy. Kvery year of da'ay ba- In ea ? ' Ibo complication-, uutll ooa claim- arc a ,-ertwd 1 te .. ol proteiniotie. tif courae tb" n- inbat be -oae ? I ? < jen l ate Ilka "hia, II we aie to pre-erva fnem la ? r courre wltb the gov luuieut In'.rieatad With t'.i- view tbe noth e loch ?e the exlatiag trrety au given <.* 1 <? properly too, A m'?te of -ettletnent la now "Nlifwatlovi, which eeaina to be Iwith juvt an ! . fCptoble It pr, verrev the r:g'.t which ha leeii e?<erted " n our pert, and yc< di t-e not wh I ly dipt no [etimark of the pecuniary mlvan lag"?nec??'a'y to her?which -he baa hefeto'orw en Joy<-d, though thla conceoeb.n will be made in a le? ob noxioua limVi tU eommeiclal Int- aaf- P ptop ? -t't u will lie con.tiiUi,ica;e<l to Congreai, and will doubUele, attract tbe favor > f J'r o la. and til'' o'het . ta'ea if hur pe, wbieb a-e more lafgvly and 'tl-ectlr tnte.eit d in the extinction of thia unju-t taxthvntke III ed ftalw. Tb"' ' eeietary < f the Treaaary lie- ber ime converted to the tl,?< tea of tli# tnanufactiirera of ao"/l, and will in itinend H e ailmtr-l?>u of the raw mate .al tr?e of duty, liicluoltig ehirnii-aU and dye lull- In tbe aaove categ' ry. If# divi not prrp> -e u. touch Ir n, but tbe Iwrkerwof thle m< vement in t'- ngrv"- Intend Ui Ir.cor jwiiate?if tbey . au?upou t! e madl'''.' a p".v ion allowing rallr ml irrn to be tended <ur five ye?ra If rq irdt'ii not entirely dtei<iteieate>l may be erclU-l, Mr. l.athtle l ea pretwred an able and eialwrate vinli a'l'B of tble p" llcy which be regard* aa a ?>p t- earfa tbe ultimate attair,mi-nt of practical free tra. e It may We aa welt to vralt for tb? facta ar.d atgjroetit. I? ex pre--lrg any onetirTeii-e In our dt?-ent frtnn thaw oe ftdent aaai.ranee*. [f .,ri* .|<"t>dence of the Penn?yl?*ulan?Ikuchnnm ? organ.) Wanna Tow, Pe'wuber 1. ld'.t %tr. /itirAow in? 71 r Ai'-rown'# '/ IS fya?witi"a -f.'w? I'm on / /A' J'rrjiilmi-y?Jke //"?* of ?7"?r?-wbi'| e? on./ tb C'Aiftaint? /fuvo if... rf . A* a good deal - f Inteiert I* t?lt In M- H 'banan a u ".Vtruai fk, yowr teeder-Wiay 111? 'o kn>w t at t e can ? > arn-ly be ? a per ted In thla c iin y t#b*e i.wYcer'e There 1 r o iaafwadlata danger of diikeuiue- 'w'w-ea the tvo ouittkr but the late It re*ten*d viabrail.ngvlll TV';o:ie Mr. Htirhanari a pr?ae*.oe ?",aw tlaw U ?/er at tbe f i.g i-b t ou. t I learn He' Mr q, b>* e.etaty rf | eg alios, ba* kindly r i-euled t- f?- vin ? lit wh" n Mr i.urbaxiaii have- Mr Af|l"ioa artli te < . A/iotrr In the tuta- ?gt.u r el Itlv ? pie tutrix nt r.f a new MlnUter The a - we stmt* of tke appr.?.'.?a in reference to t U? c*? | argii ot 1SU . oatltntv an lat?re"t|og t?|t ft'* reraatl'O ac.?t 'f i bad tbe i ?? m I wm>1 maka T* etrvnge derv I- j em? nt- Ik-. * t. i Vlari a.! (tvrn tba Kb>iw Notbiug* a g'eat idaa of riaUaaalisiag tbr ii eelv. a. ilad tbey le-n i).'a>-4 there, Ux/ Woui. have teen drtv n tr.t<, tl,a N. rtk la order ? > c--?y- "he indlgv a'"ue of their f red fneada ta be Heath, ball tbey wa ceaab'ed t< a -baud la Irtj as:, aod tu prefeare fr? m tha" u.|ut I .f r<-r*-l*g ope.atioaa. Yos maa* B'.tthtiik that tlaw.rge (aw ba< Vxwn erdirely t| It red. lie aayiw ar- avare, u kat. an*, gii't w.Ur ' 'be Marker l?;'l i, ta hew /ork. and at I ta all pr'.?? i b'tity ??Our# tor del.p.twe m ? -i.t bra?" ' '?< ">e act i ;(ht I rder, Mr law u.ajr rw be a-xt - a t lb- pr: |er men ft r PreoPlewi ?* u-e ? sited tttetea, -tad I al.vsld egret to -re bin. pieced ia a r. luetroa I t hi- 'Vt aa-e let the fan te tut b- I- a tar kepet qratwaif Int l.a:\ than m'w* rf the leader- la tha dark lea"?r?. party llela an otg'aa! tkinkcrasd a man . f iatgw ex[-? >aa"V, and Ilk air ao' quite ao fiw-li. bad a* t'liner, er eo literary a* *-'ed Hunt'tne, be la Ur ahead of m et ?' *? m-n aj??-a (ft* the a- mlnatw-a nt the ha ? K.'l atwyt :c| Mr IIQactr. Toe wil pwreaire by I king at th New Ltrlaaaa pwpwra. that I.e ig- Ua frl# - * la ih -est < My ai 4 aa be has I tya-tm, ly way '4 hw ? e?u? ilhN_iy_eweWte?a ?* amy be ate* to rw/k evww tr to* the *eerat party. fft i lb?r ? ? ??l, jrt may ta,.' amnr <1 thai ho will iimko aotna alit In 'ho aubt?? r? ut n okta when tlot coict to rk" 'W a ohtef .in for 'V* n#*i November *.rt. ?t. Mr Crittenden, huwover, l?. P"r t.'ttlUnre, thee.ndi.?le <>t Die politician ? ?u I manager# ofifce.i.h-r. Ill" I- a -Ir,, bitter old f.i.hi-ned wflg ? trtin ?epn -or ntnro cA that ittii the j denmcVlc pat'T ?>t which 1'ioa lco, of the l.oiiitvUli" JtmttiiiJ ?- 'ho <'? u'li. ? Oouthna ymt will r .member, } a e. uni* ri# Ih# bit* (Let butcher. of the Wrench ttiivnlu i Hon, and, t*e Wreathe, putt-?wd^ all oorto of piety end ? morality. iJa wao a |ooir, derrepid being wtnco Itaat | ration iiltio w we paraly zed, and who Ice 1 to dot' to o? eevdrnt fiOurrnil'o-B. ai d ye' Vie w.t ? at boar! ?> flerea n f ant. i. and *? I* a* lhi!>?iptrrr# He gloried ovi tha hl'B tiolif.l of .110 Hevidulinv, ami, 11 v. I'if at. ? in 1 oen-vtlle ekilltnf "? 'ho oil lot of th" .fnenUM ?? 'hat CI..WIMJH ihotn la'td oitT ot I'aiip wi'lr dbmorell-ertna and oitua dating the(jp? ot Terror. . , . Mr tiitioDtlcu, though prubaily heartily d-.plwug .ucli aa organ aa tha of I'.ootioe ?' 'V'J 1. ? tonj.oilt Ma iM"ttlt'? through ft? ho.Jot - veil, and hi* la-t c peach in I hUatialpitta ludicelai that ha it it ady to go not ly ilro whole l?ng?: of tho knew to '''lien again wo have another venerable politicianM>h in,- to tho Knott N.'thlr * nominaliou?John 'it'll, of tea aeoootN-hT lar more acceptable to tho moot. ,o*? ni .hh, mntlwr .1 tl.o tlidor th?n ia generally aupootad. then hitto that givat lltat U aUn, John M*cpher?on Hor n. ii of (atoiii*, who in ?uj tufitiu*( tbo wlilt?n of nil oil. t. ho.v< r. aitti to tho I'ltal. -ncy al th? ?ame 'lute YI n will iiercelve tl at hue *io thi", aneloui whig lead a. ? all hailing 'mm the oath I-.king U> the n i nlna lii.n for tha I'.oai laaey. Whether tleoige law u wi.ling to CO It r ol't.or .it tli ? bo g?n' loinon remain. to It# -cea. 1 Miv? lioweier loft out id the cnt tho gull .ut ';,m' inntloio Stockton ot Km Joroay, wuoaa Amort toko to ho tho inaull IB u of BO linpui-ive, ire .er.ton |ta tii'.lint, lhf*n of any hi* * c ?t with th? o*th? and folio h of that mi-waldo parly llo la a .locete na tm, al lean?tl"'"> ran he no d"ubt <d tha'?an.'tha <**r i o will 1-nuiu .11 attempt ? to bargain and trad# with tho abolition loanegote "f Iho Itnlar will tw * oau tin II will not t?ko I "R l'>r ''Mi to ?b? tluit Know Notbl.igl m "til enllapaa tho arm. ?t 1, n hi whig not uurra*. or dlo a ardlan loath iu the vtnb i.cO t. tl.o St.wu d org ui/*t( u and ohtij he dt. ? mo tht.ho wul bayo?'?' I 1,1 ing awn) fi'tm it ? hi h.t? baen iiui.ubotti iu J .nn tg tho "ti'i U oao nil:.;tar m. tfc? o..lJ -t ..f th<? IVoai-lanoy. oa cor.tiOo. M.l wl'b he eoiel Oru. ? When I bav* loi.uro, I will give you more. , lhe Ilotirii of lt?|Me<ontativoa will not be c?ll"d on or cliM Itlnit at thi' win" of Longro#., tho Rooar Nothlugl l.av'ii g olootoil at y quantity tit thoiu. Tharo It una from Malni otto or two from Now Lamp-hint, tto Of tti-e* t om Wamachu . tU, on" Irotn J'annaylvania ami ??veral i thoia whim I cannot ro:all, and thn, addnd to ta'her Cid tipgn, of tho Wott rn It. ??. who I. t?.? ?wtau I leal ,f nboIitloulaiD, will giyo nul'o a oacerdotal charnotar to .h.- r iflon titmi ound rhoitly t" rotgn t.tor tua d..,iiii|o. ot tho popular l>t .uoh of t'ocgr?-.?. Howatl Dolih ha- i?aol>?l WaihingtoO, and St gene rally vl-ito.l hy I'enifHirata Irowt all part, of the I ol in. Iln l? Die mine Ilowall Cjbh who etooil up In the t .tnornmiea Cot .??<??? by the cnnatltolton, an l who hat boon tha hgpt and the loader of tho Itaplie tale of the tioutli for year, i,nit. It dot -the heart go i to fttol that ?u h men are aniorg tho den.0itatlc minority in f mg? eta. He r im tune., In the high, tt d.-B-ee tl.eraeit .jualtjlo. of a at ti er re I -trio' ami nncurnpii-hcd ? tataaman. Hrrd In Urn , rlu ol of la.Hral druiociary. Iiietl in 1 I- faith in lit" In tolllgiuoa and lo'rgrlty i f ihe pern l?, n .11 r,pie ot N.^ thanlttl *!acn, John Taylor and Thorna, Jado-o..,, and ?. t' in, .1 I y no eontrartfd ideaa l.u' I .oaiug to ll,? whole t nl' n, l.r oa. scarcely I egun Li* carrer of emloenca. New t i>|>)ril?ht Intav. T! ? fcUowing petition ia now fo cl'ciilatioe:? Tonik lloni niwa Ttn: Swamaau H-n* or H.-aaoerr. rvw or ti i Uamtn Stnwv? i-.j..,! The petition t f 'lie uBtli-r.igoed rftiieni of the nil State, rt.peetfully repre-onti; . . the hu.loea. of originating and preparing de.lgn. for artteUa o< manufacture ha. recently twe n lotnoluiod into tho I ntted ftate., *od ha. not yot l?o*n emliraoe.1 hy the act* of Congte*. intended to .ecure t .author, an I Inventor. 0 ?' bt uetlt. of tin Ir own product! i?; That let- ?? engaged In lite ??td bu^nea* ar* oon atantly deptlva-l of t> e frul'l of their Uli-re hy tioau thori i-l r., roduetien - and imitation of thotr deelgo?, Ii r whleh th" 1 >wa aft rd them n" i.-di??? Wbarwhy ?m pr. vene nt In tho - all U ooeour.g?d hy the law. of foreign countilw, b greatly reUidal in tha ' \'our' pe'-'itii nrr. therelore p. .y that your hi.nmuM. bed I. -- will ia?. an act, aitwnding tha pr..l?ctl .n ol t ? law. of cepylight to all miglnal te.lgii* to ?>" paier or rloili, or woven other tahrtca, ami alt "T g, alde-ign. of fotnia <r tor . runnwutiog any atH.-U of maj.uUctuio m> lb-it the author or proprietor of aue.h . cglt.a .iealpn rlu.l be entitled to an .-v pr .party Ibeiein foi a t. .in not lea. than threi- year.. An 1 y ?ur p. 111lor ei- will ev? r pray, *"? Nnvul Ihltdllgrnt*. LAt'KCH orTIlK hi KAH KKT01TK ?IINMt?OTt. It ?a. on Hie el umL.-m, haimj lay of alu-day that the timet a?| erb .peeimm . f marine arehlUetore ever at tel. p!.d by the naval .-?u-tiur u? ?nd arti.i'i" of oar ,11, w a launched mb the hn ml an 1 be.u'ifui Ao. before lleapp. int. ' h-ut IbouaaaTa n( (w ? n.. ",ll? M lei aad ol .11 that. " "" y b. d a-aatldad >o Ih ? Knry YwA arid or. hoa?8 "M and ev. r y el g, ? | 01"1," view In ttoMtgl.ho.h.J-1 M ?1tne.i tpe n, t -i ef the ..He Mlnt.r.t* to that "I'm" ?' '? '* '' 1 , 1 1.1 r home I'tH.u'ly tha Ume ,roWdaw.l?.| tl- te,n..nation of l?- prel-nrlnary ar. ' ct. il .1.11'. toe ..'nuk, w en, u -al ?? "f twinty u? auman *?! ,|?1M th. I'reeident. Sir itly afterward, the " eimar I , riu.ei ie.-ive.i on th. lre.lleot hUbeiliwt Xwntt. ot ttiviUg.-e'v nnd t - I ?* ????>;? ? the elieaiu in a f.eorat.b i-mi't"" for,g the Irm fc A. th. ho.i wr-rano ?? ' lhe .. tii? l -4 ihe removal of l?e mope "a. l.t ard over the wa'er, Ibo mtere.t > e am. 5.i?sfssSf?; -J* V.,, t.< ti.iem-a verv leviathan upon the w?..r. Jtwt Ijefoi# Ih. .hip raar-Ud the water, ? ymio* i?dy "f All ' ity liaploOd in the met ,.o .. > >u?-!?? by h" ' Jf'rne Ota," wl h wel.r ighi from tha' .tear by be I|. ? M, 1.,,-a .f kllopeMU. I. lit- y. \ery f-w .la. lr.,?W ? v ream., tl.ili apj-rehenel"ue b. tou> tham I.i.Li th' ugh any diend.f .i.ngee an. 1, ?. Imo lokt In pride all ? uoma-rad .ue"**. ' th tf, ?rr.?d the - 'te.h of tlii. toat ?f. ><?? are.niiie\ur? and Mfhant al ?k-l Web U.I cot,..?et#4 wl-b her eoo?truct n he te hi aal OJ in the .u.te eful ?" ? "f tl.rir Uhor. mite that n<ue of out eltiiwO' pie^ol et thi. beauUtui ftert.eie wi I ?ver r. ..ft .1 ? the eo-rr.e ? theM^ d ?llene..da With mtereet end prt a?Naffotw- Inl'l lif/rncr. Pi* 8. (tun ,tl of OoBHff Cafivaaaa.-#. MB?rrr.n?Tit oar. The IV aid rfCouaty l aova*eent lhair Ubor. . -a-.'-iy, at pll| A H I? the ah?rca of the Kr#?l tent, Lerviaur WlWe?e?'B, of th* -a?o..d war I, ear railed W> ? >*|. Vicettlnir aepafvlaore K.lly eot W?k?raan, ,. < f i . ng'e'?* lact wb" ware abeent .? W....,ng i . I U liu.'d wa? la att.ndanaa < "1Mb. rental..lag baU-te .* th. filer, nt ward, we. ri-onwd ftom Patui..#!, ow|l"olag wllJ' the ....1 ?nd w?. pr .eee.l?d wt'b wHi .iot loUfttrplb n until i.i, ii-ei wlun a-aee?. wae taken for an boar. ' , , V the Hoard raew.tened?the Kr*et lent in U.'belr TV." retrain "< lm'1-.U w-taMt.-n eall. and ihe I h.irit an .ta'e- 'bat lire Mr thing r-malUog f r# ( ? ml?? r f 10 ??>?* ???Wtntai "1 t. . ti,? Bgwt' of 11*? rmrUm " . i ? ?? ?... d-far-nt -.i f ? j-' ?t 1 ?f>*l tt ? fM I'?" 11 ? . r ?! r )|Kvmr> f Iho th?t a- there erre * latre numtiar ?f ? 'una, to he ad 1 w htri. wot. ?.rt V.wd "'" T1- Hoard ar ^diig y aD'^Md flhl eehe-k th.. mora.Bf Tar -titr ? ' e, eiactbm law tk. wee. tan ot -ta'e ''" *r, Surveyor a' 4 , .t;.t.l .od Traa.uft- at. U" -'a tl rea . f 'heir ere e ucofom to tr^aaet kuelMw- If a n .J'.rt'y oi th. ? . ?.?r. fall V? attar^, tk> <>i;? nnd E,V., ?/, nt A tie ii y m ky the +*<"*>7 ?* !?.. at. ^Utre/u.etbrn .. a.l vlthtM-; ??*?? 'rTaTy^^n'i.'eteTb, ap^ th. trjiszz :u,: "ftri "<t tl ?t if 'I* frea.-rer ot r>anptt,.lla? The Jh .7d 1 i. - if "> V' ? U"n ; ; ^.r. ft., .. - t- it?,.fh a m-WaW '' . ? I fir zL'Jrz" XfrAg ' - , V t not kr ? apietad U'1 . tf Ptata vtl! be at.l? V- "WV?-? tha ~ta'a 'an t'l^tair ^SU?. ? frrMfiuU InltlllfMitt. 4KHIVAU. i. aitd# If'-. f ft Hiw>f C ??r??? P. * ^T^jjpl . Oil i I ?'i ramaci: *??? ON/i Tr, ,/#? '1% * P > 'itlfNc ?. fm i R * +t%M i;Tr f? * A " A *' n , ?'- ? ? "" " a ,m> I'-wr- *t W'kat l"aa At '?'? Ir- j i IV ' farry. W t HtuH a*1 H C Jawt fkiadeltaa h ? I'"*'1 ?Tama kaw Tta* ? rkta, I . *? * a T h c Kf.wea, ?Mii*i'.?, Oh,. A* M. ?-??? lap It'earn -Wr J OhHana Ta.aa ?. U f| * jr atv.e, W t| t/diAi Htni'.i. T?aa. W p.iaw.a tie' ba.iit kktwand, * a. J aau 'emu, u*4 Ki A M few tta-ea a J all a.l l*a-H ???.,. ae-l ig/ i iiiiAnr i a A I .wtaetaw. kuao 11 ?o ?e' weed i< la IM m.. wg> |iw/V -t II Orn a . k a l>? Ita hoaar."* r, H 'tA-w a, p Spa-* f?r I a Fit.*. 11.1.VI hd,aMdW* fl IMI. id, f T?ty i >' i"k? J fa# fear a*4 it la I*. V'-"ie Hi mwii.M HJvt Wat fV ? ft < Id ? J f UetTrr*/ /A l| |* *' nfrf A M I . ?? | !??<? ft' ' "?A W A T f tih#f, % i .'/.atlk/' ? f KIaTni A I. *r* 'He? ARRIVAL OF THE BLACK WARRIOR. Mete ? rntM talM-irrllknt to lltfp llrbrun, ?V., 4tt. The I ntied CW? m?ll .i?-mrr Mask Winter, J. U Attlluc). moiiuiiAn, arrived M |I|M from N?? Of :*?*?, *U lte?*a?. Mm loft the l.nttdr pteee on 11m 181U utt 1 fca Htnon* age iwte*?!u>g to wMlrtW Ut? otM?|nl? <ii th* ltt? ('4|>to limmd ticiiu wtUi giwvt epleu for. union M the nnMwr; |r?^ittUi?? .MuitM. I he To-neb brt?roifw*r h?* HiraM ?frtrod on tko 17th I , eight* *?rr clighty itupriWog ul HtWm for wiV ?. i'A. W b<>?M ? All on h?>A for Jit potent Iff* IUVtl>? nOKtUKtrONMNCfft. If. "AHA, Nor. 26, 1866 XUi t TratU hint*. Anattot iMrut.nQ? Ikr 7nti6r ,u IAd .Sm/A?HmUK ant Ir vls Hr,mrt?H*Utth War iMppimg f?ho of Dure* ir*"it<?l'i)i< 1 fcrtagawwr neplatna who *1 leraale between ffW York, I'M coast* of Africa mm) thai cmaot of Cub*, loft yiwrtenlay inerirtnftby th* ateeivwr Oiwcnt <7ly, to mow liia labor* in th* ?*nac of -tpaotoh rhrlattenianth'u, am. 'or the mot* perfect hrrwlopemeut < ( li-it tab philanthropy. He ha* jiri e<iacV*M * niipilA nent i-xptdi Jon, pltorjo on Chile Kan aoi7 tear 660 sub net* (or Uie labor In ado of out* itehU. Th* African unvftmk li becoming ?r import. at a for tar# in ||M ?ominrrr* ef your city thn-t I should rot b* aarpcUad If It rmliraoril ami of ilmae |. vwma who I or* b*en prwaileat* tr*t?ur*r* nod inrreapnndhig avert tarlca* o? wmo abolition armclatlonn, und w she laud-.M* dnlc* of lo crtn-iiig lb* tehl of tlirlr h. .*>???. At any rate, the buai neee thiiwore- and mote are p4L*tafi*d n re two ?afortu tute Aioet I.'*n?, who are deft ended nnd tricked out of ibeir lir. iii rn, and yonirhwi only to oom trust evkleno* lor 'he HttUb f'trmment o' hoonat ted h<m*-aht* -' a I in ftuHlri of the iinaiy ??? lb" |u at Of M (vanish an hoiitle. l et them .noI ,v,lo ug their erulvor,?if them la notbh g to do *lf>eg I lie *bi"M of the I n ?? >t -latea, they i an ?an-u.?t rery p #n ant rail irsff partlev inteeeo < uba and Man Juan de Nleora aua, anl it ml piiie- money by converting 'lav** into en auitpado appr entire ship, I -terminate rait! 1Mb or tie phyateal M pa> ly to endure then Hpanlah taatmaa tara- and thofr children If any ar? horn, to rwevaid fro* in apprentice beodagn until lite 1 -mm** a burlbon to the nuhject ami .0 etpwiiae to the n.aater. the bnatneaa bna not Uea pttrattod to any aatent <M tlie Mittth aide, fill the reaaoo that a ladbful aeullu' I d ?e 11* nuty at Ttlnp ad, and eorer* all the pulnla availehla by hta nnreaainp obnerratlun. W, Midui y HanKh, Ra-t , llrltiah Vice Conral, hee e*"*wg the plratm to make a teljr rx'enalvr rh/r>nr to aupuly 0 tatea In that ilrmity. It u done, bit out aa In foruMr tlir ea. I hand you lllra root-wunf, a prfiited i wrket report aad eblj pint liai n' the ;,*?! ?w-k and he* to Uunk Ui* nut sail of the Tatiioia a'.* .roahipa, of Itta, fbr Uretr bind at Icniion in I'e.iiery nf tbe nlea of the II Alui, hy whlak ?e mingle with ilia world Tbe l eal h of Havana ooaUnue* perfeet, and ?? are 1 arii R a *<??. 'ii ot n oot propltlou* wart her for (htbaa fain eia and pinutern. 1 he Hi I lab aloep ?rr hurydlee re ma la* la port for a lea dare for ?' (donation of tha Irlltiop; of a llrlUab auk J ft who war toaoewnily oerunied In rokktnc the tat* An-oiican bri(f Tilbuae, near NonriUa. I> Uiiui, Noratakor M, lUt. So Start, but tbrt Dana tadoy Mdi Afawl. It would raally **em that tlenaial I'onalia W *o partAal to )ilaylt>f the part nf a lawmaker, that at tha p aant lime, when b* eau Quit nothing of awitaaa mo meat to t?W attwntton, when theta are nut any aahaowt ei ged flllbuatera In naiatanaw, he appear* datarmiaad to laaue dtcrean and altvulara upon tbe inoet trivial mat tar*. In a late latter I Mat you lira traaatatton of a etieatof I?epe?tteg th* t'laea* what* ebteken tghU Ut to tab* pine*, *? a felli w to which, lor lash of mar* ImpnrtaJBt matter, I *ead you the following ntroular, acteaeted mad iranelaied from a late number of I ha f/aida, i*?|i**Mi th* parti** by whom lottery Urknte are to bo T*a<ted ? It a v Ana, Nor. 'it, 1884 Meoietnry of (oremmaat UaTinf b'*o a>kad about tto soin r nlatiee of aUowiag pi Irate litditddual* to **il lottery tlckfie 1 4r*wi It proper In omaiaucr wILb th* Itoyat 1*'U| n lutein ?nt to <lari*e aa followa ? 1. The (jovrruor* and hlruteoant U"T*fnor* era par mllUd to fiat >lren>e* to private lndirtdwal* UadlW trry Uekete, 2 Iheee lioneer ahall only br grantad U? rurh a* or* Ihyahro'ly anal.le in work, and lo thote whr are naaw* than elaiy year* of age. S Thaaw Uori .*? ahall lie grante.) gratia, and la tto aain* form aa other hoe no ? awl in oat b* iraemt naab year, and liml e-i ..oly to the population of the dlWaeawt gi.v. rnu.*nta. 11. ' I '?'initete lo yea, ami your poile* nauet to ?*ry careful to pre "HI Ottor per* ru aalllag lottery Itcketa. In d I if , vr you ir any taaea, *V-K UK I .A UuMCfUL To th* Lieuteoaot (ioirraorr. n,? abovr la ??-ure. lr * vny trlilal matter for a in* hoi.lii g 'he diatlr guf he-l pawMtow of f'apteia GatMWal o' f rib* Aa , A< , *r lo trou'rla hlmaelf alraut The Hrllieh b g of ear I wring ?? off Ihla part on tha IC'li ! i| and lb* Krooell hilg li-war I'er-uae rem* late thl I. " r nn tl # ? rrnlng of ika 77th lint Th? lip llabron. :?hepher l, ra>lrg port TMteeday, got a.I ?* lea ri d.. e.? of th* Morn o?i?|.J. uea .. i ar k a - hi eleafi l lh- If .rn r-"k. - r,.t light, aed bofare 10 e ul'l Ail he* ami el a waa lakoa upoa th* ro'ka hy lh* f*rr* of the eur enl )'r..h#hly n il aar nualy l? )urad. aa ah* ?*> in batlaa* amt tbrrr oaa no baary ?a i. ilii gin Tl.a Ilehr. n waa biuret to N*w llileaoa la iui? h ? f buataae? hrateblr b*>* ? Igli'ly linproint fir looepe hoi nut ?aoogn to ludacai btery *aril*<* ta tab* couc wla lew* t >< hange?la ad/n 10 ', to lo tj pi*m N# * Vork, % in pinn other ? .Ilea n >rih 'a to i, rwrm New if* leans, 8 to8)| pta*. ah'rtnghk Kaaltfc gieel, Irripo. ier,| from Anllga*. ?Rift Kg 0? A >I< at) ill 10* Mli A* AJfkKJOAM Ttaeih at mt. ioiiaa, >r omiAkop Tiia RKiTiaw ?ot rn von? Atmtrm u in.< rmu or AMtamtm IAIUIMi ? AtTAt*'a iTAltartof. Awrmt a. Sow 18, U64. Jitn Ctekif l:*>?rrt )'?r? Vuu wif! bo d 'ubl, on tha arilrai </lha habtew ai yroar port, hear ef tha Ina ill ofterwd our gag on tha 1Mb last. Tha facia are aa f illet ?Th* brig huagu, uf and from f'hllarfelphte, arrived ham no lh# llth Irurt,, ami oa Ute Itlh waa h-.*rd*4 ky lb* aoUr rlUaa, faring lay ikwaaA under Iba pretf a sf inarching for eraafrahaed goeia. No saarth oaa r>.adw, hot th# < otoolal 1 rwarum, Mr. lii'* eal.'ed tb* #o'k, I'.at him b* hat rater#beef ha waa a tie r, awl ) a had can* on bosrg lo glwa him tha prrdawth n whlrh the kritieb g-rroiaanrwl hwM tutk to 'k* alaraa *k<. arnwwl Mi thru Walor*. 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