Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 4, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 4, 1855 Page 3
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MB BELATHM8 W1TI KlflLUI, A rireddt Confiab betwMn Ltnli Palmerston ana Olmreudou. [TbiuUtfld from the Liadun C-irrospon-lence of the Rus sian organ, Le Nurd.] I have to-day the precious advantage of being able to communicate to you the tenor of a conversation which "took place a short time since, between Lords Paimerston and Clarendon. The latter went one Sunday to take a day's rest at Broadlands, the charming country seat of the noble Premier, situated in the picturesque v lilies ot Hampshire, and to ooufer familiarly with hlta on the grave questions of the moment, as Is the custom with English statesmen. Tne conversation took place in the afternoon. Lord Clamosdox, entering the cabinet ol lord Palmers ton, proceeded straight towards the fireplace. " 1 am delighted," said the noble i.crd, " to find ench a good lire here, in weather like this." lord PaiJfMurro.N?Yon are of a cbl'ly temperament; one has only te look at yon to see it. If Parliament consents to build a new house for yonr office in Downing atreet, I shall take care that there are plenty of arc places in it. This will l>e an improvement within our po ll ti:al grasp. We must make sure that her Majesty's principal fceoretary of State he not froxen to death. lord Ouud>don?It is only you who can preserve the sacred flame of vitality at an advanced age, and that too ?in most difficult times. Tie running tire of our newspa pers suffices to seep it alive. lord Pauobmon?l have no need even of that. I have my star, like my ft lend the Kmperor. lord Clabwsdon?Aye, aye, your friend! He too ha hi methrng to do with my shivers. lord 1'Ai.rtiKWroN?You are Incurable, lie is the key stone of our system. Just look at the folly of what is called public optnionI These imbeciles on the continen raise an outcry against me as an Innovator?as a revolu tionlut? because I am for the French alliance, and yet I am of the old school. The French amuse me, but I con fess I do not like the French. That is why 1 love the Kmperor. He Is not of their nation. Lord Clahbjidon?That is just what trighteos me. Louis Philippe was a cunning old fox, but for all that the objects of his policy were soon laid bare. Hut try and find out what your friend is aiming at. You arc cleverer than I am if you can. l,ord PaunnwioN?The Kmperor le not bound to tell us. He is prudent; he haa a right to be so. Will you admit i'ersigny to oar consultations at the Foreign office t Lord (Ilawoido.v?Cod forbid I That would be lolly in deed. Since the time of Canning we have a policy which lias become traditional, and which is known to every one. When the opportunity presents itself there are the thou sand organs of the press, who blab in the most indiscreet manner oar intentions ard our secrets. The game is not an equal one with this taci'urn monarch. Lord Palkxmto*?I,ook here, old boy, we must take tbiDge by the practical end. when I cama to tie conclu sion of fixing on the French alliance, I determined to ao cept the thing, aa the lawyers say. "with choice of ad ministration." It would have cost too much trouble to begin by organizing anew the character of Louts Napo leon. But what do yon mean by talking la this style V Have you bad newt from Cowlay 1 1-ord CfsUUCNDoii?P'sba I That fellow loves his ease so much that everything is coultur <U rote with him. No, there is nothing importaut In that quarter. It is true that little disputes and cellist,mi of opinion are dally be coming more fitquent. I do not complain of them, be cause! never feceived myself as to the difficulty of get ting along with this alliance. Besides, what 1 have said sis to the Impenetrability of the Imperial policy enters Into the category of future oontingents. Lord Palvkwiton?You are right. You have Just hit the nail on the head. Lord Clakkndon?What troubles me Is. that which presses on as at the present moment. Lord Pauumsrow?Ihs scarcity of money?the dear nees of com. We have escaped crises much more alarm ing than 'hose. lord Clabkndo.v?The news from the Crimea U not encouraging. lord PaumeroK?What I Why, we have enclosed tne Russians in a circle of iron from Kertoh to Kluburn. Lord thAMMMin?What a fine phrase you have just ut tered for your speech of next session I But you will be ai-ked what you lave got into your clutches by your cir cle of iron. The fact Is, Simpson writes to Paninure that the season is too Car advanced, and that we have no fer tile r results to look for this year. I had a conversation with Hardinge on the subject this morning. He says that tiortacbakoff cannot be a'tacked, and that we are not in a position to attempt any further serious operations iu the direction of Eupatoria. Our juvenile Field Marshal has never teen much ol an enthusiast lu war, and I have re marked that on the present occasion the old Peelite leaven is beginning to work. Lord rauiinwroK?I do not deny the difficulty of your position in respect to the Parliament. The talkera will have some advantage over us. But the country Is dis poned towards the war. It is enduring. We will talk big about Sebaatopo), Balbeck and Kiuburn. When 1 speak of the Russian fleet being annihilated I wilt draw forth the cheere of all the country gentlemen in the Com mons, and even from the osrtisaus of eternal peace I-ord that is very fine. I am a suf ficiently good Englishman myself not to despise the des truction of foreign fleets. Cut the impression created by your allusions will be effaced with the echo of the last cbier. Lord PAUfKRfrroN--After all, It is the country that In s'sted on the war. I have lieen merely the executor of its wishes. Lrrd Clarsndow ? U the country should be in favor of the War In 184fi that would be elf very welL We are lust Ike nun for it. I warn you that our enemies want to b ake us play 'hat role. I, for my part, believe in the or ganisation ota coalition Lord Paijumton?Coalition be d?<1. Should they get lip one I shall confront it fearlessly. Lcrd CLamcndon? Y? n never give up. land 1'ai MKHKTi-w?I tell you that 1 should not even have occasion to beat Disraeli, because be will never venture to push matter* to Mflb en extremity There is luckily but one argument whi m is rea'Ty dangerous, aud the toilee will never dare lu lay hold of it. The argu oeut is this " The Minister makes England play a s<-coudary part; France don.ioatet In the Fast. Thlt contrast will become the stronger as long as the war last*. The danger Is imminent. It is still time to arrest it. We are ready ; to make a greet sierifice to rave the country." With this cry of alarm. Disraeli might upset us. It would be heroic on his part, but the toriea of our days are incapa ble ol such a conoeptiou. Taey have not the b-ddue <s even fo carry it out, even If It occurred to them. My French policy is e policy of erphiilntion. They are not in the secret, and yet they aie compelled to follow it, for they knov not what to substitute for it. They wave the flag of the French alliance, and Malmsbury Is ready to bend the knee to the Emperor. Neither his Majesty nor I can be deceived by these demonstrall >oa. Wckn >w that Derby an 1 his parly are driven along against their will, and cannot stop short if they would. I alone can regard with coolness the danger of the alliance that I point out I-, yon, and which I n?v?r lose sight of, because I ni ne can neutralize the ascendancy of France by my js-rvninl Influence over the Kmperor. l/rd (TanxwDow?I em well aware of it. Without you our game would he a dmgeiou* one, and even with you 1 i in not without apprehension. I-ord duWnto, at our friends the lsrzaroni sa^. 1 shall answer for the man. and it is a great pity that we cannot answer in the same way for nations, like the Americans, for inttanoe?a >plo who both clamor and gove n. I as-nre you, my friend, that 1 someilmea become almost an enthusiast in lavor despot ism. Nothing Is more certain than that it would liare l?on utterly impossible fo- Louis Philippe, assisted even by Thiers, bo impose on the French two war contingents and our alliance. lord Clann?don?The nevt from America is also un f?v,Table Buchanan is nut a man to practise the diplo ma-ic virtue of conciliation. lie makes political capital of tbls affair to arrive at the Presidency. laird PaLmkRcdix?I ureter that. He will take s ime n-body for Secretary of-ta o, whiles that old woman, lleice with Msrcy "a*, his elbow, gives us no peace. I have always had a no rial apprehension of American Fecretartes of State, and old Maicy plays a devilish close game. l.ord Claukmkiv?For that reason I look upon the gsn.e as last. 1 am hurting up an expedieut to defeat the interpretation of the Oayton flulwer treaty. There is no disguising the fact, we must in one way or the other swallow the uUimalum of Mercy In addition to this, 1 fear we shall have v> recall Cranapton. l.oid J'AUiKiuvroK?We are cor come to tha'ye'.. last us wait the effect produced by the news of the reirif>roe tiient of the Prl-l-li Wrst lodli squad, on. tidiness is my favorite weapon. I bev always suneeed-d withl. W ht n I make a flourish of that sort, people think that I hare arrivtd at an irrevocable determination. Is.rd (lAMWiei.v?Inst It all v>"y well In Europe, and with weak nations especially, but those Yankee republi cans are not people tiiwt you can sadly Inttm dab'. You ktmw that I consented unwillingly to this dem intra lion aud that inly on cooditlon 'hat It should be represented merely as a defensive measure against the fiUbosteroe. I/ird pAiJtrmmiH?I am sorry for that. Yon will Weaken the effect of the demonstration. And yet ii ought not to alarm y->u, for yt-u know that I am as decid ed as you are to go the whole au.mal in the w?y of cm cession, sooner than risk at the present moment, a war with America. l<et u* extinineynur de.patgb b<x. The two noble lords bad spent more than au hour in inspecting the contents of the b -X when a binl-nan sp urred them that the guests had all asee-nbio i in Lady I'aimeeeion's saloon. 1-ord CiAjuctDfri?J)ne word mire. I ask of you to assemble the Cabinet. I wilt no longer bear alone all this responsibility. Paamnre expressly charged me to ted yon that this le also hie advl - i. I know lost lire/ hat requeued the same thing, and !,an?di>wne write? to me fr< m lie wood to press tte matter upon you. lie is very much alarmed. lord pAiJtmsTOr?Wo ahell have a nice llrat of it. There will be a jolly row, and tiie be?t of the joke is, ws shall all t-uti as we ha?e begun. Well, if you all Insist up n it, 1 flu not ask letter. Yon shall have your meet lug. In the meanwhile, don't let us ke--p the ladies waiting. Later fr >m the Plain*. IjrnxrtWDUK*, Nor 27, The Salt leke mall arrived today. Ob the outward trip It reached Port Kearny on the 13th, bat an etc or not being turninhed, and the partie* fearing the danger ol the road It wn* deemed prudent to return. On th ? Idtli ?m>? tell to th* depth of tlx tnehee, and from tha time until it* arrleal the weather wai Tery nnpleaeaot Mr. R H. Dyer came a* paaeenger. From him we learn that It waa rumored that two companic* ol General Qir nev'e command had returned to Fort Laramie to winter, and that tha remainder would come to Kearny for the aame purpoee. The Sioux Indiana had brought into the fnrt threw or fonr of the murderer* of the mail party, but Col. Hoffman would not receive them ualeaa all were .1#. Uttered, and the proffer* of frtrodahip mere accordingly rejected. Th* FiaHHMim?AH the laty veeeel* hare now M-nred home but three, aod thoae we pnderataod are on their way. A larger luaiti'y of macaerel haa been taken thla year than laat, and eom* of toe ve?tel* km made a good year'* work but the average of th* veaaela la not much better than It wai in 1*54 the erpeiuea of the hn,inra< being *o high, and the reality of th? macke rel being low. The aen.on eloeet late: thi' yea- tuan n>nal. eome of the packer < having *eve>al trio* till on hand to pack out.?Obmmtt r Ttiffrupl, Nor. 23 Hi $r ?r "x Borernor mf ?oath Carolina. WHAT 18 TO 81 DOME WITH COLORED HEAttES ?? TBI MABSAOHD8KTT8 RESOLUTIONS. The Southern papers received last evening contain the Mesaage of Governor Adam*. to the Legislature of South Caroliiui. The Governor clearly sets forth the Bnaneial oondilion ot the State. It appears that the reseipti of taxes at the Dpper Division of the Treasury, for the year 1866, are 87,700 24 less thau those of the preceding year of 1864, while the deficit in the Lower Division is still larger, or 12'.',636 08, making an aggregate deficit of 180,237 82. In regard to the Massachusetts resolutions on slavery, the Governor says :? 1 received certain resolutions from the State of Massa chusetts, which I returned to the Govern >r of that State. Had Massachusetts confined herself to resolutions ex pressive ot her feelings and purposes in relation to slavery, lmperllneut as I inay have regarded thorn, I would have received them with, indifference, and trans mitted them without comment; but I consider the acts of ber late legislature as an insult and an outrage upon eery member of the Confederacy, who has a right to de mand tbo enforcement of thn Fugitive Slave Act. A State whose Legisla'ure deliberately, unblush lrgly, impiously, violates her cinstitutional obligations, and whose people resist tbe execution of law, even to the sledding of blood, is not entitled to comity from us, a id I leel that I would have betrayed the dignity of my trust bad I hesitated to fix on such conduct the seal of official e<ndemnation. The interchange ot civilities with a pe >? pie who feel it to be no dishonor to prevent the recovery of stolen property, will hardy reclaim the taithless, and is incompatible with the respect which honesty owes to itself. The agitation in relation to slavery continues to increase, and is rapidly tending toils bloody termination. Mrhhuics which it was hoped by some would give quiet to the country and dignity to its deliberations, have served but to redouble the efforts and augment tbe power of abolition. Civil war is a direlul calamity, but its scourge* are to be enduted in preference to degradation and ruin. The people of South Carolina are alive to the issue, and are mindful of their obligations. They are calm, because they are prepared and self reliant. They have not torgotlon their history, and will not fail to vin dicate its teachings. The right '-to provide new guards for their future security" has been sealed try the blood of their ancestors, and it will never be surrenlered. Cone what may, "they will do their duty, and leave the conse quences to God." lhe Governor thus speaks of the law lu relation to co lored seamen The legislation of the State in relation to colored sea men has long been a matter of complaint an l rem >n strance on the part of foreign nations. So strong, indued, has been the opposition to our laws on the subject, that at one time formal proceedings were instituted by the British government to test their validity. That attempt to coerce the State into a relaxation of a p diey deemed to be unauthorised and unnecessarily stringent, was soon found to lie an lll-a^vised movement, and tbe proceedings were abandoned as formally as they were instituted. The right of tbe State to enforce, within her limits, such po lice laws as she may deem essentia) to the public safety, is a right which South Carolina will never submit to the arbitrament of any tribunal on earth. She does not hold this right by virtue of written parchments, and she re cognises no restraint in its exercl.e but such as is im posed by her own sense of justice and propriety. So long as this right was questioned, and any disposition mani fested to interfere with ita exercise, South Carolina reso lutely maintained her ground: and both the principle and the law stand fully vindicated In the public eitimsiion. Now that the subject is free from the embarrassment which the proceedings referred to threw around It. and our right to pass the law is no longer disputed, I trust that the public mind is prepared to consider the ques tion calmly and dispassionately. It is no; tienesnarv that I should recur to the circumstances oat ot which this law originate!, nor remind you of the very great change which has taken place both in our ability and facility to meet the very emergency against which the law waa intended to guard. However much it Tiav have been demanded by prurience, or jostlflel by neoessl ty, I do not think that our safety requires a law of such unrelenting and indiscriminate severity, and I have no idea that onr cherished Institution would be endangered by its mnrliflcutl in. if the object of the law is to pre vent tbe introduction of an Incendiary element among us, then it would not be difficult to show that in its prsn tlcai operation it furnishes an easy means for its creation and developement. As the law now stauds, coiored sea men who may visit our ports, either in the pursuit of their lawful vocations, or be driven into them by stress of weather, are aeixed by the sheriff, conveyed as fe ions through the public streets, and Anally incarcerated in tbe pu'dic jail, to await the departure of their vessel, whether it be immediate or deferred. While in prison they are brought into contact with our own refuse popu lation. it would be strange, indeed, if meo thus sum marily deprived of IheTr liierty and cointort, without the pretenre of a fault oommlttod, did not inveigh agali st s state of society which thus degrades them, and enceavor to exoi'e the refractory spirits among whom they are thiown. Viewed in this lignt. the law certainly fails of its end. The remedy is worse than the disease ft seeks to cure. I recommend that the law is- so modified as to peimit colored seamen, the subjects of foreign na tions, to remain on board their vessels, to be allowed to land whenever the duties of the vessel may require it. up on their receiving a written permit to that effect from lhe Mayor of the port: and that while on land they be subjected to toe ordinary restriction applied to tbe native colored population. Sucha modification would of all its harshness wftl relieve the law of all its harshness without compromising our right or endangering oar domestic quiet. Should our confluence, which concedes thus much to those who seek to cultivate trisndly relations with us, lie abuse!, and the modified law be found to work badly, it will always be un der the control of the legislature, and can tie as easily repealed as peered. Slavery has fiercer assaults t iguard ?gainst than any likely to arise from allowing a few col ored cooks and stewaida to land ou our shores, and we weaken rather than strengthen tbe institution by at tempting to Ledge It round with any such feehte props. While white abolitionists are permitted to come and go among us wiih impunity we may tolerate the occusioosl or aciden'al pte-ence of a few free negroes from foreign conn'ties, who have neltlo-r the intelligen-e nor the dis position to harm or disturb us. The efforts which feua'l <:i-m has made to overthrow the ins ituti n, hare thus far ?( i veu but to strergtben it in the confidence and affec tions of our people. While we con'luue to discharge our tiue obligations to onr slaves, their loyalty and nd-llty will remnln unshaken. The colored hireling who may visit us will see much in their condition to envy. He may teallze the important truth that liberty, sh irn of all its rights. Is but a miserable boon compared with their substantial comforts and happy existence. The Governor devotes a considerable portion of his missege to the free school system, sn-l recommends s thorough reformation, fie also recommends a repeal of Ue usury lews, and a revision of tbe statute laws of the Mate. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MOSIT HiRKKTi Movuat, Oec 3?A P. if. It appear* tn be impo.aible fir tlie bulb to arrant the downward court* of Uie atoek market. Their organ ma/ groan and grumble about mlmepreeentetfonn relatire to thin itork and that atoek, bat it ia of no u?e; the tenden cy i* downward and will oontinue ao until thoy reach the level ol their real value. A? a general tbing f neea a a altogether too >lgh. Outeli'e buyer* will not touch them at current rate , and bolder* find it more difficult ever/ da/ to hypothecate up to what they oonaider (a r or able margin*. At the market decline*, it become* more un certain regarding loana on call, and the Call la baa tened by the reduced farllitlea fur carrying. At the flrrt board to-day New York Central "'? de c'lned percent; Nicaragua Tran*lt. \ Penn Co.l, Cniirtierbind, t$; flee*land and Toledo, 1; Chicago and R. Irland, 2; Michigan Southern, Erie RR., 1??; reading Hit., 1; Michigan Ctnlrat RR., >4. Erie and Reading were In moderate demand at the opening, b< t aellei a were abundant and nth ied f: eely un any term*. The bull* made great effort* to nuatalo the market, with out buylrg largely, and by avoiding the ?*ll*r'* eye at the board, e-c*|rd lianrg largu Iota put upon th- m. A tew r-mnll lot* of N. Y. Central wera ?old in the atreet at >8)a jer cent, but it wa* afterward* offered a fraction 1 wer, without making aale* Alter the adjournment of the board A. H. NIeolay made the folowinf aalee of bond* and pteoh at auatton $? 1*0 (in. and <"b1r. I.E., l?t m t. bond*. ?1000..76 6.<X0 I hie A Mia KRlat rnort 10 per ct conbda do.. 1l\ 4f> not) Clew A Tol RK eonv 7 per cent inc bi? do.. .74 i tier, Paine* A Aahtab R 7 (*-r.nt b!? do. WV > i ne Br Can Ol OoCerttflea'e, hyp ,th'd $9M 'ueh* Beokn an Eire In* Co, m eaett 1*3 ? tt I e'er Cooper Eire Ina Co, 4.0 MM i " Ht Mcho a* Flra In. Co 53^ a 55 ft Pnigero El-e In* Co *?> 1.5 Mr chante*'Hre In* Co t:& **rh 40 it ICO l.ardnei O dd timing Co Hi eaeh., 27 6 Mechanics' Bank (orWi)llaiu*burg) ICO -data R? nk of Win tie. 4100 each . 2 f.'b IVyekoff (iold Hieing Co. 4 JO eaeh It 0 Ecgeworth t oinpauy ? 1 9o At the aarond b ard pneee were lower. Mrie (all elf 1 H per cent, lilim ia Central frond*, 4, , Cumberland, % Michigan Oouthern, H Cleveland and Toledo, fc; Chicago and R. Irland. X. Catena and Chicago advene.: I % per rent with the eale of roe email lot. After the b ar uid at 44 If per cent, and waa offered freely at tha f.fc...rJ" There waa aa active ntoT.iiieni In Nicaragua at both board, to-day, without eauelng ranch variation in price*. The cmal* of the Mate remain open and we learn that order* have been given not to draw off th* water from the Erie ranal until the 10th ln?tant. The crow! of brat* reported a day or two *inee betwee n Albany and I'tica baa been reduced, and the probability la that all the boat* along th* line will be abl* to get through. ? The bond* Ueued by the Nicaragua Trarnit Company, payable *1* month* hence, for the payment of a loan about maturing, have been no Id at M per cent. Thia it another lnlqnltou* trarxartion on the part of the mana ger* of thi* cempany. With a?*et* In hand which might ready be made available for nearly the full amount required, th* director* make a *how of eomrng Into the market for a fair end free sal* of bond*, when at th* time it vee all cat and dried to parcel them out among holder* of the maturing loan, at a prioe which wttlc itt th *tocb holdera 14 H per cent for *ii month*, erjuai to '7 pa." cent per annum. There ran-', be eioevk re ig aom* bow a rvmedy lor thia whole**l? flnaarierlug if the*e i* any .leair# on the par* of th* *t wjahol l*r? to jt benefitted in the ?lightest degree by their investments in this coapeny, eone measures shoulu be adopted to make the party in poeeeaeion disgorge, or at leant let go their hold uptn the treasury and give thoee who have oarer yet received one eent in the ihape of dividends, or in any other way, a chance. We can point out turn in thir com munity who hare aiade from one quarter to half a mil lieu of dollara within the paat few yeara out of tliir company, and who, If they are not choked off, will, in time, make as much more. Iheie aie, we believe, aoine re apectable, honorable men in the management, and it ia expected that they will uae their power and inttuenoe to put a atop to the wnoleeale plundeilng going on in all de. pertinent* of the company'a buainiaa. It they look on quietly, and make no effort to hare the affaire of the con cern admlnietered honestly, they raurt not expect to ee cape cenaure from the moat liberal, and by tha more ex acting will be condemned equally with thoee who are known to have abeorbed, thu* far, the bulk of the com pany 'a receipt*. Ibe warrant* entered at the Treasury Department, Waahiugton, on the 90th of November, were aa follow*:? For the redemption of atocka ....$36,808 1 For the Treasury Department 18,082 0 For the Interior Department 20,344 7 For tha Customs 10,&89 0 War warrants received and entered 22 730 8 War repay warranto received and entered.... 2,302 0' Covered in from mlacel aneous source* 1,152 8 > 1 he Mllweukie ard Mississippi Hailraul Company have paid over to their trustees?the foiled States Trust Com pany?funds with which to pui chase sixty of their thou sand doilar eight per cent bonds, and the trustee* are ready to buy the same, and iavtte offer* to tell. A correspondent of the Yn~mtml Journal, In a commu nicatian deprecatiig the ireatinn ol any additional bank capital in that State give* the following account of the concition of tire bar ks already In existence:? There are in Vermont forty-two banks, of wtich twelve?nearly one third?neither declared nor earned a dividend auring the year covered by the rep ot. One of three has declared no dividend alnoe July, 1862, aud several other* have omitted dividend* for a year and a half or loager. Of tbooe which hvve paid dividends, at least ihree bave done so while there was an apparent de ficit oi resource*, and the dividend* were paid out of capital rather than ou of earning*. So that mora than a third of the bank* of the State nave in reality earned nothing for the stockholder* during the year. Three banks in Burlington, with an a<greg?te ctpital ot $460,000, hold doubtful and suspended paper to the amount of more than $176,000, considerably in ire then a third ot thoir capital. Several others hold doubtful paper to such an amount that, in the estimation of the commissioner, they ought to declare no dividends till this paper assumes a nioie promising aspect. The average of dividends en all the banking caoital wbioh ha* been in operation long enough toaarn dividends, 1* only five and a hulf per cent. These facts need no comment from u*. If any one, after becoming acquainted with them, con tinues to be affected with the bank inaula, he Is certaiuly incurable by any logic or rhetoric that we can bring to bear nponbim. The Philadelphia North American, ol Vov. 30, gives the following information relative to the bonds, Ac., of the Funbury and Krie Railrad:? We observe that the mortgage bond* of tbeSuibury ?Qd Erie Railroad Company hare been offered at the Stock Hoard. They bear ?tven per cent interest, tad are tec 11 red by a first mortgage on the entire line of the road from Sunbnry to Erie, binding all the estate, real and personal, possessed and to be possessed by the company, redeemable twenty-flee year* after da'e, and convertible into tbe stock of the company tor the term <f fl'teen years. The mortgage is for an aggregate sum not ex ceeding six millions of dollars, bat provides that the bonds to be issued under it shall at no time oxtte.l fifty Br ctnt on the amount of capital preriously invested !u e construction and equipment of the road.' it provides also for the creation of a small tlnkiog fund for the re demptiim et the bouda, to commence on the completion ?if the road. About two and a half millions of dollars have been expended on the work, and fort. mllee of the rood from Sunbury to Wllltamaport Is now in use, and pro mises a fait income. One million ot bonds bare been created under the mortgage, and about 9130,00(1 sold to contractors end others. It U the purpose of the mana gers to complete and equip tbe eastern division of the road at the earliest day practicable, which it is believed will par a handsome income on the entire investment. The net earnings oi the comp'oted road will exceed the in terest on the amount of bonds now offered for sale. the annexed statement exhibits the average daily movement in the leading department! of the banks ot this city doling the week preceding Saturday morning, lire. I, 1866 ? Nxw Yum t'rrr iUmcs Aoaiu. .S^svic. Cirmi'n /Vpon's. New York 8,373,998 '26*870 24<>,328 2,705,618 Manhattan 4,477,480 6dtt 868 837.600 8,330,027 Merchants' ,3,268,10ft 1,0.14 480 197 010 4,079,901 Mi char ios' 4,781,169 702,834 419 478 4,043,420 Cnim 2,409,447 296,3:16 211,407 2,397,775 America 4,081 082 1,109 980 80,538 4,116,280 I'htnix 2,248,974 248,161 113,131 2,201,613 City 1,049,469 188,046 61,284 1,309,0.: North River 1,000,480 8 4 406 171,414 888 30 7 Tradesmen's ....1,349,012 73,509 281,654 721.271 Fulton 1, J.'(R,9I0 188 290 137,184 1,230.747 I hemtral 1.199,93 345,103 900,013 1,048,178 MeichanU' kx ..2,482,369 190,192 187,730 1,797,779 National 1,621,739 228.914 169 971 1,014,876 butchers' 1,404.719 07 101 7t,4o8 971,81 Mechanics' Loan. 718,0*8 66,984 101,703 487,06 Greenwich 692,002 84,997 13,175 651,01 ."eventh Ward... 1,116,329 90,062 217.490 607 74 leather 1,774,603 lt.8,677 228 069 1,419,29 State 3,:-21,802 340,016 523,780 3,020.99 American Each. .0.014,872 7 tO,;.47 311 220 5,928.28 Association 1,125,967 55 916 203,691 826.50 C< n mi i rial .8,362.878 04a - .7 2,115 6,994,92 Bowery 952 824 46,708 171,109 732, 226 Broadway 1,296.699 97 OOO 226.692 1,114,067 Tean 1,613,117 116,173 188 189 1,062,619 Mercantile 2,137,428 167,484 98.442 1,680.829 i'a:ific 81,0 872 61,677 114 890 599,804 Republic 3 342,448 612,829 92,782 8,791.100 rhathain 567,196 46,904 127,139 326 800 N . America 16X4,617 150,190 81,08) 1 443 312 I'eople'a. 782,164 69,189 1.73.490 560 708 Hanover 1,181,839 49,716 110 806 626, lo4 Irving 669)139 29,916 130 629 485,236 Metropolitan ....4,190,694 709,521 101,562 4,891,088 tltixens* 673,1m 67.290 157,?1?7 617,603 Grocers' 601.328 38.(.86 01,000 6 21,417 Nassau. 1 006,198 00 5 20 117,064 083 6 :2 Fast River 420,378 85 396 96,602 392 467 Mai k<*t 1 046 309 83,785 119 878 8(4 584 H. Nichi las 683 448 37,812 92,803 871,984 -bee A I * at he i . 958,601 60,3.16 106,841 685. '.40 Com Kxchange.. 518,032 149 H.V9 87 312 1,769 817 Continental 2.665.771 198 926 75,086 1,968,212 Commonwealth .1,166,286 113,191 102,702 1,167.607 Oihntal 616,680 36.871 99.030 300,53: Murine 697,509 31 780 96,246 636,951 At'artic 6)10, (38 32,375 98,904 407 184 Islar dClty 383 81'8 86,092 87,742 '2.(9,197 liry 1 'nek 401.148 20,662 8.1,79,'. 122,764 ~ 1 I xc? ang- 225 7)1)2 10,216 130.962 158,811 Bull's Head 2n 77 10,3'<o 105 284 161 222 N. Y. County... 23..,717 11,614 09,316 1U6.2M Total 092,6-26.921 11 227,'34 7.841,664 79.047,983 Cijutiv; Boot iBSMU'inaM, litharges for w*tk ending Not 26 2129 377,066 18- do. do Dee 3 122.305 8 *) Balances do. do. Nov. 20..,. 6,950,104 Do. do. do. I eo, 3 6,743,120 Tt.e annexed sts'.ioeot exhibits a eou^.-l" n of tns ending de; srtments of the hanks of this city from tbe Srst up to tbe last weekly returns ? >nw Yuan urr iUvas l^natu M>orfe. rSrr-ul'a. 2*7 <vn Dee. 20, '64 $81 663,637 12,070,147 7,076.8:0 62 8^8.0.0 fan. 6, '66 . 82,2^4.706 13,696,003 7.049,982 64,982,168 fen. 13, '56. 18,976,001 15.488.626 0,608,461 07,304,300 Ian. 20, '66.. 06,447.990 10 372 1/7 6.681.365 ?> 647,018 isn 27, '65.. 86.664,607 16,607,280 0,689,822 70 136,618 f>t> 3, '56, 88 142,097 17.400,790 7 000.766 72 9-23 317 10 -65. 09,002.177 17,124,804 O,9<)0,111 78,794 342 Feb 17. *W. 1a0,8f4? 001 17 V.9,085 0,941.006 75 193,636 ten. 24 *56.. 91,690,604 10,370.876 0,tM,;?5?2 74,644.721 Mar. 3, '66,. 02,3811,1.6 10,5(1 271 7,100,710 76,958,344 Wiv. 10 '55.. 06,831,709 10,870.009 7.131,9.(0 70,2*') 488 M>w 1", 'oh.. 934,447,846 10,908,902 7,is,1,018 76,6.24,2.1 M 24,'66.. 93,060,772 16,002 720 7,442,231 76,289,923 M. 31, '5* . 9.t.A'v4,041 16,018,106 7,837,0.13 76,000.18t Aprti 7, '56,. 94 409,394 14 900 004 7,771.6X4 77.313.90* April 11 '55 94.140 099 14 * ?) 9*w 7 OSt 630 77. '*2 ;t April21, '66.. 9.7,o.2,89.1 It. ..55,)>U 7 010,124 70,744,021 I ' 7,610,966 75,219,961 April .8, '86.. 02,606 '61 14. JI2 4_4l May 5, 'AS.. 93.095 243 14 325 060 8 087 60s 78 714.169 May 12, 00 01 >42.498 16,104, OM 7.804,017 75,6.5b,.If* May 10, '56 01,676,600 15,226 ))56 7/3 030 77,361 "18 May 20. '66.. 91.160,611 16,314,832 7,4*9.607 75,785,744 June 2, '66 01,197,0*8 15,397,074 7,666,000 76,143,. 0 June 0, *56 .. 92.1(10,097 15,003 15- 1,602.800 77,12* 789 t in* 17, '66.. 03,1O))..(8* 14,978,558 7,462.161 77 819 464 Juae 23, '65.. 94,0.9,42c 14,706 729 7,.2(6.663 79 U . 186 June 30 '56 95 ?,77.213 16 641 970 7,894.964 01 'si! 066 July 7, '66.. 07 862,401 16.461,098 l.M.t.OO# 86,647,244 July 14, '56 . 08 416,432 16,563,750 7 616.724 fT. 616 Atl Jaly O, '56 . 99,020,141 16 018,909 7,44)7 08* 8'J,')7's 696 July '28 '66.. 90,08.7,799 16 090,976 7,409,198 81,026,78* A-ft 4, '66 100,118,560 75,208,368 7,042,901 A3 '/7%W)0 Ang. II,'66.. 100.774,900 16,900,060 7,714^)1 43.141,32 "Moi Aug 18,'66. . 101 164,000 14,040 -24.. 7 (HO I'S) 81 94* *71 Aug. 26,'54. luO.KM.MM 13,82'. 37 1 7.682 '(95 81,178 65* Fept't 1,'65. .100,436.970 10,062,00* 7.690.17* 01,067 '10 Rwpt'r 8,'66.. 100,070,700 12.006,625 7,081,148 80 412,47* rept. 16,'56 00 197,009 12.213,240 7 721 828 80 510 ,06 9r r. 22. 56.. 98 661,764 11,066 Ml 7,710,402 60 105.147 Dept. 20,'66.. 07,:>84,2S? 9,010,124 7,724,970 76,81* ,l'? Oct. 6, '66 . 96,514,021 11,110 *67 T.863.217 77,582 "26 f'ct 13, *.V5.. 96 069,420 11.138.876 7.840 114 76 615.807 I'et 20, 65 96,100,-76 12,461 723 7.8*8 161 77.A52.M1 Oct 27, '66 94.216 372 11,163,021 7.628.489 76,974.66c, Nov. 8. '64., 90 860.4770 11.1'16.296 8,011,606 77,7*7 ?:o Nov 141. '66, . 92 464,290 10 426 *.,188.608 7'. 762.403 Nov. 17,'54 92,029,920 11,004,911 7 941.670 7* 320 351 Nov. 94. M 02,212,400 11,716,200 7 779 66 T 74.076 l-*4 Dee. 1,' 66 92 526 Ml 11 227,134 7.041 664 79 01" 943 Tbe last returns, compared with tbnee ot th* previous week, show the follow-eg variations in the liffereot ag tiers* c in leans snd discounts 0214 '.l* Incite** io circulation Ht T67 Incieeve in iejr -It* .... 4,*72 A 9 leeree** in specie 466 10' Tbe deer ease in specie U much greater tbaa sn'.., pa'rd. It waa .(peeted that tb* spes-ie ?pm ?- u.d no' show much variatiea, and no one put tig dsrreas* at more tbaa 1100 000. The returns ?h>w tbst User* are a goc ) many ways for specie to go out sal oniy one ray for it to ceo e la. Th* fa' -*ese In dep-stts is vs-y -t r* ordinary, are] the bulk of tt must be merely omnia-.' In discun's tbsr* has keen s slight lagrsnse but the ennks ! gise'y kr?p the', lcja' u.en' pretty ??* g Eftkwffc Momiiat, Dec. 3, ISM 818000 OR 8* '88... US* 'JOO htu Ctoi ft IU tal.r 8)* P000 Indiana St 584* -Jtu do. ...bA 90 7000 do ?3 81* 100 do d00 89 10000 Virginia f>'?.*3 96* ftft Ho hi 30000 Miaaouti O'a.. 88* V) ,i? $#* HOO do 88S 10 Third Av Kit.... 4ft 6000 LouUi'ati* blO Oil 120 Ihoh S ft N'la lilt 93W 8000 do ..blO 93 Si " 2000 Hud KMMB M 8800 111 I'm RU lid* 77 18000 do bOO 77 \ 14000 do 774ft 6000 do *30 77* 8000 do b3 77* 1000 IU KrecB* h pr 80* (000 NYork t en 7'* 103 80 kIm Moclianica'lik 110 06 Metropolitan 14k . 110 10 Comnxinw'tli UK. 93 16 Ocean Dunk 8ft 08 Oalena ft tin HI* 118* 6 do 118 (0 Centon Co *3 31 * 7.09 Me S%?n'O 1> * 600 do ItdO 10 600 do b30 IS 110 do ?c IS* 100 do c 1ft* 100 do *0 16* WO do . ...,c 16* W O I'enn Coal Co. bfiO 98* 60 do WO 98 360 do btt> 98 380 do #7* 50 Cuwb C al...Hlt) 27* 60 do. *10 22 700 do ,.a3 22 700 do 22 60 Ward Coal Co.alO 20 900 Clev ft Tol KB... 70* 816000 III Cen KK B*. 77 1(000 do 1*3) 7J* 26 *h* Canton Co bttO 21 * 200 do *3 21 100 NIc Truantt Co.. 16'ft 100 do b30 16* 190 do *30 16* 100 do 16* 100 do 1*10 16* 400 Cum Goal Co.... 21* ltiOO do *16 '21* 100 do i*?0 21 'ft 300 Krlr KK. bfiO 40 * 200 do *30 100 do *10 46 * 100 lludnon RiTer RK 160 do 46* 60 do 100 do * 10 4ft * 96 M So ft N or I a KK 100 do 46* 16 Oaiena ft Chi KK. 119 10O do 46* 26 Ueee ft Toledo R 70 100 do 4ft 60 CU( ft KoeUnR.b'i 88* '200 do b.'t 46* 330 Krl? KK . 307 4.i 200 da 100 do 660 do 360 do 400 do ?3 60 do bid 200 do .... b"? 100 do 600 do .... bed 300 do *30 60 do .... b3 200 do .... b3 160 do 800 Reading KK. . ..e 40O do ? ? ?? ICO d i....

200 do .... 700 do *3 200 do .... 1*10 300 do 400 do.... b?0 44)0 do .... 300 do 100 do .... *3 200 do .... bi ftO do .... 04 Harlem RR. 200 do .... 16 Michigan Central 209 do .... ?OA. KB. 260 nil* Krie lUt. .*30 100 do 100 do *10 1(10 do.... ? .*3 460 do .... 1046 do 60 do 10 Mich (kin KK 000 Reading Kit . . *3 400 do 200 do .... 000 d> CITY TRADK UK PORT. Mummy, Dec. 3?6 P. M. Ahiiw.?Small soles were making at 7)fn. a Hfc. Hhkaukti sm.?Flout-?The market wan dull, anil He. chmel about 12%c. per 1>I>1. for summon and meilium brandi, the sale* embraced about B 000 a 10,000 bbU., Included In which were common and extra State, at IB 25 a IB J>7 , among the rales were about 4.000 a 6,000 bbla. common State, at IB 26; Western uiixed. fencjr and com ?ton grade! wold at $B lb a IB 6212; Canadian was at IB 60 a 110 60 with Hale* ot 300 a 400 bbla.; Souihern Hour waa dud, and ranged from IB 60 a 111, the latter figure for handsome extra family brand*, *uch ax (ieurge town, extra, and Petersburg city " Kial o" brands Wheat was dull, and rates moderate; the sales embraced 16,000 a "0,000 bushel!, fncludesl tn which were .'i 000 bushels Canadian white, at 12 26, with ssles of of Tennessee red, at $2 10 a 12 16. Western red, at |.' 06 a 12 07, while for strictly prime I'd 10 was asked, white Sou thei n was at |2 Ida 12 66; a lot of d imaged North Carolina lold at II 76. Corn?The sales em braced aboui 20,000 a 26,000 bushels Western mixed, at II 04 a II 06. Kye ?Hie sales embraced a'Miut 20,000 a 25,0110 bushels, including Inferior, at II 26 a II 27, good, at II 30. Included in (he above were 16,000 bushels, mode early in the day, ot prime quality, at II 3d a II 34, Oats we e tn modera'e request, at 54e. a 60c. fur (state, and West ern at 6#c. a ?0c. I.bmi rontir.ued Arm and active. A Cargo of 2,100 hags of Kio was suld itlly.; 1,000 dn. do., at p. t.. and 600 at The llatila, pre\ iously noticed, bought 9?ic. Colt"*.?The sale* embraced shunt 1,600 bsles, closing at about v4c. a ',c , since the receipt of the Atlsutic's uews 1'hxjoiitm?Kale* were rather llrmer. To IJverpool a ems >1 engagement ?f grain wa- taken, to 6)1 up et Od , while from B S^d. to Kid was demande<) About 6o0 hales of cotton weie engaged at 7-'i2d. and '4d.. 200 tier em l>eef, at 6e., '.00 buses sugar, at 30*'; 700 bbls. Hour, at 3e.; 100 do oil, at 36s. per ton; end 100 do. ashes, at 26s To Is>n<u>n 100 bbls. oil, at 40s ; 100 small tierce* luef f.'HM lbs.), at 8?.; I.OOO bbla spirits turpentine, at 7s.; and WO do. rosin, St 4s Od. To Antwerp, 50 tierces rice at 4b*. slid 3 000 bushels grain at ltd. To II ivr* Hour was at V2)tc a 66c. grain at 22c. and cotton at ?4c. To California tales were unchanged ilat ?.Small sales at 80c. , Mai At tnoHw were quiet, with small sales spirit* at ir uvular pi Ice*. Pltot inONs.?Pork? The msiket continued heavy, with s limited demand lor mess and prime, whlln the inquiry l"r scur end refute was good, for shipment to the West 1 idles The sales in lot* em Braced '260 a KOI bbU., in cluding mess at |21 and prime at 820. 160 bbls. refuse odd s' |IB, and ;6 do. Allien) prime fgoodo.'d?r) at $10 76, llevf?Fales 1 fsO a 2"0 bbls., at uncbsnget prices Jtriesed hogs sold a. 8l4i a 81,c. .Hales of 10,000 lbs. g ern hams were made si Ju'$r. Ilacon continued Hnn. nutter wes steady at 18c. a 24c for Ohio, and 21c. a 30c tur fslr to pifme dilty Ftate. lard c.ntinued to lie si cited, and market active. Among the sales were 1,6')0 bbls., deliverable In January, st 12c , and 1 000 do., deli vered in Italtlinore, at 12t. 600 a 800 do., on the spot, at 12c a 124,c., chivHy at the Utter ligure, aud part de liveiable this month st 12c. Hu ?Hals* alsiut 400 casks, part a'. 4,lr. a 6tg'c. Ft i A*e ?The market continued llrm, with a good de mand for expurtand tellulug. Ihe sale* emiraced about 2 600 boxes, fur export at 6c. cash, and 700do. at 7 V'., duty paid. Iltidi. were mote quiet at about 8c. tor fa r qualities. Messrs. Ptueru have fixed their prlc/ s this day, Ifc It, as fellows:?Iioulile relined loaf sugir. 1<>\r. pet lb.. double refloed cru-hed sugar, 10r., ground sugsr, B><c., circle A crushed sugar B'ge per lb W'Hisgrt bales of about l'll bbU. w?ie made at 10c. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. IAUI AT AliVTlOIT. Al l'TION NOTIt K-J HtXIARV, AKCTIONKKR ? HT i.'Mf , KT. i ... Itjr. rv-.rmvr 4 a I , o'cl t .? ftur'KiQ rooms. corner (?f fmnMfort and ffi<i am ar*#*.* 'ft *A.r of h?tii of ttirnl'ura, comprising to tUogati? anfaa, lounge* rnirror*. book rack* ?iand? b#?U radi bcl* ?nd bedding. w.ollrn M*nk *t* farprfi oin loth, m?Iio.'orix Durfini, nil tainting". A'wd a general nnorttiinil of kVrbmi fiirnllurr, rrnokm r. A?; , Also, I (Art *u 1 barucia, |I?0, A lot ot men's boot* and 'iDm rubber ?*?">#?, Al'CTION-Bf FDW\RI) s< II! V K-KXTKV'UVK ?Ale (?t a large Aii 1 valu*'i> <-Oil#etk>f) of rnipi. h Kni linii Hue #ng?as uiK" VVedti#??Uy, D?*< 5, at lo'%o'clo k wtli *rll by pubjp *u?<m At US Wail *'r*#t, ti?? iohU mi mn *lvr an<) urij'frb lot of ? riffrnvlng?. J'i*t Imported fr ?m l?*?n don 1 hfjr cooalal ofltmrrlom*. VVl.ftlM*, hd'UU ih. I>av1^ And Flft^don , .tubyrd* P*rm>n- wUhUtg Ut c irapl*'* * i? ?r'folu? liA\r row a ii^ai op}>ortunity. Ib?* ?%!? hutiiK p?>?i Bw?, AitlKfUt rrt>f'vr, it l? known tb*' ftiKr'i a tplmn-ll 1 roll*? i i ? nftvrr ymt mpprnmrfl biffor?*|ftny puftlln. Uo ?bnw Uila 3 /. ir, W'aII fttrfftl AiniO.S NOTICR.-J. IIOUOK. AtM'TH)VK.KR - Mftftrlfx ftr?' And ro?iIr hotiwhold fuml'ur# mi p?nltc A?if* tlOu If/n*crrov* i U ??din-A'Jft} >. At ii??* Ir CAid*ici''?, ,') M'lrrmf ?tirA', n??Ar t o!kg# At lf'>^ A * Th* (Air will ?'? witlwfijt rrwr ?* ? omrnrnrinic (n th^ptr'or# wh*r)? Art furntftbori wiL* two w?lid frsrnr ro?r Aood rtn?i j drvH| (?i lu rrirofton <u, tOr oUtrr in r %f? a?i 1 grm*h brocA'rl, ftfiprrlor n/(?wond plAnofrirto, wldt h^?v|lr aty?h1 rft sgs 4oHd hmowia) rtr^rr. with piA'f* (Uwi d4ior? ?nd '?A?fc. fAdv'ft r .i-rrtotrr, bftAuftruIfy InUM thr--ofhou* It Arr ^rri.( b piA'ft p!? r und ovaI mirror*; ruyml Impm-try rmlrm pH*. rftrtrd ri>-rwtAjd rrnir* tA'ilr With ft'RtdA'V nimr'< r top*, ?ofA?. *ldr urtd trifr ft fttif>?ri ir r<>i.acUon ot ?*.! I "lii'lnK* by wr'I known mfJ-rn ?!???( ?i uc ^rrr tint* pftlii'ifttM'i on po?r*lAln; bAAU'tftiUy dr rfr^'"! rhl-iA ???* -, rriArM? find orrnulu eiorka. I'trlm ? ???iftrr. if twin ?t*r rtii ?. rfM#?w*$d Poo|irArk? and <v>ni?r *ir.mrr* pA^itair rtsAr}.* fcne I'ATU iniAid *Afdw?i, b'Tivy J Arc And bf" **?!#?. wlAdvW dT%*.rry . inAfdrl *f?its?!)UibinrotA. Ac Dining n ??!>< ri'n.ding 14 f? ?" dir..? n fttid '?A^'ft1 '*? m*i?ogAn^ mod dlntoc rhnir?; fthiiift <!' nmr iwt, "f 2M p?n^itilrrr imm ???, f??rkft cAfto.rt, (?**?? > i '? ?Alv* r? V ; 'wo Irw-orAtrd rhlim t$*A to1 giam w?*r, |Yf?ry CU'iftf? OAAbOfAliy twAA*. CArl 146 mm giil Uilf rt ra, Ac. l!r IriAitr 6 ? Muprr) Cftf va?1 roar wood t-rdftUft D io ? ny, An? mrlrd nilr ni*urr*?r? pA 'la?*?- Hug^M p?"*r yo w| ? ??d mahogany marh * ?<>p nur??Ai?? markh u?i? * r?.rt^d roftrw"**! and rnidsoginv tr> m U?tr?, ?,fm* Arm'*Hafr?, ? 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T'i >N ?? / ti#Ar < lollmnf plar# Tho ro ?(rnt? ot a ha ??# t rarly nrw and ftrfng of ihr f #-' workmmont,l^, ofTrr m rum i.. ir "n "? at If ? ; m rsfAO AO(1<4wit> ro#cw??d YUAtwdtif *r W!!, gf'd a.'ad C'jfr run ?t?vrtftiid liv'i?a??ia rgnj #???#, tA'g#pW-r?r or* tl*** r* ###r<8d,'#?t# and Obmr H?|?nUf 'an#*, wr 'Of'*, nod **mMmrm rrrepUoo ehitr* 'Wo magr iK r?nt iim* A Odd ftullft In flf?A r" rom# grrr.umtv go?d nod (lift"fO*l trnralrP ru?#woid \>'* k*lm\rm* *b'dfw oil u% ?'jnfft. t i.i nil*" eurr?iro#, < rmo u cu* ha, |)ab%6i?r and *hdr cnarti*# on , f*Ari*' i. ai d * at j'*# i?nr*4. ?Vow#r va?'? *' *'>* gatit a "Aw a, <?Titor A??a#r#?, Ae. It) lb*- dlnlnir na#n nod ft#drrKicr?a Eitrt.iifiti lah 4 n i| 4fd ?A do rhlna dtnnrr ?"fa tr% art* dhpr arrvkrgw. rvh ? ornAarntad do . caA# hadtao forha, apom- aa #f? %* #?ll K iotAii got icva. dwAo'#ra, Aln#? pr#%#rr#?. 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Port I row. fslos, a -eg. is,.rtm ?f cikiMS tnrafs re .ymgiissi . ? uir., 4ecwcat*st -Aaa tsee farMtwre paiem si??w? naw>g 'tin ?aflrct'Si. - letsuarU. Hressing b-t?ea.,s echraa-. , ', Oess. ptwakiotr imltrexts. mar'.,- v Ul.-ei, ' ? . lain '(eg g. Sod* we^era-efs. ta.rsws. 6* Alas, me. pertnr lawsnai plan f . ss* 8ajr. WftTfi R -ftl'8 K?t.f *f*Tt'ivf** lli am J. * HI. 611 IMa Uf.H WIS (free s. la Us. so.?? I .w Q krwih Sin Wge?( a* a ese!| W- '?* sss?l ar'awausl'Y Mlet.le .uw? <6 <t t. ac -ee ?r a | *vaarif*wee i* nam *? sw w ajeertae, uw; wlmg a la* pat. >, ....1,orr* snr'ams w?rCr-*<e titeaw. * A^HO'TIOM ttX-RTM. r ft'sWrKh Sl'rT"'Vr R | Or >'4s'M?y its. I at Msiati ?< i. ???? a ^ im a rg I ?!' '? we.i* atsc mseh-cs. tsar fast* - t emf. ems rvpaira, bfsea, isejf. s*. pwrsa w V|s v. bar ? rm', Un win, $t. UUI AT AVUTOHV. A1 PCTtqW _ NOTIOj. -T?ua. BKIX. AUCTIONS IB ? My UKU. M BUSH, WaduMilair, low o'd'?k, il Um Mtlm It MorUi WllllkM ?treol, will , ,M. AflMB ulra <1i.I ?lu>~ .*>.? iron. tlia (>ry*U1 I'al* . ...pxrW tink?. fkncy yx?l ... liruii/??, > On* <l<miiP>rroiyp? kiiparxiua wnate labia i< i oaa r??l rurl..?lly, lb? m?t ?vl<>n ltd , .umttwuu o' rarTlnf i x|>ri-.'i.Uui( Ibw lio? aria, Ac . wurihy .it ?tuin".>ii. Iliuradaj? lb* lurulturti ul a family?otb-luth, caruau, UilMy hrdi. Me , Me, A I UTION NIIT1CK.?4. LUl'IVhHMITH, AUCTION X.KB, will ???II tbu (I luwda)) umruinf, at log o'alocfc Uu ? <?o l#n'? nt hi.u%? I# Kiantlin at m-ar Mr. tad way, r<inala(m< OI i<iM-w<.<xl pxrlnr *ulia. In aalln brimad.', ciuitra, ?!.'.? and Mll? la'dra, ml |>a4ullnt[?, lar? and bnwaU-l rurtai??, lamr i? ?) and plar y laaaaa lapaairy and rrlral carpsu, rn.'xiKkl and Dial otant hndaiaada,, araahaland- fu ll if hada SB#"*'*' I'll'"*". fU.e w.x.l blankrla hair uatlr?,,, blank wuimI and malaaiaii) rnabloiixd rhalra. >ulaa rneknra, rhma mri rrc?*?f Klaxa were. I.ory miliary, idlvxr warn, aal *'r". Iniaa, ?('.? u?. (a.for? fra aoralnw, a'alr oarpa'a, oil. Clntlw, Ac. .'(Iiiiprlaini Uia who la nmitama or a wall rnroiabad I. nr auiry Im.iimv A drno-ui ra-iolrrd frwm al. nurrbawra. A1 UCTION AT Cll AKI.KBTON', H HHIX HKA MON, l on arcnnnt of all My I* A. AKKII.'IK i?n lutaday . Iitrcmhar 11. at i nu.n wharf, will i.a witbool r?wr?f to **??? bin beet lindffr, <w ncrouoi of whum It mty con errn, h/ Meter of tbn p.,rl warrtana. U.r Amatloaa ahip Ana I too, of New Lrleaas, burthen wh toon ??r tbeiwabouU m she now I tea at Union wlwr; together wtth her maata spars sails ringing, anchor* chain*. Matt*. tackle, aoparal and urolture of every hiu& Condition* ca*h. J^Y F OOLTON, AUtyriONKKH.?AUCTION HALF OF - - new and second hand cabinet furniture. Bru?aeia three ply and other carpet*, large lot ?f sew oiclnth*. rnirrrors, namUnga, Ac , Ac ? V. Uulton wUI sell this day, llec. 4, at o'clock, at the auotfrm room* 69 Beehraao street, on the second floor, a vary large and vajjiod ss sarin a<mp of new and second hand fttrnt ure ot every kind and dew notion. Atoms the assortment may he found two or three Mil* of rose wood furniture, In broom! ami haircloth, m%h?igax\y bookcases and pe*try. three ply and other carpets, ftfTy or slity full piece* of oilcloths. large and small? mtrroi a, ott painting*, dinner and ?s teimlon tables, lull French mahogany, rosewood and hUofc wal nut bedairads Ac , Ac ; al*o, a very large lot of s#0?ad hand > turntture from a timiiy breaking up househee|Hit<, also, seventy cottage bodateada. N*'e pemtuptorir, tin Weoneeday, Nov. ft, at 10k o'clock, all the furniture in : boosa In KaymctMl *tr*?-t, Hirpoklya, firm house fnun Futum i a venue ft will onmprlse eve?> ileacrlptum of good parlor, : d nlng room, betlroom and kitchen furniture, chtua and glass j ware, table cut it rjr, Ac., Ac. ? 1H1NA AN!) OLARH. HUITAlil.K FtlR THK IIOWOAYH \j J. WaLDKOp, aucMoneer. ?H. O KYa.*-!, No. " * " ~ "Mo * Pearl sUeet, will sell on TuaaiJay, Dee. 4, at 10 drioek. In ad dlilon u? the usual asaortnumt oi w. g. and common wars, a large asm rtinent of decorated French rhlna tea sets, vases, eo lognea, motto coflhes, toys and glaAa, In Jota to anit pur chasers. pliAKI.kRU Mil J.Kit A (Hy AUtTIflNKKKS WILL VJ sell on, at 2 o'clock, at the Merchants kichangc, one valuable 'nt o * 1 binv seventh strevt, ^1* feet weticf croadwa), lot in a lirst class netghborho ?d, fl.'sMoi the purchase money may remain on bond ?nd mortgsge For particulaia apply at U. K. MltJ.KIt A t'O 'h, Uroadway DWhlXIhO IIOUHK AT AUtTIKlh-T'lUltrtDAY, DKO, tt, at Llio'ohsk, at the MricbtnU' Ktchange. ?Thirty lourb rticsi?The four story hnglleh r>aaement brown su?us front bouse and lot No, 199 West Thirty fourth street, fur t Uhcd w ph all the riMslern Improvement* and in coutpleie or dor gas Hirtuw e, eater closets, Ao . lo be p wlhvo'y sold U> the bifheMt bidder, house IHtnot h inrbiiM front by f?4 deeo, lot i* feet 9 inches deep. lA Miti ca rruialn on mortgage. By AliltlAN II MII.IjKR, olllcc No. .Irt Wall street, baeeuiest of MmcluuhU' Banking AsMrclaUon. DI). NArtll, AUUTIONK.KR, HTORK .110 HHDAI) ? way.?Hb* rin 's salo ??f a large s?-a steamer, on Wedne* clay, liecc ruber 6, l*AA. at 12 o ol<s*k. resin, at the fogil of Ninth street, katsl river, ci n Utlng of the large and substantial aea steamer Ht. laiwrmtre, her machinery, eugiues, nrtlnra, appa i el, tackle, furniture, Ac. Dutch bulbour booth at aictiop, by tiik case ?Attention is dlreeted to the sain to be made this day, at U o'clock, at No 6 Broad street, ol ten entire case* very line Butch bulbous roofs, from tia? nurseries of K Van dorvhout A Hans, in Holland. Hale Dosltive to clo?e a con ?Igninenl. WM. If. FKaNKLIn A hONH, Aticflonaers. IRLIAH COMBS, AI'trriONKKR. <4 NAHHAC HTHKKT, J New York.?Mortgage sale. tfeinritugaJ pumping glues, with pipes *11 foui|ueU?. ? Will be sold, wl bou' rem to satisfy a mortgage, on Wauu**d*y, lie * ft, at 11 o'olork, by order ol k. Keudrick, attorney, at the Kris Work4. of Mivtrs. OWynne A Co , South Brooklyn, below Atlantic dock, two retjlr.fugal puifiplng engines I) No 2 with copper pipe? or uipiete. two ceiiirlfugal pumping engines, hall si/.a, witn copper pipes i> mpiete, Nr?# 1> |; two cantrifugal numplng en gt?o s. la*ge diameters, ?lth copper pipes complete, No 7; uun small pumping engine, No .1. I lie above were all ma le by Mcsara Gwyuue * Co., of die Kite Works, and are all ne* and In perfect order. Hale peremptory. IiM.l ,48 tXiMNR, AUCTION K MS R?WILL HHLL, Til IH JrJ morning, at lift Nassau street, at lOttf o'clock, a large and rich SH?ortm."tit of furniture mirrors, oil paintings, sPver plated ware, caqrciirig. segars inlaid work, tables, botes, desks. Ac : lounges, sota*. tela a teiea, w>fa brvlateads, ward r.?be*, l>4K)kca ?H Ac. T?XKOl rlON RAI.K OF HTOVICS-JOHN W HOMKR Hi l Mr YKK. auctioneer, will sail, this da v at MS, o*sic eh. at the rales M*mi, '.ti North Wllilant sfieei near t'lia bam. by virtue of an eiecutb.n. M parlor, barroom an-l calking stovae, entirely new, also count#ra^ with drawers and shali ing. I'KTKK V BK?IA 111. nonstable tJL'OKNK B. FRANKIJN. AUUTIONKKR-BY FRANK VJ Lift A NK>HOI?H. at ihtflr sale* ion Na?sau street. M J I.In A M? nttl^. a> their sales rooti. ,9 Nassau stretO. , near John, to morrow <Wednesday.) at lu'4 u'ehs-h Urgcau l pe; emptor v salcrg second haitd and *ew furniture ounslailng | of the usual bookkeeping articles required by a ger?t*el fami , ly. new fumttur*- consists <if rosewood parlor furniture. ! covered tn rich French satin brocaUnlie crimson and rnaromi t velvet, plutb, Knglbh hair cUAh, A'* , ?? eg.vnt eivaukilled ? chamber suits, with roarble tops; rosewood etegcrae. houh . casaa, secretarlas, wardrobes, marble top dressing bureau", | washstiitida Ac., romswood and mahogany i.edstcads. pure hair inattreaae* palhaa*es, Ac ; gilt frame French plate oval ? and pier mtrmrs. At l!2 o'clo-k an luv Are ol silver ola ed j ware. 1 he above k<mm1s will be a/#la without reserve, to pay | advactoaa. I4M<W aUD M'llhNCK. AUIJTIONKKR RitWAKb J hcbeuck^wlil srI) al auction, on this dsy, at 10ta<Felock. ai ht* tales room No In Wail street, a superb sale of gold w A'cbe., jtw it y and diamonds, rvmtprlslng elegsri' buaiTng duple*, i raket ? h'ory,ru M.o h, Pontile timers for tpnlof race bcrMMf, Ac , Ac . a.'i m .-lc by well known Knglish and Frsm b n.aker-. elegant diamond r net. ear rings, pins. 4r , Ac , alao, cam* o, ncaajc, ai.d Florentine enamelled bracelet*, utna and eai ting?, gold obslns. ptna, ear rings, stikls. siee.e but bns. Ac., Ac Kale positiva for cash. JjJDWAN I> HCIIKM K AUCTION KKR ? KDW A RO I j pchen*h, will sell a^u? tion, on Wed 5, at Ibk ocl?< k at his flw I who. So. B art ai ?a ?? of fine line enVavinps from the vMikte. Herring hogarut. K)aiiai>d ?> ?*e F' k, will sell a^m tinn, on Weduesilav, l>e- ?-rnv?er Jft Wall s'reet, third the original pie *ires of , ? > hers, the **rUt?ei* of h eh sre in the fiuiiUs of t!,e origin*' iutS' ribiu toil?e plates, tope<her with sou e fine addition*. Th?puKlir ar?* paru? uiar'y invited to etamln* 'hU lisvtiufal c?U#<?u?it? 'I h? eo ravin/s will be on view on 'lay previous io the sale The trade *rn lb vi'ed to attend *air po*|iWe with ut reserve Ala*, s large i oilecuon of fashtonat'le music. 1,1 UW ARB Htllk.NtK, AUt'11'iNF.KR FBWaRI) I J Km 1 em k will sell *t a?,ction. on IhuiMla* a-d Friday, i +*-j inber f> sud 7. at Id1, o'clnch each day at the sale* nom 1*1 W ?* ti street, a *ut>ert' sale ot bron/e*. pla al ware, I'arlaft ware. Ac , A? Full parJcuIars to mo/row. R(U k.Hlf K ('llAMf'AG NK, HOAf. I'AI'KR ?l4Rfl U ware ?lid* d?v, at 10^ o'ekwh, ai61 Itey slrre' ?fHoer?#f wrranwu-b?Bran*'*, gin, wots*av, tobacn*, seg %r* coffee, lea. Oitistard raisins, krliw. fcrfci, irtavgi, s|>rs>as, ?howts, planes,* I'xks, Indigo, ruili, paoU, eodars iU>ck*, eboea W A. CAftlKH. Auctioneer. / 'KORdK CNK)K. AC <TIONKF.R ? F' RNITUIIK MfR ' 1 rtwa, palming^ at auoPott.on Tneadiy. (to dav .a lo^ o'clock, a? 'he salesrooms, 117 ftaaea i street i.ear Bwekman. ? * top rising s very splendid a?e*?r1ment <A pari .. etuts >:r and dUitng r?si?i4 turnlttiie, in nttiuiand tn ?ar> U as tn*, bed* nired. vIt : s? fas. chair*, rocker*, wardrobes leU rvU t?u r?aua. waat * a? W. Iminge*, swrctarlie' sod 1 trarv t ?>ok ?as* s centre tabiea, n/.mm. Ac . '?tiension d n ng tal??es *st ro? wrod, mnt < g*r y, oak and bl-v* walnut*, enamel ed chamber oil* ci.'.na vases. rrs'UVsftea pall *?+*??, Ar. H\la positive, t a a'ogue# at *al? / 1 RfH k.RYAT AUCTION, i itM WaT, AT l i', ft'ULfp IX the yrw-sfy No IFi WVst l nirty ? *-*n'l aire % betw* **n Hub sf>d eeveu'h * ventres The grew*, as, * .re*, bar ?*r?d f iture*, wuh ? g??^| ie??e and b* ,wife- 4 furniture, vmj coa?en'ent family apartn.-iim and low rtnfj wl'l Pe aotd t*. vi her or In lo's. 4 m* la ? Hr?t rmte stand. A'?r> ? fine voung home wagon sr.d bar* eas W II. FTh'VRNM 4 fX) . An ?tpmswes. H Ml fit II MCKIM .* (Hi , \1 imOrfKKftJf -IIK1HV ll J?hM*v A ' (? wtlj ?*i; (#/ ?.>?*?..?rj, <t?, T"-Miiy, !>? rtfmI ftr f nn<1 fVA'lr ?'?t*jr, |>*? ft a Tf? oV ?*i ??* * ?*#!t?'fn|f *t itm fi *ry tAr> Hr'^lwmy, Ummif fi? l w Ul Iff colinc'lr* j A ?i. ?Mt4 ?< ?# ?^tr? <?f .iJ pAtnllf ^' th* owning ??<# of u>?? ? ih.? *? !*rj > # r?? > WHj or i grti<.!*m%u of tMi i*U/, by tiim <1 i . *# bH U'? ?lllt fO Ku' ym. lb?y h*v* tWff l #?(i f i hiM'? I li? t*m huu ?|JJ t ? f?Mi/i'1 ?m riftiuirit *? -tj. ? i t*J Uf w*" *n | M ' V?W) /-?4l?rtlr#n lor ??*? In Uli< c*%9 to tu* .r ?Ntr? I to* e lire 'Ion roi/ifiic* 2iH) >,t U-" r. <Uv? ?/ pM<ir?t?, In rSr> Iftil f' nT>f a IM.'I ??UI?I? A k* of !J*# f uWf * % ? 1 M %tvl ?M*Wn *u - ftlbAAi ? ?r<> |k ?. A art fjQM", HAriMio Val H?r4 ('%rr * iwjrlr ?u?t*u, t %?*!??. I ow, liffUo l, (a bMuUfu) %t urr & -u ir nit, U>*n 'l*o f< UwU n uf Mr fUkf'rrd, of ?n, P?r**??f 4* ???o by If .'u.gOrfi, IVt%M (f l>* rby, rttnitb **? ? nirigaiff, H I #Vii ?, ho* f. 4, rh*M?. A 4 IhAB) , y} <?,/%?*{ mi ? ?, Ha i?wrv'? *of tMtl ? our *4*4 lb# ? r>ti' w? vWiilfct fib* t/'ilf # bunw * OftlWaOf) fbf y ar* 0? >* #fh?M **i during flag H*?W Uf?r, .u* to tb# M ? IfOfn H<?1m. 2Mb ?* " ? l*tb+* ? ? ?*? ' 4 -J ?? *teo%r l.mthf* *r* |?%rt -mi'at jr |*,?? *t to *ivnti?* thrr* , *1.4 'o to'Uurt it?r mm* m, U.r gtrfrtrjg* i Wit <*A-o? t II I f H* II I KKf'H ? ??., AM TH?J?KKKi 1? **?mu -n.<" llMiiifal m? n . hu r #?? . M4 ? v "ik? >rf ?r< In Lrmiu. ?j/-f !? ckj- ??. ia.naK> |i?iir/ H. i.w<l A Co. oil. Mil. t i ii?wi. ? Mh. ir ? a I'l v?..?n if??i <hi I Oil til WAIOM l??, Mli m) iuHWi'rk ?v? 4?). a aa?? ?/.! ? ,? ?.?r'n 'il of ?i| rh ?? firi-j cooA*. laci Mn( 6!y ? .*?? t-f u?a> >ilo roe ?t of ii ll, ?l.l, Irron I *'y ronaimlr.f of -ifr! b"<iui and la MO oi (MH| wtUi, (??! ant?lu* '.i?'? maroto ?< !*? do ?!( I<mi* ?U|(OOfe Mooiiio >?a^? (??'W> I W< l.iak (kloo Mr larao M> <t>'.. OOd Ml? I(? !???>. >|Q WM'QO at* * a ) ra|.ra-a. .Of nil) a ai. | ?> a Wl'h | ?aa ??.?.!?? tM I.roraa 1ii.ot| (Via 0).o ai^ort foanai a inriM looaao, iriai. a j'.?aa. lariaa .f *>jr an UapaaJiaaua a 1 f?,a taaaa. Atao. A Kuic aMoo-mar. o< l ?i. Itl'n >|i-a, r H i I a Mai arai ?? of fr(* air'Ui iiO <V. aia 1'a.a. ? i ylamd ? arafr-.n I'ar ? 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Ilemruibar 5. at lu \ o'clock, at alorwM ttewkmaw ?treat, removed tor mtraolaoM of aala, HKNR Y t. LKkitw ? III rcll, aa above. the whole Mock, cooeiatinf of bamint fba. , fbncy and plain collara, antral cord rniim.ciifi.^^^^ ilreete- bracelet*, Ac . the w hole ?n uf ike trade. Hale, rata or ?l.lur 1. meeting, cufTa, larwaleaves aiao koala oaekUeoa. beak of which la worthy of two at HRNRY It. HKRTtt, JR. Al'tTTKiNKKR.?HI Ml I Iff! oanartea?tm Tanaday. Dar. lolg o'ataah, alaalaa ranma .'?', fine atreet, a aplendtd lot ol chotce our bread allit lag canat lea, Iron liar t Mountalna ta Hwiuerlaud, to ha MM HKFKY H IIKRTtt, JR. AUCTIONKKR.?HIIKKIWR aale of a large and raluabla alonk of rich fancy goudm nucha, bronze, Head an china, papier niarbe, allver plated and I aoawnod ofiara alaaana, faiia, brnutaa, hat toy* gold and allror w al. I.aa, rich jewelry, Ac., to be at* at HI that on Wadneadvy and Ihumdey. He.vonber !\ and h. IMM, Ml III o'clock v al tlie .ale. rooina, Ho. 6>h Klna alraat. by llcnry H Hnia, Jr , a iictinnaar The above rompriaee lha ew Ure a'lx k rf a large w! ole-ale dealer, . .meUUag of arary da m-rlprv.u of fauct rood, and toys, aultablc fa- holiday uraaawM, u. be Mild without raaarve for caah. and w ell worthy the aalaai thai of ibe I rade The prlnrtpai part of lha XOTk, whlih la verv large, U la lha original package., w lmp>irted; and oraay facility will ha aHoided hy the aualkiaaar inf pachtng and .hipping. I aiafegiic. will be read) ... the morning of aale. Hy order Of the Hht riff J J. WALIlRON, AIMTTIONKkR. H. O. RVAM ? continue ihe aale ol lura, at tlia atom bj William OUrML aioncr or ( edar. al lOtf o'clock 'at Honda.. Ilea. V ead >iwl dai during Dm wreck, ur.ul the ol dila magnillnaul atodK la told out. cunat'tlng ol oapaa, rlrierlnaa cuBk, inulta, beaa, ??riflemen'a gk.rna aud .tiara, and a variety of alaigh rnhaa li.HKIH KMRMAR, kOOnpRRRR Tllk.tliAY, OR *1 onn'.er 4 at l)? o'clock P M . prectaaly, at No ?t kntcy btrrtu li**?t I ftrk MRinin Un>'ibl?h ,i hiu?i[ but rt?*M4 MINI mei.t ol par or chamber and ki'ef.. u fui iiloire lu good order. Vt ednradar. 1 II. at lu o'clock A M . pr~lealy al Igg I can, hctwi I'll Hint ami Ib-nd .ttar ? Ki.aigtyi, . large and gnnioaJ aaaoiioienl of male.gany and parlor ami chamber fiirallurr, ainiertor roaew.eel plane Vy Nnaaa, Clark A f'o ; a lew talual. a oil p.lining, and angra.laoB, richly framed, ari lelary and book large oUPw able and chain Ac.. Ac, wlih haiirancnt and kin-hep furniture. Data Ognea al .he .air. FMRM JOHN HKHDINd, AUONOMCKR. WILL HULL TIIIM day. Ihe Pit lint., at II o'clock F M., at MS Mglnh arw DM. Ike .luck and IIklure, nf a well known and long aaiabttafc r.l oialcr tataui, lu whole or In part. I lila la a grant nil for any one In want of a bualin-aa place, a. II moal t>a aold. Mg order ol HKNJANHv J CAHK.Conatable. JRURIARTT, ACCriONKKK, Wll.l. lUL THIH . da), al 10 o'< lock, al ITS Oltalb.m a<|uare, the furnUiare ol a faulty from 1 wenly m-oiid atrcai: alao i ru.u ilck a'real, furniture ol a family alao (Ji.-enwllb airentjthn lumHU/W 01 a fundi) .alao (rout lirouklyo, the furniture oca family, fhn cy dr) good". Ac. NLTICK Til IIKKWKKH tffJTflAUK HAI.K?JOHN W. m.hi KINIVkK, a ur Honour. tore M) North WlUtam aireel win .ell, hy virtue id a rliable in .rtgagr, thla day, aA I o'clock P. At , on the premiere Ml Hea.-r.le alreal, It 11 lienor blug, 8 hraa. and mppei Upa. I maah tub, 2 copper a, laid era and hopback. I aiill worm and tab, -j copper i.umpa, # woiki.g tuna acvan I.V live Irei hue win < >.upl -nga M har.ela arid oaaka, id varioiui dina; alao II boraea, harnaaaand 2 wagnr a. Ac Ac, JOHN W hMMKKINDVKK, Aiba-nay lor Mortgagee. Rl HHKI.I. W. WRMtCorr, AHCTIONKKK I'BR RUT lory aa'a of rlaganl and Kiaili hoiianbnld fnriillura, apian ubl I'artatan mtrrura velvet narpeta. maaw.a.l parlor auHa. naevi.d pianoforte, elegant ehau .elli-rv, paluu.igv. worhn ol ail. Ac., a. the 1 .V) Wn.t Twenty llrat atreat R. W Weatridt will wall, on 1 oeaday, Heoauiher 4, at IllVo'eloak. Ihe entire tnagnlllreril ftirnliure, Ac., of ibe above Ileal elago liouae, which baa I ran rerently fumialuid with the mualouaRy and eb gam furiitinre, m.wt of which waa Imported or utada Iw order l.y our baat maker. Oalrtlog'iaa arc now raaAv, and can be obtained ai T. H. Onaovgra, IW Wlllmtn atrwdL or nl the auctlmiear. Far lor.?kdeganl pearl inlatd T oetavn plat o orie, aml.rotdarrd aiuul and covari S magnlttoent Frl minora |.|i feel, rich AlailMlgf, velvet and MUbia pall, velvet ruaa, Ac.; cnaUy a..lid maawood auit. two eufaa, ata Carkir chair., large Vtiltalre and guiiuc abalra, covered In aadhk reaile. wilii allp ooiera, owe do. In arnbrindarad la pa dry. Imported, vary rich, with allp Dover*, alegaiiliv ivivarad dim belli:an eicgere, plate frnnl and bark, mouuimf in ormolu; naM riarwrial re. rpUiai rlielra. 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