Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 10, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 10, 1855 Page 7
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ittrmrmKtflrrs tvm g&i. ?????? ir.nn tfTlA ^orthofrealkstate,fobsale ^VUv.i'vU and exchange oo fair mil etay teiiu oniiiletfbgkif hnutea m l lola In N*w Ynrg, H'ook vn *wl Wi! P?t ibur;; lwm< of aid in reveral Ntniea in the L'nkui. AmoSgAdaDrnperlt *111 ne found dw-NI. g and 'cnameii- pro party ?..<?? Im'irmi lo null a'.fc-ia' every oua requiring "K . proprily by aale or exchange R<;M41IOF, 17tf Ohatha-n -tree! 41A (111A -FOB SAUK?AN INTEREST 1* A TV litgble tovcnton?-eeured by p**eu:?bj v h:ch :i largo loitu.e may be ? rallied In a fe * n am Oon libt'ia to a larfft amount are uow about being tuvia with pri vale III.Ill lOualH ami oorporedoua of tbe fUTerem clUciintln Untied Stale* Anplv to O. B IloWEH A OO , 84 Naa-a t etreeU J.O I If lit ?FOR SALS, A FIRST HATK OUTSIDE fo.lJUUi boalueaa Ihe pieaent oeotr i.i obliged lo decline It Irooi lit health, but can give aallafartnry prool iliat i la a paying oooerrn. Ihe onoMedm la large, permanent ami terreadng, aj.d in Die land* ol an eoeiget In man a oirtiine ran be realized. Turn*liberal. Apply to eBBli'h A. GOODAM., 4)2 Fu Inn afreet. ? Civil -1 MS At RES OK I.aN1> IN PEMNSYLVk .*JUU? i la and gSOOcavb, will be exchanged for drt good*, Loov and li.-? a or .'.kithlng. Applv to WALKER. KKOORliO A OO , 212 Bi oedway, mom No. 4. ?1 niUl-FO" SALE. THK STOCK OF A FiNOY iH.l/V/1 /. go id -, eanrolde y and getwral variety atore. Tte owner winning m mill Irnrn'ollunly, wlU lllpm of th above at a great wHItec Tbe aiorela now doing a good trade, ati excellent iocaiHin. Apply lo<-'. H. HOWES 1 C'u . No. CI Naraau (treat. d??>fl/V -FOR BALE. OR A PARTNER TAK 5.V A tD'lt'U. grontryfiwdfllinter a'oro. adven'.vgeously locate | fur butunesa, on a .'Orhit v.iirrc a large IrvdnH made; one b?l c*?h will lie lekm, and ap ri.vnd paper for the balauuu. The a a ntr ban other hutlne-ie lo attend to MrM tflof, 176 Chatham atree*. CdV LOTS KOR 8ALR, t* ?lLu BK P.XOHANGED Full Ovf a una l fnrm i r?r the i lly, or a bnnee and lot In ilron* )yn, not loo hi avlly encumbered; !td< are la ibe new and tarty tog village of Broofcvtlle, Long I viand; p-ioe Ihtl much McMaQOM, 17G Chatham elraeU A 1110 FIOK8B AND 78 nORSE E?OINI4, POMPS pipe#, belt wheel. Ac lor sale, very cheap. Apply Inline dtatel; UiJonN THUKSftf A HONS, corner of Peck a.lp anl hiont ineeb ASFLRWD1D ANL VERY POPULAR HOTEL FOB yelp Conduced on die European plan, aliuaU-.l In <h> 1 eel pnrt of the ci' v. well patronized, doing a large and pro.r. able buelnesa. i bin 1* a rare duuma Hat afaoto y io.v.'iu glvei, by calling at 2 I) Btoadway, room 10. BiMEUS A TAYLOR. Drug storm for salk-wkll established. in n leart'ng 'hnroovbfare, hi d il log a lair burlncm, which ctuh" be liicreared by perronal attention; die pre .cut proprle V r h iving oilier budnem. Add rem B. G., Boyd'* Mxprom, hi Will am bireat. r\?UO 87ORE FOB S-xLK.? A FINK ANH LARGE 1 ' drug wore lor "ale cheap, dinned In Now Vork, In a good ?mmurb *iii <ir erne) a i Inli and populous won). Inqolrp at w Fre.nrli drug tun 236 I bird avenue, oon door below Twenty Hintrem, Drug hTr.R<r ion palk-sitcatbd in a very rmpiilnnv ne'ghborhood up towu, en o ie ? f tb ? principal uvei urn; h go. d oppnr'unily lor u drugviat O" pliyaicl*u I n pai iltiiluty .idilrieM or nppn lo Driigglxt 1U7 Wait'lbir y aix' i firetl. DAGt'EKRKAN ROOM POR HALE.?THE OLU AND well eviabllarcd rmm No DO t 'haiham nirent, now doing ? Hint btolneae. Ie lib ml lor mile, a? the ownyr i? going in lb ?ouclry, and will red He above named room cb ap.and on i aarnoal'lir feims, together with all li? Itvtnree and uppara'UM for Kktiig dauuerreotypee auibroiypee, Ac For further In Icrmalltui apply at tbr room. W.U. H. -Ml 1 11. tt'AliM OF 62 At'RKH?ONE HOUR'H RIDE FROM K tbl? eilr. near a depoN In a country un-urpa-ed for beau hr and lerillity; biilldlnga good laud esroilent; limiree heavy lliiilcr -plenbui oichird. ii?llglrlully Im aied on n river; pnett $4,MO, lerinn ca?y. W. J. BRUnDKKI) A OO.. 78 Na. ,vn atreet. !><>? BALR-BTBaMsHIP TBNNBB8KB o? 1.1WI TObl rBgkdur, built n, 'r?lu iKire. In 1AM. of the beat Maryland .-l2? hi the alrongevt rnanner, iilAgoipilly auap;ied '.rilti iron ?kg vy rf Mil borne power, Tnla ^hlp 111' n nvvl tnwtlf an inon3inii.il1 tie mm lr >ai > very faat,aod liar conautaoUoo of 'Oli ariodtrHte. WUJ be noid low. A.iply or MOHTIME1. iTLNUHTON, 63 Bnmdway. alOR HA I.R?A TWO STORY FRAME OOTTAGK HOI76E J and three ols on Ibe aoutb aldo I.f 6M at, be .veen 4th aim Tk avenner.; price $< 41X1; %2'MI donara ran rein .In on mn (ago. Aiplv lo llEMt Y OAK FEN I KR, No. At Emmx .Market. w of Fountain A Bnvltb, No. 6S Km-t 271b ?u TfHOR SALE?T11K BTEAM TIJU A. CORNING. IN I* quire of J. DUBOIri, No. 12 Wall atreel, or af the eapiai 1. ?n board ~ ? _ rR BALK- FOC B* BPLRN DID HO USES It V A R GLEN wood atatloti, north of Yot kera law Tork ; a faiaiun' Hie IIudm.n river; two rallwava ivnd a uliip yard. Aa aalc or to leayr; mm rv email atevmboat Inquire of J. DUBOIS, 12 Wall Ktreet, sL Mcltnlaa it.auranoe. Cotapauy Fob sa k-two hoi bes on east twenty ?evi-' th vtrtet. next Lrxlogton avenue; one In F nirtcen'j ?ireet; elybion raeibe atreel. Hrookiyu; lout oe Fiwty Hlith ?greet, Fli fatyrnue, Harlem, und pilurimoi the eltt; eon ? try rebidrr cea on the lludaoD. hlouka to en'bange Pir urten ciimbfiii .1 r. a) rebate. KsKL'K A. HOOKA 1,1., real ratal agenry, 2u2 t ulion aireel ig OS. HALF.?THE HTfi 'K AND FIXTORKH OF TGI y At anlio Hote , No 2 Suite airrei; ai'o the preniMra In tel. ?ul'able for a po ale or trmogtent boarding boua-. Fn, pel Ueulart apply vu .be pmnlarr. I/IOK SALE-iUK SPLENDID FOUR STORY AND BASE J? meut brown atone from bnuae 106 Ftral avaeue. with ?a", flxturta a'd modern iuiproveinaiiUi. and ate great bargain, rr reoi.L 28 200 In.purr at GEO. SHOWN, IDA "ire. eve aue, er at L. IS. CH iSh'.S law oUIm, No. 7 New street. Fob sale?ovemix horse powkr steam boiler Apply at HOWELL A BIRLHALL'H, owner of Morga.. aad Green a'reeta, Jeraey City. JjiOR BALE?TH* HTtiOK AND FIYTtJRBS OF A ORG Jb eery and liquor atore, banrteomely fined up and now doln e rixwl liuvii.iat. K?lb.f.,clnry reaanna glvra 10 ? wiling o n Wild be let low lo a gnnd tenant, fur a ailnuUU-d iem. In %wlie on Ihe ptemiret, 1} City Hall piece, uf Palrlok Marfln. FOR SALK-A IILTTKR, OURRfR AND POULTRY < land in ora ofth ileal uivrkem In iherlt?, lu w doing a ?i od1 ui-Iii# >r, will lie nold a bargain If applied for 'main ataiel. 1he'. fee, D for aeMr u "ill, tke proprietor la going In ite-country. Apply toll. U<jIKMaN>, Attl Oreenwlrti at. fcX>R BAI.B?WLMNDID HUTBZ# I.ARUK BILLIARD A* room niunfod,everything In complete order; wlthtu thro minute*' milk of Una city; tbe proprietor being In III health wli diepore of ilir ? ante on reeaonalile Itrni Prlc# (lO.OUil Bill exr.l ai go fi r real e late In city o.'aouutry, or half eaan Addreaa A. A. A., lleraldnflee. IjtOR IALK.-A CIIaNCK HBLDOM MKT Willi, POR A ! peranu or pertona drelroua of procuring 100 per rant? a ?ay'Dg manufacturing huaineaa win. Ii Urn Inventor trill aatl on latoiable toruia ho objection lo lake the manufacture I article In part pat met.i for dnurea and art of Uie anna. Kim aarllriilnia Inquire of P. 0. PKaRSaLi., in Uie clothing alure, >1 t oe .lira ailp, up Mali a. r>R SALE-A KHALI. HTKAM BNllINK A HOKKl. | It' ?r ellh bothr, nearly new nuiy b<-had cheap; alto, a quart*' y of loo r, Car bolt making and general aintth wor* jt pplv at W KYaNS', Bod Hcok, end of C-iuovei- air net, Kuih Brooklyn. F'OR pai.b-leahe, stock AND PIXTURRH (IP A wipe, confecilonerv and fruit autre; '.*r and aaloon eon' aeclrd; room for two larollie?; In .toe of the beet loratlona la tbe city for any ope * tabu | to go Into bualnoea, aueh a chance aeldom oilera Addreaa II. R? Herein uflloe, for two day*. N<t Agent need apply. r)R SALE-A CHINA ANN til.ASK STORE. LONti BS Irtbhabed In a Oral rale location, not doing a good eaaii burtr.cea. Muat he anitl tbla week Una la a groo' chance Ike prc.ftu or. fluid alone pay tbe tiiKiuata. Addfeae War. Herald ofllee. rR fUI.B III BROOKLYN, AT A BARtI ATW-A TURK* alorv frame owelllng bonne, filled In to the roof, bard totebed wall* J.roughonv, on Hpancer >troa>, ftret h?u*e aonUt of Park avenue, wllhin one block of tbe care to Pinion terry, boeeeKxlhfeet, lotJSiinu Price 11,1 W Inquire of THOMAS ADaMS A CO. 71 Walletreet. For halkor kxohanukfor a hto -k op ouops A vrry valuable farm or. Long leland, leaa than See B lea from New York, cnnalant rommnaleet'oo with New York, bnlldlaga iroally new; land'inder beat cul ivatlou. and inure ?ten half a rode ti|>on a plank mad; a rare opportunity. Kot Igperview add<eaa Parmer, boi lib Herald otllce. YjvrRNISHP.D HO CRM POR SALE-A TWO STORY AT f1 tic and baacuient brick bnuee. tJ teet 6 Inch'i front, be i i tifully M<bated IM1 tbe weat aide ?l tbe town, abore Nine eniiih aireet, baiidromelv fnrtilabed. warm, wild at.d almwar l.a'h. water tloaei, gaa. rai>|e, furnace, Ac.; bonne and furniture wbl be autd low. Poe e at n on May I. or before If daalrrd Addreaa hoi 1110 Poat oOice. HOTYL POR SALR.-THB POUR YBARf LP ASK, furniture, Sktuica and good will of a ho'cl, located on tbe wet table of tbe c.Hy, niar tbe lluliua rtvar, Kci? and I'htladel , .m ral'rnad depute, and < and Albany aleatnera. now dtih.g a firvl i ale imalueea. For fu"ber uartlcularv Inquire o HOMAU MOKOAN.No.S Metropolitan Dank ?ullilng,l'lue at 0MNIBCI1 ROI TB-NttW r*YIN?? I S PKR (TENT, for rale a well known line of ?' gea. .imaledng of If, ?bag re Mx a e.gha, I'-'A good borne*. wl'k all the Deoa-aery equipment* lor the line; raab rareIota fim> to $IS0 per day. and gradually inerea-uig; will be nolo at abarg ilo; onetblr.l eaak, tbe balance tnkan to New ." ork nr Brie'klj n cPv proper ?>. Call or aiblrtea MOTf, Art Nauau atrret, corner Maiden kme, baaemeiit. STaTKN IB1 A*D PKOPKRTT POR HAL*-A ni.l i k'a faim. adjidnmg d,e village of Koe<?llle, wmbeiiiiog a> at twenty hre? aerean" land In a good aialeof MdftXm * lib abundance of unit, wlih a g aid twe atury h me, barn, ai.d otber nui>,iii.dtrgk. Inquire uf tA M.LS A ''O.. Me'riptii Ian Bank Hnl .ting, floe inert, eurner id Broadway. r> DRUOOiPVN AND ArOTIf* AAlM.-P. HALM, RR atee.fnby bivliea 'he attrndno of pure.baa..ra Si awe era. koua ode aoo'eene now for aala la Brooklyn, Wllkautat.urg ug *. w York muae Pu'l par teuiara given by 'a IICv no P UK', J. dr iy,"ai gkaae <nd u(t?re dealer, qn daa-an atraeb BXnUlHBi LRKItVAN A fyt >S FXPkKSS POR OiLlfOUli, I* Oregon and raadwleb lalaad- via >b iragui ilur ieu rn rmMiti.ri all br diapa' bed per ?.'??aiuer Kt?r of i* T eat no MCbd y. !>er 10 et b P. M . lu rlmge a aoeelal a raeroger P:right rece;ted untl I o'cl ?k ard parietv ?od irltare MC'II i'k P M . on dav M ae log. PitKIQI i H A CO., tl Di atdwav ItAttrir PXPRPMS OuKPAJPT, lit IIKOaDWAY. f?r ' alt! n..?, i regnn ami -'aietaali letatdn ?l/?wral? aod rap d tran?P. Prel/hi |at-r? . ?,?| |. 'era ?-til le d.-? (?.b'd per ikr ,'earm r M \ n Of i UK Y. r.*1 on M.iviitv. I irroit er HI. en a,I p*.<e'a and letten received to 1% ,k y kt I It day o d< paruwe A M a IIAi.L, Ageoi CI.trruiNd, Id , rtl III'.(t WOBTH HI UAHT < PP (BjDTBtNa WaR'i ^ 11' M f "d lt> lot" of any 1 ae frorn one a'ngle g?n,? ni ue tboo-vkd. tfoia erre i baring pied p,n. rt!ii,. ,?e| .j V ii,; < re of ? er. Main tbe lull ralneby -ailing oo, or ?,X1 ?' MORON* V , tl Baiter atreeb nea-1"??*?.arc it At, 7 DPP Cl.t/THiNO WANTRD.?A LOT OP Lain:,' " ard - .r If mui'ipod(kklni vuM, hr *MI(Mreph pi re Wt.l I r ? VI n by the ?ul..e, by a-.drewtng a no . ?r ?ilerwke to M. S < ban dfi P.. i, atrert.or 101 ? btiham or. k . B. Lad .a att Jri< <1 tj Mra. C. / '1/ T i Kb! AMI TRMTfRS: WWTF.t) -I. ? li|RK nil a.' geKt'rtrrn hat log an) eaat , 'faio'hlng, 'wroliure jeweler cr far-e j artU-'ei. b'dl oiee f. cett oi tela he b-gber'>? v-, pr, ? by atit* ?tnr L M nwaaaUorp, Va 13 K m atreat. .V H l+t.r* n't# iidi ii l.j Mre. I>. (ff/lTH]NO.?LAD'RJ OP I KhTT.t'VP" NtV! *7 YYY J to d rpfee of. ran reea te a fvtr'-aatl prv-e, l)r ?e-i bag ?r> tbe alorr [? I iu.|, viieei, near Carat, and AS W. . ??y.uriererb poat. i..-.dkw after de<! !o >?? Br f'ohaq ti, t,'i)IIUI. x-mmajuv wlmuj wnwia, \PUtT OF A Ft-'h>IMIU1) BOC3K To LKr-vFK-iT of Broadu ay, wl'h n thteo mlnucs' au'k >f 'be Metroputl laaHrtel; two pal lira on tint floor, beck basemen'. with tiro too water, range, .to. Yearly rcu1, $4'*). Uni rjoa moe:, lit adaluou il ursired. a w. BIOtiARDd. Mf Broadway. FVRNISHH) II01) HE TO LKT?A FcRNIS-trlll fcouaa tihrre story, mile and barmm-nO. with all the mode n tinprnvtiui tits, at 140 Maedmigal street, near Wat.hlagtou park. 11.quite on lie premises or at i?0 Water street. F'DHBIKMSD UOVOK TO LSt UST11, TUB FIRST OF kav?1 be hcu?e Mb Kiarklln meet, a few doora from Iti om<1 ny To a rerpoet ?b)? private family I', will be rented low, a? the owi er la leaving for Europe apply on the pistol we. M. B.?llae of an excellent piano. _ CI'aOBK TO LBT IN BHOADWAY.?A LABOR STORK, O ?ih skylight and baaement. :i22,S ?road way. (a vary suitable for a mr alore. ro*se*s|?l rati heglven tujiuedusiely. apply lo WM. KAlsDE, 313 Broadway. ajiikll road to let -rralkd proposals ?hx O t.e received tui'il Saturday, the 16th instant, at 12 o'clock M , for hiring the road ot the liurhwb k and Newtown Bridge aid Tor tike Kuud Company from January 1 lhfld, lo May 1. 18M1 i-'aM Is located to 'ha township ot Newtown and e ty of llrtsk hn, and la the mull shell road thoroughfare front lite latter plana to Neatown, Flushing, An. Alan to le frjn May 1 ipr5i t> May 1. 1869. the hotel near (be hrif gn nn tai l read, bv proposals aa above. All ooinmunlcuttoua 'o '?? addrtuaod to Ine subscriber. a. BLTT8, Mworetary, Newtown, (Jueen'l county. rl I.RT?TWO BMULIHB BAHKMK* T IJOtJSRH, OOB 4BK ol Henry and I.uqneer alrem* Hoiuh Brooklyn, and >nlv live minutes' walk trom Hamilton Terry at the low rent o >141 pt r year. Calls'hi. H. FKIS.ND'B, 44 Nassau street, .l?r York. rpO 1ET?A SLIT OF rUKNIrillKD ROOMS ON T 'K 1 *re<nd xfory of a l|r*t elara nottae, n one or two gentle turn without board. Location very eonveule it anil platan it lot business men. Inquire at 136 > realty afreet, near douetoo street TO LKT-FIVE LABOR LOITY WORKSHOPS. IN A new building, corner of liuana and Kim stream, beautifully llgb'rd. cor rts Hi g or eleven windows lo each Hour. Inquire ol II. MeKKNNA, S3 Centre street. TO LIST.?PART OF TI1R KNHLHH BAH-OMR NT HOT** No. 3 Horatio sL next to corner of fourth *t Apply ot. the pre.mbea, or at 30S Utoadway, room S3 and .13 between 11 and 12. 'I'O LET -I'ART OK A MODERN T'fREK HTORY II Fill 1 baarme"! bouse, In South Brooklyn about Svo minutes w? k irtun IF nnltoti avence ferry.oonxleUngof *w tond *tory, four roomy, wnb large back basement, kltebea, and u ektri rnnni OD Iblril story II desired Tu it highly raapea *. I" snt' 11 family Utla wltl be found an u? usual nppt.rlt uby, 'lie prevent 'smlly being but ihr. e stin English ana rent hiwr; ur'.h? whole In Use would be 'el cheap to a responsible, good tenant pply personally at office n, 181 nroanway. fro LET.? IN BROOKI.YN-A NK*T TWO nTORY AT 1 lie und haseuient ttrlok bouaa, In HuMm avenue ,i\\ lie Kxln, I" two auartuieiils. If dtalce'l. a1 lite ruu of }Wii year, Until ihelatof Vt.y. PosxevwlOO 'mine, la'o'y. Apply to II. Few r I l , tigeni, ?i? Hudaou avenue 'po 1 M- 1 I s.OANT PUHNUUiKD AF t RTMRNT4 OoM 1 | ii u ,? parlors, it u bedrututa with all mo-em improve mrnti, good H'cheii, dumb wnlu-.r, alurrrocxns ooul vault, A I el rl. in a family where there arc no children tiqWv u idt Lits ilway. ____ fro I ? r, OK 1.FA8K WITH IMMKDIATK POSSKHdlON i ill ' vlclndy ol M ,1?.bit's Fark?Iks large double ban 6< V: k street, ' til.'aluing twent; one rnutns a ,d Iwitt.t' loor. ? ,i lib t rnton walrr and gas; ran be ae -n f ,>IU II to I.' A M. ,ppl icfl It. TI'Hiibj.l,, II Uor'un xuet:1, frutu 'J to Itl A. and 0 to It P. M. [ UK llttCSE NO. 69 VARIOK STRBSf WiLL UK L?l I for the nivlanoc ol the aeason cheap Also the tvhul? I art til tlir furutlurc will be atdd at a eacrifloa Te.4 ?< tna l. easy Apply us abore. rWB 8 AX Is die A sow. (JT. NICHOI.A8 *s. dltllATlt'b WILL tllVti nil'.l .. si sec ltd annua'bail at flni t blnaaa Asseutbl.v Uo. in, Atst Bruudway, on Friday, I ec. 14, 1868. tli'M. PIKifIS, R. T. \.u tut, Secretary. Fr?sld jqA UiXIH ANNUAL KOIRRK OF THR DNITKlI UUARII O will latr pi re at Mblo's Haltatn, mi Tuet lay evening lie 11. The Cominllre hire st>a etl neither pallia nttr ex pen -e to make ibis one uf'lte beat roi-rcs of the so?aon. Must.- hv I) id wonb'a turd. MALaC'HI BKENNAN. Chairmtn. John Mel ermot, Treastirrr. John J. McQuIre, Secretary. rpniBILR BALL, AT NIBLO'S UAttDKN, THURSDAY 1 ctri.lng, l.Tin Prcentber, 1866 ?'I he itiatiitgera. In tiring ti.g the at ove bull again before the nubile, tender Hi. I- thank ru stgra'elully to their Irienda nud eouutrymsn, for psMfa vors and librrnl patron .ge, and beg lo sarure them thai no eiloria will be spared lo rn?ke tula bull tut it eararit and altrae Uveas ant herftotora glvkti. the prooeedt, aa uaual, will I distributed among the desUltt'e. Order of a rurdlnp to pros ranmte, eomprisli g a variety of new and favorpe tla r era. Tlcke a 93. etlniltti g a gentleman and Iwo btrl rx, lo be hail at the inti'lc stole*, or of eidter of lite manager'. Cleu lt noi lran>ferable. K. Mil.Mi, Secretary, 41) Wall street. JMA.NC1AX. iOOO rif W I TO LOAN- IN SUMS TO SUIT APPtl qPcIcri/.Ut/V canig, of from <6 to $10,0011, on ilia nionda, wa ohaa, jewtlry, dry grggla, aegara, bortea, wagms, Ac . Ac All kind.1 of perxonal property bought for cash Private rooms tcr Indlea Business prompt and cnntiilcnto, H> TaYi OK A CO, H9 Chamltwrn slce.ei, next>lu.rto Bur ton'* thiatre. (lOcn hours from 9 A. 11. till 8 F. hi. fk/in ?HOBBY TO LOAN ON DlAMONll:. "" "s4^v/\7 ? watehea, jewelry, dry g-ssisag tr*. *? or bought tijr eash. Mock*, notes, mm 'gagat, Ac., ne^o'htim irnri'e.'.v cunfldenUal arxl prompt By TaOMFIt'i'4 * Oo. .raker* and aiuTuubwlou roercluuita, *02 Naaaau, -jornr of Ana, room No. 2, moood lioor HlUi T0 loan onwatchxi, diamonds, fltrtl f ,UUV J*w?Iry. aegara, and avory dns. rln'eta ni vaflinltto property, er bought for cash, by J<).u. K. 1HA A' barcmenl ofllee. 11 Chaml>*ra strset. from II till 6. Unstna. nrnmnt and oenfldeoHal. O d K'dd and ai ver bought. N.H No business transacted on Kwturday. ARY AMOU'lfT OF MONRY TO MIAN, OK PUR UAARl) at re?b prtotts, on diamond*, w.itches, plate richyewelrt valouble personal property, and rner ltui nUe caoeiully. it WOOD, la' Fulton Mrost, saeond tlrgtr room. 9 a. M n. ,6 F. M. A lea valuable oil patulinga to be aoid ? Itargatn. ad ONEY -CANS LIBRRADt.Y A DVANf'FP (IN HOtTHt lYl bold furoiture, fdauo", watcneti Jdwellery, g?n?, plat'! barMd, wagon#, hartice#. <liy g k*I?, hardtvaro, or 11/ o>tn drecrlnikn 01 mrn handl-e. Apply a' iba no* *>i iioo ami uonimleiib n (tor*, 4/>> lirootne #:re.-t. corner of Mercer. kD'HABI) WaLTKKn, Auounanr MAKYKVIM.K CITY ?OWDfc?COIIPOMS rOR IJfTr rr?i falling due January lei, 1H6H, on Maryavllle f!|i.y Bond#, will be 1 * id on pre-en'aiion a'. American Keel it net Hunk. Nr? i oik or end e'trr that dale If ARK UKUMaUKN A CO . barken, Marseille, ffal Nd ICR-TUB IHTUIWT JANUARY I. ttM IN Til ; eltv of .Sew York, on the t'a'lf rnla T iei rent ??!,-il fun 1 hoi d?, a I'l be paid or nnC after lhat date at tne 'Mine Jon n 1 tiOH. 4r , : I Bioadway. FUCK OF TUB NRW YORK AND NK.W IIAYKN Kallroad t'oinpany Bo. 1 Bailor er aireet. -Jinlloe 10 Don I -..Mara ? Holden ol never per rent l.oodi of the company a.-, hi reby notified that In pnraii nee ol an a-t of the (Jeii-r lutily of die. Male of Cot metb tit, pa-erd ai in la.i Mi ?colon, the treaaurar la auiborln d and prepara 1 u> exnhan . A r the onteiabdiDf borida betiring aeeen per eyut In ereet an . 001 aeeured by mortgage boo da aaUxirtaed iy U10 before ua , denied aci. naming all per eent Irtereat and eerurad by an ooly mortgage on the eontpai y'a road fraoeblree. Ar , eaid 1 change will be made at thfoodlce until Itiriiier no lie. It oioer of die l'lri eUna. W M. Br.MNMf, Ircaaorer New York, Oct 19, 18U. 0 COFAUTNKKftmP NUTlCHa. tinnnn ~A PARTNRR WANTRIt TltJOlNTHr W>.l.t/.\/UU. adwieer who haaaraluebe inronti n. no eared by patent, by which a large I tnnoe may I* apeedd' reall'ed. Conlracta to large amount* are row abmr hetarr made ?Rb prtrute indirldael- and oorporaUoua of the dufamn cltlea In the United tlaidd. Apply to C. B. BOWnH A CO., 84 N'aaaau elreet Jtf'fUl -WANTKP, A PARTNRR IN A V'KKY HAFK ami profitable maria'a'uilng bealneae thai he been erahlkbed for reara. and now In ?o.:rraefol operation Will pay from 91.500 to 82,000 per year Apply to IT. It IIOWKR A 00, M Neman -treei '? ?WANTED?AN aOTIVK HUdlVBa C?mart that la not afraid to work, a* e |I11 partner I. a antlrel buetneae In full operation end well 'bed, with lair pmapeeie for a fortune Noee need apply Ihl ami,out. If. MaIIO.M, 171 t'hailiam -reeC * - fill part.', hi: WANT4.D TO JOIN IN A lllilil! f t/Uvi reapenlahla and rrry prut,table boatnee. thit h , been eatobllhed Mtreral year* and win pay two parttea na td ann.ely, aa can he ebown. N ne nut a man or ?ood rlur*.,, and bit-lurea hahtta w ill ho tokm aurb wil find (hie e rmr chance. Apply to IHttMAH M. t.I.Ilil.F.Y A t.O., lin tTbatii brri at. real e.te'o amenta. ? A PARTNRR WA*TF.t) TO EN.iAt.K IN AN M,yJ,'vr. f" taiitlaio'd light Ca?h rn-uiutacluriiig Itiiilre a. lit will pay e Income The enure am ill it la ail the pltal requited, and thebotlr.eae being done eg.i.toi.-w lor' , l.eir rat. le 110 ri#k Apply u> C. M. HltWRH I ( ft. No Naatan r'yeet. ?t)/||t TO Idf " A 'JKNTI.KM A N TO JOIN fO'"' <1.0 of the beat paying aeteqirleea ol tl.rdiy I w I Ith 8AOW1 oan be made th.a wtntair by e^ib par y No riel aa the Iom a'mrnt b aectirad < ?I1 tmruedtaiely on Mr U'tK FORD, at Van hlfter A (Aa, ".46 Broadway, room .'AN. I'), if I TO 8* INI.?ANY OKM I.KM A N Willi I llleALV. g,ayyr\/ w? ol- deelrotia of ewhark ng In a )ii?hly rt*. act. ble acd wry pr<.fll*l.|e trarellli g bnalAtWi wkirdl la taulaii ton pi'Won can Pave an r.pp?. titipy by calling bn'tte llnle no it Jf. aMflll A Uft. A, Naeaati aAreer,xonan No. 2. I/ROR 9 ,ta?i TO fv rti-PAItr.NKR WANTED, WITH r ti e ab. v, an.''mt. in ? wholeaa'e eetai.tlalied Njiaor a' wpar litletneaa, Wbleb 1 dm. aafe and pto't'a'le I r?. 'or ci-1 of a t .r'oey in], op (t far#, w 1 e girfit > ? b'? view tery ra'lafaci.'i v to not of e etdiiaa'A# itt 't' raid hualnete. AAdrena A. R. <' ft. raid lEne. fl'ANTRn?A PARTIfkl (N TEKPHoDt'i S BCSINW Yt w.'h eoote , apltal P. tke an irtivc part to Iba ti'lel ?? I niaidtftataly. Inipdre at '/.I liar lay a'. ft AhTKD A PA' NRR ? T"tM? MM WlMI A ** eapt'ai < I li:<?'? wbbi tr P?#ttter tnm be r-?. 1 r 'net.' - titrated In one or die h-*( loca'p..,# p. tne city, ? i"ir? a fn ir*i? in pie.a. Apply on the pnsnlec. f., ,# a cine, oornei < I Teei.ty elgkin at re-'. liRflAL SOV'iCKH. CPaT1 I F KRW York?111 I'RI Mr. f OUET. t'tii.' , r~ I la t .. y ?llei.ry W. |?? Mi*<r -gett.rt t a . .? [ I .10 t 1 rton. Mtv a E. I.lrtngn ten. Wile rf John .yon l.ttrtug urn, a? 1 J' futr'oi, I J< uixatoti; Walter U Ijtlnvat n lot 1 epri#ae ii-lngatoo, neb art I. i.vuicaoin. ifMpoa h' . w tf f dolpb. Klnnt ail Ad .Iphc r inot, tnd I>to a i r M' nl# t?llo l.ia It faton. To ?? o?r named dejfe i leal*< ?1 d ? ? be! you are le eby -ttnt'iKaied and re,' eew.i to , et t|w ooe riabat In Uila aaUea, whuor wae ii-? In Uke otfi c.t 'i.ti Ink It an-l for 'lie ? av' ooatrnf o oeabta. In 1 'a'e of Nee l'r?,cn the Twihthday of Oe'o'wir I-"A, an I >mt? carp ,0. .nut o.?>r wt uett m' ofP' e lo th? ;ty . | Mtti ait it ( Id 1 ? t n'j of Co.uni' a, wp in twenty El a a" .be terrire l.cic I, e- latte of the day df aueh #etr*tce anl y< n fail In areear dka emr patol aa afnreeald, the plal'i'.ti) e apply in tlw l ent 'or ir rei'cf 4< ajide ' pi 'b, 01 ,i ,|a r.t Rul T Mr t l.EI.I-A a, AlKwney for F.a'ri tif Dated ? ep'enti er ' MM EtXTMA PAt. 1?f)l NTT I.ANIlb. I.N1TED HTaTIIM PAnWORTF a. ? rtlry ray. Cubed e'a ee nayy tat'o?, ar.d othera latrl turra . # e a'ned rail pay livid, I nbed htair# p? #**?? fumletted p nlrty >1 hoowa ItaiaycMdue widow and he r# o' de-awae mted y-atee Atttlora K.lMated and ail klnda of eta -n# a<atm t'nlied = 1'ea recoweced bT RPWaEE MftMEI.f.. 'ka-tf, Nn'afJ f nf ;<r pi d (IMdl Purear C 8. nary, 97 Walle' <au-ru?w. abifumc?united mtavkh mail mtkajo |i ATLAfil 1U, 0?pl. Jat (Sect. ?fblg d miivUu will (lib the UubeJ buiee maun fur Kurupu, poaillve y on weeneacey U?ceuiber li, at 12 u'oiook M , frvo her beriA ai ?be flint </ Onel Mreet for f'e.ghi or peKBegi), having ?D " comfort op equalled aenommaUouK to* (lini.ce u d wnfurl tpply to Kl> Weill' K. COLLdNrt. an Wall t reeI. ge.-a aie requmbd m ?>? ou board by II o'clock t. H -'lopper. irette 'oka uUce thai Dm ah pa ol 'hit line cainm ? air alii U K'da contraband of war. Ml loltera miMt pun ". . ilm ? " " through 'he ' out i fflee; II) oiher* will be rv turned fhe a.eein ?hip I ante will ruoeiad 'he Atlantic, uul tell lien %. Bollix.-The Q*y ant de.artoro of >hta lliw frnn Hew York will be Saturday commencing Januari A, a nl every eiiemeu Banirde. ; and Irooi Uym pool on W-d <imIk>, iv.wm.iooliv January zU, end ov-ry wller'.n'o WodiuaiUy 'PHK I ItlTISH tHD NOBTU AM KKIU.VN ROYAL WAIL A Hwnwlilpi. II, U* KIW f?UC TO LtTHKPOOi* Chief ealiiii pannage fUU Second OAbin paaaaga 78 nine south* to uraitroob. Chief eatrtn pawaye ?1'? Second cabin pawnee 10 The ships fii in Beaton oell el HallSai. Arable, < ?p>, J out me. MnarWia, ilapi. Lang. Par la (.'apt. Kyi to. Rurojot, Cap'.".? Ada, "apt. K. U. t.otk. laoafa, Uapt A'noa. t itpU tonerlsun ti.,:aia . apt U.ell. H.e?e iMania carry a finer while light at Miaal he?d, green en sarnoard bow; red ou por; bow. Ana, Lou, leaies Unarm., tA'rdue*day, Noreuninr Zl. ( !AIIIi<Ib Sf fin A *? KnaaUin Wu.n,au.(u , Il..?Ai?Iuiw ^ Canada, Stent, " Hoeu.n, Weiuieader. Heoeu-.hrr 8 Africa. k ar-> no, * Boal ??>, Woducwtar. llcoemoer 10. Aal", Lo t, * PoKon, WidncMi iy, January Z, lrtVI An.rtieu i.'H.g, '? Bnabtn, Wednesday, January IS, W6d. bei ltt nut. ecurn<1 untU pabl lor An eicrrieuced lurgeon on board. Tbr oukii of Iheeoabtpa will uoi be aieoao'able ftw gold, direr l uliluu. apecle, Jewelry, p redoaa "loi.tu or uwlala. on, tons Idlla ot lading are signed Uierolur aod ILe .aloe iherw ' round. girreii rvpie J or r. ight or paaaag0 artt.'r to , Ctl ? A. CI! N a Illl, No. 4 Howling flreen. fin public are reapeetlully informed digi a la intended to re , early In Kebruari, IMSrt, the wiielay minings of i!.e " ..nihhlua ol lite company from Uie 1'niU.J rlia'e.i ui IJrm n?u Toe learner* will uieieafler bo ileiunicbed I ovary We I it day, a? formerly, (o Liverpool, (Tom Pew York and trot', i 'iet"u allerUAiely. fi'OH llVKRPCX.L-ltlK SPLENDID PAOKKT BlIlP JoiiN no Kill I , Captain Culling will aril on I'uuartay, Hrrimbrr II Knr "shin. aocnnd ?ibln and V enrage pe ?age, apply ou board, plir 27. Kant river, or to HIi.UaM.-i A UllfoN, 40 Pulton at. CVlll L1VKUPOOL- H* OROBOK'S LINK OK OUPPRK C t-Mpa.?T be cob-.ra'ed clipper, t not Hoi Sri int.. ha? liifi tt.tide her lial piiKini;* lull din In igalu up lor ilui at uve port, and ivi I piauiivoly null uu I tin wlay, iSt i ut brccmber. ki rpamage In cabin aerond cabin or -I'liragn, app y on b.K-rd ,pler H North Hlver, or lo Unl.irt.'S:' ?> JoMiS, ?0 Miuth Kirvet, and 86 i'Id Blip. fcTiriHT SIMP POR LIVBBPlHIL ?THK OMl'PKC mil' I J Ml I-Ml AII TIlliMP.HiN will poaMlveljr aail ou loe-iUa., Inc II. at |( o'clock A. M. por pnaig ? apuly ou bo ml, pier 41 Sal river, or lo JOBr Pll Ml It I'll t A >.<?., HI J .ull -ire ?' ITIKtM URTWKKIf NKW YOIIK ANn III.ASHuW. 0 liluN'hi I.Oil, 2,1(11' inoa, Wm Uuin.n^ eondModei SPIV V' RK, 2,160 icon, Hoi.L urate como ?u l>-r; '1L i~ ?H\V. 1,802 to!?, doOn Xnincan r.inunander. The . a-optw aud e v kink hiramaidp ' ompany intend Kailluii tin Ir new and power Cul r camera (rotn New Voi fc for UlaagoW d'reel,... aider:? klilNJtl llCII. rnlunl.iy Vtfiii Jamoiry, Hi IZ iKdlurk noon M.W kdlih, te urday, 2id fabiury, at 12 " 01 \t(K.IV, raUu-daj. KATIg or l-Ai'llia. Hrrl c:*?a f . . Third elasa, n nod with c? oked provieii ui .1. An riptrlenccd mrg'on atlaclied '<> ra-.h a'eamer Po be hbt' i paaiKfc .ippiy iu JOIl v McPYMON, : Broud-ca> Sew Yurli c.iy m..V ? i ko>i1 only received lor pvwagn will l.c dtarbaried froiu trauaporl Mirvlce by tlie hi girMngof Kebiu iry ncii, soon alier wUloli inei j rtltbolor elghlly lal lbga Ironi l.olb porta. Till- L1V POOL ARI? PHn.AIIKI.PIH 4 STRAWKHI! lUoupnoy ti leud a.iling Ihelr Havon e-jlen udiljia CUT <iP it A I.TI Molt K, 2,'vo. tmr, ?|>t Itolo-r Irf'-r li ? OK W.MiHlNOIOK, Z.1-0 uoia, Capt. Win Wylia ' it Y or M vNCIIRdTCB, z, Dapt P. C. Peine Sa'i?K. ?Ki *(6rbdTrs an . ding hi h ate .ooiiv A lu lled au.nber of ililrd *-l>uit n iHaenger, will rorri Pl.da.lcliibla end Liverpool, an I loin d li pio/Hliu* Prom Pbiunk-iphla f.'Wl I fma I.tverpoal M I'hi 'rn vlshir.g u> bring ont in'lr ihcikU, iuu <arUd ui i uxi{r a> d dra'la on IJi erpmil lit uunaol ?1 ?'?ric aerl npw. dh >oplylo J'jUN U. DaLB, Age.i, J7 Walaul ?ireei, ITdlaJmp <ln Fi.'ih i Al.lPOKblA.-l?AYS or HAII.i NO OIIAROP ? b>Vih mid .4Ui of ecoii aioolli. New Y irk and Oaiirorni . ileum hip Aeci-rcory Iranalt C unpen), ol Nlearaugu. proi rlri/vra,?Thru- gh bi advance ol Hie inaii -7 00 udlea Hlioi vi diari any oibri run.. A' ,ba baugagH tree Tin) apieivl 1 double engine ?team.Alp cTaRuV Tllk WKHT, Z Yll) loin bariaau, 'apt. Mia eg, will leave pier No B sortb near, at ? nil. ? ea^ta uiuve, win 'no |th i'? ??. -'wht v. k I' H loi ?'"?t?% <n\ MoihI w, !)?<?< ? ?A#?innhlp N?'v.uU, ion hiiiWn, Bwr J|.r sie*r*jrii* f r*/uU route h kvt4u Uul t?r?iv Oil mot '?jcJ 4?orUAt;ou y ttr^t Hi# |'f cuMi now mhu ? Uic pu iiw lu* So 1 < '>m< \h u it j f/-r i- in ul #*#?*, *ii?i lL*t Uic piili'lo.k' '/"inirii ? Ni> ar%|ta* b-itr# **>4^1 ffHf hm ihpsu intd* H v?nirti'Ui.?i p*.ru#ii, %iid im>( th?* InteirupUoo i*t tii? 'r#n*U hnm## n Ui* 'Milium > e npu whn'Mte.l 1 or iftlornuhUofi or pnM#mr?' ?fiplv vioFy u> chaKIjKH U(f (IAN, >|?M. 2 yjivxiii. *Uini>cd teller* LiVfo ff f>\ rAclr. TiUP.BV CUIPKK FOH SAH VHeXh VHVa y lr*<l to Mutl r>i? or l?#for* B*Uirtf%y, TiA Iterombrr iu-4l*ir I Ij#* fpMixlWt A 1 tii>t rin?* cflpucr *liip KLYa ?V,i Y, ti RHit r, is r*4'?tvtnK brr raiiio ?i | Wt9K*aI river * \ w t? pon'iv?lj mil ui? *bov? Mitpp*r<? ur? p*rtlrun?riy ?*^u *?u ? lo vUU Um- H>*w?y, *nd *i*n ib? nuool t >? b???1 mo # rgfciit rUpprr* ever I null iu th? UnUmt M*te?, **nt jU'U'.c liii'Ti. -*l> i ? of brr abiiily to 1*;m) h? r 'uirgo iu ihdv*ncH ol *n convC)*ii?f) dow ottering. Th< <?m*U tmpaojiy uftn?* *ibi*ic Mid .trfr rino.^riotntA, render It c rteln *b? will UnUb lulling br SHum hv 16'li, bnfor* wl?i? h tint* MhipporM will jitev iim(. 1 t f? ih?'r ?TigMK?ktn#n<? nn<1 L*n?l In their b'lki <?f fwltu U i kigijA' uri' JUITrN .% CO.. V.*Miu;h cor?3#rnf W?*n. N H. 1 be nhipH of thin liiut i?k"inu ficighl *f.?r tli*-l iy * I vrr'Md AUMBaUA PlOafMKA M SK, C4RRY1HO Til* am 1*0 Hi*f*a M*tJ.?11?# bun r?i'if?K (filp ?;YN rill A, fur Mt hour?i#, b ?vH>g twif h*r nugu |MMrfuvnl> ?nir*ir?4, i? prntAi-#^ */> tek* rrHfch* >n noO?rnt? imrniM, ftl pter 14 M**l ri?nr( If olted ftir i m ly. Ai?p ? to R W. ' OAMK'Bny, Ifh ? Rowtiuf Or* A I hTRAMA INDKI'KNDKNT L1MF?TB* A"1 UTIaKN fT dtd r.liitp* r nhi|> M AA OaUI N wili w*l nn HnlunUy, IVh lake a Mniall qiiaiitlly more Ir. Igld; alao, twodr*i cib .ly Iminedlaialy In pa??? ngera. Apoly Iminedlaialy on iwwrd, at pier In. kci Hlvtr, <t lo (JOOlikVR, ARKEI.I. A Rl LIOT, W fearl ilr?eL riOK dPW (IRAN ADA ARD RH3AR 4O0A.-THK AMY r lirauadg > anal and Sieaut Navigation <>>inpa?r w II di pateh <lx?l>? ti/nl nieajoidilp, UdPRKY. on Hie 18th id Ibme Mo at F o'clock P. M from foot of Cbatubei?? aire *L, Hartb rlreri fin ?ar .luitti del Norte, ?'at Hiai??!,% ar. 1 HU Martha; ou Iter rr torn HI Hial A?plnwail and Kbigotoo, Jtinnkm. flie'" prey Ih a Oral rler* aiearaei af tttkl tone uwrthei, In perfec der arid eoitdUhni tMuraa At the Inweel rwlea ner earen') ' i '*0 pa?r.etigei? and too tgna freight. Pioigblwlll -?? t k ??ii Juan, *' SV p> ' iwA. and ' arttuunria and Hi Ma - lie ' Kc.mtM. Pa wage lo Man luui Jel Norte Mtnaiafuv Flral cabin flit; ve-md na in, (AO; fie-rege, ?"ho 'lanba Aria ? nil Hi. Martha Paw Uranada?flral .ibln. pro eaomd cabin, l?), r veraie.ftu. Ho bavthaaacurad III paid Fir. Po lat-regr atplr In I N. I.. >101X0 A >*? . ? WlllHtn atregt; for In :*lil apply to MOMJI'KRA A <>)., JFfo 'iroadway. foii.R HAVARA AND NKW ORI.P, ARR.-THK IT. H. r mat: etg-rndifp III,A' K WAKRIUB J D. Uullork aanMldff, will ircgln in recglve freight on WednawUy. De *, AMI aril lor Hie Above porta uii Monday, Dar. In. at 3 > eli' k preiteoly, fn in her i??r No. t7. North ilrcr fool of Ibi'irir t .trial. IdVIRUriTt i.N, C! KOCH P.BON A OO..JI H road a A 1T 8 MAII, HTI AMrll'P COMPANY POIt 'lAVAN I . aim! Raw Or ha re on Monday, Dte. 17 a* If M ,fro> nl-r ii "t 11 1A airan 'i?l, I. R , the Iw-' and hvflrfl Horn tUp ORaNAI'A, I rpi K. P t.riffle. ?ill ? all a? above Pa^ -age ciaa I e i nor. il a*. Iha i?tnpanpV ofUna. Pre'gh >i Na a Orleans. ?d renla par cubic foot. Khtpper* will he e>ippllc I with blAiik blt'a of butbu of iha form signed by tbo company nt, appHruilnii at Uialr oflb a ho ivkar f irnna algur l. aint on I.Ilia of lading will be elgnod alier the hour of eatllng. ?? r freight m paaaage anp'r at the office of iha company, No t,; Wot tetrcot, onrnor or Warren. M o HoHrRTH a- mall line. - The new and eleeaai MMiner KROX PH.t.P ? apian, I' II I.allow will Icarc on Wednoadar. Dec. 17. trim nler No. 4, R. B., al "1 o'clock P. M llllia of laillo ?Igned on board Por freight apply on board, n ? tor paeaag lo H. I. Mill HIM.. No IS Hrnoiiway Cabin paa-araiod. rannab, fob, fur Florida, ihroueb tlckela fro n Rew York t Jeckaai.rtllc. |>l, '?? Plloika. In.*., large ami conorcatari* pcama-a leave Havaoaah lor Ploru a Ihrec Umoa a wook. oon nicui.g ?Hb the Atoameia fftim New York on lo-adaya an 1 taturdaya. PlR AAV AMR AH?P A KK RRDtiCRD ?THP. RUVKRIOB drat elaaa alcauiahtp Kb YHT1)"?' K rT*TK <Hplam K llertlia, will laaaa Pblladelpkla fur Harannak on We>ine?ler. Hcc. 12. al lo o'clock A M. Pai a (9J. aaeiaga $4. vgonaln N<w York. RCKaRTO* A TaIXMAR. IF Old allp. a bora elate room* may ba aacurad. Tbc K cyMni.e Ma c will leave again ae alxiae on Wndneaday, llacemhai At. LtfiK ( HAKI.PRTOR AND PMIK1D A -HUMI WKKKI.Y A I'rUaal Malae mall lira.?The apleudld, faai gntoa elea* ?b p R AKION. * Potter, eomiuanfar. will !?? ??c pie' No 4. >'? rih rlrrr in W adiieartav, l?ec if, al If .rciock P. H p.c cl elv. Por freight apply on board, abera ab hlila of U Inof will \t? algnad, and 'or paaaage al be o?"e of IPwfDRl' IlLKfTON A Ml, to H road way I he favorite an no CaI'OUM liarlng rcniincd brr ri gitlar irlpa lo the varu n lai on ike Hi. .lohn'e rlfar Plo, vda. will rtaine-i with Iha -leouwra Imm New York, and ie?v. liarlr?i,, j every Toei dir. el Jo'rMtrk P. M 1 broach Kckela lo Jw kAMvtUO. Ill lo ruatka, W. t, OR KORPOI.K. POKTRKOl TN AND I'lCTRRnni N I I' Ibel . H. Mall Hteaenehlp RiMNoCR Cepi fb.aa *k nnar ?III Wave lor Ike atiove porta oa Wedoeolar naai Hk Inretiiber frdnt ofor II No'Ui rl'rr alio' mk. Prel<> aim lor the above p area, and ike tolor or Peru, Caroline Rn freight latum Air Klchimmd -il p?a?cnyara aOM .? for ? ?r<:?r 'here hy nallmad from i ly ro.' at he tWoAr* P rlgb> Par N'WOlik and Kb bnvirrf can be ahippad by the liBcetoaiD aterv la'i.rdoy P,- .rc ail 'a e win. ale" rmcn. ON rf.k, fr I'Merebtirg and Rb-i'mc I, fie; L/ack >,arg fit Apply lo l.l'bl AM A PfJiAM A N FN, IF fir -ad wa . ahtrduiot, AW' N DP It. ?THE OI PHY DIAl., A TR' P. I*A dDf een he em.mlled ?t, ell avon'ao' Ift a' If A i vao a'r -? (ae HP cenle. N. M ? The li|p>> bat takeed a ?c < by gn at ei[ enee from the far fair.ed ancloui reat Iko' wHI mie ? lade-ant gai.rnwn m obtain U.e affectieaa of Urn oppomo at. i barge at re. ARrflRIRHlND TO At*L ?MADAlfR i ? ? rut wTaetii daughter, lao 0 t.atiiral gift to led paai lom ? ad ftoarageoata, anl \l. Utu guana , a ,f nf- avmi -he 1' itaba. and afl iwoae tpeada nvortage ar<4 aio*w the likf oewa c' ba lo ended hiitkaid 1.1 a n i-' frletca, acid at ' rfng me. ifrer tbnan ?k art tanttH, arko wtQ oun. ha rrea'aei aa plre a of meirtro-ioiki blfaa A" who aid; ?? nek map gall area foe ? And ? /'?. i Tk>oaamia bare el liieat) d Ikelr e lef thai ?h? la the ggt ' wote'erfo ??'/ ,.ig-a the en d 'ir 'l.a' beteiar kgog know -b.-iigk aftte pre ?i e* nr.ihng hoi ehol la ra-o*ic|i??-l? 'o | o i? ptoy barge r eot e?itefe*d 7R l'r?v o e Wtel be' a cat, ' a n4 tAi oirt'-A! o,<t admnted. ( 'I,AIHM'YA ten - MKH HAYKR Witf V OPP RATI a ni/Mt hy it at ble e-d ee" ', ? - -ft 'an e . ' 4 of any peram ? . <? -bo In 4a ? 'OrUiR dliaagt ' hataUravrmigeaMltadgiMt l.tie I- it e ihawt 1 i a. lie tee, < (Ww jjf ftratid ?'reo' ?t .?ia"' ry ata a'...titrate ftira tt BO pep. ? r^LAIRYOYAROR.?MBR RRIVtlCR NRMCkL ARC A ' btwhieaa ealrfmant lid apt-or ? a few dm<ra aw 'C f'.raailway All dfaegaee peen ar to ' naaeta - od cSt, Treu n.cer ? .full) uoalrd, aa u-oal >ud aaMefartba i g .a/an eel. ? o? fey MADAKE' Af.WfN," piftfiM PkBI - iPMr-Rt lie. t mr\ ee? 'b 'l.e -kdva a> d geti |c p. , n pb e-^docy the ? en le roaeu. "! *kom lot* Ota.'rai' b ? 11?ne anlw.'l l| ifenenarl ibe'ad y organ firm a n,> ? ir.H-ry, ?>, ibe i.voe ot ler yfeneye Re? d-n-? Hf Oaoa Km MATBINOIIMI A 01 R II,F.MAN. AUPD M, IN I> M - (if P'iRg la g Me I ? g>ag*;alot . n.etiWl elliencg. ytUi pleaoe call or ad- rfte Mr*. PKP.WrTKR, i rnioAr'aare it a My ma rer J? gtovtrrni' ?HI a Voir 'af a ktad AMfpneMlae ? a or tital alifaaeg. 1 74 Nad ?w alrget. rAamow ailk r*u miLuaaai, ac. AMAONIPIOENT AKhORTMSKT OP KIOH PANi'T fun I .Ml lie fouiiil M LKVRT'H more, 44 Maiden tana, aOOr alatlng of ill the (like and medium grade., aad alunpre miauled low |>ricee, mat. tiled med under the uuicrvUmu of Hi" W'U known OK.O. 8. MAWSoN, Agent. 44 Maidon lane BKAVEK BONNLTS AT 71 CENTS ALHO, film end other ?tyt?? rolling el lor price.; feathera, ti tia mlngi, Ac , at MKH. HEI.P " tnilluery dor*, 173 till h iiuuit, mi Muih ?tract. Bridal wreath* por tuk million -t ik moat r egaht adornment lor the .euMni n> the confiture tar.tvc proper In ou'ili b, nutrutiouta and hgitliuiie Hhriattowara l or ihilullrl table, truEA and Cowan In oeakel*. at?lAMB-'Ti K t H'S, I 37 Broadway. near Whllo itreet. El W. LAHAK A HO* BAT* OPENED THE WAi'IOCk . atura. No Kb) Broadway, with a general aa?>rt oaoi >1 lull-*' and Other fura of tbalr own mamitwitore. I bey alao alii) occupy (be jJd oand el If i. IV John Ureal, until 'be l?t ol February when they will remove to lueaov More f. W.

LAP A K 1 HtiN, ?-A) Broadway, o/ipoelte the SL "" Ho Icl, and IV John i LICKS AT I.E8H THAN COAT, AH IT* ARK WOINU OUT X? at Ihe trade. ?We at? now telling coop tile aula of Una Can cable mink, comprnlng a large u. intle, miHf an I eutr. tor fi t; almi all nilirr klnJa of lure, at half tbalr value, al MADAM i. HARH1HA BOM'n, a;i Broadway. (i^l)KS, FIRS, FURE-AT THE WENT END EMPORIUM r No 118 ' AtiCl ?treat lbe ledlea ara reqne.t.d t/> ca i and aaan li.e tbe la. git and choice aaaor mnnL ia ore purrtao tttt. Alao, an eiten, lv? varleiy of beautiful bate and eaiia Iir chili)ran. una price. J W. KKLLifOl. LICKS, AT 3*0 BROADWAY?AMK RIO AN. RD-SIAN r aiitl lludtou hay Company1" fur*.?MOHK I A II i'.STKR oar to* oCer lo iha puhllc, lor city and country trad 'it, an tin equalled accorttnent of the above, .elected l>> Mr, Willi vnt >1 i aer duting hlv late emit to Euro pa, and aanutac-.tred with meat cu e. b.very de.ortpilon of fura ctn be found, of auch var e'j that eanunt tall to at'raot attention. Every article arlll be n ari anted. Per rale, and cold at fair prt tec. MOHKK A Ill's I Eh, Importer. and tuauufao'u-araof fur-, 11 Maiden lane and AHA Broadway. LADIES' FI'RS - 1 ho largest, rlcbeat, beat and eh-epeel Mock In lb city at HULPIH'S. SKI Broadway. N II. ?A full acaortmcnt ol large tnlnk capaa. 1) VRIS FK li'HKRS.? French Flower*. lteaver Bonneta, tc , Ar Low I'm. i n run at Noa. lot and Oti lobti .'reel corner of WIIIKm 1IUMKK A KBT Jill* M uhy mmtm. <+* ? AH. WOOL PI.AIDS, A larn variety m neau'tful fa11 a'ylca. very otvea, ?;??. Hi KM HI Ml-III-. US A AII Dai. A INKS, Kvt-ry ahada, oualityand prion LOitll A T tYLUR, Noa AAA 2A7. UXt'J and -11 <lr?n<t "trai l. Aid new number., 47 and 4V t ailen-lne itr-'rt. Arrival op nkw ooods lmmtrisi no purnoh embroidered . licnu.cttCM and a'oevia, tn aha ; oola-C" collar", ruUi ami I nod-; alio, a-e and uioaltii evening dre.vrs, at Kt'iiKnT I a UU.'S. 870 Hroa?l ?ay. BRL'SRkLS LAOS.?A LAROK ASSORTMENT Or llro-cec not.Ilnue -ria reralvad by Utn St l.OUll. wll It- reatlv liy Wedneacty, the I'fth inatunt. Alao ilru ; point and point I'algullla. capea, baiulfcercluefc, i-ihluret. A and a variety olo'her rood" M tLI.KR A OR AH, S7I Broadway. BRl'B- i'I.s POIP1 cot LABS, I.aROR 8I/.E AND NKV pabrm; aim, point lo ap|ilh|ue, font f I 181 npwi d-, e. |.u", l i ithea, "Carle eoltfeui i ", .aeea of the satin-, all b * I a It will bo fouitd well adapted fur lbe p"- aeitt tea it yUal te clv<d at l'KTKR B'.lURRIri A OO'S, Sib Broalway. Jy tit CIIK LONG K13 \ WLH (ALL WOOL), 111 fiO, WilRFIt Klrb plahl tdlkc, tic per vmrtl, worth Ha. Silk -cli tn I !.>nk"ta ami lUuneU, very low. UL1VK11 RoWBRaY, ^idtlrund at,. < o ner of For-yUie, and 447 Mgath av. one, netaecti .l.'al uml Sltb atractA Black moikk a ntiqpk, only eh, worth is. Lit kt cllka for evening tlri-"-c? only be. KIt-It brocada nlkc. only 1?. dd per yard MOWBRAY, 300 Oraml ?! , corner of Poraytbt, ai d 417 b Ighib avenue, betwarn Aid ami 54tb atreet /tAHUttir KMBUOIDKRKD UANDKEKUfflKPS. JUKI " J received (Vunt auction, y? r? rl.-h (alao chUdreo'a dm, ? I r wild at a ve.ry ittu.ll advance above otaei vary dealrable lo holiday preian'c. t lenlleiio-n'a plain ami nolo a 1 tiordere I do R| PKtBX KoHklir-t .? t v> . 8,6 ilroada .) 1I.OAKHI CLOAKHI! CI.O VKM ! I I urn inn. tut-x otiita cunak, al I a elm do Ian. vicar ravrvv prrvr nair ou>Aai, al tan di Harm aAuatrii Bftv a tomcuun, at thirty do ara. Plve liumlrnl paw aod brautlfui a .rmeu-a will ne open* I and at low pi a-ea Ob.'l. WVrUI, Vil Broadway. t RHb.TH. MRS OAVNoKHtS JlJdT OPENED TW<? J raaha ol Praoeh oouiada eoraela, beautltully ailapterl h. wlntet went; alao a large varlrly of ha - aalrbrale-l Kr?? n wove oraw* 4b fhltd avenue t.ear lamb alre. t, aiel h Mlaih vet.tie near Setentt?nth a raeL N. IL?Wove eurue atVI and upward*. CI LOAM AND TAIMAB NKU.INO AT IJ)W PRIUE / to ?lear out the fait and a Inter ilock., OONcTaH. K A CO., (12 <'anal at. R LA1NKM AND Mb KINOK ?' SKI.LINO MDOH BKt,OV the coat ol liiiporla ino. Ali.Nt jLD. CON ST .MILK A CO., AZ Cunal *. c D D E AMA^K TAIltaE riaOTBS AaNII SaI'KINH.-KU chjm'W, fAbrkw, <?f al 1 nl/*n *i i<r<%<]??? 04 qtiahly te*? (l.Mii fd/Mt of Impor'Atton. V.. O. HOOE, tM) ltow?r>. IfOUKlf M - RNITI hK ? HINT'/ ? O.V MONDAY. WTK ItiktAfii, thr? u ? m tn, *i J?. OCT v<r?l U 4 I * . li HiA/X, ,U' i)ro^<t? 4jf |;OR NKW YKAh'H. V Rich nr<*? a<t*? mtk Htttin klrtprd do. tkiitii| <if7 <1o. Awl ItiiUdi twl *(lk roS??. PrlOOM fNull flfi tolk'*. ? ?rh, !*#??? thkti half the ? t/H< of lutPorfMtUjn Mem?1?>, l*fc 10. A. T. SI hWAKT A ? O . Mr<tAiiu?y f'tunnbcrH au?1 nUMlU L'KKM.H MI DUMMY At RKDU<?KD I'RH'K^ HUM P 4 < o "f .\u < * liarlne *t< <**(. ?mn imi * oflfr o tho I **!?? ?n lifted united *?*.?! ut< . of winter r?oniief* Krwry <ii ?trip tj?m of I ot n*4* rin l>** fi.iiMt here of NflilHrMi UmUo^O ) l?iito*ur>rt attention. N H ?1 >?* la:ant fyle of cloak, l*a?|') and waist pattern* bow ready. pBKAT HARiiAllH I* llf'H LAOM.?OOOPfl RX \1 hlbiud iti frboW r*MM, will) pftcca rilled. *1 lb* K?jr.? l?* at. ??AO??f*rfui*r'4<pQ* of iniiai, artda larita Mofllrm *aW pwtnt lact l.tuidkervhltf*. trotu $Alc$lt> JUDKh 1>KI (KOIX A96 I'.roadaay, t.aar Mrtropo Itao llo<?L (*RM.AT RMHUniON !>' THR PRICROR 1 cmiahs. Monday, Dec. 10. A T. HTKWAHT A CM., Hroa<lwaj <'h*iit???r? and KfMdfl fHrtain V MflA fAHM.'h IIAIR *HA*U) AND M^RPH. 1 Direct froi- i alcnita. will ha oymed ?m Monday, Dec. 10. A. t. MTRWARl % Of) lln>adw?y, < oainl'?*m and K?a-te prWA J. flick at ?raai|r raducad price :? Ml? rtl aa (If. and 1711 worth (AO. I1* at .V. par yard. worth 7 a.>' ptai'ta al 4a. par tart] Valaocl* |.labia. Pa. ai d par yard. Mrtlnoa rallona. rmbrnblartMi, bandkarebicit, loaka, ir Ac. AT VI.RY IdlW FRICRR. Noa. 216 and V>7 llrtwdws, Hroa<l war, 7M sod 7M Brood wop. Iavikm' (TiOTin roR hixiakb bo.?m riieor i I. a<-k aral ri.laial, u( a beau'lful luaiity will baoponc ihla morning. and al Ilia low prx-a of 12a. and liia. pa' rar I *'? J Ifinfjarrte da al>,a. al la :>d wor h la . A, (?"?? arda par. ti.rlta al Jm . *1>|1|| 4a. 7IIOMAH TATR No. N, I anal, w*o? WMH MM* \'I.W KMHRIiiriKRIKR-URRsT BAWIAIN-. IAMi; J . PRANI'R. 701! Hroadwsy, will open on Mnndsr, Oa*\ I" I'.. la work ad col art, roller. sad all eraa In aala. miwa.' collar i n awlae and camlnla; Notre wurkad eoPare, rarjr ? toiep. a > a targe ar.or'n.anl of ramhrlc onllara ovl air to, al (I a wit P"f lAR AT. OK FOR 1 HE HOI.IDAYH tin Monday (Irr. 10. . i. HTCWART * IX). Will offer bargains la Mike, All wool pi*Ida, ki glial. and frrndi oiarii oa Mnuaeeltnr da la lima, French and knallal. asiisoa, I u.tiroMrrlas, Sc. Ac Broodwsj, Chamber a sod Roado an aba. SII.KN ANI> MII.K ROHbB.?ARNO| D, 00N*TABM5 < <?. Will Oder Ibalr Ulka and ? k rol,?a at rnduead prtea tor iba rtn.aindar of Itia oww. AHNOI.U, kXiNRTABlJt A0?)., MCsnsI*. Sll KR. HIIKB-ON MONTI?V, JOTII INaTANT i arra loaalco from anriPm, plain and brondn, from il? ?bU !? ,. o oiw dnllsr par tard. C. 0. BOOK lit Bfodwoj 8Mh1c - kKIRTR or IVfPHOVKII HAT1 KKNH, MU4TI ar ?lalrl?>o? niortan ekj'h qu.1 d -.rtum. cr.r dl . t,c atrd, FtcmtUta 4-, ?Hi an atmualaa i al real '!>?? d I'.or., rrl!ar? ?' d ? .-air* It, a- ?? ''d.lrc?,'? . .c . i kii'' aakai. Mot a hoinlkaiikit r. i.i?. k i?. ? tc.1* ?.? k. TIIOM AH 7'ift Hr. adwaj ttrom ruiiDR at rrvK Rini.t.iNf!? r?,R varo 7? 1.1? cmo | rr .'CHiT.'r W fblnio,!, warrant* I Uw II* I.J and ?rw ps'iarn. Ala., roper r?w ?ika at ..tenia Itpr Jrrd A It N'll.ll. ooNirsRIJI A OO , AS< aosi ? ? F' I Mo VI HTIi*. I '.TI TI V ?TRUTH, WORf PRAITtftT. AN!l i ft,id p'ata or intfi pcrrlm, br IN 1 A Ft X, *V ?'? yiho *? I 11 nl!K. liri.Ua.' A lhiad* <sl W'.rklt" ... lirad ' ib. ' ret ar,d 11 a Tltrr r%T Im .oaar**.! w. bn?i*ar'rsc' it>( lb# ..Id ra?' ?? A'ft Pnaidwajr c,r..ct ofRoward atrnw D BKDICAIa UWH-rk U l)(i ARa NfK? KJ MAT Bk "a an. ad on dtrrw ?, et )r??? ?> <?w ?| w '.-M m* m 4A Is r>t*ranlar pot a srarfit eorra *tU'to .r,. IvF f.AR'fri'B MKOtCAlr AI'VIHKH 4?f? ??H " r%#? <. k. rbwtth ,.a. ? ? riaOIOfr. aAAb pta-all la a ra'r,aa.*d sgaind Urn owar4 a I (.to* al'blr lOmalMRt rin- l?r ? im (wn 11 i> 7 and 'c. V I'. R 4J Rradr r'taat, oorwr ad M? Brew ?aj ||rr H.I Ml If AN IKttr Ob III W .Hit ' r) trra". ? ? . |?r . I Or, if y .... ?? t a> .' M' rt t f> t.. I. rAn 'h tnd ri.?..,r ' fellitlF < | aod | n* lr?r ? Iba rarodj" of two, * f fir II I "0.A I Ml I. l.i par ai I wrr. I N Y / tl.r> ' R I'lkBIlT Ia fYjNIM'LTRIi < nlfl.'KNTI 414.1 , " ' itkl't rt. kv',t?|) . rtr'n al aati arr.-- to ' f ? rib dedr frcar To ?? a ? rta?, in, fi , a a A M It.. I i r. m Rffr?B7F? TBI!aTWPMT ?P pr[\ atR PttktliM It I'll .<4 la I 'tsna .IrraM la rar c. IWI al M I I f...?! .atre neap bo weiruKrd a Ut wwMoaaaocw pH?o>a i dWaraa Mil HJAL AflTIbr.n AND KAURI ? Ik 0< If?w -I|T i',*i. r orl., r4f, imiaa "A aoariI" |1 IVa SI* ? a ? br eld eaa an r.?trd?a t.rf' .. Hpa '?? r?*n bM ra.eek ? oik Or . ipartxR. ?f V aolkmr'. Far* arrl, a-a t> an' of ft laeia d .weea a A't |l o? lb* a-i ??. M I. A I' pi Rt 11 falrter, and i arte at || R. ? la wraw >anaa f Mr-ad?a> wfca'a be I WOa al llaa 4..?**a, fr-an |i A M (and do. t p if W r "#t>- >r orb ebat p?,a-a iRron.aea a a tar I. r |N I arwot ? 'M iftHol ?'r.rwr d*a rua . I aia. **%>ra Zad>oa(. Bioi'ts Oar Hml ? ee-aw. (? ? pet. k So. XfUW gakdkn.-monday nvkniuo, nr.c. 10, IN D/&. G It K .. T COMBINATION OF T1LIXT, THK troNDKHPl'l. IAVKIJI. N'l-LK BoBKRT AND IHK hW.I.KT TROUP*. 1U new rtimlr piir'f.mlttva (IwiW.n ???* |.>rk eulttiol ' TIIK HKIIlKT MaNKMOK 1 Chervcernby The Revel Fharily Vv ATbY. OB TIlK VIViNDlkkK. It whkb Vile Roberl, M' In Paulino Oe..e, M'lle Una Win d- * II n Mercrtil and Paul IttillUnt ?l!l ap mar. in . unriude with thi- rntnlr pantomime ? >( AiPDODM ; OH THK B voir PKW. ? I.on.. 'a. ? by The Rami Tamil? ruu ?? or iiniMsi: Ttckeir so eeete 1 he on v >aala that can b? nvurrd In advanna ara Iru .rate tt Pi Ivaia licxaa.. II. I '(!'<? Ii|<rn drily from MA M. U> S P. If , Air aeourtnf orcliriiru ?', u aud private Imaee .mly. In.ore <?< nn at nV, I'rrf. rmaiica to cnmroeoaeatTK a'rlock. Ill AI.I.Ai'K'rvTUKATRK, BROA DWAT, NEAR BROOMS '? .treat.? 11 +*?* nj en at <K oVloek; In comma. aa at I Vulida) evening. I>rr In a Lady in Di> Pi<Hii.Tt>?. Count Net/mar. oi iiil I'l uaaian heyal llriiKunm...Mr laala PiilTi'tigrunta.,ilr II. Holland I It'umenlhal .Mr. G. Ilarrlana Frill Mr JaOHaij Maria Mra. Oonorw 1Mb: YIuAt NtuHT. Vnna. Athtlle Talu.u Dotard Mr. H. plarUla tlal..... Mr. Hte ??rt I t.miila Mra. Mtephetu PaHPKi i ION. Mr Dawret ca Paragou Mr Norton Academy or mhhh;.?thirtieth niuht, and laal buv ten nl the mtum. I ha nubile air rat par I 'ii I It Informed that Ilia meant eeaeot. will rloaa on Ilia Slat of December, altar ani.ii u.oe the Academy will not ba opanud for operatic pat (ormancae null' alter ih.' lat of March. ON MONDAY. DID". 10, IMA, Vrrdl'a grand opera. In lour net., ID TKOVaTORK, wl I be revived 'or the ap pan rare# nf MaDaMB NANTIKM DIDIKK, In !).? lole oi Ainceaa. MaDaMK ' K I.A CHANGE, KlG.Mon KKIONOM, HlilNI >R A MODI O, HIONOR OANPARONI, III their original .clea. Doulietlt't opvia >.( i.ucrk/.ia bobuia will be rrpaalrd on TCK8DAY, DEC. II, for the banefll of HIONOR AMODIO. Adn.lealrn One Dollar hi cured aealr, All rriiia ( lira. AinplilUiaalrn, M rente. Murirai Dtrectrr and IWdur'ur Mai Maretaak open at 1: Opara um.n.eonea at R. binei veil .rate ra.?T be recti ran at ilia n rind pal nfp.-e, aurnar ..I Broadway and Fourteenth .treet, at Pai..kl?'a Igaunr. Jo', tle'i n.uaK' .o.ra, Alt. Broadway .and at Dal! A rbai'i pianoforte ai.d innate alorr. ZLU broad a ay. BIIKIFYK KKRPN ADERH, IIROA DW t Y --MON day rvriilD1.' Den III, th? >ue>'Wu.Tu) tragedy nf VIl.l.IK inn AND DIH hif all a uti il.a baaniltu 'I rl<-k llo*aa" la hie w tNaaa, A.! , .1. and I.La g. eat' p.dce al A at." 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Hub ilte brant'fu) mn ?*?ly ol THK I.AHY in lHmtHJLTIKH. rooiif Sn'/mmr ....... ... Mr. Mhi'Alu? I riibof? ... .. Mint h?urjr ? ?'iimmi (uht-r *'bin ?u i? r? I i Mr O llf.l'un'l Mr At?H?ri, Mr. dar' Mr. I'e'rri, h???I Mm I onornr. Ai rt tbr < ?ul Mi tmrrt* nf Pl'-KFRITION. TIKaDaY. A virl?!) ol ?nV? ul? iiifMiix, n wlib-b Mf. II PU l?K Hr. I.dfifi, Mr. H?i? in, Mra. flurjr and lo#* atrcm^tb ?if 'Itr n r'u j)?l j all' prrlortu ID r? r.???|?>?ii( ? of U ?? mafiv Ui?|Uirb h ami applkr4 k*m a if? 111 itflb?, tl-? bii? drama "f PAi i INK, a hlfb fifhdd 'i fmw?r'ul n ai?H?aiUtti *m? lt? urM prtxS^i- U??t? %' iblh Uirnir? wl'l fboftly Ira mlral An riiUr* ly onrthil and nrcttllar flrwrna't'* diKfh, ?n'Ul?4 IH KK 10 Mi'IIKi k'H l?IN NKIi, la a;?o In 1 ?baa 1 >al. In |>r*| araffeni fhr lb? a|?pro?trhii?if Moiid.?>?, mii original, abf itjHi ai, ?rraHr, op?raim, MniHVl'>//4 mm 'f?rol nvaur? rilr?Mt. ?iif 1, iMnif a firrtrrFUin 'if Yr Ir??' Mat H'm'WirfulW HihUii lr t?l >? JinuMii **'?? FryiM'? ?a, i(t(0 HON TaH, I'll, 111* UK.Nfl.KMA VAOK A ntw ?Hi ?>rlKln'?l farr* ?mubd 'illb' 1 M.irol(<(IA WIIMIW a III K? aHrd 00 W?dt.?*?!*irt Willi a ?afi?-iy t?f iKf?rr rtii?Hatn nuno. D ONMKhK OOI l.II, CHKtHfl AN AKHMAIliM MKK1 tbrtr loriulf, to'tmlMy a.ruidK Aradanif Hall. A OA If KM Y OF lU^'?ir ?ORANV) HAi'KKO roNt'KHI Ifti li ft bMid'ftt fit III* lifofiolwi1 H.b-lP'l t f the- Uf||?a ? mi. Vlv.cei 1 l>a Paul, Knnday ?m-ninic If?'* 14. by Ui? aWili oi-naUf iiun|>r of lha Ar^'Uiny and a grtbd ???? *rar?ii*a lulu in f| Hairin? d M? ?? nu aili a, 1? Im* "bialn? I ai li? Aradrmy ? nly. i"i*NirTK* f ( oifMi el, l( Da Tm rlnml, flai. 0. ? lO'if.aae Jibn 0*i rltn K Puowi, ?'nn ft MnTany, K 1 am ?Hrr. AnUilna Hrrnard, ii |.m M'-iifnyna, Anaai ( itn-h*, K i^ up Flunk aft, I'hiilrl Havlfti, l,?'?iU Dm 0??nirmi, * l?a Munilmlan, VUifr haoaU'ii, Fa 111 Iniimlaby. K.?fiati WhUa, Al.tlif |#f fl? IfUrt, I' Ooi|M>n. I. llod?'J Mil, Via or f?a J aii'*)t Hllllatn nlblo, I Iw?*? Itomr A ired I naAfft, II Or 1 ??urc*, Virt/ir O iraod. .1 i l.arit Imiu L ' Hhilf. If J Ait'lrraNiri, M. J edU'*. A H tbrrkHI, f?**il# Ulnar# A Kf h'rillt), O.T. Harrr, li"b?r< Ifiv^lfFha. U Fran' bar? .1 Mllbru. M.I- HHImi a m fl I'Hltia, H in h'U'ifii, ilfury I, Ili%ita, n. i\ Barhai, C I a?*fU?t 1 M a? T Ooriiialiy, II Ogrttn ?!|d??ar F. D-' w < , Oiar' iix I'anl Tnalmu-l I, II. (^uao kmb"#*. A\ HA KKK>KH VAKIKTUX. W kTIIOPOM r \ S lleuUr, lirirtw*?, ?f'.or??l ??rAO*. I j lie.wr, ItriiMWAf, cmptorM* iirw I^Aunt .1# ?irt u* ??t tt?fcAjrttig to tl?? -mi* ??*rn wHt i/U *mi? br l?.t (fi.i- trim 10 A ML Ull SI*. H , ??*1 \k*w? rncuKi'l *t!i ??fi U?? oti Not.<Ur mil Ihi t<?. ? Uo'cWk A M A t *HiriMi,Tt J oh m Ki'iiy f* st r, ah vrr. a rh ic-if ki>, ano ? ill ?* + bi* frn??><1* hi v Mlrrci) HaI>, M?k* toy. / 10L. CUHHIHCTH OH %*!? MKH AORKIR Of \ I.I \ I.S?* WILD AHIM AM. flirr of Itowtor? *i>#i ItoyArd *Ur*t, r irti ntou* Hr?l * VfUm tn N?w Vork amour wbtrh it tfi* ?#?Ujr livtof rtilrww* riMi m An^rloi; h f rr i?r? La^/py tdntiv'm H*# iui mi ?ih-?i i f imJm n, pUb ?>w tarvAi ran**} m Hoot, flgwra. ? .u'fii'ivM ao* r? r.4?i. kr Hi r riilrri thto Hon'i t*ti Uh?k* H?ijo? ?* ? <1*9. <>t ?ufrorn 9AM urn. 10 V. M. AiJ<ol?Mot> 1114 root . 'TlAftl.BY WHirVH on.HA fini'HR #?# lOWKSI 1 / iii?n nm nt# t?i ? Anofhor now f'.ao# Mi* ?*#!. A ' 'MO rim r TflK IMHoRk*. ?< er?hrr wHb * i|' i? of ur r a?M?, \A 1.11# ?* Krrnutrr* Ar Proprietor *m! Vi'Afrr, C, WltlTk^ Drftttt l.tXritr OAtXRRY, NO W ? UOA0WAT. HOW rati Hint ?b# n?or #itoti*t v* iv?tl#nii*i -*f rer# p*o'in, ? . vi-r |?ut i n i MvataI or* oora b.*? rMMlf lit#i *<MM. nil fH,iili,j. A'ltkilMUOii Jf#??'liU, iOmmn* U? k* m AO rrun. aTHKHKCM. HHOMKI.YH ~MIHN AHHA KftSOLA J\ <b? A mark an I nr?.i? I<ocjI?a a r#*wi#nt of Mr xraklvri, toi r? ok# brr drlm', at ti.r Above r?n.o) b*l , <** lf.rir^U> ?*? ? * I * / ?" " ? f ? Mlv I ?WI ' J w i hlna. D#t\ I*, I.XA, In a $r*i,4 V'*ml ?t?.| In, . utunnlw <Jm "??' ,.rtrt,dfcir l?ir >u i,.tll UI|? - MlfM A v.* II, M prswi, b?i flrtl Af. ? la Mk. U'TOMM Ah, lit, r.i.lirhU'i l>ar|ti.l VK.iHah |>k JamiK iba iw w .ll?in,uW^f itAnW KK.I, J i.VA^K. il? .ll?i?i,ui.k^l im? 1 "l? ? .10 ? ,"l< '?> Ik- kiul ?i lit, 0r1iK.|i*l iitit.k *n4 Son. ?'????? iiyl at It# Itall ??<l,>, lha r.mnan IK.,., tp.n at 7: M waaanrl *< Kn'e .ir.k. TV. prograoun* ?UJ 'k pab Ukarl In la'ar, i4i>rtwiw,i. L'KA.Skl.m kl'KKI *, SO IB H'>WKKV-TW<? PI'.H r Uliinwi .lay, rrani.Tt in, at 1 oV!??a In 'I. .IK iik. n. and a' 7 >n l(t*<nki( r-'ra.,..fa al|l .J*ri ilut U.? k- Bm '.f,|. r?ia>?.atm?nt la tl>a 1. i.ik4 t^ai,. ?h.r. Iha MODKl. ARTIHTKI* ara aili.blt.4. /mi l.r or tiik mi .k.m ootiih ium. xi* hroaii aar - l-oa?. ? i aail^aa., laklaain .liw.ia 'laaw. au a ,b >'Iter nrttli al an > r ia.i.ia.L >. ",r/afl' i. .a, ai i aai r I al 7 I BOI . I'k or I f,*1 Tit CI I.IXIB'i rrWAI.MN. *b. will Bai am. 'i?a? alMrmaa anfl . la'.i la .'I'a-. MA..N.ri< tt>T LITIB't ('I 'll Itf.A. ? Uh lAk.f ai'rarl.a,. L'RAMtl l* Ml I M, M'l M B'ftl IT M'tXIlAT " !?,<? I" ?? a a>!raMK,<.a fb. r.u .r.ti. an. a-4 aaanla# baltf I- r W.a MKxrrnr or him katk < i mmi*, aban nn? i. .ii ? lab ?? ?Ml aanaaa la 'ba moiiki *HTi-ir-., abb a i raa' tar.1. >1 ./brr .r. a--a) .n.? 'a. iMa't bagai ic 4a) - altai anna al V aa4 am a' 7 a'rlatl (iRAMn alRtrt Ij Al l IT I.HAMI *7K?*I tr.A* X llfna-laat - Mrltir, Wat a ? Ir. n, a </ ban a a ih. i. ib? la wif't a. | pt int.. w aV'a t' twt f.laK n,. bar a. b tak./* ta*wtilaaiaita A ytl , , .ai rl: . | a.i) aflat 'ba parluraiatiaaa ' ? nun.'.- a ai ? g?I trt A. aWa Vtrb a ?li) r. UrVR rRrr. M?>r-iMt vm *a*t to n? 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Bard, MArrroIoa I Haaul.'a tiitoB 1 Mta? Utoxyiaua Draaaaltixta I wi'ti, ) Mil .j. Branfcaa wi OI ('Ml. pb>r. THR WANDRKINO M1N4TRKL. BDWKRV TIIRATRR.- PROHRrBTOBairD MANAQB*. 1. I* Wh4ib?; *mag kana?ar. Mr. to. M. #??*. IW? open at ?H. ouodnnnon Al 7 o'oloc*. Motto/, (W, A THK UAMRHTKR. Mr llrtrrrtojr... JA Mill .lay .. Mr JohurioB i Ixtwana Mr W. WBrd Mr?. HrtTlAjr Mrm. T. H ItMRlilIn A DAY A?1k.M TIIK WRDDINO. BURToN'H RIUMMKRH XTRRKT -BKNRFIT OR MR t.loKOK JOKIIAN. Manila/, Do. 10, Hi'? ii.a* iif MaMI.KT, FKllH'R <?# DKNMARK llnD.lri. (Irai linw, Mr II .lotoii; I'a'orIua, Mr. Hurtoo. ClBiKllii*. Mr. I "OiiigK. II, ll><i?u. Mr. Kalntora. Ilqraito, Mr. Mixro; (Iravo ilxiar, Mr ('art-rt. for ihto atom onlj. Oar tiuitr Mr*, t! llmnx-, Ophalla Ml* E M fli tfca tarrr ,,i TIIK KPKOTKK llRIDROROOM. Dtokorjr........ Mr 11 Jordan 1 AM alalia Mr. Bradtar 1<> marrow, TuaatUy?lha n?? uubmmIt al fit** PHK TI.MKN. ? flMl. CHHlhTT 1 WOOII'K MINMTRKIJI, lit HAiJ. 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