Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Aralık 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Aralık 1855 Page 2
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Tn^lrtl Trrmlutlan of the Boo ton Plowing Amur. OCR BOSTON COSKKBrONDENCS. BOMWI, Dec. 4, 1866. ]V Lot Out of Mur'U-r?All the ParliciUan?Slurking (ionUiicm of MaoachateUt M-i.-aii?The Coburn ani Djl tm Affair hat a Trayi at Entlin:/, Jr , <fe. On the appeirance of the evening paper* of to-day, our attiMns were startled by tbe ory from the uew>b ys, M IVaib of flumnerl Arrest of Coburn and Datton for Harder 1" In every Bostonian this announcement pro duced a terrible excite ninut, although the cause would bard y be anderetood elsewhere. Tbe ?' Coburn and IU1 iu affair," while it has excited the most tu'euse iutere-t in this eity, has hardly been alluded to in any other place. In no New York paper hare I eeen the leant men tion of it. It wiU not be uninteresting, triea, to recount the whole affair, from its worse than silly beginning to Ha tragic end. Messrs. Edward 0. Cohirn and Prank Helton are two you eg gentlemen of this city, tailors' clerks, wh? are Messed with wires who are said to be fonder of flirting than the society of their liege lords. They were, it is ?aid, in the habit of devotiag most of their time to promenw ing on Washington street, or wondering into eontectiooaiy saloons, for the frequenting of w lch .hey bad a greai tancy. In one of these they chanced one day to auet little counsellor, J sdaa I'orter, a young man devoted to the study of the law, mJl'n-y pursuits, (he ie lieutenant in the Boston City Guards,) aad the bideations of the fair sex; and a Mr. Wai. Sumner a young man of 10, a near relative of the distinguished Senator, and wbose parents reside at Milton, Mass. Allured by the ehariue oi these two entte ng matrons, they addressed tnem. f.r-ned an acquaintance which rapidly advanced into intimacy, and wniob flnahy be came known to tbe husbands. But, be it understood, there young women were on far more 'eoder terms with very many otheni, oetore tb ir aoquaintan:e with Porter and Sumner; tint taut was poved at the examinatinn which fobowi-c!, and of which i shall spaas m due cour-e. The lirst that was known i tbe matter by the public, wee tbe arraignment of Or urn and Daltox before tne PoitseCourt, una charge ox assaulting Porter on Satur day, November 17, in an aggravated manner, with canes ?na sticks. By au accident, the husbaade had become ?squab ted witn the snnrt'i.imlngi of their partuers and to .k this method of rt vengicg themselves. They forced Mrs. C hum, mi,oh against her will, to write the follow rg note to Porter, which he received on Situ-day mum i>g:? fltrD?D.iv, A. M. bir Pbsii t' am anxious to see voir ibis a. W . a' 11 o'cock. si uiy borne, as mi husk aad la out of w ?s, its s ire ? ml < isue as 1 mini 11 ion very much I'leise net in u Hon ibis hi Mr. hiin.tier. Your frleoil, as ever, P. Porier recognised the bandwritiog, and proceeded to Mrs. Coburo's lesd.nce, No 84 rdui'-niut avenue, a aoon as possible. He had never vi-iteu the house hef ire but on arrival be was mlie ed into the parlor by tne rer anf. He bend voices or men in the entry, which proved lo beloug to Coburn snd Dalton, whaut, until then, he bad never Been. In reply to their lnqniiies, he said he wished to ere Mrs Coburo, whereupon they in sisted in bis going op stairs. He objectel, bit as tb4| urged him, tie complied. As soon as he reached the top e> H e etalis, a rutr.anty attack war c immeuced on lilan by the two nn-n, one of eh-m seized his arms from be kind, si d both neat him over the head with a'.lcks. The winner o* the assault was very filly testifled to at the examination. hy Mr. Porter, whose fa te'oo.e untaisrake ab e marks oi -evere treatment. It is not necessary to g , into the par icnlars ot this part of tbe affair; suffice it fo sky ibst, amid the cmi'uri m and the sc-ei ns of tb> won en, Pir er Busily succeeded ii extricating bun ?elf snd running a?ay. Me w?nl to a physician arid bsd Ins wounrs dre-sed, and subsequently epterea tne iU.ti plaint, it appeared, by the testimony. that Por ter did m'1-1,1) w Mrs. Coburn was married unt I s m< tixe after bis fi ? t uc (usiutau.-e with her. Ho had me' lersui Mis. Halt- n (the two ladles a-e sister-) at places ?r sniusinieiit, und quite often in the stre-t, but he ?C, roi-d that H ere ivas no criruinality. porter bal re enved in addition o tbe "ceo. y letter'1 of Saturday, one ether epistle, which read as follow WunsratuY Moxrinu To * ITar KwrNn.?According *o pr >m ho I mw address yon h 'ew lines which I hot ? will piste ysl I lo ir It win no", ae I h el rs'lu r dull In risy, and not havh g received one tcom jotinayet I riail) knew no'what in nay. 1 know too will amuse 1L1* he It wb?t It will, and accept onv eiou -n. Ton alresdv k now mv "pinion as regards writing; vet 1 lay aside Iboee, lor I do want lo hear Iron yen, Ks I cannot new you. Il I* ? (to n tt* day (cxeu-e tl.e expres^on). aim u 1 had on' a ?ltl 1 wrul.l not tee ton. 1 ?!> u (1 he lempO'il to woilk up West street Ud* af'erronn; but retnemher 10 o'clock to morrow, A M , without fall-I have sotnettw g to tr'l yon What more I can a?\ I know BM, ?( 1 am ptMri under rather le-ullar clrvm e at < ea 1 Irust you are well to day. Accent my beat withes, aLd that we may he frienaa forever is ihe wish or a K8IKV i>. H aim sppenred that Counsellor Porter had wuiten one letter to ltl? "deai filend " and that she bsd grumbled besouie hp wouldn't promise to write mire, The upshot of chapter (I ihe story w as, that the valiant defsud anti were ea h refut ed to give bail in the earn of SHOO to ej | ear ,?t Ihe urp- r court. So rout h lot l'orter. In a few day* it emu* out titan there sm-lie not only 11 gged th? lit 1-' cnuns-llnr for re eslving ' lovy-d 'ry " Lsit.lugers of Mrs. ('.'burn's divi led effect it ns, but ihry iik?wi'?' en'lced the strip >ng Sumner li to their "Ik uee of eortection" on the very name after Boon aud bent Mm *itt out stint or tnetcy. They tnct net hint at a ea room in West street, and by muck uoex trg moucco tiiin togl with theiri. They put him ioj a eenisgc, end / t'night *?y conveyed him to tli? preteu ?? at the isdv, where 'hey accused him of improper con due' tow-aids her. Th ? she, with many cries aril pro. testations tfui-d. afln ruing'hat she only was theoffeoder. Nidwithsi ind'Dif this, Sitnntr was taken 1 >wn stairs Into tbe cellar, toroed into a coal-hole, ami frightfully Dfcl'renied. lie wits beaten from head to fait by the two ruffian", wbo hail ei gaged the services of two giants who eimd by rcsi'y to aid tr.em snould their streogth Dot prove sufficient t > atin)iiiii>ter tbe prop.nut thrashing. It U reported it at he was mutilated in a manner horrib.e to think of. I lis ioj :ries wee so severe thai he was un due to bring toe matter before the courts a - he hid in traded. It is lai.. that. h? concealed the full extent of his Injuries from 1,1s friends, uot judging them to be of ao ?enous a i aturc as they afterwards proved. I nbile inrignati.n was strong agninst the defen dants, and at ?>.. e time i? ?as apprehended that the h >u-e 84 Hiawniut street would be destroyed s me night bv a Drub. It.e gnat cxii cniet.t had somewhat lulled. win ti ?udi'enly the c< mnuioity was startlee by the news th* c? tbe evming (,f Tuesday, Pec. 4, Coburn hud broken to o the safe of hir firthe.-lu law, John Oove, Esq., in whose vtcpl y he wee. and stolen tl 7u0. Beingdetecte he resloied $1, 80, unit mated where the residue bal been S|evil. lie was arrs'guert b*fore the police court, w*lv ,i an exsmii a'.loo, and was ordered to givo bail to V~> 0 J, fur tiial in tbe Municipal Court. Hts fa her and bis counsel li can.e curettes, and us hts b nd-man in the assault c>se bai already gi>cn him up, the same par't"< e bail f r ibat am- nut. In til t"-day (Monday) the iiff.ilr lias bean looked tip n by all far til s as s la ply the must absurd pieces of fu',? that has been enacted in our ci'y for a long wujje; b it it ?oaappisrs tint 'In' mi; pi se t farce turns out to b" it total t sgedy. Mr. Wlllinm N turner died this morning, at hi.- father1* hum s in kiiPon. from his injuries He is lan i n ed by s very h.rg" circle of acquaintances, by wbtmbr sih mnrh loved. Four physicians, looiudiug doe'ora Jncksun snd Warren are now engage 1 on a pos mertfin examination of the body. The two men Joburo and I ah? n I ??? ben nrteated an I e nfineit in ja l on s ebsrge ol willul homicu e, arpt puhiic feeling is strong agsiost t em. n> one -tmpathizes with thorn, and evsu filends renounce them. H. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNT. DKATfT OF 1 01INO I UMNKK?THE OOBOMER's INVE't TIOAI'IO?.? TI1K kKl ITAL OF THE FAHTIOHLAnd ?AltKkkTOE DA ETON AMrCOBtJKN. [Frrm the Ho.ton limes, Dec 12 ] The sxriiemmt which had heea all-ye 1 for some 'ays pe?t In rrgsril to -he t-busmit avenue aiTal.- was raised to a higher pi's.h th in ever yesterday morning, on sc ent, nt if the new*of the death of the young man, Wm. Hin-ner, at Milt, n All soils of rumors sere current as tolheex ent ard charscter of tbe injuries ibtt had neeu lable'ed upru him by Oobnrn ami i'aitnn during (h. lr hru'j.l assault, but thsts *?, no certain proof to crlmi oate either i r any of them. Tt a two utif rtunate young sea. ef'er l) etr urrsst in 'he morning, were kept in the ettee of the (thief of Police, in tna City Hal, t li l?*o at 11? ht, that uflicer very naturally and wisely disliking to Hiein in Jail null in-re c. inuiu -ire proof o' ihet gul.t, si.d advices f om Milfon, in regard to the pn t mortem ex supination and Coroner's tuquost Would war ran' such tn set. Mr I altnn appeared much d?pre??ei in spirit* during the afternoon, and con-me-able -y Tpnthy wu* expreswd for him. He declared, wl'hgreit came 'n -ss, thv. whkt wv?r n igh' l?e his fate, even 'f he was perfectly exone rated fr in all the cba'gee, ice et.uld never efTice bis aortow and Ngrrt at tne r> cent transae'lor? in wnich ha had participated Cnnnrtt appeared more s'olid ar rl ea-e less sh. ot ihe metier, bu< s'iil it was evident teat his manner was in a great measure a-aumed and riddled. Mast ran*In y Tt is -sdto c ntempla'e the change in th?n'a-prospect* of these tare young and (nn'il la elyf pi' ir.lsu g men, tiial lis. taken pi ,c wtibtn be east few w?sk>- ai d all occasione I t.y a 'h uigbtie-s on the ope band, and a premeditated an I Injudicious rsvyiye in thw r llier. Flr.t, ws heir of them fa what, at ilie tiuia was thongbt to be m 'ety a persousl brnwl and moofctre of| any eonsequenrr ?. Hp n tor an ?.r*st#w sggra'atad a< eauJt, nrxt ennea the gi ir* charge upon out of s h"Svy n.bhary, and 'but nt i..-h an nngratr ful eUyractar ihst svm ftk'tidr, wh niight hsve |.|iWd iron through the ah? me and crime desert- d and de? Js*d him; next, the wiiil gisvi r rhaigf i>r taking Hi* M'e of a fellow being an ar.esi iherefnr sod continem-n'. sut j?et (if the guilt ve pn redj to that leaiful penaltf whose ignominy it is tor muI ;?> ecntrmplate, the pnperh ''truth t? stringer tlisf t'e'l n." was n"T'" more fully veMilad than .lisn th? applied io the es-e of'heyenrg nun, fVhitm and Oalbta frimitir s|ecial iBporter, wbo visited JJbe reslfsncw of Mr. Pnmnar's fa'b'r, mid attended th# f rroner's to siuest, a re-srrt of wht h Is suhjoinad, we hsm obtatred tne f.)lowing addl'ioosl par leuiar* of the sad tragedy Vl'tiliam .".umncr, tiie i-ec a?ed, Is a son of Hu'us W. ?unrer, a a*ttva of Mllt-m, Where he now rewld's. and his frath is the first lh?t has occurred in the family, which numbers fen sons snd one daughter. He was born Heptsmber ',6, 1886. an l ??? in his iweniy-ltrs'. year at the time of hi* dec h. He at'snded a school In Bytteld fh- sevaral years hut itnri g the past y-ar has been a atndent In one of the mercantile scadt rotes in this city. His health was alway i remarkably good np to the time of the a-*ault upon him by Ooharn aod iHitoo. and h? was m.r.stderad. In all reepect*, a nromtetog young man. After th* a**aolt, he appeared rr noh dep es-es) in mind, hut avoided, a* much a* powaiole any menlton af the ?Air. At tlrnm be comp'ulMt of ptiM '? M< held and chert, but st deavored to conceal his feelings an much m |.orsirle. His mer tat distress and pursiest weakne-s were obseried by 'he hr lly. and every effort and to alleviate Vsi'h. On Thuuk-g'Vtng d?v, he at empted to play at font-hall, and wan relied with a choking iu tus throat, and < t l i;erl t > deri-it. He then com|>laioed u' u revere pain in l is cheat. A vet k lift ? last Hatu'dny, hir left eye, whi h then bora like of 'be blow iri e i by Dal Urn and Unburn ba the maikn nf the blows fti en by yn ts swell op, and continued to grow worse On 'he Tucday inflowing be begin to eomolalo of a norene>? in the threat, and the lex day Dr. Dolmen, the family phy ei inn. art called. A'ter tbe apf lici'lon of retnediua the Inflan ira'ioi. iu the throat van allaywl but the eya did net ft'1 w any be trr, and bin mind war in a very ex .luid (tele. The diet r. hover* r, di<l nut apprehend anything perinea un il -unday, when t> ?deceased oecautedelirimv, and rared rety uudly. Ou Monday Dr. Miller, of Oor cheate., war called in an u o nsahlng physician, an I after a careful txaniuia'iou of the patient it Wis thought that hia ??< ndi'ion van irort daugvous, aud every elfort wan u ade to mve t.lm, but It was tvi Inf. The delirium iu cieared in ii* inteunuy un'il late M mday night, when the a| pd-a'ion ofletoibe beau cause it to subdle, and be d.cocared ruuk into aluirber, tbe first for nearly thirty-aix houra, and uever awoke again. Hi- death war r>> uafcn and quiet that thoae who were watching at bi> ordure were baxiiy o U'dou* of it an il be hod par rid inm eternity, which event took place at 6% nVh <k 'iuem ay morning. In view < f the pnhtic exci'ement connected with the deeeurtd, it wm dc-mi d advirable to have a port mortem exam'uatiou of the boiy Thin took place yeaterday afternoon, aid war mane by lira. J. B H. Jack son and Aiusworb of Bort n. Die. Holmea and Ware, of Milton; and Ilr*. till er anil riyot-nor, 01 D ircberter. A report of tl.e exumina'.ion will oe found iu the report ot the in quest. At he cli"? of the poet mortem axamination, Sheriff Adamr, ? t Roxbury, who had bosh sent tor, errived, and procetced to summons the following gentlemen, wuo were en psnntlied aa a coroner's Ju'yNathan Tucker, hdwrrd t'apen, I uua Tucker, Friend Crane, Elijah 'fucker and Simon berry. Af'er the jurors bad been sworn by Sheriff Adam*, who acted aa Coroner, the following testi mony a as given at the INQUEST* Dr. C. C. Holmes, called?I a in a practising physician in Milton, 1 war acquainted with Wra. Sumner, the de ceased; knew him for twelve years; do not remember that be has ever been under my care until Wednesday last; 1 have i eeu the 'ami y physician for aeveral years; the deceased has lived a' home moat of tie line during tbe part twelve years; when I was called on Wednesday last I founc him -Ick in he i; he had. a severe inflamma tion In bis left eye some on the left cheek and on tbe left side of ilienerk; under 'heumia! treatment for i?Qam mstion his aye 1 in proved up to last Saturday; the latla.n mation was acci mptt.led with fever; on Satartay inflam mation s? iied the buck of his nose, and on Bnuday mil in ma'ii.useiied his throat: it was then very severe, he he came d< lirious rundsj night and uon'ioiied m ire or less so unt'l the 'inie of hi* dealt, which took place this (Tuesday) mo ning about 6)4 o'clock; there waraots cob ra'ion just urn e- the eye that was inflamed, but shell er tbe ii llunn.atioD anise from that or from a cod I cannot positively say; (I caono'. te;l whe ther the iaflsmina'ion wis cau-ed by a blow in l.e eye or from an exposure of a weakened system to the co'd; the ma-k under the eye could not h'vs been p odu-ed by exposure to the cold; i; mlgli have 'wen cu-ed by c m ug In contact, with some hard substance I sow tu-dsy iu the p st morteoi exami-ui ti. ti of 'be "ody a on.oe on the tip of the head, uodsr "he sculp; it o, ked bke an old brui e; 1 saa noma-ks on the ex'oi'or id the neck; d irtog mv atieudance upon blui I hid some conv-rsa. 1 n wi h him, and rememirer that l.e told uie that " while .h.y were pulling me into the in) i' 1 raw two men standing in toe ent y, and that i ok all ti e courage from me;" be old n it men 1 in the place meant, by 'he cellar, as ho knew that I wa? aware of 'lie matler which ha I transposd; in my opinion, the inflammation snd the fevrr working uihui a mind v oy n ucb wrought up, pioduaed delirium *hotb, anting up on a weakened svst'm. led to his < oath; I do not thin* that 'be deceased would have bail any l iliamm ttiou of ? be eye. unless the eye hsu neen strue* pro iri inly; from my knowledge of 'be ob>? g'von, I tiave no uoubt that It ear tbe piedlsporing cause ot the tmiammutiuu in the throat. K. A 0nmi,er, caded?I am a b-other or the deseiwed ,u his twenty-Bret, ,eir nt the time of his deathj previous to hie death try brother told me that he was at lacked by two gentlemen; lie wax met 1U a Hal'on in West etieetbylwo men. wb . inforirel him thai Mr*. Haliou to see him in Shawmut avenue at the h m?e of Mr. Cobuni; he it fo nosl tbein that he h .dn't -ioie, and 7' ,. J1'1 *",t" '**> I'alton; they told him tnat they 7 'J*? h' 'n ? carriage; he 'hen went to the .v1"'* "f Mr- Cphorn wt b the men, and was tak-n to the I V.0'7 honss; he was there cent'onted by Mr,. foburnsidi Mr* Palm., ant 'he two men who tool Mm there provwl to be ihn husbini* of ihe ladies- M . la) then asked b'in several quentlorui iu r.Widto l'ber lee taken with hie wile; to Mime of therte question* he au-weied jee and to mine of ihein "no," after Ih '? il,e,,'e-v '?nw,n B,nn? la the room for a r it a ?: o*!10" caru0 bapk ia ,,u nhn t sleeve - llowed by Ooburn, and thoy -ommeiiced aa at tack upon him, the ladiee teyan to ec<eao, end irrplored ihetr husband, net to heat him- t< ev h'm down throe lights of stairs; while g. u |t d< wn stairs ,ie -aw two mm ntnndiuc in the " , "'l'1 ll? ,"I<1 lliat hi* courage then left him, am he did not date to resist, aa he was afrat 1 tlicy w .md hUlhimj ti-. j dragged him into a cellar, and ihe icnu men.ed heath.g I ,m with their hands; he told me that they old nor get him down, hot while he wa- a looping to hi alio r 7 pushed him again*t. a wall and nurt his head; afn r e.raping from the h,u-e ho took the car T':,? '"vM-'ing <" pain- in tbo l j- , J1"''*7 1 """"is' I ?sw hh.i; hi., ye was ?.dy discolored. and he complained of a bad leelirg in .he heed ; I next eaw Mm <n !f file's i "7 "v" l\nt he r"" ?f" wi,b '^o exception Let Mo! I t" tl,e l"'t 1:"" J him ?M laet i ight, when be knee me, an . a ked me if I could for ?.l ".'i D w%n<,?'?<1 ? llt-l- and said tome keep th,sen,sn away they want to Ic'Ii me." .r,Av ' i. r c*"' 1 ?*w ,he ' ?ceaeed last evening and found him a Verr sick man. quite d. 11 |<?o?, &? bie Bot'eed' a "i rr l!rae 7%* > vtter Ull*J 1*?U. I Hal\l . 2 ""h1 u "f 0' e ?7?' which but par tialiy psnd, l is ihr? at was much inliamerl; 1 did not u.T.V,V,y n,B,k1uP 'n ''is person except ihe diseolora bouse of his .hath was the ioUani ma hn of he threat; ,n my opinion, a blow caoeing a wa'lii to remain euch a length or Uuio upon u wrlg Tm s!Ti ^ .Pr?d'1>Pu,,i"8 ??"te ot ialiammation: acrid i, be likely to hsN'ea ii tlamrrui-ion in such a ea >e t> r- ^umia '^1'ing called?I first saw ths decoded this auemiron, and ??* prt-seni at'he autopsy ; I uoticrd acaik spot t-slemally hcrieath the left eye- after the of^LTJ^" V,", 1 *U? "a"' " "K,lt 00 ,he *"P of the head , upon cxomina ion iiid-rnnily. 1 notice.1 in flamp-ation in the posterior part of the throat and nose in ,h? ho y which would seem sufficient ?o prt-duee death; all of the organs wer >u ' ?',1: LI"m mj kno",'?d8? of the histo y o Ihe s.ckncs* of the deceased, I have no ioubt that tho M^? i 'he pye was the predisposing csuae of On lnfiamina'ion to the throat. " -r n."l"r \ flum I "tn TVpnty ftiief of the Police of nost. n, I ?n?w Frank Dalton, but do not know where he reside,: I found him to-day In Congress ??et in h* r& 'l; th" olothln? bmlness; I arrested Mm wsits vrioriiinfc m hi- ?r^>r?, ami told hi-a .hat I win ueder theneee-sity of colog it becauee the young men when! h* a?n Ccbuin bad tsa'en ?u- dead, his reply was ? \ou den t say! it cxr-n. t be possible. for he was out more ihan a ve?k ug? ; ' aft*r w# <r it iTt?? the s.ieet h" said me, "f never kicle.) hinT.f that f tLmt '< n T V 1' ' l"Id bl,n ,h'u 1 understood that. uinner was kicked In hiap ,vstes; }? -aid. ?'( dldu t kirk Dim lint I struck him u Dumber of tim-w; ?ud you or any other man. plared in the same circumstances kh*rt him aadVi" ?*m? ' hskod him if Col, urn dh.? MVi that lie cu d not tell aheth r I < bum kick est him orn.t; I told him that the public he'wiTthmt o k '"J1"? co"rH? tha? hp -"'I be said that He knew I'; he also said that'< if he had fe wUM?.7,tWlU,bi*Wl,e'tt W?ud '""? hc-n a oli ufr'k? ,V' ,Kin*- am a pollee officer, and cap 1 ' '?? 1" in, Bdskon- I arresie-i Oobum this '??her s house In Sh-i.mut avenue it wee about ten o'cl-H-k; I to d him It was my painful dot to ariest him, for Mi. Huroner was dead; he ano.-Hro' !oi,rP: ",L,I"b1,1 h* wnoli 8" Wl-Ja ins We t^nweu, o Mr. hove ? bouse, where his wl e was stopping ?ud he T!t'1 "rhJ',".rr"tL*hil? 011 't'trty down ,n town I l^'h! .Teil ihonghtit would be a I,ail,hie rase I t?l i b'l,'hBt Ihtmgbt not: he said it was a hard wa, J-j ?1 bf?n lb? ruin of him; he nl??o wiid, ' Thin matter c< prerns Pi,it< n mere ih*. it ,|o?s me," and that It wo le0,^"I<roubl?'; '?/ >''? " Other troil jles" Hove i Co *"*" ?tea Hi g money from the store of So rarer celled-! sm a brother of the deceased fl""? wt,b him in the cars t-om Bwtonou-ne' n n l ^ IT, *. ! ??"?olt "pot, lilni by ?>,b?ru and Dal ton, I met bim In the cars, and he had his hanuke-chlef no olueey.a. ? sskwl bim wba ihe mattere., a..d he ???.f owlon.TT" hi" 7 c'" d??r: i,e "M'-ered to be sulf-r rg ton skin aide patn. an 1 was aimoet erring: 1 did not say r. ,h. * ,0hfc,m hi th? "m" W"rn we arrived hl .^L ^'i * 'i'rchc?tcr i III,1.1 w?|k?.. hon.-aod be rwie when he got home, mother asked t,|m what thc r n v t'c'T*! *nr l !' k*"'' 1,naJ"kln* *?f- ""h nothing ' n v ? C'tfii !? of hlflhmrn lilt n.p.' | v-ol?f htm thm.t /?* h.d e.kl he g?t hurt in the car-; he did not ? "bottlysfier went toned; he got up toe next r.L f'/a uay). and laid .hoot th* house; he said tui ve y fitilo meats nt the mat'er ?t u,e assault, 7 lo t ?'?"orrr calleil?| 4 urnth.w of the d#o-a?ed I saw him when he came home on ^atori.y night, alu-r' ^n i' h ,to )* hu t. bin t did not My Skebot ant thing to him; Mi no ay l,e was about the home tint did m i g, nut >n M-nday h- Went ?u' gu I I. g; lie only went ? short distaoc- from the lom-e ??d soon 'etwrt-en; on Wed. e?ia, | ?? h0llr,, ?f, but . id not tay and, of anything t,, him f 1 dirt t ot wish lo hu t his tre|j?K, u, t?l.l,gab.ultlie !f' r?l, . set rnesday ?i,h he was ta-eii ill, romlMi.g m'nt of He night, the next da, I went f.,r d.Kttor. who < m? I nt tip ?iihhini on l\t ! ^^i-iy uigiit *n l h? cr mt iMne" very MCI, s f a pwo hi-^ye, o,, Vh ,?day t-lgh' I was with him, and he still e .mpinlned of his ?v? am was ? mew-Pat deranyed; In hi- delirium he seem.wi to r we l npon ti e diAculiiea he h.i-l wim r .,i,urn u,?. la'ior ; 1 observed ihtt he was deoressewl an-l ?pU -aie.1 n-nrh -harge.1 ever alter 'he (logging ?tr*ir. kptus P. Minn er r.liec?1 *m father of the de -ensed 1"" ai home mo-t ? f the ttiao ilnee the 17th " r1*1'1 th? ,7th n,t" apoeere-l uincli ??,. , *a1 ' ?"U 01 *>is teftTfe hi. o n ?evhed hiuiiodo ...mething tor i ,ml hadly hnet 'TB?Vl,vd th? she *?.d ,h.t be was hStu. Seiw !J"0rd'7 ''11 ?*I"8 1 '"vrd of hia P^t.n,n\t!,'.r,'d ''Tyburn and lk.lton; he sr. ot lo h. . aid al- nt Ih ^ w-'1, "n<i ?*">? tight rs.ak; Mm-eh s'd h:.h'eT,;'rm?r: th; "r nUr""' ?est raturd.y Myi.t w,,; . ffr"slog better, <>, Ma ?..i i., f b# eotnidaiaed of ?. mc on We neecs, ,b-4.?-,"%!. LX l. n'hU/>#' \D* worse nn-il filorCiy. when theXV, i U th 7. 'TT'"? w.sinHem.t. a.* de^Jn! L"* ,hA?, laflsmmatk ? proeemled frea the ..Id l.ruia-in M? ?M he ..Id ihJIt it ... preo,h,i. .Ji d7'' '0,,J7 '7*' retre?ll?? to tliay the inl'.w?,ait.-n, and he l eet7J ? isier; he continued lo breathe more easy no to th. e of hi. death, hie disease appeartd !o ?7. bJL, ? ?/fair preyed upon his mind ill the Urn*, -and he grew very nervous. during bis illuw*He?,l (lehitcni hi* thoughts wee eontlnual'y on t >e dousing affair, arid he -eemei to be fearful it at Col-urn ant l>wlt?n were c -uiing to kill bun; during one of h * lucid intorvdb* th? diy previous to liia death lie called a.?tn hin ha Id "wan" naked lor my foijireiima; he stM "1 know flu* I h?ri> dm wring, but I was dream into it by keying bad company; I slab n? ver do wrong again'," he air ? a-ked forgiveness fiotn 1,1* brnllitis ami -h- ra t ol ibe lamily Ibe examine i >n id eitaaou wis i include Ibe.e, and at 1 o'clor k * tie room w-* cleared for "he jury to null up 'b?.ir Teidiet After do disrating up- n the aia'tor un til 9 o'clock the jury retun ni ihe fo lowing ? eril c "Out the tit ht p of ibe death of Wm Mourner w*? oeearianed by hp wh ant other D juries rec-dvwl from the hai rs < f Fiancis I alvo ana hdwart 0. O burn, in the house No M M'-awmut av?n e, in the ei y of Boeion, or, ibe l"1h day of November lust." After the verdict of the juy bad been rendered, Depu ty <h tf H iin retu net 'o ibe Chief's office la tin* city, where raltiii anil Coburn were awaiting hi* return, aui sonotncod to tbem tbe terdicl. both of them receive I the new* very coolly, and showed no sign* of fear or re incise. Tiny weie then committed to tbe Cambridge stieat jail, fiem which they wid he brought up thii uiornitg sod airsigbid in the I'olice Court on a charge ot inuider. The tuneial of i-'unner wtil take place on Friday, at his father's house In Milton Upper Falls. Our Fort a OorrwpondemM. Paris (Friday), Nov. 23,1855. Chnnral Canrolert in Sweden?Hit Minion and Fronting? The Euprrtt arul the Legion cf Honor?Napl&m's Popu larity?the Peace Conjren Idea tit Europe? Vint of Victor Emanuel?Incident! on hit Journey?Count Cavosr ?Russian Agents in Berlin?Poti'ion of the Pari* Butchers?Marriage in High Life?An American Ladj A lout to be United to a foreign Diplomat. If Gene; al Canrobert, tbe French ambassador extraor dinary at the court of Sweden, dues not snsoeed In accom plishing ibe object* ot bis mission, all that can be aaid is tbat an enormous deal of Scandinavian hoapitaly has been igregh ns.y squandered. Only read the following resume fr<.m tbe hlouitcur:? Stockholm, Nov 12, 1855. General f snrobert since bis arrival nns bcup tbe object of . . *? ? tba^n a ' continual Ovahoua and aic'amsUons. Uu tiw Wji a banquet was ottered b m by 'he Al ti-lser of Frauce; oo the 9tb, ibe Prince hoya). pieaumpdve heir of the crown, and tbe Prince** Hoyal, proposed a gland dh i er In bis honor; oo the lOtb. he dtned wl>b tbe s nglish minister, M. Mesonis; on (he lltli, wlib ?be King, Hi.d in ilie evenlpg of tbe came day there <va* a mag otflcint lerrpiu n al tbe Quern Dowager's, where all tb; court, mints'*'*. Ac., snd Oanrohert, assisted. To day hit Ma jtslj aires at loo bngbom a dejeuner, to which <ien. ? "our, itrt is Invi'ed and this e<eolug Ibe illustrious Gei era! will assist at nn extraordinary r?presentation which will be glieo at the ibeatre. 'ko morrow ibere will be a petit dinner a'the Frinco hoyal's, af.erwaris a aoirtt and proper a- Huron Herfleld's, Ml n'slci o! foreign Alitor* lobo'hot which the tleneral la in Ted; and tie day aitei m-morrow he Is io suo wltb the Governor we neral i '< unt Hmi ilioo Gin. ('sorol rrt devote* h- remnant o' hie f'nie <o -be poblin edablisbmenis. especbillv iho-o which have tny coi.ueciioii who the srmy. die popo'a ion profi keg by li.e nccaslou in surionod bun with rebeia ed expreaskons oi s; mpatb; and good n id " One cannot help thinking if any man In 'be world more tben an* titer Hands iu i em ot sympa'hy and g mil will it must be ub* wuoee digestive oigsn* a e so severely attacked as the Cinril's. A winier in tho C; l uea uiust bave lieen child's p ay to tbe fe* ivitios ?>' Stoc-bonn. 'ibe Monitiur of tbia U-onlng coulains 1 ho foil iwing dc rte:? Nai oleon, by the grace of God and the nation at *>111. Emperor ol li e b rent u. to nil pri weut and to come, srwetiug: lieslrln* to give io tbe hmpreea ltugene, ou* dear and well beloved *p< Use, aoieprclai proof ol our ttlleolinn, ou the report or our Gr? d ( liSi.ei lb r. i lie Imperial Order iil'ihoIygiouof Honor webave dice' d. unddo de reu as follows; - Ai*. 1. TLe h,list ? ut bdueadou of tbe Geglon of linnet which rball re-i nr ibe iisneuf hatpins liu| eriales Mapo leon ate p'sred n dsr 'he pr.iiert'on ol tbe Kmpre** art ?. bach year out or.i.d Gbaooello? of the Legion of Hoi or will ptest'iii o i c.u.p'ess n report ? tilling tbe pod Jon *lc rsuniremeo'a of ib* imperial Houses ail 3 Our Minis ?r of eiate and Grand Gnancellor tf tb Lrgloti of I'oi or sie (barged-rsch aid every one whom It m?r eoi.cerr?ttl h 'le exicu Ion of the r res cot decree He 1,0 a' ihe Falsi a il' tbeTuilarie , If-taof Novo uher, IH65. M aFUbnlGN. I bate thus particularized tbe above document, as i' scives to stiow the unrcasicg watchfulness which the Em prior t garottes ? vc. t very thing '.h*' may teurt to keen up bis pnpulaiiiy wi lt'lit tunny which is the chief recipient if tie privileges of ibe Lrgiunot Houor, ami .he care he takes to associate the name ot the impress nilh eve y in hiitutiouct agiaue'ulor tcm-voleotcharacter. It ia thus that the l ea. I Aria Exhibition wan said to spring from the ait o of hi gem-, as also teat, portion of thu Industrial Exhibition which baa immediate rvferenco to the want* of the poor. This far sighted man knows weL enough that if he is to have hi Irs tbcie is no cuter nt'.dri i f pcrpetua'lug bin dynasty than by thotougbly ideuiifytng the moth, r wiih tl >t? his ebildisn wiili tbo wants end syuipalhtes of the Eieueb people general y. His Majesty h.n lately caused an iospecii n to be made intoihe cases of all who re tut hod int alided from the < riu.ea, and wbon parties have suiletod amputation, or hes-itue ot ic wish tucupa oita ed 1? r active military service, be destree the p-e fc;ts, en due examination, to give them such civil ber'bs as th>y ate able 10 nil with ctimpetonoe. Con .tier like this wnl better erte to strike the roots of the Napoleon djbusty into tbe heart* ol the people than if lc fur nished trance niih ttf y free constitutions. For to got a p'ac.-a <eitain pecuniaiy something paid regularly oudor tbe gcvsrnuunl bond?is the grand ab.orbing oiijec of t vety man's ambition: ai d it la surprising In >v fulling h lemcnc alloa, c imparativt ly s|.saktng, wilt Content b?m. We have nt this mutneul iu our ey? several Viscouti s, of unexceptii nable nvntiers and at tainments, elio, after twenty years still earn no iuor> than n t (0 Irene* per annum .md thiuk thernseiies pri vileged teiigs. The (ducotionai insiitulion of the Legion of Hmor, c-sctlin.t as it is, is ma without faults. It gives to the orptati daughters o< the officers of that Older an e nca lion i.l Iha highest hi* d, and places them atterwaros in sheath ns Sncn as teailiers. governesses, kr.., forontaln irg n ie~pectalile JiviUho, d; Itui as a general rule it is found that young wonteuIssuing from the e establish ments an> n fall into difllcui'.ic-, and, in fact, take to entr n g their bread by living in u s ate of gross immo rality lit-Impress may do by imparling a pa rcmal inlluence to such establishments, wiiieb shall ex tend, bey end tbe brick walls, the want of which has bitheuo lien paiMully felt. A genetal anxiety exists to know what will be said of the fcinpert t's s| etch a', the K> pi allien in (let-many : but as yet the journals are cautions. The Austi'au (Jnxdlt seems to think that the sentiment* expressed in it point distinctly to a European Grngtuss. "The relations nt ltussia." it says, "with tbe hast and with Europe, could intilj he set forth in a precise manner, and wo d mot n-d. that all t-.uri pe wi ulu unite Ugetbsr, providei European inteiests anu wbat is opposed to them were clea ly nm ? knewx." It ntsy he doubted, however, whether Napo leon would fie at all inclined to yield a matter he h?s hitherto so sue jess lolly handled himself, to the aibitra tlnn ot others, if the Lerman Biurets are ready to approve his (the F.mper r'sy sets, well and good, but tie wo d "mneiince" may be tra.-uttal as "interference'' in a seme which, were it. pos sible, would assuredly net he brooked Residss. is Amet lea to have no say" in a question of such vital import 1 By the way, speaking of America, a letter tiom Etockl.i Int in die M Ami Gmdlt, says :?- The English sir nm crrvette Iiartisr, which arrived on the 8th atT.aihatet, near TSuxbolm, left sgsin on the 10th, to watch tbe movements of an American vessel wnich had, it is raid, a cargo of revolvers on board tor Kus-t t, srd which it lends taking advantage if tbe fleet utvora bie oppcrtu. By to teach Finland.'' The hing ? I .-'ar-diiiia, who reached Marseilles yester day, and wn- received wi'h Un-neoie rmprcisrmcn/, cone 1o rails n-day aim wi.l mate a grand entry atsmt thtcc o'clo-k. ibe journals are all full of his biography, ?nil that nf his liime iiuis'e-. If hen the depuiAiiout from the ton n i f turlti presented to the King?Trails Albert?a petition in tavor ofac< nstit.utlon. thai monarch teqt.eeisc '<> he infer Bed of ibe nanies vhirh composed It. Aiming these was found ha: of Count Uauiille de favour. The Ki g recognised liiut n* formerly having been a page at the ecu it, lli* cm site wi', humor, and ii dependent character, led him to leave th ? society of curlier*, am adopt ths military career: but in width his tad odor with the court preventer) biro fiem suecee iog, and lie quitted th service and retired to neneva ami i r gUud. Nubseqnenc ly. g to his native country, beesfahllnliei, iaion junetirn with his friend Dalbo, a te-w.-ipa|?-r called the Auorj;<- wnich at once took the l?ad in cwpress of rat din ia. Od being alter wards elected t, the Clamber he trok his seat on the right of the ('resident, with the conservatives and prot-s-ed against the reenuplion of hostilities?those hostilities which eventually led to the defeat and ablica'lnn of Ifltarle* Alls-rt. Un the aooes shn of the pre-ent hi.<gnf NtrdUtia, Victor Emanuel 11 , to tbe Ih'otie, Count (Evonr Instantly rallied t's tdu oauae of that monatch, and thus formed otie of the small group of eminent pen wiose patriotism and devotion saved tbeir c lUDtry from incalculable injury. Helsaow the able prima Minister ot the kingdom. it would apnea - that some awkward diaeloau res have is en nude at be Iln, cunoec'erl with the p dtcy of Russia, in ror.sequarce of s< me papnra having been stolen from the editor of the Kr<vU Mtung% tht Russian organ in that capital, aid likewise fir m vt. da Nieouhr, tbe Bilng's piivate secretary. It Is supp ?ed that Lord I'anmute'a fete cter| a'ch to Use allied generals, intima'ing that it was the iiitenUorv of Hits .* to take the ioitisuiTe, was founded upon 'here psjstrs. (onsiderahle excitement pn veils et i.erlln about thsm. Russia DO'btng deumid by one disaster after another, isaliu' to make tfissh levy, which is to'ake'he natneol the Ibltd Hau. At St. Petersburg military measuiessue otil ea<h other wtiho.t iuts-rrupiiuo. Recruitment gieser. wilt the tttmiwt activ t? In the pruVtn tes of the i alttc the ntlllita uf the tewn' and eortsiraii ?? of Volunteer iiflemeu hav- been called out. An appeal is nsi't to young stndeuta, who arc premised par icular edvsn ages. Iu Pi land, also, accnrt'.iug to the I'ahnf t'rscow, the rtgulsr tusvisi who are sent off to the south steiejisced hy t'e militia, the organ.xa ion of which h<<(ly is slroi st comp ete A h dv of 8 OuO men of that forrr sre to take up thslr winter qoar ers at Warsaw. Totuinfiow tlw sin hne 'o the intlcul >as, it i< to be hoped ibat the King or .saidlnia's visit will not lie eom BMUiOtWtfd hj a msr-ow hone an i cleaver imeutr. 8>r the Wi rsh'ptu) sKtetv of 4(0 and odd butchers who nave the n onopoly of the I aria market, prove tb? ru ?st obetropu kius csing: imaginaMe. ,vo lines no imprisonment, no thiiataol throwing down the barriers which rest at a the trade being free tr ail <v tos-s, have any offset. I h?y cheat. He and sell rarnon in the vi ry face nt tbe lew, end mnrrrur some hing elmut closing their ?lt>ps her. It Is a true bstlle of belly ter?us hut ;her, in which the bloody knight tl the cleaver l? fighting against is nrful odds. lie see is tiiat all this c ones of hsvtog Oat beef ratlrg (jtteen of England here In the summer who was accustomed to see the meat ? ivi led only by 1'e us arsl Joints, wberens in more civilised Frwuee the right Htm of ihe hntrfieT ch-aves through every obatacle, cu'. tlnr nnt for hi* customer tbe smallest fractintM of meat, wi h or witbont bone or bt, with thia proviso?that be msy rhuek In an '.tidls criminate quantity ?f fleshlesu bene, whub he keeps reecy at hand, or that the customer shall rut nit to be mulcud a certain pitre ia lien uf taking ti11 n him this Imposition. The tereetdeeree haaatnlish sd tie Imtcher's privilege in this respect?Atite ilhr la <t\na. I am not sure that the butcher has not the right

on hi* sice; but with the eomraurity against him, becked by e decree, his right must succumb to misht. There Is but m r sensible course, which is to open the trade. W ss I ?e. an Amet ir?n young lady, is about 'o be mar ried to the Minister of Wurfc n.burg. BERTIE. "fWI from Korttrrn Mr-rtto. OCR MATAMOROR GOKBKHPOfqDBNCC. Matawobop, Mait'sa Nov. IB, 18 V> Himwrrd Mention oi on tiui?Gen dudtdei an the Ikxan Jtiit* tnren?Omiera I Carta, in, RtleUim? Policy of Viu'aurti?Liberty of the Prt>t?Health Heport. The rumored Iota*-ion of the oouutry tie* oeaita-1 V rrea'e tiny Alarm, and Gore:nor Yidaarri has published h very e- ntpllu-enUry semi-official note trom Gen. Gad den, in which he hand.e* the l'exaa adisn*ur-r* pretty roughly for their violation of the neatrality Uw* of the I'niicd State*. the diffieultlo* between the -Hate* of Tamaultpaa and Nuevo I.eon enntlune, end a* yet the reeolntion of tne general government is unknown. Vtdanrri, in the mean lime, ha* >ecu*ed Gaixn, the Governor of Cauianllpax, *k ?lno hi* second in oummnnd he-e, with being in open rebellion again.-1 the general goyemment; and to moke them feel the weight of hi* authority a* Commander-in Chief of the force* in the three state* mentioned, he ht* oli-red this and all other port* in the line againat foreign oommeice until farther order*. ?'?? denie* that he ia In arm* against the general government, and that the objeot of keeping in night of Tampion with hi* force* 1* to prevent it* being formed into an lndepenrent State unoer the name of "Ituroide," at d for which put p?ee that place ha* annexed some ?f the adjoining terii ?ry fronting . u tne Gulf. Tne-eaifficultiea between the two Governor*, and the rrsigxa loo tlOcampo as Mini-ier ol Kelution*. are real triumph* for the iniamnu* party *> recently defea ed, ard it will not cause muehaatonhdiment If a ooinoioaiiou should no effected to break Vidanrrt down poliiieally. He i* certainly the only one who ha* u?t shown tneui auy quarter ; and should he have to snocumb, b? oertaiu ibat he will do it with dignity aud decency. H-. ha* g too | )i ck, but ia too pare nt his iceas of reform for any ot them, l'hi* U shown in part by the following circum stance:? ? He veiy recently addressed the general government a note, renreeenttig, with limine** and energy, -.hat what ever tioop* wore sent to do sei vioo on this hue, must, In imitation of bis owu, be auhjee'to ibe mtkury authori ty, as otherwise o v l war would be the resuir., as 'he people we.e determined to deprive tbem of thnai privtlegss that oxenipted hem fr.ia being tried by the ordiuaiy oouita of the country. Ibe numerous newipaiers publislie' in every sec'i >n of the e-untry show mat the Ireaitoin of ihe pro** i* un t-an melted, and to bold your o#u yi-u m ist be able to wiiie n-ongnl verses agkin*t the la<e despot and t-ts Hiclig, G? U ral Woli, aw well as to p etch tno era de mocrary, and sptek of iho "right* of man," a la Um J'siue. 'ihe fever on the river is subsiding, much to 'he deep moniQca'ion ol doctor* and iltale-s in medic um B Ui th's place and Urownsiiib are c n parutive-y hsaliby, ti d the biacing weather w* now have will contribute t step thru so. local new*. RIO RRAVO. miwfpaper accocntr. "the Voire of ramaullp-i* beioie 'he -uorwme G iv-'o msnt of the Republic," I* the utte of a manifesto pinto *l Matuuioro*. on ibe l!0lh November ia*t. It i* a kin of a spit ited popular protest of tho raiuauUpao ue-yl again*. a m alleged bign hoio'ed proi-ee<liug-i of Gene- in \ iilaniri. w lO slili ac-M as (oinmm ler ia tin ml of th ai n y of ihe frontier aud as G< vcruor . f the -"ate V. <xtiact ibe following intus contained in this into resting oecun >m:? * * ? Wuen the Tamauilpan* were for a seooru time driven to the revuiuli-uwy struggle, nuder c'in mand ot their lea. er?hi- hx? ioucy l>?u J car Jose ce la ( ana- at il,e rime ibat NueVo is-- u lai el also the cy hi* Ixi-illeney Dou 8hu iag i ViiUuni it ww dteu-td ii-cesnkty in oicier to sscu?? huc-. .i* iu u.e ope raui ns of the c-mpaign, ft oeu ralize ih? eoinmaod: au ' 11 ?e? in-int rjaisly agiced ihattVnor Vidaurri sbouM bi hiKnowledged sa G mmauder-iii-Chief o ihe army of th It' titier, and tenor Ga r.a as hLr sec- nd i-t o -ui-iian 1, o*nb holding iliat j osition, and be ?g con*i>h>re<l a* such equa commancsrs, a* lorg aa lbs stt uggle upainst .ho listed luiiiistra-ion was being caired o an eu-l. 'Jbai admin ist i a'ion bcii-g at last overthrown, and th sfai on id of nvoiLlior?wuo-h was no other than that "I the iho < f Ay u-lu ? | lauteo in triumph In the cap: at o 'be rej.uo ic. ti e lullliaiy ii -poiii'njfL'H of the I'r -nlie c-ait-o, of -vur-e, and each of rho has ero -itate* ths< bad aliitd tr getter dutiug tiie re-aesuuicc 11 popular soveiiignty. tots'quen'ly. Tamaubpts sles'td hi* Excellency Doe Juan .lore de la Gaixn (?ivem?r and Commando in ( 'met ot the State, wto, acting iu this capacity, proccodu to dictate aucb mtnsuio* a* he deauird of ih?g-eato*t in-por'ance; among others teat of appointing Col. G. Gkiciu n-tinary coi .manner of the line on the right bant nt-Jtio Bravo. * * ? ? * * *A the gerg, spbical positi-n of T*innuli|<a*, bordorli-p upon the I i.iieil -tales, constantly requite* the t-xiH e .ct r-t in srnreo fon-s on (be liontier. as *. on a* the reguia; tr cops ahiiidoi ed the line, it was necessary to create feveial corps of nati. nai nulilia, that would be charged with the pie-ertali' u of public order, and to len I air ocihe seivices irquiica lr< m there, and as sncu he ought to reieive j ay fr?n> the public revenu-s, as lian tcencccrred f?y teuor (iarsa. Daring tho rovoluiiuti costi m housis were estkbllshed on the frontier, aud 'he is'tnuss co;looted bete ??is apuropria ed u> 'lefi-av tb> exp-use* of Die l ilit-a under arms. a ? ? ,j,,u Md.-urri, si 111 assuming not only the faculties ol C< run unr er-in-( hiei of rfce 0f j,B frontier, bo iliose airo of Gi-teinor of Ibma-iLpa*, hus decreed th drsl iiidnn nt of the naJntial gnar< under srins in thi rita'e; has orde od the officers of the custom hoii-cs to obey l-cue but his own coinmiind*; that the rt-vnoe-i he f-larrd under hi-nwri control; and fiua-iy, hH-r.'.ervel to bin soli ihe rigbt to appoint all officer* of the Mat* me ti s cue om house, and u.e officer to command tm iir-e on rhe light hai.k of th* Rio Braeo. * ? On 'he Ifth of October )a*t, b'enor Vidanrri fulminate two terrible '!ccre?s deca-lig that Tamaulipa* has re lustd oludiinee'o ti e govn-inen' o' tne republic; di. g the ? fficisl character of ail the military clnek ol this ture; closing le conmercc all the ports on the frcntler, sod dengi.H'iug Villa de Jller a* the iinroo open to for?ign emmetee, and to which place be wil sindabodv of mined men sufficient to goa-vintce th import* iora. ??????? rnauliya* tiusts that the proverbial rlglitoousnesa o the supiime government will put a stop to tb? abuse* or {?Dor Vioaurri; and that the oplni-m of the sound minded fortune! the public?which is the m tatrigh e? t* ard severe jii( go in all comn.unities?will awardjustiu to that people In the pending question LUS TAMANIJPECOi'. Tl.e following correspondent*) of tho New Urinaria Pica xvne, tumiahre the latent htmlli^enee concerning the al tails on tbo I'uo Gtande:? BRowNHvrun, Say. 3D, 1855. Tboy on' atlll i[ttar rollingamong themselves on me other side of lb* infr and from present appearance* the north em province* ot Mexico seen* oouud to returr to their usual and iiatural Ma e of anarchy. Garxa and hi* e m freie* rclnse to terogi ixe the authority ot Videur.i *ti hss heeu ai>) oitiuri c< n.manrier in cliief of the rtonti Staler; ami tintteisaio rapidly approaching opeD a?.? hue. Guadalupe Garcia recently dispossess*! the custou home officer* at Ma ammo* end Oaioargo, and piasol i i rbeir stead creatures of hi* own. tin teaming'hie, Vo dauiii imn tdlaWly issued a pn cla nation chuting tho-* ctitdt ni homes. aid opening one at Mier Which he Suva he will ptotict with bin 'roups. lie >iao declare* that goo* a | acred at every other point *111 not lie ewmitted into the interior A lactic wan then issued hy the author! ti< h of ipae, without beitg Higued, in which they act iorth I) *-tr giterances at lergth. They nay that th?y acknowledged the authority of VI I'atitii while ti e revolution wa* in progreaa, but that hating been Comummated. aud the triumph of liberal principle* a Mimed by the night or -ant* tun ant ttie elevation of Alvaies, Tamavuipa* returned to tier elate ' incepetiili nt rover* ignty, suljert only to the provi-iio.i of the plan ot Ayutis and thca- of .be oohsiituti u to ... formtd by the repr>s~ntative* of tt.e n* i >n. They alno arson that ihe Filtration of ramaolipar, aun her re latum to the Imttid Mate*, demand the organ'nation of apt msoent military lor*e, and that t.. p?y there troop* toe nvenue aihiog from Ue cumra hou-e* i* absolutely nrcestaiy. This niauife**', I* dire*-ed to the Suprro gover on.ent, and ir tut* niied a- an apology tor their e*i duct in OisTgaiding the command* of vidturl. It plausibly written, and may c< nimaud aorne attention fro the reutral autho'itie*. The 'act is, how or ? r, that Garza, Garcia, and the r, of the Tsmaulipa* loa ark, ate a *et oi smail aoouodral* who, uralde or unwilling to understand the great reforms wl hh Vioaurii annoui ee* hi* cote* mination to ei7?et, aie only anxious I r |lnco, power and plunder. I tnink they will have to succomb to hire, but tn the meantime thi ir i|iiarr?ls are having a haleful elTec upon ihe indus try and pros|ciiiy of the country. At la?t account* (.ana was etitl t* fore Tampieo, the rommander of which pbire i>fust* to rerovni.e hi* authority, unless by VI ('anrti'r ci n nu nc, ai d the termer ha* wri'ton to Mate n orot Cor teitilWcement*. The following exiract. from a letter I tecently ec ived from a fitend in Tampieo, will (how tlat Auieticnn card'a I and ni would *oon all t a chin ge it) affairs on the ftont.'r, I anything a per 0 si ent sr.d stable government were forine*1:? ? An ingllsh gentleman, who had Just arrived from Ca tone, iufotms me that a nnmpany of Americans, from New t oi k and New 1I- leans lave purchased the wail known silver mine tlx lesgura from Catoree. The Mexican traditions and * Id .-] ani*!> rec* rd < u>t i glee almost fa bulous arcounts of he lemaikablt yield or tills mine in ll.e < ?y? of tie vic<*?\s, l*'i tc the lu erual troubles drove ? if .he Workmen and filled up the 0lefts and gan ? wars with water, the purchasers are reprm-enu*! by It.).,, kicUieken, of New Yotlt, (Apt. K. rbe* lirliton, of tiupos (hrhrtt, mid a g. ii.leman from New Orle.ui*. Sbooid mier lie restored, ihey evp-ct to put op tit"lr a'nbtinu y and commence next'all My Inform ml Ira. t ed tl at the first named eentleman left vi..nt?rey fur tl,' rity n* kiexio*', to ob'aln a ai-eetai permis/Son to in IrOi.'ute the ne< enary impli men's, he., to commence tho work The mines at 1 enl de Chtovee have all been un iir valty | roourtive this seamn. IVhcnni* itifunnaut 1 ft, < ue ft tend had 814,fOO in bars, de lined on account of the nnngi i s of the r< ad. Si Le*i f.< m llafatrntos that It Is lo eontemp'atlon to chart* thesttairer Mmtorla. to take ; 00 tri.nj to T*m (icu to rriutoue Garia, hnt I du not tieiievo it will lie done, as fl.ey have .mly 400 men arms, and they ate altald ?v*iy day that VldMrrt wilt aeud a tore* arain.t them. The latter ha* been J load by a hrtgvue ot in i pa fn m Ihe eapi'al, to operate sg?n*t Capt. Oslla 1 an. -hi uIn he a'tempt another crossing of the Kin Ctkrde; hut aa tbla . tee tot appear probable, he may uieihere men to leatore hi* aulhmity in Tamauli which I sincerely lio[e he may do. aa any King is better than the present state i f no .fusion and anarchy. 1 bet a Ik but little burin*** (loir g here, and just about tbta time the weather la excessively ?old. Cheerr.** have le*n very fine this season and by the next *>*am?r I will ?rt d you a specimen or sugar cane grown le this vadey. which 1 think will compare tavorab y wl.h tho p. dote ?f your own Mete. P. h ?1 have Joet teamed that Andres Trevlno hai Ixaa apfsiisted Aroeitran Consul at thla pl*ca, aud that be has rn.ertd upt.n the done* ofihla .#:? rwo or three DCBtha ago he waa cnmpellad to fly to tide sire of tha river to protect hie ll'e firm the then authorities nf Mex iro. CarUtu upe and dewne InthUMfe! IVevin > is an affabh gentleman, and his appointment give* unlvevatl reuefietlon. Highly Inlcrmlng ft >m Mlraragoa. ?OH BTNI1L OOBHBarONOBNCB. G tun-in* Nicaragua, c. A., Dee. 1, 185ft. Nicaragua " liulfxiulimt, "?I'earn?Fxi-a Walter t?tif fed '/ Ihe Act button?P"pvXarit\j of the New '/mem meat?Oredit qf ' <e New Oaeeninuui?ike Oun jemy? Who the Pi/hbusteri Are?The fivoourec. qf Nisa ragua?lht CtitUm Hou <r, itc., tic. l'li-j seceess of tbe democratic party in Nicaragua has pr< bably been tbe subject of a paragraph io nearly every newspaper in : he United Htales, Hut fear J lurneli that reach ua here seein to weigh the matter by a prop r ataodard. Do not the people of tbe Uni-e<l States kuow that henceforth there ia to be a new order of thing* here, or are tbey asleep? Let me explain: A few tnin'ha ago Gen. Walker aril veil at Rlvae, with a handful of men, fou * tit a deeperate battle; waa defeated; retreated, re cruited, and, in a few weeka, fought the battle of Virgin ba y, pushed Ida advantage, and nhortly thereafter **.'?>! in the plaza at Granada, <1 eclating peace where war had ? slated contlnc ally for three yeara, and peri .di tally for tweily. Peace baa aince been maintained, and will ? ntinne. Ibe people of tbe United States have been accustomed to look on Walker aa a robber, a pirate; and the term fl l -m - er baa been thought the ml de it expression that could de sciibe biacharac'er. I well remember with what holy ior tor the people of New York would look at me, amonth ag < when I professed a friendabip for Gee. Walker and a *y?n patby with hia cause; and yet these same aen always pull off their hsta and buztab when the name of IJtuj vtte la mentioned In a public speech. They are not to be blamed, of course, for their lore of the memory of l*e I'syette; but if they axe c oats ent it will not be loog be fore tbey will eiy enthusiastically, '* Ftixt tVaUerl" a* all Nicaragua does to-day.* Tbe reports of tbe differett battles In which Walker and 1 la gallant little band have been engaged here, base already reached you. Aa mere military news they are of little interest, at they only go to substantiate what the Texan and tbe Mexican war piored oyer and oy?r a thou sand times?that a body of Americana will face with nuc" res*, when well armed and In good condition, as many op the Spanish American sob iera aa you please, let the uun ber be moie or leas The importance of the news is, how iver. very great, for it foreshadowi tbe destiny of all Central Aroeiica, which ia simply that in a few yea-s the north American system will be the guile of all Ui >se -talis? North Americans will be eucouagel to c* U.e liitberward? that they will coino, acid that this beautiful land will noon overflow with the ricaueas ol I s rest uices. Iyer hluee the declaration of in dependence made by the ellleriut Kta'e* ?i Ceo-ral Ameilca. Ibe o luotry uas useu tbe ibiat.e of oi to-taut and civ.l ouim-.tiuu, tae cilect ot wbl h has been yeiy naturally of Con se, t > im puyeriib its inhabitant* and corrupt 'he moral* of tin* people. I de not de- m it neces-ary t > g > iuto a tu-iury of tie causes iftneWar Just ended, hut it is enough to s?y tbarihe dunocatlc pany of the country iuvie 1 lisn. H alter to aid in ibe detest ol toe arisHicailo party. II came with a bandiul of men; the art-v>ora'ic pa-ty was defeaeo; tie democracy triumphant, establish ed a provisions! government, and Nicaragua ne rsiie tree, became the government has baynne'* ? niugh at its conimaud to secure this fieelon. Now, these bayornt* ate in tbe hands of Americans, f.en Waiter is commander-in-chief, the government is ixeredinglv popular, and popular only tomuuse it is sin ng?s rotig only b cause it i* backed by American rifles ?ith tbe afores- id bayonets in the neigh-su ho si. 1 Lave Lot in the f-.iegoing pages at'eiupt d any de li nee of Geneisl Walserj, from tr e charges .f pimpy o Mihui-terii g t hut have been heaped up< n him. Hw'o-y will do hitu full cieriit. If he he a allocator, then Li 'uyeiie was one, for he came to Nicaragua in pre isolv tl.e same manner, for tbe tame reason and to aid the same cuu>e t at inuu-vii 1 afay ette to go to the Uni-ed States during the revolution. The Intied States became free alter uiurli tighiD g by the aid of g. nerou* fureig rers? > IcarsgiiA became fice, stier much les* fighting with a liiile luielgn air? but both on exactly ihe same priu ci pie. lbo new government ha* l>een in operation but a few weeks, yet its machinery works well: money. enough has ulwsys Is en f und in ihc iretu-ury to pay cm rent ex plores, *i.d tbe pes ple seem to be re-lly astoulshsc at the tact that ilieU bills are paid without offering hrihe to public ofl.cers. The ciedit if Nicaragua lias not stood so high with its own citizens In fifteen year* as it does now, nor in the Iid jest* preceding were ?o many pnolic< veuients made at the expense otth* goiernm-nf, a have been n.ace during tee la*', thiee weeks. Nor is ih cbange tor ibe bet'er apparent only in the various do I in tun nts of Ihfe government at the capital, but. ihe ave nuisol lubliciiuvel aie moie nejure than they have before been. l'eople now do not bi-aiiute to go lu any ill tlMNlittoM aimed gUHld*, Whtsh has n it neon iho cire umil ifceiiily. Irdiei, there Is such a marked im pii-xenicnt in Mcarugua lu qgerythiug worth imprnv ng. that tt is pot to be wi ude ed at that the g ivernrueo must, with the hearty ?pi-i- ha ion thai it iwortve*, not witbsisLding it* North Americnu element*, he succej-ful Ti e Mcaiogua Transit I on.pany has herer il'oie opposed tbs' goyernnent, but II iheQiiector* at.New Ynk ail lis en to iho edvh e i f their sgent* *tation>d here in *Le cuiinti v, that opposition will no longer n .niiuue, f n ti ty a I know that -linnld ihe arimt ciatic parly ga n ? li a?< etcnocy tbe property of the crmpany woul i be givmi up to tLe moo to plunder and destroy; and 1 knn v that in the eient of a change. (whie i |can"not. lioweve-, hap p?n.)tt e agente of t.tec uupany would leave tee country at i nee It is a singular fact, which it may no' be iuiprs p* to n ei/'iou In this coonec'ion. 'hat while the revolution wa* at its height, and ?hue the Transit Company were letnsing to take piseigio* tor Nicaragua, fiom n'tie' New York or California, a party ot Geo. Wpleib m?u *eie tbe only poison* on the Isthmus with wh m the sptcie trnin from Kan Jusn to Virgin Ray eouid be Ha-ely rm rusted. *ud <hey rid eonduci Ihe train through ui safety. While the di-eetors of the company were treat ing these men a* outlaws, the local agent* were in fact entrusting them with thousands of dolla s worth O gold dua', simply bec?u-e they were"he only men la the coun try coulc he procured who were regai ded as reliable ana IkilLfnl. This !o?d? naturally to tfae inquiry, "who arc these men!" I will enlighten your rentiers to soma extent->n tliai p int. General Win. Wall.or, the Otumauder-in chief o' the army, ia a fenne-rean. of about r<6 years ? f age, rf an all stature, light hair, a nlueiah gray eye, and low. musical to ice, which ia usually, in couverxa'i m, acre mjanted with a mild smile, lit* is a lawyer by pro fession, and a g"od one; la well educated, has trar- II -d extetndsfly on this continent and in Europe, and U a* amiable and nnassumliig a man an ono will meet In a <a>'e walk, lie ia < ne cf the heat extemporaneous speak ers I ever heaid, and as a wiiter of the English language hna lis aui-citors ?l.e'ever that language is spoken His genetaj-hip in gaining possess! in ot the c-untry hi ie, is spoken of in terms of the highest p-ai-e, aud the strict seme ol justice and horn r exhibited in the a inl i 'strathn ot l>is affairs here, at the capi al, have won fo birn warin fiient * in ivety direction. Col K H. Kiinch, late minister of the Hacienda, and now se-remn d Mitlsfer to the Uni.ed states hi place of Mr. Maiceloia, removed, is also a man of two* the mi nium fire, of about the rame age bx Gen Walker. He tias lit sd an eventful life, and on sireral occasions has-U iwn fin se f to be a man o' peifect hraee y. Some years aim he had the miefr rtune to loose bis light arm. hut wl h 'he li ft he can and doss handle the pen or the sword with telling i fleet. His amiable chai acter and polished men rets will, 1 am sure, win for him in the United Stales hosts of 'roods. (fen. Walker and Col. I'ren h are tbo only North Ame-leans who hare ever been conooced wi'b the adniitiis'ration of the government of Nicaragua; hut tlie amy is nnoer the control eniimly of North Am<v|.-am, and all gentlemen o exptoleoee and undoubted bravery ? h en ? ho a mi'd oe an hum r to any army on the bee ot tbeiarih. Ibc principal officers are:? Geo. William Wall er, Commander-in-Chief. ? ol. Kruno Von NatMMT, A'jt. General. (apt. liiwsrd V. I.swle. Utdinanci I fficer. 1 hat I.'. H. C. Hi a. ton, Ald-de-Camp to General. First l.t. L. Nona) Waller, do. do. MEDICAL STAFF. Ales, Jones, M. P., Su geon-Ceneral. W. h. Kust, M. I) Burgeon Fir* lUttall-n. I). H. Ingri h -m M. P., Surgeon Is-cond do. lawson, M. P., burgeon Native Tr o|S. HHbT BATTALION. Colcnel, C. C. TWrv-hy. I.t. lini. ( ha-. H, Gllroan. Major, E. J. Handera, rrarv. Adjutant, Geo. R. Ca>1ou; (kmimissary, J. M. Ualdwlu. Qr. Master. W. Williamson, rumi FATTAiion vm/nui ers. Col., a P. Fry. STarr. Adjutant. John S. Jones. Commissary, I). W. Thorpe. (jr. llae'er, Jeese Hambleton. Amrnr tbeeo will be recognired tbo namei if gootle n i n ah, hate di-tirg d-hed 'hen. m-I v.* in (he ware of lrxasai-d sttxioo, arid I assure you that those iesskn ?n to the Annul-an public, are oy do means b?hind their moie disiUgui-bsq aesoeiatea In point, of bravery end aUl'. It i mo it the American ai my in Slctrsgua Is a m pn.i-d ol gen| lemau and if the people , f tti United -<ta lerilstin celllrg them "hllsu-ters" a while longer, "ie a| peliath n will beocme cu honorable oie, and much to he oesi ed. It will not now he long h?hrethe resources of tbls country will be better known in 'ho I oi'ed States than ? tpnirnt, fur the government Is taking measure* to have tbointtgh ex| )i rath no and Surveys made The -e si Its ot thi ir i brei vat ions will ho set forth in teoorta >1.1 h will undoubtedly find their way to the United Mates, and wbteh. 1 am sure, wl iastonish your mailer-. What wou'd yi ur l.ouislana res era think of sugsre-ne as laige uroaAd the stick an a man's aim, bea-ing ??nty-eMji well developeii joints on a staikf fli-y cold d< umirss ihink tt very wondertul, and yet would di urnies* ifcink tt very wondertul. and yet such caceie growing r nly a few miles frnm wheie I am c w wilting, but what is ro> it w>nd<rful of all such >ane nqt.t es leplsn'Iig but once in fifteen >r twenty years, ato In lotiulsna it mast be replanted every three yea s. There are not* lying at I'unto Taco, on the Pacific, near Kealijo. a bondrtd thousand dollars wor'h of H-ax I wis d which the owners, Messre. Pljrmrono A Selirar, bsvo never lieen anle to get to market, be-au e fa i-fiber to in lies id tbls government was noa to allow a thluF to be exported nniesa It passed the ugh tee Cns ts-w Honse and In this ease the Custom llnuue >at ten miles distant in a direction along whlen the wood could not be earned. Colonel Frenrh, believing it easier fir ?'Main met to go to the mountain, ihsn for the m iuo tain to goto Mahomet," rejoiced the heart! rf Messrs. I*. k y. by al owing the wood to be ahtctied ffotn the I s-allty ? Knelt was lylrg. sendiny an officer of the fuetmn House to 'aae an acejunt ot It, rather than repairing that the wood should be bronght ten mile* to the itn* yiim H-inse. Inrloritg this letter, led me assure yoa that the <hsrgc now gnir g on in Nicaragua is of much mora r?al qcnstquence to the people of tb> Uai'ed Mats* than the war in the Crime*, or any other event thai has trans aired on either euntitent lor many yearn. It i* true that Matrons In hilt* rmtll cloud In tha polttioal iky bat from l? oil! won pour ? tropical -bower that wlU proTO A wonderful f? ttlizer to the too long barren region* of Central Ame-ioa. q!h. C. INTERESTING FROM COSTA RICA. [brim 'be ran Jo?a Boletln Oflcl*', Not. 11.1 .. The 6'a/o mani'i Mttrmger, an excellent Kngllsn news paper publish. d In I art', ?la toe in a letter from one of It* I sutrsl Auieiica onrrsspoaaeuta, that " Phe (overnaeut ot Oosta l.lra, i Uenriert ay tbe proceeding* of that of Ni caragua, has rent despatches to Colonel Kinney proposing an silLnre to make war againat the latter." Hi.airer inc.cdrbie and groundless this -tateraeat in, tbe nreuroslatice of Ha being pnbliaheii in laaha re spec able pa,.sr. and in a country wh?ro the events thai tate place in mens legions aie not thoroughly known, requires an aoawor on our part. II nt siatemeut in utterly false. Ibeguvernniiut of Costa Ktca baa not forgotten, nor ? ill ever forge-., nliat i. owe* to itself, to the eountry, and t-vt-n to tbe ? est. f cental America. Could a goTert'tneot that holds to eetaem its honor, and the peace an>< lude| endenca of the country, call for ita supi ert a band oonjpleie'y unknown, to become toe ac ci it.| lire ? l tbel vo.latinos, aid place in imminent dan ger tbe safe y anu tbe lives of the people! Never. Tbe government of Costa Rica, ret-enting the unlawful rvetiti- Unit took place in its t rob tier, and excited by the imgrsveh n ot tbe lir-t ne?s exacted of that of NewOra t.eoe a satieOic io wnuh was immediately granted and accepted hut even It it had not been obtained, the go vernment of I ui'i Ri?a would never have taken the ad vance of ita po?ttum tu drive t'a unhappy slater into rew aliictons, not have mplural that support and alli ai ce 1Lat has neen K> erroneously announced. (.'oats liica has remained, and will alwaya remain, reunal in ngwl to the home disturbances of her sisters, sbd will onlv be a spectator of these struggles which tu.w sunk, and will s ill more oeeply sink, in the abyss l diabuDoi n.l eiy, immorality and anarchy so many Lv< pie ot Central America?all of which will be, perhaps, in lieu along to a mu?' ha e'ul and dishonorable end. Who sie those men who. in the elaseieal country of li berty?-he Did ed N'ates?(whose extant, wealth, pro gress and might are so object of wonder t> all the people of the world) arm tbem-elves in bands of adventurers, eisown their uu'ire laud, place themselves without the rraeb ol itr just and p otec'ing laws, and go to an In (. cud country, or to a fratrlide community raging with thetbirat if revenge, in senrch of prey for their vora rious passions, or a -lege for their bloody deeda, or ha zardous lu'k tor thei capitals, acoompa>-led by constant danger of die. and cau log so much blood and taart to b? sbedf 1 o they ask for liberty f Where is It, greater and better rerursd than in tbe happy native laud of the virtuous bii.jsn In Irsi.klin 1 l o'hey hok t r lands, industry or riches ? Where me tlu-y mere inexhaustible *hsu on tbe fertile banks of the kliesisetp) i or iu ll? gold regtoue of California! 1A. they foe. air bilious of power aud glory ! Alas I The hami ol power has never overwhelmed a human being at h easiness thnn in a country that sinks under the wild r.obtesls ot in no d ovules. Glory I It can never be gained in that w iy. t-he (lies away, seized with fright, at 11.e view of those pyramid* of human kulla and rulor hi a) cri up by the hinds ol crime and inhumao reck'.es.-e l e?e. moreover, *by liotboyeeme through such crooked snd < srgen us path- in -nsrcli of wha. wa sp-intane i'tsly, laatn )y and (tension* y oiler to ail! Lands, peace, li berty guaranties, wo k, iudustrl rue spec tlallons, klnl hos i sd'y, all this do ws offer every one whoooines to se'tle In our Sjai irto vmericau countries. here, in the musM aud ir.'aat republic of Costa Rica? hero, where tlie eario yi-d is -uoh abundance of fruit v? eveiy ru e Who coliivates 11?bore, whs re there exist W>, copper, eosl anil other preoiour ndoeialv?here, where so many edifices are still to bo ti uirrw, so many tows to be biilt, such au immense Uiisij'l y if woods to tie tslled. so many trades of all kinds tn he Intii? uieil. wph every probability of grett stuns*, allied by our industrious ci'uens ant the active protei tlon of our g. ill?liere, we say, bare va not i ifered to c In. nation cuoipau'e. those large, riol and healthy iiucisot land In Ang stura, near tne city ? i ( aitsgo, on >be A' Untie shore, or in floito Oulce, in the e asis of ihs I 'hi ilo;, or iu any place that would stit ?he sisnes of In ne-L and iidustrio is foreigners desirois ol livir g under our libersl institutions and our flag of pi ace! Ai this very day our ffenersl 1)1 re it ir of Public R-als is resit i? g in t snama, in order to recruit large numbs,-a of no char.ick and journeymen, eitner for Ihs pultl'O works ot thla lepunlic ,i p tvato workshops and farns, H'gsgii g tbeei fur sever al years, sec.ring tUem a saur y ? u proportion to tbe n< noilion nfthe country, and payiuf Ihsii ) uesMge li em that oounlry to (,'osta liica. 'raking all this loto consideration, who could evtr in.agii.e tha ae are so tnolt-di as to solicit the aili,?a-.e and support of these new corf A'turn > What can be thought ot euch adventurous enterprlsn! We cent nt expect turn them auy.hing that Is Uwtil, just, hi manv or pri Arable. Hie gr.ven mem ot the United States has already pr> muittdlls jungnent against the authors of th-se ui lavlul sutrrpiise by opposing them in New York mil hau Flanulsoo, am prr.secir'iug lliein as tenacious nffeM ers against the laws ot that great republic, and against ii ter national is we. Ii Is also ui.lor mna'elv true that they come oof oily in spite ol the obedience that is one by every citisent. > <l.e lawa ot ir.untry, but wf-kedly induced by tie blind ar ger nt < tie of the panics that now drenches wf.h iilie d the rich soil of > icaragna; and that those advin tursrs now exult rininptrai.ily upon the rutned oil)of iri ana la, and ?t.e lln.sly oorpao nt Hec.etary Mayot|a. It is tri e toat ll ov . aw. ireen c riled. B it never, nevr, slall the government or he tenple of Custa Krca, ewn In he lea' i'Or r ol dr-vdiy danger, desceud to such a In ndlia'i g coiroiti- t ? to ?u -h a crlrue against themsriwH ami the iest r.f their hrotlreis. li e gi.vemn ent <>' Costa Rica in its struggles a*, ho-ie orab.ord Willie aido to attain an honorable end iy itrett, r.y the good verse ai d c urage of tlie people ant, in ca e if need ng 'be or aid of a Crreigi I user, will never apply but to i'e brn tor governm" its ? such a s kianre, Ii g'aird, f-pain, or the Cuiieil States. ..'us'ice, ar d rv u hnn.anity, requires ihat a stop hi (nt io such a spi'l of filibusterbm as is ovsrHoviog ii iwry dirt-ch n. Tire sense of righ'eo sue s and tie honor of the built ll Mates require parti cularly the purs ivhn vnt of ibos b. Id adventurers who, at the aanl tin e that ibey c inmi' injuries upon defenceless peoplp dishonor 'be i sine of American cillzenj and sully tus reputa ion ot the free sons of Washing', n. [Fri m the Holelin Oflciai, Nov. 21.] TR?rSWIbK>T (j? inxliwi DUC or COBTA Kl(U TO AU. TW iMIAMTAMt? Crr acii?rear#, that happy j oae* which, together wth your laboiioo* ihh-wmw, haa ? tidal ao much to ar cxdit, < ttr ***lih aud public welfare, ia treacherouly tttratneii. a gang) f adventuie the dreg* of aoclety. c-radettn ec by the lawao! be American i nl o not lindlug my other prey tor their voracity, intern to invadu 0>ata kia, la order 10 ratiate mi cur wive* and our laughter-, a our Dome* end property, their unquenchable thlrat jf pillage. Netd 1 dercribe the dteadlnl evil* fha'. wouli (all upu ua rh< tilo we patiently wait for the time of that barh lou* InvaiioiiT No- you compeetu nd them; you know what can he ? pected trem that band of adveniurer*?lenegado* of thtr owneooDtry. Yon Imwjr urcay. Alarm, ci'iz-nal Abandon not your daily labor*, bit prepat* your aim*. 1 witch for y< u, fully petatia^ed that in tlie moment>f danger, at the fleet r< ai lug of the cannon cf alarm, yti all trill tally round me, unoer - ur free na'lonal U*g. The ii.Tai ei* will i.e\*r find heie partie*, *pie* nr tiaitor* to aid them Wo to the citizen, or the aUei, who would try to reduce the Ianoeent.. to foment disced tnd pelt ay n* ! Here 'hey will fiud bat br -theea, tirinr recited to defend ih> le own country a* the holy mmhc ?f everything that In r ear to t em and to m uihllate ife fneniee, to the laet ol them 1 JUAN RAFAEL MORA, r es Jot a. Nov. 20 1866. [From the Roletin, Nov. 24.] Nofwlth?1*nrlli g the 1 hi eat* of the tillbmter*, tin ci unity ir .-till at ( ear* : the | utile a* trail a* the p'lvat t.ncei ml iogh follow on their e uro, aud other* trill aooi he cetablteh'd for the ItvneQt ot the republic The ft vemno nt truate ? n the peri! le, and h" people aw at re*t, Cepo*it>ng tb'ir conlldence In the government Nctblig wi.l dletU'b our peace. Ten thni-and aoldlert, irn ihouratd men?each of them being 'he bead ot i. family to io c and < some prrperty to de end?art a peipetual giatau ee to the nation, and to eieueut <f err.ti, of pngiei-r, *nd liidepr-Ddroce. Mi b< <ly i? atiald cf tlt< *e Vaudalic expedition* ; every body bait* 'heir mi erahle antboia : and the whole com muBtly, oiayoeed to exterminate every ooe of them il tbey dare 10 invade 'he country, are pre-artog to cele brate the civic Dative'* of l>ec< mber, after wh ch th-y will turn again tftei' mind* to th* coffee crop, which promUe* to be my abundant. ?luetic* to Norfolk* TO THE EDITOR OP THE HERALD. In your ;>? per of I wee Other 8, I notice an edito-ial c ii,mei.tirg > p-u the following quoiati.u trom the 1 Lib i'tl I.U Amovon.? Rti? a . a volunteer puree, left her ?hiber'? houte In Liidelat.a. repairer to the tceoerf atllirtion and dl-er. *<l diMlarged ilie d oe*nt ? mree with d.mou uiehod real and CliMgy. Her he* ib tare war a* tbe coldi mi# cewej it* r*i*eee, ?l I" ehe tecsnu pertou-ly ill. HN- paid her own et I ei tea from hi nOiat.a, and delimited with a en'lemon I who ? ud rem at'<r)*>l(i. ?)ihh I* hwl. ehowa* actual't charred wtti medirtnrr winch etie needed and wph one day'* hmt! ?i a I nte In hnrfoik. ltd ?lih gltt) al ilchtn nd, vUiher *be ?e? renioveo when t to* rated by dweaee It le well i bur'k'ooc by ihe public that llilt paragraph feteii to li're Ai.dtrw*, oi houieiana. and I'. i? f om itii* li i y bio l( i ham that tin* rtaerricQ-, ir inflo ree'. Mln Ati iwi <i? Lot go to Nurfolz from "bar father* lo. ie in 11 uleiana," hut from her uucte'*, the tinn. ti r i e I a I,?1 r jt?cu*e. it t* true ?? e paid h?r tra<elling ? SltPere firm, by ??> ore to Nurtola, ahd bach again (**? ? ?I tug let* or n Nor Ink and Kicbmoot). hut *be did *> *h ugly and rl.'Cifti ly. 'here eip-tuw* being, like her btumi entire* ?? nm**, a dona im to the mek and ei ffeitrg < I ft link. ht> wa* not' *eri ualr til" iu Nor Nik, lut ii<k tor of t'ay only, from fatigue. She waa lit if* f?o lii hn bouid while fa Nte! .Ik, lnt-WM tiea'to ?t'h the >rteteet kindne** by Wtl Ira Wake*, I <' I tlrli r ot the National llotel. who rehired to preaeut l.lif Andre*? wtth i.ny Ul, although repeatedly urged y 1 er to ti io. 01 Hunter Woodia, the la e Mayor tif 1 ortotk, ecu Mr. tfgi en, the la'* Prendeut of th# l.i**id A??t i ie'tr n, kit*? Andiew* *ay* ehe ' would do rjn> tice to tl r ten | ?r'erl bene* (lid ?b" not #o*now ledge the It II t't ee? ihry rhi *ed her while tfring;'' nod ?peaking ? I le- ftneai matmeot, *h* *aj?. "rlic did nut g > to Not*! Ik lo I* ?ie?te?1 like * queen but to oura* the *lck, and rl.e receimr *ii the kiudneee ano attm'iou *b* could, expect at turh a time, and in the land af epidemic " VnKACiry. Nrwi by the Hall*. The raeidenc* of Ihc Her. l'etar Trible, nenr Dnnnrrl!le( fort rouidy, Va., wa* entirely con-u ried by (Ire on th* 7d lw?1 H e bnilrlli g waa a large dun hie frame, and be. tore th* fan ily ?ere aware of the dao.-er the roof wu 'alllrg in; they I ?only eaoaped with tueir live*. The Ui i* 14 COO. oi which M.n? $1,800 w*re loeured. The r*tr?d? Frrr Pm* ha* the fallowing paragraph:? The coonectlOR hetweew I -ke Miehigan and the IfiMir. itppl liver, ^ the box and Wiaeeorin river iatpru.eioeet, haa beea completed. Daring the gal* on funday night a new and ?parjou* hotel bwOditg, In pmeee* of erection on BradJhr I r ]*? land, near Norwich, Cowm, waa Mown down.