Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1855 Page 2
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THE NEW YORK HERxlLD. WHOLE NO. 71)51. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 18.' ^^ ' "^KIOF, TWO CENTS ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAT. NEW PUBUCATION8. IH 'DUAL TO THE 1N1II AM.?ATHK.N ACM. i Just Published, AILIEFORD : A KaMIU HISTORY, ? Y TUl AintluK or JOHN UKaVTOM Beautifully bound In muslin, 75 cents; ue til) bound In paper CO oeuta. This Is one of those natural and trutblul domestic stories Which possess. for properly constituted minds. a far greater attraction than the exaggerations of ulghly wrought love flo riotu, or the perversion of lacts whicn ue d gnmed a lib tie name of historical romance*. It bus already bad au extensive run tn England, where worts of this class meet with a juuer appreciation than amongst our excitement lovlug nubile. In correct portraiture of character, gejlality of litimor and be narolent phlloaopni of aln, we have not tor a long time me with a work wblcb Das pleased us mote. The reader la car Hed along rapidly by the agrneabls ?ti le aud Interest of the dory, and finds himself at lis conclusion lull of regreia at parting wilh the pleasantcsl acquaintances acquired In Its ure greaa.?hew York Herald. Published by STRINGER A TOWfHRWD, 222 Broadway, New York. And for sale by booksellers ovory w here, sod by agent* on Cte cars. On reception uf price, the work will be mulled free Of poautge. IMPORTANT NEW ILLUSTRATED WORKS EOR THE ootnlng season, published hy D. aPPLK'I'ON A CO., J4o End 348 Broadway, New York:? _ The Holy Gospels. Illustrated In forty original design*. By Frederick Over beck. One volume folio, antique morocco Price $20. "These designs, so long celebrated for their exquisite beauty, End havleg for some years oeen In the hands of several of the Drat engravers, are now tir.-t given to the nub ic in their com jilele form. We look upon the present vrlumo us a mint rare and precious commentary on tbo Gospel*. Where la the scho lar or orator who can explalu our Lotd'a parables wtUi Uie power shown In the portraiture here given of the 'Ton Virgins' and the "Bleeping HusbaodmcDt' What pre icher can leach the humility or the majesty of duty more eloquently than the gllnstraUoos here presented ot Christ rebuking pride by setting B child before his disciple*, ami subduing wurldlidess by cslT ink Mai the w from his gold, to follow the Mas er unto the endf "What exegesis, however learned or eloquent, can equal the touch ol this genius. Id bringing to the heart the meaning of the resurrection of Lazarus, and the psUiua of deiiweiuane aud Calvary*"?Extract from Preface. II. A new edition of the Republican Court; or, American So ?ioty In the daysof Washington. With twenty oue portraits af distinguished women. Engraved trom 'he original ptwurec toy WollasUra, Copley, Gainsborough, filuait, TrumouU, Mai bone, and o her cotemporary palmers. Une vo.uuie, ito , an litjue morocco, $12, colored plates, $lh. The object of the work Is to pre-ent to'the readers, and to ad tnlrersor art of the present day, pictures and dewrtpuons el the noted I*dies who were present, and occupied conspicuous poaltdns in society during Washington's administration. Among the portraits, engraved tor the most part by Loqffim artiste, are those of Mrs. Washing on. Mrs idatus, Mrs. I'.A.uU too, Mrs. Samuel Adams, Mrs .Jay, Mrs. Hlugham. Mrs. Har rison OiayOttia fthe older) Mrs. Theodore Hodgwick, Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Lewis (grandangbter of Mrs. Washington), Ma duu Genet (daughter of George cluitou), Ac., Ac. The Scenery of the United Stales. Illustrated In a aeries of forty engravings. Embracing views In every portion ol the United States. Price, In cloth gilt, ?7 50; antique morocco, $10, "No more acceptable volume can be selected than one which Will afford to the beholder a view of the acsuery of toe United States, It contains drawings of all the Imp rrtaot points of in get est which attract the traveller's notice.'' IV. The Eve of St. Ague;. By John Keata. Illustrated with twenty design*. In the style ot Gray's Elegy and the Deserted Tillage Price, In oloth, ?1 AO; antique morocco, $3. "This volume will be Fought alter as one of the choice gifts Of friendship at the oomtPk ?* aeon. The Illustrations oven surpass. In beauty, dray's Ele^y, In the same style." Sabbath Bella. Chimed hy the Poets. " Sundays observe l think, when the bells do chime, ?lis Angel's mtuie." With colored lUuatratlou*, bv liirkct Poster. Price, In cleth, gilt. $3 75; antique morocco, ?5. "This Is the prettiest Illustrated hoik which has come from the pencil of Birktt Pt-s'er. the poetry D selected trom the works ol the sacred writers of both England and America. 1 rnricRs o* the sound dues- question ?these JLi letters treat of the difficulty between the United States and Denmark, In a serious and leonaolentioiis manner. Valuable Chew and jrtrOng argument* are brmight io bear upon the ruts at issue. The right of Denmark to levy thu Sound dues ably sustained, and the policy of the admiukrrallon shown lie true light. Price 25c. .Hold by F. W. KBIT, 763 Broadway. "KfOW READY ?FANNY GREELEY; OR, CONEKSHION8 J.s of a Pree Love Slater; c .nun,lug a full uxpoae of tne my* tones ol the passional attraction. Price 25c , mailed free on receipt of prfee. F. BRADY, 12 Ann street. Three important new books-to be pub lisbed Wednesday, December, 20. Tnr ROHrsTExp on Titr niusrnk, and <vrnrk taths, By Mrs. Marr J. Holmes ihn popular author ol " tempest End Sunshine.'' and "The English Orphans." Oue volume 380 pagts. 12rao. Price 11. II. A New Book hy Rlehard Hlldreth ATROCIOUS JtlDCiKS I.Ives of Judges, Infamous as Tools of Tyranny and Instru menu of Oppression, lly John, l>>nl Campbell?wtih an appendix, eon'aln'ng the ? case ot l'arwxatre Williamson. Edited, with an lulro Miction and notes, hy Itichard llildreth. Oue volume, 43u pages, lilmo Price $!. Ill * The I a test nnd Best?A New Book for FTonsewlvea. PkAOnt'AL AMKSICVN rOOKVSV. A1SIJ DongsTtc *cono*t, ^^1^ Mlas h. .M. Hall. Une volume, AW, pages, 12mo. Price 'Ihe CooKgnr eon'alns 173 recipes, re'aUng 'o every depart ment of the subject, aud L* 1)1 ustrigicd with II appropriate en grtrlngs The Domcsnr Ecosnav contains 353 reefpeg and recent tm port ant Information relating to the garden 'lie orchard, he Wardrobe. Ihe laundry, and all those h. q-rhobl and domevie aflairs uixm which Inat/uction Is sought by the thoughtful and care inking mistress. i.atw.v rtmi.isBKn. Mr BoirpAt;* and Mv Ksi.rtsut? By Piederlrk Douglass, ?54 pp., IZmo , steel portrait, ?1 20. Hkskt VIII. van ms Six Wives?By Henry W. Herbert, *41 pp.. 12mo , 7 eteei portraits. $1 ?5. CatHaatsg II. or Russia, and her Rnrcessors?By Samuel M Rmuoker, 338 pp., 12mo., steeltKirtralt $|. lUssnrrra Robinson?by D. Wilson, Esq., 330 pp.. 12mo., ?teel portrait, 75 eeuis. Trig BsAOTirtn. Gat*, a Gem tor the Lltl'e Folks?By Uaro hue Cheeahsn. 235 pp.. ltimo., finely Illustrated, 6.1 cent*. address order* to MILLER OKTtiN A MULhltiAN, Pub Ushers, 25 Park row, New York, or 107 Genesee at., Auburn. M SEVV3PAPKH3. 0RRI6 A WILLIE'S Hook JorasAi.. rot; 1350. Ttve following are the ltidtic?tnen'a to suheerihe;?A new novei by N P Willis, a series of sketches by General Morris, and a novelle'te by J. M. Field, rtubscrlt j at ouce. Terras $2 a year. Office 107 Fulton street, a'HE AMERICAN ILLUSTRATE!) NEWSPAPER.? No 2 of FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWS PAPER at all news depots. It oontalcs the following engrnv mgs;? i be Fndora Tragedv?1 he sunken ?choonc- from Hty Itlaul; Arrest of the negro; mode of raising tbe vessel. Burn tug ot Use Steamer s at Memphis. Exectitlou at Gen. Corral, Nicaragua. View of Greytown. I'onraU of Got. Ktnney. Exp oeli si of a aleam tire engine at tinc.nnatl. View of Jobs street Method st chtmeh. Paclflc Railway with 16 views. Fulton Market Nunar ce. Two aeenea In Namau stieet. Splendid large engraving of Alrarcx entering Mexico launch of the steamship VatiderblR. Atid all the new* of Ibe week FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER com mencea Its regular Issue this day, and wU) hereatler he pub Mailed every Saturday morniug. TIUC BAlit) gEAfHMT. MAHONIC BALL.-THE THIRD ANNUAL BALL OF the Henry t'tav Lodge F. A A. M. will be In- I at tbe Mew OUy Assembly I'-mms, 450 Mi-nadwaT, on VV- dnesday #rvenlng. Dn'mlw IP, 1-65. Tl-keta II. to he had of the fob losing committee ? Wafer Graham, 264 8ou b street; John Walker 46 Forsyth slree'. Win. Harrliren 216 Xoullt street; Freeman I'noie. KtO Water street; <i W. Hoscvelt, 267 ttou'h Itiree'. or ?t the the door on the evening of the tiel Walter GRAHAM, ''Ulrman. W? listen.**, Secretary. rrilE SROOND ANNUAL BALL OF THE A XT'lR HOUSE A Olnh will tie given at Mblo's on Wednesday t.entng, I>ec. If l?6S Boric by Dvdenrth'e full bend. C. Kteo, Recrctary. JAM Kb 8. PARKER, Pr evident. The t.iird grand annual ball and fk-<tivai, of the I/trenio B Hhepard Guard will he held at Iflher'4 new <1ty Aseembh Room*, on Toe?d** evening, Dec IS. A. J. Mathews, Seoretar.. H. W. HYEK, ChAirman. FTHF TH1RI) ANNUAL BALI. OP THF. 70UNG MF.S A In eld of the f ml* oi the I-adlcd Heb-ew itenevoleot Ho rteiy, will be held at Nlhlo1! on Wedtie*,lay evening, Dec. Hi. Ticket* >2 to'eotjlel oi any of the mere tier*. JONao D. 8a tfHtt/4, President, It* Bloecker atreet. Minor Marvih. H< reutri, He Maiden lane. Auern Mtim, 7t*e?urer, 477 Hrnadara I road way. Wull a celebrated band baa been engaged lor the occasion FINK ARTS. Ah joceltN'8 haw war map. ji st publish ? #d?North MmMopol an 1 I 'outlngr* t-.n df Xoath, 'tap tore of the Malaknf), Attack awl Kearful vtruggle wt bin the Sedan. Hat'iea if the Alma, Ha akiava and It -errii on View UfOonstanUsople; two Vtewaof Hrctth Xebaeutpol, abowlng the JPovllion I t the Allied Fc oaadurtos' he I amp* -n Nortl. Se Restopol. showing it* Fo ..loalloq-and ha Prcaeiit Position of the Russian Arm?, Tic is an entirely rew map, with the latex pian* and rl* mt ire of map, 2H hy XI Inobea. Price, 26 ?ent*. beautifully colored. Sent bv mail to any part the eontiir. lor one erat prwtage The largest and ba*t oolkMtloo Of map* and view* of the ha-rem War published at thta office. Mas. bieh and print atr?n'? wanted lor everr State In the Cnmn to aell from a Hat of popular map* Letter* of Inquiry SmpUt answered. lanugo.* *n1 apactukeu aheet* free to ageat*. A. It JOCalTN, 60 Fulton wrest, N Y M H.?' ewanaper* copying the above and aeadlnr the name to (he 'die e, will raoetva three copies and catalogue. rtRjrrnBJE. StOTTAflE AND FANfTT FURNITURE WARKROOMS / at 614 Brosdwav, opposite the fH. Ntch- ia? HotaL?MA HFWI'A STACKY otfhr for iwle the moot egtrjieirr assort nicnt of fancy cottar#, enairelled and French fnriiittire In 'be Cni'ed I'atea, at reduced prices, leery variety of mattresses, pa. .taeee* pillow*. bolsters. Ac,, at manufacturers' price*. LARUE HAI.K OF DIAMOND AND GOLD JKW1L1Y. J. L. VANIiRWATKK wI J "eil.oo Wednesday, Iterrnj. W< r If. *< l?S "'clock, at die salesroom. 12 Maiden lane, a Mag# a mrunent ot gold ,ew*lry and diamond#, suitable i ir the b> Iidsys. romdeUng of diamond broaches earrtnr# Anger Ml ga. Ml duller and single alone. Alto, a One Cue i>r W carat gold case wan-has, tine gobl fob. guard and vest chain*. AJin a line line of Is carat gwM jewelry. mnabuing .if broach cw, ring", plus, earrings, n td*. sleeve button# tr. Particu lar* to rnorrow. ___________________ arge and hplrndid half or roiw -jomt u J VANDKWaTkR Will sell, Una day at ltD< ..viijc* at the ?alaar-im 12 Maiden lam , the ru-hrat aw rt* ent of tur* that Sa* born offered at auction Oil* season, eonatsu g of real -oval Bmmc I In'two Kaysa'-e. mink, ?*'la (nob st.m# marten ?a-igk, eitgk, vWortnea. talmas, cape*. Ae Alan, genta' tur oolWe* am' oue? glove* Alan a splamltd line eg alatgb roba#. ?weiwtng of leooard, llod^oa May, oear, wolf, genet, Ae the arte, e nu t g sn M or ment well eucthy 'be a m'Joo ut tb jec fe> ?rant. ARRIVAL OF THE EMPIRE CITY. One Million and a Half of Dollars on Freight. News from New Granada, Fern, Chile . and Bolivia, to., to., to. The l ulled State* mail steamship Empire City, CKp'. Henry VV Indie, left Aspinwall, Dae. 5, at r.m'night, with the United Hate, mail, 460 passengers and 91,600,000 in trea.nia, received from tin l'scific mall .tenner John L. Ftepbenji, (which reached I'anama at 0 o'lluk the morning), und arrived off thin port on Saturday, 16th, at a p. m. Hia Empire City has been in a donee fog for the la.t th ee day., and for forty right hour. ha. been up to the bar, with one of the oldest and moot experienced pilot* on board. Passenger. by the Empire Oity, outward, left I'anama at daylight on the 1st, per Sonora, aud on the 2d were H|.uktn by the John U Stephen.?all well. The Empire City bring, the following THKAr'U KK IJKT. Hsnk of America lf>:t 5f(> Mechanics' Hank... 91,600 F Durnett 4 t'o..., 16.0GO Morgan, Hathaway 4 A. Denvin 8,000 Ci 7,612 Booth 4 hdgar 7.600 Order 01,000 Geo. Bird 4 (,'o 6.000 Probst 4 Meinert. A. Carney... 14,00") hayen 0 206 W. J. Coleman 4 Co 22,68) Ja.. Patrick 60,000 Chambers 4 lleiser.. 1,700 Joseph I'erkin. 26,000 Duncan, Sherman 4 Hum, Falconer 4 Co. 67,000 Co 76,000 E. k J. Hoeenfeldt.. 3,209 Drtxei 4 Co 340,0(10 U. W Hchenckberg. 8 160 Fireman 4 Co 13,000 H.Strybing 10 040 lluo.i'ii 4 Bro... ... 16,6(,0 Chas. Taylor 2,600 Mm. Huge 4 Co....142,200 Truadwell&Co 10.000 F. Kelly 4C'o 60 015 Well., King.) 4 Go. .303,460 II. King 4 Son. 6,500 W. F. Weld 4 Co... 10,000 A. M Uwrenor 15 000 J. B. Wler 8,665 Metropolitan Bank .140,000 I oult Neybaur 3,400 Total 91,(03,368 ?IKD. On boaid iiteaniahip F'jnplre City, Dec. 16th, of hemnr. of the lung., James McIieUan, aeaman, of New York. ? )f ecn.umptlon, J. Jurgens, a nntiie of Norway, aged ubuut 33 yearn. The steamship Uma arrived at Panama on the 20th of November, from Valparaiso, Gal!to and intermediate te. She brought 24 passenger, and 9280,000 In specie. ller date, are?Valparaiso, Oct. 31; lima. Nov. 10: i'aita, Nov. 16. NEWS FROM NEW GRANADA. EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS ?ACCIDENT TO a STEAM hHIP?TUB OTABDIKO ARMY?HKL ATI0N8 WITH VENEZUELA? BOLIVAR'S BIRTHDAY. Our flic* from New OranadA Are d*tod at Panama ana Aeplnwail on December 6th. 1he Panama Herald of November 27th says:?The en gin,. which we reportel oh having got into the falmetilla river some da;a ago, has been got out with very little damage, and wax forwarded to Atplnwall for repalra on Patuiday. The bridge, it la expected, will be fully rebuilt in time to bring over the New York passenger* on the 20th in at. The AapinwaU Courier, of November 27, say*:?Our harbor presents a lively appearance at thia time, brom our office baloony we can see more than a doaen veaeela lying Within a few feet of our wharves. Ot these, eeven bmc cargoes of coal and lumber for the steamship ooaa panics. The railroad folks have been having a severe struggle with the rain of late. The road beyond the summit re quires all the foroe they can spare upon It to keep it up lo their absolute necessities. Dr. Melendra, foimer Minister of the Tribunal and VU cal, in Panama, had arilved in Aaplowall. l'ne same paper publishes a notice from the office of the United State* Consul, dated on 22d November, to the effect that James C. Davis, gunner in the U. S. Navy lately attached to the V. H. ship Vlncennos, aged forty nine years died of chronic diarrhea, at the City Hotel in that place, on the 20th ultimo. The dscease.l Was on his way home to his family in Charlestown, Mass. His effects will be eent to the Navy Department at Washington. The thirty-fourth anniversary of the independence 0r the Istbmua had been duly celebrated. The people of the province of Chlrlqui appear to Is unanimously opposed to the new Mate of Panama aid the proceedings of the Legislature here, and are already throning out broad hints at iev dution. Out dates from that quarter ate to the 15th inst., at which time the people were getting up a petition to tiie eccernl government to allow that part o! the v at- to be ,me a province again, and continue as it was under the old regime; they appear determined, it their petition is not granted, to attempt their entire independence. Chb riqul, situated a- it is, at the extreme boon^iary of New (irsnada and adjoining Costa lllca, is m re fa voiably located for carrying out s ich a res "iVu i ni uv oihei part of the repul> 1c, and there is it le doubt ihs' if they are driven to u revolt, the 20,000 inhabitants which the province po-sesse? would be able to m ike a very strong stand against any force -<-nt t., quell thetiv The Panama JleraLi of liecetitber .? suy?.?1h scti ion r Tom Cerwln, with Ice. *nd u general argo "!on",?n"JI 'n Mr W. B. Johnson, ot tills city srrb .-1 if. As pin wall --n Sunday, and it Is expected thai to-morrow or the daj after we shall again have pl-nty ot Ice t.. c >ol oir on. The rioiieller steamer Kr.ieha, from I'unta Arenas, ar riven at Panama on Sunday, Des. 2, with the owner and a few poa-eogers. It is intended to run the Km?#a re gularly between Panama and I'unta Arenas, should sum C,. nt li-tULen...ut be held out to Uie owners to keep. her ,.n the line. She was to leave iu a ?h..rt time for I unta Annas with Baron Hulow, and th? men engaged by him to work for the Costa Rica government. Tin steamer Henry Wells ..n her v -yap uplb*' river, betwien Is ganioso and /snlllv, on the liver Magdaieoa whilst Backing down to he k for s new channel, b?MW unmanageable am! was n.igg d. Dwuig u. theBW? clioiry exeiticn of her excellent captain, II. hobiusr-u she was pumped out and repaired, aud one fifth ol her csrgo ?ii .aved. Hhe Is probub* n?w on her pv-sage d0|Tnnthe' llTh,' 12th and Ulh the usual relr of li#? annivrr?*ry ol CmrthagenUn Independence took - lerv. 1b?* u*u*l .jujunity of bramly, powder ami loof "'(.nicU a^Siwrintendcnt of the Canal and Navigation Company, is well and hi. work is progre'-lng ThaAsclnwall Oairir ' i N v 2b pubUMie. the follow ing fri m Carthagen..,d?t.<l on the VA of sa ne You can tell your teade. . that Penor J..?e Ma la NeeretaiT of the Trea-ury, has resigned and Dr. Nunc* mrmerlv Secretary of War, has been appointed in bis'stend. I'-n AnUnlo Tmrico been offered .be i or'foil i of the War Department, but he uas ?.eo.lnsd't. . ihand" is still I.t-derg .ing hi- trial. F.l \n (JroMHltno of Ik gota, Nov 1 referring toth ministerial changes. ?ays;_The idea "f -Senor Nun^ upon the subject e' finance, ate well known, ..e Vr^** the principle that th-tw-st fiscal -m-ourcr- eon-f ln th, very ennsidetable red .etion of the Imp .St., and ? ,? bssing upon industrial llts'ty U,r ^rmanejtrssoor^ Otthe-ute. Therefore, th* uouunatlon of Neoor Nuner frr the Tie*Miry Department is vs y significant of the views that govern tVe chief of th tfenor Vunfi withdrew fr- m tbe Wsr fw.artm. nt wttll ths re wri of bavins reduced tb> entire standing army to ..7 1 in ops. This institution will soon le abolished. Hie na ' A f'solutkti'wdl be tatroducs-d Into the n^^''n?'*V of New lirsnada. tor the entire suppression of the stand nig army and lbs; abolition of the office of secretary of YiKeo-Orauadina severely sens tires th# Dover nrof the provtnee ol Buenaventera for making the r.fbrlai caret le Iff the province his organ in partisan warfare led sneaks of it as Ikouffh It w?-re not at all customary and entirely at variance with th* ideas ol propriety am ong New t.ranadlan politicians. In a long ? rtiele respecting the relations of New Dra ntda with VsnenieU about which considerable appre ben-Ion was felt a short time since, /./.Vre '/roai ffa.. .hows that the hostile talk g-ew out o a "'lionderstan'' in* in si nseuueiire f some t..*xts whiet. were given at * lanquet. ami tb? discussion ,,f. c*^? jects refer ing V. U i ?o*(ra and the gre?t rt?er, .n 'he eastern boundary of the republic ?Pf*"* ? ^ n. Iiecesalty of mediations Oven betw enthetsro rep ib I ce excepting upon the navigati< n of the rivers wh.eb run thr jugh the territory of both, and this involve no M Hons difficulty or probable cause of 'l"*rrs. The 2*'h of 'ict lier. the anniversary of the v??t n ay of Bolivar, was celebrated with great enthusiasm at fl rwm O Taaameno, Nov 1<U In the peesent erttieal .Itnatlcn of the is ne ces.erv to?[Mk loud, with ail the franht>e?s of an none-, heart?with all the coursge Inspired by a sincere patriot ism? what is the fatal and mysterieus policy f.ll.'wed ln eeard to the D'htnus sometime s.nce- What Is the pro-pect of this intcr.stlng portion ofSew Granada' letus carefully examine this question In 1MB the the lsthmu* of Manama had am untln* to 16b 000 a year, the tobacco men'uv which yielded *i0<?0 a yvar the brandy mono;. ..y, yl.ldlng %V> 0WI year'y, and. finally, several other reve nue. that defrayed the public expeos-s ot tl Is -oettrru Now why have ail three tnrnn? li-at.tear.d Bs cause ha Isthmus ought to eoj y ,r*'\ why .h"tild this freed m he gran ' t?. the 1st .m iA in .,/erthattb- whrl. world, and e-rss-U'l; the11 r-.ts I -vatre might erj- y the advantages offered by this route There once .leaped a rational aw dt?ee? raj 1/ed the public . xpensre of this dvi-artmeut an . vh? evstvaet relebra'sd with the Rallmad fV mpacy a lowed the lit frettien of a t?i oB tbt og"^ & * 1 m long u the building ot hull the rwad mt done. ? * The lev o{ tonnage du'jr liu bean auapaaded bv the Kxecutrve 01 the nation. We I. and that lie *u the only hoi* of our future! * * * Iu our buaabte opinion, the I xecutire in n t autUorued to act to tnia manner, mi none ot our organic taw* confer *u ih Cacul tie* on him. Ami although the lav which we ai iude to muat be aubmitted to the C ngrn** of Nov Granada, ah) nhoulJ t'a enforcement be appended a* long aa the decision of that bocy ie pending' We undorvtand It will not, and that <he du tfa* will continue to be exetutod. If net, the rtate -hall die In Ita craole wi h a eurae again <t it* u-'unlerera. Moreover, the l-aecu ive able to all thta the dlamitaxl of the aimy. or of thai proportion of it belong lug to thi* auction. What el-e do you want f Ac mntr. vi'liout rtwuuroea to support It ? government; a (ouutr, without loroea to maintain iu authuH'y; a cmutry the I ofeufferlig. a ? ? Wh it may our prn.pecM he ? There iit no doubt hut that 'lie lndep?ndcnM of th< lathrnu* from the rent of New (Iran id a wou'd he the m >a efftva l.iua remedy, but then the boa that I* at our door woold ewallow u? ax eaaily ?- n -pong i ab-orbi a dr >p of water, and then (brewell to our rehgtoo, our miuneri our law, our language and our home! let u? ctoie iu' ever Ilia* We ruay not tee auch a gin >my proapeot. Hut yet. if New Gianada d e* not adept a mote g*nerou< policy In regard to the crtIrene of the lathinut, who known the end of thi* ' ? a ? CHILE. PKACB FRO.UPBCT* NAVAL IMTKLhlOKNCIt?AV AMR" 1(10 AX AMI A NAT1VK KNHLIMU KNTRKl'KIag ? PUBLIC WORKH TKAPK RKPOBT, KTO. Ihfa republic continuea in It* peace nl pmgieiH. and every day gitea further proof of advance,u?ul both iu the development ol it resource* aa well aa in 'h? elfin* of the government to improve the condition ol the peooie, flu re ia no political new* of Intere.t. and t e '#? Heat of Valparaiiai g ?aip alloat are taken Irom Uie ?ollowiug extract of a letUd.? Neva here, there ia hut little. We have ir. port the aaine French fleet aa when I laat wrote, ?air the steamer, which ha* gone home. Kngliati m n of war none, American none; hut we have an Am n an revenue cutler, the Jorepli l-aue Cant. Nuuu.t, Ice t'e raiil* Hunter, Key in I Mason. The ha e ia by li the l and*, me-t leaael ?f her cla**tha'. ha* ecer graced theae water*, and *ai a fourteen and llfteen tmta. An affair, illustrating American xpuuk, came off on the kHth iuat, (Fund*)'), at the railroad depot. I'hu en gineer i.fthe steamboat I'eytoua being lUt of patieona at the *o*uea*ot the train, which ?ii )U?t arrived from Vine did Mar, juinpel off b?f re the cira bad fully top ped, f?r whicii presumption the Guile ?up?rui w-ndeoi rant*! him. Aa *nun aa the crowd had left and ma t*ra were quiet, the engineer walked up, and, -at'iklng fr m the *houider," oroppod the Mip?rmten<lei,t ?heu quietly turned <m Id* he? I and walked away. Hut ofTeo ed ng nlty could not Maud thi . *o he wa* pu in the loitup for the tight, tjuite a little stir wa< made among the Y inker*. Tl e CIoumdo Mole ia now quite ftni?be<l, and ve?*?l* an 1 steamer* consigned to tamaino k (iarlauu uncharge there with grtat ease and daepatch. A aide from thia, toe mole la very ' maim utal to the harbor a id city. TVe bank buildings are prog-e*-lng rapidly; th*v are nituated on the rock on which the eld ahip AreUmxi wa* lost many yeaia lure. Utr city government are at last awake to the impor tance ol itnprolenient in paring, nnd are now arching the pavement when a* heloie they thought lha. it -h ;tud be lowerad in the mldcle. Hu?ne>a, during thi' laat fifteen day*, ha* .lightly im proved, and the country merchant* are now ?rou*ci Manufacturing (? , ow gaining ground (V# have three large foundriea, where iron and bia*a car'inga aro turasd out with neatne*.* and dispatch, all owned hy K-glisti men. Steam *aw mill*, planing machine*, *a*h and blind making ere all preparing or in lull bliat. Hut I mu* not fori et my entei pilsiof ft lend M-'Ollli' bag nuking tuanuijjctory. wheret.rov?r k Haker'a sawing machine* unoer hi* superintendence. turn out thousand* ot well aewrd aacka (tally 1 he Amu icon line ol Santiago atag"* ia doing odmira bly under the Indefatigable hear, who aaem- oou 11 to EroVe himself the man t>> open all loci* which he Itrid' in ia Way. We hareijaoa Yankee Un* >f omnlbune* or the way. to run in thia city. The thiee I'eiuvlaii steamers built in i.ugl ?nd, Apu rimae, Kaon im Ti.iobe*. aritved a* \ alpinist, a tew hour* h, lore the l.ima *ailcd. PERU. OCR CALL.10 CORUIMPONItfM K, Nov 10, 18&!., Chnwtf Sim* Ira'l??I'cttfiri at a JM trf l/'k?Kfffct *f HmoU'l iont. f-iiioe my laat n- thing of Interest bat occurred H i =i lest of all kind* la prot.trat<\ Hat fae -hip* have armed within the I Hat two week- Mid no charter* are being of I vet Hi ht-rw. * The only bnilrcsa trans*. at present is the *eih?g of Ch'neee "laves, landing from American wrul RngU o ships. Iangun^-c Is to i-apie"* the liorrtbl ? c-ndiiitu 01 these inis.-rahla ?rft:hw, ht(.lea from tbeir tiomee and famili"*, smuggled on a Ipbrard without 1 heir consent, on the passage treu'e I like brutes, they are brought to this c ust and sold to ui<-n who have n mercy for a nominal term of eight y?ar?, altiiingh In ninny Instance* no term of '-civics in mentioned. An American irbip sailed from China with sii hundred nd live, and lar. four hundred and b ur, leaving two hundred and or. ?l. either diet or downed theuiu-lrei on the pes-ag.. . lie ?\eiage price real'zed for this cargo o' human lb rh wa* two hundred an-. (If 'y dollar* (8.60) jerhea.1 The borrnt? of '.lie African *lavn trade In its palmiest day were nothing c.tnoared t? this, f ir I j i thrr countries tharr are laws for th" prote-il n of V slave; but here the maater I* clothed with absolute ?< iliorny and can givirn his slave* ,, he sees tit flow men, with eoul? *nd >ny human beling can engige |r s i i e'aiiou* a business, I mn at a loss to con wire an I yet till* ves.el is owned l.y white men. In political matte-* evey thing It <|ulet, al b ugh w? have to day ? report that ? *r revolution Is under e ?y In bonthern I'ei a If I hi* 1? no', now the re*?. It will he *is n. The f reign population miller much during there revolutions, for much ot the time b iwarsis f all kinds la auspenib d, ami alo es are closed The greatest drawback we limve upr.a bnsine-s operuiiits here lathe er. leie number of feast day* on wbfrh day* by tb" laws ' I the country all plan-* of ba-ln??* m.iat be closed ne glecting which heavy lines are Incurred. J b from the iJroa paper- It is a' imp <kible V> glean any new* of Inter, st, but w. le in tha' .n the day ot the l ima 'a depurture rumora w -re In circulation tha A. ? ,ul pa, lad mm of the eoutb n cltfer, bad da tared lo favor of l.eneral Vfvanco. Thit report wanted coullimail-u. bat was not considered improbable. Tlar newspaper* r.-yort the death of Mr. Comptori. I ?r n any year* II tl. M '? ('???? I a' (eley Tio following Is th>- official statement ot the gvan > e* ps.rted from firu In the month of October last"? In hrginnd. ton*.., 21,981 To Maori Mu?, tons.,. 2.73? 1.. ibe I'hJte.1 d ta tea. .I'd) To Vjain 1.'Z7ii 'to France 1,-142 To On'ral America.. 189 Total ton* register in 42 vessel* 28,272 jKrom k-l Ormercio, Nor 8 ] A dreadful epidemic, known *? the "mortiferou* fe ver," bad Invaded the province of l ata/, wb?re n> >r> ilmn four tboosand psraon have died, alrnoet eiUiont any medical or icllgieua aid. Th>* drought bad also -aiisi-i la.nienro loss, s oi ewtUe. winch, b.iug at t ie an.- time unattend- d c a account of tb awtu: dies*. I revailiiig among tb* farnitrs, had run a*kray in the amoda and fallen a prey to the wild bsast The sugar and the wheat crops were all I oat and the proapect of Hie piantera in that country w..? truly ghsomr ati-1 m.-? rable. A negro Insurrection, promoted by the partisans of Kb. oi jue. ha I tak.-n place at Tombs-a ibe -ub I'rel- r? and diuf of I olioe .-w-n- r Onion.-t ma'ched ImroedlaU-lv .gainst the reheia, disponed them and made four pri ? s. Ti e l egislative Assemblies <f the proviri-rwt'eana ( asanare and Tuny* had opened their ?.-s.i?ne Nr<o ' ndan .n'.vl and nriaHpal rrfo-in* haul been proposal to the cupreme government BOLIVIA. The revol?.|. nary m. vernent in th.a repnbltc under Avi'% lias been pot d.-wa, an-i order i* < ?'s mor. re Stored. lb y io-t tl ia the papei* rwpo.t no other newt ol importance. MAMKT*. VALPARAISO, Oct 1?Buetaess n \ alparai-' had Im proved, Iuyera c <ur in from the neig. t-o.irig repus i. The A me ri ,o snip duo sU. fr.-tn Sev Volt wt h .80 tOO feet of Inmbsffi, I *d arrtsrd ale-, the bar* Mil fori, from New tor* a-s .rted, aad ship Isawr?n-e 11 ? to*, dlt'o. Tliete wppeare now to be no tear of a'tell .ken ry of Hour. The atnek ia s?id to t? aufllrtent to >at

untlJ the new i?-a om* in. in March I'rtee, $11 61 t ? J 12, and ale. otily tor h< me ronaumptio*. Oar ( oraroe Con eepr?t?rlei??e. J. last. <w Cr itA'viA, Nov. 19 185.V ?It /'era'are? TK' Mo-fAcr?pisieia/ia. /xjio? T"id IHfirutty wttk (A- In t.'ssf Stntn. The cs ntiouar.senf '.ry weather for theiaattwom n'hs has materially changes! the proepec's of tha ewJt crop tor t' e l-est, aa several planters have befun raking i? Was foe general . piobi b?f re thU Iwo month*' Irooght that the salt crop null entirely fall I but year, a*, m.ieh ss> that j art.<-e Late Is < n largely from tha pa niah Main a nr Ineral ?a!t Ale ot U.e Ami of the p.eaeut toon'h a ioaranline of !orty daya was laid en ves-el* Iron, al (he pof Verve ruela. authentic Intelligence having teen received here 'hat the cholera haa been and ia rag-.og n se eral r/lta .1 land elt.ea aad aeaporta, say '> *.< c UrvM, I aga. m, Porto Cahello, Ac. ,Tbl* haa. lor the prsnent at b-aat considerablv enhanced the pel ? n' 'hoi* and corn, (he (atte a tlrke coming fr> ? Teteeaela The Island 1? still quite haaTthy. wi'h tl. eiveptlo? of eccasprnal case* of yellow fever, ,ujct4ebk?l to Ih'aie who are not acclimated The difficulties wbieh mgtnated ahsut a year vg > bs tw sen the t nlts.l -rate, agent and. t e rnvjorlfy of the n's here, e"!!! continue, aad liaee rro appsorance ef being adjusted as not. her |?rty ei Im -!e cr advwooe from the paiU? fb^ have taken ''oe of thain la le c -'edly wv'tg The ed.mli.,st.-e ton ? isd d' w-ll to i* n .st ately dedble tk.c 'loaal on as thaws -vr t nowl -ontro ver>.-s materiaTy m'erflsre wffh the e, janette aad tM ?erttfl tf bte bland aad t)M Vnil-1 dlA'.'u NI W8 FROM W\SHnOTOM. OUR HPHCIAL DB3PATCHK9. 1HH vrr.AK, i.MIIIF- 1H BNIi iN View. .miHAKi KI.INH Or J'AKK&Jt B. KlUIMCU TUB HBNATB ?'?INT INO, KTO. W Aft HI tl.TOK, DdC. 17,,1848. 71 ft di v 'optima'* to-dav nt I lion* ir* iluiwwk' tbema 'f tor. vernation. I'M ? a qtii.'ed bluwef g a e. fully, M?1 ill* *p<ect> "Aiucl li'in oaoy friend*. 7*tiff" will M * atrong ?Hurt made to morrow to adopt the plu rall'y role. The f? nd* of llankx w 11 v>to tor It. I w?a iiiformel thi* evening by b frt.od Of Mr. Kmler t ia< t li ?y pinned b rote, be, together with other", would rot" lor ?d biUtilnietrbliro man. I underatand l'arkor II Kren-li, Mlomter from Nicer* gub, ray*, if Uie PrenideBt due* not receive lnai, h wil I rwrfl to Kriglani and Krenee, bu>l e*k recguiirm froui them. The Senate oauiu* nomine'ed to-day the editor* of the (/ftfort for printer*. Mr. Htzratrh k will give not-oe to morrow for no "I >o t'on OB Wednraday. Tlie l'reaidant Lb* MlaMi*1-- 4 a tempo ary printing oflioe in tie Whl'e Miner. tor tb' purpose t-l putting tb" iiiet.n*ge in print. lip to (hi* evening uo particulate by mail ? iloh Sh in ion made mention ul in hi A de*palch hare beea received by the f'reriidett. D. CONKlliHNCB OK TUB UASBHNKN?TUB UNION NOttl NATKD AH HKNATt I'UlNI'Kll- -CONDITION OK JUIMr. hOl'OLAb. Wahui.mitoh, lire 17, 1858. 71ie Hanks men anticipate the adoption of the plurality role to-morrow, under wtiieh Mr Hank* will he ol-tcled The Nvnnt I ial ca u* hare nominated the Cnnm for primer Neven'cen Senator* were p-eeenl The elee ion "L-onnaiiieied my d iubtful The platform lie over. Ju g<- laiug'- . will n?t binva in Wb?ldrgl u lillapriug be lie lite gm- to Oerelaud to try the wa er cure. He ie eulfeili.g undei ti eevare ulceration of lh? throat. It I* rumored that Vr Bank*, of the South Side /Van 1-7of. ha* been offer d a large *blary to no to the Vni f a* teltor. Dunn's eipoe" of Greeley create* much excitement. I. THK." PAWNKK CITY HI'KCCI.ATION?MAJOIt MUNTUO MXKY KOUNU (iUILTY AND HKNTKNCBD. Wahhihiiton, liec. 17,1855. Mi joi and Bieiet Coiouvi M> ulguuiviy ha* been eon leucid by ft cojrt umttUl to be i.leniiiieed lrom thr eer vice, fbi blx paiticipation, while commanding al 1'orl 1.11c jr, Ter ltory of Kaueae, in the ariai ip-menl* fur con viyicg n (art of the military reserve there into I'a vua* IVy, lu nhi- h Gov. lti edei wax concerned, i.ul at Which he euann rued the 1 igoduture to Kftr.*an to liu et. If. AWARD OK CONTRACTU. Wahhiuitd*, Dec. Id, 1858. 71 e I oA'.traater General hAA Awai dial the contract f-r furniehlng wra[ plug paper, wa* And twine, fr the New Yoik au l OuicinraU dialrtcle (twenty.Slate*), to To > nan and laibroj* of Hullaio?they being the loweat bidder*. _____ THUtTT-roim ra oonuhbm, FIRST NBUNION. SENATE. V* aMK?OK, IM?. |/( H4<j( XT' DiriCAtJ"* or nil tAVCTt IJ1WH. Mr. JAM' ( em.) of H. ! , gave notice that ha w ill lot i d'.ca a b i for the mm i cation o< the pt'ent law-.. t r navai mniu A lpmcp. Mr. Komr, (whg) of VI., treaeuud ? petition from Captain Ilrnhaui, of Brook'yo, retting forth hi. mi rloe. and .offering. o b half. f tb* e -titry, and c 'mourning of the ae ton tr1 the . nea Hut,ring Board. Mr. Koota raid it una not hi. tnirpo-e to pan .triature* on It. .c Ui n, a i.l lee. lo liurugu li-10 tuo , b?i it w?* i, >t to Im dirgubted or Ami. J, uorh.d 1' put>i.eob.,e t alio x, in -i nia ,aelauc*?, leeal that U 1 *4 iraill/ mi.Judge I (.'riiiTouj. mlAtake. h . I l>eeii made, and |mu wroim la filcted on man/ meritoriou. oflem. In what manaer nr wha 'meaaure of re let t 'oug '-.houll extant hi ttie "KIT e*ed, ha Jid not ooDeidrr it hie pro?lore to fadfcau butitgan'.i i It aa a proper -ubjri-t of coaeiiiaraMon for the I cMi.mitlee >n Naval Affaire. It we. ao refined, when the -tenet*' adjourned. HOUSE OF RKI'RESEIfTATIVES. WaeniMitow, Ifc 17 lS.'i Tux>Hii>. t'r. In " (bll . rep I if iml. i' rig Ini per on*1 ft pie - ti n reeiextiectafiomtbe Weahiiigtoocorreapuudru.-* l the Nee York TVi'ino of I <t I'tta oiUui t gn l " U. '. ' cunn.t-ntng on hie (liunu souraa lu the efei'tr. ,, for .-paakar. lie aahi tintwllhrtaa lu g Hi. attack he tumid not turu Ula back u lux c miitr/ at the ax gen. ? hie true nikulina-k ai.<l h> n n though florae* ???ale/, or the dteil, or bothcombined ?.(?! hint do It. (kppUi*. ai.. laughter J He com plained '.hat he an other*, wo* are ilenotntua'e*; all nggler., are not t guerr*". /|>e l I i *r lent u red. He he i nail from the brat, that whan ail anti NabraeVa naen ouma logillac aurrendec local mill pen. nal prejudice. ug ee to -anc -n ? , uai term * and t'l*e< ntinua the game of atabhtng men Lo th- lark, he a .d lw-1 h<in-aJf bound t<< a paie.ce am net with tlim in t" * ,?:??' i, ?'( Speaker, W be the pr-.. Ill at their meet ing. or not. 1 i e great tr >uble ha. been hat " li* -ar h ? - apart/ and Anion/a pan;?but Home njnr " Carton ( eiitien en ha*'- held th-meeli e. a',out, and balloting trill ? how who eno whore they are He explained hi. ground of a. Uog and defended hi. coaree at -? u a length com it tiling, *L*o. during hi. rcraacke, <m an ariiole in in. New York 7imm Mr Ra**-* ( b tk. re|.l, of Mae*., roee amid loud crirte ?' 'Kai: pi*/." "Hear Mia," "N -> obje. II ,aAr and ? ti ri k'd that he wne nrt aeoountable for what the New 1 -k i >? -al about him, Lever having noli ito-i their .upj. r lie rtiit.l ?i> bi n-elf alote eu-t ' "gge ! 'fr I linn not to hold him rpvr. .1 hie for romp intent. r?; ? n*u'?T in tlie 7 .'"in r Ti">' Mr In ' d .tin- tig -twle< that he il I not d > ui wae I-Je ?? to him IMbha-i on the grounllt | uhh.he ' In urn ale In May IIM, relating lo tat four.* < Mr. I) ! ?' 'ling the Nehra-ka Hil?but be Wa willing o. ear eiirier Ttat oppoellloa he mi. i*nt all anil N* I arktfiM r"W '""V ? thee. Mr. iiA> reenta-d, repT**'ing tb*'. be wa ? r, .( od-nt o'the s.? lork pr*-.. >n til re"p?wte, anl I rtoer, in ? pij n-i t?.l tliat he rneer jle, Ud i p.r' li n 'i N on to bill. He ha I inn- n?< t the p?? pie f." ? to I.e. and -.t th* laei -leeii n ther ga?. him -rent uu'el It/?the large.1 V n wa In 'he p 'I ! rl , -.t HietrhoietU. (Applauee.) lie had a ted a- u 'h' ugi t tlghi reea- n,g the Vehrw* . oill and th* peo pie | ,. .ri. 'at - erl hlrn. Mi M MriJK f'.em I of Va., offered a. a c ?* pr rr, *e a Oj Il whirh, In ? ai't, wa* Hie er .-Mcl f hi* ? wa humbi* Im.gina e a (kurbter), it le logged ger. ' emeii to oomtoer that h* dtd net. n ? tmi' tog it igli ir. I Ud uj for htm.. It till repu'a ug r. r,g |rf>pu la* *t hi rr.e. The rteolutlon wa* rear' the eg* t to* after the' iraniMtior. w.* efl<-.?i.-.l, r , baeiaae. .muitVl >*? irannante - w ept the pa*.age of the r ro-.i.ry at-, rnp'i allot I I I-, the member# then to re* gn and g h"i'ie. A bianb wee lelt hi the renoluti-u totei i*-l with t .e aa of. ? gentleman to act ae SpwA'- uu h 'he* 'end purpo-i ? are .reomplUhe I Mr Its-, a modtflea' .r ' th- r. >t.. r. i-rorirMng for the repeal of ao mo- ' ft.. ..... Ve h adia a?f aa .'egtroe* the Mt*. . r . rr.a?om:"? la gh- r , Mr li' i t *('???.) of Ala ?luat la "Hi/a-i got roe o.i.catu I. (Merriment t Mr. th Mlun rould not think 'he gen ier an If m la diana tnaca the .ogaeeie-a In (wd 'at/,, tu t?,<- a' p tW'ti Tit hie r*e I'ib'iti, all coatd return t-? the p? ?, . . ' Pat eery Iwri. M <?i. w, (Mb rep )riff'enn. re'erilug to ? r? ? %r of M MeMwUea U.*t t.e r M-Muiier would t#*e Mr. h erdaOB aa a oaiemal man, on a naio a, pleMe a* i raid hal 'fiij .*??'.p*-a horthefa memte .be- . ?I fc.r r, with ii,e ?*? ?itliero men tier, e., n? .upfieni ? . -r. t*?n N' rtliern own made 'he nato aal party Mr Mr Mi urn?Hue uuay rv-uih. a i eu eo'ef.i* y< ur eaadUahd Mr OH dp. Pen t know. Mr MrMi uev?Nor*. Mr. lo.u ? I'ten, , r,f Va ? flav * j Wfenb* f*'-m ' e rth ?b' Will ff t* ' r a " i'hern njio - *j?' numb. I from Ud M wh . w il t?> f.*a ?ortlw-n n.?ov t "U bare ahown tnait y.ur i.a'i* nalietn a. n* u o* ner'artaalawi. Mr. i.ei.w eta led that memtier. ,n irppoeit a to he *. ear.tewB f/010 the Norti. WtrO ,p|, rt Mr Hirh*' ter u r.pfeeent t> "*< mdli llvtig n r o ? Ma*ot, k It. n e wh. e the ewrenteen ? '.ee wr lb ee repr. * li ,g r n y .#%** hat di*o thoneend iitltg am*th of II. *Palch It er, ha. 'he fed claim to aatl aeM y Mi ' V.e ( en ) of Ha , wt.hed b, kl> e he e 1 i? 4 e*g*ee* mat' it appear tha .eim'eeo N .'11, r, ri** teklpg k * the '* anldate of t u* .* '-a' ?r, ,,a .? ' * I era fr an, n a.'j'ul* a betbertif in- al*>,.t* a 'I met leal i o,n he ?ai.t*rj h * t* * 'g i* to ?yi e Mr M' ?..* *f f-fh ren)e'M> i ea >eth ? Buna i.e. r*?' a .1-0 b? .14 oft the tal/'e Pr V M> / If p. aa/ li ? boor *ok, the aaaartowi U 'tu*+ I'ewe.ltnn ) Mr I'a . *e I oat. K. b ) >4 N f *a * he awe there to tr earned p<otUl* tm.taeae ar th- " n-eb-'a la . -tm ? ?|. A. tr*j a. a ^ he i#.-^>m f tiofl of hl? H'wfnt Alir for the Smith to #Plaet a North err mac <>r the NcU> weieei * Hr inhere man. Mr. MrMriJAH (In'errupNnfJ?We on thla are acting en Umt f-uggewtkn, lb* aotttli voting l??r a North > to mea Mr. PA0>B (ranumlxif)?And wo, of the South, have ?eleo?ed and Tuted lor a Northern man. Mr. Fi'UiW (nat. K |N.) tA I'a.?Wv are in thr ?*??*% t'ou rf a ?-lrk man n?*dfng phyair (laughter.) How ?\? r nam* -u* it mar be, In an Mmwgeny or) man can reftie* to lake it; hut, I la Agtite no rnaa can be no txiUah a# to havp It forced own him throat Mr. McMolloi '* resolution wan tabled, after hieh 'he H'tiw voted t*tce tor hpea*er, tin* **oond ballot rrviult 1PK m fvlkrt*:? hank* 106 Richardson 73 Full-r . . A vi'tr'in^ 7 Mr. tfaooif (oat. K. N.) of i'a., here nuhtnUVel a pro fO'i ion by which, hi* miM, the diflcaHv iu the war of an organization ooold i** removed?'bat difficulty haiaf. h I e roniidmid the question ol the *-it*n?i >n or run externum of eleverir to the renriwirtee ot the Unltnl Mutt*. Hia resolution wm* %b%t brtti bouwe, an I the I n-kid^nt MNMWitfnr, the question of the power of Goo gr*a* over a la very in the lerHtorie# be ftubmltied to th# bmprtmo Court?*ii? ir derision to be final and nomtleelve. ( hi . h'm in N'Iih' part* of the haJh) Mr. H. *atd the ruhjret wa# oM t to awrioua for merriment lit union Makmuli., (national K N.) of Kentucky, io ?juirt??r whether it ea% id tb?? mut* ijjpIaM n uf the gwa ilc.u. mi to w* it Cor ac organic i but ud.iI tba iiupreuie Court < Imii dec i h*. daughter ) Mr ItiUMi.v explained It, wa# not ft Joist t eaoltitlon, be cj ii??? the il tUfW* had net yet orynBipd. It ihia (jtHMrttaa i dwrni innl. we obail inm n?? more *l*ujt rum jromw* lit an In regard to aiavery. Mr. mhtii (dam.) of J'mn., thought th? ifti ulty ? i*'Jo*ed by Mr. ( ??! One, the othei day, who n de*U*l iu c? uJd haw been ch-cled Spoakei it he goulc tiMki piodgo* u itla'ion t- the feiui tumi nl eU%u< log <nmtnittata, or r*o?1ifv bio opinions on the nubj* t of iliet't. Hip lift rwlir, turn, ik h* to the to maUon of ti #? comtnit.tep-. Hrworo this, am' tfiw e will f e no dim Mil*> in making an elacrion The diuu rtu will neithm rrrpivp nor xake prnpwiUnDi, Mr Itn ' in then Witbdrew hi* propmitiun, and the liotiNP rerouted votirg with the t>4lowi.ig rpaul* ? (UXTT MU'KTII MffK IfHniM ion Fuller .. ..... 3H Hirtuudnni 7 ?l 1 enter - We^rn Harriaoii, Wiorlow William* and<hrr, oui Wi'Jt. Ni ce*i#ry to a r.h io-IIVI. Mi 1j (bik r? p. >, ot tow* tle-n ot|ere?l r. r?- <o le'ion for the eieetii n of t Mfenktr by plurality, p utting which the lion** adjouiiiPd. OUR WAFHTNCJTON CORRRHrONDRNCK. W i*maiit n, lk?c. ih, \ >.V A/ iriy \cp )h " <// y thr Aifdroyiu'fi Walker yHt >'un+?m Tht Mis r-f Mmtii' K Wh> f.??h /I| -Ij rt' I- '' h\ < h to le Shwn thr fWd fthfuld/.r?Wtu> it to Cut thr (ionlian Knot rf thr If iflu "l'p Mr. Man y o in much trouble on the pn eut roti lUlort cf affairin (i uiral AsuoriCft. The orgauu.iUon ?f the WnJUr republic (hue far hn? ahowii thai the popular feeling favor* itr continuance, au i *i?at it andurnnrp I-. now a filed fact if not >pp<?*pdtoo *tiong]y by (lie g ivam. mcBt of the l i itoil Male - Lntli f7>l WUeeier'a a ?now. itdgn cut of it iu tlie name and on tlo* lu half of the f nite?i Ft a tee, the movement1* of tVa-kei were r?garde?i with little nppioheiiaioii by Marcy, who thought them to be ncihing more than a wild adventure of a v*r\ re?lk*n apirit. Me now eonfe? *e* hi? diMpp'intin1 n? and u ettll u.oro aurp: i. i d in iiuuiug hiniaeli called upon to a ! now ledfnt in Col Frfnch a Mitii?ter *eut out by thai republic to the I'nlHd Stale*. Ft ar ui (iteat Hi itain' ? rutting Hport the present c< gotiatii rm g? lr gon iwl ween i^?rd I'a rnt r* ??n and Mr iiuchauao an-1 the conjf-fiteticprf tiiat in ?ii ih u ca^e would to likely to re- ult fr-im It may pi*-vent a reccgnitmn of the new Muu ?*i Whih-t out ghvermi.eiit it inaieting upon her lot?*rpre taUoa of thr ton and llujwai * a'y. an 1 pt>* o-'dug ap-iirift tugKDU'i fiolatin of tf - a me in r ilonl/.i ig the i*.?bd of i.uaUn. Maicy legardu any mo ment by Ana* Hcan* to pr**e?a te rffory In that region of rotin ry a* ii.juri' tin t ? the fiati lot* ???*! The ' ?? t ta that our V ivemmetit 14 p?i-. mg FnirUod to a point wubh I-* no T* ?i? than I ?*i enti'o ahaiidoiiai* lit o' territory and pruti-o orate | reten m n* Iu anu k mut <a?ui ai Auieil ? in thie ?*terd l.p will neither *? ce- e no* iv?m pmmUe. unl rlie ha- hitherto jwdti I wUh rift \., r ?-i falthiui ni? r< tv fu er f tienty with Kogland wliie*: n clVe- m no hogt r willing to a'kauwle.ig.. A- n? ? >ntr ?-egy at thU in'tr cut at tin th- t irt?d Stall*1 in tin event of hoi till tie* ?tth iirvit Hriinm, wmili hive the tw* refit of r yh' on h? "i'l**?? ,, r> matbrtal a ly hot -S .ult he oCarirw* fe the new N't- aguau Mir.i -m, l.? wh p. loan) n in the ? > nil ve ay b chaugni and bet n w tiv** m-f ihalicm iuu* for a tuna coine to n ataod "?ll I 11 ink I may with ?'? (Jdi f'e ?-niyou up* n thi* rear r ii g ami trr-m p? raonal ln!? ?u aliuu m taiu-1, tha^ i i l. 11idc!) will not me ?*<i in hf< prp*Pfit miiai m, and fnrthof, Doit the goveron en. wiii di o?n ihi- n l? <>fCd. Vt h? i h r in rew gfii lug lh* new AliMtrican g >*er nnu-ut. The i hjpet of Vtaike/, in thin ha*' - to |i(.. rntm .t*-r t :rive at Vt'al .gVn w.? ii'ithtug leee than to in'err upt tfi? nee. t if* * Jnvi/ going on ??? fweev h- I rite. a?e* and t.iea? Pritaio, ar J to < *? thi* g w* rmnetit t< a #?.??. 1 ?? to tie leg nh; a > Di Americana fi undingg v* rnuieOMt luiJbti t al America with her *nppo?t and app".*#* ?u i of deny if g totireat ihltaia, With rp-oiution her r *hi 'O M-ttle or fli' in that r?|i'io r<( country. Tina m ao artful and an in* rtant n >ve ' n the pwrt o( Wwlkcr but it" effect mu-1 at on p U in. fo re' , wa r? -gu tl ?? f<t Col I rt nt h w? .in! arou.e th t !*? A me. , ?n f#*rj ??g thrr ugln ut 'he I n ! ii1*- and ner-iaW-ntiy f , ce h" tl'ifdloi upfn our gov* riiii.ent win h *? I g veil abaU rul# ' 11 tht* Continent, or 1h? ffplrit of ie uuh auiaiu lw* a)? wed lt ? p-' gre- ivi- ?-wey Hi* "Olutm* to thw** at it bin ell b ?' f in that A^)k?r ?? p ?01 ?,( ^P a ragua alter* <,.ir en Ire reUtl ?n? with i ' / ?d the cfr in#" of Ml ur ' tfi u .* ? (retailor *? l-m-l I et the c? t,f 1*4uimea 11 what they n ?y, the latter i*e%*r ?ill Im-alb w l ay tn. Anie*ic-n 1 e pie wim*- tr?e ?? i? w? * t?> n>. t A l*-w <'.eye may pi--*u' ui w 'a further fact# V. am n V . rw ? 1'?. 1 A Oruan fr ft 11 .Mj 'f-rtn// In/. I 1/ 7.'' ' In) ihr StTUyylf tut" thr l.rt'.t/ftm Nmntnit'i ti fi O' . ,,f /tfi'-n.-. I Mack /I filiuitni - Pt' itri/i i> Ornfl >4 Ik. !>i if ln >T .1 BeU. fa . ,-rn ? A j tsuna < htrn.1 ?-?Hi I'uih II ? f V ui c i.'lfnii ?|>vh lo tl.i nk U.? aUolioo f the "-pfaki f .. ?<) A??lln? up .. I 'he lit* ? >1 of th? r. in iii ho' lbs Ktar ehi'MiH orer Mm* ?t > -toftb* |h?Imm tl ttl in pi*. f : ; -.f 111,II At <ii 11 .<? advt ,'. jn:i. night ba aniinngrrod littir t' ltli il ?iih .be y. r larij ientH uf thn puni wMok MM* 111 tb' ' ?y for w alj M lili" '.ly f. u thr nation'* c/lb, aa tilt, f I- no mtii.ny ? )t?wo fr , n i?,i t 'ttury fi.r I h? mllnmgn if the member mill the 11 k triulM. Thr anil itber (i'h .? Ill am Uae n'III alao rtiffi I, fur obo mar atr.ut at arufflig frub.U I I ' i ' f iDiUiignDt hIhii tli> filiate f"r ara rein <r?t aitb thi fun an: fi lr ?f ? mat!/ f tl ??? f II r IN ?! II' l r f 1 ha I'm i ft. an j ir.lnial' ? fi ? .it' .r.,,.r | ?n? ri '? 'iriiIIt In pile r.f alt tl I r In >ui . I 'h'i- 11 Bit ' ngr lii 11 i atavt'nbaa la'- 'y tr ? .a ?a* ? lit aO/l rotna Ileal ? f r * m 11lii' I. igu'/Oauaat ap ? Heat.'u? aair i a<> f I' by table men Vi>; by gia' !i " ? I ' I' f.?? ? tl | . r aa* 'r . ? t"i a I' it mi of t"n Iglit kli. ' a ua'.rt .f Ah, a ? biotog . ? ? ' n a? !?? tui-a tin igt tti *4'a ? li'in ttftb to lore tin n lor. '"IT '. ohnr 'I afr a- p PHaOti* a., "a i,t?f 1f(. t ra tin !? *4 'hn. ulna rif the*. gen*jl ,. r I*i 'ii lo tha I ?| ai'1 ? it <4 tha !nl< 1 1 avt I a'10 <iii ? ai'i tha aaa 11,? ?viiff haiellr* I .a flue iliaailfr an at ,ut-l'? nur.. Ic a f f.a ?ae ?a -'ug r . gb I ra? 1 ll,r?r I- a ra ? ?fk?> la all *| ar 11 g lha r unt, that )w "i [filial I? la at. n i f Ui-'-y ? m '? baa t^?' tt, bo Tltir, If m aaa t>< >i? .a at' n lk< a*, by grt t '* it re 11"! ..mib tii'i a*, bai In thr tight hy ? na* of thr a .< I,nun Tl.aia via tit ? 1 1 fit oh> 'aia turaa In up n' a-4 thr ?n|| ?i' r. la that "toe uf hm hit. '.4' -br ? aiaaltha 'aiar kry, takrfi i"il th> pa- b .m,' ffuio iU fiati r ai| . *?latitbt?g tba .ijo'arta-Tl.u f - t.aa ?? ti ij. r# ly II ... vb'ba>Otb< ant ra .A tr. ?,"h 1 ?r| II r I> that# any g a at D man t I|,r ??.fj at,, ? oM truat thaff rr-at taloahla |a|an a?1 i?I"i to tbr nar% of t ? /I I ?? a Si fc.'ta -na-ra 1 ai, > r ta-. . ? , i|,? wrl'ata i, tie ncaetry ao<! o??o/ ir*4 ttii* praei u? tmyr, aa4 jia l.kpa ban h aa liilhM ?<< *tia |< ?(,? 11, a Patau! Han 'alba ail th* 'rr?Ur. au4 iaU?< of g"taro?r?t ? I'b thOfOBt irafoB of Waal InrVm aoH an >*' r >1, IT 1 h?' hall It In rha'," I f fun '??ly a ?h?rt Uik afooo ,1 ?a '"hi ti i-l'la' ? Irb'.noa l.aH |U I'?a* 1, *i ? aa' 1 man Hi 1 o? 4?t a?'i am", toy tiv , |?i an '??'.ar It la ti or |?ftav ?! at B" Anal an "?ubi b?*r 1 B '< n r.?t raj ah * 'if uB'tm 'ak fig aorh an afl'mn fttf 1' aa II a OOM 'akan at of '>> grant ka.i -,f tho ?? 1 " 'I I' fr fr 'a- ay try t na ak ? pf aa' ly b ? ? r / 'ifat brf fit ,r?Arr f) ay art. ? ?,|y . 'b 'ha l-'an'.a. gaioO. baring Bra at 1 urrtiran tl tba'a.l b 1 ,.ut < f ?sbo ( ,bt yon !?at aomn nf'b* *pn">U'nr? V> ahf; ?? ? ? ? a rfl-B C ? ?a", ? !?? ' rl? I ( - p- bt r ght n i?a -r.' l< 'h?m Iblat ai ?-a ?al,.ng at (I f<<i y~t bnahai ainl a : ??' n Waa' ng' ? at aVmt l"? a tha rataa Of ha t?w Vorh naika'a Thn oag*a uf Ra b il'i U? tfiiu'li f It tin' plarfy of n t k aa 'tin * t it Itry inaaai.' in t.'piat 'ta naontiirt am '. pr g-r.t alt! a latjre fn# / man '* a/r, f3 1' It,, M '? ? *f.aa"t?a TV P. at f-tBna 1-1 r?f?,g ta gt f ? -ap " f Th? V.r ? 'tatr'?ka I'f ifa b! ?|i o? II ?rt*a till tin yinraa aa anntty aa tha irtoilnyag yilnraa ara ?' he "? tmprnaafnr am ng t).a ogrtnon lit,'4 k i.h' '.'.a f ? ft, I tr at the .'a.Min ?/ tV 'rail# a . ii'rt be a t>*1 tart f r ar.Ma nya yat A"af'T fiatiMPn, ra. ti Ago*. jt iy. Jr? k.;?/nrvfngj ?<'?a OPr*"Afta?fauyar# r r,.atnf It?'""a t'l Canaan of /? |. ? 'Vaa/a gf M ib?a 1 < - aipri laataa floaagi '-atra far f4> ''WrtatAp? f .AM Alf't * '/ 'At /ta<"if#r fat' I . ara f lha Man ef ktai h I Itlia Ait your ' Tree renpa* M think vhon bn ??at?-i that tV b iliaya naaakf ?^rt Ut4 ?? tofwrf aa *|?oiAnt?i? o?vl kg ?8*c'*!, that he would U fof- V'i uad'V*lt<*Il?f ** cuiii?1t*??**, l*> a*? for tii ?? %t? uM?m t'f tirm ' Jwit ??M#? w* the fact **d ' o* w?iinl? t* * t??<f? eat ra#ruinar) * i?tp?<l?#fA ahor Id be aid I uhi fi tl??- ftifij<|~ * Hauh# wwu to kiyo no ? fwiM. ,.>111 th*? Unit* t111 the ttb *M March. The fr't'iflHw of /???terd?y wa n #pbwv1e in '*** dul etal*-, tint ami uriprofStuMa proeoedtfif* of thr !?*** tWO tteefcft but it atlgur? UK g?**f to ill <rt? ?h<i ha?# mf?*ted mi overweening timet/ U) efl.. t an org* oltatlw %? W e maj, therefor* ??!pi*, i molUr dcmon#tri?f?on<i #r#r, T few da/?, an.i in Kimf ot whi li |? ?h*p* d#?? lopemewta, Ttrji. atKiiliftjf find ft?tiMifiiiti>? mat ?trn to light. Thar# Nrr more anhi'iii' ' -md w?*V af??ir.* rrmci.rtmn than were ever dreamt .fir the untaf tinted. .<rh>?iiaf. J I|M*kti^ Ifi|f lilwl Wirepulling haa bf** n the a H *?t the day and fttght for the la t tvo urif It?* picking* awl ideating*, the j. dit and p urnt. t utt * .<?.teai >?+ th* M lltirai iiuldr n to it il ai d bubble *o pr*?llgl?iu#ly k mot* 1. an. Unk and hungry mI *>i devil* ??e**r lnf?t*?l w fit/ iban am row to in* ti#n nu ??i?r <ld?*. In * ho l)ot#l# and in and a!?owt the rotunda rf the i^ptfol II ?w i- mw I) dmy wnti ii Hi' RMimaiiita *i*o kuw aoii'iiarff iWy toquiif tfliar met n-rmt Ml* r Ay <i}> awl deepair an* fttlj hUIj dc-plot# I ?*u in-!? . ?.ut n . .. the d*j * %mA week* roll round without efecttng an orgunitatirm; #>r til# rhino in their f?n#k??tw begin* to ''gr?.w ..trail bjr 4e giee* and Want If i.l) j Jeer*." Itnt aho la U> br .w|h naor That I ib?- riweetlyo th# *l! al?'t blriff overnliadowlng and all-important queathiw juat n< W Urrelew wh> ha boat) uw*?a>?tO# flUi lW? ..pitfra?-ml th# a pi i ib. of Nina?ftl.e I attar ciaa?, how wvwr. predominate ?< lifff Ju*t u v. I.* t wf'b tha iftnuiM, friw /ib fpliltl nhohovor a/our i r?*r*ain Ir.dlYiduaJa wh?f i?rar 'ht*)r go bt^h filark and a bit#- ????. that thojr la fui iimni hixn that Uank* would <m*? uuaiy in- #b* '#1, pn> %|?inf tl?a? (lUnki' frirn ia) would tuiH out f"f tw ? ##?h? W'tfai; and that ?1) that wna notal#*! wa? '? bwh-hoiw," ai d of whirh, ahouh) tfiara b# a?% ?ndtoatl na of u'vitg out, fi?*.jo"nt i*| pbra'iot ? of Dm. Vva^l, tt n#b and Kln^a Albany Unimrnt, arid by Howard, tirroioj k (lo , ntiwld prodnr# tin* moat utoftiniilBf #fT*?#ta in all caM*? t*? b# )apt tight)/ atalod ar?<! b? i^? tb??roughl/ hakan t>?*fV?r# ua#d. An won a? tl #Y a?e??italnwt th# Kiganur quatllkaa ?f thia tin in at t th#/ lutmrdial#!/ d**apa,rb#*.i .??>?? *?f Ih# aiofaaid doc ton*, who??? rhrt?tlan natfi# la Thti'b w, tw All an) iu ord#i that be nrgbt hw?p Ihwit coualatili/ nutoplir t. f andldat.-a ara springing up ##???/ .taf I .r Ilia \art#tia pneitiafiH about t) ?? Capitol H?# tw?i I* ling candldatwe for <*la'k an* Cullotn. c.f *I? ritt?aM?c#, tnd Ta/wur of tthio 1U? lattor (oitbwun, I und#r .tan lt ba- i g??o.| many frlanda. CnAlotnV rhaiin#* two wcaka a<r> w#?# d? - di-tt) bettor than they urc m?w <Htc thlOf ahi' h ha? and ia r-till operating atr< ngl/ againal Him la thJ?o?f!ulb?w?,n Wat meat and mr"?t ? r dent frier.da are with th# i#??tftti aecMtn ??r Houthern Know Nnlkinff. Th#ae uteii pe tempt >rl)/r#fu## to go | ? lkiiki llanka' trlenda mean tunc urging Coilnm t?r bring rni'ttglt ?d h??ulh#rw Know Nothing** b- alec* hnn Hanka;, prnrt* M he ft)al h'fir) egpecta to rectiv# their aupprrrl. THU ma/ pr?# {troe a ififr* of thlngi which wli) put it out of the ?|wee tiun to alert Culloin and In that <*?e Mr la/tor, mat be elected Clerk. IfOn. Ifrtvs from Havana. Anniv.ii. ok riii. ,-T>.'thsiiir caiiawba. The I nlted HUIn mail rtaan.etilj, (aleatw, |\ If, fmlth, <Mmn*ndsr, fr.?? (frlstae th, ini, and lbs* ?i? the I'/tii Inat., l,ar nrilrel heir f rom Marts* ws hare no | .Utiral ne*. |r. rnert, avei,thing on the Ulanl ,ery juiat. The 'aha*11* eeperaaoed heary ? *'jr am,la and head ee*r (he rntiro rinage M.e (,?*?.?, ? Mobile, a' i re I ?t IU?a?h in the nornUiff ?( (he loth the <Yraoenl < lit |,, not Arrirod ahaa tint t'*li*ntm hft Mount linn nine '!*j? >.qt f, m ?,?? CIU'M HAVANA i OHMMPONDKM ?. 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