Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 15, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7048. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY DECEMBER 15, 1866. PRICE TWO CENTa mMTISElKNTS RENEWED ETBRI DAT. THK LKCTDBK BEA80H. ASTRONOMY BXTBaOBOIN1 aRY.-THK romanux or 1^, lUaa or vomnrol world* bo. ond the ear n address ad to fee universal Cbrutiau world m l to Kretnaxiury, by one Of the Iraiermty. P*rt 1 ?An Inlredurtory nte inurve, showing Hin ilurt") nuking wends bv hypothesis, acdoeipllng rguoi |j isslngr Fart IL. Tbe solar systeea aui Ha errors? when proofW will bo given that th" earib in quiescent, nod that the pusow In n-* ??"" '' A lecture will he given eo the above subject by Mr MoCOMNIlL ai ihe ri roadway Tabernacle. oo * outlay availing, December 17, H&S t?oor ?pan at 7X o'clock; cobb?u?w at 6 o'clock. Admission 1, oan la. Ttiel* to be had ol Mr 1. J. Croweu, OPJ broad way. Messrs. ft or, Lockwood * boon, 411 Rrondwny; Vhuil U. ,i. Francis* (X) , 'AU Broadway; Mr Krsnka, No. 21'arktuw; and . Wthuer t Rogers, 12 Aassau street. CHKMlCAL LBCTDBKN.?I>K. UOKhMUH' THIRD LRU tore on tbe Imponderable forces will be delivered on Saturday arming, at 7>4 o'clock. In tbe chemical lecture room of tbe Maw York Medical College, Thirteenth strew. near rourlb avenue, subject?" Heat and Cold." Radiation of Beat; Dhfriml geography; ruUilou ol the earth to uiasna. from the lusuar epuob to tbe preeaut time. Kxpanslnn of wilds, liquid* and gasw, tl u 'rated by experiment*. KitbeU at circulation of the atmosphere and ooeaus on cdmates; lao tliermal linea NpecUlc beat (nxi<*r.ioenUi)?tompreation of nlr evolving heal; expansion pi educing ou<d; Importance o" the vertical position of a place on Its icmperuturo; rotations of Beat to vegetable and animal Hie So Id, liquid and gaseous state* dependant on heat; pressure *. tulunnclng nbutlUon. Imcat best?lJqulfaoUon and h> Idinoallon of gases by pro. sure and cold; experimenla with sulphurous acid and carbonic acid gases: snow produced from a red hot orucllie, mercury troien with solid oarbonte sold, mercury troeen la a red bit crucible. Iu consequence ef the exoense at ending tbe illua iraMona , tickets for tbe eouree, $2; single admission, 75o. GKRMAN LROTUREB-IN THk MBItrArrrn.R LI4RA ry building, Aator place, buiiirday, liec. 1A, at it P. M. J>r. Helnbold Holger:?Tbe eptiero ol Woman. Admission 2S Otnta. Tbe New Yorker Lesrvereln. TORL TIFF AMY'S BLOQUKNT, PHILOSOPHICAL LRU w tnresonsplrUnallam,Rtuyrciiani institute, New York. Tues day and Friday evenings. 7 H o'c.o-k. Brooklyn Institute, Wednesday and Bnaday evrnlnta Wllllansburg, Spiritual ?A ssrnabh Roams, earner Fourth and South Third streets, Mon day and Tnurvday. Admission 10 cents. THE FIREMEN. AT?THK a*I*UAL mhrtino ok the ho \rd OK D*"?rln>'"". held on thn 'ng^n^ following resolution wan rrofllvMl m" W?w *?'k MrTo^rSTnt' nuhhSta 1,6 ?mcer? ?' '"I" body be iruiruouxl lo E L .^T paper, w tuny may select/a notice nantmtT thn A nrSS ll'^^ ^IIi* 1 to be g Ivan m U,e2lUi Instant. at afrmt^ u,to^?.:^?!!f r iJ x aVBmu' Hud I wonty third .?D? ?i? Board of Yruu'eee be reo'ippiod lo warn agalnat rontflliutlnK to auy ba'l, concert ,,r other ' Purp?rt1n* ,0 nr tnr ltl? benetti of the Eire Oe ??S?^.^rov7fm0 Bh*" t",ro P^vtoua'y received their In compliance with the above resolution, the Hoar 1 ol Trus an* tlTk.ta K "1'?'!"":!"' public against purchasing it? halla, Riven in tlia name of the Eire tlepart Dtent. other than that announced to take place at the Academy So. U?8'OU Jauiiai , ledrt. and also. against aM concerts or amuaomenta, purporting to be In aid of the Klre (toTmJw dm,!!?!!? ""'<?'*? "encSoned by the special committee T/ttl^l.rv. 'WfhyJr. President, iwr or vitceraaa to tub new vokk rtait iiecaktmb.nt a^SS! ^iSTf r** ' 280 rronl ht i lu" st. Zlail ptace I)?l?tour. secretary, a>t; Wallah; house 10 City Henry A. Burr, No. I DUTst ; bouse XI Hevenh et. ui ua.*"1*'?9 H,,rllnt! " 'P. bouse 213 tenth et F?ter H. Tltun, hoase fits Met k<n *t. Pbllltpe MPue.lln; bnttee73Oreeneatreet. ?lames Y. Waikns, 16 Catherine at.; house 28 llenr/ ?t_ Zophar Mills 1M Awl at ; house 207 Madison 5' " Samuel B. Jhomson, IS Spruce ?t,; bouse 148 Laurens st. OOP? ITtal ON SCHOOLS. IMStslTTEE ON riNES Attn Jaoa. W. Phillips. PeterTv?' James Y. Welkins, Henry A. Burr Samuel B. 1 homaoti. Samuel H. 1 bornson T^'vzr**?- oNwSr^coiL. Adam r. i entz, James Y. Watklns Henry A. Ilnrr, Zophar MtUs. James Pryer. OONNITTEE TO SOLICIT PON 4TIO.NH. Zophar Mills, Alberi J. Delvuur. Adam P. Penis. THK, MltfTAay. INDEPENDENT BATTALION OK PETERSON LIGHT A Guard.?1 be mrmhen ol the above onrps, and all tit ?e de Alroue of parading with them on Christmas cliy, wlU mem for j^,^d8st,}"Uy ovrn,ng ?? ??? * tiry .-tic and llelaneey Mreets at_71> o'clock, P M. By order Michael McGotbe? Adjutant "^Commanding. \f AIHE GUARH8.-TUK MEMBERS OK TUii ABOVE ntaL h,,r'hy 'll1'"1 "'Ht a mee'lng will take f T af"-rn?un- ?' *ov.nck, at theirheadquarters, at^Ji ? street, and aro also ordered to a~erii>,!e at the above quarters on Monday evening at ~,K ?'cluck r m f?r OKI* iv j aOKuuN, OomtnandanL II. ATRiAHOh.Utderly nrrgcant. NOTIOE-THE MEMBERS flK 7 HE OI-b COMMODORE M 7rl?t*?! rS*p^fUu f reqtiraia.1 to mental So l Wa?U m"b on J'reet on Sunday, liecember If,, at I ?'i-iii-k P M JjL ',")d funeral Ol our lale brother memhsr, Robert bun' nlnptoo, ?y orCcrof t.'ll vttl.EH McOaY. Captain. REWl Hits. ^5^.5 ON THE NIGHT OK THE Ar^.ut Vade't W^7'.n ? ,h" hotteeoi It. Van Sooiett, walnut Va'lry, Warten county. New Jersey, two d mule relied guns, one toade bv VVt alley Mich .rds so. 170 ,s(. * u,,n i etreet, Igniflon, No. 5 371. ti e o'l-.-r a nesr gun. 1'a kei on the .m fhei^Hlh^r?! ?T'Ih 1 h? it?ve reward will be pal I 11belr delivery to J. f labor to ' hatlian strtott, N. Y. ?<t REWARD.?LOST. YKsTERDAY IV RRivn ^"'"otS * P't'n go'd onckie nnd twore?is Klve doll irs wvl be paid lo any person on leevinr ibein at No. 15 lodge TT- M. SKLltl. ^5 ^i1WuBJ' ~I,,OST' (,N T"r'; lini INST. A YOl'NG tarrafil1/ t' 5"" "l"1 "taaitir bree I leu mmthv old pl? ??* ? ?*j? "" ?,""*? le ?? her collar, a r?ng at trnT. lon' """ tail, the tip whl'e; afon/mf*. a iu?'^ hU,I *leek.h' Tbe ? Ifve t:?JS ? ^vyf,:ty^h^r..rerr Mid"? RKWaRD?LOHT, as kriday mor si Vr; i ini XrJ^I a,fb!t? **?*' do*; nnito ie n^nr or 8h " hsd on a leather collar, with ihe name of thn owner The ^ridor wBI * Anr.W? ibw abov?* r? v vrd hy !#*vtfur h?m a? Kir. Mavmley place, or No. fl Wall Hireat oflice so 1L ^/f BKWAKP.?-LOST. A H'tAOK AND TAN TPrhter. ^nnr; ha! oo a cifa ?on streeA Pew*r4 wlU be PtW by returrlitg her ut 1M tiji' <?<> REWARD.?LOST, A GOLD RING M Art If Kit IV IvOST AMI EOI'YI). ~ KVfcNl.NG IV A SIXTH A VKNUK OAR, tor' ' H'*'rh , 1 h? wtme ran he ovtaltxy] at . Kreclver a offlce, bLiUt avenue an l K.uty fourth st. ^0rt[wiiZ^ ??yi BR POUND ON WKD.VKS ' dsy last In Fourth avenue ? up v to J. K Wh.'nev v.. sc?eos,Ur1^ avenue, between Twemy-ftturth twenty l'ifih ^?"OrND-ON OR AB'll'T IHE <ST INST., IN I'.ROkO "Wan < aca street, a gold i.roo h, attached t/i a rib Son. 7 he owner will have It on pr,.vlrg nr inert v paying charges, by ador. i.nng T. W , Herald olutf. T/!ST-LOK "^""E'DAY i p"RTE%fi|.V.V lie GOV ^Tlill ""l ? *' I change Ihe Under , tjji jrT^suem """ " " ^ ArcU" Fur """ X()fT-ON FRIDAY. DK.?' 14, A GOLD Five; WITH small diamond, not pure whbe, either In Wall ?'imei or t' d *?!? street,. The flndm aUI P^nldiTiyf reW,r<1'd b* l"?"4* " ?,d* Rr TbOo.pson. A3 \!" terkirrTawhwering to *_J viva nwip o( Tin." trom fh*? ? lftrf?ri?Jon Hnr?l Anr ?... Erurging him back will receive tin and no questions asked. LOST?IN PASSING KRl/M HOUSTON T > FrPrKSVTit Se-rar^i.B:?r,h :'r"" " '? il'K si^Jjii, a' .*?M 'tkaceie' Itch .Ink- and nadlo-k n... >.d.'h W.rnamT^i: "n )e**iDK 'he same at 30 "Tin going THRocron with gold rmu attached ^The tm'dirTu!"Prl"" * l:rnorh 'IT- W WTRSLr Mr' *>rpJJCA~aIS0rIIL:i,iu "R*I*D KTRKKT. ITr Iinrnel i. . " R*n I'-'rowril r,t whirl, has been ?- ?asKip.7,;Wa W ^TC?. I^*T- ON TV l'BsDAT SVKVING, mil INHT e" a. -,.W on I^.in, ? ? Th ' V b" WyiTIRK. ;;2.f -"o-f-'S-.brd rft' Irmm ,t|ii a i R\pry vip!e(| or mMtffMAn Idlhnr,, . M IMMkfmrW prlrri .. Wtlc"AKTR, "" 1|L BDDYiro, AT Iff>1TK ('a Rim VlHITfVri ivvrri ?? VjW-ss sssssvsrrs ?,rx. hii.mvhdh. ~ " A R,A?fro1.n' dK. "nft beoadwat, BHj.rARo J\. table maker, has four ftne tables ur '<w irt.. ton at nmnner Oenbemen wtsbing to parrhs2e"or O enjoy tbtmwe've. at a yative. ,m ? eeaPv f id us" XJ2SS. '"?'*rd 1 23, Am. >,7".:^ RRATAl'Rkirn. s<) ' eboaowat ? *,. ' ? M. BAT a Kit. ea'e-tr - Graen tortie a,up, ,v| ?,..a4 be served np thladav by 'he above wed known e.t, ei hee Inag been known bv et vimaas ot this "tt t fo- pi, ?' tattaskill ftrr rnrots-tng the above eru ie. Also >? i,m "w i known irowh of OTiR#r? Mid ti; 1 ? <* w4.. "fiw, Wt4 sua old BU.-IUO ate on draught. l' NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. Important Despatches from London, Madrid and Copenhagen. Caucus of the Anti-Administration Members of the House. Another Nentrality-Prmrviug Proclamation by the President. Interesting Correspondence en (he Tepki ef the Oaf, Ac if Ac*! ho. raiRVY-rooaiH cosoaui. FUtBT HMMUUM. SENATE. WAMlirraTOir, Dae. 14, 1866. Mr. Sbwabb, Mr. Frrrndmn, and Mr. Stuart, neve rally gave notice o( their Intention to introdoce bills for har bor, river and lake Inproveineate. Adjourned till Monday. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES. Wa?Hi\oroa, Dec. 14, 1866. Tint untxmmm. Ttve Houee re.uned voting fur Speaker, with the fol lowing reenlt:? rim -sixth vug*. Hank. lOti Richardson 73 Fuller ......... *0 Meagre. Letter, liarri.on, Iienver, Willi am i and Orr, eaoh one. Neceeeary for a choice, 113. fifty .rvmkth vom. Hank.,... 1(M Richardson 74 Fuller 41 Hn.tfHng 4 VltTY-BIOIITH Oil Hark. KM Fuller 41 Ulrharilaon 78 Scatlorlng 6 Mr. A. K. MvRkhaLL, (mil. K. N.) of Ky., move^ that when the Houre aujourn it be to Monday. While the roll w.a being called, gentlemen no* and 'lien, instead of voting yea md uuv, n-ap-nded Dank a and Hichardaon, for the moment beii. ring they wore voting tor a Speaker. Thi. uiinsppr-hen-lun occasioned repeat ed of laughter, nod cries of " t hat show. the effect of habit"?'The ruling passion strong In death"? "Flick to your candidate, my l>oy."?"HaI hal ha!" Ac. Mr. Marshall's motion war then lor'., by a vote of 80 .gainst 186. FIFTY-NINTH VOTK, Dank. 1(I6 Fuller. 41 Richardson 74 Featuring 4 Mr. Ktiikkiik;n, (n*t. h'. N.)"of Teon.?Believing that nothing can he accomplished by voting further to-day, I move the Houre adjourn Mr. CtiMiMr-K, (fiec roll K. N.) of lnd., here announced a meeting of the ami-Nebraska and ami administration men to-L ight. Loud call.- to order followed, and in great confuaion the llou.e adjourned. Mr. Wahbhi rnk, (blk. rep.) of III., as the member, were .operating, raid, "There ? ill be a mooting to night of nil the member, opposes! to the adminlrtratioa " Crlee Irom the d? mocrutic ?i le?'-You've dropped the Nebraska issue thcnV"?"Let'* have the meeting now." The iaat vote war ar follow.:? Fok Mr. KiumakijRon ?Mererr. Aikeu, Allen, Barclay, Bagicy, Barkdcaie, Hail, Booook. llowie. Boyoe, B audi, Brooke Bennett ofN. Y.. Bennett of Mire., (Viwailader, Atiuiherr, Cackle, Ciingmau, Cobb of Pa , Oob? of Ala , Ooige, C'lawford, Denver, lfawdell, B.1umnuron, Kliott, English, Faulkner. Florence, Fuller of Mo , Drave., Goode, Greenwood, Hall of Iowa, ilari Is ol'Ala., Hickman, Harris of III., Heiliert. Houston. Joner of Teunenaee, Junes of l'enn., Keltt, Kldwell, Kelly, letcher, Lumpkin Marrhall if ill., Maxwell, McMullen. McQueen, Miller of lnd., Mil ton, Oliver of Mo . Orr, I'ect, Pbelpe, I'oweli, Qui'man, tuflln, ltuet, Svndridge, Favsge, Seward, Smith ot Venn., ?Hcnheu*, Stewart. Shorter, To i a at, laylor, Vail Waruer, W itkine Wills, Win-low. Wright of (eon.. Jewe't. For Mr. Hanku.?Mc-irs. Albright. ASisnu, Barbour, Henry lienuett, Beunon, BlJlngmir.t, Bingn.m, Ki rhi'p, Rll.s, Biati.baw. Bren'ou, Buffington. Huriingafne, Campbell of Peon., Campbell of Ohio. Chaffee, CUwsnn, Cla k of Oennecticnt. Colfax, Conine, C-inrie Oragiu, Co uack, Ifamrell. lhtvlr of M *.*sachu.e"a, Dav. lleva, He Witt, Lick, Lodd, Dixon, Hurfee, Knirle, ilaglcr Gal loway, (Ji idingr, 011be-t, Granger, Grow of Ma*, ?achu.i-tta, Ha-Ian, Haduway Horten ef NewYork. Hor ton of Ohio Howard. Hugb.ton, Kelsey, King. Knapp, K right, Knowlton, Knox. Kuiike', 1/itwr, Msfti.un, Mcl arty, Muacbaiii. Miller of New York Morgan, Mori ill. Mott, Murray Nichols, Norton, A. Oliver, Parlor, Pel ton, I'earoe, I'enningi -n, Perry, I'e'ltt, i'iao, Cringle, i'aivi..nce, Ritchie, Bobbin., Huberts, Kobieon Stoin,, F*pp. Sherman, Pi mm on.. Skinner, 8 am ton, Stran ?biin, I tppHn. Thoringti n riinr.ton Todd, Trann, Ty son Wade, Wakamao. Walbrtdge, W.idron, W? hburne ?t Wisconsin. Waebouim- of Illinois,Wa.bhurne of Maine, w#teon, Welch, Weod, Woodruff, Woodworth and Fd wa'de. For Mr. Fiiikr.?Me-sr*. Brown Campb-ll of Ivy,, f'arlile. Cos, CuUen. Levi, of MA, Ku?ti?, ICdie, Ftheridge, l.vaua, Fc.ter. flarti. of Md., Harrison, Haven, Hoffman, Bennett, IJndley. fjiko, Moore, H .mpluey Mamhall, Mar shall of Ky., Milward, Patoe, Porter. Paryear Ready, Pic iud, Hiver., Scott, Fnead, Swope, smith of Alalia na. Trlppe, Underwood. V'alk, Wiiltuey, Walker, Zolilcoffar, hull B. dome and Heai i lor Mr. 1 .UTVi!?Mr Ihttin. hir vir. Darkish-.?Mr. Fuller, of PennFylvnaia. lor Mr HiikVav?Mr Richardson. For Mr. Orr?Mr. Wi ham. Ad in" mod. OUR KPKCIAL DESPATCHES. IMPORT * NT OFFICIAL lNTKLLIOgNGK FROM OREAT BRITAIN, STAIN ANI> DENMARK. Washington, Dec. 14, 18.'S. We barn th*t dei|>at<:h?>* liy the Baltic were received to-day at the State Department. They c imprtse com rniinimtion, frr n, o<ir Ministers at London, Spain, and Denmark. Mr Durharan'a paper* net forth a eettled determina tion on the part of the British Minister, l ord I'sJmcrston, to offer no further term* of explinatl n or eouclllatr >n than those already murie known to the American govern ment. Hie language to Mr. Buchanan fet that the Ame 1- | can government can expect no'hing further through our ezertlona to get the redress demanded by diplomacy. Thin *entlni*nt I* not intended to convey h'mtili y on the part of t.reat Britain, but It applies a? a Im-d determine tlon not fo make further apologies, tho >e already made Icing deemtd all that tho case railed for. It would iieiro that Mr. Marry and the I'renidenk have agreed up< n the one i>ntn'?that in the event by the next arr val. eblrh proved to be the Baltic, tliere should be no alteration in the British Minister'* course toward* the Culled States upon the .abject ot her den and, which wan asa'isfartory apology or the dlsplaoemeut ot bar Minister, the ?uhjert shold be referred to O.agree* for (mme diafe aetlr n. The message>>n thbi point will not proba tdy undergo any Material ehenge. Arret dm/ to t'aa de-patches from Denmark, there has been a reres- ion from the Round Dtres Convention, which met on the 90th nit., by the govern men t* of Kngland, Fiance (Spain and sum other Power*. Our more intel li/ent p< Inii ians Ihlrik from this that the demands of the frilled f*ates r?r the abrogation of thia law, In her case at least, will be complied with, leaving to Kuropean governments and those interested to foil iw our exem ple, or to continue a subml- ion tolmyosltl o of long *'ending andsererlty up. n the commerce of the wrrld. 1 can learn nothing from Spain; but the poaltlve In structions sent within the past few months by Marey to Mr. Drdge, our Mlnlaier at Madrid to invt'e the atten tion of the Spanish government to our demand* of long ataro!teg, particularly for pecuniary redres* for Injuria* sustained by American etiixen* are probably replied to in his communication. Notwithstanding vbe repeated assertions made by the /'no n of this city, that Spain ha I settled her diffl rulliee with the I nited States, it la now louod that there in not a solitary case where redress has been given, fur. ther than promisee are concerned. It was th* wish of tbC'Dresi lent to bear once more from Knwpe before hie message was placed before fongiueu , and It ts probable from Information which I bave just received, thai anxiety U expressed by bim fur f'ongr*** to proceed at t nee to bumneaa. O. I'. Q. MR. RttHANAN AMD Ills Rl'RRcnVH IN LONDON? CI.N IJt aL WHITFIELD AND TBI TROUBLE* IN KANRAR. Wasiiinoto*, free. 14, 186/.. George N. Sander*, wbo was In England wh.-n Mr. Bnrhansn made the speeches wt.irb the London Tiosr. and AVam.ficr claim a* favr ring the cause of tbe Allies, says tbat there was nothing In the speech"* or actions ot Mr. Burbanan to warrant the assumption that Mr It. was a parti/an of the AUie*. nor yet a pro-Ku Man. bke the Cabluet at Washing', n, but that It wae a well uode. stood feet among all Mr Buchanan's friend* tbat hi* par tialities and ?)iri|?thie* were eulirriy on the side of op prreeed nation alii e?. t,etieral Whitfleid, upon hearing of the on'break In I ansa* called nponthe I'rest.'ent aad asked him not to end I mled .state* troop* to Kaneaa, or In to/win* to inter ere with the local affair* of h'* Territory ; that the men of karma* oouM main'ain ihe lav*, and woold pre serve order without the leant assistance from without. O. TUB ANTI-ADMINIRTKATION CACCUS A KAIL0BK? BANKS' PUOHPBUTI UtHAriKD WiWiwiron, Dm. 11, IBM. The anU-odnrabitratlon caucus unt tlii* evening la the hell of the iloui-e, Mr. Washburn, of kiaise, In >he clul About nine'y members weie piwnl. Speeches were marie by Ball, of Ohio, Ilunu, of Indiana, and Krbiie. of I'emey raoia, in which they streuu ?only u Re I that the republican* should withdraw Ilanke, and try I'enning'on firit, and Fuller next, and ace if aa organization caul I not be effecttd This drew out ijulte a number of *peeche* from the Ranks men, after obioh Kunkle, of Pennsylvania, offerad a resolution that the cauou* ahoald be gv verned by the majority, and that wiioerer receive) the highee*. rote nhould aland aa the caucua nominee After a number of amundmenu, none of whiah were agreed to, Mr. Campbell, of Ohio, got tlio Hoor, and mad* a flaming speech, in which ha deaoanoed the wlto'e movement. The Banks men undertook to press a rota, which caused a geueial scattering of Fuller meu, to gether with aome republicans, who said* aa they lolt the ball, that they, the Hank* men, might go to h?I; that they bad made their last proposition. After seroral attempts to get members to rote, which were InuTeatual, rprocbifjlng commenced in goori earnest, and was kept up fur some time, after whieti the Tote was taken Banks received fifty eight rotes, Fuller one, Bennington one, Campbell ono. Hanks will fall off cuusi ierauly in hia rote tomoriow. The rxcilemeu: this evouing is intense. D. TBK HPEkKKIt.SHIP?TUB KNOW NOTIIINO T Kit MS OK ADJUSTMENT?<Jl' AKH/tl.i AMONG BKNATOKH, MtO. Washington, liec. 11, 1866. The forty one national Americans now ruling for fuller hold the balance of powor. twine of their leaders ray they are realy tu vote with the democrats aud secure an oigonization if tha democrats will act (uslly?in other woida, if they wl 1 diou their nominee and unite with tlitin on Col. Orr or some other sound national man. Ti is will prohaoly be the result of the contest. The Senatorial caucus this efrrrnoon, og.ewl to nothing. Several Senators who are opposed to the Vnim are still mo e opposed to the Semin-l. Jhey also disagree a* to (he plat'orm. Ihe ''constitution," as Interpreted by Ihe democratic fathers, is claimed by several as being sufficient. Ihe Senate purposely excluded Know Nothing! and free sellers Irom all political committees. This is < penly are wed. K. CAUCUS OP THE OPPOSITION?NOTHING BONK. Washington, lies. 14, 1866. The anti administration caucus, held to-night, was only tolerably well attended. Considerable debate on various propositions to recunctln conflicting riews took place, but it is believed nothing was deUnitely arranged. OUIt WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE. Washinczton, Dec. 13, 1866. TV til at k Prince ami hu liuajrfwintmtnt?J^mculati mr on Iht Proij*rt??Mr. Penninyton'l Potilion?New St sum ii iijaU Hmnnke. At one time Ihe " news from the seat of wsr" wholly monopolized public attention. Then again Kariaaa? the Crime* of ihe West?was the centre of attraction; but now, I believe the congressional light between the Know Nothing* and black republicans overshadows everything else and commands the attention of the whole country. When the liUck Prince of the lobby found he h*d calcu lated without hi* ho?t, and that his deep laid schemes were defeated, his exptessive Imture* presents | a eiennl alltau the most ludicrous I e\er beheld. lie is literally u?d up, and express*. giout di-gu?t at hi* new proles stun of lobbying. But what is to lie dor e to w-curo an organisation!' The contest thu* far should satisfy every one that a new Richmond must enter the list*--one that can unit, enough of tbe opposition to the democracy to secure a majoiity vote. My view* on this Igaee U*t evening, an I I still believs that <>rr, 0' South Carolina, will lie tho -pesker. slthongh r. any of llsnks' friends swea- tbiy will standby blm onHl the 4th ot July next. Perhaps that would be the bet thing which could happen. Th* pes pie couM, in tlie meantime arrange tbelr 1'ied lenlia iratters lor the succession without the aid of (Vngre s. Mr. I'lr.nington, who 1* one of the aspirant* lor the speakership, ci mplaius -,f having been misrepresented In ? iaticn to hL* connection with the < nmdeu and Amboy KaUicad; and 1 find, upon ioriuiiy, thi^hf) las always occiipinl a position antagonistic to that corporation. The free pa sage over ihe iosd teudered hiin, wa* declin ed, nnd he positively refused t/i become th" coun el for ihe company. !-? too, with the steam Influence if New York. <?o mure then one occasion has thl* influence In ladid Mr. lenningion'a disulct, and a ught to nefi-at him. Thus I am authorized to ray in order to place this grntiunan ami hi- frien I* r..fus in atria. It Is an interesting fact t' at from the first organization of the goierr mi lit down to 183t?, Congress never failed to el*ct a h| eager and organize on the first day of ho se* sion. The di rgaulzalion lor three week- In 18.JSI wa* ihe result not of a contest f?- the -peakeiship. bu. a* to who should vote. The difficulty ended hy a e impromisc cn ih'ii. R. M. T. tiuatei ?commonly ?>yled by Ka'har I it> hie, Run Mad Tom Hunter?of Virginia. Again, In 1840, a contest lor the Speaker-lup de njed an organita lion, whh.h was afterward' sstted hy a eomproiniae on Hon. Hi well Cobb, ot Georgia. Now. for the ihiid tlm? in tie history of our government, do we find Congre*# disorganized, while a slrile lielween contending ia iou* tor ihe i-| i akrisbip arrests all business. The now frigate Roanoke, wbii h wa* to hive been launched yes enlay, st Nur'olk. is the third of the new stnamere ordered hy last Congress, and now ready for fek ? "deep blue sea." Nhe carrte. forty gun*, though pierced :or seventy. The Colorado, also building at Norfolk, will not be launched before sp.Ing. 'p.. WaMRxoTorr , Dee. 13, 1855 Tk' Nftwkf hii> Prikitnn?Chnnm All lit,urn I?ft mint ft,r I'rinlrr?Th/ I Irrrr ant Hushnn-w I'rrri Irnlial 1'r *. j?fa?Mo ft. Wi'f anil lit nl'r? Th* Oil ? \l lom and thr CUrkthift?U r. If'tutr trul Ibrr.ry Hmbnrkni in a Frrrtiimtial S/i* ulaliim?Drep On I 8- hem* far the SwcwU/n. dr.. Jr., dr. 1 he problem of the Hpeakernhip m?iih difficult of nota tion. Bank* ban reached hi* zenith, awl will (ln?l I'. rjuite npp? nelble to go higher than u bund/rd ?ri I mi voten A rjlly on 1'enrtngtrin baa been talked of for the puat day or i wo, but tbe prr.nject in likely to be abandoned aa pro mining n<> favorable revolt. Many of Hank*' mm wilt Hot -upport him on any enorlderatlon. A " trj hack" miy bo made on Cemplrfl?though that In doubtful. The prt-| vet now U that the frie w t'.ur* will (tick to Bankr, at leant for a tiny or two. Mripwllk Cuilnm'n ehsnceg for Herk are growing "emaller by degteea and l>eeu (fully !??*?." ."omr of ih* rabid notion awear that they will not vote for bim, an, up to thin I'm* be ban 'atlefl to be of the -lighten! aa-latunee In furthering "heir v.ew? aa to the Hpeaker?hlp Several Imprudent tcmarke of Cullom'n in regard to Mr lUnkn, h_te aUo bet a tendeney to damage bin pro?pec??. An a confoju?nr* of thin falling off ?eieral new caudl'U'ea ha?e taken the fold. Vhe content tor printer now begin* to nanume im portant proportion* Ibe hmllnti activity of ibe I in-Went In behalf of Hlchardeun ant Forney. U on noed by nimi ar eierti?n? on the ;*rt of the Tar loan ?< inhere ?d the Cabinet, -eaatorn are wtnwd and > irxtl Ami buttoi held?the I'rentdeut nenda for ndlvl duat it.embera urgently?proruinei ere'. threat* aie laade? in a word every appliance of a nedulooa looby I- re mlted to, In oroer to Induce i^aa'tn troin ?overetga Mate* to pom it an Imbecile f'reni lent to notnlaale a pilii'er lor Unlr body Ho (*r he haanttclj felted in bin eflor'n. Ibiee rancuren heve heen hall wdtti v? i vault. Ten rena nr? ate prepared to withdraw from !h? caur ua la rum lately on the ?< option of Mcholvon awl Fo.tnej, (for that la the copartn?r?hlp,) a- candidate* By tl.e way Forney'* late public Inanguratl in a* o,. edl'oraid pel prletor of tha Inn/n rueana lo ? ikin wbatapfiearn on the vurfar*. ||e lian own pi icing a difl orate g?r, , ' I'ooelt with i l*"e, aal baa fur "inied i lo i 1.1 him no tar aa to get hi o bi c< (rietit to t a nto the Vnim aa an e leaf "*n?r ? lib Nlrholr u i b i In naa aeoomphibwd by eaj ding I letce Into 'he tr .?: t. at be wae bla ftrrt rb me for Iter vuccewicfi, aid lleree baa teen lUlenkiult -tuple i ro ugh to hellere it, when tbetrathln tha a* thl? mo il ? m Ft may urtin g d in an active and i/itar?tii?| pltu fr r the n? tali' ti of Buchanan li d e / ot ,eiiy it. We, I ripeat It, that ao urpomrcd eompi acy i? on fool, ot which Forney Woe and (oMl of f.*o la new the loa ir? ep.riU. to throw the prr?en? r-gtme trvwrbner t, a oil to air eate < ibl iluok " an t ria dwrooc a'.ie camUiete Ul-e waa rn here two 01 three >, ka - i.fle ar.d lad be.tueri' mteielena with f bb and ? i-jr. lie baa III en iml'ifd to wi'b a* hla rlalroe in 'ni t of Kurliaoan, m conditi o that ha ta to ride t.r'l. and tall the th ket fir, wi k all bla ra*b oena han a reax nab'e amoi.nt of r<ame n morn- -on ??, tr. Me that he etanc- no chance A a n o tnatt?a for the 1 rendet.ey, Uif, aa I tween bin. and Ifouu . the .twuth ta lot the l*tt?r, aa fl * to one Bo |,| negt move I* lo innlet r n running a V.rtbetn mar?to mak Horeanan Iba' n /in?and to take a oat or. the crupper. 11?-c wb ai.r w Wlao wI u will not tm ? ,rp.tae-l at tiila che-ge r. bin ptogtan.n.e, Vey ail at rlb-jn the rtgnt gintlvei it bla nrnirtart ft fa ic no In 1 *ur f'tirie or friiMLnbip Ueet he re gr.i ? lo^'f <A Uucoanam. ?dtbor ol the.e L* Mi rinoll n >?<; U'ltr tel., tu i li a>l likely t?> In ), lor any bodjr. ii? ? h" a no r* m I'le f iriuer h- mm Id support Jl.w, ter, who la anil hare In iirva g.rstly injured hiuiult by a?.-l t)nr to oi.Diin hi, u iml ixaii ti ue candidate or 0< nrncf. Hut Me Mm I*, by ku >anj ei!h<-leu -o Hiicfceinn, that he can rulb ni?* "bins" liim alien J'te-idenl. lie doa't mm a 0|{ for th* Vice Tieridency, i uly a* u meens uf g viog l?"* a litt erbin hu carrying en bio dintai. nrahlp. In two ron-Us ?l'w H.'o elicit. u a* ITroldeut, Wise would rule biti a* tboogh he aaaae infant. Vou may depend up.ui I ilmt tide in Wise'* game, an I inn aii u ii -as co cooled her* wllti CoOo and Kitruey nut leu wtets eince. they have urxnurenOed plpi'layh'g Mushy, and u.aik it. ti i.r oration* lor liu- Uanwu do Mil exhibit th an el rm in V|.gioi? aud Gourgi* lu the coum ul h few day*. W'i, o ban l.eilni laroo . .uip emir. The letter 1* simple eunugb to believe tha. iVi c in tor nlai fur

the succ*?h|.u Ibla scM-tr ? of Wlte, Forney & On., for '-Old Huik," will lie desperately teethed in Virginia. Vlnoti of tbe -tiei.n'h which V\i ? wouio Lave him,elf fir the uuraln i .ion he will llu.t to he ttuck not transferratde. Kit her Hunter or leiug'a* are stronger In Vlrgtuia . Vthe or Mlium, lbo qtaylMM ludi-ate CpT^^^ iiiie* of It. t.f < na t) lng rent assured, that you nltall be kept 'egiilaily p- *t.-d of the p. "gr> en of^ho plot. Tie scheme in widely aud deeply ramified, aud embrace* in It u h int old fgy ptlliiciaiui, who will work desperately to mm ruminate it. ibry are af'i-r uead and butter, aad will leave no stone unturned to 111) their mouthn. il. VVaeUtnOTO.x, Hen. 11, 1856. The Weather?Ihitl?KmtUr and WKUHel/t?'J ami the Ahnhtonabfc .Vruoti. We aie beginning to excellence the premonitory symptom* of winter. The wind whin lien fiercely and hoarsely, and the dust!?*ho that ban reelded here for leu day* but can bear wiiuns* Uj it* villainous effect*? Kyer, nure. mouth and earn full. The air bi redolent with it* grating fury, and pedc triune?the high, the low, >he rich the poor?all, all are thine own, I), duet! Ilot the butler?(led blcaa tbenit ? liiuy can draw the Tell no ? ight over their pretty farne, that the inidnualing ilrt, or rather, frte soli, with ail It* fury and fie xenon* can not disturb their de tcato leatoie*. A tew such day* a* ti la, and the appropriation for completing tlm water work* and brlign.g water into the city aould not lung be delayed. The Kanea* Imbroglio 1* destined to receive a Urge lnirr ot 1h? attention of tfoi-gm**. Th* stale of thing* nhlch I* now going on 1* well calculated to awaken reriou* apprehenriou* in the minda of all lover* of the I nlon, aud to atoune exultation atil anee-a all over despotic huiope, Ihere i* no medium* for a mob like blue pill*. Now t* tb? time when we need at the hoad of national affair* the irou will, a* well a* the patriotic tint]ieTof a Jack run. Toe name decision ami limine-* which he dlaplayed toward* the people of South Carolina ra?y now to appropriately exhibited t?*ard* the conr-plratora and rebel* of Kan*a*. The con'e*tod c at from liars** Teriitory I* at prc*ent over-had iw. d hy the contest for Speaker, and It i* impossible to foretell what will be lbo result a* oieuihor* do not generally de flate their i pinion*, and many of tbo o prubably have tot dettiinlned how to vote open the question. There must ntteesarily be much In th* case which will be adopted ? n. y upon tbo refsrrt ul tho cnuimittee. and the csilrgol the larUe., winch 1 take for grauasl will bo tieio'O the House (Jen. Whittle .1 I* said to bo no speaker, ar.<1 int. Ilectually nne<|o*l to the dlacua-lon of ui broad and grave a question; but he ha* many ti l-n fs heie. wil ing and able to pre|*tre an argument, which I e ian trad oefute the House, aud probauly wllh g >od el ite', as l e is a gentleman ut fine persona! appea-aucn sac Rind address. It i* more generally eonneded by luedar'a unponrnta >han I had exps-oled, that both elec to lie are ill. g*l. and that tlin sev can is- given e. n itiiar; si il In in thl* f*ct I consider Whitfield's chin ?? very sl.-mler, wl.shvcr heeler'* may tn-. fhe a guuemt most relied < n l-y those who ta k on the corners and In th* hot.Is on the subject la, that as Hov. Ib-eder gait) cortlli rale* to the I.-gi, nture fie cannot now deny toe leg illiy of their eteetl -n hut those who hav* given the initter any ttn.ugr.t do u?t rely u,.oU it. h i* mere apeoiou* ti an solid, f. iv. Feeder was > nly an ulhoer of thegene i*l g- vernmeat wuen be gave the ce. tide*'es; an 1 11 the I. do ai . Dicers bad tec guiaed them a thousand lime*, that does not nirvut ur orlop the people of Kansas from snueing it ibey can that they weie elecUsl by fraud *?.<> ?I. lure; and In d< log so they may make tu eder lei' -rent or represeuwittve a-well a* any other man The tuat.ri not b*Mre<ii the i .gl.lature and iUio>ter u?w, Out w' wee 'h< ?n and the people ? I Kansas. Theargim otiUer not a' 111 touch the question of the v?li lily uf the I* gi - slnie hut only the pera.iiu.1 consistency of G-.v. Hi* I i; si .1 wlo thrr it pr to* that ur not will depeud upon whether Gov. Ile.-'ier had the tacts iwloie Mm wle-c 1 s granted c. rilflcate*. I uielon'and he aa-ail* kb? v.lidliy of tin-.Tie . n law upon oth*r points tliau the aliiged invalidity of he election ol 'In- - O h ol Match As < on ?s tl e IP u-? is ui united?and a* ins I lers now s'an I me> t.'Se urn. tln.e?thl- question to tair to (*? tli* nil eU.n l.lrg < ne It ?111 ro < pen the ?|i,v?-ry qn I . .n.l Villi*, the turning point In the l' t.-nlUl run sign, for the next contest I" Is.und V> t*- a -. tooi-il one. I.oo preao V? the rtgbt and the di'Vil take the hin iimat.'" 11 s hotels are now crovde.l with Hit and fashionable fri m the thirty one Mate* and live Teirl'.rtie- Toe -eaaon having arrived for ho|*r lbo M.-aar*. Willa-t* gi?e ti e llret one to tiie lady gee* s of thl* faahl itiaMe hotel t< mori?w eienlrg, where wii, i?eulv and la Id n. will lelvn etipreme iiuill the 'ww small hours." A chiel will ire among them taklu' note' m 1 faith ha',1 jnnt eui. ' IXi.V. WAWl-fOTOX, Pf 11, IMS. Mr. Hauler ani iht Aldilinn trj/an?A II .Hull Amano thr Portia?A Mac / ruframme fj^jmi/it?/'r ?/T' t ?f IV A)?o/er <"ntnt?An Ailminutl'ttlvm Comyroni ??77/e Aural Jii'tT'l Quatu/n. Hie crlel* liae arrived. It in clearly manifeat. long b*fr re lh" bi ur of meeting, th?t lom* rich wi-nn were i.bout to tic enacted; and that men would )m called on to d?tine their (<o?ltion. An article rna/'e lie appear mw In he ?b/ lition o g-.,n la thle el'y?Mutiunnl Urn?tide m .ro ll ir. ami It an circulated throng! the llouan and pal into 'he bei ('a 01 aln o?l every member?barring the adrnlnia iratton aide?ableh, taken literally, drhree and ciin- hoc ?? o. the lad i ah In the political oil.n of Mr. liana*. It? rfc* Ira? a?y?:?"Mr. I'atiaa. who atande upon the anil .Vahreeta ai d anti ulave/y cilan-h n platform, time, la tie chore if ihe ureal majority uf the opp nit ion fr> m 'be I it* Mate1, and haa lacclied, on ??veral balloting*, JOT vote*, waning /'oly >la of an election. Nolrody .|>j tlooa l.l? en-ltcnt Ctnera er hl? McUty to the au.l-Vo hraelaa platform." Ill# (Hank*) endoreemcnt by I>r. Mai ?y, t1 the Km, of liar-IP It aeemi to me, wan n 'thing tnoia 'ban rrl|{ht have been e i-eoted; bnt It hn plied m barrier, eri iinpevenbin barrier, belateu 'be fuller end Marched feet la na and the filemfa of Mr. I Ian ka. Kr*n < amptell e Iriend" manl eafad a good 'leal of feat1 log and awned to be (haling under tin- or a"OM other iaiiw, end it war whhapereal around tbe hall of the lh u-e 'ha' an eaplaneiioli would have to Ire mate by Mr. Hank*, tl at 'l ey ni #ht ln? w hie true pcrltlon. Hank* ? odor-*' mart hj 1lie Sain lnUJlt;j-tuwr gaina-d hlrn < "w ctiei g h but tLe A>n'< ?'DOorewrn-nt ex t ?i much. 'Ib*) minima! tliat there la a rat in he tub. , Hie be changea) lb* who a order aal ihiiig- A nee pta gramme will narw lea laid down. I'enke ln?r but one Tote th" morning holding hit one hundred aual 'our up to the noui <>l edj >urnr tent, lh* I nporlln rt ah eh war maafe iaat evening te run up t'aaa rifgPTl, In order to try hi* e'rcrigth. tailed Tbi pro p/rdibn wee naa/'.e by IJrwiey and I waa trifoi we.| re in vi d ih> rairCiW n a.f both I ulWr ami Mar /ball a frleo la. Hut |t la ur w pretty eUarly M illed tl at r... arrangement tan be ii ade when by Mtbar o< tier parur. in ttar Held car. by ?ny p< aalbllity, anooeul. Ike leet bail t today?Hank* I'M Fuller run np to i.H Whir lr caurad hi? frteoala to feel wunewhat elated. Ila ? anno* Ire a a ? teat nnleaa tbe admin. troth n vote for l.ian. r uch a thing I- not Improhab the b<*m n!*tration men, after all, ar? 'be fir.t to pro fee a c anprrn be Mr. M. Malien ?! Virginia, aatd it . ubelenr* thai aftar three <;aya u./ue tea.i "log. pr-e Tldeaf no -jeaker aaa then . I, fee ?-> 'Id piup-Me a I < n.pfCtmee, IB ? rater that enroeU log might be en.rted, Ibi- rreatec e? nae llttre e-aaf eb n. eod in (Hl'iae ware uarafton ? II |aai tea.| the Bad by oeo. ? a lewlrou* ,1 knowing wbe' It waa. I'nt be bid beu tl <k >al4 r* main "mum" until the time balerptred fh<-aotnp'o n re of ati.rh It* made teem i n .? ne.lwvad lo he t < ?'! Vu e tbe if eaa e>|BaUy arn-Of the Ta b B. fa< tiowa ? giving < ne the >|?a*er he' te 1 i"k aad loet. Uae .out hern Khow NotbiBge the I'r o'er I'a hapa thla n ay meet tbe epp>obe'b>w >4 tlx ? pvoua ale-name, k bo km ad A? v ? ervtai A gr>at aff'Tf la b*tn( made by the adrm#*rari n organ am ? her lapera ia I' interTet lo ? rea'e pub kc op neari J \ lierrla, of Maryland In /"no? *l an W'lb tie propa red c.ri'?a". on lb- t<art of the Ifoo Ji ? h' a Va-mot. I venture In pr?:ie thai when tike eri crier in tie reee |< eubwttted tr. the fl uae of (te^raaee ta'lvae, ihat tha cry atem! freu . ami vu. n-r n the ?!re"o? In tta' dle'.riei aUl'eraout to Ire a ve-liabla ' Biare a neat " anr. that tr-ihtBf an'x a44v"*l W 'II* turb Mr lla'rfe In ? he er J. t no of '/ila tail pi ahlea he haa ter n legally eta led kbn the admiral*"aft ,? mam !? n ? va the charge oi biarb ma 1 levrael p n fitaraiaanl ?Aetal- lr. aid .n i T? i.ealng V"tae and carry lug on U<? werti# n then |a ?|t| tea 'tire er.- 'vh ho tharwi t. 'a k <<f c n'aallrg be Mat . Mr liarr a >Are(^4#v? I ara|ar*laad tbare la at. w b. pre.., are] wilt ah/ rlly ypiear, a hu'r.-y t>l tha- live* ami :nent ae apea o' fhe .at' ^aval Hettrrog tV ard enlttlMl |y/hta ahd aba/luei 'f lla hnteam ' It Bill emprara ai! toe ahadba ib (He 1?T>I a?( lh< a* I. a teen Bjar'eBI firm tbeia ewrniaee laVl awrvl e apt' ih? r "ftar-rampyla e*ea)' of tw banlreb a#at, p# i r> <tore 'n arm. by w , h o an! aea(.,r, they ' pr We'ef Ihanedvaa " fa will he the rrwrnnrweinent nt a r.arw etaaab aa th* ran * a ba*te/y of the rreaaby. and will I* rn I, rary aad rpl y If a *1 e (nta r a lam afrr the e,.c eua *4 -jeai er pt'r tthad >t h eeeoWj-M^ww tartwaee tbia a-?d the. f/.u "b o4 ? rrh I/, a ava a eanroa a. 'I BT on* e the led ef the r ug hr Jhl' pa ,rpd it i? (arrml eyr, ? 'It e>|fdt!* Haipm hp) a? a 'ham. a a art 4*>aJ '4 Wo i k* ^ _ oo*. COEIIKSPONDMO'K OK OYHKK JOUKNAL'. ul 'lit' t'lMi.) Wi|MIKUT<iN, 1 H?.i 13, 1S&5. 1h* Amarcrm 4Jw. turn. The wpp ehiou Ut I'stier II I'nmoh, m Mini''?t'froin Walk* r'a icpnhfca will cause nm*- at ihtiion i?? Wjaihuiir Ur>, ud mi n tendon in ili?* oi?mk?*. I uh * rvtt ?n it Atl??ity (.fii'bl (*M*l ii f| haw been . wit* tb? I nmccii' M iy i 11v th" ii.ornitig Mo |i t lie ('reg iont'rf lartotum In Amert ?r iffiirn, aid tt u ?dj"v*l, will antine 0)? .ciea'am of Wb< ?lui h treaty wi'h Walter, <f * hit h I r? m h in . aid to bo the b ar?r, Still, It i? pot* sible tha*. hi* UTerftnwing enmity t?? firiimh ^zaftimiw ar pe<J*Jly in Central Atomic*, limy indue* Mm to favor Walker'* o|e ath'ni. I It:Itiatboivowi t^It* opinion Mm' Am*. icm. tod- nixnthm it tho naif dkmIo nf satiafaelnHly eottiing the p t i lm*d .j (jomuoiin wait mfm once to that part of the ft i'int'itt, We c*rUuiily him made small progress by i i*gotlaim?. [CVirrffpoB^foee of Uio North American. | Wa. jns<n 'ft, Dor. 12, (7m. Walker awl thus A (liDcril Walker'i de cent uprni Nloiriftia occurred at I a most unfortunate oh nftut for !ts diplomatic aoti orm here. It in pretty well underwood t? at tin* prof "amino of alri?tj with (Jr*at Mr I'ain, .vim prebend ing nil ?e qntttloni of territory wi irh have t?o long intarrup ?d a gotol utu?er*f ending, Iiatl Norn prepared, and w J tint about to bo r*impl*'ed when tho inteih genv? of thin invasion came to interrupt ft* flowti? o ntfon, Stub no arrangement ?* that ofthmpUU'l might have materially ahl *d in relieving the Molted dtatei fnjin son o of the diffloultft* mining under the Clayton Hnl?er c< fivMitioo, f.D't ?hl?h threaten very venation* <li*Ci>Hfioon before they mo tin ally nettled All farther u<gotiafi' n le-teeen Mcnrapua end Knyfand I* necewuH ly arratel until tne linal of (tenora! Walsw's enterprUe un be ascertained. [Con NpoodcAeo of the Joansal of Comuieroe.) WAHni.MaroNt lire. 13, 1HA6. Smaior It*rum and Stam p //rrnaera/u Uimwt. In the democratic Henaorlal cttir iH to day, Hwoaloi" Iveisoo, ot(,tw?jgia, b in gut forward a platform of priu ctplOa it- n guxl to nUyo.y. After animated itiacunai m, II e toe' lutioii nere relet red t<i ? commit'eo, ooutinUiif ot StnjiK'TH lTerroo, Cam Totirajr, Kink and llavard. 'ie't graphic div-patc' t?n re cifed rluifnf tho <Uy by lUnkn intii tn-U) nJlpaitett Now Vork out New 1'igi.nil, u?trn th?-m to atuid lant for him The leotlinf outnide fiimidn of Knake nay they will car ry him alxmt two wo?ka lo nce. ((biren|x-n<Jefice of the <'ley^laad fktaler ) W Aiun m.ton Dec. U I Hi:,. An Hour with Uuvtrnar. Jir&ltr. I went iiou huuttng, ana oi coume ia^t nif tit callol on CJovcruor KaKer, now the moat notorioun man in the ??? tUm I found hiui alone at nit h? ad<(,mr er t on tenth atieei, wan intr dut -e by the do t-gate from Neeraaka, 'ht* lion. 11. II. (lotpmao. W?- had a n> >Nt in tooling in ier\lew. We talked lieely and itm ingly about hU Kan r-ae trtmbleit; rpoke kindly rif hin ? imiuitvt, and irtprtt a wish to have hi" ca*e and that. ?,i the poople tie repre sented flMit'ltilly ami uantlidly conniderwl t?v the Ameri m j etj,lt? lie baa toll confidence In hl? mid their uhlmtle tuuinph, l-t?c.-t one be my* wloithe lac in are all it wid ne found that the tree .State party have lakeu the precaution to alwaya aeep ihnn-odvet in the right. Jle says that in no oaae have the free State men, ae yet, hcyri the ufrt'fdve I ar ty . that the nccoutiU which have lately tetched ijm of ai rued men menacing peaceable pro sb.yery citif n* are all lal-?e. Alarnt the linal fowlom of the leriitory he eniertami ao doubt, but his principal care now la to eecure immedia e pro . clioii to tlie ciUx n* against the lawln anen,. >,t the Mi eouriana. lie aaya the kftilaiH are ecatte/ed oyer a vaet region of rouutry, at such distance* frnfh one another, thai il i? i|oiU* imp >t slide lor them U? leave their lainilit** ami riMm to aid etch other, or to remain In the field 1* rage *k ? *hne. f ?r want of proyisioris, munitions Ac* , think? th?*fea*ial govt rnim nt ahoultj grant them a suffi u a,y fore to guard thcin lr? u. Invaattm, or ai ? Hietn the in* aii.4 to protect themselves. He content* Whitfield's neat on hs?? g ? on' --itrst the present I egi.-Utuie was rlarrted by y., #r? and therefore wi< not u KahMM U*i?lt uo, ?.rvl, said high ia ure, had atuejoiPyr of Uiem 'n-.i legally ehrttd, itatl no right to remove their place of intet log frt.ui w) tare, under the org tin* act, i?e ww rich rively nnpt,we.e<l V> fix it. iblfd, the aleilion law. no t*a hsi i* unconst..uth^uui upon itt I t ", 1,e tuae It allow* Iiioiaii* and lialt hreteia to vote who, under said law, aie not rsotfiiiml as miraiu. If either ol tna*e po*iti? nt are *iii*talne?, it follows that there U no ferri ferial law iu for the * lection of a delegate or any other 'territorial officer, *<> ?ha. if llselsr or Writheid shr uld be sent t?? k to tho TertiVory. there w ?a.d be a law in exJatci'ce to gov* ru their olt* tioa. Mr K. tliink* that It bettor to dispense with the legal form ?d an ?lection where there haa la en *udl a failure to private raid tonus, than the people ot an infant Terrttocy like ham* bouid go unrenrt l-enteu. Mr 11 is a ????.<! aiged, tine looking, agreeable g ntls man?* large lilue eye, Komati etna* ami gray hair. Ho I- evidently a v an ot ciim rrable talent, and will make a lellfog spaeeh wV^n ft!* case cmea up In the hi Mr. Vthl'lo ld, b h ?.-p* i.? id U aUoa phy Ic il speed u.t p of a man, Hi feet two Inches in hl? ? UHMlag*, and a genlletnhn of hu tnU-ni#. Those tw?? goiitlaiio>u will furnish 'tnuoing l if* lar thU (Vmgreaaioiial stts<i ei and he livxt I'tfidt i.Hai gn PROCLAMATION}* HV THE PRESIDENT. CAUTION To MCAAAOCA 1 U.ISUortUt*. Mliem* Information hen ler;i Hby in* tint nun ?try | ? iM'Of dtiMu* of tba lulled "tatne mid athan, rf ><"*< l? thereto a e ytrptrltK, within the Jurl*llrli 11 uf Itf mine, to Will I >.r ruler liinio. l*! *, (I til Uiifi ? r r? on i ibi i? to partfeipala, lu milltaiy operation* within lb' Stat* 4f Nicaragua? Now, fhwrcfere, 1, Ktmllin Plfroo Pr. Ident of U,* ? nt <'i! Mwiin w*tn all (trviiia i|um' ?? ling lbmael>ei with a?y aueh *n<arprl*a ?.i uodtrta ?* Mt| tmtnt; tn Uifir Dity an ginl rii.n.i an I to the !l<> III Uii>u coultj, <b>l hi' -ilauhig to Lhaa*'?o*' *f lb* I fcltl it b itfr 1 "li 'i r' adm* nl-li ill pWr?on- who m*r Mpnrt fiilnlhi I nitntr otta either at ugly or a ttmhan, oi g?i ired i/i uU"iKAi>lr?l. fur any ?u li |iur|ioao. thai the/ will tl i-iel y re?. e to t? anuUed tu the protection of Uua g.tarn n i**ti t I nli'Ht all |t?<l ci'tarn to Aw unten* . ?? ant pr* '?lit *i y ? *n dbu?putal*lr and criminal uwlortnklng u* of'?ie old, cbatgttiy nil ?,ftl'?r?, elfil and ml llary hottof Imtful power In tie prt n.loao, foaMfwhM lb" *?m? fur the I ui) ?.??? in maintaining tbi* aulboitly awl *iil"ictfi( th* low* i)f 'hi. i cited r-uteii lo iMtlitioii; tbttrof I hare hereunto ??t mjr hand ami rained the .** 1 of lh? I Intel -tale* to be affiled to tlx if jni rata. I i ?e at t !# nijr ill M'a?hliigt*<n, th* eighth''ay of I>* rimber, 'H.I' tiinuaand ri/h' Winded and nfly flu* ari l if tin* li.d?'|.ri,de.ic "f it"' I nit d iitM<M tb? eightieth. VRANHIJN I'IKftCK. Itjr tl.r 1 rrridont: W. I. M m r -eere ary of - ate. TIIK CANADIAN KM I Flint ITV TAf.lTT. Minna, by tin* an* ???<! en-c on *.f an art of th" t'ou nrr . (.1 the I nl'i 'nt* a; proted 'lie fifth day cf Au* ii*' one Uiotiaai d eight hundred ant fifty f'tir on it Jed A* >"t to con; lot" eiii-**' a tiwty between the United f-tai* a and fi/eat IMitatn, (Igned on Die fifth lay of lun? il?h'n*n l.un ir*d and filly lour," it la pr'rfJed that wnir ? e**r tl.a la land of s. worn *.,;Un*1 * half fit- Ita ,n a*nf to the epph -a i o if lh** "tipuUtiofia a* I r? ? ion* i f flu* ?ald 'Da'/ to that proem*" and th* I**gi Ja'ure theieof and tba lm(? la) rarhament ahall t*aa ih? ne eo-rary lewe Air tha'ptirpnee grain. flour And breedetuffa ? t all kind* anln ala o al. kin fa fireb, a UN kod and alt ?d men to, notion wool ne!* and ?*f?taM? tin r trulta drl'd Duito, li b of all bind*, pr***t .r*aof ft.t, and ?U nfbrr waalorr ? Irlnf In th* ??'?' poultry, afpa tiniea, hi'*, aklna. or telw tin*lre?a?l, ao.r.o or maii.U In Ita eruhe of nnwrotifbt atatr ?l*te, butter, i*b -**ar, to low lard, In tun, n aouoi, -rea of n?-*aU of ell klode, naal P"rh, tar, turpontlne a?h -? t n.ler and > lobar of all kltxla, rniat, h< w?l and I 1?1 i iiwoati a-t irrd In *b' In or In ;>ar: f ra ? -4 | at,if ?hrut>? at d trrra |w>|t# vo>4, flah nt|, rt*? bn*Ku rnaidlwik ||fn? a""efl or one ui?!, neon or wd ntfht or at Wrouebt t> irr or frtn>la n?? f.y (tuff*, f I, oem|, and tow, unmannfa' "ir?4. naoiuiu'a '*i*a4 Oil ? awl ran* ?! all )>r admttta-1 fro* **'d .* jr from that | " tlw Into to# ' ailed i-tav- from ar. t af e* the date of a | iu mail n I j lh" Praabfot <*f tha f filled ? tal**? d'e'atlnr Itiat he baa aH*fa *t*i y ee danow that th" *aid anolMa ha* * ii-ut*?l ia ad'.a and j r j?- ma nor t*i Ml* P( ptorbli or f l.e',?e?*j r?!efi I* 1 It and to ah* ? tb< I rl'id -ta'ea It' lull !a*i ?fit? if all tha etlpu Lallona Ib'tadti e> ataloaA: Ann Wbrrraa I let" *ati.fAVrjr aat'enoo that tfie proiitif? ?' seat iDlUodhaa onoaralrd In a due and Jnoper manner, to tare Die aterMma if the af-feeeid Irratj ettaeei'lh* I' ar?d to a*low "if I aJtod -tetea the fuB tAMita oftl t ? ?tlpnlait'iioa thernn atairwl an far aa Ibrjr are *j pHra' i* to tba' frer efn*^? Now tbrralora. I Kranklln I'U/ra I re*.lent of tha I nlteo fatea of Amer t*a tri I e'ah; detare a*yf proclaim that, fr? m *h ? da'? ?ba ar'i* I* ? *n*.B?e*a ?d n Dv? i re amble o' D I* | roriamatlon. 'etnf the growth aad pr *ouaa of tfce Brit l*h Soil'. Ana-twa *?.l**ni?a (ball rw aim.tied f"?i th? afinaak pr rlire l N*?hw*dtoad n?'o tb t i*tu4 rla'ra fr*? of Out; an I or aa the ah reoa'd treat/ (ball remain ID I* raa. la Ir.tlanoa/ wberaaf I bate bat" hefeoo'o a#4 ait baad aad r.o.ed tha atalaf tteCnlbi rtatan h It ? |is?d lo there p laen'a feneatiken pofMa ?/. mg'rra the t waif h der of '? rrrnber In "he je-?r of ' nt Ir r ' ore tboeMad e((rb' b?n dr**t a?d rift/ f t? arid of the ladeaee*t"rirw .f b* I aited htate. tba * f' tleti. nUkkUN HHif. It/ tl,e lie- rr,t ? |, Haar*r Imtir/ of "tat# la kiii't AbcTH I irtnaiT T>*a (-ukM*^#** a t*d? r'rr-atlrr narra'lt tre.**? Oil la A Petorwon o li r.-ielji a at r.'.ui oa that I' la Already Ml e ' * w?r I t'a'e, aid will be rtad/ A-r dabtery aarty M the nee yrar f"r. I it'i "mr III beea Irr'aeaant'y >t . el to Ita prtpaiall ? am** ' ? Htra bma, and frnan tbtb Mr ba>t*Wad ? n h tb bj ll*r dial ofutdMrl auUwo aot t*>a aitlrta ?b< w ha ka em(. ? /el la be tat ef I luatr* tr ?* t *? ? ??- ??' )*a? '? i*l Ha Ml rwpaetd fbiAl the rtpArta>t t*( b ra'd 'if If fka "irt wtd be ytdlrbaf la bto aid tel l le e* ,?e . .?? wl'b ay warda >/ eng ae'agi a atgt p.* yoiioo of abl'h wtu be or atetl b" dr ,? aga are alt !?? ag [repa/et i*ada r t). * i? Ita rf It Jtmmt llae* top, eb? bar la e> W*l . , * ;?a? ? ' time t*i tha OleetraMaa ?< A?**tn latyc*, le a**fJeh't'?A Wl It l<r Kane t(/?- of tba a tg<a* ??*,ebw* are fr*to fw pea*.1 t> ? 4ar%m aAaa* gaK, and t I I. t '"(p* e< ?)I1 r it "wt of art a ? ? f I* lit aet bat I we a* yet lew > I ? . ?*?el - ? tba - .t? taet of A'ttl* I'l a kn ???> t li*,/ tba ataaaat fLi'k tbel AMftb'd t Jr okal/ fa eneite, Y0l?6 AMERICA IN NICARAGUA. The E tate of Things in Central Amen?< i ccnruTE aimai or its eomrntv. narratives of the Walker ni Sisnoy expedition*. Afrocnts o/ the UUierXtatn of Central interim. Statements sf Parker II. Crpnohf (he New AmbsNHudor. THE TREATY AND CONSTITUTION Of NICARAGUA, *?., Ac., An. Tho a'tr niton of tho public ha .tag So.* ?? tract?S i? wl; by tho eitraoidinaiy atonta which In*. Wana apirod In Moarag a, hatmoollato-l ?.riant*.i?vat tho fallowing par'lonlnn ralalt.o to tho In.U.ry air! pra rint o< edition of tliat In'O'O-tlng e itinlry. Utn; i/Va tatrmonta La?o nwHol Iiiwumiwii ii ?i . IM. I'arkar II. trrnoh, tba or a ttloialnr from N enragu^ who in In town at pmonot on hla nay to Wa titagton. lln Ja not an oolhui-laaitc (?r?in upon any point, an* hi. oUW-ra.nta >rr f I vou aa plain uaattnr - of fan a!**, if un'rua, lull bt bo ????utn vrrtod at Onro:? CENTRA J. AMEBIC A, HISTORY, UKOtiKA PUT, BTO. lb* tnrrltory called ('mitral Aiantlea iviad.U, in faa^ of lire Ma'e?(iuatoiuala. limidiira*, Nioara ua, <lorda I Ilea and al.ador?-but (? tbean U aoioetlm** aflM hio.41.UU, under On' protection of tho tpi.*en nt tlrnab Itrtlain, and Yucatan, whi? h liaa a anrt id ?i*V lndepon-lin- o. M. iloo formerly claimed Control in* lira, hut Uir Ktat.. naotaind IbnivrliM fro* nod iad*|oodont in lMt, ami two yoara altar a IWmS onion ana formed b<'i*im (liiateinala, II. a irn^ Mraragna, and falaador, wtdch In*'*-1 uat.l 1 bit, abon Cunt-mala?Um l.apii* Ma'* of th* enignda racy?*r|iaia(o<l ttaetf Iroin '.hi- roat uf tit* Stat*., and *lm-o thai Una th*y barn boon nraoalng thoiurlMl with <(U?ri*l* among th*nwMlr?>s. lotting Uie oountry ga to mm, coulrae'lng debta. aa-l notor paying nni fee Internal. Tho Importance of CVolral America la a yo?ia|itiiNl and enmim rcial point of itrir?Nlnarag-ia liaa por U aa tho Atlantic and i'aciflc i-aa cau*od -e?*mi uf tlia groat I'naara of tho oarth to looa at It aiib a onfntnad oyo, and it aaa for many yram a bono of con ontloa b-twwii Vka I nltod tat? and Kngbtud. Thoro aaa Dually n,Mian treaty, by nhlrh It aaa ifrwil that no fomign Pnnnr ?Imu'd act np, or maintain any aoltlamaal in till, toot t?ry. Thl. tiiaty liaa already tM-ao btobon by tho Kog lialt gorrrriif-cn*. In maintaining tho MiiO|iiltii King and I y a latliaatrat at tho ll.llr*-. THE POfHTlOM OK NICAKAOU A. Mrtr?|w haa ih* Wit |? *tUun. Id i mmwcU p-bal nf *l?w. ?( any of ih*.* Ma lev ?ii'l II l? lh?t lo w.dab North Ainefl*an emigration t. now dtraeuad. Itlnllrtdad Info fl ra department*? I*h.u, Mtiutco Urauada Slow rii>l *tnl tfagr ?la?ami l.a an area o4 ?b .it M,(M mil* i. We a re i/.H thai lla mineral rwniire*#Mb nnhnntirlad <?'Id, allter, onppaw, lion, ? oa , aaltpotrw, Milpt.ur and ao| peraarim In rlflb >?tn? tlno iglilla mou "aln raiuo-i. At tba dlatanr* nf about two an I a half learner from Denial. < a tba main row I In Jalaoa, ar? ba m.lne-of Chaeboir aa nuinl nlny about flftnan whinb ? . rr* llllr jifari B|? bad bran ?nikM by Uia nailvna, <n4 | rotrd to ba >mj H*b, tb?y at that ttiua net ng an ? Mi ft lint r ?????">-? itletj fi r wrat.tng, "nl of two aa4 three oannaa a day tab (la lb# aan ? road fotn leegrai 'n.m I'rotal. ara tba latina* of ?f>a?p?|il, yte'diag y Mia lafga ijiiaiitltl-?, of a aapartor |u*ll y. la tba r allay af Array in are eery rl/h g M a a-III OK*. IV ratin*ao fame* litra alao pmtrd trary bo* I trwow, aiataaw league* fn m f >ri <al, I- celebrate! for Ita rlr'i -ilrar Iraa act r oper mlnr Tba m o?a of Mannli.libi, Ma Al Mao, Tira> o Dutiable,* I'aallloa Qaebrarlran, Jaruaara and a I nodrad edhat a, abound with gold a ad ?llnr. In tha VaM.y of Arrayan aloti* at* tw*n'y am gold liaarltHC a'raatt.# and tao plaaora Hi# alien' of Uw 'Itiartr mite. of Xlraragna baa n<*?ar y- t?i a"mr ^alrad. from I'mnt 11*11", running an ew.lerly * ura* ? a IMtndiod and *. ranty l*f?rr, an 1 fi n aald i-**t inn og a mill and ? o"h*a?t fifty league., ?? la/ a* Ha Mi, and from tfcrng* running a mam t/i tba anna ad ' lie rlrrr fan Juan In tha l?ba of tiranad. m * uty Ittpii*. anf raiglnf through to l-'.a Mra a?l (Va tain ara mnuotal n ft ge* raid to yaart1, In arary dlrwr Hon, fold beat Ing n .arte llo dl 'rlrt of f'h mlaia boa Men bellar eipknrad Oian any liter [. rti.n i?f Uta trinity "|[Iod, and a??n?l ritnpnnle* ara now pr*p*.tng to opra their dllfarant lead# to taat d atrlrt am my wten* l? Mr II T Hay la'rly arrlrwd fa Hlrtri|M from Maw Vi.'b lion Faraita fnnr Mlai't#* of Pghtl* t'r?lit af iba gi rerrment of bo-arafna p?.*?*?*** t aaa to >wa by tba aaa:* of ' Holt* NoMbea " la Tig * Moon'aln and "fn.tiai*.. ' !n tba ?arn? ?!? lat'y tie'. In tb* t a in daa at 'an I tiaal iu*, and ilatrr <?r?od? and an Jean, la lutfaipba all la tba Aldrlrt of Ctktbialar lil f inth l>M wrnil lyrrtMai of ?*?'?? ft ? ' frnat Nicaragua. I b* p> p-lalton la aln ut ?(>(>" <4 a .lob V* 000 ara whltaa, u fJWi ??!<??*< bbl**? ladiaia awl 1 0 " 0 n li? 1 litre A?. iriittura awl f fin, op rwwo liitlrmi bare lyran tb'ir b.ef paratilW Tba ImhImm raed tba ?ai?a lo aum1'" lb* |p rarntnant 1/ r*j ,1 ..Iraa, wl b n^ *?*r<rt(tm lawr, and a n.ambrr and -- na'r Hie iniUn' la ? ? <wd < r*?y two yeara. Iba taat war la Si'itrfm aroaa fmoi aa at<*?ipr*l <la< pa in lb* aoa?lMu'ioO. Tte raw un-il'u'laa piopreed a abaBf* la tba il?-'l. n of tba l*r*<>4aat and an eiteti-l. n'f hl? te-io of er* ? and that tba flrwt torambrfit ahotiM b* nanii la tl<a loatiun-wot Tim la a portion of tb* platform of tba aflat" ratio part i wbiob wa* r,,ai?i?' by the *anoa at* with rarylnj >a"??r bar awraraJ yeara. Mr I'arkrr II fr*r>ah tb* nj an ?* ram* lat*r> a'ad la tb* doioooratir oa?** yrarlaaa ta Mr. tt'alkm* J jar* In 1/war (tllf'tnia, and wa* fur em* Mm* aa *f*at of tb* party mailed daanoeratlr A .?t a y*ar ayo I* war auap*et*4 by tb* |?tarana*l, Mat da ta lord aa a prl- a*r at 'rranada. lla ??ipfmatm dial tt'litar ab uid ba alba! t? tb* o iniaawl af U?? ' *w, b d tb* owo ?rata if Sitmrafpaa did nrlt* Inn. to <?im Bind lb err daaaral W>H*r pa b*rMi tyetiiar a u.*rll'y rarruHa la dan li". am: At'ad *?| |ba brlf Vaarta, in wbleb tbay aa lad ?*? tba dtb May nf tba prawmtrrar aaed tb* bdloalag la a aatademaml hiatnrjr af tba mi pa If 11 at r b b* ll?*o r JJ, rnai oa" ? IV V*a*a autre ', at K?al*)a oa (ba ? of Jaw aM <m board l*ii| la p<d haaitb aa>) apfrHa, with tb* aa - rp wo of oo* loan. I itbar, ? tv ? n a (> r f wlal Ml from Ih* iwaay Waaalaaf a.. 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