Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1855 Page 5
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Ntoc Intelligence. ARRS8T FOR iLLHID HTAUBINQ. On Saturday eight, ?boot eleven o'clock, three young teen, nuuad ImnU Crowley, Junes kHin*? worth end Mspbcn Drown, called at the gioceiy ot Ed. Howling, No. 20 Fifth street, sod tad some relies' meats, which, it is ted, they refused to pey for, at <1 Browcr, their leader, aiiuriog the proprietor. Tlie latter stepped to the d Or In sad a po'tcrmin, irken the three poooced ?I> in him and. ne t lieges, beat htm severely. They t .eo upset ?.>erel barrels cr apples p.nt/e', unions, dec., and Frown, thawing a arg? ki-if-. > tsbbe t Mr. I'uw log in the rbuul e-. ihry tiien (led across the street, aDd W-. i uwl'ng procsedod to thn t-cventeuuth w.std sto ma louse, whtie tin (.-cured the icrvices i.f Olhe tr McMt h n, ami two uf tiism were arrested, but their l?*der escape 0 tor the time lbe Utter fled to thsBiw-ry, where, coming seruns an acquaintance named Cuuo'iis ?>ley, lie | ie <d a qia'rel with him, stabbed hint in the arm, end cut his c at In varii us [die es. Ditfoli.cer then arrested bint, and he was looked up tiy Justine Rrannvu so answer lor two felonious assaults. His coufeoerates were also looked up by the same magistrate. BTallUET) IN A FIGHT. A disturbance recurred early yesterday morning at the house No. 108 Baxter striet, between two men named Barney McCadden snd John (l-aiiagnn when the former waa severely stabbed iu the hip by his adversary, wh i thereupon ited cud escaped. RcCadden was convoyed to the 1 tw York Hcspitai. MORS 8TABB1N0 A man named Michael Fcgerty, residing at No. 132 Weat Thirty-sixth street, was yesterday arrestod, charged with <ilentous a> vault upon the person of Patrick D Un of 408 Seventh avenue. whom, it is alleged, be assaultod la one oi the streets of the Ninth ward, and stabbed in the abdomen. He was committed by Justice Davison for examination. Court Calei.d?ur?Ttita Dag. SWKUic Coi'nt? Circuit.?Noa. 100, 2003, 23411, 1*1, 18, 610, 10, 31, 617 to 660. Inclusive. Senuaia Copwi?Special Term.?Noa. 42, 62, 61, 146, 147, 140 to U0. 182 to 106, 108 to 170. ?lruuom Court Noa. ilO, 107, 806, 814, 826, 826, 828, B86, f80, 887. 888, 842, 708, 700, 710, 711, 712. 321, 813, B44, 846, 847 , 848. 8.0, 268, 670, 761, 419, 607, 317, 103, 066, 782, 641, 310,104, 642, 633, 236, 416 422. 00. 814, 27, 16, 16, 22, <11. 401, 03, 326, 801. 202, 818, 214, 214>*, 122. Ooano FiasR?Part 1 Noa. 1323, 1321, 1. 25, 1326. 1327, 1320, 1630, 1338. 1830, 136J, 1368, 1864, 1366, 1377, 1378. Part 8.?Nos. 674, 1366. 1368 to 1376, inclusive. Khet a UenO !?Tlie Old Lady In tlte Flay always exclaims, "Ob, what a bead 1" One would suppose she aonkf see nothing but those elegant hats manufactured and stM by KNOX, at tbe corner of Fulton street arid Broadway. Ihetr beauty, fashion, style, yet cheap price, naturally extort mob an c tola motion the moment you behold tbem. Knox's hats Improve the appearance of every bead. Holiday Presents Dagnrrrrotypes by INAPP, at his only gallery, 477 Broadway, between Brorme snd Grand streets, near WaHack's theatre. A likeness, in ending case, large stxe, 60 cents. On hand tine gold lockets, rings sad ptna, suitable for likenesses, very low. OalL Ptenoa?By the beat makers, to Rent, at $5, Rand87 per month, at TUOMAH BAKBIt'fi piano rooms. 27 Broadway. A Gilbert mo limn for sale (9306) or to rent. Rent alio* ed oo purchasing. ?mbrtidrrlei fkrmm Axaetlon?Jxxat Keeelv 4, collars, under handkerchiefs sleeves, bands, flounclngs, kandkervhiefs. Ac . for leas tbau half their real value. K. H. LRADBRaTKR k CO., 317 Broadway. Jet Bracelets, leeklaeex and Brooches at k*lf of the usual prices. A large stock of die newest snd most elect patterns, lust received by the last steamer, will be sold n connection with every variety of larcy goods and toys for be holidays, at KOUKKB1 cheap fancy baxaar, 449 Broadway. Sewing Machine Silk ffwlat.?Great rrtlnc* tea in prire. We are now selling machine silk, cheaper than iver sold before. Tie best, quality, heretofore sold at 88 por Ktund, Is now lelling at 87 26. r ingle spools at 00 cents. I M. 8INOKR k CO , 323 Broadway. Elrgant Parisian Bridal Cards and En* mkipes. beautifully engraved and printed, in the latest style; law silver door pletea? lot) dlilerem patterns?engraved to vdsr; consular, nift'y and society seals, at hV KKDKLL'it, 182 Broadway, corner of Duane street. Cbrtetxnaa and New Year's?Brandlee, Port, berry, Madeira wines, Ac , Holland gin, Kcniodam schnapps, 'amnion and Kt. Croix rum; Mooongahela, Scotch and Irish whiskey: IsmAon and Dublin porter and scotch ales, syrups, lord tale, Ac., for sale, at UNDKUH1LL A MaTTKBROM'B, 480 Iroome street. Teas?The Beat Assortment of Pine Testa will be found at lite Cantou l ea Company's newiv erectad sod Elegant store, 126 Cbathsm street, between t'earl and Rooee wh stri eta, tbe oldest tea establishment tn the city. We assure Mr reader* (bey can do better here than elsewhere, either at Wholesale or retail. Mo branch stores. There la no More Useful Artlclr than a Good ten and penell, and the beet we have seen 1? " Lownd's pa int," made in gold and silver, by WII.MaKTH, |44 Maiden tee. Hmple, compact and convenient. and of most exquisite norkmanslilp?just the thing for ho.lday trade. Prltee mo Urate. Plimpton's Secretary Bedstead, a Splendid Mr lor ornament, can be irstantty converted into luxuriant ibeplng acoommodsbuns. Hold by the patentee, wholesale, real! and on quarterly pa> merits, (ilmlter to the pianoforte "? J at 62 White street, third door from Broadway. Bai Flxlnrsa, of all tbe Latrit and moat rlesani styles. In gilt, Kienrh and srtiaUr brouxes, are otfersd o tbe trade or at retail by OL'RTIH k RAY. manufacturers, l?. 18 Canal street Old chandeliers cleaned and reflnisbod, rr received in exch vnge. Batched or'a Hair Dye, Win nnd Tonpaet? Ik* best Id the world. This iinrtvatledend original dye li ap Had in '.welse private rooms. Batchelor's whlgs and Toupees ave improvements over all others. being ekai 1'iianM or daaasce and durability peculiar to this as-abltshcQMit. BATCHELGlCrl, Aii Broadway. Whliktra or Mouitarhei F"orrwl to Grow all weeks bp my onguenl, wbleh will not stain or Injure e skin. $1 a bottle; sent to any part of the country. R. (J. RAliAM. BUS Broadwaj; BnCBL S7 street, Albany; lelbsr, 43 South Third stient, Phllalelphla. Forty Yen re' Experience and Practice In laeasesuf the humar hntr, by A. ORAND.IKAN. for die M steely years had his office at No 1 Astor House. He respect - elly inroims his patrons that he has removed to No. 31 OburcU treat corner or Barclay, where he may be consulted daiitt rom 8 o'clock A. M. to i o'clock P. M. Ckrtatadoro'a Hntr Uyr, Wigs and Toupees admiration amongst all connoisseurs In art. A suite cf _ lprivate apartments for applylnghl i Incomparable dye. only reliable article of Its kind. Wholesale and retail at BBI ?'Ta HOBO'S, No. 6 Astor Bouse. laoret's Wahpcnc will Restore Onty Hair to I original oolor autf cure baldness. Call and convince your " cl at 783 Brtiadwat, above Kighth street, or at the branch , 66 White street, one door west of Broadway. Tan, Pimples, Eruption*, Salt Rheum, nibs tender flesh. Ac., positively cured by OOCRAl'Ivrf nlmHshle medicates soap; poudre subtile uproots hair from ow foreheads or any pari of the body, rouge. 11 y withe, btlr lye and icjloratlve, at the dapot, 67 Walker street, tint store DOl Broadway. Mrs. Bays, Brooklyn. The Prevailing Complaint of the Chest.? Irattdretb's pills bare restored to be alt!) and enjoyment thou ds ol persons who, for y> ara I., (ore Ihe use ot lots blessed dirtne suffered continual pain anl misery. There Is at this teason a backlog cough very prevalent, ae.compan'ed with si soreness of ine chc?t and t pprrssion ol the lung* ItU serous If not atUi ded loin season. It Is 'he eoewneaeeiamt If consumption. Let those who arc affoc ed take several do es if Hrandreth's pills? four or six e very night?until the health ? restored, which will often be I;, a "few dtys. This ad ir o lowed, will save trainable livea. Iwmaiw, all disease ?aslone.d by Impure blood. Ml eol!cetIons of acrimonkras liter in the stomach and bowels?that Brandrelh's ptlls re >ve these, snd ultima elv restore the blood to a high state of rlly Mid vigor Hrandreth's pills are .old at Twentv Pre its a box, with full directions, at the principal office, 43 Ca I street, Hrandreth's Buildings; at llnrn ot.'s book s'/ires, !? udion street a-d 296 Bowery; also D. I). Wright, 66 oaten street, comer of Lewis; J. Kerr, MIS Broadway; Mrs layes. 178 K niton street, Hroekyn, and by Ml re ipeslahla ui ? "Wee renders in tie world TVie OtMl Inhaling Remedy for Asthma, anstin.ption and all diaeaaee of the throat and bangs, f>r. Car a' 0istesr a. Ibousands have been restored to health the set sear by the Bysbana. Principal office, 34.1 Hrxariwav.aod a'd f j C. B. RING, 19S Broadway. Price only R a paoksge hr. Curtis wt'l he at (he office dally froae It) to S o'clock, where ssnaay le ecnsuUed free of rbarge. Indigestion, Liver Romplutnli, nud their are.? IiOI.LOWaY'H pill- quickly rem ive sonoiioui matter rom the bit ?d and thoroughly clense and retiovatr the sysb'tn. lies, -pills are a certain tem'edy ftr dlatssctof (he stomach ad bus el*. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. pkrmmal. OAR no. S.-1F THfd SHOfLD MEET YOfTR RYE. I sddrera a note lo I are-,re J. Emanur.i, UajUiuore Pott [NTORMaTTON WANTKIK-HY THE CNIiERMIONKO, of the wbereahouta of Mark 11. Oarw ?1, la'e of Calif w Sa. 1 l>e last we heard of bitu was on th- lvh NovediW 1st, when he left latrejoy's Hotel. New York II- la a >?v S set ID in? h'1'? ln lie'sht light oomuleilon, and ,'i ? day inforiratlee win be thankfully reeoivad by hu jrutbor, 8. oarwaed lf? Wmmrm street. ocikvitLr ?i want to her you immediately. MET A NT! D- I3PI KMATIO- Of THK HSTMOP l-AA' ft MlkARH, formerly n' No. 7 WlUtem strtw . Ily sp Biting to or sddre-str g A.Os No orchar t ?ue~', they wOl best > t 'omethlng to th?lr A ,t age. THE IsECTC* ? MC?lMI1. TCEL TIFFaM'8 KUMiCEHT I-rt .'.OSOPHIOAT. MO ej tore* t.n'i'rt'ualiem, Kt0) vesan' in- t?. New fork Tues day at .I lr.Ua, ?v?i Irrs. <H o" 'o I Ito-eiya Institute Wedcr ti ll and rnndav evenings A lllla iK'mrg, Mplriuiai Aasen.Mr Room'. corner Fourili and Mouth Third streets. Mns day ai d Tn> rtday. Adttls.; t. .tlcr.'s THE LlUtoit HIR8TION. i>l>K WINER, BKANRIRH. OOklll ALd, A . ka -THK srb?< rtber offer* fur sal*. from store or beaded warw E ??e t ld t.tstd, tlruorsss and Mareti brsadleo- Ilnf third m cry heoteh and I'ieb whlskev. HnUendgln. old Tom, Hour hot) wh'shry Ae. Ac . also a rlwtoe asai. tment ?f cordial. Tor Uw bondsvs si the old sine tsuli, la Wall s1" r<. I?. K. MKSDI M KPORT1IO. A PIOKfiN .-II. TIN i) MATCH WILL ftMY t.PF >r J\ (jaiee Hill. N f. Hudson t'ouaty Hotel, aa The Is. IW-.ew.ber 13, ?' I .. lock, P.M. Turn on' w'ui v.n:r ..|r guns. SffilCII 8B1P1II01D JMKHK?MCMTINO IX)(14, R\T dogs, spsnlei dogs sr.d every choice bread of d..g, lor aa s and lor s ock. SI *16 Vb -r ? corner FttHoo, up s urs. kills and flea MtMbbr, #<? reu s per be A. Cure war. sat Wtdj and ? ; , ? nw rnuoATion. T CTTER8 OX THE BOUND DUES?(jUFJti ION ?THESE lj letters treat ol the dlfflenlty between the United Nta'esand In t mark, In auctions uud (oausclentiouN man t Valuvde ?acts end tlinag argument* are brought 10 bear upon the 1 otnts at Issue. The right of Denmark to levy thg Hottod Idea is ably aostained, and the polls; nf die admin twra.luu shown la it* true light. Price 26c. Hold by F. W f.'HItid'. KBIT, 761 Broadway. PERM OTT'3 HISTORICAL WORKS t J nut put Imbed, 11IHTORY OF 'I life. Hfedut* o? PHILIP II. liy William u PteacolL Wl'h permits map*. platen. An. 2 vole. Octavo. Tbrieiyu < I Pbtl'p the fercond. eu.bracli g the lust half of Ibe ?lj i n.ih reutury. I* ot e of ire moat Important aa *nl< as ii.U-resting portions of m dern bU ory. It la n-ioos dry 0 Ilunee oni; at someol the principal events. The War ol lha e bei, stills?! be i> ids', ao ro ssy, of our own glutton* w.iruf ibe Revolution; tt e urge of Mat1"* mod tie menurrahlr -1 i m-nj by the Knight* t f m John, lite brilliant ? -a.e< r ol i><f Austria tLe fcoio < f Lepunto, die (juU"lh adventure* nf i)->li Kniaailati'f t'ortupal; the comi'iem "f lhat kingdom by the PakeolAlba 1'ldhg's union with ,Vvv ol eugiand and hie * nig with Mbatcih with lie ah ?y ol the Invincible anna la; ihn lnnuniilon, niih lla train of w< ce: tin- r?velllo i of trie Mo rt cos, and tt r cruel mumcr In ahlob It was uvunged?*h"?! toim toon of die prominent topi a In die foreground ol dto picture, which presents a crowd of aubord na'e detail* of groat b'err st In regard tn the' tnroc er and court ol Philip, urn to ibe itfU'utiunk <1 Spain?then lu ibe palin; daya of tier pro* pertly. The materialsfor thinvasttheme were tn be gathered fron every pa rt ol Europe: and the author tie* fur man; ye tr< bo -u OoBreubg tliem from tlte archives of rtltrereot capitals. The archive* of bimanra*. In particular. until very latuly closed ? gntofet even thn naive historian. ben been opened u> hU re searchc; aid hia collection bus heeu fuiiher emtehad by MId from ??me of the principal bouses In Houln the ueacci danta of the grval nu n of the sixteenth century. Hnih a collect! >u of original dncumenie nan never before boon made for Urn lllue tre'lon oi thin period. AlfO, new and uniform edition" ot Mr. Prevott's prev'ml* works:?Conquest ol Mexico S vol*.; Conquest ot Peru,I cole; Feral end and Ikahella, S vo'? ; Mleeollaniea 1 vol. Nearly ready, English Trail*. by (Ralph Waldo ttaierson. PdllXlPH, HAMPnON A 1.0 , Publishers, 11 Wln'cr a 'reef, Bom on. The trade (applied by J. C. DF.1UIY, New Tort. QPIRITUAI.ISM examined hoirrtiktoau.y.?pro EJ tensor KOllfe Itr llAKfe'S great rook, with emrrxvlngs lilUfetratiiig 'he 1'oclor'a trgonloua mechanical Invention t toue tect f crepilnn and demon orate sctentitlcatly the true agent In vo ved In die so called spiritual manifestations. Price g| v.l, postage *6 cents. Also, binmr Uu< i,'s l.c tore on spirt.uallaai, to five Umusand people, to the Tabernacle; price live cent*. JOfet published by PARTRIDGE A BltlTTAN, No. 34* Broad way, N. Y. The widow bkdott papers Has evidently made an linpresdon. Editors In all parte of the Unfed Stales agree that it Is the MOhl ORIGIN*L VEIN OF HUMOR that bar yet been opened In tb ? country. Says the St. Louts (Mo ) Democrat:?*! Yankee papers, they are vastly superior In delicacy and justness of peroeptlou of die humorous side of thsl character to any of ihs efforts or Judge Halt carton, if you are troubled with dyspepsia, heartache, mhunthinpy, by pocomlrla; If yon are haunted with the ball it elnaUon you are a poet or remarkably flue wrlior, and a> e dying with chagrin that your olattns upon the public eye and ear have teen muptdly noncied by the Munl-mtiided fraternl'y ot the paste pot and sctaenra, get due book, and It It toes not re store you year casern net be bopelesa Indeed "KhlerHnlltles" alone wouid chase a whole legion of blue devils Into the dim n f Ions of nbsiracllnns and ponalhlllllea. Pays the New Orleans Cre*oent:?The most original prodnn Uon of the kind we have ever seer; abounding tn wit, humor and satire dissecting the charse'ers of people wtlh auatomlcil nicety, and ' ct with none ot that savage spiritevlnoed by many who under hike the task; running over Kith fun. and ovuotr.iln log the most hardened cynic to be, fur a time, u worshipper of Moilu*. Says the Philadelphia Pcnnaylvanlan:?Such works are the best antidote to the -roubled-nurdc! ed heart, smoothing the carewot n wrinkles of the face, and Imparting to the drooping spirit the buoyancy ot south. Bays the New York "Observer:?A volume more full of genUI humor and Irresistible Yankee character has not yet beet pub Hahed? rot even excepting the experiences of the rouowued 'tarn flick " Pays the Albany Argtrs:?Its humor la perfectly Irresistible, and those who open it should lirel look well to their luilUxife for they msy depend upon It that their risible organs will demand liberal room for exercise lite book ran bo found at nil bookstores. Price, (1 2}. Third edition now ready. }. 0. DERBY, Publisher, New York. SBWIPAPERS. Morris a willis's home journal for mo - The following are the Inducements to subscribe:?A new novel by N. P. Willis, a series of sketches by General Morris, and a noveilette bv J M. Field. Terms, <2 a year. Office, 107 Fulton strret, New York, SPECIAL NOTICES. A fIRNOY NOTICE.?THE AMERICAN POICEtllf Manufacturing Company,of Olou-eater, New Jersey,(near Philadelphia) have this day appointed Messrs. W. Patter atn A Co. their sole and general agmit* for the cl'y and .state ot New York. JNO. C. DRAKE, Treasurer, A. P. M. Co. Gloucester, New Jersey, Dec. 8, IS6f. IBVINO BaVINOB INSTITUTION, NO. 96 WARREN street New York, next to the corner of Greenwich stteeU Open dally from 10 o'clock A. M, to 1 P M , and from 4 to 7 P. tt. Interest at the rale of six per oenl ou sums from hi to WOO. WELTER W. CONKLI.S, Proaident Wis. M. Ppi-t ts, I Vo> ? ,. VasuKHntLT U Buxton, M. D. Tan Pei-T. ( Vlc< Fr<" u Bocrotary MECHANICS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY.-NOTICK to tailicy hoidera.?The undersigned having been ap pointed Ret elver of the above named company, with au hortiy to reinsure, the existing policies, and to pledge the aeeucittes for that purpnee, deems It proper to state that etlorts are beittg mode tn accomplish this result, but that their ltwtin>nue of so lyre a number of risks Is likely to Involvedelay. Persons de airing to relrsure for themselves immediately, may hare their polit ics canceled at the office of the Company. No. 271 Broad way, where, in acecrdance with tb* order of the Court, certifi cntcs sa il: he given for the unexpired premiums. Dated New York, Dec, a, 1866. JOHN JAY, Receiver. .FFICK RECEIVER OV TAXES, NOVEMBER 23, PUS ? w Taxes. 18M.?Notice la hereby given that one per cent will be, added, ou the 1st day of December, on alt taxes re maining unpaid, and lhat a further addition of one per emit will be nude on the 1Mb day of December. Notloe Is also hereby given that on the 1st day of January next Interest will be added on all saxea then remaining unpaid, at the rate of 12 per cent per annum, calculated from the 3d day ol Heptecnb'r, 1.163 UaBVBY ILaRT. receiver of taxes. PERSONAL.?ALL PER80NS INDEBTED TO OR HAY ing claims against lir. Thiers, will please enclose and ad drea* tlictr communications In Die c?r? of Aaron H?art*. Ksn , Chatham square Post office, New York rK MARINERft' FAMILY LHDUBTRIAL SOCIETY will hold a fair In the ba-euientof the Mariners' ohtirnh, eornerof Madison and Caihnrlu* otieets. commsnclng on the 10th of December at 7 P. M , ami rnritinulng every afternoon and eveu'ng during the week. Admission 12?* oe. t*. The ptockholders or the Cleveland, and Pittsburg Ksllroad (k.npsny are hereby unfitted that the SI) II us I n eetlng for tt e election ol directors, and tbr the trari ?ncilon of other basinet ? will be held st the office of the com pany, tn Cleveland, on Wedneiday. the 2d day of January next, at It) o'clock A.M. R. ROCKWELL. Beer Mary. 0 asWARM. RtWARD-TO ANY PERSON FIRST (UVIYO true and reliable information of the whereabout* of Auguat Dolutiger. from Bleberarb, Germany. who, w.thihe Intention of ?*. employment a .hurt dlatame In the country, 'et New York cliy on the 26'h July laat, itooe wit U tiini no trace luui been found of him. Any p?r?m knowing of bU preeent abode l? entreated, a* at) net of pbtlaulhrupjr, to communicate tlie same li N. Iciehrer, 17 Ninth street, between Fifth and Huth avenue*. dJ-I/Y REWARD ?STOLEN FROM THE PRON1 OF VJ" ("tore H4 Blith avenue, on Friday evening, a ro.civood arm chair, In ertnwon p'uah, one of the casters ?m oil The above reward will be paid on tin return to the above ptaoe. <fc~ REWARD.?STRAYED, FROM THE PRKMISE-i NO. ?J5?/ h I'ell ftreet, on Friday laat, a black and un terrier pup, about twelve month* old. the hitler wid receive the above reward arid the thank* of the owner, by applying to Mr. bar land, No. 20 Bowery. SO RKWARD.-LOFT ON FRIDAY, THE :?ITH NOVUM ') b< r between the Erie Radioed and Rank afreet. a ship ping receipt book. 1*bnrver will return the *ame to lee Broad (trcet, wlu recclte the above reward. BARTLKTT A PKRRYH. LOOT AND KOIYD. I OFT- A PORTEYONNAIK, CONTAINING A HOBO A ken terry ticket, bearer L. Beyer,and a email knife, which I* a ?ouvenlr ol her mo.tier. Utrly de.aaeed, nlao, ?ome email ? barge, all thene ihlng* not being ot unr particular value >n anybody, errept to the owner. 12 reward will verv lUtvlf be an Inducement to return (he an rue lo JCbe hard Fiber. l.t! Wil liam aunt. IOST?IN OOINO FROM FULTON FARRV TO THE A Port offlre. from through Nati ait street arid 'be Par* tooorner ol vteat Hroadwar ?nd Ee.rh atree', via Broadway, a lad)t* gold watca. wlthblaek chain and two tiriwtiifii>iiit' lasted, one of which i? marked M W The finder will be libe rally rewarded by leaving it at AY Naiiaau street I OFT?ON FRIDAY NTF.NINO, A BO FT 7 O't.'f.O K, IN J paeilng through Twenty third ?Le> t, between Fo trtb ami Fifth avenut a, a dark mink vlctorlne The III tier w .11 be ?uli ably rewarded by returning It to Ml k >v T went) thud ?t. I08T-J2 REWARD-A BUCK GOAT, ON FRIDAY J event g; ho l*abou> ore year old am.vlland nearly white The alKive reward will be [.aid on h|a returti a> Sd Fa?t Hevcn Uenth atreet, pett door to KvereH Mouse, between Bro-tlway and Fourth avenue. IOiT?ON SATURDAY RYES ISO. EIGHTH IN.-fT., A while g.dng from the au're No. 2>X) Hti'h itvauof. to Tweti ty ai?.h Hrert, or returning to Fourteenth at-i-l, 'in the Huth annua rar?), a picket wallet, coo tailing about MS In bank bilii and two bank checka. I be Under wi'l b* auinb.v re warded on returning the aanie to the owner ?t hlioflire.N ?. "a Mhr ay etrvet.or No. Vt tar 4 Pour e 'nth atiect Far.neut ./ the chtaka la itopped.and all peraona are nrahott rtcitvtrg ihem. _ WM. UtWKRRK, J OFT?ON SATURDAY EVENING, A BOX OF BRUMS J e*. marked GEORt.K A ItAHNi.Y A liberal rewud wilt be paid on the return of Uic but ur IM Division atr- d. ...AYED OR STOLEN-A NEWFOUNDLAND |M, ? tootled hltirk, answer . fo the n .me of Nep a literal re ward will Ire given to the nerwtn ihtt will return b in ' i die reaidenreuf Mr. John T. <app, ,S.*>4 Henry a'reet to Fa-t ttreet. riNK ARTE. CTB O ?o WEDDINO AND 11 ALL CARDS FAN BR If AD AT J. D. ? t'Nh'H, Jfi Broadway, heap aa anywhere la the a y, Alao, tit or pla la, aim, faery ei velopea Mat prawaa, Ac. DAXCHVO ACADEMIES. flf)7 BROADWAY-MME. AND IF,.LP F.WMA KAF. ')aL* \ag? an have on. n?*d a da ng acadeny at *77 Bradway, between H'Mtaton arl liter.tier Mrwti open every day tor private l?*-?.rr. an] every evening Ironi 7 S In 10 o'rio k lor pre*'be. M'jie Prr..ue . auv .,e?u tea baa tlie noil laahiotab'a CincAi ol the u..y. A~" DOIiVl I IB TII ?S PR IV aTF.1i A N ? 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PR1Y a lie LESSON* IN pANFINO. ?LA DI10 AND gantlen.en de.trtng to perfe. t tbmiw'ier fa a gra ' ?tat Iwauttfnl ?ty>. will be walteg on by an acvnoir..:d.r 1 teacher by ?cnd.r.g their add *' a lo Fredretar, boi gs If. -a'd tC.t, LM AT Alignuil. AU'KKT H. NIOUI.aY, AUnrirWKKK-WKJ. RKLf.. this day, lareinber 10. at 12)6 o'clock, at the Mercuanto' >ti hargr, mr atrcaul of whom u may eoonaru.? flu <00 "m. Smi.cli.o 7 per eeut bund- ft ikf) -ach. 121(10 Little Miami railroad I-. n?S(.;ro tl par <. it bowta . .i. fl.WO e*o!l. 81. Wb lanaavlll* llljr (Wis ) H par rant tmnd M.AfO lOrre lieu, anil ,\ i, ?. id roortg* hood ? HlfVMevtL 16 Oct) ' leva and, i'aii.e.ville and Ash al u:a bonds f| uuo rat n tl.WO < o man us, l'V|M aid lod una let ionr at la hoi da ft.uu .j CO MSI e? b ew York ai d Now tiavau H ilirorl ?t> < u-?. blur) r; 11 13 do. lunnd avdnvierailroad t, it It d". Fai'tOo Matt so am, hip <ja ft Old lb do. I amner l>*ok v ,| 2.1 do. ( I, thorn B-n'r lit) do. kakier uu. mmth A Binc'alr BUme Drawing'aim ? ny byp-Mbenaed hj Olark K Shefton 7 do r.owrrj Mire I. ail-am ?? > <> fit do. hn'erprlsa Ft * Insurance ito . hspo tu" ,b?l CO <lo, borih llivrr Klre Insnrai ira tin ?,!l Si 5 do hi. Melcbss Flra lasuraoce Oo , 0 do. Lgl.ol I trr Imnrniice Co W do. Killlnl'Mk?r Ula lorutsure Go. ... "5i> Tirana<0 sale?Ten p. r cant tin- dai. and the i> u -noe t ? > o IO Un k U> BMtriiw 'Ihr accrued bMersid on till Mid < will t?. churned to the purebaaer. heat regular * tic' on Tunr ? ?lay, 1 ee IS. AC. Tl r I LB, A ' J OTIOA h b H-O FI'IGK IHBh'iaDW.kY. . r?rtnir'orjr aale of warrant'id 0-a? e.a-s u-'u >-i 1il>' lieewcod, mahogany, oak and cnanw lied f iriilldre to nival ?????. A H 1 "I I.K will aril on Turnd ly at pltd o .? o-lt at Ibe spartan a store, RMl Broadway. (near Uw Motnipa luaa Hotel) a Urge ami valuable assortment ol p e uut OiSS" of ?MM m hie toaewt i it parlor, drawing, ll'.rwry. and oak d ulna room inmlture; the aame betas ot the I,en worsmanshtu mil man rials, war ran ed to vend tbn teat or fnrueo) w .1 be ao.d wliliout ratnrrabon Affording an opportunity tmkln n of Irrcd of obtaining the heat cla a of good* at auction; aiao tight mltea <>t elegant enamelled eharooar ittrolttire at ihe most exqdltdie de-dans noil coloring. Bakbed In the bed fv tea and warm tod if the boat manufacture. the w ade of una elet ant i (oca will be peremptorily ao.d wit am liiallaUan. to fay advances. Terms cash. teteJogilea on the naoru .ii of MhJC. 4 LUDLOW, AlHmONKKH-MOHTOAOK H\L1 ? S\ ? Won. lav, l)?c. 10, IKi.'i, nl 11 a. af ,at 41M Hrtw?t?hv ?urii^rol Wulkfcr mroet. bMioictiL?Ihe AoUra o itii?nu <?f s%!(iotit roti. In part of two m >Ud Hbvnr piu*li?yn, bnarpu up, silvern minted; mirrors, bar f.ibirra and bar cools Pa, tablaa, a'oani tablos ami boiler, ana Bxtnri--., chairs, entires, e.isfa - Inga, paintings, tabloa and everythingnsreeaary tor a large aa kuti. JOIIK T, hTKWAfctT, Attorney tor linttgagoo. A DC I KIN NOTIl!*- CHOCK KHY, QLAtR ANDCIUM 7 ?ay J. IS. II. HaHILUT, auctioneer. Tin day, Ihr. I at 10 o'eloi-k. At 281 Pearl street, peremp icy sile or al. kion . bott W. O. blue and common w. re, 2U0 pmivaga ? Klam, cblriv yoar.a, tea sela and toys, cu'lerv. H ltAnula ware. Ac Also 0 e stock of a ilea er declining the bustoear. Also, a lot of a' i Uonery and clothing, to be no d al I o'clock Auction notic*.?m. doughty, aucttomsi;*.? Coonal.lo'a sale of engraving paper, ofll -? and h-.iiae bold lutnltiire. ear pete, plated ware, An, thl. dav, at hi', ocJork, at the nore, Tl Centre street, vU.: let reams of en graving paper, writing desks, hook ase?, parlor, dining roo.u and k.'i lieu ruriilnire. lapestrv and ingrain rartiels, ui rrort, plated ware, live silver watches, shoes, hats, An. J. T. I/OCKWruoO, Oxntable. Auction notion.-i>. b oondit, AUtrrtoNitRH, will ?ell thU day, Monday, at loto o'oloek, the contouts ot h< use 76 I raiikllnstreet, near Br.gklway.nevsUUng ot rose wood parlor suites, renue aide and ao'a tallies. nil paintings, tare aid btocatelooi talna. largo oval ami pier gleams, tapes try ai.d velvet carpets, rosewood and mahogany bsdstr nig, bureaus, wasbstanda, feather heda, bolsters pillows, batr mat treaaea, block waluiH and mahoganv on .mmod rbalra, gafas rockers, china vasea, crockery, glass Ware, Ivory cat bo v, si ver ware, aalveia, lorla, spoons, ttaaisrs tea servb r. ear pets oil clmb*. Ac . comprising die whole contents ot a well furnished four story bouse. Auction notion-.! iiooart-bv s. nooart 1 his day, Monday, at 10^ o'clock, at the anctbin room* corner ol Frankfort and William at'iota, mortgage -a.'e?h mas ho.d furniture and dagueirootype apparatus, aoias, olialrs, Brursem n.rpel, show cases, and the costly arrauteroeaU of a daguerreotype gallery; also, ei e valuable bay bone. WW i HoMFhoN, attorney for mort'agee. 1 ursday, Kbsrill'a sale-com-lsting ot lb|uora. one piano, puurbtbua of wbiikey plpca H. gin, half plree brandy, A" , a? Auction kotick?thob. rrll, aucitonkkh-ry Thle day, at 10)2 o't lock, hi the sales rt* ma, If North Wtllam street, will be sold a cbol"? lo' ol fir nlture. Also hy virtue of a mm tgagc, three doien mahogany and walnut spring seal chairs, twenty four ollire and harrnmii cbatrs, d.i >r bureaus six sola bed steed", rocking riunrs, seven rranch ledsieada. ten hair nia trn'sei, rich e.hlua lea sef, one valuable roaewoid pianoforte, showcase Uir?? fine wall l,ea, and other goodi. Tnonday, sale of dry goods. cl" hlng, bo-lery, pledged aHlrlea Ac. AttlGJItKI RAI.K ON CLOTIIInO AND NIBCK OOOOa ?A. M. ORIBTaIiAR, anctinnetr, will sal' on Monday Ibl? dav, at 10?< oVIoek, at 4.M l.lghth avenue, the aus-k no I flxiurea oon niii'd In ?aid ate*. Consb>ang in psrtof caulinere rto'h iifwk. sark, drcsa and ere'ooat*; Ilt?btonab1e panto soil vesta; shirts ai d drawers; cloilis, nutilinerea, llnlm e, ailk", satins and a large lot of oilier mrtietM, also tno Istaae of i>ru' m'se?. By t rd-rof HBMtY lid MAN. Ban ? Asslruen. CHINA TOYB, TKA RRTtt V46IW AO . ?UITABL8 NOR the bolhl ys?.1 J. W AI.DliON aueUooeer?II II. KVAN4, 92 1'earl strtet, will yell on Tuesday', l ee. 11, at 10 o'e a-k a large assortmeiit ol French and f.sigilsh l,>ya. lea wets, deoo rated, foity lour and fifty aikploooa; motto ooSeea, v? s m b Sitrs. Ae., also, while granite and rommon warn. cUt and pi eased glass, In lota from the ahtlroa to ault. Cataloguev uotv tcady. DD. NAPH, AUCTIONEKR-BTORIC S10 BROADWAY. . bbcrltt' rale of oflloe furniture, Ac., on Monday. I ?? III. at 10 o'clock a. r.10 Bmsdvruy. rnnalatlng ol Iron efc Ireti press, two desks, stove and pipe, pslant scales, clock. oOhw ehalrr, Ac. IjlDWABD 80HRNCK. AUCTIONEER.?(I UK AT Ha I.K i ol wain,tiled Imp, tied Itouors. champagne s id ? ira ? FI'W ARD HI IlENCh will sc.J at auction U:l" day, at In', o'clock, at bis an tearoom. No. IB Wall street a verv line Invol ?? of liquors, t ons lstlng Of .las. Its tint ssev 'a I Hard, Dana V A ''?'s < bauinsgi c cognise; Martrll, I'tnot, OsstlltUn A ito's bran dies; Dolt I ,'ordon, South Hide, Amontillado, and other sherries; lihifkhmn Ilnwnid, Marsh A Oo , llov. Ho; kins. a . I ox,*r oiadeiraa. HePandand Hedcr Kwan gin.; Jams,' i rum, Ar. Ac., In glass rnd rood, tn Iota to suit purchn "i-- vl.o a lerge invoice of genuine Unported champagne, nil of favorite braids, to be sold to close advances. Alai a targe selacuvd Invoice of genu ne Havaua aegars. Rale posliiva. Terms cash. George cook, auciionkkr?bt.irk 117 nabiiau atr?st. near Heck man.?large and am a . ia os.c o, to v, elegant ai d latblonable furniture, iiiaoo(acture,l ntprensly . ir brtAdwaj trade. George (took will aett,on lucwlaj ilea. II in It % n'rlock, *t ?M HmvlWTiv . near Bond street, tic cn'lre Uianiifactiii ed ?'?* k of Mr. James H t ook, etn*<r?citig roe wood, uiabogaov and blaci walnut part'n ami., in tins pel pltli-b, damask, balrriolh and other f incv -over tigs; rsisewts,i etegeira, minor hacks and inmto; eiagknt and tl, 01 aarmd Binary tit d teeri tolro I ookrvwa, wardrnta a ladl, t'aeereha rlca, a glace, mar ie n,p dr> aslng boreauA 'vaahi'ovoda, c, mmodrs, spundld ?' d rlat oralely , *r?,d bnitalaada u 'e a U-tsw. solas, chairs, rockers sewirg do ball atanda, uMrMe ton centre. s'd*. a fa and pier tallies, roses oo.1, oak and aiahogsny evtcnslt t dining lahlcs; eiuamsiled ehamiiar turub irs, mat trraaea, nai'iaMes, Ac.; tlia where I'nrmli g ot.c of the U'.sst and n.osl t pl*-ndu1 i idle, Hons of furaltur- offered at a-ifi-n Into saasno, .aid well worth the attention of the tr vile and pn', lie III general. Ca'alognes will he ready on Monday, andean b# lid at 1}j?? a (ire, or at th? oflicr of am,UDiii,?>r. w ('KOIM.K ro< K, AfTfTIIONKKR.?I'KKKMPTORY HALS I of t and <ifV'Ui' fanil'art,ou M<mU, ( j tvorrow), at lt'ko'clock, ?i the; itore 117 atrt-et. nc*r He ?'<? ?*ij. chiiMm i.g of r< ?e\\ ood pjirlor in l>r<? iu . tin ? t*;a }j*ir cl?U>; dining room, chum* tr and t?fOce fnrr.l'tiie, n. ir top drc??.n|f l-iifMUN, Ki?h UMit and "ouiruodi |!hr.?r an?l secretary b?>nke?to?. wardn be*, sofa*, chair* r?* ????*. it/-* v.'??-i nfn in l > , rn . {, 4 ? v, ar.d (iter minor*, k'*** ai d crock* j wan*. x> ratalo^nc? a' CQKOCKftlBP, LIQUORS STOVKH, HF(J \KH, HA HI* I waie?Tueed*}, lltb liwumlw, o>k?ck, at 57 Dry ?trc*t. comer ofllrcenwloh itm;' cofle*,u*a, mturard, pepper, ra'?ina. fi#*, nut*, pi unca, be?- .$g, to ?a^eo knl%e?, i rk*, ?c'j eor*. *poun?, *aw*, pUoc?, . ?jiJi*T*. file*. clock*, cona, p u?t#, collar* ?Nh ha. W A. 1 ART hit, AUf*M>n*er. JERRY H. l.KKDH A CX) , ?UcrTlOMKKftN.-lf KXR V H. LifcDfl A (Ji), wiJl *e!l by atiClm oo Tiic'dtp. H?w* It, ?od Wedc\e"t*y, l>cc. 12. a ltlV* o'c <?ck ^Uty at tne auction rnotn? 19 Sa^a* afreet. hi /nor O. II. P.tnJ'>i ui *<p ? claJ ?* e of work* nf art, vlt.Agate. b*rdirU>, )* low m <t en: a, eti tiacan, Medici Roman and P ?' c Ami 4 ma fcr'ihigb, with other < hoic*? ?hmm Anftabld for parlor* and | Mi-bra; alabua'cr >nd v**rde ariti pie fiuurc* and th?* f/ntce dan' In* fcfrla. Hebe. *wo brectio-. birth of Vi ua-, r.? pO#h-ff Ifetculea, Apollo Bclvidere alreping capld, ras'* of R? niptItor ; copy f t ihe rnormrr cut on lb* PA:a %i L*rfl*?rn, Ac.; Iar?e marble one ? tiperb,h>?jr aln t irv?*l whh icavi *, a r>alr if >he lai-geei v**e# ?vor int ported m alt? r? He to, CI Mole and CJrtoiari taaca for per.'>r?, tnaniai pu* hall* and Mchce; Tarr.i of Adrian, card rc 'elver*, ? d trap* l? atf*, in ald tal.lcn, (ran*! arcnt eaee? , Pompeii an 1 Hcrcu lanetim ta?e* nma nod tcmp>. Mo#hI- tab'" and r.**+s, i . ' I aoln-alii, Ac. 1 h 1 above %yItntlWI ^o|!c..'Uoii |mi? jH4l I eari imported from Ifalt, eip*-e?t|y for thu mira ? Al?o.? i rM' "i I ? atoi) k aaaortaami o( f ran i * . . ? kaol ao( cnor trorkmanrhip in broniw- and nrmopj, cbina va?n rlchl t a f 'cd alao a . a ? Kioupi 4c? alt of recant Imp- rtatkin, c ;p:. ??d, T>jr thl? rnir kcL The K'*>da can be pA' ked at a until CIJ ?*n * oa til* fur | n'm Ctrl bipmen If dodrod Th ab< i I i llaa? ^ia^lci.. AI?o a wrry i h<A* lot of aup^rb rbi ia u c-, Ac., A< , ftomtbc t'rya at Palace. ITPNRY fl LKRHR A CO. AU^fOKKPRP, OPPff'T ll So 19 Naraan a*/c#t.~ fjtiitr, talc of tnarb e cn?n'ala | wnhout reserve?UFARY H bh.KRfl4t>). nUNolb/an ihio on Tucdaf. 1 cc 11, at 2 o^lock P. M at tno :u%r>?!a 8aid, Po .VAiH'lfh aeeriic, hettrcc*. yd a??d 2t"it r re '? n jirrnla ol marbl* tnaidcl*, cofi<<41r>g of an a*??*itomii 11 J ??aiuery carved and uhjuWmI maritcU. It dan vcinad and ord> < o , black ar d rnld. Liehi n and ia}i r d rtpti-m ? Th^f j can rrm-Li on 'he picrr 1 e? aoun lime if r i . cd, i ? r *v | iner of'he t 111* Hal* without r?#arTa"<%u be eitrnlu. I a any time yrevtoM to t? e ealc T 1 LNP Y T Id KM* A C*l . APrft'iV \ * - ?MY HRXPY Jl T. LKLl'H A Ma?Co M?vdiy, at 11 o'rl<? k pr*? r. ? he aw e.Jiiroiii. >i Heckniaii ctrret. n nu??r ir^-ic a^ic o( Hir* c?malating 'A real rnjai en?. n?v F/ricn table 'btn-l? t, k??? iu tit->'*n n ountote marten, t w* orioc-, ? tfr?, n.uPr. Ac , Ac ; a lao wolf,?? ?r. u - cf, Huc,k> Mounto?i>?o iU fui iu n hlxi hi'Wfclo Hp ?n'l ? ? >fH f ?><* ?, rr^y 104 ? I tiinirtd. ft ?o rft'-'l'"." '? "il..-* *' in ?. (.ir <????. A I ?.pf. wlli '!?# vicLl U> ftUcod UiiA ft..", ft. ib?r** Is r*> rr^. frr *t?ii!T?r. i i.rnotn i*mr, ai 'TI'ivkkk wri.t, i.i s| . V<rH'? . PlWllll* til At tl 11 tA- ? Al t .ft I. f .1 rmcAiul. bift'k ?r> ?r.l tin! ?-?jv f iru.t<ur 111 t .. liar rUay tw u.. .'1.' br'Sii.f . rr..u H > .-.i..-' ?.? it [ i t . t iil( .r or/v.i ? 1' il [ilftLrtP r'f, IftOftli n qlftrilvt " ? *. i.Ar^x furnilur* In rrUfiw n. in.rsKs. ?o?J Map 1 iri-.*n i>>) Hftir, lnJftld 0 'ft'rs, rrcpiloa u ?up?r?M rot- w., -t * arilri I r. n.t*l n i>.t nn 1 laptt.rj cjr,< Ikrw pi/ ?>?1 trurftio e?rp. t?, t.atl ?d<1 ?t?'r narj si. mwKw < ty ?<t t. It U?tr ft. h ?l?* Till y rmrrrl rltfot" with rn.:mt fr-rtjt I i??rl, v ftrl.i. tf.p ??ntr< f ?1 ? ?;in'fi? f i.ri.lD" n'.ul l.vrHnni al "tft Utrgr I' pl?? o.ftl ?T:'.ri flee ol^pft't '<*? 1. a- ! . rk ? . I oru".*m'? d..oiilcd (h.' ft vAr,. np'.i. ltd r-ft??r':-.ii ar.d u. Pnvtoy 'haI > i|? 4'. Lurefttt*. * !. ?.?, ru^AO 'l 1 i?. I>. ?At.) writ..l?nd? ?n 1 f ?.rt.f?lisi, ratterli ar.<l tn fti^i/if ?pi it( ?r?i rl.A 1 ? iki .irt'i" i itt i,? 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I'.Iuji < l Plffur' 8 KlrgantP.trU tnn im* U/^nre ,i??ujn 01 .videh co?t $IvO iilf |MC? P. .I.'i'd r ii r. or Flo* er Htiind?VtlocJ fl.%0. I'wuih In go vern unti gold, ???? riJf whiHIi will bo fi wwl m ft oi iii?i prodw mvi In tb?' i ic-'icli yblued SIX6. with ? pm?ral ?*: orlrr.m.t of pore- v.i?oh rH"<1 lereltfiH, mo to, r? Uee a id lea*, ooIo^iiuh. dike ?v.fcuw, , Ai ,Ac , die wboto formine Uus mint e\'r\\ ,ive *udrg uieioUe MM>rta opt, too nutneroim u? apoofYV t/?< i k*-? Jlifrntt reiit twenty-one day fine gilt and liro? *% i' K'l?, w illi Mftado ManUii; black march* ctucka, wi ll owiae tigureo: eh,lit day hjonze and gilt oliHikx, ala ui tlonkJ*. Tie above hue ofrU well wo< l?y the ^JtMiti m ot tho^v In VMl h ftiiBiiaiifl't are /a. . ?? i ? . .. . drat elan, Urtnw* i .<hHf?.?9ia|ftiif)oer t Invo ee of the in ? t fniiferb and rieue .i r?dlection ol broiuua ev?i <nl?ied in ihh oomitpy. Im nor cd Cy die "I'ariMiau ArUntlu !iioti/.e (' nunniiy,' wnooh tan e?l li e btju rd 11 rdali* In \ otidon, Dublin, rurta, Hru.-n-l-., ai d lately at ihe World'* Fair in New York. All "?f Unae gnoda are of 'he tin ft cuwtly deacrlptlot), and are well w?irUi> the att en don o i the trade and amatenra, r.,nalniin* of an en Urely new al>l? of r'eh clock* undo- ehad?*H, large gn.iipa, borne* of Marly, bafUe*. lndutn Warrior*, ama/on do *r Utiol Ing. larf'e atH'uot'Oe of rraiikhri, 1a>uih tie T01U1, ? harlei the Itold, t harlctnagne, Vhlilenu, Angita'a, Napoleon, Ktjmbrandt, Kentena, and a vary large yarkfy of NUtuettim ?-f ??tualler ei/.e; crd- iaCrHH hrotitc and orirolu.fonr a? d five dgln*, nopp irt ed by fig arc *; candi* 'Hek* lor parlor and r ed ooto*. t'oetjy Jik 1 ctnlari ghi**, ol tiie finant dc^rlp't'to, froin the royal man iHCnry, 1'rtAgne, Invon-a ot U.c. rt. b.*?d dn><-rio 'Ion of hi est cut Fn-ach engravH glfiee wire, crtnlal cit and engraved giaee Ware In *eU, ooflnprlalcg doc tutor*, . * .btga, water pitcher*, gobietH, ohaiiipagiiee. claraU, wluea, llijuoia, fine colored horJiK, aah*, Ac., Ac. Rich llotemiari and e.trviM can matdei and eUrgnre omainentM, po. ai?. hon.iuot bohhtrs, ?powtjM, tumbler*, curd basket*, perfumo ho'Uee, Ac. AUo, a tlt.c A??^ ?run*nt ot lamp , candclolvru'*, Ac Fur* and hkliin Tuuna* niaiiMilue, violorine-*, in-iffs, eulN Aa . ol lludaoii Bay nalue, ?totie uiurlen, nituk, (Itch, chin chlil i and ermine, mnmc of which are vary ooatly, all m vlo In the hekt rummer an t luily warranted. t btne*e at d J a panes ^ ^?hm1a~ I^uvjucred wocV>*m?*, table* cabinet#, dreaalng caac*. teapoy*, cai.dioa, ail ef recent tnifvor tatk?o. ?liver plaled ware?FngHxh allver plaitxl ware, mine of which !? ir.auufactured bv the celebrated Juiuo lilxon A Sraic. h be (held, emulating ol cage be^kcm, ot the ch.-liawt putt-ins, Water links and kcUlc*, w ith heuteta; ca?tcr*, pi In mni re volvli.g, the ne*ve*t vttle?. wbli t ut jU't wifl *. v?u %'?d coffee fH't*, of vnr'.oua elegant d* *lgim; ll-jnor frame* without boulca, bulier dbhos. sj oon tiuufh r- rohlMt*, m>u?. Ac hhawir?l^o'eud d inn! hull* (tuvhm -r* long und Hanaro rhaw ifl, In white, green, blue, ncarta , ooellr.g *? hl/h n ? frLUHi each, U.c whole foriutug the rlcncsi a* of ibawli to b? tinind In tin- rtty. The nhawm will be *old on Friday, and will be onobpil'imi on morning of ,*aio. lb-pier RiAchc pood*, rich oval *<iuare bible*, work do., dc-kw, l ac i?gM.iin- ii board, work b ik'**, envelope Imxe*, ehe?e table*, ccgai c*m-? cabas, Ac. try rial gin** ? An Invoice <?f Oryital gla-*, r.f Hr?? ?klyn ftlip g1a?* nvinuf?cuire. cotmiaUng of gui-iware tn *et#, compridiu: deennter*, clan te, jug*, goblet#, champagne*, will*. Ac. India ai d ('m-hmera ?hiwin, real India and Oa uel hair sbawi*. l-e'rtg an entire Invoice from l?ahora, via Kng'and to te Hold ( Q foreign ao< -<on', '1 he a**ortaieiit cornprUea *jiiar e and W-ng hbawd*, plain Mid flgnrad; centre* In bhte, green, ?cnrlet and white?the whole fortolrg the richest aomnmant In market, JOHN L. VaM?F4'a f Kit AVOttRHWt 19 IfilliO lane VIOETOAOK 8AI.K ?JOHN W. 80MI RINDIKB, AUC IVI t'o* cer? ?to-c No, 20 North William afreet, near Chatham ?will *ell, Uil* da\, at It o'clock, by virtue of a chattel rnori gige ai 4f>4 K*?t 'I wcirth street, one gray tnara, tor?.e acU Earue**, end three jtcavenger'* carta JOHN W. 80MBB1NDYKK, Attorney for Mortgage*. 1 )AWNBKOK KH'H MALE OK MRN'B AND WOMRN h L clothing- JilUAI'KNKY A WAbldhK will aell, Tueadav next, at corner of < a berlne and !l< nry atrHeta, a mpui lor lo of t!CHi*, pa-i'a v**Ih. silk, merino and calico frock*; ramnan'" of clot lie, merino. >ilk and i alUo*; Mankcia, oullta tiarmeiH Ac., Ac. L H. K i it' I' if A ^t. (HR0KBB*8 8ALX v n LVW1S A BOX WUUI ?oil on Wedieaday, U?e l?.h hurt., at 161 ih>w?r?. up Halrr, a I ^rvc aa*virtin?nt of 'ectued pledge*. cotieUUngof gold and oUvcr waichee, chatna, locket#, rlnga, p'n?, earriog* hiHcilet* Ac., Ao. lly Older id WILLIAM sfMl'b IN A Co , 1H Fnwery. PAWNBROKKR'rt Ha LB-A M. OHINTaLaR. AUC tloneer. 2S ih??e y. will veil on Tuewlay, Dec h, at Ifi'j ij'cau k, a Icr^c and valuable aMiH?riuie#it of mcil and wo I icn'a wearing apparel, comrtating of Mik dresee*, cajwi# iiwh tula*, silk and winter ahawl*. r?-jnnan*e h* allk-* and satin?, Imjo'* aiid shoe*, (lullla oral blanket*, and a variety of outer article* By on er of .1 AAA J. JAi'KHON, 58 Re*d? ROPI KT F WATHON. AU'TIONFLR - It A VDLL A ?J.. WATHON,N?. 02 Broad streect, will Include In Uialr -*?'.? on Tttraday, Dec 11. ?lx of A very'? patent aewlii^ inacldnew In perfect order, witu tlitora* comple'e. They w.U be sold perr mptoriiy for cash, a Uo'olock pn cUudy. Aim, a U'gc men, taient of fancy gocntM, * titer pined w re, toy*, Ac. QTOCK AND riXTUKW-TFA, OOFFKB AND BPIfJi: O rto/e ?Ihl* due, In o'cl?K*k at 4d l.ighth avf.riue, rmar fbl teenth *l;oet?Ten , 11 free, *pJ? e?, preaervc*. raisins prune', fig*, itoap. mu>iard? sweet nil, pick'cm, counter*, bra** wale* end weight*, raiilsDre, aooop*, ihoweaski, cutlery. W. A CAH' Auc'ioceer, 67 Ley atreel, cornoi of (i.een -vlch. I (>fi VB!T? H. AFCTIONkKR, HTOXK NO. 14 tPKtTjfc ? street ?hhcrlll's * ?le of a tbeatri al wardrnbe, tmi-'ta, Ac.? TTn Ifor.d ?y I >' in, 1 .vv, at tfi A M at No. Id Npi nou a rec*.. corav Uag ot opera music., opera wardrakiH*, properUaa kettle drum*, * "wry, Ac. Tit A PK HALF OF JF.WKLKV BY OftDRR OFT?l? AH algreeaof Nlork A Ilro.?J f. V vMil- WATLIl wl'l sell on Tce-d.ry, Dec. U at p o>cka k a' lit# *ab*r?< a. 12 Mud ? u lauc n lMnc .isrorirneni of in.# pold pin* hr-ssj*#'*. c'alD' brtue eta Ac., ihe whole compruU..?" i ri \ usiortuo'u' of Jew t'ry T TITIIXIAMII fit AN RUN **OV HK'X A1 T!IK ft Merrbai >> schaiue,. ??n l"-e II. at ISoVtoelr orff bouNft 8A(I kit, No %l.\ Wr*i -bird atrant, blown rli r e L<~ nt, wi?b all the modern tmjirotDiitfnlii; am volant I v, *r,ttth ?.<!?'ot t 'u l? fifth I'nr IrO foci n?it mi Thrd aveou* four town nnd h>i*, norih aide of FoHv IbQith eireet, Mft f?-o' r ait of Third avenue; 40i) arret of farming laud ndjfilntii 1 41^ ac?e? of excellent bod, wliMu t * n utiles oi lb' town of Wall*, lUrn'iion county, Sta'e of N*w York, M. WIITKRH. AICTIONFKK WIM.bKM OS HoN *' day, nt I' K oVIix k, at Ihf UmiI the Hlock nod fiUlliP* of a fiat nod r*p h o/?, c tlilflHtiK of U's lific ip?, f>ir< vic'ortDCf, cufla, counli rM, ?how faaee, fit! urea. ai?<>, the Ichm; of iht premb ea, by ord< r of k i> HkRLOrjC. UriLLlAMT. BOYD A CO., Al-CTtONF.KItx VAkfKrY **.*? ?Tub dav, a' U??- aueMon rono No tiff William ?f at U>H o'clock, boot a aid t-hor?, hardware, crockery dry gocde, clothing; al*o, pawnbroker'* nab of gold and Rtiebc told fob and *wi rhtlbi, ptn?. broo?(Mf. i apir y'aiw*. hra'ers, Ac., comprising a largo and .alua ?Ub a?* ?rt mrt.t & g( oda. U TiiK Ti;Hr. r^nrrUKTILL* ivil'hKK, 1,. I -TK<irTll?'i rt I (1.) 1) ?? J o'rli"? P. tl If) M 'I be*'a. be ' . r; ft lii oai u??a. Warren P??a <?de niun <* r. y Taonicy, Itlr am V, t ourull i ame% h k kn "W Nothuitf To i? a g.rd day rod track. JoKL t 'Nil 1.1N, # i\>;ir?c or. IT NION COfTBHK I. I TknTTfNO, MONTV; V ? u.i < r |c at tnoo'clook pro I'y, a mav*!i fnr$l,ijw.i rol'r beat* lo wagon*. Wrri Whe?Un r? nr ? b. a Jtkt Oak lay. I>. PflHtt naming rn honu T'<>? raoa will ?/?.n? oil * fl out re, aid lo wtafher. MI AW A WIIITK, Prop rtaLira TIIK IIHPMKW. AT a MftKTING or CATVkACT HRK. RMOIN'/ N.. of factory Title Malm I* wa* 'insn'riiou-ly rt rolred ib' #b? fnlkivwing p; aarnbla and rr^oiufm* be a lopi>* \ Vi bi f o, I' ha* plaaaad AiinUrtdy Cl'id in b.? Ibein*-* f*-? / cieon ?o remove .Vim our iJ?i I?? our it'# .*o<| re*par I n.? ml tr b ef/b<n A. Muna*ri; tbotei rr be ff?M,vd, I hat ee Vff p. ?| r??|? b'?< w ?!. b; b* ? a ?? I leu.l > in itie a .|**i k>', and t?r ??er, and wi u fr>n-i n Ui* fo*? of a nr.oh <* <. o*d r .'iijriaS m he " al?o flteolved, That we tar ear to u b%?i^e o4 mo <r/.lnf fo, t!. r % . a- d turn o?r to a'lrud bj? f-ineial toda/a^onr ob Wk I' A. be It %l?(i Huolvil, That a '' gy af lbe almve rr% n'P/na t-e aent to iH* lenaved family, and be. pubitabrvi . the Naw Yorlt lf#r?. <; New Yorlt IHiily ? aue* and >?w Vorti IN , Ne'e, J II. Hkav y, fv? 'y. R. LVdJIS, Fore ,?*?*. THE Alltll AHY. * Mr: (.? .HI LIS hi V I ' ? \ JT reertred an InvrtVWu to a'end f>ie . ru of the L'udaey bhie mi* tntfed io aitend s* n?e, ?iiia u? be at I'rat k |*??; ? an4*? caraei <?( I i and IhvU.<?n atrtnu oir pond, f fu . fl*. I'M. Li. ai 7>-i o'elaek. J >11 > P llOPKMM.Cnp'am. AiiYmi En f. Ftoarnta, Nei reta/y. I Mil I'k.NTH.NT COtrr? fflfW YORK YOtl'IITIb A" - I ? be member* ft U.ii rorpa will plea n> e* *?!,?? m#? -ep iKHtMt in lured*) evenlotf Oeit, at "t o'rbx f, t?<?<> nrd- ? 'be iu|r.femmu kr i air ar r ual ball, to la ? on J>???. !?? e?iid?tr, al lt.e t 1 jr A? etr?Mj ror^fi*. A pur ? , ?. wr?'i *?'rd. By order of R M. HAlfKH CApu r.. VkTMAK f'ORPF CP"TJSa--T IIP OFKl< Mi- AND y Biefnbertof the mrjwi wot aanombja cm tbe poralf of L a te end ?*"veiih * Teem In full nomrui 2 o ? ?oak I' M. f ifcHely, tkl |Ma?>4ay) link !s*atan'? yrtib d?e i? .a' f nu'Dtif I'vi < iai a>ff edawkg la PaqtMPabed, !<? i?ay fun- rai I'f fra to U?e.r davdMMmd Froibar mMiT. t M flatier Fly # ri'? fl. It \ i M >A If, i '4on?*. ka T*TtO?. Adjumn', TIIK TEADEH. 1Kb | ft f( TT > RB AND ftP. FVAILKf. WANTKD fpiOO |j y?..gee andeoijvbu.t?o *r w rk tflvoo. Akao, e ork flfft> loiuivrimi ** tba i.,Wi ?/ae-^ry. Apply io Kd ?ji1 fea?, It fatten A, up %'atm. \TKW YORK PHlNTRke-'Vo lifl'.ftATfVK ' s| ?v AT jl a nwr?be d av j%* I,ibr>?r) P'>-m* s i^re - if". YrVay eveo.ajr. Tib led , ibe Ir.iwwk&g wo -iM/.i it* i?!y . Ri'.l-rtl, kv be fuvyt* in ? ?ok he ?n|rtoj to'l^ Sew Yo*? t ilt-'rr*' Co ofwra* ra'i aPm. Uw tAe fw?i/e uaa be Ad/ '? laaA Ifcmday la daahari, Mt f'w anr ?%) eiee tkpt t fb'? ra ^ a ' NRtK, Vrp^lmoL ff'(? tTT yiiiiuyTft and miipwri mt or nra 1 A it?I aak t" inloem yoo lAai < " " '4 ,? r ,iy b it mr? to w? rk im l ?f Unht ? 4 I tfvi ?:*u .t-g* t'' day. wb*/ ate imT nkarbatui^ah*t< ? m*? wte? eaa rare lull Wagct b.? Up tra/l AW ? Iff. f|A ? i I, rf(j HANI I'At"Ti II ? Itf A s'i# OTffFftY t V IIAk I II ,* ?: le >???'. 4*,#? S ? e lo ? I y? ' 'ir? M.* '*'? if d can r;* e bat be?( ?# , e fp ?;/! ' * ?i tD'l f'It! Add/e ? ?8/t'iO'f l|er% J ' f ? ?*?' ' IHHKI AT PI 1 w ivntkl. al I l>n.'*at'*l?a.r-i*e"*.,r^ . * * u ?? { S\ FDI MH AOTKHrUKMP.m IT^NI JETWf AdV' DFlAANu ?? par e? At ? a ? 4e^/.; ?* p.*oer d?i?e a* f?u. r ?-*if)e rotr u*a Mt'i' d eafao.?a. Ad?#-*. *r a*.' * ? p-rfCaai ef#?''#N' I Din?nuiiR w urraii, _ A HBKKKiT.^L* KRdL'MH WO*A|? WAIT* il nxA lx a ...?1 ii-t.try rook, b?ni n* f Urn '.i L* tji vC"i * Hiil'u ai>1 i <inui(. iJfx.1 rity r. ?t f'!!"*- U?H k* ?H ulur l*o Jay. al li| , .wtZAlcl, bdlw-'U 'M a^d tf i VI li Pr. A1'Ii(.T>SI *VT K>'OM.Jl! WI 'f ;' \-JiriTl ? J a. ' Uo |?iiRial >?<?. rwii'l In a i.nU t?nttv- utul'f ?r?t?8? i or ' k < ? t ? I. k 1. ? too. ai i n ? Into >h* ri".r iri ' u *'1 a M *" . bii oo Mafuf to In >??i ? on i.irr fan '? ? 'i' ?.ir no n .? . h I VI t p'? ? O WON *1 Y WfPflftB 4 NIWAtlON 101 rant V\ a*1 wraod uudbaaiiB oil III 1 . r wurl *of i?a?l . ... ?? ? P r ? bee 1 * r . r1"4 p.. > etlhu': G ! ' ll ) ill > *4 >1 lb 0 -.auvVw Ay a. pun ri NT A NT 1 L.4DV IB DB^IRGUBOR DBYAtYl j. in 4t? li aa i?d ami * cn Pi he . < iiiiiiy. Idre.'a .?v e ap y at BBM' T/WABI.V. '?oiti v an." VVi r< - v t TD'U I ?ATW/Y A A in II? ?J I. m uuU .imUia, Ka^ takrl ?l r , a in! ? ' Til. .ml i - . r <10 ?? 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H TO I'ROGL'ftK t HITC/A jr\ il' ii, to do ibw boiih?5W?*rlK of .? jf?nu*ot (irrnlv; uridor f'aiida cooking, w?niiir>g and ifool.ig; 'uti wtiil i*aeo n* n.i mlt'd frnai ona r! ihf? mom rr?pr 4b)? i.?mi lo t In aha cuy (/HO I e teen for two iU^h. Call at ?14 7th afauim AUTt/AT!<?Jf IlY A RKSPBfTTAOLKTOCTNO w man. a?- plain cot k, ?n?>lu r ami Ironar, or n*do ft>?nr i a' houtx a"tii good r? Inroti'o run i?n itlvan c.ill al No. y/i \\ oat HUh ?f., Neiwnnn Nth ami 7'u avaniiw, llrnt floor, bark r"oia. Can bn M*rn for two <laya. k RBI PKC/TAHLVC YOPWC1 WOMAN WIlOTRftROt' III J\ Iv uiniaralaadv all klmln of f inily wring, and nutting and'#r ladln*' niid cbbdr* i/n drrMM'i, wimbf)# a aituaiion at ?aaaoitrnw, would do ligiit nbam* nrw*?rk or a* ' ' vl n U. ? ti'ti/clillort'ii. Ii?u?^fH)d r? fort*i pi sa ciil ut, or - d draan NeaBin?ra?a, I'd Ji4U? ?t , a?rwt of 'id ava , fur two ?ta)'*. 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