Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 22, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 22, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7055. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1835. PRICE TWO CENTS. ABTMTBEBEWTgJtEWEWKD ETEBY MY. HBW PPBUCATIOKS, A BDPKRB PRESENT FOB THE HOME HORARY.? A* edition of the celebrated la es and ruuisnocs of |W(r*i' American novelist; IMgrn j FBNIMORK COOPER. AsaHuperl national souvenir tor He American's family II brary, thr publishers submit their new and be wn'itul edition or all the tales sad romances of ibe late J. Penimore Cooper Thin edition is entirely new. au<i nomprises the a-hole of (his dist'n gulsbed author's novels. In aii thirty-three volumes, csrelully printed on superior paper:? Neatly bound In embossed muslin, the set, 33 volumes... NJSS 00 ftheep, tlbiury style, warble edges ,'M) 00 Naif roan 2b 00 Hail Turk.-/ 15 00 Hall ca f lft 00 Ball calf, e .tra toll backs 50 CO Calf calf, sn'ique 50 00 Also, a ties and Improved edition of THK LEATHER KTOGKINU TALES, And T11E SKA TALES; wnu rnt apthou's pare awn tiKve-rovL Elegant... prlt ted on fine paper, bound In unique stj le. Ban series con's tn? five volumes. Bound to clolh Ucsct 95 00 notmd In ha.<'ca)/or Turkey 7 50 Bound In h??f (air, extra gill backs, <>r antique s 00 There l. nothing more purely American, which the latest posit;itj *111 uo! wllltoily let 'IN. Edward Everett. f 'rcu on ? which havobcoowCTinuaehold words'' throoghouv thee world.?lloor/e Ilaue-oft PublNh-d b? BTRIXOER A TO* NSEMl. 132 Broadway, under the American Museum. ? H JOfELTN'ri NEW WAR MAP.-JU8T PUBLISH . ed?North Sebasbipol and DuoSsgradoii of South; Cap ture at the MaiakoQ; Attack and Fearful Struggle wl hlu the Bedan: BaMleaof the Alius, Balaklaraand Inkermann: View Of Constant ncple: two Views of south Beoastopol, showing the Position of the Allied Foroesdurirg the CampsIgu; North He baetopo) showing Its Kortblnatlons and the Present Position of the Russian Armv. This la an entirety new map, with the latest plans and view*. Slzo of map, 26 by 82 Inches. Price, 25 ?enta.beautdully colored. Bout bv mall to any pa-t of ibe eonntgy (or one cent postage. .The largest and best collect hu of maps and views of tbe kos'ero War published at this office. Map, nook and print agents wanted tor every State In tlie Union, to sell frrm a list of popular maps. Letters of inquiry promptly answered. C's'alogues anl specimen sheets fi ne ? fawvefHug agents. A. B. JOCE1 YN. (10 Pulton street, N. V. Jf. B,?Newspapers copying the above and sending the aamo to (he office, w'U receive three ooples and catalogue. .CATHOLIC IIIBLE8 AND PRAYER BOOKB-ROLP VERY Ky ihtip during tho fholida1 ?, at K. C'llHIMNGroN'H book store, i'/o Bowery, oue door above Fourth street. Eighth avenue book store, 420 eighth ave nuc between Thirty second and Thiry third atrret, east aide.?A large lot 01 books, sellable for holldly presen's, .1 i*t received: Kpb-copal, Methodist uud I'atholli prayer books, t o? tawt-ti'.s a oil Bibl'-s, portcmonnaltM, card eases, gsui-s, :oyr. Combo hruthes, fancy attides, toy books, hlauk l.ooks and ntaliinu ry ,-i every variety. Gail and examine. W. V. BUHZIK, 420 Eihgth nvenae. Holiday juveniles ? 1HS IUT BOOKS ron CBtLDBEK, Now Head / : DICKENS' LITTLE FOLKS, A seriesoflicautlful Juveniles, selcuedlrom Dickens' works. In his own language, wl'h t.lus'ratlons hy Parley. 18wo., ?cloth. Pi ice 88 cents each; ex. gilt, gilt edges, 60 ceuta I, Lrrnu; Nrzx, from "The old Cariosity 8hop'' of Charles Dickens. II. from "Nicholas riicklehy"' of Chnrlei Pickers. IIL Tits Child Wn?., from "Darin Copperfleid" ot lliarles Bl-kenj. TV. Orrv-KB ami thk Jew /acnr, from "Oliver Twist" ot Charles Pit kens. V. Lin ,x Prix, from "Dombcy and Sou'' of Charles Dtffeee* VI. F: mt i i Pyeni.T, trow ' Potnbey and Son'* of Charles Pickens The to volumes in a neat paper case, price 92 26; gilt eitra, BO. J. S. K&DFlfc>LO,&4 Beekman street, N. Y. IT BIVAI-H THE SARCASM OT THK POTIPHAR PA pers as "ell as the dtollery and humor o( Ham Stick.?I'ren Tlce s I -ub vtlle .luirnal. 3,090 so l and 10th thousand printing of THK WIDOW BEpTitf PAPERS. One IMno. vol. 11.unrated. 91 26. This is reaily an ?'""?i"g aHalr, treating upon nvatlsiyof Subjects connoted with the life, character history and rxpe riencr ot T/iCoa ltcdott. and what many otheni experience la -oonrequen -e ot' baring her lor a neighbor while she was Mrs. Deacon Beuolt, Widow Bedott nnd Rev. Mrs. Sniffles, ft Is just the book for eold * eather; it irlll save fuel, as It will arouse the rislblee, shake the sides, and k< ep the reader warm from exercise. The Widow Uedou's character is portrayed in char ncterla'.ic Ftyle. Her poetry Is nl that peculiar class that will be remembcied on once reading, aid according to her own statements, the Rev. Mr. Hutitte-, though a widower wlien she became acuualnted with htm. never actually took up his cross until alL r she became Mrs. Salines.?Ulngbsm (Masa.i Journal. J. 0. RERttY, Pugliaher, New Tots. And for aale by a 1 booksellers. LIB" HAI, BOOKH.?Jl'bT PI BLI3HER, NEW EDITION, "Volnrv'a Ruins," X'.r In paoer; bound 62'.e.; d-i. In morocco, or Turkey.91 tf-r.prerentsl. "Age of Reason 28c. "Common EPnee." wuh "Crisis for '76,'' snd "Paine t Letter to the Ounkers.'1 (together' 26c "Uood Sense," by li'ilol back(>i? best won), 44c., Ac., by O. VALE, No. 1 Bowery, tup comer ot Division itrtet. Not g : vKN away, nrr belling at very iow pritws holiday presents of annuals. Bib es, prayer books, jnvenbe trin atnre sod gIR hnrke, tn various styles; games, ? dissected maps. buLdmg blocks, magic lanterns portfolio*, backgsmmcn boatds, water colors, to great variety. Also. Ii.dla rubber, wax and china dolls, dressed and plain: snd all kinds Of rotlons at J. B DCKN's book and vartalv store, 209 Third a- tat.c, between Ktghteenth and Ntoeteenta streets. Kosf. ci.ark. BY FAWNT FERN. 1 vol.. IXnw. I';let >1 23. A WW tiraulitu'. dikrtck-r Row Urrsell Joes not tiW In |9gftp M er attire?Ac srburyport VM? Ii I? Fanny Ftm adorer, but Laa more power, more feel mora ajmpaihT, more life, more eptrlt, more touching baanti.'ita.i any of tier work*.?Mai svtUe Eagle Bo full of life, so sharp. *o po rted, kj pathaur and beautiful. ru ium w pa?rye au y%' mra, rvi psttivui mm UT?'Uii m, bo eloquent an J truthful la Ler *?; la thai U we eaiumi cad It train ?, tu- do net know what L call l??Paturdajr t veal ij f? ~ I'nhu. Wapbiii i?I. It mi: maxa toe tonight that fail* around you brighter, ind tie Are tt'Bt born* on your hearth atricfr - tlhaoa f'itl/ro. Fnr surpasses all the prtnons efforts ot ltd# populai auinor "T.?N. V. Meri au'.llr Journal. Taker, a? a whole, the book tf a trtn?h-honorable alike to the head and Liar: that nonce Irso it?booorable to the I ? j languize in which it la W:!ttm-honorable lo tl.e are th*: produced It, and we have jet to aae the work o( Ocuou hyan American woman worthy to stand beside It.?Ho* on l>ally Bee. Fancy Fern write* for those whose Learti are etlll liriug? Been and women who carry a petrifaction In their bosoms hud better ka?. ber a rlUof.t aioua?aha doea not seek lo antutfjr tbeni ?Butlslo K rorea*. Fln'rrta htua, h rUllaot, witty. sarcastic, aatirical, pathetic and nova .?rMj. lelphla City Item. It bar the wit, toe rapid transitions, Ihe tank utiong wisdom, the wonderful power nf cu&dBnsalbM. the merciless sarcasm and II.e ouibmste of eloquence. ?blah alt to ba Mod to all the productions of tbie writer.?McMtkln's American Courier. Ihe atcry 'com# with the r?c\ the ip<ey, tt.a pnngin' and the ajrei ,nlr ? rb.lailnlphtn 1 rollur Ne* sptp' r. lire he rt work of ihe gifted Fsunr.?Windsor Journal. 1 uaa the aenius and dash ot iu independent apirlu?I or. Boaum Qouner. hhc ia, I) turns, witty, pathetic, aeomfnl and rereienl?h r file ia sarcasm, and warm. earnest andouipo .ring Ineu'ogy? rapid in movement, always full to orertlnwine with Pic and ruergy, aud alwaya going directly ro tlm heart of her anMeft? ai.i On*"!/, every quality I* Intensified and abarpetied Ir. Pa r 1 . bv an amazing power of e< odnnsatlor.. roraireattaif often in a paraxrnph or line what cornv n writers would aprr ad orrr n dorm dreary page*.?Philadelphia Inquirer. Thr For/ ia one ol uoCag.'ing tntercat irum die up< uin; ' (bt " " Chapter to tile t-loM ?New To k A'tns. It ts superior to anything we hate yet bad from tbf jjtued prno' Fanny rem.?New fork Mirror. It ta r?-WiA>; tire hot thing America'* farente authoress liar ?ef done ?New Fork F.nlr' Ai r. It Is tor ume? the superior ol " Ruth 11*11," In arrrr iv apett, a. t p eat aa was Ihatalrof (hot hook, WW abntlM nal Wonder if ihj weir ten limes greater ?Ronton HiUtrday f .en law Oa'ede. MASON HKOl I1KB8, Tab?Bra, N. V. MKP. POUTHWORTll P NEW AND ORFAT WORK IR for ra> erarywVje 'bh. day. TIIF Dim aUIIKD DAFOBTFR. By the author o! "The lean I eire?? "ILa D???-ted Wife " ".Miss ,,- Bride," ' ttife ? Yktory." Ac., complete in two voVti)m I. p >P' r mrer, price $t. or to t tie rolume, . ioiij, fur 91 -? I' r wale by all bookselhre and nearag nt- ai d pub Ittleia T. It. PFfiCRMON'S. lnzt beainut wee , PMta li p'ria. Cople ? em' by mall, free ol po? ee-e on reerlpt of pa ? a Til? FAlJ ADfl Ol THE KKVOM'TION kPiaiiToN a oo aw. Ann m uiioadw.vt. V. . : I. ? on Mt ndar, Ihe 21th Ir.ei #ONOR AM' 11AI.I. Al'SorlB! AMKfllCAN BEVOIXHON, Willi note* and rlinatrationi, ay i km mmtKi. Mere thlnga d? not <bow the oMnpicou <>t thd llimia so WLll as Ss. adl and iibr'.s ?I. 1 lac 1 < jd. ISnao , with tuo Uluat'Bhooi t, Darley. TDK hltiORAI'IIY or THE DAY. iimi.i tar aasoracrvnirr. Nrwret.y be Hogny hr "< it ? flON, IIkSaNDO WikiO, Maroa 'u Nkw Tot:a Cirr. Mi Itw aul MeUul. f* | , A'i'hor of "Idle of Itlr Waiter R. It," "PjnuseJinn.', "R; ?sl fine," Ae. Mayor Wiod. by h > Intrepid sad iudepatJent wir e *?? the ahier ma ra e td the tnatrt>|ioll? of our eo'Uitry, 1 *? a to it. ? kdmu-ai'Lh of 'he abn e ciitltae'. w rid. creailug a world ail mirreat at >t a apt clil eurtnsli i to k 0* lb? hlsk,t. of tuob a maa: bewcnltsprotftmuoti. Th bkgraphy, aaldf Iroui In < r< at la d n tcdo b an tier' II; gi) rwt; taltdhf work, fiiil i'' stirring it t Mant. The vi I h. ai ? ill ty one tt '? ur nc * popular bto;-rnthera ?mate rail fiiralahed b| the Muyor ami arloua metntd r> ufih.< Urn . i'ub'A'ird in library style, ecwuufuily paMaa on paper, auprr4. biro'ing and will .ata n a e| It r'lld life ike atet| rM'C er srs' iny of he Major, by Huttra. I'tlce 91. Ret' poatapa tree oc rtct Ipt of F'.ea < ?* *o i t* v. no'..! to icll the work Iu all parts <d ma Unfe'RA a. Adores* O. r. FAhSOK* rntibher lie Vawau stt?et. LKUAI. MITICK*. IN ri BWAKK OF ANORDEB OF THE ElBBftOATR of L.e lounli of hew Tor . ui'l >? is hcrel.j gitrn to all per.'.r? Ia. | rlalfM ??atn t Prrf-t. ate of !#? y of per.'^a ? a? iig r lain,# aeait. i rrkri, ate or ihe i i'y ot Jfcr York, dee, a t d. lo present the Mine, with torn hers there Of, 'a 'he Ml' srrlhar. at fier tt-idrr ee. li IHM.jon r ret t. In Ik City of New Tt rk, on or htiort tht Mat, day ttf Mar nen ANB l'RICw, AiiminelraUll. Da'ed New York. Ihe 27ih tUy of Sovatnlwr. LX... N'OlIf'1' IR BBBRBT 01 YEN TO AM. ITRgONfl WlfO arc crtdi'ors to ;he?at*i?.y the l??e Kdirard ?rll,e,of tar H at* Count; Tlatal. la'e Wll'tamsRurr, are rt nuntied tor iwin tn deilrer the full parilenlnni ? their re*pe<-Mre cmtit ava&si the nataU; ti the rleik at ihe de?n rt lb., hoiel, a.rl s t persma ladens.l to the '>ak are re quceie 1 lo l 'By the mo.a at the e%tpt> plaae The Etc y rs'n .ilehmetit and the h 4el are *br **ie py prt y?ie run'rac' Bulll*. and tf not so disputed >t, >oea to be eold a; yrtraie rale tn two parents. All per?..n# who *re wll PC* T--e;' 'or -he whole can etamlnn the property, as a tan ttiOM ts.w. Ml t j treat for one part. Their resneetirr pro. uom.e,tn wr ax. rouai ha lefl as above, anl a*?h and rrery perstn hailla' rnottw totneat ihe undaratroed-drst the par ks a to purchase die t nitre aatMbhahtiaeni. aid ne?t Owes who de ta to treat for the Imtelard llyery esiablishoo-ai acpara cly. I! i*iieetrc-1 that iheaa j mi'oaala9hall ha m?ta Witt, nt dels;. 1 any apphentkioa ha. ltdt Ijaan made. Thta oy prrtste t ia titen e ttiall. to nil. l*ntad tha 2lat itay if De """" " t AilmUilatrat /r* aambcr. DANff.l.iM (.SI R, IMM kUUMTRT. MfvItlK i nt the < etale. Job , f o A Noa, Attorn*] > and Cotiuaalior* a' Iaw for the e? at*. Ct FB7MY COt'BT DEA TRK'N-RFTfRK DON. CHAN. A. I l-ear Aj -Susan Da AnenHa ra. uOtCttPD Da Auf-sa A tffqrt.) sta UThfik ta AJa?fd. HEWS FROM WASHINGTON. 01TB SPECIAL DESPATCHED lfll BOl'UE ?TBI M IK INK GOBI" J? A STRUCT KIOHT BETWEEN A CON0BK8SMAN AMD AN EDITOR?OKN. Oakland, etc. Washington, Dee. 21, 18(6. Ko approach toward# an organisation to-day. Bank*' (lien fs ate still sanguine. Quite a Kcnratioa hat been created in the Marine Carpi by the death of Major Miller ?dome officer# keek In# pro motion, others fearing an overslaugh. Hon William Multh, of Virginia, attacked the editor of the Star this afternoon, about an article wllrh liad appealed in liie columns. A street tight ensued, la wlrioh but little damage wa* done on either side. Ihc parties weit* goon separated. ? Cel. Nicholson, of the Union, ha* left for Tennessee, to assist in securing for tleneral fierce a re-nomination, w"h him-elf as the candidate for the Vice Presidency. He hopes to be- able to pack the 8th of January Conven tion at Nashville, so a* to accomplish that object. M . despatch In regard to General Garland and Presi dent fierce I am satisfied wa* erroneous. I team that no man In the service stands higher in the confidence of 'he executive, and 1 make this correction with the more pitasure as I would not willingly do injustice to a gal lant and meritorious officer. E. THE PI.AVERT QUESTION BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT OF THE ONITKD STATES?INTKUC.STt NO CASE?CAN THE FBESCDKNT GRANT A CONDITIONAL OR QPALIFIFD PARDON?THE RENCONTRE. Washington, Dec- 21. 1866. The whole question of slavery is to be up before the F'ipreme Court here this winter, la this way An aboil tiou editor of the name of Booth, lu the State of Wiscon sin, was brought before n I'r.ited .States Commissioner on the charge of rescuing a fugitive iliu * from the Vnito-i States Marshal, and discharged on hob-an corpus by the Mute Court. He was afterwards indicted and tried, and ecnv'ctcd in the Cnttcd Mates I (1st riot Court, and then again di-cliargti!,pn h nbeat (orpvs, by tbeSupiemc Court. Thus the w hole qMMtun of the legal fonndation of slavery, the constitutionality of the fugitive slave law, and the right or a NUte Court to lnterpofe in such case by hui.nt impli or othsrwii-e, will come up in two separate case*, to he determined by the Supreme Court of the United Mate*. A viry inte-estiog question is to ho argnod in the -u preme Court of the United States to-day. It it that of the constitutional power of the l'tesidint to grant condi t.onal or qualified pardi ns. In 1862 I'rc.-ldent f illmare commuted the punishment of a man nauird Well- from death to imprisonment for life. Wells nutde a written agretuu-nt, accepting the condition. His counsel apply by petition to the Supreme Court for htbmt rotpa., al leging that Welts is unlawfully Imprisoned, on the ground that the President cannot grant a qualified pardon, and ? hat the peldon must therefore be construed in In* as an absolute one. Chailcs L. Jones, a son of Gen. Waiter J. i.e., of this city, ts coun el for tie prisoner. The par don was granted by President FU1 mere on the aitvlca of Attorney General Crittenden, and Attorney General lushirg will ap)dar for the government, to maintain the positions assumed by Mr. Crittenden. Extra Billy Smith, of Virginia, and Mr. Wallacb. had a fight on I'enns^MBia avenue, just after the adjourn, mi it of -.he Buijjik, this afternoon. Tire popular version ol the affair?for the exact correctness of ? hich I cannot vouch, though I b< llevc it Is substantially correct?i - that F.itia Billy first struck Weliach twice In the lace. Thej clinched, fell, and rolled in the dirt. Extra Billy got Wsllach's hand in his mouth and hit it badly. Wallarb damaged smith's face considerably. I Hiring the scuffle a r'agger dropped between the partU*. A gentleman pi ki d it up and threw It away. The bystanders sepa rated the combatants. The difficult;, is understood to have oiiginated In the inueadces sgaloht Extra Billy In Wellaeii'a iWar. B. MEMBERS GOING HOME TO FN JOT THK HOLLO AYS? C BAR AFTER OF THE DEBATES IN TBI HOCSE?THE RENCONTRE. Washington. Dec 21, 1866. A number of member* lift this evening, and more wilt Uave to morrow. They will not return nntll after the h?li< a>s. Ihey have given up all Ilea of electing a Speaker for the present. To-day the speeche? have been exctciiingljr rich, and to-morrow they will be m ire so. Mrphen*, of Georgia, si 1 be in the ring. Tho -cicontre betseen Ultra BlUy Smith ami Wallach, editor of the Star, is the general topic of conver-ation. ITie rnd ts not \ et. Cel. Kr-nrh did not, I an lcrUnd, present hi* ercden ti.-.ljs to Mr. ltarcy- Marro'.eta informed mo this er?n irg that the despatch in yssteiday Ukxaih, with refer ence to him, was an error. jli. BOUNTY LANDS I OB THK CHEROKEE". Washington, Dei. '.1, 1866, The f-ecretary of the Interior has decided that t voiuntr' ira rngnged in the resanval of the Cherokee disns arc uali'.led to bounty land. niiBTr-vot RTH cowoiucsn. IIBST SE9UION. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Waxai.aoTnv, I?ee. 21, Wii. ? Mr. *?, (Heck rep.) of Ohio, denied 1hnt h- hud u vd * tic 1j it rtm-xrk an t?a* attributed to him by Mr. McM ilten, vl?., that the goven.inent would rentua'.ly ft" into (lie band* of the North, and that the abolition party riitiJJ eb ft their cnadilate tor the IV aldency, and kha. tl on Hi" Mn uiuet and ought to be diaaolVM. He ti ueied no wan won id i*p?> t him to reolv to tli it gentle man, (Vr. McMutlen,) except in care .,f palpable uiiare I pte ?nt >llop Mr. M<Mi i/xar, fdem.) of Ya What be* the mom lor n <aa I1' e? h? euppi m he le capable of in-'iUing any 0 uol-tr a tbic floor)' When I am a a .tiled by the con teiuptifcie mtwabet liotn ' 'bio I will di (end myielt, bore or ?l/ewheri'. (-enaation.) I did condemn the cour-e of hoi mCmht i?an i hare nothing to lake bad*. Mr. C< X, (nut. K N.) of Ky., re* u mod U? argument of yeatarday, eadeavtring to ihow that the national tme 1 lean party could not unite ia the "lection of Speaker ? th tl e NVith>in anti-alavi ry party. Mr. t ox datated The qnaatlon of aliivery and defend* 1 it i c\V' nc? utder ?be ronatltutlon. Ifr. TV Tie r, (K. N.) of Tenn.. dilTereil froai tho /en tUn-an, cle ."In/ that the South held their idave? In con tinipt t{ the eon dilution. Mi. (Jot, after giTtrg M-errat gentlemen opportunity (' r explanation* concerning the hantaa-Nebratka '.ill, concluded hie three hourv ? preci inadroeaty of the reeogn. ed p ^ctp.e* of the American party. Mr. Own, fdem.) of i-a., defanucd hl? democratic Merit* fr< m the char -e that they are re.ponelbte for the failure toorganine the ilone*, inunjixh ? beln.r in the mirx.1 ty, they are po?er'e-?. without A union with th me ?*i?h wUcmib*v ? anuot*?mpu hire. The praaeriptivi-prln eijte* of the know Nothing*. be raid, farmed ao impawe tie barifer to a union with tt em. lie I stoked the Men!* of Mr. i'dchardmn to eland firm and not wtlre the de mocratic I rgtn,ration rape-it Ily at a time wh'n It i? purpid of the laet ie?t g? ol *niil*ra and ie entering up<n new t'Ornph" of principle* v'r, tenor, (K. It.) of i>a replied -aylng tl?e demo crat* had wetbled themoelvw* to a m*f?*ure ?ud n it to a great p-ir.eiple, for tt had com" out today that th? Ne b/ili bill ie t,niier?tood dfhrsntly in ine ??rUon frow what it ie n another. If principle in the teot. let it .|?ak but ore Uug tag*. Me condemned the demo- rati" oaueun revolution. A-}uutntd. ( atlfd Mates Mnralml a Older. AWUST 01 TWrj KIN ON A <HXK'.f OP Mt'RbKR 0* THE rum REAR. fir. 21 ?Vme day* hocc the t ailed Jtaie-IHitriet tttomry received Intelligence from Ueerpool. fating 'hat two men. tie raid Andr w Rlcl.e and Tn. 1'ullard bad ar-laed there from New Orleant In ths American reeael Aa'yrlutn, and that they had both died in ha pita a few d?J? after their arrlral. From the dying atate in- tit of I'l.Uatd and other e rider, o?, th* Coroner e in que?t rendered a verdict that the leeae-ed earn-- by rhair iieitlh from injur!** Infllrted at the band* of wl'liam Wile ri, oeeond mate, ami John Urn mo, boat a wain, of the V?-j riurn. The Coroner in Ijverpxd (newel hie war rant fof tho airawt of WU?n and llanaon. but they ha 1 lef, Sot N(w York on board the .hip R. itobinaon, which laet ??< a!*o Ct mmun eated to the atitbnrltfea here, and Officer fir me. ww depnt-d by Marrhal Ilillyer. n?d pro ? to "ar.dy Hot in the revenue cutter W?ehington Co ol. Tautee, from whom Mr. Ilelmci received every anlrtance. They met with the R, Roklwaon, C'apt. I'.ob in.i.n eon.mar.der, coming up the n??k, and having V.-ai b t b"t ronnt*. the two aeeueed partlew. who ?hlp:?d ureter a*?um<-d nameo?-me a. third mate, tan the etner lef.-ietl.p mart. Capf. RoMnasn al?o rendered every a?*>?taaC' to the Erdted State* aurhe'ltte* The ac?ii*e-l were hrought up to the < ty and held liar rtaminatvm The i "vwc'a gr.vernmeu'. lemamie. of the Holy See the I th" ft, \j the f -lu.onle** meawrandi.m ?hc-rld nut h* put -b?d cwn?'taporamotw y w'.'h U*e iWt; y( Ui - h. ug of raruiro* te I 'an#, City Intelligence. Family MAMntMl,?The neer approach of Christmas and the attendant holidays ha" filled the market* with all kin la of game and poultry. Immense qunxtltie* of game has been brought to Washington Market by the various railroad cam pa tries and transportation Liars? more, it Is said, than on any previous season. Price, this weeV are somewhat higher than they were at the last quotations. Moat this week Is a trifle cheaper in all \arlctie*, except veal, which is scarce and of course dear. Fish maintains about the same prices. Butter shows a slight advance, and eggs ar e still very dear. We have added to the list o( our vegetables, which will be found a compendium of all the markets contain in that line. There is a great deal of veuison in market, which U us cteap as otner meat-.. Fiil i> Has nor frurrr?I.OOS shoot $16,000.?The par ticulate of the fire at N'e. 0 Baxter street, w hich occurred on hursdiy night, about 8 o'clock, are as f jUowc? The six story front building belonged te Mr. Caleb Klrby. It is totally destroyed. I.oss about $8,000, insure 1 for $6,000; $*2,000 in the Frrltoa Insurance Company, and $d,0OJ iu the Merchants'. Mr Kirby had just got iu a new steam engine, which be intended to eiect; it has beon almost totally destroyed. I.e-s about $1,000. nn iusuraucs. Mr. Amos K. Kendall oc opted the second and third llaors of front huiUtng as a chair mxnufactnry. His loss aud In in ranee could not Ims ascertained. A rear building. owTtxl and occupied by Mr. Mrbs, as a segar box mono tsct ry, sustained damage to bnlldlng of about $160, and to stock about $100. Insured for $1,000 in the Ntuyve ?ant, and $1,000 iu the Itntgers Insurance Company, the two story frame building No. 11 was crushed by the fulling <>1 the wall Of No. P lhe building belonged to the Wade estate, aud is covered by insurance. M1. Joseph Moiouey occupied the first Hoot as a cl rthiug store; his sto-U was mostly rciuo\ed: he e-timxtss his ls-s at about p$l<i0. He has i n iusursncc of $.i00 in the N'.uyvesant IflMUMM Company. The seen 1 tow ?M occupied by I'eter Mahoney, a - a dwelling; his furniture isiasured lor ?20b in the Aator lu-'uraucc Company, and Is damage! to about that amount. Tbpre were one or twoothcr 'amlllei occupying a part of No. 11, who susttlned some damage, probably to the amount of $100. No ln-ur?nce. fne bilhmg No. IS helnnge to Mr. H. V. Vul ee; it vrss rljfchtly damaged. The occupants had a number of urtl c.e- stolcu. and their furniture damaged by removal. No. 7, occupied by ffjman Isrixt as a clothing store, damaged by watir to the amount of about Al.fiOO. In urt d in tee A tor Company f..r $1 () SI, and in the llu'gvrs Cm.puny for $1,000. The build lag belongs to Mrs. Miller; if is Cam aged ta lhe nra tunt of $100, and is fully loan red. Mr. Amos K. Kendall has an insurance in the Bulgers insurance < ompany of *i>00. lie estimates his loss at about $l,b03. y ri :> llor.-ToN Ntbi.ii.?About six o'clock on Fri day morning a fire was discovered Iu the grocery store of A brim N. Hulls, corner of Houston and Alton st ?-els. The alarm soon brought the die men to the pre mises, who evtiognirhed the llsnies before they extended beyord the store. The stock of groeeriol was jonsi lera bly damaged by fire and water. I.oss about $510. In sured in the F? tor Cooper insurance Company for $1,003 on stock and $.7i0 on fixtures. The fire apparently ori ginated under the cjunter. The affair is nndcr laves .i Billon by the lire Marshal. The bul ling is oirn-d by r. I'enton I'ctr.'dL Damage to the buTtliug will l>e about $60, which Is covered by insurance. roller InlrlllgfMr. Mrul'I.Il WILI. OUT. lu the mouth of August U?t, u kootii M>n?J] M'lt. FTanmigan, reildlof ?t 187 Eleventh street, liad her pock tt picked af * wallet containing MM, while she was pur ehiiiog Hah at a pedlar'* aagou. f<oon after the ueeitr ri-ncetwo boy, uam<v: .lintrf Bergen Rod J true* Hum, acre averted ou suspicion of limine tbe thieve I, bat a* then- irks no evidence adduood ngalost them showing any erlrr iuulitv. the magistrate ?** obliged to discharge them from cuftody. A few day ago M>mt additional trutlnnay , win p'ocurtd against thi-c vouth*, and om ot them (11 > ran) wa" arretted. flnco then Ibis lad baa revealed the entire truth in regard to the matter. and says that nergeo ctlundttrd tbe theft nnd gave hiui?M> to keep tha matter secret. ft.ilcar White 01 the Seventeenth ward police wa- directed to a*iw! Beigea, bul the latter wa?R? "bare to be f< nnd. Mb wothor, whom It ia charged by florin received a portion of the stol?n money, wa? arrested for receiving the plunder with a gullty kn ?w edge. Hie b <y Horan la now confined at a w.inese in the fiwt Market nrlaen. STABBING Al FHAY BBTWKE* WOMEN. Anna Gltaaon, a ^lil al?>ut nineteen year* of ?<*, was taken tnlo euatody yi (terday by hergeant Jottrdao, o the Lower Folic* Ceurt, chanted with lelmiou ly a* ttnHIn? Mare Wfttfaaaw wt'h a knt?r>, tafteMag a awvae* S-h in her fore. Three irirla, it appeared. hare haon at *u* a point e f?r mini time pa at, and on Thursday night last came into violent c< Melon with one another at the corner of Hronrtwiy and Reade etreet, where II i< alb jtd tlie deadly weapon waa m-od with e?rare eff c upon Mary'a countenance. Anna wa* brought liefore .Tuatice Welsh, at tbe lover l idice Court, where she wa i held to bad on charge of felualoaa aasault. ALMOND GRAND LARCHNY. A few night* afc, Mr. Hyphen Fuee, a rrobbuit n Chicago. bat at present .raiding at No. 7# B iwery, wn robbed of two bill* of exchange for $400 ami AMI in ca-li by ?otne thief who broke opcu hi* trunk, and eieajied with all the property. Huapieiuu fell upon % man nam> d Henry Hrodel. v no bad liw n a lodger at the abave place at the llin# of the robterr, and accordingly officer -l?wey, ol tf?e Tentli ward police, took him Into custody. Hrcalel Med hard to cecepe. but he found tba ofli :*r an over match, and resign*! h(m**If to hia Ihte. The arcu.-ed wa- conveyed le-fore Jn-tlce Breunan at tbe Third PL-Met Police Court, wh ue he waa committed f >r exaroiratlon. None of the uiloing unmey wa* traced to hi< po-re tlou. A It. 1.0 EI' ATTKMTT TO PA-1 A WORTBLIM CBKCK. A perron uamel Ira Fowler, wa* lak >n into ctteltrJr by officer OaUford, of tbe I/>wer Police Ciurt charged w.ih having a1 templed to pea* a worthier* ebnek upon P. liai r.uui, the clothier, in Chatluxm *<(uare, In paymeut fir Aft worth of clothier pur--.lia-ed there. Kowl?r it ia *lli-g-d, trended a > Ue<k p- rp -rting to ha.e boen dra an by Jainra P.o . to 'he clerk In tbe atote, and tlo-n lt-tan t ed with the goo<l*. lie we* *uh<<ei|u<ntly arreaiwi ami taken o?D re Jnatlce Wi l*h, at the Klrat IH<trlct Police Court, win re be w*a ronimittcd for examination on charge of fal?c preteaee*. CHABGR OP ROItHI Mi A BTAOK DltlVKP. A man fhnultrly known a< Jerry Cook, waa ar.eateJ hy ofllcer llilk- piew of the tieveutb ward police, no charge of -leal'ng aou.e a Iver from lb# moner till ol one of thcTilegraph line ig otur.ibuae*. The defendant, ft liAllcgri). got r n top "f the >? life wi'll tbedriV -r, and watching 11* opportunity. abatracP-d the change ami Jumped ' If. Tlra -lrivrr, dlneovering th?? trick, raiaed tlie alarm, vhi u deiry w*? e!o*ely puraued and wa? lln?l!y The prieonrr bud |ii?t re appea-ed from th> neulieutiary, wbilber he had been *ent for ?-en ? jie'it Itieroy Ju'tlce lliennan coinmlltwl th>* aeiuwl f-?r tiial. rgWALi: tl?HT. A wi man named riarah k nuBg wa* taken to tbe .Je xnlh w*.d atatii-n houae in rattier a damage-1 coudili m ?h' reei ived a never# beating ami a hi-avv blow on the hearl frtttn ?ir~ bmalna wtih wbont -he hud l>?en >n ga(id in a pugili*tlc encounter aomewh>-re in the nelgb ber'ic-od of Corlaura Hook. 7he injurwl wo?n?u wit a' W'TiWd by I>r. Klqiliark. Poll-eHuigtOU, who diea-el lier won mil A woroun nameil I lb n P.o be-1* wax arreatcd on *u -pic-inn of having lieen r tigagoil In the light Brooklyn C14) fntrlllgrnrr. I'm lTc.-?iMv fiiinatv ?Tlie official announcement of the r* ipit* of Miebacl (innnan, convicted of th* mur-ler of til# Johnnou br.ya, wa? ma<le known to thap'iarmer '7 Fheiill I/itt yeaterday morning. The prtw-ner appenr i-d natlflcl xiwl raid "Well, I'm glad of It." Ilelovka tho.iviieand etna lat'-d, eau*e<l douMleva by inlenae mi ntal -uffeiing for lh> pn-t day or two. The Phorlff no' having i# Hv"l oflicial Jui-Uflcation of Tbe r**pi'e unlri ahortiy la-Tore 10 o'cic-Jt, he proceeded with tbe pre|r?r* tlone bir lb# eteculi n. l*b> gall iw* frame w** wree ed an 1 'be ofe arrarted. It ?? tlie a?nie e i pen whicti Iti-tUy ?*?> liumt four jevra *g->?r--pe ant" all?which bad le--o car1 fully pr<-v>rved In an unper a ;-ar< tin ut --f (be J ail. Tli* timely arrival of ttr. INdden with the ri?ee?>ary document r- bevr-1 tbe Sheriff of a -UwgTMotilednty which be waa by no mnant anxi-raa lo ("iwirm, altbongn he wml-I have faithfully done r, ba-l tbe D*-1 -?ity of the ra?e required it. The rather and air ter <1 the prisoner ralle>l to *ee bim, and thidr meeting w>? eatiirally. an xifbctisg <<ne. The etr*rte heretofite mad# by -ome ? f tbe meat prominent and mftuontiui of our (iuirerie to have theunoteneecommaIwt to imprtaon nu-bt for if# wlli not be relaxed awl thoxe wb - hav* 'he Ivrt toesu- of k?<iwlng f> el confident that they wl'l fureevd But 'r-r pereoue, cmnparativ. ly had aieambled aliout tli* jail. The publication rrf the fact that the re inite had be?-n rewlved had the effe- t of keeping aw*y the crowd. hOVKSfT'-l PltfWiMBA ? Tu?: t 'of Wf O# .-W.-ma* ?The Inflow tr.g per*.-na, eodileted in tela eourt during the friar at aeeakn. wire n-nteoee-l ye-ter-lay ? J ho -aldle jo au Italian, erraigne-l for fcurgiary in the flret <irgrra>, ia fe ouiouely entenag tba h oi?a<g i!u.a aetl I near, K*.l Mamiit'.n avanua. on th'- ISfb of No vwtotn-r loot, f-'ea-lid guilty, and Waa *ent?-neet to tin iHate frlaou for ten yewra and f?ir montba. Jamee Th'tapeoa. convketcd ?,( burgtair 111 tha M degree, In lelonlou-l> ealvrlng th* bourn Jam-- 'had bourne, In ."ackett atreet, on th# I -'th of tVpfernVr iovt, waa r<-a'( iieud to the -tele prtaon tm ten yeare and Eve mouth*. Janefirady ami Margaret II rgin?, e-.nvicle.l g bvr gbire la lb* third degree. In ataaling rlo?he? from -ere wnnien, were ?en tcucwd to the Htate prl?u far two yaw re each. I rancia Meyer< pleadad guilty t* pvti' larewuy, eeevn I > Bencw, an-l w'a* eenteacewi to the mat* prima for tm yewra 1 lliggiae, "rovie'ed if baring a -iang -hot la hia pel?*?*'. i%, waa -entvuoad o th* hla'e yn? a fur oca year. John Walker, a youth, eonv clod ef uetif kareony, ia aterdog a puree from Miaa H iawaaa f'?H, a* aha waa era.'*tag *Wnf Raade atraot, on* evening. 'M aeu'/.n I t? 1*7 pHu'tatAi; 'd *1* ??hUu. STATE OOTHE NATION. Great Debate on the Speakership and the Presidency. Democratic, Know Nothing and Black Republican Leaders Mixing In. PoAition of Parties and Fatlions in the Hmr K a plained and Defined A H??l IutrarUr?, PniRfot and Important MhimIn, Ac., A:., *?. HOUSE OF HEPHKSENTATIVHS. Xi muY, ltec. IK, 1868. J lie il'iui* met at 12 o'clock, M. rxaen.tAi orunMiM. Mr. Waikek ?I a*k the gentleman from Iowa to with draw bin resolution, to enable uie tj make * personal ex

planation. Mr. Tnoai?\.?I will withdraw It for that puipoe, Mr. Walkjck.?In taking my ant up in ttki.o Hum, I had dotenninet), a* a general rote for u r action bet", a >t to noti'e newspaper emmon* upon my cuun, . Hut a! tbi? i articular juncture, air, in the condition of partie. in rnia Home, in itvw of the great popular anxiety cam oii Ly that ootdlunn, by the (allure ol thi* llooae thus for to effect an organira'ton?ki owing f*iit, every mrtnlxr upon tbia Hoor, horrever bumble, h w**i r unknown be may be, li-ouine* the object of eorotlny, of examination; and I feel it due to in reel'and to the prrtj with which 1 bare acted here, to vindicate my -urn eon (iuot, and. a* fare* lean, at torn 11 at leaat.'a vin'.lca ticn nt that party, I hold In my I and a papt-t pub t-hed lu the Koutbern extreme ol thin Inmn, a leading paper in my oan district?a paper devoted to the a ir?< ncy ol the democratic party ut ltd-- counrry. That paper, of the lbth of the present mon'.h, In c'nuurntlng upon an article to te 'ound in another |?iper published in the -an e city, but wbleli paper tap port a tba gnat principle* of the Auiuicun party iu that country?I say, la com wrntiug upon that arlicla, the paper I Imldmuiy the Mobil' Me^uur? u-ci the following language The democratic parly in t'outrear hut toki o Pa aland upon lta prlnelplt ?prim lrdnjuru of u. day or to morrow, top prm <;lp?e? Dial will Ktand the teat of time, and ? emara ? futmiiai'on of n party thai appeal* lo the poirlotlam of the pro id* iu Miuporl ii for their own and tluj country's g.-d. l ory hare no na/gatna to dir. '? be/ do not choose lo line Southern Know .NithPit" todo ibeirUmyiu their coastHiienia whh Hie pu'tr j pelf of an ofllco, or a rotlteiiipiltile adi itiiaft in fhr dl* irtbuJion of the poaera of th* Hon**. Tbeyoffer a creed and a - ai.d.dute Diet oi(ihl toeomuiand Poutliern ho..,. v/iu g v .ten; bill the A''vinifi and ilk suiall parly In Congrraa prefer ' rl/Hojc lo duly, prtlcrlo war'e their aullrage* en liuio* idle eardlnalra lo p an'lng Iheui where they will icll agslnil Hie enemies ol the P'oulh; and they eulve flielr ronsclsuei * under tide sob-inn mc k"ry by upbraiding a solid I'Ody ol ec>r,.i< iiliie dunocja'a lor no? c uilng to Ibe'r co-pora,'* guard of thfr :y, and electing Uumphrty Marshall < li b it they are willing to goto HtrhardkOn, bill hey hate mil with uz eor lurageru n iniu the denn*ll.ey bare been ireuitd a lib contempt. We fancy no demo< ra' would hair Hjioat. an ubaiaeie in (heir w*.. II '.hey had wnikt d up to vol.- for Richardson. If tlisy liavenel with a rebuff, Iben, ll!? on acc uni of >h-trade they brought In their lunula a* a i ot?idrra(lon in iheir voting for Klrhardaon. They are ready to do their du'jr, reaidy lo mats i'ouuuou raise with ihe only party thai 1* available t'o r.wnba' abolliieutam, provided .hey get a rateable i nodera'loo for it. hint 'lpoo auch transparent attrupia lo hoodwink the pron e of 'be Poutli In re'erenee lo the true ? a'c oflhM rate: (he fai ' at*ud?patent to the pnvtc eve ikat the Southern Know No tlnn*> are c ogeeed In "'len.n trlfHog, ivblle ihey have h..l II In their paver lo bare debuted tin areh eonaptrai t*. Howard Weed :uil (Ireeley, *bo are pt .|;uig agaljoil ihn .ufrlj or tin bomb aidtlic paarc of the I'nlen. In the iaaue of the name p >per ol the 'lay pr?-e ? IIng thla, in another article riuimenUng upon the *tu? >? aRklrr In thi* llouaa, the alitor* refei to me by Home, and charge mo with having Willed in the dimha'go of nay duty: tin y * >y that upon a certain day 1 am re 'orbed aa having roted for a Mr. liavta lor bpcaker, un 1 that In turn Mr. fhivU voted for m?. Sow, air. a* I remarked beforo. uncer ordinary i irciima'tuce* I .honld luiT- taken hud to anch cwairuts but I think the time hta roiue e bi n every n-an'a ao ition upon thla Hour abouhi . (J, to - not enlr be known to hit (allow inembara, but mala Loo* nlotiia country. Ua ahould make known where li? ktand*, and vber* he inten-l* to stand Why, air, thiv kinaM body of thirty man have not only 'van the la grt 'or the firera ef the oonntry, but they have ban tut?l in thi* If iuae with the game of abnttlooook and halt'edore, by the vamwhltoaw oathe rma ktdr, gad by the ceniucraey 10 the oUwr. What 1 hat the gen*.lorn in from Tennee ea {Mr. Hmilh| atld Thai the itemu cratlc parly wa. tha only one in thi' ac lug upon principle. If *o, what la tiiat piindpiet It la the priori] la of yarty rxclUHvetie'a. Ihey mat in their preliminary caucua, en! ailojited a ro aolulioa wblcn many of the calmer member* ol tie I*rly raw plainly wa* an inrult and a -tigma on hi"tnber? upon rbia floor who agued with tliein ou Ibe gineral pritelphi of governiiKut, an I only d fTrreil with IMU In t< to a mere matter of leglvuiir' riordl euci. Mall, what ia the conuiticn of thi* null body of tbliiy men?and where <!o ttey -land Have they ictr d thus far In a 0| irit of cati'iouaruwa, of rapriee ' What ot ject* had tbev to gain i What had haaa the te.ult of [?enlateuey in 'heir effort u|* n tbia Itimr W'by, air, fa ti er a toan here who ha< not Wfore thi* ria'"ia*d ih> fact that 11 these SodUmm Know Vc'blnga. on th* open ing of tie scaaion li_d ralihd to the anppor*. of tha deui'i ci'Jic candidate, (and here (icirait re to aav that I am glad to have met tbat grnl'cman In this halt?I <ay It, though not lelongiug to ihe partv of which he It fhe otan'Urd bearer?the c rn|liirenf attended to liini 1* JuaUy Ida nue.) the fact, 1 ray, nr al now ha reailwd ly all I'Si liea, tlat, If the ."ou'heiti Know Noll.log had, at thv iianing if ihe eonte-t, thro an th?iu.ei,e? Into lb* tank* of tiia* gent lemon'v ?nj.por'?r?, there couid ham l?n no rrauli other than to have f?' ' the organi/ulinn of the liour?>. Tlien, ?o for ?* the mi re fact i*f our organfra'i >ri la eon eirned. their action lis- . n t > atuve off igb an organi zation aa the one mentioned. Bu', air, tint party Halm ? to lc a national one. It wnv uld on ycstenlay, that (I - Halm to rationality la predicated on w> at- r>o a certain iiurrbwi of tU.utlieru gentlrnu-n cal log theuu" Ire di-uri crata, who hare uulted with BMeeu /entli-mn f-mn Kortbma Hta'e* only "lie e-iudng from a Sta'e furth-r north Ihun B*un?r(V'Ula Thla union of a port.on of Ponthern member* upon thla dovr with a smalt fiagtr.rnt Izf tlte ruit'hern iepre*en*all< n constitutes. In tbalr ap piehi-rislcn s fnll rel rot.iplcfo title and ground to t)o claim of natlonadly. rv.n'raat their p .i lon, an far a> tlx eiairn ro nationalUy le rorwwrru i. with that of tl.e .Valh nal Aoieiiran or Know Nothing i arry of thla Ifonaa ."nme twenty ?l* or twen'r eeven Simfbern gent.Vm'fl, Will flfUen *"?ltlii I a gr nl'a.nen, eornlog 'rom s-one of the largest K'ntea in tie Crdou nnlt'ng for a common purp'ae. itaodlor up-ui a la-la Lnnvn to t hta Country, an I pleiigv I by thrlr acta heie to ihe-what- Why, to shiit liy exi-tlrg Liwa ou the aiiH}i-rt of slavey . to re-int with all their ifforta a renewal of H?e agitation of the anhject in and out of thi* hall : ar.d to vote for the admission of a Male Info the I'alcn. * be'iter lta ctr -titullon doe* or doe? not ie-i gid-e slavciy aa one ol iia aoeial Inafl'uliona This t? th- ]*oltlori of ihl* lull1 h ahusest and vtttif.ed Anerl ran Jsriy rl thla House, and when I us* 'tie term Ao m en |>arfy. ' und?i -t?u.d n e a* ot,lj making appii ltd I to thiee thirty i f forty with whom I have tbaff far rati . ? ?. acted. Hit, say try dcmcntir fifetula, tne|r? Is tha "tilj nlkailaaitr. N'nw I wonid a-k them, an l m no U'.nllrg aplrii wUlhar '.hey have the poear to break town C ogiapbical and sectional division I I a*k lh*m to p< n' a.o in sny principle in ih< .r creo-l ;*>tent enough to harm uire th* arabn *? mlfg frwm th* various sec tion of tb* aonawg. Vaticaa> Why, air, lta claim lo na'li }alltv h>< i us ' fi-umiatlon. S'?rtli 11 M ... Maaon ami Dtsm'a do* we la tobl It broken into hagm-ni*. TTie balk of it haa ?l art d the fate of Its <11 tdveraary, an-l la-en loat In Ihe daik psl if free soil and In the ."oath ll?*y are dlrtd*d In regard tn approval of the pre ent admlalalralian. Ami II I a fac km wn to the eoniztry. tba! nearlv alt their viet'ohs* in 'b' *?. th era !-'a'< ? hav* b*eii ashn red mainly t>y th* **op*f? ti. ri oi wh'g* ?bo eotiwidau wt'b them .o* in p'inz l J*, but only in oppo*lth n to the Au-eroso perfy ; vl-torie* to?i. n.azBiy en a mi-conception -f thi great doe'rto** aid 1 Igh alms of thla much abort I and Vilhft,-d Amen can par'y. t ets rl*? thin a'bie-.ed at* in no wl-a to 1* ipar-bd aa an mdi-ncz- of any popular r*eo. oiib>o ut any great living of * ""initna'e p tn, ipla of the demoeratle party I a k If t!.I?? la not a pot trait ureof the Hi Bw.;ratte jmiivt V*s,lh-.s l? ib'tr {.aim to naliotiallty . and t-enau.a Hot. 1 hi rn mi n having an I I'n tiiy of frt-llng wlih tln-m wlthhob' -V if t *op?raitam tlo-y are accused aa leaguing rains' 'hat party ?|>b frew wisra. Aa long aa iha' Inaul'lag aJiustowstare* thtn In th*Iter. end It not irtractssl. It | .a'e* th*m la a bw mlltatirg [SsstUon. Th .a plarot it w old in all prop* Mllty an nr* a free ?o(l orowniral on of the II"' a*. I a- - th* n*n.'? ra of that party, In all ' vad<>r tad kMaso whe'h' r tli*y are Jmt In puttli.* in lo that p s?|t|on' Mr Jovm. id I'* I I tl.e gr-uttswiaio alio* it' to t .ake a alogW raana a Mr. W siaari?f < rtaiisly. Mr, Jirvm?Aa I ha I the honor of ribniif og the rr?,. lolwa to which U* r*P rt, I aldi pa state exactly what waa nscaat by It. I will men ly iai'that th* saU-m altty of l'i nnrylvabta, lns'aad of tseUg repraaewed wpon thi* "or.r Ihl* dag by sit astir nal vistas, wmUt or,it ?e renin n Uw Mr Ricftardo n, if It w*r? o<d for mr-m ihMgatm which ia ttaderstamd la tr y .n'ry p. >-.y? n, nrfia s * it', frae ?t i ? Tl a aatien* lily of lb* daa^s'?'r*?: party in *li ? ll'.tsr, la ?y optni- a eooaista la this foe ny ?M PPBIfePMWMMVM: hat taw elzJz My ig the danwcia'tc laes'art frotii the A" A and 11* tcArge l,.ly rg the V orra'tc ?r>*mls?rs fomths ."fat'A, or* lags-thwr h?t* a* a oru* V, *?h?r party brio |?*iiU that acpect. ff"W th* gwttamf fii Wt Alabama wrlalnly don* not ispwl* lo or Uszae ?atbwa ygtsa vntad me nap r**"lati'n *a latanri sn to fisaall any lodhldoai isr aay rU*< of Im'l'llnala I am sail such waa act tha eaea. My frtaaad wW aaareh tbn a IritaMiuw la rala in Had a word aVswt tha AwssrMwa Me ,'sl f " s ah'' fi y rcvnlry- and I ptaaon * It * tha sam* noalano riseaoa haw aadhawa amaMaiad, la uawtra W?tWiS"w la fras at,UI*m 'p-aly add pvlsfleiy pmdaasal. I mar- y with my frtaaad M wndarnaa l ?? aa illtdna win -iafo Vs tha mm* thing ymtarday. that, aa I aad?rstand the Caaaaamsp. thay only wtahad ta ptaa* Ibamaslsas am a rational platform balnra th* whoi* anoatry, aa that nal tha' ? tnti?iesi fraw* tha Nasrtb na* gaadlaaaan frvaa tha Suth shnahl w.laar'erstand ' Oatf una*Hon Thar mean to shrl ap a thai ptgtfavn w 'ha-st amrvtala tbMJ NUrT* It t'" e? a duty which they owe to their r"diitry, they ii-rer (ltd *1 "oifu to CJ*t wo; imputation Bpou MIf c'u> >r r.laaa Isofinen. 1 b"po. thrTcljic Uiy tr on i from -AU'* will unlet-tar 4 thw". In apeaklnp id the Know Nothing party, in w t'euaejlvaoia cwmocrxt, I men: to auy that tu". tor tbat party It) that name railed and kgiiin -..nd the ion ill* ?f to* < nuutry au-taia Bit In that paeiUuw? 1 telieif that I'tDuertwwoo. ?oUI thla day raat w TOte lb >t in' men wonk' n th? nationality of h Ur. Aixim..".?WiU tUe cent' M' fe ft tlauiau f. oBj Alabama allow iw to put kii imiuirr to hit ooJeairin fioiu I be Ijcrka Jil ti let.' Mr. 1A aiI will yield (or that put poet. Mr. AM. en*?I tub to know whrUttr I umieretooJ my ctiltesgtte wnwltt. I umv :?tuou turn to -.ay that the t 'in eipir* of tbt> Know Nuti uiff party and of *th" free eol) or auti Kebraaiia parry wn ? 11. i.iirwl, end, tharw'ore. that tor itwue not a mejotlty til notional drnjociat? ti i 1'wou lylrardi ob thlalhnr. Now, 111 utitSioal *>.i oiv .l Ua^ue a'riftit, I wirb to-up that 1 l ut' -'ea the uua r>ipr?'?ao ty tic ?that 1 -d I' net bwn(r the fact tt at tli i ? jpla ?t 11 anil kebraeUa not of 1?or eylwania cc .leane- the K?n>ni 1h* laat (KiOBTis a. it u fph'. h u e been that eereM en in tmnal dtoiocrate wo till iu we lira fouoil upor. thl* door; but l.a> ii>( on P nu:iO that lot. 1b? know k< tltb-g* and net Kill party united, ar.d IVnney'.ranta l< vpretnted hereby a Kajoi'ty ol tboae irbo cotiumti that act. (1 U'jflh'er '? Mr. ,i 'r?e.-Wb?t *ti my coli'ajrue'a ineitlon? I did tifit under at an 1II Mr Ami* 'TI ? <t aatlca I -cal? I to put t t?> ul In^ue waa tble; Wiir'.bar i undent o: Un aright to toy that tie ? ol the lite aoii party an>l UmKm* Nothing per it wore initial upon 'be ip.autt fi ot the ?Ytounbui of rlately ! 41 r. Jin v i. B t I w.*li to explain irynelf I . three Word*, hl? that 1 i.ou t hp inirun'Irr.tnoO. Mr. Ai uw .% h?h, I perlei't'y with my colleigtie. "'. J' >>K?*k?t I ii ?iu'. to ?ey, Mr Clerk, vti tt,.*. tut the natii aa! <!?':.<?Ji* ic p?i'y o! 1'i-nu hntjia'o willing auy day, ami at kiit b...?r, t.i inert the fitr-soil party, a* katnn by that unw ana I" link rrat/lUii'V tiiion that i> .tie hefora the people f !>?, u*,lr- il. bat when a o Ir'r i lnglt.i..f r. no r Nothing, u alno m tlit flUc, a i'b a ht cict ..iou, ant r-otieewtSiij* tbo-ie Tory ai ma frea not! pilcrlulnt?uu mid erg-nui-d ,ig?u f* tine wuh an abcr-grc nd ojara'lcn?IctTwn tin wo. tie ?'? lu.cretie puty I lei wtih only hit reprc.-nlativ-i ?tandinf: hot w? ate picoi i f rbnse It Mr. Caw, IH! ot I'm i.nylwanU-Will tbr fr a Item Alat.'iuia allow un. to nay a worn in j. i,!r t ut -i,l league' Mr. \\ a mji?M>! now 1 pr?(ir to it a op U , a-o ?iJ Mr Ch-ik in the I. ,1.11 . t |,.wring mn< h arl<t ebon' p*ln eijili' and par'y. Lut | tlaao? th' geutleim,, from P. iinnr! v?Lia (Mr. .'on,.). In th'- prt-pn ration , f hi i. upon aliliu ?hi a Upo l hv the doiii.n rat.o reu'-un ih> I riel'taacc ot that party iu adhei irg t.. tha' r, r. hit loo only el on what in Ly no ine-t.. aiiciutpon that there 1 a prom-con, iu all n..-u to u.-nl-miMt lut-.i- piinclpl* wttii ' (urtj. liny net in to foiget lr that tie two P u.g< enwntml.'y , IHi-r i*. that the | ha ) it. tirtu I- ug he'ore party. (hat the |w ty In a u?r*,*, Ulil. to rar-y out nn i*Mal>li?hail tart which la in hit-. ,.t the itiin!-a punelioe, whirl, though It In ?ct k.n no Mit>l?ntunlty, though It Iimh no tuigiblf -V,,.. u; form to th?> ntiiwa I ryo, though 1 ?n upl 1, |' p |? toy h'tut in 1 < o thl-i g.itar?yak, air, tiial it hi with , In It-eir a Ja.wer ami a Titatlly r.f it. own, n bll-t , n the r. iitiety. a party In a an te n.oan-i fur ,ho our po?t of riurylogout atd |.u<ting life loto that p lurt* I Tie RantS man ny. that tt.e dcioo ? uir'y ntaiil. opn |ilii'ljte. .Now, who! ctn y. u l./ar fircm their own tank-, from the n, n. fr?, a ami, g tli.-at upon th', any ntil-tact i t orgamaing hm It u ?? to ? ot the object tin y had in Ttew lu photyg their-, Iri. cjm.u that l lat'orin Why, that thnr l-mt no ! ' j ?? o' obtala lug tha oiganixnUi u af th'* li. u.e, that mom at tnr-i o. not n' sire Ir tt at lhay lo?k at It aa a harar.'--n .long lot them .u a paity point of taw; tha< the countrr ma* hold theru io-p< ii>ihla for wbaVmr hgl-l.ttoa nay take jlacr tn tiia hill, at-i that, therrfrre n* % mm pait; m-.v, rrati' it (nay not he wt?? an-'p .P -jf./r iln m to take the crganuatku Aojjit. for, ti., tl.-ii aelltn In Iiand tipon a naked, great cuutt-iTalh o pi iuci* plr. Air there act n.en up- n thin tlci r win. oeeupy the - en e ground alth tbe-.uartte* nj.on thii t rli.dlt"* a Jitintijln gr 'ng hack, l! you nltana, to the gtrat Titai ileitilneil Ptati l^lit an tniiLrc*. rej.gulli.ij of die areeielgntr of tha n Mate*; UtaXUiin t mou ill g;jri m* Hi it hi . bttn, M-ruring, an It hu Con* lieial ' ju- all Itnuginal!# h'ewltign. anil rmritig *1 a meaiia to r,.ry out the pi i ..f It. fnumtnrn; yet the*. ?" if. It i* nut the I ii ton?the I ni-in ah ne, u|n.n w* ttli the ri-Heft'ng man or tt|. .onntiy >.*n bit 1 ,,, Ltid rent. hl? aflei tionn With him the I toon ty In Impurtaare to tbr j ilnglplea It it- <?. igt. it u, oer jwtuate anl eatailUh, and L. ? uly y ? r'be ,,f t> ,. jl|M mac ? and the tatrtot > rrtferenee an 1 tupju.rt o t .r.c a> it i?i*t? tu cany ottt ami ja rpotnetm tho e j.rtiicii Hut 1 an. aaiiitnili g Itorn n.y object, I npok* In th? tint pUot. ?t the condition ?.t thene puitiea in th. Hon.' I ? Ul now, aa I am upon 'be Bovf, nay auutttb ng o( 'he CMtUtu II of pailwi in the d./butry, t, ,c- ,unt fr,' the rweient an|Wi*f pntlfleal affaire !u th,. cun'-y How n.pfebilt, nir. that ihe.e ia la .'act i.o uato i?*l parie ra.w He w In p| en* It tbat una great j, uur .a d.'.ar Ifaied fn m the field of urtlun ami that . eeihnr ytrlv, ahh Ii ro long he:d .?ij ujmu the p-,putur In -rl o! ll-.? ri.untry, ba? lont ita elaitti to nattonalily ? Uon Ui| p?u> It il ut ?e aie l.n tro up into , ?iu?ui- am! Irt-rm im- , Hi w hnpjena It that we *:f all Iw.'.rr Jr.y m .r< ftr r . oa'n i allied in cur |.r. fm.l .:.a? Why, ne o! tit I IT'Te you your pit ,j ?e,.-jj,. ej ? wl.o i. oulrUd tbo public tl.ougbt, and 'life' -1 the | |n ftilci r hfurt, thi* iimh w Ihj mtuft* i-mt, ? ni' I ? ii-ra their jnull i character let lea by a mr* m-ab m I th n of mental and mural unallUm?liava a't ' tbe y of aetlcin. Wa hiea nu longer tv 8m. h .r id wl>l raia-oo, with I.U atrnng n.atked Ir iltel loa! y, to !.?d fr t'o or,Inn,an to tictnr/. Tl.? r.ame,. e ii.ry ol ' lay atill hold* it* *pcil o*er our mini', and hear ti not I.- U.i'ling eluptirMC. ^tiog ?ti,m? tb?.eei: am! i gnu,.'- tir of aaw a ininhty ayn.phor.r, no I-n yr fill, tb' Knatc llcu't?tbe h?ld of bin fame, end tie joint f,?m Wl.lcb it went out n-,?r the !. nd, ,i' t.g ih-I art -i t hi. follow, ia, aurt ,O'nr. oulng ? b? m to tin .'au>l> .1 Waba'er, to uac hi. own la-t word*, " art lit h? ?lur It I* in the reeord alone of Id* great rhonghta ?),?? bin t?. HI* 8>m and act lip. , * b:,.w an no longer n?ri In that at g mt rhambei 'lie rrcne i t h . great cuclilet and eoctrol Ilia l ot r>, roiia voirr., rolling and awel'ln - ..or'. rtl,, ttrh < ! titct clii,?enre wblej. by !nm?, t.ptu;. t ib? e, . ? xi4 nil tali, ed the brail. I. no h>rignr h' *rd *l'hi i 'I, w ? II* r ,,iir, eralrd hy bin gi-iTun ami hi- control ? ?er th" jaople ,.f s<-w ligtai t U no I ger ei- rte l to ,|I -t aod prrr-iT" them freoi <*. Ii nrir.t* upon t ? r'gtit* ,f her ni.trr -?,te- rti gnat ntatmiren rt the K.o.h? the an n wb m? p. ley i. 1/ had .r.T pla-e. ,,o a- 1 >. j. u ??.* M eiitttiw! ? I'h 'ha gtoij cod pr operity o| ^J. -na? try the man h, ntilahfV- aa* nt.n .Hied | n. irlali.'d i loan who ncyer /arc ap to p., ty alaat w<a neirt I, r mrnMi, a n ai. i r.e e, t ,. ? :t. <\ cl.. ot> J hi. j try |?r ult patty di arid' ami itl.enrli th* man wIh ne'nr?e rtrl.ii? nam'., j,ir,, t ? ,t , trr I ai,l ? a>/ Iy p?. it Iiur h ter ? *r,<| Iie ? #-ri jo ? 'er.a -|i.i-?the gieet (a.lion;?n l-.ngcr .I't (a'he , ,u i of the ration I'ar'y lloea ? ??, I - ey, hirer, and hi, kr t, hr the noyihe rfllr.. v., -lr rb* gr> ?? if| i.i..?lr?tbe lh. a /ep-e.rwtaliTe ,,( (Cm .mtion? ? ln> held ihe reira of gtienrwmcnt ia tt.rtr i.a ? hac* ini un fmeTCr. |vt?..-n tin ? ,oi rl ? | , ^ ken, an . tlion* who ?r w aar Ira to be jwrty leader, la th<? reentry, what a wtr'-n .t,.t-b ?? bcrr a wagta there lr' f'rrcnf tli'mami'lllkboiiog In tha ul aale ,fu .b n ef pa-t eontrtrrcr ?*. Moo,* bare lurt tbr ,r mural r ?. Uirlr iligolty acd th, ir pa'ri ulna, i be dark ','* r f at dflior i.yi. Tt.eia t. r,r,w ro man n 'hi* 1 oktiy aha, ar, tc nt'*att, baa th-.'C large ar.d gra -i ? ' P-Oj.r rtiorm ?bl, h nt'ea-? to his. r'f tV c< a eye ar.drec'ie a ' , nd htm th* r-mw,., 1, ' jh? "?niry 1!,,. 'hr . in it,. ,f h* et, ?- - u y .udgmrnt, tm the p u-ot ronrti h a ol 'hiown a curt,/ ban now no ira tri Ibar* I* ti a m, me grrat wan. al?n>tng . -gfant-Nbw?eer m od'ng an I at f?'rlag popular regard and authurlty. It wa? ou'u-al w! nB th- . jar u. l ad I.-t their Old |,-t. t?*. at,, a tV r i 'af - w?/c filled hy arnbtllnun nwe ol unall ntrlpe i..i alt or rb?uM annul.-;"'hrtr p'riar,* r j*. it ,i n the Tt Of" if tt,**e rui.t ? llo.r i,.en w. 14 )? .? km p a i tuyu *ui? ami a?ril ua. Hot, rtr. I aar.rnwt la ,a>g n'bin t/alo ?f reronrv. fort he- a* f >b ,td!./?* nam met-a rr-.-b and a<arr tbi i?tl. a-? - I th* ll< Ilo' II* fkrt ha. , aolft-ntwf N't I la thb ?Ir.ue' tor It," Drat to- in tin I. 1? y th*| .a attem,. "g t" i-rfaBlre It nprn a i-erety nee'liowl >, ,e?|,n Ml.y, atr ?" ,ie?r, r'aj heard a agar >? fr?o. a pr? ?nl "not*i , I '.i,l? It' . *, (Mr fv nkejwbaae uadthl It 1,,'1'ed aaaeaie r, <ur4 -> Im,-. '-?? ?i, muirl be the m'-nr e of t>;* rework* , a .ih a yea* me U ral eeri?g?t. ami p ir?n 1 In ? f ?(.? ihar rm ra suit ta r'nto, tlm aurpcrt of a g nat (arty fa 'bin Huu e He re.ta I la rbhn for raMtn im tba ?' ? rf* hi. a aft (barney oplal ua* bro?" g |.e ?, tli*' Trrm H . Hate of lU-ae- ho ?ntt. aftey II, rr-t- -r-? to Ua* Kaa-aa ke'ranka a*t mlulUfki t, Md by aa orerahn'rr,'. g major'iy than la o ng or nt Un d a I' ?lag aa ta at r (mi bn pre tlratrd bin , ,re?-. ?p. u tha tact that be >a Watt ted with tl.l* greet newtuaal rrvmrrotit Tbe oil *r day a? lad j.? <1 a pin uar table a np*?*h c^nag frr*r or a 'I there 4aa4taa bWlaaw arMwrMw?a tjaarh arte l<? kr Ue patpr <e at t daelrg the V< rthera '? '-4 to tw iter* tbat 'ho >la e auau M tier *?r|i h* i t*-r. th' gnat grarptag le.aer lo tin* tltUlll ay;I, f, tha 0?r alk u , f d# f ineat ti. th" ,.rm"B< time ?!,. rb *a p n - r bad a j p' ,j rt?t. J . ] .gf, *a .w' patw af tk'n f ??>t. *ir, what 4o?? all Ik o*wi? ' r.t* n a era to it,rah lb" ,n?a aby Ik* ta u. ' a* bod .? Uift a -bar* In war go- emnwntal mi* a Urn Una ia tha ta?t of ttl* alawetT laefltatb* I teo it* *? it,. f m<. taken. M n< ? teb'.d Ibat lan'ltott a |r lr t, U t mad In tie tharaefwr 4 the mil; wrlru -f that j'wtl- r. ,4 ,ar wakdrfir; It I* the reout'f that adm lUC-a tin tae?tty rata ni'Wk, wfct k la t'o natural gy. a-J, ?t ttm duorr!i?,, ? 4 the I aTaJ'ern ami Hwfm nalr. Tt.f. p ? htrb fenn I ??? to the Noatk a bat* -r power nha haa had la th^ <?nt.darney, and It ba* nut town t?,? )a ffltatHl <4 Ibrerry I n, ght aah IceA/ng >o*i la tea enily I Mory of our oar lr. aim' gr et < ??. rnaaee? nI pr mtp'ea para or >ftr,a'"d at lie tVo'k Tba Idaa af 'Ju . pa-atua </ eber'h kad .tat* o? gtnatet all), Mr tnf Why .'f Irak Tbej ia!k her* a beat f."?.k r,r o* tl^ *?aith and they el', thin Kamar e act of 'ha, ket naki. Wet, mow e*r lord at that ktrr tha aA"k*Wa <f tha Minwna.-t town; r a,-#-, 'a 1? J? ? fiat t'^k jtara .a 'he howth ' Wby_tf t aiUtake u-d U,' b rth tc a a!lh e n rata rttnj* ,m rrery -ma rf lu nur- bar. ?l*a rated lor that oor-pro. I-. And aw* a rtr .bra the Klinai kaf*rm*a Mil akkb -p ali' thai ".mptototae, Jarra twt -re the je -da of tha b-wlWa Ha ra abat do we a rat a aa. ? air, with o?Jr aa "ir-yd.' r> lorra gad thee* they h* the m? fr-aa that ?tr- - a aha Total r? Uua ?<ew ta etrtta out .tat ta liar* teat bed twaa aa -dntr'tr mwu'a?4*. wtt t>.? It-nac * if ecmpwerr k? hwa?time *h- w *>g ? . ripr, . Ikrll* ? tot "rf k- (Jut ta N T ? jtat .pet vha ear ?r ?j a l-kr - . I / ,rj feeee i ght In 1164* A-J if ft N-lhen can wee# cut <l ?n ?? tli* oca time to account if tin f. coring lb* kii-njii c mprurr .[?*, Uiwt?4 ft', that Umn t> be #a? nt el to the preaertaitcn of U.e national peace aatl ?if he uer* cut down tor Li* vol* ;rt A .p, ,rt of that iK'ftftUix, u It uot |.ft?-uvatrftage, ?h<-n the follower* of lir?r turn, ud loin float, to ihr ye i lttht, f*t? to iep*k. abet the Nu.U'. thru teganhri! ft* no ??>? jirtiocal la KHr.m that I bi t -boiii'. tor that *t ry act, it. art with I ha earne late ablrti bed lata lien than pre4e nea^ora? Mr. I'lwrk, I h*re >al . far than 1 4'earned Ol afttiet when I Aral toae to ftUJre*'. line llouee. 1 ha ? ? I* krn ouuur.Tr j ano ami uutli, ami I hree una hut ft few aoroa mi ?* t< key. I am aiisiuue to at* Una Hour* organi;. J I eai ftufllotia tiial ihia Hi u. e hail col para ub'Ut the eoa'.iil of U.,'republican party. I ataatl fit It my Uut/ to uae ran/ poeif '?* .-Hurt to ptemt! eurh a c o-.u.ut. Itu ?a shah Anil lot Ihr purpoie of indicating be a ami el wheie my own reft'llnea* t<> fti't alMt all moo wh- nr enl y to art ?,tn men ?bt era "f J' ?> I "?t irlher do-turbani e oo tliia reciting ftutdeotof a-atett , lo ml will men who ..till a' knowledge llteir oh 'in Hi ll.e fiitera! ennetltuttea: to ait alih o>#? a on t e pre; ami to ahloo 11 tio' ea'-tuiK law* i>a the Milmct nl .? ateiy I at l? --aiil, If | MM not U.I-takon, i Ihlf! in tub. I am ajei. .ipg fo all,mat Ihr whole cf the men alih alt t I Unw* t|?v ? tar ? l ?I am willing to go luto ac III.. II. e vtlh all rt..n who are I tej ?ri .I to elan *, on that bai.?, lo confer together, an4 of If Uiry eacnot deriet eiutr | Ian by wli-ib there may t>? a eafe healthful ami ron**re?UT* orgftntift'lon ?! thie Itcuae. Now, Mr. LUr?,il neun to tee lint the el- ingle between t ? u i oant ptrlie* In (tin- Hoiut I -imply thia. whither the gr;a< [ rtt iplu of non interference Willi the riifire ol eoy ; of tlua confetlrrft-y ? 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