Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1856, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1856 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7100 MORNING EDITION? WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1856. 4BYERTISKMENT8 EEUEWEB KTBBY KIT, HEW PlUUCATIOJfS. A WORK CF INTENSE INTKHK8T. P. APPIJSTON I i CO., Mm. 346 aud 344 Btoadway, b*rg now read/, TBK CONFIDENTIAL OOhUKHPONDKNCB OF NAPO LEON bONAPABTE WITH H18 HKOTUKK JOSK1M. Selected and translated, with explanatory notes. tram the " Memuirea du rol Joseph." i?o (hick volume*, l.'mo. Pi Ice, 92 No bock bus vet appearrd which turnlshew so correct a por traiture ot the cbaracuir ol Nupo eon. tie wai la almost dally communloal'ott with his bro'her Joeph. imm his Drat appoint rr.ent as a Oeneral ot Brigade d? * n to <lt? 16th of June. latt We cannot (orm a correct Ides. ol the oharaoler o( the great uilnd that ?w?yed over nearly th? who e '"ou'inent ol Kurope. wllhoat reading these leiu-r*, which, unlike ofllcial corres pc.ndmc*' open to na the Inm st thouxhiM ai d motives of action ?ot lie writer. Ibeie letters hear upo i every subject, and we are with wliat a watshful e'? h-i cared f ir even tw smallest thing A Ouitiiigutshel oiluj linn i.*>-erved, lo >-x*mluln? the early Mima, thai "biographers wui have to write their Diegra pliics of Napoleon over again. " early ready, THE ATTiaCflls 1? MADRID, OK, .SKtTt'HKS OF THE COURT OK ISABELLA II: 1 Vol , UM). 3* PWS. SI It li believed that there In no o ber ?oot la our language which preet nts ao good a pii 'u.e i.f Spain and tho Spaniard! an this dors. The author poHse*'?i the ne es-iary qua I Ilea tlons for the production of mi <i a wo'k. The Spaniards are a proud peopie? proud ot their countrv and hlaforr --proud o( their traditions and poetry- proud of 'heir old romances and chivalry? proud of their churches ant their religion? and proud of their manners and Irtblta. With such a nation the Attache could feel a deep and . loiere svmDafiy. He was no bo materialistic as to be ham ted by the ghost ol a leu cent K" ce in the Palace of the Escurtal He saw everything, from private levee to the jiu- lie bullflght: trom the moonlight dance of Manolas to the regal balls of the Ducha's u' Alva; trom ihe needlework of tbe Spanish maiden to the glorious paintings of Titian, Valas'junz, at>d Murlllo; and he Las put apoo paper ali that was wo.-thv of rvr <rd. which c?me under his nolle*. Hut this is not all He has given us a kind of do liilcal history of modern Spain BU b ot will nuke Spanish politics, and Hpanlsh parilsanahip, as familiar to the A -nerican n?der at the ooncbologv of his own ' hards" and "softs." Tbe account nlven o!M, Sou e's diplomacy, of bis heroism, Is sot Ihe least Interesting cfcapt'.r in this work; and the des cription ol the revolution of lKIrt arid ot the tight of Queen Christina *nd ol the Ban LuisCablnet, Is graphic. Instructive, and Interesting It is evident that <h* relations of the author ai the Spanish Court were at once delicate and intimate. ACABD.-MIS8 JEANN'ETTK HOPPIN, BT MABBIAQE Mrs. George W. Taylor, be ;a to announce that she has lust published a brief outline of bur e rlv lite, the ciiiaes of aer cruel family persecution, he- yea s of suffering* and trials, with the fall names of her persecutors and beaeEaotors. Her edition is very small. Copies c?u ooly be obtained by being careful to address, enclosing 91 with postage stamo, Mrs. .feannelte U. Taylor, care of Aaron H warts, Esq , Chatham ?quare Pest office. "JTANNY FERN J? on MA.BRIKD LIFE THK NEW 1UHK LSD08B for Fkbuuakt 9, Now Rkajit. Also, HPLWTDID I'AHHIO* PLATBH and IIXUHTRATKD TALBS, Together with a great variety of miscellaneous matter, on all ?file of suiuecls, making the best and, as it la universally ae knowledgeil to be the most popular ot all the lainity papers iu liie country. Price lour cent*, bold everywhere. IjlOR BANKS. AM) PKIVaTK BVNKUR8 AND MKR. 1 chants ?Tbe Bankers' Mt?. azlie (or 1?55 55 contains an aoi cra'.e list of private bunkers in everv o ty and ioivn of the United Btates. 2. A prize esssy on Kunklng, by H >a. Lorenzo htbine 3. Kngravinss acd aescrlntloos i f rour new banking bouses in tbe city of New Vor'. 4 Amount of lorel^n banting institatlons. ft. Designs for ooun'ry baeklof hotisM, for wblca 3 premium or J16J was otlr-r d. C, lilt or- of c immerce f^im the earliest times. 7. Finances of State , clt ei. An. Monthly, 16 per annum. J. SMIlII HumaHS, No. 162 Pearl '<treet. JUBT PUBLISHED THE FKhNC-l S??K \KER; AND COLLOQUIAL l'HRASK BOOK An easv ai>d agieealne method of Hciulring a grammatical fcitd speaking know ledge of tb-' Kr>n<ih language, BY KKAMJIS Htl I i.Kic, Teaelier ai d tsanslator of iari;u?ires. aulhorof'The S?ani?h Teacher," Ac. 18 mo., cloth, ;t ll puces I'rto<* 80 oenu. We can add nothing lo *o full ? t t.i" n'4?e, ef-eni thit i> 1,< fully borne oi-t by ihe pnOucnoo t?elf. It goea out wi h tbe recooiicentlaiion of Presldeni King, of olumhia Colleije. iho l.ev. Ihs. I'ortl and Cox, t nd i - !? -- d, nogii hued men fl , f. liallv Nowa We only fulfil m duty wh"n we w trml . recoiTini^nd this work to all ? tahlng lo acquire h "apen ? in? imitwle(iEe"oflhe Pr<>n?h lansttsge ? Ocinmeroial Adrcni er, We liavo hundreds of other u't.i inonisls in fsvor nf tbia little work Iioti ihe press In every quarter of the United c-tal?* I'ublL bed and tor sale by ' AUREfT A CO., 13 Ann street. Also, tor sale by all booksellers NEW BOOK FOB *NOIN<rB3 ANI1 RURVKTORa. THE ENOlMEEB's POCRrtl OOMPANU N FOB Fltt-Ll', By W. Oriswoll < iv|i Kn.TiBoer Itoomprisea rulee for calculating deUaiiou. dlsta-cs sod angles, and all the nicewan till"* ior engineers; aif)< the ar*. of levelling, from preliminary survey ui me couetfucHon ot raUtoads. togeiher Kith numerou* VALUABLE HULLS AKI> KXAMI'LU. This work has been highly r<.com>tie<iaed by inaar of the most fiperenced engineer lti tbe r.ouatrv. 15 mi , morocco, tut k, glit edges, 9125. Single c.ipiej s^it trie, oy mail, oa receipt of ptice MII.I.EB, OBTON A WCLLIOlfl, Publishers, 25 1'srk row. New York, and 107 Genesee at., Auburn. XfhW KKGI.ISH BOOKS, Ac Jl'8T RECEIVER PUB 1' ateamer Arabia, und for side at No. 3 Hio?J street, corner of Walla<reet. Tbk Iu.usti:atfd Lo!?don News. fr^ra .Tan. to D w. , 1855 Two vo i . (Vol*. 16 and ?,) dcm y bound in cloib and gilt; a'.fo In paper covers. Lohdok Pukch, fiom Jan <o Per . 1 S30, fr> Iwo vols.; ci"?th. Pimh.imacii:, AitnoTHKu Pokmh, I, j ihe t'Jtrlo' Kluelrcere. -with lllustxat'ong, beautifully honed. Mihoiilammi b; Wllllim M I'l'.ickersy. Vol* 1 arvt 2. liAHrwii k'( II*r. onooK to tub "ciiaoi, Haubwick'n H * to i n. Hotrar. or IV hmos j. Thk Pocmr or Cukatios, by Nicholas Mita'.iell Thk H>.i:or^ and otbrr Poemi, b} the Hev. J. Klng-ty. IV.i.a, a Tftlo of Modern hi m ? <Un tr tw Fiwidc, by the nnttiDr of " VtatUog My Rela ? tlons." Thi: 1 1 ikh Widow, A Pksturo of Life in Krin. Thk Bw.B Hoys, by Marne K id, with iL uatrationa. f.iTTLi: Dor. BIT, No* 1 and 2 by Cbar'ea Dickens All the Figllsb newspaper* to t>e a '?i d it 5 arrived. Also latest Australian newgpaperF nt'd every furelai new^aper ii supplied to subscriber!, fi ow A KT ?! U R' W 1 LL HIS K'rt Ntw Book and Kot-elgn Newg^aoer fto-e, No. 2 Broad gtreet, corner of Wall street. All foreign newspapera and borki wbol-sal- at OHA ftLKS V I1.LMKk'S universal Eugllnhaod firelga ne?-sp.iper agency, No. 107 Fulton street, se?ond Hoor AllTLUK WILDMFB. Agent. UNTTRD STATES DEMOCRATIC REVjEW FOll FEB ruary. Vol. VI., No. II. COMTBNTv: Portrait of Gooer*l Aaron Ward. 1. The Ut Ion? The dangers 8- 'tha < brotiic!e? if Per which heart l( 89 fo *>lto ...131 .2. Med* 1<>4 9 To H. C N Ii% 3. Baden Hfelen . lt)ii 10. I'he Mystery ot Music. .146 I A MftU*r Lost lis 11 The Ofcfen Knot .1S| B The Cilme of Ofhce IH 12 I.'.terarv NotleM 15T II The stream of Life 184 13. dirimcleot the Month. 168 7 VlirifltDi 12, 14. Muilc 173 HPKNCER W OONfci, Kdlior. Trims- Twenlj five cf.ti per number, or three dollars par jeai LLOyI) t c.VMPBELT., 26? Broad wa y. SEAVSPAPERS, YOCJfO AMERICA, ?*0. 5 - If you want to lnugh, buy Young America. ft you want to see splendid COtDiC illustrations, btIT Voting America. ir you want to be posted up inalj the newaat and bent jokes, buy Yourg America. Price six ccntn per number. For ?ale by all news agar,'-- *rj<l t-y T. W. STROMi, Puillthor. PH N?s?ih ntrpei. RE^ APlOfl. ' *?,- RK.WABO.? IX>t-7, (<N SATl BOiV, fi.H. >. fir'. f we>n }" uJton marktt. ivew \'>rk. and mititer'a Pilnt, loug IglajKl, bv a P'<ir man, a > k.hi book oonlami'ig *1 li or >i;;i). Tli:> tioder will rncene ali JVi' rortrtrd ou calllnn at JiiB Fioni Ahee'. ai d refund!".; .n>' aieney. d.or BEWARp -I.OST, ON SUNDAY AFTBRROOW, A pei Verbock rr>, Mitlii.. two fOO l-'ll* iv I aouie .it' anall 9T denomination), Willi pome p'lj'i-tg. fhe lin<l<tr "ill rejeive Ihe am vo reward, ami no mi?.?"ons a?ke't 'iy > avln? It at 349 I cai 1 street, in the j? woiier' ? store, or at 15.1 Wiuth siree*, |h$)A Rl WARD - THE FM'f. t OF A SMAl.l. DT.A.CK v.aliet, eoitairin,' 1 tu Atlautio a.n) Isitnd city Tank bills, can keep tbn re. ?(?>?'( ' ? retnrotnir the remain !er and the two proraUsor* rotes tithe o ?niei-. (rb<if,c nune and nddross ii. written on tne ba -< < ? the atuaii oaiiwu iiallcird) through the Po^.t otllee or oilifciwUc Ann RBW AMD. -STOLEN. FROM A allow CARE, J/^5U (Undtng ai the doo.- of hs suhseHher, a ?<>*of 2*,, hiiltard ball' and a k'Ivit ir.i (ti>i i;K-e,i by 'Jie .vmeri \n Instt eute lr< lf<flOto F. Urote l->r Hie be: 1 ivorv turnlig aot c\rrinf JThe abere reward will bi paid for the arpieheinlon of 'h? thief or reoovery ol the property. F. OBtil E, 78 Fu too Jtrset. <Ul/\ BPTWARD ? STRAYEli, FROM PB0A*)WAT, ON ?5>1.U tb? 17th of ,'anuiry an Enrtlah tiutl terr ?rdTB: white with yellow sputa oe tht mcifov k, welirnt H pouiras; ha<l on a leather eoHa- The finder will receive tbe uliove reward by be dog to J Wright, Jl.'i First nveniie. Rf.WARD.-l O T. A FEW DAYS AGO. A rtLACK flp J U yourg Newinur.n!am! lirg. I^e basr .e Ablte spi.toa ne breast and a toother mrnp around hlg neck. Appljatfie lilot'l Iiigier, noiUiwe*t comer of Uouitoo and Oosoy .-troeu l&l A It K. W ARli\? IjOST , ON SATPRDi Y, IN WO OS J I ' vr. near llou-i' ri a reel, a rneVelbnolt, enninlnin? 910, n live duUst h.lls, on the MeehanieV Hank, b?lon.-,lor t > a poor man. 1 ho above reward will be paid by Melon! 4 Kuapp, 76 Gold street. tfjl n Rf WARIV-l/VT TV THK If ALP PABf 3 O'CLOCK HtJ " train or the Und*oc hi 'er Railroad, on Thursday, tho 31st ult. . a dark gram lon.hi r nag, with a Mtoel olasp, coutain tng a gi Id 1 t s'elsin* csnieo pin ?>nd otberar'.lclei, The finder will rrcflio he ibuve rewaro an.: tr.i, flu-iks r.f ihe owner, by returning tfi, n,.mc to the lrvlogtcu depot, or No. ti8 ? root at,. New York. a?r B KWA RD -BTRAYEri FROM SMITH^TR ?KtT A SPt-' ) ourf! setter dm; color vstlte hodv with yellow head TTwi aheve reward will hp paid by leaving film at Mekelry'a tore, oirntT ol hmlih and Warren aireeta, Urook.jn d?C Rl W\rt"n? I.bfiT,' OB MONDAY AFTERNOON, t", 'r, ni Meagher s exprew wtiion, suppoi^d in Second J^Tnl. ,\WT K "nil C, abot marked " O Donlng i. . ? *n ^""atrlnjt hirt/ i tee nairs ladles' morocco lace MOU. Any person retjrnfng i.h? simeto 264 Kast Fourteeaib atreet wt! receive the above reward. AO BKWA RD.--LOBT l RO\iT?lJwF.?(T THIRTY THIRD yi , ri" .*.!5n ' r,0"-'? hVro^' ,':n,'k' White and lao tor rler alut. had on a collar, wi h iho above addroas. Wnoe*er returns her hIiaI! rree.veihe IbmnffMl W?R A j'TM. Laiiok size amrkityt'tth FCR OO CRNm'TN. clinilrp a due esse. ,IUHK,, (lie c?lebrate-l smtin'i and ilaguerre* :ypui of 83 itowe-y, It to* only one In tblg olty or ?inj other ctt?, who ta furniwiutc Ins oustomers ir!>h thU iate urid beautlfiJ diac-vary, at tbo above low ptloce. Btmonu>er jfnbe, W Bowery. SFEOUI SOT1CES. AOABD TO MILK COKHITMKBH -KNOWING THAT Uui Dame ot David ? MUU, dacesaed Uin of ttewtown. I., I., long aod tsvorsbly knowu la he milk huniaens u Mat it tde use of by a party tu the name trvde. 1 Uke (his uimbid ? ' lulormlng the pub I j liut the ouljr burvlvp'K member ol that tsroily or nan>e t-ngsged In that ti-ade tu this ci;> i?th?iu> soriber; aod 1 he eby camion allperaonito beware ot such tm ponlHim. NATHANIEL K WILLS. 201 Te'.th street. AMhKilMi OF HKNBY CLAY CHAPTKB 61 O 0' 0 A wilt be held at tiOJ Itrcsdway (8as?t ird'i ItoiinW, at 6 o' thin (Wedneads; ) evenlug, for tte purpose ot m*k ag arrangements to attend the funeral o' our Iats i>'.,th? ysoM S Dixon, E?q , who died fro? effect* of Ir, iu-es receive t while lb the dlaensrga of bl* du'lea a., foreman ol it ok nod Ladder Company Nj. 14. By ordvr. , . , . J. t'. OOKK, Haehea. A. li tiWOHD. Jr . C, of C. CUnS F attCI , BdJC. C. tIADllON.? NO PKRRON I? AUTHOBIZW) TO OOL ) lect bt!la for fie Kniokerfocker It-: Comncy, eve i ?uch a? are furnished wlih written suther'ty, ?Unr -A hv th-, President sud froretsry U. T OOMPTON, Pi&tldeul. Wm. J. Wilcox, Beci etsry. TO. O. F.-THK B. W. GRAND LODGE OF nOUTb . Few York will how Uj semiannual sust-lonon Wedntwidat evening. Feb. (, at 7K o'olot-k, In the mom oo-iier of ()r\ad ami tiutrnhrwiK By order. JOHN J. DAVIE*, Grand Seo'y Notice? all pkrbowb ark bb?eby c^utiovad sgaiuat negotiating three not?B of John K. hhepuird, all OHled si 'out the lOth of November. one at tbre'- month* fur >160. one at tour tunntha for $?80, aod one at five. months for endorsed hy Palmer * Miller, payment of ssise htcmijbern stopped. MIOHaIL MlLuhiU. NOTICE.? THB PERSON WHO ENTERED TUB BK (Tetany' 8 bo* In the Armor) oi the 1st Company National Guax'.rtnce the L??t company tneetlcv, ami ptirlol? ed the t-ecrctsry'g booka, U> avoid exposure, a* he in known will re turn then' at once to me, at t>0. 27 Dfy aje?t. un ptnir?. J. K StlKPFABD, Sec. OU. A. J ASPKB CHAP'IKB, NO. 85 ? IJROTHKRH, ? you are i equa ted to meet at the I bapte. Bootn-t, on lhuisds; morning, February 7, st 10 o'clock for the purpose ol attending the fimeral of our late brother, Benjamin V'_u Ordeo. By order, A. A. LOGaBT, baobem. J. b. Scott, 0. of the 0. OFFICE Or C'OMMia-ilO \'FRS OF EMIGRATION, NCV HI Worth (late Anthony) utreet ?Sealed propolis fur fur niahli g Mippliea ot ice, from time to time, its r:ta , be required, lor the. Marine Hospl'a', S'ateu I?tnuil, will be r.^elvod bj t w Comn Ih lnueisol KmlcraiioB at thsir offl ??<}. n3 above, untl' Wedneaday, the 6th proxlxo. \ny Information tnat t.e required b?partien oUeiiD-j far th? a'-ove wt'l t? given iu *?> IcsUon si the oflica. K. OKA.J.Titt'K, V P. New York. Jar.. 28, 1836. OFFICE OF HIK OHIKF OF l'OcICK, FRB 5. l&Mv Aii owner ia wanted at the Fourth district police ht itioc, ^o. !> Oak atreet. for e '>s> colt; also at thn Police Ojiirt, Msyor'a otlice, tor velvet dreui. one mlk v sitt and one merino si lit, all of whlcti li Hnpiio.-eil to liave Been atolen. OKO W. M AT^RIjL chief of Police. The n?;w york and iirdoklyn i<;k ooatpant, harlnc aeoured a ptock of ic1", of a quality anperior to th'.t put up by an v other company thia winter, invite tnlepeudent driver? and thlpi era toc ill upor them at tbeir oince, No. 251 Uresdwray, sua make thel* cont-ac' ; tor thn ensuing *e\son OKO. X. BliKBVIOOD, PrCildaaL Jjta. H. Btpkoks. SeofeUry TO Mf.ItCHAMH AND OT1ISK8 DKSION1NO TOSE.VD g"oda to Mcsrsgua. on sail* --Mr .1 Intends (o po (?ut aeon, to entia ?e ia trade, and may ?e sobq or sddr^ss&d at '. iS Bioadwsv, otLce 24. COPABTW>'R^nr XOTjf "tl Hflll ? WAhTLD, A GKaTcKMAN, OF BUSI OlUiUUU. eisa qunltflotl'.np tc purehaao an inie'vBt In s i Sfli outdoor tnipineni teat vi : p ty &ki 000 to $H),U0i>por nuuoii). Oc.'y 14,000 require*!; ?lio t aiiitica u> uuenc'itioercd propei ty, <t may retnaiu c tlm? ai d bn from the profita or the bujlne a. hn In-t-, with real iu;me a, M. E. 1>( raid cilice. n/Wl ~A liOlMJHS MAN. wrtn THIS ? ir.oi i t of capl'a', tvui-t a to purchase ?u In ieif ' Kime ? holesale hoiife. ib'i % *nio? notion a*.J i\nry p' falo or ttoc.k Mid eicbarge t>u.-ir P'n I -efwrad. Aidien-I v* l'o-t i luoi v; h real >. CAA ? WAhTBD. Afi ACTIVE MAY, IV A VERY ??>? . p < iii,ible tH-b hi oesa, wbotc be w^y make fl.rbOper ill u , c.rar t.l eypcivrs i aa neen In Hiicnt>4aiiil ope a'lou Ave >.!??-., v ith i s net coutiuuiilly on l.-*ml. t'.i ri'ea apply lag shout' be in \ ordilion to make immediate ariiu ; 'cp etitf. Appl at "S!? t'imi away, ip .oi 4i. .?'>( I TO ?< 00 ? W ? M K \> \ PAin . KB. WIT"! THIb amoui t tc taai- su lu'ernat In a liif r.'.lve biiiiDeiw. -? g< ? Uettii.u c onrrity v>ll frjd tbin o vsiu ihlo onpnr'.ualty. < ail aprt test tfc !acf at li8 Oiitbam equate tldrU Uoor, <to. 2, frort room. (9(1(1 ? ! A RTNKR W V .TFD.-A OENTLBMAN ifZiUU. whli h!? iimo'in1. lo purchase one-'iail' ot & supe ilnrltiibt rash truveillurf butlriea.?, rendy t xo.'outh tliit will piy S ll'i | ?r ti or ih clear of nil eipenfea Hi-auriiy fir ih.r- full auMUPt Riven wi U e\ o- j a;.:..iac'..on. C*!! on J. asrringUn, 31i ltfOB(lw?y, rooaj 33 AOK>TLEMi?N OF THK FIRST KB 1'BOTABILITT Bjj l lmvf etperienee, wl hea anient psru ?rla the bs ik i g ana ro'locilt n buaii e a, odo who la no', ntrold t.i ln.-?)t wi ? aii hi trit ' cm r/fc it ir^iu f'O.n $15,000 to j.'O.WOi) In c??o, or lietiirab'e aecutiiii-s, ibe ,?*ti?' fact ry refereaees will ba given; c inuruclca'.lotia st ictly couS'lc&ttsl Aitilroaa B*uk itiR, l:eri-id nflioe. AOKNlLhMAN \\ I8HINO TO lhVltfer FROMTRH TO li i<-ou UiutiMti d U0llar4 111 Umj papni' truJlifflif. would b-4 glad to meet anv pirtlcon lie au";*ct; !?* a <iuatue?< mac. a :d (ten onrnnisadea(i?!der?ble l>u?li.3-o. CoincK'ui'attaiLitrftatud ccufidanually ufiil r.nwiircs glvit" and rtiqmi tid Apply by letlc. lo S. Ot/LluNH. (# Hold street. APARTNKH WITH A MODERATE OAI'lTAL WANT*!', l j a yotipg man, In the country prod r.oe busloMs with store and bunlneaa sire ?dy er'nbUsbftvL Addrew Energy, lie* raid tflice. A PARTNER W ANTED? WITH A SM ALL OAPtTAIs Ir. a profitable l'iih ie?n. of quick aalea i l inte l o c ly ot if i! 'iv; ii inait,( in i itc mm s.J sccttaiomed to c^.natst i ti'di .r In. sit v.. i.e need an wec but tboan who hsra the r ft?j, and willing to cc> ibi.r d't'J. For f :r'.!)"r lntnrmaUou ? . at 11 ' Bull. van (trti ! . " J MKUIUT. / OPARTNKRSIIIP.? BKRN ABT> TliAVJrt HAS UfRS V ' ? i it'.ut? n p.irin*"- in our urni from Jan. I. lrioti. hew Fork, I tb. 1, ? ?>?. OSC.IK TIBHAl.S A CO. / '' OF AETf KB8IHP.-? IIT E UNliEUKIllNUU HAVP, THIS V' ?> formed a cop?r(r?5 - Uij> under tha name mi 1 f-tvlo oJ Oekiaijih and Kecfler, for the transaction of u ?er.-"?l -r.ip e'ore, fclilp oiiauulery and -oitawiiou nu^lnowi, li; .M?v>re *vrect HlllfiKV OAKSMITU, New York, Feb. 1.UJ6. B It. KKKKUSR. Dissolution of partnership. -the partake ehip heretofore existing under tbe firm of A. V. A *. l? \*jrfcoll A Co , (.1. J Y?r. lelt ) ?a?. oil tMi lilh da* of Dec . left). difmlvid by mutual c* riBeut. The hc'.el Is no m. and Kill cotttatu ikiiMdtM laateb if tuo nturiMr, nnlM tbi i-are i e ho!u r>u or h' cor e Ihe.lj li jui-laut. Tlie hotel la now UDaertolnft ecteiulve al'eiatiMF mid improve Ji9ili. .1 VA* l'F.l.'l, sole prcptWtar ofWvckofl Hoto', fel W'ir rcnt'rect. A. L.VKARGK, f uperintendent. "j VlnWOUmON? THI FIRM OK OUVKR ? BROTHER, I / H'ewn priflteis BeeViuau street in IVis d?? dissolved by 'tutu*; cuiucrt. Isaac i. Oliver, who mill caotinuo the i'i.?hi?M*on hUcwn account. at the saw t> pla .i U >?:?'Hor?4 t- nefle ii;> '.he affanv. of Ihc late tlrm. <!' UN W OLIVKrt, New Tot*, Fes. 4, ISffd. 1 S lAC J. OLIV l5it. I t.p ondf i kilned, on rclltlnc, feels c il ed upoti to return thnn?B <oi- tbe very liberal patronage ho has received lor die l.u-' iv tifcty yetrs. and -\ouia earnestlj solicit a continuance of tin* t-titue liberality m:d lavor for hii tiro'.ner, who iuoo-wJs to 11k li ...tnc -s, it cl ng aw "j t (| that die establt -bed r?vumUon of tl e crcceiTi for ni at, 'lUiek and cheap pointing, wll. be lull.. I oed. Jill W oLIVKIi. I he uni'ers'sred will Rive lilt personal attention to those in vaal ot any doforlpn.m of plain u~.l Umcy inb at raid pi-in'. Kg, ?:o may favor lam with r. c-k. I. With every fiielllly for e i no, pt at).: ful'htul e- e -utlOD ol oic'ers. and u. deterni'nv i. t-> plui.v"*, bo'u i? regards tjle tad pr'ce, he ?olk. e a cou inuuann oi liublio favor. iSaAC il OLIVER, ilti-am Pdcler, v; lleeknia'i itrefll, New yorfc. I J A :.) A BAKTHt'LOli ?V H.VVh THIS I) V aDMIT IV gJ Gh'O. t' PARKER ?? n vartuet In the'r busltieiiij v Meh wl'l h^rpafer be oondur'nd tuidnr the paine and firm of M L BA KtHOLOMHW A OO,, nt lli?ir old 'tand, 1J6 lirtso m h .;:tei fie'wet ? Yftpy nt"l f niton street* where t'.iej vO ieti a mil ?a?>ti jncii". ot (li.?t!i!aai t ?h *rd provbtoua CuiiSt-JT.iy ou i iaii. PA Vli) V KARLi. J AS It. B BI'M >uOMIIW, ffrvr Vork.Febrrnry 1.1^6. GI~'>. C t'ARK -R. VTC1 1'IK-THK UMDKIflTOSieO HAVrt THtS 1>A* i v tu-n it n ooparinoribtp ut. !or the name and Jrm of rte.v ail Jsen e t A r far 'ho ujanulas.ur.iig of ratoli ctkM aiiUjLV tay. <>diOO fto. J . ano. (I. T. It l<. n, .VS' i f, >'?? Vi;t TVb. 1, la56 .MH f KIdVIO ?S. 1?AR1 I K WANTKB IN A F1?ST CLASS UO'fftL IH i ? V' rfc '*? m<i?t lnve?t fn?n fi.i'OO to 910,1* '' e t-h, e ' lit '.on 'tied to !9ke Urn eubre charge ol a ! trice hotel al rr!> U e prc.pi iotnr haa >?, .ij iO r .ft ir.\o>luo. i'noje ojly who rati c r dy .vith these te ( llromca'a w<U plcaeo adlrOM I'm 'nor, I t.* ,'1,-t'lfi J'cwt oClce I > SBTNEHSHir,? HON K3T SPBINKSii MAN WAY I bt'it.r of an ojiportunl'y o!' Inre?tini{ srl f00t)ti',0i? vry , i ? -filial 'y, !;i an e'lahli?h"ii ret) ecluble business, good re'er errtt reunited. For nr. n.terview, addresx, real num !, J. H . uMoatoie, oppoftte l(ioad?a> '-hcitro, for tnrredaye QKVKRAL ORKTT.KMI'N WITIf A 8M ALL CAPITAL 0 n' ttt.iii HO to $'J00 are wanted 'o eiu i*e In a rc?peci*b!e 1 reus that w II pa? (root 5B'i to tio per day profit. The ad - ver'i n in mnk'.ng that am. t nt htmiMU, and havtoif mm h more bti -ii <^'i iban l.e ran do wishes to disco?? o' t art of It. Call ei. O.M.F , O'j Broadway, IrcutS to 9 F M ., f >r pn tlcu. im, f| 0 WHOLFPAI.F. (ih(>< AS.? A UBNTI.UMAN W l?. ] iroua r,| lorrtil ig a critii ',kin in tho whnloeilo Kroocry tr'de, wlih the prc?f<e< ' ol b^e-itnhig a partner by th*? hum dtTtlot ot eapi'.il; be wouM dtvote Mk tvli o time exoluwely tn he bti^n f'V ?rd Is of uari>e en*-r?cllc luiii'B. Ad Jiewi II 1, W , i;rion rquara t'est ofllre. fllhK Cup ARTS KB' HIP HKRltTOFuRK BXISTIWO I ndei thi- name < t f.ruch I I H.kor in I'ds dav dlwoivad t KiUtoal conw-jiu KlUi-r purtnrr irUI sign n. liquidation. j. i*. liRton, Sfw York, febrniryl, P B. FA UK Kit. Tl ?' COP^P.T.VF.RSHIP ITKRF.TOPOTIB KXISTINO betwuti ihe undersigned, m.iier the name, etyle ami II rm ol ,F. J V mi Pelt A in thle d?y dlisolve l bv mutual <-or iftd. He busli* 'e o> the la'<* !irm will *ie HCHJea by J. ,1. Van Pelt, vho alone suUborUod to m'lue the unnew New Torfc, Jui iarj 1, 1M?. FKFWAM CaHTPBKU.. RL'iHKIt FORD MOOUT. J. .T. VAN FKl,T. T:ie timber Luc!t?ei?^ vrill 1 e oondnsttd liereafl?r by the euS ?c il jr alcne, al .ho ft 'itof EiKhjientii, .S'lnelfenlh andTtren htieets, Katt river. .1 .1. V AM PKI.T. fl'HF COPARTNKnHllTF HERKTOKORF RZfRTIIfO ! ir.der the. nnnrn and I nn of Herrlck A hoai.-r la tkla day di/MoIved by mutual eo.taetiu (Mimed) 3D\ris r. HKRRICK. New \ork, l>b. S IllCMRY KOMTKK. ULr Af'TF.O? A PAKTNK.R. WfTfl WS.TOO TO $W 'JOOCAPI Tt il, In a w! olest.Ie wtr ? and 11 q nor bualneM I'he bunt - n? m I - a ?ery'e ne, :?nd U:e moat natlsDieiory refer ern- 1 . \n lie riven. Ad'lre^a <A!ne Merchant, Herald ofliee.or Loa tiTtPl'f mi oflice. RKMOVAL3. l?EMOTAL.-Bl>WABD WA iBITI'.ti A ?'0 IMI'DRT J v era of iai. oi-'Jm. Ac., bare resrrod to Ko 10 P*rk VIW. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. Ins pot tan t from the SatloWl Capital. A HOW WITH FKANOK THKKATENKD? KVHSIAN BHIFH bOl.V TO AUhBICANB TO BH TBSAfSB AS WAK 1'blKEB? ShWAKD'fci TBAPS fOB BVKBKff, ?T 0. Wmbinciton, Felt* 4, 1866. It bas leaked out of the State Department that the Freuch xovcr-uunt liaa RNauined a petition la relation t> cei tain Bus -Un vetwd . that have been trannferred aiuce the cnninetcettetit ot the I.a?tern war, to oiti>?na of th? limed .Siatc*, tx n'K a>. the time of the transfer in 4nc i! :ju po't*, wbi-1 I tig likely will make difficulty nuhvn tie i':CM<lent faiut'. A lint if the venae!* hae been fur f i'tfO to Vr. Mar-on, on- Miuiater at l'artt, and th? > fW > it. nation uv:>red oa l ' o part of the Frtftch and I i g '.-h B-Y-imi,. nt? to holu tlicm i<h lawful p'ttti of *at if th 'j a:e captured. Mr. >awu, it m reported, ex hibit* Kni? app'tlionaini! na the aubjact. The oo -reiipon itnee wll pr.ibubl) be cmled f-i. in a few daya. It npjenrs that; >e war 1 kll.ed oil Kverott und Seta II urUl I) a< vitlcg tbem to make their apeectaei on the a'<rbiank.ii bill. lie thua wiped out two powerful ojpo utnth for the docceiftdx. We era < 6i.uitd that Chariot Sumner and lord Carlisle bavt> be-n in active crrespendenoe on the nlarery que? ti'in. The hague between ibe atistocraoy of the 014 Wet Id ari the abulia u (lis unionists of the United States in perfect. MB luonov ok oi ncnw or the hoits| op HJ- ?rillCHKNTATlVKi- ? FIIBOE STKUOtiLK FOB ?UK PU1MINQ AM) CHAPLAINCY? BEM0VAL8, RTO. Washinoton, Feb 5, Ufa. Mr. f>l;.rbrciiL0r, after a severe and exalting strnffie, to-di> wsj reelected se' arms. This wai a a?d diiHpp' iiilmett to the blacl. republicans. Nathan Dar lirg^wa* eltctcd dooikeop; r. Jybui-lin, the poatoMter, *?m overslaughed. Tiie contest for printer waxoe better, the rxciien.eot thi-< in intern*. Wendle asya big chauce ie sure; while, on the other hand, tho opposition faj they will lead him twenty vote*. The reejrative frieuo-. ef . evfral clergymen ate ptooniug wit!> 3 re at eir r,.-h1n<8'. peculiar quallicattons for tne cnaplaincy. 1 be contest fcr printer and chaplain come* off to-mor r?w. Quite a mmift of decapitations to >k place to-day. VI. ere is to t>e a general slaughter about the Capitol in a few <Jeys. Ira Gooduow, lieutenant of ptlioa in New Ycik, was to-day appointed a^iaUut doorkeeper, lho prepsuie for aj pointrnents in awful. Ibrre it. a gay ana brilliant ball cow in fall bU?t at Wdlaid's. tight hundred gut* s ate p;e?ent. v 1>. AWFUL HUSH OF OFFICE 8FKKEB9? TnE OUIJW.OTINE AT WOBK? NEW OBAN'AUa ANU THE TbJ|3XT Of TUE IST11WUH OF FANAUA, MO. Wajuimiton, Feb. $, 1856. Tie arpfc around the Hall of KepnMtntaUven wai ?'orif.-'y ctowde-1 tbi? afteinoon with hii idreln of offije Kolets, while o.hera got-gat HfV-ge in the Mtiinua of the Capitol. Memlx if. before and cvea during the sen ni( u i f the Hru^e, w?re conftantly slgniog app^oAnt.i' pn i rif-. No Koorer bad Captain I Jailing qn?lilie<l as 1' Jin I ><?;!?! , tbtiti lie >enioTed a oiesieogor anil apiio'U'ej bis ?ucc?KM;r. Thi 1 t-errwi ?? a i-l|rual fir the crowd 11.-11*0 ?- rci-b upon htui with iuaportuni and tha m < ( e f 1 ?xci ? u ent wan heightened, on 'be rn^nu nai?n', 1 ? tb<> f '? if 0, by the ru.-i ir.g In of ths oQl<w uetkiog fo'ceii r,n -i.le. Mi l'o ieU wi'l probably be eleotel Hon eptiuter w mur>w. 'lji ^oiirtlt u ti ' ri t.f N. w fJn.miU having been rrni 1 ? 1 Hk' hii-ce th^ tj**t> l>ttwiou i!i*t g.rvt-rnm?Bt and he I'niud ftai'H leRBi/iDg tha eonatrivjtton of a ra lroa4 KtM the l.'hnitid, thia govj-ui ien'. hu aeon iid'Hcd thui r.etv jcint uirange'ueutR h?ve bi"rnne ut*c?M.-ar y. (?tan; da 1 t-q' iies that fetr 1/gation hero mm' bi> ap. priw<l ot our intention to U ana port t^> ips. in order that the Governor of 1'anatoa, beiinr a<lvioed of the tac, may t?r u : !e 'o cis inguthh ncew adventurous aqu&dii -'rom loita Jul' military toroc*, which iu trai?--t'. mtist confirm to the civil liw of 'bat m ritrj. ih' Ne* York mm! of tbi, m mlng lina aot ftitivoJ. Moc.Lt j "a n-ail tihthtd here to-f.ay. tf HIH rv-*t>u HT a (HMTOHfSgt #IHST SESSION. StMte. AVashinuto.n, Feb. 6, 1656. lir. Crjkr/o.v, (K. X.) ?f Del., iatao?*u<*-. a resolution sj> propria tlitg two hundred oord* o? wood to th? buffering i*cr ot Wii. hlngton, to be p?id lor out of the contingent fund. Meters. Hi mi 71, (detr.) of V* , andToowns (national) (< C'a , regarded it o.i u perversion of ttat fund. llr, Cl v. (uem.) of Ala., moved. a.i en amendment, ?1 lit the ?wood be paid ijr oat ot tbc per diem of member*, in i [U6l proportions. V r. Toomu<, preier Jng tote bin own almoner, moved en en ecum *nt lhfct ii:e wo: it be psld from tUo per mom i members votiue for the resolntlon. iir SVhUJ.R (dem ) of < >1 , hoped Senators would in ? Ifidnilly contribute fur the relict of the poor, and, ou lit* n>- ti u, the ie? ?!uti> :i wis la d on the taolo by seven trsjoiiiy. A MiW OOU> COIJT.WiK. Mr. TVe..i?; Introduced a bid authorizing the eoina^o. at the Sin Fiun 'isco irJ .t, ol ''unions," of the value of otic hun 5 red collars each, aud liolf unions, of the v ilue o1 Ufty dollaiis, to be made conformably to tlie s'.andard goid cf :LK am1 received ?:< bgsl ttudur. Tlit- ccli iueiation of I1IK Cf.TUAI. AUHBICAN QCTBIIOX Was then return i d, and Mr. Foot, (black iep.) of Vt., altliongh not an ad mirer (f lli. itucbs.min, took pleasure in eulogising tie arguments advanced by that gentleman to mid'aiii tho view", bo enter'aiced of the proper cms '.ruction of the bulwerdayton treaty. Ha regsa-ded the reasoning of "'iir l!i. chnnau as sound and of consuutniit'e ability . The f.ithfctl ob-iirvnnco ol the trraiy requires of lier Ma jesty's goverrmtnt ho Immediate withdrawal from any ;.?tua! OMtpaAOy of, or dominion ever, any portion < f the Morouito territory or nea coast, by virtue ot a pre tit ed protectorate. The claims of Kngland over Central America and tbe Bay Islands being founded upon no li^ht of discovery, cc* quest, purchase or treaty, her oeoapatton of tho toirltiry in, con re fluently, a clear esse of forcible entry aud detainer, and her tight the tau.e that a highwayman his to pumie an nra;roed t.avoller. Ee maintained that the honor of this country, no less than its in teres a, I'inuuuB that we t-hall irn- !wt ?pon lSrgland'n fulill ing her trsa'y s'lpulati. n." Hi* Us* of yielding 1 > the p e t"n ions ot that government, and a'ljwing her to evade its {-lain pr' visi' us, if not to be thought of fur a mo went. I e jri.jicfied that a direct Congressional declaration be m?0o cf our construction of the treaty, and of our pur pone to enforce ti p obligations resulting h-om that cn i-tructiou. If thi.s prove unavailing, ftnd afier negotla ti a Mi/ill have bten exhausted, he would eniertain a I cjoiiiion fitoiUr to ?hut "iipgested by Mr. Reward ? : uir e y, to givo Englaud official ;ind formal notice that U? must withdraw li?? her Central Auotloan occupy tir - s by a jli en <it?v; il then, she etill holds out, and ills icgari's ail 'nut samm '?*, he would have her removed by f. i ..?> . 1 u i tcs. i et Knglanfl understand tba' we are in rati est about this, ana that it is not a second edition of II Ot, 40, or fight," and then ba< i?i"g down t^4B. If, after such furl* .nance, war come*, let it come ? we shall ha justified V.fth bv (4fid ond man. Mi.W ic.ii obUited 'li" Moor, and the Senate sd jcumeJ. IXou- e of ll? |>r? Miitatlvcu. W'A&inMiTo.v, Feb. 5, 18M. Bl K TTOK OF .f> l! KKH OF THK HOUSE. f'i? Hou.'e itfufed, by twelve majority, to table the 'frfUution tile t til l y Mr. Nichols yesterday, declaring Adam J. (iloHfbri nncr Sergi aot at-Arm.s. T e resolution [dc?l?lring Mr. 'Jlossbrcnner Sergeant" at-Ajir.s] wa? then adopted by 10.'! against 08. Mr. 8 HERMAN, (black 'republicnn) ot Ohio, offered a re solution drr.iarirg Nathan Darling Doorkeeper of the Hou-e. Adofte.l oy 119 against 85. Jl- ( a Mil > ix, (tack rej.nhliiiin) of T'onnsrlvania, of '?rul k tewilniion 'leclftiing liobert Morris Postmaster. Adopted by 1C8 ngaln*t ',?7. T' o rrlt'i of the last Houfe were adopted till otherwise cideted. On m"tlr.n of Mr. WnKRLBR. (K. V.) of Xew ^o;k, there v an ordtred to be paid, out of the contingent fund, to John y> . Ft lnoy, late <J>ork, who iwided over the House duiitig iti (lisorgsnizaUon, eight aoilaru per day in addi tion to his teg.ilar ."ftlary, tr im riecomber 3 to Kebru t rv 4. Mr. Bi.m.itam. (black republican) of Ohio, offered a re r?lution declaring 0. Folleti, ot Colnrabus, Ohio, 1'iinter <c the ?lcui?. I'rndicg which, the Hou?e adjourned. Pimonal Intelligence. Hoc. Wm. R. titaplts, C'uief Justico of the Snprem" Co.irt of Kh'.do Island, is about to retire from the bench lie ha* he* a elected I 'resident if the R. 1. .Society for the tac<.uiageu.enttf iHmcstic Industry. AltKI VALP. A', tl e Metropolitan Hotel? Htm D A Noble, Mich; Hon Jas Pull, N H; Hoe A Hradner, Albany; t'ommidore .Nicholson. I'SN; ( apt 1> Woodrnfl', t' 8 A; Col K .Jesup, t\inn; <1 Oroo vi r, 1T S A; Wm T t'azaro. Htl<ouis; D H Rust, Philadelphia, H H Murk, I/iOlsvlU}; .Tames H Andrews, Rochester; Dr T T

Barrcu, Vfrmot t, Wm Ilogardus, Va paralso. Court Calendar-Thli Day. Kx rn^t. Cotrt? General Term ? Nos. 11. '28, 18, 50, Vt, 11 30 to 85. flf, 30, 37. Circuit ? Nos. 143, 2?i, 3'W, 135, l-'ft, 18a, 2088, 2034, 101, 107. 183, 187, 1N7X, 1??, 1'280, 4 2X, 79, 81, 104, 132, 206, 248. 4. SvrrnioR Noe. 223. 455 545. 427 . 430, 201), 671 5" S, 581, CF2, 884, 58r., 590, 5tti 50.!, 594, 599, 600, 492, 80t>, JS0 551, 475, fOI to 004 fiOt., <108, H09, (110 t'oYviiN 1'TVAs? I'art 1- 100. 101, 116, 108, 1?4, 127, ir-5, iro. 162, 17.' , l-? 1H2, 91fl, 217, 218. Part 2-N'os. 69, 86, ry, 1?6, 186, 188, 139, 140, 148, 158, 164, 187, 191, V.H, lki. The a*.vwn of Paitlo*. B&OIKMNO OP LKN'T SHKOV* TUL4UAV AMD ABO WKDNiWAY. To-d?y is Ash Wednesday, ai <1 from thin time to Eaiter :jhd(!hj ? a period of tlx week? g00<1 Roman Catholics ? 111 abetain from rne&t and kindrea' fleshly luxuries. Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, an 4 last night man? oMtfouctiy people observed the custo <* making and 1 ea'hjg (FDcakeM and balls were h''Ld an? ^ social parties given l>y our iitiu an and French rmiiien.1* ^ '?"'Wlon of ttie wminl which in at tbis mwoo unireraally dlt^rwi oa the Ctmtinent of Kuro^te. The or V" ?' tha practice ot paieake eating on thu day hi lout, b*1* we know It is m! great antiquity. An old author tell*"^" of the woaderfcl r'-mpo*iili'D of ihe.?e pancakes. Ho hivj*,: ? There in a thing called wheaten Houre, vrluc'i tfu cookie do ??i gle whh water, egg*. spice ana other tr*..?|^ <al, im ini:han*nient?, and then they put it. by li - I Me ami liltle, int > ? fryrcgpan ot boiling suet, where it nitles a o'-nfiueo, <}inua!t hiwluir, (like the l<eroeau [ iijhrK in the rieds if Acheron. Sua or t'hteguUm,) uu ill at l?et, bj the (kit) of the ronke, it is transformed into the foiote of ? Fiji Jm.k. nailed a pauctUe, whcli onim ue inca-laiioii the (gnurunt pooplo doe de touio vet) greedily. Another ?.d (hue characterize* Shrove Tuesday: ? Here mu?t etter that wadiing. atradHng, burr ten gut ted ("trri'f* ot a 1 (%> latendonx- vulgurly enti led Shrove luen'sj but-, nore pertinently, Sole Monarch of the Mouth, btgii Steward ta the St much, chief tianian- le to the (iutrf p.ime peere to the 1'nl rt?, tlrst Favorite to the FrjUg-jsoa, g'*?*ee< BasHa* to the Batter B iwloa. 1'ro ?ecter to the nmrskPH, first Fl<?-?der of the fritter*, Ba ron of the Bacon fiilob, Earle of Fggn-baakpU, kit., (ic. 1 be poet, however, gives us the trceat version of 1'an oeke 1)9 ji lt was the day whet eon both rich and poo re, All obit fly teastod with the self -sane di*h; When every (anoeb, till it can hoM no more, la fritt? l tilled as well a* heart cm wish; Ad.' evei y man and maide Cue take their turne, Ana tcss their pancake up, for tear they borne; And sK he kitebeu doth with laughter sound, To me the pancake* fall upon the ground. lie ltomsn Catholic church forbids marriage I daring lent, an well as the partakit? of flesh food; and oonae (|uently. In mediately preceding A?h Wednesday the churches are with loving couples desirous of being n ale one in time; and it will be found upon turestiga Ucn that a laige number of persons have bee* made happy or miserable in this way Cut tag the past week. l?nt Is fo called from the time of the year in which it is held ; Lent signifying ta the Htioa language sprtag; ht nee It la known as the spring last. Ash Wednesday is ho designated from the sncient ceremony o" the priest blessing the ashes with vhlbtbe biow of the f-enltent was anni'utsi), in the j f'nriu of a c.'o<is, be feayirg meaawhile, 11 M-mmti, homi, ijvtO jHih v <?, ft in pulvrrim rrvtrtens." ? ltemember, niAn, thou art dust, and must retnrn to dunt. It is etrsngo that there are bat few re tgtons extant tbu'donot rtc gnire a neiee^ity for tssta and bodily mortification of suno kind or other. It U stated that m?t>y pcrst'na afllhted with ohronicdiiscafss are restored to bodily health duiitg the f.tntiiig season. This, of corrse, arises front the benelicial eifoct a'jstinence hnn up >Ti ceitaiu cobsti'.u'i' ns, and it is bollcred the propa f-a'ois of relii iotis rituuls bad this medical fact in view in Ithti ntirg fan'a, st people aiu mo-e likely to pay st t? i tion In thim, by th ir buving a religious si^niQcinco Archbh.h p Huglu's he,n pub.iHbed the rrguln.ii'in-t Of I ont. I or the jsen nt jiar. Thej arc lis ful ows 1. All ike week eay? of I en', fix m Ai-h Wedne?d?y till h V er Sunday a?e la.-^i dvys ot prec^pv, on one meal, with t! > riliowf aof- of a moderate e?? lutioa T^e } ip<.ep* of fating iea a( o that of ahstinsQco fr<m the ii<-e of Her b meat, liut by dit.pen ation, tho use <1 (leeh mt'iit Li allowed In thio tiirciiH at tho p'lnclpal aebl on tbo Din a>n, Tn??days, and Thur<?lay^ of I/sat, frcm tte llvt Suncay ujjtil I'aim !*. The me ot tceat is not amoved oo Thiirsdny noxt ?fi?r Ath Wednevdny, ror on any <hiy in the holy ?7eo'< in n,eoiHlely preceuii g b'jtriUir Sunday. 1. Here is Leitbtr fitht nor ab?tioenoe to be observed in Sutitiit^R of lx?nt, cxnejit I'a'm Sunday, which Is a day cf i.b? lntn"e ftoir. il< xb moat, but nat a day of fast. fi It lh not alhwrd to uko fUh with ilesh meat at the htae meal. t'?. 'Ihe/e is no pr?'hitilion to ubeeggs butter or che?w>, provided ti e rulos of quantity preecrilted by the fast be cruplied with. 7. The Chureli exi^ures from the obligations of fasting, (but no', of abstinence f>om flesh meat, except in special ca:?es of rick acre aiul the like,) the fo:lowii;g classes ot 1 eri-ot.s 1st, tho infirm ; I'd , those who- e duties are of mi < xlnusting ot hhadaaa character ; 3d, persona who ate Oblv attalnicg their growth ; 4th, women in preg nhnry. or nursing infants ; 6th, those who are enfeebled \>) old age. Dr. Kniit'a Art- tic EiapnllUoii. [From the London Time*, Oet. -6, 1855.] ?P" (aK mail from New York brought u.-i intolligvnse rf tbo tafety of Dr. Kane who, in Utf, 1U1, sailed In ?omrrnmt ot an expedition lilted out at the cot of Mr. irititkell, of Now York, and Mr. Oeo. l'enbndy, of Loodoa, in * ivrch ot Mr ,!olm FrmVlin. Con?ideCit>l? apprrhoa >i' n hud b??<*ii entertained regarding hia late, and kytiI n i ntha back soaaw government vessels were despatched in Ihe hop?? cf meeting with him. The following letter, c itnltiingthe first snnr unroment ol hia exploration^ u ached London yesterday attornoon: ? Godhavv, North O'penland, Sept. 12, I860. J'y Dwn Slit ? T hr.vo only time to report to you the ?afe airiv:il of our pnrty at Cojbovn, whence wo have Uhen paahage to Kngland in the Danish brig Ma'iane. Hie explorations of our party embraced the entire (?here* of .-mith's H iuud, and a now channol expanding frcm its northeastern curve Into an open ssa. Ttii* grtat water conrro embraced an area of 3.0C0 square ix. l?a, entirely fiee from ico. It washed a bold and moun tainous coast, which lias been charted as high at lat. 82 t!cg. SO rein. ; mith's So-.jnd teritlr atea In pm extensive bay. wh'ch bears your nnrr.e, and the c aat of lireonhnd, alter he ir g followed until it faced the North, was found cement ttftilhe continent of America by n stupendous glacier ? Hch chocked our further progress towards the Atlantic. Throughout this lorg extent ol new coa.1t, the result of much hard travel and exposure, I bare found no traces of tl>e lost party whoce search instigated your own connec tion wi'h our expeditl n. The past two winters exceeded In sore: ity any that have before b*en recorded. Hjth scurvy and locltjaw emtarrassed our eilicirncy, aa \ our dogs, to the number < 1' 57, pttished of this latter scor.r*e. A zone ol 81 utiles of folld ice Interposed between us and the nearest water, and to have rem&inei a tlilrd winter would have proved taial. On the 17th of May, with a carefully matured organlza 1 lor of boats and wledgos. I abandoned the brig and com menced our journey ovi" the lloes. Wo aupp'ied our aelven with auimai food entirely by our giui, and trans lotted our sick in separate i-ledges. >\l 'er * travel ot I miles, and an exposure in 0|>?u aic of 81 d?ya, we )iscbud I pernavlk in health and nalety. It is light that while announcing our own restoration to the world, I should mention the death ol IHroe of our p?rty. These brave men perished in tho direct i3i? d.srgeof (ho duties i.f tho i oaroli, and aro entitle! to the v ralcful rt col lections of ttfcir com radon and com mander. With sinccre regard, .voir friend and servant:, K. K. KANK, l',omnjnnd'ng I.xpodltion. Cioant Ptabodt, l.F' j , Iiondoo. I* S ? 1 ojien tlii* letter to announce the arrival of Cap uin Hartstetn and party, who must have passed us iu Me, rile Hay. The ofllcers and ere vs are all well. 1 1 <.v <ancellej my engagement wM> the Mariano (t^apt. Amends. n to whom I am much indebted for his ho*pi ? tahty), and will ptoMCd to New York with my oountry no n. Ma / I Leg j ou to oil. ho r call upon or K<"ud < o Sir Francis Beaufort a copy oi thia letter, as also to Lady Franklin ati'J Mr. Beno w, of the Admi'altj? There is no open water above the -nouth of Smith's Sound (Pe ham Point of Capo lugielkddi, so that my es cape ha* b<*n in all respejta providential. I am, dear Mr, yours, E. K. KANE. Sept. 18. 1865. Horns of Mr, Olmtk, Royal Inspector, ) (?<inHAVJf, Nona ( yd. j P. S., No, 2.? I will report to the Secretary o( the Ad niiralty, as aiso to the Royal Geographical Society, as so.n as I can artargo tny pai>erH and charts. All my do cumen'a aie i?av(d, but n:y collection cf natural hi-tory is Muxrificed. I lott the brig -at'o In Winter Harbor. E. K. KAN'F. [Prom the I>oodon Time*, Ojt. 27, 1855.] TO THK KNTOR OP TDK LONDON TIMKH. P)R? It would stem to be premature in tho absence of IV. Knee's charis to criticise his letter to Mr. I'eabody, pnWished in your paper of thin day, too severely; but, 1 vtsh to draw atUntion at cnoe to tua strange ineongrui tie* which It crntaina. In one place Dr. Kane states that "th>?re ii no open water above the mouth of Smith's Sound (Pelham Point ( f t*re lrglefleld}," where, it will be remembered, Oapt. tngtefleld stated that he mn open wator- and in another pait of his letter he aays: "The explorations of our pirty embraced the entire of Smi'Vs Sound, and a new chan nel expanding trcm iti northeastern carve into an open I'o'ar Sea." Hen, to myatify us still more, Dr. Kane adda:? ' Smith'* Sound terminates in an extreme bar, and the cast of Greenland after being followed until it faced the north, was found cemented to the continent cf Ame rica by a stupendous glacier, whijn checked our further pre gr ess toward the Atlantic." A glance at a North Polar chart containing ("apt. Ingle firlc'a discoveries will show the lllogioal natura ol Dr. Kane's letter. I am, air, your obedient servant, C. R. WELD. PoMVHKwr floruit, Oct. 2d, 185?. [Another letter from Mr. Weld, withdrawing ail tliat he stated in liia letter of October 20, has hoen published In the I/ondon Tims*, and appears in another part of this morning's Hnuu>. In addition to this, Mr. Weld, at the trcen* meeting of the Royal (Seogvaphioal Society in Loe d( n, haodaomely apologised for hU erreneous stateuionts in r?f?fd to Dr. eiploraUeua.J The Barker House Homicide. INVKbTlGATlON IWJrOHK COltOMSK KIOMNO AND A JURY* The investigation Into the clrcumst?roe? ot 'We death ot Michael McUogblin wo* continued in thebupi*m? Court rot in ct tlia Biook yn City llall, yeate;d?y. The etteodarce, hi* on previous oooaMona, Urg*. Th? fol ic wirg ericerce wms taken Mr. N. Ci oft awoin ? Reeidoa at 23 Noifoik atreet, N'?w Yew; returneo fiom a aleigu ike on Thursday ev'?ui,ig ai-d haultd up at tbe Barker House to g?t my bamuM fixed; went in the door on tht> Union 4treet aide ami a*v the atfiay, ali weteln commotion: two men wire lying n the Bi.or, tfcelr leet towards tbe btr and to*<is toward* Uaa.ilU.ii HTfnur, at the Hamilton avtmue end of the bar; 1 fpoJit* to no one inside ol llie bar or hotel; do cot know feirhael Mclaughlin; 1 went out and relumed for my g otp, which I badoiopped; think then only one mta was iyirgonlAe fkioi; tii-j not hnu tha: any a an was a tabbed whll/Tu tie huB>n, imu.tdiaU iy went out after 1 found i, njf glo le, and oiove ofi, before atarUog hi-ait a man ioad bee i. stabbed. I ? l.arlea ktowaley aworn? Retide re UaJon street, was 4t the Btrker H u-e on Ihurttay evening la*t, bemreen 8 0 oVlook ; wax not acquainted wrh Hi liaal Me l.aa^bllti, taw u jliatorbance; waa eittiag aside of (he irv.we neai l:oi' u atrevt, and hcttrd a uuia* ou'?ufc', a? it taoHHi b> Hie liicakiri of gitue these parties cvne in, ah I tt ought, wl'h tluto doge; whet Muruby came tt j he eti'Jkcfc the naj witlt hiit bn*. and aaiit, " wh want the fatr Uilnj aid nofilog trwe '' and ordered wUi.iSty e..i-m; Geo. W. Baikor went belted the bar tn ptvpare the diik.i; Mutpby ?iua sou*) one vrm laugbiug, and re uibiki.1, -'Be Jecma, we'll turn you up;" Ctpt. Fountain cait ? up to bun ai.t said ihev wan'ed no ani^e there; juat pievioue to this M-srpby aaid he'd pay 1 >r all he got and n.ore too; MU.augbbuexebulnM>, "Go it, I'at;" U Murphy bnd not b?tn with Mr! AuglilJn, he (the lat'.e:) w aid not bi?vf got in any difficulty ; m? ryimua waa tint Murphy wanttd a tvwlut the bud he ratio do, aud Mclaughlin lor the fun hfc could hare; Murphy waa vicious; after Dunn came in the row cctnmenoei, atad they nearly knocked dowr the move aud the p*rty moved orfrr into a j< g iti tie ai^oue aide; X wtnl rottud the stove and oi cupi<d the a) dee tlu>y left, when Jame* Barke- tail, " Gtven,e a htick," oi "a clab," t>nd go: it from the end of the bat a.inewiitre or Othor; tha dub produced look# autnetbieg ll*e it; when he took the club, he made tlie rraaik, ?'I'll kill to*', dug," or "I'll kill that damned dog;" he then went down ui the Um >n atreet tide, wkera Kjuc iih I'endleton aid Murphy wet e et^igei together; Feudleton had Kurpby with bl? rigfrt hand aouio wbete ab:ut the ktad, trying to keep him down; ha wa? on the flror; ace of the dog* had i'end.'eton by the left wriat at the raiM'timc; he waa trying to ahake off the dog and wait tuaajiug with Murphy at the name time; Jam ea Barker go; to Mb and atruok the dog, and then M ruck Murpby on tbe bead with the- club; I balloood to him not 10 xirikethe man again, ami ou did not; 1 walked about midway between tha aturo and tha bvr. aad eaw deceateo 1) log down, hi* head toward! I'uion atreet; too ol tbeae dkga was at hix side, aud, I ttappnae, btUng him; juat about that time tbe otlicer am? in; aome one aaked William* ('he cflicer) to tMkt' Murplijr out; tain was at the c of? ol the onga^eiL.ent be woen Murphy and I'an d let on; 1 think Murph> thon la) on his btoiat ou tu? floor; my attention was then called t# deemed; I caw bim there bloeuitg, Rul made the remark that that u.;.u wat> bat'ly bitten by the dig, went over to him r-jI putlel bla > hiit tit, but oiold a?-o no wouaii vhei" 1 stipaoHU<lth? <1?'g had bit iu, aupponed the blind ilo ?cd 1'ioin the email hole* the dog nal ma'le wnh hia te>>',h ; doi not ace a ?Mad rauei d tilt' knite; wl(x-?l tkt blood ffom my | huntla nitc u rewap-iper; ubout Ujiitiiue a par -j caiu? in wtth HomectRcer; |>ie\ioualy I went to the uo->r a>id told Murphy 'Vour iiicud lian beon ttvd.y bitten by th? dog;' ' lHirp):j w ui.ttd to go in and tbe oilirer would n it let him; at tbia the second party with the i fiieeie were very much excited : one of them i aid. "Show mo the that done it. (or tbe wn ot a bitch) and I'll have life for hf?," acutUer ? wit up t.i Bonn lu a ttitea'eni'ig niauter; 1 beckoaed to w e ot the exM'ed par y, ut-d told lit m hi- friend h ?a -u tadly bit* by a tog; be looked at toe e.a ii ha ilmtigbt I waa nifllrg wit H him, aid ssi'l, "l)?n'tynu iLitb Till w a d g'- bi e Cvxl a>V Do yott ihtnk I'm ? canteflf il r" I t'jfn wnlked to tue iacfe, non tay ovbic Rt, and ? ? til a*.rai(.h'. home. Ti iho Coroner?Saw a tliird party (O'iltieo) who was fober. (.!,(? irlnl all Le cc ulil to le&ko jmscc; -a ? no more i f 1 im after th?- iun>pus eomieeuce : ; about t>ut liuio O'Biitn vr?a liylng to lutke peace, Jam?.< lUrker tuid, ' (Jet ycur drii ka aud goaway ? I don't waoi any ir g bete, and won't hue it," I a?w Geo. W. Ha -aev pre paring oi i? kf, and tie las' tiiae I fair hiu; ha vim- on the out tide of the ta'; tn? mtliiiig more of hiui; siw u> oae etfe beh'nd tbe bw, eaw no kui* la any one'a haud: never fj* the deceased standing ft ou. ihe time ho eaid, " i.o it. I'ht," ti.ll I raw Man on the il >or-. h?ve i-een a Vniih on tbe bar, ly'i'g ' " 'h" couu'eroear I'aion fti cot; i' wb? ttfert or cuttli-g (krilfc produced) ; tbli ia rot the kn'.e. (,)i!v n Fabsbury swrn ? Testified to boing at t*ie Bar ker R life on Ihor-ilaj evrtiirg, ?n?li?w tbe ?lintttrbAi ce, atd derori'sd the K*ce aiini fcrl/ to the other w1:utw>a, hnt coulf* not recogr.L.o anv panicitlar one petaon en gaged in the afftty. fHno a rece.-H of ever an hour wa* takau ] On ie-at w-mblirg. witoefa continued bla evidetu-e, but troibirg different from tie other witness. w:sa O'icite'i. He let', tbe hotel bef- re be waa nwar? that Mcl.augbliu waa deaf. lie beard of bi< den'h next morning. Ifwis B. dii'ge, of No .'196 Hicks t.tMt testified tVat he came to the Barker House about !? o'clock, after the tiTray, nod saw tbe deoeiael ly ing on the lloor. A mnn in tho crowd outside >aid he aaw knivej usiid, but t id rot know who h" w. (?eoiga I'tice, of IT 'Weodhull atreet, teatified to being in tbe barroom of the Barker H"tiae on tlie eveaiug ot Thurhday last-, he haw George W. Batker c^tno over from behind the bar when the r >w coratiieiioed, and uiix in; he raire from the Union stre?ii alee; saw no iuatritment in his bard; the urnss waa then bef?r<-en the bi" and the Move; from the'e they siaj ed to the avenue aide, and th?n to the I'uieu atn et side To the Jury? lon't tbink George W Barker c*uld have had a ki/ilo without my seeing il; aa.w .lames Mar ker a rike, as I supposed, at the deg, while McLaughlin waa down; be had a club. Ibe investigation waa adjourned, after the examina tion of this witueas, until 2 o'clock to-dty. Police Intelligence. THE FATEHT SAFE SWINDLE UNHIT0CE83FCXL. Two rorj resptiotable looking rem, named John Martin wad Henry Drill, were taken Into custody by officer MuL ford, of the Nineteenth ward police, chirged with having attempted to pwiudle an Englishman, na'xed William Pales, out of $7$, by cieans or the patent safe opera' ion. Tbe crti'plainant alleges tbat, m'eut on going to Cali fornia, h? pr< cetdod to the office of tho Panama Steamship Company lur the purpose of buying a txket, but mt hav ing enough money to pay for one, ho wun obliged to re tiaoo lit* attps to his ooerdtrg fi-mce; tbat so>n after leaving the < Bice ff the Steamship Company h? wan met ly Mania (wlio, he huj .pored, whs wh'-cMh? him while ho i?9S t nileavorirg to purchase a ticket). The would-be trk-nd a*ked Salee If he would not like to buy a ticset, that he knew a man who had bought one, but as he was dl*appcu. ted in going to ^California, wjuld No g'ad to sell his ticket lor lr.ilf prise. Mr. S?les at onco snapped at th-< bait, and without [ at'.y Fnspiciona whatever, agreed to aocompany Mirtin to Sixly-tecotd street, whore it was understood tbe ticket could be had at an exUaordinarily cheap rate. On gut tir.g out of the cars at this point, Mr. Ha'.l and another pent mi''o their appcaraooo, and, as i! the meeting hid Ken purely accidental, warmly greeted Mr. Martin. A c r?versatl"n soon sprung uptbe wenu the parties, and ] soon the little brass ic> truniOfit entitled '-the patent cafe," wrui Introduced, and various wrre the opinions that wi re entertained regarding the merits of the inven tion llall and Martin becnine ba?ily engros'ed in a bet, and Mr. Sales, wlm wai i|uite a tovtce in such matters, whs en. ily drown Into the snaro, and willingly parted with tt'f> for whloh he revived ai eolhteral security a cheek fo V.fiO, drawn by M;?rtinon -omeof onr city While Mnr< in ivan taking the check out ?-t" ijie pooket book Mr. Sales dec cried seve al ottiers t-nugiy it"eel awiy in one ride of tlio wiillet. The susrici n that all wan not exantly r'gbt ilien flahbed ncroes his mind, io*' as'irig on the Impulse of the moment he *ei*?d Mai tin by 'be col ?ar, ano charged him with !>?'ng a e inctlor. Ths other two, set irg the unpleasant sitnatii n of heir worthy ooir. - rm'c, ter k to their he*ls and entered Jones Wood. Ihe l'Ygli*fcn.un mi ed a loud alarm, when oPlce- Muiford C' imi t up, ch?M' was given 'be fugi ivej, resulting in the amet oi Hail. Tb" accuse'! wer? t;.k. n belbr? Justice Klandreau, at tho .fenrersen Market Polioe Court, where tbey were committed for Jrlil. As Mr. ."tales is unable to athy in New Vork trere ITisn a few days, the Mstrlot At torney lntc nils to dispone of the c*e immediately. ARREST OK AN AI.I.KDKD KIVKlt THIEF. John Williams was taken into custody yesterday by rfllcer O'Connor, of the Fourth ward polioe, on charge ol having burglariously entered tho mate's room on board tbe ?hlp Alber. Gailatln, now lying at (he foot, of Bur ling flip, hy ftirclng olf the padlock and stealing there fn m a cckeroblel, pair of suspenders, aad two pocket be ??. s, containing tour English shillings, Ike property of Frederick Argar. The accused, It appears, was caught In tbe act of rilling the slate room of its ooutenU, by the steward of the venal, John Moeley, ?l?o caught liiiii and beld him natil the officer arrived. Tho acetiaeJ on being taken befoie Jnstlre Cmnolly, at the lower Police Court, said be was not guilty of tho charge imputed to htm, but ? ?* nevertheless committed for trial on charge of bur g'?T DESCENT UFOK AN ALLEGED OAMBT.INO HOI'SK. Yesterday afternoon, Sergeant Walsh, of the Court of General 5Mwi?locs, with a squad of naeu wader his com mand, made a descent upon the premises ef Hnrton and Wheeler, situated in the fourth story of the building'Ko. 82 Broadway, said to be a gambltag bouse, and nrrested one of the proprietors on a warrant Issued by Jndge Ca pros. There were a number of persona in the room when tbe officers entered, and as aoon as the "stars" e vlMbl* a general etaiupede took place. The po lice having warrants for tho arrest of the proprietors of Uie place only, did not Interrupt the fugitives in their flight. On -leArchlng tho room a faro dealer, counting Ik s. cribbage bourd, lay out cloth and aeveral pack* ot cards were tound. Tbe prisoner waa brought to the Court i f Sessions, where Judge Capron held him to answer the charge of heeplag a gambling house contffcry to law. T've gambling apparatus seized l>y the polioe, was taken to t ie ? fficecrthe Pi-trlct Attorney, where the curiouaeu have an opporiunity of viewing the same. On laiit Thursday afternoon, at Auburn^ John Fit. gei aid was arraigned before the (>jer ar^ Terminer 'or the murder, in September lv'k, in the town of Sterling, ot his father, mother and brother. Ho butohere-1 tliem deliberately with fto a*?, 'awl ^ ^ (tajttier of the (unify Am* clean Politic*. I.ive On k C ib No. 9 nol i It* fifth ntec'.iog lMt i*onn>g At )Klo/ seer's Hotel, c fner of iiro?dway and Jfalker ?C'tct. The I'rf-idett, H. 0. K/hkhaji, called tbe r*-ot irg' to order at ba)fp?rft d*rtm o'clock. The proeeeUcfljt of tbe ioM luMtiiiJT wete t?eniea<J; after whtnh the Hecre tary iea<4 sevtial k<1ers Of tu IfWt which bad been re ceiv?d Kin?* the Lint rtitferinp. Mr 1T?h was ifcen calla* upon to alilreM the rlnb. Ha *aAG ? -Mr. President, i am vary gla4 'o uaro aera present with }vu thie erea u:g, to have beard the sbftrlng intelligence which ia foiiri: g in from all psrt* in le'Srrur* to the f*w move ami among the imiple, ?n* to the pioepft th*'. h? wig be u oamudate to.' lue 1'ieM.lewc jr. 4>fle of theae letters ?tatea that a uikioi.^ r ol the ifeUgatwcIecteg frjoi Ifaa i-ac'uietw to the S iUrielptii.i Nom&sUog C-oBTeivtioa ne in favor of (ieorg- ! Jiw | nave m M'ibt tint all Um New Kogiand - *<il throw' their rMea in tbe aaaaa direction. Wlat tartly chance doea too AraorUwa psr'y rt*n<5 to earn the ?!e:tioo n?kt Moveaber. ir t J?j eo not non: irate t.torge Ijrw? Ilia mime it, th* oalr an* that can carry thiH Stave. thave but two point* in ray political cried at pi eaent. Tbs first one >. utiles* the Am rteati party Dowiwte&cai.cuiate ?c the V' Id of thi* moatti. tbe parly i? cicgra red ?? ? ow.rdly, jarful ?na. tiak date ?k I make a notuiuai m; imd secoil, I twliove that it they do not ut miau'e a u?? nan kike (Vaorge tar, >luf will be defrated.'boite. frot and *>t*j anit s jvembar. Kveryb(4y that rtwa can ta? it. ! am u? friendly to Mr. friUaieie aj> one cao be to another, Hut 1 don't waat to aea niy party pioatrnted Ir tbe aake of Mr. Fi I more or *mj b' i'y tfr# It would l e in act of recti cowardice rra <ha pert of the AniertiMn party to noxiMte their oanKHto from the rank* of the old wnig or d?tn:iciatic p?rty, ttat tti Diea.ben at I'litlale phla ?ill n >t dart atior their btadato tW ir c< n'titueu's afur o.skinj: a.ioh a mtntrannu. I hoj>e tor bettrr thing! sftkom. Mr. Va? I' km n?ad<- aoaoa remark* ?'wct tK-' eha-M ter of the delegation from his otate (Jer'ej ) . He a- id that It had been atated that they werv/ 8tockt >n aaaa. It i* not ao. That, tbey may tr friendly 4? him if thara win any chaooo oi hia bela( avminated ai 1'biladrlphia, I ?m not deny;, but wo do not bellere in New Jamaa ?hat cur Cottmbdor* Ka> any chaaee of aettiag the noaf. natii D. I bare ?? doubt that tM Maw Jeraey detagatto* r (11 to a man vota tut Oaaaaixk-rt Btoaktaa on ta? h art ballot ; but if they mm I* baa no ofcaaaa, their ant votaa will he firen for a new man for Lire Oak George, aad the people of Near Jerray will tadan* aucb a rote kg giving Mr. law the eiae wal vote uext Norember. Toe following latter wan than leaHred by thr Preal - dtnt : ? Mr.w Vokb, Jaa. ft. 1854. Eik^b 8ni- 1 would aak ot you the taror oi preaeatiag te (be members of your OHnh No 6 a basket of L>tre Oak cbaai pa?ne. May IU erar aparkliog wit, its purity and eteratag quality contribute it* iuiu> towards the elation of yoor aobla candidate. Ihia is the seat haarifed wl*h ot ynura, very re apeoifuUf, J. u ZUM^rKIg. Mr. Tituirb inored That th? tfaaaka of the Club be ra tnrred to Mr. ZwtnateiB, aad that the ba-k?'. be neat n the f'loreoce wioe vault, to be drank when we ffeeehra the news that (feorge Law ia nominatM Carried uzMuiint uply. Sereral epeakcrs addreerel the Club brf'?? its ailjourument. OHf Inteillprncr. MORB 1BMT TUB DKIO WM. U. SAKl'ORU. The brig W. H. .SafTard, *hich mak on the morning of th? 1th inat. , netr tto Navy Yard, drif ed in tbe afaur noou of tante day, with the ioturn!og tide, r.h>nu?ute tba pai- botuw wliarf. U r fore topmast head had bc-n cat OB by tbe ice, which, with all above, wan dragging iuth< tMa by tbe rigging. Some p>rfOb? in brata. with hx*<, naiaa bed laid aiouud for tome tim-, aa <f to render aH"istaa ? if crce?.-;ary. llso Coroatr of the dtntrtc.. win* ha1 takoa charge of ?he vear-el, as wrsckoiaver, ani maiie ae- fast to tl>^ wtarf, not deeming it probable toat hli ofrvluea wcu'd be r 0|u> ? i-i employed two tutu to w?-,e!i h*r frosn 'be pier through ttw night. None i f the boalts of t >i?e ? lw ? ert (Irt-wneo liawebeen recov?red It hi a ?tl kafr ib i J. thiy ilrtfie: down with 'be tide. Yei-Urcay 1 er br>W'JHil, wh eh t'.< jnat bcneith lb* Hiirb (? i f the water, vra* ai^ taxtto tue wha-f. and bar Q.trRo N'iiig 1 ght, 'ho awiu^a arouai with iU-< eli '?g l t d llowti g ot .betioe. Ye-uinla* itiormnK j. h? rol of rcol*rtCK broke open an) came to the t>ur'uc? Ir m tM detk, tt e c ut> nta oouuninahr g wi'.U the water H tu at tii:-" IC( i trd that aiarly or quito all wlo wora orfvr:?it hi- e t>> Uto autfuca ?ft?r 'he vu.i.?t auna oat it U n' w ?h.,ughi ' Ue co< k %nd toe two chili tm atv jet within the ,0"nel, an it ia aut) the foimer waa p?l< ep ui his buiit^, snJ tbe two Utter did n >t (iwsf ag iioro tbe cabin 'i'Uo C.;ouer win', yeeterlay aiWraooa tiAofgouate with Mr. Ihabop t'er hia boom derriok, to rai'e her. At particular stave* of the tide thi1 river la quite free irora Ice; anil aa the venjel ia parti illy afl theto will he no difficulty ia bunging the derrick aud at tAc^.lcg it to the vrtclt A contiilerable pfltttM of hat cargo t* it* nouipo>ed of angar, i*. W"tld son i '.i? Ita, acid it ix uiot-cht cbe wouiJ then c lme up to tne ??'? Cicc herself. fc>he is cate ul v witcbel by t ro un?o, tttsd uight so t hit no depipj,? i.?ni e n h? o^simitiud ua dtber vwtvel or caigo Her fora an I mila top uuaU ara lH?th catt'.ed away by the ice. Coroner*' Iuqnrttt. FaTAI. ArnrtNT 0(1 THE U.vKIEM Rulbuao? t COTDHO Ti!R Kiiud ? Coroner niila hold aa inqurst ye?t*r<3*^, at tfce I'epot of ?be Harlem ?it'Oi 1 Compiny, tn rna ty nixth Atreet, ujion the t> n'y oi JtmN D. Thorp*, a oao ouctor f n the above road, wl>o was tua o/er and kltt*? while tb<> tram of which he bad cfcurge wf? pm?iin tho yllipge of Har'em. From the evidence adduocd be?ar? tie lV.r< ni r it appealed that jus", a* the train p?a**d oi n the bridge at IiaMem the fln"gn of one of toe wheel* i-i'.te am) the tn rtar urn were instamty *<?pir?t*d from tl e et-t of 'h.i trtin. The dtcea-od, bapp niug M kon i : | 1 .tfi. m of th( th::d eat at the iue atteaap' id to, .) the lull rope, .*'? an lo I'.op tlx' eogln*, ftftrf whllt ,i'./ jij'iiijf up t?> cntcb the striug. accldeatatly l*at bin tMiancA. snd wkc pieeipr-ated over lue platform W the tuck benonth The earn ptuwrd over bit body Mrd l.'wu- UM almost icstan ly. The Jury iu this caae, al er beicg cb&i g? d by the Coroner, renaeitd a rtrdiat of "l'e? 'h from ii juries accidentally ieceir*u w.iile in lh* d'.-icbai ge of nij- fata in endirHTortng to ntop t*e (tovar I'lait s tiain, of which he w?< conductor." Mr. Therp* was 30 vears of ago, and wjh a entire of Connecticut. Fatal Roti/it ok the I at* A'ftiiMT to Counoiliub Du kj-o.x.? Coroner Perry *u ca''.t?d upon yeatorday to hold r.u inquest at the New York Hospital, upon Ik* body of the late Robert S. I tick hod, foreman of llotk Ml lai'oer Company No. 14, who ?m knocked d <wn and ftrvenly injured en ChHsuna* <'ay last. by an acoidratal collision with Kngita Coirpany No. 'JO, whilo runiitai* <? a lite. The deceased liorerod until yei'erday. whi'n ha died. The jury in thin oat* rendered a verdiot of " Heath by accidental injuria* from a roiUaioo between liook and ladder Company No. 14 nod Krgine Company No. 29. l'tutner, that no blame e,m be attached to my person* pterent at the tim*. " The i>ae*?i?d i^a* aluut "..4 year* of ? tf, and a native of <hi* city. Board tt Teu Uovertior*. i.nm '.tkb or Titt -.N.-rtTnrno.vs. There are now 0,616 person* in the institution*, hetsf an increaA* of TO ovar the report of lant week During the week 1,073 person* hare lir.-n admitted; 16 uioA, 004 Ciscbarged; scut to peoi'entlary, 77; seut to State pal sen, 7. TltT OlVPTROU Wl AND IMK OOTKllNrHW A commoalcation was recoivfl from tho Comptraller, a. kno? lodging that be had inibtKktn th* aa'.ion of tbn (?ove;noiH, a no. hud ened in not adding to t>ie t*v U.t at 16C6 tht' '.spenditure of 9125,000 made tn 1831 Mr. 1'HAFkR thought tbat t h ? ? wa* no wither 'or the Board to uieodle with at ali. If .he C?mi>l.-iUer l<a4 oricd, lie rhoulc apply to tiie Common Connjil l< hm Lie action rcctifieo. Mr. IO'Vnhexu wa.t cf opinion that' It woo 1 he w?U t? help .Mr. Ksgg out of the dlfllrulty, a* he had r."iatfe^t?A a (?i? petition to do right. He tie ro fore mm I there Ion ti of the ccir.niutiica'.ioti to the I i nance ( mioittea, wLUb, af or i-otne debate, wan ian zed. rwwipuNr I'KAi vjt -.irrim. i .? tuk oomnTm-i J'r. 1 i k called the att"utioo >f the P<*rd l > th* fact tl'H* a i, umber cf cor. ml fees hae t>e?B ap i oiottd -*lio bud n?v?r !r,a/?e rcportii, an \ in er-ier to re i ?* ?? h the itiPirjClie* of tlie i\,euibori, Mr Draper roaif <-vi i t.hi nunoti of the delinquent coniniltt^w. *nd rjailed ou the Be aid to di~chargt them or else comment them do their dutlee. The iuvhiCh wet* ttun read over, sundry 0 self Ml coicn'ittfra wete out iHl, 1 \/.j ou?* ntirrtm up, aait quite a little excltecctnt kicked up amoiig-t the mevberv. Mr Draper announced hii> tntention to Veep the praclloe ?P 1KMTR.NT1ART fllVI'TAI. E/J0BT. Theri nideut phys'cian of thi* in> station, Dr. W. W. fanger, forwarded the monthly *t.?t; -ticul re-iort of ad tr.ii sioii.i and discharge* lor .faunas y. Dnrlng that Uui* 48*? patient* had been under Itle car*. 1112 had b??n a<t mitted to the hospital, 144 were 'Uncharged from it aa<t 5 died. Of the patient* adn.i.tcsl, 117 ?*'? tioder SO jear* of age; 31 were natire* of New York, , of l'e'-n '?vlTMiiia, y of Connecticut, 8 of /few .lerNey, 2 of Mtu* ebui-ett*, '2 of New IlMup-hire, 1 of Mujrlaad, 1 of VtiBMint, 66 of Ireland, H o !j>^lanJ, 7 if Gt--rnany, t of Canad:i, & of S^coilan! I ot Trance, 1 of Sw!Ue--lau<}. 1 of Wale*, at d '2 were born at sen. Of tlie foreigner*, Hboat one-fourth have have been 1ch? tlina tire year* 'a thl.i otmntry, 23 oould lead and write ?eil, 60 but iio l oifcctly, and 4P were on' /el" unednrote.-! h *cr? fro ii Htantu, 77 were Roman Cathoiicn, ncd lti iu n p: oftwuora, 01 wore Mingle, 28 married, and 13 widowed; Tl were toui ptiato In their habit*, '26 were moilerate (li'.'nker*, nfk were intemperate, and 7 were habitual*; Is biul t.eniperat* parents, 63 had pur^nt i who drank modsratei^, 2t> had intemperate parents and one womar. nonfeei od thai htr paients were habitual drunkard*. Thus far Uj? table* ure presented tn the ?atre form an was dano latit ?ear; but the nett appoar* to be different from ai/ w? have i-een hitherto. It is a statement of " Hi* a?b-td of 1'atlents In C?ajnnction with tbe Habits o. Ui?'r Pa rents,'' and 'rom it wo per Mve thut of tne S? patient* of Intemperate habit*, 4 ?ere th.? ohiidren of iemi?aii>.t* pa rents, 88 {of moderate dtlnket^ 28 of totemperat*, J of habitually druuken. and 17 conld not ghe auT account of their { arents. Rach separate grade is analy?*<l in tho mm) manner, and tbe ?? ?tire table Is on? that -"an not fnil to furnl'ih much matter fir coo *i<!e rati ot*. i'amt/ig ( w tbe lint ot occur* tli'n*, we find a aUktemeat of ih" u urU-r of times that each patient has been a-inv.aed ?<> the 1 onitentiary Ho?| Ital, ?od with it ta oorahloe' 'b? time wl.icb h*?^ ^ elapsed ntnoe each followed any etrrtiT meat but we baro notnptko* to make any mtrac * fr--? i>. Ihe.'-e monthly reports are '.nterMtlng and xu^r tlre. tin I the Cac<i diyeloped In them nut eT?ntc,*Hi ? of material *er?ice In atdlng tbe aoiutianot tho rari' ?? question* continually arising In oonnectlra with <b?i , lae^ wbo fbnn the majority of the patienU I* the 1 vf nt a capital. Th? Bqjtfd