Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1856 Page 5
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Our Bum ten Correspondence. Bowum, Jan. Ja, flirt. Cfc? far A merican <*mvention* ? i'rutpxl ,1/ a frmocrotie ?not WKiy Union in MasMhtwMs?Comnitt-xi.m Liquor and Liberty ? Pauper Statistics? LuiuUic Statistic*? Cast if Hvnomy? Trial of the Skawmu'. Aim a* Criminal ?? W< Wtalher ? Aeio Hampshvrt , ti e. rbe |MlJ for the meeting of American conventions to elect delegates to the Philadelphia Convention of the National American party doea not exette so much. talk as I supposed it would. The impreaaion ia common that the falters of UuMcbuietti does not depend mo much upon what the dominant party may do as upon the willingness ?fthe whigs to unite, with the deaaocrata, forgetting " mi mor differences" in an affectionate regard for good office*. example ?f Maine hag not been lost on our political people in Massachusetts, and there really was no cause far a union there that does net exist here. Then there will be a Cnlted Sttaee Senator to elect at the next session ?f the legislature, and patriotism will require a union of the bunkers to see which of their number shall have hie place. There ia nothing out of the way in the opinion ?f those person m who iuaiat that the uert government ?f onr State will be thoroughly hunkerish aa a eonaequence ol the formation of a new - ?***? ? de Maine. We nave adopted mere than one Miiite idea oi Is, ja yeara, and the re la a peoepect that we shall continue in the same l.neot bum new. The Maine democrats hare dona admirably, hav fcg greased the whiga, preparatory to swallowing them; Md our wnigs are just aa fond of grease, and just aa Ma4j to be swal.owed, as their Maine brethren. Bu ?^diq'r nomination would bag the whoio lot of them, teom Choaie and Hillard and Walley, down to Peter Wsi ley. The Pennayivanian la a gentleman, and the whiga, * aowing his fondness for Irishmen, and his admi sation for all canonized characters, aro confident that, l?e St. Patrick, he "would behave as sl:h." Were John Davis living he would "forbid the bans/' Dut he la no mere, and ma quarrel with Buchanan would not be al lowed to hsve weight with the surviving members of Ine late (and ?low) wmgparty of Massachusetts. Buchanan was an aid feaeraliat, an old protectionist, an old bank man, and an old friend of Mr. Webster; and what more ooUd the wnigs ass? They would come up to his aup port, and In return would receive the senatorahlp that Ubarlts Sumner now holdi, half a dozen Ooairres perhaps the Governorship, ^ J 1 i1? e?8er 8(K>llfl- Tbe Know Nothings weuid be glad to have tne aid of the whirs; but kJ X frefer allianca of the demoarata as being the Jess radical party of the two. .Some of the Vfltea ware anxious for this fusiou as long ago as last ?? /*"' fou?ht *hy of <"><? preferred waiting to see wliat amount of capital each party oould prt>I',)?6d "ewflrm, which Is to be en u?, . the power to trade in aU alnds of offices, a^J*^! No.vember showed that a union of the ?nppcrters of Beach and Walley would have done well those gentlemen received 49,000 votes, and at least a 000 wnigs voted for Governor Gardner to prevent Mr. Itock ?j whlo<n would have supported Mr. tieaeh if he had had any chance of being chosen and snch duuice he would have liad if the Walley whiirs had supported him. There could, I ah mid say, be fifty thousand votes? probably more? obtained for a hunker Iiufcn candidate, and that with perfect ease, if the Presi dential candidate of the democrats should be satisfactory to the autocratical whigs These a.e th* gentlemei who gave the vote of Boston for Iterce in 1862, and tuev have power euough to secure that of -Massachusetts for a reajpestable democratic state -man in I860. Against such ? fusion cotiiiDg bat a thorough union of the republicans and the knov Nothings coald prevail; and such a union is aaout as likely to happen as a toniluence of tne lwaters ?f the Saduraento and tae Danube. Those two parties hate each other too heartily to unite and the present course of the Know Nothings is do t at ail ealculated to increase the prospect of a union being er fcetejL It is possible that the K. N. candidate for the presidency may be so acceptable to the whfgs as to ren der them avetse to a union witu tae democrats: but tuat stateof Uing^ 10 ^ doubted' Jut)8iDK from the present The Legislative committees on the Personal Liberty Jaw and on the Mr. mo litw have been appointed. Tiiey are haid to contain tnsjciities agilnst botn measures; but wmie 1 . f the members are utterly obscuro and ins gui Man. that the opinions of halt of them a.e as little known as they would be of consequence but for the posi Uons cf their holders. The men who appointed thorn were free sutlers, or supporter! of hoth laws. Tlie legislature has been engage<l this weok in disouss log wonomy at a cost of about $1 200 per day. Amount ?avea to the State by the discuM ic ? OOO.OHO 000? <nd xoaity^to'add6 " ^ C0mPCB,t?r ^ ?*? flt? i" ais gene The annual report of the number of paupers in taassa e??sette their origin, and so forth, corning down to No vember 1, 1866, h*fl been published. The total number were supported or relieved as paupers was l. . ;,nW thls numt>?r 8,164 had a legal settlement here, and 1 7,742 were State paupers. The foreigners among the State pau'^rs numbered 6.287, ol wnom 3,^04 were ia county. The Suffulk paupers were 0,294, beimr nlmost four timen as many as iu Middlesex oonntv. which baa the larger population. There were relieved in the alKiehuube 6 ?>U persons; aided and supported out of these insUtutions. 11, 1 5tt. The numtier of insane persona rel evru or aupported w?a 682; of idiots, 289; of pauners by reas<m of idiocy or im-ardty, 76:1; ot Indigent children ander 14 years, 1,330. It is stated that the number of pa u pei ? by leason of Intemperance, in themselves or others, was 11, .177. Perhaps tbia number is not over atatt d, but It ia a fact that the temperance tmople put aur.h leudirg questions to criminals and paupers that they always have capital opportunities to lay all their vices and suJerlngs on i.he strong bark ot rum. The gsntlenea Si? i. L '""press it upon the connnitteo ol visiters thai -'rum did it." They are like the unfortu nate man whose wooden legs would spbt or rot in conae <jueire of bis partiality for gin and -water hot. More than one man has escaped the conscquenees of his crimes by mnw1"8 awful example" of a temperance oom The whole cost of supporting and relieving paupers in ?Inoing interest and capital invested in almshouses, 'was 2M1 ?r' In ,?nff0A county ^ amount was ill? $1 I2?'"f8 I4 6 Talue cf tbe is i'liere were in the Boston Lunatic Hospital, on the 1st of December, 1H64, len ule pa'.lents, 149; male patien's 1J7. During the year immediately following 60 females and 41 males were admitted Into the institution? makinir a total of 853. Of Uieae, 28 recovered, 7 were improve! in LtauD, ana oociea. The weoiher lias been of the "screaming" character auue Thuisooy night. Yesteruay was the hardest though not tii>- coldest, day wo have had this winter. It' was enough to bre;ik down a strong man, and to kill a weak out, to be exposed to tne terrlt.le wicd that blew, ana which was ..n vilUnously searching as If it had blown *?ver a thou: ,nd xuiles of Russian ? ivppin. It was oetter however, thm ariofher > now storm, and b-'tweert the two we should have had to chooae, had we had any choise in the matter. Tb?i street* are getting into tolerable condition. The blocks oi snow tha* are cut out are nearly two feet thick anu still a great <ieal of snow ia left l.iose on the ground! It is principally deposited on iho Common. If we should hai. no more snow for a week, thlag* will have become quite comfortable. There Is no prospect cf a "January thaw," as yet. It will piobably be a Kebioaiy swasn. Tho trial of C'obum and 1'alton excites hardly any atten tion. No new evidence lias been adduced by government. It. Is supposed that when the evidence for the defence ?hail have been cumroenced there will be some interest xnaoliested in the trial. The general opinion is that the verdirt, if against the accused at all, will be very light. " tr?e. as has b^et, sUted, that Mr. Cnoate, Mr. Ilulard and Mr. Everett are electioneering in New Hampshire for the democrats. They tnay do so bv and bv hut they are Dot doing io now. Ihe ?' (in i ted Sons of America" held a Stat* Eacamo naent on lhursday evening, in thl> city, at I'striouc Hafi. ? ? **rwell, I'aq., of thi* city the list ol ollioors ?K<"!eD- AUiUMA. Court Ooicixliij-? 11j1? Dnf. Sii'keme Couar? Cireult.? No?. IV. 71, 143, 264, 301, 31-, 320, l'.P, 127, 135. 169, 166, 1114, 1114*. 182, 210. UriniKiK Count.? Noe. 133, 265, 27v?, 'M4, ltil, .199, 1641, 414, 420, 421, 422, 424, 416, 432, 44?. 464, 455, 456, 467, 468, 4 CO, 461, 4C7, 469, 471, 472, 473, 476, 47ti, 477, 478, 479, 481, 482, 481!, 484, 486, 488, 489, 4'?0, 491, 492, 403, 494, 496. Ll^htr, Ntwton & Hritdbary '? Pluin* Lomtr than ntcr Seven octavo at (325, mid six aod a hail' ncta>-e %t JSW'. Melodeons, the best, fromS6u to 9226. Pianos u?d me lodeomi to !<?'. N. B.?-A violoncello for sale at 92 0. COLBVKN 4 NASH, ugen'H. No. 123 Broadway. lint Binding Mttclilnc*.? >1. id, 8ln^.r & Co> Jwve ready i> r sale machines tor binding itraw >iai? aad all other kinds o( hats. The nui:hloea do Oie work tar better nnd faster i.han any others. Call and see them at No. :t21 Broadway. The D; sfiu rrootypt Ores IiiKtimt* neotiH sitting; happy expression ; complexion beautiful : the very pliik of ones' nelf. Taken only iitH Ii.LI AMBti.Vr, Biook lyn, (Fulton furry.) ; M'?ldlnK ar i Visiting Cards, Wedding eov*lope?. A'p ?The 9t styles engrave 1 iu >Uh moat elegant manner ciu| always r-raad at ttV i,til)rAil.'i*Jkl'2 Broadway, corntsr iHullie stree1 .Jr. Everd ell's is the oK ??t and beat kno*n xtore lor esrd ngravintf and printing In Broadway. J"?'a!<iiflhed In 1840. Cold V'Ct. ana Chapped Kindt? HyRnb* Wn| nlRht and morning with I?B. TOBt vtf' wondertnl Vene tian liniment, uo one need have oold I'eei or chapped hand*. A sure warranted or the money returns Pi ion only 2"? or 00 oniita Sold by all the druggieie. Depot , tiO Cortlaodt at. Trnmrf.? Thf Beat American. Ifirneb and ?* raruin trusses, with and without mechanic, fold at half the tiaual prlr on, for cash only. Perfect -attafactio i ;'tven or no pay Forwarded lo the country. Wholesale fil ler* supplied at extremely low pricoe. BRIDGMAN i. CO., lto < -and atruet, aear centre market. India Rubber Gloves Care Chapped Hands, and render them sod, smooth and white: an excellent protec ttrn In h peeping, cam of coal Area, Ac. For aale at all robber ?lores, und at 3<i Jolin street, up stairs. 'itAAnets HalaituinAer (tafei.^tobert M. Pat WtfK in the mfuuifaeturer in to a United states of um Awnrr, fle)??nr*tod ?*!?* and patent powder proof detance lock! ?&?m lane"* Wo IW Po**' one do?"" hetow m*T ynrr* Institute, ISo. 6 Bond Street. 2??^ \t? "iM,hlary ^S' Ju""'- From and after this date this tnetltntlon will he under the medical charge. of f). I). T. NKH, A. M., n. I ., and assistants flew and complete ar rangement* liave been perfected for Urn convenience and com tort of our numeions patrons. No AH h. 1)AY Proprietor All business communications shonld be addressed ta d Vandeusen, Secretary, No. fi Bond street. " Chrlstadoro's Ilnlr Dye, WlKi and Toupees excite admiration smong all connoisseurs In art. a suite of elegant private apartments for applying Ui? Incomparable dve the only reMal>to article at lie kin*. Wfcsfeeeie and retail at tlLKlHTAl<VAU'JJ, Aiu. I) Ar,<<jr JJpuie. VIM la lyneiM of Umi superiority o i Btearna A Marvta'a WU Biiismi, Jan. 8, UM. iHun. tfnuxira A Marti*, Hew York ? Ot-TTurnt* ? Wo had a large <in la tbin ettj am iba morning * the Mh mat . oooawniag property to Iba amount ol l*MM* fha Waiting Bkxk took are about ft o'clock, and oeAirwS j'alock u>e entire trioek waa Id ashen, aiklw an intense beau n that Ore ooaof your aaiaa, sold Profesoor W?lung, which waa 011 the third floor, ami i?U to 'he >*> torn of the cek I ax, and after b?u.g (znoaad to Um keal (or llfty two hours, ?aa ax, and altar bang ?znoaad to tba kaat for luty two houra, waa taken out or the rubbiih, iuu red hot, and oa oeiug opened me niU'Dti ware fouiid preserved, uot mowing the lea* Mruuf Si*, thereby saving tome IOO.WUO La noteo and oaah ?eeuruiea rha Fire King safe did not stand the teat; there ?ere three ol kern in the Are, two ol which worn uand an. We Anil sand Ike (oil uarucuiars when the Froiesaor get a bona. Tour*, respectfully, NOKTON, BKAULKT A OO. Nelamaodera or any decir&ble aiae or pattern and e< improved t*iah, teenred by Kreonan's powder and burglar proof t? ??r Y. ButrLelor* Hair Ojre?-WI?i and Toopeee ? tW- beat in the world. This unrivalled and original dye ia ap plied >n twelve private room*. BatchelorM wigs and toupee* have improvement* over all other*, being chef d'wuvrea of eie gance and durability, peculiar to this eatabllshmeut. BATOUKLOB'H, ?33 Broadway. A Ptrftmed Breaih.-What Lady or Gen* tleniaii would remain under the euree of a ditagreeable breath, when by uMug the '? Balm of a Thousand Flower' aa a den tifrice would not only render it aweet. but ieave the tee'h white as alabaster I Many persona do not know their ureath la bad, and the ?utoect is so delicate, their trienda will never mention it. Four a sing'e drop of the " Balm" on your tooth brush, and tub the te?th night and m'irning. ? fifty cent botue wil last a year. Kor Bale by FKTKIXJUK A CO., proprietor*, and and all druggists. ttourstul't Poind re Subtile Cproota Half from low forehead*. upter ilpa, or any part or the body, war ranted. Medicated soap cures chafes, chap*, rough flesh, pirn pies, Irecklea, >alt rheum, Ac. Lily white, rouge, hair dye and restorative, at the old depot, 67 Walker street,|Orat store from Broadway; Mrs. Hajrs, Brooklyn; Callender. Philadelphia Bates, 139 Waahiigton street, Bos:on; Buck, Hartford; Harm, Baltimore, Ac. Holloway'i Ointment uid Pill a. ? Conaoliv tinn for the suiierer.? The most Tirol ent diseases that have hitherto defied the physician's skill yield to these invinelble re suecltalora of health and organ** vigor. Bold at the mauuhe tories, No. ?0 Maiden lane, New York, and 244 Htrand, uon don, and by all druf; gists, at 26e., 62%o? and 91 per pot or box. flanbd. On Sunday evening, Jan. 27, by the Kev. Mr. Macauijr, at the residence of the bridegroom, No, 32 Hemmemley street, Mien Kate E. Elton to J. P. Brindag*, all or thia city. May their shadow* never grow less, And their path be strewn with row*. R. On Wednesday, Jan. 23, by the Kev. J. Killerman, Raiih Bknjamin, ?eq.. to Miss Harkikt Ixndo, youngest daughter of Arthur Undo, a)l of thin city. On Thursday, Jan. 24, by the Rev. John A. Todd, Mr. Jakes Siiimjlsh, of San Francisco, Cal., to Mina Juumrs Bakmoru, of thiii city. In Brooklyn, on Thursday evening, Jan. 3, by the Rev. Dr. McClaae, CiiAJtus S. Booth, jr., to Mint Amklm Ring, all of the satr.e place. On Tnursday, Jan. 24, at Henrietta, New York, by Jo seph Brown, Ksq., the father of the bride, Samubl 0. Blackwkll, Esq. of Cincinnati, to Rev. Antoinbttb I. Brown, of New York. In Buffalo, on Wednesday, Jan. 23. at the residence of the bride's brother, by the Rev. H. K. Green, William H. LIamikb to Jam s E. Lockwood, both of thia city. Died. Ou Saturday, Jan. 26, John Gilchrist, in the 5 2d year of his age. ilia relatives and frienda are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, trom his Vate residence, No. 1U0 Mul berry street, thia alternoon, at two o'clock . On Saturday, Jan. 20, of consumption, Horatio N. Halkt, iu the 47th year of his age. The relatives and tt lends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, trom hia late residence, Fort Washington, thia afternoon, at one o'clock. On Sunday morning, Jan 27. of consumption, John Daly, a native of the parish of Urney, county Cavan, Ireland, in the 63d year of his age. The relatives and frienda ot the fitmily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from hia late residence, No. 256 Seventh avenue. On .Saturday, Jan. 26, at the residence of Richard Lam bert, No. 179 Rivington street, Mrs. Makuarkt Connor, aged 76 yearn. Her frit-nds, and those of her grandson, Charles E. Raha, are respectfully invited to atten d the funeral, this morn ing, at eleven o'clock. on .Saturday, Jan. 26, of disease of the heart, Maiiy Anne McCobkkr, aged lb years and 5 months. Bee friends, auu th jh>j of her uncle, John MoBarron, are respectfully invited to attend tae funeral, this after neon, at three o'clock, from No. 200 Fifth street, to the Catholic cemetery, in Eleventh street. On Sunday morning, Jan. 27, at half past nine o'chck, of consumption, John Hxnrt Kites, aged 30 yeArs and & month*. Ihe relatives and frienda of the &mlly, and the mem bers of Maiion Lodge No. 34, i. 0. of O. F. , are respectful ly invited to attend the tunerai services, at his late residence, No. 371 Eighth street, thia afternoon, at one o'clock. Hia remain* will he takes to Greenwood Ceme tery. On Sunday, Jan. 27, after a leog and severe iilnesa, Ma&gakei Brok.bkll. The friends of the family, and those ot her brother-in law, Thnmaa Kennedy, are requested to attend the fune tal, this afternoon, at two o'clock, trom the residence of ber brother-in-law, No. 72 Fifth street. On Thursday earning, Jx.n. 24, of croup, John Augus tus, only sou of John A. Robinson, of thia city, and grand sou of William Key Bond, of Cincinnati, Ohio, aged 14 months and 6 days. Ihe relatives and friend* of the family are requested to attend tho funeral, from the rer.idence of his father, Mo. 16 East Twenty-second street, to-morrow af -ernoon, at two o'clock. On Sunday, Jan. 27, Annib Ward, infant daughter of Wm. If. ana Annie 0. Gerring, aged 9 months. Ihe relatives and friend s of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at three o'clock, from No. 222 West Thirty-second street. On Friday night, Jan. 26, Marsuman Earl, eldest son of Lucinda and Morris J. Earl, aged 17 years. The relatives and friends of the tamily are invited to attend the funeral, from No. 126 Second place, Brooklyn, to-morrow afternoon, at one o'c ock. On Saturday, Jan. 26, Luct ISitteshkndkr, in the 31st year of her age. Ti.e relatives and frienda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, No. tt.'l I'rospect street. Brooklyn, to morrow afternoon, at one o'clock, without further notice. On Sunday morning, Jan. 27, at one o'clock, Ckorre Ujuvrt, son of Mury and John Mace, aged 6 years and 1 month. The relatives and fiiendaof his parents are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the corner of Sackett and Columbia streets, Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, on Saturday, Jan. 26, Ekxdirick Randolph CoDDi.N'GTUN , aged 4 ye&ra and 7 days. The friends ot the family are respectfully invi ed to at tend the 'uneral, to day, trom No. 311 Fulton street. Woodbtioge, N. J., papers please copy. In Williamsburg, on Thursday, Jan. 24, of scarlet fever, CiiARi-ts T> sbiiekt, son ot Frederick and Sarah Seibert, oged 4 years and 9 months. At the homestead, at Yonkers, on Saturday, Jan. 26, Mr. Samuil I.yon, a soldier of the Revolution, in the 93d year of hia age. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to at tend the funeral, from his late residence, to morrow morning, at eleven o'clock. Carriages will be in attend ance at the depot, Yonkttrs, on the arrival of the nine o'clock train from Chambers street. ADYiMSEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAL PERSONAL. IF THB GENTI.KMAN WHO CALLED AT HO. 80 BAR clay street, to see Mr. Bbult. about going to Katun*, will oall again, or send his address to the tame will cuutcr a imur ou the subscriber. O. Sll U IT. "VI RB. POiPKK, A GERMAN LADY. WILu HEAR OP IV) Mime thin* to her advantage, hy addresf Ing a note to B. J., Broadway Post other*. Ah Mrs. Pwpke may not s?e this adver tisement nny one who know, the lady la respectfully request ed to send her present residence to the above address, some years ago she boarded In Canal street, N. Y.; sho then re moved to 59 Ulddagh street, Brooklyn, and was living In Pal ton street about two years ago. tthe lias two children, girls. THE MILITARY. CWORD PRR8ENTATION. ? THE MK.MBKRS OP B O troop, of Ntw York Hussars, attached to the 4th regiment, on Friday evening last preaen?d to their Captain, Mr I'eter Hoefl, a magnificent iword and appendages. I he ceremony took place at Washington Hall, in fcllzabeUi street. The same ?xas presented by Lien tenant l'tign In the following appropri ate address:? CAi TAiif Hoarr ? 81r, I have hafl tlie honor ofhelna selec'ed to presotit to you, In behair of the otllrers and members of the M troop, of tlie Mew lork Hussars, tills testimonial which I hold In my band, and which 1 am attout to present to you, sir. It speaks lor ltwilf. and thut much better thrfo 1 can do, CapUln Hoett; <t enn . eys to you, s:t\ tte sentiment* which are enter tained towards you lit the olllcers and members of the B troop, ot J>ew Yi.ik llus'iirs. 1 am also authorized to state to yoti, la their 1 ebalf, the hi eh and exalted opinion which they have towards you s.s a man, a eltl/en, a gentleman and a so.dler nr.< alio tv me. sir, at the san o In.r, to return n you our grate ful ar i most sincere acknowledgments lor the many valuable services yon have rendered to the company, u >t forgetung uie many dajsand incntlis you have spent it, forwarding the inter - eitaof the ootnpar.y. a Hew me to state, sir. In their bebatf, that we consider ouraeives highly honored by navltig you as a cbtiuiiundi r, an oflieer possessed of the knowledge of all the most li trioate military laotles so necessary at this time. I as ?uie you, s'r. tliat wedo not forget your gentlemanly deport ment on all occasions. Sir, do not let me otfend your modesty, when we?ay we esteem yoti very highly tor your Integrity your klndiwss of heart and your aoct&i virtues. With these lew remarks, allow me to present to you this sword, and I beg your accepiaice as a slight ?xr>re**Jcn of our personal regard and g'Hteiul appreciation for the many services rendered us. (MIT. HOtrT'f RBI'LT. I.trrr. Pron? Permit me. In reply, to thank yon, and through you tbe members of the B troop, for tlie high hanor conferred on me. Words cannot express my tleuiks our crave? to you my feeling In receiving fran yon this valuable token of your esteem. '1 his beautiful sword Is the more valuable to me. coming as It doee trom friends, with many ol whom I h:?vo been Intimately associated for several years. It Is an evidence that your hearts and wishes are with m?. and tt shall be my earnest desire to be deserving of the high compliment you ha^e this aight presented ine with. This proud event In my life will over be remembered by me. When I shall be called to shake oil this iportal roll, this sword will be eberlshnd and kepttn remembrance by my children asa memento of the e*uy>m ana respect In which I was held by my companions of the B troop, this beau'lful sword I shall never part with until death; and It 1 should be ualled on, Mils sword shall be ussd to the utmost of my ability in defending this Union and sua tail inn the honor of the B troop. A Iter which the company partook of a sumptuous repast, at which several appropriate toasts were given by Invited guest*. a splendid band of music was lu attendance. POLITICAL. \rOCN<} MKN FAVORABLE TO THE AMERKJAN X principles, and the nomination of Oeorge law tor tan Presidency are Invited to meet at 7to Broad ?way, this (Mon day) evening, at H o'clock, to organize the Young Men's George Law Association of the city of New Yors. DRY GOODS AT AUCTION ?P. J. KELLY, Auc tioneer, will sell this dsv, at 10 o'clock, on the premises, M Catherine street, the ba'tuiccol the stock, mnxlstlng prln elpaliy of lal) and winter gcoil ', for tasl), lu lot ? tv suit our Ulcers. W1CW fTOUCATlOHg. mBK ATTACH* IN MADRID.? I D. aPPUsTOB k COUP amy, MulM Broadway, will publish la a few day?, TUB ATTaSHB IN MADRID , or, SBHCBES or TUB COURT or IBAaklXA n. 1 VOL l&M. 36B imu. SI. It la bWleved that there la no other book la our language which preaenta to good a picturo o< rfpmn and apaotarda m thisdoea Ike author poaaeaaea tie nece-aary quallilcauoua lor the production of euch a work, Hie ripamarda are a proud people proud of their country and hiatory ? proud of their lr?ditiuna and poetry? proud of tnelr old romance# and efairalry proud of iheir eharebea and their religion? and proud of their manner* and hablta. With auch a nation the attache eauld leel a deep and sincere aympathy. fl? waa nut so ?aieriallailc aa to be haunted by the ghost of a ten eeat piece lu the Palace ot the KacuriaL He Haw everything, trorn the private levee to the public ouil light: from the moonlight daoee of Jfauo'aH to the regal ball* of the Ducheaa d'Alva; from the needlework of the Spanish maiden to the glorious palntinga of Titian, Velasquez and Murilio; and he has put upon paper all that waa worthy ot reoord, which came under bia route. But thla la not all. lie haa given ua a kind of po litical hlaiory ol modern Spain. Hia book *11 make Spaniah politic* and dpanlab partisanship aa fainilWr to tbe American reader ae the o?nchology or hla own "harda" and "ao'ia." 1 be aeoouni given of If. boule'a diplomacy , of hla hero bun, la not the leaat intereatlng chapter In the work; and the deattrlp Hon ot the revolution of ItttM and ef the flight of queen > -Tla tlnaandot the dan Luis Cabinet la graphic, InatrucUve, and titereattng. It 1* evident that the relations of the author at the 8paniab Court were at once delicate and intimate. JCST PUBLISHED?" LA BELLE POLKA." AR ranged In brilliant and almpie atyle, by Julia Kowle. Sold at tne principal mualc atorca. SPECIAL. NOTICES. CAUTION.? THE I'U 3LIC ABK CAUTIONED AGAINST purchasing Benzole gaa apparatua Irom unprincipled per sona ?bo pretend to own the original patent. 1 am sole pro prietor of ihe original patent, dated 18A1 All infringements will be praeeeuted at once. County and Slate rights tor Hale at 266 Broadway. A. ARNOLD. RAN HAH. -AN INFORMAL MHET1NG OF PEBJONS wishing or dealgtiing to emigrate to Kansas will be neld n> ibe lectuj e room ol the Broadway Tabemac.e, thla (Monday; evening, at 7 o'clock. Mr. O. U. Brown, an actual aetuer and realdmt of the Territory, his volunteered to be present, and will uncart valuable and reliable Information respecting the wants and resources ot the country. To deiray the rent of the loom, a charge of 17% cents will be made. MAYOR'S ?FFICB, NEW YORK, JANUARY 26, 1866. The Mavor calls upon all good citizens to remove the oe iruiu the sidewalks In tract of their premises, or to render them pauable by the sprlnkllug of ashes thereon. Frequent accl aeuta are occurring trorn these causes and It is expected that every citizen will unite in removinr so great an evil. ALEXANDER MING, Colef Clerk. Masonic.-the members of Palestine lodge Mo. 204, P. and A. M., are hereby no tilled to attend a xegular meeting, at their room No 61 Division street, on lbuisday evening, February 7, to take action upon the ques tion of moving. Hy order of H. R. JACKSON, W. M. W. Pharkabd, beo'y. VTEW YORK, JANUARY 1. 1866.? ANNUAL BTATE XN ment ol tne Knickerbocker Ice < ompany of the city and county of New iork, Incorporated 1866.? Offlce, No. 16.1 danal street. To the County ?;lerk of the city and oounty of New York Sir? In compliance with the requirements of the l2tU section oi 'the act to authorize the formations of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical and cbemlcul purposes," oommonl) ca Ted the Manufacturing law," we hand you the foUowing statement : - C apital stock of this oompany, 1900,000. The above amount Is all paid In. Debts at this dale all paid. Joa. Brltlon. Samuel HUoox, Theo Browning, M. G. Leo nard, John D. Asoough, Board ot Trustees. it. T. COMPTOJI, President. W i u.i am J. Wilcox, Secretary. hlate of New York, city and county ot New York, ss. ? R. T. ComptoD, 1'runldent, and William J. Wilcox, Secretary, of ilia Knickerbocker ice Company, of the cxy ol' Mew York, and Joseph Bntton, Samuel Oiacox, Theodore Browning, Muses G. Leonard, John D. Ascough, Trustees of tbe Baid company , being severally duly sworn, depone and say, and each for himself says, that the foregoing la a true, full and cor rect statement of the affairs of the said comp tuy , and that they are the apove aescrloed ottlcera and Trustees thereof. bubrcilbed and sworn before me this l'Jthdav of January, A. D. 1866. Wm. k. hUAT, Commissioner of Deeds. OU. A. ATTKND.? YOUNG AMERICA AHOY ! BAM ? on deck in fuM dreis. New York Aa?ociailon hold their Third annual ball in honor of New York Clmp er? No. 41, at the Apollo Rooms, on Tuesday evening i9th ln,t a fow tick ets leu, o be had at Jo.lie's l'anskui's agency, 51D Broad wav; Hah A Sons, corner Broadway and fark place, Thayer's dining saloon, Mo. 4 t uliivan stree;, near Canal, or at the door at the above place. PORTAL REFORM.? A PUBLIC MKEI1NG WILL HE X held at the Merchants' Exchange, Wall .street on Monday alternoon, the 28ih InaL, at half pa*t three o'clock, precisely - Thomas Tileston, fcsq , in the chair, to liavn Hi Intercannir* of opinions, make arrangements for framing a memorial to Con gress, and take such measures as may oe considered nut-en nary io impiove our postal sys em The urgeut neouN ?lly lor soatie direct action by Congress to extend proper postal facilities to our business communities, and par ticularly to the city ot New lork, need not be enlarged upon. At a preliminary meeting, held at tho .??tor fiou.-e on the 16th Inst., the underalgned were appointed a c uninluee to take the necessary measures to ellect the a mve o^jecta, and, in pursuance thereof, we Incite the merchants arid other citi zens of New York, and all Interested, to atleud aa abovo. THKoDoRK SKUGWICh., Chairman. James Harper, Peter Cooper, Robert L. btuart, Jamea Brown, Wm. U. Appleton, George H. Moore, Joahua Leavitt, Plmy Miles. THE WORKMEN WHO WERE DISCHARGED FROM Wells' lamp faatory, State street, Brook l}n, on Saturday lkHt, are requested to meet according to appolutment, to lnvea tlgate the proceeding a, at half, past nine o'clock. NEWSPAPERS. Decidedly a great attraction. Look out on Sunday, Feb. 3, tor a copy of THh. SUNDAY COURibK. It will contain a story involving the dUc'oaure of her per ianal history, by iho wife of G. G. Foster, the t'ormor Madame Julie De Marguerittes, entitled rRiK^ng ant> fobs; or, tbincs in theic Hioirr flacks. Mailed to subscribers at $2 a year. Single copies 3 cents. JaMhH L. bMHH A OO., U bpruoe street. The express messenger, published every Saturday, at 33 Broadway, New York, at $2 tier year, la one of tbe bt:M ooklng and moat entertaining family and busi ness papers published in this country. It 1* about to publish a list ot the three wealthiest men in Bve hundred express towns. THE LKCTORK SEASON. Mercantile library association -mr. j. c. Fellows, of Buffalo, will deliver a lecture on Wednesday, Jan. 30 at 8 o'clock. P. M., at Clinton Hall. Astor place. Hub jfct? ' The Great Southern Republic, (that is to be )" Tickets 80 cents, timber* half price, can be obtained at the Library, No. iiNassSu bL, and at the door on the evening of the lecture. R. H. TIMPbON, Chairman LecU Com. Thomas franois meagher will lecture on the "I* Ine Arts of Athens," before the Touro Literary In stitute, at the Tabernacle, on Monday evening, January 28. Admission ?5 rents, (reserved seat* fO cents). Tlckcta f -r sale at Hall's, corner h'oadway a d Park place; Jacobs, 407 Broadway; Haverty's, 110 Fulton street, Ac. IRSTAVCraON. -| ?WRITING. BOOKKKhPING, COMMERCIAL lOuUi arlibmetlc, Ac. Student* at Mr. Palne's academies, L33Ur?td. corner Bowery, and 166 Fulton street. Brooklyn, can receive class or private Insiructton at any hour during the any or evening From Newport Dally flews: -Col. Paine, the celebrated callagraphict and eminent teacher ot penmanship, so long and favori bly known In New England, where be has won " golden ot In .on*" and. established a nigh reputation, has opened commodlovs room* for the instruction ot ladies and gen t lew en In a course of lessons. We particularly invite at ention to hi* popular system, which with tbe most en'ernrwing faci lity tninstor<n* an unsightly scrawl into a beautiful, free and expeditious handwriting. OCO BROADWAY AND 277 FULTON STREET, BROOK OUZi lyn.? The undersigned will receive puplU d?ll /, for or** or separate lnmruclisn, In penmanship, bookkeeping and arithmetic. OLIVKK is. GOLDSMITH. ? BOOKEBPIVG, WRITING, ARITHMETIC, ELO ? outlon, English grammar and composition, including spelling. Also, the French, Spanish and German languages, t he tubscrlber gives private lessons at his offloe, 773 Broad way, between Ninth and Tenth street*. Terms moderate. Call afier 3 o'clock. C. ROBBIN8 KLLKNWOOD. Bookkeeping, arithmetic!, writing, ac?mr. RENVILLE, 28!) Broadway, where he has taught with such eminent success for the past eight years, continues to re ceive new students, upon much lower terms than any otber teacher, lbe instruction is separately Imparted, thorough, 4c.; readily available In practice. Open day and evening. Bookkeeping, writing, arithmetic, ac.-mr. Dt'LHhAR, 60V Brradway. trains students sclenUficslly and practically for business. His new method of teachirg double miry on plan* of leal business saves both time and money. Commutation lor a full commercial course, $26. Book keeping $10, tnls day. DUFF'S NEW SYSTEM OF BOOKKEEPING, BANC tloned by the New York t'hamlier of Commerce, as '? the most perfect combination of commercial science and practlcs Subllshed;"pp TV2. loyal Nvo HARPER & BROTHKhH. N.Y. lalled, post paid, by the publishers lo all parts of tbe United States, within 3,000 miles, on receipt of the price, $1 SO. WB11*CH and GKRMAN LWS0N^83 B^0AD^V, ill us de?suned passtd^e governmental examinations on the oouU nent of Kurope. 0.lffcr terms and clrcal^^^^ French language, ac. ? e. tklusring, m Broadway, near Broome strret, continues to devote his lime to private InstruaW' n In French or German; also, the c)?s*lrs ar.d l<ugllsh branches. Passed the governmental examinations on the continent of Europe. Call for terms and circulars. PROF. DE MARSAN.? THOSE WHO ARE DESIROUS of learning the Krench language w ithout wasting either ilielr Hrnr ?r money, arc Invited to visit hlf gentleman's rooms, at -137 Broadway, dining the recitation hours. They will be convinced lhat every person wliaiever may be his or her a* a. possessing an ordinary Intelligence and u common know ledge of the Kngllsh grammar, can be taught In less than four months lo write snd ppesk the French grammatically so as to understand snd be understood vn conversation. M. de M.'s practical and admirable method renders the task a very easy and agreeable one by overcoming without anygreat eflwt ul) thediflieultlesso much dreadeJ by pupils noder other syi terns ( lasses for Isdles from 10 A M. to 4 P. M. ; for gentle - in it. en, flora 5 to 11 1' M A (.pedal class for toaehers. Prl vole lessons a* usual at the l'ro/essor's or at the pupil'* resi dences. THE FIREMEN. AT a MEKTING OF THEFLATBUSH FIRE COMPANY held slier ihe (Ire of Mrs. t ortelvon's barn, near the County Buildings, on Thursday last, It was unanimously Resolved, That the thanks of this company are due to 8amt. Myers, Esq., for Ihe bountiful supply of provisions furnished by him lo the .members ot this company present on the ooca slon. Resolved, That# copy of the above resolution be presen'ed to Mr. Myers, and the proceedings of this meeting connected therewith be published in the Brooklyn Dally Rlgle, and alto in the New York Herald. J. P. VANDKHVhfcR, ttec'y,

o6a?T CIOAL.- THE BUBINF8H OF THE LATE PETER CLINTON J h as recommenced at his old established coal yards, corner ol King snd Oreenwlch streets, corner of Twenty -tilth street snd N inth avenue and 116 Duane street, where will as usual be sold the best quality of red and white ash ooil, at the lowest price for cash. RED AND WHITE COAL? PEACH ORCHARD, FROM the moM re ebrated veins; Lehigh, from the mines ol the i.rhljrh < ompnny ; uhlt* ?*h Hrhuylktll, from th? Hroad Mouu t*iii roJlJrry; CnvnbftrtomT EntflifcCaniml. find IJverpoof Orre? ail fittho UmrptmirkfH prl<*?. IIKNKV RkkVR, ' Cyr ur and Centre and corner Jane and Wejf ef recti. Am FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LST, FBOM FIRST FEB ? ruary- Location oontnl and vary daaiimble. Boom U In tpfHt order, and will acoommoda ta at least seventy ave Qra:. class board* r*. Luh, carpets, uUelo'tm, lo,X mar be pur ?*5T? bargain, on appUoatlm to B. W. BICU AkLB, 807 Broadway. A. APABf OF A HOUSE TO LET, WITH IMMEDIATE pose?ton. Location respootabie, ud w eat o f BrHdmit below BouMo ?mi: the /root parlor oo first door, with kw and chandelier, back basement, two bedroMM, cioaats, pan tries, Ac Kent very low? $30 per month. B. W. RiCHaRDS, 307 Broadway. LI ABE FOB A TBRH OF YEAB8? THE TWO LABOE tour itory attic and basement dwellings, AH aod 70 Vane* street, with an entrance ot lb feet on Canal street. after Bay 1 est. Location dealrable lor a publlo house, or for business purposes B. W. RICHARDS, 807 Broadway. Basement and sub cellar. no. 140 fulton street, near Broadway, to let, helnf 100 feat la depth, with vaults, water closet, Ac. Possession Immediately. Apply on 'he prsmlses. Dry ooodb btobe to let -and fixtures for ?ale. Been eatabtlHbed for the last five year*, aod In a good location. Possession given 1st February. Apply al 138 Atlantic street. Brooklyn. Firbt CLASH store to i.kahk.? a first clash store la about to be ereeted un :>o southeast ooruerot Broadway and Grind street. Proton*." iot iea?nx we satM will be received by R. Li. IlATFlifLD, architect, 393 Broad way. TO LET ?A GENTLEMAN HAVING SEVERAL HABD aome three story brick bouses, now reuted for tBOO, would lot one of tbuinupon a lone lease upon very advantageous terms, to any one who would advance him a thousand dollar*. Address Proprietor, Herald office. rLKT ? ft WORKSHOPS IN THE NBH building corner of Douane and Kim streets; betuliftilh lighted, consisting nf 11 windows to each Boor. Inquire of H. Mokenna, 33 Centre street. 110 LET? THE STORK AND BASEHBNT 626 BitOAD . way, 100 1'eet deep, lately known as the "TurMMb Hazaar " Apply on the premises, or to W. L. CUTTING, 156 Fiftfc avenue. TO LET-THREE THBEH STORY HOUSES, IN FIFTY third street, between Fourth and Filth avenues. To good tenants they will be let at $200 Hash. Apply to C. & R. POlLLON, 224 South street. TO LET? PART OF A HOUSE, UNFURNISHED, TO A gentleman and wile, or two tingle gentlemen Terms ae commodatlng. Please Inquire at 366 Fourth avenue. TO LET? HOUSE NO. 106 MIRTH STREET. BETWEEN Broadway and Unlveralty place; home four s'oriea, with finished attic. Inquire at 97 Ninth Btreet, between 9 and 11 A. M., or 5 and ti P. M. TO LET 1WO OF THOSE NEW AND VERY DRHIRA bl?> five story houses just finished, on the north side of West Twenty third street, between Seventh and Hlghth ave nues with bay wlodown, double staircase, two bathrooms, and all the modern Improvements. Appiy at ISA West fwen M third street, or at the office of P. HAttMONY'n NaPHKWS A CO., 81 Greenwich street N. B ? No apfrilcailou can bo entertained tor schools or boarding booses. TO 1ET-BTORE, BACK ROOM AND CKLLAJt, 220 Hudson strtet; a good location for any light busluefs. Ne cessary fixtures for sale chesip. Also, a small store, 199 Canal street; has large show windows and doors, gas aod water Also, upper part o/er stores southeast corner of Caual and Hudson streets; ten rooms? all front; water and gas on each lloor. Possession immediate y. Apply to JaMEs PRICE, 200 Hudson street. 10 LET, VERY CHFAP-A BAKER'S STORE, WITH alt things necessary tor the business. Apply to JAMES DaVIB, No. 2 Coentles sHp. TO LET ? 1 1IE SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OF THE bnoklrg bulldlog corner of Pourtecuth ?t- and Eighth av., dt rlded oil' Into offices, and suitable tor [either business, an academy, primary school or oaguerreotypisL. Also, a beaUln] office In the basement, 00 Fourteenth street, and a large tine uttlc, suitable lor a society or lodge. Will be let low to good tenants. Possession given Immediately. Apply to D. 4 A. KIMGSLaND A BUTTON, 5ft Bro Broad street TO LET- A SMALL, STOKE, 46 WHITKHALL STREET, Bultaole for a clothing store or any light business, ooe bicck above South lerry. Kent $360 a year. TO LET-AT REDUCED RENTS, TO SMALL AMEIil can lamilies, tloors through consisting of five rooms, with baths, t roton water, Ac., In the new bouses In West Nineteenth * reel, between Seventh and Klgh'h avenues; rents from $!) to $13 per mouth. Apply at the office on the premises, No. 14(1 West Mneteenth street, from 3 to 6 1'. M. TO LET? THE FIRST FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. 49 VAN dam St., between HudtoOaod Varluk sis., consisting of a large bedroom, with bathroom attached, .sitting room, hall Wed room and kitchen, furnished with every requisite lor nomlort Another room If required. Terms moderate; possession can be glyec immediately. Can be seen from 8 to 11 A. M., and from 1 to ti P. M. TO LET? FURNISHED HOUSE NO. 191 ELM 8TRKNT modern house No. 7 Worcester street; apartments Hoe PV2 and 924 Broadway; store 20 by 81 feet, No. 928 Brood way : house and store No. 406 Pearl street; all possession Immediate ly. Apply to W. 8. JaRVIB, No. 208 Klin street, near Spring. TO MERCHANT TAILORS -COUNTER ROOM TO LET, on Broadway. The advertiser having more room than his business requires, would let hair the establishment. Address Sheers, Broadway Post ollloe. TO LET-NO. 100 THOMPSON STREET, BETWEEN Spring and Prince streets, a small store; a good locailon tor a shoemaker or tailor, or other light business; also, second and thl'd dorrs. 26 by 60 feet, well lighted, suitable for any kind 01 manufacturing purposes. Terms easy to suitable par ties. For particulars apply at 444 Broome s'. TO LET? FBOM THE 1ST OF MAY, TO A SMALL FA mily without children, a turnlshed hiuse, with the modern improvements, near Taylor's Hotel, consisting of the entire basement, second and attic stories; the rent taken in board bv a and his wife. Address L. M., Herald office. door, rear office. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC, WANTED. A GENTLEMAN WISHES, FOB HIMSELF AND BIB ter. twa or three well furnished rooms up town, sitting room and bedrooms with the privilege of kitchen; rent must he low, house quietly respectable. Address, stating teruia, box 4,6'JS Post office. Furnished boom wanted? by two gentlemen; it must be lighted with gas, nod have a grate In It. Lo cation near Broatway and not above Prince street. Addresi Box 586 l'oet fcfllce. TTTAMTED? TO BENT OB LEASE. IN THE LOWEB f f part of the city, one or two large .?hops, with good light and steam power, lor a light manufacturing business. Posses sion, If possible, before the lit of May. Please address M. K., box 109 Herald office. WANTED- A THREE KTOBY nOL 8E, tlNFURNIHHED, situated in one of the streets adjoining Broadway, be tween Canal and Four'h streets. Andreas BUting hv latter fnll partlcnlnrs respecting rent, situation, Ac., to Uoctor Tho niSPFtn, 700 Broadway. WANTED? BY AN AMKBICAN MAN AND WIFE, without children, apartments where the rent could be paid by taking care of the btrilillng, or something'of th%t kind; or the woman would take onarge of the house for one geu'le man or more, they having been In that capacity for several > ears past The best of elty reference can be given for honesty and re-pectabillty. Please address a note, post paid, to Mrs. Daly, I'uion square Post office, for one week. WANTED- TO BiSNT, FOB TWO OR THBEE MONTHS, a smail furnished office, between Fulton and Wall streets, tear Broac way. Address, stating terms, <tc., W. B. ? (J? lie raid ofllce. WANTED TO BENT-A STORE IN CANAL STREET, between Hroadway and Sullivan street, either imtnedi ately or on 1st of May. Address F. S., box 202 Herald office. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND FAMILY RE moving to New York, a small house In Brooklyn, with K, bath room, Ac. , at a moderate rent. Situation must be on h ground, eitber in the vicinity of First and Seooud plan', near court street, or in ibe neighborhood of l.*fayeltc and Clin ton avenues Possession wanted Id of March. Address, Willi full particulars, box 1,549 Pest office, N. Y. fKT ANTED ? A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE, IN v V a good location, west of Fourth avenue, for a family of four grown persons, who will pay a liberal rent, and take It for twelve months. Ap^pl^to INSHIMEB, 319 Fourth avenue. WANTED-PART OF A HOUSE, FOR A VBRY SMALL, quiet family. Location must be within ten or fifteen mlLutes' walk cf Fulton ferry, Brooklyn. Satisfactory refer ence will be given and required. Address B., box L8t>, Brook lyn Post office. WANTED? ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST OF MAY TO rent, for a term of years, a house, situate not above Twenty-fourth street, und between Fourth and Sixth avenues. Rent not to exceed $8M). Address box lif t Post ofllcc. THE BALL SEASON. Grand bai,l.-m. perachio's grand ball will take plsee, at his splendid rooms, t>36 Broadway, on Wed iierda> evcuing. the :tOth Imt. M. Perachlo wants to engage some t ew laaies for his dinelng school. Kvorybody will be taught by Perachlo, and In six lessons. Every one will be a good dancer, riMIK FOBRTH ANNUAL HALL JL OF Til* YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC UNION CLUB, Will take place on Wr.I>!?f.S?*Y, JANUARY 30, 1856, At the NEW AND SPLENDID CITtf ASSEMBLY ROOMS; 446 Hroadway. SPENOKK W. CONE, President. D. Jokes Cbais, Secretary. Tompkins bluer ball-the tompkins blites, (Company C, Twelfth Regiment), hall will take place at Mblo's, on Thursday evening, January 31. Tickets may be Obtained at the armory. Mercer House; IVxl worth's muslo store, 493 Broadway, and at Ihe principal hotels. Thomas paine. -the 119TH anniversary of the birthday of the autaor of the '.Rights of Man" and "(Com mon fccn*e," will be celebrated by a nail and supper, at the City Assembly Rooms, this evening. Tickets $1; to bo bail |at 72 White street, or of the committee. W. E. ROSK, L. THOMPSON, O. WHITE. Fancy balls ob the staoe.-for bale, a ?pl?>ndld costume, of tho reign of Charles II. II has only been worn onee, by a nobleman at the court of Queen Vtelorla at.d will be sold for one third the cost, namely, JllO. The pro prietor wou'd loan It tor $12 per night. Address P. A., Broad way Post offlse. FINE ARTS. (m POBTBAIT8 AN HOUB STBUCK OFF DAILY AT " " the reirarkabl v low co?t of twenty-live cents, with cases, hj HOLM Kh' patent double action picture machine. Ambro types and {holographs also at low cost. 289 Broadway. CLOTHWOT^' ?9 nnn WORTH OF cast OFF CLOTHING WABT ed? The highest price given snd eash paid In current money. Oentlemen wishing to dispose of good super flueus clothing. In large or small lots, ran obtain the full value by addressing or calling on JaMES MOROMCY, 122 Walker street, near Centre. ANY AMOUNT OF NEW CAST OFF CLOTHING wanted ?Thomas D. Cotroy. licensed to buy clothing of every description . t.entlemen having large or small lots to dispose of, will receive the highest price for them by calling a, the stere or addressing THOMAS D. CONROY,49t Pearl at. 1 fll OTP1NG ? LADIES OR GBNTLBMEN HAVING ANT " J to dispose of, cm receive a fair cash price by sending to the stores, I? I.surerit) street, near Caral, or nj West llrnal wny, or letter bj poii- Ladi*)* tended by Mrs. lohen. P> A LADT M DESIROUS Of OBTASMIKQ A SITUATION JX a? naiiteul gorera? . In a family where Uutre v? ek l twelve yeara of ace. Aildiw M. 8., box 3M Fort A COLORED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, 48 eook: win aanlat to weaMng or chftmberworfc; would g l a ?hort distance In the oouvry. Can be Men at 10 J one J it. back of Nlblo's, room 86. _____ AYOUKG GIRL W1HHEH A SITUATION, AS 81AM ?trao* and children'* nurse, Id a reapectable family; If not lb ua engaged, will go oat by the week. Beat of city rererenoe given. Oail at 349 Twelfth st., between lat ??i 2ft ava. ITttMi. A SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNG WOMAN, It) ouok. waab and Iron; la a good baker oi or* id. A respec t*i lelt-mlly her only object. Alao, a young woman to do (Lumber work, wailing and plain sewing. Good reterenee pitch. Apply at 2U out av., oor. 23d at., up stairs, lor iwo 3?y?. A YOUNG GIBL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO CHAM ber work and waiting, or to take care of children and ukke heraf If useful . i an nan be seen for two days at 470, ilh b\-., betwten 2b*h and ttfth sta. Inquire In the office. A YOUNG LADY WISHfcB A SITUATION WHERE BEE services * ill recompense for Hoard. Ia a good drew n aker and plain newer. No wagua required, only a perma nent borne, reference given atd required. Addreea Constance, Herald office. A RESECTABLE GIRL WISHK8 A SITUATION IN A ? mall private family to do general housework; uuier islands oooklng, washing and Ironing. Can he seenthi* d*y at 470, 6th av., between 2?th and 20th sts. Inquire in theoffioe A SITUATION WaKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to do general housework; is a go. id wmhe- mi i i-ooer, and can do plain rooking Can be well reotmmended by ber present employer, wbere the can be seen. Pieaae call a lbB Elm xireet, between llroome and Spring. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COOK 18 DESIROUS of obtaining a situation In a drat class family, or a* a* Hiatant cook In a hotel or respectable boarding houM. The best of reference given. Please apply at 14H Leonard street, fourth tloor, room 13. Can be seen for two days, U not en gaged. . A GERMAN GIRL WANTS a SITUATION, AS GOOD plain cook and baker: in a tlrnt rate washer and ironer; ta willing to make bene. f(ien?rall;< useful Good reference, (?peaks tna lish well. Address Twoud, Herald office. ARKSPKCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WI8HK8 A tJITrA lion, to lake care ot children or docbamberwork, nr to do the housework ot' a small private family, t? willing and oi> liglng; bas no objection to wages; permanent sliuttlou pre fei red. Please ca 1 at 143 3d avenue, between 16 and llitn sin. Can be seen lor two days. Business -wanted, by a foreigner, an active American gentleman, with a small capital, to Introduce a patemot the grea'eat importance and of which the material remits bave already been certified by the highest authorities, both in Europe ana in thi? country. For further particulars, address t. P. A., Herald office. UlTUATlON WANTEL? BY A RESPECT ABLHi YOUNG O worn an. Protestant, a? uiamberinoid and waiter, or to do cfcamberwork ana naslet in the cure oi children ; ia a good plain sewer, best ol city retorenoe given, Can be n?eu at 7 1 West 15 th it. SITUATION WA* TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, to do chatuberwork and walling, or ohiunter work ana seeing. Uood city reference, if required. 'Jan >e seen tor two days at 30 Oi Mott street, between lileecker and Houston. SITUATION WANTFD-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN girl. Is a good plain eooa washer and Ironer; has city re lerenee, and is willing *> go in the countrt. Call at the store ho litii bowery, trout 10 10 12, or 2 tod o'clock, tor four ?aje. SITUATION WaNTED-BY A RESP ECT ABLE YOUNG woman, us seamstress Hnd to aaslst la chamberwork, in a private iumily hi e 's a good newer and cau count Wall mended, the won id laku a place In a sma.l family to do the housework; ia a good cook. A home more ol an object than hljih V.HJ.PH. Pleas- apply lor two days at the candy store, 9'J Uiidxm St., near Franklin. SITUATION WAN1ED? BY A GKMTLKMAN. EITHER as salesman or correspondent In an importing hou*e, who is able to w rlie the bullish, French, Oermati and Italian laa guages, nnd who can keen books by single or douole entry. Be woula preler an in poning house ot millinery or straw goods, or ladies' drest trimmings, as he la well acquainted In That line of business. Kent oi city reference given. Direct K. P., uoxbOO, Herald office. TO WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS.? A YOUNG MAN, HAV ing several years' experience In the wholesale and retail busluet-s, and who will be disengaged on the 1st of March, wishes a permanent altuatlon in a who.esaie drag house. Ad dress 0. Herald office. N. 11. ? The advertiser sptaktt three languages. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chaiutermald and waiter, or to do house work for a small private family; Rood city reference. Apply at 20y Atlantic St., Hruoklyc, for two days. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH YOUNG w oman, a situation, In a private family , as cook, and to assist In the washing and ironing; references given, if required, underviands baking pertettly. Apply al 63 For?>lb at., near Grand. Can be ceen from 10 to 4 o'clock. WANTED- A SITUATION, AS NURSERY GOVERNESS to two or three children, by a young t> rench girl; a good home w 1th a kind lady more of an object than remuneration. American lamily preferred. Can have the nest reference, in quire one week of Mm. Aiirln, 444 bth avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young woman, ai cook, or laundress, lu a prlvite iauUly. CMy relet ence. Please call at No. 231 West 25ih at, between 8th ana 9th avenues. Can be >een for two oaya. her>elf utetu! In any capacity, and the lady would have ns ob jection to the country, or to travel. Apply at 217 Bowery, tor two days. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as chtmbcrmaid. or children'* maid, ?? she is <uu.peip.ul aud willing to do either. Can produce Lhe best city ri ft rei.ce. Inquire In the Blue store, 157 Smith street, near WyckoH street, Brooklyn. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A lion an seams'ress. hbe la a lint ruin dressniiker, nai a ho can rut und lit ladies' dresses, an I d? chamber wor*. <jau prooucu the ben! of city reierencu. Peasu call tor two days at Ao. 84?th avenue, uear Hih hi., fourth iloor. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do plain aookliiK. washing aud irou lng; la a good baker. Good city reference, flease call for two days at No. 7bJ<j Vauoam au, between Variuk aud Hud son, in ihe atore. WANTED? BY A RESPECT ABLE CTRL, A SITU A lion an cook, washer and lroner in a private family; la a flrst rate ctok and an excellent washer and ironer. Can bitve the best city reference, if required. Can se reeu for two days. Please rail at 105 Thompson si , In the rear, ilratUoor, be tween bprtag and Prince. TIT ANThD? A SITUATION, BY AN INTELLIGENT, T* trustworthy and capable young (womau. x Jfrule:itar.t, to do chaniherwnrk and w ailing, or lino wiulilng and Ironing; is tin excellent pialu Fewer. Can give the beat ot ci'v refer ence. Can lie r.een for two days at 343 Mh av., near 2Wh at. No objection to the country. WANTED? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Prolestau' girl, M chambermaid and waner; is ? tfood plain Fewer; can <<<n.e well recommended from her mat place. Please call at 87% Laurens sL, corker of Spring. Can be seen for two days. WANTKp-A SITUATION, BY \ RESPECTABLE young woman, as pri\ttte cook; Is an exce.lent washer and ironer; no objection to a laundress' place. Toe best ot tttv relet ence frrm fcer last place. Pleaie call fur two days ill 12i Uoerum st , houth Brook lyn. Tlr ANTED- BY A CAPABLE YOONG WOMAN, A H situation, us professed cook; undnrsiands Kmucb and English styles i f neat sr.d pastry, in u hotel or drs! class board ing house preterred ; is also a tirst rate housekeeper, (.ood euy l eteience given. 1' iease call for two days at ?*6 Blocker street. ASTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation, as cook, washer and ironer. Thi beslot city leferrnre given if required. Call at ti'ja 4th ft., be'weeu ave nue 1> and Lewis si., rear building, second floor, foi two days. WANTF.D-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cr.ok, watber aad Ironer. GooJ cdy reference. Can be seen lor two days at No. 92 West 24th st. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug woman, aa cook, by one who has hail long expe rience, or us laundress, in a privato tamly i an d i up uue washing and ironing, and IluPrg, in the neatest manner. t'.tn furnish the best of city reference Iron her last place, wnere she has lived for the last two years, Pease call at 103 West ;ijd St., between 6lh auu 7lh avenues. WANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wi man, lo do the general house ?voik lor a wni 1 family. Good city reference piven. Apply for t#o days nt if74 Mo t si, between Prince aud Houston. \l,rANTED-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL. A SITU TV ation, as seamstress and child's nur?e. Can be se n for Ihree days at No. 2 Wails st., corner of feuillran. fl/ANIKD-A SITUATION, ltY A NRAT, TIDY GIRL, v v who can do plain cooking and baking; is a good washer ard Ironer; hss nn objection to do chaoiberwork uiJ nest sewing; is foud ot children; is cspanle of Hilling either ol these situations. Wai cs Irnu, K' to fii per mouth fcxceiient cuj given. Call at 31)9 lid avenue. YTrTASTED? A SITUATION BY A R KSPBOT A BLE GIRL, VV us walier or cnamoeruiaid in ? hotel or boarding noun- , nr to do housework in a ura.l private family. best ol city re ferences. Can be seen fortwo days at 101 Uamenileys t., fuurtli iloor. W "ANT ED? BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO '.I AY, a situation a* wet uursr; has atrerh breast ol ml * ami Is healthy, hss. mn losi her baby. Csn be seen ny calling at 44 Catherine siieeu TIIK TRADES. BRASS~ANP TIN LAMP MAKERS WANTED.? ALSO, one or two broi 7.ers; competent ai.d steady men at u :lnd emploMpent at the lump factory, In State street, Brooklyn, be tween "Ooliimhla aud liicks. upper story. lO PRINTKRS? AN EXPERIENCED PRESSMAN wsnts a situation In ? hook, Job or newspaper olllcc; Is competent to oo an v kind of work on the Adams or cylinder presses. Address Pressman, llerald oBice. YALENTDIES. AN EASY WAY TO MAKE TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS is to send tor one of Strong's ten dollar sample lots of valentines, containing ihe following large assortment, vir.:? 144 comic valentines, assorted. 18 No. J7, sentimental, a* 'ted. 24 No. 1, senttuiealal, as ted. 12 " M, " " 24 " 8, " '? S " 100, M " 24 " ?, " " 11 " 8, fancy envelopes. 88 " 6. " " 11 " 13, " 7 18 " 12, " " 12 " 19, " " 18 " 25, " " 8 valenllne writer*. These will be sent at one* tn a neat package, by express or otherwise, nn receipt of ter dollars Valentine oompante* und wholesale dealers supplied on the moat liberal terms, lor naah. T. W. STRONG, Manufacturer, 96 Naasau street. New York. VALENTINES -WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS can be supplied with the most choice and elegant assort ment of valentines ever offered in New York, at 30 per cent lews than manufacturers' prices, by immediate appllca ion to C. M. BROWER, 34 Maatoog.u st ~ raTKIXlOEN C IB O mCE B. ?T1MPLOYERS WISHING GOOD SERVANTS WILL Pi llrd tespectjible Cermnn. Ei gll?h, S-otch ind Irish help, for hive's ai d |iri\?te families. ?t MORRIS I'lbNKIir Jk t'O 't>. IP" lirnni'.war. enrner nt Beido nirset. Also, pallors, eoschmen, fhnwvs. laboiern, .t , ?t 'hh or Jle br iuoh t fllce, an _ Bv LP WARTU. Aoood cikk van cook wanted-shb Mcrr lkor?i|U> uo i r, land a her busiueaa, as she ?U1 kt<( M waaktaaf or lraain. to do. Moat bring (ood itkrtMt Ap taa&r arren street, lielwa? Henry lad Chatoa nmu, A LADY-HPKBIRMOID IX THAOHINO AND 00*. A HU>t to iMtroet In Kngliak, Kreuch tad drawing, wtahee ? altuation M rtatUxig luvtrueia la a private taaily , either .a Mew ?erk er Brooklyn. Can give good cur refarenoea, Ad dreeaL. B. L., Herald office. Aoood cook and am active cuambirmaio and aea arcane? are wanted at 107 Clinton atreet, Mroaklyu; they But b? neat la personal appearance, of food <kfoa?mia and perfectly willing 10 do their work in the neatest manner. Middle aged (trie preferred, and good referenoea repaired. A~ BOT WANTED? SALARY ISO FOB THB FIRST year. 0*11 at 130 Pearl street, up stain. A BOY WANTED? TO ATTEND A BILLIARD SALOON. Al?o, a woman, ax restaurant cook Apply at 131 Nlciti itreet, carrier of Broadway , after 1 o'clock. Boy wanted iw a dining &ai-oon; one who is not afraid of work; be must brio* unexceptionable refer ence from bis last emp oyer, inquire at 26 Ann at. C<0Y?RB WaNTFD IMMEDIATELY? TO CUT fHIRT > besoms and collars. None need a pplf but those aoeea uan^d to cut with ? knl'e. Enquire at 48 Cedar at GIRL WaHIED-TO OOfiK, 1HO# A N'? WASH FOR A private 1'au.ily iu Brooklyn. One "bo la willing to do th? work ana ean nome well lecomtuended, may apply at lit) Liberty ?t , New w?k. LADY'S MAID WaNTKU-a COMPETENT FRENCH of iienunQ woman. Oniy eucb ng tec glv? t b? bs&t city reference need apply at rnnm No. 51 Hoi dildge Hotel, corner ol Broadway -nil Eighth street, alter H o'clock. Millinehy.? wahted, apprentices the millinery, apply at jOO lla.u.-u at., next door to the eorner of King. Men wanted to engage in a light, gewteel. business, paying from *10 to *jo per week. Commissi m or salary tald to good business roeu. Per particulars apply at. 16 Beekman at , up stairs, second lloor. liter 10 o'clock, A. M. Secretary wantm?,-thb owsaiwi op a yery valuable cannel coal pr perl' are about organising a com pany under a charter, in view of working ih? property fordivi dentis. and not for attckspeeu atlon, aud are denrom oi'ttudiug a gentleman to art as secrvtary ana general m-eai o( the oom pftD v . ?bt< ran give ?alid'?ctory re ieretice. and has the ability, to tile an interest in ih? business '<_? the amount of five thousand dollars; two thon**' d doiUrs pet minnm salary will be paid. No application w i'l receive r>o'ije, except from a party who wlihm the situation, and with 1><-. referent* The projectors of (his company will give reference to the tlrst merchant* and bankers lu this city. Address Romort, Herslil office. TEN SEWING Machine OPERATORS WANT ftp? Ibosehavlig machine* preferred, to whom constant om ployment will be given C. but 121 Fulton at., top Uoor. WANTED-A GP.RM?N QIRi.. AS CHAMBERMAID and nurte; mu"t touie well recommended. Apply at 1*3 East 14th it,, near 2d av. WAJ.TED A LaDY OP INTK LICENCE, TO BDPKR Intend the household ol a wHo irer. Address He use keeper, Herald office. WANTED? A MIDDLE aGRD PROTESTANT WOMAN, a competent uur?e, who wouid be willing to go in the country; city reierence required. Apply at 300 West Four teenth st. , near Mh avenue, before 10 a. M.. daring this week. WANTED? A GIRL TO DO THE HOCSr.WORK OF A groa 1 tamilv. ar.ont ion miles tro'a the city, most be a good wanber and irotirr and capame ol mllkutg and mOcinpr butler. Inquire on MondAv, ttum 10 to i o'cluck, at 314 State Btrest, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED? A GERMAN OR SCOTCH PROTEST AMP IT girl, lodo toe gereral housework of a small fasaily. Mint be a good washer and ironer and understand plain cooking aud baking, and couin weil recommended. Apply at 32 Poplar, near liicka at., Brooklyn. WANTED? TWO GOOD T AlLORf/ SES TO WORK ON cuals. Nouc oilier* need apply. Oai! Ht 126>a Forsyth street. X\f ANTED ? A GIKL TO DO GOOD PLAIN COCKING. M wau-hing. lrouing and geueral U .? ewirK for t aoxa'J (nmlly ot three persons. Must In* a Vroi><* and ootne well recou>meBdrd. Applv st 470 Otli av., l>et*e?u 2bth and 29ih Bta. inquire in the citlou. YI/ ANTED-A fllKL TO DO ORnRlt aL ROCSEWORK. ?? Wages $4 to 55 per mouth. Inquire at 97^ouh Plr*t street, Willlamaburg. W 'ANTED A NKAT TIDY fURL, \S NURSrj A>4D i-eam?treHp; one ace us 'inied to the care of n hiiliv, and who can bring good relerenees from ber las place. None o'ber need apply at 215 Weft 32d St., between 12 and 2 o' 'lock. TirANTED? IN A PBIYATB FAMILY. A SEAM.4' "BESS, ?T who can do plain st wing; onfi who lives at borne, And cau ccmo in the corning :ind sUy during tlie prelerrad. Ap ply at i8 East 30th si. riT A NTED? A VOUVG MAN TO ENGAGE IN A LIGHT M aud proiltable buair.esg, either ou comu:Wsion or salary. To a young n an oi niimmio bualnee* tact, '.tollers indu^menos reldom met with. For particulars apply at 334 Broadway, room No. 11, up stairs. Y JT AKTED-AN INTELLIGENT WRISBCS M AN, TO 801 T> licit subscribers lor a new <uid neaulifully lllnstratsd work on a very popnla"- subject Wages or a liberal commis sion given, to a Billable applicant. Inquire at the London Printing and Publishing Oompany's oflice, 86 Uey at, fourth floor. XXf ANTED ? A SALESMAN, IN A PAl'KR WAREHOUSE; Tv one conversant with the trade, and who ean oomiaaad ft fair share of first, class buyers Ad ires", htaung aalary expect ed, where last employed, with reference, box 9,410 Poet office. flT ANTED? IN AN ENGLISH ALE HOCSB, A BAR, TT keeper; nore but those who c^n give satisfactory re ference to late employers need apoly. Address B, IL Broadway Post cfllce. stating whether single or married. WANTED? A FOPEMAN FOR A RECTIFYING AND distillery estaMlbhmect, fully competent to take charge of apparatus ic Tnejceptlonab/e reieieoce requireJ as io rharacter and capability. A he tinman preferred. Addrets John I>. Homerque, 140 West i7th st. WANTED-TWO PBOtESTaNI' GIRLS, WITH Ci>0? city references; one us cook, the ether to wait and do rhsmberworlc. Appl * iamcdia^ly at No. 1 Monroe place, Brooklyn. XT' ANTED-A DRY GOt>DH SALESMAN, FOR PROVI TT dence. Apply, from 'J Ull 11 o'clock, to R. Hendry, B Dey at. WJ ANTED? RESPECT ABLE MEN TO CANY ASK FOR TT an'jse.rlptions to aeveral highly popular national publi cations now publlihlag In numbers. t>v Appleton A Co. Good mrn will find theso bonks the most desirable ever offered to ihe public. Apn.y 10 J. |B. FOKl), No 0 Applston's Bandings, 34f> and He Broad >vay. LOST AND Form). ?90n ?LOST, SINCE MONDAY LAST, A DIaMOTD >1p^il/U. ring, with two stones. worth about $100 each, l'awubiokers aiM others will be pail an a reward aa mush u they advam-e on it. or a reward as lloeral to Hie finder, and rio quexiloofi anted. Inquire ot Uoirnea t McKage, So. 20 Duaoe ,'retsL _____ LOAT-A COLD BRACELET, IN BLEEOKER, BROA.D way, Spring or t;ro?bv s rr.etii a suitable reward will lie given to ike tlrdcr at Itis Bleecker s'reet IOST-ON FRIDAY RVRNIWO. IN OOIKO FROM j i Brmsnsvllle to the corner of l'25tn si rtet n.d kichtn rive iitie. a lid? 'e small enamelled hunting \v-?teb, wttli no maker'e dime Int-lile. Ib< lit der will be t-uuaoly regarded uy maviug it wiili N. Ongood. f-fl N ssau ?tr^o% or at the stor", corner ot 12fcth htrcet and Wghth avenue. Lost.-thk OB KYI BMiW WHO 0 U 1MB kt "? Ml Broadwav. four h story, on luesday last, in no lf> a lady's breastpin, which wan lost 1n a s:x'h tveiimt ' ?r will please callagain. T. J. HaLU RSWAiUM. REWARD ? FOR THE return of TEB PAPfRK ???*-)" I found In an over-cost :akea from the reading ruo? of the bt. Nicholas lloUu aw'. Friday morniug, tnd no iinesuons asked. Thej may he returned through the ro*t office oro'her w lie. and on reeelpi the reward, will lie paid, or wtereves* directed. fc,. O. WILLI a iH. 4>OK HEWARO -A (iOLD W A iOU, Hll NTINC, CAfFX i ipZ/O double tinier and whi'd'te, takm nn th*1 if ?Ui ft .Jantuirr trom the toilet table of room No. 1", In th? h?i'i?* of 1'. 11. linage, Ttlton M an won. Vanuombs l>aro. Ihe a'ovo reward will be paid to any pertou returning toe same, and no questions asked. **. H. 9 JUG Hi. ajor- reward. -^roLH.v, osk hold wati-ii, pa tent lev -r, 1'aylor 4 Hon, London linker*, full j ew elltd, cappr.t, gold la e, steel hands. No 2.H.T9; Initiate on back 1) <1 M. to 1 .. ,1. M. Also, a g.vd locket. containing the likeness ,i a ia<-i aud gent ouiau ttoleu about Dec. V, Itt&S. Jf?et)er?, paenorrker* or others, if having received '.be SHine. will piease leave notice at the office of the chief of fmioe. JOC R E W A H D. ? LOST, OS" SATURDAY, THE ?;th, > Zfi bat wren n and u?*eM .? night, going frj.u Chain li. i i ? i eel depot up Broadway, a russet oilored trunk, cover ex with cotton ranvsss, and w . M arkenbvon the end. i'bo finder will recuve the above re?nrd by le iving it wilh 0. D. Buppy, 2hU Broadway, corner of Iteade -'reet, up stairs ?<ir RKWA fD.? -I.OST OR Ml^.AID, THE ifitH IW #?t) slant, Jl.' 'itfour n'clnek f. M , tn Use bul't'.lng 7ti7 Hn iidwuy, a geiu watch and diamond cius'er ring. Whoever will return (he -amr to J B. Ooop'nger. No. 5 Wall stro?*t, will receive the n)>ove reward, and no <itie*Uons aaked. REW A i' D. ?LOST, A DaRK FDR VICTOR I !?E; supposed to hive b*en left li a Bri adwav and I'oiiy i *ccnil st. stipe, golnn down by k laly who got out in front of the Carltoii Ilcu'e, eirlj KrMa> e.- 'olng Jrtth itiat. The ahov) rew ird will ne paid to any pcrs >n r?tu -ning Uie Cipn lo oiir oflice, 174 l'earl si. W. 11. d A8f> KT I A 00. Sn REWARD. -1A)8T, . M FIFTH AVENIT8, *J corner "I Ughteenth y ? a vrrv small fawn 00 ei <?({ s(anlelM'< li wiibythife apci ?? b'e.. ?t and wht.e feet The allure reward will be pa.d if jr one who may return tha sn cr e. dhO REW.MUf .-STOLEN i'RUI ARS, FRO v? 1>A MpO uick Hfgan fonr'h hou?? mtn J"rMeaian, In Knrniari street Broo'lvn, a writ ngd-wk cm'i'nlog sotns raln*ble pa pers, nf no \alue lo any person but ilie owner The above re wardwlllbe paid ior the return of the papers, and noouesUona aaked. dbo REWARD. -LOST. ON TMK E 78X1 NO OF TUB ?P*J ?4th Inst., comics from Fo'iitee?"h street below Ml xth avenne, ihrourb the Fifth aventio to Sixteenth street, a gold bracelet set with live garnet*. If eeutrned to No. 1C Eaat ltfth lUeet, the al'ove reward will be paid. An REWARD.? LOST, ON THT:H8DAY KVBNINa t PdU last, a buneh ofkej*? a *m*)l >'ras* key and biami latch key on the ring. United States Exprwa office, Nr. ?2 Brcadway. (ftrt RKWARD? STRAYED FROM THE VRKMHKfl. if* Jj V Ig hi y. tirst stteet. near Record avenue, on Thursday, be ?4fh Inst , a small red milch cow with turned up horna. W! never will return said oow to ihe aforesaid pre alees, or tve such Information nx will lead to her dlacovery, will re elve tlie above re* nrd. Thoniaa Kelly. , CEO ikRS.-.WO.fW HAVANA. DO*E?TH? AND OERMAW O >egar? of almosi everv size, at mucb than their market ? slue Operas ?* ow as W; Oertnan Normas u tow *i$H ao. I'nrcliasera s re invited lo exam ae the aaaortjaeut, O. CRRKKB? ,11 Broadw ay, up stair*. FlIRMTURK. Household miNiTrRE w anted.- the punncm" ?l?he- to | ur hnse from tMKUe ?I.iKsi worlhof ho <??. hold furnltnre. n a medlnm qua>tty ; anv firmly about brwa* na up houiekeeplng. < en Bud a eaah customer h? e*iHn*n ? , F ? t.OliTvN, Q tfttuiiiifitirt; t