Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO ?i>59. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 26, lHiO. - PRICE TWO CENTS. THE NICARAGUA EXCITEMENT, THE NORTHERN LIGHT STILL BESIEGED. The Vixen and Washington Near the Steamer, with Guns Loaded to the Muzzles. Arrests of Prisoners by the United States Marshals. Tie Filibusters Put on Shore at Midnight Experience of One of the Disappointed Adventurers* Pranks of Councilman Kerrigan and his staff. WIT OFFICIAL C OBKESPOifDEICE. ?SKETCH Of THE CAREER OF GENERAL WALKER. Ac., Ac., Ac. THE FILIBUSTERS SET ON SHORE ON TUESDAY MORNING. Hie hundreds who had Htored themselves away on beard the Not them Light, without tickets or any claim, to a pa*'ago, were set ou there at 1 o'clock on Tuesday morning. Wlien the vessel first returned to the Battery it was decided to keep thcoe men on board, and act them on shore dining the day (yesterday) under the Immedi ate inspection or the District Attorney, or hia officer*. But during the night they became so noisy and trouble some, it was found get rid of them aa soon as po-?!bl?. They were petfectly lawless and reckless on board the vessel. They bad uo respect for women or officer*. They danced, sung and hooted, and among themaelvc. resolved to go to Nicaragua. President willing or not willing, and see Colonel Walker through. This being the condition of things at 11 o'clock on Monday night, at this hour Mr. Joa him-sen, the Assistant dis trict Attorney, called upon Mr. McKaon, at his residence, and while there, Mr. Thomas li. Hatch, the purser of ihe Northern Light, came in and explained to Mr. McKeon the condition of thiogs on board the vessel, and said that Captain Tinklepaugh was anil n. to put on shore all those who were without tickets, and asked the permission of the District At'orney to do so. Mr. Batch eald that Captain F'auuoe, of the revenue cutter Washing! a, would not allow a single individual to leave the vessel without the written crder of the District At torney. The District Attorney answered that this was the crJer given to Captain Faunce, and he was right in ho strictly complying with his command*. Mr. JoHchimssen then went no board the Northern Light, and gave to Captain Faunae the following docu ment:? SOCTHXBN DwntKT OF NttW YORK, ) Dec. 24 \m?12 P. M. - O.V HmaIII) Tin: Vorthtrv Ijort. J C'ar.t. 1'ai'mi, C. 8. revenue ent er Washington:? b.p.?You will please to permit rtscar Coles to lsave the Rh';i Northern light. You will als > please to permit to have said ship any person <>n board thereof, having no riasisge tlr'.et, and who will be poiuted out to you hjr I uthur Horion, Int'ej Sta'es Marshal officer, on board. This cnder dnea not extend ta allow any baggage to be ?ken on shore. I am, very rcspoo'fuily, P. J. JOACHIM38KN, For the United fttatee LHrtrlct Attorney. V. 8 -Pleas* take a memuraoauBr M the nmri and place* cf le.ideuce of the iarlie* who aiay leave'uMnp this order. At half-past 12 o'clock P. M., Mr. Joachirassen left with C'apt. Faunce in the boat o' the revenue cutter, and was .Tided at pier No. 4, North river. !u obedience to these in*'ru< tlon? Cjpt. Tinklepaugh went at i -tc tu search of mem* to convey the filibusters < a i bote ii,! engaged; the steam lug John Rurbick for tii r pit: pure. Ihi* <!<??.ii lug camo alongside tlie ship a little after I o'clock and then the lun en lucnred. The company who wete ?lthinit tickets were under the delusion that they hod it. s-'.-n 'icu'oJ fur the night at least, and had no suapiclcn- 'hat they were to be put on abote till the John BjiKiI was lashed alongside aud the eominand was giiea, .ti the stentorian wi ice of Captain J'auucc. "A1 on toard without tickets must go on shore. ' When 'his nmmand was given there was scattering In all parts of the weasel. Those without tickets, and who !? * that their fun was about to end. fled like rats to all the holts and corners of the vessel to stowaway, as th-.v hoped, beyond the reach of the rays of the lanterns of tha oflicers. All communication was at ence cut off between the steerage and the cabin pas ecllgt; t. the msjoiky, or. in fitet, nearly all of those who had no light ou board being among the steerage passen ge-S. Cspt. Faunce had with him seven of bis office's from <n boar! the revenue cutter Washington, who stood at the gangway leading on board of the s eam tug. All these officers were atmed, and ready to do the bidding of Capt. Faunce. The Cap'aiu thin ordered all io the 'tryrage to the lu dd'e gangway, to show their ticket*. Thoee who had tiekrti came readily enough, but tlio-c who wesre sruh 'Ut th"rn hung hack. As tail as tli" passi ngers pro drcel thiir tickets they were pan oil to a place in the ?hip by 1h>m.-fires, nnd in a ehoit time there war left in the steerage a company if abuut two hundred, who were without ticket", and who wore ordered at once to " walk the plank,*' which meant to go on board the ? (cam tup and he set 011 shore. . This bidnirg the "stowaways" were loth to perform. They hueg back and made excuses. Captain I'annra had bis outlaw by his side, but not attempting to ?<? ?It, be gmtly icmonst rated with the opposing force. ' time, bore,'' said Captain l iucc*, "you might as well go on shore. You see you are overpowered here, so you ir i;.bt as will go peaci -jbly. You got t" g? any how, so go ijufc ly and say nnth'ug more about It.'1 One fetloi , appioachiog tlapUin i'aunee, -aid, 'Who the h?II Pre ywwr. You haial nobody?eiase you got brs-i butt'ns on, y< u think you are some, hut J're t irked tipger folk ?men than you sr? and for one, I baint g -ir on slioie, but I'm g in to Nic a-rau-ga, I am." Captain Far-nee, who ia a stout, heavy man, stepped Op to Ihi. Ud!ow and deliberately took him 1-y the neck, and. lilting Vm oce* or twl?e at arm's length, clear from the deck. dbuHy remarked, "Why, my boy how mud) do wiu wrigh : Why, you are much lighter than I thought yon were, fllere he garo him another lift.) Come, now. dcu t yon think you bad better go on ?hote " " Well, ye-. I guess I bad,*' was the reply, and Mr. fittbus'er waited straight on board the st- am tng with ?ut as maeh a' saying "Good bye" to Captain Faunce. {Several wlio bail seen this exhibition foliowe-l on lioard the John iJurbirk. till at length the officer name arro.i another r?fract<ry customer. "C'ome, now. ' said Capla n Fs; nee, " yon hail better go awsy without making any difficulty. Don't get up a dint'.iron're on 'caul the 'hip Yost and I, n.i?, bvro oarer had any dUlicu'.ty, and don't b t us br"dt friendship ?OW." ' "Ob' ttia's all rsry good 'a'k. Captain, but then 1 len t vi'.t to lose them two hondn 1 and fifty acres oi Ami, with a bou?e on 'em. 1 contracted for them acres, WWd 1 don't want to be el n'.?l out of 'em. I say this ?fcaIn*, a fair ?hal.e. There Is all them tellers back there in the streregw they are g Ing down to take a ptek of all the firms ind Ihiilnt go'ng to toko a second pick." "Ola well," said Cap.sin Faunce, "1 know it's hard, hut then get your farm smite other time." ?iOb' yes you say a- ,oe other time, and by that lime all the good airy plsaet wld b" t ou ut ? ?Well, wait till ne :t Ulp,' rSplle the f*ap ale, as agrsenb'y a? a man eouM who itar.j t collate by his aide, ' sml then y?u W'U have luck. You see %here Is a little ohj"Ci?n to you going now. Tbn ?*re,(. alent of tbw I'tiHeJ S at* > ?a?? h* A n't wont you 'o go Just now." "The rr*?!de?t of the Unite I Sta rs be d?dl iHdr.'t I wvrk b?ri fif k'tn gt the Ian ?1??V m. aid tfcii is ah the thanks I get. Now. Captain, you (now yourself, it'* 1 ard to Irse them two hundred and fif ,y km of real good land " '?Wo 11, it I* ban!, my friend: but I tall you you can't go now. Will you go on chore* Don't you think it's b?sl fur you to go'.-" Here Captain Fau-.ce significantly touched his cutlass. Filibuster (throwing hi no-elf into a philosophic atti tude, with both baud* in bin pockota, and looking Captain l'aunce fully in the eye)?"Well, yee, I guess li is" (m ring towards tbe ntfsra-tngj. "All right, old boy; but I'll get them two hundred and fifty acres yet, just a> sure as you're alire? you ma) bet high on that." "Come along, boy*," said the Cap true, "the boat is all ready to take you off. Hurry up, hore; your facade arc waiting for you at home." So the officers would coax, cejolc and command the men, till they wero all ou boaid the John Burblck. The excuses for remaining were as numerous as one could guess. "I'm-lost my ticket?but I had one when I came on board." "Can't help that, my young man," answered Captain Faui.ce. '? You must show your ticket or go on shore.'' "Well, n>y fiivnds will pay for my ticket. The District Attorney know* rne. If my friends don't pay, I'U pay you when I gi t down to whtro we're sgoin'. fay, can't jou trust f" " No trust here, fliow your tickets or walk the plank. Those are the alternatives." "Alternatives! fay, Captain, what's them* Is that French? I speak French. Do you parlrvou any t If you do, sow spit it out, and I'll show you I'm a cultivated man." Captain?" I>o yon tee that plank there ?" " Yes, sir, 1 do. That's a good sound plank, that is." ('apt. Faurct?" Well, walk it. Go at once, or you shall be tLade to walk It." Filibuster, turning round to the laughing erowd? "Hello, ltusy .luke ! you neodn't laugh. It's your turn next," nnd then he walked tho plank. At abnnt S}? o'clock, all of llio crowd who were with out tickets in the steei age pari of tho ship were on board the, steam tug, excepting two named Creighton and Mor ris, who positively infused to go away from the Northern light These refractory gentlemen who would not take the fine talking of Captain Fauoeo were compelled to wtar bis rttdlcs, that Is, they were ornamented with handcuffs and put on board tho 1'nlteil States war vessel Vixen for safe keeping. As socn as the Northern IJgbt was cleared of this company Uie stearutng wns cast off from the steamer, and the filibusters were landed at the foot of Robinson street ahout U o'clock at night, having been at sea just twelve hours. As soon as the John Itnrbtck cleared from tbe steamer all in the steerage ol the latter vessel wero orderi J below, ami soon peaco and cr ier again reigned on board. THE EXAMINATION OP THE PASSENGERS YESTEliDAY-ARRESTS MADE. Yesterday morning, at eleven o'chok. the Assistant District Aitormy, Mr. Joachlmsen, lu company with Captain Fauote, whJ came aaliore to aee Mr. HcKeon, and one or two filends, startud from the District Attorney a office, in College place, for tho " celebrated" reseel. A avail boat era* oblalned, and the Toy age common jed fiom pier No. 4, Noith river. The wind *m blowing a "gentle" hunicane; the wave* ran all created with foam, and the riln waa letting lteelT down lightly. It waa, take it ail In all, a " rocky" day, in which to put out into the North river, through a heavy fog, without any cempoaa or rudder; but without once asking whether any of the party coul l swim or not, all faceo were turned and noon moving toward* the *10811167. Now and then a wave cum* splash over the whole party, making the eye* tingle again wi?h the aalt h-ine; but what was this but play to men engaged in the discharge of the exalted function* of the government ? Alter about half an hour*' hard rowing, tho party waa fetched on the windward ! Ida of the North ern tight, all nearly wet tothe*kia,and almoat benumbed with cald. Taking a -uivcy <?r the bel Igerent hoot*, the Vixen lay about two hundrid yard* below the steamer, With her jiorthalr* oj>enrd and bar c&anoow poin ing out ready fur action. Farther down the bay lay the Wash ington, armed and prepared like the Vixen. On board the Northern tight all waa fun, joking and gord humor. The company generally (earned to think it waaCtOip rt. ar cl so locg aaUacla.Sani paid all ex ptBirr, eai i they wjuld aa leavn be anchored there a* any whcic el-e. Foui ? seemed to think they had been ravtd enccunteiiag a severe atorm at sea by bel-g "brought to" by'l.e rannmi* of the Waahtogton, and th:ink< d Captain Faiinee for hi* kiodneaa. Mr. Joachim* ..en went on board with a special -1 jcutnant in his pocket, giv'ng hiui full power to act in tho plaee'of Mr. Mch'eon. Aa soon us tiu? saluiatlona of the <lay had b??-n paased, as also phe bianiiy botllc?pa*aed round to counteract the wet jackets, and warm the tingling finger* and toca?the f)[lowing order* wregiven to Captain Faitnc*:? Hot tm.i:'. Dmtwt Of New Yoke, ) 'T. H. lust. Att'y'a Office, i'es. SO, 18.V j Fm?Von wi'l plea e to l;ococ<1 to an ex .ininstlon of thi cargo of the Northern light, and report to tue a de tailed statement of b.-r lot-ting. Fuch tin ii ir.ution to be made carefully, and In fie preface i f the parti* interacted, and to be complied with the manifest. Von will, if neee- -ary, call on t bu ? ixen for wlditi ,nul assistance. Von w II also m i-ter all the porsons, whether passen ger* or Iherwi-e, an t report tho same to inc. None of the?c jgr'f ns arc to 1,3 allowed to leave the ship until further advised, t cry respectfully, JOHN if. M OV, V. ft. District Attorney. Capt. Fai sr. V. F. iWvenne Cutter Washington. Ti e above having been givn to Cap'tin Fannce, Mr. Joachim-rcn, the A-sl n Diitrlct Attorney, commenced making arri -Is : In the earlier part of the day, Captain Tinklei^uali had I* u placed under arrest, but then only as a matter of form, and alter vi-Ulng the lllitriet Attor ney, lie came back a^sf* on board tha Northern in the aft' rn'on. anl ft umcd hi* duties and p isltion ou board bis ship. The following gentlemen were then arrested, andp'acel in the band* of the I'm ted Ftato* Marshal: Mr. Joseph N. Fcott, ageutof ths Transit Company at Oreytown. Mr. Scott, in tbe presence of witce'?"?, protested against tbia arrest, and demand' 1 to know the eauae, I.atar In the day, Mr. .loacbiuieseu said thatlir. Scott was discharg ed from art cat upon promise P. call upon Mr. Mch'eon to day, The a nest again-t thi- gentleman b? ng withdrawn, he came on shore, and spent (he night with hi* relative!. Mr. Feed' ha* giien ,,n explanation of hi* connexion with thi aflV . which f II, r* th- Dmuc' of those arrsa'.ed, showing 'hat all Id tr*n*a< tiou* were perfectly legiti mate. Tin others arrested were? Mr. Walter, In. Gi-ner, Capt. l.y-'er. Thi? grnth man entered hi* psote-L Mi. Ma ar istei under th t name of MoJoy. lliia g- ntlvtuuii la the eoiror of 0:o AaonipMa, Both th*-e gentlemen?lyaler und Mate?ar< prisoner# on h-wrd the Vi\on. tiro II fl tll, eslnnel i '. the regiment Artl"in Cainswnrlh, captain of the regiment, lb- elarv* of the iiietriet Attorney sgaiast these gcn tl-in ofi- 1'*' * rigiirmt of ftva hundred men has be n fuDy CTganti' l, ml of tbi* regtinent Mr. Uall i* the eomtnniiAer. and Mr. I ysf? r an . Farnswort h captains. Kelt Is tin" ct with assisting in the enlistment of the*e men. W lu n :1' ite ? geutl?an?.n had I' en attend*! to, Capt. rattnee and Mr. Jovh'i..csati and tbe Marshal* went through tli"' -hip sn-l exiled r,,r the Gcket* of every pa* aer ger. The who had tiki ??* were alijwrd to paa* un ?no. ted but those wbo?,.f wt'lu.iit tickets wer<- alosely questioned ami r .mined a* to how tb*p eame on board, who brought tbcai lUerc, and where tney were going to Among the cald" pj, -enger- . twenty Were found wbo lia-l U3 tic -' <. 'lb-rxoin i-isa-uf r? Were not lit cluf -dinth' g.neral muster of luesday morning. Their an?wer* were tlia'. they had ?bm on board at the solicit* tion of Mr, Fcott, the a *ent of th# eompany at Grey tewn, and tl ey were going to Nicaragua. Tbaee men wcic all placed under orrr*t ami [ asee.l over to the Mar shal far salF keeping, but Mr. Scott saying .hat he wouM 1? responsible f?r 'hem, tho arraet of tbe men ws on y a fomal ma'ter, and <hey werr all allowed the freedom of the ve?er! with other raldr pu .enger*. Mr. Fcott'i explanation cj" t ie appearanee of the men on board without u sets m as fo.l ,wa:?(le ia the agent ot t be Nicara* ia Tikesit ' bin pan y at Grey town, and tl* duties are to :ouk after the interest* of the eom panr at thi' place, ile hit eh:, .-go of *11 the p-ibti* work* of the company af Greytewn, and to carry on these worka be ha* great of i*Vir. Th tabor ne cessary cannot be bad in tha. counr-y?the catirM w? n t work, and the whi'e men are eithrr ecgagM with lot. Walher, or aa aooa aa they ears ?9B*y tJ. v-fb ',b?y lean Vi ?t?t?wB fop (.adlvrisi*. For the purpose of obtaining the labor necei sary, which ii wanted to build fences, to make atone walls, to work the atone quarries, to build n coal depot, to build a wbAif on the FaciQc aide, Lc. Mr, Scott has been aecaatomed to lend in h!a orders here to the Secretary of the company to send him ao many men, according to the number he may went at the time of making the call. In this way Mr. Scott has roceired a large number of men in Oreytown, receiving some by every vessel?sorae tiinea half n dozen, and sometimes as many as thirty men. Those men are set to work by Mr. Scott; but at soon as they get a little money and get acquainted with the countiy, tin v run away, and thus establish on the part of Mr. fccoit a necessity for laborers that never ends. Well, Mr. Scott for this trip had engaged about twen'y. fire men to take on with hint, to be employed on the worka strove mentioned. The-e men, thus engaged, were never furnished with tickets till the vessel was under way. Whtu employed or engaged they are told to go on board the vessel, end when the vessel 1, on her voysge they will be furnished with tickets cr will be passed by the proper officers. These mm were relu. ed tickets before the vessel sailed, becau-e of the risk the ocmpany ran of losing the tickets by so dring, the men engage! either selling theui or not making their appearance when the steamer aails. In this way the ap pearance of those In the cabins of the Northern Light yesterday as passengers were accounted for. It was night before Mr. Joschliassen, Copt. Feunec and ti e Marshals got through with this search of the passen gers. The baggage wi.i be examined to day, under the command of Capt. Faunce. Mr. Joachimssen, upon leaving the vessel last night at six o'clock, Issued the following order ? On Boabd tiik Nohiukhn Ijrurr, Dec. 25, 1865. Capt Fsi'NtK:? Fil'?The following persons are required t> be sent to the r Ilice of the I'mud States District Attorney for cz kinitiation, to-morrow, at 10 o'clock A. M.:? Francis B. O'Htel, Mr. Walter, Dr. Cisner. In examining the cargo, you will require, in the lir-t place:? lhe Captain's . worn outbound manifest, of which uo copy seems to he on board. Next the shippers' rnani'est. Yon will require the shippers of tbo cargo to be present at the examination. \ ou will bieak no Custom Rouse seal unless a Deputy Collector of the I'urt or officer duly authorized be in at tendance to it sea! the package. 1 will request the Collector to send a duly authorized perron on hcaid as soon as lie can in the morning. You will report to Mr. MoKeon all variations from the manifest. Yon will examine under the coal for concealed ord nance. You will rend Meli and I.ysier to lhe District Attorncr's office, in custody, a' m A. M., to-morrow. Respectfully yonrs, 1*. J. JOACHIMF-KV, Acting DUt. Atty. Thr-e orders having been properly delivered, Mr. Joncl imssrn, Mr. Foot l and one or two others, entered a rmalt beat, and, through rain, spray, sea and fog. were pulled for the shore, leavlig tho vessel at real until to-day. STATEMENT OF SAMUEL 0. MATIIEWS. ONE WHO TOOK AN EXCURSION ON TUE NORTHERN LIGHT. I railed on the Northern light on Monday afternoon. I had no ticket, but xtlil my nim wax to get to Nicaragua ty hook or bt crook. 1 knew the xtrainer couldn't Jo any more than puton chore, anyhow, and the ex cure ton down the bry I knew would pay fir the trouble of gettli g home again. I wax armed with U tter* of in troduction to gentlemen In high poaltlon. I newer henid of them before, and don't want to again. I wax told they weto the prime mowers in getting up an expedition to Nicaragua, and tt)at all I had to do waa to prearnt iny letteiaof intioductt n to tbtni, and I would allda right thioi gh. I did elide through, b it it waa the wrong way. U one of my let'.ori of Introduction Pec. 24. 1?5V ThU not# will be handed ycu by Mr. Sunitel (i. Ma theu x, a young friend ot mine. whe in dvairoux of oiul gralirg to Nicaragua. He wixbae to go ImrotdliUly Anjtlilg you might do to forward bix Tie** would be a faxor conferred upon n.yaelf. Very reepr-cffully yu'a, J'. P ?It ix Impo-clMe U r me to get off to-day. 1 here made i very ilfiirt iu my oower to effect an arrangement, Wholly with out euoceex. I had no dix'tnet idea what I wax fp'lng to Nicaragua ftr- I heard It wax to tlgfi*, an I tb.-vt wax juxt my gait, ft might be it 1 bad got there u^J liked aom'-thing butter than lighting. I would hate *em the parllex in a hotter place than Nicaragua 1" fore I'd light any; anl then a> alii if thix had ?oi'e] me I don't knew but I would hare tried a little of I' juxt to get my hand In. Mr whole a m waa to get to Nicaragua, and then I wax going to do nx I thovght projer after that; but I didn'tget tl.eie, and I am not forty for It. I guexa mod on board bad the xatne object in trie* that I bad whieb w tx to get to Mcaiagua xorucliow or other, and trout to luck tor the reft. If I had found Walker to k? a pretty fellow, I'd hare xtiirk by him lite a thouxerid of brick. 1 tblnk I wruld have hex n all right with Col. Walker, for my letter* of Intreduction were from Intimate fr'en<*e of lila; and I' they wonll'nt make him talk Tuikey to me, n filling would. 1 think 1 might bare got into hi? ataff, an I nil thix 1 have ho-t jut by the interference of the Ihxtrict Attorney. I mean to xno him for damngex, If I can. Well, *o much tor iny ojbee' an I aim in wanting to go to Nle&ragua. We got down almo.t to the Narmwx. and we thought we. weie all rate, but we wa.'nt by a 1 trig xh'.t, which carte xerox* our l*?w/ ar.d fetched u< up all xiandfng xx the eayirg tx. Wa xtnppcd, or the voxel did. and the govern-.ent officer* came on b ard, id ! the Northern light wax ordend back to the Mattery, where xhe IInrId red. When w?- got hare, we ware bound to die game, and have a? much fuu out of the eilxMitira ax citCLirxtanerx w.uld permit. Couocllman Kerrlgnn wax one of our par'y?I menu he wax o?o xitua.rl jnit like mjreif, tha' la, wi'hnut any ticket, but with letter* of intri*liie:iai>. eud expectation- of g--t ting into Coivi.el Walker'a xtxlf. When ail thlngx were i< tiled off the flattr ry. Kerrigan called a e an It of war, and raid ho would have a f -raging party and ret what they conld fetch In. A party of -It wax nigm -ed and I 1 app'nr l to ho the Gl vh aid. Wo b- n "? rit l<?k tug a'/<>ut the xbip. and when we xaw a deuiljobn or any tniog to eat, we reported at once to onr Chief. I xnw a ehouMer of mutton in the rook'a galley, ami at orieo rcjxjrtrd t? Oimnund. r Kerrigan. Mxyx I, " I do, In the galiey of yi nder ce k, a leg of mutton, letdi r, fir,e ni l fat. What are your ordora, aire " Kmamxx?<.o, my tiuxty aid, aad Artcti yonder leg of mutton before me without delay. I being ergagxd In other dutiex, another wax deputisrd to xetre the mutt n. A lellxw xto .4 near the galley door, and aa the rook mede hlx ap|-caianre with the xmoking meat upon hi* pla'f, the uuttow wax wliel au-l earned belruc Ccrr.matidcr Kerrigan, aa ordered. knuix'.il (rutting "ff xome pi#e*-x for him-el'/ ?Vow take iu- h a hit* out of thix mutton, end then pa/a it rounfl for oxh? r bite*. Kxrh acrordii g!y went in, p*U mxll. to bite the mutton till It wax all gone. Another aid tb?n came bxliv* the thief. " May it pleaar your Majealy. I haw dixeowed a -lemlj- bx In ymder room?I nan exxure you ft ecotalax nec'ar til for fhe g'?'x to drink." Knxxur?ffribx I*. xlave?hrrg It here fortliwItV let me pare upta the" Ike dxmlj hn wax -eired. ax tti* mitt- i had liaen. and brteght before i),a Chief ?fe. gave ord? r? ?j*t It xboaM be pawed around for xwlg. afxoog bix t/uxly men. When th* foraging jm. j bad br< ght in all the pea viaionx mcexrary, the whole e< mpauy Cotn.nen ra-l -lancing, xirging and (tiling xtoriax all night tang. It la iwipo. dale U> dexerlbe the xeene. At one o'clock a t-.w boat came along ide. and r -dert were gig. a fw all to go en above who bal uotikxt.. Hen there waa xcattei leg, hldl .g away, ho>>Ung, hollow ing and w nring they wouldn't goon >h> ra. una fellow whom they called "iamme." who Uvea In the -ixth ward, in rummaging about down xta ra f -urvt a'x xklrt, and Uumght thia would aoi t him In eluding the officer*. Taking off bix e-mt, he wrapped it around bix waixt, and then patting un the xklrt, ha laid onxm m a hertJi *Jong?Hea'lerman wirxn who wax XX lee p. 1'o.jf 'Iamme" l.rgd alien ha Uy do* n that he had on a rtr; large biaak moa.iaehe Wheia the off rprx earoe reareMag 'hrovgli the *??" I f r ? xtow xwtyx. Iltyrxtra to ?? !*n.iue'?'* ber Ji, and hk eye* were xlut, am! he wa> ?nxxi ag away alafca' rat* ? Ikile I''eriaa oewgf theedicera, all at.xred, "agra'x a woman with a anon-tarhe '' Thla at the eat oat of the bag. and pe-cr " Iaanr " rw^ft ?ffefl VJ dMtiTI M?xr-<, hf lb* cursed the officers for waking him op oat of ? sound sleep. Poor " Umrnt" lu<i before the been the life of the party, bat now ho hado't anoth'r wort) to eay, eud quietly ?a *ed l e plea* on board the > Warn tug. Durftg cries and shout* of "Ihrow the villain over boord," "Down with the officers," "Throe groan* t >r Captain Kaunce,'- " Eallo, offioer! did you ever draw that outiaea in defence ot your countryf' "Where are my 250 acre* of 'and?" 4c, tcompany were hustled on bsard the tew beat, and she was caat off from the steamer. Wben the tnwljcat was free from the steamer, tor rlgen called another council of war, aad resolved tha the captain should take them on an excursion around th hoy. The Captain was orderel to do so. He reuion stiaUd. It whs %me o'clock at night; the wind wa blowing, and it was as cold as winter. An oxonrslon arm ni the bay at such a time was not to bs thought ot The boys, with Kcrilgso at their head, laid "they dld'n caio ad?n. '.lis cap's u ahould taWe them round the

bsy or thay would pitch him overboard." It was Anally agreed that the Capt <n might g > to tie whar", if be woull stand drinl.s fur be party. Thl< the Captain agreed to do. 1 hey promb ed the Captain a large rum if he would put the tow boat through for Nicaragua. They swore they would get there yet before the Northern I.ight. If the Captain wold put his noble rutter through. The Captain objected?hadn't enough coal on byard, and could not go out to sea. The company we:e Anally lauded at the loot of Rarclay street, and. there terming in plat oris of a dozen each,, with in eh e or lifteeu whUtleri In adrance, they marched through the streets, and gradually dropped off and dia pered. I, with another fellow, went over to Tn'nnisiiy Hall about 3 o'c'ocs, to a 'ar.ry dress ball^Are went up stairs, and. there being no doorleepo: visible, we both walked In to ta'*e a dance; I aw cm woman dree-ed ** a shep herdess; she looked pi.-tty neat. 1 went up to tne young beauty and ail ed her tl 1 n> gbt ha- e the honor, she -aid yea, I got bet ro '.lis It or for a iiisdrllle, and my friend bad another dainty pie,r of ealic* ma it. Ju?t a< the ilanee we* eotr.r i urlk,T so o d f- gy rsm- up and put me and my friend out of the >ni 1 then voot home, an t got there ale ut <*aj gh1, thinking 1 hud g -ao through enough for one isy. OFFICIAL COURKSPONDF.NrF.. LFTTIKS 01 Till'. I'M 11 I) STATI'S ATTORKRV tlhKF.IlAL AMI COL. VAKBKR H. FRKJCCH. The il-llowlrg ntcreeilnf? cortwapondeoee ha* taken plaee between the Attorney General. Mr. Cunhlcg, the I". P. IHntr ct Attorney, and Col. Parker H. 1-rruch, Mtaiater from the goremmi ut of Nicaragua. It U eery important, ah >how lug the course which the I nited Stah'? g< Teinm. nl bare deti-nninrd to pursue with regard to the leader" of the filibtutarlnf expedition, and the partic* who have bun chr.rgwd with lilting it out MR. ITM1IS0 TO MR. M IKON. Ait"H?kt Gam-hai * Otnca, Her. 21 ' 1 duly re.e red jour coinmuuuiiUuu ol ihe d {r fit , an.- the <1 curoeata a. --he aa-ne, having iff* cn-"< to the erpifement aud preparation >.l ^rr?-na io the Mate ot New 1 ork for military aenrlee in the rilate YouVS hare received ay .If patch by t.!e'-*pV nr. t.rvintf you Of lie < rder given by the I'reeldrnt loUpt. l-lirelow, of the i oiled Stat.- Wary to proceed acCur.hnir t? yoiH Vw ce in Ihd detention of any v. .eel w iat<o*v.-r iu.Lieate.1 hi pr< cetdlogw contrary ei'hwr to .Utah >r to lie*ly elipufaliort", a- dd.-l it>K vou to act la the pre intjira alt proper li.frn uiatu r. If there Mhftll hnve brm ocritM in to on the bii o order ?-r.t tot apt WpUv. by .ch-graph. r there .hould be good rra-on to ruppoeb that ther will It>'?-a?l?n "<? to do In th" coufl order? to thr aaine ell. ct, and to | inorc r,-.n[ V- eform'.w llbetran tnltl-d by ioall. l b.rc the lo o. r lo In-, re.r r-pccth lW, ( .( I MCIMl. J.,u> Mihr-s, 1' 1,1.8. Dlattlct Altsruey, Ne.? York. ATTousrT i.tnaui e t?u ?> l>ec. 24. ISM. Hip_Pv yoor communication ?f the 134 io-t, to which a generai leply baa Uen ma le In a piev.our- letter of Out dale, it appear? that Onl. Parker li. kreooh ie fr.Ojerned in the engagement at New York of persona and of artua f..r traniBiiMlow to Meat?|ua. I ?' ply apoetally on thx. '^Col I rioeh by letter of the lbth In ta?t, eon.mnn' xx^^ixtsa^asssi aa rro?l?rr ITtaMeat of the rapuWta of VloAragna. adBftditlag him a* lllnleter I Irnlpotenttary of that republic to the lotted State., and ra.,ueetcd an interview preparatory to the fcrnial premutation of eaid creden tiah tc tAe'lTfldont. T. thli the l^crftirr ?f Ptalf TanWwl, by l*U*r or t)>* "let lo.' Ita'lng that the Ibe.ldent -1 we not yet ere , aun- to eelabli.h diplomats Int-rcinm* ?llli thr p. reon* claiming at ibla lime to e*erci?e political power In the *t*teof Meaiaff '*! ??"1 that, tor enfflrlmt rwoei a> ihrn.d h< -lee. n -t at pr??eot tnm It proper b. reeelre i nnr ore a Ml n-'er to thl- journmeot nuly op|> In'^'i by thai r? public. I C?pi< of there tT.o tatter* are i.. r. eneloae.1. Yen a ill than p. 'reive that C?l I* rnUtleJ to Air h n wife prtYi'.f ' In the I t.i> ' S* i'ee only In a very onalHIeA ;rew. lie t* cot *n ae redite.1 Minl'trr, but j ? ft.i i. * p*T . o e. mloR to thl. r i . try to i re?ent htm- j .. If. s ? < ard not reeelt. d. bj r.a.ou of It, (athug to ap, -ir Ihot he rrp-i .? nti #r j 'aw'nt f .rerumrwt. I'rdir t'eh circnn.etawrea any diplomatic prtritar' a. r- I'h d to hlin 1? of mere en l of conrle-y, not foil iIplit aau that 0>/tiit??y Will I* withdrawn from htm ko m . n art there * ball bo.aure to Ndi.T. tint he Ir en gaged in be.e or c.nternplatee, any act not eon-onent with the I una, thi- jeaco or iha puhUo honor of tho I'r.iUd Stat' .. , , .. The I're.ldrnt ?wtertaln'- all p.. '.hie regard for thr pl. m?'.c chr. arhr, by wf mmerer Untie; but be oan not allow tt to ta made a rloak 'or the Inf. innrmrnt t.f our law" or of our Internail.'nal ohllgatl,'n,? B", there fore de.ite* y<* to ouikedl.tlnrlly known totheprlr l onl party the preel o re'allor.a or I he rear,"and In com u iiieatc the rarr.e to all other partita c meeroed in -uch niaur. r I a you may Qr.d to brmt r nu[H?rt wi.h l' e I puLHc Inter cat*. 1 hare Un h'-nor U. Ire rery re'peet fully. C. (IrHIV-. . J. M- Ki .- Krep, I'. S. t i 'ric.t Attorney, N. Y. W. fitXCR TO MR. MABf'Y. WrsiiMWi t'nrt. Bee. 1# 1146. Urn. Wu. I M , Wr T Secretary o Sin o of tin l ulled State* of Arreiim S.K?I l.aro In my p> - ee 'nn errwleattaU frmn the So premo doeernmewt of M-nrnoim api-'lntlrw me ... (he lllru.tarof that epuh'.lr n nr the (p.rerneirnt at Wn?t ireloli, and aom ir.pnnyii'R thU f"? will plwaw bad an ant-irrwpb !? ttrr from the pre-^ent ?f Mea wr'a tu the I'tr rfdrnt Ol tb ? t'ni?ed State, of Am. ilea. The ol.jer t of I)., note 1*1" rti(tie.t an lmetriew with y ur !?> .< Henry U forr l.'it ifig my ernlentta!. I? t- re w r (ft,re'?. n rnd in granting It at wn tarty hour I ha.e no berdatton In ":,ylrg that yon are ad?an< it g the ml Intere. . f our reaj,retire cvuntrlea. I am. *tr,fwttla re>i*c t<t in ??id' r attou, your OhwilMat warrant, rArKrK H;rRENtu KB. If IRCY TO MH. rtll-M It. I ?i ?m .tst' , ?tk. I w ..HIV r. N Dec. 21, 1W6. , Tol''ji?nn!?. Far*'?r, F.- Wa-hluglrm sip?Your let 'er to me of the luiFr lor I , with the en cloeod c?f of 1 an autrgratb leii. r frorn ?re I're.Ptrnt of Mrar?f;oa t)." I'm* ?>?<? o- tb/* ' oH*<1 . f.i America '"haa hern recclr?4 and laid Uf. a lh l-re dent. I am <11 reefed by him to reply t" ) > ir ennmaa ration tin.1, he Iran not"yet "H rr ?'oa f. e-lahlUblng flpleraatlc Intnenn,-e with the pr ? n" w now . 'arm to ?*ef cine the wolltlca! y wrr In the Sta' .1 M'?rag . > Tl.. ' who were chiefly in?tinc . o'il in ? Or g 'reith.owlng the I' imct gore,-.,:. 10' i f I . ? >'? w. re not rttlaena belonging to It, nor bate thr ei> ten. ... any cr'neidnrahh'par 1 of them Ur r-a .. .n .n brre. freely egpre ?"ll.t.l* anp ,.al < ! r-r ;? p le in the preeent condi'lcn of lolltleal 1 fair- In Ni a ?? . t. I nil! . oelr "halite th. e.. <. th. r ' 1 : ? -? ? t pjoj. rio ree. I.e you or any one, aa a M .1 ? t . i..l i.r ee.'UB etil duly :? pp'ont'd by the rij.rrn.' H"".""' f J. iu?r?fn?. I am, ?tr, yon* obetaeu .^rt. nv^ ^ nHXiBAriiiCAi. sKT.K ii of f.i:n*ki:ai. WALKKH. General WUKarn Walker, at prewent f ommanderln fhief of tie army of Ntaarav ia, '? a natlre </t Ter.n' .e ,?d I rP ng. lo an oil. reapectahl- a?*l wea'lhy fatwl y 1 Ilia father Intended that h* bwwld adopt the "gal pr? fe> - Ion and be reeetrw! a ?U" >al education, lie erlo'e. a dialiVe lor tha atmly of the law, hie mtnd tending t. ward, hladortaal l?,e, ch?' l.try minefw'.gy and j flr-Ired actaoeea. At an eatlr ag' he mide the foot of ! nrope gad Oi Ul ?*! b.a adu<"*' a at ? ae of tk? Cerwi.n iiritrerdfli"; her* he learn*-! to write and *pe k th ? Kreo'b, Crimea, Hpaoiah an-1 Itallnn language", lie read wttb aridity all br?k* ,,f trarr' an bit mind w ooaily up- n firnu. <Aadrrn.tue ia new r wntrP ? It log pre id to tb'O e a -d-.n, be a.U>pt?.> that 'A me-l. cine ai.4 alnoied twr> year* in I'arle. ' Hut oar here pr tkrr*<! tb? ewo?4 to the wa'ywl. and re fared to write M. B. af> - a reune, II returned to I Ac itUo and about lKi? bresa -te "en">"d wrtb the Sew ? ew', r.f which b' ? part proprietor. II" aae med the'?re-tal ? aoeire .?r.t (4 that Journal and miered warmly Into tfce e"h?e a frr liberation of <V?. Bwt tfrey all tailed in. tie fr-monf t?i? I rw pldty. *r. frataar amde bia b"*h- (Me a. in VUf.'N, ao? twiurd hi" torn h/ward tb' ae? *3 In ran I ran' Uoo he \ eotww oa-."Cted with '1.' II-???, tb'n ia*' r,iitllil<4 th"te 1 y Mr W a *'< ">?. a g ala H . a. ? ? / .- ?' U.? :ae - baring Uen ifra UK te the bar cf iamWaoa prertewe to U? fog to U'Joml*. Uyi-lrtJ a' tty aod lar?# ? ^h'AWt a ?nuff wiib Bte-ofm hfr4 iwa'Aetfr |w<pU?gave blm a lucrative practie-, but hi? mind turned upo* o*ber thing*. In II S be began t> think tkost III -oao la tipadltkn. rant* Ansa w*? then la the full fluelitf bin power, ? ni ??? turning hi. #t?-p# tuwtrd* an imperial throne. 1 b>- people ol Honor* ileepiae<l "an** Anna, and were in apen rebellion againat hie authority. The huu*e ?t llaulana, which i? the >lileat and wealthie-t faintly in .'onura, and alien laa ruiod lUal Htata tin many yean, had got'en up an armed opp <?ltion to Santa Anna'* g"ve:aix.ent, and Invited Mr. Walker to join them With hi* lilend*. Th>y offered him W-ge gi ante ol land if be would aaaiat them In establishing a republican ir iverr.tneot. In UM Walker nrfanlred tla < xpeditlon and railed from Han F'tancieo. Tliry ?ere to go Brat te the <?w'f of Uuaymaa, but thr.ugh 'he treachery of tiau lata did not ancweed in ?odoing, and t< rtttied tbemealyee it the Vnrauade- ll?e expedition remained here three or four nioatha, the member* being all peraoual f>inula ot the ci tntsauder, and reeolwed to atend by Una totha lib Mvxicau frienda. howcrer, did not keep their pionr boa, and the effalr was a fall .to. 11*. Wr.lker beat > retreat to Han Franc laee, where he *ae arrested .ml ti it 1 before the United Meiea Clreult Court, for alieged vlo'ation of the ueutrality lawe. lie defended hie own ceae with greet eMIIty, and waa ae lu'.tte-l lie irttled the pr nclple of law for that court, and It* dej :ia|on a now a precedent on the booka Mr. Walker now engage: in pjlltica. which wera ma iling very high, and waa a de egnte to the IWinoeratlc "tate C'"t.'.tntion of 18M, when the democratic party iplit. lie edited the Hecian.ento ,SlaU Journal a At about 'hia time he re* I Mr. Hquiera' pleasant book ibrut Nicaragua and tecume at ooce in lov. with tha counlry. He waa ?trai? that t1 ote wm a civil aargcing in, ami talked eiih aoir i> ? f h'a frienda ca to the prkrtica billty t'f a" irtiiig Uir then democrat'* party, -oon after Hi. Hyron Cole left Han V .nncbco to travel through linn litiTiM a* the agi ut ol the Mln ng and 1 ra<Hag f'oinpaoy, and Mr. Walker ob'aln-d thr'ugh him an ? xa t repr.'t as to the atate of afiaira in Nicaragua. Mr. Tote briv.-'g finish'd hia bualuex in II "nduraa, aer t willi Co oral Wcll?, of Hun FraneUon, to Nicaragua, lo rn el,i nee the) tran>:nit'ed to Mr. W titer an accurate .tntem'nt rf the po'ttirel atltlra of the cujo tiy. The leu ilig mtniler-of he Uhaniorrn patty urg?d Mr I'll" to rtturn to Hau Franclaco, and bring Mr. Walks- d iwn and a commission aa timer*1 wn* aeut to lilm Willi a gikn of t'd'v light thouaami acre* of land. Mr. I'a Ver II French wa - alao corcerned In th'a matter " Mr Walker accepted thecommission, anl l>eit>g a tie neral, proceeded to rti-a hie amy, wlilcb numbered sixty Ave picked iren, all hia personal friend*. Ilta ae cond in c nimind waa Colonel ('. Homely, a tried sol dii r, a Texan, ?ho hud aervnd w'th di-'lnell m In the Mexican war. Most of the men paid tin ir own eipcnaea. 1h< a,- *ho wetu too poor to do *< were fltteil out by t.e nrr-ii Walker, Th* I Ig Veata waa chartered, and the tittle band of It he atr re ??t rail frr-in fan I rnneieeo In May of thl# yc .r. N'u cff? t' wu, mat'e t-y the I uiterl Mat ? authorlt to detain Vet. The trig arrlied at lUatejo inJune. ami waa leceivd wi?h open artn* by the people. In Ul? ft-at action with the aristocratic troop* he luxd forty five men aga n<t eix hundred: thi* foity dee men killed one hun dred red e>i en of the er err y, and then retreated. We might doubt tbia atory wi re It not repo-ted l.y the party opposed to Walker. Ilia o|i*rati:>rta were delayed for a tin ehy the jealousy of a t IwBl. tleneral Murox (siuoe dead), but l c finally succeeded, a* our trader* ar* *ttl aware, In |opening all the principa place. lath* repub lic, and in illrtatiog let in* ol pen e wl?h the aristocratic patty. Cent ral Walker xdaii.e I !,l? po-ltlon at the head of thi kmiy, but teceiied no other amolument >.r rewar-l, ni did be aek any f? r Mnwl'or hi* friend. {taring hia whole campaign hia nn-n behaved well, andrrenthetr encrnlr* cnnld che ge no act of violence ag?ln*t them or their e< mmander. h< u the ncva of Genera! Waiket'a campaign- reac'ied the I ulied State* hia p?rano?l frlen-ia, many of whom Ul ccnacrr%lire>, ugrteetd muib *urpii-r. Itoy tltoughi It elngular that a nuld leaaatred redu*J iilgkly I'lurated. aoft rpekrn gen'lesaa eoi.ld ahcan atr much deej>erata *al r. In pcr.ou t.c,,eral Walker ia quite the nyr c of oue'a idea of a man of War lla ie about fixe 'act (Ire inchea In h< Iglii ant weigh* about ore bundrtd and forty pound*. Ill* face Is not barn'M-me. hie hair ia flaxen, hi* ere* light blue and bi< el In dl figured hy frecklee ll? speak# >low and -c>ft and *t rnte Inteixala, prefoniog to l?e a li cuef rather than a talker, lie ia t man? we a*e toll thi * thing, hy p? r etna entirely di?c ntected with hi* scheoea?he I* a man of ptofctind erudition, of irrcproa-hablr chaxac'er, <>f th* rr-at i're| ere le courage, pliyrlcal and moral; without a taint of avarice ,n till Compear Ho an! with no ? nail \ire. Ht luta never rf? tel a cent from thu Ntearau pttan gruert met I arm hi-a apparently no care for money When hi tnen sunk in their tru-k* on the march fro n Rixaa to Kau Juan, be UeA a rnu?F> t and watcbe<i orer them, fir vet cirolcg hit eyea during two daya an-l two tight*. He I* a leader <b?t a ill lo<|dre entire eowfli'eiK# In the rnen under bla owmaal, ar.d never do arylblrg to he'ray r-r l??e it. Ilia embl'ion l< druihtteve uneatlahle, ard we bare no douh* that In three n.ontb* he will ht vc five thr ue.ind gocel rnen under hi* comtx.riri'l, and i<a ojo-er t-no-gh Ui away all Central America. Hurh U the cha ncfer of f. neral W. ker a* gtc-n by hia filtnla ar d ac<|U ilntacr*. pouie f them d-> n< ' ap prow* of IjI? rtilll'i-y ieblcvc ? ent>, <ot all unite aglvtng hlni tha credit of having acted f ni thi p<, r?t -a-.tlvv Ho far wal.ave cat raa. on to doubt bl i. II ha* acta with e -e - tig pru* nee acd ili.errtl-n ? Iff falclllgiftrr. f'ttaf A' oar to a Ox-vii?4* Ktmr.?!!*tV*rt *' Ml n (feudal n >u alri" ft m 'h* Twi nty fourth II??r ? Ninth n:4. ??t with ? rlanyrou" awbVnt yawtarfeo ? which ill fell tkrlih <4 will f*-tr'feat? d'H| Mr. I ,ior? I* to wa of H<* k fei.4 ImAiU r ('<,motet Xp, II <1 > a Ih** nUrtr: >'( flr? ? the 1h-r4 rfiatrtat, at ahou' ?!/ht c'rlek y*#t?.*ttay Btorfeloff h*. e? untal, look bia piica at Urn ??n I tt*UtMk,ta4 abaw cmu 11/tran'b ?tract In ll|hl)i I nffi'.a (lost) any No 3b return ?f, Hi W'.i? Mr Mi a la-'Mb to gat q .1 ?f tfe *<y, lh? ' I fftaB ' ' 1 la" II fechrtn ?ro ? h </i 1 . tl>< nark ?o ' *t bat* I a?i|af.r M feWtihl rtfOfr hlti.wrlf tha whaot* t tha a ferlaia* pa #*. o>*r bin b?ly lB)urtnf fei-tptna In a painful wrnanrr II- ?t?li altair pi r-.y a" l> t'rotfe' *' I " <i ??? ?' oayt'l to ? nrlff hi.. It.f draff tor* hut U*a pra((W*r kt ttaliy Mum t*i at'?-a<l t?? Ilia i i, ? ??? ka . ti a i ? an yr I iri a itriaf to tha 'If lit.p ? >. at wbfcfe plfeoa t' at* rVT'i- ??l taat alfffei, ha u r i kalotfe morale g A i.*t.,-R , ftfkiiw^NtM'laf WMfhtUttf Kr? Y -ik II ?|ltfe', ? 4t ? n* flr'tu a la'l; frfertfe>o4 tl |b wlufb tr ka4 t crtrrd by h*.nf tnuM botw??? '??> tar ? aki' li Ua ?> > "/up nf, >? t 11 ? Rat i' ad, at I tt w ue ? H?a"t < an' II, ? ab-rar r??1r'ita? N11 f*?m 'V kalM i> r N>, IH Mmn MiM at 4 frartn.arl tiu h jrb M? *11 C llfgpl by til' P" Ilea to Uw Nm ft rfe lb*-;.! at Ulllltmabttri I lly kmi. T, i ('??< ore i l.awt pr t Hot.?Jtn M' day altar?.*???? ?tf ?l ?tfel?r? tfe loath %rt ?.?? ?t-*a* lair* *? di'rft. at vhkIM tyft Vil tr,. i t yt-a'r?l a'.rarlnff 1 ' ?> ?t flhtM UMm yifett W fefa II* Arat eailart at ttta LtHattr itirr "f II A. Tain* omar of Mouth Parrntk fewd fourth ?trar'? and r*;.-??nt?-' thai H* bait b?wn ??*.' aroti'4 'o ifflutt ? alra *VH to, ,f i* ? iitrd hit f tl*r Uf i'' pat-hn-a It. Tba k*y a it <>aal l> lak' Hi' >?! fe?*4 In a ??.-rt I'm' h' *? i tMurnad aal Mb) It a**? Vj till. II* than "<*'>-?f to *??'? ar-.-il .. |.rtu"' '?? tn ?hl'ti I,'* l?'?*r ar?bl matafeaatao Una. A InK 'tnan kt4t?? ?"?'t."?'*"*l ? l-ua, Wbfeah, '?? 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I'nl l'*i?an wa? ? p* an i?*d of -tic-uip- u-nry by % J - r'I a i f ih* 1/ndun frm and III? ror .ll I m.todml. i no !'?i|ia iB.b?rli<l at Varna for I npaturie, tuber# n ?litl-i >D of tli* T* kirli ai my Ua-1 all lau 1*4 V Tb# taaamhtp Himalaya art-rel at l'?rt-iu?ulb (fug ) wrh ?i l?llrr> w ui I d In th* battle- of th# Alma, I .4*1 lava w4 lnkrrtttaon. end niwtb popular iliac i.Waaa tin L plai* n? r>ir t-- th* fort that t'ivjr **re kept abliw log In tb* Co I wlilUl \b* Cua'-.m II -u#? >ffl"-r* ?**rcb*-d Ihtlr baggati* it?Mr Oliail** s*|l*r aritv <1 la lat^ianil from Ma command In lb* I'alilr. 1-epoted ta Pat!* that tb- Auo Uiatt Uaka.uidor l*ft '-?iuI r?lar*liarg tbla moraia* f ? Actfge advance of Mia Ku>- an tnopa in A?.a. Ibpp bail reached T"f.? 1 Kaich ami great faar wa* fait at tra biriu-le. i met I aalia a ual tb* allb-I camp batata tar l-a ti [? I an I br iil i ?t i* II ? tb I uid and f.*o*r td f auioter'. 0 -"U# Uuta-aa Minbtr r at Wutl Informal tb* Ma lattrol 11 ia>ga ASali* ft < out Buuly tUat lanlnttiaaa which 1 a bad a kr?l of h ? court ha 1 eirlr- 1, ?b*"up*w a ri ' '? ' or* ?t" li*l't b*l a rtn tb* Kugliah aail KfnOh Anita d ?>. '-ge'b* *ltb Count lluol and I'rlar*t.arW tl at 1 allb* Miu ti y of For--gn Allelra From tbc f apian alp aa tbara esehaugad, It ranjtad tbaA tb- lepitmnlaliwa of lb* t ut I' ?*?? worn r< < ?l-%Up r-g m ilntb'l- uo<U -tan-log of III* Mroae and g*o*r?l Unilnp of tba furi-tamaatal point*, (raving tb* a-**nt af lb* t ab-nrta rf I'arla ami i*-n l-ru to I-* ot-taina-l ) and a l-#?i - war fa'i *?! up n alnch B*g"tl*ilo?i for tb* r**laa? U'-n of th- pe?r? .1 itirup* would t*gin. traar I'aabn la't th* Crlm- i a r'lul' for Varna A ? r.lru* ? ortarbakufT In \ l*nna tab rand tba A-ra ti u (T- *11 m *Lt t atlli* I tar accepted lha fot r potato ul guarantee elm-tiki lnt< rprvteli-n gheri t?r tb*? bp tl * tbri a I - v *r?, I nglaml. I ran- a an I Austria Hut a* r II a- Ii.irtir* i* >gr**d 1*. bnttUMaa Bill rontlnu* during tba pi-gi*?i ul irgotlatl- na(or ptao*. Irn-t Vtitavit land and ilaion da I otir-tu*i.*)r ?*-pale baa t-I'arla ? ad I' ndon a?kii g tat ISatrnaitana hta v. act, an < tba III I da 1 ur* too |< r c< pt In t*/tb cit r? aluu U.a nana at rial 4 b-b-'d J-ika Raaaoil arrlva-l In I'arla tiom l-on lea and r-a tin ric?a a ?*'!**- t -ilpl inatb ln'< ,?!#?? wub Napi Ir-n Napol-on raaiaavl a uata-linaot uf tb# !mp??lad Cuanl at nut *-i n areh f ; *b*<itnaa and ad iroaad Urn iri a ? 11 *?" ;> ?[!*'? 11a Tura-.b army baring ' fi* ' Itr- i, tba RaanMwa larroaaad tbn linn nil red ti r? -hrrt-it u.aadtd tb# IMbtabrba ar.c tabm both Tnlt>rb* aad Hah*4*?h. Tba Au Irian trr* pa In tbo Ira pain ?? d| I n-t lata-lata Vl'h IM ?r (*<ar*Bt. 1' ?I *! *t> ? bnn4t?d m-rt -,f 0,* F-anrb Imparted 1 *r ' rial ?! Mar * ;i*. for th* Crlinra Mu-ntaa *I w V#ar -rial H* ?'th ratr.o*A|.,ary r?J Irinir- la**!* ?.f ? (al l-a f'?r-.*?t ran*-r a .* 'b*y had pat C*porta' <1 II ad# on 'fm alllta I jr Ib* fartla- n. r' ~? ? -bt rm?J, 0< A'latft# 0ail?4 <m tba p a* a of tb* I aru an l*-i-lati n ??? |MM Hci' a<a> - i tlr .(ul. i u a aar f-< ring atd aab<4 tb* app<mlaaont of a ti-rr*l ( maaandar-la (turf IA ?Itur-l-n i--t.* frnai < baat >|-ol, and fanr t?*ia f i gllrb *lt?. afaa Fran-b ff. '?# t?l*o yniuur'i r un I- r al < '-* alilal tro- pa wmrr I iUaa* alaa II ?fianeb and Kagtlab Mm .t-ra m t lanaa rr-dal tbi ti ii ?<i i.ciluoa aa to il'.nur into a pane# aabtratd ? l-o i la Ti - lb* *<b artr.p Wirr !?*? ti r--! gucantard to b id ai. if-* tndi id lb* figii-b nbi'b tb* - amn trm-p* ?r ra uo .bar to d?'#fi *ga.n?t tb* II oari rrui tb* ?roallnna "I 'l-afr nu V ?-??*(! ttf', i.l tb* I'tralaaa ig->in'' tba ?"ra?*tt m* -.1 -tog 1 frulnir r.. urat ii.rir InaU lean aa. tb*/?< ata* tattabf and k>ur Uutal a . *d llxnt *?ia aaart In ? laiaa to - ? I). . i.|.|. ..'.?Mr K - tau*b >r< .git l-natd a n, . <n la tba I *1-b t.'< maaoi.a 1-r a ictalat* lal (ip.anat.oa a( tba mn-ltt -n l tb- l lie - an army but H b? U< f ??!? i*ii i i? -g in tba #t/.- -n -. ran*" a -?< l#r - J*#.? I UC-II -f hi. I t la b? A'? lar I o .(.l-tip. la ih?a III u * - I I MP I. id I ra-ibuirt gaaa i ' a Hal > a to* glib i f ftMinf bo urOBld Iru-ra tnat In lb* W til .a af tbfe Ho?** lb* iap*4tl oti I tb* f lu^a aaa aa-1- labarn by bar Ma)*?-i . gmirananat ? h m y ia?.|?i?*'c lu-Miia at .* n -i? -w raatl-n-f- --A i at la|-*r; -il.i tWiatMf nnd -aual af tba i# t.ianca u? *ap*et*d fnaiil/* r* y an Hat lb* r-g a a* mi?ir?aor* nun' ?.f ti-* T*-aaanl a tba mmdiaet uf tba aatatpr'-a ba - a !? t V. ih* it .*t tbiur m i*u .' jr. ? |rr-nps ? iJbaaa Fi*o>h Mu.i.'rr rf l*r*ig? Affa-r. add.*? *? '. aa r p- riaat .ir--ila- t" Ma* f raarla M in tan ai-craaHia tbr aw m *y d I raa* a Mi *na>, - I rtac* Napailaan iua*i?rt# r?'artaai va I aria fr in Ui* ? a' of war ? M fh'-uya 4 lit ja aAf-.-d a ilaapaub la tba tab mi in vMafk ba aal I that if I* mat la laalalat uy?-u baaing a act rata li-?ij f-aa-- a* r*aAy t ? gu it tam *? >t?l? p ? afdad 1 c ?*l- t lb* an?r* ubilga * -aa a# "i ? 'rra'y -f 1 ?ua i- r [b'l Tba ( -ar Mm Mat ?allad 'ba aaitira alUi > and |? p ball-a of l!?i*.ia -???* Mablr ta ???????- air.- ? *f ah l- p--,al inaalMat. ,h ?Mr Kratroab a n f <? a a?aaaitt**of I a , -t I r? n<- to uar a-iuip * ' aaa am'fiad ba tbaiarlba '? am ? by a a * 1Mb tn It* a d lot ) A'-- >*-.? mini lit i.-if-?d (/ n Vlt'oain "at for f/wd i ?- by b lliai m.alrt* ' . I a m aiH-y, and b-r'a ll'-?.*r a # f I ar tan -at Mj'-aia-d T-a I ma# *f t'aaa rpiPg* la- 'd ta i'gtai* fr?o tb* l- na. I'rlana r.i into f t ?*? a -1*4* i?d tba Tatha, vttb gr*at b?* to lb* a my, a' I' I. i-.k It- -dg* la A >t )l.-> ami I wbi uih'd at !?.-* la a--'l *r a ~*l -bar l?* T -tut a??ll *t^- nioifp it ot tb# i'.aaaiaa* um ifr# I"* i 11--#* Imadrmt I r*mb aaMlata mi put ba *? dr *omAc< by a Kuolia aortla fraan Am-a#)* i*i 'b-tb ra?M<1 aaaw tam' -aium that tb# 1 *?a*a itgi . *w" i(*-t *1 >*ib I't *1 ? 'I dirt Tb# Oca* fan "I 'I It* ' ruing pa" '< Huaataa amy la A*t*. ?Uadnl tp* aaanp -f l*r! at tb# adaanaad pt#'. a* th# Tarfcbb #t??y at ?b ? ?a mt* ??#d u* tb* gaar-t uf ban ?bal.t Oar- uk-. 1)**- -*u* |/t*i a br'?* If* f m-mac try rr| ?l**4 U* H -.-? ana nttb an- a Mrabta baa. rraawaar. 1 iat t*i# !#*n ff fa. y am i- ad tba iMa at Va I a*' la H r ft,- -b II- - a# ?f laft' 3 ? tb* ' *d f* ua* b - '#?! ami b-r-na -<f Raamm j- rod lb* arary o u*?a?t-prl ? ?or ' ktr'M a#(W- ir a i(##*b at l/afaa tufa a f dtm' at'**', eat th# I nyllih f main**' Jw tb?-r ear maaair?i??n! a-d i-'-uat' ia'"fi?-* al'b bU maa - ami -?> tb* Itai'-# *?fr-'li- k- o' ai'i'-au t... Int'-ndad rar **n aara aattra I* " ? H *? ? f ford*, and I n*d Man a ana #rw?*d a A- *-ib 'a' m* a'"? a r !'ta??if#l -gtata ag IrWn day Tb# filamt-^i flaM-*' ao >?<aat(0' ualaa 'uftnara ? lb* |#nd af 4# V**a##*jy- t mn*aa Babaandafb l/ltl !*'>?> ? t ?? f r.?ui?i.i i- i|#i.-?-*i firi uraii ta, I n-i brat fi i# af A-,?. p. r* -r ? aa***^*! Hum Oaaraaaa f-f -d"? ilart-r I'dnnaa Pa--ma*' a** '?#**" lk**|. If ?*??* a Mm I*#-t P*im> -m i bami * *' it I i-h* , #*? #), If * f! --'mmaaa# p ?- ?# "-In -*#r k'.r Ja ** -r-abaaa I a*. -* ?- i ? - - ? ? ? W aaarr* * la '?#'??? W ufknu ???*- TV* barfa af laa* a ?e* f-i*.4? .'? ba baard * '< aural * r Cbartm Wmad. f*anauf*> - .ai - I'r-n h to* pa tn *b* f'rtannm aJ*ac?4, ataf iMir*d tmtbad i-ta t?n ma 4 *nafa? ** ? ?*- v >tan *?** ?M ?b? u?w to Hon . -? It*"- d? H --a a? fr -a**a?*aa at (ba ?ti r li*t 1* ' *e tm -f 'b* '- an f ?? *???? 4?- ?? ?? ? apat-nC ? a-dtn-a tur an MV* Mr, I* Um *??"?# ? ' a< ? 11 antral <#??*? Itartrr, s p ipw-irl It* ?aa#*, attmm-mi -b#a**'ynr ?? I fai >rb f-vi' * at tot (am*' ?a ? a# Md -b**? V- I*"Ira ? b ??a baa*',r? i a** - bare -f? laf Tba Ja l- ? am Lratod tat ||ty oat >ad r mi trba m - k 4 An knaartan aifaabry - uaw d ? b* r* ?*???* bg f*g?-r-t#lf *?#-'a:*rg tba -?? r'l# -"*?. k> *1# MTfc.ank* ( ?*?'*? r a-| ? a#4 a* ? ? that prr|a- ?.?? ?#r vaa a aaa'-*> at in#'.' ?** *-?!* hati - ftua i.?*o.?? rntam. * p,T, It - TV- al i#d Aa*-. r??#d tba bb tab at tba au-?tbw ?' *b* thumb* U ?U(4 ftdib al. -u .aft far J iff Be; ha,? rvti't k?