Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 6, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 6, 1855 Page 1
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THE N E W V O II K H R II A L D. WHOLE NO. 7039. MORNING EDITION?THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AFFAIRS OF THE NATION. THE STRUGGLE FOR THE SPEAKERSHIP. Ho Fusion of the Anti-Administration Members. TH? KANSAS QUESTION IN AND OUT OF CONGRESS. No Government Troops Ordered to the Territory hk FREE STATE VERSION OF THE DIFFICULTY, Jfco., Ac-. Ao. ? HlHTV-KOUHril CONQBK58. FIRHT 8E8910K. BEN ATE. Wabhinotox, Dec. 6, 1866. ? (ALL FOB tHORMATlOX RELATIVE TO AWA1KM IX KANSAS. Mr. Hals (free soil) of N. H., submitted % r??ol it (on requesting the President of the United inform the Senate whether he ha* received an; evll.m -e of uch resistance to the law* in Kanaaa a. to requi ? the lu ?r position of military force for the preservsti, n or r.-nt .ra tion of law and older in that Territory, and if tu U; the aame before the Senate. Al?o copied of an; order which he B?ay have issued for the employment of military force in that Territory. Ijiid over. ELECTION fob offickrn. Mr. Adams (dem.) of MUs., submitted a resolution for the election of officers for the Senate next Monday. . laud over. PRIVATE CLAIMS. Mr. Bsn. offered a resolution referring- all claims and private bills on the calendar to th* Court of Claims. I .aid over. THE NATURALIZATION LAWS. Mr. A>a>l- gave notice of a bill to amend the naturaliza tion laws. Adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Washington, Dec. 6, 1865. Tno House resumed voting for Speaker, with the iol ' lowing result :? Tr-rii vons. i Riohardson 72 Banks 32 Campbell 48 Pennington 0 Fuller 21 Thurston '2 ' Marshall 26 Hovard 2 Messrs. Haven, lace, Andrew, Oliver, Wheeler, Benson, -Giddisgs, Jones of Pa., t alk, and Ready, received one vote each. ELEVENTH VOTE. Richardson 74 Campbell 47 Banks 37 Puller 19 Marshall 20 Pennington 9 Valk 2 Thurston, Haven. Howard.|Mace, Andrew, Oliver, Wheel -er, Ready, Lake, McMullln. one each. TWELFTH VOTE. Richardson 73 Campbell 76 Banks... 12 Fuller 10 Marahail 20 Pennington 8 'Valk 6 Thurston 2 Haven, Mace, Andrews. Oliver, Ready, Vale, Puryear, One each. One hundred and ten necessary for a choice. No elec tion. THIRTEENTH VOTE. Riohardson 74 Campbell 79 Banks 9 Fuller 21 Marshall 22 Pennington 7 Thurston 2 Poryear ... 2 Mace, Andrew, Oliver, Valk, Ready, Hoffman, Stephens, each one. rot'una nth vote. Richardson 74 Campbell 81 Banks 8 Fuller 21 Marshall 13 Peuuington. 6 Thurston 2 Smith, of Ala 9 Whitney 3 ?? Mace. OUvei. Ready, Lake, Puryear, Nichols, English, one each. FIFTEENTH VOTS Richardson 74 Campbell 8> Banks 8 Fuller ll MarsbaU 0 peuuington Whitney 9 Smith (AU.) Puryear 2 Thurston Nichols 1 Oliver 1 One hundred and ten necessary for a chot:e. No elec tion. The last vote was as follows:? FOB MR. CiW?B,L Mews*. Alb.-ight. Allison, Hall. Banks. Barbour, Henrr Bennett, Bowron, Bihlnghurst, Bingham, BreaViu, Bur 1 legem*, Chaffee, Clarx of Conn., Colfax, Comtns, Cra gtn, Cam beck, liavtes of Mass.. lUy Oe Wl't, [lean, Dixon, Dodd, Ihinn, I'urtee, Flagler, Galloway, (Adding?, Gifbert, Granger. Harlan, Hallow*) , Hnrton of New Ion. Horton of Ohio, Howard, Hugha-on. Kelsey, Ring, Knapp, Knowlton. Knox. 1 Alter, dace, Matteson, Hturt;, Meacbam. MRler of New Vork, Mo a, Morgan Morrell, Mott. Murray. Norton, Parker, I'el'on, Parry, Pettit, l'ringle, Sebin, Sag*. >spp, Scott, Sherman, Sim mens, Stanton Tappan. Thorington, Wade, H'tkrmta, Walbridge. Waldron, Waehburne or Wiotonsin, Wash Vrneof Illinois, Waehburne of Maine, Watson, Welch, Wood, Woodruff, Wcodworth. FOB MR. RICHARDSON. Messrs. Aiken, Allen. Harelsy, Bsrkstale, Ball, B?. cock Bowie, Boy oe, Branrh. Brooks Bennett, Cadwali a der, Garathers, Caskie. Cllngmsn, Cobb of Ga., Cobb of Ala., Craig*, Crawford, Denver. P-wdslI Edmundson, Elliott, English, Graves, Faulkner. Florence. Fuller of Me., Goods, Greenwood, Hail of lowe Harris of 41.i., Harris of I1L, Berber-, Hickman, Houston, Jewt-tt, Jones of Teno., Jones of Pa., Keitt, Kelly Kid--II, ietcher, Lumpkin, Marshall of Bl., Maxwell, McMulla^ McQueen. Miller of Ind., Millson OUver of Mo , Orr, Peck, Phelps. Powell, Quitman, Kuffln. Rust, Sandriilge, Sa vage, Reward, Shorter, Smith or Tenn.. Smith of Vs., Ptrwart, Talbot, Te;lor, Vail, Warner, Watklns, Wells, Wliislew, Wright of Tenn. For Mr. Banks?Messrs. Hufflngton, Damrell. Emrte, Hall of Mass.. A. Oliver, Spinner Thurston, Traptoa. For Mb. Mserhall? Messrs. Kurtis, Kennett, lake, Lindley, Trippe, Walker For Mr. Fi ixi ron sib. rt'lXXK?Messrs. Bradshaw, Campbell of Penn,, Corode, Culien, Itlck, Kelt Knight, Kunktl, Pesree. I*en uingtoo, Purvwtnce, Ready. Ritchie, Roberts. Robinson, Based, Todd, Tyson, Mldard, For Mb. Pexslsotox?Messrs. Bishop, Broom. Clauson, Edwards. Fuller of Penn , Bobbins. Strsnahan. For Mr. Mace?Mr. Campbell of uhlo. Fob Mb. Wiiitxxt?Me-srs. Carlisle B. Clark, Cox, A. v Marshall. Humphrey Msrahali. Smith of Ala., Swoke Valk. Fob Mr. Smite of Ala.?Messrs Davis of Md , Harris of Md.. Hoffmen, Peine, Richards, Rivers, Underwood, Whit ney, Tollikoffer. For Mr. Ptrtear?Messrs. Rtbetidge and IIsTen. For Mr. Nk-hois?Mr. Grow s Fob Mb. THrnerox?Me-srs. Nichols and Williams. For Mr. Outer?Mr. Wheeler. Adjourned. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. TBI CONTB8TGETTING HOT?CONBPIRACIEH OF BLACK REPUBLICANS?GREALKV IN TBORBLE, ETC. Wabhiwoto*, Drc. ft, 186ft. After snoiher day's KnUrt fur Speaker the partle* b*v# retired from the field much embittered against rich other. Mr. Campbell 1* satisfied that he hv tieen cheat ed by pr?tended friend*, and Mr. Rank* complain* of * want of sincerity towards him, wh.l* Mr. Marshall Charge* that ha has been used a* a shuttlecock. 0 her bickering* and complaining* of the various faction* are beard on every band, end the prospect for a fu-ion la in deed slim. Thu* stood partiea at the adjournment thi* evening Coquetting ha* been the order of the day. No general caucus of the republicans waa held to-night, but 4s various cliques and faction* had thstr private meeting*, not for the purpose of harmonizing, but with a view of planning the defsat of each other To-morrow 'Mr. Campbell's vote will tall elf. and Mr. Ranks will pro bably run np to eighty. Next Mr. fuller will be tried In the same way. and then ao effort will be made to elect Mr. Pernington The lilendt of Campbell and Rank*, aowiver, will defeat him. The calculation of the most ecperieoced now 1* that no election will be had f.?r several week*. A Virginia editor, bring intr< ducad to Horace Greeley ?his ever in#. in the National H< tel insulted bin with a eha'.lwngs to fix hi. One ot the correspondent! of th New Totk press interfered, and oouquered a peace. mr. Campbell's chances for the speakership? TBI REASONS WHY BE CANNOT RE ELECTED ETC. WawuiOTOE, Dec. 6. lB.'ift. Shifting and changing has been the order of the day. XJa the thtid ballot for Speaker, Mr. Campbell's friends rallied and run him up to seventy five. The next time he received eighty one. which Is the extent, I am satis 3ed, Of their strength. It wa* their object, If poaeible, to bring the Southern Know Nothings and anti-Nebraska democrat* to hi* rescue. Rut they failed. This end den change in Campbell's vote created considera ble excitement among the lobby member*, an I also caused member* to give vmt to ?>ij>re??'on* or opiait a ae to the ntL.nete cit.ip.exi n of affair*. It i* thought by -ome that I smpbell may, by hard caring run up to ninety voles?all tok! He ceon t, by any poseihiUty, be elected?th* ?nt:-Nebraska democrat* peremptorily refuted to g> for him th* twelfth tecUou men did (he ran e tlrlrg ; !? lb together number upw ards ui rlxty votes. Tbo and lamb rr.'iil lie down together be'oie any pramlcsl combination for au election of Ppiai-er cut be effected. Thus we are drifting, like the li st uiaiiner at tea, witheut rudder or compass. To mOircw 'here will be a rally on either llanks or Fuller ; but, an I Mild in n y last ilex patch, Home new man miut be taker who wiU be unobjectionable to these elmneul*. lite lesolutiou offered in the Seuate to-day by Mr. Adams, to go into an clectii n of officer* of the Senate on next, caut-.d conkiderable excitement ato m.; tire employe* about the Senate. D. TI1K KANSAS DIFFICULTIES?THE COURHK OP THE GOVERNMENT. Waxiiinoto.v, Pec. 6, 1856 Ait that the administration know of the difflrultiet in Kantian la thi*:?t.ov. Shannon ha* telegraphed to the I*reaideut tor authority to protect the Sheriff of Douglas county in the executlou of process. The President re plied that, on the occasion ai i-ing, he would exercise ail the authoilty which he possesses. A* the Sheriff in not a United State* officer, and could not nerve any process unde- an net of Congress, the taw, the execution of which ha* been opposed, must have been an act of the Territo rial Legislature, and the President in such a oane hat no authority, except that which the acts of Congress confer? to employ the militia of one or more State*, and the laud and naval force* of the I'lilted State*, to sup proas insur rection in any State or Territory, upon proper represen tation of ft* Legislature or (Jovornor. The representation a* yet received doeH not present a case of actual itsur rectlon, but only of lict nud does not, therefore, come under the law. B. APPOINTMENTS. Wabhikcton, Dec. 5, 1866. It in understood that William M. Merrick, ot tVaslang ton, has been appointed to fill the vacancy in the United Hates Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, and A. O. Seaman re-appointed Superintendent of Public I'rinthg. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Wasmimito.v, lire. 4, 1866. fyervlaiiont at to the Organization of Cougrett?Campbell Broken Doun?IFAo Comet Ntxti?Bankt an I l'enning tin Both Con jilt I nt?Wait for the Wagon?The Saniiu Jmurredim? Vina of the rmidenl?Aw Ttoupt Oct j ateheil?Noiih JPacijtc Exploring Expedition?Newt Jnm tirvtenant AIM, iff., tie, V> telegraphic predictions. Ia*t evening, aa to the pro re< dings of the House to day, have been literally verified. The voting lias continued just as it did yesterday, with a slight caving in of the national Americans. Humphrey Marshal) baa lost ground, and Bank* lin* gained kt. No ? thir charge (f the progi amme thua far, and many of the old oDca predict a repetition of the present balloting for sone day* to crme. Oihora confidently believe that Bank a will be elected to-morrow, while other* again re gard both Campbell and Bauks aa "done for." Mr. Camp bell ia clearly broken down, and the ccntinned contest for hdm la but an exhibition of bia great teracity for Ufe. If Campbell, then, who ia the (ireeley and Sewatd candidate, be dead, the (juration ia, who will be brought upon the course as the champion of the opposition! Many say Banks will lead the field, while I'ennington'n friend* say he alone can unite the hoterogeneoun elements. These are * peculation* which I give for what they are worth while my advice ia, "Wait for the wagon." The telegraphic despatch which ia going the rounds of the I rees relative to violence and outrage la Kansas, i* believed to be greatly exaggerated with a view of affoctlng fieneral Whitfield before the House of Representatives. It ia thua regarded here, and would nut have been noticed by your correspondent had not an editorial In the InteUigerwer of this morning given importance, and serious import arce too, to the rumor. The Intelligencer says:? We understand thai the President yesterday received a te'e graphlc despatch from Governor Nhanuon,of Kansas, by which i* appears that a civil war In really threatened I he Governor request* prompt assistance from the general government, and, in conformity with this request, the President has ordered the immediate despatch ot troop* from the posis netiea' the dis turbed district for the purpose ot preserving the peace. Extreme. Indeed, would bo the necessity which could indues the executive to taiae the military arm of the fedrral government tigainst any portion of the people? while the views of the Secretary of War on this subject are well known to the country. His position was wel di fined while a member of the United States Senate?and although be said of Ma.- nchusett*. that " if >ho wanb-d to laave the con'edera y in God's name, let her leave"? yet toward* a Territory the question would be some what changed. lu the latter case the I'reaireut would he bound by the constitution and the laws of Congress to enforce the Territorial law) even at the point of the bayonet. Yet I am authorized to say that the President has not despatched troops to the disturbed district for the purpose ot preserving peace, nor will lie do so until every other remedy fails. The pair must first be called into requisition, then the militia of the county, and uext that of the Territorv. all of which must fail to secure order and Uphold the law before the sad ep<-<-racle will lie presented of the array and the people in collision. Yet, should the necessity l>e forced upon hiin, 1 ?m as sured that he will not shrink trom the rc-pundhility, but will "subdue insurrection ' and execute tbo Inw. The North Pacific Exploring Expedition having com pleted the object for which it was ? snt out, ha* brwri re celled. It ennuis** of the following venecla, now at Sun Eranr.irco:?Sloop Tiucennes, 20 funs, bu'lt in ISdfl; schooner E'enimnre (ooper, .T guns, purchased in 1H62; steamer (third class) John Hancock. 2 guns, built io I860, brig Porpoise, (lost.) 4 guns, built in 1830. The Miit-ennes is very mucn out of repair, and la to lie laid up. Tbo John Hancock will be retained as a ten der at the Pan I'ranc1*<5o yard and her crew distributed to the different station*. Lieutenant Abbott, ot the Pacific Railroad exploration, has reached "rggon city in good soudl ion. It was sup pored he tad teen captured and mtircered by the In dians III numerous friend* will he plea*ed to learn that he antic ipate* spending the holiday* on the Atlan tic seaboai d. E. CORRESPONDENCE OF OTHER JOURNALS. [Corieapondenca of the Bon ton Pml.] Wahhiwnrox, Dec. 1, ISO. Thf HUntu Drlrgntian?Thr Slnrrry Qurttion?Our to U t<?M with Xunraffiut, <fc. Mr Trumbol), a Senator at veil an a member elect from the Mate of Illinois. i' i- likely viU hare aome trouble tahlrg a neat in either hour*. Jucge Marehail, of lllinci*, a 'lemoemtlc member of the ?flutter, occupier a nimilar position with Judge Trumbull, i-o that It le likely the care trill occupy the attention of both hourer. Judge Trumbull ba? be,.f, frull'y of great dlareapeet boto for hi* Mate and di r in --onxttu.ncy, In Dot eigni fying. u|i Ui thia litre, win eh position he intrude to claim fle abnuld have toe'itl one or the other place, and afforded an opportunity lor ? new election. A* It l?, Me Mate cannot be fully represented in IVingrenn for aoine time. Hon. Jamci C. Alien of the name -tate, who beat hie competitor for Congre*. one rote, ie to hare hi* aeat eon teati d. the erntoetant ha ring already artlved. It ie grca !y to be feared that the "larery >|ueetlon will be re-opened in all ite toatful aepecte, upon the question of the admieelon of (>encral Whitfield the regnlarly elected delegate from Kan?a* lie war elected on the day fixed by the Territorial lagielalnre. (k>v?-rriar Roler, chnrrn on a wubaequent da,, fixed by the politician* who are uelng the na'ural prejudice* of the free .-tale popu laU n for their own *?in*h pnrpoec* Will alao aptc-ar and claim the aeat. Conrreaa mu ? admit lleneral Whitfield or elre. by turning him out and 'gating Iteeder, proclaim to the world that the action of an lrreeponaible faction la of two weight in thia country than that of a regularly e'Dx'ituted f^gialature. Governor Koeder himaelr iaaued terlillralg. of elect In to the membera of the Isnghda turewhi fixed the dar upon which General Whitfield waa elected. I low can fie c me before a Houee comfmerd of lawycra an! mon of aenae, after d ing thia, and say that It *aa no legirUtu e' It ii a bald 'aced utiempt to re open the *l*iery agitation, which nhouM be rebuked by ere-y patriot In he laD''. lhe rec gnl'.lcn by Mr. Wheeler of the new gorernment of Nicaragua, ?ud hl.? ?peech to l're*bWnt Riva* on that (rcaab n. bare been he aubjact of no little convoraation here. It ia not alleged that he haa committed any wrong, the Impropriety of hU great haate ha? Icq by WRu anggnrtnd. The fact la, 'hat h? correctly antici pated that for *ome time to Cometh* Walker gorernment aould he the government uf Nicaragua, and wlahing to avail hlm-'lf of the adiantege of an early recognition of the n?w adi Inlstralton, he pur*ned the conrae he haa. Whatever mav hi our vlewof the buccanrerlog proper,al tie* i f f'ol. Wd'i'T, h* ha* aucrreded In Ui < peratlon i In Nicaragua, and it la not the privilege of our government toqueetion the mean* that were need to produce th? prevent leaulta. W# only know that Walket'a govern meat la no* reigning an preen., over that country, through the aueplcee of the aid of a large portion of iu cltlieu*. and by tb* aulferauoe of all of trern. Mr. Wheeler waa, therefore, right in ao early recognising the new goeern tnent after It evidenced element* ol atability, though that ktntili'y be only temporary. In tni* eonnewtion, I may ?ty. that the reeatl of Mr. MarcoleU, a* lb* Mlalater aaeredtted to thia go vernment, from Nicaragua, haa excited no aurpnaa. It la well known that til baa aeeu oppoaed all along to tbe aueceea of the party which now haa th? eon trot of the government. ae.d be eoold not therefore ex pect V- retain *o confidential a relation toward* It aa that involved In the poeM.-n of Mlelnter. Rumor aaya that the inability of the gar.-rnmeut to >?y him any thing for aome time back has made hi* diplomatic dutk-e men ly a labor if love a? that p* ranl.rtly hta friend* iiave nothing to lament for In hi* I- a* of the Ibe frigai* Mmneeo'a wa* launched in Utte a'yi? 'h? alte-r.. on. In the arwiira of the l're*lden' and bit Caal ii*'. end acree of people. Bhe we. rhrUtencd by the breaking of a bo'tle of Minnesota wafer at le r bow by a Jtni| l*^t tccooifanitd bf a ?^?eeh Luts tit* frlrgqtg from Minnesota. i* ? w *? of grrat powr, dud, wi?li b<*r I >ur (!ftmi wH ?*? II ??!?< luitnnriac r Length to our now too treble r,?.y. Our to tifk-Mlonrr In a c-'a teet egaiaat a etcam navy would be 1 ecluee, rind jt ho 1 ??(?-'( ingieae to tnke in* ?> mo f .mrnct ennatdera'lon the enadt'inn of tl ?? nsval l>r imli of I bo war witablinh mont (m the country. T i? loreipi mail arrived here pre vioua to the writing id thia Utter, Sa'wnrwy night, hut tip to tbe uiftling t.f i< (Snrday aiterno<m) nothing hu? trenail1*. ol ihe cha noier of the doapnuhea reeeivad fmm liiiglnixl, t-xc* iit ihft' peace eerme to reign nopreroe oviu the relation* h< twecn that oountry awl onr ntu happ) land, (t'one*| dni't-nw (if it>o Buffalo Advert i*?r.] ViiaiiMitox, Iftic 2, 18.'5. 1%e Aiiviinhtratii-n and tht Xnl frrrvitn-y The * irhrh of iho adniiniittatlon ilo not mwa to be at all rtgnided hy tbe democracy, or renreeentod iu the popular brunch of Coitgre .r , nor rue uiey likely to be murh con-Utered in the Senate. The ex"futlve hn no netive vt'nli'y at the prtven' time, ami i'. will be ultarly defunct by the end of May next. Mr. I term i? quite en tuti lit of the nominate r, bur It ?m< t> be univerialiy couce* ol that It he i* ttgHiu put upun the courae It will lit wl'h no i xpectatinn ib--t be can win the race. The crnociatic party in so octroi uli-vi ami didracted tlia' the nomination for lfW ia not en much oarad for by the moie r-ngwoiiua ana far ? ??ring o' the aapi'anta. tepeeially of the younger oi>?e. Many of the old Irgir* aie m, for It, of courae, for it ia 'now or meet" with all such tnon at> Buchanan, than, Ac. Huf Bought*, ant Wire and dualling, and ( ohh, and Guthrie, and Jeff Burin are nut tnienaiole tiiat flie "outa" of the democratic party exooed the '?inr" in the ratio of tweu y to one . and that while the infeiior number wool I ati nggle ueaperaI ely to re'ain their pUeea, the la-gei noiul>er taho want oBlco would bo in diffeient and lukrwaim. tor the reason that they could not expect to aupport Ih'lr democratic friend* who nu?r the ftiv>r ot the gorernment. Hence the proba bility of the election of an oppoeition President In lMhl in the ilrat place and t fieri the oeitainty of a democratic triumph four yesr* thereafter, cacying with i'., by logi cal sequence, all the rpolla, hy the expul.d"n of erery iinti democratic "lliceholder looking at the question in in tbta point of view ft ia eaay to perceive that the wher of 'he Pre-identiiil aspirant*, who can afford to have their chancer postponed, may readily acquiesce In ihe n< mif ation of Pierce knowing that he atamla not trie remoteat chance ot being elected. fCorreenondence of the Journal of Comtneroe.l Wamosoton, Bee. 3, 18W. 7ht Kameu (/ucrticm. The telfgrephir lntellliienoe from St. I/itii*, dated tha lOili ult.. in relation to uilll, ul'l -a between the free .State and pro-slavery Mdtlvrs, concerning o claim la believed to he much exaggerated, ae many acc >unt? from that quarter are, on both sidea of the question. The sta'e ox nt aa to the five pieces of cannon iu I<eevenworth, la incrrrect. A gentleman recently from that place, Inform! i n o Ibat they have not even one piece of artillery, and ray* he fsaorty they hare not. General WhitHela brings with liiin, in aupport of hia r>gular oer'iflrata of hia election, cridence that he re celyed 2.V26 Totea. The committee of the fre? Stab* party return Got. fteeder with 2.r60 rotea, lrarlng fire pre r.incta to le beard from which would, it wae aupp wed, give bim 6P0 vote# mote. Hut it la now heHewed that in lb ore preclude the polla were not opened at all. and that no elec'lor took place. They were remote from the com mittew. and dintaore and the aheeoce of poetal farilitiei rendered c mmunlcation with 'hetn ?ery oifflcuH. The m ce>rery papere were eent by apeeial conriere, and In Mtne placee, when they were receiveil the day to-fore the eltcioD, the po- pie having heard that 0< ?? ReeJer h?d |?en killed, did not proceed to an olectloO. Thorefore, ltrede-eh''?e only about four bundled rotea more than Whitfield. Hot bait <T the rotea polled for the latter were hi r>< n ro d"nt Miaaouriana ia ia alleged. Iht liouae muat arevn take up thia coatevted election caae aid I team that the frienda o' fienenU Whitfield k* wiping geierally, t<>rend the election back to tha i p?op)e. ilo democratic memhera aic bound, if they ? gaid rar.rlaiency, to take the name courae in thia aa in th? New .'er-ey caie?in which they ret aaide the "broad al" return, aa a falre return? and rrtu-n the election hack to the people. In the Kanaaa cave, the return of I < ? i eiel Whitfield La not aupporved by the lacta of the elect 1< b The filenda of the rotera repreaented by Gov. Reeder cai'bot refure to aeaent to thle courae, by which, with the aid of a proper elec ion law a (air expre*aion of tlia pep< lar will can lie obtained. Hut there l? one objection to thia enree, which will have much wtiglit: ami it ia urged both hy General Whitfield and Gar lleeder?to wit?that if the alecti-m be referred to the people now, In the preaent aU'e of excltureut in jvanaee, It could not be crauucted with out violence and the lore of many valuable Uvea, and perhapa the laetructien of much property, Inoluding rillagea, ami the bahita'lma ofae'tlera. ItTa auggpftttd. 'litrafore, 1-y --?ioe. that ihe case should lie reteired by the lloure to the f'ommlttee on fTectl'in ot a at petal ctnpml'tee and be fully conridared and re ported upon, and that no hoal deciaioo be made for home w eka or month Meanwhile, the free State c< natitution will h? auhinlt ttd t?. the people, md decided upon by their vote. It W not to le taken for gi anted that the per pie will acep1 Ihht cnatitntlcn, for the reai-on that theie la much objection ?o the prr vthirn for in medla'e State organlaation. If Gov. Kevcer had t>e*n preaeut in the conveutlot he w -uld have rppoeed :ha' provihion. ac do many of the moat j i dicioua and Intfuentlal men iu the Teril'ory It wi'l bring the State g< vernment into direct and inevitable colliair n with the Territorial govrrntneot. and will not i? nd to baeten the adndcrl -n of the State into the t nion. tliia provtrion wae car. le?i iu the convention by thoee n.en?and they ate nuineroue?who expire to State and '|? etal officer. It U hoped tha? the oonetitulion will lw lejectpd, and after that the preaent excitement will he much allayed, and the elertl -n for delegate may h? con ducted in an orcarle manner A light for a land claim, euch a? ir repre?ente-l to have lately occurred, ia no urn-ual thing in Kanaa? It oc curn l>etwe?n tnetabeia of the ntn? party, and mar, In ?he rare al-uded to, have (wen aggravate-l by party b'W.1 Itt) between the contestant" for the claim. But It can ic at nioit ot a mnely local character, and not likely to involve the Territory in ? civil war. Tin-whole querti- n re.|,iir<?, however, on the part of (Vmgreaa, much moCeratiun, in onler to avoid a general conflagration. A Viipiuian, who etnlgra'ed from i redcrick county I to (? annaa, waiter borne that It will he a free sute, and a [oor ore. 1 hare rcarcely seen an intelligent jieraon fi- m 1 annaa who doer not ray tha ran'.e. (Correrpeudetice of the North Ametican.l WaamxaT ix, lir e. 3,1?'>5 Ihi AVw* 'y Attanlin?Our H'lationinniK f nijltiwl kartiuu Aflairi?''ollethnj the Hnwnur?T\r Jfr-'-aye? Trttuvrii Ntjxn-t, ifc., -fc. Tha diplomatic Intelligence by the Atlantic la not of that poaitteely pathfacti ry charac'ar which the preri ua rommnnicationa had Induced the government. In aome ? eaaure, to expect. I.iatead of meeting the only practi cal point involved in the controversy?that of Mr (.ramp ton'* withdrawal?land Oarenikm naa eontentad hlmaelf with a review of all the facta and argumenta heretofore addreaeed hy the adminiat.ation to eatabliah the eompll rity. The deanatche* a'e raid to he plaualhle, and, tlierefi re, require both time ami reflection In the prepa i ation of a Htting reply, home conceaaion i? made to the view* advanced Cy our government, hut atlll the material Irene ia unceratood In diplomatic circle* to be avoided, 'tf ,ourne, the ohject of land (larendon la to gain tioie, and ny protracting 'he corre?|iOti'!ei>c? to involve new tinea ih<n? with the hope of eere"n(ng Mr. Cramp ton behind Ihi* diph matte exfiedient. Hut It mny l>a dotible.1 if ha will rucreed There ha* been quite enough of till* tam jeriDg wl'h our forbearance, and It la now nbout high time lord Clarenden wa? brought ur with a round turn, a* the aailora ray. The I'reaid nt acted with much lenivney in aJlowlrg Mr. Crampton to remain an honr here after the expo?ure of hia com plirity In violating our neutrality lew*, ^ but hat Indulgence d'"-a not arem to have beet fully appreciated on the other aid* of 'he wafer. I'ubllc opinion here Would have ana'aiecl more dawlrive pro ceir.irga, and the aurprire war tlmt the opportunity war peto it ted to pa*a. In 'he prc.ent atate of tecln.g the ?on inb'ra'ion may count up n general auptmrt in any reaaonable and becoming at' p. In con^uer-ce of the nrcrrrity ol an elaborate reply to Iorrl Clarendon, the Countiy will he denied the opp riunity of aeelng the correapvndei e wMcr. ha? fotmed the ataple of much cilticl-in ai.'l comment upon ctijccturftl Id'a* of IU character. A rail of the liou?e or Senate will bring It out however when Governor Marry hat fired hia laat I althan pun-which by the b; .1# of h-avier calibre thnii fit\y yrt *\ by Miuintrf ??< Yu " An alarming >-pa"h waa r-eeire by the !'revident, to-day from Gov rnor -lianm n, f hancae, *? to the civil war there, which. I urviCT'lun b%a actually oom n.rnred. Ihe Governor beg. imrnedfa.e aaalatame fr "m the general government which the |*ve"ident hat direct id ahull be immedia ely furni*he?l t b m and irdera tioth hy mall ?nrt tehnapb have ahea-J been ernt to forward ail the a<ailahfe force or the rcguUr army from tbe mnet convenient potnta. i f'-ar h?n?a? may be -tea ined to loronie " the <Utrk aod bl'.ody grcuod, and Dii'Ti pr'ftt* l'? b# ot * mont I mfOtabl# tn?t. A prompt and ?ffic|ent interp?l loo r n ha jnrt of 'ho neral government G highly nc ant in>p?f taut and I have no doubt Will he inela e. ."Ut i.-lay an. I Lope in Mixetn m-vent anyexten.ive aertoua te "I -? The brat naai^n r f the 'eirweratle C- ng-e?- under M' I ola thr tight 81 !iOn,W? wm? a fl- ient for tie "X emit* ufeelb* ting r?,e pahli* tvenue utMa- the iae*im VI g whig a< minlriratlrn "f t.enevwi Taylot ami v"-"'* tr g'v appropriated rmly that amount 'hang'' ?r *??'?' had upwvda of two million* allowed to Mm f.-v the ?aio pnrpr mi, and Gen. taylor'a arlmlnia'va'l >n wa* to h*v ail the aiddtlioi al ex[wtir.?e to provide for on t? ? I a id e<eai. The reduced amount wa* of i-mir? en'icel/ ia ?de<,ua e, aa wto well know * at the time, and the only rd jeet vaa to emharraa- tha i?v adwvluUtra'lon hut at tha flvat ?aa?km under General Tafl-r tha amount waa .r eraeead to ?2 VM) 000 With thia aum Mr. Meredith, under Gen. Taylor and Mr Corwln uad?r Mr, n anaged tn run along alwaya keej'pg wl'hin tha appro priatiota, nntwithatandtng the great vl'iitior. for 'h-' ?x I en mm of tba diffe.ant cuatom bouae* on tb# I'aciBc, where all tha aalartca were at lea t two fold w! at paid on rha Atlantic, and oilier expense* th-e*. or f > .r fold. Hut the preaent eermr mlcal demoeratie ad ilnle tration ha* btea unable to make bo'h ouda maat, ant I appear a. h?va teen ' running ahead of tbe r-roilt'i tton" aver ahira tiiev came To' ? rdoe in tl, ? 'ac i <.? exi*-n*c*. and hare actu. ?? eve-nilo* I r '1 a etf?e. of a c rrmt f.? ?' T' r *'? amouaU appropiia'ed tm the tie**, f rlowing yeai >o that when a new fleoal year oorr.mencel Ui prcawnt "te- f'r in?'anc?r a large euar hah rg ng t 'al yiar hed already iwaai ex fendad tor tba preceding jeo

and now it le oncare'ood thy are iwrwtl.log *ay longer to continue thia eyetem, or pr..t>?h?y unable to do ?<> trr bi tha ronefaatly iiicreaatng dr'r .rorj and 'h* -tor* tary the.ef ire tnt?nd* V lay the . at# (A tie tf!a*r lafi-' w ;*( u rtH'hirt ?rftvjuhw.- <4 the deficiency Ml' What tho present Cotigr--. ? I- .y to this rsoxa# of expenditure, without their n.evi.uv sanation, over *uxn appropriated It U hard t ? |>r. diet ?o?i atill moxe. what they may thiu* as to the I le gality ot the ptoceNding in taking tho money In md-d lor a tut on year to ?i*?l Minora* incurred In ? pi - r ou? una. it ia in direct violation .if the o<-n-Ut.iti >n. wpkh <i> claret that no money rhali be dratrn fr.uu the lies- ? y tx-? i t wlih the lauatioo ol <h*|rw, and '""F iitnt intend d that tin* spprivpria1 l?n? '"r should be um d for espemwM m 1(164, ?wl thw fore? woi to make a re* appropriation for 186A The appeopciation for tie- abt Te purpo-es for t>e pre-mt >ear, oiiding ::""J June, 11-611. wl I be exhaust*.! before t hi* tottor |>*. h>d arnyea. I nless lie deficiency U lu~iiwte<t in a deficiency bill io be parted pretty p:onipt>y tlioio will be no money on band to pay the Custom House ithrle.- and ''X }- men. When theie war a short .saemn, ami tha St propria bu for the .-piling fiscal yeat must le pa??e<l by 5d of Mar oh. four month" l<efor<- tlie fiscal year commenced, tt * as all smooth ratling oa the plau they aJop'ed, but it la otherwise In a K>og "i"*' "l. when thafappropii.tlon bills will probably not naar until the new li-cal year commences, ai d when the fund imv be entirely cxbnus'ed, probably three or four month? pievioua to the SOth .lure next. What an ou'ery and clamor thia wouid occasion i' done under a whig e-tiumia tiation I What extravagance. as well ae illegality, would be charged sgnllist I bom ' 'lhe message, It is noleratood, trill be pacific io all it" bearing". 1 hi- U cause for "oeg-atnlatkin, for nV"u " iuuu>rr of run" havea rny deprsiiaing and injurious effeet upou tbe general buidneaa of the na'.iou. 1 am ar- n In bo|4M that ti e Hritlsb g ivormuent may yet make some amend that will render unnscessarv any nwi<un? as re gard* the removal, either by recall or dU.nisHal, of Mr. Crampton. It would be dllhcult to repiuoe him wl'h another equally ml! fitted and unliable for the (ssvi'ion. lhe Trea*uiy report la all many to go in, ao nam a? tha Horsei* organimd. Tlie levenue will not be ao gre?' at ihe laat year and when lhe aereti and three quai lM iidlllona are paid to the Texan credltora, and t ia thr?-e inilUona to Mexico, there will not bo a Urger mm in the treaaury '.ban will be ni <canary for woifcing it comforta bly under the sub-treasury system. The government will be obliged aouiewbat to curtail the present fa-th'les afforded by the mint to ihe deposit- of g--?d bullion, who mill be compelled to wnii tor at leuot a portion of their tunda, until it can be cmued or cast into ingot 1. [Correspondence ol the iiaitimore Sud 1 WaiuiiMiTuN. ltoe. 4, 1866. CM War in Kantat anil it- Ivttiu-nri- Ut?m Ihr (hi or ilant KUantnl* in Ompr. 1?Ketutanie nj the Territorial Um< ty the fire State I'arlij?I'reinlent'i Mrtivje anil lhe Oiamiitim 'Vwe, <fr. The of the serleu* disturbance In Kausa", and Ihe aelh n of 1he I're-ldent In orttoilng I'nlted State, troopa to tlie theatre cf acto n, for the ?upp >rt of the Territorial authorities, la well calculated to cauae excite ment here. It had'he Imrmdiitte effect to inflame the real of the out and out fien suiters, and lta Influence wtll be foit, not only In the orgaaixati m, but in the bgiala tise action of the House. lta Infiuuene ia not, however, confined to one aide of the Home, and tc will rende- mora difficult than ewer aoy compromise tad wen the eouflt it iog pro aiawery and anil alnweiy elementa. Ciev. Shannon may liawe actio) upon false or exaggerat ed complaint", and tlieiei* also reason to beliewe that It wan Intendidto createarow juat nt the m iinen! of the organiaatb n of Ceogre*'. flow, .-hannon, tietng now aimed by the tutted Statoa, may ao u?- ht? au'hority a. to 1,0let the agitation, if any j rovaila, or to iucreaeo and aggravate it. it i* no' "tated in the de?pateh of tiovornor Shannon what particular lawa ha\e twen re-i ted by tlie inhabit ant*, but it i" known that a portion ol th> m n gula'e all the lawa of the Tent'orta! gore ument, 'hough they do not reeiiit their execution by violence. They do not eue for certain right" before the Ju*ti"?", nor reaort to the court" ol probate; but I have under<ilo<id tli.ll they Intend to resist the actual execuM -n of the lJth section ol the redltion law, which provide, for the pun ishnw-nt of any person with line and Imprisonment who may, in woid* spoke.., deny tlial slavery exist* legally in Kansas . . . A person wa* convicted under tin* act. and the Tree Plate people had determined not to resist the law until sentence should ho paa#ed, when they would Interfere to pi event lta egecuiion. Si it I* possible that Ihla i? the eause of the present dIntuit*noes. The Kansa* iiuestlon Is to be the absoi bing one of the session in the House rf Kapie-enUllrei.?that is, II we should have a House Tlie rre?tde"t'* message Will require no alteration on ac count of thedauputeheajii* received from Mr. Huotia.iai.. Hr, CrampUap nil! scl'ttr b? t nor dlnini#^! ac cording to p3**ut apticarmnn*. No one eai** a button about it turfign ijuc^tloa whll<* w?; biw ft doiuftntic on? thftt cti.'D now, In Its ircipi^ncy, in mi tliftt tb? (inventor of one of the Males, In his miioif" to the Male I rgisl*ture, iloea not bi'sltale to dC-'tore that the rational questifin is alwiut to ci me to bloodshed. fCorrespondi nee of the I emi-ylvacUii ) ViMCi'itiw, liec. 4, 1856. The Ihtja'lh'i fri m A.ip/lond?The Jf'Soipr T1 e Hon John Applefon, f-eeret-iry 01 I egatlon *t l*?n d< n. sui prised tbe grri itnieul by reaeliiog Washmg'on 111 yntur'nr last, having reiiirm.l to thi. country on i rid ay In the Atlantic, lie brought Impor ant lespHtche* fx-m tbe American Minister for tbe State liei.a-tn.on1, ??g ja now the guest of 'lie I're.blent. Mr. lluclianan Win not letum "o the Dnlted ."U.U-* as >.a?n a* wa? con Hmola'ed a few week" ago Mr. Appleton ha.! been ap p. it.Kd fbarge de Affalrab. succeed Mr. Ftuch?nan In the nlsslon at Lcndoi. upon Mr llu.hnnan s return, but 1 understand 'hat on account of his private affairs, lie obliged to at horn'-. lbs President's ti es-age sill) remain* in manuscript end will not be put Into the hands of the pi inter until it is read ftein the (ie.k's d'-sk. [('oftest "tidctire of the l.\etilng I oat | \S AStiiaoTov, la-c. I, 1855. The I'teridenl'l M>wnpe?f'-ywrtmcat R^..rU-haUnt* far lh. La net Y'ar?An Anti-Shinny I'hitfihitn?Thr .X/wit TleTle.idenfa Mess?ge is in tyi?o, but no copy has teen Issued, except lor the u e of the i're-ddeut hlmseff .. . a l. ..Mill,., a ami n lr innil I * U IfFUftl, ' |?a i?r - . who will continue P. make -ueh additions and amend as n.a> he neres-ary tl'l 'he House I. faiiiy 01 gam i/sd. It Is voluminous, an.l two hours wtU berequired to ttansmlt It by telegraph to Sew tork. This la all that is known about at. What the content- will be. Is a matter of tnete c..nje? lute to all but those employed In its roncoction. . . . The reports of the beads of the department* are In the hands of Ihe I rerlder.l and will only la prlntcl when nidered by O tigress, precautions haie beet, ?ak. n this year to prevent auy unfair advantage being giveu to particular pteeses in the distribution of these ( omm'is.bmer Mason's r?|a.rt of the l atent riffice will pot ai peer till the l*t of January. The atouaUes fcr U are ml yet prepared bu?. I understand, 'he numta-r of patented inventions for the je.r 1866 Including tha piesent month, is esUmate.1 at two thousand?an In etea-a of two hundivi over the numbers of the p-evtous veer. Most of the Inventions offered for the teat twelve months have been stone .awing machines. An advertise r ent having been published holding forth a reward of ten tl.ou.and dollar* for the beet eontri.anee by which two sides of a atone pyramid could l? aawed at the same time, tl.e inventive energies of the country were set to work, and in leva than a month mor. than a hundred sawing u arhlnva were swhinltted U. the 1 s.mmUsioner of I'aten'a. It is cut ions lo witness the alacrity with which *h" me rhat i'-a) genius, s?. chaeac.etlslle of the Ysnkees re ? ponds to the slighte*t call upon lUexerrisc. Not an sccbent Wy sea er land, ran hapiwn, D"'a deficiency eat. be sufgea'ed In any art, but brings a sours, at least, ol ctmlb'ate. for the honors of the i'atent it'll re. The .Senate, to day, did little more than etoet tbe Kev C II. Iran, a Methodist clergyman, from lows a-fhsp lain in place of '? father dialvi." I'oltileal conaidars tiona as usual, derided ti e choice?Mr Ivan ?h "nc r.edvd bi a mslorlty of r ne vote bring an avowed oppo nent of the hebrtteka bill and ol the Know Nnshlags. senator Hr.dhead again gava no ice tnat he -hooH In'.ro d-ce a hill for 'he ongtrnetar a of ihe Psclnc Hallr.-wd tor which there ia no bvtter chance in this than In tpe la?t Cot grace. THE COURT OF CI.AIMS. ONMON IK TUB CAKK Of BOttlKT KO?M?TH, Of Kliff YOKE. T]o f'llnwlnf opinion of U.n onnrt In 'ho ooao of Ko bortK'bar'o, n> dollri rod by Jtr'f. Mackkrrd on lit dot, No*. ?t<:? Iho prU'km if Kotort RnUrU. ot ')? etty ?< *?? York Halo'/ >?? kork. In hi* 0*1 riohi. and a* aUa"U*'rau.r <* Join Qurru. roflpoxfully ahriooth Thai i o?r to'lil.f.or and iho ?aid Join Oil roo wm.llif joint ownrra 'if lh? ? Krporl iron', ahull oa? eapiurod no hoi iot>(. fmui *'? York ti l.miri, in bo jmr IHit. o> ? pnratorr hoarinrt Hpaoioh < in, ml ?Mob m Imiirdiai-j 'hrr.-af.oi rwan'orod n? > ------ 'inior * <Wroo Hrttiah rrnlatr nod earrtod mm Jrnm.' O and -ii. i nl ? Mrt'tab roort of adwtral'y, upon a Biol Mod l"T aalraao ?<i iho fapUw? oar a?,.l lhot Iho f or .ii'loinrd him* r ami por'i of by It. rap'urr on I d< lo..'W I, <d 'hr "Mp. 'ho aal'O.r an<l lOlior Iiprwi oao, ni<-;uoiio i?? in'rroa' H I.'. M lU: 'ho afc raanf i >ptoro war 01 ho*jt on? , in m-tro. and war an Ultra' '0 n of <im ricb'a nf Ihr I nl'o.1 loior a. a n? ,u al nauoo. ati'l "n nUt fo.1 a on?d r lain t' T rHi uOo acauno tin (urrrn mom ohnoo raaoo.1 iho prS an or of* ?a. I oa Tina la a claim-.of.1 Vi bwtr ofala'l ?l'b? 11nlacr franco fnr tho oiiim-ord llloyal -oir.irr In |*0(. "f Ibo >hie fanor mrnl w-ohat ? tho 'hip ikpor float W .? ohatl flrat ojimlno tho fa r on tho Joilt|. not'? cooip'aint that 'ho aolrarr ??? by a ; | art b ?o?f I Tho | p.m4 H'aioa by tho 1? ? artb to ,t 'bo t?a'y "f Itlu al^hpoin roooutod all ovb claia no tho Kt i agatoot .-pain a* tho ^io mm bo'inc in Hon n ni'i l> nora od far b 'bo troa'y o??o aj. ifInted and tho lr o ron "rga.l/rd a' tho oity ,,f Wa.hlrf ? n in J?oa. H.l Tbo ?'atom, nltho pott tl' n, rola'lro to tho aotlon "f aa<d I- ar,l n tho - -a.-n oo aro c n.ldot r? I a. filViai ?? And yoar potltloorf 'i"th?rob'?a that ho nroMuto-t hla 'iaim otr* tho (<mmla?lot.ora appointed nr. .or tho art '1 (-n^ro.. k'areh 8 IT.], to carry lot'. Hfwl t ? 'iraty ot? i?ln o'nr'ndo'l t).o'.''it nf rohmary ]*!? but tk. la o war <11.alrmo.' nn tho jrT'mrol thattbo ptlratrrr waa T'On'1! an m ' (.am h. It barlrf bant an tori tad by 'ho Hrt'lrb t furl if Admiralty wh'-, tl.o ra?ao| war <vmt -n-ol Wo mdor.taad f'"?r tmo larifta*- of U? ifion that >atd dool.Un nf 'ho o?,mmUotoni? ?a? ao *a ?' tho rial an ?fdon i uinn 'bo mortto Tbo ?rly othor 'tooatT a .a thU part n! 'bo taoo t.?f "raty In bo dirt.tod (a obo h" '?r n-.t tbo raid Ax loloin ? f tho hnard ' f a och nf 'ho p?' 1M? a a? alla^oo Iho aotrnro tn I. a or bom by a rooatak. rNtall Wo hor* rrnonty had a laaao't m 1< orldr vary rtinllar to Ibr nao U.O :r'tf or a ad 'ho f- it? olnf ohror ta'i.t. mad* -m tnad vaii a aro a(ptt- ? kl'a 'bio eaao ? Tbr fua! drrtonti nf >bo Va-1 aaa rtbo ' ataa war ron -V-rd t-y a'r ra! prr ?.|'r p-r.idri' r - j ?? . roary f-io a a. ,dt ? n nf h ? letmo, to ak l> ?f1?.?oa too- . r ''.a . a wan aad ?n! aorro "r oaoo lor dor to. r aot frnot oVt dr? <*'Urro ? no armr*. fftroa to aor orar' '/Ik'.u fko f .''(O'tnf 'trharf and. tea 'fiaaa (o-'at * in 'bo tid| i.rt' of any iwhr'a' trt.i,an no .i/li ^r i'.nrdm"ftii To and HTm. ' rd a ado mow ' 11 n f a-ard Vrioa uov nor* now do wiao m?< ? nl l"?? ow? oaat ?aoftortko (?'. -of V.. o*t Mi '4 ?A*aotM? complaint thet ihr wae I / a Prennl. r'-**el. The flrti aiticle i>f iK? (?'M?atii u 1*1 ?)?i 'tw I'uitel >'i am Kt?nr*. Ill ihe 4til pi Jill/, 1H.I1, ti u Iillnfi The French gmern>n?nd I* order u> lloerale lllrl' -ntn plc'elytrcm ad lie rreleutwdeu- prei reed again*! li l> < ten* o' tl ?? I nilrd hiaiee io? nnlawtiil admire*, oeo urea ?e*iue?iiaii*wn> i nottaralitwie, or drelnutlnna nf ihalr ?#?** * caignar , or i U.ei irnjrit.> I/, pat. a mint oflw-n'jr Ore millboia <>l Iri Di li III ilia port Valium* < ,f iha Hulled t4ti'ia?. Who ?bali Ulan ibuie II airman lb'** ntiOtled, |n be iren ? i end aceorrling *o the rulea which iV abalf itciermli a *1 fK?l. at Ijii?, M On tbeTrlh of July an art ol I V??re?ii war para ed to early into effect the Held roieeent.iai wIMi Kreure. The r< mmlaeloiicre pmvid'd fir hj art id mrr ap pointed, and ti e board *a? afterward* muanlred a - tlw act required. The petition contain* the following ?t*:c incut:? Toor petitioner brought nai l claim belorr lh* II?ard ol ? v>m mi'* appointed lo aarrr into all act il.e in-mr ron .u.V I aliii iranra In IbSI, but aaal heard refund .-r.irrt.iii ?*tl claim upon the ground that 'be prlraU*. r making awld-capture aaa a Spmleh aud lua a trench reaael, ? r Ural your pel l<rnnr ?l.r o, li c carlj enili ral if> iml-niiiiili-iiirri frum in m Ihe otbei r.l aani g< earn meet*, had tieeii ? xrloded from tlver pranalou. nruoa by rai-b for Indemnity for Illegal rupture*, by aa allor rale lira al ol jurtadicuon. TLr petition bora ehowa tliat I be laet named Hear.) of C< II ii.terion. rH r*jnct*d iho claim upon the merit*. Tin ground ol the rejection wae, according to tire petition, that tin 00* tiding veaael war ^|.anl<l>. Now the claim bettor rhal hoaid being fir a French apoliatiuu, could not be ruataincl wit hot. t proof that the oifemilug vnaael wae French aud the ilecbion agalnm the cLaim for the want ol thai pi oof w?? a di-claiun on the merit'. There la but one other i|ueetion in Una part of the c.iae which need In- examined and that I*, whether or not the orrteien 1f Un- laal named iloai'l of Coiumi-'ion ere i* a bar to loinurh of the pc Itlon aa the tM rureto hoe bi<en by a French \**>*d twamwr br Ibie qncelten Oiiial be the eanre wltb that given In the for no r part ol thtri opinton tf> the II lueatton p eenni ad. Hie ilerieion agani?t the pelitb t r, nude by the ? t niml?hionete app> tuted under lb* lieaty with k'r iu-e, to whr m he hnd " ted the preaent deinaml to lie ex ? mmd. i? a liar to tbe claim. The board had pxnluaive jur: no ill Ion of Uie ran* under the act ol t'.>iigrw?a, and then- i* mi law Riving an apju'al from the j rigment to any otl er tribunal. It tttae be prnpar to mention that, beiieelug the drcleion* < f ? not two Hoard* of Cnminlaeioo er* on tire ohilm now hefoin u* to I* a very material tail of th? rnae. we applied to Uie Stale lieper'merit tor Inli.niialieii on the eubj. r t. Iho anewer of the Ilepart nmnt ie aa hdlowv ? 1 be r? cord rf lire pro r edinga M <he rvimmlaeiouer* nn.|er the roliwDilr ri wllh Spall, of IHU, baa been ruirnn.e.1, and I1 an pear* dial li.a rUlm ol Jonathan J. like growlug out of the raplui e rl the brig Jane, waa duly nre?eiited to Ihe Hoard ol I'lHnml ekiiier*. and wa* dlaallowad the rlalm ot Hrtiert hol.erle plowing out of li e . apiuie of the ting Kiperlmenl, waa pree* tiled to die aame Itoatd of Couiulaabiaara. aud wa* do*, low ill I be aanir i laim w.u ale- pieaeule-l m l1..Hour.I ol I'omnilaaloiier* *pi*'lnte<l Ui eurr} Into affect the treaty Willi Pranre of tbSI. and li> dial lliaknt wa* alao d laal lowed Idle decirdon* of aaid Hoarila of (.'omnilaalonai ? againat the tl'lin like the judgmeut id a rouit of ooinpeient Ju liadir.lion a-o, aa we have before -hown, a bar to thia |m tition foi the aiui.e druiand. THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT AND THF ?SOUTHERN AlAllJi ' 1 Hh sSpSSa r?n. * toward r.ol.Vi'lVnl'f T , '"T1" ' ?D?-rl?l DMiti?,i.I i ro' *"lU b/??* ami tr, namCdon of,U 1? ,b" iMcbrt id. , i?? |. " 1 ' ' ????' "i?r di |>aitn.i ni bllti?|,? | , n Pa|?r? on fiiw In th* .. < n ?,.1?7 X" lnor**" ^ !tr.f;riivX'T.,?'r*1 ,o ;hu ?-olwrit'ir upon tb# dnlltl oi? """ ih* i*"''-! "f mean. V iIIT , " ,M "f '"T "u>r* Hudlr>? th# M.l.ll, ?#?,.??. iT,'"?", ??n.t ?*U1IW(| an ?>raiwroi^.1 |., tai, I ' 71* ' It:"" f' '* ^sKSwSs^r o?ar th. ?ur..,??n? t#.?, f, ,,, , ' ,r o?i (ltd In H t 4r?,_.I ,) J * l1'' '*?""> ?'? ??tam Tn,,.^ L Por? " "? ?*? dVTiUM T5&* "f "?""?"? ??? Jisr ra? J:^r - -?? -r IT 'r, ll,;(',;,;tl,:i:f? f Nri" ?.r.(,?; ? fallui. of ?Wr *i:"W" .<r;r :^#1 "rr?4 odjb. .wtb,:,n;::;,,:1? i?r; n:f,""X:l,!^'ir.ri,i1i'-:, fit ' arid 'find 2Th*,l """"? ,h* A El' i.Clb.^U.^Un'^'T ;:'rmv'"- ?*. y,r"j ::r *:?, [?r th* month tf i,et/,l?, n, . I dL) ?,r .V p/4t ? ^:ssr *? and ?M|T?!!?? f?",k#""rj* /'h "f V Jlntn?. l,|?|r ?? ?|,ai rmlpi of of II I f.,. I forw.rda.1 ln.',urtlo?. b. A ." ' b. ?'b?dUa l-rtorn .nna of ,ha -rrio, .?d l 'liTLiht "tfTTu o"r""1 ,h" P"iot " " -at x r:z:;;:'Z]',,A""u aad tfttwat opwratton. H ?? fifalar j<r^'7. si'*J Yo?a TtrwlhlU'.^ rdthit""1' "?*'* "M rwhw, ' .. U, l? b, ac*.danVr Sw^aT^ VtV'"" '"*. to tb, k^sK I.I *'w KI.I.AlfEOCrt ITI M ',.tfc<? ??/ thai, I??. h? ! UfVT ''rigadl?f l.anaial I, u- ?,?,r ,rf ,h. I Bl.^, Ab? fcUowtnff la a itinnar, aUUwwwt oft'# ?,,, n?,M for II# appiidiUtion. l#.(qlr#d l.r t|., Ti#a?,rr ?for ifrilrirn,!,. ^ ,fc# T!,^b';h ?*-f1 ,'? ^ 4" -?-/"? 7"* *' f'?>l ?. -hloh aljl'-V.".J*Ti" V ;-.v r--? f ,7j #"?'', , forward r f ,,r*,V" "L '"*rJa^Anlta ^?.a.a'-t#f ??, ? Ml f'fl l k'l ?M Infant,. ,t l. ^?o II ?. .f.. to ?l"(ia<Miia?i?"t.'.M.d.,iw?i,.f ... . t- n? n t ingaM for pr#-#B' B^al >?? 1la i-.' ?iT f' tai ?#t rra a# for r?tl b'. v.,. | I |H ,ri,' Tba BrHUb aallrl aaa*. It b. ,.j a,., , aid ?ara.If ao-trw- In tka M#..#a> r ?^lo.arwia or tub rnimn #r*rr R*ra?r ?, I.BfrAtlOH AT UMO?. f f iii t?,? Vta<>.lny. a Mar lw# t i '*?'<? 3, I MM Ha?*< tnnrf ''rati, n at |/ r>d. n bar r##.^,^,) ?t.|, ... .it.,, ./#. '-II ???? t'f 11 .? r varan an. ., Mr ff...faoao a1 I a I'llrrunamnni tl^.a ... ? w* haar a? .. .. ," taan* f. I Ml At.. ?t. o ,, I ?l^.) (%,,*, *4 #, fi'i' + rti? vhfr|| thtl imltWi'i #?#* .'!*##?' ' ?*kt?r?. ti fK# t r*Uri ?!*?? b dan ar da fa, >,#??,# II# ;mm Mlo. *a^t^i t?. v, pnraaM a ^lpl-.? a> ran?r T>.l? ?.. ?-n ? ill b? ,, ,_ f?r#raJlf f#grH?M t - 1. ?, ? * *? aait.atrf fei Ih# fa*'ha'ar,## .1 <rjt la>..... , , 1 it", r,*: r.: r:>? ? h. 'ran, o Mr ftwhara, la./I ^ dli^'t^-d'thl p.-l-WM .Mfrota., ., .... m. yZ J* ,^7 f I r. hartan will twd Ir., #. n oa.a .4at.| t, . . n.?T h# oa th? apat U. r?,,a?? t.l,,, ?t(NA-Ar rMM Mriiiwr at tnr wmitk r ??. 'ha I a, a lor t ! Tl' Waahlrrt', will t,. Ar r tba f,rw. f A 0. F SWb/.U n ant f vt 1 r,#, f I ? aFrhfttaa.., ? ?aa#d^, . ' .,. . ?" 'Bf,a|.m.?t Hirtag ^ f (T" T?a-? iwl !?? MCftin fr W fttohaa, -a#., ?til ha nala tr- r<ud#r tla fVion ?.,.?h| if tsa ana a art trwfcaWa ??! th# Anat f?. 0 da? a? . |. wffi'V ? ? atii# 7 M.j V"?t lb* p. Watt a, of va a'tna,. ? I tar. J. liar,. W' J '? fa tr> 'f# d#r ? y r?#tf tUfeoriat nt. U >#?a.iad t.? ha -*ol#, -a .,#,. - at 'atIan.. CtawllU'l V ad ,aia oawdldat# Ita t, , (?## , d.^; nadIptafaia*. . > ? . . .. < .. ?r#..*|t, va' tioa, it will norm b# ? ?'n<l ?*?>11* i| "i th* liiru* oflrfrf. but *111 maintain fu |w*M'ton vg?ln#t Ui f -oiMinllil, and at mntrj liaoard. TI1K OKI) ANIMATION OP fill Hon1'!. |I'r mil tIn* \V?- hi guar<j, afc?f, l>*e. 4.) If Oi?> hail not organic* >>-*'?/. ?a tbinb it |i l*U* ii will nut 4.1 *o fir *w *? 'ooonii Omr nplnl ntr th?* it ?il| oonif t > Ibid . tba fraa Miilwr* will gal th? S)w>?l.,r, nail th# Ail. ?rtaa??? bat'wc known by tlie MKnini n, *,f Know Nothing. w? til gal Wr I'sJanrw ?( ib* ? H* ar, It in*/ turn out thai t??l? rang I ?*?.*.???<! Hut ib*r? n.imt ba an arrangwin Mt u tn lh? dlrmlun i t tli* *p d.? bob i? II ?? M m** *.n bp ""V*"4"*1 P?*ia ttaniorrat* limi ihoir ,i.wji?n* r**dy. *? Plu* aal*h conj* nf lli? dripirt* g. but a* think til* * n"* ba j?imltl?d In go anark* " l'*rh*|.a aom* %% ' "? thawi ma/ I?* i?tkiB***t la Ui# 11**uor tu hbow whprn U> ' P*l'*r 1 ki*. kflkln tn Kriimm. PANIC AT ATtBIHON, RANMAK. Hi. ! IK II line. I, 'iwk Arrm nt. fr in K*n.*a mie that an <.Bl**r belaag VRT to the Ifcliltary (iigaairntl n A ft*., ht*pq turn had bw ?? r?|,tiir**l ??. Atcht* n ? villtrn ..,.1. ... p uB,| a),oB b I* purun tn bain down thi* town and taut lar Mr. lAugtilte *\ An I hi niahr population bail m Ui Iwmompl ?? aaAir m*i?r? of Iho I! ,,*#rr or, * ris/m.. V * a* .*1,1 to WmVib t** **?l?taii. *, ami a part/ loft tlunr nl night foi Atcbiaua tu daland tho pla ?. AN ABOLITION TRHAION OP niR K ANHA * PIPKIOOLT* Nr. l/n'ia, line, t, 1IM. 7h* K*n?** frir Stat* p*p*i4 gn* tin following aoonuwA nl 11* <tlfl\cultii.? tn tho Torrttoiy ?A ;eun| man naa**M IKiw, twrntj two yoari ?f *<{* ?hflo at ? bla. ..kauiltb'* ? bi.pwhrr* *r*ra! ' Iw lir ruffian* " had cmigr tofatad. ? a* deliberate!/ all, I hv our* C,ii*m?n Aa att- mpl www n ad. to arroot th* niufdor*!, hut (briugh Un a4?iata?n* nl Ilia ah*t',,r* b? *?*ap*d tu Mi>- >um. A in ftlng of lb* aatl t< n?, b*iil i*n th* a put wh*r* 'ho alfau ? rurtnd, ta ltw)?lr*? Into Hi* riw*, p on OU"CO.! lb* ? t a rc.l.l boodud tanadar, "ii th* p*it of Cnhman, an t fharg. d four suru uarned Hague, Ilurklojr M??'y and Wagu*r with bring arnaa ?orh*. A aarioa if r**oiuuuna ? pa??*d auil a '*? milt** appointed *> Inr.ailgat* > till (arib*i. to MUMrb out Ibc iill< n<tnr? anl to .IoaIm* m*ana tu bring tboaa I* jualic* Mioillt J* n*a Aiia,t*.t Ja.ob lb .? <o, at tvhoiiB b..ur? l>*i? li**it, fm th* pnrpua* nf bATlng him gi*B aa curlty to k*i<p tb* prar*. b t ? ill* pr .w*ding ta La (vimptnn, nruBFi.n ?*? tavuol hp apart} of hi* na%h b?>r?. Jiit>*? rent tn I'awo**. Mlaviuii, l>?r aid, 'trriaiing that th* liowrnor if Mluuu t liul amurod him th* aa rlAtann* of t, ti thnuaaml mro if r*<|iil o*t OfK UtAVRNWORTB CITY lUlir.hM'ONnKNGft. Jaavka*. imi t'rrr,*a Nor. 14, I KM f?oiyfrmr .S'Annn, * in //,i ?n??rtl?l/u AiUrru t* Nt fiduaf?r.'i *at A'.in Af"/.n.r?Hrmatict V (,'?* .Oaat tun .Vr. iklkintn a*d ifr ,s'f*0*,; I.,t. Ilia l'xr*ll*ti(*} arriiml 'n 'ion la*t rroolng, an.1 w** V, Icrrned oitb a aiwich l.jr It. R. llooa, JuttloB af (ha l'*ac? an.I D.rrnbar if tb* l*<giAiatur* fiiir nliannonrwo pnnitr*) Ib a hrn t and ?*r? appropriato upoocb, altar ? blrb lie r?nrod tb? rtiU o the ?">?i' lgn* at tha baa t*l Cor Miaom n la IilAu./ will, aad will ti*hara vwl If tb* law and oritrr pat tjr will .ial} l*t lure aton*. hat tt.i'j ? iwiii tn barr app' pr atnl him but I duo't tbbab that Ihr (ioArrnur ? much id lai.*r "f th* approprtatlaN Tb* foilnwttig call ba* b?*ti ta*uiat In tLi* rtty:? LAV AMI OUhfK TKNhlTORIA I. CUNVKNTIOM. All Mjuattira I,f kioiar (???"ahl* t" liio Diaiataatavaa of law and ordar and tb* piinclpl* of noa n>L*r?aNt4aa, will in*i t at Ui anw r'h Cltjr m ! i'U|, ihr Tth ?d Ba onubrr. lot all turn out ' Marru? J I'arr.t', T'io? T. .4lorura, Mayar, M H Owlaliaf Jaioaa liaita, >*inu?l N latta Jaiima ltod|iatb, t'irua 1* Currtrr, Thi* C i.b/waaaaar, lb, ma* .Abauklau.l l> l*?lgw Aa' mur* th*n on* nut <l/*4 utbta ' Imowi.rm i nt, Nor 17, IWii Th* I nlt*d Mat** Ilia trie t Ooart a>li"uru*d u day tv tl,* ma?? m*?ti'.g. vbtch a??*nit/'*d at II i'rl ?k to a tarjf, atro* at >r* own?iJ b} Airiaa'." t an Vacbtra, aad a'ttr app. Inti' g'b'?ftlo?r? ummitu*?, b tl.r ami ti g nijoiriiid f" '.iiir.rr, at *lii*h thrji ar* ao? bardlg *? ga/i I i.i.t -b*t.i?'iiw?? *!art*.t b> th*l >trra tt**.ia nfkwa a, l*raa|.'m'. nf ti.* C 'lrrnti n A r .i.m.'to* waa ap |h in'rd tu wa t np"ti t ioi *i " h? > < n tinut* hi' appaar an,* I p.ii Iw.i ? In'.- d r*1 h* '*llrri??l a apoaito. tliantli'g ti.-tn t i ?I,.- 1. n?.r at i 'afinl/g I.I pMtuas and | l"i||lng th* I i*a d*nt of th* I nlla*l Mtata< t. tb* tarrd *bn l> I.* sti'libl* fnT*a'|..n tn I t*kan Ii* da iiuuarrd Ui* fr** i >t* r* niiallanar; inur*in*a', tb* alar Hon >f Har.;*r, ?iu'|,r*d?et?f t it c-ig.*?? ? iN pal th* i*ai ?l 11a r*l,r' l,?ti n up. n it Af'*f th* <y Bcla*i' b nf b<* ?|?arh ? *>!?*?? madr fnr Calboua, <b* ? irvajor l.*n< rah and a r *? appalad <d tn wait up>>a l a. and in^V bun tu addra*< tba aintion. Ii* ? n a| |?*'a>!. aiatal that ti,*r* wa* Im {mtant bu*ln*a* I ? * traaoarUd an t it wa* |*up?aa4 ta lAir Ibat ,:l*|*u*., f whan '.* ?o. : . ? idr*.? ih*m to Ibo arming J..,*|. r ,*iringf*;i'iw i r.>4ur~l a ra anl it I trn wl i-.h I tola tuall/ ii.lid out if ?* enaiaatlon *M bu'. pro alaraif mm, l" t a mora . mad# h antra,1 it, an tba' all la* aad m ii.*n rruiaJn, 1} * Mot ar. audmrat tb* ri.r.rani a pr*? . * . a in?,?ura f orataor Hbaeaun ?a!d lb* law* of Ib* tnglafataa* wrr* * t lit In roanuacript, and thai It had at* rd?dt>i# fr** *la'* par*/ "br > p|*>r lanitp ti. f -g* lla* ?l'b ol fwr ad ratulati n a* n ? ? n* Wn?w ?b*t to* >**? war* It* da lit'd tl.* IrgUlaiuri li*.l ap|Rilntw! tli* . fbr?ra to ib* T?rilt"a} for a lam if all r*?ra, bat admi b*? b*d appuli twt mW I ? KM )*ara 7l.?r* w*r* n.any fi?* H'al* ra ar th?i?, hot tb* wa* act ?*r) g aai 1 hi* rr-oiog it .* *ip**l?d I bar* *>11 lw a tin*. Nail *n,*ll I w il .. nd <" i lb* r* olatb na aid adilrwaa, ti ga'brr wtb a cop/ <1 lb* fi#*ltat* n hnt.lotwie. TUB WAR IN Baskab. Jirrao*., tin, lam | IBM lurtb?r d**;atct*a **tiniu '!?* r*|* Ha of ilrti war la Kama* twlb [aril** r*pr***ot*d a* dfii :og ' U*lr fur na*, Uriat ai'fti inant aa d ho prwrall THE rLATT* COVHn (MO ) pirflCCLTT ? ?e?im okohue a. tame. T" JTIt < II />?? r I'iWIIIU A?(? v .TT ? >11.:' * ( turj* I ati. trait f ?trial I r jmw k iA an4 rnrtflrl rrrrpti'-o. I nM n.anx "f uii "ft f'tr U, ha*r Urn?'? 'i?i< 1 a.tli ma ? urmf a ! 't>* HarAaMp iwl I tlfail o- nt mmtlj rat'lrfra' an alib ilf.n wa h?r? tr? | r'|?if k' rum bit >,ur 'tr'Hnlnf x*arr liar t* bun llfl la II aail r?*?r4"1 (loa-l rUatat'm.i kin Urn r|??J in! Ihrlrliij *1 xMrnr tnlH a|>, villi IMi ? >1,4 rUirl.v ml ri|imlii< n.rn'i'r I'rnn (xfi') >nil>* >ri unl flmrm, I '.. Ha iT,a ravalna ',1 I >4 (>?< liir thr trn>trr#rt, l>< ,>??? *xmpnhla* Tnar !?, ? mim th* I.air )>?li| >>,' ?' 4>*r ar, . n>! tlx I/ a nm aia fathara# I i|>? tiiWja an ! thr j i?l > M ? ir: I U a it || I r -'?t> A, !>? "f!> r.f.|f?ri i for a t.'i.a ? it rvn ar'k -n li?. >)-an jjw lirart* ar* i fit t Earn '?B?rll>4 murh in M r~ ''.ft. and in an l.?r 'itivaa >if I mi, tfulj rax ti.ay ar* fxxl ixnf> hurt. h"a I rnl.'r n i frimmu* -that tl>a frrat i.a*r*? ara i la* *1 fling. I'nion Urtinf jx j ? la ?'xi,' -n va III itl'H f< r thr wrllarr f . uf fli", B',i Um ?l'"7 nf th* AirrrIran I aim, hrc'y.aal u.lra pprr/xm ? oa In tin.ra 'f Ira'I (. I/ii(,Ui'um, ;ri t-r ar.brr *? c u ' Ui <if I t "f thr t-r- j.;# art lira nf, a jaa Ma* a?4 right. 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