Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 5, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 5, 1855 Page 5
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*? out strerg'.h and, with 0. la help, rolie up the Itiwh nation tc? bo a frWy to huaMkoity. He?wv?d, Ahtit w* eu.;m'hiIv r?%?mmeud that a ge *#?r?l ?I'lvwiho i ol ?f>?? hi doh ui Ireland, fr mi ihu ptiniipil eitiert if tit 13/ ii?n be on ?*? eai\y a ?ay a- |>r<*cu*i fc'e Hi tbe cl*y of St w York f ?r the purpo-a of carrying ? ui ifed >)oti-oi (>f action tarough <ut lli? Uuiou aud tie coIvl ir>, aij'l u> adopt an an?ire.s i to our bruthie i in Ire. W nhn iiK client to <if good cheer-, for their tflendn ty \<t,?vic t are up andd lt?g and ihat they ahill nc?t re left ahme in the struggle. The arn clitU u by which ho f iregob g platform wa? dtp wo on i*ipiird the (Ml wing ?ell for a h'eoenUCoQven tiou. to bo he in at the Ah to? H>u*?e oo Decern bo r 4:? Cikice Iit.hH I-ajuCiKAYf Aid Af< ?< -am r., ) Bosto.v, Nov. 0, 185 ). J Cn.di4h n? of rr^rcv eotali- n at ihe l#eneral CmTdiibn In >.? heol i n ?be fohrlhof I>e;oiu^er next, at the Vu>r H' um, Nev/ Ycik:? Ev^iy fate In c<- ej-cra i< \*ith the Irihli K aigrV* Aid Kjenyty nf Dttffft huietta having nn*j To inree societies, ahit) b* onMtbd to delegate; tbrdft toflw tw?; live lo en,'three snn lot ivrty aduiiiouul too, one. vvfb?m ? Mruturf exists tiiey tlt.ll ebooue frum tltult body <n ? or u ori i fl. gu'??, ctuuttlii.g to tbe number of is le tie In ilia stata. Where no I'irectory exuns, the * ioi?ty will meet by delega'ra at <1 oh-sice according to tba num ber the Mslr It entitled to. Delegates p'eventol at tendli.g ihe iWMWtioll, nltii.ll have thu pr i wilo^e of voting by ytoxy delaga>? tihi.ll t,a ro-ldent? of the 4satu they repu-cnt RLO bring rt> uenttala ot" elec'iou with tba number mil i trsngih of the -octcties tbey may represent, stpuod hy the Itesident turf fVi-Ury of th" ?-ttt'e or con vention an 'he ease may bo. Per onler of 'ho IP re itory, T. 11. ?Itlll'IT, rfesreitiry. la eccuri'nneo with this call between twenty and thirty delegates, representing societies in about 'ouitoen dtffer ??I Hfates, assembled yes tent ay morning at eleven o'clock, in Ihe As tor House, where they we e recoi red by Ibe Directory of the |>ureri'. so.ioty?that Is, the Mas sachusetts AI' Associa'ioo. Ihe tlonrenli m wa . cttllr ! to order at the ttpp .in'o.l hear b.v Pr. Thus. H runlth, of Boston, and Robert Tylor, bsq , of Penn-y Denis, was elected prosit ent, pro tem I)r. H. uiHeiatir.g us rnciotary. Ihe President returned hie thank - in some bilef and appropriate remarks. He aatd?W hile he should not desire to occnpy a position of notoriety, yet. to promote the emancipation of Ire land, be was ready to storifice his life and orerything ho held most dear. H? deprecated anything lb it might lend to produce an undue public excitement, or that had for its aim anything bat the accomplishment of the free dom of a flown trodden p"Mi|ile. This was the purpose for which the convention hart been the called, and in should he conduct* d on a basis strictly in oonaouance with true American principles. The names of the different States were called orer, when delegates t'om four een presented their ere dentin is. A motion was adopted that all delegates who might uriive during the day or a'ter the permaneat organization of the Coiven'lon, should be receive!. A committee, consisting of one ,'roin each S'ate, was ap pointed to examine nod report upon the credentials of delegates. The following are the members of whom it was cotupofOni:? Dr. Thos. H. Hmltb, Mass. Patrick Wall, Maine. Cbpt. W. Pnvers, I enn. Dr. Mctiowun, K. Island. Wm. flak. Conn. .fa*. McMauus, New York. P. Kelly, New Jersey. J. P. P. Butler, Mioh Fdwd. Kennepick. Ohio. Dr. Cummings, fie irgia. Jas. McPermott, Ky. C. J. Moore, Illinois. Jar. Mcliermott, lud. Capt. Sargent. H. flarollnn. After the frar'Sction of ?om? further preliminary bu einesH, the Convention adjourned to this morning OI.Unary. We learn f'?ra the Oswego Timm the death of Judge OiBta Hstit, of Oswego. Ho "tied suddenly on Friday last. He war \ leading and influential citizen. He ha t repre sented Oswego in the I.cgbduture, and was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 184(1. Ills age was 68 J core. Court Cnlendiir?THIa Day. Rr pnaiX CoiKT?Circuit.?Noe. ii6?, 416. 1114, 1U4W. 4S7, 481, 441, 446 to 416. Scrum it Coirxat?Hptcual Terra.?No*. 4'i to 71. OrniTD Ftstxa Dienurr Cocirr No* 72, 91, 24 to 31. Comsov Pieas ?Part 1 ?Nos. 1240, 1249, 1258, 1259, 1290, 1261, 1202, 12f,3 1295, 12W1. 1267, 1270, 1271,1272, 002. Part 2 ? Nos. 1183, 1173, 1219. 1221. 1223W. 1244, 1847, 1261, 1261x, 126B, 1228, 1273. 1274, 1276, 1270. Summon Coukt.?Noe. 380, 177,189, 7.10, 197, 800, 914, 66, 820, 828 . 881, 836, 830. 837, 838, 842, 700, 709, 719, *11, 712. Hxl, 192, 843. 844, 840, 847. 848, 849, 268, 670, 7U, 419, 306, 697, 317, 103, 060, 412, 627, 236. Show mo a Gentleman who alwaya get* hi* beta at KNOX'P, corner of Broadway and Pul'ort street, and I Will shew ynua man ol refined taales and of having propond tbe. Ther e iaagenlnain Knox's style that attracts genlas? an ek-gtnre e'floisbthat attracte a gentleman's eye a* ontrkly as a superb woman or a magnlHoent pain'lttg. Iudeetl, too find beauty. pertecllon of wet km an ship and the best of rnutc staJe blended In all of Knox's manufactnres. SC.' ?cade Hrotnrrs.?Photograph*, Daguerreo* s, and amhrotypes taken dally. To every style, in tbe mug it establishment, SU Broadway. Hoods at wholesale and saiati. naileries, lour doors above the asior House, free to 8ie public. One Milling Deguerrvotypei and 2*. Par traits.- Tbe fr ends ol the shilling art, Broadway, will vlesre understand thai these llt'le works do not comprise large iamily groups, life size drawings, or infants' likenesses, but slt?plv ibe beads of the people. Great is tbe reward of 'hose Wbe expect nothing. Vmri at Gentn's Lower Store?Every Spe etswof lancy furs u> buludod lu the atsoruacnt. and the pnoes will surpiiee those who ate accustomed to consider elegant furs a very eip* naive luxury. Full sets of mink or American aat:e. rivalling ^ln depth of co'or the Husslan and tfulson- Bay sables flOO The set roust- a of tippet, mull' au'l cuffs. In the Wrent Par's style, hlngle uppet of the same lur I torn $2fi to esrb. Fur Emporium, 214 Broadway, ogpo.Its: r t. i'aul'S ?burcb. Broratles, Matin Delnlnea, Dantask*. Car* rises window shade t isrc rurtaina, Ac ?KKI.TT A FEROU bOA, 2VI Broad way, t are a large stock of Ihe ubovo goods Bflnal y selected from the best man u foe lorn * In France, ei.ew slvlos pcv? r hef ire brought out. K. A F. have es tablished a reputation 'or -etling goods cheap, and their large and iiw icasloti trade is a prool tliat it h* itpprccialed. No. 22i Broadway and Reode stri ct. MUllnery?A Large and fnperb Aaaortment If ladle*'and tnUwe*'bonnuui, ribbons, feathers, flower* aiui dress trimmings, also, a large slock of ckatks nnd tahnaa, at WM. H. IRVINK'8, lUOwnai street. btprortd Hlinkir Knit Cndi ralilrta and Arm* va a new and beauttlul article, made of the boost A. me (Iran Meece; a!no every description of undergarment c, at M'L.,'t'nfll.lN'ri (one prion) xtilrt and furn'-hing atdro, 7/J tixcei.wicb street. corner of Chamber". Oaiprtil Carprull Corpclatlt?luperb He i l.on voire' ra-pc'Ji Irom the Pans KxMbltinn. Hplendld la , Iiruseeln, irom the celebrated manufactory oi t."ro"<ley rsz, vAM A.NDKMHO.VS, ? Hiwery. Prise HrUralia-Thuw hi much Admired *i the late exblbl Jon at the Crystal Palace, mad? by /oirn A Banthe. for which ibev received Die only medal.. warded, may be had of A. A J. HA1 S1)KKH, >*7 Broad army. Girts and Prcaenl?Mftut Keeelred, mid for ?h at reduced pncea, the ebateeM ?election of ladle"' reticule", ?eeklaoc", toilet eaeea, jet bracelet*, travelling us-kr'e. faua, periuo.erv and ?.nape; alto every variety of Kif%, d ilia and pmi, at ROOKBs' fancy bazaar, fib Broadway. Sblfjcr*' fkwIuK Mnrhlnra?Irw Ha ?fines<t the Ml Improved style will be exchanged on llbe tal terms for ^Brnaebme" of every kind. Ores' u umber* of wartimes of the a very, WUaon, Grocer A Baker. a.,.l other aaimiU have been sold, which can't be uavl o auy advantage. Theae machine* we offer t/, relieve the pnbllc frou. Old mum ?Tweed machines of our own moke exchange 1 In the same way. Old machine# to received by >i? win a' oooe be den roved, for km rf exchange app'y poreooady, or by letter, to I. M. HIJf ?Ik A CO., MS Broadway. ffo Iilqnor Drultn?A froth Supply of Green axvd yellow a rape and ci _-nar nil", ono MM* <* ? hlrh la cidl akt ifcr 100 gs tUm? r|ilrn?. iuhi natural Imitation" of JsnM'oa aad 81. Oroli ruin. Vubocrabela and Irl-di wbukey. g'.n, port, -harry and clarv' wines; Mi-wine, aolorlng fur all those tkj uora. wadexp.kb direction* for nae is. R. ?Ghetnieala, metal", and patent nudictiier on mod scornm slating terma. For ??ie by MTu fltuom W.vNUhU, w Maiden lane. Prtanrr lalrmnndrrlafta?diobart M. Pat PICK Is the *ole maoiifitci'irer In the United State* of the nbave celebrated ?*(>??, and patent powdar proof defiance lock* aad ercaa bar". Depot 192 Pearl street, one door below Maiden ?atrbrlorii Hair Djre, Win and Towpeel. Tw best In the world. Thla unrivalled and original dye la ap jjjj^n^ia private rooina. K .tchebe'* wtga and u.uooer have em# .iver a' other*, befog chef divnvre" of "lagaoca. darahUity peculiar to dua eetsniiehmeut. BATOBKLOH'S as Broadway. Whlakrra mr Monatarhcs ferwd to Prow ela wevka, by my ongoent, wbiefa will not atain or Ininre i eUn. f I a bot'la: ?eut hi any part of the country, it, ti. ?BAH AM, MS. Broadway; Hrtg??. 57 State street. A'liaoy; ??tier eJSo'.lii thL-4 street, rbtladelphia. Orlatadoro'a laalr Up*, Wig* and Toupees admiration en.rmg.t all connoisseurs tn art. A suMe of t Bt private apafneoa M ipplylnglda kuouparwhi* dye, ??'only reliable n c of l'? kind. Wholesale aok r-'atl, ai 0B1HT AVHIBO'B, Bo. t Atior thus*. ? A Beautiful Complexion and a Prrfkemed ksealb may both be aronlied b) ua'ng the "Balm o? Tbr.'ia.nd ?tower*' As a deninflce it Las no parallel. Price only fifth ?Mia. for sale by a'l druggists. PKTHIDOK k OO., Host,*. Tib* Hantfaoixicsl Feature Woman Can pcanes ? I" a *ne1 ?? ' of teeth, which may be acquired by ear'y application of OA (U V"- ttquld honey aoap for riaamnf and beautifying ti>* teeth and pi. venting their decay It U uuriral ml; It aieo Impart# a sweet (r?sranee to the broath Full dl rertivo* a. corn; an ring each boti#. Hold by all resp-'daoie druggbt*. Lovet's Wahpeoe will He#lore Gray Htlr to I'* original color ?r?.l cure ba'doe-a <hull and convince jowraelve#, at 712 Bioadway, above Ktghih eirtM", or at the ?ranch office. CI White "tree*, noe door Irom Hroa lway. Chapa, Chafes, render Hull, Krnptloni, ring worm. *altrfee'U% t?"?r, tan, and all skir. deformltlaa poirt. tfvejy coral by Gti' 111 I'f I.a Man medlsnei ?oap Pwtlr* aob'ile uprooia h*'.r from >w foreheads, or ?n> part ot the bafiy Booge, Illy wl" e,'elrdyr ,.ud re-torattva. aid; Walser ???*???. first store irom Broadway, Dailende. , SdHouth Third atrn t. l'hiladttph a. Indigestion, Ijver Complain!*, and tlielr Owe - Bt ULOW ti '*1 pUlaqnteklylua*teabanxt a ma ar fbnoi tb# llood and '!? o.'iably cleaeae and -snovyie ilea/. taBL Ibe-e pi lw area certain remedy lor dlwaroa o< the stomach and bowels. 4a a Cure lor f'eantumptlon, K 'ishleit'# Col liver Ml I# be only article that I. ie ever oat a repo a-ioo ??* tht" illeeiee. None genu ne without PKKDRRI' K V, BVMUTUft'S name in fu ' on each labal l i t?be Ko<ue, 417 Broadway, N. T , and It) Cbwtaut ?tr?e-, rbi, delpbla To IVerwous ?nfTerera.?% R-!lre?l Clrray man. rwtrerd o beal b 'n a I'? day-, afue uany years of Srryat pe-vnu" ul aei' 7 .-a xtnaa t* make ko vn he mean* ?frlre Wi'i ???nd ;'rr?i 'ha pi "scrip Uor u? d Dlrec ?h* Kev JOBJ* M DA')>AlX, Of f iltrn ? , Brooklyn, * *. KrmoTilr-D. Benadlu, French Hotter, Utc ,W Broadway, ha* removed bis budae** Jo thri e di.ors *Oove Bleockcr etiet-t. to Mr. J. E- minKR* * lmi ate re. Birth. At 'he U'neM of Martin, ?>u Satnrday, Oct. W, t/ie wi't of Ciobub B. Wbuh, t?q., of a duugoter. On Thursday evening Not an, by theiRev. ..? u, rMcTOe? No 171 IW. Heventeeuth 'ret , ?'? Joruu ?i. UE.M1UM to Mls? ^R*u ir**RLASil>. ut fee. 4, b, 'b? Ret ^UpMerkleMr. ('(?Mi/r WiliiAM h'tK. of Mlnoee, Brunei*, v> ? tirniMt hot mib lui'iiMC,,ihi*?'ty. In Biooklyu. Joum h Coomb t?y, to lira. S.uuu mat. "??SXZ '"-rfsSfe Wft 2?t5?sr3i r.w & Orange couniy. - c?l, rillo' A'wni'hv,' a'I.T^'ran >on of Joel I? mxl Auo I. * urid ll year . 6 DOntlU nud io Uay*. ' "u Cdlluo reUtlvs* of the f.o.liy ;r0 re^ o 'y U.v. ed to attend toe tuner.l, thtoimmta*,.at r11.ll. the re/kieuce of hie grauupareuln, .No. Id Uiidru ?*0u Monday. Tec- 3 MaBU JOMBUIXB, ?ito of Benjamin aTbjrrelalCM,lends of the n!' Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence. No. 4 Fleet street, Brooklyn, tbi* afternoon, at twooilock, W On?Tiefr.'ayeLecV l^lUMirr Ixvlnia, wife of Isaac M. Tt?hokfnenu^and aciniaintancee are reopeoUnlly l,ITl'?d J to attend the funeral, tomorrow afternoon, at one o'clock, from her l?te residence, No. Id Stanton street, W^?Tue'?day ,'b^V of paralysis, Mm Mabx 1'ukla.v, In ^HerfonTra"will'lake plaee from the rreldsuoo of her non-lu law, William Catev, No. 170 Went yklrtjr-eocoiid itreetMMri* afternoon, at one o'clock. Ike friend* o. the f&njita MG invite* to attend. on Tuesday. Tec. ?, BMWUB Maovibr. aged t>8 yeata. Her relatiren and frirndt are re*i*>ctfuUy invited toat tend the tuneral, to-morrow afternoon, at two o ?lock, f,< m ber late resiienc*, No. 31 fSrwtuwichJ^Ul; out further notice Her remain* wul be taken to lalvary Cemetery for interment. avad unTueeday, December 4, HiK-ttH E. D?> wo*. *JM 87 yearn, cideat daughter of the late Alexander Dcunlstnn, ?fa"?ua?"land "rfonda of the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, thlfl afternoon, at one o'clock, from her late residence, No. 18 East KVghteenth "tm Tuesday, Dec. 4, of a lingering diaeaae. which she bore with Chrialian fortitude, Amt Habam, eideet tcr of Ftanci* and Margaret Sherman, ageil 1* year* and ? Heffun'eral will take plsce Irom the ^ tint Church, to-mcrrow afternoon, at half pa?t " Newport R. (., and Newark, N. J., paper* p'M?e copy. (m lueadev morning, Dec. 4. Makt Javm, youngest d.n^bur of ir?an?iSa-.h inn V.ndewatcr, aged d r^fHenr^^e family, and the member, of the Ta hei naclc Baptist Church, are invited to attend the funo rai, this iftimioo, at one o'clock, from the residence o ?? On Tueiday, Dec. 4, Ansa Maiua, daughter of the late ^ TleVfrtendiMkud acquaintance* are respectfully InTi^l to attend the funeral, tomorrow tfU-rDMB,*ton<, o clo.k, lum htr late reatdenee, No. 20 Norfolkrtreet. . On Monday, Dec. 3, of conges ion tf the brain, UEuhcb RXEd. are reapoctfuily ?aI iv<m ?fti moon kt one o'clock, from the reeiaeoceoi hin eirtter, No. 3*27 Greenwich street, without further to ''onTuosday, Dec. 4, Andrkw A., son of 4amuel aod Ann Robintton kffed 4 year* and 8 man the. . TheTelativen aud h lends of the famUy are re-iues ed tu attend the funeral, frem No. 388 Tenth avenue, between Thirty fourth ?nd Tbirty-fif h fctreete, tbn atiernoon, at '"on Tuesday Dec. 4, after a short illnees, CaBoiJKK Eu eMest daughter of Isaac and t4.tu.rine Macev aa?-d 10 years. 6 month* and 4 days. Thp'trlends of the family, and the member* of Pho-ntx iX No-16,1 IV A., are reepojtiuily tnvlUd to a' tand thohneral, from tlie re/id. Dce of her parent*. No. Ill , Fast Sixteenth stxevt, thisisfterr-ion at one_o clo.k. Hir rdbTiAina will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. F'on M- nday ?, Dec. a, a. a qnartmr P^ rdne o'clock at the rmtdenceof her parents, No. 1.5 ra t Thirty Bret street, Joem-m.M daughter of Hannah C. Desmond, and grand daughter of James T. l)eruiond, ot l'hiladtlphla, aged 8 months and 8 days. ETZ tt: ths'only son of DatHck and Ca? McKcnna, aged 2 yearalmon'b^d^days 1 he friends and acjua in farce* of the famHj^?re ireapeet fullv infiw to attend the funeml, thi* aftemojn, ai nau Jis? infoVlixk fVtm tho residence of Ua parenU, No. "tmlue-dM evemug, Not. 27, Jam* Edwabp, only son of t dward K. and heiena fhelps, aged 2. yaars ar.d .1 <Uy?. Tne relatives and friends of too fcrnlly are respectfully invited to attend the funeral se. vices tb.? o'clock, at the residence of hts parent*. ?J-?* Jourth ctreet. His remain* wUI be Uken n. Wbitiock vllle, Wesicheater eoonty, tor intermett, to morrow "" ' n'j|^ passed away when summer birtl* tv ire dying to tho South, Wlu n modest flower* within the dell Had cl?*vd their rosy mouth; When feathery leave* ofgrldon hue Fell trembling trom the tree. He jia.sed away, our daillng boy, Hut livee in memory. .vr,.a On Wednesday, Nov. 28, <?f cmuptirvtANl sov, aged 14 month*, only son of IJiia Biyard and ? j It'.brit Anderson, L'. S. army. , liis remains will be take* to Havannah, <.a., t?r inter 110Cincinnati, 1 onisville, Charleston and Fivannali papers pl\TwX^day, Not. 28, in Adelpbla street, Brooklyn, MS- ??? ^ ??Ew r^nday evening, Dec 2, at the Pallors' Bnug Har bor Capt. 1.KMIV1 But bm. in the 78tli year of his ag_ . At Yonkers, N. Y , on Monday, Dec 8, at the residence of hi/ brother-in-law, Timmas t?. Karriugton.of con.amp ti.n Ham ran O. Uwarerrr, aged 30 year* and 8 month*.^ Ih^ rt*UtiTe* 4ud frfrod* of the family art luvi e?l to attend the fn-.aral, Irom Ht. John'* Church, 1 onker*, at ? p'ln on he -e tor iotermeni. TTie funeral wiU tak.pUe. thU from the resid.nee of hU mother No. 16? Weat Fight nvn *tr?et. The friends of the family are respectfully lnvit?<l K^ng?ton and 9augertic* paper* pieaae co ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PERSOSAi. A LADY W1HHKH TO A1MPT A KtSK HEALTHY male child: be mo?t be light complexion. blue .yen, and two }eera old. Addreaa h. M.,Herald oflce MIF8CATHERINE ET.LIH WI1X PLKASK WRITK TO ber (later Mien Immediately, aa ahr * l -foes to are in r a', onee. P_e*m)nal.-*.w ;6oci7i?an, f<)5wkrly or moiki.e, will pleaae call at tbe olllre of MCunn A Nunc net. -J Wall direct. P-FKBD TO THE 0WfiK>0*"TLKTTl:Ol'l>RI'*3. . ed aa before. la w 71 LI. KFK "rrROPK" OS BROADWAY, ilonvon, at IX o'clock to day. THK IJMITVHIC SKAftO.1. / MIFM10AL I.ECTL'RF..8.-DR DOREMC8 WOfLD RE8 V pectfolh announce that be will deliver .our lecture. 00 Ibe Imponderable foroea, Ugh;, heat, elccictetty ami maenetiatn. In 'be r be in leal lecture room nt (be Nee York Medlctl OoBoge. I u?t Ihir.eentb afreet, rear Fnurlh arenue, 00 the evening* Ok Fa'tirdatr. Dec t\ Wedne'day. lire. 12; ee urday Dec 14, Wednesday, Iirr. 10; at 7S o'clock. The lecuiree will be Ml u Ir-ted wHb experlmei.ta 1 l.-keta for the courae, $2; klagi, ad mleeton. '<4e . to be obtained at Meaara II I'lke A Hon a. 57 d Broadway; I>. Appleton A Co, 34* Broadway: O. o. Prion* A Co.. 762 Broadway, and at the Medical cMlcga, lo Kaa> Thir teenth! THK Tt'HJP. CtENTRKYlI.LK COT'KHR, L. L-TBOTTI ptj.?rem ) day Dec. II, at 1 o'clock, P. M.?Matrb, tl Ml. Mile Iteata. beat 8 In 5 In harre.a Warren Peayodr nam* a r. f. Taoooe) | Hiram Woodrufl namea b. < Know MoOim*. tOIL t'OB K LI A, Proprietor. RED~HOC?Fr HARI.KB TRorrr.vo * p< hhf or 8JO. Inalde aUke 86 tree lo borate that never won money. Mile boata, Iteai three In flv?, lo aaddlaa. To n.rr.e irfr on F1 id* y Dec. 8. Rotrfe* to c o?e before 4 o'-Iocfc r Id the 7th InaL. at Brook*' Hotel, Third arenue and I'dltf, atreet. *' Hotel, 1 i.ird arenue and TW. atreet. 0. Bul/OKH Proprietor 01 the Track. RK4JATTAR. YP1RE f'lTY RCtiATtAri.CH.-A RK'IIT.AR MONTH ly meeting will be held hlr cT*n,r.g *' tbe uanal p . e No. If 1 atherbie allp, A panel 11 tl Atteodwece la rtujuevwl, aa butir.ea* o( tmoortaace wui be brought Inrwai d 8? order 1. It R. POTMAN, Hee.etary. E THK WHJTART. LMRbT WARD MAtlNKTI/.KJin OM DECK.-THR AMOVE r company t.l horae enard. will parade on ' hrtwa . Day. A meeting to m*ke a. raoyetr enu will be bald ?? M. "r> tre- e. No. I Ma'ertrwet, en t,ei! Ratardoy eeeniag, eteigh'o i.etk betntera arc re?|neeted io hire their bov.e' anddreaaoa aa aoon aa poaelhle. By Order of M. (,'RKIOKK Hapten So. I Made ati aet TT'OMRT OP A ED OR DW? -TfIB MRMHERHOP T UK T oomeyOuard are rec|oe> ed to ai'eod a n.eennf. on Wed oetday evenm?, DM 8th, -at 7f ..tebcb, at Tnoin-y'a, i|J tiratd atreet. Pun- liial attgodaneg .a rf |H?4ed Hy order RDWaEDH MAl.t iV Chalnawo. Tuna** J. Vrsca, Feeretary. J OHM I* VANID WaTFR, ACi-noMCBIt WILL ARM, to morrow,, iNw t> at Id1, .'el *jk, at tbe wv lea rw in, )J Mal l' O lane, ve'uab.e gold and atlr.,r aairt, ? Roe grid and d arm I T Jewe'ry rtnek ? Will e raid utt pC'em; ? , rtl?. to cl??? out die atie-k, a laece and Awe aaaortmwnt of (to. ("Id and enatl> ...amond jeme r*. valuable got I lodtae and gtot'eme'Ta watchc.aa'<ni whtrh are anp?-r aingle and ' loa trr diamond rtntra, hrta*'|Tna, bfOoebm, gtadA. A* . Iwan fine rnid braeelete, feat, 00 an.' gqard chwloa; rich got,I eul'a. In raa.-a, goid Irua and j.ene I rtiva a|^e,e ,01 ? ., lr?a,ehi?, and many o'lier ea iai,ie?r'.r V hwnQag and tingle -*re?ol.i lever wa'bee, dout>,.- Urn. < lad dent ?? erode, and <*b> ? a, with nahera' g lottw a I tea elegrnt (old and ctwune .*>? ?at b- ? and ela u a.ab 1 ver W*era. SEW PUBLICATIONS. JU*T PBBLIRHkl>?WITH A OOVORKIi PLATE. PRICE M W? < oaaoarnoR, tTsOsuiaa, Pukvbrtios, ardOcba. I bv Tiki*a* Bah.i.itt, M. i>. II l attoere, pel h> her and lin|* rtnr of Eng lab aud Fran i'i relrmluc hook*, :? MioAdwAv, j>eiv York. u. Jl puillaheaa | ceialogne if aclcutlflc book* eve'y two mourns. Sou'. gratia I rpwo GKKAT BOOKS ON NlINNKRIKv? 1 T1IK KhCAPaD NUN. Priced. Ad'! KAi.ia bo.?k. ' Hi e ifi cents. Ifeiearc two ?.f the mwl ioruBd.ii..a book*'igaliHtnuniior o? I ever pu chbod. Ibev bsvit orodu ed powerful Impre*??<ion I abroad ? ncll a* In 'ho Uuhrd Mtufe*. ami an ?eur devuintd 'O I vrii'er retuit* t'bey are tin* trutt'u nsri-Atlves o> iima.ra who bavaeaciped fioru bimotoie*. au>! have 10 d '.he ii'orUa iliLei- sttllaili te w|th"til cole luh-nrut or com.tecs thin. I bough fu-i.ii.tni by all the me K'niivh c'led bood w ht m the v, their bmkM retnilu flip in peached, uud rtill t hahtiigu ihn lest ot t ilr and open okauduaUun. oUKKICaN I'aKKMI have I ere : imks writ en lor the aalvotnin <>( their <1 inhaler*', amkmida* Patriot*, brok? designi d to sxciue sooie'v a.aiimt one of the moat le. ttruclhe b til IneUltnur uMituiicrs nl I'liper1 ; A WKKIi AN PKidALi'lS, an apptal 'othrm ot 'lie nuat auieinu albit to !m ward orr ot w i.iv e l w ho ? i'ixtfit tq v( lr te our uusiattecdiig eif.,b* trra 1Mb thiui by tb? ci? appara'ut of 'eaulttnhnols liE Wirr A UAl'KvP ill.' 1'iio.lihura. 1GU iip.I ldd Naa an atrert. AH WNPAPKHh. ANKW COMIC PAPKU?YOC.YO AVUIBIOA.-A pati i a * Ibm tiaicd weekly paper, wuh Urn ahnea title, wBI be pub lahful early in lleceuttier. tl'4 could per number, or 12 VJ per ,muu.n- .cuiiMtripb'>na ar.d ooi.triliiiUiin? to lie addressed n T W. viTHItNO, nhlbibrr.UB Nassau street, Net* York. aeltRKItv A WIIiI.IS' IIOMK JOURNAL FOR 1H8I1.?1TIIE ill lollowbig are the Itiilurerucrit* to Mib-crlbe:?A now novel by N. P. Willie, a series or' eteU'hita by Genera) Murria, and a novelette by J. M. I wld. Terma. >2 a ytar. Officii, 107 Pulton street | RI'M IAL NOTIL'KM. ABTATKMKNT IIAH BKKN MADE THAT W*. KENT at tt John Poole were concerned lu the robbery fimtnitio.) on me some two weeks since. I lake thin method of ex mera tlng them from all lueme, a* they were not concerned tn It Viuhakl kowanthoy. ACA BR ?HATING OBSERVED, IN HOMK BILLS RK luting to a vpairing match to be given b? a aou of Mr. Barney Aroop, the name* of my two sons, a* about In appear on lhat occasion, 1 beg to tay that It la riot their lntenuoa t> itn to, nor never has 11 been; aud lain mrrv that nny one eh mid revort to anrh moana to It ling them Into diagram' or to raise moiiey on rut h a pretenre. lie has never been author!/* I to use their Damra In thla eiinnecUttn. for I Intend 11 brlug them up Pi some other proteaslon than pugilism. HAMUKL 1)1 A.N. IP THE CARMAN WHO CAME TO IIARNDKN'B EE press, 74 Broadway, In company with two Spanish irentle men, on ihe teoralnx of Sdv 19, and took away a large bo*, a til call at our oOh.e, he will learn something tn hla ad vantage. IIARNDKN'B Kapresa, 74 Itroalwav. I ADIEU DKBIROITB OF JOININO A LITERARY AS J aoclatton. the object ot which la the discussion of relgUxis. social and poitlcal utplca, wltJi a view ut develop ? talent for public speaking are Invited to send their addreae In Mtaa J. C., box 111 norald office, when they will be called upon by une of Uwlr own re*. MAhONIC NOTICE.- T11K MKMBKHH OP BKNRVOLENT Lodge, No. 2B, are rei(iia.ted Ut attend a meeting n? Wed n (.lay evening, Dec. fi, at / o'clock at their rooms, A s) llroal way, for elecion ot officers tor ihe ensuing year, and oilier vr gi ut business. By order ot WILLIAM A. OODPttEY, W. M. MADANE BLACVKLT. IRK8HMARKR. HAH TAKEN room* at 110 Bprtng alrett. one block we*tof vro?d?*v, where #11 order* for lade*' or children'* drc-ae* will ne rxc rated Hftei the tnoal approved *iyle* of she oruuon, upon the ehorteit notice, and at laoaoiialile price*. NOTICK.-TIIK KNOHAVER WHO RECEIVED FRO* me, ouFeturday loat, a *? [rialI bni, wl'h the lu*lriiuiun<* In it. to engrave mv narce on the lid, will plemae bring It to K. FbalonV H<7 Broadway.eornerof Dcy atreet, a*noon at powo Me, when he wUI be paid. VBOF. DY'tyN. Omen OK THK CHIEF OF POLICE, DKCKMHKR 3, 1FUV ?At> owner 1* w?nted ?t the Third dmtrlet police court, tun atreet, tor olghi bag* of dour. auppoeed to law been Holm; *l*o at thl* nllico for a memorandum honk ai d papera toand. OMi. W. HktHkU*, I'lilel ot Vollre. Office REt kivKR or taxkh. notemukk zi, - Taiea. lhNf..?Notice i? hereby glTett tlmt on* per oenl will be added, on the lat day of Orcein >er. on all tare* re nialnlns unpaid *ud that a addition ot one percent will be mad* on the IJtb day of December. Notice I* ol*o bnr?bj given that on lb* lat day of Jai.uarvnext Internal will l>? added on all tare* then remaining unpalil, at the rn'o of IS neroenl oer ktaium. calculated from the 1d day ot Kcpto i.ber. l?d&. UaKVKV 11 a It T, rtaaleor of taxaa. rRoi o8*LB? office of the riovnuvoi.n ot the Alm*Luu*e, New York, Dec 3, IMS,,. -0 1 Wore a.?'Tne (1 overrore ol the Aliu?houw. by n resolution ruMpled at a inoei lug of tbe Boatd on ilie Ifith of f*nv*in.ier, la?, Will receive at ti.rlr < flli c, ho'unla, Pork until ft o'cM k I". of the 11th in afiiut. epetlbcailoni. and estimate* tor plain for the ta'rudac Ion of ga* to the aeveral loatltatloca on nlackwaii1* l*land, loth* i ileiit ol 2tl,0(X) rntilr feet rer day. Vernon* wtahlng to ea'l mii'i tor lb* above work, by applying nl their office oan o: u!n a ? py of the r*|iorl of the eommlUe* on that ?utij*ot. and any nloi melton that may be reunited lu connection with Urn ? .we. TIuTnTM KIIOUIKRS OF TIIK CI.KVEl.AND, AND l'llt?l ut* tUUroad Conpaay are hereby anUtted tliat the anneal nreenng lor tl e election ol lilraetor* and fl.r the tr?n aociton of Othi r Purine ?, will he held at 111* oflio* of die com P*nv, 'n ( '?veland, on Wedun da* the 2d day of January neii, at 10 irclock A. M. K. ROCKWELL, Beorilary. Tiik nfw york evening mirroi-i wihh to deny tie loelnuatlon again*' me of U.|* paper, ber*u*o loan j pri. on* a bo do rot know roe **?ui to ei.'crialn it. In I rlel, mi Vr Iron, being *'h toady" to air. H illla, I do nit know nor but one frlera of hla and have never wriUeu tor nta paper, bit taken H. and I >c*k nothing a: hi* harel*. But he 1* a brilliant author, and 1* about o write hi* hr*' novel. whl-n ?II) ojclte general dl*ciu-,oii; I c*td**, h* ha* never been Ice lured upon. ui.)o?? In conn*'Mori wllh other* bt Kdgar A. I'o*: anil I wl'bed nhoveall ihlnif* lo avola 'be unul aubjej'a of 1 toev pride ^oiv ai.d didactic reverend*. Who the few w To Ibal aitemled Div leciurr, I do noi kr ow; but thin I do. that 1 did Lot meanly ahrlnk Irmn my purpu.e Being young and unknot* n, wl'h no puff from any i aper whit hit1 a nil III an dlenc* < ould lia ie bean expected? Hill, "wall a Itnlo longerj' 1 have tru-t In time and perw iimriro 1 will ,lf>' *'?'mf pun me. I bare nut my hand Ui the id- ugh and will not look backward. JOIlTT. lUKMMON. (If AK KF1KI.D INDCBTRIAI. HOME AHhOCI ATION, VY No 3. ?Tie member* ?re betebv not Ik I b> at'etel t regular meeting i n Friday evenlia. the r rh tnul .to uk ac'lo.i ai.d apLomt the time for the ?*!* of die lot* of drltieiu uwiu tor.. * JOHN COMMfcllFOBD. Prealdenb KXPHKHHBI. - I-JI STPONKMKNT'FRKBMaN A CO '8 HFK<"I4liOAU 'oenl* I uprra*?Fotfee ?OmUig to thu poatponenienl of the tailing I t the I B mail ?ie.imer <?? orge law our nel' ekpreaa vta I'll aina route, will noi go pirw.ird until 1'rlilav. Ileoeioear 7, at 2 o'clock b *t Freight rrceiied ?t our offlre uoHI If o'clock, pal'*'* and letter* UU IS P- N-.on day of ?*lo v. Our i eii eiote ?. via Nicaragua, will lie de*p?ich*i per ktrwirer Siar of tne Wert, on Mor.d?y, 1'eeemher III at't I . w. KBe r.MAN A t ?> , W B-.adw.iy IAJNT AND FOWID. MOm-AOOU bRai'v: .ft, WKIOH WvV BE hid 1 at 27 Kant 1 wen j -eveuih aireet. FDDNP-ON FRIHAY r.VKN Nil I.ABT, AT IV. K ?llp ferry, a *llrer walch. 1 he owner, or. ly and paying for adverUnerm nl*. rau have the ?aii.e, t.y a;, pi.. Ing to 'be gale lender. IOffT?tTtHTIFIOATK NO *12. THIRD AYKTl'l. R4II. j rotad fki. lo f?. W Jonae, fbr 74 aharea, da<?d July 27 IW6. New eertllteale applied for. LOHT-ON HATFRDAY KVKNfVfl I.AHT, nFTWKKV llarrlw.o *'reeI, Bi-aAiyn and Ihirty ?e.vmd ?tre?t, N?w York, a email roll containing *75 m three hvr< na? len and i ne fifty. 'I be owner would freely drria'o lb* ?ina|ler Mil* II ?be other i* returned tn K. I>. Butler, at the Iaatket Manufac lurer*' Hank. IObT?f?N FONI'AY, Inn INBTANT. BKTWKEn TWO j aid three V. M tn fhlrrt avenue aiie ntb aired or upper | art of Broad way a fur Uppet. H re era. If* nunc, a >3 r.idri eewn'-cettb ?treci. ("ottT?KITnBR IN AMITY Pt.A? Bl.KWKi'.R lj ?*?*', Blghtkavenoeor Wew Tarnty fourth *1. aprnm munnale. com* nln* about lvi ui oank tMlle.act.eck imtfie o.i.k ol? omnia, re for (Kg) (tb? |.ayment of wb'eh la* bMD' topped . I o ge her with eundrv prrn,.*eorj uo'e?, of no value *? apt to the owner The finder wilt.* r.aari-1 by la?.mg I <he tame wl h Klebard*. llaightk F?i 30 and 111 K*rrl..y *t ITtbT-A POCKKTIIOOK. BKTWKKN 92 JAY HTRKKT, j Bn*klyn. and '2 Bro*dw*y, New York, c.m *1 rtagaon* I dollar I'ill,a ?rr*ll urket and a check for wt lch bo* ocen i .topped Ihefnder will receive a illirial reward iy Iravli r I the i*me at the above number. *2 Jay atruer. ttdT?A FR"IIIHK"RY NOTE, DATED N'BW YoKK JJ N, verni er 15, 1-05 for A'V, t-a a' le 'our rv,.?.'ti? fro.u date ugned and er.Ooreei hv H w Pethy. atari, acfa-k drawn OB It * B?nk of t ommerce of ihle c y. bv tttcbard* II ? * I I'll UlinTIll 'R ' r ui ?'?** v ?/ t o., to the order Of fliovge Flagv ml rndorardtij him w oua hundred dollar*, dated Ileceni'.ee I, OVV The puMi are cmii nned ag.tln?t r.egotiaMng Ih- atovo, ha. Oa r, h*. bteoeopl'Od v A1 1.1a Ogf-FRfiM THE AFTDR HOrur DP' f, A WHirP jj ind II?fr i?'oj11 p??:n'?r <?< K w fiufftr ? i . i>?* m'u ble rewarded t.y leuvln* Mm at the oOoe o ilm A^ujr Mo-i? I LflhT?A BADOKOr THK Nl * VDUK H R . D P A RT rrent No &A, In 'hla nl, or Hr>oal>n. IbaOndeirot he ?t.ove Will confer a favi r no ha o wrier Mr. A. )? fvl-r:'r rr.tnri.liig It to the bouee, No 1 H. I'eter * place-, obwrch ? I etween Barclay an 1 Yeeey. Li>t?in'ooiiiti f*' m wii hk>ia'iw\y Menid atreet a lady * poe eo oaoai ? -,ut*i'.!r g ? "1 monev the Order will batuiablf rearded ?) leaving th ??m* at 13 laei Iweuv'.y lourth r/eet. rf f'KF.TROtiK I/>NT.?ON TfEBDlY MORNINO, i .her In a re cruel avenue ra-, or :n i ba'ham a poc ? n.ew.oate.'? malrlog r.carlj thirteen doiUre nm<o*j.' of two'vcilollar gold pie e?, a two dollar aad BBA. r? I ? nta d'rm and iwn tall dlmee and * <-he a f.-e f.tiv do iai m_ha Meerhaafre' tad Trwdei.' l!*n*. drawn an \ algn !? i?|>.wu. Koteria and pa J all# to b< arvr ?nd daied Ifa an ? *. I tinder will receive 'he thank* ?? '>* owt" by .##?>?,. I- era Herald cSlue, Veraem* are .au'bmed . ai..?l' uttng *. .t? ?? be'*, a* pajDieBI he* feen *le pped J D K. I ? iwv CVOtKN FROM THF OOBWER OF W?ui|INOTjr' *l? m I'earh wreale--A i,.vrkei wagon p.n*a. d**k i*vl mkir had ow odd htr d wheel, iha few p.n <g o,? t-iy wo ol ? panel lower than the eidea. aad the ?hv'U * ra any -1 v> ike ai e by bend*. Ten dollar* r ward wl.l be pa*l by Ui* III deraikJied oa iharaccvef. u the proj.ei jr. _ 1 H>|M Ad WA !X! HaJ iUW vfrewt UWUUM. i' TrTRFWARD - HT I.FN FHUW THF It- K BoR ?7?)U M ^ ; i etrt*ti k ?Dd Hi ntorniiu I**, ??? rju**' *?th?r ttuukrd *. W. ' a <? ? *r>4 ' vftrirg srp?rvl. kr , Ac Ihi ?'x? ? rtwarl ?1 - PJ* *" tot tn^rmtto x to tn* ?? '* u '**??? ft *? r*r) ex \he property, or $2k f ?r r* o h~ *'[ ,7*^1 ft. ifOfi fl ' v r, i ? ' " 43 and 15 Barc'ay free New Y'Vt. ? Q RKWARIl,?VOUt. ON Bf.FDAY KVF.*I * I II" v? In 'k* vtctnttv of Nlblo'* ibea'fe, a i !-ic r 7 wph 'he f.wt.*v e ram* and the woe la "l'r*e" *d by aw v " eeyrated'? ihel??lde Awvperwavr. .r . / >? ?'? * 10 y 71 If.vaiio otree', wul receiv - the tf ovt reward *ud .. the * k * 'it lb* n ev er RlWaKD? l7?T,~BY a i.ITTL' '?!hf DN ?.)* day atUrm- T whim rei'irr.tng feovu ar A >? '? Ib-Ot. ihi nyb 1 n II Park a ec.a.l ? * f eM i?P ?oI ;?**!< I engfaveo i?i*w ' Borah,'' ?it? err , 4e Bhaevarwut rwrurw U.e .ana wv>| - ti raword ood Umaha?l vhaowner a* 1 4 ? ??* taghoenka n J.41 PHTftHD-1/?^T nn TTIP. tf> r T smt ? ' 4# t i%\f ' oftr?. ? 1 <-k ft'.-I ?? SITUATIONS WAArKB. Aofntfki, younci li?y. woo is coMPSTBsrT j trill niuilc ou ihupiAnu In do?i'bU^ ?r nu^fttiinx *)?>> a iwi} a* cumpanioii, lu triivrl or r>-?' I* S it: . riM! a Iff tucr Kill >1 aat ulthi uba lull ui.wl r^: It'ik partiu* i ui five Lt;i d r< fere&O, and may he ne n fui'turne dayn at ill

BAM Jtroi ilaay. A Lady of kol'cation khv anility ?li ki f?fttu.i/1 M kvur*h.<i|...r nr./tutiuilun, U . .m i lent touke tlw rn'li.ohAnM u ffc-ul./ a ,*,<? 11 i i - o-l ui i h. A. A., . QC?, w..l n.* * l * t, ?o., ? . AiTTCATIOK WANTSIV-6Y .* AMHK104.N TO woman. mi nurse Miid fllufllbcrui tbl; i.o t | tnvf) or bii HUcml ? am loon; La oanwbieo' utkltig ?d? trgu of is i vi ui'v if (mil: beat of r^I'etctiM vlv? i imm her D*t ph.?u ! I' *?*? call ui 274 How try, b<a(w<MD Prliu? nud iloanen ?u. lair two da}#. Abcothi girl wants a B:Tr\?ioN, unt \i herweki an t w titer, or to Ms4l?t In w.? thing and b ?imig. fwtot ctty releiance. Apply at iNo 1 KW iUt h? , corner of 5 h avenue, tiler 10 o'clock. AN KNOLIBIf IPKOTOTANT WOMAN WfBHfH \ *iT uatloti in n private taroilv, a* child's uurai uui sea .?? PiiM,Or lo abend on mq a .'o t 'any. H?* t of et'y reference g.vtn. Apply ai *0 lUmtm.nd afreet, corner of ttieookor. 4 MU'ATloN WANTED? 3Y A RRdF :.TAllfeK I/O jt\. n an an a first rate cook L od eUy retereuu; fmiii :mr ism place, wUcre *ho h%? lived three yo?rn. I'lc iv - West 111x4 mi. , comer of oih avenue. ARKRPKrTAHLR YGUM1 GERMAN GlRti WHUK* lo obtain a sounduM in a pnvu<e taaitly, n inr ;w ?li ?in I ormrud, or"> amdst in cooking and do leuaral hnttuiwork tan f Ivy g? <d city re'eimer rte?ae apply a'. 1<I 12d? L, be iween 1st and 2?1 avenues, third floor. AKKSFKOTAllLK YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITU at inn, mm chambermaid and pt.ilu nowor, or Ui do the gene ra: wurkoi a -fuah fsuuly: hem f o.ty rtderruce* cm i?<i ytv en; can be seen for iwoor three day* Plea mi rail .it N ? 4\ Pacific at)eel, Brooklyn, one door from lleury atree- third floor. hark room; no objoatipu to go a aburi In *iv* ui the country. A young woman, aktick tick iiumi ok hbk tirxt cMid. wonlM a MituaUon o? ro out ha wet uur4e. I*ii afe call at 170 24lb ?t, between UI aud 2d avenvte^, an ma llo>r, backroom. A MIC* FROTRKTaNT GIRL WANTA A SITU ATION an cbatuberuiald aod seaimnreiM, or would ??? aa pla n cook; can lit! either mtuaUon. Ohi* give 'he beet or reiereueei trout he:- lam place, i'leaaecall at tki Dean eUeet Krooklyu, loi two dtJNL A GOO!) 0111 WANTS A MT0ATIOW AJ COOK, waaber mid Ironer; ban good recoinmendatious from her la?i place. Inquire at the Mtore, 41 Spring nU AYOCNG FKBNOH LADY. FRi>TRHTANT, D88IKKS Mime pupil* whom *he cou'd attend, from to 1 >, o'clock a. M. and Irom 2 to U F. M , to luwtrucl In Uie Krerchpanguag* In ail Ita branehi'e, and inutile (piano), on reamna'de ternui, ?u her own ie?odrnr?. AddreM 'JUKI Atlantic ml, Itnukl) n. YOUNG I)KMOIhKL!.R KKANCA1SK WoULD UXK to A a aituai.ou a* aaieswoican in a French or Aamrtoan *tnra Jp? can give the beet clt* reference. Addreoi, for two day*, 'JM Atlantic ft., between Clinton and Court, Uronk'yiL A A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, \u conk and to wa?h and Iron; can give autUfaition; under milk and butter, ai d ia billing to go in the country, o would do all (be work tor * small family. Can bo mooti lor two day* at II Suffolk at, heUircen Grand and Ustier. in tne rear. AYOUNO WOMAN IS DKHIHOUH OF OBTAINING A situation in a respectable funGly, in the capacity ot general housemaid, chambei maid, or to take rare "f <'tilidrcu Apply at374 I'd avenue, between 2.'ld and 244h s'a., rear of Dr. Kvaiis' drug More, third lloor. AYOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO OEM ' ral houscwoik; is a g?n?d plain < ook, wadier and tmner. is willing and obliging, ant not afraid or work, provlti ig th is with a pleasant I idy. Good city reference given. App'y at el 4lh sL, for two 'lay's. A YOUNG OIRf., A PROTRHTANT, WA^TH A 8 ITU A lion to do chamber work and pUm sewing. In ct'y noun iiy. tndciilatle icaliftiouUla "*?n b" produced by thu ah?n tlasr Irom her lus( place. Apply for two day* ut 71 Weal IMli sir-et. A WIDOW WOMAN AOUURTOMRD TO IIOUHRWOBK and the rare of children, wUhee to go with a lady or t? mill' lo OalitoriJia ha'lafartiirjr arrangemen's cau be mad* Adcp'rM M. G., Herald ofll. e. AHOBPR. STK4DY WOMAN WIKPKH A H FPU AT ION as rook; Is an e*c< llrnt r?M,k, waahrr and Ironsr ? '?? nrodnce be best rf city reffence. C,?b he wen for two days If not engaged, ai 39 West l.'ith s'., between &t!i and ?ith are nties, liret door, 1 ark room. A SITUATION AB LA UNDID*. KB OR CIIAMRKRM All1 is WMnted, by tt mo?t resr-MC'stile woinan. wltli the bent ? city rtirn.? c, lias i.o oMerMon io go a short d:s *.n? c out ??' tevp Can be aosn uilif engaged, at Mm. Or sen's domeiU agency, <0 White id. Wages not so much an fojec. a< a goo l ) i ii ? APRliTEBTANT YOUNO WOMAN Ti DBHfltOUH of ontMifdhg eiri['l(?) men! mi a private family as *n*iriatrw"?, i* a thorough needle woman; uodersUinda dressmaking. For particular- please inqulie at .VA bth avenue. ACVMVETEMT OIRL WANTrt k SITUATION To cook, wash and Iron In a rmad private t irnliv; has ?!? * ?>e^' ot City Flease cah, for two days, at 5W1 K. 12>h v. Af?l NO LADY W1BHK8 * fiTIVJATlOlf T ' aTTKy!? a bakery. A ecu 2//lb Ft., a ti.e rrai. I i OkPI TIMT YOUR ? n A f ITUklION as chambervuaid a; d w u*ci rtod-? pDIn wt fjj, o. ?? i earn stress - h". four > ??'r-'nc '?? from b?r last plae?*. the family broke up liou ki>. . e. call lor two day a at 2ul koMt l2lh ?L A YOUNG WOMAN W:MI.> A ,S T' ATION Ad GOOD pUlu r(#ok In a j,i.m ? , ? mi drst rate waahtr and ironer, and m>d#rsUn4fl b'utit v*. h ?HiJ .ring and wdlinu weik. ? an do housework, i-m- two >oars' reiere >rf* fr<?rn !??? Is-' place. Feisr ea1'. at2.1 West 2iib sL, between ihh a, 1 lodi aier.ues, fir it Uoor, over the store. A HIGHLY kKHFRiTABLK WOMAN, WHO 18 WILL lor, 'arefui aid obliging, wishas a .U is'Ion as cook; Is ah efel n.t co^k ws t?er ami liei'r; woulu prefer t-? engage In m )?ri*at? f?%u iy fan produce the ? e^t of ity referenre n.s 'o ? spahiih v ar d chars? ier Tka?< Inquire si t?e * ore, pi W? l..Ji st., 1 e wee f>fl? ssid L#Ji ave.iu-???, wiuif siic an be seen Cm two d?y? if not enraged. Ahtitaiion wantkd-by a smakt, n-rtvK Kir1, aa ct mil- i rum. 1, or a- a .rw mr**l HUQrtftH la a good ? adier tad tronor. can di Kni-ral brum work; Uic b> < <|ly rofrreaar < *11 b>?n ?I '?>?> I- limi, bela.-en J6I1 and 11 <b ilk, lor t?< daye. APBOrKHSRD WOK WaNTH a HIT!'ATI ON?ON* it bo perfectly under, ar I her bulneaa in ail kinda ? ? ?cupr, bitdt . iliir, rlttaa ?i ?Mi-fa nl A? ero la an tifi.llrw br#* t ?..?! biMititl bakei llaa ibo 1mm> ? 'i, n'erince. < . <! at it lnfb ai . norunr ui .'.I avenue. In ute lr<iy a ore. \:lTti ATION IK WANTS!!. IIY A RBHI'K'TA HLI. vniii,v vi i umn. r.. rook, * * .or ami li 'tier- i a i do t!, n. barwork and wttiUnir Ilia referee-tai from lior Lie jv?? r f .tllailA' W< *1 MA aAhingtiui p'utft, t> in* ?o re. AYOV.Vf; WOMAN MOVK i W" MoMIMPKuV Rf rope, |, dealrntta ofol.utiolud a attu-t tifi aa etiaoehei fan I oral anther tiane*- 'ifte . -.rt ran . ? .-i in anvllrua afve tntty he rat ed on !o do; I'roter'ant prrbf el fan tie ? ?n for Ibrradayaat fiA <mirt ?' . Br.? klyn, baek room :.u r bra Kennedy. Aftld-PK< TABT.K WIliOW WO MAN, WHO IIAK tiOAO elperlerre nrooking, and Ma fr.t nl. <? ?ik wlatiei a rllualion The 1 eat of lijr releri nee i an tie glean Vi a? nail a'. No, >0 Weal .lib at, btltvaen till aal t h arautiee ia d? rear, Brat l.n r. A YOt'MO Woman WANTH .KIT CAT I ON T'f I/O J\ rhan.l ertemk ar.rl aawina; la i?lllln* fn a?-ual In ??a hln and 'tuning Kltae call a' I Weal [bib airaai pUr t, ne Itrtenith Mfd f'h avennifourth l our. AI.KKKKt TAHl.K VOI Nil WiikiH A| IKH A KITI A ttoo aa rook, :. a f.ral r 1'e e ok an.) baker atul oerfi ot r nil 'er*taii'la l,er htiair>eaa, ba l n oh, eeuo In taaUC adi'i f.. wa-t.ft 3 II at elMv reference given, Appy ?' 1 Kam tivh at., feiwi > n Hroa'aay on,I 4'h avenue A Tor NO WOMAN, or ROPhlTAMUTI A Nil of a\ f i el ad ri aa. a labea t> meei - l.'i a I . , t gain' ? o ah. f'lMi t l 1 * ?> la. .a " .'Ilea', rhl 'Iran ? l .1 .ii.-inV dr- - njal i ami 1- fulij y d to inhka up I e i 'ir war I . of ear#; aba would 'e *(!;?? ? n, ?r?U lad/, or axial li 'ahire ???!? of a cbi 'I In re*uiu for her pa- air - ih reft .o re Ktveu ?? it Uiau t an t an ? a or an 'In/a, i. i'C fpi t - fee', ABKHPr.OTABLR YOI NO MXJTCII WliMaN W*NT? a -Itnation a i lianihai HI lid ami ae.i I ? /a .a, r,i nor.a and ae. n,a reea. < ny | referred Mh bat i o< (a ?. . i dlalanee la lha rounfr*. Apply Irr tn In U ia l-'k, a. Mir emit) a, 4| e'alllran al , opt ualM Watia *i. \OOOD HKAtaTHT WBT NfJRHK a i rBOTAB'..K aotnan bario/c teen ju i .( ? iir,at aid aiiuhaa UW bt 1 :i fan'. wieh-e t., 1,..e a ? t-perl inia t a-* tiur.e Coot capllaaaaie raferrnern gtran aa io rvpt m': uy and ho Ac Inqu rr at 4ASi>raii I tl, W Mian urj AHm'AVION WANTBO IIY A TOt'NO MilBfa, WRO ? '.old v "Ic ;>er-eif (enefaUy nee' I ' ail V .'?? j r-?. i employer a, IJf, |>r m?Imi art i tie a mhrBfTAIltaK YOt.N'f] MAN BKTAllMMWIKO ]i t* l urine' a. oir preepaeia, de*.r?? j.e v , ?>!., loaaof <?? afactku a'a. Ir.tallldaot woia?:i no'rtm'.nU'iy inclined T! ? baal nl rele tr,rea g'.rnt and r? I Hired Ker |,a-u< ?? a a, * drear I arry. ? ha hacri a<j . ,?i,, f,? ufea Aaya All abaaera will be re'utted li dealre I. A Vol NT MAN Mif AbOi'T TWK.NTY TWO TRAM ah ?i taha and vrfna r nal ah. flerirao Nretmb or, 1 '.a.lea, atahea a akaallmi to arime reptitn 1- 1 i ,ntaa In ?|tt re, for ir'eref.e. ai -he nflee of II i. 1 I!. ? ill' rtmtn II over liroadway Hor,b, toruer if hiiuleij on! l'a ? plat*. A TOl NO MAN AlMii r TWINTY TKAM Oh AOK 4? ?K.II ? ? am a a# perftor lu a ? e . r a ? rr' -r light h'lOftei* Adarnaa J B., bt>a lid IteraiA'A ? AI 'iT llglRKJt A Kin ATM.'.' IN HflMIt HKO'RT . akla plat e, hi.oeta ke el' r ? e. and ooi-i areit r?r> '.etf. a flea a fair kard, oac t .tor.l w.n ?? |,a*>uwar eo.pi .tar. i ? n le .a-, for u ree ,!ava a< lAh" i.'h at atieei^ib ai <1 hih air t oe?. L'TkMNO PMII/itMl- , r W Ale" A I'll* T 11 a?f > ? aid, lo a r*e at a aei o. ' he. 'ilraa, W i A , llara d ( Ble.e. HOtNRKRKPBRNI kIIIaTION WINTND NT AN A met lean aidotr ladi rK aitne frAa-fuent The * ' rater# era f It etf. A note addr? ?.e ion I. n Herald', or tttodaja, an, a? ?,/, HARfWAHN W/NTPli Itf A TOTN., ?A *. ? I ia'I' fettlaeia, hardoer- Iwie ro ?- * rob pa** '##??. fry ba- .en, tut.- ye -a in 'ha '.a-l iota wat ' I p,r a au> Mb aitnur. 1 Af NMtMV-A PBOTr Tiv, r.Ilf, I* fo :t K Ilea ?'-iia .rrn, aa lau diwaaj ia nmpaov in aiarr m> U a all ,? ai f *d ?o Aa aal' (Mart I" re*| nraal 't it die' 0 <o eava fu rpy. fir a. a ran or afrrw a w/e '? II -><tCi<U at i ta ee i, i.rai. i im| hi u roar. y' i ? p-l.AMKb in want i . a faIt trr*|,#y>wyr i> te.' i v. tttra rt f . u ?? by ay., -* a TIAh art ir . i I aft ,t aiar oa, lift a , o. It B1IH-WANT.II t ein till ? AA POBTBB, NT I aa, tat, *4 el e . ? .1 ft at a Inn a, r ,e'a fB< ha u-^eol .?a ' 11* a/ ? ? a! '1. tr n I laPerv aSJIJIv ft'. ?? , -era I ,eaao add- !M? ???, lat a ? W I ?? 1U rta?- Ad TflN WAN1ID p BTl iTIOJH WAVrKIi. ( SITUATIOf WaNTKII?Ah Nt'KSK, IIY A UlRt. A'* I cutfenn d 'o be .*??? of children M*ply it b6r liM pi?4i, ! ; No. 3M ^ i1 f V2x1 at , br ween Hh ttui Krtfj avemMM, Uo vwcu ? 1 tb? hour* ??t?? and 3 o'clock VJril Al!<?/' WaNTLD- BY A KSPKCrABLK ?' vf.'tf | i ' # ;i - . .1 ? i ,1 ? ? . ii * ?. . ? t ! "ft. hrrn , cuk a p ? baV? ?, Htid a ? mr-Jcii' *v i h- r . T , trrui r, t? w ilii>y to do grim. ? nou?e-;???rk. no ob;? : t*. g.# \ I ii?(u the oi ?ii.try i*i?A* <* all at 13b How. ry | SITUATION WAWrF.n BY A N K' PKKlBMi-Pi 'M Ml ! t-> Wi l.w.Tf ?? co# t, aa-'lu r nI .| IrOi i rr .-r in . I unci paa'iv iook; r*n Co aM ativl* n? Hi* n*... . 1 j < I ll'pll ? * ?' , l*. l ' id lie ? .4. Hr of ? it N /.?? . > . ' j f.> ch? i ; the ? ??fi ri? ???(. reucc. A ppL '?"in a, . i I li t \ >, uj .'vr ??*> l.u-? iofr U I* A'l M'N WANT*! IVAN DXITJilltyCW K .0 O H*U i.i *' ''itfttk.v! u-? *? , to ???<%??!? uv ? -4 per ?l v hi apr|vtt* .tUiiiv. ?? in ' ,11 *uiffit fo- r >? ?? .*? d 1 ? <!. < u?j v**i) b?f(. of I en t ere< n vvjit In tMvi- ? .? Uil'M*-*. .ti - U* i : ?J4* r li<-?ar?I t.i u !,? ? \ ?u ?? s a * d to C., Mot h-< < tun I ton , v, t ' oiTt'A UiN WaNtf.b-b.y \ v< t . ; v, >m* :, v 0 n*on.-ito*; ; r.,n ?b? all klr?U <?i famUjr ??? u>g ul em IfiAti* 1 >, 01 WCHlW do ? l ie , rv...i g ,UaMi^ n?oo<? li (f ?o(l g to i ii a i?i . . m t wj.inv... * laoi Ml. o p< i oo; !"?? the be t'.i ci., ?l"ii,oea ? ,fc. . n for ll rvo da; a ? i Kf I'oeil *.t, fiiu-i ti > r, t'ror*i or, h-.w *?ii Iti?r??:n ttJ d WiikdJI ftK . Lt'tdkhu. Apply p?*i%*oi4ity (a ??/ outit. ^jriOATK/K V/ANTKI)?DV \ U?. ,\'W T \ BLK WOMAN. k; an cuoJr, ibftina^.chi bakrr No o >ji . iu.t> to go in U4?n country. Ouml refoiti *.u can Apply u*. 6o IU? .. .o ti no ? an to m-i-o lor two '!ny4. (^ITIUTION WAMRD?HY A h'MAflT. TIDY UlHis AS KJ cook Oi Ar cook arul Uur.lrc^.. Ohii tflvo od Jy i'? l?*f frou>4li< r last placo. i'.raao apply at ito#efy. C1TIJ'.THIN WANTrn?IN A F ANCY NTOBIC, AH AM ?alr?,woi?tan byayoiin^ wornmi HavIuk a koowl?Hijn* of too I iiNti pmp and uoouatotnPil to mating fancy artt- 'Oi. H??D factory eiiy r Plot cure gtvpn. Addrciia or oali at II Drgraw I?Iiko Houih Brooklyn lor tiir#v >Ut * CITFATIDN WANTKD-BY A RKHl^KCTABT.K YOTTIVO IO ProtoptMiit woman, uh waiter and ''kftint?*rm?t<t. or to a'-Mht iu waplitiiK ami tpoiilng; haw oo objootiomi to ntko oath of ciuldrao; bar mooi) cttv ralareoco. rloao* call at 161 SNcat iHUi M., brtw?cn "id* and fcth aviuiuna. ffO PtIBI I8JIKHH.?A LITKttAHY MAN DP ABILITY 1 and ?*ppri?i>ca a? author and pdiior, wmild maka a tout nno man*;* ru^ni wiUi a pabHabor oithor ?>f invkjw, awnfliMi. or jouriin), lit liPvinw tin- couorrtintt would L?o uuido m i aaJr y rcfbaM? Addrc. a A.tvm tlaor, lltral t f'.lco. At'ANMI) A 0fTUATtOV, IN A IMIIVAIK FVMH.Y. D bt an rupoririirrd riKik, who ii'MtPrntatidH hrr iu all Up brarrhi'A. i un givt* dm moat lOapertaMe ot,r rotor enci*. Addraaa, or call tor Mim Martfrei, 7tt Prank tort ?C T17AMKP?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKOT AHI.K TT Ktil. a>? c<?ok, aadutr arid fenuor, or cliainbrruiial. I'Ipum* call at 110 Hammond at., to 'ho ha?mntint. UfAimQKBI A RBSPSOTaBUI WOMAN a MTU A Hon art oo^k; ahr ttndnra'anda her hualripaa, a ?d < an tnafto t.lan* umnur. mid Kroucb paatricp; rclao, iinken p*ak?*? and I fad. Ptaaae call at No. 4 Hail plant, Bowery, botweeu bth and 7'b r??* Good ally refcranee It r?o}Ulred. It' ANTKD?A FRFNOII OIKL. IN TIIK CAPACITY ?>? ? T aeumnif aa, and u? look aTar children over four voa** f Mi'c a)mi, a Piotarttaiit cl.ambnruial'* and waller Apply to* taaco 10 and 2 o'clock, ai 'lit t'lmton atr< et, ltnn>kiyn. it / A NTKI?? A HITU A t ION, BY AN AMKKU'VN OIHU ? ^ eltber *H iady'p uiald and HaanmtraMi, or mm M-nam. *reM? in a ptivaia tau lly ; would lake charge of grown cbl.dreu and d ? light work Van prodtua 'ho beet ot city raferauce*. IMia e -all at No. cl'l Broadway IntlMidrug aioro. UrAKTKIV-A HITU AT ION, BY A N K AT GIRL OP IH, aa eblld'n our?a; la a .puck new i , la mminuniih I o? Uo rat-f of a hab> . rau wnch und iron i.fatly; w ll. go Una o it b.artUDg nou^c. Wa|ia*t $4 to tf> a uionth iui a&ivileut city i .fieri' e. Cab or aand to .'Ok 2d a v., for two .lava. Ur ANTKD?A 81TUATION. BY A RKKPBGTAULK youi % wornun, an uufeand aearn?tr?aa, or a* wat'erau t chauibertn'.M ||?ia no objo ? Ion in cl y or country, ifaitbe ?r at of r>'ferer)0v. Can he *t*u until 'auiuwl at 31 Hp ring at , corner of Mott, flTAMLD?BY A RKHPrOTAB! K WOMAN, A HITUA f ? Uon to cook 'waidi and Iron; i* a grp?d wa-Uwir and trooer wildng unit oblH'Inp. ?Umn city reference. Apply at 14 ?ill avrme, corio r of 2lat ?b, loi two (la. *. 117 ANTED i ITUATK N, i ? HOI EE EEPKE IN v f f private famiD, or hotel, by a lady ?f c^nildcraljle eipet 1 core >n large cctablUhjjenta. lla** good clH refaren^e fioin larnlltet wiil? wl om Aba h?N ??*( ted. Addreaa <0 14Ui a!,, 0"r/ier ; d avpiiue over the drug a'ore. Ur ANTED?A HIT!" Al ION, TO DO CH A MUKKW<?UK and take ? are of ctdldran, by a rmiaetahie giet, ^ooc te trrnce aa tocapal llltv ai d tw.nealy. Gall at Id IJcUneey At., fioi.t htiNprnftti, for ihrce duye. Uf ANTKP BY A Kl>PK'TA Itt.K YOUNG GIRL. A Alniatlon to fake <?/* < t ridldren, or n. do lljfht ebamhei work. Wage- |G h inoulh. pteaae m?ij at JK dvb avenue, ni-r.r iMUfi aproud n ory, fiont room. Can be eecu lor Iwu day* It ntf a tided. U'amhi \ MiraiiiiN. by a hmi'B'I' iii:.; v * young w man. hn good plain cook. tr? rewp* ?* *??i* pr? vat# l'uinil>, or would do tb?i genera hou ?ora of a Nu#ali aully; U a tarv good w? r and In ner, and U perre. ? willing to mudy tfce tntere t ??f her en?: ' >\#r. Dciod 'Bv re|?-r ?xr?. I'ira#?? call for two deya at III;# 2,th %l., near 7U# a.c bUr, (,r%i ftoOl. II' ANTKD A rKt TFHTA NT WOMAN, AM Nftt-K lNt? ? ? A# ainatieut*, m.f who la lolly nmipe-ent to tafc'- do* /> of an Hitan' e .? n u.ontha old Iheliettof dtv rei#*rei?'#% re qtnred. App y at 'fine ttl Brlr.ce at , M# ttop< hum #tut?i .Kin 4 to 7 o imck. UJ ANTLD? BY A YOt'NO W(/MAN. A SITUATION TO do ?I.NUibrrwork atdwaPIng would d#?ho>i<<ew#v*lt In a #ii a t pilvate family. She ha* the !?#??! ??f *fy r?fc. ??.',rr ffi.Dj h#r I t | .ace, where ?he h#i?? lived '*o >earn uud'io'-e n>< Dtb I'leaae t J1 at .'^dMVtb at , near loth avanuo, for iw.? **1* II* A NTh 11? A SITUATION. MY A lO^BKCT WIJ.* f f young v o nan. \o r*k# arc of ebildfen ^nd do rhamber work or . Mint erworh and ilgbi walor g W?;p not ** mu i an objtet an a rpmfortabl#? borne. !'!???*#? call at 17d Kant I7tb at, i. ear 2d avenue, 'an ot eenfri twadaya. TIT ANTKD?A SITUATION BY A ftfc?PK<TA flf.K fl you g woman, a* ehaio barmaid In a private fancy cod rt'vfu.?r. tmi be ?pcn tot two day a at iV2 Orcbard ?t IIr A NTS B?BY A KMBKCTABLK YOUNG WnMAN A o elti.aii' n a? nurve and arairiHtrr-a or ro aanirt *??/? rhand erwork; e#?me well* rr t<rnmended. Blewee call U?. ? day ar 133 spring rt.f oppmMe ' lark. 11r A NTS 11? A SITUATION MY A BBMT. r.MILK If voting wo* ar , Man. u d rur ?, or t # dt/Mm b#-rwork, ta %? ry h#i dy with her ??#?># die, and ? i p-iternih iiHui m a family . u >o>?jeetMn '<? city - yrrxi city and "onmry re da)-' ut No 12 Amity pU and "otuitry refem-'e given t'an be -een Pit tw< \JLJ AhtV.V?A ?ir,M|uJK AH WKl M'ltHK. ?f s ?f r?-vj?? *??r H'jRian, w.tu ? fr*.t? ? r? v* "I mlla aim a fjtr ? #? ft.r %r 1 *???! o1 U4ft If j i?fr ft I>r. knr 1(1 howon ?t . lor thre#* (Ujro. 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AM p a?n M?b Waaler and Ironar In a prltalo fatally . r?*?t rliv r<urrica? A||ily at J2* Mott ?l, to tbo roar. An* flo??r. i'an bo ?r? ti fvr two ' *)*. w A hTklt? MY A Mh I'M TAMLK YOtfNO WOMAN. A to ?i?? ?Tri.-iMi i ouaawob In a potato wa od Warhrrand iiwit; t?*r h< ?t of Oty rrlwrac?ow? fr<ao l?rr i Jarr li i|Uii f id ??'" 4<li ?i , boiaern .vvouua il and luata in tbuio*i l'?t< t# Rrcti foi two da>?. T1/AN1KL-MY 1 MfO H htit'MTA liLK CilhlJ* HITI/A Y v Uor?, una ** r?M>b. and tba ntbrr aa -' nir'"Titatrt havw lit #d flctr ? tf m? In a > roiirh /aii-liy , l.a.n i|?o Ihmk ol elty rt loin*. I hfl at It f. r< V* BnhtUB'ou plftco. yLTANIRO MlTir A1 lONM?bY TWO MKNPMfTT A HLM wf y mii g worm., in <? a* rook, waitbrr and Iroorr, kaioml iorit 6.<krr % 1.1# Uir I i-M irfr#c?r* . ih* othnr a a chrnmu+rm+y* or wal'or, or u Uo 'b# hi ?? wotli f : brat i?' r?l/ rrfrronow glrwm I'nuf* rail at t.'.V Id, can La ran tar two day a. 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