Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1855 Page 1
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w ?'??i" -t??o 0,n ** * ??* , | j??- 20,%:: ?rt;?r.wr?..t,??:wf ? I j^n. n, 'w . sn.dfti.tts: in ?t7,a? ?,?>.??,*.;? To.nw.r , it". ti, 'w . ?ft.oM.ftti Iftrr.Mo 7?,tj?,f -,?t?1_ WHOLE NO. 7051. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18. 18ft/> " PRICE TWO CENTS. 4DYRET18EMENTS RENEWED KTKIlY DAY. NEW PUBLICATION!. 1/UUAL TO THM i*iiiau.-itbmjce <j Just Published, AILIEPOBD: A FaMILY FI8TORY, It TOT AUTHoB or JOHN DKAVTOM H? m 111111 j- bound m muslin, 75 ceuu; neatly bound in paper Bp oeuti. This la one Of thoeo natural and trnthlul domestic stories ?which poasasa, for properly coast" uled wind*. a far greau-r ?Mnctlon than the exaggerations ot' mghly wrought love flo giooa, or foe perreralon of tacts whicti are <1 pruned with the same of historical romances. It hi. already had an exleuslvo run in England, where won a of this claaa inert with a juuer appreciation than amnDg-u our eiclieweut loving public. In Correct portraiture of chsrueier, gciialt'y of iiumor and he narolent phllosoppx of sin, we have not tor a long time me with a work which has pleased n* inme. The reader la c ar Tied along rapidly by the agreeable atile and Internal of the nsnry, and tlnda hUnaelf at lia conclusion lull of regret* at parting with the pleasaniest acuualuunce* acquired In tu pre ureas.? hew York Herald. Published by STBInOKR * rOWNHKKD, 222 broad?av. New fork. And for sale by bookseller* everywhere, and by agents on 8>e cart. On reception of price, the work will be mailed free of pontage. IMPORTANT NEW ILLUSTRATED WORKS Pt)R TUB oomlng season, published by 1). aPPLKTUM A CO., Did Wd 318 Broadway, New York:? The Boly Ooapela. Illustrated In forty original design*. By Frederick Over beck. One volume folio. antique morocco. Price $20. "These dealgna, ao long cel"brate<l for their ci'iulaitc beauty, and having for some yeara been Ui the bauds of several of the tint engravers, are now ttr t given lo ihu nubile In 'heir oom plcta form. We look upon the present v dome as a mod rare and precious commentary on 'he < (impels. Where Is the scho jar or orator who can explain our l.oid's parables with the glower shown In the portraiture here given of the "Ten virgins' tend the "bleeping Uusbuudmeol" What pre .< her can teaeh the humility or the majesty of duty more eio,|tt?titly than the gUuatrmlloaa hare presented ot Christ rebulluir piule by setting * child before hladisciples, and subduing worldlldoss by call Ing Matthew from his gold, to follow the Mas er unto the end? What exegesis, however learned or eloquent, ran actual the Couch ot this genius, In bringing to the heart me meaning of the resurrection of Lazarus, and the pauios ot tlethsemane and Cnlvarjf*'?Extract from Preface. A new edition of Ihe R epubllcan Court, er, American So eioty In thedaysofWaahlngbin. With tamttt oue portraits if distinguished women. Engraved from 'he crlglnal pi wire., by WoUaston, Copley, Gainsborough, Slua, t, Trumbull, Hal bone,and oher ootemporary painters. One vo.uute, Ho , an Udue morocco, $12, colored plan s, $l"t The obiect of the work Is to pre-em to' the readers, and to ad tnlrera of art of the present tlay, picture and descriptions M the noted ladles who were present, and occupied conspicuous posit Ins In society during Washington's administration. Among the portraits, engraved lor the most part by lei ghag Artists, are those of Mrs. Washing on, Mrs Adams, Mrs. lUutll ion, Mrs. Samuel Adann, Mrs day, Mrs. Hlugbsm, Mrs. Har rison Otay ottia (the eider) Mrs. Theodore Sedgwick, Mr*. Oerroll, Mrs. Lewis fgratidatuthter of Mrs. Washington), Ma dame uenet (daughter of George Clinton), Ac., Ac. The Scenery of the United Stales. Illustrated in a series of forty engravings. Embracing views In every portion ol the United States. Price, In cloth gilt, f7 60; antique morocco, $10. "No more acceptable volume can be selected than one which will afford to the beholder a view of the scenery of toe 1'nlied Mates. It contslns drawings of all the imp rrtan'. points of in leiesl which attract the traveller's notice.'1 IV. The Eve of 8t. Agnes. Bv John Keats, Illustrated with twenty designs. In the style ol Qray's Mogy and the Deserted Village Price, In cloth, #1 40; antique morocco, $3. "This volume will be sought after es one of the choice gifts of friendship at lite craning -canon. The UluHirailooa even surpass, la beauty, Oray's Ele^y, In the same style." Sabbath Bells, f'hltned by the Poets " Run days observe ! think, when the bells do chlmn, 'lis Angel's musie." With colored Illustration *, by lilrkct Poster. Price, In cleUi, (lit, $3 75; antique morocco. J6. "This bt the prettiest Illustrated ho ik which has come from the pencil of Birktl Pcs'er. I he poetry Is selected from the works ol the sacred writers of both England and America. T UTTERS OK THE HOUND DUES-QUESTION ?THEME JU leUers treat of the difficulty between the U nlted Hta'es and Denmark, In a serious sod ?conscientious manner. Valuable Chma and Atresia argument- are brought to bear upon Ihe noutta at Isane. Ihe right of Heutnark to levy the Round dues Is ably sustained, and the polley of the admitile.ration shown B Ita true light. Price 2nd. .fold by P. W. CHRlS'i KBIT. 763 Broadway. "V"OW READY -FANNY HRRELKY; oil, CONPERRIONS JL> of a Pree Igive Ulster; e .nooning a full cxpoae of me mys tones ol Ihe passional attraction. Price 24c , moiled free on receipt Of price. P. ItR AD Y, 12 van street. Three important new bookr-to be pub ilshed Wednesday, December, 20. I. tuf nowrsTFso ok rim mnt.?n>r, and othkk talks, Ity Mrs Msry J. Polmss the popular author ol "leinpeat And Sunshine." and "The English Orphans." One volume, 3811 pagts. 12mo. Price $1. A New Book by K'ehard Illldreth. ATROCIOUS JCDtlWI I.lvea of Judges, Infamous is Tools of Tyranny and Instru fneiiUt of tfppieaslon. ily John, Lonl Campbell?with ?n appendix:, containing the ?case ol Paismnre WQUamaou. Edited, with an Intro'uction and notes by Hlchard JliJdreth. One volume, Ol) pages, lilmo. Price $1. III. The > alert nnd Best?A New Book fir Honsewlvss. FBAOTfl'AL AMKUtl IN COOKFBT, A Nil Dosmit' BCOKOKV, Mv Mlas k M. Hall. Oue volume, Alt, pages, 12mo. Price $1 28. Ihe CooagRT contains 073 recipes, relating to every depart mem of Ihe subject, and Is Illustrated With 11 appropriate en grwlngs. The Doi nontrrtr Ecokomt contains 383 recipes nnd recent Im portant information relating <o the garden 'lie orchard, he. wardrobe, ihe laundry, and ail tbose hi usebold and dontea'lc mbulm uuoo which Instruction Is sought by the thoughtful and care-iaklng mistress. lately runusitgn. Mar Bokpaoi an? Mr EetFDOft?By Frederick Douglass, 4M pp., lZrno , steel portrait, $1 25. Hkskv Vln. asp ms mix Wives?By Henry W. Herbert, Ml pp., 12mo . 7 steci portraits. SI ?B. Cathvuihk II. or Ri.'mia, snd her Kuccnsaora? By Samuel If. Bmucker, 33R pp.. 12mo., steel portrait St. IIeskiftta Robinson?by D. Wilson, Rsq.,330 pp.. I2mo., steel portrAit, 75 ecu's. Tug Mfautdci. Oatf. a Hem lor the Utl'e Folks?By Caro line llheaebrn. 234 pp., ltimo., bnciy lllusiraisd, 63 cents. Address order* to MILLER oKToN A MULUIUN, Pub lishers, 25 Park row, New York, or 107 Genesee al., Auburn. M MiWSPAPMM, ORRIS A WILLIS'S Homk Jotmvii, ron lHfiC. The following are rha Induc'inm'* to Riihwribn:?A nm oovai by N P Willi*, a aerie* of aketche* by General Morria, nod a DOvelle'te by J. M .Fluid. Hubeerlto nt once. Term* S2 a year. Office 107 FuiUra atreat. fl'HE AMERICAN ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER.? J No 2 of PRANK LKBLIE'B ILLUSTRATED NEWh. PAPER at all new? depot*. It ooutaica tbe following cngrav tor*:? ibe Xndorn Tragedy?1 he *tnkrn "coooaerfrom 'Tty!, Rrreat of the negro: mode of ruining tbe r****l. Burning ol the steam.-r a *i Mrmphia. RxecuiC.u ot lien. Corral, Nicaragua. View of Ureytown. Portrait of Col. K tuner. Eip'oainu of n ateara tiro endue nt < ioc.nnatl. View of Joha etreel Method*! church. Pacific Railway, with lb view*. Ful ton Market Nuuer-.a. Two aoenee la Naeeau stioet. Splendid large engraving of A karri entering Mexico launch of the etcamahlp VanderbL't. And aU tbe new* of the week PRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER eota ?nnce* It* regular Imue tbi* day, and will herealler be pub Nahed every Saturday morning. THE BALL SEA MOM. M ASONIC BALL.-THE THIRD ANNUAL BALL Of the Henry Ctav Lodge K. A A. M. will Ihj lield at the .New ("tty Aw-embly Room*, INI Hmadway. on W-dnradiy evening. December 19, 1866. Tl-keta fl. to he bad of the fol lowing committee: ?Waher Graham, 264 Sou h etreet; dohtt Walker. 4.S Forsyth ?tree'; Win. Harrtgan 245 South etreet; Freeman Poole, fihO Water*trent; H w. ICoaevelt, 257 Sou'h gtreet. or at ibe the dour on the evening of the bat . Walter OK AU AM, Chairman. W* IIA ?MOAN, Secretary. _____ The second annual hall of the astoh. house Club will lie given at Mlblo'a, on Wednenday e .enlng, Dec. lit 1H65 Muate by Didworth** full band. C. C. Kim., Secretary. JAMES d. PARKER, PrealdenL THE THIRD GRAND ANNUAL BALL AND FESTIVAL of the Ixrenzo I'. Hbepard Guard will he held at Mtuer'a new city Aaeembl> Room*, on Tneadav evening, Dee. IK A. J. Math***, Secretary. 11. W. HA Kit. Chairman. VflHK THIRD ANNUAL BALL Ol THE roUNO MEN X In aid of tbe f ud* of the l<adleV Heh-ew ileoerolent Ho kfie*y. will be held at Mhlo'v on Wednewtav evening, Dec. hi. Tlckete $2 to be oh...i nt ot any of the tneir l>* r*. .ION An D. beSHON, Prmldent, Ittri Bloecker alreet. HtMoy Mami*. HvrelAjrj, 11" Maiden lane. Atreeri HtIb*. 1rw...iirer, 477 Broadway. Wull'a celebrated uand ba* been engaged tor the oecaaton. "eiaFahtT An JOCIXVN'H NKW WAR MAP.-JUST PUBLISH ? ed?North Aeliaah>|ui; and c'onllagra> of South, <ap tore of Ihe Malaknt). Atteek and Fearful struggle wt bin tie Sedan, llwule* of ibe A Ima, Ralakiava and View OfOmotanUaople; two View* of booth Heba*iefw>i, ?bo wing the PoGlion ot the Allied Pc nea during he Campaign. North Se R**iopol ahoertng lie Pot ...kaUoo- and the rreeent PoalUon of the hiuwlan Armt. Tic- I* an entirely r?w map, with the la teat plana and rt? ra . In of map, VI r>? .T2 Inehe*. Price. 25 ?enta, D'aoUftUly colored. Sent bv mail to any part ot the OOtinlT) lor one o* at pontage rhc largeat and beat roHaetton of ma|w and view* of Uw haalern War ptihil-hrl at <hia other. Map lite A and print agent* wanted to. every State In the Union to aril from a li?t of popuar nepa Leu?r* of Inquiry or. n.ptly atwtwerct. Ca'alogiic* and ?pceimen ?heeta free to ?r*ye.iti,g ageate. A H JOCBI Y.V HO K.,!ton wreei. N V M It.?' ewanaper* enpytng the above and reading the a*me to the uflee, will teeeiie three .*>p.ea aud ealafcspee. n-Rwnnt. SKOTAUK AND FANCY PURNITUIIE WaRKROOMS ) a. M4 Hroadwav, npy.alte the Si* Hotel?MA SEWS .* STACK Y opbr for aale the mot eiteyuuve gator tnent of faney cottage, enamelled and Preneh fnrultur* In he tinned Mate*, at reduced prtoaa. Rrery variety of maitreaae*. pallia****. pillow*, hol*i*r*. Ac,, ai manufacturer*' price*. Large sale or diamond and gold jewelry.? J. L. V ANDEWATF.R will aeil.nn Wednesday, (MMb ?n r 1?, at l"S o'clock, at Uw ialcaronm, II Maiden lane, a Migc a Mirtment ol gold ewelryand diamond*, callable for afce b. ltda> ?. ronite'Jrig ol diamond biowrbe* rimu* finger fli g*. Itch diiiter and 'ingi* alone. Alan, a fine I'ne of In Carat gold rare wale he*, hue got! PA, guard ar.d veer chain*. >J*n a fine line ol Is car*' geld jewelry, conelatlng <* broach cw, rtnga, pin*, carrlsg*, *tnJ*. ?lee?e button* Ac. Particu lar^ to morrow. akiTk and splendid sale op pi RS ?IOHN I. J V.lNDKW ATrR will ?#!'., tbieday at IUH ..elock. at the pita*r ' m 12 Maiden late . the ncbeet aw rte *nt of iur> that Re* Peru . tiered at auction thl* aeaw.n. c.,aat?'tog of real -oral ermine llndtam Kay labie, mink, m'-la Otab Mom marten m it. eiifl*. v-UHor nea. taltna*. cape*, Ae Arao, gent*' lur ociiara anC otter glova* Aieo a apleodut line of aletgh robe*, ronaiaitag 1 ?f letK.ard, Hudwa Ray. tear, wotf, genet, Ac u?e *?!<?,* fr rw mg an at ormetil well wrcthy the a "cotton *f tb-jee St want. ARRIVAL OF THE EMPIRE CITY. One Million and a Half of Dollars on Freight* Hews from Hew Granada, Fern, Chile , and Bolivia, to., to., to. Tlie United State* mail steamship Empire City, Dap*. Henry Wlndle, left Aspinwall, Pec. (, at midnight, with the United States mail, 450 passengers and (1,500,000 In treasuie, received from the Peal lie mall steamer John L. Mepbens, (which reached 1'anama at 0 o'jlick tha morning), nod arrive.! off this port on Saturday, 16th, at 8 P. M. The Empire City ha* bee? in a ilenee fog for the last days, and for forty-eight hour* ha* been op to the bar, with one of the oldest and moi<t experienced ptlois on board. Pasaengeri by the Empire Oity, outward, left Panama a<. daylight on the 1st, per Sonora, aud on the 2d were Hj'oUi u by the John L. Stephens?all well. The Empire City brings the following TttRASCRK UKT. ID ?k of America.... $53,5f0 Mechonics' Bank... $1,500 1' Burnett (Co,.., lft.Oflo Morgan, Hathaway At A.lknvtn 8,uo0 C? 7,542 Hi-nth At Edgar 7,500 Order 0.1,000 Geo.Bird At Co 5.000 Probst At Meinerts A. Carney 14,000 hayen 0 205 W. .1, Coleman At Co 23,081 .las. Patrick 50,000 Chambers A Heiser.. 1,100 Joseph Perkins 26,00o I'uncsn, Bherinun At Hoes, Falconer At Co. 57.000 Co 76,000 K. M J. Itoeenfeldt.. 3.200 Drexel At Co 340,000 G. W Fchenckherg. 8 150 t rteman At Co 13,000 ll.Ntrybing 10 04o Iloiison At Bro 18,5i 0 Clias. Taylor 2,500 \\in Huge A Co.... 143,200 Troartwell At Co 10.000 E Kelly At Co 501)16 Wells, Eur go At Co. .303.400 H. King At -tons 0,500 W. V. Weld At Co... Io.OOO A. M.l-uwrenoe 15 000 J. B. Wier......... 8,005 Meliopoli'an Bank. 140,000 1 oult Neybaur 3,400 Total .01,COS,358 ?rat On boaid Kteamahip Empire City, Dec. 16th, of hemor rhage of the lungs, James Mcls-llan, seaman, of New fist. Of consumption, J. Jurgena, a native of Norway, aged about 33 years. The steamship Lima arrived at Panama on the 20th of November, from Valparaiso, CaUvi and intermediate por ts. She brought 24 passengers and (280,000 In specie. Her dates are?Valparaiso, Oct. 31; Lima, Nov. 10; l'aita, Nov. 16. NEWS FROM NEW GRANADA. EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS ? ACCIDENT TO A STEAM SHIP?THE STANDUNO ARMY?UKLATIONB WITH VENEZUELA?BOLIVAR'S BIRTHDAY. Our flies from New Granada are dated at Panama and Aspinwall on December 5th. The Panama Herald of November 27th says;?The en gine which we reported as having got Into the Calmetilta river some days ago, has been got out with very little damage, and was forwarded to Aspinwall for repairs on Fatutday. The bridge, it is expected, will be fully rebuilt in time to bring over the New York passengers on the 29th hurt. The Aspinwall Courier, of November 27, says:?Oar harbor presents a lively appearance at this lime. Prom our office baloony we can see more than a dozen vessels lying within a few feet of our wbarves. Of these, seven have cargoes of coal and lumber for the sUamshlp com panics. The railroad folks have been having a seve-e struggle with the rain of late. The road beyond the summit re quires all the foroe they can spare upon it to keep it up to their absolute necessities. Dr. Melendei, former Minister of the Tribunal and Fi* cal, in Panama, had an ived in Aspinwall. Tne same paper publishes a notice from th" office of the United State* Consul, dated on 22d November, to the effect that James C. Davis, gunner in the U. 8. Navy, lately attached to the U. H. ship Vlncenrn w, aged forty nine years, died of chronic diarrhea, at the City Hotel in that place, on the 20th ultimo. The deceassu was on his way home to his family In Charlestown, Mass. His effects will be sent to tho Navy Department at Washington. The thirty-fourth anniversary of the independence of the Isthmus had been duly celebrated. The people of the province of Cbiriqul appear to be unanimouslv opposed to the new Slate of Panama and the proceedings of the legislature here, and are already throwing out broad hints at rev lotion. Our dates from that quarter are to the 15th inst., at which time the people were getting np a petition to tire general government to allow that part of the State to bo urne a province again, and continue as it wan under the old ri<nnu; they appear their petition is not (ranted, to attempt their entire independence. Chi riqui, situated a ? it at the extreme boon tary of New (jrnnada and adjoining Coeta Jtlca, la probably more fa vorably located for carrying out nucha te, nut Ion than itiy oihei part of tlie repuh ic, and there in lit'le dotlbt the' if they are driven to u revolt, the '.111,000 inhabitants wnh'h the province po--esses would he able to make a very etrong stand against any force -cnt to quell them. The l anania Herald of llncember 5 ?..y?:?TatiHhMM Tom Corwlu, with ire ere' a general argo con-tgned to Mr. W. B. Johnson, of this city arrived a-, Aspinwill on conday, and It la expected that tomorrow or the day alter we elrall again have plenty of Ice to cool off on. The propeller steamer Knrelta, troni F'unta Arenas, ar riven at i'anama on Sunday. Iter. 2, with the owner and a few pae-engere. It ie intended to run the K.melia re guhtrly betereen lunam* and Punt* Arenas, should ?u(B Ci> nt io.ltii tile Jrt t>? held out to the owner* to aeen |,ar ?>n the line. She arte to leave iu a short U'ne for I'nn'a Aienar with Ilaron HnloW, and the men engaged by him to work for tb" LorriaKu-a government. The steamer Beury W?Us, >.n tier r ryagr up the river, between L- ganroao ami '//nillx, on the ilrer tl.igdaleua, Whilst backing down to look for a new channel, be-nne itniuar.ageabf- and war iugg> d. Owing to th> extraor dinary exertion of her cx client captain, H. KoMuaoo. ihe wae pumped oat and repaired, aud one fifth ol her cargo wa*-avid. She ia probably u w on her pxssaqe down the tivi r. t hi the 11th, U'.h and 14th the usual oalcVratlone of ?lie anniversary of farthagenian lndc [.ore lence took place ere. the usual quantity of bran !y, powderan I long stuff wax romoimi if. (jlllett, the Superintendent of the Canal and Navigation Company, ia well and hi. work i< progressing. The Arpinwall Oivri i of N iV. Sri publlsfie, the follow d.g from ( arthagena, dati d on tier 23d of -a ne mouth ? Von can tell your readers hat Senor Jc ae Via ia I'lxta. Secretary of the Treasury, h*? resigned, and I'r. Kafael None*, n rmerly Hecretary of War, na* been appointed in hie steed. I-on Ante nib Toirico baa been offered tit# port (oh a of the War department but he na* d*ciln'-I It. Obandn ie mill undergoing hi- tiial. El Nn Uranadinn of ft got*, Nov 1 referring to then# ministertnl changes, nays:?The ide.i of Senor Nunet, upon the subject cf, are well known, he pr< fe.-es the principle that tb" beat Usual reeooroe- c >n <fs! to the very son Ulei able reduction of the imposts, and above all, ?n b?ring upon industrial liberty the permanent resource ot the State. Then f re. t> e n urination of senor Nune* frr the Tren-ury Iteuartnreni I* very significant of the views that govern trie chief of the executive Senor Nunet withdrew fr-rn the War f?, artmr nt with the re in wn of having reduced the entire standing amy to ;,7t troops. This Inatltutron will soon he *bollili-*l. The ns tli n prngre?-w?. A resolution wMI be Introduced into the neat Hongr*#* of New (irsnads, tor the entire ?uppresslon of the stand mg army and the abolition of the office of secretary of War. / / JVeo-Crrrfiadiso severely censures the Covern'.r of the province of Rnenaveotnra 'or making the official gatette of the provinoe his organ In partisan warfa-. srd sjeeJts of it as tkouffh It wers not at ail customary end entirely at variance with the ideas of propriety amoag New f.rariadlau politician-. In a long a r\iA* restarting the relation* Of N, w <lr* ntda with Venecntla. about which coasiderable appre henrlon was felt a short time since, f.'l A-o 'r'rurn itio. -hows that the hostile talk g-ew out o( e misunderstand - ing in s< neeouence >f tout* which were given at ? banquet, and tbr discussion of certain industrial p-o Jects rvferlng to la Ut<aira and the great rivers on th en-tern boundary Of the repubU- There appears to be rw necessity of negotiations tVSS betw en the two n pub l;ca, excepting upr n th" navlga'irn of the rivers wbieh run thr the tanltorv of both, and thl- involte, no serious difficulty nr probable cause of quarrel. Tli# 21Ph "f Oct l-er the anniversary of the bir-h'.ay of Hnllvar, was celebrated with great enthusiasm at ivgota. ? TT rem O Teexmeno, Nov. 18.1 In the pve-eent critical situation of the Isthmus fit is ne cee-ary to speak loud with all the frankness of an honest heart?with all the murage Inspired by a sincere patriot ism? what is the fatal and mysterious policy f.,il .-?ed l,. regard to the Isthmus some time since What ia th prospect of this Interesting portion of New OrenadV let i-s carefully examine this question. In 1848 the fbe Isthmus of r*n*rna had a Custom Flense -evenue *m unttng to t6o fs) a year, the Feb?to moot poly which yiekjid AiO'4)0 a year th<- trandy monopAj, ylr kllng ?2f>,00f) year'y . and. flnatty >?ver*! other reeV nues that defrayed the public expenses ol ll is section Now. why have nil these ineomsrs -tlsapiwar'd v He rauee the Istl.mus ought t > tnj y fra-1 m f trade. Ar ! wlshmild tbia freed m be granted t" the Isthmus In order that the whole world, and e?re-da'ly the I tiled Htates might erj- y tlie sdvantave? offer est by thie route These Inemnes ooee stngped. a nationai law dt?eeo rai ired the public ixpeneee of this derwrtmeut so : xh? emtraet celebra'eA with the fuitrnad fkmpe- y a'.iowesf the br.yosftlcn of ? t?i on ths pa?> ng?rs to b? tucVd M long M the building ot half the mad *tt done. * ? The law of tonnage duty ha* been ?u.peaded be 'be Executive ol the nation. Wei. and that lav art* I he only hope of our future ' * * ' la our hum bin opinion, the h xwcutive i* n >t aut honied to act to tni* manner an nou* ol our organic law* confer -U *h Cacui twa on bim And although the law which w* al lude to munt be aubmitted to the I' ngreat of New Granada, why ahoulJ Ita enforcement be au*peud*d an long aa the decialon of that bony ia petidingt We understand it will not, and that the rtu tie* will continue to be excrutod. If net, the rtaie -hall din In It* cranio wi h a curae again't it* uuiderer*. Moreover, the Kxecd'Jre aid* to all tbu the nbimiiaal of the at my. or oflhat proportion of it belong lug to thi* auction. What el-e do you want? A c miitr wt ? bout revmroe* to support it. g"v?enaiiw>t; a lountrr without loro** to maintain iu. authority; a c >uotry lire I of eufferli g. ? ? ? Wh tt may our pro.pect* be ? There is no doubt hnt that the Indepatideio* of th1 htthrnu* from the rent of New Granada wou'd be tha m >a eflWa i.*u* remedy; but then the boa that I* at our door. w in id awallow u* aa easily a- a .poog* ah-orbi a dr tp o' water, and then far owe 11 to our reigtoo, our manned our law, our language and our heme! let ua close m* eyne lha? we may not a*? ?uch a glo >my proapwot. But yet. if New Gtanada d e* not adept a mora gwoerou* policy in regard to the ciflien* of the Uthinul, wao know* the end of thi* f ? ? ? CHILE. PKACR FROSPBCTR-NAVAL INTKLLfOKNt'K?AN AMR 1(10 AN AND A NAT! VK RNOLIHO KNTKKl'KlaR ? P1IHLI0 WOHKH - TKADK RKPOKT, KTO. Tbl* republic contlnueit in It. peace til prngtwi*. and every day ghee further proof of advaneeut*ul both iu the dtvrioia a cut ol it resourcea aa well a. in the efftrla of the gtvet iniient to improve the condition ol Iba pen d". Hit re ia uo political new* of interest, and t e 'a* i'mnt of Vaipataiao g waip alluat are taken Ironi the 'olio wing eitract of a letup :?New. liore, there i* but little. We bare It. port the name French fleet aa when I Ia?t wrote .ate the atearnar. which ha* gone home. Kagliah m n-of war none, Aareiloan none; out we have an Atn ri.-an revenue cutter, the Jceph Ijuic CeuL Notiu.t, lee t'o nanta Hunter, Key an I Muaon. The Lane i? by la -the 1 ?nH? mr?t * eaael ?f her clae. that ha. ever graced the.e water*, and aat a fourteen anil fifteen knrta. An a flair, illustrating American apuuk. came off ?n the '.Nth tuat, (Sunday), at the railroad depot, i'ho en gineer < f the steamboat 1'eytoua being tut of patienne at the nii'uee. ol the train, which wu* ju.t arrive 1 from Vine del Mar, Juuqw-d elf bef re the car* bad fully t'oii pod, for which presumption the tlidle aup'riuw-ndent relied bint. A* .nun a* the crowd had left and ma i.ra *ere i|ui?t, 1|ie engineer walk*.! up, and, "?t'lliiog from the .boulder," uioppe*) the superintendent *heu quietly liraai ow hie heel aad waihed awey. But t.ifen ed ug nity o.ul.l not Maud thi , ao lie wa* pn in the loiaup for the Light. Quite a little etlr wa* made auioug the Yankee*. The Couilno Mole 1* now quite finished, and ve*** l< aul .teenier. oowigned to Gouaino A tiarianu ul-charge there with gnat eaee and deepat<'h. Aeide from thi*, toe nixie 1 vety * main, ntal to Ihe harbor a id city. Tie bank btiHding- are prng*e*.lng rapidly; the* are *ituated on the rock ou which the eld >hip AreUnuui wa.< loet ttfitiy year* .inca. Our city government are at last awake to the impor tance ol Improieinent in paving, and are now aichiug the pavement when n- hi,lore they thought tha, it *h mid lie lowered in the midcle. Buaine* *, during the la*t fifteen day*, ha* .lightly Im proved, mi 1 the country merchant* are now arounel Manufacturing i* * ow gaining ground We liave three large foundriea, where iron and bia . ca*'lng* are turaed out with neaUres* and di*paich, all owned by K"glr*h ineu. Steam aaw milU, planing machine*, *a*h au<l bilod making are all prepurlogor in lull bl?*l. Hut I tnu* Dot foryet my enlerpltaiuf friend M.Gill*' bag mikiog manuluctory, where t*rov*r fr Baker'* e-wiug machine., unoer hia superintendence. turn out thouaanda of well aewrd aack* I'ailt Ihe American line of Santiago stag"* i* doing admira bly under the indefatigable Rea r, * no *eem- Oou 11 to prove himaelf the man to o|*en all loci* which he llnd< in hi* way. We hii. J?i a Yankee lin* if omnibuses ot the way. to run in thi* city. Thetbie** I'm avian war nte.meik built iu f.ugltnd, Apu riinac, l**a and Tunibe*. arilved at Valparaiso a few hour* b'-ldre the lima railed. PERU. OCR CALLAO CORK! IFOVPVNCR Caliao, Nov. 10, 185.'.. Chtiu'M Slat* Tra<0?I'hliHct at a DtuI l/*k?Kijtrt of KmoU'tvm$. f-rnoe my la*t nothing of Interest ha* occurre-!. Il l >i t e*a of all kind* 1* prostrate. But few *hlp* have arrive*, within tLe last two week- and no charter* are being el lected hi re. ' The only bmlreaa transacted at preaent i* tbe neihog of Ch'neee *lave*, landing from Arntrtenn and FngU i. .hip*. language i* inadequate to expie.a the uorribi ? condition Of tbeae iui-< rahl* wretihee. Stolen from their home* and famill***. umugfted on a Ipbcard withon* their consent, on the pa?*age trea'el like brut#*, they are brought to thi* coast and aold to men a lio have n mercy lor a nominal t"rm of eight y?v?* a!tlii*igh In many Instance* no term of .eivicb 1* mentioned. An American ebip *aiie<l from China with ail hun'ret r-nd five, and lai.- four hundred an 1 f>-nr, leaving two hundred nnd or. ?l either died or d owned theuiielve* on the paa.agi. ?.iu average price rtallied fur thi* *trgo 0 human II*.h wa* two hundred ami llf y dollar* (t.AO) jerliead The horro:* of '.lie African alave Irate mitt palndext da) were nothing compared t> ttlia, firlu < Ihrr eoiiri'ile. ther. are law* for the prete-tl n of V -late; but here III* ma*ter I* clothe I with ahiolute ? . thority and can govern hi* .lave* a he ?e*-* fit How men, with until* and ,.ny hutnan P-eling c*n engage in *o le'artoua a bu.ine**, I am at a i )?* t*. con wive an l jet tiii* ve*?el i* owned by while men. In political matte** eve I* '|Uiet, al'h ogh w# hnve to-day ? report tb u another revolution I* under ? ay in Southern I'eiu If thi* i* no', now the ra??, it will be ma n. The foreign population auller much during the.e rev!uti..n-, b-r much ot the time bo*1 nee* f all kind* 1* iu.pend. l, and ?toie- closed. Th" greate-t drawback we have up> n bor ne-* o;e-ratl>t? here I* tbe en. let. number of fen *t day* on which dat* by th" law* > t the country, all place* ol ba.ln*.* moat be clo?ed ne l.lectlng which heavy line, are incum-d. J. S Fr> m the Ijma paper- it I* a'm ot im| -ai-.h- v. gl.-*n any new* of luien *t, but wi li in lira* .n ihe day ol the 1 Im.'? departure rutnor* w - *e in clrculaii <n ilia Ai* ;ui pa and ?un? of the eootlr n cltie , had de a ed in f?v r if General Vtraneo. Thii report wanted couflrmatloa, bat wa* not Conaiiiered improbable. Tike new.papera report the death of Mr. Compfnn, oi n any year- 11. B. M '.C-'n* I a' l?l?y TTi* following i. the official statement ol th* g< an i c* fw.rte.1 from l eru In the nuin'b oi Oc'oiwr laatr? Tokrgiand, ton*... .'JIl.OAi To Maoritlu*. ton*. .. '. 7i'l I., the (ulterlSUU*. b'lO To Spain I,g72 'lolraro. L-'idk' To Cen'rai Airerica.. yip Total toil" reglkter is 42 v?twol* 21 272 [From V.) Cntnercw, No* 8 ) A dreadful epidemic, known ?- th* "mortiferon* ft i er,'' tad inw?>led tli* prorjnci of later wt^rc in ?r* iKan four thoueand (n fion haw* iliad, aluioat without any medical or rtligtou* aid TV drought had aim enured imtnmae l??< ol cattle, which, being at the ? tlm* unatlonbd no account o' th* awful di?**t* prewaiiing among tin 'un a-, had run *?lrn? in th* *.'?!? and tailrn a prey to th# e l l n. art-. I In ??.i.-.r and the wheal crop* worn all loat. and th* pnmnoct of the planter* in that Country w,.? truly gloomr and ir..-* ruble. A negro inturrectino, promoted by the part .urn ol Fihi tn' tUe ha I tok'-n place at Tuml>-'Z The tub I'rrf- ?? and Oiiclol 1 otic* S*nr>r Ordonet nia'ched imrnad'alely /ain"' th* rebel*, diepereed theio and made lour prl T) * I egUlatlee A*?*ttibltr? i f tha prOTin-ee of t'cana t a-at.ari Tusja had opened their .ee.icua Kroi f ndamintnl ai d m >olri|.al reform* had been propoaoi to th? ,-upreme guTerumeni BOl.mA. TV revolt tp n*ry m- v*m*nt In tbi? reptiblb under ArlW ha* be*u put down, and order ta < oca moo ?* "totrd. Beyond t) ia the paper* report no other ne?? ol rrf^portanoe. ?AKKKT*. VAUAJUiSo, "ct 1.?Burt tie." in Valparaiao had lin proved, btiy*r* c< u <*'In from the o*<gt tc ring repuo ;ca. TV Amorl hi) - . I 'r? I, NM fo ? with

.80,000 feat of lumber, bad arrittd ale" th* bark Mil for?, from New Vork a-*.ri*d, at.o "hip i?wr*nce ! ? ho, ditto. Tliera appear* now to b* no laar of a daft ilanry of Hour. The ?tock la "aid to be nufftnent to j??t until the new rropa tuir.n in, in March I'r.oa, 111 b'l t < 112, and alio, only for h< m* ronaumptio*. Bur ( uraroa C'ori tapnudrair. ItLAMi or Cl KM' OA. Vov. 19 1AS5. ? t ft frtjihur?Thr tlMithT?Otunrnn/ine Isiw?Trtd /hjfirully wifA 'A Vnifed Vf/ihu. The continuance of dry w*athcr for th* laet two mon'lv ha* materially changed the peo?p*et? of the "all crop lor l beat, ae MTe al pi inter? hate r?|cn raking it we to* general < pinli u b*l re thi* two month*' drought the' the adit crop would an'lrely 1*11 :hji year, *o mueh ? > that jartite Lara U-?n Importing largaly from th* pa niah Main, a mineral aatt. A boot the Aral of 'h* pew:.! month a ;u*rantin of forty daya waa laid rm ?*??*!* Iron al th* p-wto Vene tuela. authentic Intelligence imnr.g iiewn recelred her* ?hnt th* cholera baa been an l la raging n ?*-.*ral <f Ita island clt,*a aad *? a porta, aay Vans a, (ara aa, lagai m, Forto < alalio, kr ,Thie ha* lor the pre-writ at leaat eooriderably enbanead 'b* p*|..* of 'lou" and com. 'he latter a-tiel* genera.)y . < mlrta tf m Vet.eiu#l* The bland ta "till Valtly wpih tl. *t wptlon of eeeaeional ***** of yellow Veer, .lnddenttl to thou* who are not acrlimated The dtfficnltle* which originated *Vnt a yaar ag'1 b" tween the I nlted -tat*? agent and t>.? ai,j'?rl*y?f the n trd.iB'i here, Will eentlr ue, and liaee no ? pp. %r*noe ?f Vtr^f adjueted aa nat'her jwrty ?l,l -* d* ?r adraua* from the ("Wft.on lh*y haw* token 'toe of thwwi U ia r fedly wr*r.g Tb# ndmli, it. a ton w?ual do well to w nadintely decile tl.e .junalion, a< th*a* e*tinned convro T*T*ie* mataitaJ1? in'ntfera with th* e- mn wipt had ?A t.ertft tf 'hi# bland a ad tbt Voitcl fjt'.n. IV f m FROM WISHMGTON. OUR HPBCIAL DK3PATCHK8. 1HI HIT**. iDllir- 1H KND IN Vi.w, i'?ltltAK< ki.?n.s or luui tuk hknatk raisr INO, kto. Wawiii :kx. I7,.186f' Tl ? d< wc'opeirea** tOd?v n t them* ? f cor wernatioo. I'M * ? qui .'*<1 hiinnwf | fuller, mi] liM apeecb gained h'ui many friend*. Tti?i? will M * ntrong ?ll irt made to-morrow to adopt tbe plu rah'y rule The fri uiU of llankn w II w>t? tor It. I w?e iiiforroel thm ever.:ng by a frlmJ o? Mr. Kuiler l it. I tr ?y pretwed * rote, be, together witb olhei^, would wot" lor en nd/i.tnlntrntlrn uieo. I onderntand I'arkor II Kren-b, Minmter from \tc?r? gua, r*yn, tf the President down not reoelrr turn. In wil I rocwed to Knglen l en.! Prance, eud ank ree><gulu >u from tliroi. 1 hr Senate oeueai nontlne'.H to-day the editor* of the Vniim for printer*. Hr. Kiliritlrh k will tfi?e notice tomorrow for en el t'on on Wednonday. The I'renidenl he* inWIdin.. d a tempo arr printing oOice in f e Whi r H iuee, tor tbe purpose id putting the raeauge in print. lip to (bin evening uo particular* hy inell w iloh 3h m i on mede mention oi in bin ilenpotch have Inwa recntred by the I'renldett. I). conhuhmk ok tuk banks mkk?tub union noui Nine AO HKN A Til I'lllN I'Klt? -CONDITION OK JUIMK llOlOLAS. Wamiinhton, i>ec 17, IBM. Hie Hank* men euticip?t? the adoption of the pi iraliiy rule to-morrow, under which Mr llankn will be elicled The N?ni?t lie! ce . u? hawts nominated the CNnum for purer Hrwro'een .Senetorn were p-eeent. Tbeplecion "In oonaideted werjr d ubtful The pte 'orin lie oviu . Judge iNingtrn will noteirirein Wenbirgl n llilaprtiig at- be In ? gni" to Cleveland to try the we or cure. He in eulfriiog under -i neyne ulaoratiou of lb* throat. It I* tuauirtxl that Mr Hank*, of the South Side t>rnv (r<it lien been oiler d e Urge salery to go to tbe Vni"r en acltor. Puna'* e*por? of Greeley create* much excitement. | TOR" PAWNKK CITV HI'KltUhATlON?-M AJOK MOHTtlO MV.aV FOUND (iUILTV ANlt HKNTKSOBU. Wamiuiuton, Imc. 17, 1BS5. Mi Jot end Brevet Colonel Miulgotnery he-i been nou triir.i d by a oo jrt mm till to be dinmineed Irom the ner vine, fut hi" paitieipetlon, while commanding at Port l.llcy, 1 or (lory of Kannnn, in the ener gernenU for con vi ) it.g n fart of the military renerre there into Pawns <1'y, In ?hi' h (lor. Rredet w*n coneerueil, ml at which he rutnm lueii the in'ginluture to Kanna* to meet. H. AWAHI) OK CONTRACTU. Wahhtitoto*, Dec. 1(1, I8E6 71e I oR'.iranler General ha* Awaidinl the contract fir furt.i*hing wrajpingpnpei, wax and twine, foe the New York and Cmcinnaii dintrictn (twenty state*), to Tun. a an and leibrop", of llullelo?they being tbe 1 iwnnt buliter*. _____ nnsTT*rovara oonuiibm, KIKST HKHHIUN. SENATE. w HiiiM/roN, l?e? it, 1W6. ?' DincAtioii op rut vatkvt MWa. vr. Jam ( em ) of f. giro noli ? that ha w ill lot < dice i b for the mom cation ui th* pa'ant l?w? r r sa*ai. iianiu ii noiKP. Mr. Korrrr, (whg) of Vt., (raeeoUd a petition from Captain (inborn, of IJroak'yn. retting forth bW ?*:-rica* and -offering* nb hu.f ? f tin* r .ntry, a IJ c mpurioiug of the ae ion ti' toe .ova Hot,ring Hoard. Mr. Foot* raid it wan not bin purpo-e to pa?* stricture* on tin ?e tii n, a i.l lt*? to it ipugii It. m ti?e i, 'mi it w?* u it lo 1*. dirgutsvd or danii), tur h-d It ncrpe puot c ratio* in u rn* nn'ouCrOi leaal thai U I u*i it*.lip niUjudg- I (irturou* mistake- hvl been made, and gui-i wrong m flicteil on nianji meritorious*. In what iuan?*r or wha1 measure of te ief l ong sie should extent pi tbe iiRtf? *<*d, be did not consider it his proelore to ianient*, but 11garilfd it a* a proper subject of consideration ror the Cori.niittee on Naval Allairs. It wan ao referred, wben tin: -enate adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. WaeiiiMitii.*, Jwr 17 JgJ. Tux ei'KaKXKenip. Vr. Dviv*. (bit . rep 1 of ind., toa personal expla ?ti n rear extracts fi .itn the Washington correspondence t the Ne# Vork 7V.' ?>i' of t .e l.'ita mwut, * gn-1 " il. (. commenting on hi* rlomn ?; sour?e In the election for speaker, lit uid. riofwilb' tan nip the attack In rhould not turn hi* back n hia country at. tbe expeu c ol hi* true mauline-a arid b n >1 tin. pi. II.raci 'in-eley or the d?vil, or both Corn bl tied, bid hi ui do it. (*ppUj? ai>l laughter.) He complained that he an<: other*, woo *1 v denominated ati ugglera, are nut iguerreo yped bu hi tealured lie ha 1 *ait from the tirat, that w.ieo all anti Nebraska men come together sitrrrudei local a uo pet*, rial prt-Jodioe* ag ee to ataad on tejuai term* mnt i*l?e< ntinue the g&fnc of iKblilfg tiieu In the ink he ? ;d la*; bnri'elf bound to a tule* e nr.. act with to -m in the tiec'ion of peainr, woether pr. .. nt their meet ings or r ot. Hie great trouble hat b*en hat "tie .ar bu 0 tarty and Antony a paiiy?but Koine n me " Certain p,i 1 tlen eu have held theoweive? aloof, and balloting will *h<,w who *no whore they are lie explained hi- ground of a< ting and defended hi* course at ? o a length tout c niit-tr. ?l#o i.'oilop hi* rimira*. n en article in It* ? ew Vovk 7i*aer. Mr ftA*?*(btk. rep), of M >?., roee arniu loud criee if "Fair play," "Hear him, '* "No objection ,? Are and 1 m.dol that he wn* not accountable lor what the New t .k | re-. *al about b in, t,<-rn noli ilal their support. lie railed < 11 hiu.-elf alote and h-geed Mr IHinn not to bold him responsible f? r rompilraen'.s o. . . o-ure in the Tr>buw or T"?'? Mr In ? ? d -linctly -ti.ted that he d ! not d .0, lut WU pp... to him (Hen*.) on the ground* pabh.be1 in ? I. *? M urnai* in May IftM, relarinp i? ir e t Mr. M ir.dinp ihe Nebrii-ka lilii? But I e wn< wi.lliif to *or tender tl -t opp.*Mtion he ruornent all anti Nebia*k*li?* r- iiii tup ther M It*:. - re.uoi. d. re|-.. ,np thv l.e **. ,, u ( r,d, <>' the New York pt-.e tn all e. p. t. ?nl [ rtuer tn "ply Ir.-i t?I that he nerer vie. hd a p.rtule .0 the > bra*la bill. Me hue Inee m> t the p*. pie f*re t>. ?nl it Ui* la?t "lee 11 n ther ifave him ? ren t ouo l n>*iOrliy?the lartfee* lin w'a In p I I tl h . MeeviehueetU. (Applao**.) lie had a. ted %. . ,. th. Iijrtl Ilpht revar toy the Vehrw- a loll and rn peo pie 1 *. .u.ial ed hlrn. M; H Mruiv idem | of Va., offe'eda- 1 < e pr in'.. apn| .*1!i<n whieh, 1m -aid. wa- ft.e , -aJuri ,f hi* o?n b .nihlt Im.pinauoa fh. iirbter/ it h- t-pp-d j.i,. tlemew to ronwtorr that he did Dot. in aubmlt tog it. t* >l(? U. build up for hlmeelt the rep..'a '. ? f I?? hg |mpu lar at bi n.a. The r.aolutton ?*< rear" to the.t) t 10*1 ? t'ei tbe . Wu effer-te-l r.o hu.lne.. .fwoibl <* tran-a- ted ? -pt the paraage of the 1 ereeaary apt r->p-t atlet. Int., (be .'oerohere then to re- go aod p home * 1 iank wwe left In tbe reeoluti' to to te fl led w t o* , of ? I ( to art a* fpimk till li 'heauoe ad p .r|>t . ? arf .reon.pU.he Mr i ??* i.jrifr.iad a modl'ira" or of th? r. ninth n orireiflng for the repeal of *n mo ? m. ........ s. braaka e<t a* daetroya th* . r? m . ' laugh' r ) Mr ilotwria roetn.) of Ala ?I hat I* only ? -i'ght m ? difieaUoi. (Merrlinenl) Mr. th Ml li x> rould not think the gen let.-au fr< m I * ciana IK*ce the *ugheeui.n in *ia*t i*ith tin the a p. tlon of hie rvw luUon, ali could return to the p. p. a tlmt eery ieeiee M - (>k w, (blk rap ) of Perm. r**errirg tr, * reu.arl m Mr. M-Mui.e* lh.?t 1.# ( M Mullen ? W ula take Mr. K a ardeon a* a national mao. 00 a p I a ito -rv.?-a .0 ?hat only weeoUen Northern meml* ? bw ? for I u. wllb the "wmthem men.tar* er? r># ?unpnaed tv ~r .ev?n t*e 11 N. vtlo rn nun mad* 'he anti. nnl pnrty Mr. McMi . 1 lev?flow many nouib* o 1 an rot* buy. or Candida let Mr On a?Iv.a t know. Mr McMi txr?Nrm* Mr. Uroot i levr. of Va.?liar. ? 1 e*e?- t? . from 1 ? North wbi will rote r,,P t . um-rn nan or 'he! numbri foen the Kwwth who w II to* tn .orthe-n ' liiahary ahowo ui your late oauem c* n> u of aee'Hrlwalewi. Mr. t.e w elated that nrmltu in <rj>je.?il 11 10 "h* ~w?0'e-B from U.e UorU. who ipp-.-l M> I'-.rh.rt- 0 f pf-rnt three mlili ,0. Iletog n -rn f Ma.oo h I At on * who* the reTviitoo r..taa wi''. It. ?? re prevent!-p only aaeen houdreo thouawod unof eoutk of it. dTbtrii tl er. lie# the l -t -U.10 to null aao y Mr -I *?? ( .*? ) of f*a , Wt*br*t t knew how bi* e.g. aeg.e met' if appear the eifwi Mw*t**rw o*. rot tur <? ' the eawrda'* of t .e k? -at ar. 1, , : ."lern own, r>n*1ita?* a drntlien, r ?? ' i U a- 'I.wheal juertioa be aanted h ? e- rag..? u, ?ri er ?at. Mr Mowur/ rep ) pf V I more th > Ru#cn?aa tf , u mo be *M on the table Mr V Mi lir? If yon eay It * Ki* aoh, the aneri ov, U fair* f'eweailnfi / Mr I'a *a (nal K. N )af N f aa ' he *aerr there to 11uoart j.ut.ilr l> . i.m awd th'ow r. etr 'a i* n '!*? Wk^. 4. th| *' ? ftati.oa; mmo, fc mn^ tloo of hi# (Wimv# tUr for (h# Smith to a North tru mafi or tt*e North *eieri * Hr at hero man. Mr. M<MriJi* (tmemip'tof ) -Wo on thl* ?Kh are let lug ru tha' huhmiIvo, thf ..South voting '"f * North > t .1 ritfti Mr. I'a^i (resuming)?And wo, of the Booth, have a* Voted aid voted for a Northern roan Mr Frixn (net. K |N ) of Ih.-fr a re In the ?Hua t'ou *f a *lcii wad needing f.hjrair. (laughter.) How evtr nam* ? u* it m*v U' In un emergen j do man ran rofhe? to take It; but, I in agin? no maa can be ao I >ollah A# Ui hav? It furred - own hi* th'oat Mr. McMfllm *h resolution was tabled, after ? hleh 'he H? uac fMft t Me* tor bpra* er, the ? eomd ha'b t mult fuiC ** hank* 106 Kicharlson. .73 FtiU'r.,. -H a<* a* to ring 7 Mr. Broom (net. K. S.) of Pa., hare submitted a pro po?I km* by which, herald, the difficulty in Vh? war of iu nrpanixation ooold be removed---'tut dlBcu.ty >?ring a- he confide* id tins ((ooiltioo of tho ?o or u<n cuifituit) of elavonr to the r?rriwuir* ol iu* ' at tad ?tatea. HU iwwIu'MD was th'it bitti mmns, Mil the I r??dc?rt HN*ent!iiif, the i|U?*Htion of the power of G?n prMo ever slavery In the Territories be submitted to the Fuprcnri* Court? ?fi?lr deehdoa to b- flnai and ouiml ?*|ve. ( mi rh?o? in M>rmi pidii o' the b*Jh) Mr. II. ?4?ii lite ?uhjeet was one t o i ? 'ioue for merriment in u nion Makhmaj!, (nAtional K N\) of Kentucky, m nutted er it ??? in the rout*iypl*M n ?#f the ifen Ueu-i<n to w?it tor an otganiftlion unit! the Huprwuie Court ?ball dec lb*. (lenghier.) Mr Hiumim explained it wuh not a Joint iwoiutloit, be cj nte the )l>u<4? Had net yet org<u?iE?d. If this question i d<v??no in*d we shall beat n?? iijoie afrout coin promt?? lir e* in regar* to alevery. Mr. .venu iiUoi.) of ''iiiu., thought the iflt ulty was t tpojoMHi by Mr. Cnmpbelh of o no, the othei dtf, who it dbaltsl hu c< uhl hate tt?.u elated Bpe-ikei it would u*k? pUmImo? iu relation t ? the lotniiiiiuu of slaming ? iMi imt'eH or Modify hie opinions on the vubje?-t or ? l?*eiy. 'Hie difficulty, turn, is as U? the !?? malum of ti e committee*. itewove thin, and tO?<n will no illfll itil'i in mailing an election. The democrat will neither receive nor xake prnpi-itinns. Mr ltri m ?b?*n wiiIhIm m his proposition, ami the liuuae resumed votbg with ti?e (ulloirirg result ? RIZTT-KorKTII Mm. Hanks . 10b Fuller 38 l< if bard Min 73 lister - Messra ffarHetm. Wlnrlow, vtiiliiwiaaad th*r, oue each. N c?s?ary i ? a i h h.? \VL Mr IiioWim.ion fhlk r? p.), of lows tlien offered n re so 1 it?ion for the elrrtu ii of:? by pluraliiy, jMunllng which tb?- Mouse adjontnen. OUR WASHINGTON (' O UK I !H PO N D KN C K. W i iii.v.i v, Ih'c. 16, 1 iu. JMttrcij Vet' t <lf y ilv Nuaragwin Walter (ft*' >'ioa?. The A(ti t ( JfimW'T Whr$UrtotU />? ow<l - ' '. trwh In I* ShfAim th* Cold Shoulder? Who o1 to fifths <i>rd(an Knoi cf th< Diffo ityy Mr. Man y i* io much trouble on the |ir? eut con lldon t1 bfUir* in (cntral Anmrlra The orgauiauilon of the U'tlinr republic liiua 1m ha > shown Ibst t!<e popular feeling fav?rs its coutinnactre, ati f 'hat if ? eudntntice Is now a filed fart if not opposed too atroogljr by fheg tvern. mmt of ihr 1 i itcsl States. Imii <ol Wu^tlar'aa enow, b-dgn cut of it iu the name and ? n the behalf of the I nlted Mates, th< tiK vements ot Waikei weie rt*ginb<<| witn Utile ttjjpicheiiftioii by Matey, who th"Ufht tiiem to ls? nothing more than a wild adventure of a very rest loss spirit He now i onh ^? H Htw disappointiri' nt. and is still moro aurpr 1. id la lluuiug hirnself ? ail d upon to a now ledg?- in i ol Krtnrlta Miui*t?r sent out by that republic lo the I tilled Slates. Fear >'l tiiMit lb tain' ? eu ting abort thepieren* nrgotiationn g< b goo between I/ird I'a mere ??o and Mr iluciiausn, and the coii.o* |?on" s that iu su h a case would be likely to rivuH froni It. may pirvmit a ree<gniti u of the new Mini; ?er. Whilst out gnvertiinent it- insisting it pott her Interpre tation of 1 he I lay ton and llulwei ti?<alp, anprotesting AgsifiH FTiglhtio'd viflu'i n of 1b same iu c ilot i/.i <g the if.and of iiuaUn. Mai cy legarde any mo nveut by Auw Heans to in rltory In that region of coun'rjr as ibjuricAiH to *\ ? r?ati tal i?--t The '*? ? u llovtuur a?vtrr>mert is pte^ ing FmrUmi to a point wulcii i- no I* ?s h?u entire .. uudoii.ti* ut o' territory and proU'C orab* j te'rn in ns lu an . n smt (k>m a) Auwol % In tbis str.iid he will neither r? c? * nor n 'ml uq I rhe ha- hl?f erU> jslt. d W^tb ruth t- per faithful c,l? ? tvtni-e of treaty with h gland whic it* U"e is no b op? i wiilti g to ackuowb-'g' A- the c??ntr ? ?wy at this lo'Rfdt ?1 -Ii xh' ' :?*t* d Mult ? Ut Ml ' event of tins iiliti - nh <?r*at lirttain, would have the benefit ??f r?ph* on her ?>ide?-a ? ? rv material a ly- but b .ui t "he sftaotwir e?- the new NV agoan Mini *?"?. bet wh i? poaith o in the .. air v?- sy i??, and her u ?w iv tiv?* mvr ttiaiion iquh for u tuns corn? to ?* ataud ?? di. 1 Mink I may witli coi lidor ce ??-???- you up n Ihta rttA titg and fr<,m peraonel ioh rmatlwu ntit%iu? 1, tnat i ?>/. Flf Dcli w ill not rue end In hf* pri-oliit rii??i oi, arid further, that the governs ent will dJ-<jwn ihc ?cis < f 0 >1. U Im kr in /?c<gtii rng tn? imw Aunoirao M 'votirrM-ut. Vb? ? IJect (if \V|vlk(o . in Ibis liv'*- t'? bl> III cu.Ut i . rive a* Wa-lu. g * n w? nothing less than to inu-rrupt th' 11swotLs*b to going m ' vsi h? l r,lte<l . ii?-. st.d nritaln. at d tn f this g v? rrnoeut t ?- o dssto the b gitlna y of Ai ?? ricans /? ut dirtgg T*-rtiuiet|te lit (bu t al if a aifit her atipp??tf au 1 approve mi (,f deny ing tofitcaf with ?'(owl te-olotion loo ri.jhl to Mdtle or do ' ? ?? i? that region ?d eountrr. fnis la an artful Mid ?u rui' itaut v?- - n the part of Walker but it* effect must at on ? be en. To re ^u li m i* Col Krruch w u.d arou-e Hp* w?v i* Amti <aa f*i ?>g thrt'iigboi.t th?* 1 ih ? snd tier-i-Ui?Uy 1< *?? ii ? t|tje-fm? up? n 'tur gov? riiii.<*ni win h ?f h e 04 shall rule on tlii- crittDMit, or the spirit of r? utd o tin in Inn al>s wed its progress iv? ? wry Hi? solution to the*? at?b rneut- ?r,-' f tt> Is, tfii t Walker n p -o ooa of vi a rtigua alu re our entire relatlonn with i ' giaui *u4 the - rtrfnea c>l Mcnr cure 0 ? t' pre>allo *? absulute* 1 I et till rot iqut Deis M what tbe/ n y. i? e Utter never wjSlU-ftlbw 1 ay th Amen'-n pe pi? wi??l* thrr* w? ' lo itsi t it. A lew by- in*y pie?u-u' us WitA fortoei tAcia *Vi n V ! ?? ? 1ft. Hftft. A ','fon JI n Huffmnt! /?*/. ,< J>, .?ri.'t ? ' r, ? fUrupylt t.n" fh, .ty. A num-ifi n ? t> i?, ,f Ahim <??? I > Itrjmhhiiuu rI' '/?>/> ??' Urn ft-f Ik' h -Limit' I y ln,'f-.-k ??? R/,-rt.l fu fr .s/ij . #-?. ft<"fvilW CMr^rf ??7ft- t'uIJi II i ift Your e rr*.pM.'Umt* ?| p.* '/? tl tb* #., lion of Hit- l-p#akit tor^u'low i[> ?>l'b# lot* . .t.,f tti-r,.ri >/? HO' Ui? War eki>c<MHi| lb* ?)>*i>rritr'***ni*nt of lb* ' f lb* ft pi*', l-?*it?* Hi* o*II p- ,fll of ftlJ.u <1 <n on# advar<i#*m*nl might b# ?mtangxrad uttl* a/uip* ll'liilt with .ii* J*> i i? j.i#nt? of puOJ in it-r, whlrh n*?*n? oil lb* "?y f"r ??* *11 '* ?1 In lirr Uj f/ *B tb# nlidt'l t/lb, a* U**:# I* on iiinimy mu fr . u U.? t ? t?ury for 111* n.ii****.*. of tb* Ki*oit**r I'lUl lb# floo?# ? - "Tgai.U/. Th* iMtlt'i t*4 ?' 'wr p'* '?* ot ..mum ' ?1<0 *? !'? r'j tor ? ho (?r?* at/out a( ? ?Hng p?*t*.'t |i>u:i'i >1 UiixMlt tlvu llit filial# f*ir*#? or# r#l'i ?at *nh th> ton** fr In of ? n**uy * tl i .< ?#? f -ha'Ol d Iti.'i,? ? 7 Jl.i fiaaliiMt ai.: l.i inlniat' f a ,i *h*<i<r*n I l*n? *i?Hi 'i**lly lo pi** ' f all tl I rtmtaa -/ *. I '#( ? (I 11 *? ? DK* 111 lli" i ataat ' M M lately I- ? a* ?? *n' an'" rvatAil.*?t ? ' - n '? ft* lb v i *,. (.along Bf> <>ii?ali<'li> an* i #?'* f l! hj ?*? *('?*>.* avii '.a t*. Ity g***' !/"?*? 1 * 1' - j.** ? tl,* j ia< * ?** i* * **i f< I a ft (#>*?.* r ?* ight !>>< a ua'.ri IV," ? ; i,Ib? . n at It* -bl?*a Ihi *gi t?. (! a*., i.alla I ?*??"? ?;t>*#r I" l?.v* ii.r **.,<*? . or. log If* IT *? alar 'V?i ar* a. f ' #il/#?. a# tt,# " ' tl. a tra Br y *h .i i?lu* > f t> * ? ganulrt* l**r Igl ?*? ' ** I" tl*a ' *-[,?'"i ? hi "fiin !nl* i / a'*<l i a'rn t'ibta, ami Iba #** u<* vi*g#r nan .!. ? i *? fiua ? i*? > r-(r? an *' ,*l l'< **la a ,f Li tn a* a tog r ? -g'i fraa ? 1 Hit*a la a ra *rt*' I* arbt'tar /'tug th# r uml* U.?t I.* * gn.a I * It at. n if In 'afMiM *o* ha* t? ? >t< l*a 11*1* If ? *m ?** ?? *a u. (tba *g. i.y gat I '* it o*pl"' /#r*, tad ?I'll*!***" in th* light by ?? in* >f Iba *af'ba*B. fl.aia ?r? rig *t't I'll ?| 'a. a ? :r|j- In I*. tr*#r of n y ar* a'4 '!**? lUtiod r* la that <#u# 'f h w I??t* ?* -Iba ? a * wilt, a 'a! ' t*y, takan out ? ' tb? j*.? !i ... t t ? aii - . iiio?*? lit# *un'ait> T ?-??.? I ?*? "O li.ra I j ibOH wb?? ha'Bt'** #ntrt of t'j* boll* ii r l*ii?iaa?/r ?*inm*f.' In Iff ? *M *|li twU tr??''bairn #t * *loaMa p*|#tl *Bt '*! '' 'h-*ara?if f.-?jgt*ri ah* b ?* *a***iatJ> Rta*' ' In tb? a*lfara ?l I "HI try ao<! o? *?/ I*a4 thia ?r#?. n# t?p*'*. aid ,* ap bar* b an brlb* I fl?* It of ii.a falaot i ff . *. igji.t ail tb# ?f*at/* ? ?>A ratia* of g ?? 'i.*i*t,t ? 'L ?>.# ?a*in'?alnB "f W*?Mnftoit ?n ' in fif'/b hi I bad it 1 - *ba ??? f' r y?ar? 'ml/a *h' rt llo^ ?!*?* II -a ? r* *-1 'la' a It *'.o*aij '.a*! ??'. pi*. **. aa i< ? > ' aa' ' B.y'i li* ? t*? <l***it *m", !*jr B*t?i. ta aa *r It U no* | ? r!,?t* , "' at on Arrmti aa /ol*t baa* I ? ? r. ''i?*l r?|*'..a iA ?iaidai 'a* r*g lark naaft ."*i# ditr Tt.'#a ?* agra lakaoogl' f'B# gr*#t hai f ".a * ?! " "t 'if ja**#i *y lay f! -#ia ?' **??? pi .?? ly l*?.lit| ariiani bf pl*aft#r ll ay ##?? * a..'/ atth 'b" I *1*1,' **'*? gan?* bartog f!**>#4 a ? i/gl iaa at I'm I t* , . ot * ' < . ? j '.?#? MMti# r*f b* ipaoiU1*'! V. aa* it1* art** **4i #*'lbt*? ba*a a g" pf 'ttt rgtit 0# ?#,*?*? f h*in I * V*"' ?? art -#4i ag at ?If#/ #-* i ai"t a I a*tt#la# in Waal ngVm at ah ut Via* 1# l*r.'a# of ba ">*# ??fl B.a/11*'* T# aag*a of Baa b*i " ? *!? to ?*?'lt r "ft and ? *aty of ??'?? a# 'b# a t - n tl ? f '?'a?"?t bal f fa *od >b? a .#4 .*t na ? J g ?* atth a U'ga fo?#B f n?#-i ^'*f*a ff-ur. I * .. )| ?*,? . .. ... Th# ' ?-* t*o.ld|#g U .. i * B ap 'i lt,? hBit*#r<Mi rtairt'k* lift 'h# n: o? a tb# pl*r## a* ?*#*:; *? th# WW a lay"t yto*B* * , art t' v* tt? n iy#a***t*/f th# an*: a# or * a oat t !,#<?; ' ' Uj*t th# ?lB|t|nB '/ th# *#*??#r t ot V# a ftt#*t ?*#t f * mm? *)*/? yat IffT WaaatiBBBris, la* III 1*5*4 7? lirrftij*? hft '#Bfi f "# A#* ?,???*_f?-o*??*? "tft.'T# jl i iiM" Onali'i Ofint/m ?f Ihvms 'Xtm./a? jr B ,;.*a < <'*i4** ?ftaaoTid#^# '?* a* f 'kiaabry ? / ohaM d ly*o#t */ 'A# /t. .#/*?* TsO ft** BTB *f <fc* kfta* if Mar'h. I itU# 4M/BBf *?-rroa r##l*- rl#n? think vImb B* #at#i thai lh# b l*#r* ?oof pkltiV rt^miN Vrtorf a *??k< kg aflar'fd, that I,#, would U ?!>|- V<1 un1.V ?lr cuiiir'.hm^, to ?"* tor nn ?? f time 'Jmt miA m* th* fact, and I *?? w?tinier.* - m^ctlrMrtiittAr)* ahcidd b* <lot>t-T?l ai d t *hf*h th?- friend" %f Hank* warn to havo no poat ,.>n? tl??* tlm* till th* * Mireb. Tho crmaflHng ??! y? *ter?*ay *\ n apleod* in dul atale, (Im and unyroflfjiM# prorw*ding? of the t** two wwkx but it aug if uo g>?*1 to th ?? * who hfttt ife?* Ilifc-ted all OTfl W mXiWt) to *fl.ct ?U Orgnr?i?a'l? W# inn/, thatwfbra rimiW d*n>nn*tr.iWof\? arwr#1 few daya. and in aome at which per hap#, iter fopenuiwta, nob a'urUtng and abounding in ? mo in light. Thar* are more achatD** concur tad an.'. vwtcrgDit.f ifiijeoetlon Ihio wpii? i'tm dtaamt nf by tin* tmfn(U?t*d. .?*h< mlwg. ptpoiay in|C ui??l wirepulling ha# !#* u tho <* lor ??f tho day ikml toght t ?i lb# la t t*? ? \ fie picking* and atcahnga, 1 b# p iU Mil pUIld-i #1(1 V .atflftUMM lfc?N lit Ira I cauldron to h il and buUhn- *<? pr?*\igmu#ly A moia U Mn. lank and bunrry art of deriU n#*or InlbHad ? city than ?re now i ? h* M? i ou ft#r- i h In tho holwd* and in and about the rotund* uf th* Capitol II >w e*g?*r iy 'hoy wntah the RiiifttMtiii aud b<> anilowtly tbrg lnqulitaflM each u v >iv? V.?UW t A/ ?i?> and iHipilf int? fw?lf ably d?i 1 nit tn<1* ?> >oi>f"t) in# a 'hi* day<? mad week# roll round wfeVml e feeling mi organ!tub*mi; fw th* rhino in li on noohctw t*egtn* to "grow by Ar g-ee* and br&utitulll iw#" M Itnt w ho I* Ui N? hpenkor' Thai I th?- <jti**'i m* th* el! ahaorbfng orrribidowiaf ?^l ajj-important ?|ue#tf'W ju?t !?? W tJireley who h.i b**Q OMVliriOf with tlba piU'v?ii< t th# #p! <W ??( a n#?(tha Kt??*rclin, howi?r#r, picdoiniiialr# lirro j'.ct u ?%?,? hut **t?U thr ganulou, imI^ rptrltM ?hnbfowr around rrrtain iiidlriduiU* ahUfftr 'hoy go tvob black ai. ) whit*- - ? y" thai Ihoy te htiivMNi h?m that lunik ? would oi*? laluiy u? oh* tat, prv tided thiv (Dank*' frb'tio#) would ItoM out f<-r tw wank# I' T.gwi , Mint that a!) that wnfl nr?.'o?f -*iui " b%ak tHin#,'* a rot of which rhouhl tliara fa* ain tridfoatJ r># of g'otag out, lr?Hi?o*tit iocs f t Jh-a \V(n*-I VI m >li and King** Aibauy Hnnooiit, aold by Howard, itroaloy k f?o., would product Uio moat h#t? niahiug wfTorta in a'! ca#o? to ba V opt tightiy ?oal?-t and b? ?*o th >roughly hakwn bofbrw hmn|. A* M'on a- thay aa??*rta<r?*d 'ho gtgaiittc. i|'iatiMaa ? f thi? liriiri oi t tier tmrnodUtaty doapatchiwl oi?o of Hi* atof-oaid dfl' tofi, wImmm' christian na'oo |g I hu't wr, t* All an;. fu ordai that ho ought hoop 'hmn coralanllf >.<i,plir I < Midl<iat? m aro aprluging tip ovory day f.?r tiio *art*?a po*|fiavn* about 11 ?? * apitol H?o two fending candidal*# to? (Ink w Cull< in dl h me*#* #, iod TayU-i nf obi? Ihclattar goutlomao ! uodwi?Unl, ha- a good many frlnnda. Cullou*'# rhimw? tw?? wtoWa a|pk wo?# d<#n?|*4ly Wti?*r Uiaii thov ar# now ?>o? thing ?hi h ha# ami ia of ill operating atr*ngly *gain?t him i# thl*?t'ullowi'a watinoat and m<"*t i r loot frtai d* nr? with tl?a i aotfftli acc'hn or HouUiton Know Nothing* Tboa# w*#u ga vornpt illy rofu*w to go for itwiik* IUok? trtomW mown I'lfio urging (hnicin to bring ofn-ugh ??f H*>nVharii Know Nothing* to aloe' him - llwiikaj, pm?t? od h# ftkal lotn) mpactw to rr? oat- .heir *upp< ?t. lbU may pern fun# a atato of thing# which will put it out of th* <|ta*a lion to al' < t UulUmi. an I in that <-???? Mr layl ir, may W cIccUm! Clark. 1KIW. from Havana. ARKIVAI, OK Till. KTCUtmr CAIfAWBA. Hi" I nl!?i Platea moil iteimUp lab.abe, p. W. Itnlth. comm. inter, fr m V.a tUr nth and ilara na tte 1 Iftli lu?t., ha. tinier! heie. Prom Havana ?r hive no | .11 Ural n*e. p, reject, ?TOfXlhiBf nil the UUn l being ,-rf .juiel. The f' rip'renr. 1 l-?v; u >r titer>x ntn la and bead ' ho en I i r 11 >i.11(f,. 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