Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1855 Page 5
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" fVrgeaut Chainpe,'' " Burgoyne'e Overthrow," "U? Battle el King's Mountain," and many others that via never be forgutvn to long a* the tiiglish Magnate ia spoken. And the songs and e'i?i>s weie not nil an the aid* ef the " rebels, ' hy any ?ean?. The tones and British bad their aay, and some ?f theae effusions abound with jests and eplgcumatia points equal ta Davy Crockett's oration, "A Carving Knife Whetted en a Brickbat." In the month oi Octo ber, 1778, a burlesque, called "TheEpilogue," was pos'ed m the streete ef I'hUadelpbia and Mew York. The in treeuctien to it, ue given by Mr. Moore, contains the fallowing, and the verses as well as the introduction were published In Rivlngton'i Royal Oatrtlc :?" There was lately exhibited in Philadelphia an admirable farce call ???Independence.' Who the author was ia not posai tfveiy known, but some are of the opinion that it is the work of a certain quack doctor called Franklin; others assert that It i? the joint production of the strolling com pany by whom it was acted. It is, however, generally allowed that one Adams gave the first hint, contrived the plet, and east the parts." Here is a stave of " the pro logos." ?id Shsbspeare. a poet, who should not be spit on, Although he was born in the island called Britain, Math said that mankind are all playen at be t, A truth we'll admit of, for the sake of the jest, feme ot these songs are equal to the happiest efforts of our beet poets; but poetry was not the object?It was eSeet. In the language of one of them, they "Just set their poetical lathes a-turning, and twisted out batlads and song* for the good of the common" The tory minstrels did not select Washington as their butt very edten, and when they did there was very little in hie character that eould be ridiculed or burlesqued. One ef these was entitled " Adam's Fall; the Trip to Can bsldge." When Congress sent great Washington All clothed in power and breee', To meet Old Britain's warlike sens, And make some rebel speeches,? * ??.??? a ? The rebel clowns, oh! what a sight! Too awkward whs their figure; Twae yonder it red a pious wight, And here and there a nigger. Alter the battle of Bunker Hill, the following appeared tr. a broadside, under the title of " The Modern Taxi, TM, Fici;? We came, we saw, hut '-ould not beat, And so?we rounded a retrrat; fin Boxbury Bill again we saw 'em, And did. liko devils, clapper-claw em. But warlike casuists can discuss, If we beat then, or they beat us; We'll swear we beat, they swear we lie; We'll tell you more on't by and bye. An eld favorite of ours among Burns' songs is here, " The American War, a Fragment," We have nut room fc v farther quotations. Mr. Moore has made a hit deci dedly. His book cannot fail of having a isrge sale. We understand he is engaged cn another volume, to be out in a tew months. We see it going the rounds of the paper* that "Moore's '-'orgs and Ballade of the Kevolution" are just published. But this is our Mccre; not little Tjm " wi' the pawky een." City Politic*. Tnn niRD shell general committee. At a meeting of the Democratic Republican General femm.'tee, hen on the 13th day of December, 186#, at ?h*ir reomn, No. 040 B'cadivay, the Hon. Tho-. J. Barr the cUlr" Joba Y fiti'-zgt, Jr., Secretary. The following aeries of resolutions were reported by the ?P??aI committee appointed for that purpose, and ven Baanimously adopted fc^Tr!lCd' the a,:1<wate9 to this General Committee ' D??ocr.tie Republican Cener^Romiltt^ tton^aufi' ^eriou? llTfe c<f?P?*,n? ,he "a!1 ?DV0? I ^hSt ?e 'a"*1' ,Ub"<?1 foUo" V'' phul/T^I! ' Syracure on the 2id of ?#ldat 1 ticket there nominal, Wed'ly^V^ s&srsx Med uiT,fM o general crumlttee for 18IW ac-rti ?fhM Ward tor 1M0, ?aaob ed. That the general committee for 1858 meet st Woyrewnt Institute, on Thursday evening Janu?v 10 ?i 7X O'clock, for organization. *' 1 1(' "?T1?-. T?at ,he <W?g*tes shall report the names of tJZW.Z"''?:0* "?voral "omin itlug conven KthTiMt * committee on Monday evening next, "XThn.n? in at", uTo1 ! -r,^ elector* compoatog the noiliu'.ing cuUv*n T'.n ^ *P,'<'i,Ut ,iie P'**' at Which they ;uT , ? ufeis x^ffsLzrix with I he above resolution IT ^ in ** lrU*'"* C' ""?ry Corker Jam., .Sar-ruf ffartt?Jot.n J. Tait, Daniel Dodge Miln f vVA^Jrf- H iU,Mn, K'J:er- 1,180'1',ro Mer- holf. y' O ii .^T"B-rnard ( urrv, Richard Mct'lnud R.n R?y, Maard Burke Mortimer"!' TunUoo, J,d,n li.mre" ?2?if t T. Benedict, John f*e A p' Jj1* ? Hamilton Billings John Klii'alii't I'.tri J Melley John Wbitton, PeiU Urkln ' ' 1 atrkk ?,?"* IFurd?Jame- Ridden, William PhilHpn. John a^?tJ Hewn,. Joso >h Allen, John I. Fivn Mt rhael bownes, John, James Drf?ro, Ps trick Dourli arty. Thoma. Fitzgerald, William Cl*arr, Patrick C>ow Francis hirby, Tin mis Brown. *' W' I n/(h War,I?Henry R. H .ifmire, J.mes Clark , HawTance. James G. Jacobus, Myers C Lew A f II*? ' / John H. ^h#T?ron<h' William || Howenstein, Chas. Copping, John T. Menrr Josenb A HD(i'rifl?hH' Whit?"re' Tb"mh" D ^f'w.. Kl, Wii: ?Vu<* Wrnnl? Mathew T. Brennnn, John fTancv John S'. sl,.\. cmT Brennan- Walter Roche, David K.or ST D^I'"7!. ' J?ltrick Andre, hit, Dennis Burns, Thomas Ryan, Patrick Fitzcerald Amert Brovrn. Thomae Clark Wt'lllam A, B,rr. * W.'rlT iI Wa.-U ?H F, lIcCHlfrey Michael staff, Michael JUyea, M. Oretory, Samuel McCormlck, James Vincke-' ton. MrMmlian. I'&trirk Uv >nn \f ci 1 t , Jr , 4' ? i, 7' T^V muvvimici .iAino< rin. ton James McMahan. Patrick Uy !en, M. Sbai.W rill'stL "h""-?', Charles Hr..h ? n Conoolly J^3 Cams Hear, Jeretnlah Morris, Michael Wall. ?nC',tf|Al* '~' r- W*ph#n llaebmuk. Jonas V Phil *Crv^i{lllm0L t' "??r*,?h,r.n. N?tia.,iel Ra- Wm. t-? T?,. ? Bazb y, Barney Vee??, Richard A (''ham fears, Thcmaa Kelly Samuel fern?, Thomas Moore Kbaoe ^LV Hasklns, Ikejainin O.hen. ' .VlarA Ward?PhUip W. Kjsvs, iict, Brush, Win. C . ^ne* ,x?? Wart. Isaac William- Wm It Pisenherrv, Joseph (Yowell. l(en-y Klr<oe H U. J rurg*, J. H, Hrownell, Ourlm VaVntfii*> it f ?i Chirl- Kcntinh. " ' mmIu r '[ar<,m-J'rcrni*k Welch. licorgH I>olHmr?r Jo ^of.n f)DIwTt, , Hemtt, Ro .ert f lk,te.rt, HmBh^nh w ' u'' ^ john fl- ''wing "arret . J ,..?,, hismrhlen, T. B. lloime,, James H. B?<tt John Williamson, John Burnes, John For lev ' Thirtervlh B'urtl?William W tv... I. .1. ?? i femn, John Ksrrigan, John Mowbry, Joseph R, Dann ij' ' ""t7i'rt m K'rk; , u,i4m p "rmhk, r*f^ Wehard Kvans, Cabin S*. ery. A.) w.j ?' l"TJ' SSJirV 7' ^'frrt J",in VI K?^ Ward? James '-inlth, Jam. s MeKerv v tli. Nichols, Jaioea C. Spenear, Davit Itaskiue IV .1, k ^r TMA' u u WUhelrn, John C Rpe.^r, John l^nry" Mtr esv*7,T^ ''\ Wh<K,u,> Anihonr O.nroJ " "? * Tlioina- I.vnch, llngh (J. D ilrien n H fSm iT'T ,'"1""1 ? Aur. t?s ich.ii, B. H. Field, John Hlhn re, Cbail s D. M'-a-t, J, V|.r?rtv W iiw J* V'lur s^'" 1 itopatrick, H. Ho,'; ?,.orge W. Mclean. I. M, tan Watt, Wm. C. Wetmore Fitdatiek Dejpej,tar. Wm. F. t.ile,. Ward. Jared <.F1 e? r>a". Henry Pro,"/ B t'onkrtaht"7) H "rt"/' ^ ^ A:ek7 l^haiTh Dmdei Mead. tVmklm S~f>*t~ntk Warl-Jame. F. Jlenrr Jules Johnson Cornell, Fdward Malalr I W ibllsk ft ??"/ 22!*' tWi,lLim Thoma-, Frederic/x. ri b aboek. R. f_. Fedewa. ilenry Marshall Jahu \ auderb ,ck *7 /ry,"r Wooils, John Vanderfeeck Jr ' * Hantter, WlUlamO'Don ?>:,U.T. J Rus-ell I . W Kirdaail b^t ^ i in!'n R ,rr'i"TcH'K, :"'' Kic:'?rd - h-"- R"' Mst! ils'nn J i T u'V'1 n*U J"hn ? Anthon D. T "' ,T'ri#n. MlehaeilPcsn I . D Franch. Mw?Tj?jVn Tfr n?. . " Vp' 'Ani'' K-IMt <-co. M*ju i, John '?arrpj P^nnii O rfrl-n, F4ward Hiar*rii,l Nnonwi, Ho^rt Wab^r Ma thew Hart, laanls Tuhridy Michael Cordial fimr '?ii ler, fr.ineis MeD,mouth. Jitvm'/r/A B-orrf-Michael Martin, Jame, Jf. n?t,an M^Unt*TTho'^, "! k V:"in; A^" WJ "to..n ran arkina, Thomas I beUa, / ranrb barUne inmi, l.smdileh John Dug,n V. Cntlar, Jame if. nay, Jeron," a Fit-gersl*, Tli, ? dore Martin r>~n'y/n' Wanr-kI,lander I T^he. John F. Brad WHB I ?h "?rr Jo" "1' Mn"h Win am H. XAunar l Jhomas "t'gan. Jo-iah .-utherlan 1 PatriekJferv Henry Fmlth, Jama* Bus Ml, j.^,,, Ki?'' .fcnes Mel attend, lamw, I . Cnrtls. I?*rme? Ire T^n^-seron,/ Wnc'-Cetar Mastw-on, WIllMm n. Ft, lubieuner Mlcha, 1 Treaey, Ileary I,. R?(, u. ? MeCsnn.ick, Bernard Reynolds, Robert SI,ay, William p Tutnu-e. Tnoiuas McCuire Patrick I r,erv. John O'.VeU James Maetsirsoa, l.eorge Ivan. Jchn Magnos. ' ' w ?b?re e -niMBtjon, w,ii Mv1 , u Thui?,Uy rreainr ??*t, 2Ttb inst . at o c oelt. * The Ifaitfurd Cwtrnm aay* a Arc broke out at noon, on Mumlay, In tli* main building of tlio \f r j . Company, which destroyed the building *n?l all lbs -.ouKuftk l^e* alnait ?fn <m, cover, d b? JIlSUnUKf. -vrnvu ?y Ih<n Okm IobiIm.. Attention to Knitted to As subscjrlborj' assortment, among wti-.i and ba found ever/ rartety sf shell liisl. a jsc tbe new Ivor? pattern, *o much fcairud, at A. A J.f>AlNDKRu', 3?7 B-ouWij. Portable Divoliig CaMi.?In all that the some Imports, < cm pact and complete. ceukaltiUtr artlclesol -ha rety best quality, of el'cant tu ten, anil a suitable k'ifl for Jin teBtaya V?r aaia by A. A J. fiAUNDKilB, No. 7 Ardor and 3tff Broadway. ?n? Pocket toiler}.? The Saberrtbcra ?fit rotary vartuty of die above male by the i.rst mar. 'Vli rati, oi-n g the richaet dleplay of tbe kind in tbe ehy, at A. A J. tAl'NDKK.V, No. 7 Alitor ttoued ami S37 Broadway. KfttnUfii?UdiM are Invited to Inepeet be shove a' the sut arr-iners', who a.e areola 'o? tfwapi. /o-a A hanute, ibey having re elved the r>c!y medal vwsrdedby Ibe American Institute at the late fair fur arte h * of It.a: nutria iaetmrt, at A. A J. SaUNUKRH', *7_f'r >a<lw.?y. Holiday OlftowTo Combine the fteful with the toeau'lftil In the alapep^'ion of yourjn - ? mae and New Year1* presents, It ui only necessary for gentlemen to vnlt KNUX'H extensive establishment on the cornero/ Broad way and Fultoo street, and make Jnur sole tlone from hie ax tensive sto-k of fur*. H's variety combines ' he" ranging from the loweai to tt?! highest nriee; and asitu ap-lnoipio wnh tbla enierpri'lng dealer ner*r to permit a em?. oner M leave hir^e?labiishinen' dls, all* tied, it articles of a superior quality, offered at the verj lowest markc' prlee, wil' afford him saUsfueilO'.It U quite evident lha' those n bo wrieh to pur cbaae will find II to their Interest to deal wld.btui. Uemomber that he has determined to sell off hw entire s'oik ot iu-a be tween thiw time and the ootnme&eemeDt ot the new year, so that It yon are Disposed to secure t great bargain or barga'ne, and at the same time obta-n articles tnat mum prov e aciesta ble to your lady friends, you can accomplish your purpose by making hint a visit. Flu pause', It should not be forgotten that Knox's holiday ha< tuts for many years past been die mutt elegant and popular article Issued at this seaton of the vo ir, SLd dure or lour readers who design making "cads'' on New Year's day should prepare themselves with the tie u'tgary appendage to a gentleman's costume as early as poattble. Ismro-Itognerrrotyps-Tlte Mont BtauU. Nil Ji,mature ever offered to Die pucdo?Uken only at WIL LIAMSON'S, Brooklyn. Qenln'a Holiday Oard.? The Chrt.iimas week, the season of gale r nr.,I so U1 re unions, la upon us, aod a* Its firing accompaniment Gemn has the pleasure of announdng his HOLIDAY HAT fir llfid, the most fascinating and elegant t'.rest' har?au 'iial has been placed on an American head, or curled tu the hand of a gentleman Into an A merf an drawing room on the fl-s' of January. Manufactured of the fineet materials, shaped syui metrtoal, and tln'shc l with tbd utmost taste; it Is a tor J.taut example of bow far the poetry ? art may be Int. educed " the fosrlcation ot die simplest article of costume. As a visiing hat it standi) unrivalled in lightness, richness and distingue up pearaoce. The display of LADIES' FURS Is alsopurtlcnlarly select and attractive, "omprlslngsil le, roral ermine, marten, mink,chinchilla, Ac. madeu nan Tainan*, roup's, ejoskr, Tictoiincs, gloves and culls. In the a*t?k: French mode. Mink sets from gih to Vllkl each. T l e sets at f 100 are probably the bios' beauUlul aa well as the cheapest spe mens el" Ihc best quality of this tashlunable fur ever einlbltod for *xle in Ibis country The attention of the public isa'so Invited to Brum's Immense aseortnicnt of SOFT HATS, suitable 'or btiainess men, 'raycllers, spo-t.?, Ac., ard em bracing every shade of color and variety of - 'yle that hire veil,con Introduced either in this country or ia Europe. I ho bins'soft fiat department, alio present* ao alotoel unlimited field lor choice as regards sloe and ,-olors. In CHILD ItRN'B PLAIN ANli FaNOYHaTB AND '""APR, adapted to the season, an altso titely bewlldsrm* diver- y at Kyics Isolfeied. The Imported stock 111 th.' department was received by 'be etc inters of >c present month, and co dales everything atlracUre that w now to t e found In Per.s < r la.n don. 1 he holldny style t from the'leu,n iM. tory are .tlso par ticularly rl th anu be,omlng, and parents who wish to crown tbi lr darling* with a now 3r?'?, tills winter would do we I to call during the preen', week. All ilie shore munod utfotol arc of the t !ai-, dial tcurlble people apriove as holiday Olrrri, being a*, on re orranxn'al and (crvlreable. In aronlcue'wi'h the rule :o which ho owes bis success, the undersigned ofl'e-s every article In Ids slock at a very moderate adraaee on it-*1 cost, and l a- even reduced Ids present tariff of price4 tor all goods sold during die holidays. GENIN, 214 Broadway, opposl e SL Pa il's. Broralrls, latin De lAlurl, Dsniatlu, Cor nlees, window shidos, lac* c trtalns, A,.?ICBLTY A FKRQ1' (ION, No. 281 Broadway, have a Urge sto k ol the .ibuve gorsls personally selected from the best mvnuf ietoriea in France, Pome new si) les never beforeiirought out, KeliyAK<> g vjd liave eslabll.lied a repu alien tor soiling g -tds cheap, and en large end increasing trade is a preof thai It's a.-i rtvlated. No, ltd Broadway and Reade vtree'. ?rials Pojtlliin, Plata asd Ptnlti, per Dollies 1IKAR.N URunUERH, i?j B.oadeay, Alfred Miinioe Jk Co., 441 Broadway. Have wen's and bo's'rlothlng In great variety. Pardcularattention la mvlled to their aeroruueni ui ro i^, ,lo , au bre ties, scarfs, mufflers, Ac., Ae., all of which are ?euah.e ur llnllday present". An; thing purcha??d or A. M. t tor a holiday present, can be eaebMged by tho rectplen' it it does not t,t or piece the tave. No levtatti D from uiiirlttltir'.ces. Al.fJtKD Mi'Ntt )K L CO., til Broadway, between Howard und t>rand t ret'A. A Cnrd.a-Heetgletlons as to Prlca will lie removed during the rcmalmie-of the season from our la-ge stock of winter clothing, containing full assortmsn'sot our best styles of overcoat*, talmas, winter tou-u,- s coats, ilrecs '.,,'1 (roek coats, Ac., txiya' dedun :, robes, shawls and furnishing goes's. As wc expect our wholesale spring trade to comiMoon rarh In January, we are d'-atroiw ot re,i.icing our v crj arge suck ot winter clothti.g as low us po-s,ble, and with thai view will make free sales during this period onij-. This will an,ird tbuso who have not yet provided inelr winter clotluag with an opporlurdlj ol purchasing vary superior garments si a very ' ? i.vt for in any other !iaj Br,.advv i), corner large per cen'sge under what thev ran he wsv. I). DKYL1K A CO., 26?,2D9 aadft? of wa,Ten street. Splendid Goods for the Holiday a?Cents' iloves, rich lies. "Carl's, e.-svats, handkerchiefs,dress,"X r"bes, slnrts, tiBdOr garments, Ae., Ac. A new and splendid ??sor'. mem, at Ibe ?T,1 estabilclied s'an,I of W o. T. Jennings A < o., ?J1 Broadway, .tiled door sbovo the Aster House. J. tf. PABRELL8. floppy New Yrnv Is Com I ng.?Y,iullr? or csntlen-en c ,-ning to make presents can find ahr;? and beau tiful assortmen' olstl die various siylcs of Uollcs', gen' on n's, misses' ,id children'" o.iliers; boo's and shoes, wife -.tun slip", lollel sllppeis, lace Iocs and rosettes, Ac., A" , a' J H, MI LI.Kit A CO. ' -, lift final street. Chriitmas mid New Ycsr's?The Pareiioto* gp-al OahtMt or Muieusa of FOWI.KR A WK1XR, No ihW Iiroadwuy, will remain open and free to ylsl'ers durin, 'hs hoddays. A lamina! Ions, wuh ,-harts and wrtt'en descrtpUoaa alien desired. A privu'o class w t l be formed January ;j. Jewelry,?Bu|?crl<ir frtiirh Jewelry, be . w cost?Messrs. MAKi HAND. QOULMOT A CO,, it t"l Brosdwsy. having dlss",lvel their en partnership, offer 'Jvslr large oayor ed stock iff superi r Ki eo<;h jcweliy tor sale, a' reduced price, lo close di?lr business. Pc"Oua desiring rick iswelry will <10 well to eiamine 'heir slo-.-x before apply lag, ae where. We Here J net Received a Splendid Stock If co- <la tor holiday present*, eri.alaiiui of line wabhea, je* airy, silver and plated ware, aiao fate/gissla, Imported u w?U an Ol diu- own mauutaclure, which are will oiler a rvw ?naablo price*, and warrant 'hem to i n a* reprearniod. hk jTusrh. ?aa<*mai atreet. Pi-< acuta for the Sew Yrur?Every Variety <?1 nrh Ouiey article*, comprising workb?-j?s, odor bo*e?, iewel "?'inkeiH, prriiime I'amta, nioocbotr bote*, drnaalag ease toilet t.oUIr*. bror.xe and porcelain (Inures. An., tOKnther wi'h a t?.'1 usaoi-tmrni or watches and Jewelry, at n BORNK. BOARD MAN A TtlWittntN/J'H, f f7 Broadway, corner of .spring at. The Htw Pen and Pencil, " Imwnd a Pn icnt," la Ot moat exquisite workmanship and finish, verj in*e ntou* In l oiin'rucUou and aot 11*1,> u> ,;? l oat of order. M/vl" to xoid and silver, by Wll-MtRTU. no. tt Maiden Une, and mid at rcuaonablf pri'c*. A apl.-ndld article for bull-lay trade. The Rmllhaonfain Honae, on the F.nro* pead plan, Broadway, eoner of Houston ntrcei. Mingle rnoni' fO reida, 75 renin, i-nd >1 per 'lap. I'arlora and tied -arc h pi 'Ji to 13. Meal* ettra and an ordered BIDNtCT KOPMAS. Elejjnnt Parisian Bridal Card* and Eip relopet, hraidlfnitr enennod aoi prteted,la ibo latest ?tyic; tine allrcr door pla'es 100 different pittern?~en-.-r?v",l m or dcr; oonrular, notary and society cTklOiUifit, ;<rd Broadway, corner ol iiuaoe atreei. Clold Pen* and Pencil*?Holiday Preenila.? We wiin.d recommend perron* in wrn' o( etce l? n gold l ??**, with gold or silver pern II cases, in < ill a' KOLKV'H gold pen thai.iuar'.i.rv 167 Broadway; mails, I' ihey want the nea'0*l and most eeeeputblcpreaent. Pncea very low.iromH iOt. Hi. Doflat Doll*! Dailal?rhe ftnmc Display of Ihem a* *i< made at rxir ? Doll Hit*" last a-inuier. wl be made during H,e holldav* for the amusement of li t]e oik', 'hal ihej- may make 'heir sen-, tied at ili?!rown price. In Oon !.rct,cn wnb ett-ry yarn <j el flni'-y c-s Is, toy*, , on, 4c., for the amorr.mri,! and Inatnietlon ol elilldreo, at lt<?uK!t ' cheap t.inrj ba/aar, tt'J Broadway. (lint and Toy* for tin- Holiday*, of Kintlrn variety, both for amusement and luatnirdon, selected iron) ail pal is of Kuropc by ourselves and will lie wild *> he lowest piles ol >m| (*-ti. am. la enable tit to clear off oar ni.iroa aim k pieoaialorv to itaovlai tl,e baatuma ia the apriac. Jat ynnda. ladies'ami iceo'.etiie*'* ilnalaf c\*e?. icircelalu and tblna lie urea and vane. rei'miler, com is and br ush>-*, |.er fume y, 4e ,Inanch vartrv a*r*n only ue (ootid at SOOMIP laecy ba/aai, tt'J Broadway, Just t-el-, * ??rsnd at. Drdaiire Salamander Rnfta ? Hot ten M. Pat* B1CK ia I lie mie manufar ,,rer in the Untied ' tains of as aerie eciebraied aafes aisl patent p ?> der proof deO -ore 'rs ka and crisis bars. Repot No. 1*1 Pearl airee', one ioor below Mahlea lano. Satlve B lnra,? Parka' < ?l' l?i?ted Sparkling Ci.iawl a. anpcrt ir to Prnwh champagnes, by the don- . t?*#<? or stnf> Imtlle. Park* still I'a-ewba, warrant*-! only the r>*? mice of die crape. BAK.VKd A PARK an Br idwap, Our. nor of lhaaoe aireei. New Vnrk . John It l'*rk, CtacJamaa. Bnrsnndlea, Clarvf*, florha, f'hntnpagrtes, sheritea, Madeiras, rw rt*, cotfi*'? rum. whtakry, irin, k rsi h ahrtrtke. arraik. Iluurnra, ale*. A< . In woo-l and class, all s our .u-por aii >n. JOHN ItlKOA* A sosd, ?U nrooduay. R?W Vi ; r s l>i<y? BrntidM *, C'liant|iugne, poi', slierry, Madeira w'riea, Ac ; Ifolland gin, ecbie.i*ru ?c'ni ,ipp?,anatra rsi rt i ioli mm; Mononuithela, I km m hiotib and Irish whiskey| I iiidoo arid Ituolia j-srlcr and It# b *>a: Honors. Cofdial . Ac., lor sale it ORlfkkBlLls A MATTI'.R.-ON a, f'A DrOoniC, corn' r csf t.'m. iy gt? near Ikoadna), The UinuHkf Urnpt Oil ? Jnat lnt|Mr?< d. In orik no' pound bottle?, wnrramed the beat In ?r.-srkci, at*| one otiace laSD0 (afioo* spirit. A'ao the be.t hMtatkma of mm, wbtakey, *tn. foa-b, i btrry, apple and raapberry, i?-r' au>l kladdra, Slid cotonoc, Ibr ->> al rodq, r-l prices, iy till. 1 I I.I ? til WaMII k, W Msuleri lane Sewing Kmc hi no Silk Twlac?fAreaf Itedaar isn hi prlsc.? Wi are now aelHrg machine"** rVapar ri-an tvor i iid trefcifO-the heal I'la'pr h.-ratofnrc a-> 1 at fb per pamd we now eeti et f7 Sr. a i*;e apisde, ?t rcn a, Jj "? Xki Broadway. ?atehdot,a Hair Dy?, Sift and Toupee* fhebealtu lb" world. Tbla uarlvaHe l ami orlffinal lye la op aken In twelve 1 rivw* rei<?*. Ilaiclielor'a ?:us and oojj.eea h?i t lui) rovsmeid* ever ail o'I.t*, Imtnc rkif dVueroo *1 alocaikw and <ur*bi.i.y yecni^r i? ui* eaiai.B^- -.*..t. BaTi HK.I/iff'ri, IB BriscJway. CbrlWadato'i Rolr Dye, Wlge and Ton per a ni's *411.17*1100 amor? all ronu.-i***uia in art. A ? m ot r?Lai t p rival* apartweo a lor an*1) n.rl-i* tammidMWble d>? ne nnlrre'gihle *r k> of It* ilirl. Wb'ilcealo si.i is* . *t ?BBINTAIKIHOI, Jfo 6 Api- r (loua*. Paik'a Balaam or Wild tlltfiry and Tar? A wtoilerfri: vntre frr reo| ha, "otl* bror* MUa an I "r,n ,ir,p bin. I; la ttrV acreea '? in tall', and a recta's r?t% i and get our Med.ial A.ns.n*c igrs i-|. MARS! A A P\Rn< Sif Broadway. corner of atreet, (enrrsi uri,fly :n..l a* depot. The Orwat Inhaling Hrntcdy for A?haia, mm'.mplion, ead all dimaaes he :bro*< as 4 ! -.*? Or < nr Ua'Byi nana Thouaarcts b* ? been rest, ve t b* i.- . -.h ,be past rear by the llycleaua. Prtn >nai uflire lai iin-11 sar and #> d by <' II BIKO. la* I'.r adway. Pr,? only a. a an b ar# Irr.CurtM will be a* tfca oflioa datlv >,-** |,j m . -As, *, abero 'IMJ tffona,i ;ffd?rcce,''dj'|#. Died. On 9unday n.i ruing Dee. 23, after a shirt bat never* Ilinese. Jon.v Momaax, In the filth year of hU age, ? aaUvo ?1 uiq-toaiiw,, South Wanes, to n lor the isst thirty two years a reeid- at of title city, and at the time uf hie death, Superintendent of the Brooklyn Utj Hospital. The fi lends and reUWve* of the farvCy, and the me n ber* of the Mt. David's Uenelit and Benevolent "toilettes, a.-e reepeetfol y Invite J to attend hit funeral, trotn the rlvuvklya < i'y Hospital i Haymond Lwt, near DeKilb avenue> on Wodneediy nlteruoon, at ore o'clock, with out further invitatic u. (?o Mouday mum ug, Deo. 24, a*. U>e te.ide-ice of James I~ Our>U, No. .3 l ast rwentj-olfht street, Mr*. M iwr Dimiaii. the will take ila 6 fiom St. Bartholomew's Church, I-afaye-to place, this morning, at ten o'clock. To" friend* of the d?OM*ed a?e invi'ed to attend without further notice, llcr remain* will bo taken to t.reoueood ?citetery. In Green Point, B-ioklyn, on Monday morning, Den. 2% of coneeuipUon, OATiiauv*, daughter of the iate John Meserole aged 17 ar*i ^ month* aud 24 days. Tbo futenl will tike pla-s thf* aternoon, at one o'cl ck, from the te.hlruce of ber n>' 'her, Mi-la Me serole. Tun tolalivce aid fri.iiiu* of the lanilly are respectfully invited to attend with, at fhrther ninicd. Ou -unday, Dec. 2J, Mrs. Jam Hi swell, relie. el James B'tsws 1, .n the Mth year of her age. The fri"n.!s ami acquaintances, r,nd those of hot so nit, the members if the Norfolk ifreet Baptisk Church and the n euibers of Covenant Lodge, No. 33 f. O. of O. F., aieinviei to a' end hor funeral, lrom the rest'.once of her sou-in law, 3. Eudwiek, Mghiy-fltth street. betven Four h and Fifth avenues, at 11 J, o'clock this day. The remains will bo take., to Greenw od. On Tuesday morning, Dec. 25.1WII. Ma'TUT Cain WW J, Jr.. youngest son of Win. II. an?i ''aroUae E. A. Cs'.dveil. lua funeral will tako place to nr.ovrow, at 12 o'clock, at the eh't h of the T.-.m*flg'.ratlui, Twentymo h it., bets ecu Vtlth and Ma isun avenue*. Friends of the ta rn fly arc respectlully in v.led to attend without further notice. On Tuesday morning, Dee. 211. of consumption. Mahia, wile of 1'aiiit H. I'omeroy, agod 33 years. Tao funeral will take place to-m .-row morning, at ten o'cljJr. fnm the resilonce of her brother-in-law, M \V. I!., nllton, lftb West Fonrtoentk street. The friends of tin swily ate rc*pe.ti'ully invitidto at'eud, without fur ther invitation. llcr remains wi. be taken to Greenwood for intermout. On Monday, Dec. 23, Or.vnix Adams, in the 49lh yraruf his age. Tlie relatives and Mends of the Ssnily are requested to at end h" fanera), from his late residence. No. 1114 We -t Forty-fourth street, this af.ernoon, a' on>.' o'cloik, wiJi out further invitation. The remains v ill b? taken to Greenwood for in ermieat. On Tuesday, D-; 23, Mans r'lM.LaiK, only son of Chi*. II. and klUabcth lAddy Corieil, sped 4 year* and 10 months. n o relatives and friends of the finally arc invited to attend tls funeral, from the residence if his parent*, 81 Fourth ?tr'-et, this morning, at II o'cle-k. On kfonday, Dec. 23, Cinnau <k ('. (sun, ol' c nsump tiiD. Mer friends, and those cf her b-o'bers. John Richard and George lae, are respectfully in.ited to attend the funeral Ir.wi her Ute reeldcn c, .18 rjuibclh stree', this afte.noon, at two o'cl 'ck. (in Tuesday, lies. 2ft, after a abort but aevsre Illness, J imku -'i'ki.i.ban, ir. tht .lOth J iro: his age, (MilNsf ihe pjrbh it Klphln, county Rosrimmon, Ireland, but fcr wany years a resident ni this city. [he lrieode and relatives of tbo funnily, and the mem bers if company G, .Nluth regime it, a e resi^etfully In vited to stt ind the from his la*? maidenya. 248 Wert "tmef. to-morrow afternoon, at two o'ol ick, without lurthcr invlUtion. On Tuesday, Dec. 25. MARrinn riATTO.v. The hlends and relatives of her husband, Uvrsnes Hilton, sndtho-eof her brothers, James and Fell* me respectfully invited to attend h' r funeral, from No. 133 Beecker street, Newsk, N. J., this day, at 10 o'clock, wi'hout further notice. On Monday. Dec. 24, after a long and mve e Illness, Mam.AXST A:kix?, the be'.ovsd wife of Aiklns ng< d 2<i years, a native of I.?guagune, county Isiitrlin. Ireland. Ihe fr iends ana relatives of the family are reomcifully lovl'sd to at'erd the funeral, from lh<- re'-tdence of her fcu-bansl. 074 Eighth street, bet wcoo avenues C 'ud D, this aite.'ni oa at one o'clock, llcr remains will be taken to Greenwood Ceroctory. Weep no' for m' my husband dear: Tin you I've left behind; Although I coit you many a tear, I bone in heaven shall dud. At the residence of his slster-ic-lnw, Mr-. Donnelly, No ? Brighton, 8. L, ou Mond iy. Dm. 24 I I'. M.. Jonv ^TTta.s, M. D., of Fu^tti la Grande. Cuba, in the 5d;b yeir of hi* age. His fib-nds. and the trlends of the family, are ve< nesteil to attend his funeral, ut Chii-t t'hnruh, New Brighton, b -morrow morning, at 11 o'clock t'nri?ge,i will b- In n .idine-s st the Quarantine Ismling on the ai rival ol ttie lxat rhn'h le vn-, New Voik, foot of Whitehall streid, at 10 o'clock, lbs remairu will he tskon to Trinity ('tome tcry. 1 Invar a papers please copy. At Bremen, Bio". lie:. 10. Dff'AR H.. aged 1" months, s< n of John A. endKllca J. Seaiuau. formerly of thls<dty. 4DYEETHEMFST8 RENEWED ETERY UAI. PKIUtOKAIi. I \ I (IRWATION WAN'TFP-OF JAVRA FOWI.KR A NA I tlie ol Pdrtobelto, Scot ?ml. mid lately ol Mam heatur, Knx load, li he will call vie lie laid office, be may bear of aomw Hung tobli advantage. "I SFORM ATION WAMTRD-OF JOHN BDRKR, A<IKD I about twenty aevaa jftiri, wlio ctaine to >hii ouuatry in IW, In rn Kort Kaiilo, Newport, county 11ppt'1. 7. li.dai d. When leid heard from lie wax In New rotk. 111. aiit'r It de n otia of hi wring front him. Any Information In regnal I i him, mldie- iil to Maia lUeitLgi, Philadelphia, will be thankfully received. MR 4. RACBF.LFRAZKR WILL HKAR OK BOMKTIIfNO (really o her advantage, ny . nebultig her aiMreav to Holicllur, liroat. way Poat oDi e. M R WOOSTF.B WILL CALL AT 12 M, ON Wl HNHM day, Srttb. MINKS AND LIQUOR*. Brown stoit, portkr, bottltno ai.k and <1. aught ale?U.'orgc W. Cray, hav ing t?laaa Into partner ?lilp Andrew Staley, tinder the firm of titlAf A HTALKY, al the old at ird, 24 Smith t'.tli "ir'et, Philadelphia,e >?lnana tonrew dray'a rlrhrated mall tlquora, to long known Ihrodchoul tho I?nited state.. 1 htyr have conatan'ly on hand n "oak of ttie above naiii'd artfdea. which can bo obtali ed by addrt?"ing them aa atiove. oaab. II OMaAaVTlOIK LAWDIlVn.?100 PTPR8 A*D 75 TffRFK ij't.irf# r pit.'** doubt* Sunn A P'i ?*! Rflpfl ; n, n?w landing Irum b?* wharf. for ?&!#) low by tiMnn>|*?rie. n. ' " - <0>T* " " la. 11. HIMl'flOff A HO.NH, I'J t$e%?er jrfr*?t \irvim ANt> CORDIALS.?Til K ATTENTION OF FA ff tnOlM who (JpslKn farnlnhiiiR tftieir Uhk* with & rh-iicf! article ?f Wtlift* tniuidy or c?>r?llftlN, (luring tho h-ilit.iy U eft i**d to lb? ifti nc ami a nil levied ftNfljcvin :U o to v?mu?t at the aire VAaii, 1? W?J1 tooL (J. K. MK. MU M. RKWARUI. $500 KKWAB" -A ? Bt KflKART RAVIN.I IIKKN ,minuted on tlie an.reol I,VON A > OUK.N, wan t, roakera nnd lawcilera, Pis Chatham .'|uare, on the Dl(H of Wede.OMla*, I'.tth Irat to the i,mount nt dfl.DnO, the above te wattl will t r paid toa the del.. tion and ai real of the burglar, and rt' ovary of the property, A lilt All < M I,YON. tSh! i liatlam W|tiarO. d? "?/1 RAW VRD.-8TOI.KN FROM 4fl KAHT TWKNTY 3*4 )U foil tl irth otreet, br'wcen tha hour* of II and I o'elork. on Monday, Doc. 21, ?l?te? n ?l|ier fork., el? do. larre tab,a am on., an do. deaaart apoaoa, aliteen do. tea "|M?in?, two d... tmtter knlvea, one do. angar .im >n; all the above are marked l.\ A Ian aome plated (pome and ladlea, amt om- all. *r rpooo. marked Willie. 1 he above re? ird wttl M paid farQm recovery of the whole, and In proportion, tor any part. AOS RKWARD.-?Tt)l,K* FROM -?2 WKHT TWV.STV ?P ? ? ) 'f tkiil itreet. oo Toewlay eveolng, Dee. I". 1116, mm p?tr diarm ml earrlnpa. irr?|>? ttm- pattern, bla k enaiwellod '? avei. four dlamobda in Oach. Pawn! ndiera nnd iaher* wld ?h p the wim It ollerril. and oblige Jtmeph A, lly..t, 10b Jlrooil? way, at WealcoU At'o. ? Rxproaa. d>?in BKWAnn,-Mi r. hn fridat, pro. 21 komk ?T?-i"' wli'to in 1 v.ont) tin? I .treat, between run and r vhitetitfi, or In f tdh an nue, between Twenty third ami hliteetph Wreeta, a ip nhle rie d, dark blue anaWQllad wafeh ai.d ehvin, the tlgnre ol a dog on one .|de and ttoaeri on the Other. I he chain had blue enaiiiellod bad. in each link Tlie frder will receive the thmik. tie oarer and the above r* r aid hv t-BVing II at lfo. 2 Weal MMtotb afreet, one door flout Fit lb avenue. A.y/v JtkWARP.?I/-STOR tfTOLRW, A OOLD PATH NT ip^tr liver wateti wi'ti hn itlng eaee one of R. II. Reea by -trake.No 11 .Mil trrmi tin p-emtaa. ot Patrick fiarrtgan, ZI2 Newark avennn, .laraey CPy. Any prraon ivtng lafm > "ti abi ut the aabl watch will trcclro ti.a alpne tcaard, and nc'iorviiTi* a?Vid. " Rr.WAI.C.?T-ftbT, A ? FIRMON ROOK, CONTAIN .) In| tho itaBM!* if ilir' i ..lea o njtwrig |e?- lu a'.e it church. The above row ard will t.e i at l to ?? y t n? brio : e the turn to the comer of Madlaon and ' lli.ujo alroow, a?i.e. the DMtfl. fer fkwa?d.-?travfi?, rnow re t:*<tr ninth ?) -t. eet, I II Friday la.t, a -out I UWrter Ip, ? Mark 41*1 ??'; bod owriwv tiaire and ' Poll .rri Bridge .a i liter .1 .r Tha at'bvc ri Maid wlii Im paid on hlaicturu u UP- Pearl ifreof. Is lie note. 4?y Rh.U ART) -t/'-r, ON M< NDAT RVRNINO >Tff Jttli Inatant, a ble.k and ten teirle. alo nib i p ir-ot leo'J ercollar, with "toail bell a uct ad Tlie finder "11 r.-elve h< ile te r. ?.?rd by leaving her at N- Krrn In I'll cti ) l.itb treet, hctnceo *evc'.di .nd I 'gb i. ;?>e ntio*. MMT AND KOI VD. J.'fn Vp-AT THK PHILHARMONIC RRHHAR*Al., f?N . botwdoy, a pert. u*.o.>ale r..nta....og a .nail -um of trwey Tl . OWnOrCM ItaVO It by . al ;?.? unme t a n y al 141 IVf"t Tartu* third ?tre.t. pro ring p">gccy and paying t> t MM "i thu adiertlaemt n'. If>dT-f N TTlf Nf.RN/.Vt; Of TIIF 2fTlf DFCKWHT R J ? mil ol i,. r.ey, corMa : mi- about il.lrty b.e dot lor, la Pron Iway. at ti e ct.rnor ol Thirteenth etreel, m leetet iw roofer ? ncry atom. The perwm who pitkel tip thoaame aOI pVaee ?aw it with be rooierth T f t-T?A I.AROR NkWPOT NPr.AbD POO, DIODfRKR I J it black on lb' ta-k. *hi:e nod'r the ? I y, atvl tat ?t| p t d white. Hn inttrn'.nK 'he t. No. a I wet HUtaonth ? tr?t, a .oi'al le reward wi.i givrn. I ONT ON 1IIK2ITH INSTANT, KIT I'KB IV THK ft .1 IJ rry (hatha nr f" m'-'rt .'re" In going .Otewart'o Prrn.lwar, a * obi ei*m OPh two lo ke'? ronwtntn r ? hka ?etooaj rtr r and three . ne do.iar go d piece, and .eber car v alal.d. I I.C asder wl.i hi ...rainy rew.rded > y ? a ng 4 a' ha mliliMOr/ .ttr., A4Ji Bowery. -t-on mpnpat sioiit, nm r, at th ' ra '. (i Hall 4.2; Itrrwdway. a (old rtiaae i paten' Iwre h, w h a t'l*' <( rfMkttu t.n >?rk A til cfai lOWOi t.eglvrii by '*?ta? It at li.ipn 'k A Perd i m> llrOclwv] 1 f>HT-IN niR Kli Hill At KM K. UITWPK* TWr.N Id ty we. l.'I ai IT., r i th vi "rt. oo V t. )*,* 24lk, t we. ti nrntr.g an t , Iff die errr. ng a .an _ " . et wa'tct, roo-alti n* b?twe?n ?'! and fo ihn ? .n I tile a -\nd iw<> g< d doilar pie < ? ?taooe-l ?t rt. A i? ? *? reward wul be g taw 1 y rt i.irae. t '.'d Flghtb a.eave. TT'tR -TRAV KP?? RftVf VfiRTIhWH,! ltd ay I;. eT yea ? rd*? abm, three ..'rioea. a red a., ya? . rd?y a'-w, three '.'rinefe, a red awlahce ?. nwr Whrwrerel br'ng b>h> h. ('. |?( |; N'.nAW?ija? tJil -e.k.M.II-c.a ft. Ofiffh HOLIDAY PRKMKVTI*. BlUMN'h OileY MMiH aSD CLOAkN. Tmmwixpm BsKaiaa rou til Bourn a. V ery atylhb ?nj wrapper* at Jd, Huperb do 'nil clreuier? 112, urtgiaai pritm fr?? lu 10 t.u. Funk Rurowica, 301 Broadway. Bnjfws VD-vvrr ci/ukr. All Aenuceo rou tub Hour- ee. Deautful I tack Lyons velvet civalt el IV.'-, hlagnlUreul <to etSSAt CiWHmJ linen Croat S86 W HO. tthO. BC'.PIN.Y! Hrr.a-l<r?y. C15..VTK' fTRRIVUI'TO OOOTM EOR HOLIDAY PRB X annia? A tary.i eatnrtrnent, At ike eld a'-end it UBu M.

1 n.*' V 44 '.VI iluia rireet, comer M?ideu tear, at j, gnv. re duction In price, wholeea'e or re'elt Ueata* mlves do chant breii, ausp'ndtrs, rich ecene eod rreveta. fb-veo, imprutcd Nupelo' n Ueo, c illar?, under (, Lcole-y, fine ahlrle, travelling tbewle, 4c. Kicn LACX-4. 1'eila cmtrolderlee. Coally *"k rubes. LaiProldarod lli? n -nithrle htsdkcr-h.'. fb, with nunee. Aletabdei'r nip-rtor kid gloves, n boics c: ld rcn -.n h. AH of g. nuina Hire. India ame.'- hair ehawts Abd Ktrfi), die UVcr fro a Iwo duilun- ?i.d a r.elf ct. li), r, *.\ Sul'ubte for y ew Ye r'a presents. W'll be op-neil on Moo dily, lice. J4 A. H KWVKf A ) U , llrnadivay, Champers and Keade 'Ireele. yjPBf IAL HOLIDAY NOTICE. kj lu order to reduce our preext tmmiicao ' 'nek before the th.i clove of 'uo joar, wo vhall offer, on and after Monday, December .4, VEItT dciped ecu no-, in every varlpiy of seasonable DRY OOODIk lt'cli iH'J tod plain d;Cu tUk', LjMU veltePi; ? n- la), wuolltn and er ipr anawb, vesrfs, mtn'lbiu- and Vnaki. French urd tte?ioh emuiotderlea; boelery g! ivee, rlbr...n?, ijlinn.liii;", linens, merinos, alpacas, do lollies, Ac., Vc. Akai, a variety of fan, iiitebi. sulwbla for CHKIBTMaU ASl> NEW UKaR PSIRIVTf. umn a i a vi.on, 265, 257, 2li9 end 111'k llrand s'ree.l; end new uunibero 47 and 4k C.iibarlati -u ?tt. GllJlISTVAM A.NDWKW YKAR'H PRK?RVTH? rtTTUC'rt KMP4JRI I' H uP FaNCY UOODS, Torn, Doiae add Uanrn, 140 iroedway. tub raecy enure intra evencr. Tt!? depa-trm-nt ha- ir en .resorted v?nh ell the nnreldosof the past year. 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In order to eccomrnodeie our itrk ee neve teen ob'lijcil to b -rrnre ihe eize of tbla dcpnrLB-At. which now o- cup'.ce rnoro il.en h i'f ihc ?ioie, being bv ler the 'erciM*. e eorlmcnt In dm v y. We woel.l cell eUcr.dou lo eocte of die moro n-ObclLi at ?i'l-.lo?:? lirtiuu, Plenoo, Tlarraonlcine, Trumpcie, llune, K.wj. Woolly Do?m, Maun; lA.'airre, C?pa Ho Toy*. Tre **ei?, Toole, Ac. ueriumciL uovien tore. Kn li .loperlment liaa competent awl a tcr.'lre rk ? Ve; Ar.d, forll.ecrnV'-nlen-o of thimo not fan iliar with o ir loo|TO'.|rn both ? crtuen end I'rcncb ledies end ^cuUcilcc ui u iu euend ?M bt-r oe* rmii r, km. J.a( 44 Tow a? n y ato. e u .be My. a. w. Trrn.H. luiporterof (eney *cude and toys, 34o Hro?.l" ay, H. i.iiiAY aim at rf.ih') rd ran m watorw, jo vlry, >Hain.ind? aud allt-cr "are f ir hohdty proneuU. 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V PRKHRifT* r 'ill Now V-.ra hi r? Rr i ml arrival lA'IKH I t'CK l.K la In p?."'c~.ain ol maci . ml r iffe*n nod brutal wrea'l a. wlih iiuiWnl arttacial . 4 ? tov r. >7 lin?1 way i" ar While a reed 1 NI !A Rt'llftKR CARER POR TilK If il.II)ATH.-THE I ni'.rv ribara, '"I" maaofa Uu.-eia nf India ruldier eum. *nvd ' a I liM ntlrcduo (I d?a.< r. in Uvr"r tar"- a-a tnaaoi of llr.r caadfdl raned, mourned arh nil ?>* irr, cornelian, fire /old and ai.tar haada. Novell/ KuUt. G .np.ii/, No. tf Maiioo tana, CPf.KNOIll CRIIHIMAH HI! r, AT A VI HV I/AT |i ra?h pro <? ?T I a U'idrr?,rr.fd offer. Air a * one ?f Ma Will Inral Mf>Hrr|l ia'11 la, Uiy '.ri?Oii? 1" i "?wen arid bear.I ilally. l<m 'loll* M. ?r..| J ? 1 V M ? Iheoffi/e id* Maava. p#n/ A l Ui . 1HI fii"ail*?r. ?e nd it oar, room No I 4 II \lt|>? N HUB. \, ju C! I.I..M ll> Iil/I.IIH y miiKMi, At JOHN hl.AU K'H ooi'K ami eraiiuaiay iiwil )'i ' anre ii fhath-.m a'i'iare <<r Id' a'J rb.e .'*e.i. 4>r.?M, 'fa >'(a arvirunent it ai.ono'a a ninvv, oiblea pfOyorh'?ka and a amai varie'y of ol i>aaw4 ai>i l i ? r I** kaof ila day, j'liainln *Wil ' h. 1" 0 a Aui o.' a.. <K?' r | ? i n?. A ' taro'a, pnolaa dbae/ 'ed mapa an I n'e4 rea, water ook ra in boiea, wortboiea, b? irai imon ooarda, poplar n a in Ol d morr* "d |?rjnilo, deok*. fancy ink' anda, i ue ir>a, yokl f.i n. and'area po-ket anifa, ?,ov?. pad no-),"' l,oira ra'len ? a and a rery dc ral> a *??/t"r aril of portaniof. ualea I ayi punoa and porkMt/soke. ? ard.? '?. faua A apPTf. PRPHPNTN POR THK IfOf fRlTH-JNfifA r ol i" do ie, -lro*aed a, d | of off ai/e. ... la 'evada, toy a, fi .? ntra, balk, oowibo, Ai , perwood lell rvw, ->afk n i faata and fodia rnblor looey ar'ictc. ?4 oil -lea-Tlp lana, a ? a< ' ruHlrmail's Iffhtarair I -I c? and >.rr-.fco" A' , a o-e fl?iiil) VK a K rtrtibrr d'-f-id, A *? Hroadvray. totaaio i o.l era arei Worton olrrai*. |?PKrn.">Rf*iWTi?^-/rKT r*? KivliTpRf)* oi r 1 farlorr. aoai e raHfllKa ond ' an'lfn poivala ood pen ' av?a, ID "old and ri.rer, gaff y r i, -??afy for pr-Ma i Al ?lxi, ood prkci at our oflew, N i. | Va <leo ,.i e A. I. H?rl.RT A ? O I I'afrif. IfOlflMT PRKHKNT? - HOT*' Tf?OI. I rlie.'a a:I ii/e. ? f 'i,e i-e a| " r.-l ; a'J<rna, f". o job akaiea a tM aaaartamnt, Poyi aJi and AmarVwa, Be. In VI" Alan, no oanal a "or*a?er,t of rn-liaoe-r "o a for a alt I'll IN Pah own H Ufa Jahw lim, lr?i Il-'?ilway ne?r Rrhnoie ea*. \1'AT1II H riof.f) I'f NP PPN'ff.? ARD I'RAfN* Al" II Icy Iin'.kdoy fireaofrta. - i.?mv BI?* vrW! a/ lo pur '.aaa a wa rh. w*A me nod aoi .larviloi 'aaea and ?rpaave ?-r%a Wl.l ie tare to Pod awi al J 1 i b V AG K'H R > ilon arraoL II ? .1/ k o wo'?h?a la rwa of the i ea al an wi?f arid t*ra?i 'are a? d e-o ' e ra-ir I i| ? n a- ? i ,?i" ?r? 41"id * lard raoa and (ob cua.oa aairra of aew a l r. k paoa/na The RMlaa ? ? d an. ? d fe .f >d ao'd pen. for many y.ara rewtbro ed for ikwr yriai lurabl'l'j and tup'! ?? ffMafi, ore wade a lei aovd e a do ? ' r h| f. r. ?AVA'liv WPaRooMroaa. IKK NXIalTAftT. " \-rrXRAV " rpn fir iioj the '-riii i iui ann ? MBMnd lha ear** win iwei ai II be a Mar I! - 'J I. rr-eoard MrrH r? Wedvaw.r rv-ri , ? 'ha >vk tow a' <i o ? " in (ol niMtorm, to an?- I neir aa. a' boil a? the o lH iltotoiwoy. Ityordir. II. R A ? ?> mil. ? W?. Tirana A.i niant. Tiir. unpnn, rj it. mmiM iipixn.t N111 a nolo a no lAtmn X l iwo-.r No. 14. ro></a '.dr diuw. "aw.aa to l?r Tee-., .( m Went firm?. a re to* toa a oda.'. w4 a rota* to oa*r f'eewtoo, whr- an toe raw*!y in -irad ?V ?" ( Hi laalra i? J* mm.'* of V fPk KtoatM, To '?? i. In '4e1?li war! ?4 ??.|be-v, / ffov ?>a te-nk ?aad, n Xr *'*?<??? ?n-t < ro, of l>< ? ? amoo i.r *a .1, kr 'letr lad awea v ?. .n, p *? J N ' <1 I M'? erraai for ibe r'o>< toaw ie i| i ear- ~?aa '?? 'Jto t variant ad4M<?f r| hua in Oka ll-o- a *. y> ?ir^?vNn. h?.if-nrj. now pvauoATioin. feOUTHWORrtin NKW AM) ORKaT WORK 18 Cur Mil Una il*? ? Tllf. Uisr.K I >--.[> DAl'UrtTKK I ha Daaartad Wlfa. lit i wo Wj the author of "The (ami ? ?iraaa," "The l>ewrted flrfcte," *' Wtie'? victory ' Ac., tv.mpion velmmra. paper <*<iv?r, urt< ? ft ??r tu mo , rlnth, foe II 2jL For a*ie by oil book?*u??r? and h?? < *f<*ou, and pub 'MMOat T it ifcT-IKHolTH. 102 ( ho?-iiui ar?e , Kht'wlelphl*. Cop I ? ??nt by mall, free of po-tage. ??I1 receipt tf j?r1ue. VkW BOOKfl.?fM'BUHllf U IN DgCHMBKR. BY I RK J> BOH A I IKLOH. I. mi a?d wonrw. A oew volume of poFin? Km; *rt Rroi*ti!i.jf. To I rol. Idvoo. rrtell. He I? a poet and a (under, am the greatest dramatic gen' us tlx bn;:lt*b literature ?lne?- ib? gre*t -iraiiUiUc day?. livery lever of poeiry inual read this book, every man ?Li like? to see ilint the wo rid and bun.un power do not grow old, and thai a* wng fta there la a tun, thee will always *>o a ktemuou to t>e ?truck Into iuuak\ ?/Vua?a'. MagnAine. II vne nr* aid wouaa or ooitu*. With asetohe? of hla ago and 000 fetnpnr Aide? (from pub Ubedatid uni.ubn lo-d Mmrce*). I(y I II. I<ew??, author of 'IboBio&r p Ideal history nl rUi'ftftopby," ,t ' Ooetha'a heart, wiiicii fe? knew **a *? great m hla lmel ICCt, which Ui kLL.y ?' In 1 volume a. \,\wo Prta* ?? fiO A more faithful and Mw iik?*, htogianhj than this wo have raiolyrcai. Tho image of uie living man i? presented with mnch ailil ai d much oe.idnr. Mr i,n*M 4po".ui ol in** ' tunny *>dvdntn?a" of (i? oUe. and h* U ? nut* ?,d .%n l dark tide? mi aril ni bl ? greit and rUIUii' 'him wlilcli w? all mow. It the reader does not form die *.aiuh tngti emutuvu* of tlodhw the man a? of <?? e'he th?? author, U will n >t h? (mux iUe want of ample mat* rlala for forming a judgment. Itiawtu.,? huury l? hero !??Jop*u, and the facta are darived not from t?>? ha only, hut IrODi the 'AfUmony riffli"*-* who bm*w tkcruui, and fretn other au'heoUc viurcei of inform iUuu.?Lon.lon Lit# rary tiazeUe. III. IIA1X4 D*. By W. M. Thtckeray. In on-' voltimr, Mmo ; 7-V. hobody who haa rend l'luick? my, with hi? heart aa wet! a? bl? ?>e?, will h?? unrprltw'd to find (hat he h\4 wi d'eu vertr-*. He doe? not aot/e (he lyre with Id? n? net to a fliinfrmuv, hat he lean? ipou the t?hi#?, ?firr dim er, und Mlnga Ida aonjf ?a baSihd ot lota or ielltti with a Am tiaeof d ftu>, atUre and fodue??, and, tuader all, tluit ground tone ?a tuwrty ftnadty and hniuart klndnr?? which 1? Uie key note of ail hla perform auoca.?Fu httiu'a Maae^tic. IV. Mime Lira; on, armita *ao BttntD ritr. rcrtaH* By Anna Cora Kttcdue (li?nncrly Mra. Mow at1). It Ohf r?>| um?*. It-inn ; fl 2/V. To room.i the *. nanUr IncldonUi that o.ioirre<| around mo, and ?ketch theatriklog hlaUiriea ?hleh awAkoiuol my tnter?wt, i* a? a favorite am'doymeut during a profr*career of olnnyonra Out of the many cnlmed vv?bi of Jl'e thai col i?vt?d, the narrative? that c?>mpo?e ihl? volume are woven. Klctton haa leut but few etnhcl uhlog touchoi; truth 1? left to proclaim bar own Riiangei,en? hhould till? work achieve the object contemplated lie r?wdera will receive a more correct tanprtwaUm of ?ome nul?urelted labor era in the puhlta amuae tr:eot than )a fenerally entertaiinal. Hetwrru them and the every day world tlie eu? tMu of prejudice h?a fallen lit luipene trabtefoMli from Ha tteJ aha4c?w Ihoae alnoe who limb to llo* big lie*'pinna-1 va ?>r fane emerge. Yrt among im moat !cw!y of the prtMcrlhed hand th? r a ure many who?e Uvea hear w Itneaa thai fluaveu plant? ii? (lower? and aoatto*? lU |)-*ariH lit tinexpecied pleeei Look I r ! u | rbo Ige ? I before yon pronmifice that tliry have no e*?*t?llc-? there. Ua\ n?woo<f, <)'*'. ?/. Is...") AN.IA f'MtA KIH 11! ?r.Lu tiion n.-)? tin: uiuiiNt;? nr waitfr uvw;i: LA^faot Kdit' d bv doortt H. Idllard in one volume, Iflfro. 1 he wrlUnga or Walter Harafe Latidnr are am ng the moat remarkable prone production? or our tit* wrtit-n in pure, nervou? Knglkh. onu lull oi ?l?oii!j;hu? wbl-d u them solve? nn iiie mind, and arc a Joy Uirever ChunberV v yclopedln. vewifaperi. VI0KH1S A Wll.I.IS fl A . ? . H"?? J OCR* At, rou JHSfl. 1 be <follow nif are \,a Indue ?m*u,a to subr*r >e: A new ri.??. hy VI Wlllto, # wrta? of AM>-'rli<>. >>r (l<-n?r?l Mm-rl. ?"1 i't I .fti KI M- *ub?rirll)i? tt onca. IV row I- k ) ear. Ofll-e h?7 I- ulfun street, T,/.Ri^1,AND NOTION IS KKAIiV.? ? titly 'hint! A taw eottdc tllu*tra'<- t impel leenty il usira done?the hnest conile p?|'er in Amerlea -d>r tiro *'f?b?. |?e?|. ei?, ccnrui. u n?w*l nv^, and evryhodv sis*., ?? |iplh-<l i?v JO.iKH A Tol .- V, Ids Naes.ioi ree . rtlllK KKW YORIC MKlU'l'H Y I in Me next %)??> <f????* will commence th<* mtMtailon ot a r? markutd) thrilling a? <1 room??o?- o lain t. *p *> I IIK < RkoLK WlFK, OR i flt.r. FROM Ti:?: Bun.' HOOK; tRX MWJI ri;i; Of fiNIAUli I'RIVt. Tlii? wonderful story, founded upon Incidents in rvxl Ufa m I aria, h?* bero wilUeu by one ol the m .1 popular Axir am writers, and win rreare a tremendous ?:uii? up nt tn the r,, uuujce reading world. MCIAIi VOnOM |1U1N<1 HAYINOK INSriH* VU fS, NO. 0 WtRXlKN I s'rdet* Srw Yuri, next to the 0 irner of draenwl' itn'ree*. Open dally from 10 o'clock A M to 1 IV M , and from i to 7 I*. M. dm rain or ax per r-n'?m *iiu?? fr??in f I ur AM0. WKUKit W. ConKLf ? Pro'id Wtt W IViuj. {.. # Yaxihuh r !#. Morrow bL I). Vis 1'ij.f, j . rtUry. I T.MNOIflM IVC.1 . r ' Ml I I ? \ ' ? I Not!?-i- is In ; <?!>? ' ii bat mi in*'ibi?'*ot of t v.i per < *i?t * Ul he pat I 011 a aoo t of I 1 en:*! *r ?urd u.?oti the , - ,,f jit '? late'd Iliii*? 1 a, en u I afrer Monday, ? 10 7. * d vy '4 I%u a 7r *?*?:' Tim pavrnent \%III i?? stamped upon the ooupou of ulr, lMl.fron l.and M t ' ?*???? Is JoilN MOORK. 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