Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO 7061. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28, 185ft. PRICE TWO CENTS. 1ITKIT18KIENT8 BKNI.WlJ> ETHKIf DAT. ?? new A\nndwS5ii? ? %* gaming ^'C'CIWW*^.. A nftie Croui tbt Bl?< A ^ ol "r,'"r "' 'arto fffll be C"MiIlK:?iC?j? Jo 0RK yKtJOt KY a Hip vn Thla ?tor>- *11! be Kaudouaofthe moat 2m&?5i ^ I" - ?? "r"ft cver "ttu liabetl. f dltloii will i>e prlii -J. coti'alulu;: the Bjet ^^Kp^of^frp.i^ri.,1 nS.-M-. which wfl be cm, Jieted in Ioit er live uuiubuni of ito paper. Vfe-ll K1KS OK THE POIH ?'FKl ?? A TTlhll bag l? ?ll OJIIlOISe H - |JJ IF.S YE A tin aMO?? HI ? AI vil. BAG1. ? ,Ho" ""Jw JSraSS? t^0-41"VV -Trie.Sl?HKii? llbtffirtfM *l,h W Btrei'i' Vt'd 12 ' "Ii?i?vbi#?. fmm i)luluni? eiUeliv 0> 'e/,hf , hietomrcrt *Ihl? wo'k?ui iiertakcn with {l"> j*'**^ bM M< ?r Hie Poet Ofllce lW?/!?eol. *?? S , ,,, ,ilat <|ei?*runeu' been ?nd Iv Htill.oiie of the 'P4'' ( viuu ?iea ogive ?In llie llrsi took or the kind "*? . , ' loll, thn Poet lie pebl.c i". IobI hi W?U>e P"'? kal P vrbiob rklll office ?vl?(iii?hmBut, ?nrt tbi,iilni c , ,ni| 0,lu?n ?ml espoi irnce have Dirobhed lo the m r.^'ine Moiirlu ol mcnt ?r ollciider* ?*?luAt Uie ? . ,.,.r,,M?mdeucc ?ThibSiw'r^ S&fiE. popular light U.c rature.?A- T. Evening 1 narrative of hi* rvv'.'K.s ???" ^ Hsrs 'Su wets* s? si 3??a?ft?Ta=e?BS ^^?tB9SKS?5?l! ^ abounds with (kctchca ol novel and luetruvttve matter. Fhllad'a liqulrer. _. . _?,?i., exceedingly euterialnlng. and Till* book la Indeed A noveltj. exc< C'tiu^ v Cou opening a ueweource of emuaeineut. rntittd Enquirer. allowed hlni?elf u? harbor bir a mo ?,2 te ublffitad b? HH|5owFK fitHWAi r * 00.. Philadelphia. I ubllwi u try j c DKKUY. new York For sa'r by all bookucllem andnew? ageu.s. In one ,o,al ? H? ^.r^'b-eralnWur. 1^70 Work, f^/^Clvet, Ac. merona paoema prlnled In J1'11.? i,(lar.l* gin, K SO, era in full gut e^BlSoS kUrciw%KKU. For wile by aU the principal bookae ler. throughout ihe -Milled on receipt or prlco, tree cr poalagr. YKAR^nrsrirrs-t KrtlK, *V^IX.a^^Pu?SvH^. Amocs the'niany* ^.^"nt b?ka to which we call the at tonlion ?? the are? ygn on The Hoj.r iiwioi, 40 enwav ln*a. w (y, The Uvvt Bin a.\ Oorav. 21 ""?rV,nf i M Ttie Avilpi bt. A?.n? by John M w 4 la at'a Ei..' i.r, Illuatiated, morocco .. m IlinipiHTV'^ Mi' tf*5 _ . ? 7f? Habiat'i Br J am Ciimep, *7 tf" im (Kt Tlie On-. O Bnmm 6 00 ll?HW.S."l> ' l" "0 WV.M-e:*Ji,VmLv tliiioaaivi vViluincVliiualrale: . aUudar t n..auperh.a?.rtmeffio,KN^B hookh STANDAKO 1I.1.D8TBATED UOtlKd -PUFKRI1 TBK Amfpm ?.rSf?'n? : forty eight eiqulatte engrarloge, with ?X?SSw; lorty gronoa of female ttgurea, e m bk?l^^v0Trrn Wt^a or Hoc vavn; pro. need In a style worthy rSSsKTS^* ?*5,eLreat aiiety of elegant booha auttad??the preeent aea?on. Tlie tamrion Fiinl'iig and Pobbuhloe t'.impanr ,wy k iTbhaI*. Agent, M Ut5 auc-et. Few Yort.^ . vrw ?KRIK- OF JL'VhNILK GIFT BOOKP, mnF. rsniAS fairy book. Illn^tod by John g^l^u?Sd*e.,Jl and tiTtiftoSEff 7 The to u. w,r.'. ? ^ l Bhtto Feather ar^thc T.'f'ik J," K^d hwan l!PainTiuan wlth'hla log lied ?n 14 1lV 1-iMe Soli It; or, the l.o> m?u. 1? To? up. l?. t ii* |h ' httV wi,rji |7. Manabor.hd. the ml ?J4. Tlio crane that croaae* the river. 26. W unah, the father rfWe"ha~rhare a rollectkm of lndmn fairy legend, which ?s sv, ?&? ?;',1 avs, 3ta ae^gEsaS? wl'U the atoll ol a naati^.-Bo^on A' a^ ^ othcra am aa legend.. ?Horton St^mktliSSdl?5dSlKa^ ^?BcdVaLd-rffiMeu".*li AWX\*c,t .he volume before noTxolu,;'ntm;^ a^e.^ l^.u JS ' ? ? l,e r"d wltb d^t'L-,t"u>n Pp?UUheil by MASON BROTHERS. New York. NCW8P.VPXE9. Americas illchirated ,m whpapf.r. No tc I RANK I KMLIK e lll i traled Newspaper will be on Saturday morning, at ell the news depots, cm uitNlng ti e tullowtng enarsvlnga:? Am .Unj- ibo Steeiiiabl|. Northern Eight. i'ottrtd ol fit tieral Wa lter. Vr. Be cwa' Chi.r' h, Fourth avenue, (Jooaecruled on C!u4.rt. ma. Day. Portrait eg Dr. Hcl'ew-a. Wnv'i of the Sletunrhip Crewe at City. OoMUtvr.Ung the Unit. Group of I'ol.ticlana In lb. Rotunda at Wmafalcgt'.u. Pierce and lila Oa' Ini t fHacuntog i>ntral American A'l.iliw. Ritr*ordinary Fight wi h Panther ( ata. Ii,^.* EnnndaUcm Htoneof Trlnltr Church Hob?.krn. Irrning l'.7?cr\? Arrratod a' P dice sia'lona. Hecei.. ' n ol the Amoskeag Veu,.*oa at Jersey Ctty Fi rry, New- Icrlc. Atleeh of'iie Span I b School, er on die Bliiiah Wrecker,. GymiiaaUc Inatltiitr. Laura Aeene's Varii Ilea? Nlghl. An Opinion 4 Aa la an opinion." Stdewa'k Trepa. Rnroria iirewve. Oevcloremen. o, ihe Muacle ot the Arm by Gymnastic fa ?ritoo. And a'4 he icligloua, political, iren'rlal, touslcal, 4llerary, Killer, law and arorting newam thev.eek. Cbeaa, by an ?? peileurcd editor. JfPTPI BMFTlk'D IN BOSTON?THE ANGLO SAXON, tsni.;. newsjaper, devu'ad to British anil Colonial In ?etllgmre. Iiandaoiuely print, d In the Iform l'rtc? 4: y, r nantun, payable in advance. Agent, CIIaS M. WEBII, No. ll Somii W. lAUl alrtCt. A/ORRIS * WIM.IH'S m Hon Jotraaat., rou load. ft* WVisdng are the Induevmen'a to aulieeribe:?A new nova, by N. P. Wllha, a aerlea <S akwclsea by General Morns, ?sand a noredn'ta by J. M. Field. Subscribe at ouca. Terms 42 a year. Office 107 Fulurn atreet. COAL. ^"TOAt. -IDE SrilRCRIBEir IS PREPARED TO FDR nlei. 1h I'.-sch Orebard trom ito moat approved mlu.?, yn pared i he best i rder, at *b c ma per ton baa than the summer :??'' al?o for aaJc, Iwhtgn Che gi nutne artlc'. I, Cum ber.aad, f 1' pool, OitcI ami Cur ml, at the In went market juUia il gv h Y i.KkVK, cornur Caca. auavotsre. and cur net Jar. a..d W, it atr< e'a. /VOICE FOR SALU?THE BFhn AJTD CHEAP*?T Ft FL a / in tL eg, , lor giabw, atovea anl parlor use, evpcctvlly ?otilrrad by t "i.Iriant, when- other coaie cannot be used May Salad bvatp'yleg ioCRaPSKR * BEKNs at the ottvo of ue Maubai aii Ga? Works, tu Eighteenth aireot, we? ot the Trr 'h avet ua Pi.ceH per tkaldrvu, del tared In any part ?eCthe dty UF.STAtRANTI. (IRVEN If RTI.K SOI'P AND tT 1.4KB TUIs DAY AM) 1 derpt; ti e weak at t'A) \ enlain'tract. I)l.,vy is, qvBE Manhattan hocsk ri pper rooms, m I Br v'try, bffi ween Dowtno and s tan'on s'seoi*.?tad .i and gr 4,r-i t.n ? Idling ba!J?. thusnv or wt king brwUbm,, dlonr r tea , r supper. wtU hod'lit* new asiabtt httieu4. i di. etrable i are in take their refrrvumenta. Prlraie en'rui est ?upper r-?w OBO. W. DEAN, Proprietor. U1LLIAIIOR. (>n.l IARDTABIJW. w* Or?FB FOR lltl.F. A riTP J) stiek, Vil'h c;u newly nr. mcd eid4i n>. wh.rh hna r . uri'rraai ra'Wart.on.eed arc p-eler- .1'o ali o'Ar , i, n t i will dn ? ell locall ?ed evun'' ;? Old t? vies r?. f jhloii I it ? l.oit wile ?. GRIM ITU 4 DhCAKM, 4/d Ann dree . NEWS FROM WASHINGTON. The Voting for the Speaker Reeomed, bat No Election. I 'barge* of Corruption?Immmc Excitement? Terrible Revelations, Jto., fto.. OUIl SPECIAL DESPATCHES. TDK P1'E A KERHH1I'?TKBKI BLR EXCITEMENT IN THE L'Ol'rK?CHARGES OP BRIBERY ANI> OORUUITIOK? MR. BARKS IMPLICATED- TUK BTEAM FlllOATE ROANOKE. ' WABUiirimM, Dec 21, 1855. Great excitement prevnllod in the H'iut today. Mr 1 'hijah wanted but three v.'tes to eb-et, when an attempt was made and expose,) to bii'.o M-. Millward. of I'ennsyl vania. with the chAirmanahip of the Committee on Kn (n-av'ugs. It was charged that Mr. I'rarce, of Panosylva nin, tendered thg bribe, aa ho said. with the sanction of Mr. Ranks. Mr. I'earce denied It. Mr. Bank* said ho had made no | ledges, nor bad he authorized any one to do so. Mr. l'alne, of North Carolina, ha Id he had heard Mr. Pearce Kay that he (I'earce) had "aaaurancM," it Mr R. was elected Speaker, the coal and iron inlere-U of 1'enrsylvanla would bo cared lor. Hju. A. K. Marshall of Kentucky, said thul thero wero charges agslnst Mr. Pi nks which, if true, would prevent any honorable mtn from voting for him. These charges he wished to Inves tigate; and if members would staod square u|> to what they had told 1dm, he would prove them true. An exci'ing debute is anticipated to morrow, if the members alluded to by Mr. Marsliall shall arrive in time. Ihe end is not yet. T learn t'rom the ( ' Vnglnecr cf the Navy Itopart nnt that three thousand collars will ,over all damages I to the now steam Irlgate Koanoko. L. TREriDAlION OF BANKS' FRIENDS? APPOINTMENT.-? GOT. SHANNON IN DAN'OEB. Wahiiivutov, Dec. 27, 1865. ARer tlie (Irst ballot to day, Mr. Banks' friends were in high g'ee, believing he would he elected bc'ore the day clr-ed; but Mr. Millward's orjiosf or attempted bnbary and corruption, which hrougut out others, threw the lit use into great confusion and excitement. Banks and hi- band stood tlira. The nverweaning solirltude ot his lilands veil nigh killed him. What the result of this will be. to-morrow's proceedings will determine. Quite a batch ol (xetutive appointments were received l>y the S-'eea'o to-ilay. Tlie Kansas appointments were nirorgthem. Nbannon, it is believed, will not pii-K the ordial. D. Till' ADMINISTR ATION ALARMED?A CLAIM OF GENE RAL BCOTT'B ALLOWED?THE NEW ORLEANS DILI LTSTKRS. W.iwiinoto*, l>ec. 27, 1865. The elcetinu of Ranks Is placed almost beyond a doubt now. Hie gove-mnent deilie more earnestly than at any tin o previous the organization of the liou-c. If tlisre be not a nuOiciect accession to Banks' stiougtU to elect him, mnugh I'ctnucrata will ah.out (hem-elves to give hint a majority. This result Is not unlikely to occur to morrow. At all events, it (Annul be postponed much longtr. Jt Uu Whefler will not vote lor Ranks, even la an tnu-rgency where It would elect hiui. A claim of l ioutenont General Scotl, for seven thou sand dollars, which had been peuding several years, has recently been allowed him by this administration. Ins'.iuetions similar to those given to Mr. MeKeon wete sent to Mr. McCoy, the United NtAtcs District Attor ney at New (it toons, to wit: that measures sfcenhl be takm to delect and di Ibat all prepwraiious for th? inva sion cf NlcsTn^ua, and the reception of tlu>-o In-trnc bins has In en acknowledged by letters received hero yesterday. O. BFNATOR CLAYTON AND THE PRE8IDF.NCY?THE (HAMPTON AEI AIR?COL. rARKER n. FRENCH IN mOl'ilLK THE CA8E OF THE BARK AMELIA, ETC. Washington, Dec. 27, 1855. Senator Clayton, In ao-wer to a repeat to allow his t ome to go before Ihe "American' Convention as a can dida'.e for the Presidency, says that he prefers Ills present ],osi'l<nn as a United .-tates Senator, and decline* being a tandlda te. Lord I almcrstcn biie written a private Iotter to a dta tingnlibed gentleman now in Washington, stating tliat the Drill-h government anticipates tho dismissal ol Mr. Crainpton by this govsrnment. It Is leported that certain documents have Just been rectivr l by government from Texas, which may lead to the arrest and d, tention of Parker H. Preach by process of law. Oiiieisl information received from the Spanish an thorltles, relative to the seizure of the bnrk Amelia on the coast of llayti, states thul she was inspected of being tn-ruged in fllfbuateiing design- against Coba, and tlie do cuments contain evidence to prove that charge. Hpsln expects this go-. Moment to puuirb those implicated. Iheie Is eoB-iderabl'- lee In the Potomac. The meicnry was tmenty c< groee above ?cro this morning, 'I IimTY-KOURT II OONUaiRR. FIRST BEH810N. SENATE. Wamiivgto*, Dee. 27, I860. Thete were only aliout twelve or thlrteeu members prevent. A -ew petitions were presented, when, altera short Executive session, tho Senate adjourned till Mori <-'?*? HOU3F. OF UKPRF.3F.NTATTVER. Wabitinoton, Dec. 27, 1855. TIM SFKAKPJUatir. N'o quorum ??- prerent on the re s trembling of tlie House this morning at ten o'clock. Tlu-re was ews ijueni ly a call of the House, when 181 uu tnbers answer ed to tlw-tr name . Mr. < imiut.r, (black rep.) of fihlo, remarked that ho understood this morning some frlca-ls of the pro position ot Mr. Mejlions for a continuous -e- don litl a Fpcaker 3:a'1 be e!??ted, ate dlspo-od to rescind it In utile.- that tho House may go on In the usual way with tlie election of speaker. The pro en dings of yesterday demonstrated that there was nothing practical in It. Tor tho purpose, therefore, .of affording gentlemen an opportunity tor rescinding that Older, be would wt'hdraw his resolution inviting Mr. tirr Oprtrido over tho House tills Npcaknr Is elejtcd, not nxYg ar.y ceic-slty lor such an arrangement, unho Ui'rel- ? p-ohability of a protracted session. Mr. (iRR. (detn.) of P. C., aald?luasmueb as the g. olle mao from Ohio had Indicated b:s purpose of withdrawing hJs resolution, he (Ort) fe t himself relieved frotn the u< Icacy ol rmst' lv 'hat he h.- l lenrued with s-wne ?urpri. e a rumor had '- en set on toot prejudicial to Mr. fempbn! ai -I ho .f, nn- inly, tliat Mr. Cumpbr-il had rltortd the re nolo* '< a whb his consent. 80 far as he (Ore) kn'-w. heord r.inl bclkTtld, the repbit warihl *. He Iwcbly appreciate 1 the compliment 'if the gentles/in from Ohio, and ahouid -ver clierhh It In hi? memory. Mr. ('Avn-KtA, by way of silencing that particular .lan dor, said he i.cver intercJiaugi-d a siug'e wor<l with Mr. Orr on the subject. He rttod Utile ah int romor, it being b?uenHy uiJenlcoi that the mo?t uotoriu'i* Usr la Ms dam Kn nr. Ho uu l?rstoi?l there wa? a iU*p>?i ion to go r n in th, ucua.1 way T-tiog for Nprikor. He hoped Oit tc wou!-l be as littlo lcliato as p<sj,lb:e '.til afpeakrv i? electid without nirning into night seaalons. lie moved to ifseirel Mr. H'epnetx' rewolmi n, providing Pir a oon tinr.oua itulca iniVU a Speaker is e,'i<ctod. Mr. hT*i f.% tisat. whig) of (Ja., said when he sob milted that prupoaitton no was anxious'.bet the Ho ?brudd ebct a .-'pecker, and thought a msjortty of the u.tmbtrs ?e?iicd O.e serao ie?ult. But yesterday evening bo tecanw -ati-ici thst be was mt-tcUcn In that opinion, fur a number of pntl'mrn who voted for lb- r?ux)at|on volt d for a lere-t?there behic no regard of the yea" snd n>y - on the lattor question, fit had no personal f? ling ??u tho aui jeet and ctuld crnne her? as in.ny .'ays a? any utl er fit n tie man to eon'itine the "arc? of talking and vi-v It g a *liojt tin--- atvt then iritn? homo. Mr. Cmntii, said he ioltn.a'e.1 j ster '.ay lAat n ajotiiy eotdd control the pro rtiioy, no e alter how msr.y rt-oluUoos be ras*'?. 7h"re wn< nottJmg to be gait c?t by attmptlrg in force n'ght ?*--! o-. Mr. Toiiu fblack rep.) ol I'a , t?u3Me;,-d|Uw yueiand 1,as ?, wl-Llag the eoun-ry to see who suu v?r"el tlra re *9;lutji n ae doy, an voted to r- -?-1n?t it tl.e nrf\. Tti? reecluttioi was raaeluded ? 7 Hit f ir ?o k., agstnvt. The Moa^'J then tesumad totitig. tri'U the toll ?#log re Mllt Mr Banks V-i Mr. Hi, ho-bu n <M Mr. Filter .. ?? Hcnttrrlng Ne?.-sayy to ? eh'tc" 101. 1 Ac. U;?r la.i tWAitbeat k.n, a foil,* ? Mr. Harks 1?i M-. M la, a. .... 87 Mr. Fuller...... izl Renttertng, Betor' tie !??'. announced, Mr. Ma SAW', (8i?ek republican,) "f f'eau.. ca J '.. I s i b.vO ?j-p -s^ht-1 by "tp: of his C-l.tag".-*, wtw ba-' propo*d that if be would voir for ilawks, h? (MtUward) should be made chairman of the hngravtag, Lithograph ing or l't baling Committee, and have a good thing of it. ^Laughter, and crie# of -'Name liiui"?'-Who is ho," dr. Mm ward replied?Mr. IVarce, of Pennsylvania, figuration?Marl; all the members rising t) their feet, and much internal everywhere m mife-tod ) Mr. Hankm. amid much confusion, emphatically denied that any ooe had authority to offer aucb a proposition for him. Mr. 17 inrjt, (f'em.) of Pa , roae. amidst crlc* of ' Or der!" "H*arhim!" "Duwnin front!" Ac., nit 1 said be had am been antborued by Mr. Hank* to uiaka aucb a pledge to Mr. Miilwttrd, or anybody else. although a few iwuicnt* ago he aeked that geotlrm?n how he would like to be chairman of the Comm ttee on Engraving. (Laughter.) Mr. Miia.w Aim aaked \Ir. I'earca?IHd you not any, If it waa not against my conscience to vote for Hank*, I could make n go. *1 thing of It.' (lenxhter ) 1 a>krd you how, and you teplii <11 could be made chairman of the Print ing Ulicgiaphirg or I'ugraviog Committee. I naked, "llow do you know I can be made chairman!" when you responded, "I have juat had a conversation with Mr. ilanka, who said that any promise I should make would he carried out by him." Mr. Piuiuh?I deny what my oolleagn* has aald. lb has mi-construed my remarks. Mr. M>ixwaki>.?I rould not misconstrue them. Groat confusion, mii.gled with oria* of "Order," "Or der." Mr. Hrwnmrt Mahohau., (K. V.) of Ky., remarked, he had advised Mr. Mlllward to make the exposition. Mr. IYarit.?1 alluded to the matter merely iu a play ful nuiuner to my colleague (laughter.) Mr Mili.watui. ? 1 do not eon I'er It play. Mr. >'unn:g(x, (dem.) of Pa.?Such thing* are disgrace ful to our State (Pennsylvania), and were It In order I would at once move for a committee of investigation Mr. Mim.'varu (to Mr I'enrco)?llid you not toll me Mr. Brink assured yon In ease I voted for him, he (Banks) would give mo what you promised r Mr. I rani r.?1 old not. Mr. Mimwaiip (emphatically)?! sav vou did. Hid yon any coiiVcrvnUuu nt all wi'U Mr. lki'nkar Mr. flninratiM, (black rep.) of Ohio, i hi* firm prominent amid the storm), calmly Mtpre-sed it as hi* opinion that the House ha 1 had enough of these proceedings. Mr. IU\Kf?No man has an n**uranc> from m- wi'.h witii rt-gaid to the (oriTiA'Jon nfomaiittcea. 1 sln'id. if elected to the Speakership, p* rlectiy free to da what Ik right and properJbr myself, for the House, and far llio count]r; and a* to what It may lie proper to do, 1 aat the judge, holillug myself re-poiuiblc to tire House and to the country. ( Applause ) Mr. Tol>D tru?!ea bl* colleague (Mr. Mlllward) wruld he moteguuided liercAttcr iu atiacking 'he chancier of gentleiiion. The reunsylVHni-i delegation, he aald, aro luCepeialriit men. guardedly i glkt and truth, acting la telligently, a-kirg no ple*lg ?*, and gull'/ of no fah.c pre Unce*. Mr. WtblWARtt said h" waa not to be Lightened hy b - ing told he must he more guarded. Ho had ul.uiic 1 ta lot one Penney ivunlen, and that was I'oar re. Mr. CAurt n t., (black rep.) of Pit., reuuirkoil that h< h id frequently no t Mr. Hank i socially, ami had nefrr heard him al any Mac, or under any ciroumatanors, mikeauy remarks which could he constrnnd Into a plelge. Mr. Pa urn, rk N ) of N. ('., thought the House waa undrr obligation* to Mr. Mi'lward far bis ravelatlonr. He (Paine) had bcaril I'earee say ho bad assuratiMM from Mr Backs that the latter would so constitute the com mtttrc* a star take care M tb" interests ol I'eun*ylvaula. lie could prove the fact. Mr. I7:tuf* the In terest* of I'rnn-ylvaoia would bo cared lor?never had it from Mr. Ikinks, but from his colleague*. Mr. Emu lilt, (dem.) ol Ind.. tbougnt this a pretty family flgbt. He had voted for Mr. llb-hardson a* a man above suspicion. Mr A. K. Mtu-nAtt., (K. N.) of Ky., wn* perf-c'ly * ?' i?fltd that If th'so charge* wen" true, they unfitted Mr. Hunk i fer the HpeeirrslUp. la consulnonce of the ah rcnce of ?ome inembeis, pioof canuot now he produ vd. (tther revelations might be made. He danirod tint all farther lotlng might he dUpiiscl with to-day. Mr. Coimx, (black rep.) of Ind., contended that t!il* waa rot the proper to Investigate iu"re iille ru uioia. uttered perhaps In barrooms; If It were, he might repeat a rumor nvordiug the gentleman from t'eiiii.yl rania, hut which be did not bolleve true. Mr. Ifti-'K. (K. N.) of Penu.?1 wish t? know what It is. Mr. i'oij it?The rumor la this: thai in your opi don Mr. Wbltfh id, Mfftta from k uia >, was legally t' ted. Mr. Ei mm?I know nothing about the nia'ter and have sold nothing. It Is n subject of a Contested ' I.* tlon, and 1 .-hall examine the un'ter fairly. Any rumor contrary to this la utterly iklw> and I shall stigmstlae ai a liar any rne who aathcrire* any expression c .ntrary 10 w bnt I now s?y. Mr. C"i sx tesuming, said he had remarked that tlx rumor wa* drubt!c*? untrue, and he merely atlu-'. -.1 to i now to -how Low fut.le are such charge* 11- believed that other iumora would prove equally laflacl.u*. It. raw no reason why vtirg hbnnld be anspemhwl. Mr. Wmr nfljt, (dem ) of kansai?I ark for no pledge,. 1 stand on the justice ot iny cause. Mr. A. II. Mah?jmu stated that his object in moving it suspension of voting was U? afford Unto foi icfl-j'i/a He did not reft r to nic;e rumors, but to ?ilroct car,;.-*, of which tbeiaia abundant proof. Mr. tum i r, of "bio, hnviug bemi alluded to, sii-i tluil no member of t'ongre,,* h? | ??ke 1 htm for pi- i.?.?i ?lining the t'm" lie was n candidate for ffpeike.'. I' would {lav.- kicked hitth ? man o-itof bl. Mr. Wviii rnxo, (M icp i of Maine, dc'euUd tfr I'ufiks, and desired to have the charge* exp *ln. I n v? he did utt want any 'ark In-imintiou*. Ilr. K1 Mill, (Mark tep.) of I'*., said hi* del g-.ti n hail neither asked nor r"Ctir*d pledges from Mr. Dink*. 11 r? the cpl ode em lad, and another v.?te wa* taken, re 'ulting pr. H'cly the sum" as the preceding. The lb nw then aojonrreit altera aessioit of liie h>ur-. OUK WASHINGTON COHItKKI'ONDENC K. W i miNoTov, f> 2n, 18..5. Ojiiili'.IU >I> M' l i'ilk 'o V /Voce -' Ayitu i ihr Ifotil rn Light?Tkt OmA>\t of (I, /?<<?.( J ut I'no .Mtlb/ Ci nl mro J?TV /lii'ijv i tit- tf -Ipmild j)i/i rut? '/fir ,Sr i. un nf ('is Y.'Vi ' l.i'jhl fn/.u i it (u lit Coroflary?The .Xii ha>jtia? t{u ?? (ion Zi' -'y !?> Jir.oJ. ij> th> Ci'OtH'l, <1 . There I- hut otic opinion an'ei iln-1 in tin* el'r of the prove* dir g- that had liren dlrectisl by I'resid* nt I'icr e again t the departvri of tlie atcaia hip Northern IJght from your c!ty to Nicaragua. A'l cla*-e- condion th act as despotic in the extreme, and all are free In he*t '*r lrgopon the rronident a unite! curse which could It avail, Would place bun in a I'lfh rent ait iat|on froin ill" obo 1? now h' lds. with an a-hli' 'nal ib-grcc of tern, - ri turc. It is the Hhulb'm acronwt aloac that we h.?va of HI* high banded measure, and the particular* It gi** are bslog commente.) n|-m with extraordinary fioe.J . n hy a room full of geuUeincn, adjoining the one In whi- h 1 urn now wiitiug. vera! cf the prominent memlcj.-* -1 tl.ia Congrrae deny that tlicre was ruitieicut ?vi I mnv to Justify the ba.*te and severity of action on thn ;*it of the I'reaidmt and hi Atti raey, Mr. McKr n, which they have a?Hiim<?l in the premises, and all agree '.hat the movimett wa inado with a view 'o polili *al effect al ere Judging fn m the rentlnisnt I hear around mo, it wouel bo safe to ailirm that rwj two public in. n in till* cocntiy are -o nnivc?ally detested and abhorred as l'r. sidont I h-rco and hi- Attorney General, < u?h.n/. Tli a-iertii n in strotg, Imt the fietsjustify the IntrirJucti n of it bete. The ngiet in* grt.eral wiih all | artle* Hia' tli Nortliem light did not eontiouo her course, A pi v 11,0 bollii i-nt after her by the Waaldngfon cut'*-. A fi-w more (evolution* of wbccj? it soppoasd. would have plarsil hei tar boyi-tel U.n reach of dingo-. Mr, White's statement of isfor(nation rcce.vr 1 frnn tkb city, rebitisg to tlie I'icsMent'a roc* age, while it wa* un-i-u ally severe njs n Great llriL.!a for b*r vlo!?- rt of treaty and ru utrni right- and call*d the attention ofthv g* v* r?iinent to tin- aithfuln*-?* and sltiet ney wHJ :!i the I nit?*l Hates ha- pursued In h*r dealing* wl'h the w >r!?', )?*! In view a turtle r cvl !<*n. e wl.i-Ti he wa* teiei'. mine*! to give In the rase of the Northern Ugh- e.o firm* the purilcu' ir* which I gan- yon yevtar lay In my Witter, and no 'ionht wiU bo .'cuud - .p-orto'l hy the ui"v ?sge, if it la < v? r klk'W'd to u^ko it appear anew, fhe opportunity for tb*?Hec' d*-?ired, wa* a gr*1**-nd to the fte-ldent and 1.1a At'."tney Genera', and the Mmtiliry Icmhm ar. I 11leapt "Intmeat* whi h may hire f?:|cn up.n [i-iril? s an- enliruly ovoralxughad by t'h* p-.UUcil oap-til which these luano-uvrara aro hoping to malm ont of t*. 1 he Y ? rt hem Light ear* ean he ?*e lor-sotton In th> C ueial excitement that the Bri-sidrot iia't-r* Mi iae|r a will pro*iuee by hie in ***gv In his bold talk?ti not threat*? to Gnat Hritaln. He hoi*-* |>> by p* intlrg to his pn* In the eid/ure of tlie Northern l ight, justify sn Increase I severity hng*and and iu tbua making the queition a national one, 1 > g t with btni tb" eym|>athy of thr American people an I in sure his r< tb rtlon to the Prealdeacy, The In'err nation of lh? N'orthe-n light lo ita legit roa'e and just pit-. jit< wae for a gieat iMdilioal ot Je t as Ir.iirna'- a> a*lvi*'<l by one wliose iiAine I* -eldotn men'i->iwl with a ~r Ml ras(>??** *aVU bf ibe I US*, id tMo cttv. lie rear* *I? 1 ? J ? ' ?'? net?so ) a n tbl* nwrtoin' aeanrtd?wlc <>, )?*. wh'rW praeaadhura of the Pr* I nt, aid who 1 v*?r toa dtion of ' ol. V | tkir k 1 can >ao that ihi* Nlaaragnu qvetlon i* to be pro ducttvc *.f te-ulta which rr.iy l!n?lly Iwirrg a ?s .ara*! ,n ot the pri ent t'?>. net. I et' ocgre- . Put iret at'w rk a-> t thenars ?l<M>-"a that *re?,<rgt., r.ri"!. .raitcf Irn portal r r the l'r i' *-1 a* ring a ,'r*y 1, artW a on ti.e part of th" t <*' hit ?),. i, D,.j.'ft;y of I' II SUi'sT* llAVC ll"|. 1 ' ??, d | -| . - V rspcatrd story of Gal?i"fl dis? lution may no' elvt to the ab- vu *1 * * lih-'h o on this 1 o.nt much f <r?? "it tWc > v< nt a.iii. ipat"l U a p d'.w on*- and th*r*v .ra raav occur. * 4Still t..v, Itsc 3d, IV i. \o hri -r n I t?T'cpt ? H+>1?Chtr ? f?t * t a ; r. Aidr.-y M r ; ..y fi ti r to .%r toy. J. . 4<. Af r- a >tay of ft tetinp *ro" !trv iml , ,<*?! *,.. "ti It iff irwrrtrraaf Ge.agrrss, It waa Mtitfpawd by ?awa fha'an rtganlral'. n r},? rtoeoe nf Ifayn .m t tivr, W t |. rfeerg tr, ?y;L*tlntb - H nt Kin

I <-? ' s'a'd' p ? (f g ' , jr el ?. u. :, 'h i.y :r . h.i?. bun J ? appointed. When tb* roll wu called Ikii morn ing, on tho question "tola/ tb? plurality rerolutltn on tbe table," It wu manlfeet that everything wm ia r< u . ho on the mala iaauo, an.I not tha digbteal proa pect tor any orgamaation yet, <u the reaoluUon wax killed by a rote of 102 to Mb to in-probable werw the prospects for an/ election of a Speak*., that tbo propealtion wax mooed to have no ai adjournment whatever of the Houae uatil an e lac Una Is bad. Thl, proportion waa at flret receive 1 with ineirl inent; but nhrn put to the rote It axHumel a m iru earl' ou> a pcct, and Uie strength of tbo atomac is of ro?p. c Uve ni' mberx noon became a general aubjeet of diacus aion. Munocontei did tbat gentlemen of tho corpulent build el tlio Hen Humphrey Marshall wooll piaaexs a tot/ decided advantage, while the Hon. IVrcy Walker waa re minded of the old adage, "A lean dog for a lung chine." Thing* woia teallj alarming, and the precedent aet aim" /rant ago It/ Mr. .lawyer wu held up before member. a? a aource ol some (.isolation in the day of their tribult tlon. The vote on the rrsolulion?11(1 to Bit? Indicate,) a de cided determination on tho part of the Honaa either to a'*?*!."1 or to do l>?n*nce for a taUnre tharenf. . urn' , \h< r<' not ** an election' What Ix really the dlfflcu.ty in the way* bet u? Inqut-c. There la acarcely a member of the Uonee but wtxbrr* an mganj/aiion even though it should be wit], m. n'ritr 'r u t Vh" *?l;uWicao*, not havinj a ma il'!'' "",t <?"!/a eiogle sectional i- ue, an t t ,*lr victory n the election of Speaker w jutt be iatl,ely fruit ion*. I lie que con then uri ?? ho,,| j <Uaorgui/w.t-ehwnldatt publio Wines bearreated in ordm to ds, at tbo lepublicans In an election w/ii.h would be enUrcW baitoUaat lor t)gh', i ,, ,w "n? Oft over I,ay ,?ac:, .. ,| ti r)||, evrr. lire liaUo 1i,m bar e abown he black republic uu and even tbe nuii-h.ehriu.ka drino. ralx, to t, In ? tni rrtr I y, en. oun.svqu, illy barnitees lu all *< .-?lonal is Then a by k:r.o the toogreaa of the ration ..lorp tnla-,1 nt the. coat of ail tbo put.lio tote,est. of the country* Will boienabl inemboiH answer* S ate ro the* would is, poifeotly willing for the orgammti m but tie, tea, bung placed o? the" lu'nlrl at lcme. i? reply, it might be arid ,r ?? intelligent constilueajy would not piifer n apeedy or Sanitation ol Umgreea, mm with the enrbvrr. o-moot* D aftee ol oiKanlaatlm-^kuowing there e-nbana-.ment. t" be ..nly nominal?to the c implete arrest of all public bu.Mnc-e and atagualluo of national aflalrrd It strike. rne Hut with Ui. new rule adopt..!, of a continuum xe-stnn ?n ".fc u had, wlial will bo the pioxpccl lor an oiganirainn, Mnuy **y It will effect n . change whr? 1 , ' J'.1" j*tb r unpri-reion 1* thit the fatigue ol one or two nights log and wutrhlug trtil h , Increixe tbo llat ot alNM utetx as l? effect an elect Ion one way or uud the I ,'r\ "T'iiH n"W 000 """'"'T "t duralily uii.l the . II. ctv ol aballnenco au-i Io-k ot alec a 1 |cr thlr u. or iarui it In oxcoodinglv doub Jul elX-ll p.rty may win; but .very nnerwc- U In favor e( an <-arly con. ifuuiman. ,,rr' or "Uur "'"""1 rut 'node., that Mr. WabaUr, the Private PecreUry of air .Tk 'Lr.T h,M !K<1"ri'*i ?' ???t during moat of the day at tho right aide of Ogh fornxy, deep v iotere-tef the prt.ceedlngN. Itu-inoaa muxt ho xluck at tbe other m.w ct^hi*rnUe' "'"l0 -Ni' .aguau (11,busier. WhUivr/luv, D.c. 9ff, 18,V,. I n.rif wi' JunlMinqt on (\myrtHint,il I'and iali | *i> //??",?'<ty-f >?/.'?/ Wat\ittpUm?TV Corn it forth. A/nU, nihil'?I'irhj Tt* ti. x atul i'Mioal 7rajw. M-oil^rx came ta very xlow Hue morniug. not luvlug .nth -yreeorcreil from the f, xvivltiea of a merry Chiirt m?u. ^n.t - u?h a IhrUtntei! It e nnnienocd t? rain at early mom, and without one moment'* int. ruilx l .n laxt<s| until dewy evo, and from duny vve UK tho wee email hour?; and ax a natural ?oax<"|nonce, jHslo-irixiu, were lew an] far betwr-n; whilo within il?.,?c houww appoint**] by Urc authorities to rcUll out perdrlim, at ... much a dr.iar, "confualon worse c nfooKdihl'' rrigoo<l - upremc. An.-, when the doorx w, ro thrm.? open to eject ? me et.e , b ye pot a Ho is had l<wn wmro ,'nrp aud last tJ? than tbe rest?as ??., frs(u?nlly the ckx--poor, Heated, recltwg .p. cim.m. ot " damag -I hriwrnriily" nrlght wr.? N.' ' * "P"? b?suar.of the 'N*?wr h*vo I obiots-e,!, h-te or .-t.ewW* ?o hototxy * Hrtcelius on a Clirirtmn or a, y other fc<tubers ?m more determins l to day than x> u.. rrm e.1. trir. . The pyitem of ?? ernehlug out " whieK haxl.'s n att.unpfe l for Lho last Iwjw. kr, loss pr .y-J li eff. e.uxl. | do not .?? how they ar ever going to or y?n/e. l-aeh fantlon .tsi.c-. Mrm, and ill not yt< 11 a txr.ttr, roetj -o man who h,gh In the jyneg' H Informal lo hu f,h<l ?l? Itkl Know .otj ngs ; ceu!.| not 1 a! ?' , ru,|jc.| >> . ,'a' J."'1 r H Vsli n< tie,Is war,. ,lt, n "ted to ho llouxe, which rsu-sd ron-l-h ? .1,1, deh..,. btenh' n orr.'-or/la, r?f(re-srst hucc-li ,(, r,.p .|ir in fir,,l C4 esmriouing to vore until a r-'jwxl , r I el.ct d The ,|x ? '!'? Hon C ?uoed U) !.o In f.T ,r ot the 0 opo ti- n ot c nib,ting the ~-s-ion fr ,n Jy vj. un it u 1 M but it wa, rofo.1 ,r.wn. Th.ytlnal.y |.,ok irp tho ro -tutknoi yntinuiiig to >ot.. until .. '-psater Is el., t -T. * Wf ,U?u' ln c insider able il ' Wd?' j\ * lir.'Tt* iii?j..rity ! 11; *H'*. lh- . u l.dlon (g Mr. lamp! (II of.,.,| pr?, mi,.g a t.iop. rscv H|-al. r and nauitng tic; insn, Mr. <)rr of Smrhrero'lrm ranrhrorryl. the jr.use pi.,. !r The Ih.nkx me l wee ,a'J.., t. ,rf?| m.v r? g-t?g to le esught in a trap. It was ,,ly ,.T, l..?. rorni thel: uiann. r and the remirkx which -h.y' I .d dr -d le. thai 'li -rn wa- m,. thing rotten in fkrnnia ri.-v app* do., lo Mr. ( impl.ell to wi'lelr 1W it hot h, new,,I, torl.y .1. rimed. ;,!vl |,y , y0tc of 1(17 lo v. ,|, II . rr lri*r.| to 11 y i> on the table. The underground movement-, the pip 'aylnr ? t w| ,. p.,limp new gr-ing on. and m whi.-h I .|>\ll giv * ... f?,| ptriirnlarx In a few day*, are truly a-ari. n? live', thing And to tl.x I residential roov-mei.t s nttrib r ? I tl? -n ffictlr timet,Itler now eabflng. " ?pp..r Thr fforlli, rn I.lgtn \llnlr I'SITI.D ftTATI-S DISTIIICT ATrOBVEV * DlTf. -. lu<. 27.?Mr. ldlliugb.,oa, Se>;ret?ry oft In, |p, v,.r II. Kreneh, MlnUter i1eni|s>teatUry srf Ktcnagua was arte <1 Idoel.'el, a- belrg oncer,,??I ' - ''?t oar it hliburiering expedition. IV Idxtilct At o,?..y d. ? , , . ?r,,f;0U bail. At d o'clock Mr I ten ?'? rid Mr f'-l. r. We.', cs?un-l called at the ofllce, and Mr. W'e?t cialtne-l t'>r Mr THdiar' l*m dlnkniaUcprtvUieee ax tha-sv-retars . '' | > Mr. .foachiu x.c n -ar t that when Mr . ... xh-stisl ho did not enter xucb a blrs ant! rocM only V treated as any Aiwrican riU, Mr French iwUd that Mr. P . II. frittfog ...U had been roru?e ! hi? couaaal, moj !h, tunity to test tho .|.,.wtJon of dllptouiaUc oil d, ha '.ear corpus. ' ^ Mr .ha'?birp.-err lnxlxto.1 upon bail I, 'i.getr n. ? Idth y would irive bait situ u,,. utt'le, - stan onj tha- tbey did not waive Uie right of habeas ?ir. .foachim-ren said tV? he had re??? to V W# .i,e A ton, y eneral w./ul-l end an opir,. n a, to ?1, r Mr ?'">eh eould be lawfully arrest.d, an 1 that dsrialon wtmid Is ar mi', rtnily on the rare of |.;t ir,gb..m 71,C jMatrte, At(o,n,.y ooln.-idel with Mr. 0 ?: ,r' " '"?* '? ?<??<? g 'vernn.r nt ... toT-V. uptheevp. 'Itirdi. He understood that a meeting ha 1 ?? en h, M Inst ovenlng in tV up,wr ,wrt of the city' ,, i?-,,rs rs nneoted witi, Mr. f ree h were tb< t< ,n.l a plan was adoptod f,. carry out tbe < trw-dition. Mr-IVen ;, dented any Inowlrrlge td ? ,cei r?o. tin.- It N-lullu, wo.,1. have fold the |dst-icr AttooTwyf ' f' ' from hl> h< i' holj any r.l.i, ?-.,,;j,| j. tn Juch a M'hetus. ' Mr. N.iiogham ?aa ordered to iind ball. A i..r.iim it "'"?ibljn ( Itjr Rrtia U''!I?T (<>arr<w.?Ve-terdsy .Vmp-.w alia Jam. - Hush, a color. 1 imti-. wm Uled < n an 1ml: '.merit fc.r bigamy, In U, Cet.rt of ral *. ,<tig. It appear* that b- w.a , , rr -I to a wbi ? /!L".ttv 1/J *inff rnu. riAtw 117, n '. anghn Hie lorh of Sr.ptrmN r U-f. iTm? j>s j ?( , , . f.'Lite.l , n the or.-axjnn. He Immedial, y afle- r-.oovt-l to r .mw, tv-ut With bis whr.w wile, .ho. I.. . , . Zt. ?d and brought ba k on a warrant U . tr . , plaint ot h-, r In,*) u, v. ., 1 1 me yarsp," ??.*.?.. . '*? I >? . t IrfTlaxt * O a ri . 14m] i,.<J .4fi w <,t l.aly MV ( r ? n #, .? ?< n of O.rie years and f, r nmwfb . Tb Wtmm it, wu'u ? ' ' w' " ?T'.s'rwA y <-4ky ra Bis -? ? -A iiUay, ?,f Urn rtfwt Ms'rh ? P. tw, aer -al Vr^n. "a- naid, s~oa4 W, ?/ ? VfVupf ying r ?> stream .4 Tbornr's _, ha'; ;rr"Jn ??<i gae.lo.dy a-maltait a aar.?r aa-r.wt J>, .. A * , try ad jhea 'hros mg hi. -ir-hwar!. , o,f f t. II by the hat.' ?l , ' ?p ?ul - it,. ??" 1 sUrsb" aasb .? n es <s y , Ih V'^'"TWyed hlra ? , M e -a- t, , .. ,p , : 'be day presit- a., , f-' '">7 '? CVleaUd wsa or , .. fM??la. Met etoyhf t . . e. V ,. , JL2_J drese ard eltot,s-| ?..,vs ih- . earape, ... ? , ? tUr|,.c. . V.I l"wr, m l-oaj 1 . irw d agai.,r ,he t,.vr. -e . , krc-'V The shin sal's, f ?/ itsneos, a>?'. h . : t h?. v.,... Mr *? 'It), *!?? bar s pel jsdat in ?be <>e,.. ?' 1 t-'v 'ha >ur>.? ?? 'As 7[. THE ARCTIC R E CIO N 8. THE OPEN OR POLAR SEA. THE RECOVERY OF THE RE80LUIE. CanrrruttontI HhUhh mt tHr A ?tHcm (<?o Krh|?litrai Hoclr If?Jt<mmlu of Ur. K??? upon IIU Crrlaa. tax >hr Arrtir Hegtoiia. A convi-r?hlior.M meeting ot th" Aturrtran tieographi rnl Hoclely wai he'd toed sight in th? ?m*U e-hape! of the Nlf Yftk I'nlwri'ljr, At the hu ir fir th- meeting. lint chapel waa filled with an autocue" of IkKIi ladle* auil gen tlemen. anareblrU Ui he*r IT. K ma "i-enk upou bit Crnlee to tlio Arctic region*. At tight o'e'ock, llcm. Al-xan'ler W. Bradford, the I're aldcnt nf the nociitjr, nilkml 'he room with l>r. Kane Icai Ing upon IU? arin. Mr. Ilradli'd called th" roe.-Dng to order; after w hfc h I lit* mlnu of the an inroUng ? the society ware roml ami a|>pn .ad. Ilemry Oriaa?U <v copied the pVf inn with the I're.sideiit, lnKaie, ami Uunrrofi, the h'atcrian. Tlia mlnutea having been read Mr. BtvaotTaron' and aaM l.e t ad 1 ecu rai|iirated to slate, by I>r. Kane, that be cnirc l.erc imp-ei^erd tu give any lent-iie. Hn only came to present himself among his oiil lik'itih. Ho (Mr. Itaucroit) thought that no prspaiaitoa ?i* no -e -\ry. i|e him-clf wan the bee' |ircieminent he oitibl make. (Apjdnu'C > We came line to u'fht t> take htm liy the hand, w'.tli 44 (I' d trn pralceh' for hi* afe drill m alice and return to us after a voyage which rcttoct? honor u|eid hlii.n ll ?isd upon h h eoun ry. (1/ n 1 applause.) I>r. K.?>r then rose, and *n ;rieete<l with applause. Ho raid?1 ahonM hava come before yon with much eru l.*rr??*nieiit except for th? kind wordl of my ft lend, Mr. itancroll. and 1 don't inner but those * rds abonld make me mo* o emlm trussed. It < 1 honored by D-ia reception Irotn my old as.oclatee. I rai i" here only to ti ll you. In an unoateutullu* manner, a simp's rt-iry ol njy gruKe lo Die Arctic region*, b <tli kn y our Intel cat nud the tote rest of the great progenitor if rim exowdltion, mw be fore you?(pointing to Henry lit IdijcII.) (Applause.) I bare here a cbart ol Dranlacd and the umliuin le gions, upon which 1 will hamy ramaras?first, about the mountain rang"* of tie No rib. These range* -Utrttho least of Dsewnland, nnd reach an altitude of i ,1**1 lr*!. Troin the-e mountain* we ran rxpact tiiatthe I inela o' tbi- con I extend farther toward* the north than generally supposed. It *a* thi' Id*. In p.rt that 1-1 Mr. (trlnwdl ai.d our goninmiTit to make llui m?uIi floio wbich I huge ju*t returned. After having New Yor', we made tl>" coa-t of tlreon land at It < moit ?outbein point. We Uica oeiillaaal on our toy age to t'pperrinvti k, and 'lien to -bni'h *>und. On reaching Kuiltb Hound we exported to Hav an' mm fa. The rarer-o was the case A lout a*, launched and luU'lod on the neatest great i-b?nd, to lay a at"re ol provlaiori* to fall back upon, in rase of a retreat, and tbtn wc pushed in our altip farther tn the n-'flliwaril. Trolll thi* jioii.t our Ti 'tul w.i forced up b' our winter barber. 1 need net tell the menibei s that In tlil vsyago our '.reel erenunlered great hird-lilp*. It w? her ex treme stiCngth that gnro u* ronfldenoe of her safety When we reached thi wint-i hvibor the uiK cul'le-of going farther north wwrr mi gn at that my officer* ad dir-rrd iu" a lettir r?.|iu-|ln? ? rai urn to ho south. Thi* wn ? not in accordant** wiUi my inatrtn'lions, an 11 declined to ae'-cle to the repimat. At t|sl* point we hue a g'aclcr -tretrhlog eist. With grant dilHcnltyb' " wc wore ami bird totravel by ?ls-'g?c and in thi* way par. tic* -at out for exploration, and in 'hi* win werea'du-l tl.o latitude of BO dog.?'he mo-t northern point ahldthvl yet ba?m rraelnsi. At tlila point Our parti ? were re-m polled to return, and did a" with the Intention <4 renew i g tile exploration* when the winter traa ov-r In o r wtntwr harbor ?? c?t*i.iiahe<t an e.laairva' iry, t?y mean rife theeslolite anda e .nri.i'n pocket gloa*. W ? eatabli h i-.l a m?vi< He ob?"rTs'o ? snt metaoralowisal oVervato ty. the record* which an no* Icpo Itedln the ort ?* of tie ('??as -miT'-v. "tu ilr?'b"oe llwrluntii. .Or* we found Us b' ntferly unafaOa'-le an I th" only way we could get at tb.? tcvpcraturowna by a cm pail-onofln tr"u ? nt*, and thi* With gnat ' are "or lowest row-r h~l temtmratuie yraa b#'W" n TO and AO elegnes e ro. At this t a I* latuie chloroform w ?- aft st aednl. Is la wa* !)"? i nipi satlsre lu * hi Is w* iii*.''- our eaplo ral.i n? "or llr*t jasrty wa-i.i.f-.rlun?t'-. Tigs " t ? it tu \la-eb. Hi'--ins ov' ttieni and t'lwyWn ly g-it be' I. to I he ?e- si, wt-ri th-'e Of til-' nuwsler un:i r ? nf amputation, and two !?*!, It wis *? ' ? |. :? :? we *? re able to st*'t"?t agale, and '.h'U we did ..... v i* I." i rid Dia' the r 't '- 'in- * lint dt lie' a' Di point, ion in a emu ' rcpr, ???nted on the map- bo' it piesctiUil a r< xst i until ? ?! 'a an >e It , wo etl?'? vrtO'l n P'w land fH h ? e n .m d W .'Isle.' n. Till - land wn ? lt-.nked by a ras ? o' I f > r ? iii.In V.WX) fist in halgh- an- the*. r.m? ? ?'r-t In*1 ap pefitDy, .-thill nth the latter t "irti-.n ?U tie ts.-V'-l *a m' d. in*'rostinr We P.niS'1 lie' * us a iod.1 ot lr? , and ?'.? r tli - we ' und an op-u ? i'"r, which tin -In e li ? n -alhd the open I'olar c-a. fhlr w?lor appv.r 4 !'?? b ? - It w- ipjciumily aid."*' i ?? a pari I'll ?! Iro Urn! l'n d"-At an aitltuds of .10 lost, a? 1st a* w cui l s. <? su i<\' n -? a ire' e.ur eye. A gale of lorn; elioatl n .?e-|it "fer this water: but br' iighl ii" d.lft aU ? g with It All anl nal III# re .lt d to the." *. er. 11 ? o.l w?. ab'st upon It* ahore-a, and tl.e d" . rind to ii from asery dirrs lion. We ."ill not tell the .sac' ts-oif* e a to re -f Don wv er. but It w m wain-r ihaa a-ir ??' r f"io?l 1. In*. In .peakliKisf 'hi *"i I'an ?!'?' peoprlety, sii .k of Uila i-inosna. Tbl torrn I' k?o-ntotha Hn eiana ami leaiu". Tie ahrasums of lie tbltH s-nuetinse U-HV* an ipen - j-eco lu 'h s-s lh" pp..Its ilfs e?t l.rei tsias '1 is <1 te> 1" * - , le-fe-l t' pbda I ha - Ir cult elfinllh Hi, ill We I a" here g"le ? or . rout" o* over <eb" mile I' I' haidiy within 'h? provtnna of a g< grupl leal leclc a t<- give the''"la I* or cruise I |*in get'ir-g ia.'k t?i mil win'' r hartior II was i(ult? tl dant ll- .t our little v ? ?il "?"ld net'- ' ? ?f* -he hvd tlun nine hot of solid lee nrvter her bows, the reanl'. of na win'et * fre eing Wtea we ????: ??! to save e-ur vi s e| In pr "ft re in e t s stars I an'- '-I'lig to the dan r i fiuto the natives, ?e !- e-' an'-nbr -l em''?"l"r of ei ,ht j II lies to Die - ' th If the pohry ? f '? ?' lug our V -.'.ol I Ii ? ! II .? ... f". I ???*"" c '? "el I lll? v ? 'I and our I- were ? ? I p t'.. ?? e . /?* aes' thn we eon-nam'e.l onrvoj g" to 'He s *h I i.e i? eji una x ?, I Hi nt -ay, at Br?' o .r 'se ?rise no* OUT firm ii-mta ami g ta ua a?.i u-i'-', he I ? arry our sli k asi-l teat "r ga . ?? n? Died.- iVig" when ?ttt?i gara o??. "r died ferns ?bat -fpeare.1 t In th? lark Jaw We hid tee drpan I Bt'irh up n oor g iu? lo pres ua allfi f-el. At (J,i--s, dutlrtf thU Joesnsey, aibira lo. ketd deary. Bit there waa ro I'-itle-iS If Ui" tln.e thai we were eppfaai by but g"i We' thar> wore e ,-mpe lis*! to c oauoi* ii"I# foe.-l D.xu l;'ie. light d> . ? per diesu tbrra Is ass ordinary al- #ae e, |t-,t nl. s agproaclnag I ay w " r# thrca'/tss-l with war,' ie t l?"t?sra we graw h it g. a -'alwa - n upr r. ?) l-e, sn", bl I "g th.a ?a wcie .ispplissl with all ii f-' i w * waists ! We fit. shy again ua . asl I J p* ' navi it. I h?ea nrst heard oi .it kind ar'ii'ti on to* j*iet ? f? r " " -eotfer >?( tssei anre I aha I n"r#r f '"d l.e in 1' lag't D?? egging aj.d th" three I.. arty elssers that w*!"- io?s| ua ba-? to aerial llfa assd love. Ibo Oiua'.ik".' navigator h -at "own am d b.' -l ?p plan'a. A g nDrman lo ra aricd how Sr ss -rth the I s -no ana ?S|? foil"t. Ih. Ktsr raid be tsad fonnst thasn at Tl T""* la., d n aux w"rw a sn'gratory tarsr-'e. i'rlast sewn thwir hola boyorvl that?fet 'h- ls%t ? ?? fAnt 'hey rea'h"* 'y. ii- w la' r orth hav f mnd ti ? r?- i i IW. K ?? r ?Aa far *? ?a ? - n' ?a feia-l the l"t'ihv-r Sir. I'sse sol How dei y si a sb>o nl bir ',hi? esjers water' pr Ksu W> <an only *m?> Writ i. Ikatv-t (l">t cram ar. a at D.e I 'd" ? r a' ? | i?' lartivf m.rth. Ai."wan 'n.ix.ssr -Is H p "it*, n f or "fa. n. to rrarls tl la '.Ian sea wl'h huat ami e*( It' l?r. Ks i.?That la v i -m* rwtl?er newc home I tsi?l as ba, i aa 1 resold to ren- It. 'r t faslxl. fU igh'ef / 1 'ti\j t(f.\ AO T y ' r ' ill*' * ( twt^s *iU4 A pre,|"n org alra'le n koase-f, It irrttht h" r*elw-t asel I have no ...ubt it Will yat ba rwathet and b" "ap^f'-l IT.'Va dt)as?'.tj ??.??, i-e!?eo| -s fx ham- her hi* la*'.ar?, alter wt?l-h the ?-?i.-iy aeigsh wet fftsa rranhlla Kipadutan tiietse dig Mward Helrhefsdllia jHamdonwai al th? M"l In Its VI. pta/a the raosml r?"?v?ry of t>e M l' Is at|l-"dmr -hip Pe. Inta by ? *p? Ihsifw g*s?. it ? wloabx '.a srga II' nry, U.0 p sbfi' . Vith ?t home and a* r?md, na'wraily Awl aax IwtlalMlil that au. ha relative So th* e-ip TKWsn wtairh laraa'aaWd an aw'ssr*JJSale'y '? th? ,a eoonmahd ant ta al part aa taiav-atod. In the par Mt, tha |-ifii?sr?l 4 laflus! Vbf ?born! t/< i. ?k sa "f" .* rt en aOhrrislhg bsf tl* rt m? na ol thai War* ? 9 dr i h? I rasak sW. a'eaiS wh ?a ih'.e th-xa r.-w shun* Vs'* an mjrt'ty M leirw ' d',- ? a est a?t Atr ldti'4 Halt,. pwn**txs'?l ta 'Iw A"'.c Mgl'ti*. nrsd mad* swaay valeah-a ds>s.'svwrl*a. Tlva e^ ,*i,_the I1tw*r, lie- .I jle As i taata. llt/sp astl Utf 'Ifrtn' -snpo.yad U th" arda < ? t*?S Th * al .at, ft ah.'s ae.j '.'hlrg !? th aa hsg's -a/, tofaa was e? emily * .'sgs??sd f<mea a-o ^ tr/'hlm-*l hf tha gniviMrseiS fst tha sib j at -, its a' ntn Msi aaawax wins glides' (Aa rswae.s to 'hd t'Ufj snil nd"s of th p '?* ->%? TVa rvpsw a aaed la*a;i? IW? I. T<a nf| laslrsai f id '?Ad r'd'tss ?( 'ha *?p-It ?? ?a:g 'uia s s *?, ond II wm, tborafnro, determined to break op the . ?? um nod oid. r the re'ur* of the wyofwwrt. 1('" " *??<??*, 18.-2, Sir M<r?r<I fc-l-w ealird up HXIInjf'./n h, the Aa-moilf# abn. ttpU.0 Kellett In .bo Ro^hit. proved iliwl *Mi ?rdly dlrectim t >w.rJ, MehWe I.Lud. The I, too* uu7',(m''X-^.a Mrnur*' ,M ,U,J ernlatof ia the " 7V *????? fiutrnnj In the lee, end II w?? found after wluterinp in Ihetn one year, that It wauld not U Mf. u remain muni, Ion,.-, 1 on K?rm UUl( nl '?? oe?,i tinted with th.'ae facta, It determined the I lienii and .be TaUmt out to .la rt I,of of u.e p ,.m era In the Ice, n?,t error,lit*ly U.te* t. .1. we- ?... perljr fitted ou., and undor th? rommaod ol.U^uio Held wet* doojatoliad ff the Arctic rrffona, with ..rd.r. to rrleaaa theco, of tl.e Keroh.te, luteatlg.t ,r *.f Aeefe'anrO. The lr,ll?*jup Infraction, wert ,, tb|, tiaM 0mni t# WrMward ttekber hy Uo Ad,ui,ally .eUtife to the method to *Wcl, he thould eondnt. tb#eeo?e, ...1 ?'fe baa dad to him It < ?pta?, |nfleH,.|,| to- la tor aitl?ed at the arei.e of the block ad, the Admiralty bar. U ?? r!er? on i, ,T ?'"> lalOiK untar >1' o. and ?t, I, i l" I""'" ' w"b p'i?>l Jdml-ht.n the ehlpa and l7, ot P"T" "' :.?jrr 'Rf-srw Waste: RSi&ia ,r"r' """I their lord-hlpa ti i. |? , *? ' ' A |",V""4"' 'he nallr.; Jlit IwtoA. M'l'l*" f""" ?H..I hy <'<pU? let lure Of, 1,1a 4|?IM, lh , b ' '** have be,.,, e,,;?bd ... n,-l, H<'B) Vhrnrfi U HA* H ? L tan . i I *?w > **mm, l -puln M t luie t-r I a, ,alo ho iTit *** 71" 1/ lot.I hip. )rH ? p t(, )mr( M. I- ? ssb-i; it'll Inuat. U . nl, elj folded hy ih- ,, ?||j. ? tl,,.^^. no .1 I'nfl " Comttaoxv euirh vb u fHt r w. ,?a.Te'"i w"" ,u""' ''ot tholr i it , (faoeralljr ?. Mluet: at I', k" Ia7." nU" In>a,l,(r,ior an. I HI h? I JKMI, HIP* It III ? ? I. <>?. | I,.at, a* ?Tery ?ndeorn, eS.o,.!,! ,?a.i. t? Kr. a" v i" i <?>a ,1. If tlil? baaT J?a y l-en tfc. ted, and I apuiii h?n,t aih lii. tblao. haa .Ml,.yd tr. >n M^tUe I.Umt o.iSt 1 ? "h U.e xVh .V Ibe.T "ll ' <-?r e|, l.,r the rnl llM. IE?,. T1"" an e, , n.olio lir.e von lVVll,.,,er'r':"' k"' ? "b "hi >I'tir u i ?ili| ?< a ? i X' ur ' unfiif.litu o?. i nn-i'.Uwf lain any ..nter-,. ..r ?,en w,,o i,.arh.,?r air..,!. . - rtpbi ;rr iv ""i""t ,o '? lain, n, ? ' Jy tf. Tie' ?. m'lh 'ir rl'l W"'VI,"' ''epn.nai U r'-el-oidbad T? . H "" 1- wit I- areo-.rT2ri H'l.r t.ri ml?r"'here, id ' lh, '.art* 'f rn|fo>?% with ? ft*i!ti<<r at Jtaa* b v 1 ifii I *?A *a mire.uV ,7'r,'h'r" whi'u f"11 add to Ih' h .r* "r' hll,, " i!" r!*"" h" P' 'tie I Mthm. lee 1 'heir 10 be * tTr IJarT. r,?: ?? " """" 'M|- ana ) ar In t|,# li'lar *?<? uui?*? a U fnrt' ntat(,<| c Mj^er f?',h, r wareli l'i I. pro Ina ,J ^ ?/>'< ?m?s:z,st. '?V-;otpX"?;^ re'' i irlvl" ""!1,1 " " ' 1 thft* ?? m?r Mt I ' * and t? ?h?n.r nna.-iMe L,?, M.., r u.,,.. n, y muu ? aalai, ,/i --..i LV, w?,r. ,bi", 7""i u'"1 ?*""? t. Mir i/e i;:,e'r; ,li !? l* :re,",vMr u,:!" ir ; e..<h nod l??iH ,eh ehs ttpr men, aa .on .??, TJm " .J ' '''a ryidr ihalr aiahea loU, ell,. , . iTiui *. hoterar,ibp.alo l?n,ma? t. and W I rl.,?rhel,ml',,7 "WWaethoi *. .AS'ffirt'sa,"" ?" ?" - Urir .f'j? ? ?f u'^ '??n? ?y I' ".' *l?* ?i?rr t lj4m vetyj.! 'hooui 'J are tl, ;, I In ' ,r " "? ''(ftaml t? on. - tbl. , ?o i ,c,? . In ?? ?? e...?t ,?.. , mi,.. ? , Ih,' '' '"?'*** ami the l*er .,4, ^ th 'i??'li< ?? let. an.lnr "hi another alnv. ,?u ^ I ' .ke krww lr, the , nicer ebnm yo? air ?nn|?l la ln r.,?, re. iaVi,? mm..,,,.,,., , loilhcr pr.e^,.,,,. ?? ?> raafa A!'h..? ,h .h ?e-.,?r w,,k (l. , u ?i'" ? ' I" aide,Hand thai .,m ?r? - -?~n ?i> h e*ill* a l.h,(.,rr ihe .i.,p. uo,ir, ?r ho. Of !?. n niifcl r.,r the a 0 p?.p.-a ,d IT* '/ [- "1". - en" T.Tdlr '-hT ?r-l a. ? <or,pl (com the ,p.,ai|,.n. ?f '?'n'4' , It. intorturp ?el,r>f lei?r 'be a' r r j?r?. Kit Ideal lu thrt 4e ni'h-i In tha i,M-ntJi ,,f n,yt jai,,, 4 j?? IU <kJ^ at 'l -I a.,1 f r ho . . ,o tbo IHonto an I Tail, I fba ' ?r ! f the liitmUfalor ?r,.| u.> I, *"1 ' -1'" U ", in W! b< :?!, <m'y tb'.? ?r*Mr of ll,e ea.Hr* ? mbr, vera *1 Ua* tn -allaoe to *!i/er '.tt ar.y !m ;-r in. the otfarhaod, I apt. h ile.% ft the |h .julr ba.laf frr?! forth I. ? let (Ui ar,d , ' raor* *< hla ?. Mat, rode*?.,,, | be'4 lr. U .1'. a, 1 to ,n antod atoter tho . .,.,.11Nt iu ?' 1 ?lk' 'i nt, ?t r,,!y, r.ylofU,,? It w, ,|d ad to " T' l%" *'"r "' '" * ""l " al Ha rrab *" " ? " h' lire, loir ebicb l.r ? , i!4 U ?.?|r if r.f in mj I it* .bjeet !o ? -aalo of bi - hi : 11 ,! ...Utoao aloe,,,!. J* " if"y i?4 '????? ffMfli the, J|r?irtp#r ffrtH rmmmmrn ? ^ l> aibrwtbploln Mottfo rmoii. tob.nd ...talbooA ?efrooud him ?<??. d.y, pv, f, tfc# u,, ^ y j y *rd- ?,.| for tha atoalooraoM of the it- ? y dfl| I ep'alu Kr.e'l a a m-t - . ,t ? ,h U mevt.of h. Inv 'JfrnW, lle-tou, oal t.?.,a-oo TT 'fT- W""1 "* AM ??-< the T.JV4. an *ce a eg ?| h thr,r -am man do,. e- uvyed I,,?, 'tl fUe' t' bra jh Wf ld??d (p. w fcvJ , ? , ? r ;!"tviT',1:ri,ri ^ ?? "?r ?? !? ' I tn In lUvlmi-^ ,b. ,, b, la( b?,;,. dm. . f-rtor. K.Itotf oret Idrt, ?r e.! by morHd t.r propotly pe,f,? , of Up, <:??!#? ?o IK'to }kf, at p aer.. ? r f !?.t I ItleJ-er in rati,,, *n,.|a.^?t Hot. altbr. gh U .? *<*!',f'tad ?r ,bn y?nTT-d ? fOlr..t I, a. Tbo rrwordo ?d lb|4m?a *?l 1 ,o o?4 K4 ef. r b.MH^-b in 'bo. o,,,. . ? Um. ,-el, -Ulal '.ru n nel. hr. , M ,e' .' na.1 '. .1JZ. r^ v-j... ? ? 'izr^szsxr Tto i?pt? Pular Iro. TO INK irblTrrl Of rKV. tt. 1 Of A Hi ? a I. iv, lh.00 ^od t. yo.r ..laiJaot pop". K. oto, I. ~? U-. !e..,?ol Ui. ro.tiof rwk , ami ^e,*, ^ i^rr.. roe,on' nr the oaoee, ?r ^ f Ha. ^ ^ 01 Ue m. of the poto, 4 Ul^| 'i fi' ant mtreptt nar fo'or. Irr <?*e. to ho 'bra* (rrr the Umo-I ' e , 2 ba'aovnOW " ?mtS thai T "# ' ' ' * '*** ft ? I- .ho tola*lor 4 . f a.,4. t . p?-. .bare i% rre"Twi^r.'T *?'*- -% ?..<* - - a ?Z?A I ;*t T 1 ' V ?*?'-'toe TalLS^ ""?*- T,' rnd. to -M ,<ka, la*, nrta.1 ta .Mre- pT U Jl *? to I Ke? Wkr f< y t,;? - ^ rt?. ? ""M iohoM' b - kW Vt . JL ' ** ?!?**?? ?? , , ,, oe-' r, la ' JT '* ^ "V - n. aiT. a,.,. ? .* '. "V toreboeu'. .I Uat '*?*?*? >w^?? L*,-, * ... . y n'raiWH... a,... r* ^ n , ..V**1 '"?"'???f* >a*otiO| f, H lb "e,* *to*' ^erttr' lieot. arr rel . ' ? ?tae-hmo, . IV, to ! 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