Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 30, 1855 Page 1
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THE NET* YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7063. SUNDAY MORNING, DBOSMBRK 30, 18/>6. PRICE TWO CENTS. HEWS FROM WASHINGTON. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. HEMATV WITH MEXICO AND THE THRKR MILLION DKAUOHTH, ETC. Washington, Dae, 20, 1866. I aw informed, this evening, that seme important pa par. iclatiag to the confirmation of tha laat treaty with Mexico, litre been recently obtained from the secret ar chives of tha Mexican government, and are now in pos es aa Ion of parties In this city. It teems that of tha seven millions paid him under that treaty, Arrangots charges fifteen thousand dollars for secret service in regard to the ratification of that treaty, and that a similar amount -was also ei[ended through another agent in Mexloo, for -the same purpose. The name# of simo of tha recipients are known, and they are now sail to be figuring in sup port of tha repudiation of the three million drafts. More ?son. D. THE SPEAKER?THE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS?THE PRE SIDENT AND THE NICABAOUA EMIOBANTB, ETC. Washington, Deo. 20, 1865. No prospect whatever for an eluetton of Speaker. New Tear's dissipation may effect something. The plurality rule wee not considered by the demoeratlc caucus last night. The delay of action on the Deficiency bill is seri ously embarrassing tha a dmlnlstraUoo. Tha action of the President towards the Nicaragua emi grant# is strongly denoanced by all. General Easton, of Kansas, prcmounoes the letter pur porting to have been addressed to him by Secretary Woodson a bate forgery. Tho latter, as published, re quests Gen. E. to oall out tho Platte county rifles, but not to Implicate Governor Shannon. No such letter was over written or received. The machinery of the steamship Minnesota will be on board In a few days. E. RUMORS?THE PRESIDENT AND THE PLURALITY RULE, ETC. Washington, Dee. 29,1866. It we* rumored about the hell this morning that an election would oertainiy he had to day, and that Banks would be the lucky man. The two votes that were relied on?Moore, cf Ohio, and Walla, of Wisconsin?failed to come over. A continuous session was talked of, but it being Sfeturday night an adjournment waa carried. A sufficient number cf demoerats will on Monday, join the Banks men, and have a continuous session, hoping ihere by to effect en organisation. The Preeldent will recom mend the democratic members, provided an organisation is not effected by Wednesday, to adopt the plurality rule, which will settle the vexed question. The unsettled and ptecarlous condition of affairs is the cause assigned. D. THIRTY-POUR HI CONQUERS. FIRST SESSION* HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES. WAHttivfli'tkN, !>?. 29, 185V There wee co debate to-day until six li illot* iii 1 lea taken, the (?econtl o:' which reunited at follows Mr. Becks 102 Mr. P.- hardaoo 68 u. *?-?- ? - ??e. i. uanimia ()? Mr. Fuller 32 Mr. Ptaningtoi 3 Scattering 6 Necessary for a choice, 106. The vote on the sixth hal!ot stood:? Mr. Banks 100 Mr. Richardson 06 Mr. Fuller 30 Mr. Pennington 6 Seat'etlng 6 Necessary for a choice, 106. Mr. Surra, of Va., made a brief ntatement to eb'>w that Mr. Banks had left the Ameiosn party and joined the faiionista for the express purpose and design of re sisting what he calls the tggreesin as of slavery, Mr. Gnow, in reply, said that tboae voting for Mr. Banka understood their duties, without instruction or advice from the ether side of the House. Mr. Sima responded, raying he wished the eonntry to understand the character of the man the funionists were -voting for. VmMMf hi Bets was* then Ma, the leet resulting as fellows s? For Mr. Banka M For Mr. Hohardra M For Mr. Faller IS Tee Mr. Psnnlagtca 6 FeeMamea. Whitney, l'uwail, Williams, and Orr, one It wae new half past fir* o'cloek. and Mr. Marshall moved an adjeumment, which wae negatived by 47 ma jority. At six o'clock the motion to adjourn was renewed by Mr. Orr, and sartied by 10 majerity. OUR WASHINGTON QORRESPOMUENCE. Wxammnoe, Dee. M, IBM. 7he Nicaragua Affair?Refusal la Maori** OoL French? Mr. MmceMa?ObmyKawnf to Mr. KUmorr?Omtinuci rnnm cf CKitf Jtsatue TXmey?His Probable Suecesaor? DiMimgnLhed Visiters?Chrutmastn Washington?Dark Streets, Ac. Ad my predictions and statements In regard to Nlea rsgnan affairs you must have noticed have already been vivified. The assertions to the contrary notwithstanding, Col. French did send t > the Secretary of State a copy of bis credentials as Minister, and Mr. Marcy, without even granting him an interview, declined to reeelve either him or anybody else as Minister from thsnew government, at present, and for the reasons foretold in my despatches, to nit: that there had been no civil or popular recognition of the authority, which, so for as vet appears, rnty be regarded as a mere military usurpation. As regards the contradictory statements of C 'l. French and Mr. Marcoleta, the present Minister from Nicaragua, think that the lat'er named gentleman Is generally be lieved. In the argument of the Wells oese In the Supreme Court, a few days sines, Mr. Attorney General Cashing Improved the occasion '0 pay a glowing tribute t> dr. Fillmore, for the many proofs of his integrity and wisdom which he had lef: behind him, locked up in the aroliivet of the goverrment, but which had fallen under his (ibe Attorney General's) official notice. A gentleman Irom Baltimore reports the eonMnurd in disposition of Chief Justice Taney and expresses ttie opinion that he will not resume Lis seat upon tne bench of the Supreme Court. Already the (juestton of hti pro bable successor is dieusael. Mr. Attorney General Curb ing Is looked upon as most likely to receive the appoat* ment. rime people, I observe, have the Impression that Judge Taney'? suroeas<<r must come rrom the simt <lts tiiet as himself. That is a total mistake. There it no reason why the Chief Justice should always he tit en from one part of the country. The same district bat n .w had the Ubtef Juslleeahip for over fif'y years, and Instead of operating aa a reason why it should have it longer, the bet, if it l>aa any bearing, should operate the otner way. The Hon. Salmon I'. Chase Governor elect of Ohio, is etot.pii g at Willard's. Hi* inauguration as Governor will take place on the 14th of January. Fie lias rem >ved his residence frrm Cincinnati to Col irnVos, the capital of the Htate, wrere be kntenda to reside daring his term of rffice, although Governors have not made a prac tice ot residing at the capital heretofore. He introduces the example. He delivers s message to tba legislature eu the oneastoo of his inaugurs'loa. He is firmly and fixedly ami slavery in his polfti ral views, but. at the same tiuie, what might almost to called ul tra on the subject of State rights. The Hon. Cnanes Francis Adams, of Massachusetts, it also stoppirg here. Ashe groee older hie reseuinlance. in appearance. t> his fother becomes mere striking. I do not think Christmas was partiiularly merry In War hit g'nn. There were too many meobtra of Congress here who would rathrr have teen at home. It is not un common to bear them exclaim soma thing like tnis:? " Weil, if the House would only adjourn long enough for me to go home and get my wife, they might go on ant ballot for Hpseker then till doomsday, nud welcome." Mine boat at Wlllar t'? did what be could to maae it seem like home to his guests on < 'hi 1st mar. He gave us eu extra otaner?" premium beef" for roast : am gowi oeef Is a rarity heru?plum pudding, and a generous bill of fore throughout. This was duly appreciated, and when he she! make on* more permsnen' Improvement?the rnbotliuttfln of sweet butter for the present duality?I litend to get soma ooe of the numerous representative* who eat at his table to latroduoe a resolu'lon of thanks Isto the house. l>ast night was very stormy hare, and dark as a coal hole. Singularly en ugh.'be street lamps, whirls have hewn burring every bright moonlight night were not one ot them lighted. Surely, we neeJ a Speaker. Whet's t'elock. B. Waskivutov, Ifoeemher 2fi, IMS. Affair rf the. Northern Light?Anaiety With Regard la the. Massage?Jforr iMrrLnprm'ists? tlorem "?-n< JUrfiei to Palliate the Problem's Hi?inters?South'-n f'.'Um With Regard to Waller's I'ngrats? Geary bite's tiranl Theory of (JovrmmeW?Amoiea for the American*. Ar. lheHwnatehas now barely a 'juorum, an-4 h ill the Hon.e fell to day in electing a h'peeker, the Senete io all piohabtltfy will adjourn over to Monday or Wains-lay asst. Fern under the most favorable view of the -ese? an election of a Speaker?It Is supjx.eesl, from the cause abrte metiitoaad, that the m-e?age will he wfhboM nntU after the commencement o' th? Kew Year. The excitement and Interest In relation to tins document are about aa variud aa our weather, but it is now ??1 out th?t curiosity to get hold of it has been greatly increased by recent transactions la year city. Tfaw Nartharn Light affair will bare rendered neceeeary ? new chnpter in U>U formidable paper, and the Preeident'a uanal modesty will be made apparent in hia call tor freah confidence and ap proval from the American people. After the arrival of the New York train laat evening, a report became suddenly general in the ho tela that tha government had received intelligence of further con spiracles against independent South American govern ments, St. Domingo and Cuba; that a passenger who bad been prevented from sailing in the Northern Light bad made affidavit to your District Attorney, showing that the true design of the Northern Light expedition was against Cuba, and that It was to have been joined by adventurers from New Orleans and Taxes. This absurd story was to draw off some of Unfeeling that was so strongly pronounced against the President in the case of the Northern Light. As the press is already giving curiency to this rumor, I have thought tt proper ?0 make inquiry at other quarter) than the Fresldeat'a house, and learn that the statement of an intended genera revolution and ware against 8t. Domingo and Cuba is not was ranted by any hots in the possession of our government. As a consequence, however, of Osn. Pierce's interference in tho departure of the Northern light, the attention of our Southern and Southwestern States will be drawn with unusual interest to the sub ject of emigration to Nicaragua; and that expeditions will ultimately be fitted out in those sections, to aid Walker ia his waik of colonisation, is pronounced as carta In by members of Congress and others who know the char acter of theee people. A late proprietor of a New Orlcant journal informed me that he intended leaving for Nicaragua In a few osjs, to light or farm, as tho neoeaslty of the Walxer government snould require. A veiy melons advocate and supporter or George Law for the Presidency, la hvortng nta particular friends with the assurance that George Law, when Presl teat, wtU rive the world to underttand that the wnoieof America la for Americans, despite too Rulwer and Clapton treaty, or uny threats of European governments to the contra'y. You can well Imagine the effect such a dedaraton, made over the signature ot George Lew, would have la his lavor throughout the i'nion It would secure to him the rote of almost every State. Certainly, there is not a Pourtbero or Western Plate that would not favor his election by Urge majorities. Fata p>mta with untnls tsxeabie distinctness to our ulumtmate p >s?e?uon ot the Ameiieen continent; and our delay In making known, ? nd at once, the almost unanimous feeling ot our people upon this subject, through the President or the National Congress, is but so much euoouragement for Kugtsnd and France to extend the possession of their territories sal colonies, and to strengthen them, as at present In the West Indies, by formidable naval loroev and the concen tration of armies. Your correspondent seriously com mends this subject to the attention of Mr. for. In addition to the party now favoring his pretensions for the Presidency, b? will secure additions! thousands in bis favor who would not otherwise have volet for him. A deetara' ion to this effect is but nn extend n of Avmrl * can sentiment; it leasers sectionalism; In lis gigantic grasp it sees and fiela nothing but the nation's good. Again, let Mr. law lor k to the matter. All the political questions of the day thrown aside, a formidable national party can be created on ti ls great Avisriesn princi ple alone. A itpi ? -er lr.'lvc. < { it i demanded by the timts. ord tilt- uui.t r i il<'eagerly seixO the opportu nity to gtvn e favor hit- i ??. ioii h ', Pre-i'ier.tia'. cav ihdute who would ? i c are In support of this iru'y , uatiouul dtslgn. Wash: .(.to*, Hoc. 28,18."-V Hulure of Mr. Si wmrd'i Ai'empt to hHnp Over the T>-"ifth Sviion Mm tr iKc Support oj IHrhardmiomExplanahTnt anil Eluci'J"'i err?Bunki't Charieri Orxl Vet?The Kan mu Apjoinlnunts Sent to the S rate J r (kinftrnxatinn? Governor Mention Likely to Ue Thrown Over-protpe- of art Organisation. H o gu st fe. tcre of to 4mjt'h proceeding* turned upon the resolutions offered by James I- Reward, of which wtte In lot'AtB'icc, that a > the national Know Nothings agreed with the administration or democrat!: party upon all the leading and vital question* of the (lay?meaning the alavery and Kanaaa qneationa?there fore, to effect an erginlga'ion and place a man of uo doubted orthodoxy in the chair, William A.. Rlchardaon, of Illinoia, be choaen Speaker of the House ot Represen ts Uvea. Tbia gave liar to and opened the question of the Kanaaa bill, and the slavery question to particular. Mr. Marshall dedaad his paeltioa, and distinct j and rrnp^lf cally stated that, had he been a member of the body at the time the Mil peeeed, he Would moat assuredly have voted for It. He believed the principles of that bill to be right, although there were some teaturaa in Dint Mil that <!ld not meet bis approval; but, in the main. It wa right. Clingman, of North Carolina, elucidated his post ion, as did Boyea, of Bouth Carolina Extra Biiiy Smith, of Virginia. Jonaa, of Tennessee. MI'l son, of Vs.; GadwnUader, of Penn. The resolution wa* than withdrawn, having tailed to accomplish what the mover of it oeei red. via: to bring the twelfth teuton or national Knew Nothings over to the support ol Richard run. Mr. Marshall thought that the democratic aide of the House ongbt to come to Mr. fuller, as he stood un equivocal on the slnvery question. If the m ruvtain will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to th? nvmn ain. Ti us coded the first attempt at fusion be'ween two (.it cordsnt dements who agree upon everything else exoept their American principles. The davdopementa of yesterday hare not, judging fnm tht rote to-nej, injirted Mr. Banks' chance*. His Iritnds s and tlran, and seem determined to sdhere to him though the hesrrns fall. Tbelr idea is that if they hold out lor a short tine longer, the almi aistretion will be compelled, owing to the die racial and unsettled condition of affairs both foreign and dr-useaUc, to yield, and permit Mr. Benka to be elected. Much a conir/geney tnay arise; for it la already manifest among the democratic aide?members who are in daily con; muni cation with the President? ? hat something must be done, and that ve>y Boon Sidney Webeter, the Preaidenl's private secretary, can be teen almost any day among the democratic mem bers, watching the movement*, the developemen'a and denouement* as tbey transpire, rid* it Indicative, at least, that the I'rctlutot 1* anxiously and Impatiently * siting, as are also the different Se'reUriee. for a speedy otgapfxa'ioa. Tbls thing, it seem* to m?, cannot last much longer. Yatbowis an or|aiil/.tti m to be effected* I |.on ahat basis? No Ootnpronn*'?no ernclliation?uo concession? millions for defence but not one cent for tri bute. Three distinct parties, and neither wllllog to c >n eide < ne iota, not ore jot or tittle. "Were ever mam'iers lu such tiumi r woed. were ever members la such b-.rn >t W"D f'1 lne Pre- Went baa aent to the .Senate fo- eonl'nte'.i in tba Kansas appointments. They were ail referred ij the proper committee*, (ior Sbaonon will exp-risore s ine difficulty in passiog the ordeal, as I am informed tbey in tend to make a bard light cn him. I wa* Informed by a Realtor who telonge to the democratic side, that It was < xtrtmely doubtful whether he would be eocfirmed. The Judges, who were alt implicated, together with (jovernor Reader, lu the land epecn ations In Kan*ai, have been re moved, with the exception o'iaaaes. Ills letter ti the President was more iseolent and more hostile, and was e* ii'bed In stronger language than either of tha others, and yet he hea not been removed' The others wera ra on ved because ot their speculation* in Kansas land*. Mr. Isaacs wae equally implicated, but naa been re'alo t-d. II .w will the edndniat'stion explain this? M >nt goaiery was ditmiared from the army by Jeff. lav a, by order ii' the President fur alleged speculations In la. and yst betels a man who Is retained w o la equally ton p Scaled In the trans a- tlou. Another tvidonre of vacil lating and imbecile policy. The Ho. se bad three Iwtlota which resulted similarly to the previous day*. The Richardson men were requeu ed to meet in the Hall tbia ?racing at 8 o'clock when, I am in'nimed. an at empt will be mad* to make such con cessions as will bring about an organisation. Wasuiworox, Dee 28. 18M Tho Prmmiarg Eft -fj of Ike Nm Eleainn ttf a Speaker? Alarming Condition of M'mbert? WathitujUm Hani up ? Amwo-menti? Viti'ert, LuHryrri and Ofre S'r'irtI Aaav inp? Birr Burking?TVatri ale?Our National Theatre (Jtdltlingi?TV Urj'h .Vsismo.7 V IfeMbr (of oiur r ?Thr HrraUl the Wathinepem Organ of Newt. Yonr e rreeporx'ent* tall yon all about the R|.eukerehlp in a po'dlUal point of view, but yon do not know of th< awful panic it has created ffnane'ntly. While you are thinking about black republicans Know V .thing*aid de m< crate; wbila you ere contemplating the proeyeeta o praiiie chicken Riahardson, the Banks a* Cape fodder y and an forth, nil Washington la up to its ear* In debt, and thinking when the deuce It will gelnu'. Members hare no drawn thiir pay nor tbelr mileage, and although they -as get along "on time ' for board, they have no spen ting m> cay. Some even are doprisad of their "barea," arblle t do actually beiieva there are not IIIty membsrs in he House who could change y* a an X if yon sua to leaner it. Orer two bundrei th-uaand dollars would ba hare it extra el'CuU'ion,If the Speaker waa elected an i the uauU appro; riationa voted. As it is, Washington is bard up Its dependence Is to members and wiat ters, and the storekeepers declare trad# wa* orvev as dull, iloliday presents hang Ore and pyrotechnics do not go off well, eren during holidays; members bting Just enough mousy to laud them be re and wait fo< Ougi.-a o supply their every day wants B- arding ) ouia and hotel keepers arc in a dreadful plight to supply their tat In*. Many do nat distress Hi mat leva much, however, en that hand. A large a um ber ot faro bai.ks are in a ti e ope atim, and are the only resort of the virl'tra, poo office seekers and d< ne up nexoberi. What do you th-ik of t*?ntj five Ca^> bank* within thv aquar#** These ^ukj always fioa iiih in ad? erslly. h*"?* ?* th* *mmmamaaJL <* raprw aaatative urn. Our p'Oor vikfar* ere teat leaving; ***7 cannot stand tho exorbhUnt boond1 bills. nod thing* ere In ? frightful atate here. We are Mmwrt Uk* *h# Tnrh? ttKtri. Yet, withal, the theatre ha# fleuri* hm\, and other amusement* hare prospered to'au uauual wxtewt. This in realiy unaccountable. On MooMp next wear* to have the ".School for ScaryUl" perforvwad by an '? me use cast. Sir I'eter, Mr. H. I'laUde; Mf Ollwr, IL '? ^ Has,-; Joseph furfaee, Mr. J. W. Wallack, .?*.; thai, fa Br* ace. Mr. Mu dock; L'rabtrae, Mr. T. Itaeidlr: Mnees, h r i efleiwn; Cereleaa, Mr. A. H. Hawsport; Baokbite, Mi '? J. M. I awson. Trip, Mr. How e, and other* oqoally food. I The lauien are 1 e*i*ic table? Mr*. Davenport, nee Wxxlo t Weetun, Mm Rurkland. (ax -bourne Kate Bwa), Mr*. C. C. Onion. It would trouble ye of New York, or those of Inudt n, to beet the male portion of the cast. A few new scenes and tone better dre**e* wetMd be an acv*n'ay to our great National theatre. I*viee- are to be doubled. Good and cheap are never allied heie. It i* a very large houae, conatrncted la a Mannar that enabira every vlalter to aee and bear, bntltia mleer ably d< liet ut of ilght and internal decoration*. The ex terior is cot unlike a Pennsylvania barn turned into a Metho ht chuicti. Of the band I will aay nothing, bat tba* 1 t.ue* I r ay not have the honor of baooming grant, to that 1, h*U nut have a chance of being eoronadod by Abui g the eatabllahod annual* of Wnahlngton la Giddiug*, the aboli ion member, lie hae bean here regularly far twenty or more yeara. Ha U a tall ohl ttian, with a aailow complexion, flabby face, yet nut 'at, orrioed In black Ilka a deacan, with a black K ia * of very wide bilm making him a regular Methndiat Down Fast pi richer In bis appearauee. Ha U peraonally unpopular, and the only on# who welka the street* wttn bin. is his luutuei m hack aln, John A. Bingham, tha leprveentativa of the next district toGtddlng*. In Ohio. It Joehue H ?i< bought off from voting for Bank*, ha could be (lecicd. Ill* vote rnlna all tboaa whom It U cast for. I'eopte are literally torn to pie tea at the depot by black ard wbi'e hsckmen and hotel toutera who want a Job. rhnM *ho oppose the twinty-flve cent omnlbua arrange ment* tor steamer* and railroad a In Nev York ah iuld come on here. Members complain of the nuisance, but as they annoy other* for Jon* with greater pertinacity Thnn a Washington touter, they aannot atlr in the mat to ?so grin and bear It If any me wan?s t<> know Washington new* ha look* first in the IIkkaid for tt. No one read* a Washington paper fr. m choice. The weather Is cotd, anow covers the froaen ground, and there are prospect* of sliiablng. Who'* to Indulge in it, if the ticasury don't disgorge" Keho answers ? NO ONK." Th? Three Million Claim. We have received In pemphlet form a copy or the me mortal addresied by the Mesar*. Hargou* llrothera, to the Department of fate, on the subject of the deterred in stalmec-t of the treaty of Masllla. This document enters fully Into the cons'Itutional and legal on'lderatlou* with which the question i* Invented. After noticing the fact that thepresent provisional government of Mexioo U*d instructed it* Minister #t Washington to prer* the c'.alui of right on ita owu behalf to receive the deferred Instal ment, it proceed* to show that no government which claim* to Ve constitutional c*n eslab i>b any l?w or ile orcein- sairing the obUgatl u of nlraota. Such r.coir*? would '.'0 iirec ./ oppoied tj the prin-tples laid down y mu-natii nr.l lew, ?.rliieh tx,re*sly affirm i that there It no differi rcsi betwd-n the sanctity o' a contract mada by a ns-tlr u with a oitiavn and with a foreign catkin. In fit#-', if there ran be any difference, It l.i the m ire bind iDg, from the dignity o! the one and the weakness of the other. In the pies-nt case, e number of American citl sens entered faiily Int i ceuipetttiou in the open market rf the world, with tho merchants and capitalists of jther oatloua, and became the purchm-ei* of what they deemed u> be nn admitted pnblic dabt of ibelr own g iv?rnment, at a very low rata of prospective profit. The question be (ore the I'niteJ state* goverumeut had in no way l>a?n ecmplirated by thair Intervention, sluce tffe capitalists of France, Kngl?ud or Germany would have tvkan the same loan on atlll mure ouarou* ta-m?, had they dec rued taking it. Thv nemorlal then proeeedi to ehow that the course pursued by the government of the Gnltad Sta'ea bus al way* been aonalstant witn there view*. Notwithstanding that art this the last foriy year* there had been no 1* than thirty-eight parson* claiming the right to sterol** supreme execnttv* authority In Moxlco, onr governinenl bad Invariably gone on the principle of reengntxlag tie different national administration*. ThU ral* of n?n intervention In the governmental changes in other emu iris*, was flrst laid down by Mr. Jeffsraon In his l?*t*r of instrucll na to Goeverneur Morris, of '.he 1 Jtb ot Marrh 1708, and again reitaralod by Mr. Wrbvtar, January 11 ]?6V, tn a letter to Mr. Ktre*. the American Minister to France. This being an established principle ?f arti >n o the government of th* l ilted Stats*, It wsu d b? incut, airiest ia th* highaat degree for eitsiens of th* Inttvd Stat*# to be called upon to reason upon any form ol government which they might find axi lng In a country with which they might have relations, or to inquire a* to the precise formality ol Ita public contract* aid conveyance*. Thay w*r# to b* C"n ?tderad In th* pretaat case innoaeat holder* under de facto authority wbiehthey h%d no right to coot overt, and wera tharvh r# ful'y eutlti-d to the protection of thair own government in the assertion of right* acquired under that anthori y. With regard to tha tagat quaattons rats*d, the memo ilal enters Into an elaborate argument to show that neither ?!.* delsy in tine of paym-nt of the th-ee mil J lions, net tha running and marking of the 1 ue, was of the I original essence ot Ilia conveyance, and consequently did not render cntlrgent the payment of th# cmsidera ' tion money, but only postponed It. The three million ba l*i ce. tbaratora, o< nstitu'ad a subsisting debt from the Inited Mats* to Meileo. which was assignable at will by President Kant* Ann*. The right of She Mevlean g< vern merit to dispose of this defer rad 'nstalin?nt It en'end* i* I lain a* It* right to receive the first, or to tnske th* treaty Itself. Th# bill* given for I , and which war# made payable at th i proper time, o-, In ether wo-ds, "wherever the r.< w bourdaty 1 n* -h ?,ld be surv#;*4 maiktd and ?*tabribed," were |>all f r at tie fo'l rner k't value by t):elr pie, en' h Mar ' by theui they wcr- im mediately prv-en'ed to t t govaramant o( the Uoltad vis tee tl.e pejve r.antad, w hi oh declie*': accep'aoca in *dvtr.ct not ufon tha grotiiel 'hit hare was no debt due, l ut because !t was not th* cust'ini in any of tl.a dspartn.ents to er.dotse scceptanoe* psyabl# at a 'nt'tre jeri *. The Il ls wsr* thetafor* wuhdrawu until the piectdtni formality re |uir?d by the treaty .houM be carried into effect. In fine, the mewuriaMst* t'nteud that n' t oily as re gard* the form ?f the nig is't u anti avst^omen have jpexirsti law and u*age been compiled artlh, bit that thrl na?? Is In ?tib-tan?al eon'orml'y wt'h tt a prec* nts of their cwu gi vet ..rr,s nt. Fvery for malt'y re-inted by an l?w had been fulfilled and the r gtai to por<-bs-a ip , I?n nerla. a rkot'In act > n, or an uuma'urad debt ot n verslgw nation, tad been fully estehlfbe'l by Ihe goiernn.ent ol tl?e f nlta'. Rates lUelf whau it pu> chased n? instalment not y-t du* of tu* debt erea'ed by the arqulflthn "f fa tfornia, and sscured by lb* trsa y of I Guadalupe Hidalgo. This debt w?a avpiassly made pay ?bl? to tha government of Meslan, and was pur i.ha*sd, in the instance referred to, from an as. goes of that government. 1 nd" th.s- rircum-saocea, the n>*. ?MtlaMaf* aflltm th*' up- a Hie acc-p'ano* aril |??rrent ot tL* draft* draw- hj Maxico agsli^t lb# deferred la sialm.nt of ti e Ma.lIU balsnee, Its* I mtel Rates wtl be In prwe-rict. of vouchers Impregnable a?a<n*t any further cUlms on th# ?utjvet Ci>l4?d IlklnDtatilrt tlWi m jra Mr?. TDK NOKTIItlin LIOilT AffAIM? LATTEB mo* TBI COJ-LrCTOB. < ' (mm lloraa, Srw Yi-na | 0'li*T"?,? (trt-i-n imc & IMS f l-Ht fcta?Yoar fetter "f the ? lne'?al, Intortnibf n nf the arreet of Geo. R. ff all, AMieia farm*, rib a rot ? f're(?h" D I D rha'fM nf a l iearh of tba neutrality act of Oafr* ?? 01 1111 waa nottran darta/ my abaencn I have to lai< ra y< u that f ha farther *e el??- ?' tba ??r? a<r? inferred to Id tha nrinut "eif-re - r*?', <t|?. fetter ni'h Nail l>aa ie?i|f?*d, Farnni r'h fan* l?*n ?u-t ? fcded aed C'i (?)>'? n (emoted. Your* e*rt Waif, HBMA* J IFI, C-tee or la the II n. Jon* N< Kaoa, kr , he. Will f itrwirri) ffil? RfTHCT arrrtumrT to col- ?mat n. wiaitn.H t>r nirea aotit. lb* I oltro r-a ?? He'rlet Af< toet haa ?reraa?*<t a !'i K at->1 |i,u?it letter to Cxfen*. fraaab, taadh og btf pr ?tt'? a'r tht? c natty and ll? rotrplteity ta tba CHI into it 'IfaMHo*. Br. Rrh*- a err*, the IHeaea |nan pit inf trutta/j *naa. * ofaUMi-t hlata *ut ? ->f cliirL c tba ptip-fetj <4 ulnrn-ag tu rn whanee he (aire, tt,-1 llioe r< m tide- ? '?Ibe ecorte?ey t*'tt *.? t foyru ?? that ttg- fr.f to IT -h littoa $mi <-f oibial'C *" th* fmetfi- wamiji h-a, ?li totoo cl.Uu b c n.a i- nui.lxai. alibi* a-ana <*? t In e la be In y* tt ?t t> ftu tber eon-p ajnt e . I t (falttel t'ni. aid fa ta<dailr>g to yom <nr be. t v yttt ?* * ie air- to you* a?ra tauHy, I t /(CBN V- 3- fr^Uit'. AttKMp." AIRiViL OF THE STAC IF THE WEST. Vtrc Hudtrd and TkinfMMa ItaNnl Dollars on Fr?l|IM-d1nt ?M|n?nt of Ml raragmaaa Ooid-1 MulUn c* CM. W?ik ??*'? Troopa aatvhcd tu Mudaaa ? VaalUon oflhtOaadmalaiu-Hialth orilWli?uaiu die., dir., die. The uteenuhlp Star of ib* Wmi, Capt. Minrr, froaaSeu Juan tel Norte ?n ibe 30th of December ano* Key W^Mt on Uxeaight of tbt 24tb, with COO ptu.eagera tmd $537,. 670 in treaaure, to Charte* Mo can, lacj., nrrtrt Ay eater - Jay afternoon. She c* rnrcted at the Mhmna with the atreAbahlpj Sierra Nevada, Ina Sen I'ranciac , ea the 6th lua-.. abd MeoiauUla, Meaiee, en the Ktb, bringing from hath I wrta in gold and tioir for thin city aod New Orleena i.\3J,oeo an< 4&0 p..eenger? 7The fo low lag ia tbt npectr Her bf the Star of Clf w?a?j Meeel*. Drexel A Co , l'M.ttrlyhte.. ..ttOO.OOC Mtter*. Caldomffh, hey A Jacob*, New ???!?. 31,000 th"mae WatecmWkn, New toth 76 400

Hank if Amwlca do..,.,. 30.40" Wm. eeli?mei. AC*., tf.. 30,000 J. Straur, Utii't. k to., d.? 10706 A0r<n Jaontm, 10,000 Hnd?on It Brother, on 17,600 Newbuuae A Ht,atx Pliiladel ,,kia.. .. . ...... 17.160 Sebol'e t Utolbei, NrW Vol k.... 16 600 Wolf. Urn'* k Una. il.. 17,000 K. A. Stein. On 6.000 (. IterrBKioeb Del iiw? re 6,100 Cbaile* M>> gun. Ne? Twk 17.760 Stern Brother*, Hal' ia? re 6,060 H. King A son. Ne? Verb 6,000 (t. hunenatccb, do,,.. ...... 4,000 ? H. Wine* A Co. no ?,P26 J. Heche A Brother Dal imore 3.800 lien- A ll um Co 1.600 labaoh ASeh?|ela, New Yoik S 000 Total (6X7,07 A fly tin* arrival la brought X- flr*j ahipneut-uf Wea rag tun gold, tbe product of uviuaa owoedand wrought by Amfiieana, an 1 among the paa-auger-are two gt ti'le tnen a>Mrelat?d tbrrawi li? ?? 'I Ihi??d to C'aiitnrniatM? I tig expei <en<ed la toiling . oar*' iovh, atub po?-camel of ample capital, who eotne bote .xpteaaty for tha purpo.e if forthwith providing aultable u achli.ery for lha full Icv vrUi|oiuoi>* nt ihrir ii?li em Per. u* terotxraa*. K bright (utoie of froa|>artty la npldty unf'l'lug I'relf to thia jiath'ul (Anfilcan) itipuhllc. (itnetai Wa kar find'tig hi warrior couw'.rym- n pour ing in rather uniiw. e*rai My num-ree* baa drafted a bah ta>lon to the support ot bin ally, t ir 1'ieaulent of tfoniliv ia-, who baa wrong* to iadre-e wib tho iruatenovlau*. Tb? <->tiara''a aiton'lin haviig at'rily lawti dlveitod from gum vtaagtd w* , and rtiacted to the punnanau' en octzatlos of Ike republic, ho h*a wiawly thrown open to the w old the public lam /?guvao'et lag to ? ach far mrr, n'tcr an eccupatl'ii and 1 a-Mr nee of -Ix innutha. "iN acira ami lib adt iti nal o rat h luembei of Im? family, fiiu ft itvw ; anil, by a apeelnl c au-e it to enwcoo tha' ? i' fa laooa are to tie alu i .1 . nipt Iroui cv>.y -pooled ot 'axation. Ileie le tut ubt' ?? nce/l a n a-terly policy ail rd at once to tbr ex pen- eaot that bowut'ul country, whi.b by and by mu-t t* ?! on roeirely,by timely eirugra'iin to Ita aboiea, and a alive indicative I tha getiiua ot Iui author, who ptonibea to be n < h-aa tba alati.iuau than '.be warilor. In tha p?r of ban Juan de Norte. H B M'a hiig of war Eeptrgle. lie latbmua continue* 'ree from rpldemiea, and tha Tianait route la ax, edition", rata and plea ant. Ihere baa not ncnu red a aiugle ee-a ot alckuea* among tha paa-engera aiuoe Ibetr departure from California The .-tar of the Weat encountered heavy gktoe from tha northward from Cape Floilda to w thin ttfiy mi r? S W. uf Cap# liatteiaa, whete -he unluckily broke one of the ? Ir pump t'iaton tide. If. lug no waver, provld-d wt'h a duplicate, the accti'rnt vaa promptly repaired, by the . tall o( rigluiria ?n Imam who are ail mechanic* of th Dirt order, and equal to any emergency which may befall ? he engine.. We are jfdebl?4 to U|^ap,e L. Owao^i'Uiaer of th .V'ar ct the Weat, Ole* rmftafer*. THE CHIEF OF POLICE. Tfet lilalof t>*or|r W. Mnteell Ire fore the Police Cemtr lactone I a Little Ueorgr flrac landed at Paitti, An.bc.>, New Jcraay-Hlc Kether Wane 1'oata lot tme Piapmatee of Utile brortpeHl ItrOthern, Mlalera at.d f>aat , At ., Ac. There wee much txcltrn ea> ye-terday afternoon iu the Mayor'* < Nice th* belt g 'he Mm* .et ajar, for the trial if Ceorge W. Mat/til tl.r i bo i of I'o foe, upon the (huge i f u-utpn g j ublic ? ttiri bt t? log an alien and i.Lnaturaltxrd. The l.< ui fixed upon for the trial waa ? S o'clock, I'. M ; put long bt I re bla hour tie oSiee of tha lity?.r waa eiowded ai'h policeman, wlloaa-e* and -pectalora. Alderman Bnaga ptaaent with a -mile all over hi* face, and llranib t ooo beaide nun. apparently well pieaaed with the pi apect* bitu. Ibe Chief tig*ihrr with hi- coun-e Mr. Jainea T Brady, war Mated at a tab e (preen With pate, luk and paper, and <ip<ile them eat Meaar*. k W Ktougbtoo and W. I Niye*. the Ooiina*- for th# p'oaecuUon. /.t prerlrely 8Ji ,o'rb ck b.a II o r the Mayor and t.e i o;de> fmiib, took he .r in a1, ta-b i d .. an all ile-k when ? utimntior. wa- given by a not between eounce end ? urt tbat all ?eti ready tor pnfrae*. 'Ike Bid i.i.n?Ibe ca-e aga uat t.eorge tV Mataell te l ow ca'ttd. Mr. J*nm T bernv? Metl, >li we are realy Mr V T?>?1 wiab to -ta/e a .1. ut> wok h raUta In my ?? ltd and that ot toy c< I ea.tie. In regard io th# conatl tutionaltty ? f the t'< t rt th< i* t.ali g here only two tuem Itrv, inatcao of thrte. i'lJd l but?i bie i|uevtino ha> iw?o neb re u? betoe, and w. hi.v (larioed. v w> bal. co e n /* bat the Court la I* gaily o.g-nirtd. lI/.Novu?I call for the .n-wcr In thla ea>* that I n ay know upon wba1 ground tin tl-f-uca ta piacwl whe tier a natural ta iu I lien of tfaa i u|t?j cuate* or an alien ui>M>'.urall/*d c.fltMn. Vlr I g/UT?Wlo m no you e. . ?ant Mr. Sny-.f Mr N.'Tia?? repr??enl tl.e I'. lk* I inn nv?e of wLleh Aidarman itiigg- l* f'habti e??. Mr UrakT?It haa rae ored ti tn- oa' t'.e ?pcclftc.a t i n* if ike pinaecu h>n win- naufhcicat, if t had ctroaen to lane *ey teel.nlCcI <1.J<? I n but 'hla I did ? it rare to ?n. lhe rl.atfa hna it b n r ricroblp vnd rbe ayecilt a l< t a Co ?r t cr u # up to it# barge At a' ne fatare ibnw it will he pit |?i L> ret-- the "|U. I n wlcrbar court her he ifiwcr t? d. r rte it o r..c Mr. N< tlfe-Wa .fa... male mtikb ro? at ne up ai Kgki < Vint t.ce It I' ue . ue i|.a Mr Mate* I fill* to* p.a/r, etrhi ut the prt fee ,,n?l lieailon? it i* a f ? ritnc ??!'? he ?t eil t* if |er ,y til- . f. i>. fla<k.i?tea the cop Itntn.t. atrtieve.y . >?p be take* ta 'ha c .ure? of ht* duty ia a uautpettvn. aba' we dw*tre .* oat tb* rtruit ?tt>> a vk w io ?i w tb? .cue ai. cell up i. bw oaleedai/t to ejecity wleil * b- I* a i atu al b*?ru eftlxoa if the 111 eo C'w'e* ? r ai.ethet ha i? ea aA a a t . labre*) H net Ita I rai ki.eea * I '?ir t* due t** tot* fn a. a Igatlnti eh> uh' li t'uae l.nta an W h-? ???km", m e|eety l>> alwltlak1 l.e i,. ut? ial^| ? f /? ?i let. I t lib ft ia in th* power - t r. a 'v .'to tbi* i,' ettton in a t 'lo.i Ifi# 1* ? <1 .n d 'h? i mted Mr. Bi ?nv ?li It i* th* Lj**l r-f the g i leiuan to irekaweglve a u ther aiuof ha of ? ,nm fa.,, ba r gh> * a ake il* k * reply ?r ? r. ea '? a'l - neaa'l ? at I ??? atei ? W en thto 11 a 'let l#?e rji?t"a wee a , wa i a- w- be*e /vt ed t ) on ' ? del. . Ha le an we* the e g a ? ? 'Sua I Ip 1l? -in., n ,??(.! ? f , ? ew In 11 ? et bi le >tl| ipt.i. bt* ii 1 lh y ' i , y t t e thetge (he tb - . re ? j . !???*. re tw be t tod. I tpft k I e - k i . i (.>*e, and it# i wa aie nttr.. t?. ,4. ? "h ? .1-1 b. trial Ki >(1ir W' wi't eel I) an li (. f it/?VHr.1? Till gaa'Wwan te tt we.w *m 'I >< a- 1. I . W k*l yt* eat - # -cc? ttu-ll gi n t'lte! Ia?* itv- rt iWeia he* y??r. ?i . a and I - Irtat, I ki < n Mr Met.aft at. be a a - y tit or even yea*. a4t( I ? nm -? e h A ? t y ? J > till at* a> be y t. ? le . ||ll ? ? < y ?* Mat- t b-etf l*ief .11 t.auiid: 1 ki ew 1* aulgtan v line u late and e >emity 'Mel e !? a, 1 art v-e ted 'be e tot ewe t/rr.ih '1 a. >'? Jt'e* if Mr le*iye Me'ttl' bi wit*, a d ilk elvd ei am et 'bai w ? (In ru# t . at fMftkel fAket, tic 11.1 p.i.twn-a ??? a tnllof 1 i h?i e< tt-wf ''??? war th tr a ?Poil t ? 1 . ..<g tf> ?).'??, Jeaj> t i an lea 11 yew* - lit >? I | n*. wi , .ui f ? ' > ? w ?dfh , wan r,?l(. Ik' e.'ewft' tie vya I. taiB*? nw"e?-at " n.' , I n I I -ey f.a' l.ntl ?? e. ?? I .* *rt'h *ay if t|e tow |nu w/ii? *i.?t c. -?/<??> Id" . >'? lf? 11?L? he* n t ?? t|/1 r ? e rnt |* ||y ' le. V lite*'- the IkVdty .f vrw, ? r.w.v.4 t ? ew V *fc I <11/a r V W Ttll r ' . ?*, . ? ' I.W b hew It ik I hat* te<.ta Mw ty .tab i' Ctk )IAif I HkUi't teg uv. ? a *; I ew. i la'her or moUter ?a/ where th*7 came from, in my ju' (nun' I coemdsied tba (ami/ KngUah Mople, a?f the* wt-ia ao cun?u:#twd by every one tin, the jouapat of the rtiildirn van named Aufitlai. aa older one wan caned Witllwm; I cannot remember the name* of ao/ mote of tha children: aa aear aa I caa Jodgw tbo pr-eawnl t hlel of l'olioe la tba earn a pereon I aaW aa a bo/ at 1'ertb Auke y , I Lata no doubt La la the aame pereon. Cr< ?a rxan toed b/ Mr. Hanoi?I waa born at 1'arth Amhoy, 1 am quit* cartels about mj age; I will be fcl on thevkthof mit Mar; I can't tell whether the Mataeile laattd In liltt ar Mil; 1 can't decide upon tbeae Tears or eaj which waa the year; I can't aar it waa not Mitt wban 1 Ileal taw that lastly, Ike oat/ rrrcamatoaoa it which I caw fix tlih date, W that it waa two year, after ttm war. or aBwut that time; I can't ray that I aaw any on#of thia family corn# Hem a Alp; I can't any what kind of a boat tie/ came to; Irani**. esaetlr where I ttrataaWany member of thad family . 1 thlah the aeaaoa of the year wat tnnmai; rah't tell whet) rr it waa behrre or atar "%* 4tt off July; rke family ocrti|dnd a wboie bouaa, at mi aa I ircoilet*; 1 thtak ttja landlord waa Joweph' Jtt >r*h; I tl Ink ha tv dead; tba bowae ia Wandlng yat, 1 l* iter* 1 lltoik I heiSaal the family mora totc-thelr houawv I rwa't rtmr eber whrw k ind of baggage It www; the elder Mr Mwu> U waa a ntoat maa, but not aa tail or atost ?? fit tblr* I don't recollect whether ka wore aw!) or gtoeeea ; M apysota to ma ka wan larra er Lad a emit,"#/ walk; I can't wry t int he itnlnl a cane; I 'ktok I might racogniwe hut port al? If I were tore# Iff; I aaw Mia: Malted; I wo lid cay ebo wae about llfiy )etr? old, eba waa a etei* wo man; the child Anguatua waa the jWejngwtt boy", (laorgk Waa about alt or rerun year* old I IJdtik lire oidWtt child tana nan e I Villi air>, aa near aa I oao rwooitoet be wW a (io?i*? I don't think tk<ra Were any amrt kiyt; I tiink there waa one or two glrla, but I can't reeollcwt their name, or age*; I think one girl WWa f*swn up, or quite a la'grytii, there waa bmidaa ihawr an old lady uarJari ( i naUhia w he-waa, I think, Mra. Mateed'a m -Ui?r, 1 ilot't know fn m wh? wi f hea-d *hla nam*. I heard ahe waa Mia giam'mollier of tha children, I Utbiitkutold lady wo deny yrira old; I don't think aha uaad' arutcbaa. I net ? >aw ht r nut in tba toad. 1 don't rear am bar nay other member* of the teml'y; I ire-iuenrly tdMCed tba faiul.yi I waa Intimate Willi the bo/a; I remember talking w Ith tie hoy (Jt-vrge llaUall, flaorga wa* a afm boy, I gt 'n't rtmctr.hei taking n maal at Ibatr houae; I think Tkej fiW|U'?'lj eat at Mr bouae; tba family w?m poor and w?? aaeietttK their bouea waa furniaiiad: I don't recolleri that I here waa or wa* not a bwde'wnd In the hi wee; they left Am hoy In tha aprag or wir ier, I can't-ccollect sftjch, I don't racollecl aaatng tbi m go xway ; I f i?| jantly came to Vork in tbuavdayt , ai often ae ? nee or twiri-a year, It might liar* bean tea or twelvo-yeara after ihw l.amlly left Auiboy bwf.ira I aaw ai.y of ifatm ig>in I t'aah \ taw aoum of ma family tn iw? i n lb 17 ami If'kT; I bfr.k i new tha old gmUenutn In Ik 4, wbarel cam* to New York to lire, 1 ttitnk he head whete Mtl'.'e now ia; l-naataay I eaw (ie<>rge W Mat nil tetoie th* rholaiWM IV.'Jor 11.14, or ibv greek tire in t-i.t I tlnr.k I raw In w held# tin. election of llarrUon III WW; allot Ibi family left I'etth Aiiiboy, perliap* It war alter 1 -WO hrfeue I raw the pieeant (.kite! again, I have nut rpt-k*u'u btm 'kam 1H11 to tk-? uiaeent 'iuu there waa itoquarre! l-rawaen him and me In Iroybieid; I doi.'t kt ow wlreilier Aug actual- It*it>ff or dead; I Jon't 'bmk I eeer raw Mia liar <*11 or Mra. I'onatahia alter tliey left Auite y; I don't raw.Meet any Infant amaller than Auguatua about that bonae in Amine. Ilr. NdTWi? When I ll"d cam* to New York, tU" lalhar Itod what* NIMe'a now I* I don't llilnk I war ever at the huure; I oaad to meek tie father; 1 think I Aral aaw tleln'hri ale ill four yoora after 1 catno to the rlty, whirl waa ahnut tbe yen- IN.A. Iri im Wrirorr aworn. taatilled a* followa on tba di rr ci ? lamination:?I retain In I N Hi at HitaanUi atrt- t I L??e lieeri In ]m die all my life; I wa? born In ('/ rtin ; I an hw'weetj ' hialy-fl'e and f ./ty year*, pe-ht e. i. y n othrr d'd r ot tell me, I knew Mr. '.e-irge Mate* I all my lile, ft. m uiy wanlo-l >*c?llrctiuu that wa? tl < ft,let*. lather, tiay Iliad in Ilr...? way, where ih?l1ub Mou.i' m w aland*. I rrcoile t the kn.d of building that n'ooi there; it aaw a eery r l.l, iintmlabed houae In wh . h I r liven. Mr (jeoigw Mataell, the laiher, waa a lalk.r, lie ht'l e I en I firat kiow lulu, Mary, Wlllla n, -tiran, Chiifa Ai'gu.tu-, kllrahetn and another who uaed to le callrd Jamea lira y Abiliel (iuliimtila MaUell, (laugh trr). ll,e y uuge-t aw reiy .u.all, he walked amunl when I toc Unct him, the next nilgb* have been fuur yrart ok?thia waa Kdtat>elh the next, Augunlua war Ml or aerrn yeara old, and tba ne*t,, ?? much larger iban Auguaiua, and might hiave been tan yara i Id ; i-orau l'.keo Ilka a young woman, hut pe.hapa waa not ; Mary waa grown up and bad Irreu nrantly uanWd lo Mr. Abnolt, an kjigllabmaa, Mr Ah holt ie (lad; bia wile la allta, I aaw bar In Wil.laiua huig ( lie day laal, ahe waa In a atrire. 1 think he lletd mare, I I card rlie ltv> d ibere la.o- trie yeara ago: I waa dallt at Mr. Mttaall'a hnuaa wh*n a child; I | layed with tiie children, I lleed rek'bln a daar ? r two tor aiz year a aid wl'blu a block or two for aeean yiara aoit; I never loat right ur the fkniily I reougnlre M' < eorgr Mauell how |)r*?rn', wbo I kn*w when a ell d. I bear aaeo him of en rlnce. and waa at Ida honaa wl in a child mil Mr. watrell l? dean, aad Mra. M ?'?" III if (I overraltolra with them? "*? tolfftla wMnaww ua i imai apud ipdMiM < bjected to t. la part of bat Mkttiueap aa irregumr, hkaad r 6 hMi-ar. Wii'tej?n>e? alway* 'aid that fltoy oaioa fnaa Kng tote. ktid tha* their enlU'reti were nil bora In iirtg'aad. I xeept the you lege* I with tha long name; | never learner! tit it either fa'he* or no.'bet what age Ireorge waa when b* cemr here. lfrcr|t?nUy lira 1 Mra. MataeU nuaca-r lie yaia that ban pawed ? toe their ar.lval, I haa'd It aleo fi. ro ac Ifiahoua ol mine who cam* user with tbi in. I IJrrte.1 to again on the ??in*ground. I III d Ihl* fivm 'an ily rola'tVe* "f Bin* na-ned .-'par ? hntr, who air.T'd in lladfat in INI7, I hare i.-aol la* lalreil family of'bn *|?ak ol tl.em (the ?'garanalle), il.ey railed lie toy wl'h tha 1< ng name Henry: thay a|ekeot blm aa a "Yarke* hoy," and called Uuo the dear, hu wed boy." (laughter ) I abould have kn >wn the 'an.lly tn lr (ngllrb fiom their broad aiceot. ( roe. r xamlnailot,? I aoi mariled, my her bend la Ilr n.g; rb"? la no rec.rd of my at* in my fanuly, I ntrar erleo any rpa to my family wlon I waa born I don't iecc llrct II, I nevar heard It aald In my family what year I *** horn lr , I drn't kn< w thai I ever did, lleughar). I know the Mai-all family aa long aa I sat* l!r*d, I re n an b*r 'h* year .N.O, and tha yel'ow favbr In li/1, to bai yiar I llrrd text door to tb* dat?ell. in lltoaleay. I hade two. pflidavi'a ; I went to <?, W. Wl?c*ier . i?Te them 'akch; I went at Ml* recjoaat of Mr dia j ben II I don t ircollact having a'a'ed any 'lata i. 'h* ad da.H In whkb Mr. kiatwll lived la Hroadarey, Is waa a - hoi t, at ut men b* abullhd at-ng ae tail"* urna ly do wt an they walk (laughter) he waa hell n Let |c.fhl?h*ed I und*relood M UJiavi I > he tha ohlevl of te family. Mary waa iba next. .tu*a-i af aa b*r, I e> Ige rrxt am. tint waa a gi*rd dial .'f difference he w.en'lef egea Id'ti'tkoaw how c.|d I waa a' tb* yal I. a fffiet in e l,i oiga MaU ell waa Uilcr Iban m- per 1 a p. aired tut I i-??i niea.ured wl'h blm, I UUe-l 1'h h n olii n 'I e f*fo ly ue.Trd out of ibal h u*e inh. . 11 chef 11 * 'eriher c wu, 'he pre pie oouiplalried of It p. r gt. tall 11 ey lived In'Lat h.-uea eei eral year*, an I 111. no v.d ? u' ot it, alter which ibey n. ved Into tl g?i/., 1 have nr.t inn (.eorge be'are for eeven yeare IK* fic a I hi* lay be wrnt lo aee ehan Ire wae ? ley aiiel *hea L'm lauoi/ lived ia llroedway, I ia* li Di when 1- furl went to .?a, tod mh-n )? . an e egale. , he we at te Iv* la 'a i : Inland a.iar l>* latorned, !?? went tv d - >11* in | rr,'l ricollaii where el?e, o* went. I ihir.k to I. to - ? ll. I*?, ell' * b* wee wrac'. ?d, an 'ha 'amiiy erudtit'.bt I ito go to ran egkln, I beeid tl.atemtly tate I'l.t I i g a i>d | 1 lard lb n y lata if Ilr fan .1/ betug I I glial , ai i! veld t? mi the' Ha la bar luoke-l lla? a ra , i lai ? i I nglt'l mar. U *a. aiaakicg*Uy of n. I Vaia t raid the lull# t*.y? and gula cry oat 1tl>gie?J*n eaH#.r| Aeolel ('di.mhaa Ma"# I Mr at e l'e Yankre toy ,' iac??Ui i htm wh* t.e href Wraa I, veik line tie lire* d.ugi.,#,? of hp* an >'.l II* i 1,1 riiy In i'.lo- n iapfalt. I taw Maty Malawll a' \ Iff. rr.loig . I f!M lot ri|Cct to ee# her, aud we* not ,.. t.r?,.i l y ei.yhr.dy r? I -A l- r let er at her , I ew ?l,i i #d #?eo I r> w hrf, th-1 I I*'--gol/ed bar men, jr., i .. I a ,t h vli g .poarn Ml Uiai.i h aiy go Ig ?. ol ( 'O a* twf ht. I k a Ml - ??'! i<w? Mr la M->i?ywir "lo'll ||j I L am I ? I am eoutitl It annul? lot m-.1 not Interrup* the nils***, i i, i.,' a ? w ,t a ".oi eel 'a moduli the roe to.Kite?I hlr-a itea had beau n c-.wee?aatten ,H h* r Iwteren Mr. liinocli an my? I want I aaw nh# .jeredn i,?(. ka' ?he eh-ra-1 II aga.i. *? auuti i t i*if noehaLceof epeaktog M. tof my am lag hoc V g - Ijfir+lf t<? ' ?ll'* i ' ^ f ???'Clff ?"# tor ?r Clloa , ii -he lot ft* yrara, I bad fienaeaiily eaul i Would ore hut J ??#! d'd. . . 1 I,a lercDwd- I went te t? illlaorakarrg aTo* tola to ?I t.r at k? r*?,newt i<f Mr. Hiaecb It mkgwt brvw I.f lull t'oae m< *t >a af ' r tlna a" ekwwio, iwcoffwry. will. I went ? ei* n .'b* irqueat uf Mr Miao-h did oot | W> at tv> dattlrr a eob|?rwa at lo* rwjaaaa ad ' | , ,ul I >aw per ? aoghler I, M* . If I "111 < a .win lea -'-*4 aw Mksrl-I terioa r i? p I. I th# Drau, I reatJe at 11 hrBaffl ( to, a el 'I I *i' tor% la tho^fffty ? ? r.rr? mm ? w -? *, ? _ , I i.all# tt S. 11 '.reeewtek u ... .i I wa? hofu In tbo ?~ .-.i ". Il-e-jik r* Ug.od I am k lb. ;M7, I iao ? to the *k p J * wai, topi IUc?*>d ua r aa a < id. a he a I ?a* #? miog over I won wen la i? anil, i.o iji Taaag Ii4r*t Ireaoaoaror tiraII e am'y Mr hleaa'. Mr. ?eaokeu *, ood i . at*.'a, ia ilw ahtp wita me 1 hur l rem ai.y Le ? *? r< of M?t*el,'g Uo I.I he bol a auawr, ? e* M to fi v* y p ee, ?# waa a rolte' I barw naooy rl lldrr It* bed I eaa't tell "}* ? wT ? "" rte ? . et j K .ha ? ? kite- Matea l I I'gat ferkrH, la l|# Till, I I# tit | re tot a i.r-frvg lo ilaltfba I rwtrj. tl ? ? n ? a 11 *, and 'aa* hum -kwcw la a tl mp, Ik - .t-i /,1 to tad, eta-t Hum Lrandoa aw toaoad tit* cd ly Me l?.nr- I A*?'t wk?* I* Im* to. I ? gt.r kav* lef -ma teres. Ikal I , tj Jtt ? r ? kcoc ?e y ? pU .w4 in te. utka I t ' l'o?l?l? Itcanok ye-hapa W. r.-y ea a ' g? ?d my aw w ma napewe but . act te |t ??/ ?aa*. ?-'?.?# wr?r mwgte ?W1 1; Iteow wiwitr I bar wan any r, ' .. wt w ? n I V f t r. ffiwce I J est't nay h>w rWtl il* I ??a t .ty whofber tlaa gtnonwe tew > g eoi at 'ka ' ew, I aww*? (wfrom Ksgteoi I cri- Ue el' p fl >1* lata ffa* eraag IA waa w ml (d lev* ' Wat ?r> .too I won'* a I tini w 1*i- k ik* i ts wv I .1*' 'm ibw I'awm.a wsk wa< g< Of '? JCe w V-vt waa tee, waa alt. ail .v ? r t|U f '.* It waa?w to. "'to ?f Key It* Mai no ?M "* " I * l?1' ? to* trtel INDEX TO THE Y1Z4R18H. Necrology of Europe, Asia, the Unite* States,-and Central and South America. n? (ur im*im ?r ??u, urf ?WlaayMfew ft*. ft?-. *?? IfHlkUjr Ym* JAJfVdBY. 1 -Hn. WHIlfti* Kufao rotaaai, o* *?rtatta, 0%W, l|?d ?<(Mr-llirw ;?n utd *7'- Hf.M' Ma m Van in lliiland, HumliunHi, eed raualfad m tel.had edinatloo frog* the wletretwd ??. Dwlght. lUa fMhgr, (Inril Kuftia fthUB, thweuper fateodeut at the OMo Land C-aapaaj, alas ??mjW-Oaarah of lb# tiaMod Hie law, laadad, ateag with Ike ather plaaeefs of Ohio, at Marlafa, on thr- 7th of M*0, mat' rtbo (Trat jwniian.nt .rdtUuiaot 4 afcat mm anno brukiat wtlde.oere, trow the mouth of Mar MwMfaa >? that of lha Mlaaoaat?from that of lha<?*? to U? pwat a' awruoirtof lha D'i UaaaM la iTtKJf William*. hd nam, eon, followed hie fhthet to Mlifthi ?d?W ha drat had llaad la ?f enough fa behold Ma groeThtd a mighty i-uplm, bora yeera aflar hlineelf. 2.?KlfcW Huuorah a tha Karl od lettrlne,.at KlHadftaa. Irrlaail, a.*d eighty ?wwen jaan Through**! hta lifshe had bwwo .Dgtlnfulahed by bla cMWlatoet a at aadaa 44 laf altachlernt to liberal prlnct,lo\ lor ha hod hum, la lha worat nftimea, the oduoeate of the afatl Hfbtaiaf ia igloua (i -ear ni of lb -Cathollca of Irrtawl. 3 ?K-ilraaad hyen, aa Utah oowadlen of r^ate, la Naw (itUiwi 6.-.-till la <;raa>a I eyeu, wtdo*? ?f fraaclo Depaw, ? nly aur*i*.*g dough w? ?>f tha late Admiral Cornet da tiiaaae, la Saw 7'o.k, ag.W eighty tae yeaae . Aeaaral I i a.ta ami Colonel Cevrewaa ?t tliag?w*inmenl *a;if I nn, with ('aW.neU MaBlea. Huevea ?*ed Major < areiaa, i f th? rrvolatloiilate, ear chiliad la battle near lha gataa o( tin a. f ?In Krmtebonk (Ma , Madam HaBy H Wood, atao tr-lite f aeia-wen tbiaw ion Mha uf age Hhe era. eaapha tlcullj a led* nt the ohl acheal, and onntrraued to the eloae of her ltd | lite lint only t "to rtaporliorreV hut lira peaa llar fei hi< n "I maaa that preaalled w bar. bar .landard of tamr ea? hr ef about >:Mf fan auna Tea II e. I arid .h'hno thru lb CiaoKna f...iicrlf auroeedwadp t itruil Judge, Oiaarrl lor, J dye n| lite Craitl of ApfaalO, ami Ooteriior af the Hfe'i. I*.?(nlaoal Wejinnutb, a llailnguUhcd m.rclreot af Nee iirieao* ni'l'leiily, la Near Vara, lie ?M a prnenh i.r-nt * i.i ina lau, M.-I'ra ... lofral Sir Hit air J O'Uoaner, K. (1 M., Of th? liplhli u??y, In london at aa erl.ea.el age. Ha at trad In the kia. i loan erar o.athe lake, a ad em. ] ? .in,' ,t the f.uMi'"1 tl 1 ??e 1'? in*' Jrow I'.lnOe, reaoflh ol < ?' bar . ? i.. . ia ti l 1 '/,?/? ' J'ar.... kl< in lieu. uaa, ?*(,!,n II.It if ! th Vtr .1" e, lu h ?'t di. -it* .... loirtl' Uiiaoo, aaiaiiliMbt utah jn tge ? Ma.lf.agp4 alxij iwu jeera. It.* aa* the wit V> .ha.. It'ibwrV e n a m? t iV|?ctaJ>la ami h'ghl) m|. ,i-'. ail ? in tha ,M|,p?f. lie lo. mur a mrroleir of i r f a ullp.ef 44*e < a<?? InlHIIW a copula anvrwAte u lb..I l ?an uf tha faculty of tat*, .au. in lfl'i aart wa. |.i?ui/tad lo tha tiei.ah nn ih? rellr inrnt of laerd Meadoeh.ak ia IhM. Ikah'ra |.< ww.lag high fuitrt.1* to Jilltial 'araata, irpi Hnhei la r. aouvduM coaaetai jW- li .r??y ne ehattf hf the autnnr.hip ct ee.aial *n|u *. X |>.e'.rj ...Mary Kureril Mlth'rd. aulleir of "??ur > llUga " l.i t?ie vtllagn i.f heallotadelu, Kngland. !?>??? ?? .ra ,n tlneafoed lo If* tx. i. hi r a, lo lew mber, I7?e. f ? ? ?? ? wrl e. of lha pre rnt < ay ha. t?. n mere been. I II..P Vie. Mllloed II ? Hi. Anne Van tior ilarelt \ en l.u. alt", ? "* ?if I bl lp fan Hrmaalaar, at Albany, N Y , aged eighty nlbr )eate hba saa lha */iuii(e.i daughter of l larrm \au f. filaadt. tha flrat fjeuUoaot Onaornof of thia *i,ie uader the ciuefltuttun, ami ehuaruMuued to Aid. thai Hire for . Igl.ieen yeara, and etei-f nf IVilonel IhiMg t an CortUndi, ahu with tha Ule ti.kmel Van rtebaM^ ??' Albany, cMnmaudel rha tan Nae Vorh cntfrtanlaA regtatat.ia al.lch rendered gallant ?er?t*e at "Wat ga, Ycifct. en, and U.rn<igh>-<it the ehnls remluilipaary ?'iogge,...M Mori ia, I h haoa'rir Iroet Naw M?a^ ?hli>, In Waenlofb u ll ? Marqula d? lAawlottac I refart if War urula< the ia?',.r.'L,n la Kranv, a ad httly Mayo, if llirauth 1'^ ?linn. Jnha H. Mat boor, la f'uljwi pa roanly, fa. 'ihlrty ytaia ago ha waa a reuieeenletl.e la t' .egrwea, ebaia ha aerwed hi jreta U- had prert"UAiy beaa h n .n.ber of If.a Vbginie lwgt*laiura of arnleti ha va i a.iri a leeiub* r inla 3 '? Ihe (jurea la.wageraf itar n.'.ihar ol("harla. Albart, ha la'le. aga. Afty bar yeara. l; _ta.ah lanfOon IU?au, Mar* llaeee and firaoe l!a?an ten a?owiplUbert ??ung lafi", daughlerw ad *.hriA Ma.en, of Naw Y-nk, were .uBe.a ted at a A?W In'I'it heuae . n the llud'in rl*v, near ihi? rUf ... I ate \ Deri, lu H-.t-u, !.la? aged awhty efgbi yaara. Mr. Iwtt. waa no. "f tha threa ? Mftnal arm lera ?>' iha Me??acVu"'tia Mecl^ukea'Aaaoetailon. Ula ? omiatih.o ellh Ibat b.atliu'hB wae t omrrtenrad atalg yaar* tg . It la wall kanen taat th* dec *eaed ?a. aa IA - tlaial' |>1 al friend ?t I dtlel h'etAtat. Ih.l Uhradrt ? ua dednated lite aeeoud ?otu?ie of bla ,wfc l.htd at-rka 'ii Mr l>e*la Wa ropy baorw lha liagwhga u>.d hy Mr Weketie aa it ia he ' f the m et beeuUfai ?Mhutae of f.lendahlp la our language.? IrtMaitn.a to fva HaiiaBli Vi.?ir-ta laeen T btd^ f ... - h> I ? V air.-a warm pilta a fr e?4*ip *ea itMWad i e'wian ia for half ou' llta. In'.f u|de.ti.| w. uno.mAaa e, aud r.r<e> for a Oe'cuan a a, lag Uthi In L.Ua/aeem rat 'I.I. frohd.hip 'he a- wea ef miw h b.pelaaai ?oa?aI e ua lo lea ra If no'an aed'tateg mew,rial at le.ateaeJM ..??a aid areiefol a?koow edfhoe' I IBaarlhe ltd. iai tiaa of re j apercSea lo you Itahlhl. WKMAYSS. _l ?. Imotor J"hn Haudder M II , a m ad 'te'y ef Da An rib an Idard of tha ln?'c*i Her..rreed birch ?ar Mt>y fl*a year, in lantie, near i aia T' ft Africa Mat ? aa nr'ilea If a pbf.leian lo New Yerh. 14 ? Major fir Jawie. Hai ti, K '? II., af tha 1 n,i'.h arm/ in 1. nd< n a|?d earaolf e^lit ,eaf. lie ... pre..r.i daring >1.0 A? erfeo atr a the la'ta ef i.utrBelcWh alri'tolag "t f"*t '.e. ? g. aetnm hi f.tneey < i a?k (w< ur-dad), atd 'ho a ti a at II . p:e a ( aeh lh ?? apt aln fr entry Ibhoaft, II II M , agent tot tha III lll?b rr all jarka'aa' Naw Y<rh. tefA t. ata hfWe If I, lha In Utah iari and laon In Naw 7 ork ecat aBa ' 17*_ i/.c rell-ir AVr?w ? HeiaatA t, C M tha 1'rt'tei. kit.*, I lau eoanl O eeru.?r rf IVWi ll'.fdat, >,ed aaiehlf two )?er? He waa a dl.t'Uf'tl bet Wa eitow f?.?f ar. r af'.r <h.e lerrru Vr 'f i *< >a ?%. apI*u4 .'UiniranKI Um tAgllah dittalrwof tha e?...f ao ru<atlra. _ ? t'r M Met la former editor "I fAih^aae. r Afrei-wpr*, ta I at la u - I.uaetk Marie Ad.lake wife nf 'ha Stag a' Oar ma a i tar it* la lie thirty th?rd fear V her eg- Aha we. rl.a eer ,liter nf Ar?h.n ha llelnter, of AeeVte ? f,? tier al l u llalt, ef the Anal Ua erwty le . leeea J, .. , h I hilti.'-. re D f I , hagtrra ?'.oteemw ?' ' t.1 law in the I el e?.|'y nf r K-rg I He Waa ' f I bo n.. Me mptkelied . erl. lara hr Kereae. .4 11-| other feraraare, lu A gut'e '> He eat tha editor like Uetr.gwl.lg r. ..pep?r to Malae. arte* irr.fll tatga la I'a.rg.ea. le ib? Ib.eaeef Rapce ra*elt*.a and wa> apfgde'ed l>euw.iml .oar ?? the nan4 ? lb '? ar.4* y Mr hlbmrgo.... Imretay Worfawarlh. i ,? abVr cf W llUare Wurdeww e Ite r-at al Hydal '' * uf.t, IB * aetewrf' lead (fag), ?? bar Okgh'y fmrth '?er. IV wee born oe ? er'.lmea day I7?| and lUa .|.||meg f though r ot f ern ahlldbendr waa tha aeeetael . id rt. "I amcW a'd I er lUwatrt >.a n..dher *7 lb rep.- a at Pu'e-ti f.W Y -h tae. 'leak aged all y yea/# Mf.Yhee.pean wae > ...awlal :. bwelkxaa *od h . I "em we. -he graf '? ' ? e?Uah tea Ma. .tea of how 7 wt wad Hwfpol (A^e*a , ,i .a?, '.h-I. iwwwt J-wwpa Jakhime ,>M*weeate*e? P.tkw.y N J , la thai lewa *r*4 aaght?-ewo JH OM. .. ? t . nal*. ly bw?l he mregWt wild the t'Uwt it the ' r*.luil u tad bi . wkg'1 tely wa. hie miad iwibaed with ?h-lr Helleaa aad hi. ,?eaa.f atwreg wtth fee*, rwlatag hy I...i. 'he' h. wee a mm* eeiecteHleg eewpaekea fag eat tee wt* ktlieleea the etl.rlkig teU. -4 the tlaao be' tne-i a?B'? ~>.h " IU we. praaaat la Mee Yefh e*ry wbea '.an Wee*leg ea b- a the r*ih af "Akaa aa tha t at I ...? ear ef lha < Kited (MO'ee '/w.? AI Htfbioe tag Na.ah Ibgara lha alf 'WW ef 'ha p.ei ef itie IVe.e.ea ?f Mawaotf " Mia Krgwro had a They uwotWa'e-te for art ead lk>e?a'e.e ft IU ete. Kneafterhnwher. ef lafwrnUa .aa ? y (whe ia aatd h. heee me tha atgta I ?? l.uiaf'ft t.n.etch e kUtebaw," la Ida aareaag rtlMwrye# ? .a Yeri,"j la WHiemtae'f Jedwe K waa a aumhao ?4 I ? ? graae le I OOP-10 Me wee wteely heowe oaiwgory e h* r 0 'a -parted aa nae d th. beeet k ,e?' '***? d tha atg at. b .re.ry that llwdl had praeaifWl V> thawa letter V| Mahopfhiwre ?f the Me-b-d "! hylf/^eJ chweoh. n*ta ? C agen e.'f ftee yaara .. > e,hea I ..... k. a ?M'h Auolt' f "? the I Mud nta'ea Yraaoory a ti'i.i.f". t?. C Ha bad aek*?d atth ?'*4II a after ? wry ft.tlftewt fr.m *e.hleg'?w le let ?ftr^ 'V ? b.I-.teAel to h'-me egwt .ti-y etwht ye*.. fh, <? eeh MawaeM! eaft r?WB elen dted d .ring the kaoettk. aeeirg a te?el ?f thrrtf Ibrea wV> ha*e alaaa tfca tftwih* . f I iaa the . lath u <ha Payal cha". ruatiir. J _ flea. Yrilyft M ilea. Mla.trtar Irooa thft repwWha of Cnata ha Uwe'eaaale a ad eta te*?a4"? tft 'hft f oitaft |ratea at Wg.blef<?. 1? r Mf-t 40 faere Ite wae W? ia the ca'y ?f UilMot a la 101?, aad ar, uia early t rait* IB IhileAWkihle lie halt -**'aJ p btt-el ef 4,.. a Via ito-i** ?? wa'fy ha*tu? U?w 'bW aim* of the I .per*area* ? > m?o< the Ia4e*et?a, hn.ia?f of the (. ... ,g Cae'eaael. memhe. V the Iftgiatetato of the i aB. ,e*t*>eiy >t iha f'aio of tat??4w and Dwrwrwtw a fie'Hd lo U* la t Bwo fiawl <t4oto. Ha alwaya ho ,ir4H Ua liberal and watm tat ter*y . eat tamM U.K Ma re ??e la Wta edo-f ia u> kratata a the h 'rwalua bet 4 twee he*teg derided agaieat thorn. d.Uea ead Ma I | ha. h 0 ?efeg? ra <?we Kiea. Whem thwy mad wtth a ? .u'tka fwrayeoa Jaama'? Ma ?? I 'Wt* I ^Mow Verb ?# htr m*y age" ?* yea**