Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 12, 1855 Page 3
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hers. The r.gimenta shall make nninlneUxaa for the Territorial olhcers at Urge, through Jut deleg? tt mi tli* Grand hncainj meat. ? KTIftX VI. A quorum for business in & egimant shall consist of aot less than live members ?BTIC'.V IH. Any regiment shall bare |wttr \o estsbli'h sueb by vawn ?i a rules &? miy b* ititrald eipwdien; pr-wi l? t tliey accord wi'h the Grand Terr!'oriel Ko ??mlunrnt, subject at all timet to thel- appn vtl or njsnina. IMIl'li *IU. All moneya, exoept heielu provided, she I be ral'ed by rota and ss-e?ment of me (libera bel mglug to tbo regimen ta. axTKix IX. See. 1. Fach regiment nbatl mm*' at leaat twice per month, at *uch hour and plao* *s abatl ba selec'el by 'ha n-giimnt at the previous sea-Ion. Sec. 2 Am Mron mm each and erary >egtin?a' shell dumber 'hirty membera upon it* niustar roll, it shall proeaad forthwith to organise an efficient regular military company. ??Tin v x. Any piopo-e<l alteration of or (intendment to tbl? eon Htituilen ehall be Hubmi'ted in w tilug to the Graml ta uampmrnt, at leant one rateilng pr>vloui to baiug acted 11 pi m. BITCAL OF HCBOKDINATK KRQIMKNTS. OPINING ( KHK III.NT The Colonel, 'leutanent Colon-I. Quartar carter, I'ar maeter, Aid and rseuitiols taring tn their resntcllv" placet the regdnn nt rluill ha called to i rder, and >hua add reread by the Col me Crlonel?Fellow-soldiers n the f ea State army?Th? hour baa aniveil when ao mux! resume the dunes da vnlving upon us. 'is eu< h, with a heart devote I to ' justice, patriotism and l'berty, attend l ? aly to all the regulation* l?id down for our g(V*>niueut and ?ctl >n, each laboring to make t' Is rcvle ? pleas at sod umllta bla to ourrelia*, and a blerrl' g to ur country. Aid, are the rrntioeli at tltlr porta, with c oeeC dooraf Aid?I hey are. Colonel?Ald.youwiU now review the troopa la the regiment par-word*. Aid (afiei examination)?1 bare examined them per lonally and find each correct Colonel?I pronouuoe 'ha regiment arrayed, and ready for rciTica. ? ?mint OP in 8INKPH. 1. Reading the micu'.ee by the Quartermaster. 2. Proposals for new recruits. 3. Vrting tor eame. 4. Initiation of re -.rnitn. 6. Reports of oumml'.tees. A. I'Dltiiished buaii eas appearing on the minutes. 7. Miscellaneous business. 8. Adjournment. INITIATION. The member proposing u frien 1 f>r membership shall announce him win u tn readiness, and at the proper thue the>Aid shall p'erant him to the Col met and thua at drear him:? Worthy Colonel?The candlda'o pre posed an1 to a: bed Cur la now in readiness for euli-tineut in our a my. Colonel?The Aid will ore-em. he candidate to the Quaitennaster. [Thus adriienlng him:?] Aid.?fjuarta: master, lam directed ny our Cslinelto present you tbir person, who Is desirous ot enlisting in nnr rank i. Quarternmstcr?sir, you have double-a bean iufurm ?d of ih< geical design of toe lost.tuti-n to which you now aeck ar mission. Permit me, SnweFor, by authority, to state to you more fully thn-r principles, tint yu i in iy more cleai'ly undeirtand w .-at you are to expect. Tou till beiequhe?, first to take an obligati m of secrecy, h doing up your iigh' band and rei-e>tiog af ar ma. When 1 pi enounce my name y>u prut ounce yours. OBLIUVT1UN. I, , solemnly pie ge my honir as a man. that 1 will mver reveal, or reuse m be irri-sled, in any ai in ner or to any person, the fact thar I hive ba-n snupll oant for adin??M"D to this institution, or uu- thing wrick has bean, or may h-'e tiler be, contniui -a ad to me, or the names of the persons present?all this I promi-e Quar ei-master?Tuts iusltu'.i ml- temporal; and local in its rharac or and nature. I* Is de-igued for tie e ri tory of Kansas and is to continue until toe vote shall have settled tht question as to whether Kansas ? ,sil be a liee or a slave r-tata. The >*i|uirein-<uti of tbi. Inittlo tion will not interfere wt h lights of c >n-cimce. or 'he duties you owe to yourse'ves, y .ur families, your coun try or your God. ihey wi t coutlic-. with no law of the land. We seek in a n hie, honorable aud j ist msnner ti secure two things. First, to secure to Ksnsa* the nlers ing and prosperity of being a free dtete; aud second, o protect the ballot box fiom the l -prous ?oncti of unp -in eipled men. buch are our principles. Do you still de-Ire admiral' n 7 Candidate?1 do. Coliuel?Sir, it is with joy we weicone yoa to tUeae rcetee and to this .-scree allla ce We t us' ymi will find In ua that puiiiy of purpose, and wo will find lo yo.i such nobleness and truth, (net tais uni n insy result in c >a etantiy lnciea ing regard, roulidwnce sua love between us. Ibis conn ry is yours by rd mi ion sad as hel.uigi ig to you snd vt ur childten you teel u d-ep luteres'. to iu pros perl'y, ltr honor ant Is destiny We are here shre slavery Intends mikii g i s next tnu'vation; already we have had a-foretaste f its c n amlnatiog uiuch, aud knowing that strength lies in union, fa-ling ha'our country and our Cud demand nf us lu tot-emergency that every man -bell do his duty, w? have baudet our selves together under solemn h n Is in order that we may know our own rneugth, may set la concert thro-ig'iout this whole Ten It jry, end thus exert an infiueace, po< seis an efficiency, and enjoy personal anc civil orotee th n, which as meic indivi lusls we could not oh aia. With these explanation( upon our part, we ask of yon that yon take with us an obligation, placing yourself la the same attl'udr as before. OBLIGATION. I, ??, In the most unlearn manner, here in the pre tence of Heaven end these eri nessee, bind myself that I -will nexer repeal, oor cause to be revn'ed either by word, look or aign, br wrl i g printing engraving, painting, or In any manner whataoevir, anj'.hiigper Uinii.g to hi* iu-titutlon, cave to persons duly quail ie I to receive the Mine. I will o"T?r reveal the n*in? of thU orgatiialiou, the place of meetlug, the fact that any je rsoo ie a member of the rant , or even the exii' .nj(. ?r the O'gen'kation, except to persons legally (justified to re ceiva thi Shoulc 1 at any lime wi'.hd'a v, or be suspends 1 or ex pelled from tht? oganizatt u, 1 ml. keep tals obligation to the end of lile. II any books. papers or m?n?y? be longing to this organization he lotrusted 'o raj c?'? ?r keeping, I will faithfully and coaiplcely lielir-r up the sace to my successor in oflice or aay one legally a itho rixed to zecelve them, t will newer knowingly propose a person for memherabtp in this Order wt o f- not. in favor ot maklrg Kansa, g free Stale, and ?hom I red satisQi-d will exert bin entiro ltittuen e to b lug abo it this re alt. 1 will aopport. maintain ?nd n'vide by any honoruble movement mmle by tbe organization t > eec-ue this great end. which will no' cunilict with toe laws of thecountry, and the const itut on of tile I'm en sta'e*. To all ot this obligation I do ti ost solemnly promise and afltim. binding myself under the penalty of oelng ex. Blled firm ihls organizjitl a. of having my name fito bed to the severm Territoiial encampments as a per inrer before Heaven, and a traitor to n y country. t'oloMl?tirnllimeo, ynu h-vo enllved la a noble army ?battling in s glorious cease. For >t3 year* tais -oil lias t een to tis eonnnerf d free. We live in Kansas. We lore her bills, her p aulas, her st earns in d I or sk'es. We wish to build her up a noble State. Br'ieitng that sla very makes ignorant men and ignorant State-, tor our aetvee and our ch.klren we dealre such OOtc m >ats as will ensure to us ib'edlgent laws, a public p licy, aud an eilu caletl people. We b Here that Ure y eor-a la Immorality and llcsntinttsnpsH thr< ugh the communities *her# il ex ist', aud wish for ourse'Tee for our v ires and for our children, to live in a land where no cUsa of peoole are by legal compul-ion made tin vtciims of the brutal pas-toes of toother clasv We wi-h and we expect 11 hare here a State where the right of npltl on shall not insare per-e cu.Iod, end where f eedrm of sp-ech -hail not be a crime. In e word, if *t make Kansu- f ?? education, mnallly, religion, internal peace, ami i-ecjiiiary lucaea* w U be vastly increased among us. If lieacheroua nr slothful t) the duties d' .cl log uponn1, we b iog a deep disgrace and mortal .mgnUliln our vent midst, whi:h will be mo.t tormenting <bau the scorpiou's sting. Ihete am signs by which number- t f thi- r> gani alien may knon each other [(' lonel ? 111 gire then to ciodi date-.] 1 here is also a grip, there is a certifying ee rer -a ion ami -ignala of distre?s. There are pia-v-cda, which cone can corrtmunlcnte to you tare the pre tiding officer or upon bis authority, and y >u cannot com-nunl ?ate ,li? m to another, sate to the aid up' n your examlna tlon. Instruct! m on entering regiment* art these?At outer door?any alarm?herw you will give th* son inel Ihe p*-?wor<!?an ln> er door three raps?here yon will gire the sentinel your name, No of your regie ent and ex planation of the te m pea-word. Salute >be presiding office', Is th in your irgies- and <g f*. oy placing rig it hand on yonr h east and gently lowing. CMSUSO f XKRVuy* Colonel?Fellow soldieis, 1 trust tl.t- review lots been hoth pleasant and profitable to nil. We met as frienta, let ns part as bro'hers, /em' minting that we ??ek no wo ng to any. ?nd oar bond of itnton in battling for tbe right utost tend to mate u< better men, belter neighbors ard better citizens We tbark p. i for yoirkl tdne - and attentl >r, an 1 itivi'e inn all to b- pn-t-nt at n it next rn new, to be b< Men at ??, no negt, at ? o'e'oc* P. M. fen Inels. iron w II <>|>en t'v t doers, that our sol. dlers rosy re I Ire pfesxautly nod In rler. OOTOKNOK SBANWOK'S PilOu'I* AH ATION. Whereas, n liable Intonos'ton hu tisen rec* tved that nwmerou- lawl??s men, arrpe1 wi n dea l y wean >n? an 1 supplied with all '.he Irnp'cmsot* of war eotobioed and eot.fedrrsiad tr gether for tne wvosred pts -p >?? o- 'tp;s a ing b* farce and stolen ?? the exeeu.lon ot '.ho lawn o thl? terriiorv. did at the so niy of le ugla< on o- ab ??' the V'h of this wamth rrske i viol- n' a<winlt on lie kberiffiof liid '" in y with deadly sriisll<, aid d'd orer e< nie said officr. ai.d <'U1 r?s< ie f, ,m his e ti'o y by l?rc? and rl 1m e ? per-cn ar-? -to.; bv virt ie "f a |>eiw warrkDt, snd then ?od thire a prl. ner h I tea by 'he aid ShetilT tad other -can si us outrages did c> malt in vk lati'-n of I iw And wberras. n'.o. lntbrmxtl >n lias teen receive I that <ble 'onlrdrratcd hand of l-Wlers m n. rid abo it th* ame time, sot firs to aad bum d-v en a number "f hou-ei of p?> resbte an>! unofferolng rl l-eas and did desl-oy a ect sirl. rable xrjount of per- m il p'opcrty. not ha e re I eateiily on cl .lintd thai they would egard no taw of thl lvrl'"ry r -wist by fees tarn nil .>ffi -er- and th? a aiding and a-xistlng tbe n In the i x"c t?l ,n of the la f, or any t one* ixsti< d in pursuance 'here 4 A-d where*-, slso, 1 have receive" satl?f?etory inhtr n a'lott tha' thi artnO'l ? rgiolxft >n or lawlas. ooe v it s irorlaimvi their da e toinstion I si's-a the sit I stjcHiT of I'ocglt cnuoly, and ItoesH from his cu l ? j a pry or for he t>cwt-d purj^tse of ese-o'Ug hbo without a jo dltia trial and a't'c yat'l tl n Utreakvaed the 1Mbet the ,sl Kbe ilTan' idler rl l?ea? Now, tl rrifcre. h tbe er.d that ttie autic Ity ?f tha law may V maintained andttu e anarorned In violatlnw them l>rui ght to Immediate ami condign pord ht.ten' aud tha' tbe said sheriff of IVingia- county may l?" pro ?? ted from law!' * trlolence in th" r?t thi lasrlni war rants and cthai urooass In h1* baod., f Wile n Jinno n. (irvetnwf ot said Tarritnry hare In .ie,l thi' mj prrwhs matirrfv, rsiliigon all wofldtaarved ?*ifen? of tnls I a-rl tnrr to rally to the snnport of tt e !a wa o' ih dr eonotrv, and ret|v,l|trg and n c.mandlug all ? ffieera. "t- li at.d tuiit tary. and all other etttaaan ?'til? fhrst' ey. who ?ha!t ibrtxl wl'hin h< vlrinity t f 'bc?e n ti-age. t p be ? iding stc a- i-iirg Uy .1! .n- -n' In *t. r ?e iv i h g 14*1' a-nw ! ...j--: 'sall'tt S*. 1 *? ts I ?/ br . i a <i his -'-p.' ie- 'n - p ? ' g ?' *? ti i '. 'I tour, and aiding and assisthg him la the execution of kll legal processus la hi* hands. And I no further con mau l that the District A'to-n-y firtr the cietric* la which ta?<e out~ege< t<ok oleew, lit ell other per>>. a com eri.ed iu the a.linlai-lra'loa or ex>? cu'ion of the laws, ranee the shore offenders, ?al <u ?ueb a* aid d or ami-ted tiiem, to l>e immediately arret ? td. sod proceeded with aeeoiring to It*. (liven under my linad and the #?al at tne Territory tbW 2G'h day ol November in tne jear?f our Isir I eighte-a hundrt-ti ai d fifty-five. flLtOV tHlN -0V By the Governor.?f). Wowwow, decretory of the Terri tory. THE LE?HUTlTI POLICE COIIITTEf. Kumlnwticn ut Caplalnr Carpenter, Oow ling en* Morale, ana Jedge* Uir Ahum are to be Heaxiletl, die., dw> The Committee of lite legislature a?*etabled yee'erdav morning. and coo'lnued the examination uf wituesaes in r. ga da> abuses olhged to exis' in (be pul'oe department. 1 he witnesses who esilfled were Csp'ains Carpenter, Dow ling, Not tie and Judge fdmonda. ibe iuvestigati in run ii enoei with 'he elimination of Captalu Carpenter, who Ii stilled aslollows;?I captain of the klflh district; the Cl.U ( ol I Vllce h?? not visited oar a tut ion bouse curing the last year; there are upwardi of for'y rtguler Inures of pmetiiution in my dlrtrict; ihe*e U no specific regit In'ion with regard to breaking up these bt use*; s< me of ibe mere dltK.rderly one- hare been bro ktn up; complaint are not very oftm made by the eltl It ns of that Ticinl'y; 1 tin.I ii best to get th -in 11 bring me n {otitior. tigned by themselves, |.resin' the petition to a n npislrste. make an slhdavU of the facte, and then break up the hi me, t) le 1 hate found the m et elf ctual way; kimw of no jn'icj -hop. In my district, but suppo-e there a s a* me; this Is the meat difficult cha'ge to conilit up. n; their arc not ruaoy gambling houoea to my know ledge m my distiict; I know ol? truly two, a d th >m ouly by -uppositl n: I have bad a jo opinio' made to me by a oouLtryman wu.. lost hi* money in such a plate, our lo airucti. uswi'h icgard toarrestiog iul ixica'ed parsous are veiy exphli'.; itsay, in caao .if any ?? violatl u of pn ilic. dert-ucy," in ibertr,et can bardly b.t ctMei such; bu* jo 'ling again*1 passtngtrr iu tu . stroot cur tain'y Is; w? receDe considers tie g'olea proper'r at our station house, and proceed precis-lyr a* t ie o'her cap tains do In such case.; I don't tbiuk it w >ubl nuke any dUftrence if ibe policemen were oppo-et to houses of pn atlniti. n; I have kuovu of a co n,.l nnt a.out th oe or four years ago of a le-r on sgaiast Cm .ere la M irsball; I have never heard of auy policeman receiving inoney or p bsenia from the k>eper. ol houses of prostitu>i n, se veiulol these houses have been broteu up dnriny'h* last year; I wish to state ha< the keepers of tho?e ho t as know ;he police 'awa very Well; 'hoy know (hit u pn I ;e can bo brnkeu for aucb olfsaces, and I have never known of un instance of su :h bribery, I am cinvioced ibat 'ho time of ihe Itecurdsr and Ot'y Ju g? is to i much occupied to discharge their duly fully; when a poHc- man is shsrgtd with sn offence Its la inf .rated of the iom plaint and aliowsd lo put iu an answer, and can be tried either by 'be Mayor or lVlioe u>miuia-i ners. 1 think 'his a gioat abuse; tbe policeiuun knowing that he Is summon, ed by orde. of thee iiuoisslouers, I- afra'd to let itiena try fr, ami submits his case tsi the Mayor ; in g dog be'o e the Mayor, be has no opportunity of cross examining bis accuser; 'he police nan sees a c py of tbe complaint at the Chiefs office, signed and sworn to by the com pUm ant. t'spt. Dialing, of the Sixth police distrlit, sworn, tes'ifltsl as follow-:? The Chief of Police has not vi-lted my stalloa house tble yta ; the only ia-pection it hod w*s a au'lary one; I have from fifty to sixty houses of prostituil m in my ulstilc'; 1 lepoit tbem regularly eve.y six munths, we have several oi them vacate the p eint-es; s one ISO or three were son' to the Island; thev woie rather a lover gradehouses; tl.ey wee ue>re dlsur.ierly man iLose remaining; I have kuoan every bouse on 'he Ki<e hunt- to be complmucd of; tne mugi-ira'e took bail In e? ch; 'he complain'* were made at the suggestion of Mr. reuse, I bave rever known a? y of them to oe eonvic'ed by the police courts, but tbere bave been some by the !-'e*siorjs; 1 recently gHve the IH.trict Attorney a list of all the hi Ubes of assignation prostitution, gambling liuUMH oid polity shops; I g..t tbe men to make their re ports to n>e; 1 have made mem every six in mths to toe (hietot Police; I have nerer taken npy steps to hive these gambling houses broken up; there are twelve or f. arte' u hou-cs of prostiiuiion in f'onire street; seven or eight in 1.1m street; cue in Manhattan place, three <n limine stieel; 1 have known th" poll m to 'ake '.hlneen gold w trhes out of a house in Manhattan place in Jaau ary, 18f>o; I have tbem in my possession: I have nut re ruined them; 1 was ordered by Justice Brdnnan to aiveitne for an owner, but 1 did not find one; I have known a party 'to be locked up in a station house nnt longer than sfx'e'O oi eighteen hours before a cum ml'men-, from a ma {ii trsle; the law requires 'hat he should be ounvuyed 11 ';.e miigistia e tbe morLing at'er his arrest; I bave never kit wo money to pass tietween theoRteers and lawyers in rich caws ; I have mver known olAo'ia to re.-elve n ot ey tr m the ktepe * tl bro bei bouses, or t'Oiu others for elect! .nee'it g purposes; officers have all..?-d tbem to ho ai ??oed tor elccti neeilng purposes; tuere is a iaw forbiddrrg policstreo to tuke au hit -icel in politics. Mr.'en you repeat the order in regard to p< Hceuien not belong log to political o gauixa i.msv Witncio?II is siu.ply to tbe effect that they are not to belong Hi coy such organixitloa. Q. Are tbe grog shops allowed to keep open on Pun lay Wit;.en.? Ihey are always reported to the Chief of Police, so lliut he is awa'e of those viol itions .,f the urw. excepting the salchea f have had no property in my poe session .-Tnce tbe pas-sge o' Ihe hew re |uiring u- to give up proptrty; i have m ver had any other property ex -ept eke eton keys and a tew oilier things tskei fiom in an; 'be b imer law dune's the property to be kept'hirte-a mouths, and at the exoiratn.n of that time I shall uive h up; a bouse of prostitution could be kept In my ward it the police were o; posed to It; In the case of Mr. Appel, kie|Wr of such a house, it has not been removed, he vn? rent to the Ishnd. but was Aftei wards pardoned out by the Governor. Q Mow inmiv irtn have been r. moved since you w-re I captain1 A. Atwtut eight, mime of them w# e removed at 'he expiration of their terma. Mr C-osby?Are you to the habit ot teport'ng raar.y ease .< of violation < (the ci'y ordinaries} A. Yee, elr. Q. What is tl e value of the wa'ches In your pue<e*aloaf A. I have no idea; I can't tell wbethe~ they were stolen ; but if they were it war a (rand Uteeuy, Uie Mayor hat Duvet -. teied roy station house. Mr. Sinyvo*ant?Did the Mayor c?un< to the station hou.-e before an election V A. Once, oo a vlait. (J. iioyou know of any p actico* existing around the police couita between the pollcenien and lawyer* 1 A. I have htard o' aucn caaea, but dou't know of any of iny own knowledge. y. 1 o you know of any muck auction placer in your wardt A. i don't Know of any: it a pers.t. buys a l> gut watch the police get bia money pack, b it the auctioneers are atiil allowed to go en; 1 don't know of the officer get ting no nev from the victim. y. Could not the police break up these bVh if they sent in parties to buy tbeee pollui is)- A. tee air. y. What wus Ibe object of the Mayor's vtrlt to the sta tion bonre at tlie time of which y?u speak ? A. Ha came th' te to see Ju"gv Biennun who wa. Captain of the Co lice than, be went into a private room wt h Judge H.en I an. it was ia-t winter, previous to the fa I eiec ion; Jut ice Brcnnan lus* uj.ei.ed .-our' in my sla'loo h<- ?-a, srt '. discharged the tatties he hat Jb-rbarged twelve without eianili alion I nave never known him to di-cht'ge a cave of larctnv; tbcy wi re cases of at aanlt and attery. Mr ntuy resent?Three w*.eca?aa where '.he men wet? kneeled down In a self utiiic way, Without just cam* > Witness?Well, I dou't know. (}. Have you ever kuoWn parties to eacvpe from your station? A. No. air. y. IV. you searrh piioneraV A. Yes, sir; we search net-pit- Who havehrt n ai rented?that is, II we suspect them to re thievs; the property Is given to th* olTi. er in lite nit rnlng lo be brought inu. court; such is the regu'n tl..n; 1 d n't know of auy ca-e of a pulirniiao receiving tti< i-wy f otn biothel k< epers; 1 hatencver mole any in ves-iga'i'.i.e\e"p? rsg lar cLufp- were brought to tit", I wi.i, d ie-|ui ? -urli "harg ? to be ma<W by persvr I character. I hsve n?ver known of officers Interfering ek-eti ns; 1 h ive s-il-'ol round 'he polls fur suae caudi natfcr myself. Mr Citwby read the law in regard to the interference ? f | ? ii e In politi a, as folic as:? ? Tie right to t"te Is guaicn ee-1 by the c-instl'utlon ta < v?ty et'tren of 'he irilteu Hta'e* mt, in < rdei to ae eg r a full discharge ?l the ve-y Important dmie? e in 4.dtit to tte 'ore*, no mevobar of the p >line ' will b? is-rmi te?l to connect blui elf dtiec-ly or In any "?f. with a society, rluh e >mn.lrte? or rrgdilution if ai y hied, tl e object of which tsthe political advaoccment of a pa'ty cii-i? o, or Inoivtdoal." y. Do ton know <f any of yuor men hating at'endel any political contentions to uoinL.ate Cn.dl tales. A. I I t done s. my self. dr. O'Kisf ?Me emnot prevent them fr> *n attaodiog I the people ?lect t'.err Mr. Mny vrian'?Hat* yon ever knowo any of 'he prv 'Ice *o a' 'no the-e convent. n< beside yourself? A. I ?li t kenw that I have y l.avr yon ever so' in convent ona with them - A. I can't s-y that I hate sio-e I bate been on tne po'ica. Mr t? lieeW? Ib'ee ngulstt ns bev? tsker-place since wl at ton f eak ot necarrod. Wltnesa?I m n't take my iren out to at tern' primary < nventiuna. I act mry -Iriatiy la regard to tbe orders of ?he Mayor. Ibis 'included the tostlnvi- y of l"-?pt. Dowllng. Cap'alr Carpenter ?aid he he i b> foie ?tats3. In re'e irnre to the mat "f pollcra. n hy he 't-syor, 'hit the accusec hud no opp->:tunity of c? t m mng the rom i/'alnarf. Thh was a mistake he -tea ,?>i ocovreet. ih* ac-eueed cou'd - et d for the cent plainer I. and a xa in tne htm . 'beiffireof ihe thief of Dcllte bef .re tbe clerk I i i.tend he adi id, that the; ought to be examined be fore the I curt Mr. H?jktns--Have yen any snggeetlur.s to raaket Captain Carpenter?Vva, elr. I nave a few. At this stage i,| the proceedings. Jtdge bd rounds who wa. .won yesterday, but r."t examined, r>wd a state msnt rhleh be Imd pre pa ed. In refcren* to the subject U fore 1 l>e committee^ The lollowiog is the statement anbmlt'ed:? fTATEMEPT Of BOX- JOUN W. EDJIOMiW. My n nr' Ion with the f'a'e f'rlsen and with the Prbon .ts-.iur Ion sol my po-itiou as a Judge <1 ne highsart ertn trial noort in tls* city, directed my -.nenti an < rejr ? ther 'ht: gs. to eon-irtfoiia lor lag-ai cy la ' dr eity. As j'-'g- I a as 'lequenity calls 1 ujsn to all w wcl's I rfit'ta io i ? to vrir-g up tefwre ma (War n c-'iivl u I II vsgnnei and 1 wa" so of1,en coir rwll^ to d|Tt?vr<? tjirtii tweause of ra Itesl deh 11 the pe eewd nr? of 'ha ps It e r agistia'e. tbat in )*??' a cwetwUy esaminwI the ?h> 'e i)n?itlon, and nr. in-ed sneiatio'a'i- nb-n, which 1 rai.#? , t be pubii bed, in rdi-r tbat h rnagistra #? ?? a ell as 'he parties Imj lii-a's-d n.ig U fu'sy uielar 'aid the l-w "O tr.e I'tliJ'ft. (Tliat "pinion atll b?'? ?red lu the econd volume cf the New rota Isg.l ''bserver. H'ge 1W> ] v r a ?hn? tl.' publication of that r ptwtua "p'ra ?1 'v rfl 's'ly but o-. ? ant 'eegth of ?, .? I a. . ,'-e -rm . '. . -. .It .. . U ? . ard T? u.ioM, at every session, to "deliver the J ?il" of its il.OIH <- (hi practicable. In vrder to he iNr to do thai, ft (a made by statute tba dniy i.i tbe kwp>ni of the jabs <o lay before too court, at tv? J tivm a calendar o< the prisoners, Wt'h the and pi< teas of romuiiimon and tha c lUses ot their detention. Tht- on'y, irlilcb i? never omitted in tba county ourti, I twind w*a of'eu ueglec'ed lure. I exacted a rlgv? per *oimin<a<f it, aa<i. a a c-nsequenoe i ofisn Ui-ciw gcd f"? I'li'id (tha d y prison ami pcniteatu-y) persona who It appeared fn m tro-ss calendars, wara datainad aiter ti a exotra>t a uf there term- of Imprisonment. Thaw t-vilH, however e ntiourd, and tl i fair to aug ment, iacau>a tba number if convictions waa arery year Inervasing. Ac von ii'trly. in tba latter part of IMS I charged tha (l aud Jiny to rank- a ptrtirii ?r eximinstl.a uf tna sub ject, llie> dl l m>, and on tha 8th January. (fit?, they u ana a p e?. n'n ent, wnl h wam publUkad, and waa nut a U tna tart Unit in ita i exults. Krooi iha aianilnatton it appeared that there we -a in pi I.-hi. on conviction for vagrancy 7 id persons. t?t these- 'tor aria lawfully luiprUoved ->nlv S. Aud iii lawfully iui olsoned, and conaoqueuUy entitled t ? an Imneiila e discharge, 743. Tbe unlawfulneaa ot the impriaoninent aroae froi those causa-:? No recto da nf conviction in 23(1 cose*. * Inn-ltd by rresuu ot i leitcel mistakes, 0. Inralid or in snhvietcc in omitting to nta'e th chsige piaiern-d, the ev.dence to anpport it, or that tba piiei nei ?OM nought belore th- magistrate, '.'70. Invalid hi cause the offence charged waa poverty, sick ness, deetitution, aud nut ragrancy, 220. Teal, 743. Of this number entl'lad to ao immediate dlacharga thero ware m. ra, igl. Irmales, 4iV. It was no en I*-iss.-ii.g question preeauWd to me, what ehnulr. I d . under tie ctrcunn-ianceaV It waa mydu'y furihwith to g.ant discharge*, and I dtd m> In al alio naked fir them; b-it that wonTI re nedf i tl e erii rniy for the menu nt. I add reused ihe Mayor o ? the subject, and al the request of the Hoard ol Supe vi w.if, I i tenmed a et of tin mi for tho uae of the polite u agis ra'nt. 1 united with noma ol our ritix nala m-king ap| lira'ii n to ha Is-gislstnre out of wbicb grew the Ten 0< veriirn-' bill. I nrew that till, which, with some modi fications waa paaaed by tbe legislature Mi ehj ot Waa to draw tbe whole penitentiary system of the cny 'rem 'he arena of patty p-h'Un. Oar peni tentiary aud prinon were a part of the Alma M-t-ls* u pMitnent and my associates deemed it ties'. to estaad the eff- rt to he whole dr pailinent. I yielded and diew th# bilfae mrdiugly. tly effort *ae to organise the department on the plm i f the New York UosvT al, which la one of our no-1 valu able public rhai I ie?, and is under the go rem in -n' ol a eat pi re ired gentleman, who bare weal'h and cha.acer and laiauie, and who nave managed i' for vears witu iha tuna' coipniemtahle lldeiity and to the entire a I'l-stln ? t ihe public. 1, the e'ore, prnpoaeii ten govern >ra to be named In the Id I?five hom each of the existing jartles ???h Id inciea a? l f i life at d ihi maolvea to fill all vacancies aa they ah ro d occur. We ar-coidingiy named ten gentlemen wboa ci t ract* would have oean a aufiicleut guaranty. tlur | Ii.u waa ouly in pa t adopted by the Leigtslatore. Sone- of tho nau.ea we propoacd were strlckm off and olbeta aubg itu'etl, and It waa provided that vac tacl-a fu the Hoard of Governors ahoold l? anpplfod oy a sort ol an lou, wbfeh baa 'ha strange anomaly th* h- wuo In V > cd acaluat by the majority ie aurr tu t>e elected. Hraoalt haa bun, I tuppoaa. Ilia'. th-Ten li.vernor hill haa proved a failure, no far at leaat aa the deat at re ftoniatiui tu the prison department. They havdoie aomething towa.da it; they hare erected a work-iou-a, wiitch pr- vlTea 'or ac aa-lllcatlon of prisoner*?the grant remedy, a- i u? demtand it, lor inostoft it- evils of uur po uiteiitlary ey?'em?hut have not, W far as I can learn, car-ieo it out prartically. (Tie G< vet nor- also hold the cmimltting magistrates to a si I let compliance with the requirements of the law ns to commitment. i' ?lr doing ho xuhjeced the mrgi.s t'arex and tbelr ele-ks to much additional Itbor. To get :ld "t 'h?t h law was obtained from the Isgtsla ture, ? xtraordinury Iri its chaiacter, but qalia hannh'se iu I'S title. It whs called ' An act requiring tha police Ju-tiCcH In the c ty of New York to file records of all c >a ? Ictiousof rsgianr>." This bill w?h introduced -'on nn idee" in .he Ar-ciubly, March, 29, 1H53, and nt once ordired to a tbi d leading. It waa reporter the next day aa enrreotly engrossed, and pa*Hod tha HHine Cay, amid a feat number of other b'lla, and on the 11th of Aprill panned tha innate, wub out aipn-ertly attractiog any more scrutiny th*n In tbe otoar bonne. The ljag nla'ure evlltn'ly thought they were merely requiring the magistrates to Ilia iccoidn of convictions, nut that liny were already re quired to do, anu the rent iffect of .toe net was ti cnange 'he loim of the recoid. and thus deprive all pacs ms c >n Vlrted of vagrancy of all possible chsune of having th'-lr comic ionn t?TetHed by any other court, If the raigil t'atan only plenrtd to umke out tbe papers right in tbe first Instance. The rule of law which governed them before ihia act wan. that ''tbe pi uceeding* must be, an nearly as possible, accoidlng to the course of the tiials before jurlva at com mon la?. The party arru-ed roast be summoned; there most tie a specific charge ag.lnst him snl be murt have time kid rppnrtoi.i'y id hi Ing heard In his defence. The witnisi's against hi in must all be on oath, agreeable to therueso'lsw and reduced to writing or at least so mticii a? is necessary to 'heeonvir Ion; there ought to 1* e. rec> rd of it, in which ao much of tbe testimony must 1>* .*i fu tv a- will bring the offender un'er the Uw, and evince that the Justices have not ex ceded the powers gicen them by the law." Kverythlny to support ?. oU ili ai virtlon should appear on tbe conviction It wit aud I'a va lieli:y i. ust ire etermine I by wbst appears on the f?ce of It, a d not by rtte-ence to'ern ??iiehors'' or out oflt All this ??s cbauged by tbe law of lfiA-'l, and the parties connected bad a review oely by appealing to the record. Now, tl.c-e pa' ttculars tu Ing dt-p n?ed utth (a ihe re c/.ro by this statute there Is. virtually no review. Tbe wilt nl habeas (orpus allows an examination only nf the formalities of lie record and theeommltm''Ot. and if tbey com ly with the forms prescribed the convicted vagi ant ha- do remedy, but is entirely at the tue-iy of th- committing magistrate, fn I upland, whence we ob tained tar law as to "summary convictions," the strictness of tbe record has been, fn some instances. di< peuato wl h, bnt never without nllowlng the party eou vlt ted i n appeal to the Sessions, thus substituting that eourn lor ihe Kings la nch. In reviewing this rltaaof ciin mol ores. Hu we. by this law. have virtually tie piivid the Supreme Court of its power of reveise, ami given it nowhere else. Au i lfer ?t rmne Mich rryiew made In the eerood ?ei lion, which knihili/i?. ib<" committing inagivtrate and cm ol the t?n tioveraoraof the Alina llonm jointly to ilia chaige a ccm n ted vagrant up >n luting e? tailed that tnc eaiiMs fir which he wan cnmmlttod on longer exint?. or ? 111 Bnl a|iHin occur, or that Ja?tiee will thereby b? at tafned. the in'ereet of the vagrant be dtiimM, an<l tba put lie reenied again*! future misbehavior. I do nut know hi w tbU law operate* now h?re, fur ihe pardoning power thereby conferred bac been ci etciM d. for anon af er 11 - enactment I cea-cd to bo a judge. Hut it no whore pruTldea for what ought to In prn terved n? tie light* of every cttlxwn?namelv : the ilgbt cl a fair trial when peraonal llbwry 1? InTolrrd. t bad o< carton bofi re I left the bir ch, to examlno the ,ueation ..f the c< nritthth unlity if that act, an* In tua ?leli i cry of my opinion 1 rtntnal the fact i toil the com n Ittlog roagiat;a'er NuMllmt inai'.e their record* and C mmiiaMUta In'ortnnl and ioTalld on purpose That opinion having teen putdl bed, 1 w.x* wait-d upou hr one ol trie ticllre mvglrtratee, who complained of whn' I had ?aid. I avked torn If ft wa* cot truer lie acknowledged that it ?a? but mid the reaecn It wan no wan that tliey had out Cir.e, umic the onormoua prentice of bitduro upon them, to examine the raaee of thin kind that ea ua Wore Ihim, and hy inning the (npi a informal and icia.ldtl.ey gavi Uie paity an opportunity of getting out a bab<aa ccrpua, ? Leo otherwine be would have no lei rer*. Niaily Iwi year? have now elapsed rlnce I have hail tr.v attention d1 ectid to thin "object, and I rpeik tn re of what occurred before tut ol January, 1861, Hum aiuce. Hut Uu Importance ? f the -uhjert cm be d to-mined 'n m the I?r1, that, ten yi are uge. the toumitmenU in tl la illy, in one jeer, were.? 1 or vagrancy, 2 * It*. lor la'oxleatton (Wbii h waa then punishable only va igru J). 9 631, T1 e lumber baa, d >uMeaa, inr:eased since thm. I have pit t) ftdocvmi ot# at haml to refer to, In order to a'cc.-uln tbe exact am uit of aueh Increaw. b> mm i r no 1 >y ri a an it Tkv Yuane. Oil i ohm. In < or' of lU ord, l*4t ?.17 bo o. 1864 630 (liei ear larger than wti> b niimhe. tn any other county 'fcct are ever .me half 241 fr. t-j e. la' S-?elr ne:? I t rr mil and l a 'e<y,ai.d petit larceny?1814.. ,.1 <?0I Ho. do On. MM..,, 1*< 08 rrearc (reef OWe-thi'd ',0.. I In . a i larger than whi |g number in any other coun'y. Hum her el .o irtanu.ta n*d? I' co. 1864 481 Ineree ? onej,iie ler "9 lUtltowi i? laiccr thar, the eli de nomber In any county lii '. aM'iteex ?pt re. Si ml' * of ariee' in one year, fr tn fay, 1818, to 1MT at 867 In'he year 18M 61,764 Jncrea ? (mr.e than 'Jl,l*t7 Af'cr reading hie p#| er, tbe Jm ge aaWaittei the fol 1 wing ?iifrge-tlcoa I niter thegi verrioieot of tbe prU na, penicnM?-y a i o m ii: kh' ore?? tber by rtienglnf the cm de of app lot log *1 e g vevto ? of ?h- alniahi u.e department, or with d i-wt' g the peiiiteniiary. Ac, from '..elr cnn'ril nvt j ? v ibng a g. verntnent llki that of tbu Mew York Una pitol 2. Pi fr.ceaalng the number of police magt-tratea and clerk*, ?o ee ht reit <ee th? exenae that tlvey h?r? not time to do th* bueli eea drt< Ivtug np'ii them a- In ' -.I tii?\ have not ar-d do It a> It ooghi to tit it :< 8. J eititlt tbe Biet Mell:i ?f tig eel Ol 18iS to re. n, rejwa1 the reeond eectton, and allow an appev i be b'enti na la cneee'flf vegraoer. 4. IhJa WeVld la'gely l*'ria?e the dotii" o? the'- irl of b'ewli r.e wbich locreaei w uld only hai'< o a -em -dy alrt-i.dy l? coming quite apparent from ether cauee , au4 tha' w ubt b> ao en ir? t> oiganlaatlon of tbe ci,mt ial ci urte of ;h ? ?dty?en far aa t-i BlWanlt lata tbw Dy*r tnd Tomiiwr and tbe beMioo* both g n*ral *ud epactal. H?ie fbea juoget app< lated. wh < abo ill h?v 'w? ?h ia -t 6 lit ccurta at tha >?u.e time 'or tha t in of eau ea and tha nrli* <1 aumoitr/ ametetkncn ami fiould alto bol' a geoerai lerta fy to< r? lew of ?i| carta lefrrx a rr gle judge, with en tp,e I fr ? ?? tin gvrm'al t<-m to tue duprwuM! Court or C u '. o' A, p-aU,

*? r ow p'oW ded f n t iael?w of cttc'l at In be m itoFi of tte (tier e 1 I#.' iner. 6 *i uld <4 ovp.a my |yw an In'-rave In the I la-, rt Att" iwi f ul ua. flhi'pri ir wd ineve ,?? ia the Strew ef our erl-nli .1 c urtr ii alteady eecev ary fr ui lb* gina' Cel,jr? ea ? iteaoed tp the ? itt inte? rat', % uf criminal Jnetlca aio 04 ?? Tim cnmwilttee wttl appracdetc thle whea they re fpet 'bat "ttr firce In thle 1 ? ?p?c' ti only at it whtt '? ? aa tea yen' ego while n that tin yearn we nar* ? 1 ed to (or t puunU. o what would of l ?elf eooetl ate on !? ? a c'ij?? k> di'tou being aV nt . w wi in: it party ee**eed ?'*? out concluded mm! hta c iinmltmeol made out within Uve okya, l.e abould be ill charge I. I ?m not kWkie iii?' the iwt mentioned by Mr. Heal*, ye-teioa>, of the O'rchaiglag of prlkoo-rk from Hlao? well'a Hkll* d atiU titer*. I think the clamor about the omitltM-ue-i.t of witue--ea 1- exaggerated. There are doubueae acme luatan ianf bar,'auip. I have detuned eitneaaee under aou.e clirouintaotk-a, but bare a'vray* alio-nil I ha to the compcnaation pnriui'.ti*<l by the autu'e. Mi. H'uyv?aent?What ia your < pinion In relation to e'er'lug Jortt-.r Jm'gk ttiinoodr?I think It la a bad xyalem, I aiu a member of'be I'll* n Ae-nriatioii Mr. (both)?Are you awe,e of the nuiu'er i?f para?na win- ate ilian-ieaed trum the It laud on k.rhnu ixuyiui tvety week# Mr. Muv veeant? It haa been ?ald that thik waa an ope ration of ro gle Joe' Judge I dm nre ?The great dlffleulty, it appear* to me, in regaid to irlmioal jurhulioUoa, erire# troiu tlut fact <Lat ti e lepialiitu <? don't make aufli '.lent all iwance for tiie ?ncrmuua tnereaae ol ixipulatiou and bueiaaaa In tbtn city, the | -.licv furcu ia not much greater now tl an It *<i 'en yeate ago, while the irort they have to j'oil-. I. dnuhli-d. tapalii taipn.Ur now befire the eomoilttoe a ii niai'e th - f I owi'g -tigs'-tlon*:?Yoa will Utile ? me reId i < wl i n I -ay that! fuel a* deep en interim in it e tnipiovi meat of ti e I'o Ice ib-parlnient a* any pete m in tbin colli" Ui |tJ. it ia a aubject I hare given a great eal of n to. 1 have been .o the department now foi lemly light yearn, ami hate been a gnlzmt ot maily every ai eia'ioa in the law* duilng th*t time. 1 hi Hi ve tin p o-eut llnenl of (VunmlaKal inera ia an t gct-llenl -yneui and 'tint It ta exceedingly benefi cial I it,ink ili* p win tf ihe conimU-ioneni t ? appoint aid rii ml-a >IU do t gieat deal of go >d, thoigb ' k It would n.uch better if they we e equally divid ed to pi. ittca; 'hi ii nalthnr party would hire much a I Vkn'age In tin: long run. There w mid not be that poll tlialktrile which there iilwaya haa noen and will bo, while the appoiiitli g power i? either on the one *bte or lhe i ibei of politico. I b'lla'e, a ho that it ia Very .-a nnta to bare a chief of polire, aa a grand auiKu v1 a iy p wer. 1 di n't thiok teat there la. ever hta been, or ever will be any effectual organization of thu I'odce Ieiarinent un'ee- tic captain* of -ulice ba-e more pi wi r than they have over their men. It appear* to roe that the captiin* ? f p. lire ah ni'd be held reapnnelble for ihe go .d e>nduct of the|.- men, fo- the jieaae if the were, and 'or tue -afc'y of the pri party nt the citlxena o' the ward?they rh old by held reapo-ible to the Chief the Ma' ~ "" 'f I'oli.e ami be again o the Mayor To thi* end tt 1* I I o. arary that the captaiu) ehould have poeer to ruapeud tlnir men fi r a limited litue, for dernlfrtioo of duty and to grant II tie indulgence*, Mich aa pennUaion to ah*ent thi n.M'lvta frnti, duty tor half a day, or a day, it'nncoa aaiy I woul1 tue time to a day; punlihinrnt In all ? a-< a, to be elh ctnal uniat be aummiuy; the great dllH cnltr now in the department, and Inat alwuya hi* II la'vd, vxcept under the n.liniiil*trai|>n of Mayor tiiro ineyer? whodevoir d hie whole attention Ui the aubject?la the In. g time ? lap-log fu m the time a complaint i* made ogaltuI a policeman and toe declalon of the court; the niotal effect of thla upon the depart'jiont I* deleter! io?, It inlahmcn Ia an old ule that *|*edy pmilatuncnt la moat effectual; n< roan can do hi* duty an*well or aothoronghlv when he fi e a a complaint ia hanging over hU to ad. If the otp taliiH of police had power to auepend, In minor offeioea lor two or three day*, the effect, In my Judgment, would be V- ry leurtlcial, hot only to the men thgni*elvea, hut 1o tin'(,ro| e.ty holdera In, on the contrary howr-er. the captain tnu*t make a f.nual coiupUinl, and then wi*-ka, |ierhap? month*, ? lipaebefore the on n plaint ta aettled, and iiiear.whlle the captain ia deprived, i.y the .Ii lay, ol tiie inotal coutiol ovot hia wn Mint ho -houid have. Mr. ttuyveeant?Have you ever known of ca*e* where the pmicv have gone Into houac of proatltuti'.n ami ar retted the woiie-uf A. Yea, air. (J. What baa been done With (heror A. I have tiaually kept them until the following morning, arid then had them 'aken bef ire the magi-lrate. Q. Hare you tieard of a claaa of thieve* caliiai paual thine-' A . Ve*, -lr. (J. Who do 'bey genoratly operate on? A. Well, who ever they aupp'oe are green enough. tj. lark you who they generally operate upon?whe ther they aie cltir.-n* are no f A. I once had a ronrar e at ii n with John <'harry, who wa* one of toe uio*t n>.to il.nia, who ia now dear,; I a*k>*l him how it waa 'hat they were generally ao correct in imlec.llitg noun try people; veil ne raid hedlm't know, but It wa* ao; they were pretty generally gicd Judge* of hue an nature, and could tell Whether a loan lived In the city trnui the very Itrat atep be made, but if they found by concerning with him they bad n-ade a mlaiake he wa* all aafe. (J. H"W are jwiraona arreatcd go", off from a c.lnrge againat tcein" A. By pertie. not appi-ering agaluat them; I th'nk panel thieving ha- been very much leducioi with In the la-t four or Ave yeara; I lead the teatlui ny of 1 to he a Cap'aln Hart (1" which hmtatec that there ought I be-tar underatandlng le t?-on uiagi*t'ati?i and police 'ip taloa, now, I pi eat roe that every captain ?pe* ia for him -elf; I live In tbo vicinity of tue Tomlm, ami very olton g" 'here, and if any of my men have Important care* i am irvi-eratl; pn-aent at them, on occaaton* of the kind I have twin trea'ed wlto the g"ai*e-t curteay by all the li.'.gl-1 ra'ea I, have gi net ally made a rlmplu atatemiltlt of caeea audi believe all 'hat I hare liad to do wl h hive g< ne thrm gh a regular courie of law. Capt. Von la, of the Tenth wan), w?* n?*t eTn-nlued. and te-tified aa loll w-:?I ha.e l?en lifteon 111 -nlha cip tain of the Ten'h dial 1 let; tne flue#of I'*>11 v vl?lt?'l my a a loo hotia* aon a time laet winter, the Mayor baa never done a>> to my knowledge; I hcutd he ga* the e, I cannot nay that I have any gambling hlu-oa In my ward t; I 1 piernme thine are aoine ; I could not awuir to lala'eoce ?.f poll y ah ,pa thee are dillcieut non ea v ciaaiea of tenement hon, ea where pr>atitut?a living, ai.d I darn ray among re-pectable women, lUer war one her ae of acrignatlon In nty ward, but it let' U-d eeek a complaint Wa* ma in againat it by aeve-al clita era, anil I a?nt the o? mplaint to the n dice ofH*e, from whl'h It waa taken be'ore ibe firand Jury, who brought an Cndictnient again-' it, upon which it waa vanat-M; I t< id Mr Hall, thv I'lrtalct At orn y I would codeavur to have Ihe oceu|enta lemnved, and they were removed; I oltected my men to report any gwmbiiig h"Uo-- but wv nt 1 or luint-hed with any. Hid yon ever know of a-.y p.,lice offlcera aaae*-iug ntlxem lor the purpore of making a pre-ent to any pther officer ul the ainf *a"l? A. Ne. -Ir <f. Nor any member of the polb e dejairtmcntr A. Vo, air. <J. Wd yon avei know an* member to cotlest m-noy for e'eethdieerlng pttr|<iaea' A. No, ?lr. U- How many la?a bare you known a fn r? >n to r? main In a atntu n hMM ptt ri Mil to liU l>eirig conreywd 1 oforo a Committing ru igl-lru'.r A. There w.v* only "fie cam I recollect, ami that waa Hie fw of Turner and adhere wh" h calm' In-fore Judge Welch (J. llow long were the< kept at the ataMon bonne t A From Sunday morning till M< n 'ay aftOTnooo. t}. Kara you Unown of any member of the 1'itttw li" pertinent ti ait In any o.nreatlon to make nomlrutlotia 1 A I I,ave not, and I ifou'l know why I ahuld ?n>?>r any ?u< h qtlCatlona. ktr. Htuyroaant?Tho cent nit tee ere to Judge' f that. Mr. O'l.eefe?I don't beIk-re in miking p til thaw quaatli na about property anl poHtlce t-atetlior. Mr. t'r->aby?A l urination ? ahould be auiwerwl In raf t lar ort ar. Mr. "duyreaaat?Have yon any prop'-rty In your band a taken from prtaoin/a? A Voi, ?ir, a 'li ?r letied rtw-iltrar, taken by one of the offiwrt, wiii-li 1 k?-pt to u'lu avldei..-# on tlie trial of 'lie usciiai-1. 0- Hare you any other property * A. Kot that 1 know of. Q. V. hen partb- are arrorted and brought before yon, do you raarrh tbern A. Hometiiaae we do; we alwaya eraich paitiea enepertad [ the groglfcwpr are kap*. open - fPnrfaya tbt hrliltlM lot earrykti oat the order* in re ithn to clnilitg nil the e plan* t dt! not eglat 1 have n >l ade any tepoit for the but two or threw wwka, b? aitae I have had no I.Unix 'h--a h'anka are fumUhed at tlie office of the CI lef of Police. Mr Crnehy?Whan you ran 'e repr" wn'a'lon ? In regard to tfieiw blank", what w?e the rwj?!y f A I n--"'! ne of U ? rlei ka. and ha raid tbay eero out. Mr. O'heefe?You aew thla Matuo law ha- ny .'rd badly. Mr. Orcaby?We 1 but there i? a Jou lay law. Q I'on't yon eouelder the duty la a" r ,ug n ? a er< r U> report tbore '\<c< of violation f A. 1 ?houl?! r ot hate etopi-ed, but l?i wan' < f the b ard >. Q. Have you i T?r known teH enu ri U> detain pri < ? ? Id the elation houee until 'hey got lawyer"? A. I hate had a< a| lei- n of >uch a thing. ty. Ht.w many poleenmn hare Iweti reanp -i-itet In you-dlntrlrt' A There hat* btn >i alio hart {?-? n re appoin'ed. </. H*?e put i r any of your men, nr-a?'ed pa - on for al< /at lor." of rorpo/a Ion or (nance- an I whe-i br u g'.t re'/.e i ?g gin tin y hiv refu-d t w'?i ?.? n '/.? <? .inpialnt. A t#o?'t know that tt ey ha-e I bar* - ? the fin er to 'ba i lagfatrato prevk.tni.y 'o e. if ha w rid . o'lfatf the c. mplelnt. arid t>? ha- -uiw a i, <ut "? ; f.pcd th? par'laa. Q hi J' know of any playa rat'c l m ??'? a tr'lor A I d d ?hi)w In tha' frW'a otfice I ?* . i ipp n* y?y m Mlckh to go into Hrnadway and b' irire t e - i ne giti to arry hwnnw a; "C br k- ip tha " - " y er? elil' h> erer, tn > n 'em- ?, hut r it -a ba I ?? hey e form* ly. i ll??e the poll, rnrn tal?u any Ih'vna to pro t ? (otTlrll. n la an h e? ? a. I nare in the r Orrnty .-Inee I hare h. ea ea;'a ri I n't Inn - '/ m r? than ' ne eho ha- r- -1 .'r? harmed -,u -ti?rh t prefer' mi age rial htm. y H w many p-rwme we e arrw-te-l |wr night u 04 'he laat trar > A At.out lhw we h 1 e hal t< .1" .? frrty v 1 ftf of a nigh' the** ?re [*-. - u- wbi tin- n pla. e to -leeep in a great mat y gpr-e > ?? gi eh > tit dnrtag the >Uy in and el??p at mgtit la tha ml." h .-i ?? ???ry p-ieautton la taken to pro'?-t th > ?e y 1 " en remain over *Uir.lay, they ? ! ?*! .?r h If.1 re la tha atraet? I hare te?n t< I Wttaa y ere con piftely de-rltnte t ? get tt-. 1 . yruTi I w Mr n'Koa?Ware you, e?t pt ? o-d ? I. n g > wa'eh at d ?? ala liy jo . frteoela a * t - ?n. .n I wee U e money for "ha a-irpoe- I. r -t j <" -'tre n the H iterie f A. Jfo, ih t-.-raw- ? '.''I ?'d 1 1 (tir.r.l'dli rr^ hr tha'en, a ai d a , r'i n f Vua either ? bat Wte- fgyr they w? e a -" --I or a 11 don't kn> w >?r CroWhr?Arwyrm a warn that It ewt<??o!t ?ut acr.eytn n dala a alt nation ? n tha fi'l-er A 1 bare t<e d ,f inch caat? but don't kaow of ray wa -o w tr Me. 0'K#efr-fUre y g keard If mMafany of 'h< ? 1 n.l?'knrr? ' A Wall, t can't M M to tha" "h nul r- rr ore that tha prkxenl It a"l af < rr n ...wn ha ? re ?' ?I money for >urk iiprtataAa - Mr. ri Ktcfa?fVit. t y. u hear eatra i?ary r . n -r? a riyar-t 'o e?wry r-ia? In a en?'tr iwed'i .i ? A ? ? ?, ?!' <) l!i ? )"i'tvr War ', 'rtftniii' |? '*? <>'"*? <ot?d 1 y or >r -: -be May -r far tl<l? n f ' ithf o naire- A. A g.aet iiegpy ha.- t> n rap '<.1 f 1.-? MMl t or ? Lax ? n pt? 1 eu vi, 1 h. r- t- ill .. ?? 1 ? i' "e laat two or three ??I * Me. < n eby?llatw yoe e-.M known "f ??? ?-a-ww a? lilatf ii )*4l>f MMdUltad In ?'ki. ti k 1 ? A. ' r. Mr < ?I care bened that Uww glalM b- v? ae? eot met, en-l I toe-niy wan'at Wt knew A. I t<>n't tl'lnk tl.alfka of that ba> erae >^n 'I'M la a ir-e ? kte. < f'ahy?1 rrwly altM to f *e j** an ? ; It. I ty < f t#t 1- g ft ?? ell a a'lgnan f et'ela I 'eke" ef the wHw ? -?e year, tha Mayor has not Iimii there ! doa't know <>f f;?n.idlu houses lit wjr waid; In tha different (h rtar ir-im they play fur <1 risk a. there art four policy >1mm, and ll?i?trt Imlulng duM bauaa, tk?>t iKN home* of pro-ti u'ino. 1 ha?w hanrd of men In the da pertwei t pnwnrlog money from Uieae houve., I heva fc?>rr known of policemen torn!ring present* from keep er* of such | lace*. I ko>>w uf no ore.oola they aver rw cwtvrsl frum an; one, except by permit of the atayor. y ll??a yon rarer hear' of warrant* being I tauad f r Ilia purpose ofistorttrg black miiHf A. I hare not (J How long I an you knoan pan ies to iriuain In lha station house pnvtous to being saut to tha commit lug magistrate} A. Nut for any length of time?not mora than a nigh', except In the caae ot two person* arrested 111 a cha'gv of murder, an t who wara detain**! In tha atatlon house ovrr Hum'ay, 1 I at ooa man who aw i piiaoner; he bn?kc away out of the h iu*e. y. llo? many [ alar ux have Ih'-l I ???kief up for keeping ?liioiiteriy honourf A. I should thluk inora thau a Iniutlreil, tin re I aa not trean ao many this year?not over four or firef the mi low of the l'oll-e Department forbl I men belonging to any pnlir|f?l nrgeiiira'ina I !"?' ktt'w of any iitltcerwsiu ng lu a r'oiiyeuth it to li'intaitc political candidate*. y. What prcjieity hare you In your possession? A All the property 1 here lu tho x'a'linhouse are two kaga of nn lie. y. Do you keep many I. dears? A. Yea ?ir perhaps mere than In any other ward In the mty, we l.etgn about twent* a night, tbo whole year round y. Do the grogshop* kcap open oa butvlwyf A. I have doraal n'T p' Wer to prevent It week ali-r week, for a number of yearn back, I a*, ona tnuw suoeeedei la rloxlng all the ilijunr ntoiea In my ward ex pi or e. and It hair nged to the Vice 1'reaMeot of the Liquor law era' Aooclmtoo. klr ..-'fuy vexanl?TTnit wa* Mr. fbwukl A. No air; rrxaed making Ihoee report* xomeblTie'agn for waul o lilrrtikr, we geiroral'y gat the b anke in tire Chief* olfl*e A ido'I n made by Ifr. Htuyveaant, was a.'opted rlutt ?be coninrlttce ?hi ulrl call on Mox-r* Nosbltr and Wor my, the property tlork* of tha |>oline depa fluent, 'u make ini|nliiea wt ii regard to the aruouut Of jroner'y In tbelr ctia-ge Af'er another motion, di-oo'lng ii" Uaue of a aunitpona lor .liratire* Connolly and Oshora and lb or y \ ainloi root t, the I1crk of rhu Court of Mo talon*, to n11>< >i? before the emmd too, on Thursday, the tiieeLing wax adjourned till that day. Mayor's OfUce. (,'IlALt.K OP Whlla passing up llro .dway on Motel* v night, wen tlx ami xeren o'clock, Ofllner Keefc of I he Chief '? oillre ob ervt d a tonn, who auhaenuetitly gaee hi* name *? M'i Itvru Coney, rind ar.otlie: pera u ucai the d atrwiy of No ft i7 Broadway, lu a suxpi'lmr* tnanuer. Af or wattlilug f ir ii while he aaw < tie of them prying at a howcate cunt <lti ing a (|imi.tlty of book* TliaoOlier then wa kiwi away | antoe liixlanoe, In erile' to remain on ib-e*ved and it w*. l ot I ng era one of the ' wo thieve*, Co ey l??ncd from , th- dooiway, having in Ida aim* th>?a wiper h .x-? foil ol h oka. Tho a"Ot<mpllea fdlowetl xburtly after wt Ii ano- I ther urn fttl of bonkx, but 'aclng the olflc'r havaCoriey i in euttody, he dropped tha bunk* in the street ?nd I i'h-i|iiatu'uttxl, 'looey ?** then eerchrd by OfAoer Ketfc, who found on hi* person a "Jltntny," a along ? hot end lu nch rf keys. The boots twen by t is accused wet* ii entitled by the proprietor of the store, t onty wa committed In drfeult uf A300 bell. i AHIlKHT UK ILIIOIID PICKI'OCIKTH. Co, lain Tornbull, of the ligh'h District, arrowt?xl two n en, named iexp. rthely Isaac Cavanagh and Arthur !aw laney, whom he detected In I he act of picking lh" p ick *t? of the aor lence condug out of Nlbto'a liardan. They d? ?tied the charge, but were nertrtheleaw r itiTayed to the rtiition lioute, and upon examination n burh-klu pit xe containing thirty dollars In g"ld and llfiy cent* In nllvor, ? ax found in the pns*exninii uf one uf tlieio. FINANCIAL AND COMMEP CIAL. MONEY MlRKKT. Tt xsimt, D c. II?ft r. W. Tl?<> principal faalurx In the stock market this morning wan Ibc activity in Trading. The aile? aitm op ahmt live tboil-and tharex. openirg and dosing at so *dvvaxe. In I rle there was ci.m|ara'lvely a xniwll bu-loe a, but at better prices. The market, on the whol*, was ?|uwi and pi Ice* onxit'lcd. (Tcvdcnil and Toledo nad Chi rago arid Bock Island were freely olTe ed Other Weatem railroad ?'<ckswere in demand, at hlghw prlc**, butth"*alia were email. Ihere I* not the Hrxt IndlimUue ol aoy string movement In any s'/ick. ."peculation haa ll'erallf run ont, ???' l?r the next three or fou ? m ntlia tha bro kers will have the game all lu their mru bauds. Ilia fancies ate piled up in Wall atr <et in bin ka ma log h m at times luoat dllllctul tar manage, and !i ere lb-y are likely tririDi.iln. ttu'xller- hivt ju*t n .w a'.l tliey can t o to keep Omit I gltimate operations sti dgtr and ?au Wl hout dal Mli g in a rlaxa of -eeuri lea having n ? real value, whlrh u.ay depiedate auy lay live or tea per rent. When aprlig opens, thea'tivlly of trade will, withont itniint iibrorb all tha capital rf tiia tn"reh%u's, so that the pro peel for holders of fsney stork- la not ?l all r.atteitrig rite IndocMnonta to et.gaga In the ha srd of -uch a ganie, are at present n'thing With th* chancenf bring ?o mooh ?gnln*t all specula'n-a frr a rise, it Is "lie' I itf on a d-spcrale kind* of gambling, and -houlr! only be followed by th' so who unik- It a bu sines*. Outsider* ore invariably lior e. d mid It I* right that Ihcy should lie The probability 1? thai for th* next sixty or nlm ty days ihe e will n it ln> improvome it enough In any fancy *lnek to pay Ihe accruing in c . t on the pun I * e The dullest sea-en of tbs year i? ia ptdly approaching and as tbo ?ta'e ot financial a'lj ra abroad i* not i?t ail xatlsfae!ory. It won I hi ei- f r stiinll holders of unprodudlvr sxenrl'lc* to make a rli-m swi-ep, and i|iilelly wait the eour-e of evanta. No one knows what a few week* may bring forth am g lire rrt lion* of the old World. The war I* likely to continue in<! pi' pnratb i' will duo iilr -i be in.i i? during the pi Dent winter fur opwnlrg the apriug nam .*iga upon >n art'win i .ilw, and ihl will r?|Bir? too; inuiu ?ipmH lure. "n the t*rt <>l the Allied. N< w Imni, and l*fg > !??, tx, uiu.t U? mlnte I" in i ?u l th# drain of b .1 linn 1mm and and t'ruw terom* n.? ? r ? irlln than ? ar. We -li ill probably hi e doing lb-- mil th ? ui' nib- .11 .< rte of rep irli re iferd up pro;.o i i in* fir I # n- , but we ban no faith In !!??-? ? irr.-n', ii 1 belli f- nil In coin* will luri a. little Ibt iuU'I u At tie Mil lc ard to -Up l>nn"j rati* I ml '.'r?. de llo- I 1 per e<nt, Mliwaakie Pin I Vl-i.lpio Railroad, 1 If -1 1 ? on Bl Unlit nod, \ <Li<?gn nn I Kock I*lan4 Idle Hillr mIpItu ad ,#i ? nt I ? a ling l!?Jli ad, Michigan I I'aUmad, I Hlclik'tl - i 'hern ll?il roari. -l?'.e *lo lit mil lallroa! bonda ?lltmnrh nrgU-cu I l>. 'nj lb- prtn> ,-*1 **1? ??-. ti e <un* aa>t 1' ? - ae of v w York 1 cairn) butyl*. A' ?r tl '? n-ij 'nmw nt of th< b*?(d '.he f -How? t 1 ?. of lmn-N rn.l rloeka were nor la al ?n Ion by -I ? n flraj ?i .? i'l'O \liu1t?!a ui>l On tl I H., l?t mort In' *-!? al 7.'. 1.700 I hli-afn an.' I It .do.... 1*# fdab."" Pr .okljn Hie ftan. f'? tl 14 tfi I mi lab . Hie In* Co II i, 0 I af? k H?4 In " " ' ? If li o-* >|olli aail Oteinm1! lit e .'0 t' "i-rla*or? of City of Itruniwkh I', KO If.,in| i.tie 11 ?I and (row Co ' -> 4 A talegraphU deep.teh ff til Boat n, rec-i? -1 1 .y on* of ir tut irrtnt n 1 n- / detlara, ft*tea lh?' t'.a i. 'e. of thai H)i dw I -Intel Cetitral I'.. nk ma .gala thr ow* out At tl.a o ltd board llr# market Wet a U'.lbt b" let for (.eryt long ? t ept Hie. Yh Irane* ion. War* It ml'ei od ?|" tal n T*'J 'joiet. < tiialeo ? I adrmi' I permn'. *-.ra p a, , t ie >W lied S t> nt. Tin ?V an.?)op AII111 V !? oj U.ii pwrt for I ?? f-.l tomorrow, tVedoe day will t*kn out ab t I'tfiiOOi lit Ipoftw I npipament* had teen *ft< n air opwar.rot 4- iflOtO. The Mofihe-o Ugh' It la f 01 ' !? ? j-,? mil 1 ,'t) ?? f a.l'ornW g 1 1 T ? ? 1. hea-ly make p >d th- 'hip ??'. IbaAitMaMtMfWM r?p.rt? to lay at '.Uo? - I *bl "i Ti.-.ery a nt .... 111,'' ? II 7'. ?ITa ! in Traafiry r* ' t/t 09 Ultaw I ? hij 1 unt .. <?>?, ?''< fadd tor t aaywMaa.. 11 M I aid ue ";i? 1 g rbwokf '/l td7 Wi IV# w? -ante er.t*.ii *t ii,a Trwai -f I- a Wa-' ing' n, no tl.a *'kiwe- In*> - l ot ihr 'U n of ? tie-, a ll'r 'I 'H ' of tie T .... .) I p."*- 1 .1 ?At '? for ih* It 'artf l*f^rtn^ait J.'.W ; r ih> ? o?t/B.?... ... It,'*# ft W?i w. tad I'.'l T.kd B h'P miei.aM Li f?t t" Prom ? ?i< n ?. 3.1 . "I "n an ? nt of the n?y 14 til '.1 Prjajauewt a a" in', af i? na*y 1J4.1W I 1 wNoiw ban Wwfwatwf HaUrwnd i* *. #1 la ' .i?n if. |~i' V lydartll 41 U bw tlaa w-w n,' utb la-t J?ar, a iow ag a b*4 ?*? ?f 11,'P Ik dccrma" lw tbw #r-t wU ran mnwtba af thlf y-ar in bat II1.WT. The IVaUiw J vnud of '-he l ob ' rt ?ay. - Thar* aaa a ?? -?- burtn<*? deug a' 1 aln ? "erar 1 a tur? ay Wemtng, '!?* oart?" , r '* *' ?? ? I 1 ? ?*( W *0a In .>1 let a *4, akwi*. ?- /? ?'. *?!*? mif a* *" i *' ?? ? ?' ?.???? ? 4". ' . , I (??? d n * m . - .1-' t 1 . tl* 'to *1 tf . ! tan ' ao id, W, ? '1, i* ?? *'? ? *t? ?<> Iw."4t4 t* lb. ri< rg r- at 1 't tel.. I('i\ 't ' I aaVi I IW-t a ?" I ? " >utf '????> b?-n ?!r em., r *1, 'I - m?, 1 ; a pa. e huvt. oa. t itllor 4 > ' ' ?' '* '?'? ?' ? rat b t Uir-II rwd ad I* ' ?-' * ? .? to t ? aa.f* 4m *# . f l*i*. ?-*' -etoet tf tie a^lagtat. lb . . V ? ?'? a ? 4 . . ?4 of a-w rdf ? .* ?P t tt , Md I. a- . . .? r ' 1 '>?<? ?? J "< 1 f ? ? 1 i! t jeli" ?. a , . ? 1 p.. ? t 1*1 r*? 1* "?? ' '? fata# ry. * iwaland <i>*eb) i< . .ilk ite-r-r. ? o< 11< ???? oa?-iow t J-Cr, J. I i ma feet t.t Jmart *wg I .* ami tt - '-a* ' I a# rarf t ??' .if ,4.fcorwd b I. w a ?*p? ' ? f(-?a Net ?''?k?aitti??i l-il a* .i .trw. be r* mi j 1 baa 1* a fae*? ?fw* ? ?" >i d *'. 1 "krelt Ami n( the ae-ete uf tb( eon' ?'n we n< tire the em r>t <9 MO I**), Wtiirh la to be rrceh't-4 n? xt January, b i K 'tea recently levied a?M>m*el of 93 per -hare .,u th ? ...nee alack tke llebMWae B'e a?#r 9?I,0U0 The real . anoe of aae?la mar llabtlltiae U only ab >?t aA.IMO. The re'urne uf the hank* of New OrlMU for ,? w<?h ending INC. 3d, cmiiarel wt'h llinae of lk? Wnek pre - vli ?>, ?how en Irrieeee In 'he Inane of IIIK M}. an 1 a circulation 930ft Hi A a <le> reaar in ipace of 9294,967, al t In drpn.lte nf 163.491. Incieaxe la exchange, 9212,170. lie New f'rlesua CVeaoaaf uf the I'h loet. iay?:? ( llj b.i>de 10 tire a ok uk* of 91 An 000 leaned In favor ft the I tali ii g Company, of the ?H... due on the tat nK., were returned in on} frnui lend. n under nro'eat. fh* Cowui.leal'i.ere bill | Ireen unable to diepoae uf le M'OO 0 (? no'ldat. ii 1 e? utlf Wio ed for 'hepirpoe f lain | up Ore ei gagemei.ta now peat due hare pane ? I a rrwlu'ion ol lifra It K toe ?!'} t?. 1: .r.tiriuo the r-gular ??f tiieut ol It'ere.' no ihenld b iod? until audi i|iu? ae ' 1 ?' ran make a eat I' fae*> ry nr. alignment 'or the eel# of ihe row le?ue Ae en rvutrit.e to priiv ?le punctually for 'be debt, tlili tno?r on tt?e t art of tne lloaru te c innotlt < o It elu w>. the deeire "o de I Mil/, alter hartug h> o ?lbappointed la mul g il.a i*|ul?lte loeaae to oaoool 1 >a oidlgaimn. 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