Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 21, 1855 Page 1
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W YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7054. MORN [NO EDITION-FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. NO ftPMAKl'Jl YET?NO QUORUM IN TlIK SENATE TILL KVT%K Nr.W YEARS?NO MKSS AtlB?NO ACTION IV THIS OA'-K OF COL. PltKNCU?NO ENOWINti WUO WILL BBl'CEED mh. BUC'UaNA.N, etc. ? Washington, Hec. 20, 1M5. AO is sun ;i the dark a* to who will lie Speaker. To day an attt mpt was made to bta*t off un adjournment and hare an evcting ees-lon, but it filed. liven if they should oiganize to morrov, (Suturty) nothing could be done, as the senate adjourned over till Monday. A tar-re m.mber cl' Nena'ors lift thi-- evening, and will not be bar., until niter the holidays. General ('neb In formed me this oTOning th it be did not think there would be a qroruin til: alter Sew Year's. Thus, if the House should organize, the message c uld not tie read. Col. 1 roncb, the Nicaragua Minister, left for llic Nortli to-day, and w'U not return for inmc <tayi. Tiie Cabinet as yet have tel.mi no action U his ci-o. 1 leoi u from a i ?liable source thai the I'resident U/ik not even thought of Senate r Toucey'a name in connec tion with Minister to England. the free .- tate men of kansas have a Idrearer, a letter to GeneralCaia, ??'.log him to present to Congress tlioir oonotil.i .oa. He wrote lu reply that ho would. 1). EKOIMDKINU or THE FUdlONISTS?DEPARTURE Of t'OI.. MBFNCH?ALLKOKO CASK OF JUDICIAL MAL I BASANOt . Washington, Pec. 20, 18"6. The ftaslotiiata have a meeticg in the morning to de termine whether they wl 1 pre?j a rote to-morrow. If they do, 1 am inclined to that Mr. Hanks will bo olected. It may, however, be postponed uutil after the holiday*. Col. i'ar.'.er H. Trench left for New York this evening, to superintend the shipment of Nicaragua emigrant* by the steamer on Moutlay ue\t. Ho stop* at the 1st. Nichols*. On the tiial of the case of KUseII vs. The St. I-ouisPub lic Pchoo'a, in the Supremo win shown that Jndgf U. K. Uanible, of MUsouii, who kudgiven the decision against Klseoll, hid previously received a Use of two hundred dollars tor an opinion as ills counsel. Toe opinion tuui decision aru in direct oontlicl. It is (Mkid to Is* h cose justifying impeachment. K. WILL THE NEW MINISTER KKOK NICARAGUA Bi BE C*rfCI?T?tgTHJi I'BKdlDKNT'H MESSAGE IN PRINT? Wahhinutun, Iiec. 20,1825. Colonel I'arier II. l'ronch sent his private secretary taut evening, with u copy of hi* credentials as Milliliter from Nicaragua, to ilr. Msrcy. An answer will probably he returned to-morrow; and, a* 1 indicated in my pre vious despatch, I have the best of reasons frr believing that the wan*, of some civil continuation of Walker's au thority :n N.rsragua will be assigned by our goveromi ut as the rewon for rcfu-iag to roceive Colonel French at Minister at present, t'uloiicl l'ronch left lot New York tills Afternoon, to return on the 20th Inst. In spite of your corren|>otident's statement iotlieeon trary, I know that the President's Message Is in pnnt at tha White House. lb .in-GB UOIGLAH IMPROVING, ETC. WAMUNgTON, I>CC. 20, lS.'fl. Jcdge i urgta* has wiltten to his friends that although ?uHoricg i cTbrely from an U Unmet throat, he oipeets to be in WushingUn early in January. The -?port that lira original c< pv of tho I declaration of Ibdtpoi.Jii ce has been stolen from the 1'atent (ittice suml a causietialt one substituted, is untrue. The ortgi pal lias been there for I'eurUien yoars undisturbciL Timm-w)Uai n lovoam*, JTBsT HUSSION, ftUNATE. W'AMIIMITDX, I ICC. 'JO, lSf.'i VNJVITK CLAIMS. Mr. Urn . i in, (dom.) of Pa., from the Committor on Calms. submitted a re,,ort that all private claim* on Which adverse ropsirt* acre made, or ordered, during Uie ' last ffvlon j-'Congress, which were pen iiug at itr cJo-e, and which claia,? arc founded upou ?n? law of Congress or regniatiou ot the executive departments, or euutraet, ?spree* or implied, with government, nnd aliieh the ?claimar.'..- choo e to prosecute bof>ro the Court of Claim-, tie referred to raid '.'our;. The rr;t rt an.- adopted. Tl'. UIJ.SOW KEVATif. * On motion ol Mr. t .t-sd, (<icm.) 01 Mich., tli of meml*". ol "lie T.inois Logidatur ? egnin-t tne eles'loti ot Mr. Trumotili, was refer] ed to the Committee on tlie Judiciary. Mr. T> "? i presented evidence -ho it. tig that lie erased to L-.'Judge, and was succeeded by anotiu tin jreat e 1 fore his election to the . euate. The evidence wan siniilirly referred, und tin- Snale adjourned unlil Monday. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Wasm.v'.T'i.v, lK'c. 'JO. ls.V,. VIE MTJtKBCmi'. Tl.e 'ii * it'aaicd vol'ng for a Hpealor, with the :ol towing result:?. Banks lot Fuller .".f I'iclin: J.-ou 73 dcattei imr In Mr. }?? *i, (K. S.) of Ala., said that the result of t ie vote jus', announced is a pretty fair indication t! it an result *111 be .-cached to-dajr. Wishing to promote by desriee* the b ine?i of the Ho one, lie proposed to prucce 1 to the -oieellcu of two standing committee ? me i.i b Uie Cotmr Ittee of W sj a and ' o in i, and tli other I n reign CfTairr?t'i' Northern patty nm inatixv/ f-mr n-.emts .s there f, the admiaUtrath n party three, an l t! ? corjioial's -roar J of the Month, a- is led by ait-mbe. mirr.i the North, two. Those committees to se lect thiir . iisl.ntn by a maj-iriy vote, Ine chairmen to prosiio over the ordinary btuine -a of tiie II-i ? alt?i na'.ely thl a ejv l! cr is cl C'o!. II* pmpsvrd tin' nor b<>ur !e ii vo'td to the Intr e.' icUca of hill ?. to b< hm? afarrrfi -ed to the acprnp-i r ? r .mnil'.tecs, ????n' ore to ho then i wom in h; the Chairman of tte Coin nut Ire oa Wa.n.udV aos- th* Iliiuao ne to pr .seed to ?!ee tie a o! a Clerk, postmaster, y.iu'. it Arm-. It- ? >h k?i jier, and last, but net leas*, v < l iplrfn, throng:i wbi-e prayers, jcrhnji-, mine ell may Us thrown on tlie troubled oators. Ibis i- no time tor crimination uiut rccr nail* Unu. We ? ant 1,. rniony and e moesaltn. rs.v?. J ,.o jl.tircn o>j- ??.?-1 that tl.-- i Inn n- medio the law o IIS" wu- in '.lie nay, as lie" r tie' ? M'lsiikir a:nt tttiIt shall r ?? meeted, ?? -i n-ml i i,m>ni in I > the Mpeaker, hei proc diu to y ? n ? bo.sloe ?. Mr. M ? n T'-n-nrLed that unle-s come ach plan i adopted ptiblir hiisim -I mu-t Mr. ? i ??' to t:. (dei.i. i ot .'? e :i .el. , u I ? i ? emtio fie i t- au'-ero to the- n III ? . an ! pint'-, , Mr. ii. fa :..v, (ilc .) of \.v., a ?*t the -???* I black wpublican. that If th'gov runout ?tv xw I hi V th< i.*l vo wr it they re ' ved fh- Ml on ' restilcli ? i and repeak-i ttiw fatritiv. navt law, tl:a Cnion m i nd will U <1: kIvcc?the daclar.itlo.'i of tl it tanatica! gi ; hcailts) i' . to il.e e n' y I <? ' > ? . ling. Mr.'/?"o i3". (dem.) of Tern., a- gi 1 tlie r< vs *ns why ne e<_aJd sufne t iioi'ii r . i.-hard m ir hank-. . ? log tlia' b .is in i n aw.nd on u.iddl nd natlv nI gv nn? oi. si m'ght occupy With it Couiprutn' ug ptineif le Mr W -i' -n, fi' m ; of Teniv se#, e.nfenlod that, 'jowever ;at , c tin" A i or .u i r'.y u -re eiay t"*, :i ? an by th i ?t<. ma- ag Uk- **t -n ln i of ? n < ? .U ration la*? rw-sn'ouot everyti' ior < "a-uierate n Mr. Oit. (??>.. K.) of fw *n. 1 n ? ? ? - x a nt-n; ber of tbs A licar jnrty who AM* Wt sta> ! tweiAh sect iea cftha lldiaeelibU pint.'cm. lie ..1 a Mrwiier cou'?l be e i-cted imi wdiatt ly if <!? moo at- ? ?i 1 -WW over to l.i s .dew, but A ??o 1 ?? imi p-mer Vi smrry i r lore* 0 l~.'b ur ru. AdjourtsM. Ill'll 'A .?SHI.N?. r??N ? '?!!,II i'ON'HCNt r. W.? s r v, I*.-. 1", Ik'i , A* V 'f AdbrV# I . M ?I' a'.n f-H l'i ? C. - rr\ (,? ilro?.'run uit" /' -,c- (I/?-?'->d.s. a ? "r^itii.o rt in I'r-r .? ^f i'r. > ? ? ?iv- Thr 1 ?? i Ml'i I'm/'- u 'Csir I ior ?/'re-s--,ai n >11 Hw ' tiu l.-'i *. 'n !i Vay rt Ih-f. A letter ' in this c ty from i rnvrsl 'lal 'en, oir Mimet.r ? t! civin.* a s" . W ac-onnt of tha late onap'rti y to<v rthrow th' rtf-iting |-o?eroa?tn: of ti.*; country, and -cuing forth the li-.r ?; wish, aa r inimniil cated to ". :n br irri-al ef th?? i.-?nr< prominent Vte ?? an elti/.en', fr. :t? interference "f flic ' nlt*d tates in placing n a' - n t nat eoui' -y >-a a acli 1 hasis. k-ig<? as It may ?" > it i-teliev d by ui*uty lutoli'gt nt Mevi . axis thav he i*r,.-id'iit of U l'n!re<t M at'- ha- h - *i> order an there, ai'.h < m ral -cntt at its head, to bar* tli. t <- 'er obeyed to the latter; aad doaHI a' thi. mm'fit. 11 the fieneral eoubl but mak his appear an " la ti vt cily again, he wou! > lind bat little opposi tion to 'he i ntranoe of Ids army, while hs won., re. eiv iUe Isoc ag" ?J a large j^rticn of iu lth.?h.unt- 1 aru further informed thit a cotobinstio). oi the wealth and rt-pp*"-t?bility of It- xlco ha* been fo'.ned for the j.urpiwe ot irvifirg American eggressioniutn hb country, with the ultimate bopo of forcing upon the Mcvicaus the roaenaltjr of annevutinu to ti.e f ailed State*. Tnia Sot is not un known to General Gadsden, and th* real which in public he exhibits to pievont Texan Incuraion* icto the coun try, hi but to dlemmii.'M attempts that woo Id etui io a future, ami prejudice the public mind against any subse quent entfrptife. It will bo re.ollected that imtno 'a'ely after Santa Anna's Htght. General G>. sdou was privately uud publiciy chMigtd b> Uunibere of tlie ptevhiunal g .Ttrmneut with design* upon the Independence of Mexioo, wnich he dp nietf, but which i erect clrouiri-t*n*e< prove to huso been w'tl founded. To what extent the General ?i now char-ge ntle with political lnterfcifnce iu Mexican alfairs is yet to be a-ceil aired. but our government hero 1* equally C ruins). ifaputscd i f the conduct of ita repre?ent?tlre, which it ir. end i-eok* not by mean* of It* power 'o put a final check to it. ilut *o raurh na'.ii tai goou'aiib 1 < Dot. under existing cireumstaucos, to be expected ?t the bauds of Geoeial Fierce. A re election is hi* sole ihovrht, and if be ran tnvelre the n?.1 Ion iu dlfliccltiee, by a promise of neigh soring territory nmi plnuder, added to n of foreign war, he flatters hiintelf with a be lief that he ba? another four jcar* /residential term before him. ('n the 8th of January the committee appointed to make p repara-ions for the Democratic Convention to he lo:Ui at t'inciiuia'i will ii-serabln iu this city. The | Kneiacv.n men, headed by Forney, are in dally cvosulU 1 lion as to the mode o' procedure. 11 would appear that all i* to he prepared, even to the drawing up of the reso lutions for the committee, eo that the ?e gentlemen?if the gouie is allowed?wiJI Hud 'UeiuMtve* through the kiodBer* of dDtutcrtided ftieiuls, but mere automatau*, uttering a " ye*" and a '? no, ' after the manner of toen-bcr- voting tor u Speaker. Forney will to.-ist upon tPe eou. se be prnpoae* us in keeping with the usage* of the party, and an- doi iation from it, in all probability, will be suited by thoauntliem&a of the Vaunt. Washwtojx, Dec. If, 18Ie. The !'.U<4ian cf Ofll rrs of the Home?The Hamly fein t Atl?Alkratiotu CimUmplaltd ?A'u'uraluert ff/iirni lit fiibx' to J're->-mj'ti'-n ?Military f'mirtt Martial, Jr. Alter the firat prize shall have been won it is contem plated by tho epporition to nominate ? fall ticket nndedeet them at a ballot. Thla would not only facili'atp bushier*, hnt would reeve the election of the whole op position ticket. Capt. Dai ling, late of the arnry, la tlio prominent caolidute for Doorkeeper, and is regarded as very certain ef hii election, as will alee be Mr. CuUont us Clerk, should Mr. Dunks win the ilrst prize. The bounty Lend act of the last < ougre s wl'.l undi rgn a general revision daring the present ae-,ion. Thatclanve w hich requires the production of record proof to ? ?-tabll h service In all ca-.-a, is simply ridiculous iu it- opt ration. Iu gnat.'eg revolutionary pensions?record evidence not being required?most of them were allowed on paiol p. oof. Aged widow s row draw tlu-u* pension utoney zecal ar.iitiaily?there being no question a* to the per of service?and yet when the* ask '? lend bounty, they are inctwi'U the clave of tlio act r*-<|uitiug ro eord cvid' tite ; aud tho applications of neatly all (hose revolntionarv widows arc rejected. Was this contemplated by Congress '< tthatl pay Ihcm the coali with one hand and withhold the Ixa.oty with 'he other, on precise// the same "Vi ? lence! Him, again, those wlm proved up th?ir service to tho complete satisfaction of the government, and received luity or eighty acres, are now told that the it crease cannot bo allowed Ihem?not that there is anv doubt as u> their military sorvieo, but the record if waut ii p. I i der this record Jr.'r ti c ? ntln- mllit.vot Virginia end as vera 1 other State* are exeiu.h .i from all partlcipu tiou in thoir country's bounty. I'ld Congo's -mean thi-, If not, let the evil Ixi retnodi d A corn spondimt of th* Northern p'?** hovfallen lnl?> the errfir of tayiug the t n.-no lint native < itmum wu'.d avail xhsmaelve ' St the lenient* arising undg *lw> j-re eiup'!on laws. Fueli u not the last- Dur public luod an'open to ?ii clii/oua, whetlier native or aalunui/cl, un J u.e> ran alike euioy >s|unttcr w/reiciifei v. i toarn tsint tho proceedings of the late intlUiy (k'urt liaiiial at Iort lseaveowortli. which fonndfCai. Moist pomcry gulDy and brelre hlin, also ft d* that the l?rr,l<>. r'al r.ifuois ef hainas were implitateh In the a culatiia: I .'.-(tovcwor 1 feeder Is said to have owned ? a< r' S of ui .1 in etnl artmud tho famouseit- of Fawu?e. 1 alto n certain that Maj. lJlakc, of the 1st dragoons, is'ohe ec ri rnarsirdisl lcr unot'leerukec ndocl. In ahehcg/og a num ber of drunken soldier to a nut tigtt witii Hun. The lte d-at of the I uitod Hlab' wlsoprelei- < luvrge* :.gair.*t (?eaeral Garland, of the bill mlHtanr rltris<oe leet of duty la not in siutpdiv: Major illake, wU e eo H'.ct tt> tuowu .o General Garland. We (ijn pi . !*?? . lb, n ixs r- <' t a V learn I om itiJTereat sc Uoua of the ?v nutty that Mr 1 . ? and hii nssn < usiiing i >v< 's en uiUy en - ga;rd in p (tiug 1 je/Ce ilehgate* i < .* <-t or'i? pnrpo of lacking the Cincinnati Convrnti i. i naliT* <t u.,.,1 diplomacy?otlu rwise ratut trlcLi ? *?Mr ??ere' 1 a* fclrie.'y obtained an tin ;e . . sal the t li> LT'C in which be i" now cngapu : tleu f C <-i h.r u ly rbricc i.:ris"c. In every dl'ecth-ti o ???' ' l* the vnrlm: s-tinast- r*. e' deeMi surveyora, , c , to get then civ* choo na1 / aiee, and in the hew :..,rlaiid Flat. e-p< ? ia?ly the. ti -rs 1i..v. been suiis -lul'v carr' i i>ut. It h,t'. lore Car frmo i?u p: u.blv that the roiivi uthm c with a romlntl inajority lor the n noitinaticn *?' Mi - I'l vo*. ir be sni.*, ?J c n ai'tial which ? II enmisj-e tliat trengUi is not *?r ?IbiMo?mere cun.p foUowcr.. i vl' :o *1 out '.?? ill1 ^lc st bldilcr. Dot na ii .t'nr* ' k'n<l a- p e-< nl !.c;e. lin- u< d a good iu my d"!t*;at'- aud he e.nlv h'a d'.IDO rat e t\;il.s cr.u 'i 1 1 h't '. o-l is to .irk p a n w la'.V'i i ' , .'iD'i 'X[i' ti e iniquity ol 'he p "kino ystcn vliich l as ls'" i adopt* or !' pi-pare to bid f.-i i g r lor'.lie vote.'I n the pi eul iiiW' si t'.J Intl. .(J. L-nurre the It-toll (nation <* rirrce .?< uUI .ead to tii' certain de.'cat of the ?.eve-era tic i .rty iu th" rv- t "icc ir n. Whti vcr els" may ks ncert .in. toi* i ? a : *?*! f ct 11" h*s be-n til"!, .a.-' W.cnd ?> wtutin:,* in all tb< ?? iiiivlitii which the I'ii' !-|nl of a g"*.t country rli. uld poss* ss, thai we do not kriiivr 1 coulu r rry a -ingle Stale in bts fhvof. If tiie d>'mocr(it ?? ;mh ... is pre paieii to cmnuiit suicide, they can autq ; i I.alter i io4e of dill g up th" * k t' -ough'y tlian f?> fol'i their arnt ai.d sfjew Mr. J'i roe o paei. Uie convention ami carry out his plans. Know- Notl ia* and whig I'vi. m t. e tit". Kami S-aard bcn.'s ore cc: ; ; up to , -. I'M'.: t h (IP.Mir. I ORR1SPOMM Nfi: Ol-' OI HKir Jul iVAI.-. ft oi t -[ ' i' I' c of th .fcurnal oi <" a >'.r ? ? ( 1 Wuviiv tov. |sc. IS lv . .. V. M-rinr ''?i ll." -i.en.JU Mr. V.idcl , Mir . jft'.r'? !t hv M 'ior ' mrr. ' m nlet* hi* wet k on tho boundary uiv. ?- ? r, ".in >w Orb ami I ot, fci way to tld' city, lie ha r jmrbd 1 s* ti hgrni'li to the Vi ar Ik-part -stit 'hai i?*oo*?ary Ii'" i. erlttt.' li. 1. Tp i h a .1 ' T-Wil'i t.'"|V I i . and after their e* aminaUeu t*o :h i lious ? oi ! ? Mi.xlco under th"? adadrn ti"?ty upon i t.J'llsh ii,"Tit of the tmn, will >?? dci itidabe i " pay able. Col. Tot,, t; ? Minister apf lntid !>y ti th icx.igi 1 r? r *nt to * iccoeil i ' it. Ai. "B' ? I* "t ? " r bv the Belt j acket froru t fcrn t . at ' - V Orl< ?"*. 11* w'MI r me ft fly pr.pared. rf . r, m clr i,. Ihrisi ' tnllhi na. and w'!l be r.':#a-?1 to pieve old it l.? rCfi tested, that the a*xi r '? Anna U' ?' * ?" "<! at ,-tx uoy v? the M get ?m.-u' < :> . v i ? ? ? 1'ho drafts thrv h*i.|; but lh-t tl 'v cu t. Ir -ypt * id eert r Mexican ihaxr* r * an- srub or . who e.w. t thw ?.'?? from .-ant* Anna'-n> th . a? ' ?< '< t perliap- oi hi* abdication and flight. C'cL llobl' " in a wn J'.h) . [ wri ept, aud onor*b " man. .arid ?n uncrmjn-ising < ? p<ii ? nt ? f . aut.a Asia, ?nd If. pnpttcai and umuut ai, <1 ? till rob II" ico in can il Ait" nte will "li,n ' r f (,? mir.-e* ior, and w'U n that wall alt**' t n ? hi'h M "Ots ical fit. or pTtrrnl "nt. hny a'* boo o p aud past write.. ujo'i it "j Utie.-and i it fall iu prx-'lrwi ?; rllcai u of .1 aUUt. s. Mi-< i:f.LAVKOfs rri.M-. JS.O - V S ' .--Th. 11 Vd h<v f... I la-t night . "Oi .alw* the fs >W" tc solegrapl 1 vol 'to*' It" era;., -e . ? J# p .tv :. y - ? h ?? * ii ' vir ' ' : niue.aia- 'i which th* ? ave violated the ?; tlw'r voeatiou III f i ' of Itl or oil -r !-1 '. n i t em to . a t 'Mir trust, ni ve I !>..??? s?'. ? fur a* in ?"tl/'.t.on ho' been ir ?..<? >. o . ?? * <? ' " h. tsn aatlsf?-."r.'y a.wiwn 'ox. * nr'J*** than th? prints** h*i' low ,wi .. utable .be r?. v loual pre mature 'is. l*e nr< * that ).??? Is ? job of '.lb lie- tigw and other dwoa'. nU. Meoo.tieu ? .at tl e?j t'-oar torn ooe.v < at any tho- w;'.!i an >e o'f. - t! ?> woo! ?ir)' 1c imp. op'rly .u? ,o. - > * - n ' /'i ;? ?? It*. I-;.L.' l? w?.s ? T. " u"?I o? r pr.ft of tlia'ommi jrr-rty th Gene ai I an I "" submitted to Ike pr-? enf I'*V.sf'iTo of l"*a . mi'.. * W.e b exlb'sit oi the land* of Tovas s? TotJ aiea "f tii* wnolaHtatw 17&.ft?4.&tif 1t I ky Mexljo avd^;?ln K...-1.4*1 1 * nfrn d by a* t of Jov.' b,*4l,-4l Cl-im- tinder the repttWio and k ate of It 4* * b**" Total acre* grvobol Tl,MW,iH Is-artrg a total puMte <'. .uain. after ?atl fy lng all kviowv elaima I'M 444,11# ) ? p. ,...W. 'he r and lUriro'a te'_'.?vu,tW7 arr?< le?-th*n Mown by r,rw vlou* reperta, the' amount having ls-?n iw-t add* by tlw eerirta. **f the fvula lwtwt?-n 'b* 1,?" *" ard Kio Gr?H'>. eon'rm*d by the act of HvV;. I To ? acre* litve Iswn airve? r?t a- 1 retnrited to the laud f 'See, legv ag *',? CU actc* vl t?* **&?< OM's'ektlss; ^MljpinUtn of Jiulije Sydney H. Hliuri. Owl* OK Tlfc Cm Jl IK.B, I New Voit*, IHi. 20, 1IM. f To it;h Kx icijxstT Hntiiv H. Cum, (.otmvi*, *ro,: fcrx?I'. is known to ycursoli and the public that I was laU-iy cba gsil with en idTenuo In iny i.fflc al character of < t'y J >dgp, ant that I have since been triad and acquit ted t) a jury of my fellow eitljen*. Of that trial, with tb 'citci uuitauces and mutter* that led to it, I will not sp'ak tu tUia Communication, e.cept no far, indeed, an 1* ci ce.- -ui; in respect to ti n c5tir-e I l>?! It uiy duty to pursue; lor, however without guilt In the late calamity un Ur which I hare suffered, it li in; purpose, for the reasons fr>l'owing, to withdraw trom the Bench?iny id rl,,oui.on, beietn it ndered, to take eflact at the end of the present month. The cause that has I?*?l me to the course adapted is, that Uii ,e art) the ? among uiy fellow eki/rus who are ot the ofluiou that although, acquitted in fact ol tho charge preterred *?u:li t ine, and Innocent in truth of all criml iml conduct In the matter complained of, the late terrt ble ottieal through which I liato panned has, In a great*' or lot-a urgric. impaired my present uaotulne** an a Judge, ana will, if 1 remain upon the Hcnch, to norm- ex ti nt Injure the aeminiitratun of public justice at uiy hand.*. It 1* he icved by ouiny tin t tlie Into mflnuctiily C ent by which 1 v ae surrounded wonld. for a tine at least, iu a muvsure, ?lcm ire ino ol lliat confidence on tho pure i' some n Inch i ? < . ?'?dial troui all to qualify a Judge tor a -/unliable dl. chargo ofjoftioial duty. ilcwdcs, the jwraotal relation* hotweon tho District Attorney, Iteeerder andmyweU ? not ? m h as would emluite bsimony in the court ol which we are meaner* 1 nr i r these circumstances, ami in view of tlu- delicacy and importance of a judicial officii, win no wi-li that mis fortune io me?although without crime, ami by wbuui or however bronchi?sh;? I in any manner adeclthe interest of pnt lie jusiiro, or Ik- iiiuili to Hliot upon 111 >*c to whom I am indebted for tne place 1 occupy, 1 foci It to bo a doty of honor and principle to resign. I a tho cmi aide a'iou of ihi* matter, ? her-- hero appreben-Ire that it surrender of the place might, upon host t If ought, with some, he con trued to tho prcjuuire of my innocence, but Tboto with ivtiom 1 a- tlaod assure iuu tliat no such Inference wilier cuu l?e i ;awu by even the in ?t unchari table or least fiiewtly huttbiit every fair ami juet cttt n n will H'Crtbe my resignation to the ca.n*e n* igne-l. In tho pro-i n e of my (.<xi, to you, sir, the (list utticor o! tnehti te, end to ti t-public at lege, I declare m; tu Ite innocence o' all cilm'ni-1 eenduct or intentional wrong in the matter from which 1 have Ueu made i?i so liimsly to sutler, intttvenced, under feelings of am (? t rain and sorrow, alone by tho 11 axon* aiui u,olives tniist, ! hi. e niter many yt-r* ?>f devoted duty aud cur u t .'nd-uhtry in the ilmin&l department- o! this ci'j without reproach or e nsure lrom any, hut In tho continence and praise of all. in poverty , with voauued nopes and broken health, but a oonsctcnee free from guilt, volunrariiy sunenncrtd nu ?hint <?f lion r ami emolument tor prfvsto life, trusting to l*rovide?i9e sod my befit exert!.na for w hat luny come to ine iu tlio ltitii e. K ioiiag, sir, that to" ccuflilnnce of tho great body o tl. pt 'T'f 1 me ibugritj, i* -till unshaken, nu: that the n kit-' conv'ctIons crop lety hs~ !e<i ewto adopt ve'll be apt .-i "id of by my irleuu end the eon-iuunU; in which I live. I tlie honor i-? oe MvciUenry 's tnoe- obedient, bumble servant, S. Jl. i-II Mil. of HlVi <!? H, Nmllti, itllKilimtrjr tmon||lbf I*n?iU> ?i> in CmiMl*. H *h: announced in t n papers jMlcrdiy that the I' v.J. B. Bmith, who ?? a m 'u-iouui, auior ih< hp: tlver'nvi in Canai'v wo-i'd -(?ui of thrir eopfttt'on fan t cm inc.-. t. tne J m Will HriptlK church In tiulinn i erect, near n< ua'.o:u la pursuance < f this caH at the Ju.ur appot itwl tbur h i a.- ?mt li ?. .n thi Ui tch about Ettj panuct*, wh'te at.1 t lae!. yout i and old, nali- at ? f. tunic. lit'. exctoif wi oj end by >? !is?.uk by the choir: tfto wli'iafa a pray r wwi, . Biri up I j Iter. I? 11. * < ah:x-. Site cltcir then rant;, a.oil r by ,u t nnclnfp? "ntriiw ti i n ; ft-ilor", atrlke; My p ict' Ui ? tu fait* ain." TlfJ r. J.:uut<>, aoti itrtn'kiaua w t'io? t.c uf'.l to 'in ufleicr, U< ?ai<l !p> ?ho.ld <?'. 'tiUi fJ.l'-at. y iu to the r.'.jaet l#ttrr than. rep i > ti soudJticu >i tie fu'^ttiv ? In <k i. ?*, It bad '/no' y imyi'Oeed In tin l??t t*('<?:? :hriw yearn. liO) d to lie n '1io?i....t dt li ' <:? ii"-ta m . They eonU no ,iro !? <? iem 1?< - ' i i h Ui t Cun-i .f, i t taeor ei ot lifo, but new their eon i it n ? i.u r.n i . liu C'?iu.tUt i (leof.le *r*e not un ficintitiag *o a. o a.t : udition briny in?l<*U> tin 'r num ter :? ao ilun: a t.'i ? tt? mj. ^ arlion lit- f fitlr" i ..v-law ??j pa . ,.i I creed tho frte to ;h n tli ? -Notthom St fugitive. vrrc uiiy ? ion 1m t'e CanaoUTtt line t writ fur ro ,:'i i t n.ipilior. s ii. bink that t! >? au i ? u' unci' Mi'icriuff ti the ?a:' of tin- fugitive! .it . ? r.btcati <? of tpririndo !i i v., but ? ,i wr o 11 . All the f. fitin wi e WfUfOg ? ? vi but then' nr.. *!??<-- ?? e U.t ... . tha yoar lf.'J)tin iicbt ofcet>t'"iiMii in t ..n ,i i Iu. ft>tt ati n t. .-rat n. tli... cotnioff auootf thtan. tornie4 tliem 1 intoana" : Jf.twt; ?? 'ety. at ? ti.ap- -d t 1 U t?,v I ? d/ialnp t.n .idfi r'r;' ? n. jat d tin-IP. >it of oO'ir?> t.ict vn i ? not 'It" t i J'l v.'.f tor .ii i it abe r ara; t. a in i |> to le.?0 thorn * ere not lb.OGO of 'hi tUuaof pcroo" In (Jrtdt. Hnen t.iB'. Cite ?? rap.' ) In n tb.- aini.rtlion ? ... mi . i v- iiot? ,.???! to t.< to.iaiO, ( mat cot tiii.utlonN oo'i ir.v Itota fin d .nd i, i . t .?( nited Matt i .ij 'in.'.hit)." to i.lfVtU .I." '!:? ' till* thl/ i ? i.. *. >..u ci1! - ' or; *. ii.'t'lltltiv - ct u~W. of vl .iri f i r IuJk ickty. fc ! ? ? tic -.'Jit; ent nn ? "lit to (.ii. t intaii, ... ? ? !? Le i J. . <?. and loon; tl,< i, im ,i tiiivt ? ta.di ? r (?? iut? -1 i . ?? null to t'i .pi- li ade to Ho ta; l..1' in op. }<i: i'7JOO or t uUO v. ... r- <. t i>.v t.'ii ? . rut. 10'? i i5:r *i tt i. ? i. . vvitji || up rat it c - hat v ii?. i. ii < Iu oiivn t-i ? tai ' v who lied pi., iito tb. province bofori t u;<<nt mil. 11 linn* I., i 1 .'in i i >i,i ? ( ?.t.po.i |iu\a an iu./ ' ? ? to i .e . tan n i trj u . i i.i Jr. i \ ic uirti an! bu tby nepi'oe. 'ni thou.urd aire lolvniirfi : ir in a opt' i a '.hi In. ', ii of raiiri i.da on blip* to* j ill Citlarliit hoh. li -inr ia. p? ? on; tbi (.lie. 'j air, l.ioet ot vr in. itOi". [i ii ".i "i tarire.- ?, in:- 1 i,il. meat -bo f.i It ? .ii. irti ?i" iml ibn <? acaini*. thi .'j'Ult i* ' . e. Thoy ?. in iu itrioc-, hip! a??W c o rial '.'.j : u ti, ?. Cain ei I obtained. To. Ann afiry u v pu tuind i tm lliom ud p<-?: i a ot bit. ! .ui'l ii ? I' d it into M-/ acti to, and rob it tii'ho u ci ir* ? '- rl' II p r a . o'i< luti'l) PnyaMi'at < nm ami tiia iarl in aim I iiutn.1 in':.- '.. $ 0 fvr j?! ?, - i\:l >t km a'l j." <1. Hfnli, una lim i fci'-ably il l It wi.. In a irt time tliat ?dl ". !? -bi we: ... ? o TI ? i* " i 111 nib l-ini' ?? t ili "v.n. ur.inoe tCi irrn.o'ltiafca ,anvwb-P . nerf* if. . Ui . Imte viaMi I tiiii nettle ..i n'. Iv?r !' v iryin e .. tti' i | tli'v ..<?;> v" taka '-are tb iuf i ivrr, ?bn . o ; o. They h. .?? -?-li? *, . | ? hi. i n a l ttdlL.. ? . t ar? : )-rnpi'a.lnp o tuem tlr? . i Uu'r reboolca ?oalcbF'Ol ' e i t k on 1 m i | .. . iri ? ii ? ,. t' >? coiioi'.I ? i id tin ,;il ?? b i ?r ?? 'J. oj ? r. ? i ? 1 '*:.?< <r o liin-v-:1 ? 'Tun I'och ty ' n! via link; to act tor tho r In f cf vtw Mlavu roknr laury ? n i.. Hi ? iau- oome t ? now a liostiVot* ae Uwy ??:?? f.irti. . ... bit a> j?i r i* all w all! , ,i em.Vral ? ? w I0? to ? anaila. The Ins;, ui- u c nr.Coir o i ijoirda .. .r ... /. In ill t ui ne. 'Jo-ri are u ' ;? i u. . ml i ii. -nv i iu, litre etiiifro- ? i|r i.? ilk the t.eef of Car:: ..i. J a) r i# iniproti.).-. ami t..n e.<. 1 mi UC n r i in iIimbr ii I-ooming, -n- fii-.-iilvra in i bet . " r a tl Wvc ?itb ti : <n ffo In to iJ;?'ormte. We tench fbo fugitive veU-i-aiiaoee. mal rr ? o tin 'li'.v ;.t in IneulcatlPr' '.hi inc. m fa: ui. the pfijrme&l ceiKliiioa ct the fmlllva ir ereuiirned, I r .i ron. ? t! ? . *ilt ') iamll In (ufmbv ne aav .J - rev . I ?' r Ulve of 're . i, .a-* Ui? n ; on th UiCy ? ii. 11 nti 'i. it I a'l t ? if tlo-r vautej to ret trn to hoi. e- tli. v i nU ... ?. ?

any t! to', t: tb. 10 " . > tWuula vai ' . i I i- m t ave.j tttj i-oatl o tomorrow li: y , i ? w . it n i'.o *e. j |i-i ( u.' " u. h ? a r*t * I>r, to ' !. I "Tlill *.'? i, ' .. ? of ' I .1. 'nti. ur e.,i ..i, a i It i. un | ii , 1; in; ,n rr U ?? 1 fitive In ?! jury '? v .he i i n St it " ?iy ' ? tlui rove tin ?(?: a in lit: . t- .J ?< ii itb *i ?.f Ue i ' , to. Ihy ar ? Dm:' -.In'* aiixh a.' tor tl. i. i. ?',:al uaji" *? - r v ; ' i'.r '*?? or hree J'lv " ti ?-v * i Ifcirr Bi'iili a* ti.ey cuo d<? to atten-: to lie i.- j bymoU a *. ? i:u ' the -t.uic" ' their friini.' if? thi renn', ry. Th y ivai" .a?ue S?l'-a of (Ik'ilJaillr and i r-i Lli-i?' ir? t. .?? a t -in *?. h a .ar ;?i; and l.|| ii t* . HOC ? . . a ? .1 ?t ..tjt'io. ? ??? I - . i '.iu . i to m t iu- in o ? Thlaenn 8 le crauialeL >1 will I" 1 Vi . tl<' hai ? ?1'Wu.e In :i. ? ?? 11 ? bw thi* mdl'i Uw t i?a< ii'1-and litfre ? . In a ay ft U.. ? . a'? .'1 Uvr.? :h? tr lw, v lp. b*"idbc U ,.'t; .tori 'f toarh i.. r. Thiai'W!: :-let<-rjf ! n n ' .1. ?i?ie an>l viw I ?? r il 'Cptut I" t only aneief/ Uia. 1 m uoany tfcrt.< : -? Uiia jk??|. ? 1 a ?ry *?' 'roo ti. <-Uiiitry. Th- f iflt.i?aUave dmny . i^don u> ei de?, aiinii la*.ml' 1 beeorne fieo.. mcrm n f.'ojr arw wor'b) f.jd ?-rv 'Jp ?/?..; ? of Ui# ? r'd. In'' th' 1 Ifc^. afiothc" .rymio n 1- r.. r, after Uur <11 ;? r "I. ? Hjr llrrti-l tlfri) ,n Tii Vi rot: or Ti'E ,1 t?i '. 'n ,h?a - ?? if Cap*.. Turnbtil' iy iiw'i-p dth n. 1 . vn It a!f luty to l- op y on * >?* line In ' ?' ? . ti.' articit la yrcti r-a, mnir". II". i< '?? -I ' I; w hr dlfalrat ilia CHjr li *?l ' t the t r fn > t'ei lice ? oie not called. I j< -t- "t-yre and tb-r* were In ihe TMnitp ti U,a(it/ ' t I, ?a. ? i ? a p. ? wl ic. liri I- u ?r that urn- n adit, aa ? ? j e. :> notion f m e (L ? O rr turn, i.eal r ?. aii n; C ' thnl jwr, nil atluno#t/i Mr. li .rj il. r*. ? 1 the ? ft ? * I or ' Sit*: 1 to tW-ar U,e h ? \ ? hi 1 ? ?('??" 1 he pa-' ' ? Ie?i mr scQfriav.*1 at tuCnr !???' '?> '? *e r< ,'h'r, r?t -w ' tU tfcrw uwl ik,l about h* .'J.-., tho ? ,lt? t.nrincf tlie wi 'to <f '-J'l ? .1 ? aoww I wm iittaiU anon ' oO*o. IU I tiiwe l?*B, t'.a pe de->.1 f.n U"1 a.i>", arr.:. t at II '; ?*<? nil 1 n iu'-third a . 1 la?S atta-k, thrr biiuj b 'one na, .it i.ia ganc he w.ui fl?' 1 cbr.-w or f. enf! - w" we.e iwir at lianc, and hfonaat to lie ata'1 -it e ? ' I it taioid hi 1.1 f- , a hair o t',r~? ? ? tee. ? an h u. eailinx for Mr. Dar;rl to rr." - li' route a ida.-ye acainat him; but no mowalig to |irbrt rhirr I m ptftoii to to' LIhgo. tM' 1 1. K- ail 11*. thy, of 13ft? w ji * r. ucp. Trial of Itnatl Sirr?,w (tor (kr Bnrttr at Mra. tkrt) . COURT OY UKNKKAX hlMhlOKt. ifcfo.-r Ilooord 'T iimith TMiKU OAY. TbU Court opened ycrforsUy Hi 11 o'clock, tb. ptiwu r b?!rg pment nt thin hour, with i in cvoimol and lather. Thr interest .u thin trill iacrviueo, *">? audioes ? in Ootiit vMterdey won s cry larga. The crft-noc was continued, and Ellon llcddlng won the lirik wUiiChi of the do J. ' '?'* pb'o ?t hi wburg, 1 know the defendant, i-ininH dprarue; I hare known him for I even yoa ?*; he va* mart-tod toiny plater ontho 2d of.tannery, 1818; ? wan present ot the marriage, winch tsok place at my SrtUer'a houae it New bury; 1 new iny hi. tcr, who eat married to the pi lienor, thb morning; ah- ia Us lug with uiy 'etlier, and keeping house for him. To the Dletriet Attorney?My rbrtr- hi divorced from the pi>oinr. This i.uc jtso" w*? objected to by Mr. (".tnton, who, at th i ter." sit tbe pincvodiu,?*, rnud a certified 00 uy ol tins divorce gmnti-d to June Ann llrdding, on the ifllh of Ik es nolicr, 18M, from wliich ti\o eoamol contennod the prl aotour could m t lawfully la- married again din ing the illo tiuw- ot .lane Ann lledumg. Joliii t priiguc caked. (a ymuig raanalmul twvsty years old)?1 an- hi?4her of the prisoner; I recol'eet when Mr . I'nr'y war aliot; I paw lie- nriaoorr about three day* al ei thr utair at the k>-ei wvii -.t't, he nhosvisl uie a lump on tb top ot lilt hi ad: 1 cannot eiaclly tell tho aire; it woe not very final! or very lu ge, to. 1 lid our brother ti It you where ho got Ibel wound Sir. I Is,l?l oojetl to tiat question. (Objection ml turned) 0. V? a * i be lump sore or not Sir. llal ?J object to tbie :iloo. Mr. llrnton Hutontttcd ttutt thin was a proper question, bei g part of tin whole tnunactii n. 1 ,o Court ruled i.gaiiirt tho que lion. M ,:ra 1 ixaouni-.l the lutup; I tell It; I never Haw I on lu.s hoad 1 afore Huh day; it appeared an it Tie had been m uck wiili houw thin. 1 am a younger brotlu-r; , ivy btoUier h i . beim ale ij ? peaceable, never knew mm ' to dllnk any IpirttOOaa llqnom. To tire Dtnu-ut Altoruej?I raw my brother al nosl evorv day lor ilrc "i. moullia previous to Ihm occurroiioe he livi d In Co'm-uMa atreet before he lived In Dekiery utreet; I am a ?blpJolner; my brut - r tor Uie lint tliri ?i an worked at the -an. ? rarto; it was tlie nimo wei a I lull till' wCu.'.i'U wan killed that he chewed nie ho. head, ho chowad n ? Iria lam I aha, which M-cinod to have - bimpo upou it. Ann IVikiugton rworn?1 IWnl with the defendant in 1 - ancy atrtot; 1 w*? neve. mai i led U> tini, 1 ree dl< t the ? ivy Mia. 1 urtv war Miot; M-. rprague nine hm-.o tie i evening about . ' \ o'clock; wi heuril a uiu-s in I be sard: he r:?,d lie s.oi .1 go down Ktair* and mako peace II he ceni'1; 1 lo'll.ou out of tho wdndow. they we.o 1 I in tb" yard ; 1 marled tu -co down at air aftci-wnrds. nud met Mr. 1-urty end lib, wib corning up hUhs, I id not roe tho do;', lor ty bird . knife In bin Iran i Mrs. I . ty hat :r dun In h.u huiiii Curly :ail 1lu kulfo ,irn-pisl tightly i" he hand; :ht ho; i d lba sUiir: sin I uriy vtruck Sprague, ano he 'ell Up< II hiv handi ..u.l (b t in hi? room; hp,ague ae-u r?'d, 14 Wi'HI did yeu trlke on h ? ' rho Mild, "1 Will aiiik' yen ai-ain ' eteayue thru got bin poit-il, which r tnr< J * '' '?! f'n ? r .'F '* "? - ' * hui'T ovor the n aiui| < ci-, and told Sire. 1 nrty t . go oat o( ktv rum; ie s: ol.-h1 wciUlli-d go out; he rniH*-d tie clubtoHttik,-Udtowgehi, ciid herei-id hiv hand ami was rtmr. ou t ie hs d, l'n \j an nhinit use loot W<t, i l.r, '- il in h.a haul .-. guo told Mi I ?rty tigiiu. to liuve lie ric-iu 1 oil) tL-m rurluHl 111 lir 4;ue toltb ui* ka. e to Utah him: i p agui elrai k th< kn'f, b?c? wilh tiier a o It pat id; ' o ty h<n de.d with t.,e knlle h<Id mill-hau l, and .q..-*gun the pi toi iuh-.iCtv, (he, were t Ui.. uug Ut, w ?> ale,utai diode hud V..--. 1 T-ny rii-l-ad in h(U alrurl. ll e | i til With t nl,? a am true . 1L 1 pistil .-!?* round biw ird* y, l , v ; av ? T. J i.rty the., to hU wife it wo e'K i . lin y can ? a., in live i; o.hcr ( ? Willi th- ro. i i .iv.trh A y Mr. IJjill?My iwik- In Ann l'c ? .ylrm t av> liiiu .n l.-bud; I ear tu ver not ri'si I am aim. old; I hwoknown jn ? ur n.r :i piu 1 cadi- t-| .?(tne'a aCotia ntance m ?;ia: : I,'. . ., ,'fc-: ( I. ni'ig, 1 s h Mlt'ug on e ??(, ae<t he rqireryA" ip kt> to I'aHiidieti'ovi.. v.- have llvi tiftlvi two ? . . I 1. Ui .. .11-. . h n 11?II ti ? ibtri h's. twe chilli .i ty lilm Hoy ?"? . tlit-y vrctc i -ii ii ? ' "1 i t th, tliiu id till* vrtray . we ...ittot.- In llilaac- rti W .ii V.i. be' -'O t-.U m iMv; i i i va roxt to 1 mty *; I 'kur't kaaw t ,ich i ' di-,-er -.i ???-. tup Or I'Ui-fy H, I was ? ud l.r .1 |tj tfK.iu wle ? J ". I ''' ntr-o "tovg-e I-,! . u iis??i'i it i1. - id'- i ii I- ><e*nl 4 Ire , 1' a,,l I,"III go b'(.e to- etowha ' *? t i W ? .t 'a.( vir i ,' ;;y i C.'t 1 iiutl.r lulu .'H. I ' I, . IK -., 4.aI I 01. in the ?!. I ??ily -?w t-iiu t.(l>ir, ? vl-.h h II.ail 1 ' ? Willi. ?r> ? Inn hud tnc* 1 tit is 1 oiO'i.'t up - 'all*: Mr: ' r' w ae ruin I. Iliad ytort4'. Wi ll -j,: ,?goi' Imfala I 1' < ? .. ' lutwl Icr. (, n * v ' III if 0 IOC I .- ..I II 1 lilt I ? Wl' to'1 "I i , id o' ? ?..?:? Ilk.' Htojj-' .uel as .-pr oi o* ?(? i , ..a. tri! upon the to d; ?ie 1-al ' iadk to I' ?i"li he I'-mC 4,u . , ttcn .1 on !..i 'isr.i "I k in i , , ,n g l on lav' ? I r'?hc mean' V 1,; a'lto - id eh*4 W' lilil 1-o.e nil agai Sit ill, he dn. on4 . r.ra tu lied ? u, 1 -J.b? | n . '. ? .' h i i ' :'"t it a : i ,rth of J. !y viit; thir p ?< I was .a I w i.-ot from i'pri ?l P< ..._ .urlher lot i tie room I ?1 ? I not luwu t!> ? vv!.< i ;u vc we ,t t< ?i h> ... ..ill '.,r7d it (tow a t y Ida ride ami It id Mm. i orty to go oat of lil- room; ho ire! 1 bia piatol .ti a iitn. pni th'-nfa sot it toward* Mr Curt" < K when .sir. ard* l ei ur, hie a mii I -? tin n i - * o'i . '' in ' nnd I r '? and -sid tho tit.'ra ho ;? 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Mr. UU I *? at on r ' 'A. iirtvv in ir h iir m ho fc !T( f I'I AI d 11 , nee u nllui:; olw to I Ahapiai i ml I?no. ? I II ?? III. ? I" ? " " 4V, $ 5 f . W I H If * ' T?' /'#?, * 1 !? r 4 m >>*r . ?? , ?i AreVjm Hr ? t o- ? "w l,.. 4 4.-1. <* H . (14 Irllk > U . . ? - IVill'jtral latrltta*""' jt w, **? - ?rt - (/ II* ( r.oai4 ? * ' " l W*i w a aaoAhIaU *r 114?-a?t In t* aad ., . rawest of Urf- < ehuehM I'M*) A*m?. mrmm j. Me*** H. (.????*T, ?h?* uty, tar the '?*? ' ?<* pjj, ?;,?* N"ty. tg Tr?r'*? '4 the M. 40*' laadatkiVt late uawri at i4U?m W Um ?t W?INM*. ARRIVAL OF THE ANIA'S MAILS. IffVKNSR WAR A'BKPARATItl.'SS HI RUSSIA. Martha! I Prussirr BJomM by tta Xtandoa frwi An llnitfd Mtatrn Strum Private at A-oihiautioople. CoiiunoJoir Bm'vi uud (lie Km/lull Adairaf. i aa. iifBMUi b* u chljuo. Our London, Pnrf* H!id MadWd ( ?i if'iponilciU f, a.;.. hA.. aa. Tft' I'M ju nn mi fit l r? t'l' fc. fn. H-aitftlily Van t' .cl ol tllir Ml t jt U.dky ? 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