Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 29, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 29, 1855 Page 2
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tcj ol. II* ban ma' e a conquest, and may talk about mu tual reeittuUoa. llu% Una is all. i-ruuui n fortitliiiX even more ? f ufily hau K?r-, aud ?? behove taat \fna ravi'ff will pause Is fore eom""UKi"g a contest slml>ar to th?? in which bo ha* hvo *? uv rn vly sucue -fill. tie beginning of ha *uminer tbe aillee b*vei' in ihoir power to cai tj on war in earnest in Asia, as welt a* lu the ( rim* or the hwl'iThe least cuanee of ru ?< a sf J aid larti'jr ?;?*>aid -ement would suffic-' to call Oowu lueh an irivislun ?s would jpedlly make the K 's isn* tri-nibi* for Georgia i'eelf. Wi h*ve therefore uo ctnre to t'. disc ii agrd, although it would oe avaurd to affect tnd'ffei nice. * Hut the attention of the natl n may h* fairly ea'b-d to the lolly and let'y jeulouai a ? Uich uave led to thin re vrerre. After tbo ?vaster* of last year General IV lJi.inu.s undertook u> a?-in' the ("ton au c unwinder* in his c'la raefer ot British Commissioner. He and Oo'onsl lake twirled ibe two Aimwiin capitals, one of which has J?'l tuade so gloilo-is a dc enee. The miaorwbie state of the Ottrmsn was the therue of every letter from the sent of war, and the apprehensions of ?u'ore range- were inertased by the knowledge that the Ku*-ian armies weie a>g>ly uugmeuted. and that ad ei>local troops had lieen brought vo the fn n'ler, even by tha rente c.f the i a-pi n- All 'bis time the 1'orte and i'S advisers were inert. At a great expense a largo army of Turks was t'ausporle! to hops tort*, anil divisions were afterwards h?tried to and fro between that position and Kamieech to j, in in one rati .ns from which th-JV wee at Ike last, moment uniformly exel ole I. There were not wanting those who urged the necessity of reinforcing tho Asiatic t'Biy by a portion of this useless levy. The his tory of these transaction* has yet to be mad* clear, and It will be for Ceiieri.l Williams tn give to the w*rM thote can-es ef complaint which ate said to exist. When the city wlrch has now fil'en Lad been Invested for weeks, wuen the interest aud iurigna ion of all observers had been rounod, It waa decided to withdraw Omer I'asha and ais army from be ore cebustopol, then piepa'iug for its last struggle, and'.o tend them to ihe ic-cue of Kara and Krzerouin. Hiw haaiily a, d Include; tly the movement wis made we need Dot reci rd At thisfm jment timer I'asha is reduced h> inaction hy the want* of his cmuiWarlat an) trans port t epa tnivnts- When he will be in a condition to tale the field we knew not. All the genius of the in -st able genet ul would have boon insuffioieat to acoraplisU the inivutioo ot the beleaguered ciiy under such con ditions. In derpvlr of other suoior those woo rettec'oil ow the mailer were reduced to put their trust in the ?aows of sn Armenian winter. It n> nr appears that suc ?esi was re'Olti d on by the enemy at any c >at. In the midst of aufleilng* prooab y UarOly les* thin those of the Parleyed they liave persevered, and have achieved a cou elaersble, though only a temporaiy, tiiumpli. [From the London Post, Moa. ii 1 KoFnglobiusn, w sui-pose, oim heir of Kara without A fstllug of m ug ed pride aun icgiet?pride in th? gal Ian' < etsn e 'bat lis* 01 en made by General WilHtms?la Ihe splendid victory that was rue mainly to llrttish apiril and \a'or - uj? it at tho gluoiny uocountg, tew aud ?uv too eor ?Iu a* ibey are, which re ten us from the beleaguered ci'y. Our row brave men held out, gaunt ano giim. on u ibird of the soldier's rati-n?'.hey gave th- s'rsugth snd skill of a dosp> rate resistiuco to the etubbi rn eou'ege of be Turn?alone far from tho diu ai d gi"iy o' 'he main str ggle at fvebustopil, they iuuglit to ibe last hopii v for he relief which might yet reach Che plvce before 'ho fatal nseevsl'y of surrender. What ever might be the result o' tills contest., whether the H ardy de'enders wfcie<vued at last tho coming of Scrim Pasha, or whether, worn out bv the long and rigorous biockae, and dlsaprxdntod of re let and prnvirloLS, they, whom tbo Russian* strove In rain to eono'ier, saiik under the pressure of famiue. the glory or the lOHStunee should he tho Mink It will he torn tii after days as -no ot iho heroic euistdes of the R-'tssisu war. ham and iilisuia will go down to pos'eii ty ain't g tho ismous d?fence* of a time which may yet give us in re desperate t-peoiiw ns of courage and eudu 'Ihe g'tat. (officii.ry of Ksrs wis ui-.d mbtedly thu g*t trg ?ui p'i?-s. Foil* d and lieaten repeatedly la their attacks on ti e town, the Kmo-lun troops had esta'dlsliixl a rigorous blockade nod the garrison his starved sul lenly and desfcu ely liopt g (hit Solltn i'asha ruigh' tercehis way to tt sir aid, or tnat he-kill and crnr.ige ?f tin er migh*. create a diversion in their favor. We have been sr xlou* to share the e li -pes; we have -y inpa tbliee winu ly with the scion o and her- !sm of Williams and his iuJe baud of Keglishtutn?with the stubborn teusci y of tho I'uiks whom they commanded. Wo ksr that we must now re in'iuish these hopes, and that ear interest must Hallow tho gurri.en of Kurs la a surrender, which is a n-elsnrholy eodiog tothelrglorliu* rvals'at.ce. (lur l'ari* correspondent, it will be seen, writes tha'. If hi* itrelbg-Tice bo correct, we miy fear to leam th*t the heroic rai l* n has surrendered. Taerc Is no di uht of ihu curtecnesa of the report which he ?aeu ions, thit Hetirn I ust.a has been compelled to re nounce his at'er p to relievo tho town?that he was '.<*> Wt'e to pa-s ni'li his convoy of provisions til'ough the deQIes wii h the enemy had ocrupisl. fhe Hying ru mors wloeh are the peculiar euaraoteristic ?f all Asia'-ic news? which ' erald every calauiilv, end which bear evil latbl.igence vi'b astoui hii g rapidity, l ave brougiit to tw lori-o lime-ince accounts of tho tall of Kars, either M? bar i> g tskm place, c r as being close at hand It is wi'h ibe deepest rtgiet that we now receive in'elligonce which wc oaonot d< ulr', c utlr.uiug with too much teoa ihy tb< re rgly shorows luhr ihe substau-6 of an event that has come hur*, we 'e?r has hy 'his lime c'oret i's gloxlvufl ?nd le.ietance by sur.cndc log to tho TT?<c i f t'l' in e. flirt i g all hope of rtd-ci to bo v?in. VVo know uoteie tgh *s sot of ihe difficulties wlii-h may have ;a n in 'he- w*y < frelj ftottcii.Williams,bl una the Tnislsh gnv-rumen' ti r suj 1 onMf, or to llud liiult with felim I'asha to being too I't* in luinging th * le'.ief with which l.e aas chmg-.d. Thuse oie nm. cn of wli'ih we ?Iwll he better ahln to judge when wo have iho ci cum k lines more lc,lly bel'o.c us. At present wo refrain fr> rv judgmrDt on any > a t < f tlie transaction* cv-rpt the eiiiduct i f the g'-rri* u ot liaiB, and the skill anil c ru rsgc of tl.eir tnuve c mmander. <).? ibis p >int, at least, there canto nod-.ubt. General William*, uaaacyeasfo> th ugh ire to, will ho'd thu repotatiun of oeiugonocf the ablest ?< tuinanderi, on' ie*s than one ol Hie n si ?*? men, 1b the B iiisliarniy. 'in?l iAm gi Wnt, le.isws who fought nndir Its coouiuitul nl bear li - well earned name ot Lavirg distinguished ti.cir country by oue of tho most obstinate aud heroic defence* on leered. With the smallest means?w th troops raw and iinHisc'pllicd? working themselves at thesmeun* of nefuncu?the B- itlsh offieers at hare hav>- shid a lustre on the name even of tfeir service, and have w-.n 'mperlshahe hunoc from th ireteni-s. l*-t ?tglir nd ghe all h n >r to the-c men ?let her ihrnk of tiro luli of tho lowo not or* a dlsint r. b? as the cotielusu n of one of the most glorious piccaa of endurance, -kill aid courage ever in warfaro - lei her jufgo General Willi'inr* a a man who has l ist his t? vi. but ha*, in Iceing It, won all pi a?itrlo honor; aid let her think of'tho c "ring campaign in A-la a* of a ?eeue wheie this reverie miy be an ancid in the future by dee* s nut more during, hut more foituua'c. Let her bin*- that ihe allies may have leisure oi <1 inelioalion le' l th? m hy tlirlr irluirphs in Kurope ti look upon the eor nr ol their .Viatic campaign and to reenre by vig*>r kad pr< mptilui'c tho glenous and succwsful eu l which should have awaited 'he conduct of General Wihiimi at Kers. [From the I*>ndori Olnbe, Pee. It.] Tlie Ton-1 cf -hi* toutolng e mtalns adetpvcli from 11 a VleDnaioirispoDden', da ed 11 A. M. yesterday, st-a'ing that nolhl g wa* then known in tha'city of the fill of K?>*. We fen*, lioweve*, that fM, gives no ground for hope tha' the intilliguuce ol tho capita la ti n ohi :h his been publi he*l Is othcrslse than tiro truj 'n wrery re [From Psria letter, T'ec. It, in Glotre.] Although Ihe intelligence of the full of h'arr Is not eon flrniec hy llie annouriement of tho fact i i the MonUrar, the des|er?tec* ndl ion ol tho town and it* heroic def-nd ?rs renders Its eoipliulation only too probable. Th? gene ra! feelir?g here, h iwevi r, seen h lo ho, that the Rossi ins will not lie allowed lo re aln ih ir prite for any length of khne: but this feeling s em? to rs ;t on nothing netter than ih* eonvlctl* n which nil feel here, of tho inferiority of the ltursian soldier s to those of the allle*. 0PKRATI0N8 IN TIIK CHIMEA. [f mm iho Loniou Globe, Pec. 14.1 Ko new light is thrown upon the -kl-mish in the Valley ?f Paular b.youd'he details eoiumnn ested by M?r*ial Mlssior Tie (huevilliges men ! <ne 1 a-e situated on tbo north*a*i ol that lertilo b sin, and form a right ?rgltd triargle, ol wbl-b IlSfea Is tie apex, looking uonli. east. The hills euelosing the valley run i*> a loog ridge from Skvakii nearly due north and where the read from Markoul to I'nga bresks hiotigli the bills, they treu I B*ay in a westerly direction toward* (i/embasli. The Toliernaya. ri.-iog among the hills to the east, puw* aouth of "Skvaka north of rkclla, and nearly ol*e>'t teg (be vail* y - f lli'idar. rune by the p-l 'sot Also into the ptc.psr Tel einaya Tsli'y, below the Mac -snrie rl g *. Where the French nutp"*e*erc wl'hdrawa within ihe Weldar valiey, they were strengly p in'od at 'hirkusta llegv. Sivaka and Hi elia, with reset ves tlose at hand. There three yl lsges, therefore, formed ihe e\'.retre right of the allied |* sitlon. To reach ill in ihr ItussUus ou the f'lper ihlhek probably marched hy the pas* k-?*t fr>g mm Markoul to PaJiPr. To reach sk-ako, f hey most hare j a??fd ah ng tl o ea- Tin . Idge of btlUr, and their i?o peartnre so far south w< nh1 Inuiea'e ths'tliey mc.ipy tbe t.n'gh*crjig valley to the east, where the Tahornaya takes ii? rise. Tie object of tills morement of the enemy I I* difficult ?o divine. It was p'niaMy a simple re-i-rinai*-- ince with the view of testing ihe vigilance of our allies, and of ae?ertainitig whethtr a surpii-e were pr.v-tic*l>l? in that quarler. The e rn all Inridents ol w arfira imj wh pic're t- e*cur through >ut the wlnt"r: but tbe en"*ny is ? isisken if he exp*cts'bat he can mike any nnpressl n to the poiiti'.B of our k>lie< in the valley of Baidar, TIIK POHITION OF AUSTRIA. (From th* lonfn ?ilnt?e, Po*'ei?ier 14 ] We ok stve that sever*! juuraal* at home and abroad, fa ?ilesuesliig 'he probable ? me*? of Aastria. lay consld arable stre?? ti|*,n certain -tateinents whl-h have b*-en mad* reepee<ln< tl e reductions of the Austrian arm v. It is wrgwed Iket the?e leiuctl n* In Ica'e the revive of Austria not to o-o.veir.te ae Ively with the We-tern ftsrr? urvdar any rlrcumstaaoes that may a'tse from the -awiliingoes* ef Kos-la to offer such c.<nee*slons as the tntwre seewii'y *>t Fmope and Ihe success of their arm* warrant the Al'h* in re*iutrirg. We hive no better Bvcaos than our neighbors of eaVnlatlrg upsn the <?urre whl-h Austria may pursue in that event. We may. however, exprrs* exit lielief that the st el sweats upon which 'he speculation* to wh ich w# refer are l?ased. convey a very ?eronsons Impre#-ion. It is trne that numbers of the Austrian soldier* hav* been allowrd to leave their regi ments to retoin h.-ms. These men, however, ere all eoldiers of experience, tlrty *<? llsble toserve again, and the natur e of their furlonrh is snrh that a very lew days' net Irw would re Wee to render every one of them agila fur ?re?1tie Civics. Tlie ine-i?nr**, we believe. Is d! -t* ed by mr tives of economy of money ami er mossy of men. The piece *f the 'Id soldiers thus ?ent from their regl? men's is supplied to some extent by meruit*. The mea enre In reallly is one rather of inrrva*e than of di-nlnu >1- n, and thervkire(ce* ,m f warrant the onrln dorr Uuvt have been drswn from it. TIIK I> A NUBIAN rRlNUlPAl.ITlBS Ace ui.ts have been received i*prr?entliig the In e*nst ntate of Rus-ia as po*yr!uUy aiding the a.Wnip's to rs now neg>,tiiiion. if ia known that a conspiracy wss secretly snppr*4**<l in U'tle Itussia abont four months since, and nothing has tine* be?n heard of those implies' <t. the /aniifieations unbraced the higher clav-esafso cjtfy, e n.l among the arrwated were "he sou of a former mil i.-ter and tour g?uerula. ?ki.k lcev?oi?r> II ?? Lave secerns common, and tha. which hni ut. di wo lie aiaif aterehouaoi.' at -t. Pe'erjbOig, a. n e nme ba.k is >?ii not to b?ve oeou aeelawntal Ne'es ?re oil I pss-lng on tb? sutjeo'. ol the Danubian IMcrii aiiiten. notwithstanding the postponement ol the 11 e Fmierrr of the French is - 40insist on a pro vim rul arrangtiuvat, fto tUttt Ruiilinwy ^ a ^ aixomjjU. THE NEXT CAMPAIGN. [Kn m the l-ondon Globe, dee. 18.] When England went to war in 18M the had, trom oau-i h fur - Lich few ran pronounce themselves entirely lriesn. nrible pructlcaHy a Mi rated her ^notions as a Brat dura n ilita y power, and bar utmoit effort was the I'eeia'cb of a teepictable Bret to the Bnltte, and aomo 2 b CIO si If In a to the Black Sea. The fleet was hastily e.iuipied and c. mew hat grotesquely minued, and the 15 (to ,< Idieia wuie merely 26,000 fighting men, deficient ?ncepl aa regards discipline and gal aniiv?in those re iiuiMtia which constitute an efficient and ooinplete urmy in the fi? Id. Ti e nature and extent uf these shortcom ing!" are too notorious to need recapitulati-n, uor ia it neceetary to repeat the disasters that ensued, tttriher than to soy that it ia only now that we have ceased to Isel tlieir effects. Nevertheless England has managed .0 a'and not unworthily bealde her great ally, and she may hi nertly claim her share in the principal results that hate been achieved, vis., tlia total suppression or the itnssisn naval power in one sea, its complete destruction in oni/tber. three derided delta a or the Ilussiau army In the field, and t e shge and capture ot that fortress "hioh wus justly the prlte ot Kusrian sci?noe,aud the chier in atiuu ent ot Russian ?ggr*asi<B. In I860 ue shall n.nte war wUh an army numerically proportioned to our position, and a Meet mfllciont.y It'K? to arc mi. ish anytlm g 'hat a Beet can well aceomp.isti Bttdcea the la'ge ships <r this year's Baltic ileet, we have ir any new ves-ela, like tbe Marlborough, conqueror, Biuiaeick. Victor iCnuranuel, fiutlsj, Shannon, nni I rail. ?hicli have drat floaied wi hin tho last few weeks, and will be ready for srrvico when they am required in the sprit g. Each we k that uaasra witnesses the itibut upon the waters of sonic half dozen little gunboats? titers, fcpup,era and Tracers?whose dse-la wa a- e sure will not belie their names. Altogether Wft may citeulate upon having available next si inuer some forty llue-o' hatlle ships and heavy filiates of the r\nw heavy aruic l class, about twenty corvette' and smaller ves <:)? of war, wt'b not less thin 170 or 180 gun and mortar l> >ats of light diaught, each mounting from one v> lour gun-of voiy bt-nvy calibre. There will thus be at w irk io the Hal ic htme kUO vest el. of all clause, under the English pennant, piopelltd by steam, most of them ex* IIIs>Sly built lor the peculiir service which they will have to accomplish, efttoion'ly manned and carry ing more than the usual tb'Oe of marine arli.lery and uiui inos. ivhr-h latter aduiliablo and mast u-ef >1 corps ia bow at its lull strength audio tho highest state of dis cipline. With Hie poweifuloo-operatiou of the Emperor Nap'Oeon wo may extect that, ;ho allied ni iveiuents in tbc lla I lie next year will ho ot a etiaraeter to eclipse In inti rial and importance the ope at inns hitherto carried on io the aoutho n portion i f me Russian empi ?. Whit those principally com erned expect in that quarter way he Inferred finin llio oxerlious which ate knovn to bJ ut this ni'trioiit made to fortify the Neva and tho imtuollutc defences or St. 1 e'ersburg. As logaids the force* under the command of 31 r w m. Codiingo n, ?e moy roughly ciljulato upon having it, exclusive ot anzi'iaiy non-comitant corps, at a s'.rcrigth of 100 i (10 t'uhtiug n.eo, ot which ovvr 70,001 Wri, Pe Hriiish soldiers, id 000 Turkish Contingent, and about 10 0t 0 oi 12.CI0'Geiman, Pwiss and ltuliiu t o giou. The 70 000 lliitiah w? have at present between the Crimea, Malta, and the depots at home, and few ef 'hwnwlll encounter an enemy with jeps than ?'g-?t or nine months* drill. Wo tnink we rcay now say tbat tbe amngtmentH for pupply and ?'and liuiippovt a?e i n a scale fully propy lUni<*d to the wauja of this army. Of the forces of our al we c^n only tptbk gruei aPy, but we ciDDot exwygcrft4^ wii *u we an tici/ ate tbat French, inghsti and rvxchuUus will aaiount tc considerably more ?h?in i7tJO,000 men. To the a not mpllsliinoot of what objects this great foico is destined it is not for us to tay A French has remarked thnt tho allies are not likely io waste tneir Ftrenglh in gaining victories niendy Io {K^eeef tnein felvis of pn;fiiJe8i positions in the Grime i; audwi -ha fo cc able (o s i ike a blow on any point, it id not our ff^mo to give tliF cboiee of tb? held uf batile to tho Rus i isns. We hai? nl l ady hr i lian t ca-ncst or what Omer 1 ash i'fl a my enn do in Aki? and with an unrivalled llici of trnii-iioits, we cun aenii U'ge armies to whatever p, int of ihe Black tea littoral we choose. The scene* of at ack, thin, will he thofc wheie we uny hnjie to teap the grraUet material and poli lcul (nocesses; and in ibo full ccutii'cuce that the of the Allies will be ustd for the lost, we look for war! with all hope to th' nttnln mtnt of the moaUolid 'esults by the campaign of 185(1. 1BX EHENl'H All MY IN T11B EA3T. [En ra the 1 at is Moniteur.J It will lie iliat, in the letter addressed by tie I nipirer lo Marshal I'll wrier, c Lgralulalitg tii'U on tho vi jtiny it Tricifr. lis Msjesty anununcrd the res du ll. n of lauring the leghnenls of the aroiy In tho East to l.e idieted in succession hy fresh regiments sent from I'ffEce. Ti e ixecuiion oi this me*anie has already commenced, fwo fiosli divisions, ono under tan orders or General do 1 hass.vloiip-1 mo it, the other oi nVs'l'.g of she Ja-aiu ond luh '.ie hrigaues let* MarseLha sums weeks ago. and have nl'iady arrivfd in the Cciiues. On the othei hand, t?e divisions fi'i in the Crimea, one f irmed of the Im 1 pi in) (iuuid, ihootbirom sUting < f the SOtn, 30th, f>0th and 0'1li reg'n.tnts of the Hup, are returning to France, and will in a fe* i ays he in 1'aiia. t> e oi d i f April, 1856. the tline of 1'* arrival In the Ciintra cniU ibo Ml ol 8obas o id, the iltvnion of the hineral Gnaid t?J"k a gl uiuu* p.ittis all the co n hats that ?"ie lought twine the walls of 'he place. iiu the '.o ol May. in d.finding ' ur trenches a'tarkod hy a lotinidri'ilo sonieol tlm gsrii.on; on the 22d ot May, at the tafirg ? ? ti e leoieii ry; on the 7 h of June at the Grim Haxrelun; on (.be 18'U i fjune, at the atta;k of tlie Malskiff, lustly. in ih- memoraWe day if Sept. 8, the lullei mllinnr.l knew h"W to sh .w Itwslf worthy, t.y dint nl beiidi tn, rt tin- i?nk wliich tlie Emperur'a conttde ice army. The nmount (,fiti losses ari.sis the pari it p njed. I* had HO offlcurs ai <1 2 171 oncer offlcia a. d k Idle s killed or wounded. The four rnrimenta of t .e line alio are returning with the Guard tu ih- ;e originally f-irmiog ih? aruiy ol the fist. 11 ariiqr arrived at GulJlpo 1 in April .nd Mar, 1854, tiny fuugtt b? liirns in the l'obrndji, at the Anua, at Inke niann. Keri'i h, the Gieen Msmelun. the hriilge of Tiskiir, aid the Malskoff. Ihey h .vu endured alt the bsrfld-ips ot w >r shed lln ir blond on every battle Bold?It v as tbii tkeso reg'ii ruts shr.i.M at length tsl.o repose, and yield to othere the 1-lar.e ihey have so I >ng und io nubly held in the ranks of the avtny ol the i a't. 10RT1F1CATI0N8 AT BT. VETEBbUURU AND M SCOW. [Kxotn llerliu better, ltec. O.J The telegraph bo<, 1 Iruet, ot nveyid t' you tt i inielligmre winch 1 forwarded you this morning aa ciiidcg from nt. I'o.ersbuig, that the Kussi.m g .vcni ipvui engiuens have itC'lved the commission to prepire plans for the fo/1iile*Mon id St. I'e'ei lung am) Move,.or. It is undera'.cod ihat Gep. -al I'chn will be -he president of the eomml'tee which site in 8t. l eferaburg f .r this turioie while General Todtletam wi'l pri-'lde ov:r tliit in Moscow, nils SI amy neaa Is a) that the telegraph laatreiph'ns at present. In a day or two m me we may perhaps get woae adsi'ion t-> the meagre outliue. Ilia' a mili ary council or council it war w*i a ".out ts' he held in St. l'oiend>aig, ?s I have ulrea 'y inf.irmod you, s* ems, from leiters liow thai capltnl to Imvo b?en gertrki'y looked forward to at thy heginniiig of thU u unth. .. , lu addition to those general- and lug i officers tna'S 1 mer.rioned in n.y lam leMcr as ba ng arriied at tha capita). General* fodUehen ami Wins lnk..,t w. ro known tohiveg.natheio.nile i'.ih nit., and ti.y have been followid hy m?. y n be a. On that sn..: * day General Gonnt lUmnofl, rbe Eroperot'a Adjutants Sninson H and St.,iIer, the I'iiures GalftslD, fieirichsk if. and djo* l< n-k i, '< ounts Sin g' notf and lewt-eh If, *rd B*r..n Von letti nh'in. all attached to the suite >,f the trinperor, left vt, l'eter-hii.g a", the same time f.r Mo-cow. FOBTIKICATIONB* Of NtOOtAIBff. A letter from Odessa thus d< -cilnes riv p, cp-iriH- ns wl.i h the Kus-isns are making in alt.pghuning ih* fmtificail. ns ot Nici.laiet In ev. ni of iu. aiiook from tho Allhs In I be ensuing campaign. 'fraviHers on their wiy from Nicolalef te'nie Gut the town Is quite metamoipb moC. Tlie mos. Import id! forti Bratl<ui i arc at a dl-iarec of Ave versts frcm it, at tho c n flneoec of the wltli the Bong. A triple e.iicle of . . tensive w tk* p- de-d the upprru-.h e? to ihe ios u slid ftXi u ns of every uallhro are in nut tfij. VI hole streela of little buildings l.avo noon razed iu order to mek. way 6 r the barracks and h> spfiat- and lhe msg irines for n tlitury ?tin s and Kuril"loo- have In en hwilt tioinb pr???if. lha Artnitrit ly 'hat was is n .* changed into a star f Tt, nanien a'ter A, uural iA-ar-lf. Every wl.cie prodigious uct vi y i" displiywd, and the bitcge neat Vaivaroffka la perpetually blocked ?i> with guns and loaded wag ns. The Gr?ud I'uke t ou tan'ire In? j acted lately 80 ncwr.y arrlvce u.nrtir*, with- which the bid"'W on hpass I'olnt aie to be armed. HI* Imperial Ilighnesi wa i tin 1*1 ly J lean d witti U e r?i ge and power of the.e piocea oi ordnai ce, the earrtages of which have been mi ie av conliiig to the si gso-tion- ot l.eeeial Tiritleaen. The tnoitais weie cast tn tl e impenal foundry of liku'rit. NIXJOTIATIONS FDR PEACE. fKr. ni the isiui-on l'? at (oliicixl organ) Hoc. U ] Vie have ulre.ady stated that to. Koglanl and Erauce there i- out) one jeu.-e |s, .loll- and that I' a ,,iare whinli, by priicutlng the ree.qjnitl-n and guaran tee ot all tho advantages wni. hwe nave w..n and n >w ho d, should annihilate the aggro* .*e p..*rer of H is < >. The I aiure of the ti rms necss-ary is |.stent tj all the ?,.ild. Vhaio can h? no mistake nhrut tliem. Not* Hussian ship in the Black ?ea?n >t a llurrim tort ?t 8k?. bus tog c.l. No Mu covite gripe on ihe very threat of tV Dwuce. Nn mint and lot rterances?n> uiuie oiriswing, becsu.e no more oieana ?,f ovna-fng we.ker neighbors. The e main term* .-caM in a treaty, secured l>y mateiial guaniutevs, wouM there is not a doubt, secure pe-eo it Bust la would viril to theajhnt no other te-ius are possible, and we are sure that neither tlie people of England nor of France?neither the Fog hah Cabinet nor the government nf our no"'e ali; ?Wuu.d listen to ?ry other piopo-slsfur a tlem >n'.. rht# being so, we aie told that nogotialiona are gotcg forward, and that AuetzU, oeitgih* mover and |,nrao ter, is now aetnallj the seeker of pwic?. Then -he uni't lie-e. king jsace ou ourcmci'i 'ns, for no Hniliao t- tnv could find aceep'nnee hcie whlla. our t nna, on the eon Irarr if haply not now, must hoioatter, U aeooded to br the Czar* Austria is. no doubt, nnxh u?-.le?p!y anx tout?for leacc. 8be rcaes m gl iy. and can cal uUto en no advantage f..m the wir. fho has n<> trvis> as i'ri.aria has. WCli a wreteh?.ly poor treasurv a ie has to krep tip a rasgidflccnt and e< stir army. Her ever m vting ag.inst ns was en' of the que*'ton. It would 1* her aimiPilstl n In neutrality, aha fondly imagine 1, lav her s.euroy bin the finds neutri i'y almost as danger,ma aa a ."add. r oour.-c. If she move n?w, it raa-t he with ns atd if lie rues, urgeiitiy fsr p"wcc. G iipuo our terms The e h- < alwsjs men a vast deal "f expediency Id the policy of Austria, an I her not v ery chivalrous rra-.n for ... t j.dmng n. la the oute.t in the defence of Inter.*1* uniol- a. oab J Euiop.?n - d inrtnintlj I anuhi.n .nd Auatrian ?o, that who *1 e v pells d hy the large am lea of Run la In I oUed and . (tar fr- nUea, to let, "Idee id, wait upon I w- ? But slnre than the scene hs? diai ged. ItU'Si* . w, now, so rich la mer.?end, with a pro Iglou- fore ' 3* CVmea, and a Taut army that aha win to com pe Ted to oUiUn cut year along thw Baltic s .e wi I have b it a n.eagre and arry array with wh.ob to tb euen Mao le gion a ot Au?t .to, who nw.l no lunger fcar her; but vh.i in can, or quarrel, Blight oow s-neouner with eon idar able ran ty for once gigau'tc n. lg vor. Austria though perhaps hi her'o tacking the ded ion whi h woull have tori me an girat a power, is cot -ranting iu sagacity, au.l. matters shindig as (bey am, It >111 n t surprta' us to learn that Austria accepts an c?rta<n the defeat which uuiiMaD priu? may \et iefu.t) to fore nee, and that tbe Cabinet of Vieoua, hark? made up it* mind as to the final triumi h of the fcUhs, had received to urge. even now a pj*oce up n their term*, prepa'iog ctph to brenlt alto gether with Kushia in the Dtfiit of her refusing them. [From Berlin Letter, Dec. 12.] The peace runtreiMume at U*t a eort of subutaxice. The foUowkg may be leiied on as ironu good eouice. iheiaomet ct Vienna, fo<eioIjr impreMed by the'all of then topil, and tbe preponderance gained by tbe West ern lowers?a preponderance that eoold only to in crease! by a continuance of me war?.ought au ..oporto llty of communicating with the Powers, and eepe dally with France, who showed herself more fa vor*a)e and son cillaiory on (be matter than Knglau i. Austria proposed an ai large uivnt fount ed on a new inter or via' Ion of ibe lour Iointe, taking as a basis tbe neutrair-a ilott of the black i-eu. rbie arrangement, ?,gwJ in the form of peliminaiiee .,f poace, >aa ttaa Ui iw presented no*, only to Russia, bnv to Prussia also; and as ioou oh these l'owrrs should give their adhesion, ne. ?r ,?, "i" V?0" f'gbt be reopened wi h a certainty of rbeir leading to a successful result. At pres-nt this arm rgemcnt tuay be 1 egarded as concluded. No further doubt is entoitainr.) bete but that the tnree Powers are agreed on ihe tnote essential points 1., and i j J il'aie" a,e CxB<1 "u wbicu pent e may Iw con cluded. It is, or emu SB easily ,een that tbta iiiplmna ic iiekent has a teal paciti.j value only on one con tingency, ebat Austria has assuied beneJf of Russia's accepianrc. As it ja scares!y p nbshlo that Austria won,d l ove promised her active assistance with much ilak of a refusal fri m Ihe gisat Northern power, there is every room for belief that the tubtuot of Vienna em etines itself sure of that acceptance. let the la'est intelligence we have herefrom 8t. Pc teisburg is anvtlli g else than pacific, leading to the Ue iltd that the Czar would energetically repudiate all Idea of neutralizing the Black boa. Hoaeytr that m?y be, It Is mai Kent that everything depends on one circum stance alone, and that is still a Cabinet eccr t, viz : whether Austria la in unison net only with the maritime powna, but also with Russia. It Is very nmmkahle that the German States, especial ly the thiid group, represented by MM. (> lieust aud oc iiorciu n rialiy ttnud for f-onitiPin^ in ihete new at tenuis at j eace. According to all impeuiance, Iii.V-i-ln st d fnxirj huve been tnitiatod tato tbe oetro; tat ions tout have been going f. rward botli at I'at la and Vienna. Both ktrgvoms have rent de-patches to 8? Petersmrg, In which ttiy dim. nstrate tbe necessity of submission, and or accepting even tiro neutralisation or the lilnck '.ta. in rase ? 1 need. This step, whatever the Gorman press nay asy, ta not without a certain value. Russia 1 as hitherto peirifled in reatalanco because she could itcktnnf least on ihe neutrality of tiermaiy. Tbo third group of (lOinian .States, known as the Bamberg -ec'ion ate | recitt ly those that, clinging to the she of Prursia who able to jnialt so Aualila, and nair.r-.l-, the neit triuiry .1 I ci many. If a coalition if ti.- In i man .To'eg raigi-s itself on the side of Austria aui France it ta Clear that ihe chances of Russia are dimtnishe l. 1'rus -la ly her sell \. < ulu scarcely be able to retaiu l.eruiany in itb J icent policy. [Frcui Paris letler, Dee. 13.) 1 be rumoia thai we are apprmcblng tin: termination of ti e great political dials, or ln "ther words, that we aie on tbe eve of pvuee by 1he accop'aooo ot tho Au? .rtan en tie pan ot Ku-.ia, ato rile to day? en wLai new grourdl am uraolo ;o say, as, since my lever uj jerteidsj . i have not l.ecotiie at^uaiatcel with any aouiiieoal fact which woulc c-nli'm or crniraclct It. A stnig i itleience of cpinien itiil tai.ta on that nslnt. blnrug nerri nS of judgment, expe<|?nce and knowieogu of public rflj-irs. that Ku-sia is in a voir cfi'ical position ftw isally d< ubt, but that she is ready to uc cent such oorsciiions us those so often alluded t?, and which wc have a light' lo ex .eet, 1a not equa ly cm-aiu. A confidential letter fr. m cue of the petty Coiinim ci mts, whose attacbinent to Rus.-U has never tot u call ?d In qub.ti n, desctibes her cnndltitm ?s nearly tutelar ab.e. Tie greatest penary prevails; ihe country n ex he Us ted by it M (Co: ts ro supply die wants of the army of the south; iudioH of the hhlie?t tank, inc ur.iug the members of tLe imperial fan ily. have di-po-ed of rbelr r.inmr dlS to cotLe to Ihe aid of the tiens.ury; and tho distention among th.m 1- no great us to have ixtorted recently from a term an prince ihe avowal that if tba pjlnceiy tumibes cf Kurope he I new nenu that was ba-> plir ihan ihat of Irgiand, anil tu nc more to be p,titd itan that ol Russia. The personal sacrifices midc by tho Wi alil.ier e'assi a ol rho i ofiliiy may be p.-ootr of pa . Pit ? hm, I ut .hey do not tbe lees lncieate the tnr.oin n of the country which requites them. n TBE LATEST. iKrom Paris conc-ronatiA of London Post (second edition, Dec. H) r?e bffll lofc iiua.jf n ia u>y |r<>BfC8finn at the pr'j>ei.t n (iirrnt. as to the peace question, ts this:?Russia has not officially commissioned, or cuuntensnsed, any propo slilots. Austrian diplorcrn-y has nrsde snggra'ions which lave Ffen submlttid iho < abir p1s ot !? roice and Epglsrd have roqutBled that lho hUd )in p<?fitirDh lor prare hhonld be ?ta?cd mora c (aily i na \Duv th?jf ki ?iih\.tho t>e fully runctv>iu*d by Um^ia, befoi ft *ny atutupr ia made nf Ax?tifciion. At tbi* i?i trt'flt jilf, Ai'&tiia la Buj)|)Oftd to Lavo c>iT?jaiiuiiciii<id wuh ^e f^^ou1g, nid ?c> ti utiora H tfli while, eveijr little GcmimXi Courc ii busy in tollr jig. Mih the ia k?? one* in writing. Ycu icy:it axp^rt to l.iiir ihe n. Minrnt? of ('ti niju dijil-iriiotic g?uuo>&cu (< ii e. ted into ? ihi-iftiong " We nrf* ut n jicrion when tv.t | \ bl c ler d with great intaxent a ri miu. c nrw paper -H eiature founded on Bctlou. Uu,tia is *??!*,m im "rr 1 H "rrt.'o ns /or the spnntj corny aijn, /Ac Ai'?? art in .Mi, .A< .errre. 'U.e gi vwrm.ntri cf Fiance and Koglauit are | trfictly acrred. M ch is ihe oatn <n wlrlah tho i nb.rc may ri a ly speculate (with the probablli'y of ar liiing ut coi ict conclusions) if tlrvy c* e not to be de ceiied by |x,e exaggerated fmporta&ce wlilch ta given t> ti c u "H' wy h. pes ol p. ace. 1 tie Fosltlor. of Rngloikd. [From tie 1/mdon Lhionlcre. Dec. 13.] Altlotigh il,e sinouccroctit of the copltnlation ol a his is not sciualty official, yet there is no 1 mgei ?nv lean n in iloobt ihe accuiory of tbe inl'oiuatli n, a- th? i.cwH brought hy tbe gallant General Kiueijr, win took bi.<h ?n ?ni|.oiti?nt pari in cefeuce cf the beleaguered city. Jts capture opens up a new view of tbe questi n of the day. In what light will that event be regarded by lrr llsj.sly's n.iui.-lers'r llow will it nli'oct ihe allr god si in iy if tie 11r per or <* Ihe Flench a prime? At..-more Important still?what effect will that succe-s pi.itr ce'n ;be Russians)' An antieijiexiory nun mi a .-y?sw o7.ii// uiynr/s (o is mil?g /h/srtlaiinfn/y wr/vrig <J the rr-'iiUht of Ihe I 'ni'ni S/nla, ha* lUeeui. c ta n mud. pub lic, i huh altofwnith'S tttncn ntideraJit/rti affi liitg the fu I. " yx'/i y ij thr ftn-nhy. Asn.ming thvt tins m.s a-re c necliy icprcnnta the views of the I'ni'ed F'tatcs g.r vennint on crriuln importr.rit questions, l.oa will (ley te met Vjr tbe Rilii-h B<rvernraentf Will it to s< milted (list Frg'ar d's ve.ikr.ess i. America's oipor timiiy? 1 o her Msjesty's Ministers const !er that tve ah i ndy have too mticli on our hands to Justii'i our as suinics a lofty tone towards the t'i i:cd hiaics ? Or shall we rr ject 1) e tin i orlstr g pari, and persevere iu those unx nstiMions which bavc alifi?y given ijto a war tike teedrg smr.rg certain classes iu bo'h neuntries? There are sut J c's of luteiest that usy we'd suj.crse<te these Bpfculntions on ?he querii n of peace or war la V.ujcjk*, wi ich, f<r a PfiiMde.ablo time past, h&ro pro* ocerpted tie putUc mind. The fate of iviire wi but a cues i.m of 1 lire. Anything in the shape r f a victory I. reci guir.ed a- a pate In war, bet u triumph iu u"ust cor diet is ly civilized nntlons valued more than one gnir ed by mer e strategy. Tho gallant dcronders of h" civotrd viry which Las now ta^ii compc led to mir rcii.'er to the Russians, had, I the mo't bril lant mn.r.cT Cvfeatcd Le'eagutreis iu their attim- t to cany it by sssauis. Ttns far the pl. ry ta with tr.sur. ILeir h.r.l is owing to a inglorious fir; tic! although tire iiuss.i'.u general may, h? a st-ate gl-t pli me himsrlf on Lis success, his sail-faction m.r.t re a l.yid hy his prerou* a - laier. in'tus s a. h vOT. r, this ot grcd fortune wlh cc regarded by 'h.r t'r.irrt, snd reprcr.ntid to (he peojle, in u v?rv tlltfc' clit A Giitiou vliick in1') xi.O Ferr.f (f H( a snnVen fleet is not a vanquished one au-1 that a retirat from the strmgr t f.riress In (he m rid ? ?'eran < b. tua'e siege was a vvliintary a<" a-.d a or,?t triun ph of stiaicgic yenius, moy easily Ic; pcr-uoded 1ba: tbe r.iptute ot hars ts a rw-t r (I to the fa.l ot S. FastipoJ. Hhoulrl It ?e the prlhy of t.hc tdvlmra of tie tmperor of Ru-sia Uiua.10 represent this event It ta not Clit cult to ? tbat their lesolnUon 10.y l.sie a .lire*! Intioence npm any suggestion' which mry >e eftered with a view to pears, 't thi txpcrls'lniiS Indulged in l.eiclofoie by the pu > lie .0 lrglai.ll rind Hanco wnre Illusory. I* may te intend tta' their Lustration would n. 1 hn,,< lien . urfered ? matter of cirtainty. a ? tho e w l-o will urge 'hut such u suc.-e.-s will in flame tiro nu ll. 1. 1 r.f .h. ' or i .ns, mi cr.dor it more OfTlcuit forflef zsj?it sir :h to his desire?to bring hiu.-elr 10 the pe,l i. n ol priipuring tcuns. Uthe s in the enntiary wi.|.eif fjurion that the convenient pretext will now liaie hren f irnishec, widi-h would peruilt *Cu- <a to r.e gotlate without (>>ar of " hamUU bin ' At any rate the capture by the Russians 'tin Important u place* clearlig nil! further their road to Constantinople from tl.e Ariatic eh'e. ought to force up. n the Ibirisn giver, inent the n-cwslty of at ens? Imxlng afculiur ia the (Hrec'loti of A-la Rluor, with ? vie w toaff .r ing the aid ot Euroiwan troops to (hirer I a ha. and of ?ffocmallr ihrcki, g he artvsLM of ihe rnrmy lr, that nlreclton, l'nt snch ti.-elves. It w 11 naturally lie seen, eou d ou y be 1i.hru by a gove i.m'nt tl oronph'y In ' nccord nn the u>j. rt of the wai, and (!. termined to push It wkh vfgor, regardless of all e-psid.rutirtis but that of '?tie tigh'." Is the British goiernmeirt in thi lest lent Are 'he views cf lord Pa'cawrrton ant his eollengui socn'.uriy liarro. rioi s as to permir anytnir g r tfiAO 'bat *i<*g;tiT?' Vip'r vliicb would it -c!l to sire. irib<i>ipg nir iniiiMry resources on ttie p.*e WBt lit. l e ' l>td sf te'len ? N' >f i.seg ?iare. in the full tlo.h'?( lie Irnr.h alllairre. In. d Palnretston bnartei that ihe g. vcrreicttt* 'f 1' an' anc ingtaod formed "cnly one Cabinet ta that the ca<e at 'ire rrv-ont tit, < 1* ti e.e s< rue chromic ?n'utt.inat 'end nrsf lodlrrrwdfn the pirscnt Cabinet ready to break ,.u'at iLe ti ere m.uilrur of the eori' ix-acti," or at e.ery fre-h dm at d for a more vifnros prosecuti m of the wsr ,n a yrni -ersesl. ? In ta rd Aberdeen's i>ta,,et. Izjrrl I'ah n eistr.n w?s tut m ?.d t> lave l.eade t th? mini >itv who were for war. lie prevails?is cvrrird by public opinion to the h? d of ntlair -, ard yet the hts'ory of his .,wn ndmst-y Is but a tecrrd rf surces lve .lis en- lots of 1lc s.rre Iiml. IVnenrrsnt testimony Iroru many quarters aft rn.s 'hat tbe British government hvv.' arh pled the v.'ews of the Flnperor ef the French on the "r s" rfTortsa' recrwed negotla I us, whatever thrs., view s Buy have been. Vet It is difficult to suppose Ihat I.'rd I slmerrtrn Co old hsvejli|<>d Willi, ut a slrug or that he would h.i?, conrenterl quietly to fo>ra hi udvsttage when the prey Fr ho* watched f..r during . many j.srs was at length in Lis grasp. Art wed,arm ton. ve- is - * "strong" government f Iroes la.rd ' '? 'if ' - ?' < ke n otsl enrage and the em rr"t>tlrlB w -L 1 ? 'k the great sfateernsn arid

? loguo It 'dm (?< 01 .he n e c minister and office ho'h rr Hut a v. ry sh' rt lime Will he rwqr.lrrw to deeido this questlriB, 'or the petti lea) he; lz n is dark lnd?ed. The COM ilfi u 1 f our 1 elati' ns with the I'uRcd states l.a? I rnr toeo el an UE?atMhctory, if not of ? menacing character. It la very wall for tha American statesmen to mask their aiuMtliua resign* under haakaryed pin a m of diplomatic oouilcy, hut tbey wateh with a keen eye every aaw e'nbvrraes me nt In which England may be placed, in the h-.t? of oto fitii.g by hrr weakness. The America ua have leagued ell tbeciait aud onsciupulousne** ot 'he aggressive Euro pean Btates, wi hout ackocwo ding their reap-ii.*iMii'y to international law; and although the government of the I nittd States may make a merit of non-in ert-ieuoe in European alfalra, they have oertsln objoo'v uee. er hon e to attain, which cannot evtn be attempted wi'hout an implied purpose of boatUity. Thut D no toriously urable to restrain 'be piratic* I oropenti'lex on tea and on land, of ita ill diacip ined subjoins; yet ?>. ex hibits a must anomalous lenaitiToneca. U any European nation lends ont iia fleet to pro.toot he menaced torri toiy. In strange contract with the profes-l u?? of Au e it an statesmen, that they will u-it in er med dle in European affairs, la the dictator U1 tone they bare assumed towards Denmark, and therefor* to ihe rert of Europe, on the subjte of the hound dues. It aucb language ia inteude i to be adhered to, the conference on lie (object, invited by ibe Mate which grair'a the entrance to the Hult.c. iri a n er- fan.e. The An ericane virtually refuse to rrcngntte 'ke rlgh'. of I'aa maik to exact there dure, they her- teen sub mill) <1 to snd ranctioued by the oibtr European powers. It i? not the r ut-Ject of tbe dispute?which, after all is tiiflii-g?that requires niton Ion, but 1b? insolent iu-.ii net'in which the American claim to exemption U set - for th. that demands immediate uoti re. The augmt-n a Ion <1 the lkest India squadron van a measure of vigor which seems to have produced its elT-ete An .s-.oasiou lor further dtnuror'iatiuus of the same kiod imj so n eccui?cruecial y should I bo alWke.t neguliavious for prune lead to no lesult. I'Is id I'ttliuemlou were rem.y li-o.-tt i cl the Si oath n, bo would po- h?pa bo preparer, v? net with tl.e recesiuiry \tg r in d deter minuliou. If be i< <uly ihe uouiinal bead of a divided Caoiuet. an impriteut fliutqile ? el* ten l.ix wbl atd l is weakness will only loud to biirg his country into cciitcuipt. Tlie New Englitli Minister Air America. [l-'rim the London Homid, itec. 7.] feveral ot tLe lea it g American papers recti veil bv 'as' naif?Ibe t igene alike f tbe party la office ard the ?ppo ti'icn? urn e cue ot two oa ih- pro jab e >uj I cesser of Ml. CiaiopU n. at Wa-hugion. iu tbecVeuto. | il-o eiilletmi bt unpleaeaiitnteH ea. i. g to his recsi, wtaieu ?>lptuiH to be regart ed ? ? a mat er of court*. One of | il.isois Mr. Mallows. ourC>n*ulut 1 tailed* lpMa, impli catidinibe accusation ct the Kuesiau ag>-u*. tor susb lire info*mer avows himself to bv. The other is W ! GoreOuseley, K. C. B. Both these gt-nrloiDeii are hig ily ester med in the titute*, sod tb* appointment of et iiui doubtless to riceited wi-b great sali.-da-.ti t ibicvpLont 1he I'uion as a pudge of the pa-'iitc intenti-.ns of tbe fi iti-ti go* diluent Mr. M? ihi ws, or Got enter Mathews ns he is called iu tbe Stales, iu consequence ot bus hsving been Governor ?,i lie Labsuiss, is a gentleman ot mu:h di-c e i-n nnr4 energy, end Is ndtrll'ed t> bam c-nducifd linn f f w r<b piuilence and flrmne-s in the late relicate ami e u itiiiiursiig tramauiii'ts iu which h-r bsrtime iuvrrved tu oUd.ti.te to the Uatiuctii na ot bl-superiors. Mr W, Gore (iiirclt v, itsptears, wou'd be -nil in-eetMicep ah e nt t <rily fttmlls mucahrg-er diplomatlr ontcee'leut olid tecrved rrpuiulion enrned ss British Jllni-ter i lircKil, and especially ns Bin lpott-ritiiirj iq t,hM Hlvsr I 1 late during the Ar glc-Kreiicli ?inir> tlmant wrtli Rms.i but l i-cauie of bis mdrv i.u.l snd fair ily c'alms up x. ihe [ g'fd ipinion of Ihe rvpubic. W'hie auae're at Wa-L '.rgt< n, alter h&vit g served iu the saaieQ?p<tcu..v atH'ock j be rn, K.iiie live-and tweo-y years ago, .? m .tried if ? j (laughter o' Governor Van Ne.-s, f-iiD.-eriy (nivesiu r u[ Ihe Mate of \ trm-nt, snd subteqtieoily envoy exuaor uinaiy at Madrid, where Sir Gore a-so n?nt some time, wc believe, durli g the miatiou ot I.o il Heytesbury. Con rrrjUCitly, b-C may ire presumed to bice n nie-bng mo e tbnn a rujifificial knewloi-gt iT rho Cuban question in lr S'laiilsh asject, which is r metanes ns liitl: tbn ght ot as the buikirh tea ings of ttu Kas'eru pn biem. Atolher circurosUnee vbat appatrr to -euoin meiid him to the ^avo-abie cou>ider-?'|i-n of the eiilxens Is the icmf nibrarce of his vroik, pu'-lisbed sconafier tic iclciu. in wl.lch he evincei a just ou-t d -pa-wl- o ,te ap pncihtir n r f the national iua itutions, laio y ex;ir(->? in cur li'.ernturt at ihe time, especially on the pa I * I one whose (pportnrities o? obrervaihn lent S" much weigl.t to bis judgment. "Did io ereat of roth Ingal ard ihe I'niud btafes will he ndvanrrd by tba te'c-.tloti if i-'ir Giro Guieley as Mr. Cianipton's successor." says lie Aim 1 'otic Ccvrier awl Fi.qvirtr cl Nov. If?n ?eu i nuBMlal must be ec-bieilh; ail vbo wish w?li tu Urn triecdsLip of Ibe two ccuolru s, snd who know lio* much the cf aucb In' i-k I'e.ends upon tlie ;?c cef>lance in ihe- one capital (f tbe leprercntative aocro nitid ; ficm "he elber. It Is woitbyof note that -ir C. Oufeley stands as well auu rg partus at hi me asm no pi ais to do ou tbe ruber aide of 'be Atlantic; fur whlie originally en jl yed Py lord I'slmerstnn as sjrecUl mi r iiler to tbe Aig'n'ire CoBfadernh u. ie receiver tb Order of the Lab Irom tbe Konign secretary of tb III by r.Oniii.istJailon, tlie bail of Moltmr-bury. Ihe RauluiitIn Jap?n. I; be A Pi". OK ABM 111 tl< PoUIaTINK. [Ftim ihe Lonrr n Dice-, liec. 14.] 71.e le'ters fnro Ceiniauy respecting tbe conditio* ?>f linnia conihue in iidioaie 'net It Is iu the urni'iie-n pa*i pait of be tmpite whcie tbe eder.te of the vi an'm s severely fi II alecc in that regurii there i- no ueiglt'mriug ? rid fi lenity B ate to neulrniire the bl- ekw e and encn.i n jrr-lcrg?d rfsiatance Tbe rxch..nge at St. He ti >r I u'g i- mid lo have impii ved to G(-d , either iroin '.lie ac'hlty <f 'be over land trace or the runivru of a loan firu. I lurslg l'i-)iti<?lly fbeie was nothing new. /.in.iral Icv aline, who bail jutt to'urued from tlie Ff stern Seas, lad reotived a higb deeors'lou aud a larg I nc i n f r ibe success 11 bis iui.-vion to tbe Emperor < r .'apsn, and lie ,'kill with which le elude! th* II rtlso in d Kni'Ch ctul.-etf, tvlio ta-1 eiptnied n ne of hi-vs c-ls. It appeals that be was on b-.ard the Danish mer cl ont brig lately nirtd by tbe allien, but cvntilve-i to ? rcufc in a hr at basil y coLstruc'hd under bis own di iiC.i'W. li ti is, it ia ollfgerl, lie was ?ub equenU' duii.'g i'a icr-R, Iu contact with ber Msj-styV riip liitetn ?t?\ i ib?r cru-scis. u light having aci usli> Ueo atown rn <ne occasion h ?arn trim of his pr- xi niy. Belrg full e'rntly r ear to be-ir th- wotd of coin ir.cid giwn ou tcaid. he had htn oapera Irai'.asted reid> (o be cuok, bat ulilmateijC'ur ce" led iu nee*ping il 'hough rcveialfhcta neie lirid afii-r him. luitnillcg Flnaiulai Infrlllgtnca. I'ANK 0? 4 > GLAND. An acernrt, pursuant to the Act 7 end 8 Vict., c. 3v for the wick ending i-aturdav. 1 ec. 8, ISfrC:? ?!D( DtirmriAT Nelca kiued ll'l.f? tn& flocevtitnetldeb'. .t 11 01510(1 Oth? r securlUea... k/.'KljitXl Gold cr.ln and bul lion 10,4"'9,52'i HLver bullion ? til 458A3S To'al ES4,430,#y IIA.MOU IH.FAUmUIT Vrrprtftoiv' rspl fecu t|?' i-lASU.OllO ril'ra (Inrlno.rg bes'... J.ll'Ultf dead -,n I'ub ic deposits (in nuuy) .?I9?M.'C ? ludliig Ear In- f< ber seu-irl'iea.... 18.111,I'M quer, tavlirts' f.-ei >,... ft'./dMiv r nokf, (Vn id's Gold and silver m isli ncrs of *a- co'u Mn,(li3 lint al Jici>t, aid rilt'dct d Aa- . 4,4tfl,28l Orbs r (Jeportis li,ill',180 8r' en e?y acd oil er till'a 913,424 T- la' .12t Kit.rsS Total ftyt.HfH sen Ibe ahfrvc return, tirv the week ttiding the 8th inst , trbin n mpaJid with that Ar the ptc.,e<!ti.g week, ex htbi'l the lOilpving <hnt ge.?:? In tin liabilitisa, ad'cifas'- "f publicilepovlta of ; J8 a decrease of ( tber deposits ol ?516 08; nn iocrens if nit of ?7 404; and an tncres?c of seven day and other bibs i f ?40.160. In the n- sets tbe return abowa a deceraa -e of other cuii les of f.71:7, 4?8; on 'ncrsasc of reseive of no es of Ei'iii.TrO; a Oectaafo of po'd and stiver coin ot ?'1,484. ltd u cccirnsr in the goveroment securities of ?11,104. Ibe bullion in the b ne and PaoUiug depertuien,. t-.g?1h'T, an-onn'-ed to ?.11.079 MS, which, as ?.< m,<aied ? lib 11.227 107. ti e amount of the y-evious r eek s re turn, shows a doirea-eof ?147,829. 'Ibe note* iti circulation amounted ta ?18.899,340, which, ci mj sred with ?19,076 085, ihe amount of the J ptt 'ions werk's teturn, shows a decrex-e of ?394,7-15. 1 Lc ptinciial ieatutfa in Ibeap returnf ore the decrease , in th? sock of tullion, private i'rp sitt and other seeu ti-ies, and tbe Ir-rtfa-e in 'he lesuive <?( notes. AtUeCouit of "Windsor, the 7th day of December ) 1ff6, picaent, the Queen's Most Excellent M.ijssty in Ceun:U: 1 It baritg leer r?pp?sen*ed to Per Majsaty in canstl bv tbe goveinor ana company of the Dank of Plug and. by a Bunxiial sealed wrlilt tbe seal of toe said g rvsrn -.' i and ri mpfeny, and ilateo tbe 2fi'h ?'ay of Vovemtmr. I8f?j, tl ?l ?citnin't anliira, iu tbe satrl uw motUI nttoed wl??. on ti e f>lh dav of May, 18*4, were Usuicg their own tx ttk ro:tH to tbe extent cf mms smouiitiug in tie aggi'gate U> tbe rum of ?712.023, have ee?ael to Issue llrir own hatik notes ; atd tba aald governor aid ronpany tbtt?uts>b humbly made applies'ton to lr cuthorirel, und? r the provisions of the act russed in the 7th aud 8th yiars of tbe reign of bor Mi testy, cap. 22, entitled, "An Ret to regulate tbe iss'e it br.nk cotrs, atd for giving to tba Governor and t'< n paiy of the Dark of Fog'snd certain privilege* for a lln I id pc'lr.d '' to ircieaw- the AUioiiit of see a ri ties In the Issue deparn mt of tha bank of England, and to ax 's Dd tfe Issue ot their own bank notes Ij an atnoni t not sxrs fdlng two th'ids of the amount wl I h the banker', rearing tolt?ue, were antborirail to iscue noder the . ,i>Islors ot that act:? Vow, it Is this day ordered by her Majesty, by aid with ilieadilce of her ITivy Council, li at tbe aetrt goyrvn-or and company lhall be, and the/ a'C birrby au'hotitied and empowered to laceaee tb? anr' unt ot teruii'lee in the issue rlepartment of the IWuk ot to the extent < f ?4"(-000 b- youil the Vital sum or value of ?14,C00.CW in the said act mentioned, at d tl ar> upon to Issue acdlUonal Bank o4 Englanr' (rites irom thi 'atd Issue department, in manner in the aald sit no nth tied, to the amount of ?476 000. C. C. GRKNVn.lF. BANK or fBAH09 71te elrlal items ot "ho Pack of l-rance return for the tor n h end in* tt e 13th of December, In ateillng, art 'n .iralod hell w, (oxchange taken at 2ftf. ps-r ?1.) Piffrreswv from loaf Intnl. Rflurn. Ct In and bullion.... ?? 769,000 Tneraasa ?294,000 BIT* discounted.. ,.19,709,960 Prcrease..,.1,6'47,900 (liri lat'cn 28,714,100 Dearaasa.... 969.600 Txasoty ie;"rlla... 2,809.000 Increase,.,. 61,990 Tt Ivxte ce;s rtts 4,934,600 Decrease... .1,972,400 Tie chief changes rxMMted ia the nravtoaa monthly return ?at? a dertease of ?931,900 in tba bull inn. of ?f M ,4CC In the discounts, uf ?1 4.0,300 ia tha aircula thtr. of ?1 2'.4.9?) in tha treasury balares*, and of Li F5 Cto in the private deposit*. CoctMering tha heavy villi.rawais of bulbou frvm I^audonandelaewhare, ti e Itu-iei.-a in tha metallic stcek becomaa cocupsrwtiveiy sn all. lh? v'ecrvat* la the disenunt*, though partly cue to the clcsfng ef tha Paris fxhihiUon. iodleates a cr nsiderabla limihutlon of eomoMvnial activity. Tha gi v< i tin mt laiaxee continues smalL Frees tha heavy diminution in the private deposit* may ba inferred aa la ma/* n the general remand for maaey ia Fraaoa. It ta i 'so t. idc ut that th* baah paraavara* ia Iia racaat policy of curtaiilay th* a?aoe*o4ati*e haradedor* gruatad by fi THB NEW HU88IAN LOAN. [Frem th? Imdoo urns* Eec. 14.1 Tbe sletvi. rut that the house of Meudelrsoan, which is i m< ng 11? flirt b-rn log e'tabHst meets at. Berlin, hs* bt*n a lt? Wtd by 1 he I'luuiau g. verament to o-,jen sub snip'una In that capital fur tiiaattempted itoarl?u lata , 1 bin It ,W* ?' r Hi lea, or about ?fl,< Ou 000 steiliug hat be. ii irrelYfd ?t b surprise, amounting alnio.t to Hs*.e Utf lie rea i?w of I'runia to assist lo everv wa/ b? 11 lot pa'l. n of the war, and to lutui h to the Court of fct. terebuig all pnsiblo supplies for the purpose, vr ts cot vo ene'ed, but it war thought ibat ber cau'ion wan to a low her o adopt *ny other thau iudire it mrsns, and thai at a 1 event* the would refrain from acta eti. b *? had al rsdy been deemed too open and danger>us even in h spier in. Holland. M. k!n dele.obn la 'he arent rf Messrs. 9*legll?s the Court batik. r? I. Hum la, and t tie pi ice of the loan, whtcu in it. a I jer cent htock, U elated to be 80. It in alleged that i or- bi d . I It will be offe>ed In Benin, oue-ihltdlu Bsnr u-g aid lie otber in Amsterdam. Aa far as the Wit eiiy u concern'd. efier the Intimation already put loth t> the Iju'cii gotrerninent, it may he presume: tbe operation can i Ely tie a covert one, and thrre imot much probability that two or three million* steillogcan be lairtd in hat place on aecuiitie* which must remain tor e. a e tine tnurgi tlafch', slihougli the lowuess of toe price ??eu>a to r.e Intend, d a. a c npeueation for any illicit ct aiarler that may lie attached to tbero. The diiferouce twtwr. n ?Le ptopuMd term* and the quotation of tho Ku*>i?n I ive per Cents outlasted hetore the war. an t coiitt qi eotiy cunect in the Kurupean ma'kets, in more than 10 per :eDt although tbe latter have experienced a decline In cnnrequenie of tho present announcoment. 6U8FKN8ION OF CARD PAVMENT IN OPEdHA. ! [Firm the Kcopomu-t J Tie lie penal ('<'Ci?l Bank of Odessa has ansoend' rd e? h pat merit.'. Ita note* are now Incooveitlb >? and time abu heeita'e to accept tbem are deti'ionc-d a- | .mini'* if the ,-tate. Tol? ig exactly what hapened 1 uiiihg the toimer wars in KusMs and wiat we prcdi't-rt would hepj eii aa toon a* ibe Km per or hegau to decree la geofiiu tonal taauea of paper at the beginning of the I train* war. In rnrmer w*r? the rouble no e. wiieU bad bteu oi initially issued at n value of thii t\ -eight pence, g acuallj fell In value till it waa worth little nmre tjiwu tepiiBte; and In ihe courae of time a decree w*e Issued, by ?liit?h th'ce iud a bal' of thosa timet, originally i^. sued a* >< able, ahruld be received by the State ia ex ci auge h r ? ne i< ub e note of full value. The hitter wo the ei tre li ar are now about to fiillow tho example of termer Ira. e-; and II *he war laata we alisll no doubt tto.1 al ilia ra,ei currency iucoLTertible, and very much do predated. * An iniprerFlru prevail* in rome quar'e** that Rua-ia nquire*illtlo of t',e piectoua metal* to carry on a war ui.d t) at ber letouroea of mr n, prevtrh na, ft :, are to >? U.und tu abundance within beraclf. Nothing ecu be a gicati r error, bo c< uidry in the world has auch ex*.en ? iv,'and ex pear Wo foreign agencies to auaialu; unsup P< rted anyvbe e by public opinion, the can onl? pur rliarc influence by extiarag.nt payments. Again, her la-get. irlgn piiiclana uiurt be made upon trie m>-1 plant*' in p'int of fact, the preciina me' il. which Hum la muat require at tbe pre-ent time to mike her suii'gu payments muat be cf very large amount, to any rerun g ot what rbe mud have to secure tho c >n veitlb Iny of bar huge paper clrcuUtloo. and for other u. lerraiy rl jecta. Prom mf rmatlon which baa reached oa, wo aie cirptwed to believe that the suspension ot tho lat'k of tloer.e ia only a ptelude to the other bank* tail.g the Fame cou-se. For some time past conrertl mhty has been but a itmc, aa no ono has ventured vi*Lout great danger, to demand > pecie in exchinge for Markets. JexDON Moxkt MARhOT, Friday evening, Nov. 14.? Tbe Fngliah funr a opened this mornuig at an advance of an eghtb, but tbe tendency to improvement wasn't o ? r*al?.,d Omsols lor January were first quoted Sbli ,N^i? dlvideno, from which, uoder the influence oi etnie fj reclame operations, ttey reoodvd to 88H a 8830. Foiunhir alteration occurred opto the ofllcial erioi tatfin of huiineaa, but the mat kit generally presented a more steady ap. raranoe at the close aod anor regular hours tl tie huyers at 88;^. Some of the heavb eess duiiig the doy was attributable to an iueroved prrasuie tor money, consequent upon tho liaymen* of another inrtalment of 16 per cent on TuritUh nrlp, while un Tuesday next the concluding 10 per exit r.ile cue on the Fjigliah loan. Under these cfrruiLsffiijoes 0 per cent was frea y paid for loans in govnnment securities. It wae aUi antiaipated that tie Bai 1 tetuina. whi:h show a falling off of ?147, r ? f't'Hh n, would prove nn'avoraile. Bank stock bftoffs* !00 a 210; Re uced. 88>( to 88',: New Tnree per r7<ii.t<1v89ti U"g 3 rf-18; Aon.ltKs, 1886, IB 6-16; Fxchequer bonds, b8, and India bonds aud f x. kequer bills, 7s. to fs. discount. Tbe iq.rrsiiiins In foreign eer-uri'lvs wc-e principally i.i nEnul to Tutkith ii per cents, which o o-od at a dec iue. It> tin for. ign ixrhacges this a'terno. u the rate upon liaoiluig vss a * l?wer than list post. Wl.h Uis exreptioMi of a leactlon in Austrian quotations, there was no vaiiath n of It porta nee. Ibe quotsilona of the Fiecch Th*ee per Cents on tie I'aria Bourse this evening, wi re 04f. 60c. for money, aril fif. hfic. Inr ihe end of ibe month, showing a decline of a quatWr per cent. In the Vienna money market an iter, are ni < iarrnet continues ebscrvabla. 'he Bank of France returra for the past mouth were in led y.-ter'ay, ai.d pie>rnt remit* which aeeui to , woriutit a hrqe (bat lh? drain ?.f bnlJnn has been ef ircti ui y I'l.rckid, ai d that there ia no further .lunger uf I "'i."""'1'" tpgraraiion cf the Unanvial p eaauie. llic nock Oi specie exhibits an tucrca <? ot ?806,000 and now e' at ?8.780 000, wh*ie at the sa ne tfoe 'h're Las fuen a further diminution in ifce not" elf eclat on ..t ?860,100 Ihe I, gh rate* of mon-y r,Tnr6 J,f''1 a 1tdl:l'"*'i f'l *1,620.000 in the amuunt r ills dhcoknttd, and of ?1,070,000 lu ti.o depisit, bu* l. e bnUrceto ihe credit of the g yernment shows a slight sugni. ntaii- n Tie h it. a hi tu Huuibcrg sUtc that money noa agiiu vr- y '-rare.' in ihu city, anu that the tale o! <il cotnt ba, rcuruMl to per cent WHI01IT JlfNIOR A CO '8 CIRCULAR. l?i\khismu? Uoj li, 1815. At (lie date . i our last circulir u<>vi :.-s per Asia our f.itton ti arlti clo-e.l steadily for the week endirg Hth lo ?'aot; the .i. tea nil r.-aumed with more eocrgy on the Cate of Lor depatture. and oi ntinaed ar'ive after receipt cf tl e 1 aciGc'a accouuta, which tend to oH-diiate the ex isciaii^n i t ai v gieat jdJition to mr stock for ths nex' two nop*ha the ; H'.-ent position of which, together wxh tepratrd tuu.ois of peace negutivtious, and a growing ,'eelirg in avoi of e?ily relaxa ion to the existing st-iu g, m y in e < i.ey- matters aa we l asdrooping priies ia our giain oiailetr, intluenred a better feeling both here and lu the nisnulectoiog cis'.ricts, Ic the early part of the *>ek an advauee ef ),d. nn qualities below b^a. pe, lb. iv a a ebtsined, hut la rlnce with a moie limited de n>and, psi tally list. Vessels are creeping into port, and anivela premtre to be free wl.h the present shiit of wind,, vreie tbe total quantity known to be at ara setua-ly in hand, it la quertnmaol* If the sapoly of qualities in reqerst would do more tunn meet a tem.mrs ry waut. The "pinl n that our holdings at the end of the yewr will exceed the estimated quauti'y, and the difhcul'y et ex lting speculators to lenowed actiou on acvsncitig pi Ices, dear iiorry, auf In view of tae figure r ow g.n<rally lixlulgeo in for the ultimate crop induce hflde.s to i Her lretly, s'.d lo some extent press sales piTiicu'sriy of the better c'.usms nut oi o d co.ton, wluca are re'a iv.iy considerably ehrajier. IILRMANN COX ANR OO.'S CIHCtfLAR. _ . , LrvxRpoot, Dee. 14, 1888. - Tfcc ?dvl es p. r P.t-ifie, pT0dure<l iio effect rn our mar ket: tbtsyear's rereipt . bad turther gained over thoseof Uat year, the total excess now aiuuur.tiog to 2rW,00i) Isles but compared with 1862, there is a tailing off ol .8,0f0 hilcs, the rout hern markets were all rather dear er. and ihe r vers generally navigable lu klanchraler ti eie has b. cu a ip?*l steady demand tbl; w.ik, and a very fair buaine?a has been cone, -r- ? nrra are well ergsged, aid are gcoeially trying for aa mivai ce. In chub, ton, the producti n is well under I Contract, aiid iu aomo .lercriptiuna an aiTauer has bswu ertallirhed. j 1* ace rumors are a'111 the order of the day. but very few pi.t much M hef in rhem now. and tbe pr sipect* of an early teiafra'iun of tho war are loss hupeful. i JSenvy c< udouew in ac'ivo nemaud, both far entumev citl otd otler purpnses there being betvy in.Ulu.euts j di.e <u'h' Tuili-h Upii Fu.glish Ioudm. Th? I tank of Eog j lard La a leeo <nn. Wrrei to iaiue ad.l'i"nal n c.ea to Uiv ] amcuot ot ?476 U<10. but this mm is too sui? 1 to alhir ' iLueh riltef. Ibe exportation of bullion continues steadi ly but not largely. Cons U have IIactuated, and cljse to bay at W}i. HAK1MJ IlltOTUKRS A CO.> ITRCTf.AR. L0>BOR, U-c. 11?A P. M. ibe eolomal and ft relgn produce markets continue very quia* aid the business trauaaMed this week Is me dues, ei.boui any material charge in priees. Money ia good . vmaud t n.ols leave off 88', * 88\ fbr the ac count. M.xi'an do .hire. 5* ,',d Iter silver, Rs. lJ;d. .?outh Ac f'liriin dr uhlvons. 74s. fsl. a 76s., nominal. ' lii Asuocas Min ks no change to report, and uuota t.ccs sic unal'etcd. ( nnada 0 s lln. Couiixkal fat Of 180 oagt at auction about half sold, in Mine liietmres on lather easier terma. Honduras ? ilitr from 8s. 6.1. a "a. 6d lor low. soil from lis. 8d. a 3i. I'd. for fair b.dd; M.xlcan silver from 8*. 4d a 3s. 6d.k Trueriffe ?liver lis. 7d. a 3a. 8d blocs V #,1. a 3?. Ud. Ckva?180 bags Trinkad a dd from :.<a a 55*. for mld ' ling red. t'.-TTO.v la siesr y. The sales for the week are 2,760 i ft CP. At i.i?#rpool there h** b^on an inoproved dftmabti DsterJij's for middling U:leans R'^d. per Col piR In 'sir demand at Lite quotations. Tough cake ard li e 1120 beit aeketed ?12?, aheathlag 14d. y.-Uow me al rheat) ing 1?d. Com. ? l or phmtallmi Ceylon there continues to be a g.od cerrand, and tbe supply of suitable qualities being su'sll, prices of such have ruled rather higuer?ear to the extent of fid. a la. per cwt. Alton'. 2.00(1 cuk? have teen ?o:d (ilvately during the we?k at this advance aa aUo the nu'lk r f vie ca-ks, 188 barrels, and 460 bags at aiisiirn; nnsll floe ordiuaiy at 57s. a 68a.; low ml idliM to midd U-g pale, 60*. fd. a 6fls. 0d. NaUva Cejlm 1, ot ly In limited demand, at Irregular priees and ln 'Judics 60b Lag* in public sale, the toul dl*r?wed of does not ex ***31. ICO bags, fr- as be*, a 52*. fd. for low to vary good ordinary. 140 packages Mocha only partly told at 3s. a 4?. renins on late rate*?My 7?i. a 70*. fld. tor good long berry. This attemocm the sala of a eargo of O.nOO bag* Rio'a reported at 40*. for "ordinary firsts'' for ih# Me, iirmam. C(R?.?The supply of English wheat at Monday's mar. krt was large; th# condi*ion of most of tha aamp'ea was Ud an* oaty part oi the supply sold at a decline of 3*. a 4s on the price* of th* previous Monday, On Wednes day there was a batter feeling, and the English wheat sold at rather improved price*. For foreign there tu alio more demand. Inst week's average price ef English was 83*. Id. on 114,863 quartoif returned. 'lo dav the maikat waa firm, without much activity. Wa quote White American wheat 82*. a 88*., red 80s. a 84s per quait v. American flour 42*. a 46*. per b>L I art*, ft.?Caster oil?Of 640 eases at auction, only a small portion sold at rather easier rates; low to mlddlhw ?secr?i.fVom7d a7>4d. Henna-20 hulseTiimvsUy e^S readily from flfcd. a fid. for middliag to good. Oum Arabic?Of 180 cases Bombay about one-thir^eonaistlng of mod amber, sold et 36*. Cum Ollkanum?60 ? sold 40*. a 48a. fbr middling to fhir yellow droo and nt 31s. far Mr dark and&oeky T^sm^ -^io bngjgoad Bengal partly sold at 90*. fetch haTb^en to serFvvdemaoc and price* have advaaced to 32s. Turkey opium Arm ad Ms. QuiekaUver la. M. a Is. lOd. Hikr.?fipesian ia witfteut cftnnge, *43 a ?40 fee St. Peter?borg clean. Of 6tO hale* Manila, ?? auction, aboi | 2<0 Mid. chiefly or iu>ri< r quality troin ?'J0 a ?'?4 wil a few 1 ta of ouC'IMb* current quality a>. ?40, ftilr ,'U rent quality ?>?ii.|r' '.k-u In ?' ?*5 Jute?4'j? hat brought pievtoaw ik Com ?11 a ?16 10*. fur e?mm i and 117 n ?18 toi mind <>|f i< n>nl midduug. 000 bal' iow qualify, fiuBi bioiiipaUm, brougut f.o n ?12 6a. IbDiOO?A 'air bu-iness in being done at vety f" rates, si.d 1 ulcer* g?ne ally show little (liit|>oaitl?n t _ fell. Ino.i in quiet, and ,vrt ?** are, if anything, a ?h*,<! J ecler. *e quota tail* ond tiara ?8 a ?8 6*., I'm# o. b. i Wale*. bcoirb pigs, 7V?. td. for mixed .Yj*. on tb (l)4e. I net ce a further decline in price* sine F tbla cay *e<b, Calen ta on the apot having been aol'* UI < tr lie. U'l go d quauty; en* need ta now pre*-ing and Via. I* to-day'? quotation for average sample* ii jrrara'V with a limited demand; for arriv.l, Sept. an< Oct., rb>i n.eii'e tn m Calcutta offer at 7fl*., c. f A I. I.1KUID CifH in stency d**o and at hit wees'* quota tiona. Ai rival* of American are libeial, but produce a> rediietioo m vn>ue. 1 K/D Cm.. Common pig ?26 6*. a ?28 10-u l./tn ? A mi*II puree of American, lately arrived fron tbe C .ntii ? n . I ?> been aold ut < 8*. . One?In fiel^littU*dniup; j.ri-ea unaltered. Rape dull at (Ur. loi n Cntd, and 68a for brotrn. Ohve ? Seller* of flu) i|.i 11 at ?54, >nd Spanish at ?62. Li oneed in limit id demand at 42*. tor prei-cut delivery, and 4ba. a41*. Ad., 'ortpilig. C?c>a n t Cut at 4A?. a 47*. In rata nc talcn to report, ?i d the market 1m dull. Hex bar- declined rd per cwt., with few bayera at th< j reduction. i<-r a Coaling ea.go of Arracan lie. Ad. was obtained eu>ly in .he weok, bu' there have not alace teen buyer* ht ibut. ra'e 7,000 bug* and 650 pocketa . BergaI at aucti' n. were nearly a 1 bought (a at previottl'4 rate*; hut the bulk ban eiucu been plated at 16*. Ad. A " It a. rr ro'jul lug to genu nihldung white. tiumiii ie ueglrced and -al?* caunot be nude un' at son e redact u u,.ou >te rate*. Nm Air. > i S< r>p.? small tale* at 10a., usual term*, and It*, t d. a It*, id.. curb. tin If?1 iirenti ? 8! 0 bug" nearly all aold at 4 !?d. a 4 Jjd. <<iigei? 160 Calicut wero witbdrovo at 48t. a 48*. (ai-tia Vein?24 ca e- so d from 24*. Ad. for ordi nary eoarre -JIh. lor fair mull. bt'tipli?P e murker e.rniir ue* without any loo prove Trent, He .eles ol West India for the week amounting to SOU bbda oi ly, and iiricea must be eonaidared quite uo ntlbul. 6,Ct0 saga grainy Madras acid at 50#. Ad. a 6la. fd.; but ibo utber publl; at os were all bought In, buyei* hb.raltrg m d'-p- sl'i n to come for vard A cargo of 8,700 bnga blown I ernumbuco aold at '.83., for a neac port iloH'i a eoi d'tlor*. Trx ?The murkei is without animation; of22 400 pk<t. at uucii u anout b .'i0n inly sold at previous rates. Com mon ca pou P>jd. per I>. SrxtTfB rteady, a. ?28 Ifta. T/tlt w has turn quiet throughout the week, and tk? qumsti' n to-Aay for Y. C li b8s. on the spur, and 68s. til. fo vprit'g c. livery. WllAIEBr *k ? I' Ur ?270; Southern ?260, nominal. Tin linn m o in in*>n demand. Blocks 116a., bars 110a.. refiiud l'j's . nrulra 1.6s Hence 127s. 'I i U'KMINK ?No sales f mugu to leport. Spirits ill' 1 ?t Ct's Or. f r Ante 1 ?u In cask*. A. OLNMbTOON A CO.'8 OIBCTL.tB. Livkbpoiii^ Dec 14, 185J. The money market ia in tne same quiet ana comprra. tivf-ly easy s ate in woioh it baa been f>r some weeks past yet. except foi 1 i g bills, wtileh can ne diacoun'el at c< n.foeiatly loae. Tu ei ban we e at one time charged, there is i.o lemxa i n in the teim? demareied for aucoliw nindatlon. The lot g looked lor authority has be n p?b li.lnd Mii'borliiBg ihe liens of England to issue paper on s- en/i'ies iu ,ep m ement of 'be private Issues, l ipaed slci? heps ting ot the act of 18i4. bit tbe wao e amount aoth lized to be ti n* t*sued is only ?475 000, anl it ha* failed to piodiice ?pj effect on the get eta' market. lb? monthly eccououiot .:h* Hauk ot France are juat pumlshed. and show a slight tin roverasnt. The jkcmq rutnrr$ are Utt n *jide*t than rf la'e. and a.ntols havclt' elit" rf to 18 H In 88 ex il\ e. The deiliie in tLe c un und p'ndnee markets ha* mail* further pnigrsi*. lb*, decline in fiome desorip'iooM of ? gar is, I im "be highest point 16*. to 16*. per cwt. b gt s ot icneaed acivity la sums ar.icl-fl now begin to ?h' w themselves. | In the Manchester market there has been a fair dm mat d, par'lrnlariy for aome deedip'i m* of goods suited to the urle and (Tiloa market*; and as cks being lig'it, a * light aovanie in pr I e baa been obtained. BKOWN, FIHI'LKY A CO. 8 CIBCULAB. UvntrooL, Dec. 14, 1866. In the f arly part cf 'he week there was great iirmneM in :otton. sod price* we re deci'leoly in favor ef noldors: Into/1 i-n pecttnt (see trinfi for the present of an atd. tbe market. n?- relapsed into I n prevt mi quietuei*. and cloei* lanie'y at be quota lions by the hist *? earner. Ibe hoilue-* for (lie u?ck enuiog last evening releheil 5P '. CO tu-ice, *i ei'i'lator* taking 0,600, au 1 exporters 6,600 bale*. To-ray It i* est una ted at e,C00 bale*, wi h 6,000 to tLe tis<le Fait (?? leans ?}(\ fair Mobile*, 8; fkir rplanus, S'.d. per ib. Middling Orleans, 6^'d.: Mobiles, 6 9-lAd.; Vpland*, b)i0. per lb. ' t'Tilbaiylo grod ordinary, 6 a S,'^; inferior, it* a (d. per lb ? Ti ml stock rf cotton in thi# port, 684.000 ba!ei; Ame ri an )66.ti0 haba. hamn time las' ve?r. 645.0110 hilsa; American. 201.001 hule*. In port lor 'he week, 18.000 bales; American, 17.CI 0 Heles. Iheie has been a go>-d steady demand In Mancheatet fcr gcode and yaiua, and price* have been wall tuaiu taii al. The corn market is without inueb elinnge?wheat, af ter being extiemely cull and depressed throughout the ? ally part ? T tre ??ek, baring again rallied tn day 3d. to t?t. |? r hie be), altfi agist) demand at the full prices I f nur last ciicu'sr, wiil'Si Hoar and Indian c'rn are ia nc deia e di naud, and wi'hout cbanire in the rate*. Vhlte vh'Bt, r? a 12* 4d.; red 11*. a Jls. 4d. per 70 lb*. Western canul flour. 42s. a 42s. Ad; Philadelphia end Rvltiamie, 411*. a 41a.; Uht", 41*. a 44*. Ad ; Canada. 42e. fd a 48*.; srur. 41s. fd. a 48*. Oil. par bxl. Wnita hulls D corn, 60*.; yellow, 46s. Cd. a 40.; mixed 46*. par quarter. Nntbirg doing in turpentire. Ho-in in moderate de mand at 4* lOd. a 6s. per cwt. for commou, up to On. pep cwt. for floe qua Dy. Notice off New ?*Ul>IIratlon*. Tn* London Qoartkrly Review. American edition. Leonard Scott & Co. Thackeray's '-Neweo nes" forma tbe theme ot an elabo rate criticism in tbe October number of the Quarterly. Tbe English reviewer* stem bent on glorlfylug their literary asai dale. Oar reader*, who have had an op portunity of forming tbeir own eatimata of this writer, will be somewhat nmu-ed by the exaggeration of their euthusiism. Their own more Ci'passionals julgment* have p obabiy fai.ixl in arriving at such high wrought e? cciuaion* aa these:?. Hliet a genius! what a vigor! what a bright eyed ia teWgence una observation! wnat a wholesome hatre) fyr mtui tuhi and tnavery! Wh?t a vaa' sympathy! what a rneertuliies*! *h>i a iii?b j reliss of life! wbatalovaoT hunmn kli.dl Wh?t a poet 1* acre! watching, meditat ing brooding, creating! What multitude* of truths ha* that nan kit behind bitn! What generation* he has taught to laugh el ely and! What scholar* Im ha* to incd anl accu-\om?i to tbe rXerciM of thougbtfol humor, and the manly play of wit! The article un the *'Charities and tha Poor of l/mdon" present* ua with a mciaacholy plctnre of the sub*tra'ual ol destitution acd miasry which lies hidden uuder tha v ??t accumulated wealth and social splendor or the BritUh no tiopoli*. We have *)*n.e only fur a brief extract:? Aa early a* in 1788 the I'hiUn'hrjplc Society was lormed (or tbe pnip>'se of edn'.atlng the chillrea off eoavtcUd fvlonk; but nothing til lately he* been di ne for those whose chief crime is poverty. Ka ridft the c I Id i en who run wild in the street* le-ctuse their paicn't sre ton poor to educate them, and too busy or tic carel-M toat'eod to thorn, lsn< on swarms wl'b a Muipuihin pauper pr.pulatiun wao have no ft icon* to protect tl.em. no p Inclples to guide, and na eeucation n> ?n.igb'en ilnm. For the must part they have lost ibeir paient* by death or denertioD; s ,me have tisd firm tbelr crue:ty, tome from thi Ir Juat anger. Their only refuge is the atreet or the ''lodging hnu-e," where, auiotg si sns* too revolting to dasctibe, they are tni iated by i rafavsed tbi've* into ti e arts of crime. Evarytblng in fnndon I* fignstic. The destitute children are said to ? xciec '.0,000; tlit*e who are unowned, :he " children off tie itrevt," are rated in a parliamentaty return at upwards of one th mmnd. These unhappy little wieicbeallve ci Icily or solely by depredalijn. Tbe Webtminstcb Review for October, Ameri can Edition. Leonard Scott A Co. The el iff feature of this number Is a' slashing eriti .-lam on the pokmieal sermon* and writings of Dr.Cumauag, under the litis of "Evargelleal Teach rg." The jus ioe done in this eere we would gladly see extended to tha 1 whole tribe of fanatical divines, who pervert not only bi> lory but the Ilible to tbe uses of their fierce se-'t&rlaa animoaitie*. Although writ'en by a man who baa ev^a dently no leaning toearda either Romaniam ur Infidelity, the art eie shows that Dr. Cumoiing. in his asnault* upon both, is guilty of habitual distortion! of trntb, glaring anachronisms In the statement of historical facta, and at times even ma iotfe* inventions of his own loncy, lor tha pnrposa of throwing discredit on the object* of Ui? h uti lity. How exactly dees tbe following description mpply to croc of onr own leading ontroversa lata:? Dr. Dummti g'a mind is evidently not or the pietUtle ? rdsr. There is out 'he slightest leenJrg towards my*U ? ism in hi* Cbristiauilv? no indication of religion* rap uie*. of delight in (1 .d, of epirltual c tnmuni in with tha I ether. He is m<*t at home tn the forensic vie# o' justi - cattcn, exd dwell* on salvation a* a scheme rather thaw ssen experience, lie insists on food works a* tha aiga ? f Justifying taltb. aa labors to be oehi.ved to lb* glory off < uO, but be lately represents them aa the spon'aneous, ? resvery outflow ofa sou' filled with I iviaa lova. He last II me in the external, the polemical, the hmtoiical, the ctr ~?m*taatial, end is only -pUndlcally devout and practi cal. The great majority of his published sermons are oc cupied with argument or phi ippic against Romanist* and out* 1 levers, with "'Indication*" or the Dible, with tha prlltirnJ interprafaffon of prophecy, or the criticism off public events, and the devout aspiration, or tne spiritual acd practical sxhortatlon. is tacked ui them a* a sort off Mi ae In a liurr!*d trnteneo or two at the end. Ho revels la the demonstiatun that tha Tone ia tha Baa of Mm, he is copious on the downfall of the Ottoman empire; ha ap I ear* to glow with isiUiae'ion tn turning a story which tends tn show hew he clashed an "infidel," it in a Ihvor lie exercise with him to torsn conjecture* of tb* process by which the oarth is to be burned np, and to picture Dr. Chalmers and Mr. IfUbetforee being caught up ta meet Christ In the air, while RomanUU, I'useylle* and infidel* are given over to gnashing r* teeth. But of really spiritual Joy Wand sorrows, of the life and death of ChriM a* a manifestation of lave that constrain* tbe aonl. off sympathy with that yearning over tha lost and erring which made Jsm* wesp over Jerusalem, and prompted the sublime prayer, "father, fosgtve them." of the gentler fluil* of the Pplrit, and the peace ef Ood which paeseth understanding, ef all this, wa find little trace la Dr Ctmmlrg's dbeouwee.