Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7049. SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER IG, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ADfRBTISKMENTS RENEWED KTKRT DAT. raw PUBUCATIONS. T irrnts os thk bouni> u Xj lattarm weal ot the dim.ulty o. finiMrk to a serious and con* ItUK.s?fJUKri TION.?THBBK I batwcen the United t-ta'esanl _____ In a serious and conscieouoti* manner. Valuable kscta aad jtrone arguments are brought <o bear upon the points at issue. Hm right of Heutuark lo levy the doutid due* b ably watalned, and the policy ol the idml ilsiralioo shown In Ua true Ughl. I'rire 'I'm. Hold by F. W. OH KIH1 KRN.743 Broadway^ Mabon hrothkrh, nk# yoke. have just pub Xshedi? L Tim INDIAN PalRY BOOK. Prom original legend*. lllu?tra'ol by John Md-euan. 1 vol. I2m?. Price SI Ku i gilt edges, Si SO. Thin book, wltti lie charming ?.tries, superb Illustrations and elegant binding, wl 1 prove die mort at'raotlve work for a holiday preeut published thi* m>*-s>n. 'lue original legends, which the rdltor ha* worked up and retold in a glowing and at tractive style, are derived from aoii'cea placed at hia disposal by Henry K. .-ohooioratt, fcat). The work ot superbly Illustrated from drawings made by John Mct.enan. and eugravod by An thony in a alj le which for elal>?ra.o Uul.h and artistic excellence Itaa been rarely equalled A glance at the following table wlU assure the reauer thai the stories no net treat of Ihe tomahawk ard eralping kniln, but thai tbe> are transiors of <bo*e beautiful mythological irttdlUou* which are louud only among Ihe In dian*:? CONTBNTS. I. The Celestial Hiatera; II. i he Ibty who net a Snare for Ihe Sun: 111. Atroog lteaire and the Red ?ocoerer; IV. The Wonder nil itxploli* ol Grasshopper; V. Usaeo. lite -too of the Kvenlng War, VI. (Jray hag In ami bit Five Brother*; VII. The Toad-Woman; VIH. The ttrlgtn of Ihe Robin; IX. Whi>e Peaiherai.d <ke Six Giants; X. rneett. Ihe Forsaken Hoy; XI. The Magic Bundle; XI i. Tito bed bwtut; XIII. The Han with hia I?g Ued up, XIV. The LitUe Spirit ot the Boy Han; XV. The Knchemed Moccasin*: XVI ilent the Little Knell: XVII. Manaitoabo. the Mlaohlef Maker; XVIII. heelloan, tin- Loet Laughter; XIX The Winter oplrtt; XX. The Fire Plume; XXI. Weebdigoea ard the Horn liwarf, XXII, Tho Bird lover; XXIli. Knkwewa, the lltimouaok; XXIV. The Crane that created the Rlveri XXV. YYuoxb, die Father of Indian (bra. II. Hampton heights or, thk hpinstkb'S ward. Bt Caijcb nrausct a I vol , limo. 1'rice SI K. The event* of thi* volume are itunded on fact*. Many per aona now rwidlng inCoiiueciiotit will re-ngatxe not truly h<* incident*, but many of the characters, which are tntroduood Into the atorr '1 be characters. In many respects, are faithful portraitures of Individual* now living, who played in real life the parte assigned them iu Uiia voiuuie. Caleb Hutrbock. the author, la evidently an "old sail," and the story savors much of the Intereet of the foreuaatle. III. BOBIt CLARK Itr Famit Fskk.?riioejl 26. It la superior to anything we liave yet had from the gifted pen of Fanny Fern.?hew York Mirror. ' It In certainly the beat thing America* favorite authoress has yet done.?hew York Bnti' Acta. It la ten time* the anperlor or "Ruth Hall," la every reaped; and great a* waa the aa e of that book, we ahould not wonder II thta were ten dinea greater.?Boston Kvenlng tittleue. In Una story the writer malntaioa thn cliaracterlaUcs which firet pained her euch wide celebrity she in, by turns, witty, pathetic, soonitu , and reverent?terrific lu aarcaun, and warm, earnest ami outpouring In eulogy; rapid In movement, always full to overflowing with life and energy, and aiwayagolcg dl r cUy to the oearfof her suh|ect; and, ttoally, every quality la UiUmadled and sharpened in lie elleo'a by an amazing power oi coudenaaliou, oompresslng o'ten inU) a paragraph, or a un*| s hat common wri era would apt cad over a dozen dreary pages. A dm alluding to Ihe manner In which "Kuih Hall," Kauny Fern's last prevlsna work, took the public by storm, lac writer adds of "Kone Olark:?It U, In all respects, a better book. The author, Instead 11 resting upon her laurels, has girded heraetf up lo her work of self improvement; she has pruned her ex pression of much of lis extravagance, without losing anything oi lier life, energy or wit; she has shown a creative capacity equal to her i?twor of satire and Invective.?Philadelphia In quirer. III. THE LETTKBP OF MaDAMR DK BKVIGNK To her Daughter and Friends, a dited by Mrs. Harsh J. llale, author of "Northwood" "Woman's Keoord," Ac. Being vol. 1 of Ihe Library of htnndard letters. 1 vol., i2nn>. 4.18 pp. Price $1 26 From the Bos too Traveler we make tho follow log extract, which soeeka the exoellenoiea of this valuable work, in words true and forcible:?Madame Do Hevtgne, whose letters are here publl?h< d, was one of these gifted ladies whose polished manners and brilliant ln'ellec; accomplishments, imparted such luatre to the Court of Inula tho Fourteenth; and her letter* most of which wore addressed to her daughter? not only give particulars which alford a perfect picture of the times, but are also distinguished by the eaay gracefulness of their style, and the charming maternal tenderness which shines through all. The Press, generally, has bestowed unqualified praise upon this vxluoie. 'the New York Tribune, speaking ef the letters, says:? "Their lively pictures of French manners, and Uiplrtrust worthy aocounla of historical events, will always aeenre to (beta a largo circle of Inic llgeut readers. The New York Journal of liommerce styles them " models of epistolary com position." The New wrypoit Union calls the author "one of the most f mcinatlng oi the whole letter writing race." And the Boston Poet seys" Aa a family book, this volume can OIK bat be welcome." " Bhu InvMkk" savs toe New York Mirror, "Ihe mo-t commonplace pafMcular* of life with a auggnHlivenes* which startli s the reader." Aud In another joruon ot his lengthy notice, ihe otitic of the Mirror s.tys her "letter* are written In simple, easy periods, and are remark able for that combination or wit. wlancm, and charity, wbinh is w> rare and so attractive." I?hc biograpUtaal skeu-.h of M;i dauie Dehorlgne, by Mrs. Hale, foi ma a mi st attrwiive por tion of dw bcx*. A widow, youtklul, gll od, beautiful, viva clons. and tniparaloneil, a> e devoted her ilts to ber children ami frie xda; and amid the aUurement* of a corrupt conr*. -iivtalt.el herself iiiihlemiebed. The perusal of the ll'e of lid* lush prin clpled woman oaunnt bnt prove beneiielal lo all. FTHK WlIKiW BKKOTT. L Ami War Down Eisr. Hays the Portland Argue:?L contains ihe very cream of fun ?genuine fun; nud if unybody can read these sketches without tii arty laughter, wc ran only pity him. Ills case u hujieloes 1 he l> warranied a sure ours for all kinds and degrees oi hypo, and is worth slit Umes lis price A voicr. FROM THK BOUTH. Pavs the New ( rlcans tVesccal:?The mos' original produc ?Ionoi the klnn wn have ever reen; abouudlng In wli, humor at it satire, dissecting the characters of peonle with anniomical nicety, and ypt with none of that savage spirit evinced by many uhii undertake tin- task; running over with Itaa, and i nn straining the most hardened c> t.lo to bo, for a time, a worship per of Mi nut*. 7.0IJ0 copies have been sol I. Prtee 81 26, lllnstraled. J. C. DKRBY, Publisher, New York. NEWSPAPERS. MORRIS A WILLIS'S Hohk JotmttAi., roii KM. 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THE VK1KSDH OP BANKS FIBII?AOOIDKNT TO A NEW HTKAM FKIOATK, BTf). Wamii.viiton, Dee. 16. 1856. It la evident that the Ranks men will aland firm. A leading lobby member aald thia evening that he regarded Banks' election aa morally oertaln?it wa. only a question of time. It i. rumored here that the new .team frigate launched yesterday at Norfolk, baa been Injurloualy hogged, or, In oilier worda, broken her, back, by having been tooaevere ly "ahored" upon the waya. The aupport thua afforded being taken away, or inj .dloioualy diffused, when placed in hernatui-al element the ablp haa Mpread and opened to ancli an extent that she haa become filled with wafer. K. THlRTT-fWRTH COS6UM. FIKST HRSHION. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES. Wahhi.vcitom, Dec. 16, 1865. Mr. Hickman (dem.) of Pa., offered a resolution that no pcraon ahull be considered a candidate for Speaker who .hull not be supported aa auoh on the aixtieth vote, and, after that time, all but the two highest candidates be dropped; a choice then to be made between them, and the one obtaining the targe.t vote to be the Speaker, pro vided he receive, a majority of the quorum of the House. Mr. ijrrrmA (dem.) of Va., suggestel that thoflerk pre jei e n letter, to be signed by the members ol the Houm, resigning their aeata, in order that a new election be held in all the States and TerrttorieA Cries of "Agieud," "'That's right," " Wo'll stand by that." (laughter.) Mr. Sao* (blk. rep.) of N. Y., proposed, aa a substitute, that the gentleman of Virginia set the example, by re signing first, and other gentlemen follow him, till all get through, (laughter.) Mr. 1 jehiikh would cheerfully agree to that If the gen llemau from New York will five him the assurance that he will play fair. (Laughter.) Mr. Hack was unwilling thua to pie<lge himself, feeling he had conscientiously perfoimed hU duty. He w*a act ing with the majority in opposition to the administra tion. Mr. Hoccton (dem.) of Ala ?Why don't you organize f Mr. Na<;*?It is not my fault. Mr. (?inmxtiS (abolitionist) of Ohio, thought that the proposition came from the appropriate quarter?from a faction which lor two weeks has been preventing the organization. He believed if the democracy would retire rom the liall, the House would soon elect a Spjeker. Mr. I Jffi hkk?Aa gentlemen appear to be in trouble, 1 will withdraw It. Cries of "No," "No," and "That's right." Mr. WltiK (blk. rep.) of Ohio?I ait the President rerign. If they refer the matter to the people, I am with them. | (f i! tighter.) Mr. Hickman remarked, It had been said that the reason why the organization oannot be effected is because there are numerous candidates who have not yet been named as such, am! he presented his reeolutlmu to remove the ittlHcu'ty. ... Mr. McMrura, (dom.) of Va., said he would indue ;lme. submit a proposition more just and equitable, guar anl"Cit g that It would effect an organization. Mr. Knouwi, (dem.) of I mi., hoped his friends would stand firm, ami not compromise with the twelve apos fates, unless they subscribed to the democratic creed, (laughter.) Mr. Hrwitrxrv MarmiaLI, (nat. K. V) of Ky., was wil ling to abide tbo seusoof the jieople, who will ultimate y have a chance to express their sentiments as to this tri j angular contest In their choice for the next Presidency. He lie |<Hl the present state of things would not be brought to a premature denouement. Mr. in xn, (black rep.) of Ind , opposed the resolution. No one could be thus deprived of his eligibility Pi the Speakership. Mr. Wuxxlkb (Ind. dem ) gave reasons why be would not ?>e " roped in'' to the plan- of a corrupt lobby, defend- ] ing his position as a national democrat. I Mr. Smith, (dem.) ofTenn., wanted Mr. Campbell to till wl at party made overtures for pledge* as preliminary to j his election as Speaker. He (Smith) was satisfied it did m I come from the democratic side of 'ho House. Mr (.'amioikij, (black rep.) of Ohio, declined being placed on the witness' stand. I Mr. Rbadk, (nat. K. N.) of N. G\. proposed that the North elect a Ppeaker from the Hontb, or tbe South elect from the North. Its was satisfied t > hsve the least ob jccttonable man ehosen from the opposite section. If this is not a. sented to, we tuive arrive?l at a i>oint at whl ;b the booth will trust no man of the North, and the Norlb no man ol the Month. He made an Ineffectual motion to ad Journ in order to give time for deliberation. ( nils for the queelfon were here made, and on motion, Mr. Hlnckinan's resolution was tabled by acclamation The sixtieth and sixty first ballots were tb'-o taken, each resulting as follow*:? Mr. Hunks 106 Mr. Richardson 74 Mr. Filler 40 Hcattering " Necessaiy for a choice, 113. Adjourned 8BTATB. ? Dae** era, 13, UM, inMnaUL mo* Tin: mim or the 11 saui mmcrri uvu. By Mr. Cou amkr?Prom the heir* of the officer* of the Massachusetts line of the army of the llev oluMon, , sling the half pay due them under the res Jutiira of the ?-In'. ?* October, 17SO, deducting the commutation et one eigh'h Its nominal value?the rate to which it bee nue reduced at the date ofite i- oe. Ths mem >ri?H.t< set I ,rth tbit by the raw !tp? of 1770-'80 it was provided that the uth cer* who continued In ee.vioo to the end of the war should be eulitlo ! to half pay fur life, to commence from the date of the reduction of the army, that these resolves ?ere dictated by the urg-nt ne,-.-M s of the memorial ist* to prevent an impending d: solution of tin ainty, and were rarorn mended an,i urge,) by fie,. Waahlngton as due to thoee meritorious men that there could not exist a doubt that the aAoptloa ot these resolves by Congress averted theconse ,u?ri< ? that would have Inevitably resulted from the omission to male s,ms sueh provision. It was an expeiienl wliisn originated In the benevolent mind of the father w bis c< untry at a period of it* greatest trial, whosub-e-iuently attested the happy uonse-fierice- of -o just anu oolitic a censure. It atlinuleted the ,lu pouting olti -rs tiy the knowledge of a future provision when the tolls of war were ,'Ver, enc cbes re-l theni onwar I id tbe serviceefthei country. The fhi'h of that country they were so dov itsoi ly selling was thu* solemnly pledged to the fulfllment of the-e rssolvea, and their officer- booms |-i<e -.1 ot a vested right In ell the emoluments pruinlnni by them That the iusMlltyof the government to provide far the iedrinptli-n of the commutatl n , ?i tideates which we isotted under the reodve of March, 178:'., in lieu of to half pay secured to the udknti. e?u?e.| th> tr d'-precntl n in their hands to one eighth of their nominal value, at which rate they were generally disponed of. tuat the cub mutation of halt-pay |Cr lite to fly year- full paychang'-l altogether the nature of the origmal agraaaMBt. and "is rsleil to the grea' de^rimeut of U?e other", and was an m frlhgement ot thefr Just rights under tbe rea.ilves. Ih memo-la !st? ?lo not der-m it ru-oesa*ry t.( enlarge as me her, ic achievements of the officers and 'oldlerv of U,? :>? vnlntloa are eoaeesatad by history, only remarking mat tbe happy eonetltutlon under which mure ihaa W.OUU ,ssi Of fie?m?n are now reposing la lllierty and Independence, is the result of their t oils and sufferings. sruattLl- period of tbegisat wee lib and p>rt "pe: Oy of the country they indulge the hope that th" -acred obUgaliOa* Imposed upon tin-e, natry by the reaolvea will be fulll le'. Tbe merorrtallsts Uttodr an extract of nJet'.er tr im m-a Washington, date-l at Sewbnrg June IHx 17ftli :? " It Is. therefore, more than a eomm ,n debt of hon.r It ran never be ensice-ed as % pension or gratuity, nor , ?nceil*d until it Is fairly dlsehsrgod. ' Mr Bar Mnuu -aid hu ha<l b?? n '-barged w>t',i a ;i? rnotial of a like nature from the helm of the offl-?"< of the i rnnsytvaaia line, lie would n t ad I aaytl log t ? what ha,t been o well -aid by th< -euator fr u \, rm ml, (Mr. Ooflamer,) but w nil ? ntanl him vlfwl'h Invoking the favontble eon Iteration ?f the < ommitto,' on i -v.,|,j 'lonary 'latms. Tt't vavst. msKn ,i? nrnrxv. By Mr. li.-u?Pcm l .eut. John J. ?,lac-' n a I 'ilooawt In the navy com plaining of the decision of the Vaval Itontd S|p inlcd under au ac of fsiagrswa of .kth lev ruary. 185h, and asking to be restored to the active ?et vico Hat. This mena-lal gv, s an arc'iint "f theio? r-nder ert by lien'enant las son, from tho year l"'5t ,i u t" ?!>? perl rid of hl? rotlre ?-at on farlotigb ptv anda'a'hl to It are numerous nutnpMmeotury letter* r m different "apt* ns, tawdries one from the prison: so, retary of the Navy, fhiilng the flret y<*r he ea- sail,toyed in the Weil India s'|0airtm, unlet "ho command of If it. (smb rnandlng fa h-urney. for toe suppr ??u,ri ?f rtrscy j and la tbe ti Bowing year he was on Vvd tho ' olted Mate sehi'aer firaiopus, while rrni tug a'"ng the A1'1*an coast. 1 roin lk.d to lV.*i lis was in the Mwutorrary-an ?en on heard the North Oarohaa and the Warren, lowh Ing vfter llio interest of our eorrrmarc* th 'ha fst<t Wort I In IW ne rerelvisl his eooirai" 't"B as I cu'sanit and tba <lata of h - promotion br ve vigvged la vt Mrvte In (tot, he appear* to hare km wartaatl; employed, and aometlma* ea tmportaa; mlaaion>, la which he aaqnitted himaetf te the peribet atUtotwi of hia commanding oftJoera. Durlat the Mexican war he had oommaad of the United Hiatal achooeer falcon, and ?w imooj the moat edloient la making cap'nre*. Ula whole carver la the nary reflect* the h % beet credit upon hla courage and derotion in the canae of hia country, and ruoaiveU, aa It deaarrad, the moat flatter! af tealimunial* from hi* au parlor* In com mand, Thete are from Gotnm idojea Conner, I'erry. Capiat a* Huingbain. Hoar ma a, and othera. The memo rial conclude* aa follow* " Your pelitiunar would in dnife the hope that the flndlnf of aald Board in hia caae originated in miaappieheiwlonor nil-take, bat it', tan the other hand, they arrived at remit* *0 painful to your pe titioner, In full view ?f all the facte, then your petitioner doee not henitata to pronounce their judgment ami oneluaiona to be partial, oppraaeive and unj id; and conceiving that tba Hooaea or Congreaa are the pro per guardian* of the honor, Internet and welfare of tbota who devote their live* to the public aerrice, and roporing a high confidence in that een-c of j latioe and genarouii appreciation for the army and navy ?Irish have ever aba raetertaed your hunorahle (iodine, your petitwn-r dona not hesitate to appeal from the doings or aald board to you, honorable t-eoatoia and members, fur relief and re drew. He auk* to be reini-tated in a position which tie haa ao fairly and *o hnnoralily won, and the pririleg of davotlog all of hia facultiea to a pmfnaainn which la inexpressibly dear to him, and what remain* to him of life to hia country'* aervioo OUR WASHINGTON CORRRSPONDKNCK. WA-tHiNUT >?, Dec. 12, 1S">6. 7V ftpaakmhip CtatoUflmmil i'ir.rr* and Mi R-de-ion ?Crowd if No** OJ)irert?Lie\tl,-nant Mmry'i Cav? Aulkoii in OJJur?Ur. IMitge an t Mi Spmitk?lk? BngUih D\fic*lly?Na<ry Appointmmlt?Projren of American Artidt?Tkr Iscturr Saanm. When you get this you m?y guess who will bo the Speaker. It U folly to prophecy, though It U well suoh a man a* IUebardson wa? not elected. The I'iere# demo crate, nooinic they oinnit elect their own man, wiU n?*n ige to hare the fairest i\bilitlonlit that l* run eleote.l, to throw the odium on the other party. No doubt Mr. Pierce ha* spent a world of thought and trouble oo the message; he I* anxleus to pureue the best oouree, in order to eecure another learn of the com fortable mansion In which he r?*tde?; he lite* to treat on tbeee velvet carpete, and to *ee himself In the great mirror*; and he would rather look out upon the Potomac, than to itand In the ahade of thoae natire hill* the people talk no much about. 11* like* the .State; so does hi* secretary, who turn* with holy horror from the proepeot of going back to lioneord to earn hi* living; no doe* hi* bor*e, that canter* about the city with a prinoely democratic air, in charge of a groom. Hat fbe Waxhiagtonlaa*, politic* aside, would like to eee Millard Fillmore again In the White House; hi* hand some oounteuanre and digniUed manner* and appearance become the poeition. It 1* curiou* that Mr. Ileroe should desire a re-election. He most M hi* unfitness for the ofllee, and in trying to please all, he ha* pleased no one. The New Hamp shire people dislike him for turning Southerner, and the conservatives of the South like him none the better for hi* slavery view*; they know he ha* done all he oou'd to bring about the pa*sent lamentable state of affairs In the country. Daring hi* visit to Vir ginia he made a most unfavorable impress!ia, and in spite of the apparent triumph of democracy in tho old State, no two inen were ever se unpopular there a* I'leroe end Wise. This was the way Wise'a election w*? m ?u*g?-:; | there are several of the western counties of Virginia ' peopled by Ignorant lorelgners, who have not the slight I eat idea how thing* are going on in Washington. The Pierce democrats went among these, told thorn that An j drew Jackson, of whom they had heard so murb, and ' who was the foreigners' unfailing friend, was still I'reel | dent, and that to seoure his re-election and their inte rests, they must vote for Wise. This they did, huxxaing for Old Hickory 1 So the world goes. Wise boast* that he lias never trod New England noil ; it Would do bim good to take a trip there; It would open his eyes. Virginians are ashamed of him and his letters. The retired officers ere crowding Inta Washington, and tire leoking forward to making * little excitement In Out press. Some of them were treated badly by the Inquisi tion; there Is no question of thl*; and of these there are not a few who have Influential friends In Congress. The rase of Maury excite* the most sympathy and the moat -peculation. In retiring him, it would appear that the highest standard of ability in the navy Is strength. Maury has many powerful friends in the I'nited state* and abroad. The people of Franc Fnglsnd and flerniany know more of such men as Maury and Morse than they do of our m<sst pro minent politicians, aal through inch as Maury our country gains credit; his being retired has oc:s sioaed surprise and displeasure throughout the country. There will be a goo I deal sxid about It. The friends of ?he President, or rather of the party, say, that he an 1 Mr. Ilobbln took th* View that they could uot avoid con firming the proceedings of the board, a* Congress had dictated it* oourse, and some of the members of the board oisapprove of thi- dictation and regret the necs.lty un der whl:h they were obliged to net. Tb" Prw-l leot of the board is the aversion of the retired officers, but espe ?dally so rf their wives, who do not bed'ate to oxpre?* their resentment. end are more thsn willing h? should hsar est It Those poor old follows who were dismissed, should have Wo allowed something for fo-sl nfter their long service, am! a ! g by wbi h tl.ey might sit to spin their old ynrns; and of 'lie retired ones, If they wars In capable of d .tng, in tho full sense their nival duty, are th- re not those who have remained undisturbed equally The oftkrer- promoted by the a-tlon of the board, are willing fdwua should be an investigation; though nev.-r sver-e to pretnoMoa they do not fieglre it <xe?p' lai-ly. But there will b? no material changes, th- bill will be supported perh.i|s?, in a few cases, them maybe liters thus. The .-Senate is in faior of tho board, and it is said tien. t'ass expreiee* himself to that effect. Hut '"?OS of them tiavc not quite mad* op their mln'U how they shall vote, owl th<- e qneatlon each other, each trying to find out wnat -ide the other will lake. The new commanders would like to if > to sea. but there are not enough veseels for theni We want a greater number of nail vassal* ui our navy. It l? bard to get our Ur e steamers off, on account of the dlffi ml>y "f getting men. but If Oingr.-s* would make an appropriation to that effect, they could bf? obttin^d. Hpsaklng of Mr. Pierce, he has, iwitffri Ivi. done one good thing h" har -ent poor sutluws abroad in official positions. Thi- going about the wori I l? a goat thing for people. There is onr Minister, p s-gv, who a? -<siu a* be received bis appointment, went to work with his 'parish grammar, end by thi< time, uo doubt, h" can oiler the compliment- of the re" -on t"> fhc (Jneen: awl ?iere is kecalan'e. t)i- new -panisb M'n.ster, knowing only a few txg'.Uh wor<l?, but as determined In learn a* Mr'Ikxige Our cTttara* ?re wandering how ion* Mr. C.rainpton is to Is- tolerated; he ought to nave been ?? n' away long go. He c| ei not suit us, being in th* opinion of many, '.?resuming to -ay th- least. l'.'-|-ort satrs he Is an lrl.ii | i ian bui be <-ei tainly is not Ailed for the place be h"bl? at pleural I l! i affUeiing, though, how the good old n tions are be uur uprooted. i'appl* ?r-- eyeing 'h? republic close / sod ? ot-iup to ttw- Hiturn. After ail, tbi-y ay, if this is the I ie ui? how are we better offt Yours; Anart'a lingh tt ills ancestors *nd th- Kevolutlon. Th* "tber day I beard r youth sav. "Tl>i* tulk about liberty wa all staff, ahd if he bs-l the bore * of all the heroe< that ey-r lived. ? ??'l -ell t? cm to a eoap boiler." He yowed h ? was -Irk of the name of Washington. To*.? U no longer a bump of veneration m phrenology. The recretary of the Navy boa ir.a<l" a number 'if ?p iointe.euts at the N'avy lard In Norfolk, the sous of ?; o~-? ho .lied receiving 'h<- plane* thefr fothers oecn pied Tills le more ere.tiul.le to the good heart of Mr. tlian the turning out of old and |mor though valuable men for '.he sin of private opinion. Poor Nov toll is looking '-p sgriin af'er sufferings. the most vivid uew rlptiooot which would com" far "hurt of the roality. It wo- not a fever there, but a iiiag-.e The pligue fir, that bad never brv-o >ihi in Jvorf Ik before, was very annoying during tie- piavalence of the di '?e- the ssuve

Insawt has prevailed at more Hiuthen^ piaee when vivi ed by saodlar sufferings Th- .V wtola people are de?i.iy grateful t-r all tae kind ? ,eve showed them, and many who *ie bowed P. th? -arm by tho |o?s of :ri?*?d? are evixriforted with th* Ida. that should Baltimore an-1 "Sher places be the next victims to the pestilence, they will go ?' "?*'? to nurae ami U fo usefu: tn any way that may present. H*t Jti*tn<JW wr mr* thinktlHf nf oihtr thinf*? prklltto*,'log and drinking. -enatora'wive- and members sre pwttllnf their rslatlve rank ? *a t, ?hi h la to ea't first and other knotty pofnte of etb,ueite thai ioii-s 4 tlght to unravel, our foahhmable eluaens have their bou *s in fine order for dinners and hop" W?- have a Hv m e nb-1 aristocrats among us, and ( ngrewon-n mod ?-rangers fsvierndy are not onetilfagf to "at tW' (wd iitui-t' lieye I* 0" ocii lp'1"peo. rne- an. ?b-r? , a *?? e- , a in Washior-n psyople dr*-e as they rh-ee- 1?U se l.-y eb.?,se (rx.-ept the clerks), and do ae they clwesse. There le Use strangest mlk'nre of ail sorts and etx-v Now ami then We have a flash of art ami >/ n'.evntnrr Ycc.Bg Washington, a re'ati'.n of t.e'.ge fv ung -O has went b-n.e aaotlier picture, and it pro? thst a -sin the name nl Washington will tie cadet (res Mr, Johr ston, Novo the Dueseldorf scb".l, h*? bis -t?llo.i?i th?-avieue. and his psetucw show genius H-sly wdl ?. en be hete, ba lias, with bis lanuly reri-tei tn I ?*??-* for mme time, but egpe<ts pi return and eetUs ia the Ited ft ales fhvrVss. B King Vb> Wadu gton artist, ? bes been a welcome g-ie. t of rv-ry I'reev teoi us Wavl.lngton, (I do not kn?'W as regards the pre<en "n? i Is living qubdly and bap; uy He U cHar'Utfie and much beloved and horwts*. Tb* lec'.wrea t??r the nateo ks?s oaue'sevt tone viwvan tas hewn leclu'ing a' ' aruvi ? ??>-' ' w wry t?. v?a o an# of our citvven* e-w gralulste-t t?er, af'e t?ev er twrc, wbieh realty w*? not w .eth Die Martwg asvd no f usp <-r Spy -elf reafeeT would b?- see-i 'a rrad.le "O s pw- . ra As 'or the l~? e. . f h -indb m sn they Mvv iwt? l*sn **>ewlht*d tr i. - nib Tbey a attended by ail the valet* aou lady'a inula in lbs clly, and rhould oue intwi'M m Uh >u .ject i>l li? oui-aiuo. ne ii disturbed ?y th<- aUnvuing of d.i *?, tual ihouid be oUluel wlieu the lewtnre commence?. Tr.ire U * rlaae of perMOu- mh- who laury t j> ball uf in- .-mi ll innUii a rtml lor Idler*. 1'iofe.v u llnrnj ml Ui, Lava taken tip their abide In the Smiiliaomuu, a remarkable arrangement. Did .-taiithaoa *utielp?ta that turtle* eould be rue .ted and ovetera *ie?a'. tu iua room ? which be nroalne j to be u?*4 lor lb? diifu*ton of neiei.??? It la in be lu>|?4 the no iaiwationa of dniaer tic economy will dl>li|urt Ua> grouud. of toe auld<u( fancy a c?u being milked, tt clothe* hung out to dry ua oar I a turtelol Tue t U b I would altcok hi dor.ile.of knnwlelge, ;iud In lug old .Smith am from lib grave. Mr. Darb. la bury with a lb meant pritjnou, but hN preatige tailed with (.enrol Taylor'* tile, Having bem Ibe ?o/i in-law uf IH-neral Taylor, anil liaviug b an in lu Mexico with liiin. the prople loot, a I farm able Up m bun. but time tuw put liion in bi* right plana lu public ojli lou lit. change* m the loiviee at wbo.e head ba alanda, aia all u-eieee. and will be ?wept a.lac by au other Hacietaiy. It ia likely the poaiiiou muie by C>o giaae ferCanenJ Shield* will aot bo tilled. Tie time l-aeeeu witgiut the 1'ivatdent roaklug the appointment. It la raid l.ouu ul Sbloide iliTeied Irmu Ihtvia lu bli vlcwa about the ataff of 'be aimy. ho., an I Cia Secretary llkea everybody to go Ida own way. The people 01 Tezaa will wuilt lor aoune Secretary, though not prooabiy trie pre aeol, fur limy ar* (.a'atiuinoc to get up au she. wai with Muio i; inn La the opinion uf our officer* alationrd lu tliat region CVItil. Wahui.iito*. Dec. 14. ISM. fuller PI -erf In Ik* HoulA - Ifmm tf Aix Ntm Kofm? /Uickb'sA f* Hum* hi m- A St**rt. The progHW of U? vole t?r Speaker develupi# *ome facta wlrloh will attract eUeoton. It may It* obe-tved lb fit ai-bough the inkrieM member* In the delegation* fruin Mar-land, Kentucky nod Tecrneaace have generally given their mipport to Mr. I'nUer, of l'enn?ylraeia, for S; raker, Olwal Humprey MarahrH, th* leader of the Know Nothing il*l*g*Uon from Kentuoky, ha. never voted if.rhim aatil yoater tay. H i* ae?u. moioore , that ell 'be following member* from alave State* Voted for Kuller yeetrrday, for the flrvrt time, via. ? ?llolon *l Hum phrey Mai -hall, of Kentucky; laak*, of Mladaalppf; Walker, of Alabama; Kvan*, of Texan (volant fur Rirhard aon baratotora); Moore, ofUUo; and Klhertdge, of Ten rneae* Now, wliat doee thle meant Of oourae there la a meaning to it beyond a mere peraonal pre>ren? aprlng Ing up toward* fine man to-d?y to replace the pnrfereno* <.f je iwday for another. lbe t*| tarnation muift be thin : Mr. Fuller muat have given aome guarantee to tbee* men xaUafactovy to them, and which would be antiafacUiry to their conatitnent*. that he i* with (hem on all quaatloo* per taining 'u alavery. Without asm* gnaranty of thi* kind, It If clear to my mind that Colnnei Marshall, and aonre ot thone wuo go with him, would never have gtvrfl a vote for Fuller. That pledge may have bewn made vet bally, or In writing, lilt wa* wade vrt bally, it moat have been In the preaence ef wttnea**.. or It may have been tied* lo a letter, la either event It ?nUHt have been nmplr. It muat have been given, too, tn aonre fo 'n ?u**ptible of proof, ior, in aueh matter*, it doee in l amtaer for Southern men to mai e any nrl? lahe*. Whatever Huperalructure* they may aee lit to mire upon it, the l>a. In ol all lueir politic* i# the natety and pioteotlon of the elan- Internal. Fr >w the uecea-ny of the cue* thin 1* *o. It la '-ale, Uiere'ore, to annum* that whabvver the form in which Mr. Full or ha* given hi* guarantee to thexruth, he atand* fuUy and uoe-|uivooally cumnitlltad to the Southern policy ou the aubject of tt layer j. Thi* i* only a freeh lUu*tration added to th* many with which our wi ole political hiatovy i* It.lei of the truth of I acini We'ater'a imilgaanl ami con rtuptuou* exolarn* tloo "Tlirre I* no North!" What can th* ant l-Nebra*kani*u do?theantt Nebmaka men, whether known a* Know Nothing* or republican*? what can they do with auch atlofca a* thi. to rely ou r Here I* a man elected by a large majority a* a thorough going anti-Nebraek* man. II* come. hero, anl the -bread Southriu atateaiuen till In- head with the Idea of th* eiwakmaliip. It prove* too heavy lor hie backbone, and the ti-trial column bend* under It like a green wythe. Talk of hankie- .b-rwdneaa! In polilirwl aflalra one Southerner will outwit a regiawnt ol Noitbern repre *enlativt*. . ... ... Reward I* a longheaded man, and lie ha* a few able allle*. lint attha clear, handarKTie majority of reoie rentative* elected a* Anti Nebraek* men, with (ireelay, Weed and V ebb, hi* three ableat Irteiida in the pre-a here to bed* him, with the fle?dei ca?# and other aotl ?taver, n,?ter* lying at the d>wr Impatient ami print itig for udiniarbiti Into tin- arena of public diacuaaioB: with all there advantage- th* Seward interval cannot make a Speaker. It thi >e thing* are done In the grei-n tree, what aliall be done in the ilryt No if the Northern State- really care any tiling about ibo .pread of rUvery; If tl.ey are not ail willing and ready to take kick* limn the South *o long a. they can get copper* with tucui, let the three thoU.and clergy rnca Vbl (iclltloned again-t tba Nebra-ka till, ami ten thou**nil more with them, unit# in appointing a ,l?v i f wlamn prayer and .uppli-ation; and let then unite In entreating Almighty thai that all the children bom beieeiier In free .-tale* rimy be b-irn bereofter witli out donah facia and with good, Mibntaotial. atralght, atlIT UkckboDM. IK thi* generation they can Indulge but little hope. Northern election* may go Nebraek* nr antl .N*br#*ha; ? hat dlireren e will It m,.ko with Cougrr .y When the tepre-1 ntatlvw ge' here, the Soii'h an and will obtAln Ju?t a* many of their vote* a* It require*. Tickle your tree Stale (epr<-*eii?*tiv* wb" ha* t>e<-n roaring antl -lavery at home louder than th# ecreaniof 1.1* own tnouii tain bU-ta?tickle Id* ear at tbe I apltol wlib the We* of tiolltlcal aaceiidaucy, and Ue I* lianaiurmed at once?he beei me- a* national a* iKmgla*. There are exception*, but rueh I* th? leudenry of thing* What arvSeward'* proapoctaf B W*-rri.votow, Itec. 14, 11'<6. Th //wdc-m Huj 'om/-uiy ? 7Vrrdor?? lintrntl Pier"-' Adrtrto Buy if?Kffiit ?( I hi- if- or urn?The 7V>j/./ v i'A fMjIatul. 1 mentioned in my de-patch laat evening that the Pre aidant Would recommend In hi* forthcoming me?age the purchaee of the Hudaon Bay Coropaty'a po*?lou* on lie northwaat cnaat of America. Thi* U an Important recommendation, and will without donbt receive, a* the n.eeeag# recommend*, the early attention of both Hon? of (ongrea*. it la an *C'|irl*ltl >n of vlui Importance, and ever *liio* the treaty which we* concluded betwa.m till* government and tireal M'-*ln In Ibid, while Mr Hu rhanan W?r SwereUry ol !b?. ba? been part and fa root of th* policy "f thi* gov -mat to be. nme poeee .-*d of rbe ititere*a of the Hu-'.-hn lley Cotnpaoy. The tlrat article of that t-eaty, defining he bo irwlary line tietween the I'nited State, and Itrltlnh puna*oion* *e?t of the flocky Mountain*, la a* follow*:? from th. point on the forty ninth par* lei of No lb latitude, where the l^inndary laid dowa lo exi-tlo;: tr#?- | ilea and c trvvntlon. between the I nlte*l State* an' '.reat Hritain temrlnatee, the line of boundary lie'.ween the tertiVorta* tgth* 1 niter! -tafee and then* of her It rnno Majraty ehill be eontlnnnl weatward along tli# ?*t'l (?/' J ninth parallel of north latitude to the irrlddl- of the r-batincl khlch aeparat'* th* ermtiuen*. for i Van ?onver ? l?Vind anl thence - ritthnly through "> rai Idle . f the .aid channel, anr! of I 'tie* Strait* to He I'ac.ttle < reean prtanderl, however, tlrat the nangU'l n ol the w In tie t.f the -a d chanD-l and Htraita armttr of th- ' rrty moth parallel of North latitude remain !i#e -ml Op-n t'? both partim , I Article t*o I* aa follow*: ? f mm 'h# oolnt at wh ch t .# forty trinllr parallel t.f North latitude -hat' be t on-l to l~ rer-ect theyrrwt r.ortbern bran*', of tire Color* a rtv the ttavigaUou of the aai i brancii .hall b* frr .? t to the Ilbtiaon - /lay Orn.paoy, and to all In I b *o jecte trarllng with tire name, to th* prtnt ?r -re n* ? t.ratifh uweta the main .uaain ol '.h'- Cdumblv at thence down th* akl main -tream to the treenn w frrw accea* Into and thro gb tire **'d rivr 'it river* I- Ing urrdet-'ood that all the n-uai |*rrtage ? ng t' Ho* Urn. rUwcrlhed .1 all la hk# manner t* I *- an l .j? !n na<Igatltg th* -aid river or r ver., Bdtir'r nij' ? I h rhrtr g.mda vad produce hall ha I-e*te>l ' fl tl i aura fta.tikg aa-llt'-r,* of tbr- I dl'*l -tat*?, i' lei how* r?t, away* r.tdeiaV?d that B' thing la thla >r?c ? kail be ro*. trued a* preventing, of later* la I o | ? V. . tb# wo**rrikietkt of th. 1'oited -tat'- *m n.atrtng aa .guial.'wra rrepwetrog th# navlga'iotr of * -atI rrr- ? iBia not krr?iiAi.trnt with the *?? t tr?ty Artie * tlree U aa follow.;?In th# fw'n-e *;tprr ;r 'ihu at the territory ?*ilh of ".be My niwtb petal *. North aa provtdari In lire fir.l ar'. ? rfti 'ra-rty, tba po- -<?*?. ry itfh" ? *rf tb* Inda o kj lr (any, ami af ail H iti.h .ubjerfa wb" raav be alreatr tie 'A ti.e iar 1 or o b" pr rpe r la. o acqolred ?1thin the eald Territory. - ' H Iw ? ';* -fe-l ihia may b* eorr-rdried of gr>--l iiBportar. a, l"r??ld*rt'? tneaeag* will drlale at ?.n* ievrglh u -'W 'I propriety ?# 'h# ImrirWllate p..r aee'4 aJ th- I r' -oi Hay (annpany'a p-i?*e..imr. utt ilr* rv-r?', ?? ' ' ' An* ron. *1 hi* jroltr y ? '? n.-e ? l-t 1 t ? ? rVe-bt, by mr Mlid'ter at land- o he baring hvl h ? ?? , n I* ever dte* he mail* the ebo.e treaty Pellfr lot* lllgf?i?. - UI Mf OP ItAWILab* On eer Ivown ar e-ted five men yw.i?r a; tri'irarra aVcit I'/ o eh. - on a tba (vrl l"pN gain at | li m a v.airtry V the rda'atwa. Aewrrdlng ?* a/Hadla raw efrrre Ju*t*ea <?abom* hv a gvr.'leoran naa?r I 'r?ar penning*, he lather laat la the e.t*>... bmewt of I'atrii llearae, at No lih Mereev vvrewt '* ar' ifiltwia*, i s? I H Marray ?1rawv aad at * ' ?*'* nr-e .. acjotwlr g lira Irvt-^ Mrer** ?1' ? lire laat two year* th* >am of n '-"lung #< pt*> rrf ?v tir#game at ?hr'- *?? *d < evw-a pa 'W ? re aevn-et by Mr Jwnntag* a* te t *rp..-a?el n . 'null'' a Mm of hi. weaney r.*' ? If'" pe- 'ir iwve keen take* tale, enewdy The r^ane 4 tlm* a I'a'rv. Hoarw* AWaanOer M/o f w' lawk H than* ami Jefi.-. a aJl of .h- m Irw he lb IV na Of |]W each e Hear we, who we. r*Mgwd tar g?*e V ?*' NOTICES OF RV PUBLICATIONS. Hi^ohv or tub Kk on or tm? ft*) hit Kiwo o. Br ?in. bjr Wj I mm H I'rwowtt. VoIimw 1. and It. Phillipe, H.-mpaon to Co.. Uodoa. The liret and aee .n ' nhuum of Mr. rrwwaott's long promo?d bia<oi/ in il Ung>h Mora it*. They onntaln ntpitliTi'y 618 lud 610 page*, lieeida* the prrfaoe, whleli O'milt to aawaulaeu )*|m Tktj bring lha history of I'Ui lip'* i?r gn <JU an to ttir timr of i ha death of hit third wife, hlirabeth rfViUt, daughter o( Itenry II., of Kroner, tha Dalwdla of 'he Hfuludt, and of thoaa ramiaoart who have tumid ti e mysteri m* *tory of Don (larlo* to ae ooiot. Th<* meet oooumxl ib>lot*. Counting l"hili|i'a raign fiom lha data of k.? lather'* atetiaathm nt the crown* of the KpaiOa in 1M, and recollecting tlint be died la lbM, it ?111 Ire xiu 'liat the** two volume* -to not ooataia the history of one third ot the great pen *! to llie narration of tea rvtiol* of which Mr. PrMitU'i history is devoted. Tbl? would ao< in to indicate that the work moat attend to uoaicthing l.eyoa.1 tha nix volume* to which the author pr p aten to limit it, at we are In foiinod l>y one ol the ttrat library author!Uea ot II nl u. 'ihe real impoiianoe of I'hilip'* reign, conei tonal with refeieuce u> it* bearing on Kur.rpe, and ol*n on ltraall and tit* Ka?t ludie*. did not commepe* until long alter the yaar llrOh. lit* l%*t h ih nlil lltji/i * itign waa by far the most uapor ant part </il. Than il waa that the war party got cwMtopiI of hi* o luocil*, and made a complrta Qrahraud of KM empire. After the toil ol tha ariatoeraticaf party peart* bad no rhanc* wttb the .Jpani*b ruler*. War w*? waged every where that a Hpam*h tifwt or army oould conveniently And It* way. Then It waa that Parma marched to I'artoi that I'ortogal wa* rominered; that the greatert eierli n4 ware mad* In ilia f ow l*,uii trtee, and that tha Armaria wa* despati had against Kog and i ha ha*' of I'hlllp'a war* acre waged prior to the time of wti nh we are apeaklng, and that man muat haw a alngularly oonnt tuted mind who cannot at tha *nrma*aful part p ayad by tha Hpaaiard* in tha rvUefof Malta and at lepanto. Indeed we admire or hate the Spaniard* of tha' day precisely according to tha direction which our m n<i take* in eoa tewpial ng tlielr deed*. If walook Kaatward, we rejoice to ree them aiding the knight* of 81. John,' and tha Venetian* and other 1 *Uan<, in staying the progiei* of the Turk*, who, in that age, were tha bugbear of K.nmpa, aud something mora. In the war iretweeu Christianity ami Mahomuta danism, we should be unnatural and uuwtna, if we did not aympathixe with the Catholic monarch and hi* Catholic ?nhj-cts, tyrant* and bigot* though thay were, and priding lhamselve* on the eatahhshmtnt of the In,|Ut*i Uon in the Peninsula. (lad the Ormanli* of the >? lite-nth century been like the Haracen* of eight oanturte* earlier, uodoubtrdly we should have to regret the li-oUmn that wa* made of the grand wager of hatti* at fa-panto. Hut they were not an enlightened or a light nproadiug raca, and bvtice wa murt rejoioa that they wera beaten, even though tha victor* wera the moat Intolerant of Christiana, lint when we look Westward, ail our sympathies are with i'hilip'* enemies?with the EagUah, the Dntrli, and the Kreuch royal 1*U ami Huguenot*. A* we change the aorn* we change our opinion*, nominally, m-ni^lk toJt. In reality; for It wa* to do good nerrlee to BiaokldfTo de ?troy ti e Turk*at Malta, but Jnat the leverae to dratmy the Dutch at Antwerp or I eydan fin* i* gfatd to read how th< hiigUsh ship* and the storm* mad* so tnagnifl? rent a wreck of the magnificent Arnuuta. hut we should have bar) vast rau*s to mourn tf It had pleased fortune to give victory to the Turk* in the (iulf of ? jvinth. Thr first and second book* of thin history occupy the entire of the first volume, ami 143 pnge* of the e< eoml. The l, rat tiring r the narrative down to the peace oft * teau llambreet*, winch waa the con**>|iieiire of tire victo He* of Ht. Quenlrri ami flravi liuee, and to the deatn of Charles V. The Mcund aqttend* to the ap|>oiutment rrf Alva to the government of the Netherlands. This bonk Or-main-* an account ol the manner la which I'mtmtonU and lutes'anistu were < xtarminated in Hpain, and wbirh is one of the Unest oliaptrr* In modern hlatorrcal writing ? animate!, welglity, philosophical and just. <ror ot the greatest of Mr. i'rescott's tnany merit* a* a writer of in* toty i* the boldness wllh which he treats the subject ot ir-llgii u* bigotry. There are passage* in al) his wor s tlrat shew him to l e. not merely a huroana mart, but a man ol an eminently bold an-l just mm I. It b< > < very *eid< in that writers rlare to -ay any thing ah "it tha er ror* of religious bigot.., from the fear that they may he >r t id of infidelity that, a|?rt from all their otir- r high merits. It is a sruree ol thn nine ?l gratiH cation to real Mr. Prwaoott'* pvoduetl ni?, lie rail s they tell the tolrth aa plainly ah-tit tha errors of I rle-'s aa about thoee of itOtewu^m to t at we want In history is the whole trtili, N hr a in n U capable -fu-cs-rtaiM-g and < mrimunb atlr. ? i', aim n - wrt'er with *rb<e* work, we a roar ,us n'ada-pial Mr. I irrcott In psrfornitrg tin* duty. Ih-se-ool bse-k I dwotbd, principally, to the att.ii* of the ' ?-tb*- act* which warn begun to have that prusder,. ,- in the a"? Uon < t Ihilip wtilcti waa destined to endure until tie* Is ' day* of hi* reign Hi' thira ban*. which cofar* t*o bandrad p*tc- "t U'' i-nond il lume, fflra* U?a hi-tor/ of that raiirn of terror thlch th< Iri-s-hiuM Alra eatabllrhnd Is lh? N?ln land* alter I bllip bait re-' Irwl apot trjilf At p)*?r< ol prmiulunSW hia lollop - ilijwcU there that Ho iu rarka, frfrpottswl ?wur?U. Tliia a. I *n >* of putting -loan Irwlotu by lanoa lalii I, a* all ?ueb n haiaa* bar* iniUd, down to the ei*retro temper* on* loftilal oa of our lm?. It aw e ??/, e--rii|M atliel/rp< a-Iok, t I eitlr ,,*(.? tlia I'roti itantr Ut S-paln forth*/ w*ra low lOin uwi tl.i* po 'leal Htiartla* of the ranlo ? ta war* a.moat m line1 and tha ftpanlari** w*ra tba ?m/ cranio -if tha ' ?:tn-lir li'pot* of that ap' Mot t turpi wera ilirferant In hi l/iw tountrtoa, whine commerce bad enlarpi-l the iiimo* and tb* mtnila of n.*n, wbara Iraaluro ha f bwo l< ok rriju/eil alien tier- R? I nir.atl ri bail raadopeeat pro /re I, ami whar* there wa. a m.-ral aii'l(?th/ to lb* itoetrln**, tha caremotnc* aol th' political prior l|,l*? <s If me Tha bl>'ortan'a natnral abborrwnaa of t/rann/ la all lie rh*pe? l a? traded to roaka of tbla h> - a an a tardlBfiy ?plrlt'-t pr- diet.- n. It -onlata* full anwunu it tha trial aad i-iaoillr n ol tpmorat an I ilaorn*, tba lai.n >r i f Moii'ipa/ aad th* rartone aartmeora of Air* ? i lend vb* n*ea? of tba Klaujlnpi aol !>Ml under Um i a tillaa jr?? * l-<k It -?t?n- to arm* %% I apw It la tha m .? in ? I In l.a -ha rafter of an/ part - f thi Work, *o far a* It I* put,!lrli*d. It remtalna aeeaoati f tlaa Twrbtafe I II (are, ?I h w*? Ho tlral i f 'iala In lh? W-n>'ram an I tb# kr.tpht* of M iMho -f JarBMklatn of tba ? of Malta b/ tba Tur? ? of ? t a kbrtoe/ an I it?*'o of I - n < arlo*, ami tb* iteatb <M tha <fu**a ('remit, Inabe'la l!.? t "V* if Malta ta nar - atari wt 0 that apfrtt arvl li edit/ which cinaiartaria* ?.i -f U- PrewAt'i d**r'tpaona or i.Hilar/ aetnrna, am: of which th* moat admi a'.l* ??- . t -a-ari V I a foam! in hi* aorka "ti 'be Too ; .ant of driknai d f'nru. Ilia MOrroDt 'if tb* affair ' Me o I *. P> ie? df tba moat ? r./ulaf thlnp* la Ik* tleb kblW/ ?f rb.iipl! 'it?r?'.? to *0 fope It t i?r/ lot#?* 'inf. and wrlttan oilb a eh bit BO, 'under, and --t'lcal p/a?r eit It throw no t.i w lipt ' or tb* latijort for ',??* plain reaaoa that tbara oaa ha a a-rb lipbt t ? ?wr?d from an/ i,oart*r. It I' ? aaork aft#r all baa b*a? ?n 4 aa I ?I n? lb* l.aae ma. a nnurb of tb* rV rf, but tl ? aiI'O tboy bar* Uawn la taa to-ro Una Umbo af IM !->?/ baa -hakapaafi I Kkkart IJI t* tb* varita < - laad af tha rw/al Ha* '?*?; T .? ah* irdt/ of a/ennp l>. raaaa It appoat'Iwt Carlo# aad I -'-lla, hi- ntajenMdhnf. worn *?r? ? far/ I' rrll 1/ pat b/ Mr. fro ?oil fhUip w?a r' t ;-?lo"ii Of hi- wife aor t -ba '*? ? fit" huo ao/ . <a* n f> r j?liii'j ? oo>i-w ? tat t" k wh*w*? ?!>* ?an? ar d that aba waa a ?.?t*- 'ba' maca. i?at ottr. Manual lla lla Ttlt flfmr/if Nannt'i da/ (?k>K*, fai fill >eni|* and an*. h*r of , -i? ao< llaptamorao ??*!>? r; ) >ba aaa a m?*el <d ehaeaetor letfw nr'.ole* lb 'b< t. ??'?*/#.' Ph 11 p and taa i*Ua .nd (414? 'hat >? kid < ae< II wt b f.? Irfrrf .1 - ?f Uw i fe'r?? iia*> * f Atrra* aod he'idaeu*. t?* rwp?ae*i?m *l.U war? im?? ow tb* -. ? v,i iitp, la ?* tl-* wl farorahi* to tba naaaa a / af tfbat ,a -amiMoar/ r ?a Wa ? l*-?k e -opara' ??:/. ' ? - ? ,? / n.l It- o nt aiwa/? '? aa mturm 'tia/a-"- M/ -. eott, Wttl ? .* O .tat*r?f w io4a*?t*t r>a ao; faet ?? 'a'efwl t?i prawrat all tb* -ir-aaaetaa'*1 ?>*t*r wbtah tba w- rat ' PbUtp * taa-.e w*ra few W* ar* t< noat, kaat '??? that tba -paadafe maaarab tb*n Wtd "no* *tw* /**.. - ? a tor. p* aa w baaw ?aam U*> K?aMiaa taa !, .! la awr Um* '??/ tut n-l?a wa* U**a tb/ p-<aa oa a of ail tba antnataki that !? *1*1 Kor p* Pb. p bad p-aaad btma* f Inalf to tba patb af tb* radbr Mo? port/ and ba wa? aa a* I fro-a ->?a*n***r a# pr*. ?ittoo tba ?b *' "f tb* ' *'b . -a // *?*o t'a Pup ? .'f lit# fof'i ?/ .Wi.i pai ? Tfe t^i rncUM iitiart the rcforaalioa of thick tad MaeaoWy hat* trfllM, Iht om to Inim%, awd the other with to much alorjueaoa. H it certain thai but for I'blUp't add, the C* thorn* would hart goat tot* al'ng*UMw ia tha ewominter. Mo, ton, tttM It hao* ba*o had hit rharar-er batn different? had ha beta, fat ttaat |4?, t IrtnolMt, libtrtl and upright mat, lit* hit mu tie, Maifmllltn [1, la|?rw of Utiatajr, or a atth Mb like Henry 111, of Krunce. Tlit other Tolumtt ?i Mr. I*roacott'e worke will b* look ad far with In'ereat. They rrlu ahnw ur l*hiUp In Ma ma tor* Ul* and hit oU age?In the djyt of U>t Irtipo nod the Armada, tad ?(?, aufTarlug fr-tii tht a tat foul 4lt nttt (bat killed th* gteat lU.mau oligarch, .Hulia, ho r* tlrr<1 to tht aolrma ttoorltl to (lit An.raro*!>: A Family Burmar; by the author of John !>ruyton. Hiring** tc TownaeniL Tbl* it ont of thorn natural tad truthful ?lixntolio ?tot let which pumi far properly eooatltaUd mlato ? 'ar gi rater attraction than tbt "Iutgeralloaa of hlirhlr wrought Iota hrUuna. or the pcrworthmt of fa it* whtob are dignified olth the naiat uf h'.atorloal rwrnnanea. It bat a'ready had an aiienaiee run la Ifaglaod, what* oortoa of Ihia olatt mart ? 1th a Junior appreciation thaa un nfrt our eie{trment lowing puMle. In eorro?t pwotltun M character, geniality of huiaur, and boadeolaat phlkMtphy of aim, ot btrt not for a long flrnt mot otth a out* which hat p'taaad ut mora. Tr raa-'nr it oarttei a loaf rapidly by Iba agreeable a'yle and In'ereat of the i lory, and flndt himtaif at lu nmrhul -n lull of rtfrth at part liif with Uit plea-ant acquaiutancea ae-|utred (u ita pro grata. Tiik lluih'K ; edited by Henry Mayhen. ntul litoa trtiU ti by lilrket Kinder. Kufpue, Ixmiioa?Itaifp A llruiliriH, Now York. Tbii it out of tha moat apluudidty 111* Ira tad (ft ft booaa tl at bat beau |>rw|>ared for th* ntw year. Ik-lb hit tad ettgrwirlnft ait a up", lor III lima# utually InlAttd m tlila aphrmeral (.Ian ot wnrka. IttJCT IkihTtjw. oh Womhn'h Kicwth and Hrurr vAi.ibU, tied Folio. Allien A ItaArftatof, Auburn. A MAtlrw on Una moat follifv* of th# (Ujr mwA l/A bui.glir.fl) if <1 not Ul It fill It'*'!*!. VV?* ? llMl much Tor tin* nut unci tit which Auch ??r?ll<?nfc nV jmcin for cftrrtefclur*, an tlx* Abovv, ami U? aU<1 Iii Ha ?lory, but tix*rA Ia a c rUio ? *in ?>( hunt -r running through It which, though utlil?*r wry caw -lie awr vwg poiUhn?t will gAlu twt ii p'i| uUiiijr. IIAHMH H ( LAWUOAL I.IIIHAH Y. I Hilt'a tlaoalalh u of Thucydidea, and !Ur fit toed traaalation of Hopimclet, forut the tart uf thi- o* otllral atrial edition. Tbt typographical aaruraoy ud * eg*ut farm of tbrae worka render tbtm drtirabto la mrj book collection. Th* iNPiAh Faiht Hook, with illiwtratioiM by M It*nan. Maeon firoUx-m. lu thit charming liiUt work wa arc prattntod with a collection of U;0 poetical auprratlUooe of ladue Mb group*<1 ia the form of fairy talon, and uiothad la Ike wild Imagery of thaii native ataaoapbarr. Tho llliurtaa that art by M. I man, and are among*! tha matt eaa reaafuJ effort* of that clever arUat'a pHnctl. The Now York Fata eager and Wnggagr Ida* ?Met-ling or the Co hum l (tee of (tor Hoard of Oouorlloaea. Tht Committee <>u fhdlnann? of Ibt lloart ul litatl men btld a matting at tht City llall laat trailing, to (to* tnbjoct of an ordinance t.iaMUhlug the " Sam York Pm Miigtr am) Haggagt Una." far the oonrt/ame of pa it? gar* aud baggagt to aud from the ?a?et?l tittiulmbt iaod lagt, railruad d. pot*, bolrli^r Sut mo > Uuta fifteen ptiM.nn atra in atlti,'t*nrt, *b<>ut un# half of whom tear liai km.-u and lit* other half ooiiMatod ot pi'iyc. ttbr directly inleratttd or In faror of the attablUhaMit of UOt line. Humid thla to euUhu>ha<l, It rill liar* lite .-fleet of paitlally break ii g up tl>e lia< k inlnnul Now York. The I'leunlltK- ha*t alicady itpuiled In faror of tkr project, a rkttoh if which wa ga?? In the lire* ,, a few day a alma hut It hat not ytt boon acted up-m by the Ik-ard. At tin- nu-ellng la.t tittilng (Mia t> eta pre ?id- d and after ? a Hog It t<> order, atated that It had bean ? ali< d to take into - ?o-1-1. iath<a a iamrm.traa.<- agaiaal be | ???ago i f ct ordli.aect erttlJng llit pro|ei*e>l Una. Mr. II A W ilia -I tpjeartd in behalf of tm hank man a'-d *U>rra oppo.t-l I., the tnlarpilee lla tat I titaA thapuhli- run*-i.teiu . did awl Itmand tkeofgeataa'ioo *t a can) any ?ueh ae ttaatpropoted. it-a-.M- tlx- eilatlugee ?ti.modatloiM ??r? aJr-a. y ampla enough an the nftg new - mnlbu-e? ahir'i It wa propoaed to eon?t'u- t toe the Una eonld ? lily ad I to the rih.lrurlloa of u?d through lln a-twa) It t- uld alto, he - nleii led, dtpro rltle rennfbae pro|>ert*. lie h.-t-e-l :ha 'fee iai tea totilil glre * fui l.rr btarlng oil the iuhj*et ai-l thai ao arth-n ? uld b* take* untfl Ui- ?h l- u.utter l-a l bora piea.ritr?l before theta. A fnunnatran.e tr im mitral per?<-n> engaged la tnttl !)??. in the ct\y ?? preeefiled hy Mi J A. !<e?lla. It ?- d|ine?l I? M- ir? I- I-man A ."tet -m, ?' I'M* A"km lli.iite, (. nd the 11. piiat.ia of f.-ireen -.'h?r piln (pad hotel* Mi l . i'ln lee--01 mended Hie coaamlttoe awi It tet upon t!.- - t h<' it iem ?, .g fort).- i m i.imatien ap-.o it Mi. Wltla/d aid |* ?-?i!d he unju ?' ' , one > lata, at. mo lele/eaia ?I , Id Oa tatllely ae-. a I ia hy me a < la I. lab m-n' "f tie propoaed line It ?'>?ld, to la-1, Aeaterw their bu-li.e..( for tht flty tlagea eh - k It a? pi -p-aed to run eixi Id l?pl*~? a a - f" numh* r of (..'?? a.*4 et Uila ie? - o --I I) e yea. II . 4 fall Willi Ui- -reataaA ? eight upon ihain ami th. Ir fun I Ho* The t ha I - ii an .aid that tin- CooNallter e ill flj-ora to knot bar day . aatoglvetlto rtnionttraate aa upper tunny fa be mote f?|ly ( the mreUi.g ban adjourn.d ta. fne~i?y aet' al i VTh (d?rt of (Uorrtl Rrolon*. MiitKMw In Kuith NirTIO* TO QOil>l Tlllt I? OU.T* r.?T AOAIkrr MAS TNOMiMW m rvBOT, i.omua-tobi n oir itriiM AXI> HCTTLI*'. 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