Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7094:, MORNING EDITION? THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1858. PRICE TWO CENTS ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED ETERT DAY. nSW PVBUCATUMV. 1 WORK or INTSA8K INtKRKSt.? A WtU be ready In a few <1*7*. from itr'j sheets, THE CONFIDENTIAL CO&ftBSPOK DKNCK Or NAPO LKON BONAPARTK WITH UIH UKOl'HKR JOSEPH. Selected and translated, with explanatory note*, from lh? " Memoree Du Uol Joseph." Two thiok volumes, 12mo. Price 92. No book hu yet appeared wtlnh furnishes so correct a por traiture ot the character of Napoleon. He ?aa tat almost dally rommunlcation with his brother Joseph irom bin ttrat appoint ment a.< tin* tlenerai of Brigade down to the 16th of .fune, W15. We car not form a correu' ulna ot 'lie character of the fret' to.lud ?v ayed oyer teal lv tue whole continent of Europe without trading iliese let'irc, *lu"h, un 1Kb otllciil run ita Pi LdbD' e, oc.'U to un thu inmo-t inuughtB and motives of ho lien of [Ho wiitir. These etters roar upon every subject, and we see with v hat a. watchful ejt, he fi*rec for even the Htuili r t thlrg. A diBtlngni-ihefl critic i&< o served, in examining ;lie eariy sheets, "biograslitra will have to write their biographies of Napoleon over -gain " di? large flemaud is anticipated for this work. Orders iliou'd be forwarded early. The usual discount to the trade. 1). APPLtTUn * CO., Publishers, 346 ana ."Wa Broadway. An exciting book. A new rdltlon n' w ready. rivs YKAR8 OF A HVH'lMt'd 1.1KK AMONG LIONS, KLKPllAMS AN1) 1-fUK.K W1L<1> AM MALS OK SOCrH /iMCKlCA. llv R O. OotttMa. With in Introduction by Bayard lav lor. 1G lllust rations. IJino. 31 30. OtCKBY A JACKfiON, Publishers, lift Nassau street. ACARI>. HISS JEANNETTK HuPPIN, BY MARRIAGE Mr ?. tlforoe ff, Taylor, t>ei(? to announce th*t she has just pub'Uaed a brief outline of her c^rly lile, the ciuses of her erne! family persecution, her yea-a of sudering* and t: lals, wiui the full names of her persecutors and beneraotors. ? Her edition is very small. Copies can only ba obtained by being careful to address. enclosii k 91 with pottage stamo, Mrs. Jcannei o H. Taylor, care of Aaron H warts, Esq , Cliaiham fqitare Pfst office. IS IT SOi The boston Evening Gazette says:? It Is staled in a new book just published by Derby, of Mew York, ontlUed " Jackson and New Orleans," that the 9.VI Regiment, which obtained dls tinguL'hi d lioiiork at Balaklava, U the game that got so awt'ully whipped at the battle of r ew Orleans. Second edition ready this day. J'aOKHON AND NVW ORLEANS. An authentic narrative of the memorable achievements of the American army under Andrew Jacisou, before New Or ?fain, in Uie winter of lbl4-'15. By Alexander Wiik?r, late of Uio N. O. Delia. With lroutlspiece. 12mo. $1 a. VKKBY k JACKSuN, Publishers, Now York, And tor tale by all booksellers. LE BON TON' FOR FEBRUARY ? BY 8. T. TAYLOR, 407 Broadway, is now ready This is beyond doubt the oiost reliable work ever published in this onuntrv, from the fact that the plates are eugraved avd colored In Paris, bosides two full sized patterns eut of tissue paper, and a special letter on fashion, written by Vlcomte9se de Rennevllle. PARTICULAR NOTICK TO THE LADIES; llioie who have attended the sale for the last two days of the slock of dry goods of REMSUN A UKnGEE, 204 A.*n aw SIXTH AVENOB, ONB DOOR DKLOW rOOItlKKWTH SI. Vr bare employed fifteen additional saleuuen, and the goods will be exhibited on all the floors In the building, which will present much greater facilities, and we hope to be able to at> commodate all. especially the li. ge number who have been unauie to gain admittance for the last two day?. This, wa as dure them, has not been any faup ot ours, we being quite nim ble lo set a sufficient number of clerks until this day. Aud we world particularly call the ai'entioa ot all, that every piece of good* in the house must be toid The price will be found n<arked on rach pltcc, in plain figures. Hale n* he veto! ore, commencing at 9 o'clock A.M. andclos'ag at 6 o'clock P. M. KRAD TriE DESTINY OF NIC A R AQUA. ?THE BYES aoJllie fntereil of the whole civilized world are turned toward C entral America, end all are seeking Information upon inpici connected therewith. Just published, in a panpulet "form, will be within the ream o: all, for only twenty five cents; will eiva you all the parvlculars in a most readable style. For wi'.e by all publishers. NEWSPAPERS. _ AOKKF.RAL RUSH BY ONE AND ALL SHOULD BE made to secure a copy nf YtrUNtl AMERICA, for Hie week enulti^ Feb 2. It will make you ooen your eyes with wonder at iU sp'ecdid ecmic il ustratlnns, aming which will be inuad a picture of u.e political inva id, or Presidential functional de rangements. Also, a capital cut at the Capers of the Ton, called Fashionable Hours; ' A Reception Matinee." or the lady 1 ione*s at home, with portraits of several distinguished Fl'th Avenocdle* . The Juvenl e Bil lard Players, Yo Popular Idea ot Cincinnati, Railroad Railleries, and the Conductor of the Train: The Ball that (Jather< as It floes, the Four foluts cf IHplomacy, Hippodramatic Hoops, Kansas Letters; besides editorials, jeu d'e?priis, bon mots, Jokfi, conuu vlruast. sores ot the times, and all ports of things calcula'ed to make \es: buttons fly and put everybodv hi a good humor. Price 6 cents per number. For sate by all news aceots. and by T. W. STRONG, publisher. 98 Nassau at., N. Y. SPECIAL NOTICES. BFM-.Vfil.KXT SOCIETY UNITED HONS OF ERIN'.? 1 L? members of ihu society are hereby notified to attend ? 'pecU: n eeiinj, at Eagle Hall, Forty fourth htreet, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, this (Thursday) evening, Mst iMt , ? i j o'clock, on business of Importance. By order of THOMAS EAGAN, Present. Thoha* Cvmhimo, John A. 25oBUYi S -ecrBtarlt* HOI FOB NICARAGUA. -RESPECTABLE PERSONS of 1'srr.ted means, who are desirous < f going to N Icaragu t tor buslLeoj purposes , will do well and make an fmmocsi ?aving by .joining a party now forming under the direction o a gentleman who Is well acquainted wit b the Isthmus and On trai America, acd knows exactly what Is necessary to insure health and comfort there. For particulars address L. L. W., fiarald oHtce. N. B.? References given and required. ISAAC COLTER AND GEO. I, JUDSON HAVING I made ii general assignment to tne. for the benefit of tlielr credl'ort. all persona Indebted to then ?r? requested to make payment to mo, and all persons hiving claim* against theiu will pie ?-a send in a statement, without delav. JUHjs W. JUD3QN, 74 Fulton street. MKTAMORA TRIBE, NO. 1, I O. R. M.? TBK CHIEFS and nembets are. requested to attend the rwu'ar council ai their wigwam, National Hall, Cunal street, on rrday, Fab. 1, a' 7Ji o'clock, as buslnesaof Importance will come before the Tribe FREDKllK GRACE, bacbem. fa BOMB Lta, C. ofR. OFFICE OF COMMISSIONERS OF RMIGR ATION, NO. 81 W'?tth (late Anthony) street ? Sealed proposals for fur nishlcg supplies ot Ice, from time to tlms, as may be required, tor tie Marine Hospital, Hiaten Island, will be received by tie Commi.-vtlonersof Emigration. at that'' office, a* above, uatll Wednesday, the 6th proximo. Any information that may be required b? parties ottering for the above will be given on ap ilcatiou at the otliee. E. CRABTREE, V. P. Saw York. Jan. 28, 1888. OFFICE OF THE CHISF OF POLICE. JAN. 28, 1856. Cwiers are wanted at the Police Court (Mayor's office) for the !ol!owlng property, all ot' which is supposed to have been stolen:? Two gold wa'ches anu chains and lour fur ?lei;{h rones, GEO. W. MATHELL, Chief of Police. The new york and Brooklyn ice compaey, having secured a stock of k->, or a quality superior to that pu< up b> any other company this winter. Invito independent drivers aad shipper* to call upon them at their nfllce, N'o. 'J61 Broadway and make thet' contracts lor the ensuing se*mm. GEO. E. BI1KRWOOD, Present. ?J as. H. BrtntOM, Secretary. MUSICAL. A GENTLEMAN AMATEUR ON TDK VIOLIN ISAVX 1MB to meet with a lady or gentleman amateur on the piano, of a sound classical taste, for the purpose of practlnlug a week in the evening. Pleaae address Mozart, Herald flUce. TMMEKc-E SACRIFICE.? A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD I p.strei'orte, made by a pianoforte maknr for bis own use, and H warranted? but clruumstarictts compelling its dls Hisal? will be sold at an Immense deduction from cost, and a Second band piano taken in exchange. By Mr. Weber's kind ncsa, it ran be seen at 10.'l West Broadway. Madame f.rnkstine dr villiers gotschalk's Grand Concert, assisted by Mrs. M K. Bosiwisk, Slunor Bernardi, M. itapslonl (pianist), M. (Iroenreldt, M. De Jnnou. and other dia InguMhed artists, at Profernr Gray's Heights Seminary, CO Montague place, Hrooktvu, on Monday, Feb. 4, 18,4). 'J irke'-s, 80 cents? to be bad at Professor Grnv's semlna rv, 90 Momaaue place, Brooklyn; at March's bookstore, At omic r'rret; Rose's b< okstore, Atlantic street . Lord A Smith's, Fulton street, of the Librarian ot the Brooklyn Athemoum, ami at the door, MUSIC.-A 10UNG LADY. EXPERIENCED IN GIVING instruction on piano, will receive two more pupils at tt ;,er month, with the privilege of practice. Pupils attended at residences tit pfr quarter. Apply at 218 Eighth avenue, b? twem Twenty second and Twenty thlid streets. N"hW MUSIO-JITST PUBLISHED. "LET US LIVE with a Hope," and "Llaten to the Mocking Bird," by Alice Hawthorne, author of "What U Home without a Moth er',' "My Cottage Home " "How Sweet are tbejKoses," Ac., <M. Also. "A'ebody's Boy," "I have no Home," "Sweat Mowers," "Weep not for me, my Mother Dear " "I went to Gather Flowers," and "Old Man's Darling," by Frank Dray ton. These ere the most popular ballads now Issued. They eheuld be sung in every honae. For sale at all music stores. XTE* MUSIC.? JUBT PUBLISHED, "THE GLANCE OF I.ove," a song? words by Mise Fanning Read; muslu by >.Uih Valentine. Price IS oents. Tee, the trickster caught at Lv.t and his roguish look the charm of as finely ar range J a melody a* has yet come from the pen of this favorite composer. HORACE WATERS agent, 313 Broadway. T> 1 HE~ MUSICAL?? SIGNORA ELIZA~ VALENTIN!, ptofeseor of singing and composer of music, has hired n ?n'?:. al room at 622 Broadway, hi ihe house of Madame Mal fcerbss, where she teaehes by private lessons and In claiaes, and e she can be aeon everv day from 11 till 3 o'elook. rpo AMATEUR8r-MR. M. BODE RESPECTFULLY X minounoes that he will give lei-tons on the nlauoforte af ter a new and practical method. Pnpilsstipplled will mtisi ? Rtatis Temaeasy. Address or apply to M. BODE, No. i Bond street. CLOTHIXO. AC. $9 OOO WORTH OF CAST OF* CLOTHINO WAX! ^ ed.? The highest price given and cash paid la nnrtew money. Gentlemea wishing to dispose of good super fltions c'nthirg, In large or small loU, can obtain the full value by a<ld' eeeifig or calling on JAMBS MORON KY, 122 Walker etreet, neer Centre. HORgli, CARRIAGE!, AC. KOR SAI.B-A HAWDSOME DAPPLE GRAY ICOR8E, pony built, fifteen and a half hands high, all years old, long fall, ani warranted sound and kind in ill harness Can be ?m en a' ti e corner of Hlcka ae<l Harrison s reeu, South Brook - lyt, lor three days, If not sold. IflOR SU.K-A BAY MARE, 1B>? HANDS HIGH, EIGHT 1 years eld, nonni and kind in all harness, and a fast travel ler; a l*i, a b>i?gy wagon, with top; sleigh robes bells, harness, 4c. Fit further particulars apply at THOMPSON'S stables, 111) k?*! Thirteenth street. TjifRO PAPER FOR SALE? THE Tl}fgHT~ ROAD II luirse in the world, kind and gentle both In double and ?<ng!e iiarness. To be seen at 81 Marcer street. For partlon j-s 4c. inquire ot Mr. George Sploer, 49S Broome street. f\r ANTI D? -A RfX'OND HANI) EXPRESS WAGON, TT g(?.i order and strong enough to narrf l,W lbs A 1 i., bo* 10: Poit otBce. IBS LAf BIT V8WI, BY MAGNETIC AND PRINTING TELEGRAPHS. Mon-Ajrrtval of tine Halifax, Jan. 30-11 I*. M. The steamship Arabia h as not yet been slgnalle I off thin port. The snow storm cowed about 8 o'clock thl? evening, tod the weather u now clear, with a stiff wind from the No! th. from the National Capital. IHi: SPEAKERSHIP? THK PLURALITY BULK AOAIN DUFEATKD, ETC. WASilwOTOsf, Jan. 30, 18M. Mr. Glingman, to-day, againtt an urgent and povrerfut appeal of the 'lemocrats, offered the plurality ru'o, a? 1 informed you he would, and af er an exciting strugg'e it was tabled. Four democrats who had promised to sm tain it. when the itsue came, caved In and voted sg*in.-d it. Mr. Banks will not with raw. His friend* are de'er mined he shall not. The plurality rule will be offered * gain to-morrow. There is a good deal cf excitement with reference to -#ho shall be Senate printer. D. DEFEAT OF THK PLURALITY RULK ? BANKS BOUND TO WI'iTIDKAW ? MR. DALLAS GOES TO KNULAND? .VP FOINTMKNT OF OIIIBP OF THK BUREAU OF ORD NANCE AND HYDROGRAPHY, KTC. WASmtftnox, Jan. 30, I860. The plurality rule wis again offered to-day, an d cre ated a greet sensation in the House. Kvery member w an at his post. The House refused to table it by a tie vote. The main question was ordered by a majority of one. At this stage of the proceeding there was great ex citement in the galleries and on the floor. The paBBKge of the resolution was expected by all. The Americans were in a stew. The vote yesterday on the same resolu tion stood one hundred to one hundred and six. The main question was now put and the resolution defeated, by one hundred and six to one hundred and ten. The inciea>ed vote killed it, an! settles the question that Mr. Banls will not be the Speaker. 1 repeat th*t Mr. Becks will withdraw. Mr. Dallas, 1 learn, accepts the English mission. Greeley was in the lobby to day, as usual. Ihe democratic Senators all support Nicholson for printer, except Mason. His election to-morrow is eer tain. Cemmodore Smith received a commission from the Pte-ident to day as temporary Chief of the Bureau cf ordnance and Hydrography, vice Coramodoro Morris, deceased. Commander Dahlgreen, now in charge of ex perimental ordnance at Washington Navy Yard, will probably receive Ihe permanent appointment. His thorough knowledge of the subject and eminent quaM fications point to him aa the man. E. THK VOTE ON THE PLURALITY RULE. Washington, Jan. 30, 185S. tVheu the main question was ordered to day, on Mr. Ciiugman's plurality resolution, there was considerable applause from the galleries and some parts of the ttoor. The rumor aoon spread throughout the city that the House was on the eve of electing a Speaker, and general satisfaction was expressed. Tho joy, howevor, was turned to sadness by the announcement of the re sult of the vote. The resolution was voted for by Messrs. Clinaman, Hickman, Barclay, Herbert, and Kelly? demo cials? together with the]jrepublicang; but, was defeated by the votes of the democrats and Americans, joined by Messrs. Dunn, Scott, Harrison, Moore, Haven anl Wheeler ? impracticable* (usually styled.) with Mr. Campbell of Ohio. THE RENCONTRE BETWEEN MESSRS. OREELEY AND RUST, ETC). Wahiiinotox, Jan. 30, 1866. Mr. Ru -t says that when he first approached Mr. Gree ley, it was not his intention to assault him, and that he had told his iriends that he ehonld only remonstrate with him then; but when he inquired of Mr. Greoley, "Would you rest nt an insult!'" Mr. G. replied, "I don't know, sir," in such a tone that it provoked him to strike him. He also -ays that Mr. Greeley struck him in return. He sajs that Mr. Greeley, at the second meeting, added to the remark, that he believed it was Mr. Rust, "and you have treated noe very urgent'emanly." When Mr. I'.ust arain Inquired, " Aro you a non-combatant!1" Mr. Groe ley said, " I don't shelter myself under that plea;" but when he requested him to tight, Mr. Greeiey said that he hud nothlcg to fight with. Mr. CI legman's short speech, cn presenting his resold ti'in to-dny, was neat and lucid. Humphrey Marshal^ alone, by his tact and boidnts?, defea'/ed thi> mjvemeat. He has shown more zeal as a tactician than a ay other man this session. I). THIRTl'-FOVRTH GONBRE8S. FIRST SESSION. House of Representative*. Washington', Jan. 30, 18;"/t). Tire arKkKEBitmp. Mr. Chawfokd, (dem.) of Ga., offered a resolution to elect a Speaker by States, each State canting one rote. lie ?ald the House was absolutely bringing it sell into con tempt. There was lews anxiety on the part of the people relative to an organization now than there won four weeks ago. He appealed to State rights men to sustain the proposition. Mr. Todd, (black tep.) of Pa., remarked that the pro position i- repugnant to the constitution of the Home. Members are here to represent the people, aud not inde pendent sovereignties It would be unjust, because it would give the power to organize to the minority. If gentlemen were anxious to organize on the expressed wil1 of the people they should give way to the great majority. On motion of Mr. Todd, the resolution n< laid oa tUe table by a vote of 136 to 72. Mr. Cu>om.\n, (dem ) of N. C , offered a resolution to elect a Speaker by plurality vote, if co choice sh ill be made by the next three trials. He said if the resolution was adopted, the majority must concur in the election, it was necessary to organize, aud two months had boen spent in vain expedients 1o do so. It would devolve on tte An?'ic?a paity, upon the adoption of the resolution, to take tin ir choice between Mr. Orr and Mr. IUok*. Mr. Bfjihibt. (dem.) of Cal , earnestly appealed to gen t'emen entertaining conservative principles to oppose ilie e'ec'.ion of Mr. Banks, whom he regards 1 as the represen tative of that lanaticlsin which would destroy the vitality of the Cnion. Mr. Ijtti iiiji, f dem.) of Va., looking at the present s i ate of the political elements, could not recognize the principle which is calculated to place the South at a greater disadvantage than she now occupies. The result of the adoption of the resolution would be the election of Mr. Hanks. .Mr. Born-:, (dem.) of S. C., (opposing the resolution,) looked upon the clcc'.ion of Mr. Bank* a i one ot the great est mtafortucei that could bet'sll the country, on ac count of the political principles hold by Mr. Banks which, li carried out, would result in tho dca'h of the principles of the constitution and the revolution. He appealed to the democracy to pause before th?y assisted in tho olea tion of Mr. Banks. ?Mr. JiKNSCTT, (black rep.) of New York, thought the only fair way of effecting an organiz ition under present circumstance was by the plurality rulo. HrxriiBKY Marshall, (K. N.) of Ky , expected the di iuocratic party generally would vote against the reso lution, but that thore would he sufficient diversion in their ranks to effcet its adaption. The people would hold them to as much responsibility for it as they would the mat) who would throw a lightel squib In a powder house. Hr.GmratfooD, (dem.) of Ark., made a motion that the lesc lution be tabled. I<ost by a tie vote. Mr. Cltngman's plurality resolution was then rejected by lUfl against 110. Adjourned. UnlteU States Supreme Court. Wawunt to.v, Jan. 80, lHfiO, No. 47. ? Ship Howaid, William T. ^mlth et al . , claim ants and appellants, vs. Froderlck Wi sat man. Argu ment was concluded by Hon. Keverdy Johnson for appe lant*. No. 60. ? John F. McKlnney vs. Marine Saving* Bank and otters. This case was submitted to the Court on the record and printed argument by Mr. Hall, fir plaintiff. No. 52.? John G. Shields vs. Isaac Thomas ctal. Ar gurd by Mr. Gillett lor tho appellant, and Submitted ou printed argument by Mr. Smith for the appellees. fro. 54.? John liurr et. dem. James B Murray et al. vs. Hoboken land and Improvement Company. No. 65.? The same vs. Wm. P. Rath bone et al. No. 66.? The same vs. Butnen Suckley et al. Argument was commeocf d by Mr. Van Winkle for the plain ill's. Hteain Boiler dtp lotion ot Baltimore. Bat rmoKt., Jan. CO, ISM. The steam boiler .In the Canton Iron Works, in this city, burst this morning, killing one man aud seriously InjuHcg several other*? two fatally, The Cftatoa Weft* are owned by K. X'. Lf wrt-cQ?. From Ue Stele CapMal. Auuurr, Ju 30, IW. Mottrrt of IrUermt I rrmfkt /brwifil ii H IS intfy CWcA ? Race Otmrtr?Ka\ mad IWU-Hrvip at iltmy Sc. There ar? mtmi1 project*, some of Mtitkl layor bsM, M(( brought (unrtril for legislative k(Im- II will very noon be mad* manifest whether u/ aaoaat at talent U In cither hotue Th* litrodnrtioB ti *mb* *ub Joott which have already *ip*ar?d will eoaaaiaad the etrtngth inside tie Capitol, and the atteetion o( ail the people of the State ouUlde. in the teaate litis morning Mr. Wadaworth Introduced a proposition to ait"? ioe>r poration* or canal forwarder*. Tlit-h.s b? a fi.jueolly rejected bj the legislature, and tor the sake of 1 1>4 1 > i i a a U owning only a or two, it is hoped u?a) be 1 m now. The proped'ion of Mr. Jteed, of the Mouse, fur a c>t? uiittee to inapsct certain Institution* la the eity of Nee York, waa referred, in the Senate, to Uie commit tee on chart able inn lit ulioa*. fhi* kills it. Mr. 11 muai star acme other project W> beowae chair ma a o( a t.a'ruig coma i tie*. S uaior Rider'* bill, to break ap the lom; I#l tat rae ? course, was taken up. Mr f?ickl*? a?keltoi JMsjr, bu' Mr. t Ilii er wa? ant incltie-d to yield. and ium. au i made a ipereb which weov lo sh?? tbat the race ouj<m? wae injurious to the atoraU of aorlety. A* th?ie ware evidently vei v fe* Ssnator* prepared to pass the hill, It wan potit|>oncd until Weduewiay of next ami. The Comptroller of Trinity CI ureb de-irei iu >re time to answer the Inquiries of the Senate. A< lo if sines a* April last the rent ry were ser ved Milb a <? ipy t ths ro-n iution. There in no complaint made that th Comptroi ler's clerk wae ill daring the 0r*t six tnon'h* wiii -b in fern that no response was iutended to b? made. this is the document; ? Oincr or tbk CoarouArtoanrTHiafrr CavH<a, J 1 Wo. 1X7* Hi.. N T . Jan 1-OA To TBK noMOBAHlX THIC or TBK ?T*T? Ot Tokk: ? "lbe undersigned, the Comptroller o( Trie ty (niurcU. ta the city ot New York, baa renwved a ooojr of Uie resolution * your honorable body, reuiinuui* the reeiryef tbtsehu rb toaoswer, by the Oral day of February next, ceruin question* |>n pounded by pro) loua rmoltitiona of liio Senate. A report la reepoese to sueh qneMlcna ia now in 'he nmiv of preparation by Uie undersigned, by dl'eclloe of the ve*try. Hut .wing u> the fact that a part of the Information asked lor ta rajuiTd to be brought dowu lo ihe Unit of Morember ia?t t? the compUcailoa and diffloultjr attending the ttak of atuiaannv ika vnlue the real calate oi thU corporation, and of each lot and oaroel thereof trrmueottre of (he taaroa tharr on, and to the great labor nv|utmd to anawer that, and Uie oUierbradt ot Inquiry, and to the circumatanoe tha' abortly alter the aaid hrat of No?em'ier laet, tha principal rlark tn the oQIce of ihe undi-ntlgned, who waa fMntuar with the aubj?et, waa incapacitated l.y glcknexa to alieud u> UK duUea? and aUll ruuamKio ? the und>>r*ixned learn tbat the report emn tt h* ready by the time idlrated IU prepaiatloo la procradlug with diligence, and we respect of the realm for Ihe K m i ruble Senate will Induce them not to delay tta preaen-aUot lo >ba Senate one day longer than la absolutely nereaaanr Thar pray, In order that there may not be any aeamlne di respect xiiown by a failure to give the deaircd tulormnnon at <h? um> tixed bv the Senate, that ti e time .or a reapoiar may be ni tended to the 16th day of February n?*t Reapectfu'ly, I am 5 our obedient fervent, WM. K. DHMhOOMH, Uomplrolirr, At the nuggeetion of Mr. i(rookj< the time wat ex'ende l aa abore proposed. Mr. Brady, of the Houce, Introduced a hill thia morn irg. impofitig tolli upon the railroad) direjtiy cumpe'.ing ? ith Ihe Erie canal. Ai noon a* tlie title waa rexd, Mr. Hoyle. chairman on railroad*, m?vnd to refer it tn hit committee. Mr. Brady wanted the Caoal Com ait tee in take ebarge of it. Mr. Van Sandford, of Troy, anti Ceo tral Railroad, wanted a special committee. By the time all these proportion* were made, member* began to arakea, and enqui ia* were mad.) nn to the content* of the bill. Alter it* renting, it was given to the ('anal Committee, a majority of which will tec imraentl the toll*, 'l'tf n the war between the canal and rwl interest will be ( peced with vigor. Tha bill will bo amended so at t?i in clude the Krie aud the Northern road". A* eeon an that bill wu di^potied of, M.-. Buckley threw in ar other Qiebrand in the toiin of a bill to auvhori/.e the eon*truotion of a bridge at Albany. Mr. Van Sandford, ot "Troy, demanded the reading of the entire bill, which l*ing completed, Mr. .fenkin*, of Albany, moved to refer it to a select committee. As Oswego and Albany ara tioth opposed to t . ? i ridge.thu IIcusc h't* not ye', decided ti|? u the proptiuty ol strangling it at its very birth. A motion was alno made thai the bill be rut'errod to the Ccirniittoe on Heads and Bridges, bt such reference would be both legitimate and proper. No referenda wu nude, CONTESTED ELECTION CASE OK BARK VS. SICKUW? NEW SUPKRINTENDENT OF THE BANKING DEPART MENT. Ai.bamy, Jan. 30, 1860. Tiie committee of the Senate having in charge the ex uninatlon of this ca.-e, had n meeting to d?y and heard the argument of Mr. Wtt. M. Krarts, oounsel for Mr. sickle*, on the motion of the latter to dismiss the petition of Mr. Ban as frivolous. James M. Cook has been appointed Bank Superinten dent, in place of Marcus Uchoontnaker, re- igned, and tb appointment was this morning conflime>i by the Senate in Executive session. ENTHUSIASTIC MEETING OP THE FRIENDS OF " LIVE OAK GBUltOE." Aiiuxy, Jan. P>0, 1856. A large and enthu?iaali3 meeting of the ft lends of Ceorge law was held here this evening. Among the < j eaKeis were Messrs. Ode'l, Dennison, l'reston, B. T. Mill*, of the Assembly, and Chauncev Barr. A resolution declating Ceorgc Law the ch ico pf the meeting for the Airerican candidate for the Presidency was adopted. NEW YORK LEQItLATURB. Senate. Aijunt, Jau. 30. 1855. Twentj nine petition* for a bii'^a oyer the liaison river were presented, KMTOBT*. Favorably on th? bill to appropriate money to rebuild the shops at Sing Sing destroyed by the recent Are. Relative to night draft*. Extern log the time generally for the collection of taxes. To prevent ill* gal voting in New York. A (censorial from Trinity church, asking till the l.'jtli of February to make a report, was presented and granted. BILLS INTRODt'CKD, By Mr. Sicxlks, authorising the Corporation Ne? Voik to iiicrcase the compensation of the Croton Aque duct Board. Hy Mr. nroy ? To incorporate tho Utica Orphan Asylum. '/be bill to prevent horse racing in Queeas county was Diu'ie the special order for Wednesday next. Aaacmbljr* Aijunt, Jan. SO, 1850. RKPOBTB. Favorably on the bill to an end the act authorizing the Staten Inland Railroad Company to build end run ferry boa's. To incorporate the Ladle ?' Ilome Mission of the Metho dic t Kpi.scopal cbnrch. To attend the Brooklyn Flonpital act. To repay the Bank of Fiibklll the money ad ranged tho late agent of the Sing Sing prison for the benefit of the State. Unfavorably en the bill to change the title and charac ter of the Marine Court of New York. The Canal CommigKioeors' report was presented. I til. I H t'A.1?KI> A bill for tlie more effectual prevention of Area. A bill to extend the time for the collection of taxes In all the towns of the State. A bill to exempt St. Luke's Hospital, New York, from ta\ation. NOTiaa of bills. By Mr. 1!ay? To make the oftice of the lire Marshal la New York city elective by the Hre Department, and that Much marshal (hall be a retired fireman. My Mr. K. T. "Wooc? To prevent Illegal voting ia Brook lyn. HMXP L>TR01>rCKD. By Mr. ? To appropriate $000 to build a msnu itei.t to l>avid Williams, one of the captor* of Major Andie. After debate, this bill was referred to the Canal <A>m uiittee, by a vote of ayea 62, nays 18, a motion to refer to Kailmad Committee having been loet. TOUfl ON KAIUIOADM. Mr. Brady's bill Imposing tolla upon certain railroads, provides that the New York Central and the Oswego and Syracuse Railroad Companies may transport ail roods c. iat tela and other property that may be offered, and charge reasonable toll i or compensation for such trans portation. The companies shall make periodical returns, as <lliect?d by the Cjmmlsiouer* of the Canal Fund, of all such freight, and shall pay to the State the same tolls ix'r mile t hereon, as would have been paid had they been transported by canal; and where the distance by canal is greater than the distance by railroad, the toll shall bJ charged on such greater distance. The Canal Baard sh ill make all necessary regulations for the collection and en forcement ot such tolls, and when collected they shall belong ti the canal fund. The railroad* are subjected to a penalty of $600 fir each day tliat they negleo*. or refuse to comply with the regulation* of thi Canal Bard, or C maalssloner* of the Canal Fund, made pursuant to the provision* of this act. The act doe* not affect the ordi nary baggage of paseergers when the same shall not ex ceed 100 pounds in weight. A'ljoumed. The lUceiit Arrrit of Slave* at Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Jan. 10, 1850. In the upper house of the Ohio Legislature to f ay, Mr. Brown introduced a preamble and resolution reciting the circumstance* of the recent slave case in Cincinnati, de nouncing the participators in the arrest, and requesting

the Judiciary Committee to Inquire into it, and report a law to prevent the remrreoce of *nch scene ? in Ohio. After dabate, tbe resolition was adopt*!, but a. :?v iw, u'vr.'.'i U ? C^uiU'VlW. Afttlii wf Tiiiliiim KMUI or TKB ?OTUNOB ? BIB T1IV1 OX THK ILiTUT QCISTION. Bllltimou, Jan. 80, ISM. Naw OtImm paper* of Wadaaaday tad Thursday an ""hil They oontala the mnip of Gorarnor H?r hart, of Lotii* im, which treat* altofe'her of local mat tan, ? leapt la the concluding paaaagae, whloh apeak of the aapect of the aiarery qneetioa, and, anticipating con tiaaai a?gi eaaton*. eoaaldera the time for compromise M pa*t, and ad lee* prtparaUoo for the Uiae. Ike leathna toiamtirlal Coiirantlon. Rituaom, Va. , Jan. <10, 1856. The Nutfcerw (oaitrercial Coarenli'Mi met, here to-day, and Waip r*rUy orjvni/<-l, ?Ith Joseph Maice. of Rich mood, la the ?tiair. lUmu wa* a ?.lm attendance. Ad jou'ned ttU to mim*, Th' Bui no lalrmnHf Com. ifcwTfx, Jan. I860. In > he ea/e of Kl* Th<? Mayor and Military^ Bxl'in, ? d?r.. |fc< ' >r p?f-?>unl iitjune* received at the reudi t?i a of Anthony Hum.-. II. o John I*. Kale tiaia rr?>rnlug r a.te th? rioutng artuinrat for the /aintilf He denied the legality of th* proc + Lag* of Mayor Sialth In Inveit l?f K*j' (;?t. al Mat n<>* with mprani# rontiol in t'ne icattar ? the ntnovai of Bu rn troo? Boaton, n ud he though! t:,at <m ih? --1 luna, 18?l, H ?.t?n wa? a con qaared cuy. He daaaaed tl.e I ufttire .-late law a parody on the oaoftituti' D and a l>l ?h'. apon the page of hiatory It I'- .' bo Madlag f?wt upon hi* cswivience. He cm ?'? m ltad?raJrti<in ol duly ia the M?yor to derolre oj. iliea. tl??- reapeaalWliUH which he did. the argument ia tbe ca?e i* concluded. The dectaiou la iiWIHl llt<<iiuHai> af ihr Lewtll JtuKum by Fire. lA<wm., Ma'*.. Jan. 14, ISM. V e thuram ia tlii* city, <nth *e\eral of the (tore* be oath it. wa* deatroaed by fire nitrntnf. I.w $l&,tM<0 I'ar'.ial'y laiuiH. Hie VoiiJtni wa* o?,ttl by Y. A Rtldielh, Poetmaiter, ? -d octmpiei Ly S . i (iatei for theatrical jM-rfo-mtucea Ihr member* of the e?,n p*,i* eu?igred wi-re lately from the Boeton N*U -n*l They loat their watdrobee, k:. Tte law llbtar) (/Hon. It. flutter w** ?.ao destroyed Abmm<| the other anile* *r* are C. W. I'rati dry goola; AU-1 Whi ney, book.. Iter, and It ? Uadall k C?., clr.lh irg The new bul.' arijelaiag, hofongtag t-> Mr. Nee au h, wa* roar derably n jmed TrrrtMo t'olilalon at Bra. 1.0*9 Ol TR .4 HKIU cval tl. I'lCTVH I A* I* 41X Of HI * c?Kir. Uvir'wmr, Jaa. ISoO. Hie tn if f-amuei !>ter*, of N-w Oriaaa*. came ia ooi Hdcn with thr fltlp Huvty, of Main* , ?nt xatki in thrre n inute* afte- ward" The ciptaia aal feur aaaman ware ?errd (.n hoard the H^rey, hut the aiata and Ova f>-amea w(iedrowne<i. lit* Uot. y v a* uaaiafed (?> '.he amonat of $4,100. Ihe bi i( aa<i cargo were la?ui*<l ia New Or l<?n? oflice*, aud *h* *ai uwurd t-y <?-7e -er k C>., -/t that city. I^aaa of fhc Bittlih skip M>?r* Caaflr. B wtni, Jan 10 lHfrl. The nhip Neptnae'* lifjritf, Capt I. ana, from IJ??r j/col, ariiriMj at Ihi* j>->rl to d*y, rep. rU Slia?. o* the utlt in?t., ia lat. 30 25, loa. ?0. ?h" fell in wi'U tb? IMti?h ha i k Mom Ca*tla, Capt Mound, t. -ini St. J >ha, S. Ik, for Creencck, ?aterlofged anu '.i*ina?te.l Capt. i.ane to-ik cff eight of the ct?w; tbe rem* nlcr, c 'im< icf ">f 1?a of the crew, the ctptala and on>- p? ^ *?re ta'?en ?u boa id the ahip All red J*t?T<T, Capt. Carney, from .%<?>? i?r leane boond for lirerfenl. Tbe M-iro C??tl* *?? d.^ maeUd in a gala cm the bth ia ?t. Drpaitmia Of tl*a Amrrlra. rtnii", Jaa. -A IBM. Th? Aajeriea, which left thi* port :?.r l.fwer|K??l at li' M., took cot torty six pa*??af?i. lor li?i>rpoal( and *Ie toen for ilaiiiax. There wae on -pocie .hippr 1 Hy her. Movement* of SoMhern Rlrtinrn. ARRIVAL Or TBE JAMES AJKJIK AT CHARLESTON* Charuhom, Jan. "J?, 1M?. The I'niUd !'t?t?a nail *te?mj.hip Alger arrived hwe front Nrw Vork it Are o'clock tlii-i (Tueaday) mora ?n*. ARRIVAL OP TBK ALABAMA AT SAV AN'NAH. ?-AV A.V\AII, .l?0. M, lrl'.'i lli? ateamehip Alabama arrived here at her wbarf l**t night, tri al New York, *H;i all on board mil. Kuktfta PHIL A9KLPUI A -TCK'I BOARD. I'Hll ?OK1 nil >, Jui ? (S.VI. Stock* are mora Arm. We quote a* follow* ? l'eum/1 vant.i 5'k, 8,'t; Heading ttailroad, A'JVj T<oog Uland lft'*, Moirla Canal, 14\ ; l'cnnst l?ani\ Railroad, l&%. Nrw dniun, Jan 2#? TV X. Cotton? Pale* to day H >00 bale*, at firm r.i'iM. Otbei article* unchanged. Cltjr Intelligence. *'i?k in Oil) Hur. ? Between 12 and 1 o'clock ye-iter.lay morning a fire waj Ji'ooreieJ in the aeeond *i?ry of b ul l iog No. 12 Old slip. It originated from a tire in t'ie ({.-ate in the etlicc of Story k 3teren*. cotnmi*?ion merchant-'. The Improper manner in whlcli the grate waft put in ? the brick at the bottom renting upon the Moor joiata ? let tire through upon the beam*, ami thua net tire to the premise*. storey k Steven* hare *u*tained a lo** to their atock of ab^ut $?<0. Insured fct 0 ?t in tb. I nion Mutual Insurance Gnipanv, The lire burnt through the flooring into the pr<-mi?e* of M. Angulo, in por er of i-eg?r.?, who "U.'talned about $50 damage In t-ured/or fii.WKt in th'< Ilaaove* Insurance Company. The building belong* to Mr. .1. 1'. Storm , i* damtged nbout *100, and it tulljr (mured in the Aitor ln*urmic# Co. TlIK VaCBAXT SlM.1 MM AT THE STATION Hoi -ts ? The report* of the police captain* to the Chief *how that on Sunday night nearly two hundred and fifty jiei *on*, mala and einale, were lurnUbeu wilh lodging* at tbe diiT r-n' elation houfe*. Of tlie>? the er number are foreign ir*. enly thirty thiee being American*. The name of each logger i* taken down, and *hould any of th*m apply for a lied mora than three time*, they are commit ted 1 1 BlackweU'.-, Island a* vagrant*. It i* pltiabl* to tbink title are ho nriny poor cre?ture< "hoinele** ami 1 a thousand hemes" duiing thi* reveie weather. I( K in mi! Kaht Rn m,? The MiiaU *teainer Bavennwoml madeatilp, yc*terday mottling, to Aitoiia and ha- k, #nd rt-jinrted considerable dji't ice in M>m* p art* of tli> Km at river at ceitain atage* of the tide. The river 1* *ti'l cloitrd in place* beyond the 0%'e. Coranen' Inqueete. Tiik Latb Fatal A<<Tn*NT to Mr. W ?H>m._Onrooer Conner/ held an inquest yerierday at 10# Amo* atrec upon the body of the late Wai. If. Warner, who \r.\ kilted on Tuesday afternoon by being struck on th > head with a lump of anow or ice thrown from the rix.i >f i),e house corner of Twenty -ixth atreet and Kifth arentj.., by two lalioier* in tho employment of Mr. N. II. Wolfe. Tur jury in the cane tendered the following verdict ~ ? 1 < at the diceaseil, Wm. II. Warner, came to but de?:a \,j t. <?? tnre rf the *kull, by being atruck on Uin heml w*i i* :*?? it>g through Twenty -*lxtli atreet from Broadway U> Mtth avenue, on the afternoon of January It', ISSit, by aoev or ire tbr</wn from tfae roof of boa** nocthweft oor::*: .1 1 lftha\enneandTwenty-*iTUi (treat, byeitlwrtft* ?-rv<n named Michael Kagan and 1'atrlck Caeiion, e:ip<nrel by order otN. H.Wolfe, oecupant of aaid hou -e, Mi l we nrlli-r lind that aaid men exhibited gr <?? oarele^Mie** >* Uie tormance of aaid work, and that the occ< pant of ?tid hotice la very cenaurab'.e tor not ?eeing th-it prop t pre caution waa taken to guard ag-iinxt aeci.l.-ct an the jury would further call the attention of the public an h title* to the reckleaa manner In whi>'h -now U frequent!* thrown from the roof* of building*." Upon the rendition of the abore ver'llrt, the laViw were committed to priaon, in detault ot to aa^il the action o fthe Grand Jury. The derea^ed waa a ?erv re?r>ectahle man, *? a j fmte maker by trade, and had a tnnnufaeto-v In Wo- *trr Mlreet. We un.ler*tai,.l tha' Mr. wMl U willing to A?aiJ ; in hi* pi'Wsr to alleviate the anffarlagVaf tiM bereaved ' widow, both pecuniarily and otheraixe. Si'DliKN Pvam.? Coroner (.amble held an ln |iia?t arms I the brdy of a man named William ttilchriat, wbo wa? I tuund dead in the building eoru?r of 1 oirt * eighth itiwt ?ml Broadway. Death wa* nuel from dl-?lp*U. a aod | exposure. Brooklyn City lntrlllgvnre. PtAiti at Ttty Ft l.T'iM Kiki'.i ? TIh ? m*nt among the men engaged on the I ulton fcrry, ?t the Brooklyn *tde,yeaterday, In i'onr< <;tieac*> of thr *ud*ien ( death of an Infant, in the arm* oi it* u?r?e. In th* ladi<-?' caloon. Soon after ?he entered <-ka ral *d ber ahawt, which covered the child, and, with apjx' vranoe of ala';u temarked that It waa unwttl. It died a lew annute* afterward*. The woman'* oonduet eiclte<l *u*picion and she wa* taken into cuRtody. -he *ald It waa a child ?.| l?r. We*t'?, ot No. 7 Kltv#uUi ?treat, between TUinl ami Kouith avenue*, whlek bad taken to nur-< ! DEflTltCCTfVB Fl?K IN OLOrCKCTBll. M A flie broke out In Gloucester on the 'JTth tn?t., aay? the In the atatle In the rear of the Cnion ilmiM>. Th<*. de*tPoje.l, with *!x h..r*e*. ha), earruifta, he. \ .na tire commnnfoated to the large building known aa the | l.ow Katate, wlii.-h j >rv r 1 1 0 ' v <l*n'"T^,l, while tbe ' -he ik jud in tori ete Im'/.m-I, T m Ala I . tl mi w, <' (ej'tt t (i '?.* I r.' i ? - ?' ? ? I |H;1< II, I ! ... Personal Intelligence. HON. 010K0S MirrLIM PALL At), LL. D., TDK MINIS TER TO BNOLANP. The aubject of thu sketch, oar new! y appoiifeed Minuter to England, vu born in Philadelphia, in the year 1702, and 'a consequently now in hia sixty fourth /ear. Bin father was Alexander .James Dallas, a oat ire of Jaxaaica, who emigrated In earl/ Ufe to this country, and aabaequently became Secretary of the Treasu ry and Secretary at War, in which post* 1m ren dered eminent services to hla adopted country. The English family from which oar new Minister is descend ed is t ery Lfgbly ccun?ctfd, an! ha? from time to tins been bi ought into prominent noti-ce by the literary and riC;entiHc talents of it * member*. M!r George Dailan, whose political writings wew ao highly a^pteciated by Wtlliaaa l'itt, bt.iI his brother, Sir Hobert Dalian, Chiel .lu-tire of the Common l'Uaa. were amongst It? most dU tttguished ornaments. Mit* i'allas, ths Minister's aunt, married Cap*. Byron, of the Jinglif-h navy, and was mother ot the pre *eut and KViuth i.or.l Bj rcn. His eldest brother ro?e to the rank of Ohiimodofa iu the American nary, and hid youagei-t was the late Ju'.'ge Dallas. of Pittsburg. klr. Dallns himself entered the civil service of the coutitiy at a very early per.' od of lift*, ect'- g m private secretary to Albert Gallatin, in tha m salon o( the latter to ItuFtla. On his antral home be ap?lte<l bituaolf to the study of the law, and in retura for his services ren dered to General Jackson, he >van, shortly alter the election of the latter, appointed Diatriot Attorney of the ) 'of ted States for the State 01 Pennsylvania. Ia 1801 he we* etoseu I, tilted States Senator V ?h# Pennsylvania legislature, end in 1837, oB the ii lion of Mr. Van Hu:en to the Presidency, he was app,*nted Miniator to the Court of St. Petersburg. In lSg'.i ' he was recalled from bis mUirn, at his own rejutst; and six years after - waidp, having reetv**! the Lomiua'iic of the 'lemocratij party, he wax elected Vice I'Tesident of the T.'nited States, and tck the oath of ofllse on the 4th of March, 1846. Hnoe the etpiratlou of hit teta a* Vice .''renideot, Mr. Wiles has teu >1 in th>- city of Philadelphia, and applied iutn-elf c!i?i?ly to the practice of his profusion. Tl>? ? hole of hi* carter ha beeu maiked by a thorough ami crusist? at terafcraor, and an unsullied integrity of ibsracttr, both in publi; and private llf\ BH1Q AI>XXX Qfc'V/X VL HORNSBV, Of THE VICATt.WCTAN AKiir. TUN dt/tiliit*vii-,h? i oftioer, who hss lately arriv*d in rnii city, and *li > I* now staying at the St. Nicholas llotid, is a native oi N?rth Carolina. Ho #riM with rtis'tnsti a in 'hi Mttiean war. an a raptnln ?f volunteers, ml vu iffit'slft cummin, ion in tho regular army at it* c:?'-?\ but saw lit to ilectint* it. Cap'am iiorn->by then utat ? Cn.iiumia, anl wsn a oitizen oi Ca'.uvera< county ?h<*e he was elected fe'geact a*. Arms oi the Aa ernaly of the leltti-rn.a i.eji-laiu. e. lie afterwards proceeded to lentral America. he'orn the arrtral of t;en. Walker, but coiil?t n it um-ier a #utllcient force t" give effec'ire t> tb? d^a.?c.ulip parly there. He was obliged to icske his e -sj^* )>y the ('earner, but returued with (i'ltftal Walker ; was third in command at the battle of Itivn., cad has, siiic" then, l>eea ceecwid in c- n uiai d. He in a stein cls;ipliu:i! i an, but much be loved by the tn>o;>-, and may be regarded as one of the N-t *r.d aoist i?L?b!e ofHc<; i in the General !l !? a'-fv# the areruge hv.gUt of tall men, has aa ei.-ct ?a:i ?(!?' ani a boil, dcnl.d military air, without daib'f iMteti'tU'W. He is a fine specimen of tuo Acueri. two rfhcc. h:a>x andkr^oh, ok Tm: tocaiIaouan ARMY. Otthi- g< ?, who la :i ci'i/en of New Vork, we hmid i<*aj hcMm, illuatruiin;' bin brillian* n jttnii'.i- aad <U pcrate courage. Hmconductat ?<? batt f i ! lUvit, where he received *ojie d?sp<'rute wi urii'->, i .itna a .netnoritbie ejUo> id Itself in the iii*t< ty ;he r ar, ta<l -bows the "tuff o' which the men ? - c ujuittil ?!m hvd laid the OuadaUya of .Vu^lo he ?"MI teaUniM in< filial Ann-lit *. JOW fOfc^.THK CKXROKKI CBtEV. Vt >r> i enuBunindba in the York Uduid of ibe '.tnh iBnt , from a rfi nijeman .f il: iii/Ufa. inquiring w' e'h? t Jthii tinea, tint Cherokee lndi?n chief, U not th? mbm- Indian youth who rax ecu lated at 4 ornv. all, inn., tome tlilr'y /earn ???>, and manicd a young white gwl of that ?UUg>-. J im Rcmr, the Cherokee chief, may havn marTlnl at the tlm ? ?jiecifii-d; of thu we nave no knxw )? e; but he ratetqUMtl/ married a Miai stapler, n Qua know, of Hue riband ln>.|uenU7 ?it*oi wbh timo here. Hta ntai riaire Willi Mill Mapler took place about fifteen j ear* eg- . a'.otit the Mjf time Kc-w was urging a claim the I i lUrd : nu.f lit. A< he uraa then, we ?uj.[ -e: fort/ Ire or tiftjr yearn cf age, he may have c? ni. act"1 a iweond marriag* aud mr lair townawotnan 1 MkbMWri bible ? Iw, 29. miTtu. l ?oin i a'llomla w.a Aapiowoil, in . oam-hin 'Jenrge I.aer ? DfOdlnplfr, 1' ?? A K vT RiiQgiea. Ma M W i 'lark and Hnr rrnU. 1 S a . J Ml tw**. I'r W I. .?mciv.U 1 rt , K fechloia, A llarter, <? 11 H'ighr., Kmi At'artartade and lady. .1 Vdaod ride t |. it l aerraut, R M Drinker, ?' meuiberger, (1 C I'.umiiru. II lln/cltin?\ A A t>"!>keooJ. ICiui, lj B Otmoi isi Mr* t*i ? >?!. i ? i child, Mr- Kreuch an ' ehiiii, J v Peck and ladr J II Koikead 'ad\ and wr*..iit ? ff I'lil, Mm Kali, H > c?bo?i>?, P McV UotHna. R|H|. iJapt .1 T Wright and aer VkEl, B HtratM. > Wol'e, M Mo/lo, lli>arir,J Mumper, U ? . I., n, I il l'>ird K Tonaku at. <i .ady. Mm llriuh an t two > liuUrrn .1 Iiliborn H H l'riin;if, 1 -ill; and ctuld; W II I'ep per, i- Pj e, P I' l'?ln w, ,?r RemldBiier. A I.efevr#, J i'?ker,W t> neraent*. Mr* hrailm? anl child, K II Hull, II Vneit- w Haaillioii J Badsera, \ M Burro uchu. Mm I C ? hit. r l ager, A tolvln, !? K> ?<. 1. Vnn Wdira'o, J Karp, lnd> and two i hinlreii, II .1 I. li'itit, H 1. Maritdcn, >1 II Miow, I. <1 rV'MMru*, H Warner, JT l ike, I. It I'nsler, I. M W Carman. W H Me. er. O K.ldid, .1 J G Hall, Mr Mncknor. T <> Porter, H Jenklna, M Van l?yke, T Mara, J Allen, O <'lii?lom. W I; "ioott, W Kaville, <? A <lray, <1 C Pea. urn, I) lti.lxlaod, J II Kr?n i?, .1 H VooMdi, W (I Kfberl, .1 K sir M?, Kf r.?Mid, ladT aii'l i-hi'd; J hulmon, J Mlta arrt lady. Mr. t till an>l lU'vhier, Ml* Itiluo, J U Holland. 'V U'otnp-4Ki. rap' I P CoQlhony, M Arroyo, A O Morton. Ml*? ? 'rr?nW ?i W M .li?*?aii', .1 MaiLew*. Prof R ItWey, Wr? Krlher. H lla/man, W II Beveranee, I'apt W O Mitchell, ? 'aid v I' Week.*, J Rti<?e;l. W P Km.ueily, Q II l*dleir. Vlary C ibriel, Coin R S Mar In, S htronjf and JOS iu the aieeragw. Kiob .-avarnah. In '.ca:e.hlp Aiij'ik'a? 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H Banner, Jm WHxiii. \ A Putnam, l? IViwa uj I adf, A I'em Mra .I M *lma, Mta? sima, A II Godfrey. J i i eeolriti and ivly, .I (In ena, I' M A Kdwanl Mulntyre, K It Me?ee, .Inn Oli-aMn, A Htiren, K Wnimann, W MaUbAaon. Mi . hwit b, W Han< K Lepejre II l? H?pe, P .( Vewkold, I? i.. h. M'?? M IMinon. P il I'rau. A .1, B O llarlwell, <i I !?? r, H Hull ?r, K Ha Hon, K,M.?rfc ? eaibiT? and eighteen .n ihe rtrera^e I r >a* in: ah. in the >.ieam?tii|i Florida? J 8 llronn, I. K Prenotl, n I. I ana .an, Jolin Ow any, 8 0 Klercna, Mra .Inbu d ?a. Miaa Ainlreea. Miaa Paine, Henry M Baker an.l b. tv. Mra < ampbe I, > O l^rlnga D M WiLaoo and l?.ir. K cii-ra It .1 laniMM, H T stevfna aad laty, J R lohivtlon Jr. niJiiit- and e'?bi??n la 'Jie ?teerai;e. Cnmmlaalotirra of KMlt(r*llon, Il.e lion 1. 1 met at the uaual time, ,1. P. Cnmmioga, in the abienro of the I'reaident, In the chair m? nrar ro>TltA' T. IVe . lluwiiif tlguiea fh'.w the anfunl of meat con gmi4 in the loa'itution under r ha rye of thaC'oramia ?ion?ta duriiif the year I*j aI?o tiia prlee for which I lie i onliact la awarded thla /oar : ? >d?i. ?. IP+l. ?aat PHcr prr 1h. ?ho u ld?r?. Wt,S*70 ( tift.CM A ( hack*. (I P.un|4 Coi tM^ beef ?.**' 7 ltoaatiac beef. tA,71t 10 -irkdn -iaak ?i^ I *f? and ?hin? 30 Mutt< 4?,S71 ?l v > a' l.*?? % Ian1! ~ II Tin fallowing MImrw ww pnt in foan led on the <,ii?mtt/ ennauwed laMI fia ? Wl,: as lioc thenrt *.10.?4i 47 ttiloaiu J??or , 31,4*7 72 I ann* li'lr* 92,.fJ3 21 f H? * .... ?4,d74 ?7 M^pin i * i :tan?- ri7,o^: n# Joe. McAnlli',... .19.082 ^8 T>r onUaet wu aeeord n?>y awarded to Wm <?o>d li?aft, he twin* the lowaet l.i 4.>r, WHltr ll'kMAIT. V ef a.i?n einigmut- arttrwd to >aa 4?\ l*.v ...I, MS " ?inee to ^Qth. 2W) IVital V3V To i auie .'.ata In 1?M 7 <m. IMd IU? No. luoin'.M In InaUtiitton at Wnrd < taland 1 Ml 3,7i? " Ma. una Ho?|>i at. . 132 37? Total..,. %<m 4.UM < >rer lrat\ on l?iik .inn. I . lMt 9*3, SI <17 *?*?? *?te rweeipia to Jaa V, 1?K ?-? 44 Kee- trad aine* ta Jan 90 fcr t?n'r ut A II a a I'annwri 914 On - - ... ?? 397 04 HtoT,^rT?t12i,r*r ^ ^ ?? * " %u ** Snndrj jai. J8 "J % - f fhe Naval Comt M?rtl*l vpon C?m. lUlrMr. I'mi-aiMnjirs, Jea. M, MM. 7he navti court martial reassembled this morning. i*1 * aior* than usual arra y of spectators throeged Ik* court 100m. After th* record had bom rMd tad ?ppri??l, the Judge Advceate moved that the quMtiou pot to Com. Jenkins in relation to the publicity of the rap*rt ia quae tlon at Washington, together with hi* answer, bo wtth drawn. Aftar consultation the Court decided that tiM* should not be withdrawn. Jumps Cooper, Esq., the eom*et f>r the secuaM, thai proceeded t,? rood the dofence, a elaborate Joe a * meat, requiring about twa tours to read. The defence opens with aome remark* n;>on tu? I iria na'e act that, und ar the dt*epeat migfortuna <>r unmerited injustice, hapa a>aya remain*; that uadar iagra itafe or Ilia treachery oi pretended fries s we are emble 1 ta bear up. The de^se then refer* to the ?a?t that the a? cu?ed wan retiied from the uervic* wiiu no kaown "bant* against him. 1V< accused congratulates hinntetf that some ol the members of the pi eaent court we-? the a* temporal I Or of Decatur, and o;her of our country'. naval heroes. The accused stated his intention t? be perfects frank ard open in his remarxa, and not to conceal any thing relatirg to th- pri. ent charge, and par ioulatW that part of itieuticg t? the language used by tMa when overcome by the treachery of a pretended frieai. The charge againat acctiw d was then read, aad th* charge defli cd as urdersttKxJ by accused. The fact is. 'hat the cb'.rge is not lor ubi'jg certain language, but that in W&-hiagt'wi tli# accused tiaid that be had umA such laiguago. 'l"he singularity of the l.?ct that the chug* was not brought co the original oflence van then e*a ? meateden. uil tact that in common law all the ingra dleota of un otleuoe charged agaiout an individual mart be proved, wan stated, auri a number of authorities wer* releried to. The two material ingredients which eater in'o this offence were then taMn up. The first, that ha publicly applied certain epithets to Captain Dupoat, was examined and 'he fact denied. The accuitad denied that he ever publicly used the epithets charged, bat uDder circuntrtaaceb which c>uld not be called publsa. At the fame time the acouaed does not deny that he did . ffer the insult to Captaiu Dupout. Th* evidence o( Mr. 0 Etheriitge, (V plain UolCblHiro and Commander Jenkins wa ? then inmil to ahaw that the accused waa willing to rpeUt of iho difficulty between himself aad Captain Dupont, and th<- Insult offered by him, Captain B. In relation to Commander Jenkins' testimony, th* accused shewed the mini:).' iu which ho was praised by Corcituiider J. to say that he had insulted Captain Du pont. lathi re an;, country ia which word* thus ?x torted would b* regarded an evidence of a crime'' It will be rccollect*'! that it wax in the privacy of <Jke accused's own rr-oui that this confession was extor'ed. The accused that he did not even lepeat to Cous nander J. (who was the ag"nt of, Captain Oupont) the epithfts applied to Captain D. by hin fu rumors ftxkea of a* Hyitg about Washington were thtn *p< ken of, aLd tha accused declared that he : >uM iiut be held tbnp^n.^ible for what ethers chose to <?ay. Ihe '? publ-.cit, " raid the delemce. amounts V) the fact ti'at, in n private rom in the Navy Department, he uae4 theie ? pitl-eti- ti <ne jram ? thero b<-ii:g two o her per sons in 'he loom ? aiul that on one or two other oc a si. ns in the privacy ot his own room, he replied " Yea." wiun prey ed to state wlu lher he bad or had not m. milted Capr. Pujiont. Tbe meaning of the words " p?b iic " sad '-publicity'' weie then defined and it waa Htsted thut the laugusge of accuned would only be held to be public if le htd spoken it initUcioiulr. The seooat 1 art oi the charge, that the action of the 'Retiring Board wh.' the pretext lor the iuaults to Capt. L>. , wa? slated to he disproved ly the evidence of the witnesses these reivf, for accused h?;d fXpre-sly stated (accord ng to tie wi'nestf H themwlTes) that the astioa *t that Board w a<" not the ca^^e >>f it. The fact that Capt. D. was (.nly ouh of fifteen, and therefore could not hurt the accu>eit, ?#h dwelt on to show the absurdity of th* cha ge That tliers auy evidence that the ae'tu* of the Board wa.-t the prr text was ei inertly aenle<l. ml thetft'eccfl ?-gucs this point at giejt l?ng.h. Thf 'o_rd ing' e-l.ent < f the cba'jfe, that the insult vended to txtag on a ciuarrel or a <Mitl, was then takna up. It wmi stuttd t ti r< this p.'it it tee cliaigj was not to lie pr >ved, inasmuch ? i*. t. '.towtd the coiumiAsion of the insult, unl wa? u 1 ] nit ot it. I11 lelation to thia affair, to ceter n cui1*'* t bomds rimiiar to '.he Ke iring Heard, the de'erce ?ai<J, 'hat auy member of a board that oould be deterred By lutU mruus would be unworthy the coa fidcnce of tlie pub ic. lh? un-American character of the board wa.t thert spoken ot. Its sccrecy was ua Amfri can. The .icti m of the i':eeident of tue l:nite? Statea, Congre-s atid the couita of the country all bow to public opinion in this i .spect. bat wn are to auppoae that tha purity of the Retiring Board was aj immaculate that It ueed not be opfu to the public. Captain Duponl'a testi mony was next taten up, and both the testimony whloh *??< a> niitttd that which was excluded, and the Letter placid on rtcorii ly Captain D. weie subnutted to Ute clofest and mi nt searching examination. Mr, C-ioper then road an afhdavi: sworn to b?f*r* V'-^er Courad "it tlm 'ir>th iu?t., giving a detail of the version of Com. Ritchie a- to the interviews with Captala Ihi]<cnt and niuirtlf in 1 *1 i ac e'phia. The affidavit stated that during the spiio;' of J86.r) the deponent met Captala l>ii pout in the etteei in I'liiladelptia, and after caa vej-irg on vaiions .'ubjects they ?rere about parting, wlrn <iep< nmt saia to Captain Dupont that be thought ol paying a vi-it to Washington lor th* purpose of 1 -ijliig fcis lespects to the Secretary, and als ? ?pj)y for a roramaud. Deponent mentioned tbat he bad fce^n infurn.ed that officers were making ia (i inet as to his m >ial characer ami in reiaUoa to his health I apt. Pu pout laughingly replied that < eprr er,t nee-1 pay no aMe-iti'.n to suoh repDr>; that t>a i tllter in the rv.y ha< c'??arer -l?et. The next meet iKg iccnrrcd at the I a 1 ierre House, when t&e <?* I< uiul accidentally e.-'Coimterfed him. CapUin Da pen: approacted with bis ban.! extend? 1, whea the f ejsir ent refused to meet his advances, and atked wncther he retnemliered his assurances ef hi* pro?pects befoie tlie l!etiria|{ Bwi Capt Dupoal denied having made u?e of them, when strongly excite/ and Hmartin? under the indiguity put upon him by tba action <f the board, deponent applied the epithet* liar and coward. Captain Dupont lemarkel that the depo n? nt had still an honorab'e position beside Commodore Me wart on <ho ietired list, and then telling the depot eat that he had used ail the abuse in his power, advised him to go and tril the world. The deponent replied tbat the world knew him nlieady. The ceponent acknowledged that the word scoundrel waa not used on that oockidna. The defence then arpues that the omisaion ot Captain Dupont to mention in his letter the fact that tha epithet* had been u-<ed, and hii failure to deny their utterance until before the Court, accorded but little with the mea ty Iranknesa 11 -1. ally the characteristic otan rflicer. the charge that the defendant had publicly reported having applied the epithtts to Capt. Dupont was atiennotiaiy denifd, and much stress laid upon the failure to prov* this. In the Interview with Com. Jenkins, after several questions in relation to the matter in his own pi ivate chamber in a hotel, he had answered a simple ??Yea" to the interrogatory, and this was the only la stance proven la which the defendant had acknowledged making ua? of the epithets. The evidence waa also de fective in givioq neither time nor place for the pubiit dec aralion said to have been made; ana a* s peri fie 'acta :u e needed to warrant a conviction, the attempt must fall. T'ce defence proceed*! with the declaration thai th* case had been discussed wilb perfect lrauknesa and oaa i'.or on hia side, concealing nothing, and givirg no color net warranted by truth ; and with the asauranoe tbat tha prosecution had failed to prove the charge, he left hi* cause in tbctr hands, confident in the hope that the de claim would l>e favorable. He looked fir ward to that de cision with anxiety. He loved the aeivioe, and altera service of forty veata? a portion of which waa du ring it* days ol glory, when the names of Decatur, MoDonoogh, Hull and I'erry ornamented its annals ? he ooold not leok I'orwaid without emotim ta the merest chance of the last tte that bound him bting severed. Although ra movrd from the chance of active tervice by tho dec4?i*a of the N'aval Board, be still cheilahed ttie hope that >h; 11 Id the inline render hia services neceasary he night alill be allowed to take part in battling for hU coun try. The present accu>ation waa the only offenm tliat had been ever laid to bia chartre during tha whole courae cf his life. Careful of bia own honor, he lias never designedly injured any one, and only wh?a struck from hia |ioaition through hla own Inaotion, into which he ha^ been betrayed through the ailvioe *f a treacherous friend, did he apply the epithets so daaerv*d. This was done openly; and aabotn of us wore sworda, an ?PP**) to that waa the natural expectation, and not t* the rulea of the rervis*. In conclusion, the dtfeaoe ad vetted to the utter insufficiency of the evidence to Mb stantiate 'he charges, and with a firm trust the Juat4a? of the Court wculd exclude the portions before deoidea t* le inadmissible, he would await the declaloa with aa ar. ileus confidence. Altar concluding the reading of the defence, Mr. Coop er. th* counsel, remarked tbat he had not pleadad the waat 01 jutladii'tlon of the Court, on the constitutional ground that th* defendant was not on trial before hla peers, be having been retired from the aerrloe by tte Naval B< ard. while hia judges were all upon the retaia*d list . The Judge Advocate stated that a provision in th* law bad picvioed that the retired officers should rtlll t? amenable to its rule* and regulations. After a rerens taken by the Court, the .lodge Advocate a>krd permission to have until to-morrow at 11 o'oloek to prepare hia reply to th* argument of the aoauaM. Thte being unasual In naval courts martial, Commodore Maya expressed aa unwillingness to go beyond former preoa its at a, aa th* permission ask*d for would warrant tha ac cused la asking permission to respond. The Court waa cleared for consultation, and on re-aa M-mbllng the accused was lafbrmed that the permiaatoa to reply had been givfn to the Judge Advoeate, aad tha Court thea adjourned to aieet again this morning. Rani IatcU%*Be?. The C. H. sloop-of-war St. Mary's waa at Taloahnaaa ?a the 13th of December, recruiting. She arrived a few days previously from th* Haadwloh Islands. Th* I". 8. ?t*aa frigato Massachusetts, I .lent Com. R. W. Mead*, from Han Juan del 8ud for Ska fVandaoo, waa paaaed 21th alt., 3*6 mDea N. W. of Acapuloo, aU weU. The l*. 9. aloop-of-war Decatur, Oaat. Hkerrltt, wwnfc sshote oa th* southeast end of Bain bridge lalaad oa tha ?th of December flhe was got off next day, Uahiag bu ly. Th* amonat nf damage* sustained by th* ship not Wa aee*rta*a*d. Obttaary. M*'<>r Tanwts n?en aois dlad oa tha tt'h ioa'a;)*, , ffo? ..M 11>* d^eeaead ??. au offieer in the \ n'w lV . .? i>a< >t>. i? tHa my: of 191% kni In Cij j ' I >, ...I, s ta .a.