Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7062. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1856. _ PRICE TWO CENTS IBTBTISEBENTS REUKWED ETBRT DAT. raW FITBUCATIOKS. in nnn COPIES SOLI) in THIRTY DAYS I XU.UvU A?u l?rii 1,010 I'BUTWU. Buck It the nnpre -a lenied sale of THB WIDOW HKIXiTT PAPKUd. hj* Prentice, of the Louisville Journal?it rival* theear* castoof the "Ptdlpbar I'upora," u well u the dro lerf and humor ?f ' hem Slick." Nays the New York Oherrvor -A to ume more full ef gealal nnmor Ana ti rcfelfiitjle Yaukea clufcructar has uut yet been pub Bahad?not aveu excepting the experience* of the rerurwned "Sub ftilrk." f Bays the Albany Argus?I ta humor U partectly Irresistible, had those who opao u should first look well to their btiiuiaa, hr they may depend upon 11 that their rlatble organs will demand uneral roam for eterche. Throughout U-ehunioro* pages arc luteripemed *om? of the moot original " pot try " extant The Wldfw, ia speaking of her late relict. Deacon Meteklah Bedott, eaye: - Be aceer Jawed In all bu life, lie never waa onktnd? And, (tbo* I eay It, that wa? hi* wlfej Such men you eeldom nod. ? e e e And since it waa my lot to be Tbn wife of such a man I tell the men that'* atar me, To ketch me if they can. ? e ? a 'WI.t?fcy and rum be tested net. He thought it waa a a In ; tte inooneolable Widow o' lit*eon Bedott, Tlon't inteod to marry agin, tthoi tly after the " li.rou-olab.e widow" fall* lu lore with Cie preaching of Rider Sniffle., who la " laid up" with a cold, and indt'ei the following:? O! reverend ilr, I do declare It drive* me a'stoii to fraoxy. To think o' you, a lyln' Uiere, Down aiek with in Jaensy. A Irody'd a thought it waa enough To mourn yer wife'* departer. Without anch trouble a* thl* 'ere To cotue a (oUarln1 arter. a ? ? a Then mourn not for ye* pardnot'a death. But to BUfcmit endevver, Por '?poaen aha hadcni a died *o soon, HkeeeuJdent a lived for ever t Oh, I could to yer bedside fly. And wipe yer weep'n1 uvea; Aod try my beat to cure you up. If 'twouldn't create aurpriae I ? ? ? ? Both tick and well, von may depend, Toole never be forgot By your laithful aod aflecttonale friend, PRWCILLA POOLK BKDOTt. The tender sentiment of thin poem reached the Klder** heart, aa acknowledged In a teallng refpooae. hborily after the wi dow reilrea to a grove, in ihe ?oar of Klder Hnilile's house, sit* down on a log, and alng* aa foll..w?:? Pre lore had teacheil ar teara to flow, 1 waa uncommon cheerful Bui now each rolaery 1 do know, I am alwaraaad and lerful; What peaoet ul houra t once enjoyed. AU on a aummcr day I But O, my eom'orta were de.troyed, H hen Khadrack croeaed my way. I heard htm preach?I heard htm pray? 1 beard htm aweetlr at g; Dear Sur t bow I did reel that day I It waa a dredlul thine I Pull fbrty do lara would I give If w e'd cmtlnnered apart For 'ho' ha'* made my aperril lire, * He'* cutely bunt my heart I The Klder overh.-ara the now, and yield*. Aflerthp widow'* marriage to Klder tthadrack SnUTIee ahe Qontribu'es the following >o the S< rabble Bill Luminary: ? Priaclll* the fair and Shadrsck the wtae Bare uolied their fortune* In the tendrea*. of Una; Being mutually joined in the matrimonial eoooetiUoa, Bare bid alien to Ukelr previous affliction ? No moie will they moutn their v i-ldercd sRUwattou. And ronltnue toaythe without ml ligation; But pardnera for lUe, to he parted no more, There aorrora i? endkd, llfrtr trouble. I* ol*w. "O Hliadrack I nv 8had -*ck I" Priscllla did apeak, While the roe/ redblnahe* aormanUed her cheek And the teara of a flection bed coiled her eye, "O, bbvdrack I my Shadra< k I I'm jour'u ill I (lie The heart that waa acornful and cold aa a atun. Baa anrrendered at Inat In the fortlnlt one; Farewell to the mlaertea and grief* 1 have bad, 111 never deeertlhee it, Shodrack. my shad I The future fortunes ol the Klder and Mrs. Sniffle*, aod her ?later, Aunt Magttlre, are they oot recerded In the book, with ctdter* to match r TUP WIDOW BKDOTT PAPER* ean ha had on the cars, *tfxui6oata. and at the bookstores, pjpcegl ?. J. OJtP.RBY. Publisher, New York. A CHAKTHK;0n?SSTEAD ON THE HIIX.SI0*. And other Taint, Bt Mas. Msur J. Hour* as. The popular author of " Tempest aod Nurunlne," sod 'The English Ornbar* " One volume, HHO pages, Hum. Price SI The b'uneroua and delL-nted render* of "Tereoaat and Sunihluc " and of ' The English or .hsru.''?Mrs Holme.' for mer watka?will be pleased to learn that another work of their favorite au'bor la agulrr within ihclr reach. Tbalthlr work wlil be eagerly sough' and wlde'y read, her former brilliant ?tierces stmtds Ihe surest guarantee For sate bvall bork?eil.+* and news agents. 8'ngle rouiea sent by mall, po, t paid, on receipt of price. Addreaa orders '? Mil.I.KB. OKTON A Ml'M.TH AN. Publishers, No. 58 Park row, New York, or 107 fleoeaee ?L, Auhnrn. ?ATIIOLH" BIBLES AND I'RAYKR BOOKS, IN PLAIN and :ancy bindings. In groat raricly, selling at a reduce price during the holiday*, at ROHKRT OODDINQTOM' . book and etaiionery store, .166 Bowury, one door above Fourt i atrcot. Cheap new liberal workr. pdblisbkd by o' V'AlJ. No. 1 Bowery, up stair*.?' Age nt Reason" and "Waboo'? Reply," (together) 62', cents; "(Jooil Bense" by D'Holharh. 44 cent.;' Logic of Death," lrom 14th Imndon edl Ron, with "f lertcll on Prayer," (together, > SO cents, to cloth. DICKENS' NEW CHRIHTMAS STORY. " THK HOLLY T?ee Ion," containing the following (ale*:?f he tlue*t: The Oallar; Tha Boots; The Landl-trd; The Harnuud; I'he Poor Penabii cr. and The BUI. Ju*t ri celved per Paciile and for tale retail or to the trade, by WILLMKR A ROUfcHSt, 43 Naa aau street, rot ner of Llboity. FUN FOB THE HOLIDAYS.-"YANKEE NOTIONS,' bound complete, fourth volume n?a ready A *piend'd bock fo- a hnlldev praaetit. Al*> toy and juvenile gia nrg.k*. In Infinite vaiie'y, at bTROXU'e I'unlinbUig llouae. 9d Nassau street. Standard illustrated hooks-superb per ? entaiton route*. Hutmrs or Mount; forly eight eauulalie engraving*, with descriptive letter pre?s. Funrtnt or LovrunKN". lorly groups of female tlgnre*. em Memat ic nt flower*. Court j n. WoiiK* or Hooajmi; proruced In a style worthy that tnlmi'ablr moralist ami r iri.nurl*t Counrr: Wotia* orHH*k*rt:tKis; 1U0 poriral'* to charae'er of the ce ebra cd American autura, takes by the daguarreu type A great variety of elegant bonk* aulUid to tin- prevent season Che ixmlon Priot'ogand I'ut.ii?btnkr t'nmpaoy. yi. D. HKaIN, Ageni, 50 Day stri.ri. New York. THE INDIAN FAIRY BOOK, mo* oniut.aai. ucrsim. Ul' a-rattd by John M< I^nan. 1 vol If mo. Price $1. Full gill, gilt edge*, $1 <0.;? 1. The e.. ,-,t|*| slaters, 1 Ihsho; who sel a .rare for the sun. 3. Mrorg deslie and the I! d i"'?rrer<-r. 4. Tbn wonder lu! eipln! .ot tir?**bipper. b. OraoO, or Ute son of ihe riven lag Star. t. Uiay Eagle ami bis live brodwr.. 7 I'h-toad wuinap b The origin or the robin. 9. W tdlk F. ath r ar.d the alx Itaiits. 1(1 Sheen, die forsaken hoy. II. fbe bunt's 12 The Red cw?n l? "lhem*n wl'h ,lu* eg tied up. It. Ihe Mule Snlrli; or, ihe boy man. 15 T >ee-.rban'ed moeean'i*. 16. He of tha IHtl? ahidL 17. Mauaim' 10, the nu< ??lilef m.vkcr. 16 I.eelitan, th. lost daughter I ), t he Win terFpUu. 20 The Fire Plume. 21 WeeplgiV'S an l Hie Hone Dwarf 22 Th? hint lover "I Ilobewa. the I t up .act 24. The crane that oroawd lb.' river. 'J5. Wun/ti, 'he faiher of Indian com. . , , We ha< "? here a collection o' lrellan ulry leset'l* -bin ?suai In leman'ie Inlere.t a:, I I'ltlki ev.rav*r v ,<-e ol fancy the ta'i -of nursery wtib whlrb a.1 sre lamttla', rr even the most gr rjc. u* and lanclftil ot Ks.ici'irirs. -New York tils ?patch. ... The stovv of the relentlal sisters, with wMeh it open-, e iua ? auy'lut g It Ibis l-raoi h of literature, ev n ma far Uos 1 fairy fales ofT.asiern lands.?f> r lbe-t-.n Ati?? A co.'P ?'Jon of gem*, gathered villi eb|UiailC lasle, and *et with ihe vk'll ol a mariar.?Ho- on Atlas. Home cfthe stories sre ex '?'s|tnjl/ yu-er, an I o'lyr* are as deUcaie ami us graceful aa the beat Oneo'al leyeuds -Ho*ton Ii abourd* la tho?s graee* of li ia,7ln*ry anil poetic faney wbtrb msi\ lb- oral iradi luu* ot ihe Red Mao.?I'hlUdclpnla a!e?ot the volume before u* are not from'he dreamy And voiuptuou* Ea*t, but troai our own West the land ol the Indian o rr.jed romaoee of danger, anl yet O' lieauty ant enrbanimenl. ? ? ? It will be read with delijihU?It wion Port. Publish"! by MAHfiX BROTHERS, New Tork. XTBW Vfil.t'MFh OF HKWKTT BhToRlEo|Fi)R f.irTLK f ii'aI'FI.RTON A CO , 146 an<t ltd Hroadwar. 1!aA r. Mill READY, The fd'nkhlk vohjme* of llewvti's wrles of tlJu>eina>?d hoosetold ?tc?te? ft* Itule folk* : - Pen fk Boot*. T"S Titrus. /sotsivini HtsaNrnru, Jscn ??? tliagf CltPltM, F?ch volume Illustrate-1 wl'h ten ? ngravlag*. Free V5 ee*ts raeh In tllumiua'ed rover* Tbi* serh s of Ulrj stories ha* lor gcnermlons beer listened tn and read by children wuh an l-o-ipr ?*rb!e delight wha h Oth" r book* have fblied 10 alt-rd them. 1 be extraTacanci* of the s'oeiee?the attrac Ive manner of tel ton hem?me ptrtnnss |i?e wetyery de*en ed -th" marvet ?u* deed* laaleu?tlie reward of '*1u* and ouni-urueut o vice m-on in'nctole* atrhdly In aeeoedaece wRh etld-%! laws, to *t>pllec to riie (< rmauon ot liaraner render ihata pe-n lv !y arfar ed m indoor child."* 11 to arqiufti a tovr u<r reaifiig, anl to aid them 0 eulttvaie the alft-.-tton*, sjmpaUne*. ttnrY and lh a| manor The mtMltk, that goo<l,i ? onlyabouid be Imiiyied. hs* 1 sen 10*1 ai/bt of n the pier,rial emheriehmen* of theae stacdard lair* ?ftirle*. upon the sw.mpt on tba indjfbrent dc? sure* are toiod enough to give first imrT'Sstonr ot ar. to eMld ran. |t 'his la. dv'rue, 'her laovoey* sad moral* 'if e lues t,otrah:* <a?t will sul ?a* u Ure rum ?tid?; hut 'be -al ary of IhladosU-a, m-laUhe-anil -,g, 1.0 --o- pon rati* .to . *11. deny. Thti tbi- nt'-1' n r-! -he*e ? ? , i- m?y be ov)*# turfeet -h .n any other aitar,t tie pubiirha. i Us.e u wf nir'ilrito ?pe t: r-v k . ? 1 I rve Iliose rorra-1 tde?* that will r a'nre lu-o it* neauili it aod A A ro . HAVE HI f'KVTt.Y PrULIollKD. The t druwihf a*ractivejuvenUas. all ?reuily lilu?Uat'd;? Try Mv?|gaint? Nton llw 1 r Ittoro . if, seat*. Of t ro Drwr, CHt or Di --. ? Hv C -u in * .lee, ,g rente En ns- " Twr Fasaixes?Hy -he A i-berof the "Heir of Re I I vol . tta.o . r-S met ..... , i ? ri-. the i ??* au'hcg, :? ? com I.jn in mi td I.tut ?is. a - t'< ArPEOI'KtATr 01 ALL NEW' YKVH'N 1 ,, (j-. r . M. May, *.? mm A - -7 v.'a. W W. Pa \?2K!tZ t VI H ., ... , ??" '* 'Wuu-I st eal, I'A | ,v?. 1-1,1.. OS sul r hap.-'tod Andarledi. '"""d. <x*iUiaL,t *?ip*rt, F&ZZZZ ! Vv,. ai4. Pat A.u ?? "A ;)? *.C ?.Ins* ro Jm ) .I-l-. xeu at'pto. P?h4tah'4 w ? (v *'*?I *t i. J-uoT*j.od aHe r , ,, . ' " , ' v?"'*l e WoeV., In eeryy nr*V ' ' V- ft I* rj!"" :1 '1T ? o r.7 iei n 4,,i /j tu, _ , 7*/'??"ts W'ri whZkm too NK"W' PUBLICATION!!. All about the war ?mcuokmack'b visit to tbc Camp Before KebastopoL New edition, now ready, H e'*S*nUj Illustrated. Price 61. P. APPLKUiN A OO., 3irt and :iui Broadway, aod all bosk-ollerr. (II.EAR 1HK TBACK,?DI8TURNKLL'S NKW KAIL J way and eteamabtp Guide lor 1HA6, with mapa Prim V> or ate. Just published, and for tale wholesale aud 'Mali, by J. DIBTUBXKLL. 19T Broadway. Tiik latest and beet. A NEW BOOK FOR HOUSEWIVES. PRACTICAL AMKUICaN I'lHlKKRY, And Domestic Frttnomy, Br Mim K. M Uiiu One roliime, Alt) page*. 12mn. Price $1 SR. The Cookery contain* *73 recipe* relnllng to every depart raeot of the auoject, and la Illustrated with 41 a|>proprlate en graving*. The Domestic Kconomr oootalua 36.1 rerlpea and recent Im portant Iniormalion relating to the garden, the n-ohard, the wardrobe, the laundry, and all those household and domestic ailairx upon wbieb Instruction la sought by lite thoughtful and care (aking mlatreaa. LATELY PUBLISHED. Mr RonDxcr imp ?r Pant pom, by Frederick Douglass, 464 pp limn. at eel portrait. 6) 2ft Huuty VIII. ano ma Si* Hivw, by Henry W. Hoihort. 441 pp IS no.. 7 atrel portraits, tl 76. CAtHiHiKu II. or Kit eel a and her Puree* nor*, by Samuel M. Pntticler. .138 pp. ljtno , ateel, St. HritKitTTA Uoaoaoir, by D. Wilson, Esq., 336 pp. It mo., at*el portrait. 7ft cents. Tb? B*A?nrut Oat*, a Oera lor the IJttla Folk*, by Caro IU e I besebro. 236 pp. It*mo., Unely Illustrated. 63 eeuia. Addrrra orders to MILLKK. ORTON A MULLIGAN. Puhlishera. No 26 I'ark row. New Yoik, or III Oeooase at , Auburn. ntw|pAraU| AMERICAN ILLUStRATED NEWSPAPER. No 4 of FKaNK l.KSMK'P llltutrated Newspaper ready this morning, at all ihe newa depos, rontalniug the following en* ravings i? Arresting the Hteainshlp Northern light. Portrait ot (lent rai Walker. Dr. Belle an' Church, Fouilh avenue, Ouoaecrnled on Chriat Day. Portrait ot Dr. Bel'ewa. Wreck of Ike Rlcetnahlp Crearenl ('II r. Comttruotinc the Raft. Group of Politicians In the Rotunda at Washington. Plurreaud hi* Cabinet Discussing Oeulml Amanran Affair*. Etrrsordltiarv Fight al'h Patrlhi r Cats. 1 #}Ing Foundation Htone or Trinity Church, HohokCn. Rearehtiig Persons Arreated rfl I* dice Siatlnna Kereption ot the Amoskeag Veteran* at Jersey City Ferry, New lork. A hark of the bpanish Rchnoner- on the Hrlilah Wicker*, (lymnaslic Institute. Laura Kerne'- Vat Ictlca? Opening Night. An Opinion "A* I* an Opinloo." Sidewalk Traps. Eugenia Dresses Devp'oiioment of Ihe Mtwclo of the Arm by Gymnastic Ex erode. And all the religion*, politic*], theatrlal, mualcal, literary, police, law and sporting news of the week. Cheas. by an ex perienced editor. AH HANDSOME PAPER FOB THE FAMILY.?SO RAYS ihrTrtluneol ibe New Turk ledger. The Lclger la the gleat llluatra'rd fainlly paper of New York. It la for tt* col umns that Fsotiy Fern wri'n* exclusively. Mia. ttgourney ana other leading writ era are among Its rooulbnlor*. Price four cent*. An appropriate oift for tiik NKW YKAR-A year'a subscription to ihe New York ledger.?The fa n>i'.lar and world reuowntd nnmes oi Mrs. : laoitmey ? nd Fat* y If in aluud prominent ainorg II* con'rloutOr*. The Ledger la beautKidly illustrated. $2 per uouurn; four oents a'tgle. I TUNNY FERN, IN THE PI W YORK LEDGER, (JON ' ineneea a new senea of her brilliant rknUihe*. fro Uiu I.r 'gcr of January ft. (In l<e lea >cd on Monday afternoon.) for tlear and other splendid artk-loa. Ihe Ledger I* the moat popdlar weekly In (he ctmulry. 6NOKRI8 A WILLIS'S IY1 Howie Jonasxl rod 1166. The following are the loduonui nt* u> aubaeribe:?A new xovw. hy N.P Willi*, a seller of ske.lcbea by General Morris, uid > norelVte by J, M. Field. Muhscrlbe at once. Terms U a year. OOnw 107 Fulton ?treet, PUNCH'S ALMANACK FOR 1*66. ILLUSTRATED BY I .it-fin I.c-<eli and John Tennlol, just recelra.1 per steam t Pacific, and for sale, wholesale aud rotau. at CflARLvt WILLMEK'd Universal Knglinh m.d Furutgn Neaspaper Agency, Vfl Fnltnu atrcct, second lloer ARTHUR WILLMNR, AgeuL PUNCH'S ALMANACK, FOR 1S56?RKOBIYMD I'RR Esc mo, and tor sale retail or to ihu the trade, hy WILL MKR A ROCkRd, 42 Naaaaa street, corner of Liberty, sole au therlaad agentatorjha Utltad btaMa. rpHi: NEW YEAR.?NEW ATfR ACTIONS.? A All OaiuiitAL TmtfUJlin Knaiiir.. THE NKW YORK M K K t: C R Y Inaugurate* Ha new volume by the publication of 'he first Uuee chapters of it deeply ttileres1 log, thrilling and iiiinantlc story ? a perfect Picture of gay lite in Pari*?where the scon" alternate* rrom 'be gaming table to die ilauclog saloon, tmm the hall room to the court house, trotn the abode of tnooceace to the cell of the leloti. entitled 1IIK CREOLE W IFE; A Paul rao* tiik * Book, tum Kk?.i*ti:u or Parisian i fats a. In addition to this great feature thl* populur paper, which > ow atands at the head u! ita conteinporiirta* for talent and ability, and la the largest three rent paper in Ibe world, wl'l contain poweiful eMortals upon all unpoitani and exciting forlca of the day. i he Nlcnragna Qoestl m?The Object of liiia Exhibition?The Filibuster* In a Slew More about the Rebellion In tie Post Oflioc?The Committee and then Card. Matrimonial Advertising?Answers received by Ihe Lad la*. Popular Fducatlon?A few Practical lltni*. Death's lining*?Obituary of Deceased Men. Ilieatrlcal, Literary Military aud Eire Department matters Brooklyn Correspondence, Ac., A ., 4c. Price three cents fold by all newavendrra. Office II Spruoe Hreet. Tiik hhakspkark plots. Oo Saturday. Jannsry 0, lAW. TIIK KXFRMrt MEddKHGHR, s ntw literary aud family journal, will be twined In a style of typographical beauty not surpassed by any newspaper in the world. Ever y number will be embellished with one or more line engravings. Writer* of eminent sillily will contribute lu I * editorial ?nd literary columna. Karl/ In the newyrarwe shall rointnetire in ibe Exprvaa Messongnr the imlillcatl'ia of fbakapearr * t>la>* in t rlef nana io- torm prepared rjieclally for ihla paper hy a member ot the bar. lawn and gomlemen dr*lrr tia oi havii.g iLe entire .eric* nan u,i u ontr hi sub milling ImmiKllntely lo the Expresa Mcssergor. Terin* ? 2 per >rar, pomua d, or >1 lor sit mouths, rill conies to any addic*", cue month lor 61 or one >e?r for ft It will ha served t>y the carrier* io Na w York city aubecrthers downtown, for 62 per star, up town g* ftV per >e-tr. I'ti iHih -d every fatur day. Cot,itry rdl'tou hstird mi Wednesday of each week. Aiidi caa tu.oiediaiely, A. L. RTIMRON, pnbHaher, 3.1 ltro-,dw*y. The new kirk musical ukvirw and d azkitr et ? h new lis ret n>h >cai and a ?< i* rahma, in 'an nary, Iffst In rilling afeotion U> the Roy lew, lla publirhyr* believe 'he? can proren. to ib< puhh t uo tr me aailaf*"tory ot U* exreUanne a* a musical Journal Utan I - allunlad n It* cm slaully ii rrenylUK t uecess. It ha* uosr anoitt three, ihjee Umea a* l.>: , e a rlicu'alkm a* any oilier mualcal pi-rl odtcal In the worlt. Us rccripis from siiVcriheis during thv a?i ?lx moiill?? hate I eon rnore than d i'I'i!" Ihoae hte the --or jesporolng jterlod rJ the year prevbioa. By alien llaUertng marks of approval, the punllshera are incited to Inerc* ed en lerprlse and eier ;P n'o add to the exrellencs of the R*vtaar. Prtrea binyonttag to thrte hundred dotburw'r" rccactiyet lerrd by thi ni ror tonga for Ita pages nf ihu vast noiuiter ? ??nt In to ,-omrete lor tlieac pn/ea lie beat were ?**leete| oy a on p* irM rem on me, and a. e now in cnir-e ot punlteatWMi In ?he fevlrw When Otelr piiblleai'on l* completed, thi auh ?art'era to ihe Itevlewvyill de.-tdc by ballot whlrh Ju l re civc the pr.rra. l e*ides a large amount of reading matier, Irciudlftg rerular rorrerp'ndence trim ihe leading cl'ir* tn U.i- world, esch number contains ?ever?ip"g" of nrsr mtiatc. A mrles ofari'r.rhou Music teaching, hy Dr Lowell, I* now lu progteis ot pnblteallrm. An I'iwtr hy Geo. F It,yoi, fan , on i ultlTstkm ol iho Voli e, Vu* *11 raining, A< , ?<i be ? I.nimi wed in the legtnntng or iLe nev. volume, lit.. as oca hy William II. Mradhury, Kaq.. on the Improvement of ( burrb Muaie. The New Jfork Muai**J He. tew ami i.a/ene I* pnhM*l.ed fortoiKhilv. at one do'd*.- per annum, or six c *ptca for ffve del ar*. payable in advaic, . Specimen .otiles ?ent giauiUoua.y. M.\f??N BROtllkKH, Saw York. FrillF MOST POPULAR WKKKL* IN T8K CXilJNTKV Id 1 Ilie New York Is*!g?r. It ? ? ins I hi '.est wi . em. end rc naequer, It fiirnlshe* he mo*'Inlerea lag ?'rlety. Mr Rsy n olid, our Lieil'ansnl Go*ernor ant C.I il. II A ih* Daily 1 imea, truly deslgraie* It "an enlerprumg .tA6i." VOUNO AMERICA.-THIH DAY l-UMLIMIEO. TUK I ircotid numirer ot lha neyy rixnk p*j>er ihe Hi ?* r? tlona excel even lhn*c of ibe in number, a* knowledced ih? best coin'.e pietcrui ever pub tubed tn ibis country, fill* an e* nt . per I OUT, or ?2 bU per annum, alt c- inuuui,callow* ui br adoie*?c*l T. W STRONG, t?i Nasean atimau COPARTMICHNUIF NOTICKN. SCL iuiti TO 6U.0(io.-TIIR ADVERTISER It ??* FR()M O.UUU 6?o tn ffffeoR thousar d diSlar* to ir.rad as ? ve j-annvr In any safe yohhlog i uslues* ilia' ,* ahou* 'o t?e eatao -leh* d, could inft'i*Me a good irado, aud If thought adv1*"hle could add more mean". Reference given and rwjulred. Ad r rv-a until .'aruiary 10, laM, If I*. R. box 2.1(0 I >?? $r OAA -WANTED, A MAN OF Rl'SINKEg, WITH A li.UWU, rapltaJ '4 tmca three in Ore ihuusaad hghvra, ?? t i.ier Into a rary prnAuhle an I ei aosly* buaineaa?ui.6 whlrh will be a ataodarS for uinn. Inquire of Mr Hykea, at *14 Hrnadway. Unexceptionable rharsciwr req iirrwl. lino - A C"**' " for a onrn.KNA.s 'in blason tna hotel, n>S yet openad |U (ha mM le <n Ihla Stale. Il baa peculiar advantage* whle'i tki other keel In Ihla muoir) jK^acsoea, and which will draw to u nan) urlas 04 the moat Isahlooable pleaeurn jtarries from al, part* of the Union. I'leaaa eall on WM. U. HOI'K, 2S4 fpriug at $3 nnn TO v'"w-partner wastkd. ?iih "? VVVtiie ahoye amount. To a man .f t .c right nmuiy.. JII * man ' o I'm rigid ??mn. and desiring a permanent, avfa and proidabl* bn-lne*., will And his * chaore seidrm ' ftered. AJ4r?aa A nota to W A. A Hrra. l I fftce. <jt ui.47 I if h at enua. Al AAA TO 61,006 ?THE ADVF.RfHRR. AN A<!TfVR bo-lr,c?a mm w i.bss 'i> Invwltfe*.. mtai .s:c table Irsas, as purchaser or pad r The best rtf references given. No aget.'g head apply. Ai,Jret? A. C. II., tleraid ofcee. ROCA -FAJiWTR WAN RD t0 RUT OUT IHU (fajy)'', t- s-cvf of a re<i, !s( In a cash tnMhMwu * io ai' eoilanahle chara. ?r tail Shu I* wl" . rt/o list lima In i-otinaaa. may apply o Til' id M. GRlULkY 4 CO.. Hi tiamben atree A PARTNER WANTED IN A RETAIL GROCERY vtoie l<ug r-ial ltah d mor e <( ibe beat locations In Ota fetry. Ajply frrt'edHtelt (o M. Nj?r?. mruar of Klxtn si coos at d Twtt ry eighth -traec. A^m PARTNER WANTED- N A MASVPACfURINW ntiaairaa. Any pe a^i haying a u-otRrVa aai tunt of raol'al art besr of a i haeoe v, fo -al. yrfffow' rt?h wher* there la no reanptytiUor*, and Urge return*, b] atdreaaiug Ka ?erprt?e. Herali offba. PAET1FR WANTED?A GOOD FREVH fOrlPKR, I Whe knrrwa j ei-t*cMy w .1 I . beg-* - oisge rant/ I arrwja. wishes p. hare a parut"r who ml) a4v*rv-e mm- tor lay IO crgy.Bei re ihe esfahNat ar.arit Inquire a' No. ft Mo tor eowew Tt"AKTET>-4 PARTVTR wmi f in W TO ijn nrri fk TT at e.iabfwheii Stilaplag tad Siniial!WOW bhrdMea, hy ma harti r rhe *i "t s air.*,' n- r ,I - va ind-iatetoua bogsey , man. wvh gaol r*frieat-e id (rr-aa, wtrh rr?N uagfta. but 3,'6i I'Bffct __ HEW8 FROM WASHINGTON. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. CAUCUS OK TI1S UBMOCKATS? SKIKITXD DMUATK? ?* ACTloM?"O COMPROMISE OH PUB Hr.Hl) rH< Wabihnoto.n, Dec. 28, 1855. At the adjournment of I ho Hon*, thi. afternoon, a caiious of tie democratic members wen celled to meet in 'he Representatives' Hell, et eight o'clock thin evening. I "it mpily at the houx about llfty member, were in at teodanoe, and the meeling continued till ? quarter pa. vies en. Mr. Jones, of Tennessee, presided. A great numbs; o speeches were made. Am-..,, wbo participated in tlie 'IhcuMtioi, tver*?MtMri.. Uo?u> *ad SUwmrt, of Marj- I land; Cobb, Stephana and Crawford, of Georgia; Calwal ladcr, ol limnaylvania; and Quitman and Barkadale of Vboin-ijpl. ' He talk war eery animated, bnt .earned all to tend 1 'he direction?to the pracUcal renult. The pro ject ofuni lug with the Fuller men wae coneidered; but the simple faet that .uch a union would not constitute a majority, ?u coneidered conclusive againat it. without weighing the other objection.. Mr. Stephens, of Georgia, earnestly advocated a con tinual ee.aicn of the House until a Speaker should be chestn. Ihla subject came up too late to be IWrly con ?ddeied. Finally, it was unanimously resolved to stand by Col. Richardson and the platform to the bitter end and to recommend to democratic members to avoid de' hat* a* for as possible, and to offer no propositions or resolutions in the House, but just keep on steadily Voting. * ' It was then agreed that if five members should think father consideration desirable at any time, on their re quest, the Chairman ahonld call another caucus. 8. TIIK DFRATK IN CAUCUS? DKUIHION OP THE KEEP INO? kANKU WITHIN ONH VOTE OP AN KLKCTION. Wamiim/to.v, Deo. 28, 1855. A democratic caucus was hold in the hall of the House thia evening. Mr. Taylor of Uuhdana, opened the ball lie took no distinct ground. Col. Richardson then with drew his name as a candidate for Speaker, but it was not accepted by the caucus. Mr. Cobb of Georgia, folloeed and tool decided ground in taror of continuing bab luting until ? Speaker was chosen. Stephen, ol floor, tin, also tool the same ground. Shorter of Alabtm fa vored taking a set man, ami urged (hem to support Ful Vr CadwalJac'er of IWylvanU, was opposed to all fusion, orr of South Carolina, wa, for stand. >og by their nominee Mld platform, and not suriendericg <r.e icta. Qultm.n, of MiesUlppi, offerel a resolution that they continue balloting uutil Wo toe day, and if no Speaker be elected, then adopt the plural! ?y rule. This was lost hy two votes. corn titrable discussion, tbe following reflation was unnnimously adopted:? mblH* "iH Ad>"?rf lu our platform and no E r Ifferanv m D" ^',n tr 'dc mom fc? r ilfsr any pii.pi.rtti'n with reference to Speaker with out previous i-im.nltati,in in caucus, and that the Ghair man tie requested to call inem together. After this tli^y Rejourned. Ranks'f,tends expect to elect him to rn...row. I wa. Informed a few memieuts ago that he larked hut one vote 'o-day. Titers were two men who promised to go for him provided the other vote could he obtained. R PHOPOMSr. COALITION OP THE OEWOOBATd AND KNOW MOTH1NOH?A OOWP&OMI&K HkfPin tyn. WAemvoTiw, Dee. 28, HUM. A deoucratic rations was held in the CMrdtol t<rt? f VTf**- 4k,~ was peasant? Ban. ?' W. Jotee. of Tennessee, In the chair. kUch excited U hate was had. Nome were for and many again, tenv compromise. Mr. sliortar, of Alabama, u,g?d a eim promise with the National Americans. He would mergo party in country, and organize on any national conser vative hasia. Hon. Ifowell Cobh, of Georgia, made the | fit tipal speech rfOie evenlog, urging that any com p; omise Would Ignore their principles. "Are you," he "?id, "to go before your eomrtltncnts and acknowledge you trailed in the dark the banner they placed in your hands r My oounsel is to stand firmly by your prinel-Ja. and your candidate." The caucus adjourned without any result. General Nam Houston lelt home on the 20th Inst, for Washington, and is rxpectad here by the 5th of January. K THUtTY-VOURTH COSQBHS8. Knurr hkhhion. HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES. WimtiMiTosr, Dr ;. 28,1815. TTtK SI'KAKJJMIIJf. Mr. rtrwAiur, (dem.) of Ga., offered a resolution cboo.lng Mr. Richardson Npesker of the House, a. under the pre si-nt differences of opinion no organization can in e(f..jt td, without uniUrg all who agree on ths do-trine of non intervention as asserted by the Kansas .Nebraska ?ct, and proposing that all differences on otlu r subjects be postponed, without compromise or concession on the part of members voting for the resold ion. Mr. -tew ard said this would relieve the American party fro n ?bat they consider an insult, regarding their pecu liar pssllion on the Kansas-Nebraska act. If the e are rational men en mgh in the House they ah' old emus for wsro for ihr election of a Npcaker, tv!!***?' Kt?,'l4,m:n wp'w'nvl their undom'.inding of u-e Kansas-Nebraska set. * The resoiutien, meeting wl h little f4vJr was with drawn. ' " U,e House then voted four times r?r Speaker. an ] ?? the ?event} sixth or last ballot the iot? ?> l ,fi bwrai? ' wnhe 101 Fuller 3t l ihaidson t? Renninatoa" M. SMS. irster, W hitney, RacJurr, Willisms a'u.1 Qrr . ne ? RCbe Nirsseary to a choice, 105. Adjoin md. OUR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENCE

WAsitixirro.v, IV- ? 27, in',, /.S.A rmendimo* wt fAe Uouto?f "Ummj Up 1/ A<*oi/-i'. Mr. Atillu; m't I>i.?loe?rci?Attempt I, IMr/rnn I ? Ihiv ihr Ihimy teas iMmt?Oyini n* n th .Vest, ii/iim Vvo/k s, dr.. Tie day I* proceeding* in the House of H*pie*"ntatl u. must stand out on the j.age of hisb,ry prominent, n it miy for Uu-tr rare, rich and racy character, but bccauet of their preirmncy wl'. h p'wel or evil results to our non try. This has been a day o' exposure#?of crlmin.tioua sod le iimioatt' nr?of charges and 'li feu'es?and of a timers! owning up in reUtion to the n.-ans ami apptl r n#e? whleh have Ism n.ed to carry the -Speaker's elc ti#n. Ihe closing of the clil year seem< to haie b?w>o ?ei??d uism by certain memlwr* as ? ruoet appropriate time tor closing accounts with thilr c-.nai i< nc-s, and hence they ban been upon the Boor be'lay m.klng -Jean tivvasts o( it. Mr Miilvard, of Rer.nsylvsnia, 1*1 off by making an sxjs sure of the inaotMr in which an attempt had been made by Mr. l earoe, one ol his oolleagues, to bribe hint to red his tots mr Mr. Ranks. Ths rlche-t p?rt. of this exposure was the attempt to perpetrate a frau I ox Mr. Mil)ward, at the very moment ol bribing him i t his tote tor Mr Ranks, Mr. kfillward *a< to ba rnaletha r hair men o? a committee shih re?lly had no exiateare, but the boaorsble member was a t to be so easily entrapped, fie wished flrrt to ascertain the lauit ??nc? and stsruling of the, over wh u h ? wrmid 1,are the honor to preside beA.ra be ckn?i ths bergstn. It was true that Mr 1'mi # .wn d h, n "hi wou.dhe making a gr"d thl-g '<i I ," yet ? b .,lrv , man as t e is, Mr. MUlward prsforrci pee| :ng Int., t're to rattafy himself. When Jo ! fra d?base frsx,!?a ? ftetr^etsd. Ihere was no e-ich eoniriiitbe. Here was a furs h the family, a/id an "tpeiir# fo'loww!?Mr til 1 ? aid dre'arlrg tlrat hie n U-ag-is bad aexxrcl h , , h ess suthotlresl by Mr. i.anl -tonskc t s 'Vrta-et him am) Mr. I'raree whemently dsn)log that be did an ?uch thing. Ihls beautiful little tran-a-Uon ess filowet t|, with "more r f the rame sor*. sad InUma tons of ~,m. nebln ? of a ?tlll more setlims char*. ->r. Thus wt g<i m ihs balls cf/me;baa legislation Mr Rank? a the ine ?? time, rose at his sest and entered a general bit ?xt lbs tic denial of any ted all charges or n sinua'tons that be had . (fered or given plo'ges tr. any tn*n, or aulhnr; .-t toy one to do so fir aim. Mr. R su.ulned blmadf ?.|| 1? or tag the trying orea>ton, tad Uw> su"-e#>ltn? bait its prose tba* he lost no ground In the c nle.t. 11^ Ve-s 1 of ye,'ordsy's Hrwatn in re.vbm ? prtnetp |ee M mi bite policy to (? (ha y, sinoirsted the wp ag to be redre# km. and t'te g r ! . posse to be euhaOrvwi by Rresbtent I'lerre la bls ?,r ?t?w> the N.Tthern IJr-'t tM h> r r-,-.. h . ? ret the hecrty sod e?rdt*i approwsl 'A e,wy membs. i? t oegrssa wfo m 1 have heard evppesa so r*rl? 1 mi "is schfoet Mam declare tee s-npp!,," of the nws- a, p, m. a>'h ahlsh herded rm'rsge astneal) ' . i?t .1 -4 , , a. Use BO'fed si l#?t, ?Ilire sod It Will ee . e A r?mtw r from Vlrgtais isqui-wi u>is mor'.,a? I , would be %9W#seeiy t?ij hagQ '0 |ft pgrntlaa ti of '4? fe ? IjL'fT?1":' fa, hl, Uwljr rtiould he destru to as patriate Mm SO 11 aud settle i? ihi inviting country Thw quoeUen ?n?*,.r?l iuelr and ?howsthe precardiac toward* lira Northern Vi bT*" ??ooirnr* ???!>? rlghle ot our el ii#n. which demand* a vindication at the hand* of the national Ufis t<" Hpeaker I observe many tie 1* u>fa on the floor of the House, eoxioosly wnfehlug the KhSwTtSl ? wbt?'*y Of tlned to remove the ezietinc difficulties. CWda, too, oootiaue to fill th galleries, day after day, to oberry,, the monotonous pro , ?P ? body, lie) to applaud or hiss, aa circum stance* prompt them. ' Wajoiivotom, Dm. 2T, IBM. 7*e Ot*? of the Northern light?Tin I'rm Unl Driim int ? | a Corn, r by a WVm Jfretbcr-the. Mcarugua Affair i I.lkely to Make a Har, up fuforr Cnoflrtu?General Oj tmeaii't Miuion to .V. ftom Jft.., Jt-, The I'resldant discovered yesterday, from the general tone of public opinion in UiU city, that the m,uw?? h d j no sympathy for bim, or thu two uimnbereof hit Cabinet who bad encouraged the reeont outrage up m the N'orth arn IJght. A member ot Congress from the South, and a hltbeito supporter of Mr. Iherca, called on that function ary yesterday morning, a ad inquire! whether the report j of hie interference with the sailing of thin \e*ei, ot re ported in the Nxw Yohx am,, wan true or ??>'.. The reply was, "Yea, rlr, I gave orders to Mr. Mcheon for her ? ..-est" "On wUat gro,lBd),? iMJIWl|(a| the member; ' thus far there hae been nothing to show that the waa not proceeding on a proper and legitimate voyage, and I can but regard the act aa one of high avumptUn. " The Treildent endeavored to met- a r. Joinder by produc Ing affidavits that had been sent in front Ney York, from an unofficial source, hut which at a late: day were supported by representations rrom John Mr Kron, Ksq, Th* Interview then clortd, wl.h a declared disapproval ot tho whole affair the P?rt of the member. Nor Is this all. As an Instance of cenaure which the President was forced to receive yeaterday from hia visiters, a body of no lees tlisn four gentlemen, belonging to the House <f i(0|ueaeutat.vvs, hi conversation win, his tigeeitencv Nmbhein lj?ht "'to ',iH. Pr',0WHlJ'W <? the the Noithein lJght, obse.ywd that the affair would warraut Vue^rf^T, mtoit byCongre.s, and to this opinion his held "" unjw,r furtlier than t.y a u >d of w,.mM nnt h4T* been made but lor the wlilioal capital wbiji, the President expe.?** to ueriie esTJdavU',T;: "r " ?,M*S I wiote yon y ealei day?in his large, go of comm.* to war* t (,,#,t toV^tiv'^n m!w K* W'll he r.adlly ami tonJT, P , bf ,,wt K'hturnment, thus affording him an oppoi tuaity to o, eate a qua ml betwren the i,, wiLhTha*^*i n| l!" mu'?f <^"-y other eond lerr.'ioo With the people In the nationel nce?s*ltv <M agon r> oleclng him to the I'rertdeney. 11,. wouiq now . ,m mmoe the game, ami while bis me??g. U red 1, .t w, t, the thunder Dolta ablch lie Is ica ly to Inun h s* lies' Ureal BriU.i, s.k! he, treachery, L di .ly fle,' nnieh linger dewy in the organisation of t; ng.e>s may more tojuitous to ids unprincipled schenms of ainld hm, to advance which the property ?nd loUrej's ot An,*)lean citiaens are aelmd and olapnaed of will, th" ?T, Cf'v?"<? other, who J HflQ ?lll| iTJm ?U *?/ to* ??. of Uh> 1 iCtidtM ?, in hi< hnMl itf fh? kj.-di. , .. . :? his sriest of th<> Noitho-n light, shoo 1*1 lay their gilevance, tiefme <',,, grvaa with a tiill assuraaeo tiiat complaiui, wl.l meet will, wha'eyet f-drcs, it may be m It. i, ,wer o, give It Would have one g,s?i effect, it uo more: it would produce a free examioailim ot tbsi auhjeit ant Con g res prol^biy would mark out a line, aooslng how i ir for tba fi.tiue a Itealient oanbe ju.tltied or rusialu.-i in Ksrasids upon private piojerty and en'erprise. Asithn auhjict. in thtactty, is huwe.slog in Importance I have given lu Its consideration my totter of to day In my o. mmuulcailon of the Mth lo.t, wluU e,.asking ?f tol nel f iwiicb and the pr. scnUUen of his or-domials ih^"it h^uTV . "4%ci,,l"n U u?t " when itihouid have read, "raoct judicious." Tho error U woeth noUring. Ihefiiuods of (Jeneral Uaewwu are fclSld iuf?n ? o ?tu,n1V ""''tor to Ct D .mlogo, *4,4 tu icnt uaral luaee lujmppurt him in no! *?2ft "*r " w4'h ? In,1<WH,a4aut ?f the Justloc ot aurh an act on the part tf our govern meat, the effect ./two or more of our v-roU ot w?r at ?f.' rdT?; 'l Sk.n,'i' ?" mi?ht the c |Ia rd bultheiy irf the lion.loicaos by tho H?rU"*<. ... advise,! by i jig aid and Kranoo. ' Sires In Mew York. J-'IBB IN dliKfi ItTilJOlT?A VOIINO MAN HCIINT TO Off ATM. . hortly before 1 o'clock on Kriday morning, a (tre broke out in ? tliree etory dwelilag, rear of No. flHtlrand street. The firemen were promptly on the spot, bu Irom the fact of tho building hating been condemned by tho Kire Wardens, It was not deemed safe to hastily enter it. The entrence to the rear part of thr. building was very smaJJ, and created much dlf Hculty in reaching the Are .rom the yard. The upper pert of the front building, together with the rear build logs connected lu the form of an L, wete occupied by W illiam W. Tinkler aa a boardlof ami lodging h mae. The tire waa first discovered In the dining room by Mr. Henjamin Tinkler, who was sloping there on a sole lie gave the alann and awoke Urn hoarders in Ihe rear rvoma. TVy all had to make their . scape liirouru Ihn windows, o? to the roof of . low building I, tho reir of ?o AIM. A younguiau, ag?sl a'wul n neloep y,?.s, rum. d Cl aries Mc'.uire, dlj not suocee I in g?' Urg rut. He was looud on the llw>/, ?s.?r Ms oel qoi o n? i . ' 1,1,"Tln" u-, a Auffocalrol by tho smoke His finedI was rllguiiy hurncl. kldiuiie worko I f,.r Cmilh ?Mann, plumbers, No iid u u ?uppi?t>l that ho stopped to get out his ti uok, aa it wa, foui.d n|.ou Uio be-j. He waa par:ly dfcaol. ? - " j"?' .?/ iri ?" j, Mr . plcor, one of the boarders, pa e l ihrough the f lllff lOtlil Iff hi VuuIvcuum -I- ? - 'ijciig rotuj tff hi. brtrooai aImuih i|u%rU*r i?t*| 1: <j6Ji?k. h^ c?>i h?* noi|<;<? a Imu., >n lh? a.or li ar the stove, and that Mr. It. .j, linklar wa> upon ? he? ,i. ills th.ught by that th.- beet Iron .. r? j ,# jiii, i IJ"n ti a tf f'Wj. .*U'\ till. Umj, M I ar# to th* room. >>iii IiLklrr tkUnjffiW# ut* hsM a I about 1600. if# i? r?fo ii miri ?i. ' r l ^, > ?a.h .?n occupied the se-nltl,,,: of ti e rr.rhullomg aa a taguerr-ai. gallery. Ua **, vet, ?M.--,r I fa tf kU'fl . . , . t|*rr>i iht> AlllOow in Att?XbAUhilKt c 1?. ti 1#. , ?LMn * tr,""rk and furni.ur ? et 'aV. - t?o fr?M T1" ie Was a room n 'be sec- od (t.-vr rear of No Aid occuj |r<l by iu t,?rt lloi.rjr, his fuiuiluic IS .... I. ds magro by toe vi water. I. . ah u . *U0-u , Insurance A <,A lilid OU? I' MOM QU fhtt lit f t dot f ot Vff }1M by Mr. 7b , ae A. Mtih-r, ' t,v , pivi's.dy to the an,-.out m II h. an iusu.'.r, $1.60 in tJi? W?*??'rn ln"??ra'i? . , . . vi ? ' rn in-t.ra'j, * ? ntnuw Hie A. liruOi.., ,| wh ., .??,,,h- b , ! b g V, ,/. M M ecti, I e> y Hi, ??e ,1 .al.l, " ........ 7_ ... , . ,'J dsebl/g, s i.tsln.,1 l.-ns . 1.1a et" k If, erlbsr to ah.ut ?1.?. and to hie fun,it ?h ." ?"<). lie la> Atikl Jnsuran . on hi-'n/islturv in Ue tl ,m ?n h s stock t., tl.e I ,? ?i 1Mt(, lie two bulb.i>g. No. am and II - w|, f/on' end rrar, aienwi sd by Mr. Johu I - . Th ya.e Utiute, d I'foliAi'Jjr to til# ntssoutit of At/ 0?no I jtfU/Aftot. IbJ - Phi rMngi. rev., ise-n prruounced d ug-rn. mini. oy H ?? l lie Hardens. of, ,-iuwUj n.orij.uig la.t the ehlru oej . i, ll.t front bulking toll .town, hirm.i?g Lhr ,-,gn Tb. boau.le. of Mr. Tinkler have I ?t a!n all tb ' I'.ihll g H elt, r I !>eli g burnt o. de. rurej hy vp.. Sir. it. \S hvf f t k ti j I,oai .a ! wilH Mr*. lU I nil ursnre t.f gldu on the fornitu ?? io hi'" ' ' * w.a.'.gap,4r", in the rtoyv. an. lowettoe Oeo.j aiiy. It has to eu ail destroy ?'L H*K IN OHgRNWICIt STKf.bT. A v ut & o'clerk on Thursday rvmlug, aome rb.'hing In the re. ra OI ik, liven at No. AA oicenwi h at dentally e*n?',t fir# Irom a lamp. It was ettigq|.be.| ?t'h ->sftuig us,, ,?gw. HA* IN CHARLES STRUT. . ? twe-n o ami T o'ci.^A yestwrdey IKri'lay) morning a fire too. plaee m tfcB fwen ,f M-. t.?o A-A-rman -At Chet" Cha. .. ? street can . J by th.- st .V* pipe .sa.rq ifiro rh , r." 'J"*"* hecsm tig h t ami seiUng f. e to ih- lire Imaid and mantel piece. Lo-a shout hi. Jfe lesureo T * RTICf.'LA Kft OP THU VIRtl rN RPAC'CR NTR IT. Li afettwck k Co , wine imj-wter- ojrup rd (Re ce ler of No. 13. They have 111,,too In.uramem it. , >Vrk, as follows:?l"hor..?. II'as, JTtolet r, ft ??, J Ugara, r.CffO; RepuMle, ll &OO New Vo?k ?V?ito'de A. Cta,. Ihslr bwa will | rnbably amount to IT ,aat T.y lor A t o., dealers |a rags and scrap pap,., ,Kail ^-1 pert < t the cellar an I part of lhr 8,at (to- r. They *-" vVt U ./ "?aiaUml $2,ton on wtorh they have .o ?' (*? >? Ute ,m'r . ,J,l*T, ""-I**1 t*'1 f Ih- - |.f a .1 BArtt M A [Af A' w% ffif i . frtt jln icu.1: V" * - ' -fisuy ^ J?i>1 y ? >.y and asumate ti,. ir , . . at a ft , s> la, wed, l ureeil k to pch:'#,. sol de o.e ,v*. to Sgpsia, oreupwc ihe lev , d and 'hi I ? T?... ^ to. ate U,.ir' L-ss a> eb',u' ?!l 'ss, ,m .j, a ,um. , tfi' l OI 8TCO, a# foil, w ?. , s !^Taa! 'In'ZL*'**"- 4 "! *?'h'?sv V.'of i'-hi t'lpfcU t: (as,. . 1> Th'tni'fi. borkkimtor, wr,, ..| ito. i, v . ."fcr.",,a Ii.mt1m. mb,, .TaV^ g v.!* f \ r.?u/?d Ar li 'sfl hi the mm r , ir.,., , . I ary tMH A Brother., ef Mo. J? L 1 a large q?aftt|tf m 'rt gl na t> #? 1? g, r .. ' le ery 'b'v wave totally deef-yd * '?'? tyt# pU'es were est ks.s , glv. n I, t ve Ihem r? ot e. h n d ,y ? i t tt. I* r.ttg k 1^,,^ ' ' *? ' ?mo .at 'o 812 <A?. on shf >> thwy are ia-c f- T.s , a* fo t, w. _ . |, ,/0 [rv.a* 8 '.?i ? l-f lit, Oklyn. ?'.?(?,?? ' ?ttravs Uttsr have t**n b? at mi, t. to. i^r ?. _. any ARRIVAL OF THE PACIFIC. ONE WEEK LITER FROM EUROPE. JHGULT WTERKSTIM INTELLIGENCE. SnocMfee of the Russians in Asia. riu or MORE FIGHTING ? THE CRIMEA. DEFEAT OF THE HUG8IAH8. Attempts to Vsfotlats a Peaoe. Virorom Preparations in Insiiia, Kntrlnnd and France for the Next Campaign. MTEBESTMC F|M*?I1L IKWS. DECLINE IN CQHSOL8, Ac., Ac., Ac. The tutor* null steamship I'aciHe, t-iptnln IT lie. he, arrived at hall past 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. ,she Mllnl from Uverpool ua Haturday, tha Villi Inat. The I'autto, on hor outward paa.nge, arrived al liver |K>ol early on Kunday morning, tha 9th inelant, having rra< hod the bar off the entrance to the river Mersey, at 12:114 A. M., but wan obliged to aacbor, froiu thick wm thar. Her parauge U eatlmated at 10 days 7 hou-a. On the passage out the paawngers preaeuled a highly coin pllmeniary letter to Captain Kid ridge. It la affirmed that authentic intelligence ha* !>een received of the surrender of Kara. The report la, that General Kn.etjr, wltli another olDcer, ha>t aucceeded In making fbelr eacape, and that when they <|Ulttc I Kara (leu. Williams had been compelled by famine lo rend a ling of truce to tb# Ituaaiau cimp, ottering cap. ? I illation. Notwithstanding the vary general rumor* respecting negotiation* for peace, Mie foreign j mmala In the In terest of Kuaala persist in denying t'.it ther. are the slightest foundation* for eucli rumors. In a despatch from llcrlin It la asserted that the '.'ran 1 liuka Cona'antlne ha* ordered the captain of every resae) Id the Baltic fleet to make a return of auppllea re. clr*d, end rape, ially to note Hum) article. not furniaha-l In aufli < lent quantity. Thla order la aald to hat e been c?u**d by tha wretched atate r>f the crt wa, con .-tuning which the nioat Inciedlble talea are told. h la stated In a Ict'er I runt Hamburg that a aq tadr in <A tea new acraw guubiata hare cut'red Ihs port of fweaborg, coining from ( rooataft. Hie Ha ton l)e langenan, the Austrian Mlnlafar, Ua gene lo Stockholm, wit I'.the object, it la *ai 1 of lnd< ing Sweden to adopt the German j> >Wy *a* rcgirl- the Eastern queallou, in ptef -rence to that of tin Western Power*. A felcgtaphlc de patch la reported to hare >*?* received la Carta, dated H?baa top the ffth Instant giving an account of a rather sharp .'ogagaovnt, In which the Hiiwiau. were complitely drftmied the statement la to the rff.a-t that bet*, en 1,010 ao.l it (XX) infantry and doO and Ui cavalry had at'a.k.d "ikiiala hkradc. and that aher an hour'* fighttiag, the enemy b< a1 a retreat 'earing -i the livi te i fthe o Hie* at* ut thirty | rieoner* Inc hiding ?o olBoer', laslijo* killet and w .uroled, wli'/tn the n*ioi w*r was nit yet known. The 111 . ou the pa.trf the alll's la said tw lie loeigniflrmt. A money panic la ann um led Ui have oom'O'l vd to Kuan's. A*. Moscow and otbar pl<. the'una not* are rvfuaed. A new loan lor 50 000,000 rnu' .? ba* been oper.ed in lieiltn, but haa met with ery lift >i rata. Advfcea from Hetlin confirm the nte'Ifgence 'iwt I*, varle and Felony hare m.tithd t j Hu?.ia ikeauc in *??? peace c .ncluded no the haata of the Four Cua ao va Tim er>rumunira<i.ina from the-e .-'.ate*, |t la ' it, o tatned no other ptopaeMou. It la atated to he the intention of the Kua?ian ; a n nienl to effect the tmmei'iate emanclyation 'if the wv'? .A the whole empire. Tha Finp*ror la ?iil to be fa .rat../ tn the measure, ant the landowning srieWxjracy wh I.aiehecu aouiv ?*), tflrr n>< opposition. Huca the enow haa been cvered with a enm of *, en i r mmi a treina of a led. '"Ii mil. h.tig ha * o tered the fiimta by I'.iekop an.) the -pit ?; A-> at loaded with prwtsiOM and art! .*( ' the ?' army. It la stated In a deepaleh from lie I n the'. Vast i an i ties . f sulphur and aa'tjietre continue 1> I from that ronntry into F-u.aU, m'aed with oilier an. lei so a? to evaiie tha prohibitioB banvd by thai I' i-l n government, by aa-umiiif t. ? I ,*m of ?n tmligwn dm t. A \e t.r ft. m V lew of tie Ut >> ?"The *?? . f Aii.t is la again ta an trrta.??#'ing a.' ? t|c? Ad. ? e. have been rwr. iv 1 '''? e dee'ii ef ... * ' bvwthei of the iiotna < ! Itot: ch .t. ' 1 ?i Vfoit i th Jnet. I aioi An rim %? o ' 'hnlo ' t* ll.e ] tha brothers H. fliariiild w) > la. f* a-'.-l t'lla I. lrf 4, the tk>f of t'i>. In o * In '. a I.,-', n th of the huuee In klanua b? t,g . thi?yi?. fifthi I ?. h i' . ii. in n ? n j the 't.r! of the h e : 1 . If* tn>? m w? looked (in ae tha in: m'er of S>* great ar. ' |ow. r ami, ti ugh p i ?* .'ii, ? 'iicatloa than li> hmther ?? ad.., i# u. n in. i ey rnatla'r he d."l rh. > *0' !? hotue a fnfftaaa of 0ct,000,00f g n. . a. *. a plan* <m tt>e r h - h a il tb ?? n'any a tempt at evteuael ?;'"i 1 ' ? w. ar? i y more than <ne hur.d'e l rei ?g< ' p' ' la akutu, dur i g lifb he had a:> ? I In e.. y . p I man < f to *lnee* |atf ?. f la'. ?!.?'.' g all re'lgio-.a and ooafiwina Ad> icea ftorri favB by il ? ovrrUa l fnail 'f t lu Oetaibar, mewti. a Ikat, aaing U- Ui* - *? n .ao t" drought ftent aipt'h.nel w ?! . ' ?? ..e . grs wtrg ri.qsi of I ' aogar d ih l.ri 'I ?' at Indrair ay a th. evil l.ed ??atke- < , , that dl?trlet, thai " Id anin I. ?u.ey ? m k-a'e. 4 bad veml.rad into tl?? at a*.* I ? o. ei ?o al lowed themw've. te. t? taken >y *b' toaof It . i that tha Inhabltante >.f I frim. j m 'he ? itt pei ?' f . ght mamtba, h* hV e*1 a:.d < '. Ited . th a 1 ? ' ? Mt|.r. ? iatt wh ? h I all'yaWra, 'W a ? 1 a. 140 beta of th. la r' t kl I, ?T,0t* ate *r.< IM mnakrata. _ Ova#,ii I errtapand. ere. f, aivs, Iwr II, 14 7JU /v.' ffwmora?Af?. - ' Ij j Aec??af ? .' /??f of I A* Soar.-an a >e *? ' , ? r?./I / o? I / Ti e peace wt a-* atlj '.hit. < to* h day ba e# arv we fai'1'.r ad .aaevd thai wa we-. laa*t waei a Uaia t.wie. Ibere ka an Sen' ? a* 1 I aee a ready aH (hat prop* ?Ith'ue hare ha.o bj A el: a 7ui# al 'eg power a. well aa ita. a de? '? a ' pa a Th e ?ae b? ari doabt aba wt I .1 1 r*.ac - *| i-aoa ,y i el toad, ae4 th. g aat aa/dllj I' %" 4 .tar# th upiai'MI. Aeetrla i? b-nuad to Frama and fegUwd yi-trea*y of -4 I acewsbw hwt h?r stltsli > al a|kaa wsarol/ bean tl .t ?' aa a." y The ??* " p"vj- ?.!? d ba* ww I in HWi *0 'fa# f VSt't tk't Rffi i ??'?"'I 1% ?* tc. < ?e* MM pr?t?M* tie' hifcw. a bwatt sg tW I t-l II 'Ad '?*- ? w*.., ?i?d (1l ba IIWW1TH naanuamd Out ft? (t'llaM w(U th.C Um, 4mm i.d u..n tk?, th.n u. If*10* u?? u*n pul?li?Wt (ViWeta .4 IM I ?k???U? of Kttaaia r?- k -p, opb> a,? 3? dUpo.?' badUrn thai ItuuU U tatnli.rl* mw i. driudn tbMLal***: Ua 2SL*~J **"*? W"?1<1 P"(?r paur. to ni -Ji. Vould g adlj ????! Pat ah. d<?. not an. (W {?. a- a bw gar. KuuU, at. at,on. fh. war u lutlir line k- r> J ?? tr out Ignorna! that it r?,u bar CimmWtUt,, -hw ft?1i lu behalf . wmwwJ r.m.,1 .,ut<. adeftoVw fhw ptawcivatlun id bar "ill I vitality, nutwithaat :?*? tl,w XhTl af' ,,rI"*ou' *" >?? '"*?! "gHatOme. ?JTmU. i 7" , ?WD ?"?*??? <* fiArUrfl.. a ?Uvogth iaeaaaM-l t-olaj.1 by th. l?ling ?f rirluonl hnonr, by Um 'dIIiioim of* .ml an *rrar tight I jT .. 0"* ?* ?Uf? bad. la eight 7f <W itw'-C' ^,n ,b" ?,m' ?* *? ibIm A",fc'rUn ? ?n old r moo, rafirW.Liad 0>. I wrWi' .1 ,l>",rlV b** J""1 H"*"" P1"*"' "<1 O r.u,hT'1";v. l!^h" """'H*. baa laid not*** i lh' MM lhA> th- w'" "?* r? 'H>yond lb* ,nUUU'1V Vf"r 'h' ?*k* * -?urtar thl.-hf w ..a*aWorUI Aurt.ulMM u. noway .1, own poajilona h'^k.^Ti'1 ri?*" '*?* uo? th. pro ^.nftranr. -?d 7m f '".w.iiii tin- bank at U>a taror TtL ,r' ??''-! ?'>*? by th. Ku> rvror of Ui#? Frraeh nor |,y rala??r*ton (uUi *n ' br from ^Sctn* mr r?i<lln?>M fh *rr, |,l 'hr Old A Hainan propositi w mja-Utd by t|,.,n at h*** ln ?? wlaw -howo? iW cootra.y wowld he ' n.h ?k!r.Trr* ^ "' rri' "" 0?ni ??al?l i >nr h?tlk?7 wo a.. I not dm,and mora aaw fhaa what ,d ?h.T k' " ">"^'^1 atV anoa. In t?u .U.o Of th. caaa, wb?i. VI lb,, nr.babimia. alrfmt lha ulfa T?* urn whii'h It 1. .aM Auatila <m ?kw no* hai.d l? l l "7 Ul* *?"<?''?I'?>??.? on Um Hut It la quit, ennwyb fo road in lb- ?j,?!Uh J .urnala ? 'kU wha, U,.y .ta" aa th. omT dllnna. In order lo ba qui', nrrfaln tbaC ll n v.:Imu *ii(..a^ into tbo Idaa of lha AoatHan f'aWnnl ?o piiooii ,>"'m ' y I'.HMia a nou.nwt, -trlodaaa "flbaRiiMbanaayfrom fb? H'n.i s-? nl* , !. "n"'<,n pratM-lofat. with ri-n-. t (u lha ua, ipallitM a r, n-n ml-. <ar??r<- <>a tli- luit of i.-HT'; .T ? laatMrnaf th. (>t'.oiuan -opim. K I * fnr.lf D Mimol- at Habaatnont *?' ao fai * bh.r-on Haanao p,Id. will B?iu-i>dl? not S> th. matter Mu.t ra?l till mora light U I hi own upam t>,a ?abj*rt. IT. aanouaemnrat that Kara ha> ra|dtulat<d haa oat yat lutn officially .onflrta.1. Tlia atatamaiU ?n?-?rml oiqilnally it. th. .?^atap J'a? and fio-n th. ,.rr pronri n.nt mar.aar la uhbt. It wa, ytr.n, I' war lof.t -ad that It rama from nfllrla) aouraa. Ktith.r tti. laiginh | raoali nor Auatltau gotriumanta ha*., ?p t . thn |,,.*attaa. mant, ,wrlfH any o?,l?. (mi to that rffnl I (oar, how.rar, It way ba Inr aa, arcotdlog to la,t a hrnrral Willi,>a? ai> l hi. taHanl (fan ? in mm mi|g Itaivinl oot. Tfcar. haa l'M?n ? riutn,.h n th ? f.'rlno a. in wliloh Ua. H,,??iaii? ha,, ago,n 1*4 III. w.frt of it A- y.t?? havw only a Uiayr.pbi, a oont of it from f./lw.., 11. Mya :? .. , Hanrtatorot, iv<- ?, laan I ??*?' rw.ia. 11|,? f,|l-,*h ff i- jm'rh irnm t'.. <-?irwal in romroand r f tt. nr.t ?w, ,|? t,, A i?"ly rffioui VfO") it n 14 it mfait'rv aid a bao* inn or Mai lior... al dajbi.ak (hi- m miiw a n,i.,.t It hhgaka. lb. ?mr l?l a 'Mf?ni ah. r a -bar. fn.,l,d- U.trd lor m hour and a halt St no- thirty |,r,?o,M.r. W. ro Ml n our liar, k- twa wf m w.r. r 01i? r? I an. ? at awu< . f tha numhar knl.d ao I wnundr-l <>ur lr.?a la lu.lcnlB.ant Th. tfnaan of hj aio ba, i?i.f,r*ad tb? cmoi wdo. wf IardUcnd U|fin Inn, and a numbar <if o-d.r,, <n U?a nffir.rr of tba k'traeh aimy wi,.> hay Mind m Ika Mbm, J'm .U liM nr^oiutid a o '? bun of fifty nnll<?na rf ? ouhlna at B'f with fa par cat.' mtaraat on*.third to ba l??uadal Hnnibnty, auatlur at llarllo. ao>'Jk*r at Aaa atai I'M. TKr wL< of tb. Hall.* fta, t u w r.t.,rr,-d L ana. Tbt filk *lrg la fh- bt?t O' wa I >a th. Kaat , Miaamifka lw< 1.. 1M? tli-i.u,'. It lajnodhw ]n-t a'urtd, ?Ith d,Ma fr./MI l< nataDtioopl. <.f th* 'Id Tb? t ncHah aqnadrot i*d ?r- mf ?t 'Mi.lo-jtinapka IU. Klgllab I'at-lrj an! I' al i tb" At |fto trttoman e n tiajp nt I kd ii?i m w.| and w.?a ti trln'ar n tba aaichbaob'od ?d th- !? >h r-,( ' a' lb-a< < tint* fi.iwt'h* i'Mii ra - t r tba roth ul' Ul niOttaiy r-paiarn na w- .... ,, fl a (r opa ar--ti l ?,..| .?.d od- ndiah rc topi I, ??. t i -aalii.dJi.f -n- iar f.i t a-lr-a . o'. M k ruina. 1> . I'L- ?!,. w-ir . ?* / at hair Una* ' dilauwwi ai^l n< fa'ra'lrif u-c t a' anC m il*|iUr, pad t'.i 'mp. ' li.a h I <? ad a I ? h*.i rrdory) lb* .-'uit. Ira in h.rirl. lug at r'a ai I I, a la l.i,to - alalB D'.ihiaa I T1,a Ku.-U,, aa a U aM th. aiHra, w-r. ; '.pa-<? f th'W w ,,l.i T ? <' AmU wr ? t?w,. etrg a? g- y ?-,> ,/ b.. Ik, ra M rn , 'h. r.< * . -' "ui '-oi i. rua i?( ? .',!<?,# ban a. T '? K W A It Ik RDItOPK. THE I A 1.1, ul" ktKh in tha Ua oo f<a>-a, I*< l.i | bar- I ?? faihu a i ? ? ol ??.i,t , f i?<- % triuia^h ?.^b ha. !,y t itwlrw or., lor th* I* ..ten Tl - i .?? ia. i, - aa u?n a a- - L-lt.rly n,.'ilia,*A ? h j i Ida. |k/> bgl. ll a ? try ?>- a' ? nr.a pi i . nara *t ??' Ik h.'fcir ??? i> ? wh ), i?. /' t tw uuoik-r-n tailh ti. n- ft 'io.'JU- in biat/ - . Ih- . i'l?l ia a, ?alt. 11- ?o hi ?<.'?. -e rr. ? 1 au la* aid tla* w i% la ? I.. '. I'.'J.nil a fai y-,1 wr JI a. (n 'fc* ? a i u , t- -y.a*. ?>!?><? -Ul? U'Ml pa- alia !r . ?. .,6tfy .? urwl ..atuUt bt I . nan (?'!, ? t. A ?<('. (I ta wa im tt,< i?'tki. d h' vk.i 1 It- .'a.i raw t m j, 'h. ?airh J iir,? fai ml T I, ? ? .; ?gj , r -h lt~t 'k-.? ?a.t.,l waia.l.t lb -....'p-rl .1 c? i, it ? ? May ? ? .a . .- . A*, th. let i. aaal t. an- a. 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