Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 13, 1855 Page 3
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Th? BmiMh and the Blunders of tlM fiw IB17 Department. TO Ttt* EDITOR OF Till HERALD. We enclose for put licktv n a cotdeneeu statement of the care of the l/nited Ptete* IgiC0*1 Unl. James Collier, recently decided in the letted Ma'rtf,rcu'1 C*,urt We bare nought to aUte the material f?ltt?*rlaJ mpon the questions litigated a' the trn.1 wi'h entire ad curacy, ae they aie shown in tte cane as settled, and tae etrecial verdict. If any euor in Iscts or figures shall he pointed oat, they will be promptly collected. The case lit Ting been fully tiied, aigued and ('elded, the auto cusnt, as it appeared upon the nial?and aitl he found in the case in a mors extended Io n?is submittal, without commint, aa an aet of justice to s pu'lic ciiioer. V. K DICKi VMOK. UiMiDAWTON, Tec. 10, 1866. JOHN A Oul.l. ER. UNITED bTATBB CIRCUIT COURT, SOUTHERN DISTRICT, NhW YORK. The United States v$. jam s Collier late ChUrdor of Up per Califumia.?Charbw 0'Cunor, counsel t*r United Mates,DsuJll 8. lioJiimon and John A. Cm I lor, cudosel for deft nds nt. This was a suit ommtneed 10th 'A?y, 18ft-. to rec >T?r a balauos claimed to ne duo the tin! us I -hales The ami unt clan td in the de -larailon w.- $ 01 uf-5 .11. The wause was tried hi the Apitl il-ciil-, 18-4. M>m tun lienor Judge llctts and a juiy Ibe e b .1 been several distinct accounts abated ?t the T-. a.u'y Peparira?'t? Ihctiisl claiming The ah ve balance, bo. the actoubi. m re stated alter the cunuienc ui" u 11 ? >>ilt, Itt March 18.18, reduced the tmlanc" olttiu.e<1 to 3110 712 A., asd left c.nly the following quest) 11 - to b - h igi'e-" 1. Tlie cmipen' ation to which tho Col ec or was enti tled under Me- act of ild of Marco, 1819. il. lb" Cullectoi'* shaie of *eiz".i and forfaited liquor*. 3. The payment made by the iiefuiiuaii ot Itltb Sep'em her, I861. 4 The liability of the Collec" r fc m"ney stolen from the reputv Collecto 1 '? oflloe at M'>iiis.ey. 5. A question tif interest, out. ids'ertul una to he stated, as the balance was In favor of the ce eo I m'. and ai in terest vea al'otted by th? Court on either ?t e. The care was argued <>n the q ee'ion. f lav r aervad, ?i a special term of the Circuit Com t, to -.-ptem'rer, Hid. The Gn?- decision and judgment of the court will appear by the certi'ted copy ot the rule annexed. The b Una log is a e.?ndenee<i sis ifoent of the facte, as Shown by the case and special verdict, upon the several points lltiga'-ed:? COMPENSATION OF COLLECTOR. The act of 3d o< March 18?9, under vbi h the defsn 1 ant was appointed provided thai the it-Use tor sh .aid receive a compenaat ion " at .he ra'aof 81 I'M a year, aud the fee- and com missions allowed uy law." The letter of Instructions <>t the ,-or *t?ry of the Trss scry, of 3d ot Apitl, 1849, after referring to >he ant of 'Ad ct March, 1799, as enumerating t >e official fees ot Collec tor for particular services, aud uMng a commission of three per oent on Collector's re eiots, proc-eds to sir : ? " Out i t the emoluments yon cannot b ? ?1 owed to retain more than at the maximum rate of 88 000 per annum, to be computed from the beginning of your otileUt term as {riserilreil by the tenth mc'inn of the act ?' .th of Miy, B'.'l. Tour rotnpensa ion Will c minsnce on toe dam <?' the approval of your bond." I elendant t ok th" oath of fiflice, nnd hm official bonds were appr ve ? 00 th* 3d day of April, 1849; au.i he claimed c tu *n-a iou from 'hit date, in the aords of the act, " at tb>- iate of 81 ft'10 a year, and the fees and commissions allowed by law." Under the instructions of the I'residen' and 'he -Secre tary of the Treasu y, the Collector instead o' taking :he cheap..', more txpedltii ua and cotnf ir-aole 10 ite aoruis the Isthmus, tmk the nverUud route tu Calif >rnta, un ler escort of a pariv of United Slates troops, d? 'ached upou ' ^ '* " rblch th this seivice by the gme'nmeut, and which the Collector joined at Fort Iaavenwoith. the spn dn'.-d place of ren dtzvous, which was about 1,800 m les from his ro-ilence. Toe journey proved to he nue ot great harasblu ani peril, occupying about six months, and the party tor several lays, being ooropeUed literally to tiwtir. tneir way through hostile tribes of Indiins, in wblcb the Collector end bis ceputies participated, an.t h? omy res -lied his post si hen Francisco, on the Novem so. 1819. The deputies took be oath of office beCire louring for California. The letter of instructions f ?m me Ary of the treasury says:? Ttelr eutnpenra'l u will c-ur B? nee fr< m the >1a'e ot their oaths of office ? The defeodun', under these instructions, paid the depu ties trnm that date. All these payments appeared in the Collec-or's monthly and quarterly statements and returns to the T-easury department, accompanied oy the proper v>ucb*rs, and n<> objection was made by the department uutii months alter the defendant's return from California. In a>l the various sta emeuts of the def-ndan"s ac counts at the Treasury ! epa-tmen , made utter hi. re turn, and prior to 7th Mar oh. 18ft! the depa-toieut re fused to credit the ddeii lsnt any oart of ids salary OT compensation fiom 3d April tul-ib N.uem'-er. and tney disallowed and rej-cle-1 all the payments for this period, trade to the deputies and otuer subordinate officers, and charged over all them) sums to the defendant and de manded of hlui 11 pay tbe money In'., ihe treasury In tbe account or 7th March, left '. lung at er this suit was commenced, the treasury D-partroeat, for ?h> first time, credit the de'endun''s salary for tbn rejee'et ie ticd, from &d Apitl to l'Atb November, but ti.en ->uiy at the rate of fil.tOO a year, and nothing tor oomaila-lon: and tbey say, iu vbU statement of acomnta, L'.im tuo'. Charged by him for ecmmi-slons Peine tbrea par cent 1 n all bi- collections, di-ain>w?d. Wb-o tbe late tollec'or shall have icndeie 1, a* required, Ac , a siato meut, <n < au>, of his nlhciul fees, the sum of six thoueend duliars. tbe maximum died ny the Ath s*c ttod of the act of Marco 3. 1861, will be all >w?d out u as'd leeaand commiaai. ns." The act referred to, or ln'rn'rd, wee M?reH S, U(l. The Secretary h >d fixed the iMxlraii>n all >w?nc? er $;< 000, overlooking <r o rejrai-.ilng, tne net o' M'l The dtfendant flilmcd that a* 'he ?ub ?)U*ot act - f 181* Contained Bo Ua.l'atl B ami ll e ac' 1/ I8?l ha-l "-efarx ire ??ly to the A' untie port* ? allfirnt? not yet Bering been acqulted, end 'hen belonging to Mrxien, he wee eoltlel 1o lite free and comniUeloo* m ire or lee*, ?l limi tation. an ilat tf the maximum liml'a l a did ap p y all le-tiieU a* anil limitation* war - egprriedy taken iff a? to ('nll'ornla. be the Jinn' re*, lutiun of Cong-eat ?I 14th 01 Ketrrnary, I860. The freaeury Iiepcrtment, In an >tbor n'a'ed ar.cnint ?f Kd Pepteinher, 16>b3, crwll'x de'end-tnt hi* c unpen aa'-loa frrm Ld April, 1849. to ll-h Sehrntry, I8">0, at the maximum rnte of $i.BOO ln*tear. of $d On, tie ratal mum under the act nf 1611, but r-ha ge* th? d?f-nd*nt with all the ft-e* at a high imaginary and ex ggerate i amount, aa will be eceo, an" for thl* period give, no com mieriona They a log de 'endant lull commit inn* o' 3 per oent fkntn the 14th of February, I860, to the 28th of September. 1860 all which had l*?n pr#Ti.iu*ly diial lnwed. They allow d-feodant. a ?'tlare from the '18 h of Paptember 1860, to 14th January, 1861. at tha rata of $10,000 pe- annum, ln?te?d o ib" ram ofgl 600 pro tioualy credited, or their own maxlmu n limit of S3,000. The Court leld that, the .ietendant waa en'1'led to what the act gage him, and prrclrely what defead int bed eleiwed?a eompenaatlou "at the rete of $1 600 ? year, ard the fee* and commi-*lon? allowed by lew " The Treaeury Department eatiniated the official fee* at the rate ot $3 898 p-r rnr h It waa proveil on the trial tnat they amounted only 'o $1,600 per month, and it wie *0 found by the apeeial v rdlct. TTTurther appear") that the official fee* re'nmed under nuth by T. Butler King who, und-r the new art, w?? hound to account for and pay all the 'era into the Tree eury, with aa Increaaed revenue, only amounted to $1,818 per m?ntb. and thl* a-cninf ???- In the Treaau-y De partment when they umde th?ir e?tira*te The grc.f am'tint i f fee* d- ring the defendant'* term waa ee'imated hy the fieoartment at 863 f-00, wh'ch wa* cha'ged U> defendant in thl* account of 26d September, 1868. The true amount prom! and foond by the epectal rer diet waa $ '1 000. But wha'ever the amonnt o- fee* waa, the Courtfderideil that bey belonged *o the defendant. COIXr.CTOH'8 HP ARK OK HRI7.KD LIQUOR*. The law* of the Bnite-t -t* e* prohibit 'he imntrtetlno ef b'andie* in raaki ot leee enpari'y <hao 16 rail-in*, and a rirUtfcn of the act subject* bo'h -hip and cargo to for feiture. In the Hrcular nf the Seetet?ry of the TVea*ury to the $oQuetore of the rev.nuc o' V8th Jnly 1849, their atten tion 1* eperially directed to the proririon* of thl* act, which 'B#?t he rljrtdiy enfotced." L'nder thi* act and tbo*e ap- Rial laatruaflnna, the do trndant made yari-me ceixtiree In oa-ee where there waa, e .nfaeaedly, a clear vt tail n of thi. ae*. By tl e art of 3d April, 1849, enlt* io- yfolaMon* 0i the rereuur law- wet to b? brought In the United State* Court# io l#.ul?i*na and fVrg-n. '.here heo b- tog no or ganised coirta hating joriadie km Io f'allfornia. There we-e |iuu<?rtM> difflculfte* in the way nf their procreating theee c??e? In (tregon end l/tnl*lana nor waa there any Marehnl or o'hor offiror autho-iaed to eerr# tie nereeaery pii?#?a. The owner* and (Aad?-?, wl.hlng to *-oid trouble and expene* in rare* of acbnowladged frrtbi'nre, rolaata-lly. and in writing, aarrendered ibe f-rfei ed Hqtior*, and eu*horieed the fV Hector to cell them, without trial or de cree nf rondamoatlnu. Thl* wa* don* neeordlnplr and return* regola-ly mad* hy the flat eetnr to the Treasury Impertinent. The grnea amount of p-or*?d? nf >dgmt liquor* waa 994.101 r* the whole of which tra* c-*.g>-d to the de fendant by the Treaenry Department, no objcc-1-iu befog made ** 10 the coqr-c pii'*u*d hy the Co lector, un tl long after hi* re'orn from Callto>rU. By 'aw the Collector wa* entitled to one half of the net, awxiuatii g, In ihie eaee ti the ion of $34,. 916 48 The Treaenry Department rafu-ef to rredit thi' ?urn, or any part of It, ng ts* g ound that there had keen no "decree of eordetr nation " The defendant ineiated that 'hi* wa* an objection which *roM orly he made by the owner* of th* forfed *d goo la, and they had vdunturtiy released and eon ented to the s*)*, ami that, at any rat#, the Tr*e*ury Department eonki not claim the Collector'* *hn * and If " a d*vc* ef -eeedrmnatk t''wee neceeeery th* tJni'ed State* bad no right to aay part of th* proceed* lb* fact of aneh r*le*?e* or abandonment* on the part ?f 'heownere wa* found hy the apeeial >erdlet Thegroe* ?mount of proceed* we* correctly returned hy defendant a* above #94,701 68 And the charge* egtinst ft were ne'tied and agreed upon by the lulled State* Auditor and defendant'# clerk at $1,873 80 ?7th March. 1888. leaving the ?d proceed* . $69,$? $0 and eo ft wa* la (he apeeial verdict. But the am -unt ef grnea and no' proceed* la rarkmaly g\etcd in the Treaenry Depa'tmattw In report of Secretary of the TVetMari to th* femate, 7th Angu*t, 1862, th* proee*4* of *m > gwA* I* *tata*! to ha $67,902 18 In report of OommUeioney of Cuatom*. ol !i*th September, 1868, th* greaa a mo mt U rtated to ha $3 0? 13 And the aet prncaad* 68,838 72 Jo letter from Oommteetoner to deft, of 8d <0 Tcmber 186-3, he make* the eharge aguinat th* goed*r?. V.t* 60 hrhfeh would leave net proceed* 981,4i* 16 hi the report of th* O'liemieetoaer nf Mb Septamtiai, 1888, be rtate* that only *lx of th* eartl6a?ta? of a baa Aoiifeeut were "la pomeeaion ?f the Department, and ?oneother*are known to aglet.'' The defendant pro. daeed on th* trial a rwe*lpt from th* Treacary Depart meat, dated 1*6 .December, 1661, acknowledging th* fe cvlpt of twenty seven (Including these bonds); end 'ww O enticet* d copied" Of tbe whole 37 papers d iljr exempli fied by tbe .secretary of tbe Treasury, and farnlenad t? tbe defendant's attorney, onder o?te of 17U? September i6A-'t. were also procu.-ed on tbe t*i?l. The Touchers in relation to toe rxuen*ee, chargeable to tie j rouseds of aeixad liquors, were all regularlr re turned to tpeTies-.uiy Department, wltii the t?>ll?ot ?c's nop'bly ani quarterly nouns. Ii.ey were oh aloe front llie office if the Commisalniinr of Customs by tan Auditor, when he ?t*ted the acuunt of March T. Ibvl; ei ft lit eoiouut being this aerertaint d a'd repor'ed hy ttedudl'Or, b? aeeuairt and all the voucher* went re turned to the e.Hee (f fVitttniiiuiioper ol'Customs wot, M'veribtJrr*, njected the whole c edit lor CoUecuti's ?hue a* follows;? "Sue|* nded for statement of the expetses of et oage In each esse, on receipt of whirti tb ? que-tjon whelh-'t* the tale (til * tor In emitted to a in .l*ry u! toe net pro onde, ein beaded upon by the Department." lib the raoie day the T'easuy IVpe.tmeat pnrern iV tliy dl'rct* the defendant to pay the whole amouut in .? U-s Tteasnry. the O urt d?-c>de* that the defendant r* entitled V? tils rha.e of tt e to-tproc eds < f seized liquors, 834,Ma li the ptect-e summit r'eiui?'? r. i Meted Wl'h this point, because r.f the atte on the part ot t> e treasury liepartm-nt to cliirge 'ho de ? eni air*, wl'h damages pad to the owners of ourtalo I rencb tesssls for reclawmtl ns. under e 4*?r of th < a; < l repon lwr 18. >860. which n'ttborlged t*ie payment only in cases of ' Improper sei.uies," is tho ttizi'jut or prknch vehhklx pon a violation op THK NAVlQaTlON ACT OP 1x17. The set prohibits the Imp olatum, in foreign TO'sels, of goods not tli * growth, pioduction or manufsctuie o ihe ct ui.rry to w' lcti the ve-sei belongs; an.I the st ria tu n of tbe act subject* yes-el and such goods to toifoit ute; but ihe act provides that this proruui I m shall u it hetxteudeu to Teasels ot any Mreign na I n that shall ust hate a Use regnUti *n. At the tone dofe-ulani left f<>r t a lit i nia fiance had not extonUesl any such prtvi Itgetir ABrOrican rossels. In June, 1Mb, the NverefAry of the T essury was offl crully informed by the French Minister tuat by a rental lew " 11ranee, such prohibition whs u ? longer eutcrjed ir pa he! Amriicsi. teasels, and tho like pdvieges are therefore c'alrm d In American ports for French ?es?#is. Tills ilpbt is lecigi i?o '<y the .Secretary of the Treaot ? y. I* tho III at time In his letter t -ineFreiiih Mlui'te *, ol 6th July, 1849, and tha Treasury Deptr'mane ther- o on gitea tbe neo> scary iuatructions to the Ootioetoi-s of the A lanlle porta, hu' do notice of this Chang- in oar c on n errlal tela*! -na with France was given to th- Oolt"C*or ol Fpisrr f'alilrii nla, until by letter of the dec etary of tna 1'nsuiy, ot litth of Febru?ry 1840, when ho encloses a copy of pie letter nf tlth July, 1849, by mail, to tue de ir i dairt, which reaches him in the folios lug May. In the mei BUB", tbe ti Hector had seized aoioe ireu.h Tessrds lot a ah la ion -I this act but reltasn-i such as gave b rods to shrdo 1 e decisl 'D of the Hecreta y of tun Treasury. 11 e Trtasnry I cparttueiit wem amised hy CMlec o '* letter, of tie ttftli November, 1819, tnat the CnJl-rtori It "size such French vessels, Tt during this act. Ihe Kieirch Mlols'er. afterwards, made clsnns no be alt o'ibe ? wr-e s of the-e vessels, fo- suoh illegal seiz ires, all of which weiw prior to May, 1860. llie gfound ot romp aint on the part of 'he Freach Vfin ts'fr is, that although the privilege to French v?-sei. Is < xpiCro-ly recogoiw-si In the letter of the S-cretary of ihn mi u-y ot ft ii July 1840. vet '-aa la e as May, I8t0 " c i inr-tinc'lon or no'lea of the change in our commercial relstl ns were giv.n to the C 1 ector of Up >wr California, "who cot hned hinieelf tlgbUy to the te ms of tne law, slid he lnairuationa of his government." large sues hail been paid by the Treasury Department to he "Wneis of i-ui-h French veto-el*. wh ch the Treasury I e| at In cut new set up against the claim of tha defendant for lib sbeic of tha sailed Uqurrs. B t it appealed that tbe setting of the brandies we-e for in pni'ttig 'l eui in pioiibneo |railages, ami 'hat the iilturr- of ti e liquors were legs! ee'iur-a, aod tbe defen dant did t ot claini any <-hata of tbe vessel soiled for the Viols ion of the Navigation act of 1817. Ti e Couii derided that the Collector's claims for his rbsre < f be h iied liquors was not affected hy the pay u eLt ot tbeee French claims. -> PAY MAN r INTO THE THE A8I7BY OP 16TB SKPTKMBKR, 1h53. Fr its wera brought against the Collector in California tor otftrlsl acts eroi shen de'enrian". rendered his accriunl I r 'he last nncxI'iri"! quarter, he re aiuel in bis hands a run ruflicicnt o Indemni') hi'cse'f again t these soles, nnd until Ine Iie|>Mrtu.ent sho .id gne assurance that the g. >ei nn ent would protect him, all which was sobs'an trslly stated in the account. Ihe-e assurances being given, tl ? I'e'endant pshl into tfet.essory on the 1 'h .-e| irmher, 184 . the sum of 9118,6'0 06, which latlt|r!e<l not ot ly the win lc ftslnnce In his nan Is, (reta ulng his iw mn trail.ns and the Collector's share of relied liquors,) 0U1 al-o Ir cluc'ni tr e toouey stolen from Deputy C iltec t. r's etlire at. Monterey, whicti the Depit. tmeot had rtn.igefl o>er to 'he deft ndan*, and requested him to pay. Ibis mm was ttre up rise srrrount hr hart proposed and rl'rrrd to pay in, before and at tbe time of >he account of the T'li March, 1661. and which, ifacrep'ed, according to tu? Aud'toi'r rlateiuent. wouls bave left on y the qu?w ttou < I deft r,dab''* commlssioD* ant the defendant's lia bility tor '.be stolen m n?y. 1e be decided by the Csurt, and ti e account of 7th March. I860 waa to have been s* a tec accoidingly: hut when the account camaba-.k to tl i O re of (.' mmirsioners of Cu-'cmr. anoiher itm > crecit o' ?:i4,?lfr 4J (oeing Colleitor'w share of weixe-t liqur re) was njected, tor tha went of staiementa aod v?u<berr?the whole nl which were and bad been for o on'l s, in tbe Treasury la-iar'ment, and bad just neeu jarefuTy 'xanrlned in tbe Auditor's office, and returned to <'? muds-loners of Cnstcms. This peyment of 16th t eptemher, 1863 was made to the Arrl.-tant Treasurer In New York, and duplicate re ceij-a given ut.dcr 'be inktruction of Ine Secretary of the Tr?ii-uiy. and on the svine day the Assistant Treasure gave i fl.rial notice fo the Secretary of the Treao'ry of ruch laynu-nt. and Ffuarded to him copies of the re oil 1a ami bis letter of the 17th : epiembe. acknowledge 1 Its receipt, and declared It to he ' satlaf<ctory to tlie drjar'nifnt." Notice of the payment was al-o given hy defendant's attorney to tbe Commi?r of Customs on tl <* H*me day. Yet i D 1 lie 22d of September. 1883, * now account wst s ale' in tbe tna-u-j Ibtpartraent, and this credit of fll8.i46<8 ?n? nltogfbor oniit-wl. On the receipt <? ihU aTount . the attention of the i'orrniiiol<i->er of Con tl m- was called to this omission by letter ot dMendsnt'i at'i rney ot 5 h < color, wbl h the Cumra ssloner "ha? "n< to acknowlei go" on the ,'llat and lu that letter Mater that "no official notice had been given to him of lt*|ayn.ent; hu* lam now (.'(let tietoier) directed by the reeretary of ihe Treasury to carry the ruin ao paid to t|,e account." Nevei hclcrr, when the sense war brought to trial In April. 1864, the plainttiT* counsel IntriM.ned the ac Count of 27d Hept?mh?r, 1863 duly oerilHed under the m ai ot the Treaaury I ? psrtment and rigned by the Seen ? imry of the Irea-ury. In pcraon, on the 29th Ncp'e.n ler lt'M, where thle credit ir entirely omitted, and the routoel for the gove nn.ent Mated that be eat not In r1 rno'ed to adn l' th" payimrt, rnd cUlme-t the w-.ole beWi re there cfliclaJly certilied tu be due?being the Horn oi 4.41 S:W 47. TI N Ma rd account. Included a debt for the tmtg'a ry tier, 666 0"1 72 exceeding the eetual amount more tnan 160 |er c< nt ar.n no part of elilrb belonged to the go vt ri mint, hut by the very teimi ol the ?ei were given ' to the uie of the collector." 71,r account ?l?o claimed Interert upon its fieriUoua ha'anre, tin* the tiniei efrndant letttbe oOtce, 14th Jan uary, 1461, Mated at the rt.m of 2M) 81. I/O the trial the |rytneatot lt'ih September war of crime allowed, and tbi* earing a tialance In tavor ol the dehndant, no inietert war allowed on eitbe- ride. MONEY MOLEN 6ROM THE OYKICK OF DEftfTT COL LECTOR AT MONTEREY. Tbe act of fn Mairb 184W provided thai there ahoqld be a 1 epu'y Collector's office at M'interey. Thlr d-pu'y war to b? ?j.|m in'tr . not by th- ('??hector alone put tee (t INcn r m mlnater, and the Ntorelaiyof the Treaaury eptuuTer. Ihe deputy la a rtrorn tffirrr, with a aa la ry fixed by law. The Collector's offl-e, (whether rrfit or unsafe ) wal tl e huUcing the government proriued. In iMrembaf 1610 thlr ? (Tee war broken open and robb-d of $8 110 40, wi'bi ot tin fault of the Deputy, and certain y wtfh ut th* fault <1 the fobee or wh re dutle- resulted hlr c >o s'ant att> n- ar ce at sen Kiam Uc >, which waa one hundred anc Cfty toiler :i?tant from M-.n erey; nor had detwodvn' ?wvr vhiud or eveu Moateiey during bin entire official iei?. Ihe (ac'o'the robbery waa not denied, nevertheeee, th? wbl la of ihia at t'en money waa charged by (he Trea sury Department to Uie defendant and be war perwajpto rl'y rri|ulnd to |?y thle amount Into the Treaaury. lLe on bdeui nmonatiaied, but, nererthalare, paid it In, c almii g on the trial that the money ebouid be rw ?ni did ae Imprr perly chared and '.emended. TteiouM eooeiided, and certify tbia balance In de fenrlant'# favor. PIFIUIM NTATElfMNT* OF THE PtKKNDANT'i AC COCNT IN THE TREAhCMY DEPARTMENT. The acoi un e i f he defendant were stated fire dUT-r ? j rnl at tf e Tieaaury l*partn?-et In which the re fume agninrt the defenoant ataed and claimed, were aa folio we ? Jut,* . IM1 1791,086 .71 rep e to her 24, 1WI 789,926 :t6 lie iniherSR, 1861 770,1AM 80 ha lance la reported io toe Senate In theTrra-urer'a rep rt of Augnet 7, 18fPA This euft waa commenced Mi. j 10 1862. and the Tnltrd htalee claim In their k a raip n. a bwlance of 9791,066 91 Mai ib 7. 1S61I neatly two yea re at er hU eull waa con meneed, tha account Is re-stated and the balance claimed by Commissioner of ( i.i ti ira, le 9218,712 43 Ptri 'he Audit r In the aeme stated account, n e>e? the t?lanre 9181 797 00 In letter from Solicitor of the Trweaury to the Dutltl A Honey, of March 20, 186.'. traasmittiag this account "fur eul'," ( he eult had then been pending about two yearn.) he ray*: Ihe transcript exhibits a baler oe due ihe 1 nl ed States to be $181,797 00 her ber 22 1K63, tbe aocoeot la re-etaied by ury Iwparlineut. and balance claims* .4441.32m 41 'U.i ejectal verdict find* that "tha balance stated a doe. In each of aab! five accounts, waa net due, a leas an i not, If anything, hetog in fact doe." In the amount of 7<b March 1868. there are credits t > defendant, previously disallowed, amountlog to the mm of IMt irf so. and there are eredtte eletmed bydeeud ant, but still disallowed by Commissioner, to the amount (if tf*.K6 49, which are now allowed by the Court. In ihe statement of 22d September, 1867 the Treasury 1 ejer'msnt alwwvther omit to credit tbe defendant with ihe (eymentof 9118.948 09, mndaow the 16th September, ai d they add new item* fnr imaginary (sea and lw'a-ew\, neevr betora ch?rg-o, to the amount of 988.878 9.1 no (art of which la allowed bytheCmrt. There we also new Item* of credit In this eecouat, never before eliowwd, to the amount of 1*1.761 68. In several of the stated eceoueta of 1891 the defendant is rt arced with "rente of public reservations," $6,661, which la brought Into the dWerenf amtemeuls of belam-wa In the aaoowat of 7th March, 1897, this Item la eredred thas> ' My u mow nt Improperly chargwil to him In Ut inarter ot 1961, tor rent of puMie reeervatloea, 96.861." This Item re appear* la another account of 'he Treasury TMfertment of 28th September, I8A7, hut la not claimed epi n the trial, nor does it appear In the anroaut of i jd Fer.tember. 1891. Introdueed by plain'Iff on the trial. ry law of Cvegreea, a transcript from tbe boots and proceedings of the Treasury I * per' mew t are made pnma JaeU evtdenee ef Indebtedneew, the enatleg the btudea of proof up >? the reported to larpooeh the ?UM account. xr uan I he Ja'ruilnt ret up on 'h? tii-lany ctedita, nn tu p'trimut/ iuMcltM to the TitV'iy 1 epertuvout end rt-J-cort. It *m> ?iil; ihmifon, on the part o' the Cot ed it*ire, to pie..hi * i'atem at of the eosouut, IimIi( t<> the defe. daut the burden of dieprovtig It. The r*vo/tfy of the law M-me to a- milli-tan'ly eh >ve by ituer ve un* awl rtdeijr tUhml etaieuinite from tl e Tii am y I op*! 'luent In ihl* caee. With ail there d(-e-i vantage*. tbe do'undent ia shown to bs en it cd to a l.alaiKo in hi* bar >r of eB.llO 30. at ?lii epieei by a c? tided opy of the Una) judgment and tndot id ihe court, at f Howe :? A'at'eied term vf the circuit Oou.-t of the United Ma ?* <1 Atretic* tor the ."ouihern dUirlut uf Sew | York *n h" eu.n l nir. uit, h dd el be City iieli in the I ci'y < f vew Ymk, on Fiiday, the thirtieth d?y oi So v ?> l.ei i i the \eui of our ' ord one li.u-.aud eight h n che.l and tin the. i'rveeot : the H o. Samuel, all ietrU r In- ice of H ? Su^n mo C ?urt of'he United St-iier, lie ti e Hon Samuel It ll-ita. Dl?''be' J i We: Ac I t.tie" Mu.Vi u. Jama 'i,Uirr.?Tula aaden Having bem he.e ? f"e atgued y Mr Che let U'iJ inor, rouu eel he (laintiff, aid Meuun. Dnnhd H. IMukitaon a d Join. A toller. couLrel for defendant, up 'U tDo caee made. Hi.n iiion the aitelai verdict in said me, an l the qoaatl o e le rived uiiou lie trial, and the ?a n" hari ir 11 w hi en hilly .-"U. i. ereil by the court, It !? orileiel and ai jiuipiul that them ie a due hi the de'eulau' ...i n il ?? *a"'a toui.d in the eaid apenlal ver.iij', an t up ii tie a ho.e na-e. of eight 'h'U?* id on* hundred ai d u d. Para and *w> nty n me rente, being the ain mat t?M Ii, a? f und by raid ap-. al ' erulct. wai atolen f urn Hi 1 *i 11 y Collector at Mnu'eiey without ne ?leo: or nfauJi ' ii iiia part, or op 'he |uart of Sin said defendrot, Mot ab|. Ii * ae "bulged aueiuet the by 'he l"i?y I . pat loin t, ahd MH|U'red t ? he I in, in me' |>'it IttV the tma-ury of the Cnt oi S aiee by ti e laid defendant, and the raid b lanee ot eight thou sand 11 e htdtid i-nd 'en d dlara and t ?ea'?-nine venta, I- dim e I in la- ci-t I bed In the .iefein!-nt'a favor nffai .a' tli I i bidLta'o , a cuidltg to the 'ern a i.faaiit ipe-lal m .* a*iot. J. W. NKLtOif, Cle.*. Vbli of the Lejilaliitlve Poller CemnilliM to ? he 'lomlia? What They law rhet-e. The I ? gtela i m l'olle* Comiuit'ee. In acc irdance with the mot'on adopted at the oloae of the eiaraineti in on 1 uerray, vl-il.d thelombe jeaier-fay for the purp e.e of n ak Dfr Inquiries in '? ga d to the am 'unt of a*oleo and hit |roj e 1/depo-lted t'eie under the charge o' Mr. Nrahitt, the I'oll ? clerk. While there they hid an opp?r. tn l'\ i f examining aon e of 'ne roe rda of eiluie, and the ii. n l i- ? Iroin t'e ' rural diairioU" were a>mewhat ka li M-be.' a< 'he revelation* vhleh they found therein. ( p nueiii f ihe 1'. lice Cjurt tbey eaw between twenty and li.lity jeiai D", a. me of whom weie aaoot t> be ex' atnintd on varl um charge* by Justice Connolly. They ?c e ? moiley crowd, and -xhibl ed entry varte y of cha racier, fioin lie hie'to the unfortunate drunkard. Mr. Ntobltt all tip. book* tu the Couimlt'ee, am rag which i in- contnl .ing the earn* eeut but ire the Irani Juiy. Iiiee" ci.nrl-teit of Monies and chtrgec of a??ault aun be'tcry. of which the foil .wing are the raoulhly eta Iiatice flora the Commencement of the prewtnt veir:? Iffel. trloHir* AsuOullam I hrhbry lnout'T I china y Ap II * ?/ ilQIit* ...... Jul* A< gu-l.... r.ptfi. her 0|I>|W... Ki)i>nil?r . 76 30 , 7U 43 TO 46 104 81 ?T in Sft VI 6? Ml fid 32 01 ti H* fH CO 61 Still 626 iv tal )o < da of the room. tliey *Nlted there w*. a e rmpl-t# Hbrary ol the criminal i#cnrd* of thx ei<y rlnce tim year l'.lfr aid among t h? < ffmrD reported we. that of a WJ. limit ubolad turn a.reeled on a charge of ex .awing egg. for r>tr tit a puiea aot permitted by law. He: defence w*a that ibe eygx. although laid by her benx were aot her pinpe.'y. out ce.jlie of ber plea, ahe wax'"pumdi id tormcing to at?," xhich mean* a pe.alty wax imposed to the r>m?un' if tnirty dnlliiigi, lie ap.-tmont >l?li#d l>y the committee wax that in whii'b the uti leu and l>at property I. deooaitea tul appdtd for by the iwner*. It looked aotn# a ha t hxe the a'uerrotn of a Jink ahop. and i.)pi*nd Inm a currory g'ancr to con'aln few, If any, a>tnle* of much Value. <meof the will< we* decorated h? * f< imidxlrle looking rlnng ah rt, weighing at lead a I oiii.d. ibeie waa a written i.bei on It, xtating tu*t it ?** left there till the peraou from whom It wai taken r)n aid enure Why It waa in hi. po*?e?.ton. V.rl>ux ii - hi r aitic'ee g-'utabed <h* wall?gun., old co.ui, l *i ta, ve. a,, and the othe iteinx of ure-x that n ake up the ai.m total of what I. called a wa'drabn. lh. 111 or wax It'arxlly oove Id with aegar box**. ptcee. of i:l lb, banka, budboic* yallaea. kuTyei. and a huolrel other tlingr Tl era ? a* a'ao a large numlrcr of no., kw In be, 11 at had been tafc.n from perauni delect" 1 in the act o eel! ng them. So invantory wax taken of thai*, at ?e undeiataml wr S*-bltt wlR make a rep<>rt of thee ikUietothec mmittee, before their final *d>u nni ut. A* the rei|oe*t of Irr Otmll, the coaj.olitee pr >ce? in I fr in the |,ii>peivy rt> tn to hia office, in tlie bt.rnn ut o the bnili'ii g -here he g.vo them .nine Iniormatioo in re lath n to the health ot tne Qty I'rvam. (If the .'11,0 to o feeder* Incaicera'ed in the tomb- during tuey-?ar mil i nt moie than .1 had < te< arm thoae be aatd w-r hn ligLr In in the lax' atagea of dto-r-e I urdexlhi ba l*er cured ly aaffocatioB from gv tliat had eaoape thrm gh a atiyeplpe and filled one of the cell* In whlc they aete * eeptng Ttila howev*-, tt appear*, w*. put*l tie ten It o ao accident, and eeery precaution had tree 'at en, he told th* Com oittee, to provant the recur and ti xui b a ca'aaf rnj h" 111 future. t u rn tl e doetnr'r office, the'ee proceeded to th# prm h p'o|er, in which he prlaonerx r.harg?l wi ll ii , iluua offence- are confined till 'heir ca-e I- dec! led or they are i im h"(tc a* the expiration of their term of coi.flt.en Cot. Tliey aaw the cell* and thoee who ofeupted thrm, bat ft war. utterly Imp wntile tor the u to ri'itUa any lellab* .'at* for leal-lation, from a h.aty impaction i t a few of it- detail*. In one ct 11 w* obaerred lour biyx, the el eel of whom waa Dot more than twelve yeara of age. They bad all different aterle. to tall, i'te raid he hart been locked up for a pet y tLrf , wl Ich ha anlemoly aaaured u* bad been c ma Itted ? y another (pry. An ther, that ba waa ar retted for !t?kllj<g a box of eaa'le* ?h?t he had never neo la lore he eaa *c tuxed of taklr g them Till, by had, acce ding to hi. own aec ><iat been imprternel In tl e Tr n ba la.t aummtr for xwlmining and n 1* n it at all improbable Hat th* xeedx of crime were pUulr-d < urtl g tbat unprUonnieut. Before leaving the prtxon the Mai la" dr. tt Into th" yard. Ilia einr?nn ie I m an by that nngnlar cognomen I* a large car, not uti III e tho e In which 'he keeper* ot menage'ie. 'ran.port H eir wtb ai in all from place to place, and lad on ihr. ? ccaek n, a'nut teenty occupant*, which la much mora than It **- > vldmtly mad* toaecommre'ate A* (had air ol tb* yrhlrleo.aued a m at rapulaiy* xlght w*i pieien'ed t.i tt e or n-tr it ee, A woman pact tb* ml Idle agx. We* li t I rat object tbey aaw, and her face waa borrioly di. I'gund by a bea'ing the had evidently reoeiy ed r ut a abort time before S'ext came a ti an ah'ee f>*"urea bail al*o recctvel rather aerei* triatn.en' to re me h"*tUe enrounter he had had a day or two before II* had bad hardy git out of Hie rehlcl* l?lr re a lad ab ut thirteen year, old afeaal b?f <re lb* run mil tee, and then a nan who might hare been hi. gr.nd'ath*', but the reeolilng review pa*>ed an rapl iiy latere u? that we hart not time even to inquire the oifauc. ot wtiirh fJ.ey were charged, lb* lnet who left It w?. a iame man, wlio waa a ffr ring from noma aerlou* ill??*<?* in or.e < f hi* leg. and who w?. ?*M to the tomb* till .orb lime ax tie Governor* ol ibe Almaliouae could p'O .tr e fr r blru. lie had been cwmp* lied. In e in-e|tienc? of bi* destitution, to occupy the aam* rahi Je wl Ii m a who rtor d Chgiaced twlote the eoinmtinlty, fur no <1. crio lrixtir n c ulc be mm a In nir ca-e between poverty at.d rilme. Rut be waa nor th* onlr to* whoa* poverty hod pieced htm m a level wl b crimlnaUi. Aw.mio ? ho, a) ho. gh e'ad In the powre.t attire, 111 bore the mark* of rer.pee'aldli y, wax commlrted for albv.d Intr.xication. t-h# waa pant xtx'y year* ol age. and bad not the *1 ghreat m.rk of dlaalpitlou In her faro, rtw .aid that ahtle walking through 'h- xtrewt tie day brb re.^el e fed. and a polioaiuan ar acted bar r? rurrir l' n of rtiuiikennea*. Ibe etbibytlon I f the I lack Maria and I'a ocrupant* ? a* Ibe lut pr*>?nted to th* commit ee and brougvl tl i|r iraje-tir n of the Tomb* t< a eio-w T oday they *111 ct xui u* Inve-tlgatlon, when Juatire* Comwdly ai d r >?borne, ai d tha my.teiloua ladiv IduaJ named Porgw. will be examined. Baud of Caurtlofn. Itii* IVari4 anwmblad it ihatr rhambara la tha Oty Rail }*?t?ri)?y a'lcraooo?th* f*r*?idcnv l>. I). C-oorar, la th* cbair. lb* miaul** of tha laat mi r-ting vara read aod approvrd. fatltloaa vara fir it la ordar, but o?na of aay Import ? no* vara praaantad. Resolution* being aril la ordar, tha fltraat Coarui* ?tofirr vaa ordarad to aaad to tha hard tha bid* f r r?pu latiBg Fourth aaaaaa. from Thirty eighth to fifty -eighth ?t|*aC ILa Board than raaolaad Iteulf Into Committee of th* Whole, Councilman lUaou to tha chair, and flrat outlet op tha report agalnat driving eat'ia through tha etraet* (abtch h*e beaa heretofore published la th* Manaia) *nd vht'h. after a <hv mlauta* dab*'*, vai laid oaar to Monday bait. A i*] oil *nd rr*olutt' a* wrr* tbao eallad up la lb*nr of la* ? leg and authortrlog ? brry fr--m tha M of tvao ty-third dint, ?cr?e tb* laet R|r*r, to |. ?traa* <;ra*n I'urit, U ng IcUnd. Tha*# raeolutkiue vara ord?rrd to a ihlrd reading. The ordlr arte* ??UMUiitg tha ' Vav Tort naair" and baggage Una " to run *taga* ?n l b?gg*g* vagoo* b*

tv?an tha hotel* and afty ?'?*rnboet landing* w?< tb*v takan uj.. < onrdhnan CVaB'T jbot*4 that UrU ordloaa*a ba ra frrrcd heab to'h* anmuifttaa la or'ar that partial lata rar'ad might ha haard badna fba rnamlttaa. <? aon mao Svir npprwed thl* motion to r?'a* back (ouneflmaa MrCenit.i vaa la fcvnr of r*dbrrtag it bark It proporad aa aaormoua aioti' poly vbieh ?bouid ait ba ran?*tl?i?*d. lb* motion to recommit vaa lo?t < ooarllama CLaafT than praaaatad a raovmatraaca emmet thi* ordinance from tha karkmen a?l , ?Mnr?r. a blah vaa aecepted by tha Board Toian O ?: Connrilman (ii*t tbaa aatd ba ?banId raaav hi* mo tl' a to refer book to r< ram It tea ? vuarilman atrr moral that the vVia matter to Cb*r with tha memorial aahlag lor tha lie* ba r<darr*4 k fill BMifioa vaa Inat I ouaelltaan fur'T tb*a aakol tha Oairmae n> th* *? mmttr** na ardtaaaaa to gHra th* Hoard th* bieto-y of thia ordtaaaca. CoaacUmaa Bwwr aaid h* dfd aat kaov vhat th* (*a ?ant hj hutory. The history 4. the wh As ?p jrnnO In tLe paprra bet re he Moard. Cooncl man w<.'aiiii.l?Thi? t* age* n* wpoly. I will gt re $6? liA) hi r I tin tight fmm an nut* !? , CouitUiiktn Lannkiurj Mov-d to lay ,i. wh 4a matter oa the a?l* Thl- im. i .n ?*. in*c After m?? turti ei dubaie the m >Uon to refer back war renewed ?**? carr ?t. Af'M er important tmana a Ue Hoard at Jour n?l Uli Fitila; evening next. Political Intelligence. I'MFkl. KNTIaL KLKCroKH IN eOUTH CAROLINA. Hie fnkwil'f bill IO lela'loo to eri m-tng elector* of Iierirt at aim1 Vice 1'ieeli'ent cf tbe linnet '?ie\ b?t I'd n It Iniliiinl to 'be l <^1-l?ture < f .-oij'b OimIIu'.? He t' in c e*l ? jr the Senate am H .u?e of Ke,u*r*ivln tlva* n w met ?rid rit'iu/ iigiDer*' a-u-m >1 r ami ?/ the aotln rl'jr ?? ? 'be eme. Thar fn i*l f itur* ?'? i i i*e 'f a 1'ieeideu' - ml Vice ? re?idw of tne llu'iel 4' t--, the epctoir to re *i (r I* ed by l.|i Sie'. i eh?l'he ep.xHntoo in H e r lb *'uk u.on-r, that U tn -ay: the perm-** eprtcd >f t p H*n ae ??' llepraeentotlvw* *>f I'll* Mate h Ilie general elect ? n "hen nex* procei ing, -h?r creel! IiJi t' the -tile houre In Cuomol*, on he day whnUi I" tn w nr I pieafter airy to* de Igoa'el hv Uw f ir t) at pill |.ure. epi' hey III nob nt tnein *4 tl? I *''e il ? ii that ray, *1 all tl.rti at ?' lie cap ilit the elir.m br V '*ng ittci i?<r; tor which re ?|ee 'liey shell receive the n-ne per ? lem allowance a*fr aiti-udlng the meet il (a ol thi gi l e'al *e . m-ly . an rliwil ai 11 0? all er *1 at tlir a' me aier ' i Hi g ex en-e financial and commercial. M??KV eiHKRTi Wbimmut Ike. 12?01*. M. Thrie w?? ra'ber a tilue m?rr?t tmcay. With a little none tctivi'y. i i ruleii cnn-lileiably Inirer. At the flia? beard tlml'li (I'* advanced ju?r cent; Nlo*r?gia Tiamlt, HMu' ir Cei.tial bi>mle ilo.j Inod S. per CHOt, bib* ; |{e*d'o*r. *, Mlih'ran Opn'ra', Vl Panama, 1 !g; Clove'snd and 'iibd ?, ; I hlcugoaid K ck I land, 2; New York Central bub. tend* V,. Thei? weie aa'ea of 0* eim and I hi* ..go at I ?(> |e-r Lent, vr .icb la a decline n| I per out on thore prirloualy *u**te K. ie cl i-od at idjj |>ar cent hI er SO d*y* f'aoaina frli off I per cent fund tho opening, with q lie large Ml"*, prlrelual'y for c??h. The drellna in (histo and l<oe? U'and In < ay I* altogether unwairsa'c). The rau>a U 'be f* 'i golf in reaeipta re jeirted u,r Si nihei. I te.eland hi d To'eito rule* at 1 >w price* again The iaturn? of 'bla road for Novembur were quite rrinahle Ithek- bad to re# the grin, earn Inge I.f a new t ti it rail'old decre* Ing, a? in the ca*e of the hock laianC rend; but v moat n >t ct'cnla'e up >n aaythlng |erc anrnt of that kipn in >liat company. The drniOrilun In the marte v*lo* of "T"V?land and lulod > ?mat be fn m a we olbei cnuae tnan I'a repor'e l carn log*. tor they hoi rery rcajiectab'e Inc n n. Ml'hi gap Central a> <1 Mlet igan Sout erti are aua^iined upon ?ho pioepept ol la'ge dlrldenda lu .Tanuary. The newa fiom Nicaragua by tbe atiainahlp Northern l.ig'it mu*t tie rery KatUfaitory *o the Tranatt (cimpnn '? The peice and quiet tha' Dieraihal in ei ery part of that country ; tbe re'um ot ihe people to eg Ico iture and other hranahe i of Indua ry; the retlrnmot of all the po I'-lcal dlOl eui'iea which haaeao long dl-tnrbed all pnrt'ei, the ac crarion ot Amerlurna to :h* populi'lon; the llrm eatah lirbwent of the Walker p-rty lo power, and the I njmtua the opei Itjgo'Uiat o un'ry mart glre to all airta of ataple prra)uc*lona, cannot hut prove hMhly ndvtn'agoou? to the Iranrit Coaipany and 'argely Increa e It* Imon-aa and p'ofiU. It I* none oecemaiy U"W 'Iran orer before that t* is eom|>any >ho dd t>e iu p' oner ban la?in the hai dr ot there wh > Would a"Oilm-ter it* afTai'a j i llcloua ly and h nc.tlj. T .cro la not a cinntry horda'tng on the (in If of Mrxi:o poveodng an many natural ad no ?agte, ?* regaida ealiinrl'y ?nr hnaltbinerH o? cllnate, facility of eominai ic ti in to all pnrta, ralue and ra'iety <f | incuc'a, geogi aptip-al pnri inn, lie., A i , ae Nicer*. gna, and It ia n iw in haude nliicli will de ?*! ip iU im n.cnre reiourcea, and rlre an f'tvpulae to i.-nnilgratl in that murt place li far In acrunce of all other Central Aioeiiran republi-a. Ihe Tiand*. Company navl/ata* the wa'rra of Nicaragua under epecial Wr*n'a and privilege*, ami Hi a'eaueia connect that couniry wi'h 'he entire A'lanttc and t'eclMj coaeta rand Wiidl ly. The rltore and latea of Nicaragua are navigable f ir tbe company'* rteamera h ni l e '? of mil-* into 'be Inle'ior, and an ou'Jel la ibua form ?hot for ev-ry purllnn id I'a t?ri Itmy. Tbe aha e of the e nintry I* pe ruliar hell g long and narrow, wtlh the rlrera and lake* running thiough tbe centre. It I* par icula* y adapted to ete*w o*'Iga'lon, eVilch the fr*n?tt linn nnj ni i?t mum p It7*, iintlar nH grant*. Thn lenient an I Im (rovawintof Hraragua wll' naturn'ly et.le na) IgaCinn, and IK po-ta?~"ii Juan del Nor.ei i>u Ihr Mulf ami S'au -lu tn ?lc*l Hur . u Mi" TaMllo, mu?t roa?e plaeaa of Imp. Mane*. fha Transit Cnnptny I Inteiaetrd In lb* tiro***" and p?rniar\en ? jr of Iha I ?r'y In fxiwar an<t "111 wl'bnut douht rat'lor all the aid and cionf >rt nrcaaaary tn "trecgt'inn m l r nnoli In a < I*. lb an d-diK 1< will eatnbllah i - biialiiear upnu a a?-ar? lout'latino, ablch Dioat at nu r-rj r-in te parl>d yla d er?< rrui ua rnturu*. All tlied-.-ibt and uncartain'y whl"b l.i v? ro I ng ' i l-'H and whlhbatrc .erred to d"p"*a <ba maikrt raluc nf Nicaragua Tranalt atnck to point" lovr ttan bafora known, b?t* liaan re note-*, anl with propar manag'-roeo' It muata..on rae.Tcr Ita firnpr pO 1 ti< n. |ta through t ail nrnla bu-lnma la n->w only a por tloo of the pr duc'lreona. of tba Una. It inn?t hereafter l ata a larga I/Cal burlneai, finding an ou'Jat on both 1h? ftaatriblp John I~ Stapbanji, whl'h laft Hu Kran rlreo on tba 20th of Novrakbar, for I'anama, tin* on III I $I,?4J,M0 in g. I', of which $1,744,00.1 I" f.r S'-w Yuk, and $'.T)0,Pfd) for Kng'tnh account. Thl", with tha as "tint ireel red by tha Northern l ight. ?U Nlctragua? 4 ,:<0 .r,oo_ nakaa tba agyngata tainlmoclh y "blpmant from San Kiauclaeo $2,27& 000, which 1* aomawhal largar than urual. At tba raronl b>.ard, tha only .lock at all haoyant wat Nicaragua liaoett, that eloaad at an advance ot |Wr cant. Ilia am unt of buelne.* tran.artad wa? arnall. Iba maikat rlo<*d very heavy. Ibr .V atrabip Atlantic, from thi? port for IJverpool to-day. eartk-d tn.t $400,064 In apacia. At tba elo* tha rnllrg rata. for "tailing bill" war 8\ ifl', par xut pit mlum. Albart H. NleoUy'a regular aaml-waakly auction aala of i tairka and b?id? will taka plac* to-mo row ( Oiur. day). at 12X o'clock at tba Merchant*.' ftrl.ang*. Wr art- Infoi n.oi that a valuable li-t of bond" will b? '-ITa-ed. lb* c? lt.aga of tba New (klriw mint In November any uhtcd V. $?' .''6 '00 all in ba'f dollar". Th* Vital d* pt ai> of gold and ellvar, wat $32 107. The Hoaoc# rommlita- of tba lloue* of Vapr#.. iitatlto# r.f l.orgia aatluiat** tha ra-aipta lo'o th? fraa* try for tb* year 1Ms, at $f*14 'CO. and tha e*p"ii litura* at $ "I, t fio, laat log a ba'anca in tha Tr*.?ury at tha anl of tha jaartf IVA'.'.Wl wt leh may ba furl bar reduced hr ap pioprla'lotn to tharl'abla and othar porjo-a. to gl' l, Tha racrlpta for tba yatar l*il a'a e-Mii.ttad at f? ?*,<" 0, and tbs < ip* lalitsraa at $417,0611. laormg a b? la 0< a of SVJiO '.J O Tba Aaai/lantTrrwaurar raporta V. 'J?* *a fill -w ? ''aid < n traaaurr aoe unl $W lid i6 I t Cttvad do. 64.VI 7" IWn l.aa do. 4 <?1A '61 7* raid lor Araay '-ffca W. <m Vl I aid e.n duburalng clarka W.6&4 id PiTna warrant* rn'arad at tb* Trraaury [W|nrtin*nl. W a'b.r gV o, < D tba lOtb loat., war* a" 1.1) >w( ? ft r Iba i?dampr|. n of rharka $71 Ibai ?7 lor'7' Tra?anry l*|.ar"m*nt i,4W M lor '!? loai lor laparimaot 3'>6 I 41 I or tb* ruatt m? II trt JO <m account <>f tba navy 10 464 W I rjm cnatooia 3,011 II Tli# lanatpta of notion in tawannah by th* '.* -ft" ''?? tral Hallroa! lor tba car coding on tba 3"th of Nowam bar am' nntad V. .114,000 bala>, and tha g'O" aarrnngi at tba road during tba una partial waa $1,42* Of) At th* annual "taction at tha Ink* Krt*. Wahtah anl St. Imila Kallrond lompany, th* following diracarra war* ?ccWr?Arartab Moody, t. C. 14'thSrld, Ja? II. tar ? , k. Whicabouna, and J. $ A Sanl -rd haw T"fl I'nrmca I i?i|gUy, and I yman tbafla. Albany, t. H Hutu aa, Rrorkpnrt, J. C. fiilum, Ic^kpo't, A:?w?t II Tracy. Itnfak., Allan lUaallton. fort Wayn* Jn<M? Mprar?, l*<bj*tt*. huracil rag* Troy At a ? akat;oaa?. m<?tlt| of tba Hoard, tha IV a Ararub llr'dj waa alar tad I raaktant. and 1.1.clan TUUa Ytca l*r**l>?t. and other ? ff.ccra a* la*t yaar Tbara war* ml** of N*w York Cao'.ral aV ck to <kay a* M par cant. It cloaad waak and war fra*ly utfarad at thir prt**, wHfvmt finding bayara. Th# apprahaanoq. aag-aa [*.-bap* to cmr at teat, which wa* f?o* rally Mt that tha canaoiidatloa of tba acwaral railroad* hw.wawn IWTalo a ad Albany la the auaw a* of IfifiS. andar tb* nam* *4 th* Naw York f'aatral won Id ha tha frwltfal caaaa of aotrap tlow. chanting and wrung, wblla It wa*' alca r**ult in an .mmaaaw fisprweknttoa la the *a)a# of tba at wka baa Wawn n>ofa than rwaltMd. The public wilnaamd Off anon a tar tb* r?n? animation of tb* arkim com* ramarkahl* ph* aawana Thay aw tha aaaa iltdat?d d"? taka lu placn <n wiarkwt at rataa ranging Hewn 7tt*!i pw cawt avm par An kmprwMae w?iadroitly craeVedhypar'ia* large ly latarrwkcd Uaa' a fartb*r rt*a m-ght ewnfifianUj h* aaM rlpatad and tb* maltttodo of "a*> p'.x -?tal Mull ivt haidar" ImnfWd a Nalur that tha Raw Y--rt flmtral waa a ta na of waaith which v wt I grow rVhar th* wvor# It waa worked. Tba n*tt daridapammt tat tba aaka by tha leiga ikanluilltrt of their atock ?' Ihr |ir?nlU?| lilfk lllw-u opeia'hm nrrN on efficiently, bat an quietly Moot tit alarm ibe einwd, who MI>t 4 la tha Infaltf blll jr of Central atock. Tiili floaacial m irixamt vt< fal lowed ly a rapid aad eno uioue deciioo, the ?t ?h g >uaf d?u about aa far fart >w par aa It had tieen tbon A ? Ida rptead dbo-a'i Uctl >u aaa tba nejea-aiy ia< ?lL Tua fruit* uf c neolh anon war* bltlar enough in all but 'ha few who plucked ibam Id raaaon; jet there wet no halp, and patience tea* etrintfly r*ouinm*ndat by d iactor* Who had fulj feathered tbair oan u*?t* Ikrl I <o li ??re emitted, and liuuteiue repair* i a<oa*t recwpta. 1 lie next develnpaineat tootla'ad n 'ha poli'ica a<"l >n of Uie New York''antral lb ard n' IHraitlia. Hiring canted mn*nlMatlon thmagi tha IregMatU'e by tiaatru ptiloua tampering with tepraeanttllene, tbn D .ard f it that It wan " a po -er in 'be Mile " It* letliag mem l>era are et-o leading poUUntan*. It had t'a n*w*ptper organa at Alb ny, and it nam h-guo 11 Interfere e.T?o tlvely In pnpu'ar alae'iom. Jalt prarl m? to the U'a N'oreniher eleetit n at ma if tb* alitor offloert of >h# Ono tral Hallioad pa* at along the Un* and t<*u*d lu-truo lion* to leading employ,.# in regard t th- ? iiing of the Ihouaaad* o'peraou* In the r taipnej'a ??r*ic#. Ind-ad, |l i? n< tail u* 'hat tha linger of ih ? g . it in >u?p >1/ may ha traced In ever/ page of our dta'e politic* Three ar? Important charge* which will her Hj b* d-uta 1 which cannot be di*#rored. an I which are rapidly producing their affant In the public mind. Our at'en'i >n ha* been root lad to tba alftlra of tho New York Central by a pamphlet rep irt Jaa' laaual In Iloetcn, ai d hearing the f" lowing till ? vlx Report of a eon.mi'tw* app lo'ed January *, IH.ti, by the d'rectnra of 'b" New V ok ? iautral Ita'lr ? *| Cno reny, el tha request of 'he efnckh Ide ? ? ih> Iiing certain ex I lanai i* hi lo b* in tde of tli* "en a an I dinf ?* the director* and tieaeurar" euoeequmt ti lb" c >u* ill la ties. The report, with l*t'er*, table*. k:.. ?ppao'el, make" forlj-rryeti page*. The commit'*" en late' of Wil lain H half' 'f (kiaton; C. Hte ibloa, of Uewo'tria; and J ' ecph na'telle of 'hie el'y. Al'h ugh apsdnted near'y n year Mg i, their report made I e ap|>eirun'e only a few ?In}* rlnce. It |* to lie prenooted t i the je*.|y inee'tog of a'le'kbi Idi ra In Albany thie aeek, an 1 bat print ad in edrai ce. Tha c n inlttee counnenra by arowtug th*nn?l*v "greatly rallaTfd" to fliul that another cotnuU'o* (Meiers. Walwat h, I'elge and llo k*r) oad been ap feinted, on Ilia 30th ? f July I8'4, t> examine tha an rounta ol tba tie?"urer. That laat named I orni'tae re p?ted. a* our rendei i know, ab ut a i?jou"i eg ?. t> tba effect that'he rerpectable Individual *ho au* alau t x? ? t'lalion of treaeurer to the Near York Central Company had neither h'uride-e I In hi* bookaweplag aor vtolen luoney nor com id red any other ogtraftoit eat ?o far le the innni'.t. e 1 |..I I nlxciver A ? li r?|utrel e'xtnan umnthn to leach aul publ eh tbU mult, wethl .k "gieat relief muat hay* been experienced all round, lenylig 'be tiea-uiar In the laud' of tua W?l?nrth Comnl'tee Mr. Hwtfl'a Coin mil tea ronfloail t'a a tan ton totiaoiLer branch of tba ?u'>ja't, elr.: tba ant* and ilolnga of tba dl ac'i re," and, in eo d >fo{, they In. form the puhllo that 1 it I nn a leg* tone, calcu lated to Implicate certain <>lf|i era of the c on.itny." bare been brought to their nutica, w ich tho coumillt '* epa rify aa fo!lowe:? Klret. ddiat eery large purchaeo* are m\4a by tv ? giiita of Jia conn any of ? naorran'lle bor-e in Af'it ty, of which the naMent of the iptne I* 'he prindiiai aopartaer and tha' Mia h ioe In q ie?|lon baa unit In'ge rnniuiteei >ua for purcba-lnv Irou ralU, ti ** k s . for II e roed birin'i. 1 hat land for A freight hdtt*# A" , at flojal i, hat > eii> fin cha xt al anaxi'ldlant pr'c* of 'b'Vloa I're-h eut ol Ibe o lopany and othrri. U-'ciaa ed with h in In the lopict;. Ililid. Ibat the fieoeral Jiipa lntandent la an owrer or Copartner in 'he ? heneolady I.H5 *m itire Woraa and, aeru'h pnill ipn'er in'he profit* ?,f iba eeta'i f-bnieut, that he caueea the engine* ol ta* o >tap ny to he uieta or repaired there Vonrth Tuat tbei* be* l>e*n aa IM idlilou* ex.ienll ln>a <f the m'my by tba direrlora In tb* pirch?'e of ?.'? uinh at* on Ijike k/ile, thereby c*uamg giua'. In ?>*? Ui tb* comj any Hf'h 1 hat there ha*? l *en lireg ilar pr hwwi loiga tn relation lo ti e pu'clieie and e*l? of r*llro?d ?took be tween |h fT-lo end K>l* by aooie of h itt aw" >?? -Ixth. Iba' in tha learn of th* It ilfalo and Slawra I a'l* ar d I e * 1 ?'on Rallioada tliarw baa bean Imuittrift had to tra Intaraata of tha New Yorl Central mail. brrrn'li That a pnr'latiUr kind of rar ?h-? patan'ad and tr.aniifarrurad by tlaoffr II Thi'rttar t* ?1"i? p?' mil tad In iiuil im >hi? Nrw V' >? < ?if|lr?l Kallroa I I'tpbUi That lie I'raatdnot <>f >h? "ihi^vii fittilhna !)?<? lion In Mr. Tlja'rlirr fur hi? wi*H. mil that tha Cat n?l Huprr-utaa6*n' l* a rn lattnnr In ih? pat-oi, or Id 'I a manfhr'ar* of mil whoa a. Motli. 1||?| land I n 111* pla'tl f ir an <>n'nr atatlon ? Writ Allium ?o rallnd?ha* ' purebamd at au nur Idiant rata by 'b* <!ir?ctor*, Tlra* rfiai(r?~, thamgb by an maanannlnrportant, il mil lotirb tbi raal ra 1 kar ahutb I- aa'ing out tha Ufa of tb? tr? Vo:k ''antral. W# nball notion only om or two o' Ibrtn to-day. In 'afar'! to thn P. rat *T*gtU?n, tba r ?rnmlttm aay that ? lora Aug. 1, l(t&.'<. ami prertoua li Ju'y 1 1*46 (!??? tlanlw y-birr) tk* e .mpnay puroha ad of It* I'rn.ldont, K. Curbing to t -a amount ol 00a ruii.kou of oolinro au I upward* at folli W? ? Iron rail* 9*76 Hid 22 *1.211 at Alia. i?fl M II.?? 81 2*7 VI Iron for brwtga. 16 tit 8t IMiaata (othar than That-h?r'a) 1,7*7 06 -urdry ai'l-laa. raflrud Iron, b il?r Irm, ilnot and bar Iron ami for au'tngaand (up, Tiia. (lira kboTtl*, naila, kc 261.162 67 Tola! ;urrha??? II OM 407 .10 Mr. Corning chorgad upon rail* and tl-#? (an lt?m of i.rar 1700,000,) a c< to ml*'I n of 2Si [.? ? rtat. making n??r 117,fro, am) rbla oaar and ah.rra I,la pr> flt* aa a 11 air'ant and manufartarnr , for I' la und.ratood II,at Mr. (' folia all tba old raila fir lh? . r.rpany at t.& par ton. Tba c mmlltaa a ra duplaa..! wl'b tbi* prmrriling on tb? part of th?, an-l ra ronmrbd that tb? praetiM if tha ryrmpnar'a bnylag artlrlra rrr|ul?r.| for th* uar of tha railroad from Ita of!) i.ra abould ba dim# ntlnnrd. A awoaibla '??n') rai n hut ra ar-brd 1 at bar lata a tba'lay?Mr K Uiarng and Mr I ran Kiel.mond baring antlrlj-atad Ihr pr *r I oliim rnlirh to Ibrlr oaa Individual profit an t adtr.n'ag* And fnrtbrr. tl>* arm. mitt** ray thay do n >t think tba r< wtpany ah'trld pay a rofjiraU?lnri on tba poroha** of ralla, aa agrnta all! entrant It r tbr dalltary wt bout ru< h eornniiMfoa. Ibrrn ara naroral of tba "al!agatl"M" wlitrh will baa- a atrlctat nan,mail' n tbab ihr r< u.rnl'tr-r I.a- g ???i thrm tlx bgh juallrr ri'jnlraa ua Ui adrnl Ibat in o all 'hn form rf ?< myta<|.,n o a abila. a-bii g r uraa, and w|i|i a n.anlf-.' folia to all fllrag'ra?.'# n.a'ara Mraara. hwlft MtbMn. and ilat'all* hatr an tant a ly admittad rwar'y ad ibat waa ma aital In i| r nib* allaga tU na. W r arr tot .'on. with tha rrport Tha followir g abator* tba ran*Ip'a of t ta fanorylTin a Railroad Com pan/fur tb? month of io?a?b?r a%t f?r If. >rar. run.parnd with rm.lpta tor lha oo-iarp tr'tug 11m. laat yaar ? Ptrtlp*. b.r tta ni nib andlag *o? W .8116 < 0 7* rama luonlb la t jaar 277 tki II Irrraaaa ... 8I.JJ 1 at aa I Rmnpta 'torn Jaa 1 ltd, Ui | o 1. IM? ? ?a-i 7 6 ?< f aa.? |* iL <l lait yaar I. t-M ltl 10 larrrar* I'.ll Ml far 71* aala. of l*ada by tba lilt*, la r.atrU Habr #v1 or XtWMtor w.r* 74 M# a?r*a? 91 11* 627?a*?'aging 116 par arr*. Th. agsr.gata bar# aaaa 401 I .1 an#**? lA/Ad lfiO-arrriprg 110 72 |*t tor I Tba flairlaU'l, falamrtlla atv4 Aa'>*aS'il? Hall' <ad I ' ? n |aay bar* dmlarrd a awml annua' 4lrt4*iad of la* I par rant, rraa'rlng t?a pm rani, or I.60IM hi# r .a I itrurOon amount whlab wl.l ha 1l?trlt at*d to tba a o k bnlrwwt in ami p. Onmoit Das 12 IIM put I a i TT.ia"* 70 M | u UiUuriU >16 47 lofdiu Mrgtnia 6 a a4 M loo it, Mb l.i, V9U9 On. ... t Mtfi W< 4* *7 47 liOT'i Ml*#/ arl 6 ? ak m l?t An -.10 41 Hit, ?n. kn /? An . 1*1 I ^ l<0U> do. MH I'fO On ajtl 47 Jt#6 Tarn 6 a 'M Mtg |ik> 0- a^O 4?.t. 0 >0 "|ui 0'# 00... 11* ^ | I.aik' roragoK* In, 2774 t/bx. ?'a 66 IW114 M in .... I* IfTO lata Hda <4 'M '**A Ram* lag It It >1 M 1, .#?! V' M 224 0* al M lUO K#la IVla .f :l ?7 .#? do M Ilia Mad hit lat MM 1001^ VJfi 0" SI k? lr/?, ? . l.t P'.-kl II 4rki dr. ami 1JM0 ni CM* liAoMi 7k anrr 4* . ,k2) M?o I#06 do .. *10 77 ?y irm do Wt IV A* 7" V *?" d kio I k UMki an .... r 77 H ym do ... M It .rOttT'i". f?a k| 'Or lladwoa R UK *t II ?, '?>< > Y r*? T'a. 16* Ur it. ,, MS jjj fit. ah* < rbwt I ArTt ' . ??* *10 do II V 10 owrrwtb ?? Rk !?' M Mlab law Hit ,.. r> V |6 ho I rwtwarr* 112 40 I'uaaa RA 100 w iO Ibaatli Man* .. 111 tg 100 A* ..... ai 104 kOMarrtaau I a Ha 10* *4 da .... 01 141% H/Man n r?, bio 21 Ik A" loOia .14 Arr 21 M dr. . 1*4 la 4M XU Tra*. '? d irj^ *0 fVr #00 7-4 9* 71 at* do M II ~*0 t, M0 loio Urn d?' 1**4 vvo d? i>4a* 0v MltanlVI, Irt T 1<? dr ui *?'* U2J Carat < rml la.... 'r\ '.?? 4*.... 14 '??* I* 4* 14 7t?. >?) do . Okig 10* d?. WS 6'-bklu>liOl VJ 06v 104 4a M ?S 10? d* 44 *0 IMr fra ft* .... V* 47>a l'J4 4a ....d 4*4 4a .... d I t a bound bo-hd fWi M'MMrl I'a.a* M i "Oi III Coo KK bda. 77 g (uOu (la... ,W? 78 '.ron N Y Can K? I' ll thl hl<* Iran- Co 17 MM <!<> I>30 17 \' lwruib Cm] tVM '/!!V 1?0 ll*?aln( H K 87 ., I Ml (In ? *> HH 110 do MO 88 MI VINO 110 4 HD. Ml?li'AUocluuiyl nol 8 Inn -h-Uold Hlll .aS ft Ml Ward AaU.. ..bW 21 % 2*0 Htwnaaia Oop.alO I'M on MM 21 g lOOUibbal'S 4 Cu SI* 7 ? 810 Uard'r fo ld b.O \ 14) do b30 7 100 ah. Haud'a RKbM M 100 da -no rr* 20 I7'a* % T .1 K tL . 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