Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1855 Page 2
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rtflt 1?W1 be enacted which independent of a healthy u?n nurcial interns ur.r, si" chick the exhaostiug araui ?r? m DOT pccle's t.i those <?' ft'"? capitalists and spo winters si d rrniesf .g.iost n aking the State either a sHviUetl political or financial c'ependeuuy ol Now York or that our legislator* aba! I dir?:t 'heir ?t ?ten'ion t the passage of laws for tb? supp >rt an'l mtlnte Mice ?f utily that ?ysteui of common school* lor ihe education of our cUU< reu whih ahull be wholly uncon trolled by M'Ui an it flu-rce We a k that immediate atop* bo taken to urge imcoest fuly upon tho general g vernioout the enlargement of the plan and the haatoning of tl o v mplellou ol our coast de fence*. their pieaont rondl ion leaving our seaport* ex posed to blockade m d b mbsrdmeiit and our coinmtini r.linn aith the rest of the w oh II thle to he Interrupted ?'-anytime. We In-la upon the e'tablishmunt among-it u* of a Culled .<taie* ara?nal of sufficient reaourcea, in variety and i|uanti y, ro arm and equip all our citizens for any emergency which our ever varying foreign rela tions m?y at any time create. We demand that the general government anal cea-e to tax this people fur government purpose* beyond iho-e of our si-ter States. We believe that the general goie Dinent has the porrer b* Irod her aid in the building of work* of in'ernal im jiri nmrlt, which, in the event of war, would become vi'sity important to the proper defence of our people. I H e racilic Kail road being auch. we urge the unlleil ef erts of our repreaettativea In Cougrea* to expedite It* building. We pledge ourselves to the gnpport of every measure vhleh has for i * object the facilitating means of the tran-i' to and from our State. While we advocate either the repei 1 or great modifies tlon of onr naturalization lr-we. we demand that nU who have or will comply with our re: ma, be allowed the privi leges guaranteed to ihetn. we believe in the doctriue of ''Americana ruling Amer ica '' and that' be boon held out to foreigners and secur ed to uur naturalised citizens by our constitution and Jaws, is protection in the enjoyment of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We be ievc that ail wbi'e na tive born aitizeiiH <1 good motal character. who acknow ledge no ailegiunce snperior or equal to their allegiance to the constitution and iaws n) the United States, are a common brotherhood. and 'nil ied to the sameprlvtlrget, without reference to sect or religion, and drawing onr m vee out of all sectional agita i >n upou the subject of Ixiutbern rights as distinguished fiom the Northern, wo d-mand tlat onr Congressional delegutln shall vote "nay" upon every proposition, c iming from whatever qua.ter it may, to continue or renew it. Murder of Chi. llhluuttton. [from the Stn Ktancisoo A!*?, No*. "JO ] Cen. William II. Riciardson United Slates Marshal hr the eortberii district of California wan basely as-risd ei .ted in thestieets of 'bin cl'y on the evening of the '1th Inst. by a dMptltdo named Churles Corv Ex-vept #ng a Hilling ri(l:cii!ty iu a bar mjiu on tbe previous wvniug (to tiltting that ii gnve rise to no apprehension that anytning aeriouB would grow onto' It) tilts -e was n ? manner it niisundeistaii.-ifig Ik;.won Richardson and Com, #.d even the tliflicul y alluded to wan quieted and etited to tbe mutual nvinfac'inn of tbe parties eon corned. Just al erexplanmi >us, and perhaps apologies, atueb took pace af the lilue Wiog, on Montgomery *t> eet, flora nod Geneial Richardson walked down Uluy e'r'e' tig' .be., lhe) atnp.ed near the coiner of I-eiles d'.rft street, wbr e they were observed by ut least two wlttieeres, and where l>ra tdaeetl a pistol at t.'olf Rich ?idsori's In east and shot, liini tbroogti, tbe ball entering just above the left nipple. Cm. nicba'dauri foil read upon 'he shew Ik, sou celv breathing ufrei the fa'al ah it. the excite tieut, m lich move when these lues be'nunc known was wide spread ard li. rioe. "Ihe Uopuinental bell w s Pipped, nod wiany o tie umber >( tbe old Vigil,me Com ni tee railed to Its ea 1. At hough the ?? wa- some 'a!k of lynching,yet wmrt c.-uniel* prevailed, and 1- was eon c led b.i the murderer was utile la the custody of the Off vers ol t.e law. Fifty tnflii were selected from the 1 igilan ? Cnmu itiee to guard the eoun'y jail, wtore f'cia ir n.n confined. Cm Kirhtirds.ui was U t y nrs of age. lb- had bten tluarterinasur General of tbe Oalifor t. a a,lib In; *u- u tuoutbei i f the Democratic National (' I'Veu't. u in 18f?2; and since March, 18.i l. has been 1 . K. stan-hil tin the Nor.hern Mstiict of OhHfornta. lie xvasa fai'h i l and efficient ofllei r, gentl manly in his de jiortnient, ugo d citizen nub a tvairn lriend. ile lenv s n v ocg wile who, in hwr delicate sltuati in. is brought to the point ol death by this Hidden and melancholy be r'avemcnt. TDK FUNERAL. The member? of Mount M oiah, No. 4-1, F. and A Ma ?ens, with a lvgo numh t of eui isest aud mod distla g wished eiittcLr. aasem'shd vtnterday to pay tbe las', sad tribute nl nspent and ulf eii n to toe memory of ih.-lr depaited friend and In other, (lenerol W. H. Richardson, T i.itrd states Marshal. Ibe b'y. which had been pluced in a metallic burial ?u e, was n niovcd h i.m the I uhetl Htatea District Court xcom at lis)' pa-t eleven o'clock, aud at 12 delivered luto Hi ? costooy ol Mount M u i.sli l odge, ut t'a Church, wh> ie h numerous caogrighti e?a gieat portion iadtes? ?were woliiig to witness tte religious services of the oc ?ii lon. The body lot log beco place! in fi?nt of the poll it, the Mai ms assumed standing petitions in the front . ewH. the pull bearers tuVlug olace', al?o standing, to their riglv a-.d left. the body of the house behind tb?> Masons Wis oci uj.ied inaiuly by federal aid State nlB rf?T5, fcieTDbers of t|i? ? -r, ate. vtLeis, Wsilt) in the sides and galleries Were ludie- at a citize ns generally. Tae Rev. t>r Scot' p r'ormcil the 'I, com uenc.lng with the de ivery of a very iinp'esslve oration, whica wus Hi ftajtd U>, every word, wi ll ti e deepest atleoti in. The ?rnyer was finished, and, lei by Ihe g'ssl pasVir, tbe well be*'eis proceeded sUi.viy with the body down the ahie end f.ttt to ,hfl which stood at the door leody to receive it. , ... Ihe lice was then formed, the Mu-.'ns a' the html fol lowed by the hea.drawn by two black horses, Co Voted with ruble tiiirurlug', uud the pull betrera?Messrs. A. Monroe, lh.ll McAllister, E. F. fieile .lobn E. Addii-nn. A A. Sciover, John Nugent. A. J. H> vie, J. C. Uchlblien. Tlios. 11. Bbevchs sud Wpi. H. Ch**vers?In wbl'e legalia, trimo.od wilh thick, tto 1 wearing be.ides tie n?ual insignia ? f iiiou.-ulng. Teen f. I iwo I cur luges Ihe relatiyi s and In lmate friends of the decor ed, a^d aileiw.trd .hediir?ien' federal and State odleers la tee ci y Slid dilutive geot ially. The eid pro. nasi in 'hen rovid uwuy, atid p'oceeded along Montgomery stroet to ^aibingis n thence to Ntock'on, and along Stockton lo 1 scitic. Here the Masonic fratenity and ot ier# on f.vjt t> ok omnibuses, sou all then iOok toe way to Lone tt-in eenu4ery? Ariiving'here the body was taken to to* reeeivii g tomb on Mount Hope avenue, where the usual selerr n and beaotilul burial ceremonies of the Mn ?< nio order weie ptrtorm-d by the Wor-biplul Vlarter of Mount Moiiah Looge, No. 41, P. W?Shepheard Kov. Dr. Feett prinooncvd the benediction and tb* m-rtal re mains ol Gen. tN. H. Richardson were passed within the por'als ol 1h< grave?ihe same rest'ng place where, bill au hour bob re, hail been deposited the body of the *rwr?1unate Archibald Mcltea, of tbe L', S. schooner Fling? A anamination ot Mr. haur B. Wall and T. S. IV 111 I.ill> .?? . (kmc B. Wall, C<> lector of the port of Monterey, and T. fci. Williamson, an officer of Uio county of Monterey, t?? murdered on 'lie 10th of November. the firxt re port* were reciived here by expreea ami telegra .b, ami produced an intense sen. uuon throughout tbl* cotnnri ? ity hesxrx. Wall and WUllamxoti wore on tho r^ad from llontarry to ran l,nta 0ol )>n, and were ae-atirlnalcd ?when about twenty-five mile* from the former pla-e Ibcj we; e both shot through the head fiom behind?th wouudx being apjuirenily maun try rlflex. W.ill bad op erants <if hl.OCO rn a toll upon his p'ra a aiyt Wllliu u ?on tl'O. also in a belt. None<.f this money wax taken? from which an in'creure la dawn that revenge wax th' motive ot the assassins ion. It nmy Lie, however, that th' tturdercx iutei do 1 robl? y but acre slimed before ttiev ordoni) ltebetl'heir obji ct, and tothi hypo the-i there 1, a me evidence, to wi', ti af Wall'* saddle bag* were open ?d, and hix pipers xtr> rrn about, hit pistol *?? xtolcn, ?x also wjo a tug, who h wax lak 'ufrotu nit linger. Mr. Wall was a member of the Ix-gl-lutur In 1H.VJ a id l$i3. and in the session ot the Utter year wax Speaker of the haiemb'y. When President I'ierce came Into b wax ai.p toiled tVdle. tor of tho district ot *!? ntercy, vhl n i thee be Leld up to the time of his death Fie w n wit kt'own throughout the .-tali and had a hint of a'dent friends. At presen 'hei i? a my-;ety hinging over this tmgic occuirince, whict. time only can r.letr up. A par ty of outlaw, pi taunted to tf> couuicted with the inur C?r, were triced to th" fUlinn ri ci, win'ie hey ntad-a e.jml to resist an arre t limn a emnpiiny ot me wh > were to pur-nit ot them. A I'gh! enxue I, in which tw or the pursuing pa ly were kllied, srnl '.wo wounded, te en h g to th- arciiiitx re eiv ul by telegraph .'po rt -Vr J oe, al hrugh anbret;uent ad lcex repre-eut that bu' one vax killed Tho wh le e uiitry round about Monte rty 1* in a .-tulo r f great excitement, and de ermtoed P. Suieit thi uiuidcietx, Nt.w* from Ilyiii' Itinr IM'l AN HOHT ATCO* CANYON?MOHTilUN WIIIT'-: HI N KILLED A NP TWi;NT\ -I IVK W(?''M?KU?400 NOLPIIRX ANP VOl.t'NTI-Klt. COMr;.L,U I) TO Ri/ TRKAT. [From the Trel A 1'nlon Kiti? Not 5 ) r?,,taib PiHc? eoiii"juii c?i?'l tbf a tar. Hog iilalllcitti tl la tti.rnlrjr "f a j felted ha' Me heTinp been '?> i?h a ? ?w t irk tauyoi, Kmic hirer Valley, on Wmim ..lay laid, bcl?etn ?l> ol Mh> Indian* and 400 regular* an 1 volunteera under Captain in l h, I'. S. A , of r'oft I?ino. 11 a llglil o mim r'Oil at 1 o'i ! .. k t'. M., ami cmtiuuel till 10, thi Indiana all Ilia anile and ftrng k.o. li up ii the a lull a. At length It wa* dcom> <1 ?*'? ?a y that at ape tie taken to itnvlde for th" w. aa<U4, ant a halt war urn eg, whrn the In nana rallied Mil com ii 11 re.; tiling uj n tlir m?n. to whom prudence dictated th>' omnae r.t leittug tu sn . peu a pace, nlima a mot a ?ileetual at and e. ?ln he made, which they n?:ord;ngly ? hi. It wa( Ueti m-rrtaineil tbi. Id of 'h? IkpUlu'i ii eii tail been killed am) .r, wounded?eoene mortaD, . ? there ilat gerourly, au' a tew eligibly, A tre-ruga w?* men . r-patched to i'eptain George. at ?AHhou?e. who ?tart?d lin ntu'rly tUb ilgtty xilu tear leernl'a. lie wooid Jmn t'lpaln smltn on I'lmra 41 <} at an early hf"r, aheu It 1 ? n;. cl?4 a icnewal ? f the eueout cr trill take ploe. fig Tbureday l**t a grouting patty of rntumel with In alligenee tha' about '.'fu Indiana arte in the m orttyof the hnwir of Aatti'paMkl Butte sreoka. Ovu le hi Ihuirae Bnilth, wl.h nleia' one hundred men. tm i idlnUly alertnl out and It i- lea etl that a aOrl u< en ? untrr would take place Tlie at'eck, 14 W4<expoc'ed, a on id lie made t n Nat at day or Nuniaj Liat. New* ot the i fruit la hourly tSpwetrd. 1 icnr w'lTFI INDIANS IS BUAhTt VALI.KT?TWO IIKN MtlRtKKKP ON TUK HOt-'N f AIRS *UT OF YR1IA. < u Uiui rday ln-t a ) arty ot >lxe?n men, node- M\ 't uj per, of Miaeta Valley, tell in Willi a Urge body of Indian* in the n.<nnlain* dirlding the wulera of the klini'li Ui fklflt tllttr Af er a brief e gagement, ? nd I. ring en* man the whiter weia. o.npelle.l t > retreat. t t. Kilday a tiody ot In Man < were reen e-<>*ging Slia^t Nal'ey. Item the n>ighv>ih ml* th? light Teearred, and anaplog tl.etr ourre for Scott tlrar, by tli< mountain t ail fn m Neott to Snarta valley It ia rumntad that two men Me. Snow of the Klamath jIrtr ferry, oproalte Reaver a man by the mm* id Feott, h*re teen Willed <t> tha trail leading Imai the M< un'nin Honaa ot I ?ty k l> j r to tha K lam. h jirer. A party >f vb or ; 0 rtar'id from Pernio wwt fee er dry to look Into the matter The-e ?wo m-n M tr.e Mountain Hon'e . n Tu*?<! y trn lrg laat ru t'e te ry. in Mtuiday Mr I tha*i( le ^ ??fh?t i r.vrinuia, taut ut. i < an ? n?;'.lerp I ?i ti "f t M -,?.a . eu* ird'o-n np, und rihcr mirk." of violence. The e ctr c instances g*ve use to ll.o suspicion that both bud been hired. It wou'd appear 'hat tbrr" is to ?* no end ter the at saastrmlons hj Indiaos, nolo-. tliey are removed v ex li ? n mat)d. 'there "as uevur bei'oie kn to cxi-it such a universal spirit of hailed and hosti ity towards the white" on the part of the Indiana in Northern Oili fomia it im Oiegor The facta are an clearly proved by the clie luieltlgt uca dally resolved from all quarter*, that there ia scarcely an Ionian to found botwecu boott Mountain an-i rrget Sound, who la not intent anon outrage and murder, wbeuever an opportunity preheat* Itself. We firs Indebted to the Sharta NrpiiMiran for the fol lowing additional newa (dated Tneaday evening, Novem ber til frrm Yreka: ? *? The Udlea of the men murdered on the mountain mere f .and yeaterrlay. Kach had re ceived er ma six or seven ?ounda in the body. At the hght on t ow Creek Canon, ten men were killed and thirty wooni rd. Lbut. Crocks came from the acne of action tbla looming with a despatch from Capt. Smith to Judith, who itnmediately leaves with hia men." ?IIn- liidlen Obturbueci at the South. I'inm I-icutenant lownaend, aaya the AUa Call for iiisi, we gutber a few (articular* concerning the disturbance* existing among the Indiana ou our Southern trontiwr. 1 here ia evidently some emcert between several of the tribes, particularly the Matlcopaa and the Cooopaa. Juan Antonio, the Chief of Cah illlaa, had been among them recently, and ha I endeavored to atir them up to aggres sive acta againat the whites. It ia believed that the An (haves are also prepared to unite with the other trilx a, and perhaps also tbo Yumas. These tribe* united cau bring lully two thousand warriors into the held. There are at present about M'O troops at Fort Yuma, a nun her totally inadequate to^nell any general inaurrec- I ti n. A less number might defend the tort successfully, evco though it would be Insufficient to operate in th.< Held. Jtiao Antrnio, who is represented as the leader of this insurrection, has hitherto acted very friendly towards the whites. Mary of cur readers will rememre* havieg seen his nan e in print on more than one occasion wiiblu the last fi ur or live yea ret In the epilog of 18A1, be at tacked a party of ou'laws. headed by one Irving, num ht ring thiiteeu, each armed with two six shooters and a rifle. Alter a rlespei aie tig tit Irvlng's entiie party was put to death. In the lust Indian war, Juan Antonio was pinclpaily instiiimen'al in tho taking of Antonio (iarra, who headed the hi stile Inr.htus. more iutel igent than any oflhelndisDs'ln tbat part of (He country, and baa g-eat influence not only with bis own tribe, but witb all be Indian* of the Pcrert and Colorado county. If he hi* actually raited the standard of lebellion, he is oapabl* of doing much mischief. Mo publish the followingextracts from the Lob Ange lee papers, relative to !h.i?u nisiurrances, prefacing tuem wiili an extract from a private letter, to wit:?''The Indian outbreak, of wbich the papers will proiably o? lull Is, 1 tliirk, all moonshine?au unnecessary exclte inen here." A letter da'ed San Gorgvnto Oct. 2!?, and published in the Siniiheiti Cal\fomian give* account of a mo-ting held in ti at viciuity, to take n.easuies against, thedeprela llmis and 'bleu ei.ii.g aspect of Uih Indians in that villey and neighborhood. the letter says:? Film the lite moveuie its of the Indium, there is reason to befit ve that they are meditating tome evil. A vera.) wek? since a council of chie's wis hA.l h? e?ror what iiuijiose no one knows; but it was attended by war riors from all the neighboring tribes. Tbry kept their proceedings a profound stcrot. lbe souaws are now moving into the moun'tias, leav ing their ' fighting men" behind. Ah this is he tin t lime Mich a tLlng h is ever' ie<l here, it causes great uneasinesH among the rerl'.eiits. 'there has been much dissatisfaction ef late, and within 'he lust few weeks tbey hare made various thicuts sgsinst 'he whiles, lhey aie aji|i?ieutly preparing for *ar and the mountains ate filled w.ib them. As the Mtt'em in this Fa"s are scattered throujh a Snace of fn m twenty 10 twon y-five miles, they wilt be almost without pr tection in ca-e o' sudden dilliculty. A letter, also trniu ISaii G?rgonia, dated Oct. 30, is as toil we:? We hive just received news from (lie survey ingiuity of Col. Washington, by a person coming ?miiicdiately fium h'ni The Indians of the Go o rado would nut allow him ti approach the river, and he was obliged 10 leave there, without oum (?)et!ng Ms line. He was encamped at a spring about ten nil's trum the river, when the Indians told hltu they would not allow him to diiok their water 01 eat th< lr giass. fliu belore the next day at noon he n ust Le g ne. He left and travel! d until out of tli'dr resell, leaving his animals scattered ul ng the toad. The liu inns said Ills party was too small to light; but U a larger party came, they would tight them. The parly of the C< lonel wei c very short of pn visions, havii g nothing hut musty flour. 1 get this statement clreotly. an I not ?eeoi d b&ui. 1 thi< k it csn be v.mched for as without "iiihelii'hn ents. Allot he had left the party he heard Horn Die Indians that the Colonel had hat a light, but plucul do confidence In tie report. JS'O. 8HIB0UUNK. tery serious losses have already occurien to tuo set tlers at San t.oig uka; their cattle have Oeon stolon and .11 ivin oil; one u an recently lo-t one hundred head. 1'10111 infoin aiion 1. aching us th10ugdgn1lume .ro in ly from Dure wo luarn ifiat Juan Antonio, the cele tualei: Cahoilla 1 hi t is very much dissatisfied at the ;rt utn rut which he and his people have resell e<l from he I ntel States govemnn nt. In a cm versatiou with Mr Weaver, of Sin (ioig mia. he stated that the Ureat Father had made many promises to his red children vtdch had not been lultilh d. More especially that while 'hilling Indians at the North had been provided with la if and hiniikeis, hi nod his men, who had always been iriencly, weie treated wi ll neglect, and left to ttarve. I eie can he no dnu"t thit ftom roroj oau-e a vvry Ja'Uiljig ci iels is A; Jiioachiug. !!*.e past season id"' u0' ti en in) pindiictive aud the various tribes along our '"idbht nhc them-.e ves destitute if the means ot exist nce. ihat tiey will to proy upon the settlers s a'm?st Ineitt b more e-pecially as they sre disposed m believe that the Great W hite rather has broken laith oi.h h'm ?A altera Caltforniin. II. pin tin t of Gtiiernl Woo! and Hulf for Oitpon. KITE ltUNDEEI) KKOVLAK TKOOPS TO 118 KNUAGKU IN Tl.E EElTLtMENr OP Till. INDIAN DU'PICt'LTlKd IN tbi Nosrau 111 mil the Sau Fr incise. ? Herald, Nov. 14.] Yailejo slre*t whinf p eoiutiu a bu.?y tccne T'uetday mi'iainp upon the ociarton of toe departure of General W id and staff, niul a ci inpany of I'nil est States tro ips, or tbe c>ne of tl.e Ud an war in he n<>rtli. Aveiy large nombcr ol cilia. lis, among whom were many per ?ctttl fiitnos ot tieneiul Wool weie atsemu.ed on the xharf to witri. s the embaikaliou of ttie tr"/op', aud to em cr to Ocnersl Wool the respectful homage due to a letirai) ofi.ct r on tho ivc ol departure to etigam iu a II iU.a 1 y epterji'ifp, 1 he company ?f s Mivrs frmu ibe ire 1 iulv, Uhoei Cunt. hcjCr, were 60 hoard the ste uuer by halt par' nine ml ck, but some ilme w?? oojuplod ia getting a boar ; i he baggage, and the steamer did not e v* tiss whart sstil it). itdstk. At a lew nunu cs beloie 11 o'clock (ieneTal W0.1l ana lull ur tvid in a public vehicle. The General was simply stliieo in plain uncus*, military onif i'm, and but tor his iei.trable ippeaiai e and Latorahy dignified person, yjji p ijf. t I ?<e JptK'ahcn ]diu f'l ft mhdTolnate . fi.i'r. lie ws < evidently s.'.u.e*ha fatigue t by thi ar uoeo du'tes which he has been called U|sui to poifbrm il, piCfa'ltg or this ex) eetUoU. In reply to some le ruaihs a.Ml' ssed (.? hi u by a fn no, iclative to the pro pi ei d opei ath ns in'lie Mm lb, Geuertl Wool laid, ' I -I.all not lie longab-'nt from fan Franclaio.'1 As the sieumei left tl.e wharf, 'he large ciowi that had by this tiro ? lorgii gated gave three cheers fir General Wo land 'lie cx| edition. Geneial Wool nspondid by raising Ms hat aid bowing to th? assemblage. Am ng toe ouluauoe sti.ics mheu on bowl al. Benicia are four itiousaiid ... aud ? Ininis. to ho ?r|.ially oiv.del between lbe tr.- ps o' 1 irt'iD ltd Wasiiiugtou iVrii oiy; also, -ix hund el f ixis it ammniil'i n t r the mouu aiu boii wu, u. u .nit" yeslerday. In addition to the u-ual arms of the Uco,? each a an i. p'Oiinid wi h a Colt's revolver. Mining New*. THK mnr PLAUKHS in tiblk mountain. The Table Mountain nriUneut aoong Ihi Tuolumne li i rs 1* lr,cr? a*irg giea'ly. It has led vinnewm>la ' lotting, by sinking <1 ep shaft*, (veB Iu the plain round al.. ut Table Mountain and iu almost ivory instance t..e has tcaehod th? h'h -tr ita that, tuns through 'l.e mi nntiM. The I ut>n Drmorrixt sei ? :??1"Hnoe I*-', si k tlwtt Iim btCli no abatement in tlio n. w interval Dial li*.' b en awakennd in tcpsrii to 'he extensive goU deposit* of T?b'e M unfit,. Calm* havo b",-n takeu up and renewed In all the fiats in iu immediate vicinity. v es ti nml comi attic* a * being ..iganiud* -cry day, and Id on- ? dnlve now rneigv froui lliu sure si eveiy .hero re;zoned alti* the line >1 the mountain. A' Oil# en Ranch Jm.o lirune't A Co. lia?e Ju.t struck * ?el pi/Ug illit at a distance of aome thee bundled rent lo their tini.el. The California Mining and tunnel t>no p*ny, (Turner il.itn.i.n. funic fc C . ) afnr going in two hiuiditd (eet, have prospected to htir sa isfarin n. il i.mun k Co. have also sook a shut oo 'tune-'* Hat, about twenty-tight fee' i t. p, frt tn which they h*v* w ish t an nunc to th- pan. A I.uml ir ol oiLt i rlutui* are being activ iy pn>*pe._tel in tf e vicinity. Inn btlow tt.? Mountain I s*s II uiv* , Wadswotth'*), the largs basin ill Whien the New York tru" Is bested, the ground is all r'aini-d, an.1 wliere in 10 * (teeth g -Ita a of precisely to* same rh irac or M il.e found sb> te the g ? d ioiii at -h?w'* Hat ha* b-*u ctig up. ktinieiuna Hath a!su found to eou'a n very 'iuiili.r d?|> site, viul ou several ch, a'ler an ogamint i on ol tniii ?in y to il.iriy feu, Uio iniio is have taken trim six to tight dtd ar* to tbo pre. fbero ca.i oe no itorbt that the entire vicinity nt Ta l? U >uu'a<), with it. eutvr* and wincirg?its'y t.f appeal anee?* >m? tlmtsilr.Fg boidly uplise tar I'alllsedcsot*' m ilud* ii at.4 ?gain rasing off iot: a m .re go. il i in,on a'l n? * richty bliWd with a most cos iy wartlro'ieof prtci .us .10 " C m mttiling upon the MUiit s nderul its p<? 1 ill- Sonera //iio/ri *?y.?:? ? ConMder*MaegritMneo' vm etei'ad ou i 11. ?y aim r'*1 tirdey ol la t wot, by the disc ivety of rich mires on the i!?t Imek m Musttioiii., ?i toe foot ot [?b.e Moor talp end about flvo miles and a halt fiom Join ra. ron e prreons wbe had bain oroipeiting thc.e fir ? itno t me, mctrtdid in sinking their shaft 'o t ie >*?! rush, vbcrethry (Uncovered m nit**ic*tdi*gty il -h earth?pros l? .-lug In m hab a i oun e to two oanoe. to the poo. I in madia ely uion iiiht being known, c uwd.? rusho.l to the b *h y aba in almost an iocicdin'o of time h<>n >1 no. oi antenna cialni?d mr mining pnruoeea. Hsu h p's rancli *n ! turner's ran ill were ad daimod by the miner* I #*ldt * toe * bole i f the eaeoeii r tie. eoni*^ 11 * -i n.r >tv*n or eight bundled a 're* The fiat tn ah ? h these i aw igi.ii gs h?i e I en t)i?oover?d 1- a sort of ba sin, pirs* i Una iLo tpprbrance ol once having bona lake, and LUed up liy a break from <he fain ns 1'aU ? Mrtiniall. **e fpotn laenty b-e to fit y Itrt de< p, and In atiti.e plate* ate ve-y art, leqiiiri'ig ste m|io"ei if pump the eater out of the hole*. The firma! on of tht dep.xdt? ia ehnost preelse y like th* for n>**ton di'Spv?t*d >o Tabl ? Vonntalu at Mi**'*, ids n ib* *b< ve. I l*c?* of ? ...J and baik h ive *t?n tilt med in si mr ot the shalte, sliming eory pi* n j thai the dapoait* bate been miin y rauttd by 1I?e srtion of ihe water. Ileridet <hs W's d. laige ..umii i"* oOgrsvi-l an.l t- uld ira, baaiiog tvi-rnci- ot having be* n ? >rn by frlei *n. such as m.OTl-s the roek-fn'he t rds ..f n.ert, a*sn ind ?rn mg lie *la< ?rd >*nd." Ke'atriix to he eneigy with ebtrh i. ii .-?j er?t|?.| ? nrr r n* ' r'td and ihe et. eti.*-** of I ri . f all ' .. ' |*ilo-? U. Ill'* t hi. a i Iu Table " 1,1 ,1. ,1. fi 1 - let 1.1 til. t operations In thin fit-ron* m nnbibi n e . ??> KMr-g <">m irci tr<- and mrm it on vvi h doi'X.iiiip'.'i, ? i.",gy sud wr s?ver? Neatly the whole cif he tti"- n'wiu Bas been cla n iti by I'Hr'ifi. ur.d work cnmm i, vvi b the >uil d-d ririratii u <f exph rii g eery n?o- til c'vivioe nt ita depths Capital anil labor * re coin >i en and tbo w irk in mi urinnged that tb? Individual expense in "u' ihj bt. F'oin fifteen to tbir y persona cluh Ut?ir rb.ime together nrd biro two or th>i? men to "ink a el alt or oiive a tunnel Lulo ir, a* tl.e ca<n m?y "e. Many < f 'be bo pine":- men of finnnru are now engaged In mining, and appear to bo willing to invest la'ge ly In "ucn entnrp.lees Mi-ara. i'atri A, Valleau. Oil lib" and snn.e twenty-live otbars, hiV" formed tbein ?eiv?s into a company, slybvd tbo 'VI-graph Com only, Iva'td a c'alm on the maintain i ear fly rno'a Korry, am hive commented operations hereon. (Several o her con pauiea have also commenced eytenalve worka in that ciuotk.o. At ebaw'a Flat tbo holes that have boon dug to the bed roea aio yielding largely, and many oom penio" are busily engaged in sliding "bil'te on tbei claim". The Sonera Table Mount-in Company, com pored ofFhsars. He-bp, Yaney Ihitiield k Co., have gt 'heir "liaft" well under way, and confidently exp.ct to strike lbs bad in six week". Tbeir claim bt near tnericb slalin of .Vann A Co. It i" almost eurp ieing to witness the uvlrity wiib which men hoietofme engaged in other business aie seizng upon chancea l?r iuv -ting in ruble Mountain claims But the nameroua plaeea along the mountain in which the bad has been s ruek, and it" known extreme richness, would a-em to warrant a j-ist exj deletion of reaping a tich revaid tor their Invest mania." Til HEX MINERS KILLoD. The Triiihy fimrs ban s of an unfo, innate casualty, resulting in tbe death of thiee miners, which happened on the altotnoon of tbe 81U inst. > company were en gaged in cutting a deep cut in Gassy Ilill, a mile from Kidgevil'e, when the bank caved In on tnem, nuryiug tbtm alive. Tbe names of the unfortunate pe-sons wh - weio killed are:- Robinson Tano, aged 32; Arthur H Haven, sgrd 30; and Nathaniel Block, of Missouri, aged 22. Pane ie ? native of I'arksburg, Indiana Haven was fr< m Sitinclink but last from South Waterford. Maine; an uncle of deceased is living in (San Jos- Valley. Na ilivniel Block bee a mother residing at Cape Gerardetn, and a elster in Illincla. Collision at Sea?Sopposed Lou of tike Bark Mover ? The If'Tald of Monday last contained e notice of a collision at sea. near Ue Fai tllone Islands, wbicli occur ,nl on the evening of tbo Nit u) day previous be woeu ibo British haik Hover, and the American oark Acadia. The latter vessel sm-tah ed considerable damvge to her rigging, nno was ccmpellvd to teturn for repairs. Tho Rover kept <>n her course, and it wm presumed that she had escaped ujury. Tlie following ciicumstances, bow evir, induce tbe horrible suspicion thai the vessel f< unoered soon after the accident, in widen event a 1 on br aid must, have pcished. A pili t boat wh'ob arriv.d yesterday flora seaward reports having seen the bodies d 1b ee perrons?a Mr xicsn woman rind two children? lyirgou the beach off point Fan I'edio, about twenty miles to the siu'bwsrd <t .-an Francisco He ids. I'ne Hover was bound tor .-an Bias, with between filicon &nl twenty itniei gcrs. piincii ally Mexican*, amour win in wetu two futnilTes mmud tintzub-s and Vihagrano. The li? rt consisted of the patents and thiee childrer. I t e laiTiily ol ,-ennr Viliugtano nnnilmed eight per* n*? him-ill, wi'e, wi'e'a mi'her and live childien. Mr. IT i di n, s French geutl. man well known in tlri- ci'y, was" alto tne passengers The vessel Was' commanded by Mr Ijiv, forme ly a dentist in this ciiy. Thotearo he only ii?rues that we tave been a le to a-ceimin at present. Alth-ugh >h?re is g">unri for tlie hi po that tbe Hover pi oc oded on bo voyage in safety, tnere is mueh rea on for fearing the Worst. The greater ponion of ber carg > const ed of in avy fieight, such as I-on, ma ihtuery and qulcksi.ver ?u lion tatiks; Hi.d in tlio event, i f ibe starting ? f ho- head ? in b< i a by the cclli-i- ti, as Is rufiposed, no human o'Jort could have kept ber afloat; at d if such w is the < a-e, it iv pi rfille that ife leak wus not immerii* eiy dlv-ovwied, ar the At aoiu leporls having >ton tho lig.-t ol the Hover two touie altei the c llisi- n. Tho H ver st.iuck tho Acadls ? n tbe siarbi aid b< w, i-orryli g awsy with bei jilibooui a north n of the A' adiii's foie- igging, end Inevking uo tie tail In m tin bow )ort to tb" sturhoaid tore brace lilotk. 15 -it - e tels wcie tinder gvw,d hn?d vay, end tbe uo.lisiou uiuit hove been quite viole-'t. Tie night was unusually Jaik, and the extent ol tho dsniag-s-ustained by the hover could not be ascertained. Ho t of ter pas-engers I ave relations and friends in this city, and if the report u lot ve to llie boilies teen at poll.t Sao l edro Is correct, we el-ail pmheb y s< on have some inure definite in'vlll .er co regarding tbe fate of ihe Hover.?.Sun francitoo /fitohl, A'tc, 10. JMlacellaneoua. Pi it iris of Intrr. AkiHICaid Acoak.?Lieut. Archibald Mcl'te, c< iiiiuamling the. U S. revenue cutter hwug, tame to bis dsuth or Putuinuy evening. Nov. 17. by lits ?Wh lie', on bonrd of Liu vessel, now lying in ihtshuibor. I.inn. Melted bad for some lime exhibited syuip .una of puj 1 i-1 t'.ei angunent, and thc>* had become s . alirming < n ."ulu/duy evening, iliat the clerk of >hc Kwirig was ni di.coo to tend < n tuani tbe I'. 8. stoiraer Active, re <H.tuiiiig ibe presence ol ibe office's of that vessel, 'lwo 11 tl c < filters of ibe Active in mediately weut on board be I wing, and bud ar interview with '.'apt. McKae in his cabin, and passtd nonny too bouru wish liim in social coi venation. Obeeivn g .o' r> liiailuible in his Uu guapc or behavior, they oud? into good i igbt, and start u to return to tbeifveusel, but had scarcely leached the dock when tbey bcaid the report of a pU'el. Upon re in nit g to the cabin they t iuml Capt, Motive ying on in fit or in a lining state. fie hail discba'ged a pi* id nto hie bead, Ibe pad omeih g just bel?w the righ'. tem le, and j reducing death In a very fe* minutes. Coroner hint bold an inquest upon th- body yes'eiday af'erooou, ut.en a terdiet was delivered in accordance'wh a these f'.tfi .'.effaced wri 32 years of age ?Sun thmciteu AUa ulifi i i<ia. fxio-riva Co.vri Acn.n ion in Pan Feancboo?Rki'ortito I ue < r iJtlt bipuhk.v IihjiBH).?A tow tniinites before midnight a iire broke cut in a wooden tenement nor'.h -ice oi <'ou mercia) street, adj inmg the large fiau e bu'id rg i ecu pits: as the Young America fruit atore, on tt.e oi rthwe.-t corner ol Comnu tcia1 and liatteiy B'reet. The llnnes extended in cither till-wi.'b gi>at rapidity, nui envehped the four gilding* between ih? owner and Bend icka< n's eatii g ffc on. on Couimcicial striet. 'be I wtr Hi < r ol the building in which the fir. originated was eceupn d by Gueiin as a boot an<" ?h e a'oie. The drier p-rtion was occupied a* a Udglug !? m-e. The rrgr? ta < f the flan es was so rajed 'In' the lodger* h?d ?He ly time to escape, ann U is feared lbs' one or mote pori. i"' in'be Haines. It was reported that the mother it Mr. Guerili ?a- missing. line nan was saved after toe ? Lile lover pi rth n ol tbo tiulL lug was In flames through In cxeitions of (he St. l ianeis U"ok and lsr der Corn pn.y. 11 cy wen niooog the tint at the fire, aud were la ta! in -trtiuo tiiul in saving st vei al lives. Mr. .hime? KarJey, a nrc.b r of Ciercent Fiie Ci mp.iny No. 10 was orerely It jiie?l by the fading of time sheet iron rooBng. which sicck hl/u acioas it e back. A member of St. Fransis B. oh ) I'ddtr Company, named Boshua, wtu al-o iijoicO by the falling tiu.bert. A tt.r ube' of l'acjc. So. 8 ran-e not aacertalnec, sustn net n-yvio tuluryi Hi battier yierente by the brick l)Ull'";..g 0B Battery sifit, a'd'.tt tig '18 TvV'ft fruit store, afforded gnat fissi laint 'O tne iirtircu in preventing the spread of <be flames in that direc'iou. llolTa new biicjt build ing jnet fii isbe- on the smith*eat corner of Commercial aco Botteiy ulrcets. took fiie, but was saved by the p o of rr.ind <f Mr. Curry, wbo forcoti admittance and cu n d the lien abutters. The front was much defaced the flatter had gained hatful headway bef ie Ibe ant ral it tic Fire lefiilnicnt. hut in less than twenty loir ute aftir ihe first alarm from the Ci'y H ill lull, the tire was in ci n | lete subjugation to the p.,wort'ul s r. ftu ol watirfiito tveiy sice. Owing to the laten as of the hour ai d get emlci illusion, the t of tho owtian ot the j lojei ty could not he nsccrtaffed. Il is pie-umel that ibo file was occasioned by an inoei diary. lVhe the l!Mtu s weie subdued, tlie oioprtetor of ilendrickton's lestatnant apread n lie table lor tlie firemen.?San Frmtbco Uerahl Alv, 10. MttlTTCT ( K AlJtX. K. lllflllfNp XT Snx-TA.?Iliggin, who was tlier oo'i ci Deleted at the b'e|itembd term of tl? 1 I tnetOn.',of themurderol EkiMO OoMtuit ll< irt'cn.n, Wan tiecuteil at tins place on Kilday, th? Vtli insf. lit n nniested gnat iiidil/ercnce to the last mis n.fut, ate tu tin u&'ing tin' scaffold he th<e* his hat smog the en wd, and n? down with the uim:mt nou thoina-. It is Ma cd that this tat belong'il to Good ?tin. aid wis found in the j.Oi--fusion ft ttiggniH when he ons afrertec.'ormlng [.ait of the chain of evidence against hnii. Higglne diat.k the htnlih ofihe crowd, and stu'tc jocularly tl at in this, his del.ill in tragedy, hlr audUnit e.if votj lnige lie ia'down "Ci-asic al y'or a n i c ?nt m 'he o< ur;e of Ms toniaik;, ilsiig and aothes* irg ti e 01 'Wit again whi n vtne'hiLg ores i d his mi <n ? hh h he w'oi td tc ny. Aa the fatal moment approach id, t c Pin m as ano c< rvc which lie had heretorura manl ier tec wt-ic owe;Ted to lie slightly shaken, and his yotoe, I no? ftu eehat tumult us, betrayed the emutlsu whh'h he'i ad ?ndeaeoied to concifcl to the last. About not) the d'i p li 11, ? nd bU em tiny career was at an end. It is ei'iuihtu) that titm till ten hnuaiod to two thousand [?e? i n> nil pre en* at the execution lli.'gl is persist en to the last in deijing ids g'nlt.?Xhnsia A'sj/nMiraa. I. nii.t Cot mil?A o. -i i ee, i n isnt of the Chumnia C7i/j?r ?"a es ilat 'he laige-1 pt'hotirg of Ind<ans eve m in in this part t.l the poul try recently talk |Uw car ?he head waters r.f the luoltimne rlror aod tha.ddta 'es ?i e iien lit (loin a g'? imm lilto-ni hnh shit of . I e Menn Ne'arta a. well aa from die far north, fbi latter rode An.e)wan boms, and broiignt very exel 'og tows st i nt tl.e war In the .North, which was theoauai i f li e ri uiotl The liioien fii'in w.oni the w iter gat'.-er id his,in a'lon (a hiave named Mo is-takk stues '.nat g ea'ii dnceB en a ?ete liCid ou' to Join the Niir'hetn l? i is11it In ihe war rgamst 'te i c. mmoo enemy the whiter, 'Ihe wrongs lhey hsd suffered wer? dwelt n m they raid t) ttrwlitlilier. li?o tain <to>en and carTh-d oil ilty i i ew not wl.eie? hi ir wives bad he-n taken from in ir. an' 'hey bud hem rbo' di wn sub >e I wtth smew, ring wi h t'lube, snii n'herwlse ndstreated. for the u> ri M To.l i Hi t res and ihcn for re thing at all. On tl i <>tl?r bend, the n ue'rys- ti he gulied oy a war ?< ie | siniel in the n>? si gt wing 'erm?tho horses, "at <le. Markets flonr wl h olo'litg and prvl.husrf ?| ? tads H it 'l ev ?i utd t eal, * to e enumiv ?'ed m.d bar pest u|oo ti t*e''e their nWeWlty. Dut. s*yw ihe informant, nil thill talk sir In Tain 're IfUtiuns heri iv nld But join th?m hon.e fe? were in 'an r of It, nut they weie iTtrtuhdh) a 'nge mi.Jnl'y. The warriors from the Virih aint i.If if a Tory bin humor, htcateniiig thtl ?In u lhiy 1 id killed aij ihe Annitcona t'nv sduH pome sf.'1 kill lhtrn also. Hoi i lHr'i Blrltia Mud Dratfi* Mauri id. In .-?r-r?tn,n1i>, rn tht> 4ti. \ht , by ll?v 3. I'billlp*. Mr. Mil ihPi I). fcoAUcioti to km. : null N. I-allurO nU of tllUII ? I Ii irnon'o. by Her. <?'. S. 11, Mr. Fruitli Col li* 1< * in Mm> In '?nn l i.nrl?e? >or. R by Her. H. P. Cntlrr, Mr. 1 nt j* p lf? 1 Mud |r Mlii KiiUTI, N?-?by. It R :>i > ? vil'n bi I r .-ctt t.f rt*n t'rdi. itc \ V' C M IfimMblii JnrII. IWblwHi A' l;'lAnj?*lH# Mr. !.?? ifr ti. liUt clnr>! *n Mi ?? Onr oi 11a I ., ? ai |ht?r of John H Hon n, E?q , nil <>t t'.r *tue I .urn. lb t is Jur V' ?. 4, by I ?T. ! 11 ?'? i ?In Mr. John Mnn h it It Mutt Ali'MM-ti It t-.rn.ori '' N, ift"knr II by !:et Mr. t-bii'l, Mr I rlrl A linlr to <tr?. Mti-ftr.' <;?! up-r. At >?!'?> It' *?>' "? "I'uii y. Vi rt tuhor 4 M'. p.?. i ? ? \ m I* !"?' ''' - ? i ?"i n ? V? ri-t , i. n. ? : ? . . - v, I l ? ' ?? ?? ' At New "WO M' Je>epl Vy*r? M Ml . m"?<\ HsrT*a. At Use same plane, Air. .. lit. f;.(fi>i(l t? Mi>s Mir,;are(.

Uatria. \> Sacramento, N"V. 8, .Mr. iVFIlain LI lydtoM'sS Sarah St. lioie. A' Viokelumne fill), Not. 0. Mr. K. P. AHen to Midline Jo-cj blue Julio. A' 1 lueri\i'U\ Not. A, Mr. HfO. H. Anders m to Miss N?? Hoa Jane Rolducn At li wa Hill N<>T. 6, Mr. J. M. H.iwley to Mrs. Jane C. Trask. In Sod Frairtseo, by Her. H P. Gallagher, Mr. Jut-ion H. Oaik to Mas Susan C. McMenan-an. In H?d Fiancicro, by the Hev. Mr. Cntler, Mr. E. H Fit bl to Mias Matilda C. 1 arts, botb of this city. In San Kruneireo, Not. lb. by Rev. H. B. Gallagher. Mr. Benry Myers to Miea Anne Keniedy, both if H?u Kran Cisco. . At Sacramento, Mr. Neleon H. Shoot and Miaa Sarah E. McCan ey At Sacramento, Not. 8, Mr. Win. Lloyd to Mm. Sarah M. Moure. At Pt-d Bluffs, Oct. 4, John W. Mclntoah to Miao Elixa beth MouMier. At Sacramento, Not. 18, Mr. Jamea Weir to Mis* Fanny Held. In Maryivllle, Mr. John N It bet to Mix* Hlen I. Miller. In Sau Fram-irco, Nor. 16. by Itev. K. P. Cutler, Mr. Jomeo M. Coffey to Miss Matilda Annie Neunan, botb of i Lie city. At kiarysville, Not. 14, Mr. Simeon J. Bliss to Miaa Jane Phillips. At Rough and Ready, Not. 14, Mr. Warren T. Sexton, attr rmv at law, to Miaa M. Steven* At Kig Fiat, Mr. Wm. Axhworth to Miaa Ann Reading ten At Sacramento, Not. 16, Mr. Wm. Bally to Miaa Catha rine llandy. At tne Peoiia House, Yuba county, Not. 14, Mr. Si met n J. Bliae to Miaa Jane Plillllpa. I BIRTHS In NeTada, Not. 6, the wl'6 of Mr. L. F. Sheet*, of tarin bora. In Sacramento, Nor. 0, Mr a. Jane Deris, of a daughter. At Moktlumne Hill, Nov. 6, the lady of Mr. W. H. Saw yer, of a eon. At Mokeluncne Hill, Not. 8, the lady of Mr. D. C. Lam pbear, ol a daughter. In San Franclaoo, Oct. :t0, the lady of Alfred J. SteTcna, Keq., ot a aun. In San Francisco, Not. 8, tha wife of ('apt. Davie Van Felt, of a sou. At Sacramento, Not. 13, the lady of Jo'-.nO. Hyer, of a ion. In San Francisco, Nor. 12, the wife of Mr. Jar. House man, of a at n. DUD. In San F'ranclsc-, Mr. John Maumee. aged 20 years. In fbatia county, Oct. 20. Chris nulier Alderson, aged 40y?ara lr?n> R ircnnsln, a na'iTO of Eog'aud. li sbnxia, Oct. 27, John Wiicox, agi-d .'16 yeirs, from the Siate ot New Yoik. At Sacramento, Not. 9, Sarah Ann, wife of Mr. Geo. P. let ebaki r In San Franclrco^ Mr. W. O. Vanaredale. ot Columbia i'urluinne county, and tonne, ly > I Philadelphia, Pa At bt- letli et ce, i tar Multl's Hat, Not. 8, Aaron P. Van Vleeck aged 38. At I uit.n Town, Mr Jibb Hemptrteed, forme-ly ol New Yoik, aged '.9. At I'nfou Town, E. R. Cromwell, youngest r .n o' Mr R lliium Cromwell agril 1 year. 6 u on'h* an i 26 day 1 oe' ovttbi aid ficm ship Hornet, July 20, Jutne.- Mur phy seaman, a native of Ireland. < n b- ard ehlp Hot net Rm. scot* seiuun, a native o' tr/dend; fell fitn> alofi and *a> Killed. Ai Yuba City. Mr. J< bn H. Price, ag"?t .11 yearn. At Sbseta. nl rouxumii'isn, ('apt A. K ney. At I in Mier Valley. Mr. Kubvrt Bell, of tiiom'e Creek, Coins! county. A' Lett Blvilfa. Oct. 29 Henry BnMerHeld, aged 40 years At 1 ed bluff.- Mia. Myers, wlf? of Wm. Myera, aged it. In fan Francisco, Ktunia N. Cutly, agtd 6 yea is and 7 mi nths. At Yuba City Not. 18 Mr. J"bn IT. Price, aged 31 At Ilao?rvfllo, Not 10, R'lllie Hownrd, rju ot F. A. Ete. i pi d about 2 years. At fan Joie, Mr. Otto Ilendelcben. aged 61 voars. At Wiavetvil e, Frank I yiuiii, iufant sou of Mi. Michael I'yr an. A' Sacramento, Setb, an adopted -on of li. W. Rose crsi a. ebi tit 1 ymis. A PeriBTllle, Mrs Mary 0. Wlckershnin, wife of Dr. It. K. Wb kcithani. Ir fen Fnocleco, Not. 18. of soneuicpilon, Mrs. Wai. R"ldtrey, tormetly of Troy, N Y. Ir. San Frsnciaco, at the im-ldeuce of her parent i. tn St. Maty'n stieet, ArsbePa Sbafter, aged 4 years and (t months. Mirk eta. San SmiNiieeo, Not. 19, 1866. Fltl'B.?Ibe only coisiduaMe parcel was 2,000'piar ter rkckt di inestie, at 89 pe.- COO lbs. There we e aim jobbing rales ol -100 <|tarter sarKs IJek Mills p lva'e. '.CO quailer sacks santa (lara, at 610; 26" no. Vlavm lLi. ai 810; 460 do. Golden Ga'e a $'0; 200 do. Alviso a* ?i0; 100 do. Oregon (1 y, at 810, 100 do. dumee'i-.. at $'' ?lit do. Aeliley's telf-iMng. at $11 100 <io. Gob en date do , at $11 per 200 lbs.; and 100 bbla. Galiegu and Uax ill at iifi per bah < i RM'IAI.?Sale of 00 bMs. sweet at $0 26 per bhl. R hkat ?Ssles of 160 sucks amy inferior at 2c ; 186 d ?ai:. at ; 266 do. gord, at 2 J)4'c.; and 2,460 do. dude", in li ur lots, at Sc. t-ei lb. P/iirv?-aleait 426 sa-lts inferior at $210; 182 <1 J( , si $2 26; and 800 Co. choice at $37 per 100 ihs Cjilt - i.sUs 0' 40? ra'k? Catt'ornia at 2l?e., aud 80 do. d" ked at f tj'o. pei In. DaT.? fa'e < f 70 hales at $21 5C jier ton. Br wV?Jobbing sabs a*. $30 |,er ton. Fw>t?l-ali s c.t 176 eacls California bay )? at ?&e., ttd 20kdo. do. ted si 4,He. jer lb ( mr; p.?Snlu ol 18 >ackt at 0)ic. pet lb. Choice touI I iti it u anr 7c. pi r d>. FirK ?Sale i f 400 mats Clilra No. 1, piiTat". 'Iiiacio? fu eoflScs. pencil brant p tyite. St i /P.?Sales ot fu bbls. ctu.-hed at 11 %c , and 35 do. at li JjC. |C" b. luitF?R't hurof no rales to-day. A pa eel of Rio ?bs pi.' ut- at audi n this n orbing, nut < id not Hud a di ?'e. ; but It Is proper tu state that the Magoulico k, w-Hhaiatgo of 8(0(8)0 lb?., bad prtTinusly been tele ?isj bed. The stock now on bat d is about 8,145 000 lw., it nTm and a half months' supply. There is also uiu-mti to be ' it the way from AIMntte ports 176,0V11S< , -nd fi< m Itio by the Morn, 720,100 loi. Also f. ni Itatn il?, '.y tour nssi.s? the Fallen burg, l>eunox, Re'ieoca, ind K Corning- pr habit 810,000 lbs. more?giving a to'al ol an rk i n band and to arrive ot about 4 810,000 lie , or eltTui ntoiitbs' sot ply. Under inch cirfuin lances, it \i< u'd se< m dlflicult to sueiuin the marvel ? Ttii at tt e low fgure-m w ruling last rci?(rte l sales ?I Rio '.t Itjge. | er 1 . f'/Mdl: ?Jobbing ale of 100 boxes Statu Isjind a. 4(C. per lb. Kewr* from halt Uk?< Mint ACliK IN I LK ili'CNTftlNS. Wt find tl e follow lug In the Salt I<ake jVcua or the 10th let.:? t;u t) e 22d Feptetnher, a f.'tah Indian naked ft Mormon, mum (J .'an Wbeuntn Hunt, to go with htm from the fort to the herd, a phoit ubtunce off, to nee a hone that Hunt e*d bought of biin. they alerted. the Indian on borne fat a and Hunt afoot, nn<l when about ft utile froiu the ft the Indian direottd Uunt'a attention to th? nettle, a tl tie way oft frrnt ibi boiw, sod wbl e he w.ip turne), phot hint In the bntk lit but ranging down diagonally hi d lodging in 11 c tbigh. 1 n-> ?.f the heriitnieo done by alerted to (fire the alarm, mil the ofbn o: e nroie the herd on to :hc fort. In* ilio. t time neferal of the bteihieu *en' to bring in Hunt, . pi) whin about hall way berk. the Indiann fired up in 'Inm wounding Ideal.. A. N. lulling, in th? fore linger ut 'lie if/'ht band. lh ee or four of the party fell a few purer in the rear, ami by occasionally firing upon tl* purmi ir, they all ruceitdcd in rrachleg the ft rt without umber lofB or injury, brother Hunt lingered about tbitleru In utr bid died. Hilhin an hour and a half after their return, prune In d'anp on ibe blnfl near by told the men in the fort tha !hi y'wi ulil kill the two men who hvl previoualy g >ue out and were tbi n reluming, ami immediate]/ Ared reroi. rout.dx kfllli g. as they afterwnrdp ptateri, tin-there Wil ilem teluin and Ldwaid hdwarda, the two who were on l.ui ng the ?pma ilav the burned t ae bay, and linnet oil he water that aupplicl th" fort. At daylight the next morning tbo Indiana login to t the) roui (I in grrat numbcre, and there teing no pror | ot a rpridy recot dilation. the remaining thirteen bien, by theadvkc of fricndy Imiianp, took their b I and rtarted fct Hani), hawing their enemUa quarreo ft tVrr the cattle and ppolle in the firt. Ntwi fiom the Kandwkh UIwiiln. torn OK THK KINO- Ills MAJK8TV AKTKR PPItLll C'ONTH ACIORK?-TIIK NKW TRCATY WITH TUB I'MI 1P FTATTB?ITH PKOOlimS. Our fl ec Irom Honolulu are to the 3d of Norember. A ki{C fireproof building lately erected iu H< nolulu by IU binnon U Co., wii* opened on the lot o' hot ember. Tiace waa dull in Honolulu. A good many whauTi tar arrlTtd. Hii, 111 jeni j Kinir Kauirliami ha had returned to Hol< lull, alter a tint to * in' other portion* of hm dominions. A few oaya af'crwardi hie Maje-ty left for Kauai, and Titinard to Honolulu on tha I-t ot Non-mber. 'I he J'llgwmcn rays;? it at err ay morning, at aboutiIght o'el ? k. mi umo piccd ralute of twenty-one (una tnfrrtned tu? luhatv tni.ih of Itouoli lu that bin Wajet *y had re urnrd. The vinel wt."at that Un>e in the outer rontla, but Un- am h wtadhoon broi ght her ti an anchorage In the harbor Mi the wharf wliere be landed the king*** aaluted ac coictng to cuhiom by two companies of tnf.mtrr calleu out to reielto btai. We ahall he ex u-ed |ieihip? fkrr u i nti< t'ti g a? a el. emu-tante a little cbaracteriatio, that before iViriig to the pal nee hU Majerty. accompanied try f? lace han.vhami ha. pnaaed thr ugh the town to >iee a t at tho I cjiarlment of I'nblie. Work* bad been engaged on deling tl e Isat month, procetulng a* far aa the road rii w in roureo of eona'rit'tion. and Intended to form a c< o o utiica'lon wl'h toe new pilsun. l'lie King nod htc entile aiiite are in exc< Hi nt health and lylrl'g. I he ftithd, of Ilo i.lulu, give* the following an the j, li rtfal lemture of the new tren'y jnat concluded wlta ll e raD'wi-h Irlanda by the l ulled Mate* :?The tirt'y .ciii'e 'be li liortinga.tlelea trim the King,Ion Iu'o toe i idled Mater?biov.ii rt-gar, and all othera not refined, ?y,u|e if auger, tnolaiiaaa, eoff. e, arrowroot, unoianu lariured cotton, ilea etoeV ol all kind- aeeiN and yege talk# pot pie-nted, pi ultry, eggs, plonta, niirube and tnee. peltries, umr.anufcctnred wool, ruga, hldea, fura rod rllna uiniteF??d, hutter and tallow, iu return, the Hawaiian goTtmnent agrrer to allow th? .11.,wing artl nee rnty #ice, Ironi the I riied Stnlia? tlour of wheat, l. h if ail hinds, conl, tltnbtr and lumber of all Unda. mtnc, hraed nod Faweil. whole or in pair, n:.yai and l.eac.lrg rotten unrjunuf set tired, ?ej? and vegetable, nit j,ie>erred, Iruit* uudiied not preaeire), poultry, (rrn atnoer same ae aboea.) lathe care of Andrew t?. brands a seaman frim Han hraiaiaco, charger! at Ih mduln with the murd-r of (bailee K. Francis, tbe jury were unable to agnc, and he am eh charged. tm lie night of tha Ifc'h ..f October, Anthony Hake war aided, end Oilell IlairU ledlj Injured at laUaine, by letrg thrown Hem a bo re on which they were b >lh i flip Ikifp. I/? k Vtnlitll't ei'cna Ita.i arrlcr i a* H o > li I , ar d loetirine?d |*? tart rt'nr e*. 1 hi h i oi- te id lie niS i g l,a i ci ii Vied wl I ti t| e k't f? o*' I t . ?? h ? fit I- I.ei. AFFAIRS IN KANSAS. A Kif? foil Vliw of Ihr iWnb ?a_ rite rmc (? m at 11 s* Iloi. unci UKu.l 01 ili? Jfi., i ? u< (.mr li I. [I uiH apem'v nee of tbeftt. bonis lieinocntl 1 li'lNWi'MH ( 11Y, Nor. 28?10 i?. M. HaDirg intelligence has just been re. ei e.i l)ou g'as n ?inj, which you hire no doubt re Weed oy tele ?iii) b A ie\i lotion, it is Mated, has broken oat. the lai'feulais ot the < utbriak 1 will pier-ci t In the order lu ? l.icb 1 leceived tbem, without pretending to vouch 'or l) ? Ir terms y, m to add or detract from the imp -rtauce ot >1 e iufelilgei ce. lb. I lane A n v/, ((leu. hiring ell'.w's organ ?t Wos Itn) in an "ex'ta" |iubh.hod at ii o'clock tlii- at'tern on. ei Mains the rngdnl ed iul'iitnmab ry account of tne In mriectuu. It i? vui mounted n> alette woodcut of a cm mh at d an Amirlcun flag, and bas created, I near. ii.k n e i xdtmieiit in i'latto ar.d Burbiinin counties. it reads tbtia*.? GUI'AT OCITEMf NT IN *AN8AF--AB0LITH>N OPT EAf.bF?TBK MILITIA CAU.Hl OUT. The following d.ri'U'cb which we have just recoire 1, disclosee an aiainii g mute of nflaiiH h? Kam is. But we hi pc it will be quelled without -herding of olo d and the aciiflce ot lift and property. iNtitPEttdCNCK, Mo.. Nor. '28, 1855. Br an exrrofa 'hot ari iretl in to day f ? m (w-onipton, ? c learn tbat the abo i itniva :u?re couine-nced their l-ug hieatened 'utragea, in burning house-. uud threatening 'he lire* of pro-slavery men. Gor. bhannou culled the militia out, but wax not able to do anything owing to the weakneea of his pnr'y. Great exciument prerai ing hcie. He re will start about 8 P. M. four knndn d men for the Held of battle. BKCOM) IUOPAT'lf. iMtWK dbnck, Mo., Nor. 28?2 P. M. Express rreeivrd heie this morning, at 3 P. M. sta log tbat Mintll Jones aaa besieged in iA-comptou with a I"inner who ban suriendeied himself to.- killing an tboll'h aist in rell' defence. Cne bundled Yankeea, aimed aith hharie'ri ilfles, are the beaifg rs. Gov. Shiunoi baa oroertd cu' the militia. Great excitement here. Jackn n la dolog her duly, and we hope Weston and St. Jo cph will not be wanting 'ibia *us the first irt.i ig ble accrunt oftbe alleged in snmelltn that 1 could fin''. Ibe next iljcumeut fully enrti lies i's slati mei Is It ia inofficial prrcl&iuatlou. It waabaue. from li e .-fllce of the Herald of which Mr. Kas'tn I- editor, at 8 u'o'ock thia evening. lie "inrica'ion 'o Mare," which ia a; periled to it, la a ennoaity, loi ay the beat of it, o mill ia literature. It would ie an uaipg if p. weicnot alaimliig Kvery letter it c ii taina will over au aimed and ixatpcatcd Mts m n i Ian. It reada thus llKAIKlt'AKTKKM OK SKItlNK Bk'GADK, 1 Northern 1 ivi-i' u of Kanaaa Mill ia v 1-earonenilh Cliy. Nor. V8, 1855. J To Tlir Mimtia ok tub >B?pM? Bhiuaiib:? Informal ion hi a In t ii received by me that a atate of open rebellion ii tor inrxi.teuie in l-ugla- county, K. T., tnia ia there one t< cinimaud Ihr ud inn of my brigade, of the Noitb eib (tfrialou Io meet at Leavenworth city. on Saturday in Cay cf l>c<mber, 1865. at 11 o'closu A. M., armed H d rquippei in rinding to law, and to hold themselves in t.anii eas auljecl lo the order of Major Gen. W. P. hicbeiOrtn. thing yuui arms uud anunuiii i n nl mg LDC1AN J. KASUv Bt'g. Gtn. Sec nd Brigade, Nurtlii.u Iiivl-iou Mililta. TO Ap Mb ! TO AIIMS ! ! It ia expee'ed tbat oi to \ lorer ot law and order will 'ally a' l.< avenwnrth oti Saturday, Ijrceiulier 1. 1853, pi ei a led to march at once to the acone of rebellion to 11 I d r title tu'law a of I ouglas ci unty. w o are co"t 0 ittfi g depredation! upi n peraona ai d pui e ty, tanning run louiea an" Cellaring open h 'Stlhty and icststane 10 ibi lawa, having loicihly reai-iied u p*im-ner from iho Iciff. (i me one, c< ine i.lll Tne lawa inuai be exicut id. ibc nuilae-a, it la anid, ari urn.ud tir 'lie treth, end unlet mt 'b- u-pi.d mrn. kvery mm should bri ig t.ia i 111*' aniiuuniiloti, ami it. w tuld be wdl to bring lw ?r thiee taya' ptorl lone. let the call lie promptly ? liyid. 1 very n an to hia p at and do Ma duty MANY 01CIZEKS. T1 la pn c'ama'ion raa baucd, I undera-snd, by virtue if an on er tut by expreii, from <:tr Wil- n Slmnnon. * bin the pioalarny n tliilu le.ive this ci-y on Sa'.ur <'i<y, tbey will inatantly tie followed try a mpruy of Iroe iiu o a~ an ' aruiW neutrality " lbcy am deter 11 ii eii in iee thiii no it juatice bull lie d ua to the pe pie f Ihty uie lendy to ace ilm law* executed, it I it cy ii e iriolvnl that m >t> law shall not prevail It Ik ciniloiuctl tl at the o ject ol postponing the do n'111 io of the militia till f-A'utxay, is to give the in ibx ?in c to txiente 1bilr li ng thioa'cned vecgiancr on lair (i ce. for bavlug I'artd, in tin e pact, t-? doiii* the lo a iiy cf li e }n gulaUra' Tolas on tee moiaor!?Mu..'irth jf Maiuli, and afteiwi.ids to icietv the opposition under tho him if law M hut justice tbeto ia in thia complaint, tbe ci i out t of tbe legulalo-K and mllliia will show. Mr. Adrms tbe propiietcr of tbe Herald, luformed me -bat ime'llgenoe fr<n irliehle souicea bad been received, l.nt "the aboll'luiiiata" of lawrcnce were > esoUting the euu'ry aioi nd the r city??s much of it ut lea<t, as pio iarrry men had pre emptvd. He sail tintt sixty hou-ei f equutters, with Houibcrn proclivities, hud been de hiyed by Ii e, np to 'he oate of the letter announcing i- Inauiieclior?jesHoday forenoon?and that he abo . i i late wete shooting oewn tbe oat11j of pro-slavery 10 vihise claim tbey could find. He neded that it was '?? 'sd. bot'.ee has been Kent fiom Lourenworth to the *e 11 t ainied oigamtatiun reoenily formed in p.a'ie Oltyfor be purjuKe i f aiding in ex<cu ing the laws in Kan-as. t la frumid. 1 under stund, of the ui jat rsodutc ' iigb-ing 1 in" oi tbit fighting country. I heard a pro slavery oat. in nal.ii g this s'a ouent. boast that ? By <i?d tbe l'aite?ii.t toy e wouldn't iced a recond bhhiiog to come i give the d?d aboHiionhW b?1." ''N'j. by fl?d " a'd bis eotnpai'ioD, 'Ibi j won't nicd no hidi ing at. al! " A |? u-t-larery roan hti ; b< on shot hv an ubolittnnist. An itoiith uiKt has been shot oy a i ro-alivery mm. A Mls ? niian shot a d?d Ysnte<'who was on his claim A Yankie shot a Mi?cuii.m sbi- iu? on his clatn . The -In i iff a* levied tbe Yankee and ihe nbululnnlsts rescued ia. Ibe Mitsouiians ar<e>icd tbe Yankee and th* peo .le i f i sWKteo iciesstd him un ll the proper ofiicer pre rn'cd bimveif. Such hid the Irieconclluble aennmts ;ivt n i f lb*- irlgin of lb- afl'iuy. 1 haie heard so many id si c nfiic ingunl such nniotelilgl'de wcjpunts of tie rig in of U-e insurrection, that I ennrnt petend to ex da n It. iJUTKSwocra CriT, Nov 29?0:.';0, A- M. Afier ?r'liig the pien 'tag letter I wux tohnhat Mr. Coi tiK}. (tVi 'Utiwti china "if 1 iiwictice. hud jnnt ar rlvid iu town. 1 wiiitt'i on I tin ltpmcillately mid twi>r tt' he Dim mantle facta imbi OM In the paragraph i^ito. Bo left Lawrence yextoiduy at noon ami ?V'-ry i iiO uu-quie ly puu-uli jr In*- burinca iiel'hi r dreaming < i\il "hi nor pii'i>ailiifc 1n be-icge Hhe i!T Jomfk. "One llmi iiLii men" wcie not "armed to the iie'h " nor -tin o the chin Jot <na of them had f-orruohas n 'nick in bin hat. f-ii .ipi,i rifle* wore I lying undixturted in titli "baidwure" In *i ?. Older ri igned in W?r??w. the itmor lufg nnti d in a murder which ban created nonrido able ixciMnent in t at vie'nity, and, if n?t ,i" mi Hy ni il lh< rougtily rifted, will lend to dirnistroux ?5i menm-ncex tn 1b? future. It ia thus xtubd In tbe Ur- , a/do/ Frtw'im, of Nor. it:?[Ibe murder leforrnd to wax llial 61 f n? !? < W. Jmv. en account of a Inch we pub bird too i r Ihin -dbj- .-iuoe ] Ail mm Motv fi I i..? fuir town vn? thrown into a h'gh rtaieof ixrilruent cm Thursday laat by tbe iatelligeuo# into u?b' Bh Wiij I'otut, In tin*Territory, tl.atfhax.W. Hi w, a yi i.r g n on about twiuty-two yeara of age, war n ut iaihaioutly mtudired by a paity of demoua who ,rj. ilce in the appellation ol ' bo'iler rnflianx." Mr. Dim Pud Pti nit a Mucktitilh sh< p where .-ivoral of tliere do n oa> Incarnate ana eoDgixgaled/ One of them drew a rifle or hiuo. and threatened to xhni t bun en tho rpot, but lliuilly ret down hi* weapon ? I'liout lujmitig ani one. Mi. b o atart 'I to leave, and ol awiiy a few rode, win n hie a' Milton wax direc ed iWurda the ahap by the < xpbo-lon of a percifduu eap. Linking aioum), be milieu a charge of hncV?h"t iu hit 'a ioni iroui a tvretell nauntd dolman, and fell dead upon 'he <|Ol. An bttecpt wa made to erre?t the murderer, but be woe eecioted by hm p u-riateiy ubettorx. art.I e?c?ped to Vb-i uri. The people wi 1 aw-cuiMc on Monday, and exe cute run mai) pnoisbrr.eut upon the entire party who weToptiHnt and acoraeoi-lee to ibe murder, It they can be hit.nd. Me wait with anxiety for further diveiope jiestp. It ereader amain al e nil Waive* for tbe editor'* rtylc; be I* a pnitlr of n targulue temperament, and I* ?abie. tl oie'ore, to convey a wrong impreaxlon onin'm tonally, " Thr peoplt will aie'emule'' rhoubi read "the pi' pit ought to ntanub'c," 'or I am axuured that the i i,i ne ol I amerce bi i no aueb In'.cu'i n a - U imp'.lnl in tVepaiag'apb i|UO<ed. A'i 1 ow. l inn m i rimd. wax a ci'utori of Now Kngbind; b*<i iji u'i.mI i n an unoccnplen claim. expended xnvorat hi n ire di l ai i n improrlrx it, pud 'nen 'eturnod to bix Eufiern hon.i for bi whe pnd children. He left the fa m >n c:i.ipe of a f-b" o. Air. C letuaD ilirx'ated cut A good ileal of timber "IT il In hi.' ?l.r-i nee, and i-eixi-iPd in )eMg po after hi. return. Mr. Dow remonpirated; Mr. I Coleii an rbet him. A gi nth rum of Mr. Duw'i awinaiatance?a warm per oral fib no, it m.y br?In removing iho bleeding eurpae of ibe young nan. b ebaigcd with h vlng voweil veo .ran# on bix n uidercr. for illlx b> van arn-tidpe Uii.dpy laat, witi,i ut a xirxni hiviog teen pwduood. in iflrg a way with hliirifl Jio<p and nix noppn, be me. in iuiitnn gi it g t< wurd* lawrenee to attru-i the in eigi.illin wup'tog. He told them t.e hart Uen urrei trd a ill out ovmaHty. ' (. n xli ng with no " '.iid one eftb - liorxem?n. Hi u de i ut trow the -lei Ifli pumd, wh. wore a* nu ii i !? t h a tie o'bvr, lm inpi'i- no lei It'iwr.ce. Ibviearetio tvet-, I .>ui intoroed, upon which the in lit mmory telegraphic de-pa tehee, the "i*- la: mei.nnger fii ro 'At In ?r nor ihe bitn-d and timnderiah proclamn tli i.pb) tl ? Bi railier tieniral and the dienlliil rnui u? ol war xno onltfi ilxogbter bare lern founded, in tie hi gi ?gi< i f Air. Ai una, 4 It's too laid.' Ti may lead to Mooci bed. Bioed-thimty men, psntinx I r ??? geenre on ihi iropponint* In pritltic., are pri irably ere il Ix. in tl.eir way to Laivreoce. They will And a pirn ul but pioud xpiilted people there, who nre no ?g gierlpnr ano cowa il y er?alUntx of oxen, but who will .. lu ll to r.o (taxnit. and are ax brave a* the boldeel of It ut b. >dor iuvailcrx. May Heaven defend tho light, and n ti tire light keep It.- cry, unu naic tbe iic*vi* t (gtnliont. tceKKA, Not. M, ItV'i I 'Jibjdn ? correct ropy of the ritual nod ennatftutfon o) tl <? Uraiio Yiip?in|.t) rut lull iMti.ieijli of the hantaa ripitn, not ir e Iwlna'ed hy Mr. launhlin (of whom, of teurie. you hare bcanl enough ere thl<i, hu' a* prln>l by tie tfftcer* of the ?eetrty. *1 ?n. not n n.eniMr <1 tho 'rand Enfant) ment or any teciet elation, but ?ra acquainted with it? Kr.e, hi tortr end detign. It *?? inrtitutrd beforo the "Pircneof Xutu" artetnbled. and Immediately after tie tlltpal ln?a-l..n nt th? ilfcth March. It ??? dedgtiel eycloritrty to protect the ballot bo*, not to offcr phy-l* r?l mWtaarO to cny U??. The (.rand t nranipment l.? ngMtjttited rliletly ? thnt "log of the ftte ftate party an* bfp .r# elaaery on mi r?l fTiaiide. the other wing, ahlch en h.acee the majority ??! the |*rly who oppoee ? bo inifotluclt n ol loTolnntary aerritiiile. hecauxe free r!i m 1? wahb? on material g'oui.ilit eirlmdrely?la in adequately represented In the reglmenta I bellete that thirteen hundred men are enrolleth They taee (hue thcueund W mp'R rlf!e?, tloee 'hottaand fur*'ied t 11?> re*oi?era. and of p..iv-r:ir < ant sthtet, k< d etntl'ar i.etu.tnent- *.ot ? fe?,'e rik' ran h :>? d cbh ? at !re tie e* a i>.Irate, ard kill at a thousand yard Tlietr revolvers are ill shooters. 1 obtain'd this and the stihjoiaed lnf-tni'lon from a fiicndwhois ob* i.f ib? "soldiers ol feodum." In pub lGbing >h? c i.e'ituti in, I am guilty of no breach of faith or violation ot tub. For this society our thanks are due to the "gallant AG-hives," who M Bt or'd it Sere*saiy to prleet the bal lot lux ?1 ich bio foll-'wers dcseciateo an the 90th of MntcIi C0KKT1TUT10N AND MTCAL OF TUB UKAND MHOAMP Ml NT AM) KEOIMKbTH OK THE AANHA* LllUION, OK UNIIAH TKKbllOMV?ADOPTED akkil 4, 1866. UiNbrni riuN of g kan u kmcamj-uent. AUTI.XK I. .-eetion 1. Tbia body aba 11 be known ts tbe Grand Ko can.| nirnt of tbe Kansas Legion of Kansas terri'Wry, and ?1 a i be composed of representatives elected tcom each eulKiidioate i vgimt-ni existing In toe lerrito.-j, aa herein nttn piovic'ed. tec. 1. At tbe first rowing nights in January and July cue repiesen'aihe fi.ui each eubor tuate regiment, and and one additional iepic. eniatlvs for every fitly mem bets, sLu.l be e'er ad aa lnt'tubera of th'a gutnd body, the rtg>niunt bav I'M power to fill vacancies iu case of the In ability ofenj deleara'o t< attend any mee'iug of theGrand I to au.pu rni, provided, that eli mid any subordinate re giroent be inetit utcl ueiveen the times specified, tbey m-y bave the power to elect their representative at Micb tinie aa will ensure them a delegate to the Grand li.ranipMo nt 8<e. 8. the tegular sessions ol the Grand Encampment sheii he b< Id i u the third Wednasduy of January and July, at auch bolt;- ant' piece a* shall oe selactad by the Fncaro) ment at the previous semi annual session. ahtu'li n. Fee. 1. Tbe officers of tbe tit-end Encampment ahull coosist of e Grand Gene-ai Giand Vice -encral, Grand C,'unrterui?H'er, Grand Paymaster, Grand Aid. two Grand tentinels and Grand Chaplain, to be eli-.te.l annnat'y by tut ot at tl e January scssi. o, with tbo exception of the ct uiitiels and ?ha|Jaui, who aba.l be appointed by tin Gtneral tor each roee tng tec. 2. Tie Grand G> oeral shall preside at all meetings of tbe Grand Encampment. . lie shall call special meet li gs at the kwritt< n isqueal of five representatives, or when he may deem It ne es-aiy to do so. tie shall have a general supervision ot the Oigantautlon in tha Tei ri toiy. lie ahull have power to g.ant dispensations for tbe mi mat len ot subordinate rtglint nts at auob places as be irw deem best inr the welfare of the cause aad Order, and may authorise the initiation of members in places wheie teglroents a-e to be organised under saeh regu lu ion as ihe Giaml fncampnienl may adopt. He may visit ieternally or iiy deputy, all regiments under his y lisdictlon, and require a strict comolianc* with the runs and usag-s o' the organization, and shall report to tbe En smi menl at ea :h see-on taereif, the re sult of his laboit-, v it li a correct and suociiict statement ol 1be Oirisr thri ugh.rot the Territory. >tc. 8 "lbe Grand Vice General shall perform tha du ties if tbe Grand (.tnnal in bis absence. rte. 4. Tbe Giend Cosier Waster shall keep a aorrect n.ino-e of ib? pio of each meeting and an Aecu ta e n il of the members. He shall give information of a), n i e'in? s by a wrliten or printed nmioe to Iba Colonel ul ?a. b fUlH idioaie ivgiroetit. lie "hail collect and pay qvt i to the G and l'syi..??'er sll sun.* due-o the Gran I r i - >D | B'tut. He shall a1 tend to such othe- business a" U'-.y | itq ei ly be ieqi-.ii.d of him by virtue ot' his office. m c. 6 IbeGiaoti I ?y uanUi shsll have ohwrge of all 0 i my < leh ut ins to ibe i.iand Encampment. He shall at t no to all lecetjts and di-hurs. ment*. He shail keep s c-nect account of bi- doings, wbici shall a< all iniss bo op> n (o he officers of the Grand Encamp 1 ? nt, si t! n ate a t?i h'ul and correct statement o! tne II am east each-isssin the. eif ivc. b. The other oil.oeis sb?ll perfoim such duties as usually aiqertsln to their respective offiues under the y.< t.eiai ruejtlon of tbe pi raiding officer. sunt LE III F'C. 1. TheG-aro Fncsm, n.eot aball havop wer to es tablish such by laws and roles for their own g -vernoietit as it sbs II deem neosaiy make genera, pr .visl-ro for tb> pi.nisl turn t of offences against tbe laws of tbe Order; ti} all s| peals front decr-t us <f sub .rdlnate regiments, an.) establish ruth constitutions for subordinate regl no ids under lis jurls< Iciion a- their w-lbneaod good givemiiuit n.ay rt qui .e, provided the same be In ac reidai re with the ti n- titulioo and 'Airs of the Grand En enrr pn rut. tec. 2. The Grind Encampment sbnll have power to le.y a tax upon die subordinate regimen's trcefray the oioinaty and pr?|er ?z.ensc- of tbe Grand Encampment, by .requiring of each suurndinate regiment that tbey have two oi our pitn-ed books of ,itual* and constitu tions. to tie furnishes At one dollar per eopy, And A cl atter At fifty cents per copy, And If t.he a lore tax is fm i d insufficient tool, fay the oroina-y ex|>eu*e? of she G ?sd hiranipment. tbey may require of subordinate* suihoiler tax as will meet the uctiusi rx|teases ioeunwd. ft c. 3. The Gtado hue iiopmeot shall have power to er teblisb letin |ass-woree to be comrnuiijvied by the Gist d (ichcia) to tne ( olonel of each legxnent. Mc. 4 lbe Giano Kncamouicni sbisll m?S.e all nomi nation* for Terr! otiaI officers, A huge, and immediately after suCh in lninalb ns shall have been made, ihe Grand Gi l eisl a) a'l r.ominun>cate the result to every regiment In tbe Territoiy. AKTir'LC rv. l ellll ns for charters for sultordlnate regiments mnst be i igmd liy at lea-t fi>e members of tlie Order, arldreased to tl General, auc have tlie acv.mpanylng fee ol two dollars aid filty cents enc o?ed. wlnoh Will citiile them to tue chamr, book of rituals, oon.iitution, Ac. a it thus v. live mt inhers shaU constitute a quorum far doing bueiiiCnt. ARTKTX VI. Any puP'ord slteistloii ot or amendment to this con stim it n . tad he ruhnii-.tcd to the Grand Kncamptneat at least ore noet it.g Vfo: e it-nig acted ttp.n. when if two <,f the in. mbei s preeeut at said regular meeting vrte f.r If, k sbsli he ad pted. COW-TITCTMIN OK 8UBOBDINATS KNCA MPMB8T. \\p. whose ust. e* arc aomxed. do hereby pledge our selves to be g> veiled oy tbe following eunautuiiyn <111-11 IX I. This I'tganfrii1!' n *hsli t.e known as Kegtment No. ? of ?te Kamaa 1 ego n Aim-1* it. Fee. 1. Any person can bcc,me a MmlMr of '.hit I?gion win) will plti'ge films, it tarorahe In the freed on of Kan ?j?, and is i i|, li'fcn ysai* i if age Vernoae b"Uig received under j'it? nf ago Riuut be toucbed fiir by tlute ntmbeir. sec 2. The nane of any pemon propoaod for member ship 'hall bo V; until d 'or bjr itno or more me inborn, whan .In cat nidttte shall l? voted lor, and three ucga'It** vjte? sluU 1 e equHnilent to a itjectkm. Provided, that no per -Mi ahall be pr< po-ed for membership In aoy regiment o'het than th?t )i rated lu an; city, town or district in whlib such person le-ldc*. Fee. S. Any applying for an honorable dts ehtrge fr< n> hia >epimei.t ball, upon vote of tbo mem b?rs pteteat at the lime of -urh application, ba antHlad to a cmlfirste sigi <<t by the fob nrl, and eonntenilgned by the (,uKitrrm'ii.ti'i. upon the payment of ton emu for ateb leitifliato; and any such member being das iron < nf biriuirg a member <>t another regiment, atiall preeent l.fa cfitiUeate, being subject to the same V-ite aa a new a; plica lit. bee. 4. Member" of ibe Order shall have tlie right of dtbate in otter tegiroei'.tN thnn their own. Their tight to ti te ho-ever, ihsli be confined exclusively to the re gie ent to which they aie connected. awin IT. III. tic. 1. The oflieere of .ash ruhmdinate regiment ahall e nkiai of Colonel, lieutenant Colonel, Quarter Master, l ay Maxtor. die and two sentinel*. who ahall be eleetei by* ballot l u the first meeting ntghta of Janoary and Jqly. ree. 2. It simll ?? the duty of the Colonel to prwlde. et'OH-e a due observance of the aereral constitution", laws in o tegi'latl n- atul -ecuie a proper reagaet tor the itiiltoiial Otnnd iticauipment and fia officer*; see that a 11 fli eia and n eui' eta ol committee' per'nrm their re st retire uiies: appoint nil (Oicera end committee) not o'heiwisepioriiloo f r. give the ca-tlng vote when a tie wsj ocrnr, except in the el-dion ol officer* have apecicl i l.i ige i f he roii?i|tutli ii and law*; draw on the fay Master fo< all dtmaoo* on the regiment; direct the Quar terVasiti ocallap?ciat tueoinga when nsso-iitary, and p< tfoini ad oilier ontiea pei taining to the office bee. JJ. It shall be the duty of the Lieutenant Colonel to assist tie ( ob iiei In the performanoe of hi* dutUt*; have ?i t dal ebatge of the doom, and, in the absence of the C? 1< nei. p e.lde. fee. 4. It'bail be the duty of the Quarter Master to ktcp an arccia'e rteorfl of the proceeding" of the regi on i wiharcll of the member*1 names; n illfy me li te rs. win n wdereo by Ibe Colonel or a vole of the regi mttl, and peilorm all other duties pertaining to the fee. 8. It shall be the doty of the naymasde* to receive all money* of the regiment; pay all demand" when an tboilrcii by the color el keep an aoentate itcc sunt of all ni i eys rtreivsil and expended; exlilolt to thoregine it on the last treeing ol each quarter a ?tnt?n?ent of the fbrt a. *n< at the end of every six month* give a oorre t wiiltrn report of the receipt! and <11 bumemenM of the te. ID. tec. f. I', ihall be the duty of the aid to examtna the ii tn la ra at th< < pening ef Qui regiment, aud report any v L . ate Iroorrtct to the colonel, to asahit at the lot tie ilnn of perar?*, and are thai the hiethien are male c?ui ti <1*1 e ouitog hetl'tiug of the regiment. Ftc. 7. It shall be the dtoy of the inside aen'inol to at U 11 at <he ii side dooi, nnd teport to the Keutenact eolu ?e lbs r ii i ? and rigio sot. i f the jierauui applying fot a< mis'lii). erd such aa the lieutenant colonel may < ii er; but to ecml' D" one without the passwords, nnb " < levin i iderrd by the color-el alter being vouciiedf'T by a n.init e of Ibe regiment. lu- ?. t shall !>'the duty of the ou'aidc Mtn'inel to at?< i d to ibe outside doo', and adn it no person without ilu pemwotd srrepi ewm n alee. and thrue he inay know ti ie n ml" i* <f i>e r.ider, or who are vouched lor by a n tn her ol the ieg ment. AhTIMX rv. At the fitrt meeting iu ibe month* of January ami July ii i J cells ely. tbeie shall be elected by each rvg iunt laadehgata or iepieseota>tve to the Grand bn ran in ml, ai l cne additi nal reprraentatlve foreaob I Ity *r? belonging to the regiment. >KTin? v. Fe<- |. All charges und offence* preferred agalnat a im ni l et ahall be duly specified In writing, when they sbuL he r?f< trtd to a special committee, who aball aum ni ii tcc''ii end er Iti apptar Ixfore them to a newer to the si (gatic n tet foith, und afler a fialr and imiartial ex anr it utii n the'C< f, t*p<ul their declaloe to the reglnseot, which shall at onto proceed to the conatderati m and dia pi ?sl u tie care. ' , . fee. 2. Any member who rhall l>e proved guBV ??, , my pilnctple cf the Order, or tiffrnding agatoat thrsi ankle* or oinerwiae milita lagrgalnat the Uie-t* 11 the oig nlaa' Ion, shall be autjwtt to reprtmand, smtvpi toner ex < nlrtoa, a* two third* of the membra plttrnl at anv irguUr n retlng mar determine warn a s lis if be fjpeiled fm rrval leg tha t ic?t, t.r mlli'atitig agalnat the lataresta of tlie f.mlont of Kantaa*haII be a_i i< II, and unt to kll the regiment# of the T*" nan ccstitme of the principle o< trwth, ^<?"f and 'Vi?'1:'The regiment* loca'rd in eaeh and evetjr dee total district shall make nunUna-lon. for all|te. lor . fbcc in tbtlr .eepacilve ^^whem ftma *? all be two or more regtmenU la anv ?'? ?**# tiirt of whatever kind, then nomlaatiooa ?hil kemiic Wv dihaatee frem the icpee'lvi- en?ampine-iU wfthlo , M .llatil 1. es'b sneampnw nt tselr.g entt'led ?? ope de. Wfuritd-io eddit'. ta! deVefs'-mr s?<-b and every tw<r?i itMi.its". ret -ul *???>? th<Ir C.-dftmry me