Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 11, 1855 Page 3
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NOTICES OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. Tfce It oh a til* and Reality of the Pat oflBee. Tun Yeabk a mono the Mail Baoh; or, Note* from the Diary of a Special Agent of the Poet Office Department, by J. Holbrook. Cowpertbwait A Co., I'biladelphia; J. C. Derby, New York. The pamphlet of Mr. Pliny Miles, which we noticed a week or two ago, gave aa a full insight into the general administration of our Post Office sys tem, bat there is a portion of i a woiklng, of which the writer could know bat little, and whic h forms not the least interesting und instructive chapter in its history. We allude to that apparent looseness of su pervision and general negligence on the part of some of the agents of the Department whit h lead to the fre quent abstraction of money I Yon) letters, and some times even the Iosk of the mail bags themselves. This lantnt has Just been tilled up hy a gentleman thorough ly initiated in all the mysteries of these transactions, and in every way competent to throw light upon them?Mr. Holbrook, for many years special agent of the Poet Office Department. He has given us a very entertaining and valuable book. His object, as nay be Buppftseri from his position, is not in any way to cast discredit on the department. He was induced, he states, to undertake the task " by the hope and belief that while it afforded interesting matter for the general reader, it might prove a public benefit, by increasing the safety of the United States mails, and fortifying those officially connected with the Post Office und mail service against the peculiar temptations incidcut to their position, thus preserv ing to sreiety some, at least, who, without such warnings as the following sketches contain, might muke shipwreck of tbeir principles, and meet with a felou's doom." Without acquiescing altogether in the probability of the hopes thus expressed, we are bound to con cede to Mr. Holbrook'? narrative of his Post Office experiences the merit of being an exceedingly interesting and suggestive book. Taken in coo junction with the pamphlet of Mr. Miles, this pub lication is calculated to be of the greatest use at the present in< ment. Mr. Holbrook tells his story plainly, in good taste, and without any affectation of literary pretension. The volume is embellished with some very well drawn aud neatly executed steel and wood engravings. Among others are por traits on steel ot all the Post Master Generals from Osgood to Campbell. The following extracts will give an idea of the general character of the book:? ?ome jeers ago ths l'oat Office of a prominent city In Western New York became involved in * series of mall depredations, and at length it was apparent that Bono one of the three clerks w 10 had slept in the office must be guilty ot committing them; but the fastening of the charge upon the delinquent was a thing yet to be accom plished. By various processes, the range of suspicion was narrowed down till it rested upon onu of the clerks, and it only remained to get the legal proof of his gailt. Pack (gen were missed that were known to have reach ed the office by the midnight mails. The elerks took turne io getting up to reoeive these mails, each one por ta), mtng hi* duty for a week in succession, the one who for the time attended to it sleeping on a cot in tbe Cost office proper, ano the other two occupying a small apart ment at some little distance from the main office, but connected with It. It had also been ascertained that ths package* were abstracted from a (Articular mail pouch wbich arrived with many others about midnight, anil remained unas sorted till morning. On a certain occasion, when the suspected els rk wo* upon duty, an exact description of evtnrhing hi '.hat (touch watt taken, upon the cars from the West with the view of competing the list of its con tent* with the p?at b its which should be found on tbe flies of the office tbe following uioinlng, simitar bills having heretofoic''U? pjusered with the packages. As 1 had before this had good reason to know that ma gts ratei aad jurors in'hat section of the country very propei iy required pretty concln,ire evidence for convic tion in such caves. I determined, in eddliijn to other ex pedients, to take the poet of private watchman tn-ids the office, for one night at least, that I might obtain, by ocu lar demonstration. sufficient proof agiinst the guilty one to satisfy tbe most incredulous court and jury. One of the unsuspocte! clc-ks was cent avay that night, and the other, in whom I had the utmost confi dence, was apprise,! of my intentions. By him I was let into the office through a private door, ^ofore the object of oor machinationt had entered, and T was net long in selecting a suits I,I* place whore 1 could see without being seen, behind an open door leading from tbe p >*t master'i private room. Ml position could command (through the crack of the door) a fair view of the a ore said cot and its occupant. It was not long before the Individual arrived who was t~> be honored with my scntiuy dating the lire-long night: and as he "wrapt th? drspery of bis couch about hliu," I could nut avoid making a momentary com pari son hetwren the luxury about to be enjoyed by him and 'ha wearisome hours upon which I was eoterirg Well? Some must watch, white *?me must sleep: ri.nn run- the world iwtr. Si'ting in ^he public atockr?watching with the body of * person who has died of some contagious disease?bo irg cornered by a bore when you have an immediate en gcgement elsewhere?waiting your tiyn in a dentist'. office? all these are somewhat trying to the nerve*; but for a real test of their power oi en in ranee, commend me to a stand behind a door, between the hours of 10 I'. M. and cty light; the thermometer ranging frrm 80 up waida, all mo'ion and sound lelng forbidden, under the imminent risk of being discovered in your niding place ano forced to retreat ignon inipualy. 'Ihle is a faint plctnre of tfcflSituation of the author on the night in question, Zeal Tor the public good an I a tracker or two, alone sustained me tbrauah the tedious ntght watches. The proverb says that "a great desl can be seen through a small tude." My sphere of vision, however, was rather Hmiied, embracing only a portion of the a> joining room, faintly lighted by a hanging lamp?the cot with its sleeping burden, a table, and the dimly neon tiers of letter noxes forming a bur.ground. Entirely in keeping with this scene of "s.lil lite," was the mono tenons bun of sundry flies of rowdytsh disposition, who, not content with ticklicg the ne-e-. of peaceable ckiaens, and otherwise harrassing iheus during the day, must needs ' keep it up" through the hours devoted to repose by insects oi more steady habits. However, they might, have been engaged in the praiseworthy occupation of soothing <>ue another to rest by tliotr ' drowsy horn," for I myrelt began to feel its soporific influence, and to bless ? the man who first invented sleep," but anathematize (inwardly) htm who was preventing it. 1 was roused from this sleepy c .ndiuon by a slight irri tation tn the Srhnctderaiu m--n.hrarm; In other words, I began to frel a desire to sneeze. Now, sneezing is an operation which admits of no compromise. You must either "go the whole hog," or entirely refnin. Any at tempt to reduce the force of the e\plod..n is as unavail ing as was the Irl-hman's effort to - flreal/y" when ho was touching off the ewnnon. So the snooting Inclina tion must be nipped in the bail, if I wished to preserve violate. my secresy lnvi Accordingly I call's! to mind (as far as I was able) and ptacxbvd alt the expedients ?.f which 1 had ever ird, | heard, besides others entirely, for allaying this I rubbed the bridge ef my nose; 1 would li.v^ alap]ed myself on the forehead, hid I not feared the rerotdy would prove worse thin the disease In re*|>o<:t of noise I instituted experiments in "counter lrn ation '' by pulling my hair, plm-Mng my ear, and thus diverting attend, n from the relx-lltou* organ; and Itnally 1 sue ere.led in subduing 'Ills refractory member. The une-tsl ness I felt lest, after all, I should be compelled to Wske tire echoes of the building, as well as other mora tavgible creations, was in some degree dispelled by eeverel hearty snores which proc. e<l?d from the si?eper an., like the guns which announce the arrival of a vessel fn port, gave evidence that h' had arrive! in the lend of dt e?nts. T nder the cover of this fru dr joit, f despatched a erscker (not a fire cracker; which I happened to have in toy pocket, ** my inner runn begun to feel the effects of my unwonted position end consequent weariness. At about midnight, a sudden p-al of the bell, pulled by the mail carrier, at a back door, aroused lire sleeper, Who started up. went to the door ar. I received the mill and. after a little delay, returned to Iris bed, n?t, however, to sleep as quietly as be'ure, hj he often roll'<1 over from aide to side, occasionally uttering a groan Having nothing better to do, 1 "peculated on the raise of these pi enontena. They might be owing, first, to beat; second, to a disordered stomach ; or third, to an unaaey ruiwcieiico. As to the first of there soppe-ed causae. It se?med Im probable that his recent visit to the ii?t in a very airy costume. should l ave hail any tendency U> Increase the animal beat, ant as regarded the second theory, my knowledge < f hi - dietetic hat.its vas too limited to furnish n?. with data for anything like an ar|tma*. If his lb -ft delay at the door after receiving the mail tug" was pro 'Btt duced by any cause for which conscience might properly him, the last hypothec!' might be eorrect , but on the whole I was obliged to follow tire exam p> of many profnunder theorists, and confess that 1 didn't know much about the metier. A combination of the stoma-h and eonecienre suspo aitions n.igh*. be an ede.|uste solution of the question, fur the slender salary of a I'ost 'tihee clerk hardly cat head for more than three meals a day, and -.he inference front thase p rem ires would be rather easy tnata fourth mnst have b?en a*, the pohlte expense. He. e my reftertbws came to an untimely end, for the Insert orchestra of wb??e performances I havs spoken, wet reinforced by the addition of a piccolo, in the shape of one of those minute specimen" of creation common ly eared nsnequite. whose note, "moet musical, most welsoch'dy," b ended with the trombone of the blue bottle fly in a manner rather more curious than pleasiag. And the different sounds produced by those Insects wsra n>. less an like baa their modes ot approaching their Vic tims the letter, with bull headed ohattnacv, bouncing against your face In a Mandarine way, wtth apparently no particular object "Scouting that of making himontf generally disagreeable, while the former, llghring upon yon as delicately as a soow flake prooagds wtth admire ble promptitude and doflnitenaes "f purpose to take on his lancet, and like soma nevwr-fcUing humorist U always Tire tones of this insect .CoUen rose and fWl for a little time at a dlstaaoe, but I was speedily award of Its pre sence In immediate proximity to my ear, and apparently tiinline a lour of obaervatlon arounl my bead, where neon I commenced a Mind sort of defence tar flourishing mv bands as noiselessly as possible round the raxian in vaded to as little purpose, however, as the attack of re gular troope upon a body ot In bans; for la a m -ment Ihe araslc ceeeed, and I fall the .harp pnek which in ed me that 1 was hit, and 1 InsiincUvel; faflkted in energetic a Up upon the apot, by which my enemy was it lingutrfaed, and one Mil at least effectually can called. This re ult aw not attained without a report, which no violently broke the silence, that 1 stood for a moment la breathleo* susj-ense, fetuing that the sound would peee tiat* lc'<> the real 11 u. of Morpheus, and that thus 1 might pay too Nearly for my triumph. But the sleeper ' male no sign." ano I was sgaln leit to my solitary musings. A small pistol which I bail observed my sleeping friend place under his h?ail on going to bed, did not taint to to ci ease the comforts of my position, for since he had be et me so restless, the thought passed through my mlod th i he might hare heard some suspicions noise in o:y direction, and was 'aigniog sleep, while ou the watch fir its repetl'ion. If this were the on e, the discovery of a mi pel nummary on the premises might lead to a hasty as sault on fhe supyMiMd midnight prowler, and also a mine i n pi t transfer o{ the contents e' the pistol to me than would be either agrrrelite or wholesome, before 1 could ctfer any reasonable explanation f?r my presence behind the door a' such an uureusonable hour. Alter a while however, a renewal of thesnoring, which was occasionally echoed by the occupant of the adjoining room, easutod me ol the absence of beiUgeren' intentions; end the hutting of the files before mentioned, with tho ticUng nt a clock in the oBice, were the only additional sounds that broke upon the sl.enoe. About two o'e-o-k a slight accident occurred to roe, which, however, did no harm In reaching for a pitcher of water that stood on the table rear by I knocked off a book, which must have been poised on the corner of the table I Immediately Unlisted, by scratching, the gnaw U-g of a rat In the wall, so that, if the falling of the book bad eioiued the sleeper, he srouhl have aitilbutod both the ni 1-tet to the Imaginary animal. But few ?< ends ou.slde 'lie building were beard, save the orca?i nul drunken shout of rorae votary of Bacchus, reeling home to disgiace bis family with his presence, and the meaeuied strokes of the city blocks, its they told off the long, long hours. i'ii' the most ludHrous circumstance happened just about daylight?that is, daylight ou'si-la. for within lite office it was still dark as all the blinds were closed 1 was startled by a sudden rap on the door of the Post master's room, wh'clt opened into the main hall, soon f< llowed by another even more energetic. The c e.k, in the bedroom, jumped from his bed and passed by me, to open the door. Tearing that I should bs discovered. I darted into the bedroom, wt hout his knowl.dge, and hefoie he hod teturned. The truth is, he was not more than lislf awake, and had forgotteu mo entirety. He had admit!ed a c lured man to get the hoots which re quited his jiollahlng touch, and then returned to bed ogatn. This gentleman of color, who by the way proved to bo a trusty porter employed in several of the offices In the building, prneeiden Drat to the side of the cot to get the hoo's there, and then made for the bedroom, into which I had retresied. In feeling about the floor to flud the ? tmaining "leathern conveniences,'' be seised one of mine. - I've got roy foot in It now," thought I; but by a g- nils and dexterous movement I succeeded in withdraw ing the exposed covering from hit partial grasp, to pre vent his discovering the existence of a If within. Whether it was flight at the touch of the tenanted hoot, or something else, that made him leave the premises so suddenly, 1 have never been fully sntiaflel. I out myself soon alter, leaving both cletks fa-t aaleep. W hat occurred ou that night beyond that which I have already described, or how the Investigation terminated, I am confidant the reader wtU nut luslst upOn knowing, when I assure him that there are special reasons, affect ing public as well as private interests, why I should mare no further disclosures. Though this was not the last night whl -h I have spent in post offices for similar purposes, yet I have never ie psated the expet lment under circumstances requiring quite io severe reetraiits, and such abridgment of per sonal liberty. CHBATINU TiffS CbKltOT. Our collection of "outside" delinquencies would be incomplete, were we to omit the following caae, which was investigated by the author not long ago, and iu which not a little Ingenuity, of the baser sort, was dis played. It will serve as a specimen of a numerous class of cases, characterized by attempts to defraud some cor respondent, and to fatten the blame of the fraud upon ? some one connected wl h the Post office. We could aire many inatancea of a similar kind, did our lliults permit. A person of gixd standing in tne community who laid claim not only to a mural but a religious character, was vi-itii g In a U'ge town on the Hudson river, about mid way between New York and Albany. This person owed a clergyman, living iu New Haven, Connecticut, the sum of one hundred dollars; and one day he call ed at the house of another clergyman of his acquaint ance In the town llrst mentioned, aud requested to be allowed the privilege of writirg a letter there to his clerical creditor, h the stun due that gentleman wis to be enclosed. Willing materials were furnished, at d he prepaicd the letter in the study of his obliging fiiemt and iu his presence. After he ha' finished writing it no said to the clergy man, "Now, as the mails are not always safe, I slab to be able to prove tbat I lutve ac;unlly sent the money. 1 shall therefore consider It a great favor If you will a: . empsnj me to the bank, where I wt h to obtain a hun cied dollar note for soma small trash that ! have, aud Iwar witness that I enrlose the money and deposited the letter in the post office." The reverend gentleman readily a-ceded to his request and weut with hint to the hank, where a bill of the re quired denomin ation was obtained aud placed in the let ter, which wat then soiled with a wafer, the clergyman all the while looking ou. Ihev then went t.r tne Post office, (which was directly opposite tne nank.) and alter calling the attention of his amjiaidon to the letter and its address, the writer tHeie ol dropped i> into I he letter box, and thp two persons went their several ways. The letter airived at New Haven, by due course of mall, and It so happened that the clergyman to whom It was addressed was at the l ost office waiting for the as sorting of the mulls, lie saw a let or No-own into his b<x. and called for it as soon as tbedelive-y wind iw was opened. Cp< n b: < uVT g the seal and reading the teller, ho found bimndf ie<jiit .red to "1 leaae Anil ope hundred dollar*,'' Ac., villi ?hlch requeat lie would cheerfully hare com plied, but f.r oi.e alight ci renin* tan 5*, namely, the ab Kiict of the hank nolo ! Tlil* 'net wan apparently Mounted for by a poatae Ipt. Writttn in a henry, rude bund entirely different from that of the body of the letter, and reading a* follow* S.? I have taken the liberty to borrow thi* money, hut I rend the letter, aothat yon needn't hlam- the man that wrote it." (Signed) ''Pour Bur." lhe rifled document va* immeillately ahown to the I'oattnaeter, and in hi* opinion, a* well aa th it of the clergyman, a daring robbery had been committed. The latter gentleman wa# advtaed hy the I'oatmaater to pro ceed at once to New York, and confer with the apeclal agent, and at the tame time to lay all the (acta la-fore the I'o-tn enter Genet ah He did *?, an 1 ft wa* not I mg before the agent had commenced the iuve*ti?aliuii of the anppoted robbery. In addith n to the pmtacript ap|>end*<l the letter boie other indieath in of having l een vampeied with, which at fltat ri^it would neeru almoat conducive on vhia pi lot. I ].on the envelope wen- two wafer* differ fi g In color, ore partly ovet lapping the other, a.i if th?y had been put ou by different jierrona at differaut Nolnlthatan. iDg the?e appearance*, there were rlr ciimetance* *tr< ngly conflicting with lh* anpp will >n that the U tter bad been robbed. The noetaei ipt Wa? an un natural affair, for noone guilty of openliga letter for the purpot-e of appropriating It* conteut<, would atop to wilt, an explanatory pn*t*crtpt, e.poci.tlly a* ?nch Id ii.create the charm* of hi* own rour e w aid increate the charter* ot hi* own deter'ion. And in the prraen*. inflame there had been no delay of the letter to allow of .urban addition Hy a riait to the office where the letter wa- mailed, th* agent anedained that It inn*' h v li ft iioo.ooiateiy al ter hrrtnir hi en depi - I.e. and the advanced age and ex cellent < I aiai U-r ot the Postmaster, who made up the mail on that ociaalun, entirely cut off auapici .n in that iji a i tor. An biterilow wa* then held with th. clergyman who wl'i eeid the mailing of the letter, and from him were obtained the facta already *?ated Concerning the oil log of the document, ami it? dnpoait in the b-iter b?i in a pe-fect atate, after the money ha 1 hn n encloaed, he wa* it i .'y at d willing t" make oath, and had he In* n i ailed upi n, he Would bare done ao In a)' incerlly and hir i *ty. In reply It an Inquiry whether he n*ed mo'e than one ai rt ot letter paper, he Informed me he In... had hut cne kind In hie ituoy lor reveral rn n h- .nd, at .ny mjueat Immrdlaiely biought iu atveral ahre'a of it. A romparl aen of tm.. witn the abed up. n whi h the rilled epiatte had hi* ii wiil'en, eh iwi-d that the latter waa a lo'ally different article troin the Urat; the ttup. and d?*4gn of tl.e etelnp, the alxe of the abort, ami the abate ?f the I n| er, wi i e all unlike. M reovor, the wa'err ua'd at the l.ank white the ho tut red dollar note *a* otdalned, and t e let'er engraining it analed. we e eery .ii rlnllar to i blur of thine which appeared nprm the ? po*t-b .y" Utter. 1 i "m the "i n I deration of all tin .e facte, I w*a **tla lied tl at a groa- ?n I conteiuptilne fraud bail been perpa tta en by the wriutl <>1 the letter, and lod no tune in pirreedmg to lh? ullage wheie that per* nag* Hand. 1 iailed upon the i'oeiiuaater and main .one inguiriea re I: t... the character *Dd peetmia-v eiteum-tanoert of tl, iron In qneatioa Kern the replie* made It ar> 1 have already atated, uaat hi* reputation in "~M gold. J ? c< mmuni'y wa* go I thonght It might be pn*?)hie that in ao atnall a place I ul ?*. i-ruln whether he ba<l Lately panel a hundred A'at note a* he ?..ul.' have been likeU to have done If it Wan true that he had not encioeed it In th*New tiecwo letter. < al'lt g at the tore which recired moat of hU euatoie, 1 ii ttiduced n yeelf to the proprietor. m?d* a confldan of km to ?? ir.e extent, and learned thet the very nest day alter that on which the aforeaaid letter wa* mailed, it* a th of offered him in payment for a t*rre| of flour, a bundled dollar note on the hank from which a bill of the IUe denomination had been obtained aa before men ti. ned, In for the " hmO tmh.'' The mer chant could not th. n change It, but *ent the flour, and ? hi paid a bill whi. h he auppored to be the name, a few ? 'terward. id with theae Irreaiatibie facta. 1 proeeele l to call it .* adventurous d. eetrer of the ch rgy who bad at ti o pted to make one member if that body aoc <nd r.l* In tent ion# to cheat another. "Inantiato arcbetl could not ot* #o IT ret" "Mr. T?aald 1 after torn preliminary rower** tlon. "tt'a of no na* to misee matter* fhe tact la you rlid nut a?nd tb# money in that New Haven Utter. You effmd It ihe day after rru pretended to mail It, at Mr. C.'a atom. Yon e*a I've out all abiut It. ao I hope yi n will not deny th* truth la the matter.'' I then gav* him hia rhotee, teaend the hundred dollars prmiptly to hi* N?w flarea autre-pnndeot, or allow iw to ptove, la a public manner, the beta hi my poaaaaniia df corner*. Being hard preened, aad finding hlmaoif eornarod. be ennfeaM-d that he had p-wpared the letter which wa* rreetwd in New Hevea?poetecript, double wafer* and all?before he left heme, and that while eroming the atreet kan tb* talk to the Pn*t nffloe, he *ub*titut?d tbU for the one be wrote la the clergy man a atudy lb J>ri mieed to acn.f 'he m> nay and pretended to hara ar?f bred aeverely ta hw feettag*, on a*, --.not uf tld. diab ueet act. - There Is no fatted Hte'e* lav providing for the puaiah meat of eucb an nffenae, l.ut pohite .pinion and private coracienee make r.her alattnetl .m ihe evaan do, and often mete out a well rleaerv ?i penalty to thoae who elude th* lee* aebtle vtioiater. ot Jus'tr*. In the pneeut Inetanee, th# foreg ing ?tnry wa* male put lie by dlteetirw of tb* I'aatn.aater lUwwrel ate I the of it author of ib* trtcb, unable *o aue'aln tb* Indignation and c o'empt uf th* cotrr unity In vblrb be liv i >m cot pel led to moke ? hasty retreat from that part of tho ooon DKKF.ATEP BT A PARSON. It aotretime* happen (hat the ends <f Justice are bent inoM by alloaiii to pe <>d f?r a tin* urtum ltsUd in tLeir coutsr, and won by alfordiug the n faelll tie* for the comnd-lon of 'Ifecces which will be to tbe>a e* snares end pitfall*. When means ore these ate adopt ed for the delect ion ofcime aieapotary check to the i pei at loir of the suspected peraous, fruiu whatever cause a'birg, create, some addl'iotial trouble and anxiety to tin m who are endeavoi log to ferret ont the wll d< ?r, ana pit yoke* a degree of elasperaUon toward hi* unconscious abottr, Such an untimely Interference with plane oare'ully laid and cat tied out at a considerable expense of time and effort, ore occurred while the aulh >r wae attempting to hilrg to light an unscrupulous depredator, in wbo?e de tection the public wax much Interested an many bad suf leret by the loan of money nent Unoiigh hii nMie. Iliad been bmd at woik for a week In purnulng tbie Investigation Imviig for tbr third 'In.r panned decoy let- j tenor, rthe i oad <>n whlib the suspend oflj.e wan situated, (the road being one of ibn rougb*nt (rind, about dirty miles in lengib end very muddy,) and *aa tiatler *g myoeif tliat that day's work would tnable me to wing n.y Inborn to n conclusion satisfactory to tl>e pub lic and myrelf, if not to the delinquent, when my h ope* aeie f< r the lime, ilanhed to the ground by the innocent band of the village par-oa. And it haplieced in tble wine:? 'Ihe mail carrier wae innt'octed to throw oil hi mail, i.e usual, at *te suspected oOlce, and to remain outaida, in r rdai to afford tbe Postmaster n good opportuni y tor 1 he re| clti ion of the ode oe which be wan nuppoeed to have con milted, the eger t being ail the time a mile or two in advauoe, in another vehicle, iuij*tient)y waiting to learn the result of Ida mano uvre A* the part of the road wbere I was etationed, w?m In the u.icat o. wood*, and the Hriier had no pas-eugers, no tarticiilar caution wan r e es.-ury in conducting the conversation, and belere n associate had reactelme, he called out, " 1 guess you ll have to t-y it again, the I'rmlnle wae there at d I l|>ed to overhaul the mail to day." lie spor tamo n who, having just got a fair sight at t).e Mril wiileh he ban i.een watching for bourn beholda it, startled hy pome blunderer, llyiug oil to "parte un known;" lbs: angler, who, by unwearied pains taklrg, ha h almoet I u vela led a 'u oraich of tbe pcil" In'o awal lowirg hie hook?sees a atone burled hy ome earele-w band, descending wi'h a pplaeh, and putting un end to hie fishy IHrtation? the-e can imagine m? beting* when the mail carrier made Ibe above aunoui cement. ' Confr or.d the I i.mii.le!" involuntarily exclaimed I, ?' why couldn't he mind bis own bu-iueoe . I ennmined the mail bag, but nothing w?, missing ex cept the matter that properly belonged to that ofllce. Put at the nest trial, tbe pailabioner did not have miniate lal aid in opening I la mail, end accordingly, probably hy way of inderouhytng hlmwelf tor hU forced ahatinence, he not ouly etlxed the decoy package, but several other*. Ibe following day. iraleef of overhauling the mail, be was Ion self thoroughly overhauled by an l ulled State* Marshal. A man of such weak virtue should hire a I'omiuie" hy tin year toattud hy and bdphiui to resist tbe devil, dur ing the procrna of opening - he mull*. Apart from tbe incident* with which the hook alxjiinda, it containa some valuable mutter for re ference. Srwi from Brautt, OCB RIO JANkIKO OORRKRPONDKMil. Kio dr Jamrbo, Oct. IT, llift. Saitori Fn/m the Cleopatra?I tow .Some Were .hurt? AtuAher Steamer on the Amiuon Ritrr?The V. S. Steamrr Water Witch?Her Servicer on the. 7x1 I'lala?Propretr of One Cholera?Aid In the Sufferer:?Market Report. The bark K. A. Kawling*, which ariivoil in this port on the lit, nail* under the command of Capt., fur Richmond. This bark was moored in the first anchorage on the night ol the drat of this mouth, and at II o'clock the officer of the doc* reported that two strange boat* were coming towards her, full of men firing pistols. On arriving within bailing distance tbey reported that they were wrecked maiiners, who had baited two other sail In the mouth of the harbor that night, but they being sus picions that thay were dangerous persons, refused thara help; but Captain Beaman run the risk to tuvite them' en board, and they proved to be tW-> boats lull of men from tbe Cleopatra. Theae suffering sailors were re freshed with the best onboard, and the stewardess goes hi me with Capt. Ileainan, who bos kindly oifeied her a free passage. On the 10th lest, there railed faun Oils port, for I'ara, a Li'* steamer, owned by the company tor the naviga tii n aud commerce of tbe Atntno river awf for the transportation of colonist* to its borders. I'his steamer is iron bul t, and was got out at the Pon'e de A-oa foundry, mat this city. .She Is lfO teet long, of 170 tons buiden. with CO horse power, and it is intended that she will tuukc nine knota an hour. Tills is tbe fifth or slith steamer this c /tspaoy bus now on the Am. ?,0 and her tribu'arie", and this government paid to the couip.., an instalment ol ?ZOU.tsO. ITius your readers will *e that progression if perreptibler in one ol tbe I >ng neglected, rich and interesting territories of tbe garden ? pot of the world. Our last news from the river la Plata brings us In tsrsstlng inhumation of the Pulled States sU-ano-r Water Witch, and there are sevaral compliments published in 'at or of her commander for the discovery of a canal lead ing Irom Parana u> Asaump'ic?, which will be Valuable to commerce. Nothing new has appeared in relation to the <ju*--iiorn? ol thl* g< ve nnn nl mi l Paraguay <? the 12th inatant, the Camera muni ;tpal ami aweral <11/ tl. filial ed gtn'lenirn aeaiatel in tlia ccrem >nial in "I" nii'g ground pre| atatory to the It; i"g of the fonnda tion atone of the ev|iie*trian aia'oeof i?ou i'adro I., th? hero i/f the independence of lira. I lbc <h< lam <on'inue? to rage, and the ileatht average fifty raly In the city. and tl.e direaae i. .prialing Into every poi'n.n ol the interior. Tlia .hlppitg ia pm(?<? 'y healthy?hardly to thl* da> can thera he found one /-aoe if rbo.ra among the teeeel* It to tun known to hare Tinted a* yet the American or Kng1i>h here, alt ol whom hare thua tor eecaped, with very few exception*. Iat(e rontriDntion* run'iuue to be made for tie rick mil poor, which apeaka well for the berrvolence of the ilraxiliana. Hie Majeety the Kmpcrut wi?11eel, a few deye eince incut of ihe ho.pltale, ami con Vereed freely * Ith the elek in their roiirhejt, un'tcntrl aoine eeten thoueend dcllara to the ilhTvreiit c ail tit a: and May . letlngul.hed w mh a gi vi t h from their I or e ai d their pe'toi al attendance, there la nol inueh ? acl', and all are convinced that the .li-ei-e la abating, end that a* yet the only onen who bare teen nuwt m vi rely attacked, ara the African al.iv -a and the I" < '? Nel'herth< hi gllch a'ennier nor the 1 tilled.H'atevfrlga'e Sevatnab, which eent out to .eairh for the 1??' of tba (leipatra have yet returned, lliey are prohaldy aur viylng near the dangeroua rpot whem the Cleopaira ati nea. There hae hren more dere in the code* market fr wn Ihe let to the Hub. Inclusive, than waa an'ieipated. II eie were i ee pate bed fn rn theConm/lado to all pat*. lu tl at time 104 8IH I- c . !?'. 000 baga of wM.h we e fot tba I nited Mate,, s..? I'rleaov 21,460 t>aga, ihiiadtl | Ida, 11 787 New Vi.ia. lO.ftf.4 : llaltimore, 6.46U ; i harleatoit, 3,800; Savanna!, 7.66''. fgt.tgai ha/a era', per a'? I,a 4|l 00 a M'.'0 in maiket a'.e.ut NO,000 bag, lhere have been 'aige antral- of Hour elnce the l?t and pricea huve C" ?e down, liver 60 tMO bvrreliare in filet hand*, and the taet q tutted price* a. A aa fdloaa, ifgnlar:? I'altimore 249AOO a 2ft8000 I In n ' tnJ :t ftOdO ? Gali go 3ftft/>0 ? I'altlmioe and Chlila, in lota together.. 21 .0 a 238600 Ni? OtltMM ....... If.KiO ? f/u Suaday. 14th, arrived the chip Cray legie and hwr cargo wa* euld ye-tetday at aucte n. an nn ual move in tlite n.Hrket. 2 KO hacel* were ili?|a?ed of. In lota, at '.04'Oo a 7'.40*0 or 410 60 a 111 60 jer l<a;'?i Y rf Nrwa frr n> the Weal Indln. AKTHVAL or Til r. MtlTlflH NAVAL HKfNPOHi'lf Ml NTf ?Nl'MBl K A Nil ARMAMENT Of THE HIIIPH? VIIAT Dt'T Y Tlll'.Y ARK TO PKKt i>KM. We have (ilea nf Item nda paper*, dated to the 27th of Notember. The new* It of Kit e intereat, except aa re gan'a the airival of tlie Hritiab aar va.-aela, aent out to rn ire the hut Indien avjuadroa. lit Bermuda Hrrntd, I November 224, ??yt ?II. M line of batte ebip Rrerawoo, I ap'aiti Danville, i>earini: ihe Hag ol l(ear Admiral Attbur >ai.?h?*a, ('. It, the n eal O n.mander in thief on thia ata'ion, arrt'ed on ) i day iaat In tlx 'leya' parang* from lialifax. 1! M *terri.e< A gua, Con mender I'utvi*, arrived at the e Manda m Wi'dnea.'ay tn iaat week from Halifax. H. M a'earotr Ro.antund. Commander t r (ton, frota 1 r.g'ar.d arr Ived at Ireland U'arul on Sunday Iaat. Six ' av* previooe to her a tl> al he. e, *he pa-vet tba acrew tin. ?! Vat'le h't/e O ri.wailia and l enihr ke, under ?all n. i o gland la oml to 'hv--e 1-land./ Il.e ICwunoeid i* thepiomerof th< targe addition to the We*l In ua Hewt n emitted in i ur ex ra of Wedoeeday lae'. H M. ?erew a earn I* ga'e 1nm*innt, Captain tYe llio. Kilth Stewart, and II. M. utearn ?ba,p Itur'ard, Cam naniler hohhta arrived at Inland Maud on Tueelay lart from the Weet Indie, bringing (Tom Corbett and th tt?w of the la'e eloop Wilverene The Royol fiOJ'Cr if Vrven.ber 27 obaervwa?II M. rteam fi igate I'm hndie, (ap'aia << II. Seym-'ur, arrived on Kilday to at from rrp'-and. H. M. tteam *kop Meviaa. Cntnman'ier Phillimorw, ar riv<d on Friday to?t from It. Themaa H M Meam el'op Rmamond, C'vemmandar fVoftoa, aa today for Halifax We learn that or a of the war a'earuer* "? th'a atativn Will be employe' during the winter rrw/ntha In brtr.-tnf to ftetiruda 'be middle month kinglieb mail, depoalted a Halifax by the Cur.ard .team packet*. Kaa* or a Wirt.?Th? peare losing ?ri<l law al.idina eltl/r-tia of the loan of w?b<tar bad their ilea. of a ? raH'f ratber amta'rd a f?? daja Rln?-a, bj 'haanaounor omt that I no among*t thnn tod a<dd hi? wila to ?n-4hO', fr>T > ronaiiieratlnn. It iarm* that'br m.\o elth blR w.fa n?r? tlio Imimii of ar.athrr. and tba ntfa. who alaajra Hkl that >b* diil D"i iartetd to dm antll tbr had got ? n tbo ot ? ??? ?1 all of who au prabaMy a "iam'?r i f the lira lore a a*"-.* turn, war drawn towarda tba land Wwd. who i? ot raVbaf waa, a ?tt?la man, by "yawtmnl attraction," and Ctw>aa4rd an aitaal raturn. Th?v,. la nr. dnutit what tba 4rnx.rU <)? r'.ti.jdlal with fr*m what the huihaad ?aw, wher?iif?>ri he <-vxir? ij-ilta din ratified. and bitted a* n\arh Thlnga grea n-. oetter rerj fnrt. ar ti tba boabarU. n t ( >.' ng h.a im rtaaidrd, ryake ftfbt ont and <,bje?rt?d to thr ?a/ lua 'rra a am yrrgnaalf Tt.u eprar tba way tof a i,tf<i?tl.a. and atti r a li ny bi'kaitng and bantering, the ho-baad agri'4tbe landlord ?hr old baa* hia hog krrb and faidto ?'?*? ' lot ttra hundred d lar? and arttlngr to (III iffni aura Immediately drawa ay, >?ni*d ngned and dattrarad, ar I tba woman waa traiu'eere' forthwith to Ur ara.? of bar f- rttrna'- t* t?? ? -?bo(w A l^ tM'f L'9 %. THE BMMELLEftR' Mil WITH THE rtESS. Piiblbki r?' Mtnlfnlj (he Scwip>' P"?- Mow laUrtUood NoUrnln Utr l',.rrn ?Adv. Jlyat. rtca, iVr , Ac. [from the Aim-man l ui.ll-.heia' tlrcular ?ud Literary | (?axct a, li?e l.j rPHMjJimw AMI) THK NKWH'AITH PjiM-tf. A rtcanffHeurietce m Uuep.n baa afforded <? . I m f>r muth diicussion by the j?-i? ?hc.l p.?>? !>? relation la twok publishers, and M.r severe censure of on* .f jlu- li ?. { t?u puMi-biiig houses. Tb>- tloslou /randier ih-sally I pub isbrd a vrry severe cuiclsin of I/.og wll.iw's now Vi em " Hiawatha;" whereupon hi* puhll-here, Me w.w , icti 01A fields, audiewsed * note to .ba proprietor* o/' ! tt f 7Vrtr?Mer, i .dating the ilUcniiiliia?iiv ?f luirtdmr I tip) in* liIh Ihi* note the fVuisffor publish*I. ? x,>i?Maiog i much indignation nt what it styled an "lUtmul tic erce the press." tuber pap*' * repu jlleb. d, adding n

pieaewu 11 their own inulgi.aliou, and taking < e au.o to ax pat hi e ii pi ii their nan lumrruptibi I'y, mull <| ui a a liia and eiy la i sisad. Hewers lick our A Held* are be lated in hhj uiit. in any argument m* side does h i -be <alt mg it i? lUuly th?t It alii tuaka out ila rase sal lactuiil) ? to li/alt. at l*n*t, Sucb S'-enia tali* ilf imt.I' in lie pii m ut affair. It In agreed bp lh? ii'iu ti at in ibu>< par< mploitly wi'iidrawlng tbalr hi tu tba 7; nvellrr, ts cause of ita uiifavciabln n<ilt >? of tnr ol ihtir pi bllcaiii'D*, Maaaia. Tlcknor A H4l?fii put y o' a to rt unjust and coulainjit hie act, desei vmg ind'guanl ri taunt fi oni all whii gut ibalr hvh-g '.y adrer 11. li g huiposa 11 at fir tba word * unfavorable " ?? anbstl'ute ? un?irsaying ii van it consequence of wiist tliay ilai uad im uu'.ai. oihrei-m?ana wtuj Idly or malleUiusly tiDjuat?'hat Me-ei?. flckunr & Co. took tba course H ey dm, d> an not thin pioc* matters in a different light ? Aia they not tbrn entiiey Justifiable? That su. h va* the rase we ran kavi- no doubt. Wa do n it believe tba* kliarrr. Tictuor A Co. would withdraw tludr wiver tulig trim s newspaper, simply because It contained an ui.P voraxle ribtrhm >1 in- of tbair brvkw. Vet sup jo.irg it to have baen tlia care that tlay ac ad at ti.ay did, me ely because the notice wax unfa v.iatila, bail tbay trit a infect light to do wot lw it nut their plivllage to aoT-rh.e or e?a?e advertising a (Cording Vithiir wn pleasure? They ma. act unwisely. or ev-ti tr ni an ioroinct principle: hut ao lung aw tbay do not in tciiatc wltn iha nphtw of i thaiw their souduot drnia not rail for public dircuMlott and ranwure. And hare, would like to tnuutra, by what right the ImvUf puh liiliad a p'irate biirlnanw note without per ml u.1 in, ami it www eridant hat it would h? a^wlnwl ttia winliow of (be wliai!* Iw it not rtiaogo thwt thin point b*? a< capad the .tt'cutii n uf aC the rcuitw of newwoai er- which Lara oouincntad uimn lln? affair? Tin' fuel, that newa (wpaii. tie in the liwhlt n| cumtuittiog ih w imp- i linauca of j ubil-h'ug ? ii> wta leatre, dean not in the lean Juntify it. Wa tawpacilulli prupoae t i|i unju< net rf li e 7". aiv//'*r, ?n entirely pru.eir (inatniucli aw it www public) fir dhnuaaion and hi imtdrarwiun by Hi. we liietbr* n 'A tba plana who have WO freidy wlie I then lt.k In ihe canwt of justice a* menaced In the withdraul s?f lickoor A field*'advertising from the T.a. IIt. Ki we view n Rt'erw, a groan Ii. propriety haw been com | init'ct, which iw wl'lu uf teakonable eacuae. Had Tick J not A Co.. publicly attacked the Tra-Mler, the ca?e [ nupbt he different. This tlicy did uot du, Inwcvei, tb?y win ply withdrew theira 'ver lwing ua they had a rlgut to do. I he courwe pursued by the Triliv/lwr, ?anm muo*i like iiu act of pefy raien^o. Hlwriirwioii of the p'iuelpte loialved was well am ugh. but in urdei to do this, lliaru waa not the slightest necewa.ty for mentioning names, at d | tibliahing private loiters I his subject of the lights and dutte) of ne vnpapari and publisher*, in tboir relation to each other, la mw which tre me nut worty to ha?ediscussed. There air. certainly, exfrlitg evils, which call for re'orui, and tht< reform must liagln, as we ahnll attempt to whotf, witli the press Tbeia the evil c<nnmaiiceH, mid tliore the remedy should be applied, l ublinhers are natui ally and properly ana luus in aeeiiH good notieew of Ibeir hooka; and, fur the sake of argument, it may be admitted that they some tl.'i rt lira objectionable n.ear.a o t?3nre them, la other woroa thai tbay pay, dliaetly or iuJIiactly, a peiumary conat<Uration Itntfur, ? II onea not fo.luw, h .waver, that tliey claim the right, or (h'siie tba piiyilege, of axerciaing any cootrul over the eiitical oi fntuns of il>e pieaw, other than to require thai they ihall ba ah earn! impartial which tbay bursa perfect tlglit tudo. If, then, they seek to hilba the press (Pi use plain language) it l> I mm nen-WMty, nut chune. And here we are about to make a aeri.iuw eliaige. yet not wit hunt. I ue Coiisidrratii n. It is all veiy well fur rsitpirw to wax In hg nant at "aff?mpfa tc. c. erce the press;" it l< ?ery widl lor tbatti to talk o In. ependeace n. d lui par lis Illy, and ihe.e are, undoubtedly, many Instances where lust claim may he made to than quail.le?, but as a whole, the iuc-s is not only suseep'ihle to pecuniary Inlluencws in ita book eiltlcl-ni' but Is ojanlv ro; Ills not only wi.llny, but anxh us to Iw biibi .l ' (lire us adverttsameata, and wn twill give you goes' notice*." is a proposition eveiy day made to pi bli-hi-rs and olten, where it I* not as openly, sod thus. In some same, honsstly d .ne as this, .ba same result la iraehed in some other way. It Is a common tl dig for an eoltor to ra'usa to not a a Iwv.s at all, ho eause it is m.t adverifsrd in his columns. Again, ert lew occupying Imiwirlant |W?sitlou are plainly srw-n tu t,e Influence"! in tlolr puUisbad opinlnna hy |*mi.i"iy cons daiati' ns, i.ropeily binoght to hear In some cases, tl e manner ol irdng the tlilig pro;x.rly is aim >iy n i a eh we five clollais iu iha critic wit hunt woid or win n ant. Ill other ca-es, mora delteaey must be used, and the critic may ha sa In id. *i by the publisher as nuinuw iripi reader, or In acme other capacity. I*t uw l?a uitur stoow. (As ate inai ing n geni tal charge, m.t a pA'thu 'ar one Tln'a a a, umionbteoly, m?nr ?av*pil.ns Ti.ere are pi ii dicalw whi" h le nas ty st lv? Pi keep them selves et??r from all (s>i-.n?l and pecuniary cnsole!a lions in tbeti < ttUcieins, ant wbt- u tu in- mam, su> ee.ol Ir so doirg. t et, theia art a wuflic'eot uumber or uthe. a and ihenr no, if the obaeuie and uuiuMuential alone, which ate inlluetiri d aw wr have waul. Pi icwke tb" charge h proper ? r.e agalr.wt tlia periodical p"'f a< a whole tVhat is a publisher to d.. an ici the-e ci ? um<taores ? If he frais aw he should do, lie Is iiuxfoua that the authors, for wl om he publl*hea, sh i.ld hsvi a fa'r opportunity In thestrl'e'or fan.e anu fortune, Ills own |**cuuiary in teiest is alas at stake, He krows ttmt iustlce Is not to be ii|trotl fri.m the | rent without renoi to the*- <*b jirlioMWe rut am. Up known that he cannot defend u|* r? fh* Intrii *U merit o' a ho ?!? alone V? *eeirw It thet aaoon' A attention and C"mfneri<lAtJoa wbich'lt deierv**, ho know* tf at otl er* will frake u e of thc?e meant. H" t ver, hp may t#e bo wi ng lo j aying t > get Jut Ire ? ' re, whew be . am ot *?cure it without. Foe wron^ re-t? with itmm wh > whbhold Juf'lce untevi it be p*i 1 f r It may ho feat the j ul>li>ber thouhl refuse to be Infliiem-cd i y the- r c? n ide at j. n* refuse the hnbea for which hi* I* iiTjmtuiiwl, ani utand op for the *l*trac* principle In vohed. In man* caeea tbfa it tha course pursue*!, >e* It inr nt to t he wondered at that eo f? rig a* tow?|-ap ir* m?k* a ri D rru rltr of their coinfte*n 'aHon* ? f >*foI. *. hy .'Teiing Ihetn for wife there wtil b?* huo4 ptioli-her* who a ill b< i< adyt< hi r if pewftf aper* would not he btlbed, pub It-her* erf airily couul not hithe t an. There it no-e <??|. d |or a< y ? utcr? in the m *t!er from the n<*w?p?p?*ra t? r they bav? the rUf^r under theft ownr- ntrol It It e*ay for them to aloe* their ear* and their junket* against any atfeinr>ta upon their virtue We can aa ore tt?rn that pubililw;* are net lea* anxhoj* than th#rn*elvea for h re** am) intrlliyent crfticiem. '>f f he ? crtirrenr#. fir?t alluded to > tami the It ??* ?n T>ai'V' r and kit -r*. Ticki.or ??* Km* da, w?- 1; v- no know J??I?e I* aide that {H>ned frr u? the account in t? * /"??- per %et we are Mire that the grm.nd on which M? vm, Tl k Ik r At t o. withdrew their adre*ti?w meir* ?e n t tha*. ?he no*!'* ?.f liiawati a wa? unfavorable but that It wm, 'iitb*lr eM>in?tl<n, frrry ur Just In tbt* view, no faidt r?rn lo h und with th*tr c ?ur*e New*pi|wr? er>* rrr.pon*il4e n .t only to*- the itn; ar Mud y of 'heir <? ii corn hut a!*o for their ability. An Incompetent person > a* no right tonoim r the olid? ?f critic A* mu? \ It'!so I* sometimra done hy Mtupidity a* hy pre j. djoe Ot fn >.iitiriu WI i'o DBt, of r.Mir.'1, ixt.H'i to ' i. r any opinio, *a to .)>? Ju? icr or Injun in- of lb. Ti n. rfl.i '? rrtii w , ! Iliuwat In., nor d *?' In ran tn; r? ii ?rk. ?<? hi,. ? n *,!? nbout IKr nr. *ro?i?l|/ lo | *i tlcoUrlj U, lli? JmirMl Wlnrlim,- h.,*r ?U?r? ?* inir i 1, inn .'III Iilgh y, lor tor g".i?r?l fklrn^, m.rt of itn cii'lcl.w. Ilurrtrm ? In llrllf. tOSK OF UVW AN I. 1,1. FAT liAM A'lK Tl> THOI-KBTir. i IfttH Itolfril it Bnr'iio by thi- Ann - ? K *"* I !)?<? Inf ???r,?ii,t of a hi,iri n? whl h |. or?r Mr.ilnt ,ton,( |(ri?1 ,.?i! ?(!> 1'. lh? t.ilA^ , nu t lit tn'?. AQ'I OiiitroFirF mAiijr !, f ? Mil, .a No,. 10 Ift'tfi ? n m> tni?F of th# l.'.th In I , ?? Ii ' n 'I ?? ? '(? I I uirtrniir, wi'h RhinliK nnd U un I, r *? .;t 'il?l ?l.h . , Atltr mil,* I Ii* ii |trr i zpAriAQi*- ; |n tin, ? ?? riiry ,u i nn n kwlnl Dkkn lo tl f yt ,r IH. W t t. m!,/,.. 1 >? !.. ? r i-nllii lj ilo?trriy?i1 atd ?ki |,iiij" tli" ????. with I mi# ?f I! kHJT l!?r??1h<- en rubor Ii . jn' kt. wn in iiol t'k i riir ibout Mm "ilk f-r t m n'y m in" r ni'-rk Ik dr?Aiiful in. '. 1> ntriitalili' kixl i o doubt you *111 i ..?- tlm ptrtica !*'? In tl iaf ?m ? f tbaar ill#t????li y .*" n'?. 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M*;or Aoi *h mi ba?n a in>id<n? of '.hat ."tila atnea )" ? ?<"??*! u tb? war af 1"12 in'l ti> a maml*- of th. uuairawtiotj thai I' lo ad 'ha Drat conatHuii. n of iod.ani FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. M >.*(>*?, rw* l??4 ?' M TVa maikat Va In a tar; i'.n>att4<-t iltlt 'rtno of th? fcaclaa ab'.w an lmpf.-??ti'Ot to Amy, ar>4 ?im >Im<? I 4aaH?. VHMa ? frt mt (I'M in ? .??' Uail Tt+& h?? baa* muAnrnt.l; ulm, ar>-'. kayara if. no 4'ukt, Icrting to 'bo aioalaf of tka rtaar. ao4 to aa la esaoaa la IjU'Im*. on tb? i?a4 b> t It ? :! taka * laatktaf nnrt lhaa*U<at, waoathi v 4a?[?f, to briaf about a i?' n.arant twipmnnmaot ?i U.ia rumjuny I', (roaa tarn l'f? altaaya ?t>< w aa tncaa"* 4'irnf tka wtntar mamtlu >bd at ha?? M ("* Mfarai jaa'a pa ' a ?? i^.U ttta atiraml in <ka aVxh in ?Ij? *?/!y !**? ' I"O'ana b#r lata ftocti.ataa fr"m 4aj to 4ay a?*ut an atara^y of 'so t*r eaat It mnal alaaya '??* ta? I*s4 aa a a pa solatia- ato-b. a>>4 Ha wuta aalo- nail 4ap**4 owtvjnly oj'-o tka atratfthof pai'.-a op?wtl?| on <?tH <tt? A' praatat tka bull party la >U 14 ai>4 aa*t*i? prV-a a<?/t4fafty T).a latar-at a?????l ruaaing afainat ' la fca.fu) an/ a 1.1 aMvb l!>atr r?aonr?a? ropatly. b'kily 'W- po? r?nt kna a" an *ln**4 a|on<t tk'?n aIb'a tka o. a -a. lana t la tk a t.aan aJ- ?.# Th? lair, kaaa all tk- bauattt >4 IMi K-aAtaf b? Ida orn pro >j ?t4 K /bl<H tet'tya Iiib>|>M roUltv# to Ihr Jatiatry (llfMwd, bat It will ant T*1) much. If My, from tba rata prwn.u? y ata'al Tba ho, in?,.. of tba ...? fee*] year bo. cb ury. The caa t >ucog? u,? lire* warn. iu doubt? that id the mow Ump but year. rhii look. wail for th# fa t?r?. One of tbeaa day a, tin. rtork will bo appraiia'od. II eo on? huiMl.nt and Bfly percent will m consider*.! cheap (or it. Muri|i t Transit turiaoUw bet seen nil t.on tod wmtNk par eaet. N uhiog can put thU .lock w?ere It ought to I* but a romp'.ei? e!.?ug. In It.* b >\rd of ??.?nageax'ot. It matters not what lb? company? earnings sic, the "Vwll. h'era nevsr will ?e? a ocal, ?> l.'ig as tl.? pinwnt a (minialiation run.U. In * war. One would think Umt by thi? llnir lhair capacious maw was pictty u. a.ljr bilad, but H appears But. Awim (?mutant >-ka |wi. tliu i.t (uM'iMiltkmaaiMl (alias ahlth will ba h,u. d bulow. la proper band? '.bis company M.U.I pay In dltuWnda tha Hi. I nearly >.,u?l to t ? lull uia'kct price ol U.? stock I'h? general oharatder of th- uraua?ant?itt ha? lullwd at .ck hol lar? tub. a feeling Ol aeeurliy, but their cnlller.o? ha? been misplaced, a d l.ry muat look sharp after thalr reread?,-or tire cudr? auhalano? of th? nenaara will ba abaorb. d, haw.g not even a wiaok behind. At the first board today faut.n Cm. dac.lnad ^ t,*r ? rati, >ri? X- QaU'urnia 7'a advanced \ p?, oaat; Hud am Railroad, Xi (lev laud and Toledo, , Chlaag > and Kick Inland, X- Midi igna Southern, Michigan Centra sod (itliiik c!< sed at Saturday'a pri.e?. lb? ulu ?fra I. wore \ory lin iifij. Af'tr lb? adjournment of lb? board, tha following Mica ol bonds and atock? wore mail? at aurtion by A II. Nico lay 11X00 Jar e vfll? (? l eourln) 8'?, 187't. Inl ad.'ad 29 60 elaira N. Y aud N. iUvrn HK. (g.Miuii.a) 30*2 IB ?. n.i Avenue KH og -itl'sclflc Mall Ni?nrn?hip (4) ' jyj JO!', K N rairiehip Co ''' ;|| 10 Hanover Hank 06u JO 1 artn?r?' and CiiUrna' Hank of long Ulead. Mu V6 11 a lisn: llauk 8h <to go I 0 Ma?'erton. "mlth At Sinclair St.,no l>r?*Mtig Ca>. ?, 7 Uowvtjr Ura ln<uian<? 60 N. rlh Hi*?. U># InMiianr? (k> I.10U .".76 St Nicbulna H<? ln-urabca <7o a 10 i 0 lanni Uro I lour? lira l<> lt.iv 10 K nlck?i I? uker IdA-Inaur.nca Co .... Bitg Mn ron iTapr.'a wml w?. kly anl? of alook? and b .n '.a ?fll take plar? to morn w. (lura.lay,) at hall ptat U 0 rlof'k, at Ihr Merchant?' I v.-hang? At th? .??ond In art was no matn.lal variation In |ulcca, ab.l ?i. not much burin??? traoaar'al la any Ira. log ,b ck axcrpt Kil?. Mu lligan C?ulr*l IUII riaul adrantcd t, p?rn?nt. Krfe rh*rd \ p?, r?nt |uw..r < ?loi a and Chicago rloaa.l D.u. at C.'l V4 per cant; I'ana ma nl 106X bid, l0? aaki.d. tin. Trooaurar toporta, to-day, oa f llnwa _. 1 ahl i n Troaaory account $N7,7!1B .Vt received do. Ill') 0 ?0 DO 1 iJV* . 4.04H BOO IW I aid lor Array UIBr? n* ldn .* i pi<l t n clftburnlng cbfockif 4/, 71a Tha lecelpta include ?60,0u0 for tiauafrr drafU on (it. 1 nut?. 1h? aarranfa entered at Ui? Treasury Ittpartinant, Haabtrgton, en iheltb Inat., were:? It r the 1?-?!? nipth.n of atoi ka Ill gnu mj Kor tbc Ibtciior Ifejartnitnt fi-io'i ol Vor ihccu.lonir " ' 7 411 n>i Vt ar ?atrania received and rnteird pm t\ I 1 om cu?ti ni? 107,goj nu Ibc Moiilngl. 11 KmIm.k.I Cunipany ?araa,l In Novrinlxv 111',6*4 60, ?g*inat I7'J,17M .'15 for Ui? ?am? month la?t tiar- aba wing a dcrrrar? of $2,<IA.'l 80. Tli? f nlted Sta e? Tru?'. Coinpany notify tba credllon. 'f the KnUkaibudtcr t-aving? lu?tltuiion that ib-y will t?y u aeend aid final dividend of fifty and on? half 01 ' oe per cent ft. m and ?f er tbia data, and until Ilia Mb of January m*t, at No. Wiilmai utieat, l>ar?in>n?, and their?fb r at No 40 Mall street, around llnor. ib? alraniabJp I'rumetheu? at New Orleans, fn.ui N'i-a ikgua, hi ing. two week? Ut?: inlelllgenc? from Calif .r Ilia. Iter dale? ?r<- San i mnid-CO to Nor. 20th, ll.rlualr*. l 'e N< rthern bight left M laragua on the 4lb in.t. for N?w York, with |.a> M'j.gciM nn<l k iu <tn 'rilghl H.o will to due atc.ul Vt'edn* <l.ty. Tlie <7. v?tend, Citumbur and Cfnclnr a'l !! ilroad Corn l?ijr I ,ivc 'eclair.1 a ra ml annual dirl.i?nd of five par cent. Ilia arrexrd rtatement 1 ihihit? Ilia av*rtg? dally tnovrti <-nt? In 'l.o leaning departmenia of lb? hank? of '.hi? city, dating tba week | receding atur lay in oning I ec mler 8, 1816:? N> ? V ' k? Crnr Hsaaa. (\rrulnluin. .iir Sew York .....tii,2(76,flrV3 SU M] VM.t,?.i4 'I bill, .'fkr >:?oh?nan r Un.fn nlii.trrk an.iwt o.inu m Men l.fcnt..' 8,112.464 ?BT.gag liW 7'JA 3.811 80, Mcchatilce' 6 086 001) HI? P64 .tt#7>.7 4 7.?J lb 1 ?b??> . .A7J08I 418.028 204),?#2 2 8fl0,'*?4 Ameil'? 4,070,760 1,.'0)1 8.-0 27,808 4,408 ilil I bent* 2,246,484 jr.I Do.! 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V lift 10-t 17# ro (A 604 1.6 .'A 7:4 l?ctt c 842 123 12*0 ItH 046 681 a?s |?|"'.|1C t) ,00 67(1,:.40 07,(81 3,68) 7.77 I l.a'han, .'.48 7 07 8 770 126,827 200,184 lenI tea' 66 8 0) 161. "8 6'dl'lig 'nth Akridlra 1.6 8 808 80 7 32 81) 78.', l,21|,k.<A final rrr I,'ilf,!?7 100,018 116,001 ?:'IAI, Irvtl-g 664,406 44 ' 87 l .'l ?i 478 ev# k'etr. p-nl'ar 4 4M 1*0 6. 6 "16 0 .67 007.047 ?iiii'lir' 02,310 73.0,7 123,007 61, .01 i.'.l.dl'l 34 .',<3 0i'4JI 10;:#? ??ra I'lOflO 64,748 ll?l,08'l 844.-06 f*a- R),? 410 8.8 40,( 40 04 nil 2sf 0(0 k!a> k*t 1(40(08 74/'?# I??,.' ?|n'8;6 M. b. la- .... 022 641 40.78< 04,0)8 372 >00 I i (a aid laaUwr 0(8(4)8 86 .f#8 l"l,|48 (0>,'l..', ' mlirl.ange l,'l"7(8 l*:,0li 0( | 704' 47 ' -n.It (trial '2 ' 74 418 . ) . 16 70.702 l.u.U 231 < "11 n nnwrallb 1,1" 602 110,'rkt 106 0',7 377,710 (OUU'al M0.122 .'(0080 04.78)4 ?? At*7 7'3 >a,ff? 716,4'< I ' <8,47 4 07,7*1 6*1 /..-) Arl.ntfc .... . 060 'Ol 33.430 07.7"0 370 '? 1 alaidtlly ; 8#; 718 34.700 '( (8)0 I-a rg 1 IJ I 4X8 4f I < :0 27. 27 1 87,1.7 1 21 -a s V 4*'), 27 8.62 |di(J 12*814 I7'?S0 bull a ll-od 243,460 17,460 l(W 170 136 642 N 1 f < (,0'y. 24.(113 11188 IK0 11 *2 r, |) Total At ?!?/.. II Mint 7 1 1,711 H 000 11 c i????1 K"' ? li.' '? ? ?> ?? I Vh-irfM fw w??k on ,ln( l*"< & ' y? 1171 W^tfl , I i It, 'fo. 11 It' 0 I ? ->T'< ? J 131 ti c of v*o6 ? t> lift# i'?<}?/? . > . i' j jo lo. 4o. ?!?>. |w IS?44n)i., Mi nil Tr ? ttfin'-i"! ?u^.n<nt ail/IMta a " u|ri t?'n w< tlx I <<!t/,j i>|?rtu,?nWi . I U<a bant* ,t \M- /ity Ifwo U?a A ? '.y I. tl?> faal kly f'ai o ? N*? t"?ui < rrr |!???* //.??>( 42?tV ' *'<-***'*. /6yff</f ,?? to, 'M |*i IU i ; |; II,0 mt i ? o.-* o t j?o r, *u> 221304,722 12 v* ?n :??,/?/ 04,60., li* I I,a. l , 'M t'.,V7*,au 14 ? ? i.* i./j? . ?oi oT.aoi.wa ',i. .0 44 06 447 <??o 10 1' UJ t. 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