Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1855 Page 3
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Additional News Aram Cuba. HABBOB IMIKOVKMINT8?SPAIN'S BKLATIONH inn ?BAM DOMINGO?ENGLAND AND ntABOB OCABAN TBB8 CUBA?RAILROADS AND STSAXKBB?TBB ABIC88GN PATENT? THKaTKIC AL8?CBOLXXA. We extract the following from oar file# of the Havaha papers to the 27th of Nov. The proposals fur the construction of a drag for the cleaning of the harbor ot Matanza* were to be examined on the lot hut. The eucceMful contractor will be able to begin the work within a few week*. Among the paeeengerii who arrived at Havana by the Britleh mail eteamer Solent, ia Kanor Don Antonio Maria Segovia, m route for St. Domiugo, a* Charge 4' Affaire and ContoJ-Genet al of Her Catholic Majesty, the Qoeen of Spain, in oonsequence of the treaty of peace lately made between both nationa, and which haa been already sanc tioned by tlia Spanish Cortes. The Havana Prenta re marks on this subject that it ia notoriooa that the policy of France and England colncidea on thia point wit i that of Spain, and offers a new guarantee In case of any dan ger threatening the beautiful and ever faithful island o Cuba. ? News ban been received at Havana that the Spaniah steamship Havana, belonging to tha mail line recently established bad put up at Tercel ra Inland,badly damaged. Senora Domingo Aldama and Gontalo Alfonso, wealthy and prominent planters of Havana, have obtained per mission from the Captain-General to survey the tract o land through which two linea a-e intended to be laid to new railroads?the first connecting San Nicholas (on th? Havana line) with the city of MaUnsas; aod the second to extern.' Hum La Union (or Junction point of the Have ne and Malanzas Woes) as far as VlUaclaru, by means of the Navajas branch. The telegraphic line between Santo Domingo and Sancti Spirits, in the Central Department, was opened to the public in the last woek in November. Another line is intended to conneot Sancti Splritu with Trinidad and Re tnedlos, In the samp department. A patent was granted on the 10th November last to Mr. John Er icsson for the introduction of his hut air ma chine. The privilege is grouted for the term of five years. Mr. Felix, the brother and agent of M'lle Rathe), had arrived at Havana and held a meeting with several per sops who have experience in theatrical affaira in that quarter, the oonaequence of which meeting produce* a great reduction in the prices established by Mr. Felix's Inaugural circular. We have dates lrom Puerto Rico to Nov. 17. The cho lera baa made ita appearance In Guana bo, a small village in that Island, and its ravages within a short time, when taking Into consideration tbe small population of the place Invaded, show that the epidemic assumes there a dreadful character. OffB HAVANA CORRESPONDENCE. Havana, Nov. 2fi, 1866. The Chicken Fighting .Season?A Government Sporting De cree?Halls and Baptisms?Activity of the Police. The season for chicken fighting has commenced, and as 'our Cxptain General, with his system of centralisation, appears to take all such Important matters under his personal supervision, be haa issued the following regula tions for tbe management of those places in which these brutal Sports are practised:? 1. Hereafter no chicken fighting place ahall be estab lished in any population where there is not a city govern ment, or where there is not a Judge. 2. Ail tbe petitions for the establishment of such placet must be made to the Governor ot the diatriot, by the gov ernment ot the several cities. 8. When the prayer of the petition U acceded to, the license will be obtained out of the office, In tha accustom ed form. 4. And this right shall only include the people under said city g">eminent, and no farther. 6. As a consequence of this, no chicken fighting shall take place el?ewhere, without previous permission from the local auiboritlee. 6. This concession shall only give power to have chick en fights within the holidays, and the Governor and Lieu tvnant Governor will become responsible for all other chicken fights before and after the granted holidays. Havasa, Nov. 22, 1865. JOsE DE LA CG.VCHA. The .Spanish word gating, which I have rendered into "chicken," signifies a ooarier expression. Bat is not this rather "email potatoes" for so mighty a personage to interfere with, although It gives proof, were it wanting, that the people of Cuba are thoroughly governed? Tbe ball at Count Santo Veula's, the other evening? my friends who were present toll me?was a miserably stupid affair. The Count, they say, behaved very stingi ly, considering it was in honor of the baptism of his am and heir tbo bail was given. The authorities of Matanaas are graciously given au thority to defray tbe necessary expenses of the census from their own funds. Whilst engaged in writing this letter, I?ave received information of an occurrence that took place a little time since, and which exhibits the tyranny that is exercise! by the ptliee over persons suscec'ed of any offence, ao forcibly that I send ft you without note or comment. A week or two since a party ot males and females as sembled at the house of Mrs. ?, in the Calle Ran Si colas, for the purpose of enjoying themselves with music, singing, dancing, end a supptr. Trie pclioe, suspecting that a gambling party had sir em bled, surrounded the louse, then making a rush, entered the [/remises, and ar rested fourteen of the party. These were taken before the Chief of 1'oii -e, and crammed as to their object in having sv-embled, which they all declared was ?s f have above stated. This, however, was not deemed satisfac tory. and they were Informed that they must either ad mit that they had assembled to conspire agaiat the gov e-nment or for tie purpose < f gnnbling. Ths l*tt?r be irg thelease* offence, thay admitted tney ha.! assembled for the purpose of gambling, and were severally fined sixtj eight dollars and serent -the rents. Thty have appelated to the Real Audencia: with what benefit re mains to be seen. I have told you of this affair as it was told to me, simply adding, that I believe my inform ant to be a man of veracity; aud with thia I bring this rumbling epistle to a close. * Havana, Nov 28,1856. Preparations for the Grand Tacon Funeral Celebration? Bertev of lacon's Obr'tr?How He Contrasted with OmcAa. We tie to have in a few days a grand funeral celebra tion?honoiary obsequies in memory of a g'M>d mau? i.leutenaut General Miguel Tacon, the great reforming Cupt&in-Geneiel of Cuba, from the 1st of June, 18.14, to t're 22 d oi April, who recently died (Oct. 8J at Mad rid, at the ripe age of ninety years. liie display will be of t>ie in ?ta igust and aolemn cha racter wbich can begot up in the cathedral sanctuary of ban Carlos, provided by voluntary subscription of the f tends and admirers of Tacoa, who claim blm as the fouodar of (he prosperity of Cuba, initiated with the com menorment oi his administration, when people Brst began to walk the streets of Havana without carrying thetr lives la their bands?a little better than twenty-one years ago. Tacon left here much bitter Wood against him, but It Bowed hearts that had to be taught the stem lesson that their gold could not buy jut lice or wipe the crimson of c.ime from the heads of their uff-a Ing children. His first act was one of terrible retributi n, for robbery and murder, by persons of reputable birth and association?terrible because no no hoi previously dated to vindicate the law or ta'.e the personal bitsrd of its execution for the prntec'i u of rocld'y.' Against the most powerful influence of money and family, he swerved not fn m tie sjierel purpose of duty and justice. The great prh'e of lac ?n was that Cuba should t>e regenerated by lac. r,, bound mote li miy to the Spanish tiirouo by Tacoti, ant th< t the name and the lame of Tajon should oe clean in the eatimation of the world. Hie every net was for the future, for hi? country and Tacon?or per haps, bh ispioperiy, foi Tacon and his country. When the display comes off l? will be a pleasant duty to gireiou tlie retails, whiili I shall endeavor faithfully to ootnply with. Iu this connection i may as well say 'hat from having seen Tacon and Concha ana studied xbe oharsctt i s and oflicial a ts of both with eompaHsoo that I could net will avoid, I hare found, as i thought many assimilating trails and attiibutes, with one gieat en- option, as I believed, previous to th" second adininis ?ration of th>' present incum bent?that the "sense of jus tice" ever in the mind o'Tacon waa cf Tacon tn that of Coo-ha. un elfish, too benevolent it vti of ju ice? againat which he would rfsist the pleadings of wife and etiltd of his devo'lon, or the high prie?t, wnu would bend the whole ranoply of his power plsce and church for the pu pi as of pardon, without effect. Events and cireum etamea mr.y materially change, and may have already changed rr sullied the purity of Concha's fame, h it f think not There are pellia'ing words yet In be utte-nd for certain acta which wilt show thapoo* latency of a right Judgment in aeaiduoas labor for a great public fool, whieh may put blrn right for futd/p Just appreciation. OCR CARDENAS CORRE6P0NDENCR. CAirrdtvsa, Nov. 21, 185ft. Zero? Jhrmvp?IliA IAriaj?Ri'i? Around fnon?Vuyar Prclurtion and Trad', <tc. I shall divide my lime between this [dace end Matan aas giving tbe greater portion here, because, somehow, they eat better, are more cleanly, and give you some, thing sot foul In oler, cr hug- to sleep on. We?I mean cur virtuous wealthy proprietors not a thousand milee from Bemba?ha re been Interested in the dlvieion of black spoils Just received from the Coast of Afrlea. The smite of gratification la visible whererer yon go at the success which has attended this last enterprise, and I presume tbe cficerv?who keep the peace by annoying strangers a* to their business. Ac.?have as much cause to laugh, for thvir pockets art said to be heavy. I have not hail time to canvass the town, but the Aret Impression i* very pleswant. and would be to me like a Vew Knglsod village, were it not for the infamous trade, which you are constantly reminded of in nearly al! cir cles wheie you are compelled to make a point, hnghsh seems to t* the court language of the "villa"?It hat a At Matanras I found small rooms, well stowed with dirty eb'sia and towels?a lively company to weloma me wnen I retire!?any qusn'lty of mnequttoa, through nets that would not and could not be eloeed?and at table no Joint*, but a plenty of chicken ?kelet?n?. I took por ter to tiy t. forget where I was. I The gloi Irua beau tie* of YnmM?He valley, luhlll- sod its sratcrr?are beyond tbe react, ofdetrac I -n As yon era enjoying jour ride on horrebeck?csre *nl the insects left behind yon?you forgive sod forget ail else, unl<r tbe it flnsns* of the cherms reaching tbe soul of appreci e Ion, fro'u every point '.he eye eatcliee, 'mid the myUd c! attractions 1 haw been to several estates, and founl out that there we# vary lift# pswtry to aufei making- I weat to CeB ?, rittor I ilw apol, ui t (?to fMto* I I ??l ?> tor mm trytog to "get ? fatog" * l*Mt to* toe lutolw ?Mt of -1' eager ? bat U wo* all M? , hMttw, It Into at dean and it w?ay knap .a *?e tone *t are Juet o#w f?ti*g ami autoNM) to older ii r lli* i i-** yj i,*# atoto nod meer-reed# auger- wbtek mat-* (I ? ptee* i<to ?wei> ?? N ma will bt -?##<. nd la importajaea to tto I will to* a ?* t? to quite #e 41* ?r?w la mj aaat aad to"* ?' ' h* reel thing* Make*?. baa -M to toy at S '? * rial* Wttoto l * ran. to* tobaaif. atoi *a(ara to** d< *u bargained for (maroaeata > at * Hato par areata aa H pet quintal. ULJt*. ?B? BMMfe ?Vato Mka TBB BBITIBM WAB ILUT-t Ittol WWI V* ?? MMBLK AT (JBEt TO VP?(Of JAMAICA to MB BKMbBi*- JCPKlAl. Baroaaa roretaa air A PUBLK UINMKB A?l> M all Tv??'T. IA.i 1? tivb vraiNKM?ubnbbal a*r<>aT ra?a raa ULAKD*. Our I! lea of klngshe (Jamais* , per** ara to to# 1MB of November. The Kingston Jammnl <4 t'iri a*tor IV ?ha M*a*r*i iof tba -iBarret HriU*b aar ship* eapartad to A# see firuan I'oilaaioulb. (tag I to reiae.r** toa tBaat totoa fleet?ihaady rrpatal ta tba IJarwid a 4 An -KM *top Boscawea. 72, Captain ntoaviUe aiib tba Bat toy ef '-aa* Admiral Eauobawe, C. B-, *aa to keee# Ma H*a ?a ?'b ult Cor Beimuda W? hare Itot tba Bag to y I* aat aa I rctrxl to i a before Jeeaa-p. H M reiew rtaaar I if at# T?iw agent, '? to* -f .? brood peadaet of Onaiiwaitora Haarr keO# ' . VIM Port Royal ?a Wednesday a*rn'ng ?<t far to mad* ?# learn that fto Ctmm ?<*"?# baa | aa to toa *4* tor tba pwrpoee of prasid Of orar a aaart atar tkal. to to kekd *a C* mmander Csirbett aad ?Btoar* relative to Iba Ma ad ? M. brlf Wolverine It, aaat Kraft#?w Tto ? ?lot* alll tu*at tto hnaoewea, r?g my 4 Naat *4>? < ? Kaoahava, aad aaaaral ether veato ? -4 aar at < r> and may br aaiartrd ta ratura la a arn't .m *t? rwia Tba am* neper any* tiut Jam*'- a i 4#i*>a* #??*? to* ? a foreign fo#, to b# Ah boater to* ba ' -r ar |drn** Tliar* air only tbraafua* at furl ??*..**? at b a# b*a> haulier t< take car# of tba riwra* aad bai-lkag* bi mla. No imn lint ton In lb# f**rt ?-*. A fw#l^toM tmal aaM armed build alienor or dlmaowei b#i goer tto la '?#* Tbe militia ara kurt ?!* cnsahv. baring aa t*#i * ar*a*>- am munition. ThereeowM to ?edetoaae to*4#bf tor ieh*rk tants, vlib-ut an*. Kni e?uto traald to tottor pr > tri-tol 1 no -oa Am ? not ? I It.r n 1 ? ? * tba i*am<* A <l#raant no total Aaa'i ?? Una wtM aa rcb't'vad and tb# p ara pili?fa<. u> a f*a b ar* Th* Mil to laaotori tto J ntlidal a*ta%Maban ?i af Mm Mlund bad batrn i*f**ial toa apaaaA ramat'iito to# LagiaMbito rat lour riot* ha-! uocarrod to', ana tb# pr*>pb aa*l p<* lice at I'almouth A |iulilte dtnnrr aa* firm on botrd tb# a#v b-if Ami, Of lla'lhl, at Jamalw. rlrn Ihr ' ? o* v.>a* ? ##r# ghen ?"Tba Cnaoal* la aioity *ltb uraat Brttaia a#* prrrrnt." Tblt a*? ?a*nowl#df<*il by H A t .nth* ??, tlia llanirh (lon*ul , Jac-b Mi'<b#li. tl .aaal 4 M - i-o and Kiebatd llltcl in*. Km., Vina i' n?*l of ta# I a>t#4 f'tat**. ' Tha Pri-riilrat at ill# I oltol *la'*- and tb Anraiiean Yinit#ra tin#. May Uwy f* na aa I p> o#? Thank* worn raturned by 11. Honor R-oj .J tb# In* Mrarrr. jrawnon k Ob, of N. York. ? Tb* t'aptota* at lb# Motcantile Matino uotr piaraat, ?*? r#pli-d to kr lap tain Coopor, ot tho Am#rican bilfantlna 'teaan Tha Aarniiyi Jvurnil of ItewiW Al, ray* ?W? ar# grallSal to loarn that an o|>p>?ition lin# at Aoi'iiana ?trnmern will call li#ro ratrnlaily on tb# lS'h of #.#ry month, during winter at laaat, #n rmuu totnraa S#? Yoilt unn N?fy Bay. A public niiti-ifltollon mooting hud b?on brld la I area The Huura of Arweniluy, in replying to tlia oponing ad *uv nuuo .1- ?** ? --m ? ? - dr#K* of the floTrrnor t.?n#'al. ?ald --wo rtor,j' J'** ~~ | urrna ui lucuumuu. "???* ? ^?pw cannot coincMa with ynnr Ktcall.-Bry in too toli#f tli*' wbateror inny to tba depr?**loa of iba ralua <f p -poity In tbl* ialand. ft cannot ba nilogad wlUi truth that it* 1 exiting taxation i# biary, aa coiuparod with that of other couiitrlrh. It i* difficult to initttuta a .ompatifa - totwean tl>* United Kmrlora, with an acitnila'ad an t rapidly incroaaing wealth, and tbi* i?land, rh-w only reamtcea ^tre drawn from a d*aayo>l sgriculturo. rou dared tcatcely rcmunaiatire from tha compaction 4 alave labor. lAter kdflcea from aererml of tha otbar l?Un 1* ara to hand At Antigua the wrnthor I* repoit.-d aa baring baon a?. tirniely sultry. Tba want of rain oaa much Oo.a|>iaia*d til. The arrival and inatallatioa of Uir oaw llovrraor in Chief, Evan Ker liailia lUmiltou, la announc*d. Mranada waa on the qui rive on the (object of the financial affnirn of the colony. Trinidad waa nngug'd In draining mcaaor#* Air the ?ant lory Impiovcmrnt of the col >uy, and lor the mora gen# tal iliffuhion ol education auiongat the lower oidera uf the community. In V< tuiiiica, the partira who had laien accuaed of for gery, had h*en tiled, convicted and aen'ane -d. The S*. Jobu'a (Antigua) Timet, of N'oreuiber 10, Iiaa the following itenia:? liia Excellency Governor Hamilton wlU meet tho l,"gia lature oa Thnraday next. The weather during 'it* laat week ha* been exeecding'T dry ami aultry. Some few ahowera have fallen in certain localities of tie Uland, but hardly of aufficient impiri aiceto be of general benefit. The preaent harveit ia laat drawing to a completion, although there will to aotne catatra, of ueceaalty, cumpcUod to griud tho year throo/h and mret the next year's crop, which, unon tha whole, preaent* a plea-ing and encouraging apjAarance, and will prove highly pioductlve fr the weatu#r continue* aa fa vciable a* Ueietofure. In our laat eallmate of tb* pro duce shipped, we a'a'ed it to be a* near aa |aiadble in round noniberi, 14,600 lihd*., alnc* which |ieriod but one ve-rel ba* cleared for Europe, butca g?aa now water bo'ne moat amount to fully 1.V00 hhd*., making a lota) of 16 70O hhda. It 1* confidently expected that tb" year'* crop wh< n closed will not be far abort rf lfi.OUO lib I*.?a crop unequalled for a great many year* pa-t. Tue aiilval of a sidling vena* I fro in Barbadoe* tbi? rooming, haa put ua in po4aew-.|on of a large budget of our ? xcTiiioge lile.-t from that Island, dated to November 2. From a euraory glance at their content* we iliac over little local news ot Importance, the whole, we think, may lie summed up in the following short extracts from the Jimhadinn:? (it local mattera there ia scarcely arything noticeable, If we except the weather, wh'cb has leu n favorable *inc? he railing of the laat packet for England. The canea every where give promlae of a gntjd ret tro, and the plautera expect aome 1 fruit for their labor." We regiet to notice aaverai case* ol fever; but in many ca*e* it ha* yielded to medical treatment. Am .ng the death* which have taken place from 'hat can**, is the atuiahic and bs-lotesl wife of Jatne* W. Sincklcr, Esq., M. 1)., which will he found iu our obituary. With the ex centli-n of this diaeaae the island is generally bealthy. The RVrt h.diu M"g<uinr will cease to ex ?t next month In c< nse?|uence of the nmall support It has re ceivol fmm tha public. It la much to he regretted 'list an undertaking of this kind *h uld be allowed to fall to the gtound. The St. Kl'ta Adrertusr "f ftc'obcr 2-1 says;?The Wes leyan Church and eongreg.itlon in St. Martin* have juat hewn favored with an-uber visit of the Itev. Jauie* CoX, tbe t-eneral So perin I radon' and! bairinun of the Antig >a I tati let lie preach'd three sermons, apoke at t so pn v lie meeting* and administered the sacratntt t of the Isird'a Supper tc tb" gte-xtcr part ot the church. The congrega tion* were very large, and many a tea'ful eye told that tha eloquent and powerful sermon* of tbe rev. gentleman, had found their way to the heart* ot hiabet'era. At t')e close of the Km|*-iance meeting eighty peraons sirn-d thepkdge. Hi* lali ?rs, he aiat.?l, hwd not been oppoa wl in Guailahupe, but in the little ? vrn of Maregol ct. M tin* the l.g-al authoii'le lad visi'.sl him with ??vere tenanre because he hid distributed a lew aoti-l'. [ l*b tract*. The i spirt* h>- said. I.a-l risen up agiin?t him. ant* he bad Ire. u denminced to the superior aulkoriti"* n a disturlwr of the | ublir p*ace. Thui d-w* l'"p#ry wb'-a ner sh? lias tl e |s>?er, prove herseli 'he enemy of rell gioti* tolerath n?the stem f.reof fitrdi m, of tU >ug!i< and rt liglitenn-ent on every soil whete all.- I* p-.ruiittod U) p'ant the tertthle engine of her Jesul'lral jewer. MAKKFT6. Kims-TOP, (Jam..) Nor. 10?Butter?'?'alea of .'tOOlegr Atr*r*can hiTe been made at In .Sot any of Iri?li ?t market bu* 'erf ample aupplii" are *xpecl.?l I mated i ?la lf. A parcel of imlilax b i? been placed at 13 ',<1. Bread ? A l<>t. Just bindm, ??< wi'h ;rnwn at politic lale. ?* 22*. fir pilot, and -4a. for crscier*. Partial eale* of iLo ? w r ackera. In atrial! lot*, at Ola. W> bate heard ot a ii. go operating in pilot bread ? unit month" lu 'he Mind, at tOa per htil. t'laituh? A cargo was ani l ? au ulon, ft' ui a veaeel that had a long paaeafe, fr in 13*. to 19a., and boxes fr> m 16a. to 16*. 3d. Soma remnant* of car b ??* were aold at 16?. to lf.a , In th r<e?. an i 180 fierier, oi t uMti-la?t cargo, at li* Tim remainder cl'*ed up alne ?? lower, hot untran-plreri price. R >xea untfomiy ?.Or. The atoek of dry fith in c? ii? i* plentiful ' he-ao lltrtl 10* jei ewt.? A aalc ot 60 Aiartean. at 101 \o knglish at market. Hour?Duty 6a. |.?rr bbl.?A fair be ait Cea ha- toi u nor.i- aiix-e our lot Untie, aod lie tl eir market ha- been cleared by a eierola'or of all t.iat bat ar riven; and the rewa of the high price* In hngband and '? eric* cauaeda lat of 644 bbl". from Philadelphia to be d at pricea averaging 48* fld. The packet uewa con ii g the incitement enured the n? xt arrl al from the .'? <^av about Hoo |,t,la., to ba- placed at 60a. Another ' t of M4 bbla. la held by the Importar at Ma. Thera ia a or quantity of Hour at markat, but, *? we hare bef > e ? let, the principal portion la In the liand* of a *p en .?"ir. Freights?V#*?el* aie wanted, but aa aareral are Itoktd tor, the demand will be satisfied. llama?-alee of Atue>iean at 10-1. to )0)4<i. inglieh are acarc ?. Iari-> bulla at 6>jd to fld. The market la ibundantly supplied. Lumber??**!#* rf W. I'. at 66*. The market fit well -locked. 0e?d W. C. sbiogU*, which are ereree, #re in - enmnt) at 22*. *0 000 K. O. "tan-* aold at Al* 10a. Mac kerel?hale* ! are been made at lita. to Me., in cargo, and *< me at public aele ?t Jfla. to f0?. The article U wanted, i'ork?A sale of 100 bbl* at 114*. and th* iitna quantity afterward* at 112*. T.bnc.-a?Sale# at 11 l^d. f - arc all uuanti'ie* of 8'* and 10'*; 18'* and 20'a may be '?d at (rem fld. to acoordir g to quality. IWTogTAifT Det'ioioK?MtmKwtKs Acqrrrnrb.? I aet I rlday morning, el<4kn *eam*n, calling them?elr*a leopard If'ughty, John Smith, MchoU* J oar, Simon r arltrn. WHlUm farnh Charle* Cook, Frc-Isriek Wbaeler, William lord, Henry Marshall. Samuel York ant io?#ph B'?daa, were arraigned lu the L'nitad State* <trcutt (ourt, Judge Halyburton presiding on the charge of re foning to do duty while on board tho "hip Arcol*. K A. Mtman, maa'Or'tbe aaid 'o#*ol then lytng In Hampton Krad*. ' apt. I'itman "tatc* that the man retawd to obey bi* command*, and ezhibi'od to the Court th# ahlp. ping |?jer of the vcacel, with th# namcr of th* p iaonera upon It, but aa the prooecutIon could not proee that ttiay bad signed It, t. # /ndge di?eharged th# aiKu**d, aa he wa? N nod to do. The AeeUlon 111 thia ca-e will (nr .Ire new laeur* (n th# matltlmc aorrlN, and probably laal to a reform 'nog ne'ed in "hipping acarnaa; becau-e mas ter* of ac-aela will in fntu'* take the pr#ceuti n to be prepared to prrv# the ifgratur* >f each aailor be orn pl-y*. and In doing thl# the poor tar will b% protected again** foreed ahipmenta while Intra-en'ed by hetrUor* shipping master* ? KwAeumd Abv/wfrer A"V*>, 3. Ri-OoTtuot Hrst's r><? Bi AHgD?I/m* fit 00c?Tt a *l?gr.nt manaPu of eg.Govern r Ifent, at Isctport, was d'.rccve ed to he on fir* about lle'clock i'riday morning, and n.dwHhatardtiig th" e(T-,rt? of (h* firemen and rt'lasn* It wa? mtl'*l? c.?naum#l. It ?*a cmpleted during the past year and co-t aboit 110 0IW. There wa? no maurancc up->q It. I CmihI/ CltraM Mart. Mnr Mm. H a. Strung, p molding term rom uintcrwi uiimr a raratoiAN. I? ? ?AUmn A. MiJm, mm ln/?ml, dr., ajtumd hmm K AmML -tWi ?a?? ?m leaauwd jrMtmUjr toom tag It Wt iM ahd a* M t.MMHit 4a} a, tberw ?M a goad ?r ml the m4I>*< pt.lnaiioa l??kl L. M. I> . faratilf pcofoaaor of sargwry la tba Km Yard I'aUgi ?4 IY;adua an I .Hoigeiav WM ! nhtl >fM the a'aad Ml aadr ??a* m raunutihw oa aaigt?I ittkvKf) ml tM >U dry awriiAoeUua?A near aa Ua aitei aowbt to aa a?Ueaci uI awbbjtlut, ta a aa'Kti U M >K?? ara vail protKlal, awl it w.->,kk W iUbaM by wAmi; ligataia to nati.rly ob m>iun iK<a I ??umrnmt 1m dto a 11 aWnW that Uw fraeturw, iu the tab?? ?4? aa vaaa ta'.lTBd Ut* /ami, ia Um opinion m 'ha ?fhar It 411 vat la t^m taiagki a?M lt*|.'aa oent of the aval/la i??M k?'Mi a. ibe ?aril a* thai ooaarrwl. I UM ?i 4m a> > Wai? ?? apua Um Taint woall f>'^Mt I'J Mirtttaa I -a graaeura on Um artery night pa4*m trt a* aat, am gaaraally Vat, aca'a, it till*/ ?l V aaythiag ?ho a he ?.?!' *4 a*' Iwi, v.**U ant W gr dawd 4/ ardteary K?'i.*aa ur ???>?; IM (iii Kbd a| |?? aaaM ? aU In pr laaai by A* tfa-|u?at a,|ii.?'k* >4 *a?a I 4a not tbiah bi.-ter, m?M b4 p?? latai kg tha Hani awd a<A?i w>m4 baad-gaa a.aat to f ij light la Ulairapi mi aUUm, doant ehe'he? jmm aa* M *r?*graaa the artery with a too* tape j uidMmitty aypM If um haiidfi earn au light aa 'o pew" new ua-? 'if Mi ? the jWa would Ka **? aaltl, a rail ing V* a at ?..# a ai..? tie kai tag* rial lata tha parlg, pt.hage ha* mm teah K ma. 1 H I tare av.rfV?II ?? baaa la peaH-a m mr ga>? aa4 ph/Mriaa f ?r M y? > ? -, the Mwa af Alt free tun I >?ar "* ** b**a uiwt af Ikt latai aal c >a !??.* bene baarl ?H'se.' .two, Uw atartlt a'l *a ana eatdaa'ly ri hat kta4 a*lb If/ the avaaa af Una at ?rtl I i a a t Vaa tfa ayaf/ "? i? <rgaule aarrua, the <*rgakic | aa* ?aa vtvf mmMK* ? artaa, m4 antral Ik* atraalt ? a* .?# Uw Bagete > awgai baa Ita aa T? t't? / and i ?a? Maaat<a?ata ,.1/ -aita af fr'Uu, If ibara aat aa tngaala aa- ??*? Uw tagaea vaaM muctdfy ha m tie Hj at In <kn laiaaaUa w|aif a' lb- org vale >aai aaa ha ?wataaw tf at fllta'tM v*nil aa la affff ekh funif at IM 4 -y taoctfacaUea ? oaf. ha aaaaatl by ,a la" '?/ > *a la ilia ??a-?ee atraa lw'k?. At* layer I ?het named 'toe at -ruS a'uta I lata to ka a i?a* 'art the Ml-* Ka I* a ?* ?M / . ??-,*?>? la all f aatuiaa 'I- <*4 at>< I* ?1 tr' a 4 r l>An in Tati >u? -a ar it* M'tx la ? aaaa>*- bmaaaa ttw ml of Um ara la ?w.ara4 b> l*ant ha afhat af tugtaaaaMt >1 tha iaaar iaf) h VaaM Kaf la ami aa* >tw aflat r, tha aaara **t ttrlcattaaa tat rtthaa 4/ gr -uaaai ia >hr gragtaar ml wriUyiaa tVaaa UtauMlra?I 4a aal lalaag h aa/ artiwl aa Urtf hn?a n?t tw taawaa >aa*a hata I*'an in 'tw aitr ?#%? Tath ak at ?? a* ?Im ?4tt a a ? J -uraai wri Una flnnri afw* 'ha ftrat l>hri I p?HI*W aa artlela ? a * >rvtag at witat* **? thai trail Q 'a /?* gaMffc a* a.-taab* *<? at U>?< *ha Mfltrl ] I Ilial nf aa *taa*a* 1 loty *a*l aa aag-t J *4ga? IW.f flail u* hg ? -aaio-i lur 4?<avaa alWaaf A 1114. I aa th> aathat >4 vha< m MaW tavaa K ?ua4- rvartt? 'lav* haaa a gh/riaiaa riatw 14. T galrirt ? **'? Ttuh, bar* a* in! a* turga *a ia aanjUwUtaUaa* aa af lha Wwa boa?t ?l, I Mi n*ta*4 Uw ha/ ? ana *ta >ag lha la*i biai tuaitaaf Inar *4 Angara aarf <ha?h a( rigbl hand ant aia*. 4l?r W ataf a af Uw bta and af Uw Wan nana atth mat* at Ita ittagM ? a> tha twaabiai at la./ abhtnrat ad at ih* altav fdvt twf v atrirh thata aa? at gatan ttaa gt**?n 4 'ha h?aa agtn lha at'arp Vaal I gf ? lana ..blitnaU a aiih la??araitu4 *^Uw lataraal ?ad ail 14la r. at af tha artary f<v tha lajaty turn tltdM nf t/aigh. af*a. gmhagr af hhnat avtid Iaa4 la gf" rfiioa aa ia u laa of lib gtvaara If Um Hllla 4ag**f totari lha rht'Wln af a drbf gran* I Would mil It dry fa> graav ahmbt hardly thian II ' abl ba gtodaaa*I by ha. .agu*g antra U aaa aa tight aa ta ahohr tfcr art* lira ran araa thaa tha garla laaM ha arora lUaly la 4w a' mat*, vtthoat 'lata fur fctanti.n ?4 gang'- a* -Mha gatttug a rnga rmmd a aiaa'? arril M lha baaing*** had aaythlag b* Aa alth tha aritltUi*a. lha gub r ail ba ?Iaa4 alihln ft? day, uhwrraA a** ? am tYa>t aiatnti aUon ?la **?? *-a??, ft**M ffaatrr. tha ri.dt i4 tha Angara at ta *Ma4 ta Ihraa data Vl'aa . fllrd **U>at ail dlai ta a vh? ? th? riha.*. i4 light haa dagra Vu foa.|data ta Ural Uaw tiara ruruU h? an doubt tha iMhdrgaa a ara tha eau*? inna tba aggaaraaoa of lha Mm t?lha BMrtibraUav 14 lha anal af Um bnadn nl It*?iail t*. ab*'T< aaa aairlli oaU *a. I anil Ayr*# ????? ? Am a ghrairtaa aad nutf?n grna ttaifg t? tbit atty mad -'.aw I tb?1 tha lajary ) thata Ia ? gi st dllft rao a utvaae a fta- la a III a b t'aarm ao*i la aa adult 1 and Kara ih Dab* ?? l?ia**d tha nan ti*my 14 lha aglfb/au IV? brow, aaltl vh? aga V IA, ?* r* aitanad of MTiial i iaoaa c Utllli by ml'mr llta*ra uulU par fart 1/ on* I Bad. tha abaft forma oaa grara tba tippet and binar a*tiam.l*a? nf Uiat b *na ?#?? *%! p *'#? ror aratad by m'tilaga lathlabi T, atliyaara of ag? tba ilatacbad |*artton traa ? t tndiurf attb lha abaft tba ftv turr* m art tiabla mm Id to a Miwratbrn nl b# tv ad) la. a ortoarna ia idrat a ebtl bo * I otta .ml; la or hdb mlgbt ba aai talad f* on aaab o?h?r aad Iri.w Ota nliafi, tbara vouol Iw *tl? *.rtion **f lha rib a ) lot ? bora tba print af Aaiuw ThtatVe'aon lha trufltrt i.artr* in front tri.uid ba V" g it '??"? on tba II ?t rtialcbii g B.'Uld burn a tba racuri InRuuimati *n rad a plots n* "? by cwgoU t a ?.iuId follow and baioa ??y g. obiy .oortihe?ti a iif tha Ht gara !?>?< ml think *ha Inadngtng hnd at; thing u? do w|lb tha MarUdnftUoti Ihraa n d that IT. .*-nall or any lardy aire rnuld baia tba tr oll, thai annuel; *li .uld talnk a aurg .... . oatd It ii vm by bn klug whatta* a ton amf "?* b?> 114 .t ar aui OoMMSamiatUon Arnto*' torpor. -I nay tbal I baaa nan nay caaaa of mifhrrf ar'-nri fmai Ugbt tna tag.ns no uf ?oty ligbl baadaging barnc ?' .?? aa Mr my b If-nratl'.n. haaa kunan pircfnoly Hi# aunro rraoll ?o bar ? fullowrd wl'hoat iMbdagia* if 'ha Ta*-mr- U of a ?/ gtrat amount the a U ally .w*dln( a 1 tanda to HgWa 'ha IwaAagw nm n<u ia tba habit nf bow an./ toy hanlrgm uitbiiut g" A nu ?n, l ite laft ban '??!'?( on ?!..* 'b.--r> ??? -w-: <14 and diaeatoraUoa II ta all*?"tb?r a roaua. af Ju '4 nmt with rutgrotia, lalirtr >t Ibard am inriao * trliero Ugbt Iwndrgmg 1 nn pn?i a in ?U '? In anawar loouunaai 'or driaa.r. ihadortr* ab<*w? I ? prrpamtinn wh*ra m*.rtilirali ? >4 tin I w? r?tr. n' y 1 arm fnm nblilntntlna "f tha p.^litml a-trry a' th Uvh of tho kora-, fri'lo ftaatu.a aad in U.l? nm-r n ba> dagi liad Ih*o applied. Tl.a limb V?a amp ita a I John Wa'ann, aorgwoi at tna N?r Yo k Itiplml Um til ed thai Inflatoma'b nof lha rraio-at i'b r w .Id pro duee gangraoa of the toe int' itl .n <4 tba br . . al I arlary would pr.'dum mortllicatl *o of Uia hogrr* w o. tha arteiy war n*. r-onpleUAy o'li a ate i??r' '* l" k plnco In the rttrrud'y . h>- .am* .4 .n.?'l ?<?-- * ?*? ?m log nhli'a alrd wa. hjr coagulatait td'o I .a- a'P n o Hi* ? cat (4 tba alter* would prod ?? *>b * *l '? latld M. henna, pl.ymrian and ... g?o*n *?r? I t.... >y wbl' li war in...1.1/ -.. irOhorvlTa of that gi*ea by pm cci fi g wiltifme* for .Ir'.-tirr In-natd C, Mcl'bail ibyrirlao and ???rgeoti of b * j city, taatlbcd ibat an .1 tl ? ? -ty at H.a I Ibow joint Would not be uraduaad hy Igbl Inn'acto( and .laauilbrd catuaa which inlgl.t p. rium oidi *? a ? ? bud ?ftn i.unir-our *??.? vlmrw wound d ?*'Tar had totol tod.-,wed by mnrtlflaath ? Of a*?r*inlfl"? from tu t< mony heaid, lie be.ltWed that ti e ton ta?i g **? ?p ? ? d to the boy ?? arm In a truly acienUHi ne* ma a cam abeia tight Iwi.dag ng cuid br attiii.utod a. lb* cutma of mortlAeatton. II r. r*waa? | br.)*i?n anil aorceon In Sa* 1 ork ?ratified and daacal -I ih* actioa and p- w*r morgan) nir.?? . _ . _ A ('. I'oal,*.. r of ? gary la fba t nir?r l y .4 StV Ink. eapKitiri tin '.ne'l 11 totwe-n wet a*id dry mortification, and |a - 1 rat tha *ame gr a 1 coin alii aa ptrcriing wttna -* *. ( ba< lea I). Cu.l b, pi./ab lab aad . ig~ n ' ?a. Irw I Itt.d t?*?lfled to lha rame effect I ouuer l for def. Lca .'ated thai lie l ad a 1 a toe 1 c I ? rid#no* t < Ter. but bad *1 ialia. ?*. 11 < wll ?' f? brtrg n|.. n the "tand t ? ?#?"? 1'd C? I fer ptsiotil) grii|u?a*<l 1" aalu'd t!>e t. y ? a 01 to the juty to rnabla tbem t . .a the nalu.a and ? ITrci 1 the ii juili a. C01. Dae I lor <!.fen a objected, and U.- f-urt *" ' that 'he exhibition could do Do barm, but 11 iiut la ' roatriial imporlanca. A juror r*marL.d tl?t fbey bad na de 1 a to *? tha arm; It would hawe n*. effect upon the i la '.*?* m. i..( th. Ir verdict either una way of tba ? -a lha Onutt rule<l .hat Uw arm acrid berth.U'-.t a 0-1 cot.D' el fur daknee t? .k eineptlon and ra( .e.l>4 . .? I r .*? tc.l, (?..urial for dr'enea riggao'ed'be ale. .n " to raauiina thea-m aa to lha nalurw of Uw ap,'* ?p* II a? tealifle.1 to by .eraial wi'n* ae? ir, Mxon and hia-am node tlwevamliiaiotva ' ?# f. * uet, by con.'n' "f tlw f ont, fell lha arlete Mk.u mounted the wltnean a and and ?i?lef ?ba' h. oiaeo'cred three principal roa-ka and aae-.a' li.lli'a ab.U' Hie lie of peaa Which h- de. 'I'-l 'b rp'.la did not folio? lha Una of 'be baud??? 'b y #*?* .?<? legillroale coiiMuui ncaa id mor'th a on 1-1 w ' w pul.aU' D at 'l.e wriat W?a eltgh' , Ihe paUa' .n ?? the elborjilnt could not lie fait. .... H IT. hbaam ta.llfled U> flndlog 1.0 p .-?tl " In I ? ?r tare at the cla w Joint at tha w t.' that* ? ? ? ?* puliation v t" 'b- rpata oa the arm tbnj fcyCriUtlraand mortiAadUon orwaaum migo' l? ?b. m uld not aee that tba tondi?a? bal that aha. tba *iu war ba afTect?,t by lha ..b.traeUnn <1 th*> arva y and wjlifrit th?* 1 Th# Court lh*n k'jourwl till 10 o'cl- tic ; bw m\t*<t Hoard of (Mntjr Caotawrn. rwrxTiirra dat. Tba IV ?rd of rutuiara r* tu*mtii?l ing, tba I'reatdaut In tha 'hair. II batng uo laral-a-d tha* tha Hoard would announce tha off rial 10W a ?vk larger number of nut-ldera weru prawut than had '-*? for aetaral dapa fh" ' halrman aUtad tl.nt tit* U had brag ? urn to ad up hp tha (lark, to ta<t tha g-rg r.. p of kk flgnraa, aai la |N Uta iwalu aw aflwai character, It wa? naoe.?arp tha adding* eboold ha ra riaad bp the mainlatra of tha Hoard. Tha a .paral . ofcot'llnglp, proceeded to add up the aerv.ue - Inioaa which, with the agarptlon of an haur a raw-i, on apt- '. tha dap until S o'clock Attar tha tabling of tha ' (Rcinl ata'amont f tha a4 ? legate aotaa. and delaratlna of th? namea ?rf tha -?f? : dalta rcealalrg tba graa'nal aomhar the aa aral rta a maola aa reed were diilp a'tn*t? ] hp tha 1 hi am ao l Keereterp, And ordarad to ha Mor) with tha < uMp i*tark copier tharaof be log tiaroniitted V> U.e It at t at rt>V CaiTaeaere. Tha O airman than announced that it "o'p ra na.uad for'I l"anl to ale. t what ,iepwra ah tid publith laa off> iai atoten.ant of tha eanraaa A der man l it mowed that tha tama J nirnel* ante-ad to iiuhlUh tha laat paar'a rap -t. ha a'iUn rt-ed t > pah 14?b thla. lhM motion Waa adopted Tha toll'wing ara tha popart a* arm ur?"o1 hp d a idaer Vnorbtt Who waa laat pear th" chairman tb? committee t., which tha rhotoa of pa -r* *41 ratar a I ? Tribune, Tlmai, Herald lAprea, InnlM I'wt, J ".real of f ort mere#. Jhinrar At laa and -??!?p Id. patch. '"Of* Ih* lloeid, at 2)| P. M . ?dj n*rt.ed nre J. A ladtar wrl'er from I'ortair. arth to (ha P'rta. >. .g /> ftttt, rap? tha'. tha non'ribatlooi lor pa low ? ? .(far art In NarWi and lorten.utlj had creche! I I?'"00 4 which Port'Btouth tccwlred IfO (Of) Polltenl Innlli|mr?. ? WU{? TAHTY IK MISSOOUI. A mre. ingot the wE^LTA *?* ?. '??? h,lci^ru wt,e ??***?!SLVtEr"-J-**?" ! iS'iSS^!"" """" ,3-t'*r***'- V U,D? ** 001 fcr When we dm i JI5I1 ^ "5*1 ?" to e*e cls# oae ?* ">? highoet ..rer e?. p I,?' 5 4 ^ * free country, that of cbooonw ? ifll?i*i Vke '""rtiieot Of the I'utod flt.ta. ^oi glyg,'""- for candidate* to till lh? vari ,u. whVTeL T;? ? r ????'?! election; ...1, r r' '"/'rlewlnit the paat hlrtory ol the Sdth 7,'ii"' * J"r,od of nMkrl> ?>??? a century, we lo .k nieetnLilc .V ?|" on uf?n "to ooo.tuct of the f^W hr whklT7f P*fly' lr11"l,0f "?? principle* and C^er?/tlT. ?? ? . ,vw *?" ff? W"l. to be eminently yyyUteanq truly patriotic, embracing thoen ^rent Murra of rfjrnt jtiMtic* and public n >llcr vrhirh *r? ' .^^-.^ouiSK'onV'S !ll? Ub. onK1, 11 .'J,f ?ur 0,>mm?n country, bat to riuaith c*i 'kL * ?* fUffcrctcn. whloV, unfor couSur ni t j. lh*,two ?'??' aection# of the al feWuene^^ ':!* "?taj-Hlr* and uninjured, to iT.UL POocrati'ua thee naiiuuloo, the right. ,rf the TV^e. ;'nl?n 0f:h? ??*'-, thorerrri; lto T' ? That we do moat ainceruiy and earuerUr o^Tt^ul in Ml *< '"'a' to Pr0"?rve aucl.ut . ufL^..0?,,?,,* 1f*ou^. Wt t? Continue to do battle for l'rindp'~ wWch ? often led of WiIX'!ran7or the ?'?'*? of the flute ^aw?saarsiofa hwVrt^ ?2s "V'::"whl?p%rt'u ??* <wd, # J*?? I but, is the coming content f ?r J'i?. ?bleat and Vice I'rerident of the United Stater aew.ll 4 I'nJ I*, t iik' * 'bj uutod, ws mr+ not cononerd. _ :; . T"I,"||| lhat we nttll adhere, with a llriu aud de taitj 'ir^tTAh In M* I'.'oo'P^ policy ot;the whig b,: "i ss rfirrs'itsr *? The* we hare aaen with the prof.undeat

In IV. rtr , r. " '* ? Ur** portion of .he whig party U1. 2LM V- o'yjja''"ice. and eei wmtly de meat It,, in return aid fall into the tine with that trma'wh "n'e' *k""e teat """k la the oon-iltutlm and t& I Zlm * *" dU',,"TO<l th' emu and etripe* and ' Kr**>l,??l That we re-ninrnerid to the wbta oartethn j. |""t j ofh.Uilrijf , sute (ViDTenllou at St. ionU on X*',tu. ,',^|A|,'l1' \*M- for ^ porpo.a of' ap 0 n ? Nk w,'4f "onrenilon, to "hT T!!a J ^ ' ???'! Vice I'reddeot of n r I Lit ,t, ,"fL, I" ""ruinate candidate* f ,r (ioror L t-t .lT. r 7 "U"" Hut? olBeeu, and lL ^h% JCty "ratter, a* may h. of to J. T HtTUHKd, J. M. IIKAN, K. WILSON, WM. T. M rSKI.Ri ft. C. HAKRI.SOV W. J. MAYO The lee.dotror.a pnaaed unanlinoualr. a lm*lTu!lT IL"1' "" " ,h* P",,(-T "f catling c .ticerned. Q <; ('l r a It 'iiU> a. 'l ' T'^'u rb*1 U'1" ""?Un?- compoaed of whig* in * reUOnlna we -To an ll J '" >h* '?'**r'!y ?nd |*tiT.tUoi of the ?hhf )*. ?, reeun.Md that the Whig. In the different 1. h ,**iul"in' ""la'ho14 "^rtng. and adept I W if ""taps to the approarhing ranraa*?state ?i. ?i'? *"*~T 'h*f ,u,r,n adeUahle and auch a* the . algeoclee of ih. lime, may demand. or rai aacttifaw ranrr or wainf am.lTKD pr TUB XT ATE COI/Nt'lL AT AUUVAfA,' w#?. 17, IsHu 1 An eaeenri.i mr.tlfleetion of the naturalisation law* I'd ea ending the time of the probation ol the foreigner ' . -t'ii *-nt pennltle* ^rain.l the frau luiani t?n.fer i ryiL"jtlt'*"""rh ? 'ic-cripiuiof th* mlu Z! m' ?*, '""7'? lor "??? th.atton ? ***** '*? +* "Wb I ?n?!>p taPil.U. ? . 'pveerth O to nil attempt, to e.tahll h foreign mill . 7, iL i"t "rlrM,"c,'UI?e h> perpetu.U old ua 10:1.1 ?Li't "ll i ??e ,orage ? a| ?f ,url) , p,j( ,f ? .b<|) hemL'l"d'!i Hr '? acnttment ***?<? Wltla tb# IflAEw ?/ A Him It ,0 eillMftg I he. t.. prevent thadeportat. .r. ..ferimm.l t C-'"' ?' ?'"horHie., lo bu, h hneplretle ileejtton te the perMN-uled nod o.ipre. of ?'?i; rUan* r I the withholding Mf diplomatic and loiliiiual trnat* fr< n. per.. n. ol tnieign 14,11, r ? The U. eorehip II d noc .rdiag to tb? dirUler r.f oe? *, tn be prnmreerl Inn l.te He.l.Unee to nny , ????? ?? . ,1mUcl hr-r.-chy Wuh h Ui, ,ug? tt, "i'hnpe??prtenta, ?hua*ieia>. tola .f* "* "* ?r't,,r* pr-hlfcnl power. Hence we re Till. ?" app'oprinteurn noMI. fon-U t.. tha . .. ?at ,1.1 nei ai ?, ,rl?M,|. ,/J .tUmpi. f, etelnda h. It.t hn w . te*t bred tierefiom ,ij .tt-.nptr *"? ??" **"' *??# I., th. ?ri;? r ? church prgpe tp, We tl?, rhoke in 11, igmnt derm. ,.?h ,en,|,ll..u "t;1 '''r,h k? Urn .sprreenlaliv.- f the I '.pal Pnw <--Iiat Ir tee.ani-m hw no .ighuin the . ^**,,0 f ?lb?*ild-iapi. tf)?t Kd-lbp.etta iifc*ffy> la t??n ?PM dared nan. 1.. ?pp mi* ?^ nelEhUUmd with nb y t.. 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'he ' I.e'll 'lou ?that f-ne.1 in I- ,u. te w. end leenry naeto>a.l f nu*. f.,. t|,? ,.?n'rp and eUtrtllly titl.e 1 ?"?' fw ?"?tgh- h t^ re taring ifce ( go ern tt ib j Uf?f? rf tdpr t|g nji itpfjfik*'' l? -l''head eewtuntahlfflf f? Aroe tr, *'?r.r ? llwl th. Ifdh-iea leuee ? ttd e. ee . I*.,ty of 'he -l.te fi it- ^ 1* . 'ti y fj tjRff *b?*t?M t?d innabim I iu 4 Ti# ?# tb? SI)*e Uilt *p* nt i *?!?( %i<b l il?# fr#f ?M ui4i*Ur <<?HI #?? ???* 4ff Imni *}? gi%*u\ i?. ih#*. |?jr is* |*?? ?|b4 1 !? ?k W?4, h .HW b* 9M?*m|iMv f?r?.Wt* j * tt*J *??r^n*r ?r?k-r flf Vj|*laM ?i tb'c**??r1 4 Tim 1 i* lit# juitomiiit nf is* m*%* * * n> i* ? *mp ?.???> n# * isMmbtm# t? ?r ** 4iiar ffUm I'lHOli * St *ir*cf 1" # |? 1 * f nil ? *(t i "?'"f If '?Alt* 4 l? tin* 1 - < H*fA? *rl llm t a* Thtair'i awO RlbOiMltnt. IM?t> ' ??! TMVfM# ?'tftft n?a 4*nmm>u- i> .? i -1 "!?? W-uf.'. MV li hft> >a?a l?????? tft ?? mm! *?*?# ?>tl V pifciiiii tar ?W t* ?) ? ? Mr wnm Mm TUiftr U wj aV'Ma ??*?!?' ?? aft# ' V ? ? at rlra * '*r* ftr# ' a?ly ftaraaaft ? ?>? * >* ? ?i *??*?? <%*ya?*ft Bn Wa?a ft' TV ' ?.t f ' 1 ? an utftf ?? '? r4 Um 'tftaaaant Mat# * ? " M Ms > ? Aftr'fcar rary ftMrar M.I I* " *4 . aifftt by Um i *#?. t?Mi) mMM wj M Ha . tl >' ?a arraf* '?(<'<' ? (???? ?* ft ??ftf-l it#ft?i * IV -ata- ?a* - V* fa* War km j ? a**ta 1 ? grafti ? . i ? l 'aatn.aal iwl ? #*? a* ?ri ?V . u?t *?:? (ftfty wnftftlaii W A-jrl Mt aft--ft I* I? ? (Ma I aa {?"??ft* 1 lAaTMk?Mr* V WftM aft Mm ?*?'?' >? 'all a at ft ft* a l ? ? Maaa Vr ? ? ..?!?'*aa. ?????>?? a ??|?-> ? >.*i ' v? Wi'l' ft? ? M#1? TV fHK? Mt *"?>n#? Ta?-< " T>? '?? ?M ? aft4 lai a t <?'??? Mr* ? aft itaft?Myir i?c ?r (<?>?, *?-?? ?!?? V '? ?* a* I wai i wi I. I IV aavat a# 'fta ?raiilftg. tmmt ?? iftlaw la Um V?.?a li at rt a TalitM ?IV a?? ftftftr-ly a*>.#4 > - ? I ratai.ra- ? > V ft ("Mat af (r.rftl *Maia'y ' t -an at ay-? ftri ?* a tttl V?ftry>..., ? a r? . ?#?ty ??* 'M< tftaa ? a Mi M> ftarfti?ft Mm tfta lft<M a<cft' Mr ftkrV* ityMwau i rar* a ??* k> ? v* Mavft ftftft ?V itftri ivr ftra ?*?'a *?4 ?y Wm T Ml. fta 1 M m fft ??? tf H ' a ?a4 Mftr? I' IMlM ft/U*'< T*? IMft. * '? v?fc (aft aft* liMul WaiMt l TftftMMB ?TV luftt'ly ?a ? aa. ?' *#?*> Ma ?. TV I avatar ' aa< lit! ? Traaaara v ft IV f ?a Iftf ftMja) alft at ?' I arftMMaa a V MpuMt -ft ? ? **ata? TV ftkiMfta ftal ??"ra.aa a oft aftuft tft, ? rat >?? ? I P'?*a* Vaa ?aaa ? I iMt ? a ?*?<?? ? .?r ????> tftat <Ui ara ara'i > a ? < T* ? a?*< a* ? ift* ? f Bw. la'-i *ala< ??-4 ???? ? lira May Mt? frraaft, Mlaaaa laara a*t *a ? Maftrrweia ? Tft# aWftla' Ira *# ??aal arftiMiaaa anfc a #??<*?< aaViMaa t ?at* aaraa V tft 1V VHMt a kr a ft?? (itftlftfrM *a?w T> - at ?? ? h V ' 'fti ftarV, ?? ? H- a- < Ma a ? a " "ft "ft* tatu.KftftV < *arfa itayt arMftrf #">? ft#'1 I' liita NHMMftaltb m Iiftiala* ?? ya aftft ImllCMi la ???#?*?? { a? ' ? V a4???, ??rty ifll TV aa?*a?w> ??? . ..a ?? a h * rV# i r. ?r*a>BM *4 a ay* ftr tyfiry* I ? ? f ?>? Hurt iar, ftM - bar ?? f?ail<" ?a4 ? * ? a tV alrth yrrrraftlaa VliNb ... a at ft** tMft [?rr??ftl*t ftr itMRt Itau ?Tftt# >. *.# *? art ?a ?rai fta ?>?# a Mr |#J ftaiftvri I 'MarlI "Mpr $ tft# 'a 'mmmi h " * ? VtaatraU n Mia ll|ftll| ft IT r aftrft V-Ma* fta ?ara'al i' tr . ? ttU Mi >m?i4IU.i Vft4 TT?y ftftft tftt Maaftay r? ? ft<t ?!< if T^rtay fta fta# itryartftat fca ?V<* ta ft.. Krr. M!t> *W|Mt tMtl" ' <? V " ??? if : r < -aat Mftrrtar* !??? yam4 ? ? ? f '? ? ? r y^tft rrMt 'r* TV Mr- -la a ? #??'? ft' >. r-?j ##*i<ftf #1 Aft Ap>Jm Iml FINANCIAL OO COMMERCIAL. Tl ll^ ??. IW t?* r ? Iik >t?a aukM la atill leodlef ^ 'wnea,4 | .rg* Of Erie and Heading were ah .relied om W? 4*y *? ' *w * grand lima lor tha rkoni to ui? iu ? as '*o ciaa for delivery. Nearly mi aber,. n. 1 "? ?ud nearly lira thousand shares of Heading w-e ?..? ?' tha Aral board. at prim* a fraction baU* the ti-minj point* yesterday. Wadarn railroad atw-k* ? * r ... y i ITeiad at lower prlca*. and the aala* were qatU la g Misaoutt ?'* declined % par cent; ('.??- n rtonapawy . I.ila Ratlioad, H; Ch-rvland and Toledo Is llavli < I ai road, ?, Hudson Hirer Itallroad, t*. Michigan <?<? 1,?l, *; Michigan Hoo them \, i.ajena aa.1 hieag. v, ( umbar'aud. Canton, lUln.d. (Antral bond* .ud Panama leroaln Without cbango. Thara wrre no .ale* of M?r, fun Thar, ,ra ?? OIlU?,# bur,r. %nj r>Ul T . stock on tlia IUI in tha mniket ami If lliay ara wise ?|,| | con'inu* to keep out oflt. Irary Unm K la likely (o bring ua tinr.rotnbi. Intelligence aol ? money markrta cannot ear a,a contraction The re.I prueperity of tha country la beyond aoy Injury from > , ropian embarrassment*, financially or oih-r ??*.., b?? w ara not beyond or aafe from auddan panic., growing ?ot of tha adrancement In the valne of money In l.? i?0. a ,1 the probability that our reeurltlmi will come home for -aI* in la ger Iota than we can manage. It must be borne in mind that nothing but the firmeiit adhesion to the pre rant system pursued by our bank* can sue u* from ?crlmta disaster* 11,e atoek market la likely h? be In- | Jured by l,a<l new* from Europe, while all other interest* may reoialn untouched. Wc do not look for any damage to our department* of local industry by an incranae la tha late of Intereat by tha Hank of England, or by the ! laaue of propoeala for new loan* by the government* of Oreat Britain or Krance. Price* for bread*tiiffa, pork, j potatoaa, butter and egg*, nitty u?t he reduced an iota by ' the financial difficulties of the goearnmenU or the people of cither of thoae cnuoti iea, but our atock market will be cunt acted to ita narrowest limit*. Holder* of f*ny ?tocka, and of atock* generally, itnnd be'ween two lire., and they are likely to get aecrch'd by on? or the other! If the bank* contract their loan*, they muat rail in Iroru tlia broken, and firce atock* on the market for .ala If the bank* expand their liana, up goe. rate* for ex change, and away goea sperm across the Atlanta. The htttike can o?ly keep their by cutting down tlielr discount*. On the oilier hand, the bauka do not want to be burdened with a eery large accumulation of apecle. lleyund a in tain amount It becomes a <b ad weight, and lend* materia ly to a reduction of profit*. A* they keep a .harp look out for dltndeuda, the supply of ajieoie In hand will not be sufficient to ?um up abore fourteen or flf.een millions. It will Ire tha easiest thing In the woiId to reduce It. It will only he necea.try to let out loans pretty freely for two or three w mk* to start the current of preclou* metals across the Allan ti "gain. In thia rlew ?r financial affair*, wc do not see how holder* of fancy stook- ran look for any improre. merit in price# The most farorabln light In which money matter* can be placed la by no ineaua encouraging. The character of the recurfliee operatod in #o largely In this market la such that confidence I* eaaiiy shaken and the oifllcully of hypothecating suddenly and greatly incren rd, in fhet, frequently iende,ed impossible. It appear* to ua roost extraordinary that ni ?ney can Im raised on them with such facility, aa la often reallaed; hut the c? * will, which thia class of stork* can I<e negotiated with bauka and outside capitalize, is the great aejrel of the enormous fluctuation which from time to time appear Wbeu apecnlator* hold thousands upon thousand* of any fancy stock, or In fact any food substantial stock, and only h?ld them by hypothecation, up to the ?o!xlle?l margin posaihle, there Is no rertaluty or stability m n,ai ket Talus'. They are at the merry of orery move meat in the financial world. Erery Intl.. aloud that ap |*'4i? In the financial, commercial or political h >rtx>>n. affect* adreiaely lor hohlera ah-k* thus held. Erery contraction on the part of banking Institution* in any part of the uuirciae, eiery Utile r?clt?in?iit among politician*, eiery little oiaagres-iiient among nation*, are likely, nay, are sure to frighten pane, who hare I atied on all claare. of uoguarant"*! saeorltlw, and such loan* are callesi In at tha anortast notice, which 'orcea theae at' rka u|*,n the market, to ba sold *' the current price, whatarer It may be, Theedual holder, of these .lock. <ery seldom get alarmed, lliey are u daaa of apeculatora wh", haslng li'Mo to lose, are bold and confident. They seldom re. lire of their own accord, and hardly eeer until forced to do so by the calling in of loan*. Tb? n lhay all tumble in at once, when a panij if more or l?.. aerrrnr aeirea up> n the market, and prlre* run rapidly down, until a better and stronger rla-a of ? perator* come In an I arrest the decline It no donbt appear, a'range t?> out .Me holders of certain ?tock serurlilea-to those wh hare In re-ted a, lely Willi a rim to dieldeod*? that the art Ira I ul a .learner from Idierp...,| with unUrorjbv eoiriiiieiclal adricea should, depr.m such atoci* 'hre.-, t ut and fire p. , rent In aa many day. when their pro dr rtisenea* a- pern a not IuT?atinents remains unliu ' paired but the rauae la f und in ih' manner In who h 'he.# securltlea are held in tha fact that thou.sad* of .bare, are held by a sirraJI clique of speculator*, wh tarbapa, hare not tha means of tbalr own to Carry a hundredth part of :hat juantlly, and who depend %I<n"tt ??ntliely upon 1< ens made bete and there, aa pwlle. *;, psa- disposed to rnaka -och adxance. All ?'i< h I ran. ? re oj, n call ans) th, rrfore of a r?ry un -"rtalo tenu'a. Afiei the adjournment ?f the lloard th. foil,.slog wr a, of hood, and .to n Were male at aucti n by .Ssni' n I aapert? lib.or? Mich S othrm R. R. T a 1W3, tot ad l.-d H 1 ,fl" do k'a, 1*57, d? .... '?| .. I no Vari'tla and I in ft. It., 1st mart., do. ... 7A 1 itni ribto and >| .s. K It ii uiort., do .. /i lft loo pons do ,lo d,, ?, ! M?> t Dion ' lub, Se e y.? k, d .V * i 1 M?> Wn.ellig I \ a > < Ity U, l*7t. d' a, tb aba InUaaapolla and I .uelariaU Hai1r>*d ... *7 I1 I are|.lor lire liuirailsw flu );r . Wi Hampshire I <al and Iron I. . .* r**7 * I At ths er. od leard th* mark*' w?a not actl a, but a "?leirt.. EjU >old at an adrao'<-of I p>r oent. Itea! I|* '.,n, *? land and 1 Mo, . CumW land Tl.e-a | la a alt ,r er near at bar.! with Ku- ad*,.*. <^?*n | '?J. later than t)??e pr*i i rees red and at,s-k-pe? , I la ? " a# losing for her arrHai wllb a grsmt de? of ?nttety. Th# As- tent T,ao,nr re pert* t. lay a* fefiowa ? <a,4t* Treasury ace ont. ... jf '' d ' | !,i Oj .... 1, M 741 *1 ah: ' r Assay . .... ... Tt .,'s?S v* lent ea I'hur. Of sharks ?'J4,I 7| J e|.j"sais I d?; In-h.'i* Ills,. ?sr .ent to Hs.ll .. s and 'he imeipt. i*gj for far?.'?r ?fta on Bbill "?he w.i-an'a ee'arwd at the Treaaqry ,'iepart?aent * ..I, rg "t, ssw the 1st inet were aa ' 11 *? _ t.? 'he ,e4e?pt?.n f ats rka . ... ltd ITT AA I i 'U T'*a, y l?;arti,.*)tt Ah 7 2" To I the Interior (wpartment 7 r.? I 4 |* theCWWeea li tis *7 "?? werraw's and ewiared .. Vs xi , <*, AssTced la fena mtasellaaeona sr-si r as li* 10 We t^r? a pasewaigs - Hat ".a train br r^'.,g tb" p*-'-ngs '? aad la,gaga asr.?* the J#tbo,w? of I'aoa n* ' ?be *4W tss- 'g? tea at Aspi??a ! 'or 'ha laat pauags of ' *?' ataaator ra .iswl ass than twenty Its k naa-. l d ?rs 5 f? aa al.'W* and tht> th* extra gs i ?| war As rg I hre- thou -and ,r, |,o.alrg| a b Ul of #.? '*? f a ram i a aariea f- m I'anaau t* A'plows II IW -aa paaj hat" har tr.lna ess b way fsr stnan.ers I** ' agwis tw. dm all the le-el I rase. A tfslu i .n ok way every stkar day f r the laeal hu-lrs-e, w I wis ease air" >1 . e ?, f'aaal ? ? rnpany ba*? t# ? are* a ?al aanatal * i> >A?nd ad el* per ? ent TW ?? ?e of tha r>.y--rte and etg >t* tha* ert to the awWk at ka<* -e?ed ? toxdh i r IWOahse ansets .raw gsmea. *p* xi* end Isastllbg Tad*! lah-M f r ?a *h ?hi* y swr and .**1 1 Was ?* t'owt <* hew y ?? /esyaw u 1*A4 JffM. R *?* UM ?* nva w| ?4 A tss M a* 7 As 1.1 14 1 ? fff Tit one ?? ? ? <44 I * lad,,lad 1. 4H 7;i M '4a iTi lib 4?l AS^eW 1M4 Hll M ft m, da ?t* ?* # ? *17 11'. *44 ti- - *m I 4 '*t HI id* ?* '-4 ?1 TpTTT s TM -Ass r mmfmrm .. *4 lmf%i * M 441 I ! T%9 ?*> 4* ? ? w Ml Vl4 iVh #1#' * * *4 #?-?? ? Mi ft* -A ? ???f t|M m** -wh ttiM f*n- t -i- piiriit ?4?li 'I f*|| ? >? %4 ????*"!> flul <4| | liil ? iWil li (0M w ?f?Vf m*\ t4ilat4% ?ij4fU ? * * iV *' VS* . f \h+i. % tin ?% ) ??' TV* llpMUM *4 0ym+i* *4* ? t W - ' ' ?* mmA % Im4T mA ?# MMRtffei ** |>?4mi m * m ?ft u4 4# fit# %'.? *M *4 *'? 4*. luu 4" !'?? 4? .141 ,4,, 100 <t.. I'O do !'?> 4u M ,4. .t? 4o IIU 4s 1(X) do b* .14 us I2>ar 4* IJfo S* -Au 09 ear S* a?# ?S 4'UI 4* ?* sr Ia0 4? <>ao s? 00 4* bVO S9? *4* MaJ a** WR a SO a ?v? i* Mieh 1 *W K? ot Si 10 1* ?'to luu 4* t>? 20 190 ?to ?90 ?4?0 I'sr Ass . ?9S 09S |M 4a .20 09 luu >tu e4i 40 t?> U) h "tMiHfl m A ? 4 > ?< T t'aa t*u KM . ?*??A .9 Sa ton. M to edS lot M) 4* . .0 lots ts? l ? * Ivtabb Hit. 02 |> * > si a hi sg ? KH ???% ? 4 ? tl?s Ml 4a ll?s 23 d? Ilo SOAKS. si ba ?Ma Hit KM 49 kC fto ?to.... . ad t?S 100 A.. .. bl 7 <Sf| ftO So ?10 ?sS loo A. 49 , too do., ?A'. loo for ... *3? 4* S lo' Iter era Hi . . ? . to .00 Kami iag KM ? .?l oos ho du ... *10 SOS uai <f?4 , , t to VIS 100 4a bit) HIS J'4) do.... bOO ?7M 10S do . OHiJ <00 kflrb - k Ma HR w.'S 100 1 leva*Tut Kit ;.*] M iso So.... *90 009I 200 4o...,,. bt it f?"00 Tetin fl'* (a) wut '.00OO I ( Hit 11.1. .><) If , ioooo do mo :: lino N V (Vs 4?? K4 >i ?ba Uiitn* Cb.. '.0', *.M> eo SOU 210 do .. .too :l lOo <!'? -to 2>i s 27ft ( umbf.mi ( 21 U liti Ni: Iran* Co 14 1 ft'. '.00 Krio Itallroad. 01 41>, 100 do 4flS 40 do .4 4ft'4 160 do 4f, 100 dn >10 4ft', 'J*> do I) It.J, 100 .MO 4IU, 7ft0 do *3 4ft S CITY riUDK IlKPOHT. Tl ' till, l>ec 4 ?ft P Arum ?Pslew of M) a M> bbla. wero made fbeilg*) I" plicO# Btihaiom w,?H >ur?IV market was kMTf, sod ??*? moii 0991 IumHiib grades flpll off ||U? s 'iftc per b'.l TSa Hie* embraced about lu.OOO or 12 000 Mi., leciedlag common Mat* at Su a S'.< 1 - *" ' %'* ? tJ 24 for ?iUe do ,4ui< tig the r ales were 1,000 bb|. comnn* Met*, wOMl by oontreet, a* SO. Western Billed. fancy, and ho- |T*d*a ot ritre do weie eoid at 9W a 9'i 10 Ka'ra <.*ne?<-? was a' 010 a til Ml, with MB *11 aalea tor tmmltr u?e A gi?s"l part of the purchase of curnmoa brand* wars met* for expert. Canadian ?ai dull and lower, sttb am# I eaiaa, at ?0 '.ft a S10 2ft for rnmurui to ?*tr? brands > illiern was Insrtlve, with sales of ftQO a not) bats , tn-iudtM mixed to cbotra brands, at SO 47 a 10 76 srtUi tancv m e*tra dn,, at *0 HI a Sit. Kg* dour was ln*"U?? M?*l ? ."alee of 400 btrl*. Brand* win# were nude at St TS. Wheat?The niarl oi was dull, and al?>ul Sa a 9c lewee, the sales rmhraiol about 16 <MO a 20,000 bushel*. liodu ding wlifte Canadian on Mm# at S2 2t, s >ulh ern while at $2 2.'l, and II 'too do. ilanasaa white at S2 2ft. r?sl Western at S2 <16 a Si l.'H, and ltd Tennessee at 92 l'i', <??in was again lowwe, wilh -alee ot about '.*0,<aO bushels Weste u mind at SI a SI D<'? In stora and oallrered llje?lbs sales smkru i d el out 0,000 a H 000 bushels at 91 " a |llt Uat* were easier, wt'h sales <d -late and WesUra at 92*. a ft'le. ( onm?Th# market w*? actliaand flrm tba sales am braced about 2,200 bags Bio at 11 1,c a I > and I,IMS do eiId a' lO'.c , and a small lot sold at lOS'- a Ilo , and a cargo ? Id in lialiiinorp at 12c Oifftin ?71ie loarket was m- re adi** wl'b a rather better testing tba sa.aa embraced about 2 900 galea, b*uwd Of" n middling uplands at about W',e a '?%? 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