Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 20, 1855 Page 1
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TIIE N E W V O R K IS ERA L I>. WHOLE NO. 7053. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1356. PRICE TWO CENTS. uiumattm KtifhwiiD eykky day. KS\r WBUCdtlOM. A GRHAT BOOK FOR TH* TIMES -NOT OF THE pu* but oar dor, we writ# and trace the ratara with vision clear. Now ?OdTON; On. Woui'i Riitiim akd Bmnvausir. fUustrauag the tollies and detmtooa of the 19lh century. >r run., tuuo Slhle Is the if* ot nddlLte* let looee. 12 inn. volume, 406 pp., with ten Illustration#, by Pciffln. Cloth. gilt, $1 2j. a i r? litTUAiTH riot scMrtinos csrricram. A glance M l.ury Meet on ????n iu< that the author U a men ?4most exoeUenl wit. Flu wl t t? biting, but not coarse; the vtapen be wte.rts t# of the neat Damascus steel, and keen as a Tleifci blade.?C Uca Gazette. It potMsMsi a highly diam*>lc ohars -ter, and abounds In ex cellent bits. II will piocc a tar more udectual octldoie to those tnlusions than il It hud taken the form of a sober and well #us tilnert argtiracn ?Furt'an Ree,?dor Fred, is asl.rewd observer ot the signs of the times. His took Istuil ofkreu satire nud op t-l bits at the abmiruidm ot mlrMuali.-in *trt vomit's rights. If there Is not s great deal <r lauftbiug overs tt, we art; no prophet. -HmionOlivr llranoh. It Is one of (he bool a of the te.son. Oet It and hnbnro l' American. Fred, hi a tunnof s brave heart and a ileal of the kind of HUR thai won't bend, to dare such a subject, ar J coo ly laying -out women's rlghta and spiritualism, thua write* out their epi taph:? Twtns In birth, and ill-Hegot; Twine In their graves?there let them rot. If the read-r would laugh heartily, and withal ptek up much yhhosoplir and good sense In a pleasant war, buy the book.? Providence Trtbune. It posse sec* many rare excellences which the reader will appreciate.?Hampden Bbitcamtu. Ibeie is a deal ol'ft u in 11 which may be enjoyed, croe by hose who believe In splrltuvlism and woman's right*.?Tele iraph, Na'hiut. N. H. At,CRN A BEARD.SLKY, Auburn. Ibe true ituppUedby BDNCh.l it HO., New York. BCM t A B&01HEB, No. 126 Nassau street, New York, publish on Wednesday, FAMILY I'ASTIME ; OK," HOMES MADE IIAFI'T. 4 coUec'itti of game* for thesoetal cl-cic, I'hno., gilt akltv and edges. Pneo 76 eem#. Every household of wblc'i young people are a part has felt the need of a volume rimMar in character to the one now ot lered to tin pul lai. No such full and adequate col'.ertlon of tames tnliabTr to the wants of the parlor circle, ami adopted Oilier fur youth or "children of a larger growth," but pre Won so The collection Includes all theoldeeta limbed tasorllos ot lbs parlor, together with many now sud Olginal games. II flOME COMFORTS ; OR, 'HIE E30NOMY OF LIVING WELL FAMILIARLY ILLl'rlTRATED. Thla la an Important volume for young housekeepers. II Is fnite a neve".v. In the form ot a story It Illustrate.; and In ilcale* many valuable lessons upon economy, In matters ap pertaining to tne Household, and practloe shows as well ss IcseHbes bow things should be done. Toe interest of the rolarac Is enhanced by lis charming style, and Its many ttuusltip and gi aphic incidents, lluto. 1'rice 36 cunts. B OLID AY OUT BOOKS ?FOR THE COMING FESTIVE acaai.c.? D. AFPLKTON A CO., 346 and 348 Broadway, have now lead? at the r spacious warcroums the must superb dl?| lay or ine books, tunable for CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEVR'8 PRESENTS. Atactic the prominent books ot the season am? Tbk Ho,.? (iiou't/.s. With forty dertgns. By Overbcck. Tun F.i rvatjCAK CoCkt. A new edition. Tltt SCI BITOT 04'TB* Litnto.ii.vTaa. fUBBtT.i RtuaCntxto. lly the Poets. Kvc Ot St. Ai.?Ch. By John Keats. Together w ith a vast array of standard books lu fine blading, fad some thousand nineties of JCVBNiLE BOOKS. Cstslopcc," ef Illustrated and juvenile books particularly tuited lor fr 11# now ready. Holiday juveniles - TBS: BEST BOOKS I on CU1LDBE9. Now Uoady : DICKENS' LITTLE FOLKS, A sorts* of beautiful Juvenile ?. aele :ted 1 rum Dickons' works, ultl t'titi laaCWSfS. wi h Illustrations by Darlcy. ltlino., thitti. Price : H cents each; ex. gilt, gilt edges, 50 cents. I. Ijrriyi Nicij., from "The old Curiosity Shop" of Charles Dlcktiu-. . II. Svrxi from "NicheA* Ntcklcby" of Charle?Dickens. III. Tin. t'Hii u Wirt, from "Ilsvid Coppertleld" o( Charles Blvlet i*. IV. Ov?vf! **D TO* .!**?, flroa "Oliver Twlat" ot ?harle? Dtckens. L V Ln 'i.i Pxut., from "Dombey and Ron" of Charles lichens ' VI. Fnour.v ? Doubly, from ' Dombey and Bon" of Chnrtea Dickers The s? vol laase in a neat paper ca*?. price II 26; gilt extra, R>. J. 8. itk.Dril-.LI>,34 Bcekman street, N. Y. IT SIVAIX THH SAROABM OK TFTK POTirilAR PA. 1 ]>? h a- welt u* U.c drollery and humor ot fasaWick.?Prtn Icr'a Lotiiirille .loutnak f 000 sold a -.1 loth thou -md prlutlnx of I'HR WIDOW llfcnuiT PAITRS. One lJmo i <?!. II tut rated. *1 2S. This .s reu.l; *n amusing affair, trntlng upon >. Turboy of mhjert* ettnetted wt'h the life character nbdory and , ine. rone of Bitot* Dedr.u h J what man- others eiper'rnce lu loaiCaarn.e ot hating her u.r a to lihbor while sl.o was Mrs. peMNl Bctlflft, Wldov Hedo'.' and Itev. Mr*. Snt'Iles. It It just Uv hook for cold we?iLer;lt wit I snvnfuei, an it will arouse Ihr r'aihln. the rides ar.o keep tha reader wnrm from ? cercute. 1 r Widow Dedo.l t rbueacter Is norttaye I In char actei ,;.Lc?va. 11. r poetry la ot ihat peculiar olar., Jul will be rtam.uL tied uu once resting, it(l according u> Imr ohm Moternenii,. lu Rer. Mi. Pcf) ?,thougha widower when ma becameti uamlrd with Mm net or acinhlly look up his rmu MtU after ire 1 etsmt Mrs. Hr Idto-..?liioxtoun (Iiu l Journal. J. U. IM-.llBY, Puilisher, New Y<uk. And tor ea'e by m l bockwl.eia. MR.-. POCTHWOBTH'S BKW AND ORKAT WORK 13 !br mic ei 1rywhere tb'w day. IW UpUABUKI) DACOflTBB. . sy- i int: -"i I "The Lost t elres*," "The Deserted With " pJHMM Mil " Wife's ?ictory," Ac., complete In tivi *<i.<ibk?, pete r rmer, pricegl. or In one yotoma, clohi, lor PI 1T> liiale I, all book*. 1> rs an 1 new . ag-nt*. and t>tit> UaJeda T B. PEf/RdoVd. 103 (her not (tret , Philadelphia, i ..pie-.: ? by mall, tree of postage, on receipt of prim. VTKW tOOkS-Pl'BURHRD IN DM'KMBSR, BT TICK J.U NOD a ! Ikl.DS. I. win tai. nau. A new v >' me id poems Uy Re' rrt Browning. In I rol. lfioto. price $1. P--.* i ud * tun er. eud I'm grettest dramatic tonne ill Knglteo 1 erature rliiec the grew dramatic days. Kerry lover oft o ? -y ni.o.1 resd ihu lessit; every man uba Ilk' ?> to see that I'm ???. d and httrann power da not (row old, and thai n? loop Me ??? e is a urn, there will nlw iya bo a Memnon U? he win ilk in oniric.?Putnam's M.ip-;o nr. II. i ot urn sun wohxs or nntrar. With vieiHirs ot his age and run'vmt.orsrles, (from |> ih llrhed at d iinpuhlir o'd ouit??). Iiy J. If. 1st* os, autlinr of 4 "The btotrr j.Wal History of Philosophy," Ac. ' G?e V . i.eorl. which lew knew wia as groat as hi. lire; tect, win !> all knew." In 1 volumes. ltimo Prteepj 'fl. A more sxhtui and Jilt lu? biography than this *? hay rare'y r's: l'he Image of t&r !lvu,?- ni in Is j.r. tooted with nlirto eso. ?; d n.Melt raodor. Mr. Uewes sneak, olb-n or Unt "mnay-SturAaoaa" of Onede, and be .hows his weak stalk aid. >tiaell as hi. greet and '.HIMtnl ones, which we all know. I' r*.e 't sdn ,kwa not lofm 'he same hi,.h eoumet- >l sloethe the man as of Ooetlte the author, It will not l.e irom IIm went o'aruple tnarrlalafor firming n judgment. Uuwhi'o Mater) la i pte laid oj>en, and tl.a faeia aro derlv cot from bookstsfti.i. but liotu the tc?iiini ny ?? t'l as whokn w Ihetn m, and tiimn. or au. icnUceour'i-s of in.urination.?iMind m l.uc ntry <J-i c e, III. aaixun*. By W M. V hirkerny. In one volume, Mtao. , 7Se Nolwwi) V ho ha." rend Thsekoray, wlln his heart as well as hi. nr., a ni to anrprwed to (hid 'ha', ho h i* an en ver. ?. lie dorr ot i ?? the lyre with Lis eye set In a lire fren/y. but hi leatu i .1 the table, after dinner, and sicga hUantig?n halted of !? ?c or jcllltr?with a Una flavor of fun, a Mire *n I oadnoar or I. under an. that ground tone of be try gents.dy and bn na. sustneas wMrb la the key noto of ail hla perfor n aoeea?Pt.'n tin's Megaune. ir. ? '? v. f.j on, ?c?o?u aso pu mimi tui: <xnrats. By Anna tv.ia Kudue (formerly Mrm. Mowaiiy. la one i f moo, Innu ki 25. To reeresl the singular UiMdawM that uoutuiod around me, tutd skrtrh itw r'rtking btatortoi wMck awakened my inter u, ?? as afaviirin- ear ioyment during a profnactonal -ireer of nmevps.s Out oi the many ootarod webs of life thus 'f ler'ed, the ? tr?a''vcs (hat compose th.a rnlain- are ao-'n. MM has in, M few eudbUhMtag touehos; iruih la lad to ptoplelm'srown Hrangeress should this work iv h ? etho ?ibjartf . in., i 1 .1 i'a r -adrt i will recolre a more eorreet lutpre.s.c p( arsne ttfdaarailed 1 ilKjr-r* ior ihs pu'ille annul i. em ; an ? gcneralty en'ertaineiL llsfween diem ?u I 'lie every nay v or ,1 (lie curtalu of nr. indlei lias fallen In lrnpone trabfeiMd. Pram Ms ratal shadow 'hose alone who ollilb to the hh he ' ."tiariee oi (are emerge. Yet am .tlx h) rn ut Irwly w it i [.rosprltwsl band tVrr sre many whoie lly.'i he ir wtiiw-s . i .?(?! plants lot gowra rt.-rd aoattera Its p tarls ;n unpapecU I nsacea Ixevk lor iber.i, you who JodrO ri-kly, before }pu lot tounre that Up y hai noe,ia<etir there. Rnvw . d. Oil. 27, UhU ANNA COMA RlTOUIi:. V. sriarnriA' sou rm wains, r.i wtt.m ?ataui: lisp).:. i.dKed ?} keargt S. Hlllard. lu on rohnu#, lnm ?. The wri i if? .d Walter ps-act Landor are among theRtU rnnsrta . to w produrttone <? .'ir (igo, written in pure, ?nrt' tia I , :i ah, and f'Ui w Jmuehu wtJ.-ih a?t n thena. .elyes on 'h mrid, and arc "a , ty forc.or."?Chat ct*' ?C'yrywdis KOH* CTsAbV" MT FA If NY FKR.Y. I etd? I.'mo. Pticn ?l A Anvse >v;. f> 1. Iwraet. r thsn It dan her ?II does no nta in K.ijlaa iu imi ;re.?Newbury port Cntou. M a Vat.ur fern all over, h ti hi* more noaer. rnor. tng, itise i." paihv, mure life, more spirit, m>ue .o-iehing ea'i *, V" an;, or her wmka.?M ?? si J? Kagie fbrfafe* di or'.-i p.anpo'B'. t, so ptakone and bouuUful, *o rout* ? wvui Wruhful m hwr ' ?. 'hat If we euui. ? eail it j?? tit? i?, we o twit knot* w'w ? .-M.I It?Balurday it) t?tn< I na o, A.-w' ir por'. I'al.u.s.e iir sutalgkl tka'Ihli a- und nubriikPf and todnskai iiniaa nu yisirlmsi'.ii usrawr.?I'.hssa IMM f r'i. ?> all 'ho mavtonacitortaof Aw popuhn a t bee ? sw ?N. "> ?L -t.aniUr .'ournn'. la.'tia w'ote 111* book I i ' rtu apb?bvoorahle ' i , oe is*' siet' art tiiai ns.r li 1 it- hmsirahie to the laiftnn m wbkh n a -IMen- hnoi ralie) to the arc tbaa ? r ?. i and s as y -i to sec u.e wmi . <if ft e.u iy a-. Utartoaa soman ? issby ie stand bend : I'.?DoWaB MB Bee. I r r I "em arUea for dose whose hearts sr* %up V Jig? n ? a -n l ? ? - ? n s iuiesrry a , <?? i ?? ? in 'h?-ir ho nm ? i < I - er !?*> ier i.-'l -s ..w dees not i?v? a. t la-Ill - It Sato Bmvees. t. Iirthlant, wluy, sat.-?a'le. aatirioil, pn'splt and Buret I "?ie ;el|.h .1 t t'y i' -u. It.ia?" '".".rrat ld trsmi -jum, the seots.nfto'M w iafoa, the ei.nfe <"l powrr ef enndenaa<ton. the m*r tb-s< ?tnusu. aod he ? ' . ? <d ehviueora. -Mill sretoMtwuid in ail J,.-p'ndur s r.-? i hi* ' i nor. ?UeMakit.'a \i?eri in i".airier, Tr.e iu. ii -u* niih 'in* rv Jw apto], thep*< -n" sod * ? ?i" i'silplnhi* .r Si-v,'ti yrr. r*r " svirk n? tiw gifted t'.iho . ? v. 'uV- t r ? . wi |i hae i nltaa iif dash ut ati ltvlepeMaM ajil > ? i tt r ? un?. w" y, petbe l?, s uu tl to) neMk-wr fti e id vina, torn? Miwitp rirkgin M'ufv-s rai. i ?en?, slaavs : ? I ti r , a, ? j bita iud m ? ? "' .isay i fotcg litre.. . .. >? ,r ,rt of he. in ? ? end ? - a ?. > ?** jualry <1 n".:*d iniabtrpsn*I,u la ? eth.' I.. i a.e ?g po* r oi . nl'u?M. a, -on 'ir otin. ti . ?arUCTOpu or ens', oowam wrtti-pa wouM ?pii .d icir i dordreary pages.?ItdtoMpl-u In, i!/er I i.i ? i? not. of uu 'agirto. h ' i at :><m> h ? .po uu; eV.,1,. , t littu?JCiiW Ydik Alias. f. .iip 'o snyth r.| ?.. h. yetkvlL u ' g .tad pee.4 I I'ere.?Few Tor- Mirror g , ,|. ... bin.- \H rie%*? tkyunls- tnh ire ? ? dew > ork f.nn ' '? IM , O?0 super or id ' 'Mlh 11*11,*' lu eve, y , . . ,o? ? i tl.e ? ? nf 'an litaw, w?- -h'"i d i* . ? ten times . -Re. ..o H#?u. l?y letn. n.t-yi duuiii^T'.r i.?ia v . "ti KKW FVDUCHTIOSS. NOW RFADY?FANNY ORKKI.KY; OK. OONFNHSIONs ?f? I'm-.' l ine Ulster*, ntaintng a full ripo.eot themv nl "p*nHtop?l nt'-raMon. ' Price Umhii; mailed free on receipt of price. I'. BRADY, 12 Ann struct. PKITIIHON H MAOA7.1NK. TUE JANU1KT MOMBKU For IrM is now readr wilt IJU pagoe of original rending m niter- 50 article*, ana M engravings Among uie engraving* nre two (irrrua nvrjon.vT* axd a coloitun ktvkl rasam**. 1 he contributor* to thie niaMarine are the boat female writer* of Amen,*, viz. Alice Cary, Virginia K. Town-end, lira Uenlbon, Ac. In data number i* begun A new OOrTUIUBT NOVE1. By Mr*. Ann n. Rrsriujnt For die er!rut nod accuracy of It* *o?Wp abont the IfcaUona, for it. new receipt*, fur it* pattern* In embro dery, crochet, Ac , tbl* tnapn/Jne la unrivalled. Tertne?Two iioilnr* a year; alng'e number*, lb\ eenla. Subn r'plloo* taken, or number* mta by I)K WITT A DAVKN'POKT, IIF.XTKK A HKOI'IIKRM, Kona. jonkh a tousky, BCNtin A BBoTHRftB. Ac. Tiik bailads Ol* imp rkvoi.ction I), applkton a co , st? Attn iwh hiioadwat. Will publlidi on Monday, too 24tfi ln*i,. BONOb aNDHaIJ. tDHorrHr AMKltlOAN RKVOhU I ION. Willi note* and lUtutmuoni, ?r i-azaa norma. More solid thlrga do not show the complexion o' lb ? lira' ,*) well a* 'uJlad* mid libel* ?I,video. 1 ml. lfnio , wttb twolllnaUniion* by Dsrley. ~~ NKWRPAPKIU. Morris a wili.ibs Hmv .lorwixai.. row IMA. The fotnwlng are ibe indue-uwuita to aubjcribe:?A net* boto. byN. I*. Willi*, aarihuof akeiche* b> (leaeral MorrN. and a novclle'ie by J. M. Field. Bttbnoribo at once. Term* ft! a > car. Ofllce 107 Fulton street. B FASinOHABIiB WltlJirBBY, AC. iCLHK'S PAKOT Fl'RH, J ItEbrrr.n 19 Puny row vni: Hn.mvu. Bet* of elegant mink, lets 01 1 tiyal r1 mine. Poi* ot KuarUn table. Bet* 01 Hiidsou'* flat marten, Hit* of chlnehllU, Net* of htone marten, I And every other rur, all now reduced lu price, for fhrl .Un*s and New Year agllta. OKO. BCI.PI v. :MI Bronte ay. (1BUT BOBNKTW.?BOXSKTH AH1> 1IATS OF AM. , J kinds, for holiday gin* alkali price, ma<ie of the rtohr t . material al ft. Ill NN'fl, millinery, 151 Hud-on street, between Morton ai. i Ba; r. w tlroc a. j E MORTAL ATTMNTION ih> TO FIFTKKV tine rich neu offura, id Ku-*ian inlua, )tu lnou'i Hay u bit*, imp* rial rrmlce, tirrclau alone marten. chtuahlUa, 10 ?><> ?old by Hi'NRY 11. I.KK1IH A t'O., Ill Nuwi #tr ??!. on Fri day, December 21, at 12 o'clock. All Ktrktly wat rautrd. FT. I.AflAK A BON HAVB OPRKKD THfl BPACIOC9 . Morn No. .'.JU Broadway, wtiha geiiuial arsortmmii <* ladle*' ami oilitr lum, ol llirlr own manufacture. Thcv.ilao Mil occupy the old hi*.* J at No. lit .lolin utrarl, until Uin 1st of February, when hey will rcuio.11 10 the ncwatore, F. W. (.AHAIt A BON, 6?> flroadnr ty, upji,.die the St. Nl -holas II" lei, and li> John *'rent. PAFHIONA IH.F. M II.MNBRY?MRH J. It. tiOHSOITRR reapcctfull) Itlorma .on ladie* ot New Yarft *nd lt? ti tlnlty that she ha* reet-lvcd the laic* stj le* of I'arl uau mil hnery, com-i.-un;;nt r:'.p?, lead dre?*e*, and a beau'lfal UMtiriiiieal of bonne:*; r.ililaiir* of the latent sty le*. for holiday present*. No. 37;tflro.'dway. FrttS, AT ,*Wi BROADWAY?AMKKICAV, RlfPHlAN' ami fludjw.n Itay Oompanv'a fura?BOdHil A IK sTKIt can now ollvr to the pubUe, tor t-lty and muntrv itado*. an un equal lid urnrtiri ot of the above, aolected by Mr. Willi., m Me aer dniitig hi* la to visit to, and DAnuiac'.ured With grant care. Kvery dn?enpllnn of furs cant.* f'.m.d, nf ai-k 1 variety that cannot fidl to attract Mention. Kvnry nriiela will I Be warranted. F..r aaln, niul sold at tatr priee*. MOhBR A ill STKK,luiporter??iidinnnufa. i'i'*r.,i( fur?, I 41 MaUion lane and hltt Mmadnay. F' CRH, Ft Kfl, FFR8?AT TITF WFHT KND FWPOnrrM No lfcCaral Htreef Tbn ladles are reque'iivl Pi aall I and exaiLine D.e large and oh .leirfr ucir'inen', bo 'urn |ntrali t>. tug. Alan, an rxterialve yariety ot beautiful nat* and er.|ig rur I chlldieu. One prlv . J W. KkiJ.UUii. F' rnH.-TnK irrw york fi r cowPAvr firrKR Bi'W their larKO aoeirt.nai.t of mink capes, and u vurie'y ! ofiMberfurs ati* .t privo: call to ei trolne, and ? ir | selves JOSfcPH J. NRWMAN A CO., ill Broad my. i>r I dera pri.iupily aitamlad to. Ml NIC AT.. Atl.-fi -yiiw PIANOIORTK FOR KALhh?A vein eu-e^ui rosetvoodulano,entirely nau. ali 1 > : ib 11? *1 h ne ' bill 1, will bi Kdd at .1 liberal di nonm, 1 ?h be seen tur three d.i ?l t>i.? untlon ire No kj Na .? 1 * r--i. Apply 10 At. L. hllf'LHON, ai N#' an alreet. A IXAN IRVIN'.. I'ROFC'SOH OF HIM IVil -TNI /V ar'i- s H'V'.hud * piodm '')? t -ne nut s'ren.' lien u v ? vnh e be Htt..- ?>. oelebiatod in Italy, dial he had the ueuor . . bell.* alerted Pr.i.v >r In the V.mleal Acadomy at b >m . Mr It nog rub! 11 "'? <1 give le ua ? b.* pupil* ,0. hi?o >'i tcsklrntt No. b FntverMy phve. NR.V l-.h IIT OCTAVf! Pf ANO?M M>1. IV ' M. u a winnv, !?*? ? HP, wllhaa i. J rawuiu'th.. I? .r', .. it* low |i*t e o. *10". Kuuttlre at 2:11 Washington ?ue ? A /^IfKAT NACiHH F TV PIAJTOd?ON AFCOFJPf '<r TJT stokne. v,mu?t t?esol.! th,a work toe|o e the rone ;", * t ?plrniinl near Ir *'?u-.icnta, flttb lc?* 011 each llian ll:e 1 prtTMliirtli. -an.e; perfect In tm ??, t.U'-h and dnl.ti li. 1/ watiaii'ed, tun W. .aer ? te. , lour d.rir* frvwu Hi a din, . OhilDUM-1 A 1 O. /Vf'ITAR AND HljrciKil.-MHr. MARION IIOU YKU \_f eon'ii.n** to che kisou-at her oitm or p iplli'i ? 1 n ;. i.ul'sr tmirlii in * . Je? . n* t r 1 u panvlng I e v Isib ? prepared Ibr opera, uonotr*, or the rnife""oo. L* ? ra a-t dreesedandap|Hiln ueii < madaathfi Broad**v. TA C. FI8CHI P., I'lASfOFORTK MAKUFA'llOUY AMI ? HHremom. 21.', 2'.1v iMT, Ml' Weal Tw o'y ichd* ?.n. , near Ninth avenue.?II tuts . it :'Ji 'he belinpro*. ri "iu and wiuranted. He.-onil ' .r.l 1 . u ? " t ' t 1 I. ? 1'ian u tnnvd, rejialrvj. teu'ed, and taken In rkrlunc". I A BIO NOB A I'J.I/.A VAI.RNTIRI. PKIMi HON RA. profiswor of sluguiK. ha* retnrhod to New YiwaiJ"iy ? ?ucceaafiil enrrer! hpir nl eighteen mouth* Li I.h.Jpu, Paris. Ae. aAe ieaeh. ? at (Tie n udeig-. of the ladlagyivud r*nh" ?ew* at tb^lansion li.m.-e, p; t 'hamper* aet, *7rwy uy, rum I Vclock till ? P. *>. \|1 RICAIs?W AMI 1.0, A OO'lD BOl'RANO HtN'.F* - ivl ore ? ho d .roughly uu lei - vi J ? 1 intuur an l ? ? - vice Aj.ply at 'le ust <d H. 'a nr* Cathot"' chtu I Jstnea street, near Ms dhoti, between tliu hou ? of ll and 3 c-k^ PRKMlt'M PIAdOH.?rMTIUF.TZR A IJ HOI.Fr. NO t .M itmadway, up sUlr?, a..!:. .1 auentlua toihetraeir Btent of pramliim iuoofuiniz, ?tl ham warranted in mciy respret; and. a* 1 :i ciidatu* of It. w si c'loo. e, lutre rBr,.,*v the iIhIi. ring ?| pruval id ibe fpiluwing atb> 1. Mr*. AJtue begmn, Paul Julben and August <5.*-heI. FANOH I PIAXOB'I FOR HOLIDAY I'HUfKNT-. - llie auhscri. ?: r w,.t s It - .ne olegaii'. pitnu.' cn?i gl isj 10 n;ake. fur *7b0; umr WdW piano* for ftuh 1.1I ultecnor .svi-iiiy ud er ?i,? ... ? 1 .1 . -ul | 1. ? S. P. B. M UTIn J, a: Uroadway. P~IAKflH.?TIIItKi: HKAFTli n, 7 fb TA VF* K V*0 furti ?, :nie ! ?!.. at.d flntah, tnade ot the be.' nn'ertal aod n to the moat auhe'ru'lal wanner, w"! be ?u' l low ud v.arr.a' ad. DA ' IH SMITI1, li -hi . au . PfANCb?1 on sAr.n. Cv\ Nir'i f.nt'n'bw unVs-ii ouoeeri pf-1' 1. frcui' e cdabra'c ! u imu. my >4 Bwl, i'aila. The ease Is mad" uf datk balh- mler ? >d? Prlrs !?>'. Anplv to Mr A. YALI/JM, 5C Um. I a, I,. seen 2 and 4 o'clock In (he afternoon. e\i-ry day. PIANO PORT!X F"K hA. b - a 1 A ?.H. a 1 \<?tl h e. An *?- u.-ui of " and 7 <.. siemanv. -?l pUnu lor""*. Inl.'y uarrarre.'. ni t plan 1 . and ?ale ebeep tor ra*h. Atl'ly "'h la -wy. N If slid 157 flcaiire sireet. rorner ot Canal. ? I If Kill. PIA.Miri'RTFH -T Otf.llf KT * ? ) - WM'.KROfiMH ren ovi d fn>m .1, t-i till lb adwar.e-.ri ' I < *nal Mr. H. K. Matliaw . !ai been api ? .d our ? agent t -rVew Tiwfc. T.OILRBRT 1 CO A '*r?w variety a e a>- .1 Ihkvu : I n.-rum.- uH.k i bs'i-n 11 cwved. H. K. M \ fURWe. rpti I v HANi'l. A Oft4NI> IM tW IiK~ilNw~t7.NK, I imtde *ud in." r- 1 ? .r 1 1 . ? I} 'hanrid lor gmsl to k> nr l>". Hleiuhl lot* '? ,11 1 d ai.-th m. 1* th*n 'Uc pastv. raah would I ? pa,d U> in .* nptl bier etwe. Addraas H , 1> <iki I* ? W . fro AMATH F?-MR M. llollll Rl <"!"lll.Y I m??ior?'N !m ?IU Mr** '*"* '?* !"* nf* AiiJ piA?Hjt'?! m? y v*' * ' ? ?? ?> ' p? ? f?m a il?or :h kzio?'ti wc.? u>> ?* < ow^ T? n* y. ftcPtoll ? '?< ?' >? Adli?? ?ir arr'r ?i pi vv AjfTrn?a riw . \nv ">k iuvik i \ i i> ?* t' J. ifn d IWfttf!"' L- ??r ??C f ptjj'bn !>o m ?XPHKlWFs*. i.KHAaf a oat ixfHW? ron rAi.rionxii, nK! K?A.S A ? O. fl KVPIIRHM ? |1 ' ' ' ft ' ?. "MKi wn|i I .and M"! !' ricm *?* f* Otu oev. einrn** - ? wUi *?! |?t r U. Ha<) ?'AM?n?,r rf?i?I t ?I . ?*i 1 ' n V " ' *rt*. If . ifl char ? u A m ? Mf ftr-'ii: 1: . lor*, in! (.1 1 ??>!(?<% P M . on 1?r nf ' I kL*::.U A.v .v 00 , .v.' iir wy l es*unt r'-jl ' in d I' Vf . .1 M n?" ' PrH/M rrrHvAd a'. ^ jiAfkeiit ?, Wt-KM*. Ar.,tili 1 ??>ksrtk t. M A v| llliMK.T. irroMsnixo to aix. -madam:: morrow th? A ?fwi'li 11 * ir?J ( 0 ? a* nr.- - ;,l til fi iiiro trrft irt * J "fwmrrum ,l*s ri %t <kr . ?rf Uv nfliv and ?UI tin.?-./vny a? i >,?'.? ! airtw I'm .lk?v m - <? / ?? r Intend* ktafcoii'la and <W< ? if. t, V, an I .. I nrlnf toMtihrr tko?? wko am ava'i'H.atw ?:.| an f thai r.-i* ?? Imi'i j>??i ' I ar.Hrur.-*.il h ,? A.. a -n wiaft t -i ;u. k n aj r?i| hntu fur if.Ml aud camtuf. liii.iir'Wlt **'? ?? WMfMfl lljr.r Im.lrf *k?. h?;all<? t?ia u.lrt. tl a -ji-m miM III Ur wM. I* Its' I etrr k,:.*;!, ' <ti >Ihi |M? v u. ra ?<Ml n* hit* la r? ~' rat ? ? i ? ? "? ?J ?!????? ij bsil A aiBf l OOV ?TIIK ? VIS. ItltH" VRJ. I'lTTHr. fn m fax ?. ?lb<?a niutiuti ha? l,?an mn. a-aly lij Nu> r - I . tliralrur IniormaMon -m ?>. riim ? it I ?. ??tii fin al "M loia. marr"'???, kit*!!* kr.. a-* ? a art I I > iba " p ,r ?! .< Mi'taUw, ' at 25i H,-r <u- ??.?. I ? 1ED.?MADAM PRKWKTR* R< H Hv, . H v van r~J Wr Qhaixia ao<1 pair.oa and '-oaa Id *ar (hat, altar tko Urnnaaa ki, ' - h i? Oila c v iu>>1 I'?i ? ? i a, w . hatn ?a? a'it<*4 bar * k i-titiir an ? ? I *>. 1 ko ' - i? omildani ih ta "f m a'jKta <* aa't-.'ii-t. 1-n r ail * v. ?r*. an I >, at m nt aa ra ? .l ? eoa-iai. f b] l?i ' any Ma. no Oq-ia'.' ?kaa.ll II a.-naa mhei tr Vi-V. L?n <?i id kar * ?? ? r. Jd*"tU*iu "atil uwro fira A pUa> tlidoora' ' y a ac?'1??/ tar una. (<i mi;'voY amck ?.vrry w?-1 7 n "" i-rnnov > akaa pafnas adli"'?d wait ii?dt>'M . m'vA'. MaakirMB , ?d 'or fcofii. ? wuid "iwaatli Ura. Ha' ,-l , rla.rri'iaal kirn* ikt iff ado v | r> > . i' r Ha | a*, a t?rr? r;rm' I# nuod | . .IT ??... *'? & NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. ODIl SPECIAL DESPATCHES. TIIK HPHAKF.KSniP?BANKS' rKOSPIOTH OOOD?THK OLD AND THH NKW MOARAOCTAN MIMIHTKB?(JOV r. it sou hf.kdrk'h r awnrk land claim?military COURTS MARTIAL OBDIIK1.D?THK STUAK FHlOATF. Ml IUUMAC, ETC. Wahhdiuto-v, Doc. IP, 18.V.. Congressional precc-slingw to-day Lav* strengthened the linpiearion in poll leal circle* her* that Mr. Uttulut W ill t>e elected Hprahc r. The Walker governau at wax fully reci^ni/nt to-<Uy hjr Mr. Mannlietta, who called on Colonel Parker H. French anil solicited a mmUI loan, offering to write to Mr. Marcy at ouee, an 1 nay that he was no 1.infer the hioaraguun Minister her*. lie wishes to retire from his political U Lore, anil resigns the uilsdon to Colonel who, I learn, will advance Lima portion of the amount d le brim the old goveinn bnt of Nicaragua. Colonel Freuch ban uot tendered his etxdenllah. to our govirwnont. The (liiJluga uf the Court Martial in the ra^e of O.I. Montgomery, 1 wilder. land, shows liov. Jtoo ler thee, ut ant of eighty acre* ul lulul iu and around the InUnlil city of l'awurc. trend yen the follow ing special order, which hea just been promulguted hy the War Ix-partm- nt. 1 lie Soound nttilh ry are stationed ini <tiy itt Florida, w kllu tlio Fourth are dl.tributed along the Atlantic aenboard and in Texas. Hkaiiquartmii in tur Ausy, Ike 14, lfUFi. The fol'owing regimen Wl tiausfirs are approved, to take effect on the lirst proslm'.:? tOX'OMJ tllllUUlY Huvet Captain Henry Clarke, from 1 lght Crmpuuy A to Csimj any II. Klrat lieutenant .lohn Mullati, fr in C.impauy H to l ight Company A. On the I t proximo. First IJeuten inl A tvler. in Mer idian! will proceed to join his company (K), wli-tiior re lieved or not by First lieutenant Mullin, as llo-lattor wilt not li are his post tilt the return of h a Captain, now absent in court martial duty. ITirlOfH AKTlnj'irV. First I.Icutenant John N. tlail.xnd, from Company C to Comi.any K. First Lieutenant Ceo. W. Ha/rard, from Company M to Oowpasy c. Klrat Lieutenant Clermont S. I lent, from Company H to Company M. Ik eomu-ar.d of Brevot I lent. On. Scott lltVLN M. IHiWKI.I., Asst. AdJ.kcncrul. A Court Miiitlal lias been ordered f"r the trial of lire ret Colonel Blake, of the First dr is, for u until eerllke conduct. H is also stated that the President witl prffor charge-, aguic .1 Con. Carta ud, ut the Ninth mili tary division, for nigleet of duty. 1 Icmu that an order has boon issued that none but Amain nar. bo sUippid ou the new s eam frigslo Merrinwc. bow reoilvliig hsr crew ;it Host on. The m-i chiinry of tiro Mtrriime lias been tcited, mil works beautifully. 1 am assured moat positively by tko-n who know, iHat there is not ore word f truth iu the report about the ?iwsge hi lug printed in the I'le-hU-nf's Hou e. V.. Jilt. F'ULI.Kk'H POSITION -WHY Tffb UKUOi HATH 0 AN NO I FAVOR \ I LI KAI.1TY ltl'Ll-, KTC. WasjiisgTON, Ik'c. 1*J, 1833. You will see, by tbe proceed in.;* of the H >u-e, Hut Fuller was ? looked out U .lay, and that ho s'amls pro eiily where 1 placed him in my hitter, bevcral of hi i Northern supporters showed how indignant th y wire, sad h.-w green they had le-en. Tie .Southern Atnciicaa* had f uller jn- t a Isti'id. There 1- now no do. ? nite ptoi peel w-lia' re.-oftheel'-ctlon of Kpceker at any particular thr.w. Au eUirt will ho made to get tho p'u lality i ah' n'oplid. The Anieriein. nn> ill-', pose# to Cppiise till", and to warn ti n de-i-cr i1 ?? tint if It is adopted the whole re-pnu b'iiiy -hall re up in tin iu. Tin iimioc. ats might us wo'l vol' tiieotly f I'anl , sofa- a the remit Is coni-ei ne ', M to rote f r the plurality nile. All the CiBl-'is ut th ? iiiruy now In Ws hi -gt. n sro in vitid te the J'rv-i hi. ibis ? ii i m -t th Anns keitg Vetirans. It hanah' srcci,-.- ii itvAiN rue naval .'tmmsu BOARD Till I NAT I PRC- TINO FnltWIlY OCT ?i' THJJ R1NU W v. .i. .'it x, Mo*. V'. I1"' To day's proee-sliug- have cu.itigod tile wb i |u?i ?<[ things, aiel It is eoneede.1 on all-iilfr'hu Riuks wiU tie elee'e??It may bi" tomorrow, but snruly this week. Col. Iticliar I in Infurmed him to-day he cvnsiileri'l it ?ettlrd Fuller's nstlenality kll'fd him. Mr. Jrres- rc-'.dutlon, uifered in tl. . , u.ite to liy. call lug on tlio .-scietxry of tt? Nsvy fsr the proceedings <>f the Noval Ps's d, etn -d s si ght Mutteilug. Tlu-re ?i.l b- sn ate mj.t to it*ve it off. l'uruey, 1 oulerstoi I, has wilh lrawn his Mine aa cm ih'late 6-f the fsnalt printing. Ihi. will not save them. (IIIRT)*F(M HIfl COW UK VI. U u*1 HVION. hEN ATE. W t.-iliv; f [>? . IT 5. i . '11 TmI nr..'*'. Mr. Ct . "? ri>. S,i of J, pre-eoled m rani a!e pr?)ln(f for ic 1 ..n? ? jr for 1 n ? li .poU'iont p-! .r t> 1 0<?. lie j r post 1 I'll !/ to ray n .?r that he ri, uM cull rp the -tihjtr. ind addre-a tb" e<"tate on P T'ie l're?l M il ti te tut retailed Ja<t ,<? tin *?> !?*-?" a* lot .. Vr 1' lu.p>. i'l!.' . hiaj t? <li ie*t '* t-j'.lf If' txlb 1' 'I the ili-iflt i'? up n wl. -h lite wUol'-of the in"i e:H" ?*n prcdl af t wnt itu "rrnr of tor'. It pr >0 4>'1 '?ti l) . i.n il latcU'taao' eirr-pkil u.i ? r tn? treaty of Iytni'utiio, It*" t but tl<<> rt- hi U in tl.o .-!at" I"-, if n rut ?ho? mil the fin fir ? - ul.l <1 ? 'Tt the en'ije.t fnt'y ot a fitnre day. 11 . to il li/rki'.'l It" tin >1. ?>r-. I: I.'. ? mud ? Out I'M 1 prevn'-l i?to l!at frr*n t ultal (itf'i*r >, oiiap'aliJn^ .it tU" aeUon '? th' Natal It*til n* ,; V.r. J m-, *!.:?) tVt.Il! 1 a. r??o!t|tloo ce'llmt-m the ,."ie . y.f the .Vary for thi pri >-.?Ii!wm oi tin fl i ?!, ,.i?l r ila ni '-a-'in -?Weh th<-y tried. Mr. flAti %tJ"' irbt the an Jnel *b til nth 11 en* ? 1 In op> n *et l< n. The it little) w. I then laid "* r, ,n?.1 ran Kami (Mi".-inn, the rn?0 ndj<mrr.<d. H< ( -K or i:i:i'l!!>F\TATmX 11 ji.v . it, Iter. 1(1, 1" Mr. 1 i"S. fblnok ;>p.) of Ion, withdrew li s -"lntiCD pi' ridir i' f r the r'. ? . n of ? Rpetb*r by [ ' a lity, ii mtmtiera d* Ire * fi -'.her f .1 ? t-u vr, bu ? .il he would renew the proportion to day er to m ir-ow, Mr < i -i-ii- I, (b'n-l * n) of fi'afo, ?-l.J thero wef ?? tie- tiling) mentioned In the dlacu. sljn Jh' '* '?*/ *lt '!> n'Vlit ereat*' d! |- n. n hi [art, to i , pf i eiilnrly to Mr. Il'ie.phr y tlareball. w ? ? v i .Id read fit of the Ainei1'- n or. rJ . ei rery taeo b..r el liti- h"-|^ who not come I ero with a pmll. -a rut hie tonne. Ilik ill cw'lto he retnr led an rn, b-it he v ea wBllrg to a met IM .ttUeatm a/rernijt aitli hint at!* id ? n the ma'et tl p> nt* of A vanl-m, 'in therm hat'1 . ltd th* mtV" 'aphal" of the a lv'i JWtei of -lie N<br??'"t Wl ' n he '.tlirr. P" to throw no ob ticlr h ?'ay Jaa' t^onlaatlon, endhepMl tb vP rk wxit'M prr > ? trl to .11 'he rr U. Ciin?' Call th> --farlUte roll. IV IJ tj.e U.en j r'i:eer!"d 'o rot" hot Vfore t* re ult ?i? arno'in' id, M.-.M Urutti, ('. m.) of V.t, In >!'irr.| ?iuUi':r it eae itt order to Mere a call of the

ilrtn e. sor.e -rntl. men were ?V?nl ii"? thinklrat 'h> iiir.e artud I* oernp. d io debite. He d*! n.l ku.w wb- h?r the la-t T"'e ebetel a tea'.er or not. 1f^ 11 tlivNo ehelloo 'h! rot*: ? lt".aa lo^ h oil r rj7 Hiehi.rtlo.n 71 Irettrr -j Me -re Jew id'. Wl'daro* ' TT ant f r.. ?. - ? ? b Mr. Bai.'! av, f'Vte.) of j'a, 'ip'-aiwl lilt pedt a, r? plpinff Ufkb- - fitrj-ie. Mi. fatei-. art ? ti-l He bad n--i r l.wl 'V -labte-.'. jathy wiUi the free e ll iierwy. It# awd hU peety ft i ?? ifjard U ae the* Uet '? l(.?lrtan'e of t.-rvwotea ? ram-Ir, a loto, iewa. mta-ralb- jaebeee of % b"r*-. (la- (Ii. r.l In the Iwl eanTv-a he w?t "Pf^.Mto ? r peal of tie Mi'tou'l I ne. be.-*. * he le-H< eel .'-'i'at'ew f-e'i'.tati a tiieolwe.1 i ineta ?Vtraruon If % bill ?n U 'nidatui to re* or be ,.na, be would. |v? ', it J tn a ?dM e-Iub n with the -Vto'-oiata, votlnc '4pumt . Me. f aoinu J, (t.iaeh r u./o f l"a.. ?' /?-! I. .i^a-ne whether be w*? wot elected aa ae an'i ,<? hrw?ka ??*- ? Vr. If-t LiT leplfe-l, he waa r-w ja.lyn runtaUel at tl" ilea oeta'la, ?o-i opp>. , | Rifi( a ui tV* r?',t< ra't' ? of tb? M1t<wtorl . iv teHe repeal, b e ? "I 1 >' tat' r pt - neea. .on Ut ijr't '. t bi' >t 'down the iritM-'e 1- pert* dan.a* the ' i? Mr V. .T ' r.r.t. K p. , ^ M . t-W d Ute l?, itlota!e pr".e^pl*e ?f the An... , -an ;4. i at I the \iinh. ' r ' Mr. 1*.'.rfin rUa?,1 rep ) iA Mi" . w: VI 'o ie'*r '?? m tut other |< tote <Vw;t a' ll ?"..lit II >1 . f ,t fi.t 1-a - l tlx| * ,ran c tLe An.t,. ? . i .!? I. . e) neetta ) Mr Wiutwff fivjalred wietbe? that e i the pta'.f<i;ei i.i better? r, <f ibe r? ..nia'e pert/> Mr Ic r?n led that the Ae-e tea w?? >?o' Wf nM to answer, lieeaii'O gentlemen Hud it difhoi l. not only U> delit.e the ft (titit'0 of othors but that of Ihrlr o en. Mr. Witrrar?1? It the platform of the par v which elected Cor. fiardnor the Mcond time, or that of tha p.r ty votlrg for Rockwell M Mr. Twtm.s?It U the platform ?f th? Ann-l.-it ? Massachusetts, New Ilampaulre, Maine, ami otlis>* Nortl ern Htates. Fries of "Read It?read tt 1" Mr. Tumui turn reed the preamble ami roaolnttotu, and they were decidedly in opposition to the iweif-h ms: tlon of the Philadelphia platform. and avowe 1 t ttat the repose of the I'nlon must bo acugnt for by relieving Ibe gortininent from ad cooiKctlon with, a*u re?p#u ibi l'y 0 r, Arr.i rl an ?|>MI Mr. Tiuntm?A:t the gentleman la going te preach a sermon f>r the North, he ought to hare a tot'., (iwupu fer ) Mr. Wiutssy raid that platform belonged to the bee sell party ol Ma. <achurlis, which had raided label/ rtr iter tho bunner ct the Ameiican party. IIo aaaerted a* hie noUnin eonrictlon, that the South no mure retired tin violation of the pubic faith In the repeal of lit* Mis souri line tl an tho North. It wan forced lollreotly on the better judgment of the SotstU, and the retuii It the agi tation af the -laieiy question throughout tUr Union. In conclusion, be submitted a revolution to the llou to t Icleet a S|.t by tall it. The resolution eat laid on the tah'e b" a vole of HI to 7. Mr. C'AiiwsijApftt, (t'em.) of I'a., congratulated the eounlry upon 'his o.ti.lemn lion ,f th ? sscie. principle 1 Oil ed upon by tho Know Nihicga. Mr. Kfi.iur, (u i'. I. V. i Pa., ovpltfnad his position a- being (.ppui-i u> t; e toi ther agita 'ion of ihe davory <|ue?tit>n. 11 he mid be n In tha last Congrewe, he shoitl 1 liaro oppo-nl the legislation, bnt ho would not now vote fog the reatontlaa ? tho Mi on I Co ?pro mien, ami would auu.ii hausaa with or withont alavvry. Ho *a? in faT< r of leaving that to the people of lii.n-u . Mr. Tono, (leach rep.) of I'a., Maid if ho had known this before, hi' would have suite red his light hand to wither before votingfoi Mi. Poller. tjUJ rift Mr. Kkllt (den.-), of N. Y., lopliet to Mr. Wh> noy, saying thai the bar in ol' Knew Noihingism in New Vok ?ii- neo ami the free seller- would not ' vie elected ao many Kemoern cdCongmM if it had not .eon for the division amo' g tho democracy. h"?vcral otlior gentlemen explained 'heir po iuono. Uc-sr*. WslKMC (K. N. clou.), of Ahi.: luasr fnat K. S) ol Mi s.. and lti aiiv ( K. N\), ol ieun , eaprc? ?d Uirniciv . satisfied with th" positiono( Mr. t alter. Mr. flan (Kick rop.), if Ohio, itiwentnt from the vb-wa expressed by Mr. Fuller, and sai l, comwiueuily lie , should vote for Mr. Ikii.s-. Mr. I'avi' i ina'. K. N.), of Ey., dafeaded the Ams pnt'y and was veiy sol ere upon tho fee ?iil"fs. Thcic w?i much .?vlleoi'nt during tho debate. Some of the spenhers wee applauded, seme hissed. Another vote w i then talon, reniltlnga- follow ? Uaoks 10.1 KuUer ill Kietuudeon 7'i ica'teilng Necessary to choice li b Adjourned. OUU WASHINGTON COKRVSVONDKNGK. Wamoim.tov, IVe. 18, 1M5. nttDt'tml r?? y'ayt in th. flovf-l'-r.-j )fUIr't h ? A f rlniHit into th' Rani-i nf th. R.yntl.'ine. ?/s/i'V in dlplsirelion Kt/iti (a Ihtm?ffa fti'i'S' /'. o laf.k tcith th' Southern fin""' X'Ahingt?Ihe t :<'i.n J'<n Printer? 1'. osfelt nj the t'uion M<". do. j Immediately on lie oouvculng "I Ih ? House this i.i rn lri)f. sjiecrhllyh g wa agniu resnm< d? ?iiu'.e a nuiiibi'r of j de, ul'.irj ami sco- !e < harat|;ti ?into wldeh the slavery ((UOeliou wan diuggr !, and which es.iMCl not a few -iv in hers to define their positimt, and which oao 'ed no little amip smciit to thoss in the gaUerii -. Tfw?i sudden out buist of juitiit tism ai* mt'lc lor lluncomb. However, at this thee they will net be productive ot leinn. Ill" ? pice'i efivicy Walker Hp ' w a llrebrand iut j the i nils of the republicsua. Tho l>reach widens at every s'ep. Mi rr rem In gii on from bod to worse. Tltls del iy In i ft. ting in uiganirati u will pr vo both dtng<-rou.v .ml 'lisii ttou- to tho renublloan p.irty. Iljsiilo and a' il mor lous ftcllbg" ar.d sentln nts w im indulged in t" >or tdrrableczUni In tic d ja.e- to-day. l'f r y Wall cr' i i r'.poslti * to met tills etenligf In Cin cos in the hall provide t !h< i was no ele'tl .it ti.lijr, i. n'K.'itive hut them i no such Utin;; a< fueiou tin-Si utl e.ii Krew Ni'thieg-au t be repioll. vru. Th* tc.t wldih they. Hi ' wi l h .-iction men wish toapply . / . w but hei lu . tl - '???,.I', Weill 1 v to t.? ad -it a S:i. e nil' ill.' I i?. i piov.u d eivT' cy wo - adophd in its Constitution, is ? itun?tion llie two fie i tt o- cai m 1 cc. I' to-' ' no' is though lip Southern i liru.w Nett tic would last tlirir v V !.: lit. ib'ui srralln or a luru'stratiin "iIk i late. 1 bey uisnl i ^tgrcvl hvti d towards HhhIs. if1 u ? re especially in e itK-n who s. -u /ruloua f rkisel. ell n. lastcveti ng the SenaVidal unrni?wnr llftoeu S-" ns so pr- ,t? ii< :n "ft tiie edlti'rw i.f Ui* '/lie.' ai .-?oat' pi'ii, ern, ai I to-rn. uw thoy wl'l -pj ftttv in e|ee tioo. It is (al'cuaty d> t'ul win i!/?r they will b* ah! t > ('i?t Jkmur Tucker. Tho I're-Menl lip, I a mi in ? iii i.l. u.a s ? note among th" |etn icratle tin ato's lu lilt l',.| lie t.? . .n Wle U'iT tliey ma feat ?' ofexepi ti.e frowns rem tins to he .... u I Key were re t two yrnr- sge. and 1 am Incite.! I to tld >k they ate rut now. uei. ' s t'd l r. ? I e.' evening til i i it w .s to b" etpscte I that every 'cmocritlc -v-nator Would -ostain tie ctuius ii i iiee. Tie o who w is ah an' ? id iid not att-nd tin rteee ?mil I un'TsMid l.ti wiie i a?nil not voti tor Has ''?? > men. This sills a d.. ih hluo to i ice l'>r tho ??o: i si i h he will 'i el Ih IKTV tanv.iKi, rw. isj it .. 1' r > . ; //.' jy?hiv?A.V- i 'it wi ?t,i' I'l'naf ./I .V ar . . / ,S n<?> Hi i if hi Kr A I tri . , ?( h, , (',* r lt l .rt.l ' u ii ?71 ?Vi.j.rt*. O ?/', -I . I' ?* int- il< 1 tiwt tin | 'ii. lit/ into -Ii-i'-Mbe fori 1 tali . li 1 ul.g I . ILl ?U" tilli.r Vi't' a I'lit.njr 1 apttti 7 up; ? tort of frro I >;ht < n rrl wb!r'r occupo-l tli? aUnte i nj, ai.-l n ililr.y- wa -l-ir," b"t tha Heoharj" i<f mr ]i an'itjr of Jpi.' i |? itro pm'i-atali<>na. II' n. I'ukj WaUo-r, of Mobil*, lav! on in th- WW* # b Km d tub D -p?e"h in'ii*h force m l ? n ?< llr. W. claim* I b? ta'i r.i.1 A .V:;.??!> ? i.l J. i*.?? a > inni.ii|{ a11 irtaci In .|*l'iatp. in p mri. h ? re ?elllbt' *.i?tlj I'll ign 19, of tll? lit'' I Ml tl l?T l''l ti- n ki.. be la 1 ? 'Ini -! to a '? i '.In* aplii of tl"' p rnt("Wrr*-*. li" 'V.' I by pfipo-i*" '.bat kit lli.ane iw n>V i? who *1 i ! if njil'.obtiii* the < "?? tlttltlon an t the It* ? a!u> frf," npp '? t to tin agitation of ill' L r if 'lUi'oloa, |ii i?a(rMi or out, ail 1 w!i / rmli i lro rte li" ? lull - .11 r? l- ? .-?*:? In! I the I III in, wllli .. citbunt '?fnjr it i'r jwmj !?a applying f r ''nl-,u,n iui*fi'. ?'(j nift I* til" Ii'iIJ tbia "t'-oin,'. knd try lot' ir p ici i *11 minor iHTawiii*.. If on, Wm. -until of Mi :n'i. *| iT*TA.t tli ; iop .ill n. but l .i. I ti im? ?itb no I iilher faw.r. Wr I.i Mir , , of ''Wo, l.i'pt the Ifo-i ?> an I ? iu io n i rttir of h''i". 'yb' - ii'o lolT't- cy ? lit ? ? fikb't*, it'l Lie ralJe ? of *it at ti*' i'ta. In I am iat" lii-I tb" nol'tr a be pn Mr. lie nk? ai I.I in ' ? f,r tl- - -[' inor I.i, ??? c-Il'nr all '? ouo !i 'fr I, a' ?" pr -pcclt for th? Cbalf, n >. r ~y a* ? aible to bi' fiiri.'!". I Ui -i-arri- / wa tiptop tr * *'? hour, tot ? i')"j*t niiytli .1* korll./ of to'r. ill -all "( t . Ill" 1 >'a ?? 1 I- 1" ? Itl. piotif : I fa?' iitiit i'win f - ra-fi l I la ai ' lliCI 'l.'l-M > baa ' I It; n y , ? I b" l> it < O i ' ?.. 1 i" a- t of#-** an-! p-'ilioi". a~* : ? it irly |i ? :<> Ibc I i'ii ir:.t'iM on Kavtl Aft irt, ti! all! a!? t.-t -n up In a batch. It uilpbt b* *> II to l.o ja ' / abp tin ' 'fori Varanra anl rrjUv t r,f ib a rjr ?rro not inniuOtik n Ibn i fi.cin-iet a." A' ' ?'ogr b m *1' r a, (In a ?? \.fi f -a*i n1 ' i I ? ' ?hair ?b"l" duty l u ll kU '.ai and a ." It mnl t *jp .aur ?tr li,. a, n tin ... ntraj . .nr " c ? !br iitryw ii i "ii'? inn.-!, 'hat-hi ?* al.iii i t.? u . . to I. a r- an ti a- ? ? - -? of i no -i I. lui - ?! b" ! iit/i. 1 aputbry >i. J no' ai?i o macli tn tbr a ,y ot r-im.a?. !< n. H.'-raLial uiorrat'l'f a ?' tl ? tn. f|ofi. al'' j .-h a beiit <1 iiy nil, ji |.'11 are- 'y !? i a.lj I<aaj/k4 by toy ona. our b sattrb. I ??? a'r iw 'le ' ii< -aiMi tUrtMfi ' wei'oar-l nt ' ? n aa boor -o .. foir till n*l ee;imi "*blM'a * ??<t lOa-.a i* ai ' l-Jl ">,?!.tuu'<?* u?"u ti - *'"1 a lakHnia aiaj-li yet tla?re la ai?o'>?r ??" ? ? ' '' a iV ). t a'.Job 1 '.ot yot ho- n t-iaerv?arp-'.?r ? n 'ev> be (prria-i: y el . ra ?#* f car Viatn r <? ?? ? t l^ie pi' i a i ' ihi a on? in* labia In ?'t- ? V ? o riparuii-'U' Jb? erntaja, | .i?( alon 0 r fr- ?t , at Ij/uaa? th" tatile I bat prrpair i ?lil -n * *,-. ,i. y pria'J' ? ? I il-Btrnnai Iitr-.e!. If ? JI ti' -'-??? n?r Mat* fbpa irarTi'. In tOt'l t: d in 1? lattn-iv r al'Jl *ji . j. ? - uU-'fitn at ai-lt pei , u I ? . ir e u-tla fiB' -ar-il nalyalirtj -e ??- #-it* mi th-y are -enUrred tlin-ofh- ait tlaa- babtUii #? ftn'a*? uplv'? ( jIbk rieao iiitmit aad protre It a Aioarkan *otn?Kir>e it in "a bi ai Wtlo* fact tbai a* ? Ut-< Uml r I <airi na'tur ai in-ere**? In'o a l ' n i mu-eaJ .?* ? of t..? oarlb, a bare tastarlj aiU'l 'o a-, trmftb** !b" a"ua of our naimiaal < item. a? fa !? ?!?'? tn p-ntc tfc a'attrii l 'latere^'*. I am -'atiafiiit. h-'a mr I ii. -? -'my t)M Narj p.r< f e or I-!, o >-f'lair *< li*a re*orr.nerkb 1 . ? in r-' ?>?' eCTBI in raNTMr ay nr eT ir? Itt'f. l>/ "eerotaty I I A 'iatant P*ti at y -? 1 llala (a?M? 7t Mawa'tr" a 1 i Xtm ttaot Xeraa-OfeT , i f I I roRrnu* ti leap-'. UlnMara. *r ..., in XI ' tore ? C*a*?U aa<t f'itoin*rei*l A*anf? , a (olTbe |ii?Mt e?!?rj! of fVrt:........ I" '1 It '? ('?jeatary of Meaa*:.*rr I i' > ( | a t*i y ,t adaaant tie--eftyer !"? ?I'a tiy ?n blniyr of W ,? .- t<-_" u? tWu ?atari In Itrk the I tprr'r-Mll of Main arrijbi II r-wa.a on tl " n-J Boer hi 1 2 In the *111* In IMft tl roe pie* It KIMW fiti.? ??*,? ! Ijit an l V. on the lo?*r B wr. lit f?<;<???* '.o-yl'/ 'U* '.*4 i? ii ? t IPir|J '? bearing tbe argument In Uiretwtf KhmII, t.ialnt ff ib error, r?. Tlie Puhiie He loot* of hi. tout*, de teialml la error, brought up frutn the Mat* <>( Hktusn. Hn* ea*e iarolvee the Mil* to * targe portion of the city ot HI. I cut*. an.l perhapa a larger nmouatol war? than any other c**e on the docket. Mr. lawn-mo 1* now opening for the nWtnllir in error. Mr. Heyer, of Mo., op| ear# tor tbo 1 ubUo idchooU, and Moa. Iteverdy Juhu *011 wW eloar. K. WAs*o*.m>v Inc. 18, 1864. f I\fUion of iKe Prmulrn'?lhm^f la Want for ?'?PirCmmpt-m Itytoilty?ilrnrral Pier" Out ttansu rmI by lard PaXm'rsi<m?t'"Unj of Hit GiUnrt at lo ^ Jtrcp'itM of cu. Pi hi. h ? <'ram\J.i> Tki ? tlrni hi I'ro hot?Oiriooi DurUmw Krgardm.j t\r Aanil Hoard tie , Jr. J'rwidfut I'lei or 1* not wllliout b'ame in having irnt a willing aid to brlii* about the eclating , tatr of thing? in thi* city. To lib rnor* rallnlle frirnl* of the ilouae ha urged the very courrr vrhli-h U a w Uin.t peruiM-d In, HU'I ?hlh hi* ariiety at thl* dny would hare <\.ngr*i? ptocerd at once to burlnraa, be And* him- rl! cotn(.cili 1 to make the *t out ot Ula romrwhnt uupleaunt aituatton. Tn bin advice an Intereat ha ha* forgotten the f're*ident; Id the partUaa hut followed more full/ the auggr*tlooa cft'urli ng iiii'i Co,Do/ Ib.ia thii dc'atea of prudeuce ? 11 1 the gem ral g d; but a* thl* feature in lb* fieri lont'a cbaiac'cr I* n< ltbi-r ni ? nor startling, further rooitrk ia unifir- -ary. i'or tbe lait two month* there ha* been a nlodled al ienee li'vfori Mr. Crimpt' n and the 4eetctary of hi ate? the delivery of oflu.'al pa (era from I ord I'aimer* ten, and the compliment* of tbe day. be ng, frvm wh-.t I ran le irn, tbe oitrtit of bualne*'. Irao/arted between the partlr*. Mr. Marrc rritiark* tbat wMUt affair* oith tb< It.-t It *o\einneat remain a< at p.enent, the g< vetuaacnt at Wmdui ptou cuD do nothing with "it the aid oft o,:r ?. to which the whole mej.ct of our tniniiti.ler.teuliugt with llirat HrlUin will l-e ulmitt. ! without delay. I hi* would ret'in to centlrm Ibe etaletneit whirl w <? rweenllr 1 .-oil: in utlicial source In tbia city, thai the l"ie?{ dent had been btigoly <iul oiana-urred by I nil J'a!ai*r *len'* ?peel-1 lee-.ooiiiK* and appeal*, until the or giaat i i tllct: lit had inuiiiH a ddfeieii*. form, br Ik tog bN nd<-d with oilier i|ue*uou* ol foreign and minor l>ap?rianeo. fcnd wbi.U now prevent-tbe I'rrnlcent troui takin* the ?? i v aetlon open Mr. Craiupton* <*(lii|ii.ieli? which at flr.t wa.* rtaolrtd up< n. I hi*. I think, wid lie found tlie fui I <m a jeroi-al <>f tUe me- -oge. A io?;oilty ot the 1'iiblr.i t are In 'aT?r of :i-iy fruiting th? Vl.aiai ia republic, end tbi* filling Ho'* 'empathy by tiie vb"h -iul - with io< tidier* of the pi often I C.oigfe *. It i? raht to 'lay tbat Mr Cramptou will I ,-uo u prol. it agidnat the .rrrpt. n ? f f. 1 l uncli. TU? ni*y ha ?>, hot policy abould ei rtninly ihow that gintl mail liiut ia Ii ing no r a oil tin net, no bent-lit on be obtained by It. either for hlnowlf ur bin gorrraaw-at . but, on th" c?n tiurr, muat uwakrn leeliog. and tec ill. rtii n. that It would le Letli r jo t now nhoul'l lemaiu uudUluil. d. It ir however, all hut ertaln the new minl'ter will not. without uuicli con* llwilon with hi* rrivur Influi ii fil frien I* here, l<-u pii ly In Ul icg any atop I .'.at I* libel* to meet with rilnftiror, wben a ih laj of ? w ? k or Iwi'ln T.I.i purpooo m.iy biiuga nmlerlal rhange .n the poliey Mid li el o J- of the aituilnt ''rulh-it, irforabie tu the Intei' ita he ! - lit re to rumen nt. Hie niJtiiD'.t ilrtiUel putlleiith/ii lo He |>aper of the loth 'Bet., of Mi Vienna, ii* chm?1ti, r?aouic< ?, A:,, lm* alri-n to ihou .im!* loforinallon In reiatten to that ri-glon of eonntiy m wr Ixfoie hiiowo, aud lally in.|'ilile> ate made by nieehanir*, ami other*, an to tin c"*t i f Iran* pot t'ng th* nireiTP-uliil fantl lei to thl'new tuieiiranre public Hie Ilnuii' M account, f puhlUhed lo paMphtet (? rm. w ould ctimouul a huge circulation in aud a hoot Wa*hlo;;ten. A nn. 1 od'.ci r triform .1 tno to d?y that thira oi the oflicer* wl.o at i u the late board of . utruio' ra, and who vottd ag iliu.t I "im' Jore Uoortrnn hid on more th ui 11 ? <<' ,i?l n t?. ti repoited ngvin .1 by that ullii or to 'he heiietaiy of the Nary . An In'eieore uuy Imdraan loin thl:- lac*, and I* HI, !,y tie toinueloie'* fi ii-ml*. o. r. <). tlur aftlti nahn <. orir?|wiii>t> m < . (tritai t'irr, N. T , lav. 11 A ?nit Tii .UN i ?/' 'Hi'iMf l'(M w/-n '?* s m a ,,i T r. I ro, /? ilii-nf \ ? J of .A'-.-or J. r ? .ra i Is- < Ul'tirt?A?;tr- ah fur nil ?I.-H nil ,\- or, .f.. The tr?'tib>H In our "Inter Territory ha?e a ?oni 'l a -[cel. I lie .eofiillc, platol and kniree i* no h n;.era u 'Iter of tula, The aHoli ion fanatie* of your liilurn M'ld I ;.o in low need Ih!* i nholy wurvaol I the I or.I or'ly kno . how or win re It may end. I under rtaud fina c i d authority thai, afu-r the w ailiae iieuiuo ?liationain lite pert of the abnl'tiont t , the pn elvvi'iy (?aily. deteimlnrd to ? tie- uialU-r through, a i dug thin i l*i ?, *r.d iiuruliithi froin U.e llo .uii ?i.le are r; Kilrg i,j- i rer U- pr.ilactthoirirlttt4.Nia amtirum i. 'P.t * wi'l-e" It th.o ?!. now, wi'houl d"iib'. Tlie iB?#i of ihi* . on--rm .n in kn. ii h ami w,!l Ie . o, idedly i'e>i"u or t ji to I ini -.-ta. Il wilt n 't ! 'lie pein.aiicut .etllen nl of that Itrriv.ry f ir yewi I . | will banian fu-ni lh?iow tlm nohri minl.-l v k and keep lb''pit tldrdi In tu nil/ ti ii;-- loi. o r. Til'' u "* and rfio.-i* h" d. pi .an-' toe ? i.. oi mh I i thie, our o?o peaceab.o pi'gn. iiv i n o. oiii iul J ? i u I V'U I Moth inteicfl .?? rli.l u nit loj he ?~. iglh? If'Uit of tlie relit' *1 1< tlie -e?: in ('"grw Ir" i o ir i 1-irllory, lwte ,?ii Julge l'..,iKd'. an I Ik. II t'aagi-wi. ' | I ul-If - i,.' n it ii.d wid i n' Inu' I" He lo U* - -f I ... ' I'llo 'l. The |n. I y . ? t :ed by "? r ' oven. ,r a, I 4-- 'ie lary i* wwliwnei. Tb.y are mora than ever uij (?ulir. I rrn ii,.? ii ia 'in! Tin I dnumerat u party, oi .i o. 'jorl y He i'ot; hi to, wou'J ie( , o<-al He i.ii.'.i! of both 'ro- , I . r < I' ? Htey lotn ici "l t> I). thy I .'.. verve e- i ire. Out wook oiura ami the N . oitd w .?i'Hi o' th> V?btwat-e ]'4ud*'-ui? C'1 uien. ? I. 11 will to-an nte ../ .. e . I fraught with iniete l to the Ter . tUwy. Jl .ntcli o a-]i'i' n i- r iii- pi it i, I. -. i >h" A emb'y eveb*? ew ;n alien, y i.i Lit I >-ld ?poor, ir.-..(rre, halt It. o*t iwtl. an-., too 'a > " w. .4 ion booeal to I'nal, y> ' .lei r .? * - . t'> i - g. ail - -log g'r - bv tiiu an 1 w..l tlie-4i lalirr oiboee. \ (*%l It J ? , Jftff Cliif-nn |i.l4*r? r t(r<< n| ,fe?. I^I?HP ???! hfi t*. rtiu* iwn %??|| H<r?? # rt; y ??!?? lr*$*kng 1m 1) tiiivitl h^it ({? J C Wtl HluU* . Utwu )?i t? rt,>* lir ritrr?% iil'U- , % oblli 'A hiri. * lr< i.t ? ii ' ? ni? i u*' ?i(i> ?h? %%? ? ?J-huil t lpn?ir t? * lforn.t d n?*?r M.o'U, .*#> Jiirn, %r?il? tliii ? ?? ji:} fo; (*tl . ..I -j/? ol fi f? a y? iri > n h ?w ?Oti plvrci'l I't bw hj t#4 to f?rt IlijWlibit In r it.'.tM* nT ? yl>*l')? .r>L?II pi lit' ?#ri to b> I'erf It ?rft r hr-rv lie ; U ^1 a % ! > ti r Iii ?? ID'IO tfw ? j ?? I ? U/V Ui'kA' fll 14ilr i V * .'U*i r a .\y ? ??n ?* ?v ?;* .or, I ritnul ku i f hld-i liinfj Wfl l nL lorn . * Ti# ? U- ? 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That of Jtweph Sanger, for monr.m rrronnouale ? for La tax. Both of lbmc we.e irforral to tha proper eomalttaac ^deport* then being in order, the following wore h?* The report of Coo.mlu.* on Ktrewte, in feror of narlw . Hroadwer. froa.Baade .tree* to f,,*^. w'ilrM^I? mrnt. It. .*t red to Committee, of Hi* Whole ? Zr V ,'U- "? Barhete, In f.ror of ha.ta, emu a, t at |lx,t Twtmly it airvet IL Wr^ u (* mi.dtte* i.i the Wht la "fast. interred te .Iri Lh7 '10 of, *'?t"niiiuew on tire Ifopertment tocrw I -Sssr7* obinaa*. * Itxi.t urw TW? niitt,, N|ur enAtrdm.*.. ar.ep.op, .J aad adoptrM A fln/dly toil en o0 the ad.|.Una of the otduiaare aa ... en ted, which ram.ltwd t? -.5 ln the .(hratetlr.. Md S ft the net* ire last for want ol * maatlUtUjoai rata It Waa afterward* lecon.hlrr. d *nd laid on (he labia ii motion, tho Hoaid Ihen rea lied ,(?, p i?tl. rt?. mlttr-e ii (ho Whole, and Councilman tie og, t llarnew ai i timed tho i hair. ?J?ir ''"J"'"' ??* traneecte.1 Amnu Other . ntie pay in. at oi twj t? *?,4 file "*?<'* f;porter* id troth the If^nU of the C-wn to II tounril. I oret by a rote of It/In th* tftrwna tiTn and t. In tb* nrgalit* the Ik aid adjourned at V o'clock. TUf WHBTff MUMOMJ.HT. ? he (ouartiurn 1'm.n.tltoe upon th.* ?uN)ecl had a h rating yea'erday at the fit, Ubr-tfjr, and were In ,??. aim two hour . Nothing detinttl.e, tmwevar, wad arriewt a' an to tl.e action (bey ?h?uid take upon the hide for lha "- tint -< the ironnt .nl, eubmitted the day p-aeloaa at a Joint meeting or the committer.! of th* t ?o Hoard*. at Ala j ".1 ' I'Way. It I. ttiraorad that n tfcia neetlng rich <h vt lop-meMa will |.e ot tha ?j?Umin ? ??,,# ot centra, ilag for [iblle Job. and how at, 1 who ate the pa,tic n o t forwdrd in their r miMoa urn*. riiMf biii ti|"i?' U? utulri U.m city ir+**urj. tnllTILU Alftl TftT HBt tiMIt ASIl Ttllltn ITlMtrM K Alt.BOADH. An adjourn. I mr,-ting ?l 0,* ('..unoilni n Committee oa Hatirueda, Mr. lied, rhalrtnan, wa* held ye.terday alter I.r* n 1.1 the Chamber ?r tl.e tear J, to hear fi.rtbi r alate n cute of g l. ranee-, again*! the Hrcood aal Thlt l Areata ItallroaJa, brought by the rwaiifout* of t orkrliie B~| ttrinity. A* at the prwtfona .o.h , f the coir?utt?o ,r. . i attendance ,f and other. mJ, prnerit. a otindcr th? dUcrn 'ot. ,n1 |n# m Ue'Tt* *'."h,:h "? -T ?'"??-I 'hay, aub jec id nt (he bar da oi the two road*. Tlu-r a re n.L reiterative el the ant. tnenK of ore, mn. at, r a.J.lect, alrmdy hi., bed In ? 1 " Mr. NtCMii* In.., I .fine (he a< j. utno.eiil of lha lo ,,,r '".nad'o'cnt ..t tha Hat 1MB t- ad and ?l!.gc.| , Vhofoaale TloUben of It. r if i '. "* ?"-'l' ?t'- f?< lllildt In the t, rt,taa'a i UforUm In going t. aid fr ? , the cl y. cbnb* ' .uhjecit, th. caU t?l tha ?IKitoriMJ Till HP** 1-ATtMKsr IV H?f?A|.WAr. The nf th. Il.,?rd of Ahietman ap [1 ri'. I ? 0 the .ubjert of grnnelng the patuneal l.lH- ti lwar n et yw.ti f.tay at I I' U I'tr ^?t, Abtar in.1. Wo. Turkor (CIlAittii.a) and \on,I) a. lhe ?,? It.ltlt.. .ttunined the gro ring <4 t|?. y?rd whfth. la I tread way ..pronto tj,e 111/ ll*'l, by'tlr. Ikele, ar tJt-rr! ?' 'hrlr pre, ? ... noottng. lh.y (utnl Ih. work had I.e.. , ,,e,.t.d ,, , c, , W.ew with leilrortlnn., ,,ut ? "t" '"' "f't i'i 1 i.r rate dei? a^ t Ui* e?l. 1?m ? ? III., nt > t.tutei to > ., I t.,e purre^a. ,|r | .,( jbi ait* ?r,l .p, ^ oil , i j . ? Mill *, orate cm. l.t iotut tm . '-f I ' *ent It attic "dlngty to turthe, a. U,.n p. *y of erpmlo,, ?* i-yj . ?ut cjaent u .,|tr. it. ,0 While, fario.i* pr. ,m.|U nae Jnl' irZlf ' ' "I'hlng tb? wttde of gto. -Irg th. i.. v. men I, alii, .? b.rer., ? (., tkm tllr le'iulrt .1 In r,i, I?, a WO ,* at. I th' ..n.'a?w ^ \L>* 'Hi.f, 1 trmiv twiit, rw-TV inn i.,i,.,ir roaju*??>t?fr Tl eltrnmife,,,.,.! .... ( the it |.| of < unneUinea Mr. lorry, t hai-it ,. ,e,.,rd?y ,t |<y ? ^ rhau.t er oi the lb.., I ( , 1? .* mU uf p, e l, | I, eharrlcg the prewat lertnlou* of tb* ferry U to Twenty (hi *t eel lo |Vnay H>idgw on 1I" for (be cbaagw' ."I ha, fee. ntlybcnboiltfi ttt.ieaw I- nt, i .hrr.-11, ?. fat. .ty ?- ... ? r y a?.| they ? t,. < t d ? li'.w h* rh?n,. rt. I | . be. "?*' "I'o.e would tha* ha i llo tl o 1 en I <ee..M,e) )? I I .e* aj*A ibu'.r,v 1' " ! I K*at> .fatcf that he wa* u .. ,u peine.' iwl ..wrr. f th lerr;. |h . v ^ Ui yeora .In e, f, ,wa'ika .(Met . .n,j (,%.| now ahosi ' '. I be ' I.y liter,led an'ef, (., ?, ? !.*le (., ,..t Ul? Un.1. d traool ' ?' StH* *tr pr. e-nt at', u 1-d wUbnw , , . ?, '' 1 ' "1 a -,?i, e of pr-.rjl. J hul < n ? iti.'. r- ?*. .lore bar tig tl ? management nf tb I if- (be d|Te.rj,~- uM -n . ublrg u. it'-nt ?. nninn* pro i. he *tat.-t, t-: ,g ... i.u honr*. I>, .* t?i? winter Ma*"t lm add. i tl t In cunee^aaoee ..f nba.raa tl. ... Ill Newtown r.e., fre,u nUy Wee Ittu'da l? liar.*?.?T?i 1 a inn. ,| o fknu. teen rwrrtfegee wa* rt?ln. d o-,t all eLghk M-. I I. k? it ah., or ,.r (1, ,, 1,, ij nl rrwoewc of tfoa ft{f?? ; , tl*# f'irilfr '^ rt U|%? i.-k tody the feet ye - ?, . .b.nge rww J" "', fo. ' et.'li. r. nte o' ap', at ntn'ec !? Iff* A i ?r.k ft * J ? ?/i r? o.n t Ir w, t? ret.-Mery, wble't wwaltl .n*lo.>e,wj pr.eec.0' o * I he eithowt drUy. ' B" I J ?' *e> ?!! l*h*' of the t a.'e % <4 ff | -i ??? en whrnw I ?' ' ? ? a .... : t . t , h.ngw I t" ??' '.I- I \ i ;,. In,,, , |,a # .^.r , "* \ '' 1 ' ^ *? '?* *U 1 ' ? f >fi?pitM " |M.?i and h* .v, I ... ? he ufha ; " ' '' * ' " I " Ig I l,irIr ?, i/r the ?|*ay ?*.. | I ??ta? (in f'leranl, e t.rib. .rnwke,. ' ? '' '??, - ne rt th iru.-e. wl.a wa. wrw #'?>, i-i t< ply b. a -ju. akjtU lb,: ,M a.botbw ?? trp ra' r *? p". ef "be W-ry f .,>* the 'Mf K w. U.eter tl ? 41 C--I n "> I ' U.t .. .Wau >. w'*' ' '1 the ie*e hy III -'.g. T 1 *, ' - ' tie* *'? - 1 the hou.e at , '* ?'u\. u--? ".I.v; .e ' f ?| |( <? u-4' ^ ??- ?t? ?b? Hfn r. flel on . J ty a* Ihey b. I d V. f.ew ? a-.-t r ???,? M * >f If <!,.? It! , !' " ? 't ?> ' ?'? 'At'l. Or. w >i.t<V?l*4 nt r',*r.. f 'l!'" i". ' "* ' W "** Mr *i ? f. ? n.d "h f .rder. ' at tc * ffr*rj fn pwee ' ' ' ?> 'II. eo.1 lha ail that .we ? "7 wad-, ao-.tatw Uaern elre* *.? t ? ? ? .<* .| t? ha.'Ag '?.*WI h at elf aw ? t. . , r. -t.... ( n a .c r* ./ vb? p.let I ? !??' ? HJI fr W * ?.tha' fn, . t'ehW . v f. aaknftb. ir,.,tttn ilgtiliaf, ry in ,.twViuw * 1 entiwleloiir , * ,,f Kfnlgr.l Ian. T1?llt?rl *.*t at ( o . 1 *a |- If frcnt, Ul m-?.l? re mef t M.;oe. Twdnd Med I ???*?. t pen-.eew lUJf.ali, ' ?l * > a ' r, . tfp'Wiwf Out tlw eer.aM, 'Ap* (.> . ' -t' *,'* I, had tar.-, t |,.f [el.".i/*n at a ? ' ?' --a tl . fa.' f.*? ? n.Uwd '4 -? < a*tle ' erVa. aa ? ephd try Law Jf? Iter I drdw:w.w4 to pr ' ft ?? fw* iwwrrtnvraw rdre rk^fl. a"<r arm* ilarwaatow .g.-*1 ta ayymprt ?' ? war.t t-?, V eipeade.) |s gtrtag a tmUroi t" tb' t u ate* f th* .tl'eil a. ? acrtalw if r oni - i?/?w f ? " *>f k?*i a?y np ?- | , tea tda bad ?i. . !> Ln a. tuoiif p t ?. b, iglag '' i. 'fobte yweewg . I ?.t IK Mug ? ".?r f I f t rwet. 't/dytan' *>atr tat - w? ,r ' ? ,rd tr. ?' 13, |?*f. |*-;.AXa * '4 't. rrau'*a/, > iw i> IWA . ,ta 7 *' t&M Xo,a?. *?* J* f ... tia Ma at Marine Mwyt 1X4,114 IM-k IBM. 4 i m i.m , . , , 44J4 BU '?> |. be-.-er.a-. to 1. W* AAA V4 Twuedry eip**M>t of N?* If and;# IX. AM TB ... AM 4* II (t??Btt tb 'abb.