Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 705a MORNING EDITION-MONDAT, DECEMBER 17, 1855. PRICE TWO CANTS. A9TRTDS1ENT8 BEEKWBD ETEBI DAT. nw puHUCATiosrs. 7.000 ??WUX)W BEDOTT Is creeling ?"" good toeling and hearty laughter wherever eke IsaHowed to speak for herseif. _ Hen the United Utt ei Journal?"This book la a reaervoir ot real, gaoulne, original run, and fun, too, that made lUelt Mom nm-makers have to m.iunficture the article?bare to la bor up t? the elevation of an Irresistible joke; but the humor of this book bubbiaa up (rim uu overflowing fountain ol fun. The (hlr autkoreea. whan a child, made fun, and couldn't help ft? uatdefun at her piaimataa and neighbor*, and got aeoided for It. At a later age she pitched Into the v toon and folllea that she found prevalent all about her. Uoe?lpi In society, knarea In trade,hrpoerltea In the church, and the rtdleuloua everywhere, furnished eshaustlem subjects for her aaUre, and the Widow Bedott paper* la the laughter p.-ovoalng reault. It If rustic, oountry fun too. It smaok* o' pumpkins, pigs, zig zag fences, tarm yards, tea parties sewing societies, grassy lawns, and especially the rural ohuroh, aod the patrons thereof. Oountry talk, oountry msoners and country life are hit oil In a veil of Inimitable oountry humor. In short, the >ook la giving the city and oorntry everywhere ooe big laugh." the book can be (bund at all bookst ires. Price SI 20. J. 0. DKK3Y, Publisher, New York, M ABON BROTHERS, NEW YORK, HAVE JUST PUB I. TUB INDIAN FAIRY BOOK. From original legends. Illustrated by John McLenan. 1 vol. UmoT Price SI. FuU gilt edges, SI SO. This book, with Its ohermlng stories, superb Illustrations and nlmgani nlnilrff wi'l on ? the most attractive work for a holiday present published this season. The original lagentU, ? whleh the editor has worked up and retold In a glowing and at I tractive style, are derived from entrees placed at his disposal by Henry K. Boboolersft, tsq. The work Is superbly Illustrated (root drawings made by John MoLonan, and engraved by an ibezty In a etj le which for elaborate finish and artistic excellence has been rarely equalled. A glance at the following table will assure the renter that the stories do not treat of the tomahawk ard scalping knife, but that they are transfers of those beautiful mythological traditions which ate found only among the In dians j? ootmim. I. The Oeiestial Miters; II. The Hoy who set a Bnare for the buntUI. tor w ft Desire and the Red toreerer: IV. The Wonder fUl Exploits of litambopper; V. usseo. the Hon of the Evening ?ar;TI. Gray Ragle and hi* Five Brothers; VII. The Toad-Woman; VIIL The Origin of the Robin; IX. White Feather and the Biz Slants; X. Bheen, the Forsaken Boy; Xf. The Mag Is Bundle: XII. The tied Nwao; XIII. The Man with his Leg lied up; XIV. The Utile Spirit of the Hoy-Man: XV. fke Kucha Lied Mooeaslns; XVI He of Ihe Little Shell; XVII. Manabozko. the Mlscblef-Maker; XVIII. Leeltnan. the Lost Laughter; XIX The Winter Hplrtt; XX. The Fire-Flume; XXf. Weendlgoee acd the Bone Dwarf; XXII. The Bird l over; XX1I1. Bokwewa. the Humpback; XXIV. The (Irana thatcraeued the ittveri XXV. Wunzh. the Father of Indian 0.11 II HAMPTON BRIQHT8; Or, THE HPINBTKR'S WARD. Br Caub Htsbbpok. lvoL.lfmo. Price $1 SB. The events ol this volume are (bunded on (Acts. Many per sona now residing In Oonneottout will reooguize not ooly he ftieldbDts, but many of the characters, which are Introduced Into the ttorv. The characters. In many respects, are faithful portraitures of Individuals now living, who played In real life ihe parts assigned them In this volume. Caleb Htarbuok, the ? uthor. Is evidently an "old salt," and the story savors much or the interest of the forecastle. in. BOSH CLARK. H* Fanny rnun.?Priced! 25. It is superior to anything we have yet had from the gifted pen or fancy Fern.?New York Mirror. It le certainly the best thing America's favorite, authoress has yet done.?New York Rnlf Aote. II le ten times the superior of "Bulb Hall," In every respect; and greet as was the sale of that book, we should not wonder If tbfi were ten Umee greater.?Boston Evening Oaxette. In this nlory the writer maintains the characteristics which first gained her such wide eelebrtiy. Hhe Is, by turns, wluy, P Ohetic, Hoorntu , and reverent?terrific in sarcatm, and warm, finest aod outpouring In eulogy; rapid in movement, always full to overflowing wtih life aof energy, and always going ai i-. otly to the nratTofhsr sub|ecl; and, finally, every quality Is inleestftrd and sharpenel In Ita effects by an amazing power of condensation, ooropresslng o'len into a paragraph, or a Hoc, dial common wrier*would spread over a dozen dreary pages, .Viler alluding to the manner In whloh "Ruth Hall," nanny I em's last previous werk, took the public by storm, the writer odds of "Rose Ulark:?It Is, In all respeets, a better book. The nu'hor, Instead rt resting upon her laurels, has girded herself up to her work nf self Improvement; she bos pruned her ex pica-too of much ol lis extravagance, without losing any'hing ol'hsr Hie, enntgy or wit; she has shown a creative capacity uqusi to her puwer of satire and Invective.?Philadelphia In quirer. m. TBR I.KTTRRP OF MaDAME DK HKVIONE lo her Daughter and Friends. sdlletl bv Mrs. Haroh J. Hale, suihor of "Northwood" " Woman's Record," No. Being iol. I of t! e Library of Htandaid letteis. 1 vol., lima. 4'18 pp. J'rite fl 26. From the Bosto. Traveler we make the follow tpgex'ract, which sneaks the cxeellenotes of this valuable sort, In wrds true and forcibleMadame DuHcvtgne, Whooe cttors ore here published, was one of those guted ladles whose polished m?un?r* and brilliant acoompUsbmenU. Imparted sorh lustre to the Court of Louis the Fourteenth; end her lc'vrs most of which were addressed to hrr daughter ? tot ohly give particulars which afford a perfect picture ol ih" ?truss, but ate also distinguished by the nary gracefuloec, of toeir stylo, and the charming maternal tenderness whl h shines through all. The Prev, gt serally, baa bestowed unqualllled praise upon 'his v rlumc llie New York Tribune, speaking of the letters, says:? "Ttarir lively pictures of Frojeh manners, and their tro i worthy acconnU of historical events, will alwsys socureto fhem a large circle of lute Agent. roade-s. This NSW York J mitral ot Commerce styles tlu<w ' models of epistolary com I uaftkMt.'" The New turyport Loloii calls the su'itor "osoof the tun I r.asoloatlng ot the whole letter writing race." tutl the Bosk n l'o?t says" As a (amlly book, this volume .unot bet he welormo " " She luvasfo," says the New Yorg virtor, "the most ooinmonplncu particulars of life with a r itggsattveMsS whloh startles the reader." And In another I orhvo ol htsjength. notice, the mlttc ol' the Mirror say* her ' letters arawnltcn In simple easy periods, and are remark > r ft r lhal combination of ivlt, wunom, and nliarlly, which I* o ; are aod so attractive." The biographical sketch of Ma ?n>r De Bevlgt r, by Mrs. Halo forms a me si attractive por ii. it ol the bock. A widow, yonthtul, gIMed, beautiful, viva i iiius. and uii'L ?umui, tie aevo'od her Ufe to her chlldreaand I'rte ill still at'ald 'he allurement* of a corrupt oourt, sustained ei-ol'. unMrm.-hed. The per oral of the !l"o of this high prln . p e-t Bouisn tsorot but prove beneliclal to all. "VI' 'I.! EF READY AT 2 O'CLOCK?llARPKR'a NEW \\ MONTHLY MaOa'/.INK COB JS.IOlltr. Ibe Fnbi-hei* of "Harper's Magazine" lake pleasure in nnonnrtng i list they have purchased Ihe atvannc sheets of " Utile Pornt," ihe new serial tale by Charles Dickens. This rlrivy *h to be lasucd le Kngl in.1 In monliily parts, 01 twenty Ave cents eat h Thc?c parts will appear complete, with all the otlgmal illufcirstions. In successive numbers o "Herpel's nuirasnP' ." u a cost lo subscribers of about two cents each ' The lim part appears lo the magazine for this month. 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Its Penal Reference to a Joint Committee, Tbe following resolution ?u offered to-day in the Houm ef Delegate* by Mr. Welimen, the member from Wayne county Reeolved by the Oencrel AeeenUy of Vlrrioie. That tbe Governor of this Commonwealth be authorised to ten der to the President of the United Slates a regtmeat of volunteers, tor the purpose of preserving law and order n Kansae. Thl-waa followed by some laughter among the mem ber*. Mr. Whlman Mid?This resolution seems to createaome laughter in the House; but, air, when we consider that there are now in that Territory not Vms than a thousand abolitionists In arms, perpetrating ini quities upon tbe settlers there?harning hou *e< and turning women and ohl dren alrift upon the world it cannot be doubted but that there b need for some ac tion on the part of those who sympathise with them. Ihere is, in (iaot, a crisis now In the affairs of the Union which perhaps never before existed. It is nothing lbs* than a war between our own people?civil war to a limited extent. Missouri, if I am correctly informed, ha* sent to the scene of action three regiments of volunteers, and the I egislature of South Carolina has under consideration a proposition contemplating a tender to the I'reeident of the United States volunteer aid for the same purpose. If this resolution is objected to, I would be happy, should geatlemen so dartre, to make any modification In it th t may be deemed expedient and proper. If it should bo deemed desirable to by it over for a future ocoaaion, I shall have no objec' ion. I feel, however, that theiels need for some action upon the inbject to which it rebte*. Mr. Kicspxr, of Madison?I would suggest to the gentle man that the proper couree would be to refer it to an ap propriate oommlttee, and suffer it to pats through the ordeal to which other reeolutinni are subjected. Mr. Box*u>, of Montgomery?I mote to lay the resolu tion on the table. Mr. Imbodsx, of Augusta?If the gee'.lemaa would with draw his motion, I would move its referenoe to th* Com mittee on the Milit'a laws. Mr. Ronald?I withdraw my motion. Mr. Imhodev?1 make tbe motion juat indicated. Mr. B(TiDairoiti), of Goochland?I would suggest that the joint committee of both Houses, appointed to con sider the subject of more effe:tuaUy preventing tbe es cape of slaves and the propriety of devising measures of retaliation, would be a more appropriate oommittec to consider the subject. Mr. Iwbohkv? I am willing to modify my motion to ae cord with the gentleman's luggNtinn. Mr. Ro.vald?1 mure the Indefinite postponement of the resolution. I made a motion to la/ on the table, which I subsequently withdrew; bat belle*, irg that any action by the Houae at present upon .-urh a subject would be premature, 1 now make this motion to postpone indefinitely; in doing 10, I f*| nevertheless a deep intoreet in what ht now going on in Kanraa; and, air, when Kansas la brought ?nto the I nion, and reoogniaed by the conatitution of this'and us a sister Mtate, then, sir. ahould these ah??. U *? mucl1 dreaded by the gentleman who has offend the ievolution, go there for the purpose of tic - passing upon the rights of others and destroying thele propeitj, th?n, 1 say, that If Kansas needs the assistance to protect her rights I kuow rery littlo or the sentimeu's and feeling of tho people of Virginia if I canu it much tor the leauiness to render aid in such a crisis. I know ai.ll ii.'ira reas .n to know that when an ocsa. lm arisen if ?t shall irlse, Virginia will be there to uphold and vinoicate (he South. She will ba reaiy, willing and anxious to shed her blood for the rigit* of the Moiih, and the rinrlication of the constitution of the I nited States, fir, any action on the part of tho Virgi aia f egiduture at this time is, in my opinion, prima 'ore. It s. ?ms to me that tf we now act upon this subject we shall ?e usurping a power which does not prowrlv boior g to us. We should aw?It action by the genera government upon the matter. The time in my opinion is not remote when it will necessary for us to act without the preliminary of a resolution. When that time a;rives it will be well to act. At present there is no need for action. Hut I say whenerer the occasion does arise, Virginia will be ready to int'ch off at a mo mr ut's warning. Hellerlng, however, that the present is not the time for snch action as the resolution contem pi tr s r renew my motion to postpone Indefinitely. Mr. Unuur-I hsre an objection that the House iuke whatever step it deems nost prudent iu this matter. I am anxious that gentlemen would show their hands upon the si.sje-t; and to give tLem a full opportu mty of doing so, I call for the ayes and noes. ihe cull was sustained. Before the rote was taken. Mr. Kahj.t, or Albermarle, said?80 far ai 1 sir1 concerned, I Would not bare said a word nprn tills subject, had not ths gentleman called for the axes and noes. 1 will now say that I would go as far as any man to protect the rights of the South and preserve peace in Kansas, but I can see no policy nor wisdom in our Pa?aieg a law to authorise the (Jovernor to rniploy a rrgimcnt cf volunteers to go there and enter into a sectional strife, the effect of which would be, tn all probability, to perpetuate scenes of bloodshed and drji car cage. I think this matter ought to be iaft to the peo. pie of the Territory themselres, sod I feel conrineed ths' no prsctlcat good oould be ehected by the cour e in fleeted. Keeling this. I shall rote in favor of the in iell nife iH.sipi nen.enl of the resolution. Mr. Ki TniatroKiv-1 would suggest that this Is mer-lv a resolution of lot]litry, an,t that it is unusual to offs, op position to resolutions of such a character. Any membes has a right to offer a resolution, and have it referred to ? n appropriate committee lor lnvaeilgalion. if any test fote is to be take, Or action had, it is befer that it should be taken after the oomml .tee shall bare repined ncd inasmuch as this Is a suijec, pe ?ullurly affecting the rotere-ts cf the Month as well as those of Virginia, and he?fibre needing due cou?,deration. It is proper to r-ferlt U. ? committee whe,.. its me,it. wiU be fully csnvas-e.' It would look ha.) to see Virginia agreeing to the in. elirutepoetponemert of a resolution which relates to the protection ofa sister State or Territory, lam in f. tor of its r*fer?nce t? the Joint committee haring under ct n?.|dfration the eubject of retaliatory measures, and the adopt! m of more effectual means to prevent the e??s|w of slaver, Ac. Mr. Horald?Not being familiar with proceedings of tins ao,t ItsI that It is proper for me to yield to the -usgestlons of gentlemen more experienced thass I sni, end shall, thereto,#, in deference to their bett?r Judgment agree to withdraw my motion to postpone indefinitely S?d suffer the resolution to go before . prop,r lit Tl ^ Whlch lnrt'">no^l me to msiti g that mo Ion was that k'ssiu 1. , ptop.wta.n to Interfere wit^tu! li'erri2*Iurir. " * Mtate which is now without the ooafsderacr I withdraw W.J median to pfielpone lndefi.i,e]y. * ' * Kauquler?I hope the mo I,a will a ,t be Mivsaim? The sense of the House has not vet M? \J" "Ubdr?" *b' Itfoa wr f ?it*is? | hopa, Mr. Mpe ,ker. ;hal leave will ? >1 s. gtvs-n to the gentleman from Mmtgomcy to withdraw his raws M? .NT7 of nio i.m ,0 ln.fofl?lt.lyVf. P?.ne this subject I eonoeive, sir, 'hat we have l^for,. u. at this tlm- business enough wh.'ch pcrUius to tW?" t*m.f ? of f?uf f'Ul#, and which inMritirflf . attention. to occupy or for the aiwl twenty day,:,n(1 dom )t If ilf. lt* " * ?ijget Which properjT ind is,-, Ornately belongs ,h. geaeisl gwfJmSwtf | uSL always entertained the bs'.ief that It was -he province of the gr eral govrrnmrnt to guard the interct/of P V f ,?"" " 'vfn abrosd. and t-.qneU lo "urree ul and rvbrWou wtrhln. Am 1 ao' right Itr- w T J"" ecs^ie duty of the tveTf , ? ' *1 *,' "A r*,'u,r* "? *" "td. . ou'. the foroes at his c, a Tha il .' L a* * maiautaiag hi. uthoiliy of onWr 10 Terrii^V iuj Er ' v ? her own ?rue tnterwsta. I d., lK>i fctu that to diapoee of thii resolution by ths sommaty mod* of an indefinite postponement wtd have any b v'l effect, or will lead to such mistaken understanding of ? tr true position a ad of oar feeling* upon thl* subject a* I* apprehended by scene gentlemen. Ho, ?lr; let u? a' tend to the IhuIdoni fur vklch we are oonveuel here; let as not spend oar time ia passing use lee* and, I may eay, futile reeJutlans; and when the time oonia for u* to take a decided pod tir-n in defrnoe of our right* and iaetitutiwM, ae guaran teed to u by cor onueUtution, then let we be found ae one man, art in per-In < papier reeolutiono, but acting at become* a people who will maintain their right* at ail hlUl^R. . llr. Bsanwom. of Iewlv eounty?I wish to mnke an In quiry of the Chair ?*> I understand the propoeitiou o' my friend to the right (Mr. Rutherfoid) aa beluga modi ligation of that offered bv the gentlemen from Augusta, (Mr.1mbo.Wn), to the effect that the reeolotiou be re frred to the j. Int committee having under consideration the sutject of re'alisiory measures, kr.t In the *veat that the llwr ehall refuse to postpone bee eubjeet Inle linitvlv will the question recur upon its reference twthe con mlltee alluded to f .. Binsarx?M the House grant leave to the gentleman frrun Mrutgomery (Mr. Ronald) to withdraw hie motioo. uu> reeolutlon whl then be belore the House; but it wUl be competent for any other gentkman to renew the mo tion ."-hould the House refuse to postpone, the question will recur upou Its reference to the j'lhit committee. Mr. MasAKD, o< Rlchmotd?I eertali ly, for one, re gret that this subject lias beau brought before the House in this fo-m. I do not think that It U a matUr with which we have anything to do. My Impression ie, that this Legislature would be much more profitably euge cod in the dischaige of other duties?otter important duties which rest upon us wi'h reference to the rights and in terests lit Virginia in her State administration?than In oiscussing any other question connected with the gene ral polllios of the country. Alter a few other remarks, he expressed a hope that the ffentleman front Fauquier fMr. Carter) woull inter pose no objections to the gentlemen from Montgomery (Mr. ltonaiu) withdrawing hi# motion that the subject might be permitted to pass through the usual prelimina ry routine of other business. Since the mitlerwasat ail introduced?a 'act which he much regretted? he thought the belter course was U> refer it to a proper committee. , , Mr Cartik?Although I see no reason to change my opinion In resp?ect to the dlspoeltion waich the lious* should make of this subject, yet If It shell Indicate* wish to allow thi gentleman from Montgomery to with draw bis motion, fwill yield to tho solljltations of the genthwnan from Richmond, and ioteipose no ohJecUoiis w> the proposed reference to the joint committee. The question on granting leave to withdraw the mo tion to postpone Indefinitely was put, snd decided in the Hfllricame. , . . Before the question < n referring the resolution to the joint committee wes put, .. Mr. Wiurr, of Botetourt sn.l Craig, said?1 regard the resolntii n as ti-o harsh. I do not believe the existing state ot things calls for action of the oliaracter pr.ip.oeed by .he iesoluiion of the gentleman from Wayne. l am of opinion, "however, that some action should be had upon the subject, and in furtherance of that view, a< also my belief of the inappropr lateness of the resolution before 'he House, 1 have prepare! a resolution which I hope the gentleman will accept as a mocifloatiou of his. I will offer it by wsj of sroeocment, "Ttat a joint committee be ap> p. Inted to consider the presect troubles in the Territory of Kansas, and to inquire what action, if any, should be taken by he General Assembly lu rehrenoe to that sub -'*Mr. GABMrrr, ol King and (Jneen and Kssex, said?-I re gard these resolutions as the expression* of individual* -ather than of he gentlemen from Wayne and Ualg (Messrs. Welhnan and Wiley), and so regarding them, I cannot imsg-ne on what principle any gentleman can object to their reference to an appropriate committee.^ 1 ?arte with my friend from Richmond (Mr. Btanard) that it w< uld be entirely premature for the House to c-msl l'ir this ei'blectat the present time. We would be burried into a most Important debate, not only without proper nformation upon the subject, but before we know wheth er there was any necessity for such action as the -e*< lutir.n contemplates; for It jet remains td be s.?n whether the President of the Unlled HUte* is not v. tiling to maintain order In Kansas, and the military powpr at his command to enforoe It. ? hen we know that he is derelict In thl* ma ter. and licks the lower to pro*erv? peace and harmony In that Territory, it I* time en< ugh for us to take the step which is now proposed. 1'nlil iheu I se.. n . propriety hi doing so. In tfce meantime, while I would not have thi* Hou e lay the resolution on the table, lest It may have an uiTuvuiabe iidluence ehcwhvre. by being const rued ?U? a s ar.t of sympathy on our part with th- sir iggl* which is teii a carried in in Ksn*m, yst. at the same time, l ??pre with ini fihnrt I row kUuhmuuA, lhal it U orematiire to ctbate or c< tiseler llilv qut-etusu. I tlierefore move ?tr to refer 'he oriploal resolution and amendment to the joint committee appointed to cor ider other subject* g.rmsinto this. The re-olu lon of th- g-ntlsruan rr.oi Cie'g (Mr. Wiley) rem* fair enough, but the (act I* wo ire not preraiel to tske ictlon even to the extent con tr m| lated therein. It li yet to be deterraloed whether w* xrU consider al #11 these troubles In Ksrsss. It is jet to If determined whether any uctb n on < ui I- called for by the neee-riilcs of the aie. 1 trust tb? gentleman "III allow ih" resolution to be Kferred to n proper non mittee, to be t uly cond iered and reported i.p?.n to this U"uw, when, If actum become* ueces #rv I tor ot.e shn l be reedy to go with ?m a* fir a* any man can de.lre. I therefore icnew my motion to refer the tvsolu'lun and amendment to the Joint commit tee alie*''y epprdnted. . , . Mr. WwUM.i?1 have no otj c.tlon that the reaolutlrm be refened to a set.ct committee. In fact 1 brought Hie subject under the notice of that committee thl* morning, of which I am myself* member, and the prominent mem >ers of It .tated to tne that they thought It would be rtc rirable to offer mclia resolution, lhls wai one of the ieoi> ns that induced me t > "ftt It. Mr. Taxi>'K of Alexandria?I regiet thataoy resolution ha* been Introduced at this time upon this subject. With *11 due deierence to the gen'leman wuo ititrrduced the resolution. 1 think it would be much better that no such resolution should have b *cn offered. [ Udnk it 1* unnecessary for rr.e, or any other man V ir ginia, to define ? ur positions with re .pent to the affair* id North and -South. Them I* no man in S Irgiuia who i < not of one op inh n upon thl* subject. 1 regard the reso lutlon a* bring premature. 1 dn not see what It Is to operate on. There U nothing, in lac'., a' thl* time upon which It can operate. Toe proposition* a* I understood from the gentleman from Kasex (Mr. (Jarnett), it to re er phi* resolution to the j. Int comml tee appointed to con hirer the subject of the more effectual pteren lonol slaves from rscaping, and the dev I-lug of pr- per retalia tory meaanre* aguiost the North. Now, sir, I ask can tlna res'lolirn be approprla'ely referred to that eoni tniriiv* fan that committee act upon It In any war, shape or form? I think not. It wtuld be beyond the pal* < f the dulle* that have been iropso ed upon It by th* resolution under which it has been appointed. Mow sir, I am ready when* the question come* up prop erly, to go as tar a* any man to smtain 'he right* of ?he INmth, and to p.roU ct ber nropsrtv, as also the oustttntion of the I ni'el S'a'es. Now sir, It a.errs to me that the constitution the I "Itrd states, which we ?'C I wire sworn to "hey and uphold. Is sum dent to do all that is neee-mry to pro's ot the intern** of ihe South, without Ktic.U aid a* I* propise.1 by the revo lot ion whlrh ha* hem offered. I understand the em til tution r f the fnitrd Htatc* to prr r.ik that the I resident of the t'nlted -<1*10* shall iiav power In call out 'he mill t?t v to sop pr.-s* Insurrection or lejwI lnTaslon. Now, ir I iok if we ire ta^onrpd of the <wlj<tenre of any In nirrrctlon or Inxasmn xri'hln the Juri*41etlon of these Blats* to Justify the acli.n priporwl to b? te'.m r I have hiard n thing more alxmt the matter than what I *'??> rd from r,*w?p*p ?r reports, and that osrialnly '*nnot b> itemed Mifflrlent grounds for a step so serious as the re solution contemplates. I would not rote to lay it <"> tji* table n> r do I Udnk it I* p>ropoi to re'er It to a commit tee I thmk the hert plan would be Sir the gentleman Trom Wajne (Mr. Wellm?n) to wl'hdraw It The question on referring the resolution, w^th the smenduient pr.po.e.1 by Mr. Wdsy, was Ukm. and de Vtiled in the smnnative. Tut ?r.,r $r. o? ths IUrk Aukua?Tm Brum) I'kuw A?D rw* Ci Ul Jt ST*.?Ihe Havana l/iario <lr la Marina, Id It* i*?u* of the Stt November, publl*he* a I rag rlitrrlal in '*vr?r'l to the aelrure of th* Amul"*n hark Amelia, which arrived ?t I'ort an-i'rtnc* with * full raigo uf arm* ami amuniUon which, *4 the American ronrul, Mr. I awl*, allege*, were In tan-ted tor a fillbu-tc :mr c,p. ilitl m. Ilf editorial abo-* alluded to, f rev en t v th* ftllowing fact*, th* truth of winch U warmly Touched for by tt* Ko> it t' Jn The IHirin

1st. That th* rr*w of tha Amelia teitiilud that th* reiu-cl waa bound to Cuba lid. That tt* Amelia, a? wall a* another hark called tha Mapnnlia, waa bought by tha Treasurer the t uhao Junta for the ?um of hit WOO. ii>i. That tb? account- given t>y th* Tr*amr?r of tha Mllftin In the hand* of *v*tyl. *)y la the I'nitad ?tat*a. 4'h. That noma friend* of tha IHarin hare ?**n, aa any body eh* odd aaa, tha account book* of th* tr*a*<ir*r of tha Junta, what* aa Ham la found, chanrln* B90.000 for th* purcha** of th* Victoria and her artnam*nt. f-th. Another Item of $46,000 fur th* porchano of I,f.0? ? Moo. nth Another Hem of $20 000 for the purrha?* of 4,001 market* and carbine* Ttb. Another lt*m of US 000 inw*a'?d In anoipmanta. #th. Another Item r f $6,000 fur ball eartrld.;-*. 9th, Another Item of H,IM for p*rrn**lon nap*. I'bh. Another I'am uf M.0O0 for mu?kat*. pl*toli. * Total, ?.AH 600 Dpli. Tmr.n im thb Goal Kboiomb.?Broom aa o ell Mud* a eumaa a gloomy appearance at pr*?ent Ui-irug'i out th* mining region. fndcgrtident of taa atagnatlun In th* C *1 rrad* iiaual at thia Mkaun "f th* jaa wa have bad tkf failure* that have aided ta th* amount of 4'a tt?*a, which ia nut only f*lt by bnainaaa m*o, but by a are* u.iriber of lav.ring man. who## Camill#* har# to >1 0*T In ret *#*j?#nca, and no doubt trill In cunee.|U?nea > f I ha *SUa*acaot prlo* of all art labia of Horl-I >u r%,m ikatr i tint bard wtater. A large pirtlun of th* tta tr*? am tha'. wilt b? rip*rl*n*?d might bar* b**ri nhv ?'#d bar our laboring community ba*w more prwrideot In lay iog In *t< ret during the eumuanr a*%?<ui whan th * bad It id I heir j? wer, 11. Mr-ad of which tbeu hard -?ruing* wate 'pan' In th* 111 b* grag .hop* t.r what waa tar I aa then ua*l*?a. Seme of our miner* and laborer- haea rea * n to be thaakful that Mime of thaden* of poll itirn ?*??? bail a cheek put to tha Hood n# II pit.I Bra that an' I late ly Bi eed M? fr**ly it their reapeeliw* f >ua aim can ug In Ita inrbulant a>>urua *o much ml-irr. wre'cba'oe** an I crime of eeeey hoe, at th* rtai'al i/wMefc Uummlty ?I" ink- e (th norror. fl aould b* % happy clre *oe* in ? If M me of tha ie?oa nlag fowatair.* were r|>i* 1 ? ?.?*/ ? | tfilr , fa.) $vl:4>? f>? ti DiuntUr ui ArnMral THINGS AT ru CITY TDlflfl- OOLIDA* NOVKL TIM?LA UK A IBMU'S FBOUbiAIATION?XIMIO IN in MbTKOTOI 18- HOTKMHTit OK BTA?8, ITS.? A sncr CAllDMtOM A KKWrrr U008M8TTK, WTO. The thftati-ieAl season thus far hw Kr? ah e*oell?nl mm for the manage r? generally, who have all wurke 1 herd to Mcure the patronage of our ritliw fiuti'liMJ public. It Is a good sign wb*a the thestrss 4o w#U, for ptfblie Amusements tie the eurokt harem t> tor* for the at tuoephsre of public prosperity. At the Broahwat Tinumx the Marsh children have con firmed the excelled impression made wpuw the pubtio b/ their fir?t night, end here bren re-engaged. Their manager deserves credit for thetr excellent tr lining. Ou Tao* Uy laet the Dramatic FunJ Benefit drew a fad House, to nee " The Rivals" and " Beauty and the Beast." lu the tlcrl named pic or. Mr. Blake made hie first appearance Uiij season, playing Hir Anthony Absolute cs|>tlaUjr. Tlui same performanoe will be repeated this evening. Tne Marsh troupe will remain during this week only, an i every one who desires to enjoy one of the most pl*a?tiig theatiieal novelties of this letter dey should not tail to kee thrm. Miss l?u ui Krni'n programme for the seas >11, at the Metiopolitsn theatre, noa called the Varieties, has been Issued, ami will be found elsewhere In tbi< journal. Mlrs Krete has, thus for, dcue tbreo good thing":?1. >ht has altered the stage end arraogement ol the piesse aluin; 2. Bhe has had entire sets of new scenery painted In place of tbe old trnah ; 8. She has secured the set rices of several actors high in the favor of the New York public, and has altogether a better 000k pany than ws thought it possible t-> ooiiv.t at this.season. Messrs. Charles Bass, C. Jordan, liyott, II. Hall, T. B. Johnston, and Miss Keene, herself, nre artists about whose ability there can be no question. 1 he effort of Ml??s Keene is bat nn experiment, but she has, apparently, neglected nothing which nould contribute to its success. Tl>? public i* ah nady happy to acknowledge lur rreiit as an aitist, and will be happy to give her a foir chance new that she indulges in llie luxary of manage meat. At Ui'KTim'H Tuiatkx, Mr. Matthews' come ly, " Pulse Pretences," has been considerably cut aud othorwi-o improved. U was played every night last west, inept Monday, when Mr. hoorge Jordan had a benefit aud acted Han-let. It was a correct anil exoelleut performanoe? oleaily and judiciously rand?gracefully, quietly aud effectively acted. The bill for to night Includes a c needy in two acts lately produced at Ifrury lane for Cherlvs Matthews, end railed "An Impudent Puppy." The com edy ' False Pretences " will also be acted. Mis* Char lotte Mitchell, a clever actress, has joined Burton's com pnay. At Wauack's Trams, the novnltta# of the week liar# leen the new tnree "A OaHfornia Widow," Mr. Placid* in "Our First Might," soil the reelrel of the t rench nirki drama of "Pauline." The fir?t nenre<l |,icce hue grow n In favor or the nudicnee, thank* to the excellent acting ? f Mr. Charles Waleot, who play* the principal part. Mr. H. Ilacidei* iniini-able in the >? First Night." the next best fur co we hate seen for many a day. The bill for to ri ght is "Pauline" and "To Parents and tinardlatu," I'Indite as TourMUon. Ml** K. Maymoud, late of Bur ton's, le engaged here. At Nmur'a, the Itnrel Family and il'Ile Uobort ontiune 11 attract full hou-es. The bill for to-alght include* two popular pieces. At the Ai awmiy Of Mr*if, tbe houses hare been a 11 ttIt* ?e.ter than umuI. "fbe Tiovatore" Is up for to-nighU lhe company will appear at the Boston theatre about the 8th of January. At the BtWHtY Toturni Mrs. llatublin and Mr. Kddy have boat, playing to good loiase*. lhe bill for tonight I* "Itsmlet," with Mrs. tKmhlln a* the moody (lane, and ?' Men the Do*htw>.ln." with Mx. Isidj in the chuac ter i f that Jolly mariner. IlriMOAY KaTKhTAiwRhm?The coming frctivltles wll be duly r l< brated at all the theatie*. by entertainment-, -uitable to tbe reason. The lirondwsy ni uugrwnt hare already placed their programme bef. re the public. They will bring oi.t Plarohe'e ,p>?ct .<-utar barletta, "King ? baiinlof,'' full of gissl Jokes, g>c*d songs, good scenery and fine eReets. The note of pieparation in all depart meuts was rounded some time alnje, and the scenery lias been prepared from the lsmdon models. The piece ws.orl ginahy done by Ma da mo Vestris at the l.yceum theatre I ? n.'on end It carrb-d that extravagant establishment ?hrough an entire eason hreiythlng will be done to u.ahe it equal to the I* ndon ilfurt by tlie Broadway n etisg. merit. Moeii* Mtbiltorie. 411 Broadway auooonce a pro irtau ine full of fun and good song* Tor benight. Bnain'* Mi>wimvui, ba# Ur.atwmy, give their bur le q e of " Purre/ia II rgla " this evening, together wllh any quantity ot other good thing*. At A'aikut llui.. Odd Rrnadaray, a capital hill Is an u< uuted Tor the tancfit of J. W. Rajnor, formerly a very popular member of Christy',. Minstrel*. (Umr< tuur, tie pianist, announce a concert at ll*?l woit i's Itooms. William Mason and 'art llergmaan Aire their second mu-lcal natinr' at Hodworth's on Tuesday. Mi-s A is a rtHYOt.i made a iMi I'ajim* In the con cert loom at llrooklyn last week. A CosxXhT, In aid of the <t. Vincent de Paul htnovtrian'. S* clsty, na* given at the Academy but night The I HMiiAfoaoM. llxmu???i* art more fully attemled ban i Vt r this season. At die last one so.ue two hun dred p-erron* failed to obtain Admittance for want of room. The Brothers Molhnhauer will give their farewell con ceit , n Saturday, I er< mber 22, at Hodwortb'e Academy. They efU be assisted by M?s r?. Tluim, Hlede, Aplomrn ? IterpJiardi and Htbreiber. The An eiIran troupe of Jt venlle Hell Kirigers continue Iht-lr aniutirg entertainment, at 17'2 Broadway A new ptogiaiiima to-night. J luwmi?Mr Fot rest is playing to great houses at the Walnut. Mr. Pbarlae Ktsher I* bar* bt support blui, and hi* (ago was much admired. Mr. Murd *cb la at the (Ity Muieutn. Borrow?There has been qnlte a Hotter in the drama tic circle* here, cau ed hy the following prortuo' wrsreso, against the edlbir of the ,%Uurrfoy KvmiAg O-i.-tff a newspaper dMlngui?h?d for alaborat# musi. ai and dra matic arficlee. The autnores* of tiie card is Mrs. Wood, the fmUrtUt of the Rosbin theatre, a pretty woman *nd a eleter actress, blie says ? Tb- article In the shova nuuol paper ?f .-iaturdsy Her 8, requires an answer which I feel tu duty bound to my self to give. Mr. (ia,.p's remarks are not only mean and conb uip.tfble, but I am sorry to say they are uutrns, and eheu an editor *>t"rp* bi publish un'rutli* to the oU peregement of two inltvldnal* at lh*> Boston tltestre max not all th? good he says of other* be e-i tails untnief I alio, e partlcoUrly to hi* last remark, in ebicf, I.* say. ? Mrs Mo?d voluatee*?d the gentle Juliet ,m o,r itut tjken of good will toward* a horoeo e drstrc -ed b> find a Juliet her dvfl. ieoctaa In exeeotl t tb. maaie hould pa** unbred*4 " "I'ae* unlrel d*. ** actly what 1 wbhad, but how nan p , ? aoWl* i when thie lltwwal idlbrr leminds his ft ? I, In to ,o> Innocent way that It was very Udr In , Instead of my volunteering, Ml* PhtliJ-.. ,. |,. . , p rwmel lavor, If I would ob.ig* her by . ,,,/ :?* last set of Juliet. I never walteu to sdvari'ege# under which I should l*b*.r or b ? * I l.eold sifwe# myself bi the rernark* of .1, . : , |?, asks*) to S*r*e a slatsv aetfee,, are! a laily ,r.b,?l I era the greatest rv*peet, and I according r r,n***,t with p tea - ore, feeling quite sore that theau i -n ? wo I 'TTo1^ the right hgh-, aa-l Set to ? hleh it was tnt> nd*4. | set directly o, ? ,r. a W i iitrdey rie rnteg t., study an aet of Italia,. Junction with a part new to roe In "IBsCal , t' h. D.a-le for which 1 'Ura say Madame 8V*,.*, Uifl!.. nth" in lead *.( three days tu st u ty The edttr r also kindly retrmrkt ti.?t Mr* W.esl I ?,* s.| fwettx enough to have two |. .Ter * b*i Irr a t ,*g Utkfelth* vtvscltyaud pdqoant anlua t a ski. ?. h. u?7 isquirc while her v> he refu*a. b. rai.s a too* w ? .r ?ttrae'lve ly ll? foctl. eieet tbio, the e?-r t, / a elm ?te wfiieh ofun bk.v. n Juibm* to tb ? * -s I leg bare to IllfnWl h: ? (o.wroo* ?l,t,f, ,h I, n Lr?<*? loaly klo-l ? I* are sue % |.,? h* le ?. y^y.Vr' r' ? *? i .O.I , ?either the climate, t, mi,.b.tat.' *? ? j bt. august perwia, l ev - *, J? , ta'he *Hx?, ?t way Juiloea t*. me > r giy vH-s- ' A* to the tdltorS retnare* poo Mr Wood he i* ? ,a* and CM* protect himself aod -l.i act a- a mat .*<*>> wlwn a cfitlcix,, b-eoaam ? m,rs*>-?] in.ul th? - tor I fot ft'tew A* the e^lb.r wtetosw b, ralee ma la t>M p.. .1- a*ilea> tkow, slthi 'igi. be ha* a gmer way of,/ i*. -at I snypewe t< t? orw.awitat tu which way g.r.5 >? l?> I thrak he ejrht t,ve o-w-bmed that he dww slosi* I seag with Miss Phillip* la the ? CWotw ga.w* I a trs meudmie reeec, umh . a Tlbt*/ s?t.' aal *.? Va roe. af.srrwiew?hut y-rhapa h* e< !r ? m .i.a .?| to >ay this wh a hs ami thai Mr.|*rt . -*ng wa* Aey r*sna-k hr ' 'a,.y n.ay mm. tl, g^d is twin ateffol, v hs mU*f a r*p?-at* * .? h . #u ?*w?t*t tefet. he peeSeseV' te apyee* in a stratm. *a*. ami If h* hat ??* ha I a 'sir cheats as yet foe have tv. 'tght b? Nl*a-* b,c> and my be Mtah nO g* ^*, a-, when h? gained the rnly ?ppiaui? thwr? ?M. But you ? til hart an opportunity or judging another in hi* bun M*a. a* tb? part of Mayd?a%uahM "Uftlo Trea?uro " playnd by Mr. Huekatnoo in iMfn, U Mr. Wood'* port '7 r'gh', although aeeigued to mMIm Kor U>i? iuju? tiif I only Mr. Harry, andf if mwsagfra would pro teet lb?lr trior* and aclrr?<> frotn egtlora, a* h their da'y, there would bt a great deal mora boueaty la ilia probation I am aorry to aay Ihct? ia. Alio If th* roller of tbr l-'uirtl- wu Out tin- fiieod and er.|ii*iu'?n ?? of aotor?, but would go iato tin- th?at*o'i? a dl?int"re*i. *d way, and make a good touod critic ana, and fell tbr poo pi? bow be thlBb* It aliotiM be d?or, and not liiauH ? be performer*, ba Would be an on anient to kl< profca i lea. A* It ia, hia paper U the graaleat diagram we bate. NflC WO'.D Mr Inrdl I hare remembrance* of your*, That I bare longed loog to re le leer. I pray yon, now receive thrm.?I Iambi. Mra. Wood waa irhleatly in a bail temper, a*<d wilt regret that ahe ronhad Into print In Vbia extr?r?rd'mry manner. Knob a thing would be *apracnefy ridicubuoi In any place but Bo*ton. Mr. Homing baa rvtirel from tin management of tbr National thraire. At th? Boatou, the atock company la playing light pleoo* to fair boitet. Tba Muaatim It atill running 'dr. Cowell'a ?u;c?**ful piece, "Valentine and Drat." The regular diamain araaon M tba Howard wa* cwnmncol laat etenlng, and wa? par ticipated hi by a large and faahionnhl? audience, who ap peared to fully appreciate the eolerprla? and abill'y of 110 new management, and ?xpn-aeed tlreir approtiatiou in the moet flattering manner. The enterlalnnieot voir noticed with the now comedy ?atrlh-d "lit? Utile Trea*ur?," a beautiful goat ju*t adihil to iha coronet of dramatic jewel/. In rrgitrd to the performance o' the new otnredy la*t ovrning, we tliinb that thorn pretent had but one opinion, and tl<al wna, thai the acting wa* fully equal to the bounty aud la tere *? of the piece. Mlnt Howard hud a perfect con ception of the diameter ol the 1 title Treasure, and reti derrd it in (lie inoet natural an l idtoctire nutnaer poa? kible. Mi** Crtuupton, a* Lady Florence, Itad but hide to *ay or do, but that which wa* ajmigix-d to Iter wa* ably performed, an l gawn great aatUfoctlnu. Mr* Mid dle'rn wa* well repreeonied by Mr*. MamliaU, who ?poke her line* clearly and correctly. Counia Walter, by Mr. Karren, pha-ed everybody. Mr Chart* * wa* very c?re IrAly and well dure by Mr. Iliiublin, and reflected iuulI* credit upon llii? young actor. The iop of dm comedy? Hon. lelceMor I lut'mmet c? * a * bnely per-onate d by Mr. Stuart, and the remainder of the character* found able itpie*enta .ire?. At the concluaion < I tire ?oiuedy tire principal ariiat* were called for and ?ulhu?ia*tically applauded. 1h? mimical ettravaganra ?( "Araol" fol lowed the e.iuely, and made a gioat hit?It? ainuelng borle*<iuo action and nuurmoua local wit'irlem* drawing forth kcieaut* of laughter. The outcrtalumcni* con eluded with the performance cf (be laughable farce of " Horde at the Swan," intr<*iurlug a new carrdidate for public faTor in tbr perron of iiariy llail, who |? ramiit?I iioor* In the rno*t ludioion* and critical niannar, and proved him. elf to lie a great acquiaitiun to the comic ta lent in hi* pro'traion, and a ruo?t welcome a billion to tin* Mo*ton *(a^e. dUVUMrb?M'll? Haoliel hid ?nilrely recovered her health, and waa announced to play " Adtlenne" thi> eve* nltg. Tin- price* werr?(>rche*'_r? ?tall* an! dre** clr cle, 14, fauil y circle, $3; upper circle. $1; promenade tick?'.?, Ail; prnrcetjium l**x?*, >?f>. 7he pr lu tiani foi mrd Into orcln/tra to al*. I'-aphat-l l oll* ha*l gun? o Ilavar a. S-T. I/ius, Mo.?Tha Knninrj Aftero, inform* u tlitl wit).in tlio laat fiwweaLii th? e .in| .iny at the J'< pl< '? 'lontr* )i? Ij?m n mucli lueelillnl and iinprorad. Mr. Nagla, one of tlx inoiit arce;' ahie arllete in tba en n't/, in now th< lending actor of llir eat a Ml aliment, kinl in tin ooutri i> a few i'iJ", Mi>. I inut, a Ijouutifni wmntii *im| an ace< iojjIUI'C.I actiafk, will lake tin- |to?ili>in of trailing In 1/ r>h<- Ik Imtli hauihum and talented an 1 will li a Taluilrli ae>|tilkiUon to tin al. mil J i indent o-rupany aitniahou-c Vi a Loait>? 1'tay anil i". Browne ai alo n i company. N I.*'In lln* Htii. Mr Couldoc played I ant* XI iit 111II M. (JUnrloa. At tint Uilean ,, tialrrv'a opera, tlii- "toucan ol Cypr ua," wa- produced, an 1 Dol.igrara, tit# in n tenor, inailr a Kit. Mr. fltarlea announcm* n nn tiitgiHun M. /d i.l i, at tbi'1'i anit Mr. John irweru wan atarrlrg at the f!?l*ty whole Moore rjiult tlir niana get, bait tita n indulging In "li?Yl*>aek" and other ?riii trlritii *. I'rrl'a uegio ir Irntn l* wrte unlng r nc* I-., Tmo?A rein')? ioti n1 >?j The \ aria ilea "pent d on Haturday. I)m. 1, un.'i-r tlia manigetmont of Ji hn lllrkinott, wllliarety fall niii| aii}?f * play t in "ret lour f an Hy," anil the larce, " \ Ivl*. In tin* Dark"? to a crowded lioure. Tb* enmpunj r.nndata of J ilni ftirkaiott, I ogllali, Itrooka. -mltb. tUn?l?od, <1111 uol otbet*; Mrr. T. H U gun Miaa Smith. Mo* lllygim, Ml*e Met loakey and wtLcra to arilvr It Ii likely to be ll.aly in thin tl y for thaattirkl* thin wa on I'iMUMTI ?Mia- t. I* gm wo at tin- ft* pie * the.tie la*t aiok. It' I'yue and Karri*" a trou;* a to e git lug I i pitch "per a* at tho National. Mi mi) ?ktr. Ilaekrtt played FaUtad Uara on tha Kith unit wan enguged lor lire nitride morr IMit.nopi.?Mr. I "men port ami Ml** Vlaing ?r* at 'l?e ll-diday a'rmt llntia, Dan I (Inn'* elrcue a*, the I rout ?trtwt, end kenikel'e Mlnftrela at the Chart*' atract Mr C. Ikuw I* atarrii g at Dir Marram. ftviMiiH, (i* ? Mr. Clianfrau and Ml?* Albartin* ?*k playing here lad wh k. Mi.n Karrrn ap|?ara to night brw Haic*., Coaa ? riia Mnnrutn hrra open* thl urm It pr, under tha menage nan' of J. J. I'rior. Trot.? Mr. Jobn ln w I* dan utar a*. ti.? Aitrlpln, end Mr. II. Crjumr at 1h* Mu??im CAUrokJllA.?Datwa to Sot .0 Thry !?*??? Iwi baring loon- grand ope-a at tbr Maliopotitan, tan Fran-1* o wlilch waa ruddonly hrcught to a grand craah by a r<V Iwtwirn 'ha coudnctor, Mr. (iaorga Iodor, an 1 lira piima donna, liartalt Hotb flew to tbw uawapapara aa miiaJ and ptibllahed earda mora dlctlr.gulahad fur Uinf'.h tba-i btillianry. (ia/ba'.o rafnaad to appear In " truHl," bw ??aura, aa *br *?;?, loan Waa not lit to oonduat an or ebmtra for grand opera. 1 ha(Jahrlel IUir*l aoropany an* playing to gnat hou ? a at tin' American, tbr only tloatr* open ii ? ro.? ? Naiihar rliwi?a Watthair* or lb* iigyptian fijaTtaclr vmiUI draa at ftrury lam ami Mr Smith baa got a frmata lion tamrr Mil ' , laliarrrw, who ton moat ntjaordlnary thing*. Julii* n I* biting Cutout "rardei wl'Ji hi* c iowf1. ami anmoincad a ma. k hall for the I7th IWmaUr Mr An dor tin waa at the niandard. Mr. J. ii. McVukar, tbr p< pnltr Vanfeoa ei.o?diafi, ? playtug Ut tbr tlty ol IoryVm Ihaa rr with groat ???* mn. Theatrical* generally ara r> ? y dull In Inn on ttarditta t'o'timan l? ?tllj a* th* llayina-aa* Sort |W* raldl la *tigag* d at tlx Italian ' pars Carta, It r*? ?!. Itarafdl waa > B? 'if Mara'.mk'a taar/ra at I aallo iJatdon. lwt yaara ago Ibc Jlwrouer . 4?oa 'luti a ?anmnd ti ap pooitod by tba g'.Tornniant la now *og?g?-1 In exiting all M*c ikmliM. In or'tcr ?? f1* t a ref to, In t|.? arraoga rrewt <4 Ihr plaeoa ap| r. p- a'?d '? <b?* lotWlr. All tb'aew now hood lnroiiTe.| iemt will. It la aald ha aopi roe ml. -hud tbia UltanlUn b? ear dad tat it wtll lie a graat b?. .n lo the public, for m>'t lag 'an poeaiki/ ba n?oc* In t nrcr.icol 'ban tba aat. in I'a'la fhcatrr* liar r Maractmcr i a. noroploterl a raa a;ara, tha <#old milb of I Im " Madam* IMalort, after pariorm.og wltb p-a' r Mi' i.. r . *la, har gona to Mil an angngan rnt at Irre-ataa an ) IWitln. M Ma' or laatntiylag Maa/leo in ti?? 7r"*?u.ra, wh'*h will la prodtarad Taryateertly Tli - will ba a aarrara or . ,i 'o? tba tclew nf lb* o-htrta'ail lapat V C. frw.edM * angagwwxnt a* the ' rand r>i-*r% V-mg ib let to tarmlnato, ike .llrw*'.r baa )*-? n aolboctaad )// .' eat tn offar h*r a raaawai of Itar ormtr^i b? ib a* gmantotdon of obrt la ?p4en of, tbr tamial af ? I ?> letiibir Hi'ra?ll*.e?1W? <m> frwmw a yaar Ml'r I opfTi baa roawnaad bar d it la* at U?? <>pa>a <n gblg, At tlx Tlxatra IfMtib l*aria, a a*w a***!;, 1 y )IM. frocler and lte|?af, baa baau praalaeod ft,a 'ilia, aaaaely, 'In /omeieta. r*A?re to a "*b b**ta ! ,.xtor* Vy loonarda- da flail, '?? whi'b tJi* Wo ?.a rf tba Hart a /eaaeae 'air' a* who A mr It bed la I ;< rent* ab*m< law yaara age., la eW| poaai to bawr a ra ? e- btaiawr TH? TI-I..11. ? :f -f U.a lady h*a U>-? h am* ha'a r* lira erona??waw**ot lb* (Ama lor wh*a II i tHH twf'W* aba la a Ttrtwom. wt% am. by i ng ear to 'ma otwiaet. aionao pT baa Prrmar I ? aaagra*.iema h* la I laead la tJx inawt rninfai ?t?eAHo# aha bmng baygbt Mla mrutact aitkalady whom bae b tehaml t- tee ',*r to bta at rrtaga, am" ??jto*ed M t'm ma law, ,,, >g paraoaa a bo baft '** ri *a , a a1 a' at wiLb bar far ? jr. t|M at I act, a*rt A aara tat '.Vai V. bar ieaabamt, ,1, igyalifW to l.eeai <tf air reaaabn Wi'b km, and la . t . el b d Ikeuitf ladumd to r*laia hat- p d'.o. aa a e g, ??*?%ra The 'baraeler <4 In I'Xtmtla ea ftayeA by tU laota Anaoukd l ae), and *bata ta am?| tha <#*? a>Jt rtteaa ? itkib ilytunhat arkadby M Ibyaler A 'MM act teubetlb, a*lM.'?d ' Im llanarne We lar l? > n ad? a r?ep?rtavla tmm? a' tha r.yeeea-a lb* .area te lad la K ? ? la '?.a ?ten* af t .lUfr II. kl th- I a;a e Me yai '.?*? ana tagdxlieaa bawn pr*e doeao '* tb*m. adtva ny MM Mar* Mirbai and 'bt*<d, aa an* 'iad t aa Tr.tgte da faotalawn, 1 la wt laekaftaata ifeir ea'-wgb. tnratag n t|b twydnrMma doe atuetaa eg 'b'TWpatra *4 trwwewwa Tba edbey. wawd alW , pre te*b pre w*ftda' 'tyrmka " h to ton la Ma a tacit ?ad wrt 'ea .* MM r Mae-ta ?aal A M taabw, ? a ?aw I , ? ? ? '.h ea boakTbutwr kl?rrJhri"~ A m*n. ?h? a >wK dhoui I'HMiUi Ui.1 fcffli.unt i., 1 |2af ,ki^J fJ'V *" '""""? " *" **? on tun ,wtpu'JST It !^i T,,t', '? - t?lr dua f. Um tW.ra. fcr a dnSra n* *"? muwmdIi Xow 1^7,7 ?"??l>arad ?,t|, (ic.t,,,, I(W4 u.( ?'*"?'t' riiOiiniiiin lorri-a.,- f 7II ^|n, 47. -hial. la ?i'i|fc?'?|,|? parity to lit* mnnbnr 1 f (o ,ainaa? ailli rm* d.?? In !??, ?, ptUf to lb, HI.,, W (U, ll^Cra ?lll? dutf,0 I? ,'rl"" h" r??'wd at Um- Vaudn ?&" ufh, HlffMff-lliriil r.f lO otL A m, latrr,,! p, ,, , tj.. ??. ?orriZzzrj;',^* '""j""' M '-rr"~ ?l*** *? zx:z*:v the cratttin t*\\ tt umuh* r HilV "**!? c?r,0*lJ W want away, au.i th, ,ij,w..or ?..!?..1 '',U7 "' "*?* ?f*y? Uoiof no. At tin' 1 1,a of itw. * 1 .1 .? ?***?*l> 6f. f?r (ferine 4N) from tbtir ha in* k>? Ti?l - but ?. ilii*. tur ZnrZtZfc, JJft.ITbSiS! ^hia!h!lVh">t*!v ? ?f thai, -I. .....H pr>?o flnev ot hin | Aiul t**t If ho ?**r? ?W?.a ftf ,|J* r* It thllfn it? , ' ">???? wot thai 1U Utaavaalul thra llgM halo, In,,,^, "17."' at 'Haute b?vn.. )E ,L ,?n i7,?^ ?. rr?o*? j* w" ? *,,"! ">?? i?u?iu(inWwir JuMiftf.1 by u*aNa, ami thai l| ?a^ ilw- |.rlj?r?p?l - --,, , ll.^t^^^l*^'',^," nf pa.f .rm. r. l?, ,|? tij'h'1: ,h" " '"M?lUa f.., a U. oi.M lo .larida vbnhar or ???! fmr . fcarr r|?.,uv ?r . Iaip?.ft?i a??arli arl? fH^uantJjr -lap-?i,-.| ?? h muL h^.: 'V."" tkaillM.nil Taaut^i M* iiillirlloii of Ooa* ,? ,h...,r?. I, ??arU .no.| bV It!!, ???hjfl* Mfi'i nr#"( dIm| hjr lh? WlnriaiTd 11 a ml ?* ?n.l that In I,, alihllrn ?,mM |u?lv,( *tL. a..' .>?I. now ,? . ni|,H hUnmm I. A a K"n< with him III ft#?h Htfr lartttttfli In AuntrMiiii n^me.1 oU Nitcir?tew in a e\-+ brf?r?* iii.? iSST'i# 1 T^0 wo?e tl^,. ,|m ?i?Lf <b-7 - ? bUI "ninTu zc"T Jfcd hiL bw?,M a"..pU~i^TS^2. ?t 1 iJH "' "' "" *ern," t "< I'tft W n'k nutftuuir. l> I" /, nh-,,1 I., ,ar|i 10 Ibtinnual ||u| || i||i ^ itf/lT" l"> "'l fM-ari* ,. "wlXi mI?L2? L , "71 M**! 1' I ? r II In * 1 *|f .la. ?raa " u * 'luwtitjr ?r ,./.,ai,ir ,UIB||tur i#? *!AJTi,;r?l"""""",NI?- p??^^ Lh.Vn";1 U?at aa'ha bad not Mifficbnl u.d, moZni, ?!>? a /,7, J.l hu^J-l STaalw in'Tb '" (n,},b", |,> fc"'l ra??i?a,| Uia bill bra "iEuirf ihi JwC** .** c""'H"'f <?<" f-r i-wrirr ibiir?7, Tribunal endamnad M. .la Cb uiZL lb, A) OftMrt tot (dtlw pr(i|?ri? ,-f hi? ~?i li^i 1!? ":l~"-M J,i<lfleant ' ' OM'1 f ?" 1-aaMra *r inUmEI'li" Is* " hT I'fU ,,11.-4 U. la fSJlZ ^.;;r Si U r b'l # a ".ilr lUal InduWaaaa ,,,1,1 ? ?"??? I'fttlift a la|rlll|tma, CIIAItOK or VANISH COVHtTNIHr MUNHr. Hi.bart Willlanta vaa arraalad by -fllaar Ca.nplal, rf ' l^'loa, "o n rHarr, ,f , e lur>te( K> HtU on II,? J,,at. |t.,lk ^ pf?, >nM |Ul^ l^and.tonaa.ytillUM, ol So lMII,.A4aUt? l.ftft H I ' 7"?'' *r"' '? 1,1 a ? r' ,.*i?li.? pureUanid tban> llaia alan ,:l,ar?r.| .Hu k.,1,, |J4,?, ?ol jH rounla,Mt, up, ? ,b. pr.? mm",' - f uL nara K? rnlb.^allp J? Ho. ||y ej|ItlIliUril (br a.tu^d 4a I'MdROK of I'Kltji'li i, k'-wlan-l f *. ,?, w.. .rra.,?d L, |. ..d.,1.,11, baTuautMh ward palie, Uu^d .|,h b. ^ */r*ii>*tJ ?m WoriM. H N?f. \ |V Kultno tr^,4 tb, ftlb ,.r bMArnibar u,l aha , u ?tl.aa.f l?. M,4a. ,l?a.(,? . and ?tl?r ,rt| la. W.i?'tft ?a- cmndti^d In, ??nlMtl, ? ,tf Ju.|jnr , ?BAHOI Of obTtiNiMo uooDa u- (,** aatar nra riJiuaa. J-'.apl, Uigur, aba* liay, ?|iaa llurlftw. al ?n,a ?aa '?b-n Int" en.lnfty br I":* ~ ' ?**"? """????"?? . ... ?,... ^ 1 fr""' , at,, ra 6.. w.-da,. ,d Ibaad ?.r l>- a?a?-? l. ,. rhar(a>, ,,, ?''? ,? Main-lan It I.. ,,?| , , ?"? ,haTj ^i.r"ir: ' '?*?. **"' "* ,,rn '""" ThlU'ltlabia iia UmfL ?" ami ? aati-OH ? iaTtjMra. S.7,KT r7 "" * ?'"*? ? , . fa?? a?? odd U.a, I ha lalrrady bar . d> llvar?4 !? ^ ?"""?? and 'Vint ,l?ay knaa h' lhlna ??HI?, 'bayr,-f,rty ll? M:. . ,'r , H?.m?S Ubal "TT' i"'?,'" '? * f "' ! lh- ?-3 a .u.unt lairn ,.u( for Um ar>#.< ..r " *7' ??*bDdf?? ^alaiday aftarn? a 7b, ptlw.ra" i.??T firatlly toa.mltla.1 p *?<* iluwu, I.MNR//U u,.st ir t roar**. K.aneu, WlrUay . uutf rapb-yuraiad /"WkxOar 4 Hlaal. JM?? o| 107 ijuh, ,?ra ?aa Ukralnttteaatbdy by .,|?haiiwi <?! ,,,,.1 wiu, b.TlfH| |I0M, UlM# W( UaM . .. _rJr| a."i2Tr Iftl'T" am,I,at ad I 7 r" *"**?"? b aariaiiMd xtdM hi 'r*1 "",l ? fwtf.a ?4 whoa itaa? Ol"" irr-' ,k' art.,... P??? -db a. ?1,k aitih Ibil II ' T'". ,' , ' ?" a.",nilftad In, . t.-alna tb* Ir adtultl*| 0, th. Ilia' b? ... - --a Fftlil'l lb '"'"'"'?J'"" f "?ll 'ftmnlMafy /.bra* land ... U?? ,rmrntj .< lb. .i-d-a prnya,,, 7 r ?* Ai.vmnu *m>h ci?11.a , *uomt. K,,?, , mil,day ijiabl #? * Vl** ?#'?,.>4- rU,9k ft.-rr, lb. ,g if- T' f" H*?,ftd?ay. taa a. n,~j .u ub*a lata ?,A.-ly by nffkaw laa. of tb, ? taratla aar I p.l-?. T, '.'T.'V'""1 fcil" l*'' ?? Joatiua- W ??l. al ??-. alkat I ..jb? I .mil 11,. ... ',?al ur. rbatft ,4 yrau-l lam ay Tha Illy Ulltr I'arrkn. to tm nmn <ir m? iun? A raant ?r<iar ?f U? l*1a? ?' *4 Uri> Hif, r?|inUa| lh* lattar Mirtt" bM <miiH tyalla a > (tal ??7 naturally} m??| ib?? i?lil *u t '??ab abaaaM iwBlufi ?fn>IX; Till, at in, I ?'.r4 . n !),? ]|<i, N.* It?1 ah Mb *??! n'o o|? aitun an th- 1st nit . llu< ml ?? rarh wail Witt afcatl V* |*Mt tain Ilk ?M? by thl w ikrra at !?>(*, I" r?n?' llala a fat,ar?i far. 1 ?<bl wnUb la 'it ba afpr'-frVatal aa VII <wa ? Al- 11 MHI i ? h* at|-a tr.a.1 t ? tniirat t?4 ' malb-M'wfcr |.'ii?f|n?i' a?4 tha inlaana O ha 41 ri.la4 at ? if all Of- <*rrl<r? a <???).mg V- I ta ? tin la Ha .11" ?"! y<r., fata til., tba . atrial- ah.. ''vaha Iv i .Vlrfttaa t*t -t*r ''? ?? liki) In In aU*a*4 Tl-aa II aklha lit '? 4ah?ati?a > af Inaa *? wrtaa ?**?, II 'In fa*4 a ill .If* Ma* I kit la mV4Ng '-lm V, fmj l*aal aitk a ?a# iar? Tl? 4. *a tr an qarrlaa* k#?? bar* /aara a* yaff-4 la I ha In* aa-. ana ft" i tar With all tha liana Ml4aa af thai'aaataMM aa Irlrfat ?*# IbM latf ?( ail Ua Ifttrra vttah 41* a**t * I T? b -r<W< U> a?'?r>l . a a fnrt tar * taaa.l army '4 I? ?fty *a ii tan* (ranallr la m.-a-t fr-m> !l U ad . I ha 7 a-- mM ?v half ni Uaa4 ?atlr' aantlant If tin ma*/ MMt ti-trli 1?f mat flna. ika 7".? la wf yaw 1 I'M -?**. tbara aufk< ba ??n tiaata ha auah a mma >* fka garl 'rf Mr laaWr bat ?? tha fuMM |*7 fc* tha ail itam <jf tha aacrt?? aa 1 *? tha vrUlaly tar a that/ amy H aanrt aajaat la < irl* taba that in ti.wsbuba It If ?f l-?fi -nrrtaaa ?anna" tar. a aan larya -?nth I> ?ait thai- H-aa .4 what . ?t, I . ..?M '? a (waaa* ?'.?<??? th*7 ha' hatlaa -a.,*- ar*4 graa pl.t* 1 . th-aa *k><?* i '?** annbl *? ?* ^aita aa rraatf fiat a4 all a**?ta In ant artfa Irani lha ranha >44 a?4 faMa'al a, tb* hn-t faara hat* bam ayaat a ar-tamn, Ibaablnti 4a'y, b7 ana pal.'iac tlnaa In ttrfrl nan* aaavaa "f vaa? >??? <-thant*. ??>?> bwba a?t tin tatip aa lb# ah.illf In nab* II fait* aiti nab* at a?fa aat* ?a4 lb . *.r?-*nn' ?? tin ynrt 4 Mr l-ninr b> a?la*ll/ a?t bat ana -.rtgt*a'iaf It U baa ?an*ia b/r bam a*4 ?aa- alf t* a?"ibnb*l V. mm ah" U atUM* h> f*-?a?a ab ila tM*ra ?4 f aaraanat a Mala# "awnf tha far mahMp af an* ah ? -nbl, aalaa. I a*> fr-nala *iiln '? -r?a?4, ahaarfhl 7 fay '!? aatt fat aa*' ?fa ba Wa ral 4t nly ' ba- <nm aalla4 I- h> aliaalr* ?4 thn Wr-'aaael* irt*t?' aa< aa a??tal ? bara aan laa Iba b*r|r?a -W ?? n nratr* ? ba bb- ->nnl*-n*. *UI -n *>. a all *?Mbn| taaa -an 4n?bt. tad I Mat, h* w*?. ha m. 'ta -ryn a?4 .a|? ' rjtlaj t ba HI M# katayi Mia (my *au IV aa Hfiiaal tha H|f -A baa ("la* . awl (Vailaa Mar am, Va lalmtaa raaaaaaM b? baa a ' am fa Wml'laran Mraaa. ta-aa thr talhaf a* tha ?? \ ).< ? liubi m *h<h a*a h- ? nM a*n