Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1856, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1856 Page 5
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rtattop to N'A*? and WNttn >tr? "?;X the Ibt/rdU'/lon at my Bciued&m sron.ati- M-h?a?pa "*>'<>?*? Uo>'?4 numbir nUlqiwr mixer* Jo * *?rt, Boston and Irtulatolphu hare W"n e*g\ge<l lu pewit* uo wilxed tu'l jwlfcuoitb ?u> ingrieu cate-i and jucm 13 to ya me I *i0 ufoo the ur>wwy tar my genuine schnapp*. rtn y are a hoolltortng comniou *lu m plpea. brtad'-d Hcblo ? ? RAutl'Vt I'M gruiiii c in .rX ?old by im eipe or g iliou. t>nt la only *o<4 in quart and p'ot bottles, Id cshws of una do/.eu 1411MU and two doiea pui'a, each Uotlid enveloped :o ve.low paper. with my name 011 the bottle, cork ami a ft : elmUo ot my signature on the label. 1 have directed ra> agent* to Institute lcg?l proceedings against all persons who they uiav ar-retain to be engaged m this moat slroeVua system of deception. and I oali >n the press and (he public to aid them in therr efforts V> remedy so greatantvll. nwi.KUD KfDli'6 Bole lmp>r>er and maanfa'.turer, IS, 2J and 22 Bea-.or stree-.. St * V ;rk. ?etroi?lltan Card EngruTliiK KAbllnh mant, So. 6K8 Broadway.? Arilstnallv engraved flPas. wed <Hd| envelopes, fine stationery, dorr plates. Un;y go jds, Initial esMrtog seals, papf?r mache goods. fan?, Ac. J. N. OiaBKKirK, letter of fashion ut engraving. Attention tt Gentlemen of Fuhlon and taste is invited to the extensive and varied assortment ot ale aaatfunUshtaa goods, eupero Loudon aud Paris in tuutac ured aairt siad* and sleeve buttons, at ilitaK.t'H well twi?a ?fctr eetabttshmant. Wo. 1 As tor House. t). ? ? rent Reduction. ? T be Snbderlber win aeeelve 100 new pupils this day, at the tiom'nii charge ot twe dollars for the oourae, lncludtng statione ry OUVKK B. UULOSHiiH, 362 B roadway, and 277 Fuitui si., Bro rklya. htou flexible PlMttr? K??t ?npcntdl.i(( aB others ? T. ALLCOOK t JO. Brandreth Buililng, N. V. Local poia often arise* from a fulnesa or partial congestion at U>? capillaries or small blood vessels termma'Aiig on the skin. To relieve, and < lien cure at once excruciating paino, yoa have merely to use one of Dr. Allcock's putter'); thus, sack ache, a dull heavy feeling at the bottom of the back, often lu connection with piles; deep seated pal on lu the lert ?Me, supposed to proceed from an lnctpieut affection of the lean; rheumatic pains, sprains, hruises and spasmodic pstns of Ike muacieti of ma bowel*?, i theso 'rouble* are greatly re lieved by this celebrated pUiter, which prove ( jeai-^ilves the required local exultant, n|ihou< producing alter debility in tae i art. COMrOMTlOX. Indian rubber, mjrrlr, and oiher choice guTiH and essences U the vegeiab.o kingdom are the ma e.riai Ingredient ef these celebrated pi??ers. lhey ate to all other raed! anted plasters what travelling by ml! road and *tosjnboa' Is, the stage coach and s!oop going ot rifty yetrs ago, Whlie they are pestefsedaf all in# soothing and >?*rin teg qualities of almost every oiher plaster ot the U alieil HUte i Dispensatory, they are without many of ihelr lnouvenieocca. In tne language of one who has experienced much benefit trom ihelr application in a chr tin i ? 'linen of the kidn" : 'fney stick closer than a brother, and do uot run like a Ulse Irlend. " The Ideu ot met testing India rubber it, in coutioii.ince wMh the spirit of Improvement which stamps the age in vviilob we live. There w?a always Hoair.thing repulsive In the Burgundy pilch plaster: it might lie useml, but you never tot vet 'hij uu pleasant addition to your skin. '1 im plasters o; Mr. Allco^k are quite flexible, and yield to every me lon or the oodj ; this (reality alone, all others being equal, mouM couiiu'tud for Intm a large share of public patronage. Thuv hsvo already txoorne fovoiably known In I'.nglard, France, lijilaid aud i-t the city ef Hamburg; lu Klo de Janeiro, In Klo tiranJ d > r"il, ta the hraziU; In the city of As^uatption, la l'aragiia^; In Montevideo, in Lima. Bogota ? their stJn liai boxrn?t g-eat in ?he latter city; In Snti Francinco and el Valpa*?t?o; in ?vr ry eeunlry where they have been Introduced they h*ve provel a blessing to he Hfflictod Merrhsnf can at once peire'.ve tholr fenportan e as an article of com nerce t!K. 1. T. MK.MILltSON'n I.r tTEU. F?rnvitj e, Loul-lana, March 8, Is W. Dr. T. Ai.lox'K: ? Sir? 1 have been suiler'ng uude-- a te?ere attack of neuralgic dutea?o of m j bowels for yeais w H h h> peribropby ol the heart, and have tried everything known to the practice ol medicine from the very best M D.'s; oat truth prompts ree to say that vo ir plasters have given ma m.>re p-;r aaanent reiiet than any thing eUe I have used, and 1 believe will produce a perfect cure, lam wond?rtully pleosct w tb the eouriter lintant ell'ecl of your plaster, for It la prodm sd in such a mi d and gradual a ay, as well M the invigorating ac tion It gives to ire ciptilary circulation around the (.arid <o whitih they are applied, *ith the grc.?.t nervous seda'lve lnQu ence they exert uuon all nervo is diseases in con'-J'isi jd, Bimlt me lo s'iy that I have had ex^erleuce of the nuaUiies of ! piaster! heretoftire in mc, butmurt pia-oyonrs at thi h^ad ?t tbem all. fcv?r? medical man who btcomei acquainted with them will atsuredly i-vcommend his patl^ns to n<n no other than tb? medicated India rubber plaster of Ur. All:oct Vours very truly. I. i'. HiNnKRtiuN, M. I>. A man rime into the store a few day* ago and said he l.ii bought one ot a drugg et In South America, and tlia It cured him ot a lsnie when everything else had ial'ed is help him; that be must always have a few on hand? that be tvo'tld not begrutU* 130 lor one, so valuable did he. esteem He bought two do/ea oi them. A female Wii*. taken suddenly with pain In the bask, just above ibe kidueys; K/ lnem ?? d cupplo^ were i:=cyt, but she could not ftlr without screaming out. tier doc' or bethought Mmteli of Al'couk'spla-iterrt, and had one placctl on the part in one hctur the pain entirely let her, and she walked quite well, being on If woak froja the ctoplng and the sickness in consequence of the gi cat pain experienced, tthe had no return. the plasters are s-jld at 26 cents each, by T. AfjLCiiCK A <> J , Hrandre'.b n .iiTd.ngr, At 241 Hudson street and 2% Boweiy, and by &1. di .ub stta ia ?te city and country. A Hew Clumt In Practical Pitrenoliijd' will be IjMmfd ooT?t;sdov nvmiing next, where all who d ?lre m .y URSEaki 0? Mga 9l tbif MfffiiJ I3d tatfwanf science. Ap ply to FVIWLBR 4 WilLa, .Wa >^ad?ay. 'Wadding ?did Viilrlttg Carai, Wrd4tng ?rrelopes, Ac ? 7 be l*ie^; styles engraved In 'he most elsgaat Manner can always be found at KVKttl)KL.L'?,3ti2 Broadway, earner 1/uane street Mr. STerdell's is the oM?*r aid oest nown jtoje for card engraving and printing In Broadway. Is'abiisbed la 1840. ' Sewing Hseliitieiw.TlHM* about Pnitliatlng tnacbinen for ritber light or heavy work, ot any description, should not fail u> examine a machine so s.mpluied and re ?ae?d as to meet their wants, and for whlrhth^ American In stitute awarded a premium. They are on exhibition, and for sale at enr offices, til Broadway, and Unre biocir B m:m, Nicaoi-s, ukaVi 1 1 * oo Dvflanr? Salamandft Safes.? Ko<>ert 91. Pat KIDK is The wle manufacturer In the United States of the above celebrated sale* and patent powder proof defiance locks bars. Depot Kc. 192 Peart ttreet, one door below Maiden lane. For Sale at a Burgatn? -A Handsome BiUy coat (altered), well trained to harness, warranted aound and ia*t ? a great chance for the Hforuog hoys, as be Is first ra'e before a sleigh. Call early at fit8 Klghth a, c*. ue, betwee.i Forty second and Forty-thfid etreets. The Oiidtron Amtni the Bucheyei.? An tihlo editor writes:?' 8? , UUt, Jan. 2D. 1HB >. tJeu'.letr.'.u? The gridiron jou r.ent me by express r.iinc duly to hunt], and I am olgbir pleased wl h it. It Is all you represent it ti ae, and ah mid be tart of Uie'.kitchsn furniture, of every family. 1 have t-ied it with beef, pork, (entry, and even sewages, a: d it works to a cha m. Tne meat cool ed upon It ia mu.'b more highly tUvor ed than Hat cooked by the ordinary frying or broiling process. I have shown It tnmy neighbors, snd they universal!? con ? eld*r Ita 'good IhiL-g.' ' Five sizes, from $2 to $3. Hold at American and Foreign Patent Agency, 79 iiuane et-eet, one hundred leal eat.t ol'Bioadway, , In the atoffiiC Building, 333 Broadway, there are to let rooms u chamber! l'ar lawyers, commercial men, artists or ?tudenw. henta ranging from $100 to el, ?.X) per an num. Apply to fl'M. B. MOFFAT, on the promise*, room Wlihla'i Amlelet? Invented by the Celebra ted Oruilst l>r. P. M. Ill lott, of" New York; re-:eipe presented by klu toM. Wilkin ? will cure baldness, preserve ctd clo?n*e the hair. J*rlce 60 rent*. sold bj druggists jrene/allvand ihe proprietor!, 44 Mulder; lane. fllngtr'i Smlng Machine*.? lill Penoni wbowifcb for li formation tn regard to sewing machine i can attain It by applying at our office for copies of " I. 11. Singer A Oa.'s Gazette," a paper devoted entirely to ihe sewing ra? ?Mne Interest*. Copies ? uppliod gr* 'is. 1. M. Bi.N<Ji5K 4 CO., 323 Bra?dvran. A Per Aimed BrnaCh,? What Lady or Gfna > eniaii would rsmait nnder tic eur?e of a durtgreoabie breath, when by uriug the Balm of a Thousand Flowe-s" as a deti Cfelce would not only render it sweet, but leave tho lei'h white aa aJabaster 1 Many pernor, s do not know their brea'.h Is b*d, ?nd the subject la so delicate, their triends will never mention *. Pour a single drop of the "Balm" on your tooth braso, ?ad wash the teeth night and morning. A arty cent bottle wil' Met a year. For sale by FBTKJ&tiK A (X)., proprietors, and aad all druggists. Disease of the Skin.? Dr. Newton '? Office lor the special treatment of the moil inveterate forms o; lii'nn affections, and also scrofula and cancer, is iiow al 1$3 Fourth avenue, near Thirteenth street. Batohelst'i Mai? Dye.-Wlgs and Toupees? tk* best in the world. TMs unrivalled and original dye it an tiled in twelve prlva'e rooms. Batchelor'< wigs and toupees ?ve Improvement* over all others, being chef d'agtivras of ele ?ue and durability, peculiar to th's cs'abllxhm-mt. BAT CtiKLOR'S, 233 Broadway. IMIdwsji's Pllla arc an fcxcelient Family medicine and are recommended to all sutl'erera from dl?eisen of the liver and stomach. Jt In Indisputably admitted that chey have never failed to cure those disorient. Sold at the mtuu mactorles, Mo. XI Maiden line, New York, and 21 .Strand, ljoidon, and jy a.l drugglets at 20 cents, 023; ceats and II per pot or box. Married. On Monday evening, J*n 7, by lie Rev. I_ H. King, Mr. fUmin. J. Tavi.or, of this city, to Mi** H/."?.vah Ja.yk, daughter of Mr. l>avld l.a whoo, of Ne vburg. On Inewlay evening, Jan. 21?, by tn* Iter. James Mil left, at hi* residence, 171 Kaat fieventeenth street, Mr. Johkph T. Eixu-on. of l.ennox, Alans., to Miss Siram Eliza Fev tov, of flreenwieb, Conn. On Thursday, Jan. 17, in Ycrtville. bv the Re*. S. C. Ferry, Wiu.iam Bric??tui Kj^., of Detroit, llicb, to Hum Yjw.ima -tkwart, of this citr. Detroit pa pern pleace copy | On Thursday, Jan. 31, in Brooklyn, by the Key. Father Meleaiy, Mr. I homas Kmrsoumtv Him Marcarei Lyndon, daughter of the late I'ntrick l.yr.dnn. fllaq., M&iketllill, county Armagh, Ireland. On 1'kiursiJay moiniog, Jan. 31, J. C. I/OCKWOOD, Elq., c* Jacesville, Wil,, to Miss From ArousTA, daughter of John G. Stevens, K*q., of (Jreenvlch, Conn. In Hartford, Conn., on Thursday, Jan. 31, by the Rev. Mr. Aberoromble, H. 8. iJNcofJi, r;sq,, of this city, to MNs lb Ml M. iicBtSM , of Columbus, Miss. Ob Wednesday, Jan. 30, by the Rev. Dr. Tyng, Ami: husk Washu<!toj? Oliver to Elizabeth A>n Cowhkv, all of this city. la l'hiladelpMa. on Friday, Feb. 1, W. A. LIV1NOST.M, Ksq., to Mart A. Htvart, of New Brunswicn, N. J. Died. On Friday, Feb. 1, of Inflammation oi the lungs, Hintr I. Hntn, In the <9th year ot his age. His friends, those of his brothers, George, Asahel and John Reed, the members ot Hancock Lodge, 1. O. of O F.. and L'nion Division No. 2, A. of T., are re?peotfa?ly invited > to attend the funeral, from his late residence, No. 2i Hes ter street, this afternoon, at half past one o'alock. On Friday afternoon, Feb. 1, Oiaruk, twin kob ot Ro bert and Margarst Squires, aged 2 years, 7 m inths and S3 davs. IV blends of the family are lari'^d to attenl tho fune ral, ob Monday morning. at eleven o olook, from the re i aldenoe of his parents, No. 194 We.?t Thlrr.ietU street. I Qn l'riday morning, Feb. 1, (Iboroh Harrisov, yoj agent I ?on of Thomas and Jane F. Biackstuck, aged lyoar, 1 month and 10 days. ^ The friends of the frailly are respectfully Invited to at tend the tnneral, this afternoon, atfone o'clock, from the residence of W* father, Ho. 46S Greenwich street, owner <f Watt street. fin Friday night, Feb. J, suildenly, FjjzABnrrn CiKP, wife of Mattnew J. Doollttle, aged 61 years, 3 months. TTie relative* end Wends ot the frmily are respectfully iMitrd to attend the funeral, to morrow afternoon, at e'tloek, trout her late resideaoe, 120^uUivan street, miitumt further inviUtion. Her remalne will he Uken to r;re*nwocd fcf Interment. PiallrctoB, Vl f ?n>) M -ntreal paper* pWese copy. On Friday, F*b. 1 l^niiw HcDvm, ?ft?r a lomr ui ptinfui l'.Ueaa, <? UM 30Ui J?*f uf his Hft). HI* frUrd* and acqaaiatan-e*, also cf hi* b~> ther ami -deter. Jam*-. md Mt (tn*. ItelMv. t, are r* rpectfu I) !u\ itrd to attead hi* lunera), tbli afternoon, at w? < ', fit*. 311 Tenth street, t>e.wc?a at<su?i A ILEC B. On Satunljtj , Fey 2, IiAturr. Mocnbt, wife of Jane* Uv wj; i g*<1 31 j?ar*. 'Ihe IfiriiUrt aid ? jquaintan'es ot th-> ''y are re? HK-f.t'ully iiiTi'.ed tn attv-ud the funeral, thin ?'tern>on, at m? o'citok. from bur late rerio'eace, No. 43 F.-aakfrt street. Htr teui?u>n will be taken to Gre-^iiw > jd. Ou Friday weming Feb. 1. Mr. Jaju P. C. Fxjri.a.vk, aged 26 jetirn, two '4 1,'exter FaiiTnak, K-ij . The ?el?> iv*? and ft le'ids, aW tb-ss ot tiii broth" :-ii li?, F. Willie Fi?ber. ??.. X)., are invi'ed to atead the fu nnel services, at hti lather'e residcn*e, No. 237 West I'ouiteetith otreet, ??.i? aft*rn?.>n, at t>ir*e o'clock. Toe remain* -will be coLreytd to Monot Auburn Cemetery, Mass.. on Monday. Oo Saturday Feb. 2, Mt. Adam** Dk?ilt Sxact, wilow of the late Elaridge O. St?;y, in the 49-a year ?f Mr %g?. The rtlttUT c* and friends jI the family are respectfully InviUd to attend tbe funeral, fi ?m the Tbir'eenta it -eet rre*by'*risn ehureb, (Rev. Jr. Bur-.ha-'.'s,) brUesn Sixth and Seventh a etui1, to-morrow ?'.erno.">?, at twi o'clock, without further invitation. On Friday, Feb. 1. ia Brooklyn, Hwtxb, a?ed 78, re'.'at of th? late Jam's front, taroerly of Norwich, Englani. Her friends, a No tho.-e of her -on*, James an d .J 'fin, areie;pect'ully invite-l to atterd ber funfc-al, from Trinity CJjurch. BiMUjn, thii afternoon, at two o'clock. H.-r remains will be inberrcl in Greenwood Cemetery. im h'atnrday mornirg, Feb. 2, J nay Msow*x a na*fv<) of Berwifk-i>b-r??td, Scotland, in the 33<l year Si" b - ag# The friend* and relatives of the 'amily are reepectftuiy la Tiled to attend the funeral, thin alternaon. at one o'clock, from bit late residence, 260 j-'sven'.h avcaue. On Wednesday, Jan. SO, (jKokuk W. Cbowhj. na of Martin J- and Eliza A. Crowell, iu tbe 9h ye it of hlsaje. The fit* ndg and ac'iuaiutaDcetiot the fomWy ?r<? iuvre 1 to attend the foneral, tt ie af ernoon, at two o'clock, front 160 Charlea Rtrret. la Br<K>k]yn, on Saturday ncrnltj^, Ke>. ?, Mr. Wil uam Tiioux, tldert aon of Wm. E. and CatheriaeTbirne. The relative* and trienda of the family, uUt hut Irlen-ln in the bookse-l'cg kuninees. are ie?te:tful y '.nTitel (o attend hU funeral, to-morrow attersoon, at one o'clo:k, 'rem hi* Itte residence, So. 167 Cluton ?tr*?t, B.-;x klyn, without further notice. On Thursday evening. Jan; 31. BlCHAXD Tht?m. His remains will be interred this day. The (><o:essi}n will leave his late residence, 69 Rutge-s a*., at two c. Vi:k P. M. The officei'N arul membtrH of St. Jobn'? Urand f.idge, ?Jrient Chapter So. 1," Meli'a En .-ampmoat No. 1 of K. 1' , and Fi evmon'.i I/j'ge No. 3 of F. aud A. M.. hit friendh ?and these of bin family, and the fraternity ij genera!, are r*ppectfu!ly invited to attend. On Thursday, Jan. 31, fci.iZAHBTa O^vm. ag- J 69 yen*e. The reinaion were interred in the 'eai i'ery of th* Ev^r grf-enH, from 80 Xrrtti Third itreet, Brooklyn, E. D. On .-'aturday H^eruoou, Feb. 2, Jclu Morris, w.fe of This. Morris, in the 64rh year of her age, a na'.ive r>f Kildalkey, county Mea'b, Ireland. Her inneral wui t^ke tlwe irom her late residence, 272 Twenty -eighth street, between Ninth and rent 6 av-naes, at 1 % o'clock this afternoon. AOTEBTISEMESTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. PERSONAL, INFORMATION WAN TITO? OF MR. 8 AM CTRL, WILDE, late olB-mereetsMre, Westo' England: lie ??.mu toth ico in try between iheye.trn 184Saud H<8, anj one Itnowirin the where abouts of tbe raid satiusl Wilde will comer a favor Hy ad dres?lcg a line to Mr. MeJhurat. Ml Houston s.reet nea- B.-oal way. Country papers p ease copy. INFORMATION WAN1KD? Or MARGARET TTJtiLART, by ber lister Bridget, who haH not heard from ber for the last e'ght months. When last beard from bhe wan living in Brooklyn. Any infer toation of tier will be thankfully received by her sitter. ar.e call at 36 Seventh street. IS8 MARIA MRJ.BORK Wlf-L FIND A LETTER AT the Herald ciDce for ber. MB. MACSIMO MAFK IS reqcested to call at ibe oflice of Ctesar k Pauli, Nq. 4 e'euth Wiliiwn Sirett, on Ecat'er; cf iuuporlatice. R?. R IS REQUESTED TO WRITE TO GEORGE. M M THE SON OF TAB 110*. I>. A. STARK WEATHBR IS requested to leave his ai'dre&s witn 8 nil la, WaUca i hettcrf, 4t? Beaver cueet ; by doing so he will nastllute 5u?t nesa .oonecied wlJh hie father, and oblige a fi-iend. WILLIAM I1ENRY WILSON, BORN IN NEWBURY, Vermont, late steward ot ship Eila A. Clare, of Waldoboro, died 28th of October, >.806. at .lverpool, aged 27 se?m Any cumin wishing to learn tbe uaiuoiiar-; of fcis death may address Miss Ann Wooda.l, No. 1 Kbledon street, Winds jr, Liverpool, ?.&g)*nd. Newbury papers picase co :y. IEW FlVUCAl'lOllf. ; boor of firHiEiSo oftiGinALirY and gre\t J\ power? Now read? and fir *a e by ai; b loksellers ?? THE HEART OP MAUEL WaR^ J ItOW A see. One eeat 12mo. voiuire. Price $1 26. From many notkiea we exlrarrt the lioUowlnc Tbe writer i? a dramatist m bis grouping of lodivld itlitfei and events ; a phototypist, marking every ih ide of caarao'/tr; a vbiloKopber, tn bis studies of tbe human heart; a poet, la lis ortybut wti; sustained language.? Newark Daily Advertiser. A domes*.!'- romance of more thin ordinary merit and iuler eat- contemplative and sometime i even ealhejc? trusting wore to ? elt drawn character than to startling Interest. ?.Sew Vork Dally Times. He write* uneqnilly bat with gle*ms cf gen!ut, and now and then striken out pasaages of ur^at beautj of thc ight, wl'h leinsrkable command of tbe i'ull reaourest of Un^uage la the expretrion or concealment of taought or emoiiou.? Boston Evening Ca/ette. ibe author writes with a terrible energy, and has wevea to (ether a narrative lull ot the mist abiorblng interest, and which d es not depend so much upon the lntrl;acy of the pi >t aa upon the intense and paas onate earnestness <vhi:h porvAd ta It. i he nind becomes so absorped in readlig ft, that it forgets Itself, led on insensibly by the strange, thrilling fas:lnatioa o! the tragi/; story. ? New York Day Book. We must acccrd to tbls ainaymous writer a bi?h place in the sphere of fictitious compositljn. Many of his taw:* possess an Intense vttalii;. Ills pictures often eeetn to glow with life, In-' stead of belli/; colored by art. He has a rare mastery o ' terse and vigorous eipre?ion Hit dramatic powe- Is equal to his coi.ttruetive skill. Tragedy la doubtless, tin forte; but pas s*?ch of sunny and beautiful des jri, tion sao * that be fa als > at home among the gentler elements o' hmuaittr. If tne p.-eseut work be th^ first rruttg of bis genius before I he ptlill itan i. ounces a htgftet order of Intellect thai has recent y bnen de voted to this branch of literature. ? New York iJaili Trlbu ie An interesting, and. In many res jeca, oo cerfully wrought tale by a new author. The description of ihe duel, and ot he flight and pursuit of Ihe poor crazed w.imm over he ice encru^ed fields in mld-wtnter, are exceedingly well due. A pecti.iar feature ot Ihe book consists in tha Introductory v-'-es pre^edirg each chapter, which are quaintly and fane tally executed.? >ew York Kvenlng Post. DERBY A JACKSON, Publishers, 119 Njisgvi street BEACTY AND Tuprs HAYB CLASPED HaSD.3 IN Its recital.? Frederickeburgb (Va.) New?. how ready, A LO.SE, By Mamo* BABiAxn. Anew reviled (I9U?) edition. One elegani 12mo., ujl/urm with the " Hidden Path " Prlje ti 2a. Ihe preseijt publishers have the pleasure ot presetting to tbc trade and the puuiic their edl ion 01 oae of thi ra w. KASCIXATIHG, ISTMKSTISU AND POPULAR volumes i hat ha -: been published lor many years. ITnai led hy the usual etlortu ihat are maoc to extend the ?a e ot books of tar greater pre.tensio is, it baa upon the strength of lu oxn In trinsic merits retched the extraordinary number of niae'een editions in Utile more than a year? ihu-', all ihlugs cintMered. outstripping all compeil'ors tor tb ? fo-il of popular fa v jr. Kivn.1 edntons have been published in rcogland rnd on the C Mi'intnt, and now. In thousands of fauiuiea, the book* of Marion iltriand nc welconre visiters. ' A FEW EATBAt'TS FROM LESOTHT BIVIKWS OF "ALONE." W 11 recogt i /ti points in It which de?e.-ve hljh i aiv; lor high merits. True genius aione for in^tnce. ro i'4 have con ceived aid executed the seen* belwesn Lacy aud Id ?. Ths wbee episode of the marriage ot the wldo with tie voucg and fashionable Iftlen, Is capitally given and its final sa:<w tropbe is a* thrilling as it la simple and natural. (Shirley la one of the best drawn people we have mot with In prm' t >r tnuy a day. Ida, heiselt? tTarrv, Joseobine, nurse Rti'iei, i vnn Holmes, the artist, the. Dana family- Indeed. a'mov. everybody Intreduced. ?-ven l> tbe merest sketch, are graphic and die iucU The b'?okl9 full of nerve, nad bears mi'-ks of thai t?u?lgen!ui for whose i*ahe much is excusable. We can point to no re cut female, work as containing tluer p. usages than 'Alone." ? Bos ton Foe?. There is gfiniur, r ithos. humor atd m?raJ In lis ^banning pages mu.h knowledge of hum vi nature, ani po*er to fle:i neute character. It cinnot fall to he read with deep interest by all who have true feeling and warm s. mpa'Jiles. A- a w irk of fiction It is one of the best we have read In m-iny a day. ? Aew York Otmerver. Ihe superior merit or "Alone" do-s not cmslst me-ely 'a the Interest of the story, wi b ita glowing though u and eiquinita fancies; not iulbe faithful portrait .re ol ilf-j and dellasatuns of character; not In the voltes of symnatliy constantly fal !ng i'ke music upon tbe htar*, to qukken us better fe> ling"; nor yet lu Its unwavering adhesion to what Is right and prop sr in itseH: out above all tnl*. shining forth and giving new beauty to at that Is attractive In humsn cfraracter, the purity, and simplicity, slid loveliness of Christian principles orewbe their ennobliui sj,lntln every line ? Lexington fVa ) Oaztite. A strlklDg and Instructive tale, aiming at an excellent moral elltcL It is executed art, and depict i chicaners the impression ol whose beauty will not speedily psss f.-ono the reader 'a mind ?N. Y. KvangellM "Alone'' la a book ol gi cat merit, aud we reca! portion which itlsolav a thorough knowledge of that art which eu'er* so largely into the character of evert tale-teller? ve m -au tbe ar\ of the raconteur. W e have seldom met with a work of thU klLil more gracefully put forb. We commrnd it mow cordially to thfc whole comm'uilty.? so I'hern Literary Me?sc.u*e" IiKICHY *.TAOKs<>.V. fut'llslwrs, New Yrrk, And for sale by all bookse! ers and news agenda. Hing.a co pies sent by mall post paid. (8 IT SO? 1 The lloston Evening QaxeUesar*:? I' Is slated In a i*w nook just publish. -d oy Derby, of New York, enuned " Jocki m and hew Orleans," that Ihe 93d Rogl nsnt, wntcn o italned Its tirgulshi d honor at BaUklnva, U the same that go' t>o atvt'i!ly ?hipped a' the battle of t ew Oileans. Second odplon rr.idy thlsdsy. JaCKSO.N A.ND NRW Oai.K\NP. An authentic narrative of the mitmorable achie ements of ?ie Amertcnn srmy under Andrew J*c*?on, hef.ire Jlew <jr eans, In the winter of lXU-'l.V By Alexander late of 'he N. O. Delia. Wltii irou'lstiiece. I2inn. $1 2! \ DBHBY k JA0K9ON, Publishers. New York, And lor sale by ajl ho ik*e. lers. Qhodld bk"taken"is HOMEOPATHIC doses. O THE WIDOW BE DOT r, WnAT tnev THINK or ItKH IS WASniHUTOIV. Hays the Wa?hlngton Dally (Jiohc. -We are of opinion thU I1. Is the most humorous book ih U has ever been critien by a leinale; and we regard it as but little, 11 anything, mien >r, *s a air l h Inspiring production, to "H?m Milek," or to Thacke ray's Yellowtiltish Papers." As well as belog humorius, the ''Bedott Papers" are satirical, and Jia authoresn haa drawn some pljturos that we cannot but regard asverylalth lil representations of what she had witnessed. Asning tnnse la Ihe Donation Parly, which is a chapter well worth the price of Ihe book. We say to all? Niv, read and laugh hay* the Louisville Dally Courier:? Tney speak more effoo tualiy to the general ear and he irt, even though tiey who hear are not aware of the tact that they are Imbibing wlsdum. The "Papers" need not a word troin as to tnose who iuiow any thing of (heir character; to those w ho do not. we nay that they cannot too soon eome into possession nf the rlnh wit and genial humor thai sparkle likp Ihe purest fountains of nature sinnoc the green ileitis of llie. Mays the Mouthern Literary Messenger:? Ti-e greatest bit of the season, and provocative of more do wnrlgh* horse laughter than any book sine* "Major Jones' Oou-Uhlp." Whoever woold enjoy hours ol real satisfaction in droll rending? the se vere student reeking relaxation or the practical man wishing to be amused after the day's ?>U? *h<ra>d procure a copy of Ihe Widow Bedott. llwre Is no drawbaei to the merriment it affords, and all Its jokes are as pure and Inoooen' as the pranks c,f childhood. the Newark Daily Advertiser says:? Tbe fun and Ine smirk commence with the Initial chapter, end wltn every pa*e the grin widens, till tbe final one, wnan the laugh swalto vs up everything, and tbe ears even disappear In the evec oxpanding mouft). unner the benign inltuenee of this anmstbeftcal, mirth prirvober. wsistbsnd off-botton toarer. Flfleenlh 1,000 now ready. One lll.-wtrated l2mo. Priee ft 90. L.XIiBY Aim JAOKBON. Publishers. Sew York. And tar sa.'a by alj b?>ksal)ers single copies sent by mall, tost paid. ?raciAi. mnoM. ?wtvesffiC " '' ??&?>? Divided noti ?e.-the metropolitan birvnd and Carrier Eipiesa ompany hav* this day deo.ared a ulvide d upon their working capital of 1 per cent, onto tbii tuDirnsfrr tha month of Janutry, paja le on and ?fter i?ie 10; b )ntl. at the office of Xhecompabv, H Pine atreet, next to Duncan K&erman Jt Co '? n? w b?- king house. I r?n?ter >03k? ciotcd from the 6th to lb* loth last. by ord *r of the Hoard, L. t*. Ck\MK, tftcretiry. MA POUIC NOTICE.? THE MKMUBR8 OF t RRKMTV8 Lodge, No. 3, are r?nu?>d to rn-et at their room*, Jt. Joiiu't uali, on W-iu-Jay, Keoruary 3, at 1 ?* 1'. M., to pay the last tribute ot respect to our late trother, M. W. P. O. M., Klcfcard lbum. iJy order, GHaRL-.S W. ATWOOD, W. Jt. R. K Roberts, Secretary. MASONIC.- THE MKMBKRH Or EXCELSIOR I.OUfK, IIS, are reque sted to meet at their rooms, (Jdd Fellows* Hail, on tunday .Feb 3, at U o'clock AM to pay tha list dilute ol re^ptrt to oar lain brrtber, John Kturgeae. The luteal ceremonies will be performed b / W. brother N.choll, P. x. UJCOllUE W. KaY, W. M. Okorvm IfncBEiL, Secretary. MAf.OtfIC.-THE Mfc-MBRRH 01* PYRAMID LODOK, ."io Id, F. and A v., will meet at st John's Mall, oor i>er of Bowery and lelaucev arret, th>n sundav afternoon, a'.' 1 o'clock, to unit* Id paying th? ;?*t tribute of rejpeot to the late M. W. P. o. M. Richard lbum. i'm?. P. Mahrat, Bee. JOHN" D. GRAHAM, W. K OP. A. HANCOCK ASWOCI ATION. ? SEVENTH AN . nual ballot tha Han. ork Amnvlatkm will t?lep!aoea' tflblo'i, Feb. 22, ItBt, ticket* ran be proeured of the com mittee, or C A U. Keecb. Pira'deut, 26 Ann street; A. ft. Walker, Vice Pr#?ld?nt, rtlub areaue and Ninth street; O. A. Thltchener. becrevuy, 113 Fulton street; Wo. ilobiua, l'reiau ter, Franklin and Dm streets. SPECIAL NOTICE. ? THE RKOCl.AU MONTHLY M?ET tnr of the Liquor Dealers' Soc.ew will be held on M mday Ketrumy 1. al o'clock at fia'lunat Hail. Ctna street. Ill* earneu'ly rtcovnmt nded thUall mcmiers wiaoinfr the we' tare ef the society wilt at end, ss important titHineu art! I he brought up 1* . B ? And tickets ot membership wiJ be de livered on Ibe above evening :<y oritur. R r MONTGOMERY, President. A r.Lr, H. Mathews, Vl-o President. O. a. Rat/, fcecordlpg Hectelary. THE KEW YORK AND BROOKLYN Ii^B COMPYNY, Having let- wed a stock of lc?, ol a ijaallty superior to pnt no by anv other eompwy this winter. Invito io lepeudent drivers and (Uppers to call upon tbem at tltelr office, .No. 2S1 Brcadwav, ard make '.he.' contract* for <be easuln.t se-i^on OK >. E. nUKR A OOl>, President. Jab. H. firenriia, Recetary. I^BE PARK BAN K.? BIIB8JRIB-CR8 TO THf! CAPITAL stock of tbls bar.k will p!eate csll at the t'i'y bank. S3 lAail Ktteet, on 1 iif-i Ay or WcJneiolay, February 6 and S, and ?Irc the ar'icl*s of a?Hoei?tiou, ?.t wblch time and place th- books ot tubscilptlon wl'l be riady. , ? TOCRO LITERARY INSTITUTE. ? THE ANNUAL elcc'lcii will be held Taesday, rebruary 0, at the room'?, 448 Broome street. Po! s open a'. 8 o'clock P. M A a HON Cukhi'aLaK, fceore'ary. BOARDISO AND LODGING. 7 i 7 BROADWAY OPPO-'ITrt A3 TOR PL ACtJ.? ROOMS I "X 4 In lulls, sinple rnma and parlor*, funrsbed. AUo, two large parlors with closets and fced'ooms a'tiohe;, unfur i.lrhed. to let wl bout buaid. Gat, grates, ba'o. Ac. iho.w ro ton are very de?irab>, and lurumhed new tbru igoout, Mo ntovIiK an flrtt of May. Ke'erenc* required OA Q BROaDWaT.? ">SE LARO-t FRONT ROOM O OtcO se.tond Uoo-; m.!?o, one suit of front rooms on ihlr floor, ail well furnished and supplied with ga?, miy bo h<id with full board ; dinner at 0 o'clock. BROADWAY.? FERNI'MED R tOMr^ TO LKT TO tlUw f-.mlllcs and gen'temen, in suit# and sloRte apirmeu'a, elegantly lurnlsbed. Alcus served on tin hunpeuu pidn. J97 BROOME STREET, ONE BLOCK FRO l BUOAfl *1^1 ?av.? Board for lamily; alio, tor single gentlemen. All ibe modern Impi ovemfinis will De found in tie ho w* Pi Ice moderate. Fienob spoken. OQO FOURTH AVENUE.? OBNTLEMfiN AND THEtR ? JO^j wive*, or -jr>!tle Rentlemeu, caa be accoTiui'jdated with pJeaunt room - by making ear.'/ ?')pil'jation at the above number; oc-itlon r '? f?nt, and the comlorta ol'thoiuemiy be epjoyed. IHC WW1T FOrXTEEtfTH STREET.? TWO FAMILIES, L'JU and u lingk- ? entieman, can fiud roims. la suit or eln ale. In a first c'aas bin e, 106 We?; Foarteenth *treef, opposite the Atruncia'Jou cb'trch. Reference required. Ol HENRY 6TEEET? A PARLOR ON TiE FIH5T Ol floor to let, wi h board, to and h's wife; ?'.?>, accommodations tor a lew single gcntieuiea. 70 WEST TWENTY THIRD .ST it EST, NfTAR SIXTH ( O avenue? Very pleasan* suites of roim?, together or se parate to rent wi'h board, on the se-.oc i t'.oir front; a1 no, a few single rooms ur oen'ietn tn. Cau be hud ou ver/ aovan lagei nsterca by imrnealnte appllijatlon. ^?s, ba'b, Ac Lo cation pleasant ar.d convenient. A line c.'tlkgii puti ibe <!oor, References exoba:.gcd. | ?(() ERM6EN STREET. 3BOOELYN HBI<}5TS -ELE ! U^i gist sultl of rooma :ur faml'loa or a.nde gflftU too ,cai be prom?edin ?he above first class resldantte, whtro the tom l'.rts of a home, tonether with a gord tib.'e, can De enj iye.1. Dlnrer at tlx. References exchanged. MURRAY STREET ?BO ARDIS'O FOR A GENTLE T r7 mai and wife, and lor stogie gentlemen: alaj, i'ornlfhnd rotms to le'.. without board. The location U pleasant, ahd the houte has all the modern Improvements. 2 BOND PTRF.VT, NEAR BROADWAY.? A FRONT parlor and tedioom a' (acted to le , wlih .-card. Ulnn*r at 6 o'clock. AWiri^W LADY OF HR?F?CTiniUTT, OXJOTTIHO a fine house In Brooklvu, ulo e to Fultcu and Wall street ferries, Is desirous of receiving two or t.h?eestngle gentlemen into ber family as partial boarders, whit -e they cau enjov Hie ot mforts of a h <me in mode -ate terms; :wo frlecdi can be ac commodated with a large rjom. P.ea-e apply at 01 Hecry street, corner of Orange A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVIVQ MORE ROOM THAN tbey require, wou d let t so well firnishe-l rooms, with or without partial l-oard, to a!ng e lentienen; terms mod-srate. Address 23 Fhth street. A ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET-IN A F II I VAT K I'maily. Icq lire at 42 University p!*oe ACqifPLE OF SINGLE GENTLEMEN, OR \ OENTLE man std bis wife, c in be accoamod-kt <1 wl'h boar 1 ; re erences exchanged. Inquire at 123 West Twenty stvoud street, near Seventh avenue. A LADY WISHES THE LOA.N OP TWO HUNDRED dollar*; WOOM toard a MflMM and wife i'ir$8 per we<'k. Including fir*: or a tingle man ;'or $2; references Riven arc. required. Address, wall name, 3uard, Union souare Poatcffioe. A FRENCH SCHOLAR WANTS PARTIAL HOARD, IN Washington jilaee or vicinity, or Brooklyn, lor one, per liap* two, young men of genteel fami y, orderly babl's and w< derate morns. flentee; French fsmlly preferred. Address French Scholar, Pot1, office. BOAltD.-OE.NTLEMEN AND T9EIR WIVES. OR irncte genJemen, i:m he accomm*laied with pleasan' room* lurnished or unturnished, with full or partial boird. Ho tit e !.?? iLodern improvements. Apply at Henry street. Bo\RD.--vi:ry plfasawt rooms, with a rates In ?hern, furnished, to let with bosrl, to single gentleman or families: Alio, an unfurnished room on second floor, with pan rles. 1 hose wi.&lng the comforts of home are Invited 'o c all st 177 fain street, near the bank. Terras very moderate. Board.? a plkasant suite op rooms, with board, may h ? secured by ImmM t'S application at KK5 and 108 Kasi Fourteenth street. Tbe houses are desirably lo cated and are i'lrolsbcd with all modern Improvement*. Ac. , retjnlslt* for tint class residences, neferences exchanged. Board ? wanted, by a single gentleman, am unfurnished room and ledroom, on the second lloor, wi.h hoard, or ths office rrom In an f.ngllsh basement house, be tween 1 bird find (eighth avenues and Kl'teema and thirtieth streets; a private famliv proferred: terms not to exceed ft; per week. Oall upon or address Dr. Hatch, 569 Broadway. Board wanted? immhdiatfly, by a lady, wit* a bed'oom large enough to admr a piano. Ai.y street not very lar IVora the Filth avenue wou^a suit. Address, stai Ire t?rm? twfclch in is be moderate), a., Union square foil office. Boari. wasted, in bkogklyv-by a youvg man; a peasant acd commodious room, wlia partial bouro desired, In a private family, l/om tie North ot tie/many, wheie there are few or bo boarJrr* Please address with 'oc.'iilty act; termp, (ehlch be madei'.iie ) W. W., Herald office. Board in west eleventh ftrkkt.-thto front rooms to let. with ' oard; house baa ail the modern I?, r rov menin.! West Eleventh sroel, a lea doors from llroad-A-ar. BOARDINii? TWO GENTLKMBN ~AN BE AOOOMMO dattd whh p'esiM-' single roims, nesiiy furnished, .at 27 jsortb Moore s-reet. Waths io (tie home. Boarding, i? union hquaru-rooms, nritriiw snd single r ?n<- irit'y sit': rted, with al1 necev-vary conve nient e?. Apply as above. Boarding.? an elf. j ant suite of rooms, witti a;1 Imo -oveapents. fam ly urall. No. 10 Nelson pla -a, but one block from Broad wa> , liewcea Kigh'.h ?tre-'.au0 Waver y place. Board want?d-by a gkvtle^an and wfFB, in a resectable private fsmlly, no' tar un town; terms must be m xle.rate. Apply a< 271) Broad way, toon 24. DVCRKIBHSDI ROOMS ? TO LVT, A FRONT PARLOR D with a 'jedrooin adjoining, on the se-ond ttoor of W Slxih v.vpn'ie, tuber tog'dier or separate, and wl b breakfait, if de sired. .? ppl/ on tbepreaiiMs. Keferences require U. f1URNt9H.?.D ROOMS TO LRT? IN COURT RTRTTBT, south H*o< kiyc, to tingle gentlemen, without boa-d, or would be furnished wiih breakfast Ifreauliol. The cars from D? Fulton ferry pass tbe Joor, and Uie situation Is also .?onve nlem t?i the other ferries. Refr recces exch inged. Address Oar a, Herald otllce. Handsome fursisheo rooms to let -to sin (tie gentlemen, w Ithout board, in a first <?!**? house with alit hemodernloi-irovemeits. Ocod reference required. Apply at 125 Crotbj sweet, opposite Nlb'.o'i theatre. PARTIES WISHING BJARD WOULD DO WKLL TO call Imnap late)} at 117 Wed T#en!> fli'ih ?t>*eet, where, tbey may obtain room?, slnjly or In suit? The house Is re plete with modern improvements, and wberethe comforts of a home may tin realised. Also, a basement to let. suitable for a physician'* office, r Room to let, witu bdard-a laror front bed'oom, on third floor, * eU furnished, wl:h gsa and C'rotnn water, suitable for a gentleman an 1 wife. Apply at 107 West Iwelfih street, between Fifth and Sixth avenuna. References exchanged. SINGLB GENTLEMEN MAY OBTAIN PLEASANT room and board, by anplylng at 214 Henry st next to the corner of Amity tt. , Brojkij n. Reference retired. TOLEr-iSUir OP UNFURNISHED ROOMS, VERY dealrab e for n gerlhman and wife who with a quiet resi dence. Inquire at Stfl F north avenue. TWO LADIES WWII TO BE ACCOMMODATED WITH l> d, in a respectable kousO within filteen or twenty minutes' walk of (Jrsnd street or Broadway. The applicant* are of lie highest respectability, and can furnish reference < to that effect, ihey would wish to rcon together. Please ad dress, staling terms, which must be moderate. S. T., Herald office. DENTISTRY. I"\l'.NTIfiTRY.? MR. POURTIKR, CHIRUROIEN DEN J Date de )? faetUte de Paris, has lately made an invaluable scovery by whlnh he Is ab te to cure the moat dlseved teeib wfthou'. pain. All kinds of arttAela1 eetii up a; reasons hie rates S'*> (<anai street

If AT AVCrtO*. Auction bale- or beautiful household fcr niture.? U. T. LtUUM k OU. wi'l Mil. on Monday. Ka> rnar* 4, at 10K o'clock, at Dm raldioc<! No. iA Br?uc street, all the lurnltura, ooaaiatiDg, is part, ol oie roaewod ?eves oct at o pianoforte, two aui'ea of parlor furniture !o crimson brocstel; ioae stood aide, oca tie and lancy tanlei; twenty hair niaitreasea, rosewood bureau*, bedaleads, w? i siautit; mahogany and walnut do ; large pier (1mv>i; uu.h<-K?i y ?o;a beda'eala, tola spring (eat chairs, rock nj chair n music do : elegnrea, with looking glaas backs ?ud fronts; covered etegeres, do.; large rosewood Hecr?urv b >ok caic , do. library, r ruc,?t el and lace curtains, Frenca ela le?, rosewood maroie i p bat atau", (either bed*, ooiatera, plllo vi. l>a liaries, large paintings, small drench paintings; 14 leet txtei sion tables; yeivet up estry and Ingrain carp va, rugs; p liver plated knives, foiks, baekets Aa. , saperb pearl aitl common cuum : clocis, banosome vaae', china tea ae'a. crrck?ry of a'l kinds, glass * are. with a general assortment of furniture of all kinds; chamber furniture. Sale p'jsit'v*, without Jeter re. ANTBOKY J. BLKRI-KKB, AUCTIONEER -VALUABLK property on Kaat Twenty eighth street. ? Antb-niy .1. b eeckei will iell at aucdoo, on Wednesday. reo. #, iHfld, at 12 o'clock, at the Mercban'*' lax 'haogn. the three lour i i<iry tene ment houses known as Mo*. 113, US and 117 Kaat Twenu-elah'h street, on tae i orth aide, being lt.B leet east oi i bird avenue. The oa aie ea< h 26 feet bv (M fwt 9 inches; deptn ol nouses. Ml leet. Xeinis of sale and maps of he pitto^rty ??J?n ?>? Iwd t?v app!> lug U> It. 11. CULLlPr,119 fta^aa.i street, or at tb*-. otQea oi the auctioneer, No. 7 Broad street. Auction agency. ? ?snu,ooo whkiii ok good* wanted, monthly, lor eontlgnment uad sa.e v? *<? uee auction and commission nouaee Lu the cities of the Buutn and H eat. Every kina ot gooes taken. Utiarat'ee. ca?h advances, quick sales and prompt returns. JOHN P-CAMr-BKLL, 0 flics 18 Broadway, H T. AUCTION NtlTICR? F. WILSON. AUOTiO.VHKR, WILL roll, to roorrew, Monday, at 10>i o'clock a 7>i KnuifcUi all eel west of Broadway, a) the furniture of that first class private h nae. eocsiKting In part of one ela'jOrately carved rosewoca parlor nM?, covered tn rich sitln oro-Jirti; good Bruor!* three ply and lncraln carpeta; ronew.vod Moll a, aide and sofa tab'ea, marble lops; rosewood am) uuhigauy r:iu? btthian berate vis, pure hair ina't'oase*, palliasse*, ruiewood marble tip bureaus and wnehnanda. eteg*r*s, minora from and back. Alto, oil pain'.iaiin. itrge gll: French pla-eovai mtirorn. niiver p.'aied ware, cutlery , Ac.; a so, one ?w1t rose wooo hall stand. i/epdsit required. A lease of the hoc,** u. VHP can l>e had. Auction no'iicr?jamks gushing, ACc-novEe*. ofiic??62 liioadwav, will ell at auction, uu M.iadiy, Pc i. 4, at lao'c ock noon, at Ml Barer stieet, the su>?k ami tu ure of a liquor store consisting ol win-*, b'andlfis. gin, ru n, ''htm t>f Kile, beds aid buddiLK. looking (rl^stea, co inter aa<? sfct lv lig, bottles, delf legs, liquor casks, aejuijohns, lr uiks, g'. tliawer, Ac. fctoreiolei. Apply lj vbe aucii-jn??r. AUCHOIJ NOUCE? CROCKERY, GLASS AVD CHIN* A. - lsy J. h. II baRIXHI'T, auc. nuee*. ruuday. Feb. :? at 10 o'clock, at S81 Pesrl atre^t, perrrop'ory k? e o: a'l kir. '? of W. 0. blue and co limon wa e, cut, prcst and KAMtii'an g'sss china, sliver, plated ware, cl'ith up. Ac. Als.'i, -io s'O'k ol a dealer. now rea ly. BY BEN&Y 11. LEEDS, ACiXfDilfiEa.? TCtSDAY, Feb. 6, at half past ten o'e.'ock, on tin premise*, Noa. f. Ill, and 12 Fu ton street, opposi e Kiilwn raartet notel an t dlnii g saloon 'or isle -Lease, fixtures, fuinitura, stock ^Qd giod wl:l oi the well known dining aaloiua, known i'or m?n srars as (lou d's dining m oons, reir Kultoa fe *ry. and -ipoo file Ku^tou market. It conUilns ooe hundred lo ging r-v^cos thiee la/ge dining rornis, and a very la^ge u&rronu I hi house la doing a very o roe pe rout and au.-cesaful h':sltc?i tie celptg|3W i>er day. It in now offered at private sale or ex char; e; ncu if not told pri >r to the 5Ui o) s'eoruarr, ft will posl lively be su.J ai public auction oil tee [Teml-e? on thlt dkv. ihn 'cafe h.s Tour years to run from May 1, 189S Tecmtof |.?j ment easy. Apply ou the premises, or to H R. LKM1>S .t CO. , so. 19 Naecau street, dally, tiom 10 A. M. to 1 1*. il. BY ORDER OP TH1! BH2R1PF.- HOWARD SOUBVCK auctioneer ?RDWaRD SCHKMi'iC will sell a auction un Monday, ?th inat., at 10)^ o'clock, at h.s r Kim, Mo. M W all Mreet, a magnificent assortment o' househud rurcl'ure leu oveil lor convenience ot sa o. constating tn pan oi el"?air curved rosewood swi s, in brucale'; do In bair cl jtli; mih.> tai y do. ; oik chamber aui.a, ot ibo late it ?c7ie; mahona iv trcceh bedsteads, bureaus, wasbsl?iids, wlili marble Uips; do. csntre t ee and so/a ta ;1 -?<, wits do.; eiey int carved rosewtKKi wurdiotes, Vedsteads bureaus, -v'th m?:ble toos; do. wash s'nnd", rtreption, easy and Vol aire chair*, iu bro; ;vjt and plain cloth; ako, two msgnt lcrni French pin'c nan le i2>as^e?, in superb Iratres; also, chlni va>.es, stiver p.a'.a 1 via e, .t- , Ac ibe furniture Is now on \iew and be ", Paie positive. By order of K. L. VCLTKE. Deputy fthcrlfT. ' tROCKERY AND GLASS.- J. .1. WAL]>ROV, AITO >j tionetr ? HENIty O. KVa!*S, 92 Pearl ?t;?e:. wiU sel. on Tuetdav. February 5, -it 10,'j l'eiock, a Urge ass'.'rimen' p.' white granite and wmooa w?re.h'ren:h c'lina, vsorrftd, gl#" ware, Ac. Co'aloguet nosr rc.dy. t;oo<ts well paoked i'o* ?hipping. Eugene b. franklin, auctioneer ? to bw sot d by FRaNKLIN A AlCHO .S at thclr a'xre 79 Kassai itre?t, on Friday. February i at 10}, o'clock, one sh; ; chromi nottr, for the esiale of Conrad Jordan, do ?ca-e-'. a. SMUH. Aiim'Dliinltr. tp ATI MB. -J AMES M MILLER WILL SELL ON MONDAY. 1 February 4. l?6li, at 12 o'clock, at the (hveiiio.? iious : oo the premitca lately occupied by t rf* B. M?rretl, in '.bo to?i of Bye, Westchester o iunty, wt'hln live n:it: u'-cV walk n: die ?w haven Railroad sUtUon at Portclie* er, t to farmi ou clc vatnd ground, overlf oking the vi. ajje and J^cr g Is'sutl .-kacd Hold under the direc'-on of Jpqy A^EE jIEURKT f, Ad.ulnN'.'aior. George cook, auciioneer.- fi rniicrk o> mi erlor quality, ar d In larue vtriny, r.j, luosdiy, >.i 1. H o'c cck, at 100 Mi oalwsy, Including par or nutts, chatr.-ie. ann dining 10 m, lc.; beds'xsads, bu'-Kaux iv:uibs'audfl. ward rofct s, hail stards, centre, side and sola ta vies; 1 brarv l ook chms, K.ungos, chairs, rockers, ma'.irssws, pi'.!la*":<, .' ?. l'leate examine previotu lv t* e. Great auction bale.-i.v conskqukkoe or rim exteiis.oii cl ic Bo.'ery, J A.MKb CaJ-KY wi 1 tsll hi* f-tn k ot d'y f oods, Ac . contained in his atores, 3i,2 I'earl s reet, and Au. 3 ( ranalin muars. Sale to commence ;>m ^r row, aid comiijue until the whole at ick Is disposed of. SYLVKRTBF STOVER. AUCTIONEER. ?'.Rb" TEFL hoi?ebolil furnltuic, ve'.ret tapestry and ftrussela c*r pe's, jl?uotorle, rich French vlaut pier gUi""-**. .to. ? Oil Hon (lay co morrow), it 11 o'r oek, at Ijo'ue .No. 7- Eighth a\eua? iieiir Foorteen'h street, S\ fTER UTuVErt \ C'J. Will ?e' s? above the entire furniture r.r a f-iinily relir<inlihtRt? Loiixe [ keeping, cntcistlng In part ot eleKint rjee ?>; jotl pirlor slits io ' Fiench bro^atel, mahogany do. do , In hairc nth, ?uperiirroie wood etef err, French Mcre'aric*. corner stand* masisdo, marble trp cen're, side and sofa tables, rich la-o window en1 tain*. French shades, mantel clerk. splendid jdooofated -bioa vact ?, mantel ornamei/a, trench ;.l?te pier glasses. oil pa<n' in,s. tapestry. Brussels and 1' gran carpets, chamber larnl tuio, rtt>ewood and mahogany bedslesd?, marb e top bureau and wa'lis'.&uds, lout net, eaiv chairs, eottajs and ot'ie - chairs, china toilet set*, gilt frame mlrrore, hair mattiwaea, pall'sbes, feather bed-, beddiuit, Ac. ; dining roou furniture, cxierstoxi dining table, m'a, t ooksw, a m chairs, te i tabes, china, gists and crockery ware: tablo cu'lery, Mlver plnted waie. Ac.; also, a large variety o! kitohsu article , ktMve, 4c. Catalogues at the bou?e. Sale posl ive, r*ln or shine. Vt/ILLIAU 11 FRANKLIN, AUCTION KIR? BY VTM U. T i Frank lui A Son, office jo j HroaJ street, Tuesday, Feb. 6, n'. 12 o'clock at the Merchant' Exchange - SUi^ton ao 1 ' 'lbi ton t.iieele. the two six stors buildings and va'.jable lit <>( proutdon the corner ol Stanton and Clinton streets; lot2i:liltXi fee1. One bail iirg iionts on (Huston street and the oihcr on S'tmon street. Tin houses are separated by a yard of Blnr feet. The property ml': command a rent of >.'1.500. Terms a> tale. THE BALL SEASON. BAXTHR BLUK8. TWELFTH REGIME I .-TH.F, BALL of the Baxter Bluea will take place at Niblo'a Sa'o in, or Monday evening. Febina<-y 11, 18So Hck<"? m<.y be ootaln f dktthe principal hotiis, and at the door on tUe eveniiu of the boll. ? Grand fancy and civic ball. ? at the rhv i n of her friends and pupils, Mdlin CaROi.INK VKXIkmk, j will give a grand fancy and civic ba'L at her id-m ! 21 Howard street, on I burwtav evening, F<*b 7. to c<ynm?i!' t at 9 o'clock. Tickets $ , ror a g?iliemaa and oil" lady. Fancy drksh ball of the oerman ufj-r kianz ?Ibis well known ro-ietv rf a ja'eu: hingera w. i ho.'d their a> nnal fancy dress ball on Wednesday, Keb. ri. at tbe spacious and beautiful City Assembly Kooms 44'. Br 'id way. The enlerlainmeuia of the even<n>(. both^a! and comical, are selcc'ed with great care, and al! th* pred.irationk for iceurlr-K 'he tun, eooitort and coas^uueiit si'is'i'; ton ot visiter*, are tuch that tbla fes'lvai must neesva-llv surp is . all forn er attempt; of the club in brilliancy. Tickets, a< $2 each, can be obtained from members of the club geiera!iy. or frim any of the ucderalgriPu commute# but no money will be taken at the d'<ors. Committee:- (>tt> Albert!, caivUter, 41 ( hn ham street; II. O. Von Baur, 31 Llb?\lv street; li. tftir ger, M t ower; ; t;. W. Kcgeln>sn. H3 Will 'an: street: uuo Kmst, treasurer, StlJa Cbsthsm street: K. Hlller, l >n-"<au street; J. Krtche, 2 Broad street; C. Kunntb, 137 ttrivlrraj: Iir. Ludwig, Fresldent, 35 Wait street; M. Uatbelro, 4t Front street; 11 Heiehe. lti North William streot; Ottf. sa kendorU'. f>ecfft?ry. V'tt t'srsl streel; Fdward Unkar'. 17 Mjutfc Wii l'sm street; J. Wlcdmuiler, Vie< lTestdent. 6i'.< nank'iirec Krns' A Inzer, 63 Division street; J. Zenke, 371 I'-'srl utree'. tplRST ANNUAL SOtRK< OF PUTT LOOCiE NO hH, ' F. and a. M., will beheld * Ntclo's Si'oon. on T lesiiv evening. February 5. Ticket', tJ e* b. In he b* J a' th ? d'mr ou tbe evening of tee ball, and of the t'olloviag Comnl ee o Ariangement>:? I'has. L. Blower, F. M.; W. J. n.i vie. W. H ?'orn?M, J. B Cole', H. a. l'lnekney, Henr/ Ore 'r, VVIUia n Kostteman, Samuel Falrcliild. WM. A. BROW.VLBY, Olia ronn. M. d. LI'a.xE, treasurer. >i. c. Xoiun, Iwfiliij. Masonic hall.- tnE trnth annual ball ok M W. Orand l/oife cf tbe Stale ol' New York, wii! be bnlil at ibe ApolUdalom, on Thursdiy evening Keo I t, IN'ti. Ilekets at $ J, to adciit a gentleman and ladi'% m\y be oiutto r.d of tne tlrat.d he< fefcry, -lames Herring, No tHX) Br.tadivuy; .1 Dr. Lewis Feuebiwjtig.-r. At It. Mouatto't, fs.itc I'ruUlps, Robert Roberts W. W. Nexsen. Henry Ile usteln. Rt Naib. Wailng Geo L Thi'cl'cr, and ot tbe ofli -en o: 'lie lidge generally, In Sew Yn:k, Biookiyn, Htab-n Island, and W->r cherter county, and at th-> prinelp il mn< c ato.-ni and ho:e'?. N. B,? The tVaterri'y are requested to appeal- in rega ia. WKWgPAPKHg. I7?V0LIRII FAI'FRrt, FRR ARABIA, FOR PALE f.ll li morning ? Bookblurllng.? Illustrate! News, from (I 1'.': imrpar's Jiaes7lne, fiow tite.; musli, tl ; H-i'.lou's Pictorial, (I :h. T. RICHARDSON, innrican and Kngii"h nessdop.!', i5 High street, near Fulton street, Brooklyn. 1 T ONDON ILMSrRATRD N'RWfl IS d . TIVE^IVI.. PUXCfT 1j fld., News ol the World lid., Ltyod's 9d., fc eynold's Mlsc?l iMuy, Fandly HcralJ, Locilon Jou-dsI and t a-mcfi's Iti'ntriited, i 4<1 Vneb; all the l.ondon Liverpool and Du'jlln papers equally low. ROGERS, corner Broadway and Tweftb street, VINI HILHP ABT. I Head quartkru, new york city ouard.-thk , montnly mee-tlre of tlto New York H'y Guard will be l'eld at tbe Armory, HS9 Broadway, on Tuesday evening, Fc j. i t. Afaticraof the hi?hest imp-irlsnee to tho cotnpiny will be biouf ht up lor eonslderatloo. The allot daaee o " every mem ber is particularly re quested, ALEX. nENRIQURS, President. | J. Pcu-Miti, Secretary. I WINKS AND LiqiORS. A CHOICE SELECTION OF BRANDIB3, SHERRY, mat elra, port and .-iaret wines Jamaica rt m, Holland gin, tchDappa, o|J Monongahela, Scot?!) snd Irieh whlakeya, London ana Dublin poiter and Scotch ale* for ?a'e ?t U N DBR H ILL A WATTERSON'S, 430 Biojm ttreet, corner of Crosby, near Broadway. B1LLF.OART BALMOJf, VF.R'AP.N AY AND CABINET champagne. ? J. Meyer, Jr., 14 Broadway, sole Import** rf thla celebrated brand ot wine, la onw reeelvlu* large ahlp menla, and Is prepared to ftirnlah the trade upon ll?e?? terraa. The attention of ooanolt-seur* and others woo enjoy a rtofc fruity wine ia Invited to thla superior brand. K. M. TOMPKIVJt, Agent. Ill FAURE, F3 FRONT BTREET, IMPORTER OF wires, cordials, olive ol), vinegar, sardines and o'her pret erven. Hole agent. In 'he United states, for tho w?ll known champagne of Meear*' Delbeek A de Berghea. of Rhelma. Fa ctlltlea and eneouragment given lo purchasers. furniture:. ffURNirtRB.- WANTED, A QUANTITY OF HOUiE A hold furnt nre. carpet*, bedding, A <? Famlilea bracking uphouaekeeplrgwi" fled* rasb enstrmf r for aov 'ittai'.l'y. by addrcseing Pant Herald off, a . 1856 miT ooopa, ? JfEW OTM *0 FASHIONS, 1866.? If AMTUX.AU. Boly?eC* Bbu/s ttrHjjfu To the Whotesale Merchant* of the (JnKMi. 0KIG1MAL "TTLXS AMU IHWIGMS. MOLTNkOX BHLL, eg CaNaL. (4TREKT, Respectfully invti?a the Attention of Wholesale jebbeu and merchant*, from >11 mooom the country, to hie lasgfe im ported and manufactured slack of ., . LaDHuP H.Mri.SM. All bin own ei'ltiAlve ki) lea, ami p AtternM the most aul'itie and fisnhtuDAt/le over sialtuied in this, KnibrAeing aJ the moot dialing uUhwl aud latent styles for the coodng lew.s. Black and aolored -ilk mannila*. Kmbroldered scarl* and manues, a leading artis' e. Black And colored moire antirjue and tare. Si endless variety. l.COO black applique, fiom *2 Ml up. 1 be 1 Arg eat stock of chant Ilia lace mantilla* to be fouud in tta trade. White embroidered music mantles. Ileal guipure 1a:? manttlla*, At all prices, a very larg* as aortiMBi. lb* undersigned solicit* a ca!1 from merehan'*, and guar antee* that bis stock la all new. Aid ot the MOST kKCHKKCHa DKM'BirTI'lH, A ud urnmUei! the moil prompt atteuttou and liberal terms. MOLkNKUX BKLI<, 66 Ca&Al afreet. Mew York. teYK /Ul/t -OOOD8 WAMTJCD ?A OEWrLKMAN 5>I?J?UUU. baring $6,000 and unincumbered real era's adjoining the city of ? luciuoetl valued at $10,000, deelre* to pun bate a itaD.e article of diygnodato this amount, aot peitun desiring lo make an Arrangement ot this kind may aa ili cm M. L. Sheldon, B6 MaaaAU atreet. />rf. BROADWAY.? OKSTLKIiKS'U FASHtO.VABf,R Uuu turni'birg bazaar. At the American Institute Fair at Crj?lal PaJaae, for 1*66. u silver sedul was ?wardsd to LKW is A HKAVOUli for Huperior needlework on shirt* and not lura oi their own manufacture, and beat display o: gentlemen's turnirblBg goods. French besoms without competition. mi r roH A PIu Fine cuhmere long shawl, worth >25. <JLe shilling per yard tor a inc Persian cashmere, worth 2i cents. tighten pence per yard for Ij)j oaramatta, worth 3s. Fine wh'te brilliants, ? or h ft. ti?., we sell at one shilling per yard. Ofihese good* ne haro SO. (CO yards la rcmnanu of 2 ;; and 4 i era* each. They are. for a Rtnall article, a* grea'. A bargain ki v. ai evo? ofleied. and are aa desirable g.wdJ. Blai.keta. T4 per pair, tuch as have ueeu selllt g at tii 90. ltUO*! colurod euiboaaed tab e cover*, illicitly imperlev, we are Felling at Cs.. 8? , lot and (2. ?orth about double. Kicellnnt satinets at .la. Klne jeans at la 6d. \ very iargu stock casiUmercK lor t>oyc' wear. line linen band kerchief* fir ladies, 1*. a 'id 1*. rtd. Oentlenjcn's huidkerchte'*, from li. u 3a. l)Ama(ed liien goods. We bav<; a large invoice of linen shrcilngn, dlapera napkins, tabiec^oiha. damaakn, ic , aaved l'mm the wreck of the tlaW leras. in orinte order. Sold by order of 'he Port Waideni, a'.tl are now ottered at retai; at two thtrda oi their actual value. Doinc-dic good* retailed ?t wholemtln price*. F. W. A W K. U1l,LWY, 12ti Bowery. BARGAlMH l\ TRI'n I.TNBNS, 6C0 pieces i'i j.tuv; ttax iriah lluem, prioes l'rosn i*> to to otntaper vo.-d. X. B.? These if-wij will beset apart from the rei? stock. A. T. STKWaBT a t;o., Broadway, Chambers and KriJe sixedUi. / 1I.OAK8? OLOA K H V. den: u p oit toorake room for sDrlr g imi)or!u'io:ii. M U L Y i< K I! A RKIiL, So. M O'aoal streel. Oloitrs eeliing out without regard to for ner prices I good r.pj) irt unity to pur'hn^c A rich clOAk cheap. Ci'iK^>Ti5, C.'iRSEin.-MltS. OkVNOtt WILL OKKKR tar r ah', on Monday , 4th lns'Ant, UV dozen French jack et*, st lil?. nnl 12*. per pair. a!?o, a large va'ielj o' hareate bra'ed tieo' b wove cornels. 45 Ihlnl Avenue, near Ter.tii nitre , m. . 3ft t tSixtli avenue near.Soven icn'h ureet. 'OI'JjAHP ftll.KH. bPRlNO JlTVMiS, P Printed in Purls, on Ilc'Ia '-IuUib; 0 eases received by ihe Kl;>i?ir.r HuliU-, v lu he opt in;d n.; re ail nr. MoDdav, Febru ary 4^ a. t. aiKWAitr t Co., B'Ottdway, <lh?m>,ers and Reade st-''?U. 1TIIFTT F1VK t'ASES OK DK.l.AlNr.a Ill flR. I? der of the I'nl'ei s>ato4 Ma. ? ha .? n lfty live ca?e< of de )alnes oi the tu flt ntugnlliejiii' dc-J ^ us over oil'-irod in thl?cunu try, tor ten cent.i per yard, fto lamily will be a lowed more th*n three piece.-, as it In ihe dcleniluailon of the aitl^ertoer tba: tl'.-si- splendid tnnd < e'ja 1 be cUtrliuted among thi pxir sh well as ihe rl 'h, ai d all those who buv them tu .veil again wl.'i be charged 4* per v ird A II tho<o ?iio buy for charlta :>)e. rtis will be cJargtil ten ieats. and can liave any i,u?nii:y t? k>ni; satheyl w. ?*.u early c'a I will nrevcu' dm atijn inline nu V: 1?a \<'KP, agent, 30 John Ht!e?it,c rntr el .Nfccau, LO^INfl SALK OF TBK oKASOV VT .! X l.VO.<B, Ititi itoT try, fnur doors lioin ,n i- i -ru ree , ?1 I rffer lor fa'e on Mnncay and folowlug d?>s. ?l: tlie ha ian.e of hi* fall and wiMcr atoet, at a reduction (it one ha , irom f un, or prices, ?-O'-.fihi.rg ot? M>j'*r p! 10 mil tlrlped 'Uki. tk. a Heavy blitrk urnde libbc atika, ?;?? (kl. s varl. Mi] er eitp?r !? merinos. Os a ) srtL Ktipcr u" wco! plaldn. 50 ecntsii v?rd Ail vool Uny ' ta'e king ehtwls, VI 50. J .600 yu-Js C I paraotattiu, 18 c*:.t? r. y?rd huper alpcnsE Bnl Vsrche'tcr le lalaes. li a yard. 4 Ciies ol Preach je.:d w! 'c chintzes, le. 'd u ? ard. 10 rates of Knplhh ar.d Am;-rle. >n c ^,^e08?,?.' ysr' ifor ?1. 12 eaien of tieetlpgs atd sh rlloes. ti to S cc'!:f: a J aid. Hi end ?hile Munneh, Is tid. .-.yard. Heavy hngiish Idatkew, to fj t loais act tt roaa? the holaiicA of tb* stock c;>nslHtlog ol ve! vet iiiOlre amliiue and cloii, whlen will be sold at 26 per cent less thsc the! coat. J. M. l.VONS, I'.tfi Boivcry, Four diKirs Irom Spring atrcst. y. B. - fib i) drtron French kid glcvcs. from auction, Sa. a pale, finally iol>! at f.4. LBAI BKATFR-A "aSSIONMISNT. 347* BFOADXAY Klve Iboti-ard r haw Is, la nroche and Riolla bordered cash mere, will be nfterrd for sale Hits week. The greatest bargains tTO' teen In Rioadway. By order ol atslpr>ers. U. B. WILLIAMS A CO. lNK*i?. SBEKfING*, DAMAfKS, NAPKINS. TOWSL t ing?, tiumnli, long c'oth>, dimities, brllliailes, Ac.,.lo ,4e, Imported by ALEX' J T. STEWART k CO.. Mauu&u'nred and selected expressly lor their > AMIZ.T TH.ll'E. lirn?(lw?jr, Chambers and Boa Jo streets. LKA DBKATkR'8 ASsIONMENT, M7 BRfUDWAY. FiereU inerl; oeg ? Severs1. ca?s? of Luplu'n beet French meritioea, ai t'i. par j?rd: regular pike (rum 10'. to 1??. By i r<'er of assignee*. O. B. W 11.1. 1 A- Ms a t'O ]EA riHKAlERM APKIONMFNT, 347 HROADWaY. j The enure slock of lorelcii and dutueeii ; dry goodi is now t p ??!' ai lii,in tOto 60 per cc-.t be'ow ccs< <>l tmoort.iMon By ? ?rdcr oi a.-s^giee :. u. b WlliUAlUi I KADBEA'l EH'ri Ab.SIU.NMh. NT- .147 BROADWAY.? J?i f-Uks will be for snle Ihliwvk. Turoe ctku ol I>lh:d silks. Bt &s. per ; aid. twa do. of Bl-e.hoU's b ajk alia, at v?. ; bnd fftvera'. c-iKf* of rick pie id, striped anil other fun' "' ii ke, at at* ut in per cent below the cos', of amporutioti. By CiOi'i of fc-fc ignoes, ii. B. WIL.LIa.M8 A C.). J" AROTv 1MPOR1 A.8ION OF STRAW AND MUXTKF.ft? J g'rfid*, intended :nr raanira-.turer* Of itiltw U*'? !l?lUi oca, viz: au extensive uaanrtmeut ol blndilg, ltda,'?, nlr.iw, II k and balr, straw hat 4, silk halo feathers. dowers, ribbons irnd ml'll^ery article*, at 40 atd W) per ecu! lower thxuihe curt'Li prices. Thrcu or tlx months' ortdli gives on approved not**. No. 9 Wooster street, near Canal. LEADBKATFR'S >8?iiaNKKNT-?47 BROADWAY.? Uiueiicv. delaines mid <> her dress ^oods, ut truiv I acre prior*, will be e*po*ed for sale this week, Iiy order of as signee*. ti. B. WILUAMi A CO. LEADBEATRB'S ASSIONMENT? ."47 BROADWAY. - tOO pieces of wh.'e brl iiantft, at I*, per yard, will be of le'ed fur sale ihls week: ulao. 10 casta very superior lore cloili". ai lOd. per yard. By order ol assignee*. C. B. W1LUAK3 A CO. Ml f-T BE sor.n. MIJ FXWAOltMHART, Tit dose out tbo k of REM HEN A D I N U K E , AT TUE IIBOW.N STO!??; WAREinmr, ?04 ai il an) Mxih avenue, one door bel.xv Fourteenth 'ireei, O.N FLOORS, Co&iainlnc oier Hal Mi war li of foreign ar.rf dotnenOo i!ry good >, all ol wbleh mtm be ?ol 1 without renerve, coamieucin^ Jlordav, Feb. 4, 1H1W First ilotir? I'ontaln* a Inrpe and elegant asjorlcnent of and colored silks, bombazines, nlpuras. met inm. nionei Uuf il lalt es, parhmaiias, linens, muslins, prints, uannelit, uoi'.ery, embroideries, (?eeocd llo-ir? Hbawls. cloaks, mantillas, lace and mnslln cur tains, quilt*, bbinketa, counts rp iofs, cloth*, c&islmerc*, Ac. Ihirtt 11. or (baseroei.n Carpeting*, oilcloth*, cotup^ing Kfitllfh, *c vet. tapeatrv, ingrain and Aubusaon caniet*, Co lelgn and domealij oilciolhi, all widths, tugs ac.l drrg gem. I bis > ale la rcg*ioneil by a change of business, and pre^nta one of the greatest opportualt'ea to oliluiti cxtiao"airaiy -jar tair a ever otlere.d in this city. Male commence* at D o'clock A. M.,nc?l elote* a< ?? r M Keicemfcer ihe ?tore - Jicmsi-n A Dlngej? tf)4 mid #J0 ^liilt avenue, il w below Fourteenth ttreet. Hale to be .'?nUii ued u ml the atook is mid out. .V B - Terms ra?h tor all mini* under WjO; over $?(W three mcri'hfc' wpproved end jr^ed notes. ^ rnrNOFA8fliONH. o makiillas VOr.YN r. L' X B.'Cl.l., )jh t acal ?trr?t. Is now ready wt;h bl* Imponatlona of spring uuntilU*, al'O thoee of hiao?n nianiiiac'uio, and tl.u attem on ol 8o ?Lb ern arU Western buyers to hw stock, wtiich coiiatsts ol all Ibe newest deslgna and trial erlila, suitah'.e for every market !a tie t nlon.^i Terms liberal 58 Canal street. IEADBKATFRM AS8I3NMENT -3-17 BROADWAY.? J Linens and housekeeping goods. -~W 111 be exposed for sale inl? week, one tbcn>and pieoea of iriih linen, esse* ol (Liomk table liner ai.d napkins, linen sheeting*, blankets and llannela? sll at about i0 per cent below cost of I nporia'ion By order of asi-lgnee*. a. li. WK.MAM4 <k CO. ^PRISO MANTIIXA9. -WHOLKSAT/K MERCHANT' O are rei-peaitu'ly notified that Bii pin's Importations aud manulartiires will D? ieady lor inspection on and alter Moodav, <4th Inut , to wfch h the aticntloii of Ibii trade Is re?pu;tfiilly Invited. OKOKOB BDI-I'IN. Sll Broadway. w I I- SON' JO. HUNT A CO., itfPORTtn* and joi'bicii* or WOOUiHM AND OTIIRR UOOD3 ailapied to men's wear, ><?. 8) and i2 W ilium street, corncr of VMdea Ian*. Ul Br CBa f'E slfA WTj8.? T REMKVCOCS EXCiTtMRS'T TT at >'o. 1 Bowery: one thousand crape shawls, alighily damaged: n!?o, Jinan*, sheetmgs, diimask* and quilts, will lie >-otil on Monday, the 4th. at any aaerillue, to close, the oonoern Hemembt r No. 1 Bowe.ry, corner of Dlvlalon slreet. THE LECTURE SE ASO.V. IECTt'BK BY REV. .T. B. 1NBKIP, AT TH? SAVIOUR'S J i hmeh, First street, between First and tlecand a vermes, On Ttjerday evening, Feb. 5, 1P66. Bubjeet? Boruanlsm op pored ' o eivll and re:lgou* llbtrtv. Door* open a*. , o'e'rs-k, leotiire locummence at 7>-j. TlckeU a cents, to behvlauhe LKCTCRFR OK THE DOCTRINES OF THE NEW JERU siili m Churrii. as expounded by Hwedenbourg. The tweil'h lecture will be delivered by the Btv. eatnuel Beswtrk, on t<uiidnjr evening, Feb. 3, at 7>? o'elcek, |n the chapel in Eleventh street, bet veen 1 bird and Fourth avenues, tfnbject ? ' "Ibe 'JriMj Theory t?r Soal*. Human and Animal, with the Orour.daof lmmcrtalliv, and the Immu ability ot Hoocie*, in cluding the Blbllea! Theory of Himian Souls." LRCTCRW.-MR. JOBSON, AUTHOR OF THE " 1118 TO ry of the French Hev.iluUon," will deliver a course of tiiroe lectured In ihe Talernae'.e, New York, on the evening* of Wednesday, the tlth; Friday, Ihe Hth and l uesday, the l'ith of February. 1. On the Secret History of the Rngltah Whig*, and lrli.h Rebellion ol UMA. 2. The Club* of ijondon, their anecdote* and hlstoiy. 3. lAd Falmerston, hi* policy and character. Admission, ?S cents; reserved neat*. 80 cent" l)o >ra open at 7. Lecture, earfc evening, at 8 o'o ock. PBYCHOLOOY - DR. BENTON CONTINUES Hia T.KC lure* and ?Tpe-lmru'* at btnyveean' Institute, 659 Broad war, on Monday, #edne*<lav and Thursday evenings, at ',}? o'cftck. Admliuinee one sof ling Free lectures to ladles on Monday and Thurajla, . at 3 P. X. Ofllce tor treatment by elertnc'.tj a' 4* 7 Brotdway. Rev. c. c ri-^E. at ihe i'roent ho'ltcitation of many ladle*, ha* cnns?rt?d to deliver a leoture, on next ftimday ecenlnr. Fehruary 1(1, In hi* churah. Sidney place, Brooklyn As Un? geutlenan and eloi|Uont divine 1? highly popular, we etpei.t Die ehur h will be crowded. A grand mu sical terre ? wll! te r'.ier. or tfclr orcasloT), beginning at 7'j o'eMek. A WIDOW LADY WOT71D BE PUBaBCDTO PI. A Cr. a daughter, aged tight )Mi>, In a aaiiitnaiT. to t? im.r .? t r4u< teacher, where her Mrrtrra m equivalent 10 he* board. Address K. P., bint d onico A rRKN~H WOMAN WAN T3 A SIT TTAT10W TT TAKW ft. rare >1 children, In a reaper lab le amliy. Apply at I8d CHmoo ?t. Madame Pile. A car ion and commission furniture bimnms. ? A ?eDt)nn?n, ol btulneaa qualineaUona thaioftnnot bo auipaascd, desires a siluaion In mat respectable bouae In Mid bualneia and U wi I'.n* to de?f> ? hi* time and aleau i? i be mterrst of hi* employer. Inquire at room 31, .to*. Ill m4 117 Kuan street. A LADY WISHES AH ENGaGEMKHT Ae H0C6B keeper. Addroaa L. L. C., Herald ofllee. VTOTICK ?TO FAMILIES MOI.NO TO <TALlFOHNIA-A j.\ situation wanted, by areapeetabls woman to ute care of a lad) or children, or boib, on the paaaage; 1* not aobject'o ma aicknen, ai d is willing to pay part of h-r own pa??*e, J her a?-rv ices would not ban anlliclent equivalent, lxi\iureat 133 Nabkiu a'., third floor, until engaged SITUATION WANTKD-BV A VuUNG MAN, AS POB ter iti a store; la a good accountant and wrr:ie? a good band. Tbe moat aaiiat'aoory r?f?-renoe given. Apply at 12 """ *rt'Bt under l-'utton market rAVOTIONEiiRB.? THE a i.YVRTIBEU IB DB91B0U9 o? i >ii air. id g a situation <.<in>i*a to commence (MSI let >!ar?-h). Meriar or assistant crier m an auction and cornmiaalon bouae. aa well aa to make hta*eK ??uer?lly useful la the bud M?s; having been u? ihe Wti .,.eh' ???ri engaged In I'a "ariuua branch**, baa obtained a good f> ncral knowTvlge o.' ibe b'lal nets; uo part of the Hiaies oijectior.?t>ie; unnxcepOOOSQl* re ference xl ten. Addreaa A. B X , .altlaiure. TO WHOI.1L8ALR DRIJ JiilHlS ?A YOUNG V* V, having several iea?a' t-xparti-nco in ifce who o?a?e ua I retail bonnes*. and ?hn wilt be dlsfnn*Ked on the 1st",' Ma~d>? wifhMiperiDttn^nt M tuition in a whoitwale drill? au>re. A.d dirta C. B., Herald offlie. N. B.- The adrerUaer apeak-i it'e ) languafea. TIT ANTED? BY A FIRKT It*TK DIlESflHAKKR, TTIB vT work ot a tew tamlllea; ->ou J go out by the day week orponth Kelerecce given, if requf -wi Term* uibdera'o Call a*, or address 316 East Mnet?.-o.b ai i oe\ Employer** wishing <?<oo i>rrvant8 wiu,fi*i? respectable Oerman, English, .icotch ur.d Irish bets -or botela and private fsndilea, at MuuBld, COHNEKr A Oo.'K, 1*7 fcroadway, corner u! <t ; a ?o, waiters, onavm en, Uiirers laborers, Ac., at this or tie Branch odice. It'. Green wlcb at. HELP wahtkd. A YOUNG LADY DBSIKOt'H OK GOIVG TO CAM lonla, or 'ravelling may hear Of an onportUuUy tj wl dreaxln* a note to Traveller, Onion square font offl xs. A CHANCE PGR Pi. A I N Hn.tVERH, -FIFTV t.OoD plain sewei-a rtan liud aw-uly ?uipl<>- m-nt, by api , .n? t.t f.o. 9 Wert 41st st, near the t r?'l?l Palace. Alt . ttt.1 ica wirtdi'M to take In p!iin te*Lig -jin b' aup.-'liei by i?v pii ;?Uoa at 'be tame place. AWOKKINGFARMEUWA^TED-TO CARRY ON IH? work of a laim, near mo? Vork. \ mir-ie<i aati, a liu rl'-at> or Scotch, preferred Ap i'.v, wlUi re le.tji:.'. on, February 4, at 2 P. W. to Henry F. Dibits, ajr. culttiral depot, luu Murray atreei A CRILD WANTBD-TO ADOPI PROM ITS EIH'df; A lirkle pret'ertod. An' i<om <n a jouI u beco oe % mxb?.?, aud wiahiri tu pai-' with her ott?orlng, will, by fadi^e^^iLK a note <o tbe Broadway Post offl.-.e fur Paterully, be atH'.vled w, pLF.RK AND COPYIST WAVTEO IN A LAW OPFl-'K; \J one who wri as a good ?e<1 rapid hand. AdJ.'&s, iu b?nd wrtt'iie Of app. leant, b jx 2,560 Poet office. DRI G CLfcBK WANTED? AT SAMPSOVa KED101NB <bcat depot, til South street. ENTRY CLERK WANTED? IS A PaNCY O^OD? boiite; ?&'ar? no: ui ciceoaSZiO toe Ur^t ,'oar. AddreaH bos 2.W1 l'ost uifioe, in h.nowrl Ing ot applkint. F'armkr wanted- a man wao is capable and ur dcrFUtic! a lamiing , to take Ibe whole chtrgo ol a farm, contaiiiln;; ltttl ari ?s? o' working the name or to wo.'a i. on al'air.a. I !?' farm la veil atoeked V'd hai a'l buU<*.ln?< non sary on It. Apply to J?mos M. vVred, fi9 Pearl at, Mantilla mak?bs.-ioo odoo uanoh w virr ? immtdia'ely; t? i>uch the beat w?gea ?ad oons ai ' cn jiloj iM'i:t v Hi be sivcu. Apu.y u> Jaco:) Lanslna', <. :e?!*r a tee:. Mamilla makrrh wa \teu-none bui- go<?d binds need app'y; alao a >uw ^Iria that underaund j isk - lip and erluiuing, to whom tho hlg!t??t wa^es WiilMpcd. Apr-)}" at .'.97 Broadway, up atairs, to Am. A K. SALESWOMAN WANffD, X*VEl IATBLY-A LAPV wlo in derf-tiitxln the arUli'-i?i flower b? ;h thor ugh.'. Cndo'tb.'fd rerorcifaA re<iulre>l. 'Jnli at lol WlUian> t . rfwo rmsr class salk-h^v wanted, in nirj J. 1 1 tal1 dry foods buaiuen*. To yoisnfT men ot geite '! %i dret- and g od qnalltlcaiion* a /; hjI a tuatlou is oAjkr-td. None mhrr; i <*d apnly, at <'. U. ilock'*, 7MI Bfoad#a: , US" ?<* 10A.M or alter CV. X. W AFiTED-A MIDDLE aGID PiOTBSfAKT WOMAH, TV a competeut mur&e, who f ou. J on willing u> go It. ooaut.-y; city relcenoe raqulrnd. ^ppl; at %U Weat Fo'i' tecpth st., near ?'th aTenn^, betjre 10 a. M.. daring thit w< t k. fXTANISD? A PltOTkPTANT WOM AN. AS COOK. OSB IT who tlo onphly nndnrstandx h't towlneaa. and oao bfiit'4 nr.? xcep ionable city rCerrr.oe as to cnaracter and capabiil'o . may apply at 787 broadway, be.Aeen 9 and 11 o'clock. T1TANTF.D? A COLORED W-)V \N, TO DO rn C GRIP.. vt i ai housework ot t>n.u laiiillv; ale tn'itt ??? a Ml wsfber and iiunT. au:l ui.dorstai; J ".-xiking, and b>r? n re~<> m ni> ndM o>i. Apply a! 116 Hain:rn ey air eel TITANTRD? A T0r>0 MAN, AS AASHTAS r I ?H>K T? letter. Address bos i,7&2, Postcfllci'.; F > ug >>et*Dl or l*i ( employer*. ?|IfANTKD-A YOUNG MAN, OF 14 UK 1* Vti?S~P tt lite, ol good i:onceullJ.ia. aiuaJtiui; aud *j. -:nr Fr? neh knillth, 'o uileiHl un nflice. Kal&rj, naj pt- A d dreav ? particularr, sox2,99H Pi. si ollice. T\'ASiyn?BYA OKNTLfcSlAN TfOtlM'8 NCSSlfi T? and ( bi'd. unl'iiml -k prt rnoT< wlft i?ofii, !r?"-.vaie family. i>r ir)j ere there he 'ew t:o?nii rs. co*r ih? either in ilinckUn or .lette.: Oily, or beto r f <v?n"?'r i -eel. New Uik lcrnn uiiin tie wx: .ja.'t;. I'iemmr n<ld ff-e <.G. 8 , t com ?11 A (tor Horn*, lor two day*. T\> AM F.D? ENTERPRISING AGK-iT J. TO ' J \" Y Vj?3 ti lor aolrr-lptions t.i sereml . aU'tial !Uii<.ri iii ncm, now innnui'trr* by it. .tppit: on I > o. iu?ee tondir.ei.ui New York city; one in Newark. one ji Jer? jy ri ; twt In HruokJju; ono in 'lobiiUen, and on - in (la l-im will lind Immealu'e employment ai rem irjer?tl?c ri'f', Auu'y In. JR. foto, >'o. # Apblltou'ii UuUdius.Iilt' tti.d ISrou1? *,?j. TV AOENTS. IN AH, TUB LVII1K rowvq ijj TV ib?' Halted State* to <*anvi.*? for auh<erij>tloni> m ? eve.'al h'gbly popu.'ar |t|mtraled pu'jlicaiims, lust Us >>1 c? I). Ap ideton A Co. (i-md agent* can mat* Sou a week. AoureMJ. jl. I*or.l 1,'\\ 1 ,-107 New VotkpoHottl:?. THE TKAD1>, ~ <<1.\ ADAMS PRFs?S FEKDKRP. TWO ADAM-i Pi:<M* O l> >n. at (1 two lares cylinder yr<w? tfvbovi buc.m; m Jo? n A. Cray's, 97 Cllli' atrcel. vv A MED? A PRINTER, CaPaRLR Of TAKING (-barge of a job office and puiiUehlnit a small WMKI^ . , vti?' <'? n j</u i wjT niiii puwueuiuiii a .iui* u TWl ' ?* p.iprr, and wbo ron loan bl * <-mrInvi>r $.'00. A<W:eai, wlJ> utuir. rif< lence and tptm*. Typo. E*ot. F jiboiu", Ma**. niwAjaiHSi. B'.WARD.-ioflT, IS GOING * RO? Th FOOT M I of jlroadwa/ to t?:e vomer of Cjnal at n?; - ^ po*i? ?intinaic. I'ona'tilrn bi'lsf'i ttuO and SIW in bills, vn : ? Ibr.e $ 100 bills on the AA asliiop'on Bank of Bob (jo; iivn IVI do ; 'birtien till do; one $A0 hill on Mtolianl-v' tt\rk y?w York and clioul fZ76 'n bills o: Tfcilotu de&omioattoii* ?ixl banks. Whocvi r will rf.ti:rn (b-t Hb >ve to No. 1 B?;i?;r? p'a ? v III r fi-rlve the above re^-aro tiul ib*nks of the ow of r. 1<4> - FKWARD.? LOST, Oy MOM; AT, J UK. 2g, I? i (ir-lr* 1'ioin Kish'li avepue 1) .'i'i OjrUau.': tlrr* a at} tmoiigh Cha.btm t.< the llower v, a gold huntlDg rtole'ou tever waii-h, Jo. 12.HI7, .Toarph Johiuvin. maker, l.'vorpoo . The fide'- wl 1 re'ftve the ab.ive teward by leaving i*. at 4*6 I inh'b avcrme. T, K M.IS1E1. i-or REWARD. -1.0?T OR ST 3I.R*. ON r*IDiY evening. In going from Kron' : ireel to <*fc%tbim etreet, aid tht.n In ihr > htrd avenue a w> sianton ?'reet. a p ick-.t tx Lk. r< ntau inii t'.OO, In two nctca ot 41110 enrb, r..pv<>?ed 'o I eon ibe Mechanics' tatk of thUelty. lh? finder w 'l re?e>? tl-e abore re.murd and the thinks ot ihe owner, by rtvr.rr.lng Hie an it. e fo No. >? 6 Plci" ulrret. 41 n BKWARD-LOST O-N FRIDAY, FEBRUARY I, Mi' LV In Fovrtfer tb, BlitcentU or Twenty second atreeia, bt'tweon Slxili nnd t< ventli avcnuQi. In KetUns io or on: or a <Mrrl?fe. fiu einhrated tlher cwd '?aae. marked M. ? '. It. Tie ttmlcr will recolre the above rew a> d oc returning tbe same to A p. 40 St. Mark 'a piano, Eighth atrce' (tfn R R WA Kl) - RTR~AYE rj, KR:)m" HRO VUW' T. ON ?T*X V* the 17th of .lar.uarj. au Rmrliah bull terrier d-e, w hite, with yellow >-jiiita on Ibt obo?ka and back; w-!,#a; Je p<iund?; had on a lea'lirr roni'. Tbe tinder will rec.'te the abovo reward by rrtuining ibe dog to r. Wright, *13 t-'irtt avenue. I, OUT AXD HllVD. T OST-I.F7WrEN A. T. STECFaRT* A , , * \N0 ii ?' ?) on februa y 2. bc'wnrn 10 urd ]{ o'ejotk. ? ??; marten vlotorlne, Hue^ with brow* ?.at rb? H^oadway ,W*r''ed by >arl"e l*" ?''' h n.VWClWO \CAPKMIK*. ADODWORIH'g PRIYAT? lJAK</INO A' At>A'rf%K9 . >o. fOfi ^toadwAjr, h?w tork; No. ? Moi , .w* ?,V,"W ?P"" r?r,Ul? ?"? Pupil. :a r. .i.iaeriM !t ttei^Jeml^ erp aln<Jli lmt 1">d - ?? ?,? ha* DYead?;~vi'STD,''B "EW Ct'A8h AT I./ Academy, ??! RiDoneeir e . .vrt?,iwi ;< v , Unml" 'iS?n?n"'J'C? "" VV "l,!l5r- Ali tbs la bl m\b ullr M to tight |p one conrie of itaa n*. Ro rrr-, Wrdn?<i1ty nigti'a. \iR, f'. WRlOklT'fl D* WIN a A ;ade'4v, oovsriTU ivl vlon Itftlt, c.-iO Bi-radway.? Mr. WRitiHf rwr< fi'iy intnttitfB that his krcobiI quarter will romnirn. e on fuc -<Ui, Feb. S. I)?;i of '.uilion t:jr iadlsx, miwrs and miat- <, i .<? day and Saturday afleiDconi, from S Ull 8. Oun leoien I ue? dav tnd Friday evenl"gr, from 7 'Ut IP. PHOFEWIOR RARACrO'H PANOINO ACADKMY, MO. .Ii9 f urih afreet? Oarmaa and American aoilKon rlaie everv evening, atUnled by the ? rteof New York. Olaeeevery morning, and private lesaons at all houra. Subacripui** Oil lit ? f May, tor evenliur practice, at a reaaooablo prto*. EXPRESSES.' FREKHAN * CO. '8 BXPRKSS FOR f'ALIFORfIA, OtB gtm, Sandwich Inlands and tbo went ooaet of fiouti A merle*, will be ceapaiohed via Panama, In charge of a up ?-?la) neiwi ger, par li&ltrd Htatea maU aieamer ' Ulinola" on roeeday. rebmary ?, at lo'c'ock P.M. Freight received till 12, au tniall packages, letter* Ac. until t o'cl vjk on Tuevlay. A *pe rlal eipreea will be made up alio ror Panama, OuTkuui', t'aua, Callao. Lima, lilay, Arlea, Caldera, Valparaiso and *11 th? pi tnclpil port* on the South Ficiflc coeit. FRKRMaN A CO., to Rroadw<y. PACIFIC RXPRS8S COMPANY. 124 RJIOAT?WAY.? T For Calllnmla, Ore?oa, South Aiuerlo*, *a?d*leb laland* and ^ilna, per ateamer IlltnoU, Feb 0. In charge ?f ? fj rclal meaienger. Frelaht reeelved until II o't'loofc; mh*U parrel* ami leiur* until IH o'clock d*> of aailinj.'. W M H. HALL, Agent. 124 Brc*dw*y. EDUCATION. 1 EDUCATION -MRS. V. UAMILTON'8 , J Et|lUh day tchcn l mr young ladle*, Iff. Weat fl aitth mreet, betwe. n Broadway and Seventh a venae. TM record term will oommenoe on nnraday, Feb. 7. Okrenlara ran be ob'aftted on applloa'loji at the aeboo L nmuovAiA^^^mmmBB RKMOVA K-KBWARD WARBCa (I * CO.. IMPORTS puce*rt ?ir*'-BOlk,>*?-. *>ave rinu m rfo. a Pm?