Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 7, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 7, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. * HOLE KO. 7010. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. WHS F11051 WASHINGTON. IMPORTANT DESPATCHES FROM MR. BUCHANAN. '4'?q( biifaln firing lA^ln Motion <??? Crampt(-B AlFuir. Tit* Ontrnl Am?rinn States Protest Against Binisttr WLcriei's Conduct in Nicaragua. "IHE EATTLE FOR THE SPEAKERSHIP. President Pierce and the Kansas Emeute. '1ft? EtUfflfiitd E\[itixll<u:? of ihe Federal Covet imniit for 1856, .1c.. dto., io. OUR RELATIONS WITil GREAT BRITAIN AND CENTRAL AMERICA. IVVORTANT N?WH FROM MR. UUOfl AN AN?TIIK fllHT Irtll uuVKBNMKST'N t.OUIlK IJ It FIN HI)?PBOTKHT OF Til* 1'b.NTB \L AMKK10AN hTArgS TO UIM3TSH WIICr Ltll'S CONDUCT IN NIC.Vll AU17A, V. TO. ^ WAimiMffiMr, Dec. 6, 1855. It hx ? just been ascertained, beyond the possibility of .cavil, ti a' a despatch h .3 been re jeived fr?m Mr. Buchanan relative to the Cr-mpton diillcul'y, the tenor of whl li Is. thai the British government, In a courteous hut posMve rranuT, decllu.. giving sua 1 explanations as have txo-j uemAiidcl by our government regarding the alleged violation of our reutiality laws by British agents. Tliio tapect of BfTitlis Imposes on our g.ivernuient deli ?cate obligation*, snd will teuulre all its wisrom to extri cate ttrel' from the pro-ent dilemms. 'Jhe government of itao ialrador, Honduras and Costa P.irn 1,s v.i etrongly protested to this government against the recognition by Minister Wheeler of the present Nicaragua government. lie has probably thus acted with the concurrence of our gove nment, and In ao v>crrt?t o? with our unif .rm poltry, whatever may be the o^teotirn. on the part of Ihe Central American States. Ibe g veu.njents first uaioed predict that the present ord-r <>t things in Nicaragna will not long continue, for reasons -dated, snd declare tliemseives resolved to ox foreign adventurers who may Invade their soil f'or revolutionary purposes. UllHTY-KOl ftiH OOSOREM. Flit ST SKSSION. SENATE. WAamwirroN, Dec. 0,1855. TUK KANSAS UtmCTLTIW. 5'r. Utde'a reaolution celling on the President ot the T'mted .-isles to inform the .Senate whether he Ins re ceived any evidence ot such reai-danre to the laws in Rsuaae as to require the interposition of military force in the preservation or restoration of law and order in that T.nit' ry, end If so, to lay the same before the Seuate, was taken up. Mr. lit'vim, (dent.) ol Va., remarked it was unusual to *ake up such calls befote receiving the annual mos aago. which might contain the information desired. Mr turn consented that the te olu'lon should lie over, ?nd moved when the l-'enste adjourn it adjourn tUl Mon day. Mr. lIi'MBi hoped not, as the Ilouae might organize to -day. nr. Clayton, (K.N.) of Del., remarked that such an -sojournment would delay the reception of the message, trhl'.h the country U anxious to see. F'ere-al Fenators urged Mr. Ilale to withdraw his mo t.OD Nr. Haw?In viow of the fact stated by the Senator ?frr m re'awaje (Clayton), of which I was entirely ignorant thai tlf ?? untry is waiting with great anxiety for tho uaecape, I withdraw the motion. (Laughter.) Adjourned. HOUSZ OF REPRESENTATIVES. Wahiiixotox, Dee d,1856. rriK prcAKKitMiip. "Mr. WigggxpY (K. N.) of N. Y., withdrew the name o Hi m href Ma shall a* a cat diilale for Speaker. Tl>e sixteenth trial was then had, with the following remit:? Rich-rd-on 72 Hauls ? Campl-ell 70 tialtU of Alabama 14 fenn Lgtou 0 Valk 8 fuller 20 'Ihurs'on 7 W heeler 10 Messrs. Poryoar, Mace Nichols, Andrew*, OUrer, Ed it oJw n and Carlile receired one rote each. KKVE.- TOOTll V Of It. Campbell 60 Richardson 73 Pouuiigti.n 10 Fuller 21 Wheel*' 11 Bauk?. 14 smith of Alabama 10 Thurston 2 Whitney, Pnryear, Mace, NicboU, OUrer, ZolUokolTor, Walker and Lake?one rote each. Kfiimsk-vni VOTK. Campbell 82 Kichardeon 72 Punilirigton 11 Fuller 21 Wheeler 10 Bank* 18 Hmith 11 Thur?ton 2 Puryear, Mace, Nichols. OUrer, Carlisle, Florence, Zol Uekoffer, Walker, Etherhlge and Marshall?one each. KUierCKWTH vow. Campbell 67 Richardson 71 Pennington 14 Fnl'er 21 Trankr............... 11 Bank* 18 thnith, ThHrston, I'urjear. Mace, OUrer, Nichols. Car li e, Walker, Marshall, Daria of Maryland, Hughston? one each. TWivrnrrn virnt Campbell -18 Richardson 71 reoblugtoii 10 Fuller 21 Wheeler,.,.,,. 12 Banks 21 Poiitb 8 Thurston 3 Ctx 2 Mace, Mchola, Olirer, Walker, Lake, Howard, Darin of Msrjlat.d CUngman, one each. TWRNTI kih>t row. CanpLell 46 Richardson 71 Bar,ka 21 I'enntagtrn 2> Fuller, 21 Wheeler 11 Mmlth 7 Thurstoa 4 NtrhoUoc 2 Oliver. Mace, Walker, Howard Darles, >unn, Aiken, one each Two hundred and t-leren rotes?necessary for a choice, on*- hundred and six. I'pi-n the announcement of the result of the twenty Orst ballot, the House adjourned. The lot rote was as foil-***:? 1. u Mr. It.rrunis-v.?Messrs. Aiken, Allea, Barclay, Baikrdr'e. Hall, Hocoek, llowie, H?yre, Branch, Brooks, Benn-tt, Cadwalder, Oarrnthers. ifatkle, CI logman, Cobb if Pi., < obb of Ala , Cruige, Crawford, Dawdell Kdm-ind *ou, E io>t, English, i-rulkaer, Florence, I uiler o! Me.. G * ce, i.reenwo**d. Hall of Iowa, Harris of Ala,, flsiris of 12., H*tl,rr'., doustoo, Jewett, Jones of teou., Jones tf T'a , Rett I, hldwell, Lite her, I.nmpkin, Marshall fit lit., Maxwell. McMuUio, McQueen, Miller of Ind., Mill #*?., tfelrer of Mo., On, 1'eck, Phalp*, Powell, Quitman, 'itnBli, I.uet, lAndriilge, PaTsge, Fewer*!, Shorter, Smith Of Ituu., . n.ith of Va.. Stephen", Stewart, Talbot, Tay lor, Vail, Warner, Welkins, Well*, Wiasl iff. Wright of Teen. Fo* Ms. Caki-Bku?Messrs. Allison, Banks, Barbour, Bitot*-i*. Lu/lingamc, Ch.iTee, Clark of I'onueuticut, C>1 fax, Coiiiinr, Crombeck, liarnwrll, Darisnf Maseaihuaetts, Ce*n. lr ?itl, I'odd, Dunn, Durfee, Uilorrt, Ha'l of Mas each -tells. Italian, HoUeway, Morton of New York, H*?r* t >n of Ohio. Hoeard. lhn|V< u, King. hna;>p, lister, Nli.'. M.ther, McCarthy. Morgan, M >rreli. Murray, Petit, iahln, . eott, .'he-man. rtl?in?a#, Thorilogtnu. Weltridge, Waldroa, Washburne of Maine, Woodruff, Kat *ey, H"-ml-. 1 it Mb. BanxA?Messrs. Albiigbt, Henry, Birnett, IS vb .o, r.lh i. Pullurton. Gampbei1 of Oui >, Cragin, Dixon, Itutie i lager, (Mdiliagt, K Ulan, MeicNam Mil It,-, Mo't, Tike iU.ln.on, Sap;-, St/cton, Tapptn, Wa*>, Wktaon. F(,K Ma. Fcuxr?Miners. Brad thaw. Br .wn. Camp be cf i'*nr.., Corona, Id A, I/lla, Fitter, Keanett. Kti ght, h untel Millwsr l. Pearce, Pennington Purwey aaov, H- vly, Hirers, Roberta, Sneed, Djd*. Tyson. La* derwood. F< r Mb. Fbudmnv-Kaama. Benson, Bishop (law a, n Ic|?arda, Fuller of I cnn., Haeen, Knox, Norton, P..iker I elton, Pringle, R**>blM. Sage, Stranahao, Traf ? *c. Makrtnan. Washburn** of Wis., Wa>h burns of 111, Wo* dWurth For MB. WiiKWjnt?Meter*. Cullen, Harts of Md.. liar* rle, olMd , Hoffman, Andrew* Oliver Palae, Rieaud, Mp*n.ei, Swi pe, Thur.ioe, Vafk, Whitney, A. K. Mar abali. Ion Mr. nkitb of Ala ? Messrs. Cvmpbell of Kr Car lie's, Cox, Joke. Hartley, Trlppe. Humphray Marshall. Foa Vs. Tu: wbiif?Mtaeis Nichols, l arry, WilHasn*. Foe Mb. Nicwne?Meears. ilalloway and Grew. For Mb Hi.wsuit?Mr. Billlnghurs*. For Mr. Maca?Mr. Dar. Fi.a Mb. Wackxh?Mr. fcustee. Foa Ma. A. Ouvrb?Mr Wheeler. FirMb nsria of Md.-Mr. Walker. Fob Mb. Aims?Mr Pi*-hard*on. Pel Mi . H. Dt x*?Mr. F aowlt*.n. OUR SrECTAL DESPATCH IS. ?.*11' fftvTVkr IK Tin: Hl)0*K? KENATOlt 1IALK 8 KAN fiAK Ui.-'OLUTION?QUARRELS OF TIUS 8UB81DIZBU l'Kti-t?TBK 0AUCC8K8, KTO. Ifiausoron, D?o. 0, i860. Another day slandered in fruitless stlouiplsto eUet a f I (akrr. Ibu gotd teeliog heretofore maui'est begin- to 'assume an ? gl) aspect. ? i" widrut *munff the of the various factions tbn'. they are chafing under thl wocr: situation, and, us 1 intimated, it begin, to engen der hostile end act luionlous f<?Ungg. It is the opinion of leading members in the House that some ne. man will ultimately he taken up before anything can be accom plished. Conferences aro being held to- night, which will n suit like all preceding ones, els:?without effecting any thing. It is the Intention '.to-morrow to rally on Pen nington or Hanks. the resolution offered by Mr. Hale, sailing upon the President for certain Information with re'erence to Kan sas, oieated considerable iiuttering around the White Houag, and by the urgent solicitation ot some of the Pre sident's friends, Hale was Importuned to withdraw his resolution, which he dually consented to do. To-day's .Sentinel is down on the Union like a |'thou said of brick" for its endeavor to eogineer that journal out of the Senate piloting, ahd says some pretty severe things about (ho Cm'on men. The caucus of democratic senators, which was to have cone off this morning in the Senate chamber, fulled for seme cause or otter. The Union men are very rauoh stared, for tboy were on hand bright and early. The Southern Know Nothings, who were in oonierenoe f..r tiro hours this evening, separated without otmlng to ai.y definite deteimlnaUon. Mr. Fuller's friends also bad oonfeicnce. aid unanimously declared to adhere to him throughout to-morrow. THE PBh8U>*NT,8 AND TUB KANSAS TROUBLE THt PBtalDBNT'S ME3BAQK, KTO. Washington, Deo. 6,1855. Tl,e 1 resident received Governor Shannon's despatches today iu regard to the Kanras difficulties, and It has been dote, mined to make all the necessary arrangements to futni b tbo required military assistance so scon as It a shown that milder measures have tailed to secure a faithful execution of the laws. Governor Shurncn is strong in his language, and it is feared has not been as conciliating as prudence would have dictated. The do lay In effecting an organlza'lon In Cmgres* la glv annoying to the President. Hie message is new ready for delivery, having undergone some Iramate ,U1 clG rations ilnce its first completion. Should its de livery be may have to be alieted again and again to keep paro with the intelligence constautly iraching him. In a few days more, aud the whole view ' of the Kansas-Nebraska question may be complete ly changed by turther despatches from the frontier; and J of I SO u 1th the arilvsl of the steamers. Several appUcaUons have been made to Pteddeat Pierce, by members of Ongrevs, f?r copies of hts mes sage '< r the distant press, all <>r which he has positively declined, ssyiog that Judge Nlcb lson himself should nil have a copy. The same rule la observed as regards tbe reports < f .he several -ecteUriea. Ibeic will he uo orgsnisation Ibis week. E. ABBAM.KMKKTS FOR l'ERKBOTINO AN ORGANIZATION OF TUK HOU8E, ETO. Wasuinoton, Pec. 6, 1855. The members of the House are interchanging vie ** to-night, snd endoav.-ting so tn arrange matters, tlia1 an orgsn ration may be -fleeted without further delay, but t i.eii figuring decs not promise them a favorable pros pect. Tbe democrats reaolve to stand firm on their plit form recently adnpU-d in caucus, in the hope of even tually succeeding, seeing that the majority ?rthe House In oppoelllon to them cannot unite. B it some of the latter are e> mforitng themselves wK* the assuranoe that alter ?sverai of their number shall hav. been eompllmen'ed merely with a heavy vote, a. election of Npeaker. wilt easily take place. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Wumimit"*, Dec. 6, IBM. Ineffectual Attempt* to Oroanim Omxgrtu J he A<lmtni*tr<t tUm J'arty only Volar, Ou-1Ke Cbucui Lot Nxght? The Treasury EetinuUes?WhitfleWl Cme?UnUed States Evjoeme Court, <fc., tfc. the country may now look for similar econes at the capital to those which characterised the opeulog of the Thirty first Congress. The Ineffectual balloting* which are now proceedirg from day to day, are not attempts to organize, but to weary out, to exhaust the patience of the members who aie there, like tired brutes, to be whipped into party trace*. Although this state of affairs Is to be regretted, yet It cannot be avoided, and must, thaiefore, be borne with. The administration democrats In the House look on with somewhat the feelings of the Western wife when she beheld a fight between her hue be nd end a bear. It was hurra for one?well done for the other, as she oared little wbleh whipped. The organisa tion is what the a<lministration members do not want. It would be as fatal to them as was the removal of the pillars of the temple to Sampson the Israelite. With the orgsnisation they would be loaded with all the responsl bihty, but without tbe power of self-protection. Enor mities could bo perpetrated tor the purpose of heaping odium and abuse upon the bead of the executive, end his own Mends weuld be properly ehergeable If they held the organisation. It is clear, then, that they are IndWsreot spectators of the scene. The case of Geneial Whitfield is to he ooe of the most Interesting and important presented to the present Con gress?vnrily Important from the results to whtah it will lead, and from the principles it will involve. It seeaea to je conceded that Gove.nor Keeder has not theeojor of a title to a seat on toe floor of Congress. He self without even the forms of law, and a recognition of bis claim- would be revolutionary. ., . .. But ills friends in tbetr attacks on Whitfield give the Governor two tr throe blows for"try one * 'ft/rTrri* j the General They denounce the elect! m of the Tsrri tortal l egislature as the grossest of outrages, and in rto | la lion <* private right and pubBc Uw. And vet this ssrre legb-latere was rv ogoited by Reader M jluly and UHjnllv ?5?cte?l auti acting under the enls*? oblwllms ?*th of f.fflc*, b# t**acd to tlietn hU ocrtirtcnt** t" that tffeo-. He was there among then?was cgnUant ! f everything that oscu.ret-waa the groond super in'en- tog toe organization of tbe ?n<1 Pr?w nounced the menlUs of the Territorial snd l.fvlly elected under the great s-J 'd the Territory. And vet bi< friends would make the world believe that <?ov. H,., del fal-lli-d his eath of office, prostituted the seal ,f the Terittory, and In reck Use disregard of law and Older, recognised tbU unlawful assembly and c unmunl ral. d'to them hi* annual ir.ewage. Put s'.ould Gongresa refuss Whitfield hi- seat and send irim lack to the people, Under what U* election be hvldr Certainly not under any ^ Territory, for the group-1 taken f that the Territorial laws are all null an-l von Un Corgr.M en.c-. a law for thst purpose! Sot without fiiAt railing i portion tf tb? tblitj section . f lie Kvnui kilt, wbtch says the time, manner of holding the s ection shall be pre-cribed by (iinitorlsl) law. This would open u? tbe whole qu?s tu n of the Kss-a-Nebra- ka bill which mi^it l?** to repeal.? Mo. lint should the thirty seeund re e ,l'd end Ccpgre?e should pass an nleettuo lew, the rxe-utive would veto It He recognises ftUlv the aathu ,ir> ol the preeent Territorial laws, end e? I wrote yn? v ester day, will mf roe them. If need be, at the Went of 'be -word. Thus we sho rid have the leiri-lvturesnd the . zeeutlve hisnches of the governrnent brought tsto ciHl ,t?n- fearful coUirion, and aU growing out of an effort to upon Ihe !c*.Uty of U,s Ksn^ el^jU ms Wbleh are proouiins'd legal by Govern.W Heeler hlmwlf lehaving .he ezclurtv- |mw?r under the **ctl' n of the Kansas bill to psss np<m tha fllMMua. end , having beet, so passed opon must be rvgarded by exaen iIt^ ^nt mi concin^HTt . , .. ihe I ruled tales .-upreme iiiurt is la s?wt m. and tha Attorney ? ? -<??' ma-'e ?n ahle a.fumaoi to-dsy in one <t tl.e Califo.'i ia land cases?1 oited HUtes vs. 1 . B. ' n-'ues-ury as'1 mates for the year endinf, "J0, 115. wsr- laid on the darks of Sana tor-yestsrdsy, and rii t nf - h#-<1 v u a copiF of tb# saiiio- Tho 'luflfilwcy , rt t-? t? -fry Urse, failing Httls short of nrosrna L, fiizteen ralltlons of old appropriations remain an ?i s-ude' and the ettlmates for the current expense, of Iheg vrmment amount to abJUt forty flvo mlUima. CORKSBPOVPEVGK OF OTHER JOURNALS. [Ccrreapor, of the Ylcbila Itally Regular 1 Vumfimn. Nor. X\ l4?S. B"V> in to U Cmttd Wot'* Hmnimr from Oatjfbrm i > Tha H< o. I'. Y. Herbert, of California, is hSro. II- na.s that ? x t.orrr nor Koota hu do earthly ebaasa of bat iff elected to tbo Kenata from that Stat*. It I* pr>W.I tl at iLe Ix-gUUtura *til fail lo ?leeUag a rianxt >r alt< (ether. Tbe Know Nothing* ba<a a majority on | >? i> liallot, but the dmjocrato haee a majority of one io the nate thus th?y have tha power of a'annff >ft tba etor lion. Bat ahotiM thejr fo into election, Foote I* ab ,at ttia laat man that eonld aiewnl. If any Know Nothing la ? laat ad, It alii pro?at ly r>* Bnily Payton. [Orrrerpandenee of Uta Richmond DUpeteh.] Waaniaar>*. Ilee. >, IM6. TV Opening tj Omgrrm?Om. Webb, 4r. I or.tered tba IlatI of Rapraaaatatrraa at half pet II ('eh* 1. thla rooming. and took my stand point entd !a tha bar to tha left <f tba Hpeaher's chair. The gal'tel ? a?r? ?. *d?d and many <d tha fair ooOt of IL? a .??> iiv'"' "'?r? there, attired In rich and becoming apoarel, km) x*ektd w't*1 brilliant ornaments. The lobbies of the hell wev*? densely crowded, end within the ber there wee e perfect ?Jbt'b ol members end tlrelr privileged friends. An imaglnnv'vi' niin 1 might have well compered the un dulating drnef1/ ol heeds, feces end shoulders toe tem pest tout ocean, #?d the murmur or voices to its stormy roar. There was an intense cordiality everywhere, but most especially among the canvasser* for I be various offloei of the House. How many of them, alas, will be mortilted, chugilntil and dirappclnted belore the week expires I Who that has the ability lo earn e livelihood in "the even tenor otitis way" would stoop to the buaioess of loltciiiog Votes? General James Watson Webb, of the New York Courier and /?Mquiier, took a position near me. 1 saw him years ago, but did uot know him to-ilay. I remembered a larga head, with dense black hair and whiskers; I aaW before me to day a tall man of Urge and firm frame, high, briad and oiear foiehead, well bared, and peifectly white hair anil wbfrkeis. ills api>e*mnce and expression are le-s revete than formally. lie had the port and presence of a man of strung intellect and marked character. Horace Dieeley came in md took a reporter's desk on the wosterta side of the House. I do not like to take libtrtlra, but I believe it will be pardoned to the extent tbai 1 shall pi astute to go in speaking of a notorious public m>n. But Mr. (iteeley is uot handsome. Indeed, I must go further?1 e is a very homely man?and what la still worm, he does not scum to cam for it, and is even slothful, l'ale to very whiteuess, with blunt, country boy features, a snubblnosi indicating the frequent need of a 'kerchief, having a clumsy, foot clsgging, tottering wa.k aiuiosl itkei eciepltudo, a etc oping ligure, and, in deed, a t</:t roseavMr that stems to iudliutie that he will ti rego the inspect of mankind for sake of the advantages in tiade. Ueneral Bayly, of Accomac. looks thin aud feeble. Years have uot made him yo old us be seen)*. Sis con stitute n is manifestly frail, and lias neon oeierel? tried. He was uot iu the hail at the opeuirg. and his en'.rauce t Veiled a geteial murmur. He is, indee I, respected by every one as a just and honorable nwu, and his protract ed nee. which was uot improbable a sli jrt timesince, would have la-en seriously legu-itod by all. [Corttspoudencu oi ibe Journal of Commerce 1 WAUilisiirov, Dec. 4, 1856. Th. Aiiruiu Troubles. The (ioverunr ol Kansas n ay exeit his po ?er discreet ly, or under parly indnencea, but the conduct of tbe matter w'll require g-cat pmrieuce on his part. Th" I uitirt Mvtre Martha! may be tllrec'.ed to suinoion a yiotf o rni/<uuj to suppn-ss ailtge<i violence, and it was dtcidrd in the Boston cos* thai he may call, ai a part of tbepeeee, mon a'gaulxtd troops, either Ma'C or federal. In * his case he may summon the whole army of --b inter tullisns," mi called, aud the oooeeqaenae would he the desiruotiin of the tiwns aud ke'.tlemen'H by Are. and the eiiullui ol their hha -Hauls. The occasion in ly lie mired o|s?u hy tbe pro slavery party to expel frvm the lenitoiy all the f<ee Ma ? voters, or to hum vheir h tutes aud (estroy their property. The incidents of tile Mor mon war will he itiuumbeied, and this contest will he t veil mure hitter than that. The bonier war between tbe slave and liee States, so long prodicled, may be n-uv comna nced in .; and if ?o, the whole country will take | art in it, directly or lodlrectly. Their sympathies, if no*, their einot. will lie soon engaged in If. I noticed last night that th' anticipate 1 lighting in Kansas gave grrat impulse and great veil to the meui tiers sue, ti lends of the black republican and free noil parly, and encouraged them to carry out a project for the foimstlnn if au extensive Northern anti slavery taction in Congress?and either to defeat the election of a Speaker entirely or to elect an exoiusive fusion can II daie. rht* they hope to do on Wednesday: and If thay succeed, their intention is to use the power id the same con tihalh.ii fur the election of Clerk, Printer, Ac. lOoriespondenoe oi the Trlbui e.j Ws.-nim;, December f>, IS85. 77.r Si rab thif ?The H ao .-voligor.-, die., ih. The auti-Nehinska on nibers will hold no c-mlorenre V night and consequently there will be no Speuier elac'e'i io niotcew. Yi ii will proh..ldy receive a report of a fusion of hicbaidsna aim Mamlioll'a friends for the pur js it- of castiig their uuiiisi vole < n Poller of IVnnsVlvs ais?h story which L- alioat here; but 1 do uot on- lit tt. Fuller Is uudersluod to have answered some que?tl >o* put to him by ?be Missouri delegation respecting slavery in Kansas, in audi u manner as to have secured their got d will, I believe to-night's tumor lies no fur-h-r basis thau tliis. Humphrey Marshall prevented his supporters from going for Fuller yesndny. Humphiey say < he tin-1 no Atue. ic?n party bete?that "tt is all nigger." H? ant his ft lends would probably support Kichaidson, it'thst wonhl sreure tbe election of that eminent dough (i.e. Mr. Banks, with all the uleuda he could carry, voiod to day for Campbell, and a pait ol i'ennlngtou's friends followed anil. I do not think it poe-ible to carry < ?mp beU'a Vote above a hundred In nuy comiageacy I ss darslend that the nest rally of tbe anti-Nebras ka membeta will be made on Nathaniel I* Ranks. The denocra'ic members of ibe C. if. Sena'e will hold a caucua to morrow lo ariaoge their standing timmlitees. Six oM hue whiga, Full, Jones, Dryer Benjamin i'rstt nnd I'earce, met last night an! decided to stand adds him all early orgsnixa'ions. Their names were handed over to the democratic members lor diacreUinxry dlstri hiith u on the -emits CVminitleer. It Is a nice p->ln? no* to decide who constitute tlie recognised nppoeWou la order to refer to it fur the seleetl-in of the mlonrfty icrm bets of the committees in accordance with tim- homirtd custom. Mr. fuller, In reply to tbequestlvnings of certvin mem bers, declares Mmasif unequivocally in favor of admiMtag Kaunas into the Colon with or without slavery, pr vilrd she baa sufficient popolati- n an J other o institutional re quisites. This dec'aration has produced considerable ex citement, particularly among the republican member <. It is of course quite nncertaiu bow this will affect his prospects for the Ppeatersliip. The Pennsylvania dele gates had a conference this evening and resolved tooling o Fuller. The Southern Know Nothings are hoc log a aliens this cveuing, tbe result of which hav nit trans piled. COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION. BffCKKTAKY or TBI TREASURY'd RKPORT. lhe ftdlcwirg table, howlngthe numls-r and rht of vessel* built, and the tonnage thereof, In the several States end Til I Mm lee - f rhe 1'oited Mate-, from 1816 to 1866 Inclusive, Is taken from the report;? T-nar. iijuw or vijsrria. tomvai.x. >.Mk' 8 3 .. 2 3 1 .. 9 2 2 3 it T r 7 8 3 9 3 .. 20 13 22 2 13 2 12 8 1 .. 18 '7 4 Maine WJ 107 68 2 0 390 216 WN 7.1 New Hampshire. S 2 1 .... 11 1,938 24 Vermont Meaaebunett*... Ithult Inland... <? nneellrut New Yark New Jeraey Penury tvama... I ela rare Maryland 14 1 l*t. ot <V4 Virginia 3 North Carolina, smth Carolina. .. Ceorgia Hoika Ala sana Ml.rm.ipi.i i.i<ui?hiba rrLnrmtcf Minnourl Kentucky Illinola W lMonrin...... i/bio Indiana Mlchlgaa True. California ifregnn, Tola) Ml 138 01# 0?0 243 2024 M3.4M.04 C08T OF OOVERNMBNT. TR?ABCHY KMTIX ATM OP APPhOPHATfOWB. Taunt it I?r?Airr*?M, No*. 17, IMS. Sin? Agreeably lo the Joint reflation of Congreaa of ti e 7th January, 1140, 1 liar* th* honor to transmit for tl.a inf. rtn*M' u of the Qovae of Repr#**nl?tlraa, printel e?tlir ate* of the appropriation propoeed to b* roada lor u* Ureal yaa* ending June 30, 1867. aa follow*, *1* C 1*41 llat, foreign intercom**, and mleeel laneona, Inelndtng expense* of collect Ing tb* rrrennr from aaie* of public la I dr, nobUc building*, nod aipeane* of eonrW 811,Ml,346 96 To aupply deflciroeie* in the re raiiur* of the Poet Ofllca De partment 2,2*0, 000 00 ken. Ion. 1,461.947 17 Irolltn Depaitrr.ent 1,602,476 49 A>my proper, he, including 91,400,000 for mlnealDneou* rl.tecr* 12.123 248 57 miliary academy 173,894 00 Unification*, ordnanea, he.... 2,730,319 00 Naral eaiabllahmant 12,116/66 37 Staam mail narrioe 1,408 *60 00 19,114,786 46 To the eatlrnaiea are .added atatementa ?hewing? 1. The appropriation* f r the ftaeal year ending June 30, 1*67, mala by former act* ot O ugreae, of a (permanent and indefinite rbameter, aa follow*, el* :? Mi*ce.lana> u*. inclodlr.g expen.e* ? ( rollaet Ing rerenne from cuatom*. .94,499,910 14 C.-tn pen nation to the Poet '?#.* I apartment for mall nwretce*. 700,000 00 Aiming and tqnlpetng the ml llu?7 200 WO 00 f Initiation of Indian* 10.000 >0 Inter art on th# pubMa debt..,,, 2 230.000 '?

7,039 910 14 2. The nlatlrg appropriation* not r#-|itlr?d h>r th* rerrlr# of the praeent Bacal ye*r, and ehieh *a; he applied to th* nereio* <4 th* rear ending /one 30, 11947, aa M Iowa, til. >? OrII flat, f. rrign Intareowr**, and mt?atlan*>t?* .96 923 724 42 Interior Department, (Pension* and Indian) UW 400 71 91ar Iwpartmett,.,.*,4?fi Ofln 00 Nary I apartment.. 3 609,092 11 10 1 I 90O4'.d'?t?l U ain't added to the ar'tma a* t * a'-.-jeaJ y 3 several appropriation* which ma/ be carried to t'i? *ur plus tunil, amounting to 10X2,279 33. Acoouioenying the estimate* Uere are auadr, p ^un furnished by the several departments, oontaunnf ? spU naticna in rcgnrd to them. 1 am, ret j ropectfuUy, your obedient Mimat, J AMiri 01' illltu; Secretary of the Treasury. To tin.' Hon. Kjuubi of the Ilouae of HepreMaUttvae. THREATENED HOSTILITIES IN KANSAS, [From tbe Wa>hingti>n Union, Deo. 0 ) Rumor* have passed into oiruulation to tbe elfeet Mu*t tbo President ha* authorised the employment of the tro<)? of tbe United state* in the Territory of Kanaaa, to aid tbe local authorities in the exee ilion of the la **. No huoIi authority ha* boon given. In order to show ex nctly what has transpired, we hare btaine<l peruiUsi u to publiali tint following despatches:? WaerroHT, Mo , Dec. I, 1*06 I desire authority to rail on Uie United Hta'n* focoo* at l<ea renwortb to preserve ibe |>eace of tbte Territory, to protect he 8hertl! o( Douglas county, and enable htm to erectile the egal prorws* In hi, hand*, if the la?aare notexaculrd ciril war t* {Heritable An artned loroe of one thousand men. wl'h ail the Implements of war, it U tall, are at Lawrence. They bare rcscurtl a prisoner from the Short IT, burnt bonnes, and Ibieatenad the lire* of rl i. rna Immedlsta assistance Is de eired. Thl? ia the only mean* to lave blouddied. Particular# by mail. WILdDN hllANNuN, To hi* Excellency Knaeaua 1'ixncz. _ ^ W.iaiiiauTOM, Deo. 3. ISM Tour despatch ia received. AU the power seated In tire Executive will be exerted to pre#*r?o order and enforce the law*. Oh the r?o? Ipt of vcur letter tbe preliminary measures necessary to be taken belnre calling out hoop* wlU be prmnpt ly txevnad, and you will Uwn be ful>r advised. KKaNKLIN riKKOR. To Wuaoit Bnasaua, (loveruor of the Territory ol Kansas, It 1* to be observed that tbe pro-ent isthetlrat oocaai >n on which tbo interposition ol the President ha* been In voked In roicrtuce to any difficulty niiaing under tin- law for the orgsnUatton ol the Territories ol Nebra-ka and Kansas. In lact, there lieu been great misapptchmixiou to the publio mind a* to the powers of th' executive in loin relation, lhose power* are ati lolty defined by law, and rery^ limited. I nder -.he constitution. it ie true. Ibe i'reeidaut I* to lake care lhat the Una he faithfully executed; but hi* authority on the auhjwc is to he c >n stiueil in ettbordiiiatlon to the provision of the constitu tion which declares that Cougtes* shall hare p iwer to provide for calling forth the iniutia to execute the lew* if the Anion, supples* uisurrectioua. and re|>?l inva sion*. Accordingly. Corgi?r?* ha* enacted law* appli cable in tenn* to tiie contingency of In direction In any h'ta'e agoiust tLe governuieu. thereof. The pi sent carc is one ol rest-lam. e to the Usrs of the Territory, tint ul Kama*, to which the same rule of action ap pUe?, bowevei, it* In the *a?w of a Slat* in consideration that by the aol of Congress orgenizli g this Te'rltory, a* well a* i* providisl that the c inalttuti >n, and all law* of the Unite I Mate* which are not locally Inappllcal le, shall have the ann * foire and e'Tect within tbe said Territory of Kaiun. as rl*cwb*re wi .bln the t nl lid Kates wi'h the exception of a single clause or aa net not nnforial to the queetiun. Assumii g thD, tlu-n. ibe statu!# pros).ion of rhe act of ITDfr lr, that in case of ioenrrec Ion in any fit* e or Territory, It shell be law ful for the I'rosh.eiil of the United Kate*, on appti' tthm of tl>* la-gtslu'tire thereof. or of t e exec itive wh?u the 1-egisUWtt - csonot ba conveoed, to cell forth such num ber uf the militia of any other t*l*t i or Sta'er a* miy be applh d for or aa he may judge sufficient to repress such lorurt cctioii Ity a *ub-e-(Uefit not?that ol 18\17?It is piovi ed that in ail on es of insurrection or obstruction to the law* of any Htate or Territory where it i* lawful f xr Hit- president to call forth the militia fur the pur|N>.-e it suppiessng auch luaurrettfou, or of eunng the law* to be duly exe.titod, It shall l>a law ful fi r hltn to tiupluy for the same tiurp-iMM such part of tl t. Iuim! or naval foioo of the Uu I d -talc, as diall be j rigid oecnsaaiy. Usviog lirsl otscrvsd all th p:e eqidtc* of th* law in th?t rrsp'ci. Among the pre i<?jol.lie-here reierre-i to III* uuourslood 1? Ui? issue of a p. ? i l?u ati-Mi comuanding the inturgen * dis |?re? ul. I ietiie |<oeceably to tbrir respective ab'le* wo!.to a tuiitrd time The pwcla,uatl mi mill undoubt edly pre- id* the actual ties ot the udlilari f >rco, but not bOcatwiaiily h?- loeasutc* re ,ul |'e to prepste an I a?vm b!o It lu t.idrr to eiifnrc e obet'lonie to 'he pr-- l?,ii? i in it Is further to b? obser>*<l thvt the pre set, I- so far as the fret* vppear, I* resistance n>t to any I'. ? of tbo United Hta'*-, but to a law id tic Territory ml th? po - * <d ibe i'l'-aident Is grea'er in thefirun* h?u in tbt latter caie; for if obiiiuaUm to an act ot llngrri sen- Icioliei ibe marshal of the Territ-,'r mij'it sum months yow'vwni i'v tr> rid hl'.i in maintaining his wuthiiily?thai Is, 'ha tntlr* t?<puUtli n ol t'.- errl o ry. Dot I fie. the law .o *? exscou-i being ou.- .-f th* le i iiory, and ihc a.inlsiai ial offictr the sherlfl of s uua ly ooildog ?egsnlli.g it cao be don* by the I're Ident uatil his luiei position be invoked fur the emergen y of Ineuriecthin and at the r*ll either ol t' e Ie-gi-!-iture or tba tfoieriwir of tbe lariiviry In the former oats the iTtoideci might give direct! in. but in the latter he mmL [Toriespobdenoe of Muaritine (Iowa) Journal.) At the rtvcral picrine** along th<- Mi-aou I Htar, to wit ttyobdot Miaston. twlaaarc, leaveneorth Kicxa ; no, aoii at Atrhisna?there weraaoni* 2.0M ttiss lU'lsas sbp-ared. |a-., Iirli dollar, and by j>olgei anwefw id hy inst inttmuus left stature for this low and pitiful object weir ailowml to rote. They also went out into th* Terri tory at other polls and voted. At bough they were With reTdvera and horse pistol*, bosie keiiea, Ar ?bry tor k care not to go to lawrence, whe e the free t*t#t< jaitr, 400 In number, was armed wfrli .sharp's life* be rang recslverl 100 tnotc ju*l the day bsf re fiom the Marsachusett* Aid yociaty. and rovolvere, well dri led and crysniaed. wero waiting patiently to reciIve them, and vhsnthey board that they wore coming, the law retorlle* svnt up a shout of Joy, but thoy were doornail U> disappointment, a* tb<>-e drunken coward* passed around lawreneo and went to l>eeompton, and then- find ipg nose to oppose voted. THE BELLIOEMNT FOKCM IK THE FIELD. rtr. leit'ut, I'O' #, IViS. The latest aeecunt* from Kansas represent the' 400 men, armed with Sbarp'e liCee, were assembled at latw ri nc* Tlsy declared that tbey wore willing tbe Sheriff should peaceably search tbe ?sea pod pri-oaer-, and that tbey would not c mmence hostilities, but would act on tbe ilofrwalvo to the laat. Fotnoroy, who esc sped from hie raptors, U now at Iawrsace. It I* aaid th# pro slavery party have 3(0 men in Frank tin. and 200 In lacoccptou and IWuglaa. If resbrtanr? Ls offered 19 the execution of the write, the Hhwilff declare* hie intention to await the further orders of the Ooverwor. it U thought a fight will ensue before th* matter I* settled. CMjr PtIHM. Borr HIIKI.L UIMltL COMXITTBI. The (Old Men*') Butt Khali freneral C rtnmlt'ee run' U?t o'fht lo tt.c Coal H'U, Timattf Had. Robert Krili; preeident la the chair, in4 ? eeara Chan tailor end Bene diet acting ax ancretarfeo. There we* a large attendance, it bring underrtnod that a number of Important pmpo ' itlooa ware to come up f?r action, among other- on* to a bo l?h tb# yotirg man'* oommitta# a* bring of no u*e, and to Inrreae* to# old men'# c mml'.tee from thra# to tttrr mrnibereff id each waul' and another to fit the tiro* ; r b'hung the primary election# to chooae member* to ?Ua General Ccmmlttea. but though Uc?e mat'era wera dUeumad at great length no defoite action ear bad The Hnanea f ommittea m?de a report, nhicli we* ear. i ratty r|?tura*d ard aeyeral of the I'err a were c rrr hauled. The , etuelnder of the ircolng waa apent br the member# la making ? prrchee. The nommittae finally adjourned to meet agam in two weeka. wl en the tlma for hob.lag the primary eleetlona ?lit be designated RLK< TJON or A ATK TO Tilt: RNOW MOTUlKO RATIONAL COHVKNTI0N. Joaeph H tha nnaueea?ful American cut Hlata for f-herKT. ha a been eelanlad by tb# Americana of tb# H.trd Cong regional diet let aoaepooed nf tha Pirat. He ci ad Third, fifth and Klghth wtrd* to r#pre.eti> tliem In tbr Know Nothing National ('earaaUuD. which I* call ? d to meet omlbeEid of February neat. A. V. t'ohen, of 'be hlgb'h ward, and Mmj. i Weymouth, of the Hr*t ward, ara Lbe altar nataa. A ?aerie a ri Pri* lamatlon. TO TBR RMTOR bp TRg HKRAt.D. Aa the proe aw niton of the I meUwil of the Natl ma I Council. piibiUhad in your paper, and la the pa *f g?na tally, ia utrerrrly taaccoreta In ina'erlal point* 1 Bern nltb tr?i)* an " ? IBeiat copy, which I tru*t you a ill pibileb ku'ira faithfully. iM* I> I'MHI.Mt. 4 Cor ear N. C. V. * N. A. New B. unewiek, M. J , IWc. 4, 1*64. TO TRR AMERICAN (RMR IN THK CNITRD PTATM. N*ytu?*i AmmiCAK tor ant, V. ia> mm ram a. I Qyrtm.-rrn. Kr., Nor. mi IMA / Be it known that at toe annual meeting of the <ta tionaJ t ouijcIJ la June, IMA, u.e following ree?.atioa waa a?'?tite<i >? riiwdtnl, That a convention, for the purpose of nnrnl r.atlng eam.idaiaa for tha I'reatdeoey ami Vlee I re -t icn-y be b?:d in ITillnlalphla re the 'lb\ of February, lf-4 to be c mpr?r<! of rlalegataa rlacUd by tha ?u crdmat* rot ncil*. Oi.a la ea ih (--ogre-... oal diet/lei and tw ? by '???It Ktata c uueil, aa Vat'itdal ?'? legate < at large In corar-jueuee rf tha eaiatance of ltd* rutr-latea and to girt I* full eflaet I hereby pr< claim and Brake I' known hat. alibi ut delay, the cartel!* of the '?rder Iri ? mh 'or gT*n*l oal dUtrlet Ir. aach :*????, and that ea*h -tale ' e. rum tl ?. ati prreeed tr elect delegate* tr. represent t? -oi I in raid i all- nal enneention apt- mtad by ?atd r-e-iu ' ' rn ar ' -*e. ,ea ful . a " ? n met"'.?1 that for each < - ?g-a** oal and 'ml* -leg-'e 'w Otrmatee be at <L? *aioa tlo.? ri. ?*n -r *v h He triad aid Htata conn rll. & II III itll f, Pre* 'en* National 'ec nril I A S A TO Tnr AWTKICAN ft ' KB or TNI fNtTMt UTATM. lb a-cotCaace wit ea a of article 1 ?>' tb* oon*H lull'a of'be NaU'b. end! of Vbe I'al'ed Ha tea of N'or'h An erica antbondng the I'rwtteB' tr tail a *p? etal meeting open tha written r? ( taet of '.?? ?Me/a'ee reprrae-.?ii| Aye Wih O-uacfl* ' the pe ?:*tone of *ald ??u'ira bat tag been o> n.plla 1 wl b, by '-he au'borlry ef ??ld eenetMutlon, n?*l-e ,* h*reby gteeo ft t'.* *era al -'at* < out alia end to the da egate* bt the Nath nal '" ia ? II, 'hat there wfll bo a aaai Ul awetiag nt ?aid C*e,n ( to be b-'den la I hlUrMpMe -e R -ndrr the ]<t!i day of P?ber;a?y neat foe the trta?' i"r. of au-b kidwu a< may be trnught before g. y H ttAPTI.' TT I'reeMawt Nation OiaaRI. C ft v A A wr ?naa art!??-! In t^.loag" a day* w'th the drad b*Ay of bar kattard ehleb *b* w** UAIng Bart bt burl* 1 Ob the route aha Mi le eitb a y uag man. Bad on the nrrfeal of the ear* at 'Tll-tagr they e?ut ow I. |*'!er. I?e-!ig ?h* deed body ?? ?>*? wNe a I* it; ?l?*.i at U?' oe-'tvaft. ARRIVAL OF THB 8T. LOUIS Tho America's Kails from Boston. Serious Accident to the Allied Forces at Inkcrmann. Several Officers end Men tilled and Wounded. GENERAL MOUHAVIEFF SAiO TO BE INSANE. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE IN PARIS. Lirfe Feed Supply for the Irujf led, Ac., Ac., The; United Stale. marl ateamahip Hi. I/iai*, Captain Wottou, arrlri-d ?t UrL. port yeeterday from Ilii r, with the turapean nialU la the Tint ult. Hie Cunard mail ..eainalilp America, Captain rihauaon, aim arrtred yeeterdaj at il<uit?n, with the mail. lo the '24th alt. Tli? .ubnUluUon uf the America far the regu Urly adeertbed rrteamer Africa. hi arrounted fur by the feet that the Utter, wliirh arrived n' IJverpM.I >m the 18ih ultimo, would hive to go into dark (or eaamiaatioQ, iu cocaetjuenre ul .triking en ? beak on the night uf the 17th, dining e fog De?r Holyhead. We haee recilnd ell our pa|>er? end letter, by both fttr.morr, but thone bra- ght by tbe Ainerios ceine too late 'art night by the N> w Haven train 10 enable u? to g r* much < f her new. thle in .ruing. '>u* telegraphic eutn iDftiy frum likiltftX. however, einbra'*ed ell the point*. Ibe Royal nieil *te?in.hlp A'rlo* front New York to l.lycrp. (1 arilicd out un tbe 18th oil Tie Americ.u .hip America, which wm wrecked on febrile point I'll the 17th <?< t her, baa been roll by tbe underwrite*" .nl the ve.ael bur !wn got ofT ih. rock by tbe |?ie< u* wl... purclieeul ti. r. I'e.petcbe*received by the F.ngll<.h end F.rn b g.vcrn ?l.nta tnnoi.nre e aer .oui ncnident to hare occur rvi near Ink cnu.nn by tie hi .wing up of a portion of the F.en.-h park of artillerv r.u.lig the death, of thirty of the Frruch troop", including two ofllcera, end one liundr.-1 wounded lucb dlng ten "(licet On the |ieit ? f ili? Kng* lleh tin*ie .? lulled lioputy Aaai.te it llomini ...y Yellnn, arid T.'t7 officer. en l men wounded. The French drapetrb rlatra tliet tbiei inaranu". eapb dd ron'nir. lng ilhgetbei BO,W1 kilogramme, of poader, ft00,000 cartridge. .'00 charged .hell* end other prijectlle. A t?ligraphic deapatcb from Mr F. I.ynn. announce, tbat or. the l b end ink (net., a Until a under the com meld of Captain ('.borne de.iri yed au vnormou. <,uaull ty of g*?jn ar d lo age of tin. yeei'. li? .>-1. which w.? pa ed in ei\ tier* a etleudl.g two utile.! al ng 'In ciii t near <hil U'tr.'.n, ready to be com'yrd to ti. ? atn > in tie Crimea mid the 'hi. a?u<. Tli? Ihraliile ifu'w announ tluit t h.* di> tni.'.n friuct Me* .k if a. e,. th. itaff and rf tbe I. .1 l.a . n. Ad lerbutg a- liir au. InUdligei ce Iron ?r- ? e'?i*. .at Oen M 'nratrl.'IT, ore owet* hi. deleft before Kara, h.* been pronounced Irr* ? udUtneial llobu Iu 1 beeu ?trni? oned from Tlfl1 .n?ume the command. A '.tell tr tu IVrlln .tatci the' en the pth ol'lmn, by oriiei of the f'.nperor ef Uu.ole, nl. IVlcr burg .a. . e c'ared to lie no U nger in a > tat. of .lege The* of the*, city b?v? therefore, t r . ret ten. ox'eut b"e? re llevod by the wi Inlmwni of th.- al'l-d l'.ea'? frour the Baltic. Ibe BaedUh t e ertnn'-nl Ua. contracted a lo,n |.?r three i|tiarierH of a unlliun ater'ing wlrh the liouil <1 Heine, of Iterhn. ft wu rumrrrd that Ibe /? en<*h yurrrmic' w.?- n goliatlng, in conuiion with Au i>U f j- Joint reprewtn Hon. to other gove/nmen'. la reference to poirile.l te fegrea. TI e Jimrral if X. /'.to/or. j contain, a e .Uflctl m that ir. cnaeifurnoe if ti.? innrtBeieoey of the bar???b? of tbl. yi .r the t rope or ?'a gi i 1, oa the I^'fi of <>e o:>er, to order theenrlre p. oh'bltleti of eipn, t fr< ui the klo? dim. of l'i land of all kind, if brradatuR*. with the a.rep tli n i f wbe.t, the e*,.> tatu.n of which I. .till |e*nnltted at all the cu.tiurr houaa. of I'o and A terriflc 8re broke rut In I'arl. on the erenlnj ? f the lHth ultimo in one of tbe w;ireh'*u.a*> of the Manoten tir o, on the (yual de litl'y, lu a Urg* .antity of grain and flour for the aupply of the Fr neh army I. con*t.'.nt)y kept Tlie whole of the Voiding w*> eon* aomed, but the owni n?d f. - bat ag the army bread and the a< joining ?torehuu>ea were pnwerved Tlia .(uantlty of corn de.troyed la e.timated at M.OOD <jn rr tale, and it i. belle.ed an r<|tial ijoaritity ot flour and biaeiiif waa conaumed. There we.f many rmnoj. %?* ,at a. to tbe enure ot trie fire. Our Paris CnrrnpoiiilrtKr, PtM Nov &), lIVIo Th' Rmptror't .1f*nh at 'Kr t Iming if llu I rhtlnlvm- I'm I'nlUi'iil .'ti/jniJIian ?- V" P'/ oertf /?'> tfion if <1 r na i?y Aimirt At?Prinrr Appelant T*' KaMMNotl Bml'L itijj Aftrr lit VU*>??KsUntvr I'anfn'jr.Uvm 'it St in u hntum MilUotrr?i.allnnl (Murt y a {ton*linn ? TV Jftlct if fambridgr at 'ke /mj--ria> Court, th. the. Yon will not Iks mi p. lad to baer tost dace tbn grand aerrnnoy of tha dl?tr hu'l rt of the n ??)?!? or tl.a 1Mb, of abirh I ragrtt lbs ifma alloand n< adra tlad vf irttdng >00 an ioij-arfrct an arrunt, the roljrct that ban lass moat dlnrunrad hen lion the fCotpemr n * j rerh Vo efinar bad that raat throig departed, and lb' ipwct bran j.U rar/ad ?? nauat on 'ha wall* ot tha pubbr boll ling- an I principal Ihnn ugh'arra than tha gnnatlon aross bars, lhara, an/ arar/ahara wha' doaa It tnran Tha Mimitrui ha?t latau * lb*'. j io*oni / to placa tolbfe tba ayaa of tl,a pnhlla tha recap' ?? whi< H Owier hlrg of Baa-taa, b <1 (torn to <>eeeral t'oaritott, tba Kmperur'i en to< ad >r aitraoidlnary an t ao fat tha intlaaatloa contain*-! In tba npa*--* 11 at the *nt?hg.>h mrnt nt p< ana, or tba tlg.rrua pr aaentl >? of Un ?ar, .iejaiidr.l upt.n turopa, might I art a '-ruin rrfi rap.-, to what *aa going trn In lbs neirlibo'hood of tha Hai'k, but It traa nulla lji.po?-tbin to mistake tin- larger bald of obaartalion vhirh thW fa-/ un discourse ami. i. r4. If at all aaaaU all othria fail*-! to "aid It, tbara wars pro partle* ?b'< vara not U t a m r> an' dnwlrnd, at. I thaa* vara tha ? tcilrena of A intrla and l ra>ats ?h-> in greet eoi?i?r. wet a at that time la *ha prr. rum f tha moatr i .f tranoO?Iba arrb'ptrll of tb? W?'aro alllao'r It ? at |p|aataal> obaeital that tl.ey a mmuai'tl* t vttb ?nrb < I'.er abfle tbe ? ??<? ?ere (b'ilig from t|.? ' Ma pnlr. n and tha inomant tha grand'ara >,.oij as, ? -tight to a eeoeIi>?lo?^lt togas t< to brlto! abroad that tba ' oauar bad taken 1 b? aitim at a pa'p?M> blat to ?at th'lr Laiia In or !ar ' I n.oet add at the asms time that many aptl* of ')*a ? n pa-or ? personal p *p?. aiit> vara 4t*p?f"t to take orr-Vnge at tha tow of superiority that m l!>< masalna ha appeared to at ?k . Why It wea raat, ?bos) ha dare t* U'k at Ux-og in ' I ffaranra to tba p> It - j wan ?l n?a to lot t rata "an a ir.laaalanlatloo and < or at'rnra a trim* ? At (?-fonne ?a ars not Ik owl to bin rhaitot vhaa.t > >v ?? a m pailad to tea tha Aepr-'oon atar In r*?-p H '* -ah t .?l twtnhlM hr a fa I n. h mora to thg naato a ?? !**? iota aatrd pr l Urlana, hovarar. 4 o I takr a attk n rt ?< tar alaw of the ganaarl toarlf g >f tha f-o-a- r i atari ratti aa The war alfl to a '-a-mea war after all aa> tbay Anal'a ao.1 PritAa own I piaasUp arm agalna' XiitAt and It thr p 'lap ha to ?fartare tba' ? baabo la ar t rltb ma U eg* nat ma," lb?> maple dilaaa, apita ?f tt.??aal*aa, to aoiati beat?0 igbaft, I bate heard a?a wb >a Ja 'gmaoi U t a'lt.rd to graa* raapatet aaaart that tba tarnpaifn 'A Into ? l!| not ba fr. r 'trd eltbr.'.t an IrabrdftW. vttb Oartnant Th* aaaarh of I'ttnaa MaprAmm, too, bee not tea pad ertftctMB It latb-ogbt tbat nrmatdarlng badld btlla I r aid tba rtprattloa till It ftlrlp bat pad ttaalf aad g at of the uafortona'a rat ad I r'ripUaaUaa M had tiaaUal tn't h>a tvpartal Higt i*m arrr^a'ad to blmaair a ahada *t a mu'b ad 'rr,|*<rtan-a Ccpraanti are uavntrlona nr .gh t> tap aapaatallp tba toratg* onaa that that know aa a ithorl'p who baa towaCitad them laaa thaa tba I'rtr.'a. lilt atlnaton to bla aarttga in tha totUe taid la tor me ? year that be bad a?hc'ed aa mnal. ta tha ladon ? ai area bna rat hat tan '<4 to waha ap ansae forgotten I o an cf 'ha Ahna aad Irlarnmaa aot altofather of aa ? a plSaaantnrp a Mhnrar ar an tha heir tpiaml to ?'# mgt'P art pt*n a old to m'"*a4 With aop l*? ?| klCh Ut lra< Ipatn Ik*t m b nvt* Wa>m like f ?i at Miiil*uii,m?r. On r at'inta), at lha banquet given to bit!) el the H. IW de VMM, he want# a apeeob, In ? blub to wound up ?l h th?- eiffinatioo that I'aiU *" "M? Ivart of tin " 'f it M-ee, all that ran ba a.ilii U thai tin' 1'iti.c# baa mil yet won that heart, that b? niuat won ami rmi again at# ha tloew an, and do it#ail# on that #a'il where ki igUU an ua#J to win apure, ar# h# ?ray hope L. do an. Ila baa talauta, ha turn yoath, hw lar. u.ore.rtr, a alrlkli.g laaambl .nr.- to hi# mnaortal aoreitur; hut making M at peripatetic aurveya of tba lnduetrial lalac, and l>r ng preaent #t carta a trial# of#vi-#IU no#, I a ban ttlll to ranr# out a way to fnina To Jutlg* bun from lha acnlimurit* ha exprnaawe ia public, bin early douiooraU." |>i loci ,.lr a ought allll aaam to he trc-h In hl.mlnd, but bi- private bwering, It U -eld, ? iblhlta lull# atHnitj frith audi pt tun plea Whether thara ba any tiutb lu 1b# vrport oi hU marring* with a yulnreae ol lha bmi># of l<? vail. 1 am uuab'.# tr cay, liwt 1 thould ha diapward u. not, Una# the grand o?n mouy id lha ltlh, Uia traracpt rrfthw a*)ilbl'l n baa loon laft iu iM/u i/tu<, except thai a our - lain bfcilmaon e'olh, like the Tall before the Holy of Ilullta, baa btru drawn ntai lb# llnnn' and oannpy ol lha 1 rotator. A wionatcr concert followed ib# day after, which, in many rerpee'a, waa n .li-mal fal'ere. Tbaro waa, it ia true, 1,VOO pe.foinu r?, omental and rocal, and the mat aiana (lowing frt ni and to and with crimaon, wan filled to tba extant of four lillha, but large aa th? or chmtral fine# waa, it waa tolally io#ilirlent to 011 a apaoc of rurh Irrmari'!ij Tlic 600 laatruinanta, (of wbieb I gate you a ile-crlptp.n tart w#eb.) wore nomparaOweiy In audible aud II waa not till the buratlng forth of the TOO To'raa that the audience wria fahly taken | nm~ ulnn of. No hing could he mora trauliful, more exact, mora tbor owgbly dtac pliaed Uuae fulna. The churn# lint upon the ear Ilk# a double note alniullaneoualy trrunhag " by (iu* hand, but ar#n the vocal lore# war acaicwiy aufl rh ot for itith a hull ll: g Itut a unplataanl draw bh#k to ai J ycn-iil waa the tam|#ia<ure The arctic rn pion*, rather thiiu the Temple ol Apoiio, wit up|n-rtuoek In awr y'w nilnd, an l many, It la to be faeied, nil luethr dat 111) wrutuied into ihe I'rrwial I'a lew >? reatrh of rhotel harmony, when aucb iictlleu' apedloiaaa nay l>e an* day heatd iu the I'a'hnltc ohuiehet i f Carta Had 'ha 11n a bran genial, and Ila rutting wlnrtt of K* eambwr la?? Intro.I.a. ll la not ea*y to rnfirelwe a inawe agiivaLle apot than Ihta waal ocmt itotn for wli^ It WW) a dull hour, tot tie re wrte placed Ilka wo utwny aur |?>*lng InmliiAi lr?, the . bolre*! Im- ,uilea of the . i,.o* lion- toe rrhut dr la rrcmr of all It h l 1 of tlvlicbiua iw toilratton. The gtoi ion. trlumpha of Hornea nrnat, ol I aw!*ecr, of Ingot*, of Miown rr, ware brought etuae un car yr ur aye and at leiiura you mlgh. critic!*# that# mint *awi abeda*. home of t^ia -culpturiil apectmene, too, wera of wioetrou' laaolj. Tbr boat ol thw Kmpcror and of the I tnprcra I* a beau Mral of ? acrllewicr Am. ng lh? other iltawhacka from the aqcrrrw ill thb mualeal .11#. flay, waa the man tier In wuich theUokela w#rw managed Par I let we e roub'tct to the tuna o live (rauca rich bar thai- lirkkl Iwalda* which I hay were mt'e le |*)ta aditi'ilnral thiae Iiaura entrance, hating ruapiled with which fr.|ul?)tlou, th.y were not a it'll# u.uniO-1 to nod tl.i>i au linim me number of /- ran rut prewant lid aimply ??aid for adirlaa.on to <ha t-xblbiil.u, ai <t i|ulelty walked uit'i 11 e nave aa lha mat a irrrttm port >4 It. To le frowrn to death, aril r> gla, awl laughwd al by tha bou'a lira , w?r ui.,ir orurl .till. Th# ie<|U??t bw rrhlhiloia In uawa ll.oh warna for yat another dftewo day a, ict ma ? nly to he pat Hatty c >mp led wilh, lor mawy aia bury |a<kl g ?P. 'till la raptnaUy tba aaaW In the I'alaia da I ludualita. ami I cbanie many of thw largw ? Ice mo |tr< in Ilia anmvif ahow attong aymptoma of gwt* lirg under weigh. All I ail* on holiday night, ehmi' H o 'cloak waa thrown Into a ala'e ol alarm by ? tiiiu. odoua cooiagTaltoai al.'i h hri k# out on the t)uai da llllly i n lb# soulL Iraah i f thofeibe, In a building ralh?f ti a ManulnU' w, trliare It ta 'hi ruatr tn of I he Cover utseul V> keep tn ctorw tary# ?luamlilea of porn and I.our. Tola ? ucuuietewoe, awl Uwa ? (Tan llu- awful appeaiatuw of the ItawwM, which ragwd Wl'h rurh vi irfi'C ami liny I hat .hey war* vtdbta froM all the different p inl ? f the i ity, prodnnad an aitramdl n?ry digiea of iieilaiornt. I 'liunalrly the hour at wlmh ii,a 111# ? ccot'rd anahled aratatanae Iu b# railed from all i|Uart#ia and ma law mleotea after the out I raak. the ground ea> rovaiwd With aoldl'ra and ap< *t# i< r- ? ?g? r In Und a hand lha t tgHI waa cairn, thwra ba Ing ararra a breath of wind, bui tba ,.ky foi nillaa amuad prenn'tw wet tart npanaa nf tettd > gh*, wMvb brwnght h'lt a'l U c a*IP t>l I'.'nta of tbr '?ea iilful rny wKh a |4o 'uia uanraa lew who wliue-ard the aiglii wilt rwtly fur get Tower and a rh p> lo'ad alaeple and ml-arat, at.iwd cul Ilka II ? i '?an1* In a no I d oik iltlnrii anna wwi Uiu*ai I tlmwa more Impi *4hg 'he t/e?e, helfcenwlad of Ihilr a? I ro'.al ban had a lumt a'rillng a"act a#, mlrir'at with -ha pita r, |ng wbi'a Iiiai hlc lb# City awd Ila in nun < nl? lory >i>rut out In bold rwTlef aid ebaw lo'in ha a- ik eiail I 'ha . uodutd feeling of e we etad I' ror w hire tie iea' nnghb rbo.-d i f a dwrti urlitr nrw nevir 1 11# to Imprtaa, the 111dar ae lly luiagtoe tbo aprr'arla waa oi a of no aooun o i a rmaut. Hy a eaei ? ? rbak lie 0ie waa got under Hi' every thing w?? a,.pa lenilyi erV ya f I aaj a p, aiet lly, for tba Jfrn./eur rvw tali a the f It. *lng emmi " met.* lhu morn lug the ob Jeet of wbl'h la i vllan'ly to al ai *r> tkritemanl but tow ?.r? na In H.e pr<??t ?-arclty . f prcrUI ma, to ran tw a*r. aa i n lha rmelie'l e?iia? . ( ala.'n ? '?11 a r. i.fagrwlon whlrh hi oka out on fundaw ew"wing a' th#Manutwr.<ion Miltialreol Hie i/nalda llllly. waafortw naltly ml had 'he giav.- a. ua (.,'mew alil^i might liewa loen faaiat. foil) one loag iilm nf corn placed apart friww tbr P< ,'aatlon pn.|e:') aooa 'rd and the u III,waa burnt The n i .?? a' iea of wn a nt If ur of tb# a-tmlnietra Hon n i r'.tt iniait, ar.d IJ.a q. ao'lly will be realuwed to i'a en il an ' on' b cm puroliaewd abroad, wbhili la to w balng ra !?????,i |a rw ".,.i k ' It le la'lrr a rollout roll.rid. bra that on the 16th. lual 'hire du)> Ik fwtelhl. 'h?a.lui at -*>iwat'ipol ah -old > >.?? "itfi ail -everrly |f. ri, a 'aritbla ? ? plowoMi Mar thai I all-.lei Willi*? I'or perk 'f ar'.llwry, railed thw tlonlln r.aar Inka mann waa panly halt yrl r*alw ? ay if ainiao ai I ?.>! k ty U # aipl oi ,n <4 th'Wa magailrea a? n'a nin# Pgwlbaf 6A,000 ill gi unm-a of pr.wdar, r0l miaartr 'gea ant A<e) ?h*Ila #nl other pew .ael.lar Tie ll.flan ; al b- obalanew tielag thrown to u dla'anra .aiiifl a <i lr?t ronfcgraUon In the Irgtuu jtik a'J Ir.lig Tbr e, tlai, puttal aipioalowa omA (lire At A c'dacb lb* tngii-haird I renrh wcrkmww (??I 111# flra under Oor |.?" arro uotad to thirty killed, of wb'Ui Iwi are rfbrei#, aid I fW w "int?d, arwoog w Ip ni there Cia ten o?a?ra " lie I | cli I "a, It ap lawia waa t vent I two 1 "ed, Inrl flng "na offl ar and 119 ?in,r,dad Inalmhog ll ee . ffieera-Tour ur o not being arar unted t r lha Court h*> taken up ila jnar' r fit U a aaw' n at thw Tul'ariea, where lha Imke of I anihriilge La a gtea' III# f ytl lligl.rwea allawM a' tie 'Impel u( the llrtlieh in haaey i tt lun 'ay. ?l*ir the awrvlrw waa part rw.ed by II e Iff, ifr. Ilaia lli# pray era being reed by ll e Kav Hr Ka rli.11 ft la una rather more thaw e year a*new hla ilia hurea alia re.<-d the aan.e r lie pel a?e>u?pwe>ie f by I'rd reg'an m hla way tn tb# I aet 'lie# wMeJk fcw filar# ba?a #V|# mwc wore of the Iwrd rub# nf Hta In pe.| Ila I v a* a a> d .and A tail lad by the < b'lera at Naw fail, be f end a l?d beaee'b a !? mbrft that dranaiilag MCt>t of 1|W laud'i g at lot a o I# Al 'l.a Aim. be tw in He 'I keel of the' ant al lekarmwaa lha ? la'gh'ar ? ' hla guard# an u. d him ataw- at dr.dra blm rraiy aid akm trim ty dr rw-a I . .e#k raluge la lha I'eti Ibtil^.ri h# tad to ai dur# all to# h'.rrnra of that .'n irltl aught In It. hartiornr Halaktaaa, when the mrwt f'aiful trir jwai in it.# n emory of mm deahad to ptcraw II a al lpaofti.e lefluti em! Ireneb nave The I'r'.iln'irn b"te alt Iwt rUaliw but on#, wliprh fc# lunulelr w#ell.ecd the a'orat, or It tad hewn ail at Wi'b Ike grand" a of <>?.((? lire Third Hit Royal lllgl.neea In wet beer tkoi gbi ? f p*n la rd Knglaa, a# ba again f.uud blruaalf In tl.e .am# paw ami once naorw, a# It ? ha Mved, t# nd ft the far Kael II# I* a noble fa: ar t hearted prlaee of no feat twietlwatewl - uniif-'nltone btilaee o fen. n oa twa-lad tnaa, betxewd by rrt'f Ieely am". o') .?i the . t ,f l* an tka r? y .My p"H> lar 9. .?'!#.I the*a fa #MW*ly the .a. e dig?*ne# bw twill b m aird f'rlooe N' a ee the.a p be'w#en a a ir ttlbrre to and a lie 'lo 1 Ik" khf <4 Har'lnia la a>|??'etin I'm I# before Una ? id "I U.r weep Tba Tenpreea'e heart'. eow'Uiuaw *tad ??bland it?' etr> tfeei i,..pea are hit d,a wtU 11.Ldre the pe.lla 11/ peine lent an.#1 to bee alia low. At tie fene-ai diner fliea e' he llv 4e Villa, an lb# ti.ef.ip b if b#r netna ae ? be woo abml far g'aa'wr Iwatra on U.r ihfna Ikan any aba fr o# It thw appie iew ? aa im it brwaly rn re entba.taetlc. more fkaraagt't UI anil oa than I Lata ever eilae aad It ioi any nonhc ?rr aeP w yrevVouiy KfKTTL P f ?It le a' rlgtit I abri-.P1 rlaa 'hlr ket'wr wtlhowt meo'ptJrg a rlrruw.afan e taaaar'al with lie drw wf I he MaaalaniPw, if wbl'h I have fiten e?-?w aatwnel above, el Pb r#doornlr iwmewawfy to t' ? rrndil of e? ladlvtdual ?k lb' gk no' an AmerUna aa demrIbed In tb" Freauh ymr eaJe, la. In fa#t. trrt lint f ?w?that ia, there In oi ly the aitlerenew n* the I aaadaa twndwr hr Parry Ike ia.' IW'.unl In I'-af*!' b eLo a b u'.o a tie engine ef K bl.aal pUynt aorb illn.r*>U-. ttlah* at th# Utal on the tfoay d'frway of ebarb : gevv yam the dwtwfla, hear li g 'hart waa a i#f?a 0r# f tba 1 > oka r4 tba Main# ran eh In B?ai".'e'y ffova the . n trU* Hulurt tvl b |k thv ' la mw U . nw tw.. aniwn. war au (,ag U0 le ft uM bin ? ./al t> e ia%i . 1 lie ewtifniit n "n ar llvllg ba f . i.d Ike thoia areoe one vaet ehawt of fan* a d tb'wgb a gloaw we e i# the g m.n1, fit/# ?? t i?& tt?+mL0 '0 t tap) lying Uwvaa ee'er ri.rp' ly tkw f awl owl ' '-al* id at ma to nan fainlaiwd will. kvl'U II# imamdkwtwty mi irrul kh'Wit '.a log a innrf lafMMM lie 'l.a I If b# 1 ed l y to anler tlw awnaal af V I al 1. t'.k n, le > a ' 'Iwia an engine eh k row ad ewyp.p I.alt e b W.'.ei 4ua-1hue the rieev, and Ila atvaaaw be .(I ? pr a *1a - I'ngia a el'bewt a eeenwot batw< at Tat' an off ?i erth ton nnl gat it at noa/'wwa t 1*1 I 1 tri; -aa ke ' aa.e kea hat,, fen?h#d tba "in, ?? thii tied ta ? ft,, al wbar denied htva admit '?- rear' I- a 1?v? *aa tb# #*m 14 m 'ton With #1 Mi engiw# eHh Ik 1, Li fe-era ? e a cnlr. . ?a at, .mn an thw a . L.r ? 1 () ? ftum thai lo th# anwew of te > . the !? ' ..n! eiger waa (eat Ikutw1' #0 ekfbt al ?;t 'a fr ;*#. Ig dey it ee# nawmm-y. la wader R 'k# f'? b fi#va a gale bvewkiwg '?' '*9 kla U|l V ll !te ear*., at the n*.-wwa! I wft'w It ta .layitf err will Wab1 >4y C?'rr.#e tw tn ? hit t? ?e Manfcal bag. -a ag n agv-a wa-m'y a a- t tart 1- v t ta geiwM wa - a wa ?? " I at g hla m * ,.