Newspaper of The New York Herald, 20 Aralık 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 20 Aralık 1855 Page 2
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THE CASE OF MAJOR MONTGOMERY. Tkc Cliargv SprrlflciUont-Pln'ttiiM uiid Brutcne* of (lie Cornn tfurtlnl?">.,t toi. or ?ft? AMorncy Ucnvrol?in Om?tr of (feoAimy Himiln. d from (lit gorvn-o ror ?la ?'?*????lu <uov. Rrcitrr'a ?llitivlklluii. c knekal on? fw?, vo. 20. W/R llKPlRTVr-T. M)J. I.FV.'M OWT- V J Pe,-. 1(1, 1845. ' f I. At the i.em rai Com i War isl which converted at Tort la-venwerih Kai?a-. trim-ry, pursuant to "Sue rial Orders," Vo. 1(4. o: July 26. 1856, from the War De rartuuut, and if whi- b Colonel Joseph K. K. Mansfield, laapavtoi Genera., i I resiiieui, aa? ?uluuued and tried Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Willi iw i. Montgomery, Major 24 Infantry, en the following charge and specifications: CHAKOE. O.ntluct Vnbr^omiutf an Ot/irrr nnJ a 1. In this; lLat he, Wigiairi K. Mongo *ety, Mcj r tu the 2<l regiment of Infantry, and Brevet lieatcnaut Colorol in tbe Army, being commanding iffl eer at Fort Itiler. Kansas and having received from the ?owunaoutr oi the I Apartment of the West the following ?vdvre, tu wit:? SRADqi ACTKJW pKTARf?,K.Vt OF TIU! WkKT, I Jr VW-OV K.\ krai-vs. March 21,1864. j Sir? r ajjj directed by the General com inanding the De partment io say, that you will, with the leust delay prac ticable. eaoM> to ha ? urvcyed aad ruarkei out distinctly the line of a military reserve, conltinlng a tract of land ef sufficient event to ali'ord uil the ad<antage? of timber fool, bay. ami other requisites for a mLitary poet. ' la establishing tho boundary, you will b<> goverrod by ehoimetam-es, and a due consideration of every advan tage to be derived from a military reserve. Having made tho survey and established the boundary Itaes, distinctly marked, you are authorized at onco to proclaim t: as the military rcurve; and you wilt make a detailed report of it to lhese heatquarters, accompanied with a map, to be submitted for sanction to higher au ttoiity. Very respec fully, K FKANf 'S V. PACE, Asst.. Adjt. (.'en. Ibe Commanding Other, Port RUry. K. T. And having thereafter, that is to say, June 14, 1854, under the orders aforesaid, rest-wed, around said fort a tract ol land 18 miles by 10 miles sqaure, for the military me of tho raited States, ane duly prcciaimed said ro-er vattcn, that is to say, by hi post orders, as follows:? URDUS, No. St. HiAlan arxbu, Fob* Rjlft, K. T., 1 , , June 14, 1854. j 1 By virtue ef in- tructlons from Headquarters De paitment of Hie West, of March 21, 18.4, the mili-arv swerve lor fort Why, K. T., '"of sufficient extent to anerd ah the rdvan'agcs of limber, fuel, hay, and other requisites for a military post," will embrace a tract of land b> undid by four linos; two drawn can and west and iwo north aud south?the fi rmer at tive, un l the tatlirat nine miles distance from the centre of (lie n-i rade at this rest. 1 fl. Msjor Edward Johr.aon, 17. S. A., and Captain V, a-jen, I'd Inlaolty, are charged wttli surveying said re set ve at as cai iy a pcrisd as practicable. Ul. He A A. Q. it. iaeut. *i .urgent, will furuisn the aequis.te facilities, 1 By oroer of Itvt. Lt. Col, MovroowrnT. JOHN T. 6HAAFF, 2d Iaeut. (Uh iufty. Post Adjutant. He, ti c said Mnntg ill' ry, did thereafter, that Is to suy atFoit Hlley ai< -eoald, on the 20th hepUunoer, 1854 :ii thoi gb meanwhile vesttd with no authority or diicretion in ihe pr?mi-e?. btyond the oidors aforesaid to establish anl proclaim a militaiy reserve, and with no author ity to I.-ike to hiuiseli or trauef"r to othe.s any part of it, sllow arid authorize certvin individuals tr Occupy and tuke p.-ssessi'n of 400 acres, more or l-ss wifMu U e limits of the aid reservation, fir a town rite, and for (bat purpose did engage wilh llie.n t? exclude it h""*' the metvatcw; an<! he, the said Montgomery, did Join with tbr said parries, in their appropriation of the wad land nud usroclalo himself with thorn under Hie tame sr. I -tylecf the I'an nee Association, to esUhtish ? uiwn on the site aforesaid, and tu sell shares of s lid twii , - -jcrly, tnd 'tilerwise mike protit and gain fur bfrn-eif an ! hi a. seciates in the m-M Pawnee Assiwda t*oo. by their appropriation of the said portion ol the sekt mill'aiy rea< rvaii-m. All which was an abu-.o of bis trust, a vk.atlua ( i hi public du'y, and was conduct un hen niirg an officer end u gentleman. bpcri/i(i.'i'Mi 2. In this, ttiat he, the .aid Montgomery, did at J v.rt llll'y, Kansas, on tho 20tli Fobruarv, 145& make ar. rfvcint re per t Ii writing to the Commander of tte Deiartment ihe West, which report, wl'n the dx untcn'. annexed to it, and making part of it, is as lol tawr Kotrr Riunr, K. T., Feb. 20, 1855. ei?I?f e-witb er, \.'?ed 1 have the honor of transmit ting c> Iv; artinen* ii idquarters a plat of the Milltiry ? I, r this post. <",taohah?d in I'ost Orders No. 84, Jw * l?, 1854, in ooouieo'e to instructions from Pepsrt ?ret HesdijUsrters, n.utl "surveyed and marked out" whh i???'ureii I,mi's by Captain N". l.yon. 2d Infantry, tatwren the 2-i h cf December, 18.54, and 10th of Jun o?iy, 1865, ai.d aruouueed in Post Orders. Feb ?ua y 8, lh.'.fi, A1 -? i, copies of Post Orders Nos. 84 and 217, of June 14 and December 25. 1854. The lull or eeution <>f the tlrsl ens interruptel by the excessive la ta r of. and ??.lianges in the cuiumand, but finally con pk-li <1 un-h-r the second. I ?l-o herswith transmit copies of a letter from certain tadividua]*, ami my rep'y thereto, relative Pi ground writhin ihe limits of the reserve, sufficient for a coimner etai site at the heuii ol t,a\igstion on the Kansas river, "*e limit* of which sia nut yet definitely fixed, depend 1*8 ujion an ael sny 1-0Io n Congress, hut may, vary pro perly ex'inii to (he red dotted lines snooting .said site as indicated on tbe plat. The mmts first specified for the reserve wore mni-U aserr vx(, n.i,e then absolutely nocsssury; but as the space iailuded was l rn wlibout inhabitinin, (hey were ananged wi'h leferenec not only to Hie want* of the P?"t, but sis with a view to keeping liquor venders at a proper i-M-me, though sadly foiled ol (hatobje t. I'.vcn W?W individuals engaged in that l-aoo'ul traffi- arc cb tauders uiiun ibere-eive, and will compel me to eject them by force. Be soon as tbe government .hall purchase It* lu nber, and procure Its fr. >h beef hntchercd, for ihii post wbieo, wiih rosptc. to tho first it soon will be cotupeliel to do, and wiih respect to both may do milch mire oco nemiral'y than mannfac'iiriog tb' one en! siibsislfug end .laughie ing the other?the pro.out limits ofibe re imivc uiay, wiih great a ivanfi^t to the citizen, and ? :'.h 1 ittle or no detriment to the g vcromcnt, be rednefsl, perhaps, to the Hues do.ted in red i-ic around the g* ri sen. \cry ie*p?;tfuily, your obedient servant. W. R. MON OIOHERY, Major 2il Infantry, Bt. Lt. ?ol. Com. l'ost. Major O. F. Wtv-mr, Assistant Adjutant General. Head Quarters, Department West, Jefferson, Barrack-, Mo. _ _ , FoBTRrurr, Sept. 4,1851. roe-We, the nrdersii'iieil. eitizons of Kansas Territory won't resproiftiUy re.inert that n porti-m of the govern ?sent teserve fvey 520 acrvv), lying betwe?n One ...nd bour V?e Ci evk, or the same quantity of laud, lying Between Smoky Ilii) and Republican Forks of hansas vivor, a, tbe dislanoe of about three miles above the post, bo tbri wn off .aid reterve, for the purpose of Weatiiiga f?wn Stfe. We would les.ioclfully repiosent, lirit. that th<> wants ef the country i fman ) s jine eligible point. ?m a naviga Me stieitn f a shipping and lvctlvng point. Secondly, Ihat U c iiin'>L injure tho re*?rv? natlonaUyv ns that por tion nf lai d asfced fur U DDtirely d?itttate of UnHr or anythui; 1 kdy 1o be required for the wants of the post, and tuillcLnily ilUtant from ihe garrison to prever.*, any ?oeritthtueii upon the military; and. thirdly. Mia' there is no ttber eligible point; which in respectfully swliwii.ird, and a teply requested at ytur emlicst con VeON-UCe K i'RAVIId Mk7ICk', B>HKf;r WILSyV ANTHdNV GRAB1.E, .DillN HKTH, R. C. MILLER, JOHN N. DVE'K. O r. W. B. Mo.vo.ovimv, Ooniwiandlng Foit Riley. Do at Dili v, K. f., Hept. 20. 1854. Gicxvii' rjv?In rejuy tuycur of the 4th I netsnt, requesting to have exclude! from the g.vern eoent resrrie, 1. ud sufficient for a town site on tho Knn aas i Ivcr, in the virinily of this po>t, for a sfiippiug and veevivlng poiu', I hare t i e pleasure of assuring you that I tally Accord ?ith you as to the propriety and necessity fcrsnrb a inait to supply tbe present end pro-qiecUre eemrrerclal vuii'h of Ibe oiiiren eominunity, nu ? rapid Iy locaKngln thi. vlclnilz ; and In visw uf the fa-tth-t tte point you drcignate Is low (tot, Mile creek, i i mm.. arnDol to the re, of this coramand, ami ileciii cdly the if.esteligible for thp p'I'-poKC s(M>altied, | rbonr fully ci n.< nt ?<> exclude it from (lie reserve abm.t being and ilelintUiy (iacI for tho use of this post. rrspei tfi !ly, pentlrnien. youv TPry obed'u-nt ecr ***** , Wk R. MOYPGOMEJir. M,.Jor 2d lof. and Bvt. Lt. Cot. Conid'g I ost. ilotmiL V5 r.tev, Jens IIktu, |{. f;. Ki.ayji,Had j<,t,rrz. Obdkbk So. 21". Hraiqi ARimb, Fort Ritkv, K, T., Doc. 25 1851 Oplslu S. I yon, 2d Inhrn'ry, Is cbr.rged ohh survey, tag the rv.e?vo. Rarer Instructions of the oomman.un ?ffieer; for i-b ch put pose be will eelec-. men, and senre (be wmk to-oiorru#. By order oi brevet Ueut. Col. Mo -<v*ry, ROBE'..i F. imNTFR Bvt. 2d Lt. 2d Inf., font .\dj. t?ot. In which report aiorecsld, he, the sold Mon'r.oe.ery *e?V ig lo bare his reduction of tie military re-oivo ,\i Port Hil.-y cenllrmcd. and to secure tbe I'awnoc A?*<s iv ?to? In their oce?pniion ef a part of said tejuwre, dW glvi a decepllve and (alec coluring m his acoount In sal I re port of his own po?itl< a and motiioe in roduciog (be ,*'? mliha'y lesorye, by rolling out as the fxp'auat.ou of hi. actum thein. * eorttspnurfen.-e with certain oiti/nns, in l.apti leOer previous thereby designing aad It tu W" 'I1"1 be had actWI in the preuiisao siieuiy ? -> ? public uCi er. deciding a que "ion submitted to his di'iu tares'.nl efiicial jcdgmeni snd discretion; and I ? stu !!? on.N concralir gau.f oml'tlug from said ref ar' Uir fsc taat he was, at th- date of.aid re,mr;, and at tho dato o jta order., teducing the 11ml?? of the reserve, I., wit, t u ffih February, .8..5, loonier to tram,fare par of it to the Uwi.e A.?ig!intion, ? member, -hirou Jder si.,1 Pressoeot of sai l as*oe!atlen; and thu the r.du. .oan.) inouo L-? penreal Interests ,-u a large sha-ehob' ih>u-e , \ * b:< ii ,'?cr ,t end cot.c?alir.eii mi- % bvou ho 'J*04 *'M'r!'' integrity, end was c onduct unV?.. n'-jr MM <? flUr, n JtMnaii. to*itr-atv->, 3. In .ul- I' athc, the sail M a . k ty, lu his .cp-.i t afore ud the 20:h Eebruary, In;. MtaOewsi.-auder of the i>en?,anient of 'h- we* t K;.,r suid tiit'mi the aid d'-purtnent corn man 'rr to nn.lar etnnd that .he whel ? ainoontof the reductlua mate In be tafllUry teovi eby < rile, of the 8th F-hru iv is,5 within the limits marked an I p! tied for the town was for _ put po?e of said I ar?r Fa worn Assoela Jw-ii, ikiiNi in tru'.n ho hail so marked and nl "ed -ei 1 ?.(.? as ii hi.:, lo theie.u, anltnexottp f ..m the ndli vary reeeive, , iy hctcs ol land for (Jo en A 1! Wider, eighty es tor one Hot>ert Wlisnn. forty e'-e? u ' "V-Bii nc, nn?i forly acres lor one Uut:er. If., i^'wu MVV!* * J*'ut the ?4auos ."f.1 "?m'n 'nd in their rospo . ve eieun* *n4 he. g tli- ag*nt of the lluiter ?sttor "bel,.V'r,,Vurf:r'"'"W kn'' :n* g'tre o!H. I.( eorrnii m. ' 4 H-s-tgrnnirr, wi'h inC-rMted anl <?eer and agoot-cmVf, ? ?n jftKffiS-Ar rtiisws; Urfr ipsf 'ficutlnnr, end harirg ntvpo *d M- < ffietu.1 an tboiily re c?(W c? slain settlors uorjitO fill hi, brothers, who hart located on aaid eiaitn U uU U*f to yield to MHt I ?>??., or U> ?gieo uud compromise n>.li hi-o and pay } it)' for Mill clitni; ;imJ rail Hiddi h .ring, is cur - sequence of i-:iid cutUotity and coercion by and Mont gomery, paid to rat 1 T/iwe two hundred uud t-venty-flve dcliars foi Li- claim, nevorthchias liu, tuc -aid Mout gniuriy, r.ta thueufler, ihat is to .-ay on tivu seven! NOHtoW, tnwtt., on tie 1st Msrch, 1855. and on the h'h Ap'ti, 1&65, to nicvno'e bia private interests ami the imereits of hie associate* in tho fawnee Ar sedation, ?ei.d an armed party of a"Hiers fr. in ihr t"r?, and by force remo?e ai d (jeet the said Dtxons, and destroy their tenements: AH of which couduot and mery i part ibi-iecl wu? a gios* abn. d of hi* authority, a vlei ; tiun cf his public duty, and was concuct uirb"eoa:iug .m oHirer end a gentleman. To which charge and specifications the accused pleaded not guilty. FINPI.V08 AV1? SENTENCE OK THE OOCBT. The Court, af'er consideration of all the evidence In tbe ca>e, finds the accused, Itrevet Lieutenant Colonel Wil liam It. Montgomery, Major 2d infancy, is follow:? \ft S[.r.!Ji<(Ui''n. Guilty, except the concluding words, that in to ?ay. a,A)l which was an abuse of bis trust, a violation ol bis public duty, and was conduct unbecoming an ofliefr and a gentleman,'' nAlanguage being regard ed by the Court as forming no necesoaiy pert of tho spe cifiratiun, but >imply a- expressing the inferences in tended to be drawn from the lack, therein set ferth; fri in which tacts it will be tho provinoe ot tho Court to draw its cwn conclusion when it comes to express an Opinion upon the charge. 2d Sj i- AjuxUi/.n. Guilty, except the continuing words, that is to'ray, "AH wbioh doc it anil concealment was a breach ol duly, and of ofiicUl Integrity, and wos conduct iiFheeoirirg sn rfiieer and a g'-nlloman," which words are excepted for the reasons set forth in the finding t > the first sptcificatiou. Cii Sra{featii,n. Guilty, except tho concluding words, that Is io ssy, "A-d therein as aforesaid. and in a grave official matter, lie, ihe said Montgomery, with int(nested and corrupt motives as ufjrcsaiil, was guilty of deceit uud falsehood, and of conduct unbecom ing in i (brer mil a gentleman," which words are ex cepted, frr the leaems set forth iu the finding of the Court to Ihe first specification. S) n ijicativn 4. Guilty, except the wards 'and permi.s Blen," in the tbrrd niio of the specification, and the words -'to promote his prlva'e interest, and the interests of bis asM.ciates in thu Pawnee Association." and the concluding words?that is to say, "All of which conduct, and every part thereof, was a abuse of his au'ho riiy, a vloia*ion of his public, duty, arid was conduct un becoming m cilice' and a gentleman," which conclud ng words are i scented, f r the reasons set forth in the find ing tolho first r'peeiQeation, and '?Guilty of the ch'irg-." .-'V.VTENL'E. Ho Court, then pasted ihe i dbwiog sentence:-That ltrevct Lieutenant Colonel William it. Montgomery, a m Jor cf the 2d regiment of Infantry, be dismissed tho ser vice of Ihe United States. 2. !r conformity with the G5th Article of IVar. -he. proceedings of the General Court Mar I la i in thu forego ing case have been trsnemitted to Ihe Secre'a'y of War, and hy him /aid before tho 1 "resident of the United States. Ihe following are the orders thereon:? W.'.k lhiR'.uTHENT, tlee. 6, 1M5. The President has this day confirmed the proceed,rigs nnd sentence cf the General Court Martial io the esse of Ji.-evot Lieutenant Colonel William R. M mtgomery, Maj r 2d Infantry, who nccordlig'y censes to be an officer of the amy. Toe Department cannot two s without notice Jtho c?n ~ - *? ?'?I the ^??^??7' reserve at Kort Riley- if thoy have no official resposd biliiy in ibis ca e, thoy have much to reproach ibeui selvus fur, in influencing the conim.iudir.g officer to t the the i _ ' *" ' mui'DwYiv iuvk Sftf.rftt4.rv ?t war. of Tbe Department cannot pun xiui'm uuux,uiuiwi> duct ol the other ? Uiccs of tho arey who engaged in the Pawnee Association to e-iablish a town upon the military :vc at F'oit Riley. If tbey have no official re?j>">%?' j in this ca e, thoy have much lo reproach .tit us for, in Influencing the commanding officer to t ? step eliich lia" involved him in such diQicuLio' JKFKK'fis'ON DAV13, cecrctiry of War. III. Tho followirg opinion of tho Attorney Gonerxi the (hilts A States, upon ceita'n questions invo ved In 'he proceedings of the Gfueral Court Marti il in tho case of Msjor an>i Prevot Lieutenant Colonel Moulgoine'y, is pubd-hed ior the Infutm&tion and government ot all coc cerned:? Arronr 'v Cu.eiul's dunk, Dec. 1,1855. . _p?\oiir communication of this date, trauscnitting fcr my cot sid era'Ion the record of the trial of Brevet ' l.ieut" r.act Colonel Willlnm it. Montgomery by n Gcneml Court Martini, ie<|iies's my opini m of the <iueslinrs. whether the tli olng of the court upon tho specifications, connected vi'h the finding upon the charge, sulfites to mstain tho sentence, and tvl. '.be: the cxcop liora or the court io oorue of the omteuts of the specifi cation were coirec'Iy taken. On oxnminaiion of the record. It appears that I he trial wra.Bhadu on n ingle charge,wall four spocitlcations un der It, exhibitrd by order < t the War ropu"-tment. Tho charge is?"Conduct unbecoming an uflloer and a gentli n ut." It is not tecesearv to the understanding of the p 'iuti of law Mihmittcd to me to go over all the epehliea .ioos, or to repeat wry one of thiin. Analysis of the first spntlfi cailon will put iutii-w the en ire subject nutter of In m?iry. That spf" IficHlion "tales ilint Ilreiet lieutenant Colonel Mcntgon ery, b< irg in command at Fort Riley, in tbe Territmy ol Kut>as, did certain acts, in virtue or unler color id Ids i llico and command, which are set forth iu full, and then cone'aides in there words:? "-'.II which was nu abu-e of his trust, a violation of I is public duly, enl was conduct unbecoming an officer unc a k titleiuhd.'' Fach i I the tlnct oiher cpceiliea let* is framed on the ssmi-'l 'ory ; thai Is, It forth the fa-ts charged in lull end crnciudes with word* of i;ualification logically applicable?not Die same words, but word" standing iu Ibc same I'gul relation, as tbe concluding (xjiresslan of the li 'Bt Kpeoificalion. The cour* found the seemed guilty on each * pec ifi mo tion ai d euilty ol Ike ohsrge, bat, ss to Ihe first specifi cation,,th.y found sreclally ns f How :? '? tl e first speci'icsMon of the cha ge gui'.'y, exopt the concluding words lliat in to say: ' All which was an abute of his trust, a violation of bis public dti'y, and was i cndnct imberi mlrg an officer and n g-ntloman,' inch 1 rgra"c being regxided by thn innrt as forming no nercsur) part, of tbe specification, bnt pimply us (X presi inglhw infeienccs ittendeil lo be drawn from Die tacts therein set forth; from which fa- s It will bo the province of ths court to draw Its own conclusion, when it c< me* to express an op'niou upon tbe charge." To their finding on the secoyid. thud and f >ur'h -peci HcnlK-ns they subjoin a qiislifieatlon similar, >?utaii* multindi*. according to the substance of each of those time epvcifications. In cmcluslou, they say:?"Of tbe charge, guilty." I'yon Ihis ease, the main <|iie<iien, of eoureo, is of the validity of the proceedings of the court considered as convle.-ion and enlcoce; Incidental to which is Ihe other (jucriion, of the correctness ol the exccptinvs taken by Die court; and the two questions arc so much connected, that (lie) may well be di-cusscdand dis|H>sed of in one continuous series of observiv-ions. Is.okiig into i he be oh* of military law, and the pro ccdtuts of trial", ?vcn those of the greatest !roi>ortniice, and wbcie ibo interests at btake ludu cd a scor ching scrutiny of all matters of procedure, whether in Great But*in or tlic I nited Slates, it will be seen that, among the received forms, there is no one of exclusive rigor and oecrr i'y. in which to state military accusations. In the American service the custom is to present a of i ret unbecoming!.. ? , join a "s..??lfic.\tl<iu" or specifications," in which are Mit forth the particular facts, which, it Is conceited, by tbe party prcmrriog the neensation, or hy the authority eideiirg the trial, constitute theofToace d.*?igna'ed in the "chaige." In the British service, on the other hand, there is no distinction lietwrsn Ui? "ehargo" as such, and the "-pc cificati' i." Fach cepantte fact, or set ol fact", constitu ting tbe natter of a.-cusution, Is set forth in u distinct < harge, own nllht ogh there should be a plurality of sub jec.'s of charge, tach one im|sirting a variety of the seme olT> nee, snd therefore susceptible of clsssiticsllin under gorernt lioad* of charge. Dur pinctiri boaconverience, not; to be sure, tn ? very c^c. but in many if, for instance, tho crimn be of a genus which has but species, as "sleeping on post," loon the "charge"!' in geners) but a title, as ft. were to the ' specific.!'ion." Ihr', even Iu each a ci.C ihero may be a plurality of acts i f tie same ctlVoce. <which tt is proper to charge, al though, if | r ved, to be Pillowed by but one p.tesiblesen teo"' for *11 the act*, flic proo s in tbe diffureut esses may treMf-? nt, one of the A.-cu?ations mxy break down, nnd Itcist - n of the cr?me, or of aggrava tion, sir fie reverse, wiui bc?' npoa otttrior i,ue..tinoi; of sppiotnl rr ccii,mt'a'Ian rf , 'eucc, or of pinion. Hut where ihe oiltnsc is .of a genus co.nprehcadiag tnany species, the cour,enicnw of classification uudcr geneial brads of charge is eppaieut. St !1 more is lint eon*aA>nce manifest when the a* cu -utl< it Is cf a plurality cf offences, as ?? db-obedicn:e of oi<leis," " negicot of duty," and "mutiny," nnd there is a plurulity if acts eLcach olTcnce. Then it is clear to ice how oar tends, not only to moth i dire tbe pro.-eei'iogs. bu*, what U more icip-irtant. to mclloeii-s' 'ho ?1-ni'nta of-iIkUIou jn the uiiods of the trier", and of ihe supeuo'authoil'y whlcii is to approve o- disapprove llu-ir final acU-m. Mean?>tiiP*. whichever of OLc tvr<> form* of praitp # be .idopied. ahedier the Aroerlr.ur or the British, o.crLtba it is, in tho language of Die laUer. a " charge." an I in ibat of the fonrir, a 1 S|.<4'ftCkt'oi>," does net nee t to possess Die techiteal nicely of,iodiatirents a' ti?? c<mnion Itw. Tiiils Py court jnartlal are governed t j lh<> uatu.e <d Ik' seivlce, wbiili demands inWlt'gtble prori ion of taojusg'', but rr^ted' tbe snbstanis of things ratter fiaui tt i ir forms- which eschews I r.e-s or enufuaior in all things, bus reHects that Kill tary sdr linlstration must t?' capabie of wirllrg iu jesc-e. il is ttuc. bet more especially au; d t ?e pri.atoms acd tbedarg"is of Iletce, ui d? ub;e>Uy. the rnisst ball rtctcmeu' cf the facts sHegi d ns con.Ututlug the odVnvi, provhlml the legsl olfs-nte it-elt b? d'stla.-tlvel/ and aocurr'o'y le scribMinentb teun- of | i'?ri iru as the rule* n? null t iry jnthprudtn'e requsre, will be tenable in cmi ? tut ?? llsl proefedlngs, a'-d wVll In sde (ira'e pounl* X of conviction and rcntcnie. In the preient es-e, th*r(f.i'e, Inssmii'L r s trh"' re n.a'n- of esvh spcctlication. after the e\-n ptioc m id- by tbe court, although leas fjH and ex pit.jit th*u m w-..i ciigbsl|in, yet pJDnly sppein, on cs ofof mnittii n (I tlx matter, to he cms patent 1 4oiitify the Upling, si ?l lo sustain the ckt go, Die proceeding- are, in ny tolnien. valid in ift'.v. lf. lmi-fd, thul? were any tepo^'nani in t.ii' <* a V) twt m th w l'tls exesptei! to and the te-t of the sMdlfiri Aion, lh? n i.he finding might )>" sujijeet to cavil Ic th" ? sgii.scf ufit lency; But noeneb itifocully cxi-jihwe t ie words 11 disruption b~ing at mmi, ahr'her In the a U u:at?'j? ,d L,e . .nrt or m any p'is' I 'e ? v n h I tail n nnst ne;?e-e.y lo the vrry vitelix/ "f Dm sped8ilt Di A. Vcwsdhtle' tt Ufrnta pi per to ?>b?e. VS, tlur' tfth-s? were qoA w< rds < f ??'es sry mrertl m in ?nec!lie*l( ms, o' lD.n cfie they aaxds of oeceesary'toa the e fr- in. tv He e af .'->fioeti.>n |. mein'ainable tiths u' *hs w< rus xeepvd. eo >t i.i with them. Int-utb, tijore wmds were <Ve<crty.ive ef th* fee s i llegid, di rigi-c'ing 'has* eheree'er, pointing out tbe'r relet I' n io ip?cfe*'g?, snd specially indtcxi'eg the vtristy or perltcntar h i in ta the ett- o a charged, that Is, ua .ft cerifke and iicgcutlvnicrdy c r.dact, ens "f lira moet in '? finite ais compiwbcnsrsr of all the < den es mentioned to <f ?? sr:'t!ss of war. ?? ai'klgnrar an cfilcer for an offrr. e of so vagus pa \.t ?- ??. *, ithta leeptbc'>(ktedTi-aVe. b j i I declare, nut iu(j (h> general relation of th' ftefs *:? 'he eba-ge, Imt a! o Uletr s|ieetil natn.i in the given dlstltigulfhad irotn 1 n*- Infipi fly cumbrous ml)*- condi tions oi v| <?'?.? ot no ihcerlik* or ungetdli manly coado-M. A n.>.li itiulo \ji ail, collated ca ,es wig,ht Do adduced of Mo pre'eot cpecieiired f td of itleg itinn, -o thelitis ooll Mistni-Bil by prtcedants ?i by t?? pl*?. I'mlieulHrity oi resetiption would mom to bo lor the interact of the party aoonxd, if tie be tnnorru , or 0: doubtful aulkint's, ar?i for the interest oT thu seivu* if be be guilty; and therefore idyia'ago u? on 0.1th sides. But 11 ape.iflostton is g'xut. sad will support the rtodieg am] MHiriice ujh.ii it, wl<h or without such dceeripliro desfgna'lon of t'e act, | rovM<-1 it appca-a that the fat is alleged and pr< ycd constitute. iu any point ol view, the ollnce cbaigvd. I suppose, in ibe present rase, the court, oouci-lhiR as it did ol < Hirers of high eati illation, may have consult:, ed, that their duty did not requi'O of them to tind the pre cite <|iiality ot iho ac'H in uusa'iuti, iu au many worns, and ofheiWiae Ihttn aa judgment la tbis respect might be inferred from their finding on the charge and frcni the sentence wliieh they pronounced; and that idea mar bam offered itself'.o tl elr ruin-la in enilMquooca of the apparent lubt-tanlivetwiis of HUlcuwat, iu which t'.e quality of tbe facta is here alleged iu the rueeiUca'ions. To prevent the uccurnuce of such occasion of question or rxcept'on in future rn es, pet mil me respectfully to suggest, either as ccccludicg or commencing words of speediest ion, tlie em ploy men t of the v ry worts of ota-ge, and that such expulsions of qu-litloation. as the ratnre of the facts mav require and ju-til'y, when em ployed, be incorporated in I bo mu re' ivc part of the tqss cillciitlon. 1 bate the honor lo be, very leapectfuUy, c. cu&hisg. Ii( n. .'it ikbfok Di\ is, Focretnry of War. By uider of tbo r'eciei.iry of War: . S. COOl'ER, Adjutant General. THE BOOKSELLERS' WiR. ProsvMt of the Brcomrx Prraoiiiil? Mbiilf^toti (ram ait Stile*?i'Mc lltvlnvn? Late fixe I r Temper*, etc., etc. [From the American Publishers' Circular and Utern-y (?axettepDcc. 15.] rt nusHEUfl ,im> the num. In a recent article upon " i'uhUsbera and the Thcss," there was certainly no intention of provoking a personal iliscusnon. It was the design of tt it arliolo to at ite the general imprtstioi. that the lcwrspaper notices of bo 'Us wore ofun influenced by other comic era'.form than the intiirate excellence o( the works tliomielves; and it was written upon occasion of tho avert!, n Ufa Boston news paper that a publishing house bad aterirpt.d to coerce tbe prei-n, became it had -ecu lit to withdraw i's acrer tisemen's from that paper cou'enfenureou-ly a lib a i unfavorable netico of ono ol the publications of that htti-e. Ihe temporary committee of the Publishers' Associa ticn deairo to suite frankly, that this bta'enmn'. about the press van made by Ihe ( iitului in such a manner ihi' cine leadirg jouuiaii have felt themnelve* eiluwl to the faience ot their own lnmosty. although the intention ot tho article was no purely impersonal that tho cuomittec will not allow any false seme ol honor to preveut the ex pression of their u-grat that it sua in any manner liable to anj other conatructiun. But while they state this, the couimi tee inuit still ap prme 'he general tru-U ulrios* of the article The-e can be no doubt in the mind ot any in'oIJig-nt man a*, all la miliar with the management 01 newjpapura, that tbcre is a kind ot indirect influence both sought und exerted be tween the publishers and the prc?s. Eve,y man wbo publi.-hea booki baa constant apelica i . ua tor copies of w rts "for notlie," or reiiueata fur aavertlaemsuia, with tbe prt ml.-tv, as au inducement, of g ><><1 notices, or a ofu aalcfiioiire because there is no udvcitfscm -ut. This is not gross pecuniaiy biibory?but overy man c m tee the chaiacter and consequence of -ucb trineac'ion*. the committee, ofooun-c, do not wish to quote instances of tuis kind. They arc well known to the tradc and to the piesr uud our nailers will be -u'ixtied with an aaseili iu. since our < bject is not Indhidnal disgrace. hut general rcfoint. It is wrong upon both thlca. lie article in question implicated both solos, for shaie there is a party bribed theic is a party bribing, lhc press and the pub lic owe it to their professions t. at such potty dishonesties should cease. The article in the Circular luis very natural y called forth [moo or turnouts iu the new-papers and In privets! circle*. .So fur as we have observed, tho general expres Men lies let n in favor of tlie justice of tne positions it assumed. ? d * ? ? ? ? ILu Vow Yotk '/Vitiine ale<> tnkes notice of the article in qiichlirn iu a in,inner which we confess si ?ooirha' rur fihes us- It does i? t dbcrss (he principles involved, ut descends to a persoccl a'.tack on au Individual pub lishing house. Willi -itch poreoiiulilUs this j>uinalba* rot hug to do. >Ve are not attacking or ilelmoiug indi viduals, but simply ciac'iseing a geicral questirn, in whiih ;J1 are interested. We have. thereVre, li-.lle m a aion to reply to the Trti.itnt artl ie Hie publisher at tacked will, of course, mat e a leply, if he o?eins It worth while. One or two mierep-eseuUtiobs we must, how ever, correct. Tlie Tribune says we have published "a moat sweeping cbaige of venality and corrup'iou against tbe leading Now Yotk journals, in tlie ma'Ur ol' reviews of new bor he,' and loan* i. to be indirectly bet inevitably inlnurd that the rbarge is nun e against ine Tribute par ticularly. 'fhia is without a shadow of truth, so far n? wo are concerned. eloce tbe foiegoir.g was wiitten, the Tribune of lb s morning. 13th inst, calls in>on two individual members of tho Publishers' Ashociaiiou to stale explicitly what psitii ulsr New Veil journal* are vena! iu'? heir literary crilicLuis. We beg to icimnd ;bo Trit.un* that tlie New Yuik I'libll-her*' Aaaociatlun is respoanible tor any chaiges made In this jt ureal. This rtc.rpi ,g aside to chnllei go imilTidnals is, at the least, not in good taste. 'Here is. however. no occasion t>r the sp, ideation ol particular papers, arkeil by tho It Hour. 1'he chaiges really u.sde in i ur fo-mor article have been virtually ail mitiid by nearly i very paper wbloh lias noticed the mai ler. lhc 7'itTi.fti itsc 1 bus net denied tbem. The charge bi ..uglit by us is, that thera are journals whore book no tices aie influenced by pecuniary er nsidorati. n?. iind that tbtso ate not to be found amurg the obscure alone. We have brought no ch*r;.e against New York journals, or lUatrn jour nr 1a. or any in Moreover, it the charges were denied, it would not I* iDcuxuTeet upon us lo set ourselves forward in Bon Wuix otc fashion tou medy the grest evil. Became one mek's the general cbaige that mclety is corrupt, is hs culled upon to name Inulvidual culpil'sy Because one Mate* that mniy rnt.pvl.eis oi the church are hypocrites, is h* called Upon to say who Iheo- are p ii iieiUa ly r We thiuk the Tt il un,. ilselt may t?- quoted ssauihoiuy against auch a positi. n. lhaf the evil referred to hy us as a matter of current report should be examined, and, if possible, extiiguisbed, would be desired, one would supi* se, by alt g. i.t'. men connected with the piesa nliosc self resp'-ct is coneeincd in the question at issne. SOMETHING lllCH EHOM ODIO. [I'roin the t-'andusky l.'aporter, I'ec. 14.] POOK H HIJSI1FIIP IVIl TItt; I'UBsS. A tew day* since we called attention to an article in the It ,ok I ublishere't irct'lttr tirtti wlikh, lo most unequivocal wcrda charged upon critics and ne??p.i|ier proprirtois venality and btioery in their critique* of mw borks. lhc icvel-ition w*s of an extraordinary cbaisctrr?being a confers ion, on lhc part of book pub Ushers, of the on ones* <f trie whole system of book puffery as practised by most of tbe metropolitan proa*, ihe ebu'gu of corruption was eo plainly made, mat it could not be nistaken; and the press, tnua arroigmd, of course c ulil iceroely avoid a reply. The Tt tlutie gives the ' irrulm V chaigo a race un qualified derusl so far as that daily i* concerned. It says:?' t'pon inquiry of the ret poo ?? hie condrutor of the r-i1 per in which thr*e whob -tie allcga;iuns are put forth, we les.rn (bat their author is a Mr. Mason, one of th? lrouie rd Mason Protlirrs, of this cf'y. Writ ex periencc Mr. Mason has had with oiler 'not obscure unci ml ifluentlat' i-,urnuls we du nut, though we have little di uh*. his iusinuatlous are as fal e in re-pect to them .in in rsspe-t to l>ie T. ihvit'. As f..r a' we are cctrcen cd, we can say that that, houie have made repeated efforts to cin'r-d our columns for their own juifote*, and have bevn tepralcdly ilisaptwvla'eh Kxtemivc advertising has U'lcd to secure (he adrnlsslou of noli'ea of thci.'Ikv ks prv p*i e<) by tbc'r own wrb?r?, to obtarn for fhem ar y more favorabl ' roiewa than their intrinsic meilta woi bl ju";'y. tu.irc of theso dbanpoiot tr? nta I avc l-esn the nugnr piiva'Oly rraui feiteil; all oft beiu hav veiy lilely cmrtri luted tnhs liad opinion which Mr. Mason no r i xprns<es respeyting tlie ? not ct-scuio tad ur.ii<lluer.ti?il' New Turk pi-en* In gene ral. ' And g'ww <n to ailmini tcr some gratuitous advice to publbhers generally, aid to ihuse of the Hush cU*? In lartlcnlar. The Time* Is moro qualified in If* statements, disclaim rng, howevrr, any corrqpiion en it-. pn?t. It presses the Cmvlar tar h me aMrliic cha ae-H-ks Mi>-rs. Appleton and Pa'ram or anybody else, f >r lid irmxti >n to c .nrtn'r thr imt, so far as the fin-., !, concerned. As 'here were the to., j.urn.Is ganeraily Kuppo-rd ' hit," it rrmains t>r the OW o'.i to cooio kn ra d *i i its specilien'ioDS, that the |iuMic ci .y be n aiie aware I the whole truth. New, while we are wllUqg to believe that, in these pa ticular ln?Ui.icr.s tbe t'l/vidrr has rnaiped venuli'y Vvhere Vim fs be t r si stain the rt.irge In the sl n-o In which I' is preferred v,e mns* confi is 'hat fh# pi dura is not yet all in ti e ibtfground to the S '.ti*rac.tiou of ?? ihe i?iug pubaitte" A* tbe 'hilMHt issorrl.' ? mpLacent in i's asso'nptl. n ol hoc,'*iy in its reilew detiartnr-ni, wafenn it in o-der to put i n-wqurrJes toi-.s i; oi notice toitor' are yon notormaf ihe . in ,r' -r'llsi prr'iHrcarlne, reeelv II". lor totr lei'Tt-iaa?we.?e mint eilCoIUraper sear ?alarv ' are son ??i maua??ri|" rrsdr, ?,r thu publishing h>u* r of ? '',,,r "Wjich j'tu rc.fiivc oi'/ht )>u tdred dullAj-n uer )pir *|icrr|i'' r Are you not p-vup' In. |.-, Ion of'or of Itaitier's Ma , a/'pe aeu .1 O ttjrhy s i -.Hr- !?? i ,.-,.r.ldiira lonofiou |<-.Don ,n Ih' rnlff r.? n rev ,,i*rr ?t tew hooks? I n J. u act ice! oWlgjOvl | y , c?ui?e,qio.v wuli \["?ts Harp, .aid Derby tor-ou ? h. u work* particularly, and sens intty Midi ft ?or / tlai ' ipfegrity of ji.iriiiali o.r " may not be at -t%ke | , Lbivmatltr, but the aa'rgrt y i f o i'irlsm .crta nly is, a?.i a yi ri er jour i svn J.-iVi see* p -o|s ? open tie? ray k.1 ?t.0-e qne-t. m? ly ,,n ninip'iori of p :-fe". hiue-ty in y . uv d.qsMtmwtt, ih- "ni icsrt.i.ig ,?,hli ?' wnaid hel the better sari tie) if u?. quel to, w re fuly i anniM?*rrd. A ? rivrgondvnt of Iheeaare journal tayi -Now my friend <? not this a pielty ,ovulation on flu part of our rthy ileieis for th- In'eit tual appoUte of our mttD .-.ti.-.posing a bad b..?4 Is publish-dr Hie dollars ..... ndoveif. r-npp'is.rga *iy<! f ark i?..\s p .pedr 1-yf Five . olUia I* 'hemtra- ep? 1" it la-md?ntore the an Tor of aAOOll bo' afford t.. sub idii?buuk. -e leis aod t)e? press f Hin. g *. I !??), goes to tbe *bel'. I'.trl, rntbe, I,ami, bad hook has Money to b?-k 1? Aha ' tfcen bad Iwwrk w' 1 1* pol s,l m'u -u'cess llh ! l.i ir-t his ksvllor ' tl, mierpil in; pui vuyr.r for the hc baOKui: What a c itlor a Me t aian-v'-ho'' most be sa-i i'p, in his p?*?. op the eabbatb i Hat who . to kUave Net Ire. fitvaj) ' li.c |,ii? h?For wbokf uicml bscouulrj'r nv-rala W all his own hr'Sd ??><! bu'ler madly uuarrsls lie's lot to ask If hO'ika sin k II' r.r vvs'l ' f be .,u?r,kvohe wnar pw'tv. ? Will ihsy sell Aid. If id dsy he prte'a a?iera! tlre.1. To ipornxr equarea ihe ao> est?be prto.s a Bil.'e. I ivjoice lhat this ?ubjeer ?ur I c-n " t.pxwed i p." It should ta> we!i aif'd, be'o:e fir# fo.llir htipes unuiUwr Ik

ygsip. Theic I- a dial of is*, a'lf# ' hnhind the semes " uioOiil e) rbUc -b uld h<- oisi'e aeqnaintv.t wi'h?fh. iiaewn p*e and b. h *,f. If we are ti i* syyemaMcvIly fs . ,*a o by o : rupt dittos and their uaaprup ik) is em (Jryeri?J our |atUc frontle, -ocig! ?BdpiW'K-?l t'?r vvi'l ?' tmituvuM >re to lw> biaped by n.t:teii.iiy vin iiiMl behind the priming p. err. it is time tha*. ''Know Nothing' m " rbouM aid's for the pro'oj'l A of our country'* ? i id, as v.< 11 ai- I c b"i'v ami that mum juv.rnal ahontd be fauno bold rnciUgu to initiate the mo. t ui< nt. A YANIKB MANIFESTO. [Front lie I?, 'on Ail**, I'm. 18.] TO IliK I enuK or TUB -triAS. CEriuMC*?When my communication oouoerning the li'viKij lODLeotiona ol tlic he* Yuik Ti thuw -??* pub liabril in vcur paper, ore the 'ignaia/e 01 ? I'pdloiJ,4*I I ail but i?.le Ion nf tbt true chaiA'tt <f the conductor* < 1 that 'beet. 1 had of an t ern told 1haf when ia oon 'lovcrty. they were unfut, unscrupulous, ahunivo, iiuu u'Uily t?gui41e?e of the tigliio of urlvntecharacter end oftbe common joui'enies ol life Front eucli impu tations I hue fvretrforedefended theio; but wbe'her in troth,Ike re thaiacterislic* do not pi operly belong to them, jour readers nha'l Junge. My artir'e v>iS deigned to show th< rcadir.g pubis i tliel 'he liiltint: won At It Art liable to the euepicion ef partiality in its booh notion*, beciuse its literary editor was employed by two publishing Louse-. in New Y< k v ? aucuM'rip'. nailer. I will not repeat the argument I ih'u employed, nor ad-J Any reaeuua why. in my opinion, ?hi* etrvii'gou both rides is improper. The in;ta being ot ce known, rhepubii; will judge f r thenoelves. As the T> if unnU e? not deiy the eha-ge, but defend ? the po tilii it ot ite critic na nmfccntly prop?r, It c?nriot ha e tbe irast objection to i.r Caving the publicity. It o.av, tbeietoie, be stated ; nat tieurge hi piey, its literary editor, i? also snlarieo by Messrs. Harper k Brothers, and by Mr. J. C. Dei by publishers. It i? repireil that he receives from ihe tern er house $1 200, and from the lat ti r SSCO per annum, for bis sei vices. f lie roi vlt et this contnversy will be that these fa^t* wi.Jnow have ea wide a circulation an Mr. Ripley him nil could derlre. And aa that was all 1 intended" to ac l owp.if h in toy farmer communication, 1 am, in that Tcipect, ontlreiy ra:islied. But if 1M> snug arrangement of Mr. Hipley's is as iu nobint ?s the Tribune thinks. why does that j"U uwl get into M.ib a toaeiiig patsion when i. ia tnaoe known B<by I a- tt jumped from the true issue, aid made a per renal attack upon met Cm it be that., like the cly mouse in i Iamb's fable. ihe critic does not like to bavo hie hermitage in the cheese discovered?that he won'd li y to M'o the linger that pointa at his cell, where he moititlos bl? carnal desires? Fordoing t u is service to the community, the Tribunr hau treuciierouH'y violated the confidence opum ?! ny ine in i no of the ft lends of the cr'tic?not ita first trick of the 1 iod?tnd dragged my nume before the public, with a nrcfur ion of I'pl'htfs that must have taken consileia llc study to acquito. Kow the pu'.-lie hud not the least concom to t-now who " Upstloo" was, nor what his cba rao'er might be; tut they had an interest in liuoway wht iher liis iinpHrd charge agaiuat the 7< itune was tru . ami now thry do Vunw. J i o not tilievr that ?Dy other paper in Boston or New Y ik?not. tun the mm', scuriiious? would have conde rcentied to use the language which the Tt \0ur?. lias seen fit to tmpioy jgnictt me. Ibo days when Hfacktoowt could iaII Brougham " a Billingsgate fishwife." and MsCol oth ' an igumai t lout," lone goue by. For t-e in tier of literature, tlat ?yle of ' a?gumont" 1 as fallen ii to d.pu;e? to the purlieus txplotcd l w hy Hot Coin philantbropiste. But the IVflwne'i abnee la mostly fro'h. irn'oed, I an cvrpit-ed that the wri er ha- found ho to * thiog-i t > my di-ciidit. \ery few (i up!e go th ough the woi Id withou' committing tome filly or ab.-uidi'y, or worse, perhtps. And if nothing marc cao he urgedagainst me than hnvini.' ?nee accept* d a courtesy from a man who afterwards 1 li ved hiueelf no little of a genthmun, w''y, I sbtv.l think i have c me ''If rtnuirkably weii. As to the as-irtiim in the Triburu that my eemiuunict tion whh ccca; ii neil by it' unftvorable roll'C of a Ixi'k, pubn )isn by I hiilips, Fampson &Co.. Mr. ltipisy is well aware tl-.nt it is unit ue. Ai d it the Ti ilnnn di es u> t eor tect ha rtatenieni., it will show that its inignamuhiy ie equal to its other clsims upon the respect of decent; no 1\ lin 11 have to j ?y oonct rniog the gei ei at churrtc'er i f ? the Tiilutii'* criticisms will be presented to the public ebewheve. But no c? nelderui i?n can Induce me to con Hi ue a ireroly peraumtl eon'ioveray. I have thrown beck the <aninujta, but f sh .li not mention Mr. itipleyS tuiu e again, ncr is ply to any further personal attacks. In the Uitantiiiie, I ies|,ei:tftil-y a--h every editor who has copied the aitnle from the Y'ihuio, or giien its pur pott, to print ihts briet replr. Iter pec ti'u fly yours, F. B I'NDEHWOOD. THE LAST ttohd-a ?> ino speech asv CON FESSION. [From the Tiibuue, I*c. 19-J For months, we might my <?r J?*f- certainper* en?. ,.,,bH.Kauthow. Sno uiew . <>? authorg n succeed i e in Keti i g Inn. t?>? ItU.une commendatory Articles of w?la"n hUh" In which tktJM an interest, go n*m> 'baking tlirii heads, looking s'.Vmn and my atari. Uo, and lntinaflBg that strange stories might be i told ?* to the se cret 1 is'ciy of our H'eraty ei U(. ?m? At long hanartici an eaJK in the FuWilun' ttnvlar c< ntaining grr charges if ..ponncsB to bi ibt ry and l habit, ot ..1'eu"t '**" ed again?t the pre?" generally. A writer >n *?*?*?? jtlltS, who signed biro-eli "I psilou. nr. to>. on Ue buiien, Meeting ? gain* I the Trilnw by name, the R - npi ftl ciarfiPS c-t 'be / m' tfiu'tir, JLis i in iuMikc. mat tb* r ^rpioy^ J as its principal literary ciitic a person who w4.hd jy tli hand of two New Y'oik publi ddng hou-e*. who thus b*d Uui c.mplcidv under 'heir thumb, and *kathy e.nse. ? utDCo impartiality in the literary review if tbls jouro*. wasoutolthe qwiliun, we being ~1<> Uin-ugh the ?to we < in ployed to the two publishing houses ubuvit leier M Nor'wM " l-'psllon" content with this anonymous at tack Ho Inchnes bi" ccmmunlcithn;U? frojn .be .Mlrh to cue of t? e principal prop. ietori <>r the rn'ui". taring special l?in? that the note should reach, Ita d#*i nation, sod et?tli g. in his rem handwiittng, woll known in tnr office, Ih'.t the rame of the write.- the atti-- <? he pivcn up by the editor of t.e, Ar.<t.< tr desired. Not cc Lieut with ibis, he also write., to oua . f the Vw 101. ui.blhbcit rcicne.lto in his ronnmui-icati-jn ?a having {be /V./or.c thus indite, ly under y?J ch?'glIn* J^ of the Jriiun( In round terms wi'h being sy-tem.'. roily unjust," h.dcing his corresponieot to tell him so II l,e liked. anA ihrratening to bine tlie *'' <-de "'IfO*- I'* rilon" '? ulserttd is far ?* n??lWe throughout the -mn try with a note to emit editor explaining the nca tor, ai d this incoknt aid Uureatening le tor, which t .e pub li,her towhem it wascirected wasby its te-m* au'h ?> tr--1 ?o con.tsuuicalc to us, was signed, not " t paiion, hut b. H Mr?rnde?rwocd thus assume? the m s.Uori, not rn're'v in hi, ebarae'er of ' Tp-iicn, but under hl? own pn ier mm o and signature of a ca.uinnuib r of the hilune,*? a corrupt, bribed and bought ionnuL whose li ersry were systematically unjust a-d worf|> lera and finiiug him thus, as it were, with bird*, in our la. e, not merely aianccring us but ev.dfnil# attempt ir e to frighfen us, we thereupon hit him a kick, without any particular attention to delta.-y in doing so, or much caress (o the part (hat m.Rht happen <? *> ?t, 1M^much ttought as to the possible conse-iuepces to'the"J*.' hsd thus evoked us. If the nose ?.f th.- voolic k r fended in conieHuenee, Mr. I mln won i the i; , u re.n. r.slbie. rbe "'w Uts. Findi: K fcirnseif thus unexpectedly draggm Info he luihi of day be now .asks to pass tta?U r,,_00 V','1 ^Hicn a'L locmc dlspof. d to g..e him aome c.nnte ranee in doing so?as s poor, 111 oxen', bar ml* 1 elp lees, dismtereeted irciiyidual. she mer ly wl hi .0 drs cubs tbe abstract <iuob, .on whet .or the two p.*: .or.* o readtr to one or mme loadioi; publiehir.g hou-es, an. that of iiteiarj critic to a Itadi. g Jourm I. are eifnpwti tie <r not and ol b .ring been rcthie'sly torn to piece* r? uf?nccr irnoccnt lamb t! at he i>?iu the arrogant, unscrupulous, abmire style, utterly regardlcs 01 the 1 lab's of iiriya'e cbar .cter and of Um^ common courte sies cf life, which be now g ro the public to ui<le_ *:ant ia anfher of the enormities whi-lt (he TrtOunr cast "ihl" a dodg. which will f0*. deiwood n Igh: hsrc discussed lo his hoart scan oL :inon\m.-usly or n-hc.rwlse, the abstrue question o. tt? Ineoropa'ibiflty of the dutks cf critic and manuacHt t render, lie might have published in tyery juu.-n il of 'h luicm, giving name" nn I r.articulars, that the g -nMcmvo Who SCI" as 1 he principal Mlera. v cHHi of the T V^. U al'o leader to two eminent publishing house, in l^e* York he n ight have chuckled to his heu t s c .n out oyer this bet as a di-eovciy of his own.'c ite geiHus. ig n01 ant that the gir.'lcmnn n question ?"?. known In a 1 liieraiy ciicles fo be in the seivice of one of fho'e h uses p. tore t.C entered upon Ouis. he ttight, if h" plcass".. have ctliiciifd tht Ceiticiinin of the Trihuwe% ao?l ii he could that they were pa"1*1 and A" he was at full liberty to do without bringing he own p- ? smil motive" and ;C?ition Into ques'h n. But when In set bimsel; up a* an accuser of the T'ttmn, and ? d? n un er of its literary ciiticisiua us "sy.-temat.cully un just " giving there or no other reasou exoep*. hi* ?*n personal opinion thereupsm. the questi.nsbe- mi o. nn J crtenc. ?j ih. public and to n*?Who Is th.i *r. 1 nde - woo-1* I rd'r whatcireuma'i.nce" hsvehis opine ua been fciircdf And is this critic ot out cilttclror* hlrasetf frcma.lMu"? Tloe .|U?sii<ns the public area;*, wi dme ray. fully able 1o answer, aod line we are ail log ?.> let ihc matter test. Wc are 1 erectly wil ing alto to 1 Mr. I rdeiwocd the beneilt of Ms own ob-eivition, tlmt ??yery few rt.oplc go through tbe w-oild without o-.mud - tirg eon ? f"Uy or ah.-urdity. or wor?e, perhaps. we hope he may he me of tbo-e sensible pvaple wh . are ab.? to lesrn by 'tiperl-nee?; sn.l wc pituiinchc ?lu nut r m ini nee another enrlenglit on th? TVibuii, wltbout tu-t counting the cost. Tbentrea and Knbihittone. B ioADWiT TniuiUK.?The emn-ing poMl" comedy en titled " A Morni. g Olll,' In which Mad. Tonn md Mr. Fenno sppcer, will b? repeated this -v. urrg 1 .? jure ni e ci>tt?" i?ns will afterna.d |e.P rm th? comedy ( ? Cent in .he," and the horleUaof MyNetghiw.: "Wife. He manaprr announce ,4 King Charming ' Wilt o? j roc need In gorgeoue style next week. Nirnf)'.*.?The Havel* are toperf-r.-n thr ir famous p'ece of ii?ki" Ihlsry. nUg alter which M lie Hubert and he , oiire eon s Of danoers will appear in a new ballet, c. u uo:-td l y M. l'rillant, ta'W ? lbcMe of Nymph*.'1 I hi-ballet Is represented to ?fT? rd A 'lie Rolrert ?nt h-r eomife- a rate opportunity for ih>i cisplay of their ?e-pa'eb' "en abrl ties. Medina" U the lac' pi".?. Fr.wi.xv Tnorig ? vb?ksp?rt's g'eat tragedy | 1 Maclelh" is to be produced tbje eyenlog ?i*u on uu usually st re eg atrong east?Mr. E. Mtdy. * favori.e sou Naw Vi Ik r'ar f ?rs, as the h. 0. Mr W aril a? MaeduT, Mi F Pea at lltea a. and Mrs K."l as Udy keslxth. 1 he capital taire of tbe ' Imiub Beile" concludes t.? e tejtalttaenia, liiansiye pre ii ioiis are naklcg fur ihe hi lidaya at this hour#. Ft sr. N'a Tn?a?# ?re?pH#t'? < very gratifyieg sv.e.vaia of naw 1 ieces ibr rum tg. r r dh?/?s k bU custom o_ oj clonal'# btlogiTig forward old faeon'es. the b. noefd -'Toodle*" ta to le pres-nte 1 f. aigb' ' her wilh ib#r?w e< m?dy <f 'False*,' which bi? all ami y bad a run of nearly 'h er Mr. tlirtn bar ctuuacters ?4iiiliably suite.i to Lirn m each pi ce. \V 111*1 *> Tnwnua?Tbe rem..iksl'e su-c- r n' tbo ,nrj drama ?t * PewMne." end 'he ex. - le .1 c.a dy , f"To I *o1 '?n?fdi?ns induce th# na nge- to ? rnmince tr"" for mpw'ltii n this evnirg. 'he ac?,,,g [Ithe-e nterc# i? "fa '?T rupe.ier order; n. Vet, It [xukl n.'i well be cth.rwU# when th.- ca?t embra.-#, t.-.e ramc?uf?li tiiw leading m. iabers of the Ul?n ofcmi I*wVof V Wis'lSWA?In addlti-.n tea #arb-d el'<*' faeVrtic and rcw a. of' and dm', tli* rsp-Ha.' irmtp# *n, to r gtr l-sriorm the iaugbatd* fe te .ailed Tm t'i uble-B'ddrd Koo---." Ml 1 lit1# FghXJ'ai'hns-?The akifi.l n. noer in #h'. h ?lis i.#iritt baaC t; nnd*: their wtf?, &e.. f h vbc h'.??e <v?ry evening. Ybt baitcs it of "i n?-?ii? Borgia'1 elcree to night's performance*. A" *Pf w iUii..?'Ibf :cct-ptH rf thi-evening wi'i be for I be beotlU of M.k l ry, < v< of ihe prliic' v. -a '?eis t>' tbecelsb'.. ed oiigtfrii.l Cii'lsty'* Muvatitl* There lift hrch an txpn.c change ia ti e prinr'ainmi for the oc casion. (.tiitirt by Tho uu* Fthiit U Sieuvhtr. 'this g? o' tnuti delivered au oration at the Broadway I TobeiUJi e l?t evening, for the houctlt of the children ot tbo Hto Micheil t'reane, an active Irish Confederate of IMS. Ibt kind e'ljeot in view ?*.* well as the fam^oi the rpeitkex Frought together a Urge audience. A good m.tny iiibh military oemyaulta, attended If a baud, we.ep.o not. Mi'. Meagher enteied the hell about eight o'clock, end was received triih inuoh applause, l-ilng for liis nihject "lite Fenallie* of Pub.ic life," le c< unit nice with a bii'hanl description of the ob r<ui Us of Heuiy Hey. A el'y, opulent a* the Qhtvn of hhfba, oxjcoM*r?*d ter f*et aod bead, p'lt on tad weeds of widowbiw d, and bowed in homageto the mem . ly of the in whom voice would teach end gloddm ker ? o mote. It wss not foriiim to s ..cak of tho various '"col li p? with which ? tcene lif e ibis was contemplative. At allsrch solemnities there whs much falsehood .is well as tmib. l ist ion could deck )ie >elfat gracefully in the 11 on!nitg .sicle an in those livelier saloons, where wit* 'r,ch s M i'uelivc nnt'lloiy of :.rt ball and bridal wvr< hooted out and puffed for rale. Vengeance t eel', rcsties* while the hunted prey bad life, might com# i s fiol'ed bail and coo) its Hurst, with copious cups, poured ? at in memory of the coffined foe. Of one feeling atone wasle induced to ipros. Of one feeling alone, which such a spee'aele migb* excite. >nstracted by experience, Has he ut nil capablo to Hp oak. \t fce di'i ?ofc nuif/aw, I there was more than ? ne ymsng heart in thvt vart crowd bewildered with the pHgernt, the iaci unih if recalled, the am tut ion it Inspired. Tiie b y litis [ tan well In the hi mo of Ids boyhood. ttbas ben ibe nursery of bie fancies, bis friendship* and ht? liopes. In a pure biight atmosphere?in the shadow of aged laurels ?whh tbo vie** oi 'be pa-t coming to him Til attlu*et gircuns ft cm the throncc o' the poets, the grave, of I eroi e, and the groves wbeic jiliilo-ophy had auUtlpaled lie iieetiab?ho lion been lillcrt with the pa'si,in t-? bo gmt. lie celebrities of history?'lie notable of tlie onn p ard fmurr.?the rchool and senate, t to lyre and swo.d?becscu to Ut" s hit the gods were to tee 'rs <. writers of ihc Avontino and Acropolis. He would emu late, the l est, the noblest ot iliem. He would ne' vo the oi mmonwi alih?N tlie laurelled <duM?pura of the people ? 1 o burro to the t' 1?would shake the pillars ot the ffnale I all wi'h periods which rhould echo through the n oui.fsiiiH, 11 e It/'Ust and the fu' thef-t or the future. In that crowd, that givat arxay ? f ?:ms, theie long lines ot homes lmiig in black, the fum rul car. the solemn muslo, | and tie n> mini on every lip, he beholds Ills c ream ot tone fulfilled. ' bs young dresiner should bewsre! It was g . ;i, ui to be carried to the grave with all the pomp lb' rcjribHc could ihciie. It w.<* glorious to have oneV guld en fcnti nces graven on the wh.Ih, on moon mental rla'is, son lianrieiH Isuoing the dotty thorougbfare. But lot bim take lietd?f the. f s.Ha .hrnugv vrbtch these Uooors wi re cch'eved, Let him bewa.e ofthe penalties of public, life, llis ill's* ar.pia.nnce is successful. Hot sue.ess toovi te-' i nvv. ifcey say he's no orator, then, hi* clo is too" flowe y las' i f aii?to can the climax ? it's liish .cloi.ueris ? (hat's all I Hero Mr. \l<".gii;'r bu'st Into u sjlerdid jassago en Irish el.vjueocc, cnlng ?he> idon In We? minster Ma'), srd Sbkl in t!'? llcucj for,mrnr. salcf'ar.ces if its beouiy, power, iml mmjic. Ji fib uiies, O'eriidden, rljicn into e/uuities. Rn id les n solve 1beru??lviB into i nrptracles. Ihesee nsp-rajies, egsintt hi.< ehsraetor am' huppuiese, pursue the public n an i i^h and day, co'l about bim even i?*. sacred pHce-', an: tt Jl ey do noldestrry him wi'h t'.eir sting, di-ligu e h'ni at'h their slitre, ft. Is no lunger liia ?1 )i(0?mH) ttiy dliparnfic. That has hern piovert;an.l when the war d applauds, ho bitieiett ciitio in?y h id his tongue uud like a whipped tiuur.d. huilole hiin-elf aw*y. Iv is his pa'Uvti Tn they now lirioscb. 'fhey write him ibrwn a d.magogne. lbey rorsacb Ihc history of the mo ?* rio. ins ilmcs and labfc'et for n parallel^to his sliune. Tbrovirgaside 'l i r\4 sic and llie uu o^ies oi m il in stirv .they divt beading ioto the foulest pool el' v.tu j ? ra ti n, and ctlile lnm by 'he hen hal. The young l&tiiot is a pchtmer. a liherllr.p, s swindler. Worto than all?worse 'ban schem r by ten ihoiisaml tine,si Worw lhan ilbettiae, as lie leptr is more hi'oouvehan tbo cr'p^lcl IV'ojto tlar. swindle.', as tho cailiff who who n at In the fcce? f ihc t-aviour is accounted viler than he 1st bn ke bones upon Hie crows! Ie' hiin biarkcn to it and shun the 1 ght?he is an .idveatu'-or' The sons of the Tiignia Fathers^ say so. The s inn of 'lo rej?ls if 'TO r?;, to. He iJ an adven'urcr! To Ihe public can e be has given all. I'or (hat reuse has (Ioum 'he b st aol dared tho worst. Tim', fi ? tune, gri lus. Hie tt-olf hws beon uevoted to it. It has nit made hhn lib. ror fashionable, nor a invm tcr of Corg'o -, nor a Ci'y Judge, nor a General of B-i gadc. It liu.' not put a pei i y in his pocket, nor a lewtlier in his cup. It Waves hnn iu bis manhood poor, bur 1?> iiest; teevc though deeolate: wiih.uit a sa'my. wi'hout aycrphtiBfe,' wl'hout a sfi'n. Hit this is to ho an ad vcnfuiev ! I'erional euccets can alone redeem him from thoiulkniyof llie deiignaiioD. Let Liui rise, then; bst 'er hit condiiion; put mousy in his pu, kot; well hW opi nii ne and nil the people tu.n out u enrtlage on the j-ri crrds; plant a Nub'sn on l)ij fmr with a boa round his nteh; pair.t an aje. or boar wI'll bloody tush upon the panel, to illitstraie his ancestry; lot bim buy a h i isu up-low..: martgngo it for the l'jrni.ure and opening will; gt ? a | poinltd rhalrxwaa a' o curpura bin lor the ilicinage of 1 ?ke Huron or a cuija'i across the pUlns of Patagonia; run P r the 1'ivifdvnc.y. snd be b "iph' off handsoirely the night betoie tire convention si'.a: let him d<> this, and Co It murky, and he will he no ftCvfluture.', but an influential member of the beat ?'.?:i?ly. Ih'i.s it Is, that, by a pleoaant fiction of oo lite rccitty, when ? ganthe.u?n claiges Ins loCpings for thr better, it in pre- 'uned that i t morals, as well as liis ward i be, Imvo undo gone u ?alutAty ti.ins mulatii n. The vagabond ol lloutogiie is haptored anew in the foun'ain? of Veri.aUles. A drop't two ot e isl'y coroTialloii oil whi ens the key of Hluo Beard, and imp ? tial been buill boueyconibs in the 'hroat of the devd lion cf Leccmbe.r. But It is no''ha' lvie d-T-at of hia goo.l caiiM? especially if that < an*o has assumed the u-agni tude ol a leviilution?as it was iu Huugury, in Italy, in Ireland?it Is r.ot lb:t* this defeat entail* upon the put lie mm the prescription ?hi.:h the worshipper* of sucies- ? and 'heir name is legion?can inflict. It I* not this alone which the young roan elite, ing puhUa life hvs to antn i j ale, ai.d ugsiuht which, if be d'-'erruiiies to bo true iiirto the. i ud, ho bas unflinchingly f" stevl hlmaelfi The mo n eti' he enter* public lil? Ida uame, unit ever^reing be ll nglng tu him. becomes the property of the public. Kvi tyttiing he di eg?"be jiettiest?becomes notorious an1 (xaggeraicd. tiliould he cross tbe B-oeklynferry?liftjr Ui oi e |?ihe news will be telegraphed to Harlem, should lie fUtire In a proactniuiu oox at bioi.'s. they'll hear of tba ? v?nt at tl-e other etui of Minnesota ts>'ore ih? Irost is out of tho ground. A perfect atianger?a hooaler "uui T?xre Haute, or a buek-ye from Tc ledo- confronts him in a stage, says he'a proud ol" his acquaintance slaps iiiii on the hack, end ins iies blur ?o a d Inl.. He linds it im prFgible to irfnie- that is. brds it iniporslble to escvpo out o' a certain place net deduct! on tn? map of either hemisphere. Bei iptnre says (be re is n" i-edetup'iou H* capitulates to the invi'utton He discciids In'o thei-x thai ge ot the Aktur llmiso or miuio oih?r pojurUr and popuTons rescrt. and frkes the drink. He bobs in the [ booeier, or winks to the buckeye From that mom-rt ? u' it is reported in 11-e highest ci cl. * lint he is * wm flitoed sot, anil peiiod'cally sleeps In the f'.mcl. A | hk.ilkirg shadow, iu tho pay 'f sonic base ored cose iBy I err?j,tiafnr again-t Ins g ivl nsrrc sr.d happlnns, dog j girg Mm from the i (Bee oi tlie Chief of 1'rlice, megu'des j ihe g'aae in'o a gallon. Fuf it stops not ii?re. Fhey | dig I tin lo his tu m? ; r;or gistilnf's, nor live, "or deafn lit ell 1* sacred tottaim. Ot the iippresud Oiboltc iif | Irslaud it was Vnb.m.elj ruid l.y drattw, thd ''lulu I ar d pi Dailies hIik.0 by his crsdle. sto d by bl* bridal Isvl, ?stood l;y his w ti n." 1 be same whs true of ivery public man. No festival of lib?: festival ol the b .nseb ild guds?however pure, huwevrr h cret. hoaevsr sarrc 1? ws-i ml- fri to their trusien ottbe slimy spies who worm ed lb(m?elves Into Ihe beantiful mysteries of Ihe, and in spicy iti nis aid special oi rre.'i onden*o in the puu'it pilots, tuineii 'h'-ir mole like an t thielnke pr< porsf.ic* to account. Ihcy did fo siih impunity fr. m the inn j trlcsble chsruriij in which they liven. l-?t a n all w'uo hed tgured on 'be pln'form in tbe I'ara in the legi-U tuie if the Mate, or elsewhere incur some domestic visitation; let bi? child upliaid, his von. Unusn bn ly, hi.-, wile ahtcond. ar the l aiilff'hru.v'en, and forthwith i > In j r'nt?'he lneri live beading ' I" an Kv /a?the vppetl/ l?v fite.-cl il.e lair" < in. Kximstu'ala wi'h the jiUhiMier* i flbc scandal, and ,hiy will ?e.ljuu thu niiffc-eri i a pnslic ruai. l'Tnfeet agaiwl the hearllc^siesa and indecency of stri|pir.g the rn f frorn 'he ?an?inivvy which should le luviii able, tearing down tl'e door*, breaking In tb-- whi d. ws, *r.d ixi using the iuma e- to the |iuai.dert'lct-m .?I (l.e cruwii?pri.ieat sgsiust these loaiae pr.*faui!les i r sf v"u will be told, the public cnrf -Hy rnjuirei I ol Ihelr favorite, and that with the btirslary audsaciil ge U.'O public appetite can alone be satikted. Home, then: h" v, e, lhar to the ISSUI s' to (he lichesl; hi" " lies. er lo all than throve, al'ar. tr tsinissphsl car; home, the gvidsn of Malnnsernre, ho t'ir.pleuf his religion, the ni'.i i.aaLt of his fathers. Ihe fountain head of lite; home ts l ut a drifting wreck to bim w'ro ventures Ir'o i ub ie life, flc'iild n?' one, 11.en, sjite- lnh> public li'e? It wc e n cowardly eoBelual,.n. It, was * de-picnble prcdeuco, ?v'. hh Prrferrof being larnpo'ne.l shienk from public uty, when tLc coiuiuviwraitli drmanded in open r a. t ihc voh* and piee.nue of Ihecitt/sn. In such a cri-h cow m<d"?(y, however pine, degenera'e"l Into ?loth, or es.mctl li'g of a llod'.el guht. If thu |uh)icgo( d icquired. If his conscience bad* Iiius h's is It ilvct >tifpiit"i bin. 1st 'he young aspirant t.r ths I'apl tal go forth. Fa'lent ly proudly, courageously lot hi.a p'Ccsad. His tru Is. tout, gf, genius, w uld prii e ? tuigyr thau the, the slabdvrei wnd the s. y, F i vy, as 'hey had -?t si W".ul l grow j.ale in tl e aplendor ? f lis inlelkrt, and dnmls In the music at 1.1s eljq.iemo. ? siuis ny, tike 'he bloa'rd leeeh, wroiid fall f;jni thaa.m tl had wounded, hut, with 'be lull messure i f i's ur-i'i cn.Bclly. was unssiw lo "rostrate. F.ven so ?(t..>.l tb> hfly r.neonlht niunntaln ,,nd from tlienec tee evil i".o ct ' Id n t nor oast him drsn. klr. V"?ghe eoncluded iu (htse tou-'iing ard tn>?i heau'ifnl words :? lb" ji uog pan lot, for whose lit.le ">nee 1 lift ruytoio ?his ii'gf t In e?ine-t sui p 'ca'ion, dl* -i in itespiK.v.'i ly ted a leliti-' In the poor chamber wb"-;e bis spirit pa at" I \w?y, the bobble of bis children, eryirg tb*lr cms ? f "i*a'l, S 'ue si:sinthc?l Ihc solitude. Few ot li'S" d f: ei ds kr*'w ibni be bnd been ailing, flf tho*" f- ?. t?w< r till rouM corne lo l.lm. to w?t hi* parche I lijs*, *ud rrro. b the pillow c.vsr wh'ch death b id h s w'r.g . A'r.r e lb the lrldrf of tbou'HBts, pennilts- in Hon' t ?>i vest wea tb. he clossd hi* *ve?, and left the rhiui eii with 111-Ir God. live atoning enme. and there, s'ltfuil frcr< n <n .hat disrral led, Fy une whoec corpse dew ml to he tone i n the fun<ia) car. If patriotic in. und. li e 1 ? ivl gsnsiou*. J"?y claim the honor* of the ssvhlo rail mil iub mn ? arrb. thedroofdng plume ami shroudisl urn, lint bumble oldt*r In the c?"?o c.f freedom w;|i dr 11vrd tl cm. To the g*?nd army s| of iv tbo-c oi l le Hrec? >rd uiiois mated, you sons of trwlemlghtseeibebs slesfroi", tu o t -**011 toie. nr bowed helore. Ike ccadiier Ikce ot e"-it; VLd " ! ey nsoae llie slsvlsh } oke our cuppl'ant race cml i-. No rol l er- l-.ey?hut rtslralry-lhe army of ihc poor * Tu ihi* f end army, l.'.ci theday It wa^tnroUeiln l'u'~ Uu In ? tic suinnwr < f l*f until it foil tc j.ierws ir, vhe nt ii cr of lfMfl, Michsrl Cr?ai? hefongsd. 'Ih.. eunrjnw ' of t!" ir . r r.'ry frfn ti e en. rots' pjo hold i' pewe. sr.I p< f r t *n tire and " s 9ml Messing tu i's ?,s frrerVrn to r.splrc rd ?< re.< gnfy ' crown !:? I u< v?f v tu' v*hcd That RuiUlud* together, irgaatied and kindled it. lie, wh might have 1-1 that chvalry Io triumph dint it of lli" promised Uud, iatvinp h 4 people in thi de-Crl. A tiugi'.iut ot tlie mass n>instne<l. rb< t gU limx.e ?? <1 h. i gii fol e propheU iaktrimsed, the f. rlom hope < ( freedom. carrying tlidriwid: m sheathed, &W p1 on. Tho reM?nt'letd all thi?tv to iiu. It in a * tor) ferial fauiiJir li> <h< so:lt ?y its son owe. It 1 ah my at which the rabble, a ho angli at troth when binding <>ft the oro**, L .v? vog^d th ir brads sad t pit'! on i idlcole Id those sal llayi the sea was whltmtd with ti e sblia which boie to Ubt gieut, pnibo., fioui eve.y port In Europe, tin it nr.'cd fues of deepoU-m. Id pmcltiming tbr cmtut. n of htuitit'os on 'buH'th of Apr!', 1.b-?, tr o t'<iuim-n<|.T lu-' i if. wr ton these words In t) e ? ldrt of 'be d>J :? liiprv, thrice happy fU*ll tbej 1)0 pronoun: ed leroaiter ho tare cuitrtliu cd fcOJUilne, who h*\r perfnrnted 'hir roes r est rilir* to erect leg this stupendous fahrl'- of ireedau , aid t-fiatlishini anaiyluiu for 'be poor and opprsAed of an' unions and re clots. fur I'll, i von in the darkness of the! nor artl bind ape?even In il.o Mo ms wnirh crossed them it their High'?'be txt'ee lead tboie Words, giltr.tng flkc tto tutelary stars and like them never to bo elfntdi. Writ ten a* a oonmstdmmt on tbis superb gs'srWij of the republic. Tbla bob) st lellow, whose hand cangive hi*, children their daily h'ead no mote, was borns fhitV?r in ibore limes. \\ i h Mm came bis wife and t*? or t'no cliiJdiu.?'he objects of your charity. / gO'd hi'band, a good fnlber a good Hade. ho sat bi r.?oi! I wri at once to woik, and in lliia new field improve the loitunea of bis little household. How be toiled, his ieu'h in lb' price o' life bears witness. His wi'e thing I yir ago. bis toll wes doubled. He toiled nisi I his flood turned to watvr; tolled uu'Jl hli eyes were turned to ah no; loihd until, in the devoid i ju of bis blini ness, he i ear'siring.) broke, Gentle, iashrul. mi st timid in hie in'ercourse with men. h's deatb was aw uu oUmbUou* os bis life. II ol bs been !?"> shrinking, the lu'Iei nig' ?. have bseu core notable, for be bad a quick intelligence tnd eoplous tlo'iueure. N'ncon|iUiiit, do prayer for help? not,t v- n the wbi'e hand quivering in tie air-"lie la i signal from Ibe wreck which Isgoiug down?calls'or buoci r ami companionship. He <te.s, as ?lie)! t' ??? numi less heroes under lbs wa iso'" Buut ? Ibe glory of I able Is scribed to ibe 'eiders. In liktory? llietr* sre the mircis of linmorialliv. Uow didcrerit, hoiv purer ijtbe llaiit spread ou the imcgenf thou-and) o.'me pea ple'f -or s. Alio, known:, that where thoy la'l tl ?y wiklle un I:i - ?s, lb. lr r.srnss unlinnoied and unsung, but cbo, uev nr tti leas, hitd by ibe ore of lirodoru and UCharland wsut on calmly, alnpiog on tonal anthems, aga nst the brtMries whose ero-s (ires vomtteu death and destructor on met* Aul so ibey died by Itoi. amis, ibe unnamed duu ipods I lbus spoke 11 ui? KosvUtb. nh! if g ent men. m tliey are called; every day mentioned by tlien?iryirorlJ; men where tvery b.ea'L is echoed; .muu wnPcSevery word is stumped wirb the liumo-tali'y of type in public cbrciieies: il'tbiy *ouM be" think how mimv hntdrc Is, as good, ss brave, as generous, as full ot noble thsoghts, as capable to be greur as they are, silently Jive, anl with out lecogDiiicn ' io, ibey tine sure to bow their lp?d) in humility and grief. Urute'ul do I this oigtit feel that in f tie Insianre it h- given n e t<j teverse the itnlsoct vhich eoi the nu'ih'ruslve Iiero to un uDl.novrn wave, llralefoi do Men! 'hiltl.e janver is given mo to rtrcue ocn good nome frrm the ?' livion to wbirba shrinking nature would hove tousigi ed it, aou the ch>ldrea if an In nest msn Ire pi the Ik !? 1 a ness to which Ins deatti do livered'bem. llra'r ul J.ytul proud oeyond ntteanco do I A el, 'hat I is pi I'Mtdntto fwn, dull ar true to rhore who have been troo to rtc. In tlio g;"om vbiolt gi hers i n the gmvo wo reelhoio fresli la'sioaih ot: foot gleams of pure light puss, aad il.iwera soriog op tlpoiigli ibe >do* wbicb cover* it tins sinter. They whedn tlie publie I tills and (Heel* of Ha'dlit stoodacoindmfwhan ir was not tr>o tsdd to bop-', ih* royal ca-.t e on <"i?k 11111 would In a few days be bspiiz' 4 in fame the Ci pl?l of a new rvi ubiic. are" now b"side me, witii hearts as rue as 1ho?, to do honor tr our courraite and service t> th -o h? loved 'Ihns death comes to prove tha old toother beod cl 1Mb still liveu. lor the father's hand tl it Ins be to wlihertd. a thousand here leap forth, aid tlio pisyer of each one i??nufler th-' little ones to coite unto n i uird foild'l them lot 1 And thus .here ? passlltg thr- ugh the gloom, mid ttowei s spring up though the sncw which covers the Irish rebel's grave. The Diatblpil Scene of Col. Aumn Bu r. It has ginerslly been believed and suppom; xhit Oil. burr died so uiib<iirver, refusing e nsoatiou. A most excellent and distinguished Kpivecpal mifister, in pirscbixg a sermon to the young men of tVashugton City, two Sabbath i icr.ingb ago, alluded to Obi. fkrr's snpp< sed religious iufid>h y, which led to t're f lUiwing h-ghly IntCiesting cor'espondencl l<etwean c, C. Herd, dr., Esq , who whs Hien present, and the Key. I?r. ViBprlt, of Xow York which explains Itself. It is but p-oyr to add, that the letter of tlie venerable lev. l>.\ Vup?dt was rend Inst Sunday even ng, by the pastor ol'lenity church, beloic bis numerous congregation:? WasHi.Nf.Tow, Monday, Dee. 10, Mil Kfv. rt:. V. i. Yhmki.t, New York:? Mv I kah Mr?It was on a very plensvct svinvuveciiay. alicut two or Ihrre years ngn, thxt I was (n butrd h steiimbuat grdirg r.p the North rlv?r t > Newb irg, wten 1 made your "ciii s'DTnnce. You were at tlie time spedting on the ->< u11,i ni side nt tire great p ditieal question that still ogila'ts out eonntiy. I Intrmluoed inys*'! toyou, and yoi said yen hau fie<|iiently nut niyiitha: ar she house of Governor T uipkms. an<l that you had I'nco spent an afternoon with Genersl Osorge Washirgtou. some if whose remarks on he uoi'a, o' the deepest, intnest, you repeatet tome, lhee< nv rsktisnat last Inrreo ? u Col. Aaron Burr. I, at Oie time, na ler ssocd you to say rhnt you attended C'oL I" .rr la big last momeoia. ur dib' t b?:fote he died you vhnhustcvd to bim 'bo holy sacrument, and that he died in Ibe full altli ? f a bhilsiinn. You stated to me. 1 thin!:, t.s*r he lied at tie "own of llchmund, ftaten Islinc. Ifl am not Incorrect, men I desi c that you wiil glv< me a full e'.a* -menl of all the facta concerning the last mo ments of Col Aaron Burr, and st?P>, as no.: ? hi youean Kcollec', the subject ot his conver-aii m before he Hi I? ray Ihiee or f'ur Cava?ami what were bis last woroe at the time of his dtatfi. I lews etn*.ei als >, if you hidfre (Jtieiit couvev-atloiib with him on the subj" I u! retlg'.un, snd what wee your opinions of nis Wo*", aod wlnt were the opinions he entertained, or expreiseil to you, on that subject. lit v<m ever heir him *c- inwlwigs, or did you ever hcliiTe hini to tie an atheist or a dairtV A1 v object in calling on you f.r this intormwti >? is to vipdicale the character of Aaron Burr In this regard, and to give posterity the benefit of it. I hope i'. may be in vour power to gralily r e. With the higbn,t esteem and ? on|iect, I hiV4 the hrsmr to he your filend and < btdient aervant, SAM. C. ROT), Ju. Ihi wpsv, Hsawo.vp st., VK'v Yo&s, fee. 13, 1<W1. Mr. Fan. C. 11sip, Jk. iiv ruR Sir?i received your) of Morday, 10'h iast., la-t evening, in which you "desire vue hi give you a fill) sta'eruent of all the (acts concerning tlie la?t nvment-- of Colonel Aaron Burr, f:c." In com^lianc" with your de sire, 1 slate?that in the summer, about U.e'hith Juim, ISfP, Colonel A. Burr, rates to Port Ilieh noni Hotel, btaten l.-Uud, wheic he took board, near which I then lesidcd?as al-o did tlie relative and friend o." Colonel Burr. Judge Ogden Kalwarda, The C^l .uel (Rurr) to lug a valetudicaiLm. in feeble health. Judge Kdrards so Hr.Itru me ss nf-i n as I conveniently ouuid, U> visit biie. and adiLiiiister the > usolations r,*. religion to him w'ui th, he said, wan desired by Colonel Burr, and would be agree* bio to him. Accotdipcly, from 'hat time tilt t\e IS'.h toi teut ver. 18; b, Ihe I ay ou wllcb bedtsdu'. tho sale Port Rithound Ilout e, 1 vis'td him sea ioliiUte? of the once or twice a wt. k. At theio c lumciitiv'es io'e views I was uuifoin ly received by Mm with bis accustomed politeness anil urbanity <f manner, fh time spent with him at each Inter view?which was an hour, nitre it less?was chiefly ???alloyed in religi on eon Tii-stlon, adapted to hhi inclining hev'th, bis feebl* s'rte of bc?ly. and hi* advanced rgv>. conr.ludlr.g by prayer to Aluii?hty God for the exercise of hla jiu nt usurry. tho tnlliu n< e < ! ois h'dy spirit and divyoe biee.-hig In all wLicli ha m ; *are<l to take an iutere-t snd be pilen-ea, and particularly would thrnk mo for 1hc prayers I < fiered up In bin India if, lor my kin 1 offlre. ?nd interest 1 took in his spiritual wclftre, saying it g*vc Mm plea-ore !o io iro au<l hear my voice. And when I ieq,lU'Vd hiui of Ibo ?iivrvntages ho lixl enjoyed, of bin bouoied anil pious : uevstry, via: >iia father n lnin afer < f the Cu pel, and I'revlilrnt of the f.iliege ?t IiineMon, New Jerr.y, and his mother n descend ant ? f tlie U , ltied and celei rated d.vt"<-. c na.lian lit waids, ami :hsi deiibtleaa n ary prayers bed gMne up to h. avt-n liom the h< arts id his parents for )hj wellborn* tr,4ha[plri'sr, B .eei ied to affect him. Anl when 1 asked him as to bis views of the holy scripture), he re fjondrit?'? They wire the most pmfe.jt sy-tem of tiutli the worlu had ever seen." Ho that judfring from Ha own ?.fclaiatiun anil h's tehuv or to me, a? m? ?y ritual acvWi. he was not an atLeist nor a dc-t. I did not adsatniHlei the holy -ariaoienl to him, nxrdid he suggest sr d vrnnest me to iln 1?. Iniigardto other topic), In the crurs? i f repeat.. 1 roiiVirmtions, he ea.trkrd )? visa a-si '.iMril gjot g? tnery wdicu lie fell at t'n*l?ee; and that n (withstand irg that flisn.s'er, it thraroj had | usbsd on they l-ave mcrnie). In nterencu to the .-iln, andleathnt General Hsmi lr>n bat litue was said. Ho indurate!, however, that be wes provoked '?? thvt ene anter. At my lac' inle.viee with bim. about 12 o'clock nt i n b, the fey te ocjaiVd this lile, about 2 o'clock, f M., as nh resald. Bept 1?, lglpj, I found hlui, as uiaal. jJia-o] t>f me me. littiquli in miud,anl not niaturtad by I ? tiily | sin. OVe viog a |sOeiii?i and change !a his eonntonsnee, and bis pi he vicmulous, lutnrtng sn 1 err-tp , I asked 1 im how he Pit. He replitd, not so wit as w.vou I saw Miiil??t. I the said, ?(kiMintl, I do not wl-li to alar ?i you, 1 ii'joe, ngfiosi tl u state olyour y lu, y.,u- tints with ?" iaibort." lie lepin). ' I am swiw at it." It was thro Mar 1 e'c'eck, I'. M ai d hi'mted and ioviid y swined jvrlect. 1 said to bin., "In thfl folemn lmor of your ap 1 ii.ret 41-scluticr belliving an you do in Hie waered cii,tu"t, your kceoimtabili'y to t.'id let mv ask you h. ? yi ii l?al In viev of approaching r terr.ity; wbs:hi r jrulaveg'iid 1 oj.e, thi ngb grace, th't ?'i*y..ur sins will be pTitor.ed, nrd lint God will In inwcy pardon y< n for the fax? of tho merit* rtid Gghfc ;on"ssof his I) nv)" .on,on Utrd Jeru? Ghrlst, who n 'uve suffered st.d dii-il f'.r us the ag nis-iug bl*. it death ft the r-uaa, ly whoiu ul >nt we can )>ave ho only ??, e iiepe of svlva 1i. Dl" Ti which he raid, with deep sml evident'iou i n 'hat i.ljc.t 1 ? ru y," by tr'iti h 1 understood hi.n lo I'.rkU 'l.kt en ??>jiA*t <?' ! ?' h avagnitude and *c<i ii to iu" Inferc-'. ?? .'.hug the* as irnnc-- of his satvn ion, 1 ?? tell ? ty, caollena (a lie word den<'esy !? e?p: ?.s t in fi't in 'oil c Mtitenre. Milh Ms unikt r"rdt?l conrnrrenee and mini'cs' de llie, ve I l.filed 'ti j.rr.jer 'wfnre ihe thn ne of biavenlv grsit ? iu|lo, ug t isl'a mi ley and b'svs ,'i.g. He turned io his ! ?.!, iir.ii pin himarli in an humble ilevnth r.?l p->? 11???' f ud rcimad i!i'?|lj er gayed in the. rellgiot. se -vii. ?, third 11 f in* ar usual, for the prayer read* to' hill. i stu i,rid (imp ??'. 1 eeceminocded bur 'oths mercy of Ci d ai.d to r| e wm Id >.this giace, w!Di a lis f.reweir. At ?b< ill 2 o floes. 1.5*. wlthiu:' a f. an i r a struggle.^ fa b: vat Ltd 1 is Isst. It' vcnh was e^ay and gen'te a t ? taper In the soeket, a .d as the siimma-'s wire that die-tip.hi the ilm?. Ih.'i dlad Col. Aaron I u*r. His His'foD< eal a- , vice was pa tormct hy i? in 11,s ft rt Klchmoml Itouaa, where he die ?. Tbeu-e ?? tc,.k his i em a It.) Ii the ihapel ot l'i lrst-0 College, K. J , where f'i et. I't aahsn, tli? I'reahh nt, and myself per f'rni'd his U'trfonersl s. rrice b> A re the ?tin! n'.e. tbu ?srul'j tjie r illta y, snd ?> i.ncse- us s?-evi' ge anl he wss I trved. t ? hi ie.,ue ed te Iln- ?an>k'.re of his ?Dtestir*. *. k jr-p?v a, I" J. > ANPVJ.T, lk p.