Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 13, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 13, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW Y OH K HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7046. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1866. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE 8TANWU HALL TKACKUf* Trial of Loots Bukrr fbr the flonlrlile of William Poc!?-? flUr? Wliltln^'a idilrrw fur lilt KopIevThf Jadgc'* Charge?Hon Ajfrit nirnt of the Jury. COUKT OP OYEB AMD TERMINER. Hon. Judge Roosevelt pro. idng. Do:. 12.?The court op ned at 11 o'clock A. M. Every available spot In this very inoouvenU nt court room waa occupied by an fa go ly interested tudiwr, attrac.ed, no doubt, by the knowledge of tbo fact that Mr. Whiting would address the jury in b< h*.f ?i the prosecution. Baker apjieared pretty much as usual, thoogh he cer tainly seemed somewhat roved during portions of Mr. Whiting's eloquent remaiks. As soon as the juiy hud taken their seats, Mr. Whiting arose and said May it please tbo Court- On the morn lng of the : 6th of Fe brus y last, William Poole, at HUn wlx Hull, tectived two w unds?one m the leg, the other in the breast, the bail perforating the heart. On the 11th of March, shrouded by tl>e stars and stripes of Ids country, he was placed in his o din?he was borne frotn his house to the grave? he left ht hind him a widow sod a child. Thousands of hii 'ellow cl'lr.-n . followed that life less body, and teeming th us*! ils lined ' lie stroe' s Through which it passed, it was agon a glorious raornmg?Miuh a morning as this?all naturo was at peaoe. thus he died?thus wts buried the body of Willi tin Poole. Is this a fitting day ft>r iho contain pla'don of the question, how came be by his death? Is It n lining day for us to inquire by whose band was that death wound inflioted, and under what eiicums'anoM? We a>o here to ad minister justice?not veDg?mce And, gnu! lomen, if 1 should be here swayed by an earnestness which is some times mistaken fur resentment, let the audience under Stand that this is no place for the exhibition of either admiration or applause, but that It Is a temple of jus tice, and that when tlie living Cod m'ni-ters here,'''the whole earth should be silent AHel by the truth?If the truth shall comic -a you?you will go with me lute an examination of the ?vl''ence In this case. If y m establish that truth, you will reject ail extraneous in fluence. and pronounce as Iho aviienoe all til dire t yuu. Then public justice will be sa isfactorily sduiinistere I f will! nnd there win be r.either a violation of tlie law nor a vi >? Isi ion of the oaths or consciences of an honest Jury. But if ihat truth, by undue intluence. has not Its convincing effect upon your mind, then you will u it only have violated your nuths, you witl huvo strangled justice, trampled trut beneath your feet, and permitted the polity to go una hip yd Truh is not always [?er. eepubte at first gisnce; it is often obliged to struggle with error. It is, however, for tbe jury to acru liaise the whole m*sn of f-yidence pre-onted to them: they are to separate the wheat from the chaff?the truth from the error; and when they have done truit? when they shall have proved that ti nth?then they are to apply thai truth to the matter submitted to t.helr consideration. Oentlemen, 1 do not propose to follow my learned oppo nent in the various wildings, and places, and arguments which bare been submitted to your consideration. I prn S"?e t" call your attention as hrlelly as I can to the ed enee In the case, and to ask your \./ni and t insidorate ?ttentl?n to that evidence, ana that you will pronounce sucb a verdtet as the evidence warrants you to do. The prisoner selected yon to give bim a s?fe deliverance, and the community in which you live gave hini a right to make that selertion. lie trusted you on his part, nnd that community trusted you on their's. Would yon, then, afford to Uiat community the hurntli itlng spectacle ?of u Jury, who, fri-m passion or prejudice, failed to do t heir duty?who fsilod to administer justice fearlessly? Every man in the community, and pa'ticuUriy .such an one as ours, has deep nnd Imp tant issues involved in the result of this trial. It has ceased to he a question between Biker and Subtle justice?it ban become a question of life and entli to tbe peaceable citizen. It Ins become n question whether we are to be gowrned by laws, or whether men may prowl about our streets at all boars of tin night, engaged In drunken brawls, reeling from tippling shop to tipplTng-flhop, thru tabethe lives of unoffending men nnd Afterwards come into a court of justice and badger the court and the witnesses and by raising false issues bad ger a patient jury. It ws contended by the o>uns<tl tor the prhoner, that every man has a right to carry arms. But i do not propose to discuss that question now as a matter of law; however, us a que-tion of morals applica ble to a good and pqaotful citizen, I deuy that right. Talk about cartying weapons lor protection! Have w* not laws? Ihi we not liro in a community where those laws can be administered' Am T ob tged to go snout the street* with a belt around my waist stock full of pistols nnd bowir-kniiea, as that peaceable geuMeman, Mr. lurner, wsa accustomed io do? Much weapons .ire carried no I -used only by the thieve - ni l vagwb-oris of the oomm-inl ty. TTir-y are not carried for m> f defence by no menus; Wit self detrnce is tbe e' nuae for tbe homicide which may ensue whin the passion r the inter ?*t of those rullians prompt, them to use tb< -r deadly weapons. But I will admit tbat Baker might carry a pistol, and carry it for self dWenci ; Imt he mu-t be held to a very atrirt ac countability for the use mulch he made of i' Tbe o'.he side say tonl I oole earned one. Y?e, lie did, and I ?tau \ not here m iiir tot having dann It. I Justify an 1 axcure no men for corrviug pistols and bow.e knives an 1 while I accord wl'b the doctrine o' my learned friend on the other side, that (io : ba-< given evurv man th" right of self defence, I hoht liat be -nn-t < efond himself with ?lie instrument* which Uod hns given him, and not add a new element of protection, the citation of the ingenuity of man, en long as he leeires to ho <.ondid red a decent and useful member of eoci"'y. After ?ooi? further re mark* in thla etrein, Mr. W. went on to -<ay that the prisoner at the bar woe not ra'i-flod with having tnk-n I'oole's lite, bat he must needs come Into court, and through hie counsel, re* k to snatch away what little character he had left to h.< widow and iutneries* mild. Whatevtr P<w to bad dooo or said In regard to Baker on former occasions, bad nothing to do with what occurred upon the night of tbe a/Tr-iy at riaus-ix H?U; the-e were au side insure, ingem rnsly Introduced by the learned counsel for tbe accused, for tho purpose of dive. ling tho attention of Vbejuiy In m too m>in aud vital Issue in the case. A good deal of allusion ha'l bcou in via to t'oole aa aa American: h<? was denominated by the learned oonnsel 'or the prisoner " the great American fighter," and he wa< stigmatised as being each an abanioned profligate iliat it r>< the duty ?,t almoat any man to sh.rot nln down. But how ?ver abandoni d or profligate the l-?orned conn-el might derm I'oole to be he never, up to tho time of hi* death, entertained an idea to abandon hia oountry and place bis foot upon another sell. According o tho counsel on the other aide, the piiaoner was an aflabto, mild, pleasant gentleman; he was a policeman; be was lu an ocmpitlon the duty of which was to protect ci1 Izene?not to assail them. Wed, while in that employment he was the com panion of Turner, the bravo?the brigand?the outlaw. He end Turner, at a Into hour one uigr.t. gut into a con troversy with Hycr; u ) matter which of them was right; he (Mr. W.) only ullti lid to 'he fact to show that Hiker was thus associated. They followed Hycr from Utfayetta ? Hall to Piatt's, and a'mked him wiih pistols; but he, thongli armed, took Ihoir weapon* from them, and cmi ?tentrd himself?wr i. a nan.tunss that hecatrc the Ameri can character?wi'li thro?log ono ol them in Ih.s eo-ner and another in that. (Manifestations of ap; U ise, which were promptly r'.ieclted by the officer* in attendance.) Hyr, instead ol tppea ing to hi* pistol. Href it at the wall, saying, "Do jcu se* bow easily ( could take your llvtes gsntfonen.' lie said he would not do so, nor would he make use 01 the mesas whi-h Ood had e\m him to eiush then to the earth. No, he inded them over to a c->urt of Justice. This wa* the mild and p< actable Mr. Biker. Did he wait for atrial of that Inutc'nynt be'ore he atta- ked the life ot another man* No'at all. The done-el fog the prisoner said it was sn nWill thing to contemplate death. Md lister contemplate tenth n thet night be went toHtan wlx Hall? 1st-1 he e-arempldtu di nrh <b 'S he Commit ted thai deed of tlw.d upon that Sabbath morning, when ihe whole of oor city was wrappnl In peaceful -Iuni9?r' Would that be had coat em pla ed dea'h. And what w?? death'.' The sepaiathm of '.hs fcoul from the body. Hut what came af'er dcaihr It was 'h? judgm?u? an l the tittle of life that remained to them a irnoni he I them lordblr 'hat hows'eve- they ren|octol their oath- or respon'e<l to the de:r*rds ? ' Jue'ice, ?o would they be Judged heteefl- r- slid It would be * truly (earful eoadi tl"'i In whleh tog., be'oie rb?'!rea' Judge, hi I they the stain of broken . albs hi o,i th-lr ?ouls nlackeaing then to perdition. Did Baker know It was a fearful thing to -contemplate death, when, without revs .o, Justin .sti >n or provoeath n, he miet his hulle- to th i h-art of hi- n tim and .enttiie unfortunate Poole unaanotn ?l ami un annealed to meet hi- Make,y fb - learned .? tiru- ) then td on to an examination of ue evidence immedi ?'e IV cc He referred to the fan of liaker bring a' liar* ??>? ?n th#? Co' connected with toe occ?. of the favil i. ght m "* csme that I'oole and Morriss-y had ?e dlfb-il t) at -tanwix Hall, and then touched tip ri Raker's buntli g up ( -tut. lie held th*' liaker had nothing to d" Wl'tl tne difficulty le-tsreon I'oole and Mori isecT?the latter did not set,.I tbe message ?? bim kut to lir.g. He bed no bu-in*-- up to -"an# i Hall: he knew tiint tils ewnir wa-th.-.e, bu' gr> lie wenld. and thersf.i'e he wante.) Tn-ner. wtio wa a tire cater, to ac ?ewwijssny When Turn' r was -ent tor, he did not want to go? he told the bar keeper to s*v he was r,o' In he sun peeled kherc was g dog to be trouble at HUinwtl Hall: In lae* lit- language prov?d It fur he obsr rvrd at tne time. "1 am to i no difficulty and ?"? not #sUt to get Into another;'' that was, he *?. to anl'brul'y by attempting to take Hye- '? l,t?. an > did nut wi-h t?. ge into another by trytrg to'eke the life of Poole. Th? eloquent coun eel tbenln . leec.ilngly-cat.-log t?rm? adverted tu tb .ncicnter between Poole ?n1 worri?-er at htanwig Hall fin that ocmston h" eoii-l'ere-l that M rrl sey eertsinlr was the rgg-. seor. by r'as. n Of the abusive langu vge with wfci'h he a-coetcd P'*> s. tin had n? righ to r .II hlir a "mnrdi Hng son i f a b?h, '' or taunt h in with bei-g ,Khe gtt'M Anvrican i gbt"r." No natter #?,?<??> Morrtseev wa- born?that ws* e rubjsc' which lied no rrlevsncy to the r??e. He (Mr. W.) v.. ild ?ay thai be ?fitl'el) "greed with the |?*t'le tsnry which mafte all men say "this 1? my own my ria l e land." Tne men who twcanie his i Mr. w's.) brother .n the spirit of mdeptl' 0. found wl<h him that w'.ere his country was, there liberty dwo t, or wl.ere she dw?P, there wa- hl? country And he wo ill further ?ay, that the msn who hs1 her o so nitted tot" hi* country by the act rf naturslirstion, end hadad?.p'?d th-t -oentry, wa* no longer an lii-hmen n?r a #ent<-iiMai. n..r an Knglt h m?n nor a nermsn nor a Krer.shtnai*? he wa? an Am-H esn.' fie dsolrd the- 'be right ot any ado pled ci l/en of our onwntry la essnmc aoy o'her n?m- or sell under ?ay other banner Of take any oth'-f Cevi e. than th*t whleh hel'tiredto th- oouet y of hi sdtp ten. Ihsr were all eitlflteif rue ooun'ry, or th?y were alien* tiisee was no e-oppP e piaee. aud tha' spirit whlef. w aid ?<rek to draw a Uuc ' Icpa atl' u ?calling '.nt % ' rrrlfner dim) the oihet ? native?war a rplrt' ihal, I' indulge! ln( vouiuuneoa; sooner our country ia'o fiagaenti?taw, tbe last *|ott<ira ? .stink' |dao?, w ere molt can euj y trie civil Ktid religious liber.y which. tu thin d?T, was nl< no enjoyed by them. So far a* the adntuir 'rati >n of justice Lsdwseu (hern partca wax oueeorel, tt mala no < tfleit ikc ilifi? Ha her, Or I'oole or any man on 'h?l Jury western. An Ametlran had no raiT" itght u> take the Ilia of an lii-bioan Omu hp lji.bmaii Pail to take the Ufa ol an Annoiwu The laviutsl g. inletuan tneu euer.d into an il<i[in n! de?o,|pil>n ot ilie ii?e f oml arid re I phus libanjr mi 'hia ivnllaeiit, or lather the on mm uhirb led tolls e-1abliahment. lie attributed il inaii ljr n t e re'oru atniy mission of l,uiner, who lltr' s coaaa'u'ly proclaimed nin'al lioeity through ml Chriatendo n knm hat topic be parsed t n to revu-w trie in -rcaoi of fanaticism in nut midst. lt?v 'rue, a .d "fitly 'lain tiue " M at fanaticism wee (taming abroad through out t) o la no. I'eihaps it u-tgit happen taat 11nm tin IncTfawi nt that prejudice ami tana icwin which they could nnt ehut their eye* up>u. ttcy would ?"e ?il t).o It fling were nut reatittinod-????me deut sgogue ? d t) tin chief no gistracy who Would 'pLay aurh fan t' llo Irickr to foe high heaven a* w mid make ilie vet) aog? I" w ?p ' Mr. W. then, in highly i-l ?iuout t?rnii pronto nut the duties of juroi-in tin adtuiuiati ,ii >n ol pi.b.ii J -tlce. In il.o conrro 11 bit riwuwik-, while It prccatoigoii'vldo Influence* as being t rough t io boa upon juilcs, he nh-or\ed ih?' he had on inme tlun one ? H-cation eeen the c urt room third with the riuir plug ?*i d applauding 1i n ode ol a p> Loner. ant the v fry hen h tumbling with ave In ihe pretence of the in?J"?ty of a mot). In speaking of the aim t of I'm,I" and Morris-ey, he iioiiii'eitiid innt the adnilnmira ton of Junlce in the police courts was a piece of the g?te e?t h imtug that ouldtXiat. In hit (pinion the Ju g?s wo.e nnt paid ? ullictei.'ly nor. pcihapa, ??n the sel-c tons always n ade w I'll that curolulnens which the hupoitauce ol tne ? thee <*eir.atnltd. Kor hie put I, he woti i) On Hitltagtopsy the Judge- ten thousand a year, If ih'-reny they could ?ecure ib? fervice* of the very bed' men lor the office of police magirtra'es. Rut n"l cn juatico* note not li,e only officials lujudi'i utly Inote i. Many u man, uni't in every particular for t n poetic.n wis lec'pd to 'he Common Council through the uvrlug <>t iiolitjral managers; that they all know?none of them, a few veur* ego. oorhapt, working for kOVen or eight Hillrga a liny. Them ?ai ei|U il to too nolec lion rl eoronem. Now, If they had uad u p'oper oironnr nt the litne of the murder, he would havn been a* oq * to the nine of the atliay, end have got nil tt e clothes and id stole unit bullctH, and wc w?il<l have known all ah >ul It- lkctors wero Kloc'ed for I he office of ooioner* Dif ti d.'iye; why, Imieed be did not know, ouiy that In sup poted becau-e if a li&d hw leg nut oil, *nd died, ha might be able to comrnuiiiratu to the jury thai a?tmind ing (act. 11 jiughter.) He (Mr. W.( knew of a coroner ?bo tubi a juiy. eomo titue ago, lh,t u nun woo cut hw dir at cic not die- fn m the rutting ol hit throat, but iri m hemorrhage. (Keoewod laughter.) Tbo-o adroit managem might lake a bakur. or a narpenter, or any other traileriran. and mkle him a Jiulgo, no matter how until er, a* trat lately done, elect a uniu a Judge one year, and ? iy to tend hiiu lo the Male piUou the mxt. Kor Itiin -e'f be would say that he would not take the p'atc of a Jiolgu iinlorB lie hid aaiuircd in am of hi-own in the (?outre of biri piottkrional i?teer. If thvt were not ho, owirg to the nnailneae?the total inuler|uae) ol the aa bn? c he might be t iipkd to leue to tliat aloe which ofl'erod him the moat money. Mr. Wbinng then analysed the ler'lainny an to I'oolc'a g ring buck to Manwix Hail He arguclt i the effei-t tliut Ihiter eluid in S'aiiwlx Hall purpiwoly to celt Turner would conte. linker lelt there, vo.nt lo l.iug'a, collected a crowd ot come five or aix, rrale on ntagia and carritge-. What eaa the meuoiug ot all thatf Wry war all that handing together?iliai hunting up or hi* aupportera'f It war becaore he I new I'oole would la- there, and that an der cover of the difficulty between I'oole and Morri.<ey be might vrienk b|. vengc?nre U| 'in the dec., w-ed. If Ibe f. Miin' ny ot Ung wero true, that Iiakei waa ao much afiald of I'cole that he nlrpt upon tbu fl??r in the aecittd aiory of hia raloen for roinetwen'y ulghta, would lie bare collected hia force t'gether and gi in o the very dco of the lb n, l'nui>en loci mg ?he diuu- behind tpeuit The e 1 mil) raw linker urmad with a pit ol; there fbtkrr, plai - lug hia r.hlo itpou hi- thuinh, look.d biui in the free. Waa that iroulilng'' Arm redly, among ruc'i ? clan * of np-n aa the whole of 'hem bclong-d to. 1 .Mile naked him. I'o you carry a platoi for me':'' Aud ?(a-uking "f carry ing ptatola, the learned couiirel aabl 'hat. be oou-Mernt th-ae leclleaa riotera who curiicd platola, and bowic kulver. and al'iLg rhota, the mud ..h oitigicl pack of vagabouile en ilic f,ce of the earth, for hU own part, wore he to know thu' a man cm led a piatol (or l.iui, he would grar p thai man and lake that pi did from him. and darh it in'o :i thouaand pbeea, and iheu willingly. Il noeearary, go befoie a juiy. Who i )iuuv ne ed Ihc difficulty .' All the evidence fualcneil it ti;ain i'au (lieu; for he it wua who lira' nornateo I'oole. ar a "bbick luo/'/led aon ot a b?h." 1'i.ole ?#- dtuok, I'audeeti was drunk, Turner war infuriated, Inker wa? aober. i'oole saw murder in their tyca, nod knowing to* all the rkancea v ere ngalnat liTiu. lit- nitdc u,e of a mac w hen I'aadeea challenged hiui to Hgltt with a vte ? to ave hia life lor at least that night lie raid 'n I'aiidUeu that he waa ntit worth Ighting. hut that he .tooid tlgh' any Itirhman for SfiOO, rnpieieliig that trrvir here <? pelf would overbalance ibolr desire lor l is ll'e Hoi ho drawo a li I?1, ihnt ??uM havn lxt"i tin* aiytiai lor the tb'ee of them 10 Lave fired upon h'm. lip Jul not and he even exhibited a forbenrance Mtnh us he never waa ! nnwn to e\Llr>it 11 iiJit auch circum-tunc* ?he allowed hia-elf to ?e in.-uited ami t rat in ih" fuce by I'ai.ih'en a try ttvt lip could hav c. u-brd hi though ha were an infan Ucll, Iiirwr tired uid ih I liuadf in tho arm; Poole tl hi wan -hut in 1 be log a ml had thp -hot bran Unit fri ni where Baker hlooiit it would have evacly < o?u .|pj Willi the wound iu Poole'a leg. liUer a .an ed. i.night loule hy the inn J, and they b ? li leil ; pi>c after, a b.i'l from Baker'* pixtol pcio '-atefl the beait nl Id* victim Hiker could not havo been no dor, lor b? ' f cotir-e inuat buio pos-e-td more atieug'li than 1'nolr, who wax woundaxt in the knee; an I lie-idea that, If he we e under he Could not ha?e fired the abut throngh Po-le'a Teat, by moon of 'h<- very p >ritimi of the pi rforatinn of tb? bullet. If I'oola eipn did Are through tiL? c at, It wan no more ihau what he had a clear light todx , xxotng ' w&x a'.ta k?d by it mur derotm g?ng determined to here bia life. But he (Id not rhoot?thoie wa.. no evidence to prov> It; ou the rontra ry, all the wltri -ex who w re pre rut at that fi'al iff ay explicitly a'eted tliaf they ?w no pi,'<! In I'oole'a hand The learned eounacl in I hie e. no on tion dueetxxd the at tention i f the jury to tbe hole- in theaklrtnf Co >le'a eoal. and argni-d that 'torn tho very nature ot the m vrt* the hob'- eouln not baie been ceiue-l l>y tiring from tin der the-kirt. lie ronatiiered tli-t coat (J'onle'a) moat cnnclu-ive teatiiuony again-t tlie pr'aon*-. nepei i..lly ao fioB the tact tbal had ilie -h ta tieen ttrivl fion und-r the aktrt, tlie en! would have the ma. ica of burning u,? ori tbe in-nlr, width it ?o ha| ;.en.-l It did r nt hear. Mr. W. then went, into a detail of the exjierimeu a which had been made by the proaeculinn aa to the tiring through a woollen mate ial. Tlie reeult of their e-.perlnunt* alio .red that when a pt-'ol una tired f'om u 'iL 'acioe of aevera! feet, the bullet made a round hole; when placed aphid a he t or to, it nuide a rugged hole, and when tbe muxrle ot the plaVl ?ii planed olo-e to the coat, the c >a would be liumed. But a* he eald bef ire, 1'ieile had m pixtol diawn. Why. then, wh' a he had been already wounded In the knee?no matter by whom?why did u?>t Baker way. '? aland hark, geiitiernen- ' Why rid Baker tlMll wi n him? why did be (Ire into hi- h?irt, if he hat ur.t d-trr rrdne-1 to take he man'a life - That Poole did rot di - charge a platol afUT he wad down on the floor wax ve-y e-rtaln. Then if the loadei pi <tol picked up by < orkay Jack were I'oole'a, when did Coete re load it If he had find four time- through hi- roatf Had he re loaded I*, McPoLough nreeerarlly mu-t have aeeo him, a> well ax the uUier perlie* present, it wax aeaorted that 11/ler had nothing to do with the ?fl ?y. The jury wiuld deter n Ine that frcrn an examination of the textimory. The nrixd wae that ii; ler wu in th? lack room at ~t?n*lx Itail With Mori la ey that night, ,-uydnm waa there alao. Hyler had -oid out to i>ean and Iwsgte, but bad not moved hla lamiiy away. Who wax lly er a'raid of in going from Uog'a to txtanwix Hail"' I'rn|e wax hla friend; he lad lent m- oey to Poole, I. we aomi'iex'?ther. who wax lie alrai I m. In tbe name of cnirnn-n eenae' trf Pouto'a gang.' That waa >ery un likely aei ing thn' 'he Bead of ih bar litil (If he irilg'.t mi tium it) w?x Ut- perwrna! friend Hut wlien Hyler got up tte e and found the place halt ahut uo, Why d> I uc r ot gx up -taire by the prirate entrance, to hi- tam'ly, win were waiting i r htm, instead of g< ing in'o lean's l*r I'ximf It whx all a pretence, and not rung it >re Aul then when he went in, r wa- v cm toil a thing for I'aadexiB to leek tbe d or, thoa keeping t.tru fioiu hi-h pi- ltd anyone hurt hinit Not one But In they go?Turre ell- with hla c. at, Iran l!?hrp l.i- pixtol. ih-ii. - tme- if tn the aim. Pandeen ard Van I'elt ant the reat of thei i t*t? to their heela, llrikc- ax oda a Pullet to the heart of Piole, ou< h* tuna too ai d whoa they are all ?at in 'he -treai they Are a grand fee'fc/x?c on - tlielr Inonenxe vl-voy The learned coun el then mad an ex ract f-rx,, v?? gui-e'a lex'im< ny. ?a to 'he tir?* difll ulty at n ?nr v Hill, on the evenng of Uie 2dtb of Palmary, la a. ard h? al?? txa<l oyer a portion of * e rV't'-ru-. .( the wlme a (roodhexirt aa to 'he xame affair, c n tra-tlug the two, wan a view to ?h->w 'hel- g.oaa'eccy, ar-l vlei the i?r' that t>>afhew? x nt there tie-ai'w be h ard there wax g Ing t > he t.. ,u|H at P'anwix Halt that night Mr Whl'ing itt- t m'xd a'da and xrarrblng > x?'iiiaati"n of all thi e?i ence relating to ifie fatal ai!ray c r.cJmiexl by raying:?lku'?. I text, and ax do you. that Ju-tiee Dex ?'a n>' Ch? axka to ae ?x rt only her own prerogative. Tr itn rcu il-ea t at you xtir uhl hand over a per- u> ermvt tod of an ffe to ofletubd juatlcx that tlie la v may be rtndiraiej Thx n I ?ay !'? trui aftln th.'.t tf 'he-e ?aa a eoueertext de go t? Iweenl'aker Turner, anxl Pandeen to go to Cxjinwii || all to iroveka Pool' to light, am* el her >( ihern -1 t-d I In tt ey are all equally guilty Wl'h thr-e rem.irSi et.ll'tien, helievm/ tpatyr u will dn juur duty to ' our Hid am) to y or cx untry am) to your na ha I -un-ntt rl'tx raaa to ?our |a'lent ralr- e n-'deraM n helievi'g that 'h' ftr Will only hold y- u to that re-ponn ftlity which t nth juailfiea tbem In <ir ng Truth a?ka no victim's crown to wear, Her path is upward* tn-wa'da 'he ?ky Pecnr* ?he aklmx tb* upper air? RxcelePrr ()a-he? fn m her eya. The extreme praeeure on our ap e has -e|uvtar.'ly rr.wpel ed ua to very much condea-? Mr. Whiting a very tloquent and irrpr-eilre argon eut. Ht> Honor then ato-e, a* alvo did 'lg Jury, an! ieiirer ed the follawieg OlMli 1 d?# nit pro|?#e, gentlemen gr.i g again over the whole of tblx caae A few of the rt?-> > whi< h buve pa tlx ulaily atmck my own mil d is a', that I aha.'! peasant, relying, as I do, tijon your rv -oHnction for detailx, and rrqne-tlr g you at the iajn? time from xtep to itap ee I I J-M.t ' tetany witk yn tbemguaixBU, ??f I hod* which Ut* learmwi fmanmt fw the prl I ?' L.: hie Pi vi . ? uVv gat twlirjty freegatod te p. ?>'<1 to compare tbrm fairly and frailo-aly wfks tbrom which may fail from the bench. For, gentlemen, al ibot'gh it ia not only the right, but the du y, of the toun to aid you in your March after troth, It la your province, and, I may arid, your rrpoi.r biiity on your oatlia to lint'. It, and wl,< n found, lirmly and impartially to dttiaro it, Uavmg (he couaequence*, wh-iher of o in ?teflon or aciiOittai, wlieie u.-.icr toe law Ju-y pr "perly beli Dg. ttilb'ho,." cuoac<|Utuc<M, exuept aa I Hliall p>-e mUII) rxplkin, you, gciiliiiucu?fortunately 'or your mItch?tare noiiilog to < o. Aox niug u, 1 he c.lawiuca'.iua ado|>tetl vy the a'atnt ol t),U hlate? iltlltiig tu ma itepect fiti'ii euiue otha .-in'e-i ol 11 e I o ou?muider, alilmugli iu Hi oaiute 'h bightit ill giee t f ra*i alauglittr ta maa* in U? a ili.iuj i llrlxe, | uiu-liable (unlera nuligmed by 'he ix.riM* a lie lagli.aluit) nib (lea'b n u,l yi t, umlei a>i iaiill no lit hi inuiiler It Iri compcieot to the jiiiy f f tu '.belr vn w tlic i?v ilfnre rei|iiiic.i ? r -olrni'.c 01 it u> 0 log in a veiaict of inannlaugiiier in tie tii.1, hwcouc! ttnrilor j I intb iiegue; ihur, in effect, ro uuiog th* penalty o' ' tbei'lincx from dentil t" imiol-outociit for a lermo' yeatH, or, it n ay let, even to a ire e |e , uotacy Hue. I w.ll Iu* hu you, iheiefoie, ut iriona to <, no mi rg ai yon mny nacerUiu ibe facte o b?, whether bn Ik a cuae 11 rmrhei, or ol man.laughter, or of neither tic one m r tIn other. There ia no dla ute genthroen, tiiat 1'ittle, the da ieaaetl, wboae death la 1 tie van** of the in lo'iueul t>e "i n'ji u. wga kil e.1 by Denoi the priinuor at the bar 'Ibe i nl) i|tie*tion it ally iu in it?but -luat mv.i'vai in i i ceueidt ration many aiiltoidinit'e poiiftt nt Injury? lel itei to the n-ntive or iuitimmncnt l? the deed. Killing a human being In lot necoe-aiily uunler. nor ia it ?atily a criminal ret. If di? n iu aell-ilefcii c ai d under eiif'tebtntlnn uf all) erne, the ant may be j t-,littnk'e; bat in that cane the nppn heo?u n munt lie real ami -?vti id* bli . tbedaiger iimninint and H e inira'i'ar I 11ID of tucli a character ai u> bo fairly uei, tni anil in the la? gunge of Ibe itatu'e, "great per* i.rl ioj ity. The rrclt pee *ud unnere> aty oncnt xc of a I ,aited pietnl. ia a ti at.uer ?viiiciig a depraved mind regantlew nt hnoian Hie own without any {uomcl t?t ,1 deign to eiliujl tie . i a'h of any parliroiar luiiividiial, 11 death eu?un, ia minder. Applying ibin ptlnrlploi to the facta of the preaeat cari, iu< lai hi we can ancerutiu tinm, lot ua ete to what cur flu lion they bad lUker, it appear h, at ahoti'. the hi or of ore o'clock at bight, ace. mpanted by hv" other pernor.*?hlni-?elt and two of hrtn a,' wan their or hut or<:iuary habit, amum with loaded pi dole--entered the tneu newly opened eat iig mm ill luting catabliahini nt called ntaneix Hell, mi uatao in the m at public part of the timet punlio unci <f thin city Anil t e ipicnltou l<?ItUiholint i|Ut?Mi'ti to ho amwered by you ? what led then- mini II ci?? at lhat l.onr i | tl e night nml what ludiraed them to int. r. when they aaw tbu .hm Ct* up at d A* place, hf.rriig'y, at Ua?l?u being now .Sunday?ci aid I n the bight ? ltero bad be* c?the evi fence hbown?about throe or four how* previotin, a ti ras in thin Ham# in the pre?enc? of Ji'uro lift y cr fix'y sjKOtator*, of whom iiatier aaaon*. Mor*iaeey and Poole, l.ii'ruft were th* ac ?me?linker, although probably arn.ed a< the tlcne, t>king no pari, and even ^?fu^i/^^ to Morri^nef "he o>?e ' b^^ j iht4?l uiitii tln? police enltd put a *?'<??> to ibe proccMfiiog. Hnker, hawi?Ter, ?ltn mhli t mk ri i pat*, ?con*.# to have ta <n interest in Kie lor we : nd bim uncut ' tier, i?t ahoutO or 10 o'clock, ling for Turner nt .Mr AUon>f in Li^f^ruird nkirot, nay if that there liao teen u id-i-h N'mta 1'ooie ami Mor it-n-y a' Man?u UaU. Not Undl* g rumor?I fetuO'j iJtoiM him mi !?-< etfKik an < intiihuH and went up town He probably ftepped, although that Ib not cer fin. in the nrlguhmbood ol Howard Btieot. Wh > ho toiyb-tiltefl with?il he ronMil'ed with anyito-.y?not up] oar, except a* it may be inferred from wut? e<|Uf nt iVHih, AHwekiow le tiiat about hill pan 9 or 10 o'c'OcV, nr peihitpH later, he took a hack at the corner of HowhiiI ail eat and got ouf igaln at lb** comer of Broome, and in k t?w minutee whm neen turning back into l>rrftd*iy, in ?< xnpany with flv** or rix otnar.^. We next fn bim---loi tfi" wc nd time?at APeaV Hotel, in (h y . ard f-lfce', iHrcufcrlr-g ti?e Morrledey -vlfidir, iu coin pany with Patdeeu. Turn*r. Hylor, Van Ivlt Morri?**y urn. otherf 'llila a-: Jabt 1 j'c'ocli or there ab< t>te. II ?w lot fttbvy had t4swr? togath-Ti no* Hbf>frn,aM ibe propriet or, who vtuh the wiin* h*f had gone doarn town, unit lx* ii fWAj* from Wm barrom fbr?? tro hour* or itj*? o. N? r drwe it appear at what kour after nrrlee ilie> left Uepeo'ird ?ti>et it doer a^ncar, h e?or, that ih^ ??w.e faiiy except MnrriHeey. who, ai er the tlrat iff a> hv* gfw? n l?ie word t?the cifHeer. and kept i\ nut to go itbcTo Canal ^'reet ntubout one o clock carni- togeih^r into the (t*y Hottl. eo c*Ui< , an-th< r aaliou, a% the ! ' utbw??t corner i Uo raid nCet?- Hf.<l B'oulv. .y, ami I U tro dinyk Rfjft 'alkfd, i. n?d t>u<l euougn t?# t?? ovti i ?ard. r<?*t)e a -uloori, y ? wilt r?*:-?il? c*-?1?> ho 1oo kept i rli an ? atabliebmeni?at .he opposite ?- rner, In a diagoi a I dirt; hu* it lw?l N?en cloeedf'r the-nigb' o< r. alter t a !to, Pooh bin ? if tu*T? g ?eft t iiw??e Cian '70 bonr* pteviou*. Krom he CJHy H'uel?aueb i think i the fail i:hm e from rvihnnc* ? ti e ?|* pe'rn ruv ? .ed who had been -'rinkl! ^ a* d ou? fairing, t at iea-t r-t river fit g together p.o?jeeded h ton'. I iur bocb? i j' I r?>n. H?yj uiftil they r . bed f en?.ix U>i 1, which ? bey inu^t ba\e f n'erol iu L ?i?>, i! wot Inter Hiaci. r ue o'cioik. Hhy did they left re :h' Ofy H?i . where fr-r Might that ftpp'arn, tb**y W?-*e pe foc'ly ft'conim) mod, to vfait, at fltat uumh, !_v hour < t the . ight, ao > brr ? fttab?J hu ? iit bur lag n?- greater d ir klug r< n?c niencett, nnle*-H it wan to renew u* Haker on; .*<1 u the tail which l ad been opened thrre," lo the e*rljr part ot 'hi' raanlng' If tuty a,?'irly arantort luiaijr??nl ?kith Ihi y ahrruiy bad a frcat :f?' t'?. bago-IW} wouM naturally Ii.'ith takin It t* t tlin <l'y Hurl. ami tti m tbrnor li?vi- g'ne illncttolMr brd-. 'Vby, too, 'vbrrj 'In 7 ti tbo -hut it? cforrd an1' Imrw Hfcrtfi?tnr. tiny ii'uht had ai rady advanced lot" 8 uuU) tuorniig lid th?y p? raovetr in ??Dti'tU-K ' ? thay ?< t him ? th..' !' ? *a i thric. or If lo' ocitiI ' i.ry D'lia-liy have In formed thnnrehett At ill ev whi n on eotwtiaf, 1 rut br'oro,- 'bet ritually *? bio., whj did tl?y o >t drair* and wkhd.awr It i.y, in the coniraiy. dirt 1 untinn, thi' !i>?' who entered, luck. the d ->r l>* Ind him 'eorelnyly, for aucb appi.%r? t' bo th" only lullrtw to pri lude any out-lou intortrrrunr * mm an <ntry, on* ir all thr clii- ima'accei, of ail men 'hire I'f ibi In Willi I ' uillt Weapon*, at >urh all In nr nl 'be- nigh'., an J e |X" lal.y >u rom ftat tin* proii ? n ? alfiay nf ?Li. u tt?y awi cnjri nam! i u tbr ?amr ?vi l,Ixi.' tin) " fully an! aatiaf c oilljr rap' .Inert raonnt ?all tn give rire to very aott' ua aurpi'd m* If dirt wrut Ib*ie to lux t. 0" ii ir. Ibi' wat nl | nfiliui iot* ndi' g nn 'ndlly hatm (tf ?I ieh. h' w-\er tin re u- onyttHiM), tl.ty rnuat hat" In iti It tn b< unlawful. "r If 'hey went there to drink men-iy ?I D"'aii n iinlulgi an Inni <iin?ia pa-?i< u fm !i.(iinr?tiny equally ki ew nr at ail i t i bti were bound In hi. w. th it euch a # ,ni u .ng a* 'be law rxprer -?> it of 'tpp.lig h iu* e?." on a -ua lay, wi aaln a I If lutlon i t law. Wbat then?'h* nun ti in ifrurr?waa tbe zn. live i f there *dx men, an1 e-ti**ei*ily of the i'i? nii? no trial, for bat'ui ami au-pb lou* 'l it Yt 11, and the n urt and !ho publl. , <im i"i ami hrie a iliht 1* 'ami a d**p tntcrertizi tha t-ial, will oatiz -ally, at thin the'i dd nf ton bio <iy d wua 'bat '?ii wid p ine for a reply. MU a' hart fo piUouer at 'ba lor, fri m H or !' ii'tn cl. In the i \ ruing unt 11 o'< loi ? >1 a oast morning an In" ml ot tour nr Ave ttcur*? what, I my, h-d I*e hero dnliig nr fi n-ultlng or purpn irg to do ill. if on a, aa, ha-t km* hi on in aa ii,< n'? an . wa? l<wt abia to in-wt-that nn*?U"ii T?a piuMCW'iin it, a imaan '', had to g"'V I" tin n?-k Hay, bowarar. lara glun u? aoroaibing?aa on h, I tblnh, a- COi.14 raaa"n?bly hav- rnou ??(>? tml : o.n Ibiin And that a-mathing? ? it mur in Inu- Irn i uadrgiam a' liant tbougti t?'.t ??ry atrnng y to ab'J# on rari and iblilwra'ioo, a porUJiy whan lakaotaenD oariion wi li i roittfl axpla(.atl"ii> wbirh It w ".Id mm, Oiig'it hair barn, hut I aa# rn.1 bfrn, ?ary lolly g*irn. Hut thla la not alt . tbOn ??- a Itad fr? 1/ g nt-'ing fx i warn tbo paitlm i a la' log b fntr tin'(liat affair nl tbr una warn ng tor Foib'> rntaatl anting, i o ijnubt, i n i XprWMli n> n pi>0d fr- in bt? 'l aat, lad nitar liahrr tn aaoprut if Po- lr'. wu. and Hihrr Ibiiiklng. ami pa-'bapa. MgMly, tba< I m>M hart <000 gnllt \ nf gri a. wr. ng in tka nflair 11 ti r Mar' o- ha l i o rlarrd to Hrrwrr b' Ulng n .t hi- ptabit at thr tin.' that "If I'MlrtWf l/."r'?nd wt h biro hr would ah ait h tn ?- ? ui h a- h* wo' .d a rat." Wi will now, '.< r tbo toi'tr uodrrx'acni ? g -f tbo ni'i ?a. utn* rrf i'. ilirr lha Hraiw party, a r?ll-d f ,r a nut inint r'aiidipg at ur rt" r, whil wr tafca a triof aurwry ? I ihr n.rn anu thr '.to n I ala g ?tat? of tt.iiig" ta?n a Foc>. y u all raoall- t, wh" a'*rr ii.o nuawablo bM at 'bo j" i.or a to if n wb"b an anlirt t?> Cbr ? ?( I I r Vl taiil p*t fotn^ort N?t*MK) b?? mid Mr fTi"+j %' th? .wUin*n H?)ly K*d rt( ifLfwi f*g*ta ub' at 10 1-c* u> tlf #.>ov? | tiu? n?jt ?titi Km ImM f"f th/w h? ur? or in' r? r?rd**l- tn ib#? tiffdlnnU l? a< g? l et r ? !il~ f?f l? ?!? ft ' V\ nrn) In ?i|r wl bm c i i'n A tb? it*? n I <V i,k, acc-rU g lo tlifTfTt -t? +t ice*' 'h*l? ti <>' 1% t%rn. t*e ub??I u#o** th<* f-Xptt ? ft fir tl? #*11 *4 ? w ** I# iiktfcliy <ii I,'n ixmfrd ? n^u iln bat w' ?<u?r r?l*t rni?, tn't-r *ti ing b <1f ?k tin<t hi to ??i* ih?- noiTitM-r ?'-a uf a C >* u t fit iii liag tb#1 yr tj? -for ttf tb#' botitd* ?r>d 1b# f mrlitn n cmr-U|f*> *** ih with 'bf moot uUr i?> t,n*w ii i b- w n htur-di* g With II* ? t*i i'?? f kr Of"* itrui g on tt?? r*AUitf#*r ixmr tb# ?t'#??!. nN u* *ffj < r Itiltt Ifwt fttra tb*4 bwi*** Ct?*?r# wf h ' *t mp '?tu, Irgt for?i) ?n<t Ytlkn<< Afh nrbf btm %ik. ? t.i bi>Tip#in e with b.f ? * ?? b t'lmti ?ti" h tind?'f tb# ?i i?gwf|r n 'hfctti.pj ) ns, Ufft wHtftd t*-n trioutfH t##? ??* la tu i?< 'ifIon to hi# pfwvt' o? fiippiv w#f* 'u ni-i?' l^tii birr b*d amn.m t** If.? tith#* f iw?^ b*v 1/ ik*T Ikr . n<i ?,t?# .w A lwr-tmi* ?i. tb? nlofin an no our>t. *{.%/?? toil tin* ?ifi ^burftig hi# li* J ' gad br*y|t*l!tf. ??<) Uitlrg-'f-r h '?feiifTrfict of b** ?** ?; par\ of U *? #v#nir.g, wb-n I " au?: blp ? whwtiagr hj prwti befit wo i I I* ftir }< w to ;of g ? in. lbc*y aJi. w# th#> cg^uwd tb# <rn#r t#lf? doo*, If no r#, ?*w I'm i# f n? ,ig fcd .r?rt og, ?? ilxift/ <1# * f t?<i. with tit# iwfk 'b- a.uur s i# #f tb* bi, ti twitbi t#i>t.tog?*<tb""gh f fhtu*t/ ? f ?*'W kifl'l 'r otbtr r##n.#d l<?" i'*t l* it tbtj 1?<" H? nf tb m. Its?y, w. b.r#Wa An i t t# .* 'b# tn* r# innwk* biw ?iio w# rttM bib#t ??X'* tb#?ff?ir w%# no ^Nbtlrt*' In Bikft'i r?f? # h - il'| n . nrn'?- n| lha unl'Mdrd adrba ? f Vtn. ,fl. - aiao hatar ao raw) .r ly ami, aa U apprara tn ma ?o pa raraaiyga' hm art! landai ?'. Ir>'ba i.uarral at aw thar driar a. a?p. >, In B sulaay. collid tbo fi'm, and w?a a > f.aigaly tn I. a. >y la >- Ihr > ipr*a i in*, b ' ar'a ig ti a i.roa u.aa'ly liatra s?uttr r.', to tUH ty |aM ? .ly a few wraka ptorb ua in th* Wrry 'aor and brartag ?f Ita kat, c i rt I- t Un hrwii ! ig tiro. And Hako- ro .. narr, ?i)la*ca to h* bM " t n?r'*rt hy I it t 'in*. Mi" ? , . Uir h y a?rr,a * raoing llr kb w, MKitr, tfc-t I ur had ar t'"*l *k? * It war no ioi.g. i lairf , fMm to wt r ??? a i ? ?

'? 'b< p J ui t ppilug mx- lcw'wl f t tar . r?l ? f ?? ta toll* ii tig or apni'.u uabna*4*lib * *? "? ?aj f?? IO, art.ball f a Maaallrr at batga A ' ;ll tir u. ?l Cr'y?to "14tr ot a.l 'ha aartrtng wbl b pv-t *?^ "? ? i, t ca 'h u., aadwbkb tbo to* pnaCfMd? |*ot*u ? i In purpcff. tulvft.irlng Id fw> nf Font-' ram* r agn i ? whim h? au rwu'lnirg, ami UkiRg II ? Ir I*-it!' n? ><l ra id-- n??iihl'i ? ? ?<? I. in. Vint , on tliu p*rt of Barer, wi ? tb? m .f <r? if tho What, titila** It were art ire bo* ?>? ? > rw. wartaii *!?.< d< banc? t Aw d I* u t Ui<?tuf?r*n ? njtnr < o ty the <* i duel 4>f hi* c> u>i>*ui ?n, If not co if?4,b f'aud+cn, wh?? ioimroii ?ljr mi entering adare**?d Bool? m 1b? u < luruliing language, auo n Mio v i ?>? hi o ail tby ailiu u*et cm i cur in H'aiiog (fnac 1 line* rw?wfei). tb? mot iilimiJi.g ot uJI (HirdbM iiillg'd low ? m'i h i i Of ?d "L the lii-l bet had I'imi? abut biui d? ? fl the In-hint, t w '?? u ?* tbcr? vlomeinl td n ?t? <1 eoMt whi.i?-f?/ to? N?r may be, wi ii <J I ?vec> udetnned lie act if Ma outrag? ?' I atidcenbi v*h? in .?ry (IcgiCi* coficcb-vl betar *?o bin 1 a hur it. woub' 'e idi-, a- it ????in* o me, to pr?l?t?d liuat * b? HVk?.??? t|\*? i?i k>(ti> || u! I iH>b? by linker wwa in ??S do l? i ft Ik* ca*?, In teat \l* w w-ulti ik paral ?I with t.i?< ear? ? ' Wu/d and il.o mh ,i I ?rehwr in Keow v ? lir* rvfjiiii 4 f w: leh lereivod, ah it dearrved, th? eomiemuvw ion oi at) right jmigiiig men npn?ti it I AM?rJ it* ?ntiun* were petra'ul, wty, wn n bt chw Lie r<>mpkiiiojn provoking a dtaily mt? ? which Ii ??* old ao r; / ily ba*e ittenKd- #hy, 1 nay. dt* In* r? t in u i fen , t #j 4 r--Jaily v hen tukn?w that whi? he him*?!' w?? a d*r, bin c< mpntiv! n it not druni, whs ?* len% xeitcd by liqu? rf And why. wb? a Turi??r,* am? ijitw td hb> romp <;i?w aud p iukd hot pUfol itt f 041 ??-I note A'. th? iw Ki lling Lb. |ttilcl in hi* (?r?4*k?t??by I t-ay, ?{|d he m?i iht t i.? i*rfi*i*f Why .un'hMH it *?* 'lint, Mtntriing ua*ier tli*? nuf? j?c?ed wit-rgnf I'm lo on binned auu hi. fi toud-, Uo ??4 th btr witling ban nber*(*? tiait I'oole fthould up* It ?nc hlatijiillMrt J* i uch n o'ivn?,i Uiojr eiiMted?ami tba conduct IIow ii>g trniii \UiTn, u?4iy U*i in ?nonidat.; wi'h Um* . ui? ?> m?Mtgo life In a olvlbzid atd Cbi iMtlnn (t??niuiii'J thry Lev*-i hu b4- U'li iai?i. !?<? the motf*eN Ii4i*p*..r, Mdiat tbey uimj, it le c?r<nio. on tte *hoic ??k'etjc?, 'bat unfit Bo. 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Of i'ool??if they, I ?ay m? t? >? rr?dit? i l ik? r d? ioorately and cxoiUng y, hiwI wi'h?Qt a ahadow oi j?rt vi i? i) nr juatiln aiion, (exri-pf th? tu?do?U?ai >U* ?jik of hug anf*oedei?t witrugH.j while Bool? w c >h>wn and Huffeiing under the wound lidli?*t*4l by turner, ? hot hiiii ?? tin* boa, t aud lied b tab v? aion tru4f? InaufWi-r hi? qm- tiou we will tir?i gi ethevnrdon i1e< If <? litt't. lnoie in d? all B "iu, tb- n ??o bla ^tlb befl, in ?fleet *-ayr, 41 Kaker kl Ud rue, I di t m.t dtc." ''luoh* '' nn>a iiarria, "Pd the wall, liawi'g Ihikor on bu Ihikn a. i.<?-, i ran cIom)} dt?*n to t ?ni hh I cnM go*, and raw ? i ? n*?h of a piiUd tn Haker'" hand; .t was witini HZ Inch** 4'f Bo4)h-'p? breiiftt; ttw platol dhftd giit t?ioole'rt trrm>(. the left dd? ; I did net rr -I'oolo fiie uny pfnt l at all; I did m t foe hiui have tny." Vt Iinri i-," ra> a iWnn 4 gave im g< n<1 ?. n Idea of Vu ir jo?oti>o (I oiIo h and HAfi ) a > I could only Hiker nl^bt bar? been leaning in h hir Ihu.'I on the fl/or 1 :?.tr bad lib* ptMol I'dn'.ed to I* >.?*i -' ? brrad; it w ?-4 nb ut two 4 r ibr?e ?nrhe* off; I v i w iiokt r fit? b*l?e i??? firing by Baker, I beard him ray, 'I will pu? ..n' ad to Oils'.' or toyi?u^' b? u-od ? rn d taoe? ea^iv^ionji he fir? d the in' n?4 nt he nabl 'Jdnt.' .Ihirn* Ark it "on, utter de*-rri! log the cf the in t?fw?11 under ai ; I later one kim ?n?r?wa Oiat ei an , *1*11 take you anyhow,* aud firtd a pi?toi at hie \ t \ Iwl. ,wl rij'n rte'ement le, that Ikltfr, 4,pu'*mg a piilol tn (1 iM-h 'Hi biea>t. aid. 4I gn^ce I*ft ta*eyoti. anyhow ;?rd died r'glit. d<jwn in hia breaid. Hi d that Bo de, in low ( hay'?? ) judgiw fit did not fl * at.all tbn* i?*gln." ,b" h A"kerwn. a biother of dani ? , ew-rarit he eaw i'4i?i? and Bid*? tall; Boole *ah down, And Iklker oyer r m, Mi one ki>?e 4 J m * the ?*wli id a j tetol betwin j H; k? r and B<?ol? BnV r ti id i' { ?m* n pletcd in Baker'e aid 1 "Aw rore in pool# Hitker !?w'd tho pietjl right down at Q* *A* 'f breaet wb ?? he firt d Iier> ur? not > niy tw nr three, ("ur law almiU "Iriruy ot?) bn* ?ef? n *;ti dlt*ciiy *o Hie fact, ft their Tftalou i*u?t i??*a it over oveilook nothing, miprr?"a nothing And color foiblag ma eital to a fair HbAjiirt itupr(:iri"D of the Hi toul ooMirr *r??'? P If f?o - wr 'i vcr u Igb' Ie *i?e judgoieot nf righ*it#g mett?the ofTe* e l:i tl -ey?the law, lamCompfUed ro nay would i uiilM ? a n.Uirter, I ? unit, a- Ut tbo punishment O. wldcna Juiyiidgi?t v* iy LA'utHliy ded*e vm-HitI, and .i ifht voiy |? op9t y rt onunw iu1 to t??e <-xe< uiiv? w- tie n ? ti* to g nut tii'a' io mi ig . Hot; but i f wblca, cover dii loh B would U- their duty to protiuuu "** fhe party g-i' > It ' vLi'tf I he * :eiri?e nt the (i?irid y i? ' fin. iwwn .*? ?T th? g'Ttriijwo to tfifdl, (Mil wblch hut e in Ktieli a care, I', eon><tit?Uonal'y *rt*lonf? .. f* 1, r neb of the veraion of tht?*? mi iii<> e* hm relate* to tin it.? lac', hi tb? t.!b g of i on 4* .y IAk. i I* rear* ly, tfif all itivput?'' He r*?av a?#?iiie thai i. t, ut ail t v? T.t' > r rie,? r ly t Ifebd-b? i an*i irfong ro, the taw nil ?i. fn ily thro, a the rur h- n of primf, ol uny aiU*g o J* ? fiCkiioo on the aceie??] Han t'? urru d'In n, In ihf- rare (ftrtn an-h p o f ? f tun I'f.O' ?!.' the irl ? i, t'ntrl/lnf'r .athfklllrd ' ? t in tLc ftfn l?f of tin* I' k' 1'",n'' right atlf-di If i ???, ill not fl'in a lfkltlta r|*r*|(ard ft hutlKU ll(f, in In i vff ni< it swt's'a.'i on of ilitre I' t wrongs- Mi u l in I. ??' i ul't ni(li r?l!t?l i? n al'm-a- lijr thr p. t"?uill"!, a in' i.i'nti <flj 1> thr ?irn"f<l givr* n n-nattr* of th nil . difTrlnx i nn'nliai in I. ? twodeary Iron tha'of t>,* r'litr, ?n?t m kii:< It out thi.t m.i mil/ I'OoIr tn'i Hf tit, I hi 1/ rlor ilin, i lirothi'r'ln-liif ii'finili- ftr** down logrih'r. Ili in}' In WfT'-r that n? ?oou aa l iim ll rt* fklj, lb* ron.p'Dy < I ? if arm :id thin Mil li" ?w tn 'nor*. H trbtll, you w 111 rtc luct, #? ? ? n ? Tu nor In d flitd ?wbtrh ?..* thi brat *b ?> ?ll ng'ff?win* lwhint Hit Kiio'tt at tiit toil ti war- % (t'ttwdway, imin dlftly :? in tbt funk n-m, and f?nm 'hi ?? -aw luim r, *i 1 i*i atrn I n ' t?tn ihi'tf ifl by b wo b? I ?"?! wh !??(! tnlli n in (Wintfintrft nt lb* wound r*? Irg in* .it in ? door on hln burnt* ml k|?' *|i litll, ihffl'irr ptrt nf tl t tteit, mi; ?" bntt tif?: i wt'h hi* n'i I'd m tbt p i tit-, mil whrn bt tarn* to look tiuat ha*f ht> u ? o'lint tioro tt??. nb u' l"My fi?t. if nut mo o?th main ralm n l< Ing ntout ity Ittt -n Ifn<?h IIU <|t|i r ? >-ni*|i - ot'Mon ?iti? -|Uf t y vinrf tm on (if i 'f ? ' 11 h, uw hi" '? u?y ?? tti* instil p t In qiin Utn to nut vilpb 'T* ia n?MAl y to wt ktu llit Itii' ?? <1> n ?* i to thi i wl'tan-f* Ami 'hf ? a i tin ' -I . >D a ii f?t digits I* api icaTJt tn tin a rut.Ei (tTtu oy . .t drf-ud i t'? wt'oi- a, Vlclii uough Worn I lootml tut of Un ok - i t, ' aay ? Mclb'iii npb, " I *nw Baktr no f t? Hour un t" I oolt unit >hf y and Ai-icr u ? andlto- ntai, and nil tbi m lit in* ' A? "ibJin ' '.pti. It *??li tin art i f g Tumtr'n l?ll ?hbb nil up.n Uif fli t-but??l>d trjmg, wltio u' tlftct tn iri-t til- pU'i I fri m Inm n I nil, flrfo iirnbuMr by I'Midi "I , "(ii tl by bli itf " tot tin 0"t<l htm to flf fr'tn bf tnngfi. A' ill tlir.f,'' Hi/a bf, " tbt but cast so l.ito I trnk U tbn lb ??." ?Ii-nropb, tbt'tfi rf. It? MltrhrB. muit, fi r a 'a* n mtntt, Imtt rail bit bark to tbt wrm- ami wb?n> b? tu-n-d aid b okrd''otn hit plart of rptrrat mutl liait ?tm ni'-re ot 1???* IroporUetly, ant, an hf utatt* al?i ibrougti ? riood of mokr At to Inilcf, b? uiln l*i- that br ttrnrk FWki-r wl'b his fipt but ray* ibf bios* ii- glvi-n obiln l.?- on i irsi r I m If. Iff tm'flf to ai-Tnf, harinir am.- imnt r.'a'fly rt"i(tn1? hot l i th* hfMf fmin ? . m known I td, bfetinf intfiitibio, or at Irani In ? ?r- r . nltintd ?tatt. 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Ilat ht mm If no opf !? tn i ottittton of tbt wta pou la a'a* to wbirh til en ftir lli-ivrn ktjt It in bit i? ni km ritn >hu? tn* ttit crunk, n I tu ? o ?n? -pittliir In bl- I?r>- ?'d afn tt r.tfw hit bard* bf rn hi* |*rktt? and fo Id ! il^ m up, ? . uitii.ii gill l.r did a.), A.f yiik f tnf to mu.drr n?>" hit hand" wrr? nripty And ail'. >? rfh i' r sy b? and pri bably It, trtw, tl. ' l?t ?r?r.t%rr< . bl* ) !??? I tn hk* brtatt porktt t<? tb* pork it ot It* itiitiUKi- at thi. taint tin.* rmkma It??!'?.. iab 1 l|in batup l.ffcjd lb" a'lrnd-aiit ' tht . 'riasfl bi ttit I'tiirt'inti Ir ntft* I l?t?t a/.rnr^ouhl t.|r n thi* |t in" ?> .I'MMi'litikn wbl. h prorr* that f?*t I'lt k* t ."W' pf V ?'"> that It wai dm* jt-laUy and tr-n ? ??at I p fit mad# no dltp'.ty of th? wtti*m ari l t rr . tbrn. a and no man of tbt !w*r i. m'?* pr* ?i n* ? w bin. T r. Tbt pi-VI t> f 'h- ? tv 'it did no dfft / aftrr to tbt ?* tto mtf 'trat*. to tit no., wt b " fr'm I'm i? that i (l ?a r*l tl?t ?b ir. tn i/roti b*tr?bad ir**y twrnl 1 *adtd and on .? r pi Ai d ht I Ir. -tlf w j n lo * ? cat, ? ? ? Is by ? It am i a bt- lylnw h?d a rut fn ly r ?.?r|- ?i? t'.*t oi a law ib r. u ? nant*?lo-lmi of a ?? aa aiwt lm|*rf?t-t tit it i a' ? f mt'l iraa'Om- L* wa- to apt .*'! tflnit Ik* '41 I ?> t arg. 't Hill.f f"# ?W all'.*l'hl> f'I* t o* r- <, r? j t-?1 - -nit Mftssf I any, tho* to*t|l?lruf and itf ? ,t tstrtlt g say v jf vy tewaida tl a man wh . had ?kin ? It-'i * kru n1/ ararfd (if to fl> (*'* "i IU bk >s y ad. t'J that fit had n ? fir* a ?h d t a .*t t li, w*-tway apprritry It-t f t an It-tmrt al>a ;alrw* It th l* tht- nart . f ? >td?IK* both o-aallr. .-id ft s - rt oyhl to b- i ftf v t ' fir* It la * a lo that bo* I* and tb* ' * to * y -it'' pal wf' |? I f r tilt PVptf tit nth .* h?il Ttd r. ontb km a 1 ju ct al.'tl'i am It*-u *. / of a" , i? y ti. L*>. ba*n (ulity of d*M trait p. jury 11 ? obd y? I' It an wl thai Rtktr wa* a jaw ? ?' > '( t, *m- ra'*i*td nan, wh- wu? n*.' .* tht - ?t tlkaly tn hat" I ' ! ary hi.Iran k*tli| wl'b- wt J a*' ftaMa raaa* Tl idry ?That bf*,h bar ma.t *%'- 1 ttxo - t. f r att ' ??! n?, wpd la uut't* m'ii:i,'i ,i ?nl hmtUa b 'a*a la og-id lo bia, ail I war b r*'wr? Jaaly la I art ft I bt >r? r Iris-'bij ?It at l*n* rt*f*r-at which b* had raa that ? rat t.f. and wb>. h bw'xta yp?# p* ? t.tfy ? , .d ta- lit mi r tn,to*rtatfty at??i tli? aft ay w' b th ? -.* fuu' ?? - m i, t** in n9' of It. *.ift? ? . t'hat wi'i tad *t"l? fa wt 'h* wtiar b,<r atkf a*d ?*?? frtd h *.g% It. Aa to 'ht 'ff i.d groaad r*., 1"- H r?*,x, ? i vt bast i/rnr-rd V f (bat If H?i?r ta* ky i iluia a (aw* j?*rawh * it'lwn I* ba-t a mad aaa ".aaUka I it r'or . i*?.fd?rty trwri** and do - tr'y a**- ftata**? a i* si- e wbhk rf?w Wt na.w? ptlof-.l ?ip*-kro*? (I al Ir da I at rnla>'/to M* "hath r'a ?? ? tit a 'ht ?f ay at ?ft nb- ( aad to tbt |tf >?dwar tVotra ; bad mo irrwar lo rr nlrol i't :?** rMV.Vfl ?1)4 brutal conduct of Hook-, tape* telly in I%1? l?lere><?UT?* I ?i>h fc*-r, it inuM buff D'mrk toa, I flunk, in the I orxiiee ??f ffit* trial, ! find I netful lb# Idem down In mjr tnfa u?e*. while th# ? elder oe wu b?*in# fftvew acid win h may ?H Well lx? ftpf Ntf'tnl ill I bit JfttlgUftttn I tllOU I -4'?1 'H it! ' The outrage ptriwiraUM by I'oob, on (H'al* uraI"#** linker, or f#ko ?'# friend", be tbey mer an Ktri*'louM end ovtr mo o??rre?tlv nari.*ted, furtilah l< V I Jtt*Ut*vHUc>n f? t iWlb^ ? * ty. *i( hunt legal pr?xMr4i. tb* ?.|m? : 'nk i g hi* iif? . wh'l? ??o tb* tike* hand, in * baiao ed MthiM of tvi?u wp, (II ?tiah wtirw thin ca*w i they would a mtbu f & iitfocg coti<thornttug eirrut.iiUn'W, ut ,?h ?wr p/? bfibH- rtniitfi *?; i lu th?? inind of Duker ?nd th- proba* ? l?? r* ??'?', qi.enoo*' of Mith ti ?t*to of feohn# '' And v m fi(T??t? Ingly Urol ibfti linker, mm In the affray i oai to bo '.bwtiti, iu*'oud of av< hiiotf I'oole, an<I rt* If tug at c*r.4Me wb? n fc# *aw Mm, If im* to hU bod, uli? r louul have dour, at leant fi?m the pWc ah?*ie li t had 1*1 ? f'.V Wlto?o"otl "i.o I'fAUtw* lilt* All* rVWlUlftff, |Mni Uo 1 tn n Jfttf ? after the vtoi't tew?r had in wif?v, aWett no tier mat bin ^'irf wan clowed foi Uw night, ah ? toot, too, ui.cot the f etoioe or, if you picn-c with . luboiih-f p otiTt^K ?urb ? nn?Uvc, iui?br th?- rire-uimltuc?. ?onkl be fvna^iIa?of indolgir.% in tinrp llju? r. f M?. AT? y II All fllUltol wilA* H iAfr'M MT4 *, AH'l Hi what Mate ?l ?xelteiuool, when be ? ouwtd "H-uian* II?H tit -?? otid Uo?. t)iA' night, in <v>iiiu?ny wtih lit * tK? a-M-rUtee?th'we <? 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