Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1855 Page 1
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THF NETV" YORK HEKALD. WHOLE NO. 7042. SU>1''AY MORNING, DEOKMBER 9, 185a. PRICE TWO CENTS. *HE 8TAH1TIX 154 Li TttAGEJiy. Tri*' ?* Enrol* Baker tor (Be ditlalriilt of Wllllm* Poole? I eMlmoi,jp tor tlxe Defence CloOttd . lUboltlng TeaUuaony lor (Be Prose 'Utloti?Mora Hjcr on lllv Al?..<i. I KLXVKMJt 041. COOHT OK oru AX If TBRMINBH. Don. Judge (toooerelt presiding. ?* HKIflJI VS. LOOM IIAUto Dot. fa?4Vie court room was crowded to eiiuo, W1 Lhe Interest, a i the trial U about to close, 1* beesrol-g more rod more v'ntense, and the testimony I. listened to with the must ?kfr attention. Amongst the spectator. were Hon. Judge Bv rong, Hon. Hugh Maxw?Ut nod Wilson, Esq., Keoon.'?r of Chicago. Vhe first witness called to the stand waa Gaorge Burns, who, having boon sworn, testified to the foh'ow tog effect: ? Q. Oo you know Mr. EakwJ 1 A. I da Q. Did you at any time at her the affray at 3 aoxwi* Hall engage a passage on board the Isabella Jew.-tt t A. I old; I s'gntd the shipping artldtea far blot iu the name vf Wm. fmlth, as a seaman, that was before loots'* death. The witness was heie dr sired to stand aside for a brief sjaco. John Patterson testified that ho was engaged In ship ping sailors in February, 1846; shipped for the Jewott three men and a cook; none of them was named Smith the nr.en 1 shipped wo.e named Gloin, McU,Ide and Car rero; them was another?1 dou'l reaolloc hi* n una the* ?came u? my office with a verbal order f r the c.'itain to sign, and my clerk lei them sign ; I never Haw Biker before, there were oilier hands shipped for the Jewett br other offices. Cross-examined?I think the artlcWs were taken from n j place on the 8th ot Maich, by ihe eaptaia himself. t.eofgo Burns, remllee?1 signed the shipping articles at laker s request, In Mr. 1 at lei-sou's office in south stne'; 1 engaged this place wltu ihe capisia three or four days below Poole's death; Poole was then su,,rosed to be recovering; Baker went on board. trofs examined?I live at No. 4 Morris street; I went to see the captain of the boat at llske 's request, Baker war ibeu in Jersey City, at the houseol Mr. Scott, 1 think aci,U' in led with hln b<f"re; went io see bim there at his own reque-t; that wss 'our cr five days bef .re trie Jewett sailed; 1 went and hunted her up; he knew noth ing about her until I found -ho was going to that 'dace 1 saw the captain in Jersey City; I t od idcn I would get' him a man; nothing was snid abro.t wager, nor wheal signid his name; I believe tl.ey we.c to a.low him iwen'y tive cents a month. Y Iu what capacity did bo all * A. As an ordinary seaman. Q. What day did Poole did A. I think it was no Wednes day night; Ihursdsy morning was the first lime I neara ii; I aker went on l>< srri the .'ewett on Wednesday even ing about 8 o'clock; I did not see many or hi* friend* thcie. eill er g< ing or comiig troin 'ho iimiso. To Mr Clark?I d n't rer. ftiaet the due of ihe s going ol the shipplrg articles?It was four or live day* before be went or board. Captain Ievi 8mitb examined by Mr. Clark?I am cap tain of the Commodore trainer on the North river. Y Are yon acqualntei wi h Morris-eyf A Yes, sir? he Is my eon in law; in February, 1856, I was residing in ti iOviL r*rf-?t, mar l'luftg Q W mre did llornvey and his wit; re-i A. Tier ?Ttd with me in my house. , Y- w. n'tyiu bt y 0(1 en neb to car'j your mi?njrc Lack t-r the time of , ui. alT.-i. ?ttalrrrd-.y, as. it not.' A let ~ir, I was at hco.o Ibat evunfr Y Is you r?. l.vct Morris .ay r ining ? m>v A I do. r-tr Y- Who came hone with html- A. A man na r4 Cur. n'ogbsm. Q. What was tforr levy's conditio. ? A. Well tTorrio aev sat so stolid that I co-Id no wake hliu up 1 tried lo. Y- lie was drunk? A V-a sir, T su ,?e he wa. <). i id h? po to Iviir A. jf*?, sir ? I ml sutarqufnt'y to wake h-ui up. Y. Hoa long aler he * 11 . bet f A From a halt" ??> time quests-?> of an houi , i oou'd i.ot a- . e Im. Y. Whan did be awoke i A. Wo vok Uiin up in h? ?,?????jHmj at'd tbey went ua to see him; I, y t ,1-1 htm what bad MMMMd, and ba did no; ree -beet any thing about it, and Mid not sesu Vent any Unog ab mt It. A ?**ln h*t "^"i "'ter b* ctme home 1 Y- When cId he ge' np ths next morning (Sunday) '? A. I cxr.nnf teU ejtkc'ly. hut I think n >t bt -;e U o'clock A. M., I don't know -be hour. Q Id<! you see him in he i ? A Yes si'. Y- Was he undreisrd, or had he hi? clotuee oil? A. I ansot '441 yon. Y- Can you fix ?h? hour when he cm" borne t A I hare or i,;wi a at ii ass beiwr.1 f U c 'clock sud ? ?' -lock in tha r ight; I ntd . ' I . s nt my watch at r'u ',|rre- I I edge fhowtver, tka' t ?n about tbst ti ne, from mv owu hour ol g sng to had; CuDuir.gtu y> h"lp-d uiin up st?i -s (.n-r-exsmlned by Mr. Whiting-.' i0 bed wnsn Morris ey came home. Y- Car yvu lell at what h- ur v m wen' to b d tha' nrgtn? a. i am not positive; I Hh'.uU thmk in ih> neighborh.;<K or eleven o'clock P. M : I h id been asleep leloie Morrt.sey came I oine; no and Oe-nrd l it 1 out ? owr; (ne tw>lt w?s . ung though he hut a key M-. I lark?Ihe bout you c inoiund is the -on. that waa ri oning ou tLe S ui.d a few yea's a^o.' A. Ye- ? tr. ?. 'A-htsr1''" ?*'"tn-i resided l*?t Fob-u try at ?"> Hudson Street, wbeie Mortt-ssy bred; I got u ?,,e tuat n'rfit very- shortly twtoie Morris-ey cam. In; Ihidbe n to t urtcn s. a part lion rityiued aiy romn trom-Morris ?ey *; I heard him coiotug up. I doo'i know who was Witii him; hcarrt him in ti <1 run ken vi?ire ?? ad tramping on the lioor beayliy; thought a: toe tiris ns Old my rosira mate, that Morris?..y war d'.iuk, am fouu.i or,t trat such waS the cay next morning (.toes examined by Mr. Whl'ing?I heard a oonai ierah'e Jargon of voices and tramping la Munnser's ro.m-.uu.v. than was usun'.; I could not tetl 'he number who were In nls room: there migbt have heeu two or three; I ooked Jv.?LJ?tei^ .at 1 Ul*d '? regulate it by the O'y Hall clock; I. wa* a little atter 12 P M Mr. Wbiting?But thai baa beet, wrung a lung time Mitres.? | did not know thr.n;nghsm at Lhatxime- I mibecqoently tiacime ar4ualnte i -i h hoo; I cann t i?v he was that night as I kl' not .ee hbn To Mr (Taik? Mr.s Morti-rey was tkt-r> th.? nlsh' To Mr. Wliilin*?1 ,1 n't h-licy, that M.irise. went ?ut again that nighf after I heard nlin iu his room. Kin TTiNr. moon. Mr. V. h'tu g then called .loho K. Mr? the 'tand whr. te. tflco as follows I ies-.d? in 541 Hudson -treat; I am ?"gaged m the hardware bu*i:ia,.i and can makiu ' I "*11 "n lh" 01 tap il"i "I I'eirus TJ 1855 , 1 saw Baker there cetwtcn eigtit aud nlUl. i-cW. Mr. brmiv objected to thin Hue if tea'toiony, ?? a ra etdtur of what occurred in F'aualx H ill In tt-e eatiler rt of the erenlng. He bud giren warning ? * illicitly to - piorecnti jo they rhould exhau-t kit ihel- Inritl kt?- e?itmot<y at or.o?; but the court tuought tba'. the intl n <!lil not then rlio. Mr. M'hitlr.g ob-torwtd that tber did not proprne to i?t 'u? !'< kt in reference to anything eaer|>t ?t> la' rc d to tic "ta'euien a made by T, a wll tiara Iroduee- tajr the de'anro. Mr. liny held 'hat tawdimooy of a wttoera at to a inhfction occurring in a puilie n-nt?e a' nine o'clock in r i r? niog, au?t lining no connection wl'h tbo partlo a rub-??|utnt tran-aciiou taking nlai-e (car h >u ? af*?r, a reraliity no proof of '.be Maieujeiit made a? t > iuc er '-caurirticu. The f'ourt?'t appear* to toe if the pro'ecuti in inalst on It they have a right to go into tha' oar . ol the mit r btefly It waa uot a part of the affray ?r between kde and Ilaker a. all; it **< a au't of al te o%- Mur. It p?a.? to ct the prowcution have a righ' ta> amw what raion their witnaaaaa may give of ? o matter t >(initiation coat m e<l?t). Wa? th>-rt aor dl-pute bu ret, you and Baku that n'gfilt A. To (U that ( >utJ have to go l;.to a detail of what occurred after I rnt iti Mr. Clark chjac'ad ? If they were to go Into all thU 17 ahould put Baker on tbe atard inc Court troubl admit tcwiiinony ?e to what occurred twc' U b'?i and Baker. W1 ne> - -'VI.en I went there I aaid that i thought Mor ay war a C iWard l- draw a pl.iol on mo, ilaker re rke I that he war n i Onward; I raid h'? acta wore, aud re p tided again that he waa not, and I t > d hi n he ar, and he aai I that I'oole war a coward to sick ?t the foot rf Amoa at reef, ani that I w?> a onward untenant-!- it, 1 tie u raid " linker, you h?T*your at. I ? ith you," and I ? raid lie ha< or wordr 11 that t. Id'. But -re bit p t< I H Ma? thai ail thai ur ed between y u aud ilrltr* ho air. (J. What more ra- Iheie , A- Baker raid 1 war a coward, 1 art; t,ef..te? U. M??J, what then f?yr>a t >M ui all that. A. There It ,t i?r MUie otbfel word.- . .l.ere l< t ne hing I am rof ? III?liiat I rarer uwl :?>n exprOrriou tr- l.i*l toy- ? edry b_. r t.e of the wi ?:e e.r - mat lln'ei <ra-a cuW rdly b .? -a of a M' en end w iw-.l bin. ?? g , out art f ? r- I-, I lhln? ILe ? I| . Ion I J?? 1 * i ? 4- I hare a'tl. ? to here (J. I !-1 yon eali him a liarf A. We may liare r Bled oibtr Intra. y I id y?u call him ' a loafing r .n of a a?hi" A. o an. Q I>id roil offer to go mt and light him* A I m?y idoiie i-o. I am not poidtla.- tr I.-th?i, b it I wref I eneh an Wtprraalnn ar ' a cowardly loafing rou of a j" tn him if l > any other mi n, I am not p Miliar ?? 'h> r I i ff' tec to fight Mm, -r he ? (ftrot to flgi, nia C. t-'ata what yon iww ah u* thlr fight witn W?il?y nc A. Yea, rlr, neitaer I'ooje o I war toe agge#e e; the net waa 1 ~ -nt into Mr H-eaar'a, a m.-rof ?rwiwe.ii and Clu'? a'-ee'e in company wl b a Mr. art : M IIv ard Alick H??i and ?- n? "therr were In eri. tn1 I uppoe* d there w - n ? ao*ip?ihy b"l?-'on u? Ivtt Waily Karon aod A i a *" take a drink with ra ?\ f*ld ?? r cd a r n*er?rlb u ? a? 'o I' - I. M . O.o bnre.1 fooie Tr y ?i le i'ij, a .d ? te ward* "ho e who oe a ted wi'h him, and fina ly ?.nhta-.ed ine am rag the ?utwi . he eharg'-t me at i?lng rei -y hlr lutlueo e r* Va? n during the tlm. I waa eon earring with W illy ?an, ,ep- gin; me to 'g'-t mmriiiat he whip me." ?ud wanted i. ? t. g>. out and Hght. I H i f,od no inclination, that it wa? 11 "d work fir B? : that 1 'ad eoraa in lor amurement, wkh a harm ra ua Heiign we fff dr-i.l -ng ') en ! r an h"or and a lu .1 or ?? . h r Ml Mkf't railed mj a e >war !y -on of a b- ' . ehcfl u.-. to f> out fl^Utj I 'all it hud e, me to*u:ii . v*?.; . ?j^-ras 2~! spectator. he. anted us; wMn we ca>e ? "^w Allck ?r.d Wslly Muon presented themseF*^ , . _ " _ and the light was renewed by botf *? " up and down matters" between us, tlav''Vaa'ptJ?q ~ the glass* ? no the counter, eifl stroek me o? the the marks of the cut* I will c?rry to my *?**?,> ooV ?u uot there at (he time; be csntoe there tliet sight lb* wore u <1 eb cost, niede something like Uiii on me. (wll rocs'a eoet wee somewhat of the eat of those ween by y, end spent roeny an nour .run mm. * never belonged fo any s"cie?y of wnich he wse r? A. No, etr; I wae not a member of the Poele funnei.) f 'ruse rxau Inod by l(r. Brady? (J la thia the ordinary tone of yotrr roiae la which yM ?re row speaking? A. Yen, air. C How l<og aid yuu know Pool el A. Hluoe 1810; I hate Men Intimately acquainted with htm for the laet three or foor yeara. Q. A member of any sieiety with him? A. I met hlic froem ntly, and spent many an hour with htm. (? Yon n< ' ' a member? Qatli C. l id you associate with him personally? A When we bed nothing else in do wa would take a wr'ts or a sail ?cgether. y. M ere yon to balla With hhn? A. :*<>, air. Q. Nor to primary maatinga With him? A. No, at Q. You eld not tea Mm tight en the race tinet A. No. etr. Q. At abat time did that 0|M take place eaimf * street d rkr A. It wu about 7 o'alo* k In the morntng the match ??* trade. Q. Wbe>e waa it made? A. Poole told me? No matter what ho told yon were yon piwel w * n it war made? A. No. eir. IIow old yoa happen to be down there et that time* \ liecatue I raw Poult* the reeling prior to that moro g y. Wheat A. fn Broadway, opposite the 1.%'ayet'e Halt ?it Conk Tt us'; Poole tolil me that SorrlaseT laid he would light him tor fifty dollar** at the foot of Ann street deck; I told Poole I would be there If conven'ent (). Where did yon de business? A. My ebop waa In Hank street. y. I ld you go to bed that night? A. Yea, eir. y. Where? A. In Hudson itreet. Q. At what time'' A. About 0o'clock, I*. M. Q. 'ben yen go? upag*in* A. Ye?? beinre 12, P. M U. Y ho called yon? A. Two young meo ca ne for me. Q Aud wanted yon to go and see Pooler* (laughter.) A Tee, eir. (,>. Yon lound tt eunrenicnt to be down there the next mOTDlrg? A. Yen, air y. How many were there* A. Alrout a conple of huu died. Q. Flow many were there with Pool**? A. I eaw Morris ?ey come down with seven or eight men intra, and when he got Jown. he stripped end rushed in (haeghtar.) y. Now. I am not asking you about t.iat. sir. Tell roe now many ee*e attending w*thhlm?who went with htm, or at hir request? A. I dnnt know that there was more than oi e or two. or three. Q. Wiih hli* know.edge? A. '"At hii request?" I don", that there were any there. Q. Yon don't know that Poole anticipated more than twoorthiee men being there? A. I cannot aweir ho 1 ortu'a anl'clpation; I aay I could not eweer to a living in* n'* anticipation, let alone a de d man'a. y llnvt* y.*u no means of telbug thin jury, a? a fact within* our knowledge, that yoo expected that a large nunitier Mould be here? A. 1 expected that lie would have frteuda en rugh to Me hiin hare fair play. ? A. I did i Q. How many did you anticipate* A, I did not anlici ps'e many. y How many do you know were there, friends, fdiru ?eis, ad!.er<ute eno partizana of Poole? A. Per hap.* eight or mne. Q. Waa I/wUr tbere? A. I Aid not see him. y. Waa On key Jack tnere? A. Di>t not see him. Q Well, was Cy. fciiay down there? A. 1 did not t him. y W?- Mr. Dean there? A. I do not know, air. y. I 'id any one kick Morrisaej there ? A. I decline to tnswvr that (Sensation.) y. Why f A." For reasons which I do not wish t?bare brought into public, and that bare no bearing on the -abject. y. I'll! you Wick him there? A I decline answering that. 5 r. Brady?(dimly). I Insist upon an answer. 'IL' Court.?Why do you decline answering? Win "ss ? I flu not ?i*h to be implicated, cr degraded iu thfc t oaiinuiiity for former act* it. 1x1 rou .t>* nobody else kick Morrlsaey while he IU lew I A. No, tir. i(, umirung wbet you did, did you see anybody kick him? A. I did not see anybody klrs him. y I l*i you ?ee anybody nit him? A. 1 cannot say that 1 ?.io. Q. Iti*l you tee Poole there* A. I cannot aay; I was in ?iillerent poslllr na. Q, V hat we*e you doing?In what position? A. I was iu a position ttyi* g to rare mrreil. y. What roan waa after you that yon can name ? A. I don't know; theie was great excitement tbere, and 1 wiu as Marly to he a rictuu a> any other one. y. IIow many persons, ie ail, were no that dock 'hat you Leew by sight or i.ame r A. Well. I suppose so rue iwi n y. y. Some of nnr wilcesrea hare been asked a question wl ieh Hon* the for* e of example, I will ask y u Are you "au arti-t fl.mgliter.) A "An ar'lst?"' y "An a*llrt?" (Penewed m. rlment ; A I am it twtlst at a iryi'imstc burin* y. I o ro.i ri?it g>.n bll.' g br-usea? A. N<, sir. a. sir, hat I se,i jon? A Yes. sTr, hut I have gireu it up y. How li ng? A. Well, pe.haps eight month*. 0 In what gamnling housrs ? Well in Wallace's In hprlng ?t eet, and in >*ther place. y Wnh I'oole, here you been* A. Y'es, In drinking plaits whirc gambling ra<* carrlxl on y Weie you Do'a watm ttlei.d o( 1* >oie A. Y'es air * > 1 hat i- nil sir. V. W'. Iravor eiamined by Mr Whiting?I am a cierk I wa. at ldrk Piatt's, at the difficulty between Tu'tte ar d liaktr; it waa In the ntotniug, between one and iwo o'clock, I *1* n't recollect the c.ale. Mr. tlaik otjeo e*l?It Is well known that a difficulty ti*ok place between those parties, which led to the resig i stion of Ilaker. He objected to B?k' r l*ei?,g trie 1 for "of tne that transaction until he ia acquitted of the present * barge. the I'istrict At'omey did not intend to try the affair in I'latt'a saloon; that is the subject of another Indict mem. 'he Court? You.don't propote to go into the merits of the**'. The District Attorney?No, sir, we merely wlahtoprore the mtelii g of the pa. tie*. Mr. Clark con tended that the prosecution were bound lorxbaust thrtr te-tlmouy before they clewed their direct, and before the <ir snce was opened, aad he sutrnltled that this was not rebutting to any part of the evidence for ti.. dl 'rnce. kasminatinnadmitted as to the meeting. Mr. Clark?If you trt any of It, you must try it ad. lhe Court?No, they must conliue th*maeltea to the lore'ii g (it the par tire. Mi Oark?1 ou ehan't try one role with my eon tent. Witnea continued?I raw Turner aoil Baker at Plait'* -air on I do not know when they came in; I do not r now if they were there in company with one another. y. 1'iti ) ou aee Ueker hare a pi-tot that night ? A. I did not, air. Q. Waa there any affray there that tight? A. Yea air. (J. Up I ween whom ? A. Turner and Flyer, y [iid taker take any part In the affray? (Objected to. Admitted.) A. I aaw Maker am Mr. Hyer clinched. The antrum war not croea esnmined. M: (.1*1 k aald the rouit would be good enough to ncte an n.epilmt" perry part of thia wlineee'e testimony a hei- g ailniltlrd c< utrary to law. lf,nm?? Flyer ?a? then calld to the aland Fl-ring been 'worn, he waa examined t>y Mr. Whiting in bebalt ot the j -p*?cutli n. I). ! o you know Haker A I do. air y. Ikj y< n know Turner ? A. i do, whetwl aee him. y. Waa if ere anr enntroeemy between you and Tur ner and Baker *t PtetYe retain v Ol Ji c<pd to but allowed, and withdrawn fur the present, y. Where le F'latl'a f A. Ona door on thi* aide of Brtoiua atiret, in Broadway, under Wallack'a theatre y. At what hour did you go there on the day of that occunenca A. When I left ta'ajette Hall it muat here bam. probably, half peat 12 o'clock the party came in there. lhe (.curt.?What month wan tt in? A. 1 forget the mi l ib. Mr. It e Court.?Wee it in thia year' A. Yea, air" along about a month before thia alfi ay took place at tAaueix Kail I went from Infayette llaU to Plat' a. 'Ihe Conr*.?How far ,e*it from Iafayett- Hall? A. ta f.jptl# Hal! ia between Prince and Huuaton atreela. and i'iatl'ale oode: Wallack'a. a dorr from Broome (treei, on !>r adeay. ( i.uui i?lo you knew whrry Turner and Haker went ?h?li you l?tt Iafayett# Hall? A. I do; they foilowe-1 me they had waited three or tour hour* there until I ? Pl.t out Court?I o you kuow ttla of y ur own knowledge? A. I do. etr I left thnn at tafayctte flail and they lowed an. I arn satisfied of It; they wonld not lease la fayrtte HaU antil 1 left, aid User came after me with a ne wenty other* to 1'Uit'e. y Waa I'odla there at thia lime? A. Nr., air, be waa not there y Wh? n you got to I latt'a, yen aay they followed you ?n> A k?>, air. y. t*bat ncturred there* A Well, air. I waa at the ha r tnktrg e dritk with thia gentleman who juet aat on the atand and ano'her me whom t forget: Turner and taker t tomi etdeway* at the tar and |Ut mm! tht? way? I'.uatra' ng by pie lng himself in different poattioo* in irtetlr.n to the tench? there wee about a doten of hero? and rapta ntng to the Court and jury the manner lo ? I.lib he etood); loner and Ilaker cr>m* In. there an ah' ut a d im of li cm altoge'h-r. Turner came op to the t ar, aud etretehe-l h'e a m arroe* me. p.Mblng me on the leewet. I tafd, ' I beg your oardo-i there Is plenty of tent for twenty, you can get jo.r buii.,r at tf ehaeti you aek the barkeepe'. I bare ra'ied for my crina," Turner did It a aecood time, and b itb of then h A (.(I 'heir roata, Turner Vioh out hie p- ">l, and ao did lialer, Turner then aaid You ton of a b ? draw ." taker cried out, "Take ea-e. Turoe- w,ll ah ol you.' Tuiter'i piatol waa di-barge,] the tall paoing my reck and be fired again, the r-all pae? og ln,o tb? (lo- r; I trdd 1dm ! did id want tdkli. lorn, th- urh I had a | latol In my p< eket. It waa a email one, I tick It out ar.d fire.! It a' the wall. I aaw Turner cap; 'ng hi. pta ol again ao I thought 1 would go to an1 try to whip him, at d terkl.d him and h ok him up ia thia way, ( .1 i-'ra. tug by h. Id rg hl> arm* a- if nupporttng a eack of pot* toaa t r -uth lure. i and then I let him d-op, (gr**t laagb. ?art; Baku. In tt e meantin. ?. * 'acked tne with the null B<i of hie pt?t< I nod cut m* on the bead is [ t 1 bin In hard an! put "him" down t?o (Hi-err tod * t'u-jM t ypU-. e from y -ukf Arae-'e*) After thl* a 1 ? 4 ofh cr he wouhl not cfJicet came It hat I etrg r. -tld do it myself aireatljim; 1 said it he w>uW ?*?'C wo. 'in m tt?t>e eo I took hold of Baker and hrnugW w nife, when' whilst I held him lie ?vt my fingers with hit* ea the vffl I gut roucd with him lot" llreoine street f ???t , ,|,a, cei , end I hey ?ni il I kw him go tb?y would arrW* e. .J I ssbl tint wat, I wsatfj, I let thm go, ttirl he f"b?. olt by himself to the ststtern beosc end made e chvff? against ne; when 1 got there I tolu Chptain TuinWl wba' thi entire arraDgemm?what; that he aitatapleJ to kill me. Ctcse extn .n?d by Mr. CUrh Were yn ilronk or soberf A. I wee not drunk. J. Wsie yon eeherr A . A? uvieti a* * man dunking a few glMiei ot lienor; I knew wh--? T we- doing then aa well sa 11 o new Q. Were Jtu a* Lafayette Hall A Yea, i-lr. Q Did you i" linker then A, Yt?, sir, t aaw tweai'v. Q. I id y.u fee Baker? A Yes, air; Q Po j on i eoolleet tie try ing to ligHt kA * regar at ooo of the i' gar tighter tC A. Yea. air. t). Did you fu*h him ac ? 'dan'ally at that ? Ittneow A. No. air: he saM to me, '"you big eon of etr?dl " Q I ciil no', >Mk yju Ihetr A. But 1 te!? yW??? whet ?* aald 11 e "ourt?Mil you panb blm ? VA. ffo> Mr, ,1 did not. lie aaieht hare kntekW huauu nor to.'oh him. no leaa lie might against ?e. Q. 11# you call h>n a tbieff ? A. No, rlr Q. You awear you old not aey at lafeyette HHf, "that thieving ?rn of a b? ?h ?" A# t d*'. "jr he wae a ifbmu thieving ?rn off a b? ?h (j. Wae Baryi y Young there? A. I beiiere ftimw him there that night. Q Dirt yon are Turner there? A. Yea.etr. t). Did you ?e? him in I'alifbrwia? A. No, air y. You war* in California? A. Y'as, air. y. What war your buahieea after you returned* A- 1 waa in no p?if kroler buainena , I hail enougo money (\ > aupport ue. I did keep a clubhouse at No. 3 I ark tilton, g. A ganibling-bouae waa it? A. It waa a olub honest a aporting house. y. Did they gamble there? A. They sported them, y. Had you ui Interest in it.' A. I had; I *?? the piojretor. y Did not Turner dine there once ? A. He did. y. Iilil you not Invite him? A. No, air. a Mr. H*^y tea to dine with me one day, and he ha ring an appoint ?a along men' with Turner. 1 told him to brtug hia friend along nl'b him; that war the mnt Turner that 1 met at l.vfny rite Hall. Q. Do ycu swear you were the tiret in Piatt'a saloon that night? A. I went ooe-n .,tair* and they aame down afier me. y. 1 td you lake oil your coat that night' A. Yea, air? I generally Co eo atu u I go into a place to ait and i a joy myaelf?thai la, iny overcoat. y 1'fd you take off your uude fiat? A. No, Mr, I took off my watch and ptn, because 1 did not want tbeni to be atoh n. y. When you came in, were net Turner and Baker in ike beck room, up ataira ? A. I don't know. y L'd you not aay there that " there were two men there that mint go out of the house "? A.I wij awear that 1 did not. y. Why did you take off your wivA-band pin? A. Be cause 1 knew those men were t flcr roe, aud that they miglit be stolen. y Had you e tiatol with you? A. I had a small pis tol in my porket. y. How li ng did yen carry it ? A. I had carried It for about fix inntbsor a year, lur protection. y. Ltd linker lire at you? A, No, air; he etruck roe with liia pistol, on the head, y. Vou arrested Baker ? A. Yes. (j Reli>re that time ciil no . Turner fBaker?] take up a tsttle ani throw it at yiuV A. I wok the bottle trom him ami chucked him down. y. 11: he not tell you to let g hia ne-.khaudkerchisf ? A. N?>, sir. Q. Iitd he not out your hand V A lis did. y Mowloog wete ycu iDtlinete will Poole ? A. idou't know ? hat 1 waa "intima'e" with htm at all, I had known him er.d teen in company wtm him several tlnie<, meet ii g him casually . I bad annu a him for about two jaara. y You were one of tht nailaraiere * A. 1 waa, elr. y Cy. Hhayaho? A. Yea. sir. y Now, were you an inemy or a frier, i? A. O ' I wee a Mend. y Were v< u at the prDe fight between ouUiran and lloirbhe}? A. 1 was sir. y. Which fide was 1 cute iu > A. OnSuJIiTan'a. y. which side wer- \ou on? A 1 waa not certain un til I In kid at the par (en?then 1 was on Hulllrau's aide, (laughter.) y. I id you er*T scs Prole light? A No, air. i) wg.e jou at toe ' Cem" <???? nlgtt he fnugbt A. Ke, *1.. y. W etc tou not there one nlgif Hulliean waa drunk anil Poole lhiew him on the fl ml * Witness? (Very emt.heticahy)?No, air. (oensel (a'.owly ai,d dillberetely)?Were you not at the (ism ohe night when Hulliran was drunk and Poole thii-w hhr on <he floor ? W i'ucaa falsing liia roice)?I?waa?net?there?sir. (laughter.) y You h?ard of he occurrence ? A Yci, str Q. Vers tot you and Pool# atiiojwd to tiare a tight, ?b^t night, Sullivan cams in? A. 1 hive no :<now !<- gc t f a tbirg Q You km w Jlorrlesey ? A Yea, air, I have 'een ltim. V Were you ever in his room"' A. What ' y At li e (iem? ldd you not go there one t:t frnl*.g with Poole A. 1 did, I believe P.-ole was ?Ph tils, u friend of Mi'ttissey'a cam# down to me arid arnught me up anu thiiwed m- Ida room; MnrrD?ey was in bel; tete ?e>e three or four more sleeping In the same riom, I don't know who the* were. y Wer: tbsy men or bcya? A. Fr.,mlhsir apoear-.ncc in bed I u| ( they wore mcu;tbey wste not little hoys. (I aogiiter.) y. What time of the morning was that? A. I should Jtidfe a' two o'clrck at night, y. Wl-i- were yun w:'h Poole that night" A We went to Cln .ciella Maraliell'a io leunaid street, (loud isoithtsr.) aud^tr.os a bottle or twsof wtne tuere, and i ante awsy. y. Was Poole sober or d unk? A. I Judge about the : a me es I waa. y Wae not that tl.e night jou aud Pi->!e made ft lend.- ? A. No, str. y How lorg bt'ore that bail y?u aetth-l your aninc -l tisf? A. I cannot tsll. y Was anybidy else with ycu leaving (Inderella Mar shell's? A Yea, sir, lUU mau, whom Morrisaey sent to tell me be would whip me. y I don't want ti know that Witness (insistlngly)?But 1 must tell you all about bow I came tnlo Murri'sey's room; this utan wa? sen' to me; i went with I im, aod 1 remained helow waiting for a quarter of en hour and be then came down, In the mean tine Moriueey put e pUfoi under bia hem*, as I waa af trrwaids informed by thet very nan. y What waa hia name" A lis waa the man'.hat tbot himself; I believe hia name waa Hawkey y. ldd you not meet him at (-Interfile Marshall's" A. He came there. y. Were you in a puHicrroa? A No, sir It was a private room, auch es la in a publie w b a (laugh ?cr) we ooi't genere'lv sit in public rnmi la such * * ofUi * pieces (A simohanei us leurst of laughter yreu ed tnia runce ar missii n. ] y Dtd you U^k the lour of Mnrrleaey's ro?im when you went in ? A. No, sir y. Dm tome? A I don t mow, sir. y What eonveraation paused between you?4i I you propose to light him" A. He said be wanted to have this affair sett erl. 1 then mid blm to git up and fight me, aad bave the n alter done quick. y Idi i nu propose to flgh" or not* A. He lid, and ibm 1 told him to get up rghteeay. y bid he not aay to you "If you have cune here to fgbt me In this way, I should have somebody?" A. No. y ldd rod Poole propose that be wnold see fkl' play ret* ren you and bin.? A. Ye*, he did but there ware o'bers In the room twaidra. ?y W'as Poole a lighting man A. I cauuot mj. he was kro.eklng around Mime. y. W as Mori issey ? A I cannot lelL y. 1 urn Poole was not ? A I never aaw him fight in rov lifs. g 11>! tin iifffr w llln -trlke ? mm) A. So, elr, [Ttl'iiaa correcting himeelf.; Ye? I u> him etrlke I Utch i bai l*y, I believe Q. Md j..'i H* the hgM between |??u lewn mod Mike Murik) 1 A I did not g. 1 id j< u not eee Murray Mto hi* n>ee off' A. No, klr g I>(' you ilelt ({ambling bourne t A. Yea, when I pieaer g. What cid y ?u do la foUfernU? A. I hail a" bu?i mm Um; i had enough n ooey to bring me th retail keep ti c g | | . ) im p'.ny * innate bank * A. No, *ir not there, g. lu 7ui afterward* ' A Y**, elr.

g. i Ul y?u ou U11 latbmu* t A I don't bellow* I am . biJgo'i t" anax-r that; if the Court eaye it 1* neat?at7 thai I thi old I aid V. 1 1 you bu.w C? rky Jack > Wltneee, i with a con aide able ?: ouiit ol lim.gna' emphaeia) fir, I do not 1 n"W t> rl) Jerk. (A taugb.) Q. You l ad a good deal to do With thi* proaecutlon A. I r ob i kl-CiW that I bad g liar* )oa town aetlfet A. I have been aetiea. g. in ci njurictlon with Whom * A. With m/eeif 1W iu.??? gr< wing lBi| H'loi.t ; g V'l'huiboo elewt A. No <f. 1 in you ait alth any nuagietrwtav A. I told Judge 1 en abeie I thought he tetM "t -aiieiar-ion I ? eat to Jer-ey aii|, -luart and *a? the bad on which laker lay. <y f-hey vac with toe (OmBdi ntly.) It ? a- thn 1 gh trie they brought htm back til eoioe way or .anther. g bate you erar been on HI irk wall'* Inland ;lh ul'neaa appwarwd anaMwbat taken aback at the |UetJ prnpouiK.en by in* learned eooneel, bat ropnoded .a the efflimat ire ] g lor bow .oof a timet A For about from all to wait* 1/ onthe. g H) wti wae that ^ A. Ale ut fi'teen yeare agn. g How 1 Id are yon nowt A Thirty ?U g. How many duaia haww wnu foi.*ht> A 1 eaanot tall, g. liewe you net tought thirteen dual* Ctgwcted to. g l id you no' mare town to light a duel with Tom Ii'IiomUI [lioiodoat.] The wltre*. bare arowa from hi* Mat, and with much ewinewtaee* and ewireotly la t.. ring under much mental ? loo ioii raid, ' I wee confided of an a*eaul' U(rori a baker, who wa* ra- tying e basket of bread in Chatham treat, and 1 eoieannly declare that I bad n m .re to do with it than any me here prweent. fee I we In 11 y bed a mile away from where the eeeaul to- k r-lfe at tho time I waa aent there 01 thai end I don't think It la prnpor O r you elr, [aa- a Ueally ?if arkl to b tog it up now nut tnat I am an*. ..of ? 'I pnU ? thimiL kni a it. eik? If. I on eretawC you war* aent t ,.<re en ; '? 'irrtmyt A. Ye., nr. [ ti. .iktt <,* 'u.' r)-W?i I' oo<i t,.....'. A Yft, >Ir. I ta much obliged to you, Mr, <*i?r'., I * that. Mr. Curk?Wu there no other eha ?e ronmcted with M A No. ,|r. Q "H in il C|?,pt -aright f)nrj? ?e ? " <1 n w ? elea*, (lev njigui r*'J"r7' Wi'OWM) (flT'.I 4?)?Ye?, <h'. atd 0?*ht 'grit* Q Doynu u .U*ct im etiog Maker at the U J H.-fwit A J do, oi nut .f nlgLt*.. y. .Mo ion ]<U'b Sa awry M'd the her* A. N?r, elr, I ev ?'0t Id li t h lit i f m trvg tr, let an/ out: y <1 'd > ou not ftrih* at htref A*- ?r. U. Yrtv ?io ?uie of ihetf A. Yen "ir. The Cout.t More took id- unuml I#1?1 Un,ree*ir>'?t)Uog, Mh.o) l i rw-i w?i ca Ii A to ttir md ex?.?tmi ?>> ?r. Wl nil g lor the pri-wcwtton. * Q. \Vl,?i Is yooi ou. inorn-? A. I ?rvk in Weih-hgt.'u >rk?l. Market. C. What ?#? /ntir lii:?lnr*? IB Y^rp ii v lie:!' A. I w. ? n |ol: *<3.An ol the Ninth vera. n aw t.'1 ;,n,0,, w,'h Biter* A. I an. i ' w , tor p-a-H- a??l a4(utdew X L ?.?%Ur J ' ! "a Mr '1 h?* "*?*?? ?4>?<" .... Wa^ P?eci?tur ut-l vrbun ho wa* < gly. eh1"!*. maker" *"*" g""*#r#l cl?ei actor' ' A. Be tree ? ad. g Md y<-* ever art eat Mr. Baker? rrihtochrd to aud qttnien wi'kd.awn.) 1 i? aua iVoe. ti.tth... by Mr. Clark-I ww-lt for Mr. S?u?ro? ? ?? Market; I en. aut ? l-utc'.or; (don't pro ^ i <ja'' 1 hn,w ' 1 attar ded'titr fa. bin .ra.r.'"".!!"" K"la! Ata"-?"n>t ?t ?*? oeour i-m a be w?? tkii ami ?u rti?oy? A. I wm. Mr. ( jai l?Tt at'. .Jl; youinay go. (leughter.) tlio ?/ i \ ?'k >,m ' br.j.rtht you f 1.A 1 ????'?? of tbe ,nd I wtut ' *. Wbein old ye**bear of It? a. At A a K. Miller'* rj"'' *** "ut *' ?"n.ployn.ent thru, g. Mow dm y u live if you w*rj- Cut >?[ employ ? A I w.a oe if. a, l. j, notrann again, %. -very one i,. i ?u- if * ,ou ",tJl hl<n? 1 1,?1 ?*?*?? lootoa b?ra.ei.i before t-at for aev-nlwu dky?; 1 wi* ii't thru 1 oide'M baikrre-r; | had homt out , thi.i emot-iv J*'" ?*JT """? " ,md f'l'O' .nan lhl!Vi 'i ' al,,"y tb,t ti lake J * Ml.ler'. barroom. (J. 1m ban been a poll, man her..* ih.??ma It d >t \?"i oU-* ** " cltlini to pie.era an-alFrayv . .Lr ?' ?.U:y " * I W.nt U -ri k,-y my ? Inthea aj-1 gvi blin out of v,e crowd and oil tl>? duak 'l ??? I*'-' T? l.lthiui, I ill.| nit re* P?tl irk hita: I tm-k I ro e ''Mugilarey Myl g-t H-.rrlr.ey my. I *?? p.. Ml. hit ibm(Mnrr|.,?j) but I dvp.t kiier who 't 1 !"*" u* "'=*??' I ooaM; I lr the Arnfml m$\?v tb*?; I wm empl..*v?*n hj th* Com niieiary (, it ?a. after that I J*.ut to w-rk at CJa.blitgt u -aaiket. y. l td you e.y Baker waa-|i.nrreU-ni?? Ai t .aw. he ? Be a mo-chief maker, and that he m at time, peace able and at limea ugly. Q Who dH yaai h?ar .ay A He emtaerted with I '-O.tona 'law to hate ma I relm, aud Uaior liuw. tnejer dlmd-m-d II en ihe rpot. - M**"* ????"* of any partie. who hate .pak-u t.t Huktr . gen.rat eha-acet ? t. Mr. I' Mr. (lark?We-anil have Mr. Platt on the .land a. to that On-t. Mr Whiting mlerrupted, and Mid aurb . ooduot to wnrd. ihe aiio'wra. ?a. .legr.itlne to a court nl iuatlce. The O-uil ..Id he had tried ?o put a Kluptoaucha COtlTf# of t>rOC? Out in vtltta Mr Mbitinir-Iten your Honor, you h.i'J bettor dl* cl:??pe ibe Jut jt ?ro adjourn tbe court. lo k?(ii\e rre ttie iiatneM of now other tl-en Mr II. Ilttt hat tou heard May linker v#a? aouar relrcme man? A. I old not .my he waa a uunrrelo .aw tcna: 1 raid a ti lacblel la.ker; I cun.1 glee in. uaiu. <4 any other nan ot ihe name of any man, a .< ?*?>, urr-^ut nt the tin.* 1 latl .aid ao. g. W hen did you lea.a the polbe 1 A. 1 reaigne-1 the jiollce. Q. Why? A. I all! tell you If you want to know. I averted a m.a at Newark, N. J., for a burKkary 'or ? hu h there waa ? reward ol $I?X) oAereo, aa.r Mr. Mat .ell gave me oi ly tl-0, a an I re.lgne<l weauae M waa not a fall dlvi.lnn a. I waa entitled to tlM. Mr. Claik?Yuu rr.lgued beoauaa-you did not get a fair bate of thu plundai . Ihe Ciort and eounael for the pmaeculhio agal i ob Jeeli d to three coir nu n'. Wi'nie ?I w.a anbpirnhed la th.? eaae by Arkeraon. he did not iell o.a Ibat It would be. ana-nary to iwrar lhat wa? a quarrelaoint nan. Mr. Hrady?I waat to kwow tb? naaae of any living men wh- .aid to you baker waa a quarr.l-owM men t V nne..?I tied yuu owe, Mr. Pbatt; I eaiiaitctll to mind .ny ether Mr. H.adi i.eati, iu ve t- have vl thia witue.-'a le. time: y r'i J..|, out, on tba gr euad lhat ll I. II rg?|. II 0?"!? *"huo1 -???">?? Ih* dele one l.?l p o-e I . *?'er Vu bea peaeeabe uian, ?oi the le i iuu-ny nf Ihi. wutw.., had had ? dtai.uitv I' almu d b- .trlck-n f/oin tba rveord Cm- Court .aid the testimony wa. eim| ly that H.k-r V .a a n-iiehi. I n kkei. Tb? Cuurt did not o-eii.idrr the lee'luir-ay if the a'lgbte.t impoitaore. lie Court -.vonld .(like on' the teatiu?-i>j. I r.ew I cnhem exemioM) by the pr-aerutl-vu I wa. policewian, di ingrtu'y fioui Ik60 to the time of thta oc eurietxe. y I" you kn-w Hakrr'a general rbaraeter for pew inil -yutetcea.? a I have wen him out late at n!gb'. g What I. hia g-n- el ararter for peace and -luiet iria? A He i. a hght-ag man. Uoee exsn-Uar?Who told you linker wa. a fighting naav A I j-.-g. d . o fiom ihe e-nipaur I > aw him in g. '.oi?l you Uaker ?ea a lighting man* A. N'o U-i y. C Have you teer earn him light* A Yoa; I .?* ht n I glit in li< ward ?tr?ei, in lH6r, between Bro. iwey and Vercer rtitei. I -lid not art wh ?aa Oghting titn him thei- war a crowd, II ey wet- ell tightli g a- l p..Ill g in-l h.uhi-g t- grthei. I did not -e- any ear atrlk- llok- r g 1 Idji-u'a- anyone* A la?? hi n polling and bai-lb g, 1 ?? nl up at.. mve pea?t, an 1 -ll.|ierae i Ihe crowd I -aa- Slor la-ey there I .aw blow - .M but i ? uld n-1 tell wbo wa- -?- urt , |i wa- a* nlgin . 1 think It aa? alter IT o'rh-ck I 1 new Hater at tha- - 1 think I e wa- in the offire . f the a-n.miulonera of t n. gretloq; I did not ?|eak to huu about It; he waa an ?ni>--r at the tllUf, una K) WftM I. g. l>lC you report him? A I thin'. Ceptiiln TurnVill knew it Captain lurnbull aae in the iruwd, too, pullii g a no hau'.iig (laughtet.) ^ Mr. Hi ady?That wa. | tegular " plug muaa " (I.augh g Are y--u auie i' waa in 62- A. Yea, tir g Lt you not know that M-rria.. y waa in California In A I do not, ?.r, it may hate he-u in the fall of '6.1 tLat Ibe light waa. g Were y- u not pra.ente-l with a tu'lmonial* A Yer. J r. B ady- I t-lic.e It a raptain take, a man over the mer in aknyboat Le la preaented with am-dal (laugh ler ) W. 1 o you tot kn-w that Biker wet apilied to to aub ?orile I-- the trrliuiui.ial to y-u and drcdi.ed' A. I do nr.?. To Mr Whi'fn^? I n et Baker oa the night of the affair ?t I la'fa. be lo.d mo I t<w.| go, aatha aff.1, wa- all user; f'aughter.) h? t< Id ma he had made rwace I told him I ah- uld go, a. Mr. I latl ml to- me. Mr. Clerk-aid he thought tin. tettlmnnr .hould be trick en out, the Wimrra liao not apwk-u of Itikei'a grn * la! rharaeter he meiely aaya thai be .aw fiak-rlaa rr-wd with (apt. Turnbutl. A It. Huwtii recal-t-l. Hepoaed that lie wa. eounael fur 1'ioL y. Py the Dletrlct Attorney ?Ik) you know Pmil-'t rbarac'wr tor tiutb and reracliy. A I narer h-?r.l auy -? -peek -d It, my ia'ercourae on hi. behalf waa >ith : ia fii-n-V in .a a mat er of courM, I na?er hrard hie h-aeter f.,r iru'h and veracity <|u?.U.-n.-l. g- '-nring ail hia litiga-h-na have you ever bea--| hi. ' barirter lor truth end veracity ijue-Unnru A. I ner-r l-eve. Q. Would y-u beliwv. h'm under oath? A. W-ll I think I could brli.v. hloi node oath. <-oe. ax.mlued?If he were In'erevted in an affair I >h< uld >hii.k he woul-l be Inellnrd to coh-r it in hi. -en favor. ( apt hpelght, of the Twenty flret ward I'-lloe?I koew loole tor fifteen year,, . ever had murh -leaiioga wi-h h tn, I ney.r beard I'oolu'e character -|u?etl?n-t uatil i* V. "''*k ' *-I>'old him under ,.ail, . ??'?r. Hra-.y?Never had aa opportunity of baailag him teettfy. The wttr-eae Mcl -n-.igh waa re-ealled by it* a-wo, 0nT . -"V? U tV-,"Mr ,Ui1o?> I kxi- w o-tlung about tba affal-. Cm oe er Hiit/.n examined by Mr Whitmg-i tan Mv I - ni uah, ibe laat wltbaae. g I W you enwimH him aea wtineae? A. I did not commit k " th# ??tn v?rd kU on I would have taken hie tertln.oay i/ I Uwught he in-a "c? Ud***^ 1 "favored to get ail the te.t.noay ( roea exemired by Mr CU/k_| u.h?j MePouough I! he ?.,,u' '? ???> Me aatd n-,. I did not beam t ?t < y .-hay < r for hey Jack fired piatole. g. tic y-.u .'l*|'* the Jury to impdetfe living tn-l ? "^iV. k A, ?'li ' "**** oowtrary g I Wtbe (m-uer'e jury adJo,ra u, atMud Puwte e t- neral? A Tl ey rid not. g 1-14 you no yea aom. of thmn there a. pall bear.,. A I *US U**i til" j>fi c*?rftot V 't1.'?"'?mrt himaelft A. Ve., I did o-t k Iheie waa any thing to e-wuee hia wl<h t.-.e ?*r* i n ?11tbj y I O you think OdtevM any th ag t l?lag ?1 h it? A I - Ut a t thlwk thara wae ? tl h- e ,n n et I vtng a lib the aeeoa-i affair. ' "Li'lng?He (Irvtog) waa exam-ae-! a. a wlt l e>. tetrre me. . \*??' ^ , ,t." '"*??*< ??1bdr-^a when be went ? T'"-" A X*n rot know. 1 .ho.11 ' . i! . A if J'.,y ?*? " Mo rl.eey for ... ? ?.? It ftp<J for th* flrtt nflrmw. 0. ! I you tell .ay witue-a hat li he gave evetoiw* 1,0.^?,'?.?" -? auvWri -ut ?-d eu ait., >. >t ht.f a-' weiVTr! t b? ;.r-T?'?' Wr tUrt-Aad m nerwev't not aerrender u To Mr Wrng a joror-lf I to id a -oeo mi) ,he I-"- -he ? b. I n."i Wi. impli-ated I woald r K. ...... try leg Or truth bet I would not Uat.t -a htn- -rl-at. r.'ing ntmwir ?,fc?? the law of Ihe e*e a wit ne.r :I p.-? ?e*.d fr-ea twlag ovtlgM men., o el rbay iXured leeiimakal. ntaw- lf >h o ?,.? e" V '"-I after..,,..,-, . , ' V"t |d"?e-tei ae ae-Ud B . rett - f iLe ertvlhgw -bra- hyrre, rreafled hy tba defeaee t I *-you .a?-iwet ou ary oeeual.? 1 A Id -tr ' m-eno* - ml Bed he aa? 'I.lag ab- at hi. per eon ? (I P,yae<*d to ) " h? M. rtt? ? -o? "*au at.a tee ptaUUe, V- (lark ? It. y-. p ? id (hat be .aid to Mr Byrka ' '{ "^,r c^omi Ul*'* ?" aouhu idr?i i. an. Ai ? 1!?a.* ti. "d "? J-* 1 to prove ?k? hat Ho. le bad u nil' in tfro kl> 'b*1 Mr is i <| ktn. to ?mpl. v MV w??v * " tb?' .V) l'.H lr .t praa d- the wtVl* -. 'V 1 ?" h"D '"'1 employ Mr. V*ailup " an 1 that I t*x * ??????'r M^twl'uo. t, w.iUi f .ity ^ -?u#UUr.) Tk* ' ?uit?lb n'. ?ery true, (I<auubt* ' \ Mi. tlnik.?Well, | moan one laler WlUh*?* coulloutd?I wnnt to a kail'; i'.iotd ?r>1<1 '*? tlrl.sU: ' w?' ft ? .upper ladle a hi Jr Mr. I'.iote k '! ,ur blniw If a.trrl hi., friend., ha I ?ouin i.1m; *!?*. yo pper we unit up H> the l> .m-oro; s I w el n.*u earn* [? .?'?'! eekrd I o.tfe be "fllM/' and he nalil be a>*? aU'rffh 'i I arktd i'uslv lis rltx o*. u -tithe at jr, he raid h rtt't ft knsw but tfce.tB *> tfbt; I a.krct I'ooln urliat :i?na ? ?wnu hj Mri|( '' tfcxe.d, ' aud Ire ahowtd we lao pt.uil.; ho bat eneinti. brsaitk pocket arid t hr other In ;! t ttn'uavra* we went up to tT*? hallruom, aoo V- told no that I Itila* i mi*ia that * hallJkSJOi that nlgl t either li > or llake tljeulrt bs dreak; I v^pit na?y, au r tn not |>>ai' t'whoth ei I raw Maaer that ?%ht I told V*ksr tftonknl'' <> Horde's tfcriat, ?nil i'lrlnvl him ?c ksvp out of hi w?jr. . y. about Jlie Efnnk'yn nifn'r t A. I way r "ni? ' r*.< i f lilt barge "A 1? w?-iv??.*|jn eoraa tfma af'nr * ? itf tmr Nunail mf 'i* r?" K"ir?, I fi'A I. ?**' .??I I'iw^ Pixli U'1.1 nil '*??.??? g.-ing Ui?.-lUei a dMBoutw; "fcppkc Jvbhaof a U*y?"i ?f>? lilin ?>. tTuramr: . -i>*' bfm ?ft? wa*A? ?? marke", fc Id v< li?d a drink i weed him h?w -v* ?.t .?t c ? It. * wad If he IM oiwjhryed M.. Waring) lie n .I ll# oltTipt want any ?>wy*>r, ho had ? go'"' *'1 Vl? t Wf. . (j I Id he ?xt "i'0 lb* wl ??""*- wore. Oh'ltked t.? It " (1>rk ndd h? waiA'd t? allow liuU 1'oet end loa'Og abut Tnslo'i WMIora ??? rto lwrvl u, and that th?J w*'i> ?? t iiituns at the ftr whlih tl ?y nun. (it Jot "Wti ti> and ruled nut. The 1lit' ict allot ??; litre pr enitnl tin. orlgi; ?i .tepu eltfcu i ebli'li tuni Men lound moTr-t thi' m mtm nf the (it. ad.Infy wording the t?'? 'hiei Mr. Hick * bid tiro ullii ?cl I>!?i ?Aitmwrj Mi 1 ???., propria tin ul finnwli lltll, ??? reeal ?? e-?1 i ximini tor the *tn|i TV-CO hy Me. 1-radj . <), Wi re j n oa emiind b*Mf Mr. Jttataee fl?no?o ta-iv wliiion In i ".H to tide elf dry A ?, itr, ihroo d> .'be whole c wo I | eigm d that affidavit. y. 1 In y yn Kem '-.?or-ee .luMtij I'tn iw that yuu aw Peter file &'ol batidlw not yt*" wh< tpadruokf A. | tit. ? Mr. Ihady 1h?k la .all In Mr. ' 1? k -ntnp 11 rhe iaar>?? ' '? ? IclM li e beve I.II II I n nil I; 1 never told y?a She "lie on tie ban III the III inter w?? lilleil up; I tell* Jim auiue uflh" i uitir painted over iu. . BtWd with |.??t I uevor (*??? dliecth i e tn 1 it? tiiCtn lilted. To Mr Whit I IR? Mi. A) litre lt/etiuen ai out (irtveifi when m* esainl t??j.?i wmtbnMen; tt wan t' *uri?jr, tli t ih'h. tliet to. h It nun. y. Md he reed it mer m jwu belure yo i ? draed it A No, ?ir. Mr. Whitlrg I'll *yomr ttepaaliion an wwd It over, ? i.d *ay if il 1? eo/t' ? %Akmm dow n Mm. I. Allen rnmilnl Uy the deteoce. Tlobditr pr ? lucid). IhiH lu HI/ Iiiueil Wka the oue Tiriwr wnre; I i,iver raw hut lh? ? ti". (WMmen 'li"? ' I low rum?i UMialty wo ? the luU'.ur be??iiiit the leit hir I To tlr. Clark It wn* not at all uuoininl - a 'ieoeu ptr tief to be at my homio in Ofionarii atreet, ?? tmgr w re i n thai occiotl n, it uu ?? every day mvecniii. Tur lier had a rov.rn at lay but'*; lUker had not. Mr (li.rh contemM I that the ?IT?lr at ?"-? tt i. which bad nothing to do v.llh tkw pieamit rawi, nhau'.il b? utrtcki o out. The Court? The ue it ol that tranw io*. acre not be file ttrnjurv. Mr. Chi 1 Then It v . ' 1 1 ?" ? Mr Iw.dy I..till liter. fc?t e....-eil *11 tr at la ' ? a ii .lib l?o out. Ilia w kiW hatt to t'l * . ? i wooh. Matly I unliable' tie iv'depoa li a i.J. *i giten l.y the wltnee -e tuu tne proaeeuu .n, 4e. e j laiily pr. tract thin li d Mr. I cao, having i?w4 tta dapotlUen, ti nt a;?v i on the etand. Dj Mr. Whlil.g? I thi4 oorrart? A So,'I I v. u.l ?ay that I raw I audio u p ea> nt a pi?t-d and d o a', 'oota, thi eleik mieiiuoerati int v; I told the clerk t *e. I rue l'eker i.e. r 1 o. le an tl ' ' ker Bred a pi l- him, (he nltlduvlt euye that r?w lUker lire a pi-' i but did rot Mm who it hi ; t. Cork i.met hare .til. ul t H?t<? d tli?. Mi fl ?dy raid tha' thi ? would ha obliged li "r" w't r.em. tl r. ntiadlct k r. i j* in th" mo?t e .wci?uv l .!>;? ol hln tt.tlue r.y If ??? it. i are no', o >"> to ? ir' id. ft will ba loiporeriiie ui eloia thl? oat"'.i i >^nt. Tha At'oiney lie oral tn reply, wl 1 that nayvtid t*a Itr * of Itaki r folioelng H.erfiom lafkyi-'w !lou?a to I latt'e laiouo and thai Tinnar full. ??! i that lie y In 'h pretewled plat' lu at IITW in "V.1 *i M)* Jl|ry had nothing to do with that traaaaatl n ' *7".' icviarv of v-hat Dgtrl, ... wte. ve in t.atgpv ur vrri rg, Ihe Jury hvd notliliig to <t? , Mr Hiady wotilo y eve, thut "> f?r frrntv fa ? r f.ll iw inn Hvi i flail'a rali-.n. lie di?tinr ly ur vtewl not to f" in theie; that ha told Turnir It win llyer r I eed-jtiar i ta nod that ho *?? going Into the caiup of tbe ei i ir y. ... ., Ate a- ii e fort I er r'toutka from cooaael m both -I le?. Mr Pre. ) eald?In jui'ioa to Mr. .tii-tice Hcw.itian, an I Injui.'ire t.i the cleik, ha would leave to owlj 'lieiii to r* i, alu ti e Itatiiriony ol Mr. Itaan. Mr. I tun to the ? Ilia .'<i?'ko dl ' not read over the i*i I* rtiici' ? to n ?, th" clerk did not rw.?d it aitlie", I elm ?d |i without lenditv it. Tbe Attn*" <? Oinaial eeId that the ?'I1 aeu?e? are ao n It', re I e tcatiioi ny tv uk. n and alter it o. w.ltteu down thi-y rlgn It. , ,, In t i admonki he I the Jo y not U h Id a*y corti* n in ballon with any |wr?on ou the anh/wct of tha lit* Ail nir.e.' to Mom uy uioruiog. at II " elook, whan fur thor tr tloo will be addueed hy tor a-retu:r wol-h aItii more tel Iti- a avi lama, t? Ul pr oably oomuina tha greater lar* irf tha tley. , .. . pi Ol do tur.. lha' Mr. Mr ady anil Hum mo f e the da fei .U, and lilt Atloieay t.icaral p.r tt.. P .vurrvoaut ft." Mldrer.. ? ? i both genU'-naii ara .rwa"! to with at at th by, aa ilia ca ? a'fordea wl a In Id ' ear Utience and urguu.i til. < Ity Intrllljkem ?. 0< f* v (vioka-1 ;m Pot t*" H'f" Wa n -w ,h,r* l.e In 'hi/ City i n undertaking thai deeerva> eoc .uragw me.l |i ia tl.e inlfl'iu aclirarla lale'y pr. je< l?l ndnowln fell prrftaaa. Keerjhodv koowv that tha rtty ant piovide annually at the covt of million for aeh < Uog ? I, ne h.r all tlP?e children who rnak" application. Sow, there wi re hundred" and thr.uaande of little one" In our gnat cHj whcee pa rati ta waia too utterly da,.r"V?l or too pcor to put aultabla t orarlhg on Urrdr o taprlog Ot Pn any rch<?l, and t?.et the intern|ar ?'.? atata ol tha |errtite t,f otheta fwgat iliat total atata of la liJt r. o a that w.nt hundie<la of th- ? )'.ung off-c, irtng. of our etierta Into r'er.a of it ieeerjf and Irc-ri iooair* a, the igli ti e bt lert.ftrre nrglec ?t a i.rt.j" i mi"?i rn at hotji r Irr tt a eavitg and conyerrtt n of tone ?tmU oy Undertng a tr Ut.ty of pnpdr food and clothing which now 1-dng t'.one ha? cangi t in ationg a bol l oo rriaoy ol the pktan'a thai Utev now Itally ir.rvulage the thai we ?>> ilr lr chll diet, to dally ai d nightly M'k U. da.ll timler rleeufwr vti i<n id faithful ar.d rig otnt mlnlatera. Mo-h p'%. ?u . . .. to the prior ipal of the Ik.ya' ?rh. ol In vn' ii.Uel' O pev. Mr. V>n fp|i "r.? ran nly Jc'l' frmn th? feet that m all eoildicn wU ba l alien Iwd (or t . r a tla>? a eniol Ifce . nhllr a. t" da were fr< m 'Ua recent g re .. rt if the tft.go'.ar rapeoty 'rf Mr. k an I do. a-r.t P, b i ftrler hl? ' trcclloti. ?ad It kpwara thwe lh?y pf'T(r?*ewd n ' re in thire rooi tha U an lb-/ ha I tr# ?re . a tra f a yrar. To tho three young lad tea who niana^r toa g rl> io lartment too mow pratae ? ai.ri't >?? itn 'vel I . toe loftlatlaablIIIV, patl.uow aa I aureraa that a e ... I?r on. .tec erily Ctowoed tha . r fforta and ifwdr [*rwear..n-w Ir. a Mid. BO tar a- wa can j id** that eptwed at ft'?l cr rot l.teiy uraglng owing to Ui? f!W eraa diapr .f un imanjrftlw nrglatU-l aol wraVhwd paravU of tbar ff.'ren, that oft. ?" alm.-.t lochna-t at fire' to tun. > y in awn | la tad' pair, l.n tha a bote in a rtty a. )|e It U !fnp.enc hie to ralcuiv*w the acnotvot of V i I 'hat there oatatdl.hmer. a are yielding ArMMOTAItT frftrrWkim ? An utkhrt'.wn man fall Into the dock toct of Peventeaath .lre<t< I'aat river, oa I ft lay, and notwlthetaadlrg h? ??? reacoad .aori afterward, hy Captain (^arobera daath In 'ha c ?r? >* haif a? j, . Tha -.ecaa. e?; waa inaetndVa, and nearly frotao wl en taken fr' n. the water fl a rwa.alft. were eon ngted to Pe llevue ihwpital dead houw. Aa io-towet wl.l I- 1 .Id upon lha b?My U. day. A..wvi?n P.. W IK. Mafrw ?Maaara Upben to.iw.te a?d Andrew Kay all) bar. another match, f>.r II ? a ?he, . n Ue lath Inat , at tha I tpi a Oah foelag foot rf IBBth atreart. lay heat KoherU at tha la?t race, but the latter wUba. to try hla la- ? aga n. Jt e aflalr' atii take place at i tr'ck*k tra tha nay and at the place above mentioned. Peraeerial laalr lllgcnee. Amertcwna tared at the > vnh ir>g ..(B'a A the A?vc itran Europaaa I ?pre?a anl I ?rf ? gw 'omjany So. ? | lace de la fhkiw I'arta Sot. 21, IhhA ? M hwwea. Jf? .a.rvao J*ll~a, 1 ( (Ml W I J...M g. V Wok, * T *' 'Wrf. aet adr A ? p. re' h f hi cr J M Aleratad, II I' Ward T .1 .??? ' I. rhervateef. J HaOdeawa. J II na-h .ore, ?. H Are HI M "A"'* il W g? d aaf kwlr. a r '.*<_twc1aw<l .1 h. Ml, w M lift./ Krrr.Wr Jr I r *.v ay I w IAI P Wliikff ?i?4 Wl ! 'Ml# \ AM ' M H n hMfi a- % h ?u ?: < 1 aw me ??. '? orauh, w II Hla.r re I f H ? k Io4?w ri.tUf .w hoeh . M Bate M g r-etv. k i .ho it oruake W t .a 1 Motl Pa II ? Ah. a hi Ha, U.a . k W berk" J, f. WU , i?*e >"#? Itlf ! ?ft k> r'AM'f* - ~ ''"'i , " | MwSc, I> M r.. j I I r | "f. II II l-a? e f II V o - ? p . .w'r ah.-.. *" ' ' '' kit A h ??'? ' -c . c ag. v .? Ijt.rt"" th Wda Aar.ew I ? hi*. C < Vaate a?4 * f ue.a ?f e?. lead W uf. earn. i ur i mil ??*. IC? f II larrwo. L. e re,.eo taw- w W T t a .M W II r. IV.u * I* fervaewa. THE WAR ON TIIE FRONT.EH. ALL TI1K rfllSTX OF TIIE MUMS QITKIflP COMPtETE HISTORY OF THE TERRITORY. MHiiifrslo of the MihKouriuuH, und Answer of the A id Korirly. Tstu ran coMrsgjcTUTioJw. THE umr Ur?TtRbA1CK8, ABOLITION ACCOUNTS OT THE COLEMAN MGROER. LETTERS, DOCUMENTS, Ac-, Ac., Ac. Kc |iV (M'l1 I the *?.iIkijT "I ll? Tamtory utliuno?* !? bilrt, ihgalbnr with r?>rfurt* to '-'m taaal mi{r rum! MtcorueuU wittab !??<? I--.WJ pwbllthad at#--* Mi* ? ?eiUn ?I that Tor.-ff'-ry by Ihrtelof lii?KrWi of May, IIM, I acwa o? thr N?l?nu.k? Ko.nwa bill. lb* qotw Iwtr. Inf"lr?l ? v? mnat lui|- rt?:.t, ami but Ur to eegrnoa :hf? oUfttll"!! a' Loafran. ?nd ih* ? mo try fnt .ma lliir* I* mtna. rimi ttnhi at tbo ?rry to -U <4 the lob nof ihf-i Violet. ami ?? ?" prorlotra part at lo |ho I.H-ry ill not .trpobllo hat 1* '1 ing'f of a ? ufllel tn-twi-na th* tilt-o .??? .Irvnry pi. fy an ? uo .Id" ami the wilott on lilt it* ?? In ? ?n rot root I'nili r tbr-ea clroo Jtrf.sorat wo .-f t thought. itir.jwt Ui plrc* a owne< toil l l-'-wy ol alfali" 10 Koneae t . f?'a Ilia people, I * enlighten t!t*itt ?n-l iWt reptru ul.'itaa at W orbing ?a, umio of antra# ?io not raaoai'. ill; wall to i fo lined upe# thU aubiajf. cwxiit/nn'. MmuY. toi h^kaphy, a.c. Lamar l ?< ed by the Nabraab ?lbrili*f oa th nt.r'h, th* . bat# of Mir ?. > < u th? a-i ?, Utah T.-rtltarf ?? tun tio-t ao on tba amtb by Now Mi>?* ??to .a? way anal ' a e.-t-h- Toaau '?*i'l twl thud hot- * v i t ? |.nail.Ill of ' 1o liollaii fir-re-iy. It la laif *? th pa iail.'to of 37 togr ai .iU n-ltflUi inn lb Ithnili au! lii gtiuilo #1 to 1'* *??t !Ytt#a (inaini -h li o*tao<l? ?iter an .iron of 0*1 a.|t si oil o., a'ul a mtal? ? in-aa land than iui he Saw hri(?'.?nd . toloe and IbaKta'wtM Sea Yi rk ntktaib It I* d-et'ted l?y tbo mutat bra o'iaa >f Ibo Aihan ?ta r War, ly 'Ha l.auai wrd til* toik t ?f IV I lotto. 7' .a -..hit* roll Mtrola aro lr? 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