Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 28, 1855 Page 3
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toast but. continue till that time in full force. If it be asked, when I lint lime (the lire* ot Jinitr) J arrive*, how tl the vacancy to be filled f 1 answer, by special elec tion, at ruch time anil in mth manner a* "tne legists tore shall provtda"?a duty, in the name sec'low of the ?onatitution, t-xpreesly imposed upon tbat body, and winch, an hua been neon, tliey hare faithfully discharged. *' If (earn the act of 1841) a vacancy proper to be aup p'ied at a general aloe linn, aball (no matter from what oauae, whether from tlie re-enoy of the event cre ating it. the iuipoHalbllttT "f giving the timely ir-tije required by the fitness of things a? well aa by positive law, or from iriegulartlies in the inspectors, or fron equality in 'he voter cast,) "ha 1 nit have be.-n supplied at tbe genarai eleotion next succeeding the happening thereof, a special election, to supply such vaoaney shall then (meaning, In that eventj bo neld?the Governor giving at least twenty days notice, by proclamation, in ?very county of the district. ... Speaking again of the much disputed thirteenth section, the relator aaj*:?''It will not do to dis regard this pUin mandate of tho comfoHntlnn by auppoeing cases ff InoonvenieBce, or o' evils which may result therefrom." Ami yet to the same argument he cites as authority the language of Mr. Justice Buggies, in thu Court of Appeals, that - when au instrument is woided (as this certainly is not) in clear and preeise terms?wheu its meaning is evident and tools to no absurd conclusion, the e can be no reason for re fusing to admit the meaning winch the word* naturally import." On this authority, then, we may vr-nture t. suppose a case, not of evil and inconvenience ouly, but ol gross absurditr. We will suppose?for the relator's pos - tion goes that l-ngth?the'. Mt Justice Morris, the leading characteristic o'whose dls* ?>e w ss Its sud ienneu, rotting Into town early on the morning of the election, had, in a moment, without warning dropped dead inhis carriage, iDd that his coachman, sU-ue cognizant of the vacancy, and ambitious, as he had a r ight to l>e, of promotion from the box to the bench, had gone to the poll and de-, posited for bimself a single vole; and that on counting the ballots next morning it had b-un simultaneously an nounced that Mr. Justice Morris was dead, and that Mr. Justice Morris's coachman had been chosen to* (ill the vacancy. Suppose. I say, such la ease, > and cuch an announcement of it on Wednesday nmraing, would not the electors and the whole people, including even the fortunate candidate, have exclaimed, what an " absurd oonclnsiou" to a most solemn eveutl The relator, without denying, has endeavored to parry this absurdity. He rays that tn his case, '? full know lodge of the vacancy was had by the electors," and that " uo wrong or injury has takeu place." Even were the feet so, It would turnish no answer In law; but the fact, in both its branches, as the re :ord shows, is prociiely the xt verse. Five thourand nine hundred and twenty one?not of the electors who might have staid at hjine?but of the electors whn actually attended and voted tho judicial ticket, either knew nothing of the vacancy, or bad no sufficient opportunity to prepare fiesh ballots, or to preps: e their minis un deratsndiegly to fill It. By adding and subtracting it will be found that there ??? that number of ballots with only one name, (counted it W olid seem for tho loog trim,) aLd with no designation except "for Justico of th? Supreme Court for the first j idictal district," or to that effect. "Ballots," (ss the complaint says,) were no doubt cent for tho "long term" and for the "short term," but not all the ballot;. There Is not tho sltglit--st probability that the ballots originally piloted before tho death of Judge Morris, ar.d whl -,U, therefore, had only one nam*, aud of which it would seem nearly six th >u t-aiid were sc'uslly deposited, contalne i any sports! de siccation The law required noue, aud uoue was proper. When, therefore, the relator, In ono of his points, stys that the 'otni ot the ballots Wrought horns to the no tice of tviry elector that a JusMce was to be elected for the long term and a Justice to fill the vacaasy," ho Ig nores th* exlstenoe of theS U-l. and too, a fact jjublic km. notorious, and provd in effect by a pno ic But this is not ail It appears hy the coin; 1 tint that the t lec.iou Was held on Tun nuy commencing, of course, at rusiise the tllh of Noretnliei; tia> no idea of filling a vncrncy was seriously entertain*-! till the .'10 b of Osto ber, an ' that tho tanieif the relator. In particular was net vupge-tcd in tbat connection till .Saturday, the 3d of Nuveuite r, and, ot course, was not lawfully and i-*gu isrly published till the morning of Monday. Hero, Ihen. was an io'erval ol twenty-four hou-r?sight of tli?tn devoted to slum!>er?f>r sixty or seventy thousand electors to ge- in'oi nn'ion of the exlgeo :y aud tocanva.H the merits of the nominee, aui to mike ar rnrgenieutM f?r concert of action. I n ier there circatt etances, is il to he wondered at, if such bo tho law, th?' a candidate aith leas than eighteen thousand out of more 1han fifty live thousand votes should 'ake a seat on the beuch which another, wi?h nsar.y t venty seven thiusxnd at the same election. fails to reuch? True, ouo, it Is said, was run for the short term, sod one fir the long te-m. Still, both, whether for oigot yea's or five, were run fer a seat on the same beuch?nod the cuneequenca of the hurry, uncertainty and confuilon, if such no tdec'.ron be legally opeiativr. Is to deprive the |?oplo of the services cf Mr. Justice Cowries, although nla? thoiisanl more of the electors voted for him then for his now competitor, Mr. Davie- and although six thousand in effect h? 1 no no tice that aoy special vacancy was to bo, or legally could be, filled. . To say. as the relator does, in view of such results and others of a I ke character, that " no wrong or Injury has tot, en place." is to advance a proposition which, at though pcrhape true as reipects the rotator individually, is clearly in opposition to the fie s > far as c .ncorn< id body of tlie electors. On thorn. t( this hurried an 1 Irre gular election so called be eoahll-hed, tho unst flagrant "wrong ' will have been inOic'ed; aud what Is u still more serious con-ldoratlou a p i triple will have been sett'ei, under which, In a population of be'weea Ihree and four n.4)11 -ns, and with ?n actual vote uf live bun dled thousaud, a Judge may he placed uuon the hen th of the Cor it ot Appeals, witnoul a single ballot In his favor except his own, ami without any knowledge of the vacan cy except by himself. " The conclusion to which this argumen' lesdv may be summed up iu tlie following brief propositions:? First?That by the new conatltutUxLContrary in th*', respect to the fanner sy tern, the jpti.Ury, wheths windy rr not, vas intended, ns la- as prac'-icahle, to bo ni' tie elsctive rfiie-tly by the people. S cond?That the appointing po?er of the Governor, when s'lowed to t?- exercised, was to be oonfln?d to spe cisl emergencies, and to eea-e as so >n as, in the tlue and orderly couise of things, those emergencies should cease and the popular will rs- a-certain-d. Third-That the'-times" of electing Judge*?whether on the "first Tuesday afior the first Monday'' iff a given month, o. on the first Tuesday after the first eighteen days, from th* happening ol a vacancy?were I-ft to the legislature to be "proscribed" as expiosaed in article fi or to be "provided" aa expressed in artl tie 10, "by law." kou>'h?Tbat no eiec'inri to fill a vacancy created by death can oonsUtuttonully be h'-l i without a substantial compliance with the regulations in regard to "tiui*" and other particulars " pi esc li lard" aud "provided' by law. Fifth?That the constitution Itself ordains that the legislature shall "prescribe" ar.d "provide" such re gn atloDs, and intended theiefo*e that when made they should Ire observed. Htxtli?Tbat the minfmnm time, in the present Instance, to which the electors weie by 'aw entitled, was tw-nty twifday?(from the 14th Ue'.. to the fith Nov..)?and that aa the vacancy in question happened so 1st- as to allow less than hfteen, the aliegi'1 ruction to flit ir was not an- t uld not be held ac.-ordiiig to the regulati-ns ordalred by the constitution, to be nude, and was pro per y. therefore, treated try the executive as a nullity 8cvi nib-?lhat the vacancy ciea'od by the death of Mr. Jus'lce Morris not baaing as yet been "supplied try the elect':- n by the people," was lawfully "tilled by appoint nirnt by the Governor. ' K'ghtb?That such appointment will continue tn force ' nn'il the vacancy shall be supplied at the next gem-rat election of Judges, when (or at which) it shall tie :lllel by election for tba residue of the unexpired teim;" that is. nn'il a gsneral election tikes pla e at which It csn he filled by the eleotors wit tout viobrtng tne ruh - and regulations a* to "time" and otoer partic-ilars "pre scribed" or "provided" by lew ; or until a *ppiixl etc tlon, undt r the power given to th.- l<e;?i*lniure to "pro vide for tiding vacancies in o!lt:e ' can tx held and com pleted. Math?That the Legislature, In txerutiou of the power bo confided to their, having provi le 1 that " if a vo-an*y proper to be supplied at a g-neral elec'lon shall n-.t have been supplirsi at the gem-ral ilectl in next sueoeding the bxppeniiig thereof, a sp-clal i lection t-i supply snch va cancy shall then lie held," l?. is the duty of the Governor, as directed by the statute, to "order uchel.ction ami to issue hi- pr< cluma I" i therefor." Tenth?That the B'tiel" in c nstltntlon whi :h en joios it <ui the I*gi? etnro, wuli a single re-'rl-tion, tv provide foe hil-ng vacancies in oTiee, '-eing suSi ?,':imt It order, must if necesssry, ts ?> cou-t.-ned as to cm rol or ouabfy the -sixth article which p ece les it. Flevenih?'Tii%t vhe jndgui 'u* -if the s;xcial term in favor of tlir delendaci ought, ib- re- re, to be medifl- I so for, and to -'et are the m-p n . u> ei,titled to bold the office to which he hss b?. ;i a|.;-. nted by the F.ecjttve, until and Including the 81st - f In-cm'ier, 1WS1. unices the vacancy shall be so. ne- supplied by a ?]>eclal election to f>e or" rid for thai f uriswe, and Uiat. Wl'h su b modification, the Judgment be afllrnjed Nott?It may be projer here to observe, and to re member, that If thedoetifne, d mended for by the relator, tliat in ra e 11 a vacancy is* urt - g no matter at how laie a per od. 1 it shall (u?i g the u >r.l in the imp-'ra'lv" and not iu the ant jucctl-e nviud.) bi' supplied at the neit geastal election," and ibat the w o le clause legally Ooristrued. ii ana. ahsointeiy an I on ,ualitie llv, lb* very next gem rol election, and n d ibe oeit genera* ila-'.ion at whleb emu isteuty with "e authorised provlslo0? of Uie law the vacancy can nl!e?l and that the vacancy, in the view of the ror.-titulh n tei initiate- at the ae'ting of the ann r* the vary day <ff t'? elc ions an I is imme diate y i.h, i hy ?he succe?-f 1 - andutat* on tlie instant tbst'le imlli ate ci<'t<-<i?*upi -fog I -ay. tiffs doe trine to be sound, tiers w?re < n the rtth of No vember thiee reals en (be k' ip ar.,e Ct'Uff 1 ten h to he filled by feetioa : o*>" tbat of Me. Justice Elwa'd? for abont two .norths, the unexpi rd residue of hi- 'e-m; <Df that of Mi. Ju'ti ? Morris, for ah .at ?lxty-tw# -non'ha The unexpired reside, of hie term* and cas? ih*' fieiig f-om the regular e\,iirati<>n of offi;.>?'or 'he full t*' ir of eigh*. yrare |r.."i tlie ft ret "f lenixiy. Aud thncvmsetfUenre wonld ba tha'all thebviots ?< r st Ira-*. veiy large pritioo of thc*n. fir io >r.- than sufficient to de wrmlne ihe reeoll and whleb ?her?l< ??> mesne of disftnguteblng ftom tlie real?were ? ffd for wsnt <>f de.-gnatl'n ao>l that there le now no posst vility tf deteimining with legs! ce'tvinty, which of the -rvsral p*re< n- v-t.d far was irtendr 4 for sny par'.lou ?t place# At to 'be f> fo-1 vote* wl ether fer Owls- or iVbtting? and fh?y were certainly t >r on* or the other? Ihe-r wee n- 'titng on then to designate waich iff tha se places th> t were iatanderiWAad ae to the If. Mi, tl ere was nothing on themtj da-igna'e which o< 'he vacancies. wh?thcr that of Judge fdwa-ds rr that <f Judge Morris, they - vie iniendel to fill. i tLst adroit log the re'a'or a d.?e'.rt:ie, the e v:u n - ele.-, tl, o either of Mr Wl itlng. or Mr Onw'ee. OT Mr. levies, or of sny other candidate either for a full or for a iesl dnarr'e-m?Vtr eight yrar?. or for two moatlie or f r eight ?ea-e an- two month', or for any ether certain I* rind allowed by iaw. Jrptit firpow. tleo delivered an elaborate opinl n upon tl. *we, ' -ciu-ling k? fo l*>* - - Th- de'er.deu*. 1 I thick, i-nttttwl to ihe office n 1'e r*'e and Oie judgmtOt <A th" <p- isl h-rx a:iou*d U' e ibrs he aff' nod* LIST OF LETTERS * tk? lev Urk ?Uj M OSm, rrUaf, Oeccaber <8, I8M. . NMbM aulutTil; la th? New You Bmtu, by Aet #< Umgrea*?(Az paper karmg the Imrgtd oimtiatvtn sf any jxywr in Ww DniUd Slat*. LAD I EH' LIST. Abbott Kin Andar*on Mra.Fra'k Ap'omnu. Mm Abel ML* 171b tort Archer Mr* birr L Ante* Mr* .1 Judann Andrews MraVary A Averlli Mlaa Lucy An<terHonMih?I>fllHVAulhcny Mr-* MaryK .twd'ug Mr* Aug Ahpel Ml** Minna Anderson Mr* Major Aatrln* Mr* K, .'l.'ih Allhot Mlaa Carolina Robert Aitchlwn Mr* A B RladraMraMarv Ann ReUeMad'UeRorale Hon-* Win Jane Unity Mr* M. IV*rI Mel IngerMraMary A Mcuuitier Madam llrady Aun. 3d ItrnnuenMralli idgcl Milan Brady ML*Ann.20ih Breuneo Margaret BrowarMlaaUfxie A llrady Mow hlltiu Reragan MU? Kllen llrower Mr* Harvey Bradley Mis* Caro-Brldgel* Mr* 19th Brcxm Mm. 4th av line K Brtgi;* Mrs W B Brown Mitt AnnieR BlisggeMraFranceaBBIglowNliaKugetila HrownML* R Ixabeth *ldwinML*l,auraWBtrd MLa 8 M BruwnMLsIl tuoahM Mali. 11a-bud Mb* M*uv BLhop Mis* CraceC Brown MlaMary ABB UU*a Mr* Buaan 0 lloyle Mr* Margaret Banoker Mr* Harah Brtlt Mis* Julia Bruce Mr* I lathe Brandt MriM.Hons Brtt'on Mr* Jane Ml- Broee Mia Mary Ana ton gabeth Mruoe Mr* J M Barden Anne Brugan Mr* Mary Buohanau Amelia Barber Mrs Mary Bulger Mr* LouUa Buekbue Mia Juie Huron Mud*in Jale* Blondgood Mr* Mary phlne ... _.. ?Rruar Ml** Mary E Baitletl MIm Kllga .While Rruar Ml** Ma-r E BartleUMr* SuiagBwuiki Mr* C, We- Bulkley Mr* Jane Itam Mm MA ? verier place Burke Mrartilzaortl place Burke MrsNilzabeth BaUe Mr* Ur 11 8 Booth MLaKhzabeth Briuh Ml** KIJa Kaudelot Madam,Ca Mope Mr* J W Hntler Ml** Delia nal BroemondMra,Fra'k-Bryant Ml** Mary J Haum Mr* Jot lln RyrneMary.Ohtt&itm Meal Mr* L W Bourroughg MrsMa- ByrneMmXtry, Co Beektnan Mr* Cor- tllda Inmhla Bella Byrn* Mary, 12th O Cedden Mary Oamr MIm Abbey Caaey Widow, ar B Cahi'l Ann Cam Mbui Bunanna Connor* Mary Cain Ellen Camldy MIm Bridget Conneriy Catharine Cairy Mia* Bridget Caranagh Bridget C inroy Anne Callaghan Mr*, ilih Caely Mr* C,Mulber C nroy Mr* Michael OallhreathML*Et'LA rr Coogan MIm Kll*a Caldwell MimAgnes Creraer Mr* Oatha Cook Ml** Lizzie Chamber* Mr* 0 0 ChriafleldMLaAui *n- Cook Harah Ana Cameron MbsWaryA da Cooley Mary L Copeland Mr* R 1 Cameron Mm John Cln Anny Copeland Mr* R M Camlll Mary Uhlnery Mi**, Mul-Corn well Mm MaryM Campbell Mm Rllen berry Outran Mary Campbell Mary A Clinton MIm Agnea Croat MIm Delia W Campbell Mra Mar- Cober Mr* Cain Cutlello Mr*, let ar garet Co'ley Mm Margaret Ooatello Mr* Kllen Campbell MLsHusan ? 'ogawell Ml** Bar oh Cotter Mias Kllen Cannan Mr* Marga Colbert MLe Mary Ooughlan Julbt rate Oole Mm A M Cturtney Me* Jane Chapman Mra E R Cole MIm Cornelia A Cowan Ml*a Nancy Clare Mm Cole MIm Barrel K Crowley Mlmll.Mun Carey Mra Ellzubeth Oolligan Mary roe Crary Mr* Mary A Onlwell Mm Harah Cox Mia* KUzabeth Clark Mra CO CouklynMraJ Covin M?*? Ann Clark ML* P J Cooklyn Mra Ange- Coyle Ml** .lull* Clark ML* (Vaale L line Cnlilnane Jndtth i 'lark Mm Kllen Conklin Mra Matll-Cnnnee Mra Jane Clark Madam Iiado- da K CunntnghvnMls* An r* ? Connell Mra Arminta ule M Clark Mis* Margaret Conned Mlea Kllen Currona Mil* Cath, Clark MmBosamoud Connn'l Mr* Kllza A 1"th CharlnlMiariarrietN C inuell Mr* Julia Outran Rile* Carlton Mlae C R Connelly Ilonor Cur'la Mra Wm El Carroll Mr*.Margaret Crunly Kllza Ousuik Mary Crrroll Mr* Mary Crooned Ann Cuasan ML* Sophia Carter Mr* Mary Connor Mr*, Rose Cutter Ainaud* M W Carter MLa Ro*c V D Drake Mra Anna B D nraao Mr* Mary D inneily Mr*,Oak*t Dale MLh Jane Den'n Mlas Kato Donnelly Mia* Hatha Dalrymple Mr?M*rv DeoauaeMra <V C llooler Mr* A C DarrnughMI-HSurah Devine Mr* llthat Dorl* ML* Mary ! Davie Mi* At. Dlarnn Mra V Doyle MLt Maria Itavt* Mho Bet?eyM DtbbinaMra.OherrystDoaglas* M try Davidson Margaret Dietrich VLaO.rolineDtt'yn.? Mr* M A Day Mr* Mary K Itrlgga Mra Busan A Due* M He, arUstc Dayton Cuilu.rlne 0 Dillon llano-a Duffer M'-s. lbh st Da< kf,rMri>M Il?nk*t liobb* Mm Kllen Duiry Vnne I ecloaae huzabetu Du'an Bridget Drum Mrs Itoae Dei.argev Amanda DolandMLaKlliabethDunn Mr* A Detrc- ML* Mary A Dnlan Vis.Margaret Dunn Mary Kllza Iloi cvMr L,Fallnn*tI)umphy M Delo**eWra bftza I lor evMr L.FultmMtnumphy Mlas M tr belh Donahey Mra Mar- ga-el DoianyCatha gn-et Duva'IMrsLW Denipaey Mi-? Ehea Dyer Miaa K1W B Fkln* Mlaa Kllza IlliaonMa Wash Ktharldy Mr* M?ry Ella Mrs hidwey _li giOD place Jane KIIL ML* Mary A Elllaon Ml** M%t I-runs ML* Ka e j Ellen MIm U K1 worth MrsMaryA Kt-crurd Mr* Mary klilbou Uannah I 1 Falioy Ilia* Belinda Cling Mr* 0 R Flood Mlaa Rzannah I Ki liry MIra Cath* rinni n Maria K<*>t Mia* Jane j Fallon Mm Malinda Flmaaey Mlas Ca ha Korho* Mr* KlenorC I Hannigan Acne KrLhee Mr* M ,ry K Fowler Mi**I.oui*al. . Kartell Ml** Ann Kizlmr Mr* Catl.a Knwler Miss Mary E I Karrell Elizabeth KLk .'.Ira Qeorge Kox Mra Doroito C Kar ML* Kllen 8 Filch Mr* tbalha M Foy Mlaa M *r> Keagan llrldgel Ki'ch ML* Harah Furlong Mr*, av B Kee Kllzahuth Foley Mr* .Mary Ann Fi> tin Mm, itub *1 I Fieenuui Ml*a Arle Folle Mis* Kllzaheth Flynn Mary ILi-a Foley Mia*. 21*t ?t Flynu M *rs,rel Kellun Mr* Lvdla U k ltzpuiilck .Mr*,Rio Flvmi Wido w, Kaat Kenwii.k ML* Ueo uevelt *i^ WaaltingUiu place Creham MI*?M?rrB Gaven Mr* W,7lh av Oilman Mm NancyC <lall*gtier Mr* Kliz Gellle MIm .'i!ld rt Olliie* Mm.SulTolk at Culiivln Ml** Julia (teller Mra Knuua Co trey Mis*Maty A Cram Mr* M 0 UeLtoti Mr* John UolMur MIm, MoU ?t CardnerML-eKrhec* Ueran Mr* Clara Oneham Mis* Aun CarrLon ML* Ann ClbannMuL.Rr'dwayCoruioa Ml** Ileity Cia**MisaMaryAuneCrilDn ML* Mary A Cough MIm Marrella Ulaaa ML* Margaret Uilleit Mra^Kuih Cuuidla Mr* lleleo Ragrrman Mra Ann Qayne ML* Rliza Hogau r.u-e HalgMLtMargarelCliaye* Bridge! liozan MreMart Ann Hale Mr* Henry K llayes Mary Hogau Mrs John Huley MlsiAnn.lllh llavr* Margaret lloidom Margaret limey MP*Ann.ltiki Iteming Mum Klenor Holland Hsnnth HanmnMLeH.KulUm Henderson MrsArthrHoenv Ann Hm.ely Mr*,0?iial at Henlen Mra s K. Hon 1 inn Mrs Kdwd H.nne* Charlotte llrnrl Ma i Pauline Ho are Ann K UaniioD M?ry llerron ML? Matilda Howard MlasCharl'le Hanun Ml?? Loesa Hetrirk Mra Sarah Howard Mlaa llaUle Ilarrls Madam.Lh st llewaon Abigail Howard Mia* Mary HarrL Mra.Iwonard lilcks Ceoell i C Hughe* June llari LMr*D,Kor*)thlllnd*MiiryorMargt llnihert Mra Mary liarrl*ou MrsMaryA Hinken Mra.M,Pearl Hunier Ml * Allee .f Hurrtnor.Harsh U Hhcbo<*ikMr*CttrlliienuutingtonMi*.Juh* llaretr MLt, OllreM llo.Ttn*nMr*DrKdwdllurlee Mis* Cath K HatkellMriJM _ Hyatt Miss Kale A I A Jf InnIs Mr* Mary K Johnson ML* MKT Johnson Marl* D Ive* Mr* K D Jolin-on ML* Anna Jones Mr* S W Jatkaor. Ma.y A Johnaun Ml** Clara** Jone*Mr Harah King Jarvte Ml** Attn K J hi.-on Helen H Jones Strab K I Jarel* Mr* h* ah A Johnson ML* Mary, Joaeph Mr* Ceorr# I Jenkr ML* Phehe A Murray *i Jo*' Ml** Adeiaid I Jrr.ktn* Mr* Ttv mai Jojce Judl'h Johnson Miss Mary, Johnuion Mr* A Canal at Kamei Kllzabeih Kenneily Margaret Kl kennv Caiherlne Kai.btrt Mr* CailiV Kenny Mr* Ann Kllllns Mr*. 12th it Kaahow Ml** Atnr Kcough Vis* Mary Kit g Kllen 2?th herns Calherlt e KlnkerMlsaMarga'ta Keenalev MraJ I Kearna Mia* Ann KidderMlasCaroline Kline Kinma C ! Keenan Mine, Water I' C KI-krrMis*Itr. otan'e KecDan Mary Krlcg* Mrs Mathilda Kirland MrsMeuryB I Kelly ML* c*lber'e KUdufl Bridget Klrawan Mlas Msry I Kelly Mr* Fh/u Kl loll t'behe Ann K ini'*rMlssMaryJ,e 1 Kellv llrs l.llllas C Kilzarru. K:'eo K-.o. .loin a Kelly Mm l.lih** C Kilgatrlli Ellen Knox Julia A Kendall Mlsa AunteF L Land Mra Jane I A" Mia* Ann 31 ut I.lghtbourn-* uaunah Lake Mai v Lee Mis Wm M ? Lamprey MlmAb'rK I,eed. Mrs KPzahcthLock*!and Ml** Am'a l.ttne ary lwigg Ml* Marv Mr*ih sdoreC l.antx ML* Call.'e Leggen Mr*, Ur 'en Isyuls Mrs It nlna j Lary Margaret wlch ?t Lnv grove Mr.Msry . Ijtvlnloirg Jievey lemnon ML* Marv J Lo. ill Jas or Ctth'e | l*awrence Mrs. _?l ' Ivonar t Mra t b ?l leiven Muwhlizaaelb ; Lawrence Mrs W H Iwijnard Ml** Anne Llord Mr* M A ' I wan ML* M<f caret LcorardMraCamiila Lynch Klien ' Iwarv k l</atieUi IwvLon Mr* llr riiB l.vnn ML* Ann M Lt-e Ml,*. |llh*i Iwwis Mr* Ann Lyon Ml.* Ellen I we Mr*. Bridge *t Lyon Mra Mary M i M?ck Mr* Ann Masuew Mr* Ana Moloney Ml** Kllen Maghl Mr* ,nno Muv#'ierMr*,tCi;ii *t Monnan Ml** Jane I Mahr.n Ml* M c Mrs Jane A Monk* Mr* Mnlore Arir.e Maxey Mia* Margl Mon'goineryMr* l>ib Malonev Mr*. Jamea Mayer* Mrs Char le MooJr Mr* harah j Mallrn Mln V*ry Mralei ML* Mary MoooMr* CordelL A I Manrns. M ?*(' Muken Ml*s Arn MvtreMlsaKJ Mm lien Mtry Mrlnnney Msrgarel Morehou*" Mis* K W 1 Maonion Vu * ddgt Mi Ivin Mr* Kltnor K. M .rey Mrs > II j Manger Mr* IwwI* Merrill Mr* L T Mo-g*a Mr- EdwInB I Van Don Ml** K?'e Mcyne Mrs gth at Morvan ML* tun K I Mnnefle'dMr*. h*?i Mr'y rat Msdlle K.lLe Morgan Ml** M A I l!iih?i MiddletonMr?AmeliaMnrg*n ML* lle'.eal. i Manning Mim Ida Ml e? Mra ii:h are NorJey Mm K i Martwdel ML* I u*'e Mill* Mia* Barah Maih*r Mi** Malvln* j Marrhhank Mlaa, ?ld Mill* ML* Ann K Mosl'on Mr* Mar) J 1 *i?2 Mill* Mr* Susan Mu'ha * Mr* Kale Marchle Mr* Maty M.'ad Ml-* Kit Muun* Mr* Attn i Martin Mra Ksrah V' le MIm sn*au B Murrv Maria I llartln ML* Var'ir t M ilrr Kllza it Murrav Mr* Ltinlnda Mses.ti Via* Amelia Mixhe K legnre Murpii,' Mr* Margret Maeeei s Mi* Igsiil* MH Mi - Anne M Murphy Mil* Aunie Maicheii ML* Vert Modlit Miss lohanah Mu-phy Mr* M H I M.iihi i Ml* K.snuyJ Mulloy Mim IL. e Murphy M's* Mary M.sihew Margret Murphy ,M1m Kllen Mar J McAl<wt?r Mary MrDrsinot Mr-Kllza M-Yue Mr* M'~ trdleV'? Hap e'y V. I ertn * <"a ,? i ineM, I*rn?yMr?.Clier'y | McArhurMr-C .M.;l?>t>. !! Vr? Mary M'LaugbLnM -*.(*'* ' MeCabe ML* Huztn MeOrwlh M'.?a ann Mr,wirl Mr* H It li.n V. Href or Helen Mrlwo I Mr* Fmlly Mc(Uht') Miaa MttryV|(,?t.i i Mrs M Is ihiln Mary M'-Cagh Julut MrOmigh Margaret M Vuiirn Mr* 17th M'-Call M.-*June M' Hugh M.-ai'.C. Ige'MeMul an Ml.* I7iIi V i si.ur.M *rKilen-2Mi Kci z.t* Ml * dopmaMi Wil .em* Harah McCroyharab Ma-gsre'Mi v t C'lzs McCenn MLs HrtdgetMrFheraoD Mm* Ma MrKaiu Mr.. 11th ?' McCai't Mr* Anne ulda M Kay eat- A Kdeu If Napoleon Mrs Mary Newion Mr* fi f Nnro n Mr* J C Maall kUm Nc .? .* Mm Jautea KwtiM Mr* Maria Jte?I?ey Sir.fVher'e.sor.x r* Mr-Mar* JN a'ier kl.* J Kewtm n.Mm,B'way Nt? 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Kr>\K*' \fara i u Mm (?<* $t flU(Ofl Mr* J A It i "i M w I!?? At?r.ri HbiV-fi Mf*J R'tgerm Vr* a on Rri??r Mr? ?*rm -6 hUttm HrtKY Ro?rr - IIn Rffil M:? h U RU??rNmb4 Mr I. M FtO<prR MUm Rffkri Morjr Rtvrm Mw *. K R#? "i r < ri|,> lit* Hi 'in?k?fi Khrt K p. Mr* M%rr !!<?*]* .Mr* Mor * Rob*rt?oBXfi P'tmv Hm* Viritoii C Rpiiy M%tr W Rn? mrim Mr* a M Hmntrr ini? ti Vi*# Mir/ R??Hfmrir.Ml#** Aano lion ?cr Rronrm I*. Ann M Rynn vfu* i<i*\*% UtttkhW. M'n JimK WoNi r Mm fCJi/n Run J* ; I. & Mm M?r Rrv- k Mi*- ^r?l? i Ku%ru Mw* ' iitH J ftodiiti Mfi .Mi"/ J KU'i titvlj+x Ttb4ir?)*l?n.MorT f ionto Kmvno Rhrpnr J Mi iHtr/O Hfni b Mm M*rft T Jonnhn Mi?rvTiorNmu/i Mr* w % Mkw Hii'oU (J H"erMoo briuth Mr* M*r<t T ft JchriMnn*rri+t Hh+fo Hnmn M fWh Nk. Rwono"* ,w ??fam II Mm H m*w* Aon A Hr- 2 SAVb 5 U i* ff f?'l" I*t nr Strimm Mr* Wo?ti ???* M!m?*Skit trijum p'om RWc m V\h*"tiA> niklJin IR1I fi f TI f%rt Msrkfc M k Mir/ Mn r HI* rr Mit * bo* V A ?C"** nn'f fUm.t'mf'M h* - JWwini Mrtl.r ft* Vrf v.; R] r?i ffiinkc ?*? ih Rf-rli-.9 If r- Mtry S T mpmn n< M Mri*? Mm ki ln h? Mm 4U? flirm llor* A tfBtlR Mim ?* A Xff RmoR b*??-t ? Mi J fcm'Ui- '*#* <? H*. St M K? - *f*(]p ? v K*.; iM * flfO'i Hir%r\ H'? If irw R ? ?{ f? Hf \%*f ? 4 T Tabet Mix Rigour Tiaalad Mra, Whit* at Twmt Mr Marg J may L Trnyaoe Mlu Marg I Tuojjr Mr ? Taboc Add Tiffin. Mr* HopUia Thorns unudi Tammany Mi*. Kale Tlliotson Mr. Mary A Thome Mia* Kliza Tawnev Mr* Clara Till*) Mr* Jul a Thorns MLw A Tayiur Mr* I-ouiat Tlnney Mr*, hi mm Towaaawl Mlaa Har't Taylor MM* Mary Toal Mra llennoua Tulle > Mixt Auue Taylor Mir*. Til at Toll Mlsa Susan Turnor Mr* Oath's Taylor Mia* Harriet Thome* Mra Wot Tula Mr* anna Taylor Mr* Luruia* Thomas Mr* Pbeba A V Vandrrbutg Miaa Van Wir Mr* Va WVearie WIm It It Maria H VanCloaf MiaaMaryPVernou M.a? J una Van Volkroburgli Van Huron Ml-*Mil Villi Mr* Harriot M Miaa Haj ah U Ur Voa* Mi?a Rithanl W Wad* Mir* Iota A Weliatrr Miaa Arlrt Wl'sou Mad, TVatb Wadaaorth Mlaa. ,'iad la ir Ingloo Wadaworth Mlaa hti Welrh Mlaa Caaalll iVWlUon Mr* JaaH Waldron Mlaa Hen Wall* Mr* Larlaaa William-MmMaryiJ rWita Well* MuwAn'otnetlaWilllauu Ml** Hltza Walkrr Mr* Amelia I Wempit Mr*. 1Mb bath Wall Mr*. Nanaau Wien Rarah William* Mr* Cola Walsh Mr* Annlaa J Woatbrook MlaaOor- man Wakalleld Mr* it T nella William1 Mlaa Ann* WiM Mr* Carol'r H Wewton Mlsa Jutta T WlUiaiaa Ml*a Mtrla Ward Mlaa LUzle 0 Whatioo Mlaa H D Wlnnant Miaa Ida Ward Mi-a Rllen Wl kly Kuaan Winter* Mlaa, 7lb at Ward Mr*, latav MuuMargenWlrth Mr* Klin Warner Mi* SarahF Wrlthi Mlaa I.ney A While Mr* Aratnda Warren Ml*. J ennlr c W righ I Mra Marx'I Whlinev Mr* K I. Water* Mlaa Anna Wright Mrr. IJth White liar y Mlaa J V. WalaooMra kllen Wright MraMary Ann Will Ml*' Loon* A Week* Mary H Wilson Mta* Sarah A Wood* Mlaa Ana Wobb Mr* Marr K Wilton Mr* Kltra L Wood* Mary Wt baler Mr* Rllen Wllaon Mra Mary Wood* Mlaa Anny M Wbeaten Mra OH*e Wadaworth Mr* Am*-Wilder Mr* Hiram Wear Mlaa Jane 11a WUlcoi Mra Y Young Mr* A D ORNTI-KMKN'd LIST. Adam* Hubert Alien Iaaar B Armstrong ThoniAt AdamaC ftlulhrop Allen Ha* J W Armstrong Sim .u Adorn*Kamue J Allertoa Mr, Bull's Armstrong J W Adams Arthur Head Austin ThorpaAOo 3 Adam* A Quaken- AINrubl Dominic* Austin s buab Albtek Fred Austin A S Adam* Robert Allen John Arthur 0 A-2 Adler Rirbaul Aiken Ufa Appealer Wm Abbott Tbn* W Alberiaon William Ashley room** Abbott Oeorg* Ahearn llannl* Annguvn Snnor Abbolt R J Anthna Rerkdwnrd Anlonla?,'t Abbott Johns- A Co Amcelhn John Aye rill cliaa It AreA.U Ker J Anderson BobertJK AUrlll Wlnihrop A akin* W (1 Andre A Co tl Arkl* J Ankerman F Anderson J Avery H Adnlpbua 1* Anderson David Arleaga Haspsr Albert! I'tof {. Anderan Mr M Aymar John t> Almrk K K Anderson Richard Ashley Charles?2 Achley Mr Anderson Itenj L O Ash well Thomas Alexander James Anahut P J Ayar J C Alexander Mnn Amole'ord S Arramie Ramon?2 Alexander Kdward Andrews it Arnold Win Allaln Hon Hosthene Andrews A Boyle Arery A Allen A Pot log Angoll B J Arery Mr Allen Frank Aikliuron Wm Athlon William Allen J H At gall A Co Jolso B Athertoa Horace B Allen William Athlon Head B Bar Ion W M Beers M B Brook* C Hary llene Beers Charles lloolh D K Bancroft,BearerAOo Heggs James llrowu H Bay III A Hiulih Heftngei Iter f llrown Mlchaal llaiileltVtmO Beltaiijame* llrown Jaiaus Barclay A Bros Bellows Chat A Brown Bnu| Butler J C Bell Jo J B'O ?n W Bartuuu I, C Bella William Brown John J Itanium Smith Rail II A Brown Henry J Barbaroux Julius |t*o*Ui.dro Brown A V Barnard Marrey Banning Augustus Brown S B Itenairx John lieuneu James Brown Jame* Barlow A K HniineU II llrown Htotiheu Barlow llenry Benueii (loo H Brown lonu T Barlow .Itdni B'-nnoil Daniel II Brown K Haiker BeuJ K Beunati edits; .ertirll llrown U H Baiknr Alouro W Benm-ti ll-urv H Br twu Daniel J Bi.nin A Bn* Banned Jox*i>h Brown Lemuel ? 2 Barren Anall Urenum A Brown Jr Kdinund Barnall Mr Hanaii A liolmau Brown A M I Hurl no K A ileiitz Kraox Brown C'spi lit none* Nlcnlaa Pen UonndlntKia lemur Brown k Co N Barnes ? MTOhrd a Bro- Brown c I. Barker John A Beatlre Aiigiitms llnrti Tliw Benson K A IW Brown Damn! B llarrlek A Benjamin Prof Wm Mrowin AuguM Barklee A Wel.ou Bi'iijamm J K Bloutleo A Co Black William Birnhaiiimr laaac llvui'k B* I, lil.u k John Bonum Win N Umax Wm Brady James Bcnlly Taher Bogarl II C A Co Brady James Bsrlolet Mr Bouion (Jen II, M D Brajy H If rtrand K Ko igh oa Cliaa Brady Jame* Bet a Bro* liroogkio'i John A Brady I)r Keiannoort <iaa- Iloiwick It Brady Jaroet par A?1 lioltloo Jar (lira llrmd ey K Bavin* Klliott llowton John Dr llradly John Hrawer George J Uowmnrq I<eo IBarkwond <>'I Brewer Melu llownnt Tnooiaa Badi'uu Adam HreUCU ttoweiw Kin A liragg Henry K Berg Mr llowerr* Kd ward Bragg WUlemore A llrewvter Win It llowru- Wiu Mapey Berieuslitw J Browning Wm Badger Henry H llrewaier r; A llrown J M A Co BashUt Ibu* llergerrj Mon Am llow lni Wm Blagge Ueiiry W Bi 'r?nd Mou Prod llovd tleo W Nraioiru Juhii rak IIovdau halh'l Hon-3 Bag oy Edward L Barger 1'eiei It Boyle hlaphan Babbllt A Co Btranahon Tlsja 11 lylan Jame Babbit! K Bern* l> Hrir r It II Badenisk loaepb Itirier Kav D llriire John Illal dlJI Dr A Brlgga lieu T II inuonherg J U Baker F Hngg* John K?J Budlot Aur Baker K llillati hlia* Bullock It R Baker tlapt Uriah tiian J IIiihu Daniel Baker kll.b* Brian! Kilward A Hurkinghxin J C Baker t'api Chatfl llrlgletle-iW Bn-klisut W II Baker Chat let W llrtgliam t II Burdock A Martin Baker Wm Jay Htancone'iulaaeppe Brown IlrwlUC Hags Columbus Mri.lgr* C k Hull Bull Ballard J 1* llurkueU II llugeuttll A Hratne T ft B is* l olled Bucl llavltl Hallo Jame* D Drl-lol Capt K C Buigy Jean's It akeroauCbar'cs 11 Brim krrlioll Jai llul etn A Ja |iiln Blake rt rr Bltnop amwll Ito.-kny joe.. Blake A Coon ftlrhop Alben C Buuker Warran K Blake rant ur I J D Bishop All' Capl Blake laolah Hivlna tlltoi* Buceionalll Crestire Bal-h llenrv Blrrh Jams* Bfamer ileorgy Baldwin John Bingham 0 K Bulla W II ( apt Ball John W Bingmaim KiedrtoO Burhan Thouia* Ball Jolin Itll. i Wm R Burn* John Baldwin J S Brlaml A Hall Burnei lleorge Balls? John J?2 Blabee Junius H irrlt' VV Blsklalee Abel BHaa Krederlrk R Burke This BUir Maliet Illrtlu Hugh Hurke J Wallace Hrslnard Jrr-e Bode liualave Iturke Kdmoud R Blai.rkanaee J It road Hear H Hurke L HanwuftWH Brogan I'atrlrk llutke Jtgtti Hai.krrWmri IPMrdm*" Wm llutke I/jrenzi Bsug* A onto Hoi ten A Idea Butll (Junto Hamplng William Broken John W Ilurgea* John II I amy Br - h'.oul llanlell Hurge-* V n BUnken John K Broatlhead 1 tiwpUM llurgcA* John T II u t ker Wtfll.m J B-etman Kraalu* Murch'ol'kl Harte Monster Pi ltogertHK A ri Hon Bay Jolm Brrvklrliank Cran It Hut in H R C tpi llaudlno Mon Bogart H M I-on Burr l'*nr? W Itaelli Alvln M Ibvilaudio I-ula?1 llorr A Co Balluta Joeeph lberne A Baiemmn Burling Cornelius Itrndirii William IPurdmsn I'eieg I* B ii'on K Cant Ba'e* Jam' all B.ogri' .1 < o A.ltert linn la h A ''ook llaithler i barl 't Hrneh Roht O Itnrnhim A Bro hers litam JimoIi ItliaJi K.tnile Hnth K I' BaurkJaeob Bommer lleo Huah C Major ItasierMr Brooks Ceo W. Mil Bu-h A 0 Bearae (leorge llrooka. rlrykrr A Buali T 0 Haauehamp Jo* Co Hurrh Charley Bearh H J Brook* Alfred tl'i* Brnn* John V, Beadle Dr tavus Brush Mote* Reach A Ft< ennui Burden I tsar 1' Bu'i er Jame* Beek William II Hrookelgs Mr Beach George W Human tie j Burner Buck H 1* BtonksN llyrne (Jeo B>amotii Wm D Bore I It W Beam llroce Proa Beck B J llond A Denckle ton A Co Itergen I.T B'ormer Arnold Bvrene* A.I Beeckam Jul-i Bonny John d Bryant Wm Iteegiiran H I Hronsou ftelaou Byron Ben) 11 Ileers Jn? H Borthwlck Ceo W Bryan W ! tt Beer k (leorge llryam DenaU r Cahel Mnnaieur Ciark Joseph U f'owel! W II t'alrono I ranc ??> Clark John flonper Joseph Cahn po d Clark John H Conner John CaJrn klirn* h'ellg ClarkJohult Conani W A Cain Jt bn Clark A Co Conuuu k Mr Callran i'bllip CmrkWlla-d c uirats* sse-inati Cairrey V. ' asev Vart>n I mi irrk A I, Chalmaaaliigei .Cahn Chaae J alter 1* C-mlln J^wranre A Baoetlo t Chase Joel t'orik'iti Josetin J Ct'laghstr I'hg.fp Chaae I K K Conklln J ft Crildwell .1 W Chase N (I < mklln J H. < *n*l tVrlwnll Jolin Chute N A Conger (J Dr i I hsiiiberlaia J I. t rt-ae!!/s-hlua?2 <' uiie'ord Kdward CJiatnberlaln <1 II A Case C A t meruwi Jo-ta Co?2 C'otllemas W A I'OQakxi Kicbtrd Chamberlain Royal Cat In II W Udaroy Michael Campbell Archibald Cargill Win Csmry John t mpbeil Mm Cavan.uaht<1 c<>iui?lly Timithjr ( ampbell "I boa Crawford James B < tsik n it Campbell A Kltrpa Crsnsliawhait.ual?2C*A Wm 'tick l augh In John lea k Dr J.din I anipl ellJoluiPACo I ac elly Wm H? 2 I'aok I'apl Cimpbe I John Cavanag'i Moil Cook Feler Caujhell Walbire W Cr-agh II Cnok R H Candied 1 tank I'leavrland Wm Cook t'oarad i Cambicra A iitos Cieaveiaad N Cooke 0 l> W ' Campa Fllodoro cieary Ja-uey lVooiweH H M Chance KU?2 l leary Jam's Coal* I-oni* Crane CI a* A?2 Ct. ary Wm co*t?lar' John Cane M Cleland J W t ordey John K ( laucy John rheklrte Mr Colt A M'strre/ Cramuier Capl A W ' hceyer H W -2 CoAta 'luaeppl CanUit r'ge ( 'righKju James R Cornell < A Cander ' J (J Cite-aeman Hanu M CootD K Catuieii Jr r.u Clemen' Krancla t rashy Dd finite M' yercro (heroert Thnaaaa Croat* Jam** C Chaiidlcr G W Clcmenttla' Curnl-h 7 hortiaa K < snnaran Mtrhae! Clemen's H W Coir Phillip Car.1'e* |ik Center Caor-<e f'oebet 1 botna* Cslin Bro. A Co Pbr'try. Klsk A Co.2 t'ueo John cl ap tr R I I.i i s J H Corbny JnUa Ct.apln A ft I''er Wa W OoriganTh tins t ley) mail It rvfleor. v Cte y J:.inea Corlelie Royer' Chsj mar..tllir<licircki bese' attgb R J I roper Job rr t ?>*[ ,.?? a A 15 , i br-e-r raugh U M I'icerWtn chapman f! W Cheeeolwwrd Levi Crorksr Geo Carney IhraY t>r*anerPF Cr?>l.?Charlsa I srahfr 1 r? rls Ch ele?terJB Cornlres X < arbonrler Kelli 1 In d II II Crossly John I rtrrl Moris Ct.'ld Alooro Crowly Ilenui* l attsim I'avoo f'tiRord J W Croely Jesern-sli (ktrd '?y.'.tge W C lrc 1'eter Coti/m A Co I .rney Cspt J It (J ChnsUal A Murta* I'rt'toai c It Carl or J h Chi wn Rowland K < >orkv? Kav^r I ar'er Mil'ea Ci.ollnl l.nlgi Collar Jlwm tare. Wi lard chrhiiaffi-n W Co ter.fsme* lerj.eti er Dr K H C'krls.< n p It I ounseliar fsniei !| t isrpoir er Tie's |t I-.i.leigh I) B l..i??i III f Car f'en'ee W II *rr| Crekryy* Drn la C t Irvine t aian hsere" A Cnvaer Jarkaon I'uoolngb* a K?-vn Caran Cat d Crorfcest JnsofiR D I '..oninghrm Bel' Carry llrny I, c-stw ?e p .ho R roo'td Cj-rr.l Jan.os Crofr-n t lea f?2 C'l Itelwyt11 r' m""-!1 Ofto'hor* Ja* < o|*r> llro'v < rump John W Ca rater Me. W Cogysw-il HI Co rer P s. *r H Carmetltel Jatae* Ingste ; t ft Co ver A Hodman I'sro Jafiu Cosglns Capl O W Cummg T.V>? H Carr frank (Vas J H t mlng tt W ( irr .'amr- ' < !?? ?"'?*? I rm'ng Mr Carr lewr- istlMi irtsw I mrnnrsWR CsetHbet* Pa'rlok Collier R If I imiicitr I * Car by potrt ' .rlz-ns John I umm us f tward A Craig Jsmes Coley |. ?f f'tmenntrs th e R Crag N sib.n <oa H W Cumpuui l? It ft* I Ba'ler <o|- Ar??s* Cruaal P I *>k I tprian D f'loDrKR I sea -o R >.?? I ark J A flolernan A A Co I'woyrlrii Mr I lark J ?. Helena*a T1??s U Curwx V |w%H t stklha-ll ' .'nerih Pa re.k Co- i i llst l I arkfrodlnre (Mgate Clinton fir a I So* J, Jr < .arkMer tge A tin Co Un* R-rbert f r-,? Too* I *rk<li%? r-d tns fien I tile A Ket u t \>rk Ed Cot tdrnelrh A P C Wm II Ctazt Ju l** Co'-oa .'osei h Cq-rter W*n?ri tla k tlrorge I, C.,ti/m I Pfv* ? trrler Ds- I I ark Thos Colilna 'ohn Cnsbtog Geo W Cla-mlMdaay W Cru'jm Woi R C t" a* c * Clark ( ha* c-.ahy Tbo# Crug tTta.-ie* Clark ? has f i.eiie' R Croi ? re-alay I '?/k J 4 IVWMtal Wna I Cu.hmao 1 Cart I Irsew I on ion Kanda M < n?h J n I ark Pf-A A Cofi'.at lea. )*. Culher K rat' t hrtwy t baa I. i irte rr bsa II Cow?n Fa a " CVrtaVstd Wm W?2 c-<qgkt/rn J aa D DtiAlf J<At Dsa-ni ? Ket ward e J >wa | rode y Jsm** IkeAonr.e A ,0* s.stue Iwnau I Am o Jwa 4 Drg'ov* 'gri.aey C Ih-n-qt suiqlsao R Pawn " Da Caanp JoAn i I tab row Mr I Tint kg I 'IsnllrlMri uvr W fy?i- fhsr s* ft- ' ? ' .ksOlgt' Dte as' "Sfm H t> r.'r k IDs ' r I w P i a V M Pols l< De*s ? r bar .Se [} ss wm h lis ? Joho It- any Parri * Lhan.1 W- A fie Cstfsts Jr??gk !>*??* A II is if Ik. * Jf t -I fcen-4 Mlir kl iM Dade, HuoGurACo De Melbv Jd* (fur Dolwr KJ var-1 lFeai*D Mytou U Dounwou Geo DotcflyFlUr naokla John L,*, Mr Do*,*. U A S"-*^ James Di Miranda U lineman Geo W ngootor Krwtoir De IMato Jun/uhi Dmww Wni r**!*'* ir , ? D*l*. Wm p liarllrca Oiutl fl Droe.rlr !ii Donaldson Joka Iia via Mr Droit*,. T W IV- lUxIdot, * 9a UwtyKdS Dndd l-oulaH !??'* ?<*B'' "? Vorn* K UoIm TarruM 5"J "?? 'tar? Mr lltlu TVunaa Dials B H i?....????,i, p., if* Doeohue I* Davie Jame-sH IVW?H. .,r D nmhti. John D.vle Robert IV ranloDobbin. John !?>? Henry A IHwhtm Mr Donley John Davie Thome. L Didfj Owen Dragl John DovM Dortaore Duflv Barnard Di.aud Ilen.-T IV?HK!U- Itulfv Jem.-* IMn Manuel IV DivWWH l>m.'it i Urt Dnyl.-Fdiu". I Devta K h I) kc J?n-< Dn.l.i P?Uw II.vt.DW Duoomu 'i* n li .Tln .lolia F Ittvli (tai A Kd*'t IXoyle Cap* Je-n-s Davie* A Hind Dug lam A lo?- IFnugheriy Bernard David Henry J?t Dug Ina* Deo W Dnwhertv I'sl rick David Dai id Duttoc Uanj O Ihiuahrrty W I* David David Dyer M S D-nighm t Genre I>? vol I v.1,-1 Duakta MlrW Doughty W Dap A Van Drueon Dtakman Garrett Dawnixm Darnel Dap Kflmund Dupargue Franou Dow Henry A Dap * H Dutrt I* W Dow Mwn A Da; Hi* alio Dunham Mr Dor an Michael Day A Veidcl! Dycnu J >ho D-miO'-I A M DevryC Durtw F T DroiJnll.a Davenport Iia Durrton Jacob Dor-*; Win A Davenport I. vV Durroui (wb Dooievy John Davtavou Dnvid Dr Hun- Ctc.rl*. II Down* Ric-herd Davidain Jonathans Derby K C Inching PeU Davison Deo?1 Dervo KM Douglas. Ueut Up Deneoo Robert Drrve Isaac Ikiiulw k ff Davlaon J De tarn* Santiago Daw lap lav, A Dap oo Ralph Utegel Jaioaa a Dull J Kdward Dapltia A Dr Otovanm Out- Dull John A? I Cewenn Doorge II aejipa Dul.Vy Martin Ua Sl'va Maria Kitu Dr Cento T Drumtnond J IVariHi a I'etr-Miu Dtcklnaon A Dr. dale Itilward l>oan h 11 Dickinson HF IHincauWm Doaa M II A Hiowell llunnan Jauie* Deanlbunia. lUrkton Jacoi F Dudley J A Darker John K-J Dibbloe Fred Dadlop Allan I* De'l Oerl WlUialm Diamond Peter H Dtinn John Dian Heraander. Drear lob cbrtatlan Dunne Wa Drhsrt A Hon Dultp Owen Dtifl'p Patrick If De Latrt Michael An- IHfflndrofler Align. Duiam Isaac ??U lus Dunn Marrelluk R Elect Jobn, ( 'anal at Kltot A Co Ktnnnek A K Knhm lawu H KIH. Chea A Co Rnler Ohaa Karlo Win U. (Kb kt Kill. Wm Kroollb Don A Kdward. R r P.llkitt Chav Knnaaa Matliow kdward. H II ( apt KllioU Audrew Kvau. David Katon A J Kl? IWO ?cher Mr, Warron at kaUm k W IBdrldge Klani, ol Krnsat Kotiert Kaetenlip Tho. Florida K^van Col Kdward., Nh bol. A Klkloa J L Rtcbc Jatnev kbuier Joseph D Krluon Capt Kdward. Samuel Klv Cbae.or HruoklvuKran. K I. Kantm.n Nell Kllloti II II Kvan. llrnry P Kdward. F W Rldrleh Jo-epn Krvkine Melville C Kan Jib i D KUiotl W I) Krt-klel ire Kdce Frederick M Kllloti Mr, 7lb at Kvln. Doc S Khle Jobn Kngel Mr, Forartb at Krln-l: A <1 Flint Park W Kmmoui Kdw P Kvau. M J Kilo! Auftiatu. R ^ Fallon John Kerrl. A Condert Foot. D K M Fa'kbor D M Penton Rnbt, litut F'Wf I-Mtn F.ran John aim at Florkhart Jnliti Falrrhlld JimihIi H Koran Yguactn Ford Amander Falrlleld N H A lour o Dr llenrp A Fraticlil A Filch Dnonar I F ForaMe! Win Frank A n.llunlth French Alpben. Fo 10 Dr K II F.lketibtirg J.. T Forrl. Iltram.'iiceu Fotte Cnu-Unt Flaylor A ma*. P wlnh 1 Koreru.n Vol and Kairbank. K A P French J A F,.?t MltbueU. Flaherty P.lrtck Ferroern .1S Ford P Flat. Julio. French A Wag.taO Fowler I' G FalterChrlsllan N Ferrl.. Tlitw II Ft >thtni;tiiitnJti.epU France. II D Fct ron Lu- leu, Oil- Fowler Francl. Kriwik,ln Tlioa A?2 vcr at Hotter A H Franklin KII Ferguann llugli.Sul Fowler J.nnva Fiartir. A (iuldauiltb llvan at Foi A HooSeld Fanning Pt Fetgu.tin Chat Fo-mr a Friutt I* Abaa'.otn Furgunon John T Fo tiler A Co Fravler Siepltoti A Fllnn MlttKael Fu.trr Mr, lltli -I Fkiirylluali Flnan Tuna Knwle H A CaIIK.A'Jo Fav Jo.O|iu Finn Kit-hard . ,>?ir. IV II Faawortli H.ra Frulti, ilcrnol A Fn Jnbn M Farrl-g'on A C Htreet A Co I'm Geo FragecMACo,Kroati'Fn.v Fronclteo Fowler '' -'l11 nay Fcld. Heujatnln Fowler J Walker Farniwoilh Win A Kinley Gen II Fur l F. Iw n Farrell Wtu R Ft.bury Jobn Fater Win R Fat'eyOeoW Flaber Fr.nci. Fo.ier lto -el Fa|4i/ Jnbti, Wa-b Fl.k Sewell T Fmier John Ingisii at Fltlinruian A Ita lic Froit David Farrell Join, Perry FuJie- Win Oajii Furlong Kenne lv al Fidi Wlllard R Fil ler llenry Farrell Jaa 26th at PithcrJohuH Ft,Iinl I'avlo Freeman I>orem. FUgetbarger P Folllug K Pn-lHWa li.-.i '* Flt/.ger. J Jon.. Fuller! Daniel

Fee in.n Franclg FV/ger.ld ,t i o F ntiart Cant Win Xanct Flira]tun-on. J'ate Pratt Mr.cneni Ft ecu.light/ Mich rick Fn-uion Win H Frenr A J FlpetitntnonaTIioma.Fiiller W Jr t Co Faming A C Fltipaterck Pr.ucl. F-nler Devi J Fear rand Figene Ht*?erald 1> Fu'lcr 11 I Fellow. Aiiih.aiy Fitch Alexander Fuller lleiirv A Feller John Fit.eJame* Fuller A Smith Fee John Fogerly Daniel Fil ler Geo W Femur John yntt at Foley Terence Fil ler lleniy Fern Antonio, Mn Porhmih I W Filleil iil - II cer .treet Fnahiai h C A Flynn P. tertek FnmendreF,Ka?i ?t Futnan Char!oa O Gorhatn Walter Gray J one. Urtlfln !I G Gallagher Wni Grav John Gllitier Mr Graliani J H Grai John H GrtJIey A G Gage Catii F Iwaid Garbing John GilJIng.D III Gmie.lD Galleon Frauooi. UlnltrJohu ?lallger .lav Grace Michael K tlalirlnl J F Greenwcmd G N G Gilbert W.l'er J Gallan W W Green K l> G Iberi X s Uiain Jolui I' Green Robert < 11 chrta' Jani-i Graiel^v C Green Jn. Capt Gile.F A Gallagher It (Irrro II R Glraod CI c. Oalleg.iri M LOO Grrru Hat dlngACo Glalev Johti ?wed * fltean II W Gum ,?! Gallaway Jax Green John I. Illjbrr Iam-< J Galley 1'elei (1 Le Gieon Wni UlbvoQ <1IU<- I H J C.llu. Rob! Green Path Otie. Frederic X Graham Jax Gregory K A Grtmahaw C 11 ? Gran i ua. II Gregory Daou-1 K li /m n rfcut. Gnmhallata Sig llleaiwyn John UrTewo'd < S Gianni. F VX Gregory J C Gilniour Wrn Gallic v bin-net liogao Grogan Jame* Gram Capt i ha. K ilovan Thotnu W Urn.lot F Grarger A llnyMO It GoHhi Mlehael Gi Ally Frr-let Ilk Gregg J II Gooderr Jenne* Grail' W G GledhP) Mr Oondhde I> P Got don Kolit Gedrlke Wm?2 Gm.lln J I" Glaiu-ot! John Gedrv Wm Go'dle Joeeph Gaekin ,1'ihti tlechrr Mon.leur GtedriehWtn Gardner III mil. liluiM M.chl Gm.lell A W Gat fact F German XX' Go idtme A Co Gardner Dewltt I Orrber Geo G< Idcr Job iX'h-entln Gardner Jtio M Gciaaler II A Co G'-u>-.arnt W.n Gardner llrtirv D Gentry Dr II W Gouge Angti.t G .-.on John J Gerani Ileum* Gtoaxe.-.r J itnet?2 G.rnv'in Hanine Glen Mr June, xt Gould Ml ehe Gartinw John Oentn II Gordetn IXobl C Garr-la Biitina Gervhei H Goktual- it' be-1 Garreu XX ro Oeragh'v* Goetnhy Joaeph Ga-.ori J H Gcrartllti F Gordon John Gae-ner David Origg. Danl Gwltaley Win Gail utliWoi Glbney A Furey G-mtb.1 P G.rrlA I ewl. Grltlin David 1 Goult Robert GriITIn Morg in Gltilek lH*-t Gray XX'iii II Gi Idley A G Gatclroti M tut -if GrayJotin, Chailum ' ill ion Mo*e< Glytlti lleurpt apt?2 Gray lit H Hank M.-I.ael Hart W II IGti.nin XYtn Hallagan 'atnes Hart II K llerlch >1 w HhJl*r8F liar John II-, rnann XJ .y., Halletian -at.tnr Hartley W A II Hodman A II.Hot k J.rnt * i Il.tton Geo X llnitiuant' Hkgan H'a:.-.l?li* IfaiveyAlted II > Itnxn M llalght I, M lUiGaJnhn II I't'nan I.e llkd'leti II F IlktTb M X C II iffmatiC II Hai-'-rtv Mlcluel H.rrn Irr XV M llodp-t-G? ,r.? ll.'pin F' Harris Dae ux ll'vile, Wx?k,tig*on Hale Win A IlarrU F" M Holland Tb miav lla'c P Ihrni AC II - - land A li-ibc, t ll.kex S-inon II rri. Henry A Hngen Inhn Ha vey Pat- ll.rillag' ain W m HHoger W H 11.11 Or'a llvrrt. tt John P Hogrr Tlo II Hall A I. ll.TUon David Hmll- erTW llhil lit*atlo M Hartiviti-Mt- H tlmr. lee-ov H.'l A liurkley Harrison Ale ..nder llolmei Vale-t tie A Hawk. Jr.-r T Harrison 'o'iri P Ilattler HileC|lr.i-a Darkuu i oluiiihu. Ilonnr. Will lla r G W H Ha- Imey-r ft Hotmnx Jolin H Hale Joliii XX' ll.rinf tr.vid i floouru llcrv lla-e Win C H.we. Kdward H -'btook d .n Halfpenny Her ry H?eD?ri Mr ham k < n llairlitoa J G Hs-kina J.rnev llolrnan O If.tnlltmi AJtiert llarlirook iJol Tho. Hotmen Wm O II.i dle* IX in llurrilton T K torlld.rWin Hatnlll- n XX t ilarinett p ll-ii .ad |) - n nl Hamilton Mn"tii F H.rn xexl H dr-rrv-k luac ' HatnlHon II Ha*grave He .ry F opkln J in Hamilton Jauict M Harrtmxn r iw !*>i John Hnn-fyJo'-n H.rlo-.n TV.s llo . later V o, IKwkiti. Wm llirtv Tbntua. Horn Ilannan A Itroiber. Il.rd, 1 Gorton Fld-an Gainer Mn. < Uarrtg-*t llosbtiti HaniiaiiMU tre.rge Kerry Win Hooh-Gr t' llatcly W It Hrpry Falwoi II ?rn A I lamelln Ii. -y Henry M -na Hurnlv I'e-e. . Ilamrll i.u:> henry Calvin N Horn W P Hanford A Ilarnand Hearv f HopklmC W Hanforl A Hr tber llendre*bot Wit?2 ll-olrr II llealhJobn ilerningway AIbert Hot., ban Jatnr. Healy Jatnr Hemingway p Hopkn F lwsrd I italv John lievlogtr.n C C Howard Ge . R llr. y Jrrem ah Hemphill Dr Jatnr. Hone Geo A llel/ chfi P Itennegoy I 'hnrle. Ip.wnrd t ten Ilerlrk ' bar e. Il.-n.h-- Win A II .ward Job'. G Ileal l-ucar. Hrrrry M.l'ou XY House Dr Ham K lleavner 1-ew s F llenrw- XX'J ll-.wirl .Imi -i He-lge. (. F lltwoa D M llotciku- Wm B?2 llelbiltig Br,la Hrnipnrre- TbotnA. Howe, t ller?Kk l> vi Herlmnn J ll iy'M .oa. i H.yrnan XVm Herid.rwm A Trr-MeH-rrnig Pc -r it.)ttiai d t.rfuoel Hflo.ter-nu A ct 1M Hawk.f Iia. Il llrsalen Andrew Howe-d K IlaJW'.dJ i ll~rl er' M- Hnee A P liny?tad Wot Herring tl S H <o:i-.? A .1 llavrn Cxft Hrrmil'1-.on llo"?bto h Henry H.'tmi Gen i Heraer.I P He . .ewrlght t V ll.rel Ali o lr ll.rn. . Hru. , lie -.'. Fr? >k ui II Inydro T! H llerher. ' II ?- I 't tlnyden A> He. t A Co Howar i r llan ll.rebdKC He-ht Jam.' Ilnw.r 1 T'cma. Harer..| Y. C, Green Gertier1 Tbruos. How t, -1 S J web M llerrl' k A X Hoy' ")!'?? ? HevexWm lleavind 1-e wi? V llovt P R liny, ttatwe'l M I/enbnru Ptedenek Hulhert B ' Haver,ee-amnrl Hilly A' o ll-vkrn J t l's flanke. lit. kr-m Jan e- I llnil X'an liurert''o Manly Jot a hen ID 'h m-e Ilall N- try A I la) nee w. ? art D HUier. Jnme-. , t-? ? II.) i e? A llr.w H<r king Andrew t|.)e. Jrdin Hill Jatnr. Frederick Hill Geo-ge lt.x-.1N ltd Job J ( i^rMo ? './-i . HsIct.efW Ir, W II I A Blrn * ' llnhVar M -r Ilawk:t.. Ptashc nt J II n e- R . iltwkln. l aid W H Hi"'? A -ec-al" -o e|j lis* km. t P'i luisn iligglm Jam s II -in Pirk' Iia'haw.; Fired II Hsgglt.. T W II it Gao H ,??'!*? .'ubn Btgg'iw Wm drunl par lla*e. Ilrtuy Htggmg IFr J '" II litre'.,'.."n J Vitl B Ha eh R V III key J akin F If M*'.' r II.'.b Dr It F IIAn 'h J II tarnei llxuh''ap' llwk* Join, H H .r>> John listnnn Geo W H igbe* F ? H tteb as A llac 'lev rge Hire'. Adam H-. - h tute, ' vie H.rt M A r A Nona Hlr John J k . Hat' John W Hn-vh Wrn H .ntJvr Hyp*. F. Ilatt J"hn llihekrar ( H nee II Mn J line l?an e! W I lite Mr Innerxi J -???. i. lean, fw J nek 1 g< rw? I ' baa A Inrnt i I -.a uv v, |... F.Warl ?' o IliS- Hr Irrnnt 'hv> I la-n A Hayert J Jaerieler Won. R Joh?i?>rt A 11?1 imn.JW?aiai .lark Wm t Jokuafoo Jin*. Jon*. Lu ha f Jar.teyDB J piwij IXe-r-y Jr le.a I m I Ja aann R'Pierl Jabawn (hi J -wee R > A ?? Ta-.wmF II Johns-m Mr* A J-m*a * Rom* J ton- Tlevnb ? Johnmt,-. lire Jon- . IX*' P P i-kar>b I- Iv.iw.* ? Jr*?(l*i-J Derail.! JWan/ti Jt. i J?n I wm. J.m.a' V JMmm K i J<e*lf Jaw.nikg F M J<Amw r C J edak T J*n< ? I? W tiJof-d John* A Pio e J em 'o*. leor- t *? IV iwi Job own. J T Jit. h Mr ? Jei ii Ji?-. Joon.i*. J i"hkl 'am*. '..**' a-- JuKmm "elm sa-t M J- -re l kwa Ii Jaa.ia A t tnavxa 'ii ppvJk. d 'am ?aa, < a Jvi-klt K Kaatd I f R |W. ? IA-,| ?xv I* Ffnae |..,i J .eve K ?? R?1 % n?t I 1 ?px K . e.PtUetk *.?-e, nil ? Kra - of Esa'M/ SmW W-D x H g-n lid" KUUiJrr Kruir Ki4<i> t Co King* MoaMO'ir Kolk|?xiiato . MCI O KoUu? O 0 KlaJ Mr Jowph Kaerbhr Klrfcjr <'?!?< M Koop|i o utiloU ?r?I?r Kinlo/ Woi|>l> K P KaU/ Ttuaa J h loaMl Joiui 4 Kuapii Aiwlraw J KmnlaOaot Klino Tlma h Knaov Jaai-I'h KminarJataJ Kliinir l.uiOir kairfcaoirk Copt Kro?4or Uma Kirk J oka KitUikuJ KwwU J P Koopp J II K?bim>7 Ltniltr KtahnooP Kraditdk* W Kino t. A Uro Koanop John Krllp John Kluoalop Kjml Ki?ic> 1 baa M Konady Lovroooa Klrrroffcko* Krllock Mwia 1) Ktuvi luuil karitar W Krl< bor lluat Knnnay Kd?d KnuiKPronkUn Kaarna John If Katmlfl HlaoaU Kromw T C Ki'taa it N K.uinvir KuKlor 4 Pill ar KcoUrg K K'-nlan |'?u Kwr< Tkawlura M Knalh i*o II K fiiiu'tlfliwa A UroiKiwb ?' K or Jar W* II Knight Brauk 9 kuowlaa Mr IMIjr Win KDint Knar* ftMftu Itr<% M KTrlfcpoUr Frtnrih kPmorn Mr?u? K utfana John K'n-pi,p ,'o) n K Krrfc<-*!*4nr l4?|H Krl?? Dittir. K KeJtay Joaejm M?k Koaakewtl<b I' la (4iiK?(ifovir( Dr UwIini 1bo? Lnl?i' Dimu K I i iM,o#r K H Lawrence John l.o k wood K M IaikiuiUt That Lau*e AUtfiu' leider C'r rua W la* 1'rolx Franc.* Urnl Kn*a I Ar k r /? tur h I 4 thotnute Ht L Ij*a<jume Juan I/hiwini Wtn B Lambert Ulr|t?nl I/Wonard WKH l/r?u'lr? I>t lAtnaoid l>mu leorry I V l^mtm A ?Vi I-abita Kdward Iai?ot/ Drotd I#nu eal Ma uric* Um ken Mar'in jAiif Mt L?unm M Langlwy Major L V Levy John Loag Mr Luoib J Urn i tvtnBaiim H M UMfcrop Umlff !,arn Pert Mr, Itnwul Lerraw ?'a|?l I) B Lorm* John P why L?-tam*ird) HenorDr U>velMtaut David lacaudrr Or,Frank Until Juiea l,owdm J A K hn at Laiur* tW l*?vt Kdw W I-aml Ju M Levtn M H L?uca I* Lury Wm, III lot l.rwu Daft George L>ag Daniel I-a nop pier Mr. 4th at H?2 Logan 'obn I*ui* P P U Good re Moat L-mgley Po'*r W l?ane Corne'lu* L'Hampton M.#a* l.a^yM I-una Goo Iotib Thoa G Uryd .1 V Lalferif P Uwih Wm K Lotridge H <; a Lacy ( lui lorry Prrdloani UN lVm W Lamb John Levy I* Lnwrt* John Uwr?nw Geo W U?ln| Mr, RJixa I<dbi tJntali LauteJ A I rth at L??3it?ar.| L I ataurette ('apt D !<rw!? < 'apt W B Lord Jo'tiatn La vary lUchani Laonaril .In K L?f'ta Krancoui 1 a'iir Knlit I^ory Abrahaui Laowi^k Mr Ufvtoo Fratak lioUnaioi Y W Low I la-kail A T-0 laavrrtfrr Philip fa*vy Philip Lynch fieituh Laramr F F Undue*< *jiuI??Uh?t L it** <Jr.i la*rraJ?cr Harry Lcwta Wn? (I L?ih??ock lietu y W UthAin Thoa I.lnyni K<!? W Luck* Kt ur?t Lawrcar* J^ahua Lut* ltaaavio-3 Lirtyr llanry Ijtthrop W A Ltoley Uro Lnru? M<wu.Aur Law Tooiuaa Llhhy lloara Ljrn? h 'a* La pair y J obn Ltnrotii Or Ohaa Lu-How Kot>t MrR Laurrtit John Peter^tr (' Lymaiy Mr lairkrti Martin Llpiouan Albert Lriu?n S/;vri'*r latwrmre G M Lltilrflald kpner L>nra Jaa IaiMhrinx k Roit l.irnmcr A Man L)Drfc Philip laaiord Wai LiviiiKNton J ti Lumray J? No lghwrence Jaa K lJytny?ton lt?MiryW l.udl ?w Kirh l laasaniM C L A Co Liu jiUe.i J il Lnyater Wot I-oidACo ^ Mable B K A J Maann Wm Monatr MonMrtir Mnhrr A N M?m?h IttcUar I Mon'oavms l? Mi?(.doit'i2?l J J Ma<*oit Kil auii 1 W M ?IU Jhotuav Mark J ho M \um John W Mofl? Rot.t Mackin John M M win I'ltim Motilav ?>ti? >* Macdamei O Mitoiin K H Mn iuGco M Maooy lioht M itAcll G ^ Moatioid Joti i Maikay Wm Mary Jama* Mi>nU!<?tnrry A Mudiaao i Saa K Morr o W Morit<ofn*?r* J I' Mndigan llrnry Maarr A I'raBirr Molian^ > Mai k ' . ?? r y. >? W ' ? V U? Macktai and Jatnra Mayn*rd llr Gen W Mo ?* U Mort.inri Maua^aon 1 I, A Co Maine H Muiiaghan Joiia .Magowii John May haw Zeb Moora rvaml C Magrr It Mend? Jolui Jr M.cire L*Lar I Maffhtoey Patric k Mea.le? firm y M Mow* Jom?? M Mwyulrn I>ci riin Mcadr* T'w.rnm M'lorc Jtrnui* Mahon Mr-'.niiav M?arri More Maury J MahouJohn Mcatnil 11 Maioi W i Mahfit Jolm Mrtratfer And trUon Mourr Muffh Maliany John Mr !*-Ahotr M-n ** J II Mdb uir Peirr Miiaoou Mr M u.ahan Pv 'k Mahooy Michael W^aua Jamaa II Mo>g%4t vv W IfalMi ? . ? ? btit Ma Mute. \ overbaagh Mc er Vi<-n?> ir Morra 'ctrirgc ~r> MaUenrfei K Mar chap:.i McLanoliMorri* Luia Mall Jmrph K Mwrclar t luta Morilrorrt.'barlraL & Mtilery Jamea II Mrnntrr Moome'ir M ?rria Jlrmry Mal'.c rd W Mrveav i t ?hu Martin J b' MHit'iit Mont t h M? rer I n cs M'-rdan 1 ?? M t ucantr PaptiaU Merit we ?t IMC J M ?rta?? W ?. A ? <. Maloney K?1 win Mender Jtidatif M ir'ou Ja>ur? 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