Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 15, 1855 Page 3
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AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. Oar London, Berlin and Vienna Cor respondence. Oar London Correspondence. Loroow, Nor. 80,1865. Disamfure of the London Press at the Coolness of Brother Jonathan in Presence of its Bravadoes?The Englis h Con servatives American in their Sympathies?The Triumph qf Know Nothinyism in the United Stales a Sulgect of Re' joking act'A European Despelt?Peace Speculations?The Austrian Concordat?Arrival of the "Red King" in Lon don?The Neva Uayticn Ambatsoelor, Baron Pompey? His Virit to Mr. Buchanan, Ac., Ac. Nothing could be more ludicrous than tU? language aud discomfiture of the Times and other English Journal. 3t the news this week from the Uoitec States. They are in the habit ot representing our poop'i as an inllaminable mob, re hose reprices and pasrlnn* are easily played on by tbe Roxeucransts and Guildrnstcrns of the gorernment and the press, and it is likely they really think ao. It was expected, consequently, that when the reinforcement o their flet' on cur coast became known to the United States, our would net up a yoli and the govt' nmcot would go Into a fit ot indignant hysterias for they accuse both of a desire to stimulate a warlike enthusiasm against Kngland. When the news arrived iherefote, by the last steamer, that our journals specu rated very calmly on the motives that led to the re inidrocuiert iu question and that tbe aduriaiatra tion had taken, apparently, no no'ice of it, th ? Times and its cohort found that their pompon aienaces ami predictions had alike miscarried, and they sought to get out of their absurd position by brawling and talking as well as they could. It la well to remark that the conservative press, representing the opposition to land I'almeraton's ministry, espouses warmly our aide in ail the differences between the two countries as tar as they ate ki own. Political motives, of course, aceount, in great part, tor this strange sympathy, but it should he renteuibe.ed that the samo conservative party in 1813 aeot the late Lord Aabburton, so wisely seleoted for this mission, to the United r-tales to arrange tho Northeast ern boundary question, which the ex-whig Minister, lord Falmerston, bad so oomplicatad and embittered as to make a war quite possible. If the present difficulties should go to ths point if forcing Lord Palmerston to re tire from the ministry, it is certain, as before, that lard Derby, the leader ef the conservative party, would set tle It all speedily and amicably. The partial successes of the Know Kothtngs seem to alfoid great satisfaction to the varioua governments of Kuiope, If one may judge by the comments of their or gans. This surprised me at first, for our domestic poli tics have usually little at ruction on this side of the At lantic. I have arrived, however, at a solution of this singular interest in the vicissitudes of Know Nothingism. I find that it has two motives of no small Importance. It is believed and Uojied, Urat, that the nascent animosity of the native Americans to our naturalised citizens will lead to a serious and perhaps a fatal feud, involving the Interest* and destinies of the republic. This would be Know Nothingism will tend to diminish if uot put an entiie stop to immigration, which for some years past has been dralnieg Europe of her best population, to say nothing of laige amounts of money. The Know Nothings nmy depend on it if they can only succeed in arresting tout precious tide ol agricultural and ether laborers, the bone aud sinew of every country, that has been so long dying in such myriads (roof the low wages, bud governments sad exhausted soils ot Kurnpe for our land of promise In the West, they may depend on It, I say, that every monarch in Europe would gliully subscribe to their funds for the next Presidential canvass, and raise monuments la every public square to commemorate their success. Any damage that rnav come to the Union Is naturally always acceptable to Euiopean governments, but it is an im mediate and an immense object to stop Immigration to tbe United Mates, and no means are so likely, in the Euiopean view, to elTect this as the agitation of the Know Nothings, and hence their occasional success is widely recorded here and secretly applauded. My object is not to discuss Know Nothingism, but only to report what is raid aud thought of in thee parts. There are rumors Hying about of renewed nego tiation.-. for t?ace. It is lilghly probable, I think, that some understanding between the belligerents will be efiected this whiter. England, more than France, i* anxious uot to go too far in overthrowing it urate, out knowing to what it may lead. When 1 say Kngland, 1 don't mean the people, for they look on Russia as the h. ad and fiuut ot despot Urn. and are determlne-l to fight it out, quite sure they will be the final gainers. To stir up the popular sympathy, the govercineu' here preached louuly against the "barbarous tyranny" of Russia,and the masses, taking up the cry, are in earnest now to prostrate it. This is not what the oligarchy wish, but how they will get out of the scrape ts uot very clear, l'ca-e Is pro bable, for Russia is fighting aguinst great <slds, and -would gsdly. if possible, make it up for the nonce. A a later dsy sue will seek htr satisfaction. Yet, if a peuc is attempted Mtal does not effect the humiliation ot Kus s:a, the populai pa omnia will break out with such vio lence in i-nglvnd and France as to lead to the verge o revolution. It is certain that diplomacy is coquetting with the difficult lea of the case, aud Austria, they nay, u taking the lead again. Lord 1'almeiston has sucn-edtd in filling up the places in his Cabinet. IJe first Med to add to hD strengt i by obtaining parliamentary talent joined to high sounding names. ! inning this Impossible, he turned round and metal oi in the vacant seat au ex-merchant, Mr. La boucbeie. formerly in power and?nwrnhits dictu!?a rep-e ??ntativw ot the middle classes, and the member for manufacturing Ieed?. This is one of those adroit things that makes torn Palmerston remarkable. Public opinion, which is no longer aristocratic opinion merely, was Eumbling loudly against the exclusiveness of the titled biers of office, and, worse still, ft was shown that the Gebioet war little better than a "family party," fjr nearly the entire ministry were selected from two or three great whig families, l/ird i'almerslon puts a plaster on this sore by promptly, when he tailed in his first purpose iattoduciug a man of the middle classes into office. To be sure, this person, Mr. Unities, is a devoted follower of the Prime Minister. Mill the example is set, an l Lord I'almeniton'H move will be followed up till tils middle class direct the policy of Urent Britain. the concordat just published between Austria aud the Pope, has filled Europe with astonishment. I'anal su premacy iu Aiiktila is restored, on paper, to its pristine vigor, ami we may soon cx|>ecl to see his young Majesty otvieoua once more holding the stirrup of his flolioess. The motive ot this rappro< hement to Roma Is simply that the South of Germany is Catholic, and it is hoped by playing into tbe Pope's lisnds. that he will .lend his influ ence to tbe support of Austria In the Germanic reten tion The gieat mistake is to suppose that tbe moral or religious infiueuce of tbe I'apal -See is strong enough nov a-days to aid or harm any government. The Catholic clergy ate active and adroit, but the people are getting too much for toeui, even in the St nth of Germany. The King of Prussia's speech to the Chambers is just arrived. Tie still maintains that neutrality Is the po.lcy tf Prussia, aud that very sensible declaration throws the Times here into a rage, and the reckless King is bespat tered vilh the choicest Hilling .gate. The King of Sardinia has jiiet entered I.ondn, and after all the Aoui fsh of trumpets by the ministerial journals, his reception has occa-ioned no excitement of any sort. There ?:t an immense array of Oourt carriages, but lo.k er- on of tire pageant were not numerous, and very quiet at that. Tbe "ame thing was the case at Pari* last week Tire French people aie quite too democratic to set op ? bal lon wb?never royalty may honor tbrlr splendid metro poiis, and it is quite a mi-take to suppose that one.tenth of the enthusiasm was displayed for her Britannic Ma jesty la-t summer that was reported in the new-paper*. Mr*tigs to ray the Frcneh, with all their animation, are not fond r f hurrahing, and equally strange, the phlegma tlr IjiglUh are gr-*t<y given to it. As to he King of Eardima, he ts looked on mi-rely as a tool in the hands of the allies, and nel-her the French or Vnglish take any great interest in him. Sardinia Is well governed, but that is the work of a rneily able iiiao?the fount de < a vi ar?whom the Chevalier Wikoff gave us some account of in his " Courtship." One of the Iste-d curiosities hib? to I/imfiiq is the sppaiitlnn of the sable envoy and plenipotentiary of his e-wiiy Majesty ?f all the llaytis, Karon Romi#y. lis ha? been officially reee-ved by l.orq Clarendon, and it is alily reported that hla l<ordehip kept a smell,ng bottle to hU dainty no.e during the whole of tbe Interview. What wrill be the effect of this dark cloud" at the first draw ing r* in, remain* to be seep. In Kngland they are quite to the 'awny color of the East Indian, but an ebony "nqrg?r" will be a novelty bedizened In gold lace, and imitating, with the accuracy of one of tb>- monkey tribe, diplomatic air* and grace*, tine of the latest freaks of his dusky nobility, is a visit he peid this week to Mr Buchanan. Our worthy Minister was out, and Baron Sambo left hie card in due form, and with tbe utmoat condescension of manner. Mr. Buchanan is known to b* punctilious in points of etiquette; and black as Krebi thottgh hi- visiter may be. fie might deem It necessary t? overtone- his natural repugnance on the Common altars of poltteneas, before which all ranks and colors are ? quel. s?d return hi* card. Fortunately rkiulouque I. hen never been recognised by our government, and there Mr. He lianan Is not under tbe necessity >< re- iro lot tlie visit of his negr . ??mtr-r>, and I* was u hiug eise tlian impertinence in the black rascal to eall at b house. Whether tbe diplomat!" -orpa o' Europe wdl frel themselves honored by this odious addition tj their Bomber, I don't know; but in iny eye, th-ir titles and ribbons seem but (he trappery ot burlesque tba m Trent tl.ev ara assumed and worn by a eoiamvn negro. I he journals here are amused at the ludicrous gyra 1!ou? ?f your money market, which g> r?in'.o fit* at r..-ry whisper from Europe. A lall of consols, or the rise of diner unt here, hoorever trilling, at nnee leads to the rn >-t absurd fluctuations of stock --n your side, even when the belsnce et tiade U in our favor To he sure, th* brokers have an Interest In this, but tbe uut-iJers ought to be on their guat-i. A NEW YORKER. 0?r Berlin Corrcwponilrnrr. Bwiin, N'ot. 27, tlMing f[> 'V C\arn}>f.-%?A/^i/hv if Ou I'ltUli?Vo Prut fi'jn M ?'talum? Faminr /'rvw?TV Cholera?4 t'aiu* < by ?TV 1'riK.y of Atm* nia, <ti. ?fe. According to an an noun cement in the official QattiU, th? Chanber* will be op?nwl mi 7"htir?ifay by the klo^ In p?r?on, Imttad of by drputy, i? baa W? the e?r for wtrril yc?r?. TTitu in a proof bow ?ati?flr<l lit in with Ui# late election*, in rplt* of the rafractory wpirit Jia pla; b? bio capital which, to judge from bio inwir to an adit*-* prccatci by th* corporation hi" i.T-cteJ him not ft Uttlc. You will perfiap< imagine that the ftp p roach of ? par I lame alary amnion haa oecaaicnej one beetle and excitement and thai the public are looking roc ward with eagerness and anxiety to the deliberation* oT their representative*; but 10 far from thia being the eaae, the political lull ia more complete than erer, ami the movement* of (ieneral Canrobert in Sardinia, and Oilier 1'eeha in Mingrelia, are watshed with much greater interest than thoae of tar ewn legialator*. rbe people heve long ceased to expect anything from the Chambers, which are ocly looked upon a* useful instruments of government for laying on taxes and adding to the na tior al burthens, and I verily believe it their existence were put to the vote, there would be a large majority In favor of abolishing them altogether. Meanwhile minister* are stated to be very busy preparing various acta which are to be presented to the Chambers, and are sure to pass, and of which a law for establishing a land-tax throughout l'rusaia, is perhaps the most Important. At present this tax is coufined to the Rhenish provinces, wheie it was introduced by Napoleon, and Its extension to the rest of the kingdom will be an excellent way of raising the wind. In fact, this government Is so much engrossed with Its domestic affairs that foreign politics appear to be quite In abeyam e. All the rumors about Prussia being still hard at work mediating between Russia and - the allies, and endeavoring to pievail upon the Ciar to give in. are mere inventions, originating in the prolific fancy of the l-rench and Kngllsh newspaper writers, or devised fo ? stockjobbing purpose#; on the oontrary. M. Manteuffel and his master are nvidently determined to keep tu the background for a lime, and wait till the belligerent par ties are moie inclined to come to terms. Ttiai any such pacific prospects would be baited by them with the ut most delight, noes not admit of a doubt; but they 0*11 net help perceiving that ut tbe pre-eat juncture their gu?.d nthco* would be entirely thrown away. The increasing distress arising from the high prices of all llie necessaries of life, and the partial stagnation of business, contribute materially towards drawing off the attention of tbe public from political alTair*. The suf ferings of tbe lower orders mutt be iureuNe, and even the middle classes are obliged to retrench, and deprive themselves of many comforts in order to make both ends meet. The municipal authorities of Berlin come togeth er week after week to deliberate upon plan* of relief, bat although many Ingenious projects are broached, they have not been able to agree upon any. It has Iteen prrpoaid to Import grain from the United States or I'Wpti ar,d some has actually arrived from riungary; but tills is like a drop In the ocean, ami the cold having now set in, an effectual step will be put to all further impor tation by sea or canals. Thus the prospects tor the win ter are gloomy enough, and if there should be another bad harvest next year, it Is impossible to tell what will be tbe consequences. However, we are so far fortunate as to have got rid of the cbolerm which has taken its de pasture. after selecting about 1, N*> victims and displacing an unusually virulent character, having proved fetal in three cases out of four. There are still some patients left in the cholera hospitals, but no more bulletins are Issued. A remarkable trial baa Just come off in this city, which excited general interest, partly from the notoriety of the persons concerned, and partly from its being the first of the kind, as it originated In circumstances which oould only tskejilaoe since the Introduction of the electric tele graph. The telegraphic establishments in this country, and, 1 believe, everywhere on the continent of Kurope, are in the hands of the different governments, and the oiH uials employed are government olUcers, who are bound by oath to secresy. besides conveying political news, the wires are chiefly used for stockjobbing purposes, the prices of government bonds, railway shares, and other se curities, being transmitted from l/ondun to lterls, from l'atis to Berlin, Vienna. Ac., where the quotations of con sol* or rentes arriving during 'Change hours, affect all other interests. It is self-evident that it must be of vital importance to speculator* to have early information on this subject, sua various niannruvres are resorted to for obtaining or forestalling it?such as are, no doubt, we.I known to your Wall street gentry. The Hiurse of this city is devoted almost exclusively to stockjobbing opera tions, which are carried on by an iri of .lews and Oentlle*. many of whom have no other capital than a glossy beaver and an ivory headed cane, on the strength of which ihey buy and sell stock, if that cad be called buy ing and selling whe.-e most of the sales are puroly imaginary, and nothing is paid but the differences? when they are paid. Tiie career of these adventurous in dividuals is geuerally somewhat chequered in It* charac ter; they occasionally lnunsge to anas* considerable sums, ami come to be looked upon as very respectable people. Rut, like most gamblers, they aever know when to leave off; they go on speculating, meet with a ran of bad lock, ultimately vanish from the scene, and are heard of no more. One of the boldest and most successful of these specula tor* was a person t?y tbe name of IsiuLs Meyer, who had settled at Berlin s few years since, and commenced opera ting iu the (stock txchaage with great rrUu. His transac tions wete so extensive as t<> astonish all his competitors, lii* comUuatteBs so for sighted that they seemed to pro ceed from intuition, and his reputation rose to such a height that he was called the "King of the Bourne.'' Ry degrees however, a suspicion began to gain grmtnd that the wonderful gif of divination which enabled this stockjobbing potentate 10 anticipate all the fluctuations of the inotey market, must have it* source in some un explained connection with the telegraph office; and tae at'.euiiou of the police being aroused, an inquiry was im mediately set ?n foot which led to the detection of the culpiit*. it waa discovered that Meyer, assisted by two young men naniel Kelcbenbeim, (brothers,) employed lu his counting house, had bribed two telegraph officer* to betray the despatches forwarded to the principal banking bouses of thi* place from Vienna, I'aris, Ac., containing the latest quotations of funds and railway slsares, a-ocm pan led by orders for buying or selling, l'bn slips frem the telegraph office were given or *b"wn to the Kelohen helm* lieforc the despatches were delivered to the parties to whom they were addressed, in cousequenoa of which Meyer was enabled to operate on the market by buying or selling securities of th? description contained in the orders, which ban the effect of raising the prices when 'he hownfull- recipient* wanted to purcbu-e, or depi csslng them when they attempted to sell?whereupon the "King of tbe Bourse" would step in and take the opportunity of driving an excellent bargain, lhe Investigation was conducted by Pollje I Irector (vtielrer, one of the acutest agents of the Prussian Board of Ile'octives, ia conjunction with some members of tbe Block Ix change ami resulted in the arrest oi tbe telegraphic officers, Janck and Kich inaon I.auis Meyer, banker, the brothers Reich'-nlieim, and (.'oldLerg. a stock broker Connected with Meyer; the two first being clrargeu with the violation of their offi cial trust and tbe others with the criminal offence of bribing gjvernmr nt lunctinnarle*. After the preliminary i xn ml notion, which differs in many respects from the legal proceedings ru-tomary in htigiand and adopted in tbe Untied Mate*, tbey wete ail committed to prison to ewnii their trial, t.oluherg and Meyer procure! heavy bail, (the latter to the amount of forty thousand thaler*.) and were released, while the others had to rerna'D In durance vile, excepting kirhmsuu, who absconded, and is non rft in,'Virus As I have just mentioned, the course of law in this country is different from that pursued in Kngland and America, where the ac*u-ed ir not hound to answer any question tending to criminate himself and the examina tion and cro** questioning ex'end fo lhe witnesses only. Here, as in Prance, the prisoner Is first interrogated In private by the police required to answer every question put to Mm, sud exhorted to t< 11 the truth, ana frequent ly subjected to a tucond examination liffore thejuy t in tlrtuliiti or ?Tiitcrstiohiings-Ric'itor," so tbst, as it hap |s-i ed in this w, many months elapse before the trial c> mcs on In open court. It may be right to mention that trial by jury still exists in Prussia in criminal suite, though abrogated for political olfcnre*. The court met i u tire 'jlflb of October; the reading of '.he Indictment oc cupied an hour and a half; upwards of titty witnesses were examiner!, and the proceeding* continued for thir teen days. The accused were defended by three of the mo, t eniin< nt advocates of the Berlin ber, who exerted all their a'iltlie* in favor of tbeir client*. Alter a luini ik n* and imfariial charge from tbe presiding .Juffg", the Jury tound four o! the prisoner* guilty vis:?lanes, tele graph rfficisl, the brother* Keichenh irri, sud 1/iuis Meyer, who were sentenced respectively to three, two, one and two and a half year*' ooufineaient, and loaa of civil right* tor term* varying from oue t*> five years, be side* ha> ng to pay fire* equal to the value of tbe bribes t fltred sod received finldlierg was acquitted. Thus ended this rnrioes affair. Which had kept nor monetary n n n.unity in a state of ag latino for *?xera1 months ??est. A pamphlet lias just I published, g virig full particular* of tbe trial, with litlcgrapbic por'.rait* of tbe prisoner* ami their counsel, of which I enclose a copy lhe ahsra Prince of Armenia, whose adventure* have made -urfi a noise in tbe world. 1s still In jjll, where be will r*nwn until the preliminary inve-tigation now pend lig Is terminated. Mis Identity, however, is fully e tab liehrd, it having bes-n discovered that he ha* Isvto con demoed previously for swindling, both In Brussels ami I aria, by the name of Joseph Juanai*. He ha* been re rrgnised by quite a number of Intel kreper* and iroard i inc ' "use proprietor*?one of bis tnoel striking eharac teris -a being so uiideviating regularity in rbe non-pay n.- oi of hi* hit!*, arising probably from a conviction, par - In vo great a personage, that the honor of r-nter tsroing htm wa* % sufficient remuneration for tfi* trouble. I i."..Iinnately lor bim such people are too grovetbng In it- ir Ideas to appreciate the distinction conferred upon theio. and hence rbe frequent collisions of h;- most Se rene lltghm ** with the police authorities of Iboae plve* in which In- tapi<ns to i*ke Dp his abode, ffe seem* to have bten most ?urre**ful in bis dealings wttfi persons of tb<- very highest rank, vtx.: with tffneea Victoria and Prinee Ailed to whom be reproeented himself as a Kria ?Inn grand'* >Hied rrom bis country for being engaged In a con-piracy against the late (\ar, and who are said to have n o down very bsnffsomely to relieve the necea sitiee of the Interesting fogitlve. His trial is likely to In volve s. me piquant disclosures, and la hsrked lor ward to with no little cu/tosity. A. B. Omr Vienna CurrrtpoiHtrnrr. Vumi, No*, id. ISA'). Amfrv>t ('r*turii,rfi?rit)> ifcr Unit*! -TV I'n-mnttm c4 IhTolu-r Hot ? m'inn a ' to <htr ManMat Ike "fhjfk fJrmt P<nrrf" /, *rm ntf "p in tks Dixiftn& ?f hwdwrion (k/ (\mtrtui IPiwtn !V >4>' 'irtn Coemrawnf and thr Nne fiirk Xkij/MxhUrt?RrH !/%?" * JolTOliam wt AuMna? iur of Cot. lurr?Slow /'roi,rr*> < f tht .Veer Hu >?ik Unmiimml. The tietna Ca.rttr, of the IMlh (net., contain- I th? i (T rial aoiiiun imrnl of the promotion o( Qnfalwr de HuUemann t? th? hifhar diplomat!' rank of an Imparl*! Mfniater reddest a' Waablnjtoo, and of the appointment of I?r. Ferdinand Markwort a? -ecretary of the Anatrian l ocation at the aeat of the f ovarium nt of the ('ait"d Ftatea of North America. Thla Information, already c< tnmoniraled to you by my laef letter, h*? thua been fully confirmed. The moilaee wl.ieh ha<* iod'toed hie Mejeaty the Emperor of Anattla ant hta Cabinet t>> re. aolwe tip.n thle a'ep arith a ro w to 'lemonatral# their de>Ire to cultivate more froodly relation* with your a?rernment, were bnt -lifhtiy tourhol upon when laert I addreaaed yon l'pon the present anraidoa bow-en- I harecr**' flhaetnw in heloc enabled to lay IW-.rt y?ur r ruler* an anal/ma of an extremely significant aad im portant article upon this subject, which appeared y*d terday in the (MUleuUthe Pod. I aay' " significant an?l important," because thla journal ia wall known not only aa the consistent advocate of the foreign policy or the Vienna Cabinet, but alao aa receiving it* inapira tlona direct from-the Imperial Foreign Office; and there can be no doubt of the fact that the preaent article, which dwe la to forcibly upon " thla new and raore exten sive organliation of the Austrian 1-egwtion at Waahlng ton, aa evidence of an Important progrea* in the biatorv of the policy of Auatria," ban been written probably at the luaiigatton of Count Buol, and certainly with hi* Excellency 'a entire approval. It may, therefore, tairly be held to jmrtake of a Demi-official character, and hence it* content* caunot (all to be extremely interest ing both to the government aad to the people of the United States of America. The wiiter commence* by adverting to the fact that, In certain circles of society here, the United States of North America baie long been regarded a* a sort of bugbnar? an evil with which, if one cannot despatch it out of the world, all contact must be carefully avoided. But, rays the writer, there ia uo getting out of the way of an object by merely closing one's eyee to it, and lenat of all can this be done when that objsct makes it* existence felt in the world by its very elements 01 vigor and Ufe. The diplomatic tradition that believe only In five great Towers Is about to become obaolete. Already from nfar the transatlantic republic l? beginning to assum* its position as a sixth great Tower, even In matter* pertaining to European affairs. We see how England, with her mighty navy, suppresses many a proud thought tir the sake of cultivating and fostering a good understand log wl'h the "banner of the stars," and how liussia, with no small degree ol ostentation, solicits the friendship of the North American republic. And if the present war, notwithstanding Its hosvy burthen and greatness, has still maintained it* local and limited character, this circumstance ia mainly attributa ble to the fast of the non-iutervsntion of the United State*. But if the government at Wash ington should resolve upon Wedging Into this contest, It* word, its sword and it* fleets?then the struggle would soon assume other dimeiisiou*. and the middle States of Europe would have to decide for one party or the o'ber; at all events they would have to aban don their peace-loving neutrality. If North America still keeps aloof from the Oriental war, despite all temptation* to the contrary , this is a proof also that those who hold that the United Stales possess no statesmen of a superior order, nro laboring under an erroneous prejudice. " flood sense" Is the fouudatk n of all isdlllcal wisdom. Now, it ha* been ob served that, at an epoch In which a Bt?t<- whose diplo macy war lauded and dreaded as the quintessence ot all subtlety andyinrws, to its greatest Injury lost its "good sense," while America very coolly relaineu this precious quality, despite the sparkling exulierance that dwell* in juvenile Wales. But a so lull amount of political fore Ight la required In order to comprehend that the time Is not very far olf when America will lay aside this modesty? a quality which never amounted to a natl >nal virtue among lha Yankees?and make her Influence In Europe felt; whilst also ancient Europe has come to the verge of that public law which is exclusively raled "European." Already the war has ov< rstepped the pot utls of Asia, and European lleets, European auxiliary na'T-u* are fighting in Asia for the *e called " European " balance of power. The tutors peace cannot, therefore, he left to settle the Oriental question within the limits or European bounds ries. The condition of the Caunaasus, the frontier* of Turkey aud of Hussla in Asia, will have to be included In the future arrangements. The Idea, therefore, of the European balance of power grows more and more into an h'ea of the " universal hsluiice of power," and In this new order of things affecting the whole world, there can he no doubt that that leuuhllc whose dominion coin prises already more than half of the continent of America, will assuredly play a great and a might v part. An enlightened and prudent policy, therefore, prep ires tooi ganlze it* diplomat leal relation* with a Tower whosn maturity is being completed with such gigantic step* liy a wise mid practical calculation of fac's, for which ong entertained prejudices must needs he sacrificed. It the position between Austlia and North America be divested of the mists of all sentimental auttrhl*** and pathetic declamations that euvelope it. It will Ire found that, with the aid of prudence, ability aud unprejudiced views on Isith shies, reciprocal political relation* of a fruitful and solid kind insy lie established in all external question* to the decided advantage of both count! ie*. The United States ot North Amerlo* aud Austria are geographically too far apart to give riae to appraheuslons Uiat In matters pertaining to th-dr internal allalrs any Inconvenient Inlluenoe could lie axerclsod on aither side But In question* of foreign policy these States may lie the fieri of frieud*?nay, even allies ! The difference* between the form of government ami the religious creeds in Irigland and Austria, did not prevent thorn two .-.tales from being the most xealous allies for nearly a century and a half, during a period of the greatest historical crises. The Slate of llenry VIII. and th? State of Eerli i,ami 11, tha sword of Marlborough ami the sword or I ilnce Ktigeue, the policy of the Tarllainaot and tha po licy ?t Triure Metiernich, agreed extremely well together. I And wherefore should a duality necessarily subsist be tween Vienna and Washington in matters whereon a good understanding would he usefut to both* Ths Article in qiUNtloo concludes with the following words: "We do not speak of to day nor of to morrow, we speak of the future?ot political oonslollstl >n*. wboae outlines no mortal can predetermine. A prudent bus bam'man will sow Ins seed by times, and sound political whilom calculates not by motilhs, but by tens of y *r?.' Tlslner overture* than these were seldom inmle by one Independent St a* to another; but their slgnlflcam-y Is m t a little enhanced by the tact that a great war ia beiag waged at this moment, in the which botb these Tower* are, so to *|i*ak, neutral*. Will American statesmen take up lire broad hint* of which this remarkable article is so suggestive' If I r?*d mem aright, ihey contain an unmistakeable Invitation to the government ot tne Unl U<1 Mates to throw off the character of a paasive speita tor in tlie Oriental questii n, ami to oome to an early un derstanding thereon with Austria, in order to promote, and, If possible, to secure a more satisfactory ami speedy solution tbeieoi. . We are naturally cnrlous to know what the government of Ws bh.glon ami lha people of the United .-date* will say to i hi*. The last I. event in* mail bring* u* 'be .peech of King tithe at the opening of tie Athenian <,'!i*mber*. IT* Ma jesty remarks lhat he feel* great pleasure in announcing the mtisfactorv arrangement of the diffsratice with Ame rica?a difference which, if we are rightly informed, cou st?1eil In the non Indemnification of a clti/an of th* V idled Mate-- for a piece of ground through wuicu the g ven.iiient had though' proper to nn?>tri?'. Th -urn, son uiiling te Mill,OH) drachma-, lis - n-w be*-n d ly refunded, thanks to the influence < I the Auieiioan EjiVoy and th* presence 01 the Mates' llotllla I he c< ntract betwe-n the Austrian government ami the Not'b American shipbuildet* of New Yoik i* m * dually gi ncludeil, the slgtiatiire ??( his imperial highoess, the Archduke Keminaud Max l>*i?g alone required to reu 1-r the document eoniplete. Th* vessel which ia to be con strue'ed will carry es-gine* ol 000,horse power, aud bi-arra ed with It'll gun*. Captain Mr ilsr, who has arranged 'he 'whole affair on the part of America, and who Was |-er k nally presented to bi* Majesty 'h# Emperor at T-leri*. has now lift fur Tarts, where he will make with 'be Etench soTernment f r the construction of two Screw steeme.s a<lspted to direct navigation between toil stentlm pie and Marsell'e*. An imllvidusl. by name of Micha-I Muiler, who has Jos. returned from Ameitea, has lately got Into en-isl leraoie difficulties with the Trotes'aut f'onarsUir* of f'peyar Ins native place lt?p|car? that in his emigration to the Uxlted Ifctes he was accompar.l#!'. bj a ceraln Jbwesa, who, bring possessed of more treanty than chas*lty, riltl irately presented him with two tin- boys. Ibe rnrrtber te rrig a Jewess, .inrl 'he father a ' hril'ian, I'. Was riot unnatural that a difficulty should arise aa to the lai Ji in which the children should he brought up, and according, ly It was resolve-1 that they should lie allowed to remain in the ccnr-ltim in which they first entered the world, circumcised nor taptixed. Mr. Mulicr h iving re turned to Ms na ive land accompanied by his lit th- pledv a of love, was informed by the Good story that If could not allow hi* children to remain unbap tired, sod that ?lx week* would 1* grant*:! him to c n ?leer the matter, and come to a resolution respi ting it. Mr. Mo Ilsr. lr waver, coninued olsiUnste, ?aid at the ex pi ration of the appoint*! time, the Xgri'istory pronounced sentence again-t lrlm: flint In 0'' nsme of the triune '-<*1 and hv virtue of tho corn umnrt ol Jeeris fhrtot tb* sf- ressld Mull-r oe definitely ?Xcoromnnicated, :rn<l excluded from *U Christian -ocr 7 Wi'h reward in Ui<' priaoner -uatea Ttirr. who wa appn bonded by the Ain'rUn at Hnebarrat, in thing new baa transpired. I to understand that the British Kmbeesy will takb Jmactlre pro redlnjf In lb* mnMrr? tin general opinion being in Austria, *? elsewhere, that nil the efforts which might be mvh- to 1 btaln Ma relraae would ha futi'r and attended with no ?aiUlnctirg i nan It. Tin tr?-r?h n n( tha alary whl h is - urnnt In Auatria. !? totally different from that w leb l* glren In thw columns of the times l?y a professed aya witness of the whole affair. In Austria fir install s it is anaartail that < dom 1 Tori wa- warned a' iaact twlca befeie hia apprehension waa elf et ed. and that tbn Austrian acthorltiee wara moat ralnataei to art at all In tha affair, and wara only at .Jrr.gth obliged to do an oot of regaid to tha maintenance ? fiilrrlphnr m thalr army and a propwr aanaa of military honor which, in their m inion might ha*a bean arrtona ly impaired by a lluogariaa deeerter para-hog bin ?*M ha mm tag sotdmn of hl? own rigimwn . with r-ette' par and rank mpertonto ' h-1 which ha had MM <h*n foi n.arly aa'Tli.g uridtr tha naanern of Austria in Italy Th Mines' correspondent mantii na na'hlng of this fnf>rriiuig oa on the conirary, that C"looel Terr wa' <*? an entirely by surprise and aoaieijuently lew Ing to lnf?r that no warning of any description *? giran if wa may believe tha Onhgn<- '?vt er<- wblah is garia rally well informed upt n sueh subject* tha saw |tu??Ue rarmltinan'a progiaaa hut slowly and la a way ahicn gives but lltlIs sati-taction to ths f *ar aad h UMhI The main reason of ihl? l? -aid to he tha graet n> rlallty which disease has atterly inM'ted upon tie younger p-,r tir n of tha population, aid tha nnmbar of young man w>i? here Med to Prussia, and other place * to avoid ha mi tnirm to aa, ge under arnia. M. f.nlcegieh tha Trieste nu irh int ha? at lang'h '<~an relieved from tha difnetifitW" which bad presented thswi se,re? by mean* of an orde- which the hmperor if His ma bull batata hi* return to "t 1'atarebsirr Ilia lmpa rial Majesty baa glr?a Instruction* that array facility ?ball he afforded and that M Ilidlllrh "ball be allowed to load hta ship* la th* Heeof Aa><ff with owrn In ?r i a

way, and at -neb tliaa, aa may suit his o>a coareaiea a Ihr gale <a fin-day did a- n-i lerabh' 4aui*g? o Alia gbanr county, la la I'lttaotirg a p-it.ow of Kle ? warehouse ?a? blown down Tb? Aea.t'? Heformed abuirh ia it-Mnaon township fRer M K Ul' tii i.i which was undergoing repairs ?aa slows town Keowe wa- IsjiraL ?mi from Cab*. The following appeared lately is the LKurio tit (a Mkx rim&:? T1?ere ie a warm agitation now being carried uo of tha quaation provoked In 1846, la oonse-fuenra of alalaas ?aUUUbal by >??enl American cltijeu* nn account of tha ra establishment of impost duties on some article-* which had been declared free, in order to faclllUta the repair of damages caused hy the hurrleana of 1844. If tha principle is admitted on which thoaa claim* are baaed?that la to any, If it 1* admitted that there la a right to Indemnification for damages suffered by thoee who expoited from the Pulled States, under lieliaf that tha Importation was free In this country, nob dy can deny that the wuna right aesleta thow who in 18 (ii ai ported auger from thia Island lot those Mali'. the in, portatlon of It taking place at the time urban the tariff just Totad hy Congress. was put in operation, which f course produised tha rise of duties with which sugar was then overcharged. If our recollection is ? ? reel, the American administration waa In such a hurry to euf->rre the new tariff that while at tha '.kiuthern ports they still exacted tha former duties, In New Yorl and o'har cities of the North those established hy tha new law waie requirt d; so that several cargoes that arrltred In the Cuited States with a few days' difference?at the same hour perhaps?were submitted to laws wi en tirely diffe t ent that while soma owners bad a great proflt oth"is suffered runs I terabit) losses. We often neglect establishing claims of such a nature, and aa we recollect baring beard high complaints shout tt In our commercial clrjles at the time, we deem it conrenient to gire this bint, which may be of Importance to such of our feUow-cdtuetw as are in the same category as the Americans in regard to tills <|uestiou. The number of boxes of sugar ex|iorted in the present year, opto the let of October, from Havana, Matanza* and Cardenas, amounts to 1,1177.446, and it is posltlrely stated that the yearly exportation will not lie less than 1,800 000 boxes. The Chief of Police of Puerto Principe has been shot at with a pistol In the hand i of a man wb<> was chased by O at i flicer. The wound Is not considered dangerous. Ibe offender lias not been arres'ed. The Captain General has signified bis approval of the project of the new railroad to be built between l^aguis Is Grande (on the northern coast of the Island) and C.en furgos (on the south). Villnclara being the intermediate station or connecting place. The Imniseulate (Vuiieptl m was oolebra'el with great pomp, on the 8th. at Havana and Maianzs* 'lhe health of tbe island ia generally goo I, and busi ness is fart Improving We learn from Porto Rico that the cholera continues to make raveges in some pluci-H iri the interior, such as Naguaho mid Iji Seibn; lint the rharacter of the dl-cssa liaa lost much of Its malignity, and It is hoped that the epidemic will dlaappear as sum as the cold weather shall set In. The n,arket was rather active. Abundant rains have rlrited the coautry, and an extraordinarily rich sugar crop ia expected by the plantera. oua HAVANA COUKKHI'ONllKNCE. Havana, Dm. 8, 18.'..'), Half of Humon /'itUo'i Projirrty to Dtfroy thr Keprnnt iff hia / rnrniitiim?/n#r'uw if I). J <Kr tr., ,l rci I hit r-qyea in I fill ana ?Prt upn-U if thr Rarhrl Troupr?Krtim of thr Infimtur, Rmh-iffun from Spain?Public /m/ovo*-mcn/a ?Ann man Commercial Claim* ami Cuban <bunirr Claim*?Miirrllanrinu Ifnio, iff., itr. A brickyard, tie property of t?.? lata ltam?n Pinto, which, with it* machinery, tn-ne*, building anil Inad*, w?* valued at l?i,ilt) 01 wan advertised by Antonio Maria Munoa, fhiet of I'olicA, to Irnvc In-en .old by public auction at ooou on the 31. t of the la*t month. Am there were but thirty day* lu It, I am not certain whether the ante took place ; thr propeity, however, i? c unseated to defray the legal ??pen?e* Incurred in the prosecution of poor I into. In the < al.e Fan ju*t beyond tbeTacon theatre, there reelile* the wealthy widow Oreldo. Kooeutly two |er*<<n*, Apparently gentlemen, drove op to her door In a 'lathing vo ante, with another caniage following, and re qminted to ?** the 8-nora Ovwldo, Tlie servant, from their appearance suppoetng them to be frieo.l* of the widow, unhei-ltatmgly showed them to the apartment where .he wa* ?ittlng. The **rvant bad ecarcely with drawn, when '.ne ol thom drew a poignard aud pla tug It m ar her bieant, told her if ?h? uttered a syllable ahe ?h"uld be kilted; that they had oome for hor money, and all die had to do waa to quietly |*>int out whora it might be found. The poor lady, atfi ighteil. poluled out whete her board wa*. and the ncoundrel* helped themaelvea to all Uiey could find-about ?7,00C?the widow fortunately only having that amount by her at the time. They then compelled bar to tuke a light and conduct theintith door, wblcli ehe did. iha poiter, Ntiil *upp.*ing them to be friend* Oi hi**, opened th? door, and th aonutnlrela paced out, *piuog into their volar.*-, and drove off at a rapid pace. An litpre'don prevail*, a- | heard a CnmmUrary of I'olloe ,?*y a f?w day. aince, that the.* rascal* are pwraon* suppose 1 to tie reapectahle moving uuiorg.t our 11 u| j or ton," aud keeping couriliog home*, A?. Since the above event, a Drench lady, Madame (Vie* tin, waa walking one line morning on the I'aeeo do Isabel cegtinda, when a ruffian made a ru*h at her. and enatch ed a valuable brooch fri m bar por?on. A gentleman *(1 tlrgat bl* window >n the Calle d-l I'rado. opnoelta the I an o, Wi'iieeauig the attack, baateoed out, followed ami overtook the villain aecoron him and be la now in jail to ho tried for thia offence. On the morning oi the j?th nit. I, a* la my wont, took a long walk before break fa >t 'he morning wing particu larly Ceil. I at!oiled a* tar an the now Tort erecting o,,p.,. ?it* ihe ( aan de He.,oil.or., la, whan I dlxvovernd I had )>arely time to reach my Indginga by the bre?k'a*t hour, and a public ' volatile" pacing at the mutuant, I atnppe.) aud got Into It. When we wore within three hundred yard* of the I'unta jail I obeerved a erowd ol negro** and mulattoea, apparently qunrielllng. At w* cauie up to them, I diecovored the* were all armed with raaor* and ktiive*?Irnir or live of them were neverely wounded. My "volanie" wa* unrounded in I. * time than it lie* taken me to write tbl* la?t aentenoa, and from their thieaiemng gesture* I reallv thougnt u-iy laat hour wa* coma I raised my walking arlek in self defence, when one of the negro**, lean ng into the "Volants." taid ".Vo A-ry ? oi la do, vino,'1 (Don't fear, litile gentleman). The raXrmro uiged on hie horee, and we got safely out of thle crow,I of roll an*. Not a policeman wa* to tee'eon tha' morning, end I perhapa scarcely need ? Id, hare not taken any long, 'Olitary walk* eln'# that period. There I* to be a g'and hail at the l.tceo *bl. evening, the pro. eer'a to he devoled to the newly eatalilNhe 1 ben*, volant ineiltuil ,tt of ibla eity rhw vr.iuntrera turned out for drill Imrt Sunday morn leg and will do a . Hgalii to m >rrow. Itaphiud Delia arrived here ye*terd?y, In the Isabel, from < baric.ton 1 am balmy to have H ,n ray p.wer to add thai the auburn Iptlnn Tint for all tie- performance* of hl? talented eimer prevent- a moet saiwfactury appear a- ec?nearly every .eat In the featro Tacon lyou kn >w i' irrtaienae ei/e; heirig engaged lor every performance. We have the Chiarini A ,Vicoio troupe of equeetriari* here. They are to o,em at the Villa Sat va the evening after to-morrow. I at'- ndevl the Villa Mueva evening bef, le la-t, It.e j?*? ft nuance br ing for the benefit of the -ten-tri e la. -v.'o. i Ti e evenlrg being uripropl Ion* the hou?" wa- only in ete rati ly fllh d. I e to danced more gra> *'ull/ ar. I with m< in'pitit than 1 had ever before aeeti 110r The late met I y I aalenada hurt year doer not appear to bare proline.) any eff.ct upoa thr- mind "f 'he e ,fw.l convict?I be betrayer of Damon (into ant the inhere II-ia namvd Ant/mlo liodrlguei he h?. re'on-lfr.m -pain and I* again la till* ci'y. lart bnn bewan -here , aie vet men lu?u^ in ' .'.a iio.--.sing grain lent ou-ag- 1 and pntrinti-m toUd the world of each . moo?ter. The enorttA Mailade la, KucIdi a-le Alrm, whona de-ea/e I mentioned to you in a re< ent lett ha- I- fi in ?'tr will b-,0,l*A), to be Inveet-d and the liiterevt to be -'earned to the aupp>.rt ami adoration -.1 twelve |??.r girl*. tin the n.gbt Of the WMh nit., t ?p*ain Wat* n. I the 1 toig S?.n.-r?, ol charlwa r>n, (who, I bel - r* h >? ad-lie? -,| y- u on ti.a rnhjevt and whoarnv-d h?e on tlx- el lint , 1 ' e, or la that there wa* no light a' the Ightko e -n the I *>nhie-Head Nb't Key*. The cap'.ain f Ire ?, ^Ihiiadeiphl*. of your port who arilr.d hv-e i?e,, , ? -Nth wit, aleu r?j r.rte.', when h. j,.-., I ?),? Kn. on the 37th uit., tliai no light wa* d.?| lajed from the I tighihonee on the aair.e Kaya, Keare ar* ?nte' *ir,*d I tpal ail the par'i** on the Key* *r* danger ,u* y |'| ,,f iWlhapa >l*ad. it ia to I* -egvcie.) n,a- a --aal ted a?t **. ill fr-tn one ,,f t(,# A- >* nam- - - h* Key. ?> I eve aecertalned tft* ennae of the gh' not being eghildtrd. IT.r noble ranee of wharve* r,f th - -'ty ar* ie 1*r rtaml, V. he evend.d to the AlameU !? vila ti*-a aiieady a line r<* te?l .iie-i, a.ten-Mr,g ne.-lya miw ?k.hg tli# wharvee and wltlr IP* ei-eplmn ef ?ne or t?? j lock* I have ?u In i.uiopa, | believe tb ?? o< Una Ci'y | 'o lr* tin-ur|?ee*l for mnranierree and iti itr by a y In tb? world. I km ? not it y-ru ar* aware that the rtilr ex) bwn- * t. MA'anraa t rat take, a eonthe ly (..himi p, Ouinw-* ll.efi run. to the raat a? iar a* I nion, wh-r* th* Mattnia* hrr* -?( - a.i rwrnne-'e with gve liwaoa ha* art >pc aliiali h- rare -f the Havana line have tfav-lied Ui o-.vey their p..? I?g-'a to Matahra. of e-.r*' y*)i' f th Wa ar.ra* line a atatwd awm lor Ut* -?* ot their p-.fthm of lie r??d. peeently h.,wevev. the ? lln* haa at *top'?d to increaac the rate paid by be Havana line ?I tch th* lafer baa refurvel to agree ., -a-! thie h* t*d two if the p'imipai .harehohier* --f the Havana line b a'l a g! rieral meeting ot tha abaraho. ? . - t Jae Havana ine, i,nd t*. a-^rgwei tbe propriety of h-rildlng a line of ruad friiWi can Nlo- la* to klataeraa. The** two gentleanen _*,. |,ralo Alfonso and , Aklania?art miomoaf wealthy and It la underatewei tba If th# .b.r* l,l*e? wiil not join them in the enlarpri** ry With the ,.Wri prt rate reeowroea, will bnlld the proc eed line and rv.a Ut n# rt to I enf ,ng.ei ' Peter Hicke tl?* New York c-irreepore'ent 'A toe fJiarui r/? in tfnrtno if thia ci'y, In h e re^-nt letiera, baa ?weight out aarl nuhliahed all the dlagrewfnl Paa.1a that ha** been don* in the I'rt I ted .-Male- In h ? letter ot the Wh nl_ be Invert* what lie eel la an erlrael b-m tlw He**if?, wh 'b he conclude* by the folio*,eg aetMence - 'I lew#* to aak th* r.l?br*t?t cwrop r. k-nl Hratai If ihla la well tranalate-d and .eml me reply. Ae year ar* #*-*?# Itrmua ie no* a f.#w Vera ami may fee.ihly pay |-?ter * tiaii eh n l**at *eti-.pat?d I do not however ,? i?rl*k# la aaawwv -p^wtkewa of the baracter which I ha?a joat qao'.e t P. 8? Th# lepmt whiHk had laea d-rata'ai that r.en ' or' ha ha* hewn raca'bed a without oo a-UH-.n a. Mr aa I ran lawrn. It i* not lively that tha * rk of f*a- e *, " inp,'aired by fkvwcha, le to be yeofe. trm-l by * *t ng a r-e* bend tr, tha 1*1!'Wf Th* peop * are a ,? -o.i.a act they will reman, en catena duka-btag -*'.#* c-maea le 'barn from mother laed They a-e ye-t og all the eg aea they re-ialra aader Itrtt-eh an eg- to a p piy ' he eanta c* tt*,- ngrre?Mru*l ,?f at'rr ?an ewer * ?-? to plentiful?thrir product* ere to nell well?till they have nlcam oomuiunlntlou with Kurvpe A?u At ??*, tail the American continent*. Thny wait, in abort. nothing liut lentfrom Uieir neighbor filibuster* end Cuban J an tea Uur intelligence fr>tu Mexico, by the Uaxloo, two l*y? liner, la of a mot unnati*A*ct?r jr character. ' Oonfuaino rrigua confounded" there; eeit from ell the I I can Jul** , fiom the prita'e letter* I have aaen. It ie probable ' very shortly there will lie anotbei revolution there be tnrw e long period will have rlsiuted Two pmeenger*, who caiue from Vera t rue iu the Mexion, were stripped to tbi-ir ehlrta between the city of tluit 11*111 a ami ftrt Crui. The Brltieli brtf-of war Hating again watered thu heibor yrterday. A steamer U to eight it inuet ? m the tinned*, eait therefore I clone. MABEBTH. Marevree. (Ctha.) Hec. II.?P. H. I.umber?e r*rg-i well assorted, win.hi fetch J-H. W. |\ ilo , fit, auger? hint shook* with heads. >4, mnleeeea, Jo., ilo., 9.T; b>op*, (It. I.) huig, 14 lent, $45, ilull, ilo., elaort, 12 feel, $40 ?lull; nails. $41 Ml per no I ; lard, tibia., 917',' |>er tpjl.; ilo. kega, $18', pwr ilo , heuia, BITS per do. randier, I'lerm,) >40 u 942 |ier oil.; ilo. | rump mition,) very dull, ee ell dealers ere well stinked?tent aalos et $27, taibecco, (chewing,; Wouldn't advise shipment ?, 918v?, of dull -ele. Inter-satlng to American Tennrre. TO TIIK KDITOH OP TitK IIKRALD. An i ? t iuikmA, I'rueeie, Not. 24, IBM. There here born eo men; tanuertr* lately established in (lermany, that the luhehttenU of the village of Mel uinly?e place renowned lor the excellence end solidity of lie leather*?here been made to suffer by the extent of the competition crcnteil. Thin, together with the high price of the raw hides, bee deprived thu branch of in dustry of iUjust reward. These circumstance*. no unfavorable to oomraerne, here exereined a ned lnlluence on the manure** of a greet nuuilmr of tenneik. and hu* de'eriulned many of lliem lo look Uitliel nlled State* for profitable employiiuint to satisfy their iuiiustiial aotiri'y. Many of then* work men have been employed In the ce|>aelty of orersewrs and master workmen, and have the knowledge inquired to e-tal lleh manufactories of leather, provided the neces sary fund* aie furnished thetn These worthy workman have received from the local euthnrltien the highest cor tifir ilnn of their probity nud good moral c induct, end I hey pon-eas the mean* to pity thnli ex potmen to Ame rica 1'eraon* interested In the above business, wh i desire more nmplr Inl'm inn I ion may obtain it by addre**lng tpaid) Mr. J. A. Keuu-n, Mamiey, I'rotinoedu lie* bin, I'runnia. M IDIEKTlSfcMK.VW RK.NKWKD KVKRT MY. WtliKH AT AOCTTOil. \UCTlON NOTICE ?KT. LOUtt IHiTKl. PURM ft HI PKTKR PARKS, Aneiiocver -Tbtadey atlO^rPi -k. at the lloibli' Hall aucUoti room ,114 Bnadwar, rarpeU, l ed ding, bureau*, rbalrs, bed rlotlien, .to. Dealer* and bouse kernel a are ndvlneil uiatleuih hAVAHK A PARKS. Sit Broadway. Auction notick hha thick ,4 i-arkiicum win IJ ?' mirfion tlibt dii?, Naturtl*4v ii*<- in ... a J * i~'<i??c.,ch?|n. uU.ln,. ? mi lot* ,,f -omil is ?l furniture' nu itwy, cutlery. i:rlUir?ln warn, klUrh^n wim Ac Ac Aim.. wi'tity iwo gilt tu?i uinhogtny nnu),*i " ' A., PHHHlf, A urUoueer. A "Ui1,1^, SV;; ??, ???1 *r?Xt*r'T"o 'u ""i*?"'1 furniture m ???ry SSrl^t^s-ss AUCTION NOTM'K -TITOH 8KT.I, AITiTIONH-ru nv SUl'lrelAr"*"' b",teHllr*' "M In am A UCTION NOTICK-JOHN K. IICHSKI 1 vrT" /V tiourrr.?IIaI. KlfHbKI.I, ,? ro Will wi <il> u ,.t fwr^n'rarrmr," l?' U'r l"'"*" N" ** Tll,r'1 ?"?"?' *' Wiimi^.tob.,, u5-n.ll,, ,,^j' "f'r '^:,Kl-' A'R^MVv ?.* 1 " w,W ?**" ?'??* morula* (IHiuriUy) ??? lu V l. _* tbHr HA ,'V%V.r**| sl/i'lM I vn (1. J.f,-,,,, full.*, atrajt,. * tESStoJJSSd Vurl To'..,' l^trcr,:rol""? ^.5 >^:r Auction notii-n-d. ?. iioijoii auction!--? i bnrnl,/ K|?. I?xlr? I will -?II ,1 um.lla >nr Ian I, ... lil*b...l bidder "lie endr" rlujllu Wu^Tsfi! kTkl* 'l'!"" -No 7" '<v! , ? ; ?! 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It. from ??f ih* Atom IV N?*9A'i street, * large, titled I Ml ilun ItOTM, BlHMtl h%r>ft? h'vh, wHiihl ?>w?ul l.JO !!??., ? )??ri oi?l. *r?4 Wftrr%nU-'l ?<??i?a?Y Atvi kind, nrtrf*ctfjr to wtrcAi in.i fM Aiao. % InAUii* bu4i?. ins-tc Uf Oft* or lh? ItMl cU) unkm, ai\4 but lltil# iu*l. JOHN L VANOKWATKH. AUtrriONKKH H ?* H4 'I A v? stal i^rmnp (try *?> .<i rum. .lohu 1. X+hAp#%u-r ?1 srll, ?hi* 4ty. rtfiiiiifurtiig ?t io o'rlork prmssly, st the ?ior?? 40 ?? ?! it* HnmA HITft, fmsli mMiiotsctors*! furs. constnUaf mti.k, sot'lc, tolortn m?jlrn, rltlucMlU, fitch ssHtc Krsm L ormmi r?l>cA, vtnoriftea. ruffn, inttHa, Ac. Also ? Una of s^^h roh??, a?o?f, lnBur* in ?. irnikf, mpifi 4 ? .Ac . u?c wm IMS n*ofc4 Ui t>A of the lo*?t touiftdUc'oic. OWN I. VAItPFWATKH. Alt TK>NKKK - WILL gKU,' w, tiita tin*, ?! 12 o'cos If, at l)i? i?'klrsri-?rn Pi sn l 44 Hroatl strtn'i, bntuaea, ? line of ftfly litts. IvsliMtg to Its t*%nsisai \r'lsl'r ttnm/?? ( < oi|HUJf. 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(tn? nimher wagon, one light wsgo?i sa4 (wo sets of harness Hy order df J. M. JAt'KHON, AUorney fur Mcwtgagae. UllHMKIX W. WKfttfiTT. At'lTinRRKR -MRKMr irl*'.,** ! .rl; h %1',U Ural rl,. bouaaboid fm Hill ..1 drrimli man rl tul pp.r miirnr. vrlimaar !V^\^r"" n?A*i.ikranl aulld rm??i??l parlor ,?|'u .. ...14. ?r? * --rl Idkuafurlr, work .'of It. W Hnimu wlli aril wlftunil rn.ard to wimfhar m *r d?T. I w ,Uibar IN ?l II,., 0vi,?.k K .oUraV^,u(C.l (W Mtuie Ac , of ihn above brut <|?im bonne tvbirb ? r**oiai#t JmL 'V" -II ?' "hull .w ! ?T ,'r,*Tnl vhol* Is in flu# order bavin* 'ma ium.1 III a abort tlmr lln, rlpUva rata, .a nr. aril mir rnadr and ran lr obialnrd nlV r v.. V lUiulair.. Ml iCT^IJCaJ* am Unwar, rornrr r.iurl/oiitj, (Irani a.,0 Kkhlk a. "l"fr 1.11 rarila rtrli valval , trpn pal luan lai 1 b now a rgaiii oval maiiial mirror. aupcrlir rwatviaxj mail kr?i' plai-nfiuovanilirolilainl ?l.?ilai,.| mvar; hrm aial'an.l lara> JiTr* Mm. wild l?v...l tovrtor ami. 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