Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Aralık 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Aralık 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7041. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 18.'>5. PRICE l'*VO CENTS. AXT1ZU XV WASBXWOTOW. IJiOTHEB DAI'S FIGHT FOB THE SPEAKERSHIP WITHDRAWAL OF ME. CAMPBELL. HIS SPEECH DEFINING HIS POSITION, Xxcittng Caucus of the Americans, &.C., &c., &c. THIRTY-FOURTH C'OKOBBM. Flit ST PESBION. SENATE. WjuonMirov. Dec. 7, 1846. RAILROAD AND TKUMRAFH TO TIIK I'ACIKIC. Mr. Wi:uj* (item.) of Oil., gave notice ?f hi* intention ?to introduce a blU authorUl'.g and facilitating the^on ?tiuction of i railroad and magnetic telegraph to the U C?fic. - After ? brief executive session the Senate adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Wahd-nuton, Dec. 7, 1856. The Home resumed voting for a Speaker, with the fol lowing result J? TWENTY-HL?V*T> VOTK. Richardson 78 Wheeler...... 11 Campbell 74 Smith, of Alabama 3 Banks H Zollicoffer 9 Fuller 2u Thurston * Pennington 9 Mew-?. Haven, Walker, Humphrey MaishaU, Hoffman, Maxwell, Nichols, and A. Oliver, received one vote each. TWKNTY- miHD VOTK. Richard-ton 7! Campbell 76 Bank* 1? 1 u,UBr, I? Pennington 9 Wheeler '/oliikoffer 1& Thurston * Walker.... 2 Smith of Ala., Hatvey, Nichols, Oliver, Foster, Bocock, each one. , ? ,, Mr. Caupbkix, with the Indulgence of the Rouse aald the country is looking on our proceedings wUh deep anxiety and every member is ready to acknowledge the Importance of a speedy organisation. We have now been voting five days. fwcntjr-threa voies hare been taken! I find I have, through the parttaU tv of tiiends, received in six of them a higher number than any o'her candidate, and in all a greater number than any candidate in opposition to the ad utnis tration. Yet it is obvious to mo that it la impossible for my Mends to succeed, unless 1 can perform one of two conditions, namely Repudiate my well Pr'?" cioles on slavery and Americanism, or, in some way, directly or indirectly, make pledges us to the tlon of committees wlilch would amount to a sacrifice of tnv self-respect, and make me, in my own judgment, a flt object for public, contempt, lender these and reeling that the Interests of the country require an eatlv organisation, and regarding those interests as para mOMt to every Mher consideration, I w.thdr.w my name ?a a candidate; and, in taking my seat, deiireto express to my friends, who have shown so muoh fidelity, "7 sin cere gratitude, and to my political opponents, who have given evidence of their personal regard, my thanks. TWKNTY- FOURTH VOTK. Richardson 74 Thurston it 41 Washburno, of Maine.... ? Fuller'.".'.'.'.'..!./... 19 Howard 8 Pennington 13 wl>pfn'?? 2 Wheeler 11 Woodruff * TrilKkAffer ..15 MCAC-b&'Jl ? Mesne. dampbelV. Smith of Alabama, Haven, Walker JfiehoU Oliver, Hanison, Underwood, Washburne of Illinois 'and Clark of Connecticut, received oue each. TWhSTV-KIFTH VOTK. kiu'nardson 71 Thurston. ? n.n*. ?4 Washburne, of Maine.... 8 VulMr .V//..'. 23 Howard 8 renniogton 18 ^JPP*n d 2 Whteler W Woodruff 4 7iilHknffM .... .12 Mftichtin ?. ? ??? ? Messrs. Campbell, Smith of Alabama, Walker, NlchoU, Oliver Clark of Connecticut, Barllngame, Howell Cobb, MiM.r'nf Indiana. Kn->x and Harlan leoeived one each. TWKNTY-8:*ni VOTK. Bkiherd? 72 Bank* 4fl Fuller 27 Penning?on 17 WbeeieV..' 9 ZoUikoln 9 Thurston 8 o Washburn of Me 6 Howard * 3 Woodruff 2 "oJStuV Smith "of Ale., talker Nichols Oliver, Howell Cobb. Greenwood, I'rlngle, Carlisle and Crow re calved one each. TWENTT-UKVKVni VOTK. Richardson 73 Banks..... Fuller '-8 Pennington 17 tWhe*\*r 7 Zollikoner Thurston 7 Washburne Howard 3 Haven1 !!!!!!!!!! 2 WChmphe'l'l.' Niohois, 01 iver, Carlisle, Grow, Wis.druff A. R. Marshali, Cox, Simmons and Waahbuine of Wisconsin, "Sie'vote^on'the Twen'y sevonth ballot, was as fol '?Kok Mr. RicHAKneon?Messrs. Aiken, Allen, Barclay, Barksdale, BaU, Bocock, Bowie, Boyce, Branch, Brooks, "Bennett oFs Y., Bennett ofMls., Cadwallader.Carruthers, ^kie ^ngnm^ tV.hb of Pa .dobbof Ala., Cralge, Craw M?rd Wwdell, tdniunds.m, EUott, English, <<raves, Faulkner, Florence, Fuller of Me., Goode, Greenw->o>l, Rail ol Iowa, Harris of Ala., Htakman, Harris of ill-. Her bert, Houston, Jewett Jones of Tenn., J'|uesol' .a., Relfl Kldwell, Kelly, Iotcher, 1 urapUn, Msr?ball hi, Maxwell McUuUin, McQueen, Miller of Jnd., Ml.son, e diver of Mo Orr leek, Phelps, Powell, yuitman, Ruf* flnT.ndrte,' ??? ^Shorter Smith of Tenn Smith of Ya., Stephens, Stewart, Talbot, rayloT, Vail, Warner Watkins, Welis, Wlnslow, WnghtofTenn. Fob Mr. Banes?Mee.-ra. Albrigh^ Baroour, Mofharn, ?Uss, Bronton, Bodllngton, Campbo l of Oh i i, Clark Conn., Colfax. Cum back, Day, Dean, Dodd. Dixon Bonn, tjw-io GiUovBf Giding*t Gilbert, Gratutfir, Hirlin, Slti TSnofN V Hortun of Ohio, U .ward, Isster Mace, Meacham. Mott, Nichols, Petit Pike, Satin, Papn, t^erma^ Bi w"Io^i^'waT KTSwijaffii, iKSSt ? Folt Mr PwirawnoJi?Me#?r?. H?nry, Btnnett. Benson, Rffin. Die*, fclwardt, Foliar of Penn., Parker, l'elton, ITingle, Bobbins, StrXna han, Wtkeman, Wood, Sage. nro_n Fob Mb llesers. Ball. Bra-lshaw, Brc)wn, *(,B p. Cullen M'- Foster, IUrri-on, CampbeUofP? 0.^1,(ulle^^ ^ Min^rd, Paine, :p^r^n,Kl"ufvUnee, Ke.vdy, Ritchie H-rs, i, Scott, Anead. Todd, Trlppa. '^Uejfcr, Campbell Haven, J'earce of Kentucky Cox, Lake, ido<Uey, A K. Mvrshall, Humphrey Marshall. ' Yo* MR Wi^JUnJCK? Mes-.CS. Daws of M*71*n/'Thu'rs ris of Maryland, Hoffman, Andrew, Oliver, RUard, Thurs t(FoR Mr! THtrwrro*?Messrs. Banks. Comins, Dewitt, TSZS&SrZtm. Know,. - Washburn, >{Vor Mb. HowARP-Me-srs. Blllinghurst, Washbume, 'Wis.; Washburne. Ill- . n For Mr. IAFVan?Messrs. Burlingame and IlaureU. For Mr. Cox?Mr. Moore. For Mr. Smnoxs-Mr. For Mr. WAgBSTRxr <? r Wis.-Mr. nughston. For Mr. Nitwoi>?Mr. Grow. For Mr. Carukuv?Mr. (histls. J For Ma. CARmmJ?Mr. Morgan. A1. For Mr. HavBN?Me?sr?. Ktheridge and . mitn, Ala. For Mr. Woona> rr?Mr. Chaffs... For Mr- A. Marshali?Mr. Gardsle. Fob Mr. A. OUVKR?Mr. Vt heeler. For MR. Gnow?Mr. lVrry. Adjourned. OUR BPKCIAI, DE8PATCHRS. ?cvrraimAWSL or vb. campbrll ? a rallt por BAM*?PRO.-IJCTS OP XTLLRK?HLIM CHANCR POR ART BOOT?APPOfNTMnHTB BKPORK TH? RR RATP?OIR. CA8B OCT OP TI1K PRESIDENTIAL R1RO, RTC. WAMnixi.To.f, Dee 7, IMA. The announesniept made by Mr. Campbell to-day of "Jm withdrawal of hit name a? a candidate for SpesUer. Aftri the eecor.d ballot, crested moot Intense excitement tod it was Homo time before order could be restored rb? universal expression of opinion by members was, ?? This will decide the question." Hut tbey Are juet a* much in the dnrk now as before. There will be a de?pe rmte effort made for Banl.s to morrow, but I Am inclined to think without success, i oiler's friends refusing to anppcrt him. owing, a? they sdege to hie connection with Rockwell. He will, notwithstanding, ruR up to ninety rote*. I understand 'here Is A wherae on ford to elect Fuller, a portion of the administration members Intimating that they will support bim. belierinf biiu sound on the Kansas ouesiion and th?t the committee will be eon Btructed In a manner perfectly latlafcctory to them. In.mediately sfter eonreninf the Senate to-day, they ?went into f.*ee itlre ?es?ion to act on some appoint ment* sent In by 'he T'reeblent. The following are some ?f there ?Dun I op and Merrick, Judges of toe District Court ef this district, Wake, Commissioner of Public Buildings Samsn, Rnperintendent of Public Printing; latham, Collector of the Port of Sen Francisco; together wlUi quite a batch of unimportant app intm-nt* Mr. Chapman <1e'ej[s*e from ffehrask*. arrived this weening, with Us certificate ut election Don Governor hard. dlenersi Case, I am Credibly afor aed this Bvea af, has written a letter to a committee in Pennsylvadta Which will make its appearance abort!/, withdrawing tern the Held ax a candidate for the Presidency. D, STRUGGLE BETWEEN THE NORTHERN KNOW NOTHINGS AND BLACK hEPUBLICANH?Tit OOPS OKDRKBD TO WASHINGTON TERBITORT?THE 8TKAMgB MKRRI* MAC, ETC, Washington, Dec. 7, 1866. Mr. Campbell withdrew irom the oonteat for the Speakership to-day, and it is suppoeed by some that Mr. Bank* would receive hi* vote*. Not ao, however, have before alluded to the 111 feeling which is rife among the various faction*. Campbell knows he baa beon de ceived, and he will hardly aid in the election of thoae who practised the deception. The same may be said o each of the anti-admlniitration candidate* In the field; and I will venture to predict that when an election is had, It will be of aoine man not now in the contest. The light 1* between Northern Know Nothing* and black re publicanism for maatery at home, and rival faction* will never tiaimonise. The Ninth Regiment of Infantry, now at Fort Monroe, ha* been ordered to Washington Territory, to sapprea* In dian hostilities in that quarter. The new ateam frigate Merrimac leave* Boston in about t< n day* on her trial trip, to be absent six month*. B. CAUCU8 OF THE KNOW NOTHINGS?BICKKBINO OP THE LEADER??GOVERNOR GARDNER ON THE KAN FAB QUESTION?CHANGE? IN THE MEhHAOK? MB. BUCHANAN'S DESPATCHES, ETC. Washington, Dec. 7,1865 All sorts of intrigues for the Speakership are on foot to-night. Bank* can count almost u<>re* euough to elect him, but not quite. A meeting of the Americana waa called last night thirty attended. Walker, of Alabama, offered a resolu tion erdoriing the twelfth section and all the slavery policy. Etheridge, of Tennessee, wa* the first to oppose it, raying he was willing the Northern men should havt a spot to breathe on a* well as Southern. Peine, of North Carolina, opposed it also. Havers, of New York, doubted its expediency. Walker then llared up, and said he should reserve to himself the right to publish the resolu tions, with the fact that they were presented to an Ame rican meeting and rejected. Paine and others denied Walker 'a right to do so. Great excitement followed. Dufflngton, ot Massachusetts; Beane, of Connecticut, and others, wltLdrew in disgust. Humphrey Marshall said he had not been put up to be treated as be had been, and that every little whipper-snapper from the North had run up bis flag for the place; that he was put up to be beatea by Riehardeon, and to drive the black republicans over to Richardson's support. It was proposed to nominate a candidate whom the black republicans could not support. As they came out, Whitney, of New Yotk, declared the whole thing a d il farce. Fuller ia represented to have promised the American member^MM Maryland that he would organise certain committees by the appointment of national men. They wanted the names mentioned, which he refused to give, lie also is said to have promised Carnthers and Oliver that he would vote for the admission of Kansas as a slave Htate, if she applied for admission as such. Gov. Gardiner, of Massachusetts, is reported to have written a letter hce, saying that the American question must not be made subordinate to the Kansas question: but I am unable to learn positively whether the rumor Is correct. At til events, it has roused the indignation of the free soil Know Nothings. The 1'icsident has not yet eon. en tod to have the Mes tage printed, or even put in type, before its delivery. Very important changes have been made in the Message since last Monday, though not?I have it on very high authority?in consequence of despatches from Mr. Bu chanan. That matter, I am assured, is exaggerated. The government has nothing later from KansM. B. THE REPUBLICANS IN CAUCA8?HOPES FOR BANKS. V asai.NGTo.v, December 7,1866. The republicans are holding a caucus at the Capitci, to-night, to arrange the programme for to-morrow, when Banks it is thought will nearly double his vote of to day,' and there halt in the race. Politicians are In as dense a fog as ever as to the chances of this or that candidate for the Speakership, and the election of one to morrow is lm probable. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Wafiumcthv, Dec. 8. 1886 The flallotiiuj fur Speaker?PretM-nl't Mirage?Ex Mevilxr* in the Loll y?flutrlt?f>ecl in Huh urn? Snot irm in the Congrettionti Library?J'illir HuiUHngt dt The difficulty experienced in r rganlxing the Home of Representatives In a aerloua tmpediment to the business ot Congress. Kour daji passed in balloting, end no candidate aa jet within thirty o' the requisite num ber of .vote* ! And at the preaent moment it would require a fifty horse power of the gift of prophecj ro wondet fully poaaeaaed by the Washington corree pondenta, to come within a mile and a half of the truth that ia ti be in regard to the Speakerahip. Will the icault be arrived at to-morrow, next day, in one, two or three weeka, or in aa many months? Who can anawer t The obatlnarjr of party, which on thia l-oint approaohee even to mullahneaa, muat be overcome and aoothed down to a docility and gentleneaa not here tofore reached in jmlitica. before we ran bare a Hjreaker for the Thirty-fourth CongraM, and before that ultra precloua document, yclept the 1'reeident'e Meaeage, la read to an attentive auditory, telegraphed to the N'ew York preaa, and circulated along all the great arteries of travel in the land. What an invaluable document thia muat be, when It i* concealed from the prying watchtul nera of the hundred and ore letter wrttera around the capital with each unuaual Jealousy that not even one of them can even venture to aketch out ite aallent points I It waa reserved for President Pierce, among bis many other little triumphs?Greytown for example?te achieve this signal trluan pb over the whole alphabet of corres pondents from A to 7* And ia not thia a victory worth chronicling, and will it not be a feather in the cap ot one who baa but little else to boast of in the way of adminia tration I Well, perhaps be la right. Aa a atrict construetiemst there ia no doubt that he ia right. Why should he anti cipate the action of Congress in ordariog It to be priatedv Congress may imagine that it would bsawaste tf timeanf an unwarrantable ex jendlture of money to have It printed at all. IU member log the former executive document*? what a gi aat ory of patriotism and pluck they vented, and what prtcivus little show of either vaa afterwards exhibit ed~Congress might jioaslt ly order the Message to be seat to tome orher department than that of the jinn'er. Mr. fierce aeema to feel the eonsrionaneaa that such a dispo sition might be made ot bis paper, and it la therefore a trait of conscientiousness on his j?srt not to put the eoun try to the expense of printing such a thing. Htil!. It is said here that the enterprising journals of New York are determined to bare the Mr-sage, tf thev are forced to e?t It teported and telegraphed I must In candor aey that I regard that bat, if It be ernauintxated, as so much energy misdirected However, eharun d tan gout; and if the p?W of the New York pre-s leads rt to eommit auch extravagahdk, of course It has a right to Indulge 'herein At the risk of repeating an oft-told tale, I may venture to eay that this city la overflowing at all corners with par pie whodon't seem to have any oa'ansible bu-ltets here at all, and who-* presence only idda to the expenslraneaa nod dlsagreeebleness of the place An ualattlatel person would be utterly at a loss, for in- *ance to form at y re* ? onable eonjeeture?consistent with bon-ruble dealing of course?aa to Why so many ex members of Congress are thronging in the totals, and crowding iu Use lobby No one who has overbad any expet ience of th* former can for a moment suppose that the j.leasurvs of boia lit- in Washington could have any fascination for theor (lid raravanse sis may pass Into new hands, undergo processes of external renovation, and be pulfe i and laud ed by newspaper eorreepon<Jent? until the credulous at a distance d<?m that the concern combines all the delight of an earthly peiadlee wt'h the economic faciil'.iti of a hot-rake and e ffte saloon; but still those who vtut them are farther 'IT tr< m the desiderata tban be fore the old hotel changed master*?be'.rv paint, gilding, and new carj-ets were called in requisition to o acasl th* Inherent dlpfiness of the Institution, and bef re letter wrttera emj loyal to say pleasant things thereaasnt Tha National la one of there old raravanaaats, to w, Ich, 1 think, the foregoing applies with much truth. And so, as 1 was saying, the -uperaburdant, ?up<rr,?m*ra-y, su jwrseded ex a.ember of Congress wh'. block uj th* j ar ragrs tn the lobby, and who are *omet.m*? Joet.-d by the vhltewaah petcd Greeley, aa he ambtea about, must hare other Intuccments to come here that, those me-ely of curiosity and voluptuonmssr. Moet of them manife- a deep In'erert in the balloting for Hpeskrr, and m\n? et them may be or pencil and paper in hand up ?he vote#, fo ir.e of 'hem, t *>, and erow t# of out slderr are rparatlug with a vfee to the next f're*i!*a ia< e'ec'i n sad It 1* raid tha'. Mr. George law bar mad" seen# '?vulgar spe- ?, latinos " am-rig 'Bern eompr'airig ^udtrldiiaia j? fwin| *o Ua*? laawrnoc tn the otherwise. If ao, h( ha' not evtoc-d bie uaual ahrcwu m m oofnm<>n senec. aod cere oi* tbe dimes Il ui curtoup bet tbat Washing'too cannot, at present, tioaiit of the presence of half I bo otimber of fashionable ladies tLat it ue-d in rejoice in, in ? y* gone by?nor U ?her e an;thing HI.a tljp exfrsVpgence o'fbi mar time* aril nesaed now in ibe hotels. Th* night of .t bottle of cham pagne at dinner la now somewhat of a no vflty, and game KUpyert are Oone glimmering 'hrougb ilie miatH at ililuga .'bat were. At ti e first l>lu-li thin change might appear inexplicable, or would be n'tiibi'able to the p'riaget-cy of itta moo>/ meiktt; hut I think the truer ?xplanathn of the .mystery Wi uld he found to lie in the trau^ferrence of the applica tion for claims against the g v. rniiicrvt to the (Jourt of ( laime How the.- newtangled notion and lunovadkon will M'ine'itiit-* interfere with -et'l.-d lnntitutiooa I In many ether respect* Washington ia nut improved. I mil t ot i ay a won' of the traditionary dtecoiulorU o it* hoieiH, t r ? I the abp-nce of any quality apptuacuin>: coneck till. 0 ner- I u the part of tho e of tin crimen* who have anything to dip)..-** of. There wae o?m featur about it whhh uw-lto compensate je-oole of ta*te for all the i thei dire-'Ofort* ai h which the plane ahouuda. 1 ha* w ? the fried, mi of the Congr* atonal library?a delightful tenon for those who had an hour or two to .psi*-nd wished t-> spend that time in an intellectual manner A pea-ion or two i-go ) er-.nna might get book - ' ut on an order o' a mruiw. of Congr-a*. the annul merit of ll.ia privilege was the first step towarda alrso luti m in 11 a< d. pat rue I 'Ih.t waa n measure which, i< 'Lar a, it wa- pioper to a<!o|>', end then thare wea no 04 a. f> r grumbling, for the whole client ol the horary to vipiteie, who u ight ramble about at plev pure pipping >.eieta or deriving inf. malum from rare und piecloue volumes, in any la guage they p-.u'.il read. It wae to thoupanda a d. light thus to eueud an hotu or l?i> bellmen in glancing .rer the well-stocked ?h?lwe? and p eking out a book which attracted their fanny, to pit down quietly and perure it iu one of the many at iove?or compartments into whi h t'.e libruiy is aubdi vidpo. Il.e sec nd a'ep towarda librarian atMolntiain, u.ihto pievent acoeas?w:'hi>ur -perlal pe'misal <a?to ell hut tbe lower Hour of the llbraiy. rPtll one might content birmelt and lie eatidied with even that share ..t liberty , and tua library con tinued to he a delightful, plraeent aud faahWuahte reaort. Hut ike Inst siei tewatil* rieutraiialng tuia sole compen satiou for Wasbl'gtvn insipidity has beeu to elect a bronze, paring or fen :e around the room, ao that one can in ? touch a book, u-ilesa he solicit tba librarian to be good enough to band him the one ho may choose tr select out of the catalogue. The Astor place iJbrary could not be conducted un a more snobbish, more ti-agreeable and le-e liberal piineiple than this national library ia, and if ? he rule now to force he not rescinded, the posl.iont of ? be well taii libra'ianand hi* ass.slants will become like many nun*r fat r ffice* in Washington?complete slue cure*. It is unpleasant to notice this grauual settling ot things here into excluairer.e.* lad pt-rhapn it i* a* sell not t<> let this tendency pas* unco, demuea. The effect ad be new crder thui far hi* been to make the Ubiary n solitude. The neit be?t thing to revoking the snobbish rule, taking away 'he fencing and removing lestriction*. would he to clt so up th ? institution altogether I h pe that for the sake ot consistency ot c of these plana will be adopted. iaiiargtments of the public building* heie are inactive pugres*. Tliat of the I at* nt Office Is appioaching com pletion. Tbewrrk of enlarging the Treasury building ires horn c< mn erre>l. The a<idition en the southern sole will exclude toe White House Iron, a view of the city a lot g I'i t nay lvauia i venue; aud this will for m another leason, in addition to thoi now printing, for changing '.Le site of the Presidential mansion. The additi "t to toe POfd ?'Hire lias also bt-n The new wings of thefaiutol III prograating suti fh fonly, and he' e i valued so far toward* completion that olBcee are alraady in use in the southern wing. The f'spltil itself d?- nut prcent, Jus' now, s verygrsnd or impesiog aspect trom the tact of ita well proportioned - one bating been re mowed to n.aka way for a cast ircn oue of mora ornate or gingerbread style. When the sppropi a'ion for that pur ls, e ess made last cession, Congress wua astur -d that the work would lie completed during tha :?CcS*. but from pe.eut inn*, and lionia'l pa?t, It (? lile'v tl at th" adjou nn.ent of 'he rre?ent pes ion will p?? 1* still in an untlnisl.ed state. Tire construction of the railroad be1vein here aid Alexandria has beeu ecm rnenced. and will probablj be lluiahe 1 as ??on as the pub ic b'-U'Ungs a;e, o: as soon as Uroalway it built, 1 would tot like to bet on any hoiter '.eim Wasiiinctox, Dec 5, 186.V Th Npeakerthiji?Tht Kantiu Trouble*?Jiutijt Oox^tlat? John C'hravr?(tnrrgr ,V. Sand-rr?John Van Hnr*n'i isttrr?Attomry OrnTal Curbing in the .S'uy>- r?. Court ?Hops at ft i(Iart/V, rfc. lh? g?oeral i apectsticn amorg member'seem* to he now 'hat ti ere will t>e nc ch' Ice of wp?'aker to morrow, and ILst the matter may drug along several 'lays The anti-Aebraaka c an feel that tuvy hare toe power towUct, ?ind can ner I'* I* when they *ee fit ; and for this very ins t.?fror. th?' veiy conviction of their strength?the friends < f the several candidate- adhere the mote peitl ? .tci urly to their favorite respectively, in the hopes of runn.'i g 5 in. in The Pei,n.ylv?nl\ii* regard the sup por'TsOl (an.pbflland Hanks with'.he same fix-lug of ciegnat ?fth which tbe agreeing juror did hi- eh-veu brethren who d'spented f-rm hi* f plnl n. If pobe-ncK' ccnuftu'es dignity, Bani.e n ust uiskn nignlflel M| i * .ef,in 'he event of hf* election He has the a!- f s N'w kg'aod clergyman pacli g the de.-k of a stramsr wblch he exprcts every minute will bh w up. Hut ali who have -e- n 'his geniicman in the chair in Mas icbuvetts, o'th*r in the House or the Constitutional CcLventi n, oenetii .the c pin ion i hat h" poa-ea-e* w.niter'ul gift a-s [ til ing rftlcer. They nay he eacel* Wiutliri p, and ?< -Is l^vl l.incoin home Nju'bein un u woo admire Campbell's irupetuosi ij aud neive, pay tlicy wish he *a* only freui a slava state so that tney c. tiH Vote for nlm; while Rlrljtid .en's . en'linen'* render it qul'e immaterial to the So .th what quarter he hails from. I letegrsphe'l to you briefly 'he precise state of the ca-e in regard to the difficulties in Kauea?. Oovvrnor 'ham n triegrsphed f r aid to enab'e the Hherilf of | 1 ouglae -ouMy to aerve a process Hut he old not rep resent .hat iker wae act ai loaurrecticu, and it is uly n esse of actual lasnrrc'lon rh?t tbe 1're-ldsat car call upon th<- militia of the several fla'ss and die land and uavai forces <f the I nited Hi ate s to aid a State oflic-r. Had it baen a Cnited States Marshal he would probetdy have been li structed t' summon the cm.'o/itr u. bis aid?which he has trie power to do-aod when own auihrulty had l.een exoauata.'. the I rseidnit would pi have come to his aid wlUr ail Uia authority shiiii be poesesers. We may look tor earning occurrences in hansa* and the cort. o of tba administration will l>e watched oa ail h*nd* with tbe lntens.<"t interest. Judge Im t ends her* contradict indignantly the atory that he la dtk with deliriu-i tiemena They say 'bat tcr tbe est two years he has been a temperance man. Mr. J- hn Corhrats 'eft yes'-riay, ao there is one -* sn'rar covhienuuce at Wiiusrd - It ia conjectured that th long face bf the futveyn has been rained by a pros pec t * removal, and it b*? t sen. perhaps unkindly rei:.arke.i 'hat ihle is qu te i ert ain t t ike place, pinre O chrane has g.t into si me little difficulties ,u Nsw Y-rk and i. ner al fierce has never yit lailnd to drop a friend tna uiorr ent b? got into trouble If be forgets tha gallant Cochraoa'e reckless defence ot him whet, re wis In such a tight place at < ut tbat Kcnrlel Iat'er tua' eas there Is no sindnesa wbi> h he alll r ver ren.-n.ber 1 1# a .ittls ruue'y that quotatir u abxut vrvii.g fl-.i as well, but p?r )..p? It will com* fresh to the inlnd ot .or quaadom iriend, ibe Survey r Hy the way, where U hat -icarUt l?t'. rv What baalecomaof i'v It may soon he deemed quit. ? seuttal f. r the chat <? es of'he sue eaeoo, s.noe even or a of'ae's erg'. . in I.fn !' has unde-'ak-ri tba ta-k cf ebr wlog the", t* Is a much oppo.vd to ,av. y a - inyUdy ' Mr l.e ig. N candera has tee., hi"a atteidlcg to thi podti s r>* 'he count y <o neneral. lie is a perle-.t sapc lern in 11 .ltice an: hu-ks site the Istereste ? ' a 1 par ?les He to f'r Fawnrd for tht reputlicAi 'amlldate for I'resident for law as tha Anrrinaii candidate, ami fir Buchanar. as *hc u?n.. crat e car.diiAte, ao it w uld net Is- s'ra-'ge if r ne of bl* canridates h> uld ht elected. Mr John Van Hu'en's recent letter in the iiaaAUr is a uch ppr pen r' tv iKllti-daas here. Ihvy apprehi-" that it menus nlm: ef for 'h' fatur I In'herupfm# C urt. thi- n o ning I lis'- ned tat an hour U *r, argu.1 ut h) Alt-rr.ey f.enerai Cupu ng in a cau-e pertaining U a Cain, n a jam! title. In the course ?.I It h>.V.'.k rcca-i. n h. vm "ale t'se "r aligned" artmi II ' s'lcri rfJ .hn Tyler He sp< t e wf'h e<. eid-i a'-le ability aod aom. pu.>.g?s wi s ? rquint. Withal! hta nluidtia in the matte if appointments. It muet he c..n . *d- i that ths I r. -luent pe*-ctt-. for the .aw o.Tir vr of tire gi vernn eol a roan of marks l att.Hy of giaat anu raried atcr ent' an 1 <f nnv?aried Induatry If he Is bep.t ty that i n by which angel- fell It is a question alter al., whttber ambition as b> uodlews evea aa hie la nor a n as worthy ol ai gele as "f o.eo lb* first nop of I he season to f H>g on at Willard's this evening The gailan' members of ft ogress aeem to ev pC ience 'real le - dlffl 'ul'y here th rho*"lDg fia-trer* the . th?y do at the Capitol in ch.-reioga "penser, be vers multiplicity of'es wbith erra'es s- mucu diSeolty id or e ca?e reli-v r.g It In'h'-otber en ire'y The:a will he dancing now *.h t 'lmt?ss?rt endcM r theh^.'days tvery evening. B OOBkKHPONUKVCE OF OTHER Joi;itN'Al> c' 'h? > Mlocolphio Inquiror | WMMRiM, Ib*. 8, 1*1" 7V I'oit Of> U^pert. I MMrtoiood nt ?.00*10! Foot I>i%e? Itot-nrt nunt, lb* *ulj< 1m4 < >: ?blt Hnu of .of' rront' >n, OtS:? TliO ontlro r* olpti m Ui# r oportiiMBnt fr B [? i*? oti Uttcn. of t '? j *[ ? r? be-. tt< m lot Jul/. IMi. to 4Mb Jor,?, 1M4 K'ib up ? i million to?n'y-Ui'0* Ui'-ioon' 'on li-md *1 ond o.xttoo '* tod wtvl eoaW. (06. 0B 901 (fl ) Tli* ?nU:n rn*#.nt? of tho I * | -1 m*nt fr m fh# w?* fOB ??? I OOi l?t Jul/, Milh JuiM, 1(68, 04.' uut U mil! on thro* buD'iiM ?o??n<y-tlur?? UtoooMHI ncl b-ty-fut 4oU*r? oa8 orient? oil waft (8<s,iT?, (M4 78.) Vou ?i3 pTMln '.Jul &? btenutcf nubti n U U? f. ?? /**? '-o- o* nio*.i> j no ?Soulflue" l. iod fd unit fifty tb'<u>*oo lorooii. Out '.h r?o-l?- BB*-*. t??r In wind u ??- tho ??)?*<? of ???_ pr rto" I Bttlk bo U km?v pt' port.? noil/ locxnwl IT,* 1*1 if# ? 4 V ht? ' * VII prtt I hf f f tb? ?< )un'?rr 'f TsmoorfSoM ? iron of (Mot imon-'pofM oy -ho toot ? 1! of Horfortl H' l?t; .1 e.Ultf if t j KNOW NOTJWG FESTIVAL Grand Banquet of the Ninth Ward American Club. CKLFliRATtON OF THK VICTORY IN SEW FORK THE NINTH WARD LADIES IN ARMS. Patriotic Spcrrlici, Floiineut Toastis, Brilliittt Polkai, Ac., Ac., Ac. The Nintlf Werd Nwtkmxl AinercAn C!Sb celebrated the Ttc'.ory of the Atnei war- pa.ty in thin Mtkte U.n eve ning by a grand bau'iue' Ntble'e, to which wernral of ib? tuoi-t du-tinguieh. ? men of I tie paily we t invited though but ? few were ab.s t be prrtent Theoocanon ??< one of the de*pr*i iuteiwei, oh it f?ra*badowed t<> a e< n?ulerut>l* men', the <:pera'luti* of the Anerican paiiy for 'ho appr .ichlng 1'reMdeuiial cunpeign. The folhwiug cbcuiai explain* more fully the object* ui the (vkbritiiB ? rim NIN Ml WAltO ; hATIONAt. AMKKlt'Ah fl.UH WW Rive o i > UkAMi liAhyf kt I t At ; ? MULO'M, J OK luitur r.vBMou, 7, WiJ. X I In ootii'iicinoratlon rf the f > VICTORY ur IIIA AMr.RK'Art PARTY k ; IN THK "TATK OK MW TOTtl*. ' I OOMNITTrK or AI'IIANOEMKNT'. i $ !fon Ooo Bring*, Kll aon Unrrt, ? .lohu Ker riard, f i llinrj f >11 r'tiRion It K. t arpenter, K A. I'lion. >

AlbertbtDltb, .1 I) II Allen , Jm. ? iMmrt, s .mil ei. A (trfiwn .1 If It >i1.n \ tl I1a?> ' }./?u r? A brown .1 it Bnbuieau, .V II lloxart, {a A Rngart, J Micbcle- It K. Okie, J vJotrpbM Price,* till t 11 J. Irrln, s lier.j W'tee *r M- o. eam'. Hreeoort l.ewl? A. roetv, ? (Alex Itftiiphl! , ClutrlM J. Holder, K. N HuhoU, X iC. K. Cooper J II llayv*rd, .1. 1?. King, ; > John II fmniercNl Will .1 Uwlre, I, W., * Ik II Bnekiln, A K Wnlk> r. W S Freeman X I J. Htljm, Jr., J lie Mevoire, B. M. Noe, } JT F t kle, Joarpb a (lore. A Oram li. Cole > J J. II. Wilion. aIiHi KT 8M1TII, t'halrmaii. < t J H. HaIWOOO, Secretary t ! Jam* a. Itl'OWN, 'Ireaanrer. f "O iOtlMI '? ? The banquetting room wen U-tefully di crated with (he American flag, which v*s hung to featoon* from the reiifng ?r;?mente<l the wall*. At the head u< the fable, imu.idialt'ly behind the Fieiddent'* chnir, ??t the woril ^ //// //// WW/# ////// ////^/#^ X rxio.N x in gigantic letter-, painted while, on e re I ground ; while at the end ol the table the American eagle woe din. pl ytd, and oyer h e head the following rignillcint In ecrtplion ? fn "ther j arte "f the room were ruxpended Iranxpa renclea, on which were iiiaeribe<l the following ? f? W///////*, < Wl K.MOW MrVUINCt J BCT OIH COVSTBT w/v ?i > cjr.D asv Likkimr *01 K 0O1 MKT ^ AND X Tfil H i.OD. UUJfT PlILNkl* IK OAiurw?. L ////// // //// A///////********************** %? TH1 DARK LAN TWIN \ , I.K ??T X ********************** #> **********************& I %% ir r uomji m, x n *B ni in x rf oi k boms X Ot U tut NTI ? < All-* MKIIi V AHO TUrf DKMtM I. A1 1 . t?tlt ' Ol NTH* W PAW WliE* IS T11K ItAND^ U> Ut H (??' ?THYMK> J. | 01 U AIM H I VHTnBY. { ova roomy, X k-IKT. | X WJXI, MiKTM I X AMI em TH the compare, emulating of about five hundred per ?ona at laaat, one half of whom Wf.-e ladlee entered the banquet* iig room at 10 o'clock, where th-7 found the table* rptead with all the luiurie* .ind drUcaclen of the rearm Hon. G<"rjf Hrl/ga pr^-lded and when ?!?<? /'11,0 thing* before lb* e< re pan 7 had noon thor ugt<i7 lle*itr?ed, he re*# and apol* a* f<#llowe ? L*lt:? on (ilMUMU?With ttia entertainment 7onr e mantle* have p. po e-l thirteen art tonal*, on the number of the tbir'een original Matea' f our I nlnn and I d' ub'. not/nil will find i|ul'e appropriate to fhi* occu ?Ion which ha- e<n?eredtie hare te> night to celebrate <he triumih of the dine-lean part/ In our State. An 1 Indtt-d, ladle* aud gentlemen n have great uauaelur eoiigiatuiati g oui relrea on thi* glorir u? e?. nt ? bUe In the infancy of nor (art/. If we arr able to ae coni|.iieh thue n ucli under theOiaadt an'age. a recent uigaiil/atl n, how brigb' and encouraging te the pro* If ' be l're tie of obtain Ing a brilliant TKtor7 in thr n**t gieat rrerideri'lai font- ?t (Applau ?> , And WI17 not . ilun. jli ' Our au-e I. juat. aud ahould prevail lie eaure It. principle* are ha-ed upon the eonatitiiUo-i of our cou 11!17 and *'** traehinira a' the Immortal Wa>liirtg Ion which, a* 700 all knew are t a' ? nr.f ???? ftora in their anna and tendrn' iea, recurinir tne righta of e* h aodevei7 rtaie In the r .u'erlorae/ the regulation of their u pectlre liadllotloiir. whether ll,fe aiafer7 r other. wi?e. Indira, I avail afitilol tki* ooeaaion to ?v that l> /ou art the meitihera r.l the \ rite 11-an I tiion Club of 111- brnth ward incabted. for eontrtb ting |j'.r?|j to our ru" a> in that wa d. fAip.aure) You rlw ered n* on in ? ur duti be 7our at ou- we.klr mewing* ih ? f u't wa?. our candidate* were eleetrd be large ma j< rrtiea oeer all cppo*i..g them. i Appi*-.** ; VS. 0147 we 1 feel prr od of the old Ninth ward. ?!.<? U invincible and we ran d*hnoti7 .ay to our it'oln that the Siath watd la afreba.topol tha- cannot betaken (lend ch?er? I neeer kr.ete a rauae to 'all the ladlaa of our coon U7 iofatarbd hemeelvt. in lt? b-lialf and wa io m-nt -ainratly ionkea continual ? of 70111 aid In the great work of le/ei.eratK n tehee ua. an. anli 70.r 00 opera tiou rnort e.raradlj will tha Amariran Tag ???> trurni phaiit in 1866 oeer the whole t tii n with ?hont? of eir 1017 for a eountr7 reacanred frrm mi-rule. (AjpUo-r ) lodi an! gentlr a en before proceed rig 'o pie-ent tfce a.niitt rnt? I hold In wj hand. Mr Smith, I'm ident of tL hlnlb Ward Club, will re?<l let'era of ap-.i *7 froui n tnai gent 1? men who are unavoblabiy abeent. Mr Iwrrtt then read letter, firm lion Tliomae R Wht'ney, W. W p'ulk Henry T. Gardiner, Af -au. "Yake mar and other*. A''*r tha read!n/ of there the following V ?**?.? were anoouneed lie ffrn-rt of Wa.Mug-on ?a-Tei.j eo?b--el ai hm be beerle of all It ran trtrr ale 1 he I'reeafent of Ue t nt'ed f'f? 1 be fiovetoor r f -be H-a-e of V. ? fork Ibe Kla'ea of our I nlon Oroereed ' J U.e htr t of her-aw, ar.d t- ut.d lafeikrr t; a or tntti-n 1 ao a i-ra -a -virnwirm a- f ? .1 I- r na bterew? religW/ua, ? a- -1 b .roar.r -v a naire la eaered an-l holt-arcl all ?"eo.p'a al awn te>e ai d at war With ihe <tea-?a It-erraui of Ibe A/nerVwn r?opt# llo. D t ll*aw re?l-r.ded t' lh< 'ant tnaet lie ?a'd 11.e7 hat met hat night to a*-gutu'ate ea-h other 1 ft the re-ewt etctc?7 In thl. Sta'e Ihir ? g Uie ;aa* j-ar 'I h ? tg> nita*lnr; had rr et w''h vfrlraft rde< and j. eraea II'? J ?r'r Vl-gfna and even 'he Id '-ertf. ,-ta'e Vli >ir|.iiiiit|L_(,a; been match* I fr <u .bate lei. 'ebj ni..i|-c1el t,.-.h. i trbb.and hentuek/ iff. ia t ali7 rrdeeme# tbelr toeae* Itot I1 wa* the grna r|-- *t?tm?the Mr'tiptaee of tha I?''/ ?fl ?t bal ?e r. rnptlrhid ti e glorioti rteto*7 w.i rh U *j he-', jnrt adletrd F.vj erg"n* of opp-w . b?d I n brought *o bear aga 'i*t ? ? t.bc,ule? malign Inali.uaunna, and ail the dirg a/Val i j -bate that tha to at tlodl'1l*e mind" of tf.Hr eo?a.iW - id ? fgaat tad aeeo hurled 11/0 thatr baa-lr and evra tha great fir-r< -.ta'b- party -lla'drd ou aim ?t rrrry otbar ,uee tl -I, rr operated f geUrrf, h-unfir I rci by the liaber le a o t. atra t-.n at tA trhlrgr'-.n I ? rh* a th'" w h dl aeter. th* Ajre ,*?n parly, h-'wrea-, put ta-r, Wr to rh'ul-er, ta ttoufr floiirna ra?h?d . t.' n oaye of yo-e at d awtat fhef - ppinent from I ' ' 'fr r gfr.;orae ?t.tidaid. and that iletotiour - j'. wl I fl- a." pr-.a-lly an- tilon^lmntly r?) ibe l?t of .'nr- ?'7 !W' f"?. um ' apltr l of their nge?arated -U't 1 triad ?p.'an*- ) th ? al're r f rp,., a'/r, jtouldOee -ua rwt bj t'.e great *?' 'v li-r ' 'Vi. 1 ? ' ?* ?t ewtiewe in f , w a- V - r aa '* par'/ tr-T. muri ? eii*- la ? 0 ? Mr ' 'It; an 1 ,? I f if- J h-i . H. ? -. t a m ' fn"?tl g tr ta tlra fnptrvwtnr tract w%< re>- " ted ?? by J| m. f lip - e, tf Kju-ti 8i?ib nl Our I'nluB? A Mar 'n tlm hcavm of frrfdiAB to HyM Ibf |<nth w ay --iaft'1 < hrOT the brart of t\t TJ liberty loi '?* boo of eonh. Mr I U'Iiin eon oionool with aotnr huinrritul rew*rk? in rrgaid 1<i tbe Hole nf tnutriinoqjr, ond thru pfbcfdrd to i|Mu>k ul llio value u( ih* I uiun of lb* statoe. I'he gioaieet Bid ntmngriit Ijiiii 'i hjr which thli I'm u C?n bo hold wi if ttiuro i.f intoi Dal comnwet, ond th??o ?dtkou tier which u> tic 'be daughlcin end eon a of th? South ConiuH rco and natrlmucy were the two great coaeena llvr povfri which *11 prr|etuale the lll?erty of thi* whole roonli). Ho clone* I hy i wring tliot although Ton Bfon- in lirr Not contc-t had intli oi only n pulial vie totjr. jet that nhl State, whirr ictu>?ii. the h >nr* ..iel>?on. w >?! I In )l toko hrr ?t*od >Hr by ?! If ellh tin' giro I Stater which ar* n*w udrocaUng Uin pilnri (>1b? t>l Ihn American ty. 11i? aixth regnl?r tiiaot w?* a.< MIowb ? Hir Math Ward Nelln?a# Amerc-aa Club?It- twain \mi rw lu4*l ji'Ct, tri/8.-lu new, iuo elevate** oi uwu tu md. vlitoiy. This wuit responded to by Mr. fetaiTii. the President ot the Nitith Ward C ?Vabf wli> spoilt an follow*:?lo too a?ine of th? Ninth Ward XalVmnl Club I th?rik you fjr iho e? mplhiM'Vniy seatiment iu Its twin If We are not on'y xj:ttili?<l :hut we ha\e labored uM unsuac&aetul'y for the rhvaUoa ot the nohle him] pat Mio pi Inn ?I? of the American puity, hut are also gratified t>a?t the* apprftciA'ioa ol oner labor- tally cqunl'i their deee/TOg. \t e have, elf. ooidially and ur?HfH?ilou-ty VDbra?<?t a nati? ual ? emisieut, n wutlmnu cuoiet^ live of all tin* bcxt InOreMtf* of our cunnya, We huv our and all couh? rited to rtcoru'*" u<> MM-flnrvt issue* in the platform of our principle*, hut the American plal foun m our politic.ii ?i-< I need not t? II you. air, tluit tfcl tfhi'h ward ol thi* ci'y wa? tir?*t plant* 1 tb?? Hrtflp tiav wh?e bn nc o* ol unpa ralhded KivWili now nwi nhrtoow our I vion. It wax there first reaulre 1 ihat it wax a dangerous policy to leave the rnne <?f gov einmcut e^ixwod to the grm-p ol uupnii, i,dod man arid foiiMgri hii-lings, wbl> Amerienu*. wtue c>mhm<llax about political i. bail action*, aud by the ttr-r.t e >unci the there IlghtoU, (lemoomt and Whig met mi I rniok"d the pipe tl |**w?? H', t)ie policy il lighting out ineinien mat ml of our Iheiidx, (urniebed an et ample of ii-t'o nal expediency to the entire euiuhy, lino bow hat* i* more than fulfilled out most ntog nine i Spec fatten'* in ao aitort a p.* i<?<| of time' Many of th* Flutes of our 1 ai"u have responded 4 Aineiican, ahull iule America," and "American* ,\pall rule America ? aye the great State of New York; iib?i moreover, iu tl? * city, on the 6U? of November, with the authorii ? ivw voice of major ille*. the people demanded that Arneri ruiih should rule America," and that American* should rule the city of Nvw York. But *hs city ftebnoliootni found tome of our candidate^ deficient in an important branch of tho heretofore political odocatiou, in > they were sent homo to study the County ( p?rk and Imp* tor's aiiUimctic tmtil they baimd to count vote*, a W?ll as poll them. 1 Lament, *Lr. the ign??re nee of the Atneiirna party in that important branch of political learning Kvoii now, ?|r 1 doubt if there i* u g? ntleamn here who can to I whether we vote by tho double rule of thiee or simple addition. With -nt :tMi gating any great amount ot political erudition fur the Ninth wind, I hope it will bo remembered triat we tlieie, at the recent election, not only voted hut court'**! ? tut we only counted on* vol- to a man, whi h la a Titv simple method of ? riwug at a good stitnd Aiiioricun result, and a method I cut conscientiously recommend oven P? our opponents. Hut, air, the history of the labor* and *tu*o***e? ol the An ertreu | arty are mos'ly in the future and a- my u xt duty here to night in brevity, 1 will omit the volume that contains thai vent* of ou> rmUontl club for the coming year, and open it for your periiaal on the Oth day of Nov., ] f re?. (ApplaU'C.) Thev* venth rigular towt wa* announc*xl aa follow*, at the c. o?e of Mr. Smith's remark-:? < tvlland KsUgloux Liberty-Tha pi lars of our republic and thr arch ef our nafciy; we protect (hem with our Uvea, our fortune* and our cacred lemur. Mr. P. I, Noxtllt P gave a ?. mewhat lengthly account of U e progri -vof civil a i religio i* linerty, fr un th landing i f the l ilgiim** at )'1> mouth to the present time. When he iatoown the I'rt*id?ut gave th** eighth toaat:? The Victory ol the American Party of the Hia'e ol Now York ?An evidence ol ihc. present doing* and future lnl?m ion* of Ham, with the aid ol o'b< r Hit m, he will pUnt oar n*'> mal bannrr upon the di me of our t.'apiioi el islilngtoa in lnM>. Mr. K. W AmiWwi reei?< tided He *aid It la appro pilate, it wae t? l?o expected, that the announoement ?>! the tr^axt vhidi has Just been read would elicit the hurst ol A|nUu*c and enthueia^ru which we hnv? lu*t wt* i r-nel, lor it aiate* the orguni?ali? n and teveeui the in epilation of thin brilliant fe*Uv?- scene ari l declate* th ? ptinciplea to which the State of New York haa en nobly terpoiidid. Tlie efwuker tlom went on to say, that tu \U? of the tact that the audience would 1** ad drraeed by <me honored through rot the country, lie would not d?-t*Ln them bother, than by sa>ir?g that the toert s ecu rat el > dwerib* the pic**?*ut jemUb/u of tlis- Aine lean party in thl* State, for??Hadowa th' luture intent ion* of the party, and venture* to pr#?Hct ihe luture pr ud r?u utia that ??ill crown itilaNir* unt'-el with tin *? otjier aixter Htate* In thi I ni 'n (A .plan e.) )li? fdiowl/ g tn??U were axin?, but. Owing to th la'caetM ol lhe hour, were ni.t i? epondeit to:? the J,ad r-h ot America- the be*? companion* <>f m*n in b ?? In pio*f amy. hi* joy - In adverafty hi *?ay?ihelr wnttb-a /Ah cheer, ai d tl.clr Intluete i eiemte ?o ILe Anerlcan < Ill/en. tt;e #-: wt on i.e? cs? ? ry to n s such ? chara< t? r, U not the work Of a fee >eara, b??t <?i a life tine The Founders of (he American Party. Th<-tr noble w? rk ? n title,. them tv tj?o gratitude of this end ail future generation* \toitg an,erica As the fold* ot Freedom's * ,?nae? ?re we! corned in each new Hate qf our Lnl' o so c weir ? r ? our rai.V * the \ our g b'dj guar d of our grest pa^'y 'I be t lag of our Country. He .-'ar* the igbt of Uufnan, y, 1' ht/lpr* the rcorpiot* of tyranny In connni.rr?? i' of the late hour to whrco he j. aoog v a pr? trkcbd, we axe obligee ta reserve a more f.ih e port till to iijoriow IVIor# the company retir*?l, M- n John Miaoit Ihrrrw, re*|>oi?ded to 'he following tump!! Ki entsiy t< aat Hon John MUmr Potm of Virginia?tha dlstog ?ot frv* and statesman, who*e acknow-i? dg? ddevotior, U'ihe I'nktn aol servk ra in th*' ptii Amei .can cauae, ar? eullUed anae to Uie admlratioa and yraiP'ole of < ur country At the conrluab n of Mr Brills' ?p,?ch( *,ha c lu .tny pT0C(?d?d to the ballroom where they Continued tti crlebrate f he victory, tlmugh In a ** ut?* oat dlffwrt n' manner, for many hours after n?blni|h'. for an a?#?ult ujon aa ?i>?f vh ? war at t# r*>t him ?' UMMln, ?a* yaatvrday ?tapur?d by p M Poll, c Inl. t 11m* *" *? ALLtUtU KIMKlNl.-TV 0# A MHHUtTIC. tot Moora, a arrant i'. Iho funiijr < f Mr Jriw r#?Mn.g In (Irookljn. waa jeotarday arrbatad by pol ! arlry, <4 thr lottlnatk ward, at a pawnln Art ? ?b. p, whara aha ?*? onenr.g to i lo-i/. a diamond r'tr and ether Jaaalry t. iha oalne In all ofllW whVh, It i? alb|il, ?hr utolr No ttir bona* of bar empb.yar he war taken le-lma Juatico Btentutti Oho lot '.??! her up f it cxaiLliiaUoa. . KOI'WD < "K< lAUtn, A man na?r.t 1 Charl.w II St# * t wan y?.?< !u/ fu , tMM#tl#4 It Ikr kitto gf Mra. Ann# Str ict So I7<?'? !ancy -tre.-t, which ho hat outer.-.!, a oa-f l for tha purjmraof thoft. He wa# take., bef ir* Juati dietitian m l>-! h- prlaon auikkt or a ?varirtooa ?imr term. Kor aoroo time part a da-hlng yon of >11 w a gvi .It. shangl to, ha- b>?n han#lng about tha ' alll trait etaarn ?ra unfer rathor ?u'f'hlot.a clr?mt'aBoo#. ?d tocH a lad to tha hrliot that ho waa purau n* a-mo rtefari a buoltw m Voatar^ay ha *?< arraatod 'a 1? . n? ?g alo.ut tha <t.-oiii.-r .>a<iiga la*, and an to-ir>g -o?r< ,?d by tha t/Meoto Mel'fceraon and Wan# of 'ho rwrt.t rp a pack <rf playing (ait., I ah.ot hal# dy- Mil*. r< .ambling to aotno ntont .?#?? it ?All flv# hr?? o irpi'Totii g ph-ri . .<1 tan! i, . r< -nag*, an 1 a ? (aupptrod to bo Itatlou) f-.i |,?0i n tl. Hank - f hew V'-tk, aignod by J I', lamb 1 k fti , ?or< f- I i him. Ilr gave bit natoo aa John W Ma-la, and n t to tut ahlo u. to a rathVUiiy artuatt '*< hi in - If, art* locked up by. ' .<* Conn .1!/ (i e.#min?'.o AbKCOT or AH ALLKAKti PtfOITIVK. John Mc.uado a fog tla float !'??',? y Irani# vh r ho I. > anted t'- gnawer a charge of burglary arol, aim arnatlrig and by man Maotor?v. and #ont la t" n? to I an ??'* - A n atliltlN had boon made by tb? Oorrnmr .f I'anaa, Hiaia f< r 1. m. aTARftiyt'i Arrm. Mward M f ti ion wa# wraaM la'a on Tli-.r. ay alght . t.argo.l witb l ar'n* ? -t M.n ?f ? >a l.'Tarr .tt'Ot wbllo j with I Ian a' a p M? bat-aa In'ha K'-urth vard U? <??. -t rvafved *a# la the fa" and aaroio, hut la not ravllarail dabgervve. iho 1'ilaMt vaa bokad up lot ?savm?'. ?. hy Mall. I'ur eg tl, (.rearnt J oar -her* I a# W#i "bid a' tba ? Ity ? rinry . f fangor If.- i.b>*r t'.a ytfTVitai of tha b'Mt-ry law 1,1(1 (il <kt ?f i itw* fur " t-itdtalaal pnr |. vhlarh l? ?t?.'it f -.r ga ! r>a rath to avwry mala adult, uatr 'all. ra la#ludvl. in the city. At Havre -la <>reae on Uaa 441 In?* ? In bmtl.a' la a ftai a bulldli r,'-""pta ' by a e. .-el Sin .y and a obtM about eight jo?i. <4 #r* pvn#h?d U'ha "? ?? Iho ali or in-inlar. . I tha Uu ly ha' gnva t-. ah-.-ch alto i><ib | a|> tha h- u*a at. I #>?- ? ..- rh.i l ab if A im#ting war h?Vl la KirkamM '? U<- bth ln?t at vUuh a r*.(aail!iaa waa n od in ?#t *.t^> <?/ror a.-ra if '.It wtmi 'l.rnaa'.f >t-.w?#*?ti? t* at?# to otto.^1 the r u't-rv OminXum ta ? -nally aai (bat thay ba raoi.of.1 t#? #j in' a d-.-fa'.. oi f".v. *Jt#d' tarta'bi Mate# aad tie# aa. I ran ?H a ara fart ha# ra .,uo#'#d U, .or '? th# al l" .out of a by ?ho Ibard# 'f T'ad# in ar.r oar "?ra a?' - .?? aa# ta-i. rl iia ? !#,???, ?- ! urh Mtrkanli and <!#r (dtitaa* aa la thaJadgn^at f aa. a? mlUa# 1| >n|| |? 1...I to tar It# lb- f>vroar Ikon .a bi aaaaaabla la y,, i mou 1 r. tha #Hh I J?o ary aagt l#itr rttTitr Mi * i*trt ' TTi? rmf# ,4 frvo (or t r.rrsl' n?aoth A > ? tit f wi?#i ?' ? ? attarhbd to aa Old fth#? 1 P ?Aflarlaa chat . ta thh city tug far . . c # fa#' <?*n par tag hi# adc.o..#a ? . ' %'j t, ?> *h. n-A*. in vlrjt''. a who va iM#rrt??| l.## b#<a d(* .r?#*l, l#ar 0- at marrtag. batata ht.?d .<aa lha ? _i ?.? a ?? i g.-gat - a t#o?|0 f o.? ??# '."t r>#a;# h, a an B ni.-lr# r.t *ba trwataaa, dp ???"?*' ? i> 'l>' ?.b** If.'# "*o ' ?' ? Tha rata *tt># id ?'?h f nt'ddlaga mlaMd" ' ar -y with a dt#-- at vaa po.iD'an Ntln the o?*o-. a-ot aa ra. thaa a# ?#. 11? f*> hi* la*a hap. of '* nogWal t*.aa TV n .'o? a'taw vmtvf# fVl'?a'. w do## ? vfavd ? n*.. h - j too# ta tha #? ar h alaa# artth *? aaAary ml - hg t#. k*r V vhoaa. a>. 'uav ba t#?rt . h#-d gf?r*kba# ki't Vt*r> | rt?,_|*IU?' If^T. City Politic.. CKNTKAL UrMOCRATIC IIKION-AffltL 0F ? 90*** rem TIIK HABI>M TO UNITS WITL* UOCISMANK KKMONH Til A I'EKHIDKNCV. ? A of ib?* Central Iieomcratio to. hald at Tammitn* Hail la^t erftuog, Judge Conn* t hair, and I* J ilarrUon, Nacretnrr. Altar rvollitg Mia unnutt^ of Imi loeotlaf, Uia W?*" hi# Irttar w?i received froni tiir IVt-ilaot, ^M"k I whiiop Uon/.KO I,r mt i-fcrvii bmuotATU llaioa-IlBi na*rl) a year *inue iAa< ah HIimi wa* uttdr far lb*- ra u .urn ilia iiw? ?rr*#v of /1*#w York th ntigh Uw inwtrtunentaltt* *j uutoo club*, jrupmrt Ui Imp l?ir ninl far that purptxa in th* dlllr**111 Ward.* ?r Ut? CJt). Mi l in ofher|>l*o?* Ihron ;U tha hutr l hi* effort ha* iup Hern fooOtie'rv* of an or gani/aU<?n la or a/1? avery city ward, a ^cmrnj untoo of reprwooieliva* tnm r?< h k-'Al organ) mtiou v?%4 ir?-??#:r?r ? ompom*i. to it- urn* iani/atmr v, I o'h I, rat and a< utriij have uleee uwlotAlu*! au rlh iriil ''ilffffii M<?i live mfetertfllty con(f*?ed it N honed, la ibr retiming direction af lirn.oarHt*. new ?> gMMraky K??% V ,,l> itr H I" ''-ai **? u? *00 ot tJ?elr part t. Cher aarU?o ipenyb at it* * ir ownrtn.coi "1Yr',a?"l l?) JniiM, atuf eBaal* reeled, Mu.n m.?4Uirrd mi toHu?o ?. when* nl lumair enarMd if wfli mo?1 tn.try irue I'ttuocraOi <*?r <? < ai Ibal lu a poll'twal union i.Ykh wi. krd^r. HiIni |?n di'T*renr#w. **? 10 a rou -t*on (Mill A* ai a*-iii -v tor 'hetuiure. I hi* ? ?! c lwmr?r wool wry f?r nno.nh .hiimI ling 'tifawli an'agta by agaWappwa tor 'oti*nwm* 4?Witti?fe?ra through aroaj a let ?/*ca lUxate %?. ncpai it# * om rti'btn *tut <?!? po*lng i-a*uhd*tr What wa? at ratiy 0 br Trurr* wn iu'hw 9'ifnilr 11 1 freed tint defeat or ranh of 1*0 democratic ticket*. Ibc rcvr,?.o wan 1.01 how* vac. WiUwilf benefit. i*iitiv nr v4ving con#trtrntw.a** 1. V It unit n? the dt'k&oermiir partr tvmtd* control tko tolioceJ it* * -? hi* 'a* im**w?d, wiiL n.,unfold Viju^ wia nvw lulrauoii there tnriuai ly iraa ?'?#< In ut 1?w\ Ye t *enUemcj?, repre# ot a 1 ownrfnl irt*4rt*f?etH?* K' ortipllnhu.f nt of tii 1 m d< ttrabla cr^f. Ilti? to nfla tlrr. yttm I've*-* r.Hngft t >*nld l.r nu**Yr an (o cfttiimAnd he r I'Ard naf "ifitHO 'h* r*nttfi4otioa Of 'ho dcT? n?ir*aHc iaa>* < 4 1 l?0fr li.o.afWm uiniirv^Uonabli ia ?h*l tin* partr wtilrli U*e> coaau fu * ?hall iohm r> f c suinfrred * ft far by the prh/ndlio*? ?rf Ititflvidtiaift or l?> U*r atitioaihlrN q< leader* ftooupylOA *?'?c cotnwioii pUifoi *? and m-aaiwl by oi?o conwiiou loolvr, the are inlrrf on <m? conrmtn ptir|HMc -fha anooaa# of thru piineip'oa l oxw-urw 'bin ihav inaaa to a* t fogotlMV. The * h" rig i-ioc.w# Km. fiirrai# < otnmrtw ?* 1. and the inadn wIn# IJw 1 01^ will be f ?trw*l of the n??l wfb a defeato*l fli* ? t in 1 .fttnch, u % ? ai ? toco, rw*juirwfl dire* Hon now prtienadi by |ti0*11 tnotnroUi ? '11m- m??twhl- h then ra*inirw>4 ll i' w.d it pnitnir.tdil < tar?|?U\ h- t ?w >? poUUcal phrae. It ra no at fartanca bm rn *?? 1# retarded by tn.udirtoae (i ;*-iid?bip. I a*ontlall * 41 tlm pe .ph- lt w ?re hftirr to leave it e&riUMiiM<ly t*?th* tr ulrHftoti llMcliftt i-allf l?ey.,a.| lri#Aer hiiin, It w01 e |.*i?t* r, .il? s thai it be piwed tiejond lira 1 natter? 'I hit)H ft H. UaMefare Ihal my l"to*ki* o* y ran 1.0 longer ne arr vt? eab'a to the ? an#.** In ubicb >ou and I aire^u*ili eugawaa -1| a . . nay ratnat WW injorinu* to H. I retpeotfudy tender to you ni> re*>gfiat-?? *.tip.ita ijiMi. while Ai.oiii >r r e* twee ai?pr?*priai?Iv direr* lour colli, erat'01.*, I ?i*allhe p?* rou lied ellll to ? oolrihiHe tftwt ? lb?t u 1 f a prHa<^ iM-tooei to 'be infer**et*i m tbe * ^i#4y. I bin, ronU* >*,uiv. A' JriiN t'OCIlRAfil. Thr U tiei en. road, fetid, ?I1 iikOlloti tlid I ?u u?tton Of Ml. (Yx-hlitlr wu- ilV ? pt?-\. The Comiiil.too ? n And *" ami !U<*<ilaUuui then r? porlt d the f H* wi. 4 wUleh w*?# uiutuiiu u*ly i be eoiiimi<l?'C ;*|ip??ii '?*l 1*1 J?e t <-n<rai lleijiucratio Uotraa fo prepare a diaugl t of ?? idutbma r||irtalv? of 1# |hwm> plea Mpd pur|???n r j (wolfuhf report 'lhat tiiet ana**' *t|on Wfe? *iri^at*!/???! I*ee Id IMA4 I>*trtnjr the |)t?t year lb" pr* % a,e e*? ?>i faction and the perrenMty of indtvid ia. ambition ha*, in a meaati-e f>e*iiralM* <l the heoeti rial efioct wliHih rna*i iw ???*?rli? follow a thorough apnranla tloo i4 Uj? i-wii upoii w hu b it ia organlM*!, and lite fuu laowo fai principle* ??f it* ?ii>(cnoe. Ibc) would, 'here' ie, r< urtmrnd'bat the flkt'enttnu of lAe deuiucnitir party ? trrtftpeetive *?f fHetbvtia ari l their abaur*t arid peuriie affectation ??f ftome^lilng dlatltM^ltmii, a* ha?4 ahelJ. w ?f ? ft hell, baif fthali and the Hire ?.#? narneally railed U# III# piii'fottti of tli'a a?a*?etal)<#?i, fee apecifltUiy ael forth id tluB f iltiartliiv of Ita ??'??e lltiuon, vU: - "1 tie t'at.tral l*ein*M rati* I n on hereby de iaret and enarta. ft* 'he rot Ic? eloo ?#f It* pottlca) faith and rule of poll'k'-al mm thw. Ihotnaa Jetferann'ft fine inaugural a*1dra?a the prinatpkei laid down by Andrew and the daueftBraf c neliuMtf UNifllitlMI Hlfttotof KWPMM4 AMI (In ilttlty of 'he denw# nalb partv, pb^dgtoK lUinif to opretan all who, under whal pre* leiio** ?*>cvei w 1 uld !n'n <lute far tton, ft* libiii or fliaiurtKMi?w> tU'.n Ha be?om " A plain at.4 one?jmvocal Aeeehrpomon* ??f prim ipie* upow which All lion* ?< <!etnoe*a a 1 an (wnalaMf mute I her wonid urge upjir the i.etnnotarr aba* the w|*d*4U of the **um which prapaiod tint or tanal c*?n*uiuU*oi of tba I a km, in their rr< oBiiot-i.d*Uort < f pi topi and harm .ubm* aeUoo au*l die tn?'? i ? fttiggeft'ed 1 t ? "In ri?? ray can the 'rue aent.menfa of fhe rmwu of the <m n.e* run be tnora min.i*'?ae* ?ly e?pre?-4*?i fh-n b? the foruua tbtn ofdeino ra k unkon riu ? in evary Aaeembiy dutdc* ufVm h'aUi, 4U i ?Ka eie?*t4on by 'tieia delega e# Ui 'be <ewlewl tiiib'U. In h. rt. U.e uuHy of a# u'u* a? web aa ?#oUinenA, ymm ??' b ?i . ( ii 1 by mean* of .oh an ogantraUoo. muat rw t'?Mi r-arty ?t? a' * tent vigor, and reielar it lorfiullrlie IB a! ?? * t ? Iticul oi fUeale lit trie h inp.ra niaie " . . i. ? lance with th*- rptrit of their rwcnoMhendatioti, yowr 1 in' ? fg iea^e to r? p*'f' the loll iwtrig rmalQil ita It ?i That tin* purpoaa of tb?- a* ** ia'4 n t* ? #le|y 'tw ?m ?*.> ti e d* tooei ?na party of .s*?r York and thai aN wa lintiMi detuicrate ate t? (dial!) Uivlteai Uft (O oparfete ?1U U Wi the work. Kaaolved, That the llernoarw'ia t'entral I *uWm b-oa* wdth %? ej e nf larr r itpoti o*> 111 jm\ far um, *?r ?llriiii'?o of die party, Mid r??p ireeof tie A'iftbtarte* rmly 'he frank ad*?ptk?f> or a ?a tp t*ai platform, and ? 1m Arty ? o 04 erattoo in Hmi work *d re* , , 1 dem ra par* 1 utted and ? lb ?*. P?#n?vrd. That the ? ? Ural Item e*r?U- I'n ?? re^oatiltaa tinreserved.r tha pr'.actp>?#f pip'U-r^u era^dntr a* a hi *4a mrntftl arti'/e of d- n>o ra .? U n. and ? oner* ul 4 e tl?e ')e?aa oraey neon lie retneuln.* nt in ?h** M f?odey <M the gmmrm atepi bf mean* of ibe kftnwu he'tr *k? toUl P*vfi'vc f 1 bat 'ire rnadue#* ?*# #*?? Wiaal f*aiti<Mi the fof'y at t . olil' t'lon P?t fi lira w eiuNlne** of h > a ??aid?gtj>ra **aa only be met, mjkI flitir unhappy af? 11410 the j*m<e unum aaS f ***?! ?? rf?v of the eonntiy He thnrciAh'., prevented b, tha rw ftolu'e ftnd b*rn ? ?u- art.00 ?f ?h? 4e.> >4f*'t" party, unltwf ty oo " a lei Oft* I p .at!> rrn of telelliy to /ie e w.?li(0 hi *U th* I nbed Hate* a 'I an n**'n?p ?.?ot#iiia dee*.. <?, to t?* rrNMfeoa iinrreat ?*f c%*'ry ?** (tr.i o tmr oowhom . 1* vfcd, lb. tl*e n.oat dftf'fff/txjy c*t?j . ueti' of ri#iao It threaff n* d r. 'I a at'e p'e-f *>ry*n ./aflro of |*aft e*. diatiti y-ol?h(da? * ij/1 Mtj nr . outiern el**e c?*?,u .?*?! ? ernan'a a e abo de* fie# m a*# % t ' a aa 1 ? rali.ftt the*. . the ii.-uor '.1 # ? *.f 'tie rep*## |.", *l?e iWrtewwaMa ? ?> * w ? . ? 11 ?e-l. tha laift vduai in p?rao*>. r /i t??,|p ami * n #t?ar. tha eara! ark of tl r r* |,?! - ,10 , and lbe Wtkf ru?'he republic fte*oived iha' In */*ifi#wn cat#- !'.* ' 'd 'be biarh ej.ubSb-?n pat ty, mi 1 SB *fj * j a t*a w?'h ft nf ail men rd km* di*4 rci * 111 ? t.'a thereby eimd'aw r*g fr?mi be rat?kv 'd iha defttn* ?? all w h'* nave dlwtorf ed Mi aowtxHl# ltd paralyfteaf it* it* a bap. lebiamr f?>r be party ami reinawwa *v*r . ti" 01 barfnw of a rn,?#t for #*ieplei/?ri or (tfvBci an nt g |ta tiftmbrri peMilted there'**' e. That torart) I ward the enr*| ? rt d a hartttoftlnuf uoPai < f the t*ai. *??i damnrraey of the HUt?, we eamewtfy re#| *.#?! all deitee ra'ic umPmi * r|?u ivtftftw W #en4 deierate* to the u*lt tt.w'.Ai nf U># ' antral I?< wrralli I nt- n lobf held at Tammany Ita on 'be krat TrVtay ta Jaa uary, I'M t otouiitfr* I)#i.n* M * ben, A'? s '#wan l*al*k I?e?. Waa MnaiMh, A H Her 1 e k T"he I r.krn aftrr dl^ua^'nf <?|l?er ha in >J m* Itn pntftuet In tb? public adjourn d Willi# ' Ol'NCI NPs'k COMNITTKft. A tnw tm' ?'f li? * body ft# calhe-l la?t o.(b' al lha Hrrw# ay liuu a, ami at tha b*ur ?i p-iu'ai a#**n% haJ d*-*en pet *nfti made their appear a ru? but the e ludag iu>- gn of a the aioiem n'l-oel ha'f <Vi**a p M,r?a 'r##?k a diiok at4 went U"UW. S?? froruP 'jUr *t munili, ff took I) ii ? Itjr Rim, Ai iir.r?t i? 4 H' rmam ? A \r<j aanml Vtlhan f* l!*r d, l?k i n |0'J? I n>tja#i r|r#?' t(*d aViil |C jihiH, mart wl'h ? ?*? loaa If n ? 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