Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1855 Page 3
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Religions Intelligence. . ORDINATIONS, rhe Mountain Messenger reports the ordination, Middtaborough chur< h, Tyler couuty, Va., on the ' ultimo, of Daniel Seckuiau INSTALLATIONS Rev. E. V. Wales, formerly of Laurens, N. Y., was be installed at York Center, N. V., on the 12th itant. Rev. Mr. Blood good was installed over the First ngregatiouul church in Entield, Conn., last week. Rev. Edward P. Crane was orduined and installed the Rockland Lake Presbyterian church (0. 8.) the 14th. -lev. George A; Ovtatt having accepted the call the Congregational ohnroh and society, of So re, Conn., was installed pastor over the same on ureday, December 20. INVITATIONS. The Rev. Edward Antbon has accepted a call to rectorship of St.Thomas' church, Tudnt m, Mass. lev. William P. Nelson, of Greenfield, Mass.. has epted a call from the First baptist church in kt'ord, R L, to become its pastor, and will entgi >n his engagement at the commencement of the year. 'he Rev. Horatio dray has accepted a call to the torship of brace church, W'averly, Tioga couuty, lev. Richard Beiitley, of Cincinnati, his been led to the Presbyterian church in New Richmond io. lev. Archibald Fleming has been called to Brook d, Vt. he Rev. Richard B. Dnane, rector of Grace rcli, Honesdule. Fa , has received a call to the lurehip ol the church at Elizabeth, New Jersey, he Rev. Win. R. Uries, lute rector of Trinity rch, Hudson City, Hudson county, New Jersey, received and accepted a call to the rectorship or Fanl's church. Doyle*town, and Trinity church, itreville, Bucks county, Pa. ev. J. Kmeinoo Swallow, of Wilmington, M iss., been called to the North church, in Nantucket, lev. Theodore T Monger, late ot' the Yale ae ui y, has been called to the Village church, iu Bur ster, Muss. RESIGNED. IdcrWm. S. Briggs has resigned the paitorul rge of the Raptist church at North River, in Hen county, Va. f DEATHS IN THE MINISTRY. ev.Carlton Hurd, after thirty-three years' faithful ice as pastor of the church in Fryborg, Maine, rests from his labors. He died Dec. 7. led, at Brooklyn, on the nth in t., Rev. George nald, in his 6<<th year. ev. benjamin Barries, aged 73 years, died at reaa, Jeflfcrson county, Novemlier 2:>, after a t liut painf 1 illness. Mr. Barnes had been for ?y years a supernumerary minister <>f the Metho Kpisoopal church, his age and growing inliruii iii a measure disqualify iug him for the active es of the ministry. His connection with the hodist church runs buck lor nearly hail' a cen . Senator l'ettit, of Indiana, was at one time a tman in the employ of Mr. Barnes?the founda waiis of a dwelling house at Theresa h iving but lately demolished, known as the joint labor mater and man. Mr. Pettit was a mason, and a good one. During a visit which he made to sx-nes of his youth, some years since, he had forgotten bis old friend and isms workman, but d upon him, reviving many pleasaut reini snces. NBW CHURCHES. ie cornerstone of Trinity church, in Hoboken, be laid on Tuesday, the lsth inst.. at 2 o'clock, he Rt. Rev. G. W. Doane, Bishop of the dioces.s. ie Reformed Dutch church, at Mott Haven, will ledicatcd to the service of God on Thursday , December 20, at 2 o'clock P. M. ie Clinton Avenue Congregational church, klyn. will be dedicated to the worship of God ty. Rev. Dr. Lansing is expected to preach iu morning. Rev. 11. W. Beecher in the afternoon, Rev. W. I. Budington, the pastor elect, in the big. John's Catholic church, situated at Long , Bultimore county, wad dedicated on Bator 110th inst. Since the destruction by fire or the Itml building, the authorities of the congrega have manifested considerable zeal in erecting the site a structure not only more commodious, * architectural superiority. I new Presbyterian church was organized re U i? Glendale, O. Sunday, the 2d inst., the new and beautiful church edifice at Del., was dedi to Divine worship, it is called the " Manship Church." Itev. J. B. Merrett is the preacher in of the circuit. the 12th inst Right Itev. Bishop Mcllvaine, d by the Kpiscopal clergy, laid the comer of the " Church of the Advent, Walnut Hills, KKSllNTATION to A CATHOLIC CI.KKCIVMAV. Kev. P. Mahoney. of St. Bridgets lie Church, has been complimented by the ntation to him of a very elegant chalice, beau proportioned and made of massive silver, and richly gilt. The cup has around it s of vine leaves, with a cluster of grape* en Bd. The stem of the i balice is very tastefully ated, and at the foot arc two most appropriate legantlv executed solid figures of the virgin r and the dying Redeemer. Aronnd the feet Mother are figures of the moon and the ssr The representation of the Redeemer is also ted with much taste. This chalice has been factured by 0. II. Jones, of 165 Mercer street, ?York, who may be considered as the pioneer or ranch of trade in this city. He made the fine uarv lamps which are now suspended In Bar ?theNativity, and St. Andrew s Roman Latho urches, which are equal, at least, to that In trick's Cathedral, which was unported fro n e. as nearly all church plate for the Roman lie service has been. JH8CKLLANB0DS. liinous emigration society, composed of mera Congregatlonal churches and their families, ii?en recently formed at Htaflord, Conn-, under Sees of lteT. H. N- Gates. The design u te ish n town-hip in Iowa. 0 H. fund for superannuated ministers has ed since May last only $'?? H- The amount minted in May last was $!>7l 67; up ?i this had been drawn out, bo that the Kind reduced to $235 Philadelphia Bible Society] held it* ?eyen enniversarv at the Musical r und Hall, in that , the 2ftlh alt. The receipts of the year were to be $70,m">; the numlierot volumes issued, The depository of this Spe.ietv has been with that of the Pennsylvania Bible Society, lich a new Bible House has been erect d. the Convention of I at t Mr an ministers lately Columbia city, Ind., a new Synod, called ivungelleal Lutheran Synod of Northern I n ' was organized. The Convention was otic or Interest. A. W. Cow lea. of Brock port, has been sleeted lent of the Klmira female College, ards of $26,000 was raised l?y the Methodist of Booth Carolina, daring the jKist year. for uarv purposes, and for the tract cause. T. H. Reeves is supplying the chnrch at IV ar Prof. Brown, of Dartmouth College, has de tail to the Presidency of Vermont University, lington. . Hoilis Read has been engaged to supply the rterian church at C'raneville, N. J. I). Wm. A. Smith, a distinguished divine of th.sii-t Upbropal t'hnreh South, is Wring tried ( onlrenee now in se-sten at Peter-t-nrg. Va., charges <<f falsehood, immorality, and slaO V. Smith's accuser is the Itev. Charles ? of the North Carolina Conference, l-aac Parsons. for thirty-nine rear* paster of nVreg.itiorml ehurrh in Bast rfaddarn, Conn.. ,, dismissed ?t bl? own request. II,,v W. H. Cooper, late rector of Christ Williarosp'?rt. Pa., has undertaken the or lon o! a parish In Seucca county, Ohio. Reuben Kltnlmll has given notice of resign* Wilmot.N.H. 1 li Olcott hM l?ea chosen general agent or nitral Association of Illinois for exploring > ground. Jotl K I.yle has Wen appointed agent of the e Theological Seminary. T. Kintey bus signified bis Intention gn the ps-t. rate of the Asso iate Reformed in ChllicotUe, Ohio. rv Pithiinr III- Kavamrh. of K^ntocKy, at oresbling ov? i tie Memphis Methodist ton Sw in ses-i'iti at Memphis, Term, was for nflriier It h.i' W en thirty re.irs since he K ltv ii 1 he started on bis ftrrt cir veofm'.aiMi *tth only seven shillings in fltfisawKs '? - srsjw.?tjs rt wtit I..V. tbt. ti'J *->rljp nMt .ptmg, tor I .to l?-tor?' b*??' n. men nrresK-d. by the M'-ttlOtll-l CO .1 a dhorft ?>. upou a ohargeofgrns. "To* and Is to he tried on the l*th Inst upon I pufcrred against bun. I > 'j*'11-' . ' , Kairfteld Academy i- said b. have been in correspondence with Jennings, and from intercepted letters, it is reported that the nature of that corres pondence is Buch as to criminate the parties. It is lamentable that the chnrch. the cause of morality and the peace of families should be so heartlessly and so shamefully sacrificed. Jennings haa a family. KBL1U10U8 LIBERTY IM TURKEY. The following is a copy of a memorial issuing from the recent conference of the Kvaugelicai Alli ance in Paris:? TO UIS HIOII.VWR Tim 8ULTA.V ARDIU. UBDJID. Skit* s h?b 5, I8H6. It please your Highness?We, your iilgiue?s'i ine morialists, representing mauy nations, anil almost every Proles'ant denomination in Kurope and Ame i ia. assem bled In conference in the city of Paris, gratefully acknow ledge die promulgation of the decrees and flriuan* on be half of your lla.y ah subjects, and especially those of the Pro'estant faith, involving many valuable and salutary concessions to the cause of ciuf and religious liberty, which have already made your Highness'* name memora ble in the annals of civilised legislation. We have learned, however, with feelings of profound regret, that <n very many instances the Hi mans are disregarded, and you llighoees's benevolent intention* completely frus1 rat ed, by the persecutions which your Protestant subjects endure from officers and members of those commuuiUes from wblcfa they have conscientiously withdrawn, and this, in some cases, with the a-sent and co-operation of the l >cal authorities of ihe Porte. We, theref-re, humbly entreat your Highness to give practical elli-ot to the principles of religious lib -rty al ready proclaimed, so that tnis liberty may re maintained witli energy throughout the empire, aud <that, ot every mine, th -se who change their religi >us profession shall nor he exposed on that accouut to persecution, oppres sion or wrong. Y< ur memorialist* are well aware of the numerous diffi culties which your Highness has to encounter from the oj inion aod prejudices of many classes of your subjects, ii giving effect to the pledge of religions 11 i?rty, so gene rously sccoroed by your Highness. But they feel cou s'rsii.ed to bring t > your notice the fa-'t that such perse cuilons are uiucli more frequent and violent, owing to the indifference or actual connivance of provincial offi cers, who seem to set your liignneas' lirmaa* and the Tensimat itself at nought. Assured of your Highness'gracious dispositions, we h inbly entreat you to take effectual measures to prevent iLlliicnlial person* iu the State from i>ersecutiug their poorer leltow citizens, and to make your office's, especially those in the provinces renmte from the capital reipond l>le for the strict performance of their duty in ail such cases. Msy it please your Highness? Your meiiiorialia.ists hare heard with most painful feelings that your Hlgline*,' tfalioinmedan suujoots do not spare in ilie liberues guaranteed to the C'tiri-tian, and thst even that sanguinary Hw which so shocks the mo t sacred feelings ot Christian nations, by its inliictl in ot death on Maliouviuedans wuo change their religious belief, is still practically in force. Your memorialist* acknowledge with gratitude to Al mighty Hod the value of the pledge giveu by your High ness on March HI. ill I, but entertaining doubts as to its application to the case of Makoinmedan* by birth, res pecttully and earnestly entreat your Highness to make it so comprehensive as to embrace all classes of your High m?*' subjects, Musselinan as well as Christian, and that liberty to adopt uno her profession of laith be extended to ail without f'*ur of penal consequence*. Mgncd by?Culling Icardley Hartley. Hart.; Count de St. (,ecrge; Mellle, pastor at Turin; Dr. Haird, Dr. Duff, Carl Ibrgman, Isx-lor of Medicine and Philosophy, pastor incweden, ami Dr. F. W. Krumiuacher, preacher ol the Court at Potsdam. A Lawyer In Islmlto. CASE OP WILLIAM F. MORGAN IN HT. LOHI3?CHARGE OF POltflKRY AND CONHP1RAOY TO MURDKK. [From the St. Lout* Republican, Nov. 0.] The arrest of William F. Morgan, the attorney, made night before laat. on a charge of ancrottug an I receiving atolen gooda, created aotne cuprite, which waa greatly increased, aa tha police followed up their inquiries and enveloped new proefs, and suspicion* of still more hei nous oifen e* on the part of the prisoner. One ot these?a charge ot forgery agatnat Morgan?al though founded upon the aceuaatt >u of one Alien Cotter, a man now confined in the county jail for burglary and larceny?has evidence of the atmugoHt character lu sup V' t it: the discovery of the forged document Itaelf, which Captain Manning found in Morgan's othce. From disclosure* already made concerning thin forgery, it ap jiearH that Maria Bates, an old nog rem living iu Tenth stieet, between Market and Waiaut, la owner of a house and lot she occupies, w< rtb several thousand duller*. A deed, purporting to be from her to Morgan, conveying title to tin* property, was forged last spring. The prt rorier preacn ed the deed for acknowledgment to Mr. 8. hrueder, a notary public on Market street, near Se cond, taking a white woman with him to deceive the notary, by personating Maria Bates. After acknowledg ment, two or three persona were called from the street, rrques'ed to sign as witnesses, and the deed waa then taken oil and recorded. Another accusation by J'otter Is not so well supported. He alleges that the negro, some lime after, having nego tiations on foot for sidling her property, Morgan was appreben -ive that the fraud would Ire brought t > light, and made overtures to employ him to murder her. Atei a conference or two upon the subject, he was pr< mi-ed ?]50. and advised to use poison to accomplish lire deed. Cotter exhibited to Capt, Manning a strip af paper, wiih the words "hydroeianlc acid " written upon it, which he says Morgan gave htm as a direction wuat to purchase. Whether tills be trne or not. it is certain that an attempt waa made upon the negro's life last su inner? two men having entered her house at light, knocked her dnan, and run off, leaving her for oead on the floor. Before the Recorder yesterday afternoon, three affi davit- were sworn to and filed against Morgan?two for receiving stolen goods, and another for the forgery of the deed: another alleging conspiracy to murder Maria Bates, will he made out this morning. An examination upon the first, for the rohbery of a gold watch and 1150 from the house of John C. Richardson, R*q., was entered Into, i'otter was sworn as a witness, and testified substantially that Morgan plotted the robbery ten days beforehand, and when it was committed, receive ! the watch as his share of the booty. Hie examination will be resumed this m >ra ing. Messrs. Bieorierbasset and McBrlde are counsel for the defendant. When the Court adjourned, Mayor King directed that the calaboose should lie strictly watched and guarded all night, to pu vi nt any of Morgan's friends or con tederates giving him means of escape from custody. Shop Liptino Successfully Carried, on by a Srkkwd Cotna ik Auuky?Timir I whit or a*i> Akkk-w.? A daring and for a time a very successful g\me of plun der from stores on Broadway, was committed yesterday by a male and female, strangers In our city, who managed so shrewdly as to avoid detection for a time. This party were neatly dressed, and are said to bs Germans Towards noon Messrs. W. J. Fryer Ar Co. represented to the police that their store hail been robbed of 9150 worth of silks, as they believed, by a man and woman, who had visit's! 'heir place of business but a short Mine previous. Hie police were directed to "look sharp" for auspicious cha racters, and gave a description of the parties suspected. While the were on the lookout, Wo d came to the station house Iroin Messrs. Wilkes k Co,, Kmerson k Van Gaasbeek, and J. 0. Post, that their stores had been rob bed of a Urge amount of silks, and as they suspected, by a man and woman whom they described as bad Messrs. Freyer k Co. As may le- supposed, the police were on the lookout to secuie this couple, sod about 5 o'clock, *pe*lal officer (barton overhauled a couple, whom be ar rested and Lsik to the station house, where they gave the names of Oswald and l.ina Fldsn. The lady was no tirealde for her remarkable heau'y and a degree of os'.jb p ini |ieoull?r to females only. Kldan at flrat offered any amount of money to "settle the case " being anxious, aa he sihl to get out of town and to avoid trouble of delay, iu .though be etou'ly protested Ids innocence. They were taki n to ihs police court snd tha witnesses sum moned, but neither gsve any evidence of guilt, but on the contrary challenged the proof. A female was procured Mrs. Kldan wan taken into a side room and examined the result of which was that her rather remarkable rotundity of figure was reduced to one of remarkable symmetry if not p< sitlve lemness; and more remarkab e than all, no less than l&OU worth of silks were delivered into the band-of the proper owners, Mrs. Kldan having with the eld of books attai 1yd to herskirts and singularly contrived pockets, secreted tha' amount of property about her per son. Fi,nn searching Kldan, the sum of $200 In gold and tf 'i in bills wa< found. They were committed to jail last rvenirg, and tills morning a further examination was had tielor# Justice I'areona. A female clerk of the Miseea IhilTy wa* called to the aland, who Identified the party as being In the store yesterday, and identified a piece of silk of some thirteen or fourteen yards as having been stolen. There wss no maik upon it, bu'the pattern was such a peculiar one as to he easily detected It Bp |ears that the pair pat up a' the h 'use of Jacob Ibiur, nnd that last evening officer Keefe searched the room they occupied, where l.e found a 'runk containing eight idee* of silk and some small articles also a carpot Dag co islniog a piece of silk all Of which were Identified as hi. g been taken from the stores of firms *1 in mentioned. In the trunk there wss fotinl a nimble-barrelled pistol, loaded to the inuxzle wl'h p iwder and hall. He is represented as being a *agar merchant o New Yor*. ai d wry lesjiertably connec'.el. In de fii It of Tour thousand dollars tiaR, he wa? committed to j. i!. Kbe was also committed to answer upon four ihsrgrs of grand larceny.?Alhnny Jnurrutl, ftfr. 13. AKornm Blow on tdi Laebu?The fillowing are among the cflccts of the fti'ter gale that romm#rie?I blowing on Saturday nignt and continued through rut ?he entire day Sunday, and the principal part of the day yesterday, though with less violence, on Sunday after noon, the ?eh', Whirlwind went ashore at Racine, -die attempted to make the harbor but was d'lvrn too lar to windward, and wentagainst Raymond's pier whenea 'he waves ssxifi enrrissl her to land. No live* were lost. c' ad on a cargo of lumber, which, with the vessel, It ?v inpoesd would prove e total loss The ie't*r wa* fast going to pterdi agaiosi the pier. The schooner Mary G. IK ne-tev|. owned fiy Messrs. H. A. Mitchell k Co , at tempted to enter the I bieago harbor no Sunday af>ernoon, anil again early yesterday morning. She wee unsuccess ful. and finally struck heevilv on the her, whers she lay thumping ana poanding until e late hoar In the afternoon, the ?ea waehlng completely over her. She was heavily loaded with lumber, euri kept her flag Aying at half mast. Toward evening, the steamer ilnron snceeeued In attach ing a strong cable to her. end towed her Into the harbor. No lives were lost, and the principal part of the cargo was sstied. She sunk in the river by th* side of the North pier, r.ppoeite the Illinois ( antral depot. The steamer Huron also brought In yesterday the schmner Oiurtland loaded with coal, apples and lumber, and leaking badly. She passed up to her dock, and waa relieved of the water in her hoid by he- own pumps. Brig Minnesota bark Zedoc I'ratt end a Gaaadian schooner were brought In during the storm Ilia Huron In <y>n*e.juence of th* pre mature laying up of the togs, was almost the only h ipe of these vees. I*, and waa busy nearly the whole day tow ing the unfertunate craft Into port. At evening yester day about twenty vesewle could be seen In the offing m .st of them at anchor between our harbor and Groese point. So tar as ascertained the fo lowing were among them Barks Sunshine and Jesse Hoyt schooners S nujuehanna. t.eo M. Chapman Advance, filivsr On war and P. C. 1. Mad it not hern for tbc Hurt n the ines of nvops-ty, and I lolehly of lib would have le> n g-sat._"V ?.*, J,,r. Th< Hl|H|itlllon tor CantU. [From the Wellington Star, Nor. 10.] Wo hare boon favored ?ith a oopy of a v?ry interesting latter tudted from Major Wayne, U. S. A., the offiosr in charge uf the expedition ol tins government to procure camel* tu be brought hither, with the vierr of expert menting Tor their future employment In U. 3. military transpoi tatloa, especially on our great Western de?ar a. It la aa follow*:? CuMHTAimNori.K, Oct. 31, 1855. 8m?In accordance with my report of the Uth of Octo ber, lieutenant 1'urter and uiyeelf left this for Ualaklava tlia next (lay, tha lith, in the British transport steamer toe liuperodur, and landed in the Crimea on the 17th. Calling on Major Koaa, the Deputy Quartermaster (.cue ralat Ua'aklava, and. further in the front, on General Simpson. the commander of the British forces, are* re :eiv ed liom three gentlemen kind weliome, auil every facility lor the proeecution of our duty waa promptly alforded to ua. 1 waa further fortunate in receiving an introduction to Colonel Murdo, In charge under the Quarierui-ster Geue ral, General I gre, of the land transport aervice in the Crimea, and who, as Quartermaster tleneral to iieueral Napier iii the expedition against Since, had used cam Is extensively tor rnUilary purposes. He gave me much In teresting information in relation to the military use of the caned : and from tleneral rdmpson also, who hid setved in the sumo expedition under General Naplur, we had kdoitional accounts of ihe value ut the aolmtl, and of l he favorable opinion entertained of it by the army fir the serviee It waa capable of rendu ring The ungag* ne nta ot Colonel McMurdo were such that I c mid occupy but llitleotbla time, and in consuqueuue obtained Com him only a few material facts without going into details. My thanks are due to blm tor the moments he devoted to me, pressed as he waa with the uiauy ami various duties oi Ills position. We fi.und in the Crimea both the Bactrian tW" humped camel, and the Arabian, or one-humped; but the latter alone Mcuied to be used for the purposes ol military tiuiisportatUn. The former were found in theCrim-a at the commencement of the war; the latter weic car ried there since from Asia Minor. The firmer were but little thought of, the latter were highly esteemed, the ouly objections to them we heard of being the room limy occupied in the narrow streets, aud their frightening the homes. The two are very dUtinot specie* of the same genus, dillerlug from each other us much, I should my, as the bullalo of our Western prairies does from the r mi nion ox Doubly humped, the Dictrian is a strongly powerful animal standing not quite so high as the A ablao, of coarser and more snaggy cat, si iwer In inn tiou, but cajiable olearryiug immense burdens. Kioiu the furmallon ol Its back (its two humps) there Is a ?ilitt culty in adjusting to it a pack saddle; and without one there is always more or less pe plcxiiy in loading and se curing the lmtd. This I ra'htr think is the principal source of objsctlou to lis use. though 1 believe the opiutun advanced to is to be correct, it is not as serviceable an animal a< the Arabian. Its use iu the Crimea before the war we un derstand to be chielly (or draught, and on one occasion ws saw two yoked to a Tartar wagon, as oxeu are, but guided by rope reins. The result of our examination <b termlued us not ts pr.icure one. as it Would only c im plicate our experiment, without producing such results as we anticipate Horn tlie Arabian stock. At some fu ture day, should the camel become dome .licatel witli us, it inay then be worlh while to import a few males for croHrlug upon the Arabian females, as It is said is done with aoviintagu iu I'ersia, the issue always taking after the mother? that is, being one humped. Sketches of the Hadrian camel ware mode by Mr. Heap, whic i will convey very clear idea) of the animal, and of iu differ ence troui ihe Arabian. Col. McMurdo informed me that in the expedition against Sinde he bad iu his service about twoutvfive thousand pamcls, and that from his experience he es teemed I hem highly; ko much so, that he had seen at Sinope three thousand of them, in addition to the few now in use in the Crimea, In readiness for the campaign next epilog. Tha loads they will carry depend much, he said, upon the service iu which they are employed?ra pid movements naturally requiring light burdens?but their average loads, under favorable circumstance* he stated to be about six hundred pounds and these they wdllcarrv easily, without pushing, twenty-live to thirty miles a day. lie mentioned the interesting fact, which i do not remember to have heard before, that during the expedition against .Sinde General Napier organised a most efficient corps of one thousand men, mountx l upon five hundred dromedaries?two men to each dromedary ?the men sitting hack to back, ore facing the head, the other the tail, and both armed with rifles and sabres. the man facing the head was the animal's gro on and driver, and one manner of using the corps was as fol lows; upon arriving at the scene of operations the drome daries were made to kneel in square, under charge of their five hundred drivers, forming at it were a base of ojiwrnticns from which the other live hundred operated as infantry. As the advanced body moved the square or squares, it more than one was formed, if required, were a'so moved; and in case of extremity the square offerei a cover under which tbeons thousand men could And com partitive shelter behind the aoiuialx, who were prevented from rising by a hobble on the fore leg. and use their rllles most effectively. This corps. Colonel McMurdo in formed me, could be readily marched seventy miles ia any direction in twelve hours, (6 5-dths miles per nour.) and rendered throughout the campaign most efficient ser vice. ; Gen. Simpson stated that iu the same campaign he found the camel so serviceable that bs procured live or six tor his personal use. and that wilh them fie fre quently w?nt seventy miles between sunsst and sun rise. On a diiact question bv Miijor Delaiiel 1 [whom we rne' In the Crimea) whether be would not have preferred *he beet Kngltsh horses to camels could he have obtained them, the General anawerel no. that be would have pre ferred the camel, as packing hi* lisggag. upon them in light loads, be could move more qiilosly aud continu ously. In relation to our visiting I'ersia. the enquiries we have tnaoe lead us to the conclusion that, though ws in ight readily gut there, our return, owing to the blocking up of the roads by snow, would be ftupossibe until next spring. As this would detain ns much beyond the time fixed for our return Ui the Unitea .States, and uonecei sarily delay the experiment we are engaged in, we have reluctantly abandoned the journey, though we desired much to see the varieties of the I'ersian camel, aud par ticularly the laurbourck or dromedary artillery. A Journey into I'ersia, with the intention of returning immediately, must be Commenced, we Hud, about May. <?ur course from this will be, I think, to Syria or Kgjpt, for dromedaries, and then back to Smyrna for t>uH?n ca tne'r, in the expectation of commencing our return home some time in February. The enquiries in relation to dr omedaries for the 1'rench army, reported In my letter of the 11th of October, pro duce nc te?uh. Very respectfully. your ob*dieii? servant HKNKY C. WAV.N'K, Major U. H. Aony. Hon JttrHMii Davis, Secretary of War. Great Conflagration In St. Lciali. THE HTKAMERH IAKTIIKMA, I'KAIRIK OITT AND TWIN CITY IIUKNKIi?OVKR $109,000 VOIfl 0y PROPERTY DI8TOYRD. (Kroni the S . Irmi* Intelligencer, live. 8.] Between four acd Hre o'clock ye-tcrday evening ?raoke ww dlecurered ir*uing frivm the bold of tin eteamer I'arthenia. lying At the wlurf near the foot of Che*uut Htnet, and in a few minute* the llam** buret through the iletk, juat alt of the butler*. An Inetantanaou* alarm woe Hi Ten by the ringing nt all the liell* of the boat* lying at the wharf, and tn a remarably brief epaee of time the engine, were on the ground and our energetic# firemen ail ing all their exertion* lo*utrdue tbe lleme*. It wan all in vain, hnweeer, at in a chart time the b'.at war burned to the water'* edge where 'b>- wreck now remain*. The Jarriee h Woodruff. a Taluahl# boat, wan lying im mediately aliot e the I'artbenla. and wa* lu iminioeul dan g?r from wt irli -to- ?*- rami !,y being towe ! out bd iht Brunette, which waajuet latrtng port. Itoth tbe?e iioat* ate KTuel hy the eame |>artiae (-apt. Gould and other*. The Tain City wa* the next boat abiT", and being cat lucre, Una ed againet the I'arthenia: which by tbi* time wa. a m*a*of Maine* and in an Inetint abe too w* ? fire, and a* *be continued to Mont down *tream burned until abe waa totally c?n?ume*l. The I.rand lurk, which lay n*xt ab?Te, waa towed into the atriain by the Highflyer, and floated down to Dun' iO * I aland, where rlie war ea'ely moore I At one 'ime *he came In contact with the burning wreck of tbe Twin City, and caught fire by the b(.w?, but tbe flarue* wera ex in gtil'hed almoat lri?tantly, with hat -ligut da nag* The I'ratr.e City lay nrgt above tbe Grani I'nrk, and there bring con*iderable epaee two ween her and the b irn ing b ate, her |*.eiti< n wa* a perfectly aecure one, but by unme InconrideratafMM* her linea were rni, and ahe float ed into contact with the two burning tmate, and aharel their fata. In a wiut twenty minute* from the firat alarm all ih-ee boat* were cooeumed hi tbe water'* edge. The Parifeenla wa* an liilnot* rieer packet, running between tbi * city and larnlie, and at the rime uf be. deatru Hon wa* loot- d with about tan hundie-1 ton* of valuable freight 'or that pott 1 had atrani up ready to go out. She w?* owned 0) ( apt. Heed, her commander. Mr. Beareley and \ oorhie*, the t i-t clrrk, an<| wa* ealueil at $18 nob and wae ln*ured for 91J WiO iu earlona city office#. The clerk aueeeaded in *aving the book* money, and all tbe valuab e paper*. bbe had eighteen pa?*enger? on board, whoae baggage wa* all Inet. k'ome of them aleo had lurolture on hoard, which wa* likewWe loot. The lain City wa* leeenCy p irrh??ed hy Cap' Bali, bar commander. Tor ?'',i*)0 and wa* par latly lueurel m varum. < fli e? hhe had Juat cominen?e<l l-iedlr.g f-r Keeknk, and had hut a few dray load* of fre ton board. I he i rairle Illy wa* reeen'ly i>urriia*e0 by f'apt Ilevin toy foi lUt.fXA) ;ind wa* preparing I., load for Newitrlean* c|je had no freight on board. die woe in*ured partially In Tariou* office*. There wa* a great deal of excitement during the pro gieeeof tbe fir* ?nd many boat* net at all in danger. Were pu*be<l out into the -t'eam. It wa. known t ie-e wa. eome powde? on Iwiard the I'arthenia but not hue much and tbi* the*, kept the actor* ami iieftotori in a c na'ont *'*te of alarm. Finally it etplnded, bnt with out doing any damage. We Imin that the ({nafitity wae bat two k*?> f >ur aetlor ate of the In.* may app-ar to lie large hut when It la conoid#!*d that tbe koaU alone ?ere worth ne*' half 'bat inn, it will bardiy be auppoaed above tba maik. Supreme Court uf the Cnttewl State* llr. lb?l>eild K. Hnyl.n, E*'( , rd New J*r?ey and Thoa.T. Iverett Kan. of Wa-hinft-.n were admitted at torney* and eorin?ellor? of thi* conrl No 1th. vamu.| Powell et at plaintiff* la error e*. Ger rge Iwaper et *L Fern: tr> i|ie Idatrifl f**?'l of 'be I nited ftate* for the ld*trlci of Texa*. <?b motion of Mr. Hughe* of eeuneal for fhe de'en tant* In er'er tbi* writ of vrrr r waa doegetad and dl*mt*?*d **l'h coete No 14'i I el-orah Hand et al. plalniilf* in error, r* Samuel W Turner'* le??ee Error t? th* Circuit Court o( the I hit#*! Mate# '?*? the fh.trlrt of New Jeraey (rn motion of Hon. A. C M Penningi n of eonnae) for the d-feadaiit* in error, the writ of error wae docket*! and dirmie.vd.wHh cat* No 8. wi'llam C Atwalar, administrator >4 Veh-m ah fherlngvi a lllwllaot and appellant va. I B I'ra't. claimant of the brig Ann C Pratt Th* trgimml of tbw ran*# waa continued by Ho* J P. Vereendrn for ih* ap pvdlee *0*1 c?i*eludeil by Sr. K-iwe for Or# appellant. N'i? IH and II- J'hn C Wtlron et 0., u-e of neean Ilnfual !n*nrane? Civai*ny, ajp? lante v? the *teame? Pa In tat* h** . and Henry A Barling et el , nee of 'h**n Po nal lt>? 'ADre Cempany aipellant* ?? the itrtmn farratto A The erg n **? rf I here -a o.., wa im.ced by Mr Mayer fur th* ?p|-eU*at. A- J *rnel

Tkr Mammoth fn? Grnrr of California. Washington Mammoth Gkovb.) May 12,1H55. ( laist Wednesday morning I left my residence in Han Joaquin county and took up iny line of march for this locality, and arrived here about 5 I'. M. ycrtcidav. On my way hither I paused through So uora and Columbia, rruti?iug tiie Stanislaus at ''Ab bey a ferry." in the mountains The road from bottom to this place (Big Tree) is in N|ilcn<iid order, and can be travelled with perfect safety in a buggy or carriage. The distance from Sonera, via pliy'B Cauip, is twenty-five utiles. On arriving at this place I was much surprised to tind a lirat class hotel, with every convenience of a similar establish ment in a large city. It is well fitted up for the ac commodation of ladies, being am lily provided with bedrooms, parlors, Ac.; there is also a commodious stable on the ground, which will accommodate some forty horses. In the body of the big tree there is a house, 14 by Ml, wlihh contains two fine bowling alleys. The stump of the tree is intended for a hall room. 1 iiuuHund the stump myself, at a distance of eight feel from the ground and found It to lie twenty-six IV et in diameter at the narrowest place. I am in debted to Mr. Chas. K Stevens for his kindness in raiding me through the forest, and for giving me the mimes of the trees. The Mammoth Tree Grove contains in its valley eighty live monster trees in an area of fifty acres. The '? Big Tree '' is not the largest tree iuthe grove but it is the largest perfect one. It is ninety live feet in circumference, and measured, after it was cut down, 3()0 feet in length, the stump standing eight feet high. It is estimated hy the gntittH of the stump to be 3,000 years old. Five men were occu pied twenty live days in felling it (which was d me hy borhfg.) anil three weeks to strip otfits hark to the height of fifty-two feet. The " Miner's Cabin " is eighty-feet in circum ference and nearly 300 feet high ; it is open in front a Unit seventeen leet. The " Three Sister-" are a groim evidently grown from the same root, ulsnit 300 feet high, and ninety two feet in circumference. They are perfect, and the most ones in the whole group. The " Pioneer's Cabin " is 1,10 feet high; where the top is broken off it lias a small opening through it. The " Old Bachelor'' is quite a I'orloru looking gentleman, having many rents in his haek, and the roughest looking bark in the whole group, uud is 3011 feet high, and sixty foot in circumference. 1 lie " lliihistiid and vvil'o" aiv ubout 250 feet high, and each 60 feet in cirJumferen o. They seem very affectionate, leaning toward each other at the top. The '? Fumily Group'' consists of twenty-six trees, the. fntlier, mother uud twenty-four children. The faiher, trout appearance, was blown dowu many years ago. This tree measured 110 feet in rircuiuie rcnee, and the supposed height while standing w is 450 feet; the remaining length, where it was broken oil' l>\ falling against another tree, is300 feet. It is hollow the entire length, and large enough to ride into on hooeliaek. Nearly half of the trunk is em bidded in the ground, and mcasuros 22 feet in di ameter above the surface The " Hermit" stands entirely hy Itself, and Is 320 feet high ami 75 feet ill circumtcrence, exceedingly straight and symmetrical. The " Heretics" Is 35n feet high and 107 feet in circumference; this is the largest standing tree In the grove, and would make 725,o00 feet of lumber; it, like muuy other large trees, is imperfect, being bumfd on one side eight feet. The " Mother" is !)1 feet in circumference and 327 fe< t high. The " Pennsylvania," so called by two young ladies of Philadelphia, is 24 feet in diameter and 315 feet high Tlie "North Carolina" Is 21 feet across the base and 110 feet high The "Green Mountain State" is 22 feel in diame ter and 300 leet high. The "Mother und Son" are together !?3 feet in clr ctimfercme; the Mother is 325 leet high, uud the Son 300 feet. The "Siamese Twins and their Guardian." The twins have one trunk, but their bodies are separate at a heightul 4o feet. They are S00 feet high. The Guardian stands by their side, and is so feet in cir enmferen' e and 325 leet high. The "Old Maid" stands single irt her grief; her head, unlike any other trunk In the grove, is entire ly hare, and slightly bowing. Her height is 300 feet, and the circumference 00 feet. The " Adic and Mary" are named after two young ladies who made the first buggy drive to the grove. The trees ure nearly 300 feet high and 05 feet in circumference, and are very handsome. The " Horseback Hide" is an old fallen hollow trunk of 250 feet in length; it is separated into two purls. The H|sice ridden through is 75 feet, and is 12 fret in diameter in the clear. " Uncle Tom's Cabin" is about 300 feet high and i?0 feet in circumfereni e. The catnn has a narrow entrance two and a half fret in width, and will seat 2.5 persons; it is Urn leet high. The " Bride of the Forest Is not the largest tree, but is noted for having the smoothest btirk of any in the grove. It is 2so feet high und 70 feet in cir cumference. The " Beauty of the Forest" is 65 feet In circum ference and full 300 leet high; it is very straight and slender, und nearly free of limbs; the top is surmounted with a beautiful and regular green cap. The altitnde of the groic is 4,5i?0 feet above Sun Francisco, and '1.400 feet above Murphy's camp. I had nearly forgotten to mention that it snowed nt this place lust night to the depth of six inches, and at the time I am writing it Is raining very hard. Pr> piiritlani In (ht lontli. JFruni In 1'Jchinrnd Ibspatch. In-?. 10 j An nflort will I* made In tha I?gl mture to m establish ? nilll'ia system in tbo htate. Although we e'nislderad the old system somewhat of u farce, w ?? e inclined to believe t/.at under rvl?ilng iIrenmstanccs, the establish men I of a walluigaulxed luilltia Is desirable In the pre sent state of coir relation- with other sestlons of ll.e Union, and in new of the evident fWct that th/secret ? tiilwea:le* of ab<>lliirn are spread through every part of the Commonwealth, we ought to have a well drilled mill tary force to defer') the noil nf tha <s>intnoii*eallh. and to preserve domestic order and security. In fi le connection, we Chum t hut think it would he a good move on the pert of the legislature to convert the ."??rete areenel in hi* city into n n.ilHa y academy The change might he made without incurring an additional dollar of < xpenditure thocadete would he equally eflt cient with aoidiera In protecting the public property, and at the end of thoir perte! of iMtruclion an! dis cipline. would Ik prepared to take charge ?f the common ?cn< ole of the .State ami to become officers of the mili tia, drilling thern In peocs, and leading them in war to the vindication of Ihe honor and Institutions of Vir ginia. The attenth n of the legislature it U to lie hoped, wi I lie .ilrected to the establishment of an efficient system of pt- .ce for the purpsiae of etarolalng all coas'lng vessels that may leate the porta of Virginia. ami nrovcntlug the eaca|? of fugitive alavs a We woold agsln surges! the propriety of purs ba-lng equipping, arming and man-ting one or two small vessel* to board and search all Vas*oi* bound to free porta In the f'nlfesl -"fates These CTnlaera h- uM be atatlored in Hampton Roads, for any examin* tlon made this aide of that p- int wool I l? perfectly use leae. The coat of purchasing such vessels, and their malntainance fir five years, would not amount to as Urge a'sura an is 1- t In one negro stampede. Ctiloroform and HoMtery on the Care We And the billowing in Ik* llion fit. Y 1 /ndtp-wl^nt, show ing bow viiiam usly a la-fy passenger from lialtimors was robbed,? <?n Friday evening, on our way from Ctlca b> limn a ynnng lady by the name ofl'arker informesl us that Mr llano Wright, of Toronto, lied been robbad on the can near I'ougiike-psle on Thanksgiving night, unlc the Pillowing circumstances: Hhe was on her return h-.rns frean Baltimore, Whore xba bed been U' visit Mrs. Haw line, the wife of the Washing!/ uian lecturer Am. rig the laaeengers a ho had g-t on bs-ard the train at Ha'tiy was a tail, 'lark ey?1. weli dre-aed and gen'- el hos ing lady, who *a? down by the side of Mrs. Wright Ar yr u travelling al ley" asked tha atrsng.r f awl.' w?a the reply. "How far are yr.u going?" "To Canada was the answer. The conversatism Ihoa ooinraencd so con' lied a long lin e. 1 y passed through f'hUe-Tefpbia and New York -n the m-sat friendly terms, and were hurrying al> -ig tlia lluda n rr?d, when the st/anger Iiejinrestof Mr> M Ifsbe c-.uld e five d< liar Mil for bar. Mrs W repiel thai she could not, and In order fo ah iw her willing.- ?? to CO W, had she been able she puled it her as and displayed thiee twenty Hollar gold pieces s ten dollar g'-ld pleee, some small rhsoge ant a check Hy and by Mrs w eirijilamesl of a pain in 'he m-a ??lb.'' raid the slrauger I hsve s.,mc r I .gr,'' wi'h ie lei ngk pot a bttle on your t?mp'ee It wtll -1 uvle. re Here yon Mrs W immedUtsly sank v sleep and rv c.ained In-eaalbte unlh the conoue'or >h?<a harawtae aid emsnde.1 bar ticket. It WB< with the uttnssr 'KB . inly he cnuld Wale her '|e finally h ost- ! lb- w ? 1 " of lbs car and 'he I - -ah air reltesred the tlnfortaas*.e woman he put he- hand Inb. liar pe, ?t, when t-- -r ar'ontrhvnent and itsmay ?he Viand 'fat h?r w.. ?? r m'siuing her noo?y, bar ticket and ber rh?-? h. gi be, and the a'range woman, who nai been e . a '? n trye, kal alssi disappwares' The gentlemanly aondueter endeavored ;o e me, e with 'b* promise that he w-rull ee- to her baggage a' Albany- Hut when they arrived at A bane It a* e 'alne-d tha' there was m> bsggyga there f.,r her. TT.e '.?gy?ge irsss.r said a lady and gentle-nan got iff ? think at Hudson/, and ia*l tbeb bag/age r.i-?->i t , Albany must be laf; there nod Mi >ea-n to the p.s where 'hey Arst infendesl to leave It. In this say M*? W be* h?r money, her jew-lry, and her rlo'Mng 1 ? lee re robber wore a black yelyet Ik one' trimmed *!'' s-arlel bs.eers a 'a k mantilla la lair Hke In her ? e oca nor, wears a fa'rlnat'ng 't-iib- and la unliable ' y ?he same per net", played ".he con',dene* game * >, 'he a erehan's and b let hes-f?ra at llelUnaore a sh " lime -In-e Panamas or TFt? Hhimt H'ia<m*?i.? igrfMrroa. ?-s to- days eg", We pubiishe-l en artic e from ftoe It -1 ? linyf'O fV'- gt'lag aar sccroint of an Imp-s' r wh . had bsen at 'hat pT-ce end Imposed on the citismu un der the assumed name t T>,e Ibght lion A I*. M.r ray " We now ie? -n that ttas aame pssrann tses b?*a a*. Mon'rval, whwe he vu aoeomteulerl by a yo rug IV y wh'tn he catled hl? e||W wh r?, It |e eeld he Ola'"ssl In I h.ny and hs' ? be was *ien sr.' fr- -n t-va' The RnKllak Fleet mil Owntrwl tmrrlr*. [Oorre poiidenra of the llichniop.l Kmjut er ) Tall4ii m4?k, Nov. JO, 1*65. Onr attention ha* recently been dire< ted to all nr* in Centra! America, by never*! important considera tion*. Uy the liutt European steamer*, information baa Mine to thin country of the f.t it that Engl m l ht aurinp to vend quite a formidable marine service e liulf, and for whut purpose she ha* nut vet openly declared. It i* apparent, however, thai the avowed object of that aggrueaive government la to regulate ull.iirs in and alsmt Nicaragua A,lew year* since, and tin Clay ton-Bui wcr treaty pas.**! the Congress of the United Htatcs. Its chief pr vi sion wo*, to affirm tlic doctrine of non-intervention, or to Htipuliite that European power* should not co lonize or other wise Intern re witli tlie course of af fair* <>u the Nurtli Ainericun continent. The *uf> ject ol iiou intervention waa elulsir.itcly, ably, and Opei ly discussed in OoiijtriM, and no principle of government is, at present, more deeply an.I tho roughly fixed in the popular mind than this that England shall not intern re with affhlr* on tiii-> eon* tinent This doetrine evidently limit- t)i<- unjust and aggressive policy which htwaoloog ehar.rcteiixed John Hull lu his gra-p at universal empire. The Clavton treaty, containing such provisions, wasai nt to England, uud late advices Inform us that that power ha* related its ratiiicatioii thereby virtually declining tiiat they will colonixb on this continent in spite of our wishes and remonstrance* to the con trary. And, besides. the movement* of Kinney mid Wnlkcr,their great success, and tire probabilities that in n few yoars the governments formed by these men will root out Britb-h authority over every por tion of Central Aneiica, and uftiinatcly become State* of tliis Union, awaken the jealousy and anl ii o*lty of the English government and threuteu to destroy its protectorate over the Trail -it Company and the Mosquito Territory. England lias always h*>ked to " sell,'' himI is ever ready to extend lierdo miniuns in any way. and to guard iierowti cummer cin I interest at the risk of honor .md juatice. Willi these facta before us, can any one doubt the intention of England in sending a licet to cruise arutUid the i oilf and Central America 'I it is ap parent that her object is to detent tin- intonti uui ol Walker uud Kinney?tepudlate the Monroi do trine by the caution's thunder. ami asm rt and acquire a claim over the disputed country by lorjc/'of arm* or by n national system of ?? bluffing," whit h -lie ha* lately reduood to a science. Kb.ill we basely Hiilueit ? Hiit our cttention has been more particularly diluted to this question from reading the f"i I wing circular, w hich we tiud iloatiug about in o ur city:? CVNTHAI. AITEntCAV KXI'lUATION. Young no ii <>' the Ninth ! On ill 10 h *y of Pso*m ber next k vc--il will ieaw >>-w (hLoun for Cantrol Amw* rics. with emigrant- to j in ih-nry 1.. Kinney tn Id. Iau .table ?Cortk mi culoAire that muv deligbi'ul an 1 prodae tlv? country, known at Mcarag ia. A ifiil) h >- Co iimI Kinney, in the v?ry face of uti le an! of opposition, peaces ly establl.baii liim oil in ihs row republic lioMin* an imAI-pated litis lo lolly thirty million* nt honied as-wk, of un-urpassod rinhnas* In All that con ttlu a# lands! neilth. Aheadj doc. hi* oUola lii n tooni witii 1 ho product* <f His over p roduc i?e s uih. by id- own bards plained and nurtured tumidi lug llio most positive evidence that noUnng n ,w i want ing hut tho oiig'nitlng ni American gnnlua to m<kt thai down-trodden land, wnlch Is hnuntllul on-iugh to mat# ? vi n tho sluggard rich, tho wealthiest of any kn awn pwi l of cat III. Hundred* of young men arc In resdlnesa to leave fur Nioatarua. but t'snsporlatioij cannot be hai. He un Ci asiur is lb* bu-'Jttty of'bs Ceofrat Ainsrieiri fpir pany to settling up 'hat v**t territory, Abounding With valuable uoial procdoua motal* an I tropical fruit*, thai for no price wl I ibsi company givo passage to any individual upou tbolr California tliwawn woo has tho object ol heating there In view, rendering nnavoidabln. fall to pi to I re, I lie eoartenig of a vessel especially for transportation nurpo-i-s. All per- u* ileslroti* f making n bornn In Vlevrag ia, or ideoilfylng tbemselve* wiib the I oiitral Atnnrietn Agrtcult'iisi and Mil log fotiip.ny, will is1 given a valid till** to aii hundu d sou forty acre* of selected lanl. at the expiration of twehe months altar llieir arriral at (ireytown The lir.t three litm lied emigrant, however, will eaeh 1st crui'lcd to d ruble that i|uantily. Kvery passenger or emigrant will be clisrged of y dollar*,wlileb sum, aitsr deducting the actual co-t of (assign, wilt be fully cxne Dried In procuring tamdrig iniplcneoil*, awe da, As and tho ptjrrlin-s of -rib.i?reiica for the first few iiionths' support In Nieursgua?an amount, upon care ful computation, no mote than sufficient to defray the expenses necessary to be Iniur-ed In faithfully cairylng Out these plana Ytmng men It yon roorlude to Join tas, a fortune swslte you. no'iilng la none certain, those who firat tpoie In tbi? epterpriae wdl he the recipient* of the grikteat loieellts?will at onre he upon the high roe 1 to po.itlOB and place, which none know no well how to fill as a true American. In connection with this (irruUr, a very imp irtant consideration arises n* to tin- position this country will tukti on the question of Intervention, now that tho Clayton and Hulwer treaty hit* Is on rqjec.tod l?y the Englisli govr-rnmrnt; for, If this country d >e* uut r till cling tu its former itvowcd doctrines on this stihjc t, m.d Coitgres* at its next session dues n >t re ocHiut its cclchrntcd Monroe d u trlne, tlio crnigr.ints to N'i. araguu, If u difficulty ehooidariw, would meet tvith the Name fate as the filibusters under the un fortunate l.opez. Though our government might possibly (?) have Ix-t n right in Uie last mentioned i ate, yet the settlement in Central Anreri a 1h far different and rest on titlier ground.. It i* niniored that Oeneral f.'os*. tin- ls**t diplotnu ti-tnnd profound. *t stateanuin in the couutry, will, us soon us CongrusH meets, introduce resolution* re ufflrming the non intervention poeition tlri t c kati try has alwuys taken on this suli/ei t, especially -inec theadminUtration of Mr Monroe. At present,wo I elieve the Kxecutive *t Wushinghrn i. fully <l' h r mined atni committed Ui exeeate the principle of non-interference on the part of trarm-AtUnUu jiow er*, tiiotigli tills deitarluient of the government should awHit the action <.f Congress. We would udviHe our young friend* to wait awhile ami find out wh.rt course will he pursued by this country before they Join aueh an expoditoii; or. their lute might be unpleasant, not l*ing sustained by jnstlce, law or ngiit, and still wo?o, aoprotecl**] by the American (lug. Hair of ilir Ctyaltl Pal wee. To Till! KUItOH OK Till: IIIHAI.I>. In reading your a count of the proceeding* of the American Institute, held on Thursday evening, and noticing tin- measnroa Ukcn liy vote of the member* relative to the purchase of the Crystal PaU and the projioeition mrnii hy Mr. White the Receiver to sell the building for u sum only mftlcient to take tip the lioiidn and cancel tin mortgage on the pr > jicity, the question sri-i m in the mind of m my otin r < rcditors. what provision is to be made for them ; how their clainui are to !*? met ? There is at press lit a floating delit of over flue to a very worthy < lass of our citlMlia for I ibor und material furnished the a- ? a-i.i'i n, and wh < h i- niurh needed hy tho*e who labored and furnished material for reflttfng the building while under th? management of Itanium and stibsoqoent to hi* ad ininietiat on. Tin parties operating in this purchase and -deof the last relic ol this iinfortnnale, mismanaged r>-a rem,set in to nrgue the ii'dot* from tin1 Ins ? of the mount alleciil to Is due I*. T. Rinnan ami Eton ian. Sherman A f . regardless, apparently, of the hums of as indii-trious nod worthy a claas of onr i it /die as Ui'.-e whom they ?s-ihi only deslrom of juotei ting. ' The lal?orer Is worthy of his hire,'' and I, amoog n grist nuinlier of other*, wo .Id like to know if it is tb?- Intention of the m>nag> im it of tbla affair to thus treat our demands a< the <old Winter ap prow< lis? with " silent contempt." as iki.h ?. The llart'to Italirasil. TO Tilt KIHTOR 'IK Till HKKil.l) I ii hy your pap* r of thle morning that the II ir lent Hallo ail Com pan; Intend eoo u to di? mtlnue rurifiing the larg< on- below Twenty seventh uwl; ' it was ale< > stats d that i' would <><? , ihU t. ? inswnenieaee to passengers. Allow me sir to <r | tect that error f??r It wsiuld be amoet ?cno..s in- n j venrfBce and frrs at exfien-s to times pa-"" tig' -*'? oaa tin tra-ri iars a day and live lot' til- j lages oh ng the r-stte of the i*J?d, and wl> > dc end entirely '0 the Harlem Company to reach ibsir I btlBH" To the mer bant who Is affluent, r Uu traveller * ho goe out/cud l> t <dd<iu,it * > :d ! not mak' iia'rrhil dilf rence; but th" mechanic , and th<?e wh< ?s rijs afi- .,re smell, and llr? not ?f own (or economy ts? -?? ire the per?c? who would !'< r The prepo-sd eh.,dge wst ?! ins ,r ton h ' i.i e of tl.s m an asld tio si eipnw ?f #3t-s per year ? in i ents |er slay who h th* <>mp-?ny would ? barge W ciiWvey lii<m to lb'- t tt> Hall, ? ddea the neon | -,?<1 e 11 and <b t* tl ?.? whisb lb* srnali Cars are iky 11'. t.y takr.g up and aettfeig down p??ae? g* re ai.ish would f/e-jw Uy i aid the mechanic j ts remair way from hla ail night. ?,r at Iqast i p. c/ ti'd r?t }nin thom ls-forr 1 o lock otnight i; h- -I 'sild t? tssi late, fsir the ft J train lh' e mmutatl'n to Motrisnnsa te n> w bid, to wh.'h asld tl e f to, and tl.ea *!.at w s.hj ts- saved ( hy the arti-an, wh" live* so far away fr >-?j hla i inploj no at ' A I. silntcl, nothing and then he WMj'd l ?e tw hostr* ssf hi-t rr e >a lislvy whe b ws.nld Is- consumed In paselng over the ro i?l The s/ui) any suiy they do r?"t p' dt hy the vl ape poo so yen ; but w< ds> ti's* aee how t .at <a'i he, for (f the commutation s!"ra t> t j<ay m*r? than the eg. ;?* i.*e. each family will at k?st taw hrriH flrflaN ' during the year ?hn pay f >11 f*-e up at 4 down? j that, at lean, wet le prubt Osg or ritr kta?r Vu i.arrvaa os rmi HtaLiM Kaiawoao. | luT'.ai *? rw Cotni< ncrf,?The f?t|ggng di nsrea are ftaa'e-t at k? ?? teria '* lfc? ?igwesr (Vail Sasav If W?Aw f-s?? Wat W,;>?f MarWtl faiw fr-ei Slow let, leps Hill b'-si Had II Hew , .Ms tiiafrim. iifit'ksa Wass Mi>Ua U man >n (,?r. W Vs-n.a- Hw" ? r.Vtey t , ? . k,. , h U. .? fie'?*a V tfl- ???.*? Iv-t I 1?. |k f-?r War-ea '-sdw ssgb, Septta V S>-aa W. froaa Lull* UlMtfUn-TLrlr C?ttri Atw4 Um Th* <t*v*laad llnM, of Ui* 30ih uK , eotitain* W* fn!|i *lt>g interesting and i<llpu!tiDf dhrtlilieOtL t>* K'K * }>(<?? u<tiK'Ui bv th* (trend Jury of the tlrcuiwC ?uri tut the Not thmn lhAtiict it Ohio, -ut iilK (? Ui th* grhfuus lo**** of life and pr perty ? v*?u u?**? ilma nai-?, *u*l th* main cauoi'M (ircnlui lOg aueh di?tr?uvl n ? Th* (trend Jury o| the ( uv i1 ( ? net of th? United fciafe* lor th?' Northern Iditrlrt of Ohio h\?ng had their call**! by iho Oiurt to th* gr?'*t proVal?tt?'* of dimMi r? on 'h# Winter it ink* ?n?i ha*>iig o**u ir,ii?4? *<l to In* *?tigat? th?i I-IUM ot tftl? ?? ?lt*ft*lAl *, (??(! t|Mf in utteli iu.ioi iim< h.*a of proitlt/ au*I life, ie?p*rKu'ly l'if ?tit I hit ?hll* no evidence ha* 1h*u ?li dt*d *um* oirotly dtflnltr and c nioluaiv* to indi ?t an* in hm iu*t undei ixintug )i??, It tievwrth*!"1** <?p that many l:?*?ea i rcur in c'>n-?Hjm il. * of h* v|o alcoi i tor 1**4, owing to a want of ?uii* tin providou* tuf?ufOiciug the**. Otl.011* i a*u 11 from * lark ot ro - llal I*wn *mI r *g Ua'ioo*. ami ^Itll Bimr Iron. Mil uu -awm thine - of V?*a?U and A w*tit of auitibli harbor ? lh? number of (e*.-i I* *fh?at <m 'b? W*a?*co I 4h%? *t tli* ch (? ? t it?vi|(iliuii to 1^61 w*a, ?i?*tii**rrt UU, pro pt ilfiA U.'?, bft'bi t brig- mt ?ohooii**r? into, al<? ?pi wod nr * * '. |i kni(f *11 egat* of 1 i HMxti-U Vilumi At SlOlkhlKHi i he aggregate number of .11,altera from 184H to 114, 'to lU*iV< , WW* 1 ,6<H> tll*klug lo*M)4 to Uio *ioo(ilit i f gfl (ifi4 ii.'ft of thiN nuiin*r, ? K4, valued ot lH7,k h wcr* Io*t during the 1* ' year?-ab*at ooo* third i t whirl) turn won lo-*t in ? single g,lo ?ii this aggiregAt* amount of*a, tune* whl ii v*rt 4> ?*iaud*d" or ?? wtikr " nrt'1 ? link," *??? pieiuiufd to hove been l-H?t mainly In th**tr etf irt* tn . .. t horh ird, or ttirough lock of ntr*uf th to enu'ed ?uc. ?otifulJjr wiUft tin g?i< Hy fti the frootor |)urtt <n of loke ve?^cli dro* who* loili'ii ri'Orty tin ond th* bo'-b ?r* throufh'iat th* whole c .iln of lok??? Ilivo v?ry IrUm m.iro thou thio depth of wotrr?*o Oiot oort r%V * 1??-ar .-nw ?uoe, m o h*r ohitocir, moke lh* chinci Aof nbtpwie > In ,? uimirin iau* * iH?r' ilinoft ceMoiii hnHliticA for ?of<* enti *??'? rntj tn* piovidnd hp gov*o>B> meiit, hut thoohllitv lo contend Nurcoeofully w th ? o-m* rtiuNi ie?f ii)*ioly with I'm* eiitiolrueiiun of tli* oo??i. Kroos the* e hi ought holor* U" *e b"ll??v ? thot u ?t etifhaioiif Attention I* glv? o to the m ?:? I* *ml re.ig t? nf Vf-ih l hot i lint cod of od |?'ing (he j olgun-it of Wilful hhipoiitfhte eh *e h"?rf uxo** low? i|io*iilu*A lhe.ii to judge el ?t ('??nihiitofl ii- fofm tho hi * nmtel fo< eti <*-on**'if ff goloi, the ve eel own** ? dicio n t?te ?n ?l*l*# h i virg meiniy to v.?w tin* oorrymg of Ui. e i'? v " ?? wiUi out it gord t ? their ?o<-urity Whe'tiu thi nrll on b* ri o.ei led hy f%?i gii %<-|oi.a1 legteUilon, re {til in* th* U ing of veeM-U to tN?or o As<hI prupor i ? i to thm t ?n n gi n? to to hiiid to be'tei end vi er uuele ilng of ?<** ?*!*if. we ore not prepared t.i ?%r Hut 'hit eoru* ? tiitouirM n net ho *d<?pt*?| fr??m miw wnree, to f ^e A ch*> ge from th* | ie?ont uioiela h aj?j - eiij t , th# U'M,in."ny hroogh* he o e u? There IM ni thing i o*'e??*i II* c uu * ? t widi ti nati gnth n uf the lokoM whh'h ?hoithl ie ?<l - ? (iin-'i'id on |iivi> prevailed in the )o it Thg r?'Hlirlic# )>1o< e*t liefote to < f h>??m t*oi ?? ektow that fU?4 anil a?<d ateain v*??el. Sir - . ? ?ed and pitnk or Mini lot eh " Vti.j- a ? no -f?t' IM 1 7f*. the lo??<*? of the current y . a " ? Uv fully tijual if tiiey do not ?*<?**? d, thou of . po?t year. That many of would have l ean un *v ??d all* i.*? admitted hut e* have g iod i.-vaon* for lathee lug that tt>e great- p>rtn noi ti.?* i ?? a)i*ue fr >in Vh* tmnultfthleetaa ot th? mode * for th* M'ifi'ioK. < 4?U*.e?- vd ettli the model* ?*f v*?*ert, i% th* klhtMl c octant liahlt of nvv lioiding thoin. Allhuugu l.?eo* *c,?.uriit g from ?t?in ??%ur?* ma'e th* ??*? .>?! ?*n'-u p"C* llialtiy ie-|?on?lh!e fur them 'O the u*i?tr of t' e prop er'y, set *r* de*m th*' th* nt-iktng ?<t it a r n sal of fence iu the roa?t*r, woui l ten I to ptevvnt am ur*e loedifg In toe earlier natiglli 'ti of the !aki>? mn'n of vea m I* aucceecful v c-ouOa-'ed gaU?M in tii* {.-m lak ,v?ng coiifldeiien in th* atri-nsftti and cap* ? i ? of the r rUf hut with ?he Increased Wt/? of itir wfthou vtlf tiof>al strength, th*ir soul ence ?r< dm U> h*? I nt nod at the tli al o^ p**ai *ti"C of a itorm hey run tor th* (i?^:**t port. Hropi rtv and (he live* ot the a*an?*n art thua placed is ?on-tant JeopArdy. CoilUiona have been a fruitful *? tjroe ofloea and th*?* aopeai to have occurred mainly through h^gtA't of emn. pliani* with theatotute f IM'*, te^uuUii^ 111* ilMplaj oJ lik'h'c Amdhi-r frequent cauae of di*a?t*r haa to en th* want ot a Aiifhi iency of acafnen ami a l*eW of *fii ieucy ?n the<nv And a want of cntrol on the part of nu^' t over tlteir men. I'.h reaolta to great |?art f?i?rn mgh*#'t oa (!>? pari ? of n?a"iera of vea-eU to o iuply with theitatot* rejuiring thim to iiasi theh men rigo chip u?g a to 'e. luaob ordinalh-n re?uitn at timei whin IwgaiiMwi a ithont* le moat needed the f?i?ui abandon ti??* te ?e| |*er/ia{ia I* W?w flrat port and ah* in ohhg d to return, U may he with out an adeijuate Mipj ly of no ri harida or If there I* a aufhen nt nutiiher, cii lnual chAngt*g make* th? i aJ way atraogern to tin-\eaael ami the WAyaof w ''king her. 1 he remedy for tide w> tild a*em to t* in making It la eurohent upon th* collector in earti port, to ai>? that the ahi{ ning Artieh a have t?een algn^l hy th* n tn he/ot* giving a seaael h*i ciea.aort , ADc'hcr provUton ?*? in urn ??ary tin ?er tliU law, that wh?-rati ?'lipping p?| ? r- ar- only required W# iwi laki-n when th* vio*?el i- lei md fir *o u* pirt I* a -L*lei not adjolnlug th? y ahnold he taken when g ing t*? ad joining wUtn?, for a ve-?el fr m porta ?o 1-%ke h ie in th* Hta'* ot f/lii' to porta on l*k* haperl-T !u tho adj "rdn* Mate of Michigan, may 'f *rrt? a v<<yag< if a th taaod toll**, atopping a* nuni*roua porta and o up*tug fre quently aa inu' h time an would to* required n? aail frmm New York to l lserpool Whilet tlie public feeling I* generally u ?? to national or o*her hgldaiIon Impoalng any reetrlctiofi* on trad* and navigation on douhtful gr?*u*da of *xft*d "?i*V, gw4 tin- vaat i >aira?-rrc of the lak^a If yearly ao r ?; ? !lp ei tending that w?- think aurh Uv? a* have tv+i hunt nt Advantage m rnari im* matters on the ocean, ah" >14 he ?nforreil on the lake*, and we h#?U. *e that the tmpntl a nr it of th* in'rui'* involved d*-m?n t altenH *n ?#? the |?art of government and of in tlvtduaJa to y>r #vo-i*?oa bmr their preeent safety ao t additional aecurltg dN'DKKW Jd;<?RSRr>.C# f'oremaA. New Htlrnta ImhmI. Ii?t of pe'etil* l*au?-l from lb* I n '~l "?!*'? frfl re for the wewk ending IM, II JAM, nn ? !. tiering the! del* lam* I Amis* of I'hlla lelpli a In,.r rod ?p;4t ration of entboaand (MX fl. Jain. * llwiaii'Ial.', of frmldNir, K I. far Iwtpreew tnrtrl In maelilMIJI for folding ami ma > ? i' I at rtoWi llanrj I < li?| rfian, of Allien}, N V , for ItaptwWMMl In "ton! and aboe |i*g gutter* flier i** I Cine* of Mew Y"rk, M Y fir Imrarwd frontal.-. tnkatarid Jn*r|rbii* fvboln, of < oltntt'm*, (it,, for imp' it meat In water gen** f"i llitn tioitei Jnliri - liiTltkrr, Jr , an-! J l.n W -eti'h of WeAll iBg'on, I). ? In' tmpro*er<Mnt in g?< ejioeraV .? T <? liardiowr, of ".aw York S Y f mtproeeni?t In rall-oad rar Ipfrttfr (iortlielr (ereeaale, of Jlarullt' n, 0 , far t r. prof* oent lm ti'n rowing. ?iinrloi. - llarub'irn, of "ring*, < an , f" l-nprwev li.rot In l/u'Jila* Jr i)r Itarru of AI f > ' i - * !? In-l fur -apt In metliltre? for rakm* an t !?? Ing I *}. llenj Ulnar-; of Tmjr M I f-.r n.j. .rrruieat la bedetneda f. A Jetted, erf A> > r"' " Vera , for I'npf iremnif la Uir noli of illltkltf ri i ral-bi ? "o ?? (?? Bent} ( Jonea of .Na ten '> J , I .r Iwtproiewewl la lm ka f-.r fr> l|bl re-? Jeno-a J J ibriwin of A i*v to; I fy, l'< ' mprrten II etjt III ruin abalii-r* filllreil Jr. Joum, of J< ey fit}, V-? l?- -*}, f ,r ina pt ' OB?6l to -ell ! |*|>*' loak I r ?>1 I)'lie* .Iran I i#ri<- MnJUerr of I.}, n. frtMr, for liujvere lll-III lit loai t.tlira f run not |i"in 'log ai.4 ?? aifip Ion lb# polar* ami hoi-or lr??!? ant lb* I a lamed to I ratio Jul} I* 2. linbrrt i'rfn* of i er I Ua a I A ,'? ???? I at It--'in liar - , f.o lni| r?'e eft 1 in pro- *????* f-t cell** print li g i " i?l I'Mrrall, it Apao'f n ? Y fr tmproaw r-ii ni to -a? n.|r ina ' ie kr 'n ? ? f Jr-el W I*', n, of II. i 4alr Mir , * tnij r-iretneet Ul |?rklrg pfeion* f r a-rem eng) -a. A tel. I- o Or ,#a! of 1 tjr . u<b, Y.I. . pa-' w alew w) eel rhrplirik H Henri of lt*ik?otr* M \ , fw ItwptueW n?i lit In rerrtaf* kiln. fha le. t ? ? o'Hoe'rti V?| xi -"j'ern II Wbnf, nl I ni, or; Hear., for Imp ?? - fr! In i a-l.uaa for CU'llrgaru e? from !? aib-1 !*** M it far of Afw fork Y for .ijimraj m* Mr,* f r rarflng wr-A k* Jerri ilk I' nil, Mlluuntblewii t'?.,lbf laprefp Dior! Ill r.n o *belje-a I.& lea-Ill, Jr , ?f l*.**l! Mi** for m. ;.*-*?#fnewt ? iliil* fa'Vae tor ?tea*? ?i| rM hum Taylor, of New Yor* '. f., far iwfrort) [M* frrr'* a* I n f. i lart* B*nrl Te>. '/ I ??> (fa fe* liw [ In auger bar. .. a |'?UiW Ir o*r au l Aug SA IUA At a*a Til rr.jn.n of AH-> -n (a , f?r InprtHMMi In ? .ttlngeki eke t a ? o i Tree 1 eel! ?' I. n , I ij tnl, let -n, ro*a< Baatiolar-'n-e *4 eaotr- o \i|> M W.tnnn *A ItrueA yo, '? Y-, f f (er*jrr?rat?I in e*Ire* for |>lea bit ( } W?laanttI* rn if k*e Ye.'l f" far t-'pare* to* nt it r t,aIn uao ; ?eteblte a C II,* (k* if) < Si r i p-irn wA in r ?**} i ?i Jr I r Mar rn, of J? ' Ma* f-. ,r?i:irnwe?W?wl la nti - ,M"- ' *1n *?* iaa Ir llirtil*!'' *.' Hif* f?.pfo*. neelgnwe t<>o-oa?4f eo l M m II 'lerrie-n of .?**>? plana fee e ? ? v : w n4 p.i'lMrrlrr ieraeraol - p ?o lb* * *' af** M. linage' a r tie ;? I >t| o# I: l*? gl?*l It, III f '* l? n if Ifa.-gardAi '.ee*U?ar of *'?* plwnn, f-r# re, rmewn nt In I mnier rek*e U rr, W M a Se, of-j -,r pi . 4 V *>. nW ? I" w eAn A lle'r I *r or a?ene p.*r? far i at ,?-.?*? ? ? > terUW# t* ' fear fa* lleaai ewglnaaa I* i*l Mrai?# aeaig- if l?. lift 4 Im' * 1 f 'Ttatlai I'll x 1 Jemea if, M ? * a*- V ** k * Y, ai I ni.ft M -arte *'/*<#;: ' r Ira ;Wtr?aA 11*' IiJ e* 5wr f u '1 rr-g 1} pew fe wer en ?j' . r.ulb' *'' ? ? -i ** 'I M*wt In DW-rU* I iiwl y? I'eMW I s ?? B I* - ?-ta VI Rrrrk*!' ' ? tf I * n I f*a , I'-' -**|Wi'*"* lf*t*t in rwentng end tavwiag ae.-t.iaw* VMM ?? Je'f *. I*M. I tw? e>-<>* *a*l llarrfe end Ja-rl * ?*> '' '? nail < bo f * rle ?*"? for per i-<r aaa *? t* 'it#* fk nmrl Merr ? 1*4 fnnl ? -*? -V 'ft, -nalt. O , f r teefgW Nf i*r *o r'nfat t i ' *J r. araA Hwri* *??' I *?> * ?? rjtt?.| ,ei. r, f * i-e-'.pr - br* . f (le'* - * .' < a .j llarr * e d I e*. W, 1/ ?***. V 'S* - a - If, O., I ? a. r 'or *, - . *rrt >*r Jo-allien C B? er. wf Irvtni fttiD fr>r Annyw f ? * ?k fret e? I *r*h ?n 'int. of fvn eakr v, fl r n d*'Jg-** le* ?trap blare* TSw e#? An* II-* A*?1?*r. i- ??.<-,## ab' b Waa la'.it -pewwA la in e I ? rl?f or ?? - Ki-na T ? *1*01.1 * |IP? *i??w ? a' wl ?-g if pWMnele, eK f ab*?