Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 19, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 19, 1855 Page 1
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W YORK HERAL WHOLE NO. 7052. MORNING if DITION?WEDNES O A Y, DEOEMB^R 19. 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OP THE ASIA AT HALIFAX. ?'NOTHING IMPORTANT FROM THE SEAT OF WAR. :Programme of Future Operations in the Baltic. PEACE RtflOBS ABIifVBAlfT. ?Consols Advanced to 00 1-8. COTTON ANO BREAOSTUFFS.STEAOY, MR.TWG OF THE SHir C0BHTITUT40R, Ac., A o., Ac. Halt*ax, Dec. 18, 1856. llie rsyal mail steamship Asia, (.'apt. Ixjtl, from 1 .Ivor pool 8th instant, arrived at this port at half-part six o'clock this morning. hhe bailed at 8 A. M. for Bo.ton, where >hc will bo duo about .'I o'clock on Wednesday after noon. The Aula report., 8th December, 0:50 I'. M., eicbangod signal. with the s'eamshlp I'aciUc. bound Into Iiwrpjnl. The steamship HcrmAnn sailed from H mtliampto i for New York on tlie Gth last., with 100 passe ugets aud a fbll cargo. Her date, from Uvsrpool are to Saturday the Rth inst.?one week later than Uio.e received by the Dal tic, at New York There is no feature of special importance in the week's news. In the Crimea matter, were in the same position a. at last accounts, and from Asia there is no additional in teMigence of lm{>ortance. l'eaoe rumors w ore quite abundant, but beyond tlio oiroumatantial manner In which they wore related thuro wa- nothing to iudlea'o that they were founded upon fact. I'pon the s'rcpgth of thorn, however, an advance in consols had taken place. A Constantinople lotter of tlio Stilli Nov. im ntlnw that three hundred sail of grain ships were wind hound in ,-'u Una, at the rooutb of the Danube. The Imperial Commercial Dank of Odessa has su.pendel ?]?cie payments?tho premium on silver being 12 to 16 per cent. The ship Constitution, of Vow York, arrived at Mvor. pool on the 4th, and on the following morning, while lying at anchor in the tiver Mersoy. was observed to be on Are. Atudstarce was immediately rendered, but she burned all clay, and at night was scuttled in twenty feet ot water, fart of the conteuts of the lower held, It was thought, Would be saved tn a damaged state, but otherwlie the Blip and cargo were a total loss. The cause of the tire was unknown, hut was supposed to be from spontaneous -combustion. The pawssagers and baggago wero all landed in safety. The weather bad been quite favorable far agricultural purposes. Consols had odvancod to and the bullion ia the Bunk of England had increased to the extent of ?87,OS) sterling Hes.TS. Brown, Shipley ft Co. report the l.iverponl cotton market eteudy and unehuiiged compared with the quotations advised by tho Baltic. The week's busine . aggregated about 50 000 bales,including 11,000 taken ?y speculators sad exjtorters. The same firm say that breadstulfs were generally quiet, with but little speculative demand. They quote Western csnal door at M. ITovisior ?? wero quiet, and there had been no change Ol moment In the quotations of the previous week. The weather had be-n favorable fur agricultural pur poses. THE WAR. PEACE RUMORA?CONVENTION WITH I>EN MARK?NAPOLEONS SCHEMES. The newa by this arrival consists mainly of peace rn Biors, but the pubilo bad na mean* of estimating thoir tinth, and they are probab'y of llttlo value. It is a very noticeable circumstance that the assertion -of tbe British press on the subject of negotiation* am quite at variance with those cf influential Continental papers. The !?ndoo Times, and ^Israeli's organ, tbe Loafloo J'rrtt, are pronilnen' In asserting that ]-earn is near at bind, and tha! Austria is ah ut t> address an ultlmatam summoning Hnssia, under tbe threat of breaking off ne-~ gctiatinnr with ber, to accept those conditions of peace Which the Western Powers can admit at present, but which they will net assent to after another successful Campaign. The Berlin correspondence of the London Mormboj C>t<mvU, ucder date of the 4th Inst., say*:? It Is impossible to ?op*r*)o what Is trim from what Is ft be in the peace rumor*. It I* no doubt true tin! all the Cabinets are ungious for peace, bnt it is equally trim that it cannot be said that negotiation* are goinx for ward?aa at the utmost, preparatory steps only are being made. Au-tiw main'sin* tbe validity of the treaty of I* ecwiber 2, anc ht .ee all attempts of other Oriuin fjtutes to exercise a pro-sure on the Western Posers, with a view of pacification, have Ixien c >rap'<-tn|y p-,r? ly/ed. Anstrla. iuoreovar, is now read) to arc- it the interpretation given to the third of the four Yicnua Conference point*. Prussia t?a* urgently demiadsd at St. I'etersbvrg tliat Russia should nanu- the eondi tlfii* to which she is ready to submit. ltuj?*.a-s re ply to till* demsud of Prussia is atlirmed t.o| bo con ciliatory, but vague. .he Cabinet of St. Petorsburg eli'inks from the difficulty of making prop- sais that it may have the 11; irtUMatios to see rejected. Tbe Cabinets of Munich an' Dre-den, pro-acted to a Bi.rr influential position t>v the poltcv of France, have also essayed to influence itiissis. Tne measure* t) ry took to that end were highly approved of a' I an:-, but it remains to bo soon ?U"thi r they wilt ts *:ipc"?k ftil. ttur best politicians are sii-tily iivid'd. Hum think peace near, uH others dUtxut. The u?ni relit,,:.. Cp"ts Indicate tliat the state of affair* stands tbu-: ? The e bar be> n no cumi?taatl >n whatever fr.-m Russia. A communication ha- been made by th? Austrian gove-n m-lit, through tbe French Minister at Vienna, to tin F-enclj gorcrnmcnt, sir.Vdying the 'i rm- which Ausirit hi prepared 11 propose to itii' is a* an iiltiin&tu'n. Tlii i ooinmunicatii 11 was submitted 1,y I'rance to PngUud. and lr now under consideration by tbe two government i. Tlte t rms are a great acvanc ? upon any yet oflbred. an I Blight !e accepted . II arc nd, hut they are the terms of Au-trie, not of Ru*,?ia. tu 'ria does not gua-xntr-c to Join 'Jo Allies if the'u-i. lie rejected, but only to break off relation:, with ilu-.-ia. At tills point the ma tcr rosta. Priiate letter* from dt. Petersburg In li -ute no pn - ?ore for peace. Tbe profits of the overland trade 'seep businees generally nj> to a more favorable j oint tinn amici; xt?d, Lovi miuent pa;? r 1 as not much ileteri )? gated and money Is abundant at Moscow at 7 per cent. The St. Petersburg AMlrrs ft* bo* an edit-rial bts^ed ?' Tbe War is only Beginning," and declares th it Russia baa ample resources to continue the war tor years. I The l-oddon Timet has ? rep'y to tbe /*?, asserting that gliia Vastlng mstviy betray- weaknrs*. R i'h respect "o itanro'ert'* mi**ion, the Inndon t as ? Ps rle correspondent under date 4th tnst., aay*:? Canre>ert has retained?ha llfl -tockholm en tbe 19th Bit, sod the dr., after his departure an act of tbon tenths or protocol wa *Wn?d by the HwedUta Minister ? I'uieign Afftdrsasd the R-.-lish ami Trench Mi list, rs Plenipotentiary, rn'. th' ar'i lc* of the convention are n est -stl.sfacto- t to the Allies and adrsipsf". is to 5Hredan. The .Mbitsfcur will say something of it in a f.-w dais. It la waiting for tbe adhesion by itenmark. The londoo I'rut <aya definitely, on the cm- rary, that n- convention ba* jet been SBt*re l Into th* -'wMen. nw undertake io >ay that jlau* will be arraag-l be tween Vapoieou snd the Kin i of -'ardinla, with re*pest to Italy, that wfllj render peace Impossible for year* to W-me; others, that Napolen i* tlndof the expense- o' the war. and res by desires |.?ace. Meanwhile continued preparations < n the large t scale go forward for the spring ennfUgi. TTuTcRIMEA. IiriJtFOBCiootvr op to* aliho?viosmoct opeua tionb op the urssuiiH, ?to. The Timet correspondent writes from tbe eamp before Jftbaslopol, NoveMher M, saying there is really nothing to write about, a? nothing has occurred. Very li tle fl tog i* egchsugcd between the north and sooth sides. The Rnsstaa work* on th* north *11* are rapidly a'tsfn iog .-igantie dimensions. The engiceerlng o[er*'.l,n* to fl< stt'-y the Sebastopel docks are nearly complete. Hi. in gent rrgiJations are issuo-1 to keep a pie* and loafer* oat of the allied camp Horse rase* are advertised Is the 6 iti-h, and thraute in the Preach eamp. The wsathet ftr.s keen tine. resetter* ernfl "trt the report* that the bnlk ef the Rns. ?Ian army reir sins In tta former poeltiOB, vU.rhs lith, Ifth and l.Tth dlvi fsioti* on \h* c?T*rnar% or Vcfth Hi teta; tii> 16ti ftnU 17th on M*#kcn?i* wid tic rent ob tut plateau oF Korales, Keeping the Be.bee Bad the Kucli*. Tie French hero boon rein'erced by GeneralChasss loop's division, consisting of 12,000 men. The bnglish *Ld Sardinians are also reinforced, and it la snpp Med ibat the Russians have received reinforcements like wine. The Ruiwlaaa have erected batteries to prevent the landing cf troop* in the rear of the north forts. Ibe Allien have connected the French and KngtUh camp* 17 a bridge of beat*. Admiral I.yons contlnuea to eru lae near Klrtch, an the Russians threaten an attaek, and have fortified A rubs' with 00,000, and tienitaki with 16 000 men. Gortechakolf announce* on the '?HL November, ''No thing new." A I'ltnch colonel and captain, while making a reoon ntiiaaance, were killed by Cossacks. THF. HALTIC. GF.NFRAL CANBOHFBT'H I tTTrai; OPBRATIONH?BOB BIAN COUNCIL OF WAR. A telegraphic despatch of the fllh Inst., from Vyborg (VlborgV) states that the united squadrons, under A 1ml ral PuDdns, were tlien passing 'to Kelt, homeward*. The Rriilsh Admiralty publhh I.leuteuan'. <.cue*te's account of the lato Xlatgo affair, but it contains nothing new. ? General f'anrobert la said to liave hinted that he will barn the cnmroaDd-in-rhief of the next llalilc campaign, when two allied armies will be landed?one in Finland and the other in t'ourland. At,Kiel he had a long In tel view with admirals liun'a* and I'enaud, and some attilbutethe Russian council of war to the intimatiin of those facts having reached ?t. I'etersburg. The coun cil reft ncd to wiil comprise all the Russian generals and admiral;.?Generals Rugiger, Belierg, Pievres, 1'amutin, and others?the object being to settle upon the best measures 'or tlie tlefonco of tho coast from the Gulf of Bothnia to the southern extremity of Valhynia, 280,000 men being available forgthl* purpose, exclusive of inte ilor gurilscns. The mission of Admiral Glnsenapps to Stockholm, which was supposed to be with the Tiew of counteract ing the mission of Canrobert, Is stated to have rrferente only to unimportant matters of fluancc and the trade of Swedish sliips to port* of Finland. THE PRINCIPALITIES. The intrigue continues respecting the choice of a Hos podar. l.'ngland supports Joinn Ghika as the most suita ble candidate; Trance and Turkey favor M. t'alllinachi; while Austria sides with l'rince Htlrbey. Austria is said to desire that In future tho fiosprsiars shall be named for life by the J'orto, subject ta the veto of the groat Pow rs. ASIA. There I. a rumor, on the authority of a oorreepoadcRt of the I-oncion Vatly Ann, that tho Russia,* have taken Kara; but the report niay hare arisen from a similar rumor of the capture of KtrWch. The report say* that the Ruaalana made an unxucceasful assault ou the 6th of November, but afterward* look the plaec. It need* con firmation. A correspondent of.Vor. 12 mention* that Outer Pasha bud divided hit foroc into three eorpa. he hiinaelf with the main body occupying Sucburn Kaie, while twelve of the delinked battalion* of infantry, and two regiment, of cavalry, under i rnhad and Osmtn I'acha, had gone to Redout Kale, and the corpa of Mustapba I'acha, witu the I uniMan contingent, ttaa at Ba'ount. lp to the 12th of November, Omer had not movad from tbift l?ft, l? of c j?erRtioijH. General klouratlclf ha I i-d,.Mi,\ej a winter camp be sagemuui* * Oteat Britain. t'AFl.IAUKNT ntOROOtn;i>?l.trARTtrREOI- THI KINO Of SARDINIA, BTri. I nr.htiueut la prorogued till the 81?t oi January, then to irewt for brrinrtH. Jl tJh* |K',."r ?'8ardi?^? h*- Kt sn the guest of Queen Vic - arUi ,ur1 ib'\ "P f"UIJ,lay to' worshipped in tb< . ardluian chapel, tarcbial Vt laemau pi turning. < >n Mou day I.e attended ihe service*, and on rue-lav vi-ih-d ' which ??> illuminat.d in his Honor. On W, d needay he we* made Knight <.r th. Garter. a?d Inspected al Aldcrahot. On Thursday he left Ism.loo foe i?;\pU!,';C Trtrl'n' h'M *' f?r-don to consider the mone tary crisis and tolitir no ?,f tJ,v- Hank Charter act ra-i d rt oludo"* condemnatory of the exi ing English cir yet to I* hi-Mm<,UU8 U>i toeUmi-arj to othe.a The I'nke of Newcastle iiaa returned to England. K|tu|ii, ?h'i Cor4*? haw laaoA a vote of confidence in U Hon neli by a vote of J30 against 8. ? . . Bdgtnai. The Feeond Chamber haa voted the war estimate* by a large uuijrnty. ' Urrinnuy. Arranganicota for the reciprocal eirjulaiioo of paper m uiej baa just bven made Iwtwoen Prussia Saxony and liavitrta. A renewed eonfi r<mce ou (ierman c dnage will be hold in Her hit?not \ ienua?on the loth of January. Deiiiimi'la. Ro>l2rw ^ulpff0r'nW" ^lW?"n U,"Klng'n,1Pr",CO to i PriiMla. I''stress exists in Prussia in conaequrneeof the scatcl L! !1 ?/ "n Vttomic among Amlita. Mr Hamilton Srvmntir had an ived at Vienna. Private despatches state that the Austrian army will be further n nuc?d to the extent of 80.000 men. Italy. It to announced for the aesond time, that the medlatl m of I runce *1*1 Fa gland h ,s adjuatod the dilhoulty b.t#e n .-.filnia and Tu-cany. remmerrlal letslllgenre, LONfON HONEY MAKkET. Money quite dear, but not qnlte so stringent Rumora of now loan* frustrate the expectation of tower rates. A remarkable feature of the week wae the continued ad vance in the stock market* of Undon and Paris arising mainly from ?peculation. Consols had advanced, end lo d at 90),. Tire bullion in the Ran', of Englaod show d an increase of **:,?*>. imiUr* quoted at fr. \!i. Bar sliver 6s. ljfd. AfKRlCiH rtl t l'ITTKH. Jtcara. Hell k Co. report that a iecided improvement has-s.snrre.1 during the week in American acjiirities. There baa been torn* enquiry for sute stocks, hut not enough to a If. etsprtocs. whilst for milrond bend* 'he .!<? irard has b- en ae'lve at Improved quotations. Erie ami lUinoit f'en ra1 have attract. ^ the most attention. United Htates c1xe?. joa ItO. tMmdS \\\ jyy Maryland lives, sterling p,> , V'aasachus. tl.s storlirg <j* a i? i'ann* v Iva nia 0. ea 72 a 74 l? bond* 7a . 1. Vlrvinia live. " ?!,, im. sixes ? ? z: * t'ni'idrnls sevens,. .. 15ty '>t Moalon wt * New* slxe- i!" 80 a 8J N?w York Central convertible.. 04 m Ho. IN>. not r nvorti sir. Ad 4 m.. Eile RalUoad, lirM mor gage .* , jn,, Do. third do. *4 % ^ I>o. eouvertibies 74 % yq Do. lut da SI a 8.1 Pennsylvania Central lirste H8 a MO mini U Central jo . ?fi Ito. Preelaixt' 7? * 7S Michigan Central Id a 91 I.fVtRPOriL lOTTOt HAItlRT. Mcesr*. Brown, -biptoy A to. report tho rottoo market steady, at former rates. M..?r U .u uu K Or,, v,. 'I1* ..'1P fr?ia the trai* ecm'Jnuea large notwpti stendlng the rednewl *fr<k. but ho dor* are so awgious . 1**^ ' V1*1 tKer? has been advanee exoewtlog ?o mhirltlrg New <>r eana. which I* - sisiwath 'A a pSmy dear- r The sales of 'he wees am mn ?d ?o 50 810 ml-? el which a peculators took 0,000, and exp-.rters ? <mt fhe business of Saturday ?aa e.ttniate.1 at MOO baai I tog I toOto speeiilatere. Tl.e market ctoae.i stsswli at the following qno'attune New fir,.an. Tl J?"** M^htto .?::::::::?v frulnary to gnod 6 a 6t^l, Inferior, ?i, ? 6<1. I.1VBBTOOL BRKADSTi rrtl MARKIT. '"d? Mmwn, Shiplr y * Co.. and tNe Broke r'a flreu '?r. both report a quiet market witR but tit le sp-;.il? tire demand, and prices generally a tr. Je lower fn. tr uu. 'ati n? are:?Western canal d?or, 4'Ja. a 4J. 0 Chto lis. a 44s. id.: Philadelphia and !t> 41- a 44a. Whl'e wheat. 12a. a l> 'd ; re! It*, a II*. Rd a lie 4d,. ctoelng roll, with a downward teudrtvy. tad declined 8d. a Is,, wltN a'nil market; ye tow, 46s. ?d. a 4rs. lid., rslierl, 4'.e. a 4As ?. white 'J>s ?everal rdber rtrmlar* quote ?<mt ?d. and vbett 2d. an tot -.he there ratea. rv. "V**POOL noiTrt WARKirr. The Br. *vs (Ireuter quotes rice us haae-' n-dhltJi 4 .Kg dk (.atvUis*. Fj >!tj of .urjentlae ? ealea at 87*. 6d. a 88*. Kcllw "* A?"*',n, crod* tBI?* 1 iIm or tar. Korin quiet uaJe? ? bble. a . 6i 47. a 5a. 6d. to?*. Tallow Hat at 7K ' '>bwoo_n? rep >rt. Cuff.* ateady. with a fair demand. Nl> ">?P'<"t>m-ot in sugar., buyer. being rtiainelined '? ?P?r?'*. ?ii|l prt ?* to irri guiar that aocura'e quota tfoae a '?onot be given. KKKIOHTH. The IJvtrpool freight market had ?ba.*a1,0 m* *r'% vaiialioo. hut height was scarce and the tea ocJ <*',wn' ward. LIV1RPOOL rSOVISION ktUIT. Meaara l.icbatd-on, Npenc* A Co. report po? * I'rle' and tending downward. Heefoutl; fine qua'ttrea J'?, hut ordinary rather lower, salting at 184*. Lard, A1?4- * 61a. (id. Bacon?No atncji on hund. LONDON PKOPITCK M aHKV.T. Me.ere. Bartrg Bros. rejiort roffeo ataudf at (brnltT iate*. Sugars reclined etlll fur her. wltb t>u ll'.tla speculative demand. Tea dull. American tlour, ?>'.'< a J If" ; white wheat, 82- a 85* : red. 8 is. a 81* Iron 1 steady. Welsh bare, ?8 a ?8 6a ; raiU, ?8a?8 5*.; Seutcn pif, "9?. Ud. ? STATF OP TKADK IN MAN 3IIHSTER. The advices from Muuu le'der am rather mote taw >ra ble than at the In t ar;oun'* Paktrn^rra by tlir H.eaniahlp Ada. Mr PouiiLias and lady, Mr Is ran and lady. Mia* Bauka. Mlaa Themis Mra Mulib Ml?a llennoK, Mr Hot lard and la' - l?r Wulie. Mr l<o? bklM and -on, M>a. T >wi?ni Mlaa M?l 1art, lion Mr I uehian, ? apt Harlow, Mr Siodilard to t 'ad?, Kmig'i Wolalay. Mr Ton eg *nd friend, Mlaa U oad. Kev M' Mc Donah, Mra Mcl'ouall, Mr Itatiandnr and I ait a Mratlaaea ant am Mi* New'on, Mlaa liaitmier>ley M . turner arid (n'ani, Mmara Wlrkman, M?yor, lih anrr (irlltln. Trym I'lraun, schrpp, Ji'imiia. Simpson, Format', htnaar, H> innn. Deuooa, Far-rue, nliOW, rri at, aunlth, t'rudy. fMIM, Unok DtMlk I' taae fiKwej Tucker. Man'nn, itlack, lie. anaw, Kelly lltmlli m, Carpenter, Soar, ? ronliy. Hrn*hardai, Ptunkett, HUke, !)?'? gal). Severr. Iliilley Kttlqok McDonald Fielding, T iria, FlfMlnf, Hand*, Kerrmann Knaeofleld lltllern, Bantam. Dm kre, Weaeolt. Jones, Unwell. Meckel if HI, WIImio Kn Mr win. Ituir.aay, drainer, Mnefarland, Kitehte, Hrl Ige Ca ter aeo l.fuiri"h'rr Currie, McPharte Popo I, More, vTah >n Jnors, Tay'or, Hayui ?. Neatly. Aullck. Ilnn-tead Wore La rbal?e Mill ken Bradford, liauuncralcy, Tlerrofel, Keeker, t^uet, Savory. Nblpplng intelligence. Arrived from New Vor* I'h, Fro| Ire at Liverpool, fllh hrtr-ou (a), at Havre; tith, Oaretleer, at Liveniou ; Tear, at IMal. Arrived from Savannah 5lb, Moultrie, at Liverpool. Salltd lor New York (kn. At idle , from fJreenock' 3d, Ellen, fror Var-ellbs; llnllandrr, from lielvoet Sal ed lor New Orleans .3d, Callenrter, from tlveepool; tth. June I'm kn?, from Can;lit; 7th, Pyramid, and rleualor, from Liverpool. NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. OUR RELATIONS WITH GREAT BRITAIN. AFFAIRS WITH SPAIN. On. Walker's Govrrnmrot in Yifaragna Xot to br Rffognizcd at Prrsrnt. Protests Against the Action of the Naval Retiring Board. NO SPEAKER WET. Interesting Debate la the louse on theState of Parties, ic.. Ac., Ac. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. Ol'B IUELATION8 WITH IIKtiAT Hit 11 A I N TMK It* ACT TKVTH of mattkbs?TUB KNMRTMKNT qijmtiojj _ MR. CHAMITO* H MFC AM. I>KWANPI?|>~?t|7K KKbA TIOMH WITH HP AIM?HO.M KTIIINfi RKTTKK THtn PHOMIKH??' Af.tEKri OOVKIINMCNT?PKOOA RLE UJ.n'SA I, TO RaOOONISI IT- H IT A OOV,.RN gc *1* 7 ? COt. PAIIKKH H. IHKNCII NOT TO UK ItKl'MVgfi AS MIMrTKK, ETC. KTC. WASUl M'.TOW, !>ec 18, 1855. I pereeivD that coo'radictory rumora Continue to be cum nt with rrgarl lo the prwent ?Ut* of ncgoMatlnu* between the I'mted State* anil Grrat H. 1 .tin <>n the ?u!> Ject et the levy of troop* by the latt*: (a thU oountr. . It la perfect')* clear that the e rumora ete, iu truth. o< thing but uew ver-iona Pouting about in couvctrafl m. of wlmt hail preriouely occurred, aut in fact hecom. known to the public with reaeonatile pr.t-i-l n, by u'ato tt.ruU made at the tine with more or ie-a authenticity The impatienceef the public mint) keepe recurring to the fulject, end work* ore* the old Lev* into new ?Uapc* and then propagate* them aa if they were new facta. Your readera may rely upon It, that tho following i the true atate ol the caat-:? it ia [.erfootly well kuorn by the letter* of Attorney General Cu.hing to !?!-? rict Attorney \an liyke, whim ate dated September 13tfa aoe 17th, that aom? tl ne pri tr lo h' * datoe, our government had ma-iu r*,.r*e*nt*tluii 0 ? liiltlah government, complaining of the recruit merit* in thia country, for the mlliury acre <:e of fired Britain that I/.rd Clarendon repiiel that wuat had S -en done by the llrttinh agrut. bad b**u done by j thtm tinder atriugrnt In.fraction* no', to violate U?? municipal law of the I idled State*, thu* in efleel al mlttirg that the Mrltlah governim nt bad giran interne tlon* and employed ag. n'a to d'aw troop# iri ?ome w .y frtni the ( tiled S'atea. It ia alao clearly to la Inferred Item tin* rntme letfera that our government waa not atlrflul wflh explar.a'ion and took the <rounl that ' teat Hi l'alit could not rigVfully raiee troop* h* eat all witliout the prevent* prrn Utli n of the l.'nitad St***, that to KNauine to do *A without our eoneent waa an iiiya.ii n of our rtgl.ta of territorial arverviguty, and th*' to undertake to do it by i ra-ion of the municipal law waa wore* than to do It by infrajtl. n of the law and that, al any rate, whethei by in'racdon or rra*ion of the law the act itaalt being contrary t > the Wu , wn pKey of 'hi* r,y. nunant and lta detara.lnaMon to be atrlctly, ar.d wilh tir>|urt at good faith, neutral between all the heCigireiiU, war, therefore an act of public wrong towaruithe UailoA State*. What farther occurred ia not known by mean* of any o 'ltial puhlirat.rn, but tfer re la no doubt tliat Mr. Marry n ade demands of aportfir ?atl*farti?n with reap. -* to the Impu'ed ctidnct of tha Brttlah Mtula'er and aeveral of the bntlah Con-u'M in ih?* I nited S?atea and the na ture of thir demand w*? auch a- to rrrjul *, amongt th*'f tfiiog" the rttoU of IAr Hritith MiniM^r or turn otkrr /.. 5 ' act <t, tiffnal HMifartien to lA* CnUtd 9ta/ri. II our gt vcrnment had out taken thi* [w?ii|oQ in rrgrird to Great Britain, It Would ham been morally ner. uwry to permit Hit* ia toe<|Uip privateer. In our port* the lm. mediate e .n*r.(ncnc* of which w.,ul*' ban Iwwn Inert* *? b'yto Involve ua wl'b (ireat Britain wio w nil have l>.ea r:*iii|rllad to ewipl y a a>(tiadn.n ofinen of wnr tr. cm .re off the p?,rt if New loik, ant! ab p and ?.nreh re*.el*, or to adopt aome other measure of brlllg>r>n prcte Ion, eoi.atltutlr.g a wtate of thing. InBnitely njofa pie .dicial to the public peace and lo the friendly relit n* of the two government! than anything which rooVi 'tw out of the pre ent r|tie*tlon made upon a point in *biih, a' *??ryb.dy concede* on both aide* of tho ? Ater, our goyemment ie In the light and I ngitod in the wrong? 'b* lingil.h goyeTtlmen? It.eii hating rally a-1 mlt'ed the fart in the mplanatiena which Ijotri f'atiorr atori made In I'arliament. Ttie America, which arrived a far'night ago, brjught drira'' be* from I/?rd Clarendon, half ap. hgetic an t half Ju- ibeat try, which to b? acawered by Mr Marry t teour?e ao new grmnd ran ham been taken by the Britiali govt rninei.> at *u vli a "tage of the iliaeua*lon. It ia not true that Spain bar not in any ea?a aff r .ed any r*drea? hot promieew. The money in the Hti.rk " a-rlor raaa waa actually paid over aeon* time a^o In atine other maltera pending between tho two gorern n ?ata. the tone <4 If# I nit.d Stale, hae b?-. n urgen1:, ? hie Spain ma; Beat* a conciliatory diapoalilon In all > thom. ihtre baa been gteat exanpra'ion lit the pub i l?el rumore with * gat I to our rtUtinna wlUt Spain, 'tn? of the Or*f p.>iofa to bed*', -mine.) in regard V a go leinmriit ia, whether it U <rru a gumrnm dr furin. In meat nf tho Bpaolah Ami riran reputdh i g y .? toenta have commenced w'llt mere mill'try n?u jut i ?e bapoer.ed in Nicaragua; but in all auth ra*?? tbw a ? * e?a*f?l general la ae ting np a new Frw*Ui nt, ei'l*#r ia bh> own p*rv>n or In that of romebody ?Ue, tut* no' p*o tyndad to gr< on withe at a. .my form of political or p.,*, ,i?r recrgnitlim in tbeenunt.y Itaalf. ao ae to g y? b in lb* fniblance at imat, of an electid hrmbtent. Tbua, ?1m>0 Alraieg laU ly otyilurned the gore n o. at ?I Santa Aena. Its dig not nndertahe to mure the g > lanj.nul by mere military fare... kit an electoral ? .,'tege waa i* neened. which by a major ty of y t*?. u?* > At* y?r*? f'ra-hJ.nt. Bu? |( dot* net appear that any ( r. g ey. or ar) other pr iitical Ualy h.a given ?aac'lit to tin a ;'borl*y 14 I Jrae. but It would m*?i that h* I* the tt ere app. in ee of Walker. 1 Ac act magit e tha1 ther* U the a.igkt. tl pr< babii.'y < f fit* rer egiiihn cf Walkt r'a gnyemment by oar own at prea?nt; and I do ant a*tempt la ar.y of Ikm matter* U ^?t 3 which w*j .he wind bh.w?( witocat bc*wir| ^ryttj well the vatm ?hi:t liiu:c?tc iu dlrec Ion the Us.'1*1 eor" rectly. In addition to the pub le grounds for the re eet ?? Col Fienrb, indicated la my deepatch of thi< <?? en 'be ?ti!Ject id W? fcrr'i government, here U no doubt 'hat'Ur goveia:r.?ot ba< c die us ?e pemmn' gr'sud or refusing to receive that fxntlemnn as mlaUter. Tie q> e*>i"u of bii< reception has not, It li true, bee a f>r. ma Ijr cetnte 'he (aoi.rt; but lu con-idereU-iu can bent 1/, be pos-lbl by?you may depend upon it?remit nth ir?i?c tl?*n in bb rejection, if ant fr public, then for pernor *1 reasons. H. THK f I'K AHER-Hll"?A tfKNKH AL PKBATK IXriCCT?9 Wapuimitov, l??e. 18, I860. Tbe'lated hope* of the Koike mm by to day's pr-, t replugs have been cwet la the ?h*<le. The wb tie llel 1 of ? la< ussn ? i* r.ow open, and when It will r w !:.? mill ? nfocloiM ceroid tell Campbell lead* elf to-inerr n end will be 8>i owed by a mimber of other". If tl?ey could get a vote on the plurality >|ue tiou it would carry, f erry Walter'* propositi' n with no favor Ii. Til* MtNATE WNTINfl?AN AHTt'Cf* IKltXir.?TIIH HKTiMiMi naval boahi>?tiik hi-vakkh hit? COL. 1' II. t'KKM'll, hft'. WahiijkiTov Dec. 18, 18W'. Tbe administration party la the .-enate fearing a Wei'-a'. < f the fftiun fi r the piloting, aiv mor clog n plot by wlilcb they seeuilng'y yild to a eoirpmmUe fry dropping 'tie n< odrres tad taking a now man, wb' -n, in tact, it h n'innf-d that this new tran turua the work over to the Vnicti. 1 am assured that tbir le eo. ThePeoa e U being II >oded elth pravatta and petitions fiorn 'be retired ami dri pped naval officer". Ill" exciting debate In 'h> House to day ha* pr ibab'y Injiiied Mr Hank" lie abolition hug ilvti hiu by Mr. has weal.t'ned him (ntiiplrll N expected to make ?ome rtrh develnpem?nt4 to morrow. 11,e ladi prudence wae at Pan franc! eo on the 19th ul',?at. wel . ( ?l Parler H. Krench will be received as Minister from ? be Ir/drf" government of Mraiagua. K. ltAMn' CHANCBH?TDK CASH or M \ JtIK XONrUO KEBV.

Washimiton, fee. 18, 18&&. The opinion that flanks must ultimately be elected t" steadily gaining ground, and i* nuw generally esprtMad by nen <f all parties, but umie from a convh'.lua thit or body el e can be choree than from any understanding Ik W Haoka can be. 11 c evidence in the Montgomery caw I" said to inv dve (.o?ern<r Kinder very deeply. A rule of the outvi e, however, lortids the publication > f tlin evidence ear-pi a' the rei|Uct cf ti" accused. II. TH1HTY*rOf'HlII CUkUHHt?. HB"T HKHHIOV. hKNATK. Wasiiinoion, Dec. Is, thf.5. N'TI'VN OP I'll 1C. Mr 1'tvATV. (whig! of Md., gave notice that lie would tntroiuce a blJ lor the Improve mint of the f'atapsco rtver. Mt. I'aYakh, (i!vdi of fk-l., gave a similar notice re lative to I'ort I'enn. Adjourned. HOUSE OF RKHtK^ NTATIVIX. A'tniiiv.i ?, Dm. II, 18'fi. Mr. Wn>ni, (nat K. S.)rf Alt Winy tn a para-nut i tplauation, da'andtd s< u horn Kno.i N' _?tiili.jr from the a -a ke of the M<UnjiHer, saving they had net only hi t ii ? ta'get for the pr*?? of the entiutrv, but mm I here il o t< ? tattlrdorean ? ehuttlcrock by '.he republican* a oi.r side, and the democrat* on hi other. The tleii >crwt? bet*, with ob?Unate party rxelu-dvenr-a, before the flr-o # ?mi o l'lrtj, r wil ?i?l thetr raocldtte a ad ?>!< pt i <S a re.clu'lt n *hirh n any of the more ennald. > u . them admit via* ?n farnit to and it Ntigina on tie metr.ber* on thi? tlo i. the fact must t? th?t If M< u'herti Know Nothing- m the opening of tblt e -u tut had thrown them*. I?*? into tin rwului ol the ?k ini'Ciete. the wouW here le i n a free "ill 01,041. . 4 lion He 'tried that the ilemocratle party ? t? '.he ni 11 (arty, aii'l cleimeil nationality for the American I arty. Mr. June (dcm.) of Pa., aald hail It not been for f no* Ni'h rig1*m l i nr.ayltai i* would to i'i^, instead 1! ?1 Intr rep P?en ei| by fit naib u. I dmioarr tiu votes, be ?|itt- onu .t by fi ti nt'in. Know A thtoyl ,r,t I" I'en on I vBtibt i?|?rfectiy rjnoi.jiiioue with free evil. The yen tlentan did not mran to lni| ute to h'm who offered thi ii? lutiori In raurua the inli i Hon to Insult any ladi etdual or dbaa. Tha democracy It ami on what they 1*. Iieve to be plariple wl bout rompri ml?? Mr. AitJ?<'V (blk. rep ) < f pa., In replying 1 adored 1 to nlia of Mi col eafue who l? a national man. Had It n .t 101 rj for the fact that the pro,.to of rrunaylvmta eon 1 ? mtieil tl.e aeli o of the to*t t'ongre ? - thi'i would now le aevcuuan dinu rrat.. from that Mate 00 thl< rl or h it toe free roll and Know k'olhitf part o- ur.ifw!, au-l f'enti lylvenia I* now reptratntd by men a majoiity of ah' n. totiijen n the Nebraska bill. Mr WiiaKX replied, saying In the cnuree of hi* re rnitka. that the adoption of the resolution tatbe deuce 1 rt* x cwucu* ?h'w? what le by no moan- uue mm m. iiotm-lj: the proDane*** of all men to ciufo nd principle with party, eeemirg to to-ye' 'hut tl.e two are eea.-n tally liferent. 11 10 organira I n ??? *tfe?trd t -cay, he was to mart It. tola hall this . e> nine, with'!???? o.iri tera who aie tn farir of abiding by tbnal. i.g law a -ega dl' g elaeery. and . f admitting new Ma "i ?!.? tber t| fir cor stitn'iooe rec grihtoor url.lytt alarerr? the object of the meeting being to dee me a pltit #>r orft .l/irgthe flouae, fn t la be peltemt he rlymael he vhws o'a nxjoiffy of thowr wl b whom he a r?4. |!r. Wevnat ?>*, (blk. rep.,) of Me , amd tliwiw ?w but ' ne truly national party, and mat e?m>: for Air Ban** The . emoereta ripieeeut a sectI.n and 'he g< nUeioan f < m Alatama had ah'trn th't l.e ? > 0 .g- t ?? party ?? , eetlor.a! a* the democratic, inaaruucb as he ba . a ml' that he ia ror.troUed hy 'ho aatce Idow. pr.i.ri?lea end thought" a> 'bat | artl. which drciaiig ilaelf n fav r of the Kanea- bill and efi.rh make- nerytt.i ->y r "let t to t1 e r-t'eneUn and parrot- '101 f e'anery Mr tip* ('lorn ; of P. C a ked Mr. Vt , ht um whi n he tea? e'pe'e? to ( ngieeey Mr Wurntit *.??-l?ar hafnrelaet. M- "WW?lla* not y. ur party 'wen elnoe leA-ated, ta. 'he fimirnti trlomphod Ai' Win a ka ei|taln<d th- p ,'llon >f jw'let In 'fait e, statlcg 'hat the p inclpal teeuo w? l.e 1.1,1-' law. Mi t'kk?I nnderetand thr o tha' th<- people of Mai e like wtnikey better tlmn fieed m. 1 Apt . iu*e .?uyh 'it 1 aek am thei i,u?t'ton?were you e arte- bp K now X' 'lilnyt ?? Wiee'-rni?Not l? toy a mei f t ef'der, lam ot aware -ha- I wa?. After wutie f'.rlher colhajuy la ta, u Mra?r?, firr and ATn-h' irre M* f'tarntt fbfk rej. , rff'a a d he a'aid tall hi* ilergwe (Mr. Jooae) that be we .id f 1.' yi ? t.envn fce*a not afraid of the app< ilalton f 01. w N. tt.iry He hert ecu' 1 ued to ?how tiiat the Arue'l an pa'tp ia entirely dletinet from tf.e free aotl pae'r end au'ed la l'<-?in??Hai ta u r M'hil-' " %? tke'r eiall a'< tot fat al fotumieali nae. flu and Ma fr nda w f or w eoting fer Mr Hanke f r bpesaer. la a ?? no man ?t. <J fairer ' n Ame-iear, recorda tb . ' I ey r"? 1 ar 'he eanw.* ar.d Nat>raaka ,ue ilon ae a 1 ?r"i or Me*"r-. J'.'iea and f.'nrnp*>etl of Pec i t a long 'la hgue ale-i I'etneyleanta poll le- | ? u;. a p 1 . . i t n ?. lelny perannal wsplm ati " ? Mr. M vita *w. fblack rep..) id 11) , as . tr ?better tie "Id not eoaat'ler Arr< rwan-? o ur ?. ? >. 'hlnyiim tl.e aarne hfhy Mi. Jiotw-Aii I am an Am** can Mil hate 11 h y ?< fr wl'h Know Nothingbwn, whieb bratea w good to tie ?tun tie Mr W iiimu?I itBder tand Uw yen' rtnan 'a. .?y Ifat the dm.??e-nite e-oeua plat arm ae ha er- 'a -. r. ? (lei ? no tar tn IN a, them hoow Sothiuga awl i? ate 1 o tnw ?'?father. Mr J- w?We will not taka one pta" ft-ei one at foiw. 1 ur arwia arw open, however to ? v ry an diff nd Da. aa arw.n M tie layudlataa Ma haeedaa. Air. Waeiie- av aa'.el Mr. Joriea wha hwr b va! H-a I; lend- wiDld f' Into eueb a rm'' if wt iv tr wb bay lead ? bit morntng hewn Incited t>y the g-oit. r;?rt Into Al'anj Mr Wala'-r. Mr. Iiwr?f e111 lake that .n'o e -.aih-'ati o Mr J. ua? fhe dam- v ita wit r. ' tr -1 u wt'A ? ewe bft rial 'irg ow that par'y ? weit e-'. i-t prtn . Mr Ain??? parii' tf* toy 'n the n'r- vo**y ral/"-f y ? U IW" erlleaf oe? -ait ? |, . o.aj-rily ef th* toe-.*w -, 11 t i-?gr>w front NwbewtwaM* ve * ?taete*l aa ityiinl ? to he ? ebraaka hUl IM' W#( tM | wt MWi "f tl.' ?' ekaetlaa. Mr I mm tw.e, (na*. K. S.) d le -a . th mgti t ? e IP uaa til rated rwpmw arter the lav ? nl w? ? the nraany Aa aiwab bad br a wt aa'be try ' if a g* ?' ta ttr-' day* (iauwhur,y and be t*u*??l 'ba if ?*? tuelf' aow adjowrw. I ilea >A "Mai" "Maf" Oaf the ??i! ' " alt tha 1 all,' ' Mr -c-rw.fK N. dem.lfof ' a> fc'a. ? of I ronayle?b ? atalluw Mr fkut ? 1.1 a t nt t. awlf wJ tr. a I we Ame keen party. Mr 1 rvt nr?I Aa t tana Mr. IraabaitL, (eU ley 1 >4 Ma*' . dema-l tha' M? Pa 1 ka nad mMrtft h a. ? t t-a-'y I be oac-aati a whtrb orta naiad Mr Rrek wat. bat taen caued by the AnertCbr a Hf. if>i.l?i he i'-tibJif^a A. :ab?* ( Ja'H ?ciUi . i.Ob* * II of Anirrlrkntuni, *?.<! rti cU' :ug 2iiaip?ir n nu'lunal man. Mi. Uimum # (aboUiioQ) of hlo (placing hlni*#ir In fi'D* or t|i# ? lei a V dcrk , <lrf iaitiif*<1 wotrlredty In furor ut fret a m, #' d for building ? republican church on u io? tbftt * i'?* want of hell might not prevad .ir*iii?t It. Mr Imrum, (d? us ) <>? \M 0 ?11*1 Mr. < J hid lags'at t#u'Ion w* 'h* ie*olut4i u o(!<u?Mt by U?? letter and *d iptuo In ih# iep b'icao mi HiVl >a iRiiar ibul a laajorift of fur .?. ? !? i?? (?*<* iii ib*- Htmi'liiiff roimuilU**, and *?>Afd ? ?it mm f|Ui'M ?'&ii in icgard l< || BJr. OiPW*(i|' r'nis'JlH w und?r?f hh| that iter}' I Ndttbem in* 11 + pledget to the* dotrlo# M O^i u.. < f Ohio?So each rt*?'u tloi. w* ? n 1< t f r nlni. If e*ch. mod?Clod fjrgtv# nut f r Toting for a mart wild wit* not In Ik* t r?n'* r? n- lw -re with It. Mi. (blm'fc rip.) of , d?**i red (dftf Ifntiy fuel iot'O ) . *? #? i .ted it w>t not i? n?t? r ?d to hi u lor reprove 1. Viib dy bud a#?#d hirer for pi <tg#e. Mr. (*id<|it)g# *1* fioqutotly ipiermpbm ?u?.l I ??I <|uft# u time mo-waring tint vnrrloit'- int< rri-g ubm# put to him I o * J i.uwrt* * ?I the Ikm#*. J|? *) ?r?*n Viit /on, (nut K.N i of Ky no*lv<*1 th# drtnociacy, -'jowiijt thiitdlAPordiot element# had arhten ?r? lio '|iifi 'ii ii ?-f euuatfer novo/ elgitfy. Mr ' i.- f . ie oipUr* ion. clilnM nationality for Iii? jm.11vf thirh he . .*14 Ilk# the democrat to n?rty, in-# no term# of cuitfpn ut-c *o off*! ?*c accept. null r.o ip.niter. mid te^H'd no n nna- loteil'mi) wh<? d?X'# not H nd on th# I't/Hn mIpIii ?In'form. H# tvf? fri" ? ? fitly Infer nptcd hy ?tppbut## front hit fib-nd*. tnrt HdtiiHl to with mnrL# 1 attention. Mr. <V ?i >i ?, (bik. rrj>.)of Ohio, obtained th# iloor ttiid'.he J!* n ? ?dl-urwl. Tl'O ttali1 voroci wil? ?i du.lng tb# ? Ix%jr. ?u?l inWch lnt?Mf>t wh m*> ifrtftf'd conct rolng th< ik-bor *. btl: WASHINClTON f-ORI<KSP(?MI>BNrM Wamuik??i< i, !?#?'.. 1T, 1^16. The Dn* l*jf* t/b ?,j# in the //?/*???? Th>??' b.fhrt m% /'.l' ( laitfij?llu ?sf,"th <tn*l ftf)iwlu4ion t H<t. *rtHrf 6?rrr/<fy--Afori^ oC th* 1 'r<*< nf t Libit/ !?> Sir t'ubmyKon lh(f\(Kuliy in bUir Train"! .V/'< ni?7W <#<??. * 11# lintel lprmrnl* t?-<Uy will lw th?* KMMrtl tii<*ini? of th* pkpor* for (Mfii# tinyn to cornr. Thoy *?r # ilctcMcliy flrl> ? ioo<<Hnfl!y :?ryt rn??t < in| l?*t|r.?lhr upSoy. Tiir lob by nifUitor? wriiln ?l nikI chnftM. :%n?t fumr I ind Kfnro nor # than our urn y In I1tndrrn. It wue thouKbt for u wliil# 1h*t U # <li ?? lop#tn#nU would ruin Itftnk*' ( ?r an wU-cili ti , but Itu tUio turu#?l, ami ninny auoiur l to U'liik Uiut they p? uld illHcrrn till ?n In thofutnr#. Ortnln It 1 hi# **?? rrii ff%lq#*1 hi n mtoy t* ; ????! wt?i ii the iln t julu.l wat niinouncot It cio*t?<l ooti*l<lere hie I'liiUrmrnt ettiQiig the m? uirx ri. lint poor I Hi# record wlurli M>. Ihiuo pro doc U ^l*< I him In an ewkwatd and ric?Mindly rt'llrvi h u- position and UiMwooder now lnhoit or In what man ner "en b'1 <*tl( rati* hfm-plf : urn! when Mr. hank* turn#-! ? ho cold i?lion dor upon him, and r#pn'l#?th U?# TW'otif and the Jimtf, awfuJ, terrlb < iuuH hav# jwu bi-Vodrflr^ lh waM looking nu*lonely fur o imo one to couio *o hut n rti??hut ?hor? mr?i# none *?? p?^?r a? to do h>u* io\ci? v Wo tray, therrforo oxpoct Home h?u? tnlfci il"? ai d rh h o ' *|d# It#* th^ui|h th# o ilumno of hi# laiii iug '*??? Iribunr. illr wrath la kiwtiwl. That wa* i#r tY.-on ait he pat'-ed. lilt# an )nfnri?t#d U#?*r, th? #pin v? t <;? jp.oii hy himself uo 1 a few friend* of like Ilk. V r< ?t r.oi f.. the*# oooaeior ai epl#o?l#n. wl?!oli b nd to m.ovt? 'li" ?#?? otiano'-n end dulo'it of the #rory ?Uy in* id of ?t n^f. w<* hoold b# with nit vnat#rh. la for lat ton. TliOirfore. it ih ?>!(jr#rely t ? i?# liojiel hy ih'?-? bidtfubt of 1b ?|tiiII eh. art- 41 bobhii g around" in thin, the u *i ( " Uf. ?ha an hour will t-e dotfoted eftri d?y it. Iran b t j #omprouil-?t and per-ma1 **l i utiofr. ihc* of Ih'fd *? ih! *.i t opto th# > our of ad jou. iin*at, bir. how much \ Hg"i Ik-v will do mi r#maifir toko "t*i 1 i in po-Uiiui that 1 *t< wi I ho n? #fTi?rt made ?f #r u.-morrow to tuti up I ulh.r Fori) of Hi ti** me. have Igolfid loir Intention of going for hln, In > i * t it e' :f on ? ut bla t londe. lie r ay tlmr <tf'r# iUi. up to ? \? *;'y ot ?'?gl t* ; that l*t the length of hi teth i'eonit;gti ri'M MtMig h i* ai???ut th'* chum* 1. ? ly tutki ???! now that ?? ik ' f ll??* prrHuiit <?%??? dirt. ?'it a r? i?t ind that p*?.pr wiiiona, own fr ru whf.t i,uf ?ttr ll.iy uo?y. #111 l-o -tn noui-ly reaiat#d ant k ? i 'i yii. Hu? trmpio of th# II ? ?** to day, and more op ..sly t? l..t*f i.? ? 'h ?? I' VI ?i* li i f?*<ily hoi h h;uc V. ^ ft- wil 1m? irttti r#d awa In iru tie# ? a! t*-mf. t* ? "( ftfp' t k? r Th-rnuotry ?#u-f be Iteartl.y *H V nd *lr ! i ! ltd* child * play, f'?? It in fiotnt"g i*l??. *$ *i.?y ? w who ItA# wltuen.K o th? aoeot-a for (be laat ?'i? cay^ will teat *<<rMjfc ? ? f t' r#t*i r Man y ha# U-cb eedimwaly arm c fi doady en pegiytl fur h? la-t four dayn in p?t|#dn(f d ?pitclM I >r i tic .'..''ill, il I Id hnir, Wph r??*?"*#? ? ? ???'? r* up ? i <MfP nl'y. Th# rr d#i-p#tebe# are VTy te* jrthy. and II In houghi ?'I i'? I rely nk< bin-" oty Wr ?-r I" It for a rttt K-n.cut of thi? compihah -i ?|ue#tlo ? icurn*df#'#ly ?t> tit* i' #?pi of the t* ?hfpa'ciic* by r?urMlni* <?? '4i. Hn clia: :ia Will Of ' he b i: # Uf Ife th* fhvt of -IpriL l?ii Wah?*' v Iter. 17 I'M. 1 ' i in I Hi / n/, ? i intern/ /' mnm/ A - / ?< ??.-!'? or? /'? AV/ / r /.??.. p/.l* // ,.tv1 U-k ?..I ?| V. Ihnltl 'Hi I? M Hull' II i itrni.i"ii in ? 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I'lrrc#'# t# ?lAOlia^iy %?,??t hi? *1*ti<tion H' w t<< th? hoi?mhf#? p-?*t <?f printer (?' but to iritr# him further ??-r of ?>*u*? n??l nilwtihf| uffe I' h % peitlnn of th<* ^?viAto~?tRnhthljr ?!'fe-u' dti? '?*? tii n <?f *h# fuel# w< tild wliHo^fj l??* tow upon fi *j in r, nvi i? few mlim'iu ^l??#? w th m ri. !)>? 11 th*? Ut? N?**l ' ? .n*il ?lon#r% ?<?'# f?wi: -f C?-i>ftrlord in 'hr H?r ?u hr very rendlIf fc#?tir?l# if# that h# ?!!?! I*'t think tf-cy wmaM, thw* tn#*^ wwrn hard n o in ?h? mmf whl-?i h# 'h^ufht w?ml4 r#? M* * nn ? > nt t?%i i< ii < f t hr rhtrflp* mi-lr \H? #uhj#?*? ihtftild f?? ft lly fefurr Uirtn O. P. <4 TUB .VAVAf* KBTriUNfS BOAIID. Ill HU* A t V. Mo.4l.Af, IhN- IT, IHWV. Mesoriwln w#r* pr< #nt#d *n4 appiopt ??(#)/ irfrrrtv.1, %ii.? H> Mr. Kikit?-from .1 H. ' ah-mi, a po X cm ?taJn lai thauaTjrcif th? i ni'wl ta'?# Mi i . bi t thA? t?*a m< moHaiiat ##t furlh, in a ! it?t and *?? y iwannr i r ti?at ) ? liKd it wouudrd .h? the i<?iia?i.t #Uoic in th# war of 1H1?. In roiift i| .#u>-?* of whii'tl In a ahi.i Mtu# afU*iuan> hu I?k ba? u? to- atnputalf*' 'luat fti S#ptaww I tr, 1 ?f 11 h# i it board tin) ftatf h i of II.? lata ' ??m li*odi I# M I ?(?! OI gii a hi h tamjtibliiiig th? lirltI* fl llrwi ? n lakr C*htiu| ktiln, I at altarwiid# hw ?i? mi Uiwi?1 th# frlfatr I nliffd lit# whl< h radul f r th# Mrtluw ran'i.n iitidar (Toil. Wut for lir purp#i? of rnvpe-iiaar tha A'K??ir ? to do jin.*t?r, but tfe*t Coin. Ivcatur h.3 alirm'j aj)iitfj'*t< >i 'hi* ? hjoet, ?inddi'tu i? ??i th# *>n'J*?n. 'ha' ?ulbiM<?,i DtJ* in tai#,( ) ? w Intm m tiof ifen tenant, and or?t- rid hf th# d#pnrtu??ut t'? tb" r#h:r?iI in^ ?r iflc# in New Yo a tun h? aaa jw f irming us Itm duty ni't# <r I aft twH?# )' ?r ( u\er pwUipwa* inADi ' "'liiiMit<li in ?r#r*aid?, U0i'?r ri?alaoot T. Ur. he a a* d#t?ut#d to 'hi oe ?#r vl< #&? romn audi r, wlooo bf rttiia ntd two \. ar* a hen. !?/ ur h ? v?f ? retatw Hanc rnft h# w* d#tacl-?'d, #i' < a hieh pArtod, fof wa?<i of? 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U( < u wt*ai 1'ftccdpfen or ufi ild^ii< # It tt? p>Y?mfd?Mitlwr th? i. #m"'ie)'?t tor fr?# country k?.#w y#t wt'wtol lo aitUf or uotir# mih'Mit any a#?mi# d r? ,w?^fu* ? MITt. f> ' f fl/Tt) ftv# ??h ? || tigJUpMl hi * lUuhUtw", t# dy t! # Imlpr U tf hi- \ to ui. I hfe *ff. il'if L* Lewi h'rnMdf f.',t frhr !?? ' # < t< ?*# cm tb? Itonoiary re ??, i -? nut on fu'ji ogh ife woir' w?? i???e?4 ui# i* ,i> a | ?' ? .o'ath o, and a- r#g?.d<4 h? ti?# ?o' ntry |hr ? - f | :a tl , S nn *r tt>? :r?iiA''aBr?a *?oiifd In ?? if ? \? r "? nutry in ant a** h? ?#ou#rdl hifn natii Out iC.t hud# In il e tc h ?l of b ??ira io4 diatii rtfe i t ? ? '? ? j.h.l 1 *d t ?tt a ar.?# I and nww'a'a and t r< v? t* * ' e I up?m ft,,, w who h d die tiifi kbet In in t?# ?cr*. If ? f 'hr #??. i.tryj b? in tbfe #a#? th* | <? ? ?* nf 4 to liaf? Wo re " ? 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