Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 18, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 18, 1855 Page 4
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Our Boston Correspondence. Boston Dec. IS, 1855. 3V Defeat of (he American Par'y in Botton, and in other Massachusetts Cities?The Republicans Uniting with the Nebraska llunkrrs?Can Know Nothing Members of Conffre.'t Continue to Support a Repu'Uican for Shaker ? ?-The Oiiurn and Daiton Affair?IwlictmnU of Wm. S Tuckerman?The Staton?TV Speakerthip? Mauachusrit i Speakers?Sedgwick, Varnum, and Winthrop?The Po pulation of Massachusetts?Some Statistics Thereon. The defect of the American pert;, on Monday lest, not Only in Boston, but slso in Lynn. Charlestown, Roxbury, Newbury port, end elsewhere, rosy have tljp appearance of thst party being the object of especial political ani mosity among men of all rtews outside of the organiza tion; but this can hardly warrant tho conclusion, which some appear inclined to draw from it, namely, that a permanent alliance has b?en entered into for their over throw. One has only te look at the Incongruous mate rials which went to make up the Bice party In this city, te see that anything like permanency in that party Is out of the question. Probably a thousand supporters o the administration voted for Mr, Rice. though he is whig, and has been a prom'neut member of the Know Nothing order. Their votes, h< wever, would not hav sufficed to elect him, and he owes hie success to the republicans, who are said, by some of the supporters o Dr. Shurtleff, to hare given 1,500 voles for the citizens' ticket. Their estimate may be oorrect, but I incline to the belief that not above 1,200 republicans thus voted. Ha these gentlemen supported the American candidate for Mayor, which they might have done with quite as much propriety as was exhibited in votirg for Mr. Kice, he woul have been chosen. My belief in IVr. ShurtletTs election was founded on the impression that be would receive the bulk of the republican vote, nn impression derived from the appa rent friendlinrss of the leaders of that party to him, They must have voted against htm on political grounds for the purpose of chastising the Americans for their vlA tory over Mr. Roekwell. This was an unwire art, parti cularly in view of the contest goiog on for the Speaker ship, at Washington; for if Mr. Banks' republican trienda Mold aid Nebraska men, like Colonel Greene (editor o the administration organ here, and Naval Officer) and Cclonel Thomas (who got out the papers for the seizure Of Antony Burns) to defeat Dr. Shurtleff, a man of talent character, why should the Know Nothing members Qf Congress continue to support Mr. Banks, merely on Mtl-slavcry grounds, when the Doctor's de'eat was de sired only that It might be proclaimed abrcad that the Enow Nothing party had experience! a great defeat in the very place where its first display of strength had been made? The democrats and repub.leans both have An Interest in the defeat of the Know Nothings; the first*, that there may be weakened the party which U now alone In a condition to contend with them; and the ?eeond, because tbey wish to force men into tbe republi can ranks, and make of that organization tbe leading portion of the opposition. Such, in subitance, is what I have heaid many prominent Know Nothings say since Monday's elections. Then, in Springfield, where the election was held some days earlier, the republicans supported and so caused the success of a gentleman for Mayor who but a short time ago left the whig party and joined the democrats, because they were the soundest of all parties on the slavery question?that is, he likes the repeal of the Missouri compromise, which republicans denounce ae being equally uselesa and wicked. One of the gentlemen on the citisens' ticket, in Boston, I was informed at tbe time the Nebraska bill was under dis cussion in Congress, had expressel himself not only In favor of the Introduction of slavery into Kansas, but of Introducing It Into Massachuse ta?my informant Is one of the moat eminent republicans in the Uuion?yetjthls gentleman was chosen to office by republican votes. One of the most prominent electioneers in favor of Mr. Rice and his associates was Dr. Stone, who is as stiff a re publican as there Is in Boston, and who conducts the correspondence with the lecturers at the anti-slavery course. This was a queer way of promoting the elec tion of Mi. Banks, unless the republicans think that they can do with impunity what no other party has ever yet been allowed to do. The want of a common political sentiment will cause the citizens' party to fall to pieces at au early day. Their union is "mere lute string?good summerwear," but not calculated to stand the winter of a presidential election. The Catholics voted for Mr. Kioe, and so did the rum mies. It was a general union of all factioas against the Know Nothings, who, however, ought to be consuled by the fact that they got out a larger vote than was cas for Governor Gardner, to say nothing of the wholesom result! thai, according to philosophers and divines, ar sure to flow from sdverrlty. But these politicians hav j very little to do with either philosophy or divinity. j The story that Governor Gardner ban exerted hlmsel to promote the election of Mr. Bank* U all an invention He has never intei fored, one way or another, in the eon teat for Speaker. Why ebon hi he have labored for Mr Banks' aova. oraei t, when that gentle man n friend* have done >o u ucb, in ?o many places, to injure the Gover nor'* party ? The gtme of striking, according to au old saying, is one at wbirh two can play. Some of Governor Gardner's friends assure me that, though bis Kxcellency never would have in'errere<l in the contest in any way or under any circumstances, he would not have noticed the story that he was friendly to Mr. Banks had it nut keen for the conduct of the repub l'cans in going in a body against Dr. SburtJeiT. i cannot answer (or the truth of what they say. There is considerable leeling here In regard to the death of poor Sumner, who was cut off in the very ''morn and liquid dew of youth." It is not doubted that his death was caused by the ruffianly treatment he ex perienced at the hands of Coburn aud Button. Even if we do not understand that the physical injur es he re ceived were sufficient to cause his dea'b. we cau but comprehend that the moral consequences of the affair must have been exceedingly prejudicial to him, mod quite sufficient to turn the sca,e against life, in the struggle that was going on within him. Yet I do not think it would be right to say that there lias ever been any excitement on the subject, though since Mr. .Sum ner's death there has been con ? Me i able expression of feeling on It. Up to that lime the prevailing sentiment was rather of a iudicrons character, t'he press very properly condemned the acts of violence that had been perpetrated, and in decisive language, h it no one antici pate! the tragic result that has it wed from those acts. TI.e expression ot sentiment against the guilty parlies is all tbut could be desired, without being violeut; but the O) iuion 1* expressed by not a lew that It will tie a very difficult maiier to substantiate the charge of murder against the accused. The question is one to he de cided by the two great professions of l<w and sur gery. On Itoking over Cblsl Justice .Shaw's cele brated charge in the Webster case, 1 lean to the opinion that the positions therein taken would bo found adverse to the oplui >n that Cobnrn and Mai ton committed what the law would call murder; but 1 say so caution ly, as an extra pro fessional oplni' n in such a case can be worth but li tie. The Webster case, too, was so very different fr mi tae piesent one, that, except as relates to general principles, do comparison can be made between tbein. < hist Jus tice rhaw, In hi* charge, gave, as a defiuiti m of involun tary manslaughter, ?'where the death of snot eri* caused by some unlawful act, not accompanied by any intern Ion to take lite." He also quoted from that eminent autho rity, Past's Pleas of the Grown, to the same effect. Hie Chief Justice further said, '??-upposo, for th? pa-pose of revenge, one hres a pistol at another, regardless of con-e qusnces, Intending to kill, maim or grevioaily wuuad him, as the case may be, without any deiloi e ioten ion to take his life yet, if that is the result, the law attri butes the same consequences to homicide so o minuted, ns if done under an actual and declared purpose to take the ltte of the party assailed." This was said la con nection with the use of dangerous and r.eadly weapons, and, so far as I know, the accused in ibis case bid nothing that the law consider* to lie dangerous sad dca ly wea pona In their p< a eiaion at tha tin e ot the a <sauit en Mr. Bumrer. Involuntary manslaughter would seem to he the crime of the pi rlies awaiting examination, an t it will pro hat ly br found difficult to prove anything more thanthst ?g?in*i them. The provocation which they rexlvwd will nut avail them. e\en if they could eatabUsh the fact of it beyond all cavil, because the law does not trake any al lowance wha'e*er for deliberate revenge. This, i take It, will lie the hardest point for the pi (sonars to meet, as there wan a coolness and a delibera'lon about their con duct that Imply an extreme degree of malic*, sod It >? against malice that the law direc's its utmost indignation and fmee, and very properly, as an indulgence in rsn ng" Is of all titcgs the most likely to reduce society to a con dition of bat harl-ni in Its worst manifestations n is probable that there are degree- i f guilt in this crime. The feeling is stronger sgniost Covwrn than against Delton, with how jastt e I am quite arable to -sr. lie i- the elder of the two and therefore ought to be the wiser. His having illegally taken the money of other* but * -hort time before nil l*?t ar est. ha- crested an opinion i e-|ieeiir,g hint that wilt do htm do good. Malton'a friends say that never did a young man hare better chat-ora than he has thiown away of using in the wot Id. Mr. Fiiraner's remains wer- buried on Thirsday a"er noon, st Milion, Isiwer Palls, the eer?tf#s were p*r iormed by the l ev. Mr. Moirison. lu the UntlaiiiPrli of the place. The reverend gentleman *'improved" th? occa-i n to warn th"*e who heard him of the lolly of yielding to temptation. Ibere was a very large crowd present on the t erosion, including a number ot persona from the city. Quite s serestfoa was amused yesterday by the Grand Jury returning to the Municipal Court a bill of iadict mrnt against Mr. Win. 8. Tucksrman, formerly treasurer o! the lastern Railroad, tor emberrlement. Being unable to find bail Mr.Tuckerman was c .mm I'ted to jail. Justice fixed the bail at 97,POO, which w*t not uoreae nabis. The ei topi nm hail he?n made by the officer* of the East ern Railroad Company, and Mr, Tuckarman was arretted in New York. Mr. Good win retiree front the editorship of the Igiwel Crmtirr, whirh paper Is laid to be the property of Mr. Wentworlh, who represented our Pightli district In the last Coogtess. Report saye that the fvjwn-r will support Mr. t illroore far 1'ieeident, and that It will be edit-! by B. W. Ball, Esq. Mr. Ball !? a conservative in politics, and believes abolitionism to be cant a: d Gen. Wilson an unmitigated humbug. He It on* of the first reporters In the Bute. and a wiiter of good taste, great foroe and no pad of "dash." eie has been aa abortlu attempt made a*, a snow (term, bat thu* far it has""proved a failure, like erirj other use that baa beeu made this *ea.iou. lo the grest of the livery stable keeper*. Ibe sound Of steigh till, ko sweet to them, u heard ao more ta the <aud. Tthiiik we may venture to nay, without hazard, that winter ia now fairly upon us, thougn up to last Thu s day night thr season wan more like la e spring than early winter, (hi the 5th of Jtocember the day w,i? inexpres sibly mild and beautiful, per ha pi a trifle too warm lathe run for ubrolute comfort, but with no wind, aud an at mosphere "so t and mellow at ever It was in Antil in An dalu-ia. ' to use Columbus' favorite comparison when speaking of the lite clima'e of thu land which he had raisi d above the Western ocean. The fltli ami wed a de cline, and the 7th war a bad day. To day we h ive a fine sun and a clear sky in the morning, but it ia quite cold. We bave been watching the battle at Washington with a good dial of interest. There has beeu coa i israble desire felt that Mr. Banks should be chosen, even by men who do not innch like hiui, not only because he baa ad mirable powers as a presiding odicer, but because he U the object of special eoinity to the vile old hunker clopis, whom all hute as they do ike devil, .its patron saint. There is some State pride felt In the matter, too. Massa chusetts has alieadyhad three Speaker* of the House of Kepressntativcs. lite first was Tneodore Sedgwick, woo piesided (rora 1799 to 1801. The second was (ieueril Varniim, who represented the Middlesex dlsttmt for six tteu years, and who was Speaker furn 18U7 to 1811; he was a democrat, and the only democrat who ever got a seat, from Massachusetts In the United Sta'eg Senate, as such, In "old party 'hues." Mr. Silsbee, who ttt a democrat, was not chosen until af-er the democratic and federal parties had become "fused" into thu hrias, which was n<>t Corinthian, that was known as the whig par'y after it had c< me to man's estate. Our third Speaker was Mr. Winthrop. who served in 18t7-'9, and who, like Mr. Banks, had given proofs of his titm ss lor the busi ness of the chair by presidirg over the Massachusetts Uou-e of Representatives. I suppose this speaking of these two gentlemen In the same breath will aunoy >he ileUrui of our Whig party, they thinking that one of their number is made ul the very finest p ircetaln day of the earth, while a democrat is necessari'y croated of n itbiug but tnud, aud very poor mud at that, too. How many years it will require to cut the whigs down to human dimensions tun jr. pot baps, become knowu finally to none but a very old person, for no one of ordinary length ot days Is likely to see the reformation, judging from their present conduct. Something like an approximation to the exact number of our population, according to the census taken on the 1st of June, 1865, has at last been arrived at by the Secre tary of the Boston Board of Trade, who has had access to the returns in the State department. The conclusion at which he bus at rived is that the whole population of the State, at the date named, w.n l l:tT "Ml, In log an in crease ot 138 746 In five yeara, or 27,741* per annum. This Is no very great gain, uud Is a good deal behind what was < vpectod. It is not msterlallv different from the rate ol gain Unit we made between 1840 and I860, walch was about 26,OOQ a year. At the aame rate ot ia create, and allowing something fir the larger basis, we shall not bo much short of 1,300 000 at the national census of 18(0, which would enable us to maintain our position in Corgiesa and in tha electoral c dleges. In tbe ninety yearn that have elapsed since 1766, the population of Massachusetts has Increased about 880,0h0. lu 1766, oar population, Including 1 6t!B Indians, was 246,018. But .Maine was theD a part of Massachusetts, and contained, in 1770, including blacks, 47,620 persons. Our wbole imputation in 1776 was 333,418. In 1790 our numbers were 378,787, not Including Maine: and it is a fact, tnat the greatest ra o ol Increase we have ever known was in those twenty-five years, which formed a period of continuous stilfe, from the passage ef tbe Stamp Act to tbe lor malum of the United States governtnen: under the present c< nstitutlon. Ten years ot bitter disputes with England were followed by seven years ol war, af er which came several years of Internal troubles, grow ing out cf the po\ ertv of debtors and the tyranny of creditors, just such things as we read of in l.ivy as hav ing so long distracted the Romans. Yet, in spite of all these evlis, we made a greater advance in nuinoera than lias been known In any part or the two generations that have lived since tbe first national census was taken in Massachusetts. In 1800i?ur population was 422,816; in 1810 it was 472,049; In 1820 it was 628,287; in 1830 It was 010.408; and io 1840 It was 737,700. The tains rate of gain ihat we made between 1706 and 1790, had it been continued down to our time, would have glveu us iu 1865 not far from fourteen hundred thousand inhabitant!. Had weconunucd to retain our connection with Maine, we should have had nearly two millions of inhabitants at this time, and hare been, both in territory and in numbers, one of the great States of tha Union. But the separation was a Wise measure, and many small States are much better inetniers ot a union than a few large ones would he. The largest In crease was mate by Massachusetts between 1810 anl 1820, duiing which time occurred the sec ind war with Creat Britain, which had been preceded by the rtniculous imbargo and non-intercourse acts, under all of which thiDgs Massachusetts suffered severely, as she was then a cnmiueicial State. Their is nothing to speak ofln oar political world. A sc vice of plate was presented lo Mxs. Kleiniog, wife of the lessee aud manager of the National theatre, last even ing, by a number ot the worthy couple's friends, the oc casion being Mr. Fleming's bore fit. A diamond ring was sho glveu to Mrs. Firming. "Hamlet" was played ou the occasion. Mr. Tbackeray, has commenced his lectures on the Ceorgtau Era, and had a tremendous house. Everybody was p eased, and nobody was cisgusted, though it seems that he <lid offend certain persons in New York, by telling tacts abou' the manners of tbe court of (iaorgw the First. Miss Adelaide Phillips has been pltyitg ia English opera?"The One llorse English 4Ifwra"?at the llvson, this wetk, but to very moderate Iuiumis. AiXiUtlA. The St. I. oil la Mnrdcnm?Her Kxainl nation. IK.-i m the St. liemojrat Nov. 1.1.1 Sarah Haycrafi, the murderess of .Samuel Hudson, had her i lamination yesterday evening before the Recorder'* court, the room ot tlia court <u crowded long beiore the hour of meeting. At last Mr. daily having taken hi* m at and opened the afternoon aea.inn, the primmer wa* led up a'aira troni 'he calaboose, and n through to the criminal bar. Much curiorfty wa* manifested to catch eight of her by those present. ,-he in rather a large wo man and wa? dics-ed in common calico, a thin muslin al'awl and an old *un bonnet. iter ease was called, and when her name was pro nounced by the Marshal, she got up and saute forward to the railing. lite court ark'd her 11 she had counsel engaged for h?r defence, ?he answered negatiiely hya shake of the head. A bench war then drawn up behind bet and *he sal down. Hie examination began l y interrogatories put to the bnrkeerer of Fluxion V Exchange who "Imply ata'ed that I a rah I lave aft came to that house about nx o'clock in the i veiling and asked for (lud-on, ahr. wa* then eating hi* supper. lie went in after bim, mod Hudson coming out "e.t oil with her. In about twenty minute* alter ward* he raw Hudson lying dead. Iwo female* Irmi the same house that Sarah Inhabited then gave evidence ot tin eat* made by her that 11 Sain Hudson din not roike up with her on the next n> ght. she was going to atah hiin with that knife, (showing a pi iguaid ) The testimony of the policeman who arrested her w?* thou adduced, from which it appears that when she wa* first apprel en ed they discovered she was slightly iu? bilateo. Khe denied any knowledge of having done any 'biug wrt ng. I'p'u repeated inquiry, brwerer, she at leig'li said she had stabbed Earn Audsoa in 1h* neck. Tl.ey told her she bad killed him. to which she replied, if she had not killed him she Mould do it the next time ?he met him, and send htm to hell, and theo go there to bun. All the way down to the calaboo*e she was talk log about the matter, and seemed to he under the impression that the stab ?he gave him was not latal. Th* officers told her repeatedly that she would never meet him again, for she had ki.led him. but she did not apprehend until ju-t a* they w?re entering the calaboose alley, when she to reed suddenly around to them, with her eyes 'treating with teais and asked, '? Did 1 kill him, then!" As they answered' Yes," she *wr*>ned to the ground, and ft wa* long br'ore tbiir applications enuld restoie her to eon acionsneai. .-lie w.u theu licked up in her cell, Where sho eried and moaned all night long Af'er the testimony ot 'lie police ofHeer. together with that of l>r. Cornyn, who held a poat mortem examination on the Issly ot Hudson, the Recorder ordered the testi mony to be takeo ("own and the prisoner to he commit ted for murder in the first deg ee Her ooncuct in court wa* such as excited the sv mna'hy ot ail who I*held her. Ilrr whole manner was that of extreme dejection, and an a.inost total iod.lference to what was passing around her. she -at upon tue ben th with her taee benoing down and c nee?led by her bonnet, while her hands Were employed in Iraeinvthe heiri o'her handkerchief, which now and then she raised to bet face to wipe away the falling tsar* When add<?**?'! by the C< urt ?be only answered by shake* of the head. the (ruth < f It all Is, the' she lcved the m?n she had killed. For tl.iee years he had livad with Hudson as bis misltees. lie iben de-ened her. Her hive then thri wn back opt n her as a thing of loathing, what, but a thirst for revenge, enuld enter her woman heart? She repents it now. ? I id I kill h m then?" sue asketl, and is an Instant a ter Ible remorse smote her ih tear* to the earth. rniPTAWA Ispian." in Bobton? A very interee*. ing | arty of Chippewa* arrived at the Rrorofield lliu.e WednesCay evening, fr'm W hite "ak I'otrif Minnesota, a locality between !M and 400 miles beyond Nt. I'aul oa tie Mi-vlsrippi river. Ih'y were slxty-oa# day* on the y uri ey, reaihlr g the by meaca of their canoes ai d 11" n Is. of travel < n foot, and thence obtaining free lian-lt most of the wsy, per stentuers and railway*. The party eobprises six chiefs of the tribe, accompanied by tkeir loterprlitar, the Bev. James Tanner fa n?lf-b?eed mi-'i< naiy, e-tu-a'ed and emiloyed bv the American As-o'la'lon, with hi* wl e, daughter and son. The 11 the chit fk are as foliows.? Na-irali aug a-vash?Closing Feather, W'?h be de gu?Rt und Fetter he-oe dwa ke yhick?Betwixt the Heavens. Mah gnh che wa we-tcng? The baginning < . ier?or be ginner of an oratie n. Me be ke o ge Mah?The only Oilef. I irab he dwa-we long?The Ivercpeaker. Mah gah rhe wa-we toag is the war chief ami principal i rati ' of the tribe, and is represented by Mr. Tanner as a most laiyrestlve "i*aher. Ths JimmmJ ?e??:? II e Indians will meet Ui? officers of the ("nitariaa As aeeiation m Motid?y m'rning next, and probably some public n eel lugs will be held, at wh ch the loan- will it ake *ddre??t*. In the party are three orat >rs, ore id whi m, a stern old chief of thirty winters, la said to be the grratrst orator In the tribe. The trine now nun hers abent k(0 OCO souls and Is as hi to be slowlv though gradually, liup.otlng la the arta of peaceful and civilise! life "The delegation attracted much attention. They ere neatly and plnlnly dressed, with sufficient of ths peeh liar ttapping* of the red man to give them the true In Miaa look. Amt ng their ex jwrtsnees of life among the white* was the donning of new bo-da. and It Is unite amuslrg to see tl t-m shnffllng over the floors and stairs of the lir> mfleld House, evidently taking puin* le e?<ape a fail between the |iollrbed leather and flour* " A goo.) anecdote Is told of one of them. He was asked why Indians do not copy the dree* of our people. He re ' Me think we started your fashion* fMf na-ti D' w wear blankets, as ws do. ami y U BMM paint 'i,ei. fsres and wear feathers. A govd c joipaciavu ? Uttwn Tranlkr, t*?. li fcnprrme Court?Urneral r?rm. TDE NEW iEAVKN KAILKOAD FRAUD*?THE DISPUTED JUDGESHIP. Duo. 17?Two important cu?i wore expected to be ar gued thin del iwfore three Judges from neighhoiingcouu. ties?namely, the adjourned ewe of the fraudulent issue ol the New Haven Katiroed bonds, end the ewe of Henry E. Denies vs. E. P. Cowlee. Mr. Da. lea, it will be reeoi loc ed, wh elec'cd on the Know N'oUuug ticket to flli the vacancy created by the death of Judge Morris, but the election being deemed illegal and invalid, in c-nssnueoee of a aulhclcut number ot days not intervening between the ceceese of the late Judge Morns ana the Ume of eh<a / f ''overn ir of -he s ate appointed Judge (Jowl** 17 ."a*"i' 1 *"* ,1" '?04ueJr created by the death of Judge Mwards) t , fill the unexpired term for which the laie Judge Motrin had been else ed. Jii 'ge l amer, of Albany, and Judga Dean, of Pough were in attendance but in conaeqnence ot -ha absence o' Judge .Strong, the (lourt for the purposea o( these two urguiuente could not organias. They will meet, it is vxpecleo, at 11 o'clock on Tuesday morning. Superior Courts Dal ore Judge Duer. In r>? Wel.ltn ft. MaiUard.-Tblt was a case in which the plaintiff sued 'he defendant for ui g igencc iu keeping the coal grating in front of his store unfastened, where hy the plaimiff. by falling through the said grating, me: with serious bodily injuiies, winch were for a long time supposed to he latal. rho defendant put in a demurrer te an amended complaint, the grounds of which were that chum* ol action were nnproi)erly united, and that the complaint did not contain tacts auilicieut to c w s itute a cause of action. Tlie motion was tor juigmeiit on account of the frfiolousness of the demurrer, and was a ly argued oy Daniel Waterbury, attorney f>r piaiulitr. IJmfoll.,Wing order was granted by Judge Duer:?1 On nTfl ng the complaint aud demurrer, and on hearing counsel for the respective parties, ordered Jmgment for ibepaintiff, ..n the ground ol the frlvolousaes* of the ih tnurter, uule?s the del-mdaut pay coaui of the motion aud answer within ten days." Theatre* and Exhibition*. Riioadwav Tiikatub.?The entertainments this evening I wlU commence with "Tlie Married Kake," in which Mr. | Feuno, Mis Warren and Misssa Harding and Manners ai'liear. After which those precorious juveniles, the Marsh troupe, will perform "Deauty aud the I teas:," and I r.!! 01 * . ^''Utsteuding the great sue cos* ol tbe-o children. It is unterstood Jiey will l,e with d'awu at the cioea of this week to make ro ?m tor a grand Lnlioay spectacle, called "King Charming." Ntt'ui'g?The cunic pantomime of tho "Four l,orera," with Francois, Antoine and Jerome Karei in the loading parte, is announced as the (lrst piece this evening {Sev eral new dances wl,l follow hy M 'lie Theresa Kobert, and other talented members of the ballet corps. The per lotmancea conclude with Mr. Uhman'e fairy pantomime I'l l v. ! ?*, ?*' * 1>,eam ?nd Healily," which abounds with beautiful scenery, incomprehensible tricks and transformations, he. Bowxkt Tiikathe?The manager of this old estohllshed place of amusement seems determined to keep Its reputa th n up to the standard of its palmiest days. "Dove's tah??w. t0,,l8llt- wlth Mrs. lit in blln In htr great djaraetcr of Margaret Elmore; Mr. Kddv as Mathew EJutoR, Mr. Griffiths a* l*aul lafont and Mrs wiii /'ii *? 3SU\. drama of " I.ucretia Borgia" will follow, Mrs. Ward as the heroine; Mr. Johnston as (<eciiaro. and Mr. Ward %n the Duke. Bikton'h Tiieathx.?The new Amerisan comedy of '' False I'retencoe" is still found sufficiently attrastive I to induce the managpr to keep it before the people. It *11 be p'ayid to-night with the new piece entitled " An Impucaut Puppy; or, The Man Who Follows the Udle. " n C Mitchell and Thorne fin ^!!! i "rne a"d Hugh**, have excellent parts. Heveial new ana novel pieces are announced as in couih? of preparation at thin houjte. ?? 's.V ?,r^TK'?"7,Mr"> Cow'fy't fine comedy, called A Bold Mroke for a Husband," will be produced this Isatea'u H n the of Messrs. Ltsn, ^'/b ? 1 NorUm and Stewart, Miss Kmeiine Bay mood (ber first appearance hue), Meedatnea lloey v' ''*er faud 8,'P|">nH rj'f popular afterpiece railed ? A Nabob for an Hour ' will follow, Mr. II. l'lacide as Sam Hobhs, and Mr. 0. Hollaed as Dick Dumpy. W to-" !HVWLB#r~An "cell"nt l-r<*"imme of songs fcTce oT 'The^Jmy."" ernU>''** the Bccxim' hOXXAl.KRi?Tlie amusing burlesque opera a Tariatv'td a.^If* a'" P,wnte<l to night besides a vtriftty of hinging and ilaccing. bvA',heT.,'a,rlbe.K,hl',''ian ?Dtettalomenta given bv the pilncips' members of the celebrated Christy's Minstri l?, ate nightly tilling this hall. Cnm.v, WnLuxgm bo.?Tois house will he opened to w'mwive'" "! bT "T Ul" *n^?'t, Who will |ini mualtai and dtoramle description of a tour thioogh Iieland and the famoua lakei of Kidarney. Fa* FBAMiKXi.-Mr. Stark Is starring in his own the aire, the I nion. Ihe Suv of the .'Olh says- ''Too Gnu geoheims srt.ved1 in this city yesterday fh?tn >Kapa JM 'tr !b*y h*4 (fot'C for the beijellt of Mi-s Joey's un* ,'r'tt 11 that the Metropolitan will re-o^o te. '. i! ?'"I'be", on to morrow or Thuraday eve,, tofi. i. "r' wt 'lng as agent of Mr. Thorn., MeOoire In New \ crk las effected an engagement with the followipgdlailngaisbed delineators of negro charac I "d f,rt """tAinae* |C? c,'n lrP|i .i * Kranel-co ininstrrla:? annuel Wells, the negro extravaganlst and master ,rf ceremonies Jbr.mas J encergra.t. Ihe great hailA-i .ingcr Max /.orer I *,'e T7roJ??,> ? sod guitarist, Mr. could, (a brotiier 01 Julia fiould f olltns.) oaliad singer; and Mr Henry a popular member cf Christy k Wood's They are expected to arrive by the next steamer from Pantma. 8am.wh.ii bu.te._Us k Marshall's circus was per rormlig with considerstde suecewa at Honolulu. Tlie ot ituB^lbfr *' **** lLe critiqur ol the * ports ' Tk? rog who walks on hoi forere*t. the mule the tumblers, the mu/ie,aud the clowns, all share In tha gener.l applause the latter iDdisja-n-ahle function atie* are ivhlently firm helievera in the saying that a good thing can t lot repeatcl too often, as most clowns an'uMtiH ul"0^ "tel tbe K'ftt P*,ron of Htn-lulu 8p?skli gcf whaling the r.Jvn"mn announce* the ar rival ol 1 atiktc Suliivan in thai benlgh ed region, for the purpose of giving sparring exhibiti mt at the Itoyal Ha waifan ftifatr?. J Iu it'k'itif n, the paper quoted *hj* ?. '? We under, and that Mr. Sullivan Intends to open a gymnasium: Ifhe will doubtless lin l many ,ers,,a. who will avail then seises of an opportunity to ascertala taken ''/..s"1 r"a*H r" d,'v,'1"P"1, ??d the stilfoe,, taken out of heir barkx. ll" w"^ '?1 "'""'lulu amusements Mr and Mr.> Hanin, are giving Conce,'? at that place. ?r m the f, Hoeing, in the V lyB,.p,B cf u?e 3,, w!. _ sun.e tt ese t?alist. are known heie ? We understand that Mr. and Mrs. Han m contemplate,g one or iw .more concert* before leaving lor fail fo.roa where the, will travel t.rofrsaionally ..the, have done for several year. i? the Intern >utes much u/tbe satiable'ion ol their audience: ss^a'?CaL?,h* s,nJ' Jounnii,November IB, The last app<aranre and b. nefll of Mr Buchanan will late place atthe ,he.?e this evening when ? " psa, 10 .'X rbaracisie?' Hamlet." "(eg, " ? MsrOe'l. " , atd ear" and "chylcck." Who can stay a ?iy ff'-tn such an entertainment* Mr. Buchanan is eognge.1 by Mr. i'otter to make a tour end pisy ninety r igh's In the mining districts, lie then re'urne to hen Francisco g,*. ibeoce p, Australia and kng and Hi* tour fcaa. thus far, been highly su, :esrful. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ROUT MARKET. Mo spar, Dec. IT?? P. M. The tendency nf prle<*? in lit. .track market la riill up. ward. At the llrat b'-erd to-day \ Jrginia ()'? advance) r4 l*rrent. flie-ouri 6'*, \ Illinois Central Honda, Pcrneyltnnln Coal, %, Heading Railroad, X, Hudson Railroad, Michigan Central Railroad. \, 'levi'land and Tol"do, 1 Chicago and Hock I-land, '4. New York Cmtrat declined percent; Harlem, Michigan fonthern Kailrcad, H- Nicaragua Transit, T rie, (ialana and I hirago. aril Cumberland were.taedyal deturday'a eio-ing price*. Theia #a an active demand for Galena at 1?'? a 12V*, percent. Nicaragua la evidently at'iarili g the attention of a new da?* of buyera. who bav* 'aith in the prrgrsmme jnst put forth. The right kind of men are in the moiatneut. and the pr'.bablll'y la they will accomplish the object in view. Kile la well maintained. The daily tranaaclinna In thia faocy are to an eaormnu* amount and prinrlpally on time. Illinois Central lionda told to the extent of 1100,000, and al eanced considerably on the opening price. There were ?alee tf I elaweta and Jladeon < anal ato k at 1IRa^ a 113 I>er cant, dividend off. Thia .tick haa seen ita beat day. (lieneea are abont being marie in the traaaportation o C?a! from the l*ct*sar tia district, ?h ch will when e.ora plet.d, materially red ace the product! renasa of this com [Any. Alter the adjournment of tha board U>e lollswing aaic. of stock* were mad* at aacti.u by A. H. NlcoUy.? Wl abate* < ha'hem Hank 5 do. Atleatic Honk of Now York 2 do. Trrtitoe Iron t'a V9 10 do. Mectanica Rank of Willlamaburg 67>< 1A d?. O wwc awaal'h f iro Insurance Co ..... '?) 1, 21 do. bow*' y K Ire Insurance Co ill a llVtp VO do. Muywaent Hre losnratic# Co 100 VQ0 do, ?%. Nicholas lire Insurance 0# I, ?0 do. I oekman lire Insurance Ca 30 a VI IV do. lataige f ir# ln?aiai?ce<>) fA 40 do, filter prise Mrv Insurance (In 'Jt 40 do. fast River f ire Inanrance fv. kti^ III do. Msehattan lift In.nraoce f>? 100 do. Knl '.erhorker life laarirsoce Co .10 M do. New York Consolidated S'tirr'e dl 10 do. 11.1 ted Mates Mall PVsatuship < ?> 113 At the reeotwl herd there was not much change la the it si let. The tendency waa slightly upward, but 'here ware no operator, eseept the regular .peculating bro ker*. Tii*!* U no stork going out ef U? etreet but on the contrary, the advance In market vain* I. ae'omelat tng the ieo-Hnf fancies in .peenlatov. hard*. Thorn who 1 iieulat* upon any pertraoosey in the prseent improve went in (wirea otll aoon sew their miatak*. The next tew. !(va tonf* ??/ 'peaed a panic among tht hi* ?qua! to mj yet experienced. The bear* are free cellar* on time, either buyer*' or Keller*' optioa The Aamdaut Tieu*urer report* to day a* follow*:? I 'aid on lrtaaurv account ?1 tft .T04 28 Kerei ved do. U'2 Odd 00 Balance do. 4,15-. 7-.D g-> I'ald for Ae?*y Office 1 *17 fin laid on d'abureing check* 50 til* 28 The payment* to day Include $45,000 on California drnf a, and the reoeipt* include $25,000 fur tranafer draft* on St. 1-oui*. The wan ante entered at the Treaaury Department, Waalrington. on the 13th and 14th inat., wan a* follow*: ? For the redemption ofatock* $35,408 IH Kor the Tteaeury Department 33,190 70 K?r ti c Interior Department 35,181 09 K< r th< CuHtonui 101,121 13 War warrant* ivreived and entereii 352,247 03 Mar tepay warrant* receiver! anil entereii 20.; 417 01 In'etlnr repay warrant* received and entered.. 4,581 Oil On account of the navy 381.077 20 Firm itJ-cellareoua Honrce* 2,1*10 13 I dtter* haie been received to the effaet that the report of the referee in the ca*e of the Buffalo and Vew York City ltailroail ha* been made. It ree vmruendH the re moval of Mr. l'atcbin, and the appointment of (ieorge Calmer, Eetj , a* geio-ra) rteeiver of the road. Thi* de cielon ia highly aatirf*ctory to the partieH in thi* city Mr. l'uliner ia naid to be a gentleman of the higheat cha meter. Tbd grot-a earn'nga of the lludann River Rallroml Company duiiog the month of November amounted to $120,080 81 San e month l**t year 134,708 07 I'ecreaae $14,022 8J Thla falling off I* etjUal to about 10,'? per cent. Thi mu*t Ire very dUcruruplug to holder* ol atock, for the opera*lug evpeneui were without doubt full a* large a* In November la*t tear. Tire river I* not likely to clone frr eonre day*, and the bulk cf produce accumulated at Al bany and Troy, by the canal, will all gel down before the aurpt nrlon of river navigation. In an artlc'e pubilehed a few day* *lnce we rdated that:? JiihI prevlou* to the late November e'ectiou *oine of the chief officer* of the New York Central Railroad Com pany pa**ed along tb? line and i*Hued toatructlon* to lem'it g emplovc* in regard to tbe voting of the Ihouaaal* of peraona in the company'* service. Tl e Albany Aryui ha* taken exception* to thi* charge. It ia acurcely poreible lor any pajier at A baity to poaae** a* ntucb ignorance a* tbe Aryut prole**.*. Ioea that Journal need to Ire to d that the Central Railroad Board ba* Intereata which It regard* before all merely political o? naideia' ion* V i'oe* it in the plentitude of it* verdancy imagine that Ilia I'reaideut or Vice I'reaident would not favor the election ot a State olhcer kuown to be a uaetul and effective iD*trument of their corporation, even though bob tiglng to another political party? la there anytbirg iuciedib e in the fact that the Vice I'reaident war nuxiou* to re-elect Jame* M. Cook? lathe Argut au thorized to deny that the Vice I'reaident of the New York Central Railroad Company laaued la fltrucllon* to tlie employe* of the road at vaiioua point* along the line aa to the mauner In which they ahould vote? When It doea, we ahull have aoinnthlng more tony. The Arju* apeak* of uiUaiug vote*?mean ing, douhtleaa, tlroae alleged to have been diverted by the railroad influence. We can tell the Aryui where aome of them can be found. If it wiil look at the official State i novai a it will ace that Jamea M. Cook '* aome two thou nand ahead of any other candidate on the fnainn ticket. Mr. Cook waa the favorite of the New York r antral Kail r*rad <tinpnr%. lli-lr organ, the Albany Homing Jour nul, in*i*led upon hi* re nomination at Hyracuae, when ail Lin colleague* were tbrnwu out. And it 1* notorioua that ho*t? of employ ca of the railroad company voted for ' Cook u gain it their Individual political part lalltlea. The Aryut ehoald remember that not only tbe rtaleinent* | made by u*. but almo*t without exception our prc-llc tion* al-o, have been verillid by time, ami we can afford to appeal again to tire tame auie or cnl. If tbe Aryug require* any more Information relative to the political poliry of the New York Ontra! Kailroarl Company It ah til be forthcoming. It knowa already more than it wil| divu Ige. The Miner?' (I'ottavUle) ./mimil, of tbe 15th io?t., give* tbe folio* lug account ol the anthracite coal trade of the paat *ea*oii:? Tint AxmiunTX Coat Taairz, 1855. The navigation clone* to ''*y, or at lea?t no loaded boate will lr? naioed alter t< -day. The canal* may now be coztlderid a* all clo ed, and the I'lilltdelphia and Rtailirg Kailrond having entered on lite new year. Hoc 1 18th. v?e r au grvr Ure inrrea - inetty aer.oia ely from the principal region*, which will !? found balow. *'? were in error laet week in giving tbe iuctcnw Irom the I acVawarv a region at about '-50 000 ion*, lire Increase i* only about 164 000, wbirir make* a difference In the Inerta>-td aupyly ol nearly 100 000 'on*. Both lh'- IMa ware and Iludar.n anil l'enri*yleania rom|>aBle? alask'd off their bueiiieaa toward* the cloae of th? year, and, ac ceding to the Konilout fVmrvVr, the former company &r ver had *o much coal piled at that |romt a* they have now. 1854. 1855 Jnrrew. Reading Railroad 1,987 854 2,212,784 224,9. 0 Schuylkill Canal 907,354 1,104 1M 148)812 Tot*I Schuylkill r'xlon. 2 896,2410 8,416,964 421,742 la-hlgh I,VIM Ik 1,274 DM 28.694 Nil. A Hudson Company... 440 944 621,000 84,060 I'cun. Coal Company 490,04k f.Ol.ooO 07 362 ToUl 6,0711,218 B.eM.OnO 804,718 Inercace from U.? principal region*.. 604,71k ton*. The who)* supply of anthracite cowl this year will lie about 6 '?< 0.004 ton" ami the Increase (mm all there gton? wiU be in the neighbor h?' 1 of 060 (100 ton- -giving about the same Increase aa lent year over tin- former. The dwnratlc bituminous coal trade -ill fall abort of tha snpf !y laat year, and there wi I oe a alight incret-ein the foreign importations, aim noting to about 40.<j0ii tun*, which will about n ak# up the deficiency. There will be ao Inrrra-e 'Ul? year , la?t year there waa an increaae of about 1( 0 (00 u ne over the former year. The Rot.and (M.) //-roM stale* that a suit enn ??need ??me year* once, prerioua to the tru?'eo? 'aklng p ocea-ion >.i the road, Oj Wear- Chandler f. IlilJh n< ?gainst 'he Itutlaoil and ilurliiiglon Railroad Co., gruw li g out of an nm-ettled con-trurii u account, ha- been da cb'?d agau./t rhe read, and Judgment tend-"-I fir eorue ?long o?? r $14,1 00. Sere al I <r imottrea were attached on t|ji? cult, but weie ieeelpte<l (or by aome of 'he dlrectora, and have rince ta en kept lu um> <>ii ti e road- Tneae loc.oitio Uvea nave al'hin a tew (lays hero told at aueth n, by the at ? i slf. to catlafy the judgment, and W*r* bought lu by the trueteea, Ibe St. Louie I'tftllitrnrrr of the 12th iaat. cay Ihic tnoteing. In asc-rdnnce w 'h p rev ton a notice, J. H. AleMoler, trn-tee, His., pronamied to otfe- the ohle and Vs--i?ippl Railroad for cale. " two bida were m.,d< ?the lir?t $6,fi00 the ncg$ ?l(i,0f)0. ,Vo other bed lie.t.g made, it was knocke<l off at the latter bid, llcnry It tlaccu I<U|( the purchaser Die road I- hade fi r all : a bonrled debt ard Cage K llacon'a claim ben n 'he low price at which It ?>hl. The annexed *1a'e<Miit exhibtta the a e.?i?.. .laily n > vetr ? nt in the learlr g leper'meats of the ban-- <f tin* rtty, during the t-aek piacedlrg Satuiday morn ng, le-j. 16, Ik'.',:? Nr.w York Citt R?v < Xoarw New Y. rk ?.'i 240 twt? Mai 'rattan 4 631478 he.chant* 3 179,".',6 M< - i anica' 6,0,'- 629 I oh n 2.664,0f>9 djpccV. 1 : mi!'n .714 6'.?l 217 01 2.629 66.1 492,9.-1 .87 7.',.l ., 0.2) ?<;, !<83,fwi7 196 829 4 121 472 434,071 7I89 04 ! 4 494,640 : o 0-29 141 837 '2 176,.', 2 1,1 < 8-6 27 612 4 449 008 >4 :. ti 109,268 1 967 Ubl 1*70 S7'? f,ei 1 1?8 619 k<: |i 6 170 046 "MO :i 97,004 2fs' ' 7 27.438 19 164 1?0 '<03 1 178 871 294 u.9 369 r*>4 1 0 u 67' 164 122 1.74 618 I.e.; t 643 189 401 Ikl MM 689 '27 9' 664 44 <38 986,9*1 62' 943 101,042 166 "M 40 022 1-7,702 k !9 817 If 8,113 906 971 1,36> 417 irm 'id 347 TOO 661,104 660.294 611 81 i 2,717 ill wn 211 300.649 6 '"2 3?;r 91,861 lie *?4 k.'l 897 90.7 242 2 116 6.438 821 6i tar 171 V! 724 .1 1 fl6 Iftl 326, **> III 1.991 MM ir f.:8 1 029 161 161 8

9i 990 1,494 4Itl 1-6,961 114 Iko 698 -ilo M> ""k 9 .'66 3 601 162 37 O ct 128,179 *") 67/247 120,6.17 677 616 12-'. 348 77, O 1.338 946 HI.Ill 114 2>8l 72', '282 41.813 12f 899 460,308 491,176 <*? 078 6, "24,'AM 4.1 .'98 167 971 .'?0> 421 19', 80.7 92,649 481 0?l 71.717 IK 382 934 '>01 19.944 92 964 269 233 99,179 119 041 761 e?6 42 819 9 97* .778 136 74,443 194.79* 713 fflt 119 VW, 86.779 1 677 3*2 327.068 74 I'M 1 044 114 110,*67 191,721 1 191,892 3.7 VM 9* 71 316 lil 46 -98 ?: 242 697 92# * 789 48 4? 'AI 737 34 147 ?l 7K1 HP. 011 24 141 Kb 6I6 123 877 11,818 198 210 ' ?23 714 I'M 964 123,871 9 222 71. 31* 11'. 8*9 299 4.7 ? 389 277 I hen i 2, 289,642 ( liy 1,862 k# J North Hive, ,.,.1.064,788 Trada, men's.,.. 1 240 513 I 4'.'8 '<82 i Lemical 1,274 Okll Mrr b I-nai ge. .2 443,770 National I Rule here' 1 404,f4>9 Mac. k Trader*'. 4190,106 f.rrer.wtcb ftW.flpi I e a'he 1.747 2kl s?*?nth Ward.. .1,108,761 date 8,444,441 At, < r I .change i 262 f2)4 Amertcar I f 4) 971 4omma'ca ......8 .372,806 Penary 94" 64.1 H" tdway .1418,307 ' ,ean I 611 fb Kercantile..,. ..2 171 ,672 Pacific Me,131 He| utile 1.1.8 224 f luil ham M7,rwyt I re | e ? . H.21 .09 North America.. 1,612,660 Ha?or*f 1 298 i'K II v,i g ?. ? f?4 286 MntrrpoHtaa....4 &39.MI0 flttrene 678 171 f.r?<era' ? '4 ' '.*8 N? 4Mb '86 I at' ltiv*r 411 688 Kaitet 1,461 928 M. N tafcnlaa 1*8 4/7 -h e and laa'bar Wo.fe* Car** I *44.247 < ? ?'lt.?n'al 1 eel 398 C. is D" aw/,124 484 Oil/a'al bit,US 9 , In- 7C1 909 4' laat|c 824 Ml I-land ? 'ty 38e,164 let lawk 4<a 284 .V. Y. Mchange 240 470 I all'/llewd 227.180 N. V. ( ounty .. . .70 074 Import's k Tiad a 147 ell Totals W, fiA II 6fM,9TS 7,791,4611?,?9? ',17 Fiebangee tut week ending f>ec 10 1116,414 9>8 ?' "17 114.21* ?91 Dnlnnce* ?' 19 4,494 827 ?* ?? " 17.. 6 110 442 pa IC161" lUWoMtt a ainft^t a( 10* 1?, '65.. 81,(176.500 15,S26.0M 7/316*1 77, II,ill '26, '.'16.. (11,100,518 16,814,532 7,4*8,(1*7 TSTfii 7M 9, '56.. 81,187,613 16,387,(174 7,565,(108 76,343,330 8, '65.. 9a,100,087 15,005,155 1,602,6?8 77,1;* 7*8 17, '66.. 93,180,UK* 14.871,661 7,46' I" I 77,848 464 trading department* of thr bank* W Ik La at; kw Uaa ink up the taut weekly returns:? Nnw Y uaa ( m biau 6?w. .*?? v (Vwl'a Mtp>us4M. Dae. jo, '54 |xt *6.1 cc r-.o.e.uT 7,076 *.? *?: *Ao o Jan. 0, '6.',.. 8.','J44.708 13.688,801 7.049,0*2 64,9*-, 11* Jan. 1.1, '66.. 83,976,0*1 11 4XH k_i, 8,686,4(11 87,383.388 Jan. SO, '55.. 18,447,888 18/12,127 (I 681,..66 03, .47/18 ?in. 17,'66.. 86,664,667 1?. f8;.'.??*? 6,. >,*? 78,13* *18 lb. 3, '66.. 88,146,087 17,438,188 7.800,7?? 72,823.317 Fab. 10, '65.. 89 KHz, 17 7 17,121, .84 ?,0tW? 111 73 784,348 Fab. 17, '66.. 80,860,081 17,338,086 6 <41 -i* 7 181,630 Feb. 24, '65.. 81,580,604 t6,:(70.H.5 6,888.508 74.Mi 721 Mar. 3, '55., 82,386,126 10,531 271 7 106,719 . 5 158,344 Mar. 10, *66.. 82,381,788 16,870,(818 7,131,988 78,248 twt Mar. 17, '56.. 8;,447,346 16,833,(4*2 7,061 01* 7? V4 227 Mar. 24, '56.. 93,860,773 I4.6ttt.l28 7,451,231 Mar. .31, '56. ?? ... . ?i| In,01*,105 7, '..(7,6(3 76.)tUO. 1*6 A(?*l 7. '56.. 84 488 .184 14 908,00* 7,771.63* 77 11 1 ** Apitl 14. '56.. 81,140 .',88 14,58<'.878 7 6-1 6J4 71,'Jll 243 Ain 11 71, '56.. 08 032,883 11,..56,041 7,610, lU 78,744.8.1 Aj rII '.8, '58.. 82,605,951 14..8; 4'34 7 ?1? 866 7.', tlO '6.1 May 6,'56.. 98,088,248 14.324,044 *,867,6 *4 71,214.160 May 12, '66 . 91,642,488 14,685,62* 7,804,817 76 * 60,682 May 11', '66.. 81,676 500 16,226 866 7,638 (WO 77.' '.1 .18 May """ ~ " " " June June June _ June 23, '66.. 04.8-9,1.5 14 786 728 7)335.666 8 II. I>? June 80, '56.. 86,617,21'J 16.641.8,0 7,3tM 8.4 *1 (401,9(18 July 7, '66.. 87,862 481 16 t*l 004 7.T 4 I,0? *? *6 n|T ^4B July 14, '56.. 88,416.432 16,66.1,766 7 616,724 *4)al? 6.1* July 21, '66,. 88,028,147 16,815,888 7,4417 (We. 82,078 688 July 28, '65.. 80,05.1,708 16.930,076 7.ur>,48* *l)n 5 . ** Aug. 4, '66.. 100,118,61 9 16,.08, 7,04.:.?'i a. '.eitl Aug. 11,'66.. 100,774,200 15,260,808 7,714,401 *3,141 ij Aug. 18,'56.. 101,164,060 14 648,24a 7 618 Mm *1 8UI *71 Aug. 26,'55..100,MM,601 13/26 378 7.6*2,006 HI, 17*.I * 3ept'r 1,'66. .100.47(6,870 12,862,833 7,690,178 *1,017,"Hi .Septr 8,'66.. 100,27*,738 12,00*,026 7,801 143 844 4 1 4,'* Sept. 16,'56.. 89 387,000 12,211,340 7 721 828 *0.810 .81* Sept. 29,'58.. 08,6*1,734 11,655 301 7,716,482 *0 101,147 Sept. 29,'65.. 97,385,226 8.018 124 7,731,0-0 7n,*l*,lo9 Oct. 6, '68.. 96,616.021 11,110 687 7,853 SIT 77,5*2/2* (let. 18 '56.. 85(158,420 11 18**7* 7,*441 III 70 HI6.M17 del. 20 'M>.. 96 103 2.76 12 4' 1 723 7,Ha* 164 77 86'!,551 (irt 27. '65.. 94.216 872 11,163 621 7,*26.4*9 76,074,86* Sot. .3, '56.. 83 H"p 879 11,106.298 H.071 5o* 77.7*7 578 Not. 10, '55.. 92,464,200 10 856 >26 * 0*8.60* 76 76.' 401 Not. 17.'65.. 92.0 0,820 II .02,917 7 041 878 77,.82.3.361 Not. '24 '65.. 82,312,44'* 11 715,230 7,770 5*7 74.676 161 low. 1,' 65. 82 596,021 II 227.134 7 *11 651 7" 81" 9*1 Pee. *. '65.. 03,ISP *06 11 844/28 VHOI,711 7* 000,110 l* c. 15, '66.. 83 800,83* 11 6*4,076 7 701.05 J 7-1 *20 517 Ihe lent taluiH", rojipiired with (hn-e 'or the pineal" ing week, exhibit tlie following vaiutlonx lu the aggre gate movements:? An Inereami in loans and dlerounta of. t'il".'2-.:t A decreaee In epeele "f 200 6 VI A decrease in clrrulaMnn of Inn 0*8 A decreaae in deposit! of 1.2315690 There le in thla at all favorable. An Increve In discounts and a decrease In all other departinen'.? U a movement In (be wrong diiecUon. The arrlTal of the Empire <lty, with a mild >n and a half of gold, will strengthen the hank? in their k|ecle department, n >w that the ileiuabd for aliipiuent haa alinoet entltvly suh aided. Htwk Kli hang*. Mdmmv. Itc 17, IMS. $1(4 0 Kentucky r,'?. 1<? '250 .h. 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Th' n arkat we* doll for all Inferior ?nl rr n rm n gr? ** ehti ??!?*? ??' 7,(01 a 1,000 barrel* In flu <-d In which were Interior and common orio 1 of M . login at 14 IK, a 61 25 ton m 11 to extra '?!? *1 |H .71 % a ft 50 (duo. Indiana end WU ? n-ln ml?e| u, < i and i era ?' SH U a I'.t, * 1 ra <.?!>? ???? ??? at $j 76 a 111. 'at.a' ::an wa- inn< litre wl'h .ale* of UK) * .4)0 .airab j at SO 76 1 $16, Moo tier n e a* In lirdtel remand with ' ?a n* n about 6c0 a 70h harrala il f',? a S' SO f r mired t?? choir* War'1*, atrl a* 6'' 12 a 610 76 f -r fancy and extra and 611 fi r extra famiy btartda. wa* more rti It./ aid at rate* .n favor of pu"b<>*ra, among the ??*.lee we e about 4 f*4) l..i?l,i-l* white t'ana j dian at 9*1 le. 4 lino do ie<l lent '.*"'- at 6.' are' 10 'II 1 a I'J.ik <> red Mllwa.ll* at ?l '?< 1 ? n 71.. *. were n oder at*. 1-In.- e nl.oe-l to a' rat .0(111 a 40 OK) ' hnrkel* a* 14- a fir 'or new Hnritbara lu iet, teliow and I white, and OTcaldrlfr f.,r Wratarn ndaaet I an atore j and afloat and delivered 1( e w.? active wrrth aalea of j 90,100 a 2.' t*jO lrurl'1* chiefly at $1 .1 al'U Kit bu?beta affrat, In la g*. at 11 71 and noma other lot* at II | 1 arley ??* dmi at 11 20 a 01 V* for Inferior In prtnae I (rata?I lire go bearjr we-e he d at f I# r'hern and I Hate ware Ira-'(?# at 'aturdnj - ra-*- Kyn I!.,civ waa at |fr H7 a IT T.T ai h rtoali *at-a Mea n? oral at i 14 26 a 14 .1 % tor Jtv-cy an-. 14 0. I. a It T.'r for liraoly w ine. c, rrrv?Hale# <f.i?i tag. i.fl'.i, were ma/la at 17',', 1 aod 100 mata .lata at 1 ( (r TVfeg. ?The-*e>e rrobraced about 9(4r a 1 00i Uaiee, I the market . |n*l j a' aria- y five* 111 It're ne ? 100 t< -11 * H I -r.rntrg-r logwo-ad %ad 109 tone f.atlc Wert eo-d at 14 ' n>a 1*M? tm ?1 a lea were rather aaaief I IJreeaerel aitli a lair arrrnnt <-f aogagen -ntr. Ab ut DO 004 bu*h?l* , grain, chiefly 11 lo g- mere tab"! at 10 , I a 10'ad arid a Idn waa rrr-e,n*d boil a' (? '?J') nerrer href at Ma. t- , '.fir l.oi gotb at 4? *?-> 60 hVl# tallow fn f>1**1* l*ie Jo l/aah-n 'lift) eM?. flour were engaged at 4? rd A ?e*ael waa enrage I to irrad | fr.r O rH ar.d a market, at l.'d. f -r graro To (rhaag iw, I 4(f) Id'? flour er r. rr/ g#dat4 f To Havre ? .rtoa waa taken at Ir Hour a' I) arid f ain at ISrs To Ant werji atenit .0 f1*i ho*bal? of rye were e?gig?d al lid. ho ' allforri a ratea rarg-el fr in ."/Wt a 40- jr-r tnt j ttieaaurr li.ent. Num? the market for ti e pad waak e 'i 1 ed *?*? , rrwi trltb a 1 id.ernand. Mae fire pad of the wrek j the tia.e ? jened dul t.a' toward* ibe r|. re It refiewl. and fiee aalea ware made ?) the -pr.t and I > arrtra at fil l pi lee# b , ?Tlie nattet wa? firm with en,all Mian i .tali j pig at II a V 1 > a ir.r l.tha 1 Mtl rn - Tie Ii.ektt (Wmt r, el ft-rn, wltb a fair , ar/.r.- nt r4 t/ai,rarthm *hhe reerln'e W*r? aa -derate. ) klr t men?The market r' Mlnael Brn The ealea la gltmied V> bt-'r .New oiiraai, Ui an Ire, at 17'., aa at? nt I'D d- were an Id eei 'he afe.t at He a 47 '.?tit twa.'- ilie I ear ra.'eaewd ab-rnt f'li bhla etdtl* at 4lr a-?t 1 1 W' bid. t. numia roa n at II 6'? y h|0 Ibe , rtelrwe ier', (nil ?The n.aaet f-r whale and a petal war -juiet an I dim. the Bret at HO*, 'r-r ernd* aat K*~ a tew 6>r wlerta | blear Kerf, ar.d the la'tet a' 61 H? to* avwde aiad |; 04 I I; <- lot let.aed natu-ai and heart ed lo t ee a at 91 I a II W Br- m et< re. fU4 waa (I ru at ' 7* a 7T lm**e| war heary wltb ran, e?le- at *r a Sir , and IS at M karkrti crkita, In y nte eokd at 9' IrO. I ?, - -a ?I rtk?The r arket a a* doll and gel'ee fa t' red parrl.aee a The eroi-ared av-o- idl ? rlt 1 l? . IwaJurCiag rdd meae at 919a?4 new at 9l?76a9l? 17 atari | rtn.e at 117 10 a III and peine* n?*?a W??t?ru ant r ty *1 11* 16 a I I Beef ea* anehaagwd Tree ea-ee efutrf amd ate-a' W hbie. I Miter ag erraat-y prink* at 90 a HQ 17 H ??'' ?"?"r m*o* at IIQ'J'a * 112 Vet me at n*ere a ae at 61 16 k 114 *6. aa ' teparwad Ink err. at 9)4 60 a III 1 rim* u,#** ?? dall at about 9-', with n rek*ra'< etairrd Bwef beer# were I ae banged f ?l n ear, were f rat ar I la gr*.d den.and Irtannl bgi wor* e" end, jr at He alii* far I nth a light Mark ' -a t-nued Arvrt. with aa a* ?f ak- nt V) bill , lar.' dlef We.tern a' li\' a !-*?# Hnttot waa itaarlf at 1 be. a %r. t-r'rata and 64- a fro Weaha (There* ranged ft* at 1)6' 6llv w .kh a fait 'amamd K?*. ?'Tint e >,rao*d akrowt MO a fc/r i*461 at 4)<? ? Shi igMxa ?fro arata "* oae* a were *- Id at Me We-*a? ? The n,arket Waa ft m?* The an** *tnVrar*4 196 a hW- Cuba alia a 9a 'M baiae lot erje rt acid at t 'a' , a*-* -111 do (Ir**/ raaaraa at IS' i We *> r? --Iba man to*k'ar.*i about 499 bhta. r.aava ffboo, at ADvuinmm imivd ivsir ml niAHUI. $1.00(1.000. ? To 1/1*11 ' R W*T wRR, r tan f .? tb? MM' ' II HH gkto* ""of ? n * v A' mb*;A> _ n? 9 < i? it M* ? ->% k I. * *" M Wtti r?? ?? !? __ footMMxrrr;vWWHT fimft'i* wanFe*, aelep tr f #.i? aagnm, Ar * All . I* / I ? ? ? ? '?????Akt Kr iim r ? u.? I f i*4w* M '"a?** ? Hi T 4 Y i IK A "... ??' ka<ntow?* I?. ? i|?alr? f token I ?(.-??? I fr.iioiiuoTr.^r^ i# oougfet i?kt ??*&, pwrfc* a**** 1 ?**!%* ?ta-l flff*?ah|iA Hf ft#*ift? ?i( 4 ? * ' * .toto* M bfiifcw* n4 f? (4 Ai.ft, r??4ft bi> I MB $:,f>7 Dim sa^-.tfssaasi Vfe ii?bi? i# iMMtml* iMT -NfceB. %y ft MiC lw?#ti #?il ?4H #> jl? U'n ?** ??'?* '??? ? tH 'ft ft?tfftMftl It'l l MMl t*?tfl4*a?l* ?? 4 mud m *? ft ft.-* WMta4*9 $100,000rSL^Sk IZXSfiJn itti iU?> in 111. < iij *|, . i ? murium. hno?*r ft no., ? ?*?? ???i, |ll.| tlKltll 4 l/nltttl 4RO*?.|? <1 I ran n laad* * i a fa. ' >." to -a a mm a V e< 'f I'lUra tg .1,. it| .a ? tyrA 9. IK# a*M Mi ?J|W| T' *?., ? ? JlMF r?. ????h ?'t ? ?" - mm mj 4# tJht t ??*#r, bm no rtofc m He tunHM) ?mi Mr H*ift*?toft4*, n $iD 1UIM??? ?<,h i lift ' ? ? i.? ?>?<? run I. I'XTM, Ufa* 'U < ii.i i.wi n'uti, ?) n Inn?" A. t. I Cwrtfc* Ant or ?r roi.o*n n ? m **?? *1 n> tb pnraa, ?? <ti?m ?? '? we- ? -? ,.?? .??? . Hn. I ?? I" I pr.anrtl M . IM ?? an..| B Wt o|>, wi Fulton mwi a. >< I ? ?4 Irwin* *4 K n| t M .4 f*W >%lua ? .nj !??'.. i.*? to ??..? * -n |M |l I.INOtR Al.? Jti'T AT AMKNtCAM llin<4.|l OaTCL I ? Mull, a I* hrr? u> pnno km >!"??" 4 - pai .wwl U*l i* in at ml ara^wl a,--? HI itoafc* to _____ rn 4I..I ImHIt On TlA 4*. 4t J ? ?<?* n nnii. 1I? I iiii .i.i a.II In mmmprnt Hpna ?m ?!??< JulJT, InAl. !||? /. Ala.l ? ? I 14 Jnll.4 HOOK, fraw at tlNaaKk II ABYMVII.I.K IITT HOHtM -lot C .Nn n?? I "TO Ml oal te.lii.c dnn J?M"4ry U4, WH,? Kn... t.? >tal sill l.a |nid ??. i.'?'kMi M Aao.w 4.1'AaMOK )ini.k .?? V..I .... ??t Bin. iKki 4?n MAKK IIHUMaoKK A i o a im, Oarf.. ..* OW _ MoNKY UAKH UI'IUAT ADTtil tn OH NHtal hull IHrnlliu*, vMrtm .mnnirr, Hr-arat* i itnavtiK turilral. hbuii.bI at I ? .u>a laMnaan. - *??-? ?*# ma linrtir?? ?r? aMpmna ( h?i? /HKf <1< .rr<|.ikiiis ur Ihn na* i?. .?i. Mat br i iaaaai r??k i.aaB*. trr.D, i vre, w.l fw ? >? '.r *% nr.! . .1 l ._?# .awnnMal to t.f Mrl AlHIAtlHAl lkha M- Mllimab Vf OKAY ?AHT a ten > r <>r HoarrTH !#???"? .'I ntanlHMi ptaiMna aratrlw*, HUM? la . 4-4 |ir>ftr<l alarrr; Ian. ria ur. >.r i. .* t. ?? > . ?? mm' auna. Ap., M|uilai*l V>. l.a*. ?a?oi.l? ?<? '? ?* r. lii a rr?l, oiiu.. ufarK lima Ut to Y. NrOTIOK?TIIR I"T?.HKMT DM II!) t, la* 14 TNt I rn. hi k.m Yurk i . . * i <*4 taiKla, Bill ha |iald ?>. and afmr Una. W* at n ?Ok*a m J?AA I OOh, . r . SI llii?d?*j. Orril-K OF THE KKW TOKK Akl. RRW NATHB HalliuBd l'.ifti|.aiir "" 1 Ha. . ? ?> auan- i^bumiI bnMrra. Ili.ltlar. ?(*m** a par rata, iao.4* ?f J.# r- ? aap a a > 4*9 l.nrniii inihl nl In puiaaawa ul aa an H tlaa NaaaK AaaainlilT ?/ iha Ma a i.f iVaat'DnH pan I a. a la. (af law trraauiar la ?u.hi<i?4 aiaJ |ir?i a*K l to '? toaM fi r U.n iiiitataml ti( bniata h.arliii i at nan ia a.. a aaK nut natural to Dual?ikfa !??')* aatlaaiaad t Mm kafcila mmm UtMiatl an, I tNantdl all par rant Ut'aiaai and ? inl If MM lailir Diurlia** no th# autri aua'a r<*4 flaw.aa? I aaM a., tuanifn a .il ua maito at toaa utlra umai lur'kar iaaat*a Mt uruar ixUia Imacujra OH. Hkllir, liaaaant Maw Yarfc, out. I*. Ihm. Ml Ml Ala 7 ?ir. POM OK, sgi aiik ami rr Id.hit wihk iiw? a >? I ii.a)aar lunar fur aala at |irl- na *?# - a ilir.r a 'aad talua, aa thf t tiata hi li* raiaatnl In. aaaKt a? <taa <afa*, a lib an ur'avr of jalali ? ual f t 0, hut "/Mm !laa in 11.. tor aato a' a bargain, at IU3 Twani, ami. auaat. aaar nn.ii iraaaa. I'lMMH Uined a in) rspalrr I ft OOA/tl.RK, A TKAi HUB OF MUHIC IH OMHPHLMO. MY ?atT il ..I tnunay, in nffrr twr plana fur aala Tti* ? . . .niani to iMUta, of tari Una urna. ma), inn/ i*a*. In gr.t orAaa. aaK tin.a' ba attld fur raak uu. aaaak. Apgl/ a. M br ataal, INK 10. . 'III at h a ( it I) I K in i*i an oh OH AOOO0VV iW a|ilMwlnl M* U-.iiUinat.ia, ||i*. Ira* III nnrl. tkaa <ha (aaaar*a prbirii fur tlm - ati.r parlaci it. una, mu b and ' tnak f ..a/ aartnil 1*4. at uI Walkar alierl, four d .ua lum. Ilr at ?at M i>'tiiolink A <V?. IITANTKO?A OllftAK Pl.ATRB, OMK WHO 'AM TT ali.g rtKir ai d a i .n In | < a at tit NiaaaKap . r.?', oj alar aaluua, tor D .lltoto Mr anna, tti. aaaa M aato IB ii i..?).. ]A HI'I MORA KJJ/.A YALRMTIMI. 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