Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW MORNING YORK HERALD. ^OH-SATTODAI, FKBRCaRY 2, 1868. HUGE rTO^TS UTBBTBEMBBT8 RENEWED EFflRI DAT. raw pcbuqatiom. A work or intknrk inikkks*.? D. APPLE.TOM A OO., 316 un SiS Broadway. Publish TMOONFIDENTLAL CuttRK&UNDENOE OF MAPO LRON BON AP ARTS WITH fa IS BROTHER JuaitfB. "WW m6 translated, with explanatory note*, frou the ' Memores Du Hoi Joseph." Tiro thick volume*, 12m o. Frio* 92. Jw book has yet appeared wfctah furnishes so correct ? por traiture of the character of Napoleon. He in almost daily aomamnloaUoo with hla brother Jo?tph irota hi* tint appoint' aunt as the Genera: of Brigade d>?n >x> mo Mth of June, 1815. We cannot form a correal id?a ot 'he caaracer of the great mind that s? eyed over nearly t&e whole oootinint of Bo rope Without reading these letter*, nrhl'ih. uo ike offlnlal oorves poadence, open to us the Inmou tnough's ?nd motive* of ao of the writer. The.* letter* u*?r upon ever; sublect, and we mo with what a watchful eve he >>?!?*: for eveu the smtll ?st thing. A distinguished cri'lo ??* o >?erved lo examining the early sheet*, 'hat " blograpnrr* will hire to write their biographies of Napoleon over again." A N EXCITING BOOK. Jt\. a new edition mw ready. FITS YKARS OF A HUN 1'r.K'd U1KK AMONG LIONS, MjKFIIANTh am I) tiTHKn WIL.U A.N1 MALS OF KOUT11 k vlnKlOA. Br R. O. Cgnaa _ With an lutroduction by Bayard lavlor 1ft illustrations. l2mo. 91 so. iikhhy ,t JaiJUsoN. Publisher*, 119 Nassau street. American revolution ahy romancss By Vn Gilmokk Hums, New and revised edlUon*, with illustrations by Parley; In 12mo volume*; price 91 26 each. 1. Tub PAitTWAit? a romatra of the revolution. 2. Hiuii'iuara- A legend of the t-autee. 3. Katuabi m; or, the iteuel nf Itorcberter. 4. Thk Booot; or, the Black kidcrs of the Ooogu ee. 8. WooscsAFt; or, 'be lla ks ai>uu. the Doveoouj 6. The Foaarma; or, the Raid nf the Kog Uayt? A nerr Re volutionary romance, now tint published 7. Kotaw? a xequel to the Korayen [In March.] SIMMB'8 ROBDKR RUMANOfcS OK 1'Uiv rt.iUTH? New and revised edition*, with Illustrations by barley. Uniform With blmWs Revoiullouar; tales. 1. Out Rivers? a tale or t? eorglv 2. Richabd IIprdis- a tale or a abama 3. Bobobb Beadles? a tale oi Ml-?t*?iopL 4. Cbxkluiokt? A tale ot Kentuckv . [la February.] Anew book. 5. Z*AVCBAitri; or, the Kentucky Tr?<edy. [la March.] & Conversion; or, the Blind dear., flu April.] Teb Tuutra-A romance o South Carolina. Boothwaku, Uo I? A spell or sunshiue. By Win. Ollmore UniH, Ksq . On the receipt of the retail prion, any of the above book* will 'be sect by malt, postage prepaid. J ? UKOKIKLD, 31 Bee < man street, "RKAUTY AND TRUTH HaVK 0LA8PKD HANDS IN MJ lu recital.? Ftedericksburgh (Va ) ftew*. Now ready, aL<>i?K, By Million tl.lKLAND A new reviied (19th) edition. One elegant 12mo., uniform with the " Bidden Path " Prise 9t ?> The present publisher* have the p easureof presenting to Ibe trade and the pubilo their edt ton tu oie ct th? most VAHC1NAT1NU, lNTKkaSTI>a AMU fOI UUAU volumes that has been punished tor u;?n ye*r*. Unaided by the usual effort* that are made to -itm.d tn? aa'e ot books of far greater pretension, it ha* upon ih? strenxihof i>? own In trlrsic merit* reached the ex raoi dinar y uiuuber of nlne'eea edlticn* in little more than a y?nr? ihu?, all uun<* oonsilered, outstripping all compel '.'on tor Uf not! <v poo ular favor Kivtl edi'lona have been published in huglaod lud o i the Oontin^nt. And now. In thousands of families, 'lut oooks or Marlon Uarland Are welcome vtniten A rtw extracts rno? leiotbt utcviews or "alone." We recogllze points lu It whinn deserve bigh pr?i?<s for their high merit* True gemus aione tor ins' men, co ild have coo ?celved and executed 'he ?cen^ no1 vma L<ajy aud I la. Th s Wboe epirode of the marriage ot 'he ivmiw with ttie vo'irg ?nd fasnionabl* Helen, I* CKpltall.v nv?n audits final eatas trophe U as thrilling as it U ?lmplt- and natur?l. Uhtrley Is oue of the be?t drawn people we buve me wrh in print tor in toy a day. Ida, berselt- Carry, -Jo?enhinn, nnnc Iticiel, l.vnn Holmes, tec artist, the Dai a tauilly i vitrei ?'.tno-n. everyb ody lrtrcduced even to tbe ir.ere'i oke eh srv tfrnp uc andnls loot The book 1> full of nerve, and be .r* "*'ka it 'tin. tnnUeuim fhr whose sake mtich le exi-usai'l*. We oao oolut to no re ent female work as containing p issaun' ih.iu "Alone."? Bos ton Post. There Is cenlun, pMbo* humor a. d mora) In It* nharmln? psges; m'l.ii knowledge of hum : i, ',?'ure, nil po ver to deli neate character It canuoi I'a'.l to '>e re m! v ik (.e?p I iwre?t Oy *'1 who bave truf- fee.i' g nd mr o ? mnathtes. A<a w>rk "1 QcUon it Li nee of the be?t we have read In iu my a d iy. -Mew York observer The superior mertt of "Alone" do s not <v>ri|<t merely (a the interest of tht siorv, wi h iu glowu t ? nou,"in ?nd eiqulnite ianoles.' not in the raiihtol por'r >i ne >f i.f- <n I da li?tl ?n of character; not In the voi?ei ot'sym;>Htliv o.wAi.tiy t?l in? like music upon the heart, to quicken iu> better te?lln?fs; nor yet lo It* ur wavering adbrston to Vtia' .? rlint tad propur In |t?ell: but above alltnis shluw.g to h >nd givl'ig new oeaaty to all ttat is alt'active in buaii.u cotuac'er <ne pu. uy, md -impdcity, ?nd loveliness ot Christian principle* jri-a.tiH their ennobling ?flnt In every line - L-ilng'oo (\ a ) Hut, x?. A striking and instrtic'lve tale Aiming a' ao eriel'eot moral effect. It Is executed with it rent art and iepinti oh ira-vnr* the iu preasicn ot wbose beauty wit not ?v< edlly pass from the .leader's mind ? N Y hvantellrt "Alone" is a book of fieat merit ?n<4 we reoal portloai Which dlsilav a thorough kuo^lad/e of ar'. whiob enters so largely into the eharxoier ot e> erv ' ile-ieller? *e m an the art Of tbe rarooieur. V e have t*ldom to*< wi'b a workofthi ' kisd mora gracefully put for li. We oomm* od tt most cordially to the whole community. ?Bo i hern L,i entry Metsenge DERBY A J.vrK -ion, fu lisbem. New York. And for sale by al booktel en and ne*> amenta. Hing e co pies sent by mall post paid. 18 IT BO? The Boston Evening Gazette *?< s:? It U vtated In a new book just published fcy Dertiv, of >e# York en'itled " Jiatsn And ftew Orleans." tba' the Hesi.tifriit. wtich outlined du tinguisbed botor at Balitklava, li 'n??jim? that koLso awtuliy Whipped a' the battle nf ? w i irleaiw. Second edition ready tbltdav. jAt)KSt)N ami NH.W ORLEANS. An authentic narrative of tbe m<Mnor>tl>ie anhiavements ot the American army under Andre* J*'".*?. Oefore Mew Or leans, in the winter of Itii Uy .ticctn'ier tv .iiwr, late of the N. O. Delta With iron Wi teio U no. SI iS DKRBY A JaCK-? -V, t'u'i Ui.eiv Me ? York, and tor sale by al> book>eller*. ?VTEW BOOK FOR INMN-a.KS AX1) HCTftTRYOR^ J_>l THK KNOlMBKk'a Ho'.KM COMPANION FOtt THK t'lM,l >, By W. OrI8Wxi.ii t tvl. t-^Uftnecr. It comprises rules ior e*lculailog de'lrni in . distanos and angles, and aii the nece-*ar . t?sle? tor ?r a u-e-s; a!s > the art of levelling, trom prrltmmary -nr ? ry to ths construction Of railroads, together ?tth nnmeroo' VALDASLK kplksa:<u rx.tar'.M. This work has been hl*biy ivc >oi i.?n'i?i by manv of the tnrst experienced etigiuee ui the country lit m >.. in ito ?j, turk, gilt edge*. 91 2a. ttingle one, s ?it tree, by mall, oa receipt of price MILLKB, ORTOi? A Ml l.I.i'l \N, l''ihll?hsr?, 25 Park row. New York and 107 Ueneaee st., Auourn. NOW READY- BR AIT d W.\ 1 T R'S HKrROrPBOT, PaBT XAX1I., for Januar>, uniform Am few edition 'ibis admirable digest enjoys itroutfhuut ue w irlt a hlcher fame In It* depaiUuent, ? tl h?- more iitm-ivn patr iuage than was ever acquired "> ?n. ototr r^enod.v. *! pobUeatlon. Term* invariable in advai oe, 'rom part xxm , 'or Julv.lflfil 92 per annum, or 91 e*sh ran. Toe h.i lt unrulier* or Hd'* from the commencement, cm be h -?d at the original prices, fme of costs ge. 32 pan* bound in 16 vols sb'sp lln-try s-.y'e. 91 ? vo . delivered free of c targe I'ai-is i to 1?. 40 cents e?ch Parts 13 to 22, 76 cen?? ea"h Par ? 23 'o :t.', *1 ea -!i N. B.? Mailed to *uh*crH er? free of p i -.111(0, hy BTHlNt>bK A lO'V>H ? M> Publtabarv. No. iLL '?? (nf) way. New York. And for sale by all the orlnrl ial bo<>k?ei.oi a p FKRSONAL MKMOItth Of MA i) vMli Jl'UR DE MAR aCUUTTU, Ibe flntol an original atnrr, which ? ! o-.ove on* of the too hi brilliant, plquuit anl enter alum* - ?r|tf whica baa ever been liven to the Amer'can public, entii el FK?.M>d AML> rOKrt; OR. TB08K 1 LOYK AM) Tit' MK I it ATE. WU1 be commenced It the 8l?Nl>&Y UOoltiER on 8uud?y uext, K ?L> 3. Thl? atngalar produ-jU. u mmigh given under t ho fuclna'lnjt gut*e of fiction, u the p?? -on*: hiitiry of that m w rem irkatile vi oman Madame rie Ma'' no *.?? i Komor? written by her exp'e?*l> tor tbe raiuimiix' t Ibe Mindir i onrier Ibe revela lou of tba til uv vol t> in aacuut iil-h* d and eoeea Me hat MWHW in h* .hi VorM, wd ktroMfita In the new her vailcu* o tnr,e-< mi l mi- ' hi .i? ., her iimo tp. tlon* of weil knowi persoi age*, and her rn ?relation! of "York aocle'7, allogeh~r render it on* ot tun ni'wt singular rrm* ntio narrative* mai li .s ever iieo i w i>?ll*h?d. Ibe reader* ot tbe wmum I'ntirier rjjo'Ud be ?ttre not to alas tbe ooenlng chapter* nl hm t*.v *it? 1 be I ourler will bef r > hI? lu hi ilior.r *Reai- and nfti tiov*. and at tbe office or publication .No 10 Mpru w *treei, FrlceScrnU per cop). Yewr'y mUhmt ? niton ? JaMKS i, uMITH A CO. |R0F JCL.IU8 CiBiAH H linriBAI/? lAt/rriiws SIXTH Sfchl** -.1i> X.v Ai I (ot o few wore* o i- jru<"Vou gxow Yorlt" dl* eSen tag, all aeMnail ?>?> wl l |iltM-e cm?i a*r n ne* h o,> eatln p?? nute and take d?r ??*'? 'pori il<* f on t nucha* I 'B ole h? %W Can romcd?le d^nw r/f in ile rmr vfum'iiW ii -?y can rl.irf quartern Wbat l t? Rwan? m?i so nigral .o tn< o iu^d*rel hljihJy oonfldei.Ual to de *d'e o k?, noil darxfor* Yoa will find the ren alr.der ot im* le 'uro, i y la* remunM old Hark ev I blln eptmr, In 'h ? la>'? >1 Y. Plt'iYJNK, beflden eight out*, snowing tbe true ranee ot mwt >1 t -i r *11 road aoMdenta; tiigetiir>r wits imii >?- -in .1 earira ure?, and fifteen cotnmnH of *pic edlortal*, t,uu? jnee, mhiiaea, Ac. livid bj all the newt de. lent ChOCLD BE TAK.KN IN H.iMhiil'ATllIC HOdgiJ. 0 i hk wmow BKiiorr WHAT THEY THt-'K J t kit U l.> W \Snt!?UT05 Niti the Wa blnn'oti Hal v ilio ?> : Wr <tiv ' t' opinion tbtt <t l? toe moai hum' iou? bok ib^t b i? 't^i-r i> <>n writien by a female; and ?re reganl It km hut llMe tf ? i?tbi >g. Infe *l'?r, a* a n l-th lnxp4rtng prootftion to ' Kim n i t " or U> Thacke ray'a "Teilnwuiuab Paper*." wei ?? being huoior nu tbe 'Bedmt riiper*" Hie miiirton m: lie autbureia b? drawn some plotuiex tb?' we ???itir.ii'. h n ^<111 ?< very t*dh 'ill reprvfuiiMili'tiH of < ha' ?h.? h.*il * <:? Am .'n? tuete la the iKiDation t'any, which in a "h < 1 ?<r -v iria ilia priue o? the bo. k Weinytoail ? nr ??h?J *il ji'iKii ^ay? the lontuvtlic 1 a<h ronr>ei: ? liw/ ipenk more elfiyt tn?li> to 1 he ge> er*i ear kmI he .1". ov^ii t.wu^h ney wjonear ?re tot Hw?'i< o' the :a?n. tl at ihey arc tni ilhing wt.-'l im. the ?Paper*" need not a word iron: n* i ? ni?>* *'bo kn iw any thli'g of tfeelr chnrec'ee, u> t.hi *e who In 'in!. w? any thv they cannot too khou mn m o ot lb* rln^ wit a'i<l guilt) humor 'bat ?p?rk ? hk< '.he 1/111 .1' iHtnuiua of nature ?matit the green Held. . t II ? ray* the noititern l.l nra.r? Mewn^r: T ? iree.k^'l hit ot the *ea*oo, ar.<l protrocttlve ot iuo e il i?iir|gh' bnf^ lauxbter than any bo^k *tncf< '-Major .lom.-' i on t.-nlp." Vfhoirar V'oald nnjoy hour* ot r >hI au*fa '? o < In diol r?*dinjc? '0' *e ve*e *' udenl leaking re'nxailo*i o ibe n acMnft' m to Wishing to he aot'iaed atier tne dai'i* ll-*h ?11M poMura a oopy i? tbe Widow bedint. 1 h> re t? to rtra* <*, i u> iLn loorrlm^'.it It ?ffordi, and all It* Jokei are 1* pur? ? ,i| maooeut a . the pranks 01 childhood. Ibe hawaik tially Advertiser ?ay? : -The tnn and lae ?mlrk commence with the lol'iil cha|i or .tnd "im erery paiie <be grin wldeoa. till the Until 0 ie,?'*hi*n the iau<b aval 1 up crer* thing. a>id ibe ea r? even diatpptw <n tlie crne^xnandl'-g mouth, under the benign In Inane- r ttla aim-nthetteal, mlrtb provoker. wal*thai>d oil boiu.i. telro'. ' Fifteenth I ISO now ready One lUaatra'ed ISmo Price ft ii IKKHY aM1? JAfKm-N. Puh tahor*. New York. And for ?ale bj all bookeel er* singir coplei *nnt by mall, post paid. HKSTAIIBA-VTS. E*IX 8DPPKB8? rm-. MAWHAtrAN ff'lTfHB H0PPK.R roam*. 1T5 Bowery, be'? e?n Icnutnn nod m?n'or> *treei?. In* kihI genii men on vi*iHng t eit,?<. t>*ll* or <rl?h'n* ar**kfii*t. dinner, tea or *tipper wi I llnd thi* newe*l ihil.hrnnnt HgWgPAPEM. AMERICAN ILLUMTKaTBD MkWHPAPKS. Mo 9 of Prank Um te'a ILLUBTKaIK > NMVBPuPKB, ?( M Iuued Thla Moixlng, contain the following ftpleoifc. '1?uU length portrait of ei-Goremor Hunt, by BUnU. Sew line of iteamahipe between ?laago. and New York. '^penSgoifpubUo aobool No 48, Twenty eighth utreet, New York ctty. Portrait of B H. Fowler. Koq. Sinking of Btalen blend ferry bout Columbus, In New York ItarDtr. tkeoe In WMhlngton street, Boetoo Plowing ?i the mow. Portrait of United S'ate* heoator Kobert Toom<>?, of Georgia. Maine liquor law In New Bruaawick. tiorncnmeut oOcer* burnt in effigy at St. John View of the new College ol Phydcians and durg?o-ia, New Yorkcitr. Mew el the leotuie room, with Dr. Delalleld delivering the opening addrese. Portraltof I >r. Xdwerd DelatoU Portrait of tir. Alexander 11. btevena. Telrgraph* on railway car* aud other Uliutretim); with all the news ol the week. CbeM, by an experienced editor. Continuation of the thrilling romance. " The Last of Ula Race." Vormie at al! no as depot*. AGKKKKAL RUSH BT ONR AND ALL BHOCT.D B?2 made to secure & copy of Yo UAU A.dKltlOA, for 'he week spuing Feb 2 It will make rod onen > ocir e>e? with wonder at lia tplendid ocmlc tl ustmtl >ns, am >ng whlcn wtll le mund a picture of Uie political inva Id, o: Presidential fuuotioual do rangenienla. aim, a capital cut hi ih- Uaper* ol ths Ton, called Fashionable Hour*; " A Reception Matinee," or the I.sdy I loners at kove wtlh por'-rkit* or severa dm bwulnhon Krtb A vr noodles. The Juvenl e Bit lard Player*. Ye Popular Idea of "lnelauU, railroad KatHe l-?, a'id the < onducior of the Train; Tbe Ball that oather ?? tt Woe*. the K ur roiot of diplomacy, HippodramtUc Hoop*, Kansas Letter*; ne-Ude* sparkling editorial*, Jeu d'erprlts. Immi roou, jok?, couuti drum*, songs ot the tin e* and hU -ort* of thing* caicula'ed to make vest rut too a ffy and pot everybody in a pui bumor Price 6 oenta per number For *a!e bv ail new* a rente and b / T. W. bTitONG, puMUber, Oh ftatsau N. Y. NO. 8 OUT OF PRINT or FR\NK. LESLIE'S ILLUS t rated Newspaper - New* agent* hvio/ oleic ooples on Ucd oau hare them exchanged lor a ay o'her number by ap plying at the offloe, IS aud U elpruce street UNPRECEDENTED VaRIEIT.A PiPER TU AT WILL interest all cla*ea? THIS nSW TOHK MkROCRY, tOU tit ? DAT, K?. 9. Will contain the grdtlMt amount of interesting. Instructive end choice reading matter that w ever given to the world toe three cents. CONTEN l'i. Dtociosuree in Reference to OontJl'lon or AffiiirsatWish fce Mavy Yard, Brooklyn. ington-The B.uui Assault A?o'her interesting chapter up'in Horace ireeley. ot 1 ui. We Out, Illustrating the Tbe ' ijove Powder" Man? c?reer and character of Office Hi* Arrest. seeker*. churohes and Charily ? Continuation of the *p endld Brooklyn Mirat*. -romsnce of The Creole Wife, Wes'ohenter County and ore of the most Interesting Harie-n i -orrpApfindeaco-Su ever published. btirban Politics, Kellgleu and Tbe Friend of the Family, a Moral* capital s'orv of real life. 1 be itrtraJ Intelligence, and An Adventure at a Ba l; or. Gossip oi tbe Week Falling in Love with a Woman Freemason* tun the Roman ftlthout fteelnic Her Fare. Isto Their ? unionisms ichn Bandolph and Daniel A Mock Aactloo Hceoe ? Webser, an anecdote and a Pe er Funk Done Bro vn. correction. ITnlon Kerry company ? A Yalltr Cat wbo wore a Onlver?tl owooaeut ?t the Blue Coat and Brass Buttons. Peop'e. obituary ot Commodore Report of the Commissary Charles Morris, ol the United General ? The Cmdtltm of States fiav> . MIMtIa and Military Resources An Interesting Event In tbe of tul? state " Korn Kob " Family - A Brooklyn Correipon deuce Christening and its rtesu'ts. Civic arid Military AH'airii over 'the 'lestimnny of a Horse the alver*. Con vlc'ieg a Murderer. Male's In ere?ing to Fire Curious Mhcovery of Guilt nw ? Imp irt ant Op'nlQu-a by mrans of a Gla-<? Button. Tup Police aud the Firemen New York Utunadtel -'?w Lrouvd Street Flm? third York as it is -Its Glory and its and i-'ourth OUtricts, xo.. At. ?>ban>e. Bills and Solr^ea of the Ween I'.ie Danclnj, World. PRICE THREE CENTS PKB Cn|' T. For *ale everywhere, and at tt.? . Hire. 22 ?Iprnro Strt'e'. Ibe lsrge snd r?plaly Inrresstng nlr tt *tl >?, of <be Mercury mskes It a most advantageous medium I'tr advertiacri. i or III > tl^ht reutK per line a rtmance oflnlence intere-t. fu 1 o s'irtiing incidents and "tdver'nre. wrl te^ eipres' x' r the Mirourv, wl l shurtly be ci mmercfd ^ewsve^ders sbouil be",i ibe .ookout for tbe Oral Inst a ment HISVELIiAHKlXlil. i >n enn tu lo to loan, on short JD I ,tJUU time otiuinKlblnpropert\,Ur tboui and mort kHge, clt; piopertv u embftidlhe i^old w^lobes. jowc ry, dla m. rips, planrc, rllver ware, Ac Parties tre'tted libera ly Af pi> to C. O. Hk.Kt>MA>, ill ita ciaj street., live doors from the A at or H(>use. A PAMNER WANTKi? WHO 18 NOT AFRAID TO <\. work, with a few hund ed in reedy cssli, to engage In a lUbt, genteel burltiesx, ai-endy e^tahil*! ed; a man <r e lergy snd capability, wbo wri es ?? good h?i d, prelerrocL Apply lm mediatoiy lo C. G. THOMr&Ofi, lift and 67 Nassau street, Hon ft. A?ew ligbt. KKBOSKAbi. OR COAL OIL. tKLttKr.D BT r AT K.MS. Tbe Intensity of tbe d?h' obt ilnel from thl.i oil will be found to exceed that of any other nil or llqwd heretofore kuown lo las publlo. This oil being a pure dlstlTatton trom coal, without the ad mixture of >plnt* of turpentine or aiqohoi, is warranto l to be bet explmlve. In' urantecomusnlesa low It to be u?eJ with out sdaltlonsl premium. Tbo?e wbo tetd or write much at night will And It a great scqtusition, as toe lul 1 1 reuisikabl-. steHdyatd softtothenye. tor general family use, tr xtea nbo*t*, shipping, t ali' o?(. cars, ol urcte*. tHctories hotels snd llghlhou^es his cl 1- a- *et unequalled it *-un.s brl liantlt wlihout ?mokUig or i ruetlng the wirk; foen-iot deterlt>rate or ev?po; ate by txposure, ati i Is n<M kt ecu d by the aesiber. Th? variou* pstei.'ed iHmp- to be found at the store of the utiCen-lgbed are rt-cotpmended as the be" alspted to Urn pe ctil si qualltlee of the nil, eaeb lamp g v n^ a light eq'tal to two t x too ?H* buri e> * 'j Mn oil o n be u^ed In c ?mph?ne and syivi i oil lainos, and c-n he adapted tn chandeliers for hotels country residences and steamer*. lbc umihI dl'oount to ?hnle?ale ftea ers. AU8TKNS agents ot the Norm American KeroMae Company, &i Beaver street. A LARGE LoT OF KIIXlNGKR'o GENUINE OINT ment? The orlgloa. ar Icle put. up two or three etrs ago, betote th*y commenced to adu turate tt. being much better thin any made sines, bold by single box or quaullty, very r' eap lo close the >aie. At Pactflo Ixmo and Financial i/fB >e, over Pacific Bank comer of Bioadway and Grand street BRIDGKWATKR PAINT ? THE BUST ARTICLE known tor roofs ot Donee*, deck* and bottoms ot rente's, snd outsit e work generally, being * pen'eot protection air-unst the ec Ion of tee atmosphere. For *ale at the company's aopo', 9ti Water street. CAMPBORATEO TRANSPARhN r STRENGTHENING I plaster? spread mi (JanUni Jlauii'l?iured Julge lilrisall ot a pamt ul neuralgic rbenmtUstn; nothing equal to then for pair.*, bruises, rheiuna ttm, weak lungs. Ac Phv -lcia?s ro con man d them Made only b> tt K HRWJlAN, 4.1)., 30S lludMin street, and tor sale by druj^lsts generally, l'rije 12J4 ctnta. 1CRR FOR DORNH, BT MADAMlt BKKH *RD, NO. 10V / Bowery, east side, betweeu Broime aud Uelaniy njp.sta Madame B. respeotfii'ly vufortm the pu' lie that sne b?< re luted tar prine, tn order to enable eve- ? one u> oe free fro. -a pain, snd leals confident la promising that she will retaove corns, bunions, nans grown tn tha neih Ac., wtthoal natulng tbe least pain or inconvenience. Pertous etu tie attended ?? at home, or at Madame B.'s restdenne, troro 1 until 7 ti'alook, P. M. c Dr. lothkb'8 aromatic ? ?ponac^och dentrlLee, 498 Brofcdwjr.? b?dleiur gentlemen wt><> v? afflicted ?llh a duutpreeab.a bre?ib a t fti,' from a dl/teu-q * on.ach or ether caiisr* and th.?>* who luou'gi la the u-o oi <?t hcc will und ilm dt-nirifl ?? t>'? moat a^eonble ftrami tm?n for Imparting ? drltghtiil fr*gr*n<? to ihe m-ltu <v. w ell mi prnduolig a hea th . etMe ol toe gumi and cioanilDti ?he teeth, lb o-e wtjdilng (o give thi" ado?l> ?0! ; oofppound a trill ire invited to c*l! or urnd and obbuu n wimple Doti.a roe of eipenee Gab fob country houses thk kntirk appy rat un r< *U but a fa * dol art, &nd unki'? tb ? lu?ndi >1111111 ?u.d rheaprai. lighi In tlie <ror!d- row l? h rare onau'.'i for the monopoly of a \ery nroltabte b minim. ouuty and smto i mill* lor Mile at A>t> Broad #ay. A. AKNoLO. GOOD'S COMPOUND l-XntrtCI. 1 HH FNI VBLISHKD o In *UU olf?refl to Hie p jaiia ai <fle mml ?tli-r?.i ?? r< inunv for ueirtaUi dmtniHeii |i <h a iirieullflo pre toil n a'tic e* celebrated tor the c i. e o' tiioa* i i)llr >l> vrKx all r, tieauut'ully ? < >1 nltl> <s , and mi J?. <ifcl of and cue It *lll notdixagren wi b ttvi ran*L natteam iWn u-h Ih m> lenient In iorui, and may n- 'nke i within* >yaa? mi-at in ni buMnei> in ai y *eatli? a d wiihui al ? riua > of Hot. Prtr* II I?'?i 1 dtrrcHo it> accompany uachjtr. flu d -vho a Hxle bnd retail t y thf *?.!? rK?m H IjKLM ni)M), Apottieciirj , 30" Broadway. NtW PATENT HPROTAOLIW.? THKT IMPROVE VI ?ion *ull or Ufa. change vi {raver luagiiiliznv poorer, u?k required; near and dl-um o yen'* *eeu Jiatlnctly U.r >ugk one pair. MAi>KK lecturer no tn* ? n, p tmoiee and maker, No. 2 Cart raw, oppmlte Actor home. attundaiico 10 A. M. to 6 P. M. 8 ALT RHKUM RVMKOY, AVO 8ARHAPA k7 rll a are> ihe moti *peetv, safe and ceri uii remedies far ? ronila aai> rbetim and a'l *cor iu'te or nut it.oom eruptions, li e ore. app led eilrinall ' penerae* the pore* of t6<* -Jcln aria *l?t>rna the vi'U? *- It up ear i; ibe ( he-, lakei, inwur liy, l urlf fFtbe nlood and rfiunvex e l uu ranhv mwrrt or?; oo Ofervilng alib <-a- h u.b<*r. 'tie? no?n fail to effect a thorough ?l d pel mm mt cui e Prepared ?? d nnld f'V A. B A I) H\Nlih OruggiNtH, 100 Kultoa itreet. TIU VKSTKIS >?!,(,. MS.? HIHOK TUK IM KUDLiI IDS of (bare ?a mh,f articltw, ih? ftoe < f ca<l?verou? faotkl laolea >eem? p rati, g away The Veatrn '>!o.>in< a re so railed brrance by ijieir ii*e Madaino u-oil ih -m M re'^m 'he bloriBi of youth evar up?'n h<*r .'hi i Tbev are rallrel? h?rin leu and, no) k? general oo n ' i , wilty 1m i-orn tBO ** u while they hrUh eri Hh tmauti " ? %'t. noid ai ftUi Broad ? a? THF, UNiiKRHIONftU NKU V'.AVR TO IHFOIt* droggUtR and dr'lera le ?ee >b?i he haa ooaalantly on herd, aua at low i. 'Ir?< ?ooh-? of a ? iperlor quality Order* (or any qnanttu (rom any piaoe lu i ir Uull?d Hi?lea wtli bo promptly altnni ail iO oy O "VlBHICV. (mpnrtrr of 1 M. tMi, "5 Warren ?trnet I warn Ihe piib'le to eware <>f p? U* i mlng my aamn, m I have no tram log agent*. " _ HOUHEN, C A lilt i IQKI, M, SMIOH FOR HAI.K-- A N"W uoin > WOT rloel) npboli>lered and ??r-ae ed w I made, will be aoid low. 0?n be ?een at IV9 Wei" ihlrty etghih sireet, near Mghth avenue. Sl.EIUBP FOR BILK? A O-MiO 1 *0 HE vT, tWOOffD l and * rlgh, with po'e and ih ifw, a id Jni Mghi *lelgh run be bought cheap at No. 89 Ktdrldge *t netww.i >lroome aod Orand si reel*. U ANTKT>-A PKCONn flARn KXntlCffi V AOOW, in v T |p1od order and *tm? ? au ugh to carry 1,1)0 lb*. Ad drew J., box MOV foul olBiw mW ANTED- A P*OMIhINO IMH1V,, op M ft vT dluin *lze end goort qoalltle*; also a l(ih< vair m and hartiene. In eirhmge tor raal e?Ute In a fa?t Improving 'oe* Hon A ll!>era) ollnr would b? m?dr f ir a ftiod o? I. r/>?. Addroae lame* Walker, boa i ,3*> t'uatoffle*, in ftAfiif a w ? . BY MAGNETIC AND PUNTING TELEGJUhw 8| ' Intorattnf from Wuhlaiton( -?? btbuooli rn tu anmiMir dbawino V A CLOSB ? A CLUK OBAN01 FOB AW OBOA ,T,0?. Wamb.iotojt, Fob. 1, 1*^. Another r 1,111 teU tl? *^aT7- *he plurality rule *u t?b?d to c?y V?T 0Dl' tw? *?<??? Mr. Herbert, of Call fornia, who haJ ^ roted tor It, to-i lay voted t^klnut It. lo-m'-rm' 11 ^ *? tried agOn, when M>. Herbert will rote f*tt, ,W*<fcw wt'.h enough cf other to curry it. On a dlreet i*te ?led* J**- BeaU, Speaker he nwlTtd one hundred ?t< two Total. Mr. Kelly, or Stw York, offered the imiw of Wlllian Atk?0; Of sjonth OaroJtna, fr> r Speaker; it fit j^eftlred with marked i idi cktlooK it tuccvua, and on the vs#e befog taken he reeeir M on? hundied aid three toim. The estdtement wa* townee at thia ntage of the proceeding*. The plurality ru e will again be offered to-morrow, when, provided it 1< ? op?d, Mr. Alken'it name will be aubr.itucad in plaoe of that of Mr. On. The at niggle will then be between Vc are. Bank* end Aiken. Thu aeatteriog men nay they will not vote tor either ot theae-men. In th?t caee It to thought Aiken will be elected A Speaker id not far off. D. 1 1IE SPEAMBSHIF? BANKS A DEAD COOK IN THE PIT ?MB. DALLAS' APPOINTMENT, ETC. WiaawoTOB, Feb. 1, 1869. The general Imp res ?i ra is tiut the House will organize to morrow. The plurality rule oamo vritAla two volet of adoption to-<1ey Mr. ttau lu' election, Ma uader tike rule, would be very uncertain. He reoeived to-da y one hundred and two vote* against oae handled Md fifteen? thirteen behind. Mr. Allen, of 8o?tk Carolina, on a similar vote, was only a?ven v.tts abort. lhi< show* tb* Bcattei log Tote would be oppoMd to Banks under i the plurality Tbe ntmlij*ti<-n of Mr. Dallas was eru". to the feMbtto several days aince, acd comet up on Monday fof 6&a~ fl' nation Tbe Present's levee was maeh crowde l to-nigh f. wlt'h' teauty and faahion. E. THE MAM WHO NOMINATED AUOW ? WHAT HUMPHREY" MARSHALL WILL NOT DO. Wahhuiotoj, Feb. 1, 1858. Jobn Kelly was the author of the resolution to make Git. Aiken Speaker, but it was th ught to be poiiey to have Mr. Cobb offer It. It ut currently r? porte J U -night that Humphrey Marshall says he wlU n??t vote for a a# nx.orat again. I have called on lilta, and he is nit la; bo I cannot vjuch for :h* truth of th?j statement, but it apt vara to be well authenticated. B. THE VOTE IN THE HO0SB. Wahhivgtom, Feb. 1, 1868. lu 1he House, to day, on tue resolution declaring Mr. I>? oka Speaker, Messrs, Dunn, Moore, Harrison sad Ha v(-d voted ax heretofore ? igaio^t htm. On the re-olutiaa nccfaxfog Mr. Allen Speake- the:e was a p?rtl J union ot deuiooia'a and*. Mo?sr<. DjrcUy and lltoknjsn, (dom cratg,) and Mr. Cut en (American,) v>trd t? the negative, and Mehsrs. Wititiran and WiieeUr d to* hiliica ive. Mr- A Ke? thus received ooo t ?te on tbe direct question ra ?tr than ilr. Bank*, th umb a large number voted ? n tbe Buns i resolu'i-.n than wi#n the pr .p.'bl to choose idr Aikea w?h before tbe Home. Ti e i) lend* of Mr. Aiken to-night congratulate thera t-e ve? that he might win l>y the adoption of the plurality re-">L ti /?. The United State* Treasurer reports that the net an.ount in 'he pub.ic tiea-u'y, subject to draft, on the Lfith uit., eas twtnty-'our n.lilion eighty-one thousand live hundred and fifty aol'are SKABCH ORDERED FOR THE MI88IN5 BASK AME UA, ETC. WAonu-iiio*-, Feb. 1, tK&n Th? FfcMary of the Nary today despatched the Uni ted Sta'e* t-te?mer Fulton, ot th? Home squalron, to pro cod in i-eeicb of the miis-ntf bark Amelia which has not t een beard from for several months. Lieutenants Wor din, Maxwell and Krben left New York In the sloo i-af war "arau ga, ? itb order" to proceed to Port au Print < nn<1 btng to tbe United States the Amelia, captured a that port tome time since by the American Consul, as filibuster. Th* Amelia is now supposed to oe los', with these offi <x r- on boaid. Mr. Dobbin has no doubt of it whatever. The Foltcn ta Mdered to makr a thorough searoh for her. I telefpap'jed you tbat Commander Uahlgreeo w mid oe appoio'ed to tbe l)ur<auof Ordinance an1 Hydrography. Tbe iTeaident and Secretary of the Nary declare opsnly 'heir decided preference 'or him, but the law, it is ncer ?siced, confines the appointment to the upper sixty five, and consequently Commodore Perry will be put in charge. X. nuBTT'iwpKra cosaam is. FIK8T BBdSlON. HOOM Of IUprtMlKktlTM. W as m kotos, Feb. 1, 1868. THE 8PKAKBB8HIP. The Hooee, by one majority, refused to ley on the

table Mr. Hickman'a plurality resolution. On the final rote the reflation ru rejocted by two mi joilty? 108 for to 110 against. Mr. Jcneb (dfm ) of Tenn , a* an ollre branch of peace, ..(Tend a re olution that Mr. Oliver, of Mitfoori, bo chosen Speaker. Tab'ed by lf> majority. Mr. Ijekhfb (d?m ), ef Va., offered a resolution that Veesra Banks Fuller arid Orr bs appointed to cooler to ge:her, tfnd report to-morrow morning (he namo ef aome D ember c n wb> in they, or a msj .rity ot them, ih?U Hgree, wto fha'l be 'bpesker, Mr. Letch ?r said ?? lioua attempts bad been made, proving it imposslbitt to elcet a Speaker by a direct vote. If hU expedient to secure a result should mcoeed, it would carry joy throughout the country, and ahow the peo ple ibat I'lea^en's first law, ''order," reigna in Washing tor. Table* by 2fl tnnj^rity. Mr. 1jm#kt ,'K. N ). of Mo., sntrnitted a nwohi'.l "m de . 1 ring Mi. looter , ot Miration, 9.?e-i*er H-) siid Porter whn ur> bjee lonab e to al pirns*, being neither a K now Nothing a demoira'. n t t,i ? l*ist tainted ^lth t> ack rt-Dub,lc?ni-n), b'? an old a?hi ?nej whig, wiloh ? terbody seemed to admire, now batUwa*deaJ. (Laugh ter). Tabled by 7H majority Mr. I'au (?lk. rei?.), "i Ohio, offered a re?oloti >q de alaiir.g Mr. Pankr Speaker. hlegatived b? 10J a?r?'ri*t lift Mi. Corn, (dam., of Ala ,1 af'er a speech convnlsing ihe Hoose witt< Unirh fr. off red a tet ila'iun dec ariag Mr Aiken, o* '?'??utb t'arotlra 3i?-a&er Afit-r (be roll ha ! been called. ?fr (Vftrrvmr aa(d he had netn In'omed that, his vn'e *ou d an e'.ec.lon. At bf un'irs^'iod Mr. Aiken w*n not a m?nl>?r ol the ad ii. initiation party newoul ) e.taoge from ' nay" to the sfflima'tTV." I fsfoi ing aop'ati?e in the galleries and no thfl flo >r. rrii g'ed wit" impalieot ories to rieclnre tbe vat* Amidst breathlean anxi?ty the 'Herk announced ? yeaa 103; navs, 11". Tt.ia result, so ? nexpen'ed, ??< received wi^h vi. ? lent outbursts of laughter, intermingled wi'.h hisses and applause. Adjourned. Know KoiUng Presidential Movement* In IHamukawtti . B-ierot, Feb. 1, 1856. At tbe American DMrlv, Convent! in be d jester ley, A. B. Rjr, James Keith, A. O Brewate- ard W. A Tbmston, were eh 'aen to represent the 1%ird, Fourth, Ki "tb and Sevenb dl it He's at tbe Nation*] Conren'.i m u Philadelphia, February 22 At the convention o' the Fourth district renil itlooa that the delegates atand upon tha Springfield p'a*/> rat and no other, and recommending Millard Fll.more for the Treeldenoy, were laid upon the table. Arrival of the Steamer Union ot Halifax. Halifax, Feb. 1, 1850. The ??earner Union, fifteen daya out from Havre for New Y? rk, arrived bere at 7 o'clock this evening, short of ooai Departure of the Arabia tor Boston. Haltvax, Fee. 1, 1850 Tbe \rahia left here at one o'clock this morning for IVston, where she will be due about nine o'clock on S? I 'nirtay morning; so that ber malls are not likely to be delivered In New York before Sunday. The America at lailfkt, Outward Bound. Haukax, Feb. 1, 1856. > i nnard ateavship America arrived uere from Bis < o'clock this morning, and aailed again ahortly i. r k;U? for Liverpool SKW YORK LKfiltUTOai. Men*!*. . AUu*r, Feb. 1, 1966, A petition ?u presented by Mr. Bshmobd, againit the ?clion of the pro pot ed county of OnaUteo. tov- 'I petivlona were preMoted for ft bridge over the Bmtv. Hudaoo. iboib. . p., Sjmfl, turomWj on the bat to ineorycrate the Hondo? hS*""1 aad Sto4in M' 0***10 *'****' mTbS)m, 'ftb,y on insorporftUngtheTomva. "J*** 0t N'W Vork" My on the resolution to ftP By Mr. 8p??? unfavoiat .tauae toto ^ir. of point ft joint oommlttee to fft. ebaritab.e and religious vooittied. 'or the formation of By Mr. Noxon, favorably on the Ml . ? CununiMlon o: Record in Kings 000*67. na is raraoDvcgp. * ttherlffs to By Mr. Uriuu, ocmpAlung constable* mm pat over fee*. ' end To amend the Poor Laws, by giving power to hNi. re faeite U.e proper*; of per out about vo abscond and lea. th?-lr wives cr cbiWien at.aigea'tle to the county. By Mr. Koxon, i?ObCribu k iheord>>r in whloh ballot?atf 1 general t lection shall be canvaased, except in New York I city. N(mra or HI LIU. By Mr. Broom, to incorpo-ate the New York and Phi ladelphia Steam Navigation Company. By Mr. 0. P. ciutii. to enforce the better ob*err?nceof the .-abbftth in Biooklyn Mr. 8icvua moved the appointment of a Senate Com mittee of three, to vinit, after the adjournment. the va rious chaii table institutions rec firing money from the state, with full power to thoroughly investigate their management, fee. SOU ri? TO THIKD KBADINO. To jtrergBi petee 4ghs6g and fights of animals. To enable the exec a lire officer* of New York to obtain evidence. To exempt the library and site of the New York Histo rical Society from fftle under execution. A motion to adj >urn to Monday waa negft tired, and the Senate anjoarneo till to-morrow at the usual hoar. Assembly. Albakt, Feb. 1, I860. The House was occupied duxlng the entire session with a debate on the rues. United btntei Supreme Court. WxBHi?0T0Jf, Feb. 1, 18W. Nos. 54, 56 aad 5P.? Argument waa continue 1 by Mr. Zabrbkie, J. P. br.diey and Hod. B. F. Butler, for de fend ants. The Southern Hall. Baltixobx, Feb. 1, 1866. New Or leas s papers of Friday of laat week are received, but they contain nothing of sufficient interest to tele graph. Markets. PHILADELPHIA KTOCC BOARD. 1*1U LAMM-HI A, Fob. 1. 1866. Stocks are improved and Arm. We quote:? Peunsyl vtrita O'a, 8U>4; Heading Railroad, 4.j?; Lo..g Island, I5*g ; Morris Can 14)4; Pennsylvania Kailroad, 43Jf Nhw Obijujis, Feb. 1, I860, Cotton drm. Sales to-d?y J?,03u bates; middling, 8 c. a 8%c. Hour, 18 a $8 ft 0. Keg lard. 10^0. Steriiag exchange dull at 7 X per cent premium. Saw Oklkanb, Feb. 1, 1860 The receipt of the Arabia's news here Cftu ted an art vane- of >?'c. a %e. in the p'ices of cotton, and salus to day hive bccu veiy iaige, to 20,000 bales. fflie WmT Out Otiy M titfwmtd. THJ5 DUrAHlMK.NT OF RU?AlM AND BUPPUB3. The appropriation required to meet the expendi tures of the Department of Repairs and Supplies ior the preseut year, according to the Comptroller h i es timate, amounts to $i6?,655. The departraeut con Hibta of the Bureaus of Roads, of Publio Buildings, of Street Pavements, and the Bureau of Supplies for the Fire Department. The chief officer, who is en titled the Commissioner of Rep*teV^ ^ what receives a salary ot $2,000 a year, in u ? MnArftlk' b?li^ved hi mftktf. tod rt ? i J? 1 ^iwJS flf? to a hundred thousand d ?Uar? to vary from nftj 10 * BUIM . . during hi- official term of three yea n. As the greater portion of his duties aud the business of his offloe could be transacted in the Street Commissioners department, it should either be merged in or form under it a separate bureau. As at present con stituted it is one of the most expensive un der the city government. The same evils which JonL ? eprtbgleg ?* ?' BJbiem U.UK f???1 tot. ? ??U ? 10 'h? olJ" departments, and the same extravagance in the number of persons employed. Of the eight dred thousand dollars that are expended yea. ly on woik for the city, it is calculated that overone-ha finds its way, to the form of profits, into the pockets of officials or contractors. The duties of the Commissioner are to ascertain and report to the Common Council, from time to time, upon the necessity or propriety of making or repairing public buildings, wells and pumps, sup SJtogtL public rooms and offices of the corpora 52 wguluting. digging, filling, paving or repaiaug the streets, and constructing or repairing all the machines and apparatus of the Fire Dep-tm^ He is aLo required, on the first Thursday in ea.h mouth, to render to the Comptroller a full under oath, o? the receipts and expenditures of his department. In awarding the contracts for the Jrk over which he has the supervision and con trol he has almost unlimited power, and , if a dis honest n an. he may make usi of ? city of hundreds of thousands of do Uars. The dim culty of procuring a conviction in all cases 0 o. c ^ malfeasance would also throw a kind of security around him, and protect him from the penalty ot the luw aud where he is corrupt, the parties whom ?cnertti,> m corruptM UinwtereL t; .Sent of the*e considerations, however, there N, a. we have said, no necessity for such a depa tmeu separate from that of the Street Commis-ionei . The bureaus of roads, public ^di^nfh^tPr^ should be merged in one, and the control o. it given to one officer, who should be held to 1 strict accountability, and placed under the control and supervision of the Mayor. It would be absui d to expect to free it, or any o department., .rem the influence of poU'^ut witb proper restrictions it can be prevented from being converted into a sinecure for dishonest an design ,ng men. In the pertoimance of work there icason, as has bc.u frequently the case, why the persons whoper orm thut work should realize more upon the city government than they w0?d , upon the same work when done lor a > As this is a matter which is very important to tex w.?, IL to propose eome remedy. We snoui , . ,.Iorr,fthe community, lik. Ibe ml v.loe ?t .11 >K? ??'k performed by thl. ?ad Ibe ether deputtMoU. '?' ?* rf"., ,hu in* it with the actual arnouut paid. If this <1 not S2"?r, ? center, .. ? ? ?? aest itself to him as a relormer. However, w g him the suggestion, aud hope he will ta e a ? Tithe office of the Street Commissioner there is a term which is known only to the ***** J! which is full of meaning to them. W hen a has a lucrative situation- one in which hecsn.ea lite four or five thousand dollars a >e ^ lary? he is said to have a 44 nice bille . is also applied to those who perform con the department, and who are supposed to be mak, g large protita from the- a. It often person to whom the contract is awarded to tf? public buildings, or to supply the lurmtn , , ^ ^ , onnection with either business, and his y ncendation is his political affinity wlth the hea department. Thus upon the contract wWchhe^ obtained, the manufac turer of the arJ'cl u applies must also have bis profits. In this way the expenses of the department are city is made to pay in some cases double the value of the artl 'le furnished or work l*rl*rIT, The chief officer of the Bureau of B * ,d with .be duty of ??d rep.lri.g 'be'.ob; uc 10,4. ?u M? toWl, ortoMW rwwjloHotW of the btate and tuaaicipal govsrDiBinti which rekU thereto. The bwdne>w of thk bureau p pwly belongs to th? Street Commissioner's Depart ment, and the only object for which it was organised appears to be to increase the patronage in the handa of unscrupulous politicians. The salary of the chief officer, who is called the Superintendent of Roads, is $1,260 a year. Thisis certainly a small item, con sidered by itself, of the whole expenses of the oity government, which last year exceeded six millions; but it would be absurd to suppose that the Superin tendent is dependent upon it alone? in faot, the sala ry which is attached to this, like the salaries of many other officers of the city government, forms the smallest item in his receipts. In all cases where the work to be done does not exceed two hundred dollars, he can, with the consent of the head of the department, give it out to whatever parties he may select, inde pendent of the Common Council. It is surprising to Bee the number of bills under this sum which are paid every year, and which in the aggregate amount ? several thousand dollars. It is said that upon ? large per centage is paid by the persons eoutncfiPB for the W?A' Md ?*'" * general thing ths***? pC ployed upon wefc terms. How ever this in ty ?*?> il * llU!t that Bom* of *** tocum bents of the pn retiring, found them selves the post 'essors of sums ?f money varying from ten to twenty th 'ouaaod dollars ov?r Ml ptpeasea. The Superinten *?nt exercises an exteiirir* politi cal influence through the patronage he pouesm. All the men occupied 'n repairing the public roads are employed by him, t are almost invaWaoly of the aame political faith.* They are organized in gangs of from twenty to t.Tonty-flre, each- gang be ing under the supervision of .* foreman. Is election times these arc all expected to rote for theft em ployer and his particular friend '; and tt would' be well for them if this were the only condition upon which they held .their situations. Vfr hare heard of inHtbnces, however, in which, out of thoir dollar or ten ehillings per day, they have each bean com pelled to pay one shilling to the foreman as a boau* ? the aggregate receipts obtained in this way being af terwards divided with the Superintendent. For some weeks preceding an election the activity displayed in the repairing of streets is astonishing. The slightest defect in a road is made a pretext for the employment of men upon it ? the only qualification being that they are voters, and the ouly considera tion, that they will give their votes for the favorite candidate of their employer. It is in this way that the powers reposed in the incumbent of the office have Lecn abused ? or, we should rather say, it is in this way the purposed for which the office has been created nre canied out. The Superintendent of Repairs to Pnblic Build ings is one of the most important officers connected with this department. It is his duty to superintend ike cont-trucUou and repairing of the public build ings, wells and pumps, and to supply the publ c roans ami ofliccs of tbe Corporation, the court rooms, ti.o police station houses and the public uiirkoti with fuel and all other things ncoe-uury therefor, except stationery. The salary is $1,500 a year, in addition to which $250 are allowed for a horse and wagon. As a large portion of the expenses of this bureau are paid in bills under $200, the Superinten dent Is to a great extent independent ot the action of the Common Council. The perquisites of his office are said to amouut to be tween four and five thousand dollars a year. This money is made nrinr.ipttlly on iwutranU. the con tractors, as a general thing, agreeiug to pay the official for the privilege of doiug the work, and sometimes, also, for the privilege of either neglect ing to do it, or to do it in the cheapest and most imperfect mannor. While the contractors and the officials continue to agree upon the term*, it very i-eldoin happens that the former are replaced by others, and many cases could be meutioncd where they are retained for years. In the simple item of pa nting the public buildings the parties who have had the work ure reported to have realized, during a term of time years, between ten and twelve thou sand dollars. Then, in addition to this, there is the upholctering at d furnishing, upon which one of the parties who formerly had tbe contract blasted that he bad made from three to five thousand dollars a year. The Superintendent of Pavements attends to the regulating, digging, filling, paving and repairing of stieets, for which he receives a yearly salary of $1,500, and $250 for a horse and wagon. What we have said of the patronage of the Superintendent of Roads will apply to this officer, with the exoep lion that it is more extensive Such is tho activity that has been exhibited by aora? of the incumbents of the office that they hare been known to expend the yearly appropriation in seven or eight mouths. Like that ot the Superintendent of It 'ads, hij ac tivity is more fully displayed, andean consequently be seen to greater ud vantage, just about electiou time. The streets in some localities, whet* paviera have not Uen seen for many months, are all at once alive with them; but no sooner is the election over, than the Superintendent of Pavements re sumes bis "masterly inactivity," and the streets are allowed to relapse Into their former dilapidated | condition. The Bureau of Supplies for the Fire Department, of which the Chief Engineer is the principal offi cer. is ( barged with the duty of constructing and rq.airing fire engines, hose carts, ho iks and ladders ai d all the other apparatus and machinery. The Milt>ry of tbe (. hef Engineer is $2,000 a year, and his duties are tbohe of a superintendent and inspec tor, in addition to which he is lequired to rep >rt tbe cond.ti' n cf the department, to keep its accounts mid examine, audit and certify to the Commissioner of llcpairs and Supplies all tbe work done under his supervision. There is less opportunity for ji.nkii g n one) in this department than la any ot ilie other* under the city government. The Chief Lngihier, we may add, is under the control, direc tion ai d snj orvi on of theConimis6i iner of Repairs and Supplies, who may approve or disapprove all uccouutg certified by him, and by whom alone all requisitions upon the Comptroller for the paymeut il ran be Jrawn. Rr Mr > or k-mhu b PiFncviTUH Rjowwcd ? The rumor cr,mm >o ua agaio th?t the fre?> State end pru-?tarery men of Kabmw Terri ory bud been ?-n<ag-?l in a fight slKentn. I I* that two of th? border mflUoe were kil ed, aud th?t 'wo abollti ul??e were *eT*rr>Iy wounded in en affmy ?hi;h cmn-nced by the Mm. ^outran* roekiog an ?t-*ck u|> n 'h? balMt bmte* fbe etorj ne>'dit conflrn ati d. as It h*? a'reidy o?en ata'ed tbat It wee Rion?ly ?-xigK? ?teil. We 6nd the following in the Kic<apoo Firmer ? of Jan. 18:? l'orbe^renee be* now, indeed, c> e-wl to b? a rti"n?, we rail an ?vi-ry pro-nliye'j man 10 the an I t?. isJly to ibe rescue. Kan a? uiunt bo immediately roaoued fri.m tb?fe tyrannical it<g* The hick po Kangi rs ire at 'hie m ment betting to Mrms I A atge n?n,hei of pr ?larerv men *iU 'eare '.hi* p are tor Kan <u In twn'y niLr,u<g. Cue ear hai again cimroenced, and the abnUoniVa Put- again c inaiue .c -d It. l'r< -elaveiy meu? lew and o?d*r men? ?t;Ue for jour altera ? Mnke for your flreef lee? etrifti for your >igbti ? areiige the bio d of your b^'hren whjhare h?*o cowardly aaealli-d. but who bave ftravey a ten ia d?ton m if Southern id*' I'u i tw Sonud tbe bn^le of war crer (be length and breadth of 'be land, and i?aTe not an aboli'loulat In the Teriito y to relate their treeoharoo* and contaminating deed -?atnke your pietclog ride *>a a nnd your glitierli>n ?t?ei to their black and potnon > ?? 1 parte. \a\ the war cry never eeaee In Ka ete again un til our Ttrrttory id wrented of the laet restlge of ab U t OIIIH1B. Shock or ax Kakthqcau in Mabtland*? Th; Fi<der*ek (MA> Kramtntr atatee that many pe<-aocia t t at rlty Itilt what 'h?-y mippoeed to be tbe ahtck of a< e r'b'i'iake ebont 4 o'clock on 'be morning of tbe tfflt i ult. It to ba^e be?n e*(ieri?n<yd in a 1'ne fron IK C'bweet o m rthrmrt, or peral>el wl b the B!u? KM/ . lbe ttueeiion wae dia.*neUy <Wt twton at a abort later. *?i but tbe ahoQk* were not rtyieat enough to do m if SE/lirO* TOOMBS ' LECTURE Iff BOS f OX, SLAVERY: tta CMMtltatlMaJ 8totnu4 Ma lalwin m toctoty ui Mm Ifrku Im?. &c., *?.. km. The Hon. Robert Toombs, United States Senator from Georgia, recently delivered a lecture on slaver/ in the Tremont Temple, Boston. Onr special report er Bent us a telegraphio report of it and of Mr Toombs' reception. Since then we have received a full report of the lecture, which Li of sufficient importance to give in txUnto. Mr. Toosm said I propoM to ?ubaiK to you thin eretAog gome rnrVi r&tiuD* ana teilcetkn* upon tiro pUnu ? 1. The ocnnitatloa <1 p?w*rt and dutto? of th? federal government In relation to domestic elavery. 2. The influetce of slavery, as it SxUte in the United State*, apon the blare and HJCle y. Under the Q-et head I shall endasror to ahow tiat CongreuJ b?? no power to limit, restrain or In any man ner to Impair alsrery; but on tie contrary, it la b <und to protect and maintain it In the States where it tutu, and wherever elite the flag ?oat? and its jurisdic ion t? pat amount. Ob the second point I maintain tM no long u iht A'riaan end Ceaee- uui race* exist in the uu aooiety , the ?nbordlnaac? of the AMcii is the normal, nnneisarj mci prop* oondl'.ion, and that each sabordiat.iuo is the condition best calculated to promote the high est intererte and the freetsat happiness of bo* race*, and cons&mently of the whole ot eooiet/, and that the a bo it'oa or el mrtif antier these o edi tions is not a tamed j of in/ of the evi ? of the I eyst em. I admit the troth of these preposiloa* stated under the second point to beesseoUelly accessary to the existence and permanence of the ey? tern. Th?y rest m the truth taaf the white is the euperiitrnwe and the Macfc the inferior, and that subordination, <riti er without law, w ill ha the statue of the African in this mixed aociety, end, therefore, itls the in erest of both, aad especially uf the black noe aad of the whole of necieqr, that this etatus shoal J b v fixed, controlled eati protected by law. The perfcet equality at the superior r?M, m4 legal subordination of the interior, are the founds iows on which we bare aree'ed our republican cjstsm. Its soundness must be tested by Its ouaf .nni'.y ta the sovereignly of right, the Uw whiob ought to pavero al people in all couutnes This suvereigaty of rtgnt is justice, commtnly calUc national justice ? u'>t ta? vague, nnoertsin imaginings of men, but national justice aa interpreted by the writteaorachie, and read by the ligtit of the revelation' ot nature's u >1. In thla nvum I' r* cognize a "higher law," and thw duty uf all men bf legal and {roper mesas to bring every s >ciety ta conformity with it. 1 proceed to the oonidera Ut.n of the first point. I oe old thirteen dtataa before the Revolution wen dependent coioties ot Great B itain. Fa h wan a wepara e and djitioet political community, with flUTt rent laws, aud o*ou be came an incepeoJent aud siiviv eigaStae >y lue Dae era tton of Inrependence. At the time of tbe DecUratlee slavery was a 'ac'. o'"l a fact recogn'aed by la* tu eae* of f hem, and the eh?ve tiade waif lawful c ?mmrfice bp the laws of nations and 'he r raette* of mankind. This Declaration was dra'ted hy a !av?hoider, adopted by the representatives cf slaveholders, andora n t emanoije^a sicgle African flare; hut, on the oontrary, oaa of the oharges which it submitted to the citiliwtd WmU again* KJrg George was, that he had attempted u> excite d mio tic inauirecilv.ii among us. At the time of thta Deoia-a tioa we ha i no common government. Tbe arttoi?w o confederation were snbmitteo to the repreeeatet res of the States eight days afewaida, and wete not aoo<<i* by al> tbe States until 1781. The?e oru a and fcaparfeet articlas ot Voir. a .uffii.H to hnng us suauOssiully tbroaga Uw Revolution. CuiiDOn danger waa a stronger bsac w union than the e articles of c"nfed?rati'>a. After towi ?eased they were inadequate to the purpusee of pesos. Ta?y did no* emancipate a single slave The oo&rtitution waa trained by delegate.! eleoied by the 8tate legislatures. It was aa emauattm from the sovereign -states as in<*ep adent separata oomuiusitiee. It was latitled by c<?nr?oti?ae of taaea <epara?e Btstes each acting for itself Tb? sa>*x ixrs of these conventions repi-eeented toe sovv r- gn y of each State, but they were n it elaotad ?y tba whole (,t*oj.le i f either of the States. Mtn ira, wooes , alavea, In i?m, Africans, bond anl tree wera exaiudad from participa uig in this ant cf sovereignty; ceitba* were all the white mae luhtblt^nte over twenty ioa years allowed to participate in It. Some of them were excluded because they bad forfeitei ti.e right; o'bere because th*> bad not the requM e qualifies tions ; otheew scain, for stlU m re object iot.abie rest juh. N me ex^retxad this high privilege exonpt those up n wbomeaohStata, for itselt, had adjudged it wise, esfe and prudent to ooafee t. By this constitution these Statee granted to the fe'sral governtren* certain well defined and clearly speetftad powets, U. order to "make a a >re pe-fsct union e< ao iisb justice losore drmestic tranqu'llity, prori le for the o<i nin. on cei<nce and general welf^ie, aul to *eou>e the bleasitgs of liberty tu (tbecr selvee and tbetr) posterity " And with grrat and forethought it lay* do n a pla*n, ce*tain acd sufficient rule f >r i.s own iaierpre'a lion, by deolaring that ''the power* aot he-nio delegawA o the I'liltxi States by the ooostitufi n, nor pro ibtie: by it to the States, a e rp-etv^d to tae States rwpec'Iveiy or to tee pecp'e " I', is thereAww a litnitw govern men,. It. u U aitet rxpresaf 0 the>erated p wets aui such othe.s oily, " which ?hall be cece?a y and proper to earry inti exs cu ion" the ennmeiated poweia. T a purpo*** for wbioh the*f powere ?e ? trrwuted c%n t>ei'her iuarense nor r!in.itiish hun It any one or all th'se powers ?etw to 's'l by reason ot tbe itiefflcli-ncy of thsgiaute powxra 'oeecufe them that would be a goo re untn far a new & i h tit, cut couti never en a. ge th? gi sated p me ?. ?sat 'ec'.s ati n wes Itself a .imitatioo, tus'ea) of aa eala'g* meitottheee io?ers If ? power exprees!y gran *-d * u-xl f. r ai y < thHr purpose thsu h w t ooUrrd, tuch u?s wi nlrl he a violsti n of th? grnnt nu ' * 'rand no the c n tit ,.tl- n Ih re i" t o. mg wi hin 'h? soope of the p iw j er? or p irp< se? o 'he ooi.Ktiiu ion whioh give< toe I ' !,ph??st rancti " to any aoii-t!av*ry sci 'ii of lioogrs-M. ! II c htn ry ot the tin es. and tho d?b .t^? to >h- cinv-a ?i. t whirh 'ts ? ed tbe roi ? i u'l. n, ?how that ths wh wnh n itrh c ? liin<d by ttietn an " perp exel ?beni tn the >xti me " ?nd li*t iSosk provinijiis of the C DS ? uli< 11 m icb telatej t it w?re earue-iliy f!nn?id?? ? e by t. e Slate conveuir n* which ad vnl it laoi)fi '?( 1 gtAation p'rvtoing tor emancipation ItHd alrsadr ?eea ? op?e<l by anm* of h? States Ma . -a hu?**ttn had dr cla ed tha i> a very wa i>xtli)g<iunff<' by be Bill of Right.. Tlie Afiicsu n?v trude had tl ea y benn icgl-tate i a< unit in nmny of the vs an ino'uding VI Viarv an >oi North ( atol iia. 'lie latgexi. Hiivxfto.ditig S ate^ t e fill ' He n ind w?? tiinjue?!| >o? hly land o< t warns mnu 0 ta i n Ihts t>eling di-t<l?)e! imelf tn tb? S>u'h a* W?1 ax tt e Ni rth. S me ot th?? < e ?gstex tft>tn th? pr? ?>nt i-la\eh< ldtng State* thoM^t that tne p?w-r o let), not I 1, 7 he A'lf so rffvs trad " h at h ?<wy is t ie Spates, ot.gbi to g'ven to the 'e tsral g< vera t.Hwt, and that the c?.netitu I n did not take thi? ehaps was it ade ? ne ( f I e mo? prominent objecti ns to tt by La tbei Martin a dis'trigi.Ubed m?m*>e o tbe ooavt-n ioa tr\ ni Maryland aud Mr. Mas?n ot Vtrgiuia, waa n it hr bet riid hitr ii his emu rip? ion prii eipieit lie Maiumn fympathiteo ? a Rreat extent, u a iru-li graa ar extnat, th^n * nx of the lei iesen'attveH of WasHaehuaetts la tLi- ar. M-slavrv feeii g. BeM> we finrt that aotl h av ry ^.iligf were ex'eniiv^.y iiirtugen by muny tmsniii n' the c < u vim tun., both 'ftn th?? fiaveho diog aa1 n ? l-vi liolf tt g tates. Bu* it rat bar cone <rn? up to kiow what was ib>- crl eo;lve ail. of the wh > e a? affirmed o? 'he sovereign Sts'es, not what ?er? t e opini ax o* Indi vid' ai mm in the convention. W? wisti o kaow *bat ? Kf di re by the whole*, not what Mime of tbe uieaibert h< ' ght wbh te?t to be di us Tbe result of the itrug U v w*s. ths not a st-'gle cl?' *?" ins-rted ia tbe <? nt'l'uti"D giving p-'?er to the i?< cr?l govmmen snj whue, nther t > abolish limit, re train, or in an . h?r nante- ?o impair 'he syxtan of ?Uve yinth< I Di'ed r?istfH, but on the oon'tar), every olva a wbie > ws. io'ertid ir the roostitution on this Hu'je* o. ?s i act, si d v a* so tu eno?o Increase it, t tstrengtb en i? or to protect It. To rupp 'rt thsse p 4 i n? I a> t eai to tbe oot.s'i'utiot) Itself, to the cotewp>?raa<H>?s a?l a.l ?uhMquent authoritative Interpretations f it The oonstltat i n prrvtd?-s for the incre*?e of ?lsv<ry by pro hibiting the etL'pensitn of the slave trad* *>r twwatw tears alter its sdopti n It ssys us the first eUuee uf the ninth see Ion of the first srtlc e hat "the mlgrWii* 1 r imprrtatii n of socb person* as any of the 8>atee bmt existing shall 'hink proper to admit shall jstue sro blbitec by the Con?res'< prior to tbe year IIM, bat % Ui ?r dofy wmt be impo w on loch i?portiM<ft, >o w* ?Meding ten collars f. r >-aoh persoo." After that time it was eft st the <* iseretlon ft C tigress 1e pr hi Sit or not to prohibit 'be Afrtoan "lave trade Tha extaaetoaof hta traffic Id AM?*n* *yca> 'BOt1 *o 1*0$ was voted f>r by tha sht le oi -t e (vew Knpl nd S ates, lnalndlng Massac tt? M-t's. sad rppesed by Vi gii is and Dataware, and tha cure wss Imerfo by tli? votes of the Nes Rngiaad M s-es. I? ft* eied sn a tire and orofltah'.s trade ft?r Mew Kt (r'sn<* es . iul ard onterp> I e tor twenty yearn, by which a large addi'ion was mads to tha hmmhar! of the origtaal stock ot African* i? the Btatea-U^reby H increased